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JERRY RHODES Class Pres. I,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Soft- ball I,2, 3, 4, Volley Ball I,2, 3, 4, Troy staff 4, Travelers Club 2, Track I, 3, Junior Play 3. 5 NORBERT NILES Class V. Pres. I,2,3,4, Basketball I,2,3,4, Soft- ball I,2,4, Volley Ball l, 2,3,4gJI1l1i01' Play 3. 'K R.Q.'.'5vx,."- ' . , . as R... S 4. 1.3 A , sv. 3. .l:,,.Q , 4 ,A V., gp 'il ' . 'Ns f. -l' WARREN SLOAN Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Softball I,2,3,4, Volley Ball I,2,3,4, Travelers Club 2, Track 3,4, Troy Staff 4, Projection Opr. 4, Junior Play 3. 1 DONNA LEE BARNHART Class Secretary 2, 3, 4, Band Secretary 3, Band V. Pres. 4, G.A.A. V. Pres. 3, G.A.A. Pres. 4, Booster Club V. Pres. 4, Travelers Club Treas. 2, Troy Editor 4, Hi Lites Staff 4, D. A. R. Award 4g Girls Stare 3, Booster Club 4, Travelers Club 2, G.A. A. l,2,3,4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3.4, Junior Play 3, Speech Conference 4, Ind. Senate Page 4. MARLENE BENNETT Sec. 8, Treas. I, Booster Club Treas. 4, Hi Lites staff 4, Troy staff 4, Booster Club 1, 2, 4, Chorus I,2, Home Economics Club lg Band 2g Junior Play 3. Compliments of EBERLY OIL COMPANY 7 -N-f-eq - g.-r E A. ' 5: If RAY BLITZ ' Q Basketball I, 2, Track 3, 45 Troy Staff 4, Chorus -H., 1, 2, 3.4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3.4. " ff" K, " .: xx M J -' JUDY BLUE 3 4: 1 Band V. Pres. 2, Band I,2,3, Hi Lites Staff 4, It new Z. . Q 'rx-Q, X 4 l X eit- n 5 ei '. 'I Girls Chorus r,2, 3, Mixed Chorus I,2, 3, Junior Play 3. Q55 429' 1-un fix ' MARY ANN BUTLER Travelers Club 2, Booster Club 1,25 Chorus I Troy Staff 4, Hi Lites staff 4g Junior Play 3. . 4 'll DELORES DENEKAS Booster Club I, 2, 4, Travelers Club 25 Mixed Chorus I,2,4g Girls Chorus I,2,4g Hi Lites staff 49 Troy Staff 45 Girls Ensemble 4g F. H. A. I. SUE FERVERDA Band Pres. 3,4g Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Twirler I, 2, 3,4g Chorus I,2, 3, 4g Travelers Club 2, Booster Club 1, 2,45 Junior Play 35 Troy Staff 45 Hi Lites Staff 4, Alt. Girls State 3, Chorus Pianist 2, 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 4. Compliments of 9 H 8: L GARAGE 8 r JOYCE GIFT Band 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. sec 45 Chorus I,2, 45 Mixed Chorus I,2, 45 Band Treas. 3, 45 Booster Club I,2, 45 Travelers Club 25 Hi Lite Staff 45 Troy Staff 45 Pep Band 3,45 "Miss No. Webster" 3. DARYLE HILL Track I,2, 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3, 45 Softball I, 2, 3,45 Chorus 2, 35 Junior Play 35 Ping Pong 3, 45 Troy Staff 4. NORMA KAUFMAN 'IIFWX DIXIE KUHN Chorus 1,43 G. A.A. 3, 45 Travelers Club 25 Booster Club I,2, 45 Junior Play 35 Hi Lites Staff 45 Troy Staff 45 Girls Ensemble 4. BOB LIKENS Travelers Club 25 Basketball I,2,3,45 Softball I, 2, 3, 45 Track 3,45 Troy staff 45 Volleyball I, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 25 F. F.A. I, 2, 35 Junior Play 35 Projection Operator 2, 3, 4. .. Compliments of BLUE BELL INC. 9 Chorus I,2,45 Troy Staff 45 Booster Club 15 G.A. A. I5 Travelers Club 2. K I, 4, J. X .. New -s .- Q: :awk . 1- . ,sax ss ,sr P- xkgisxx 5 Vs , LORENA MARCHAND Troy Staff 4, F. H.A. I. CAROL MART IN Chorus I,2,4, Band I,2,3,4,TW1rI6I I,2,3,4, Travelers Club 2, G. A. A. I,2, 3,4, Booster Club 1, 2,4, H1 Lues Staff 4, Mrxed Chorus I, Booster Club Sec. 4, Troy sraff 4. 4 'Q--we-Y ., .. , QLVQ. 3 f' -xi Lv 'lk '- -flisssiifbblx ' ' ss? N sw-. rw ' x x .sv N Qxkx xgxxx A We :H 5 X xx K ss, XR s N 9 mx N s I -.,. C A rr X I N' A Q s . 'I f-Q S 5 X .GX .' . :N A RJ.-f..' ' .':'Q.N ' 1. 'X Y- I-5' Vg ,j 1.3, -"ftp: ff' Fw , f' pf- f1 "v:!b4" x N .s.. X 5: 2 ,,,.- Q .sg-ix .-,ws I., F' ...Cf BONNIE MATER Troy Staff 4, Boos LEWIS NEIBERT Basketball I,2, 3, 4, Boys Chorus 2, Softball 4, Track 4, Troy Staff 4, Volleyball 3, 4. ARLENE VALENTINE Cheerleader 4, Junior Play 3, Travelers Club 2, Chorus 1,2,4, G.A.A. 3.4, G.A.A. V. Pres. 4, Booster Club 1,2, 4, Hi Lites Staff 4, Troy Staff 4, Travelers Club Sec. 2, Girls Ensemble 4. Compliments of THE FARMERS STATE BANK North Webster, Indiana 10 ter Club 4 Si Illll HAY PLAY CAST--ON FLOOR: Director, Lester Young. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Likensg Dixie Kuhng Arlene Valentineg Joyce Gift, Sue Ferverdag Daryle Hillg Carol Marting Donna Barnharr. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Warren Sloang Ray Biltzg Jerry Rhodesg Nub Niles, Bonnie Materg "UlIl IHIIT' Z Lorena Marchandg Delores Denekas. Old Doc Hillary, a roaring fellow of seventy who has doctored his community faithfully-Jerry Rhodes, Young Doc, who finds he has a lot to learn-Daryle Hillg Margaret, who is beautiful--and stubborn-Sue Ferverdag Helen, beautiful and fickle-Carol Marting the smooth-talking Dr. Brand-Ray Biltzg shrewd Lawyer Hep- ple-Warren Sloang lovable Pa and Ma Brown-Bob Likens and Donna Barnhartg Mrs. Cronin, with her Irish forthrightness and obstreperous husband-Bonnie Materg Mrs. Rossi, who wants to pay Old Doc at least fifty cents--all she's got-Lorena Mar- chandg Mary, whom Old Doc transforms-Joyce Giftg Mrs. Mellon, with her imagi- nary ailments-Delores Denekasg Janet and Dick, youngsters in love-Arlene Valen- tine and Nub Nilesg and flirtatious Lois-Dixie Kuhn. Old Doc Hillary thinks his son Bob is coming home from medical school to practice with him, But Young Doc has been offered a rich and easy big-city practice with Dr. Brand--and also a chance to marry Helen, his daughter. It all sounds fine, but for two things: First, Young Doc is still in love with his home-town girl, and second, he doesn't have nerve enough to tell his father that he isn't going to practice with him. The home-town girl breaks off her engagement when she hears of his plans, and Bob goes off on a trip with the Brands without facing his father. He leaves him a note--and when Old Doc reads it, he suffers a stroke. It's then that neighborly Ma Brown takes things in hand. She fakes a telegram to Old Doc, that makes him think Young Doc is taking over the home-town practice after all, and Old Doc dies happy in that belief. But Young Doc has no intention of doing any such thing--and says so when he hears what Ma Brown has done. Then, in a com- pelling scene of great emotional force, Ma shows Young Doc what half a century of practice with the home folks has meant in human lives saved. It's up to Young Doc to choose his practice--and his wife! 11 X 5 I , lon mv P ,II 5 . r" """"5if5H MVK Q I L ef' I f 1 1 V 'I ' 4 at E' I ' 'I if K ' ' 1 Y I X Y I rl! 'qaxx gk RINGLE FURNITURE I-IARTSOCK MOTOR CHINWORTH'S BALL. BEAUTY STORE SALES APPLIANCES SHOP Warsaw, Indiana Warsaw, Indiana Warsaw, Indiana Warsaw, Indiana lIlASS UF '53 JU Illll PlAY va is 'ik' 5 4 PLAY CAST Dr. Allenby, a dentist ........ Mrs. Wagner, Dr. Allenby's mother-in-law . Hannah Hawks, the hired girl from the country Chuck Allenby, trouble is his middle name . Barbie Allenby, his sister ..... Janie Allenby, another sister . . . Billie Allenby, The "baby" brother . Patsy Gardner, a neighbor girl . . . Nancy Pomeroy, Barbie's friend . . . Hugo Jarvis, a sophisticated youth . . George Bennet, friend and ally of Chuck , Ginny Grant, Chuck's girl friend . . . Director, Lester Young 1 '1 . p ,' ,-- . t , 'E 5 'C 1 sf ' "'?',Ql'f1 ' ' Jerry Rhodes . . Judy Hunter Marlene Bennett . . Daryle Hill . Donna Barnhart Mary Ann Butler . . . Nub Niles Arlene Valentine . . Dixie Kuhn . Warren Sloan . Bob Likens . Sue Ferverda f I 3. 1 fr '-1 ' 'P . :Z . .z-' N' . it f-Q 7a cj". . 'fu rs , , 4" Q, .,v,q,:J, x U1 . :sv Hs- ' . 22?-V . gy,--'ff' ., . J' i ' , 13 '44 ,, Q lIlASS PIIIM Each year from Webster High School, About the end of May, There go a group of Seniors, To make their life-time way. This year the Class of '53 Will leave these halls of fame, And here and there we'll see them go, To play in life's big game. This class has twenty members Who hope they'll see the day, When that bright red diploma Is in their hand to stay. With seven boys and thirteen girls, The girls could have full sway, But usually that's not the case For each one has his say. Each class must have a president To help them on their way And so to .Take the Honor came To lead them day by day. Now just in case that Prexy's gone The vice must take the 'chair' Nub Niles is much the shorter man But he can do his share. A money man is most essential In handling all the business, And Warren Sloan is just the man To keep it straight, I guess. In this, the class of '53 Each member has a place And if he fails to do his part The class soon sets them back a space. To name the others of the class Will be quite easily done, So let us start at the top of the list And name them one by one. A Barnhart girl is first in line, She's oftimes called just "Bumper" And when it comes to grades and sports She's certainly quite the jumper. Judy Hunter went a hunting Many, many months ago, Soon she found her one and only, Now she has him under tow. Ray and Louie, the bachelor boys Travel along, quite happily too, But I'll make one guess, so will you, It won't be long until their attached too. Mary Ann has quit her flirting, For she's found her ideal man. Time will tell if she can mould him, Into Mary's little lamb. Bobbie Likens like's his hunting When it comes to catching Kuhns Since he caught his little Dixie He is singing lover tunes, Sue and Nub have quite a problem, After school just what to do, Shall it be 'I do' forever-- Or 'till then' I'll wait for you. Lorena says she's college bound, We do hope she likes it there, For we know its folks just like her That can take the college dare. Arlene has the nickname "Ar" And she likes it very fine, But she wonders who will ask her, Will you be mine "ar" Valentine. Daryle Hill has quite a record Which he's made in High School here, For in sports and also romance, He is thought of as a 'Dear'. Marlene, Carol 8: Dolly, three, Are widows they say, who can't you see And over and over again they say, "To you dear one, so true I'll be". Bonnie and Joyce were settled they thought But things have changed, you see And now they both are puzzled As to what their future will be. Norma Kaufman is back again To join our class once more. This makes us just an even twenty Who in May will leave these doors. So as we leave these halls of fame We'd like to leave this thought, We hope we always will retain The best of all you've taught. Lester Young PURE OIL SERVICE STATION BOCKM.AN'S VARIETY STORE NORTH WEBSTER LUMBER Lester Shock Pearl Shock 54 to 551, 00 and up Sr SUPPLY CO Phone 42-J North Webster No. Webster Phone 17 Phone 75 North Webster CIASS HISIUHY the class of '53 started out as Freshmen with a grand total of Z8 members. the year was over we lost Roger Mock, Sonny Kaufman, and Jim Marchand. really went to town in our Sophomore year. We began making money by Webster jackets, small cedar chests, a paper drive and bake sales. We also made history by the winning of the class basketball tourney. In the fall of our Sophomore year we lost Judith Wyss and Roger Boggs. ln the spring Holly Ann Burt and Jim Mabie left us. We ran a parking lot :luring the Mermaid Festival this summer to add money to our class treasury. Our Junior year was a full and happy one. We began by selling concessions at noon and at ball games, selling Christmas cards, bake sales, and the Junior Play, "Seventeen is Terrific." We worked at the Mermaid Festival selling cokes at the Wrestling matches and ball games. This year we gained a new member, Bonnie Mater, who hailed from Pikeville, Kentucky. We lost Norma Kaufman, John I-liner, and Johnnye Pearson during the course of the year. Our senior year began on schedule. We had a bake sale, cake draw and set a new record on magazine sales. One of our members, Judy Hunter Blue, had enough credits to graduate from school after the first semester. An old member came trotting back to us from Anderson--Norma Kaufman. We had six charter members. They are Carol Martin, Donna Barnhart, Jake Rhodes, Bud Neibert, Bob Likens, and Ray Biltz. All in all, with setting new state, county, and Webster records in basketball and the Senior play we had a busy year of 52 and 53. We Before We selling NAME Donna Mary Ann Dixie Sue Arlene Joyce Carol Marlene Lorena Bonnie Delores Judy Norma Jerry Warren Daryle Bob Norbert Lewis Ray ClASS UIRECIIHY MAIN NICKNAME WEAKNESS AMBITION OUTCOME Bumper Jack Career woman soda--jerk Shorty men Secretary 12 kids Dix Fords wife evangelist Susie late hrs. 2. kids night club singer Ar my heart bookkeeper opera singer Joycie Dick decorator collecting alimony Cam Jerry Mrs. Leedy USO entertainer Jo Converts housewife trains fleas Wiener Christian boys nurse married by 18 Bon Roy stenographer lady wrestler Dolly Drugstore Mrs. Miller bigamist Mrs. Blue Family life Missionary N. W. Norm School nurse follies dancer Jake girls family b. b. team undertaker Warnie teasing girls engineer sing--sing 1963 Whistle studying coaching play boy Runt Kuhn hunting farming minister Nub mt. brew dairy baby doctor Bud getting up late farmer married by 18 Elmer Plymouths artist Prizefighter Compliments of LAND O' LAKES North Webster 15 , X , Sm f-.. ' 1 1 . . N V , . 1. ,,.,x u ' 11 s n 1, 1 ' . '.-,x Q 1.4 Lg 1 gi, , 1 1 1 x ,PH " mgfib MASS Wlll We, the Class of '53 being of sound mind and in excellent health, do hereby make and declare this our last will and testament. As a class, we do hereby will and bequeath: To the Juniors, our ability to pay class dues. To the Sophomores, our ability to make money. To the Freshmen, our ability to get along with the Sheriff. To Mr. Blosser, our ability to attempt to run the school. To Mr. Baker, our left handed jokes. To Mr. Spencer, our beautiful smiles and our basketball ability. To Mr. Royer, our great knowledge of Math. To Mr. Young, our gossiping ability. To Mr. Moore, our sense of humor. To Mr. Trestrail, our ability to get late passes. To Mrs. Beck, our Speech thenies. To Mrs. Copeland, a case of cokes. I, Donna Lee Barnhart, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with Dave Abbott to Judy Koontz. I, Dixie Kuhn, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be a China Doll to Carroll Thomas. I, Delores Denekas, do hereby will and bequeath my tendency to twist my hair to Buthean Penn. I, Mary Ann Butler, do hereby will and bequeath my short hair to Norma Jane Richcreek. I, Carol Martin, do hereby will and bequeath my size to Nancy Barley. I, Marlene Bennett, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to hold a man to Shirley Gregory. I, Bonnie Mater, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with Roy Driver to all future fifth graders. I, Judy Blue, do here by will andbequeath my ability to get married and continue school to all Junior girls. I, Arlene Valentine, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to fight with boys to Lorene Mauzy and Beverly Tom. I, Joyce Gift, do hereby will and bequeath my freckles to Whitey Butler. I, Sue Ferverda, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go on dates without a curfew to Elaine Boman. T, Lorena Marchand, do hereby will and bequeath my job in the cafeteria to Betty Kime. I, Jake Rhodes, do hereby will and bequeath my basketball ability to Hal Minear. I, Nub Niles, do hereby will and bequeath the hair on my chest to Charley Richards' head. I, Bob Likens, do hereby will and bequeath my muscles to Harley Mock. I, Warren Sloan, do hereby will and bequeath my softball ability to Donnie Heche. I, Daryle Hill, do hereby will and bequeath my track ability to Jim Free- man. I, Lewis Neibert, do hereby will and bequeath Warren Sloan's squirt gun to Herb Moore. I, Ray Biltz, do hereby will and bequeath my schnozzal-a to Bill Strombeck. I, Norma Kaufman, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to spell to Donnie Heche. 16 X January 8, 1970 DEAR DIARY, I just arrived home from the class of 53's reunion held this year of 1970. My, how the class has changed. Carol's ambition was to become a model. Well, her dream has come true. She is now a top model for the Hang-over Modeling Agency in Paris, France. You remember all the man trouble she had back in 1953g yes, she solved that problem too. She has settled down with her one and only and is keeping up her career at the same time. She made the trip back here in ky Biltz's new space rocket. He has quite a fleet--from piper cubs to rockets. Judy Hunter Blue, the married member of our class, was able to be with us having been forced to return to America from South Africa with her husband because he is suffering from typhus. Shorty Butler Driver, now in the fat lady act for the Barnum Bailey Circus, and who also features her triplet midgets, provided entertainment for us by tell- ing of her experiences. You should have seen Marlene Bennett Wagoner and her stairsteps of three children. They were all dressed in Blue Bell outfits. Mert is now head of the Blue Bell Corporation. Bud Neibert managed to land a furlough to come to the reunion, because his former four marriages just didn't work, he de- cided to make a career of the Army, where he is head cook. He has taken up residence for his ten day leave at and Dixie's farm outside of North Webster. Bob has it pretty easy with three husky boys to help with the work, besides the three boys there are also two girls, which makes life easy for Dixie too. Daryle Hill, a former 4 stripe Trojan, has graduated from Manchester College and is back in Webster coaching the Trojans. He hopes to have a County Tourney team like there was the year his class graduated. So far their record is 14 wins and no losses. Looks good, Whis. Jake Rhodes is playing for the Rochester Royals. He is thinking about a pro team of his own when he retires from playing. Q13 and E say they had a pleasant trip up from Florida. They left their two oldest boys in charge of their dairy. They have a good sized dairy now. It took a lot of hard work to get where they are but they made it. We needn't worry about accidents or sickness at our reunions. We have two nurses present, Lorena and Norma. They are now on the staff of the Bluffton Clinic. On their way here they stopped at Indianapolis and picked up Delores Denekas who is a pharmacy at Hook's Drug Store, Dolly has worked her way from a soda jerk at Thornburg's in Webster, through pharmacist school, to a position in one of the largest drug store chains. Bonnie brought her husband, Tommy Buskirk, formerly from Leesburg, along with her. She' tells us they have taken over the--Newstand in Warsaw. They have enlarged it and have a booming business. Brother, was I surprised when I saw a "fashion plate" of a young lady coming toward me. I didn't think any of our class had children beyond the teens yet. She came over to talk to me and I saw it was none other than our Joycie. She is now editor of the "Fashion" magazine--she still is undecided on the marriage side of life--just doesn't know which one to settle down with. Donna and her boss, who is her husband, lead an exciting life as FBI agents in Washington, D. C. Warren and Arlene came all the way from New York to be with us. Warren is now head of General Electric located in New York. Arlene is his "Private" Secretary. That word private sure takes in a lot of territory now a days. It sure was good to see the class after spending the winter in Cuba. But my wife and I are still looking forward to the summer at our Log Cabin resort. Floyd Bake r BAKERS CAFE PEOPLES STATE BANK John 8: Louise FITCH'S JEWELRY STORE "The Friendly Bank" Phone 47 North Webster Warsaw, Indiana Phone 18 Leesburg 17 2 THIIY STAH . xg he BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Warren Sloan, Ray Biltz, Daryle Hill, Marlene Bennett, Arlene Valentine. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Barnhart, Sue Ferverda, Mary Ann Butler. Editor ,,,, Assistant Editor , Boys Sports Editor Assistant , . , Literary Editor , Assistant , , Art Editor . . Assistant , , , Girls Sports Editor . ANNUAL STAFF .Donna Barnhart . Sue Ferverda . . Daryle Hill . Lewie Neibert Arlene Valentine . Bonnie Mater Lorena Marchand . . . Ray Biltz . . Judy Hunter Mary Ann Butler Circulation Managers . . Jake Rhodes Nub Niles Picture Editor Assistant . . Typing Chairman Assistant . . Compliments of TIPPECANOE BOAT COMPANY Leesburg, Indiana Marlene Bennett . . Joyce Gift Arlene Valentine Warren Sloan Delores Denekas Norma Kaufman Advertising Committee Warren Sloan Chr. Dixie Kuhn Bob Likens Carol Martin Nub Niles Joyce Gift an nuum BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Ann Butler, Daryle Hill, Marlene Bennett, Warren Sloan, Carol Martin, Jerry Rhodes, Bonnie Mater. MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Norbert Niles, Donna Barnhart, Lewis Neibert, Arlene Valentine, Bob Likens, Delores Denekas. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Norma Kaufman, Lorena Marchand, Dixie Kuhn, Sue Ferverda, Ray Biltz, Joyce Gift. CLASS OFFICERS CLASS COLORS President .... Jake Rhodes Blue and Gray Vice-President . . . Nub Niles CLASS FLOWER Secretary . . . Donna Barnhart Red Carnation Treasurer . . Warren Sloan CLASS MOTTO "Much Accomplished, More To Be Done" ENTIRE TWELVE YEARS AT N. W. H. S. - STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Rhodes, Carol Martin, Donna Barnhart, Bob Likens, Lewis Neibert, Ray Biltz. ,wg .. 1 f . A-.T::X-A . . .. . ,. -:N:l'1,-5:5311-'Y'-1:1.1-:'---2.4, 'i f .,.. ., ., M t K W. 2. .. .P but Aul, x q.:. . A1.. S, AA,q A f A .H . M 'UR In Ip ' A ' 1 ff .1 V, N :, ,:.::.-, -- -- '.,:::5a,tarLcakvssxhQ-step mix..-f ff 1,5--::-:.:-1,,CQ1:x,g-.1.fgYltfm-eg..s.-1-1eO-,... X ' '..,. A Q I. 4 : V Guy. -maxi X: :X I . Y 'w 55,9 fi 11 x.-- avi f f AW i Q .- , A "f ' F'f5.J4' ' ' 'J F' fs. .,. ,I A as - I Q I 5 -- . .zggg--::g-,,qg,g.+.-,.:,-5.4.-ws, :tgcf-"lpn: w,ij.j".Q:.-. -: ggrxqpz. ' ' ' ' A A - 'K - Fw -ff ' ' .. 'jf I -F21 "" 'SSZFIJZ' ES?-2 -' wr' I F'-' X' -f' asv: Y . - ":1f5?5.'kTE,:'-' N"1.'r:" - I- ', " ...:' '--- S ' .v --""""' '1. -: r A W 1 'ws 1:1 Ll Ill Isl I-1 V' N-. .--ms. ,,..:N .: 5 ,. .X . v ,A H V i. ig n ' ' f' ff' Ji 55, ""...- - ' x""' ', , ff" Q ' , :I 1' - ., ,: ,- ' 65" ef A X' px -r iz! l: j ' -V1 ' ' .,..,.. vl . QE! ,. I ll -. ' - sd. 1 . , vu, f .aa ,.1,,.- - .W-::f:g:M,-fx-fir' ., 2- fr U A , f' .-wnlqsfglwGd,gc,:f, . S-is.. Na rw.- - -I: . , V, Mr.: Q, K xxx- l , t w ,A RT, J.. LK , . ,. , K fx -'55-til: X, M . . .1- A , Y. . X. M. , I A ' -- ' f m - K 3, X X . . A -'YA -- . ' f 4- L5,kf':i5lfif"" 'I . w x. Tjff Y ,-Q., . ,1,-'-i31gA,:,5- 1 . U -v , ,Q 1 v..q..,..g -, I , V ' ' ,,5f:. w1fg,,is', '31-:li 'l gp ' 5',. A X A , , : fp, g' 4 if U fluqwz w L4 V '. at ! Q Q4 i- ' 'J '1- A n 05 1 Q A...-. 'K ' ' l5,:gir.:. - .- - ' ' - Xl fi ' A gn .ggr --:gpg -g :Lui l v , 4' NN Q, - . W ' MLW " "'Wf'i . A 1 . M .haf X-1.5 xi iff '34 ' :L F fl- Q Q, I A 11 M N b x Y' 'iw ' ' : . ' I - :au 5zq5:,-5:.- . B . L,:X ,-qv HE P .bf A . ' 'I-L1a"'+ Vs ,A . A - 1, -s ,J Y P ,, -h ' .jf , '.9'lfi:.., L39 ' , ...- .c -f- A uv. A - A . r 4' , .. - ..-"9 , . ff- "' - N .. ' ,A - A :A - ' F"":.X" ff. of A W f f X ,V , , ,.-1 ,gA6.,'V! 'fag -...H is , 'NNN B, . -1 . Vxzwf . A 1 a - -V: . , - isnt! 3, wg J : - X, f 1- in... --3: 55 W ff . 5 42, A -- , Qi - . as , P. t ' tm- . ' 'N -'Q I X-:N M . O ,'bg'q.f-A14 l l X - ' 5 f. b J A .. X. 51.0 ,qw K "if ik 'iw . ..t , wk K Yf?N?T-"'1!'5i"' ' - ,N ' X N ews N' ' " Su? -73 Ya ,...Jl. ' ,. - - . W ..,, ........4s - ,N-..... BODKINS HOME. STORE - , Phone 10-J North Webster All Leading Varieties Cabinet Work our speciality STRAWBERRY PLANTS DONALD G MOCK "It pays to buy the Best" New Building or Remodeling Everett W. Smith Phone 86FZ4 North Webster R.R. l Pierceton nz, . Senior Day! ! fry 9' .o e -4 mal-. YT- v, .4 V "Big" Q, .1 - if , ,:,.xi - EVN :Pe t"Tg f' we . Roberta, The ex-gun-moll. Charlotte, The Powers Model. Norberta, The Hula. Best Yet! Chorus Line? 6257 SH 314' Gift to the School. if 4. N-av 'Nr' X 5' Sl IURS A 11 S mi le s ! X D 1' ink U p :'Igg:ixf'.I,1' ' ig1'g'q5:,p-F gegggggfs. . , Q - '-mv-Y: N - Y .- ' , - , -.Y - 1,-.-:,:::4:::- N 1. ,'.,.,.: 1 wr. Qgyxx Q5 . - 5 4. f' -, - ' ' 1- ' 4 ' R 'Ig 3, 3. 5 Q , c U: X521 if ff- r' wil, Who's going to PAY? ? Just Fits! Lotsa' turkey Si X Winners -Full Stomachs Losers -Dishpan Hands X N rf Our Cheerleade .A N . .wx X. xx N, X mv! , K ,M J .vs lgariyw . -sn' .w"'3vr" v-'40 f A . --.,.-1 'r --- r -. -- ' '--fQQ'j.j:, ji - 'r ?1'2'::?- .wt 3.5:-. 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U: r 4 ,Qu ..,, . hr . r .' .A is 1 -2 1,33 - , 2 P .- -, Q A ur- s F s s N e .. Jr NN.: ,X X Pt .IZ 3 , s A , -. John Nine an F-V -.- X ml ' PR Y X V' .rg '-nr' S Y me 3 X S X Y N X .ei Melvin Greider Elaine Boman A nna He nwood Treasurer I :s:,,.g, , XA Q, 1' X ' i 21:9 ' x N ' ' 'Q'-' Q Y S' Q ' V' ,L Richard Bennett , t 55? YNJQP Shirley Butler ,K F" xx , 'us-.ash -A N , , gssgs, -. 5 - f ' P, , ' .' w-,'4rj'f-S h R ' if rj r: ,s 'Mr Z X Mary Lou Gaerte A--1 -- or rv-'xv 'vs ,Tx K . 'J' .sw 1 -A .I I-' J leora Warble Carroll Thomas Sam Popenfoose if -X Q f A Q i. C - ss' Q 2 tn , .1 ' 'Q . ll V i J Y. r 1:- : A4 .gpg -- 'J -ad - 1 l W-M :Nm 13' I , .CQAKX x 5 Bill Strornbeck June Conley Ellen Baker ff Tk -1- 1 Y I ' ii C j as fgiz' Q A an E f N f' Eg.. ,ffggifgg Dav2Hickman Jack Clark Roger Keck w ' Q . P . . . M Z. l e .5 ' I r A ij? N A lj - Q " Q Bob Kellam Beuthean Penn Jim White Z5 .9 4 -U .15 3 ,pd- Eileen Richcreek - " Zuni I -..... g Martin Koher A Lv ' l X Q E Roger Stump SILVEUS GARAGE Your Chevrolet- Pontiac Dealer Cromwell, Indiana BIDDLE'S CAFE Phone 4 Cromwell, Indiana , X , Sm f-.. ' 1 1 . . N V , . 1. ,,.,x u ' 11 s n 1, 1 ' . '.-,x Q 1.4 Lg 1 gi, , 1 1 1 x ,PH " mgfib .IIINIIIII IIIASS MZIIVIIIES We will start our class history back in May 1952. In early May we ordered our class rings which we like very much. In June we parked cars at the Mermaid Festival which was a very good project. As soon as school started we sold con- cessions for home ball games and noons. The first day of school we chose new class officers. They are as follows: President, John Weimerg Vice President, Douglas Bowser, Secretary, Martha Fordyce, Treasurer, Anna Henwood. Two very good sponsors Mrs. Richard Beck and Mrs. Mark Copeland. We had one new student this year, Shirley Butler, from Albion. She left us after the first month of school. At the end of the first semester Mary Lou Gaerte heard the "Wedding Bells" ringing and left us to go into the married life. The first week of school we chose our class play and started practicing right away. On September 26, 1952, we presented the play, "Deacon Dubbs. " The characters were as follows: Deacon Dubbs-Richard Bennett: Amos Coleman-John Nine, Rawdon Crawley-Dave Abbott, Major McNutt, Douglas Bowserg Deuteronomy Jones-John Weimerg Rose Raleigh-Carroll Thomas: Miss Philipena-Shirley Gregoryg Emily Dale-Martha Fordyce, Trixie Coleman-Leora Warbleg Yennie Yensen- Elaine Bomang several other class members acted as villagers and sang special songs. The Story: Deacon Dubbs--A folly, Middle-aged widower from Sorghum Center, State 'o West Virginny, decides to visit his nephew, Amos Coleman, and the play concerns itself with the laughable adventures of the Deacon in the village and in the city. Amos is in love with Rose Raleigh, the brave little school ma'am, who is something of a mystery to the inhabitants of the village. Her little farm is about to be sold by auction as the result of a foreclosure suit, but Amos and the Deacon have raised enough money to cover the note. The note is held by the Empire State Trust Company, and one of their agents, Rawdon Crawley, in looking over the property, discovers a valuable vein of iron ore on the hill belonging to the little school ma'am. Crawley decides to bid on the farm and has unlimited capital at his control. The Deacon tastes the water in the cooler and becomes a little jolly. He determines that the farm must remain in Rose's possession at all events, and to prevent the Trust Company's bid he pushed Crawley in an old well, and sitting on the cover calmly bids two thousand dollars and the farm reverts to its original owner, Rose Raleigh. Several weeks later is the morning of Rose and Amos' wedding. Rose has spent three years in the city and during that time had married Rawdon Crawley, but he deserted her and she returned to her little cottage and began to teach school. Later she learned from Rawdon's mother that he had been killed in a drunken brawl in Canada and she finally consents to marry Amos. The Deacon is smitten by the mature charms of Miss Popover and tries to propose to the charming Philipena in a ludicrously funny scene on the morning of Rose's wedding. Many pranks are played on the middle-aged couple by Trixie Coleman, the village cut-up, who steals Miss Philipena's headgear and poses as the object of the Deacon's affections. Rawdon Crawley, Rose's husband, turns up and interrupts her wedding ceremony, but he is arrested. Rawdon escapes from the penitentiary and interrupts a husking bee held in honor of the Deacon's return from a trip to New York. After many interrruptions the Deacon finally puts the ring on Miss Philipen's finger and announces their en- gagement. Rawdon, in trying to escape from the police, is killed in a railroad accident, and the play closes with the Deacon proposing a honeymoon for four back to old Serghum Center, State o' West Virginny. Much additional comedy is furnished during the action of the play by the bibulous Major McNutt and the efforts of a Swede hired girl to make the farm hand Deuteronomy pop the question. Country song, country dances, and plenty of action characterize the adventures of Deacon Dubbs. ADY'S TACKLE BOS Live 81 Artificial Bait NESTLE BEAUTY SHOP B. 8: B. LOCKERS Phone 25-R Phone 23 Phone 45 North Webster North Webster North Webster 'if' UR PlAY if 'X fx! ' -, - 1 vu, -wx X fr .. -' I, '.., 1, . Q!Q?'ff' ,J nf .,2ff f ,I gl F. +5 ff in I Q 1.39 ' . ' :. T-. A ' . gs- l I' f, I 1-56, A X- li. -. 4-A J' .4 ' v . 4 I 1 ' - 413511: - ""' 5. Y-H-if ' tri A if' 1 "I A Q, +51 ' sim! 1 . 1 Z -'rn' R ' ,,.x..qn 1 1 l'r AIIIII ig I1 A, 'V r- w .9-,... ,. f A 14.. MML: v ., 27 if ' 43:1 . , If K V .A 'ng' ' . B 'Q firzv L 'Q ff 2 h ' R Nu xx ' w A u N '? I. 'v .. ' z ., '. Xu ,,,-. A Y' 724' rv s g n 4 SEQ 5 .Aw . . ,. v. 'NE 5 9 . 5 nw .. - -wi ff. 1 : . w-5 '-g-5 R X. J- Y -a, - . .L+ - v.,.L. V U xi swf., I Q. -gg u, f f X 35 , llllllill V4 u SIIPHIIMIIIII '3 lASS U f m .V w 1' in 'af' ' , -' V 4 . . ., , X fd' 4 ' ' 1 .Q ah v 0911- '5 Y .' 1 7 ' an ,fa-f' X f ' r -.1 r 'i "gf ,f ri f ,,,""',,,' 4 ' "'::'i" HfQ5-..4 X. b I , ,, .,., - at 1 'ifkri fr -' .H John Valentine President 15? -Y? af! 'I' . Donna Fidler i I aw 1 VA, ,J N it .... s -' , we -1. Sm :A ' xv X, l r sh- " X Q l K if N' Hal Minear y T ff i 2 - P 1 S 1 Danny Elliott QS " ' l I- . 4- Wai V, 5 . K ,Q ip fs Viz' .. k b. Lorene Mauzy Vice President Judy Koontz Secretary 6 S .-1.-'Q f h - N' -N H ff W W ' x jig-212 ' ,- A '5 i .. Charles Richards Jo Ann Debolt . ' " ' X A e- . , 'X r Q Kate Miller Nancy Barley L 551 ., -. Nw.,- . T K A ., g.- X A 9 x if , X ' sr, , fi P ' s I im Eberly i F ,,.. ,scarf 15" in : I 1 Harley Mock Ed Niles Treasurer 'few Jackie Barney ' i if ' Ml' , A, t .r ff, H 3. - ig , Q: l 734: 4 55.5 S' I : -Brix .: .Z-, X zsfgf , Tom Kruger Sharon Ladd ' t", F V -ga-''1.:55EfR?vSf.51'jyrem. Q six- 5. ,N 1 .. 5 , W ' 1 , 6 , - jif P 1 Q P . 1 ",, sv' 1, r , T j r Y ., - bv 5 gi x, . X - fri. .J X Beverly Tom Frances Likens ,- K -95, , P , . NP X I QX . ,, , i . Z "?, . T ,, ,TQ T X 'nfl' N' 'N' 5 ri , - .. , -1 ' Be tty Keim Rodney Baughn - .M . - , X A , . K . 5 , ...g X :S ' X , r . A J-Q, "' ,X N ,. ' N X f - 5' - - an' . ., - 2'-fy .P u , 3 J.. 5 K- X n ' u' , X . X 5 . f fl sf-Q K. ,P . s rs, , . r ' S N. Y 'XF ' s A W' fl VN Z rsxl?-'xg.,"scX:s-LM ' ' " V X Q-ERE xx Xjys-Azy f QL: X X .5 . AS , , 1, r e . x A Ted Engleberth Phil Fidler Noreta 1-lenwood Donnie Heche Jim Freeman HIESHMA MASS ' A W- R "' A ' A . t X X , . f u . ' - ' ' ' 2 'U L- A J,-5 g' " 1' 5 A 5 ' N' , 'V y , Est.. Y 'f "V, A T7 W 'R Q 431 A ' ,. R III' I " 4252- I I . Ns--' 1 ' -.r 2 ' 4 I ". 9 ,I ' . , . , . 2-Y .4 '. Diane Pierce Arnold Weimer Janet Luce Jean Ann Maloney Nancy Carter Norma Jo Barnhal President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer gr Q V L 6-Q K ' f' - 'FB . -, f- , . -e - --" - Hr' J V A me ,.. 1- I a ' s " " 'f ". Q . an fs-L 1-gf V, Nj s Hx' a V ., in A if ..- Q ' if gh A b 'CF' '17 A l 'trys :J x " ' :EA-A .fix t, V U A ' 'A ,: Q ' 2 if kt! Larry Grubbs Stanley Hamman James Abbott Peggy Rhodes Lee Lawrence Dale Da nne , - . nw 2 - :el 'H' J. .-in' V . v 5 if 1 ' ' "'. A I, , "2 iv Q- ,M , , , . s-J ' ,,- Q A pf-' ' .' i fy:- XQ .I 'QM' W , 5 ,I B' N Q -- N -.. 1,53 .., a -: -- ,-- '- .- t sf y gf ' ' ,I r N " r- ' ' Larry Richcreek Jim Kuhn Lowell Engle Ronnie Pearson Vernon Fawley Ronnie Kisel 3 . 5 ' r A . I fl, 3 V , 4 .- 3 ,. ab I . R -. 'J a ' W 1 M y ' P, . ' Z 1 .1 W '97 A ' , . 0 A X i: t ' ,.f ' ' if iw ' s ' -4 3' f - :ri ' , ir ' ff' ll -- -' ' ' . ,asf 'b if -P ' x. - .:i'..-. , a. ':2..:::: I , M f Thames Hickman Bill Kruger Harold Mickley Philip Bair Gale Black Jim PSSISOI 6 . , - ,QQ pus STUDENTS NOT PICTURED: , " -, Y ' --- V Carolyn Whitacre i . Q i "- Lee Hong ,, 5 A ' .. f SA., N 1 Everett Smith . . V P Q L v 1 J. B. HOY AGENCY ' ' ' Real Estate Insurance 1 V V ' r Phone 12.9 North Webste A "5e.,.f s.,,,- GALLOWAY GROCERY Charles Hunter Corene Richwine Norma Jane Richcreek Evelyn Dettwiler Lake Wawasee, Indiana SIIPHIIMIIHE NEWS The Sophomore Class started off the year by selecting our class officers which are as follows: President-John Valentine: Vice-President-Lorene Mauzy: Secretary- Judy Koontz: Treasurer-Ed Niles. Rather than selling Webster jackets, we decided to sell sweat shirts with the Trojan on the front. We also sold red and white car plates with Webster Trojans written on them. After-the Pierceton game we had a cake walk in which we added 591. 34 to our class treasury. Our class also had a very exciting thing happen to us this year by picking out our class rings which we get in our Junior year in September. On October ll, 1952 we all gathered at the schoolhouse at 5:45 on a Saturday morning and embarked in a bus for the Science and Industry Building and the Field Museum in Chicago. After we spent the day in the building we went on top of the Board of Trade building and looked over the City of Chicago. Then at 8:00 we got to see an ice show which we enjoyed very much. We arrived in Webster at 4:00 A. M. Sunday morning. We had a class party on May 8, 1953 out at Rodney Baughn's house and we had a lot of fun together eating and playing games. It was a potluck supper. Our class sponsor this year is Herbert Moore and he has assisted us in our events. At the beginning of the year we started out with Z7 members in our class with orge new member .Toe Sizemore, later on Joe moved. Now, we are down to our regular Z . HIESHMEN NEWS We lowly Freshman went through initiation with a bang. Most of us thought it was a lot of fun. We elected our officers and selected our colors, motto and flowers. Our officers are as follows: President-Diane Pierce: Vice-President-Arnold Weimerg Secretary-Treasurer-Janet Luce. Our class name is Spartans, our colors are blue and white, our flower is the white rose, and our motto is 'Onward ever, Backward never.' Our class sponsor is Mr. Young. We had a bake sale last fall which brought in over thirty dollars. We are plann- another for this spring. Our class dues this year are five dollars. We had a skating party for one of our class parties and had a very nice time. We are looking forward to our Sophomore year. ing HIIHIH NEWS The Eighth Grade began the year by electing class officers which are as follows: President-Phil Tom: Vice-President-Otto Engleberthg Secretary-Treasurer-Kay Koontz. Our class sponsor is Mr. Spencer. There are 24 in our class. The first semester we had a skating party at Silver Lake and everyone invited a g:uest. The second semester we went to see Roy Rogers in person at the Fort Wayne oliseum. SEVINIH NEWS The Seventh Grade class has 36 pupils. Our class sponsor is Mr. Trestrail. The class officers are as follows: President-Billie Valentine: Vice-President-Keith Stump: Secretary-Joan Bennett: Treasurer-Becky Gaskill. We have a girl and a boy basketball team. We are about a B or C average class and have a regular attendance with 1 or Z absent a day. We usually have a class trip at the beginning and the end of the year. We are very sorry to report that Peggy Black has been absent most of five months, due to illness. PIERCETON LEESBURG LUMBER JONES HATCHERY LUMBER COMPANY COMPANY AND TURKEY FARM Pierceton, Indiana Leesburg, Indiana Syracuse, Indiana GRAIN HGIH FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Brown, Jill Hill, Kay Koontz, Phil Tom, Otto Engleberth, Mary Ellen Freeman, Sponsor, Sidney Spencer. MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Kaufman, Freddie Clark, Pat Butler, Janet Kellam, Jimmy Techtmeyer, Stevie Kaylor. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harry Heche, Tom Durham, Jack Smith, Benny Black, Stanley Kirkpatxick, Vance Randall, Jerry Smith, Larry Strornbeck, NOT PICTURED: David Kuhn, Barbara Jamison, Roger Gregory, David Rupprecht. Xl ix.. IIRAIII SHI FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Wood, Jeannie Trestrail, Larry Spry, Becky Gaskill, Keith Stump, Billie Valentine, Joan Bennett, Gene Ladd, Roy Henwood, Carmen Brower, Marilyn Mock. MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Keim, Ronnie Barley, Marilyn Hinesley, Jeanette Christy, Donald Ferverda, Kay Eisenhower, Larry Mauzy, Judy Garber, Linda Bibler, Sandra Fidler, Allan Streby, Nancy Streby. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Douglas Darr, Judy Carter, David Nine, David Burns, Dawn Eberly, Larry Miller, Glen Shear, Curtis Shock, Jim Hile, Ronnie Metzger, Sponsor, Albert Trestrail. NOT PICTURED: Billy Maloney, David Richards, Peggy Black. Vivian Baugher, Douglas Gregory. 31 EM' no cad BEGINNING ON LEFT--FRONT TO BACK--LEFT TO RIGHT--ROW I: Floyd Wilcoxson, Margaret Ann Bowser, Kathie Kellam, Jimmy Kaufman, Jon Beckler. ROW 2: Larry Whelan, Aaron Hinesley, Larry I-loffer, Karon Mock, Donna Grubs, Judy Freeman, John Needler, Jerry Carson, Robert Maloney. ROW 3: Charlotte Lawrence, Linda Greider, Carolyn Baker, Jimmy Conway, Larry Plew, Margaret Droke, Linda Sylvester, Sally Overman, Margo Kuhn, Sue Corbin, Sue Coy, Judy Manley, Linda Larsen. ROW 4: Kenneth Baugllier, Glen Black, Edward Roberts, Dorothy Enlgleberth. Becky Mock, Joyce Fawley, ancy Dickinson, Sheila Bell. NOT PICTURE : Tommy Engle, Jack Wallen. STANDING: Jack Young, Teacher. .3 wi if 3-1' Y' BEGINNING ON LEFT--FRONT TO BACK--LEFT TO RIGHT--ROW I: John Brown, Larry Baugher, Judy Whelan, Marlene Schaaf. ROW 2: Janet Trestrail, Janet Gunter, Floyd Schaaf, James Murphy, Karen Lewallen, Sarah Shoemaker, Delores Wallen, Connie Grubbs, J. C. Kissin er, Philip Ladd. ROW 3: Jim Gullett, Woodie Wa oner, Wayne Jernigan, Stephen Wgite, Gaynol LaRue, Sandra Kroll, Robert Benson, Bob Corbin, Norma Durham, Shirley Reese. ROW 4: Douglas Metcalf, Stephen Manley, Tom Robinette, Ronald Taylor, Bill Shoemaker, Jennie Streby, Sandra Burns, David Wright, Max Mickley, Gary Culver. ROW IN BACK: Judy Hamman, Jerilyn Richcreek, Roy Driver, Laurel Luce, Linda Popenfoose, Tom W ite, Connie Kaylor, Pamela Shockey. STANDING: Roy Driver, Teacher. PII..CHER'S SHOES Shoes and Men's Sport Wear BACKWATER GROCERY Syracuse, Indiana Joe, Clara and Donnie SIXIH GRADE HIIH GRADE M 81 M CAFE Phone Z7 North Webster K'S FOOD SHOP Phone 41 North Webster GR Ill Hlllll FIRST ROW ON LEFT--LEFT TO RIGHT IN SEATS: Douglas Hoffert, Linda Wagoner, Alice Warner, Sandra Shock. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Leap, Mike Ditton, Gene Barney, Carolyn Darr, Linda Jordan, Mike Shoemaker, Elaine Greider, Patty Shear, Billy Kaufman. THIRD ROW: Kay Bell, David Reiff, Alice Mae Stump, Jo Ann Royer, Lana Reiff, Julia Keim, Bobby Hile, Phyllis Durham, Johanna Wright, Jack Harris, Jane Conner, Virginia Maloney. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Roberts, Sue Ditton, Stephen Whisler, Phillip Hoy, Sandra Bockman, Diana Metzger, Neal Lan , Tommy Mock, Barbara Baugher, Ellen Plew, Gary Black, Gor- don Copeland. STANDINE: Mrs. Gunter, Teacher. FFT EBS lm I R v-P K lill Ill IHRH FIRST ROW ON LEFT--LEFT TO RIGHT IN SEATS: Brenda Wilcoxson, Mary Sue Hamilton, Jan Durham, Richard Kuhn, Marvin Whitacre, Kenneth Jernigan, Karon Hinesley, Jill Sullivan. SECOND ROW: James Durham, Danny Mock, Woodroe Wallen, Larry Lewallen, Larry Teghtmeyiner, Leonard Baugher, Albert Rees, Danny Cormican, Darlene Black, Elaine S ater. HIRD ROW: Danny Baumbaugh, Bobbhy Roose, Donna Shaw, Linda Miller, Steven Wri ht, Jerzy Lewallen, Donald Harmon. ST NDING: Mrs. Dunkin-Teacher. STUDENT ECT PI TURED: Dewayne Shoemaker. THE LEESBURG GRAIN WHITE FRONT GROCERY THE CROMWELL AND MILLING CO. H. R. Bockman, Prop. STATE BANK Grain, Feed, and Coal Phone Z8 North Webster Phone 38 Cromwell Our Speciality GH Di TWU FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerome Sponseller, William Jernigan, Sally Cormican, Patty Stanfield, Roddy Trestrail, Ricky Baker, Jerry Brown, Joe White, Babs Mater. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Harman, Larry Shock, Jimmy Slater, Phyllis Maloney, Margaret Streby, Jerry Conner, Jimmy Blosser, Cheryl Miller, Carole Christy, Sherry Whisler. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Stephen Reiff, John Plew, Margaret Shoemaker, Tomi Sue Ervin, Johnnie Coy, Jackie Durham, Jerry Foreman, Lance Bell, Shelby Reese, Susan Shoemaker, Pete Hamman, Steven Hiner, Jerry Gullett. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Connie Kissinger, Jean Fawley, Larry Spurling, Roger Reasoner, Jack Rhoades, Gary Lawrence, Marcia Smith, Pamela Wagoner, Bonnie Burns, Linda Leedy. Gladys Culver-Teacher GRADE 0 E BEGINNING ON LEFT-FRONT TO BACK-LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW I: Serita Bell, Beverly Ferverda, Roger Bowser. ROW 2: Marion Sylvester, Philip Smith, Edward Maloney, Sharon Bockman, Cheryl Ganger, Mark Jones, Jimmy Royer, Kathryn Maxwell, Kay Kruger. ROW 3: David Mock, Max Tom, Phyllis Baugher, Jackie Hamman, Suzanne Long, Jane Raver, Myra Robinette, Melody Shock, Steven Haines, Ray Black, Diana Bisig, Jean Grubbs, Terry Larsen, Diane Shull, Mrs. Nine-Teacher. ROW 4: Henry Hall, David Dahm, William Wallen, Leonard Burns, Carole Wagoner, Sherry LaRue, Ronald Copeland, Ralph Rodibaugh, David Gildersleeve, Curtis Richcreek, Barbara Weldy, Virginia Webb, Kerry Koontz, Mike Taylor. NOT PICTURED: Denny Le- wallen and Judy Jamison. 34 .0 N ,f,, -' ,". iwuwvvuwuv 1.-x ,"'g2 45,95 ?',,' r v. , I ::,j 5 .-'H Q., . - " 3' ny' 2. I iq.-1, 'I ' X 3 ofa,-'L' - K 1. ,Q N, .3 fx- 'L 'Q f 5 .. xxn 1 ,nw Q iff'-11 'N ox ,lx-' M was :X Viv . sf N- ,o, . hx- l x , ,N x- o W wXfo ' sfo P' .- sly U ,au ,, -: t Mama' '11 'i?3:E M 1 1. ,- M 5 .1 x , Q 'X 9. ,V 4 2, MJSELQ.. 4 WH JL F' F11 "' Q, , 1 u ul... II.. ' ':::: 5j.u I Tet, , IE ,1.wL:.' Ln." V XA .M 1 Pi w ,, rf' -F ,v cf fggei ff J fmmwgww-fa 1? U 1 4 1. 4 4 4 A :' . F ' , 2: Z? wg-I - . I .J ' 4 -4551 'I I In L HQ -.12 , -- :--I n,. If . 'E " 9 Q :- HI ' 5. X Af H W gil, Q5. 9- U ' .. I, I if EM 1 ,"' J' K' I II Ill' ,fl 1 x . 1 zu , Ni- ' ' ' 0 x " 4 2' - f ' . L XX n , . 3' " we X + .f w.. eww 5 ' K X X 9. 1 V 1 4' fr M X gg .' 5. 524. '. 5, I 1 g A z Q ' 1 fv y n ,- N f ' 1 CA X Q F' 27' ' V' z 5 , 1" x 57 , -Q Q 1 45 ' ra . ly 1. 5' , I ' 'U I ' 'N ' 'If' s 52' " 'F- ,wx ,, y , 9 4, , . , ' Cf Q 1.9 X -I ICE , .Ag ,fn , .7 i fs-' , 1 Q ,i , , f . , , . . xx Q, , , , 1 Q -fx Q '. ' Kofi , w ,f fl ' WA ' Af -i I " h, - ' - ,x h N , , , ,H 1 ,M g f , 3-.,,.-X ',,p.,z'. ., H, fs' I :X 3 --Q ',- 17 e .- 1 'f ' V N- 1, - . r,. f 1,6 - x .,. nf.-fav -Y ----A A K 1 , 5- .N -- A V- A--N..- ...- g U 1'--33-6 "f-233 -A '-'SF:.k ""'----- 1: if-" 4 113' X' ", Cir. ,' ,' .si-':'.w .K Qi' k:-' ' L--' ,- cv,-,A D. .4 -::. 1 .-1 . F, , ' ,, -,,.-Qrf, 'Ax' -: , '-'-.'-'Q'-. .ff lg. y ,L .-.V , 1 x, ,1 ff. Ap: lu. , ,I 5 , N,--3. ,xl I.: nw . Q A .-,-,r . , I?-, f - ' .-,n -- .1 , V. x . x 1 . 4 .1 . . - . . , hp r : . A- . .,--- .- .J FQ, -M . -L, -J. ,, fy ,f fs , - -', N: fp:-1. R -5, -. AK S -' -534, 5 - -3, -3:11 34- -.-Q, ' - - .4 p, '31 9 Q - , Y--'f..-3 -G f ' - .iff 1 I , , '21, . ' 41' ' 4: it 5 . , x -,pf -. ' rx A, Y ,.-- f' ' y 1 I .-",- - 5 "' ,Lf '. 'r A' ff .r"L,."J,- 5 ' 4 E -T--".-'Q uf - . - -1' I.-2 .uf fx-H L,--A-" z -' A A .ffl gg,','..- . '. .- lg: : , - 5 . - , ,Vg ffl" Z? 5 FQ " E55 E 5 - E E I-' --2" 5- 9 " P :Es I E E I fgiiv ,gf ' 1 A :,- ,.- ,f f- 3 - - 4 , ,.v:.-+,,A ,K+ '-1. .2 If X,..-,zvlf-sf, ,I ,.-K-',. IE: : : 3 I - ,"x ,M - -Q I vu- wr, Z, '.l,-'.5f3N3'Fi ' is : : : : .. NTD' 'AB' , -:g jty: 1 , -",. -: - . f V , .. ., .f-.,j.,' " f u ' , ' a. 1' 'Q -'f.f- ' 1- 512- . ffl.: Q. .1:4,w?"' ,f X ,tp f' " L' "1 . Jw ? 4' '. 5 -'L ' A' " I Q, f in 'L , .g . ' .if I I -, 6 -, H . .-5.537 L.. . ' ' 5? . K, , fl L lv Illllllfflllll We the Class of '53 wish to dedicate the Sports Section of our yearbook to Sam Beezley Whether we were the winners or losers, Sam has followed our Sport Teams for many years. 36 Cllll TY CHAMPS F , . 3: are? :if fi fix 1 :f , .iff- , 'Q ... if 4, 1 Qt,,a'f ,oc l 1, if 5,1 , " x"i.ib5e,f!j, " :EE J-' L- All Smiles! Without a Doubt! Victory Chain! -'fl S A . Yes, He's Proud! Presentation to School Watch it go up!! .Q-' '.Y Fishnet? ? Our Speakers. What's up Jake? Really proud, huh? Whatcha looking at, Sid? our Faithful Follower! 1923'COaCh' 4 I 5 I Compliments Of The Following: REXALL DRUG STORE MOCKS JEWELRY AUER'S MOBILGAS SERVICE Warsaw, Indiana North Webster, Indiana Syracuse, Indiana SHIIIII Al CHAMPS v' 1- 8 wAnsA SHOCK'S PURE OIL North Webster, Indiana NORTH WEBSTER LDRY BOCKMAN'S VARIETY SYRACUSE FEED MILL Sr DRY CLEANING North Webster, Indiana Syracuse, Indiana NOrth Webster, Indiana x 'gg xx? QT, 3: 1 3-KX gg Q X LN., , Nxzax 'Q P N xX N X x N if X 1' P, ..- X "wail x5.,sxx"' ' 'R W s 3 Q lk 'IF X . it y e a iirt' ii 5 V"- - QS.. XX X I Qin., x -' 33gkfRm.1 Nei--,, 'i ' .f " 1 ' ' CIS .1 y, ' 7 A W- -5' . .gi-:5..w-: H . N :Q .Q .3 if -. , 2 .null A " ':la,if,:- . f A ' , V.-M ,- if 5 W 1953 1923 'R X . - 1.-. V .. 'ef , sa I x -: W K Q' x, ' QQ r .V . . 3 ' f- ' N' x -xii.. V s S xyu ' ,Q -- x 'x Compliments of DALTON FOUNDRIES INC. Warsaw, Indiana 5 QU Nite ax B IIAM STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Heche, Ted Engleberth, Jim Pearson, Dave Abbott, Jim Kuhn, Coach- Floyd Baker. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Kiser, Larry Grubbs, Lee Lawrence, Charles Hunterj FREE THROW TROPHY WlNNERj Harold Mickley, Arnold Weimer. JU IURIHGH IEAM BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Strombeck, Larry Mauzy, Benny Black, Larry Miller, Stan Kirkpatrick, Phil Tom, Coach-Paul Royer. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Keith Stump, Jimmy Hill, David Nine, David Kuhn, Don Ferverda, Otto Engleberth, Jim Techtmeyer. 41 A x I . P 4, 4' -ug., v A , Q . iSLs, f"? g :J -XY ' " 'W .?,Q ,K F " v vi ,Alf ,-,' nw " I 'siz35'i?b -":X:3d FM? H MN All is N N151 .4 ' ,L J' .,..s,, 'S v P. Y 0 2- A I l 'Vo 5 . J- ' flf,?i' il ,L ,I -. u, :g 51 H sf f' Chia r .4 BASKHBAH The powerful Webster Trojans led by Coach Sid Spencer and Assistant Coach Floyd Baker had the best record this year in county and school history, also the best won-lost record in the state, suffering only one defeat in 28 7 starts, this being to the State Champions, the South Bend Central Bears. One of the unusual games of the season was the Pierceton game. The I Webster players stood in groups on the floor while the Cubs took turns holding the ball. The final score was 18-13. i It was very unusual winning over Warsaw, twice in the same season. i The first game was won by the narrow margin of six points, The second game was won by the magnificent score of 65-38. Another unusual thing was 1 meeting and defeating Sidney in the finals of both the County and Sectional Tourneys. The Sidney boys rallied in the County from an 11 point deficit at the three quarter mark to corne within three points of a victory. However, 1 the tide had changed in the Sectional and Webster rolled to its 26th victory easily. I The highlight of the year was the winning of the County and Sectional Tourneys and advancing to the South 'Bend Regional. In the afternoon game the Trojans overcame the tremendous height advantage to scalp the Knox ' Redskins to the tune of fourteen points. SCORES N. W. Opp. Wolf Lake 59 Z8 Syracuse 51 39 Mentone 59 31 Sidney 76 48 1 Atwood 75 29 Leesburg 63 45 Burket 88 45 Etna Green 69 43 Syracuse 56 45 Silver Lake 70 58 COUNTY TOURNEY Warsaw 69 63 Silver Lake 74 50 Etna Green 60 38 Sidney 53 50 Columbia City 72 43 Milford 57 29 Leesburg 59 43 Ligonier 56 31 Claypool 57 38 Pierceton 18 13 Larwill 51 48 SECTIONAL TOURNEY Milford 61 54 Warsaw 65 38 Silver Lake 56 52 Sidney 53 34 REGIONAL TOURNEY Knox 69 55 South Bend Central 49 68 SEARS, ROEBUCK, 8: COMPANY Warsaw, Indiana f, ' if 4 . 'Sv 1 e t, fvglgfg 555556 ,:, ' '-44 . .m- X X J, s X I Q N' 1' v 1 Fx 254 3,3 I rvmx -, .- - f , fw K-7. 5 .Ai . 34 f iff . ' WW' . N Q X Q " - A if Q A "" 1 'JF ea 4, Q jaxgii, ' Ja. 'sry- Wx D ef D Ion HTIQ Il x xx SIIHBMI ATWOOD The softball season started September 5. Our season opener was with Atwood. Webster squeezed our victory number one after ten innings of disputed play. The game was highlighted by numerous errors and arguments. There were two home runs by Likens and Niles. TOTALS Hits Runs Webster ll 10 Atwood 12 9 SILVER LAKE The playoff game for the champion of the summer league was played at Silver Lake, September 8, 1952. Webster lost under the lights a 10-6 battle. Due to errors and a slow start at the plate the Trojans really fell short of a victory. John Weimer had the only home run for Webster. Fred Pegg also teed off with a four bagger in the 3rd inning for Silver Lake. TOTALS Hits Runs Silver Lake 6 10 Webster 8 6 MILFORD On September 12, North Webster traveled to Milford, Webs'ter suffered their second straight defeat of the regular softball season. Webster was plagued by numerous errors in the field.We failed to match Milford's last game winning rally. TOTALS Hits Runs Errors Milford 9 7 2, No. Webster 9 4 8 LEESBURG On the afternoon of Sept. 16, Webster registered their second victory of the Season. Webster walloped Leesburg 12-1, They had one of their best days of the season allowing only Z hits and 1 error. TOTALS Hits Runs Errors Webster 10 12 l Leesburg Z 1 6 SYRACUSE On September 19, Webster was host to Syracuse in an afternoon game which they lost. Again a last minute rally by the Trojans fell 4 runs short. It was the second defeat in four starts. TOTALS Hits Runs Errors Syracuse 11 9 1 Webster 6 5 4 BURKET Webster trounc ed Burket in the second game of the tourney by the overwhelming score of 20-2. TOTALS Hits Runs Errors Webster 18 20 O Burket 3 2 5 ATWOOD Webster was defeated in the semi-finals by a fine Atwood team. The Webster boys couldn't seem to get started, getting only 3 hits while Atwood collected 10 hits. The final score was 9 to 3, Atwood. TOTALS Hits Runs Silver Lake 6 10 Webster 8 6 H. F. SCHRADER LESTER R. KLINE Warsaw, Indiana Gen. Repairing 8: Carpenter Phone l2.3F13 46 No. Webster, Indiana SIIHBAH HAM a4NQva, ROGER STUMP DARYLE HILL JAKE RHODES DOUG BOWSER Catcher Catcher Pitcher lst Baseman NUB NILES BOB LIKENS SAM POPENFOOSE JOHN WEIMER Znd Baseman Shortstop 3rd Baseman Left Fielder WARREN SLOAN DAVE ABBOTT 47, JIM WHITE BUD NEIBERT Center Fielder Right Fielder 3rd Baseman Utility Fieldman can TY vnumsru sums ' STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Melvin Greider, Iohn Nine, Jake Rhodes, Warren Sloan, John , Weimer, Coach-Sid Spencer. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Daryle Hill, Sam Popenfoose, Bob Likens, Doug Bowser. 5: Ii ir H rl if I K. 'W' ' l 'M H1a'QI,'. : .. Q , -gage . ,Qs P ' u 'g.. W X N HAMILTON PURE OIL. RANDALLS FERGUSON SALES Milford, Indiana Leesburg, Indiana i' 5 48 i 1 I 1 r I i llllll IV IRMIK CHAMPS 4' '- -.. 3 Vu :ex K iL..' -- ,' 'Q E fm-rfgi' xv. 1 ,?I"'1 Jar- . R5'::': Z2 "-,. -1 Y STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Freeman, Doug Bowser, Charlie Richards, Sam Popenfoose, John Weimer, Daryle Hill, Bob Likens, Warren Sloan, Dave Abbott. KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT: Stu- 5. dent Managers-Roger Gregory, Steve Kaylor, Pat Butler. i A A - 5 fin . , A Q at f Y: 3:1 :T . J 'Q -af, ' Ry If :sl ' . aq- , - f ff znfffzf Y, . fjmfff ffyfffwf, 880-yard Relay 'M Medley Relay ' 'I I I ,Mori County Track Champs 49 -. fr' wif wwf 'VX Nxxxxa ,y 1. ' l . ' 4' 'N 'www ' - K . - L W 'Www . M e s 'WS i - A ,-me-Q .P Sv '+. cf-: ' Q S' is 'ml w. vw. gm as .A . 3 . Y 'WS K Daryle and his Track History. :aj 5 I I 1? 'K s ' , -, V' " .gg l , W p 3. , e H 5r25?3s?il.g:e4f-ff"? l ' 2 A ' Q .iv :' ' ., I V-.F ,Ah 4, :-. 9' 'X-f A R, P v Y, - ,. nhl l 4..,. I A W ww y me L -mf 'Y.:,1fH N 4.31 1-2 1--,al .. ' 1 .I , f. Y . I, J ,ix -- 4 .. , L V I! 2 'P' v,-...MAI s 5 ,,.. X , .r.. -w -2- a' Presented to Daryle Hill for outstanding track ability. Track Queens ll. A. A. AIIIIVIIIES We elected our officers last spring for G. A. A. They are as follows: President- Donna Barnhart, Vice President-Arlene Valentine, Secretary-Joyce Gift, Treasurer- Carroll Thomas. This year the G. A. A. was very busy. We sponsored basketball programs at each home game. We had two bake sales, the first one was on September 27, and the second on February 14. We also had a cake draw at one of our ball games. To help make points for organized activities we went to Warsaw to bowl for six weeks. I'm sure the girls enjoyed themselves. This year we were happy to be able to welcome eight new members in to G.A.A. They are as follows: Diane Pierce, Peggy Rhodes, Janet Luce, Nance Carter, Jean Anne Maloney, Norma Barnhart, June Conley, and Bev Beckler. .Ill lllll HIGH SPIIIHS In the softball line we came out on top, winning four games and losing two. We won two from Leesburg and split even with Milford and Syracuse. Our basketball was also favorable. Our season record was nine won and four lost. In the tournament we won the first game from Beaver Dam and lost in the second round to Mentone. This makes a total record of ten wins and five loses. We had three triangular track meets and the county meet. We placed sixth in the county track meet with twenty points. WALTER DRUG STORE Compliments to Class of '53 Lesner H. Allender, Prop. Downtown Center Street Warsaw's Newest J. D. VAN CAMP COMPANY Phone 728 Family Shoe Store Real Estate 8: Insurance Harry Mosbaugh Joe Mendenhall SHINE SHOE STORE North Webster 72.-J 51 ll. A. A. G.A. A. ORGANIZATION-BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Likens, June Conley, Peggy Rhodes Carroll Thomas, Norma Barnhart, Janet Luce, Noreta Henwood, Instructor-Doris Beck. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Leora Warble, Dixie Kuhn, Donna Barnhart, Joyce Gift, Carol Martin, Arlene Valentine, Sue Fervercla, Nance Carter. G.A. A. SENIORS -STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dixie Kuhn, Arlene Valentine. Joyce Gift, Sue Ferverda, Donna Barnhart, Carol Martin. 52 vw' 'rf rf' HI. RA 8 2,9 A- i if . 'Lb' uw M S Ui! . C'U -r ci EWERT MOTOR WALTER'S DRUG CENTRAL SHOE CARTER'S DEPARTMENT SALES STORE STORE STORE Warsaw, Indiana Warsaw, Indiana Warsaw, Indiana Warsaw, Indiana STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Butler, Jim Butler, Harley Mock, Stan Kirkpatrick, Rex Hathaway, Daryle Hill, Jack Clark, Melvin Greider. Pl G P0 G TEAM PRUJICIIU GRUUP 2 'F .:!'!N'3 STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Kellam, Warren Sloan, Bob Likens, Harley Mock, Richard Bennett, Gale Black. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Lee Lawrence, Larry Grubbs. I PIP BA H STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeannie Trestrail, John Nine, Vernon Fawley. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Fidler, Joyce Gift, Judy Koontz, Donna Barnhart, Noreta Henwood, Ed Niles. 4 'v. 'Tn S Q 5 x. x jx , XX S 'f .21 init: 5-F 'g' if 1? if rf-+ f f, , gt I.-v, Y' H4 - NY H-.9 it, H! if 1. f 51? 3i'.5:E-H -- . , f 2 - f . --ffg 5 f ff 1- -x ,. f A fi ip 1' " I V -, I, -fs ! : fe' .. 'Y I: R Af Q' Vjfndg . ' ' 'ff' - Q, U55 ig " I . Ds 5 3 4'5 t'-Q54 ' . 3 1 .f -5 1: 1- --F, - .xf 1 lllllllll-lllll 'u :ig XX mxx HQQ As a means of thanking Mr. Floyd Baker for four years of hard work and unselfish devotion we wish to dedicate the "Troy" of 1953 to him. We are extremely grateful for his encouragement and enthusiasm at the times when our zeal was gone. He has helped to make our work enjoyable, and we trust that this volume will be a re- minder of his four years at N. W. H. S. Z x BAD FIRST ROW ON LEFT, FRONT TO BACK: Sue Ferverda, Ed Niles, David Rupprecht, Donna Fidler, Joyce Gift, Jeannie Trestrail, Dawn Eberly, Donna Barnhart. SECOND ROW ON LEFT, FRONT TO BACK: Don Heche, Frances Likens, Stanley Kirkpatrick, Vance Randal, Kay Koontz, Karon Mock, David Kuhn, Judy Brown, Judy Koontz. THIRD ROW, FRONT TO BACK: Elaine Boman, Lowell Engle, Noreta I-lenwood, Otto Engleberth, Benny Black, John Nine, Corene Richwine, Norma Barnhart. FOURTH ROW, FRONT TO BACK: Carol Martin, David Nine, Vernon Fawley, Jack Smith, Jerry Smith, Thames Hickman, Martha. Fordyce. CLARINET Donna Barnhart Elaine Boman Norma Barnhart Corene Richwine Judy Koontz Benny Black Karon Mock Peggy Black CORNETS Donnie Heche Donna Fidler Frances Likens Joyce Gift Otto Engleberth Kay Koontz BASS DRUM Jeannie Trestrail BELL LYRE Thames Hickman CYMBALS David Kuhn SNARE DRUM John Ed Nine SAXOPHONE Sue Ferverda Dawn Eberly Martha Fordyce Judy Brown BARITONE Jack Smith Donald Ferverda ALTONION Noreta Henwood Vance Randal Jerry Smith TROMBONE Stanley Kirkpatrick Ed Niles David Nine Lowell Engle BASS HORN Vernon Fawley David Rupprecht DIRECTOR - Albert Trestrail NORTH WEBSTER HARDWARE Phone 15J North Webster, Indiana a"'N fri' 'T Sue Ferverda .nd Franc es Likens 4- .Qij : .SA,,l I ,.x ks? , L Q ' 4 C. A! X-X ,J , +44 x 1 .--5 X is ?Y Carol Martin 44' Don Heche V ,W-4,-Q '. . GV X.QEQ1-'i?Xx-p:f"' '-, x : 1 .QM A: K 5 -. 1 it W f ,,: "fi 'Q 9:1 K J 4 X . . ' 'ff'- - gif' X 1 M Instructor Elaine Boman Albert Trestrail GIRIS IIHIIRIIS , .:, L ,, ,, 3' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Bakerg Frances Likensg Judy Koontzg Elaine Bomang Sue Ferverdag Norma Kaufman. SECOND ROW: Jackie Barneyg Dixie Kuhng Arlene Valenlineg Joyce Giftg Dixie Guyg June Conleyg Director-Albert Trestrail. THIRD ROW: Donna Fidlerg Shirley Gregoryg Delores Denekasg Carol Marting Peggy Rhodesg Martha Fordyceg Dawn Hickman. BUYS CHIIIIUS - E 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Butler: Rodney Baughng Don Hecheg Eddie Nilesg Director-Albert Trestrail. SECOND ROW: Vernon Fawleyg Sam Popenfooseg Melvin Greiderg Jack Clark: Doug Bowserg Ray Biltz. HIGH HHS SMH is 9 A' rif- vi - af, in Q, Q w 5 ,I . T 1 I X 0 ' fry' N I Q Q 'I il. , ' 1 . F ' , ' x ,. v .tg t X "ff .' YW . ' J J' 'K A ,'."- A' 34' we ,Q lqiuxj' xi. X I J' fQ:. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Norma Kaufman, Delores Denekas, Dixie Kuhn, Sue Ferverda, Arlene Valentine, Joyce Gift. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Barn- hart, Marlene Bennett, Mary Ann Butler, Carol Martin. T Sponsor-Lester Young, Co-Editors-Marlene Bennett, Donna Barnhart. BILL GROSS CITY SERVICE CLOVERLEAF CREAMERY Leesburg, Indiana Huntington, Indiana 59 .. V . , ' 4 N, N I-gp . ' ' -. - M., V ' , M I , -,.. , V. Y 342. ' Ll .lf I: , Nf"f. J W -.9 , , , ,V A , "' . . v .L ini-1' . ! 1, , ,.. "' r N T V get . M v. 5 M ,-ev..- BUS DRIVERS -SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ralph Kiser, Glen Kuhn Les White, Joe Morehead, Dale Strombeck, Ady Howe, Dale ' ' 1 Hontz. Ralph Kis er , Custodian T .- .. X, xx . S' E X 2- A if - - H, .- , .. .- . , X ir, xx. .X V . I h it .A Q X ,, , , A.. . . . T0 ,. A h. y A . ,M x X . . N X X X .. wx ' 'Q N f-----,-.,-., Jr, ' T ' T-Lawn-. 22 COOKS-LEFT TO RIGHT: Head Cook- Pear1Baugher, Eva Mabie, Frances Mr. 8: Mrs. Kiser and Terry Mmm Bee Stoner l du. 'fl -ew: -s . 8,-J--fb? T x . I lo L ,XA W JYS1 H Lotsa work, Huh? 60 Serving -4 l mf qgxk I I ' J N ' W., 1 ff I p i V Q fc" v . v S if scuuol rum W-5 HHSHMAN INIIIAIIU 1-:-.-.Ms ' - 4'-V' ,I , r, V ' 1176343 ,, --yn, ?""wgf3Q?:11'r2!-' f , .15 - sgf,.:2f:1f f ' H'-I 'JA 1 Q' ' f fTfff31:'?9?f- -:-.s- ' -vii: P . 1.25" ' 'UI S' ' . ' '.a:S2?1:v gg 22-ri-' I - -,ri -V '-' 1 - ' 1 -' 5 - " 1 1 4 Q- Y.1 - - ., - if ' , ,Q x, f '-5?-if 45 L ,TQQ d iii: ffg ' A Fm H . -T M , 5 V Q E. y ..,., E ,heli x . 4 , 1, f K S557 A' v"' Sw A - X ff'- Ha ..- J ,. t'S s ' 't A I.-1-: . i- R.. ,X 1 7 . x ' M X . 'wi W fi X A HIESHMAN INIIIAIIO Xl, I , l D' 2 , F , I , if f lit , 'A' aff ,u...... 1 '...,vf , P Lia 5 v 5 1 3 I I I I 1 I 5 I -xy wiki in " ?T15?5'.ws12 5.55 Q . ,,z 3' 'Z 'ii A v.. ,j wi ...if lie... x 1 T I x F c 1-sf :- ,, A E Dishpan Hands Caught at love! Q-AfT':fY-S':s2..+2?L25,5 'sky--A--1' F , :f I . , itefff-.if . ..x,,, N NA Smiling Irishman Happy Couple W ha t ' '.'-Q ' N W " " x 'Sg- Qgww m:fi6S:s11 .5 "4 , ,mmwwNf .... was-33:-gi jsvbh- -. 4:xg1-mf--1::,q:, -- mx-g --13: ,,., .,,g.,:z:. .. . . ...X w.-:.1x..,.w .rr .- :ggi '::1::: .w.:-:- xx cha got Sid '? Swim.. 9 .LAK .X K Sm : 5: 1 ' . WWSXW- , LX Pr: 'Ez:i " 1 1 .I-as 1 . My H 3 :Y t -, may .5 ,Q ., - ees.-:ig .- Q ez: .. , -v---- in V - ' '?:5:1L":f1Q2:1 ' 1 .5 . f5:..g H ' f ' f' '-lgfiff f 'f?Qfi.-f, X fmzx., , '-'fix -215-1-' Q ,g.,e1,g1:gs5.. ' ,, , .,,. .. , g 252.125 kgggigfz-5-.i:P5S?:if " ww- Nfj? L '-f5-'g.g::.iQf'1gs:s2:. Q15 -.f1'.1:'EfQ:.fS2:E1' 'ir-. , :gif .:.is5:if:ms::.::s.-2 2 Working man 5 A Funny aren't they? What are they admiring? Singe rs Five Look's Good! Our Lester! Stiff Course 5 Q... . v' ,f .-fb, I - nv" 'R' I I 'gmilsfe ' ' l Jew Two Ser1orita's Attention Speedy I Chums. Q. Outfielders .f fi 9 ' -, -ff" E x, ' N-X xx. Y. fb..-4'1" X Pretty, Huh? 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Suggestions in the North Webster High School - Troy Yearbook (North Webster, IN) collection:

North Webster High School - Troy Yearbook (North Webster, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Webster High School - Troy Yearbook (North Webster, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 23

1953, pg 23

North Webster High School - Troy Yearbook (North Webster, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 12

1953, pg 12

North Webster High School - Troy Yearbook (North Webster, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 59

1953, pg 59

North Webster High School - Troy Yearbook (North Webster, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 77

1953, pg 77

North Webster High School - Troy Yearbook (North Webster, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 50

1953, pg 50

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