North Warren High School - Echoes Yearbook (Smiths Grove, KY)

 - Class of 1956

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1956 volume:

2 Sl as HU 50, be X53 5 CD 5 + J dren fs Thls IS the Parents equauon of our 1956 Semor Class Love plus Guxdance equals Parents In vxew of thu logrc we dedrcate our 1956 Echoes to those deservmg people Oli! PRICIXIS and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Buren E Chfford Baumgardner Gene Bryant Elbert Compton Walker Edwards Ralph Hawks Roland James Bluford Miller Thurman Saylors W1l11s Sledge Frasure Whrte Thomas, Sr and Mrs Herald Carroll Mrs Clare Cooke and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs John A and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs Hughxe Cowles Aubrey Demumbrun B111 Evans Ewmg Ezra Helton Renrck Lawrence Davrd bowe Cooksey Mansfreld Noal Vincent i 1 2 'W i -5 ' A 'Q ----A '21, vc -'fn -we E 5 C? i ' A' A K. MRS. ROY GREATHOUSE. SPOHSOI VENETA WHITE, Assistant Editor BETTE ANNE THOMAS. Ediwr FoLus SAYLORS, Assistant Editor ,sm 'Q l -O 4 5 up --.I 'sa - 1 , it ii 'faq '. I 3' PL, sa 'ff ,11- i1q1 Sales Managers Snapshot Editors JOYCE ELKINS - ROLAND LAWRENCE MARGARET BRYANT - JOHNNY DEMUMBRUN GENEVA COMPTON - RAY MANSFIELD EDITH HAWKS - RAY K. LOWE ,J n-11" . 1 V. +1 I Seated Mrs Mane Webb Secretary of North Warren, Mr Basrl Smrth Principal Standmg left to rlght Bette Thomas Loveece C3SS1dy Srdney Rector Beverly James 5? QP BASIL O, SMITH MRS, ROY GREATHOUSE MRS. C. P. JONES MRS. DANNY ROSSETTER Principal Social Studies English Home Economics M! KENNETH HARRISON Agriculture ANDREW RENICK Mas, FRED BECKER BILL RIDEOUT MRS. THOMAS WEBB Coach Music Instructor Baud Director Commercial Teachef MISS ANNIE ROBERSON First Grade MRS. LUCILLE BARRICK Fifth Grade X i XXI 1,6 S MRS, LOUISE GREEN Second Grade ax Qfx aw MRS, MOSSIE WOOD Sixth Grade MRS, CARRIE COOKE Thrrd Grade MRS. NELL BA SHAM MRS, BASIL SMITH Seventh Grade Fourth Grade 1,15 MAE' -'cf' MISS LUCILLE SCOTT Eighth Grade X I .r ROLAND LAWRENCE - Vice President nt Roland is goodlooking, He has brains, too. The Freshman girls look at him And breath, 'Wool Wool I' VENETA WHITE - Secretary GENEVA COMPTON - Treasurer In brains - she abounds She will never have a life In looks, too, all around of dnxdgery, In fame and fomme, she will rise, By being rich, she'll live in And be put in books for children the lap of luxury, to memorize, H I RAY KENNEFH LOWE - Sentinel Red doesn't like his English, he says it's too hard. When he goes to visit, he Leaves his calling card. Q fx .i 1 Y I ELIZABETH ANNE THOMAS RICHARD LEE COOKE The 'Tiny Tim' of the Richard goes to the drive-in Senior Class, In his Model A, But in a Mercury, she He sees all his shows is hard to pass, At the White House Cafe, LUETTA EDWARDS She is energetic and full of fun, When it is time for lessons, Luetta just wants to run, PATTY BAUMGARDNER Patty is sweet and very neat, In a '55 Ford, She is hard to beat. JAMES EDWARD EWING Jimmy is our dream boy, At least that's how it seems When the class is having English, Jimmy just dreams, EDITH HAWKS You will know Edith by her laughter and song, Look for her at Beech Bendg You can't go wrong, MARGARET BRYANT A tall blond with somber blue eyes, when she gets with Edith. Oh, how time flies. CLASS MOTTO With others feelings in mind We take a step into the future together CLA SS FLOWER ROSC CLASS COLORS White and Lavendar ALBERT CARROLL His name is misleading, so Soft and so sweet, At heart, Albert's rhythm is to the boogie beat, RAY MANSFIELD Ray's pretty sturdy, he's tough as iron, He receives most of his blows between the hen house and bam, MARION MILLER Sporting that diamond, I, g in N She really is sharp. . Soon she will be owrung A a Harp Qery, ' ' 7 I Ls. , CHARLES COWLES "Cotton's" a wild one, a Long time he'll roam, When he goes after a girl He leaves her at home, LANCE HELTON Lance is our muscle man He's built to stay, He eats his Wheaties To keep him that way. 9 BEVERLY HOWELL EVANS As the woodpecker pecks, And the willow tree weeps, When the whole town awakens, Evans still sleeps, BEVERLY IO JAMES Our Beverly likes a handsome movie star, Rock Hudson is her favorite by far, JOHNNIE DEMUNBRUM As for Johnnie, his politics we like, Ask him a question, he says, "I like Ike", JOHN LOWE His name is John, but we call him "Skinner", But 1 can't see the difference, He still comes to dinner, JOYCE SLEDGE ELKINS Present: A cute little house and a handsome husband. Future: A musical career and children? A dozen, :Wm E808 EO HXEMWH BONAOFH QEEE HUQEUDH 32:0 Q08 SUEDE wyhm ina Egp 35 20:6 EO E50 M5326 gauge E225 532022 gm Emo Eugxom wOQ wie-oswwwm GCOESQ M252 BEE 305253 Emma 23 Emi QUENS EE EOE Zgmwmmwmom Eg E22 EO EX 12 5 05:2 4 :Exam Ugbw Eng: 235 SP6 ENE EO S6056 56 Bga-E UBEORSHQ Om Om QUQES BSOHWOU E305 QOH! 3OU 850302 gem Bcmgwm Biggwm 8:5 :MEMS Bmgm E08 mm OH wxivms E303 SH? ERE VHOEH NO swgdg H252 EEUEEOOH H355 wiam 22 22:0 wdgdw 3:32 H322 HOSE NAEE mi 4 H25 3:52502 SDSU MEEEN5 32 Szgzggr ENS!-Sm 2:20:12 :OE 252502 Hgwdgg UEEWOU mam R532 mm OH WVHZQ3 5329 w-HOA E028 go mgggm EG bmi 3205-as ag .AEE EE' 2:5 mga :gm E033 so 3302 wa S32 EO NAHWUCOFEQ D303 BOWL OFF BLS 0502 U23a2iOm 0308 582 238 asm io? WH-:O AEE SEOOEUQ mundane Egg bam 2252 E wmvmzgm E05 m Om EEO3 52:02 3-mzadu Sage!! WEE ww SEEBEOU 20:2 EOE tam sam 3203 EMBO Us SEO3 as-E wgm OH 3-no MEOL wgoin 35052 EG SEG EOD SEO3 0253? MEOHW ww? 2:33 OH C22 wmvnz Sigzgz Qt- 35 525 N Z :SSH Q0 ROM Eigw UMWNENE EE gg MESH wo gg 302mg UESG 4 HEP H EQ QOH :NE gm A2 ngwcm E QE OH VUE-W'H gum gem 3:3 2:2 Ecmgww 52005 ban 22 :bg H COD 3-NME 2.-WU H SQ H Hgggm 33 bigmvr U2 MEWUH H COD 325 M 582 3:3 H-E534 50233 5632 uw::E8D E Us mom mi 2wOOm m SEED 2 2262 RCU EU EO Ozow 3:26 FEE E202 N633 NAEEQ NES :mei C232 NA:gDm 0 H 6:25 355 8?-' Nam :HEL 5055! 22-MS QGEOZ 5550 ESQ bam HEOH Sawiz E2 iz A 9 x U U . . oo z : V i . 1 so I . A Wu! 7ak12fe0f BEVERLY JAMES BEVERLY EVANS Wosf 51feQ fo cgucceeof GENEVA COMPTON DAVID VINCENT GufeKSf G0 UIUQ PATTY BAUMGARDNER JIMMY EWING YT 051' Gourfeous MARION MILLER RAY MAN SF IELD Qfx,-,,.,fx , Kes! jjersonafly EDITH HAWKS RAY KENNETH LOWE grzbn OZQJI FOLLIS SA YLORS CHARLES COWLES 978251 Wfikffc MARGARET BRYA NT LA NCE HELTON cseruzbe LUETTA EDWARDS RICHARD COOKE df Wfosf gflfefkclu Kes! jqmjqroun J D9 3 'l fl e exxws E EYAUNBRUN SOYC ROLAND LAWRENC SOHNNY D SOHN LOWE fu ,Qrb -4- -H' x 13-Q ma -1 fi 301 .ar- ea- fn A 'ssl I Rx. 41 umm' 1 1 9. X X. vi 4" , ,gj?,w XXX f -4 'T if Nw... 1,5 V w., ws, X 2, .1 1 I WTF X. CA .- ,.. 1.4 ' 1 ' 1 , A nj K I l 'WY , 1 f.. jf, X C 5 . ' QP' cv BILLY MITCHELL S . President C QIQIOI' Q-qofyzbe fo CSOIOAOIDOFQS WILLIAM GOTT Vice President 'Watch for Miss Anna, Future Juniors, she is the root of all evil!" "You can take it easy on weekendsg Miss An- na doesn't believe in tests on Monday," LOV ECE CA SSIDY Secretary "He who sits and does not budge, only gets one piece of fudge. " PATSY TABOR BARBARA ANN DOSS BOBBY TABOR DORIS EMERSON BILLY MANSFIELD Treasurer Reporter Sergeant-at-Arms "Don't get 'If you want to be a Girls, if yOu want I0 "Love, courage, "You sophomore boys discouraged, good ball player, keel? Your figure' don't SGHUCUCSS. and stick with your books Keep fighting Practice ball and for- work in a drugstore. " truth, " and not the girls. " the battle. " get your studies." MARY SMITH FRED RIDDLE CAROL LAWRENCE DONALD EASTON BETTY WHITTLE "Don't chew gum i.n "Think twice before 'Don't talk all the time "Don't take American "Don't whittle your Miss Anna's class, " you say yes, For some Listen once in a while. ' History if you don't time away, " times it is too late to want to be picked to say No. " pieces. " Gfdss 9jI'0p58C As I s1t here m my rockmg charr wtth my cat cuddled contentedly on my lap my mrnd tums to my school days School days when we who are now etther a success or farlure were all promrsrng students One person stands out more vrvrdly than the others because of the k1ndness she showed me through those four tryrng years of our young lrves Yes, lxttle Patty sweet and gentle Pat She rs back home now wrth a lovely famrly She ma.rr1ed a wonderful guy we all knew from Smrths Grove Patrent understandtng, frm lovrng Jlmmy comes next rn our class He returned to Smrths Grove after havrng been drscharged from the Navy wrth a flawless record A dental technrcran as you know he has hrs own offrce IH Smrths Grove It LS a thrrvrng commun1ty now Of course, we shall never forget the tall blond athlete wrth the heart of gold He rs a successful basketball coach rn a western college and an tntngutng bachelor upon whom the coeds cast an rnterested eye That rs Beverly Veneta always had a very keen mrnd and a gay carefree manner She rs a prlvate secretary rn a successful petro leum company It IS rumored that she owns controllrng rnrerest rn rt Margaret as I remember was a tall blond wlth cool blue eyes She made some excrtrng excursrons to Mrchrgan and her eyes danced as she told of her expenences there She marned a lawyer there and now hves rn a breezy lake srde cottage and takes lrfe easy Rrchard was never happy unless he was drrvmg h1s black Mercury Hrs obsessron for Mercurys grew and he even tually became owner of the Lrncoln Mercury agency rn Smrths Grove He drrves a car now that Qaccordrng to the letters from the folks back homey rs a block long and ts lrterally covered wrth gadgets He drrves to a luxurrous vacatron spot ln Cahfornra each summer Beverly Jo rs srngrng her way through lrfe wlth her husband They are excelled by none save maybe Les Paul and Mary Ford Davrd had a good mmd He was always ready wrth an answer, and I notrced even rn our hrgh school days that he had some very deep and touchlng thoughts So the rlse of thts brlllrant novelrst d1d rn no wrse surpnse me I see wrfe qurte often ln my shop She 15 t1ny and delrcate and looks as rf she would break at your touch Edrth always loved garety people, and the most exhaustmg sports She has a dark Florrda tan to go wrth her skatrng rmks, and dance pavrlrons Roland was a handsome boy rn hrgh school, wrth a hrgh scholastrc standmg He went to school for a long nme studyrng agnculture He now has an ultra modern farm Because of her expert nursrng abtlmes Marlon was persuaded to go to a veteran s hospttal to care for the wounded servloe men wlule her husband contrnued rn the Navy John turned up lately rn Smrths Grove wlth a Doctor s degree and years of successful practrce behrnd htm to set up hrs own offtce rn the heart of the crty Trny Geneva accomplrshed great thrngs as many small people do She has a boomrng busrness rn the new depart ment store she recently opened on Marn Street Albert went along wrth hrs frtend, Jrmmy to the Navy and to dental school The expenences they shared made them even closer frrends, so Albert and Jrmmy have theu offrces together rn the new burldrng across town Lance put hrs brg hands to many a tractor wheel and ploughed many a strarght furrow He owns a large portron of level farm land around Smtths Grove wh.1ch yrelds abundantly Johnme as we all expected made hrs career a mrlltary one He rs a General or somethrng now Hrs wrfe never has to cook because he IS an excellent chef Luetta has a large famrly now and IS as motherly as a lrttle hen She has a charn of restaurants and the whole famlly pttches ln to help run them Ray has a farm near the nver It rs nch, but he doesn t farm much just enough to make a lrvrng He never marrted because he couldn t choose Just the rrght one Joyce has lrved happtly rn the same house stnce her marrrage years ago She has her famrly now and three days a week she comes back to N W to teach musrc Kenneth made another farmer He now has what he consrders most rmportant m lrfe a good farm a fme famrly, a hardworkmg wrfe, and a happy contented lrfe Follrs was always Wllllllg to help anyone who needed help Her gmdrng hand rs now slowly accompanyrng her famrly up the steep and dangerous ladder to success Charles was shrpped off to Japan after he was drafted He seemed to lrke rt so he stayed rn He and Johnme get together every now and then and drscuss the Army A freckle faced boy norsrly entered the room swrngmg a baseball bat He brought my mlnd back to the present Jolt Gosh, I'm hungry Mal I hurned rnto the krtchen to get supper on the table As my glow1ngly happy famtly settled at thelr places around the table the thought occurred to me that I would have been surprrsed and pleased had I known the future of my fel low Senrors. Bene Anne . . . . . . . . . . . . his . . . , . . . blond curls. There she owns 100 square acres of green rolling land, covered with golf courses, swimming pools, Peng V era :esxdem Pat Sp: adhng Vxce Pie xdem 'Y ommy um Secremaiy Nmuuce ai! Treasure! sammy Rosen ev R6 WB! Chiioxd W au Sargeam at A Madxson Mal ea. et Recreauon L Boyce Mouldei 306 Mansfxe. Shxney Law Wkme He: Cato Larry Larry 3 1 Baumg IGH sh X Wng atdnex V BYHOD ames pg Q"-m 'aa I 'X Maybell Keith Ieanice Pierce Sue Rasdall Imogene Smith jean Lowe Alice Lawrence Willis Baird Harvey Baird Tommy Garrnon Billie Joe Helton David Beckam Jerry Barrick L. D. Rasdall Delores Johnson Winifotd Hill Joe Edwards Joe Ned Brooks Joyce Doyle Il me . fr H ,C f, fu if . . L., r sv .L K' Y: , k , ' - K il , ,ff 10" Q' T' Us ffl' V irginia Gilbert Karnes Williams Linda Mills Lavenia Waller Charles Elrod Nladis Garrison Eames Pierce leaneue Rector Phillip esse o ce ernble Nancy Dunn Nancy Srndle Sams Book arolyn Welcb alolyn Cooke Serena Grinstead Bobby Doyle 9-. in 'S yl flu,- LNs.'+,,.... E V?- 4-S il ? Nj f B x Q. ll! zu if as I 0.0 1 -7' ts. E:-' 11 Mary Jane Sledge President Steven Cole Vice President Brenda Hogue Secretary Alice Cassady Treasurer Judy Barrick Reporter Arvil Hendrick Sergeant-at -Arms Bonnie Williams Kenneth Rasdall jimmy Garmon Faye Moulder Larry Netherton Phyllis Moss Margie Potter Billy Webb Norma Smith David Grounds James McKinney Eleanor Dunn Larry Coop Marcella Watt Jessie Cowles David Williams 'li if 99- Barbara Easton David Wingfield James Britt Wanda Smith Billy Joe Watt John Whittle Opal Geron Horace LaReine Garld Bledsoe Frank Russell Annette Morrison Leroy Tabor Sue Ellen Martin Charles Rector Beverly Sonders Claude Whittle , 5' ga Compliments IS f O K S123-JE SHOP . CQOW Compliments Eddxeorovl X8 Won ' V190 916 U0 . RECTOR FURNITURE 4 Tame swim NXO gs w. ' NWA Swxo 4 Q A , Webb - 'F 'X 9 . ' ' j ' Malaga Smxmvson v sw y X Pauioia Saivxmget S. 'W 4 baiac ngis eg xv ' V , I I' BZ! :meg Q13 , gi if so - ' D0 ' Nc 'S ' nes 3at0e'f SOC met V Mickey at 5 annie' Go 9 ., g. P peafso N W vi vine , FN- 5 5 X i "4 'W X 17 t 94 ipvy K 1 10 W W f Shirley Long Shirley Payne Joyce Christy Connie Kincheloe Barbara Thomas Margie Britt Sara Young ,., Frances Gravile Joyce Smith Loretta Hudson Nellie Cole Marilyn Meridith Serena Wright Jackie Malone Carolyn Irvin Willie Mae Anderson Douglas Brunson Martha Man Charlas Doyle 2' ' in -J is iii? v , 'b ,ffl W 31.-'ff'-'f Fi? BQ 1 - xi' A ' ,iw Q , . fb 1 Y- . .., S 9 J K .l . ,N if 5: as if ' ' Jerry Beckham Hazel Dunn Jimmey Smith Patricia Whittle Jimmy Whittle Marilyn Melton Roger Borders Martha Smith Phillip Lowe Brenda I ones Terry Edwards Barbara Geron Joe Shaw Betty Jessee Jimmy Watt Brenda Evans Bill Meredith Carole Beckham Richard Jackson Sandra Howell Carolyn Duff Phyllis lessee Carolyn Christy Patricia Newland Brenda Netherton Betty Mae Whitley Norma Kemble Larry Thomas K' Vs, M S' iw' Sue Woodward Nelda Barton Glenda Barton PHOTO NOT AVAILAB E Carole Carter L Linda Carter Linda Wright Jean Duff x I . 71,74-Linda l-logue Leon Gravile Martha Britt Gerald Young i L ,J ,pygfKay Waller Larry McCoy Gwen Garmon Gary Saylors Judy Magers Donnie Pennington Charolotte Dorsey Joe Whittle Carolyn Melton Craig Waldrop Janice Woods - W 4-Puls' M r if 'Q 55, 1 rv 5 2 5 1 f his ! , ia., by DC gym gra Q Compliments Compliments of of SIMPSON FURNITURE MORRIS JEWELRY COMPANY COMPANY A 3 S Q, v 6 l s 15 E ' if ' N. 1' 8 , - A U , K'-, i q " 1 7 N6 u ,, A o A iz 8 Q sf . - N , A ! ' n Com plim ents of RILEY S BAKERY Com plim ents of WESTERN AUTO STORE Marshall Marr Beverly Williams Melvin Clark Chrystalee Martin Marvin Clark Martha Rasdall Joel Wilson Katherine Richey Gilbert Booker Harold Moulder Peggy Newland David Perkins Joe Evans Joe Jordan Fred Denton Billy Lawrence MM 1 'N-. 1 7 1 L Y S- 5 S L N f Ourfg QJQQQQ ex K as Gary Raymer Jamce Bledsoe Irmmy W11son Mrckey Geron M110 Marr Bomta Lawrence Sue Edwards Second row Larry Cole Lxnda Rrtter Mxchel Kemble Carolyn Lawrence Charles Thomas Kenny Thomas Sharon Lowe Thud row Chester Joe Oakes Came Raymer Benny K1nche1oe Betty Cole Wayne Sprllman Carolyn Evans Jerry East Fourth row Mayme Denton Eddre Marun Sherry Cooke B111 Brownfleld Rrta Gott Jerry Vaughn Beatrrce Sparks Flfth row Llnda Perry Ruth Lmder and Judy Wh1t1ey Comphments Comphments Comphments of of of PUSHINS DEPARTMENT HOME FURNITURE WALLACE MOTOR STORE COMPANY COMPANY V .gif - .K if ' - x i si V, ' v if sr f 'L zz ,A :K ' 'f y he U - ' A A 1 4. -sf 5' , .L f 1 U . ' ' " Qt 'A " 1' ' " 1 2' ' 1 '- --f-- A A 1 1 1 1 . 1 rs A f Ak rf, .- 1 ' ' I A ' 5 ' 1 - 5? 5 f Tv' 1 A , jf 3,31 h 'lf r A 1 ' ' ' I y 1 Q43 - ' " xii, W 1 if Q . Q 4 A . . 4 . 5 1 ,H . . T 0 '- A ,, '-' . L s-L - , 1 , 'F' a f? ,W 5 i 1 , fa ' if A b I V554 ' 'Mez'-i 1 1 - ,D 'wx ,is 'K ' VV k f . K s Q- J 'f 0. 1 .vi X . 2 ' - I ' If A , A I ' H k N i X Q I f, gr J ix 5 , ., . X X H 1 A X A, II r 1 Q I L fe, A.. ,H Q X ,y 1 ,. L , A .av 1- ' . , fi . I 73' I A I 4 . ' y 1 I M .J , . . . . . . , . . . 1 D 3 n . H n ' 9 1 n 0 v I 2 I l I , U I . I s o I 9 D i l o . l I . l I . I ' S ' I . ' . . Billy Whittle Louise Beasley Dan lessee Vonieta Lawrence ,l Elwood Carter i ' Susan Bybee W Billy Carroll Ann K. Lucas ' 7 S Q Q. 1' Joe Gray, Jr. i Sh H f W " aron unt fl Q 'YN 1' I X -r Allen Shaw Barbara Sledge 'ff' Charles Whitley i 5 5 9 .. 1 Freida Richey X, I Z 'P James Whittle 1 et A COIDPUIDSHIS Compliments Compliments of of of DEENIERS BIGGS , SAM, NAHM FLOWER SHOP FURNITURE COMPANY J I Q AND COMPANY Compliments of WOOLWORTHS Compliments of UNION UNDERWEAR COMPANY ,.x 6: y Y :L 5. Mary Ellen Wright 4. X Clifford Willson 4' Mary F. Willson 'fx 1 I ' , is Aj .J 4 v by to Z' fit, 'X mv ' 7 F X, S ,I .. 0 1 .xv "' 'lx' Beckham Martin Joyce lsenburg Forrest Hester Dorothy Keener Bobby Waldrop Paulette Baldock Denny Woods Lillian Irvin Carolyn Peden Joy Woods Doris Moulder Travis Sowders Martha Anderson Barbara Barrick 'G QCOI2 QPU Q Compliments of HERMAN LOWE SPORTING GOODS Compliments of BIGGS FURNITURE C om plim ents of CLINES REFRIGERATOR SERVICE SUPPLY Compliments of BOWLING GREEN COCA -COLA Compliments of BUTLER BROS . ' Jimmy Richy Randall Barlow, Jr. Barbara Wilson William Martin Sue lessee James R. Cole Betty Edwards Johnny Tarter Susan Phelps Edward Beckham Carol Trent Marr Melvin Lendsey Jeanette Bohannan Bobby Cayton Carol Ann Hardy Dwight Anderson Bonnie Sparks Jerry Thomas Judy Duff William Linder Theda Hawks Mike Vincent Sharon Capps Walker Glass Brenda James Malcom Marr Joan Helton bouis Geron Jeanette Barrick Johnny Williams Neil Johnson Gary Vincent Porter Gott :Qi . fi -A Q. G I ,Q 4 W 3 ' 'Q .1 8,1 Qs 44,,,,,x W 4, V I L.. '. y - fr- fe- ' J1 ,Nw an 1 'fl I x ' ul X 5 ' ' f I, 8 V it 2 QD- my .47 . ' 'ef' L, 24" 'f" .'f ',f, A 'sv . P' LD .Q K Di 0 3 . 5 V, 4- 4 at V ,jf ,J ifiiflp ' x . , AJ W Q Q . .wr ,ra , ' A? ,fl J ' , I ,X f' ,. i..ffa. ,J J Q2 'Nr-fy ' . 'In 9, I rt. O I ff' 5 , g i "' I Q Q 'kia , I M y A y id I fr' 1 K U, .+- ,gp 5 A 'TM I r ,A Q Q ,V - lbs Q Q- QM Q Gale W A 1.10 S f y 116' v rd Hatchet Mamie' . , D3 ,Q ' ' 3obbY t X ' me gene : k i .,,a ij i X 1 if 3 1 gg.. 'I' f Q K X X X 5 ' f Q, t 5, Q ,E - Jes., 4- he le -. A ,, 5 Patsy Colter Martha Long Larry Jones Gracie Ground Charles Shaw Maritta Richey Johnny Vernon Mary Bell Gott Terry Jones Jane Martin Maxie Ray Perry Ruth Anne Holman Bobby Pelly Martha Faye Perry Ieanetta Harmon Faye Shaw Ronnie Woods Ianetta Christy Michael Smith Re ginia James ' n fs-. 12: gif Af so mnmv Wwe neu xx mm Bunch ,, Rui ie P ay B6 M ,rr x Xin v 6 Q S Gene Sgxznn whmle frame a Wm Rebecc Cmtk W ang Moore DC 6 Lowe ADW' mane Linda Sue P K . ki M M Q ,-6' as A r -, ,V 4:21. i v 'ilfm-ii Y W, if Q? ' .M 55' 9 x, .- a":f fa Yu 1 ki . --an . a Mi' Zus Zrzbers MR, HOUSTON SMITH MR. OTIS DICKERSON MR, VIRGIL JONES MR. JAMES MCKINLEY MR. ENLEY ELROD 51112 C5I'O0II2 Zzkecfors MRS, NELL BYBEE MRS. ORA KINCHELOE MRS, RALPH TABOR MISS GEORGIE KINCHELOE . ' 46" Gusfoofdn MA TTHEW PARRISH 'K as gf gegr ary 1956 Z JY W csfafe Qeyree cQaf1faf0r1Gn U 7 r' W 'Udk0QCf0fICH as gf gegruary, 1956 92-6' Qgfafe G1f12ens51p csfafe Zeyree JOYCE SLEDGE ELKINS If 051 ZJQIUGHQ STATE DEGREE BEVERLY JO JAMES Was! gffbfzb' JAMES EDWARD EWING Boys ' csfafe ALBERT CARROLL CLIFFORD WATT CHARLES ELROD JAMES E EWING CHARLES COWLES RAY MANSFIELD BEVERLY EVANS Captain 'N Qt' MXL.. l7A6'L E5 PAUL WINGFIELD LANCE HELTON ALBERT CARROLL BOBBY JOE BOOKER ANDREW RENICK Coach CHARLES COwLEs BEVERLY EVANS, Captain 320,51 Zh? JIMMY EWINC, Co-Capnam BOBBY BOOKER COACH ANDREW RENICK LANCE HELTON f: Q 'z L - h -'V qi A -f x ii .1 - ' --Ai ' ' 'xx fx - Wx 'X X ' ' 4 , 1-1:1 - l 2 ,Q SAME Lk r. X1 I? 'Vx I RL 1 -1 A D . A 4 1 ALBERT CARROLL JIMMY EWING 71k1Sf 176312 CHARLES COWLES CLIFFORD WATT LANCE HELTON PAUL WINGEIELD RAY MANSFIELD CHARLES ELROD BOBBY BOOKER BEVERLY EVANS A . I um! fam , s 5 ngflf ixgigizsvi QW ' U'--" "'-"' Agfa' '- ' he ,if-W ...4 h f . 7- KX,-'f13 iffyf 3 . A . 1 xg 2 Q 1125! ll A 1 bs -EMU' BQTTY Beverl ' Baffil-K Wim' James? 5!QT7?gN05T 'i I-2-1.96, f3:fff'ixa -' ,J , 4 V J U '1'j"9"', Y "S-ff ,J '95 4 s . '5 sg . 1. I 9 1 -l 1 ,I 4 5314- 9 Lx Q svn- R 4 r . r ,xx-.4 X Bette Thomas - - Billy Joe Mitchell Barbara Doss - - Beverly James - - Veneta White - - Joyce Elkins - - William G0tt Nancy Studle Zjefa Cf 6 MRS. COLUMBIA JONES - - - President - - - - - Vice President - - Recording Secretary - - Corresponding Secretary - -Treasurer - - Reporter - - - Co-Reporter - - - -Song Leader '- "N ,,,.,. V 9, ,,, mai. '....n Q' 34' ' '.'44l'G4gvuu ll CQ?-Tv R 5 David Vincent - - William Gott - - - Roland Lawrence - - Billy Mitchell - - Ray Kenneth Lowe Richard Cooke - - MR, KENNETH HARRISON, Advisor - - -President Vice President - - Secretary - -Treasurer - - Reporter - - Sentinel 1' i HH ':. -,1 4' ff--, f ff " t i ' tvs. i 1,7-1 C3 ' 0122122 QFCIEZX Gksses I I 'W L- i - MRS, MARIE WEBB Instructor Compliments of PRESCRIPTION CENTER Compliments Of Compliments NATIONAL STORES gf NO. 1 8a 2 THOMAS FLOWER SHOP ll. 111 Il-F4 I Ill llg " X ,, ,shhw Compliments of BOWMAN OFFICE COMPANY Compliments of JAY CEE MARKET 4 l 47 ' if Q M -Q bg' . - x gi ' 1 ng 3 ,AX Q L Q rip gp . gf Y . Y f ' 5 A 0 5 K ff h If hh X Qlf Z5 Z4 5 X , ll Z6 nx- :IH I A? fzayla iff!! v- - 1 ..-Y-T 'I' Compliments of BOWLING GREEN BANK 8a TRUST CO. Compliments of CARL JORDAN Consercnalzon C116 Billy Webb President Charles Doyle Secretary-Treasurer Mr. C amp Mr. Browning Advisors 4-If C3116 James Williams President Charles Elrod Vice Pre side nt Annette Morrison Secretary -Treasurer Imogene Smith Song Leader N y D unn Re porter Miss Eloise Cooksey Advisor, fGirlxj Mr. Wilson Hourigan Advisor, qBoysj Compliments of WILLIAMS DRUG CO. Compliments Compliments Of of ROYAL MUSIC STORE KELLY OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. You Can Always Count on: H'-awww Our North Warren And No Community High School Is Complete Is the Greatest Asset Without It's Banking In Our Community Institution 742 pgfyfiififff MQW? gf Qimig jenna "The Old Reliable Since 1880" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - ,pf ' ..-"K ,Nw ,,,.o'-, ",...'nv. .- 0 ,,..--v X, gigikmmm Q, JW, LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS Bowling Green, Kentucky ,nw ZZWZM PAQM supply co S FORD THOMAS Manaoer Seeds Feeds Fert111zers and Bu1ld1ng Supplles Srnlths Grove Kentucky Phone ECI-IOES Grace Cole s Beauty Shop Smlths Grove Hornemakers North Warren Eastern Stars No 495 Rabolds Adams Shoe Store Clay s Furn1ture Store I Scott Lowe Knott s Dry Goods Tuckers Drugs McCormack s Dollar Brothers Mlller s Carpets Reproductlons and Antlques Crlttenden Insurance Agency Anonymous Fr1end Alexander Palnt Company f 7 Friends of the 1956 2? 572554645 INSURANCE AGENC Y R E BEARD Avent HAROLDB MCGUFFY Aoent One of the Nat1on s Leadlng Farm Agencles Smxths Grove Kentucky GQAP-IAM MOTLEV Lumber Bu11d1ng ROOf1ng Supplles CD55 DRUGS Your Dependable Drugglst Qzdm INSURANCE AGENCY Smlths Grove Kentucky IIIVESTIGATE SAVINGS... reg O COOKE E5 EVVING Hardware Palnt Wallpaper Plumb1ngSuppl1es Phone 1 1 Srrnths Grove Kentucky KEENER TV SERVICE Sm1ths Grove Kentucky We Use and Recommend Tung Sol Tubes DIXIE a'E55.6l GARAGE Z4 Hour Wrecker Servlce i Bowllng Green Kentucky CO IIPCI- C1 INN Comphrnents of HERB AND MAXINE LOWE Bowllng Green Kentucky Cornplunents of PAIQAKEET INN Good Food for Good Health Ask the Local People WARREN COUNTY REALTY COMPANY The Real Estate Center Auct1ons Sales Rentals Loans Answerlng and Record1ng Serv1ce 918 Center Street Bowhng Green, Kentucky For Your Fertlllzer Needs FAIQIVIEIQ I3-EIQTI I..I ZEI2 O. Srruths Grove, Ky. Telephone 2204 I- 5 or QOI4 I B. E. COOKSEY MOTORS AND SA VE S-NPI ! 1- ,I New and Used Cars 625 College St. Bowling Green, Kentucky EAIQIVIEIQS SIJI3I3I.V CO INC. Inte rnational Harve ste r De ale r 427-429 College St, Bowling Green, Kentucky JIIVIWIIE JONES E7 SON POULTRY MARKET Phone 6956 610 College St Bowl1ng Green Kentucky I4II2'I'I..EV FURNITURE COMPANY INC One of Bowl1ng Green s Largest Furn1ture Stores 728 College St Bowl1ng Green Kentucky C ompllrnents of Wfzmwd The Store All Women Know Bowl1ng Green Ky KEITH MONUMENT COMPANY Your Rock of Ages Dealer Bowl1ng Green Ky GLEN N JOI-INSON O11ver Farm Machmery Ornamental Work Weld1ng and Steel Fabr1cat1ng 31 W By Pass ,JO 'IS I I I S DRIVE INN 8: RESTAURANT Stop In After Your Ball Games Steaks Sea Foods Short Orders MR AND MRS JOE BILL BRYANT 31 W By Pass Bowl1ng Green Ky XX ll Compliments of I Wm! Wiz? Flowers for All Occasions Order Your Corsages From the Student's Downtown Flower Shop W5 FLOWER SHOP 514 Main Street Bowling Green, Ky. Compliments of GAQMAN E-f SON DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES Smiths Grove Kentucky Complirnents of W' JW! My fhziz jgfffffwd GENERAL MERCHANDISE Hays Ky Compliments HOWELL 5 H UNT IMPLEMENT CO Z5 East Eleventn Street Bowling Green Ky eCjTflFEi2s SERVICE STATION Aetna Oil Products Sn' iths G rove Kentucky KENTUCKV TIRE EXCHANGE Tire Tubes Tire Service Distribution of Dayton Seiberling Tires 130 East Main Street Bowling Green Ky Victor 3 6353 E +-mussels 51555 Y tc 3 gg., A Bowling Kentuck Green K Y I ' 3 , . . 1' , , . Q O X V " . . . f ' H49 S - - ,ff 3 Q - n - 2 . K gxfvr ' , . ' 1 f B u K T - lm.. CAR I l:.zlQ DENNVS MW Hmzfzzmm AS I-I LAND , Q 5 6 562067 7jdWf 7hzZ QWWZZZM Compliments of Compliments of INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of I MILLS Complirnents of A SERVICE STATION Ns was N, 'SX' X99- 4 oy YS 5 bvcwbvexwhtg' tx 'if 647 Qr 90 44,0 ov sg fe YW Q5 mb 6 ? COMMENCEMENT May 8 Aff 'Y G 'Ss 769 1956 6216095 Cqafen fkf 00 1 Q09 sl'-'S 9 eb OPENING OF BASKETBALL SEASON 02, 27 as 0 4, Q5 fi If 4461, ,066 . JY 6 AL QV' og? Q QYFXXBQQFL fe '7A,4, 4, ts' o Cf '29 If 40 95 60 Oc 28 4 SENIORS APPRECIATION By ARG OO 5 We the Senlor Class and our Sponsor MISS Anna owe P01115 Bette and Neneta a vote of Thanks for the ume and effort that they have spent edltlnb our Echoes of 19u6 Thanks for a good Job 0 ffv 7 4 C6769 6 41 , 0 QQCQO o f 4084 oql ho YQKQ' Y' ' '? 'Xu Q50 O C, YN YS Q3 th t. I7 QOL!! A 6,0 Q1 5 sow CQQZQ- Q.. ,ff f....,,,.,, ,fy ..V, . xx ff' .. ' ,fi W .N ! , N A 3 1, I Mx f

Suggestions in the North Warren High School - Echoes Yearbook (Smiths Grove, KY) collection:

North Warren High School - Echoes Yearbook (Smiths Grove, KY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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North Warren High School - Echoes Yearbook (Smiths Grove, KY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Warren High School - Echoes Yearbook (Smiths Grove, KY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 34

1956, pg 34

North Warren High School - Echoes Yearbook (Smiths Grove, KY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 33

1956, pg 33

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