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5? 'Ray Q' W2 Q33 U . NT WM if sg M' 1 S3 fi W wb yfififwy fx W yiff V K J 9 5? j D ' if fi 21 2.5 55 gg. My ' ' n '93 EK 5 A Qi, K wo dw 50:34. fn ij 0,5 I- biykk , as ff' 3343 Qv AQ af Sw 4 gig ff A Q 3 , 'Sig jbyjiafx pw 9 5 ww' E 5 3313 33 56 if 5 fi Q2 gijafvigi Em iq 5 1 5, S gm Q ' 35 2 5 yf?,.Ew.391X5 od wx gc - QQ ii N 4 5 UU M3 3 2l-cg 1 e 33 2 5299 0 2 2 5555 Q Wgiffg Xq Q1 5 T ' 97' EQ5 WQTWSZH 73 65 Hi? 2 312233 eb 3 yi 'QSAUQGS ,Q 951 ze W Qi Y xx gg 5 Q hi 3, A,. XR ,. YN MCD- Cuoolrs i Q0 , q Tk voofo rnc.Q y5Cv..x'3KfX5J L-tau ,cor CL SOLRCLL A 6 STUAQ QS- Y xi , Weqdnar S. wager 145 P S CAONX x D 90515 xg we XM A lou gf Cs Qtecffswf' ro ff, V 'O ra 1 Q qfglq TIM Q 'S ' 'fefcgffffffiw X9 L mifrsgfilf Qsfffs ' 455 gigggw Q 65145 Tlfffzutf X AA sr, Xp! ,SX ' af . WMF A wb 74 -b ' ' E ij? A is I4 NV X Mfg ' X 30 X' X x Q 52' J' C OR - ' Q 4 Q7 ,HJ YVQN xg ff A ig Af X3 V .D f Q0 X, A,R0C is h 'FX o 9 X0 we ik JX Xp' Wfjzfx 00 I WO S Y' QF T3 G Q CX glnpi 0 fvxqfx 3 ...QS BXJQKMAQOQ, 0 Q 'N fry' '0 c'Q'fo 95155 ATA' 1660 'lxfrfvxfn l 'mfsgkx JYX P559 pZ'Jx,,CbxQCf'Xgfo ,fffgs 'N X A: cb 501 ff AV, 5' an 'O 'S' 'Xw 19 KX P Y Q M ,nf Q fix J N Xl do wie 'FWVAAJMSCQENMMAKA We CQM!,,fA,,'fq,f42r ' x A W ' X VX wiv! Kg M? AQ 9 rim W, D x9 f '99 - KGS -5, X of Y I .x 5,95 A50 Q5 ,NYS 'S 75 eq K, 0 jf, C Pl XA ,Jig Qx ein ,ff 75,,vxffTAmx A wg, QA MAQCA CPF ixir- 5fxj0JXqoA,,rC 42, f6'yY,r' ,jf . V M Q 'ef gd KN cr Kg N0 on au' ogg J' fo f A SQNBYM k x- Q .Nix PATRIOT 1984 NURTH WARREN REGIUNAL HIGH SCHGUL BOX 410 Blairstown, NI 07825 Volume XIV Gur high school years are filled with 19'-I 5:1 id- A . il l gk-f 'mg 1' sux it gg in .. i" 'M elif? t rx st ,Q ,. Q .3 -1 6 0 is K X 5, if G W.. .6 -Q o t ,M Q . , K ,M hw ' Top Left: Donna Glynn is amazed at the artifacts of the past. Bottom Left: Tammy Matlock and Cheryl Whipple are happy with their results. Above: Eileen Iennings and Karen Runyon smile at the beauty of the flowers. Left: Lisa Schmitt and Wendy Wolff enjoy their ceramics class. . . . laughter, joy, and happiness. Spirit starts vvlth a smile and f s i t 5 ' 3 . , E 1 Pg. -1: Almmixwez IX1ikefLehmtm prucztices his t:i'oss-oven' agility tlriil. Twp: Mr, Swtetat zitltimsses the tzrnwtl tit our first peep rally, Right: Alice Bull shuws her spirit for the cross country tuum. Pg. 5: 'l'up: Fans show t2illhllSiilSIY'l fm' our teams, Right: Tum Drew intrntlutzes the varsity soccer teum. Bnttum: All ut' mir czheerleuciing squutls. 'N explodes into enthusiasm Athletic events involve many struggles but A t Top Left: The field hockey teams practice their skills. Bottom Left: The Patriots pass the hall hoping for a touchdown. Above: The soccer team looks forward to their next game. Left: Todd Benson, Alyssa Ford, Lorrie Lothian, Liana Striker and Mike Kise head for the finish line. wif win or lose, the memories will last forever. there are After mastering difficult assignments Above: Sue Beier, Traci Hardimanl Cindy Robinson, and Laura Schultz practice utlvnncetl olfitzu skills. Top: Mr. McDonough assists Chris Meshach, Kenny Gerkhardt, Danny Demers, and Todd Benson in wood shop. Right: Ron Yohe realizes he will soon achieve his goal. Fur Right: Carole Gwynne flushes ti smile of achievement. smiles of achievement and success School spirit appears in . . . Above: 7th and 8th grade hand, Right: Scott Smith, Sue VanAlthius, Tom Dugan and Kelly Glynn lend Suez Ahlers ai helping hand with her Biology lah. ' mm Almc1x'e:St1ulm1ts show their school spirit. Right Cl'It!6I'lHilllf!I'S lezlrl entire: school in the Alma Maller, all aspects of student life The reward of our hard work is X ff? 3 if x K .ww W K ,K i ' GQ' Twp I,4-it Miki' lhnrmun use-r.h1sskilI ulixxvlllillg I' sl I.vIl 'l'ln-I1-.unpl'.uI1e.n-wIu1'lIu-lug galnv, ' . mv 1I1n1Ix Ruliinsun uith In-1' uHu:.- sknlla, sa ix jf 3 M in ,gui ,EY ff 3 1 4' XII li l Mrs. Supl.-3 l.e'lI' IIIII Sllulxxn-ll l'll,1lX5 lih- leunl Xxlliln- Run I.ll1sl.1 sllllugim N I bl :lm ll up 3 3 3 . . . achieving our final goal. Smiles are often shared with friends during . . . Right: Mr. Golzio helps Wendy Molitor, Below: Smiles can he seen everywhere during lunchtime. Far Right: Scott Bell and Paul Steffey have ei good time in lunch. Bottom Right: Chorus rehearses for the Christmas Concert. Classes lunch and after school Memories of high school years bring . . . SMILES. Contents Student Life ........ 18 Sports . .....66 Academic Life ..... 104 Undergrads ....... Seniors 162 136 Doug Carroll rests F Tom Otinsky looks on in sheer amazement as Stacy Glaab demonstrates how to catch a peanut. after a hard day's work. Alyssa Ford and Lorrie Lothian show their school spirit on Clone D ay. l Bob Crawford gets into a good booklduring study hall. Homecoming ..... Senior Play ..,......... Ski Club ................ National Honor Society .... Newspaper .......,..,... Headlines .,........... Musical .... Chorus ......... Band .................,... Mind Olympics ........... Accounting Club and FBLA ..... . . . FFA ...................... Spanish Club .............. Yearbook ..........,...... 7th and 8th Grade Activities . Exchange Students .....,... Student Council .... .. .... 57 ...20 ....Z6 30 ...31 ...,32 ....33 ....34 ....40 42 .. ...44 46 .. .... 47 ....48 50 54 .. .... 56 Student Life Homecoming 1983 Here it comes Timmy! Ianet Hollis sets up for a drive. Q BS I a 90, e ' pr Q- L,s'?ga ai I, 1 , S KX x 5 .. ,ww 1 6' 42 f igs Q ! if ,N 1 "1 "N fu' A 9 N ,-mg A Q Jazzy 1 Q 1 ..1,, , 4 2 2 I A if Q WV 2 I 5 ff , f WH . , H430-ff ,, X, ,WM 2 'HL V f 5 5 ? 5 Q Q J f l -.. 1 -.N is f' Nh' 2 5 sr Ia? ,A ff' Y n......, f 3 , fv -su wa 3?-Q M Zi! as ia asf ., MNH' ,,.,,44,,, , -nw ,K rv X . xi: 5 as ali :ev -2 . . ..., 7 .. 3 f E. 'I ..: S 'B sh- "" ' irtiii: , K' .. if 1 S? Q :fp 135 K 51, Z , , kwxifi - K 'Q' -L L ' -. I NfZgN.f,s L X T 1 V X -ww Q, fi' f""""f-Q by fi z ? 11' Miz? .A Uf, M ' . .ao Q i 1 1 , A . ' Jr R Q. .J A E E Q i Q Q 'S i W Q 3, Xi 2 . X S X Q A . L ii Y , A-211. A 'gl K , A l nj- if x 'R A KA K f f W yn - --H N - A QNX' R , is ,Wk S' N' E ' as 'ii w f , K LX -v . f 4 'Q P' A 1 ma, Q rj ' 'W' Q ' " P 4 7 7 'ff I I gl t xl, D. 4 4' 41,1 V M Q M xiii' if f WAV? U H Tl ,,4j.4g 444 ' , ':'- ' - i A ,h.. ff' 1 A X M. ff .!,.5fg:. 11L?j:J,Xx ' ' Glenn Sweet escorts Tracy Mollo after she was crowned the 1983 Homecoming Queen. East year's Homecoming Queen Doreen Williams, with escort Matt ergen. Doreen Williams congratulates our new queen, Tracy Mollo. Heidi Spera and Brian Simpler Y Ianet Hollis and Tom Drew - Tracy Mollo and Glenn Sweet Iill Martini and Ted Cowell Chris Walz and Randy Walker Class of 1,984 Yffsfmz IM syn Ulf 3-ZKOWIV HA A "NAL ' 3 if " . . . "1 4 4 'fm ' Rm H S aw" ' '. x 3 ggmsiovlfl, 'M . ! v I E . l K WE stszr' n t ' ff H wifi? F' Charlie Brown, excellently portrayed by Stefan Matzal, talks about peanut butter sandwiches and the little red-headed girl during 'iLunchtime." 5 The entire cast lE.ileen Iennings, Kevin Boland, Lori-Ann Nienstedt, Victor Santomartino, Bob Sherman, Laura Truex, Stefan Matzal, Ienny Feldman, Chris Brennan, Laura Schultz, Karen Runyon, Cheryl Thourot, Elleke Seesinkl sings the opening song, "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown." Schroeder tells Patty that Lucy isn't crabby anymore, but Lucy soon enters the scene to prove him vs 'QI J ng Ioanne Foder ith ttheir a, Mel Wright, and Vince Mazzei operated lights, and w ou everyone would have been le ' . ft ln the dark Mr. DeMaio and Miss Schoch spent a lot of dedicated time directing the senior play. ,W After Lucy takes his blanket for Hhis own good," Linus cunningly tries to get it back with some "smooth talking." lAnd he succeedsll Charlie Brown Stefan Matzal Lucy Lori Nlenstedt Kevin Boland Bob Sherman Laura Schultz Victor Santomartlno Chris Brennan Laura Truex Linus .............................. ' Snoopy ............................. Patty ............................... Schroeder .................... ' ' Peppermint Patty ................... ' Marcy ............................... Violet ............................ Eileen Iennings Jane E. Schoch Chgyvl Moofe Hough Sally Frieda Lucinda Woodstock Makeup Karen Runyon Cheryl Thourot Elleke Seeslnk Ienny Feldman Sherri Blumer Kris DeNora Wendy Wolff Maria Schmitt Wendy Molltor Ienny Ollnsky Sharon McGowan Art and Stage Crews Drama Dzrecnon Muslc Dzrectzon and Choreography bw Mlchael DeMaio, 11' Assistant Director An Dweam- t arf First Musical Done By Seniors E 2 On December 9th and 10th, the seniors presented "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown." Instead of the traditional drama, a musical was chosen, and it proved to be very successful as well as enjoyable. The audience laughed and spent a terrific evening while the cast returned to their childhood days by acting like little kids. Among the many comical scenes, "Baseball Game" was a favorite. Charlie Brown tried to get his team psyched for the big game. After a long and boring speech the team decided to go out and put up a good fight for victory. There were also other favorites like "Glee Club," "Little Known Facts," and "Crabbiness Survey," which had the audience laughing and smiling. A sincere thanks is extended to Mr. DeMaio, Miss Schoch, and Mrs. Hough for their time, dedication, and cooperation. Also to Wendy Wolff for making the attractive senior play program covers and posters. kw-A Snoopy and Woodstock put their talents together into making "Snoopy" a successful number. Violet exclaims, "A-men!"while Patty, Sally, and Lucinda continue with their ABC's. Charlie Brown tells Linus how enjoyable the newspaper can be. Lucy and Linus argue about a pencil l"Give me my pencil" "Not on your life"l while the rest of the cast sings "Home on the Range." 'flu 4, ' Marcy waits for the signal to throw the basket- Before the performance of the senior play Ienny Feldman, Chris Brennan, Eileen Iennings, Cheryl ball through the "hoop," Thourot, and Karen Runyon show what a good time was had by all. Skiers Visit t. Gore 'J ,il-, The ski club had lots of fun on the slopes of C1 lllllllg Camelback this year. The highlight of the f F ' season was a trip to Gore Mountain on tl L ,sg , February 10-12. A special thanks goes to Mrs. X -A ' Schumaker and Mr. Terhune for their time L1 - and dedication. fx ' 3 J9' MEMBERS - Bruce Schumaker, Megan Robinson, Pam Stritehoff, Gwen Hoogendoorn, Laura Keller, Scot Smith, Ellen Simpler, jenna Murray, Dave Bell, Doug Kleber, Eileen Benson, julie johnson, Roger Beckman, Ray Beckman, Karen Lenkey, Andi Berry, Mike Bartolozzi, Chris Speller, jeff Rott, Mike Connolly, Lisa Kleber, Kelly Turk, Rob Doyle, jeff Lusby, Pete Mazurowski, Laura Powell, Liana Striker, Kris Berardi, Chris Bascilicato, Sandy Barinas, Carolyn Bascilicato, Stephanie Sillett, Eric Wright, Rich Hogan, Stefan Matzal, Diane Miller, Michelle Stiles, Neil Hamilton, Gary Benson, Tom Ferrone, Chris Orucquer, Heather Clarke, jeanne Kronke, Art Striker, Mike Treible, Mike Orpen, john Lensi, Rob Carlson, Tim Carlson, Dan O'Rourke, Steve Miller, Cathy Bush, jennifer Robinson, julie Rott, janet Pritchard, jennifer Gunther, jill Colucci, Lonnie McKiernan, Elaine Powell, Becky Seidel, Karla Bell, Kristine Bell, janet Kaleda, Denise Quick, Steve Greer, Mark Simpler, Shawn Baldwin, Dawn Lechliter, Angela Plesh, Karen Krueger, Christine Len- si, Nikki Helmstetter, Amy Smith, Aimee Murray, Glen Ryan, Tim Grau, jennifer Orpen, Scott Hill, Rick Weijlard, john McCabe, john Kronke, Wendy Unangst, jim Shotwell, Tom Quinn, Bill Mutschler, john Mulvaney, Vince Walsh, Bret McNally, Pete Grabowsky, Greg Ryan, Dina Kontan, Kirsten jacob- son, Kim Collins, joe Burdge, Mel Wright, Kevin Boland, Michelle Miller, Kelli Sweeney, john Callamaro, Beth Prehodka, jennifer Donahue, Carolyn Grau, Sue Ahlers, Scott Fenton, Todd Fenton, Fred Koeck, Scott Bell, Tom Klein, Troy Gable, Rich Striker, Bret Mutschler, Dave Oleszek, Tom Gilmore, Todd Benson, Harold Burnett, Michelle Doyle, john Pastor, Brian Simpler. ational Honor Societ Ill an y Y A1- N gi Mrs. Kole as the advisor of the National Honor Society did a great job. This year the NHS sold Reeses Pieces as a major fund raising project. The profits from this project will help raise mon-ey for the scholarship. As a service project the group held a t used book sale. The purpose of this sale was to pro- I vide books at a low cost to students. NAnoNAL E Honore soclsrv I 3 9 5 E. -5 f 1 X2 . QS Brian Simpler jPres.j, jenny Feldman lSec.j, Elleke Seesink jTreas.j, janet Hollis jV.P.j ,M .-. E,- Back Row, L to R: Bill Mutschler, Mike Lehman, jim Shotwell, Stefan Matzal, Randy Walker, Fred Koeck. Middle Row: Mrs. Kole lAd- visorj, jill Martini, Dawn Rydell, julie johnson, Carole Gwynne. Front Row: Brian Simpler, janet Hollis, jenny Feldman, and Elleke Seesink. 51112 Igzrtrrnt press Back Row, L to R: Susan Lambert, Gary May, Steve Conrad, Bret McNally Nell Hamilton Kathy Anderson Tom Gilmore Bob Ouellette Lon Ochs. Front Row, L to R: Vicky Klahre, Kathy Brennan, Lori-Ann Nienstedt Kim Collins Kirsten Iacobson Patti T1ron1 This year the staff of The Patriot Press welcomed a new advisor, Mr. Graff. When interviewed, Mr. Graff said We are happy with the number of people who expressed interest in working on the staff of The Patriot Press. Their hearts are in the right place." Wendy Unangst was the new editor. Kathy Brennan and Lori-Ann Nienstedt were the two contributing editors The staff set a few goals for themselves. For instance they planned on putting out five issues, and also hoped to get them all out on time! .D-ililliiiii The Patriot Press . Editor ................. Wendy Unangst Contributing Editors ..... Kathy Brennan . Lori-Ann Nienstedt Staff .... Bob Ouellette, Kirsten Jacobson l Wcky Klahre, Steve Conrad, Sue Lambert Tom Gilmore, Bret McNally, Elaine Ball Kathy Anderson Photographers .............. Gary May Kim Collins, Neil Hamilton Typists ..... Lori Ochs, Kirsten Jacobson Tammy Matlock, Kris Berardi Patti Tironi Art ................ ..... W endy WOW Circulation ..... ......... L ori Ochs Kathy Anderson Printer ..................... Mr. Corby Advisor ..................... Mr. Graff l l l l l l l. 1 o l G l l l o l l iliiiilill4 Memories . . . 1984 GIFTED AND TALENTED 'ATOMIC POWER 134 ine DayAfter . .. I FFA Deflclts . Qgatrrots 955211 MARINES! Ar Ohddle Antnuc e r progiiiars x"""' I QOLWWH 0 SARAJEVO FII IIC SGIIDDI IIEIUYIIIS FLIGHT 007 Q H GBIIIIBI IIIIIBIIGE Soviet MICHAEL JACKSON Q fume Mupphy TH RILLER 'Wg eww-cs Andropov Coach Sweet To Retire lilllon .mr ayrla George Orwell Lebanon PUNK M C rt y WHERES THE BEEF? ?9lltl0S G P Q nt L' Geo,-ge S-,MZ rznsnamcs F na 3 7 1' bb P nun The 'Kennedggg mg I p 4 V, COM SSS Apathy at No th Warren? CURLY SHUFFLE 1 I I a ' ' W I 'CJ lr.T ' ma e III ll I on Elhlvador ' ELI. Y . 'Z-5.22. ,- Libya . I I NICIYIQUI-K u "'i,"!' , Q r B . . ' - - , c 2 ne 1 ' I ' Q.:-if-.iii TMFEI WMM A I I H fplgian Gulf' I I Bnorexia ' ' Q , J, Y. ., . ' I 1 ' . . Cuerrillacommandos' + U' a' -2, I . S . 4.-If ' . . if ' ' B V ., 'EL EMI MITH E' . The ltimate Gamble . . . On April 6, 7 and 13, 14, the N.W.R. Chorus did it again with this year's musical production of Guys and Dolls. The setting is New York, circa 1940's. As the curtain rises, 'Broad- way' is alive with the hustle of traffic, starry-eyed chorus girls, and two bit gamblers who are looking for action. The playwright, Frank Loesser, captured this theme in the 1950 Broadway hit, Guys and Dolls. Such colorful and diverse characters as Sky Masterson, Sarah Brown, Nathan Detroit, and Miss Adelaide highlight the show's theme and plot . . . the ultimate gamble Love the wit and charm of these characters are brought to life among such settings as the 49th Street Mission, the sewer, and the Hot Box Night Club, and the streets of New York City. Below: Iunior Fred Cook in his musical role, as Sky Masterson, tries to convince Sarah Brown - Ienny Feldman - to go to Havana with him. musicals. This year they play the parts of Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide. I V ? 2 Q, 2 ii S s TQ? iii Above: Nathan, Nicely-Nicely Iohnson - Bill Stauffer - and Benny 3 Southstreet - Iamie Schissler - are shown trying to decide how they are ' going to come up with the money for the crap game. The Gamblers lBottom: B. Maher, T. Gilmore, I. Schissler, B. Staufferg Top: T. Anzalone, E. Powell, T. Roth, V. Santomartino, D. Oleszek, B.Sherman1s1ng "Oldest Established." We are sorry, but due to the time factor, we were unable to get dress rehear- sal pictures. Senior, Mel Wright, played the domineering part of Lt. Brannigan. I. Nordberg, M. Angle, D. Collins, and G. Saponaro shoot craps at such a young age?! with lots of fun went Into the produc tion of this years musical Guys and Dolls The late night practlces paid off and as always, the cast put on an ex .Many hours of hard work, mixed cellent show. - THE HOT BOX GIRLS - Above: S. Benson, E. Benson, C. Rennspies, C. Bibby, L. Truex. Below: M. Miller, S. Condit, D. ' Bedell, M. Plunkett, C. Smigel. The cast and crew would like to thank Mrs Rowe our and dedlcatlon to the show accompanist, for all her time The Mission Band IK. DeNora, D. Harwood, S. Blumer, I. Feldman, V. Santomartino, L. Nord berg, B. Keunlj e, T. Ritchiel sing "Follow the Fold." as . 'fill 5153 Wy, .mu ff i Q rw. u . s- ', an sfifm 'Nm X , S . fl? Q Q. ' ' ,E ,.qx,: Q M ,-fl x. S? '5 W.. . wi ygzjuzgg at 5-. N X . 1K?,fJ,u2-236 ,qw :-:.,, . - .5 ,-ff 2.-5335 ,wx Nui 1 ,I f V , .V 1' h 1 i 5 " 1 . Q5 H 2 ,-ffifwf ' " , -fix, J WM' v- 2 Q ' wwf ' s qw Q ff A f ' 3 wwf: I . 'W I awww V V , 4 M' Z8 ' if " 2 L 7 , f Ui? if W , , ig fa wg 4352 jgw Ienny Feldman Fred Cook Lorl Nlenstedt Bob Sherman Iamxe Schlssler THE CAST Sarah Brown Sky Masterson Miss Adelaide Nathan Detrolt Nlcely Nlcely Iohnson Benny Southstreet Vlctor Santomartlno Arvrde Abernathy Mel Wrlght Lt Brannlgan Debble Harwood General Matllda B Cartwrlght MISSION BAND Tlna Rltchle Kr1s Denora Sherri Blumer Laura Nordberg Klrsten acobson Klm Co l1ns Laura Keller B111 Keuntje GAMBLERS Erlc Powell Todd Roth Torn Gllmore Dave Oleszek Tom Anzalone Blll Maher Tom Lund DEAD END KIDS Doug Colllns Max Angle Iohn Nordberg George Saponaro Pete Costanza H OTBOX GIRLS Catherlne Bxbby Laura Truex Mlchelle Mlller Chrlsta Rennsples Chrls Brennan IanetHoll1s Margle Plunkett Sharon Benson Elleen Benson Doreen Bedell Clndy Smlgel Stacey Condlt Bill Stauffer . '. '. '.'. '.'. '.'.'.'.'. III'f.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'. '.'.'. '.'. '. '.'. '. ' I ' ' ' l ' F NWI Front Row: K. Bair, M. Konesny, R. Langford, L. Walz. Back Row: S. McGowan, C. Delman, I. Fodera, W. Wolff, Mrs. Hough. Mrs. Hough and her crew are the talent behind the scenes. The cast would like to thank her for her time and devotion to the show. Keep up the good work! rt Crew Senior, Wendy Wolff has contributed a lot of her time behind the scenes over the past few years. Wendy, who also designs the advertisement poster and pro- gram cover for the musical, will be greatly missed next year. Kathy Bair and Lori Walz work diligently to get the scenery done before opening night. Creating A Winter Wonderland ,was NN On December 15, the Christmas concert was a "first" for the chorus department this year. Instead M QWSS of the traditional concert on risers, the chorus "put S on a show." There were costumes thats, scarfs, and ski sweatersl, props lcandy canes, Christmas trees, and wooden soldiersl, and lots of enjoyable music. Since the senior play was held a week earlier, the background was "winterized" and made suitable for the Christmas season. Another "first" was the live Nativity scene which added a special touch to the concert. 'Vw K1 Mr. DeMaio sings the harmony with these tenors lStefan Matzal, Billy Keuntj e, Ioe Bur- dgel while the sopranos lDenise Thomas, Diane Miller, Kelly Crate, Roxanne Rowe, Sharon Bensonl add the melody. igtxfigisikwi is , I -Q' CHORUS - Front, L-R: Tom Lund, Dave Oleszek, Tom Gilmore, Dan Novi, Victor Santomartino, Tom Anzalone, Bill Stauffer, Stefan Mat- zal, Billy Keuntj e, Ioe Burdge. Middle: Michelle Van Horn, Elleke Seesink, Laura Truex, Cathy Bibby, Kim Collins, Lori-Ann Nienstedt, Andi Berry, Lori Mack, Denise Thomas, Lisa Melchoir, Roxanne Rowe, Sharon Benson. Top: Lee Wildrick, Doreen Bedell, Chris Brennan, Laura Keller, Gisela Budai, Cindy Smigel, Angela Paglia, Michelle Miller, Diane Miller, Kelly Crate. The Christmas concert offered a live Nativity scene portrayed by Claire Baier lMaryl, George BaierlBabyIesus1, and Kevin Boland llosephl. ring a typical day in chorus, the members sang songs ranging from "Fiddler on the Roof" to Sharon Benson was always there to play the Messiah." piano with a smile which was appreciated by ' H E 1 everyone. i it ff, Qs THE BARBERSHOP QUARTET - Iamie Schissler, Bill Stauffer, Bob Sher- man, Mr. DeMaio. This group proudly represents NWR as one of the 31 win- ners l3,000 entriesl in the NI Teen Arts Festival. The chorus would 11ke to thank Clalre Baler for her help and cooperatlon Mrs. Rowe for her dedication and The Band Plays On! North Warren Regional High School Marching Band The band showed their school spirit not only by playing, but also by cheering on the teams. At the Christmas concert the band members played their in struments with much interest and concentration. 42 Noam WARREN msn SCHOOiQtff . .- , The North Warren Regional Hlgh School Color Guard The NWR Marching Band started the year off well by finishing the fall competitions with several first place awards in various categories. Best Band Front, Best Drum Ma- jor, and Best in Music were among the awards won. In the spring, the band ventured to Rhode Island to compete in various competitions there. Mr. Bouknight and the band members deserve much credit for all the long hours of hard work they put in to make a number one marching unit. Congratulations on a job well done! Keep up the good work! Left: The band members give it their all at the Christmas concert. ind Ol mpics Welcomes Camelot, Moby Dick, and Chariots of Rescue were the themes for this year's Olympics of the Mind. The 7th graders doing Camelot had to make a system of sounds to guide the members around many obstacles, save a damsel in distress, retrieve the dragon's "fire" and the ex- calibur, and joust with the Green Knight. The members of Moby Dick had to write a new chapter to Herman Melville's Moby Dick, make props, and come up with creative ideas. Chariots of Rescue members had to make a car propelled by body movements andfor body weight, and they had to create devices to pick up ten "en- dangered" species. A welcomed addition to this year's Olympics of the Mind team was the talented group of seventh graders who are the future of further competitions. They won first place at the area competition at Byram on February 15, and con- tinued onto regional competition with the other two groups at West Milford on March 14. The entire Mind Olympics team would like to thank Mr. DeHaven for his constant patience and dedication. Marissa Mezzanotte - Gwinevere - directs the knights around with a system of different sounds. CAMELOT - Front, L to R: Caroline Benson, Corie Cassidy. Back: Marissa Mez- zanotte, Ronnie Rowe, Mark Gwynne, Stephanie Brady, Mr. DeHaven. Stephanie Brady -- Sir Gaiahad - takes a short rest after rescuing the damsel in distress. Mark Gwynne - Sir Gawain - gets ready to joust with Green Knight. Corie Cassidy - King Arthur - has just succeeded in retrieving the excalibur from the stone. Caroline Benson - Sir Lancelot - waits for a signal after she retrieved the "fire" from the dragon. Seventh Graders 2 as eff MOBY DICK'S CREW - Bob Sherman ITajil, Gale Treible lwaitressl, Elleke Seesink lCaptain Gar- dinerl, Dan Novi llshmaell. . t Q , . X, CHARIOTS OF RESCUE - Neil Hamilton, Dave Barnes, and Frank Seesink. W i Vince Mazzei was also a member of Moby Dick, and he provided the background music. in ,f x ..c, l i 'S its Mr. Chinnock spent a lot of time thinking up ideas and approving everyone else's. The "crew" would like to express their sincere thanks. The entire Olympics of the Mind team and coaches would like to thank Miss Cl'llS6Sl for judge at competitions giving her time to be N.W.R.'s ccounting Club Welcomes New Advisor Back Row, L-R: Kevin Boland, Gary May, Tom Otinsky, Leigh Burnett, Tom Anzalone, Laura Delong, Lisa Crawford, Tina Delong, Chris Bascilicato. Front Row, L-R: Iohn Trupiano, Kris Berardi, Ieanne Kroncke, Patti Tironi, Tammy Teune. Missing: Lorrie Quick, Lisa Kleber. . ss,. . L . p X t A- ' A R . . as W ,, g . if fri. 6. 'i.,r . gg.:-Alu Under the leadership of its new advisor, Mrs. Graff, the Accounting Club took a trip to the Ayerst Lab in South Plainfield, NI. Here the I students toured their offices, saw the type of N work done and had a chance to see their com- -..,,,,,-, puter system in action. Continuing a project started many years ago, the Accounting Club raised money by selling candy. The profit will be used to give a scholar- ship to a business student planning to continue his or her education in some field of business. OFFICERS - L-R: Tammy Teune, Scott Winay, Chris Oleszek. FRLA Comes to WR The FBLA fFuture Business Leaders of Americal was established as a new club this year here at NWR. The members are business students who are interested in obtaining a business career. The club traveled to various businesses throughout this area for a view of their modern office procedures. In the future, the members plan to raise money for a scholarship for students planning to further his or her education in the business field. P, Bum tnucuuon :mm s F UTURE B USINESS I. EADERS I MERICA KC Standing, L-R: Eileen Iennings, V.P.g Christine Walz, Sec.: Cindy Robinson, Historian. Kneeling, L-R: Laura Schultz, Pres.: Karin McCrone, Treas. Front Row, L-R: Kelly Burham, Cindy Delman, Christine Walz, Christine Basilicato, Karin McCrone. Back Row, L-R: Mrs. Powell lAdvisorl, Chris Berardi, Leigh Burnett, Cindy Robinson, Wendy Iones, Anna Marie Shotwell, Chris Noel, Laura Schultz, Eileen Iennings, Donna Morgan, Amy Garris. Halloween the Spanish Wa To Row, L to R: Senor Perez Debbie Truex Terri Labar Adam McNall Frank Seesink Eric M rtin Rlilinfgy W ss Cindy Robinson, Nancy Pascale, P Y , . Y, , H . Sherri Blumer. Middle: Stan Hutt, Tammy Dayson, Phil DeRea, Stephanie Herremans, Tanya Quinn, Lauren Gosney. Bottom: Dana Callamaro, Kim Miller, Carole Gwynne, Lori-Ann Nienstedt, Elleke Seesink. This was the second year of the NWR Spanish Club. For the first time, they held a Halloween par- ty for children in grades K-3. It was a great success, and the kids had a very enjoyable time. There were prizes, contests, treats, and dancing. The members of the Spanish Club taught them "La Cucaracha" la typical Spanish dancel and some easy Spanish words like hello lholall and Good morning lBuenos Dias!l. The Spanish Club also raised money for pro- posed trips and activities by selling candy sticks. Possible trips planned are a visit to the U.N. and to a Spanish restaurant. Other activities are the an- nual picnic and the fiesta. Senor Perez Iadvisorl, Cindy Robinson lSec.1, Frank Seesink ITreas.1, Elleke Seesink lPres.l, Dana Callamaro lV.P.J as!-We 9? ZX,-ag . Hit Back Row, L-R: Mrs. Shumaker ladvisorl, L. Hendershot, R. Anzevino, K. Peterson, R. Ianda, G. Ackerson Imascotl, T. Lockwitch, D. Sprague, C. Hill, M. McLain. Front Row, L-R: C. Whip- ple, K. Sass, M. Haggerty, S. Hill, R. Stout, D. Cantrell, C. Gwynne. 1 2 FFA OFFICERS - Back Row, L-R: Curt Hill ITreasurerl, Ron Ianda IPresident1. Front Row, L-R: Cheryl Whipple fSec.l, Carole Gwynne IVice-Presidentl, April Strowbridge ISentinell. ARM RS Q , 3' . 1-gg NATIQNAL STUDYING VOCATIONAL oRGAN1zAnoN ron aovs AGR'CU'-TURE Being a member of the FFA lFuture Farmers of Americal has many advantages. A major advantage is that the members learn priceless skills in true-to-life-hands-on ex- perience. They also learn how to help con- serve the resources and wildlife in the en- vironment. The members develop a true desire to help others aid wildlife, as well as people in times of despair. The students in the FFA develop a sense of leadership, responsibility, cooperation, and organization when they have to accomplish mandatory tasks together. They also learn to be self-motivated so they can raise money to purchase beneficial supplies and to go on field trips and participate in contests. The FFA showed off their plants and wreaths while beautifully decorating the hallway. 49 emories Bring . . . Smiles! The 1984 Patriot yearbook staff has made many changes to the yearbook. We felt that some changes were needed and hope that you like them. The theme for the yearbook is a combination of memories andasmiles. When one looks back on their high school years, the memories often bring smiles, and this is the major reason for yearbooks - to recap- ture high school memories. We hope that the theme inspired you to delve back into your yearbook and think of all your friends and the fun you had together. We hope these memories will bring SMILES. Lori Ochs was a great help in the yearbook by adding her creativity to Student Life. The typists lSue Baier, Eileen Iennings, Anna Marie Shotwell, Lisa Nurgel helped the yearbook staff by typing stories, captions, and other odds and ends. Gary May was one of the photographers who was there when we needed him to take pictures. As the sign says, "WE'RE. ALL NUTS!" Ienny Feldman works so diligently that she doesn't even have time to have her Dictu . . re ta lcon Q Mrs. Pustizzi advises Kelly Glynn on what to do while Lori Ochs is busy working on a layout. Morris worked hard on layouts and did an since Glynn and Gail new comers." ':,':g: Dana Callamaro, who was in charge of the undergrad section, came up with many new ideas on how to her section. iq nigga . .el Eau HZ.: axxlz ' ies.. f' M 2 " Alyssa Ford and Lorrie Lothian take time out to have their picture taken as Vince Mazzei and Bob Sherman try to come up with ideas on how to im- they work on yearbook ads. prove the Academic Section. M515 FINANCE COMMITTEE - Back, L-R: Miss Farley, A. Ford, E. Iennings, I. Hollis, T. Martin, B. Sherman, C. Cooper, K. Glynn, K. Anderson, D. Swanson, L. Ochs, S. Condit. Middle, L-R: L. Gebhart, L. Lothian, R. Clavel, C. Dugan, D. Callamaro, I. Kron- cke, R. McNally, A. Azpeitia. Front, L-R: E. Seesink, G. Morris, K. Collins, L. Nienstedt, L. Truex, D. Konya, C. Rennspies. Editor Elleke Seesink spent many long hours working on the yearbook and helping new staff members learn yearbook techniques and terminology. Senior, Dave Barnes, the chief photographer, could often be found wandering around the school "clicking" his camera for the yearbook. L R Lori Ochs Dana Callamaro Elleke Seesmk Bob Sherman Stacey Condlt Iulie Schilling and Rachelle Clavel Advisor Mrs Pustlzzl Finance Advisor Miss Farley Editor Elleke Seesink Photographers Dave Barnes Gary May Frank Seesink Finance Assistants Alyssa Ford Lorrie Lothian Section Editors Student Life Lori Ochs Sports Tanya Quinn Iulie Schilling Dawn Swanson Academic Life Elleke Seesink Undergrods Dana Callamaro Seniors Rachelle Clavel Iennifer Feldman The Staff Alexis Azpeltia Stacey Condit Kelly Glynn Gall Morrls Laura Powell Kathy Anderson Laura Gebhart Sue Baier Tom Drew Eileen Iennings General Staff Typists A special thanks is extended to Wendy Wolff who created the Patriot on the cover and the divider pages. Ellen Slmpler anet Hollis Vince Mazzei Bob Sherman Heldl Spera Laura Truex Tammy Matlock Lisa Nurge AnnaMarie Shotwell Y 6 E. Y fm f A 4 4 , ..... . fi-. " i " Mr. Rincavage always keeps his students stimulated. Art class is a lot of fun for Lola Tally Q ww! irq I or vision t 1 4 4 1 Above: A student studies for a test between classes. Right: Mrs. Guarisc0's unique method of teaching gives her students a great incentive. i Front Row: M. Miller, Treas., S. Lambert, Rec. Sec. Back Row: H. Spera, Front Row: E. Seesink, L. Nienstedt, C. Dugan. Back Row: I. Feldman, I V.P,g I. Shotwell, Pres., L. Gebhart, Corr. Sec. Hollis, K. Anderson, C. Walz. . XA ' Front Row, L-R: S. Barinas, L. Sipley, I. Nordberg, C. Benson, L. Nienstedt, C. Gwynne, K. Sweeney, D. Bates. Middle Row, L-R: D. O'Rourke, V. Klahre, C. Rennspies, M. Plunkett, P. Clavel, S. Hill, K. Crate, N. Pascale, R. Clavel, A. Murray, A. Epstein. Back Row, L-R: T. Pickwood, P. Michelucci, M. Lambert, B. Schumacher, G. Ackerson, C. Walz, K. Peterson, I. Straut, A. Hill, M. Schultis, S. Gwinnet, L. Gebhart, L. Walz. Student Council Top Row, L-R: I. Maxman T Pickwood K , . , . Fox, K. Zydzik, V. Mazzei, B. Sherman, R. Anderson, L. Truex, E. Iennings, M. Gwynne. Bottom Row, L-R Sorenson, S. Konkle, I. Murray, V. Cook, K. Iacobson, P. Tironi, E.. Warns, I. Schmitt, M. Olinsky. st g , xcf .Q f'iEig E ,gjgib .u t gi f' -if f r.,Y - . of o - 1 .k."' 1 5,WVfg.2b Q 1 fi f if 3 K 5 S X ' ,J S f f of r .... S C 2111 . tto.. Q i . iit 1 These seniors lTom Drew, Greg Ackerson, and Ted Cowelll show their spirit on Clone Day which was sponsored b h ' yt e Student Council. QQQQQS 5. Iigiiiggijjisfgk v sgifgi ,Q , .,, p C 1 .Q l .Q 5 fa K x lk I lv- 'Q fx: Wx r ' il M xt if 5' , ' "' it K.. Q 5 2 6 'Z .fl ,NK X 'gi x,v4 Y M i 6 3' 'u .s u 1 14' ' 1 5 Q Z' 'w,. Q 1 s 3 a ' 1 , 1 V in-Q.. gf , f N Q -1. Q M , i f 2itag3i:?:gg p,f 'e, x'. X Miss Schoch and Mrs. Kole showed their support on Halloween dress-up day. 57 1. st has Wkgsg N2 Friend From Over Seas Hi! I'm Catherine Biddy, an exchange student from New Zealand. I am really enjoying my stay in Blairstown and am enjoying life at North Warren. It is quite different from the all girls' boarding school that I attended last year. I'm still getting used to not having to wear a school uniform and also to wear- ing makeup and jewelry to school which is not allowed in most New Zealand high schools. My home is also in a country area, but it is totally different from Warren County because in New Zealand I live on a 2,000 acre sheep and cattle farm with my parents and two younger sisters. I also live about five minutes from the shore which is always very popular in the summer months. Thank you North Warren for having me in school for the second half of your school year. I'll always remember the good times I've had and will never forget my experiences and friendships made here. r f X fl 31 fa I Complete in their school uniforms, Cathy and her friend Shona spend time together after their final prizegiving lsimilar to our graduationl. Cathy shows off one of her pet lambs at her ranch in New Zealand New 'IQALAND Ncrlh .lfblo ' 1, Socrlh Lb fl? f j . DuwC3"" ,X N-fgxxff-f FN VSJQJMQFJ- Iklof-'CJ JQKL1' P 11 'fZlsH-apt J H6156- ljgjlb-TN CQpitnl Cab D +dwY0" T 'S D ' S .Q ,e E N rl g E' - 4 .1 , , LI F E i I, 11 Q X' , x If 1 " 1-4 4 1 'waves rfv, ,K .I I 5, 'MH A , f , , X Diane Woyzichowski skims through a college handbook while waiting for an appointment with her counselor. Harold Burnett and Mark Melchior find that study hall is a great time to catch up on some sleep. Domin, Tom Drew, and leff Swanson enjoy a good laugh Ienna Murray and Kelly Crate return from a G.T. field trip and look forward to the upcoming hockey game. 59 'Qi I i Mrs. Guarisco did another fine job. loe Repasky and Christa Rennspies share a slow dance at the wedding reception. Mr. Terhune nervously straightens his tie before the ceremony begins. , H lim Shotwell and Sue Lambert separate the carnations before homeroom on While Rachelle Clavel passes out carnations she finds one for Doug Valentine's Day. Carroll. 62 l E Caroline Wiesing and Mike Rosania share a laugh while selling guesses on the Valentine's candy. Slow dances seemed to be a favorite at the Valentine's Dance. Everybody had a good time at the Valentine's Dance sponsored by the -4 i 63 ., , x,.. . ' -...M -w.,t...t..u,,t A Q - X --wo - ,i "Bet you can't see me!" San , 11 , ' . S I I I : R 5 P99 5 xi , in . Adrienne Rich, Margie Plunkett, and Sue Ahlers Below: "What do you want me to do about it?" WX Have you hugged your dummy today? Y inn-:madman-1 5 Q ' I L E ' X :Sk We V i E. Powell and C. Budd show their spirit at a football game. The good ol' locker. What would we do without it? T. Quinn, M. Plunkett, S. Ahlers, and A. Rich enjoy a soccer game. Varsity cheerleaders at the homecoming game. Dawn Rydell, Cheryl Whipple, and Laura Schultz. Band members cheer our football team Baseball ..... Softball , . . Soccer ...... Gymnastics .... Football ....... Field Hockey .... Gross Country ....,.. Girls' Basketball ..... Boys' Basketball ..... Wrestling ............. GheeringL ............. 7th and 8th Grade Sports ..... ...Hes .....71 .....74 .....78 .....a1 ...84 ...S7 ...Qu ....93 ...96 ....99 ....103 Baseball '83 Ends Season With 14 Wins! 1 Ki? sf ,Q w me ef Mike Florence lim Zaborowski takes a practice swing before step- ping into the batter's box. Back Row, L. to R.: Mr. Golzio, Dave Makarevich, Gene Makarevich, Mike McDonald l83l, Allen Bickhardt I83J, Steve Lusby, Alan Mazurowski, lim Kozimor, Bill Stauffer. Front Row, L. to R.: Greg Menzel, Rich Anzevino, Larry Corby l831, Mike Florence, Eric Powell, Buddy Gouger. X VARSITY SCOREBOARD Belvidere South Hunterdon Warren Hills Notre Dame Hackettstown Delaware Valley PA Plus X P Burg Catholic Pocono Central Cathohc Lenape Valley Delaware Valley NI Delaware Valley NI South Hunterdon Belvidere Warren Tech Warren Hills Hackettstown Pius X P Burg Catholic State Tournament Cedar Grove DRC League Championship South Hunterdon Overall Record 14-7 DRC Record 11-4 IV Record 13-3 Steve Lusby OPPONENT 'M A if' f . 4 Alan Mazurowski Doug Hollabaugh In 1983, our varsity baseball team did super, they had a final record 14-7. Steve Lusby led the team's batting average with a .418. Steve Lusby and Allen Bickhardt 1831, were selected 1st Team All DRC and 2nd Team All Area by the Newark Star Ledger. Steve was also selected to the 1st Team All Area by the NI Herald. ' The team had 3 come-from-behind-extra-inning victories. if' Varsity players carefully observe the strategy of the opposing team. fy 9' . if S 'Z . .xl '1 ,fm . , Sophomore Leo McNally shows a promising future for NWR Freshman Ioel Konya patiently waits for the "go" signal baseball. The Freshman team looks forward to the day when they can be varsity stars. Heidi Spera amed MVP for '83 Back Row, L. to R.: Mrs. Barabas, Barbara Dean l83l, Bridgett Sikkes 1831, Kathy Anderson, Heidi Spera, Ianet Hollis, Alyssa Ford, Iill Martini. Front Row, L. to R.: Laura Schultz, Kathy Brennan, Carole Gwynne, Cheryl Whipple, Ei' ' ' " ' ' ' "' ' "' KSSYW. 'S 1 Ianet Hollis The team boards the bus for their game with Belvidere. f if L Alyssa Ford waits for the ball to come her way. Carole Gwynne shows her skill on the mound. Barbara Dean I83l and Ianet Hollis. Carole Gwynne Back Row, L. to R.: Miss Sheehan, Iennifer Thompson, Kim Carmeci, Lori Ochs, Iamie Straut, Cheryl Cooper, Becky Troy, Sandy Huber Front Row, L. to R.: Val Cook, Lisa Karolchyk, Patti Tironi, Laura Powell, Sue Gwinnett, Chris Pastor, Cindy Smigel. ' -xf my we ..-.-1' tl!! The team gets psyched for the next inning. Heidi Spera was named M.V.P. for the 1983 season. Left: Laura Schultz 3 20 17 3 14 9 5 2 1 1 0 1 1 8 1 VARSITY SCOREBOARD OPPONENT Belvidere South Hunterdon Warren Hills 19 Notre Dame 0 Hackettstown 2 Delaware Valley, PA 7 Pius X 3 P'Burg Catholic 17 Pocono Central Catholic 7 Belvidere 16 Lenape Valley 22 Delaware Valley, NI 16 Delaware Valley, NI 5 South Hunterdon 9 Warren Hills 4 Pius X 3 P'Burg Catholic 9 Total Record 6-12 DRC Record 5-9 IV Record 2-13 - 3' 1 --- H .... n'ii ,PWR or a ..., Q Coach Sweet Retires With Fond Memories Back Row, L to R: Coach M. Sweet, Coach Sweet, A. McNally, T. Fenton, B. Rinker, E. Powell, A. Spera, I. Baier, D. Hermann, K. Delman, I. Gelok, L. McNally, Coach Snyder. Front Row, L to R: SENIORS - M. Bergen, G. Sweet, B. Mutschler, T. Drew, B. Schumaker, T. Quinn, R. Walker, G. Teune. Left: Coaches Sweet and Snyder. VARSITY SCOREBOARD OPPONENT Notre Dame Hackettstown Pocono Central Catholic P Burg CHthOl1C Delaware Valley Lenape Valley Notre Dame Hackettstown Sparta Delaware Valley North Hunterdon P Burg Cathollc Phllllpsburg Warren Hllls DRC Play Off Warren Hllls State Play Off Edison Vo Tech Chatam Townshlp Total Record 12 2 4 IV Record 2 8 3 NW 3 2 1 2 1 ' 0 5 ' ' 0 2 0 1 1 5 0 1 1 2 0 2 1 1 Warren Hills 1 3 1 4 ' ' 0 5 ' ' 1 1 ' 0 1 ' 1 5 ' - 0 0 ' 3 Matt Bergen takes the ball down the field hoping for a goal. 20th Team Has Winning Season Considering the fact that some of the starting players never had varsity experience, they worked hard and always acted like a team. Even when the team was down, the seniors, Glenn Sweet, Tom Quinn, Randy Walker, Tom Drew, Bruce Schumacher, Bill Mutschler, Matt Bergen, Greg Ackerson, and Gary Teune, helped to keep the spirit in North Warren soccer. As a whole, the team achieved many awards including DRC co-champs and Warren County co-champs. The team was no. 1 in West Iersey and was rated no. 1 by the New Iersey Herald. On the individual level Glenn Sweet, Tom Quinn, Eric Powell, Torn Drew, Randy Walker, and Leo McNally were narned to one or more of the following teams: DRG, All Area, All-West Iersey, and All-State. Good luck to next year's team! As the varsity goalie, Leo McNally ended the season with 138 saves. Tom Drew goes for the ball while Randy Walker and Ieff Baier watch to see if help is needed. 75 Seniors Glenn Sweet and Randy Walker happily leave the field after a Senior Tom Quinn holds off an opposing player as he tries for a goal. Vlctory' Xgkfv rx Back Row, L. to R.: Coach M. Sweet, Eric Gramberg, Pietro Michelucci, Scott Wolff, Scot Smith, Phil DeRea. Front Row, L. to R.: Tom Gardzalla, Brett Mutschler, Iohn Callamaro, Albert Teune, Tom Kline, lim Peck. F4 5 Thank You Coach Sweet for 20 Years of Coach Sweet has a moment of reflection at his last Homecoming game. Outstanding Soccer In the fall of 1983, after 20 years of coaching soccer, Mr. lack Sweet announced his retirement as coach. Mr. Sweet, a dedicated and successful soccer coach, will be missed greatly by everyone who enjoyed playing or watching soccer. When Mr. Sweet started coaching in 1963 at Blairstown High School, he claimed that he knew little about soccer, but over the past 20 years, he has brought the teams a long way. Over the years the Varsity soccer teams have been in many state games. Mr. Sweet's total record stands at 234-44-26. In November, a retirement dinner was held for Mr. Sweet at Harmony Manor. Many former soccer players attended to express their gratitude to Mr. Sweet. O The Patriot yearbook staff would like to express our good wishes and thanks to Mr. Sweet. We also 1' , wish all the future coaches and ' f teams much luck. L-R: Mr. Dan Snyder, Mr. lack Sweet, and Mr. Mike Sweet pose for the cameras at Mr. Sweet's retirement dinner. G mnasts Beat Hackettstown At the first pep rally, team captains Iill Martini and Cindy Robinson wished the other teams the best of luck. 'X ,. ,.,,, Tina Ritchie combines all her learned skills in order to perform her floor exercise routine. f. TEAM Terry S PICTURE - L.-R.: Diane Tillman, Kim Darst, Cindy Bergen, Lori Mack, Iill Martini, Cindy Robinson, Tina Ritchie, Karen Rader, ipley, and Laura Carducci. In order to develop a well performed routine, it took af lot of time and practice as Lori Mack knows. ,g ,. ivnurfww .A M. We Cindy Robinson leads our team out to the mats before a meet. Comprised mostly of sophomores and freshmen, the gymnastics team concentrated on improving in- dividual skills in the four areas of competition: floor exercise, uneven parallel bars, horse, and the balance beam. Increased knowledge and skill led to an increase in points scored at meets. Five all around gymnasts plan to return next year. Seniors, Iill and Cindy, helped to guide the young team by sharing their experience with the girls. VARSITY SCOREBOARD NW OPPONENT 62.5 West Morris 75.4 54.7 Pequannock 89.1 60.9 Warren Hills 80.5 86.5 Whippany Park 100.2 70.2 Mendham 75.9 73.3 Passaic Valley 67.5 67.8 Pompton Lakes 69.5 64.7 Hackettstown 63.8 Total Record 2-6 Top Left: Iill Martini was very helpful in raising the team's score with her talented floor exercise routine. Top Right: Cindy Robinson will be one of the two seniors missed next year. Above: Kim Darst warms up before a meet by practicing her back handspring. VV Patriots Tie Big Rival Belvidere Seaters The charging defense of Gene Makarevich, Mike Lehman, and Rich Green brings Pius X's quarterback to the ground. OPPONENT Hackettstown Sussex Tech Del Valley Gill St Bernards Pius X P Burg Catholic Belvidere So Hunterdon Total Record 2 5 2 IV Record 3 4 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD NW 0 28 14 14 0 Warren Hills 28 E 0 . 34 28 l - . 0 13 ' 6 0 ' ' 28 6 ' 6 0 . 18 Right: Iunior Dave Makarevich kicks the ball to start off the Homecoming game against Pius X. The Patriot football team ended its season with a record of Z-5-2. It may not seem impressive, but the team prospered in many ways. Under Coach Picone the team learned there was more to a game than just win- ning. Although they are losing seven seniors, Greg Salmon, Mike Lehman, Steve Lusby, Kelly Turk, Gene Makarevich, Doug Carroll and Steve Paulik, the team's future looks bright because the upcoming team has much potential. Boosting the team's morale was an unex- pected tie with the Belvidere. Next year they hope for a victory. Mike Lehman Bottom, L. to R.: F. Cook, B. Gouger, I. Schissler, G. Ryan, K. Turk, R. Doyle, S. Lusby. 2nd Row: I. Lehman, I Lusby S Fenton I Repasky C Conticchio, I. Repasky, S. Paulik. 3rd Row: M. Green, S. Bell, D. Makarevich, R. Green, A. Plesh, G. Salmon Top C McLain G Cullen R Green, M. Lehman, G. Makarevich. Coach Picone concentrates on the day's strategy Greg Salmon dodges the defense for another great run. Steve Paulik gets psyched for another game. 477 'na Seniors, Gene Makarevich, Greg Salmon, Mike Lehman and Steve Lusby, lead the team to victory. VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY - Back Row, L.-R.: Gayle Treible, Ianet Hollis, Heidi Spera, Kathy Anderson, coach Cyndie' Faunce. Middle, L.-R.: Patti Tironi, Tanya Quinn, julie Iohnson, Cindy Dugan, Ivy Greer. Front, L.-R.: Sue Swiderski, Ann Hill, Lisa Karolchyk, Sue Lambert, Laura Gebhart. Team captains, H. Spera and I. Hollis, meet with the refs. Cindy Dugan, formerly a defender, made a welcome transition to the front line. Goalie Anne Hill gets ready to protect the 1, cage. 1 --f- V 2 ' 'f . I 2 ,, ,... ' ,W 1- .. I I " 0 ' I . . in if 4 ' - t.'i I .--- , I "ii . ' ,,,t' We If as t . ,V gi... VE,L , A . H I , Q , , .,... Ivy Greer positions herself for the game. Kathy Anderson has time to pose for a picture before a game. Sue Swiderski and Lisa Karolchyk reluctantly stop practicing for a picture. First Time to STATES! Varsity Scoreboard W Opponent P burg Catholic So Hunterdon Pocono Catholic Warren Hills Hackettstown Del Val Bangor Notre Dame P burg Catholic Moravian Warren Hills Hackettstown Del Val So Hunterdon 0 Belvidere Total Record 6 9 2 IV Record 3 11 2 N. . O ' ' 0 0 . 5 4 ' 0 1 ' 2 3 0 1 . . 2 3 0 0 Belvidere 1 7 0 1 ' ' 0 2 ' 2 0 ' 3 2 0 0 . . 3 0 . 3 ' 5 What can you say about the first hockey team at N.W.R. to go to the states? The 1983 hockey team is very proud of their accomplishment. The competition was tougher than ever in the DRC, but the team managed to get a few girls on the all-area teams: Cindy Dugan, Ianet Hollis, Heidi Spera. Independent competitions proved challenging, but the Lady Pats got the best of them. The team will be losing 7 seniors, all of whom started varsity. The returning team will miss them, and it can be confidently said that they will miss their team. When asked of the most exciting game this season, most players would say Moravian. After being down 2-0, the comeback of the year. Although the game ended in a tie, the girls had nothing to be ashamed of. Miss Faunce is looking forward to a great season next year. Let's hope they take it all the way next year. Below: L.-R.: Cindy Dugan, Gayle Treible, Ivy Greer, Heidi Spera, janet Hollis, Eileen lenn- ings, Iulie lohnson. ..A,A. -A .. JK! -Zgif I.V. FIELD HOCKEY - Back Row, L.-R.: Danielle Montana, Cheryl Nester, Debbie Mulligan, Susan Ahlers, Wendy Brohol. Middle Row: Carrie LaMo Bethany Prehooka, Sue-Anne Konkle, Ingrid Hughes, Miss Chisesi. Front Row: Vicki Schmidling, Renee Simpler, Caroline Wiesing, Margie Plun Christa Rennspies. Varsity sets up their offensive line before the Hackettstown game, Defender G. Treible waits for the referee's call. The sidelines are filled with people cheering their team on to a victory Patriots Do Well in DRC Run , , ,,, , A GIRLS VARSITY SCOREBOARD I? I NW OPPONENT f F W Lenape Valley L 5 , w Pope Iohn L " L Hackettstown W L Blair W W Warren Hills L L Delaware Valley W L Sussex Tech W i :E E GIRLS' TEAM - Back Row, L. to R.: Lorrie Lothian, Alyssa Ford, Becky Troy Eileen Benson. Front, L. to R.: Michelle Miller, Sue Gwinnett, Ienna Murray. Miss- ing: Alice Ball, Liana Striker. SENIOR BOYS - Back Row, L. to R.: Ron Ianda, Ieff Swanson, Harold Alice Ball and Becky Troy at the DRC meet. Burnett, Fred Koeck. Front, L. to R.: Brian Simpler, lim Shotwell, Don Martini. ,mi fm '711Q L.-R.: Todd Benson, Fred Koeck, Terry Lockwitch, Tom Schilling. Back Row, L.-R.: Ron landa, Brian Simpler, lim Shotwell Don Martini, and Harold Burnett. , jeff Swanson BOYS VARSITY SCOREBOARD NW OPPONENT L Lenape Valley W L Pope Iohn W L Hackettstown W L Blair W W Warren Hills L L Delaware Valley W L Sussex Tech W W South Hunterdon L L P'Burg W L Newton W W Warren Tech L Right: Coach Candisky Far Right: And . . . they're off! Michelle Miller's face expresses the joy and pain of finishing the DRC Run. Brian Simpler passes four other runners on his way to fifth place. g.- C V, xy We . 2 1 .Q First DRC at NW It was a special year for the North Warren Cross Country team because the DRC Run was held on our home ground for the first time. Three of our runners did exceptionally well. Brian Simpler placed fifth, lim Shotwell eighth, and Becky Troy tenth out of approximately seventy runners. Cap- tains, Iim Shotwell and Ienna Murray, kept their teams in high spirits. The M.V.P.'s this year for the cross country teams are lim Shotwell and Lorrie Lothian. lim Shotwell psyches up his team members for the DRC Run while they warm up. 54 ,a -gn. ,..,,wm .. , Front: Traci Martin, Sue Gwinnett, Dawn Swanson, Nikki Glab. Back: Cindy Robinson, Cindy Dugan, Tina De long, Laura Delong, Anne Hill, Heidi Spera. Cindy Dugan charges through the defense to make a lay up. Right: Although blocked by many defenders, Heidi Spera succeeds in making a basket. Seniors Highlight Team 1 I- eikggjm e if J SA aa Q--af The team nervously looks on as the end of the game nears Mr Wleboldt and Mr Poecker concentrate on the game play VARSITY SCOREBOARD OPPONENT Sussex Tech Stroudsburg Pocono Central Catholic Warren Hills Pope Iohn Notre Dame Pius X South Hunterdon Belvidere Delaware Valley NI Warren Hills Blair Academy Phillipsburg Catholic Phillipsburg Catholic 45 Pius X 18 57 South Hunterdon 33 46 High Point 48 26 Belvidere 46 51 Hackettstown 63 39 Delaware Valley, NI 50 42 Warren Tech ' 45 42 I-Iackettstown 43 Varsity Record 8-14 IV Record 11-7 i Y? 3 Back Row: Sue DeYoung, Chris Pastor, Yvette Rioux, Michelle Glaab. Front Row: Carol Anne Hill and Laura Delong are pleased with Paglia, lean Nordberg, Debbie Mulligan. Two of the most exciting games of the season were the first game with Phillipsburg Catholic and the second game with Hackett- stown. In the Phillipsburg game the lead changed back and forth until the last quarter when the Lady Pats took the lead and went on to win. In the last game of the season against Hackettstown, we bat- tled through two overtime periods to finally succumb to a 43-42 loss. It was a season that saw Heidi Spera score over 900 points in her career. Cindy Robinson did a fine job as a forward and also as a guard. Cindy Dugan returned after knee surgery to be an asset to the team. Tina Delong averaged 9 rebounds per game to help the team. the way the team is performing so far. Nikki Glaab demonstrated great defense throughout the season. Cindy Robinson listens carefully to the strategy. Pats Beat Streaks 50-43 Randy Walker was a great help and sadly missed during the second half of the season, due to an illness. This year's team had a very good record compared to previous years. The boys tied for second in the DRC and earned a spot in the DRC Tournament. They gave War- ren Hills their only loss in the DRC, a 50-43 setback. Senior co-captain Don Martini led the team in scoring, averaging 19 points a game. Senior co-captain Glenn Sweet was the point guard on this year's team, and once again came up with numerous clutch performances both offensively and defensively. Other players in vital roles on the team were senior forward jeff Swanson, senior Randy Walker, junior Dave Makarevich, junior Greg Domin, and sophomore center Rob Green. With the return of three starters and an excellent junior varsity team, the outlook for the 1984-1985 season should be bright. J Back Row: D. Makarevich, G. Domin, E. Martin, I. Swanson, R. Green, D. Martini, Coach Ducatte. Front Row: G. Menzel, A. McNally, R. Walker, T. Schilling, G. Sweet, P. Cahill, Ieff Swanson blocks out the defender, while Greg Domin goes up for a basket, VARSITY SCOREBOARD Sussex Tech Stroudsburg Pocono Central Catholic Kmnelon P Burg Cathollc Pope Iohn Notre Dame Pius X South Hunterdon Belvidere Warren Hills Warren Hills P Burg Catholic PIUS X Hackettstown South Hunterdon High Point Belvidere Whippany Park Delaware Valley NI Hackettstown Walkill DRC Tournament 76 P-Burg Catholic Varsity Record 17-6 IV Record 17-6 59 IOT1 75 tory sa lon 55 2lOTl NW OPPONENT 65 12 60 51 ' 66 68 ' 64 72 - ' 53 66 71 47 73 ' 30 55 52 53 ' 43 39 Delaware Valley, NI 36 50 ' 43 56 ' 83 68 - ' 88 50 ' 27 51 65 43 56 . . 71 45 70 55 50 , 43 58 46 65 47 72 Below: Coach Ducatte psyches the team up during a time out. Glenn Sweet goes up for two points against a big rival P Burg Catholic. Don Martini, averaging 19 points a game, dodges his opponeiic to score A great asset to the team, Dave Makarevich sets up for another shot two more. Qgazog, QXSRIOQ 4 'N-...4 Back Row: C. Mezzanotte, M. Rosania, P. Cahill, G. Menzel, E. Martin, I. Konya, T. Schilling. Front Row: A. Dellanno, I. Baier, I. Maderski, A. McNally, C. Florence, A. Spera, P. Novi. 95 E if 1 NW 42 ' 18 ij 44 - ' 19 30 ' ' 24 lx 25 ' 29 60 0 27 ' 28 49 Kinnelon 15 39 Z4 48 10 24 ' 25 29 ' 19 9 . . 49 43 . 9 27 33 49 9 33 22 Wrestlers Win Holida Tournament Back Row, L to R: G. Salmon, R. Green, M. Lehman, S. Karolchyk. Middle: B. Gouger, M. Salmon, I. Repasky. Front: K. Gerkhardt, I. Tru- piano, A. Trupiano, I. Lehman. Below: Seniors Mike Lehman, Iohn Trupiano, Greg Salmon. Missing: Anthony Trupiano. VARSITY SCOREBOARD OPPONENT Warren Hills P Burg Catholic Sprlngfleld Plus X Hon Blair Bangor South Hunterdon Belvidere Wallkill Valley Del Val Sussex Tech Hackettstown Pleasant Valley Iefferson Varslty Record 11 5 IV Record 8 4 2 AV 'E is w S 1-. V X 4 , ,A ff ' E f?" 54 g , Z gui? U 4 f gif 4, Zz A M ga M--1 was .. n W Standing, L to R: lim Gelok, lim Pasko, Gene Cullen. Kneeling: Dave Kerr, Cary Schoettlin. Greg Salmon, with 18 wins and 4 losses during the season, discusses the match with Coach Seal and Coach Benvenuedo. Wai Anthony Trupiano with his 17-2 record fights for another victory. Scott Karolchyck with a 14-8 record, gains confidence as he battles his op- ponent for a pin. i Back Row, ' .I R: Cm Cheerleaders Excel Recognition finally arrived for North Warren's dedicated Varsity cheerleaders. DRC All-Star competi- tion is held twice a year for all varsity cheerleading squads in the conference. Each squad may nominate up to five girls. Christine Beegle, Valerie Cook, Cindy Delman, Lori Sipley and Laura Nordberg were selected by their peers to represent NW. After hours of practice and preparation, the day of competition finally arrived. When the results came in, the girls had surpassed their wildest hopes! For the first time in the history of North Warren, our cheerleaders were recognized as the A11- Stars we always knew them to he. Valerie Cook, Laura Nordberg and Lori Sipley earned First Team honorsg Cindy Delman locked a spot on the Second Teamg and Christine Beegle received an Honorable Mention. From everyone at North Warren: "We are proud of you - hey, we are proud of you!!" L .. l'xA1..,... rvL-.-4..... L nr -.1- C Nordbe L Fr tR L La ura ori Sipley. on to k. lerie to R: V oo 3 1' S, OW, Back Row, L to R: Tammy Dayson, Sandy Seidel, Elaine Ball, Valerie Cook. Front Row, L to R: Laura Nordberg, Annette Capalbo, Heather Iohnson, Cindy Delman, Christine Beegle, Tracey Hardiman, Lori Sipley. SENIOR CHEERLEADERS - L to R: Christine Beegle, Heather Iohnso ' H 7 ' "She really expects us to climb up this ladder?!" 100 IV CHEERLEADING - Back Row, L to R: lamie Straut, Kim Miller, Cmdx McCrone Chris Bascilicato. Middle Row, L to R: Andi Berry, Barbara Pagano Front Karen Lenkey. - .ii The cheerleaders look forward to a victory. w xr tk in WSW, A.. L if P " . A 'K A if it . flu . .. ' -1555, 2, .Is x S iii- 'TS C 4 IV CHEERLEADERS IWINTERJ - Back Row: Iodi Katzenstein, Laura VanderWiele, SENIORS - Cindy Delman and Chris Beegle. Heather Clarke. Front Row: leanne Kronche, Patty McKenna, Doreen Bedell, Alexis Azpeitia. Tracey Hardiman and Chris Beegle. Edii '11 VARSITY IWINTERI - Back Row: Sandy Seidel, Cindy McCrone, Iamie Straut, Tammy Dayson. Middle Row: Val Cook, Cindy Delman, Chris Beegle. Front Row: Barbara Pagano, Lori Sipley. 101 102 Front Row, L-R: Doug Collins, Glenn Meekins, Ricky Anderson, Brian Gwynne, Fred Fiesseler, David Low, Mark Gwynne, Craig Baier. Back Row, L-R: Mr. Wieboldt, Bill Gebhardt, Mark Simpler, Christian Schroll, Iohn Nordberg, Brad Schumacher, Matt Richie, Steve Greer, Max Angle, Scott Hill, Rich Hughes, Brian Layton, Tim Growl, Bill Hendershot. Missing: Steve Rydell, Greg Harris. L-R: Chris Kise, Becky Seidel, Sandy Galazin, Chris Budd, Renee Yurga, Kelly Mulligan, Missy Delman, Ienny Gosney, Kris Rich, Elaine Powell, Captain. Right: Bill Hendershot practices kicking skills hoping for a future Varsity position. Ir. High dds Girls' Basketball Back Row, L to R: Mr. Snyder, Becky Seidel, Melissa Neinstedt, Michele Kraweak, Lauren Gosneyf Ianet Kaleda, Marissa Mezzonotte, Denise Chamber ain, Kim Zilinski. Middle Row: Laura Henderson, Iill Colucci, C ris Budd, Karla Bell, Cori Cassidy, Tracey Guelich. Front: Nikke Howell, Maureen Cahill, Christine Lensi, Angela Plesh, Nicole Helmstetter, Kim Mell. New this year on the junior high sports scene is the Girls' Basketball Team. The team, comprised of 12 seventh and 8 eighth graders, is coached by Mr. Snyder. The season began on Feb. 23, with that ever pre- sent rival Belvidere. The girls played ten games this year and are hoping for continued support from the junior high student body. It is hoped that the skills taught here will be of value when these girls join the high school teams. Back Row, L to R: Tom Rivara, Ricky Anderson, Pete Constanza, Doug Swift, Casey Hendershot, Ben Malley, Dave Kaleda. Middle: David Low, Brian Layton, Craig Baier, Sam Fierra, Billy Menzel, Craig Konkel, Steve Condit. Front: Mike Malley, Ron Mack, Greg Harris, leff lor- dan, Kevin Meschach. Missing: Chris Howard. Cheryl Cooper gives Mr. DeHaven her devoted attention in Chemistry. lt Kevin Boland refers to his notes in Mr. Poecker's English class. Vince Mazzei organizes the paperbacks in the library. Administration ....... Board of Education . Guidance ......... Personnel ......... Gifted and Talented .... .... 1 13 Math ............. Science .........., Foreign Language . . Business .......... English .......... History .......... Child Care ........ Home Economics , . Art ............... Chorus and Band. . Shops ............ Special Needs ..... Physical Education and Health ..... ...., 1 34 .....106 108 ....109 ....111 ....114 ....116 ....119 ....120 ....122 ....124 .,..126 ....127 ....128 .....129 130 132 Academic Life Dear Class of 1984, You are eager about receiving those diplomas for which you have worked so hard and you are eager to get started with your plans for the future. This is as it should be, for graduation, far from being an end, is the beginning of all your tomorrows. Over the past several years you have worked and studied, prac- ticed and played, and grown - grown mentally as well as physically - and now you are ready to begin your lives as members of the adult community. For some of you this will mean a job and the respon- sibilities of family living. For others, this will mean col- lege and further years of study and preparation. Whatever course your future takes, it is my sincere hope that you will look back on your years here as having prepared you to meet and deal with the challenges that life will present. On behalf of myself and the faculty and staff of North Warren, I wish to each and every one of you the hap- piness of a productive life, the respect of your fellow human beings, and the love of your family. May the future be yours. The best of luck and congratulations to the Class of '84 mdyyaw Dear Class of 1984, It is with a special feeling that I say goodbye to this year's Senior Class. I have had a very close association with this class for the past 6 years. It is the opinion of many of the faculty that this was one of the finest classes that we have had the privilege of having at North Warren. Your quiet leadership has had a positive effect on the entire school. All of the best to you in the future. Remember, always strive to be the best in whatever you do - never settle for second best. Always remember the times that we have shared at North Warren - I'm proud of you. wafer, k Dear Class of 1984, Your learning experience at North Warren Regional High School is one of your keys to the future. It will open one of the many doors of your life. As you pass through, may all of your knowledge be utilized to guide you toward your ultimate goal. Your learning experience will continue as will all of your memories of North Warren. Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors. Dear Class of 1984, I would like to congratulate you on your gradua- tion from North Warren Regional. Each class which passes through our school is special in its own way and your class is no exception. When you look back over your years at North Warren you will remember both pleasant and unpleasant ex- periences, however, I'm sure that the good times outweighed the bad. Over the past six years you have faced many dif- ficult challenges and your efforts have been rewarded with positive results. In the future, you will face many more challenges. Always remember to give these challenges your best effort, and they too, will be brought to a successful conclusion. Best wishes for future success. Board of Education ' MwvwmwsWXsnswX.w:: .W A Back Row, L-R: Robert Drew, Fred Harnett, Mary-Ann Fink, Alan Bickhardt, Robert Drewes. Front Row, L-R: Ann Marie Schwartz, David Shotwell, President, Linda Gerczak, Vice President, Donna Garris. X'-. , f' ",.,-ww' H ,, HV' aa ,I,at, ,, ,, Board President David Shotwell Board Secretary Rose Krauss ew Com uter for Guidance p l Miss Farley Mrs. McDonough Mr. Pustizzi Miss Farley helps Bill Stauffer with his SAT's. my Mr. Pustizzi called Leo McNally to the guidance office to discuss next year's schedule. In November 1983, the Blairstown Rotary Club donated the Guidance Information System IGISI to NWRHS for use by the Guidance Department. The GIS is known to be one of the most up-to-date sources of occupational and education information available in the US. The GIS will provide students with access to career, colle e, and financial aid in- formation. Any student will be able to use the GIS by simply typing commands requesting the needed information. The computer responds immediately by typing the desired response from the permanently-stored data files. There are five data iles in the GIS. They are the Occupational Infor- mation File, The Four-Year College File, The Two-Year College File, The Graduate School File and The Financial Aids File. Debbie Truex listens while Mrs. McDonough explains the use of the computer. 109 People Behind the Scenes El ti! 1 Mrs. Sipley Mrs. Brownell Mrs. Emery Mrs. Cato Mrs. Tironi I2 Ron Sf 1 W and Mrs. Brownell patiently sort out the card files for the upcoming year. ,-if Oh, so that's how you do it! Heather Clarke and Donna VanGrouw struggle to get the office messages delivered. QE.. Mrs. Brockmann Mrs. Sandberg Mrs. Drew Mrs. Pagano Oh my God! Your blood pressure is 400 over 12! Mr, M, Sweet E+,.f'W' Q. QQ A A Ei Help ll round the School This was Mrs. Staub's first year as Food service director at N.W.R. She and the Kitchen Staff were at the school everyday, rain or shine, to make lunches for the students. The members of the Day Custodial Staff were also at school everyday, rain or shine, to repair broken lockers, unlock doors, and carry out special requests, all in addition to their regular duties. The Night Custodians cleaned up every evening to make school presentable for the next da . The Yearbook Staff would like to express a special thanks to the Night Custodians for putting up with our late hours. They always smiled, even when the late night was just before a holiday. Y -I X ' A. M Egg ig-gg gig WE! li Q fi A . Mft--has Mr. Smith and Mr. Reinhardt Mr. McMahan, Mr. DePuy, Mr. Thompson I Mr. Babbitt, foreman lmissingl issing: r, avso 1 iz? K.. M MD n KITCHEN STAFF A Mrs. Winters, Mrs. Basilicato, Mrs. Rydell, Mrs. Sikkes, Mrs. Hatch. Mrs. Shultis, Mrs. Staub an Opportunities in G.T. Mrs. Repasky smiles at the success of her course. In the Gifted and Talented Program a student has many options to choose from and is given many op- portunities to expand his or her learning. These op- tions include Global Education, the Leadership Pro- gram, the Science Symposium, Creative Writing, and mentorships. In the Field Expansion option, the students visited ATT, Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital, Centenary College, and Lehigh University. WN .. .gm K .W The students work through problems using a great deal of creative think- ing as Mrs. Repasky guides them. wwf' ' ...fy Iohn Repasky cuts outa picture for a project he is working on. athematicsi It All Adds U ! 4? l The class watches as Mrs. Rung demonstrates how to find the solution. Mrs. Fechisin Mr. Picone Algebra IB, II Algebra IA Plane Geometry General Math lf- High Math "Hey, Mike, how do you do this problem?" ' X' Mrs. Rung Algebra I, IB Algebra II I Mr. Bowman teaches his students about income tax. Mr. Ivins reviews principles of analytical geometry with Kathy Anderson and Bob Sherman. A new teacher was added to the Math department. He is Mr. Bowman, who taught General Math and Ir. High Math. He and all the other teachers did a great job whether it was teaching com- plicated calculus formulas, Algebraic word problems, or geometrical drawings of spheres and squares. Math was also a big help in other classes like chemistry and physics. f 1 :,, "::,::,,: Q ..,. ,a,,- I Mr. Rincavage Mr. Bowman Ir. High Math Ir. High Math Gen. Math ,M ..., as ,, M . ,., . Mrs. Fechisin goes over the geometry homework. Charlie Brown lStefan Matznll thinks what am I doing here in Mr. Ivins' trig. class? Mr. Ivins Alg. II Trig.!Ana. Geo. Calculus Adv. Prac. Math Ad. Computer What's the " atter"? The Science Department offered a new class called En- vironmental Science which was taught by Mr. Drago. The students learned a lot about their surroundings and how all living things relate to each other. While in Chemistry and Physics labs, students learned the practical applications of what they read in their books. X 5 Mr. Chinnock Mr. DeHaven General Biology Chemistry Ir. High Science Physics Mrs. Kole Mrs. Shumaker General Science Agriculture Earth Science 116 Mrs. Hanly helps Todd Fenton and Matt Drewes with an experiment. m"'W'm?4fZilL3'W !q.bAM r3Bz' ,, .tl Kim Miller, lean Nordberg, Tammy Terpstra, Nancy Pascale, Stephanie Herremans, and Anne Hill listen to Mrs. Hanly attentively. Mr. Drago Biology Environmental Science Ir. High Science , Danny Demers und Brinn Leek repo! plants for the spri sale. Miss Faunce demonstrates an experiment to her students. rt wwrsmw A Debbie Harwood and Adrienne Rich observe their specimens ln Biology lab. Miss Faunce Mrs. Hanly lr. High Science Biology Anatomy 117 Child Stud Team Mrs. Magnuson Mrs. Russo Speech Therapist L.D.T.C. Mr. Lalibene joined the staff as a social worker . Mrs. Cato and Mrs. Magnuson eni oy a moment of peace before the day begins. D Wh Don't The Speak My Language? Although Spanish required a lot of hard work, the students had fun learning it. In Ger- man, the game of Scrabble made the students think. French was another hard language to Mr, Pergz M1-g,Ba1-abas conquer, but with the guidance of Mrs. Spanish French Barabas the students found it enjoyable. . ff Miss Schoch German Left: Sue VanAlthius and Mike Piccoli follow along in their texts as Mrs. Barabas reads aloud. 1 E i v f .Q 4 --on-q-,ww ,..,.,..,,,,... , .W . i..Wmm,n'mfwmfw,WWW,mWm.WM,wff.Wf .W 3 3 -,.j,M lux"- . 1 Mr. Perez and Ieff Rott go over a lesson together. Left: Miss Schoch reviews a worksheet with her class. 119 - 'e Computer Courses Offered at WR S2 , X xi X ' l .5 X wg Q x X sw Ox is X X W 2 X xx x L N X Q 2 X 5 E x X s w S r X Kgs N x Qs S5 F N xkgiixxr R 1 X R Page fe WNXQNM K K K, X is fm 'W s K li SBR N 5 SMFMX ., Q . s E, Xxx, 2 'NN , fi X S a Q X QQ - :sw .. x Mr. McDermott Mrs. Graff explains the Accounting II course to parents on Back to School Night 120 Q iff' Simca' WN s L e.. , " ' :ff eee erree . lyz ,,,L , -r"uu L::::,,. ' Mr. McDermott instructs Sherri Blumer in data processing. Glenn Sweet creates a program in the advanced computer course si 5 if RNNNW Students in typing class. Sue Baier and Cindy Robinson take dictation in steno class. Mrs. Graff Below: lim Shotwell and Mary Marshall await instructions in typing class W- I 44 W Shakespeare Adds Culture to English In English, the students learned many things including vocabulary words, grammar, and writing skills. One often heard plays or other pieces of famous literature being read aloud. Mrs. Rudolph and Mrs. Gladd took their students to see plays. Seniors viewed the film, Hamlet. Mr. Poecker and Mr. Graff stimulated their students with a mid-term exam. Mr. Smith Mr. Sadusky Mr. Bartholomew Mr. Poecker Mr. Hart 5 . ii? "Next week's vocabulary words are dromedary, bactrian camel . . ." la Mm .W ,gy , . N ,, Senior English: sentence with a unequivocal in a compound-complex declarative Mrs. Rudolph teaches Karen Watters how to use the Readers Guide to adverb clause . . . " Periodical Literature. Mrs. Sweeney ..-,,,' QW , L f 'ffWWs!f51":?y V, f ,W ' 'Wf- , " ' H' , 2 .....,.... . I . QW X , 5 Q , Qffj V. s ,--- A? W 444 . ffiazfu v . V, . 1 L ,.,. ,w,.'M Mr. Graff Mrs. Rudolph Mrs. Gladd Learning From the Past Soclal St U S Hlstory I and II Mrs. Guarisco Mr. Strawins Ir. High Solcial St. U.S.lICiIistory I Soc. Psyc . Wor History . . . Anthr0p010gy!ArChe01' Basic Econufworld Affairs Bob Sherman dlsplays the archeologlcal reproductlons. Mr. Wieboldt eyes the class as his students take a test. r. Strawins and Mr. Wieboldt discuss World War I while walking through the halls. In our History Department, Mr. Strawins and Mr. Wieboldt manage to keep the learning interesting. Mrs. Guarisco keeps her classes on their toes and manages to teach quite a lot between her ar- cheological digs and her sociology weddings. A new course offered this year is World History. Mr. Terhune Ir. High Social St. U.S. History I U.S. History I and II Ir. Hlgh Social St. Gene Cullen and Bob Carlson wait anxiously for the results of their tests. Right: Mrs. Guarisco draws a map for her students. Where Learning Begins . . . 1 Uwe' ,Tis ,, Back Row, L to R: Kristina Anderson, Kris DeNora, Michelle Doyle, Marybeth Baldwin, Carole Gwynne, Dawn Rydell, Rosemary Carroll, Sue Lambert. Front, L to R: Kathleen Fineran, Rebecca Sager, Alan Hendershot, Tony Diana, David Little, Kevin Kennedy, Courtney Carpenter, Dawn Winters, Christina Marotta. Q .df The children sit quietly, intrigued by Rosemary's story. Right: Kris DeNora asks if anyone would like fruit juice before dinner. Home Ec Adds a Spice to Life rf Mrs. Allaire ,x Ei., Sharon McGowan and Wendy Wolff say that it isn't "sew." Ms. Sheehan Hey, Stacey Dunbar, what's cookin'? Leo McNally takes the cake in cooking. Creativit Mrs. Hough Mrs. Hough diagrams a picture to help explain a procedure. Right: A young student looks up while working on one of her many proj ects. 128 Expressed Thru rt Keith Brennan learns how to roll a clay pie crust. Music Brings Smiles Mr. DeMaio Chorus V 3 N Senior chorus in class. Christa Rennspies and Margie Plunkett. Charles Fundell and Fred Fiesseler. Mr. Bouknight Band Ii t I .,,.. r w Y -.. ' Wendy Tims, Lorrie Lothian, and Eric Powell. 129 Students Learn Lifelong Skills Mr. McDonough Mr. Dolan Wood Shop Metal Shop Below: Mike Bartolozzi and Roger Beckman pouring a metal cast. Bill O'Brien spinning a pool stick on the wood lathe 20 S' aw x 2 i X i,.g5g 5 1 ,::21 is Mr. Golzio A ' E' Mechanical drawing Xizi L Y M V g Arch. Drawing W fmli ii Model Building ii :VAL: Chris Meschach sands his gun rack. Bill Rooth, Todd Haebler, and Gail Morris. mi" The Mechanical Drawing class. Bill Gebhart, Randy Canaday soldering holiday decorations Mrs. Schaeffer Chapter I Math Resource Room Chapter I Reading Basic Skills Math P.I. Class Supplemental Inst. Eric Hanlein, Tim Glory, Mike Treible, and Mike Lund -1 Mrs. Schaeffer shows Dave DeMund, Stefanie, Pilipie, and jeff Skow how to operate the math equipment. Right: Miss Zenock helps Martin Schimmel with his classwork. Mrs. Kilbildis demonstrates a math procedure to the class. .1 Teachers Meet Special Needs 9 ng f ,Q J If 7' 5 ,.- ,,,,,. A f.,,.. 1' Mrs. Iohnson Miss Robin Putt, a Student teacher working with Miss Hoagland, assists Steve Yurga with a history lesson. Miss Hoagland Miss Zenock Below: Angela Wardell practices her reading skills for Mrs. Iohnson. Miss Chisesi Chris Kise, Steve Kise, Merle DeGroat and Paul Hagopian take a spelling test. 341 K Mr. Ducatte Mrs. Nordberg Mr. Snyder Miss Masson lg likxgxx' E Mr. Snyder supervises his class. Brett Mutschler playing volleyball. X12 Nei?- N, is N X WW' 41 Q M yX?3? si? SW' Ss is -59 ggxrssigwi m 'xiii xx W.-.W WM, 5 Qs X i ax Mike Tironi practices volleyball skills. FRESHMEN - L-R: Mike Rosania, Treas.g Debbie Mulligan, Pres.: Caroline 8TH GRADE - L-R: Chris Budd, Treas,g Casey Hendershot, Pres.: lim Wiesing, Sec.g Kelli Sweeney, V.P. Beers, V.P., Kelly Mulligan, Sec. SOPHOMORES - L-R: Alice Ball, Treas.g Ienna Murray, V.P., lulie Schilling, Sec., Tom Dugan, Pres. 136 IUNIORS - L-R: Tom Schilling, Treas.g Laura Nordberg, V.P.g Elaine Ball, Pres.g Traci Martin, Sec. 7TH GRADE - L-R: R. I. Thompson, Treas.g David Low, Pres.: Nicki Helmstetter, Sec.g Tim Carlson, V.P. . Tammy Ackerman Sue Anzalone Sue Armstrong Debbie Bacon Dawn Baker Shawn Baldwin Brad Batson Karla Bell Kristine Bell Carolyn Benson Margaret Biddle Melissa Bisanti Stephanie Brady Ieff Burdge Cathy Bush Iohn Cagiano Randy Canaday Nicole Cappiello Marty Carducci Tim Carlson Corinne Cassidy Denise Chamberlain Billie Clifford Steve Condit Eric Coughlan Penny Dayson Merle DeGr0at Iason DeYoung Kimberly Dieffenbach Iim Eberhardt Seventh Grade wwf' 'M M if 'Q Vicky Edwards Sean Egley Andrew Epstein Todd Fennell Kim Figured Ion Foy Fred Gebhart Dan Gillen Sherry Gilmartin Tim Glory Don Gosney Iennifer Gosney Stephen Greer Tracey Guelich Iennifer Gunther Mark Gwynne Eric Hanlein Daniel Harman Greg Harris Dawn Heinrich Nicole Helmstetter Buddy Hendershot Bill Hendershot Shelly Hey Gayle Hlywa Bobby Hoffman Chris Howard Nicole Howell Scott Huber Richard Hughes Ieff Iordan Ianet Kaleda Christian Kasper Cindy Katzenstein Mike Keating Erin Kelly Dan Kerr Kristine Keuntje Christine Kise Steve Kise Madeline Kittle Ioe Knoblock Dawn Konesny Ron Kostolancia Iohn Kroncke Diane LaMotta Adrienne Lambert Dawn Leichliter Christine Lensi Iohn Lotz David Low Mike Lund Ron Mack Mike Malley Gerard Martin Lewis Matlock Iennifer Maxman john McCabe Chris McConnell Ernest McDaniel Kelly McLain Kim Mell Kevin Meshach Marissa Mezzanotte Derek Miller Laurie Miller Stephan Miller Mike Morrill Tracie Nelson Krisanne Nester 'Ui Iohn Nordberg Iohn Nordstrom Iohn Noto Tammy Nurge Greg O'Brien Daniel O'Rourke Sandy Paglia Stacey Pekrol lack Pennell Tammy Pickwoad Steve Pike Angela Plesh Heather Poyer Denise Quick Terry Quinn Kristine Rich Heather Riley Allison Ritchie Matt Ritchie Tom Rivara Iennifer Robinson Iulie Rott Ronald Rowe Heather Runyon Scott Salmon Karen Sanders Kathy Sanner X Mike Schilling Christian Schroll Brad Schumaker Frank Sepulveres Ioshua Shoenfeld Mike Shultis Stacy Simonson Mark Simpler Missing: Dale Cox Brent Sipley Iennifer Sorenson Stacy Squero Dennis Stelling Darla Stevens Tina Stevens Cindy Stoffels Scott Stouch Michele Straway Scott Sullivan Paul Swahnn Lola Talley Bob Tompkins Chris Torsiello Leonard Van Camp Bruce Van Grouw Tim Voorhees Angel Wardell Christine Whipple Al Williams Iohn Worden Walter Wysowaty Gene Zeyn Kim Zilinski Iennifer Orpen Right: Seventh and Eighth grade hand at practice with Mr. Bouknight. 142 T i .ww E N 1t.... ...t.t..t.... 5 - Us C 2 Ski: . 1'-"Tit c ' 1 Eighth Grade ygasai -if S. . -- 1,95 eww' Ricky Anderson Max Angle Laria Apgar Craig Baier Kathie Bair Rich Beagle lim Beers Todd Benson Chris Budd Maureen Cahill Dana Cantrell Alex Cappiello Kim Carducci Rob Carlson April Carpenter Sharon Cassimore Paul Clavel Kathy Clegg lim Coates Gina Colletti Doug Collins Iill Colucci Bill Conklin Karen Cooper Peter Constanza Anthony Cuttitta Lisa DeGeorge Rich Decker Melissa Delman David DeMund Iennifer Ducla Iulie Duvall Aimee Epstein Daniel Ernesti Sam Fierra Fred Fiesseler lason Focht Kelly Foy Charles Fundell Sandy Galazin Tom Gardner Kerry Gawle Tammy Geis Gina Giacono Lauren Gosney Brian Gwynne Pat Haas Melissa Haggerty Paul Hagopian Gregg Hanson Lisa Heinrich Casey Hendershot Laura Henderson Scott Hill Michael Howell lim Ianda Coleman Iandle Paul leges Sue Iohnson David Kaleda Beth Keller Andy Kipar Iames Knobloch Craig Konkle Michele Kraweak Karen Krueger Robyn Langford Brian Layton jeff Learn Donna Lehnert Craig Lemoncelli Iohn Lensi Benjamin Malley Glen Matlock Lonna McKiernan Marci McClain Ruth McNally Glenn Meekins Bill Menzel Herman Meyer Dave Miller Krista Miller Chris Mitchell Iennifer Mitchell Iohn Moore Kelly Mulligan Aimee Murray Melissa Nienstedt Kellie O'Neill Melissa Olinsky Mike Orpen Kim Passafiume Ken Peterson Tarra Plant Elaine Powell Ioshua Raisbeck lames Reininger Alison Roe Glen Ryan Steve Rydell Andrew Sadlon Michelle Sampson George Saponaro Iackie Schmitt Becky Seidel Chris Sepulveres Heather Shedd Debra Shipps Steven Sikkes Iohn Sillet Kim Simonson Earl Sipley Iackie Sipley Amy Smith Shannon Snyder Carl Stoddart Tina Stone Robert Stout Art Striker Doug Swift Tracy Thompson Dan Titus Mike Treible Chris Turk Rich Vassallo Laurence Venezia Eric Wall Lorrie Walz April Wardell Elyse Warns Ricky Weij lard leff Whipple Ioe Williams Stefanie Wolfe Shaun Wright Renee Yurga Mike Zaborowski 7 1 J.- F it wi f ees' Missing Donna Brojer Robert Crawford Tammy Druber Dennis Gable Tim Grau Mitchell Haggerty Dave Kozak Ionathon Lucas Denise Nicholls Iason Reisenberger Bill Sass Bonnie Selmer April Carpenter aa 1 4 Caroline Wiesing Anthony Spera Frank Albanese Scott Amon Sandra Anderson Sue Anderson Debra Apperson Debra Bates Bridget Batson Michael Bauer Ray Beckman Dave Bell Gary Benson Sharon Benson Cindy Bergen Andrea Berry William Billings Keith Brennan Becky Cahill lohn Callamaro Karen Carducci Bob Carlson Ron Carpenter Terra Cassillo Roylene Colletti Kerry Connolly Sharon Conrad Craig Conticchio Mark Cook Rob Cook Ioe Coots Angie Correll Kelly Crate Gene Cullen Ruth Cunningham Kim Darst Anthony Dellanno Dan Demers Sue DeYoung Iennifer Donahue Chris Drucquer Marlene Druhan Darlene Easton Chris Esposito Tom Ferrone Bill Fox lim Frank Troy Gable Tom Gardzalla Sue Geene Chris George Dennis Gerkhardt Carolyn Grau Chris Grauso Catherine Hann Lisa Hlywa Richard Hogan Gwendolyn Hoogendoorn Larry Iohnson Iennifer Iones Bob Keiper Bill Keunti e Mike Kise Doug Kleber Tom Klein Bill Kline Faith Koeck Melinda Konesney Michelle Lambert Carianne LaMotta Earl Learn Brian Leck lim Lehman Karen Lenkey Tom Lund Dave Maring Linda Martin Pete Mazurowski Karen McDonald Chris McLain Becky McNally Melinda Metzgar Chris Mezzanotte Pietro Michelucci Diane Miller Danielle Montana Debbie Mulligan Tom Murphy Brett Mutschler Iohn Pastor lim Peck Mitzi Pickwood Stephanie Pilipie Beth Prehodka Dave Pritchard Dave Quick Karen Rader Tina Ritchie Megan Robinson Kurt Roe Ross Roggio Mike Rosania Roxanne Rowe Marc Ruggiero Bob Rush Sam Shipps Wendy Shoettlin Michele Shultis Renee Simpler Ieff Skow Dawn Squero Ed Stampone Rob Stelling Shawna Stevens Michelle Stiles Pam Stritehoff Sean Sullivan Pat Swahn Kelli Sweeney Iennifer Sweet Gabriella Szabo David Talley Karen Thomas Diane Tillman Wendy Tims Mike Tironi Michelle VanHorn Laura VanderWiele Iohn Weinzettle Caroline Wiesing Eric Wright Steve Yohe Steve Yurga Rosalie Zeyn 5-K I 1 9th GRADE MISSING 10th GRADE MISSING Donald Hons Iohn Cowell Paul Kittle Lisa Karolchyk Dean Klase Christine Pastor Michael LaBarre Wanda Pennell Tabatha Murphy Steven Teliha Martin Schimmel l David Oleszek fi-.f Eric Gramberg Left: Leigh Burnett and Carol Mitchell Sophomores , , K 'I Y , ,Y I ' . fha.. MW Yr.. Sue Ahlers Alexis Azpeitia Ieff Baier Alice Ball Sandy Barinas Michael Bartolozzi Carolyn Basilicato Roger Beckman Lisa Bergen Iennifer Biddle Kelly Burham Renee Cabri Elizabeth Cahill Dana Callamaro Laura Carducci Karen Carpenter Heather Clarke Cynthia Clegg Stacey Condit Iudy Cook Valerie Cook Iill Corby Tammy Dayson Mike Delaney Caroline Dellanno Keith Delman Iill Denton Phil DeRea Nicole DiPaolo Iudy Doll Robert Doyle Matt Drews Tom Dugan Stacy Dunbar Scott Fenton Todd Fenton Ianis Fiesseler Chris Florence Michele Glaab Kelly Glynn Eric Gramberg Rob Green . Sue Gwinnett Todd Haebler Mike Hansen Debbie Hanson Brigita Harajda Debbie Harwood Stephanie Heines Stephanie Herremans Anne Hill Ingrid Hughes Stanley Hutt Renee Iones Dean Iordan Iody Katzenstein Mike Keller Shannon Kelly Dave Kerr Paul Klein Bonnie Kline Sue-Anne Konkle Ioel Konya Terry Labar Bill Lantinga Ieff Lusby Lori Mack Iamie Maderski Debra Maher Missy Maiella Mary Marshall Eric Martin Cindy McCrone Adam McNally Kim Miller Kim Miller Diedre Moore Ierry Moore Gail Morris Iennifer Murray Cheryl Nester Chris Noel lean Nordberg Debra Nordstrom Peter Novi Donna Olmstead Barbara Pagano Carol Paglia Nancy Pascale David Peck Margie Plunkett Laura Powell Debbie Primiani Tanya Quinn Dan Reiger Adrienne Rich Yvette Rioux Ray Roggio Gary Roof Todd Roth Stacy Sandberg Kirsten Sass Iulie-Ann Schilling Cary Schoettlin Linda Schwartz Frank Seesink Sandy Seidel Stephanie Sillet Rich Skow Cindy Smigel Dawn Smith Ricky Smith Scot Smith Chris Speller Anthony Spera Robyn Sprague Iamie Straut Melissa Straway Rich Striker April Strowbridge Dawn Swanson Sean Tasick Tammy Terpstra Al Teune Becky Troy Debbie Truex Kelly Unangst Sue VanAlthuis Donna VanGrouw Tom Walkuski Karen Watters Eric Wehrle Scott Wolff Karen Zydzik in 'IN Kathy Anderson Kristina Anderson Tom Anzalone Rich Anzevino Denise Bacon Mary Beth Baldwin Elaine Ball Christine Basilicato Doreen Bedell Eileen Benson Todd Benson Kristine Berardi Susan Billings Kathy Brennan Wendy Brohal Leigh Burnett Pat Cahill Iodi Cappiello Kim Carmeci Rosemary Carroll Kim Collins Steve Conrad Fred Cook Michael Cook Cheryl Cooper Mike Copensky Scott Dayson Laura Delong Mike Dieffenbach Greg Domin Alyssa Ford Amy Garris Laura Gebhart lim Gelok Ken Gerkhardt Tom Gilmore Nikki Glaab Ed Glory Bill Gouger Matt Green Rich Green Neil Hamilton Dirk Hermann Curtis Hill Sandy Huber Penny Huff Kirsten lacobson Christine Ianda Shanon lensen Scott Karolchyk Keith Kehoe Laura Keller Vicky Klahre Lisa Kleber Dina Konya lohn Kramer Ieanne Kroncke Susan Lambert Terry Lockwitch Lorrie Lothian Bill Maher David Makarevich Traci Martin Gary May Karin McCrone VY Patty McKenna Bret McNally Leo McNally Lisa Melchior Greg Menzel Chris Meshach Naomi Meyer Amy Milburn Michelle Miller Carol Mitchell Dennis Monticello Donna Morgan Iohn Mulvaney Denise Nast Laura Nordberg Lori Ochs Iennifer Ohl Christine Oleszek David Oleszek Tom Otinsky Bob Ouellette Angela Paglia lim Pasko Darren Perna Iudy Perry Anthony Plesh Eric Powell Lorrie Quick Ron Quinn Christa Rennspies Ioe Repasky Iohn Repasky Bill Rinker Bill Rooth Ieff Rott Greg Ryan Matt Salmon Tom Schilling lamie Schissler Vicky Schmidling Iulie Shipps Ellen Simpler Lori Sipley David Sprague Paul Steffey Liana Striker Michael Swahn Susan Swiderski Tammy Teune Denise Thomas Iennifer Thompson Patti Tironi Wendy Unangst Donna VanAlthuis Tracey Wall MISSING Robert Ahlers Christian Bauer Scott Bell Andrew Botwinick Michael Connolly George DeGroat Christine Frank Stacy Glaab Peter Grabowsky Rich Hanson Herbert Haderthau Dale Longyhore William O'Brien Del Marie Rader Ioseph Sampson Thomas Sipley Bill Staueffer GI' Right: Karin McCrone 'fir , M , ,..,M..,.m f , Y ,-,,, f n ,... . , A I 1 ., MW V MN T W--'ww --'- W 1 mm' QW- .1-11--1' iw -Wxw.,1:mFQ:fffM ---- V---- Eg 113.11 1 . 1 . em 1:11 1' 12 1- -5111111111141-11, -141111, -. -- 1 15 .. 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FSQEQ S' i 1 EE : 122: ,U 1 E-111111115 A 5 '1 1 111 1 iw 1 J -1 fg H-1515 si 'gli ' Eg? 1 1 :Ev 5 g f' El Q 1' ,113 11 Q! 111 , -1 11 1111 11 15111 3 H 11- 'H : 1 5 9111 ffX25E111L5l15z5V 11112 3 11,1 11111 1 1 51 73 1 11' 11 2,1114 1 1121 21515 3 3gf1igf11f51f,1 1, 1 151 1 F 5351 1 1? 123 . S fikg H 1 212512 115 W E1 1 1 t y ? 111111 .111 gif? Q 11 1-1 - 11 1 111, 1 1,1 , 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S1 5 1 111 1 51 1 111 1 .e1111Q11-1.-11111111111 ' FF mi EEL- "Ml-.-MTM 3255 3 ai 151 EI ii 5 1325152511 11:9 111 mise.. ,1e4.z.i,, - h..9m-..1..,J, W.. AE ,mm 15.1-4. A 1211 1 51 51 if si -... M- 5551 1 W-gm! p W r " 7? X J Q K P 5 y , Wfl 1 , , '77 f If . 1 ww f' ' f 55 ' 1 P V! ' N mfg y i Wf 1 x V4 Y x ' 19 . V Q V . N, X I , Q g ff f f, gf 'ly L 3 E I 2 1 , ls 1- V ' ,I Ks: , 1 X 4 fu ,., 1 1' f M M i li - -r 1 --Y -- ---v -rw - - - -1- Senior Portrait GREGORY ROLLAND SUSAN 1. BAIER IOSEPH BARINAS DAVID ANDREW BARNES ACKERSON MICHAEL S. BERON SHERRI A. BLUMER - ,L , W' S., I it . , X ,, H Mig ,,A.. IOSEPH THOMAS GISELA BUDAI BURDGE if if . DOUGLAS CARROLL RUSSELL CLARKE RACHELLE CLAVEL THEOQOOXEELQLLEN 164 5? 59 fi wr , f A-, wr I " A. W ip vflyagyg: 1. Milk, 'T A , i CYNTHIA DELMAN T. VITALE DREW LYNN FULLERTON CAROLE GWYNNE 166 KRIS SUSAN DENORA CARL DIEFFENBACH MICHAEL I. DiPAOLO CYNTHIA M. DUGAN ANN ERNESTI IENNTFER ELIZABETH FELDMAN ALICE ANNA GOUGER SCOTT GARY GRAY IVY GREER Y Wit ,ki . DANIEL HARAIDA TRACEY HARDIMAN MICHAEL R. HARMAN vi? LINDA M. HENDERSHOT ROBERT HIRSCH DOUG HOLLABAUGH IANET MARIE HOLLIS EILEEN IENNINGS HEATHER IOHNSON IULIE ANN IOHNSON WENDY S. IONES DENICE KITTLE s 5 ..... LL.. 1, ---- Q. .. . Q 1 ,SQ TRACY LEE LANGDON RONALD D. IANDA KATHLEEN IANDLE .M ERIK KEHOE DAVID B. KEYSER .35 M... FREDERICK C. KOECK BRENDA ANN LEBARRE A - MICHAEL LEHMAN STEVEN LUSBY FACTS ABOUT THE SENIORS ' EEED Reber! Iflirschgiwrestling 9,103 Baeeball 9, 10. Diiilg Hkillabaiighz Stiifcer 9?5BaselSell 9,0 114 DER1 f janet M. Hollis: Cheerleading 93 Basketball 10, 113 Hockey 10511, iCap1.l: Scitball 10, .... 1ZQQQClass1l4glQfficel:.9, 10. lPres. and Tre-esjg NgH.S. 11, 12 fV.P.1g Student Council 9, .l..e1 1, Nevff3EPaPe!Q....12: .le Ski Qs. 101 1235 Bausch end LQlI1b Award 13g Sexnjfinaliei N National ,,-, .'A, ,-V, . ,.',A . ,IAI . Rcnald Ianda: fCrossfECouniry 11,1123 Newspaper 121 FFA l..E. .E..l ...E Eileen Wiestli1ig'12EElfStat.llj ellel 7Bask5fball Ellll Q 10gf l...1 ... 1, 1 ..e.. 10. lell Niilsicalf-'tags Crew 19- .e.. . A 11g12fSec. anCl1Trea5ill: NHQS. 11Q12g Ski Club io, 11.Ef 113: ... e.... E.. 19, 112 Miisicalilgtagelind Creiiifl, 1031, 12. Rlle 1 Denice Kittle: Accounting Club II, A Bdgeballffgg 11g?l3ross1liC3ounti?y 10311, 121 N.H.s. 11, 123 Ski Club 10, 11, 12. A Bxzenda-1ggaBar1:e: Student Cgpuncil 10 lI7l.R.1, Bland 9, Mike Lehman: Football 9, 10, 11,A12g iCapt.1g Wrestling 9, ? 9 1Qf1.11'1g5..BaSel?a11 12:1 . e..1 . . Q. MARCIA MACIORSKI LAURIE MAY ROGER MCMAHAN DANIEL A. NOVI 170 W EUGENE MAKAREVICH DON MARTINI M V 55 IILL P. MARTINI SUSAN MAY ALAN T. MAZUROWSKI WENDY MOLITOR TRACY MOLLO 04"uy VINCENT I. MAZZEI WILLIAM MUTSCHLER IIR 'Sl ..-M' ,AL LISA NURGE I, air' 'WMV TAMMY L. MATLOCK STEFAN C. MATZAL IOHN P. MCGOWAN SHARON MCGOWAN 'eww'- PATRICIA NAST LORI-ANN NIENSTEDT IOHN O'LEARY DANIEL OLESZEK Eugene Makarevieh: Football 9, 10, 11, 123 Wfestling 9, 11, 91 12- 0 sll, ssl slles . g s esil Marfiiii: Basliefball 9fif0,i11, 12ffClross Country Iill Martini: Cheerleading 9, Gymnastics 10, 11, 12 fCapt.1g Basketball,z10g Softball 9, 10411, 12: N41-LS, 11,123 ClassOf- 9, 0000 1 0 1 00 s 1000 0 Sfefan Matzal: Football 9, 10, 115 Baseball 9, 103 N.H.S. 11, 125 Ski Club 11, 12g gSenior Play, Choijus 123 Musical 11,, , 1 1 2 as lCheefleading llll 125 Gymnastics 11i'Newspaper 12 fPhotoj., J ,L h 1 1 0 9, . 9, 113 12 0lll0l J Vincent Mazzei: Student Council 11, 12 fH.R.1g French , ,, gf v , - is , . 92 William Mutschleif: Soccer79, 10, 11,7123 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 1,Z2l:,GefmaaC1ub 9s,:,lSkiC111k11u11, 12- 2 0, ss easo Ulead Siam, Student Cofinoil 11, llell 12 fH.Rg and 12413.13 Newspaper 9, 10,'11, 12 fCogEd. and iEd.1g Spanish Club 11 12, Chorus 12i'Christian5 Fellowship 11, Musical 11, Daniel Novi: Spanish Club 113 Band 9, 10, 11, 123 County 9' 12 ,,l ,ulsl 0 sues 171 q I I The after effects of Mr. Poecker's Mid-term. -- I ' Tw 'Y l MARK E. SAGAN GREGORY I. SALMON VICTOR P. SANTOMARTINO IENNIFER OLINSKY STEVEN PAULIK FSM.- TOM QUINN ROBERT RAFFERTY DAVE ROBINSON KATHY ROMANO 0 LOUIS SATMARY MICHAEL PICCOLI RENEE QUINN FACTS ABOUT THE SENIORS Iennifer Olinskyr County Band 9. Steven Paulikz Football 9, 10, 11, 12. Renee Quinn: Accounting Club 11. Thomas Quinn: Soccer 9, 10, 11, 121 Basketball 9, 10, 113 Student Council 9, 1011-I.R.1g Accounting Club 11, 12. Cindy Robinson: Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12 fCapt.13 Basket- baI1itQ1t3, 11,1123 Softball 11 fStat.j3 Spanish Club 11, 12 lSec.13 Who Among American High School Students 11. Basketball 93 Baseball 9. IILLIAN ROBERTS CINDY IEAN ROBINSON atott Q Hockey 91 S0ffba119, 10, 11: Band 9, 10. '2 H12 KAREN FRANCES RUNYON DAWN RYDELL LAURA SCHULTZ BRUCE SCHUMACHER 9, 10, 11, 12g Softball 101 M American High School Students. 11, 12 lStat.jg Baseball 11, 12 lStat.lg Club 11 lSec.1g Band 9, 10, 11, 12g E,92f-1911 111 12 fcapt-39 Wfesdmg 911395 9, 110311, 12: Musiwl 110g -15111 2 ,,,,,,,, 1 ,,,W by m 2 , 2 11, 12 fStat,Jg Softball 10, 11: Band 1.2. Soccer 9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball 9g Student fm, 11, 12 1H.R,1, Ski club 10, 11, 12. ELLEKE T. SEESINK ROBERT G. SHERMAN CINDY STRUBLE SALLY STYR CECILIA TRAIN ANTHONY TRUPIANO 174 ING ANNA MARIE SHOTWELL IEFFREY L. SWANSON if IAMES R. SHOTWELL GLENN WILLIAM SWEET BRIAN M. SIMPLER HEIDI SPERA I CARRETT TEUNE CHERYL THOUROT GALE TREIBLE LAURA IEAN TRUEX i IOHN ROCCO TRUPIANO STEVEN S. TUCKER FACTS ABOUT THE SENIORS Elleke Seesink: Basketball 11 fStat.15 Class Office 11 fTreas.15 N.H.S. 11, 12 tTreas.15 Student Council 10, 11, 12 lH.R. and E.B.j5 Spanish Club 11, 12 fPres.15 Senior Play 125 Yearbook 10, 11, 12 lEd.l5 Chorus 125 Girls Citizenship Inst. 11 tRep.15 Mind Olympics 10, 11, 125 Booster Club Award 10 IMind Olympicslg Musical 12. Robert Sherman: Cross Country 11: Student Council 12 fH.R.j5 Senior Playg Yearbook 9, 10, 11, 125 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 County Chorus 95 Musical 10, 125 Mind Olympics 11, 125 Barbershop Quartet 12. Anna Marie Shotwell: Yearbook 125 Band 9, 10, 115 FBLA 12. lim Shotwell: Cross Country 10, 11, 12 fCapt. and MVP15 N1-LS. 11, 123 Student Council 12 fPres.15 German Club 93 Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Band 9, 105 County Bandgq9, 105 Boysf, State 115 Rutgers Scholar 115 NJ. Scholar Semi-finalist 115 Team of Excellence 11. Brian Simpler: Track and Field 9, 105 Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 125 10, 11, 12f?I9S.l1G8l'3Qiifii1'1 Club 9.,,1Q,: Ski Club 11, 123 Boys' State 11 T'fAlt.jg Leenemiclflftward 1091 fEng.15 Math Student of the Month 105 N.W.R. Team of Ex- cellence 11. ,Heidi Sperag,Basketba1ly59, 10, 11, 125y,Field Hockey 9, 10, Softbaitfe, 10, 11, iaiffrsrudentcluouncil iz Yearbook 11,125 Girls' State Delegate 113 Girls Citizenship Inst. 12 iAlternateJ. Cindy Struhle: Hockey115 French Club 95 Ski Club 9. g Sa11ySwf1efH0Ckey 9, 'jeff Swanson: Basketball 9, 10, 11, 51125 Cross Country 11, 125' Band 9, 10, 11, 12. Glenn Sweet: Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 iCapt.l5 Basketball 9, 10,, 12lCaPli3?1B0YS' Stafffiifn- ,qigif .rtr . at.. t . Garrett A. Teune: Soccer 10,11,1Zi" gl? T Cheryl Thourot: Cheerleading 9, 10, 113 Softball 93 Student Council 9, 10 fH.R.15 Yearbook 10, 11. Cecilia Train: Cheerleading 115 Chorus 10, 115 ,Musical Art and Stage Crew 10, 11, 12. ti.i 2 ' Gale Treible: Cheerleading 115 Hockey 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club 11, 125 Chorus 95 Musical.95 Mind Olympics 11, 12. Laura Truex: Student Council 9, 10, 11 lSec.l, 125 Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12 lCo-Capt.J5 Chorus 9, 10. 11, 125 County Chorus 105 Mind Olympics 105 Musical 11, 123 Musical Crew 10. Anthony Trupiano: Soccer 9, 10, 115 Wrestling 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9. Iohn Trupiano: Soccer 9, 10, 115 Wrestling 115 Basketball 95 Student Council 11 lH.R.15 Accounting Club 12. Steve Tucker: Soccer 9, 10. Kelly Turk: Football 12. 175 LEE WILDRICK IESSICA B. WILLIAMS SCOTT WINAY 'K If T . MELVIN WRIGHT RONALD YOHE DON YURGA KELLY SCOT TURK CHRISTINE MARIE WALZ WENDY WOLFF IAMES ZABOROWSKI 1, 'N Q ,,,,, 1 VINCE WALSH RANDALL WALKER E VER CHERYL LYNN WHIPPL D ARL WESTO DIANA P- WOYZICHOWSKY ,,M,,,,f51wa:g-, K fw,?"'?Qf:z,a'-z,, Q zrafve. -MN Jazz, MW . N .WAQ93 35235, gf' gg! 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Friendship is one of the many values we cannot put a price on, each one is priceless. I hope your years at North Warren have brought you many friendships, and taught you the importance of one's values. As life carries you onward, from the doors of North Warren, and your families and friends, remember to be firm and constant in what you believe in, and in reaching your goals. Good Luck 77727 3 Dear Class of 1984: As our senior year comes to a close it will bring many memories that will be cherished along with the many challenges of your futures. Do not let graduation shut the door on your education, treat your future as a lesson and try to learn and benefit from it. I would like to thank both the faculty and administra- tion for their help and guidance through the years, and I would like to express special thanks to you for your pa- tience and understanding and for making my high school years more enjoyable and fulfilling. May your years ahead be happy ones. I JDM 1 1? 2 PWM CLASS FAVORITES Song Total Eclipse of the Heart Music Group Iourney and The Police Movie F Iashdance Actor Eddie Murphy Actress - Christie Brinkley Teacher - Mr. Poecker and Mr. Dehaven Hangout - Dominick's Type of Car - Porsche Drink - Soda Food - Pizza Person Most Admired - Parents CLASS '14 Nicest Eyes: Greg Ackerson and Chris Walz Class Clowns: Tom Drew and Chris Brennan wr? Most Talented: Ienny Feldman and Bob Sherman Most Intelligent: Elleke Seesink and lim Shotwell Nicest Smile: Ieff Swanson and Iill Martini CUUPLES Best Dressed: Karen Runyon and Tom Drew l l 5 1 - 5 it 1 rx' Q klflw-Ps : g . 1 H lil K X Most Likely To Succeed: Ianet Hollis and Iirn Shotwell Most Gullible: Bill Mutschler and Heather ohnson Class Couple: Chris Walz and Randy Walker time 2, . L 1 Q rv K9 4 gs Y F 'A fit' N W , 'li 2 Most Athletic: Glenn Sweet and Heidi Spera Most Talkative: Bob Hirsch and Eileen Iennings Senior Will and Testament Greg Ackerson, leave my mustang to Tom Drew, my ears to Sue Q., and my Algebra skills and 5 inches of my height to Ienna. Susan Baier, leave all the top lockers to the short people!!! and the speed takes to Steno 2! David Barnes, leave rides in cemeteries to anyone with enough to do it. I also leave film to Gary so he will never take pictures without it. Chris Beegle, leave 3 years' supply of food to the varsity cheerleaders, along with many, many good times to come. Matt Bergen, leave T.Q. a tire inflater, and Val Cook my hunting skills. Michael Beron, leave all the underclassman girls my phone number Iit's in the bookl. Sherri Blumer, leave my alarm clock to early risers, Carlos and Homo to Iill and Nancy, my whistle to Todd, and "Shut Up" to Dina. Gisela Budai, leave all my work to Ienny Sweet. Ioseph Burdge, leave all of my musical talent to Mr. DeMaio, and all of my love to A.K. Annette Capalbo, leave Dirk the best of luck to pass Mr. Poecker next year. Good luck Dirk. Rachelle Clavel, leave an invisible stud hall table to anyone who can find it fsuch as Steve and IJ, and the class hoyden award to any girl bold and unruly enough to handle it. Ted Cowell, leave Lun s to Louie, Driving Skills to Drew, Happiness to Gene and Iill, Thanks to the person who put the sign up on Belcher Road. Lisa Crawford, leave all my better rades to Iulie Shipps. Tina Delong, leave holey basketbai sneakers and the "horse" to my sister. Cindy Delman, leave my cheering ability to my sister, Missy, to my brother, Keith, the ability to pass Mr. Poecker. Kris DeNora, leave First Chair to Lauren and exciting band trips to all couples, and the Chicken, Rooster and Mule to Dave, Dan, and Scott. Michael DiPaolo fDudleyJ, leave my extravagant Moosehead collection, my basement parties to Slug, Dingus, Frito the Bandito, Grimace, Wally Gator and anyone else. Helen Doyle, leave Renee Cabri my ability to be absent at least twice a week, and the "Silver Dot" to make it here in less than 3 minutes! Michelle Doyle, leave the ability to pass to my brother Rob. Thomas Vitale Drew, leave Karen to Louie, my front bumper to Greg, Brown Sugar to T.A., and hopefully B-town, forever. Cindy Dugan, leave my brother, Tom, the best of luck in his next two years because he'll need it! Ann Ernesti, leave my brother, Dan, with the strength, determination, and intelligence he will need to finish the next four years. jennifer Feldman, leave my ankle to Kathy Brennan, my thesis to Mr. Ivins, ambiguity to Mr. Poecker, many thanks for listening to Mrs. Guarisco, Mr. DeMaio, and Mrs. Repasky, and the ability to create new noises to Chris and Ian. Mike Florence, leave pita Tasick, FOREVER!!! Ioanne Fodera, leave Mrs. Hanly's study halls to Phil DeRea and one more year to o to Tom O'tinsky. Alice A. Gouger, leave Iudy Cook two more long years at NWR and Mrs. Guarisco Sie future 7th graders. Scott Gray, leave. Carole Gwynne, leave all the teachers of NW my brothers - the last of the Gwynnes, Mark and Brian my knowledge on how to get away with anything, Mr. Sweet fond memories of Chip and Dale. Daniel Harajda, leave my German speaking abilities to Christian Bauer. Tracey Hardiman, leave Tom and Mike to the Varsity cheerleaders. Have fun!! Michael Harman, leave Mr. Dolan all my beautiful welds on m last proj ect. Linda Hendershot, leave Sandy Huber, I. I. Thomas the best of lluck next year in their senior year. Robert Hirsch, leave my favorite stall to anyone who uses it as much as I did. Ianet Hollis, leave a map of the U.S. to Rache and E.I., cheap earrings to the faces and my best regards. Ronald Ianda, leave my car to my girlfriend, gym shorts to her also, and my moped to Vince. Eileelri Iennings, leave my Winter, Spring, and Summer wardrobe to Mrs. Allaire and my Calvin Klein man with Mr. Poec er. Heather Iohnson, leave Mrs. Allaire my Winter, Summer, and Spring wardrobe. May they be her color. I leave Wendy Brohal our lonely lunch table and a bagel. IuliellTimmyl lohnson, leave North Warren as the last lohnson of my kind. I also leave the name "Timmy" to any girl who can ive up to it. Wendy S. Iones, leave Mr. McDermott, Mrs. Powell, and Mr. Poecker with much gratitude for their inspiration and encouragement. Fred Koeck, leave luck to anyone that has to take one of Mr. Poecker's English classes, a book "The Common Man's English and Vocab" to Mr. Poecker, persistence no matter what the rade to ever one who has Mr. Ivins for math, and to the rest of the student body I leave good wishes and hope that you wii survive and, prosper through your years at NWR. Brenda LaBarre, leave my parking place to my brother, Michael and thank North Warren for having me meet Mike. Tracy Langdon, leave my dirty gym socks and Mr. Poecker's homework to Iudy Doll. Good luck. Michael Lehman, leave all my wrestling skills to Anthony Plesh. Gene Makarevich, leave my linebacker position to the animal Fenton. Don Martini, leave a few extra stakes for Rob Green's tents. I I I I I I , Iill Martini, sadly leave the gymnastics team and wish them the best of luck with their new coach. I also leave all the hairs and eyelashes to the lunch ladies in the cafeteria. , Tammy Matlock, leave all the fun I had to anyone who is crazy enough to handle it, and the ability to graduate to my brother Glen. , Stefan Matzal. leave my Charlie Brown costume to Billy Keuntj e. He deserves some abuse. , Laurie May, leave dimes for Bleeps to Sue and Penny. , Alan Mazurowski, leave my Hansen Brother's glasses to a better hockey player. , Vince Mazzei, leave Mr. Evertz my hair. , lohn McGowan, leave my dirty, smelly locker with all of its rotten lunches to whoever wants it. I We, Wendy Molitor and Patty Nast, leave luck to next year's seniors who have Mr. Poecker for English and elevator shoes to I I I I I I I I I I. I. I, I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 1 9 1 anyone who needs them. u . Tracy Mollo, leave all my headaches to Ker1'y Connolly and all my hair to Mr. Golzio. William Mutschler, leave my skiing ability to V.K. and Mr. Poecker's vocab tests to class of 85. Lori-Ann Nienstedt, leave Melissa my I.B.T.'s and Mr. Ivins algebra class, Kim and Kirsten my love, luck, and boy .prob- lems, Mrs. Guarisco and Mr. DeMaio many thanks and lots o love, Mr. Ivins Algebra II class, finally! And the title of Supreme Nudge to whoever earns it! Dan Novi, leave my horn to Kenny, Kenny to Billy, and the both of them for Mr. B to worry about. Lisa Nurge, leave the bumps on the bus to Scott Bell. Iohn O'Leary, leave Mr. Rufe my parking sticker to put on his desk. I Steven Paulik, leave Wendy my love, Scott Bell my vocab grades, and Greg Ryan my golfing talent. ' Mike Piccoli, leave my stories, Mr. Poecker's book reports to anyone who wants them, and the best of luck to my friends. Tom Quinn, leave nothing, I am taking everything. Cindy Robinson, leave my cooties to Nikki Glaab. Dave Robinson, leave the memories of Team Hanson's. Karen Runyon, leave all my funky clothes to Ann Hill, and I leave all my bad memories to my little sister Heather. Dawn Rydell, leave my brother, Steve, luck and happiness in his stay at NWR. lVIarli1Sagan, leave Glenn the hopes that Edmonton will win the Stanley Cup before Gretzky gives up and joins the Is an ers. Greg Salmon, leave my excellent running skills to Buddy Gouger for the 1985 football team. Victor P. Santomartino, leave the chorus room a lot of good luck in the future. Laura Schultz, leave North Warren and appoint Mr. Strawins executor of my little black book. Bruce Schumacher, leave Team Hanson and the losers. Elleke Seesink, leave all the "good times and smiles" of yearbook to Dana, Lori, and Mrs. Pustizzig a bi hello! and my camel shirt to Mr. Graff, all the gracias in the world to Senor Perez, good luck to my brother Frank andg sister Annette, Moby Dick to Mr. C and Mr. DeHaven, and with many special and fond memories. Bob Sherman, leave my dog house and all its contents lpool table, 18-hole golf course, waterbedl to Alexis with all my love. Also my arm-garters, my bowler hat and my spats to anyone who can achieve my "bass"ment level. Anna Marie Shotwell, leave Mr. Poecker's English class to my younger sister and brother, and hope they can get better grades than I did. lim Shotwell, leave my running shoes to Lorrie L. and Alyssa F., shin splints and muscle pulls to Tom S., my skis to Greg R., Iohn M., Pete G., and Brett M., and Student Council meetings to anyone who wants them. Brian Simpler, leave the Cross Country team with the famous quote "Pop a muscle, burst your bubble." Heidi Spera, leave Anthony the best of luck in his remaining years and my floppy disk to Mr. Ivins. Sally Styring, leave my English grade and notebook to any poor soul who wants it. Ieff Swanson, leave my math books to Mr. Ivins and my book reports to Mr. Poecker. Glenn Sweet, leave many thanks to Dad, Mike, Mr. Snyder, and Mr. Ducatte, love to Kim Miller, and Alex to Menzel. Gary Teune, leave Tammy Mr. Poecker, and Albert the chance to play in the soccer games that I missed. Cecilia Train, leave my English grade to anybody who wants it. Laura Truex, leave all my love and much happiness to Eric, and lots of luck to all my friends. Iohn Trupiano, leave my love and trust to Karen Rader, my wrestling shoes to anyone who wants them, my thanks to Mr. Seal and good luck in the future to my classmates. - Steve Tucker, leave my love and every Valentine's Day to Kristine, and I leave with the rest of the "Shake" gang - TDDCGATCMBLS. Kelly Turk, leave this school to anyone who wants it! Randy Walker, leave Mr. Ivins' class, finally!!! Vince Walsh, leave Pita to carry on the tradition of "Bowin to the porcelain God." Christine Walz, leave many happy memories, luck, lots of love to my sisters Lorrie and Iennifer, and my brother Michael, and my flag to Ieanne. Cheryl Whipple, leave Mrs. Shumaker all the best with the FFA and the memories of Chip and Dale. Lee wildrick, leave my 6 years of singing to Mr. DeMaio. Iessica Williams, leave North Warren with a lot of good memories and hi h hopes for the future. Wlengly Wolff, leave the job of making posters to anyone who can handle it and I leave my nickname "W.W." to anyone w 0 its it. Igialpa Wpygichowsky, leave Mr. Poecker an assignment book and 5 extra hours a day for correcting papers, and my floppy is to F u y. Ronald Yohe, of sound mind and body leave, my love to Steve Y. and Michelle S .... The couple of the future. I leave Iudy Perry the ability to be ready and on time for school each morning. Don Yurga, leave all my love to Laura and all of my knowledge and wisdom to Renee. 183 Mr. Chinnock, who ran the school store, helps Kenny ,Q The school store provided many supplies for students as Greg Domin and Mike Keller found out. Wxkkxgu 'G f .W sperm N ..... , F unsfuwx I K K pw o , .Q J, .,.,,n: ..., X L ii 5.iii'Wi -Fe-5 A mf' 11131553 5 7 9 gm ":::::::::::: -1...,..,,:s f-'11 zozeza is 353' n2'z8u25BC!3 I K fl ,,,Mu.H Q.. J H V F Cf?-4 -.,,a. A KKIRN ,43 "13-SSYSQ? nnzsgilmixgms "I0xuzxs1-17 .mliaoznzziaxligglmgmzlf Mmnaummjmm .smzvzse v, .... Wggh, HHN? maj V f '----....c.:... - A 5 T:S'llg9l'UlIl:'3.g , s.,g5l Jo2szzggfg'9'0"'2ls14x.51s ftrzszssoaf Zs,'7f5 1920312213 M-526412829305 E ,nw f ,MN Y Q xv f FL it f iis P 5 1' wif f Mi I' X 19,4 Rf, x fi W ,ll N , f' V-g..,f:" 4' . , 5 sr ' is . .4 nf, lu 1' '1 ELXAUL 'guts U D fx! F ,G vs we .-51209 '1:A'19wi S5 255' K-167' 2.11511 1 f- fwysxi ...k. ,fl 1953. .H Z , . . .. f-. '11 im 5 9 'G naive 5 5 1 lslv5"'l:-1""'n is 4 swf' t x21-D51 1 goxUl,3JQ:1g23'z95" . X ' X ,, X Hx 'Gig-16119 4-wmk 1 ef' X ,2fY1ff'1f7 go ,,mx,,s,.,? .Q sy, 5- , ..3gN5.:,,1-'Q .-gf' 5 'T 3 ,Qi-ffzf.eff3 A , J- 'Q 14 Wf s 2 ,oz N use-Y3,3u1 .45 milfs -ulllfs' 2514 .swgmmw Ig? Hg r nu 51984 5 0 'I 5 ,alfa 1159 ,QW sis ,,,s:d"'.,w1ll,,zf1'P1 , Sv' il' is-""" ,Q-J' yr' A typical school year brings about many fundraisers ranging from calendars to cheese crooks. 135 W9 QQQSQL yy Www? W W Nw Q SM yy, -35 CY EX QP Q9 J bfB' 5 kwa W WD! RJVQM W L BDU 'f'LkNX X 'I X jkyxi Sbkwgbi cp? QDBCQQN' f f My , ' mfg 5 fx Q1 X L0 W M Q fx ww WWW FINANCES Boosters Good luck seniors - Mr. Chinnock Alexis and Debbie - Thanks for all the advice! Elleke Danielle, where are your bloomers? Elleke, you're a wacker! Good luck - Rox Stefan - Bang - Good luck - Roxanne Good luck in the future, Lori N. f Roxanne Dana - Thanks for everything! - Elleke Good luck to the Class of '84 - Mr. DeHaven Alexis - Thanks for always being there! See you at ESU in 2 years hopefully - Your inseparable other half Good luck to the Class of '84 - Fredrick Butcher CPA Don't tell me T.S. Danny Partridge - R.V. Vinnie, I only have eyes for you! - Capt. Gardiner Lots of luck, Seniors - I. F. Brockmann Elleke, thank you for making it a GREAT year! YBA Thank you, Tom Drew, you type well. Elleke, good luck and much success in your future - CKP Laura - I love you forever, Good luck in college, I'll miss you ! - Love Always, Eric Cindy Smigel "Hang in there 2 more years to go" Love, Gisela Elleke . . . Memories will bring Smiles! Iim Skunk Shotwell, "The Milkshake Man" Erector Set Lori - Good luck next year! - Elleke Class of '84: All the best for the future. Carole - Remember typing, Iune '83 lHa! Ha! Ha!I ?!?! Elleke Good luck Seniors - The Richard Green Family Kevin - I love you - Kirsten Mrs. Pustizzi - Thanks for everything! Smile!! - Elleke Good luck seniors - the Officers of the Class of '87 Fungi Fever lDanielle and Michelle Cape Cod '83I Senor Perez - Muchas gracias por todo! - Elisa The best to the Seniors - Mr. and Mrs. McDonough Support the Social Sciences - Mrs. Guarisco Best wishes to the Class of '84 - Mr. and Mrs. Walz Glenn, I love you, Kim Hey, Neil! BLIP! ZIP! ZOOF! He's dead, Iim! - Spock Beam me up, Scotty! No intelligent life here. Remember New Year '84 - M and S and D and I Elisa y Luisa - Buena suerte! - Senor Perez TH, HI, CB, CT, leave WB memories of bagels and ice-cream "Hey girls did I tell you what Dave and I did this weekend?" Hey Tracey what did you and Dave do this weekend? Baby-cakes may your life be full of "picnics" Our picnics will last forever in my heart. Maa Snoopy bandaids can't heal a broken heart. Limbo at the met, Ian and Ien Iill, they're the Peterson's, they're fat All my love to Cubie Good luck to all the Seniors - Roxanne Love, Luck, and Congratulations to all the Seniors - the Nienstedts I'm taking a survey - What do you think, yes or no? C.B. and Violet i Kevin, Meet me at the Chicken Waffle Church! Kev, Kim, Kir - Stroud Mall Forever! Help me! help me! Blair Boys are Best! Lori loves Glenn forever Hey stretch, "Iust one night!" - Hardly T.R. - "I know where you do your homework!" Iill - "Don't talk to me just, Don't talk to me!" Hey Iill - "What kind of gum you gonna buy?" Laura DON'T feel bad, I still luv ya! T.L. Stac', let's play bump n' jump! guess who. Alexis: your soooo diaphanous - T.I. I'll always love you Scott Bedell, Love Always, Gisele Budai Stan: Bang your Head! Love I and T Dana - Nice Iob! Thanks, Dave, keep your camera ready at all times!! Have confidence you CAN do it! Hey oreo, How'd your face get so red? I Carole and Elleke - Thanks for everything -- Good Luck Always, Dana Good-Bye Forever NWR - Victor P. Santomartino Dale - you're a very special friend - Chip Good Luck Laura - Love Grandma Good Luck Seniors - From the Truex Family Capt. - U - R - A sweet guy and I'll never 4-get U, Luv Sam Ter - Always mem fun X-S of 82 - tanks 4 not letting cer tings destroy a great F'ship Bestest F's Laur Irk - Always remember fun times past and think of good times to come - I Love you - Always and 4-ever - Laura Debbie lThunder lipsI - Love ya always - Rick Don and Laura - Thanks for being greatest friends - R Laura - ISiliconeI - I Love you - Donny Hey, Cube-Skull: Sorry We're late, but . . . Banana Nose It is I! Captain Puuuurple Bumble Bee! 186 Hey Rah - Rah! Yo te quiero! - Poopsie Hey Laura - How's your condition? Love, Deb Rah-Rah+Ruff-Ruff Love, Rubixen Hey Vinnie - Remember: 2!29f2000 IW.M.W.D.C.I Rick, I'll love you always, Love, Deb Bob, Love and Happiness always. Love, Alexis Hey all you submarine lovers - KC101 for your listening pleasure. Sue - can I roll the bowling ball now? Love Chrissy Hockey team's ultimate question . . . Does emotion feel kiss? Tracey - remember all of our sweet dreams - Love Chrissy We're goin' to a no-no I never had to go so bad in my life. SM - The Police "Don't Stand So Close To Me" - Love BC Senior women are wild and wicked KB, TS, GN, WF Tracey - Yes, I will do your hair - Chris Cheryl - Strawberry fields forever - Chrissy Sue - Thanks for the memories and the ham and cheese - Chrissy Trac - Thanks for the great times - may your every dream come true - Love Chrissy No, Carole, I'm not hitting on your other brother!! Write on! - Mr. Poecker Thank you Mrs. Pustizzi for all your time! - The Yearbook Staff Thank you Miss Farley for everything! -- The Yearbook Staff Stefan - Thanks for everything - Elleke MEMORIES BRING. . . SMILES!!! Good luck to the Seniors! - The 1984 Patriot yearbook staff Good luck next year, Lori! - The Yearbook Staff Good Luck to future yearbook staffs! - Elleke Go to the top! Emma, stop squeezing your chin. Love ya' Elly No Way Fatman!! - W.N. CRASH, I love you!!! K.C. C.L. - SMILE, I WUV YOU! Stanley Henry and Henriatta - Iose and Fernando love you! Micheal Iames - I LOVE YOU!!! - From, I don't know L.V. - Can't wait to go down the shore. Love ya, K.C. Aunt Anita - How many more uncles? Love ya Andi, I love your shoes. K.C. Fine Iohn, don't say Hi!! A.M, E.B. and M.M. - Residents of Camelback's ladies room. Bob, You've been a great friend. Love, Sue Vinnie, Always remember the good times. Love, Sue V - So I'm one of "the 30!" - S I Love Laura - A.T. If you can wait then I can wait - Ya Know? Anthony Sharkmeat, what happened to your. . .? Hey Lor - April 22 - Good Times Fleshdance - Iuly 4 weekend - ooops Ninni - Ninni Ha Ha . . . Neato Hey Anne, want to go swimming? Rollo Iust between you and me - Sign language To Chip, Dale, Alvin, and Ted - You're great pals! - Simon Scorekeepers have CLASS! Ox - Good Luck With The '85 Patriot! P.I.C. - We're graduating! Mrs. Pustizzi - Take it for one more year. - Mrs. O I, S, and NN - Iust one more night! - I ChickaLini! You Whacker! Love You Paul! Me Danielle - Do you have all of your uniform on? - FH Louisiana USA I Love You Forever Iames Lawrence. Swahn - Try again next year! Hey Turk you smart alec little punk! - Love Lisa Teddy Bear - You willed me your love, but do I have to wait until you are dead? Love ya Buttons! Bret- What would I do without you? - Wendy 1984 - Little brother is watching you I love you Onkel Ludwig! I love you too Ioanne! Hi Chris! Hi Chris! Bye Chris! Bye Chris! Hey Tommy Hearnt! Hearnt! - Wendy and Io Tommy! - don't sere! I love you Bob! - 6 - W Don and Bren - 'Been to a Green Oasis Lately? Car Simon - Are you going to have the reception at the EI Fandango? Chip and Dale forever MF - words are never enough - Carol Lori - Looking forward to next year - with great expectations So what if we have pizza for dinner 3 nights in a row! Special thanks to the yearbook staff. Thank You . . . Parents of Staff Members - for putting up with the hassle and long hours of yearbook. Mrs. Pustizzi - for advising the yearbook and keeping her "cool" at deadlines. Thank you also for all the pizza parties. Miss Farley - for keeping track of all the money. Administration - for their cooperation. Faculty - for letting the photographers take pictures in their classes and for letting students out of class lonce in a whilej. Night Custodians - for their kindness and cooperation. Mr. Franklin - for advising us on new ideas at all times and for the use of his pool. Taylor Publishing Co. - for printing the yearbook. Lorstan Thomas Studio - for taking pictures. Shirley and Bev - for their help. Yearbook Staff- for a job well done! Free Estimates I 5' 1 F ' Congratulations and J 81 ,W CONTRACTING the Best of Luck Roofing and Siding D R. A N D M I ni. 94 Blairstown, NJ C LAVE L GEORGE B. YOUNG, DDS Hours by Appointment Only 187 Congratulations to Lisa, her friends, and the graduating class of 1984 , - JOHN NURGE, JR. JOHN NURGE Jr. 85080194 1 Rt. 94 and Lambert Rd. RESTAURANT Blairstown, NJ Open 7 Days 7 am-4 pm NICE N' SWEET Ice Cream Parlor QLocated in the AGP Shopping Centery Rt. 94 Blairstown, NJ fwarren Countyy 'U . m rs Sun.-Thurs. - 11:00-10:00 Fri.-Sat. - 11:00-11:00 BACH'S DRUG 81 SURGICAL 852-2223 149 Main St. Hackettstown, NJ 07840 J. R. Hoover RP J. G. Lynch RP Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HOPE Hope, NJ xv 514,.,.....,Fe 5553 3 me ug Siiiixgi, E HHUJC 55533 S wv 2 WS Q E5 ROWS fa i e Forest Manor HEALTH CARE mi' CENTER Nursing - Convalescent - Residential The Administration, Staff and Residents Exend Their Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 I. Joel Foreman, LNHA President State Park Road, Hope, NJ 07844 201-459-4128 HERITAGE FLORIST Dried and Cut Flowers Roses and Arrangements Flowers for All Occasions Congratulations Seniors Renee and Al Gleckler Tel. 362-9039 Rt. 94, Marksboro, N.J. A 'T 'V Maze' K 'igtgggaii a ee bb' X L blqguheel FAMILY ROLLER SKATING CENTER OF THE Rt. 191 N. 5th St., Stroudsburg, Pa. ALBERTSON'S SERVICE Hope, N.J. Phone 459-4141 PARISIAN ROOM BEAUTY SALON Main Street Blairstown, N.J. Eleanor Findlay Phone: 362-6227 DOMINICK'S PIZZERIA AND RESTAURANT Tasty Italian Foods Pizza - Baked to Your Order Spaghetti - Lasagna - Calzone Sandwiches and Manicotti Sicilian and Regular Ask About "The Works" Mon.-Thurs. 11 AM-11 PM F Fri. and Sat. 11 AM-12 Midnight Sunday 12 Noon-11 PM ' k Eat In or Ta e Out Call 362-6460 Blairstown Plaza DANCE ARTS INC. Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics Pre-School, Jazz Phone: Box 2249 362-6640 Walnut Valley Rd. Blairstown, N.J. Best Wishes and Good Luck t th DRYWALL TAPERS AND 0 e FINISHERS mass M1984 Local Union 1976 IBPAT AFL-CIO BLAIRSTOWN VFW 19 Gm, Aye- Post Edison, N.J. 08837 201-738-7880 General Manager Ross Dial JERSEY GYPSUM SUPPLY CO. Drywall Supplies 0 N Bla!::ifv3F1?rgf1? 33825 LIG HTS TRI STATE GYPSUM 88 Main St. Hackettstown, NJ Drywall Supplies Rt. 10 Box 21 Allentown, PA 18103 12151 264-5455 BOWER'S scHuMANN at h-Q girgmercyi II ' t tstmgsrgrm agd a::r:-:age Professional Insurance Senrices . , - SeZIF.?o'?nif2f'lLZ.TIf,?Jl""' lam STAN UDELI- BOWER'S SCHUMANN 8- WELCH I i 36245106 - - ' NAv. P.O. Box 44, Hope, NJ 07844 Main Street Blalrstown, N.J. , 1 -I 1. 1201, 459-4123 Area Code 201 Route 94 362-61911362-6763 Blairstown, NJ G5 A DICK DIRECT SALES Plumbing, Heating-and Electrical Supplies JR' Hope,I::::i!::3y 07844 Radle mack 12011 459-4167 Specializing in Channels Master Satellite Antenna Systems Full Deli With Sandwiches and Home Made Salads Super Subs Madam owe' BOB'S AUTO SUPPLY Main Street PANTRY BSZZFJSQLH NJ Pick-It Congratulations Buflets, Party Trays Class 9' '84 Rt. H94 Hainesburg, NJ 07832 201-496-4007 L. E. WALTERS 8. soNs comp,imeM Wholesale Fresh and Frozen Fruit and Produce C 0 U U 0 R . Sea Food Blairstown, NJ 07825 I Hqpe, NJ Res.: 362-6494 BUS. Ph0l1e! 362-6196 Ol' V Gggd LuQk'CIa93 gf '84 362-6197 --" X 0 6 A Name to Build on Complete Lumber and Building Materials Q1 Mile South of Blalrstown on Rt 94j Check Out Prices Phone 362 8252 BLUE RIDGE LHUMBER NORTH WARREN REGIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Best Wishes to the WLDM Class of 1984 A , A JJ, WV' pw if fwqmwff I M 5? Iqff' If M5552 f ,MQ Q,Q0-4-JA I , you ML R as . 511 you Lpfwnlzm' gf I I D M 'ffsm w-Ewa an . 3 MULQ ,gg WW TEACHERS MAKE THE A I , I I DIFFERENCE 35" .?T?Q61fCfJ1QrZH l,fyM,,Q5,f, Mi c l UYJIQ QWI c7fvxQQ,fI, "THE SHOE BOX" .. BLAIRSTQWN AGP Shopping Plaza V V S U N QCO Rt. 94 Al I Blairstown, NJ 07825 362-9311 Famous Brand Shoes tor the Family at Discgunt prices Corvette and Performance Specialists Hours: Mgnl go Sag, - 1Q to 5 Rt. 94 Blairstown, NJ Fri. - 10 to 8 362-9622 07325 Congratulations to the ' Class of 1984 House Parties Gift Ideas TRUCKSTOPS WICKER GALORE A OF AN D AMERICA M ORE P'0' Bmf 305 Rosemary Bobbie Columbia, NJ 07832 496-4124 201-459-4129 201-362-8918 Congratulations to the Class ot 1984 Compliments of NORTH WARREN FARM 81 HOME SUPPLY Cor. Rt. 94 and Bridge Street Blairstown, N.J. 07825 362-6177 Hardware Feed 362-6177 f w 195 DELAWARE TRUCK STOP Good Luck Class of '84 INC. P.o. Box 49 Route 46 b Delaware, NJ 07833 12011 475-4581 0pen24Hours 7DaysaWeek Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene I N C R.D. tt1, Box 83C Blairstown, N.J. 07825 7 Fi IRAVH 466NL'.Y Mc. 2"1'459"'59" . ffuqwlm ada de Su" ' mm ST, suxmsrowu, NJ o7s25 Main St We offer a complete line of Blairstown NJ 07825 custom and modular homes. 42015 362-6182 Stan Konya, President Best Wishes to the Class of 84' THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BLAIRSTOWN Main St. 362-8285 Cobblewood Office 362-6186 Equal Housing Member Office FDIC Clothes for Every Size Lady Juniors Petites Misses 1-15 4-16 6-46 Lee Wranglers Rt. 94 Blairstown, NJ 362-8855 Rt. 46 Belvidere, NJ 475-2674 43 E Washington Ave. Washington, NJ 689-0189 Master Card Visa , ",",f. A l, ' RQ Congratulations to ,I ,I I ug- ' the Class ol '84 ' 0 , "Help Us Grow" ' ul- I .',.. . . ""'i or BLAmsTowN Res. R.D. 111 Box 109B 1200 0 N , Columbia, NJ 07832 496-4371 Box 804 Showroom Rt. 94 and Noe Rd. I201I BlaifSi0Wh, NJ 07825 Blairstown, NJ 07825 362-6978 DON MARTINI, PROP. VILLAGE PAINT AND FOUNTAIN WINE AND WALLPAPER CENTER LIQUORS Route 94, AGP Shopping Center Phone: 362-8437 Fountain Mall Route 94 Vinyl Floor Covering Blairstown, NJ 07825 Wall to Wall Carpet Remnants Telephone Pratt 8. Lambert Paint 12013 362-8298 , 1201i 362-6493 HEIDI s GIFT sHoPPE ..,,,u,,,,,n,,,,,,,,, - Sporting Goods Store" Rt. 94, AGP Shopping Plaza Blairstown, NJ 07825 Phone: Q201l 362-9691 SPORTS Unique Gifts . l Bridal Consultation and Registration B'a'f9f0Wn 5h0PP'n9 M323 Homemade Chocolates Trains and Models Hunting, Fishing and Rt. 94 Athletic Equipment Blairstown, NJ BLAIRSTOWN GLASS Au TYPES OF Rt. 94 P.O. Box 606 Blairstown, NJ 07825 John Fedash, R.P. Q X - Rte. 94 Blairstown Plaza I h Blairstown, NJ 07825 ' X Sun Fgopfzg g:ji:n':'e:'thee's Phone: 362-6963 We Have Glass for Every Purpose Walt Orcutt, Prop. 1200 362-9696 CGNGRATULATICNTS! NORTH WARREN REGIONAL HIGH LASS 0f1984 SCHOGL f' BEST WISHES ,QI I N. K 1 THE FUTURE , 1'9" X. 1' Y' ' 7' , I V.-,eg . 16 6?,f,5C0 'fi , , 822263, 51, f Q E'E' 4 A T f i, ff? ' A ' WATTQQTETTTXQ 'X U56 fqfmfw' Q5 , - v fi - l A W E Ajax Q91 W M 'E Tyifiw wwf 46 W WTgQw WMipiViE M Q15E?AgQA wM T- T Ek MW ' WM ww 'W' TT MVN NORTH WARREN SPORTS BOOSTER CLUB yw fvvf APHA jfhy 10eufUf77LP 'ILQCAZP Yifbjyhy. 23-551 jew Z' WKfMQ?W2?LQQ5QwAAAwM Qvfchfqayff k UU A'f 198 U mf- ALPINE PORK STORE NEWBAKER F U N E 12011 362-8568 H 0 M E Blairstown Rt. 94 Route94 POCONO MOUNTAIN Blairstown, NJ 07825 Glenn H. Caprario Manager Ralph Gerkhardt Specializing in All Expense Arrangements for C. E d M dwg? ccracken Senior Citizen Tours and School Class Trips Director Town Car Service to Major Airports All Buses Air Conditioned and Lavatory Equipped Route 94 in NJ 362-8237 Blairstown, NJ Out of State 800-526-0618 iv!,.N!G:fi,f J K q 1 qc, C,,J,,ff,mLji! 0, m5.::323:mm.,s,s 4 Msfv -,-. Q IQM.. M - 1.727 P. .1 l NA 1EJ0M,.,--,K gl V, Club is happy to offer Q V - J' 5 congratulations and bestil-' 521151 159 wishes for future success to the graduating class of' ' North Warren Regional High School. I NAPA Complete Radiator Service , Hydraulic Hose Assembly Phone: 1201! 362-8101 1209322-8822 Compliments of BLAIRSTOWN DINER Best Wishes to the Class of '84 REBECCA AND EMILY ARVARY the Gilmore Agency "Your Complete lnsurance Center" 0 Located across from the bank at Main and Carhart Streets. 0 We write insurance for: - Homeowners ' Personal Autos v Contractors 0 Small Business ' Manufacturers o Horses 0 Stores o or your ANYTHING! 0 BUSll'19SS Autos 0 If you think you're paying loo much for insurance land you probably arel, call us ana compare. It'lI cost you NOTHING Ut rnay save you a toni, "Service you can count on from people you can trust NEWTON TRUST CCMPANY North Warren Rt. 94 Frelinghuysen, NJ 362-6141 30 Park Place . Newton, NJ 383-2400 Hope Office 143 Rt. 206 Rt. 521 Stanhope, NJ Hope, NJ 347-4211 459-5500 Our very best wishes for the success of the students and faculty at North Warren from your Independent Community Bank. Member of the F.D.I.C. 'R W D Wwggwjqwmgjiww jggy 5 - - zbfndioxodz .GPQJVZZ M UV L9-32 digs "'1'6b'f"6f-:D . I ' " Qfp- 70" QQDX pficxipbt ppb'-2 YA Q-6 'U 'RW Q- -Pe' GPA' 1. fy Q99-of 'RPG Que ug M M5 L :O,awf,, Qg,,.'Sg,.f,Q+-if 0' if - e'Y'w'Dl'26 Q,-fb" -as jaw ,M Em B S ' 1966 99 Q' Sf 17' M P 190 fm. Gunllsco, IM vez! f0lZWWf47 I awww W4 me Www! 04165651 !f2Lf,41fff A UML? my 4410 dxffelenff IZWQL, 541416 7714? MU 76449 11201215 7HLfIll mfr my 414 lwuzw 10150016 JF ff!! Yfffffff 'W "Wf 'WWWIUT mm 174152205 waffffs 600510564 170,44 fmzwaxfcla MW, 'WW MU fwwzeafmw df www A ww Dffffffvf fm: War Lev - fugqy M ,,,,,0wZ M7735 pppgfypggyi gf 6'b4K57UzD,lf,lffL7!fQU64 I um wr M155 ms M405 I um fm flffvff WW JWUKSS 'U 5 1 5105 WHW I Tffwfl af' W WMP!! 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Suggestions in the North Warren High School - Patriot Yearbook (Blairstown, NJ) collection:

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