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Wrmuif. M ' . ' "f.Jlvf,. Aj K L 'ffflgfnff Elway L . , fx LgfA42"P1tltc.Mz I Q' ii . K h I I X A. A+ '. ' ' A I ' QI Y C Vx J 1 I ' ,W l - 7 I A I 1 n v f f 7 1 pp ,, 1 5 4 J, l lv , K 4 5 ' aff W RMYWQMM X r X XX fl 1 ll .X 3 CX 'J 4 li ,an ff!! , R S 'jf M, Z' j9 4 J ff N i X X I- , 4' gk' , . f 6 l jx ,j if 4 9, :fp A 1 J ,J 1, ff I' xg ' M '4 fs! Q K. 3 I I-bi,f!',U0L, - Dip . -.r' V " ' 1 xy I 'IP 1 If' , irf49":b fT"'E qK fI,ef f,f'4"AJ in K jf A N KV W ' ' YF A 111' AMF AA 'wg Lk Lf x fx-' ,fix I Q r 1 ' fox' 'Q - X A X L5,Jv,lA u' XX V ' Hag! 'QV' K' Q X' . ' " if f , 'N V f ly ,lf Ill I ., y , , A 1 5 , 1 " V If f f - 'Q v 4 X . M - .4 , ' ' , H V, ,E f X341 f 7, 1 .- f I 5 1 .-1 ' fi. ,f A 'E 7 , ,,,f' -: I . ' 1 I ff- '-" L l ' 36 ff .I L X ,X I 4 ' 1' X xf X I 'K , 1 -Q N X xx ' . 1 x V X.. X s L . -yy WZ-,1 A ,gvfdvazsm-fJ ,Jf'L-:ful Vjufg-f. ,Cav-K C gjfiqw ,ggcffv L' ,Aw . ,o ! . i , , I . ff' -it 'nf " fixftv kfwfx A '7 ,f , 1 ,v ,HL 72 H QJQWM M' ff, V . 1 1' WJ T' if A OX' V -Q - JE VJ x dx . R -- ' ' f. l j ' 2 K v j WA aylx 4, K ,X QA Vu J ' Q , .1 Af, B N X K X f 4. V' X -XXVD X72 Q51 H4 J java 'Af Ki ' VJ 4 f A " X , OX: 34 , 4,f,H-0 ' Ab Q . -Q ' 1 N XJ i 53 'aw x xx J x V yy ,gf Ny fi K 1 1, Vg .LL-. 4- M Q sf xg .NH Xfxv X fx E XXX Eff XB if kim ' 2 EH EH Ng H NORTH QNIION HIGH ,nf . " --ug fl aw: C X SQXXX Q Z . f f ' 1 XfX X'x x ig, X, f X JXX L nw WV? ,, l f v" l:LyL'Af" V 56 TORCI-I NORTH UNION HIGH SCHOOL UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA FORMULAT!NG THE , f f , H I' J, V, Q 1, 'A "W . . Plans for a truly full, prdalilciivh hjture 1, .LF 11 U' 1 if Popular Seniors As we look back on this vear, our minds are tilled with many pleasant memories. We think ot all the friends -we've made, the activities vve've been -in, and even the hard work that's gone with all this. Some people vve've met there shall constitute lasting and tultill- 'ing triendships. Some, vve shall never see again. The excitement ot tootball games, the thrill ot seeing our band look 'polished and neat on parade will go un- surpassed, No one could have been tprouder than the students at North Union at our tirst basketball game in our new gym, The hard work, nights tilled with l'tOt7TSWOVl4, themes to write, and mo- xnwents ot despair all seem small and un- tntportant. This book endeavors to de- pict as a lasting remembrance all the lwondertul davs ot high school. Hold on. Copus. Mciorettes recount E N ts J Classes J Athletics -I Activities gi C n 1' X I P V' Web, Eli MR. DANIEL LUKOTC Latin and World History S Q U A R E 0 o o man who offered a plan of life We, the Senior Class of l956, wish to dedicate this, our yearbook, to Mr. Daniel Lukotch. As North Union's Latin instructor, Mr. Lukotch has helped many students solve the mysteries surrounding that subject. He has served as a faculty adviser of the various sports organiza- tions. Mr. Lukotch's kindness and understanding has made him a favorite among all the students. He seems to always have a little extra time just to help out a student in any way. When someone is needed to sponsor an ac- tivity, you can always turn to Mr. Lukotch with the assurance that, if it is worthwhile, he will do his best to make it a success. Everyone wishes Mr. Lukotch the very best of luck with his ambition to some day visit Rome. We also want to thank him for being such a fine friend to everyone. i tl? i X MSX 6 RAYMOND- E. CRAWFORD This issue of the Torch yearbook has combined the efforts of many teachers and students. As North Union now has a junior high, the Torch is including pictures of all the iunior high students and of their activities. Consequently, we have a bigger and better annual. The sports and music sections have been enlarged and there are can- did shots of activities which took place during the school year. The yearbook staff is composed of iuniors and seniors. They are chosen by Mr. Crawford, the sponsor and adviser of the Torch. This year the theme of the annual is "Build- ing for the Future." This theme was chosen be- cause we have a new school in which to work and plan for the future. THE PLANNERS . . . PRESENT HEREIN YOUR RECORD FOR 1955-56 Work on the yearbook begins at the very be- ginning of the school term. A sales campaign for yearbook subscriptions is held for about three weeks. Then the cover, color, and the theme are selected. Next pictures are taken of the various groups and clubs. Then comes the identification of the pictures, writing the articles, and finally sending the copy to the printer. Then at the end of the school term, the yearbook is handed out to the students. All this requires the efforts of every member of the yearbook staff. Their goal is to include at least one or two pictures of everyone. We hope that you will enioy this annual, and that you will always be remembering something with each picture in it. TORCH YEARBOOK STAFF Row 1 Barbara Allen, Claudette Burgess, Cecelia Zehel. Icy Davison, Linda Silbaugh, Ioy Wise, Mrs. Anderson. Row 2 Frances Babinsky, Mary Ann Kubala, Geraldine Baia, Marlene Brain, Beverly Franko, Patti Costenic, Mr. Crawford. J,-fr' f 451 ,wmv M '- an JAdministration I Faculty JSeniors J Underclasses A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL DEPENDS uPoN THE COOPERATION X Q or ALL THESE PEOPLE X M X X X E- E EE- E -xx x f ff SQ N , E-f' 4 " 1 ' Z X8 ,.-J 'V I 4 ""X!,1' f,f I C 4 'Z X f yf X" ff m 'f ' -ff ,fx , f , X -E E ffgffg f4..f ff' E Af X X Y NX N 9 s AD MINISTRATION THE "NEW" NORTH UNION OWES MUCH TO THESE MEN Row 1 Row 2 Mr. Mar pictures , 'pt-A H -affairs ,fl l I , MARTIN MARCUS WILLIAM LULICH SCHOOL BOARD Mirl Martin, President: Iohn Cindric, Secretary: William E. Miller, Vice-President: Edward Guman, Edward Kez- marsky. Harry E. Davison, Assistant Supervising Principal: Ed- ward W. Savage, Supervising Principal: A. E. lcnes, Solicitor. cus and Mr. Lulich were unable to attend the night the were taken, so their pictures are included separately. EDWARD H. SAVAGE Supervising Principal The story of the "new" North Union must go back a number of years to pick up the beginning of a dream to have the facilities which now sur- round us. A period of ten years represents the time involved and includes the efforts of these administrators as well as others who have served as board members to aid in bringing to us these modern buildings. Speaking for all of North Union, we wish to express our gratitude for their splendid efforts and for the opportunities they have opened to us through the use of our new buildings. HARRY E. DAVISON Assistant Supervising Pri A QSC as X X Ns Prmclpal s Message For twelve years under the supervnsuon of your parents and teachers you have been Iayung the educa tlonal foundation for your life The tools of learning have been placed In your hands day after day You have wxdened your hornzons each succeeding year and now depart from public school llfe to enter upon a new phase of training or work I am proud to have been assoclated wlth thus par tucular class because It was a good class Despxte our late beglnnlng our many problems during the year the students cooperated remarkably well and we can wrlte It off as one of our most successful years Our only regret IS that you had only one year to enloy the many facllltles whoch our new building affords Our expectations of you are hugh and we wish you well as you move forward to new and wndenung horuzons WILLIAM .I MEANS WILLIAM J MEANS Hxgh School Prmclpal B S Ccmhiomxo State Teachers College M Ed UHIVSISIIY of Plttsburgh STEPHEN A FURIN Asslstant Hugh School Prmcxpal BS St Vmcent College ll X'- ,-V NICK BUBONOVICH Q 5 Tumor Hzgh Pnnclp B S George Woshmgton VQISIIY MS West Vu UHIVEISIIY HARRY W WILSON Assistant Pn cxpal B S Cchiormc State Teachers College M Ed Umversny ot Plttsburgh FRANCES KEZMARSKY XS V M JUNIOR HIGH ADMINISTRATION . . . Leaders of North Union's Newest School Organization I would like to take this opportunlty to thank the faculty and students of North Unlon Junuor Hugh School for maknng thus past school year as successful as It has been Numerous obstacles have been encountered throughout the year Time has gradually erased the malonty of them however nt would have been humanly Impossible to cope wuth these problems wlthout the tune cooperatnon of the faculty and the students Future years should brnng addltuonal educa tnonal opportunities to each student and It ns my earnest desire that each and every one of you take advantage of these opportunntues SECRETARIES I x RITA MILLER HARFORD BERN ADINE PRAMUK 12 -J 5-pi tap URBAN DUMBAULD WILLIAM MILLER DAVID MARTIN WALTER SHUTOK wx 'k il' LEROY FISHER NAOMI HARFORD FERNE POORBAUGH RICHARD KARTLICK q-1' A 7 y!! EDMUND srzma 1' ,nge . J P151 - so fff srsvi: PoLAc1-1 RAYMOND crmwronn Jai-4111! vid'-IW' FACULTY. PAULINE A. ABEL B.S., University of Pittsburgh . . French, Library. GENET MAE ANDERSON B.S., Indiana State Teachers Col- lege: M.Ed.. University of Pitts- burgh . . . Typing, Bookkeeping. 0 LOUISE B. CARBIN B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College: MS., West Virginia Uni- versity . . . Health, Physical Edue cation. THELMA CASTORE B.S., California State Teachers Col- lege: M.Ed., University cf Pitts- burgh . . . English. 7 ' f 'li' I gf INSTRUCTORS . . ADVISERS . . . LEADERS MARY FRANCES CRAIG Pennsylvania S t a t e University: B.S., California State Teachers Cole lege . . . Physical Education. Health. RAYMOND E. CRAWFORD B.S., California State Teachers Col- lege: M.Ed., University of Pitts' burgh . . . World History, World Geography. MILDRED DAVIS Pennsylvania State University . . . B.S., California State Teachers Col- lege . . . English. LILLIAN DUMBAULD R.N., Uniontown Hospital School of Nursing . , . School Nurse. i3 URBAN C. DUMBAULD B.S., California State Teachers Col lege: University of Pittsburgh . , Problems of Democracy. GEORGE DURANKO B.S., California State Teachers Col lege . . . Mathematics, Home School Visitor. LEROY FISHER B.S., California State Teachers Col lege: University of Pittsburgh . . Mathematics. WI1.LlAM FISHER B.S., West Virginia University , . Speech, Pennsylvania History. K SYBIL KLEIN F VACLAV GURSKY - IAMES FORSTER B.S., Waynesburg College . . Solid Geometry, Vital Math., Tri onometry, Practical Math, MARY IOAN REAGAN 4 Qs DONALD TRIPLETT -sf, . , N, Q WWI, .+'z.'zhi.. ' l . 7 ,I sp. .,,.? ,:., ' 2 ,355 -' '. 4, f ' 5 'RWM , ' f ' , - ,V-4' ' 1 g. MARY FRANCES CRAIG MARGARET GERKE Bethany College . . . English. IOAN M. GRENALDO B.S., Indiana State Teachers Col- lege . . . Iunior Business Train- ing, Office Practice, Business Ma- chines, Commercial Law, Book- keeping. ELIZABETH GREITZER B.S., California State Teachers Col- lege: Indiana State Teachers Col- lege . . . English. MARY GUESMAN R.N., Philadelphia General Hospi- tal School cf Nursing . . . School Nurse. VACLAV S. GURSKY B.S., Waynesburg College . . Algebra, General Business. NAOMI HARFORD A.B., Greenville College . . . Eng- lish, Library. MARIE KIRK WILLIAM FISHER ACULTY.,. RALPH HESS B.S., California State Teachers Col- lege: lVl.Ed., University cl Pitts- burgh . . . Industrial Arts, WILLIAM HOAK California State Teachers College: Clairton State Teachers College: B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College . . , Physical Education, Health, Iunior High Coach. GLADYS IOHNS Indiana State Teachers College: B.S., California State Teachers Col- lege . . . Reading. RICHARD KARTLICK Pennsylvania State University . .. Music. HELEN KINTER Western Reserve University: Indi- ana State Teachers College . . . Arts G Crafts. MARIE KIRK B.S., Iowa State College . . . Home Economics. SYBIL KLEIN B.A,, Pennsylvania State Unvier- sity: M.Ed., University of Pitts' burgh . . . Salesmanship, Con- sumer Ed., Typing, Office Practice. DANIEL LUKOTCH BJ-X., Waynesburg College . Latin. World History. GENET ANDERSON all HIVNN ppiur, STANKO TI-IELMA cAs'ronr: 1oAN GRENALDO if ,few GEORGE DURANKO FACULTY . .. DAVID MARTIN A.B., Allegheny College, Carnegie Tech . . . Music. WILLIAM F. MILLER B.S., California State Teachers Col- lege: M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University . . . Dept. Head, Indus- trial Arts, Mechanical Drawing. PAULINE MOORE B.S., Pennsylvania State College . . . Mathematics. IOSEPH A. NEPA B.S., Waynesburg College . Chemistry, General Science. IRENE PAULL A.B., Fairmont State Teachers Col- lege . . . Home Economics. FRANK PIEKARSKI B.S., California State Teachers Cole lege: West Virginia University , . . Science. Geography. STEVE POLACH B.S., University of Pittsburgh . . . Physics, Biology, General Science. FERNE E. POORBAUGH A.B., Susquehanna University: M.A., West Virginia University . . . English. MARY IOAN REAGAN B.S., Indiana State Teachers Col- lege: M.Ed., University of Pitts- burgh . . . Transcription. Typing, Business English, Shorthand. IAMES B. REILLY B.S., Waynesburg College . . History. IAMES H. ROGERS. SR. B.S., Califomia State Teachers Col- lege . . . General Science, Biology. EDMUND I. SLATER B.S., University of Pittsburgh . . . Drivers Training. PAUL I. STANKO B.S., St. Vincent College: Pennsyl- vania State College . . . Civics, English. IOSEPHINE STELLA B.S., Indiana State Teachers Col- lege: M.Ed., University of Pitts- burgh . . . Shorthand, Iunior Busi- ness Training. PAULINE ABEL DANIEL LUKOTCH Ly. n .1 1 4 RALPH HESS IRENE PAULL MARY GUESMAN DONALD TRIPLE'IT B.S., California State Teachers Col- lege . . . English, Pennsylvania History. GEORGE M. WALSH B.S., Waynesburg College . History. IAMES FORSTER Here and There . .. ,gan-Max ale. ll 5 Stage crew ior Fashion Show. Feeding our faces. Next on stage. Iunior Red Cross representatives. We, the artists . . That's where our money goes Chemistry students. Ditto for typing, "Now this is the way it is . . 16 l ,-, 4-q A " SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS X Seated left to right are: Charles Bosley, President: Sandra Crcxble, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing V Fred Gerqley. Vice-President: Mr. Dumbcxuld. Sponsor. THE T956 SENIORS . . . THE ENDING OF SOME GRAND YEARS The Class of i956 of North Union High School has had the opportunity of seeing many changes in our school. We could list many proofs of the impossible becoming realityi The new home economics laboratory, the new beautiful cafete- ria, the spacious gymnasium-auditorium, the well equipped science and commercial departments- we have been the first to take advantage of these new facilities. ln this, our senior year, and the three previous years that we have attended North Union, we have laughed, been melancholy, worked, and played in the togetherness of community life. its effect will remain forever in the lives of the people who have had the privilege of participa- tion. ln all of this, there exists some single spirit that we have sought to present to you, We feel that the spirit is the means of producing a good citizen. We are going forth with all the knowledge of living that we have learned at North Union, de- termined to take our places in life and make our dreams of success real and worthwhile, We pre- sent the North Union High Seniors. 134 63, .fed if 21 ,IRQ-197, Wxsqa ' as 5 THE l956 SENl0 S... DONALD E. ADANITSCH "Snach" Course -General Ambition- My lather's helper Foctball Manager: Basketball Manager. BARBARA ALLAN "Flub" Course Commerclalcecretarxal Ambltxon Be Daves wxfe and have a wreck wxth a Cadxllac Photography Club 1 qquare Dance Club 2 Phx Tr1HxY 3 4 Hxstcnan 4 DONALD R ALLMAN Don Course General Ambltlon Navy Photography Club 2 Presxdent Bancll 2 3 4 Cholrl 2 DOLORES ARLENE ALLTON Blondxe Ccurse Commercial Clerical Ambmon Telephone Operator FHA 1 Cheerleaders Club 2 Commercxal Honor Soclety Band 1 2 3 4 Cholr l 2 Nu Su RONALD L ASHTON Moo Course Academlc Amb1l1OD Truck Dnver Outdoor Club 2 Basketball Club 3 rcotball l Nu Su 2 3 Dance Club 1 2 THOMAS EUGENE BALSONE Tom Course Academlc Ambm n To be as good a Chemnstry teacher as Mr Nepa Blble Club 1 Newspaper Club 2 Chou 1 2 Band 1 Z 3 4 Dru'n Major 3 4 Student Counczl 2 Iunlor Red Cross Representahve I EVLJRY BARCZY 1m Course Academxc Ambxtxcn To own Barczys Constructmn C mpany Homeroom Presxdent 1 Huntlng and F1Shlhg Club 1 2 Dnvmg Club 2 Choir Z 3 Nu Su 3 Patrol 4 RAYMOND EUGENE BOBICK Ray Course General Ambmon Teacher Band Ou door Club H1 Y NANCY LEE BOCK Nanc Course Ccmmerc1alSecretar1al Ambltlon ecretary Cheerleaders Club 2 Chou 2 3 4 Phl Tr1H1Y 2 4 om merclal Honor QOCISTY 3 Qemor Gxrls Basketball Team 4 Horrercom Treasu er 4 GEORGE S BODNAR Bogy Course Academrc Ambmcn State Trooper Outdoor Club 1 Homeroom Ofhcer 2 Basketball 1 Dance Club 2 Huntmg and Flshmg Club l 2 Hx Y 2 3 Nu Su 3 Patrol 4 Drlvlng 4 D i' PREPARING FOR 7' , .I J, Q .3 Yi - wffigwff 19 A NEW CAREER CHARLES BOSLEY "Box" Course Commercial Ambition Millionaire Outdoor Club: Torch Newspaper Club: Vice-President, Hi-Y: Treasurer, Student Council: Homeroom Officer 2. 4: Senior Class President. ROBERT BUTLER "Bob" Course General Ambition To be a welder Hlfle Club 1 2 IACQUELINE ELAINE CARTER Iackre Ccurse Academrc A"'lblIl n Elementary School Teacher Home Economics Club 2 Tr1H1Y 1 2 3 4 Chaplarn 4 Girls Basketball Team 4 Girls Volleyball Team 4 DAISY MARIE CENTENAIL IS Course Comme cial Clerical Ambition Telephone Operator Historical Club 1 Torch Newspaper Club 1 EUGENE RICHARD CHALFANT Dick Course Academic Ambition Engineer Model Airplane Club Dramatrcs Club Student Council 4 Nu Su Torch Newspaper Staff Business Manager NANCY M C HAPLEY Nanc Course Academic Ambition Nurse Photography Club Torch Newspaper Club Treasurer Homeroom Offlcer 2 4 Commercral Honor Society Nu Su BEVERLY PAYE CLARK Candy Course Commercial Bookkeeping Ambition Office Work Hobby Club l Nu Su Phi Tr1H1Y 3 4 Commercial Honor Society 2 3 Captain Girls Volleyball Team 4 Girls Bas ketball Team 4 CONSTAN CE SUE COLLINS Connie Course Commercial Secretarial Ambition To be Cys wrfe FHA 1 Grrls Chorus l Homeroom Officer 1 Dramatrcs 2 3 4 Senior Representative 4 Majorette 3 4 Choir 4 Photography Club 2 Student Council 2 3 IANET CONROY ourse CommercralSecretarral Ambition Secretary Cheerleaders Club 1 Torch Newspaper Club 2 Nu Tri H1Y 3 4 Treasurer 4 IOSEPH F CONTEEN Hutch Course General Ambition Au' Force Square Dance Club Uniontown Forest Fire Fighters Choir L, l X, 5 I ' I 1 ' If ' W' us. ,, "' J -V I ' ' l I . ., U U i I . 1, lf! h I ' I a , ll K ' ' - Z V jp V ' --rg .335 .. i . fl, ""' :-: .: ' Club,.Treasurer 2: Ramettes 1, 2: Nu-Su 3, 4: 'Nu Tri-Hi-Y Y. 2, 3, 4. ' ' 11 ' THE 1956 SENIORS , THESE YEARS LEAVE us PATRICIA ANN CONTEEN PattY Course Commerc1alSecretar1al Ambmon Secretary Homerccm VxcePres1dent l Secretary 2 Square Dance Club 1 Cheerleaders Club 2 Commerczal Honor Soczety 3 Nu Tr1H1Y 3 4 Treasurer 3 VrcePres1dent 4 Grrls Ch rus l Chcrr 2 WILLIAM C OOLEY l Course Commerclal General Ambrtron Presrdent of Freshman Class Outdoor Club 2 Basketba 1 Student Ccuncrll 3 Choxrl Z 3 4 Bandl 2 3 4 FRANCIS COPUS COPS Course ACUd9mlC Ambrtron Coa1M1ner Homeroom Presrdent 1 V1cePres1dent 2 Treasurer 3 H1Y 2 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Basketball Clubl 2 3 Rxfle Club l 2 Outdoor Club 1 Nu Su 3 Dnvmg Club 2 ROBERT C COSTOLO Bob Course Machme Shop Ambmon Machrnrst Rrfle Club l SANDRA IOYCE CRABLE Sandy Ccurse Academrc Ambxtrcn Nurse Unrontown Semor Hrgh School 1 2 Phr Tr1H1Y 3 4 Chaplarn 4 Secretary Treasurer of Semor Class Basketba IOSEPH CRAIG Gum Course General Ambrtrcn Coach Homeroom Presrdent l Sophomore Class V1cePres1dent Basketball 1 2 3 4 Student Councrl 1 Baseball l 2 3 CAROLYN CRAYTON Course Commerc1alClerxcal Ambrtron Telephone Operator Gxrls Chorus l Future Homemakers ol Amerxca 2 Brble Club 1 Senror Chorr 3 Basketball 4 Volleyball 4 GLENDA MARIE CRAYTON Den Course Commercral Clerrcal Ambrtron Telephone Operator Future Homemakers of Amenca 2 Blb e Club l Chorr 3 4 Grrls Chorus l LOUISE CRAYTON Wese Course Academxc Ambrtxcn To get marrled BARBARA MARIE CRO!-'CHECK Bobbre Course Commerc1alCler1cal Ambrtron Typxst u Su Club 3 4 Cheerleaders Club l mmf WITH HAPPY MEMORIES OF LARRY CUMVIINGS Course Drstnbutrve Educatron Model Arrplane Club 1 Drstrrbutrve Educatron Treasurer 4 DE Club DORIS E DAVIS Dee Dee Doo Course Academrc Ambrtron Nurse Grrls Chorus Semor Choir Cheerleaders Club Phr Trr H 2 3 THOMAS KEMP DAVIS Clem Course Academrc Ambrtrcn IBM Machme Operator Rrlle Club 1 2 Outdoor Club 2 Nu Su 3 4 HrY 2 3 4 Secretary Treasurer 3 MARLENE DEAN Course Commercral Secretarral Ambrtxon Receptromst Cheerleaders Club 1 Torch Newspaper Club 2 NINA IEAN DENNIS Nma ean Course Commerc1alClencal Ambltron Travel around the world Grrls Chorus l Blble Club Torch Newspaper Club Iumor Hrstonan Club Homeroom Secretary 3 CARMEN DeWI'l'T Dennis Course Academrc Ambrtlon Go to college Football Basketball Baseball Basketball Club Vxce Presr PATRICIA DOBISH a Course Commerc1alSecretarxal Ambrtzon Secretary F H A 1 Photography Club Nu Tr1H1Y Commercral Club Volleyball Team Basketball Team IOHN C DOLNEY Iohnny Course Commercxal Clerrcal Ambrtrcn State Trooper Basketball Club 1 2 Safety Club 3 4 ERNESTINE DRAGONE Emre Course Commercral Academxc Ambrtron Nurse Cheerleaders Club 1 2 Hrstorrcal Club 1 Grrls Chorus I Vrce Presxdent Cheerleaders Club Nu Su 3 4 Plu Tn H1Y I 2 3 Grrls Volleyball Team 4 Grrls Basketball Team 4 I-Iomeroom Offrcer l 2 4 PATRICIA IULIA ELLIS Patu Course Commerc1alSecretar1al Ambxtrcn Legal Stenographer Photography Club Grrls Chorus 1 Chou 2 3 Phr Tr1H1Y 4 Commercral Honor Socrety 3 Grrls Basketball Team 4 i-Y , . ' ' ,, . I .. dent of Freshman Class: Patrol 4. l up t.. - THE l956 SENIORS IOHN I EVANS Crash Course General Ambltlon Truck Drwer Rrlle Club 1 2 MARLENE C FELONG Mar Course Academrc and Commerc1al Ambmon Nurse Cheerleaders Club l Torch Newspaper Club 2 Nn Tr1H1 Y 2 3 4 Grrls Chorusl Nu Su Club 3 4 Chorrl Z 3 4 DELORES MARIE FIFFICK Dolly Course Academrc Ambmon Nurse Square Dance Club 1 Chorr 2 Homeroom Presrdent l 2 Cheerleaders Club 2 Cheerleader 3 4 Captarn 4 Phr Tn H1Y 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 RALPH FISHER Fxsh Course Academrc Ambrtron Mrmster Photography Club 1 IANE FORSYTHE Course Academrc Ambrtron Nurse Homeroom Secretary l Glrls Chorus 1 Qemor Chorr 2 3 4 Dramatxcs Club 2 Volleyball 4 Nu Su Club 3 4 Varlety RGVISW 2 3 GLENDA H FULLER Rusty Ccurse Commerc1alCler1cal Torch Newspaper Club 2 Chou 2 3 4 Nu Tn H1Y Cheerleaders Club l Nu Su Club 3 Grrls Chorus I MONICA SYLVIA GABRIN Mom Course Commerc1alSecretar1al Ambltlon Bell Telephone Operator Future Homemakers of Amerxca Treasurer 1 Nu Tr1H1Y 2 3 Torch Newspaper Club 2 Torch Newspaper Staff Typrng and Crrculatron Advertrser 2 3 4 Homeroom Decoratmg Ccmmrttee 1 2 3 4 CHARLES C GARDNER Charlxe Course Academic Ambxtron Fly Boy Rrlle Club 1 2 Torch Newspaper Club 3 Torch Newspaper Staff Advertlsrng Manager 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Construc tron Crew Radro Room 4 Nu Su Club 3 FRED GERGELY Course Academrc Ambrtron Carpenter V1cePres1dent of Semor Class Patrol 4 Rrile Club ALBERT GORDON Course Commerc1alBookkeep1ng Ambrtrcn Certrfred Publrc Accountant 'tudent Councrl 4 Rrile Club 1 Torch Newspaper Club 2 Square Dance Club 1 Model Axrplane Club 2 O O 0 . , : ' : - . : ' . . . - : ' : ' . : : . : ' 1 ' '- - . . : . : ' z.. ' ' . , : : : - . : ' Ambition-To marry Herbie : ' . . : '- '- 2: : - : ' . ' . : : , , : . , . : - ' - ' ' J 2 ' 1. HAI.. . 5 . .J ' I ' 2 5 73' CLASSES BOTH DIFFICULT AND EASY DOROTHY HALL Course Beauty Culture WILBERT HALL Willie Course Academic Ambition Teacher WILLARD HALL Willie Course Academic Ambition Mimstry or History Teacher asketball Club 2 Patrol 4 IOHN HANNA ack Course General Ambition Pipe Fxtter Model Airplane Club Outdoor Club Drivers Training RUSSELL HELLEIN Russ Course Commercial Academic Ambition To get ahead in the world President of Iumor Class Homeroom President 3 Home room Secretary 4 IAMES R HOLLAND un Course Commercial Bookkeeping Ambition Accountant Rifle Club Torch Newspaper Club Patrol 4 EDWARD A HUDOCK Kettle Course Academic Ambition Truck Driver ootball Club 1: Dance Club 1 2' Variety Review 1 2: Outdoor Club 2' Basketball Club 3: Nu-Su 2, 3' Senior Assembly 4. RAY E. HUMBERSTON 'Tex Course-f General Ambition-State Policeman Hunting and Fishing Club l: Rifle Club 2' Drivers Training CARL E. JACOBS ' ake ' Course-Academic Ambition-Farmer Basketball Club 1: Rifle Club 2: Band 1, 2, 3. 4. ETHEL JACOBS " is" Course -Academic Ambition Nurse Girls Chorus lg Cheerleaders Club l, 2: F.H.A. 2, 3: Senior Choir 3: Ramettes l, 2, 3. 4. 23 THE 1956 SENIORS , ACTIVITIES DANcEs LILLIE MAE IOHNSON Course Commerc1alBookkeepmg Ambrtron Bell Telephone Operator FHA l Cheerleaders Club 2 Nu Su 3 Ramettes l 2 3 4 Dnvers Trammg 4 Volleyball Team 4 Gxrls Basketball Team Co captam 4 GILBERT ELLSWORTH IORD AN Course General Ambxtron Mechamc I-luntlng and FlSl'1ll'l Club l 2 Band l 2 IOI-IN KARPINSKY Course Academxc Ambxtxon Navy Basketball Club l 2 Semor Patrol 4 Nu Su Stage Crew 4 Radro An LAKIN KIRK Course ACGd9mlC Ambrtlon Restaurant Owner HIY Rifle Club ROBERT MARTIN KLINK Course Machme Shop Ambrtron Machmrst EUGENE K KOLOSKY Course Commerc1al Clerrcal Ambxtron State Trooper Basketballl Footballl 2 Outdo 2 3 Safety Club 3 or Club ELEANOR E KOVACH Course Commerc1a1Cler1cal Ambrtron Housewxfe Cheerleaders Club l IUDY RENEE KOVACI-I Course Commercral Academrc Ambrtron Dancmg Instructor Cheerleaders Club Chorr PhITr1H1Y 3 4 VERNA MARIE KOZAK Course Academrc Ambxtxon Nurse Glbby ohn nouncer 4 Dooley Rxfle Club udy Sugxe Cheerleaders Club l 2 Homeroom Officer 1 Chorr l 2 3 Torch Newspaper Club 2 Homeroom Secretary 3 Phr Tn HIY 3 4 Basketball MARY ANN KREVINKO Course Commerc1alClerIcal Ambrtxon Oihce Work FH A l Torch Newspaper Club 2 Torch Newspaper Club 3 O ..m,. .,I ,, . "Kuta" : . 2 l,: ' i ,.El,. .,I .. zf 141 ' ' MUSIC AND PARTIES LARRY LaCLAIR Course General Ambition Own my own business Rifle Club H1Y SHIRLEY IEAN LANDMAN Slurl Course Distributive Education Ambition To marry Frank FHA l Library Aide 2 Distributive Education Club 4 CI-ZCELIA MARIE LEGAT Babe Course Commercial Bookkeeping Ambition Model Girls Chorus l Cheerleaders Club 1 2 Nu Tri Hi Y Z Nu Su 3 Choir 2 Girls Basketball Team 4 Girls Volleyball Team 4 Drivers Training 4 SALVATORE LOMBARDO Lomp Course Academic Ambition Barber Dance Club 1 Outdoor Club 1 2 Football Club 1 2 Drw ing Club 1 2 Vanety Review 2 Nu Su 2 3 Football l 2 3 4 HiY 2 3 4 Vice President 4 Homeroom Vice Presi dent 2 4 PATRICIA ARLENE LOZAW a Course Commercial Secretarial Ambition Secretary News Clipping Club l Commercial Club 2 Phi Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Senior Girls Basketball Team 4 Semor Girls Volleyball Team 4 DONALD H LYNCH Don Course General Commercial Ambition Commercial Artist Qtudent Council 1 Photography Club 2 DANTE R. MANCINI "Danny" Course -'Academic Ambition-Electrical Engineer in the Navy Football Club 1, 3, 4: Wildlife Club 2: Rifle Club 2: Dance Club 2: Homeroom Treasurer. CAROL ANN MARTIN "Cam" Course-Commercial Ambition-Kindergarten Teacher Girls Chorus l: Senior Choir 2 3, 4: Girls Quartette: Cheer- leaders Club' Majorerte 3, 4: Student Council: Homeroom Treasurer. PATTY LOU MARTIN " a " Course-el-Xcademic Ambition-Registered Nurse F.H.A. 2' Cheerleaders Club 1: Girls Chorus l. AN'I'OiNE'I'l'E LOUISE MAY "Toni" Course Commercial Clerical Ambition -Housewife Cheerleaders Club 1: Historical Club 2: Choir l, 2. ,Qi -1 nag THE l956 SENIDRS , LORETTA MARIE MCCLAIN Honey Gul Course Commercral Clencal Ambm n Arrlme Hostess :ble Club 1 Scrence Club 2 Lrbrary Club 2 Girls Chorus Z Chorr 2 EDNA MAE MCGREGOR Edna Course Commercxal Secretanal Ambrtron Good Bookkeeper or Secretary uture Homemakers of Amenca l 2 Commercial Honor Socxety 3 RUTH ANN MCLAUGHLTN Skrppy Course Commercial Secretarral Ambrtxon Secretary rrls Chorus 1 Future Homemakers of Amerlca Presrdent 2 B1b'e Club 1 Basketball 4 Volleyball 4 MARGARET RUTH MEDAR Marg Course Commercral Clerxcal Cholr 1 2 News Chppmg Club 1 Bible Club 1 Course Academlc Ambmon Fly Boy Homerocm Presrdent 4 Rrtle Club 1 2 Band 1 onstructxon Crew Radro Room 4 Nu Su Club 3 ELIZABETH A MORRIS Ann Course Academrc Cheerleaders Club 1 2 FRED MULLINS Weasel Ccurse Vocatronal Ambltlon Carpenter Outdoor Club 1 2 JOHN MYERS Johnny Course Commercxal Clerrcal Outdoor Club 1 Semor Patrol 4 IOHN G NICHOLSON Puck Course Academxc Ambmon Iorn the USMC Rlile Clubl 2 Footballl 2 3 CONNIE LOU NICKLOW Course Commerc1alCler1cal Ambmcn Te'ephone Operator Able Club 2 O O B' : ' : ' : ' ' F ' , : ' G. , : . I . JOHN MORRIS "Jack" ' ' : ' , : . 2, 3, 4: C ' ' : - . B' . SPORTS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL AND BASEBALL GAMES -11' NORMA IEAN NICKLOW Nlckel Course Commercral Clencal Ambrtxon Secretary Bxble Club l 2 IOHN RICHARD OBERLY Rrch Course Commerc1alCler1cal Ambrtxon Own my own Junk yard the bxggest m Pa Model Airplane Club l Rrile Club 2 Football 1 2 Outdoor Club 1 2 IUNE E OLIVER une Course Commerc1alSecretar1al Ambxtxon Pnvate Secretary News Clrppmg Club 1 Dramatxcs Club 2 Grrls Chorus l Student Councxl l 2 4 Secretary Treasurer 4 Phx Tn H1Y 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Basketball 4 NANCY LEE PATTERSON Nancy Course Commercial Clencal Ambrtron Make up Artrst Dramatlcs Club 1 Brble Club 2 Phr 'I'r1H1Y 3 4 IOSEPH PAULI. oe Course Academxc Ambxtlon Teacher Model Axrplane Club 1 Football 1 Homeroom Ofhcer 1 Freshman Class Treasurer Basketball Club 2 Basketball 2 Homeroom Olflcer 2 4 I-l1Y Z 3 4 Secretary Nu Su Patrol RITA PECCON Rrta Course Commerc1alCler1cal Ambrtron Bell Telephone Operator Homeroom Othcer 1 3 Cheerleaders Club 1 Ramettes 1 Square Dance Club 1 Photography Club l Torch News paper Club Z Choxr 2 3 4 Nu TrrHxY 2 3 4 Nu Su 3 4 Volleyball 4 EARL E PELLEGREEN Pe Course General Ambmon Srgn Pamter Bandl 2 Chou 3 4 Student Councrl I-I1Y Torch News paper Club Forest Flre Club Outdoor Club Vanety Re vrew IOANN LEE PHILLIPS Rall Course Academrc Ambrtron Nurse Bible Club Photography Club Torch Newspaper Club ROBERT PHILLIPS Phu CoursefAcadem1c Arnbmon Navy Basketball Club 1: Football 2, . MARTIN PLUTO "Crow Course f-Auto Mechanics Ambition--Iunk Dealer Outdoor Club. 'I' HE 1 9 5 6 S E N Q 0 RS , , ASSEMBLIES ORGANIZATIONS FRANK POLITO Course Auto Mechamc Ambmon Salesman Outdoor Club ELEANOR M PORADO Course Commercral Secretarxal Ambrtron Secretary Cheerleaders Club l Dramat1cs Club 2 Nu Tr1H1Y Secretary 4 Semor Grrls Basketball Team 4 GERALD B PRATT Mort Course Machme Shop Rrlle Club 1 Outdoor Club 1 RONALD WAYNE PRATT R011 Ambrtlon To be a member ol the Bar Course ACGd9m1C H1Y 2 3 4 Rlile Club 1 2 Outdoor Club 2 Football 3 4 Nu Su 3 4 SALLY PRIESTER Course Commercnal Secretanal Ambmon Secretary Cheerleaders Club l Dramatrcs Club 2 Grls Quartet Semcr Chou' 1 2 3 4 KATHRYN RECICAR Kay Course CommercralSecretar1al Ambtron Axrlme Hostess Grrls Chorus 1 Cheerleaders Club l 2 Torch Newspaper Club 2 Commercxal Honor Society 3 NuSu 3 Semor Choir 3 4 LEROY A RICHARDS ee Course General Ambmon Armed Forces or Forest Ranger Outdoor Club Rlile Club DAVID MICHAEL ROMAN Roman Course Academlc Ambmon Manne Corps Basketball Club 1 Torch Newspaper Club 2 LORETTA ELAINE SAYLOR Retta Course Academrc Ambrtron To be a great dancer wrth Art Cheerleaders Club 1 2 Torch Newspaper Club 2 Letter G1rlZ Majorette 3 4 NuSu 2 3 Offxcer 2 Nu Tr1H1Y IACK SCHULZ ack Course Academrc Ambrtxon To make prles ol money Rrile Club 1 Football 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 Nu Su H1Y Chou 1 2 Patrol 4 V1cePres1dent of Home room 2 Iumor Class V1cePres1dent ' HEI., 5 ' 2 '- '- 3. 4: 5 ' : i I I HL ,. 2, 3. I I I I I I .,I .. EXPERIMENTS AND THEMES MARY E SCO'IT Course Beauty Culture Ambrtrcn Beautrcran Brble Club l Photography Club 2 IOSEPH A SIKINA Course Academrc Sally Skmny Ambrtxon Assxstant Manager of Rocky Marcrano Basketball Club Baseball 2 3 4 RUSSELL SMALLEY Course Commerc1a1Cler1ca1 Ambrtron Publlc Accountant Basketball 2 Football 3 4 Patrol 4 Homeroom Oflrcer 2 GERALD LEE SMITLEY Course Machrne Shop Ambrtron Machtnrst MICHAEL A SNYDER Course Auto Mechamcs Ambrtrcn Krnq of Slam Rrfle Club 'VIELVA RAE SPRUELI. Course Commerc1alBookkeep1ng Student Bevo ounctl 4 Smrtty Wooley Bunny Ambztron To attend Mrchrqan State Unrversrty FHA Commercral Club Commercral Honor Socrety Phr Trl H1 Y Vrce Presldent EVELYN STAFFORD Course Commerc1alClerrcal Ambrtrcn To travel Faye Hobby Club l Glrls Chorus l Ramettes l 2 Torch News paper Club l H meroom Presrdent l BARBARA KAY STULL Course Commercralqecretarral Ambrt cn To 1o1n hmmy Dean Cheerleaders Club l Dramatrcs Club 2 Presldent Romettes 'l 3 Chcrr2 3 4 Mayorette 3 4 Nu Tr1HxY 2 3 4 DOLORES SUICH Babe Course Commerc1alClerrcal Ambltrcn Arrlme Hostess FHA l Cheerleaders Club 2 Homeroom Secretary l 3 Phr Trl H1 Y 3 THOMAS T SWANEY Tom Course Academrc Ambrtrcn Electrcmcs Enqmeer Outdoor Club l Brble Club 2 Nu Su 3 Patrcl 4 Stage Crew 4 QW' .Ew- 'Mtv lx. :ll THE l956 SFNIORS VERA MAY TEDROW ltter Course Commerc1alSecretar1al AmblllOD To be a gocd w1le and good secretary Blble Club l 2 SCIQUCG Falr Culde 1 2 Commerclal Honor Scczety 3 4 CQDICY G1rls Basketball Tearn 4 BARBARA IUNE THOMAS Barb Course Commerc1alC1er1cal Ambmon To marry Fred Cheerleaders Club Homeroom Ofhcer l Iunzor Hrstonan SHIRLEY KAY THOMAS Shlrl Course Commercral Secre anal Ambrtnon Telephone Operator Blble Club 1 2 Ccrnmerclal Honor Soclety 3 LOLA MAE THOMPSON LLM Course Commerclalqecretarlal Ambxt on To be B111 s wrie Cheerleaders Club 1 2 Nu Tr1H1Y INA DELL THOHPE Bunny Course Beauty Culture Ambrtrcn Beauty Operator Blble Club Homeroom Treasurer DONNA IEAN TRAINOR Don ean Course COmm9IClGlS6CI6lGI1Gl Ambltzon Mort1c1an Club Nu Tn H1Y Glrls Volleyball Team Gxrls Basketball Team Homeroom Secretary 4 IOHN TROYCHECK Huzzle Course Academ1c Ambltrcn Doctor Basketball Football Torch Newspaper Club Basketball Manager Baseball Manager Patrol Student Councrl Homeroom Ofhcer 1 2 FRANKLIN D TURPIN Course ACGd9m1C Ambmon Play Professronal Basketball Outdoor Club Sports Club Rrile Club Basketball Club Basketball 2 3 4 Homeroom V1cePres1dent DONALD UPOLE Upe Course General Ambxtlcn Referee Student Counclll Football 1 Z 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 Baseball 2 3 Patrol 4 Homeroom Presxdent 2 Class Presr dent 2 FRANK VARGO Turk Ccurse General Ambrtxon Prclesslonal Baseball Player Outdoor Club 1 Dnvmg Club 2 Football Club 3 Football 4 Baseball 3 4 H1Y 3 4 Secretary Homeroom Vlce Presxdent 3 4 - . o e o HHH. ,. , 3 '- '- 3. 4. ,, I ., Cheerleaders Club, Vice-President: Girls Chorus: Hobby . "L. I." LONG BUS TRIPS TO FOOTBALL GAMES AND IOYE WISE Course Commerc1alAcadem1c Ambltron Nurse Gxrls Chonr l Ramettes 2 Torch Newspaper Club 2 Choxr 2 Hxstorlcal Club 2 Secretary Dramatrcs Club l Torch Yearbook Staff 3 4 Phx Tr1H1Y Z 3 4 Volleybal 4 Basketball 4 Captam EDWARD WOVAS Course Academlc General Ambmon Have my own band Freshman Class Secretary l Outdoor Club l Varxety Re vlewl Z 3 Baseball 3 4 Bandl 2 3 4 Chou 4 YVONNE MARIE YODER Dolly Course Commercralcecretarxal Ambttxon Secretary FHA l Gxrls Cho us l Hrstorrcal Club 2 Semor Choxr 2 3 Commercxal Honor Soczety 3 Dnver Trammg 4 KATHRYN ZEBLEY Kathy Course Commercxal Clencal Ambrtlon Secretary FHA Glrls Chorus Beauty Culture Club Photography Club Beauty Culture Delegate Seruor Chorr Nu T 1H1Y Basketball Volleyball ANDREW R ZERECH ECK Rudy Course General Ambltlcn Alr Force Football l 2 Outdoor Club l 2 Course Academxc Basketball l 2 3 4 Basketball Club l 2 3 4 8'ALLY IACQUELINE BOGER lackre Course Academxc Ambltron Nurse Photography Club Torch Newspaper Club Chorr Home room Presxdent 4 MARGARET IOANNE BOSLEY Ccurse Academxc Ambrtr n To be a qocd Wlle to Teddy C115 Chorus l Hobby Club l Photography Club 2 Vrce Pres dent Ramettes l 2 3 4 Nu Qu 3 Phl Tn H1Y 2 3 4 IOY ARLENE DAV SON oy Course Acadenmc Ambltrcn Nurse Photcqraphy Club l Grrls Cho us l Torch Newspaper Club 2 Torch Newspaper Stall l 2 3 4 Torch Yearbook Stall 3 4 Letter G1rl2 Malorette 3 4 Nu Su 3 Student Ccunc1l2 3 4 Semor Cho1r4 Nu Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Presldent 4 Hcrnercom Pres1dent2 3 4 Class Secretary 3 ROBERT IOSEPH FERENCAK Franke Ccurse Academrc Ambxtlcn Professional Baseball Player Basketball Club Square Dance Club Football I-l1Y Patrol H 'ner om Presndent 3 ,.Io,. ..Ed.. PHILLIP ZORETIC "Phil" K .,.. ,,,. NIO.. Z .,I ,. THE 1956 SENQORS THE FIRST cLAss TO GARY V FRIEND F'-UZY Course Academrc Ambrtrcn To own my own lumber busrness Rrlle Club l H1Y 2 3 Football 2 3 Student Councrl l Vrce Presrdent of Homeroom 1 3 PATTI LOU HAHN U Course Commerczal Bookkeepmg Ambrtron Bookkeeper Hobby Club Brble Club Grrls Chorus Senior Chou Nu Su Nu Tr1 H1 Y PHILLIP ALLEN HALFHILL Phz Course General Ambrtron Navy quare Dance Club Rrfle Club Outdoor Club Nu WAYNE M HALBROOK Werner Course Academzc Ambrtron Draftsman Senror Chorr BENITA IANE HIXSON Brer Rabrt Course Commercral Ambrtron To work at Rockwell Grrls Chorus l Cheerleaders Club l 2 Phr Trr H1 Y BERNARD ANDREW KOBZOWICZ Berme Course General Ambrtrcn F B I Agent Model Burldmg Club 1 Rrlle Club l Outdoor Club 2 Foot ball Club 3 Drrvers Safety Club 3 SANDRA MANGES Sandy Course Ccmmerc1alSecretar1al Cheerleaders Club IEAN MARIE PILIPICK Ieannre Course CommercralCler1cal Amb1t1on To be a good secretary Tcrch Newspaper Club 2 Nu Su 3 Nu Tr1H1Y 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Serucr Grrls Basketball Team 4 LINDA RUTH SILBAUGH rn Course Commerc1a1Secretar1al Ambrtron Commercral Teacher FH A l Girls Chorus 1 Semor Chorr 2 Torch Newspaper Club 2 Red Cross Representative 2 Student Councrl 2 3 Nu Su 3 Dance Band 3 Band 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Torch Newspaper Staff 3 4 Torch Yearbook Stall 3 4 Com mercral Honor Socrety 3 4 Nu Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Coun 1 Member 4 Homeroom Secretary 4 WUANITA SMITH Nita Course Commerc1a1Cler1ca1 Ambrtron Swrtchboard Operator F H A l Photography Club 2 'E 1 lxffgt' 0 o o ' ' - ' , . Sw vg- ,,P in ,, .1., S I : ' : : -Su. - -W F ' : , : ' '- '- 2. f 4 t.: I- I l . - f x - - K 1523. f' ' HL. .. , . . . : ' : " ' 7 i A If - li : . .1 2 J I 1 V X9 ' 1 ' 'I I . : '- '- . . 1: 1 Ci- . . . : . dv it t' rx V ar rs r 32 USE THE NEW GYMNASIUM IANET LORRAINE ANDERSON an Course Commercial Secretanal Ambition Bell Telephone Operator Photography Club 1 Girls Chorus 1 Square Dance Club 2 Senior Choir 2 3 4 Variety Review Show 1 2 8 4 MARY MARGARET BAIR Gmqer Course Academic Ambition Airline Stewardess Latin Club 1 2 Secretary Treasurer l Chorus 2 Home room Secretary LENORA IEAN BLASZCZAK Lenora Course Commercial Academic Ambition Nurse Cheerleaders Club 1 Photography Club 1 Girls Chorus Historical Club 2 Torch Newspaper Club 2 Ramettes l 2 Mayorette 3 4 Commercial Honor Society 3 Nu Tri H1Y 2 3 4 Nu Su SANDRA RUTH FIELDS San Course Academic and Commercial Ambition Nurse Choir 1 2 3 4 Cheerleaders Club 1 Square Dance Club 1 Phi Tr1H1Y Club 2 3 4 Ramettes l Nu Su Club 4 Basketball 4 LORETTA ANN FIORVANTI Course Commercial Secretarial Ambition Private Secretary Romettes 1 Homeroom Officer 2 Cheerleaders Club 1 2 President 2 Choirl 2 Student Councill 2 4 Sophomore Class Secretary 2 Nu Tr1H1Y 2 3 Chaplam 3 Cheer leader 3 4 Commercial Honor Society 3 IOHN I-'RANCZYK Course General Ambition Navy CAROLYN IOY SYBERT Course Academic Ambition- Get married and have a bunch of kids Girls Chorus 1: F.H.A, 2: Cheerleaders Club 1, 2: Freshman Homeroom Treasurer 1. SONDRA LEE UNICE "Sonie" Course--Commercial Secretarial Ambition -Medical Secretary P.H.A. Vice-President: Torch Newspaper Club l: Cheer- leaders Club 2: Homeroom Officer 1: Commercial Honor Society 3: Phi Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Fashion Show Editor: Basket- ball 4: Volleyball 4. DIANE MARLENE HOLT ' Course Academic Ambition Phar.nacist or Teacher F.H.A.: Bible Club: Tcrch Newspaper Club. PATRICIA ANN BASHAR "Pat" Course Commercial Clerical Ambiticn To be a model Cheerleaders Club l, 2: Torch Newspaper Club 2, 3: Nu Tri-Hi-Y 3. ? Iv RUTH SMITHBERGER Ruthre Course Commerc1alSecretar1al Ambrtzcn Secretary FHA Llbrary Club 2 MARGARET l TARR 1 Course Commerc1alAcademxc Ambrtrcn Nurse Chorr I Band l 2 Cheerleaders Club I 2 Homeroom Oflxcer l Nu Su Pht Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Presldent 4 Senror Grrls Volleyball Team 4 Senror Glrls Basketball Team 4 CECELIA ZEHEL Cel Ccurse Academrc Ambmon Nurse Photography Club l Student Councxl Secretary 2 3 Torch Newspaper Stafll 2 3 4 Edrtor 3 4 Torch Newspaper Club V1cePres1dent 2 Torch Yearbook Staff 3 4 Nu ou Homeroom V1cePres1dent 2 4 ELIZABETH KATHLEEN SWIFT Lrlybet Course Academrc Amb1t1 n Nurse Brble Club 1 Cheerleaders Club Grrls Chorus l Nu Su 3 Nu Tr1H1Y 3 4 Hlstorran 4 SENIORS NOT PICTURED ROBERT D AMORE Doc Course General Ambm n Armed Servrces IANET DURANKO an Course Commercralqecretarral Ambrtron Andy s wrfe Photography Club l Cheerleaders Club l Homeroom Ofhcer 1 4 Torch Newspaper Club 2 Ramettes l Z Grrls Chorus l DALE FEE Sam Course Academlc Ambxtlon Arr Force Outdoor Club Basketball Club Football 3 H1Y Presrdent ROBERT GARROW Bob Course General Ambrt on Srnger Footballl 2 3 4 Varslty Football 3 4 Varxety Revrew 2 3 Chol EUGENE R KLINK Ralph Course Machme Shop Ambrtlon MGChIHlSl NICK LABELLA xg Course Automob1leMechan1cs Ambrtron Iunk Dealer Outdoor Club MYRNA LOUISE MARTIN Melt Course Commercral Clencal Ambrtrcn To be presrdent ol the Vrgzlantes TOM MEGGETT Kid Course Academlc Ambmon Arr Force Football 2 3 4 LONNIE MILLER E99 Head Course General Ambrtlon Navy Outdoor C ub IESSE MONDELLA Pete Course General Outdoor Club Rllle Club MOSE PAYNE BmkeY Course General Ambrtron School Teacher Outdoor Club l 2 Frre Frghters Club 3 4 CHARLES S QUARRICK Duclae Course Academrc Basketball Club Torch Newspaper Club Torch Newspaper Staff FRANCIS SOXMAN Txm Course Academrc Ambrtron Engmeer or Teachrng Ampllfrer System Stage Crew Torch Newspaper Club ' ' Urn., ' . . .. .1., ev , ' . ' , , ' 5 ' Z: ' 1 - Outdoor Club: Rifle Club. Bible Club 1: Torch Newspaper Club 2. "I " i . 1,.1"f4." " tr. HF. ,, .. ,. . .. 34 THE JUNIORS . . ., A SUCCESSFUL YEAR AS JUNIORS . . . A PRELUDE TO PLEASANT SENIOR ACTIVITIES ." "' rn ll it 7 5 -7, C 'C P x f I ' ri ' , I if il 3'-A, 'ss '75 as' ,, 2. all if 'T' E' A gg 2- X fri I i TII T, 2. . .-L " 1 3, 14 1 - g , .V A :TE VII A .vfla of' H' if l - sf " .s - M- l X 1 'C ' 1 E W ,, i, ., .. V.. 4 N. l .- E f? W .W -f 14751 . x., ' N , I, -9' an ii l - 1- 'S' ' I" -1 Saundra Adams Richard Ashton Frances Babinsl-cy Connie Baird Ronald Banko Catherine Barliusrak Dave Barnes Catherine Bartork Geraldine Bala Dean Bigam Patty Bock Bertie Bolish jean Bosley Betty Bowden Shirley Boyd Marlent- Brain james Brown Patty Brown Claudette Purgess Gloria jean Chrise Viola Clark Gerald Clingan Faye Coleman Wilma Collins Robert Conn William Connelly john Cooley Susanne Cossick Patricia Costenic Donald Crable Gayla Craft Margaret Cronin Kenneth Crossland George Cummings Paul Danko Richard Davidson Lillian Davies Jennie Davison Judith Dayton Veronica Deba 35 ' 2 t C IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated left to right are: Shirley Howard. Barbara Peccon. Standing: Ierry Clingan. Patty Tuttle. Mr. Wilson, Geraldine Bata, Charles Sherlock. We have been looking forward to our junior year at North Union as one of the most pleasant of our high school life and year have proven it to be a carefree year. We did not feel the pressure which goes with being a senior, having to decide upon events of the so. This was what comes next and we were free to fully enjoy the activities of our "new" school. We were happy that the new addition opened up many new opportunities, for the satisfaction of interests for us all. The opportunity to participate in assembly programs for the first time, the oppor- tunity to use our own gym for athletics and the chance to use the cafeteria, to say nothing of the expanded curriculum and new rooms and equipment have greatly increased our interest in school. me THE .IUNIORS 1.1 at ,,,. ffi' LOOKING FORWARD TO ONE YEAR BEFORE XS. KR ag. -1- 4 iw H1114- lk'-1 aw we We '32 no ,aru- in CX! Y' -if V ff WM 36 fa Us ff-r -ul aw.. .,,, 54, QW -71-.W 'gif' Leonard DeCarlo Richard DeCenzo Catherme Delhgath Frances Donovan Claude Elder Frank Emxlxo Joseph Fam Vrrgmla Fxke Beverly Franko Thelma Franks Rebecca Frazxer Wxllxam Gales Danxel Gaudxano Kenneth George Dorothy Gibson Ann Gilbert Sylvxa Gxlbert Judy Glrod Sylvla Grxglak Edna Grubbs Lmda Guess Edith Hall Norman Hall Darlene Harford Edward Harto Lmda Hawkins Thelma Heaton John Herrmg David Holland Shrrley Howard Todd Hunt George Hutchmson Ruth Jacobs Roberta Johnson Vxrgmxa Johnson Delores Jordan Judy Jose Gene Kazlmer Jud3 Keefer Bernard Klena Frances Knoyer Robert Kobzowrcz Anna Mae Kollar Esther Kollar Ruta Komanecky Wxllxam Koontz Cecelxa Koposko George Kozak Jerome Kozak Kenneth Kozel Barbara Krevnnko Jerome Krofcheck Mary Ann Kubala Shxrley Landman John Lawson Anastasxa Leachko Raymond Leeper Faye Lloyd Curtis Loeffel Betty Lohr Susan Marcus Beatrice Marshall Bonnxe Martin 0 0 5 .',-,' ' V og. we .J J we . ' 3 f . , 1, x ea L . -M 4- o J V D rvv-, ' f .I " , -A '.', , '1 Y ua Q Lx L . M ...M . ,M , V, .. .,., 3 ,... ,1':' , Q . 'i"" .'., ,':: .--' '- t"r zf, " L . ' A .:..,- " , ,,.,, .. ew-If .,,., ' ' . 9? 4 r.., if 'ff . 31, . Q ' .41 Q ',-, Doris Hudock , " ---' ....- ' A I A dl M j s., " .... . 41+ 4 'Q J - , 1 Q ' in f i- . f .. , ' .t i f W' A , ' - A " 1 5 Q- L 3, L A-V-' , f 7 4 E M J J ,Je Q H r E , an H 5? 'R -T L ' E , A"' L , f ' I V,r, .VV- J N' W "r'1 J E .- r ' I 4 GRADUATING Charletta Martm Emllx Martin Enza Gale Martin Nancs Martm Marx Masx john Mazurnk Paul McCalhster Sandra McGalla Joanne McGxnn1s Donald McVe-5 Anthony Mele Carolyn Mlkula Thelma Miller Gerald Mllosevwh Madelme Moyer Paul Nau Mary Nxcklow Vxctorxa Novecheck Davxd Oldland Rxchard Over Thomas Pamley Albert Patterson Shxrley Paull Raymond Pawlak Barbara Peccon Martha jean Pramuk Wxllxam Pratt Thomas Punday Donna Reale james Reckard Samuel Renner James Roby Elame Rockwell Barbara Rolfe Barbara Rule Robert Ry zok Gertrude Sahtrlk Paula Santore Joy Savage Wayne Schafer Michael Semans Charles Sherlock Margaret Shxmko Wxllxam Srble Nma Sxlbaugh Russell Sllbaugh Margaret Skovrra D1ck Soxman Ruth Strckle Thomas Stxckle Helen Stxner Betty Stout Lots Suder Freda Swaney Angela Tesauro Jamce Thorpe Judy Traynor Patty Tuttle Robert Vall Dorothx Vmcent Ruth Wadsworth Jacquelmc Wardle Carol Weaver Marx Wedl Norman Welsh Sandra Whltman Bcverlx Wilson john Zavatson Darlnne Znblct Mars Jann Ztblcy 3.41- alias cz' My -1074 29' T wil fs. , 35' 531622 'HE' fv T3- If 1 A - 1 1 ang -Kin 'C' -Q 1' v-I -a aug kl- X as L i ,- wf 'U .. Ci '7 5' ut. 0 -0 J -av .1 41 31 , -f -9 -rv ,w l J X ' ,, AELSFQ' T b. -V I t 2 f , ' q i A wfifi ,, A , 1 -' , ,A ' ' K . 1 I .,H '- . , gy ' V' R 3 " ' ' i- rg" W X ' IN ' x '-J' ', Y V v ' I ,, M Q . '. R , -' f 1 - .U HJ - - f " f -'S :L - 3. r 4 N e , Y f ' - R ' ir p ' ,531 -A ' " . W "" K 2' - " K t' , . v ' f .. -: ' D - 0 wg , .,.,..,.. 6 W"-' '-A linen' ' ' A. -.:,t?,,5,w.,p - K t mfs 54 ,. e, ' by if 1" A ' X, xl l 4 . ' n x I I , '52 K A ' ' '- "' "EE ' fi , .,. T Q S I ,T H fa f . 1 , Q f , H Q, f-- ,..,., - My V T V A . Q' 252 A fa q Il A ' 2' 1 X ' I' e , . . V K fi 5 f 4. Y R YW! xx 'Y' .IT y , I' ' It ' 1 V , I iawwfrr A ' "' " - f 'jf , . 4 v v 1 , .. . " V P4 U' , .. H I V. V I U V 7, U, - l x ZA, ZZ' , A ' N, 7 Y sw... iq-, H ..-. 1' Y ?,-...i. 1 ' 4 it . . v, ' 3: V I. hi I 4 D, I . . . f . fa . .,e - , 4 , ,, ' 9 . ' I l Q ' 4 ' x l - ' -L! Q. f , SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Seated: Rose O'Hern, Vice-President: Patty Cray- ton, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: Steve Kre- vinko, President: Mr. Crawford. Sponsor. With the creation of the new iunior high school, we, the sophomores, are spending our second year as "first" year students. Last year, as freshmen, we were the lowest class, this year, as sopho- mores in a three-year high school, we were still the lowest class, No progress, you say? We don't think so. This year we have had the benefit of a greatly improved school, and our progress has kept step. Through the use of the new and expanding facilities, we have un- covered talents which we did not know existed, and our interest in school has increased. We are looking forward to two more happy years in our new school, and to being the first graduating class to have had access to these facilities for the en- tire three years of senior high school life. THE SOPHOMORES john Allen Dale Ashby Thomas Bala Ronald Balchak William Barnett Bonnie Barney joseph Bartock Jeannette Bata Pat Batko john Bendis George Boucher Harriet Bittinger Sandra Blacey Robert Bodnar Lillian Bolk Connie Bowers Betty Boytl Carol Brown Ronald Bryner Geraldine Casteel Betty Churby Gerald Cleaver Lois Clingan Betty Colgan Ronald Cooper Nancy Cornish ,It-an Cossick Patty Crayton Sara Crayton joan Crossland Rosa-mary Crossland ju-rrv Cunningham Bn-riiarti Dauko Eleanor Danko Shirley Davenport joan Dawson 38 9 r fungi. 0 4' ff' A4 , -if ' 1.40 .-....-.,,,...4g,N.M.r. . 22 3'5f'f'1 . . " wffes Y f., f, "' fd A1 Q. hs, gg l . 'V M f frail -. if r i' 4' ,K fam-f T ,,i i ,,.r, ,g avi 55' swf: 'B' gp W 'wh :nr Q wa F t wi 3 Q, ga, sl Q I an A1 if ,KES ,M .. gtg - ti V ri? iz' A fr ri if 4. ,S Q, ae-an if ,- ,J-ig, 1, if . 9 0 . . A 1 if , ' 'Tir "" A 44' W W R 1 M f M.,-. fy gee . ' .:., . V7 . 5Mf wr-f'fven-e1e'fm-'-"-vr"-f-"""ffwf l t -4 4.4, ,, s ' X J f V r Q. ,I ,.... . , ,r,.,.,, "" ,M .E:f:. ' . ' ' 5 ,' ": 21533, J ,gifs . r - T, I e My ggiz P . ' ""' A C .,.,. , rt - " 11:55-W . ffrxmwin it ' in . e, .- i U . V ,,,.., .W , is ..,, .ii .... r , . ,Z ,,,. .W , .,,,.. 4, Q6 fe at M if , ..,. 15 ,554 A 1,1 2533 I ,L 404 C' Carol Dean james DeCarIo Mary Jayne Descaro Charles De-Sc-Ilems Duane Dickinson Judy Dobis Louis Dominick Thomas Donovan joe Dragont Mary Dragone john Drlestadt Mary Lee Dunn Richard Duranko Larry Duntsa Rosalie Dutkewycz Mike Dzurilla Barbara Evans Shirley Evans Richard Fabian Barbara Fairfax Alberta Fecek Pat Ferencak james Filcheck Loretta Fisher William Fleming Betty Florkevich Kathleen Fordyce Carol Foreman Louise Forsythe Ronald Franczyk oe Franko Lewis Franko Janet Gales Joe Gallagher joe Gallis Michael Garybush Gloria Ghrist Pat Giachetti Richard Gxachetti Arthur Gilbert Esther Golden Edna Gribble Shirley Groves Ed Gulmo Robert Gulmo Linda Hagerty Florence Hall Ruth Ann Hall Leonard Hamborsky james Hawk john Heaton Oliver Hoax' Margaret Holup Helen Honza Phillip Horton Paul Horwat Joanne Hosa Gloria Hradesky Charles l-Iudo k Sara Hunt james Hutchinson Thomas Jeffries Phyllis Jellick as ,p- 's.. gd 0-9 'Y' ha., ENTERING INTO HIGH SCHOOL LIFE jlw W 'YTY gin 'Wav 11196 Aim. ,M-fy ? THE SOPHOMDRES 'll' Dorothy johnson John jose Bob Kacmar Irene Kahl Paul Kxkta Jane Kxsak Sandra Kllnk Bernardme Kovalchlck Charles Kozak Steve Krevmko Stanley Krynaskx Marlene Kuban Bob Kurcma Maralyn Lake Georgxann LaPrall Bonn1e Leasure Arlene Lee Sandra Lehman Noel Lotz Dottne Lowry Sh1rley Lynch Wanda Maddas Martm Marcus Gary Martin Judxth May Lena McGregor Roberta McNutt Ella M1ller Ray Moody Gary Moore E1leen Morgan Joan Morgan Richard Morrlson Joan Mrosko Loretta Nahaj Lmda Nedrow Dorothy Nlcklow Vrrgxma Nxcklow Rose O Hern Joe Opalko Larry Pashke Joanne Pater Carol Pawlak Robert Phelan Ronald Phxlllps Joann Plllar Mary Pocratsky Spencer Provance Paul Puskar John Quarnck joseph Quarrxck Ray Rankin Frank Rnchter Kenneth Rockwell Ronald Rockwell WE REPRESENT THE 1958 V JP . Tom Kovach . ,, 5, . 13 , ' n' 1 K Q29 M I . . vi' - 2 40 Bradley Rohm Bill Romantic Glenn Russell Kay Saluga Paul Saluga Tom Sankovwh Bull Savage Gary Schultz Roy Scott Bill Sellong Pat Semachko Betty Semans Joanne Sestak Bernice Shxpley Irma Shushok Paula Shuster Shirley Sllbaugh Robert Sxllett Gwen Smxth Gerald Smxtley Ross Snowden jacquelyn Snyder Kenneth Spaw Charles Stafford Judy Struck Pat Sullnvan Terry Swaney Thelma Swetz Pat Sytko Albert Taggart John Takac Jack Thomas Moses Thomas Connxe Thorpe Judy Tobak Barbara Traxnor Anna Marne Tresky Paul Tressler Martha Umce Ethel Urban Carol Vance Joe Wallace Rxchard Walls Joseph Waltz Willard Weasenforth Harold Weaver Ronald Wedl Dan We1mer Arlene Whitman janlce Yauger Floyd York Darlene Young Sandra Young Ronald Zavxslan Lmda Zebley Tom Zerecheck ,..- Inf AX.. as A S had SL 10? fa " 1, ESV: BEF' fu IX ww M: .2 J 4.4 Q ff 1' an ,r GRADUATING CLASS OF NORTH UNION HIGH SCHOOL 41 JUNIOR HIGH INTRODUCING NORTH UNION JUNIOR lt makes me feel so small to see all the older boys and gurls walkung around me before each peruod Thus statement us one expressed by our younger edutuon to North Unuon As all three classes are spendung theur furst year at North Unuon, there us no doubt that the furst days were a confusung affaur Everythung was new buuldungs, teachers, and classmates We were not accustomed to changung rooms so often, our course of study was changed, and we had many more teachers It wasnt long, however untul we became used to our surroundungs and were able to fut unto the plan of thungs Our new school offers us so much more than we were able to get un the smaller schools that we are sure the change was well worthwhule We belueve we are uustly proud of our Junuor Hugh School, and to be a part of the new North Unuon Kenneth Adams Roy Allomon Carol Allman Mary Ann Anthony Joanne Bacha Arlene Barrd Russell Baurd Regus Balaban Vurgmua Balsone Patncxa Banko Elxzabeth Bartock Marcelrne Bull Phulup Blaney Robert Blastuc Mike Bobxck Mary jane Bolush Vxrguma Bowser James Boyd Joyce Brmk Rose Mane Brown Eugene Bryner Glenn Bryner Lorna Bryner Ralph Bryner Edward Bukovan Richard Burgess Dolores Butler Thomasune Carter Bonme Chruse Rose Churrlla Ronald Chuska Ina Lou Clark Bob Connors Arlene Cooley James Crayton Phuhp Crayton ., 6 if -Q? on VI or sr' ,uv 1-nv' W ,A -4' v-s un f 4 9 HIGH SCHOOL TO Gerald Cromn Donald Crossland Pmggx Crossland Fran ns Cruuo Bernard Daughcrtx Shlrlcw Dawson Carolxn Dawson Marla D1Carln Ronald DeCarlo Anthonx DLC1nzo Vxrgmxa Dennx janet De scaro Donna Dobberstun Raxmond Dolncy Helen Doman Mary Ann Dorunda Ruth Duranko Ruth Emory Charles Fanrfax Donna Fee John Frke Robert Fxsher james Fleming Wrllxam Ford Eugene Fordyce Ruta Frankenberry Edward Franko Donald Franks Brenda Frost Robert Fuller Roberta Fultz Kenneth Gales john GL rglf. y Robert Giachtttl Rosalie Gilbert Shirley Gordan Sarah Goff, Donna Gras Charlgs Grtem Evelyn Hanzgs Conme Harford Robert Haught Frank Herrrlla Carl Hrxon Richard Holland Robert Holland Sandra Holman She-lla Homa Alpha House Donna Howard Barbara Hozmec Damel Hradesl-cy Frank Hudotk Monxca Hudock Dolores Humbfrrtson Dolores johnson Larrx johnson Flonncve joms jot CL Jor lan Wxlllam ,lox Sue Ann Kalafut john Kufzr Ruth Inn Kuntr THE NEW NORTH UNION 4 wr 'KK l pq, f 49 r pf? 36 '-3' W... rr ? Y E ir" ,v -, , , 'X w'wf'.,L. X i 1 ' Q E, Q yv Q of V 'lg J i' . is , N . at ioe . L C 7-' R ff' .I . V I l . i rv ll xr 1. ' , -7' f E v 4 N , Q -l.r Wg. ' 1 - L l 0 ' ' ' Ill I A . if . W 4 M ' r br t " ..,A M h Q X V 0 Y M H ,,w4,5:l ,,H,,W,,,,fIW,,,?,,g,l,f,,,Y,. W T .T 4 .ri 2 V , ,, N i , AN , 4: -I W X 'X V nl ,,:wV K,,,V ..:. . al ,J W L E I, Y V A ' ' . xl' Y ' ig , - .ak X x ' , Y X yt ' A ' 5, l. ' ' , 'ls ll , ,ft 1 ll, , h ' ll- 1 3' . K 4412 4 I' li , 1 2 , l 4 , X ' A l ,,' ., t .NV N 1 ,V s, X , gil 34 ., li l to Q 2 ' 1 C - f fs pf '- ' I 4 V ri il 4 K A 'il ' L1 Lug 4 .. , 4 " Y . ' '-'H xy C V , A ., C ' ,fl qv Y, of ,K ., f ' ' el r . ' ' - f'N , ' l , QVr'1 L AL . ' A ' 1 4 ' A, S, ' ' .gg-'f'f ".' ,QS ' .' ' - E .r 'P -L S. al' lvl .-Y' v-. ha 1 1 -n .eo z f 43 W ,,..fv , uw wifi' if Z g 24: fi J ywvgt was for 06, fb.. u-ver u-1154 7' f 4 r nb ,, 4, :ev Q- in l -1 3 Q57 wswzvwawm- X., THE FRESHMEN fv- 5 -M 1 .H-A aw sr -H '17 ,nov v-uv we A THE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS . O Kolarlk Steve Kotlar Glorxa Krevmko Ronald Krofcheck Joe Kukuruyga julxus Kurta Rlchard LaCla1r Mark Landman Robert Landman Ronald Latta Lana Leckman Donna Leeper Robert L1pperm1 Carmella Los Matthew Lowther Wllllam Martm Jeanette Martm Lewxs Mas: Albert Mayher Patrxcxa McCla1n Margaret McNatt vlfglflll McVey james Meggett Vxrg1l Mackey George M1kula Matthew Muller Joyce Mxlosevxch Grover Mmerd Edxth Modnspaw Gerald Mullen Patnck Mullms Patr1c1a Murphy Wendell Neratka Barbara Newman John Newman Muriel Nicholson Lxnda Nxgrmy Margaret Null Gertrude Pamley Marlene Parker Ra Paull Sue Paull Woodrow Peffer Donald Petko Mary ,Io Phelan Sandra Ph1llxps Barbara Pxllar Ted Pluto Wxllxam Pollak Anna Mane Popson Geraldme Prlester Tum Prmkey Lawrence Provance Allan Provance Harry Puzak Andrew Quarrxck Ehzabeth Quarrlck Margaret Rabatm Mary jean Raymond Ross Rxdley Beverly jean Robmson Joy Rogers Nick Rohm Barry , " " 7 3' I Q V . :K v A, A S we alla f ie , ' i ' T1 , C 'N ' - I ' ' ' 'QSC , ' - 1 -. y . V 'r : -.' X '- ky ,,,., , VC , h , I A ,,,, X 3 A ' 7 Q' , Q " , " 'A ' . E : , f , . i, ' : T WJ " , S " f -- ,., 1 ' - 1 ' 1 G gf' l . - -' -, T T T of of ' ' 'avr - ' V Q , n ki, W . iii, -fb 1 'V . gl f f - V H ww .Wiki .,.. W- . ,f , xi ff !,2f72g,, , - ,ASL , f s .f ""' '- ,Q Q ' MA ' "N""""""""'- - . A 5 4 ,N "f'fs,'z 1 .- N A x. I F ra I ' 1 ' I A ,l.l 'L V F' I .4 MCMHhf5f', Hama' ':' 'V ff A V .,::.' , I il ' ' LE? 'M' . f K ff g ' ' ' ,.,.z5 f"W'7 M ' " " - ' "fi ' ' ' , ' ' . I - ' , ' , ff - ' 4 " ' - ' - - 7 . .. 55? - -: - ' w V , ' ,eg 1 : 1 mf. yi 1 l 3.4, 1 J ' sz , Y v . . M . 4 , T, 4 .. f , , . . T, .- 1 ' ,f P S- T - , ' A. 5, an i i v "V " ' Q -.4 v- ' . I A Q K 3 1 ,: . , , , , ' V. . .X f A A 1 Q A 1 .- f g V , I 4 ' K 4 y y - 1' A 4 as-A Y z . . vw f , , y Q fs, .A , , f f' ' -.1 ,..n V V ,, 1 I ' , , .yg,,,fy.f,. 1? , lr.. , 223.51 -wi' , A A ', ' A 1 :ig A' - , V A , 51,55 ' " , A A 4 fl , - -v . V, V A V ' T - ,. ... . t, . . 7 if 4, A . , li ir I , f' ' . , , f , - 15 Q ,Pr-' , ' Roseck Monica Rowan Paul Royesky Mary Kay Sabatula Joanne Sabatula Teresa Sabol Lots Jean Saluga john Salu ga Nancy Schaney Robert Schroy er Barbara Scott Robert Shamrock Patncxa Shipley Eugene Skovera Duck Smalley Penny Smarslok Bob Smlgovsky Betty Smlthberger Paul Sobek Andrew Spaw Jeanne Squurrek Stanlev Sroka Donna Stafford Lmda Stasko Barry Stepamk Frank Stxckle Martha Stlckle Presley Swaney Leroy Swet z Joan Taggart Vlvxan Takac Ronald Takoch Francis Takoch Roberta Taylor Harry Tesauro Dolores Thomas Charlene Thomas Juhus Thomas Lorraine Thomas Ronald Thompson Jack Thorpe Anna Belle Tramor Martha Troycheck Martin Varney Lmda Vedro Irene Veshmsky Patncxa Vuknlc Frances Wallace Wxlllam Welhng Elmer Wxllnams Mary Woods Louella Workman Joyce Yakopovxch John Yasenosky Jean Yauger Carl Yuhonxch Mary Ann Zavatson Andrew Zebrasky judy Zeo h Patncxa Zerecheck Rxchard Swaney, William . FROM NORTH UNION JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL i ,gg Q , 351 wi 'Ji 'Q 6 15 V54 .1"' wa W '42, is -. .'- ,Ng ?""W-N ,t if W. ,E W is bmi fa if 2 - , , s f k . A ' , ' f, i X U 4,4 L V Ai :5n.,. f?5713fi"2'if' ' , if 'A Y ' A HQ 'W . xg, ff if ,Q ,Q 54 4 1 3 ar:-2 'Nz K z f Q In EIGHTH GRADE NEXT HOMEROOMS IN THE NEW BUILDING ROOM 715 r L r o x Frs tr Nlnrun Wargo Jantt Hrdtr Patrr ra Ztntkou h anut Morgan Alut Hadtlla San dra MtClam Astnath Sed lock JoAnn Hunttr Donna johnson :mV Batt Ann Dano Fran as Baxles Glorla Patter son Lxnn Snowdnn Sallx But trnggr Marx Ellen Durrtsa Shula Drtssler Barbara Vxclo nrsh Marlena Zungrr Row 3 Domxmck Rogers Carl Wrst Grant Wlllrams Rrchard Mullins Mmrl Gort james Lowrx Edward Koposko The mlort Craxton Naomx Vtmck Patrrua Krtmposkx Row 4 Wrlber Landman Janus Ptfftr Harry Davison Jamts Balnhak Charlts Zavatson Ronald Guadlano Lours Mau str jostph Pyro Donald Swa nu Andrtw Horvath ROOM 216 Row 1 Mrs Grertzer J u d x Crossland Gladys McGregor Patricia Sllbaugh Marjorxe Bradley Davrd Fxsher Robert Grant A r l e n e Dommxck Emma jones Roger Thorpe Row 2 Charles Grsmondr Ro berta Sprrnger Donna Marine Shrrley Karprnsky Rose San txllo Ada Hxxon Conme Hut cl-nnson Catherine Cole Nan tx Wxlhelm Row 3 Donald Modrspaw Dar rtll Wardle Allen Martm Larry Austm Lmda Beatty Lnnda Rxan Nancy Halfhrll Wanda Varndell Bonnrc Sus lar Nrck Komaneclu Row 4 jatk Tents Jnrrx Moss burg Leslxt Downs Joe. Shu shok jamts Cornmll Robtrt Kovarh E u g t n t Ltonarcl anus Dt Sf. lltms Austin Runtsburg ROOVI 113 Rm 1 M Edward Tomko Ida sa McNatt Connn Borxt skx Alrce Holland Ida Olmver B o n n 1 1 Hanan josephrne Stanxa Patrr ra Cooper Don na Lozaw Row 2 Janus Polando Mrkc L 1 no Sxlxester Dan 0 Naomx Allton Emily Wrlson ,loan Brtntr Phxllrs Craxton jour Sx bert Barbara Frffuk w 3 Ronald Rxggrn Stuf Nxgrmx Frtd Dexan Clare-nc- Morrlson Claranct DtBtrrx Wllllam Clark Thomas Shun kr Ktnntth Vargo vu -l john Johnson S Q Challas Alhtr! Grxmm Thorn as Brown Genrgt Stotkdalt Rfbqrt Ruth l O I 3 Rm- 1 M. L- V- th-. j ' J -.1 R '..--- 1-3' - k. I' 2 T. ' , I'h'si, N .. . ' k . Ro' as , 1. 4 A ' . Y RU A . t-vo 2 H ' ' " "- 1 SEVENTH GRADE YOUNGEST AND SMALLEST AT NORTH UNION . SEVENTH GRADE Row 1-Mr. Walsh, Margaret Allan, Carol Ann Donesec. Dianne Curry, Mary Johnson, Shirley Honza, Helen Kopo- sko, Dorothy Schaney, Patty McMahon. Row 2+Thomas Shushock, Da- vid Tressler, Michael Tobak, S h ir l e y Gardner, Michelle Hartosh, Donna Seman, Shel- via Bailey, Betty Jane Nick- low, Dolores Lipperini. Row 3-Donald Clark, Harold Ware, Ronald Billick, Ronald Halbrook, John Everly, Thom- as Swaney, Jess Parnell, James Welling, Stephen Raymond. Row 4-Regis Johnson. Bruno Gilbert, John Painley, Edward Landman, Samuel Cole, Larry Spade, John Strick, Dominick Masi, James Kacmar. Not pictured-Sandy Kay Ny- cum, Peggy Yauger. Joseph Sabatula. Row 1-Mrs. Pauline M o o r e , Joanna Provance, Janet Falla, Carolyn Bartock, Della Roby, Barbara Gaydos, S h i r l e y Schroyer, Brenda Yauger, Fay Silbaugh. Row 2-Shirley Davis, Sandra Downs, Eileen Reddy, Mona- vette Allan, JoAnne Sevachko, Patty Franks, Donna Kahl. Row 3hRichard D'Amore, Rich- ard Bixler, Glen Herring. Jan- et Smitley, Joyce Myers, Nan- cy Bogol, L i n d a Patterson, Susie Stiner. Row 4-Edward Herrilko. Thomas Bryner, David Hozi- nec, Edward Colgan, Jesse Nicklow, Frank Tunstell. Rc- gis Shea, Robert Wargo. Row 1-Mr. Piekarski, Karen Moyer, Twila Ramage, June Newman, Kathy Klink, Sandra Bock. Sue Franks, Nicoline Alicastro, Barbara Critchfield, Patricia Romantic. Row 2-Thomas Gross, Montic Martz, Cynthia Lally. Karen Schafer, Joanne Palaisa, San- dra Fike, Nancy Johnson. Dor- othy Smitley, Loretta Cole. Patricia Franks. Row 3-R i c hard Weasenforth, Jost-ph S4-man, Ernest Chuska. John McMahon, Robert Junk. Augustine Mancini, Kenneth Leyda, John Yancey. Ruger Tissue. Row 4-Max Plickta. J o s L- p h Biennas. K e n n e t h Evans. Thomas Traynor, J 0 s e p h Frank:-nberry, William Sumcy. Robert Harford, K e n n e t h Borh. Ronald Valiantu. Row 1--Kay Luther. Marv Ad- anitsvh. Joyce Fishvr, Judy Colt-. Connie Pritli-. jznnt-s Forsti-r. Margarm-t Saluga. jumlx' Evans. Elami- ,lt-linings. Gtfruldim- Tissum-. Row .Z -Constanvv Danko. Ray Royvsky. Ronmt- Bohirk. jan- t-! Holland. B4-tty Lain-. Mo- tlunnzl Nlmlispaw. Ht-i--n joym- Vifillmms. joan MrGalln, Ci- tw-ligi Krofrhtfgk. Frank Pnvlik. Row 3 Paul Zvoik, E u ig 4' ii L' Martin. Bill Spring:-r. Bt-rnard Shamrock. jerry Hifklc. Rt-L-d O'Connor. Alla-n junk. Andy jnrosz, Miki- Opalko. Bill Fil- vhs-ck. Rom 4fPaul Aray. Rantly Har- dy. Dun DeBurry. Don Hanan. Andy Chujby. Gary Stmer. Gt-nv Smarslock. Alan Zack, Harry Morris. ji-rrx' Cook. Row 1 --Miss Mildred D a v i S. Carol Loo Hellein. Linda Sut- Olrlland. Sandra Gaudiano. Carol Clc-ment, Shirley Fikv. Luvillv Hall, Lcola Jordan. Row 27 M a r y A n n Kuntlly. Marin- Early. Joyce Lehman. Dorothy Morris, Betty DuBer- ry. Sandra Gergely, Judith McDowell, M a b el Richey. Polly Hines. Row 3-fSandra Danko. Wavin- Millcr. David Crawford. john Chlubak. Ray Ansc-ll. Thomas Kendro. Reberca Shelby. janet Taylor. George Hunt. Row 4-fRobert Bosltv. Dame-l Roll, Wayne Millefr. William De-nny. H Q r b L- r t Martin. Thomas Smith. Michael Pillar. Richard Zuker. William Sav- age. Rob:-rt Handlin. Row 1 ---Miss G l a cl y s johns. Erma Obvrly. Thurvsa Zn-mo. Jost-phinu Nascimbun. Priscilla Secllock Alice Booghcr. Carol jose. Charlotte Peccun. Bar- bara Ashby, Row 2-fAn1-lla Shamrock. ,lu- dith Myt-rs. Eleanor Sabatula. Connie Provaniv. Carol Gold- en. Lois Slabaugh. Barbara Kinley. Judy Cobert. Helen Clark. Row 3--Newton Marlin. Wil- liam Pramuk. Edward Dome- tt-r. Dali- Mitchell, Boyd Cookv, james Kelly, Douglas Robbins. James McCartney. Richard Lough. S y l V 1- 5 t Q- r Hxckonbottom. Row 4+William Lynch. Charles jauobs. jr.. Donald Hanan. Jann-S Anderson. jose-ph Chlr- bak. Stanll-y Dankowski. Rob- ert Bolk Donald Brewer. Rob- ert. Hoff. Andrew Yuhamak. SEVEN gg 2 . W. 52 ii? p ' ES X Wwfwfx' Wm ,wwwnh .E W Q M ,, A fa iw? :-, .-., E Q W MW' wi Wfzwfv if ,fm ffrwzfqge fa, Y wwf i f ,f aw I Football I Basketball I Minor Sports J Cheerleaders DEVELOPING HEALTHY BODIES PROVIDING ATHLETIC INTERESTS... BUILDING SCHOOL SPIRIT 51 S FDOTBALL... f r' FALLS MAJOR SPORT AT NORTH UNION NICK BUBONOVICH STEVE POLACH STEVE FURIN QNX Tv X xxx FooTball aT NorTh Unlon In l955 presenTed one of our mosT explo Ive Teams STarTlng wrTh a nrneTy elghT yard run by Mose Payne IH The flrsT game nearly every game had The Thrnll ofa long run To exclTe The specTaTors and To keep The Team Trying unTll The lasT whlsTle This was a Team ThaT never gave up The Team in 1955 was one of The smallesT fuelded by NorTh Unlon In a number of years buT as IS usually The case wlTh a smaller Team IT was fasTer and pre enTed a more rnTeresTlng Type of game STarTlng The season w1Th a vlcTory over an old rlval MasonTown In a game whlch feaTured The before menhoned long run The Team followed wnTh anoTher well earned wln over Carmlchaels buT Then loT To Waynesburg In a bug surprise whnch The boys sTull canT explain Dunbar boasflng one of The besT Teams In The counTy was The nexT opponenT and afTer glvmg a good accounT of Themselves NorTh Unlon losT 27 To 12 Wan number Three came In a muddy baTTle wnTh G orges Thus game feaTured a long run by Fred Gergely In The hardesT downpour of rarn for a football game In years The lasT half of The schedule proved To be more rugged Than The flrsT ending In one vlc Tory Three defeaTs and one Tle Losses To HursT by one Touchdown To German and To Bellmar and a scoreless Tle wrTh a new opponenT ST Vun cenT Prep were some-whaT offseT by our Thnrd wln ln a row over SouTh Union for possession of The SUN Trophy We wush To congraTulaTe The Team head coach Bubonovuch and asslsTanT coaches Polach and Furnn for Their splendid efforTs and To wlsh The graduahng sensors success nn The fuTure as well as To wlsh The remaanung members of The squad a successful season nexT year I Qs - ' D ig I W , Row Row How Row .4 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Dale Fee. Mose Payne. Sal Lombardo. Bob Ganow. Ronnie Pratt, lack Schulz. Buss Smalley, Dan Mancini. Fred Gergely. Don Upole. Frank Vargo. Dick Davidson, Phil Hastie, Norman Hell. Tom Painley. Bertie Bolish. Ir.. Frank Emilio. Ioe Fani. Paul Saluqa. Larry Paschke. Richard Giachetti. Phil Horton. Eddie Gulino. Reber! Kurcina, Ioe Bartock. lerry Clinqan. Gene Kazimer. Daniel Lukotch. Coach Nick Bubonovich. Manager Don Adanitsch, Frank Richter, Steve Krevinko, Bob Ferencak, Manager Tom Donovan. Assistant Coach Steve Furin, Assistant Coach Steve Polach. Paszhke carries the ball. SEASON'S RECORD North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union Masontown O Carmichaels O Waynesburg 24 Dunbar 27 Georges O Hurst 13 St. Vincent Prep O German 20 South Union 13 Bellrnar 31 JUNIOR HIGH . .,. 5 Am E XJ I .L is : ' ,Qing N NJ 5 YF X N gf, F T, .2 Q I FIRST VENTURE INTO JUNIOR HIGH ATHLETICS North Union's Junior High football team of 1955 was the first such team to represent North Union in its history. Under the excellent coach- ing of Mr. William Hoak these boys gained a knowledge of the fundamentals of the game as well as valuable experience in playing four games. Although no games were won, all the scores were close and might just as easily have gone the other way. In keeping with our theme, "Building for the Future," junior high and junior varsity football both just do thatg because it is expected that some of these boys will step up into next year's varsity with experience which was lacking in other years. North North North North Union Union Union Union SEASON'S SCORES South Union Brownsville Masontown German Row 1-Dan Hradesky, Walter Chlebek. Leroy Swaney. john Keeler. Wendell Murphy. Mr. Hoak lCcachl. Ronald Chuska. Iames Comell, Harvey Austin, Raymond Parker. Row 2-George Mickey. Ronnie Guudiano, Dominick Rogers. Nick Rogers. Bill Swaney. Robert Smarslok. Kenny Gales. Philip Crayton. Frank Stelanik. Row 3-Eugene Bryner. Iames McVey. Raymond Dolney. Ronald Krevinko. William Pluto. Ed Semarzs. Bob Roth. Iohn Iohnson. Wesley Yancey. Row 4-Martin Troycheck. August Mancini. Tom Donovan. William Manor. Larry Mohar. 55 ,saw it rw 'T e3 ul fi i 65 N rf 0 . xx . K l jf Playing for The firsT Time in Ten years on a courT of Their own, NorTh Union's T955-T956 baskeTball Team climaxed a successful year by winning The championship of The FayeTTe CounTy Coaches' AssociaTion TournamenT. This victory was made doubly sweeT because iT was achieved by winning from SouTh Union, The Team which had beaTen Them ouT of The secTional champion- ship. BuilT around Three Tail, experienced players from last year, Phil ZoreTic, Frank Turpin, and Joe Craig, Coach Furin was able To field a Team wiTh Francis Copus as fourTh man, and alTernaTing Jack Schulz and Dick Walls as The fifTh man, which ended The year wiTh T9 vicTories and 5 defeaTs. The non-league season was successful with double vicTories over ST. John's, Jefferson, and Brownsville, single vicTories over The Alumni and California, and Two losses To Charleroi, The sec- BASKETBALL... OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL SEASON IN FOUR YEARS ond of These being a real Thriller wiTh Charleroi winning in The lasT few seconds. The league season was feaTured by The high- esT scoring game ever parTicipaTed in by a NorTh Union Team, The final score, NorTh Union 80, Red- sfone 72, and Two hard foughT, Typically NorTh Union-SouTh Union games. Bofh The NorTh-SouTh games, filled wiTh Thrills, were played To packed houses wiTh The home game drawing more Than fifTeen hundred fans. Davis of SouTh Union spelled The difference in boTh games. The low poinT of The season was a disappoinTing loss aT German for which NorTh Union gained revenge aT home. We wish To exTend our congraTulaTions To Mr. Furin and The boys for a fine season, and To pre- dicT Thai some of The boys will make The grade in college. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Raw I-Carmen DeWitt. Francis Copus, Frank Turpin, Phil Zoretic, Ioe Craig, lack Schulz, Mr. Furin, Cccxch, Row 2-Jerry Clinqan, Dick Wa rry Duritsa, Norman Anderson, Iim Roby. North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union Frank Turpin. F Pre-league 445 Charleroi 555 Jefferson , ,, 58g St. John's 561 Charleroi 6 53g Brownsville 557 Jefferson 825 Alumni 455 St. John's 545 Brownsville 725 California league 63g Georges GRADUATING SENIORS rcmcis Copus, lack Schulz. Phil Zoretic. Ioe Craig. SEASON'S RESULTS North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union South Union Redstone , Point Marion German Georges 7 South Union Redstone Point Marion German County Tournament All Saints Perry Lower Brownsville South Union Tyrone 59 72 36 47 51 57 33 47 51 61 58 51 57 JUNIOR VARSITY Looking forward to filling five vacancies on next year's varsity, this group of boys worked hard all year learning fundamentals and scrim- maging against the varsity to get as much expe- rience as possible. Predominately sophomore in make-up, they have two years in which to play varsity ball and are hoping they may do as well as this year's varsity, possibly winning a sectional championship before they graduate. For a number of the boys, this was their first year of basketball training, and they must be commended for their progress. Their record for the year, playing preliminary games to the var- sity games, was ten won and eight lost. This record might have been improved upon, but these games were used to give as many boys as possible some experience. IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Row l-Phillip Hastie, Ioe Dragone, Tom Kovach, Ioe Bartock, Ross Snowden, Tom Scmkovich, Charles DeSel- lems, Mr. Furin. Row 2-Dominick R o q e r s , Harvey Austin, Phil Horton, Leonard Hamborsky, Wil- liam Swaney, Robert Wil- liams, Noel Lotz. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Row 1-Iohn Keeler, Leroy Swaney, William Wallace, Iulius Kukuruyga, Ronald Krevinko, Wendell Murphy, Robert Scott. Row 2-William Schitibauer, Sonny Wilson, Iohn Pike, Wesley Yancey, Ioe Shu- shock, Dale Mitchell. Row 3-Robert Thorpe, Dan Hradesky, Tommy Swaney, Eugene Fields, Dominick Rogers lmanagerl, William Hoak lcoachl. JUNIOR HIGH North Union's first venture into iunior high school basketball was this year's team under the capable leadership of Mr. William Hoak. Few of the boys had any experience at play- ing basketball, but their successes and even their losses showed that they had learned much in a short time. Mr. Hoak worked tirelessly for long hours trying to give as many boys as possible a chance to develop whatever abilities they had, with the result that, though some of the boys may have looked awkward to begin with, by the end of the season they were much more at home on the basketball court. The record of this year's team in league com- petition against teams which have been repre- sented for a number of years was a very credit- able six-won, six-lost. Our congratulations to the boys and Mr. Hoak for a job well done. l 1' X av i, Ienn L D M 1 B M y A K Dolo F fi k G ld B 1 Lorett F t St L hk CHEERLEADERS. . , ENTHuslAsM DIRECTED AT ALL N.u. GAMES THE SPIRIT BEH ND OUR TEAMS RAMETTES Row 14Mr. Lukotch. Lillie Johnson. Connie Harford. Lin- da Hagerty. Barbara Rolfe. Mary Lee Dunn. Esther Kol- lar. Ethel Jacobs, Brenda Frost. Joanne Swetz. Helen Honza, Betty Florkevich. Nan- cy Martin, Faye Lloyd, Mr. Nepa. Row 2-Mary Masi. Carol Paw- lak. Patty Crayton. Patty Gia- chetti. Judith Strick, Thelma Franks. Barbara Evans. Patty Batko. B a r b a r a Krevinko, Judy Traynor, Barbara Rule, Donna Grey, Sue Paull, Sandy Holman, Elaine Rockwell. Row 34D0nna Howard. Jane Kisak. Anna Marie Pollak, Patty Brown. Gloria Hrade- sky. Carol Vance, Joyce Mil- ler. Jean Bosley, Arlene Whit- man. Barbara Phillips, Rhodie Brown. Peggy Cronin, Jeannie Spaw. Lillian Davies, Jean Cossick, Shirley Howard. The Red and White marching Ramettes, composed of some 50 members of all grades, have com- pleted another successful season this year under the captaincy of Ethel Jacobs and Joan Bosley. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Lukotch and Mr. Nepa, the ru- diments of close order drill and military techniques were stressed during the pre-season training period. With the opening of football season the Ramettes in all their Red and White splendor per- formed to delight of the patrons. Various routines were worked out to coincide with the band formations. During the course of the season various themes were followed. The outstanding were the Harvest Show, W e s t e r n Transportation. and Sports Show. The Ramettes extend to grad- uate members heartfelt wishes for success and happiness. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Row 1-Donna Marine. Joyce Murphy. Mary' Kay Royesky. Joyce Workman. Cynthia Ra- fitz. Barbara Fiffick. Row 2+C a t h y Klink. Anella Shamrock. Michelle Mulligan. A r l e n e Dominick. Roberta Springer. Joyce Sybert lcap- tain r. Nm pictured -Marlene Zungri. J Publications JMusic vlCIubs I Organizations EXPANDED FACILITIES CREATE MANY POSSIBILITIES TO INCREASE THE ACTIVITY PARTICIPATION AT N.U. 123' J .f' I fl fl ffaf fffgfy 65 MUSIC... Due to the increased number of students at North Union this year, the music department has been expanded to include the junior high school students in both instrumental and vocal music. This created the need for an additional instructor. Mr. Richard Kartlick was chosen to teach instru- mental music, and lead the bands. Mr. David Martin continued to teach vocal music and lead the choruses. This arrangement has worked ad- mirably, as concerts given by each group has proven. In addition to the regular high school band this year, a junior high school band vvas orga- ninzed by Mr. Kartlick. This band is to provide experienced musicians to the senior high band, so that they may know howto march, as well as To be better players' DAVID L. MARTIN RICHARD KARTLICK ' j I Vocal Music Insirumental Music We wish to express our appreciation to the members ot the band for the many enjoyable musical moments they have provided at games, parades, and concerts, and we wish the gradu- ating seniors success in the future. ROW 1-Carl Iacobs, Mr. Kartlick, Barbara Stull, Ioy Davison, Connie Collins, Loretta Saylor, Carol Allman, Donna Lozaw, Judy Girod, Linda Silbaugh, Edna Grubbs. ROW 2-Glenn Russell, I. T. Dreistadt, Ioyce Sybert, Jean Pilipick, Bill Fleming, Donald Allman, Charles Sherlock, Iohn Morris, Norman Anderson, Charles Gardner. ROW 3-Edward Bukovan, Charles Gismcndi, Nick Koma- necky, Larry Mauser, Alberl Grimm, Richard Zerecheck, Barry Stasko, Thomas Shimko, Melvin Cooley, Louis Dominick, Bill Sible, William Davis. V NP , i QU , "" Q -f'f'fN 3gAi 1 U Imax fi-mx, , x ,Wig fm-m51'?' w , 'D 2 X ' 4 , 2 4 7 t h Ss',, ' E f' 5 5 1 , A N L"QR. Rn- 35 5 " " A fr ' Q 1 " fsflg' Q 41. wJ'fh f' ml? W ' ' " . N s , 1 . I - .- I. FA gg . I , A f 3 ' V QT?" Q Q41 5-. N . 1 4 N wx W 8 if 'W f 'Q' . I 3, 1 Lv v I W in 4 . , f 2. K, 5 ef Q' 'S' Q Q G ,Q as fi , .F- W' V 25 8 ' CY! xy, , 6 Y Q 3 iam xg' SQ! A 6 r Q, Q Z., 1 V ' vv W- H3 ' 'Ei ,Q ww, --ai aiaf ff' QW 0 V i f Q ii ll 3 SQNAA H gg 4 3 I I I 1 I ummm .mf-AQ:qlaigalwuuMui f L. Mu m., 4 ' 9, ii A ,, 1 i dl 'Q 'af' gf' 5 5 " sr? Q Q9 Y .ig !.'a!f W?1 ff A R , . Q nv"" ,4- 1 V? , "6 24 W W 5 1 Y MQ'fF I 3 gas---mmm . ,w,.M 7, , ,M J I QUARTET Carol Martin Sally Priester Bonnie Martin Ianet Anderson l J I :Q K 'P' sky -Q J VOCAL MUSIC North Union's vocal organizations were in- creased This year to include with the senior chorus, a iunior high boys' chorus and a girls' chorus. These organizations contributed to the spring chorales and made them memorable af- fairs. Mr. Martin also taught vocal music to the junior high and directed the quartet which has added musical enjoyment to the last several years for The pupils at North Union. We are looking forward to excellent vocal groups in The years to come. .,,.n1-f' 3 'vii 3: STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an organization striving to make our school a better one and to impress upon the minds of the students that it is their iob of maintaining and upholding The reputation of North Union. Its purpose is to make our school a more enioyable and interesting part of our lives, and To help raise funds for other organiza- tions. It is under The supervision of Mr. Means, Mr. Lukotch, and Mr. Wilson. It consists of a student from each homeroom selected by the homeroom Teacher, plus the senior class officers. Activities of the Student Council are selling ierseys with North Union emblems, keeping the bulletin boards decorated, and distributing bas- kets to needy families at Christmas Time. STUDENT COUNCIL ROW 1-Mr. Means. Loretta Fiorvanti, Helen Honza, Barbara Evans. Bemice Shipley, Rose O'Hern. Ioann Pater, Ioy Savage, Richard D'Amore. Mr. Wilson. ROW 2-Mr. Lukotch, Frances Vuknic, Mary Ann Zack, Shirley Honra, Ioy Davison, Gloria Hradesky, Carol Weaver, Patti Costenic, Mr. Nepa. ROW 3-Earl Pelleqreen, Sue Paull, Anella Shamrock. Ioy Wise, lean Bosley. Kay Delli- qatti, Russ Smalley. ROW 4-Richard Chalfant, Dick Soxman, Albert Gordon. Glenn Russell, Wayne Schafer, David Crawford, Larry johnson, Ronald DeCar1o. JUNIOR HIGH PATROL The iunior high patrol was organized to handle dismissal at the junior high school which takes place at the end of the ninth period when there are none ofthe senior high patrol available. The duties of these boys are to ring the dismissal bell, to see that order is maintained in the halls at dismissal time, and to take care of late bus trips. The experience gained during this year by the boys may be used to good advantage in the future. SENIOR PATROL Tffi, IUNIOR HIGH PATROL Row lflames Balchak, Barry Rohm. Row 2-Eugene Bryner, Harry Provance, Gerald Modis- paw. Presley Stickle. Not Pictured--Dick Mullins. PATROL Expanded facilities and the addition of more than 500 students made the job of the 1955- 1956 patrol the biggest undertaken by a North Union patrol yet. To handle trattic during period changes, carry messages throughout the building, and to make announcements required a larger patrol than ever before. This year's patrol included a number of under- classmen who were added to the statt so that there would be experienced members available to act as a nucleus for next year's organization. We vvish to thank the graduating members tor their contributions to North Union and to wish them well in the tuture. ROW 1-Mr. Furin. Dave Holland. Bill Pratt. Iohn Myers, Ioe Paull. Fred Gergley, Iim Barczy, Mr. Means. ROW 2-Don Upole, Willard Hall, Iohn Troycheck, Tom Painley. Norman Hall. Chuck Sher, lock, George Kozak, Russ Smalley. ROW 3-Ioe Fani, Iohn Karpinisky, Carmen DeWitt, Bob Feren- cak. George Bcdnar. Iim Holland. lack Schulz. ROW 4-Larry Iohnson. Bill Koontz, Tom Swaney. Paul Nau, Russ Silbaugh, Bob Conn, Bertie Bolish, George Hutchinson. TRI-HI-Y . . . COMBINING FUN WITH SERVICE. . Tri4Hi-Y is a club for girls, associated vvith the Y.M.C.A. and dedicated to the purpose of per- forming services to others. Their slogan is to create maintain and extend throughout the home school and community high standards o Christian character Two Tri Hu Y clubs exist at North Union They are the Phi Tri Hi Y whose sponsor is Miss Davis, PHI TRI HI Y Row 1 Bcvcrly Wilson Fay Clark Mtlva Sprucll lvxct pres P jill Tarr lprts t n dra Crablc tchaplatnl Dolly Fifftck ltrtas l Miss Davis Row 2 Sondra Unxcc Nancy Bock Ernestmt Dragonc San dra Fulds Patti Costtmt Maru Kozak Jos Wise Row 3 Ruth Sttcklc C a rol Wcavtr Margarct Skovtra Enza Galt Martin Esther Kol lar Pat Lozaw Not prtturtd june Oltvtr lsec rctarxl Barb Allen lhlstor rant NU TRI HI Y lan I Elm anor Porado lsccrt tarx r jantt Conrox ttrcas i ,Iacku Carttr tchaplamt Jax Dawson tpres I Pattx Con tn wt t prcst Mrs Km tr lsponsort C 0 n n 1 Q Collins Barbara Stull Row 2 Lola Max Thompson Patty Hahn Ruta Komantckx Fran ts Babtnskx E l a 1 n Rockwcll ,Iudx Gnrod Frantts Donovan ,Iudx Daxton ,Iutlx Traxnor Pat x Brown Row 3 a x Tu 4 udw. Kttftr Rita Pcccon Kathrxn Zcbltx Pattx Dobtsh Linda Stlbaugh ,Itan Ptlrptck Ltlltan Dawrs jot Savage Nancx Martin and the Nu Tri-Hi-Y, whose sponsor is Mrs. Kinter. Each club sent officers to the Tri-Hi-Y Officers' Training Conference which was held at Grove City College last summer The girls who at- tended were from the Phi Melva Spruell Dolore Fifficlc Barbara Allen and June Oliver and from the Nu Joy Davison Janet Conroy and Jackie Carter I I ' . . K . A 1 1 l I I I J . , , I - - ' I I I . . I . i l. ' - . . Sa - Row I--Lilybut Swift lhtstor- tr-1 4':-- l. b ,' 'lt'- ' -P ,ttg nl-. J g HI-Y One of The mosT vvorThwhile organizaTions open To senior high school boys is The Hi-Y. This year, as in The pasT, Mr, TripIeTT has been The adviser ,but This Time he has had The aid ofa co- worker, Nlr. Miller. MeeTing aT The Y.M.C.A., The boys have available such activifies as swimming, dancing, baskeTball, and many oTher evenTs in The sporTs field. This year, The Hi-Y group engaged in a hay- ride in OcTober, ChrisTmas celebrafions aT The Y.Nl.C.A. where They helped vviTh The decora- Tions, donaTions of food To The SalvaTion Army, and various oTher proiecTs of service To others. TORCH NEWSPAPER STAFF Row 1-Monica Gabrin, Ian- ice Thorpe, Gertrude Sali- trik, Cecelia Zehel, Ioy Da- vison. Linda Silbauqh. Fran- ces Babinsky. Row 2YLouella Woods. Fran- , cis Soxman, Dick Chaliant, A Mr. Tripleit. Charles Green Paul Tressler, Charles Gard- ner, Arlene Cooley. Not Pictured-Mary Ann Kre vinko. C h a rl e s Quarrick. HI-Y Row 1--Mr. Tripletl, Ronnie Pratt. Richard DeCenzo, Bill Pratt, Bob Kurcina, Mr. Mil- ler. Row 2-Sal Lombardo, Ed Hudock, Frank Varqo. Lakin Kirk. Dale Fee. Ioe Gallis. NEWSPAPER STAFF Through The combined eTTorTs of The nevvs- paper sTaTf and The sponsor of The paper, Mr. TripIeTT, NorTh Union publishes a monThly issue called The Torch. The sTaff is comprised of boTh senior and junior high sTudenTs. NOT only is There vvriTing To be done, buT also a loT of "be- hind The scenes" vvorlc, such as: securing ads, planning whaT shall be in The paper, giving as- signmenfs, gaThering informaTion, iniervievving, Typing, reading copy, seTTing-up copy for The printer, reading proof, and aT lasT, selling The paper. With The co-operaTion and supporT of The sTudenT body, NorTh Union can continue pub- lishing The monThly issue. "iz" i mill l PRESENTING . . MODERN EDUCATION We, The graduaTing class of l956, are proud To be The firsT graduafing class To have The ad- vanTage of The expanded and improved curri- culum of NorTh Union. In The remainder of our yearbook we will Take a brief look aT some of The new or expanded faciliTies of our school. FirsT, we are proud of our combined gymna- sium-audiTorium, which has opened The way for group assemblies and made possible physical educaTion classes as well as providing one of The besT baskeTball floors in The area for our NORTH UNION HIGH Teams. Also in The line with health, is The addi- Tion of a modern cafeTeria To furnish nourishing, well-balanced meals aT a minimum cosT. Expan- sion of The home economics faciliTies, wiTh all new equipmenT and rooms, The provisions of new wood and sheeT meTal shops in addiTion To mechanical drawing has conTribuTed To The prac- Tical side of educaTion immensely. A new library, new and expanded science and commercial facil- ifies, and The addiTion of an arf deparTmenT round ouT The major changes aT The "new" NorTh Union. A popular addition-the trampoline. HEALTHY BODIES... For years, one ot the greatest needs at North Union, has been physical education facilities. With the addition of our gymnasium and the variety ot new equipment, this need has been minimized. lt is novv possible to meet the state requirements, and in so doing, contribute much to the building of healthy, vigorous bodies. The physical education department, composed ot Mr. Furin, Mr. Hoak, Mrs. Carbin, and Mrs. Craig, has outlined and conducted a program designed to make participants out of all students, as well as to create interests in athletics. They have tried to instill in their students a confidence in the abilities of their bodies and a knowledge ot hovv to take proper care ot them. The value of this addition to our curriculum should be reflected in the improved health ot our students. HEALTHY BODIES MEAN HAPPY LIVING A packed house-North-South game. X fl U I J. if 'gigs -du. 4,35 .. .I W2 ,.'. -Q91 "H '- -.A A , 1 m:.,'3 qi 5 f H ,f ,Liga fgim gi 'Y 'wi' x '51, -' 7, f RK Qt N - P A'-5, Q, ,Q I gg? 1 fy: it ia , f ' . Q ' , 1 hh. ' ' '. v - I' ' 5' ' X' ' - ,p "' S 1' f 1 "Y - ' .N - '-J, 3- in X4 ,SWY 1 ' Q 4 - 1"Yf 7-an 4' ' 4 , 1 ' Q ' P7 x f N. - we - ' Q,- f1'zl5"i5" 1 -5 f , N' mf M Q A M 1 V lv 5 w ' 1 A A A is 14" Q 1 my A '2 . , A , A 1 ' . sl . dn , PM 3 , ,I Z.. N 5 J ' lvyi v I l q zv 714' f ,K i v, - : I x 'T 5 I 1 .0 Q L:y.,:.,.,1 , -:QQ W " C Q 5 , S Slknd. QQ Q ,gg ,LQ A 3 : f -A 6 4 , , , , V ,i i wy vj 545 ,psy Qffrfig .A . QQ ' 1' f ' f ' "1 7"i?f ""f-Af 'V' ix , V8 Q . -, ' X .W is ' 1 Q! s ' 6 K' Q IAQ' INDUSTRIAL ARTS . O . LEARNING TO USE MACHINES Combining hand, head, and machine. One of the departments of which we of North Union are most proud is the Industrial Arts De- partment. Expanded as it was from a small, dingy one-room affair in the basement to a more spa- cious four-room group in the new annex, it offers opportunity for a much broader curriculum in its field. Now, in addition to wood shop, the de- partment offers courses in metal shop and me- chanical drawing. Instructors in industrial arts are Mr. Ralph Hess, who has been "Mr, North Union Shop" for a number of years, Mr. William Miller, and Mr, Walter Shutok. Wood shop, which has been an old standby at North Union, this year became a much more well-rounded course with the addition of a great number of new machines. Among the new ma- 41 warring .45 40? .3 QL 1' alia W wy- chines which Mr. Hess now has at his disposal are wood lathes, drill press, iig saws, shapers, disk sander, belt sander, radial saw, ioiner sur- face planer, grinder, and ten new double work benches. Mr. Miller's mechanical drawing room offers facilities for thirty-two students and is a welcome addition to the department. The metal shop, under Mr. Shutolc, is no less well equipped than the other two as it has three engine lathes, a tool grinder, dress press, milling machine, metal shaper, soldering furnaces, power hacksaw, bar folding machine, sheet metal formf ing roll, squaring shears, and many other ma- chines. Interest in industrial arts should grow under such facilities and instruction. l'l0NlE ECONOMICS. . . ALL N.u.GiRLs. Cooking and sewmg everyone is busy One of the greatly expanded departments at the "new" North Union is the Home Economics Department. Now being taught by two teachers Mrs. Paull and Mrs. Kirk, this department aims to give instruction and practical experience in all types of home care, including instructions to all grades of the iunior-senior high school The new rooms occupied by this department include five complete kitchen units, with each unit containing a stove, refrigerator, sink and cabinet space, small appliances such as mixers, waffle irons and toasters, all types of utensils, dishes and silverware, so that each group of girls may have practice at preparing and serving within their own unit. Plans for the food prepa- ration phase of home economics call for the younger girls being taught breakfast prepara- tion, such as baking quick breads, etc., ninth and tenth grades being taught luncheon preparation and the upper classes being taught dinner prepa ration Each group is taught nutrition how to prepare balanced meals and proper table settino The sewing phase of home economics is pro vided for by eight sewing machines Instruction in this phase ranges from learning how to use the machine and straight sewing for the younger girls to making suits coats and dresses by the seniors. These two phases are integrated in such a manner that sewing and kitchen units are in use at the same time, thus making possible more individual participation. The Home Economics course is made more useful by the use of laundry units, instruction in simple household mechanics, and practice in good grooming. There is no doubt the Norah Union girls are really "building for the future." Hs T, 5' ut 'av , wg? 1- M I .v, A L 0 f .,-v. .,..,. .,v. mi., , 4 fb sux Q X V ,.-:,.., . , .V Z Y'-'fx 'Z ,, , F-y i, 1 L1 -T. :V A "jg it K Af ' ' ' . Ifii ,gf 1. z 5 X A T-si 'i 7 A , Y , n I nlmk Now this is u lung. SCIENCE... UNDERSTANDING WHAT MAKES THE WORLD TICK Housed in new and modern surroundings, and featuring the most up-to-date equipment avail- able, North Union's science department is now able to present a more varied and complete science program than ever before. Mr. Rogers, Mr. Polach, and Mr. Nepa have at their disposal, tor use in the classes, such new equipment as a bioscope, which, along with The old equipment, makes it possible to present science in a much more meaningful manner. ln line with todays emphasis on science, our students are encouraged to take as much science as possible to give them a background tor pos- sible future study, or to provide those who go into industry with a better knowledge ot some ot the basic needs ot their particular positions. Mr Nepa demonstrates. Taxidermy. A 41 A in in SALES PEOPLE . SECRETARIES . . BOOKKEEPERS One ot North Union's most ettective depart- ments has been the commercial department. There is scarcely a business in Uniontown which does not boast at least one North Union com- mercial graduate on its force. The high regard their employers have tor these people attests to the excellence of instruction and the thorougha ness with which the commercial department teachers have taught their students. The commercial department, composed of Miss Reagan, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Stella, Mrs. Klein, and Miss Grenaldo, occupies all new rooms and boasts new and improved equipment. Facilities are available for more students in typing as well as a room for business machines which was not available before. Regular classrooms are used for iunior business training, shorthand, and book- keeping which round out a complete commercial curriculum. Miss Grenaldo instructs in business machines. ...COMMERCIAL M- War,--5 ,N W Mrs. Klein's typing class. Miss Reaqcm's typing class. 3- , 151 u - v Z v 4-is .y ' 'lc' A . .gig 3'- '4w,9 Q ' .gg .rv . gg' K . mind fr, -F 1 , fl? ' W f V i n u Y ,Q My lv ' if fm 'Q' I Mr 4 , he 4 V . 4, I' , S. WAVE? M JC .A 19 1 A H 2 ,Ea 3 W ,A K9 -sn- was , 4 A f-- , gi my C ,Q Q X ti af M me 'few X M 1 , l R? A: 02 mx ,V li, . an HN. ff-'ki' I ii" Qoqxs . ,W vs X 9- Q Q' ATRON ALPHA FLORIST 17 South Beeson Boulex ard AXELRADS Ladres Apparel Beeson Boulex ard BAKER Sr KINCAID CO Frrgrdarre Appllance Center 88 West Marn Street BARNES FLORAL SHOP :JO East Ma1n Street Unrontoxxn Pa BARTON S FLOWER SHOP 19 Mor gantoxxn Street BILL Sz JOE S USED CARS Connellsxrlle Street Faxette Street Sr Gallatrn Axenue Unrontoxxn Pa B J MUNDEL CO 134 Connellsxrlle Street Lmontoxxn Pa BLUMENSCHEIN S PHARMACY 4 Prttsburgh Street Umontoxxn Pa BRYAN S SERVICE STATION Corner of Connellsxrlle 8.x Marn Sts Umontoxxn Pa CENTRAL PRODUCE 89 North Beeson Boulex ard COCA COLA BOTTLING CO OF UNIONTOWN 244 Prttsburgh Street COHEN FURNITURE CO Unrontoxwn and Broxxnsxrlle COMPLIMENTS OF CROFT STUDIO 28 East Ma1n Street Unrontoxxn Pa COMPLIMENTS OF DAYTON INSURANCE AGENCY 28 East Mam St Unrontovxn CONNIES HAT SHOPPE 83 West Ma1n Street Unrontown Pa COOPER S REAL ESTATE 27 North Gallatrn Axenue Unrontown Pa DAIRY QUEEN 460 Connellsvllle Street Unrontovun Pa DIANA DRUG STORE 25 North Beeson Boulex ard DICE S SPORTING GOOD 8 West Ma1n Street DULANY S Unrontown s Greetrng Card Store 10 Morgantown Street EGGERS CHARLES F 80 East Fayette Street ELECTROLUX CORPORATION 47 North Gallatrn Avenue Unrontown Pa ELLIS MUSIC STORE 29 Morgantown Street Urrrontown Pa FAYETTE FURNACE CO 73 Morgantown Street FAYETTE NATIONAL BANK Unrontown Pa FERGUSON FUNERAL HOME-80 Morgantown Street FIKE INSURANCE AGENCY Second Natronal Bank Burldmg Unrontown FOSTER FURNACE CO Heatrng 81 Arr Cond1t10n1ng 70 East Ma1n Street FROSTY DIP TASTES BETTER Ma1n Street Unrontown Pa GARNER DAIRY COMPANY 78 East Fayette Street Unrontown Pa GRANNYS HARDWARE STORE 52 West Peter Street Unrontown Pa HAGAN CHARLES F JR Jeweler 4 South Gallatrn Avenue Un1ontown HANKINS PAULSON Burldrng Materrals 108 North Beeson Boulex ard HARRY N MITCHELL Realtor 43 Jane Street Unrontown Pa HURSHMAN TYPEWRITER CO 11 South Arch Street Unrontown Pa J C PENNEY CO 60 West Ma1n Street Unrontown Pa JEAN KING SCHOOL OF DANCING 4212 East Fayette Street Unrontovvn Pa JENDRAL S PHARMACY Fayette 81 South Mt Vernon Ax enue Unrontown JOE MCCOY PLUMBING 84 HEATING 67 West South Str et Unrowtowxn Pa JOHN SABER gl BROS 43 North Gallatrn Axenue JOHNSTON THE FLORIST 22 Morgantown Street Unrontown Pa JOSEPH HAKY 84 SON Funeral Drrectors smce 1902 Un1ontown Pa JOSEPHINE HAIR STYLIST Frrst rn Fashrons 19 West Fayette Street J V NARA CO 82 West Ma1n Street Unrontoxxn Pa KAUFMAN S OF UNIONTOWN 18 West Ma1n Street Unrontoxxn Pa MAISON FREDERIC SYSTEM School of Beauty Culture 62 West South Street 'VIELODY ROLLER RINK 430 Connellsxrlle Street Unrontoxxn Pa METZLER S 22 East Marn Street and Marn atGa1lat1n Unron ovtn Pa MITCHELL LONG INC Automobrle Necessrtres 26 East Fayette Street 'VIRS MICHAELS CHILDRENS SHOP an South Gallatrn Ax enue Unrontoxxn Pa MURPHY S G C 19 East Ma1n Street Unrontoxxn Pa NEHI BOTTLING CO 26. Coolsprrng Street Unrontoxxn Pa 'NIORMAN S JEWELERS Marn 8: Gallatrn Unrontoxxn Pa PHOTOGRAPHIT INC 12 South Ga11at1nAxe Unrontoxxn Pa PIONEER ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS 16 West Fayette Street PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO 3 o South Gallatrn Axenue Unrontoxxn Pa ROSS BROTHERS SPORTING GOODS Frnest rn Sportrng Goods 66 East Outh St SAMMY CRAVOTTAS BARBER SHOP Ladres Mens Chrldrens Han Cuttrng 44 South Gallatrn Ax enue SAUERS MEN S STORE o9 West Marn Street Unrontoxxn Pa SEARS ROEBUCK A CO C01 ner of Peter Street 8. Beeson Boulex ard SERVICE RADIO 8 ELECTRIC CO Westrnghouse 81 G E 94 99 West Mam Street 83 V .' Y v ' . . . .i : ' y v V n ' Y "' ' - ' v r .' ' ' V 1 . ' v - . , . Y ' Q v .L ' v Q y S .' "' - I Q y 1 Y 1 - v ' ' 1 I, 7 1- 7 1 ' . . Y Y t h , 7 , - , . . - , - y ... Y -.. " ' v V v - T Y I ' 1. I , . 5 . ' . . . ' ' ' .' ' Pa' ., - i 1 7 . 1 ' ' Y . , . i Y 1 ' , -, -, - . ' , Pa. - Y . b I l Y ' ' Y i 5 . 7 ' .- , , . JACK MIER'S LAUREL LANES-41 North Gallatin Avenue, Uniontown, Pa. . . .T ' . , D , . U 1 f ' , ' ' , . ' - . ' ' , ' , Pa. 1 'Q , . r ' , , Y T V ' V I 3 ' v 1 l 1 ' v v I I A "" Y Q . . .1 , ' , . Y i l V Y , , - Y - L T - Y v ' Y Y ' I ' - ' ' ' 1 V 1 , t , . ' u -y - V . L ' x Y y J' ' v ' v ! ' ' Y Y 1 ' 'i 1 ! ' T 'V . ' . ' , . , , . I ' -- , ' ' , . V 'T 7 'v ' y v ' v . - ,y v, - , v, ' , - . H j A 7 V sr - ? Y ' . ' ' . ' , T Y 1 ' v ' ' - .. "- A' 4 ' 1 QSNJ ix? C+ Nr xj PATRONS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO N. U, H. S, CLASS OF 1956 FROM UNIONTOWNS FRIENDLY SHOE STORES Krnnew s Shoe Store Mark s Shoe Store McKenna s Shoe Store State Shoe Store Campbell Hathaway s Boston Shoe Store Book s Shoe Store Freeman s Shoe Store Where Shoe Stxles Are Alwavs Inturtrx ely Correct SPORTS CENTER THE 161 West South Street SUCHS RADIO Xz TV CENTER Thomas A SUCDSXIIS SWANS G E APPLIANCE STORE 39 North Gallatrn Axenue Unrontown TARR BURTON E Complrments ot the Tax Collector Ovtner 136 138 E Marn THRIFT DISTRIBUTORS CO Corner Morgantown 81 South Str ects Unrontovtn Pa THRIFT DRUG CO 10 West Marn Street TITO CANTALAMESSA 8. SONS Tarlors 81 Cleaners 012 West Maln Street TROTH ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION 48 Connellsvrlle Street TROTH SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Route 119 North Unlontown Pa TURNTABLE THE For Records Sheet Musrc Instruments and Musrc Accessorres 13 Morgantown Street UNIONTOWN AUTOMOTIVE ASSOCIATION Regron Burck Company Romesburg Motors Stewart Pontrac Company Sweeney Motor Sales Inc Kevstone Motors Company Bryson Motors Berwyn S Detwerler Enany Motor Sales Grlffrth Lrncoln Mercury Monaghan Chex rolet Inc Motor Sales Sz Servrce UNIONTOWN CONSTRUCTION CO Contractrng Burlders Supplres 144 E Marn Street Unrontown Pa UNIONTOWN TYPEWRITER SERVICE 04 East Marn Street Unrontoxxn P UNIONTOWN WATER CO 14 Erst Marn Street Unrontown Pa U S ARMY RESERVE CENTER Unrontown Pa VON SIGN CO 121 Mounta1nV1exx Street Unrontoxrn Pa WALLACE MILLER 8t BRO Jexxclers Srnce 1864 Unrontovtn Pr WIIITE SW AN FLOWER SHOP Whrte Sn an Hotel Burldrng 114 West Marn Struct Unrontovtn I 1 WM A R SALITRIK SERVICE RICHFIELD 9.2 West Fayette St Unlontoxxn Pa WOODY HEATING 84 PLUMBING 23 Morgantown Street ENGRAVING Cap1tolEngrax1ng Company Sprrngtreld Il11no1s PHOTOGRAPHY Spellmans Photographrc Studro Unrontoxxn Pa PRINTING Lrttle Prrntrng Company Unrontoxxn P1 BINDING Allyn Rote Greensburg Pa 84 V V ,Q ' Vv. . I V v y . . I V, X V Y 1 Q . . Y , . , ' - - . St, v . ' V ' V . . - , ,Pa. , .- , . , . V V , ' V .1 .. , . .- I 1 V . , , N . , f ., 1 9 7 ' , , ., , . . . --f ' ' ' - V . V V V V U V - Q - , V Q . . , . ' . ., , . 1 V - ,rp , . . V ,xx 1' -4 V r 3' rx 'rg .- eq ' , ' , . 3 up . . . D , . V 'xx . . . 5 -,.,. sm I V V , 1 . , , . K gi I V ' .. ' I f ' . Z. it 19. A - ' V, , ' ' Q " 5 V' K" -V V Q Q X V ' V 12 . V 7 ' xr , . .X X - . X, , , V V S , , , 1 f , . ., , . X I X .X X 'I , ir? 5? +3 V . V V - ,- Q . . . V 1 Y ' vi Y Y C ' - 1 , , . Lea L '-NH Uk, XSL c 5 3 .4' lg 1 ' 3 Vw 1 Ax ' X X X af fa A Av-1zs,g. 4LD 2 e'xXK yer ,Mfx X9 M R X X X ,I I .4 -V.. .1 W .. YI' N I r z . fx p 1 f ij JBN ' Ur I V AH M52 V' E 5 4, X1 ' in ' NK w , f' ' J X77 ff, if ,lff'1f, I 4 ,, ff J 5' P' A ' 1 ' 1 f if I l ' 'ff . 3 ' A 0 ' , r All A 'W xx Af! K X - 'ff 1 xlvvgfqb 35, 'Q A 5' Hr! T D ' Q VW UAL" ,ffxffw X. I Wwxw 'ED hx D'y3Q. '1wD MW X, CFP WJ! X' MM wil lb ,f if rv Q ', , v75 i KX n 55. L W MQ. ff X 54'Qiik2sf9'9Q

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