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 - Class of 1946

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T., .V-, x -fx '-11 - 'en - 'n 1 A . V v IW, " .H-'.5i.41Q: 1 K A , 'ins HX- 1 hm? M V ,u-V 1. ?'j.,w ,- f,1n,,f"yii.vivffA. ,n yt , ' if X , ' affhvffi .V X YDW-4 FV'-1 " 'ITT xl -11 ' , wgggrvi -V K X M w?lg,,,45 3 F QW T fix ' ' " ..x 1, 1 if-Q? x 'W . 1 ,F ,,f ,A . , 1.5 A , j'. iw., '14 ,. I LY ., ' 4 I P i . . V ' I n y , x 1 K ' 4 1. 9 fa Q' 1. bk r 1,. 1 My U :V I gy! , 4, ,I,, 1. Ea iN 4 , . ,. . J 6 m1a4m..vzua.,,m:ua2a.s:Talzwr: man. ' : the BCE 1946 Q NORTH UNION HIGH SCHOOL Q g Editor-in-Cl'1ie1V - - Y.vonne Moore 5 Uniontown, Pennsylvania - Business Manager - - - Bi!! Burwell ACKNOWLEDGMENT TO Paul Stiller, Photographer Kover Kraft Year Book Covers King-Murphy Press, Printers Robert D. Jones, Jr., Photo Engraver and Photographer CLD N.U gung -ho THEME Include Presentation FORWARD "GUNS-HO". In Chinese this means, "Working Togetherf, In presenting this edition of the "Torch", the Senior Class has chosen this theme for we believe this school year to be a very fine example of the accomplishments of "Working Togetherf, As the following pages are turned, we believe an improved school spirit, better co-operation, increased activities, and better attitudes will be self-evident. This is very encouraging, for we all know that in life we either advance or go backward- there is no standing still. Therefore, at this time we can truthfully say that our school, although being far from Utopian, has taken its place among the progressive schools. May we continue "Working Togetherv to make that position more secure. 4 Dedication DEDICAT ION COACH FURIN We dedicate this issue of the "Torch', to a man whose long years of faithful service to North Union are worthy of the admiration of all. His success in elevat- ing the athletic prestige of the school is a record of which We can all Well be proud. I-le-has not only been our coach and teacher, but a sincere friend. 5 4 Y . K f A , fi if ? 'Q' uf .Aw Q iq Gi f, , ,,'l.. Q an Q ew .Q Q z N 1, .- . il , -1 4 gwsg X 15254, N QQ Q "5:31252 xx Q ' if M-f Mg xx it . . . - A -:f,::. fig: 2 f, f:- 5- Q. .,., Q ri' ww S22 ' .'.- ,K , ,FSF Sian , ..,.., :IM X. as 'P fix. X X , ws Wi Xl S W figkw A EITFQS X? F f .. ,qs 4 f ,iw "'!'?'-'vm-u..,....,,,K EDWARD H, SAVAGE, Supervising Principal B.S.. California Slate Teachers M.Ed., Universiiy of Piffsburgh ELEANOR JEAN CRAWFORD High School Secreiary BLANCHE SHUMAKER Township Secreiary College Y X W ci, C, LXHUQLDCS mm mm u WILLIAM J. MEANS, Principal B.S., California Sfafe Teachers College M.Ed., Universify of Piflsburgh URBAN C. DUMBAULD, Assisfanf Principal B.S., California Share Teachers College Hisiory PAULINE N. ABEL B.S., Universify of Pitfsburgh French, Library MATTH EW H. BORLAND B.A., Washing+on 81 Jefferson English, Laiin FACULTY E. LOUISE BRYSON ers College Healfh, Physical Eclucafion FAY M. BROOKS B.S., Indiana Sfafe Teachers College Civics, Pennsylvania Hisfory 10 B.S., Slippery Rock S+a+e Teach- RUTH BRYSON B.S., California Slafe Teachers College Pracfical Mafhemafics, Algebra ELLA S. BYERS A.B., Universily of Pitfsbu Algebra. Geomefry X CASTORE California Siaie Teachers ege 1 JOSEPHINE DeMlCHELlS B.S., lndiana Slaie Teachers College Commercial Law, Olilice Prac- iice, Business Praclice FACULTY STEPHEN A. FURIN B.S., Sf. Vinceni College Healih, Physical Educafion MARGARET GERKE A.B., Bellwany College Hisiory 11 NAOMI HARFORD B.S., Greenville College English, Library RALPH HESS B.S., California Slaie Teachers College lndusirial Arfs H. EUGENE HULBERT B.S., Indiana Stale Teachers College Music AGNES M. PETERSON B.s., Thiel College Biology, Physics, Pre-aeronaulics FACULTY FERNE E. POORBAUGH A.B., Susquehanna Universiiy English 12 MARY JOAN REAGAN B.S., Indiana Slale Teachers College M.Ed., Universily of Pilisburgh Shorihancl, Typing, Business English, Salesmanship NANNETTA REED B.S., indiana Slafe Teacher College Home Economics. Consumer Educalion UL FACULTY LS., Befhany College l1.Ed., Universify of Pifisburgh 'l1ysics, Science. Pre-Aeronau- fics METT F. BROWN .S., Sf. Vincenfs iology, Chemisfry AES H. ROGERS .S., California Sfafe Teachers College feneral Science, Biology JOANNA SHALLENBERGER Indiana Stafe Teachers College Bookkeeping, Shorfhand, Junior Business Training GENET M. STULL B.S., indiana Sfafe Teachers College Bookkeeping, Typing 13 HARRY W. WILSON B.S., California Sfafe College M.Ed., Universify of Piffsburgh Problems of Democracy, English MILDRED ELIZABETH WALTERS B.S., Universify of Piffsburgh Chemisfry, General Science BURTON E. TARR University of Alabama Business Pracfice, Bookkeeping LEROY FEINBERG B.S., California Sfafe Teachers College Civics, Pennsylvania Hisfory EDWIN R. WALTERS B.S., Pennsylvania Sfafe College English D l k 'A C U X Xwg LV CHALKQ 0 4,2 5 OYQ UC, Um A ff-TQ U51 E KN IQ MOTTCJZ Hats off to the pastg Coats oll to the future. CLCIJJ Colon: GREEN AND VVHITIS Clary Flower: VVHITE ROSE 16 CLASS OFFICERS Vice-Preridmzt . . . .ANDREW ZORICHAK P76',f7.Cl7E71,f ........., A A ,VVIENDIQLL Sivuru Sarrafzz:-y-Y'rmm1'M. . ,.,. . A . -'AMES lVloY1-:R SIENIORS OF "46" We're all friends, great glorious friends, No better can be found, The Senior Class of 46, are all ln friendship hound. Zoriehak, Moyer, and then Smithg Better known as the Big Three, Have filled this last school year of ours, Witll much variety. Altogether we have shared Joy, defeat, and sorrow, lfveryone, we know, will he Success of tomorrow. E-Doris Hawkins A .L it .:,... 1 rx, .. ..,, .W 1, A UA. S? Q? 'i f' -QM X . A xx if x M ,PES .QQ-gsgg. w kfgfgfb SENIORS 1946 18 SENIORS 1946 E 5255, N 5. - r, Q :.. v , ,- iff 4 :aff 431414415 ' -655212 f 'QQ X W X ff ? N B - kg., .. W :gen X5 SS M Missy f J , vfmsixjm V.. vfw. SENIORS 1946 23 SENIORS 1946 24 SENIORS 1946 25 PAULINE ADAMS . . . "Polly" will make a very good nurse, as In her classes she always comes first. JACK STOCKWELL . . . Blonde and big and built like Gable, he'll help you always if he is able. SALLY AINSLEY . . . Another nurse, "Sal" will be, She'll call on her patients cheerfully. FRANCES ANDREWS . . . "Fran" is a very friendly lass, And is a whiz in chemistry class. PAUL BABBONY.. . . "Paul" will take you anywhere, anytime, When he works for the West Penn Line. EDITH MARIE BAILES . . . Sweetslare what "Ed" likes to eat, And hearing good music gives her a treat. FRANK BALA . . . "Agitator" is his nick- name, But he's lots of fun and always game. FRANK BANKO . . . A very salesman, "Douglasf' will make, If only his custom- ers will give him a break. JOHN BARRONS . . . "John" can be a lot of fun, He's a friend to everyone. WILLIAM BEDNARIK . . . "Bill" is always On the beam, In P. D. class he leads the team. ROSE BENDEKOVICH . . . A good house- wife, "Dolly" wants to be, Wait ten years, then we will see. LEONA BENKO . . . A good friend to every- one is "Lee,', She will get on in the world to prosperity. FLORENCE BODZIIONY . . . "Flo's', house is all clean, the food cooked fine, To welcome her husband home on time. MARY BOLISH . . . She likes basketball, bowling, and dancing, These things should keep "Mar" prancing. THE SENIORS MYRTLE BOWERS . . . "Myrt's" a good kid, we all agree, Lots of fun, she'll always be. EVA BRASSEUR . . . One of our teen-age- cooks, But doesnit Care much for books. IONA BRYNER . . . "I", as you will always see, At shorthand and typing is as busy as a bee. LOIS BRYSON . . . Her smile is bright, her words are few, As a friend, "LO" lS always true. CHARLES BRZACK . . . A teddy-bear hair Cut caught him fame, He's a killer on the football team. JUNE BURKE . . . "Burke" is a lot of fun, Especially after school is done. BILL BURWELL . . . "Bill's" ambition, after passing the Course, Is to Hy a plane for the Naval Air Force. MARTHA CINDRIC . . . Her complexion is like peaches and cream, "Martha's,' like the girl in a favorite dream. MARY Lois CLINGAN . . . To work in her Dad's store is "Dimple's" ambition, Shelll keep the files In good Condition. BERYL COBURN . . . To be a singer is "Toots' U desire, With a voice like hers itis just sure fire. PAUL COLE . . . For Paul English his life does mar, But Betty Grable is his favor- ite star. NORMA COLLINS . . . A pretty lass of old Pittsburgh Road, With all her lessons, "Norm" has a load. REGINA CONDUPA . . . "Jean" is a gal whO's greatest joys, Center around danc- ing and the boys. JACK CONNORS . . . "Jack" is tall, blonde, and shy, We all agree heis an all-round guy. 26 BETTY CONWAY . . . "Bet" with her lovely blonde hair, As an Operator could get most anywhere. ELEANOR COPUs . . . A short, blonde member of our band, For a swell sense of humor, she'll take the stand. TERRY COYNE . . . "Gummy's" quite a likeable lad, Sorry, gals, he canit be had. BETTY JANE CRABLE . . . When it's foot- ball, "Becky's" on the spot, As a nurse she'll be right On the dot. MICHAEL CRONIN . . . "Mike" is a person, we all know, Will be admired wherever he may go. ADELINE DECARLUCCI . . . One of the shortest and swellest girls in school, "Dilly" knows how to handle men as a rule. WILLIAM DEFFENBAUGH . . . If you could eat what "Bill" does, Your life would be a "was,'. DOROTHY DEMPF . . . f'Dot" will face all problems with a smile, And work hard to the very last mile. PHYLLIS JEAN DENNIS . . . Now here Comes "Phyl,', our blonde from Bute, She's gay, exciting, polite, and cute. JOsEPH DOMAN . . . A sportsman "Joe" will be, The best basketball player you ever did see. RUTH DORAN . . . Typing is one thing "Ruthie" loves to do, Dancing's another that appeals to her, too. ANNA PEARL DOYLE . . . "Ann", our petite majorette, Will be Mrs. Dennis, one sure bet. WILLIAM DOYLE . . . You know "Bill" just says what he means, And nothing more or less. ESTHER MAE DUALL . . . A pleasing nurse "Ernie" is sure to be, Because of her grand personality. GILBERT DUNAWAY . . . "Gil" wants to work for the F.B.I., And see if he can catch a spy. LAVERNE EVANS . . . "Vern" is one of the girls whp writes each day, TO many service men far away. JOHN FALAT . . . "Ace,' is not very tall, Yet he is full of mischief and liked by all. EUGENE FESTOG . . . "Eugene" and "Allen" make a super pair, Without them N. U. would be so bare. PAULINE FIELDS . . . A housewife "Mose" wants to apply, And how good food catches her eye! RONALD FIORVANTI . . . A cute kid we all agree, He handles the baton skillfully. OPAL FISHER . . . "Opal,' is quite a pal, She,s a friend to every gal. ROBERT FISHER . . . "Bob" is the class's pretty boy' To all the girls he is a joy. 9 WILLIAM FRANCK . . . "Bill" is rather tall and slender, Quite a boy to remember. HELEN GABARKO . . . Little "Helen" of the big four, In conversing she's not a bore. JOSEPH GADEK . . . Penner" is a little bashful, we all think, At a girl he'd never wink. MARY KATHRYN GALDERISI . . . School won't be the' same without "Kass", we know, T'will be just like winter without any snow. ANNA MARIE GALLIS . . . Here again, we find a future wife, Thatys a job to take up "Army's,' life. JOSEPHINE GARAFOLA . . . "Josephine", our sweet, fun-loving lass, A jolly member of the Senior Class. THE SENIORS ANNA GAYDOS . . . "Ann" will make a good nurse, And have lOt's of money In her purse. JESSIE GRIMM . . . A future proprietor "Gremlin,' wants to be, Business should be good, due to her grand personality. STANLEY GUZIAK . . . "Stan" is a mis- chlevous lad, But If he were otherwise, it would be sad. REID HAGERTY . . . Always cheery, always willing, From us, "ReId', can have top billing. ELEANOR HAMBOROSKY . . . "Ham" as an aviatrix will see the sights, And she will always exercise her woman's rights. JOHN HANZES . . . "John" can be a lot Of fun, He's almost a friend to everyone. EDWARD HARMON . . . "Eddie" is cute and just as witty, If he were quiet, lt would be a pity. DORIS HAWKINS . . . To be a model is "Doriels" desire, With her height and her looks, It IS just sure fire. BATES HEss . . . "Bates", who is always neat, Makes many a gIrl's heart beat. BETTEJANE HINTON . . . An opera singer is "Bette's" aim, Someday she may sing In the Hall of Fame. MARGARET HOLP . . . "Marg" has the looks and the hair, To make the boys just sit and stare. MARTHA JANE HORBY . . . A beautician "Janie" will be, We know this will suit her to a HT". ELEANOR HULWAY . . . Off hand, we can't think of any one as sweet, As charming "El", so pretty and neat. 27 F AYE HUMBERTSON . . . Just a little quiet, just a little shy, But there's a merry twinkle glistening In "Peg's" eye. TIMOTHY HUNT . . . "Tim's" friends, they are many, His foes, he hasn't any. DANIEL JOHNSON . . . "Dann will always smile or speak, When he sees you on the street. WILLA JORDAN . . . To be a model is "Will's" ambition, We all hope that she will fill her mission. BETTY RUTH JUNK . . . "Punk" is a quiet lass, Even when she's out of class. THERESA KANIA . . . "Trese" wants to be a success, We know she won't be happy with less. ANDREW KEMPIC . . . "Andy,' is a foot- ball fan, As a player, he is a man. EDWARD KLINE . . . You'll find "Blinky" a very, bashful lad, Around him you'll never be sad. BERNARD KOLLAR . . . "Bernard" is the executive type, We hope he never has cause to gripe. ' EUGENE KoONTz . . . "Jimmy" is always having fun, TO him a joke IS never done. CEOELIA KozAK . . . Little "Cec" with her hair lovely curled, Will make a place for herself in the world. WILLIAM KOZLINA . . . We want "Bill no longer, He's long enough. LEXANDER KUKURUGYA . . . Happy is he, rom care he is free, Why aren't they all contented like he? JOAN KUMOR . . . Sitting down writing, then typing, Holds first in Susie's liking. GEORGE LEHMAN . . . Worry little, study less, Thatls "Jack,s,' idea of happiness. NAOMI LEHMAN . . . "Mazie', as a house- wife, Will make some man a wonderful life. RAINEY LEONE . . . "Rainey" would like to roam, Something tells me he had better stay home. MARY JANE LERCH . . . "Boots", a friend to all, Is never seen loafing 'in the hall. BETTY LIVENGOOD . . . "Betsy,' is rather tall and rather slender, To her friends, a loyal member. GRACE LIVINGSTON . . . "Grace" will be a secretary to a boss, We hope he Won't be very cross. MARIE LOWRY . . . To make good in her life is her main ambition, Could anyone ask a better petition? MINNIE LUCKEY . . . "Janie", a secretary will be, She Will make a good one, Wait and see. MARYANNE LUKOTCH . . . A private sec- retary, "Pooch" will be, We hope she doeSn't sit on the boss's knee. ANNABEL MALINOCK . . . "Kootch's" am- bition is to make Women beautiful, She will' do a good job and be very dutiful. AGNES MALINZACK . . . "Aggie?, is a gal that we heard pine, Just to be in the musical line. HARRIET MARKOVICH . . . "Toni", is Esther's best pal, Has lovely black hair, and is a great gal. MAXINE MATTHEWS . . . Whether false or Whether true, Without the boy's "Max', surely is blue. GENE MAUST . . . "Gene" wears his ties in bows, And therels music Wherever he goes. THE SE IOR MARY KATHRYN MAUST . . . "Mary Kay" is a friend to all the gang, She likes music, dancing, and modern slang. JAMES MCLAUGHLIN . . . "Moe'sU a guy that will go a long way in life, too, As there is nothing that he dislikes to do. MARGARET MEHALLIC . . . A doctor's wife, Will be "Mugg,s,' mission, No Wonder, he's a handsome physician. VITO MELE . . . "Vito", to sleep 'till ten each day, Is one good way to decrease your pay. GENEVIEVE GILDA MENOSSI . . . At last We find a "hello fanvg "Geni,' Will be a good cook for some lucky man. RUSSELL MILLER . . . Where therels "Russ,' therels fun, We couldn,t do With- out this one. 7 EDWARD MOLCHAN . . . Tall and shy, In room 20, you'll find this guy. YVONNE MOORE . . . "Vonnie", the execu- tive type to be, ls editress of this book, as you see. FERNE MORRISON . . . As a beautician, "Ferne" will pass, As her clothes are really class. JAMES MOYER . . . "Jim" is a funny little lad, He dislikes teachers that make him mad. BARBARA MURRAY . . . You will find "Babs', a bashful lass, But always on time for P. D. class. MARGARET NOVOTNY . . . "Jiggs" is a humorous lass, She boosts the morale of every class. EDWARD PALERMO . . . An active boy on the football team, To most of the girls, "Gus" is on the beam. ROSE PAVLIC . . . A secretarial position is for "Ro-ron, We hope she does her work just so-so. 28 ANITA PEccoN . . . "Neet" is so very friendly, Anything she has she will gladly lend ye. DOROTHY PECHUNKA . . . Away to college "Dotty" will go, To be a laboratory technician, We all know. DOROTHY PETRISKO . . . To be a nurse is "Doots"' ambition, And keep her pa- tients in good condition. DOROTHY PICEL . . . With a twinkle in her eye and a smile In her voice, For an all around gal, "Dot,s" our choice. IRENE PIROVOLOS . . . A secretary "Rene" Wants to be, She will be a good one, yes- sirreel EDWARD POTOCAR . . . Never study, fl 59 ' 9 never worry, Po takes life easy-what s the hurry? ELIZABETH PRAMUK . . . There is none friendlier than "Ge-Ge", And a secretary she Wants to be. MILDRED PUSHKAR . . . "Millie", a hair dresser to be, Does a good Job, as you can see. THOMAS REAGAN . . . Sometimes he's loud, sometimes he's quiet, Why can't "Tom" be on a constant diet? LEROY RHEUBOTTOM . . . "Rhu" is always happy, always jolly, Never sad or melancholy. DORIS LEA RISHEL . . . "Dov is so very quiet, VVe wonder If she is on a talking diet. DOROTHY-RICHARDSON . . . "Dot,' is so quiet and so small, You never know she's around at all. JAMES Ross . . . "Button Holel' is in love with all the girls, Especially those with blond curls. DORA JEAN RUTLEY . . . You'll get your call with the greatest of ease, When you hear "Doran say, "Number, pleasen. ELIZABETH R. SAFLARSKI . . . A quiet girl you can't resist, As a friend, "Betty" tops the list. WILLIAM SCHUBERT . . . "Cheap John" is always shooting pool, It sometimes makes him late for school. WILDA SCHULTZ . . . "Wilda" in school is very shy, But outside, my-o-my! WILMA G. SCHULTZ . . . One thing we ask with a shrug, Why don't they ever call "Wilma", hug. MARY SEMAcHKo . . . "Medka" is a whiz in shorthand class, Outside she's even a nicer lass. CLARK SEMAN . . . He came to us from Dunbar Hi, "Brooklyn" is tall, quiet, and shy. EDWARD SHERLOCK . . . "Sherlock" is a funny lad, He loves the teachers that make him mad. KATHLEEN SHIPLEY . . . "Kate's ambition is to work at the Bell, Let's hope she fills her position well. GENEVIEVE SHUSTER . . . "Gems" ambition is to be a clerk, We hope she does not have much work. MARY SMORADA . . . As a debator, "Mary" will rate, In history class her talks were great. WENDELL SMITH . . . "Smitty" is a man who thinks women are swell, To that, all we can say is, "well, well, well HARRY SPEAR . . . "Harry" dressed in his sailor suit, In our opinion, looks very cute. NORMA STOREY . . . As a basketball player, "Norm" gets awards, We pity the forward that she guards. '!5 THE lofts FRANK STRAMAT . . . To c'Frank", sin- cerity is the finest trait, So if you are on his list, you rate. ROBERT SUICI-I . . . "Bob" will never be a miser, But to collect pennies, he couldn't be wiser. HAROLD TALBOTT . . . Full of pep, and full of fun, "Tabie" is always on the run. EDWARD M. ToMKo . . . A private secre- tary, "Eddie" will be, If he doesn't agree to drama, as a memory fee. CORNELL THOMAS . . . Football rates high vsSthi"Co", To see Coughenour, for miles s e go. RUBE TISSUE . . . As a comedian "Rube" would be great, The highest rank would be her rate. BETTY J. TRAINER . . . Typing suits "Fannie" to a "T", A good secretary, she hopes to be. ROSELLA TRETINICK . . . A Western Union operator is what "Rosen wants to be, Wait a few years, and we shall see. BERNICE TURPIN . . . To her friends, "Bernge" is true, Although her words are very ew. PATRICIA JANE VAIL . . . "Patty" is a pleasant lass, She leads the team in every class. KENNETH VARNDELL . . . A womenfs man, "Ken" would like to be, Hails from Room Twenty. ROBERT VOLCHECK . . . It still remains quite a mystery, Why "Bob's" favorite subject is history. GENEVIEVE VOSHNOCK . . . "Gen" wants to be a nurse, We know her patients will be none the worse. JOHN WASHCO . . . Abilities reach every fieliici A mighty name is one "John" will y1e . 29 GWENDOLYN EILEEN WEAVER . . . You can go to the Home Ec Room most any day, And find "Gwennie,' slaving away. CLAIRE WEST . . . For "Smokey" to marry a.thirty-year old man, She'd be the hap- piest girl In the land. ANN WHYEL . . . "Ann", you'll notice, has pretty clothes, Shining black hair and a cute pug nose. MARIE M.WIPLIAMS . . . "Marie" wants to nursle the sick, A better job she could not PIC . FRANCES YABLUNOSKY . . . "Francie" will ble, I'll tell you off hand, A singer with t e Dorsey Band. SADIE YAUGER . . . A lovely smile agddsmiling eylqes, For being friendly, a IC wm t e prize. I ANN YERSICK . . . Tall and thin and lots of fun, As "Millie's" friend, she's number one. HAZEL YODER . . . "Dutch" wants to study art, We hope she succeeds in doing her part. CHARLES ZEBLEY . . . "Zeb" likes to argue best, Unless he wins, he cannot rest. LORETTA ZEHEL . . , To beautify women is "Lois" ambition, We bet she'll make a good beautician. RITA ZERECHECK . . . And then, we have "Rita,' so light on her feet, A champion swimmer, she can't be beat. ANDREW ZoRIcHAK . . . A mechanical basketball player "Andy', will be, In the Old University. i ALLEN ZIES . . . "Allen,, is part of the Big Two, Always manages to have some- thing to do. C Not Picturedj --THoMAs YANETCHKO, FRANKLIN HIxoN, WILLIAM VANSICKLE. Junior ROOM 6: Myrtle Bowers, Lois Cramer, Elaine Crayton, Maxine Curry, Frances David, Doris Gaskill, Elva June Gordon, Marilyn Hepler, Pauline Hileman, Henrietta Hunt, Catherine Jano- sik, Genevieve Jellick, Lorraine Lake, Margaret Myers, Juanita Oliver, Dorothy Patterson, Mary Lee Pletcher, Vermell Pollard, Betty Robinson, Mary Lou Trad- up, Alverta Scott, Joann Schroyer, Ethel Sheranko, jo Ann Stanlaw, Janet Wall. tit RooM 14: Bernadine Benko, Richard Bosley, Veronica Briscar, Owen Brooks, Dorothy Butcher, Carmen Calabrise, Allen Clingen, Blaine Clingan, George Coughe- nour, Jack Garber, Leroy Has- singer, Margaret Kozel, Clyde Lucky, Homer Martin, Colleen Morris, Jesse Overly, Frank Phil- lips, Jason Provance, Irene Ro- chester, Ted Rozolosky, Andrew Sadosky, William Shoby, Helen Smearman, Pat Snyder, Albert Statovich, Hilda Sullivan, Joseph- ine Torre. K h ST l Ms. Q sf fl at Q AYQ . ' Junior Ernest Walters, Dorothy Weaver, Margaret Yauger. Room Ili: Paul Bahbony, Donald Barney, james Barnhart, Mary Ann Batcho, Doris Cooley, Agnes Cox, Rita Condupa, Edgar Craft, Caroline Critchfield, Andrew Dito, lfleanor Duttko, Elaine Foun- taine, Ivan Fritsch, Betty Good, Karl Glover, Alvin johnson, lfdith King, Clarabelle Knoyer, Lois Liston, Thomas Lucas, Clar- ence McClain, Marjorie Mc- Dirfett, Carmen Polito, Nick Pirovolas, Rocco Rogers, William Saltrick, Daniel Serratta, Juanita Singleton, Andy Stepanik, Bernice Turpin. 'kit Room 17: Steve Anthony, Ed- ward Augustine, Melvin Brown, Alice Capatosto, Raymond Carol- Ia, Betty Crofcheck, Dorothy Davis, Harry Davis, William Doyle, Phyllis Fike, Pat Garrow, Agnes George, Sara Louise Girard, Charlotte Honza, lilma Hughes, Ann Kempic, Kathleen Krepps, Eleanor Lowry. Junior Harriet Markovich, Donald Mat- thews, Sadie Matthews, Norma Morris, Millicent Pierce, William Ramage, Lloyd Robinson, Frank Sally, Theresa Sanzone, Leatrice Slater, David Smitley, Richard Speshock, Thomas Stavischeck, Betty Varndell, Dolores Williams, Joseph Zimmovan, William Zim- movan, tit ROOM 22: Margaret Bellus, jose ephine Bozak, Margaret Britt, Frances DeConcilus, Dolly Doak. Anna Mae Fijalkovich, Kitty Lou Fisher, Mary Gallis, Eleanor Glover, Virginia Harenza, Catli- erine Jones, Helen Kowalczyk, Catherine Leptinsky, Sophie Mar- lcovich, Mildred McCormick, Sara McGinnis, Virginia O'Brien, V11- lerie Rheuhottoin, Lois Jane Strawser, Jean Sullivan, Beatrice Teets, Nina Twyford, Polly Wallace, Anna Faye Welling. 'A' 'k ir NOT PICTUREDS Richard Bosley, Hugh Gorley, Edgar Guesman, Arnold Kufrin, Steve Kremposky, Smith Lantz, Ruth Cligan, Mari- an Lazarcheck, Lois Ann Martin Elizabeth Seman, Ralph Knoyer Frank Lubich, Audrey Maust Daniel Yersick, Daniel Johnson Barbara Murray, Peter Polito. r y IE, wi X- 'FZ ' v . gi? 'R Q L. QM ww XS " opliomore ROOM 3: Dolores Berry, Lorraine Clement, Robert Dennis, Edwina Dick, John Durochick, June Fisher, Thomas Ford, Theodore Furin, Donna Haught, Goldie Jaynes, Lurline johnson, Ruby Landman, Charles Lulich, Arthur McCartney, Jean McClain, Lor- etta Morris, Dolores Muzika, Mike Patchan, Arlene Petrisko, Theresa Pocratsky, Helen Sam- argie,Marianna Sarko, John Schif- bauer, Sara Smith, Mary Takoch, Eugene Twardesky, Robert Train- or, James Uhazie, Thelma Vance, Joseph Vargo, Josephine Verbus, Jack Wargo. 444 RooM 4: Margaret Anthony, Neal Arison, John Banko, joe Bora, Anthony Carolla, Billie Ciez, Elizabeth Christovich, Bar- bara Crayton, Drusilla Doran, Raymond Dunaway, Donald Fee, Ralph Festog, Walter Guziak, lngraham Jenkins, Walter Kania, George Lazanick, Frank Leckman, Connie Lewis, George Lucas, Theodore Matthews, Ralph Mc- Gregor, Barbara Mullins, William Pillar, Bernard Pletcher, Edward Pluto, Steve Recicar, Benjamin Santore, Rosemary Smith. -5 ophomore john Stegiira, Patricia Twist, lillen Wallace, Donald Zebley. Room 5: Mary Ann llabinsky Gertrude Bilovesky, Alice Blaze-lc, Norma l,ee Bonnis, Doris Cook, Ruth Cooley, Carol Cupp, Betty Cuppert, Peggy Daniels, Dolores Durso, George Dursa, Beverly Gillen, lfarl Gillen, Rebecca Gillen, Vera Glover, Mildred Gmitter, Yolanda Goe, Richard Griffin, Gloria Hall, Bernice llarford, Charles Harford, janet Harmon, Rhoda Hawkins, Joseph- ine Kopehany, Charles Miller, Dorothy Novak, Emily Novak, Bernadine Opalko, Betty Palic, Dorothy Seman, Shirley Suich, Yineent Vidonish, Edmund Zehel. 'kit' Room 7: Andy Bryner, Charles Casteel, Marion Clingan, Wilma Clingan, Garnet Coburn, Sarah Crawford, Dorothy David, Fran- ces Dnlany, Robert Grimm, limma Guesinan, Lorraine Gure- man, joseph cillfllilfl, Garnet Hall, Birdie Hunt, Martha jel- liek, Dorothy Kinley, Betty Lake, Pauline l,ueas, Virginia Mager Bertha Martin, Billy MeNatt 1 v ,lohn Nendis. x ophomore Kenneth Patchan, George Peters, Albina Picel, Edward Rishel, Lorraine Rosenik, Robert Saluga, David Schafer, Charles Show, Mary Sikina, Dolly Smorada, Barbara Soper, Elaine Stockwell, Mary Lou Turner, Betty Wil- liams, Cora Jane Wilson, Alex- ander Wishnie, William Yablu- nosky, Violet Ann Yeagley, John Zinzalak. 'A' 'lr ni' Room 8: Josephine Bendekovich, Laura Davis, Florence Delverne, Mary jane Demeter, Ann Der- hammer, lrene Dolncy, Evelyn Duritsa, Agnes Evans, Gladys Hansacker, Eleanor Kubina, ,lean Luckey, Martha Novak, Ann Pizzichetti, Christina Pustay, Maria Pyskach, Roselma Savel, Eleanor Smorada, Margaret Spru- ell, Kathryn Stefanik, Lorraine Steiner, Patty 'l'homas, Beverly Whitman, Norma Yauger, Edna Zebley, Robert Balchak, Louis Concheck, James Conroy, Donald Crable, Albert D'Amore, Harold Deitrick, Harry Gab o, Stanley Haragos, xGeorge Leachkt, Clar- ence Miller, George Miller, Adolph Mysza, Raymond Painley, Ed- ward Porubek, Francis Premuk, Robert Rodeheaver, Edward Rus- sell, Edward Stavischak, Edward Utlak, Lawrence Viher. i' 'k it Nor PICTURED: Charles Lengjak, Steve Washco, Evelyn Yauger, Lois Baird, Lillian Blackut, Mary Bota, Beatrice Jones, Carl Ko- vach, Clyde Perkins, Irene Dolney, Arthur Jacobs, James Monaco. A I ""V"Q- S 154 1-mum. I . 1 gf' i , ..+ ,JY . M 4 . X M mg Q 11. .- . R? v . W, gr 5 NS, 1? 3 X as 3? 8: gg ,R if X J df ,.. . 4 QQ I S ..,, X - 5' V ,Q V asia' Q- 1, --M fx Qs M M f wg , 5 ij, X 1 'L MT-M-MMTMM F THE FRESHMEN ROOM 2: J. R. Ammon, Charles Ausrin, lrene BlG7Ek, Marie Brasseur, Edward Burke, Ray Condupa, Belly Dorsey, Thomas Felix, Virginia Filce, Helen Gaydos, Kennelh Grimes, Eleanor l-lall, Maxine Hileman, Thomas Hudi Bolo Marlin, John Mareoslcy, James Miller, LaVern Milchell, Merrill Milchell, George MT. Joy, Florence Ondrish, Wendell Painley, Marie Pensock, John Pierce, Don Rulh, Raymond Sallrick, Robert Savage, Anna Springer, Palricia Valenlovich, Eleanor Vandigo, Allen Welsh, Carol Williams. ROOM 9: Kalhryn Bena, Paul Benko, Edward Blascheck, Hilda Blouser, Robinson Borli, William Jalcowski, Josephine DeFranlc, Carol Dodrill, Francis Dzurilla, Pauline Fenyar, Roberl Fiffik, Dorolhy Florlcevich, Theresa Fra Alice June Grego, Glenn Hulchinson, William Kania, Joan Karpinsky, William Koonfz, Theresa Kozel, Helen Krillco, Malilda Kubic, Dwaine Lowery, Leonard Lucas, Rolaerla Morolllco, James McNull, Beverly O'H ' A ' r ' R ' l Al' S lnez Srnirh, Angela Soorn, Clarence Spear, Kafhryn Slehney, Marlha Slrarnal, James Tesiauro, Donald 2 Margarer Ondo, Theresa Pace, Edward Palgula, Elsie Phillips, Eslhe. Renner, Rira ocnes er, ice ayage, ROOM IO: Eula Addis, Dale Bryson, Clarence Burwell, Elsie Cossiclc, John Delligalli, Pauline Fisher, Thomas George, Harold Halbroolr, Joseph Harmon, Belly Herman, Samuel Flobi, Joseph Holp, George Hull, Jos Kempic, Anna Kilda, Michael Kurcina, Frank Leeper, Charles Marlcovich, Geraldine Marlcovich, Rhea Maslan, Ray Minghi, Joe Palya, Leonard Payliclc, Mary Paroda, Rila Persichilli, George Rrlvovilch, Vilma Sarko, lx Ann Sayachlco, Earl Savage, Dolores Shusler, Phillip Shipley, Andrew Slater, Theodore Sfequra, Mary Sleiner, Harold Turpin, Dolores Wilde, S.wi SNS? Q . S EMR 9ungT5F'-'IL-'- QLH' 12, -3--4' X A T-1 W """' :li ,W ff! -' - ll ' iff F5 A ' Q H0 1' K K '15, 1 Y EZ, R J'!y?64fr'v' ,Z ! A O0 Q o Q o o 000 2 gag? 0000 O Q3 O O Oo O Qcocf 0 O 00083 O O 0 o O 0 o O O O O oo O o o O O 0 C0 41 Coaches Wllson and Furln 1911+ FOOTBALL SCORES North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union North Union .,... North Union North Union 12 Centerville . A . . A 0 O Scottdale .... , . O .0 South Union .,.. 14 2 Dunbar ...,.... 25 14 Uniontown . . . . 13 26 Perryopolis . . , 7 34 Georges . . . . . . 7 20 Carmichaels A , , 7 14 South Union . , 13 FIRST ROW: Harlorcl, D, Monaco, Lockman, Couqlionour, Lubich Calebrise, Delliqalli, Leachlmo, Talbot, Ml. Joy, Sorrow. SECOND ROW: Kania, l-lamborslcy, lvlendls, Carolla, Brzaclc Palermo, Ross, Johnston, l.ulicl'1, J. Monaco, Peccon. THIRD ROW: Mr, Furin, T, Furin, Saluqa, Bota. Mueller, Volcheclc Deflenbaugh, Davis, l-lassinger, Polilo, Duroclweclc, Mr. Wilson. K N V . 1 X Q 5 g - I ' N I 6! HVQ, Q ,b , - fx W. ,,. A if A xx , X X 4 ig A fir' ,Qf - L -: x Q ' 1-:E v y , , 1 Q 1 , ' 1 x f Wx Q., ,Z"Q::,o Q... Tl, 43 2 - . ,, ur Football Season With one of the best records in many years, Coach Steve Furin with a squad of forty players won six games, lost two, and tied one, to bring North Union up among one of the top high school teams. With a few weeks practice, the Rams opened the season, defeating Centerville by the score of 12 to 0. Zimmovan took things into hand and scored both touch- downs in the initial fray. The Rams next were held to a scoreless deadlock by Scottdale, in a spectacular game during a downpour. Neither will be forgotten soon. With the loss of their star fullback, "Rock', Zimmovan, the Rams lost their first game to their ancient rivals, South Union, by the score of 14 to 0. Next, Dunbar put another one into the loss column by the score of 25 to 2. Then came the "Surprise,'. The Rams, playing their eighth game with Union- town in sixteen years, beat them, 14 to 13. With each boy playing thumbs-up ball, the Rams were able to recover many fumbles. The Ram Rooters were brought to their feet when little right halfback, Carmen Calabrise, with excellent blocking by Bill Deffenbaugh, spurted 98 yards for a touchdown. At the annual Dad's Night, the Rams defeated Perry by the score of 26 to 7. Coach Furin found new talent in "Duck" Davis, who made most of the Ram's points in this game. Regaining "Rock" Zimmovan, North Union downed Georges 32 to 7 with Zimmovan, Coughenour, Calabrise, Bota, and Johnson registering all the necessary points plus a few extra. The Rams then took another one from the Greene County Carmichaels eleven by the score of 20 to 7. Calabrise and Zimmovan tallied the scores. Then came the final and second game with South Union. The Rams came back with a more experienced eleven and beat South Union 14 to 13. "Rock" Zimmovan and "Ducky Davis chalked up the scores in this game. 44 ur Team lR0ck Zimmovan Good for nine yards a plunge Duck Davis Very tricky and clever 98 Valabrise Like greased lightning Pete Polito Always on the ball Captain Brzack Keeps his man out Gus Palermo Hits them high Bearer ohnson Get those passes Bill Deffenbaugh Man what a guar V Cuggy Lulich Calls the right signals Andy Stepanlk Buddy to Deffenbaugh Two p0ll'lt Bota Helps gain yardage Andy Kemplc Loves to play football 'c as ' T ' at an ' - ' . cs is ' -1 ' ' ' l cc ay ' L . cs ' as T ' l cr an T ' ' . cc as J 1 I CK ' 1, l , d I cr 97 ' .au ' ' ' sc as ' 1 I cc - ' aa T ' l CL xx ' L' ' Q Cheerleaders hll k hl GI DI h h d the baekfield that beat Uniontown 45 SKETB LL Coach Furin's plan for dribblers to enter the Section XXII penant race was not unheeded. November 30 found 30 boys going through the paces of Coach, while he evaluated their talents. McLaughlin, Zorichak, and Doman were the only boys returning from the previous year's squad. From the 30 boys, a squad of 12 was chosen and these lads, under the expert piloting of Coach Furin, made a record that all can be proud of. North Union was one of the three teams deadlocked for first place in the Section XXII race. It was only in the last game of the year that the victor was determined. The team which pulled down third place in the race lost one game to German Township and South Union each and two games to Point Marion. In the large win column was two each from Dunbar, Georges, Redstone, Mapletown, and one from German and South Union-the Blue Devils only defeat ofthe season. BASKETBALL SCORES North Union North Union North Union North Union 46 , D North Union ....., North Union ....,. North Union ....., North Union ....., North Union ,.,... North Union ...... North Union ..,.., . North Union .,.... North Union ,..,,t North Union ....,. Mapletown . German ..,. Georges ..,. Dunbar .... South Union Redstone , i , Point Marion Mapletown . German .... Georges ,,., Dunbar . . . South Union Redstone . A . Point lVlarion via SWIMMING CLUB FIRST Row: Audrey Maust, Vera Glover, Frances Dulaney, Sarah Crawford, Donna Haught, Dorothy Springer, Violet Ann Yeagley, Pauline Adams, Mary Semachlco, Rose Pavlic, Mary Lee Pleteher, Mary Ann Batcho, Rita Condupa, Clara Knoyer. SECOND ROW: Miss Crawford, Miss Bryson, Elma Hughes, Eleanor Lowry, Carol Dodrill, Colleen Morris, Mary Bota, Doris Cooley, Marian Clingan, Norma Collins, Rosella Tretinick, Betty Good, Mary Ann Lukotch, Ann Derhamlner, Florence Delverne, Mary Jewel Schroyer. THIRD Row: Eleanor I-lulway, Theresa Kania, Iona Bryner, Leatriee Slater, Ann Kempic, Lois Liston, Marjorie McDil'lett, Willa Jordan, Ruby Tissue, Rita Zerecheck, Lillian Blaekut, Doris Gaskill. FouR'1'H Row: Loretta Morris, Norma Morris, Elaine Crayton, liva Brasseur, Loretta Zehel, Regina Condupa, June Burke, Ifddie Harmon, Billy Ramage, Ronnie Fiorvanti, Sophie Marlcovich, Neal Arison, Charles Zehley. . . How deep is the ocean? 48 G. A. A. COUNCIL Norma Story, Miss Bryson, Theresa Sanzone, Mary Ann Lukotch, Mary Bolish, Betty Good, Dorothy Dempf, Rita Condupa. . . A tislcet, a taslcet, I missed that little haskct. ,M wi A x QA 5? .. 2 s QSM 'E ll? N . .,-::I':sL:,.-sf1- x my X -tf-me :- Q U? sms ,KW v- , A HB . 5 wi 'Qffff 3 S' 3' 441 X SX? x V, X "fi E23 .. .:..s , f A . W A . x x f ' 5-Q ' iff' ,f Whggix' A it-xvjf L 9 Y fb, il' f X X' Q . k 5 SSS Av 3 . ,.,. M . sv A Q -w xi' , 533. J' Q Qi? .lv ...- i K Huggy:- 6 V i QQ QQ T7 be is Yi Q Lf ,pg .ff If 'Q Af fix! I i if xusf. f IV' I I I 'VM' TEE GE COOKS Eleanor Hulway, Florence Bodziony, Ruby Margaret l-lolp, Dora Jean Rutley, Kathleen Edith Bailes, Eva Brasseur, Gwendolyn Regina Condupa, Elizabeth Pramuk, Iona Betty Conway, Miss Reed, Genevieve Menossi, Zehel. . . . Tea for two Tissue. Sliiplt-gy, VVeaVer, Bryner, Loretta 52 DANCE CL B l'lIRS'l' Row: Mary Lou Tradup, Betty Good, Fern Morrison, Maxine Curry, Cornell Thomas, Betty Conway, Martha Cindrie, Anna Pearl Doyle, Sophia Markovieh, Cecelia Kozak. Slieobln Row: Rita Condupa, Lois Jane Strawser, Mary Ann Lukotch, Regina Condupa, Margie McDifTett, Miss Stull, lfleanor Hamhorsky, Willa Jordan, Rita Zereeheek. . . . You're easy to dance With. ,xv . N, YEARBOOK STAFF FIRST Row: ,lack Connors, Ronald Fiorvanti, Yvonne Moore, lfditressg Harry Spear, Harry Gaharko, George Miller. SIQCIJNIJ Row: Mrs. Peterson, Andrew Zorichak, Marie Williams, Russell Miller, lona Bryner, lfarl Savage, Edward Tomako, Charles Zehely, Sophia Markovich, Elizabeth Saflarsky, Copy lfditressg Audrey Maust, Patty Vail, Ivan Fritsch, Bill Burwell, BIIsiness Manager: lfiiggene Koontz, lfdgar Craft, Mary aKtherine lwaust, Miss Shallenherger CNorma Collins, not picturedl. . . . VVe wrote itg you read it. PAPER TAFF FIRST Row: Rosella Tretinik, Rllfll Doran, Betty Cuppett, lfllen Wallzice, Lorraine Rosenik, Mary Ann Bahinsky, Charles Zehley. SECOND ROW! Weliclell Smith, liditorg Gene Maust, Richard Gril- fin, Martha Cindric, Audrey Maust, Mary l,ou 'l'radup, lfdward Tomko, Cecelia Kozalc, Gloria Hall, Sophia Markovieh, Marjorie McDifTett, Catherine -lanosik. TI-IIRD ROW: Rita Zerecheclc, Frances Yahlunosky, Doris Hawkins, Anna Pearl Doyle, Helen Gaharko, Ronald l"ioryanti, Betty lralnor, Maxine Curry, Betty Good, Rita Condupa, l,ois l,Iston. FoURTH Row: Edgar Craft, Miss Poorhaugli, lflizaheth Saflarsky, Robert Fisher, Sally Amsley, Rosemary Smith, lflva ,lune Gordon, Ivan Fritsch, Russell Miller. . . . In addition to the 'l'oreh-teletype, telephone, and tell a woman. 53 lJIll'1l.V11-1 1 lb LILUD FIRST Row: Gloria Hall, Ronald Fiorvanti, Norma Lee Bonnis, Martha Stramat, Fsther Renner, Loretta Morris, Audrey M3llSf, Angela Soom, Alice Grego, Ann Kempic, Mary Smorada, Miss Shallenherger, Sophia Marlcovich, Vera Glover, Pauline Adams, Louise Leachlco, Doris Cooley, Edward Tomko. Sr:coNn Row: Carol VVilliams, Mary Ann Sarlco, Patty Vail, Betty Cuppett, lflsie Cossick, Flsie Phillips, Yolanda Goe, Rita Masco, lflizaheth Stefanlco, Leatrice Slater, Millicent Pierce, Ruth Spiker, Jean Pomper, Norma Storey, Caroline Critchfield, Dorothy Dempf, Mary jane Demiter, Joanne Glover, Sylvia Collins. THIRIJ Row: Marie Williams, Leona Benlco, Veronica Briscar lfdward Harmon, Charles Brzaclc, Charles Zehley. THE BIFLE CLUB FIRST Row: Clarence Burwell, David Schaffer, Neal Arison, Bob Fisher. SEcoND Row: Gene Maust, Ralph Fgyud, Tom Reagan, Mr. Hubert, Edgar Craft, Boh Dennis, lvan Fritsch. NoT PICTUREIJ: Arnold Kufrin, lngraham Jenkins, Weiiclell Smith, Homer Martin, Rohert We:1x'er, Russell Miller. . . . The Big l'Shots,'. 54 PAT ROL FIRST Row: llarold Tallhott, jack Connors, Bill Burwell. Si-1eoNo Row: Gene Maust, Wendell Smith, Andy ZOl'lCl12lli,x'l2lI11CS Moyer, Harry Spear, lfugene Koontz, Reid Hagerty, ltdward Kline, Mr. Means, lVlr. Dumhauld, Russell lVl1ller, Joseph Doman, Robert Fisher, Charles Zehley, Thomas Reagan. . . North Union's Gestapo. ART CL B FIRST Row: hlarie Williams, Fleming Hjorth, Richard Yersick, Rosemary Smith, Betty lVliller, lfleanor Duttko, Gwendolyn Thomas, Bill Saltrielc, Vllayne Spilier, hlarjorie Lantz, lfdward Russell. Sr:eoNn Row: lnlazel Yoder, Maria Pyskateh, Veronica Brisear, Mrs. Brooks, Glen Hutchinson, Clarence Burwell, Paul Benko, Mike Kurema. lAllen Welsh, Glen Hopwood, not pieturedj . . . Art for our sake. 55 DA.CElBAND PIANIST: Mary Katherine Maust. Arnold Kufrin. SECOND Row: Ivan Fritsch, Gene Maust, black Garher, Leroy Rheubottom, Bill Franks. . . . Play Whatls Written, not what's rotten. CHGIR FIRST Row: Mr. Hulbert, Mary Lou Tradup, Yvonne Moore, Audrey Maust, Dolores Berry, Martha Jane Horby, Mary Smorada, Bette jane Hinton, Beryl Coburn. SI2eoND Sow: lrene Rochester, Violet Ann Yeagley, Vermell Pollard, Maxine Matthews, Pauline Adams, Eleanor Copus, Dorothy Patterson, Henrietta Hunt. 'FHIRD Row: Clarence Burwell, Bill Burvvell, Ivan Fritsch, Gen: Mause, Anna Gallis, .Ioan Kumor, Frances Yablunosky, Mary Katherine Maust, Pat Snyder. . . . Open the window-I Want to see a smile on your pan. 56 FIRST Row: Clarence Burwell, Eleanor Copus, Kenneth Patehan, f CHEMISTRY what she thought was ll-2-U was H-2-SU--lf' F IREF IGHTERS FIRST Sow: Vl'illiam Kozlina, lVlr. lVleans, Boh VVeaver, Mr Vllilson, john Hanzes, Homer lVlartin, Harry Spear, llarolcl Spear hlike Cronin, Karl Glover, Clarence Miller, Kenneth Varndell. Siicowu Row: Charles Zelnley, Frank Straniat, Smith l,antz Charles Brzaek, ,lack Connors, lfclwarcl Harmon, lfrnest VValters, Bates Hess, john hlenclis, Russell Miller, Reid Hagerty, lfclwarcl Sherlock, lfugene Koontz, lfclwarcl hleclriek, lioh Suich, lfdwarcl Stavisehalc. 'llIIIRD Row: Donalcl Hassinger, George Couggheuour, Neal Arison, lfclwarcl Palermo, Louis Stipich, james hloyer, Frank Leekman. . . Smoke gcts in your eyes. 57 a v fl 1 K, M pg jg: X, x'fi ff' , , W' Q g wg X R X 3 ix W X, Q, M, if ' 'N 1. Ea 'X wg. new 9' NWQT, M k V Q3 x YA x xi 'loss ' if ' 9 5 ,, V 'X x-sl-me EQ? R -' 8 ima 'I X H' I ' X, ' X i 2 if fx ' Q M " ,Qi ' KX L L-"','R- .,Jq,'f.e - ..,,-, L M,...,H.h Fl X YYY Q VI at Q r ', E......-JC . 92" OYP' N-E'.Hulber'F - f":T'gT1i1iiii:.. I--I , ' ' A -Y -6 J l bJ ,LH JN- ---- -- Q f J. I - J A 1 ZF P fe. dr- QC f r I - ' ' - W' M 2 f F I TM N Tk U fo ee DT 'n IOY1 wQ Sxwnj C4 SOWK3 to erefrov oservvooh HMM? '-A-1 CL 4 J ?rJ if gjqifrf' Lf F5 M X . 4.41 J A A -Ot al- Qi -,wavy ,- Tff' -- -A, S9 f Cu-A ox-S Q OYY!8,,Q wow-k,Qt +0 Thee Now-'CL Un- lon 'Elly J, I 1 53 M, -3:5 145g31gii J' ii Hip ff Qifif' if J? 'L fi' :SL 'il' 1, ,.-'9l'1-:4i if 'J 244' T-4: . 11 F C f S 5 f fl fx I YNGVMQ We. v-1 - N,,l,o,A1 of 'Qoq-JDO WQ'n Un'.ow 59 What's Buzzinl Cuzzilf? 1. Two guys and a gal. 2. Miss Reed cutting class? 3. The Collins, girl and hoy. 4. Terry and Bill loafing-for 21 change. 5. Lorraine and Mary Ann in a Winter VVonderland. 6. Here's Tessie, Folks. 7. Claire goes riding. 8. Four good patrolmen: Gene, Wenclell, Bill, and lfd. 9. School's out. 10. Our specialty: Agitzitinf ll. Ferne and Co. 12. Buddies-Cug and Pete. 13. Five smilin' lzlssies. 14. Catching Flies, lid? 15. The Three Musketeers: Jim, Jack, and Eugene. 16. The BUGS -- A Female Football Team, 17. Jean Condupa at prom time. 18. VVindow breakers - Millie and Jim. 19. Andy, joe, Jack-What Il trio! 20. The RIVER RATS-Coach Furin's Reserve Team. 60 NE , Q A ,2- When day is done Q 194li'Yearb00k Dice Spalding SPOl"l C0mPanY Sauers Men's Siore Ellis Music S'I'ore Benson's-Exclusive Disiribufors of Richman Brorhers Cloihes Anderson's Nui Shop Dulany's Freeman Shoe Sfore, 36 Wesf Main Sfreei' ff' Campbell-Hafhaay Company, 73 Wesi' Main Sfreef Charles F. Eggers Company, 80 Easi' FayeH'e Sfreei' Whi+e Swan Flower Shop Dave's Dairy Bar Y- Y Sponsors A -:Inns -Y , - 1 -- ' The Nafional Tailor Bar+on's Flower Shop Schein Brofhers Jewelers Leroy D. Feinberg Me+zler's Gomer Jones Jeweler, Sfafe Theafre Bldg. Arcade Opfical Company, Second Nafional Banlc Bldg., Phone 64l-J Hunf's Jewelry Sfore, John S. Luiz, Mgr. Julius Levy's Young Men's Shop-Nexi' +o Sfafe Theafre Rose's Confecfionary, I46 Connellsville S+. M. Copus, Groceries, l26 So. Mf. Vernon Avenue , -'1' ' '11 ,Iii Y i i if--f-nrt" f A' if. Gfufoqmplzs nann- ni .f1f,5'TT??SSi . +wZf'ii ,A M., 2 . gf ' A u...x.-gf1':.v-A1 'nw fx -,,, X - N . +'MQ,,.'1 .4 ,Q fix ,M . ' wif ?"?x,-,'.,,,.1 JN, Jw 3.51 f ' ,5- :Lb I miss a 3. 1 mbi' , 'K 35 .iv X 'V' 1- + K ' -2' N f J - 'I fiEf 3+ t Az" .fi? ,Je ,Q . x?. ,4 - X wiv? s Y 1 gEf 13' 'ff Q 9 M, x aig. ,- A EQ' x . lygi lf f 135. . -g ag .,, , ' ' 4 . , ,Ll-. , .m.w, F QQQ?Q yiify R635 ll 1 I, .x 'Xi x. w x x v, X 1 1 4 il! .. 7 ' 1 u! g i

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North Union High School - Torch Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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