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Tm kQi?iE?i9vQ2Qk Hwqgdv 25gf2W?35,zQ ELQQEEQQQ 6WQ'3gQ:Q3?Q New HQ 5 ww QW fm? 5, Wai 4 Q , QQ xi wwf? Q92 BW mb 723652, Tgg pW'af2qQw . XQQSEAQQLQQOECQ , 50 C506 Q20 wwf Y ' ff K' 'S 1425, " Qi Qcifefffjifiifgi QR 'qwwf ij 95 T 'JA ,go X? 6 ag? 'fgo 641' 29 f'j70L:iQ'P65 9336? 6 0747 ,fp Q 3,4 FM ' ,cf Wegwiao V955 , qgiff jf? J? Qfffyb C7 A7 of M of 2 6:34357 W 2 , be Q iw' Q9 'gy Qi2?2i2?? AfWM5pd1pw7WJ QM B , C .fb fi U WU! K if if 2W!gwqMM,fdfW ff' YDZMZJT55 'fM15Jf9q,nfNc0 Ygjwhlfgx W9 A , 1 - , WMM?WWWMWWW 61,051 O5 we 600' CQ C7' og vfyg Q! W Owiv We JXQQ O' WX ,MKS 'Y '-MCL in MOU Q00 in C X199 06006 SYN H091 G YWONQ Wwfi' N 6, V190 'Con Ho QZNC7 Dx GX 3: by M C906 JQQ1-5x 0003? op 354, COJJ CP X Cf? aof' U 0 me-5 'eo ibwividsw Tb i QM 2-mx gsm Tir lm kmdvojk SRM h-1 A z,,n5c, , c,mVy ka. '71 I ?69f'9 Pvc xlIofI'r6 Aff HUF danclfmf-fb 64451 Md Qc a aw QD' A 0933 Goff iz . Rlifif 61 PM 5owy EZQT iii fffffgf ff? MV 4 Q Z0 Uv W0 T L 2 Arek! X' 1573! A 616'-3? fm M '46 Iivjlfnff ggi V ig Ah .4C, ' , L 'U - 'S f '7 G? dp '27 efifgf df? X Q 5 sf 2 PQ, CQKQ QQ vig 52 45 ix! 9 ' ' D 1 Q f7 ,A QQ fy , A , ' S 6595625 Q Z XQwigfmp fggiiz fgpdifoc PQ X Z A C5 QCKGQ k3j!1 , zQ2kJJ C2kkL Mm J 1' I 980 PATRIOT NORTH WARREN REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL BLAIRSTOWN. NJ. 07825 I Oih ANNIVERSARY VOLUME Ss? 11. BQ Q 1 ai uf S5 XX 31 E? S: 15 ia N-M, W'L...,c CGNTENTS Makin' the Grade: Faculty Faces: Student Body ..... Finances: Ads .......... .pg. 18 .pg.62 Teamwork: Sports ....... After Hours: Activities . . . . .pg. 100 pg. 142 pg. 192 Mn -ff-. M H Q M1 W PM W W 1:11iQ:m5f , - wi. Q m w4am. vp 1' ff. :zwm Qi, A M he 5' ., Mm ,, W A m wx X' A , v 3-2 '-. 5, ,Q4 ' Lf New brew. EDF www My 1 N 1 'W , mm 1' "hy W2 L , 551' , " , L zummlfw F115 2 J an ua? -'vm Q 0-s"5- +--A . 4., . - f,.:3g A 'K no .. . Bill Figuerd and John Ritchie fabricate their own soap. af aaf as is if Rick Jones works in the first "AG" garden STUDENTS INVOLVED IN CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES SHOWED THEIR DEDICATION THEIR HARD WORK AND PRIDE COULD LEAD TO NATIONAL RECOGNITION. D n Nordstrom put her taIents to work and designed an abstract mural. TO NORTH WARREN. THE BAND AND MIND OLYMPICS PROVED TO OTHERS THAT A .W-H 1, pf 11- 01521. 3 .,A. 1 31515 W,,L YigieiffgiL5jQa51'lfJl:T'aS5:". f?2:i1'F1l?z1'15?ft1l25',?1it7'.-3 ,111e111111i111111f11...y111.11111 .Aw-111.11r1q11a11s9Szy 1. 1 A 1 1 12 M .11...1.a11...11 1 11 1 1 1.21.,Q11311,Q11.11f11.1111111 1111 11 .1 1 1 .1 .z.e51...111w11.y11511.1111 :,f..7, .1 ,:-,, 11.11,f111 1: 1 ' 11 1 111 , 1 1 1 Q11s1111w155Q5gQ1151fs1111f1111.111 11.11.111 1 1 .1 2 .111 g1'E'11f1 :111 2 Wei' 11 11.15 1wL911fzS 1 .1 1 1-11fws11,511Q'111'a1.11if -H1111?m11.111f1111'f.11,vsea11 sxwqffsrw11g1y1e:1gQi,?111:1p11 1 .2 y , p,f111711,111171g11.11111111 111111111111,11:e1g115a1?.1 Q1 3253 51411311 1111111121 1111 1 11 11.1 1111.. 1.1. 1111 1v -.121 :,, 51111111111 -,,, 1-.1 1.11.1111 ,,,..,, 1 kg M 11 .,., 1 -,,.:7,: .3 1.1 ..-ff ,L..f. , 'f-f 1.11,.11.11.1 1111. 1 111 1 . 1f11 1, .111,1111.1 1.1.1 1 11 A1 ..,,, 1 1 ,,f 11 11 .-".. 1111 ,,.., 11Q111f11.1111111 11 1 1 1 ,,,f 1 1 Y 111 1 1 . .,.. 11 h.,,. .1 11 .111111?11f1111..111a1.w111fg1AQ1s31g1111511.4 11 11 5211111.11 1e11w1.11..f11.1111a1 1111.31 1. 11111111 1. 111111511211?f11.211a:11111421w,,,f+21gs1fw111s111p1fs111ge. 1111 1 111 111111:1mzgy1.1111g1111.fQ11y111n 11 f 1 . 1 11 1,.. 1111g11.E1.11..1.w .1,1f. 1..1 1. 111.1 ,,. 11 1 , 1 . 1111111.fm11,1..1,1111111211w116:1211f1g11,gfQ11gf1111:111..111.11111,1 1 1 111 11 s111..111P 11,e1gie1a11e111.w1f.z111f112114111111 11 1 1.1 13,1 .11 1 1 :11r: 511 .fwt1.m31.eh431Pa1n:11'11111.s111.fg ,321 51 L-111 - . .1111 z X1 '1 11.5211 14? . .51 few P2b121w.: sp11e1 .Jung 1111 111 1 11 . 1 1 . 1 1.1 1 13.2151-1: 1 21 1 1 . 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'- 1' -114 W'11111-'1.1i11i.'f11-111511411 11111111113 1 11 11 111121111111111215529151?1g,1115.11.1111.1f11-11111111191 11 111111111511 .1-13155111151311.1119531112 11151111111ifg1g.1111f1.1g11f111111111:1111 1 111,1121111111::1f11g11m111g11111.111.1.gf14 11 71111. ' 1 11 111.f11.1,f11f1:w.w1w1:: vr1111 1111ggg1g111:g5y11g 11 115 .111N1g 1 1 .1.21g11511 fha W . ,NL 1 ...'1. 1 Vx V 1 A ,,.'g.1 11 1..1.',1 1 M'r-dr 111. E 4 1 - 1 .ff fig v ' 'fry -. . W1 .Fri 1.14 ' 1 ,. if Q ' '.a,.. 'La' ' w ' 'A Q ,, fe -1 ...- ,1. 1 . Z fa f 1. ' . 1 1 1 .L 1 ' 1 , ,1 ' '1' .-1. s M' v-walls WR? 3 mv. + WMA sa .J 'V ,X as rv ' ' V f .. 4. ,, Cindy Callahan was part of the new business class, Office Simulation, which involved doing office work forthe school. JW ww ummm an X X if mf Q W M 4 vm! f Q, W gm 2 fx ' 5, ff? M ,ff E4 Zn W, im 1 QW an 4 Y wx M' Z ff! iii' E Nm M W-...M Hi. W V K 'Q aw 5 7 4 1 -'wr I ,, ,AM if if 1 4 Y mf., -- .mxkgi i LL', .,,. ibmgfqmn , . k. sums- 's -mm SM M X M f , ' ' SN ' L ' P I 5 "-- :I ,,'k Q ".: N' +,g.Lx ' ' K l H 9f5WhQ feng, N, f,y -Rviifs,-gf 3 5 1 ' ' ' 5 -fl. N WQN , I . .. :ANS x 1 mei L N :NN N . ' TQ' N9 XX N85 1 H? 'SH M X W NNW Mm ik i -LE ' xi+gS1,2'MMf2g I ,,..,, F '+"' M .,.,,. ----M -f weax ir 1 N. xg X 'N N X . 'X 11 N x 55 Q xt, WVR N S Eh my if X' 'TASK 5 QF X X 13 f 4 qv X' N K2 'X , Q, Q 3 ? ,fa X X X is Q Y xx N K Y 4, We Y E X X lk X 5 K K H X X SRV? we K W R133 ,E X X Q UIQ? NWS: R xx N RSS A Qi N 12m X K Q X W W ,, ,, W ......... is S- , E wi , -. W ..,, I V ' . i - K K' -. 'f , L A - " - ,. X gi f 3' ,,,, 9 .- f 1 y -w ,---' f---f. nr . .MA ..,, -1:-:es- 2- 5.3 -: ,Ny X X- . .,,, . b .. ... - - Q F38 5 k 5 S: - " xl: , kgkS2bif5QQ. 5: -:Sf Vi Q 4 4 i W 245' Q. . 2 i - i SR X 5 - if ' + A 1 L - ,... 1 'Q "" ffl N ..,, Q 1 M xxwi xpww Www Nm b SNL wg , NWA . , -WW .Ami J X Q X w X M Wwgmmy HS ' X ,', I 0, l K n Q fi . int: ' Q 'A-Sfs"'-f O' 'r-A W v x nl 1 , Q, . K U Q 1 v . , 4, K A . jd' Q J S., skwsiath A Q Q ,M ,4 ll- off- ' , , fu. , 4 . . . A A x ' ' .5 ' Q A .I-:J ' ', 5" f I .vw .ill x ' 'L 1, 5' F. M '.- . h 1 A A-'Q' 9 I 1' SV' p . . n , ,l 2, v ' Q , YT! .,. . 4'vQ'f' C'Yjl, Q, '15 1 Wm .sh ae, 15 rw.- WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED OUR GOAL: SUCCESS. 1980 MARKS A NEW ERA FOR NORTH WARREN, AND NO-ONE IS TO BE THANKED BUT OURSELVES. EAMW SPORTS CONTENTS Football Homecoming Soccer Fleld Hockey Cross Country Wrestlung Boys Basketball Glrls Basketball Cheerleaders Awards Banquets Sports offer more than exercise for the body they gave you a chance to work with others as a team Even If the scoreboard doesn t show you are vlcto nous If you and your team worked together to the ful lest you have succeeded because teamwork IS what sports are all about PG. ' ........ 26 ' ......... 32 ........36 Gymnastics .......... 38 ' ........... 42 ......46 ' ....... 52 ........56 .....6O Pa+'s Have Oulslanding Season of 5-4-O 21 FRONT ROW: Assistant Coach H, Golzio, R. Shissler, J. Hayes, B. Cappiello, B. Bailey, D. Green, M. Cappiello SECOND ROW' D. Jennings, G. Frank, M. McDonald, B. Werkheiser, S Masten, T. Van Horn THIRD ROW:A. Kise, J. Benson, M. Cullen, R. Hardman, J. Paul, D. Deyong FOURTH ROW: Assistant Coach K. Higgins, C. Sacks, S. Wardle, S. Findlay, E Dipallo, Head Coach M. Goffredo TOP ROW: J. Yeomans, D. Cullen, B, Brandt, B. Brown, J. Carey, Assistant Coach R. Seals. 1 A. A Assistant Coach K. Higgins. Assistant Coach H. Golzio and Dave Deyong Assistant Coach R. Seals, 20 The '79 Pats had an outstanding season with a record breaking season of 5-4-O. The team consisted of 12 returning lettermen of which they will be losing 9 next year. Outstanding players were captains Blake Brandt, Steve Masten, Dan Cul- len and seniors Scott Findlay, Jim Carey, Junior Dave DeYong, and the entire "MadDog" Defense. The Pats victory over Hackettstown with a score of 6-O, marked the 1st victory after 20 consecutive losses. Joe Yeomans ran the ball 78 yds. for the season's first touchdown. The team voted Blake Brandt as M.V.P. Dan Cullen received the Out- standing Lineman Award. Jim Carey received the Liberty Cup Award and Steve Masten the Minute Man Award. Blake Brandt, Dan Cullen and Jim Carey were selected for the all area team. Joe Yeomans, Dave DeYong and Charlie Sacks received honorable mentions. Q o ABOVE: Coach Goffredo was selected Warren County "Coach of the Year." LEFT: Cpt. B. Brandt was effective both defen- sively and offensively. On defense he had a total of 86 tackles and offensively he carried the ball 107 times for 428 yards. x , f 3517 . we -W f . y Q, .-.- ws M , Dan Cullen had an excellent season with 107 T. Van Horn carried the ball 69 times for 227 tackles. yds. for the season. 65. A. Kise. led the team with 1 17 tackles. B. Brown helps keep the offense strong. 41:45, C. Sacks, had 64 tackles this season ss dv X ffxx .f . ,555 H + sy - af if ,im , .. i, L, Q., 'S Q 5 'fa K. ' -L N, x,f:1g5wfafgf3.v Q Wi K 4, sf mm 'S is V ll 2 .. - . -5,95 q:., I X. S 3555. 5 in 3 s I ur Q 33" A F ' T 'fm i Q Xi 1 rx 1 M 'K .5 ' in 4, ., Tv,-.XL 3 f I, Mx,X LVLR J. . ,.., M fx A Yr ,kj L .9 k wx .' vm-.141 Q . Pa+'s Tie for League Title ' 5? . iff 1 1-Fzgp 9904 W my nk "w5f5fmfff Q X, n , ee Captains Dan Cullen and Steve Masten call for the toss. 50011 FinCN3Y WaS effective in VUFWUQ the ball For the season, he was 95-222 yards. i 535 5 'ii tv I, ,rss S N555 Coach Goffredo and Asst. Coach Higgins embracing after another victory. ,Q ' li , Our "Mad Dog" defense remains strong. rss. Nov. 10, 1979, the Pats met with Warren Hills. The game was an excit- ing one. Early in the 1st half Dan Cul- len ran the ball 58 yds. for the first touchdown. During halftime there was the crowning of the '79 Homecoming Queen. During the second half, our "Mad Dog" Defense kept Warren Hills from scoring. The Pats won the game 6-0 thus winning a share of that dreamed trophy. B. Werheiser started the season as O.B. but was found to be more effective as wingback. VARSITY FOOTBALL N. WARREN OPPONENT 6 HACKETTSTOWN O 6 GILL ST. BERNARD 0 OV GREENBROOK 14 6 PHILLIPSBURG CATHOLIC O O BELVIDERE 28 6 ST. PIUS X QPISCJ O O PIUS X CROSETTAJ 29 6 WARREN HILLS O 0 HOPATCONG 12 O WON:5 LOST:4 TIES: eg Markus Comes Home. to so it E E? 1979 Homecoming Queen and her court - Jean Straut, Valerie Keefe, Sue Beck, Dianne Gladd, Karen Frutchey. 5 Sue Beck and her escort Randy Tosh, were driven around the field by Booster Club Vice President, Mrs. Cato. 26 8, Crown Sue Beck Queen S2 Very happy and surprised, Sue Beck accepts the honor of being crowned the 3rd Annual Homecoming Queen. ' With a mist and drizzle lurking about, the Homecoming Queen was passed from Meg Markus to Sue Beck in brief ceremonies at halftime of the N.W. vs. Warren Hills football game. The ceremony began as Mr. Byrne introduced the candidates for the 1979 Queen. Karen Frutchey was escorted by Charlie Grambergp Valerie Keefe by Steve Styringp Dianne Gladd by Rusty Gladd, Jean Straut by Bill Thomas, and Sue Beck by Randy Tosh. The 1978 Queen, Meg Markus, was driven around the field and presented to the crowd. Mr. Byrne announced the 1979 Homecoming Queen who was, Sue Beck. Sue was then crowned by Meg Markus and presented with a bouquet of flowers and a bracelet, donated by the Booster Club. Queen Beck and her escort, Randy Tosh, were given a ride around the field to start her reign as Homecoming Queen. ,ei My fe 1' 1 r 1 After crowning Sue Beck queen, Meg Markus joins candidate Valerie Keefe and an escort Bill Thomas. Soccer: North Warren Slgle. I4-l w 5 I sl- . :.-., fl we I S ' 1.95. Varsity Soccer: FRONT? B. Hardiman, R. Burton, T. Tillman, A. Petretti, R. Gordon, B. Figured, F. Del- Coach Sweet, a standard of excellence. man, B. Plunkett, G. Dahl, R. Mott BACK: Coach Snyder, R. Gladd, J. VanDerWal, W. Jones, D. Bayer, M. Markus, C. Cowell, B. Sacco, B. Drew, J. Gilmore, C. Gramberg, M. Bourhis, G. Guiler, Coach Sweet. STATES 1 N Hunterdon Del Val fPaJ Stroudsburg Lenape Valley P C C Warren Hills Stroudsburg N Hunterdon Hackeftstown Del. Val. CPa.J P.C.C. Hackettstown Irvington Tech Cforfeitj Mendham Opp 3 Won: 14 Lost: 1 Ties: O VARSITY SOCCER N.W. . 3 . 1 4 . . . 1 9 Warren Hills 1 4 O 4 1 2 . . . 1 5 ' O 6 0 2 . O 2 1 3 O 4 1 6 2 1 0 28 Frank "Demon" Delman was awarded M.V.P. of the team. He also was selected to the first team All Area. J Jon "Bogie" VanDerWal was selected with honors to the All-State 1st Team. He was also selected to the 1st team All-Area. Here "Bogie" refs for a Jr. High Soccer Game. This year each member of the var- sity team contributed to their 14-1 season in their own way. Each player did his share bringing about one of the best seasons ever. For the second year in a row they attained the honor of being chosen the number one team in the area. This year ten out of the starting eleven received All-Area hon- ors, with four on the first team, and three on the second team, and three receiving Honorable Mention. This year's race for the M.V.P. was very close, but when it was over, it was with no doubt, Frank "Demon" Del- man. Also, each year a N.W. player receives All-State Honors. This year was no surprise with Jon "Bogie" Van DerWal awarded All-State lst Team Honors. Best wishes are extended to next year's team. GOOD LUCK! Mike "Mickey" Markus had a fine season by adding a balance of power and grace to the N.W. Soccer Crew. I4-O Qualifies Pats for States Brian Hardiman, a leading scorer, was the only Patriot to score against Mendham. Through Coach Snyder's Hardwork and patience, his defenders played an excellent game. 14 . ,,f..,u L.. The Patriots received a bye on the first state game and a forfeit by Irvington Tech led the Pats to a home game against Mendham. The Patriots gave 100 percent but in the end, the Minutemen defeated them 3-1. Gordon Dahl added a new dimension to the N.W. attack. Gerard Guiler had a good season with a total of 70 saves. Climbing the Ladder to Success ii L i .2 . ,, f- . , 1 f is ' A ga, . '5 ' F'-3-' 1' 5.2 'H w-1 hsfrfll aff -X r ,,.. :f -remix ' Rusty Gladd, top contender for next year's sweeper. J.V. Soccer: FRONF E. Belcher, IJ. Kozimor, B. Hayes, G. Haebler, B. Sorenson, T. Rafferty, B. Feldman, K. Kinney, S. Sears, L. Corby. BACK: C. Midkiff, D. Ferrari, F. McCauley, D. Spraugue, J. Hendershot, G. Woyzichowsky, L. Guari- nello, R. Gladd, T. Tillman, B. Jenninos, B. Raikowski, J. Gilmore, J. Delman, M. Wallace, Coach: Mr. Hess. W .,. K :X J i .... g K Q f' A l l ' A V my S521 Jr. HighfSoccer: T. Benson, B. Shumacher, B. Muchler, K. Kehoe, D. Sacks, K. Gerkhardt, J. Trupiano. Glenn Sweet had another fine season, and a MIDDLE: T. Drew, S. Tucker, E. Powell, S. Layton, S. Conrad, T. Shilling, D. Keyser. BACK: T. Cowell, G. total of 18 goals. Ackerson, T. Quinn, M. Harmom, G. Sweet, C. Gold, Coach: Mr. Wieboldt. Terry Rafferty played for his first year as goalie The Jr. High Team played well all through the season. Their final record was 12-1-1 which gave them and did a good job. the Warren County League Trophy, once again. New Coach Brings Improved BOTTOM ROW: L. Cagno. 2nd ROW' C. Callahan, B. Harris, C. Green, T. Brugler, M. Barnett. 3rd HOIM Manager - L. Konya, K. Maderski, A. Gladd, L. Lot hian, A. Garson, M. Hipple, Coach - I. Gebhard. TOP ROW: S. Werner, E. Cowell, M. Unangst, T. Gleckler. L. Cagno, halfback, taking a free hit for the Pats which led them to a 3-1 victory over P'burg Catholic, As a new coach joined the ranks of the 1979 hockey team, enthusiasm, pride, determination, skill, and victo- ries soared tothe highest ever. The team had 8 graduating letter- men: C. Callahan, T. Brugler, D. Adel- berg, B. Harris, M. Hipple, M. Unangst, E. Cowell, and M. Barnett. The outlook for next year's team is promising. Underclassmen: C. Green, S. Werner, T. Gleckler, L. Cagno, and goalie - A. Gladcl may make next year's season an exciting one. A highlight of the season was when the Pats defeated the Belvidere Seat- ers 4-3. This victory brought the Pats out of their slump. This enabled the girls to win the last 3 of their 4 games. The varsity team voted 3 year letter winner, Cindy Callahan, as the MVP for 1979. ,L 4' , 4 5 ' " Q1 M0 ug, My , I W ' ,f' Q I , ,V I K 'az I' , ,,,, .:',,.,W,, -W w, Aw M 'wg ff A GNN 1 ' ' MA' 4 in -W 575. "' 4f,,+f'ff 0 "" Y V g L ' my ' fl ,v wg 'Q 2 ' A gm ff N 'fam ,V .A ' fy. by fu, K A-N v.. f, ..,. ,, 5, .HV . Nasa w , SX fi + ' Q v X. fi mga ,. ik! EP, , N fi , 1 X A J.V.'s Future Looks Promising J.V. Hockey: FRONT: C. Gerkhardt, M. Clavel, L. Berry, J. Keiper, MIDDLE: B. Sikkes, C. Klein, M. Rowe, S. Roth, L. Callamaro, J. Vandenkooy, COACH Faunce. BACK: P. Makarevich, C. Fink, D. Kitchen, K. Zydzik, M. Walker. B. Sikkes and K. Kydzik This year the J.V. team had practically all new members. The girls did well considering their lack of experience. L. Fenton, B. Sikkes and K. Zydzik led the team by making the Majority of the goals. Next year, however, the team promises to be a success with all of its young talent. Z' . -1.2 fag g J.V. HOCKEY . 1 , Del.Val. ,,,, g ,O 1 i iLLL L 1 N. Hunti' 1 Del.Val. 1 0g P'burg O 11 L ystli t 2 1 Hackettstown 1 0 LW. Hills 3 1 Belvidere ,gtgg , 2 1 5'fP'burg 0 Hackettstowri 0 2wiNs LOSSES: SMS Freshman Becomes Top Runner The 1979 girls cross country team broke a 500 season with a record of 7 wins and 6 losses. The team's top run- ner was Adrienne Barnett with 6 first places, closely followed by her older sister Noelle Barnett. Adrienne was voted as the M.V.P. The team will be losing seniors Sue Brown and Lorelei Drew. The' boys C.C. team had a rough season this year with a final record of 3 wins, 9 losses, and 1 tie. The team will be losing seniors Glenn Stauffer and Glenn Wolfe. Both teams had tough competition and very rough weather conditions. Both the girls' and boys' meet against WARREN HILLS was run in snowy, wet and very cold conditions. All the courses were about 3 miles long going over some pretty rough terrain. Also this year the teams were under a new coach, Mr. Rufe. both teams contained many inexperienced run- ners with the girls having only one vet- eran, Noelle Barnett. Captains Glen Stauffer and Noelle Barnett. TOP HOW: Joe Mydosh, Glenn Wolfe, Bob Thoreau, Scott Schwartz, Jeff Hollis, Coach Fl. Rufe. BOT TOM ROW: Noelle Barnett, Eileen Kruty, Glenn Stauffer, Adrienne Barnett, Sue Brown, Cindy Barnes. Adrienne Barnett had 6 first places, 1 second and 2 third places. Jeff Hollis showed great improvement throughout the season Noelle Barnett had 5 second Places Glenn Stauffer had 2 first places and 2 second Glenn Wolfe, another dedicated team member, places. participated in all the meets. Win N.W 41 48 15 49 30 win 21 24 26 35 win 50 17 S BOYS OPPONENTS Lenape Valley Vernon Warren Tech N Hunterdon Blair Academy Warren Hills Hackettstown Pope John High Point Bangor Newton Hopatcong Warren Tech Losses 9 Ties 1 GIRLS OPPONENTS Lenape Valley 24 Vernon 15 Warren Tech 50 N. Hunterdon 18 Warren Hills 25 Blair Academy forfeit Hackettstown 34 Pope John 31 High Point 29 Bangor 20 Newton forfeit Hopatcong 15 Warren Tech 38 Wins: 7 Losses: 6 Ties: 0 Lowest score wins The 1979 Gymnastics season was one for breaking records and achiev- ing records. The team made N.W. his- tory when they scored 83.35 in defeat- ing Pequannock. A five meet winning streak brought the girls' record to 6-7, another record breaking statistic. New, more difficult routines, plus the help of two new freshmen, were the basis of the successful season. Coach Snyder and Assistant Coach Mason are to be greatly thanked for their guidance and support. Five Meet Winning Streak . it Liz Bowman the team's only graduating senior Varsity Gymnastics: D. Bowman, J. Gwynne, G. Welsh, L. Bowman, S. Moscatello, C. Cullen, T. Nordberg, B. Moscatello. Crowns Ggmnas-,+'s Finest Season Freshman Tammy Nordberg's increasing skills are full of promise for the future. Barb event Moscatello's bar routine contributed much to the in her freshman year. Sophomore Diane Bowman was a powerful vaulter for the team this year. Camille Cullen earned dependable scores in three events throughout her sophomore season. X 6 - .1 IWW? ,. .. - X W ff,WftMmwwW MM.. . v,,..., Managers Brenda Robinson and Rebecca Feldman discuss before the defeat of rival Hackettstown MVP Sue Moscatello Gymnastics Parsippany Hills Morristown Montclair Madison Boonton Pompton Lakes Parsippany Montville Butler Caldwell Whippany Park Pequannock Hackettstown 1979 80 64 5 67 45 90 25 87.55 91.55 81.2 85.35 83.25 70.35 72.05 70.7 78.1 79.53 70 5 62 75 66 95 81.05 71.85 80.2 76.35 76.35 78.55 78.95 77.7 83.35 82.88 with Coach Snyder l No fall routines are always a cause for cheers. Three Girls Travel to the Sectionals Junior Ginni Welsh was known for her endearing floor routines. She was the year's most improved Gymnast and qualified for Sectionals with a no fall Beam routine, scoring 7.65. In Sec- tionals she scored 6.9 on Beam and was 20th out of 60. Liz Bowman, team Captain, finished her high school Gymnastics career with her best season ever. Her score of 7.15 on Beam placed her 15th in a field of 60. During the season Liz's highest score on floor exercise was 7.7 and on vault she led the team with scores in the high sevens. Co-Captain and MVP Sue Mosca- tello broke three records in her Sopho- more year: Bars - 7.9 Beam - 7.96, Floor - 8.5 ln Sectionals she made a very good showing with a 7.85 on floor placing her 17th out of 60. Sue was also seen on Bars and Beam at Sectionals and placed very well. 33532 Tv i X W 31 T 6 ik A., , w Mf" ff y , . 'E ff N M fNfNf f i ' 1 3? ' jf f Wag, g 1 ggi? Q 1 1 5 3 nnolly For Patriol Grapplers B. Connolly led the team in takedowns, near falls, escapes and was the highest point scorer. He also led the team with 8 pins and his record was 12-2. R. Burton had a 8-7 record. He won his last 7 matches and took a 4th place medal at the W. Hills X-mas Tournament. The NWR wrestling team was impres- sive this year. Four boys B. Jennings, D. Cullen, M. Cullen and Fl. Burton placed in the W. Hills X-mas Tournament. The team also doubled their victories from last year. An exciting match was with the high ranked Balley Ellard squad. NWR had a decisive victory over this team. Another exciting match was with Hopatcong, where J. Yeomans set a school record with a :14 pin. He broke N. Ziegler's :l7 record set last year. Seniors on the team were: J. Gilmore, B. Werkheiser, CO-Capt. B. Connolly, J. Yeomans, co-capt. D. Cullen, R. Burton and S. Masten. Each was valuable in their own way. Next year's season looks promising with freshman standout M. Cullen, B. Jennings, J. Gilmore, J. Popa, D. Green, Frank and G. Jacobsen returning. ill 'YAY New Coach Improves Team John Sagan proved to be effective on the mat with a 10-3 record. Ss 1 If 4 V L J.V. Wrestling: FRONT: J. Sagan, J. Kozimor, J. Allen. BACK: Coach Benven- uto, B. Brown, R. Gwinnett. MlSSlNG:G. Wright. 46 Coach Benvenuto and Bill Baldwin give John Allen some tips. The J.V. team improved this year with a 5-10 record. The boys usually won their individual matches, but because of forfeits they lost some meets. All of the boys had impressive records. Next year's Varsity will be look- ing fonfvard to having some of these boys on the team. 6535073 2 2 We Believe!!! Q Varsity Basketball: FRONT: B. Hariman, G. Guiler, J. Carey, D. Deyong. BACK: C. Cowell, B. Brandt, B. Dickerson, J. Benson, M. Markus, Coach: Higgins. D. Deyong played a good game against Passaic, but the Cardinals defeated the Pats in the end, 12 'H J img-Pull' C. Cowell calls the play against the tough Tigers of Hacketstown. The 1980 basketball team under- went a lot of changes -for the bet- ter. There were new opponents and a tougher practice schedule to empha- size formerly weak fundamentals. All the new additions centered around one man: Coach Higgins. Mr. Higgins brought new ideas with him, stressed mainly on believing each player in his own ability and the abilities of his teammate, as well as in the coach. The changes in mental attitude brought results on the court. Using the "fast break" play, the boys opened by defeating Belvidere for the first time in N.W.'s history. In the fol- lowing weeks, five more teams fell to the Patriots, including Franklin during the Vernon X-mas Tournament. The season ended well with a victory over Newton. Playing their last season for N.W. were: Co-Capt. Blake Brandt, Jim Carey, Gerard Guiler and Brian Dicker- son. Helping Blake lead the team was junior co-capt. - Brian Hardiman. Other team players included: Mike Markus, Chris Cowell, Dave DeYong. VARSITY RECORD: WON: 8 LOST: 16 Mike Markus ended with another fine season. QI S T Q Coach Higgins tells the team to use the "JUN- Brian Hardiman was an outstanding player for the Patriots. He led the team with a total points of 358. GLEN!" 48 ,L 4'- 9 mxvw hp QE A clear shot for Delane as he scores and ties the Y game! .ffN Bill Werner's persistence kept the Pats ahead an finally a win. B. Thorout dribbles around a Passaic man to score another 2 points and J. Hendershot loses the ball, but B. Werner picked it up and scores 2. end a half. 50 7th 8: 8th Graders Win Greater Pocono Tournament K K -1.1 -4 ..- K . ,. . .....,. jx . ,, st.. 1, . K grew W , 1 an wwf- - 'lv' Jr. High Basketball: FRONT: A. Truipiano, J. Truipiano. MIDDLE: M. Florence, D. Martini, A. Mazurow- flIxi,NFl.IWalker, L. Satmary, S. Tucker. BACK: G. Sweet, J. Swanson, T. Quinn, G. Ackerson, T. Cowell, L. c al y. Center, Ted Cowell, added 15 pts. in the final game clinching the championship. Glenn Sweet ended the season as high scorer. The 7th and 8th grade team won the Greater Pocono Tournament with a 50-31 victory over Pocono Central Catholic. The boys ended their season with a final record of 20-2. Greg Ack- erson and Glenn Sweet were selected to the all-tournament team. s l g Cowell Leads Varsilg Girls as High Scorer Girls Varsity Basketball: FRONT: M. Unangst, E. Cowell. BACK: N. Barnett, S. Werner, K. Zydzik, J. Rob- inson, Coach Ahlers, M. Lantinga, T. Gray, S. Fee, L. Niederlander, E. Kruty. Evelyn Cowell and Michelle Unangst, two graduating lettermen, fight to take the ball away from the Royals. 52 . E Joyce Robinson, a 5'1 1" junior, followed Evelyn Cowell with 164 points. l 3 Miss Ahlers coached the varsity girls to another win over Pius X. Unguarded, Evelyn Cowell takes advantage of the situation by shooting a set shot. A jump ball is called for when Michelle Unangst, Lori Neiderlander, and a Pius X girl get their hands on the ball. Coach Ahlers calls a time-out in the second quarter of the game. The Patriot girls' varsity basketball team ended their season with a total of 5 wins and 13 losses. Three girls played exceptionally well and kept Sue Brown, the scorekeeper, alert. Evelyn Cowell was high scorer with 177 points, including field goals and foul shots, Joyce Robinson had 226 rebounds, and Eileen Kruty contrib- uted with 56 assists and 76 steals. Quite often Coach Eileen Ahlers had the team use a man-to-man defense and a 1-2-2 offense. She also taught them how to break an opposing team's man-to-man defense. The average points scored per game was 35. Although their record is not overly impressive, each individual put forth a 100'Mi effort, and learned what true success is all about - it's not whether you win or lose that counts, but how you play the game. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL NORTH WARREN OPPONENT 26 BELVIDERE 40 26 P'BURG CATH. 45 36 HACKETTSTOWN 53 36 WARREN TECH. 20 42 POCONO CENT. 45 23 HIGH POINT 56 50 PIUS X 28 26 VERNON 38 23 WARREN HILLS 42 39 P'BURG CATH. 50 34 HACKETTSTOWN 58 59 WARREN TECH. 18 32 PIUS X 18 30 BELVIDERE 51 49 SADDLE RIVER 22 38 WARREN HILLS 59 36 JEFFERSON 57 42 NEWTON 46 I WON: 5 LOST: 13 TlES:O I J.V.'s Achieve the First Winning Basketball Season for N.W. This year Mr. Wieboldt coached the junior varsity girls' basketball team to a successful season of 10 wins and 4 losses. The thirteen member team con- sisted of six girls who played last year and seven unexperienced players. Junior Kathy Zydzik, one of the new teammates, led the team with 123 points, 96 rebounds, and 38 steals for the total fourteen games. Mary Ann Lantinga, a 6'1" freshman, took possession of 92 rebounds, while Jenny Litz totalled 43 assists. The girls worked on several various offenses and defenses which proved to be especially well-played in the second game against Belvidere. The team made a comeback from a first half score of 4- 14 to a victorious score of 31-19 by the end of the last quarter. Jenny Litz attempts to score as Lori Neiderlan- Lori Neiderlander takes action to move towaro der gets set for the rebound. the hall North W arren takes possession of this jump ball to begin the game. Q 3 iii! JV Basketball FRONT K Cannon C Green A Barnett L Rowe D Bowman BACK B Robin J Litz S Fee C Taylor M Lantinga T Gray K Zydzik L Neiderlander Coach Wieboldt GIRLS J V BASKETBALL NORTH WARREN OPPONENT BELVIDERE P BURG CATH HACKETTSTOWN POCONO CENT HIGH POINT PIUS X WARREN HILLS VERNON P BURG CATH HACKETTSTOWN PIUS X BELVIDERE WARREN HILLS NEWTON WON LOST 4 TIES 0 .A Kathy Zydzik a iunior in her first year of basket- A successful foul shot by Diane Bowman racks up another point for the Patriots. ball, was high scorer with 123 points. Spirit . . . Drive . . . Abililg . . . Varsity Cheerleaders: L. Tucker, L. Mitchell, S. Garretson, J. Straut, C. Stetanacci, L. Simonetti, K. Frutchey, Ca t. V. Keef , C . C . J. S DeRea . ' ' p e o apt traut, L. Tironi, C. , S Gerkhardt, S. VanderWeiIe, K. Winton, S. Cook. Much practice goes into the finished product seen by the fans during halftime on the field, or at a pep 55 rally. Daily practices keep the 3+ . .ar S Q it t X "Hey we are bad, we are the latest fad!" is the point Lisa Tironi and Judy Straut get across to the oppos- ing team, Greenbrook. Age is Cheerleaders' legs in tip-top shape. Cheering through the rain, cold, or snow takes a lot of devotion. This year the squad was led by Val Keefe and Jean Straut. They along with the rest of the squad and student body sup- ported each and every team. They also had bad times, a missed basket, a pin, a touchdown, but through it all they did a greatjob. Cheerlead Jr. High cheerleaders at their best at the first Spirit Assembly. Dr. Herbert and his family watch the display of N.W. pride. 58 is ers Boosl Qpiril a+ Pep Rallies 'Va -.f The spirit stick is the highlight of the pep rally -the most enthusiastic class wins. q L- .4 L... """'J . -Y, . LX A y r M, Val and the gang enjoy the smiles and responses ofthe crowd. V. Cheerleaders: FRONT: S. Me-sach, B. Reiger, R. Zwetkof. BACK: M. Cappalbo, J. Koefedis. Monti- Ilo, L. Bartilozi, Captain: E. Schilling. Jr. Varsifg and Jr. High Add Qpirif -X. ii IMS ,, 1 -. f if :il M X 1 is Varsity Coach: Miss Hoagland, J.V. Coach: Miss Chisesi, Jr. High Coach: Mrs. Schaeffer. The J. C-E-S- iw V.'s speak to the crowd exclaiming - S-U-C S!! 59 Fall Sports Alhleies Honored ff' Coach Snyder commends Soccer athletes for another winning season. All Area player Cindy Callahan poses with Miss Gebhard. 60 Captains Glen Stauffer and Adrienne Barnett pose with their awards. Mr. Goffredo congratulates Blake Brandt after 2 winning season. 3 i After Success Filled Season Fullback Frank Delman is congratulated by Coach Sweet. ' Ni Sue Moscatello receives well deserved recogni- tion. The first annual fall sports award night was held to honor the athletes of Football, Soccer, Field Hockey, Cross Country and Gymnastics, all of which had highly successful seasons. The recipients of the football awards were: Steve Masten, the Minuteman Award, Danny Cullen, Outstanding Lineman, Jim Carey, The Liberty Cup, and Blake Brandt, M.V.P. Soccer awards were presented to: Andy Petretti, Coaches Award, John Vander Wal, all state Award, and Frank Delman, M.V.P. The entire seventh and eighth grade team was honored and received the All County Team title for the second year in a row. Gymnastics, Cross Country, and Field Hockey honored their out- standing athletes among the award recipients were: Glen Stauffer and Adrianne Barnett, Cross Country, Cindy Callahan, Field Hockey, and Sue Moscatello, Gymnastics. All the ath- letes should be commended for their efforts both on the field and in the gym. 'iv we-1 i 'T' "NNN 15. 'T Coach Higgins reflects on a successful football season as the Patriots became county champs. ACTIVITIES CONTENTS Powder Puff A A G Varlety Show Semor Play Student Council Splrlt Week Christmas Concert Band Chorus Musical French German Foreign Exchange Mind Olympics N H S Accounting Newspaper Yearbook Extracurricular actlvltles provlde students with a variety of learning experl ences which cannot be found In the usual class room Through these after school clubs students gam a feeling of self conf: dence as well as a better understandnng of them selves which cannot be obtained through a book Successful human beings are not lumlted to one area of knowledge but rather they are well rounded lndl vnduals DQ- .. .............. .66 ' .,....... 67 ' .......... 68 ' ...... 71 " .......... 72 ' .... 74 ' ............. 82 SkiClub ............ 86 ' ..... 91 ' ' ....... 92 .. ...... ........ . 94 ' .......... 95 Nov. 26, 1979, the Senior girls met with the Junior girls in a "Powder Puff" football game. Many spectators gathered to watch the girls play. The Senior team consisted of: A. Geene, M. Cannon, co-capt T. Brugler, M. Barnett, T. Neiderlander, CO-Capt L. Cato, P. Grounard, W. Ciceran, D. Adelberg, L. Schinellerler, M. Hipple, L. Osmun, L. Drew, S. Brown, and D. Bielecki. J. Benson and J. Carey helped coach the girls. The Junior team consisted of: Co- capt L. Cagno, E. Kruty, C. Green, co- capt T. Gleckler, A. Sisco, L. Fenton, co-capt P. Makarevich, D. McCrone, N. Barnett, S. Ritter, S. VanDerWiele, and J. Gwynne. C. Sacks and Dave DeYong were the girl coaches. The Juniors defeated the seniors 22-6. For the Seniors, M. Barnett, ran the ball 75 yds. and made their only touchdown. L. Fenton scored the Jun- iors first TD and added 2 points on a conversion. Fenton again carried the ball 30 yds. for the second Junior TD. C. Green scored the third TD on a dou- ble reverse. The girls deserve a lot of credit. Both teams worked hard and had a good time playing. Steve Masten was the "lone official". 64 Juniors Smash Seniors 4 1 W Mm.. ,M Q Z . , . The Senior team poised before the game. K Q l Q t I l QQ-6 in "Powder Pull" Football E if i. Brugler, quarterback, and lineman, M. Can non, thinking about the first half. Coach DeYong and the Juniors are quite content at half time. Laurie Fenton jumps for joy after tagging Penny Grounard. OB, E. Kruty makes new plans for the game. P. Makarevich was the only injury in the game. Almost Angihing Weni at Almost Anything Goes This year, Almost Anything Goes was sponsored by the Class of '80, the only class to win the event two years in a row as Juniors and Seniors. The events were intense and exciting bringing out the enthusiasm of the crowd. Nluch to the suprise ofthe crowd, the Freshman took second, the Sophomores third, and the Juniors last. Bill Figured returns to his childhood years at the tricycle race. I .tg ,. V Mary Barnett artistically decorates Bruce Zoppy with shaving creme. 66 'lp-af Oops! Bruce Brown drops the crates near the finish line as John Gilmore looks on s tt Joyce Robinson "stuffs her face" with Boston creme pie in the eating contest. Seniors Present "The Varielg Show." Mary Barnett portrayed a social outcast. Linda Schineller portrays Judy Miller .14 Vincent Grossi, Steve Byrom, Larry Clifford and Steve Masten re-enactt .. Us Tom Santomartino sang "Why Me" Family. he Presidential Debate Jean Straut and Greg Martka pose in the Nerd HW? rl NE i nxt . , . J Q af fs 'hs gf X , ,elk X Qf-N B. Anthony. A Trilogg ol' Plags Two Fools Who Gained a Measure of Wisdom The newly-wed couple, Dave Fryman and Deb Crisman, meet his aunt. "Two Fools Who Gained a Measure of Wisdom," by Tim Kelly, was the second play the seniors presented. It was a comedy about a newly-wed cou- pIe's first visit to their relatives. It star- red Dave Fryman as the husband, Deb Crisman as his wife, Lee Burdge as his aunt and Barb Harris as her maid. Lee Burdge playing the role of the couples' rich, eccentric aunt. 1 4 The last play the seniors presented was "Impromptu" by Tad Mosel. This was a story about four actors whose stage manager sent them out on stage without a script. They tried to enter- tain the people and while doing this, they learned a lot about themselves. Laurie Osumn, Jeff Fenton, Mary Bar- nett and Larry Clifford were the stars. Impromptu iii' K 32' 'jiilvi 'I I 2 l 5 The cast of "Impromptu" left to right: Laurie Osmun, Jeff Fenton, Mary Barnett, and Larry Clifford. LEF77 Jeff Fenton, portray- ing an experienced actor, puts forth his knowledge. ' Tony and Winifred, portrayed by Larry Clifford and Mary Barnett, learn to appreciate each other. N.W.'s Student Government FRON71 I-r: F. Delman, G. Martka, M. Barnett, V. Grossi, S. Werner, C. Christian, L. Mitchell. SECOND ROIM I-r: A. Petretti, M. Unangst, E. Cowell, R. Gordon, M. Bourhis, W. Kobee, L. Konga. THIRD ROW' G. Guiler, M. Walker, K. Anderson, E. Ball, K. Koefed, L. Lothian, L. Freet, E. Giordano, S. Messina. FOURTH ROW: R. Sorenson, N. Glabb, D. Barnes, P. Tironi, T. Gilmore, J. Hollis, M. Clavell, L. Garretson, D. Oleszek, D. Bowman, K. Runyon, A. Capalbo, D. Williams. FIFTH ROW: R. Raikowski, K. Keyser, J. Baldwin, J. Straut, S. Cook, K. Ritter, S. VanDerWieIe, B. Rieger, K. Conticchio, P. Makervich, C. Cullen, S. Moscattello, Fl. Kise, J. Cappiello. BACK ROW: J. Robinson, M. Markus, F. McCauley, R. Gladd, R. Green, C. Jones, C. Thoureau, T. Hardiman, J. Martini, B. LaBarre. Calendar of Events Sept Reorganization Oct Collection for UNICEF Dec Santa s Workshop Jan State Convention Feb Carnation Sale Mar Spirit Week June Scholarship Nov. Spirit Week Bonfire LEFT' Advisor Ms. R. Massong Pres. Frank Delman, Corresponding Sec. Wendy Kobee, Treas. Gerard Guiler, Recording Sec. Michelle Walker. MISSING: Vice Pres. Patty Makarevich. Pride Week Adds Spirit Examples of "Hat Day", "Dress Up Day", "Clone Day", "Shoe Day", and "Red, White and Blue Day", were presented to the students during an assembly. Pride Week, sponsored by the Stu- dent Council provided five days of fun activities. Spirits were kept high between fall and winter sports sea- sons by "Colors Day", "Clone Day", "Big Clothes Day", and "Hat and Shoe Day". North Warren showed it is bursting with pride by the participa- tion shown from November 26th to 30th. Lori Simonetti and Steve Masten display their Red, White and Blue colors. l I Pat Makarevich and Charlie Sacks dress alike for "Clone Day". And Color lo All , ,,, fi it X ,. 1 ,M W 'K I ' J, 'S 21 5 4 A' 1 - , ,M A ,Q , 1 5" ' 'aff - V, y A . K ' N 2.-,,,, --, . L my . ' A "fi, ' 1 l , ,, T -N f-W KN J , . , ..- . , , I il ' "' WM ' I fl M " Michele Walker and Dawn Adelberg go bananas on "Hat and Shoe Day"!!! Terry Gleckler and Dan Cullen go all out for "Dress Up Day". 73 This year's Christmas Concerts gave us a real demonstration of the talent we have in our school. The band started the concert with some beauti- ful arrangements and ended their por- tion of the program with the tradi- tional "Auld Lang Syne": confetti and all! The chorus put on a beautiful per- formance, and added to their portion of the program were many beautiful solos. lt was a terrific way to end the decade. Joyce Robinson honors the audience with an excellent solo from the "Messiah" 74 Christmas Concert '79 . . . if i Tom Mulligan performs a solo from the "Mes- Lori Cain and Caryl 'Fink sing "One Tin Soldier' sian" 4 K x Confetti falls from above as "Auld Lang Syne" is played. Festival of Music 2 Ji l 2 , si! i 'fs - A small portion of the chorus demonstrates their singing ability. Their voices sweep over the audience like a sudden wi nd. Cheryl Angle accompanies the chorus. Jamie Schissler, only in 7th grade, amazes everyone with his performance. A Long Climb Up The marching band started the year with the right foot forward. They began practice the first week of school and by October they were competing in field shows. For the first year in this area of competition, the band did an outstanding job. The members put in many hours of practice to make the show perfect. As a result, they took a first place in Arlington, N.Y. and two second places in Whitehall, Pa. and at Lenape Valley High School. ln the spring the band travelled to Winchester, Virginia and Ocean City, Maryland to participate in street com- petitions. 76 The Marching Band. Complete concentration on the show Ladder to Success ' -5, L fi' D. Bielecki and L. Osmun salute the audience. Twurl 2-3-4, Up 2-3-4- "Get unto that beat" "Keep that line straight" "Good iob The Off Season Cathi Kassakianp one of many accepted in "Who's Who Among American High School Musicians." The "Off Season" for the band is during the winter months when it is impossible to march outside. These months are spent practicing for the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Nevertheless the minds of the band members are on the coming spring when l 78 they will be competing against some of the top bands in the country. Time is spent memorizing the show music and learning new routines. However, at the first sign of spring the band will be outside again. Rifle practice in the halls Joe Meshach and Laurie Osmun practice durin free time. The flags during one of their many practice sessions. Mr. B. concentrates on the show. ilu ,S if . ,v"" The drum line keeping with the beat. Band and Chorus Perform Q Kathy Zydzik, Cheryl Stefanacci, and Loreli Drew give a big smile before the concert begins. Mr. Byrne presents Jim Benson and Dave Tims their awards for the bicycle rack they made in Metal shop. 80 5 5 e ii . an rl. ,, ,I X, Laurie Cagno sings "lt's Too Late Baby" to the audience and received a standing ovation. hanksgivung Concert The Chorus sings Alleluia Chorus." Mr. Sweet begins and dismisses the assembly. The first Thanksgiving concert, held on November 21, consisted of efforts contributed by the Chorus and Band. Lori Cagno and Mary Hipple were given the chance to perform for the student body and faculty. This was the first time students had the opportunity to sing solos on stage. Lori sang "lt's Too Late Baby" and Mary sang "You Light Up My Life." The audience showed their appreciation by giving them each a standing ovation. Mr. Byrne then presented awards to Jim Benson and Bob Tims, who placed sixth in the National Lincoln Welding Contest for the bicycle rack they con- structed in metal shop. All in all, the assembly was a big success. ggwori Cain Mary Barnett S CAST: Glenn Stauffer - Arthur I-aufie Cagn g sevefe Robert TOITI Mull t f tffifgdflffif Y 1 g xsiek y tw wdb xttg NN 3 : NYJ F Jeff Fen Pelllnoreig Larry Clif d Merlin? Brenda Griisrhan -eeMorgan Le Fai' 7e e rere ,Lg ererr It Brian ., A George F Jim DeNora g George Shipps Jeff Gardner L .f Robert Sherman E John Guerin Joyce Robinson G Sue Hories A ea is aieee Lorelei Drew Wendy Kobee Gale Trieble Liz Satmary . . rirr A Bonnie Mitchell We e Qeey Fiona Campbell at DANCERS AND SINGERS Jenny Feldman Helen Hutson if A it cheryl sreffa Rene Bates Caryl Fink On April first, second and third, the musical production of "CAMELOT" came to the stage of North Warren. This was the second annual musical production. The musical takes place the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The musical also tells of Arthur's love for his wife Guenevere, his friend Lancelot, and his devotion to his country and it's people. ln the final act it tells of the critical decision he must make between Guenevere and his country, Love or War. Because the costumes had not yet arrived these pictures were taken in the last stages of rehearsal. 82 CAME LOT Jeff Fenton - Pellinore - making his point on what should be done. Robert Sullivan plays the role of Lancelot in his first musical at North Warren Larry Clifford one of King Arthur's knights pro- tects the Queen. A touching moment between King Arthur - Glenn Stauffer and Guenevere Laurie Cagno single 'Siva . te Hard at work to get ready for the final show: Brenda Griesman, Mary Barnett, Bonnie Mitchell and Liz Satmary its 3 is 5. fi -2 t ?i Carol Redwanski works hard to get the scenery done. it a QS A Mrs. Huff talking to Jim Benson to show how things should be done The Final Product- All ready for the show. E i Ski Club Makes lhe Besl of a Man-Made Winler 'na-ww BOTTOM ROIM O. Kipar, D. Woyzichowsky, J. Hollis, K. Snyder, M. Baldwin, S. Winay. MIDDLE ROW J. Baldwin, C. Fink, J. Hayes, J. Hollis, Fl. Feldman, D. Kitchen, C. Anderson, L. Striker, W. Meyer. TOP ROW: L. Stampone, C. Wedderman, E. Hollabaugh, S. Cook, S. Mesach, R. Zwetkof, L. Nonon, M. Martin, M. Meyer. 86 S y, ss' s Janet Hollis Diane Kitchen and Rebecca Feldman waiting for the bus. Mrs. Barabas The N.W.R. Ski Club had an unusu- ally good season this year - unusual in that almost all seven ski outings took place on man-made snow. Mrs. Barabas and Mr. Terhune supervised the 24 member group on half-day as well as evening trips. Both novice and experienced skiers enjoyed them- selves, and took advantage of the stop for donuts on the way home. lt was nearly an injury-free year, except for Cindy Struble breaking an arm the first time out. French Club Tastes New Foods Chocolate fondue and cheese fon- dues were some of the French dishes prepared and eaten by the club mem- bers. On Feb. 6, the club took over the Home Ec room for 3 hours getting ready for the party. The fondues were enjoyed by everyone and after they were all "stuffed" the movie "The Red Balloon" was shown to end a per- fect evening. French Club: J. Koefed, S. VanDerWeile, L. Tucker S VanDerWeiIe C Culuccu Fl Mollo T Botwinick Fl Clavel M Drewes S Gerkhardt J Hollis MISSING J.Jefferes. Everyone enjoyed the chocolate fondue. Mdwvl if if Getting the club to pose for a picture was no problem at all! "Ein Kleiner Schnii-l von Deutschland" The German club met bi-monthly to learn about Germany and to have fun. They published a literary magazine, Ein Kleiner Schnitt von Deutschland - A Lit- tle Slice of Germany, edited by Grace Budai with help from Tracy Schwartz. They continued with the traditional Christmas feast this year at the Black Forest Inn in Netcongg no dirty dishes that way. . . Mrs. Thum and Grace Budai composing an article. FR . . . . , . , . , . m, . enspies, L. Corby, J. Shotwell, L. Schinellei BACK: A. Gleckler, K. Conticchio, J. Koefed, G. Budai, O. Gouger, Fl. Zwetkof, T. Schwartz, S. Garretson. ONT: B. Hayes, L. Keller, V. Klahre, B. Mutchler SECOND' Mrs J Thum B Reiger S Cook B Burha C R 90 S Foreign Representatives Visit N.W.R. Aida Magana This year N.W.R. hosted two Rotary exchange students Aida Magana and Fiona Campbell. Aida arrived at N.W.R. in Sept. 1979 and will return home to Mexico in August 1980. Aida was placed in the Junior class and she is fitting in very well while making plenty of new friends. Aida came to N.W. speaking Spanish, but with a little help from her friends and families she can now speak very good English. ln Jan. 1980, Aida was joined by another Rotary exchange student, Fiona Campbell, from South Africa. Fiona has been placed in the Senior class as she has already graduated from school back home. Fiona will stay atN.W. until Jan. 1981. Both Aida and Fiona are here to learn of the U.S. ways and also to rep- resent their home countries. Fiona Campbell in South African school uni- Fiona Campbell form Norih Warren Hosts Mr. DeHaven looks on as the third team puts the final touches onto their Renata Haradja and Barb Dragowski play the song "Pop Goes the Weasel programs. on "Wild Vibes." if f f - ti it . Vince Grossi and Mr. Smith examine the super structure, a Balsa Wood project that can support over one hundred pounds! 92 Mind Olympics Competition Robbie the Anti-Smoking Robot was built from odds and ends by its creator Julius Harajua. gmibrr FRONT: R. Feldman, A. Ford, R. Jacobsen, M. Henderson, B. Feldman. SECOND: B. Dragowski, L. Maves, R. Haradja, E. Giordano, G. Woyzichowsky, D. Haradja. BACK: D. Kitchen, V. Grossi, D. Ferreira, R. Klein, G. Lenkey. On March 3rd, North Warren hosted the Regional Mind Olympics competi- tion. Among the problems presented for our team this year were: Super- structure, a balsa wood structure designed to support the maximum weight, Robbie the Anti-Smoking Robot, who navigates an obstacle course and extinguished a preposi- tioned cigarette, Go Rocky Go involves a vehicle whose only power is the fall- ing weight of five pounds of sand and Wild Vibes a project in which several tunes must be placed on made up instruments. North Warren has pro- duced another strong team this year. We took first place in two of four events we entered, Wild Vibes and Robbie the Anti-Smoking Robot: will go on to Glass-Boro College in N.J. on April 19, 1980. Superstructure and Go Rocky Go came in second place. The Superstructure held a weight of 375 pounds and Go Rocky Go traveled 60 feet. Nalional Honor Socielg BOTTOM:G. Guiler, T. Brugler, D. Gladd, L. Tironi, R. Feldman, Fl. Hardja. MlDDLE:A Petretfi, B. Hardiman, V. Keefe, J. Straut, W. Kobee, S. Werner, Advisor Mrs. B. McDonough. TOP: M. Bourhis, T. Stuy, B. Brandt, L. Clifford, M. Unangst, M. E. Cannon, E. Cowell, J. Robinson. li Tim Stuy and Frank Delman selling Christmas Officers: V.P. - Andy Petrefti, Sec. - Wendy Kobee, Pres. - Marc Bourhis, Treas. - Frank wreaths to raise funds. Accounting Club . ,.... .. Left to Right: S. Freet, C. Whitford, S. Depuy, C. Barnes, M. Leopardi, D. Diana, S. Rowe, D. Sheer, Mr. Rufe MISSING Mary Hipple This year the accounting club was lead by Mr. Rufe. The club sponsored a canned foods drive during Decem- ber. They collected many types of can- ned products and donated them to the Salvation Army. The whole school par- ticipated and the turn-out was terrific. Later on in the year, members of the club invested in stocks. The club also took a trip to Martin Guitar and a good time was had by all. The members also raised money for the annual club scholarship. Club Officers: President- Mike Leopardi Vice President - Cindy Whitford Secretary - Sherri Depuy Treasurer - Cindy Barnes Mr. Rufe - advisor The Liberfg Press QQ x s 'Y' : 5 '95 -6 ? Q, -fb y , . NSN s iv, 3, xi 1? as Y Hart - advisor " gm? We Put ll All Together 'lt Q urs, H Sue Brown and Dianne Gladd go over the photographers list. gg. F ,,-seg' ,-an-'V' The 1980 yearbook staff would like to take this chance to thank Mr and Mrs George Franklin Shirley and Lorston Thomas Studios Special thanks to Mary Ellen and Larry for doing an excellent job in the photography department Advisor S Purrazzella Co Editors D Gladd and T Brugler Cover Design M Markus In o L Tucker SPORTS D Gladd S Brown L Tucker T Brugler N Fleinalda J Gwynne Fl Feldman ACTIVITIES AND CURRICULUM V Gross: L Tucker D Gladd S Brown P Zwetkof S Gerkardt L Rogers C Whltford B Burham UNDERCLASSIVIEN D Gladd V Gross: L Tucker T Brugler Senior Section W Kobee ADS J Gwynn J Straut TYPING T Brugler L Tucker S Brown L Rogers '79 - ' I .- . Divider Pages - R. Feldman :J Yearbook Staff: BOTTOM: S. Brown, R. Feldman, V. Grossi, B. Burham, C. Barnes. TOP: L. Clifford, W. Kobee, D. Gladd, L. Tucker, L. Rogers, N. Reinalda, C Whiford, Advisor - S. Purrazzella. T www- Cindy Whitford prepares a story to be typed. 98 N A Le!-ler From the Editor To the Staff, We would like to take the time to thank our staff for doing an excellent job. Although our staff was small in number, we think we've produced the best book ever!! Special thanks to Miss P. for putting up with the MANY frustrations. Also special thanks to Liane for helping out when we really needed her. Mary Ellen Cannon, Larry Clifford and Terry Raf- ferty: thanks for a great job! We'd like to take this time to wish the Class of '80 the best of luck. We hope that you will always remember the good times in school and OUT of it School. GOOD LUCK! ThanksAgain! Sincerely, xg DianeGladd . f l 6' ggerrv T25 'EJ lv txt' QDQPJ R,,:g:f WV i of , it D' Agnew? dy 'fb J' KJ i,, Q K 05 K A '- N Q 5 JJ KJ co-Ednoroianneoiadd. vi sf Q5 W , , - y . xx ix DD J5' JPXJMQ5 v t Sp W xgyqy 'P E f Owj ty if if JR fly by , X 15 4 x it ,if Co-Editor Terry Brugler 99 i Xi f . Ni: ...WS Eff ffm MAKIN THE GR! S' 100 W we F. .,,, S Fm' W is 3 W S Q 'HT DEQ: FACULTY CONTENTS Board of Ed Adm Guldance Engllsh Hlstory Math Scnence Business Muslc Band Shops Language Llbrary Phys Ed Chlld Care Nurse Secretarues Janltor!Cafe comes easier our llves 4 4 The relationship between teacher and student IS all lmpor tant In the classroom When the two can communicate learning ln 1980 teachers devoted their time to helping us grow to be Intelligent adults Thls effort IS one we wlll appreciate all of The feelnng of pnde here at N W Fl was truly a deserved one because the teachers and stu dents worked together to S achleve our SUCCESS DQ- . ............ 102 ' ............... 105 ' ................ 106 ' ................ 108 ' ................ 112 ' ............... 114 ' ................. 116 ' .................. 118 Art .................... 120 HomeEc. .............. 122 ' ................ 128 . ................ 130 ' .............. 132 Ag ...,................ 134 ' ............. 137 ' ............ 138 CIE .......,.......,... 10 Board of Ed ucaiion FRONT: Mrs, V. Petretti, Mrs. O. Guiler, Mrs. R. Krauss CSec.j, Mrs. M. Fink. BACK: Mr. A. Molnar, Mr. D. Dickerson, Mr. R. Pohl. MISSING: Mr. J. Anconetani Miss L. Meshach, Mr. J. Gilmore, Mr. R. Drew. 102 New Superintendent Encourages Communitg Dr. Herbert, North Warren's new superintendent, is popular among stu- dents and faculty, as well as parents. He believes that parents play a very important role in our community. To promote this role, he has established the PIECES program, which stands for Parental Involvement Enthusiasm Communication Equals Success. The parents of students are invited to meet the administrators, tour the school, and sit in on classes. Before coming to North Warren, Dr. Herbert was an assistant superintend- ent in Gloutster City, N.J. Dr. Herbert, his wife, Giselle, and his daughter, Shannon, are avid fans of our school and attend many of the activities and programs. North Warren Regional High School P.O. Box 410 Blairstown, New Jersey 07825 Dear Seniors June 1980 Why do some people find that one success leads to new and greater suc- cess, while others seem to experience failure, which produces low achieve- ment, giving rise to another defeat until they are caught in a ghetto of personal failure and setback? What makes the difference? Successful per- sons, unlike the low-achievers, have learned to set goals, dream so to speak, and to plan with a positive atti- tude toward reaching those goals. They are not intimidated by an impos- sibility, but rather motivated by the possibility. The blueprint for success is availa- ble, choose wisely and life will be tre- mendous for you. Best wishes, elsaylelil-f Dr. Edward W. Herbert Superintendent North Warren Regional High School P.O. BOX 410, BLAIRSTOWN, NEW JERSEY 07825 201 -362-821 1 Richard E. Byrne Jack D. Sweet Principal Vice Principal June 1980 Dear class of 1980: You and I have something in com- mon -this year we both will be leav- ing North Warren Regional - both of us with fond memories of people and accomplishments. I will always remember you as my last graduating class, and will remem- ber the good times we shared - The School Spirit Weeks and Assemblies, The Bonfire, and the many student accomplishments, and, you will carry pleasant memories of fellow students, your teachers, and certain events with you for the rest of your lives - and as you leaf through this yearbook many times in the years ahead these memo- ries will return again and again and become richer as time goes by. In closing, it is my wish for you that the good Lord will keep the wind at your back, a smile on your lips, a song in your heart, and enough dreams to keep you ever striving forward. Sincerely, Richard E. Byrne K P ,- X TJ ji l if r-l' .Q 104 Administration Principal: Mr. R. E. Byrne Vice Principal: Mr. J. Sweet Lending a Helping Hand Mr. V. Pustizzi Mrs. D. Farley Q '- 3 1 l s S A l i 95 l l ' W SUN 'si xii 3 .Ei ff ft Diane Kitchen is a runner for the guidance office. She aides them by doing small helpful services an fi- :-: ., N' Brian Dickerson looks through the College Handbook for information on M.l.T. f E 5 if l 2 S3 if I ' 5 if H MJ Mr. W. H ..G ,ww f Qw- 4, 'K . W. Mrs. G. Sweeney Mr. T. Bartholomew Mrs. Kmetz Mrs. T. Rudolph f, r World Affair Classes 5 . U I .A A tour guide explains the structure of the U.N. U.N. delegates depart from the General Assembly after a lengthy meeting concerning foreign affairs. The Security Council room prepared for the upcoming meeting dealing with Iran. Mr. B. Terhune Mrs. M. Guarisco 108 Miss S. Purrazzella Travel to the United Nations .. ALVA Marc Bourhis takes a break to "munch out" on a hot pretzel. Mr. M. Strawins Mr. B. Wieboldt w On November 15, Mr. Wieboldt and Mr. Strawin's World Affairs Classes took a tour of the United Nations Building in New York City. The stu- dents saw the General Assembly, the Secretariat, and the various councils. There were also many gifts from around the world displayed in the building. A few people searched for Ayatollah Khomeni, but he was nowhere to be found. After enjoying the sights and the bus ride through the streets of New York City, the group headed back to North Warren. A stop was made on the way home at a Burger King for lunch. se., ' 3 Mig., gm ig iiil wpffle X i K . Q .." ess "" , , K t - . I . Q i 1 I .- .t...,. B A Q f . 2 1 . ' . S i - " .1 -A r ' M r -- 'L' ' ' -..W Some of the many flags displayed around the front of the U N V ' Mr. P. Evertz Mr. A. Rincavage "0-. The Numbers Rackeil Mm- E, Kouba Mrs. K. Heras if 4 1 asf! - . L f 2 .5 f .. - Q 5 - .A + f3:Lf'g-a.'-'Xifxki' -- - . .. E E - L L - . . .i E . 5 S51 T -if :F hi K ' 92:35 F N S? . SIS -"W E 5' i ii? 5 61 225 3 Lf ' . N - f - .. . bs. . -. w T f K 1 -' N f SH... .4 x f x Q 1 .fm S wi. .-.9 mb-is ws-we .ey im, J . I . - . . , . J 135 , . - . . . ' ' , .4931 f 'I Q Y it F' f ff:-.H-.,s z . f . . . . " 1 if ,f ffm -3556frf:--'fWf".'-ri Q gilf' ..jr'2rf:-Agyliffi-2' " 'K' -' 11 ' J' -J' -212 - 53 . N 'Q ' I - . f 3, N ' W . 5 i ri Vickie Beron applies herself in Algebra Il. Mr. M. Goffredo Mr. R. Ivins Miss C. Martin Anatomg Cuts lo the Heart of the Matter Under the auspices of Miss Linkiewicz, a nine-member Anatomy class pushed back the frontiers of biological knowledge this year, bravely volunteering their appetites for the cause of science. After dealing with such vital questions as the authenticity of Larry, the human skeleton CIS he plastic?j, the class pro- ceeded to gain a solid knowledge of human anatomy through notetaking, experiments, and comparison of the human and cat anato- mies, which closely resemble one another in many ways. This latter phase involved the dis- section which unpleasantly surprised so many office runners, and a detailed written compari- son between the human and feline anatomies. Such a specialized, in-depth course of study and the preparation of a college-level term paper will be of much help to all the Anatomy students when they do reach College, whether or not they intend to take courses in biological or medical fields. Besides, it was fun. 1 it W' , I Mr. L. Chinook 112 -RWM' in Pete Zwetkof enjoys one of the more unusual rewards provided by the pursuit of pure science. I s Mr. D. Dehaven Miss C. Faunce Mrs. J. Kole Mrs. O. Kressley Miss C. Linkiewicz LEFT: Some Anatomy students, such as MaryE- llen Canon, appeared to derive uncalled-for pleasure from their subject matter. Here she introduces "Pat the Cat." BELOW: Dedicated students such as Evelyn Cowell frightj and Michelle Unangst insured the class against scholastic cat-astrophe. At left they identify superficial muscles on their speci- men. ff 113 Office Simulation Learns The simulation class held a Christmas office party. They exchanged gifts and celebrated with lots of yummy snacks. liikim Wim? Q H--sm s Mr. McDermott was given a gift by the secretar- Deb Crisman, Barb Harris and Sanna Tonnessen enjoyed themselves with the food and the company. 'es' and Works for 9eo.'s. I f For a week while Mrs. Sipley was out, the girls took turns each day by replacing her and doing all her jobs. Here Miss Burd answers a telephone call for Dr. Herbert. i-....,-f. 'hu Deb Crisman types the morning absentee for the main office. This is one of the many jobs done by the girls for the offices. Mrs. J. Graff Miss G. Chisesi Mr. R. Rufe This year the Business Department added a new courseg Office Simula- tion. lt was designed for those stu- dents who have completed courses in typing and steno, and plan a secretar- ial career. The girls and Mr. McDermott did a great job this year aiding the secretarial staff. 115 Chorus Performs 3 Concerts FROND J. Crisman, R. Sullivan, J. Guerin, K. Scank, J. Schissler, J. Gardner, B. Rooth, G. Staufter, J. DeNora, T. Mulligan, K. McCrone. MIDDLE: C. Anole, K. Ritter, T. Sanner, P. Makarvich, Howie, B. Quinn, L. Laubach, A. Magana, A. Garren, C. Green, C. Fink, L. Anderson. B CK: Director: M. DeMaio P. Sterner L Cain, C. Carroll, S. Horeis, D. Mydosh, L. Cagno, B. DePuy, L. Quinn, S. Bender, L. Maves, S. Ritter, J. Janda, E. Hollabaugh, B. Mitchell, C. Vlfedderman,'N. Huttson, N. Reinalda. L-mm Cheryl Angle accompanied the chorus when practicing, and sometimes in concert. Director: Mr. M. DeMaio. 116 Lori Cain sings a popular tune, one of the many the chorus performs. Lorrie Quick and Jim Schissler ,,.,........ ,s.s usu. . . XM. W- ssssssrs is FRONT: L. Quick, A. Paglia, L. Melchior, C. Beegle, T. Langdon, D. Rader, S. Vaughn, V. Santomartino, B. Sherman, J. Schissler, J. Fodera, R. Bates, T. Hardi man, M. Green. BACK:C. Gold, L. Talley, L. Hendershot, J. William, L. Norge. l Music: The lniernaiional Language it Q-mga, F- 12 ga iii' SENIOR BAND Mr. Bouknight Band Director Suzanne VanDerWeiIe and Judy Straut practicing during Senior Band Tom Quinn at work in Junior Band. Anyone who walked into the band room during senior or junior band practice would know that it's not just another easy class. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into playing as instrument. There is the repetition and practice of songs until they're just right, and the concentration on each and every note. Nevertheless, all this hard work is rewarded by the feeling of satisfaction when you've given 100'Mi effort. 119 New Teacher Brings R se fi 1 B wk The seventh grade class was given a surprise during the Halloween season. Mrs. Hough brought in pumpkins for everyone to carve. uulilw 'W .Iss ..-as-W' Mrs. C. Hough Darren Perna and Joe Repasky carve their creation. New Ideas dh- fn Frances Roberts tries the new weaving loom Mrs. Hough has brought to class. Charlie Kappes enjoys working with the clay. Ginnie Welsh designs her clay project and what else could it be besides: a balance beam! 121 Projecis in ihe Making GER Adrienne Ketcham pressing the final creases. Todd Budd "watching the fingers.' - -- ff X 5 in km Y: Q 'K' . A 'F we me 1 f X . ' w t, ' swm f S' R 'X' ff s 122 QPW- Q, Mrs. E- Garthwait Mike Crement preparing a quiche iff' Jim Sampson precision cutting. Mrs. C. Randal! "Keeping a tidy kitchen." 123 Benson 8: Tims Place Blh in James F. Lincoln Na+'I Contest Jim Benson and Dave Tims won sixth place in the Northeast Division of the James F. Lincoln Nat'l Welding contest. Their winning entry was a bicycle rack the school had requested to be put in front of the building. Roy Longyhore and Mr. Golzio drew up the project, designing with both economy and usefulness in mind. After the plans were laid out, Jim and Dave devoted six months of their shop classes, under the supervision of Mr. Dolan, to building the bicycle rack. Also contributing their efforts to the con- test were Alan Howie and Bill Werner. They each constructed an iron welding table which is in the shop. Jim Benson and Dave Tims in with their award winning bicycle rack which has become very useful t in ss ,ef aff' X51 A 2,21 M ir -e Q -ri Junior Roy Longyhore and Mr. Golzio were the brains behind the designing of the bicycle rack. Mr H GOIZIO 124 X at Q iw ,of DeYong begins his project in woodshop. Lynn Fullerton designing a plate in Mechanical drawing class. Mr. F. Dolan helping Dan Novi with his project in metal shop. Mr. W. McDonough Guieniag. Hola. Bonjour!! i John Ritchie and Bob Thourot enjoying one of those occasional Spanish parties. SK I f R ' 1 ea Theresa Gleckler receives some additional instructions from Senor Perez. fSpanishJ Mrs. R. Barabas Spanish-French 3 S Q an -- ., L,:+g:2XfwsQ-wx M Q Q5 ,mvffvv sw Q ,R iw' if fxiffrfis- sm-A,,,...w-evil Mrs. J. Thum German Aides Make Bookkeeping Easier Library Staff: FRONT: D. Gouger, B. Mitchell. BACK: D. Smith, V. Carpenter, D. Fryman, D. Crisman, S. Huff Chris Fox looking for the right book Q f ff My A Q Mrs. V. Brownell '30 ind' Shawn Dalton preparing a term paper Evergbodg's Favoriie Class!! l M f MRM MENdb MEA AID 11.L m X 1 ...igiiy -J " .IM fi Q- 55 81 . 7 .gw 7.-QQ ,-,.- EX uf. J f ,WE MMS NS m I 'Q-.. V' 2 E 5.3 , N-was a vs, ' K if 'far f 2 mdwsi' Q . if 'V i-.. 'Wai Valeniines Dag Wiih a Parig me ' 5. '- fi ,, Q K , i Sf? yt V7 Li .... , k i Q Q A Q if , do ,mg an xg' 'Q Neely,-ive -. . ,1 Jamie and Adam create a masterpiece. Mr. Sweet lends a helping hand. ,jj-K .. tm. Agriculture Gains Interest! Each student has a chance to study and learn to take care of animals. Here, Joan Scherzer does her part by refilling the water feeder. This year's Agricultural students received first hand experiences in raising a variety of small animals. Stu- dents had the responsibility of feed- ing, housing, cleaning and keeping day by day records for a number of rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and mice. Money was raised for the ani- mals needs by selling the offspring. Miss Gebhard introduced this pro- gram this year and Miss Gebhard has been pleased with the response shown by the students. ln other areas, Horticulture was given two periods which enables the use of the now completed green- house. The Horticulture Department raised money for supplies by offering plants and terrariums for sale around holidays. The Agriculture Department future looks promising. 134 One of the newly born hamsters opens its eyes for the first time. Linda Berry and Sharon Anderson help in keeping the weight records of baby hamst for future studies. V Q X , f , Q . , H K ' ' ' . .1 - . Q. f Christine Gouger and one ofthe seven baby rabbits, born this year, gets to observe what's going on. sqm. 'A wi- Miss Gebhard is pleased with the progress of her animals and the response shown by the students towards them. Special Services g mt. 4 -a- + Nf ,Q . School Doctor Dr. E. Clavel School Nurse of Mrs. M. Decker V L ef Need Something? . . . Xt. y. ?XSxH jgx fxik HR 5x, y XV fw W i t Mrs. M. Sipley O X ., A . h A Mrs. Fl. Drew Mrs. l. Brockman Mrs. K. Sandberg Mrs. U. Emery O'0 Q Mrs. P. Cornish Mrs. R. Krauss Forget your combination . . . locker number? . . . Can't find your best friend? Ask one of the ladies in the front office. The secretarial staff effectively car- ries out its duties and is known for the efficient job it does for the students, faculty, and administration. 137 Jus+ a Clean Sweep Awag Mrs. R. Glory, Mrs. E. Kehoe, Mrs. B. Rydell, Mrs. D. Winters, Mrs. H. Sikkes, Mrs. D. Hibbard, Mrs. G. Kreger. 1 , K e ,325 W' gs 2 . Q .. H in WL . 'fr A ' fi v Q-31... A qw'- V6 zzi E by , if , Y fa .3 1 ir o e .. W Q rw,-rf FRONT' Mr. T. Babbit, Mr. R. Reinhardt, Mr. C. Riddle. BACK: D. Bielecki, Mr. W. DePuy. Mrs. Kreger has been in charge ofthe kitche for 10 years. 138 Special Needs Mrs. C. Feldman Miss P. Hoagland Miss Fl. Zenock W fl Miss A. Pinis www-Mwmmmmh. Q iii-,gs ' Ll. li l Mrs. C. Pastizzi .... L? Mrs. G. Moran Mrs. V. Schaeffer X K i Greg VanGrow VanGrow Farm Tim Buzzard North Warren Regional The CIE program gained more inter- est this year. Miss Chisesi is pleased with the outcome of this relatively new program. Nine students received 15 credits while working during school hours. 140 Students Earn I5 Crediis Laurie Gray Oraton Rubber Stamp K h Ch' ' Biff Equigifgt Tracy Neiderlander Hoffman La Roche For Working Half Dag Lynn Smith Hope Bank Lau ra Cato Gordo's Alison Geene Blairstown Plumbing 81 Heating Deni Burd Hoffman La Roche 141 FACES CONTENTS Seventh Grade 4 Eighth Grade Ninth Grade Eleventh Grade Seniors Conclusion ln 1980 many students received personal recogni tion for accomplishments both inside and outside of school. This added to the feeling of pride and self satisfaction felt by each one of us. A number of students couldnt make a unified body. First the students had to feel comfortable with each other then every- one could work together as awhole. WE together as a whole worked towards our quest . . . achievement of SUC- CESS. HE STUDENT BGDY CLASS OF 85 "WE WILL 9URVIVE" E E Advisor: Miss Zenock Pres. Tom Gilmore, VP. Lisa O'Rourde, Treas. Lorrie Lothian. MlSSlNG.'Sec. Pat Tironi. 5 5 5 i Elaine of the Ball only her first year at NWR is already an active member band K Robert Ahlers Kristina Anderson Kathleen Anderson Denise Bacon Kevin Bailey Marybeth Baldwin Elaine Ball Christine Basilicato Christian Baver Doreen Bedell Scott Bell Eileen Benson Todd Benson Kristine Berardi Susan Billings Andrew Botwinick Kathleen Brennan Leigh Burnett Patrick Cahill Sheila Camaeri Rosemary Carroll Hilary Ciceran Mike Connolly Steven Conrad Frederick Cook Judy Cook 7th GRADE 145 Michele Cook Cheryl Cooper Michele Cowell George DeGroat Pam DeGroat Michael Diefenback Jackie Douthit Robert Doyle Kim Fisher John Fitzmaurice Alyssa Ford Amy Garris Laura Gebhart Jim Gelok Tom Gilmore Nikki Glaab Stacy Glaab Edward Glory Kenneth Gerkhardt William Gouger Peter Gra bowsky Matthew Green Richard Green Herbert Haderthauer Neil Hamilton Melissa Henderson 146 7th GRADE Tom Anzalone studying in English class Dirk Hermann Richard Hohenshilt Brian Howie Sandy Huber Penny Huff Kirsten Jaccoason Christine Janda Jeanne Jefferis Shannon Jensen Keith Kehoe Laura Keller Victoria Kiahre Lisa Klever Kim Kofoed Dina Konya Danny Kouach Susan Lambert Lauren Lewis Terry Lockwitch Lorrie Lothian William Maher David Makarevich Traci Martin Gary May Karin McCrone LEFT: Carol Mitchell Eileen Benson, and Laura Nord berg enjoying their lunch 7th GRADE 147 Bret McNally Lee McNally Lisa Melchior Greg Menzel Chris Meshach Naomi Meyer Michelle Miller Carol Mitchell Dennis Monticello Delly Moore Donna Morgan Doreen Muller John Mulvaney Laura Nordberg Billy O'Brien Lore Ochs Liza Odowd Jennifer Ohl Christine Oleszek David Oleszek Lisa O'Flourke Thomas O'Rourke Tom Otinsky James Pasko Michael Perkins Darren Perna 7th GRADE ., swim I as , li "R . ,,. . in If -'AM qgfg in QSQVFFE' , YT 4 . t Hi-H31 h ,War ' , K Chris Speller is a part of the new 7th grade reading program. s A . . ix X i 1 1 v . L,-.f X x,, E X:-sf xx WK , ff- 1'. ffffl -::--v , f ,, is i fig, ,. . lfsi ziggy .L .mc . .. 44 ' I .L ,B S .ET xi Rial so, f :Ek fig., - A 'ruff--Sffv sWssE2:f5,s,1's K X I iss 4 ZZ. i , ..,,, f 'ef'-. Hx i Z it - six .Zn-,r ilrqiwx , K R E sf'2::ftes::::ft- - t. K fi X X .i fiff ' T 'i r "fs5f-551255 1 J J J 'rh' E Ill f it it 1 j I J x " 13, iff : Mft t Wil ' f V+ X' A L - NN , K 5 .:t.. 1, 1-,fi wwf-.. A S1 -if 1 X, tg, 1 r L. fa- 1 4,94 X Hg FV 'X-'MH' KJ ,cy I H .Q A 9 1 -i' 3 fx g S- gi g.. is Elf, T me-fi Q M K . 4 f. E'- Qgsfgh 37+ Judy Perry Lynne Porter Eric Powell Lorrie Quick Ronald Quinn Delmarie Rader Christa Rennspies John Rapasky Joe Repasky Raymond Roggio William Rooth Matthew Rosensweet Matthew Salmon Joe Sampson Thomas Schilling James Schissler Victoria Schmiding Kirtis Schneyder Julie Shipps Anthony Simone Lori Sipley Raelene Sipple Chris Speller David Sprague Bill Stauffer Liana Striker Susan Swiderski Mike Tachick Denise Thomas Patricia Tironi Barbara Titus Wendy Unangst Donna VanAlthuis Tracie Wall Bonnie Williams 7th GRADE 149 C LA99 OF 8 - "ONLY FDUR YEARS MORE" A MWC, MMM wt .wh ,gea- W 4 15' 150 13,3 Advisori Mrs.Gar1hwai1G Pres. Jill Martini, V.P. Heidi Spera, Treas. Janet Hollis, Sec. Jodi Capiello Greg Salmon and Dawn Rydell converse while preparing a delicious concoction in cooking class. Greg Ackerson Susan Bair Richard Bair Joseph Barinas David Barnes Rene Bates Christine Beegle Barbara Bender Dirk Bennett Michael Beron Sherri Blumer Giesla Buadi Joseph Burdge Harold Burnett Annette Capalbo Jody Cappiello Samuel Carpenter Douglas Carroll Rachelle Clavel Christine Conklin Mike Copensky Ted Cowell Charles Crawn John Dally Cynthia Delman Kris Denora 8th GRADE 151 Carl Dieffenbach Michael Di Paolo Helen Doyle Michelle Doyle Thomas Drew Maureen Drewes Cynthia Dugan Jennifer Feldman Michael Florence Joanne Fodera Kristopher Fox Lynn Fullerton Charles Gold Alice Gouger Scott Gray Michael Gudall Carole Gwynne Richard Hanson Daniel Harajda Tracey Hardiman Michael Harman Michael Helmstetter Linda Hendershot Robert Hirsch Charmayne Hoerl Veronica Hottpauer Doug Hollabaugh Janet Hollis Ronald Janda Eileen Jennings Heather Johnson Wendy Jones Erik Kehoe Adrienne Ketcham David Keyser 152 8th GRADE J t,,, Denice Kittle John Kobee Frederick Koeck Brenda Labarre William Langdon Tracy Langdon David La Point Steven Layton Michael Lehman Dale Longyhore Eugene Makarevich Donald Martini Jill Martini Susan May Alan Mazurowski Vincent Mazzei John McGowan Sharon McGowan Mark Melchior Noreen Mohr Wendy Molitor Tracy Mollo Dana Moore Jeff Moore William Mutschler Lori Ann Nienstedt 8th GRADE 153 Daniel Novi Lisa Nurge John O'Leary Daniel Oleszek Jennifer Olinsky Angela Paglia Steven Paulik Christopher Pfeifer Michael Piccoli Sheri Pickwood Tom Quinn Carrie Rafferty Robert Rafferty Cindy Robinson Dave Robinson Kathryn Romano Karen Runyon Dawn Rydell Darren Sacks Mark Sagan Gregory Salmon Louis Satmary Aimee Schoenberger Laura Schultz Bruce Schumacher Henry Schwartz 154 8th GRADE Robert Sherman Anna Marie Shotwell James Shotwell Thomas Sipley Heidi Spera Jacquilyn Stiles Richard Straway Cindy Struble Sally Styring Jeffrey Swanson Glenn Sweet Cheryl Throurot Lisa Tierney ' Danielle Tomlinson Gale Treible Laura Truex Anthony Trupiano John Trupiano Steven Tucker Kelly Turk Robert Ulrich Sharon Vaughn Cheryl Vough Randall Walker Roxanne Walker Christine Walz Brian Werkheiser Cheryl Whipple Leslie Wildrick Scott Winay Wendy Wolff Diana Woyzlchowski Melvin Wright Ronald Yohe Donald Yurga 8th GRADE 155 ,az S W aff pg 353 4 Syrah W ' A 1 A ,, V Mg ha f f , CLASS OF 83 - "THE CLASS T0 BE" W 1 5 v , 5' 2 v 6, f fa. M V Q Lg- V ,f M my ,,, h is f, tr N V Q f , Q , ,J ' L A X ff :vga . y -o ,S 5 if m, - Q 'Z ' 'W ww ' ufwl' if' 1 . 1 Advisor: Mr. Dolan Pres. Sondi Cook, V.P. Jim Baldwin, Sec. Sandi Meshach, Treas. Suzanne VanDerWeiIe 156 X Dennis Bacon Ben Bailey Jim Baldwin Adrianne Barnett Scott Bedell Brian Bender Matt Bender Leah Berry Allen Bickhardt Matthew Bonath Tim Brown Tim Buchler Bonnie Burd Lisa Callamaro Tammy Cantrell Marjory Capalbo John Carey Richard Cato Julie Christian Darryl Concilio Kim Conticchio Elizabeth Cook Sondra Cook Larry Corby Guy Cowell Michael Cullen Gregory Davitt Barbara Dean Kenneth Dell Dede DePuy Mark Diana Doreen Dickison Roger Doll Jim Drewes Denise Dunbar FRESHMEN 157 Lisa Dunbar Barbara Farley Robert Feldman Raymond Filipski Steven Ford Joe Frank Ron Gainett Jeffrey Gardner Laurie Garretson Cynthia Gerkhardt Albert Gleckler Christina Glory Dawn Gouger Richard Gramberg Dale Gray Bob Greco Scott Griesman James Grossi Louis Guarinello Eric Haderthaver Gary Haebler George Harman Christine Heins Joann Hipple Susan Hohenshilt Steven Huff Helen Hutson Gus Jacobson Jacqueline Keiper Kevin Kinney Joe Kise Robert Kise Ronald Kise Susan Kishpaugh Jennifer Kofoed 158 FRESHMEN Judith Kofoed John Kosberg Glenn Kovach James Kozimor Robert Labor Maryann Lantinga Gideon Lenkey Melissa Martin Kevin McCrone Michael McDonald Roger McMahan Sandra Meshach Suzanne Messina Michelle Meyer Karen Miele Lisa Minnella Debra Mitchell Linda Mitchell Susan Monticello Barbara Moscatello Michael Murray Wendy Murray Paul Neyensch Tammy Nordberg Denise Norton Pamela Ohland Kenneth Paul Susan Perkins Jane Peterson Barbara Reiger Daniel Richardson Jim Sampson Bryan Schultz Susan Schwartz Antionette Simone Robert Smetana Christopher Smigel Richard Sorensen Judith Straut Caroline Taylor Jonathan Tosh Suzanne VanDerWiele Charles Volkert Darren Walgreen Darin Watters Richard Wardell Darl Westover Doreen Williams Robin Wrenn Gregory Wright Rosemary Zwetkof 160 FRESHMEN 'Y 5 5 S S - K X , ef 2 .xx il ei K i. if K Sl QM . ,, 1 :1 W1Sf'-- 'W ,Q -3 Y S X X .s Z . ,. e A+ i ,MW ,A-it f f . '- ,lpn-I W J gg 4 I Q L Fx, ,Mmm ' ' ba rn, i fi A, 9 P MS - H - A b Z , v ..:11 .L 'B' , 5 . x CLASS OF 82 "CAN DO" . , ,M V K ,L L C ,. 5 . is 1 , i K E .:k. E.. 11 it 15 I A 2 '.1:,i, K , .. - 5 ef we . 7 kk . 'L X g AW gg T Q x K 1 ,X if se., A Q" -o-i Pres. Kelly Keyser, V.P, Camnlle Cullen, Treas. Sue Moscatello, Treas. Duane Bowman. Advisor: Mr. Cninnock Barb Ackerson John Allen Jill Anderson Rich Armstrong Lisa Bartolozzi Sue Bender Karen Benson Darla Bielecki Tracy Botwiwick David Bowers Diane Bowman Bruce Brown Wendy Burmeister Maria Cagno Lori Cain Dawn Campanile Billy Cappiello WMM xv, Yma- Vicki Carpenter Bethany Ciceran John Coates Christine Colucci Camille Cullen Mike DeGeorge Jeff Delman Sue Delaney Brenda DePuy Carol DeRea Glenn Drake Caryl Fink George Frank Lori Freet Kevin Frutchey John Fullerton Angie Garren Val Garren Sharon Garretson Gayle George John Gilmore Edward Giordano Amy Gladd Bob Grabowsky Tracey Gray Dave Green Julius Haradja John Hayes Robert Hayes Jim Hendershot Bob Herdman Gilbert Hoerl Jeff Hollis Susan Horeis Dave Howard Dawn Howie Keith Hughes Jenny Janda Jewell Jefferies Robert Jennings Chuck Jones Rick Jones Kim Jorgensen Kelly Keyser Sharon Kehoe Cathi Kassakian Oliver Kipar Cheryl Klein Rolf Klein Joseph Kreoli Gary Lambert Dale Lockwitch Lea Lothian Karen Maderski Peggy Makarevich Steve Ma karevich Sue Martini Brad Martka Lee-Ann Maves Frank McCauley Ernie Meshach Bill Meyer Chris Midkiff Jim Minnella Rich Mollo Jeff Monnett Sue Moscateilo Joe Mydash Lori Neiderlander Dawn Nordstrom John Passalacqua Laurie Pastor Robert Perna John Perry Leslie Quinn Terry Rafferty Robert Rajkowski Karen Ritter Victoria Roberts Brian Rooth Larry Rosensweet Melanie Rowe John Sagan Steve Sandberg Eileen Schilling Tracy Schwartz Perry Sclafani Sandy Smith Tim Smith Cathy Speller Darlene Stoddart Keith Stone Cindy Stys Robert Sullivan Bob Thorout Gerhard Woyzicho Debbie Vandine wsk Jeanne VanDenKooy Y ir R 2 CLASS OF 81 "IS NUMBER ONE" "" JW ,. , s i i. ,,.A ,,,A, , .V , i i Q 91 I 91 ,A " N V, ' - ':7'f:' V ii i :Ui .ih,,, i i l 3 wi'-d"f 5 5 3 2 E 5 1 Advisor: Mr. Goffredo Pres. Patty Makarevich, V.P. Rusty Gladd, Sec. Lori Simonetti. Missing: Treas. Laurie Cagno. 52 i 16 Lisa Anderson Bill Baldwin Cynthia Barnes Noelle Barnett Kevin Bedell Ed Belcher Vickie Beron Linda Berry Sharon Blumhagen George Bowman Eric Brockmann Todd Budd Jodi Butler George Burdge Betina Burham Laurie Cagno Mary Campbell Kathleen Cannon David Carpenter Cathy Carroll Connie Christian Marinelle Clavel Michelle Conklin Karen Copensky Chris Cowell Gary Cowell Kevin Crane Alesandra Creedon Pat Delaney David DeYoung Eugene Depaolo Barb Dragowski Chris Drake Bob Drew Pat Farley Sandy Fee Rebecca Feldman Laurie Fenton Amy Garson Sandy Gerkhardt Brett Glaab Jodi Gladd Rusty Gladd Theresa Gleckler Wanda Gould Cindy Green Jill Gwynne Renata Haradja Brian Hardiman Linda Hirsch Laura Hollabauch Diane Kitchen Kathy Kittle Lori Konya Eileen Kruty Michael Leopardi Clark Linaberry Jennifer Litz Wanda McLain Patty Makarevich Michael Markus JUNIORS 169 Dave Mazurowski Denise McCrone Joe Meshach Bonnie Mitchell Gail Mitchell Nick Miele Jean Monnett Jean Monnett Rich Mott Dwayne Nemeth Lisa Nichols Cheryl Noel Tim Norton Tracy Orth Nicole Palazzo Jim Popa Flay Ramano Carol Redwanski John Ritchie Sharon Ritter Brenda Robinson Joyce Robinson Lisa Rowe John Sampson Carl Sandberg Liz Satmary Scott Schwartz l Michelle Gudall trimming the evergreen tree in the courtyard Allison Sisco David Smith Cellis Smith Donald Smith Peg Sterner June Stout Scott Sturm James Taylor Thomas Tillman Diane Thourot Beth Selinger Lori Simonetti Jamie Troy Lianne Tucker Lori Vass Sandy Vanderwiele Thomas VanHorn Mark Wallace Dean Walgren Michele Walker Chris Wedderman Sue Werner Guy Wulster Dave Yurga Kathy Zydzik in X .Ns Q is .R .rash fi Q X Q. X Q . A S ig' Q L S ' ., Q is ww? Q . - 'Af it f S . 5 4,2 A .I.r..N up 5 t 1 f in ,M 1 . 5 - . 1 Q , , f 'ff ' QW AASAAA 1 Avyhh k.LLf11 M - 1 V ..L: ,:L, .. X L 1 N. E N N me X :V H Q si N e .+. Q Q fi " U X M ig 3 J' Q . , :, if ' X ire , " " we KA A af fE4?.f ft' x... . - F 'SAY--Be. IQ fr ix " we 1 ,x X 9 5 Y Sf w 172 Advisor: Mis 'RRY S a s W w +4 K Class of 1980. Need We Sag More? in g- Q . f , X :iv - K , Q eb L :if Q5 Q: S 'Nl , e as 4 5 ,g IQ: Q Q, Wffzz? xy: ,, 7 ,L ' ' erffx ' 3 s R. Masson Treas. Frank Delman, Pres. Mark Bourhis, Sec. Karen Frutchey, V.P. Mary Barnett. DAWN B. ADELBERG ELLEN C. ANDERSON .ix Nw ff MARY ADELE BARNETT DOUGLAS H. BAYER SHARON L. ANDERSON SUSAN L. BECK JAMES A. BENSON DAWN M. BIELECKI L 173 MARC L. BOURHIS ELIZABETH A. BOWMAN JOHN M. BOEHM 4 BLAKE K. BRANDT SUSAN C. BROWN TERRY L. BRUGLER DENILEE BURD LEE M. BURDGE CINDY J. CALLAHAN T43 JAMES H. CAREY TIMOTHY L. BUZZARD STEVE E. BYROM MARYELLEN CANNON MYLES A. CAPPIELLO mx? Wendy Kobee came to NWR during her sophomore year. For the past two years Wendy as been our Student Council Secretary. Recently, she received the honor of becoming State Student Council Secre- tary. 175 LAURA M. CATO LARRY G. CLIFFORD KATHLEEN M. CHRISTIAN EVELYN R. COWELL WENDY C. CICERAN DEBRA A. CRISMAN JAMES E. CRISMAN DANIEL G. CULLEN SHAWN P. DALTON FRANCES DELMAN SHERRI L. DEPUY DONALD S. DIANA JACOUELINE D. DEPUY BRIAN L. DICKERSON TARA L. DOYLE LORELEI L. DREW 177 I JEFF A. FENTON WILLIAM J. FIGURED SCOTT FINDLAY SHARON L. FREET KAREN L. FRUTCHEY WILLIAM D. FRYMAN I , I U ' ...,. " A Z CECILIA F. GEBEL ALISON A. GEENE 178 JAMES F. GILNIORE DIANNE M. GLADD RICHARD M. GORDON CHARLES M. GRAMBERG Before coming to Blairstown, Frances Roberts spent many years abroad. She has had the opportu' nity to study in France, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Rome, She has mastered French, ltalian, and Arabic as well as English. Frances relished her cosmopolitan life style and hopes to continue her world travels. LAURIE E. GRAY 2. LOREN M. GRECO CARLA B. GREEN BRENDA L. GRIESMAN r if ,- 5. VINCENT L. GROSSI PENNY A. GROUNARD JOHN F. GUERIN GERARD K. GUILER BARBARA L. HARRIS 180 In 512 Q KATHLEEN K. HEINES ANNA R. HILLYARD MARY FRANCES HIPPLE . ELISE L. HOLLABAUGH Mary Francis Hipple has been singing since she was very young. Her first debut was here at N.W. dur- ing an assembly. Since then Mary has had several singing jobs. She started at AIfonso's, a local restau- rant. Now Mary Francis is presently the lead singer in the band, Creation. Her future plans include fur- thering her education in either Music or business. DANIEL S. JONES rl III ,. WESLEY J. JONES VALEFIIE A. KEEFE ALAN D. KISE WENDY L. KOBEE Larry Clifford qualified as a National Merit Scholarship finalist scoring 1340 points of a possible 1600 on the Preliminary Scholastic apptitude test. He then achieved the perfect rating on the verbal portion of the SAT exam. Larry also received the Bausch and Lomb Award for his accomplishments in Science. 182 .-, '-.. f WILLIAM B. LAPP VICTOR M. LOWRY ARTHUR P. MARGELOT GREGORY A. MARTKA STEPHEN E. MASTEN www JEFFERY A. MOLITOR ANDREW MOLLO GREGORY T. MONNETT THOMAS B. MULLIGAN DIANE P. MYDOSH :iw 'J . gum w ANDREW E. PETRETTI ELIZABETH J. PHILLIPS NANCY K. REINALDA I LAURENE E. ROGERS SCOTT W. ROWE WILLIAM SACCO 1 CHARLES B. SACKS THOMAS SANTOMARTINO 185 KEVIN J. SCANK JOAN E. SCHERZER LINDA SCHINELLEFI X HEIDI E. SCHOENBERGER LYNN SMITH SUSAN M. SMITH WENDY L SMITH The "anatomy syndrome" strikes a senior member down in his prime. 186 ,. J If ,ff - in L g 2 I Z JON L. SPRAGUE GLENN W. STAUFFER WILLIAM A. STENDER DAVID STONE JEAN L. STFIAUT TIMOTHY O. STUY ROBERT L. TIMS LISA M. TIRONI .., H ,,,, . ,. .1 I ., I .,.,L, SANNA L. TONNESSEN MICHELLE M. UNANGST JANICE VANDENKOOY JON B. VAN DERWAL WILLIAM F. 'x BETSY A. WINTON WERKHEISER CYNTHIA L. WHITFORD GLENN C. WOLFF DONNA C. WRIGHT BRUCE A. ZOPPY SHAUNA L. WRIGHT PETER ZWETKOFF JOSEPH G. YEOMANS MINDY OLSYN "' member of the class of 1980 graduating from Troy High School, Troy, Pa. THE END ,,,.. lf' EQ. M,,,,,,...... ,.,.,....,--ww ....-,Nw-H'-ff ,,,,....-wwx-'f . ,...v-ev"-K A M.NN..,-f l , ...- ,,,,,...-.-W ,,.,....--0 W AN E E K X 2 f S Q 5 Y ? 3 2 2 a i 3 5 E 6 190 5 W l d A... , M. . i Q ' V' 3 1 'N M Sf 1 if i gg . y A in ' ii 1 s www' 1 HE BEGINNING zgww 'ww E S ix. ' 1 if fi vi? N FINANCES: 'FHS fvwrulirfv HES 1.30.2 N K 'X' X .M wig LXNA V. THIS D080 US SSSUID UID!! QUYNOUWY QF v JK? YO YN! Til!! AND CUKOUFONS SYATUB ki W QCQIIKU BHD UATID, AIO DKLNIKD IYAN 'Fig' ' 'OHS 'fliASUll'Y UEFA!!! I N 1' WASHUCGTON X 1 ADS 1 T11 ' W 1 i . .T N , a A i Q af. . 1 K " , 5? - ' QD 1 5, K y rt kQ r ig y N ,gtg J 1 ,Q .K . 15 CONTENTS nv 0 1 ' ' ' 1 E Q IS S U E D A T E S 4 , wmise rg 31-:Eg 9 1112? 1 Boosters 2 4 0"1:3un?J?2s'r3-13 g ,hA f avtmemr A4 IKIIDIQ. 559 Fi 3981-1 .3 gnu' 1-if mmf was DAVUUQT TNIUCVOI SKCUPNG ACFENTF DAYSNO 'BYAMP 1 0000 000 000E 6 "....f-"""' X !,AQi1n,'gu,,y. vi ik is Q iy t 1 . , ,, -' L:". 1 - - 4 ,1 -1 1 -.Q i rv 1 '- r -fr' ri ','W Q Llliliiiiiilil ' A,', A 1. " i k ' W f ' 023,35 qw, Ki 0 K N4 0' lf 'wr' X ' A 1' m 1 l SQ 0Q0 000 we as Sr Dlrectory 6 In 1980 the members of local OFQBFIIZBTIODS and surroundlng communuty helped our school greatly through thelr thoughtful contrlbutlons Wlthout thus carung many thmgs new unlforms new books even thls yearbook would have been lmposslble for the school to obtaln The ads on the followlng pages are examples of the wlllmgness to support the new enthusuastlc sp1r1t at We would luke to thank all of those people who have helped us reach our goal of SUCCESS b.btl. S Q Nz aff pg Ad ............... 19 A iw ........... 1 32 . ' ........ 21 S gm! . 111 :Pg . . ' . . Q '. I I I ' l I I ' . 1. lf , . ESQ ' . ik 4 ! of U ' . . . . Y rl 1 . 1 xi .l ALFONSCTS SPRING VALLEY INN IN -f' For reserva+ions please call Q20 ly 362-8162 gV BI + NJ I43 R+ 206 Sianhope, NJ 347 42I I ,Q 195 -931,1 i' --"""-' '-'- - ' ' ' " 1 'iiil l 525253323255 5 f ,ff , essage lt s your classic taste in clothes . . . refined, updated, I gg 5 l A more versatile than ever! Whether it's work clothes or 0 1 ,QQ "1 ' o 3-piece vested suit, you'II find it here. Distinctive L 'sf , .iqi styles for men and boys from the manufacturers you've 'M , ' ie' Q f come to know and trust. We've got it all, in both fine ,A lg, i A Q' stores. 1' fel if " WEINIERNNER VAN HEUSEN HUSH PUPPIES CAREER CWI ' 'K sown soo woouucu convsnss losromn A W ' A' wilson HAGGAR wolvnunr .5 ' , . .f td nsnmn mem Jocxzv wmmv V. 1 X is imnfs mm LEE Anaow f 2 I -Tailor On Premises- -l tx . , gounlrg CouJinJ 6!oflzier.s. .9nc. k I5 AIA ' auvmene snorrmo Pi.AzA suunsrown snormns PLAzA is -' Q Route 46. Belvidere, N.J. Route 94, Blairstown, Nga. QQ - . o D 'I 9-5130, F '. 'na o n our 9-5130. Fri. wins: i PMIPHEISE 415.20-lh I Franklin o. snamnlle PHgNE 362-8543 - - NORTH WARREN FARM 81 HOME DUBLIN HOUSE 5UppLY 496-4544 . Route 94, Hainesburg, N.J. CornggilxijjnjlEeTljl3,ZeTl-eel Ea+ing and Drinking Emporium See Us tor All Your Farm and Home Supplies Lunch, Dlnner, Cocktails HARDWARE AND TACK Hardware: 362-bl 77 Feed: 362-bl l7 s I 5 ! l 3 2 s s 5 3 l E f 1 Q i E 3 E s I i E 2 l s E E 3 2 5 E E E f f w LLL. ffumgumzmqmnwmfgxx-mwwaw.w,m.-1X1-,,,WM,,..U,mmw.wMmwMwW-Mmm,Wwfwwiinwwwwx.,..M,M,.N.,..m,,,.,,,f..u.,,.W,,A.m.. ,,.M,. X..,,,,,W N ,.,,. W.. LL,, V ,,,,. NWN., ,,,, ...L MMmm,,...N.,.L....U,,..m.WW.MWw1:m..m,m,,.-V..M..,u::,.,W,nmm.,,..L...W,,.,..-m..,..Wm,,.W,,.....X..,M. ,, W. ,A . TEACHERS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BEST WISH ES TO THE CLASS OF I980 THE KNOWLTON TOWNSHIP LIONS CLUB Complimenfs of COUNTRY LIQUOR STORE CompIimen'Is Hope, N.J. of TH E CO LU M BIA I N N T I 20I-459-4537 "Pm and ES"'e"' CHARLES GRAMBERG TRUCKING LIGHT AND HEAVY HAULING R.D. it I BLAIRSTOWN, N.J. POCONO MOUNTAIN TRAILS R+. 94 BIairs+own, New Jersey 362-8237 Ch dT C 1 ' i Comphmen+s of aw, m, ,Awww M ' Main S1'ree+ 200 mwwwm Phone: 496-4394 RUSS GLADD Excavafing and Be Landscaping Trucking Class of , 4 . Q. "YOUR I CHSNNOR 4 Blairsfown HU NTYNGQFISHING 8: ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT AURANT 1-A - .... Phone: 852-9709 R i 4444 Phone: 362-8920 Mohgjune-Up iRu'I'o Accessories R+. 5 J 'ii, T Warren '1 Family Res+aura n+ Lobsfers - Sfea ks -- Cocldails R+. gg-45 mm Phone 47554540 EA, i L :,,, 5 LJ , LL,VV,,Vi IVV ,,:, , , u . 1:31101 1 ll! all n C2012 475-4045 5300145 FLOOR 31 WA'-L 1 ommm , o mm o mmm o l i George Cook T m ' 3I2-314 Fionf S+. ovmer ' '1 Q "' Igii ziipi, 7,, '12fL"' m 5'h Belviggre' fr 'mf ,,::,wfw1.w 1- 1- i. ,,,-ww.. , ff.f,w,,,,,, 'HM V: "-wf.,:,- ' 'ff'-H, o mm m Hacke'Hs+own Mali: ' HackeHs+own, m Q 852-6644 "Pu+ a Li'H'le BH' of Lippman , Ez, 'Jewelers in Your Life." Salegmj Comm. m m1 mmmm N Refrig. Servfoe 8: Air Cond. Re'Fri9-- B.R.A.C. Q Aarmoond. - - ,'m1 mmf Qm: ,m,, m CO5 1, 5 f1,1 L BEN Langdon alaifgfbwn, N.J. o o ZOI-36256223 Il 496-4373 omo j mmm mmm, 1 o o PL U M ING ammo Oil Burner Work c91umb:q , N.J. Q1832 ,CH EVROL 8fOLD5l ooi m fy 6 A TIRE Dave 94, Garden Tires RY Wi. i4QQ,A4..wud'iMf 3 'K aim: '.1m..,5i ,qw 5 5 E 1 8 Q 1 1 E I 5' E 1 3 1 x 5 S x 3 i E 2 S 2 E Q ? Q 4 1 E s ? 6 3 5 5 5 Z ! 2 5 i 4 E 5 E Q 5 1 4 E 1 E s 3 f Z 3 3 S . " VM-Ma mmmmrww- www- -W '----- M-mm., ,,,. ,,.. Mw..Mf -wuwm ,mmwm-.--,wMm,M,mm --Wm. ---f mmmw fu-W.M.......... w,.......,..w.iI ,,...J .,,, Nm,,-M,,m.,,....N,,M,,W,,, M, Congra+uIaIions From HARDWICK TOWNSHIP'S WILD IRISH ROSE BLAIRSTOWN PHARMACY Open 'Io 8PM on Friday R+. 94, Blairsfown Shopping Plaza Blairsfown, NJ Phone 362-6963 Camera and Film Dept, Prescriplions, Surgical Supplies, Hudson Organic and Nafural Vifamins, Cosmefics, Russell Srover Candies, Gifls, Greeling Cards, Jewelry. JOYCE TRAVEL AGENCY, INC. Booking Early Saves Money Mildred 8: Pa+ 362-8969 BLAI RSTOWN FLORIST Flower Arrangemenis for AII Occasions Main Sfree'I', Blairsfown, NJ Main SI'ree'I BIairs+own, NJ I20'I 362'bI82 "Wedding SpeciaIis'I's" Izou 362-assi VER NA'S RAY-ZEN'S BEAUTY SHOP Gun and Reloading Supplies Plslolsmllll Closed Mondays Belly Zenoclc 362-6498 Rowe 94 Box 346, R.D. :Ii I, R'I'. 94 Blairsfown, NJ 07825 Blairslown, NJ 07825 Congra'I'uIa+ions Io +I1e Class of I980 FINKS OLD COUNTRY PANTRY Hainesburg, NJ HUNTER'S LODGE Res+auran+ - Cocldail Lodge - Molel R+. 46 Delaware, NJ Wm ,M my f x J wkiifi 5359+ H , Blairsfowni NJ f, W 209 CONGRATULATIONS! NORTI-I WARREN REGIONAL + HIGH CLASS 0f19ao SCROOLXM BESTWISHES I, 4 1? ' R Ocfs f? :Sf THE F TURE ,. , A I 'xg-Hx gil. " fx '1 Q,c9. , X"" 2 I . . I X' sie, I X' - ' , 3 y .f Q5 A sk f FQ fc, Xk' " A Q ' ' .a ' - ,Z f " Hifi A -f--- H- ' ' 5 0 '1 1, - ' -'Z 'FQTT 'T 6:1374 11, , .5 -45 its , 1 A "' ' ' ,. N f ,f, V X K ' - 'fl Q -' 1, 1' .-1-'l 1,1 A ,f j, g"'T' if- fz is KX A" NGHTP lf.. my 1.5 '53 vflhii X, +L f 1 - I , : "-,,.:"7"uL 'tj " 1. -'j4 f"'1 '-fl f Nuys , 6 I' , 5 4, I, , . 'T 657 f W lg, ,VM ily! T if ! f ff" T' , FJ W' O SPORTS BOOSTER CLUB Congra+ula+ions from SANICO, INC. C 81 D RefusE3cgTac:loLjervice N H O R N I N C Box 93 Delaware, NJ 07833 MOLASSES JU NCTION Blairsfown, NJ C0mplimer1+S of C 8: D VAN HORN Congra'l'ula1'ions Class of '80 Madalyn, Sue, and Bob "Memories for Those Who Leave, Good Times for Those Who S+ay." Com plimen+s of THE STUDENT COUNCIL Phone-Code l2O up 496-4 I 54 DA KAY FASHIONS, INC. Con+rac'rors of Women's Apparel Columbia S+., Columbia, NJ 07832 Howie and Mae DaKay GRAY'S EXXON Box 38 Delaware, NJ 07832 HUMPTY DUMPTY DRIVE-IN Open All Year Round R+. 46 Delaware, NJ Burgers, Sfealrs, Shakes, ' and Soff lce Cream 2341, Gm th .-.-:g::::3 .:.. t J am A LOAN ASSOCIATION A n a saoooobyra S Q su. I c p 212 gmiex Qi 3. li i K f ,ily wffavnsazzw., - A - .... XA-.1Q,vez:,Q-f-,wfIlw-wmsg-I--fwp,-.,- ,, ,. Qvzlqif, "Good Luck Seniors" "Your Complefe Insurance Cenfer" JAMES E. GILMORE AGENCY, INC. 86 Main S+ree'I' Succasunna, N J 07825 TeI. 20I -584 5005 "Service you can counf on from people you can frusf. " AII Forms of Insurance BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I'-780 .445 JONES INSURANCE QYIPPGHJ5, AGENCY 0 Q-Nagy 0 Bridge and Douglas S+. I P.O. Box I I6 BIairsI'own, N.J NI K p L93 S N 3 :se IQWQ' 'Q EE! W sae Q I IV A I . ll I I nn ' A: P IIP'I-:I , 362-6446 362-8040 oun uin a 'avi' RI 'III Blairsroun Life - Fire - Au'ro - AccidenI' - Lia bilify 216 ANDERSON, Spanish Club, 1, Ceramics, 4, BAYER, DOUG: Soccer, 1, 2, 3, 4 2, 3,,4, , BECK, SUE: Softball, 4, Senior coming Oueen, 4, BENSON, JIM: Football, 3, 4, American High saw club, 2, BIELECKI, DAWN: Home Rep., Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Major Music, 1979, American Band BOEHM, JOHN: BOURHIS, MARC: Soccer, 1, 2, BURI-IAM, CHRIS. Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, Fishing CINDY: Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, ELLEN: Club 3, 4, fggjjbook, 1, Photographer, 4 CAPPIELLO, MYLESI Football, 4, Ski CULLEN, tling T DAL ep , 3, 4, LOREN Spanish Club, 1, Basketball, 1 Ba Ho I'IOl' skit, ' All Area Zlvres- seball 2, Co-Capt., 3, 4, r 3, 4, Student Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey, 2, Band 3, Class Sec., Club, 1, 2, 3, 1, H.R. CATO, LAURA: Senior Play, 4, Ski 1, 2, 3, 4, County Band, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, CHRISTIAN, KATHY: Hockey, 1, X Merit is E 2 ip W iff if W W Q 2 V f i ,V V,,, , ,,,2x,wmnumwmmv'- WW fx 5-4.mmw.m,,., W f- V , ,...,.,,- ,W ..., ,.,- A Z 1 5 , ffff, -W ,,-,M W- ay. , . -io 4 sf?- sfi . wr."- f A X 4 vw f wmv ..,, ,, -,. .. , Lx. gm ,.1-C. sax gf... Fi E ' , 3 '-A " ' 55' . v 'R' MW , .,4..,kf,,-5: f 3:2454 " '21 evwfhigzgaic LIS" if :Q Z5 FQ i? 14 s 2 ,, 3 3 Q-?ffQl? ma 2 wb' wif eximww ffffii W ' 2 flffgffiffkm MQQQQYQH ' YN gr- K . 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Suggestions in the North Warren High School - Patriot Yearbook (Blairstown, NJ) collection:

North Warren High School - Patriot Yearbook (Blairstown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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