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 - Class of 1941

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I E I P l , V1 W 'A W A ,W ,, VV 1 . . , 1 , , K i , , 1 4 1 1 1 'fs f I f' 3275 'L T ' V , W , " j,. ., '1 i , W v r V I it gf 3 . 1' ' fig X ' ' si: , , ,A M Q-V 132 L I . ' a g? , I, A X , fggi Q '51 f 5315 1 -: V' of wi Y x 14 rift 3 I . f I Y f 1' 1 'fl' A, I I Q, ,, , '- TZ 32 2" , A 1 91' . 7 gif ,v M , ,ggi V- . , 1 1 F 'ff ' , 1- K ' . f E 1- L -fi ' A 1 'V - ' J zfizigg' , vt Vw:-ci , ' -w , iw - 1 'f pgr ' Y 51 I 1' X :WI 5f+'gf3g ggi Q 155511 gF4Q5,EV'5'1n 3 4 L,,, N , ill 1.1 mmm v Q my If T ?,VrfZ2:F? 5353 1 3.511 Wifi:-,:13i', 'VI + :wr f ' 1e V . V r 5 Pg Eh lixikx 1 .in 'i",2is,3,v'i, l , , , ,I-43 , A 1, ,f, 1- ,Q kg- "1 ' 1 'fyf Q V56 ' 'jx E W' , 'X iyv 1 5,. 3'z1g f f f f!, 5L - , ' ,I A 152, Q N' 1 gf: . 4 . , K 1 ...,.1...Lu...m,...LLm,....m.g,M.. M ....m.,m., ..i., -1 -Y V I f 522, - .WL j . Jf:'is'5ip, , "'g .'v-viaygil iif' ,gdgsif f-xm,ff:",11f ,. - f, , ' .1 , f , " .L 1' '--1:1451 if ' ,ns " A 11 , 1 .. -17 w . w- " ...-42' - 1 4, .1 X.-.Ag A1 . -' - 7- --4 v M" -Fifi? "-" S n w' 3: -'fgfv nf' , we V --, - '- -H'-Fa X A 12'-Shfkzlebpw -1' A -,.!-w-- ,-Qu Mi. -ps-L J , , .une-, A , , ff M- ,rf ' .-V. 1. -'M y Aw- , V -v JS., , , -'-x,.,-. ,. 1'1!1,.,J- .1 ,fifig--Q-,,, y ,,-pri, fx ww- ,-x ,.'g.,..,gzr -P-.J:f'?l.,.,,, , mg . A , - X " ' f" f1'fw1' .1 -' , 'gm' A ,gf ,gh f.,t2-ww., 1.1 -I . , ' "' W: Up qw - .Av ,r Q ," gc. lj.-. 1, -.view ,-, ig f Vxx g ,,f.k7,....-,A -1,15 .qw-,::,,4, , Lg , 'RQLQ 'ei' .AQ ' '-ui " ' ' ' " ' ' Af: I " ', ' ""5'fi' y ' ' -' gii,"5'-f,. .1.. ," 3'156'3, . 'iurcw a w ' an , i U Q , f V Q , f ' "LM-:,Q:,, X V, '-ff . ,. , , . , A .. 4.-- , -.L J ,. ,U .4 ,f.a,-gag, QA: y - .N . . K ' . ' ' , .f . :Q D .. ' A k :,- Vz, ' -xfwg Q My-ffefxfsw frw-4ifG'fwf'f2n"4' 'i'1'.'-. .' --J. 1 1 . ' -1 , g .- 3 X',,"2-"A 1'-.-,-"ff--f'P'.x1 f-, -r 5' zz, Mi -' ' I-vm-'lar'-,f--wr.. -, ,wa . "K -Z W W Ay 47"'rX" wx' 1-Sw "iv ' " V5 ' 70 -T5 ""aJ-'1-f'f1""'-- ':S':If' '-"'-W W 'm x ".:Ff"kfi- 1- ' . v fff- , ' "5 ' " .." F 'I ' ?.Q"l-- -ers : '.-fwf-ia. fkwffwcsuff.-V152 .ffiffrw 'W JQ - 4:-Lwzffvf - ,,,f:.?1w.'?- ifu fa ' ' 1. --Z1Z"i , H :N 'wi ,Qf ' f 1 , . 1,.,,X ,":":wL1"-. ' ' n. :M, .. N -. ,, .1 'aj 335, "v:",,'j ,-' 9,-' V1 Y- ,":,vg,:'1 ' J' V ' .All f n lf wv - ,-vfQ4' ' - 'wwf' 4- 5'-iw'-'A' EX LIBRIS ESTHER BAUBLITZ . EDIT0Rf1NfCH1EF The Sparkler 1941 Published hy The Senior Class Norlh York High School North York, Pennsylvania Vol. XII Foreword N A WORLD OE RAPID CHANGE XVE, CAN ONLY HOPE THAT IN YEARS AHEAD THIS VOLUME WILL SERVE AS A STABLE RE' MEMBRANCE OF A PAST LIFE-TWELVE YEARS OF WORK, SHAT' TERED AND REBUILT HOPES, AND A START IN LIFE. THIS THE TWELFTH VOLUME OF THE SPARKLER, REVIEWS THE ACTIVITIES AND PERSONNEL OF NORTH YORK HIGH SCHOOL EOR THE YEAR OF NINETEEN HUNDRED EORTY'ONE. MAROON AND WHITE, THE COLOR SCHEME USED IN THE BOOK, ARE THE COLORS OF THE CRADUATINC CLASS. Contents Dedication Faculty Classes Activities Athletics Advertisements Dedication Q WILLIAM N. CRALEY, WHO HAS GUIDED AND KEPT IN CONSTANT CONTACT WITH US ALL, WE THE CLASS OF 1941 RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE THE TWELPTH VOLUME OF THE SPARKLER. WILLIAM N. CRALEY MR MR MR MR MR. Board of Education 1940-1941 . RICHARD E. HEILAND . . . PRESIDENT . EUGENE R. PATTERSON . . VICEPRESIDENT . A. HARRY LEHR . . . SECRETARY . GEORGE M. HERMAN . . . . TREASUREIK OSCAR V. WHORL . . ASSOCIATE MEMBER A Eirfm I H V :f:s:i3'5:'2:m1:1,L rzfi2gs:zf:??12f.1QSzfffs:y:5Q:m: .MNA Q v,,...5,Dgxi.,.M5M,: Wfzszzmv wwf M. 7, , QW ,Ma gmzg. 53531 gin, 's:wf5iw::i:gzQ:1fEE?4:fQf:,: 251?5??ii?ffmg15i?ZEgsZ:S5 S iiiigkx "TWI3f: 4 we.: g- L., 1-ggmgi if Q5 2 wif if 2 5 if 5 I 145 ji? Wi ' i x if 5 fi Z L k ffiev' qffmsgigg 123555 5 41? lg .gs 4jH5?Fs,fzs2r:,, :M W, M asf " ' s4?f'b k 4 5 1354 wi M. l ' .. , 231355512-n . Q Ffsi iiggiznfggzh, Ei Qi rigafi S M aim 235 , QEXRYSL A-HE :I i Msiff 5: 2 --vezciw. . . 5 1 -. ff Yi1'33Zi4f?:i31234 .1 Q i . ,g . as X if T322 55, ,fb as ggi? 3351 5 5 iii, 2 ' E5 3 2 5 Tiigssvrv 2 555 fy 2 miie, M We Q 5 ig? 1 5-gf' E 555395 x, ef 1 L M, Eg 525,315 .. Y 9 :iii N M , fx . iigiizigqxsiii. -:- :Mui Q1 WJ X .Qi'i:e.:,m::' , I .R me-,L ,. E . S ,Q 1 'EEE Eiiazfwr Q Ks I g ii M 5 ski :H M I if iifisffk is if? P L, gg. g 2' ig' , ,Mg ' 1 L52 .yizafw X , -Q 43'2iQQitQfw1 Sig ..f 1 k-k,f A gig X, gi X' s as si 'ffsgs tgmi f X E Vgwgiwlfz 3 1.,. I , , LvZ?gg5w,,,z ' 3 iigigmsink: rg va, if 51 r Til' 1.f'Eii:f' 1 2' Y b ECW ?E 2 S r ij Egwrfz N 522 ff :mf egifxzwggfmaf is -if X .1 .imsiw ,m':5tQE:-- 22225. i l QQ I if s :MfLVLffi'45n Eg w iiiifialifigzxgy ai ,L EYgfffgQ5ss2sQ2 QMS? U wb Wiigiig 121335 33 952311 Sam 'Ei""! Z if 1 5525, af iigigziifgwgiiw T ?m E g5'f, Q5gfQE2S222223fi i f i sg wigs? 2? ,-ff? ,gig ia 9595-' :fx 1-w as 5 6 U ' view.. f" Q21 m i el ff I we 2 1-iszaffifzwf 5 3: 35 5 Q fi? Yfi iifflfi' -:2 ig. Y 1 K I-:5:. ws-vsffijimrk Q- Fl- 2 : f.:Qg ' 5- -:.-.f , 1 ' 1' .- 2 3 i.i: ., wa " ' 'S Fifi "-' '4 NYPAQLQ, S 2 5 ' E522 5532 2 i Riinxg gf if I3 ggi EE m 5 gig if V fn ,Nw it fx S A , X . , , 5 552 ai 5 Sw gg W? 2 N ,Q ig 'Q 5 . if m ,ig ,sg "- Zi ff? yr 'Wig 5:15- Z f QSESN-2'Q5E'33::2f:r2?i:ESQRQEESQW:if - 'igSHEQ2:w:E1:2, V4 iEE:FYZliZ3i'V 5 !'i'!fi1'Eff'5'f?ii'??f 15555555 5g3sQf?f:f gr 1 4 - u 'iii ' ' 1' AL-.5-fi -we g QKsfk5fsfff if-:QQ Qsgsysi A 5-'1!'a 5 E " gigs 25,535 M 1, 'fi' ' ' "iw cgi? f T I Administration FACULTY Staff IRVIN R. SNYDER, MS. Supervising Principal Millersville State Teachers college, Pennsylvania State college, Gettysf hurg college, University of Pennsylf vzinizt, Elizzihethtovvn college A , -W --1 DEAN B. ARMoLn, MA. Principal Gettyshurg college, University ot North Carolina, Duke university, University of Pennsylvania Adviser to The North York School News Business Adviser to The Spzirlcler -E : M 'U he DU W K" F11 FSU Pd l-UPN? r-A lx-7 LAURA E. BURKET, B. S. Social Studies Pennsylvania State college Bucknell university Millersville State Teachers college Supervisor of Library S. RHOBERTA WoLr', A. B. English Pennsylvania State college Cofdirector of Dramatics HENRY A. MITCHELL, B. S. Science East Stroudsburg State Teachers college Franklin and Marshall college CHARLES C. LEBER, A. B. Science, Social Studies Lebanon Valley college, Springfield college Coach of Senior and Junior High Boys' track, Girls' Track, Junior High Basketball, Girls' Volleyball i C. CLINTON RUBY Mathematics THE RKLER ALVERTfX R. LECRONE, B.S. Commercial Ed. Elizabethtown college Pennsylvania State college New York university Cofdirector of Operetta Gettysburg college Pennsylvania State college 1 Faculty Adviser of Athletics 4 NELSON J. KiNc:, B.S. Commercial Ed. Susquehanna university University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State college Columbia university School Treasurer RAYMOND S. BECK, AB. English, Social Smilies Gettysburg college Adviser to The Sparkler 1 13 THE PARKLER l-l P0 I I-4 EDNA B. VJALMER, B. S. Mzcsic Supervisor Lehanon Valley college Director of Glee cluh, Orchestral, and Operettai R1c:H.AxRn R. THOMAS Cmnmev-cial Ed. Indizinai State Teachers college University of Pennsylvania Director of School hand BARBARA DIEHL, BS. Home Economics Pennsylvania State college Adviser to Senior Girl Reserves RICHARD B, SHERKER Industrial Arts Millersville State Teachers college THE RKLER WII.LI.'NM N. CRALEY, B.S, Physical Education East Stroudshurg State Teachers college Pennsylvania State college Basketball coach lVl.-XRION E. BROXVN, BS. Muthenmtzts, Social Studies Elizahethtown college Pennsylvania State college Adviser to Junior Girl Reserves RUSSEL C. HLINTZINIIER, BS. English, Social Studies Shippcnshurg State Teachers college Pennsylvania State college 4 EARNEY B. FISHEL Social Studies Ivlillersville State Teachers college York County academy 1 15 T E PARKLER l-'PCP-l 16 LoUisE L. THoMAs, B. S. Commercial Ed. Indiana State Teachers college University of Pittsburgh Cofdireetor oi' Drainaties AMY M. SH.xMB.fwc:H, R. N. School Nurse Home and School Service Philadelphia General Hospital Philadelphia School of Soeial Health and Wcurk Pennsylvania State college CEL.-XDYS R. G.-XBLE, Cert. of D. H. Dental Hygienist University of Pennsylvania IVIARY ELLEN KAUFFELT School Secretary North York high school '36 CLASSES Sph J Hgh Hi .i A1 J af w ,L 5 sl -1 P . Y -Q J E iv 25 Ii IE V. R ff 9 E it 5 m E. 5 In i, Q S J w -1 i THE RKLER ww -loYCI3 BAIR "jo COMMERCIAL Library Club 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer l, 2, 3, 4, Sparkler 4: Student Librarian 2, 3, 4. CYO RICHARD BARTELL "DIC li, . GENERAL Basketball 2, 3, 4, Sparkler 4, Operetta 1 I, 2, 3, Crlee Club 1, 2, 3, HifY Club 2, Cheeriug Club 1, Baseball 3, 4, Soccer 4. N 1 ESTHER BAUBLITZ UEstl1cr Macy' ACADE MIC Cheering Club 1, DofWhatfYcIufWa1Itf TofDo Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Cperf etta 2, 3, Girls' Trio 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, President 4, Cheer Leader 4, School News l, 2, 3, News Editor 4, Class Secref tary 2, 3, Class Play 3, 4, EclitorfinfChief Sparkler 4. vv vi G00 AUSTIN BORING 'LAutic ACADEMIC Sparkler 41 Science Club 1, School News G19 PAUL BRANDT Ufolzmzy cI5NER,xI. Baseball lg HifY 2, Class President 1, 17 '-3 : D1 55 P1 F F1 D5 l-In-P-CI-4 r- O0 DOROTHY BRENNEMAN L'D0tte ACADEIVHC Track lg Cheering Club 1, Ping Pong Club 'lg Fencing Club 'lg Operetta 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4g Basketball lg Volleyball 1, 2, 41 Cheer Leader 4, Sparkler 4. PIO JOYCE CAMPBELL "Joy COMMERCIAL Phineas Davis of York: Knitting Club lg North York: Library Club 2, 3, 4g Stu' dent Librarian 2, 3, 4. GSK!! JOHN CHARLESTCDN "Wibble ACADEMIC Science Club lg Baseball lg Basketball 2, 3, 4, Ping Pong Club 'lg Soccer 2, 3, 4, Sparkler 4. G'ls'J JACK CLAY "Mitzi ACADEMIC Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 3,4,HifY1,2g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Cperetta 1, 2, 33 Sparkler 4. OIG HOWARD DELLE HDelle GENERAL Science Club lg Camera Club 2g Track I, 2, 4g Class Play 4, School News 4. THE PARKLlwR wi ROBEILT DERN 'Bob ACADENIIC Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Fencing Club 3: Clce Club l, 2, 3, 4, Cperetta I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Scbool News 1, 2, 3, 4: Sparkler 4, Class President 2, Vice President lg I-lifY Club 1, Camera Club 2, Band 4. CNE vu HENRY DHERIT ublcn ilENIiR.'XL Science Club 1 g Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1 2, 3, 4, Cperetta I, Sparkler 4. N q av FRANK DITTENHAFER l'Ditty GENERAL I-1ifY Club 1, Camera Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3: Sparkler 4. 989 ai GORDON DRESHER HDOC COMIVIERCIAL I-lifY Club 1, Ping Pong Club 21 Glee Club 2, 3, Track I, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4. CVO MARY ENSMINGER i'Cozcs" :XCADEIVHC Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, VicefPresident 4: Handicraft Club 1, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 31 Sparkler 4: Operetta 4. ' 1 9 H m E 75 W F' F1 .TU l-UPC!-I IND CD DAVID ESHELMAN 'lEsl1y CCJMMERCIAL HifY Club lg Ping Pong Club 2, Sparkler 4. ON! EMIL EYLER "Puss ACADEIVIIC Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 4g Cperetta 1, 2, 3g News Staff 1g Class VicefPresident 3, President 43 Sparkler 4. CYN9 HAIKRY EYLER HPiclqle COMMERCIAL Camera Club 23 HifY Club 1. CYN9 RICHARD FAIRCLOTH 'Steve GENERAL Science Club lg HifY Club 2, Baseball 1. 9,0 LUCILLE FLOYD 'lucy COMMERCIAL Handicraft Club 1, Girl Reserves 1, 2, D47-WhatfY0ufVVantfT0fDo Club 2. GE NERAL Baseball 3, 4g Volleyball 3, 4g Track 3, 4, Ping Pong Team 4. CVO GEORGE GEESEY "Dutch GENERAL I'IifY Club 1, Ping Pong Club 2, Volleyf ball 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 3, 4, Class VicefPresident 4. C142 GENERAL Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, HifY Club 1, 2, Track 1, Sparkler 4. GNL? GENERAL Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2g Handicraft Club 1, 2g Cheering Club 1: Cperetta 1, 2, 4, Hobby Club 4. G19 MARY Goon L'Goodie' COIvfMERClAL Track 1, 2, Captain 3, Business lvlanagei 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 4g Basketball 11 Fencf ing 3g Cheering Club 1, Cheer Leader 41 Operetta 3, 4g Glee Club 3, 4g Ping Pong Club 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 41 Class Play 43 Sparkler 4. JOHN GABERT Ufolinnyu CHARLES GENTZLER "Cl1asel' ANNA MAE GINGERICH L'Rcdl' H E M DU W F D FU l-HPC!-I 21 H m i-lv-PCP-' 10 lv E S P A R K L E R HAROLD HAINES l'Hmk" COMMERCIAL HifY Club lg Camera Club Zg Glee Club l, 2, 4g Cperetta l, 2, 4g Sparkler 4g Band 3. 059 MILDRED HAMM HHummy, COMMERCIAL Handicraft Club lg Girl Reserves 4. KFINQ GERALDINE HARBCDLD uferry GENERAL Girl Reserves 4g Handicraft Club lg Do' WbatfYoufWantfTcufDci Club 21 Hobby Club 4g Sparkler 4g Cperetta 4. PIO HERBERT HARRY LgHC7'l7 GENERAL East Hempfield, Lancaster County: Base' ball l, 2, 33 Ping Pong Eg Basketball 3g Band l, 2g Orchestra 1, 2g Camera Club 'lg Science Club lg History Club 3. North York: Baseball 4. 059 STANLEY HARTMAN l'Stan COIVIIVIERCIAL Ping Pong Club lg Baseball l, 3, 4g Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4g Soccer 1, 2, Captain 3, 4g Captain Ping Pong Team 4. s 7 GENERAL Girl Reserves lg DcifWhatfYciufWa1it-To' Do Club 2g Sparkler 4g Hobby Club 4. QLD GENERAL Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Cperetta 1, 2, 3, 4g Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g Handicraft Club lg DofXVhatfY4JufWantfTofDcJ Club 2g Sparkler 41 Student Librarian 4g Hobby Club 4. HifY Club 1, 2g Glee Club l, 2g Operettzl 23 Sparkler 4. MILIDRED HEILMAN "Mickeyl, ELSIE HENRY A'Suz,' GYN9 KENNETH HEss "Hessie COMMERCIAL Ping Pong Club 4g QE! LERQY HEss 'KLee" c:oMMERciAL Ping Pong Club 2g Ping Pong Team 4. 130 CLIFTON HOFFMAN "Cliff" ACADEMIC P-3 I M DU P1 T' M W I-190+-1 23 ll H I F1 'U P UU 7+ F M UU 1-HPC'-' to -A WILLIAM HOOPER "Bill COMMERCIAL Science Club 1, Ping Pong Club 21 Sparkf ler 4. 010 ROBEIKT INNERS i'BIcd GENERAL Booster Club lg HifY Club 2, Track 13 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 4, Volleyball 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Quartet 4, School News 4. GYs9 BETTY K.AUFFMAN HBetz COMMERCIAL Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Handicraft 1, Cperetta 43 Hobby Club 4. DB9 A. HENRY LEHR iiHc97l GENERAL Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4, Assistant Soc' cer Manager 45 Stock Room Manager 3, 4g Ping Pong Club 2. 090 HAIKRY LEHR HHCWHS CKDMMERCIAL Ping Pong Club 2, Hi-Y Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, School News 1, Class President 33 Sparkler 4. THE RKLER v EDITHMAE LEITHISER L'Dotty' GENERAL School News 2, 3, 4g Fencing 3g Class Play 33 Clee Club 2, 3g Cperetta 2, 3g Ping Pong Club 2g Library Club 4. Ok? LoRRA1NE IVIEISENHELTER "Ramen CEINTERAL Hannah Penn of York: Ping Pong Club 1. East Berlin: Class Play 2g Glee Club Zg 1 Class Treasurer 2. North York: Clee Club 3, 4g Cperetta 3, 43 Class Play 4g Girls' Tennis Champion 3g Sparkler 4. 44 N 1 CEURGE ROBEIKT MILEY, IR. 'Red GENERAL Baseball 1, 23 Basketball l, 'lg Cvlee Club l, 2, 3g Cperetta 1, 2, 3g HifY Club 1, 23 School News 4. PHD MEIKIKY NOEL POET HPoetl' ACADEIVHC Handicraft Club lg Ping Pong Club 23 Operetta 4g Glee Club 3, 4g Girl Reserves 4g Class Secretary 4g Class Play 3, 4g Sparkler 4. l I OLD MARTHA RAUHAUSER 'LlVIotz" COIMMERCIAL Library Club 3, 4g Student Librarian 4. 25 H : E11 'U De DU P1 t" C11 DU 1-1 1-HPC IX-J ON WILLIAM RITTALL HBill GENERAL HifY Club 1, 2, 31 Operetta 2, 3, 41 Glee Club 2, 3, 41 Track Manager 1, 2, 3, 41 Girls' Volleyball Manager 41 Sparkler 41 Scbool News 4. X0 MAE RQJHRBAUGH "Mazic COMMERCIAL School News 1, 2, 3, 41 Handicraft Club 11 Cbeering Club 11 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 41 Volleyball 11 Glee Club 3, 41 Operf ctta 3, 41 Library Club 2, 3, 41 Sparkler 4: Hobby Club 4. CVO DoLoRIis RUBY "Self COMMERCIAL Library Club 1, 3, 41 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 41 Handicraft Club I1 Hobby Club 41 OLD LILYAN SLICK HSliclgy' GEN ERAL Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 41 Glee Club 2, 31 Cbeering Club lg Booster Club 11 Cperf etta 2, gl Basketball 11 Volleyball 2, 41 Track 1, 2: Hobby Club 4. CNIJJ DLDNAI,IJ SNYDE11 l"1'ap' GENERAL Clieering Club 11 HifY Club 1 1 Ping Pong Club 21 Basketball 1, 2, 41 Baseball 1, 2, 4: Track 1, 3, 41 Soccer 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 41 Volleyball 3. THE RKLER CHARLES STACKHOUSE HStaclqy', ACADENHC HifY Club l, 'lg Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Cperetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Quartet 4g Fencf ing 3g Class Play 3, 4g Cheer Leader 43 School News l, 2, 3, EditorfinfChief 4, Sparklcr 4. DIC HELEN STAHLE 'AHelen" ACADEMIC 1 Handicraft Club lg Library Club 2, 3. 9 ow 1 RECSINA STOTTLEMYER 'K.Q2,1ccenic" ACADEMIC Handicraft Club lg DofWhatfYoufWantf TofDo Club 2g Fencing 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4g Volleyball 1, 2, 43 Basketball 1, School News 1, 2, 3, Managing Editor 4g Sparkler 41 Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4g Second Prize Winiier in D. A. R. Essay Contest 4. GNBD GEORGE SToUoH GENERAL Cperetta lg Science Club 1, Typing Club l ow IOHN WEAVER 'lfolinnyl' COMMERCIAL Ping Pong Club 23 Class Play 4g Volleyf ball 4: Track 4. 2. l '-6 ,emi C11 'U DP DU W T' C11 DU I-4 l-160 to OO ETHEL WINTEIKS 'lHedy ACADEMIC Hzmdicraft Club 15 DO'WhHt'YCUU'W21Ilf' TofDo Club 2g Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g Operetta 3: Sparkler 4, GYs9 ELIZABETH JANE WOGAN 'Betty GENERAL Basketball lg Volleyball 4g Booster Clulw Ig Ping Pong Club 2g Girl Reserves I. CVO LERoY WC3LGAMUTH tgWiggl.esu1ovth ACADEIVIIC Sparkler 45 Glee Club lg Orchestra 4g Band 3, 4. The Hour of Fame 29 1942's class of 65 pupils joined with this year's seniors in the dramatic prof duction for 1941, helped complete the operetta cast and purchased their class rings. Comprising the largest class in the high school, '4?w's ninetyfseven students sucf cessfully presented their annual hazaar and were cast in the operetta chorus. Steel and blue were chosen as the class Colors. ior High Til THE RKLER l-I P-IPC O-9 IN? Class Officers SENlORSAfEmil Eyler, presideutg George Geesey, viee presidentg Merry Noel Poet, seeretaryg Joyce Bair, treasurer. JUNIORS-'Lynwood Selileeter, presidentg Doris Kepner, vice presiclentg Phyllis Eisenhart, seeretaryg Ray Sollenlverger, treasurer. SOPHOMORESfRolwert Everhart, presicleutg Virginia Everhart, vice presidentg Helen Hoke, seeretaryg Ruth March, treasurer. FRESHlVIENfRoduey Reese, presidentg Beverley Eiseiihart, vice presidentg Gloria Wztltimyer, seeretaryg Phyllis Detweiler, treasurer. P bl Ply ACTIVITIES M Clb . ,Q 5 v - - - 4 xi Ev 5 P: . -ia 2 'YF' ,rg , , fi fe, 4 xg ' A' 8 , 7 Qfm ' ' L fl ' . . , ' ng, , . A r ,,'- . ' f - .aff--.1qFf:..,f,, , rf - '- ' I L , x , qT ..., .N , ,,... VT ,W AI . W , W. 9 4 in " -mg'-v-,-: "-45---w' :P ' fw 1 fn K 'N C IIN!! THE PARKLER parkler taff ESTHER BAUBLITZ EdnorfinfCh1ef Editorial Department Associate Editors RKJBERT DERN, REGINA STOTTLEMYER DOROTHY BRENNEMAN . . Assistant Editor MARY GOOD, JACK CLAY . . . . . . Sports Editors JOYCE BAIR, CHARLES STACIQHOUSE . . Assistant Sports Editors EMIL EYLER ........ . . Photography Editor I MAE RUHRBAUGH, MILDRED HEILMAN . . . Copy Editors Business Department WILLIIAM RITTALL . ....... . Advertising Manager' AUSTIN BORING . . Circulation Manager ESTHER BAUBLITZ . . . . Patron Solicitor Assist-:mfs MERRY NOEL POET, LORRAINE MEISENHELTER, HAROLD H.NINES, HENRY DHERIT, CLIFTON HOFFMAN, ELSIE HIETJRY, JOHN CHARLESTON, D,'XVID ESHELMAN, ETHEL WINTERS, FRANK DITTFNHAFER, VJILLIAM HCJCJIBER, IVIARY ENSMINCFR, RICHARD B,-XRTELL, BETTY VJOGAN, CHARLES GENTZLER, CERALDINE H.x,RI3f7LD 33 SP RKLER The North York ehool News Founded Oetoher, 1927 Puhlished monthly hy students of North York High School AllfAI11Cf1Clll1 Rating 1936, 1937, 1938, 1940, 1941, N. S. P, A. University of Nlinnesotzi Medzilist Rating 1939, 1940, 1941, C. S. P. A. Columl'-ia University Editorial Department CHARLES ST.-xc:I4HoUsE ........ Editorfinfflliief DEAN B. ARMoLIu . . . . . Faculty Adviser REGINA SToTTI.EMYEI1 . . Managing Editor ESTHER BAUBLITZ . . . News Editor WILLI.AM RICE .............,. Sports Editor EDYTHMAE LEITHISER .............. Feature Editor Co1umnistsHRoBERT DERN, MAE Roi-IRBAUGH, PHYLLIS EISENHART Reporters-EDNA CLIFT, JEANNE EIsENHART, ESTHER CROUSE, RALPH MEIsENf I-IELTER, WILLIIAM KNAUB, DoREEN CRIST, JEANNEVE ZERBE, GLORIA WiALTIf MYER Business Department RIIBERT MILEY ........... . . Business Manager HKJWARD DELLE, RoBERT INNERS . . Ass't. Business Manager LYNwooD SCHLEETER . . . . . Advertising Manager JoE SNYDER . . , . Ass't. Advertising Manager NICK GENTILE . . . . Circulation Manager 34 Glee Club The North York Senior High School Clee cluh was again reorganized with Edna B. Walmer directing. Its activities throughout the year included the high school Operetta and the commencement exercises. The group also sang at the York County School Directors' convention, which was held at the York County Court House. Mary Good, Lois Coodling, Robert lnners and Walter Hoke represented the glee clula in the P. S. M. A. Southern District Chorus, at Gettysburg, from which Lois Cfoodling was chosen to attend the P. S. M. A. AllfState Chorus, at Carlisle. The North York JuniOrfSeniOr High School Glee clubs were host to the annual York County Music Festival, April 14, 1941. DOROTHY BRENNENIAN REGINA STOTTLEMYER MARY GOOD LORRAINE MEISENHELTliR ESTHER BAUBLITZ PHYLLIS SNYDEI2. JOYCE MEISENHELTER LILYAN SLICK GRACE HCJFFMAN JANET KANN NORMA FULTON VIROINIA SENFT VIRKZINIA EVERHART MAE ROHREAUIIH BETTY KAUFFMAN MERRY NOEL POET ELEANOR DODSON VDIRGINIA GORDON ELsIE HENRY LOIS GOODLING DORIS KEPNER JEANNI-1 POET JEANNII RUTTER RLZTH MARCH CHESTER QIIICKEL HARVEY LEASE WILLIAM RITTALL JOE SNYOER 35 ROBERT EVERHART CHARLES STACKHOIISE RAY SOLLENBEROER WALTER HOKE CLAIR JORDAN MARTIN EVERHART WILLIAM STRINE ROBERT HYREs ROBERT INNERS EMII, EYLER LEROY PETERs RAYMOND DAHLHEIMER VJILEORII GETTYS ll THE RKLER Jr. -Sr. Play XX HE PATSY," a threefact farce Of modern love by Barry Conners, was the annual juniorfsenior play presented on the auditorium stage, January 31 and February 1. Louise L. Thomas and S. Rhoberta Wcnlf, of the faculty, were chosen as the cOf dramatics directors, succeeding Robert E. Everhart, The plot of the story centers about "The Patsyll Harrington, spirited and happyfgof lucky. Pat, misunderstood by a peevish, overbearing mother and disliked by a selfish sister, causes One hectic thing to lead to another as she attempts to laugh her way through a scandal, a love affair, and a family quarrel. Senior Cast ESTHER BAUBLITZ EMIL EYLER MERRY NOEL POET CHARLES STACKHOUSE LORRAINE MEISENHELTER ROBERT DERN MARY GOOD HOWARD DELLE JOHN WE.AvER 36 Role 4 lPat HdTTl11gfOTlll 'Bill Hawingtonm 'lMay Hawingtonw HTony Anclersonm 4 lGmce Harrington" HBilly Caldwell" HSaclie Buclmnann Hpamck orrzahaay' 'iTrip Bustevil junior Cast P1-1YLL1s E1sENHART LYNXVOOD SCHLEETER DORIS KEPNER RAY SOLLENBERGER Lois GOODLING RAYMOND HOFFM.AN MARION STRINE HARVEY LEASE ROBERT HYREs THE PARKLER eretta k'Barbarossa of Barbary", a twnfact nperetta by Francis Bennett and David Britton, was successfully presented by the mixed Glee Club in the playground auditorium, April 4 and 5. Edna B. Wzilnier, music supervisor and general director, and Alverta R. Lecrone, dramatic director, were in cliarge nf the prndnctinn. B.'xRBARossAf A renegade Greek, ruler of Algeria . CHARLES S'r,xCKHoUsE T1NtsAD-Ethiopian slave ....... . RUBERT EVERHART COMMODORE DEfl.'XTLlR'7L7f the U. S, Navy . . . CHESTER QUICKEL FERD1NANnfCupwm of a ruptured Spanish ship . . Rnis1iRT INNERS JIM CROXV 'Decatur's servant . ALTHEA---Barlmroxxu's dauglzter . IS,'XBELL.X7'A Sprmisli slave . . lVfUIL.-X AHMEIDY Bey of Mm-were . . MONSIEUR nu CAs'riiLLiNE- -French emmll .RAY SnLLuN13ERc:ER . Darius KEPNHR Lois GoonLiNf: . VJ.-XLTER Hou: . ROBERT DERN T E SPARKLEAR Band With Richard R. Thomas directing, the North York high school hand was reorganmed for the third consecutive year. The highlights Of the school year was the hands' pztrticipatiou in the music festival, April l8, at North York. Cornets E flat Alto Horns RONALD TOOMEY JAY GROVE MARTIN EVERHART WILLIAM KAUEI-'MAN BENJAMIN TOOMEY WILLIAM KNAUB DONALD WOLEOANO Basses HENRY D11ERlT 'Trombone EUGENE ALTLAND JAMES NICHOLAS CLAIR JORDAN 38 WILBHRT SNELLBAKHR LEROY WOLIQAM LITII Clmfinets EMII. EYLER JAMES BEAR GERALD LEI-IMAN PIIILIII BOTTERBIISOH JOHN BESHORE WILLIAM CROUsE WILEORD GETTYS DAVID GOOD EDWARD KANN RICHARD PATTERSON DONALD YEATTS NICK GENTILE Flute I-OYCE MEISENH ELTER RODNEY REESE Drums ROBERT DERN JAY LEHR Saxophones ROBERT EVERHART BETTY DRAWBAIIGI-I RICIIARD HARE Cymbals LYNWOOD SCIILEETER THE RKLiiiR rchestra Having heen dropped last season, the orchestra, consisting Of junior and senior school students, was again resumed this year. With Edna B. Walmer directing, this Organf ization sprang forth with all the vigor of renewed life, As one of the high lights Of the year, the orchestra participated in the third annual music festival On April 18, 1941, in the playground auditorium, It also played at the joint juniorfsenior class play and the high school Operetta. Violins Alto Hom MARION STRINE MILDRED KOHR DORIS SWARTZ GLORIA SINGER LEROY WcJLi:AMI,ITH CARL SHAFFER Drum: DALE CRIST JAY I-EHR HOWARD DUNCAN EMIL EYLER R . Bass Hom Cminem 1 RONALD TOOMEY HENRY DITERIT JAY GROVE I I MARTIN EVERHART Pmmst WILLI.AM KAUFFMAN DORIS KEPNER WILLIAM KNAUR Clnwinets IAMES BEAR GERALD LEHMAN WILLIAM CROIISE RICHARD PATTERSON DONALD YEATTS Saxophone 9 PIIILIP BOTTERBUSCH ROBERT EVERHART Flute JOYCE MEIRENIIELTER r. H Girl Reserves The senior Girl Reserve cluh was organized September ll, 1940, the junior cluh October 9, 1940. Barhara Diehl and lvlarion E. Brown are the respective advisors. During the year the cluhs participated in the many activities including: flower show, theatre parties, Halloween, Valentine and St. Patricks day parties, soup sale, hay ride, dances, hungalow party, and a weekfencl trip to Camp CannfEdifOn, Seniors juniors ESTHER BAUBL1Tz President DLVIKEEN Ciusr lVl.-XRY ENSMINGER VicefPvesidem l9OROTHY LEASE DoRoTHv BRENNEM.-KN Secretary BEVERLEY EISENH.-XRT PHYLLIS EISENHART Treasurer .IUNE LEc':RoNE 110 0 b b Y Practising the arts of 1T1Cf2llfVVOI'lCll1Qf, Laura E, Burlaet's group of girls have woodfworking and the turning out of filled their year with the duties of regular practical odds and ends the Hohhy cluh. lihrarians and added work in keeping the under the supervision of Richard B. condition of our reading material up to Sherker, shop instructor, finished a sucf par. As an extra project, rollerfskating cessful year for the latest cluh. parties were carried out. 41 ur Ambition . s effet ary Clerk JOYCE BAIR IOYCE CAMPBELL LUCILLF FLOYD MARY GOOD NHLDRED HAMM GERALDINE HARBOLD LEROY HESS BETTY KAUFFMAN MARTHA RAI-IAUSER JOHN WE.AvER IVIAE ROHRBALICH Interior Decorator DOROTHY BRENNHMAN Photography HOWARD DELLE Engineer JOHN CHARLESTON JACK CLAY HENRY DI-IERIT A. HENRY LEHR HERBERT HARRY CLIFTON HOFFMAN journalism CHARLES STACKHOUSE Music GEORGE STOUCH Vyfaitress ANNA MAE GINGERICH Nurse ESTHER BAUBLITZ LORRAINE MEISENHELT MERRY NOEL POET HELEN STAHLE REGINA STOTTLEMYER ETHEL WINTERS Teacher ROBERT DERN MARY ENSMINGER ELSIE HENRY DOLORES RUBY Army RICHARD FAIRCLOTH Navy EMIL EYLIER ER DAVID ESHELMAN HARRY EYLER PAUL BRANDT MILDRED HEILMAN ROBERT INNERS LILYAN SLICK Contractor RICHARD BARTHLL HAROLIJ HAINIiS Beautician BETTY WOIZAN Advertising XVILLIAM RITTALL Radio Repairing JOHN GABERT Professional Baseball Player GEORCE GEESHY Preacher STANLEY HARTMAN Undertaker ROBERT MILEY Draftsman AUSTIN BORING Aviation FRANK DITTENHAEER LEROY WOLc:AMUTH 'Theatre Technique EDITHMAE LEITI-IISER Athletic Coach DONALD SNYDER Mechanic GORDON DRESHER CHARLES GENTZLER KENNETH HESS WILLIAM HOOPER Retail Merchant HARRY LEHR Soccer Basketball Baseball ATHLETICS Track Volleyball Ping Pong THE SP RKLER l Soccer HARDTIITTING Orange and Black soccer squad climaxed a highly successful season with a total of seven victories and two defeats, One of the latter suffered at the hands of a superior outfoffthefleague Jonestown team. North York, coached hy able C. C. Ruby, hattled its way to the top and froze that position when it toppled Manchester at Dover to win the county championship. The soccerites won from: Spring Grove Zfl, Hanover Zfl, Mt. Rose Zfl, Dillsburg Zfl, Dover 3f1, Codorus Township HJ. Manchester 2f1. Manchester defeated the locals lf0g Jonestown won a close game from the Ruby' Inen, 1fO. EMIL EYLER EDWARD KANN JOE SNYDER GEORGE GEESEY STANLEY HARTMAN ROBERT EVERHART CLAIR JORDAN JOHN ALBRIGHT GORDON SNYDER GORDON DRESCHER RICHARD BARTELL GLENN WHORL RAY SOLLENBERGER ROBERT INNERS PHILIP DULL JOHN CHARLESTON HARX'EY LEASE RAYMOND HOFFMAN CARROLL JONES MARTIN EVERHART JACK CLAY, mgr. GORDON HULL, ass't. mgr HENRY LEHR, ass't. mgr. C. C. RUBY, coach TMR RKLER arsity Baseball The Orange and Black started a successful season hy ending up at the half way mark in a tie for first place with New Freedom. The team lost the first game of the season to New Freedom hy a score of 6f4. The teanfs latest victim was Dallastown, defeated lay a score of 330 behind the nof hit nofrun pitching of i'Stanl' l'lartman and the hard hitting of "Dutch" Geesey, "Dick" Bartell and "Stalin Hartman. The Orange and Black also won from Red Lion 32 and Ivlanchester 5f3. 3: Schedule unfinished at time of printing. The Squad: G1ioRo1i Gli1iS1iY STANLEY HARTNIAN jonx GABIQRT RICHARD BARTELL HERBERT HARRY EDWARIJ KANN GERALD LLHMAN jour: ALRRIIQDT W1L1x1aRT SNELLBAKHR GLIzNN WHQJRL RORIQRT EVERHART GORDON SNYDER Et'c:raN13 TRVIN WILYLIAN1 KAUFFMAN jAM1is BEAR STHWARD BRENNEMAN LLOYD BILLET MARTIN VJALTIMYER DWRQHT CHAPMAN WILLIAR4 STRINL C. C. RUBY, coach JACK CLAY, manager GDRDDN HLILL, ass't. mgr, CLAIR JORDAN, ass't. mgr. RICHARD BARTELI. THE SP RKLiilR Senior Basketball Encountering strong opposition from the teams in the York County Baskethall league, the 1ocal hoopsters finished the season with nine losses out of 12 games. This marked Coach Cra1ey's first year as varsity haskethall mentor. The class of 1941 contrihuted greatly to the teanfs roster: Cordon Dreschcr. Rolwcrt Inners, Richard Bartell, Charles Jordan, Charles Centzler and John Charleston. Those squads defeated hy the Orange and Black were Red Lion 47424, York Catholic 24-21, Dallastown 4424. The locals were toppled in Canto I hy Red Lion 22116, York Catholic 3429, West York 42f19, Wrightsville 3104, Spring Grove 3322, Dallastown 3546. North York was defeated in the second half hy West York 2'7f19, Wrightsvillc 24' 1 S, Spring Grove 4124, The Squad: CHARLES GHNTZLHR ROBERT INNISRS GORDON DREscHER CI-IARLEs JORDAN HARVIiY l.,IiAS1'I MERLE BAIIN JOHN ALIiRIf:IIT .1012 SNYUER MARTIN EVI-:RIIART FORREST LANImIs RAYMOND HoI-'EMAN GLENN VJHORL IOIIN CHARLESTON RAY SOLLI5NEI1Rf:IaR WILLIAM CROI'sE PHILIP BOTTHRBITSQZII STVART BRIQNNIZMAN ROBERT EVI-:RIIART GORDON SNYDER CLAIR JORDAN HIiNRY l.,1i11R, mgr. VJILLIAM RITTALL, ass't. mgr RALPH MIiISliNH1iLTIiR. HSS f. I11j.II'. VV. N. CRALHY, coach THE PARKLER I-HPC!-4 -P ON Varsity Track The Orange and Black cindermen participated in six meets in the 1941 season. On April 7, at Spring Grove in a dual meet the team won easily 53 to 36. North York's second meet of the season, on April 14, was in a triangular meet at Red Lion. Here the Orange and Black won with a score of 40M over 33M for Red Lion and 33 for Spring Grove. At the annual Shippensburg meet the locals placed fifth with a score of 9 points. At Columbia, in a meet with Steelton, Hanover, and Columbia, North York placed fourth. On April 30, at the team's only home meet with Manchester and Spring Grove, the Orange and Black won, breaking two of the home field records. Drescher set a new high of five feet six and onefhalf inches in the high jump and Geesey went over the top at ten feet in the pole vault. The totals were: North York 5 6, Spring Grove 4OM, Manchester NM. On May 10, the team will compete in the annual York County Track and Field Iwleet at the Meadciw Field. TH RKL R . Jr. H1 h Basketball The North York Junior High haskcteers won eleven out of twelve league games and thereby were crowned champions Of the York County Junior High league. This was the first junior high championship for North York in the history of the school. The team suffered its only defeat at the hands of West York with a score of l4f13. The team won from Red Lion 33115 :Ind 3524, Mt. Wolf 2'7f17 and 4022, Mt. Rose 2049 and 2040, Spring Grove 2047 and 1247, Dallastown 4540 :Ind 48f6, West York 2145. The Squad: JOHN BESHORIZ JACK SHIRE EUGENE CHARLESTON JOHN BARNHILL JAY GROvIi RAYMOND PRICE ROSS BLACK CHARLES LIQASI5 DONALD YEATTS EUOENE SUERETH Guokczn GEISLLR EDGAR CHARLIQSTON JOE LIiCRoNIa DONALD PoIiT JAMES BARTON JACK WHIJRL JAY I,I:IIR LLJRTY SIIULL C, C. LEIIRR, coach WII.LIAM ZORTMAN, mgr. RICHARD PATTERSON, ass't. rngr. RODNEY GLADFHLTER. :Iss t. mgr. 47 Girls? Volleyball To win its sixth county championship in seven years, C. C. Leher's squad defeated West York, Red Lion and Manchester, October 26, 1940, on the West York floor. The Odd year, 1939-'40, was one in which North York did not have volleyball. MARY Goon RLOINA STOTTLRMYER HELEN HOKE DORIS CORWRLL BETTY WOLQAN EMMA WITMER JRANNII EISENHART GLORIA GROVE DOROTHY BRRNNEMAN PHYLLIS EIsIzNI-IART BIQTTY STOTTLIALMYRR BI-LVERLY EISENHART Girls' Track Participating in only two 1HCCtSfEl. triangular meet with Wrightsville and Mali' chester, and the York County Scholastic field meet, Coach C. C. Leher's girls' track team completed a successful 1941 season. MARY GOOD JANET KANN ELEANOR YINOIQR MARION GINKZERICH EMMA WITRIIIR BETTY STOTTLRMYER NORMA HINKLH BIQVIQRLY EISRNI-IART THELMA GARBRICR GLORIA HORN HELIIN HCJKI'. GLORIA GROVIA: VIRGINIA EVERHART JULIA GINGILRICH BRTTY STRINE VIELZETTA RILICHARD DORIS CKJRWELL DORIS FAIRCLOTIHI KATHRYN REIVER Pin -Pong Team For the Hrst time in the sports' history of North York High school a pingfpong team was entered in intermural competition. The paddlers, organized and coached hy C. C. Ruby, of the faculty, entered the York County Table Tennis league. The pingfpongers, editorially speaking, "did a good john for the first year hy rating third place position in the league: 13 wins and seven losses marked the 1941 record. The Team: STANLEY HARTMAN Luxor Hrss GoRnoN SNYMR Giaonoii GEESEY jeux XVHAVER LLOYD BILLITI' ,form GABERT WILxa1a1z'1' SNELLBAKLZR KHNNHTH Hizss GOIXIJON Hl'l.L l The HRah', quad! DoRo'rnY BR11NN14,MAN ESTIIIZIK BAl'l5l.ITZ LvNvvoon Sf:111.1a1f.'ri:R MARY Goon PnY1.1,1s Elsi-LNHART Cimiziaas Smuxsnoifsis C. C. Lrinlfn, adviser Patrons . . . W. DR. DR. DR. MR. DR. DR. MR. DR. BIfRIa ANSTINI4: AND MRS. PHILIP H. AULBACLI ROBERT H. BARCLAY AND MRS. FRED BERODOLL AND MRS. JOHN BRENNEMAN PAUL j. BROWN MILTON H. COHEN AND MRS. HIERBIERT EISIAZNHART S. H. ENSMINIQER COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND DR. M. C. FREY MISS GERALDINH M. HARBOLIH MR. AND MRS. RIISSELL C. HARBOI-I5 MR. RICHARD E. HISILAND MR. AND MRS. GEORIIE M. HERMAN MR. MERVIN B. KLINE MISS ISABEL KIiRTz DR. L. S. LANDES DR. NEWTON LONII DR. ERNEST L. MARREY DR. AND MRS. CHARLES H. MAY DR. C. E. MCGIIICAN MR. Z. C. NEFF DR. RAYMOND S. NIilMAN DR. J. P. PAl'L MR. AND MRS. EIYCENE R. PATTERSON DR. ROBERT M. PIIALTZIIRAEF DR. L. K. REMLPZY WILLIAM RICE MISS MAZIE SLAIIIIIIENI-IAI.II1T DR. PHILIP SMITH DR. H. DAV'ID SMYSI-1R MR. AND MRS. HARVIiY E. SWARTZ MISS KATIIERINIQ HAvILANDfTAYLOR MR. AND MRS. OSCAR V. VVYIIORL DR. L. U. WILLIAMS DR. RACHEL WITMYIQR DR. L. U. ZECH CAMP 510. P. O. S. Olf A. 50 1 1 , ff? 'I A ,, 21? :Ji " Q.. Q .' . , -'Vi f l?3,,,,,'F3 .T te' if if 5 ax Lf. r, gi.. -, V gl ym, 55: . lg, . -. J- f , .fm ., .gn if ,L.- A ,avi v . 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DISCOVER FOR YOURSELF ELECTRIC CUOKERY Costs Only V2 As Much 3 As You Think Edison Light 81 Power Co. 27 W. Market St., York, Pa. 'H I D1 cn 'U BU 75 T' F1 'JU P-4 F-'PO N11 r-A IIIW THE RKLER I-l I-H-P0 U1 IQ Gulflex Lubrication Phone 35245 Gasoline Motor Oils C. B. ROHLEIVS For Year 'Round Comfort Insulate with Johns-Manville Bock Wool HOME, INSULATION Gulf Service Station COMPANY Tires - Tubes - Accessories of Central Pennsylvania N. George St. and Jefferson Ave. York' Pa' York, Pa. Phone 2681 370 N. George St. York Farm Bureau Co-Operative Association 150 North Pershing Ave. YORK, PENNA. Phone: York 2479 730 York St., HANOVER, PENNA. Phone: Hanover 39920 PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, FE-EDS, SEEDS Si FERTILIZI-ERS 'c0wned By Those It Serves COHEN BROS. Everything For Every . . . Sport . . . 157 South George Street York, Pa. THE RKLMR Compliments of the YORK TOBACCO CO., Inc. CLARENCE L. EPPLEY GROCERIES FEED HARDWARE 1401 N. Geo. St., North York, Pa. THOMPSON COLLEGE York, Pa. 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Compliments of C. L. SCHAEFER QCERTIFIED RADIO-TRICIANN Also Dealer in Radios, Refrigerators Air-Conditioners, Washers Cleaners and Elm-0. Appliances Phone 56801 EINIIGSVILLE, PA. H T. M W 74 T' E11 PU 1-H-For-1 Ox w THE SPARKLER F-4 P46543 ON -P- For Good Appearances come to MUMMERT'S 15 Years of Servime Barber Shop Next to Court House 254: - HAIRCUTS - 211 Just North of Norlh York LADIES ALSO PHONE 52410 4: BARBERS N0 WAITING CHICICS PLACE Smith and Union Sts., - York, Pa. Drink a Delicious GIANT MILKSHAKE Our New Horseshoe Bar Compliments of TEMP'S STORE 1 9 4 1 SPARKLER Bound by Bindery Commercial Bookbiml V. B. SHEPHERD Shepherd's ,A- ' I. ss :ze Q ' T' ff-Sfil' It A , 226 N. Newberry Sl. 'QQ ,K 1 Z if W s' T , :Q ogg L 5 X, Q, A York, Pa. - J it ' 7 This Publication is Printed on 100-Lb. ZENA Coated Two Sides Book Stocked and Distributed by Andrews Paper House of York Div. S. WALTER, Inv. 'GOne of Pennsylvaniass Largest Distributors of Paper Products" Philadelphia,-York-Allentown COMPLIMENTS UF J. FRANK REESE JEWELER DIAMONDS, WATCHES SILVERWARE 8 TRUPHIES 1012 North George St. Phone 37390 STEWART 85 MARCH Contractors Excavations -- Driveways - Roadwork Equipment Rentals Tree Moving Earth Fill-Topsoil PHONE 7269 1049 N. Hartley St. ROBERT STEVVART LUTHER D. IVIARCH '-G E F11 'U P 'LU '71 C' F1 'SU I-H-F-G+-1 ON vw 'FAME PARKLER I-l P-In-P0 66 EAT 0 X ' S BREAD H. K. BILLET 81 SON Builders of Distinctive CEMETERY MEMORIALS North George Street, at Third Avenue G U Y B . C R E E P FUNERAL HUME 849 East Market Street RANDALL BROS. COAL-Quick Service When you Think of Coal Think of Us 10 Lbs. or 10 Tons, It's Quality Near Strinestown R. D. 1, Manchester, Pa. Lykens Valley-Red Ash Oak Hill Colliery llllll THE SPARKLER Cl-lwe Gazette Prinl SLO? 31 kgosl King glreel, York, IDU. F-In-PCI-I OX XI CALL Humble-Mundis Co. for Petroleum Products of all Kinds 1536 N. George Street 1216 W. Market Street INN THE RKLER 1-MPC!-4 ON OO FOR PLUMBING, HEATING AND PUMP WORK MYERS ELECTRIC PUMP AND WATER SOFTENER See R. H. HAAS Sr SON Call 45255 1434 North George St. HERMAN'S Body and Fender Shop 1223-25 North George Street York, Pa. ELIZABETH'S .: Beauty Salon :. 1140 N. George St. Phone 37194 Elizabeth Kochenour, Prop. When Seeking Fresh Fruits or Vegetables look for H. EVERHART 8: SONS Un the Street or the Central, Farmers, Market 1152 North Duke St. Phone 5118 Reading and Lehigh Coal SMYSER 81 SMYSER Dealers in COAL Corner Beaver and North Sts. York, Pa. Delivery to all Parts of City Air-Step Shoes for Vlfomen Huster Brown Shoes for Children Port-o-ped Air-Cushioned Shoes for Men WOLFGANG'S SHOE STORE ll2l North George Street North York, Penna. The Class of 'll wishes to express its profound gratitude and extend its hearty thanks to all who have helped in making SPORTING GOODS this Fishing Tackle venture Guns and Ammunition a Athletic Supplies success ' WEAVER I l I I A MUSICAL , N ' MASTERPIECE l p RADIOS 1 , 1 RECORDS 1 N T l MUSIC l5 E. Market St. ELECTRIC CLEANER SERVICE For any Make of Cleaner PARTS SERVICE NEW and REBUILT CLEANERS Just north of North York, on Susquehanna. Trail Phone 7439 Willialn Ogle's Garage GENERAL REPAIRING BODY and FENDER Wflllli York R. D. No. 5 VVilliam Ogle, Prop. Phone 63508 WMUNDIS QUALITY FEEDS" John Deere Farm Machinery W. F. MUNDIS' SONS H I F1 75 W E' M DU P-In-F-Cb-1 69 Autographs S We Were Faces tell tales. Nothing reminds a person of his past experiences, hopes, woes and fun, than a good tale-so may these 400 stories, individually and collectively, recall for you a life that now lives only in memory. We see not just a school hut friends, students, possibly great men and women and last an imprint that only time can erase. Change will not effect this as it will us, and so unchanged this chapter closes. FINIS ik . ,1Q'.',Xgh'f'Ifh: 7,1 '-..u...i-mg,Zg.QLv,QQ.4' Q, .,:.,am,g-An md 'L-ws v r... W 4-A 9g r 'vt' sq 'bw ,H M Af' IW , .Q 455. f .KM f 2 KM ' - ' f N- ' 1 , ., - 5413QE,z,v . N' -,g4:,' . . . ' .w. . , A ,. .z -1 " .M -1.',f, -- ,L ,, 'U fw,A.-.-mff- ,xg f. ..w-,aff MZ. ,, 1, .,qn , .-M , . 1 : 4' , ,.,- .,,., Q,, . f. ,, . H ff-., '- , 1.,f,x,, 5,--1 ' V-ww 1- -1-"W

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