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2. 1 i 1 :I 3 was 'I E E ,E :X H 1a 0 ,ii 5:?7 5I ?':f"3'V Q I Z V 2 l f ! A X Y ki X PRESENTATION E34 4, 'iff THE 1951 presented by the K North WHIES High School WWWWHW N 'W 'HI Senior' Class Norfh Wales, Penng lvarlia y bm xvr, wil S L ' jifll MA, Mm XS XNW "Dear North Wales High We sing your praise and glory, Dear North Wales High, Our Alma Mater true... O' , Q " ' W x . Aw' Page Four I I iii? We, the Class of 1951, dedicate the twelfth edition of the WNo4Wa-Hin to Mr. Gerald G. Hottenstein, as he completes his first year of administration in the North Wales Schools. In the space of this one short year, Mr. Hottenstein has made for himself a very warm place in our hearts. He has been more than a supervising principal. He has entered whole-heartedly into all activities and has set an example that makes for good school spirit. We, of the graduating class, know that we shall like to return to our school to tell Mr. Hottenstein of the progress we have made. It is with this thought in mind that we ask him to accept this dedication as a token of our high esteem. !.Tv4:?H , Wir! haf' N f-'ft ' .V X , a, . an . - 'D Q-I gi r -'l j 5 257. ' 9, Page Five The "No-Wa-Hi" staff members extend sincere appreciation to their advisers, Mr. McDonnell, Mrs. Handerhan, Mr. Petrella, a.nd Miss Schafenacker for their co - bined efforts of cooperation and guidance in helping us assemble this twelfth edition of the year - book. We are most grateful to Mr. McDonnell for his help in photo- graphy and to Mrs. Handerhan for her help in layout a.nd typing of the copy. Mr. Petrella's advice concerning the a.rt work was most welcome. The success of this yearbook can be directly attributed to the wise counsel and constant help of these advisers. APPRE C IATIDN Page Six ,j N ff S W 4 xi xi N ! ,f A V, 9 eil 3 M L.. G if V . y A " " - 1 HN SEATED - L. to R. - Dr. Harvey P. Frank, Mr. H. Parmalee Burkart, treasurer, Mr, Frank C. Kinsey, secretary, Dr. Albert Schafenacker, presidentg Mr. W. H. Weingartner, vice-pres- identg Mr. Harold W. Fuss. Your Board of Education has asked me to express its thanks and appreciation to everyone who has helped to make our schools a bet- ter place for all of you. We are at present striving to solve some very definite prob- lems concerning the educational future of our school district. Your Board has always had the finest cooperation from all those persons with whom it has had to work -- the Municipal Author- ity, the faculty, and the boys and girls of our schools. Sincerely yours, Albert Schafenacker President, Board of Education hge WW? if Vt Greetings to the Class of 1951: Your class is graduating in a period of unusual turmoil. You and all the youth in our public schools hold in your hands our na.tion's future. Whatever adverse effect the world crisis may have on the schools will be felt for generations. You, the youth of our community, will be called upon to perform great services for your country. It is my hope that the training that you have received here at North Wales High School will have developed your ability to face day-to-day problems with poise and perspective. It is my sincere wish that each of you will meet with happiness and success in whatever task you may have to per- forma Sincerely yours, Gerald G. Hottenstein Supervising Principal 'J fs f--M gage? 6 'F qflfr 94 VL' Page Nine SARA JANE APP. THOMAS S. CASH English , Latin Health Education LUISE N. HUEGE1. JAMES M. MCDONNELL School Nurse Sciences H. WILLARD RHODES MARGARET SCHAFENACKER Mathematics Health Education QP KH Page Ten PAULINE G. FISHER English, Spanish DONALD K. HUBER Industrial Arts HELEN M. MENSCH A. EDWARD PETRELIA Social Studies Art MARIE C. SCI-IANBACHER E. JOHN ZE'1'TLEMOYER Home Economics Music I E -yin gg p5tl!i!Y:ji "" ii QV nv mx V'f 5 jg, Page Eleven ADRIENNE K. HANDERHAN Secretary EDNA L. JONES Librarian EDWARD M. MOYER Custodian . 'I J 155' Y e Page Twelve Q A xg. NJ' QA -Q9 X " X X- , D X X529 K l X N- Awk' y ! g K i f 41' '91 , , I . 1 CLASSES As we review the performances given by the senior class, letfs go back about twelve yearsl Harkl The sound of a bell is heard! This signifies our first day of school! Mrs. Lewis, our teacher, kept us busy this first year with a doll show, pet show, and the Christmas operetta. Mrs. Kleinfelder was the ringnaster for the second performance. She marched us around the room in many a gay parade. Our class project was weaving wool rugs. We welcomed Anna Dilworth, Richard Cardell and Victor Jochen to our class this year. How well we remember the multiplication tables and Miss Cooley in third grade! The mystery of the third floor was solved when we took a trip up there to see the stuffed animals. In fourth grade, Miss Pierce assumed supervision of us. We had a task with our history and geography lessons. How proud we were when at last we climbed the stairs to fifth grade and our next teacher, Miss Leister. She helped us organize our Audubon Bird Club. We welcomed Joan Scheeler, Michael Ackley, and Bruce Geyer. In sixth grade, our act changed under the guiding hand of Mrs. Kutz. We. put on new faces preparatory to going to the high school. We edited the school magazine, "The Beacon" and became members of the Safety Patrol this year. We gained Merle Bones and Marlene Beattie in our troupe this year. Seventh grade at last! We pitched our tents on new ground for an ex- citing year. Changing classes was something new -- and needless to say confusing. Sports consumed much of our time also. Mr. Benner, our home- room adviser, spent many weary moments trying to keep us quiet. Barbara Jones and Neo Simmer were the newcomers this year, In eighth grade, our class was reduced to twenty-six members. Under Mr. Royer's guidance, we wrote our first play which was presented in assem- bly. Minnie Walker and Molly Jean joined us this year. Miss Connolly was our class adviser in ninth grade. What fun we had in history! Michael Ackley was our president. At this stop, Clarence Kratz and Arlene Kurian climbed aboard our circus wagon. Our sophomore year was one of much excitement and gaity. We gave our first dance, "April Showers". We added a new subject to our schedule this year -- biology. Joining us this year were Dolores Leister and Janet Stan- ley. Mr. McDonnell was our adviser. As Juniors, we were stationed in lO2 with Miss App. The yearfs first activity was the Soccer Ball. The members were active in clubs, sports, and dances. We closed the year with the Junior-Senior Prom. Daniel Reiner was a newcomer this year. At last we are seniors -- all twenty-two of us. We shall never forget the senior play, the Washington trip, and all the other wonderful things that befall a senior. It took twelve performances to bring us to Commence- ment -- a day we shall always remember! do 9. J f r wvmxawa Page Fourteen EDWARD MICHAEL ACKLEY Hldike u Band 10, 115 "Norwalian" 10, 115 Senior Play5 Christmas Pageant 125 Basketball ll, 125 Baseball ll, 125 Soccer 125 Dancing Club 125 Science Club 125 Bridge Club 125 Athletic Association 105 Class vice-president ll, 125 Intramurals 10, 115 Junior Historians 12. "Mike" may be tall, lanky and mighty slow, but he's an energetic forward on the basketball court. After gradua- tion, "Mike" will study engineering at Lehigh University. MARLENE VIRGINIA BEATTIE umaybyn Chorus ll, 125 Dancing Club ll, 12 treasurer5 Dramatic Club 125 May Day 10, ll, 125 Senior P18575 No-Ma-Hi Play 105 Minstrel Show ll, 125 Christmas Pageant 12 5 Basketball 10, ll, 125 Hockey 10, ll, 125 Cheerleaders ll, 12 captain5 Junior Historians 105 Home Nursing 105 Photography Club 10. This cheerful cheerleader is active in basketball and hockey. She will always be remembered for her southern accent in the senior play with "Hands off, you Yankee!" JAMES DERLE BONES "Merle " Basketball ll, 125 Baseball 10, ll, 125 Soccer 10, ll, 125 Chnrus 10, 11, 125 Class president 10, ll, 125 Stage- crafters 10, 115 Monitor 125 Senior Play5 Junior Histor- ians 125 Senior Boys' Guidance 125 Dancing Club 125 Photo- graphy Club 10, 115 Intramurals 115 Minstrel Show ll, 12. A whiz on the soccer field, Merle was elected co-cap- tain of the 1950 championship team. We hope he will be as successful in serving his country in the Air Corps as he was in serving his class as president. RICHARD EDGAR CARDELL 'vnickv Stagecrafters 115 Chorus 125 Dancing Club 125 Senior Boys' Guidance 125 Senior Playg Monitor 12 5 Minuet 12. At the mention of hunting, cycling, or farming, this tall young lad is certain to be in the midst of the con- versation. Quiet, but industrious, he is sure to see any task through to the finish. Our best wishes go with him as a future farmer of America. A ,C V' 'E ,gf ,p 0 A- ' N4 at I ' 7 rx UN""""" 'dnb A 1 Page Fifteen SHIRLEY ANN CARDELL Hshirlli Photography Club 10, 115 Home Nursing 10, 115 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Junior Historians 10, 11, 125 May Day 10, ll, 125 Class treasurer 9, 10, 11, 125 Soccer Queen 125 Soccer ball attendant 115 Hockey ll, 125 Dancing Club ll, 125 Leaders Club 125 Basketball 12. Shirley has been the capable class treasurer for four years. Her energetic sports' participation was rewarded when she was crowned Soccer Queen, sweetheart of the champions! ANIJA MAY DIIIJJORTH NAnnaH Assembly Committee 10, 115 Senior Girls' Guidance 125 Home Nursing 125 Dancing Club 125 Junior Historians 12. Anna, known for her quietness, is one of the original mem- bers of the class, She can always be depended upon when help is needed. Because of her cooperative and diligent ways, she will certainly be successful in her chosen career as a nurse. EDWARD HUGH FADELEY nEddieH Soccer 10, 11, 125 Basketball 125 Baseball 125 Athletic Association 10, ll, 125 Photography Club 10, ll president5 Dancing Club 10, 115 Science Club 125 Junior Historians 10, 11, 12 vice-president5 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Senior P1ay5 Band 125 Class vice-president 105 Minstrel Show ll, 125 Minuet 12. A happy-go-lucky fellow is NEddieH. His Npepsodentn smile and sparkling blue eyes make him liked by all. when not scooping ice cream at Dellickers, Ed can be found on horse- back where he proves to be quite an equestrian. BRUCE RODMAN GEYER nROdn Chorus 10, 11, 125 Band 10, ll, 125 Photography Club ll, 125 Senior Playg Monitor 125 Dancing Club 115 Minstrel Show 10, ll, 125 Senior Boys' Guidance 125 Junior Historians 12 vice-president5 Student Council 105 Radio Broadcast 125 Min- uet 125 Stagecrafters 10. URodH, the well-known car dealer, proves to be the class clown. Whenever there is a class activity, you are certain to see NRodN taking part. Hunting and fishing rate high on his list of hobbies Mama' iii Page Sixteen MARY GRACE JEAN llMo11y!l Chorus 10, ll, 123 Dancing Club l.1, 123 Home Nursing 10, 113 Junior Historians ll, 123 Student Council 113 Ath- letic Association 123 Assembly Committee 125 Science Club 125 Hockey manager 113 Basketball 123 Minstrel Show 11, 123 National Honor Society 10, ll, 123 No-Wa-Hi editor3 Christ- mas Pageant 11, 123 Minuet 123 Senior Play managerg Mm' Day 10 attendant, 11, 123 Soccer attendant 11. "Molly", a cheerful and peppy member of the class, can usually be found bustling about in one of her many acti- vities. Her friendly ways have made her liked by all. VICTOR BUCHER JOCHEN "Vic" Photography Club 105 Intramurals 103 Chorus 10, ll, 12 3 Band 10, ll, 123 Minstrel Show 10, ll, 123 Stagecrafters 10, 113 Basketball manager ll, 12 3 Junior Historians 12 president3 Student Council 12 3 Senior Boys' Guidance 12 3 Monitor 123 Christmas Pageant 123 Senior Playg "No-Wa-Hi" staff3 Minuet 123 "Norwalian" 123 Radio broadcast 12. "Vic" can often be seen blowing his trumpet in the band and indulging in his favorite pastime, eating. Industrious and studious, he is a. diligent helper in all he undertakes. BARBARA JEFFERIS JONES "Marshall" Hockey ll, 123 Basketball 10, ll, 12, captaing National Honor Society 10, 11, 123 Student Council 113 "Norwalian" 10, 11, 12 co-editorg Minstrel Show 1.13 "No-Wa-Hi." play 103 Senior P1ay3 Christmas Pageant 10, JLL3 Chorus 10, 11, 123 Junior Historians ll, 123 Minuet 123 Senior Girls' Guidance 123 Home Nursing 103 Photography Club 10. Although she participates in all school and sport acti- vities, this young miss ra.nks high in her studies. Her portrayal of "Susan" in the.senior play was a "natural", CLARENCE KINSEY KRATZ "Moose" Photography Club 10, 113 Intramurals 10, ll, 123 Danc- ing Club l2, president3 Chorus ll, 123 Minstrel Show 113 Senior Play, Soccer ll, 123 Monitor 123 Basketball 12. "Moose" pitched his tent with our class in the ninth grade. He rates 'ftops" in his hobby which is participat- ing in all sports. His blonde hair reveals his sunny dis- position. Ziala C, R -"2"-' 5 5"'x1'1 ' 'if " A wif Y' ' ' Page Seventeen ARLENE VICTORIA KURIAN nviclq-n Photography Club 10, 113 Home Nursing 10, 11, 123 May Day 10, ll, 123 Dancing Club ll, 123 Junior Historians ll, 123 Girls' Leaders 123 Student Council 123 Minstrel Show 11, 123 Hockey 123 UNO-Ha-Hin staff. This good-natured miss blushes at the slightest provoca- tion. Her neat appearance goes hand in hand with her laugh- ing personality. She is full of fun but respects her stud- ies. Also artistically inclined, she has done much to make the yearbook attractive. DOLORES JACQUELINE IEISTER "Do Do" Chorus 123 "Norwalian" 10, ll, 12 co-editor3 Home Nursing 10, 113 Dancing Club 113 Photography Club 103 Senior Girls' Guidance 123 Junior Historians 11 secretary, 123 Class Secre- tary ll, 123 May Day 10, ll attendant, 125 Radio Broadcast 12. 123 Minuet An ever joined our ary talent ian". Her ready and popular member of the senior class, "Do" class in the tenth grade and has shovm her liter- by her diligent work as co-editor of the "Norwal- pleasant, friendly ways assure her success. BARBARA IEWIS 11331-bn Chorus 10, ll, 123 Dancing Club ll, 123 Home Nursing 103 Photography Club 103 Junior Historians 103 Dramatics Club 123 May Day ll, 123 Christmas Pageant 123 Hockey 123 "No-Wa-Hi" Staffs Minstrel Show ll, 12. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and bubbling is our "Barb". She has varied interests in sports, drama, music, and can usually be found in the midst of all class activities lending a help- ing hand. BETTY JANE MAYALL HB. ,Ln Minstrel Show 11, 12 3 Girls' Shop 10, 113 National Honor Society 10, ll, 123 Photography Club 115 Hockey ll, 123 Home Nursing, president 123 Dancing Club 123 Senior Playg "No-2wa- Hr' staff, May my ll, 12. Petite and peppy "B. J." is a diligent worker in all class projects . As inner on the hockey team, she proved her de- pendability and sportsmanship. Active in all school affairs, she maintains her place in the National Honor Society. 'N' init Page Eighteen DANIEL ROBERT REINER llDaI1nyll Stagecrafters 113 Photography Club 113 Senior Boys' Guidance 12 3 Senior Playg Monitor 12. The year 1950 added another member to our class. Al- though "Danny" is somewhat shy, he is definitely the strong, silent type. Hmmting, fishing, and playing foot- ball comprise his hobby list. He is always willing to lend a hand to anyone, and we wish him luck in the Navy. NANCY WEAVER RICHARDS llNance I! Cheerleader 123 Girls Leaders Club 123 Junior Histor- ians 12j Basketball 123 Dancing Club 123 Senior Play man- agerg Minstrel Show 123 Minuet 123 May Day 12 3 Intramurals 12 , captain. The loss of Founta:i.n Hill was our gain. To our class came a small, lively package of personality who answers to the name of "Nance", Where there is laughter and fun, you will find "Nance" in the center of it. JOAN ARLENE SCHEELER li Joan!! Chorus 10, ll, 123 Student Council 10, ll vice-presi- dentg Dancing Club 12 3 Senior Girls' Guidance 12 3 Junior Historians 10, 12 secretaryg Band 103 Hockey 10, 11, 12 captaing "No-Wa-Hi" staffg National Honor Society 113 Sen- ior P1ay3 Radio Broadcast 12. Joan might be an example of the saying, "still waters run deep." Reserved and modest, she nevertheless is a prodigious worker in class and school activities. NEO DEAN SIMMER ns ljmn Chorus 10, ll, 123 Stagecrafters 1C, 113 Jrmior Histor- ians l13 Minstrel Show 10, ll, 123 Senior P13573 Student Council 12, president3 Science Club 123 Chess and Checkers 12 presidentg Monitor 123 Photography Club 10, 11. Friendly, happy-go-lucky is the class comedian, "Slim" Simmer. His musical ability rates him tops in ukulele playing. The wide range of activities in which he pa.rt1 cipates shows his school spirit and willingness to help. E 4 "N luv . f O f B ,....a as ' V F 41 of' 25 fl: ' ' fl Page Nineteen JANET KATHRYN STANIEY n Jann Chorus 10, ll, 123 Dramatic Club 123 Dancing Club ll, 123 Assembly Committee 12 chairman3 Photography Club 103 Home Nur- sing 103 Minstrel Show ll, 123 May Day 10, ll, 123 Senior Playg Christmas Pageant 12. This little, but mighty, package of personality joined the class in the tenth grade. WJanU is the class vocalist, and her lovely voice is often heard in school activities. She is vivacious and friendly and her many ideas make the class ac- tivities very successful. MINNIE EDDIE WALKER UMinnien Junior Historians lO, 11, 123- Dancing Club 123 Home Nurs- ing 123 Senior Girls' Guidance 123 nNorwalianH 123 Girls Shop 10, 113 Assembly Com ittee 113 May Day 11,123 Photography 11. Minnie, tin , red-haired and quiet, entered the class in the eighth grade. Besides her man hobbies, roller skating, knitting, and crocheting, she always finds time to lend a helping hand in all school and class activities. One of her pet peeves is public speaking. Gwinn , J hs W 25' 3. 551 Page Twenty 1 BEST DANCERS Mariene Beaffie Bruce Geyer MOST STUDIOUS MOIE Jean Michael Ackley l'iCl'S LADY AND GENTIEMAN DoIores TE1'Sf6I' Merle Bones HD CLASS BLUSHERS Arfene Kur1a.n Daniel Reiner MOST ATHI.ETIG S Michael Ackley BEST PERSONALITY CLASS CIDNNS M0115 Jean Nancy Ficliis Merle Bones Neo Sinmxer ii 1 1 . W f ' - 1 4 p5 ,vp M 1 , I 7 'ay' V0 -149 ' W . ' f' Page Twenty-one RCW I - K. Camburn, A. Hamilton, M. Kulp, W. Glatz, J. Blair, J. Ridings, Miss App. ROW II - E. Frank, S. A. Spear, M. Scheid, N. Layton, J. Parvin, B. Fleck, D. Storosh, A. J. Collett. ROW III - P. Rainey, B. Gibson, R. Michaels, M. Brabson, A. Shearer, W. Weingartner, J. Koehler, J. Stein. The Junior class consists of twenty-six members who have their homeroom in 102. Their activities have been well attended and were financially successful. The class sponsored the HSoccer Ballu, the NHeart's De- siren dance, and clima ed the social season with the Junior-Sender Prom. The Juniors can usually be found where there is work to be done 0 President - Willis Glatz Vice-president - James Ridings Secretary - Merilyn Kulp Treasurer - Joyce Blair as 1 me fm ROW I - S. Pierce, B. J. Love, M. Kilmer, L. Buck, R. Fredericks, J. Kratz, P. Gibson, C. Emerson, M. Godshall. ROW II - S. Boyer, K. Hampton, A. Hazzard, A. Frank, G. Geyer, D. Hoff, R. Reed, N. Chase, Miss Schanbacher. ROW III - A. Blair, C. Dilworth, N. Blessing, E. Veit, J. Cuthill, W. Schwartzer, M. Rorer, J. Paul. HGH IV - G. Adams, M. Kilmer, W. Krauser, J. Dietterich, A. Hoffman, J. Bryant, E. Quinn, E. Parvin, A. Kriebel. The tenth grade this year welcomed three new members--Kay Hamp- ton, Betty Joe Love and Jack Carter. The first class activity was an assembly program -- a play entitled HTen Percent Tomm n. A Spring dance was the second successful activity sponsored by the class. This dance was well attended and everyone enjoyed the excellent music furnished by UThe Stylersn. The class is proud of the many members who made the varsity sport teams this year. - President - Robert Fredericks Vice-president - Wayne Schwartzer Secretary - Peggy Gibson Treasurer - Jay Kratz C3 'WY' f'YIY"1JIl: A ' ' K ' wi - z ' A : .vp Kleiman-v14A'5' 92 1' as .5 fr Page Twenty-three Row I - G. schmidt, R. Vander-ist, S. Biddle, M.L. warner, J. Mich- el, J. Matthews, R. Thompson, C. Jochen, N. Longacre. ROW II - A. M. Hostelley, N. Brooke, F. Morgan, H. Downing, A. Krause, J. Dawson, Miss Mensch. ROW III - R. Sauerland, D. Gottshall, R. Nuss, J. Melchior, I. Say- lor, R. Harper, S. Krider, P. Stott. RCW IV - D. Quinn, K. Mayall, J. Morris, G. Dilworth, R. Gregg, T. Cardell, L. Pool. The freshman class found itself in room 101 this year under the faithful guidance of Miss Mensch. Their ambition was demonstrated in the active part they took in sports clubs, dancing club, chorus and in other clubs. Also this year several of them were found on varsity sport teams for the first true. In striving for their goal to improve self-control, they have benefited by the patience and helpfulness of Miss Mensch. President - Joseph Michel Vice-president - Mary Lou.Warner Secretary - Joanne Matthews Treasurer - Sydney Biddle as new if a 5 RCW I - T. Brown, W. Kratz, H. Welsh. ROW II - Mrs. Fisher, B. Vincent, E. Straub, D. Moyer, J. Jenkins, S. Alcock, A. Moore, R. Baskin, Mr. Cash. RCW III - A. Glaesser, E. Camburn, A. Monastero, J. Krause, H. Sch- legel, E. Naylor, K. Johnson, G. Lukens, W. Gilhuer, A. Cassel. RO IV - H. Mason, F. Kilmer, J. Lindsay, D. Michaels, M. Gibson, G. Blessing, R. Rosenberger, J. Rauch, I. Brooks, A.Spear, G. Cadwallader. ROW V - P. Ford, S. Biddle, A. Drutman, E. D'Orazio, R. Patchell, W, Ward, J. Weingartner, N. Schaffer, D. Schnable, P.Bitto. The roving eighth grade of 1950-51 was under the supervision of Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Cash. Their musical talents, ability to act, good sportsmanship, and honor roll students indicate that this is a progressive class. The class enjoyed working on its assembly prograns which highlighted the year. President - John'Weingartner Anthony Monastero Vice-president - Walter Gillmer Allan Glaesser Secretary - Geraldine Blessing Karolyn Johnson Treasurer - Naomi Schaeffer Ehna Naylor . . . . , 0 . o if B12-4l3fs" . - 75 -'ff A ,pls . W w w I A I Page Twenty-five RUN I - J. Lindsay, L. Rosenberger, J. Eberhart, E. Overholtzer, D. Kilmer, B. Brooks, R. Gular, D. Dilworth, J. Heiser. ROW II - L. Camburn, D. Mayall, J. Beech, J. Brasch, G. Thomas, R. Glatz, E. Doyle, J. Schmidt, G. Spear, R. Harwick. RGW III - S. Wilson, E. Craft, M. White, I. Pierce, D. Moyer, P. Hoepfl, C. Lung, D. Hemmerle, C. Booz, Mr. Petrella. ROW IV - I. M. Watts, R. Hostelley, A. Haag, R. Harper, J. Reyner, K. Fluck, E. Veitel, S. Schwass, J. Lamb, B. Rorer. ROW V - L. Baker, P. Refsnider, B. Krause, C. Kalck, E. Storosh, P. Schall, A. Zettlemoyer. The seventh grade found things difficult and unusual at the be- ginning of the year, but under the guidance of Mr. Petrella and Mr. Zettlemoyer, they soon became accustomed to the regular routine ox the high school. They have attended many activities of the school and have en- joyed every minute of their first year in Junior High School. President - Donald Kilmer Vice-president - Jack Eberhart Secretary - Barbara Brooks Treasurer - Elaine Gverholtzer aa any r ar a A 11' 5 XD 15' 'Q UQ svlxnb f Wihigf L lqu. ,I 0 'gf w W ?'5 YQ 0'9 1735.1 X?" Xe. 'Xsf RQ N I J 'Q' .' 9' v . W' 3 -I A-I nil ', 1-"ZW I - . , .Y ' "llZ3.14L12.-,JP ACTIVITIES F' Q' ff ,. ,Q t K Mrs. Clover Mre Clover 0 John Clover Spud Erwin. Susan Blake Betsy Erwin.... CAST OF CHARACTERS .... .....Betty Jane Mayall .... .........Bruce Geyer .... ....Edward Fadeley .. .... Michael Ackley ....Janet Stanley .... ....Barbara Jones W EARTH! if QW Page Twenty-eight my l W' H .1.,.,, CAST OF CHARACTERS Lucybell Lee .... Preston Hughes.. Martha'Wi11ard.. Henry Quinn..... Cappy Simmons... Football p1ayers.... ... IO OOC! OU. .Richard Cardell Victor Jochen Daniel Reiner Page Twenty-nine ..........Marlene Beattie .. ....Clarence Kratz Joan Scheeler ..Mer1e Bones ...Neo Simmer WTI Er V 1? in -V -!!lll1' SEATED - Mrs. Handerhan, Miss Schafenacker, J. Scheeler, Mr. Mc- Donnell. STANDING - M. Jean, Mr. Petrella, B. Lewis, V. Jochen, B. J. Mayall, N. Simmer, M. Beattie. An organization which has put out the twelfth volume of the yearbook, is the 1951 UNoJWa-Hin. It is composed of seven seniors with Mr. McDonnell, Mrs. Handerhan, Miss Schafenacker, and Mr. Pe- trella as its advisers. The responsibility of this group lies in the publication of a concrete record of the nu erous and memorable activities along with the history of the class of 1951. It is upon this principle that the pages of the book were put together. We hope you will enjoy the twelfth edition of the nNoJWa-Hin. Editor - Molly Jean Photography - Barbara Lewis Art - Arlene Kurian Business - Joan Scheeler Circulation - Neo Simmer Sports - Betty Jane Mayall Victor Jochen at was it SEATED - B. Jones, A. J. Collett, Mr. Petrella, M. Walker, Mrs. Handerhan, N. Layton. STANDING - J. Blair, J. Kratz, Miss App, J. Michel, R. Michaels, E. Frank, Mrs. Fisher, J. Eberhart, N. Simmer, J. Stein, I. Brooks, J. Weingartner. This year the HNorwa1ianN has returned to the news-magazine form. It was issued five ttnes throughout the year and the familiar features, stories, jokes, puzzles and illustrations were published once again. Since there was no time, during school hours, for HNorwalianH meetings this year the staff worked during free periods and after school to prepare the publications. This year they have also tried to arouse more interest in the UNorwalianH by having the students participate in writing some of the literary and feature material which was included in the magazine. Co-editors - Barbara Jones Dolores Leister Art editors - Joan Stein Eleanor Frank Business Manager - Jay Kratz Adviser - Miss App Business Adviser - Mrs. Fisher R V alll' - Qs 6 as :ie if v fr-'1 M Page Thirty-one '-TC' CQH C32 'ill I L QI mg I-1 E11 u5QL.1 SEATED - N. Brooke, N. Simmer, V. Jochen, A. Kur ian, Mr. Rhodes. STANDING - H. Schlegel, P. Rainey, E. Storosh, J Dietterich, R. Thompson, C. Emerson, E. Frank, N. Layton, D. Michaels, G. Geyer. ROW I - Mr. Rhodes, B. J. Mayall, B. Jones, M Jean, Mr. McDonnell. ROW II - W. Weingartner, J. Stein, W. Glatz, R Michaels. Q' mmm' X Page Thirty-two The Student Council consists of three e- lected representatives from each senior high class and two from each junior high section. Under the direction of Mr. Rhodes, this stu- dent governing body planned for recording dances after basketball games and Christmas de- corations. Publication of a handbook is also an important task as- sumed by this organiza- tion. The Nodwa-Hi Chapter of the National Honor Society was established March 20, l9h5. Since this date, it has recognized those with high scholarship who had outstanding leadership, character and service by induct- ing these sophomores, juniors, and seniors each semester into the organization. Permanent membership is allowed seniors att- aining required points. at The assembly commit- tee membership con- sists of two volun- teers from each senior high homeroom. Mr. Zettlemoyer, adviser, has started a new system for improv- ing assemblies by dis- tributing evaluation sheets to students and faculty following each assembly. These rat- ings and comments are kept on file for fut- ure consideration. This year the mag- azine campaign was the main benefit under- taken by this group. A bread and cake sale also contributed to the funds for uni- forms, letters, and equi ment. Membership in the Athletic Association is by election in each homeroom. Each pupil may join the A. A. by purchasing a member- ship card. 4 D r E. ROW I - W. Gillmer, J. Stanley, Mr. Zettlemoyer, M. Jean, I. M. Watts. ROW II - K. Johnson, J. Matthews, S. Schwass, S. A. Spear. ROW III - K. Camburn, N. Blessing, J. Bryant. L r' L I C SEATED - Mr. Cash, M. Jean, Mr. Rhodes, Miss Schafenacker, E. Fadeley. " To Brovm, GQ Adams, E. Straub, A. BOQZ, A. M. Hostelley, D. Campbell, B. Rorer, W. Krauser. : ,,, fa ,fi Q 2 ,., .vi als ' iq Iraqi . 'SY QMS' ,Z P pL,:. A-wb Qt, Page Thirty-three M 5 L Y A T H 'r AC SO M M V11 Oh U N f" x.. 1 L ROW I - Mr. Zettlemoyer, M. Kulp, A. Hazzard, J. Kratg, S. Boyer, J. Stanley, M. scheid, B. Fleck, M. Beattie, A. Frank, B. Lewis, S. Cardell, W. Schwartzer, J. Ridings, W. Weingart- ner. ROW II - W. Glatz, N. Sim er, E. Fadeley, N. Layton, N. Chase, J. Stein, M. Kilmer, B. Jones, J. Blair, E. Parvin, P. Rainey, D. Campbell, M. Bones, R. Michaels. ROW III - V. Jochen, A. Booz, D. Leister, B. J. Love, P. J. Gibson, J. Scheeler, A. Blair, 'S. Pierce, M. Jean, C. Emerson, B. Geyer, C. Kratz. Membership in the chorus is by audition with members selected from grades ten, eleven, and twelve. The chorus has done an excel- lent job throughout the school year. The chorus appeared at the Christmas program, Home-School night, Spring Concert, and Baccalaureate services. The capable direction of Mr. E. John Zettlemoyer has shown re- sults in the fine job this group has done. Adviser - Mr. Zettlemoyer a a at X W it ROW I - S. Biddle, A.xMoore, S. Alcock, A. Drutman, G. Blessing, J. Lamb. RCW II - B. Krause, J. Schneider, J. Johnson, P. Refsnider, J. Lindsa , C. Kalck, L. Rosenberger, I. M. Watts, A. M. Hos- telley, P. Schall, R. Hostelley. ROW III - J. Besch, G. Thomas, R. Glatz, D. Kilmer, J. Eberhart, J. Schmidt, E. Doyle, A. Monastero, G. Spear, H. Schlegel, Co Lungs RCW IV - J. Michel, D. Hemmerle, C. Booz, P. Stott, G. A. Schmidt, D. Moyer, N. Longacre, T. Cardell, R. Harper, D. Gottshalb ROW V - C. Jochen, N. Schaeffer, J. Weingartner, R. Patchell, G. Dilworth, K. Mayall, P. Hoepfl, E. D'Orazio, R. Vande- grift, J. Dawson, I. Pierce, Mr. Zettlemoyer. ROW VI - E. Storosh, M. In Warner, L. Pool, J. Reyner, E. Naylor, M. Gibson, E. Veitel. The Junior High Chorus is open to all members of the Junior High School. The purpose of this club is to prepare the members for chorus work when they reach senior high school. ' Adviser - Mr. Zettlemoyer v' lt' A 9 J' A--Lf, O Q96 gg "Q "iii-f'iYgv4"'E1'A5W 1K,r 'lv' f , ' , Q. Page Thirty-five ROW I - J. Besch, E. Straub, D. Michaels, R. Rosenberger, J. Rauch RCW II - J. Stein, J. Blair, P. Stott, E. D'Crazio, J. Michel, Mr. Zettlemoyer. ROW III - D. Gottshall, A, Blair, E. Fadeley, R. Fredericks, J. Rid- ings, W. Weingartner, N. Blessing. ROW IV - R. Michaels, E. Veit, V. Jochen, W. Schwartser, B. Geyer. In addition to the Wednesday afternoon club period, this year band members had to rise early every Wednesday and Friday mornings for eight o'clock rehearsals. Every week they have played for the entrance and exit from assembly and have contributed selections during the assembly as well They also participated in the Memorial Day parade. All students who could play a band instrument were encouraged to join this club for it furnished practical experience and in- struction in band work. Adviser - Mr. Zettlemoyer ROW I - E. Fadeley, J. Scheeler, V. Jochen, B. Geyer, N. Layton, D. Leister, M. Bones. ROW II - Miss Mensch, A. Kurian, R. Michaels, N. Blessing, E. Veit, WQ Weingartner, C. Emerson, J. Stein. RCW III - E. Frank, Af J. Collett, M. Walker, A. Frank, K. Camburn, J. Blair, N. Richards, A. Dilworth, S. Cardell. The North Wales Junior Historian Chapter is a member of the Pennsylvania Federation of Junior Historians. This year the club had a part in the musical entertainment for the Southeastern Dis- trict meeting on April 5, 1951. Edward Fadeley and Molly Jean were elected first vice-president and secretary of that district re- spectively. The theme for this year centered on NLoca1 Historyn. The club gave an assembly program, dramatizing the lives of important people of Pennsylvania. The purpose of the club is to create an interest in Pennsylvania history. President - Victor Jochen Vice-president - Bruce Geyer Secretary - Joan Scheeler Treasurer - Nancy Layton Adviser - Miss Mensch ' it . ,P ' X ' ' 1 I ' "fAllllH!'Inlmh!.li.'LV .JF ' 55 ' A 'f'i"' it 7"l ffl 49 W -' - ' A Page Thirty-seven l11CX'Z.bU-C QW h.'LfX',Z'L"l-1+ fhlfl ,... Y. 1 Y SEATED - J. Scheeler, M. Walker, B. Jones, Mr Huber. STANDING - B. Geyer, A. Dilworth, V. Jochen, B. J. Mayall, M. Bones, Miss Mensch, D. Rein er. ROW I - Mr. McDonnell, A. Booz, M. Ackley, M. Jean, E. Frank. RGW II - J. Kratz, N. Sim er, E. Fadeley, G. Dil- worth, J. Ridings, K. Camburn. The Guidance Club was founded in Septem- ber l9SO. The purpose of this club was to give the seniors guid- ance in interviewing, securing employment, and other problems that confront graduating se- niors. During the year, the club visited various industrial plants, had interviews with person- nel managers and parti- cipated in a panel dis- cussion over W.N.A.R. Another newly-organ- ized club is the Sci- ence club. This club is related to the biology, physics, and chemistry courses. Divided into separate groups, the members work on projects which interest them. The president is Mike Ackley, secretary is Molly Jean, and the ad- viser of the club is Mr. McDonnell. W MM' ith Page Thirty-eight The purpose of this club is to Provide extra-curricular ex- periences for the fut- ure nurses of North Wales High School. During the course of the year, the club members visited sever- al hospitals in the surrounding areas an were taken on tours of inspection. Mrs. Huegel, the school nurse, is the sponsor of this club. Girls' Leaders was a new club fonmed this yearn The purpose of this club was to instruct girls to be better leaders in gym class, to strengthen their basic skill in sports and to develop char- acter. The twenty members were under the guid- ance of Miss Schafen- acker. Q ha' - Mrs. Huegel, E. Quinn, B. J. Mayall, N. Richards, M. Kilmer. ROW II - K. Hampton, A. Dilworth, M. Walker, A. Frank, B. Lewis, S. A. Spear. . ROW III - C. Emerson, A. Kurian, B. Gibson, M. Rorer, P. Gibson, A. Hamilton, E. Par- vin. ROW I ROW I - J. Matthews, B. Rorer, A. Krause, M. Kihner, M. White, P. Ford, Miss Schaf- enacker. ROW II - B. Vincent, A. Collett, M. Scheid, B. Brooks, N. Brooke, S. Cardell. ROW III - G. Adams, S. Biddle, B. Gibson, A. Blair, E. Quinn, A. Kurian, N. Richards PM Q5 T ,aim ,..,,ft w C'l R C oy I Page Thirty-nine N U H, O15 MT 5x 11 G Mr on IA KD LE SR S ROW I - N. Layton, N. Chase, A. Kurian, A. Booz, C. Kratz, M. Beat- tie, G. Adams, M. Walker, B. Jones. ROW II - E. Frank, A. Collett, B. J. Mayall, S. Cardell, B. Lewis, A. Dilworth, J. Stanley, M. Scheid, B. Fleck, Miss Schaf- enacker. ROW III - E. Fadeley, N. Blessing, M. Brabson, D. Campbell, R. Car- dell, M. Ackley, M. Bones, L. Buck, A. Hoffman. ROW IV - A. Hazzard, W. Krauser, A. Kriebel, N. Richards, H. Jean, D. Leister, J. Scheeler, J. Koehler, D. Hoff, K. Camburn, W. Glatz. By an overwhelming majority, Clarence Kratz took over the presidency of dancing club this year. The vice-president is occu- pied by Amos Booz, and Marlene Beattie holds the key to the treasumyz Every Wednesday afternoon in the gym the members dance to the dreamy music of Sam y Kaye, Tommy Dorsey and others. This club could not have been a success if it were not for the direction and patience of Miss Margaret Schafenacker. Adviser - Miss Schafenacker Page Forty ROW I - K. Johnson, E. Veitel, R. Harper, R. Glatz, R. Baskin, F. Morgan, C. Kalck. RCM II - J. Schneider, E. Naylor, I. M. Watts, J. Lamb, M. Gibson, G. Blessing, H. Downing, M. L. Warner, J. Matthews. ROW III - D. Kilmer, E. Doyle, J. Schmidt, R. Gular, A. Cassel, R. Harwick, G. Lukens, Miss Schafenacker. ROW IV - W. Kratz, R. Nuss, J. Michel, C. Booz, D. Gottshall, R. Harper, J. Weingartner. ROW V - S. Biddle, M. White, G. A. Schmidt, P. Bitto, E. Straub, R. Vandegrift, P. Stott, S. Wilson, A. Krause, B. Krause, The first year for a junior high dancing club has proved to be a successful one. with zealous enthusiasm, the members have succ- essfully learned the one-step, the two-step, the fox-trot, the Charleston, the polka, and the jitterbug. The big event of the year was the "Lorelie" dance on January 16. Junior High Dancing club meets every Monday and is under the supervision of Miss Schafenacker. Adviser - Miss Schafenacker 0 2 ,J '- . f A I W' AVA 41lQ1i,"!yT 'S' ff I ! S 'E Page Forty-one RGW I - N. Chase, R. Reed. RGW II - Miss App, G. Geyer, P. Gibson, N. Layton, J. Stein, M. Beattie, A. Frank. ROW III - S. Boyer, K. Ha pton, D. Storosh, J. Stanley, B. Lewis, S. A. Spear. ROW IV - E. Parvin, M. Kilmer, B. J. Love, M. Rorer, S. Pierce, M. Godshall, C. Emerson. In order that a dramatics program might be offered throughout the entire high school, the Senior High Dramatics club was organized this year. It was comprised of all females. In the beginning, the girls presented short skits in pantomine, and as they improved their abilities, they gave script-in-hand pro- ductions of brief one-act plays. Many of the members contributed to the annual Christmas pro- duction of Wwhy The Chimes Rangn. President - Nancy Layton Vice-president - Joan Stein Secretary - Peggy Gibson Adviser - Miss App C I ll u ao nf- ugz-Qf 4 af as Q if Page Forty-two We C' RCE I - B. Vincent, T. Brown, M. White, I. Brooks, A. Moore, R. Patchell, L. Pool. RCW II - J. Schneider, P. Ford, D. Kilmer, W, Gillmer, J. Eberhart, J. Schmidt, H. Schlegel, I. M. Watts. RCW III - T. Cardell, S. Biddle, R. Sauerland, C. Lung, J. Weingart- ner, G. A. Schmidt, Mrs. Fisher. ROW IV - A. Zettlemoyer, B. Brooks, S. Alcock, N. Brooke, A. Krause G. Blessing, J. Jenkins. Real talent and cooperation were the keynotes of this year's Junior High Dramatics club. This group, under the capable direction of Mrs. Fisher, worked industriously on the play, WThe Life of The Partyg'which was presented in assembly. The remainder of the year they devoted to presenting short plays in club period and receiving instructions presence, voice, and manners. regarding stage President - Irwin Brooks Vice-president - Terence Brown Secretary - Anita Moore Treasurer - Margie White Adviser - Mrs. Fisher 3? if if Page Forty-three V1 lfxrvxfl' C LW 2 gn-v E7 I-"1 GX 1 ICT E F' NJ ll lx. ii A fi L ROW I - Mr. Rhodes, J. Kratz, N. Simmer, G. Cad- wallader, R. Harper. ROW II - E. Camburn, R. Thompson, A. Cassel, F. Kilmer, J. Krause, L. Camburn. ROW III - I. Saylor, J. Paul, J. Cuthill, C. Dil- worth, J. Bryant. RGW IV - R. Vandegrift, H. Welsh, W. Kratz, J. Dietterich, J.'Wa1ch, J. Lindsay. , oi r" T. U B SEATED - Mr. McDonnell, A. Moore, E. Frank, G. Geyer, M. Ackley. STANDING - J. Dawson, K. Hampton, N. Schaeffer, H. Mason, S, Alcock, M. Rorer, B. Vin cent, N. Longacre. If any one knew how to play chess or checks ers, or if he wanted to know how to play, the Chess and Checkers Club, sponsored by Mr. Rhodes, was the club to be selected. These mental wiz- ards met every'wednes- day. The year started with the teaching of funda entals. Then came the big tourna- ments to determine who the champion would be. This club is one of the new activities of- fered to the students of the senior high school. Its purpose is to teach the popu- lar game of bridge and thereby provide the members with another outlet for their lei- sure time. A tournament for the club members to determine who were the best players was con- ducted. me MEIN' I W 5 . Page Forty-four In Craft Club, the students had an oppor- tunity to demonstrate their skills. Stencils, clay fig- ures, designs in copper foil, and art work are just a few of the pro- jects that were turned out. Craft club met every Tuesday, under the able guidance of the art teacher, Mr. Petrella. The skill and crafts- manship of the members of the Junior High Hod- el club was shown in the authentic models which were produced. Under the capable direction of Mr. Huber, these ambitious stu- dents met every Wednes- day. With the present work as a model, these boys will so e day be master craftsmen. o . fl. I-"5 Q. JF- I------I u - ss.. 1............w " R0 I - Mr. Petrella, W. Gillmer, R. Rosenberger, G. Cadwallader, I. Brooks, D. Moyer, E. Camburn. RGW II - D. Michaels, A. Cassel, G. Lukens, A.Glae- sser, E. Straub, J. Krause, R. Thompson. RCW III - R. Nuss, J. Melchior, W. Kratz, P. Bitto, T. Brown. 1 ROW IV - R. Baskin, J. Jenkins, R. Gregg, W. Ward, J. Morris. J. Rauch. I " G0 wg Tdard, R9 Eg Mr. Huber. RCW II - D. Mayall, R. Gular, A. Monastero, G. Tho- mas, R. Glatz, J. Brasch. ROW III - P. Bitto, R. Nuss, D. Hemmerle, K. Mayall, Jo Morris 0 ROW IV - G. Lukens, A. Glaesser, A. Haag, R. Bas- kin, G. Dilworth, E. Craft, D. Moyer, R. K, Harwick, ,f. 4' ' C1,,fQ C.l,L5l'iEf q x!,!lIHifAkf4-iir1Qg1 'QV 47 s I F Page Forty-five Cr' KN' AL FU ffl Q03 -fl U11 L-an .J U B N Nl Ns IRM snow M, WMM? Q i 5 i' l ,. go s h Q 7 :fL-11" ,efihca 2.4 ,f rw Page Forty-seven yn 1 -.. . 1- s. 1-:ggi 5. as ROW I - Mr. Cash, A. Hoffman, J. Paul, J. Kapusta, D, Campbell, W. Weingartner, J. Koehler. RCW II - R. Fredericks, W. Krauser, li. Kriebel, J. Bryant, J. Diet- terich, D. Hoff, A, Hazzard. ROW III - E. Veit, J. Cuthill, C. Kratz, W, Schwartzer, M. Brabson, L o BUCK 0 If anyone who likes to play sports, and was not fortunate e- nough to make a varsity team, Senior High Intramurals was the club to be chosen. This club's purpose was to give students additional knowledge of America's sports and a chance to play them. The adviser of the club this year was Mr. Thomas Cash, coach, whose varied and interesting ideas made the club one of the most interesting offered in the school. President - John Kapusta Adviser - Mr. Cash ' s igimdwid it Page Forty-eight ROW I - A. Monastero, R. Thompson, G. Spear, A. Zettlemoyer, H. Krause, Mr. Cash. J. Besch, G. Thomas, J. Eberhart, E. Camburn, J. Brasch, D. Mayall. H. Welsh, D. Hemmerle, J. Melchior, C. Lung, S. Krider. Kilmer, J. Jenkins, I. Brooks, J. Rauch, J. Moyer, A. Glaesser. - G. Cadwallader, J. Morris, P. Hoepfl, J. Walch, T. Brown, Dilworth, R. Patche ll. The future varsity sport aspirants of North Wales High School Schlegel, J. ROW II - L. Camburn, W. Gillmer, ROW III - K. Mayall, W. Lindsay, ROW IV - A. Haag, F. Lindsay, D. ROW V W. Ward, G. met every Monday in the form of a Junior High Sports club. This club's purpose, under the guidance of Mr. Cash, is to teach the members not but also to encourage only how to play Americais favorite sports, the principles of good sportsmanship. Adviser - Mr. Cash .. QE Q , J 4 A j A .lx L v 7 . E ., r 5 Ili-lla' ' i5 5? 'rv1'R1 1'7 Page Forty-nine H O I' xi n Jil. RE fa.- .c. if NJ. ROW I - Miss Schanbacher, E. Parvin, E. Quinn, S. A. Spear, S. Boyer. ROW II - J. Parvin, D. Dilworth, I. Pierce, E. Overholtzer, P. Refsnider, B. Gibson, C. Kalck, S. Pierce. ROW III - K, Fluck, M. Kilmer, M. Kilmer, R. Reed. H O B M 0 E if H S 1. G The girls' Home Ec- onomics club is one of the more industrious clubs. Under the super- vision of Miss Schan- bacher, these girls are learning to knit, sew, and cook. They presented a Fashion Show in which the girls had a chance to display their var- ious talents. The club also spon- sored a bake sale the proceeds going toward new equipment. Offering keen compe- tition for the girls, is the boys' Home Economics Club 0 The activities of this club are similar to those of the girls' club with the exception of the fashion show. Meeting every Monday, the boys in the club have been reported to have high efficiency in the culinary arts by their adviser, Miss Schanbacher. ROW I - K. Camburn, J. Bryant, W. Krauser, A, Kriebel, Miss Schanbacher. RCW II - J. Carter, C. Dilworth, E. Veit, L. Buck, Jo Paul, A0 Hoffman. 15 4 V !g Egggg Eigia? Page Fifty Soccer and basket- ball season finds the peppy cheerleaders of North Wales High School leading the spectators in songs and cheers. Belonging to this or- ganization is both an honor and a pleasure. This year the girls cheered the soccer squad to a champion- ship and were instru- mental in organizing the victory parade to fete this team. Membership was open to any one interested in baton twirling. This is the first year the majorettes have functioned as a separate club. Each year the majorettes add to the glamour of the marching band. Study is progress- ive, starting with the shnplest twirling form and moving on to more difficult routines. as RCW I - M. Beattie, J. Blair, N. Richards, M. Scheid, E. Frank. ROW II - D. Moyer, J. Matthews, B. Vincent, K. Johnson. ROW I - M. Gibson, G. Geyer, E. Doyle, S. Sch- wass, B. Rorer. E. Naylor, H. Mason, J. Matthews, J. Reyner, K. Johnson, S. A. Spear. ROW II - ROW III - J. Lamb, E. Veitel, D. Moyer, N. Schae- ffer, C. Jochen, Mr. Zettlemoyer. .A 1 ' lf- -42. .aff - in ,.gznraun5 n,!f'4g JP K' C ,X ,A Page Fifty-one ATQLN '11 '.l'f'1-L-4.1 Qf1':fQ--1-'If-03' r" NJ L U ff D ROW I - J. Reyner, B. Brooks, R. Hostelley RCW II - Mr. Petrella, N. Brooke, D. Michaels ROW III - L. Rosenberger, P. Refsnider, L. Pool D. Quinn, J. Lindsay, J. Schmidt. O O 3 ROW IV - B. Rorer, S. Biddle, D. Moyer, M. God- shall, H. Reed. A Row I - den, M. Ackiey. ROW II - D. Reiner, B. Geyer, C. Kratz, R. Car- E. Fadeley, V. Jochen, M. Bones, N. Sim- mer. The Sketch Club is a new club organized by Mr. Petrella. This club is for the benefit of those interested in art and for those seeking more training in art than is allotted them dur- ing regular classes. In the fall the club was engaged in outdoor sketching. Later the sketches were trans- formed into full water color paintings. The monitor squad is composed of boys from the senior class. Their duties are to supervise during fire drills, keep traffic moving to the right of the corridors, and take care of the cor- ridor lights. These boys were nec- essary in maintaining order in the corridors and on the stairs. me if in Page Fifty-two in 0 SE X ai 455' f srzfofve X JI MAN uf 4ffi'7j5' J' A7 0 ffffif if 4' 4' -174: SP0 TSW ROW I - Miss Schafenacker, E. Parvin, B. Jones, J. Scheeler, M. Beattie, J. Stein. RCW II - B. J. Mayall, B. Lewis, M. Scheid, G. Adams, S. Cardell, A. Collett. 1 ROW III - J. Blair, B. Gibson, A. Blair, S. Pierce, S. Biddle. ROW IV - A. Kurian, N. Layton. Willing to meet the opposing teams with spirit and good sports- manship, the varsity lassies started the season combating Lower Moreland with an unscored result for both teams. H P, of The season's finale was a thrilling 1-1 tie with Hatfield. Following this game, the girls stored their equipment with resolu- tions for an even better record next year. Captain - Joan Scheeler Manager - Arlene Kurian Coach - Miss Schafenacker 1950 scofms N.W. OPP. Lower Moreland 'O" 'U' Springfield 1 1 Hatfield 1 I4 Lower Moreland 1 O Buckingham 2 1 Springfield 2 1 Buckingham 3 O Hatfield I 1 l o S80 8 Page Fifty-four F The Tri-County League of 1950 was one of keen competltlon and here were no Wsoft touchesn on the schedule The squad drllled long and hard and succeeded 1n galning top honors Buckingham Springfield Hilltown Hilltown New Hope 4 0 4 1,1 v A' I '-4 1 1 MOPT1S, K Camburn, A Booz, C Kratz, E badeley, ROW I - M. L. Warner, N. Brooke, B. J. Mayall, A. J. Collett, B. Fleck. ROW II - J. Stein, M. Jean. ROW III - M. Beattie, G. Adams, B. Jones, N. Richards, M. Walker. ROW IV - M. Rorer, S. Pierce, E. Quinn, A. Blair, S. Biddle, Miss Schafenacker. Although the girls suffered several defeats in this basketball season, they were not discouraged. They maintained their fighting spirit to the very end when they engaged Hilltown in the last game of the season. Captain - Barbara Jones Manager - Betty Jane Mayall Coach - Miss Schafenacker 1951 scopazs N .W . OPP . Lower Moreland -IE' 'ET Palisades 32 20 Palidades hh 23 Coopersburg 1h 28 Buckingham 32 17 Hatfield 11 17 Lower Moreland 15 Sl Buckingham 21 2h Hatfield 19 Hilltown 20 37 a aw- wa ROW I -'W. Weingartner, M. Bones, L. Buck, M. Brabson. ROW II - Mr. Cash, V. Jochen, J. Cuthill, A. Booz, M. Ackley, D. Ca pbell. ROW III - C. Kratz, E. Veit, E. Fadeley, A. Hoffman, A. Kriebel, W. Krauser, W. Glatz. The Wildcat quintet finished the season with an eight and six record even though they had a three and five record in league com- petition. Under the excellent coaching of Mr. Cash, the team, for the first time, showed that they could play basketball. The letter winners of the 1951 campaign were Mike Ackley, Merle Bones, Amos Booz, Donald Campbell, Clarence Kratz, and William Weingartner. Southampton 35 H5 Lower Moreland 39 38 65 343 Hatfield Jenkintown Captain - Michael Ackley Manager - Victor Jochen Coach - Mr. Cash 1950-51 scones NJN. OPP. NJN. OPP. Southampton SE 35 Lower Moreland MS 65 Hatfield hl no 31 76 Jenkintown 32 76 I i 0 nw me W l r ' ' 'O I A Page Fifty-seven af' ROW I - E. Fadeley, D. Reiner, M. Bones, C. Kratz, V. Jochen, M. Ackley. RCW II - R. Thompson, J. Morris, K. Camburn, A. Kriebel, T. Cardell, G, Dilworth, M, Jochen. ROW III - Mr. Cash, M. Brabson, D. Campbell, J. Cuthill, E. Veit, R. Michaels, W. Weingartner. ROW IV - W. Krauser, S. Krider, D. Gottshall, L. Buck, J. Carter, J. Dietterich, R. Harper, J. Walch. This season the Wildcats are starting their first campaign un- der the leadership of Mr. Thomas Cash. There are several lettermen returning and a few more new faces around the diamond. Those re- turning are Mike Ackley, Merle Bones, Lawrence Buck, Jules Cuthill, and william Weingartner. This year Jenkintown has been added to the league while Whit- pain has consolidated. The teams in our league are: Hatfield, Jen- kintown, Lower Moreland and Southampton. Coach - Mr. Cash 1951 SCHEDULE April 16 - I5wer Moreland Home April 23 - Jenkintown Away April 26 - Hatfield Home May l - Southampton Away May 7 - Lower Moreland Away May ll - Southampton Home May lb - Hatfield Away May 17 - Jenkintown Home Q 8 X 5 5 Page Fifty-eight ROW I - L. Camburn, J. Besch, W, Gillmer, G. Thomas, J. Brasch, D. Mayall. RON II - J. Lindsay, J. Rauch, G. Cadwallader, H. Welsh, T. Brown, E. D'0razio, J. Jenkins, H. Schlegel, E. Camburn. RCW III - Mr. Cash, D. Michaels, I. Brooks, J. Weingartner, C. Booz, W. Kratz, C. Lung, P. Hoepfl, R. Harper, T. Cardell. ROW IV - J. Eberhart, A. Monastero, A. Cassel, G. Lukens, R. Har- wick, J. Krause. This year the Junior Wildcats had no league to compete in, but they played their best just the same. The final results were six and one, with the Wildcats on the winning side. The time and effort of Mr. Cash showed clearly in this analysis. The boys were full of the 'ole pep, vim and vigor and had quite a following of both students and townspeople witnessing their thrills ing contests. Manager - Thomas Cardell Coach - Mr. Cash 1950 SCORES N .W . OPP . N .W . OPP . Upper Gwynedd 2 U Hatfield 2 I Hatfield 2 lx Worcester , h 0 Hill School 3 2 Upper Gwynedd 3 1 Worcester lg 1 .Y iq 1 E , f' AY-af? A-'fb , ' K 4. .Vbs-5 4? Yi if uv I J ' n Page Fifty-nine ROW I - J. Lindsay, G. Cadwallader, K. Mayall, J. Melchior, J. Walch, R. Patchell, I. Brooks. ROW II - W. Gillmer, E. D'Orazio, J.'Weingartner, C. Lung, R. Har- per, T. Brovm, J. Jenkins, Mr. Huber. ROW III - A. Monastero, D. Mayall, J. Eberhart, R. Gular, J. Morris, A. Cassel, J. Schmidt, G. Thomas, J. Rauch. The future hardwood stars of North Wales High School, led by their new coach, Mr. Donald Huber, succeeded in winning a total of nine games as against seven losses. In league competition, these enthusiastic players broke even with three wins and three losses. Captain - Kenneth Mayall Manager - Phillip Stott Coach - Mr. Huber 1950-51 SCORES NJN. OPP. NJJ. OPP. Rockledge '33' '22' Worcester EE 35 Southampton 16 17 Lansdale 147 63 Lower Moreland 314 hh Towamencin 27 2h Hatfield h6 16 Catholic Hi. 27 hh Jenkintown 18 58 Upper Gwynedd 26 32 Southampton 15 1.3 Worcester MS ho Lower Moreland 35 39 Hatfield S2 13 Towamencin 33 2? Rockledge 55 26 " 4 If P J ' J f f if X n Page Sixty U-lm USS ADVE RTI SE ME NTS MQW COLLEGE OFFSET PRES! 148450 N, SYN SY.. PHILA 6 PA MCLEOD -MAYALL AMERICAN LEGION NORTH LU PEUHA Compliments of I J.L.E. L ALBERT STEIN C0mP'ime"f5 of P1.umQnNce. efuumunca Q.H.mlLl-ER 224 S. MMN sr. 1 N SU RAN CE Aurowmwc WATER SUPPLY 400 5, MAQN ST, SYSTEVHS INSTALLED NORTH WF! LES, PA' Phone NW asz ixt four NORMAN B. NUSS PRODUCER OF PRINTTNG of QUALITY ITU: 5. 2nd ST. NORTH WALES Lansdale Tube Company R PETTTTA. S U N H E AT FU RNACE CTL. COMPUMENTS AUTOMAUC SERVICE OF NORTH WALES ROTARY C LUB COAL if BUILDING MATERIALS W. R. HANGEY Phone 9345 Page Sixty-f ive SI 8.5 KISSEL MOTORS son Ave., Lon J. DAVID SPROUSE, Florist I South Brood Street Londl P FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS TELEPHONE LANSDALE 3771 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 'Sl WATT'S ELECTRIC STORE Compliments of HARTZELL'S FUNERAL HOME I North Wales, Pu. HEYSER MOTORS QUNCH SALES if SERVICES BROAD ?fBl-AKNE 515. LANSDALE, PENNA. Ptwohe. 3011 GEO. M. YOCUM, INC. SALES AND SERVICE HRATZ SERVICE STATION WEST POINT SUNNEYTOWN PII-IE pkone NW 95-H5 Cars and Trucks Guaranteed Used Cars C I Phone: Lonsdale 3333 sixty-six STUART E. WEINGARTNER SPORTING GOODS l22 WEST MAIN ST. LANSDALE, PA. j Phone 6557 JOHN D--SCHULTZ JEWELER WATCH ES- KEEPS HKES- DI PTMON DS 319 W MAIN ST., LPTNSDALE, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPLTMENTS OF DF RW Rainey - FLOREX FLOWERS Fl wers' and G ' C d 21 W. M Lansdale North Wales min Street Greenhouses BLU EBELL JEANS 2 DUNGAREES AMR womspom sog +45 TRTMPIT ANI-CLETS FELDMAN 'S NORTH WALES- LANSDALE . Ph 9879 NORTH WALES CLEANERS d DYERS 3rd ond WOIHLIT R p g dAl ions Cpl f HOSIERY COMPANY Walnut and Center Streets North Wales, Pa. Page S ixty-s even oo S all BOILEBU BROTHERS b ld ER NTRACTING I Scauzq In 7mm I. Curtis Weigner, Prop. Registered Ayrshire Cattle APPROVED AYRSHIRE MILK i I C' LS "' 'P NORTH WALES Jo:-IN FORREST KRATZ C A N E REALJEs:,E:ifZhLNlJRANcE 2.7 EAST WALN UT STREET . PHONE 9879 Ph es 9670 9394 ':Tl:?::Ps:' PENNA' la flfafarfh Jfarff R YA N ,S ff! 7 af -DISTRIBUTOR- , BEER 8' SODA A 5 PHONE 457 E SS O S TAT I U N TT TT ffff :fs NORTH WALES PENNPT. NI ' fifafrfffz 1 LANSDALE 5776 , -. ii f .1 X f "' -1-me-, D R U G S R E Ch evrolcf Of0'.Sf770bl'f6 l E Page Sixty-eight ron THE BEST ZEPPS STOP AT COLONIAL INN HESSI E TVIONASTERO PR OP. NORTH WALES Phone 9923 WOODCRAFT SHOP FURN ITUR E REPAIR - REFIN ED - RESTORED CHAIRCANING 8th if PROSPECT AVE. NORTH WALES - 535 I COMPLIMENTS I OF NORTH- WALES MOTORS CONIPLI NIENTS OF INADNERS SUNOCO SERVICE STAHON I DEKALB PIKE CENTRE SQUARE, PA. COMPLIIYIENTS OF JOHN RORER REAL ESTATE if INSURANCE Compliments of the NORTH WALES LIONS CLUB LVE NS- I THE Tritzels, Pretzels, S PERFECT 00 S INC I I unsdul I..,... KLEEN PRODUCTS MAN UFACTURER5 OF - KLEE N- spooms- FORKS- PLATES -HOMES PLASTI QWAQE- NADKI N S NORTH WALES, PENNA. SIB -' PHONE - 3275 Page Sixty-nine , THE SAM PLE SHOP I JOES BARBER SHOP CHESTNUT ST- .JUST scum os: MATN LANSDALE, PA. U DRESSES-SKTEQTS-E5Lou5Es Ha g cn Specialty lu T H E , HIGH scHooL A WAVE LENGTH" - fozofgwvglfvi DORAS CUPE, prop. Ladies and Children's ' l I 1 ' NORTH WALES NATIONAL BANK GEORGE w. DILWORTH TN2o3ET:3'Qf?ESA.'QQ0 ' PAPERHANG ' NG ff PNNTING "'mE1SEZi'i2L.TF352LEDSlim ' THE FEDE 'DEPOST NORTH WALES PHONE 9654 INSURANCE CFCgplill5ORATIC:N WASHINGTON , D. C. I usage? M3 gimp and QOMPLTMENTS 64113 Shrfp 121,511 Heep Yiheei' I O E -FRANKLIN BwrLWfkhes7,?4zCfm4f4z,?Caa. PS ATLAS ASBESTOS COMPANY' A I Nov-tk Wales . DRESSMAKING-ALTERATION PAN 9944 MAlN 5, BROAD 5T5, BUTTONTHOLES ELMER'5 .SERVICENTER ' Mrs, D, E, MDBIENGY' R- Wlebvxd, Prop.- 'ill EAST MONTGOMERY AVE., WAGSAEHEYGQIL l REF?-PSQELREAQFIRIBSARS-E BEAN fa' CLAYTON SWART'-EY 315 WEST MAIN STREET JEWELEQ BROTHERS LANSDALE PA' I9 WEST MATN STREET ENGINEERS LPTNSDALE PEN NPN. E I Ph dole 6291- Page Seventy SANT ERUTTS SHOE STORE 50 YEARS IN LANSDALE DAVID I-LWADDTQN 803 EMONTG. Avg, QTCYCLE5 Phone NW 226 LAMB'S GIFT SHOP Phonel 4 Greeting Cards Cost me Jewelry e ond and Walnut Str Wales, Pa. 35 77ie Shure DELLICKER'S PHARMACY NORTH WALES, PENNA. l COMPLTMENTS LESHERS 5-10-51.00 STORES P k ie, Po. North Woles,Po. Dr. G. COMPZLMENTS CONXVLTNXENTS 0F WWW flaw EmEuLE's QNJEDU c77affZv4" - - LANSDIXLE HEATING if SUPPLY CO. DEI-,ALB MKE LANSDALE, PENNA. NORTH WALES,R.D. PE --H OEL9C,l"lER'6 Wil ME SHOP A LIBERTY soon sToRE Z BENNER'S MARKET N' UNE ST' AT- QTH phonenwm PHONE 416 H Q St"Nmh WQIQSEREE 1 L - . H Fruit-Produce-Meats I 'gexvrce A Swt-ia, - I- - I I LESTER I-4. GEYET2 REAL ESTATE NORTH WALES, PENNA, Phone 9385- BENNETT'S and A813 FOOD MARKETS Walnut St., North Woles, Pa. ETT'S 81 B ONE 252 AN DREW D. QUULDEY srnmemwnme - WELDTNG North Wales Serv Center SIXTH AND WALNUT SUNOCO Pg Seve nty-one AUTOGRAPHS Hove you tried TIN MMM Creamed Cottage Cheese Phone your order to Lonsdale 4678 Page Seventy-two ,-15, . F , V ' iv ' ' sf' , W f 5216. , , -,f --1 Jr 9:5 .-x ' W ' .. , 5 J 1 i o ..,..-. M Ri' Wi. -1 -B 233, f f Q. 4+ R . A-,-.V--11-.-W, vfguwfvz- I -. ,W W L' 9 ,N . , -, : f 'vgjiv .. , f:'.,,15'1-'pg-3,- :Q , , J.. '-'Www yi .ww f ziwv f 1- W., f -- 213:'.51,.v,-5 -1 .1 sf ' 49.1 " -Jx sfiffu.. - 1.-' wx-4 -' 4. M ' f'3"'g ai-:nf J ' wigs. ff -V A . V -2: V. P -Y, .- , - f a "Yr - -' ' . JV H 3, 1 1 1 1 1 E 3 , 2 J 1 i fy 'yn -1 .1 'J 41 'a 4 J 1 li ! 1-' , 1 4 Q ,LJ i' ,5 'E 'a 3 Lf? Fx 3 I 4 x! 111 ., ai 5.5! mnffi .h ,- eaebii :LM qi . -,C Z' L 1 3" gs, W fm -23" 1. ..,-'. V fa: W .71 T93 L-R' ke 3.5 -N E Y 4 -dm..

Suggestions in the North Wales High School - No Wa Hi Yearbook (North Wales, PA) collection:

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