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r 1 1. F N X 1 x l w w N 1 1 l 4 F" -' , - U i r 1354 1954 3 K Ei i X I fx .- xl 'I-EIL E53 1 1' 1 i a X f f Z 5 Xjjxx QxX F Q... SPARKLER 1 9 3 4 Publlshed bythe students ot North York Hlgh School Old High SPARKLER 1934 SPARKLER 1934 Playground FOREWORD Treasured memories stored away in pages of a book, Memories of our school day follies, back to which We oft will look, Thoughts at which our hearts will tingle, Names of friends with whom we mingled, Deeds of fame that had been done, Triumphs that were fairly Won, Teachers honored by us all Tireless duty doth recall. Of such noble thoughts as these Are our school-day memories. T41 SPARKLER 1934 ,gt SPARKLER 1934 Dedication to Mr. Henry A. Mitchell because of his personality and sincerity in work, play and friendship, which made him an object of love and respectg because he em- bodied in all his actions such qualities of character as to inspire us toward a nobler goalg because he entered his teaching career when We didg be- cause he is congenial, fair and upright in all his relations toward us. t5l "Spark1er" EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Amelia Hershey BUSINESS MANAGER May Senit, '34 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Loraine Diehl, 34 Romaine Myers, '34 Harold Quickel, '34 Lewis Shenberger, '34 Anna Shelly, '34 Miriam Bear, '34 REPORTERS Margaret Lichtenberger, '35 Sybilla Sollenberger, '35 Helen Kochenour, '35 6 ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS Neita Hoffman, '34 Mae Eisenhart, '34 Helen Zarfoss, '34 Ethel Wolfe, '34 Kathryn Sipe, '34 ARTIST Evelyn Able, '36 PHOTOGRAPHER Roy Pfaltzgraff, '34 REPORTERS Richard March, '36 Dorothy Ensminger, '36 Madelyn Sipe, '37 SPARKLER 1934 1 FACULTY I73 X Q, XE I 'xjfl ag ! Ill M I . yr I V 15" I Z i6'ZWEIi7- Wil f SPARKLER 1934 PROFESSOR IRVIN R. SNYDER, M. A. Supervising Principal of the North York Schools, received his college education at Gettysburg College and his M. A. at the same institu- tion, taking graduate Work towards a Ph. D. degree at the University ol Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. E81 SPABKLER 1934 A MR. ELWOOD I. MCGUIGAN, A. B. Graduate ot Albright College, class of l929. Graduate work at Gettysburg College towards a Master of Arts degree. Principal ot the High Schoolg instructor of Englishg director ot plays and of speaking roles in operettasg advisor of the "School News" and the "Sparkler." t9l as .Mp Ma ' ' ti fiewtlii, 13 it 2?52il1i':2'i' K :sw 2: Q Igi-g5:. z1rg3:isir5f2 ?92grsf'. MW. f, ye., .. W., - 'HU LL T Lis-,,--., ,.., --.. ff ...,p .Q .. Miss Alverta Lecrone, B. S. Graduate ot Elizabethtown College, class of l930. Instructor in Typewriting, Stenography, Iunior Business Training SPARKLER 1934 and Business Arithmetic. Mr. Bay E. I-Ieilman, A. B. Graduate of Grove City College, class of 1932. Member of Beta Sigma. Instruc- tor in Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Secretar- ial 'Training Commercial Geography, Ot- fice Practice, also coach of varsity basket- b::ll and baseball teams. Mr. Charles C. Leber, A. B. Graduate ol Lebanon Valley College, class of 1924, and attended Springfield College, l9Z5-26. Teaching experience: Mechanicsburg High School, Mechanics- burg, Penna., Polytechnic Institute, Phila- delphia, Penna.: Instructor ot General Science, Health and History at North York High School, also coach of boys' junior high basketball tearn, girls' basketball team and track. Miss Laura Burket, B. S. Graduate of Millersville State Normal School, class of 1931. Teaching experi- ence: Vintondale High School, Vinton- dale, Penna., Instructor in Problems of Democracy, History and English. In 101 SPARKLER 1934 Mr. Henry A. Mitchell, B. S. Graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, class of 1924. Teaching experi- ence: Mount Ioy- High School, Mount loy, Penna., Millersburg High School, Millers- burg, Penna. Instructor in Biology, Phys- ics, and Chemistry. Mrs. Lester Abel, B. S. Graduate of Millersville State Normal School, class ot 1923. Received B. S. de- gree at Gettysburg College. Teaching experience: Hallam School, Hallam, Pennag Clinton High School, Clinton, New Iersey. Instructor in Mathematics and Miss Kathryn L. Morning, B. S. Graduate of Susquehanna University, class of 1929. Instructor in music- director of operettas. Mr. Dean B. Armold, M. A, Graduate of Gettysburg College, class of 1929. Received M. A. degree at the University of North Carolina, class of 1933. Teaching experience: Somerville High School, Somerville, N. I The Hun School, Princeton, N, I. Instructor in Latin, French and English. wi CZ.-r',f'P4-jjj' X a.a.Ar-WKQ-6:0 gr Q , offf X fa aio A ffgc-5' CQ-4' T-B sn ,Q Q 1w,,,d L Min, X KX X 'Q J , 'HX - qQgOOO qgggoggo Zgaawdca J . xxMiHUt9 Minaturesn X123 SENIOR PAY , 1f1"w 1n, '1 If '12 . JV, f MF gm " Xt' Q -f ,I 1 L Jn ' 5 szfsaggd Q Clair Bixler Activities-Glee Club: 2, 3: Op- eretta: 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play: 45 Baseball: 1, 2, 3, 4: Track: 3: President of the Class: 1, Z, 3: Junior Play Ticket Com- mittee: 39 Class Committee: 3. LAIR is one oi the many baseball heroes of the class. In addition to being a baseball player Clair is the heart-breaker ol the class. He certainly has that cer- tain thing which attracts the opposite sex. Can it be that wavy red hair which makes you sea- sick or is it that voice which has the power to soothe the savage beast? .Quite a handsome lad is Clair With that bright red wavy hair. Curtis Blum Activities--Basketball: 1, Z3 Track: 3, 43 Soccer: Z: Senior Class Play Committee: 4. URTIS is one of the out- ot-town lads. He could be seen every morn- ing and evening plodding along the Pleasureville "boulevard" One cold morning the elements got the best ot Curtis and he arrived in school with his left ear frozen. But "Blummie" could take it. Curtis is very much in- terested in the field oi avia- tion. Who knows but some day he may become a sec- ond Lindbergh. Every day he walks over the hill From a little town called Pleasureville. i14l I DADKLED I934 Miriam Bear Activities-Operetta: 39 Secre- tary to Principal: 4: Class Committee: 4: Senior Play Usher Committee: 4: Senior Invitation Committee: 4: Com- mencement Speaker. IRIAM is one oi the blue-eyed blondes of the class. Contrary to most blondes, she re- mains true to one lad who lives near Strinestown. However, he does not cause her to neglect her studies. Miriam is really a very studious girl and dur- ing her senior year she was assistant secretary to the principal. She may be a blonde with eyes of blue, But to one lad sl1e's always true. Vincent Brothers Activities-Operetta: 15 Class Play: 3: Librarian: 45 Treas- urer of Athletic Association: 4. INCENT is one of the many boys ol the class who thinks too much of the time about girls and automobiles. He really should be an automobile salesman. He certainly has a line for Chevrolets. Every morning you could hear Vincent and Miriam arguing about which car is the better, the Chevrolet or the Ford. Vin- cent, being one of those talkative boys, ,usually won. 'You can always hear him say, "'I'here's no car like the Chevroletf' I DADKLEIQ 1934 Marian Buckingham Activities-Glee Club: 3: Op- eretta: 1, Z, 3, 4: Girl Re- serves: 1, 2, 49 Sophomore Class Bazaar Committee: Z5 Basketball: 3, 45 Volley Ball: 1, 33 Librarian: 4: Track 4. ARIAN, better known as "Chicken," is the charmer of the oppos- ite sex. She is always happy and is a real stud- ious Worker. Marian is very fast when it comes to track running and displays much vitality. Not only is she peppy in sports but is just as fast in "pounding" away at the typewriter. This is going to be an asset to her in future life, for she intends to be a stenogra- pher. An Erriigsville lad has caugtht And for him she lives and her eye, would gladly die. lohn Bush Activities-School News: 1: Soc- Baseball: 13 Valley cer: lg Ball: Z5 Senior Play Commit- tee: 4. HIS little dark-haired lad doesn't seem inter- ested in the opposite sex. He isn't bashtul, but perhaps he didn't meet his "dream" yet. Anyway it is hoped that this time will soon come. Iohn is a great fisherman and after each trip he can be seen relating his exper- iences With a group of "fish-minded" boys sur- rounding him. Iohn. wishes to become a printer. It is known that he Can't help but succeed. Among professionals heill he a printer, But among his friends hetll he a winner. Dorothy Campbell Activities-Glee Club: 2, 3: Op- eretta: 1, 2: Class Plays: 3, 49 School News: 1, 2: Class Color Committee: 1 5 Sophomore Class Bazaar Committee: Z3 Cheer Leader: 3, 4. OROTHY is the "love 'em and leave 'em girl" of the senior class. At present she is still admir- ing "the white goat on the mountain top." Her ability to be the last one to stop talking is remarkable, Wherever you find her, she is playing tricks on her girl friends. Her winning smile wins her many admirers and will also win her suc- cess in the field of "mus- ing." She is the 'igigolon of the class, Noted for talking until the last, Ancl as a nurse you can bet I a dime Harvey will 'fcorne up and see her some tirrief' l15l David Cassel Activities-Junior Play Usher Committee: 3: Senior Play Ticket Committee: 4. AVID is one of the many students who had to struggle very f hard in chemistry. But he con- quered it and everything turned out fine. David is the only mem- ber of the class who be- longs to the Boy Scouts. That's all right, "Dave," for the training received may help you in the future. David wishes to become a great draftsman. The class of '34 hopes that your wish comes true. As "one who plans," he has in view Architectural work and a Udraftsmanf' too. Loraine Diehl Activities-Operetta: 2, 35 School News: 4: Sparl-rler: 45 Class Secretary: 4: Librarian: 43 Class Committee: 43 Senior Play Program Committee: 4. ORAINE is both an in- telligent and agreeable girl. She is greatly in- terested in poetry. When- ever Lorciine has any time to herself, she immediatelv begins writing one of her thrilling and exciting love poems. Loraine spent a great deal of time and energy working on the "School News" and "Sparkler." Loraine wishes to be a private secretary and we all know she will succeed. Apriuate secretary she will be, This lulondefhaiied giil, who writes poetvy. A-nd carries a smile where 'ere she goes, In order to win over het handsome heaus. Thelma Doll Activities-Glee Club: 1, Z, 33 Operetta: 1, Z, 33 Girl Re- serves: 1, 45 Sophomore Ba- zaar Committee: 25 Volley Ball: 1. NDUSTRIOUS, noisy, fussy -this is Thelma. She is an efficient commercial student but sometimes her fussiness gets her in trou- ble. Thelma has been quite successful in capturing a certain lad of our class. She is well talented along musical lines. Her name frequently appears on musical programs, as an accompanist or piano solo- ist. Some day she will Drob- ably take up music as a lifes work, Famous she will be, we are sure. Shes the pianist of the Class And really a very charming lass. illil I DADKLEI3 I 34 Frances Dehoif Activities-Operetta: 3. RANGES is quite a small lass, but has character- istics all her own. Frances continually insists on having her daily les- sons prepared, and she usually has. She is one girl in a hun- dred who shows very little interest in the opposite sex. Frances has followed the commercial course and wishes to be a stenogra- pher. The class hopes that the opposite sex will stay away and not ruin her de- cision. As a stenographei she will he The envy of them all. But more than that, she'll 'ready be Vifhen "Nelson" comes to call. Elsie Drawbaugh Activities-Operette: 4. LSIE is the bashful girl of our class. However, she has a great time each noon entertaining the tuition pupils with her jokes. This cheerful trait has played an important part in making the class like her as they do, Elsie has studied the classical subjects during high school. The class Wishes her lots of success and happiness in this new and wonderful field. A little country maid is she Who always knows her His' tory. Ancl like Paul Reve-fe, will take a Tide With Nelson Shejfei' to he his lrficle. I D DKLED 1034 Mae Eisenhart Activities-Glee Club: Z, 3: Op- eretta: 1, 2: Class Plays: 3,43 Sparkler: 4: Girl Reserves: 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Color Committee: lg Sophomore Bazaar Commit- tee: 25 Ring Conunittee: 4: Basketball: 1, 3, 4: Volley Ball: 1, 39 Track: 3, 49 Vice Pres. of Athletic Association, 3. IRST impression-noisy! Second impression- mighty nicel Last im- pression - good natured, big-hearted, and a peach ot a sport. That's Mae. She does a lot of day dreaming, probably ot the previous night with that Senior blonde. Mae is quite an athlete, especially on the basketball floor. All day in school she sits and dreams, But when "Stolen comes 'neat she swrely beams. Herbian Elicker Activities-Girl Reserves: 2, 3, 4: Track: 3, 4: Volley Ball: 3: School News: 1. ERBIAN is the small girl of the class. But in spite of Herbian's size. she is a studious lass. Often times during the day this "petite jeune lille" could be seen speaking tc a certain boy in the Sopho- more class. Wonder who he can bel Herbian has taken a com- mercial course and wishes to be a stenographer. May success and happiness be hers. She is the "Blondie" of the class, With dimples in hei' chin, And as a private secretary Many friends to her shelll win. Lois Fauth Activities-At Hallm-President of Glee Club: 3: G-lee Club: Z, 39 School News: 2, 33 Basket- ball: 1, Z, 3: Track: 1, 2, 3: Class President: 33 Class Sec- retary: 1, 3: Pres. of Athletic Club: 3: Secretary of Athletic Club: lg Champion girl tennis player: I, Z, 3. At North York Track: 4. OIS is classified as the "man hater" of the sen- ior class. But this is only because she thinks the Hallam boys are the best. Stick to it, Lois, and Charlie will not fail you. Her belief in the old adage, "Silence is golden," has been the cause for m-uch of her quietness. However, she abandons this beliet during her classes and dis- plays some ot her excellent talents. Lois Wishes to be a housewife and we know she is going to succeed. Charming Lois is always in style With that very attractive smile. i17l Ruth Fettrow Activities-Glee Club: Z, 3: Op- eretta: Z: Class Plays: 3, 4: Girl Reserves: 1, Z, 39 Librar- ian: 3g Head Librarian: 4. UTH, the "Clara Bow" ot the class, is noted for her commendable slow- ness to make friends with the opposite sex. How- ever, this is because she believes in remaining true to one, even though he be only a good soccer player. Ruth's ambition in life is to be a music teacher and she is certainly bound to meet success. "Clara Bow" is what we call This smiling lass who never stalls. And on life's pages she'll envoll As one who has music within hefr soul. Charles Gladfelter Activities-Varsity Basketball: Z, 3, 4: Baseball: 2, 39 Soccer: Zg Glee Club: 3: Operetta: 39 Orchestra: 3, 4. HARLES is one of those boys who spends a lot of time in the scientific department. How- ever, his interests are not confined to his academic work for he has proven himself to be quite useful on the athletic field. Charles has entered the field of chemistry, and af- ter school he wishes to be a chemist. Although this will mean lots of hard work, Charles is determined to reach his goal. Charles is always getting in "Dutch" For hanging around the girls too much. Robert Gladfelter Activities-Sophomore Bazaar Committee: Z3 Junior Play Usher Committee: 3: Senior Bazaar Committee: 4. OBERT is best known for his pleasing personality. Whenever you see him he is sure to be smiling. He loves good, clean fun and is notedfor joking and his good-naturedness. In the future Robert in- tends to be an interior dec- orator. With his ability to paint the sky with sunshine and bring out the silver lining in every dark cloud we know he cannot help but succeed. 'You see a smile when him you view, But you also see a painter, too. t13l I DADKLED I934 Stuart Flnichbaugh Activities-Varsity Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4: Soccer: 35 Baseball: 2, 3, 4g Track: 3, 43 President of Athletic Association: 43 Class Plays: 3, 4: Sophomore Bazaar Committee: Z5 Oper- etta: 1, Z, 3, 4: School News: 4. TUART is the heart- breaker of his class. Many girls fell for him during his high school ca- reer, but finally a brown- haired lassie succeeded in capturing him. Stuart some day hopes to become famous as a lawyer and the class of '34 wishes him plenty of luck. He malqes engagements which are quite the thing, For he always binds them with a ring. Viola I-lamme Activities-Operetta: Z, 3, 4: Class Play: 3: Sophomore Bazaar Committee 2: Junior Play Committee: 3 5 Senior Play Usher Committee: 4. IOLA is the baby of the class, but in age only. She really is quite grown-up when it comes to brilliance, for her grades are always good. But who is the lad who takes so much of her time? We've heard that he lives right across the way and drives one of those cars manufactured by and named after Henry Ford. Meanwhile, the Senior class, proud of having her as one of its members, wishes her success in the fullest sense of the word. Every day she and Miriam chatter. Two handsome lads are the subject matter. IDADKLED IO34 Marian I-leistand Activities-Operetta: Z, 3, 4. ARIAN is a quiet but industrious girl. A day never goes by that Marian does not have her lessons prepared, She also knows how to make good use of her leisure. Marian has taken up the commercial course during high school. We hope that she will get alona as nicelv as a stenographer in the future, as a student in the past. A calm little girl who makes no noise Is this one, a favorite among the boys. But in commercial work she does intend A few more years of her life to spend. Amelia Hershey Activities-Glee Club: 2, 35 Op- eretta: 1, Z, 3, 4: Class Plays: 3, 45 School News: 1, Z, 3, 43 Sparkler: Z, 3, 43 Editor-irv Chief of Sparklerg Girl Re- serves: 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Secre- tary: 1, Z9 Assistant Secre- tary: 45 Committee for Select- ing Motto: 19 Commencement Speaker. TUDIOUS, yet ready lor iung always serious, but never sad, is Amelia. She does excellent schol- astg vgnrkrin all ,subjects and is prominent in extra- curricular work. She is given credit for being the editor of our year book and doing good work on the "School NeWs." Besides this, she finds time for a prominent Iunior lad, To prophesy her future would be to under-estimate her-in any lield she will be more than successful. Many boys would walk a mile To see Amelia's lovely smile. Sara Activities-Glee Operetta: 2, 43 1, 2, 49 Volley ARA is the the class never tell l-lilt Club: 2, 33 Girl Reserves: Ball: 1, 4. silent girl of One can when she is near if she is not seen. She is always calm and quiet, but nevertheless is always prepared for her classes. As a commercial student she rates high and is a very industrious Worker. Af- ter graduating from this in- stitution she Wishes to be somebody's private secre- tary. Keep climbing, Sara, and you'll meet your goal. As a Hstenogu she'll be quite fine, And win a husband great, some time. l19l Grace I-lobaugh Activities-Operetta: 3. RACE is a kind, pleas- ant girl with good ners and a likeable disposition. She takes a good deal of interest in all of her studies and was usually seen pondering over books, especially dur- ing her noon hours. Grace has taken the com- mercial course and some day, she says, she'll "be somebody's stenographerf' Her career has not been decided upon, but we feel sure it will be a happy and profitable one. Some business man will lucky he To have her as his secretary. Kathryn Kann Activities-School News: 1: Sen- ior Class Play: Committee: 4: Commencement Speaker. ATHRYN, or Marian Heistand's shadow, as she is better known to us all, has proved to be a very fine student during her four years of high school. She took a great deal of interest in her studies and always made high marks. Kathryn's commercial ability is quite evident by her speed and accuracy in shorthand. With such qualities as these Kathryn is sure to make a success of her future. A very handsome girl, indeed, As a secretary she'll surely succeed. Kathrine Lehr Activities-Glee Club: Z, 3: Op- eretta: 1, 2, 3: Girl Reserves: 1, 4: Sophomore Bazaar Com- mittee: 2: Volley Ball: 1: Orchestra: 1, Z, 3, 4. HE class of '34 is very fortunate in having a great musician in its midst. The sweet melodies played by Kathrine on her saxophone could be heard in the school orchestra and in many assembly pro- grams. Besides being a great "sax-player" Kathrine stud- ied very hard and always managed to have her name on the honor roll. Kathrine wishes to be- come a famous musician. The Senior Class wishes her lots of success. Kathrine never wears a frown When with that lad from Hivelystown. t2Ul I PADKLEIQ IU34 Neita Hoffman Activities-Glee Club: Z, 33 Op- eretta: 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Plays: 3, 45 School News: 1, Z, 3, 4: Sparkler: 4: Girl Reserve Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Motto Committee: 1: Sophomore Bazaar Committee: Z: Basketball: 1, 3, 4: Volley Ball: 1, 3, 4: Track: 3: Secre- tary of Class: 3: Secretary to Principal: 3, 4: Librarian: Z: Secretary of Athletic Associa- tion: 4. HAPPY, good-natured girl, that's Neita. She is hardly ever seen without a broad smile on her face and there is noth- ing Neita will not do to help her friends. Neita is always busy, even her spare time is given to that one certain hero, the class crooner. Such a very charming girl Puts many lads' hearts in a whirl. Kenneth Morningstar Activities-Reserve Basketball: 1, Z, 3: Baseball: 1: Soccer: 1: Track: Z, 3, 4. EHOLD the Romeo of the class. Kenneth is very much interested in the opposite sex, especially those living about the cen- tral part of the city. But how can he help it if the girls fall for him? Kenneth has a very hicrh position in that famous I. C. T. I. Club. Kenneth hasn't decided exactly what his future plans are, but whatever he chooses, the class of '34 knows he will succeed. Known for his tennis far and near He's hound to win success, So unto him let's give a cheer For hope and happiness. I DADKLED I934 Bornaine Myers Activities-Glee Club: Z, 35 Op- eretta: Z9 School News: 1, 45 Sparkler: 4g Girl Reserves: 1, Z3 Soph. Bazaar Committee: Zg Junior Play Committee: 35 Senior Play Usher Committee: 45 Commencement Speaker. BIENDS, Romans, and Countrymen, allow me to introduce the Latin- minded girl of our class. She seems to connect all subjects with her favorite study. Even her laugh re- sembles the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Romaine is pleasant, noisy and very ambitious. The honor roll would be in- complete without her name, When a laugh rings loud and clear, 'You can bet Romaine is near. Bernard Peeling Activities-Glee Club: 3: Op- erettas: 2, 3, 4g Class Plays: 3, 4. ERNARD is the "Bing Crosby" of our class. His crooning and acting in operettas, class plays, and assemblies will long be remembered. Like "Bing," he makes them fall for him, especially one. One of his greatest Weak- nesses is minding babies. He is very seldom seen alone, as he is almost al- ways accompanied by the Prof's "stenog." The class of '34 wishes him success in the fullest sense of the word. The girls are all thrilled by his songs, But to a Senior his heart belongs. Boy Pfaltzgraff Activities-Junior Class Play: 39 School News: 45 Sparkler: 45 Librarian: 3. INSTEIN? No, but one of his brilliant colleagues. Thcrt's What Boy will be some day. For haven't We abundant evidence of his efficiency and talent in chemistry? He is the "standby" for his class- mates in "1ab." Roy is serious but always ready for fun. It seems strange that such a lad has not found time for the op- posite sex. With the study of chem- istry as a prospect, we are sure he will make good. The only "Einstein'l of l34 Surpasses all others gone before. l21l Bernard Quickel Activities-School News: 1. ERNARD is one of the blue-eyed blonde he- roes ot the class who thinks entirely too much about girls. Every day in Problems of Democracy class he could be seen talking to a cer- tain Senior girl from Emigs- ville, who occupied the seat behind his. But this never developed into any- thing really serious. lt turned out to be only an- other of those school day romances. Of many girls he has his pick, We wonder if "peroxide, is not the trick. William Riale Activities-Orchestra: 2, 3, 4. ILLII-XM is one ol the out-of-town students. He usually walks to and from school. lt is not too much trouble for him to carry his violin for weekly orchestra rehearsals and assembly programs. He proved to be quite a iaith- iul and valuable orchestra member throughout his High School career. This commercial student is known to fall tor certain out-of-town girls. William is quite a radio enthusiast and wishes to proceed in this field. The class feels sure of his suc- cess. If there is trouble in the ai'r, 'You can bet that William is there. Elizabeth Rishel Activities-Senior Play Program Committee: 45 Operetta: 4. LIZABETH is quite a timid lass, nevertheless she has her lessons pre- pared daily. She exercises the saying, "Do today's work today, not tomorrow." Elizabeth has a weak- ness tor an Auburn car driven by a gentleman trom Emigsville. The class ot '34 is sure that Elizabeth will succeed it she has her work pre- pared as regularly in the tuture as she had in school. Elizabeth talks the entire day, But we like her anyway. E223 I DADKLEIQ I934 l-larolcl Quickel Activities-Operetta: 2, 33 Class Plays: 3, 45 School News: 1: Sparkler: 4: Class Commit- tees: 2, 3, 4: Basketball: 1, Z: Tennis: Z, 3, 4: Class Presi- dent: 3, 4: Treasure of Athletic Assn.: 3: Orchestra: 1, Z, 3, 4: Commencement Speaker. AROLD is the musician of the class oi '34. His violin may be heard above all other instruments in the school orchestra. Harold is also a studious lad. He has carried high honors during all tour years of high school. Harold has followed in the steps ot the classical course. The class is positive that he will succeed in lite, par- ticularly if he sticks to his violin. He's a studious boy, indeed, We'1e positive that lie'll sucf Ceed. Viola Sauerwald Activities-Operetta: 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club: Z, 3. IOLA is one oi the pretty brunettes be- longing to the Senior Class. She possesses a smile which is known to many. Her utmost atten- tion has somewhat been attracted to our rivaling borough, Red Lion. Viola is a worthy mem- ber ot the commercial class. Her ability in singing won her name places on assembly programs and operetta casts. Some day she expects to be a nurse, and we know she will be a good one. She may not clistinguislira 'uevlfz from a noun, But slie sure knows that lad from Dallastown. I DADKLED IQ34 Nelson Saul Activities: Glee Club: Z, 35 Op- eretta: 1, 2, 35 Basketball: 1, 2: Baseball: 1, 2. ELSON is often re- ferred to as Maurice Chevalier. His height, handsome appearance, and his, French ability has probably won him this name. He is one of the few boys studying Senior French. All of his spare time is given to one particular dame, but who she is we do not know. "Chevalier" and a man so tall, Why ,tis none other than Nelson Saul. Clarence Senft May Senit Elwood Shaull Activities: Glee Club: 3: Junior Play Ticket Committee: 3. LARENCE is one of the smallest members of our class. He is timid and shy and does not show any weakness for the op- posite sex. But then, we are informed that during the luncheon hour he could not be distinguished from the rest. One of his worst weaknesses is blushing but we hope he will be able to overcome it. Clarence is a commercial student and the class feels sure of his success in this wide field. A very bashful lad is he And always quiet as can be. Activities-Glee Club: Z, 3: Op- eretta: Z, 3: Junior Class Play: School News: 1, Z, 3, 4: Business Manager Sparkler: Girl Reserves: 1, Z, 3, 4: Senior Play Committee: Bazaar Com- mittee: Z. HE Senior class is pleased to present this light-haired, smiling member. May can always be seen in a cheerful mood. Perhaps this is how she attracts the opposite sex. "Snuff" is very studious. At the end of every six weeks period her name could be seen on the honor roll. "Senft" wishes to become a secretary. With such a great ambition and pleas- ing personality she can't help but succeed. A frislqy little lass is she, As clever in "math" as one can be. t23l Activities-Glee Club: 3: Class Plays: 3, 4: School News: 1: Basketball: 1, Z, 3, 4: Soccer: 1, 2: Baseball: 1, Z: Track: 3, 4: Class Treasurer: Soph. Bazaar Committee: 2: Class Play Committees: 3, 4: Orch- estra: 1, Z. LWOOD is one of the most romantic boys in the class. His greatest weakness is his interest in the opposite sex. Elwood holds the record for having the most girl friends. Elwood's athletic ability gained an outlet on the basketball floor, where he displayed a thorough knowledge of the game. During our four years of high school Elwood has been our class treasurer, and has proven reliable. He divides his love among them all, This handsome boy, named Elwood Shaull. 4 Lewis Shenberger Activities-School News: 1, 2, 35 Sparkler: 45 Bazaar Commit- tee: Z5 Junior and Senior Play Committee: 3, 4. EWIS has been quite industrious throughout his High School career. He has also proven to be jolly, witty and tull ot laughter. He is an attrac- tive member ot that talka- tive gang in room 9. Lewis has served on the "Spark- ler" staii this year and the "School News" several years. The class ol '34 feels sure his ambition will help him reach his goal in whatever he undertakes. 'To he a chemist he does desire, This smiling lad whom all admire. Helen Shepp Activities-Glee Club: Z, 35 Op- erettas: 2, 35 Class Play: 35 Girl Reserves: 1, Z, 3, 45 Senior Play Usher Committee: 4. ELEN is an industrious lass with amillion-dol- lar smile. Helen be- lieves in smiling away her cares and troubles. How she loves to go automobile riding with a certain boy from West Yorkl Helen has studied the commercial subjects and hopes to be someone's "stenog." The class is posi- tive she will succeed it she keeps up her good work. A private secretary is her aim, As well as to receive in her personal gain A man who will a doctor he, And support her the rest of life, you see. l24l I DADKLED 1934 Anna Shelly Activities-School News: 1, 2, 3, 45 Sparkler: 3, 45 Operetta: 35 Glee Club: 1, 2, 35 Librarian: 45 Bazaar Committee: Z. NNA is the smallest and one of the quiet- est girls of her class. But when there is time for her to talk she does so in a very oratorical way. Anna was very busy during her high school days. She spent much time and energy working on and develop- ing the "School News." The class of '34 wishes her fu- ture plans to be very suc- cessful, whatever they may be. Anna's ,the unlucky girl of our class, She must have broken a look' ing glass. Kathryn Sipe Activities-Glee Club: 2, 35 Op- erettas: I, 2, 35 School News: 1, Z, 3, 45 Sparkler: 45 Girl Reserves: 1, Z, 3, 45 Junior Play Committee: 35 Basket- ball: 45 Volley Ball: Z, 3, 45 Track: 4: Librarian: 4. ATHRINE has been a very busy lass during her high school career. She has played a large part in publishing the "Sparkler" and the "School News." Kathrine is another per- son who has entered the commercial field, and how she can "type"l We are sure she will be a success- ful stenographer in the tu- ture il she keeps up her good work. As sure as two and two make four, 'Youill find a boy friend at her door. I PADKLED 1934 Robert Smith OBERT is one of the tall cmd industrious mem- bers of our class. He tries hard and knows what it is to be on the honor roll. Robert will be remem- bered for his many ges- tures of both head and arms While speaking be- fore the class. We have been unable to learn what his future pros- pects may be, but What- ever he may tackle he is sure to succeed. This charming boy when away from here Will make airplane mechanf ism his career. Dean Snyder Activities-President of Class: 1, 23 Operetta: 1, 2, 35 C'ass Play: 39 School News: 1: Class Committees: Z, 3, 45 Baseball: 3, 43 Track: 3, 4. HE senior class is very fortunate to have such a witty member. "Kike" is the class's great enter- tainer. Quite frequently a group of classmates could be seen surrounding Dean, who was telling a joke that he had heard the night before. "Snyder" is a favorite of the opposite sex. Quite o'- ten he was seen hanging around "Shaullie's" neigh- borhood. Oh, nol He wasn't looking for Elwood, but a pretty brunette Who lives nearby. He is the sheik of '34, For him all girls do fall. Let's hope for him that good luck more Will come to him and call. Ethel Wolfe Activities-Glee Club: Z, 33 Op- eretta: 1, 25 Senior Play: 4g Sparkler Staff: 45 Girl Re- serves: l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball: l, 3, 45 Volley Ball: 1, 2, 39 Track: 3. ll ERB" is the tallest girl in the class of '34. North York should cer- tainly be thankful for her aid in Winning basketball and volley ball games of the year. In history class one may notice Ethel gazing out of the Window, day dreaming about a certain gentleman from York. Ethel Wishes to be a sec- retary and let's hope no "Herb" hampers her de- cision. A basketball player with lots of Pfpi Who climbed from the hot' tom step by step. t25l Helen Zartoss Activities-Glee Club: Z, 35 Op- eretta: 1, Z, 39 Sparkler: 43 Girl Reserves: 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Committees: 3, 49 Ring Com- mittee: 43 Senior Play Usher Committee: 4g Librarian: 3, 4. HIS pretty brunette is a native of Emigsville. Each day after school Helen could be seen busily engaged in a conversation With her "hero." Helen is a great singer and she displayed this ability in several operettas. She also was very active in her school work, and managed to have her name on the honor roll. Helen Wishes to become a hairdresser. lt is truth- ful to say that she will suc- ceed. A bright smiling lass from Emigsville, With lots of energyg Also a fisherwoman of great skill, For she catches "shrimp," you see. I DADKLED 1934 Richard Zeigler Activities-Class Play: 45 Man- ager of Basketball Teaniz 4g Baseball: 2, 3, 49 Track: 35 Class Ring Committee: 4. EHOLDI The president and sole organizer of that very famous club which was formed in the early part of the year, namely, the I. C. T. l. Club. "Manager Ben" also is famous as a pitcher on the school baseball team. Keep up the good Work, "lunior," and some day Connie Mack may be asking you to sign a contract. Anyway, the class of '34 wishes you Seniorology 1930-31 President-Dean Snyder Vice-President-Clair Bixler Secretary-Amelia Hershey Treasurer-Ralph Houck 1931-32 President-Dean Snyder Vice-President-Clair Bixlcr Secretary-Amelia Hershey Treasurer-Elwood Shaull 1932-33 President-Harold Quickel Vice-President-Clair Bixler Secretary-Neita Hoffman Treasurer-Elwood Shaull plenty of success. As the "sport" of '34, Hcis in for fun and plenty 1933-34 nom President-Harold Quickel Vice-President-Dean Snyder Secretary-Loraine Diehl Treasurer-Elwood Shaull Class Flower American Beauty Rose Class Motto "We can't make headway Without head Work" Class Colors Steel and Blue i261 Senior Play The Senior Class presented "Girl Shy" as the customary class play. The play Was a farce comedy in three acts, Written by Katharine Kavanaugh. A most efficient cast under the supervision of Mr. E. I. McGuigan, head of the English Department, presented it in the playground auditorium on December 15 and l6. An enthusiastic audience shouted its approval. The plot was centered about a Senior college boy who really seemed girl-shy. His father tried to force the home-town girl upon him, but, to the surprise of all, he truly picked one for himself. The High School orchestra offered its services at all performances. "GIRL-SHY" Cast of Characters Tom Arsdale, Who is girl-shy ..... . Stuart Flinchbaugh Oke Stimson, who isn't . . . Bernard Peeling Caroline, Torn's aunt . . . . Ruth Eettrow Anthony Arsdale, Tom's father . , . . Harold Quickel Sylvia Webster, Tom's pet aversion . . . Ethel Wolfe Dean Marlow, dean of the college . . . Richard Zeigler Peaches Carter, Oke's present Weakness . . Neita Hoffman Asma, a colored "Wash lady" . . . . Dorothy Campbell Birdie Laverne, a movie aspirant . .... . Mae Eisenhart Barbara Sanford fBabsj, herself ..... . Amelia Hershey Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd, the college poet . . Clair Bixler Chuck Mayo, Birdie's late affinity .... . Elwood Shaull SPARKLER 1934 r 27 1 Juniors SU Senior Play The Senior Class presented "Girl Shy" as the customary class play. The play Was a farce comedy in three acts, Written by Katharine Kavanaugh. A most efficient cast under the supervision of Mr. E. I. McGuigan, head of the English Department, presented it in the playground auditorium on December l5 and l6. An enthusiastic audience shouted its approval. The plot was centered about a Senior college boy who really seemed girl-shy. His father tried to force the home-town girl upon him, but, to the surprise of all, he truly picked one for himself. The High School orchestra offered its services at all performances. "GIRL-Sl-lY" Cast of Characters Torn Arsdale, Who is girl-shy .... ' . . Stuart Elinchbaugh Oke Stimson, who isn't . . . Bernard Peeling Caroline, Tom's aunt . . . . Ruth Eettrow Anthony Arsdale, Tom's father . . . . Harold Quickel Sylvia Webster, 'l'om's pet aversion . . . Ethel Wolfe Dean Marlow, dean of the college . . . Richard Zeigler Peaches Carter, Oke's present weakness . . Neita Hoffman Asma, a colored "Wash lady" . . . . Dorothy Campbell Birdie Laverne, a movie aspirant . . . . . Mae Eisenhart Barbara Sanford fBabsj, herself .... . Amelia Hershey Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd, the college poet . . Clair Bixler Chuck Mayo, Birdie's late affinity .... . Elwood Shaull SPARKLER 1934 r 27 1 Personality Plus Most Modest . Most popular girl . Most popular boy . Wittiest . . Apollo . Venus , . . Beau Brumrnel . 'l'eacher's pet . Most dignified . Has "it" . . Biggest bluffer . Noisiest . Sleepiest . Best scholar . Girl shy t 23 3 Beryl Gochenour . Neita Hoffman . Stuart Flinchbaugh . Harold Wolfe . Robert Barton . Iune Strine . Richard Zeigler . Evelyn Pans . Annabel Hoover . Estella Baylor Annabel Hoover . Mae Eisenhart . Herbert Baublifz . Harold Quickel , Clarence Senft SPARKLER 1934 JUNIOR E293 fl 1 W 4 L ,T X -11QzT?fi?-SCI? 1 A-'LN Q .J l Q! , ,f ,X f i ' 255 2' '14 W: :X l V I In J my 'W 5 W 431' Ju f HH? ' ? r X ill ll E l I ? flfifrw ." Qmf? A af www ww f R H 3 f " IL 4 -, ' Wfcefw fu M W , gimp, E,l"l. H 4 Juniors X301 lunior History On March 8, l932, a meeting was held in room 8 by members of the class ot '35. At this meeting class otticers were elected. The election resulted in lohn Saylor being elected president, William Blessing, vice-president, Gladys Botterbusch, treasurer, and Helen Kochenour, secretary. Class colors and class flower were chosen at a meeting held on March 22, l932. The color and tlower were, respectively: scarlet and steel, the American Beauty rose. The class held a meeting in room 5 on October l8, l932, tor the purpose ot selecting a pennant and an emblem. Hats and caps were ordered in the class colors, scarlet and steel. The executive torce elected was: president, lohn Saylor, vice-president, Kenneth Eyler, secretary, Helen Kochenour, and treasurer, Gladys Botterbusch. Plans were made for the annual Sophomore bazaar. The committee heads tor the annual bazaar werei cake, pie and candy, Helen Kochenour, advertising, Kenneth Eyler, ice cream, Robert Barton, amusement, Margaret Lichtenbergerg sandwich, lsabel Beshore. On September 20, l933, a class meeting was held in room 5 tor the selec- tion ot class otticers. The results ot the election were: Robert Barton, presi- dent, Kenneth Eyler, vice-president, Helen Kochenour, secretaryg and Gladys Botterbusch, treasurer. The Iunior play, "Alibi Bill," was presented on March l6 and l7, l934. The play proved to be a big success. The presentation was ot a new type and both old and young enjoyed it. l t31l l unior Play The annual lunior class play presented this year Was "Alibi Bill," a farce comedy Written by Katharine Kavanaugh. Under the supervision of Mr. E. I. McGuigan, principal oi North York Schools, the play Was successfully presented on March l5 and 17, in the playground auditorium. All pre- sentations Were Well received by large audiences. The play, a succession ot laughs and amusing implications brought about by the conduct of Alibi Bill, received much praise from all Who saw it. ALIBI BILL fCast of Charactersj Lucy, the Smiths' maid ....... . Rosella Beam Benson, the Smiths' butler . . . Iohn Saylor Aimee Smith, the Wife .... . Helen Kochenour Mrs. Kennedy, the mother-in-law , . Sybilla Sollenberger Billy Smith, the husband . . . Robert Barton Iimmy Robinson, the triend . . . William Knaub Daisy Montaine, the show girl . . . Ruth Everhart Ned Kennedy, the brother . . . William Blessing The cop himself . . . Chester Brandt Miss lones, the fiancee . . Evelyn Pahs SPARKLER 1934 t 32 i SOPI-IOMORE f33 fuul X ,H r T--,fg,, - YQXYNX w if F m " se ' , Ig " 4 Z "' ! "3'i'Zff7 'f V ,-, 2 Ng! A ,, , f, , Z 1 W fl -f ff ag 1 s4'f' Ma? ,TM ,f WL M WW WM Sophomores X343 Sophomore History On September l9, 1933, the Sophomore class met in room 4 for their first meeting with the purpose of selecting class officers for the year. President Gerald Snyder presided. The nominations which were held were as follows: President, Gerald Sny- der, Thomas Reamg Vice-president, Fred Nunnemaker, Gordon Ensminger and Clifford Schaszberger, secretary, Victorie Sipe, Doris Horn. The results of the election were as follows: president, Gerald Snyder, vice-president, Gordon Ensminger, secretary, Victorie Sipe. Ruth Rishel had been appointed treas- urer for the four years of the class in a meeting held during the Freshman year. The class colors, which are blue and gold, were also chosen at this Freshman meeting. No motto or flower had been chosen as yet. The annual Sophomore Bazaar, which was held on October l5, was a tremendous success, for which the Sophomore Class sincerely wishes to thank the rest of the student body and public. On March 6 the pennant committee selected by the president met in the office at noon with the purpose of selecting a pennant, hats and sweater cle- signs for the class. This committee was composed of Victorie Sipe, Dorothy Ensminger, lanet I-loke, Margaret Herman, Thomas Ream, Richard March, and Gerald Snyder. A pennant designer was present and exhibited his stock, from which were chosen the pennants, caps and sweater emblems. Thus the events and meetings of the Sophomore Class are terminated for the year of l934 and another chapter in their history is complete. t35l Freshmen 8 Sophomore History On September l9, l933, the Sophomore class met in room 4 for their first meeting with the purpose of selecting class officers for the year. President Gerald Snyder presided. The nominations which were held were as follows: President, Gerald Sny- der, Thomas Reamg vice-president, Fred Nunnemaker, Gordon Ensminger and Clifford Schaszberger, secretary, Victorie Sipe, Doris Horn. The results of the election were as follows: president, Gerald Snyder, vice-president, Gordon Ensminger, secretary, Victorie Sipe. Ruth Rishel had been appointed treas- urer for the four years of the class in a meeting held during the Freshman year. The class colors, which are blue and gold, were also chosen at this Freshman meeting. No motto or tlower had been chosen as yet. The annual Sophomore Bazaar, which was held on October l6, was a tremendous success, for which the Sophomore Class sincerely wishes to thank the rest of the student body and public. On March 6 the pennant committee selected by the president met in the office at noon with the purpose of selecting a pennant, hats and sweater de- signs for the class. This committee was composed of Victorie Sipe, Dorothy Ensminger, Ianet l-loke, Margaret Herman, Thomas Ream, Richard March, and Gerald Snyder. A pennant designer was present and exhibited his stock, from which were chosen the pennants, caps and sweater emblems. Thus the events and meetings of the Sophomore Class are terminated for the year of l934 and another chapter in their history is complete. t35l In Memoriam CARL SHIRE sadly missed by his classmates 5 36 1 iw 1' gg., 5?5'M E435 W I' 'I Il 55, iw? ,f kg 'll fi! Z' QV P X7 25 f f Z l ?g?WW llrf HX 6 L ? QN M'v 4 5:4 WH Je W in cf 'N W' ' 'EQ EEQQW 4, '-gem !i?f f?25w ,gafw ?:w ,, , uf , fp f my , M ii: 4 3 ff NJ' iz ff 'J 'J 1 " X7 ft Z24! fr' , 'ff A, g i'i1,'iL'l iLu 1- ' ff " 'kU' E' 5 2 ?wW'5V1 0' Q4 li' U55 yu H , f' 1. Q-Q. - E-' N, IH1 , 7,435 16 5 'Z 1ly,'i,-Hmm f , if -' 'f'1"'fl f W mlwin li KifA5Avwwy 25 " l 3f"if'4'g!I'W5? 5i2i:g:'if?W6MQf? he iff, iwwpm EAA. A Freshmen 8 Freshmen History Freshman days at North York High were days of confusion, days when we had to take the uncomplimentary things, such as the upper classmen's merry "ha-ha," days when self-control proved to be a necessary trait if you expected to be liked by the other students. After adjusting ourselves to the situation at hand the class held its first meeting on February lE3, l934, for the purpose of electing class officers. Pro- fessor l. R. Snyder was in charge of the meeting. The election resulted in the choosing of Elsie Zuse as president, Millard Wolfgang as vice-president, Iune Strine as secretary and Edna Hoffman as treasurer. At this first meeting the elected president appointed a committee to pick class colors. The class met on a later date for the purpose of selecting the class colors. The colors selected were brown and gold. These colors were picked from the following combinations: green and gold, cherry and steel, maroon and steel, and brown and gold. With such activities as these our freshman year came to a close, making us feel as though our struggle during the first year will make us more able to accomplish worthwhile things in the future. So now, no longer Freshmen, but Sophomores, we are looking forward to our Sophomore year, when things really will begin to count, tw ,- n SEE IF YOU KNOW: 1. One who is just. 2 3 4 5 6 7. The home of a king. 8 9 10 11 . The capitol of South Carolina. . The first day of the week. . One who bakes bread. . The bony framework of the body. . One who makes cloth. . A plaything of a small girl. 12. One who sails the seas. 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 . An animal that travels in packs. . A fuel which grows in plant form. . One who does clay work. . A steady gaze. if Answers in advertising section. T401 . A possessive pronoun and a noun. . Two names given to a person of the masculine gender. . The name of a popular summer resort. . A greeting card sent on February 14. . Two boys who have the same father and mother. . A furry animal that sleeps all winter and lives in the mountains. . A wind instrument used in hunting. SPARKLER 1934 l ISPELLING BEE TO-N161-lTl .SWA fa ff!! ff S2 X W5 ffm U' :-wail 15,-,mgg,,fX 31 All . 1 an S ' ' W' Q 1K 'z 'Q" . A n 'w ..,7w"-x " K' '- ' 1 A .yiftgf anim f , - QW 'f fyfx 1 MH, , A , f M I f N W Q 5 KxgxWXK? 3 if H W in 11, X ACTIVITIES ' A Operettan E421 SPARKLER 1934 High School Cperetta On April 27 and 28 the annual high school operetta was presented in the playground auditorium. The operetta entitled, "The Sunbonnet Girl," was under the direction of Miss Kathryn L. Morning and Elwood I. McGuigan. A short synopsis of the operetta is as follows: Susan Clifton, the Sunbonnet Girl, is the orphaned child of musical parents. She has been left in charge of Mr. and Mrs. Abijah Scroggs, a skinflint couple who have starved and stinted her. As the play opens, the State Federation of Music Clubs is making plans to conduct a contest for certain scholarships in music. Sue would like very much to take part in the contest but is forbidden to do so. Bob Coleman, carried away by her beauty and charm, persuaded her to sing. She sings her solo and is immediately awarded the prize. Bob then asks Sue for her hand and in the meantime Constable McSpavin found a dispatch box con- taining Sue's effects, and among them is a deed to a town lot in Los Angeles, which proves to be of immense value. This proof of property removes the last barrier, and the curtain falls on the prospect of a double wedding. Ample humor is afforded by various comic types, including Mr. Scroggs, the hen- pecked husband, Ierry, the breezy college youth, Evalina, the shrewish vixen, and Reuben McSpavin, the simple son of Constable McSpavin. Cast of Characters Miranda, Hiram and Mrs. Meadow's daughter . . Mrs. Meadows, President of the local music club . . Luella Lumpton, a village maiden . . . Hiram Meadows, a kindly farmer . . Evalina, Abijah and Mrs. Scroggs' daughter Reuben McSpavin, the constable's son . Ezra McSpavin, the village constable . . Mrs. Coleman, a wealthy patron of music . Bob Coleman, her son ,... Barbara Coleman, her daughter . . ferry Iackson, Bob's chum . . . Susan Clifton, the Sunbonnet Girl . . Mrs. Scroggs, Abijah Scrogg's better half . Abijah Scroggs, the Sunbonnet Girl's guardian Sadie Simpkins, another village maiden . and chorus of village boy SPARKLER 1934 t 43 J Viola Sauerwald . Victorie Sipe . Dorothy Ensminger Gordon Ensminger . Louise Rose . Clair Bixler . Richard March . Kathryn Sipe Bernard Peeling . lanet l-loke . Elwood Krebs . Ruth Everhart Sybilla Sollenberger . . Stuart Flinchbaugh . . . . Doris Dherit s and girls Girl Reserve Club During the past school year the Girl Reserves was one of the most active clubs in the school. This is largely due to the excellent leadership of our in- structor, Mrs. Cunningham, who is also a teacher in the grades. The officers who served this year were as follows: president, Mae Eisen- hart, vice-president, Mae Senft, secretary, Neita Hoffmang treasurer, Gladys Frantz. Throughout the year the program was planned so that there would be a balance between the number of useful things done and those done for recrea- tion and fun. One of the most successful parties of the year was a "stag" party at Hal- lowe'en, held on the lawn of Mrs. Cunningham's home. The girls, dressed in male attitre, had a carefree, rolicking time. A candle-light service was held in St. Peters Lutheran Church. This service introduced the Girl Reserves as one of the prominent clubs of the town. Christmas proved to be a busy season. On December l7 the G. R.'s en- tertained the people staying at the York County Home. On Christmas Eve they went carol singing. On December 29 a "kids" party was held at the Y. W. C. A. building in York. Everyone dressed like little girls and boys, and exchanged childish presents "just for the fun of it." ln Ianuary a calendar, showing scenes of York's most attractive spots, was sent to a mountain school in Colorado. The teacher of the sixteen pupils was formerly of York. On February 16 was sponsored a Girl Reserve Gala Night. A program, consisting of a colored play and several other numbers, was presented free of charge. A faculty tea was held in the Y. W. C. A. building by the North York girls. A humorous program formed the chief entertainment. One of the last important affairs held this past year was a farewell party for our dearly loved Seniors. Following the close of school sessions the Girl Reserves are going to spend several days at Camp Cann-edi-on, near Sheep Bridge. SPARKLER 1934 t 44 Il Orchestra Violins Herbert Baublitz Emil Eyler Harold Quickel Richard March William Riale Clarinets Robert Harry Clair Dessenberg Guitars Director Miss Kathryn L. Morning Dorothy Ensrninger Eugene Beshore Pianist Saxophones Katharine Lehr Fred Nunarnaker Mary Eppley Trumpets Max Klinefelter Charles Gladfelter Kathryn Swartz Glenn Cousler Drum Theodore Lehr Mary Ellen Cousler SPARKLER 1934 wi North York School News Founded September, l927 1 Published monthly by the students of North York High School EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Anna Shelly, Editor Loraine Diehl, Assistant Editor Columnists-May Senft, Romaine Myers, Amelia Hershey, lsabel Beshore, Roy Pfaltzgraff, Harold Quickel. Feature Writers-Sybilla Sollenberger, Margaret Lichtenberger, Helen Kochenour. Sports Writers-Richard March, Gerald Snyder, Stuart Flinchbaugh, Phyllis Lehr. Reporters-Mary Ellen Cousler, Ruth Rishel, Dorothy Ensminger, Elsie Zuse. Cub Reporters-Mary Fair, lune Strine, Isabel Brehm, Annabelle Hoover, Harold Snyder Monroe Myers, Vincent Stare. ' BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Business Manager-Neita Hoffman. Circulation Manager-Kathryn Sipe. Advertising Managers-William Blessing, Gladys Botterbusch, Ruth Everhart, Maurice Rishel, Richard March, Charles Wilt, Gordon Ensminger, Thomas Ream. Helpers-Robert Senft, Mary Lease, Lydia lordan, Marie Spangler, Romaine Hoffman, Lacreda Myers. Dial 52265 1 10 Cents G COPY 50 Cents a Year 60 Cents by Mail SPARKLER 1934 t 45 ii ATHLETICS 47 cv -'W Vdfdfgiffvf ' Zz I "Irie L7 I ff! Jae? 07? f f 2 7 fy 7 , ,ff 2 ff' f f gf Q gf! vqgxxk Mvrwdim 155AIfff"f". Wa ,Jaw w-rw If-fn , -fy' -fm' 0v 5 f My-Q1 Rl ' ' ' 'r Q f Q .l f f ,f Wy, 1' k J! 'Map ,N fuklluvdrfqmwfg , 'H If pit' VI, f' f -V im MV Nizw I ,.., MZ 1, xxx f W 14 f f' Wxllgfl V - 7 ' if A Varsity Basketball 1. Varsity basketball was the greatest success of any in the annals of Nortn York High School. North York finished in fourth place. One of the most notable things which happened during the year was a seven-game Winning streak. This is the highest record attained in the county. The second team also had a very good team, participating in many close games and winning many of them, also. Both of these teams are to be highly complimented on their fine Work and it is hoped that, although the team loses some fine players through gradua- tion, they may do better in the coming year under the excellent coaching of Mr. Heilman. The schedule for the 1933-34 season was as follows: North York at Glen Rock, Dec. 8 ...... North York at Catholic High, Dec. 13. Wrightsville at North York, Dec..19V.. North York at Spring Grove, Dec. 221. . Dover at North York, lan. 5 ......... North York at Delta, Ian. 9 ,....,.. Fawn Grove at North York, Ian. 12. ,, North York vs, Alumni, Ian. 16 .,., North York at West York, Ian. 19. . Dallastown at North York, Ian. 26 Varsity vs. 17-20 .21-20 .25-15 12-11 .22-23 34-21 19-26 16-20 16-13 7-31 Glen Rock at North York, Feb, 2 ..... North York at Wrightsville, Feb. 6 .... 14-21 14-29 Spring Grove at North York, Feb. 9.. 6-21 Catholic High at North York, Feb. 13..16-35 North York at Dover, Feb. 16 ....,.,, 27-16 Delta at. North York, Feb. 27 .....,,,, 29-39 North York at Fawn Grove, Mar. 2. . .16-20 I West York at North York, Mar. 6 ..... 22-20 North York at Dallastown, Mar, 9 ,... 24-23 I ,Red Lion at North York, Mar. 0 ..,,,. 31-19 Faculty, Ian. 30 .,..,.,... 25-19 - Q 481 ,SPARKLER 1934 ' s Freshman Basketball The Freshman basketball team, under the coaching ot Mr. Charles Leber, is known as a junior team and plays against junior high school teams. They have in them the making of real basketball players and have shown their zeal to display it. Schedule For 1933-34 Mt. Wolf at Mt. Wolf . Mt. Rose at North York . West York at North York . West York at West York Hallam at Hallam . Mt. Wolf at North York . Mt. Wolf at North York . Mt, Rose at Mt. 'Rose . SPARKLER 1934 - . - jf4931 16-31 8-22 10-19 15-25 22-20 16-8 16-13 13-15 Girls' Basketball The girls' basketball team of 1933-34 is the most successful and outstand- ing team the school has ever had. Due to the fine coaching of Mr. Leber, the girls have established a record by not losing a game on their home floor. Oi the twelve games played, ten were victories, while only two were losses. This means the girls won 8379 of the games they played-no other team of this high school has done this. Ethel Wolfe, a forward, was captain of the team. Some remarkable things were accomplished during the year by this de- termined group. They broke a chain of nine victories that Biglerville had established, then defeated Dover High School girls, who did not lose a game in two years, the North York team being the only high school team to defeat them this year. SCHEDULE FOR 1933-34 North York vs. Alumni - - - 20-8 North York vs. York Catholic 27-14 North York vs. Biglerville - - 17-34 North York vs. Dover 15-6 North York vs. Red Lion - - 29-26 North York vs. Alumni - 26-ll North York vs. Biglerville - 30-27 North York vs. York Catholic - 25-17 North York vs. Dover - - - 24-35 North York vs. North York Iunior Girls 24-18 North York vs. Y. C. 1. - - - 33-21 North York vs. Red Lion - 21.20 291-237 15011 SPARKLER 1934 Baseball Baseball is a Very successful sport at North York High. Four very inter- esting games with close scores have been played so far. The first game was played against Manchester. This game, besides being the first of the season, was also very exciting. There were a large number of hits in this game, causing more excitement than usual. The final score was 7-6, in favor of the home team. The score Was U-U when the game Went into extra innings. Corwell came to bat in the end of the eighth, but a "three-bagger," with two men on base, thereby making the score l-O, in favor of North York. The third game was played with West York, also on the home diamond. The score Was lU-4, in favor of North York. Thus North York was tie for first place in the league With Dallastown. The fourth game played was at Red Lion. Here North York suffered her first defeat with a score of 5-3. Schedule for 1934 April 6 . ..... At Manchester April 13 . . New Freedom, at home April 20 . . . Open April 27 . . . At Red Lion May 4 . . Dallastown, at home May ll . . . At Dillsburg May 18 . . Glen Rock, at home SPARKLER 1934 t 51 J Track Teams One of the most successful activities during the past year has been that of track. Although this extra-curricular activity has only been established during the last few years, the students have proven their ability in this type of sport. An interesting track meet was held with Manchester High opponents. The final standings were: lUO yd. dash, March and Deon Snyder, of North York, first and second, and W. Smith, of Manchester, third, time ll seconds, high jump, Flinchbaugh and Barton, of North York, tie for first place, and W. Smith, of Manchester, third, height five feet two inchesg shot put, Byers and Shaull, of North York, first and second, and Gross, of Manchester, third, dis- tance 33 feet eight inches, 440-yard dash, P. Blum and Dean Snyder, of North York, first and second, and W. Smith, of Manchester, third, time 58 seconds, discus throw, McCleary, of Manchester, first, Wolfe, of North York, second, and Gross, of Manchester third distance 86 feet, 880-yard run, G. Snyder and Barton, of North York, first and second, and Malehorn, Manchester, third, time 2:22, pole vault, Krebs and Himmelbright, of North York, first and second, and Malehorn, Manchester, third, height 8 feet, broad jump, Paul Blum, G. Snyder and Flinchbaugh, first, second and third, all from North York, distance 18 feet 2 inches. North York also captured the relay with little trouble. Blum, of North York, with his teammates, Gerald and Dean Snyder, scored the three highest individual standings. Blum had l5 points, Gerald Snyder, 13 points and Dean Snyder, ll points. North York High students had as another important track event, the meet at Bed Lion. SPARKLER 1934 T521 ?. AN Q: W fs ' -'i N" z Hr XX 'Um' 1' 3 Q E i' ' 5 , Drive If af LQg!Mfg!,,Q4lX ,. A ,, E' TI.. lm f7g0!e"7e ,Beasflg Xi I ,E f i X 'E Tf"' E E" 5 ,1 ADVERTISEMENTS E531 Z A ffl I kg f fff 112 , E I f f M4 GGL ' ' ,Z -1 E ff : 'fff J E' f' ,M f ' ' ff If uU'W1k?7. xg f I4 47 f f 1 1 f I 1 4 SPARKLER 1934 'E' l I "The News Stand of Service l l E 1 l l CARL'S NEWS STAND g 41 East Market Street l f l I E. CARL cAssEL. Prop. ,!,,,-,.,....,.... .. - - - - - -....- -ml 5' l ROYAL TYPEWRITERS g "End the Day with I a Smile" l l Buy a Royal Typewriter T Bancrott's I . T 33 South Duke St. 1 Dial 51561 ,PH-Im- - - 1lm-m.-.m..,...- .. 1 -un-1. n-uuiun1un1un-,,,,1.m1nu1runlim--,..1m,1m, nn-nu--nn-nn-nn-nn:-:nl1nuinn11:11-lxu-nu-llu 'Z' Z' 'S' -it 'Q' l l l l l 'l' .lim-I 1 1m,1m,...m,.-.,,,1m,,mi 1 ,lm ..1,,,,....,1 1-...41 1 1 1 -. .. -HH ,,...,m.-nun,nu,nn1,,,,1nnl1nln1nn1 .- .. ,lm Philco Radios and Grunow Refrigerators 1 MAYER BROS. 642 E. Market St. York. Pa. n1nn1uun...uln1nnn1u,,1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,-nul..n.n1m...m,.. SCHOOL CALENDAR September Sept. 5-eOnce again here our schoolmates assemblel Yes, another busy year of school has begun! Sept. 6-Freshmen! Freshmen everywherel Sept. 7-Everyone is busy following their schedule for classes. Sept. 8-More mixupsl Sept. ll-Freshmen persist in using library lor stuclyy room. Sept. 12-Mr. Leber begins coaching volley ball. f54 l ..,,,,1 1nm1nn1lnn1nln1ulln..,,,,1nu,mi ,,1,m1,g Compliments of W. F. Mundis 61 Sons Grain-Flour-Feed Yorktowne Groceries Emigsville, Penna. York, Pa., R. D. No. 5 1un1 ,un--IIII1nn1nn.-nn-nn-un1nu-xn1un1u 1unn....m,1un1lnu1 -nu-- ,uni 1.1: -m:1ir Sept. 19-Those Iuniors sure crre "coming into their own" on the track. Sept. 20-Seniors ore broc- ing up! There's going to be competition ctt this meet. Sept. 23-Volley bodl proc- tice continues. October Oct. 3-Everyone Went to the York County Foir todcty ond come home with stomach oche. Oct. 6--No school sessions. Everyone is going to the Folir ogoin. 'S' 5 555 'Z' I I 4- 'Q' I I I I I -i- I mint:-i inn1uniml-un-nn1lln1nu1u1 -un-It SPARKLER 1934 I 'Tlll'i illllillllTllllilllllllll-full-iltllTIIII1IIIITlllITlIIL? SUCH CANDY! B - Slifer T650 5 Toe Bas, L D. E. WoLFGANG's Manufacturers T of 5 I High Grade I Candies I Store Factory T 1100 N. George sf. 8-12 Latimer si. I III1IIllTI!II1IIIl'1 lllllllllll 1IIII1llll-vllllvIlll11llllugi4 u1nn1 1nn1uu1un-xnu1nn-n -lnu1nnn1lul-nnu1u rf' For GOOD EATS and DRINKS I try the i NORTH END LUNCH I ROOM I F. A. SHINDLE, Prop. T Home-Made Ice Cream t 1 I I I 1124 N. George St. I fi' SPARKLER 1934 If You Want Heating and Plumbing Done call for R. H. HAAS 6 SON 'Phone 52461 .-ml... .. lmilm.. .-lm.-nn-,.... 1 .-nu..,. -unv1sn-lln1-l1unvlm- - -un1nu- Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances Philco and Atwater Kent Radios Grunow Reirigerators LAUER 6: GROSS Electrical Contractors 1 1366 W. Market St. -nt-. .-nu-nn1nn-un-un-un1nn...nu1 1nn-n I I I I I I agen-nn-nu1lnl-un-111111111-nu1nu-nn-lln1lnl-un- I - Reading and Lehigh Coal SMYSER 6: SMYSER I Dealers in I : C O A L I i Office and Yard I Cor. Beaver and North Sts. - York. Pa. I Delivery to All Parts of City il1It'1IllI'Ttt!'1lil?THII1'Itllitlllvvllltllllr-1Illlilllllllltvllll 'Zan-nu1mm-un1111111111--ln:-nn-un-nn1nn1-nn-1xnn- I Oct. IO-During noon hour Y the boys usually enjoy a game I ot "lousey" something or other - that they call volley ball. - Oct. I3-The inter-class track I meet went oft with a bang. The I Seniors came in tirst fot course, I and the luniors second Qwho 1 would have thought it?j ' Oct. 20-The Sophomores E hold their annual bazaar, - Oct. Slflvl-m-m-ml Everyone - is sleepy today. Too many : l-IalloWe'en partiesl I November I Nov. I-Several boys who are tond ot gunning "hooked" ' school to see it they could get I the "limit" of rabbits the tirst T day ot the season. nfltlvlllliullvIIII1IIII-ml-nll-1IlIIv - -' - n-nn- I55I is -nu-nn1ueu-nu-lun-lm... u1-nn--ua.-lun-vu-ua:-mQs "Shoe Health" Headquarters Wo1fgcmg's Shoe Store 1121 N. George Street York, Pct. 1 The Home of "Brown-Bilt Health Shoes" 1nu1nn-nn-uninn-n:n--inn-1111111111 - -nn-n -.nu1m.14 .-.m,1m... ... 1 1,,,,1,,,,1H,,1un1,,, Nov. 5-Seniors picked "Girl Shy" as the play to be pre- sented by the class, Nov. 11+Senior c1ass rings are chosen. Nov. 14-Basketball is in the air. Practice has begun. Nov. 14-Basketball is in the air. Practice has begun. Nov. 29-No school tomor- row! 1t's Thanksgiving, With its turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pies. December Dec. 1fRehearsa1s for '1Gir1 Shy" are in full swing. -n-u-nn1nu-nn-un-nuinu-nm-nun--1 - 1m-u ugl- 1 .fu 4... SPARKLER 1934 ,Hui 1012 1 :1nu1lm..nn-ln:1un.-un-nu- DIAMONDS , , Nu M "Qua1ity,Right, the Same as Price" I. FRANK REESE Ieweler N. George St., Yor G R E E N ' S VELVET ICE CREAM .g..........- .... -.---.- .- 1571 kPa SPARKLER 1934 'S I For Quality I 1 mf I BUTTER Bnos. I Pasteurized Dairy Products I I N. George St.. Ext. 1 York. Pa. I -1- if I - start leads to a good ending. show. L Dec. 22-The long antici- E pated Christmas vacation is I here. Somehow it doesn't seem - possible that halt OI the year I has gone by. I 4om-uu- IIII - lvvl - llll - vrll -1 - - - '- - H-"H-I 11111111111111111111111111111111-lm1111-1111--l1111uu111n-nlnf! 11111111- 1 1 111111111,111111 1 1 1111111111141 -- IILI - 'rf' - "'f - IIII - -III - III- --111-11-- III- - "'- --1-1--11 'Q- 1 Dec. 8-Well, welll We lost the season's first basketball i game. But they say a poor i Dec. l3-Comin' up, folks- : or rather skating up, tor every- - thing is coated with ice. Both the girls' and boys' Varsity I teams Won last night. York Catholic High were the losers. Dec. I5-The Seniors pre- : sented "Girl Shy" with great ' success. The entire cast feels - sorry they can't put on another ug-411111 I I I I I I I I I -11 'Z' I I I I I I I I I -if -2- I58l 111111111 1111 1 1111111 11111111111111111111 1111111--ml-1111-1111111111lIll1u11-1111-nu1llll11n Shearer 61 Shindler Furniture and Funeral Directing 9U9-911 N. Duke Street Free Use of Funeral Parlor. Service Day and Night. 11111111 1111111111-un11111-lm1111111111-111111111-lu C O M M U N I T Y PURE FOOD STORES ROHRBAUGH 61 SIVIITH Groceries Provisions Notions 930 N. Duke St. York. Pa. 111111111 1 1 1111111111111111111 1 111111 11 ,.1,,,,1uu1ml...,,,,1 1 1 1 1 SPARKLER 1934 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn1m,1 1 1 .-nn1ml1,m..m.1.,....m,1m.1 AWNINGS Phone 35269 BLUM AWNING AND TENT CO. Custom Built Awnings Tents to Rent - All Sizes 128 W. Philadelphia St. York, Pa. nx-nn1nu1nu1un-uu.1m:.1nn..nn1un C. I. BESHORE Registered PLUMBER 1147 N. Geo. St. Shop 512 N. Geo. St. York. Pa. H.. 1 1 1un..nn1nu1 1 1 '11 1nn1n1 f59 'S' 1 1 1 1 I 1 4- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..m1un1nn-nuiun n1.nn...n.- 1 1u-nu1un1nn- 1 -m-uu- Ianuary Ian. 2, 1934-Everyone is back at the grind. 1 bet no one reduced over the vacation, which will now cause many vexations. Ian. 5-North York beat Dov- er, or rather, Siam Blum didg he had 17 points. Ian. 6-Well, aren't the Alumni tickledl The score at the halt of the game with West York was 4-10, favor them. When the final Whistles blew the score was 16-13, favor North York. Ian. 19-Last day for mid- year semester examinations. in-un-nn1nn1nn1un1nm-nu-un-nn-uu-wn-un-- -ml-ln... .- -nl.. 1 1. lun, --. 1.-m:-nu-un-uu1uu1am-un-un-un SPARKLER 1934 5511955 For All Occasions Serve NEUMAN'S ICE CREAM ALLEN EPPLEY Groceries Smoked Meats Cigars and Tobaccos Feed and Hardware Notions 1401 N. Geo. St. ,ml-. -.nu1,,,,11.11-1111-.,,,,-.un-.unlm1 -.,,,..,. Z' - .. -..N-....g. .. .-mt-n .Q4H-v:n-m.- -lm-lm-ml-m1-ml-lm-It -m.-m.- 4, 'E' - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 4...-...-.. ---------- tm- 4. A. A. BOSSHART Artist-Photographer 10 W. Market St. York. Pa. .5.1..-,t....t ...------- lt- via 1 1 1 1 47 'I' 1501 lan. 26-The Iuniors an- nounce the title ot their annual class play. It is l'Alibi Bill." Ian. SU-So the Faculty team was going to lick the varsity so hard they couldn't see straight. Well, they've changed their views considerablyg the score was 25-18. February Feb. 2-Tonight we sent Glen Rock down into defeat by a score oi 21-14. This is the sixth consecutive league game Won by the team. Feb. 6-Freshmen pick class colors ot brown and gold. nn-nn-vm-ml-un-ml-nu.-un-nn1un1un- -mw- SPARKLER 1934 6 SPARKLER 1934 4. 4. 4u:1uu-.- -.....- -...... -H.. .--. ....- 4, SODA ICE CREAM STUMP'S NITE LUNCH 1033 N. George St. 1 York, Pcr. 1nn1l1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l1n:1.1,4 -n.......un-...nn1nu1nn1nn111.11.,,,1m,1m,..m,...,,,,1,, WHEN IN DOUBT-ASK THOSE WHOM WE HAVE SERVED u Yesterday is yours no longer: Tomorrow may never be yours: Today is yours, and in the living present You may stretch forth to the things that are before." -Canon Farrar 1 A. ZEIGLER'S SONS Funeral Directors PRIVATE AMBULANCE Goldsboro, Pa. Manchester, Pa. 1un1un...uu- I.. 1 .-In-un--un1nn1 -nu1n -5- 'Z' -P -if -S- 15' Compliments oi SIEVERS 6. DEVERS Iewelers 17 S. George St. York, Pa. ,.1.,..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1v,,,1 .I1,,,,1un1m....,,,,1nn1un1nu1un11:11-nnninn-:uni Feb. 9-Perhaps the- players redeemed themselves for let- ting Wrightsville beat them last Tuesday, anyway they beat Spring Grove by l5 points. Feb. 13-This was Girl Re- serve night at the games. At- ter the games they sponsored a dance. Even though the op- posing team, Catholic High, did lose, they stayed tor the dance. Feb. 16-Did Dover take itl She had to! The score was 27-16, favor N. Y. H. S. Feb. 27-By a margin of ten points did We beat Delta, that scrappy team which wanted to beat us up at the game we played with them on their floor. 1:--un1u 1m 1nu1nu1un-nu1uu1nn...un--un-mi f62 1 144,411, 1 111 1 1 1 FAIRCLOTH'S i RESTAURANT SPARKLER 1934 1 :un-un-lm-un-uu1un,nun-nu-nuiran-nn-unix 1 I l l l I Week Day Dinners, 25c I Steak and Chop Dinners, 35c and 5Uc - "BOB" FAIRCLOTH, Prop. 2 Phone 64338 1030 N. George St. : 111,11 1 1 1 1m,1m,1,,,,1 1 1 1,.,,1,, March March l-Defeat! We had almost forgotten what it was like. Fawn Grove players were the Victorsg We the victims. March 5-The Sophomore class pennant was picked. March 8-Freshman class produced several of singing ability. Robert Sentt Was the most outstanding. March 15-The operetta, Sun Bonnet Girl," is chosen. Class pictures tor the Sparkler are taken. March 29-Girl Reserve As- sembly program is presented. 1lln1nn1nu1nu1un1nu1nn1nn1nn1nu1uu-un--n 'Z' 4' 563 'S' -in l ,,1,,,,1nn1.m1m,1,,,.1nu1nu...nn1nn1un1 1,.,41.. l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1:1111 -nn1noia .-..H-H..-...-....-....-....-....-....-...-..........-.......Q. ZION'S VIEW GARAGE l L. H. Emrich I l l l 1 - CHEVROLET l l l 1 l R. D. No. 5. York. Pa. I l at SPARKLER 1934 -uu- -- -un 11--1-1- nu-m,1, EVENING DAY Send for our New Catalogue THOMPSON COLLEGE C. M. Thompson, Pres. Opposite Postoiiice. York. Pa. 1 Courses 1. Higher Accountancy and Public Audit- mg Z. Private Secretary Course 3. Commercial Teacher fPrivate Schoolj 4. Drafting-Mechanical and Architectural 5. Civil Service-Railway Mail, Etc., 6. Salesmanship and Advertising 7. Aviation Drafting Ground Aeronautics 8. Dictatypy-Machine Shorthand 9. Chain Store Management and Ac- counting 1m,1 1,,,,1,.,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1uu1,,, 1,,,.1: 51 ,.1m,1..,,1w.1,,,,1un..ml1H 1 1,,,,1,,. Compliments of VALENCIA Where Dancing is Always a Pleasure. 1 America's Greatest 'Dance Orchestras 'P -HH 1--1-1--- 1 -nu-my '33 'Z' f64 J 'i' 'E' l l 'vu -in.. I--m1 .1 1ru1nn-nuinn-nn--un1am-nu-nu.-. YOU TAKE NO CHANCES when you bank with The Central National Bank and Trust Company. This institution has 24 years oi suc- cess behind it. It operates under U. S. Government supervision. be- longs to the Federal Reserve System and offers the protection ol Federal Deposit Insurance up to a total oi 52500.00 1 CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY 36 E. Market Street York. Pa. 11.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.,1,.,,1 ,,1mf1...,1m,.-m,...,,,,..un1m... 1 1 1 ..nn1 March 30-Today everyone is preparing to look their loest for Easter. No school today. April April 2-Everyone is chock full ot candy from yesterday. April 3-Practices tor oper- etta speed ahead. April 6-7-The Alumni pre- sent their play entitled, "The Meddlesome Maid." April 27-28-The operetta, "Sun Bonnet Girl," is presented by the high school, under the supervision ot Miss Morning and Mr. McGuigan. 1m1 1 1 1 1 1,,1,1 1 1 1. 1,m1 SPARKLER 1934 1nu1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1---1 1 1 11m1,m1,m-.ml11111111111m,1m,1,,,,1m,1,,,,...,m.-I GAS REF RIGERATION- The finest box that can be built is none too good for the unit that cools it. The ELECTROLUX GAS REFRIGERATOR consists of the type box, plus a gas operated unit that has no machinery or moving parts to wear. Long life is assured and the same high class service as on other gas appliances. Economical, too. in cost of operation. 1 PENNSYLVANIA GAS 61 ELECTRIC CO. 127 W. Market Street York, Pa. 1my1,.- 1 1 .-m,...m,... 1 1 1 ,1....1ll May May 4-Seniors sponsor their annual bazaar. May ll-Girl Reserves hold a Faculty Tea at Y. W. C. A. May 18-Girl Reserves hold a farewell party for Seniors. May 25-The Alumni enter- tain the graduating class by a soiree at the playground auditorium. May 27-Baccalaureate serv- ice. May 28-Class Night exer- cises. May 29-Commencement ex- ercises. 1, 1 1 1 ..... 1 1 1 l1,,y,1l4 11111111111111111,,1,y1,1 av 1 l 1 I 1 l -Q' i551 -u-ul,- :inn-nuinninn1un1nn1lln1lun- n1un-1 RALPH E. BEAR Ford Authorized Sales and Service Zion's View, Route 8 York. Pa. m...nn1 1 1 1,m..,m1nn1 1 1 1.,i1.m1 SPARKLER 1934 .iw1un1nn1un1nll1ull-Inu-nn-nu-uuuinniun-un I i 1 We invited you to pay us a visit I 1 ! 1 l at our New and Up-to-date FOUNTAIN T for - Sundaes , Ice Cream Sodas Coca-Colas 1 - 1 I We Aim to Please! 'I I . 2 BAYLOR S 1 119 North George Street .1 'iqllillllilllliflllll llll T1lIli'llllllltlTllllTllll"-llllT'l1lill1l '!"f-""-""- -""-""-"""- "" -""-"""-f - -"" ! 1 G U 1 s 13 s ' 1 f 1 5 ICES and ICE CREAM 1 T Stores at Duke and Princess St. : and 1 611 W. Market St.' 1 'S'IITlllt1IlllYilllli-'III11-IIIIUTNIITIlll""lIIl'TIlIITIII1 llllllll 'S' 1 1 1 1 1 -I3 'S' -13 fee ii' 1 I 1 -5' 'E' 1 fr 1 u1uu-nn-nuinn-nn1un-nn1unn.-un1nnnu-nu1m: H-.m,1..,, .. -. .- .. 1 ... 1. n-11:11 inn-nn1nn1nu-nu1un--nn-nu-nn..-un Kelvinator Electric REFRIGERATORS Electrol OIL BURNERS Electrical Appliances of All Kinds 1 H. H. Sprenkle Sales Co Beaver and Philadelphia Sts. -I-an1un-mr-mn-nn..-nn-un.-nu1 - 1 -mm- SEE IF YOU KNOW- 1. Fair 2. Charleston . 3. Sunday 4. Chapman 5. Herman 6. Baker 7. Cassel 8. Beshore 9. Skeleton 10. Weaver ll. Doll 12. Saylor 13. Valentine 14. Brothers 15. Bear 16. Wolfe 17. Horn 18. Wood 19. Potter 20. Stare SPARKLER 1934 H. K. BILLET 6 SON ' Builders of Drstinctive Cemetery Memorials 1 Third Ave. cmd N. George St. YORK. PENNA. -Dean Snyder -Neita Hoffman -Velma Spangler -Harold Wolfe Richard March Thelma Doll -Paul Blum -Herbian Elicker -William Blessing -Mae Eisenharf -Edna Hoffman -Romain Hoffman Robert Barton -Iohn Saylor -Amelia Hershey Orville Wood Evelyn Fahs Helen Zarfoss -Harold Quickel Loraine Diehl -'-11-I-----I---1-- -n- 1 -nl-lui, ofau-un- - - 1 Two BY TWO I , I Z GRADUATION GIFT S... I I I THE GIRL GRADUATE I I - will always treasure a wrist watch, and : : - she will adore one of these new, tiny I ' Baguette watches! Despite their dainty T Bernard peeling Z W size, these watches have good, dependable E , , movements. ' Berlwrd Hlmmelflghf I PRICES START AT 515.00 I Other wrist watches, somewhat larger in I : S size, with Elgin, Waltham, Hamilton or 5 Longines movements are priced from I : : 315.00 to 565.00 5 Annabelle Hoover - l THE BOY GRADUUATE I DOTOlhY Ensminger I I will need, before anything else, a dependa- I - ' ble watch, in order to establish a habit of 5 punctuality. We recommend, and fully I Q , 1 1 guarantee our strap watches, priced from 5 -Siuart Flinchbaugh 512,50 to 555,00 I : : Diamond rings, specially designed for the 5 girl graduate, are priced at I I ' 317.50 525.00 550.00 I I I Ring and necklace sets of semi-previous I ' ' stones, start at 5 I 52.00 I : ' And many other gifts, moderately priced, 5 - - for graduates, are now on display. I l l A. SIMMONS I Sherwood Sureth I - Diamond Merchant-Ieweler I ' 21 S. George Sl. I I I I York, Pcr. T .-....-....-....-...I... .. .. - - -I..-...Z -i-..-....- - - -....-..........-...I-. - -. -...I-Ii. I67 II Ill..-1111111111 111,41 1,,,,1,,,,1 1 1,,,.1,j.,1 1 1 1 SPARKLER 1934 Compliments oi T E M P'S Sales and Service 1 NORTH YORK GARAGE 1309-ll N. George St. nu-n ,.,,1n 'Q' 'E' York. Pot. 1 Cris-Crczi Motor Boats ofa uu- 111111-v-f 411111140 E68 'E' 1 1 1 -1- 5' 1 -1' 1 ,.1jm1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11.1.1 5.9 1 1 '45,-2 YK ?' 49. lngxrhluynff' BAYE ' You are cordially invited to come in and see the quality jewelry we make and com- pare values . . . you will be most heartily welcomed . . . avail yourself of this op- portunity to compare quality and values and in so doing you can be sure of re- ceiving the utmost in value. Lovely Diamond Rings . . .Pendants . . . Pins . . .Bracelets. Prices For This Fine Diamond Jewelry, Start at Sl0.00. FRANK C. BAYER Creator of Distinctive Iewelry 17 and 19 E. Market St. 2nd Floor - York. Pa. ,,1,...1,,,,1.,m1nn1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1141 "Mamma, when the tire goes out, Where does it go?" "My dear boy, l don't know. You might just as Well ask me Where your father goes when he goes out." -O.. Mae-I had a close call last night. Neita-How come? Mae-You know l got home late on Saturday night, dad heard me and asked what time it Was. l said "Eleven o'clock," and just then that old cuckoo clock ot ours sang out two times. Neita-What did you do? Mae-Why, 1 just had to stand there and cuckoo nine more tirnes. H1ml1m.1,,H.1.m1m.1 1 1 1 1 11 1,,,,1 SPARKLER 1934 N393 SPARKLER 1934 4. ....... 4. in 1W1ml1ml1,m... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Dial 64244 Established 1905 SHARP'S PRINTERY LAWRENCE s. CRAMER, Prop. 739 N. George St. ...HH1 1 1 1 1 1 ..,m1 1 1 1--01,1 1m.1 1 1 1 1m... 1 1 1 1 1m......t f f fff4?2 4 I7 1 ,pw- Q Z Jfis JVERAGLS 7 f WF' if -21222 gg 4 Uliff f Z 1 fi ff 3, Nu ff? '1 xiii? x we r.,"" - , , 1-:-lf.. . K L , tm, .J ff - it 6:54 7 1, Tv , yy Z7 3'-13f'f:,,,,,,a 17. '13-,f:f'p-,zz ,A 2 2 -.,-3:p5.agQqg2:.g,' If f 61. L ' ' L'.. " M 5 W f' 1 f 4 f Z Q 4' Q-fl-nw 2,55 9 it A all 1' s- r 1' ",-" ::c. ff 's Ill l fl' '1 W.t'XY K 4 il E f xx1 NN if lx M iff llx fd 'N '-4 9. PT 97 F1 "U I." I-ll 'I-I I-I Q1 U2 5'o 22 Q E. 0 V1 .-,m1,,,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1lm1ml1.m,1tm...n ,ig . 'Z' Q70 1 I ....... - Z Perry's 1 1 1 i BARBER SHOP 1 - 1 T Q 1123 N. George St. niet-nu --1-11- un-A - 1 -nn- ofa n?n1nl.-ull-ull--luninn--un1lm-nu-lln-lln1lnl1un-- ,P I 2 "Now, girls," said the restau- E rant manager, "1 want you all to look your best today. Add a little dab ot powder to your : cheeks and take a bit more I care with your hair." I l'Sornetl'1ing special on?" asked the head Waitress. T UNO," informed the manager. 2 l"l'he beel's tough." I 101 Alyce-The bride looked 1 stunning, didn't she? Z George-Yes, and the groom I looked stunned. 101 T Tommy-Father, what part of E speech is "Wornan?" I Father-l'Woman" is not a f part ot speechg she's the whole 1 thing. vim:-nu--nn ------ ' ---- lm- 1 ut.. 1nu-. 1m...nn-.m,1,m1 1 1 ,1,,,, "Say It With Flowers" IOHN DAUBER Florist 1705 North George St. York, Pa. HUMBLE-MUNDIS CO. 1536 North George St. TYDOL GAS - VEEDOL OIL TIRES - BATTERIES TUBES ,,,1111..11111gl1,gK nu..u 1-nz SPARKLER 1934 Best Quality FRUIT 'and VEGETABLES can be bought from L. C. HEILMAN Service any time, Rain or Shine Dealer in Fish, Fruit and Vegetables .-un-nn.-mn-nu1un1uu.1nn-un-uninn-nu-u:u- u-un.-nm-un-ull-nu1un-uninn11:11--lun-nun-nnn1 Pupil falter lesson on crea- tionj-But, teacher, daddy says We are descended from monkeys. A Teacher-We can't discuss your private family affairs in class. -O- Dora-Don't you think that movie queen is improving? Grace-Yes, she's marrying a better grade of man every year. 10.-.1 Mr. Mitchell-Did Edison make the first talking machine? Roy-No, God made the first talking machine, but Edison made the first one that could be cut oft. u1m,1lm1uu1.m.- 1 1 1 1 1 1,l..r1ll1 SPARKLER 1934 uf:n-inn1nrn1nn...un--un1nu-M1 1 - 1 -un...n l We try not to l crow about ourselves I I I f . . . but we are pleased that T we can refer you with pride to the many people who I have found "printing satis- I faction" here. 1 - 1 l This book is the product of the I GAZETTE PRINT SHOP :ilu-un 11------111 um-n ngouiuui -ull-nu-lun-ru ----11 :min i 'Phone No. 31137 l . ' For Fresh Fruit and Vegetables You'll Get the Best L at T I Henry Everhart and Sons l North York, Pa. ! 2 1 L L l "Best Goods for Lowest Prices" l -I- .......t.-..,t......,- - -..,.....,....................- -t...-...g. 'i' 4' 'Z' f72 'S' I I t l -1' 'f' l '1- 3 ,,1,,,,.1,4,,1,,,,.- 1 1 1 1 1un1nu1,,,,1m, CIGARS BILLIARDS Meet the Boys at the NORTH YORK CIGAR STORE 1057 North George Street York, Pa. ICE CREAM CANDIES n1tm... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1uu1 n1nu-ma.. 11m-unit: 1 -n1lln1u1 111111 Boy-Mother-sayl I Want to know something. Mother+What is it, Iunior? Boy-When a lightning-bug lightnings, why doesn't it thunder? -O- Caller-ls the boss in? Boy-l'm sorry to say he is not in? Caller-What makes you so sorry? Boy-Because l don't like to tell what isn't true. 101. Son-Dad, what is meant by the "board ot education?" Dad-eWe1l, in my time, son, it Was a heavy shingle. FINIS V V -L 1 A " 32.41,--f 'ff Y Z-fd -4 1 Jrirvi

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