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,C L 92 N ,- sag, .NNY vi -. H, ---fp-, X ha' . , , -iff, A nn :- r I fi., - sigma iw-- a '-.4 fs rg, L, Sf- ' if vqxqge, r... ' 'Y '-ag.-TY, .ralfw - A ,W,. - Q 4,- 1-55 ff--v V, ' f ,S 'H-'H i . - ' Vff ff-1-ff' 'af' -- 31 , - - - Qi X 'Z' ff' , Q42 11 vie-.5 ' , -5 ff?-I: , V 'vfigiii . x-- " . " "Z . ,. fi ,N . F 1 . ., . '? us., Q,--Fzkf' W4 ' N WMA wi YJ 2 1 'E 1 -- -a aw- . 4. . . lai A-. -Q , nf 51. W.-R, ,-.,. .x,-5 4' hy, , , :L x up ,- --Q - --, '12 H 53.1 ,g' 6' , . N, , , 5 , V, V, . - Y,-,gn .47 r T-17, c Y.wv,. ' ' ' :JU ' 1:51344 V ' JH' 4- jg -,TE I-. f if 9. ., :hun 'rsl 5 .L - 4 .f'- 4--'M 4 QQ , 05 9 Q A 5 35 'Q ' .5 E E5 A 2 5 fs E if E is 5 E E 55 i n 5 Qi 2? :mam,y,w.4fff,f..qz-1a..,Q.pM-,.,,w,-iff.-9.-I 1 , ,M-mwmfm.,-....,...,..,.... ,. .wb-,.1.....i.M,mU ,VQQJVLMMF-MA .1 V- .M - Hw....-.w..,n.m.-mM,,.,mEnmww 1.8.2 .mf 5 Ei . ,., , f.,: vu.: 1--Qi. 4 , , Q., 2. :L .L Lf Y .--,J ,1 flffzmi-z6:Q,1,,,1,,.,-,,,ii -wma.-fun-1.-x 1. ,-,V -11.vH-r1..-xL.,fg.f,4f,.mgm- ' n-avg, we gf Wm f..' '42 M, ,"i'::7f'?:,3f.5T1,ij-is Bi IL H HHH 5 Tl-IE SPARKLER 7933 ki? hd6lv5o' flXlhYlfl-lhShl w 0 ash.-5 -n. ,V, 1 . A iriiis SIDAIQIKILIEIIZ ioaa FQIQFWORD lN the years to come As we travel the road of destiny May this little boolc transport us Baclc again to our golden school days. Enlolded in its pages Are our worlcs, our hopes, our dreams, Faces vve'll treasure alvvay. Forever, may we, vvith the same youthful ardor Think lofty thoughts, do noble deeds, and try harder To travel higher and higher. EE QQQQQQQ v inamm "' 1 ri- lll ' -I0 0lgl0 0IO lm' E41 runs SIDAIQIKILIEIQ iiosei -PGP Soni sa iraqi.,-n , Infrodudian A 1-- Q , I S ' l' ll ' '- F - - . , ,I -:earl -Hal E-1 Nedh York h I-nl lm! M f' 0' 'E "di W?-Y' -E Tn me depnl was - A . ' . I - , E1 s ':: 5 3 2553 ' I -iilxl 1- L . 7- F- - 5 H: "3S ' 'IIS lu!-! Mwwcimi bca limi! :'e a, 1:S11 nvl'g1:"l Iii 2I '--mil ilu!!- TS'-t we- g S' S5155 'Refrain I 5 iEu gnu'I'ff::: i IIIIHQ !l'I :-- 5 ' V Y K L um L...1 I'ffthe'?v1ilT,n..f.4e-.1.fu17'-QMS'-fe'-'k"I " You or :e....:::: . : Q 3 Q 3 2 1 , ' I - I r .. , Qveolicez tion to MR. ELWOOD J. MCGUIGAN, because he entered upon his teaching career when we entered our high school lifeg be- cause of his outstanding success in his own sphere of actiong because of his talented coach' ing which has been the greatest factor in making our class play a successg because of his interests in all of our encleavorsg and ultimately because we love, esteem and 'respect him as an instructor and a gentleman whom we shall never forget. - 'W' r fy? EE Qiipagg ' - l EIN E 1' olo cc- oloro 'A oxo ""' E51 TIHIIE SIDAIQIRILIEII2 IIQ33 C5 Edi+or-in-Chief ELIZABETH HERSHEY, '33 Associa+e Edi+ors PRESTON BOTTERBUSCH, '33 CARL CASSEL,, '33 KATHRYN EYLER, '33 EDITH KAUFFMAN, '33 KENNETH ZIEGLER, '33 Arfisf VIRGINIA SHERMAN, '33 ll ll Sparkfer Business Manager MARY KUNKEL, '33 Associafe Business Managers MARY GENTZLER, '33 RETA G-INGERICH, '33 CATHARINE GRAY, '33 MILDRED HOUCK, '33 CHARLOTTE TYSON, '33 Phoiographer CARL CASSEL. '33 Reporfers AMELIA HERSHEY, '34 HELEN KOCHENOUR, '35 MAE SENFT, '34 SYBILLA SOLLENBERGER, '35 ANNA SHELLY, '34 DOROTHY ENSMINGER 36 1 0 Y - I IE QQQQQQQ A E I VIRGINIA I L Q 0 ,L ,,,,- Q 010 CIO T61 X -L jf I' A f X, 'Q ' Q' XV' ' I, Mx x ...sal -v X FACULTY iillilli eimieiiiiiiien ll933Q professor lrvin R. Snyder, M, A, Supervising Principal of The Norlh York Public Schools. received his college educaiion ai Geilysburg College and his lvl. A. degree al lhe same insliiulion. Feral? ifigiffg tai TIHIIE SlDAll2illll-iElQ IIQ33 Professor Willis E. Ramsay, M, A, Principal of 'rhe High School, insirucior in Laiin, English, French. advisor of lhe "School News" and facul+y advisor of 'rhe "Sparkler." Q . - xl i - - All lOl0-01010 'RWM oxo lm' ' l i M lllllllli SlDAll2llllLll2 IQ IIQ35 l Miss Beryl Ruby, B. S. A Graduale of Millersville Slale Normal School, class of l923. Received B. S. degree al Gelfyslourg Col- lege. Teaching Experience: Hallam Schools, Hallam, Pa., Clinlon High School, Clinlon, New Jersey. ln- slruclor in Malhemalics and Hislory. Mr. Elwood l. McGuigan, A. B. Graduale of Albrighl College, class of l929. Al'- lending Gellysburg College for M. A. degree. ln- slruclor in English: direclor of plays and direclor ol speaking roles in lhe operellas. Miss Kathryn L. Morning, A. B. Graduale of Susquehanna Universily, class of l929. lnslruclor in music: direclor ol lhe operellas: leader of The Glee Clubs. Mr. Henry A. Mitchell, B. S. Graduale of Franklin and Marshall College, class of l924. Teaching experience: Mounl Joy High School, Mounl Joy, Pa. lnslruclor in General Science, Bi- ology, Physics, and Chemislry. 1 W -E I El! QQQQQQ ' ' E I - Al loxo more G'N'A oxo ""' U01 TlHlllE SlDAll2llilLllSll2 llQ3?3i CTD Miss Alverta Lecrone, B. S. Graduafe of Elizabefhfown College, class of l93O. lnsfrucfor in Typewrifing, Sfenography, Office Prac- iice and Junior Business Training. Miss Laura Burket, B. S. Graduafe of Millersville Sfafe Normal School, class of l932. Teaching experience: Vanclenclale High School, Vandendale, Pa. lnsfrucfor in Problems of Democracy, Hisfory, and English: Advisor of Girls' 'Re- serve Club. Mr. Charles C. Leber, A. B. Gracluafe of Lebanon Valley College, class of I924, and affenclecl Springfield College. I925-26. Teaching experience: Mechanicsburg High School, Mechanics- burg, Pa., Polyfechnic lnsfifufe, Philadelphia, Pa. ln- sfrucfor of General Science, Healfh and Hisfory af Norfh York High School: also coach of boys' ancl girls' volley ball feams, fraclc feam ancl girls' and freshman baslcefball feams. Mr. Ray E. Heilman, A. B. Gracluafe of Grove Cif Colle e class of l932. Y 9 - Member of Befa Sigma. lnsfrucfor in Typewrifing, Bookkeeping, Secrefarial Training, Commercial Geog- raphy: also coach of varsify baslcefball feam, and base- ball feam. Elil QQQQQQQ 'Q nu E v.RG.N.A A ole more oxo EIIJ WVHIE SIDAIQIKILIEIQ 11933 .4 - -l - A 1 l VIRGINIA W I W ' EE A, 010 0l0I0 0I0 E J X K .nv Q 4? SENIGIQ QlllHllE SlDAll2lKlLllEll2 IIQ53 Daisie Marie Arnold November 22, l9I5 "oH, Hum" Aclivilies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- elfa: 3, 4: Baskelball: 4: Volley- ball: 4. AISIE is one of lhe highly envied girls who has won her silver bas- kelball lhis year. Daisie has par- 'ricipaled in many sporls since her 'rwo years wilh us, and Norlh York is indeed lorlunaie in having such an alhlele wilhin ils school. "Dizzie" has lwo diflicullies in life and shorlhand is bolh of lhem. How- ever, she is gelling along very nicely and should be a greal help as a slenographer io a ihriving business man. Go 'ro il' Daisie and if you are unsuccessful il won'+ be because The class of '33 is noi back of you and roofing for you. Treva Romaine Bear June 8, l9l5 "GET our" Aclivifies-Glee Club: 3: Baskelball: 2, 4: Volleyball: l, 2, 3. 4: Girl Reserve: I: Sec. of Alhlelic Asso- cialion: 4, 5: Baseball: l, 2, 3. REVA is a baskelball slar. When "Jakie" guards her opponenl no score can be made for 'rhe olher parly. We all know Thai if Treva works afler she leaves school like she works on 'rhe 'ream she will be a winner. Treva 'rraveled many miles back and lorlh lo school. Bul dislance doesn'+ seem 'ro make any difference lo her because she never complains aboul il. "Peaches's" lavorile enioymenl is dancing. Perhaps Treva likes dancing because il' helps her keep her grace and beauly. K' "' - EE QQQQQQQ Q - .se .a I VI GINIA sum -, .A c f-N oxoro axe 41 TVIHIIE SlDAlQllllLll-EIQ H933 Claude LaVerne Billet Sepfember 20, l9l5 -'ru Poke Your' Acfivifies-Baseball: 3, 4. LAUDE is an ouf-of-fown sfudenf. Rain or shine, Claude walks fo and from school. We all know he will never regref fhe many sfeps he has faken fo come fo Norfh York High. Claude is one of fhe few boys in fhe fypewrifing and shorfhand classes. We cannof undersfand how he can concenfrafe in his commercial classes wifh all fhe girls around him. Buf 'l'he girls don'f keep him from doing his besf work. Claude wishes 'ro be an elecfrical engineer. Alfhough fhis will mean lofs of hard work. he is defermined 'ro reach his goal. Preston Daniel Botterbusch July l2, I9l5 "WHAT no You cms?-' Acfivifies-Glee Club: 4: Opereffa: 2, 3, 4: Class Play: 4: "School News": 2: "Sparkler": 4. ll OO-l'S" has made himself famous fhis lasf year by being The sole originafor of a very exclusive club, commonly known fo Norfh York- ers as fhe Chang-Gow Club. Anofher reason "Boofs" is famous is because of his fidelify fo a cerfain sen- ior girl fhroughouf pracfically his en- 'rire high school days. Sounds as good as a fairy sfory: doesn'f if, buf iusf The same i'r's frue. Lasf buf nof leasf, "Boofs" is famous because he never refuses fo fake any- body any place fhey wanf fo go. For fhis reason he was a greaf help fo The baskefball and baseball players. ' W l EE QQQQQQQ - nw - f ll Uv 0 0 more oxo ll" 51 Tllllll-E SlDAll2lKlLll-ElQ,1 IIQ33 Emma Evelyn Brandt June lb, I9l5 "Mow Hoses!" Aclivilies-Librarian: 4: Volleyball: 4, HE class of '33 is indeed very for- lunale in having a clown in lheir midsl. This clown is Evelyn. She en+er+ains 'rhe Jruilion pupils each noon hour wilh her comical anlics. She also keeps lvlr. lvlcGuigan in suspense by "cracking" her jokes in an underlone iusl audible 'ro +he pupils. Allhough "Eve" has only been wilh us for 'rwo years, everybody has learned +0 like her. l'ler cheery disposilion has played a large parl in allracling peo- ple l'O her. This disposiiion will also be of use lo her in her fulure work. When she be- comes a secrelary il may enable her 'ro a'r+rac+ much business for her em- ployer. Edward Carl Cassel July 17, l9I5 "Dio You Ti-iouei-i?" Aciivilies-Class Vice-presideni: 2, 41 Pholographer and Assislani Edifor for "Sparkler": 4, EHOLD our ideal business man! This characlerislilc of Carl's has been very useful +o him as well as +o 'rhe "Sparkler" s+afl. A very famous spol in York is Carl's News Sland, where many seniors can usually be seen blocking 'rhe sidewalk, engaged in lively conversaiion wilh lhe proprielor, Mr. Cassel, because he sells candy. He always has candy wilh him, bu+ nol' for a very long lime. Oh, no! "Cass" can nor refuse any girl who is in hunger. The class of '33 ioins in one greal big wish for The besl success possible which is due lo such a sludious and sociable lad. 1 W4 l ml liil QQQQQQQ - , T - li-- Al Q.Aaloxo oxoxo V 'RG'N'A mo ""' 61 iriiig simieiiiiiieia ieaa Eugene Ralph Dahr July 2, ms "FOOl.ED YOU THAT TlME" Aclivilies-Orchesiraz 3. 4. UGENE is probably 'rhe mos+ 'rimid boy in his class. Neverlheless his limidness has noi prevenied him from showing +he Jreachers 'rhai he has his lessons prepared. Eugene is par- licularly inreresled in subiecfs relafing +o lvlaih or Science. Dahr is also one of 'rhe senior class's Sanla Clauses, because he usually has candy for The girls and chewing gum for 'rhe boys. Allhough Eugene has been an our- ol-'rown sludenl he has had a very good aliendance record. lf he is as conslanl in his worlc affer leaving school as he has been in school no+hing can prevenl him from prospering. Bruce Evert Dale January 24, l9I6 "No KIDDINH' Acfivifies-Secreiary of Aliendance: 4: Assisfanl' Secreiary of Alfend- ance: 3. RUCE is 'rhe bashful boy of our class. Bur 'rhis bashfulness seems 'ro vanish when he is in 'rhe pres- ence of a cer'rain junior girl. He seems 'ro gel a lo+ of enioyrnen+ our of driv- ing a friend's auiomobile. Of course he needs some means of geH'ing 'rc school every day from Emigsville: and, lhen, again he can 'ralce "l'ler" for drives ou'r info lhe wide open spaces. Bruce has a very good allendance record. Perhaps +his accounls for his seleciion as secrerary of allendance. The class of '33 wishes him as good a record in his fu+ure work as he has made al school. W' EE! QQQQQQQ - W T l-- 1ll'AGAelg0 01310 V WGWM olo lm' llllilll-E SlDAlQlKlLllElQ IIQ33 Gladys Gertrude Dherit may 6, was -'WHAT one You sAY?'- Aclivilies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper' ella: 3: Librarian: 3, 4: Girl Re- serve: I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball: lg Vol- leyball: 3, 4. LADYS surely could nol have been lhe inspiralion for l'he per- son who said: "S+iIl walers run deep." Consequenlly she has noi liepl herself from Jrhe resl of +he angry mob and has cerlainly made a lasling im- pression upon many ol us. "All blonds are fickle," 'rhey say! Learn, qenlle reader, +ha+ +he people who hold lhese views aboul Gladys are greally mislalcen. Allhough Gladys knows all 'rhe arls of llirlalion we musl admil she never displays her abililies. "Tiny" has 'raken +he commercial course. She surely can lypewrile, par- licularly, if she has some chewing gum +o chew in order lo oblain rhylhm in her wriling. joe Kenneth Doll March l9, l9l6 -'cons on, Now!" Acfivilios-Opereflaz 2, 3: Class Play: 3: "School News": l, 2: Bas- kelballz I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball: 2, 3,43 Soccer: 2. 3. OE has developed info one of 'lhe oulslanding leaders of our.class. l-le con+ains more pep and nerve Jrhan lwo men his size oughl 'ro have. No+wi+hs+ancling his small sfalure he has made +he varsily baslcelloall +eam. l-le will ever be remembered as 'l'he agile defender for dear old N. Y. l'l. S. Joe can also be an aclor if he chooses. l-le played The role of an English bu'l'ler in 'rhe iunior play and porlrayecl il very well. l-le was a buf- ler lhal' was a loullerl Many girls lhinlc 'rhal Joe is +he lasl minuie in sporls. P VQ W' I EE - I is I 0 . OIEIO Vlnsum oxolm' 81 irii1E s1DAiQz1xl1E ia ioaa Kathryn Elizabeth Eyler June 26, 1915 "its ALL THE SAME DIFFERENCE" Activities-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- etta: 4: Girl Reserve: l: "School News": I: "Sparkler": 4: Baseball: lg Basketball: l, 41 Track: 4: Vol- leyball: I, 4. ATHRYN is among the diligent girls in the senior class. Much ot her time is spent in study and her good marks are her compensation. Kathryn studies typing and though she is slow, she is sure. She never dis- plays excessive energy but nevertheless she is systematic in everything. Although this is the tirst time Kath- ryn has done any "Sparkler" writing she has done very commendable work. "Kas" is one ot the tew that shows little interest in the opposite sex. She wishes to be a stenographer and, be- ing greatly interested in stenographic work, the entire class recommends her. Dorothy Carolyn Carnber April 19, I9I6 "on, K1Ds,1 HAD A SWELL TIME" Activities-Glee Club: 3, 47 Oper- etta: 2, 3: Class Play: 31 "School News": I,2,3g Librarian: 3,4-1 Bas- ketball: l,2,4g Baseball: I: Volley- ball: I, 41 l-lonor Student. AKE way tor "DOH" "Dot" does everything in a rush and consequently does things and goes places. She never lets anything intertere with her school work, except probably when she has a chance to spend some time with triends trom the thriving metropolis ot Lancaster. Lately one particular Lancaster triend has re- ceived etxra attention trom "Dot." It seems as though "Dot," care-tree as she seems to be, will tall in love some day. Dorothy expects to go to Dickinson College next year and later to study the high and lotty study ot medicine. Since "Dot" is no "cream putt" she should be able to stand this strenuous work. Wi iii QQQQQQQ ' 0 , , - ,As A n file 1' AHQIQIO oloxo mG'N'A oxo lm' U J ' 9 illllllli SlDAll2lllll,lE IQ HQ33 joe johnson C-entzler Mary Ellen C-entzler Augusl 3l, l9l3 July 8, l9l5 "YOU'RE TELLIN' ME" "YOU'RE TELLING ME" Aclivilies-Glee Club: 4 Librarian: Aclivifies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- 3, 4: Baskelball: I, 2, 4: Baseball: ella: 2, 3.4: Class Play: 3: "School l. 21 Soccer: 2: Presidenl of News": I, 2: "Sparkler": 4: Girl Alhlelic Associalion: 4. Reserve: l, 4: Volley Ball: 3, 4: ll COTTY" is 'rhe lasl flash of Norlh York High School in arhlelics. l-le has always played wi+h cool- courage and wi'rh obedience ro lhe coach. All alhleles should go lo bed early. Bul "Scol'+y" always falls asleep in Room 5. "ScoHy" iusr musl gel his sleep lo mainlain his slrenglh lor 'l'he games. Bul. perhaps in This case he falls asleep loo soon. However, when if comes To Jrrig "Scol"ry" is wide awake and really shows +ha+ he can do school work as well as work on Jrhe alhlelic floor or field. Joe wan+s +o become a physical ed leacher. Such a posil'ion seems lo lil him: doesn'+ il? FIGSS, Honor Sfudenl: Commencemenl Speaker. ll ENTZH is l'he Tiny girl ol our class. Bul' Mary's work cannol be judged by her size. She is one ol Jrhe mosl' induslrious members of fhe class. "Good 'rhings come in small packages"-'rhese words can be applied 'ro Mary and her achievemenls. "Germ" is always busy lalking. When you hear 'rhe sound of chahler, challer, challer you can be sure "Shorly" is near. Mary hopes +o some day become somebody's "s+enog." l-lurry up, busi- ness men: beller make your bids now before Mary signs a conlracl, WJ Eli B QQQQQQQ - W msuvm W 1' . 0 0 , more oxo l20l iriuiis SIDAIQIMLIEIQ ieaa Reta Romaine Cingerich Catharine Elizabeth Cray April IO, l9l5 "l DON'T KNOW" Acfivifies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- effa: 2, 3, 4: Class Play: 4: Class Play: 4: Class Secrefary: 2, 3, 4: "Sparkler": 4: Volleyball: I, 2: 'Baskefballz l, 2. ll O BE or nof fo be"-fhaf was fhe way l-lamlef looked af life buf Refa will forever say, l don'+ Yes, if's frue Refa always an- swers fhe same way. Buf confrary fo fhis nonchalanf manner, Refa is very conscienfious and succeeds in whaf- ever she affempfs. Refa has changed since fhe day she know. enfered high school. She used fo be. gay and giddy like fhe resf of fhe girls buf she became very seffled and lady- like. Mosf of fhe credif for fhis change is due fo one parficular person who has come info her life during fhe lasf fwo years. Well, "Wee-Wee," here's hopin' fhaf when some day a very imporfanf quesfion may be yours fo answer fhaf iusf for a change you will say some- fhing differenf fhan: l don'f know. February 23, l9l5 "O-O-O-OH!" Acfivifies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- effa: 2, 3, 4: Class Play: 3, 4: "School News": I, 2, 45 "Spark- ler": 45 Secrefary fo Principal: 3, 4: Girl Reserve: 3: Volley Ball: l, 4: Debafing: lg Commencemenf Speaker: Honor Sfudenf. ATI-IARINE is one of our jolly girls. "Cass" is seldom serious. Oh, of course, fhere are fimes buf fhose fimes are only when she is reading fhe "Geffysburgian" or more offen when she is iusf dreaming abouf a friend who is enrolled af fhe school from which fhe paper has come. "Ken',' has been acfive in dramafics as her above sfafisfics show. This young lady wishes lo be a pri- vafe secrefary. l-ler fraining in fhe office should be a greaf aid fo her since she has been such a compefenf office secrefary for fwo years. - 0 l A l EE QQQQQQQ A T I vinsiavm m Old 01010 aio Ull iVlHllE simiuiiilii-QQ IISQ33 Esther Romaine Heindel Elizabeth Romaine Hershey March 29' 1916 January 3I, I9I5 MOH SUGARSI.. "THAT'S THE SPIRlTl" "'-GI Clb:3,4qO - Aclivilies-Girl Reserve: l: Glee Aclligrlesz 3ee 4. uclass plawpegi Club 4: Honor Siudenf. -I ' l " STHER, a charming lass of 'lhe senior class. usually carries her smile wi+h her. Esfher, wi+h her apparenlly indiiferenl a+'ri+ude Jroward lhe opposile sex, has deceived many. Bur "Earl" is noi dilferenl from 'rhe maioriry. She has ahlracied one for- Jrunafe male in parlicular and he proves a greal' inspiralion for her. This liille blond is very inielligenl and consequenlly raies very high schol- aslically. Es+her wishes 'lo be a nurse. We are sure she will malce an excellenl one wi+h such a charming disposiiion and such a smile. And +hen again, 'rhere is and always will be Earl, who will prove a perpeiual source of inspiraiion when Eslher is Jrempied 'ro feel blue. School News : I, 2, 3, 4: Edifor- in-Chief "Sparlcler": "Sparlcler": 35 Debaiing: lg Girl Reserve: I, 2, 3, 41 Class Day Program Commifleei Commencemenl Speaker: Honor Sludeni. ll ETTYH is anoiher of our senior class bruneiles. Bur we will re- member lhis brune+'re as one in parficular. "Belz" is given 'rhe credil for being The edilor of our year boolc. She has also done good work on 'rhe "School News." Belly is an ardenl' reader oi +he "GeHyslourgian." She reads each publicaiion and seems very much in- 'reresied in 'rhe college. Belfy wishes 'ro become a dramalic leacher. She has done good worlc in 'rhis arf during her four years in high school. Here's hopin' she succeeds in a big way. 1 0 i I IE QQQQQQQ - ,, al. ll A A OIC 01010 oxo E221 TIHIIE slnfkieikiiieie less Mildred Louise Houck January IO. I9l6 "ru sn on You" AcTiviTies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- eTTa: 2, 3, 4: Class Treas.: I, 2, 3, 4: "School News": I, 4: "Spark- 2 3 4 Ier": 4, Girl Reserve: , , , Class Day Program CommiTTee: Honor STudenT. ILDRED is a cuTe IiTTIe bruneTTe wiTh a cuTe IiTTIe nose. And does "Mig" geT "razzed" abouT ThaT nose! BuT everyone knows ThaT her Temper cannoT be aroused when This is menTioned because ThaT sweeT dis- posiTion prohibiTs such a display. "I-Ioucky" is among The senior Te- males who can boasT of having cap- Tured an ouT-of-Town Romeo who re- sides in ThaT mosT noTed "burg" of LancasTer. Ivliggie' has IoTs of perseverance, so we all know ThaT she will make a greaT success oi her chosen career. Arthur john Innerst OcTober I, l9I6 "BLOW ME DOWN" AcTiviTies- Song Leader Senior- Sophomore Assembly: 4, OpereTTa: 2, 3: Class Play: 3, 4: Baseball: 3. F YOU see a baTon IiTTed in The air and hear someone say, "LeT's sing page TorTy-Tour," you can be sure iT is "ArT." I-Ie is The one who puTs The "pep" inTo our assembly singing. ArThur has had a perTecT aTTendance record since The TirsT day of school, which was Twelve years ago. Congrar- uIaTions To "ArTI" For The pasT Tour years ArThur has been involved in one oi The greaTesT school romances ever Tormed, ThaT's all righT, "ArT," because, ThaT is whaT makes school life real. ArThur's vocaTionaI aim is To be an underTaker. The business is dead buT The class of '33 is boosTing Tor him. - 0 EE QQQQQQQ VIRGINIA A ri- Al Y . QQ --. - Lo gic moI""' 31 I2 Tlrlllli SlDAll2lKlLlEll2 IIQ351 Edith Minnie Kauffman January 29, l9l6 "WHAT DO YOU THlNK?" Acfivifies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- effa: 3: Class Play: 4: Edifor-in- Chief of "School News": 3, 4: "Sparlrler": 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserve: 3, 4: indoor Baseball: 2: Class Day Program Commiffee: Honor Sfudenf. DITH never enfers info fhe usual Monday morning discussions abouf various weelc-end dafes because her mind runs only in one direcfion. And fhis does nof mean fhaf she is narrow-minded. Nof af all. lf does mean, fhough, fhaf she has eyes for one only and fhaf one is "Art" Edifh is an excellenf pupil and is parficularly inferesfed in journalism. She has spenf unfold fime and energy in working on fhe "School News." She also foolc an acfive parf in wrifing arficles for fhe "Sparlcler." A girl like Edifh should succeed in her chosen profession. She plans fo be a denfal hygienisf and she will succeed. William E. Kauffman November l8, I9l5 "wAn AwHiLE" Acfivifies-G-lee Club: 4: Opereffa: 2: Class Play: 4: Baseball: 47 Vol- leyball: 4. ' ll ILL" is one of "The Three Mus- lcefeers" who are faking fhe com- mercial course. He is dreadfully bashful among all fhe girls in fhe class. Buf, who wouldn'f feel losf? Three boys among fourfeen girlsl "Kauffman" is a sfar baseball play- er. There is sure fo be no "homers" for fhe opposing feam wifh "Bill" ouf in fhe field fo gel' fhe "fIys." Alfhough he now shows no special affracfion for fhe opposife sex we lcnow fhaf he will oufgrow fhis in course of fime: and fhe fime may be shorf. 1 W 1 ' l EE QQQQQQQ , y-, . . 1' AQ luxe more 'A me l""' E241 lllrllll-2 simieimisie loaa Lilie Elizabeth Kochenour February l, l9l6 "ru BE DARNEDH Acfivilies-Glee Club: 3, 4, Oper- effa: 2, 3,41 Orcheslra: 3, 4: Girl Reserves: 3, 4i Baseball: 27 Bas- kefball: l, 3, 47 Volleyball: 2, 47 Librarian: 3, 4. ll lZ" is our preffy dark-eyed lassie. And can she use fhose eyes! Has if been by 'lheir use fhal' she has affracfed one of The prominenf males of The senior class? Buf one musf remember fhaf "Boo+s" has ofher affracfive characferisfics beside her dark eyes. Elizabefh wishes fo become a beaufy specialisf. We are all assured of The success fhaf will be hers, for has she nof already begun 'rhis work by beau- fifying members of her own class? Wifh such pracfice work as fhis, "Liz" should become a wizard in her profes- sion. Helen Mary Krebs December 20, l9l5 "NOW MlND!" Acfivifies-Glee Club: 3, 41 "School News": lg Baseball: l. ll ACKYH is one of fhe girls who has so many boy friends she doesn'f know whaf 'ro do. We be- lieve she knows every fellow in Red Lion, York and vicinify. Perhaps she meefs fhem while employed in her fav- orife employment namely - square dancing. Yef, we feel sorry for Helen. We're afraid fhaf some day she will drink poi- son in misfake for wafer. Sfrange as if seems, she fhinks she is eafing Jello when she is really eafing fruif salad. We hope nofhing of fhis kind happens because Helen should be able 'ro dis- play her abilify in fhe office of some concern. , EEl QQQQQQQ UIQ 01010 010 ' W' y K ,.,., .. A 6 - I. TVIHIIE SIDAIQIKILIEIQ IIQ33 Mary E. Kunkel May 7, I9l5 "l'LL SMITE YOU" AcTiviTies-Business Manager of Sparkler: 4: Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- eTTa: 2, 3, 4: Class Play: 4: "School News": I, 2, 4: "Sparkler": 2, 3, 4: Class Pres.: I: Girl Reserves: 3, 4: AssisTanT SecreTary To Principal: 3. 4: Class Day Program CommiTTee: CommencemenT Speaker: Honor STuclenT. ARY is The bashTul girl oT The class. Oh. yes? OuiTe The conTraryl lT seems "Kunk's" weakness is To be aTTracTed by The op- posiTe sex. She likes noThing beTTer Than To be as near as many oT Them as possible. BUT Mary musT remember +haT The banjo player may noT care Tor her To be so aTTracTed To all males. AlThough she pays homage To all, she allows seven nighTs ouT oT The week To Roy. Did you ask if our conTralTo's TuTure is a brighT one? She wishes To be a secreTary: and who knows-The boss may be handsome! lessie Louise Lightner SepTember 5, l9l6 "YOU BET YOUR BUTTONS" AcTiviTies--Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- eTTa: 2, 3, 4: Class Play: 4. ESSIE is a preTTy bruneTTe, belong- ing To The senior class. "Jack" is among The very small class OT To- males ThaT does noT have a "sTeady." "Jes" has been very TorTunaTe in ward- ing OTT The Tlock oT males ThaT would so like To Till The role. However, "Jack" is noT enTirely ignoranT oT The exisTence of The opposiTe sex and she someTimes condescends To acknowledge Their presence. Jessie also belongs To ThaT large class of people who clo noT like Their TirsT names, hence The nickname, "Jack." This dark-haired lassie wishes To be a sTenographer. LeT's all wish her loTs oT success. ' W -I .. T , IE QQQQQQQ - T , n - Al S 010 s :A 010 0 'NM oxolll U61 111111113 SIDAIQIKILIEIQ ll953 Mary Elizabeth Martin January 27, l9l6 "YOU AND ME BOTH" Aclivilies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- eilaz 2, 3. 4: Class Play: 3, 4: Class Sec.: I: "School News": I, 2: Girl Reserve: 4: Librarian: 4: Vol- leyball: 3: Baskefball: l, 2: Class Day Program Commilfee: Honor Sludenf. ARY Elizabelh is one of lhe grand soprano singers of our class. "Pepper" believes a song on lhe lips makes 'rhe hearl lighler. This aililude foward life has made her lake an aciive parf in help- ing lo make our plays and operellas a success. Mary Elizabelh is also pracficing journalism. She is ge'r'ring along splen- didly because of her very compelenl insiruclor. "Mar+in" is as good a scholar as a singer. She knows whal ii means +0 have her name lisied on fhe honor roll. Our class wishes her a place of honor wherever she goes or whalever she does affer leaving school. Paul Shatto Miller July 31, I9I5 1-HELLO SWEETHEARTV' Acfivifies-Glee Club: 4: Operelia: 4: Track: 4: Volleyball: 4. AUL is lhe "happy-go-lucky" boy oi our class. He is always jolly. Whenever you hear a heariy laugh you are sure 'ro find Paul. l'le praclices Jrhe old saying-"Laugh and The world laughs wi+h you." Miller is The na'rural "wise-cracker" of our class. All can be peace and quielness unlil he feels il his duly 'ro waken everyone wilh a joke. l Paul enlered our class during +he senior year. He has only been wilh us nine monlhs, in which Jrime we have all learned ro love him. Paul had one of 'rhe leading paris in 'rhe high school operella. Paul, lhelclass of '33 wishes you mounlains of success. ' W - HEI QQQQQQQ 1' , Q g ' VIRGINM M - UIC 01010 CIO E271 lllHllE SIDAIQIKILIEIQ ll933 Cecelia Margaret Ream January 27, l9l6 "is THAT so!" Acfivifies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- effa: 2, 3, 4: Class Day Program Commiileez Volleyball: 4: Honor Sludenlg Commencemenl Speaker. l-lE class of '33 is forlunale in hav- ing "Cec" as a member of 'rheir class even 'rhough if was for only 'rhree years. Cecelia spends a greal' deal of her lime in driving her dad's cars. We wonder if 'rhis has a desirable effecl on her since she seems like a differenl person when she is driving an aulomo- bile. She seems lo lake on a sophis- 'ricaied air which does noi enable her 'lo nolice her classmales who are on 'rhe slreer. When +hey demand her reason she Tells 'rhem fha? she can"r do lwo lhings al' one +ime and lhal she would rarher nor noiice 'rhem Jrhan run over 'rhem. If she can conlinue +o keep her mind on one Thing in 'rhis manner she is sure 'ro make a success of her fulure work. Edward Earl Rishel February I4, l9l6 "HOLY SEE!" Aclivifies-Librarian: 4: Track: 4: Volleyball: 4. ID you ask, "Who is Edward Rish- el?" All righl, l'll fell you. If you see a 'rall, good-nalured look- ing fellow dressed very nea+ly and carrying a Trig book under his arm you are resiing your eyes on none ofher 'rhan "Ed." He is one of our honor Malh siudenls, and 'ro puzzle over lhe deepesl problem is his de- lighr. l-lowever, Edward is nor goody- good or a second cousin 'ro an angel. Nor al' all. l'le spends lols of his exlra 'rime playing a joke on someone. l-low- ever, rhis year he was forced +o walk a chalk-line because his brolher and sis- +er were checking on him. Tha+'s all righl, Ed, we bel' +ha+ when +he world will make a check on you if will be a favorable one. 49 ' lliil QQQQQQQ W l Q , i . v A A OID 01010 CIO TVIHIIE sinmmiiigia ieaa Evadel May Schaszberger May 9, me "IS ZAT SO?" AcTiviTies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- eTTa: 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserve: lg "School News": lg BaslceTball: I, 4: Baseball: l:Volleyball: I: Track: 4: Honor STudenT. ll BB," as she is lcnown To all her Triends, is a born Tallcer. She iusT Talks and Tallcs and Talks. l-lowever, This habi+ has noT proven injurious To Evadel excepT an occasional warning look Trom a Teacher. ln TacT, her "giTT oT gab" has very oTTen come in very handy Tor her and won her many Triends. Her good P. O. D. reporTs and English speeches are largely due To This TacTor. Evadel claims ThaT younger broThers are an older sisTer's cause oT silver Threads among The gold lred, brown or blaclcl as The case may be. NeverThe- less Tip and Evadel are real pals mosT OT The Time and The NorTh York High School pupils are all The more beTTered by having Two Schaszbergers in Their midsT. Esther Virginia Sherman January 6, l9l6 "AIN'T YOU ASHAMEDH AcTiviTies-Gvlee Club: 3, 4: Oper- eTTa: 2, 3: "School News": 4: De- bafing: I7 Class Day Program CommiTTee: ArTisT Tor "School News" and "Sparlcler": 4. IEW The greaT debaTer oT our class! WhaT cornpeTiTion Tor Daniel WebsTer! Virginia never Tires OT arguing. Since women have been given a Tairer chance in legisla- Ture during This lasT adminisTraTion Pennsylvania may have a Thriving pros- pecT in The person OT Virginia Sherman. "Joe" has also been our class arTisT. She has been The girl who has spenT nighTs in drawing Tor The beneTiT oT The "Sparlcler" and The "School News." BuT since Virginia gives of her Time so willingly we are sure ThaT she enjoys her work. Many Trips To The engravers were necessary wiTh oTT Times no orher TransporTaTion excepT The shoe sole ex- press. Three cheers Tor our arTisTl - W l - l Elil QQQQQQQ - .1 T I E VIRGINIA - U ole more oxo Qibiriiiiiis SlDAll2lllll.lElQ IIQ35 Dorothy Romairie Steffee Mara. 25, ms "Dom BE FUNNY" Acfivifies-Glee Club: 3, 4: Oper- effa: 2, 3, 4: "School News': lg Librarian: 4: Girl Reserve: 3. E NOW have fhe pleasure fo infroduce fhe Honorable Dor- ofhy Romaine Sfeffee. "Def" is one of fhe jolly girls of our class. Buf fhen, fhe class is famous for fhem. Sfrange as if may seem, "Sfeffee" refuses candy when if is offered fo her. This is because she believes in keeping a girlish figure. "Dof" is offen found day dreaming and sfaring ouf of fhe window during classes. This causes her fo wander far away as if afflicfed wifh insomnia. ln regard fo fhe fufure, we would nof be surprised if Dof's" sweef so- prano voice puf her name in headlines. Verrietfa Ruth Stough December 4, l9l2 "l-lEAVENS!" MERRY hearf and a smiling face will win for you friends and friendship's good grace." Thus saifh fhe poef and we may well apply fhis fo Verneffa, because, whenever we meef her, we see fwo fwinkling eyes wifh a friendly smile be- fween fhem. "Neffie" is genuine in her friend- ships. She has made many friends since she enfered high school and she has fhe charm of holding fhem. Anofher virfue of Verneffa's is her sympafhefic nafure. A lof of fhe girls bring fheir froubles fo her and ask her for advice. She is always willing 'lo sympafhize like a mofher. ' W - Eil QQQQQQQ H - Q I Q insimm lun -, . on A orc om T301 TIHIIE SlDfklQlKll,lElQ lli9?5i3 Sherwood David Suereth December I6, I9l5 "come om" AcTiviTies-Glee Club: 41 OpereTTa: 2, 3, 4: Pres. oT Class: 23 BaskeT- ball: 3. FFECTIONATELY called "Shrimp," Here is a greaT Thinker, buT nobody has yeT been able To Tind ouT iusT whaT he is Thinking as he Trudges laboriously abouT The school, and back and TorTh on his paper rouTe. Some Think ThaT his mind is away ouT in Emigsville and Those ThaT really undersTand The work- ings oT This inTricaTe piece oT mechan- ism know ThaT iT is. "Shrimp," conTrary To his nickname, is a real "he-man" and such a Tellow should make a booming success oT liTe. Charlotte Throne oaaber 17, iw "oH, Fore HEAvEN's SAKEV' Ac+ivi+ies-Glee Club: 4: Opereffa: 3- cis Pla - 4- Librarian- 3 4- , SS y- . . . . Baseball: lg Class Day Program CommiTTee. ll RANDMAH is The baby oT our class: buT only in age, noT in abiliTies or size. She is our Tamous acTor oT "Ma" and "Mom" roles. WiTh her duTch dialecTand her "wicked hand-shake" she can keep everybody in an uproar. She also seems To have The knack oT making candy and disposing of iT To The well-known candy-eaTers oT her class. Whenever There is any laughing To be done CharloTTe always comes in Tor her share and iT is never a small one. We are pleased To Think ThaT she will carry This brighT and happy aTTi- Tude ThroughouT her liTe. - mllliil ' QQQQQQQ - - ,Ay u Ii-e A V TRGTNTA illlll l3lJ TIHIIE SIDAIQIKILTEIQ IIQETES Margaret C-eorgiana Throne Mary Throne December 30, l9l3 "GOOD GRACIOUSH Acfivifies-Glee Club: 4: Oper- eH'a:4. HE class of '33 is proud +o have "Margie" as a member of 'rheir class. She seems 'ro believe in +he old saying: "Children should be seen and no+ heard." "Peggy" is so quie'r Thar no one knows she is around un1'il +hey see here "Marg" is also s+udious. She is al- ways working a'r Those "Trig" and "Chem" problems: and whaf is more, she solves Them. We are cer+ain 'rhar "Margie" will conrinue her conscien+ious srudy in or- der 'ro make a good showing in her Turure work. The class of '33 wishes her 'rhe grea+es'r success in wharever field of work she may choose. Sepfember 2I, I9l3 "OH, MY WORD!" Acfiviries--Glee Club: 4. ARY is one of 'rhe Throne girls wirhouf a middle name. Bur 'rhar does nor play a large parr in rerarding her progress. She is always "Johnny on 'rhe spo'r" when if comes To doing work of any kind. Throne has a hard 'rime keeping Track of her kid sisfer. This seems 'ro be her grearesr 'rrouble and a consranr source of worry 'ro her. Mary wan+s 'ro become a nurse. If she confinues her hard work she is sure +o succeed. Her indusiriousness is noi The only 'rhing l'ha+ insures her success-her smile will help her a long way. ' Q' ' IEE! , QQQQQQQ i n - 9 oxo oxoxo oxo T321 lilltllli simfkieikirieie llQ53 Charlotte Tyson May 6, l9l5 "YUMPlN' YlMlNl!" Activities-G-lee Club: 3, 4: Oper- etta: 2, 3, 4: Class Play: 3: Base- ball: I: Volleyball: 2, 4: Basket- ball: l, 2, 4: Track: 4: "Sparkler": 4. HE class ot '33 is lucky in having Charlotte as a member. She dis- plays the right kind ot school spirit. When she can get her dad's car she transports the basketball play- ers to their destinations. Although roads may be under construction and arrival at her destination may seem doubttul she tinally reaches there with her passengers intact. To Charlotte's credit can be added the tact that she is well known and well liked by the York Chapter ot Delvlolay. So here's a hand to "Tyson." She's a real pal. We all hope that tor many, many years she will keep the same bright spirits which she now has. Richard Walter Valentine August 8, l9l4 "cHoicE1" , Activities-Class Play: 3, 4: Oper- etta: I, 2: Class Pres.: 4: Class Vice Pres.: 3: Basketball: I, 2: "School News": I, 2: Athletic Mgr.: 4: Chairman ot the Class Day Program Committee. E ARE proud to introduce Dick, the newspaper reporter. Dick has more ambition than ten men. Besides taking a very active part in all extra curricular activities and doing every justice possible to his studies, Dick is holding a very digni- tied newspaper position. Such men are rare but he is ot that variety. We might also submit Richard as a model ot correct dress. As a chemist, he knows his formulae backwards, sideways and every way. Richard won't be stopped by any ob- stacle when he steps out into the big wide world. " ww ml E51 QQQQQQQ - i , n - Al ole -- oxoxo NM me ""' l33l lVlHlllE SlDfkll2lKlLlElQ ITQ33 Sterling john Weigle July I6, l9l6 "wATcH ME, elRLs" AcTiviTies-Glee Club: 4: OpereTTa: 2, 3: OrchesTra: 2, 3, 4. El-IOLD! The hearT smasher of The class! ls iT because "Dick" is so excellenT as a saxophone player? Perhaps. Or maybe iT's because oT his hair ThaT aT TirsT glance makes a person become sea-sick. Dick is one of The youngesT boys in his class buT by no means The shorTesT. STerling can also be classed wiTh The Ziegler boys in This respecT-WesT York is a greaT drawing card Tor him. AT TirsT STerling used To blame iT on orch- esTra pracTice in ThaT Town, buT since everybody now knows The TruTh, STer- ling doesn'T boTher To deny iT. john Kenneth Ziegler April 9, l9l6 "HEY, You eursr' AcTiviTies-Grlee Club: 4: OpereTTa: 3, 4: Class Play: 41 OrchesTra: 3, 41 "School News": l, 2, 4: "Sparkler": 4. E HAVE wirh us, BreThren and SisTern, The famous "Kenny." This amusing dark-haired Val- enTine has a TaTal weakness,-he likes The girls, especially lighT-haired girls and if They are a biT lighT-headed, iT makes no difference To him. "Ken" does noT Try To be Tunny buT is iusT naTurally wiTTy. l-le has an an- swer Tor everyThing and The answer is usually shorT buT sweeT. Many a class has been made more inTeresTing and cheerTul Through his presence. WiTh a personaliTy like This we are very conTidenT ThaT "Ken" will be game To meeT all The Trials in The wide, wide world. " W I EE QQQQQQQ , A T - .. 0 oxo oxo o - o U41 TIHIIE SIMIQIITIEIEIQ IIQ55 Lawrence Stanley Ziegler Miss Modeline Seniorbaugh January I, I9I4 APM, ,oy W5 "BEAUTY is THE GREATEST GIFT" AcTiviTies-Warbler for The Glee "NOT THAT I KNOW OF" AcTiviTies-Glee Club: 4: OpereTTa: 2. 3, 4: Class Play: 3, 4: Class Pres.: 3: OrchesTra: 2, 3, 4. ll UTI-I," aI+hough he is a NorTh York sTudenT. seems To be well liked in WesT York, especially by The Teminine sex. Lawrence musT waTch his broTher "Ken," or does "Ken" Take care OT him? "Zig" is a very aTTenTive sTudenT in all suIoiecTs dealing wiTh The progress oT science. I-le has provided a space in The Third Tloor oT his home To experi- menT in The radio Tield. l'le would like To be a radio and elecTrical Technician. The senior class hopes ThaT he is suc- cessful in This wide and wonderTuI Tield. Club: I, 2, 3, 4: Sewing Circle: I, 3, 4: Grand ExalTecl Order of Gossipers: I, 2, 3. 4: Manager oT Walking: I, 2, 3, 4: Manager oT Running: I, 2, 3, 4: Manager of Skipping: I 2, 3, 4: Manager oT AuTomobiIe Riding: I, 2, 3, 4: Manager of Roller Skafingz I, 2, 3, 4: VoTed The girl of The class mosT likely To geT her man. ll ISS PerTecT," as she is known To The gullible sex, has The repuTaTion of being The mosT engaged girl in NorTh York. "Miss PerTecT," prompTed by her modesTy, requesTed ThaT her wriTe-up be placed IasT in The year book, and, prompTed by The love Tor her classmaTes, she also requesTed ThaT her picTure be omiTTecl since The occurrence oT her beauTiTul counTenance would make all The oTher picTures look like dunces. Her win- ning personaIiTy and Taking ways will cerTainIy assure her success in The greaT game oT liTe. Good luck To you, old girl. , WI EEI QQQQQQQ ' W ,. meela. .. l3J 5 TIHIIE SlDAll2lKll.lEll2 H933 Senior History V During fhe school ferm i929-30 fhe presenf senior class, fhen freshmen, consisfed ol sixfy-one members. Among fhe social funcfions were a Hallowe'en Parfy and a Moonlighf Hike. The officers were: presidenf, Sherwood Suerefh: vice presidenf, Carl Casselg secrefary, Mary Elizabefh Mafing freasurer, Mildred Houck. Our freshman year soon rolled around and before we fully realized if we again onfered fhe walls of dear old N. Y. H. S. as sophomores. Since fhis was our second year of high school life our acfivifies were more numerous and more varied. On Sepf. I9 fhe following commiffee was appoinfed fo choose fhe -class colors: Beffy Heshey, chairman: Carl Cassel, and Mary Kunkel. The colors selecfed were orange and brown. Pennanfs, caps and emblems were fhen ordered in fhese colors. The officers of fhe freshman! class year were re-elecfed and served during fhe school form of l93O-3I. The firsf meefing fhaf we could call a junior class meefing was held Ocf. l5, I93l. The purpose of fhis meefing was fo elecf officers fo serve during' fhe ensuing year. The following were elecfed: presidenf, Lawrence Ziegler: vice presidenf, Richard Val- enfineg secrefary, Refa Gingerich: freasurer, Mildred Houck. The iunior play was fhe largesf evenf of fhe year. lf was held March I8fh and I9fh, in fhe playground audiforium. The play, "The Braf," was an excellenf producfion, which everyone seemed fo enioy immensely. Then came our final senior year. The biggesf and fhe besf of all if was. Prob- ably fhe firsf fhing accomplished was fhe selecfion of a class ring. "Ignorance never soffled a quesfionu was selecfed as fhe class moffo. The salmon rose was chosen as fhe class flower. The ruling force fhis year was composed of: presidenf, Richard Val- onfinep vice presidenf, Carl Cassel: secrefary, Refa Gingerich, and freasurer, Mildred Houck. The annual play and bazaar comprised fhe commercial enferprises for fhis year. Commencemenf arrived all foo soon. Our class fook fhe pioneer sfeps in esfab- lishing a new kind of Class Day Program. The following were Commencemenf speak- ers: Mary Genfzler, Cafharine Gray, Beffy Hershey, Mary Kunkel and Cecelia Ream These five girls made four-minufe orafions on fhe fheme of fhe Commencemenf pro- gram, "Worfhy Homemakingf' rvfyi Eli QQQTQQQQ - i i u I'i e A' GL o g 'xoxo meimm 'Io mn T361 Tilllli simirziirlien llQ33Q Senior Play "The Happy Vagabond," a fhree-acf comedy drama, by Charles George, was presenfed December I6-I7 in The playground audiforium by members of The senior class. The play was direcfed by Elwood J. McGuigan, insfrucfor in English. The presenfafion was very pleasing and fhe acfing was excellenf. "THE HAPPY VAGABONDH lCas'r of Characfersl Lem Taggarf, a man in his fiffies . . . . Lawrence Ziegler Milly Elliof, a forlorn-loolcing girl .... . . Cafharine Gray Kafe Taggarf, a woman in her lafe forfies . . . Mary Elizabefh Marlin Buddy Higgins, a fypical counfry boy . . . . Kennefh Ziegler Nancy Ann Croclceff, a preffy counfry girl . . . . Edifh Kauffman lrene Randolph, lXlancy's cousin .... . . Mary Kunlcel Jed Monfgomery, a young surveyor .... . . Richard Valenfine Gordon Sfanley, a ma++er-of-facf business man . , . Presfon Bofferbusch Sandy Mason, fhe happy vagabond ......... Arfhur lnnersf Horace Croclcefl I . h f d + I 5 William Kauffman Emily Croclqefl IO am appy' ace Colm ry peolo e ' l Charloffe Throne Consuelo Dare, a friend of lrene's ...... . . Jessie Lighfner T W IEE! QQQQQ QQ A G-, . AQ 1010, 'xoxo oxo T371 Name Daisie Arnold . . Treva Bear . . . Claude Billeff . . Presfon Bofferbusch Evelyn Brandi . . Carl Cassel . . Eugene Dahr . Bruce Dale . . Gladys Dheril . . Joe Doll . . . Kafhryn Eyler . . Dorofhy Gamber . Joe Genhler . Mary Genfzler . . Refa Gingerich . Cafharine Gray . Esfher Heindel . . Elizabefh Hershey Mildred Houck . Arfhur lnnersf . Edifh Kauffman . William Kauffman Elizabefh Kochenour Helen Krebs . Mary Kunkel . Jessie Lighfner . Marv E. Marfin . Paul Miller . . Cecelia Ream . Edward Rishel . . Evadel Schaszberger Virginia Sherman . Dorofhy Sfeffee . Verneffa Slough . Sherwood Suerefh Charloffe Tyson . Charloffe Throne . Margaref Throne . Mary Throne . . Richard Valenfine Sferling Weigel . Kennefh Ziegler . Lawrence Ziegler . irn is e mn IK iris ie i ea e Senior Rofaister Blackesf Sin The habif of furning up her nose Wrifing on The blackboard in Room9 Shorf answers His singing fad Saying The wrong fhing al fhe righl fime Selling "'Ballyhoo" Playing fricks . Blushing A mean giggle Trying 'ro look imporfanf Her speed limif Talking over fhe back fence Playing magician Her fussiness Day-dreaming Fixing her bangs Trying fo look wise Unsuccessful poses for fhe phofog- rapher Complaining Wriling nofes Collecfing wrife-ups Woman hafer Being always in a rush Looking cross Likes lo be a flirf Imifafing Garbo Fixing his finger nails Twiddling his fingers Nofhing in parficular This and fhaf and elc. Carloads of dafes Arguing Reducing lnquisifiveness Emigsville Appendicilis Her liffle brown bag Her chemisiry lab experiences Changeable as The wealher Tardiness Waving his hair g Everyfhing in general Being a frumpef player Whifesf Virfue Her baskefball abilify A winning smile Doesn'f mind being feased Waifing on his wife Bringing back fo life a dead class Big-hearfedness A kind word for all Helping Beffy in lab Always knowing someihing new Believing in good sporfsmanship Indifference fo The opposife sex A faifhful democraf Taking The blame for everyfhing Her cufe ways Her innocence A sfaunch Republican A smile for everyone Enfhusiasm for lab Looking affer Mary Believing in love Devofedness fo His good nafure A good hair dresser Acfing her age A confralfo voice Good for sore eyes Her sense of humor Medifafing upon a remedy for fne depression Her modesiy Jusf an allearound "fellah" P. O. D. reporfs Her arfisfic nafure Her dimples Her sociabilify His fainfing abilify Personalify plus A faifhful librarian Her mafhemafical mind "Happy-go-luckiness" His diplomacy Wiggling his ears lnleresfing English speeches Being in love wifh radios wi IE QQQQQQQ W' - T I' e 1'l.LeAalgo anno 'palm mo 'M' T381 fg?f E JUNIQIQ wie SDM2 M19 IQ 119333 CQ I l,EEI - h i 0 A -QQQQQQQ - - , 1 ,W vmcaumm A fum Al C oxo - 0 E J TTIHIIE SlDAll2lKll-lEll2 IILQ33 Junior History 'V Affer six monfhs of work in Norfh York High School fhe freshman class of '34 came fo 'rhe conclusion fhaf fhey were now accusfomed fo fhe work and each pupil knew fhe abilify of fhe ofhers. Organizafion was fhe nexf move. Accordingly fhe members mef in fhe Wilson building on Wednesday eveing, lvlarch l I, l930, following The affernoon session, fo elecf officers and fo selecf class colors. The elecfion of officers resulfed in: presidenf, Dean Snyder: vice presidenf, Clair Bixlerq secrefary, Amelia Hershey: feasurer, Ralph Houck. The moffo selecfed was:" We can'f make headway wifhouf head work": fhe colors, blue and sfeel, and fhe flower, fhe rose. "Time flies and a year seems like a day." Thaf's how quickly fhe freshman year flew and before fhe fwinkling of an eye fhis same freshman group enfered fhe porfals of Norfh York High School as high and mighfy "sophs." The officers of fhe freshman year were reelecfed fo serve during fhe sophomore year. The greafesf acfivify fhis year was fhe sophomore bazaar, which proved fo be a grand and glorious success. And fhen fhey became upper classmen. Dean Snyder, fhe presidenf, called fhe firsf class meefing, Ocfober l7, l932, in order fo elecf new officers. The following were elecfed: presidenf, Harold Quickelq vice presidenf, Clair Bixler: and secrefary, Neifa Hoffman. Whaf was fheir greafesf enferprise fhis year? The junior play, of course! "Who Wouldn'f Be Crazy?" was presenfed and received much praise from all who wifnessed ifs presenfafion. And now fhey anxiously awaif fheir senior year. May if be brimful of happiness and crowned wifh success. Picfured opposife are: Leff fo righf, fronf raw-Elsie Drawbaugh, Marian Buckingham, Helen Shepp, Helen Zarfoss, Anna Shelly, Herbian Elicker, Mae Senff, Lena Lake, Elizabefh Rishel, Beryl Gockenour, Viola Hamme, Marian Heisfand, Miriam Brown, Loraine Diehl, Francis Dehoff. Second row-Mary Elizabefh Barfell, Mae Eisenharf, Efhyl Wolfe, Kafhryn Lehr, Neifa Hoffman, Kafhryn Sipe, Jennie Knaub, Amelia Hershey, Rufh Fefrow, Romaine Myers, Viola Sauerwald, Thelma Doll, Dorofhy Campbell, Grace Hobaugh, Kafhryn Kann, Sara Hilf. Third row--Roy Phalfzgraff, Nelson Saul, David Cassel, Bernard Peeling, Harold Quickel, Vincenf Brofhers, Elwood Shewell, Roberf Glad- felfer, Lloyd Gingerich, Clarence Senff, John Bush. Fourfh row-Curfis Blum, David Lehr, Clair Bixler, William Riale, Lewis Shenberger, LaVerne Zellers, Bernard Quickel, Charles Gladfelfer, Kennefh Morningsfar, Dean Snyder. ' W l IEE QQQQQCAQ , ,, .. OID elmo om E411 irilie simieiiiiiiien ioaa Junior Class Play l HE Junior Class presenfed fhe cusfomary annual class play during fhe school year. The play, "Who Wouldn'f Be Crazy7", was a farce comedy wriffen by Kafh- arine Kavanaugh. lf was under fhe supervision of Mr. E. J. McGuigan, head of fhe English Deparfmenf. The play was presenfed on March 3 and 4, in fhe playground audiforium. The High School orchesfra offered fheir services and fhe Girls' Glee Club assisfed af fhe evening performances. WHO WOULDINVT BE CRAZY? lCasf of Characfersl lnmafe No. I, who fhinlcs he's General Granf lnmafe No. 2, who fhinlcs she's a prima donna Pluribus, a darlcy employee .... pendi, l.ois's maid ..... Miss LaVelle, fhe head nurse . . . Mr. Higgins, superinfendenf of fhe sanifarium Mr. Marshal, Speedy's fafher . . . "Speedy" Marshal, a speed-crazy youfh . . Lois Meredifh, a winning young girl . Beafrice y Mariorie, -- fhree pesfs . . . . Janef l Vincenf Brofhers . Mae Senff . Elwood Shaull Dorofhy Campbell . Rufh Eefrow . Roy Pfalfzgraff . Harold Quiclcel . Dean Snyder Neifa Hoffman Viola Hamme Mae Eisenharf Helen Shepp Evelyn Winslow, a sweef and wisfful girl . Amelia Hershey Edward Gordon, Evelyn's lover . . . Sfuarf Elinchbaugh Hardboiled McCafferfy, fhe officer of fhe law . . Lloyd Gingerich Reggie Morfimer, one of l.ois's admirers . . Bernard Feeling ' W - I Eli! QQQQQQQ - 'iso 1 u E v.RG.N.A m E oxo .. more oxo E421 SGP!-IOMOIQE N TVHIE SIDAIQIKILHEIQ 11Q3?5 - W - , EI! QQQQQQQ -I A w ' mm - ' r u W , 7 V ' Q I I OIC 0-C O I J TIHIIE eiwfileliiiiieie lose Sophomore History On March 8, l932, a meeTing was held in room 8 by members oT The class oT '35, The meeTing was called Tor The purpose oT selecTing class oTTicers, colors, and Tlower. The elecTion resulTed in John Saylor being elecTecl presidenTg William Blessing, vice presidenT: Gladys BoTTerbusch, Treasurer, and Helen Kochenour, secreTary. The acTing chairman Then appoinTed The Tollowing commiTTee To choose several good combinaTions oT colors: Sybilla Sollenberger, Roselle Ream and Gladys FranTz. Mr. Snyder acTed as chairman in The absence of The presidenT, John Saylor, aT a meeTing on March 22, l932. A class Tlower and class colors were To be chosen aT This meeTing due To The TacT ThaT colors and Tlower were noT chosen aT The previous meeTing. Thus, The colors and Tlower were, respecTively: scarleT and sTeel, The red American BeauTy rose. The sophomore class held Their TirsT meeTing in room 5 Tor The purpose oT selecTing 6 pennanT and an emblem. HaTs and caps were ordered in The class colors, scarleT and sTeel. A number oT sTudenTs also ordered novelTy "Popeye" shields. The execuTive Torce was This year: presidenT, John Saylorg vice presidenT, KenneTh Eylerg secreTary, Helen Kochenour, and Treasurer, Gladys BoTTerbusch. Also aT This meeTing plans were made Tor The annual sophomore bazaar. The commiTTee heads Tor The bazaar are here given: Cake, pie and candy, Helen Kochenour: adverTising, KenneTh Eyler: ice cream, RoberT BarTong amusement MargareT LichTeberger: sandwich Isabel Beshore. The bazaar was a successful evenT and The sophomore class Tresaury has now a good beginning. PicTured opposiTe are: FronT row, leTT To righT-Mary Holme, RuTh EverharT, Sara Ness, Rosella Ream, RuTh Trone, Evelyn Fahs, Gladys FranTz, Helen Kochenour, RuTh STahl, Maryland HimmelrighT, Velma Spangler, MargareT Herman, RuTh Weaver, Alice ForTney. Second row-Velma Sunday, Eliza- beTh SlcelTon, Hilda Hollerbush, Gladys BoTTerbush, MargareT LichTenberger, lsabel Beshore, HarrieT Lalce, EsTher lnners, Romaine GladTelTer, Leona Sherman, Sybilla Sollenberger, Helen Fink, STuarT Doll, Paul Blum. Third row-John SchaeTTer, William ValenTine, Maurice Baker, Elwood Whorl, William Blessing, John Saylor, George Heinclel, KenneTh Eyler, Wily Dressel, KenneTh Jordan. EourTh row- RoberT Shelley, LeRoy Emrich, William Knaub, ChesTer BrandT, Elwood Krebs, WalTer DheriT, Roy l.ighTner, Ray SchleeTer, Russel Helwig. FiTTh row--Bernard HimmelrighT, Byron Boring, VincenT Rohler. T 0 -T A Eli! QQQQQQQ - ,Ar T u f - Y 010 E 01010 oxo 'll' E453 11111 IE enfin IR 11113 IQ IIQ33 The Depression Has Hit: EVELYN FAI-IS cannof give John 'rhe usual sficlc of chewing gum . . . ISABEL BESHORE can'f go fo a square dance every Safurday nighf . . . ROSELLA REAM is forced fo walk home some evenings because fhe fires of fhe Ford are geffing Thin . . . BERNARD HlIv1MELRlGl-IT can'+ afford a dafe more fhan fwice a week wi+h Velma Spangler . . . ROBERT BARTON doesn'+ have a regular girl friend anymore CHESTER BRANDT can no longer afford finger waves . . . JOHN SAYLOR now wallcs fo Shiloh in order fo save bus fare . . WILLIAM BLEss1Ne doesn'f have candy every eley . . . MARGARET UCHTENBERGER no longer rides her bicycle since if is foo hard on her shoe soles . . . PAUL BLUM was Scofch before 'rhe depression buf now he's Scofcher . . VELMA' SPANGLER chews one piece of chewing gum for fwo days . . . ELWOOD KREBS gol' a feddy-bear haircuf so he wouldnlf have fo give 'lhe barber 'rwo bifs every weelc . . . GLADYS BOTTERBUSCH had fo quif using reducing cream because if was foo expensive . . . NUMEROUS SOPHOMORE GIRLS are using Kleenex fo save 'rheir hand- lcerchiefs and also fhe laundry bill . . . MARYLAND HIMMELRIGHT had her hair cuf shorf so she wouldn'f have fo use elecfricify fo curl if . . . " W l Elil QQQQQQQ , sq 1 - V ll 'C 0 1 more oxo l" T461 ggi? J vw M W esp f' -1 3' Af FEES!-IMAIX! TIHIIE SIDAIQIKILIEIQ. H933 CSD s - 0 i -L I A EE T Al ' cle otoxolgxo 'M' I J Corinne STDXXIQIKILIEIIQ ioaa Qi Freshman Class l-listory V HE class oT '36, conTaining sixTy-Tour members, appoinTed Their TirsT commiTTee, which was To serve Them, on April 5, I'-733. The Tollowing were appoinTed: Rich- ard March, RuTh Rishel, Roy Snyder, Mary Ellen Cousler, GranT Bier, Louise Rose, Eugene Beshore, MargueriTe HoTTrnan, HerberT BaubliTz and DoroThy Ensminger. The purpose of This commiTTee was To choose a group oT combinaTions of suiTable colors, Trom which The class was To choose, by balloT, The TavoriTe Tor Their class colors. On Monday, April IO, The TirsT class meeTing was held. Mr. Snyder acTed as chair- man. The purpose oT This meeTing was To choose and elecT class colors and oTTicers. As a resulT oT The elecTion blue and gold are now The colors oT The class oT '36, The The elecTion oT oTTicers resulTed as Tollows: PresidenT, Gerald Snyder: vice-presidenT, Thomas Ream: secreTary, VicTorie Sipe, and Treasurer, RuTh Rishel. The Tollowing are The members oT The class as They appear in The picTure: FronT row, reading Trom leTT To righT: Louise Rose, JaneT Holme, Doris DehriT, DoroThy Ensminger, RuTh Rishel, Mary Ellen Cousler, EdiTh SchleeTer, VicTorie Sipe, Zelda Shue, ElizabeTh Bair, DoroThy BilleT, Marie LighTy, EsTella Baylor, Marian Dahr, LaRue Zerlcle. Second row: BeaTrice Snyder, MargueriTe HoTTman, MargareT Whorl, DoroThy Arnold, Mary Cassel, Orlee Arnold, RuTh Hake, Shirleyi Reiel, Marion Boring, MargareT Herman, Mae Boyer, RuTh Wiles, Grace Kern, Erma Balmer, Orville Wood. Third row: SargenT Lehr, Gordon Ensminger, Roy Snyder, RoberT Harry, Gerald Snyder, Harold Wolfe. Harold Ziegler, HerberT BaubliTz, Charles RhineharT, Maurice Rishel, Donald Garber, Thomas Ream, Charles WilT, Clair Desenberg. FourTh row: Pearson Hinlcle, Theodore Lehr, GranT Bier, Richard March, Maurice HolTzman, AusTin Corwell, Eugene Beshore, ErnsT Henry, Harold Char-lesTon, William BroThers. FiTTh row: RoberT Zeigler, KenneTh ChronisTer, Donald Lease, CliTTord Schaszberger, Edgar Rohrbaugh, Charles Hildebrand, MarTin Glassiclc, LuTher Hobaugh. ' W ml EET QQQQQQQ - , T - I-- Jl .Shaman ololo V WGINM oxo ml' T491 TVHIE SIDAIIQIKILIEIQ IIQ33 Mosf comical . lvlosf indusfrious Mosf inquisifive lvlosf conceifed . Noisiesf . . . lvlosf afhlefic . Greafesf hearf breaker lvlosf romanfic . Ivlosf silenf . Mosf pugnacious Biggesf baby . Sweefesf . Besf dresser . Besf looking Biqgesf gossip Mosf hof-headed Mosf easy-going . Mosf inconsisfenf . lX!l'7O,S Who ln the freshman class Edifh Schleefer, Herberf Baublifz Doris Dherif, Gerald Snyder Marion Boring, Kennefh Chronisfer Louise Rose, Charles Wil+ Erma Baker, Roy Snyder Mary Ellen Cousler, Ausfin Corwell Janef Hoke, Clifford Schaszberger Vicforia Sipe, Harold Zeigler LaRue Zerlcle, Donald Garber Es+eIIa Baylor, Maurice Rishel Mary Cassel, Donald Lease Doris Dherif, Charles Hildebrand Elizabefh Bair, Maurice I-lolfzman Dorofhy Arnold, Richard March lvlargaref Whorl, Gordon Ensminger Mae Boyer, Charles Rhinehard Beafrice Snyder, Sargenf Lehr Shirley Riel, Harold Wolfe rpg Era QQQQQQQ W ll aisle. ACT!V!T!ES J QU L7 N I QTVIHIIE SlDfMl2lKlL.lElQ H933 - f K 0 - IEE! QQQQQQQ - , w VIRGINIA M A e A Q-2 gp W Ol0I0 0I0 I I rzfeafqygzggrvvrvr-zl.vQ-3 .32Yx'5g'ung1sv'yvi-0-A-11: llllllll-2 simielliiiizie iieaa High School Qperetta il-lE operella, "Ask The Prolessor," was presenled April 5, 6, in lhe playground audilorium by members ol lhe High School Glee Clubs. The musical roles were under lhe direclion ol Miss Kalhryn L. Morning, while Mr. Elwood J. McGuigan was in charge ol lhe speaking parls. Elizabelh Kochenour, lhe school pianisl, pre- sided al lhe piano. The singing chorus consisled ol such characlers as college boys and girls, visilors and leachers. Included in lhe various dancing choruses were gypsies, laundry girls, marching boys and birds. The operella is a high school evenl and consequenlly members ol every class are parlicipanls. ASK THE PROFESSOR . lPrincipal Characlersl Emily Lee, a lriend ol Maryida's ..,.. Mary Elizabelh Marlin Maryida O'Neal, lhe laundress' daughler . . Anna Shelly lCalharine Grayl Prol. Will Breakeasy, professor ol lhe school . . Preslon Bollerbush John Ainsworlhy, a weallhy sludenl . . . . Paul Miller June Ainsworlhy, John's sisler . . . . Mary Kunkel Polly, a freshman who liked seniors . . Mary Genlzler Red O'Neal, Maryida's brolher ....... Dean Snyder Tommy Freshman, a pal lor Polly ....... Bernard Peeling Isl, 2nd and 3rd Girls . . . Mary E. Cousler, Viclorie Sipe, Thelma Doll Mrs. O'Neal, lhe laundress ....... Dorolhy Slellee The enlire casl is piclured on lhe opposile page. Reading from lell lo righl lhey are: Firsl row-Joyce Everharl and Gloria Wolfgang. Second row-Waller Dheril, '35, Mae Senll, '34, Richard March, Marian Heisland, '34, Gerald Snyder, '36, Belly Hershey, '33, Amelia Hershey, '34, Rela Gingerich, '33, Helen Zarloss, '34, Helen Shepp, '34, Janel Hoke, '36, Doris Dheril, '36, Dorolhy Ensminger, '36, Mildred Houck, '33, Neila Holfman, '4, Evadel Schaszberger, '33, Lorraine Diehl, '34, Lawrence Ziegler, '33, Louise Rose, '36, Roberl Barlon, '35. Third row-Eugene Beshore, '36, Harold Quickel, '34, Velma Sunday. '35, Helen Fink, '35, Grace Hobaugh, '34, Dorolhy Slel- lee, '33, Mary Elizabelh Marlin, '33, Paul Miller, '33, Mary Kunkel, '33, Preslon Bollerbusch, '33, Anna Shelly, '34, Bernard Peeling, '34, Mary Genlzler, '33, Viola Hamme, '34, Cecilia Ream, '33, Jessie Lighlner, '33, Margarel Throne, '33, Hilda Hollerbusch, '35, Miriam Bear, '34. Third row- Herberl Baublilz, '36, Maryland Himmelrighl, '35, Kalhryn Lehr, '34, Kennelh Chronisler, '36, Maurice Hollzman, '36, Edgar Rohrbaugh, '36,Clair Desenberg, '36, Kalhryn Eyler, '33, Helen Kochenour, '35, Viclorie Sipe, '36, Thelma Doll,'34, Francis Deholl, '34, Shirley Reel, '36, Rulh Slahl, '35, Kalhryn Sipe, '34, Margarel Herman, '35, Lena Lake, '34, Mary E. Cousler, '36, Marion Buckingham, '34, Roberl Harry, '36, Elizabelh Skelelon, '35, Elwood Krebs, '35. Fourlh row-Byron Boring, '34, Nelson Saul, '33, and Sargenl Lehr, '36. 1 0 1 l liil QQQQQQQ f V E - l'i f AI lon oroxo """""" mo ""' T531 Tirllll-E SIDXSXIIQIKILIEIQ loaaci Boys, Glee Club OR The lirsl lime in The hislory ol: Norlh York High School a Boys' Glee Cub was organized in The school year of ninelreen hundred +hir+y-Two-Jrhree, under Jrhe supervision of Miss Karhryn L. Morning, music supervisor. Miss Elizaloefh Koch- enour, school pianisr, is Jrhe accompanist The club is composed of Jrwenlry-live boys from every class in rhe high school. They made Their lirsr public appearance a+ +he annual Senior play. The boys as fhey appear on The piclure are: Fronl row, lei? lo righf-Paul Miller, Preslon Bore lerbusch, Gerald Snyder, Roberf Harry, Richard March, Vincenr Rohler, Lawrence Ziegler, Sluarf Flinchbaugh, Roberf Barlon. Second row-Clifford Schaszberger, Elwood Krebs, LaVerne Zellers, Charles Gladleller, Dean Snyder, Sherwood Suerelh, Arlhur lnnersl. Third row-Bernard Peeling, Clair Bixler, William Kauffman, Clarence Senfl. Fourlh row-Roy Lighlner, Baron Boring, Carl Byers, Nelson Saul, Slerling Weigle and Kennelh Ziegler. - 0 g - . u l - I v E EE A mek lox' W qi. 9 V incaimm ox. lun T541 irnis SlDAll2'lKlLlElQ IIQ33 Girls' Glee Club HE Girls' Glee Club was reorganized fhe beginning of fhe '32-'33 school year by 'rhe direcfor of music, Miss Kafhryn L. Morning. Elizabefh Kochenour was again appoinfed fo acl' in fhe capacify of pianisf. The Glee Club has enferfained af various school acfivifies during +he'year, fore- mosf among fhese being fhe Junior Play and Commencemenf. The members of The club as They appear on fhe picfure are: fronf row, reading from leff fo righf-Virginia Sherman, '33, Kafhryn Sipe, '34, Elizabefh Kochenour, '33, Ma,y Kunlcel, '33, Mary Elizabefh Marfin, '33, EfhelWolfe, '34, Miss Kafhryn Morning, direcfor, Cafharine Gray, '33, Dorofhy Gamber, '33, Marion Buckingham, '34, Daisle Arnold, '33, Gladys Dherif, '33, Amelia Hershey, '34. Second row-Helen Krebs, '33, Mae Senff, '34, Mary Genfzler, '33, Anna Shelly, '34, Mildred Houch, '33, Kafhryn Lehr, '34, Margaref Throne, '33, Refa Gingerich, '33, Helen Shepp, '34, Mar- oaref Herman, '35, Rufh Sfahl, '35, Evadel Shafzberger, '33, Dorofhy Sfeffee, '33. Third row- Janef Holce, '36, Louise Rose, '36, Romaine Myers, '34, Vicforie Sipe, '36, Charloffe Throne, '33, Dorofhy Ensminger, '36, Doris Dherif, '36. Fourfh row-Neifa Hoffrnan, '34, Mary Elizabefh Barfell, '34, Mae Eisenharf, '34, Jessie Lighfner, '33, Cecila Ream, '33, Beffy Hershey, '33. Fiffh row- Sara Hilf, '34, Edifh Kauffman, '33, Esfher Heindel, '33, Kafhryn Eyler, '33, Viola Sauerwald, '34, Helen Zarfoss, '34, Mary Throne, '33. " 0 l'ElEl QQQQQQQ - ,As I ' 4' GT 010 ., 91010 G"""' oxo """ T553 iriiiig simiieiiiiiie IQ ieaa Qrchestra The high school orchesfra, under The capable direciion oi Miss Kaihryn L. Morn- ing, conducis lheir praciices every Thursday aiiernoon. The praclice Time is an hour and a half and during fhis lime various selecrions are rehearsed. The music, which is of a classic and semi-classic naiure, has been wrilien by some of +he leading com- posers. The orchesrra is composed of +hir+een pieces. Among fhe various ins'rrumen'rs used are: violins, cornels, 'rrumpe+s, French horn, banjo and drums. The orchesfra made public appearances during +he year 1932-33 a+ Jrhe annual senior play, 'rhe annual iunior play, fhe opereHa and connmencemeni. Piclured above are: Fronf row, reading leff fo rigfh-Harold Quiclcel, David Lehr, Eugene Dahr, Sierling Weigle, Kennelh Ziegler, Roberf l-larry. Second row-Eugene Beshore, George l-leindel, Theodore Lehr, Charles Gladfelfer, Lawrence Ziegler, Arfhur Innersf, Kafhryn Morning, direciress, and Elizabefh Kochenour, pianist ' vv , EE QQQQQQL3 - I VIRGINIA M 1' 0 - , also om. T551 iVlHllE SIDAli2llQll-lElQ IIQB3 The North Yorlc School News Founded Sepfember, 1927 Y Published monfhly by fhe siudenis of Norih York High School EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Ediih Kauffman, Ediior Columnisis-Cafharine Gray, Belly Hershey, Mildred Houck, Mary Kunicel, Virginia Sherman. Feaiure Wriiers-Amelia Hershey, May Senfi, Anna Shelly. Sports Wrifers-Lewis Shenberger, Kenneih Ziegler. Reporiers-Isabel Beshore, Helen Kochenour, Margarei Lichienberger, Sybilla Sollenberger. Cub Reporlers-Mary Ellen Cousler, Doroihy Ensminger, Gerald Snyder, Glenn Franfz, Elsie Zuse, Richard March, William Marlin, Ruih Rishel, Kaihryn Swariz. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Laverne Zellers, Business Manager Circulafion Manager-Kafhryn Sipe. Advertising Managers-Alice Dellinger, Neila Hoffman. Business Associaies-William Blessing, Gladys Boiierbusch, Waller Dherii, Ruih Everhari, Kenneih Jordan. 'ii BE? Dial 52265 f Ten Cenfs a Copy - Eiifs Cenis a Year - Sixiy Cenfs by Mail f - l UU QQQQQQQ A' D is VIRGINIA W E CI ' Cfillflf CII!! E571 THIE SIDAIQIKILIEIQ H933 Varsity Basketball NDER +he capable coaching of Mr. Ray E. l-leilman worked faiihiully and unfiringly and were awarded w Norrh York vs. Norlh York vs. Norlrh York vs. Norrh York vs. Norfh York vs. Norih York vs. Norlh York vs. Nor+h York vs. Nor+h York vs. Norfh York vs. Norih York vs. Schedule 'For I 93 2-33 Dover, 9-20 Dallaslown, 23-3I Glen Rock, II-I0 Wesl York, I3-26 Wrighisville, 20-22 Red Lion, 9-50 Delia, I3-27 Fawn Township, I3-22 Alumni, I7-27 Spring Grove, I6-I9 Dover, 29-24 Nor+h York vs. Norfh York vs. Norlh York vs. Norrh York vs. Norlh York vs. Norfh York vs. .York Cafholic, I6-I5 Norlh York vs. Norih York vs Norlh York vs Norfh York vs. Norlh York vs 'rhe varsiiy baske-lball +eam fh a fairly successful season. Dallasiown, 29-24 Glen Rock, 8-22 Wesl York, 24-22 York Cafholic, 25-I9 Wrighisville, 24-54 Red Lion, I6-37 Delia, I9-I8 Fawn Township, 22-34 Alumni, 2I-20 .Spring Grove, 22-I5 Appearing on fhe piclure are: Fronf row, leff fo righr-Ray E. Heilrnan, Coach, Joe Doll, Be nard Himmelright Roberl Barfon, Sruarl Flinchbaugh, Charles Gladfelfer, Joe Genfzler, Richard Valenfine, Manager. Second row-Sfewarf Doll, William Blessing, Kennefh Morningsfar, Carl Byers, Baron Boring, Lloyd G-ingerich, Vinceni Rohler and Paul Blum, ' W l EE! QQQQQQQ h I me I N IA lim U A A oxo more oxo E581 lllTlllE SlDAll2.lKll-llElQ lliQ33 Girls, Basketball HE I932-33 girls' baskeTball Team have played a very successful season. Mr. Charles Leber was also The coach oT This Team. The girls came Through wiTh Tly- ing colors and are proud To show Their schedule. NorTh York vs NorTh York vs NorTh York vs NorTh York vs NorTh York vs. Schedule Tor I932-33 .Dover, I4-34 .Hallam, 36-8 .Alumni, I9-14 Hallam, 3I-I5 NorTh York vs. .Dover, IO-I4 Hanover, 4-l7 NorTh York vs NorTh York vs. NorTh York vs. NorTh York vs. NorTh York vs. NorTh York vs. .DelTa, I3-3 York CaTholic, I l-I5 DelTa, 6-9 Red Lion, 30-I9 York CaTholic, IO-22 Alumni, 37-8 NorTh York vs. Hanover, I I-I0 The Tour senior girls on The Team were presenTed wiTh silver baskeTballs while The remaining members were given numerals. The following are picTured above: FronT row, reading from leTT To righT- Charles Leber, Coach, ElizabeTh Kochenour, EThel Wolfe, DoroThy Gamber, Treva Bear, Daisie Arnold, Richard ValenTine, Manager. Second row-Mary Ellen Cousler, RuTh Everharf, Romaine GladTelTer, Mae EisenharT, Helen Kochenour and NeiTa Hoffman. 1 0 . - l Elil QQQQQQC3 A G., . li .' llllllli ll!!! T591 TIHIIE SIDAIQIKILIEIQ IIQ33 us-- r Freshman Basketball l-IE freshman class of I932-33 was 'rhe second class +0 have a baskefloall Jream of ils own. This learn, under 'rhe coaching of Mr. Charles Leber, is known as a iunior Jream and plays agains+ junior high school reams. Schedule for I 932-33 Nor+h York vs. I-lallann, 2I-20 Nor+h York vs. Mounl Rose, 4-33 Norlh York vs. Red Lion, 6-2l Norrh York vs. Wesr York, I4-20 Norlrh York vs. Mounr Rose, I6- I 8 Norlh York vs. Mouni Wolf, 23-9 Norlh York vs. l-lallarn, 20-I8 Norlh York vs. Red Lion, 20-25 Norih York vs. lvlounl Wolf, I8-I7 Reading from leff fo righi' are pic+ured above: Charles Leber, Coach, Richard Valenfine, Man- ager, Harold Wolfe, Elwood Krebs, Eugene Beshore, Auslin Corwell, l-larold Ziegler, Edgar Rohr- baugh, Maurice l-lolfzrnan, Gran? Biers, Roberl Zeigler, Gordon Ensminger and Roy Snyder. ' W - EE! QQQQQQQ - 'A 2 n E .RSM W -I Q 0 0 , more oxo l60fl TVIHIIE SIDAIQIKILIEIQ IIQ33 Baseball very successful sporl conducled by Norrh Yorlc High School is baseball. In 'rhis sporr lhere has always been lors of abilily available in The school. Pracrice ihis year was called on March 27 buf was delayed because of bad wealher. Alrer careful selec+ion, Coach Ray E. Heilman gave sevenieen persons eifher firsf or second hand sui'rs. Our +eam has had lors of 'rrouble +his year fighring professional playing in high school baseball. Four delega+es from Norfh York have gone +o a conference 'ro oppose professional playing bul were unsuccessful. However, This year may be rhe lasi year for such unfair compefifion. r Piclured above are: fron? row, reading from leff +o righf-Claude Billeft William Kauffman, Vincenf Rohler, William Blessing, Charles Gladfelfer, LeRoy Emrich, Paul Blurn, Gordon Ensminger, Elwood Shaull. Second row-Richard Valenfine, Mgr,, Charles Leber, Ass"r. Coach, Lloyd Gingerich, Bernard Hirnmelrighf, Carl Byers, Sluarf Flinchbaugh, Richard Zeigler, Clair Bixler, Dean Snyder, Ausfin Corwell, Ray Heilman, Coach. ' W EE QQQQQQQ - gg ll- W - C' T olo more oxo WJ TIHHE SIDAIQIKILTEIQ IIQ33 Favillae Troiae HE Larin Class of '34 was The firsl class in Jrhe hislory of The school To organize a club, eslablished Tor The inleresls of one specific subiecr. The purpose of 'rho Favillae Troiae is To promole Tuller apprecia+ion ol Roman life and liferalure. All persons having Two years of Lalin are eligible for membership. Roman names are given To The officers, such as: president consul supremus: secrelary, scriba1 Treasurer, consul secundusy crilic, accusala: and Tacully advisor, regnor. The members and of- ficers abide by +he rules of The cons+i+u+ion and conducl lheir meeling under parlia- menlary procedure. Programs of Roman cusloms, habils and ideals have been pre- senled during The year. The members all appear upon The piclure. They are, from leff To righfz Romaine Myers, Amelia l-lershey, Rulh Felrow, Curlis Blum, Harold Quiclcel, Elwood Shaull and Mae Senfl. ' - EE QQQQQQQ. 1 - - VIRGINIA W 1 oxo A oxoxo a T621 ', X 1 A Q ... X f W ml X gi f 1, X N1?- L fx I-IUMO I? G TIHIIE SIDAIIQIIIILIEIQ IQ33 flmong The Seniors' Souvenirs Shall Remember: ROMAINE MYER'S hearTy laugh which rang Through The halls oT N. Y. H. S. CARL CASSEL'S good old pepperminTs. KENNETH ZElGLER'S "wise cracks." JANET HOKE'S blushing abilify. "NARDlE" PEELING'S crooning. THE NUMEROUS LOVE AFFAIRS, ToremosT among These being The romance oT: EDITH KAUFFMAN and ARTHUR INNERST, HELEN ZARFOSS and SHERWOOD SUERETH, NEITA HOFFMAN and BERNARD PEELING, ELIZABETH KOCHENOUR and PRESTON BOTTER- BUSH and many oThers ThaT, if menTioned, would fill volumes. CATHARINE GRAY wiTh a big handTulI of chocolaTe buds. "DICK" VALENTlNE'S Tardiness and business aT The oTTice. MAE ElSENHART'S "carrying on" in The library. ETHEL WOLF'S abiIiTy To "hen-peck" STuarT Flinchbaugh. EDITH SCHLEETER'S giggling. MARY ELIZABETH MARTlN'S "TiclcIishness." ELWOOD SHAULL'S romanTic Tendencies. "DOT" GAMBER'S weelc-end Trips To LancasTer. MR. McGUlGAN'S TavoriTe simile, The navy is like a roTTen Timber. "WEE-WEE" GlNGERICH'S Timidness. THE SEWING CIRCLES in The cloak-room oT room 9. SINGING PAGE 42, "The Old-Fashioned Garden," in assembly. A LARGE GROUP of boys crowding The hall, reading a noTice ThaT large headlines, "For Girl Reserves." ELIZABETH RISHEL always Tollowed by Elsie Drawbaugh. HARRIET LAKE'S vacaTions from class. CECELIA REAM'S public Ioolcing-glass. MARY KUNKEL'S Tree-Tor-all vaniTy case HAROLD WOLFE'S low and soTT voice. VIRGINIA SHERMAN'S "confounded" arguing. DOROTHY CAMPBELL, who has a siIenT love in The junior class. "ED" RlSHEL'S good old-Tashioned blush. THE PEOPLE who live near The school and are able To hear The lasT bell, come rushing inTo home room gasping and gapping. MARY THRONE'S growling abouT an assigned lesson. JOE DOLL'S anlcleTs. "CHARLIE" GLADFELTER'S desire To "show oTT" before The girls. THE PECULIARITIES as well as The amiable TraiTs of each and every pupil and Teacher. . . has wriTTon on il in ml IEE QQQQQQQ 'sv - - in W CIO 01010 OID T641 lllllllli SlDAll2.llllLll-Ell2 IIQ53 C9 ..1111-.111...1111.- 111111111.. .- 1 11111.. 11111.-111 For +he srreel scene in 'rhe sen- ior exlravaganza Carl Cassel and Kennelh Ziegler borrowed a fire plug from Jrhe borough ol Hallam. GYQ The prinler asked Edilh Kauff- man 'ro bring him a galley. Edilh came back la+er.and said she couldn'+ find il and besides she Jrhoughr 'rhe Romans were The lasl ones +o use galleys. Ok? Mildred-Our radio's wonderful for foreign slalions. Tonighl we lurned on lhe radio and gol Ham- burg. Mary-Tha+'s nolhing, winler I opened +he door and gol Chili. 11111-.111 .- 1 1 1 .. .. ... .- ..nn111,im1mm...un11m11:11-nn1ilu1nii1nu.-.iii BUICK and PONTIAC Sales and Service LIPPERT'S GARAGE l525 Norlh George Sfreel Y General Aulo Repairing 4...-1...-1... -------.. 4. Q 664 5 BARBER SHOP Il23 N. George S+. in-uu-un.-un-.uu1nu-nu-un.-un1im.-un1uu- REX RESTAURANT Yorlc Haven, Pa. Y Sea Food in Season lce Cream and Candies Cigars and Tobacco Gasoline and Oils J. 6. RIFE -1- - 11-- --1- ---- - --11 - -- - - --il - -ili - - - "-' -1+ 1- rlli - -"- - -1- '1-- - --II ----'--i1-i- - K on - E QQQQQQQ ' + . VIRGINIA AI G in oxo ,,. oxoxo oxo i651 lVlHlllE SIDAIQIKILIEIIQ IIQB3 :gui 11ll 1nn1ln--11:11 1nu1mi1nll-lui: 1lin1nu-uni: sion-H111 1:11-llu1lul 111111 11111 Q9 , I i l Helen K.-Ouchl l bumped my Phone 31 IO7 I crazy loone. lv1argare+ L.-Nobody had bei- I Jrer never hi'r me on fhe head. I Miss BurlceH-Where in Asia was Russia frying 'ro gel porfs? 1 George Heinclel-ln rhe Gull of I Mexico. GYQ GYJ May Eisenharf says a girl doesn'+ have +o be so parficular because L all +he sloclcings al 'rhe iraclc meer i had runners in rhem. 1 we Q "My marks are going down," l said Romaine Gladfelier, as her 1 repori card fell on 'rhe floor. l -2- 1?n1un1iui1lii 111111 un1lm1nn1nn1ni I CIGARS BILLIARDS l Meer 'rhe Boys i al fhe North York Cigar Store l lO57 Norlh George Slreef ii,1iill1nu1nu1mi1nn1mi-.mi1nu-mi11m1 ,l1wi1p Now! York's Leading Resrauranf HOWARD'S HERBERT W. HEVNER, Mgr. 43 E. Marlcei Sfreei Specializing Siealcs and Chops and Luncheons Privafe Parly Calering Privafe Banquef Room Founfain Service m1im1 1 1un1uu1 1wn1 1 1 1 -.mi ,1m1..im1im...mi1im1 1 1 1 1 1 11m 'Phone No. 3lI37 For Fresh Fruir and Vegelrables You'll Gel lhe Besl af Henry Everhart and Sons Noam YORK, PA. L Q ' 1 L L I ICE CREAM CANDi55 "Bes+ Goods for Lowesr Prices" i .i'lll1lllIlIllITlllI1CIlll Tlilli IlllTIIllillIlil llITlllllllII1llll1-llllllllllll'lilllITllIIillllTllllillllilill W - ll Elil SQQQQQQQ - 1 I : enum 1' Glo oloro oxo E661 lilHlllE SlDfXlQllilLlElQ llQ?5i5 llifeire Telling You Qs ACS' V , Xddoifx-Qooqox EN. .1 ,.. lx, A L G,o4 Ooblgblzogy S5 I i Yfobfo Qcg JZ o xii X100 00094 eq 1,760 X49 we I mol i ln Iql5 out Of Q The plc tures That a class of ia hung ma ClasS room ' there were wo for years yet I I were r-at seen. 9 Y a cl u a Tr e 5 - , ff,1I" uum uuuu baseball l lglv - team ' M1071 two North YNKT High 9077765 ba tim? " Te cl' Lehv a?thouQh School has repovters on both city papers dQd77l5f.' "Willie" Shew-dell on the Hanover team ll fl only u. has played in move than 900 Concerts OuT OT a class oT ThirTeen, in l9l5, There were no graduaTes. This happened because The school board decided ThaT year ThaT There should be Tour insTead oi Three years oi high school. ConsequenTly The class remained The same and The eighTh "graders" enTered as Freshmen. we The class of l92O presenTed To The high school Three prinTs illusTraTive oT "The Arab- ian NighTs." OF a delicaTe TinT and hung be- Tween windows in Room 8, They caughT so liTTle ligh+ as To remain pracTically invisible Tor These I3 years. excepT on several occasions. when They have been discovered accidenTally. The phanTom picTures now hang in The library. Back in The good old days, when There was a baseball Team aT N. Y. l-T. S., ThaT school wenT Through Three seasons wiThouT losing a game. This Team won vicTories over all The high schools in The counTy, including The Yorlc CounTy Academy and Hanover. GY4! N. Y. H. S., alThough one OT The smaller high schools in The ciTy has Two newspaper re- porTers in iTs classes, one Trorn each oT Yorlcls daily newspapers. Richard ValenTine, '33, is a reporTer on The sTaTT oi The "York DispaTch," while Ray SchleeTer, '35, holds a similar po- siTion wiTh The "York GazeTTe and Daily." Elil QQQQQQQ OIC 01010 CIO W I A e l.. lllllll-2 SlDAll2lllll.lElQ HQ33 vgon1nu1un1 -lm1un1im 111-:11111111111--1- 1 1.1.1 pig l 'Phone 64l82 l BORTNER'S NORTH YORK RESTAURANT l l lO5O North George Street YORK, PENNA. l i IVAN A.BORTNEK Pwpnaafand Mamqef ,i,i.1i,n 11111 -nu1ml1 llll 1nu1I1vl1IIll1 ulll 1 llll 1un1uu1 1ini1un1 1un1 1 1 1 1 1m.1,,,,1 sgon1nu- 1 1uu1nuc-nn1lul1nll1nll1 1 1nu1uio? n1lw1nn1 1lul1un1llll1un1lln1 1 1 1:1111 I l E FOR QUALITY : Augugf My , Aug. 29-SixTy-Two greeners, all L l looking Torward To a year oT hard l S work, enTered high school Today. ' I Among The TaculT There a - l : d T fy Th pf ' peare wo new aces, ose o RUTTER BROS ' Mr. Charles Leber and Mr. Ray 5 ' Heilman. I l i PasTeurized Milk and Cream Aug, 30-The Treshmen had To T I geT used To high school and in do- T ing This They kepT The upper class- T I men busy answering quesTions. 5 f Aug. 3l-The Tollowing were I appoinTed 'as librarians: CharloTTe ' Throne, head librarian, ElizabeTh E I Kochenour, Gladys DheriT, Evelyn L N. George ST., EXT. - BrandT, Mary ElizabeTh MarTin, Q I Helen Zarfoss, Edward Rishel and L YORK, PA. U Joe GenTzler, l , - alll llll lTTT I lllllllllllllill TTli IIIITI4' lllllllllllllllllillll iilTlTT IIIITIIIIT WWE! l QQQQQQQ - I IRGINIA F Al Y olo . . more oxo i681 iririir sinfwiiiiiiizio, ioaa 1nu1un1nu1m11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1l,,,1.,n1m1m.-.lm AWNINGS 'Phone 35260 BLUM AWNING AND TENT CO. Tents to Rent-All Sizes Y :za W. Philadelphia si. YORK, PA. -uni - -uuinu-nu1nu1un1ni - 1un1nwfa iouiun1un11m-1uu-nu1uu11m1nu1uu1111:--nnrnu Sepiember "Shoe l-leal+h" l-leadquarrers Sept 5-The freshmen are slill asking lhe upper classmen ques- lions. Sepf. 7-The new leachers Wolfgang S Shoe Store slarled 'rhe year correclly lso ihey fhoughll by giving Jrhe slrudenls Iols of Work' I l2l N. George Slreel' Sepl. I5-Boys and girls s+ar+ed praclicing for volleyball loclay, YORK. PA, Coach Leber in charge. Sept I6-The iirsl week of hard worlc. Things are now down +0 a general rouiine. Sept 28-The senior girls scored a viclory in volley ball Today. Sepl. 30-All exhibils for 'rhe 5l'lm-'al York Fall' Were Tlf'll5l'led- e Home of "Brown-Bill Heallh Shoes oft -mi- -un1un-un--ui- 1 -nn--ini-uii1uii1ufa n1un1un1 -un1un1lm--nl:nu1uu1lui-ml--lui p q "' 1 I y 2222222 A I E IRCHNIA A A OID. 01010 OID E691 TIHIIE SIDAIQIRILIE IQ IIQ33 1....1 1 1 1 .........-nu1n..1 1 1 1....1... Ocfober Ocf. 3-The enfire school is looking forward fo fair holidays, Ocf. 4.-School sfarfed a half hour earlier, Sessions began af 8 o'cloclc and by II:3O all sfudenfs and feachers were headed in fhe general direcfion of fhe York Fair Grounds. Ocf. 5-Fair holidays sfarfed. Ocf. I4-The freshmen held a Halloween parfy. One group held fheir social affair af fhe home of Grace Kern and fhe resf of fhe freshmen held fheir's af fhe Rishel homesfead. Ocf. I7-The juniors held a class meefing. 1m.1 1 1 1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1.. 1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nu1.. ll i. K I if 5.223 . r f if 4 i Z Z Z M f f 1 f s , ff r 2 i if , s 5 1 MT! Nh 4- , gf .gm- ss, ,- :V Q , w' 'ru A jr 'rar-C , t-Q ff-lf... v,l.l....1.,. ',-P .f' V lxwiwhi X 'N' iii., ,af-"S zz ZW yu? Q f-T1ffj"T,wi'- Lffffiggzgfi 2 91 2 af f' W ii I ri? af' ff' "7 , XII Zz? fetal? A ,ff lj r ".,i 'i.l ff, f., mai? 12 z r 'ki 42'f.1oi:.15v' .. C. F. PLITT 6' SON ninu-lm.-un-.un1im1uu1nn1lii.1....1....1....1....1 Reading and Lehigh Coal Smyser G Smyser Dealers in C O A L 1 Office and Yard Cor. Beaver and Norfh Sfs. YORK, PA. Delivery fo All Parfs of Cify Wiring Fixfures Appliances Philco and Afwafer Kenf Radio LAUER Er GROSS Electrical Contractors I366 W. lvlarkef Sf. ...1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -un- Eil QQQQQQQ CIO 01010 OID A Q, fl .. U01 TIHIII5 SIMIIQIIIILIEIQ 11933 - , -K - 1 E VIRGINIA IIIII W"'P7'flEEl - Al Ah IDIS-0l0I0 9l9 U11 TTIHILE SIDAIQIKLLIELQ ieaa iw- '--- -- -------- --" - --'- - -i----H--'-- '--- - '-'- - ---- - ---- - ---- -------- - - --'- ----L L L i A BEAUTY SECRET I Everyone knows L L ' L l I H O T W A T E R - Use plen+y of if To open 'rhe pores and 2 cleanse lhe slcin fhoroughly. Lei no old-fashioned wafer L healer rob you of a single bafh, shampoo or massage. I A Gas Aufomalic Wafer Heafer will make our bafhroom L Y L ihe besi' beaufy parlor in Town. The Cos+ is li++le compared +o +he cleanliness and ioyuof using. f PENNSYLVANIA GAS e ELECTRIC co. I27 w. Marlcel si., YoRK, PA. lf- --.- - -.-. - ---- - .-.. - .-.. -..L- .-.. ------------------ ---- - -.-- - .--- - ---- - L -l- ofeu1nii1nu1 1nn-mu-nu-uu1un1 -nu-nn-:min .14 sion-mi-un1nn1nu1nn-nn-M1M1uni-nui1nu1uu-uin L L L L We invi+e you +o pay us a visi+ Oc+. I8-The sophomore class I af our New and Up-+O-Daw had a meeling +o choose colors. T Fountain Oct l9-Preparalions for a L I bigger and beHer school paper : 2 ' are under way. L 'For L L Q Ocf. 20-The fgslrlrisemblgf L S-was L L Sgziiixwsg ass... and L T Ice Cream Sodas T T presenled by his senior French T E E E class. Bernard Peeling La lalenled E L C0Ca'C0l35 singerj, was assisianl +o Mr. E. J. L L L lVlcGuigan, assembly leader. Ar- L T 1 : I 'rhur lnnersl' conducled Jrhe music I . L L L i T T in ihe Senior-Sophomore Assem- i T We aim To Please! bly. T E , November i Q S L L Nov. 4-The sophomore class Q Q made ol lheir annual bazaar a L L III9 Norlh George Slreel royal success. i T l i 5IIlIIIITIllITIlIIlllIIlllIIllIIIlIIIIUTIIIIT!IlllTIllITIlIIilllllilllif 5 IITIIIITIIII1 IITIIIIT-llll TlTilTl 'mini " 0 Ml EEL QQQQQQQ - , I VIRGINIA W 1' oxo are o oxo T721 THIE SlDAll2lKll,lElQ load Q HESPENHEIDE AND THOMPSON MANUFACTURERS OF PREMIER FEEDS 1.,,...11111111111..,, 1nu1uu1 111,111.11 1 1In1,m...un1m,..mi.-li 1 YORK, PA. 'S' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11:11 .,..m,.- 1 1111...-illi..,,,,1,,.,1 1 14.11 Nov. 8.-Hoover wenl up Sell I If You Warn River and Roosevell made anolher ' promise. ' ealing and Plumbing Done l Nov. IO-A special assembly S Call for program was held in honor of The - World war velerans. The speaker : was Captain W. W. Van Baman of 'rhe lale war. l , R. l"l. HAAS Nov. Il-The "lrosh" 'fried lo - run The school. 1 6' Nov. I7-School nighl was ob- served. The sludenls came lorlh ' promplly a+ 7 o'cloclc and pro- ' coeded lo display unlo inleresfed - persons of +he borough and sur- 1 rounding coun+ry some of lheir L bounliful knowledge. I 'Phone 5246! I aft 1un-un-mi1nu1nn-un-in 1111 lu1un1nafa u1un1 -1 --M1 1un-un-- -- -1:11 - 0 I EE can - QQQQQ A Gigi , u l v.pG.N.A O 0 0 01010 OID E731 TVHIE SIDAIQIKILIEIQ IlQ3w3 CLD 0301 Illr -I 1- - -1lw1iiu1uu1iiu1 1 1 limi.. l I December Q Dec. 2-The second issue of lhe Dec. 7-Surprise: Sfudenfs were noi given Chrislmas seals 'ro sell. "School News" was published. I Dec. I6-I7-The Senior Class T Play, "The Happy Vagabond," : was presenied despile a raging g snowslorm on Safurday nighi. I Dec. 22-Juniors presenfecl fheir annual Chris+mas program. Dec. 23-The "fresh" again f 'fried fo run 'rhe high school. I January Jan. 2-Everybody is in school l in person buf ceriainly no'r men- l ially. I -1- nfsuinnQian111111iin1llu1lnl1nn1lln1unxunxuu1uu1n l E Besi' Quali+y and Vegeiables Can be Boughr f from i T, c. HEILMAN l Service Any Time, Rain or Shine L l I Dealer in 1 Fish, Fruit and Produce ! -1- u1nH1un1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .- I--ini-,I u1iiu1nii1lur1uuu1lul1nurnn:unv-un:nli..nii1ini1u g...lm1llu1' Q. g.-.,,l1lnl1.,,l1.nl1 1 11.1 DIAMONDS PR - 1, .' llllllllllllff ?lll!lllliiil?i 'Nerf 39 ' ' "Qualify Righf The Same as Price" 1. FRANK REESE Jeweler lOl2 N. George Sf., YORK, PA For Good Ears and Drinks Try The NORTH END LUNCH ROOM F. A. SHINDEL, Prop. CRANES ICE CREAM Our Specially H24 N. George S+. - W I EE! QQQQQQ - 4 E lm ll miata OIEIO ipsum oxo E741 WVIHIIE s1DM2z1m,1E1Q HIQ33 1 N - 0 - A ml QQQQQQQ if - I.. I I CIO G T 010 0 0 o U51 iriiiig simieiitiiiieie ioaa Jsniu-1111111.-.- I 1111111--11111-1 lln1nu1ll0!-I l 1 x E I i . lg -f if f .. 'VEMOV-4 7 H. K. BILLETT e som E Builders of E Distinctive Cemetery Memorials i l l Third Ave. and N. George St. I YoRK, PENNA. i 1 i il- illi -11-1--111---- 1 iiii 1 iiii --11-1-111 i I 1:1 iiii -any Og'lllllIlT 1llllTllllTullilnllllnillllillllilllll l llll TNI? Qllilllli illllT llll Till'lm'lullTlluilllfTllillllllllllllllA50 l l l l D' E. Vyfolfgangs Jan. I3-The basketball booster . 1 gm- I Jan. 20-The semester ended 5 Q and many students forgot the L - 1 knowledge that they had crammed l h 1 into their heads tor examinations. I I Jan. 23-The "trosh" gave up - g trying to run the school. g I lvlanutacturers ot I l Feb,-ua,-Y I I i l .. l f . . 2 2 Feb. I-Another edition ot the 2 g I-hgh Grade Candles g g "School News" was published. g i Feb. 9-The assembly programs i i ' i T were in commemoration ot Abra- T ' T T ham Lincoln. T F'3C+O'Y Stow Feb. 22-George Washington I 8-I2 Laiimar S+. IIOO N. George S+. enioyed another birthday. 1 l l l .!,llTllllTllllTllllT Tlllll l TllIlTlllIlllllT llillllTlliO fi llllllli-llllllllll limi '1llll1lillTllllTllllT llTlIll11ll4 W IEE SQQQQQQQ 5 - 1 IRGINIA tim Al A A OID 01010 oxo l76l TVIHIH-E SlDAll2lKlLlEll2 i933 GD cfm 1InI1nu1IIu1IIu 1-11111 n1Im1II 6, ,ig Dial 64244 Eslablishecl l905 SHARP'S PRINTERY LAWRENCE S. CRAMER, Prop. 739 N. George S+. --nu-. 1nn1nn1mI1uII1nn1Im1mI1uIn- u1IIn1n 1InI1nu1nn1nu1nu,un1IIn1IuI1IuI1.IIII... n1m11I Feb. 24-Richard Valenline ar- rived lor school on lime. Feb. 27--Arlhur lnnersl forgol lo wail for Edilh Kauffman aller school. v'n1IIn1 ..- 1:--IuI1uII1IIn.-IIII1 1 1 Drink COCA-COLA Gifcika li lf I Ili ln Bollles 1 York Coca-Cola Bottling W.orks .1ml1un1ml1ml-.nn..-:III-.nII...InI1uIII1nu, -In-m1 --un-Im11:111nn1uu.-IIu1IIu1 1 "Say ll Wilh Flowers IOHN DAUBER March H Florisi Mar. 8-Seniors were bad and had 'ro slay eller school. Joseph Doll sal' quiel and was +he lirsl one 'ro be excused. Mar. I6-Jus'r anolher assembly. Mar. ZI-Mae Eisenharl re- mained in Mr. l.eber's slrudy hall 1705 Norflq George 5,51 for an enlire period. This was very unusual. YORK, PA. 1mI-nn1 1 -n 111111 I1nu1nio ff'II1IuI-I1 1 1vuI1IIn1uIr1mI1nu1 1 sfo ' wwf , I EE! QQQQQQQ 1 , I VIRGINIA v 01010 Q10 U71 Tl-HIE SlDAll2llQlLll2ll2 IIQ33 :P l GUlSE'S l l L 1 L T T Ices and Ice Cream I E L Made and sold al 1 Dulce and Princess l 4' 'S' l l At Barnharfs l 35 Wes+ Marker Slreei 1 Waterman or Parker Fountain Pen you can buy a i and have if filled io your hand. I ' 1 L L l Do you need a School Memory Boolc. 11111111 1 111111ll11111111111111111111111 1 11 11111111 .- -mi-. ... -11111 1 1111111111m,.-1, 11111111 1 11111111111111111n111111111111111m,..1m .11111111111111111111111111-111111111-1111.-1111.111u1111111m.- DODGE BROTHERS Moior Cars, Trucks and Buses PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS D. E. STETLER 111,111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111,,n-. ,imp-11111 .-1111...1111--11111 1 - --111-1111111111 Mar. 24-The seniors conducied 'rheir bazaar. The baskelball learn also enioyed a banquel a+ Red Lion. Sluarf Flinchbauqh hadn'+ eafen anyrhing for a week pre- ceding 'rhe banquer. Mar. 27-Baseball praciice was s'rar'red under The supervision ol Mr. Heilman. April April 4-Many sfudenls are our for baseball. April 7-The firsl baseball game of 'rhe session was played. "Ask lhe Professor," +he opereria, was presenled. April I4-Good Friday. No school. lflil-111111-11111 1111 -111111111--1111-1111-1111-1111-11111nic QVI1--11111 11111 11111111 1111-11111 ml Eli QQQQQQQ A' GACAQIQIQ oxoxo oxo ' W - pl 1 - f T781 TIHIIE SlDAlI2lKlLiEll2 IIDQ33 sfo -lm 11-11 nu1nlr 1:111 lui-rg? oxen-uni 11: 11-1 un1uu1un1ln11nm1un1 6, I - 'iC:I:Z:2, .gJ:5:3:i1' Kennefh Ziegler says flwaf of all I3 : counfnes Irdand R in fhe bed AY financial condifion. l-ler capifal ERVV is always Dublin. E. .J Deliglwf flwe girl of your choice wiflw I a Diamond Engagemenf Ring flnaf will L "This isn'-f rig'-I-I-"' Said ffhe prize- be made iusf for her, and fhaf is fruly h h a producf of a masfer craffsman in 'the - lg fer as e gave 'S OPPOUGVW a arf of plafinum and gold-smifhinq. Al' 1 gfiff Ief-1' +9 'fhe iaw, our shop you can buy iusf sucln a ring, and The price will be a pleasanf surprise, ' a remarkably low price for an excep- : 'N' fionally fine qualify hand-made ring. - i f Nelsonb iaul saYS fflwal 'rlwe dig CREATOKLY-DIsTmCTlVE JEWELRY erence 'e ween a res man an l'I,,,4l9 E MARKET ST. - a senior is 'rlwaf a freshman knows 259 FLOOR- : he doesn'f know anyflwing. YORK, PENNA. - 1nu1 1i1un1un1nu1uu1ull-nul1-- -- 1un:u4c l!'iu11ul-r-ul-nun 1111 lm-nu- c- 1ln1un1l!v 1un1ini-in-im: 1nlu1nn1n11rni1nn1 1nu1r,? sian-un1un1 1nn1un1u1 l April I8-Charles will fprgof Drink a Quart of Milk fo buy candy for a cerfain Iunuor D girl. ' a ay April 20--Mae Eisenharf falked 8 words a minufe fasfer fhan ever l before' He' fofmer record was 5 And be sure if's fuberculin fesfed, I84 words per minufe. L h fgpril 25-A frack meef was l pasrreurized Milk e . April 28-Mary Genfzler missed : a show. ' May i May 4-Anoflwer of Mr. l.eber's i ' famous fraclc meefs. T May I2-I9-Senior vacafion. : May I3-Track and field meef. I May 2I-Baccalaureafe sermon. York Sanifary Milk CO' May 22-Class Day program. : May 23-Commencemenf. - Division of Penn Dairies, Inc. -ann: -nu 11111111: nuinofa lf0n1nn1mic-nu:nu-nu-nu1ull:-un1un-lui:-un-ml:oi: W W I EE QQQ QQQQ A10 qlggyllh. AIIFIII ll VIIQGINIA imi KA olo oxoro oxo E791 WVIHIIE S1DM221M1E1Q HQ33 CQ , i 1 1 N W EE! I"- Q QQ Q M 1 - , - I VIRGINIA :W 1' 0 - 0l0I0 gI0 E301 1 f ADM 6 A x'1'53 R "f N C 9 . .1-17 1 Z nl 1- Q. ww X 1-MM-M X ' J... ZX XX Q Q 32 O T was 5 Wx O W M THE END 2 E 2 m iz 5 2 2 ff E 2 M g. 5' ag fx 5 3 5 E E: L 5 EY fl, 25 fi if +1 'F 3? 9 5 fs Q 2: 3 Q 5' Q -'E 1: Sf :Hamm-wmzqu-10.1--,,f',f,uA-.w,,f.n- x .. . -my f , . - f Q - V . ,fn Q.-. am.-.1-nngmmnw. Auf-Q-'vkmzn-f-1L,.34i rs f 5 5 'E 5 1 H 35 is 25 9 if 14 2 gk ff F ef as 51 f Q f S Za is 1 '? Q Q EE 5 13 E Q W-.WD-f,-.,'1,-,,,, - Y, , - , . , .. I ,wwf H- I.--1.,,..,, .. ,. W W x Y. .- A "' ,iggu-fy 1 nn. A-"A 11, gi , sf: 131:-fL.':,.w:f.L5P2gwl.7 ,J-'-5-Qgffff gg1Li,1g'.ff- ' vw-fm' 1" -'IQ 4-'LTfJj'f,"',,fH' "I -rl- 4 .L-J:'7' : ' 1 :gm- 4 4 N ., ,.,M', L . .-Lv. 2 5, , Q s S, , is ,. , - r 9 , S I -ff L qi 1:6 ,J-. 4 A ki: - fm ' ...Ti -. ,"' .35 v V A- ,fr 4 .jig -a- ,fir .- ,L:,:,- bfi'-Q: AE 13, "3 Q7 L K 153 ' ? 1 - , -, ....i. WW .fl x L . " 'f ' -' , R54 K 1 ,g N, -Y-Ag. lf, '-. -il , A4 az 2 nv ,W A v

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