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 - Class of 1945

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, . i 5 1 . 2 e 5 3 i I 5 3 5 4 l K r V R ff 1 ia 9 2' 'S 5 f . 5- E 7!ae 7945 '7cvwA Editress-in-Chief - Laurel Provence Business Monoger - Jol'1nStrickIer P.-.i- V- 7 Bronze-tone Studio Robert D. Jones, Jr., Photo Engrovers Little Printing Compony Kover Krott Yeor Book Covers ..2.. ,,,f"-x.!,sAeA ,H 4. .li 7!ze 7945 7aw!z Prffsfn tml by the Senior Closs of 1110 North Union Township High School UIIIUIIIOZUII, 1JI'lIII.S'y1T'IIHiIl -3- 4 The 19115 Torch hopes to renew your awzlreness of the particular spirit ol equality and friendliness which exists at North Union both among the students and laculty. 'l'his friendly, companionable, and democratic spirit seenis eliarac- teristic ol' our high school as an intangible something which seeins lacking in many schools, olflen larger and better equipped. X'Ve will not try to define this school spirit. A matter of tradition, it is now so real, now so niueh a part of North Union, that it has been ehosen to keynote this year's Torch. The best expression we can find for this "fellow feeling" is the word cama- raderie. 0 -4- , MWWW , A afZ'fVafz,Zfz Zfnian --5.- e f A.,,: E ii , nI:':i:,: t , we as it N fi 2 4 A if ., gf L :HE Y , L5 , ..1,. :.,. I .,.A.. . ,. , ,.,,V, . gg mf .V S kll- 1 'Wm I HIE.: - 2555: ,sv f ik l,'.:::Z':1 . - , 3, -2: M N f ls 2 - X . ipggr 325: 'gg V if" -2f' 1 p :iI,p"3i f . . ig? 5 fT -'iiiiisf Lf 395. ix, - 4, , . K 161-21 x V 23 5 1- ' 2 5 S Q1 XM wmv Scam! Bama! BOARD OF DIRECTORS William Donovan, Joe Paull, Edward H, Savage, Claude W. Frankhouser, Martin Marcus, George Gummerson, William J. Means The influence of the school has long been regarded one of the important factors determining the place which youth will take as citizens in our democracy. Mindful of this, the citizens of North Union Township have elected from its number seven gentlemen whom they feel are best qualified to direct the education of their children in these all important years of their lives. The seven gentlemen who have so willing donated their time and service are: George Gummerson t, President XVilliam Donavan ,,,, Secretary Joseph Paull . , .... ........,,. ....,, . .t....,,,.,,.. . ,.,, ' I 'reasurer Robert N. Matthews Clarence Patterson C. XV. Frankhouser Martin Marcus Mr. Frankhouser has been elected to fill the vacancy caused by Mr. YVilliam Pat- terson joining the U. Navy during the summer of l944. Mr. Marcus is ably serving for Mr. john Duranko, who is in the U. S. Army. These gentlemen are from various stations in life, which enables each of them to share with the others the benefits of their collective experiences. Tempered with these experiences are the liberal progressive views of education The completeness of their progressiveness is exemplified in the expansion of the curri- culum to include timely courses which will aid the students in finding their niche in the business, industrial or professional post-war American. An even broader program is anticipated for next fall. YVe the students of North Union are happy to have this opportunity to con- gratulate and gratefully thank this fine organization whose untiring efforts and unself- ish thoughts have ever been centered on us. ' 'ian 4 Thx' S ROBERT W. CLARK 1945 Torflz is 1'1'.s'fJr'1'lf11lly flf'ili1'al1'1l to lhf' niffifinrx' of lfolirrt U' Clark, failhfzll jirirzripal of Xorlh I'IIlOII 'I'uzu11sl1ij1 High SFI!-O!ll'f0l' 25 yr'ar.s'. Alf. Clarlr flirrl Oclnlufi' 17, 1944, l111l llloszf who wvrr' ll.Sk.S'lll'iIlfC'd wilh him will 1'w'r hear lhf' mark of his rrfmarhalilr' l',1ll7'll!'l'1'l'. ll'r', IIZUIIIUVB' ,lv a As a As a Ax a of wilzrws Ihr' .slzlflrnts of Xurlll IYIIIQUII Tfl7l'lI.S'lIlf2 High Sflluoi, lmmn' his Vfriffrlfl who was 1'm'r rfarly lo gzziilr' and hrllb Il.S'.' lffafllrr who twfalrd as as incliriicl1h1l.s',' f'o1z11.s'f'lm' who .S1lllSlilIllI'll .s'ol11lim1.s for l'!'Pl'lIIIlIlIC1S,' pffrsmi who imlillffzl youll: wilh his malzinf jnliilosojllly and a high srl -9.- l . . 4 WILLIAM J. MEANS High School Principal B. S.-California State Teachers College M. Ed.-University of Pittsburgh URBAN C. DUMBAULD Assistant Principal B. S.-California State Social Studies EDWARD H. SAVAGE Supervising Principal B. S.-California State Teachers College M. Ed.-University of Pittsburgh i 1 Teachers College aaculllq PAULINE ABEL B. S.-University of Pittsburgh French RUTH BRYSON B. S--California State Teachers College English ELLA BYERS A. B.-University of Pittsburgh Mathematics JOSEPHINE B. DeMICHELIS B. S.-Indiana State Teachcrs College Law, Business Practice STEPHEN A. FURIN B. S.-Saint Vincent , College Q I Physical Education, Health, Social Studies MATTHEW H. BORLAND Washington and Jefferson Latin IRETA M. BURNWORTHT A. B.-Ohio Wesleyan University Algebra, Practical Math- ematics THELMA CASTORE B. S.-California State Teachers College History LEROY FEINBERG B. S.-California State Teachers College History. Civics NAOMI HARFORD A. B.-Greenville College English RALPH HESS B. S.-California State Teachers College Industrial Arts AGNES M. PETERSON B. S.-Thiel College Biology, Physics, Pre-Aeronautics MARY JOAN REAGAN B. S.-Indiana State S Teachers College M. Ed.-University of Pittsburgh Shorthand, Typing, Business Practice, Salesmanship JAMES H. ROGERS B- S.-California State Teachers College Biological Science, General Science DOROTHY M. SPROUL B. S.-California State Teachers College CServing in WAC? GUM l P E E ? JOSEPH I. PAXSON Combs Conservatory of Music Valpariso- University Band, Orchestra, Choir FERNE E. POORBAUGH Susquehanna University Physical Education, English NANNETTA REED B. S.-Indiana State Teachers College Home Economics J OANNA SHALLENBEHGER Indiana State Teachers College Shorthand, Bookkeeping GENET M. STULL B. S.-Indiana State Teachers College Bookkeeping, Typing 4 HARRY W. WILSON EDWIN R. WALTE'RS MILDRED ELIZABETH WALTERS B. S.-California State B. S..-Pennsylvania State Teachers College College B. S.-University of M. Ed.-University of English Plttsburgh Pittsburgh Chemistry American History, Englisah, Problems of Democracy General Science BLANCHE SHUMAKER ELEANOR J. CRAWFORD North Union Township North Union High School Secretary Secretary rqbna lwalm To thcc, North Union. XVC sing at song totlzty, XVc'rc proud to scryc thy colors At home, ztt work, att play. To thee, North Union, Thy name wc gvlorily 5 For wrong or right lior you wc ll iight North Union High. Class Motto: UXVQ Hztyc Nothing lo Flower: Ycllow Rose. Colors: Bluc ztntl Cold. 313, lft-ar But Ft-ar ltscli., e fnilze Glaadfmam l Senior Class Officers: Ralston Dennis, James Willey, Stanley Konicki CJZM4 Having completed our four years as students at North Union, we can look back objectively to the year ol' lflfll and see ourselves as the typical green fresh- men. Each ol' us carries his own little impression ol' coming to high school. Yale were thelittle innocent lreshmen who were looked down upon by the upper classmen. As Sophomores, we became more adjusted to the surroundings ol the school. Now we had our chance of laughing at the "Freshies." An important event of the year was the choosing and receiving ol our class rings. As juniors we entered the rank of upperclassmen and helped share the fun ol' our Junior-Senior Party. In the fall of 1944, we came hack to school as Seniors tzaiiiig the most im- portant year of our high school life. At the beginning of the year, we selected our class ollicers: Ralston Dennis, presidentg Stanley Konicki, vice-presidentg and james Wlilley, secretary-treasurer. Throughout the year we have had many enjoyable events. Under the splen- did supervision ol Mr. Dumbauld, our various activities were successful. Our class, characterized as a happy one with individual initiative and group cooperation, has many pleasant school-day memories. Mfe hope the class reunion, "dreamed up" in the class prophecy, material- izes before 1965. -15- BESSI E, ADENHART "Bess" Ambition: Housewife Favorite Pastime: Telling iokes Believes in a good laugh . . . gets along with everyone , . . a person worth knowing . . . attends school occasionally. ANN BARKOVIC "Hon" Ambition: Aviatrix Favorite Pastime: Studying Consum- ers' Ed Quiet . . . lovable gal . . . belongs ta Dramatic Club. MARTHEL BARNEY 'Bamey" Ambition: Mechanic Favorite Pastime: Sports A short, redheoded, patriotic boy . . . rather studious , . . member of patrol. RHEA BITTLE "Bets" Ambition: Vialinist Favorite Pastime: Music Blonde-haired, blue-eyed lass from Room 2l . . . spends much time with Cloyd, ELEANOR JANE BODKIN "Nancy" Ambition: Storekeeper Favorite Pastime: Teasing Miss Reagan Works in gas station . . , always cutting up . . . mischievous. WILLIAM BREAKIRON "Bill" Ambition: Pilot Favorite Pastime: Hauling coal Swell patrolman . . . member of the Air Corps Reserve , . . scared little kids with his brown suit llike Mr. Means'.l. LENORA AUGUSTINE "Lynn" Ambition: Actress Favorite Pastime: Drawing A quiet lass with a smile for every- one . . . always last one on the bus . . . dependable. ELEANOR JEAN BARNES "Pete" Ambition: Interior Decorator Favorite Pastime: Keeping her Dod's change Hard to please when it comes to men . . . just couldn't leave old N. U .... best boy-friend is Spud lthe dogl . . . burning her lamp over yearbook. S EMILY JANE BECK "Jane" Ambition: Florist Favorite Pastime: Arranging flowers A city girl, but N. U. at heart . . . appealing eyes . . . handles all flower situations. MILDRED BLAZEK "Milly" Ambition: Cadet Nurse Favorite Pastime: Dancing Giggle-giggle . . . member of choir . . . crazy about a certain sailor . . . can't read her own shorthand. ELAINE BOTTI "Shishi" Ambition: Newspaper Reporter Favorite Pastime: Dancing Popular miss from Phillips . , . per- sonality plus . . . a smile for every- one . . , active in Dramatics and Dance Club. CLIFFORD BRODERICK "Cliff" Ambition: Streetcar conductor Favorite Pastime: Sleeping Tall, dark, and handsome . . . has shoulders you can't forget . . . likes football. . CHARLES BURGESS "Birdief' Ambition: Mechanic Favorite Pastime: Hunting Busy being his ambition . . . likes airplanes . . . quiet fellow, BETTY BURKE "Peewee" Ambition: Singer Favorite Pastime: Skating Tiny lass . . . charming personality . . . says George is too shy. LEONARD CHERISON -"Boob" Ambition: Master his own ship Favorite Pastime: Remaining a good merchant marine Likes the girls . . . pretty snappy on the basketball court . . . full of pep. RUDOLPH CONCHECK "Rudy" Ambition: Pilot Favorite Pastime: Playing baseball A quiet, good natured fellow . . . from Shady Grove . . . is now a C. A. P. cadet . . . trying for Annapolis. MARGARET RUTH CRAWFORD "Margie" Ambition: Manager of Kresge's Favorite Pastime: Anything with ex- citement One of our short, peppy cheerleaders . . . a neat dresser . . . has a particular style. ANNA CUTLER "Ann" Ambition: Housewife . Favorite Pastime: Studying A quiet little blonde . . . prefers books to boys . . . always ready for a chat. PHYLLIS BURGESS "Phyl" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Good music A sweet and lovable blonde . . . member of the choir . . . will help anybody at any time. TONY CAROLLA "Tony" Ambition: Mechanic Favorite Pastime: Fixing flat tires Always seen with Ambrose . . . mis- chievous lad with a merry grin . . . takes things nonchalantly. MILES COLLINS "Sonny" Ambition: Trapper Favorite Pastime: Teasing people. "Smiles" is likable . . . witty , . . possesses an overdeveloped sense of humor . . . could drive a tractor at three. CATHERINE CONCHILLA "Cassie" Ambition: Floor-walker at Murphy's Favorite Pastime: Writing shorthand A loycl N, U. worker at Murphy's . . . one of the Oliver gang . . . a great teaser. EARL CRAYTON "Archy" Ambition: Commercial artist Favorite Pastime: Getting Fasulky in trouble Played tackle on football squad . . . Course for swooning . . . likes selling Christmas cards. ESTHER DANCER ' "Es" Ambition: Rich man's maid Favorite Pastime: Swimming Never misses swimming at the Y , . . a girl with personality plus . . . the tall girl seen with Bessie. GLAUYS-DAV IS Z "Gliiiiii-2" Ambition: Teacher Favorite Pastime: Singing "l'm Mak- ing Believe" A jolly lass with never a worry . . . always singing a popular tune . . ROBERT DAVISON "Beep" Ambition: Sailor Favorite Pastime: Playing basketball regular on the basketball quintet.. pretty solid . . . eyes focused on a sophomore girl. MILDRED ANN DEMPF "Mid" Ambition: Cadet Nurse Favorite Pastime: Swimming Tall, dark, easy on the eyes . . . pearly white teeth . , .likes to hike. DOROTHY DODRILL "Dot" Ambition: Stenographer Favorite Pastime: Dancing Small but mighty , . . helpful to Oll teachers . . . efficient member of the Dance Club. , LEONORE FAY DU RSO "Leo" Ambition: Laboratory Technician Favorite Pastime: Walking up and down Laurel Terrace ' Very neat . . . Mr. Roger's capable secretary . . . likes chemistry experi- ments. MILLIS RUTH EARLY "Mill" Ambition: Nurse Favorite Pastime: Driving the old lalopy - Rarely absent . . . good at iokes . . . can take a ribbing . . . good driver, they say. WALLACE DAVIS "Wally" Ambition: To compare with Harry James Favorite Pastime: Playing trumpet never still a minute. Reliable at all noon dances . . , ap- preciates a good joke . . . a host of friends. TH ERESA DELLIGATTI "Terry" Ambition: Telephone operator. Favorite Pastime: Reading A dark-haired lady with sparkling eyes . . . doesn't like shorthand... wears a bright shade of lipstick. 1 RALSTON DENNIS "Rally" Ambition: To Marry Ann Favorite Pastime: Telling jokes , Tall, blue-eyed . . . captain on foot- ball team . . . president of senior class . . . walks like a farmer. ANN J. DUROCHIK "Peewee" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Dancing Quiet little blonde . . . infectious giggle . . . studies shorthand with Eleanor . . . a smile for everyone. ELEANOR LOUISE DUTTKO "EI" Ambition: Housewife Favorite Pastime: Having lots of fun A quiet, dependable lass . . . neat as a pin . . . always in a good humor, even in shorthand class. DICK EDDIE "Ivanhoe" Ambition: Painter Fgvoriteu lgaitimerzt Playing the part o an ris copi A fun-loving, n'WLchievous fellow . . . interested in cill things . . . could give competition to Jack Benny. JUNE EDMISON "Junebug" Ambition: Fashion Designer Favorite Pastime: Drawing Always greets you with a smile . . . lively individual . . . Mr. Walters' favorite English student. MARGARET EVANS "Peggy" Ambition: Private Secretary Favorite Pastime: Writing to Don A Always poised . . . capable office worker . . . dance club president . . . good swimmer. GERALD FEE "Fee" Ambition: To swim in a pool without water Favorite Pastime: Pestering Always in the halls . . . inhabitant of Room I6 . . . locker inspector . . . has lent his talents to the Navy. ROBERT FORD "Bob" Ambition: Big type executive Favorite Pastime: Wolfing A well mannered fellow from Fair- ground . . . likes especially to bother girls . . . aspires to be a business manager. RUTH ELAINE GADD mRUth' Ambition: Fashion Designer Favorite Pastime: Sewing Editress of the "Torch" newspaper . . . member of the Chemistry Club . . Adrian" of Class '45. MARGARET GLASS "Marge" Ambition: Private Secretary Favorite Pastime: Giggling Big as a minute but twice as high in standards . . . never goes any place without Tillie . . . always late for shorthand. MILDRED FUTSEY "Mick" Ambition: interior Decorator Favorite Pastime: Dancing Quiet . . . good-natured . . . loyal member of the choir . . . always seen with Mildred B. CARL FASULKY "Carl" Ambition: Navy I Favorite Pastime: Getting Crayton in trouble Likes to sell spot remover . . . excels in mischief . . . nothing too good for him . . . witty and nitwitty. CLOYD FIKE , "CurIy" Ambition: Policeman Favorite Pastime: Studying P. D. APPEARS to be bashful . . . gets a kick out of Mille-r's monkey-shines . . . never misses a Torch staff meeting. AILEEN FURIN "Ai" -Ambition: Instructor in gymnastice Favorite Pastime: Reading A jolly lass . . . likes to dance .. . . . never still a minute . . . can put on a sxaell act. ALICE GEORGE "Abby" Favorite Pastime: Writing to service- men Posrcsses long black tresses . . . works at Richey's confectionery . . not fond of lessons, GEORGE GOLCHER "Punk" Ambition: To join the Arm-y Air Force Favorite Pastime: Aeronautics Quiet, shy, easy to get along with . . . part of the Coolspring gang. CARMEN GREGO ' '4'Caggy" Ambition: Shoemaker Favorite Pastime: Boxing Likes to roam . . . doesn't like a steady . . . says the Army's O. K, ETHEL GREGOR "BIondie" Ambition: Secretary V Favorite Pastime: Collecting boy friends Blonde dream . , . lots of friends . . . wears beautiful sweaters. BETTY GRIMM "Grimmy" Ambition: Nurse Favorite Pastime: Dancing Dark-haired lass . . . popular and friendly . . . teased about Bob Ford. FLORENCE DELORE5 GULINO "FIo" Ambition: Clerk Favorite Pastime: Singing Cheerful . . . evcrybody's friend . . . shiny black hair. JAMES GUY "Guy" Ambition: Pool Shark Favorite Pastime: Loafing Likes "difficult situations" . . . in the Navy now . . . seems to enioy Mr. Walters' English classes. PHYLLIS HANNA "PhyI" Ambition: Typist Favorite Pastime: Swimming Short and sweet . . . has many friends . . . likes sports, especially basketball. MADELINE GREGO -- V "Bebe"- Ambition: Typist Favorite Pastime: Day-dreaming Small but mighty . . . from Pitts- burgh Road . . . a typing whiz . . owns o greenhouse. MARGARET DELORES GRIFFIN "Marge" Ambition: Specialty Dancer Faxorite Pastime: Playing "Pistol Packin' Mama" Friend of Mary Louise . . , remem- bered for her quiet, well-mannered ways, MARGUERITE MAE GRUBBS "Marge" Ambition: Typist Favorite Pastime: Eating Fun-loving girl with lots of get-up- and go . . . likes everything about school but classes . , . always ready for a ioke. DOROTHY MARIE GURICK "Gurick" Ambition: Typist Favorite Pastime: Dancing A great sport . . . neat at all times . . . has a way with everyone. DORCAS HANN "Dee" Ambition: Vocalist Favorite Pastime: Singing Petite, redhead . . . prefers boys to books . . . likes Hopwood. JACQUELINE HAGER "Jacky" Ambition: Beautician Favorite Pastime: Writing letters Likes school except for studying . . . very shy when the teacher is around . . . popular with the armed forces. , ?, EMELIA HARENZA "Millie" Ambition: Typist Favorite Pastime: Writing Shorthand Good-natured girl . , . seldom seri- ous . . . liked by all. ESTHER HAYES "Esther" Ambition: Research Chemist Favorite Pastime: Reading Dependable . . . quiet . . . efficient in any task given her . . . ambitious. DOROTHY CLAUDINE HILEMAN "Cloud" Ambition: Teacher Favorite Pastime: Sleeping Willrbe remembered for her baked beans . . . likes Algebra . . . plans to go to college. BERNARD JAKOBOWSKI "Bernie" Ambition: Own his own shop Favorite Pastime: Pal-ing with Lopich Goes to the "hill" to see "her" .. quiet the mechanic . . . mischievous. WILLIAM KAVAKA "Two-Gun" Ambition: Mechanic Favorite Pastime: Talking about "Bridgie" Likes to have his picture taken . . . plays very well on the gridiron . . bashful i?i. STANLEY KONICKI "5tush" Ambition: Getting out of the Navy Favorite Pastime: Writing to the girl- friends Carefree as they come . . . fleet- tooted holfback for the Rams WILLIAM HARMON "Bill" Ambition: Aviator Favorite Pastime: Arranging bus rchedules Patrolman hailing from Oliver NO. l . . . member of the Civil Air Patrol . . joined the Navy. WILDA HERBERT "Tillie" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Writing letters Full of fun . . . never gloomy . . . spends halt her lite in the typing room. IRENE B. HUCIK "Butch" Ambition: Teacher Favorite Pastime: Going to town Member of the choir , . , has that "come and get me" look in her eye . , . gets acquainted with everyone. VICTORIA ANN KAPEL "Vickie" Ambition: Typist Favorite Pastime: Dancing One of our snappy cheerleaders . . a pretty smile . . , twinkling eyes. RUTH KLEIN "Slim" Ambition: WAVE Favorite Pastime: Pounding the piano Tall and slender . thinks form life grand . . . prefers blondes . . . has a marvelous sense of humor. ELIZABETH KREMPOSKY "Libby" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Dancing Likes the noon dances . . . wishes she were a freshman again . . . fond of basketball. EVELYN JEAN LANDMAN "Eva" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Reading Studious . . . quiet . . . pleasant... always seen with Marion McNutt. LOUISE LEPTINSKY "Louie" Ambition: Beautician Favorite Pastime: John Golden blue eyes . . . with twinkles . . . not hard tc look at. AMBROSE LOPICK "Boro" Ambition: Undertaker Favorite Pastime: Girls Latest addition to the Senior Class . . . makes himself at home . . . plans to get in navy blue . . . pet saying "You ain't slidin'." ELORA LOWRY "FIaI'fop" Ambition: Preacher's wife Favorite Pastime: Pestering A tall girl with a sunny disposition . . . starts the day by striking up a song on the bus . . . always on time for classes. MARTHA MALINZAK "Marty" Ambition: Nurse Favorite Pastime: Reminiscing Blushes upon occasion . . . likes to buy shoes . . . prefers tall men . . . has scores of friends. ELEANOR MARTIN "BubbIes" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Sleeping Serious Bubbles , . . can look at Humor with a light side . . . gal welder. iiiliic LEIQGTON F' F NNN? Ambition: Navy, already realized Favorite Pastime: Loafing with Bob Fischer Often referred to as Junior . . . popular with everyone . . . includ- ing the girls. DELBERT JAMES LIVENGOOD "Trapper" Ambition: Lumberjack Favorite Pastime: Hunting Knot say- ing whati A hair style all his own . . . loves to hunt . . . hates school. JESSIE LOVE "Midge" Ambition: Secretory Favorite Pastime: Swimming Very friendly . . . wears a big smile . . . takes o welding course after school . . . has a BUD-ing romance. HELEN MONICA LUBICH "Helen" Ambition: Beoutician Favorite Pastime: Writing letters A snappy dresser . . . rather lone- some at school this year . . . likes a certain soldier. EDWARD MARDULA "Ed" Ambition: Business man Favorite Pastime: Wolfing Cut-up on the bus . . . very co- operative gent . . . has made his round with the girls. DORTHA JOAN MARTIN r "Joan" Ambition: Nurse '- Favorite Pastime: Reading Gave her pigtails away . . . soda ierker at Fayette Drug . . . roller skating. RUTH E. MARTIN "Ruthie" Ambitionz Missionary Nurse Favorite Pastime: Sewing Brilliant mind . . . neat about everything . . . studies shorthand with Claudine. ORVILLE MATTHEWS "Nihs" Ambition: Railroad Engineer Favorite Pastime: Being in the Navy Kept the hall radiators warm . , . CAROLYN McCLAIN "CoroIinda" Ambition: Nurse Favorite Pastime: Dancing Corny jokes . . . never has the blues . . . very neat . . . writes to Gerald. NELL McMILLEN "Nell" Ambition: Hard to tell Favorite Pastime: Dating Bob when he can make it up the hill Pretty blonde . . . a nice smile . . . Clever Of l1V92TrY . goes steady with o former N. U. fellow. Joszm-i J. MIDLICK 'uoeff Ambition: Mechanic Favorite Pastime: Dancing Left N. for the Air Corps , . . spends his days with airplane en- gines . , . Dick Eddie's better half. YOLANDE MARIE MINER "Sis" Ambition: Stenographer Favorite Pastime: Reading Often caught studying . . . a quiet lass from l-lopwood , . . always pre- pared. Q l DAVID MASON "Dave" Ambition: Merchant Marines Favorite Pastime: Building airplanes Dependable . . . reliable . . . car- penter on the side . . , gets his work done. MICHAEL MAYROS "Mike" Ambition: To quit school Favorite Pastime: Arguing Left N. U. for Detroit . . . skeered of airls . . . works hard . . . good in P. D. class. THELMA McKITTRICK "Thelma" Ambition: Business woman Favorite Pastime: Working Likes to make friends . . . one of the few quiet girls scattered through the school . . . yearns for a certain soldier. MARION J. MCNUTT "Marion" Ambition: Typist in newspaper office Favorite Pastime: Drawing Pleasing personality , . . an excep- tionally good artist . . . very effi- cient in everything she does, MARY ANN MIDLICK "Mamie" Ambition: Wife of Joe Marra Favorite Pastime: Writing letters N. Ufs loss . . . popular cheerleader . . . original hair styles . . . one gal USO. JOSEPH IRVIN MINICK "Joe" Ambition: Tail Gunner Favorite Pastime: Messing in a work- shop Thinks girls are pests . . . lthey return the adjectivel . . . always wears ci smile . . . likes airplanes. CHARLES R. MILLER "Chuck" Ambition: To wear "scrambled eggs" on his hat Favorite Pastime: Bowling Patrol Captain . . . plenty of witty sayings . . . plus a few corny iokes . . . popular with the girls of North Union. MARY ELIZABETH NOVAK "Mamie" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Dancing Sweet, petite, and neat . . . has a certain gleam in her eye for a certain soldier. HELEN MARIE PATCHAN "HeIen" Ambition: Beautician Favorite Pastimet Music Tickles the ivory skillfully . . . quiet and well-liked by everyone . . . al- ways dependable. JOHN PHILLIPS "Johnnie" Ambition: "Loaf" Favorite Pastime: Sleeping in study halls Can always be found in shop . . . forgets to come to class . . . no relation to Mary Alice. ALVIN OLIVER PIERCE "Sonny" Ambition: Marine Sergeant Favorite Pastime: Talking to girls All 'round athlete from Perry . . . very mischievous . . . struts like Mae West. VERONICA PLUTO "Vern" Ambition: Private secretary Favorite Pastime: Going around with her three pals Tall . . . sweet and bashtul . . . beautiful dark lashes. BERTHA NOVAK "Sue" Ambition: To be a secretary Favorite Pastime: Writing letters Friendly . . . vivacious go getter. .. gal welder . . . always busy. I DOROTHY oNnRisH "Abisie" Ambition: Private secretary Favorite Pastime: Reading Sunny disposition . . . neighbor of the school . . . Miss Reed's secretary. JOHN PENSOCK "Johnnie" Ambition: Mechanic Favorite Pastime: Strolling around East Union A quiet fellow . . . very curious.. . has spent long hours in the shop. MARY ALICE PHILLIPS "Minnie" Ambition: A singing housewife Favorite Pastime: Taking sewing les- sons tor her future home Another shorty ,from Hopwood . . . devilish eyes .1 . sweet . . . pretty voice . . . can take a joke, some- times. FRANCES PISARIK "Frannie" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Skating Timid , . . long doll-like curls . . . well liked by all . . . will make an efficient secretary. EMILY PLUTO "Emily" Ambition: Clerking Favorite Pastime: Reciting current events Helpful to all . . . one of Miss Reagan's favorite typists . . . likes to come to school prepared . . . always cheery. JOSEPH POREMBA "Babe" Ambition: None Favorite Pastime: Driving a car Known as North Union's best loafer . . . spoke of it with pride . . . his school career ended with the start- ing of his Navy career LAUREL ANN PROVANCE "MoIly" Ambition: Aviation Secretary Favorite Pastime: Pulling jokes on certain people All-round girl . . . good sense of humor . . . capable editress of the yearbook . . . winning smile . . . . works at "Nut House." DELLA KATHLEEN REED "Muse" Ambition: Nurse Favorite Pastime: Reading Detective of N. U .... good basket- ball player . . . friend of everyone . . . likes hamburgers like Wimpy. JOHN REBOVITCH "Pro" Ambition: To do nothing Favorite Pastime: Getting in and out of trouble Teasing and tormenting . . , steers clear of the girls . . . is a member of the Terrible Three. LUCILLE ROCHESTER "Lu" Ambition: Vocalist Favorite Pastime: Singing Vigorous little brunette . . . tricky brown eyes . . . neat as a pin . . . always on time. DOROTHY SALTRICK "Dottie" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Jerking sodas at Central Drug So lonesome now 4 . . chums with Helen Lubich . . . always neat. Seniaad FRANK PRAH "Jun" Ambition: Engineer Favorite Pastime: Shop work Slightly bashful around girls . good memory for Algebra . helped remodel Room 2. BILL RENNER "Shorty" Ambition: To enter armed forces Favorite Pastime: Playing ball Tall, shy type . , . piercing blue eyes . . . always knee deep in Math and Algebra. MADELYN L. RIDLEY "Madge" Ambition: Telephone operator Favorite Pastime: Roller skating Member of the Dance Club . . . also of the Swimming Club . . . one senior who never misses the bus. HONEY LOU ROBINSON "Honey" Ambition: To be a model Favorite Pastime: Keeping busy Vim, vigor, vitality . . . snappy majorette . . . popular gal . . . knows her way around. ANTHONY SADOSKY "Tony" Ambition: Be a sergeant Favorite Pastime: Hoeing the corn Now in the army . . . a nice fellow hailing from Jumonville . . . life of Bus 5. BETTY LOU SCOTT "Scotty" Ambition: Riveter Favorite Pastime: Sleeping Constant smile . . . charming person . . . always lends a helping hand. Q i i JAMES SCOTT "Jimmy" Ambition: Admiral Favorite Pastime: Skipping class Blue-eyed senior with dimples . . . usually seen holding up the radiator near Room 20 . . . wins and keeps many friends. WILBUR SHERANKO "Wib" Ambition: Anything Favorite Pastime: "I do everything" Bright lad from out Hopwood way . . . likes sports and reading . . . regular honor roll student . . . a whiz at all his studies, MA DELINE SHUSTER "Sis" Ambition: Sales clerk Favorite Pastime: Writing to Allen from Georgia Fair . . . very quiet . . . knows how to blush . . . studies well, OPAL SMEARMAN "Opal" Ambition: Nurse Favorite Pastime: Reading Attractive brunette . . . always seen with books . . . a smile for everyone . . . reliable yearbook member. ROSE MARIE STANLAW "Roe" Ambition: Finding a good husband with plenty of money Favorite Pastime: Cutting a fine figure on ice Tall . . . has that mysterious look . . . tops on jokes . . . capable helper at the post office. Seaview EDWARD SIKINA "Slots" Ambition: News commentator Favorite Pastime: Being mischievous W'iIl be remembered for trying to hit the wastebosket in Room i8 . . . fun-loving . . . in the Navy now. DOROTHY MAE SHULTZ "DoHy" Ambition: Cadet nurse. Favorite Pastime: Walking with Andy Likes football-players . . . members of the Dramatic Club . . . faithful flag bearer in the band. MARTHA SKOVIRA "Martha" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Dancing Resides in Oliver No. i . . . has rosy cheeks and dimples . . . amus- ing . . . and a lot of fun. CLAYTON SMITH "Smif1-y" Ambition: Coach Favorite Pastime: Keeping Yarris out of .trouble Quiet fellow . . . bashful around girls . . . likes football very much . . . a good student. EMERY STEFANKO "Emmy" Ambition: Gunner on a B-I7 Favorite Pastime: Sports Rides Bus 3 from Bute . . . a swell lad to take a joke . . . bashful. DAVID STICKLE "Stick" Ambition: Playboy Favorite Pastime: Bowling Has a sunny disposie tion . . . is always ready for a laugh . . . a swell fellow to know. MELVIN STOCTON "Melvin" Ambition: Doctor Favorite Pastime: "Hooking" pencils Quiet . , . French horn player . . . athletic . . . whistles as he walks. JOHN STRICKLER ' "Johnnie" Ambition: To own his own steel mill Favorite Pastime: Bowling Works in Homestead ozer week-ends . . . competent year b o o k business manager . . . also watchdog of his own treasure. EDITH STRAUSER "Edy" Ambition: Secretary Favorite Pastime: Going to the store Light brown hair . . . many friends . . . went to Georges . . , welcome at North Union. MARY LOU TRAVIS "Skippy" Ambition: Concert Violinist Favorite Pastime: Staying in Room 15 Interested in all musical instruments . . . master of three instruments . .. well liked for her pleasing manners. FORREST UMBLE "Kay" Ambition: To enter Annapolis Favorite Pastime: Playing chess with Mr. Dumbauld Active Civil Air Patrol member . . . another genius of N. U .... directs the traffic between classes. t . l l MARTHA vzizsus "ArI'hy" Ambition: To work in a defense factory Favorite Pastime: Reading Bashful . . . friendly personality . . always missing school. EDWARD WASHCO "Scrubbo" Ambition: Archaeologist Favorite Pastime: Walking dawn the hall with Dorothy Likes to work at Turner-Robinson's . . . softball star . . . well-man- nered . . . has a sparkle in his eye. Seniofzfi FRANK WILLIAMS uziku Ambition: Husband of Carmen Miranda Favorite Pastime: Horsing around Jimmy Yarris's buddy . . .wants to be every- one's friend . . . finds pleasure behind the walls of Room 16. JAMES YARRIS "Slammie" Ambition: Florist Favorite Pastime: Dancing Knows all locker combinations . . . chases Phyllis . . . always squirreling around . . . has a bit of trouble with P. D. CHARLES 'l'RADUP "Bill" Ambition: Aviator Favorite Pastime: Walking girls down the hall Gets a "ribbin' " in English class. ,. and a ribbon in shop . . . enjoys talking to Ethel. MARIANNE TRIMBATH "Red" Ambition: l-lousewife Favorite Pastime: Writing letters Red hair . . . popular . . . excep- tionally good dancer . . . likes the Army Air Corps. BARBARA PEARL VOLESKO "Bobs" Ambition: Cadet nurse Favorite Pastime: Writing letters ls well-known by all branches of the services . . . excellent dancer . . . has a smile for everyone. ELSIE VISINARE "EI" Ambition: Beautician Favorite Pastime: Swinging a baton Snappy little loss . . . kicks high ot all football games . . . makes friends easily, JAMES WILLEY "Jim" Ambition: To enter Annapolis Favorite Pastime: Farming Associated with the "Torch" news- paper . . . secretary-treasurer of senior class . . . member of the C. A. P .... often seen with Marguerite. ELEANOR ZEHEL "El" Ambition: Beautician Favorite Pastime: Dancing Has that love gleam in her eye . . . the "steady," Sam, is in England . . . lives close to school. r A-, ei- ,, t l . l ' Q ALE. --. iii . T' if "T7ff?Q'? ?' 5E9'M l ,1f6z "i'HX ' y it ' A l t , W, : me . ...J EGM in 7fze Sefzaice 'l'he Torch Stall, in representing North llnion Seniors, wishes to honor onr classmates and school lriends who have lelt the familiar places of old N. U. dur- ing this school year. W'e are sorry we do not have space to print the nhmes ol' all who have attended our high school at any time and are now in the service. At the time ol printing, we recognize and wish good luck to: l ,t-, af. L fn:tf, Joseph Myers Ernest Bolish john Cossick ,i,,, joseph Poremha ,,,, Harry Zies ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Leonard Chersion Carmen Grego ,,,i . Wlilliam Harmon W Stanlev Konicki ,,,, Orville Matthews 7 Charles R. Miller W Edward Wfashco Frank Y'Vilhelm Gerald Fee ,e,,,,,,,,,,,, Anthony Sadasky Edward Sikina ,,,, Carl Fasulky james Scott ,,,i,,, George Golcher ,,,,,, Tony Carolla Joseph Valentovich lames Guy ee,,,,,,,.,,,i joe Vidonish ,,,,,, Charles Mclntire ,,,, George Cindric Iames Means XVilliam I,nlich Alvin Pierce Clayton Smith Clill' Broderick Eddie Mardnla ist. f . -w--we fm-f fy t, f X, ty-haf ff ,Jlfalf N si- 5' " Yvf qw F9 A iyififg-21115 xg 'f H55 gg? if , 4-vt if s f . , A A ix . W K, eva f:Q'A'1N1:M J' ,jpfigzgw . www . , 1, , ' If fag fl v. VM vitltwtt sr X 1 xx 4 .v if tx ,. x ' " t, X. E.-... A 0-1 f -M Q WCW Q0 'ff 37 A it fi A G iq AQ, 1-as Merchant Marines Navy Navy Navy Navy Merchant Marines Army Navy Navy Navy Navy Army Merchant Marines Navy Army Navy Marines Navy Navy Navy Army Navy Coast Navy Merchant Marines Navy Marines Marines Army Navy Navy Guard -G W at " ,, W' .FW . ,g,,, rc. ,rf ,44sf'fZf'ftis " A gffxivkkfg ' , I , . i W. V, 'f:55"- t"i"yf 1 va nz 1: u u 1: 1 vt w 1 'nf' Y tx ,Q 'ik ' XX 15 X 5741 , .ful 7Mfcunen,Z' NVE, 'PHE SENIORS OF NORTH UNION HIGH SCHOOL, of the City of Uniontown, County of Fayette, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament, in manner and form as follows: Room I8 wishs to leave Mr. Dumbauld's paddle to those who will be seniors of that room next year. To prevent the girls from becoming lonesome, we leave Sonny Pierce's wou- derful personality, in care of Alvin johnson. Gerald Fee leaves Hamlet's "To Be Or Not To Be" for Eddie Palermo to learn. NVe hope X'Vilma Shultz will appreciate Aileen Furin's indiscreet manner because she is willing it to her. Elsie Visinare is willing her success as majorette to Mary Ann Lukotch. Ralston Dennis leaves his position as President of the Senior Class to Alex Kukurugya. Dorothy Dodrill leaves her lovely brown tresses to Yvonne Moore. Charles Miller leaves his great big beautiful eyes to the captain of the patrol next year. Keep 'em rolling, Charles. Mary Ann Trimbath wishes to leave her dancing ability to Anna Pearl Doyle and to the Dance Club. To the one that becomes editor of the Torch next year, Laurel Provance leaves her best hopes of success and all the little headaches that go with it. Room 16 leaves Mr. Paxsou's jokes to the future seniors and anyone else who has to listen. Mary Alice Phillips bequeaths her ability to sing to Mary l.ou Tradup. In the line of music, Rudy Havrilla reluctantly donates his trumpet to .lack Garber. Dorcas Hann leaves her infectious giggle to Ida Dodrill. A capable lass, Elaine Botti, bequeaths her boisterous nature to our quiet little XVilda Shultz. Frank XVilliams hates to do it. but he leaves his many girlfriends to Pooch Cossick. To Edgar Craft, Carl Fasulky gives his crazy acting and dancing. .john Strickler bequeaths his ability to study his lessons to Tim Hunt. A studious mind is being willed by Kay Umble to Charles Zebley. Eddie Mardula is leaving his Humphrey Bogart looks to Bill Burwell. Gee whiz . . . The Chemistry Class leaves the hydrogen sulfide odor in the halls for next year's students. Mayme Midlick leaves her pep as a cheerleader to Theresa Sanzone. james Wiilley leaves his engaging smile and patience to XVendell Smith. Honey Lou Robinson wills to Rita Condupa her outstanding courage to do most anything. Rudy Concheck leaves his bashfulness and studiousness to Posh Cindric. Lucille Rochester leaves her dancing eye and dimples to Mary Kathryn Maust. Bill Harmon leaves the front 56211, of Bus l to Paul Cole, 'Timmy Yarris bequeaths himself to Phyllis Fike. The Class of T945 wills to the teachers of N. U. their intelligence and calm- ness and hope that the future Seniors do as well. The Class of H1115 wills to the graduating Class of 1946 their success as Seniors and the many good things that they had at good ole North Union High. I..VXSTI,Y: YVe hereby nou1inate and appoint ,lolmny lfnlnf. attorney-at-law of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, to be the executor, without bond, of this our last will and testamentg and hereby revoke all former wills and testaiuentary instru- ments. ln XVITNESS XVHEREOF: XVe have hereto subscribed our name and affixed our seal this Twentieth Day of May, in the Year of our Lord, One Thou- 80,7711-t7Vf7'I!? Hundred and FlJ1'f3V--ffYlI'. THE SENIOR CLASS. mg: Balcony scene Gladle Peg and Al cutting p Redn Ed. Agitatings our business. Bill Cank and Wally. The Zimmovans. Piney Mid Slim and Claud Four Juliets. North Union has Betty Crable. Rallys Pin-up girl. Bicycle Built for two. Ready for winter Caroline? No man Fhortage here, Any results Ral? Auggie and Mid i the good dl days. Private Peg. Editors plight. "R 4 mm Glcwi GROUP I FIRST ROW-Bill Biurwell, Minnie Lucky, Rose Bendicovich, Naomi Lehman, Opal Fisher, John Cossick, Harry Zies, Doris Hawkins, Rita Zerecheck, Edith Bailes, Eugene Koontz. SECOND ROW-Tom Reagan, Joe Gadek, George Cindric, Bernice Turpin, Helen Gabarko, Cecelia. Kozak, Grace Livingston. Hazel Yoder, Sadie Yaugen Harry Spear. THIRD ROW-Joe Gadek, June Burke, Pauline Fields, Loretta Zehel, Esther Duall, La Verne Evans, Elizabeth Pramuk, Eva Brasseur, Ferne Morrison, Cornell Thomas, Betty Crable, Jack Connersi FOURTH ROW-Bates Hess, Michael Cronin, Bob Volcheck, Bill Lulich, Edward Palermo, Charles Zebley, Edward Sherlock, Edward Tomko, Andy Zori- chak, Bill Kozlina, Paul Cole. GROU? II FIRST ROW-Norma Collins, Patty Vail, Wilma Schultz, Betty Trainor, Grace Con- way, Ann Gaydos, Anna P. Doyle, Phyllis Dennis, Dorothy Picel, Claire West, Josephine Garofola. SECOND ROW-Dora Jean Rutley, Ruby Tissue, Betty Junk, Betty Livengood, Faye Humberson, Mary Lois Clingan, Rosella Trektinik, Leona Benko, Mary Jane Lerch, Elizabeth Satlarsky, Harriet Markovich. THIRD ROW-Theresa Kania, Sally Ainsley, Florence Bodizony, Mary Sematchko, Rose Pavlic, Anne Yersick, Jessie Grimm, Gwendolyn Weaver, Genevieve Menossi. FOURTH ROW-Eleanor Hulway, Dorothy Richardson, Margaret Novotny, Mary K, Galdarise, Anita Peccan, Kathleen Shipley, Lois Bryson, Wilda Shultz, Beryl Coburn. FIFTH ROW-James Moyer, Bill Schubert, Alex Kukurugya, John Yablunosky, Tim Hunt, Bob Fisher, Reid Haggerty, Henry Festog, Allen Zies, Frank Bolla. GROUP III FIRST ROW-Margaret Holp, Willa Jcrdan, Frances Yablunosky, Margaret Mehal- lic, Pauline Adams, Mary Smorada, Dorothy Petrisko, Agnes Malinzak, Yvonne Moore, Mary Ann Lukotch. SECOND ROW-Ronnie Fiorvanti, Iona Bryner, Mary Bolish, Dorothy Pechunko, Dcris Lee Rishel, Irene Pirovolis, Marie Williams, Norma Storey, Dorothy Dempf. THIRD ROW-Edward Potocar, Theodore Krynosky, Carl Fasulkey, Stanley Guziak, M'yrtle Bowers, Martha Jfane Horby, Emma Jose, Joe Dcman, Vito Mele, Eddie Harmon, Kenneth Varndell, Bob Suich. FOURTH ROW-Leroy Rheubottom, Russell Miller, Andrew Kcmpic, Bernard Kol- lar, Jack Beal, John Hanzes, Gene Maust, Wendell Smith, Jimmie Burdt. 13 2- was Aigfgg yi'- ' Q -r 1? :A f MQW Wm S Y 1 .... ww - ff-fff' Q- ' gi WW 'Q ' WP'-arg Q , .. , , ' " fi ' .Q ' ,f 4- A Q ' 2 M , Mi'Q'fgQ3"'n '- - ' H,n-. ww., . .e,,,q . :,,, , 1 ii, f .. Q, . ,Q xi ig was r a we wmv.. N 1 . , Yfff' 1 by Q 'X if , 'Rf 5 QM, xiii: Viyxggii Wwifie-M? with 4 321 Q P' ggi J nv 4 S Elma GROUP I FIRST ROW-Sophie Markovitoh, Margaret Bellus, Rita Condupa, Mary Lou Tradup, Phyllis Fike, Maxine Curry, Margie Sintich, Lois Liston, Audrey Maust, Marjorie McDiffet. SECOND ROW-Dorothy Patterson, Elaine Morley, Betty Crofcheck, Elizabeth Seman, Anne Mae Fijalkovic, Doris Cooley, Clara Belle Knoyer, Vermell Pollard, Valerie Rheubottom. THIRD ROW-Homer Martin, Virginia Harenza, Catherine Leptinsky, Henrietta , Hunt, Mary Ann Backto, Margaret Britt, Edith King, Christina Pollard, Lois Ann Martin, Helen Kowalczyk. FOURTH ROW-Howard Heater, Steve Krempo-sky, Blaine Clingan, Steve Anthony, Melvin Brown, William Ramage, Ivan Fritsch, Owen Dale Brooks, Edward Augustine. FIFTH ROW-Frank Phillips, Bob Weaver, William Shohy, Clarence McClain, Allen Clingan, Andy Stepanik, Donald Goodwin. GROUP II FIRST ROW-Lois Jane Strawser, Kathleen Krepps, Ruth Clingan, Charlotte Honza, Hilda Sullivan, Lois Cramer, Pauline Hilernan, Mary Lee Pletcher, Ruth Ann Jordan, Sara Louise Girard, Margaret Kozel, Colleen Morris. SECOND ROW-Lorraine Lake, Kitty Lou Fisher, Margaret Myers, Alice Capotosta, Virginia OlBrien, Ethel Sheranko, Joan Stanlaw, Catherine Janosik, Dolly Doak, Doris Cook, Goldie Jaymes. THIRD ROW-Jean Sullivan, Janet Wall, Anna Fay Welling, Frances David, Mary Gallis, Pat Snyder, Eeano-r Davison, Irene Rochester, Dorothy Weaver, Katherine Jones, Sadie Matthews, Nina Twyford, Margaret Yauger, Marilyn Hepler. FOURTH ROW-William Saltrick, George Savage, Nick Pirovolous, Carmen Cala- brise, Pete Polito, Pat Garrow, Joseph Zimmovan, Jack Garber, Clyde Luckey, Ernest Walters. FIFTH ROW-Andy Sadosky, Richard Bosley, Jesse Overly, Clyde Perkins, Lloyd Robinson, Wilfred Mager, Edgar Craft, Arnold Kufrin, Jason Provance, Smith Lantz, Donald Matthews, Rocco Rogers. GROUP III FIRST ROW-Dorothy Davis, Betty Varndel, Agnes George, Norma Morris, Agnes gox, Betty Robinson, Alverta Scott, Ruth Holland, Josephine Torre, Juanita ' ingleto-n. SECOND ROW-Josephine Bozak, Frances DeConclus, Sara McGinnis, Joan Schroyer, Doris Gaskill, Dolores Williams, Ehna Hughe, Mildred McCormick, Elva June Gordan, Juanita Oliver. THIRD ROW-Beatrice Teets, Polly Wallace, Leatrice Slater, Ann Kempic, Millicent Pierce, Helen Smearman, Theresa Sanzone, Elaine Crayton, Veronica Bris- car Bernadine Benko, Elayne Fountayne. FOURTH ROW-Raymond Carolla, David Smitley, George Coughanour, Jlames Barnhart, Edgar Guesman, Mike Beveloque, Danny Yersick, Theodore Furin. FIFTH ROW-Karl Glover, Theodore Rozolosky, Leroy Hassinger, George Cindric, Frank Lubich, Alvin Johnston, Frank Sallty, Harry Davis, Andrew Dito. ,34- Wamiunan Blau GROUP I FIRST ROW-Kathryn Stefanik, Wilma Clingan, Marion Clingan, Dorothy Bendis, Ruby Landman, Barbara Crayton, Alice Echard, Albina Picel, Loretta Morris, Helen Samargie, John Schffbauer, Francis Pramuk, Robert Dennis, Benny Matecsky. SECOND ROW-Anna M. Babushak, Michael Patchan, Richard Griffin, Garnet Coburn, Sarah Crawford, Bernadine Opalko, Josephine Kopchony, Florence DelVerne, Donna Haught, Irene Dolney, Eleanor Smorada, Evelyn Yauger, Ruby Pashke, Edward Russell. THIRD ROW-Margaret Anthony, John Banko, Earl Gillen, George Peters, Robert Rodeheaver, Ingram Jenkins, Eleanor Kubina, Roselma Savel, Emily Novak, Bertha Martin, Frances Speshock, John Durochik, Donald Fee, Edward Pluto- FOURTH ROW-Patty Thomas, Arthur McCartney, James Uhazie, Jce Vargo, Jack Wargo, Robert Miller, George Miller, Ray Painley, Clarence Burwell, Alex Wishnie, James, McNutt, Ted Workman, Alex Hutson, Charles Lengjak. GROU? II' FIRST ROW-Catherine Miller, Dorothy Wheeler, Edna Zebley, Rosemary Smith, Barbara Mullins, Mary Lou Turner, Martha Jellick, Lorraine Guesman, Mary Paroda, Delores Muzika, Rita McNatt., Evelyn Durita, Lillian Blacknut, Janet Harmon. SECOND ROW-Mary Ann Sarko, Mary Tretinik, Connie Lewis, Lorraine Clement, Druisilla Doran, Rebecra Gillen, Lois. Baird, Cecelia Beveloque, Lorraine Steiner, Elizabeth Christovitoh, Elizabeth Turner, Margaret Spruell, ,Arlene Petrisko, Sara Smith. THIRD ROW-Patricia Twist, Edwina Dick, Edith Mullar, Betty Nestor, Christina Pustay, Ellen Wallace, Josephine Bendekovich, Anna Derhammer, Ruth Cooley, Bernice Harford, Martha Stramat. FOURTH ROW-Walter Kania, Charles Darrell, Joe Bota, Steve Recicar, Ralph Robert Grimm, Louis Concheck, George Leachko, Robert Balchak, James Monaco, Lawrence Viher, Roy Boyd. FIFTH ROW-Kathryn Yurick, Gertrude Mager, Shirley Suich, Cora June Wilson, Dorothy David, Mary Babinsky, Betty Cuppett, Dorothy Strawser, Delores Durso, Ralph McGregor, Ted Matthews, James Monaco, Walter Guziak, Edward Stavischek. SIXTH ROW-Kenneth Patchan, Jack Bell, Charles Casteel, David Schaffer, Harry Butler, William Vidonish, Benny Santore, George Lucas, Joe Guman, Bill McNatt, Andy B-ryner, Donald Zebley, Raymond Dunaway, James. Conroy, Clarence Miller. GROUP III FIRST ROW-Lurline Johnson, Theresa Pocratsky, Josephine Verbus, Betty Palic, Martha Novak, Jean Luckey, Norma Yauger, Rhoda Hawkins, Beverly Gillen, Garnet Hall, Mary Bota, Lorraine Rosenik, June Fisher, Phyllis Montgomery, Betty Herman. SECOND ROW-Laura Davis, Mary J. Demeter, Delores Stockwell, Frances Dulany, Betty Williams, Fliss Yeagley, Dorothy Semans, Dorothy Novak, Beatrice Jones, Dorothy Kinley, Nellie Meggett. THIRD ROW-Agatha Lukotch, Norma Bennis, Mildred Gmitter, Gertrude Bilo- vesky, Agnes, Evans, Mary Sikina, Pauline Lucas, Christina Pustay, Ann Pizzichetti, Maria Pyskach, Beverly Whitman, Alice Blazek, Vera Glover, Gloria Hall. r-5 FOURTH ROW-Bertie Hunt, William Pillar, Robert Saluga, Jack Cvupp, Eddie Rishell, Wayne Spiker, Adolph Mysea, Vernon Foreman, Charles Lulich, John Mendis, Oharles, Harford, Vincent Vidonish, Edward Utlak. FIFTH ROW-Carol Cupp, Edward Perubek, William Yablunosky, Harold Dietrick, Paul Skovira, Joe Gavalitz, Billie Ciez, Donald Crable, Karl Kovack, Euge. ' Twardesky, Charles, Miller, Raymond Saltrick. L.g,..A.u G e in 5710451 ,,', ff, Dennis, Captain, ,R. 95 on, E, Croyfon, H. Zi OV ITHTT erick, W, Zi od I' cinik, A, Johnson, C. B ph ROW-A, Sie RST F icki Kon Palermo, S, Ross, E. vcko, C, Bryzck, J, Ko erce, W .Pi -A ROW SECOND in, Fur I'. M ndric, rdulc, G, Ci Mc: ssick, C. Smith, E. Co J. ri Coughenou gers, G. Ro F. on, M ls .Wi I' -M ROW H RD Ai aooifiall Northllnion High School footbaHe'eleven"adopted'a new name this 'War which fitted the team perfectly-the RAMS. Coach Stephen Furin and his assistant Harry X'Vilson took on the task of building a winning eleven out of a group of inexperienced, but willing boys. Coach Furin spent many long, tedious hours putting the team through the gruel- ling tasks of getting them in shape for the tough schedule ahead of them. Coaches Furin and Wilson put their best knowledge into blocking, tackling, and signaling practice. The coach sent his first eleven into their initial encounter with all con- fidence that they would come out on top, which they did. As you add every- thing up, you've got to give Coaches Furin and VVilson a hand, they had what it took to build a winning team. The Rams started their season off by defeating Scottdale 6-0, in a game that was tightly played until Zimmovan. North Union fullback, broke through for a 35-yard run to score and cinched the game. After this brilliant start, North Union played their most bitter, but most friendly rivals, South Union's Blue Devils. After battling to a scoreless deadlock in the first half, the third quarter found N. U. driving over the goal line for a well-deserved and game-winning touchdown. The next fray found N. U. visiting Dunbar Mules. This game was played in ankle-deep mud with rain coming down constantly. The Rams clicked well in this game, but failed to net a score, and had to be satisfied with a scoreless tie. The next week the Rams played hosts to the Perryopolis Commodores whom they defeated to the tune of I9-0. The scoring was done by our fleet- footed halfback, Konicki, and Zinnnovan, our hard-hitting, hard-tackling full- back. The Rams in their game with Uniontown were defeated I9-7 by a heavier and larger eleven. The Rams played brilliant football that night and gave the Uniontown lads the scare of their lives when N. L. led 7-0 at the half. Because of a very muddy field and injuries the Rams were defeated, but they went down fighting. 1411 N. U. played host to Georges in their following encounter, defeating them 13-0. The Georges eleven held the Rams for three quarters, till they opened up their power with Zimmovan, Cindric, and Konicki running wild in the last quar- ter to bring the Rams in scoring position, when Zinnnovan went over the last stripe untouched. ln the next encounter the Rams played host to Garniichaels. In this game there was more excitement than any game N. U. played during the season. Both teams displayed exceptional power and speed, and exhibited fine sportsmanship -but the game ended in a 1,3-13 deadlock. In the last encounter of the season North Union played South Union Blue Devils and were defeated 13-0 in a game where the Rams were harassed with the old jinx of injuries which weakened the front wall. So, from the results produced from our Rams this season, we are very well satisfied with their unrelentless work and practice. YVe bid them farewell till next season which we hope will be as successful as the one we have enjoyed. Broderick-Left End-Crashing defensive end. Bryzak-Left Tackle-Brilliant offensive blocker. Palermo-Left Guard-Hard-rushing tackler. Dennis-Center-Captain-Cool, deliberate player. Mardula-Right Guard-Vicious blocker and tackler. Crayton-Right Tackle-VVorkhorse on both offensive Smith-Right End-Fleet-footed pass snatcher. flossick-Quarterback-Great little passer. Gindric-Right HalfmGreat offensive runner. Konicki-Left Half-Fast, hard-running ground gainer Zimmovan-Fullbacke-Hard-driving ground gainer. SEASON RECORD and defensive North Union Scottdale .... . .. 0 North Union South Union . 0 North Union Dunbar .. . , .. 0 North Union. ,...... . Perryopolis .... . . 0 North Union Uniontown . l9 North Union Georges , 0 North Union Carmiehaels . .. . l3 North Union South Union .. t l3 1 ., H i . 'fu - s'1' 5 ' fl 'fix 14 5 I 'ff' . ,rf , I. w. if-:ff-H ff' Y "sf, fl. ' ,,f W First touchdown of season. 6. Beep scores again. Warm-up for scrimmage. 7. This Sinatra plays football. Now look, fellows! 8. Wilson speaks! Ram's fullback. 9. Snappy, aren'l' they? Helpful genls. 10. Break il' up, here comes the ref. xx . we, i Xi: 3 s 2 '33 Q if .Q Q if "RWM film' 2" was ls H. 'X .a Q wnwawwh., yx 55" Under lllC expert coaching ol' Nlr. lfnrin, the basketball teznn ttirned in an 'adinirahle reeord lor North Union this year. The live pulled down two wins each lroin Gerinan, Redstone, and Maplelowng split 50-50 with Georges and Point Marion: and dropped El pair each to South l'nion and Dunbar. The boys, despite hampering injuries to key men ol' the teain, gave their best whether winning or losing, and displayed three qualities ol' true sportsinen-clean speech, clean play, and clean living. So, hats ofl' Zlllll a eheer lor Coaeh lfurin and l1is teatnl Heros to a "crack" season next year. PERSONN lil. XV. lilllllfll, Guard-high seorerflong shots. Davison, Cilllllill-tT2llJl2llI1 ol' the teaniesinall. mighty. and terrific. Doinan, Forward-l'ast, 2iC'1.'lll'2iTC passer-great at getting hall oll' the hoard. hliiliilllgllllll, l-'orward-fast-everywhere at once. Zinnnovan, Clenter-one-handed sliots-l1eight a great asset. Pierce. Guard-great fakerfalways i11 there pitching. CI. I,ulic:h, fill2ll'd-l'1l'CShlIlilll-Sl1OW'S great promise 11exl year. Conglienoitr. Cuarcl-one-hand shots-has two hig years ahead of hin1. Ditto, Forward-good passerfanotlier good het lor stardom next year. Zereclieek, lforwardflast-''dead-eye" lor set shots and lree tosses. German .... ...... 3 3 North Union .... ..... 4 1 Georges. .......... ...... 2 7 North Union .. . .... . 26 Dunbar ................ 38 North Union .... 36 South Union ,..... ...... 2 7 North Union .... ...... 2 3 Redstone ......... ....,. 2 6 North Union . . ..... 40 Point Marion .... ...... 2 7 North Union .... ..... 2 6 Mapletown .... ...... 3 0 North Union .. 36 German .,... ...... 2 1 North Union .... ..... 3 1 Georges ......... ....., 2 7 North Union 29 Dunbar .. ,. ....... .. ...... 24 North Union . 20 South Union ..... ...... 4 3 North Union .... ..... 3 4 Redstone ..... .. ...,.. 36 North Union .... ..... 3 7 Point Marion .,.. ...,. . 26 North Union .... ..... 3 6 Mapletown .... ...... 2 1 North Union .. . .... . 38 Gheealeaafmfi A A' t-I 1 425, - ..: ..,, , ' ' :E .:... l 3,1 . Victoria Kapel Mary Midlick Theresa Sanzone Phyllis Fike Margie Crawford Are you ready?? Yeah! I,et's go! These familiar words were the "green light" signal for the student body lrom our live peppy cheerleaders as they led us through a great season ol' football and basketball. Always on the line, rain. snow, or shine, these energetic girls really coaxed the noise from the crowds and kept our school spirit at a high pitch with their snappy yells. This small, spirited, select group leading the boys and girls on the bleachers really backed up the team with their enthusiasm. Giving credit where credit, is due, a great deal comes the cheerleaders' way, lor they attended every game and brought with them their peppv elieers. 'lust a word or two about their lriendly spirit with cheerleaders ol' other schoolsfalways a smile and a few pleasant. words with their opponents make them "tops" where school spirit is concerned. Now it's our turn to give a lusty RAI-I! RAH! RAHI lor our cheerleaders. ...45.. I 1 n l l 1 fn 140560-Jia 14841- Weaadaak Slaff FIRST ROW-Jean Barnes, John Strickler, Laurel Provance, Peggy Evans, Ralston Dennis, A I SECOND ROW-Bill Burwell, Edgar Craft, Helen Gabarko, Ruth Klein, Dorothea Dodrill, Opal Smearmcn, Elaine Botti, Harry Gabarko, Yvonne Moore, Mrs. Peterson, Jessie Love, Audrey Mciust. "Hurry kids, get on your toes, letls have the book done lor Christmas," begs Mrs. Peterson, our faculty advisor. But noAsnow comes-school closed lor a lew daysHstudents go off to work lor Christmas-meetings postponed-and work slows down. Vacation over-back to school. Ahhhh at last-regular meetings. Laurel Provance, editor, uses the rod-and articles come in from all directions. YVorry-worry-worry. Each one now starts to rack his brain, getting his special assignment done. Flash! Photographer gets sick-delay in group pictures. One more month and the book should be finished. WVith click here and there, snapshots ol school chums come out well. Bang, bang, bang went the typewriters. . . scratch, scratch, scratch went the pens. Everyone was hard at work. Shucks-Peggy Evans, copy editor, was second on the sick list, but made a comeback with real zip. Mfhat to do-what to say? XfVon't those seniors ever make up their minds and decide what they want to be? Look-there goes that man ol business, Alohn Strickler. I-Ie's always on the go- and really brings back results. Poor Rally Dennis, our sports editor, certainly was left in the lerch when Carmen left. They were supposed to work on the sports section together, but when Carmen had to leave-Rally struggled alone. After begging for a few extra days, he got his write-ups in, all very nicely done. At last everything' was in. The book was ready lor the printers. XVe all celebrate by having a wonderful outing. Oh-oh-almost forgot. Uncle Sam paid us a visit and asked for several ol our mem- bers. S0 what could we do? YVC gave in and let him have Carmen Grego, Charlie Miller, and Eddie Vlfashco. Now heres hoping that everyone will keep this book as a remembrance of their happy "school-days at good old N. U." -50.. flfafufh Zfnim S fl FIRST ROW-Mr, Means, John Stricklcr, Marthell Barney, Bill Harmon, Kay Umble. SECOND ROW-Eddie Mardula, Earl Crayfon, William Brcakiron, James Willey. THIRD ROW-Mr. Wilson, Ralston Dennis, Bob Davison. In, the spring of lflflsl, seventeen hoys were "properly" initiated into the ranks ol' the safety patrol. Charles Miller wias chosen as captain. The patrol, chosen each year, is under the supervision ol' the principal, Mr. Means. Each year juniors are taken into tl1e ranks ol' the senior patrol. Each boy is chosen lor grades, honesty, dependability, proniptness, and his character in general. The duties of the patrol consist ol directing hall trallic between classes, assisting teachers, and arranging bus schedules. The senior patrol ol' "45" might well be called the vanishing patrol, because only ten of the original seventeen juniors are left. Those who have entered the arnied services are: Captain Charles Miller ........... ..... N avy Co-Captain XfVillian1 Harman Navy Leonard Cherison .................. . .... Navy Stanley Konicki .... ....... , Navy Carl Fasulky .... ..... ..... K I arines Anthony Sadosky ..... ..... , Xrniy Edward Wfashco. ...... , .... Army Eddie Mardula .... .... N avy -51- El We 5:64, FIRST ROW-Laurel Provance, Honey Lou Robinson, Elaine Botti, Edward Tomko, Anna Pearl Doyle, Ruth Gadd, Frances SECOND Pisarik, Miss Bryson. ROW-Sally Ainsley, Kay Umble, Jessie Love, Mary Midlick, Wendell Smith, Elsie Visinare, Aileen Furin, James Willey, Gladys Davis, Phyllis Burgess, Lucille Rochester, Alice Blazek, Ruth Martin, Jean Barnes, Mary A. Phillips, Rita Condupa, Elizabeth Soflarsky. Extra, Extra! Read all about it. Only five cents a copy. Yes, it's the monthly. edition of the "biggest" little newspaper ever published by a "big time" high school, this side of anywhere. YVhat makes this "up-to-date" newsy, little paper possible? Mlhy the efficient staff, our faculty advisor, Miss Bryson, and the enthusiastic student body of Ole N. U. Wlhat do we find in this paper? Answerea few notes from the music depart- ment that get you Hhep-to-the-jive," who's who, in the "chatter-box," a pep talk on how to march our football and basketball team on to victory and oh, just oodles of news from here and there, that make you wish it were the first of next month again so you could read another Torch. -52- Anno Peorl Doyle, Willo Jordon, Mary Ann Lukotch, Honey Lou Robinson lElsie Visinoire was unable to be present! Here are live pretty lassies who thrill the crowds at lootball games with their wonderful exhibitions. The' are alwa fs read to coo Jerate at s Jecial commu- 7 5 Y nity occasions and at school activities. Praise and credit should be given to them for their line work. Beinf lriendlv and Jleasant at all times adds to their A , popularity and makes them well liked by their associates. At parades these attractive girls catch the eyes ol all on-lookers. Their ap- pearance bespeaks their eagerness and willingness to go ahead regardless of any obstacles. Good teamwork is another quality these girls possess. They have done fine work all year. Honey Lou and lilsie will be graduating and we hope the others will have unlimited success in the future. XVe think they are the best trained majorettes in Fayette County-they're really IOIJS. -531 - ? -' ?.-- Banc! FLAG BEARERS-Rose Marie Stanlaw, Dorothy Shultz. MAJORETTES-Honey Lou Robinson, Mary Ann Lukotch, Willa Jordan, Anna Pearl Doyle. FIRST ROW-Lorraine Rosnik, trumpet, Melvin Stockton, French horn, Jack Garber, trumpet, Rhea Bittle, clarinet, Kenneth Patchan, saxophone, Jim Yarris, trumpet. SECOND ROW-Mary Louise Travis, French horn, Mary Alice Phillips, trumpet, Rita McNcitt, clarinet, Lois Cramer, clarinet, Edward Russell, boss drum. THIRD ROW-Gene Maust, trombone, Kathleen Krepps, trumpet: George Laymen, trumpet, Donna Haught, trumpet, Arnold Kuf- rin. clarinet, lvan Fritsch, drum. FOURTH ROW-'Charles Zebley, bass horn, Joan Schroyer, trumpet, Leroy Rheubottom, trumpet, Daniel Serratta, clarinet, Johnny Brooks, trumpet, Ralph Knoyer, trumpet. Hup, 2, 3, 4, I-Iup, 2, 3, 4. You're out of step over there. Up goes Willa's baton and we hear a snappy march. The band helped to enliven the football games and have played for various honor roll dedications. Twenty-three mem- bers make up this band, which is led by five snappy majorettes and two flag- bearers. Directed by Mr. Paxson these boys and girls have fun playing while supplying music tailor-made for the occasion. 154.- ima FIRST ROW-Dolly Havrilla, Madelyn Ridley, Gladys Davis, Mary Alice Phillips, Mary Lou Tradup, Maxine Curry, Mildred Smitter, Margaret Holp, Frances Pisarik, SECOND ROW--Peggy Evans, Lenora Augustine, Millicent Pierce, Laurel Provance, Theresa Sanzone, Beryl Coburn, Lucille Rochester, Irene I-lucik, Florence Gulino, Phyllis Bur ess. Elsie THIRD ROW-Mildred Eufsey, Mildred Blazek, Veronica Pluto, Louise Leptinsky, Veronica Briscar, Bernadine Benko, Visinare, Audrey Maust, Lois Jane Strawser, Mary Kathryn Maust, Dorothea Dodrlll, Marianne Trrmbath, Phyllis Hanna. FOURTH ROW-Ronald Fiorvanfi, Gene Maust, W'illiam Breakiron, Bill Burwell, Ivan Fritsch. Rap, rap, rap! No, there's no one at the door. It's just Mr. Paxson bringing the choir to order by pounding on the back of his violin. Composed of some thirty odd members, the choir has presented programs both for the school and community. Under the direction ol' joseph Paxson. assisted by Gene ltlaust, the choir has developed into one of the most popular organizations in the school. Many ol' the members are utilizing their talents and school training to advantage by participating' in church choirs and the Martin a Capella choir. -55- I I I - G- M- DANCE BAND FIRST ROW-Betty Pallick, Janet Harmon, Agnes Malinzak, Mary Louise Travis, Rhea Biffle, Mr. Paxson. SECOND ROW-Kenneth Patchan, Bill Burwell, Gene Maust, Rudy Havrilla, Wallace Davis, Jack Garber, Ivan Frifsch, Dolly Havrilla. ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW-Mary Kathryn Maust, Dolly Havrilla, Rhea Biffle, Mary Louise Travis, Agnes Malinzak, Joan Schroyer, William Breakiron. SECOND ROW-Jack Garber, Leroy Rheubotfom, Kenneth Patchan, Bill Burwell. Arnold Kufrin. THIRD ROW-Gene Maust, Ivan Fritsch, Frank Sally, Betty Pallick. fbance gancf -lust listen to those drums . . . and those trumpets really send you. YVateh those feet go when they beat out something like "Louise," The drums are manned by Ivan Fritseh, with "Snoop" Havrilla, XVally Davis and -lack Garber ably giving out with a lew hot lieks on the trumpets. The band, which is com- posed of these members and ten others, provides the music lor the noon hour dances. 0 No, the time isn't right! It's I, 2, 3, fl: l, 2, 3, 4, and so on. XVC are now visiting the music room where the concert orchestra is rehearsing. They have played for such outstanding allairs as the Teachers Institute and the Lions Club Lectures. NVith an ear to the luture, these boys and girls practice hard. -55- HOME EC CLUB FRONT ROW-Lois Cramer, Mary Sematchko, Eleanor Hulway, Mary Lee Pletcher. V BACK ROW-Genevieve Menossi, Marie Williams, Mary Midlick, Jo Ann Stanlaw, Ethel Sheranko, Catherine Janosik. DANCE CLUB FIRST ROW-Dorcas Hann, Mary Alice Phillips, Cecelia Kozak, SECOND ROW--Laurel Provance, Peggy Evans, Helen Gabarko, Miss Stull, THIRD ROW-Dorothy Dodrill, Mary Ann Trimbafh, Madelyn Ridley, Mary E. Novak. FOURTH ROW-Anna Pearl Doyle, Jean Barnes, Rose Marie Stanlaw, Rita Zerccheck, Martha Cindric, Elaine Botti, Aileen Furin, Eleanor Hambarsky. Jfolne 8 JM Glad 'l'he two Horne lieononiies eluhs whieh were organized this vear under the supervision ol' Bliss Reed have lour goals. lhev are: To do social service work, to teach nteinhers how to earn ntoney and to linanee their own eluh. to perlorin a service to the school, and to help the girls adjust thetnselves in social situations. During the second semester the girls tnade kit bags lor the Red Cross. Only the ollieers were privileged to have their pictures taken this year he- eause ol the large eluh enrollments. fbance Glad llere is that group ol' energetic' girls who have turned some of our hlnshing ronieos into eassanovas. 'lltrough their ellorts many hoys and girls, who have always wished thev could danee. have heen granted their wishes. Miss Stttll's ehartning wavs make it easier lor the students to learn to dance. lhe Club activities were many and varied, They included everything lroin parties to spaghetti slippers. Sotne real talent was displaved hv ntanv ol' these girls. and it wotildn't sur- prise us il' some are Hollywood hound. fbfmmafiic GM l i FIRST ROW-Bernacline Opalko, Mildred Gmitter, Dolores Muzika, Claudine Hileman, Kitty Lou Fisher, Marilyn l-lepler, Dolores Williams, Edith Strausee, Betty Cuppet, Mary Alice Phillips. SECOND ROW-Jean Barnes, Gertrude Bilonesky, Kathleen Krepps, Margie Griffin, Dorothy Shutlz, Elaine Stockwell, Lucille Rochester, Magdalene Shuster, Elora Lowry, Mrs. Burnworth. THIRD ROW-Birdie Hunt, Caroline Critchfield, Doris Cooley, Clara Belle Knoyer, Dorcas l-lann, Tim Hunt, Wendell Smith' FOURTH ROW'-Jack Warga, Michael Patchan, Robert Balihak, Edward Tomko, Bernard Mateosky, Wallace Davis, Neal Ari- son, Earl Crayton. Lights! Camera! Action! "To Be Or Not To lie." No, it.'s not Hamlet coming hack to haunt the seniors. it's just that gang of Hollywood Seekers put- ting on a group of plays in the hope that there will he a Hollywood talent scout lurking somewhere in the background. l'nder the supervision ol their worthy sponsor, Nlrs. Burnworth, this club has ventured lar into the art ol' drantatics. The plays presented by this group lilled many hours with pleasant entertainment. Funds brought in by the club went toward buying a stage setting, which has aided in giving a hetter hack- grouncl for the plays. .Xlyin Pierre was always on hand to see that the stage setting was in the right place at the right tinie. All in all, this chili. in just one year ol' their work. has proved a prolitahle lactor in educational work as well as entertainment. Ili the opportunity knocks lor tnenthership next year-be sure to answer. -53- N. 'TS fmvgk S 2 wif? . . . AS WE FOUND THEM 2. At a noon dance . . . 4. Home Ec class for Eleanor . . . l. Clever decorations . . . 3. Frank in his hang-out 5. Efficient, as well as good looking -60, fl My, but wasnlt that at wonderful 'sermon Reverend Umble gave this morn- ing-and his wife, the former Elora Lowery,-didn't she look proud? She always said she wanted to be a minister's wife. Yesterday morning, my mailman, Bill Harmon, in his usual business like manner, handed me a letter from Mr. and Mrs. james NVilley. QMarguerite Grubbsj. You know, -james was the secretary of the l945 class. It was an invita- tion asking me to ,attend a reunion of our class chums, two weeks from tomorrow. just think here it is, june I5, 1965! My how time flies. Sunday afternoons are so dreary. Seems I just can't keep my eyes open long enough to make plains for the reunion. Let me see, there will be-Ho-Hum-,thc sandman has me for sure. I'll just doze off a while .... W7hy, it's too bad Kathleen Reed wasn't able to attend today. I never dreamed she would make our state representative with the F. B. I. There is to be a floor show staged this afternoon in the auditorium under the direction of Mrs. Clifford Broderick, fnee Elaine Bottij and her assistant, jackie Hager, who has been with her ever since the organizing of Elcliff's Dra- matic School. Dorothy Dodrill was a fine pupil at Elcliff's but you know how it is-love got the best of her and now she is Mrs. james Yarris and there's jimmy -Ir. over there with Mrs. VVilliam Breakiron's Q-jane Bodkinj son. My, he just looks like his father. Bill has been so successful in the junk business. QBreak- iron, get it?j Now there goes a very happy couple-Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crayton. QRose Marie Stanlawj and talk about their children, well they can easily have a first string for a football squad. The Alumnus of Ole N. U. still have the urge in their feet to dance. Take, Gladys Davis, for instance, she's out there teaching our younger generation to jitterbug in the 1965 style, to the solid music of XVallace Davis and his Swing- eroos. Wally has really gone places lately. He plays once a year at the V-8 Inn. You've guessed it-the proprietor of the Inne-Bob Ford. A night never passes that you don't see james Guy and George Golcher looking for their English assignments left there back in 1945. They are still looking for an English grade, too. just before the dance this evening it is rumored that the women will re- ceive a rose, the men, a carnation, a good will offering from the Gadd and Beck Florist Shop. Wfith -jane and Ruth's influence I knew they would own the shop on Morgantown Street without much trouble. The flowers come from thc greenhouse operated by Madeline Grego. Remember how short she used to be? YVell, she has reached the height of 5' S". Can you imagine that? A former as- sociate of -jane and Ruth's Shop, Peggy Evans, is now affiliated with Laurel Provance, Bostou's accomplished Lovelorn advisor. Now can anyone imagine them giving advice, when they needed it so badly themselves not too many years ago? I received a letter from them last. week and they want me to explain to everyone why their presence would be impossible. It seems they had "run into somethingn. That something was Charles Miller, Chief of Police there in Boston. VVhen you run into Charley there's no getting away, especially when it's two females. It required two assistants to convince the two ladies who they have encountered. The chief's assistants are Cloyd Fike and Dick Eddie. Mrs. Fike really doesn't see much of her husband in this type of business. Remember Rhea Bittle? She's the Mrs. ..-611 Mle are to have an added attraction for this evening's entertainment. Movie Producer John Pensock, is here from Hollywood, Penna., with his huge cast of four great stars. Imagine four of them! Lenora Augustine who is just dying to play a loveescene with Delbert Livingoodg Lucille Rochester, a Sky-Lark soprano, borrowed from "The Two Bits a Year Opera Company", Mary Alice Phillips who does a bit of everything including singing and dancing-all that from a four foot, eleven inches, and last but not least, Mary Louise Travis and her violin. This fall Mary Louise will organize an All Girl Symphony Orchestra. Mike Mayros, president of Mike's Factory told me the Marx Brothers were going to be here, and I laughed at him, because I never dreamed of their "stand- insu being here. Those boys certainly did rise to fame. One would never guess as to whom they are-Ambrose Lopick, Tony Carolla and Eddie Mardula. Re- member them? ' Bernard .Iakobowski claims he is employed at Mike's Factory but he says he is his best machinist. That, I want verified. I donft think he could compare with lileanor Martin, Betty Lou Scott, and Bertha Novak. just think, they have had twenty years experience plus two credits as a graduation gift, but well worked for. There's General and Mrs, Edward l'Vashco tDot Saltrickj. Eddie reached as far as in the Army, but he is the top-general in that household. Dorothy's lovely dress came from Alice George's Dress Shop. Her two head clerks are Theresa Delligatti and Irene Hucik. They can really give a sales talk. Not one person leaves the shop without some kind of a purchase. That's salesmanship! Margie Crawford may arrive late this afternoon if she is able to get some- one to bring her. You see. she never married. That is so hard to believe, but she always said she would be an old maid in spite of the fact that she had a date every evening. She lives out in the country next to "Smiles" Collin's farm. He is really a farmer. He was elected to bring the food for the reunion. Charles Burgess is in the transfer business, so he is going to use two of his largest trucks to bring the Collins Farm here. Coach Davison, Bee J certainl is gettin ' a lot of attention over there. He . . . h .L , . . , is just like he was years ago-small, but mighty. Hes giving Carmen Gregos son a few pointers on boxing. Carmen is busy making a success of himself in the Armv. Mfell, can you beat that! The man shortage is still on. There is Carolyn McClain-conductor on the Greensburg line. livery once in a while she ducks in at Martin's Drug Store. Man shortage there too. -Ioan still works at the fountain. Ruth Martin never was bored at N. U. For the past fifteen years she has been teaching First Aid to the Music teacher, Gerald Fee. A very wise idea. Agree? Carl Fasulky really has his hands full-of shoes. Margie Griffin, owner of Griffin's Shoe Polish Co. l1as hired Carl to give every class member a free shine. By tl1e time Carl is finished he will need a good polishing himself. Did you ever see Thelma McKittrick without a neat hair-do? I hear she goes to Mil-Mil's Beauty Parlor every week. The co-owners are Mildred Blaxek and Mildred Eutsey. I had a phone call last week from Iiouise Leptinsky. She and her friend, Millis Early, are nurses at Scott Field. Their boss, james Scott has given them a few days leave, and jimmy and his wife, Bessie Adenhart will accompany them there. I hope Stanley Konicki and his wife fHoney Lou Robinsonj make it early this evening. Stanley and Honey said they would greet the members at the dance .-6 2... this evening in the absence of President Ralston Dennis. I went past Ral's home last week and heard Junior being landed on for whistling at the girls. Neighbors say the feud is still going on. Takes after you Ral-let him be. My gosh, who is this running down the road? It's Clayton Smith, America's Qgndzgflagg, the second. He runs just likeheatsed toawlren he JA.LOl1lLl.1C21V!g Bus No. 2 at Fairground and beat it for home. I wonder if Romeo of IQ45 is here as yet? Yes, Alvin Pierce climbed the ladder to 'Iuliet's balcony and has managed to be married thrice, divorced thrice. The Dramatics Club IIIUSI have influenced hin1 and people say he is looking for No. fl-. Speaking of influence, who would have dreamed that David Mason would have become Governor of Pennsylvania. He and Senators John Phillips and Frank XVilliams are to meet for an important conference next week. I remember how brilliant they were back in high school. One of their headliners in the conference will determine whether Phyllis Hanna will continue to be the owner of "The Pop'em-Crack'em Chewing Gum Factory". Ann Durochik and Eleanor Duttko are in the offices of this renowned firm. lt seems that the noise made from the process of producing this gum has disturbed the class of Professor Willmur Sheranko. It seems he is having a nasty time trying to teach the children of Margaret Glass and XVilda Herbert the necessary rules in Math, while they are wondering how to snitch a stick or two without Judge YVilliam Renner finding it out. YVhy, just the other day he fined Emily Polito 3310.00 because her dog fought with Madelyn Ridley's cat. Bill's attractive secretary is Victoria Kapel. Oh yes, her high school chum, Dorothy Gurick, a member of the XVMBS staff, told over the radio yesterday evening that Martha Skovira, Florence Gulino, and Emilia Harenza are now the owners of the "Central Amusement Park." It is situated at Oliver, Pa. Two more successful people in the radio business are Ed Sikina and -Ioe Poremba who are the famous tobacco auctioneers heard on the "Roll Your Own program with Mary Elizabeth Novak, announcer and Veronica Pluto as her manager. The class of 1945 certainly represent themselves well in the field of science and medicine. Take Lt. Martha Malinzak of the Army Nurse Corps. She is now at the John Hopkins Hospital. She is Dr. Rudy Concheck's assistant. They are trying to find a cure for spring fever. And then, we have Dr. Aileen Furin, famous inventor, who invented a cure for the common cold. She is now trying to invent a rocket that goes to the moon, an invention which has been unsuc- cessful to this time. John Rebovitch has offered his service to test the speedy- demon. Opal Smearman will also help Dr. Furin to the fullest extent. William fTwo-Gunj Kavaka is now starring in a western film called "Two-Gun Rides Again." Q sure Academy Award VVinner.Q He, too, is in need of something. He is pleading Dr. Furin to discover some means of shooting a gun IlOt aimed, but still hit the bull's eye. Everyone will certainly be glad to welcome back Helen Lubich, Jessie Love, Yolande Miner, Marion McNutt, Helen Patchan, and Evelyn Landman, after a tour of foreign countries for the past ten years. These girls were certainly eager to receive a further education. The ship they arrived on was the U. S. Uniontown. They were interviewed by Edith Strawser and Pearl Volesko who are employed with the New York Times. Photographer Magdaline Shuster was on the spot to take pictures of them. joe Minnick, captain of the ship, stated that the next trip would be South America to pick up Frances Pisarik, Phyllis Burgess, Marianne Trimbath, and Elizabeth Kremposky, who went there on an expedition to find gold. By reports we find they were unsuccessful. South America is really wonderful, but they are homesick, so much that they would do anything to see Leonora Durso and her assistant Mildred Dempf designing .-631 costumes for the chorus girls in the Ziegfield Follies. Some of the Follies girls are Esther Dancer, Betty Burke, Ann Barcovic and Ethel Gregor. Next door to the Follies is a handy place. Mary "Mamie" Midlick is hair stylist for the actresses of the Starway Motion Picture Company, Mamie manages to "slip in" a couple of her friends for a new hair-do between curtains. Her friend, Elsie Visinaire is a dress designer for the same company. Dorcas Hann and Anna Cutler got a superb idea. After the reunion, any member who is worn out from shaking hands, talking too much, and eating beyond comfort, are cordially invited to visit their summer resort along the Atlantic Coast. Being very wise, Catherine Conchilla and Betty Grimm, rested at the resort before coming here. You see, they have just returned from a cruise on the yacht owned by Orville Matthews. It seems to me that after two big excursions anyone would be ready for the wagon. A sight for sore eyes- here is a wagon. There's jean Barnes driving up in her "wagon", She is taking up where her grandfather left off-undertaking business. I guess she's going to stick around in case anything does happen. VVC have so many memories of our four years at school but I believe IQ44-45 will be the most to remember. Then our boys left for the service. Some 20 years have passed but Admiral Leonard Cherison's speech at tl1e dinner tonight will give in detail how he and some of his crew sank 8 japanese ships one right after another. Frank Prah and David Stickle also took part in this great battle of YVorld IVar II. joe Midlick is going to fly Admiral Cherison here today. Joe is a Commercial pilot, who is usually stationed at an airport called "Sky." Once, while zooming through the air, a little engine trouble caused him to drop a 'ffew feet," clipping over a forest and peering down, he spied junior Ledgerton, a game hunter, who was looking for Charles Tradup, who is to put on an exhi- bition in a pool at the hotel near the forest. It seems that he got lost and junior was hired the posse. Everytime N. U.'s Wlave, Ruth Klein received a leave she goes to the Inn where Marthel Barney is bellboy. Marthel says june Edmun- son sings nightly at a neighboring club with Cab Calloway and his orchestra. She made the N. U. Blues famous. Melvin Stockton is the head of a city hospital in California. Another grad- uate to add his name to the list of the Medical profession. Claudine Hileman is here at the institution day in and day out. She's our Algebra teacher. She often sees Dorothy Shultz up near the school. She is hap- pily married to a former football player. Their daughter is just the image of Dorothy. A profession not very often successful, Esther Hayes, has become one of the world's greatest painters. She just finished painting a portrait of Martha Verbus. I would have thought Emery Stefanko, America's No. l baseball player, would bring a few celebrities to the reunion. Believe it or not, Emery made his first hit in the league's last game. A regular attender of his games, Nell McMillcn, now married some fifteen years or more, really gets a kick seeing him swing his bat with no results. The baseball field is next to the library and Dorothy On- drish, Librarian, has put in several claims for broken windows. Eleanor Zehel is the owner of the Union Supply Store which she had moved from Lemont. It is more convenient being near her home. My, what a snazzy looking limosine and who's driving? Vlhy, it's Tony Sadosky. He is chauffeur for business-man john Strickler. john is still out with his receipt book looking for those who failed to pay the balance on their yearbooks .... Oh, myl That was some dream I had. It all seemed so real. I wonder what the Class of 1945 will really be like in 1965. All we can do is wait and see. -54- Wolf Patrols loss Uncle Sams gain A lucnous armful and Poochle Savage Room 4s mlschlet kid How about a bite Nell' Cuddle up a little closer honey The happy-ga-lucky foursome The Cooley sisters. Minnie's a big girl now. Neal, a would-be sailor. Johnson Avenue Quartette. "Little Audrey". "Dotty". "Rock, Posh, Ugly, Poach, Ajax." Roe and Nell pause for a bit of ice cream. Cooties, Jason???? Es and Ark-Gruesome twosome. Eddie--Without Dot? wana Ayn ,um faq 144014 70 pany " .... Twenty-six graduates of North Union Township High School have sacri- ficed their lives in defending the democratic ideals we prize so highly. As an everlasting l1lClUOl'l2il to these men, the whole school cooperated in a project which resulted in the purchase of 30 varied evergreens, each one bear- ing the name of a fallen servicenian. These trees have been planted at various stations around the front ol the school and have enhanced the attractiveness ol' the school grounds. But to us they will always exemplify the unselfish service, the courage, the honor, and the love of our country for which these men died. john D. Sintich Michael Shimko Ralph Wfardle Robert NV. Gardner Robert .Xinsley Edgar .lose Matthew Carrow Frank Calderisi Dale li, Rishel Robert Manges Mike l,eeper John F. Honzes NVilbur Dick Paul Craig Ioseph Yablunosky Carl Farrel Carmen Gisnlond led Guesman liclward Haney Byron Jacobs Orville Yauger john l,0lllCOl2l Ioseph Barkovic Robert Stockdale Grace Dito Walter Novak Sfmnuvza White Swan Flower Shop Dice Spalding Sport Company The National Tailor Campbell-Hathaway Company-73 VVest Main Street Sauers Men's Store Bartons Flower Shop-John W. Vlhite Ellis Music Store Dulany's Schein Brothers Xvright-Metzlers Anderson Nut Shop Compliment of Bud's Clothing Store-Uniontown Rc Brownsville Tri-State Cleaning Company Benson's-Exclusive distributors of Richman Brothers Clothes Arelord Brothers Real Estate Freemen Shoe Store-36 Wlest Main Street Charles F. Eggers Company-80 East Fayette Street David S. Cooper--Used Cars Arcade Optical Company-2nd National Bank Bldg., Phone 641-5 Hormell's Hardware-Seeds, Recaps Pittsburgh Paints-Curt Moyer, Hopwood L67...

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