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 - Class of 1940

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2 t 5 V E X 3 a F L I i K Ex LIBRIS Dorothy Patterson - - - Editor-in-Chief Harry Sprenkle - - - Business Manager The Sparlcler 1940 Publ The ished by Senior Class North York High School North Vol. XI York, Pennsylvania FOTCWOFC1 In future years, may this, the l94O edition of The Sparkler, serve as a symbol of the friendships, tri- umphs and defeats that have made North York High School worth remembering. This eleventh volume of The Sparkler is a pictorial and written review of the activities and achieve- ments at North York during the past year. The High School colors, orange and black, have been used for the color scheme. Contents Dedication Faculty Classes Activities Athletics Advertisements Dedication We, the class ot l94O, do gratefully dedicate this eleventh volume ot The Sparkler to Laura E. Burket, whose unfailing patience and guidance have helped us attain our highest aims. Laura E. Burkef Board of Education Oscar V. Whorl . Richard E. I-leiland A. Harry Lehr A George M. Herman Eugene R. Parrerson I 9 . Presidenr , Vice-Presiden+ . Secrefary . . Treasurer Associafe Member .,........,-.... -.-.- J3 , f ,M ENS-vi'Y5E'S .Bu-Q :HS WMMM Aw N 1 ini Mi Q Efqrrmfi SLR? I M i 524 W-Zi I fm 2'H flaw :i -55' 1:4 gp rw, We 12 4 Q -i 'faixffu Xi SW-E 'H G9 1 4 1 if Wi,-if, Kiiiw-wwf ' QW! iffnwf by hs Q E 5 5 2 x 4 'ffm 2'5X'W-W bm M Q1 Q W W1 fgfzegivk we +1 N' , ,-xx,-aL .w:mMsf.m:3: K Y K A., ,f,.,,..1x ..,, 2 ,, ,S My ff-,WW V QQ ,...iQI,4?'iVT " :LF 7 ' -' , ug '11, 1 ' - A K f 'Q L -v " A .. f , 1, ,QP X is 9 fail: 1 5' 1 92320, x :gk :22g:gfi.'f Q ,.5ieii1Gm52i6rsi!f Administration Staff FACULTGY ei l w I, 'N .x 'Q "i i ,i f! . 1 ,x 5 w, k. -H IRVIN R. SNYDER, M.S. Supervising Principal Millersville Slale Teachers col- lege, Pennsylvania Slale college, Gehrysburg college, Universily oi Pennsylvania DEAN B. ARMOLD, M.A. Principal Gellysburg college, Universily ol Norlh Carolina, Dulce universily, Universily ol Pennsylvania Adviser 'ro The Norlh York School News Adviser lo The Sparlcler H Lebanon Valley college, Springlielcl college 1940 f THE SPARKLER if 1940 LAURA E. BURKET, B.S. Social Sludies Millersville Slale Teachers college Supervisor ol Library Advisor lo Library club ROBERT E. EVERHART, A.B. English Gellysburg college, Universily of Pillsburgh Universily ol Pennsylvania Direclor ol Dramalics Adviser ol Fencing club HENRY A. MITCHELL, B.S. Science Easl' Slroudsburq Slale Teachers college Franlqlin and Marshall college CHARLES C. LEBER, A.B. Science, Social Sfudies Coach ol Senior and Junior l-ligh Boys' Traclc, Girls' Track, Junior High Baslcelball :Quo + Tl-IE SPARKLER f :Quo ALVERTA R. LECRONE, B.S. Commercial Ed. Elizabellnlrown college Co-clirec+or of Oloerella NELSON J. KING, B.S. Commercial Ed. Susquehanna universily Universily of Pennsylvania y Pennsylvania Slale college Scliool Treasurer RAYMOND S. BECK, A.B. English, Social Sludies Facully Manager of Allilerics X Assislranl Adviser lo Tlne Sparlcler C. CLINTON RUBY, A.B. Mafhemarics 2 Gelrysburg college, Pennsylvania Slalre college E Coach of Boys' Baslcelball, Soccer, Baseball, 2 Volleyball Z N Y Gellysburg college I-I S BARBARA J. DIEHL, B.S. Home Economics Pennsylvania Slale college PAUL B. SIEGRIST, B.S. Indus+riaI Ar+s I-I Millersville Slale Teacliers college :Quo if THE SPARKLER ff :Quo EDNA A. WALMER, B.S. Music Supervisor Lebanon Valley college Direclor of Glee clubs, Orclweslra, Qperella RICHARD A. THOMAS, B.S. Commercial Ed. lndiana Slale Teacliers college Direclor of School loand Rulgers universi+y Universijry of Pennsylvania ll IQ!-I-O if THE SPARKLER if :quo WILLIAM N. CRALEY, B.S. Physical Educa+ion Easl Slrouclsburg Slale leacliers college Penn Slale college RUSSEL C. HUNTZINGER, B.S. English. Social S+udies Sliippensburq Slale Teaclwers college Pennsylvania Slale college EARNEY G. FISHEL Social Sludies Yorlc Courily academy ll Assislaril coaclw i MARION E. BROWN,B.S. Ma+hema+iics, Social smaies e Elizabellilown college Adviser lo Junior Girl Reserves - Y Millersville Slale leacliers college H IQ!-LO if THE SPARKLER f 1940 LOUISE C. LOCKS, B.S. Commercial Educafion Indiana Sfale Teachers college U niversily of Pihrsburgh AMY M. SHAMBAUGH, R.N. School Nurse Philadelphia General l-lospifal Philadelphia School ol Social Heallh and Work Pennsylvania Slale college G-LADYS R. GABLE, Cert of D. U niversily of Pennsylvania N Y I-I l l MARY ELLEN KAUFFELT Norlh York high school '36 H. Denlal Hygienisf School Secre'l'ary Seniors luniors Sophomores Junior High CLASSES 1940 f THE SPARKLER ff IQ!-IO DOLORES ANSTINE Commercial Glee Club 47 Typing Club 31 I-Iandicrall Club I, 23 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, Operella 4. General E Boosler Club I: Clieering Club 2: Ping E Pon Club 3' School News Business Manager E i q I 4, Class Play 3, 4: Operella 2, 37 Cheer Lead- i raplwy Edilor 4. E ROSELLA BLANC 1 "Rosie E ARLENE BLESSING 1 "Lene" Commercial Sparlcler 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Librarian 3, 4: Glee Club I, 43 Operella 47 I-Iandicrall Club Ig Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4. 3-Qu ROBERT BORING 1 "Bob" Academic E Science Club I, 2, Camera Club 37 Baseball E Manager 3, 47 Sparlcler 45 School News 4. E I 7 RODNEY BILLETT 1 "Fri+z 5 er I, 2, 3, Glee Club I, 2, Sparlcler Pliolog- E Commercial E Girl Reserves 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4: Siu- i de-nl Librarian 2, 3, 4: I-Iandicrall Club Ig Glee E Club I, 2, 3, 4: Operella I, 2, 3, 43 Valley E Ball I, 2, Sparlcler 4. E 11.5 E 5 5 -i Commercial E Brwosler Club Ig Science Club 27 Ping Pong 33 E Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 47 Soccer 2 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, 4. 2 JANET DAT-IR f "Dam 1940 ff THE SPARKLER f 1940 I I l RUTH BROTHERS 1 "Ru'lI1ie' I Commercial Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Clneering Club 23 Do-Wlwal-You-Wanl-To-Do Club 31 Sparkler 4. E DONALD CHARLESTON f "Don' : Lx 2 Commercial E I-Ianclicralf Club lg Library Club 2, 3, 43 Glee 2 Club 4: Operella I, 4, Sludenl Librarian 3,4. E GEORGIANNA ENSMINGER 1 "Sally General Booslcr Club Ig Clweerinq Club 2: Fencing Club 3, 4' Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 Opcrella l, 2, 3: Sclnool News I, 21 Clweer Leader 2, 3, 41 Sparlcler 41 Class Play 41 Glee Club I, 2. 1-1 3 Commercial 3 Operella I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4: Arl Club Ig 2 I-Ii-Y Club 2: Carnera Club 3, Glee Club I, 2, ? 3, 4g Track 1, 2, 3, 4. ll I 8 CLARENCE EPPLEY f "Ep Academic , School News I, 2, 3, 43 Sparlcler 43 Class Play I 3, 43 Sluclenl Librarian 2, 4, Library Club 2, I lquo if TI-IE SPARKLER + :Quo DALE EVERHART f "Dale John" Academic , I Class Play 3, 43 Opereffa 2, 3, 4: Fencing Club 41 Camera Club 3: Glee Club 2, 3. 4. 1-5 I RUTH PINK f "miie" E General E Boosler Club I, 2, Do-WI'1aI-You-Wan?-To-Do E Club 3: Traclc I, 2, 3. 3 JANET Flsi-:EL f "Fish" 2 3, 47 Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Operelfa 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4, I-Iandicrall Club I. i'w LOUISE FOGLE f "FogIe" Commercial E Iv1aIl'1ernaTics Club I3 Girl Reserves 2: Library E Club 2, 3, 43 Operefla 3: Glee Club 3, 4: E Sparkler 4: Sfudenl Librarian 2, 3, 4, E II I 9 I' 5 PAUL EVERHART f "Flash" Academic Operelia 2: Baseball I, 2, 3, 47 Baslcelball 2, 3, E Soccer 2, 37 Track I, 2, 3, 43 Sparlcler 4. E E IRVIN GARDNER f "lrv" 2 Commercial E Camera Club 3i Traclc 4. :Quo if THE SPARKLER if 1940 JEAN FRANTZ 1 "Lil" General Sparlcler 43 Class Play 33 Operella l, 2, 37 Glee Club l, 23 Fencing Club 31 Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: l-landicrall Club l: Varsily Baslcele ball I, 21 Volleyball I, 21 Track l. E Q-.E E GERALDINE GOODLING f "Gerry 2 General Z Glee Club I, 4: Opereila 47 Typing Club 3: 2 l-landicrall Club l, 27 Varsily Baslcelball l, 2. E FAIRY HAMME 1 "Jada Commercial Malliemalics Club lg l-lanclicrall Club 2: Typing Club 33 Girl Reserves 31 Glee Club 41 Operelia 4. kd VlVlAN HEIDLER 1 "Viv 2 General E Ari' Club lg Library Club 23 Typing Club 3i ? Glee Club l, 4. E l Z 5 ll 20 lr l Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4' 1940 f TI-IE SPARKLER 11 lquo DE LORIS HEILMAN 1 "Darky" Commvrcilll Glee Club I, 2, 4: Girl Reserves l, 2, 31 l-lanclicrafl' Club Ig Clweerinq Club 23 Do- Whal-You-Wanf-To-Do Club 3. Cnmnwrr-ial 5 -:C MARY INNERST 1 "lnners'r" E Academic Operella l, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 47 l-landicrall Club lp Library Club 2, 3, 4: Sparlcler 43 Siu- i den? Librarian 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY KANN 1 "Do+" Commvrvinl 2 Maflwemafics Club lg l-landicrall Club 23 2 Typing Club 3. Q 2 I 5.-E E ERDINE HESS 1 "Hess" : Com nu-'rcial 5 Sparkler 41 School News 4. E Crlee Club I, 2, 4, Typing Club 31 Library 5 Club 43 Sludenl Librarian 3, 4: Opereffa 4: , E Sparlcler 43 School News 4. E DALE HINKLE 1 "Hink" E Ping Pong Club 33 Operefla 23 Science Club 2. E 5 Gvnvral 5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 Giee Club I, 2, 3, 4, : Orclwesira I, 27 Band 3, 4. 3 FRANCES LIGHTY f "Fri+' E Academic 5 Do-Wliai-You-Wani-To-Do Club 3. 1940 ir TI-IE SPARKLER 1 IQLLO I si-isizwooo i.ANDis f "sms" Arallvmic Scnool News I, 2, 3, Editor-in-Clwiei 4: Spark- Ier 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3: Basket ball I, 2, 3, Capiain 4, Class Presideni' I, 23 Volleyball 3, 4: Second Prize Winner in D. A. R. Essay Coniesi 47 Science Club I, 21 Hi-Y Club 3. E Qu 2 VIRGINIA LEHR 1 "Gin' E i S-1 PURDEON LUCKENBAUGH 1 "Suzy Commvrcial Girl Reserves 3: Boosier Club I: Clieering Club 2: Typing Club 3. A E Academic E William Penn of York: Demosihenian Liierary E Socieiy 37 Class Presideni 37 School Presideni E 2. Nor'rI'i Yorlcz Manager oi Varsify Baslcefball E 4: Sparkler 4. II 22 JAY MILLER f "J 1940 f THE SPARKLER f 1940 RUTH JANE MILLER 1 "Ru+hie" General Girl Reserves Ig Handicraff CIub 2, Do-WI1aI- You-Wanf-To-Do CIub 3. JACK PEELING 1 "Bing Commercial C5Iee CIub I, 2, 3, 41 Opereffa I, 2, 3, 43 Cheer Leader I, 2, 3, 4: Clweerinq CIub 2: Typinq CIub 3. n A MADELINE PLAINE f "Ma'H's" Commercial 2 Clwecring Club 21 Glee CIub 4: Opereffa Z 4, SparIcIer 4. Mandwesferz Girl Reserves 3: E Librarian I: OpereIIa 3, School News I, CIass PIay I. 23 Rum MUNDIS 1 "RuI'hie" 2 Academic : Sfuderw Librarian 2, 3, 4: Library CIub 2, 3, 4: E GIee Club 4, OpereIIa 4, GirI Reserves I, 2, E 3, 41 I-IandicraII CIub I. DOROTHY PATTERSON f "Do+" 5 Academic Z School News I, 2, 3, Managing EdiIor 4: E Class RIay 3, 41 OpereIIa I, 2, 3, 4: GIee CIub I I, 2, 3, 4, SparIcIer Edifor-in-Chief 4, Handi- E craff CIub I3 Cbeering CIub 2, Fencing CIub E 3, 41 Third Prize Winner of D. A. R. Essay 2 ConIesI 43 CIass Secretary I. : I-5 ll Y 2 LEO POFF f "Poffie' E Baslcelball Manager 23 Baslcelball 3, 41 Band 4: E Typing Club 3: Opererfa 2. E Commercial 5 Class Play 3, 43 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 47 Operella 2 I, 2, 3, 4, Boosier Club I1 Cheering Club 2, E Varsily Baslceiball I, 2. ' :quo + THE SPARKLER ff 1940 I I i I ANNA POE 1 "Amr Commercial Ari Club I: Library Club 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 41 Operelfa 47 Sluclenl Librarian 2, 3, 4. E 115 ' Commercial E L-u Z JANE PRICE 1 "Price' 1 Camera Club 37 Girl Reserves I, 2: Track I3 2 1-s Academic I-Iandicraff Club I, 23 Library Club 2, 4: Fencing Club 3: Class Play 4. 1-'s LOUISE RITTALL 1 "Sis'Ier E ' General E Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Operelfa I, 2, 3, 47 Girl 5 I Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 Clieering Club 21 Fencing E Club 3 4: Baslceiball I, 25 Track I, 2, 3, 41 E Class Play 4: Sparlcler 41 School News I, 2. Il 24 CHARLOTTE RISHEL 1 "RisI1' :Quo 11 TI-IE SPARKLER f 1940 CLINTON RODERICK 1 "Bu+cI1 Commercial Glee Club 3, 47 Operella 3, 4: Cheer Leader 43 School News Adverlising Manager 43 Spark- Ier 4. DONALD SHELLEY 1 "Don Academic Science Club I, 2, Ping Pong Club 33 Operella 33 Class Play 3, 41 School News I, 3: Sparlcler 43 Class Hisloriang Soccer 3: Crlee Club I, 2. ELEANOR SHELLY 1 "EIe" 25 's..1 2 EDNA ROHRBAUGH 1 "Clin+ 5 Commercial E Glee Club I, 2, 3, 41 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 41 2 Operella I, 2, 3, 43 Handicrafl Club I: Volloy E Ball I, 2. 5 WALTER ROSS 1 "Rossie E Commercial E Class Play 37 Science Club 2: Boosler Club I7 5 Ping Pong Club 3, Baseball 43 Traclc I, 2, 3, 41 2 Soccer 4. E Commercial 1 E l Class Treasurer I, 2, 3, 47 Malhemalics Club E Ig Cheerinq Club 23 Do-VVhaI-You-Want E To-Do Club 3: Glee Club 4: Girl Reserves I, 3 2, 3. 2 5 HARRY SMITH 1 "Smi++y E Cen eral E aqer 3, 43 Class Vice Preslderwl l, 2. E CHRISTINE SNYDEMAN 1 "Chris E Commercial E Girl Reserves I: Arr Club lg Do-Wlwal-Yom IQLIO if THE SPARKLER if IQ!-lo OKAL SHENBERGER 1 "Shenny Cummercial Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 33 I-landicraff Club I, 2, 3: Operella I, 2, 3 41 Class Play 31 Class Secrelary 2, 3g Sparlfler 4. Z '15 E Science Club l, 2, I-Il-Y Club 3: Soccer Man- : E Wan?-To-Do Club 3, Glee Club 4. Z ad BLAINE SNYDER 1 "Snyde Gen eral Class Play 3, 4, Operella 2, 31 Glee Club I, 2, 33 I-ll-Y Club 31 Traclc I. L-s JEAN SNYDER 1 "Jeanie 5 Academic 2 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 41 Glee Club I, 2, Z Planlsl 3, 41 I-landicrall Club lg Library Club Z 21 School News I, 2, 3, 4. 26 :Quo ff TI-IE SPARKLER f 1940 1 I HARRY SPRENKLE f "Sprank" Gen eral GIee Club I: Arr Club 2, Camera Club 3, Track I, 41 Sparkler BusIness Manager 41 Op- ereffa I. MARY STRICKHOUSER f "S+rickhouse" lfmnmvrrial GIee Club I, 21 I'IandIcraII CIub I, 23 Girl Reserves I, 23 Library Club 3. Q ROBERT TYSON "Bob" Gen oral Boosfer Club Ig I-II-Y CIub 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4, CIass Presldem 3, 43 SparkIer 4. 1... . MARGARET WALLACE 1 "Marg" I lfummvrrial I Marhemafics Club Ig Girl Reserves I: Do- Wlwar-You-Wanr-'Io-Ilo CIub 3. I 27 DOROTHY STAMBAUG-H 1 "D0+" 2 liens-ral 2 GMI Reserves I, 2, 37 I-Iandkrafr CIub I, 21 Y Do-WbaI-You-WanI-To-Do CIub 3. 3 1940 f THE SPARKLER if 1940 JEAN WHERLEY 1 "Jeanie Commercial Girl Reserves I, 2, 3: Glee Club 47 Library Club 2, 3, 4, Operella 4: Volley Ball I, 2, 37 Sludenl Librarian 3, 43 Class Secrelary 43 Track Manager 4. L-u RUTH WINTER 1 "Win+ers Cen eral Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Operella I, 2, 3, 4, I-Iandicrall Club I, 2, Do-WI1al-You-WanI-To- Do Club 3, Girl Reserves I, 2, 37 Sparkler 4. l'u General Band 3, 4, Arr Club lg Science Club 3, Camera Club 3, Sparlcler 4. E-u I HELENA ZUMBRUM 1 "Zummie' General Mallwemalics Club I: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Operella 3, 43 Sludenl Li- brarian 3, 4. I 28 ROBERT ZIEGLER 1 "Red' Th N rtlw Yorlc School News ALL-AXiB1lllt'AN KATLXG, mm, 1037, 19814 NATKDNAY, ruu0l..'lH'rl1' Pinus Jrenlrl,-l1'l0?i. I Nlvlillnrx nl' xnxx I-,nu'l'.x DlI'IllALlS'l' IKATINB. IWW, UOLUMBIA l4l'll0.l.A!l'l'lC YKE85 A5801 l,i1'lUN. il 1,1 Mluy 1 fxll'l-ZKSITY 8. -- L, fair,-, ,. , ... . an gr.-:af ff'-f 2.-, .. P.T.A.'s eel Here row Keller to Render Selections at all York Toxin!! cllul-ters York jllnlor- mmorrmlr mornlng v. Regis- cllulgl- ul and 51112, Austin at 9 lx. m. llsfc-ll wr lllv he Mrs. Holler mate pwsllll,-xxx of t 'Ieaomr nwl 'lm-'-1-Ifwl ll 1' " H' ' ' tl - l lferl-nova ls tlli Q . '-llldl. :lt tv momlxzll, an-.lm Xin X K Q 0 ll 'll - - - --l. UW -UU 5 NLC' 'c - Hr, '1'-:rule-l-n.1 ...ll 3-.rtllur Kqlxwll. lurk, wlll .ulrlxshs the delegzmtell on Junior Red Cr:-ss. County bixlzrcx-lnlunderlt Harwell- ILL. Swartz will also speak. ' ' The Rc-v, lmlpl. R. Greslx wxll :lc- llver thu invocation to the asslzrrulqy, lr?-'ln lt. Snyder, supervlsinlx' prun- clpal of ilu- lroroxxgh sulmols, will deliver llxe aflllrcss of welcome. Mrs, John Strullig wall re-sponcl for llzl- Couuly P.-T. A. clwpter. Musical Selections on Program all-xfux'.lll fsvllzelvcl vo-:ml Qmlolf lull las- r'v1lllsl'-ml llv Mira. J. R, Klgllur. 'Elle' moth.-rs' chorus has Clmrl-.zll fm' lla Yllorll M1lc'r'llm'l. "Sxl.'vl and Low." Two numbers lo lm new for grow Sluglng are: 4'Gf.fl Jams Amex-ion," and "Alxl.,rlca. We All,. YOU." l'k'll's. Ralph Slnhley wlll lu:- ,,.,, N.., , N,,.,lv, . .. ,.... ::,,---1-x fv--- ....,, , M . Xlll YORK, PA.. OCTOBER 27, 153239 NO. 2 ,,,, ,o - W Mm-- or ..m,..,,.m,., l ' --1 ' . t.i1f..:l , --.M..,....-- ffm -hr To Commlttee Starts W - .1 Q. IN NOVEMBER ' Smgle COPICS rw: .ear mga School A.. - 1 T0 B2 501 l l . - l qnpt ga mg 'lore Bazaar. l Nun!-l ,ame,No.-ul vm. Q " l i'lf"'U'l, , I Township' 5 .. .... .......,l i C"?D!l'S. Hlgh School As- i ..1...,...,. A vlfwr' ,A V 1 . V . . V - nflmllm. Tl..- nnudf .' High Smal AS! , Jllfllill-Siiflxlffll Play to will k.....i'.1Hmi H A m,m.u,- i Replace beparace Class cm., ....,. School Frollc. - l cf-nfur-all-1 Bcffrlw llzlncx A . . 5 Pfegflntal-1055 l .Gl.....1, ...- rsgrvmg Recess. 5 5 HMS' "V-ll lnsltfzlll -ll' l.rlf1lunlrl1,g lmlh zu junl..l' lu ll- ,ul-l 1. ...-nl.-.- ,ml rms y.-ar. lc--l-.-rl lc, 'W--. 'l-Ll...-amz. ll..-.f-1... ..f sl.-..l....l.--S. ll-.llf , fk fr- ,lllmllr-Q., for ml.. mm llmla :lv 11.1.0 lf'-I H-H11 ,sl-rl...-l, ll glam 1-lui...--S.-naw mal-,I l I S N ll l lwnlall .l-ul lm rlrvwnceu on ll... .lvm-1 Mill ling of lfebl-.wry Z :mil 3, on the sfaglll lv? tht- pluygrllllml lnmlltzzvrlllrl. 3 a " ' 5 M yr--sc-nr lx yllfllwrefnlllng cmmlllt-5 V ll.--f. .ln .+.l.l.l. .l..l..fz. l-'m..fl. sl.--rwlllfxf fl" ...W-5.-nmlllz.-.4 Ur, Lflfllas.. li.-mm. sulzrzenlyvl- .ln-1 u..r..i twin' vm...-11 l'..1ls..ll.lng Q...........y,x..,.l.. l vm, rw.-1-ll 1... -lr-ll-ing. is at w...-k..nll...Q " K U' O l ..-.-,m.l....... .l...-mg srl..-rl..ll .fr .l l.l..v ...m..l.1.. rl. 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M...-ml sir- ..n......lln-.-S ...hx ..f...l.m .lr X'5'5"'l'1 hr " L 3"S"h"'4 1""'l' llk :ll fn , A .I V kmuguzinv whumzmmr Lwmx mv nmjmwuy will iltlvml the arlmlal lull Girl g ,l..'S1.llI.::lxll,:-lr..ljYllZlm.::x:i.glf1l Y'l"'g M... llsrluxxxn sl nlfw ...M rims lm' .Q umm-y k .,..n,rQr,.,lc.., t,,m,5m,w ,H mei .. . - 1 f.. - , ,. 0 .t . , , ,.,,, 1 .5 ,, ,, . .,n., 4 , K Bags of Gold for Amateurs 'Z:lff:h"'rrff:j::g:m1:'1 tiikhlxje :'1"'fS:'xM yi I mi Um mug, x u . at l.lal'lcasi.el'. suaclluxlrl .lt U f"W""" """'M W1 'UM' "W of ...f-ll-.v n...L.m in is lmlllulll 'M' Wm begin S'm"'k'5'l llllmlrxzlxll glurr in this ul'--Zlfllll 1.5 mill- .-lun-r on ntl.. r,,,,,, , mul .lt 14930 n. m, and cl-:sl lllut m'51:'H'q Umm MMV Mlrk' lu' Wfu :ll-H alll- rllmzlnl- -lx slmllnls ln . .ll :xml as :l:3xl p. ln. fm" lm' s"""""lA"2'4 ""f,'mr 'lm fuller...---..... ml.. l...v.- -vm ll... ... . , ' lu-:V-41 nl rllmrmrll-tv. llxrm- mms of M,,N.,,Imh,H,: W mmmql dmv' my -l-ellr-wzflllrl, lnsllxrazlon, lnh-rrmlllur., lx' vxzll lm lm.-n to rm ,mm .mx Uwe.. 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A most .mn we frl.-,..l.l.u.. .wr-luulrll xxlxi:-ll tllry wlslwr--I tn 5,7 .my mm H .lm .4 I .. ,. Y. .x M I-lrclcf :uni lnllfl- img mai del gsrlzmllwlrl. Thi- ffACllll'5' t'-lllllllll-3 wllll l. :lull-cl in this sc-lecllfxn 'wwe .l........l ..r l,.....-.L lc. lk...-lm, ,xlvl 1,-.-lw...l. m.,.......-l S. xml.. l:..l. l-fXl'Yll.l.l'V llllll IWFIXD 'U .XlVlll'll'l .nr.xm-r gg.-ul... uhlch is zxsslwtirxy ul HHH y for lllw nfffklr. B5 Nh' lllzll' -3 llallfvt l-lux in th.: hull this xv frills .-rl S l I so yr-ymmll-.slr Ss ills- ll.-vl-vert nmltl-.-+ U. Vllntlln Ruby llcls xlrlwlu lr. tlllf. grlvup. Other l- Spaniel nr.. olive- lambs:-rt and Yluull .g.'rla.l, Slrlrlmlls will also lm nt.--l ut n llllw' date. :lsr ur-5 zur- . :rough Schools to Follow 3 rift in Thanksgiving Date. in nc.-..m.....f.. xxlth vmslfl--1.1 1:-.1-x-uf r !t's ualomlzlr xlllfl of th ring: hnlialfll mlm Ncrtlx lzh slvhoolzl vllll xhwlrlr l rl ldvull.-. Nmwrvllll mg llll Hu Thr rwlm ml.-:Y 27. ul.: will lrzl I'Iu.l mmll, 'l'll.-W xwmlllf: zu rf: lllllllllllq llllli llllll. lll.. .l ln' lillv. Zhi: ' ljltit' zl ml Ml llgvrxf- Alllfvml. Mlllwr. lmllisu mmf ll lf'xl way la... s--ll......- 'ny .l- r, ima: ml. -.1--r 1, .- rlvr. WT: l' nllll l-'ug--, mf.: wx... ll..-r lmlxlnlil-, ll: .lamw Vlxurillln, l'lVul'Il:xl' . ,, Jollll Glflrlu. Vl'Ixl1llllv'yv , i e-llllr-ltl.r,lCl1l , ur:-YI. 1 wlzulrt, lu..-.. -1 LN . .. lflverllzlrt. lb. H "5 . Y . .lamv Bl'--:lm-l al , Varl .' mffvsr. This lllv prrlllts will ll. to bug ugnlmxllxll for thv lmzll lsimfl, :xml any lui-n-'5' Wlllrlx ls ll xrr mln- A-wlxwlxl.-xxx hw mul lull will y-r.rvl1lv tlw basis for in ' c pxrrclmw lllm-l uniforms. lllmrl Lvlwr -uznlnlmlgn lzulxlzllql-P. lm.. rlllng msmy ululxpaligmw lf all the slrlllun hu... ul .lr the lxnlfm-urs Ls '1 'OT Ullnlll-ll: l- xx l ni.-r lnulx :Qj.'r:rm.n.l lu-kl-1 lull l... l. lm-:zo of lhr- lml A. ill .lla-.lm Mlsv Hull. 1 wzlk C.. the lim- lla-x lll illprr- ln" il Zin Muna 12- 'Mls-4 llmlclv :ln 12-2 ln . l'iul'l. lllxllvlv K Xlvxlllu-l'Q ul' lu the-mo for tl Q:-cmbly -xl' the ll hart. iidvlxol' hi' vlnlln .lv .ln urn! . tho- fencln sg' cln :lm-iay. Ort:-ll. vllargrf .lf il Fl-- of the l-: en- lun ' vm- ..f A wh ls it l mul. ln :rw .-llmll .1 l. r rl s Q 5 J W nat HRH .xlmlzxr ll... lrl. l.: - ll el Jw ix 1 mt K or E-all rlnrflv-r lu, thx. lm :ln l l l 'x I .1 fl mg hom li3nllrrl':i of illltl s lllfl 'Ctllm Y N ' A 4, 4 A 4 ., , 1 , I slruzllloxls on the art of fenonlpr, "MW 'Ml n'l""l' Mm' UH lr' .. ml. muses.-au...f in the play-le: ny.. .vm 1,0 .-.....-welll :mn xl... ..flrls.2HWinw Bm ffl. Dale Everl'.al'l. ur I pill rn let .lx lm. G l l Linea E Preae I-'ol horn-' l vom lnulr-24, ci sldl: show . wlll l... un lmrlll, sl pull' N- I -c ln ills- zlullltllrlxxm lumxrl--lx x lfmvr- llwrl lor lm.: occasion. Tm- tlrkl :lr cunxlsls of Chlfatur' flrllflwl. :xml Mtxrlin Jlmles Frxsllmtf-r Hvll conlpllsr- tlll- mll--l-rif.--- 4-. lnclwle-.l .ln rho no c..lm..lrLQQ ar-f .lr--: FHl'll1-11 Snqpn, 'MATS Smith l'll5lll mm lltl XVllll1llrl Crulwg., XVNI r-'st lxlnllis AIM Pllxlllrl Hrs- vlflll eivfuz ull Ulm: 4:'lllrl'Y,Illlllll-'Ili vrlulls of the i-mplll-yxxllrv clue-1 hlflgl w-mlntly nrt: as full-ms: llrrlfmun, ureslllvnt: Wlllmm lar, lrwiflvflb- Phvlli-x l"l-v1l- v 1,5 ., , , .. r-an-lnry. :md Dc-rlx li' lm. r, ll:-1 ma-:l r-hxrl . ln's Gettysburg Address nted to High School lllrnugll ills- rflnrlfsy 'lf Dalrl, wmv:-ml lllwlw of the' orlzlnral -li llln. aching. xv-rv nn-- nn-i mm' brwlnls. are only HW' kn-mn urlulnfll l ff'fd:f"" ,"' ,,1f"a 2"'m'nm"'l M Qsv,acm..mse, 1:23p-mhemae Lelthise , ln 1-,-,.Sgd.,m q,.,,cf,ln', l.-...l l......1 X2 ,Qlf"lQ,'f,f"S ffffipii,Q,,,,mN Wm mol mn.. sr.-rrlellmf.-, M.-.ry Gunn 1 'l'lmfl.: ln the mn... mm... ar.- D1.'itlf,f ,ff Q,,f',f.,,i.,.Q.,.,. M,-..,n.,..,. 1' ilhrothy xml...-sm.. Gem-lmlnm. rms Ulm... gf ul.. K.-y... M..- mrmn 1.34 y,,.,,wn. wL,,'l.,a,. ,,m,,5. Oymlns.-14 nnrl lmlisl-1 Riluxll Sant lu to l'3.lwalr.l ldv--rl-N. me, .....l.f...lf... nm. ah. ln'-1-gfhf' fmflflg Nfl- rmml- ls.---ll..-rf mm-. mr.. ul. mm will cl-ni-lr nbmxl, Hunk ww-lc, The nes--xllllly closed wltll lx 'ax uf Dnrifkllth prwluvts. mol-- Rhllvlllnn wrvk and Anlxlsflu' 1T3Tv'.,tl1v2 ktlnlrnt lwxcly. "The 'luv-rv lslll hr- za rllsxloszlw and varlmlsQI'arlg1." and annuuncernenla hy e.ad3m,,. ...lm-lzrn.-fl with tlu-me if-rllce, Eiiny-i..r. suns-rvislng prim-llml. the-ln to tlzc- srlrluu-1 lmxm-mmrls, mul- ...ll l-.lnlmm .1 on Satllrrluy vvllnlug, Nov.-lull.-r Tlx? Yfvrk Y. NV. C. A. Acmlrlllxmy. tfiwll Girl lLuelQl'X'v will bl- all +-r4mlx'l ow-rwllu ln mstrxrlle. Ill:-lllllwl-4 ur 1- l S lc.-.:..l.... 1-., ...ll ,..-...l.l.. I , . ,.-.,.. . lm,nr .llldr nz, .xt th.-ll' lll-lxlvlxllvls' lnlvtulfr. lflcrlclw . rm, 'U ff y- . . J mur ln, 'Cul lcwrwg.: 1 ul conduct 1,4 Hnlluwclfxz party n llflflllm' 311. an the .sr-.wlnll .rf lllllu-'S lurking imap. hurl-, Yr-Yk I'-lllnly' Girl .,,.lr.lmrl..n5. arf.-lu: l... lm. , . .' . '. '. .- . 1 up part l 1 'z ull 1 ' -f I'x'l Ilvsf.'l'vL's ' mlm ll .l li -W..-5-All Z.. , .hum Urn-t. yxlwflrivrlt .l K l..c':xl am., ar-.-lm.:--.l the rl-ll... gg, to mxlllzrvlxlf the liallulx arty: Vlmlnln lcvcrlmrl. mm.-llk ,mlm-D cfllzllmlzlll. :md llvll-rl lil-" , "mam 'I t lc l . um. llllnm! mx H I. L :mm an 'Held 1 l X .ll : thc-Sv l-. f -A 'lr-ln, thx- cmnx 5 .1 ng. nw.- ml ...all-...xy up, nl tr . 5 . l csmxguxny Um group. Mm. Norman Gemmll. pmslrlfnnt .lf thc York County Council of Imrullr- 'l' uw.-c-l.lll-,nx. wlll lzxxll wll of ills luclll unlls. She will also pre- side at the lnlsllxrf-ss sewn-url. Th.. morning sv:-xlllu will be :ull-mrll-:ll :ll 11:61 A, rn. To Serve Luncheon at Noon lzllwlrf lnrlll.-un. lifrllqtwllzs Xxlll lm :able to view publication elxllilllm nf P.-T. A. rrmtrgrlaml wlnch will be plan-cd lrl the corrldor of the high ac-lmol bnlldingr. AK' 12 p. m. lunull.-on will be sf-rwal ul the playgrmlml nm,llt..l'- ium. Class number 7 of Sl., l":lvr"x I.lxtlmra.n clxlxrc-ll, taught. ln' Mrs. Wlllrfr Mfmzll, wlll servo the lunch- COIL A maln fuslllxre of the :ul-,-lm-nn Hesslo vlll LH: the lxuwllrlxl Lum. Tha also lla 8. dlscllsslun ull Dil 1, Nl Ulm. The Q-:nfl-l ulffc- wl r lll. 3 D. ln. 17,1 asize Good Taste ull tllmg , . , lf wr. lclzltlxm with zu I ullll Cxll url- n -asc of' 8 lllc llravl xpllk fr. wsu 4 muy fl! ull" .my ..ll....-.V xrlvflllnl nh Lsllrll. l xml:-P. -ll' 'llvlc-rw lil!! -.-. Tlll.. lmllll.-r xr UV in ullrfizl wllc-relrly Um mllzllel mmf :L PM 1, 1...1.l1 1.. .lee-1-pl lrlull.-v' we :.n.l lvl. 1. ruin- all "' nm m""' w""x' elm! is zrlwvl- what nf -ut...-f oplwsed fb Wa' , awww fm un- .mul my the vl.--two I-f fvlll- ' mfr.. .4-.fw.i rl.. .ll-5-.lpn Ulxllr Y. p"5o"9"W Development ""'P0"A"' sl-.flu-, nl sf..-lrlrglwrlmllrl l...v.l.:lm., nv mllrlllrll.-1.3 on pf-mf.-llif. and lm. ..l..l..l l-.-.-..l.1..uL xfffwrxf "l'.4.-fl-lmllty bw-ins ...ln lu.. lx m....lf-fl .lr .vl-l-f-p:..:.ll-l H115 :v,lll.- ll. sw pwpls and to lrvf ln llllvm-:lrlxlp tfwrl-ll.-r npposltllln tl. :mp ...mar-t wltl. the-rn. Kn.lwl.--ig.:.- Ufllil-,ill-.l sms... --xmlnrglvm.-.ll lr. wfxr, ,g...-lrv im... llmfw ...all lin' in 'r.-All.-1.1-rw ..l..-um lmlkl- .1 fr-llvrmmll T 'H-fl! --Y r-fllvlv fl' wwf UM' wll fnfi--l-. .-lr-ln r.. .lu-ll..u..m. bl-mlm.. el-ull. .ma ...ln mv- ...ln ull- ll..-S .lr Url.-fra. lu' fflrniml l-.-..l..r.::.n.l1. llv cglrdrnzy 5.-nu-.1 im- wall... scrolls all 1'-1...-xml 1-........-Hlfl.-n l....- sn..-lm lf--lr yll--r, in mrn. fwll'll...L..fl fill-mv 1-l...s .vlrm-.1 qllfll-.l.l...K" 4,4 ,,,,., K.. 4. 1. lv 4-x-ll..-.-lflrlf v2.. .. l lulnrf of nrws 'ls we-ll nun xii llxilnt :ln-I llnr. ln ruxullnzlllzulffp 1.9 said, 'willllvfly-.lf pcs.- Juniors Soplwomores Sevenly pupils comprise llwe class of '4l. Oulslanding in Jrlweir aclwievemenlrs in llwe pasl year was llwe parlicipalion in llne recenlly innnovaled junior-senior class play. Rings were also purchased. Among llie aclivilies ol llwe sophomore Class llme annual bazaar lor second-year "undergrads" was llie lniglwliglwl. Several hikes and holiday celebralions were included in The l939-40 program. An enrollmenl of 87 gives llme Soplwomores llwe largest represenlalion in flue senior lwigli sclwool. 30 ,fr l Junior High Leaders As represenralives ol rlie sludenr body, llwe class officers of flue senior, junior, sophomore, and freshmen classes are picrured above. Seniors-Roloerr Tyson, president Sherwood Landis, vice president Jean Wlwerley, secreraryg Eleanor Shelly, lreasurer. Juniors-l-larry Lelir, president Emil Eyler, vice president Esllwer Baubliiz, secre- lraryg Joyce Bear, rreasurer. Sophomores-Raymond l-lollman, president William Rice, vice president Phyllis Eisenlnart secrelaryy Ray Sollenberger, rreasurer. Freshmen-Jeanne Poet president Clair Jordan, vice president Jeanne Eisenlwarr, secrefaryg Ruin lvlarclw, lreasurer. 32 Publications Plays Music Clubs ACTIVITIES 4 i H, fl fm f -f ilj 1 .f 5 V. H ,pg W M1 4 K .y w l in Activities . . . At North York l-ligh School all pupils are offered participation in a program of extracurricular activ- ities. This participation, because it supplements the traditional classroom program, should broaden the influence of secondary education in the life of the individual pupil. During the past sc'hool year members of the fac- ulty sponsored a joint class play, an operetta, a band, two glee clubs, two publications and four clubs, in addition to the seasonal sports program. The per- sonnel of these groups is pictured in this section of the year-book. To facilitate the operation of these activities and to allow tuition pupils to participate conveniently, an activities period is included in the school sched- ule. 33 Sparkler Staff Dorolliy Paflerson A A A A Associafe Ediiors Sherwood Landis, Janelr Fisliel, Mary lnnersi, Donald Shelley, Rodney Billelrl ...A,., A A A Clwrisline Snydernan, Roberl Zeiqler Jay Miller, Paul Everliarl ..., Organizafion Edi+ors Erdine Hess, Louise Rilrfall, Okal Slienberqer Rul'l'x Winler A Ediior-in-Chief Clfmarlolrle Rislwel Pl1o+ograpl1y Ediior A A Ar+ Ediiors A Spor+s Ecliiors Harry Sprenlcle A AAA. A A A Business Manager Jane Price A . Assis+an+ Business Manager lvladelaine Plaine A Pairon Solicifor Roberl Boring A A , Business Assis+an+s Treasurer Rulli Bro+liers, Georqianna Ensrninger, Louise Foqle, Clinlon Roderick, Clarence Eppley, Roberl Tyson, Wal+er Ross, Arlene Blessing, Rosella Blanc, Dorollwy Slambaugli, Jean Franlz. 34 Th North Yorlc S h I ALL-AMERICAN RATING. l936, 1937, I938, 1940. NATIONAL SCHDLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION. UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA MEDALIST RATING l939. 1940. COLUMBIA FCHOLNSTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY C-f fi ff' 7 V, ,, if - -- -W W" A i H :LL ,.......ii ilk ' " ' ' lr' rpifin Yi-I. XIII YORK. PA.. NIAIQCII 20. H140 1 The North York School News F.,u,1ded.0ct0,,e,, 1927 Columbia Scholastic Press Assocuaixon xwmrggnoll officials gave Tl-IE NORTH YORK Q- ,fri 50 . . . . Member Q EST mi 'X l939-40 SCHOOL NEWS a medalisi rahnq in iheir 4? " I mix . . ffffissocir-II sixieenih annual conference in New York. Publifhefl mfmthly bv students of The News scored 980 oui of a possible North York high school EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT IOOO points io achieve ihis dishnchon. Sherwood Landis ........ Editor-in-Chief Dean B- Armold . . . Faculty Adviser Dorothy Patterson . . Managing Ed-'U' In ihe National Scholasiic Press Associa- Erlythemae Leithiser . . . . . . Feature Editor Charles Sfflfkhmlse --.-.- - Sums Editor iion ai Universiiy oi lvlinnesoia, ihe local Columnists-.Ianct Fishel, Robert Dorn, Esther Baublitz. ,, . . .. Feature Writers-.lean Snyder, Regina Stottlemyer. paper Was railed AmerlCan'SUperlOr' Reporters-Mae Rohrlrawgh, Phyllis Eisenhart, Raymond Hoffman, William Rice, James Frysinger, Dnir's Kep- ner, Chester Quickel, , ' Sherwood Landis, Doroihv Paiierson, BUSINESS DEPARTMENT . , , Rodney Billetf .,,, ,,.. 5 usiness Manage, Rodney Billeii and Clinion Roderick, siail Clinton Roderick . . , Advertising Manager - - - - ' Rohm Bming ' . I w Asst. Advertising Manager leaders, will receive lournalisrn awards ihis Ezvziine Hess . . . . . Circulation Manager Dial 37361 Year' 10 Cents xi Copy-60 Cents a Year YYOI4. XIII A I'1iI I, 26, 19'-10 No. 8 35 Junior-Senior Play "Spring Fever" T The Tirsl lime and presenred The iuniors and seniors combined Their eTTor+s or Spring Fever," a farce in Jrhree acls, by Glenn l-lughes, Friday and Salurday, Febru- ry 2 and 3, in The playground audilorium. The plor cenlers around a small Easlrern college during Commencemenr week, wilh all The scenes Taking place in Mrs. Spanglens boarding house. Spring brings romance +o The college s+uden+s as well as To rheir absenl-minded Professor Bean. Excilemenl and hilarious comedy are provided by The dealh bed scene ol Anne Purcell and The ollen unexpecled explosions from The room ol Ed Burns, The chemislry sludenl. 1 . 51 The Casl' " ' S der and Charle bined casl were: "l-loward Branl, Blaine ny T Dern' "Vic Lewis," Rodne Members oT The com " Eppley and Rober , i ' "M s. Spangler," Mar S Y Y "Fd Burns Clarence A nna Ensmunger, r Baublilzy Slaclchouse, , Billerl and Emil Eylerg "Lou Herron," Georgia ' ' " Purcell," Dororhy Pallrerson and Esfher ' " Purcell," Dale Eve r- ii d Jariel Fishel, Anne Leirhiser' l-lenry d Corey, Ilinersl an i " Price and Edirhmae , Noel Poel, "Mau e "Vivian George, Jane b Purcell" Charlolle Rishel and Merry T song and "Dr, Dixon," Donald Shel harlq "Phoe e , Louise Pirlallq "Prolessor Virgil Bean," Roberl y 36 lv nd Frederick Johnson, "Tulip Time," a fwo-acf opereffa by Geoffrey Morgan a was successfully presenfed by rhe mixed Glee club in fhe playground audiforium April 5 and 6. Edna A, Walmer, music supervisor, and Alverfa R. Lecrone, dramafic direcfor, were in charge of fhe producfion. A shorf synopsis of fhe opereffa is as follows: A parfy of American college sfudenfs under fhe leadership of "Professor lvlcSpindle," Clinfon Roderick, inferrupf a holiday, when arriving fo sfudy fulip culfure. Two of fhe parfy, "Ned," Jack Peeling, and "Dick," Charles Sfackhouse, become much more inferesfed in "Chrisfina," lvlary Good, and "Kafinka," Okal Shenberger. Lafer fhe "Burgomasfer," Dale Everharf, holds lvlcSpindle as a fulip fhief buf Chrisfina's "Aunf Anna," Louise Riffall, proved lvlcSpindle's innocence wifh fhe prospecf of a friple wedding as fhe final curfain falls Operetta Www, 'ZA '?f?'E?'f'gf, "Tulip Tame" 37 T J Glee Clubs The NorTh York Senior High School Glee club was reorganized and direcTed by Edna Walmer. During The year iT loarTicipaTed in several acTiviTies, including a Chrislrmas canTeTa, The high school opereTTa, The annual music TesTival, and The corn' mencernenT exercises. The NorTh York Junior High School Glee club sang aT The York CounTy School- rnen's clulo meeTing which was held aT NorTh York and in several high school assemblies. 38 School Band The Norlh York High School band has reached ils second year ol organizalion wilh a conlinued spiril ol inleresl. The band, under The direclion ol Richard R. Thomas, played al many school ac+ivifies Jrhroughoul lhe school year. Corne'rs Clarinefs Marlin Everharl Jay Grove William Kauffman Benjamin Toomey Ronald Toomey Basses Leo Poll Trombone Eugene Allland Barifone Nora Linebaugh Saxa phones Philip Bollerbusch Belly Drawbaugh Virginia Lehr Richard Halce Roberl Eyerharl Alle Horns Henry Dheril Wilberl Snellioalcer Leroy Wolgamulh James Bear John Beshore William Crouse Emil Eyler Wilford Gellys David Good Edward Kann Gerald Lehman Richard Pallerson Donald Yealls Flufe Joyce lvleisenheller Accordions George Eclcerl Harold Haines Drums Dawson Balcer Fredericlc Crimmins Roberl Zeigler Cymbals Lynwood Schleeler Girl Reserves Senior High Officers Virginia Lehr . . . . Presidenf Dorofhy Pafferson . Vice-presidenf Regina Sfofflemyer ....... Secrefary Louise Riffall . . . , . , Treasurer Junior and senior Girl Reserve clubs were organized Sepfember IO, l94O, wifh Miss Marion Brown supervising iuniors, and lvlrs. Gail Cunningham direcfing senior high acfivifies. During fhe Term fhe clubs included among fheir acfivifies several covered dish socials, a flower show, Chrisfmas enferfainmenl af fhe Yorlc Counfy Almshouse, fheafer parfies, several public dances, slcafing parfies, l'lallowe'en and Sainf Pafriclcs Day parfies, and a Kounfy Fair al' fhe Y. W. C. A. Among ofher acfivifies were a semi-formal dance and a camping frip. Junior High Officers Jeanne Poef ..,... . . . Presidenf Arleffa Roderick . . Viceepresidenf Doris Corwell . . . Secrefary Shelia Blessing . . Treasurer 40 Library Club Exlracurrlcular acriviry ol lhe Library club was fearured by a slcaling parly. Pracrical work such as mending and calaloguing boolcs was rhe oursranding accornlolishmenl' of lhe organizarion. Laura Burlcel, social sludies Teacher, supervised. wr, .- e n c i n 9 Fencing, inlroduced lo Norlh Yorlc high school only rwo years ago, has be- corne a rnajor exlracurricular aclivily al fhe local school. Coached by Roberf E. Everharr, lhe Jream cornpeled wilh Y. W. C. A. lencers, The slage of room IO9 formed Jrhe pracrice grounds. Patrons Rev. Paul S. Aikins, D.D. Dr. Philip H. Auibseh Dr. Reber? S. Barciay Dr. W. P. Brandi Dr. Erwin L. Brofhers Miss eeorga anna Emmangef Mrs. Ruby R. smirh my Mr. John B. Hamme Mr. Richard Kohler, Esq. Dr. L. S. Landes Mr. Lesrer K. Loucics Dr. and Mrs. Charies H. May Mazie's Card Shop Mr. Z. C. Neff Dr. H. G. A. Oberdick Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Paiferson Miss Doroihy L. Psiiefm Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Peer Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Quickel Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Rieqel Mr. A. H. Sheiile Miss Jeanne Snyder Mr. and Mrs. George Snyder Mr. and Mrs. A, T. Sprenkle Mr. and Mrs. Levi Sfough Dr. L. U. Zech Complimenrs of a friend HE.. 42 Soccer BasketbaH BasebaH Track ATI-ll.ETlcs -1M he Q aw ,gg , it 5 gt . ?1 ' H ,531 ,Q "1-fa, .M a. bw ,Nw- The Norrh Yorlc l-ligh soccer season was quile a success. The Team proved ilsell by losing only one game, lying Tour, and winning fwo. The Team Jroolc second place in Jrhe Yorlc Coun'ry Scholasiic League, being lopped by Dover. The Jream won from: Spring Grove 3-O, Dover I-O. Norfh Yorlc lied lhe following games: lvlanchesler O-O, Mounl' Rose I-l, Dillsburg 2-2, Codorus Township l-l. Hanover downed lhe Norih Yorlc boolers I-O in a close game al Norih Yorlc. 44 V S a o r c s c 5 e 'c Y I' The Squad Emil Eyler Marlin Everharf Donald Shelly J. Snyder Edward Kann J. Genlzler Ray Sollenberger Paul Bear William Gales George Geesey Slanley l-larlman William Ross G. Whorl Tom Doll Carroll Jones Ray Fuller Kennelh Emig Gordon Drescher Forresr Landis Russell Wilmer John Charlesfon Coach C. C. Ruby V B 8 3 I' S S i e E l: Y b a The Squad Donald Charleslon William Gales Sherwood Landis Leo Poll Donald Snyder Charles Yinger Richard Barlell Gordon Drescher Roberl lnners John Charleslon Charles Genlzler Ray Sollenberger William Crouse John Albrighl Kennelh Emig Glenn Whorl l-larvey Lease Joe Snyder Raymond l-lollman Marlin Everharl Forresl Landis J. Miller, mgr. l-l Lehr ass'l m r . , . g . W. Rillall, ass'l. mgr. Coach C. C. Ruby The Norlh Yorlc Senior l-ligh loaslcelloall leam made a line slarl lhis season, having won lhree slraighl. The leam won six and losl lour in lhe lirsl hall and delealed Dallaslown lo gain a place in Class A. In lhe second hall, however, lhe leam won I game and losl 5 games. Those learns delealed in lhe lirsl hall ol lhe season were Glen Rock 26-32, Della I8-27, Spring Grove 20-30, Red Lion 25-29, Manchesler I9-26, Fawn Township 30-44. The learn was delealed by Dallaslown 35-2I, Wesl Yorlc 35-I9, York Calholic 32-30, Wrighlsville 38-28. Dallaslown was laealen I6-l8 in lhe play-oll or a Class A posilion. ln lhe second hall Norlh York delealed Wesl Yorlc I7-23. Norlh Yorlc was delealed in lhe second hall by: Wrighlsville 46-36, Red Lion 3l-29, Red Lion 28-I7, Wesl Yorlc 35-32, Wrighlsville 24-23. . l The Team slarled lhe season by defealring lvlanchesler behind The no-hir, no-run loilching of "Flash" Everharl. The Orange and Black lhen delea+ed New Freedom 9-O, again beal lvlanchesler 7-2, and losl a hard-foughl game ro New Freedom 2-3. The +eam's success was allribured +o The experienced veferans. To da+e Coach Ruby's leam is in a lirsl-place lie wilh Red Lion lor Class A league honors. Each Team has won Tour and losl lwo games. The Orange and blaclcs lalesl viclim was Dallaslown, delealed I3-6. Red Lion deTea+ed Norlh York 8-5 in The Tirsl of +wo scheduled games. :ii Schedule unfinished al limo of prinling. 46 V B B I' S S 9 i b :C a y l l B The Squad George Geesey Edward Kann Slanley l-larlman Donald Charleslon Donald Snyder Sherwood Landis Raul Everharl Vlfaller Ross John Gaber+ Richard Barlell Gerald Lehman Roberl Miley XfVilber+ Snellbalcer Dawson Baker John Albrighl Raymond l-lollman Glenn Whorl Ray Sollenberger Roberf Boring, mgr. Jack Clay, ass'+. mgr. Gordon Hall, ass'+. mg:- Coach C. C. Ruby VT ar ra sc i l' Y The Squad Paul EverharT Charles Yinger WalTer Ross Harry Sprenkle Rol3erT Dern lVlarTin Ever'harT Edward Kann EoresT Landis Gordon Drescher Donald CharlesTon George Geesey Henry SuTTon Emil Eyler lrwin Gardner John GaloerT Gordan Snyder Eugene CharlesTon Harry Lehigh STewarT Brenneman Clarence Eppley William GaTes Eugene Irwin Jack Connelly Charles GenTzler William RiTTall David Good Merl Bahn Harvey Lease RoberT March Roy WinTer Coach C. C. Leber In The annual York CounTy Track and Field lvleeT aT The Meadow Field, May ll, NorTh York's varsiTy Trackmen placed in runner-up posiTion To WesT York by scoring 30 poinTs. Eour opponenTs Tell aT The hands oT The locals in dual meeTs This season. The scores: NorTh York 46, Red Lion 39: NorTh York 54, lvlanchesTer 17: NorTh York 39, Spring Grove 38. ln one Triangular meeT, NorTh York 60, Hallam 6, WrighTsville I5. AT Shippensburg, in a sTaTe meeT oT 20 Teams, The local cindermen placed eighTh. OuTsTanding performers Tor The locals include Paul EverharT, capTain, and Charles Yinger, double winner in The counTy meeT. Charles C. Leber coached The squad. 47 By winning TirsT place in Three oT Tour eyenTs, The varsiTy girls' Traclc Team scored 2I poinTs and easily Topped Class A compeTiTors in The Yorlc CounTy Track and Field MeeT, May II. Emma WiTmer won The baslceTball Throw and The 50 yd. dash: Mary Good, anoTher local runner, placed second. Doris Corwell Toolc second place in The baseball Throw, while The shuTTle relay Team lLouise RH-Tally Virginia EyerharT, Emma VViTmer and Mary Goodl led The Tield To The Tape. ln The only dual rneeT in which The girls parTicipaTed, They swamped l-lallam 27-8. BeTTy SToTTlemyer seT an unoTTicial record by heaving The baseball ZOO TT. in This conTesT. 48 6 T i r r a c S 1 The Squad Jeanne EisenharT Virginia SenTT fXrleTTa Roderick Virginia EverharT Madeil Brenneman Eleanor Yinger Doris Corwell JaneT Kann Beverly EisenharT RuTh GaberT Emma WiTmer Louise RiTTall BeTTy SToTTlemyer Mary Buehler Phyllis Lehr Mary Good Thelma Garbriclc Coach C. C. Leber J B l'. B S k 9 9 t b a H i h The Squad Paul Lyons Roberl Everharl Jay Grove George Geisler Eugene Charleslon Raymond Price John Bashore Jack Shire Philip Bollerbusch Roberl Shelly Clair Jordan Edgar Charleslon David Good lvlarlyn Warren Eugene Suerelh Donald Yealls Coach C. C. Leber The 'Cheerleaders Georgianna Ensminger Clinlon Roderick Louise Rillall Jack Peeling C. C. Leber, adviser The Norlh York Junior l-ligh baskelball leam had a record ol six vic- lories and six deleals during lhe I939-40 season. The learn linished rhird in lhe York Counly Junior l-ligh league. The learn won lrorn Dallaslown 29-7, Red Lion I4-I I, Ml. Woll 32-I4, Dallaslown 26-8, Wesl York 27-26, Ml. Woll 4l-25. The leam losl lo Spring Grove 29-I7, lvll. Rose 30-I4, Spring Grove 32-I7, Red Lion 33-29, Wesl York 32-25, lvil. Rose 36-l l. 49 Varsity Athletes . Emil Eyler Joe Snyder Stanley Hartman Gordon Drescher Tom Doll Forest Landis Carroll Jones Donald Charleston Leo Rott Charles Yinger Robert lnners Gordon Drescher Donald Charleston George Geesey Edward Kann Paul Everhart Robert Boring, mgr. Walter Ross Charles Yinger Paul Everhart Irvin Gardner John Gabert George Geesey Emil Eyler Edward Kann Wilbert Snellbalcer Henry Sutton Eugene Altland Mary Good Virginia Everhart Janet Kann SOCCER BASKETBALL BASEBALL TRACK Donald Shelley George Geesey William Gates Russel Witmer Edward Kann Glenn Whorl Sherwood Landis Donald Snyder Richard Bartell William Gates Richard Bartell Sherwood Landis Stanley Hartman Donald Snyder John Gabert Donald Snyder Donald Charleston Walter Ross Harry Sprenkle Gordon Drescher Robert Dern Martin Everhart Forest Landis Robert March Harvey Lease Louise Rittall Emma Witmer Doris Corwell CHEER LEADERS Louise Rittall Jaclc peeling Georgianna Ensminger Clinton Roderick, Jr 50 ADVERTISEMENTS n A n I 1 v u 'jk :vu- :Quo if THE SPARKLER if 1940 For All Occasions Serve . 9 ICE CREAM If It's 0 0p10 ETR .,1::z's-Mun., ' t .. 8: . . sfso A. M.' ' COM OIT E A s-so P M ' VFSIONQ A M f GP M DR TFHTIFIRKIH EMG ITIFIRKET sv on 'r e TFL 650 SQURRE gpjfg, ll Borderfs It's Got To Be Good Compliments TEMP S STORE 5 I :Quo if THE SPARKLER if :Quo Compliments HOKE'S BAKING CO. York's Quality Bakers 1317-19 N. George St. Us... HI. NEIGHBOR! FII-MS KODAKS The Eating and Meeting Place for Young and Old BENNIE'S RESTAURANT sss W. Market sf. Near Belvidere Ave. York, Pa. FAMOUS for our WAFFLES No charge for Znd Cup of Collee Home Cooking - Lady Cook Fountain Service We Never Close Phone 35437 LENDING LIBRARY Magazines Daily and Sunday Papers Soda Fountain BAYLOR'S 1119 N. George St. BEN FOLEY, Prop. DEVELOPING 24-HR. SERVICE 1940 if THE SPARKLER 1 :quo Play . . . Wiring . Fixtures . Appliances Philco, Westinghouse and General Electric RADIOS Westinghouse Refrigerators and Ranges LAUER 6 GROSS Electrical Contractors l3S6 W. Market Street STUMP'S CAFE 1050 N. George St. North York Home-Made Turtle Soup Light Lunches Beer . Wine . Liquors Phone 64182 Tables lor Ladies Funeral Designs Corsages RICHARD F. HUGES, Florist 23 South Beaver St. Uniformed Driver Prompt Delivery Plants . Novelties . Cut Flowers SPRENKLE'S Home-Made POTATO CHIPS Central Market or York. R. D. l Phone 64913 We Deliver 1940 ff THE SPARKLER if 1940 B- I Cigars Billiards n Meet the Boys - at the Funeral Home NORTH YORK GRILL Home of Electric Cooking 1057 North George St. 849 East Mdfkel Street Ice Cream Candies STARZ BROS. AND FRITZ 1309 N. George St. .:. 1781 W. Market St. York. Pennsylvania Athletics . . . DR. LYLE M. CRUSE HERMAN'S Optometrist Body and Fender Shop N 1018 North George St. W 1223-Z5 North George St. North York. Pa. York. Pa. 54 :Quo if TI-IE SPARKLER ff IQLLO THE GAZETTE AND DAILY Your Morning Paper ir A Real Honest-to-Goodness Newspaper Thirty-one East King Street Phone 2873 GAZETTE PRINT SHOP Thirty-one East King Street 'k Printersot SCHOOL PAPERS and BOOKS ot MERIT Phone 6695-We Specialize in A C, BESHORE Concrete, Plaster and i Mason Supplies STANDARD CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO., Inc. Manufacturers and Distributors oi Crushed Stone, Concrete Products and Building Supplies K K Plumbing and Heating Contractors North Sherman Street CExt.l, York, Pa. 1141 N. George St., York, Pa. Track . . 55 lquo f THE SPARKLER if 1940 GLADFELTER'S STORE ostli. UW422 Dial 64434 i Fancy Groceries and Choice Delicatessens mnnuunv STUP3' They Teach . . . Cor. N. George St. and Sixth Ave. SERVICE SUPPLY COMPANY. Inc. Quality Builders' .Supplies Domestic and Commercial Stokers Bituminous Road Materials Phone 2089 York, Pa. R LUCKENBAUGH'S BAKERY 922 N. Duke St. FRESH PASTRIES and BREAD Daily We Deliver Phone 45155 GREIMAN '6Suy It With Flowersi' Phone County 58-R-12 PAUL KUBIK I Ml-?I1'S and BOYS' Wecff Pleasant View Florist Funeral Designs, Potted Plants and Cut Flowers 126 South George Street R- D. 4' York, Pa- York. Pa. Flower Shop: 537 N. George St. :Quo + THE SPARKLER if IQ!-I-O : ' -1- . -' A.:k:-.ez-:-:-:-:Az-z-.g.g.,. . , -' -'1-1'e-:f"+:-'-:-:-:-' I V r 11-- :5E5E5E53gE5ig5555E5Ef' "-5.9 -- '.Ea5s5s51ifE5ig- "Q - 52552215 ' , .25ii5ii'i22 ' 1 , .-325255 11:1--I -21eEe22Ea5z2sSs2a2z22?:- 222:51 ' . 1 ,-2'1e2s2sf?a:E2s5,, M2a2s2z5sia . 5zisE' .g.,,,ag.' 's5s52a2a? " 1- -:f- -2-5:25 f3::,.i:'. -1. ' ::1,'-13, 315555552 zgsgzf - 215 : - , ,,32::'.gg,.ggigfgf :E,2:E,.1fr.r,5E5E5E53S. " 15. 2 ' "-- 'lrsiir l' Fffi iis-'-E515'3EX -251E""?f?'if5i5i12:i? ':ZE5511.:,j2fgiggaisisiz, ,1f,,::1g:g:i25Zggf-'-11-111125222 ' 5"Q:Qi: 55tE:,:2QEQ1fEfEf 3f2.,L3?E51:151 " "" ' "" - ' gaaazfi ggggg gif' 'iflff'--151212-,Qz2s5s2zgf: I152Eift2w,. . ,5e5a512sgg2g2g' 1521, 5325? :5:'.:E:1:1Eff:fE 52 41525255 . ".gf52g222g2,552gei5g22a:f 1 " ,Z .'a112z25E21e?fE5e1,Z1,.::,g1, I """ -4 f1,.,.,.'wg22g 5z2:221?"" " '3E5E:E:f iz.-fi 5, -f1:5:5:5:2:5:5:E:E:E:E .rI'E':': -4... -211.5 ,::2:5:3:5535532gwggggggcg V. 1 V, .gy- :3,:1g335 1515253 . f .-I., .-.,:::-rg: ,::., -,gp-5:4-11, ' -1-'g.Q:3:f:2:f:2Z2:f:Et, ':iQi5.3.,.m f:f'2:f:Q2gIg5:Q:215 izfif' . " 2 .Q fig Y 1--L -:.-'I1'-ErErEr1fErE2E2E5E: " 2""1 ' , 3Eg:5E5E5E3E3E5:g:5:5.."i:ErEr--,. :- :EJ eff-12221 :2Er1E'E31: 'ijigsggig A- f -' , A 221 555f55555255fIt- 'ff 'QQ z, ,g1.-2 J 55,29 5 11 1:a:z2a51g:5a3a51222221-ezff, 23212s222222?sE5225z5zia3:5fig1, -'- - - .. f f 1 ':f:51"" f Eifj V'EQiQE5iQ:5EQEQ-1:Q.,.jI:j.v 2aEsg:g: .,. 153552252552Qzi22s,egzg5g1ga.f1 I . 4 I M 21355215'EEEE?E5555EEE5EE2E5E35iE5EZE531E5:1,, 'fl'- max.g"2:2sE3EiEe: A 'A ' M LEINHARDT Bnos. F U R N I T U R E ALWAYS VISIT OUR STORE BEFORE BUYING VALUE, QUALITY AND STYLES YOU CAN AFFORD ON EASY TERMS 281-83 West Market Street . . . York, Penna. Publiralions . . . THOMPSON COLLEGE York, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Member oi American Association oi Commercial Colleges and National Council of Business Education 57 1940 f THE SPARKLER if IQ!-LO When Seeking Fresh Fruits or Vegetables look for H. EVERHART 6: SONS On the Street or the Central and Farmers' Market 1152 N. Duke Street Phone 5118 ZION'S VIEW GARAGE L. H. 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York, Pa. General Auto Repairing INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION Let us help you make cr Success in the Business World Phone 45423 Phone 40576 60 :Quo ff Tl-IE SPARKLER if :Quo Around Svhool . . COHEN BROS. Everything For Every . . Sport . . 157 South George Street York. Pa. "SHOE HEALTH" This Publication is Printed on 100-Lb. ZENA Coated . Headquarters . . l Two Sides Book 1 Stocked and Distributed by woLFGANG's Shoe Store 5 ANDREWS PAPER HOUSE 1 or YORK 1121 N. George St., York, PCI- i The Home of DIV. S. WALTER. INC. . "One of Pennsylvania's Largest 1 Distributors of Paper Products" BUSTER BROWN and AIR STEP SHOES PHILADELPHIA . YORK . ALLENTOWN 6 I 1940 f THE SPARKLER 1' IQ!-I-O SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" IOHN DAUBER Florist 1705 North George Street York, Pa. "MUNDIS QUALITY FEEDS IOHN DEERE FARM MACHINERY W. F. MUNDIS SONS Compliments of YORK SAFE AND LOCK COMPANY N Y As WeAre . . . York, Pennsylvania I-I 62 :Quo ff THE SPARKLER f :Quo Classes . . . 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SMITH AUTO COMPANY NEW and REBUILT CLEANERS Sales New and Used l lus' ngiLhquZ1aI::2hTrZ5'k' on Chevrolet Cars and Trucks PHONE 7439 1 9 4 0 SPARKLER Bound by SHEPHERD'S BINDERY COMMERCIAL BOOKBINDING V. B. SHEPHERD 226 N. Newberry St. YORK, PA 69 Autographs We Thank . .. for their interest in this book . . Russel C. I-luntzinger, ot the taculty ,.., informal photography , . . Hammond E. Ptlieger, George M. Weigle, Clarence A. Baer, Joseph J. Rooney, Joseph H. Keagy , . . print- crattsmen . . . Samuel S. Snelbalcer, Clittord T. Abel, Clarence J. Howard, Clarence H. Verdier, Lawrence W. Glattelter . . . engravers . . . James lvl. Shadle, Theodore Evans . . . photographers . . . V. B. Shepherd . . . Binder . . . Our Advertisers. Russel C, Huntzinger INIS

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