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Ex Libris hi e I9 4 5 Panfher , .- 'Y v Q' M an W AI W I I a R Z .a:.:'.'.: I .:I.2,I' ' --:wif-:I ----'---: I ..,.,. : vm, QWVSZJ I V .L , ,A j::.-.g3f,?.5g3.i:E- I fx ky,--2,4 v I' I I g wi T, -'S :Qi-j.f'1:'-!5:1Ea9:: xf '35 I sf, 33346 , ,, I f us5f-.- v--.- IQ'-,I1,fi"4Ifh,,,:.I-be FLORENCE REAM KENNETH GARDNER EDITOR'IN'CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGER E. L. FAUTH f f EDITORIAL ADVISER C, C. RUBY BUSINESS ADVISER The Panfher THE PANTHER 1945 Published by The Senior Class North York High School North Yorlc, Pennsylvania Vol. 2 The 1945 Panfher FOREWCRD T IS OUR FERVENT DESIRE THAT IN FUTURE YEARS THIS, THE SECOND VOLUME OF LLTHE PANTHER,H WILL BE THE KEY' NOTE OF REMEMBRANCE WHEN WE YEARN TO RELIVE OUR SCHOOL DAYS. WHEN WE ARE EN' RAPTURED BY A MOOD OF REMINISCENCE, MAY WE TURN TO THIS PUBLICATION TO HELP Us RECALL ALL THE JOYS AND SORROWS OF THOSE BYGONE DAYS. The l 9 4 5 Panther CONTENTS Theme Dedication Board of Education Faculty Classes Activities Athletics lntormals Advertisements The l945 Panfher THEME N ORDER to keep the reader in recognition of the opportunities that are laid before him in this, our freedom loving country, We strive in strong contrast to the purpose of the Nazi edu' cational system explained by their slogan: "Education for Death." "Education for a life of might and power is the keynote of the Germany of today." Let our aim continue to be as has always been, "Education, the instruction and training of today's youth to form a better World of tomorrow. The Panfher DEDICATION In order to reveal an inkling of our appreciation of a man who deserves more than could ever be expressed, we wholeheartedly dedicate this edition of KLTHE PANTHERM to MR. C. C. RUBY2 WW KW QWW HW' 'Jacufty 1Adminisfr t -Staff Zujjzfafwf Q-5, The 1945 Paniher Q10 Board of Education 1944-1945 MR. GEORGE H. LECKRONE President MR. ROBERT L. WOLEGANG e Vice President MRS. MARY ELLEN TQAUEEELT Secretary MR, EUGENE R. PATTERSON e e Tveasuvev MR. MELVTN s, RTEE e Associate Member MR. A. HARRY LEHR Associate Membev' MR. IRVIN R. SNYDER Supervising Principal The 194 5 Panfher IRVIN R. SNYDER, M. S. Supervising Principal MILLERSVILLE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE PENNSYLVANIA STATE COLLEGE GETTYSBURG COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE The Panfher Q12 BERYL R. ABEL, B. S. Mathematics Millersville State Teachers College Gettysburg College University of Pennsylvania ETHEL L. ANSTINE, B. S. Health, Physical Ed., Science Temple University Pennsylvania State College Coach of Girls Basketball and Volleyball Advisor to Senior Girl Reserves MARION E. BROWN, B. S. Mathematics, Social Studies Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania State College Advisor to junior Girl Reserves LAURA E. BURKET, B. S. Social Studies Pennsylvania State College Bucknell University Millersville State Teachers College Supervisor of Library MARGARET S. DEITER, A. B. English, Civics Elizabethtown College Director of Senior Class Dramatics The I9 4 5 Panfher ELWOOD L. FAUTH, B. S. Commercial Ed., Social Studies Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania State College Head of Commercial Department Editorial Advisor to nPanther" MIRIAM A. PINK, B. S. Home Economics Shippenshurg State Teachers College Duke University New York University Elizabethtown College W EARNEY G. FISHEL Social Studies Millersville State Teachers College York County Academy GLADYS R. GABLE, Cert. of D. H. Dental Hygienist University of Pennsylvania MARY ELLEN KAUFFELT School Secretary North York High School, 1936 l 15 l The 1945 Panther Q14 DONALD W. KEBSEY, B. S. Industrial Art Millersville State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College KATHRYN C. KISE, B. S. Commercial Ed. Shippensburg State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College CHARLES C. LEBER, A. B. Science, Physical Ed- Lebanon Valley College Springfield College Coach of Senior and junior High Boys Basketball and Track. ALVERTA R. LECRONE, B. S., M. A Commercial Ed. Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania New York University DR. CHARLES H. MAY School Doctor Gettysburg, A. B., A. M. johns Hopkins University, M. D. Internship at Presbyterian Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania e I9 4 5 Panfher HARRY A. MITCHELL, B. S. Science East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Franklin and Marshall College C. CLINTON RUBY, A. B. Mathematics Pennsylvania State College Assistant Principal Business Advisor to "Panther" Director of Athletics Coach of Soccer and Baseball AMY M. SHAMBAUGH, R. N. School Nurse Philadelphia General Hospital Philadelphia School of Social Health and Wcirk Pennsylvania State College Home and School Service DoR1s M. THoMAs, B. A. English, History Bucknell University ARTHUR E. WARFIELD, B. S. Music Supervisor Temple University Millersville State Teachers College Edinboro College Director of Band, Orchestra, Senior and junior Choruses, Girls' Trio, Boys' Octet, Cperetta, and North York Night of Music. C159 The Panfher 1 FAC Q16 MYRA S. WHITE, A. B. French, Latin, English Lebanon Valley College University of Vermont S. RHOBERTA WOLF, A. B. 1 English Pennsylvania State College Director of junior Class Dramatics ULTY IN THE SERVICE A R M Y DEAN B. ARMOLD, M. A. WILLIAM N. CRALEY, B. S. N A v Y NELSON J. KING, B. S. IN MEMORIAM With the deepest sense of reverence, we pause to pay our respects to the Cpl. Reed D. Allison, a former teacher of English and History in the North 1 Junior High School. Cpl. Allison was killed March 10, 1945 in an airplane cras Alexandria, La. He was a member of the High School faculty from September 1940 unti' induction into the Army in Cctober 1943. Cpl. Allison was greatly liked by the ei student body, because of his tireless efforts for those whom he instructed as well a. extreme interest in other students of the school. He was regarded by all as a ureg guy." This .ruthless vvar has caused us to lose many who are dear to us, not the of these was Cpl. Reed D. Allison. We can perhaps be comforted by the realiz: that the much seemingly needless sacrif1ces, can our "Education Through Life" be tinued? D QWMIL jwwfw' Qfaaaea -'Seniors --Juniors --Sophomores -Junior High The 1945 Paniher George M. Becker Scientific Venetta D. Billet Scientific james E. Barton, jr. General Florence M. Becker General Robert E. Billet General Betty I. Brenneman Classical Scientifc C183 Edgar L. Charleston General Dorothy M. Connelly Scientific , The 1945 Panfher jason C. Evcrhurt General Kenneth V. Gardner General Robert E. Delle General Ahce L. Dodson Stenograpliic Commercial Lester J. Fissel Classical Scientific Evelyn L. Cettys Classical Scientifc Betty R. Gladfelter Stenograpliic Commercial Richard E. Hake Classical Scientific C197 The I9 4 5 Paniher Phyllis M. Herman Gerleral Doloris M. Hess Sterlographic Commercial Marian L. Hoke Norma I. Hoke StCYLOg1'r1pl1iC Stenograplaic Commercial Commercial Ivan G. Hoover Patricia R. Howe General General Echth M. Jacoby General Lo1s V. Kauffman Stenographic Commercial C209 e I9 4 5 Panlher Joe H. Leckrone Classical Scientifc Regina M. Lightner Stenogvaplaic Commevcial John C. Krone General Dean R. Lau General Jay P. Lehr Scientific Jean M. McCarney Classical Scientifc Joyce E. Myers Classical Smentzflc Rlchard E. Patterson Classical Scientific C215 The I9 4 5 Panfher Florence T. Ream Stenographic Commercial Clara L. Schroll General Robert C. Plymire General Donald R. Poet Scientifc Robert E. Ross Scientifc Carl F. Schalfer Scientific C227 William J. Shearstone General Doris A. Shelley Stenograplric Commercial Gloria E. Singer Classical Scientifc Jacqueline G. Spurrier General Commercial Mary F. Shue Stenograpliic Commercial The 1945 Panfher Polly A. Shupp 2 Stenographic Commercial Helen A. Sipe General Commercial Charlotte I. Stambaugh General Gene H. Starnbaugh General Arthur E. Strme General C235 The 1945 Panfher Betty R. Sunday General Delores M. Sweitzer General Luther E. Str1ne General Eugene S. Suereth General Doris M. Swartz Classical Scientzfic Esther R. Weaver Stenographic Commercial C243 Jacqueline M. Whitmer Classical Scientific jacques R. Whorl General Lois M. Wolfgang Stenographic Commercial The Paniher Donald O. Yeatts Scientific C255 e l94-5 Paniher C267 CLASS WILL This, the class of Nineteen Hundred Forty' five, being of sound mind and body, do hereby state their last wishes. We bequeath "jim" Barton's manly appear' ance to "Billy" Ketterman. Florance Becker's ability in sports to any junior who wants to be arrested for manslaughf IBF. George Becker's ability to "Win Friends and Influence People" to the author of beforef named book. "Bob" Billet's dryfwit to Harry Gladfelter to entertain the class of '46. To Arlemae Hughes we will Venetta Billet's horseflaugh. Bequeath we B. Brenneman's curly locks to "Patty" Miller. Let Byron Everhart obtain the timidness of "Lou" Charleston. To Mr. Ruby we give the small features of L'Dot" Connelly. May Miss Vlolf acquire Robert Delle's dicf tion. Alice Dodson's perfect attendance record to Mary Krout. We leave jason Everhart's limousine to any' one who'd rather walk. Lester Fissel's imitations of Tojo for "Bud" Wolfgang. "Ken" Gardner's ability to play baseball to next year's fighting team. Evelyn Getty's red coat to "Rainbow Island." Betty Gladfelter's love for the Navy to the Marine Corps. Richard Hake's love for Phyllis Herman to "Ed" Bowers for Vivian Stine. "Hessie's" early morning appetite to next year's seniors to keep Harvey in business. May Ivliss Fink acquire Marian Hoke's abil' ity, gained at Hershey's, to extend to her classes. Norma Hoke's love for the opposite sex to anyone who can handle a great responsibility. Ivan Hoover's flirting to "Curly" Bryer. We gratefully give Patsy Howe's red slacks to someone who is conservative. May Lois Senft obtain the height of Edith jacoby. Lois Kauffman's red hair to someone who needs color. I-ohn Krone's hair cut to "Bob" Lau just for the novelty. Let Dean Lau's muscles be given to Super' man. joe Leckrone's curly hair to "Billy" Mundis so that he doesn't have to get another per' manent. jay Lehr's sex appeal to Howard Fetrow. Regina Lightner's forgetfulness to Mr. Leber so that he doesn't remember to talk about basketballl to next year's seniors. jean McCarney's mail to the waste paper drive. Joyce Myers' quietness to "Betz" Boyd. Let Maxine Chapman acquire "Dick" Patf terson's scholastic attitude. May "Don" Poet's haircut be passed on to uHoodie" his dog, Let uFlossie" Ream's "Christmas Every' where" be passed on to someone in next year's class to bore the assembly. "Bob" Ross' ability to express his opinion to the teachers to the entire school so that we can change the name to the North York Ref formatory. Clara Schroll's talking to Roma Schleeter so that she may be seen and not heard. We will Carl Shaffer's jug fBlackout Boysj to the class of '46 to prevent thirst in P. O. D. May Gloria Hinkle have Bill Shearstone's rosy cheeks. Give Norma Bender, Doris Shelley's pleas' ing personality. Mary Shue's love for school to Deloris Beck. May Miss Lecrone's shorthand students ae' quire Polly Shupp's penmanship skill. Gloria Singer's lady-like manner be inherf ited by Ruth Oberdick. Helen Sipe's love for sales class to Mr. Fauth. "jackie" Spurrier's roller skates to 'LFinkie" to mop up the floors. Leave Charlotte Stambaugh's 'iPeanut" to any monkey. To "Dick" Garbriek we leave "Gene" Straus' baugh's dimples. The Strine boys' identical features to Deloris and Norma Hess. Betty Sunday's love for "jack" to Dolores Messerly for Eugene Suereth. To anyone who wants to worry about the Army we will Doris Swartz's thought of "Dick." May Harriet Linebaugh gain the solemness of Dolores Sweitzer. Will jane Dellinger please take over Esther Weavers typing speed and accuracy. "jackie" Whitmer says "Rosie" Updike may have her pleasing voice. john Dehoff may have jack Whorl's washed out appearance in the morning. Lois Wolfgangs freckles to Marilyn Smith. And last but not least "Don" Yeatts wishes next year seniors to take advantage of the Pleasureville Quarry. The I9 4 5 Paniher CHRONICLE E DEVOTE this second section of our publication to the various informalities of the school term of 194445 . Through the following pages we desire to reveal the special interests and characf teristics of each graduate, as Well as of the under' classmeng the activities to which they extended their efforts and gave their support. It will reveal the ideal of our American education to promote sound social acf tivities and friendships as a strong essential to a better democratic Way of life. C279 The 194 5 Panfher Q28 Class Qfficers SENIORS JUNIORS DONALD POET f f President ROBERT FOX f f President RICHARD PATTERSON f VicefPresidern ELIZABETH LEHIGH Secretary JACQUELINE WHITMER f Secretary DOROTHY FINK Treasurer GLORIA SINGER f Treasurer SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN NORMAN BREYER f President THOMAS KETTERMAN f President GENE KING f VicefPresident RICHARD PFLEIGER f V1cefPresident LOIS JEAN SENFT Secretary GLADYS FINK f Secretary DORIS LECKRONE Treasurer KENNETH EVERHART f Treasurer Junior Class The class of '46 ot sixty members purchased their class rings and helped in the production of the lunior-Senior Play. This class includes the following: Delores Beck, Norma Bender, Iorephine Bior, Betty Blickenstatt, Esther Boerner, Betty Boyd, Maxine Chapman, Robert Deardortt, lohn Dehoff, lane Dellinger, Dolores Dively, Laura Dively, Donald Dull, Marjorie Dummer, Philip Eisenhart, Byron Everhart, Dorothy Fink, Robert Fox, Richard Garbrick, lulia Gingerich, Harry Gladtelter, lanet Glassick, Larry Goodling, Iune Griess, Pearl Harman, Norma Hinkle, Betty Hostetler, Arlamae Hughes, Marian Kohr, Geraldine Krout, Gloria Krout, Mary Krout, Robert Lau, Elizabeth Lehigh, Ie-an Lehr, Margaret Lehr, Ieanette Linebaugh, Dolores Messerly, Iames Nicholas, Kathrine Palmer, Harry Peterman, George Ptleiger, Edith Pott, Preston Rohrbaugh, Thelma Rohrbaugh, lean Ruby, Roma Schleeter, Vivian Sebright, George Spangler, Leslie Spencer, Virginia Stough, Mary Updegratf, Phyllis Wallace, Dorothy Wilt, Gloria Wolfgang, Audrey Zeigler, Dorothy Zirkle. 29 30 Sophomore Class The class of '47 includes eighty-five students. lt is composed of the following: loseph Alfiano, Virginia Bear, Margaret Bear, Marion Bortner, Edward Bower, Florence Boyd, Norman Breyer, Charles Burgard, David Bylon, Hilda Chapman, Harold Dahlheimer, Donald DeBurkarte, Dorcas Doll, Richard Ehrhart, Esther Emig, loyce Everhart, William Everhart, Charmaine Eyler, Howard Fetrow, Florence Fink, Bernetta Flory, William Fogle, Rodney Gladfelter, Colleen Glassiclc, Charles Glatfelter, Ethel Hahn, Harold Hale, Phyllis Hess, Vivian Hinkle, Guilford Hoffacker, Paul Hoke, Ethel Hoover, Anna Hostetler, Rosie lnnerst, Dolores lones, Robert Keesey, William Ketterman, Gene King, Doris Leclcrone, Ellen Lehr, Warren Lehr, Lois March, Betty Melhorn, Edward Miller, Lois Miller, Patricia Miller, William Mundis, Gloria Myers, Ruth Oberdick, Mac Poet, Philip Poff, Charles Rearich, Bernard Rishel, Regina Rishel, William Salo, Paul Schaefer, Norma Schroll, Lois Senft, Floyd Shelley, Norma Shelly, Frederick Shindel, Grace Shue, Darlene Shull, Clair Simmons, Glenda Smith, Henry Snyder, Norma Snyder, Victor Starz, Marian Stetler, Vivian Stine, Geraldine Stover, Doris Strausbaugh, Leon Strine, Robert Strine, Donald Sweitzer, Robert Updegraff, Mary C, Weire, Phyllis Wherley, Dolores Whitmer, Donald Wolf- gang, Paul Wolfgang. Freshman Class Victor Aldinger, lean Anstine, lean Bear, Blaine Bixler, Evelyn Bixler, Thelma Bixler, Doris Boerner, Zelda Bortner, Nancy Brenneman, Frederick Breyer, Richard Cannon, Iennings Chapman, Nadine Chapman, lohn Connelly, Morgan Dellinger, Nancy Dern, Ruth Dietz, Lloyd Doll, Gilbert Eshelman, Kenneth Everhart, Charles Eyler, Gladys Fink, Ralph Fissel, Arlene Flinchbaugh, Franklin Fogle, David Fortney, Bobby Fuller, Anna Fullerton, Frederick Fullerton, Boyd Fulton, Paul Garbrick, Joseph Gilbert, Norma Gingerich, Millard Gladfelter, lean Goode, Richard Grimm, Dolores Heiner, Norma Hess, Gloria Hinkle, Nancy Hollerbush, Lenora Hull, Betty lrwin, Wayne lacoby, Glenn Kauffman, George Kelbaugh, Ioseph Kemper, Thomas Ketterman, Doris King, George Kister, Clair Klepper, Wayne Krout, Charles Lehr, Gloria Lehr, Luther Lehr, Maria Martorana, lean McGarrell, Nancy Ann Myers, loe Newman W.allace Nunn, lane Petcrman, Richard Pfleiger, Iohn Plymyer, Nancy Reigle, Hubert Repman, Paul Rohler, Gloria Rohrbaugh, Chauncey Schaefer, Beverly Schletter, Harry Schuler, Ruth Shaffer, Berdella Shelley, lames Shindler, Cloyd Smee, Delores Snellbaker, Ruth Stambach, Louella Stevenson, Anna Stouffer, Lewis Stover, Donald Strausbaugh, lean Strine, Lorraine Strine, Lois Summers, Charles Sunday, Stewart Swartz, Mae Thomas, Stanley Thomas, Roseleen Updike, Harold Wagaman, William Watson, Miriam Weaver, Mary Weire, Robert Whitmer, David Wolgamuth, Mae Wolgamuth, Wilbur Wolgamuth, Betty Zirkle. 31 Class of 1949 Class of 1950 ,WWW activitiea --Publicatio --Plays ---Music -Clubs C2fffWf'?Z QW! QW jwfffw' The 1945 Panfher C34 Editor-in-chief . Associate Editor . Art Editor . . Girls' Sports Editor Boys' Sports Editor Photography Editors Copy Editors . . it u H rr H it Faculty Adviser . Business Manager . Circulation Manager Advertising Manager Panther Staff Editorial Department Business Department . Florence Ream Richard Patterson , Lois Wolfgang . Polly Shupp , loe Leckrone lacqueline Spurrier Regina Lightner . Doris Swartz . Norma Hake Esther Weaver . Gloria Singer . Ioyce Myers Elwood l... Fauth Kenneth Gardner . Doris Shelley Iacqueline Whitmer Other members of the Stall include: Dorothy Connelly, Lois Kauffman, Helen Sipe, Patsy Howe, Betty Sunday, Gene Strausbaugh, lames Barton, George Becker, lack Whorl, Donald Yeatts, lay Lehr, Eugene Suereth, William Shearstone, and Robert Delle, Faculty Adviser , .......... C. Clinton Ruby 'Star Crazy," a three-act comedy by Don Elser, was presented by the lunior and Senior classes, under the leadership ol Miss S, Roberta Wolf and Mrs. Margaret Deiter, on March 23 and 24, in the High School Auditorium. Seniors Regina Lightner. Richard Patterson.. , . . , . I A Robert Ross .,... Florence Ream .... . . . Polly Shupp ,... Norma Hoke ,,.. loe Leckrone .... Doris Swartz. . , Donald Poet. . , .i Role Isabella ..... . , . "Bill Andrews" "Professor Andrew "lerry Andrews" Donna Andrews" "Beth Robinson" "Dick Mallon" . . ..... "loan Mayberry" "loe Allcot" . ,, Iuniors Phyllis Wiallace . , , . . .Robert Fox .. .larnes Nicolas Elizabeth Lehigh . .Audrey Zeigler . . . . . . .Edith Poli . .Leslie Spencer Gloria Wolfgang Phillip Eisenhart 35 5: 557 fn 5--: V, . ,,, .. , Senior and Junior Glee Clubs The Senior Chorus, specializing in modern music by American composers, was active in community functions during the past year. They participated in the North York Night ot Music which was held February l7. They also participated in the York County Music Festival, May 4. North York High School was host to the County this year. As usual, the chorus presented the annual North York Senior High School Operetta April 27 and 28. They also sang in several senior high school assemblies. At the close of the year, they presented several selections at the Commencement, May 22. The lunior Chorus specialized in Inter-American Folk Songs, While participating in civic and community projects, and sang in several iunior high school assemblies. This group also took part in the North York Night oi Music and the York County Music Festival. 36 Band Mr. Arthur Warfield, music supervisor, conducted the band throughout the year. They played for many assemblies, Lion's Club meetings and Commencement. They also par- ticipated in the school's annual Night of Music and York County Festival. The Girl's Trio Composed of the Sophomore girls, Doris Leckrone, loyce Ever- hart, and Lois Senft, the Girls' Trio, under the direction of Arthur Warfield, sang in the Annual Night of Music, the l..ior1's Min- strel Show and various high school assemblies, Northmen The Northmen again reflected the caliber of music taught at North York High. These young men, formerly known as the North York Schools Octet, sang throughout the county at churches, clubs and social gatherings. They also appeared in the Lions Club show and had a special program on a local radio station. The seniors in this group are Richard Patterson, Donald Poet, loe Leckrone and lay Lehr, all par- ticipating for the second year. The others whose task will be to carry on this fine musical group are lame: Nicholas, Leslie Spencer, Robert Fox, Harry Gladfelter and Mac Poet. 372 38 Senior Girl Reserves During the term '44-45, the Senior Girl Reserves participated in many beneficial func- tions. Included in their activities are: bi-monthly dances, bowling parties, HalloWe'en party, World Fellowship Contribution, and a covered dish social, They also sponsored the selling ot War Stamps and Bonds in their respective home-rooms. Reserves Junior Gir Some of the activities oi the lunior Girl Reserves for the past year are: Christmas party for their mothers, bowling party, theater party, making ot menus for wounded soldiers, and aiding in the sale ot the War Stamps and Bonds. Salesmen For Victory Working in cooperation with the war-effort, these Girl Reserves can be found in their respective home rooms every Tuesday morning selling War Stamps and taking orders for War Bonds. Student Librarians The Student Librarians, acting as regular librarians under the supervision of Miss Laura E. Burket, School Librarian, take care of the circulation, charging, and mending ot the school's reading material. They also are responsible for the checking and distribut- ing of the library permission blanks. C395 if -5' I 3 ,M 4 2 ,, M A "A if fm: 40 atkfefica -Council M-Soccer -Basketball -Cheerleaders e I9 4 5 Paniher Q42 Athletic Council Setting up and operating an athletic program in wartime is a difficult job. Our athletic council has met that task and has kept sports at North York on their regular schedule. The council, under the leadership of their president, Mr. E. R. Patterson, has purchased new uniforms for the girls' basketball team, has set aside funds for the purf chase of new basketball uniforms for the junior and senior high school teams, and has conducted scrap drives throughout the year. Other members of the council are C. C. Ruby, vicefpresident, C. C. Leber, secretary, H. A. Mitchell, treasurer, Ethel L. Anstine, G. H. Leckrone and I. R. Snyder. The 1945 Panfher Soccer Following the custom of most Orange and Black Soccer squads, this year's harde fighting eleven retained the championship by winning eight games and losing one. Their only defeat came on the first game at the hands of the more experienced Dover eleven, Whom they defeated in a playoff game for the championship, at Manchester, The Panthers tied Lancaster on the latter's field in their only exhibition of the season. The team, coached by C. C. Ruby, was a well-balanced outfit paced by the exceptional performances of the three halfbacks' Sueroth, Poet, and Fox, Guarding the goal for the third straight year was "Skip" Gardner. At fullback were two big men in the persons of "Don" Yeatts and "lim" Sweitzer, who absorbed the brunt of the enemy attack throughout the campaign. The line composed of Lehr, Lease, Leckrone, Garbrick, Dull, and Whorl, started slowly but soon developed into a smooth passing unit, The team was feared throughout the league for their rough but clean North North North North North North North x North if North York York York York York York York York York playing. Dover Manchester Mt. Rose Codorus Dover Manchester Codorus Lancaster Dover it Championship playoff game X Exhibition game C439 44 Senior High Basketball Finishing in fourth place in the central division ot the York County Basketball Loop, this year's Panthers set several records for basketball at North York. In winning l8 and losing 6, they established an all high average of .75O, topping that of last year's squad, which previously held the mark with .708 The team, which is coached by C. C. Leber, also piled up the most points ever gained in one season. Outscoring their opponents by 265 points, they registered 879 points. ln league competition they won seven and lost tive, Playing before the record crowds, Coach Leber's boys played line ball but due to one bad quarter in every defeat, they tailed to Win the championship, as many observers predicted. Junior High Basketball For the filth straight year North York's entry in the York County lunior High School Basketball League has gained .a first division berth. Finishing in third place, the junior high hoopsters won nine games and lost five. The I9 4 5 Paniher Girls' Basketball The Girls' Basketball team, under the supervision of Mrs. Ethel Aristine, took second place in the league this year. The team was made happy during the year by receiving new tunic style suits. Cheerleaders The cheerleaders Who led the school in cheers this year were all under the leadership of William Ketterman. The senior cheerleaders were Lois lean Senft, Doris Leckrone, loyce Everhart, Delores Whitmer and William Ke-tterman, 'lBeat Me Daddy" was a "slick" new cheer which was tops. The junior cheerleaders, who have finally gotten over a beginners fears, are well on their Way to excellent senior cheerleaders of the future. Gladys Fink is the captain and Working with her are Patricia Seifert, Doris Wolfgang, Charlene Spencer and Thelma Bixler. C457 The 194 5 Panfher C46 Inclentification Marks 'lIim" Barton ...,,..,.,,.. ....,,.,. ' 'Rosie" l'Flossie" Becker..Swooning with her guitar George Becker .,,..,.,.......,.. Arguing "Red" Billet ,,,................... Baylor's Venetta Billet ,..,...,,.......... Griping "B. I." Brenneman .,...,..,,..,...,,. Men "Dot" Connelly.,Minding her own business "Lou" Charleston.. .Wrecking the Plymouth Alice Dodson .........,....,. Excuse cards "lake" Everhart ,........ ........ ' Concord" "Howard" Delle..Making Eng. teachers gray "Les" Fissel .,...,.... .. .... Telling stories "Skip" Gardner ............ Practical jokes "Eve" Gettys .,...,. ..... M aking up tests Betty Gladtelter ,.........,,........ "Ray" "Halsey" Hake ,....,..., ....... G ambling "Phil" Herman ...... Hunting "Ed" Warfield "Hessie" Hess ...,.. Fighting with the boys "Hokie" Hoke .,.. Laughing at "Red" Billet "Red" Hoke .,.............,... Hangovers "Ive" Hoover ..,.........,..,,.. Quietness 'lPat" Howe .4,.. ,... D eviling "Min" Fink "Edie" Iacoby .. . ............. Butchering Lois Kauffman .,......,... Dyeing her hair "Muscles" Lau ...,... ..... B oogie Woogie loe Leckrone ..,.....,.,.., Being conceited "Peekie" Lehr .,.. Riding 8 A, M. bus home "Tubbie" Lightner ............ The Central lean McCarney ............. Holler skating Iohn Krone ...,........,..... Working hard "Shortie" Myers ...... Doing l2-l's French "Mort" Patterson ........ Gazette and Daily "Bob" Plymire ,... ...... , .Buck Private 'lBull" Poet .,.,.. , .... Growing a beard "Floss" Ream .,.. .... T alking CPeriodJ "Bob" Ross ......... ........ Blushing Clara Schroll ..........., . ......,.. Flirting Carl Shatter ....,....... Combing his hair "Stickie" Shearstone .....,. Tagging along Doris Shelly ,... .. . .Keeping up the morale Mary Shue ...... Being seen and not heard Polly Shupp .,.,................ "Sleeping" Gloria Singer ...,.... Collecting class dues Helen Sipe .......,.,....,.. Writing letters Blackie" Spurrier ..,,......... "Gossiping" "Peanut" Stambaugh ..,,......... Giggling "Grump" Strausbaugh. ...Payless vacation Arthur Strine ............. Sophomore girls Luther Strine ........., Pooling with lights Doris Sw.artz..Trying to rate a date with Pat "Herb" Suereth ........, Grade A neck job Delores Sweitzer..Running from her shadow Esthe-r Weaver.Worrying about home work "lackie" Whitmer.. .Planning for the future lack Whorl ....... . ....... Losing his wallet "Lois" Wolfgang ,.... Drawing pin-up girls "Don" Yeatts ........,......... West York .. , .,,. ,,.,.,. .,...,. .,.,.,A,.,,,.,.,.,.,A,.,.,.A.A.4...,.,.,.,.,.,1,,,:,:,:,,.,.A. Q . 4 . 5E5fii3f5i?i?ii?i3i3i55if5i'3 ' WW Wjjji .wfwww Hngowmafa The 1945 Panfher C435 Icxmes Barton Basketball l, Track l, 2 Panther Stall Florence Becker Basketball 2, George Becker Panther Staff Robert Billet Soccer l, 3 Venetta Billet 2, 3,4 4 3,4 4 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Librarian 2, 3 Stamp Salesman 2, 3 Glee Club l, 2, 3 Betty Brennemcm 4 Girl Reserves l, Z, Operetta l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, Girl Octet 3 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, Panther Stall 4 Class Officer l, Valley Ball 3, 4 2 Cheer Leader l, 2 Edgar Charleston Basketball l Panther Stall 4 Dorothy Connelly Librarian 3, 4 Panther Stall 4 Girl Reserves 3 Robert Delle Track l, 2 Alice Dodson Girl Reserves l, Z Operetta 3 Glee Club l, 2, 3 ,-.-.R mmnmnnnmw ri . i l is , ,BMW ,ew ' mms fe w A . Afa4 wm eww-nmssuannn Mme" es B W 1 HS sm! m K amusing V nmweeml Kamusi We mwuvmn E .f ask asa 'Q 4'-F -.rar ...,., ' 'B 0 - .wqmmwi elif l mwah: M W W pf Iason Everhart Track l, 2, 3 Lester Fissel Track l, Z Kenneth Gardner Basketball l, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, Track l Panther Staff 4 Evelyn Gettys 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Stamp Salesrna Betty Gladtelter Girl Reserves l, Operetta 2, 3 Stamp Salesma Glee Club 2, 3 nl,2,4 r1l,2 2,3 'The I 9 Z1 5 Panfher Richard Hake Glee Club l, 2, 3 Operetta 3 Band l, 2 Orchestra l Soccer l Phyllis Herman Girl Reserves l, 2, Operetta 2, 3, 4 Librarian 2, 3 Glee Club l, 2, 3. Girls' Octet 3 Doloris Hess Track l Glee Club 3 Marion Hoke Track 1 Glee Club l Norma Hoke Girl Reserves 2, 4 Track l Operetta 2, 3 Glee Club 2, 3 Panther Statt 4 Class Play 4 3,4 4 wk C495 The 1945 Panfher 'K C503 Ivan Hoover Baseball 2, 3, 4 Patricia Howe Girl Reserves 2, 3 Operetta 2, 3 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Stamp Salesman 4 Panther Staff 4 Edith Iacoby Girl Reserves 2 Lois Kauiiman Panther Stall 4 Librarian 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Girl Reserves 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Iohn Krone ., Dean Lau , .fm . Boys' Octet 3, 4 'W 'A egg ZZ 5 .rg Q , r X, Band 4 3 N1 xx, 4 A Class Play 3 N gi, , Glee Club 3, 4 -fe , . 4 zvcz Soccer 3 3 i"' 4 fi we f Ioe Leckrone 4 , 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 f ffw , Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Octet 3, 4 Operetla 2, 3 Class Play 3, 4 Officer 2, 3 Glee Club Z, 3, 4 Panther Staff 4 Iay Lehr Basketball l Baseball 1, Z, 3 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Octet 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Panther Staff 4 Regina Lightner Girl Reserves Z, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Class Play 3, 4 Stamp Salesman 3 Glee Club l, 2, 3, Panther Staff 4 lean McCarney Basketball 4 Glee Club l Girl Reserves l, 2 4 1, 5 U Ioyce Myers Girl Reserves 2, Operetta 3 Panther Staff 4 Starnp Salesman Richard Patterson Manager Basketb Manager Soccer Manager Track 1 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Octet 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2, Panther Staff 4 School News 2 Robert Plymire Baseball 2, 3 Donald Poet Baseball l, Z, Soccer 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2 Boys' Octet 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 3,4 The I 9 4 5 Paniher Robert Ross 3, 4 Baseball 3 Class Play 4 4 V Clara Schroll all l Girl Reserves 2, 3 l, Z, 3, 4 Librarian 3, 4 3, 4 Curl Shaffer Basketball l, 2 Soccer l, 2 Glee Club l, Z, 3, Orchestra l, Z Track l, 2, 3 Operetta 3 William Shecxrstone Basketball l, 2, 3 Track l, 2, 3 Soccer 2, 3 Glee Club l, 2, 3 Panther Staff 4 Class Officer 3, 4 Glee Club 3 Florence Ream Doris Shelly Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4 Panther Staff 4 Operetta 2, 3 Glee Club l, 2, Panther Stall 4 School News 2 Class Play 4 3,4 gi Y ri 'i i 2 5 - .... .1-E Q51 The 1945 Panfher Mary Shue Librarian 3, 4 Girl Reserves 3 Polly Shupp Basketball l, 2, 3, Girl Reserves l, 2, Track l Operetta Z, 3 Class Play 3, 4 Librarian 3, 4 Stamp Salesman 4 Glee Club l, 3, 4 Panther Stall 4 School News 2 Gloria Singer Girl Reserves 4 Glee Club l, 2, 3, Orchestra l, 2, 3 Operetta 1, Z, 3 Class Play 3 Librarian 2 Class Officer 2, 3, School News l Helen Sipe Glee Club 2, 4 4 3,4 4 4 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2 Librarian 2, 3, 4 Panther Staff 4 Iacqueline Spurrier Basketball 3 Girl Reserves l, 2, Girls' Octet 3 Operetta 2, 3 Librarian 4 Stamp Salesman 3 Glee Club l, 2, 3, Panther Staff 4 Charlotte Stambcrugh Girl Reserves 2 Gene Strausbcxugh Band l Orchestra l Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Panther Staff 4 Operetta 4 Arthur Strine Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3 Operetta 4 Luther Strine Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Eugene Suereth Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 3, 4 Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Track l, 2 4 Panther Staff 4 Betty Sunday Girl Reserves 1, 2, Operetta 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Class Play 3 Panther Staff 4 Doris Swartz Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Girl Reserves l, 2, Operetta 1, 2, 3 Librarian 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Class Play 3, 4 Girls' Octet 3 3,4 4 3,4 4 Stamp Salesman 2, 4 School News 1 Panther Stall 4 Doloris Sweitzer Girl Reserves 3, 4 Operetta 3 Stamp Salesman 3, 4 Esther Weaver Girl Reserves 3, 4 Operetta 3 Librarian 2, 3, 4 Panther Staff 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Iacqueline Whitmer Girl Reserves 3 Girls' Octet 3 Operetta 2, 3 Class Officer 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Panther Stall 4 The I 9 4 5 Paniher Iacques Whorl Basketball 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Panther Staff 4 Lois Wolfgang Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 Operetta 2 Glee Club 2 Panther Stall 4 Donald Yeutts Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3 Operevtta 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Panther Staff 4 School News 1 C531 The 1945 Panfher Qi? .?7QR?s l 3 ' , Q 1 T ...,., ,, .3 . 1 5 azz! ,, ,.,. , 1 M3 nf We AW Milf U3 Iames Barton C713 123 Venetta Billet 183 K33 Betty lane Brennernan 693 143 Edgar Charleston 6103 f53 Phyllis Herman Cll3 163 Norma Hoke C123 C543 ! 19! 2 . ., nwggmew i,tl Q f , :,1, i ,..,,,,. 1' 5 , nnrt n Wkgt 5 ty 53 1 , 1 yu : :E ' I ti 5 3 i 5 F! , .. gs.. Patsy Howe Dean Lau Regina Lightner Richard Patterson Robert Plymire Florence Ream QQL C133 613 4 1153 1163 il73 Cl 3 8 Carl Shaffer Bill Shearstone Polly Shupp Gloria Singer Helen Sipe Iackie Spurrier QQ t rf' ...1 an Wi 'Wi iW9m-mmW earns X r U93 C203 f2l3 1223 4233 4243 C253 vwpvqhw 1 A ff .:: .4 A J spit ' Gene Strausbaugh Doris Swartz Esther Weaver lackie Whitmer lack Whorl Lois Wolfgang Donald Yeatts The I9 4 5 Panfher CLASS PROPHECY What a dreaml It was a very peculiar but a realistic dream. It involved all the members of my high school graduating class of l945. This dream was confusing in the sense that it revealed the positions of my high school pals. Upon rising on a beautiful sunny day and hearing birds chirping, I thought it would be a wonderful time for me to go to Los Angeles, which was only one mile away from my home. I had rung for my maid, Polly Shupp, to have breakfast ready for me in fifteen minutes. In the meantime l had rung for my chauffeur, Iason Everhart, to have my automobile ready in thirty minutes. My first incident occurred when I went to the beauty parlor. I had read on the door, "There are three beauticians inside. No waiting." Being in a hurry and hav- ing no time to Wait if they were- busy, I entered. There appeared to be three fa- miliar faces. Either were busy and I shouted, "Well, if it isn't Patsy Howe, Betty Sunday, and Iackie Whitmerf' They corrected me that their names were no longer Howe, Sunday, and Whitmer, but Flora, Whorl, and Barton. They told me that one of our old pals was sitting under the dryer. Low and behold, if it wasn't Clara Schroll. She gave me that old familiar smile. Being finished there I proceeded on my way. But something attracted my atten- tion On the marque at the theater, was listed a special act introducing Florence Becker as the famous guitar player and yodeler. Walking along, I looked to my left and there appeared to be the office of Lois Wolfgang. She was now a dental hygien- ist, and assisting her was Evelyn Gettys. Since I always wanted to see what a big broadcasting studio was like, I made it my business to do so. In the news room was Ioe Leckrone. His secretary, Regina Lightner, was jabbering to some- one Who was decorating his office. It proved to be the former 'lFlossie" Ream, now Mrs. I. Herbert Leckrone. In the control room was Richard Hake and Robert Delle. They both said so tim- idly, "Hi there." Alice Dodson .and Marian I-loke were the telephone operators. All they kept saying was "XYZ" Studio. Till I got out of there- I was saying "XYZ" and, not thinking where I was going, I banged right into Lester Fissel. He been working in the imitation department. He had just finished imitating Tojo. But Lester was as shy as ever. Advancing on my little journey I entered the broadcasting room. lay Lehr's swing band, featuring B. I. Brenneman as his vocalist, were now presenting their fif- teen minutes with the latest songs. The next fifteen minutes consisted of the well- known sax player, Don Yeatts. Gee, he was certainly a big sensationl Believe it or not. On one of the doors 'appeared the name Donald Poet. As I entered, he greeted me with .a smile. He told me he was now a script writer. In the advertising department Doris Shelley was manager, and Richard Pat- terson, the chief executive. Going through the corridor I happened to glance into the sports arena. I saw the so-called "Superman," Dean Lau. He was lifting a two thousand-pound weight. His business manager, Kenneth Gardner, was trying to persuade him to keep his mind on the job while Dean's beloved, Helen Sipe Lau, watched him admirably from the side line. I had stopped in the oafeteria to get a cup of tea .and toast. To my surprise I recognized Doris Swartz to be the dietitian. Doris told me that Edith Iacoby made all the pastry. One of my pals, Doloris Hess, was sitting at the counter, eating a hot dog and drinking a bottle of soda. After seeing so much of a studio and meeting some of my old acquaintances, I decided to go to the eastern part of the city. I signaled for a cab, and the cab driver proved to be lohn Krone. He was really a cowboy, when it came to driving. We went in leaps and bounds. But we finally got there, and was I glad. lohn was still the same old fellow, as big a joker as ever. 55 The 194 5 Panther Q56 CLASS PROPHECY As I entered the city I happened to see a large recreational center. I heard an old familiar laugh. As I approached, it ,appeared to be Venetta Billet. But who wouldn't laugh? Bob Billet was putting on a show. It brought b.ack the memories of the good old days in English class. Af- ter his performance Venetta told me that she was now a nurse, and she had the afternoon off. She also told me that a couple of my old pals were on duty at the hospital this afternoon. But, first, I wanted to see what was on the other side of the recreational center. There a swimming contest was being held. The winner appeared to be William Shear- stone, who was presented with a beauti- ful trophy. Mary Shue operated the skating rink and, of course, Betty Gladfelter .assisted her. They we-re giving prizes for the best skaters, but I knew only one who received a prize. It was my old pal Iackie Spur- rier. After seeing the recreational center I thought I would take Venetta's advice and go to the hospital. At the information desk appeared to be Esther Weaver. After she had finished .asking me so many questions about our old school mates, I wondered who should be sitting behind the desk. She rang for one of the girls to take- me around to see some of my old acquaint- ances. To my surprise it was Lois Kauff- man. Lois said they have a patient that had .a very serious operation and is still very ill. She asked me- if I would please try to comfort her. I gave my consent and entered the room. Lying there was Phyllis Herman. After trying to comfort her and making no headway, I went out into the hall to meet Lois. We then went to the nurses' home. There we found Gloria Singer. She was certainly surprise to see me. She really looked swell in her white uniform, After leaving the nurses' home I 'decided that the hospital was too much for me and that I had better leave. I thanked Lois for being so kind to me. Then I entered a hosiery store, which was owned by Norma Hoke, and bought three pairs of silk hose. In the meantime lean McCarney and Dot Connelly came in to do likewise. lust then a truck pulled up in front of the store, The driver, Robert Plymire, asked Norma where he should put the twelve dozen boxes of nylon. People hearing the word nylon came rushing into the store from all di- rections. After the nylons were unpacked and ready to be sold, the crowd was still increasing. Delores Sweitzer, one of the clerks, was so tired that I thought she would collapse any minute. But she held out until the last pair was sold, which, by the way, was to me. Lucky, aren't I? Evidently school was dismissed because I heard a lot of noise as school children were coming down the sidewalk. Their teacher, Ioyce Myers, was trying to keep them quiet, but she wasn't succeeding. Iust then I heard an old familiar voice. As I turned about I found it to be Char- lotte Stambaugh. I presume she was com- ing home from work because she was saying how tired she was after a big day's work. After seeing so many of my old pals I decided to go home. Again, I called a cab. This time the cab driver proved to be George Becker. Driving onward for a few blocks I heard .a terrible noise. George stopped the cab and found the trouble to be a flat tire. He called for a mechanic, .and who came but Ivan Hoover .and Carl Shaffer. He advised us to go to the nearest gas station .and have the motor checked. Following his advice, we proceeded. We finally reached the gasoline station and the owner proved to be Edgar Charleston, Edgar called for his mechanics to have the cab checked. Believe it or not, but if they weren't lim Barton, Gene Strausbaugh, .and Robert Ross. As We were going from the gasoline station I heard someone shout, "Hi, George." Sure enough if it wasn't Eugene Suereth and lack Whorl. When I reached home Polly told me that the-re had been no electric all day. I call the electricians, who happened to be Arthur and Luther Strine. After seeing all my fellow-graduates, there w.asn't one of them that didn't recall those good old days of l945. Gee, that Class was really tops. You being associ- ated with my pals also, may we depart. WWW MMM Clclveztiaementa The 1945 Panfher ALLEN Wm. N. Jacoby St Son HOME-DRESSED MEATS Opposite State Highway Garage PHONE 52901 COHEN BROS. BELLIS Everything For Every SPORT York's South George Street SIHCITJEGST York, pemwl LADIES' SHOP EAT SINGER BROS. Garage 18 Years of Service lust North ot North York PHONE 52410 FOXS Carts News Stand E. CARL OASSEL, Prop. Phone 5789 - York, Pa, "The Newsstand of Personal Service C585 The 1945 Panfher Best Wishes cmd Good Luck L from All Your Roller-Skcrtirig Friends York, Por, - I-Iorrisburg, Por. WHITE ROSE Member of ARENA AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCIAL COLLEGES ond NATIONAL COUNCIL OF 525 East Market Street, York, Pa BUSINESS EDUCATION RUTTER BROS. DAIRY Pdsteurized Dairy Products North George St. Extd., York, Po. Phone 2035 Ess - Kdy Butter . . . Ice Credm . . . Brookfield Butter C597 The 1945 Panfher Compliments ot J. FRANK REESE T. A. STEBBINS Groceries, Deliccrtessen and Fresh and Smoked Meats leweler Yorktowne Service Store DIAMONDS, WATCHES, SILVERWARE, TROPHIES Phone 43175 lUl2 N. George St. Phone 37390 923 N. Duke Street, York, Por. l-l. G. Sl-IUE eRocERiEs Service Our Motto Clcirence A. Eppley Groceries Feed Hoirdworre l4Ol North George St. North York, Penncr. Kings Gil Service Dist. Atlantic Products D. E. Woltgongs CtANDlES llll North George Street Phone 39410-All Kinds ot Access FUEL OIL 8-12 Lcrtimer Street York, Pct. C605 The I945 Panfher BEARS PORTRAIT SHOP for Distinctive Portraits . . . Reasonably Priced OHAS. H. BEAR G CO YORK, PA. After buying all the War Bonds you possibly can . . . SEE H. E. Everhart St Sons for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Call 47479 GEO. VV. SNYDER Radio and Electrical Appliance Service 603 S. Albemarle St., York, Pa. Air-Step Shoes tor Women Buster Brown Shoes tor Children Port-O-Ped Air Cushioned Shoes for Men WOLF OANOS sHoE sToRE ll2l North George St., North York, Penna. Sporting Goods, Fishing Tackle, Guns and Ammunition, Athletic Supplies PHONE 51286 Tremont Sea Food Co. sEA rooms or ALL KiNDs EDW, M. SHELLY lU North Tremont Street YORK, PA. York Hat Remodeling Co. and Fll:lST CLASS SHOE SHINE 233-35 W. Market St., York We Appreciate Your Patronage. A, A. and M. A. VASELLAS, Props, C615 The Panfher Eat TIP-TCP Bread tor Better Bodies J. S. I-IERSI-IEY BAKINC CC. Compliments oi CREENS DAIRY 2Ol N. I-Iighland Ave. YCBK, PENNA. YCU deserve the BEST . . . IVICFALIJS "There Is No Substitute for Quality Men's Wear of Quality 18 North George St. NCRTI-IERN RADIC SERVICE Crosley, Zenith, Philco Radios Royal and G. E. Sweepers Vfestinghouse Electric Stoves and Betrigerators Hoag, Thor, Crosley Washers 954 North George St, Dial 55231 C. J. BESI-IORE Shop: 5l2 North George St. Horne: H47 North George St. PHoNE 31237 PLUMBING and I-IEATING C625 The 1945 Panfher Compliments ot North York Playground Association Compliments ot KOI-IR BROS. Monufolctu f FROZEN CUSTARD Compliments of HOKE BAKINC CO. PERRYS BARBER ond BEAUTY SHOPS ll23 N. George St. PHONE 30496 C637 The 1945 Paniher EAT DRINK Meet Your Friends ot the RAIVIONA "Say it With Flowers" JOHN DAUBER Piosisr l705 N. George Street YORK, PENNA. FILMS MAGAZINES Breyers lce Creotm Whitmons Chocolotes BAYLORS lll9 North George St. CANDY KODAKS Blum Awning Co. Awnings, Tents, Truck Covers ond Convos Goods 7 Eotst Seventh Avenue YORK, PENNA. H. K. BILLET 8x SON Builders of Distinctive Cemetery MEMORIALS North George Street dt Third Ave. C645 The 194 5 Paniher CALL I-IUMRLE-MUNDIS COMPANY for Petroleum Products of All Kinds 1536 N, George Street 1216 W. Mcrrkot Street ' I I-IARRYS PLACE GAS, OIL, LIGI-IT LUNCI-I R, D. No. 5 H. M. NACE, Proprietor North York Grill "Horne ot Electric Cooking" PHoNE 5777 1057 North George St. Compliments John I-I. Myers gc Son of TI-IE YORK COUNTY GAS CO. Lumber, Millwork Builders' Supplies PAINT - HARDWARE l285 Vifest King Street YORK, PENNA, C655 The I9 4 5 Panfher Compliments ot W A YORK FARM BUREAU CO-OPERATIVE AND FARM RUREAUINSURANCE CO. Bobs Restaurant N. George St.-Phone 64338 DINNERS - 45C Central Pennsylvanias Largest Furniture Industry Phone 5715 C. F. HOOVER FURNITURE ooMPANY 132-34 W. Market St., YORK, PENNA. For Economical Transportation Home--Made Soup-All kinds ot CHEVROLET r Zions View Garage Sandwiches and Sundaes L, H. EMRICH R. D. No. 5, York, Pa. ROBERT FAIRCLOTH, Prop. Phone 70972 C663 The I9 4 5 Panfher I. M. Shindler . I. Warren Shindler . Morgan Shindler l'SHINDLER'S" Fine Furniture 907 15 NORTH DUKE STREET PHONE 7192 C677 Th E I PGH'-her ., V E I .VEAEAP www 505797, W fAh fifi von vow 5 Q H O O L at Qoymoe ANNO ,RLS " M53 'fi' 'II' NIUE YURNXSH V QA, mm .wovxes Ain .. ' mm wwe , ' . ,,,,f.., sil' . . 0 0 hui . V W C63 The 1945 Panfher STUMPS CAFE 1050 N. George St., North York Home-made Turt1e Soup Light Lunches Beer, Wine, Liquors PHONE 64138 Tab1es for Ladies Dr. Lyle Cruse oPToMETR1sT 1018 N. George Street NORTH YORK, PENNA. Ormond Hosiery Shop 4 West Market Street Bags - G1oves - Hosiery USED CAR PARTS and Running Gears tor Rubber-tire Farm Wagons Geo. Shue, J r. Emigsviile, Pa. E ryth' g Ine p QUALITY FEED Starting Mash - Egg Mashes Dairy Feeds Garden Seed - Field Seed F erti1izer ALTMANS CASH FEED STORE 337 West King Street YORK, PENNA. ELMER R. FINK Public Accountant 153 E. Market Street YORK, PENNA. Phone 7857 C69 The 1945 Paniher ROY V. MUNDIS Quality Feeds E. D. 5, York, Pa. LEINHART BROS. Furniture Always Visit Our Store Before Buying VALUE, QUALITY and STYLE You Can Afford on Easy Terms 277-283 West Market Street YORK, PENNA. Buy MUNDIS QUALITY FEEDS Iohn Deere Farm Machinery COnC0rd Massey-Harris Tractors And Save At Foot of North York Hill MARGARETS BEAUTY sALoN Frederick Waves MARGARET MUNDIS, Prop. Phone 56401 Mundis EMIGSVILLE, PA, Manchester Garage Cooperative Community Store YORK PHONE 56201 Coal, Fertilizer, Gen'l. Merchandise Grinding and Milling Our Specialty C705 The l945 Panfher AMERICAN BAG an BARREL CQ. 530 S. VANDER AVE., YORK, PA. Always Buying WASTE PAPER IRON AN NEWSPAPER METAL MAGAZINES BAGS OORRUGATED BARRELS RAGS D STEEL Call Us cmd our Truck will Call for Some PHONE: 6231 YORK T C715 inis -LES, -I ,Q 3.551 17: .ggglii gk 125' 'lf , fe V: .1ii?f'iSS5 ,im , ug? UQ. . ,Liga Q eff- De , :wk-Qffw f.-gggfwfg if fi? msg gs, gginfge-da bf??5f52'ff if ff f,.-jiffg. ?:-'IQQTQ V ,J liii e EEE

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