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Our School 1961 6 R. o ' Trojan North Troy Hngh School N th T V V Th AW 35,5 5 an if Q F Nfff Y 7 o ffgx 7 Q , -Ig Q Xvgf X55 f ff f g X, F Q AN S X I 1 nlllml nmltllllllllll ww "' 0 GQQCQQOQ , class of YSL defbbafe 17213 yearbook ro ol1rpa1'e12Cs- hfbo PV1115- paaboce c?l?C7'bS5O1Z'f Qodersraodlbtgg ba Ife .reeo as Ilzrozfgb oar J? years ofsofzoof 1176. 2661? O'efer1?y1beO' effffgrf Io Oyake lzs bdppjg r6e11aoc7e1-sra1zOQ12,g of ozfrprobfebp 10135151206 M16 as are lb' rebyebpbelj .s', and fbe 1053- Ive sb al 12- J Qlhfdys' QQ ss. The Semors step out mto the Future MOTTO "Success is a Measure of Effort CLASS COLORS Rose and Gray CLASS FLOWER Pmk Carnauon 0 2- HOOL HXGH SC .mul My k-f-f QQTIWV w,,.,k,.,A.1,Z A, ,. warn, AMN-0--1-+ f----Q V , - . L 'i If X AGRICULTURAL BUILDING COMMUNITY HALL Facult ROW lg Maurice L. Titus, Business Education, Joseph T. Brennan, Principal, Mrs. Edna Elliott, Languages, Mrs. Anne Butterfield, Eighth Grade and Science. ROW 2: Harold I. Haynes, Agriculture and Shop, Burns, R. Page, Seventh Grade, Sci- ence and Coach. Bernard R. Matthews, Music, Robert H. Galipeau, Mathematics. W. DUSTIN WHITE. Superintendent of Schools -. .fi i f wi QB? WL, in QW Ugifffmvwflf arm 'rl 3, rak A . J , f Wf1 .5 f A ' ' 0' rf Q, M 5 Q, df Q X ff Q A S K ,Q ' Q ,fuk 'uu- ,,..,.. ,sz ' s ,. ,,.. 1 3 ,WM if 3 0- N35 x .ww f ' spms . ,J f-I, vi?'f5fvg f. .MW ,, 2513, QTW Fmt, W R Pictu ,- , f .L 7 ,. J- "?'ff:m W-'ff'1f13,fg1??1 mein 5 - ,-,iffsglff 65,1 his 2 14,451 -. au,-fiff,g.g.1vs.m3f vu ' as ig M I-wif' 5wr-f:fwirf:fa1'n3u, . wig W. X L-'hii x'fag. 2 - M 5, ,. Q' 'if Mmm, J-Q1 f.,' ,. A.,- Q ,W if ., ..,,L. My W A , . b W, N.L, E ' ,Wksfz,mwQf A "'l'.ss.'2Z:. 15233 1 x Wiifjvffifj CNW 6 TYOJ , Th vmvffmq U SE Class History In 1957, as Freshmen, members of our class were: Claudette Auger, Armand Belisle, Nelson Berry, Mary Jane Cadieux, Robert Crete, Patricia Deaette, Shirley Demers, Kathleen Douglas, Lillian Fidler, Margaret Gagne, Gary Gallup, Francis Gladu, Connie Handy, Phillip Hardway, Karleen Haynes, Valerie Horn, Terry Mason, Linda Morse, Pearl Morse, Richard Parker, Arlene Ramsdell, Barbara Sanville, Jane Sargent, Virginia Saulters, Robert Starr, Gaytan Veilleux, Stanley Warner, Ellen Wilcox. We well remember our initiation, the funny clothes we wore, and the stunts were fun. We had a booth at the fair and so added some money to our treasury. Karleen Haynes and Terry Mason were our candidates for King and Queen of the Harvest Ball. "Three Daughters to Marry" was our entry in the One-Act Play Contest. Mrs. Butterfield was our director and we tied for second place. Our Sophomore year came very quickly. Claudette Auger, Armand Belisle, Robert Crete and Phillip Hardway did not return. Our class officers were: President - Robert Starrg Vice President - Francis Gladu, Secretary - Kathleen Douglasg Treasurer - Karleen Haynes. Gary Gallup. Richard Parker and Robert Starr were our Student Council Representatives. We initiated the Freshmen and we found out that it was more fun to initiate than to be initi- ated. We ordered our class rings and it seemed as if they would never come. We again took part in the three One-Act Plays with our play entitled "Life O' the Party." Mr. Haynes was our director and we received third prize. ln the fall of 1959, we entered our Junior year with a membership of twenty students. We were lucky enough to have both the King and Queen for the Harvest Ball chosen from our class. They were Kathleen Douglas and Robert Starr. Francis Gladu was marshal for the 1960 gradua- tion. Patricia Deaette was chosen to go to Girls' State and Robert Starr to Boys' State. Alter- nates were Karleen Haynes and Francis Gladu. At the end of the year, we spent most of our time preparing for the Senior Prom. We decorated the hall to the theme of "Stardust. " At last we have reached our last year at North Troy High School. On September 6, nineteen eager students entered N. T. H. S. as Seniors. Our class advisor was Mr. Titus and our officers were: President - Robert Starrg Vice President - Gary Gallup, Secretary - Margaret Gagneg Treasurer - Karleen Haynes. Student Council Representatives were Robert Starr, Kathleen Doug- las and Richard Parker. We were sorry that Arlene Ramsdell could not join us at the beginning of the year, but she returned the first of March. Again this year, the king and queen of the Harvest Ball were chosen from our class. They were Francis Gladu and Arlene Ramsdell. Margaret Gagne was chosen as Good Citizenship Girl. Baccalaureate and Commencement were held June 11 and 15. Commencement, this special event was when each one of us received his diploma. What a night to remember! The Class of 1961 at this time wish to extend our thanks to all those people who have made a special effort to help us in our years of high school. We will always cherish the memories of our teachers who somehow drilled into our heads what we were required to learn. We have tried to live up to our motto, "Success is a Measure of Effort," and we hope that all underclassmen will strive to do their-best, and continue their work in the spirit of our motto. PATRICIA JEAN DEAETTE August 14, 1943 Nickname: "Pat" Pet Peeveg "People that mingle in otherzpeoples' affairs. " Favorite Saying: "Mother, Hopper!" Band ------ - - Glee Club - - ' ' 1. Dramatics ----- ' Student Council Rep. - ' " ' Trojan Staff ----- ' ' 1.2 LV. Cheerleader - - ' ' Girls' State ---- ' Babe Ruth Award - - ' ' ' Basketball ------ ' ' 1. 2. All-State Basketball - - ' ' ' Basketball Co-Captain - - ' MARY JANE SUSAN CADIEUX August 12, 1943 Nickname: "Red" Pet Peeveg "Pickles" Favorite Saying: "Suffering Cats" Chorus ------ - - - - 2. 3.4 Girls' Basketball - - 5 - - 4 Honor Society - - - - 3, 4 Trojan Staff - - - - 4 Dramatics - - - - 1 SHIRLEY ANN DEMERS February 11, 1943 Nicknameg "Shirl" Pet Peeveg "Noisy Friends" Favorite Saying: "Of course you did" 2 'xx Chorus ---- - - - 3 'fi i , . , 5" , K awfmsw fjff l ' .- wif- .f , .f f ', . . ggfigf-9'f5f::'f KATHLEEN PRISCILLA DOUGLAS May 28, 1943 Nickname: "Kathy" Pet Peeveg "Eavesdroppers on the telephone" Favorite Saying: "Yahoo ! " Chorus ----- - - 1, 2, 4 Cheerleaders - - - - - 1,2 Class Secretary - - - - - - 2 Student Council Rep. - - - - 4 Harvest Ball Queen - - - - - 3 Trojan Staff ----- - - 4 Basketball Manager - - - - 4 All-State Chorus - - - - 4 Yearbook staff - - - - 4 LILLIAN ARMINTA FIDLER November 12, 1942 Nickname: "Chick" Pet Peeveg "Mr, Titus" Favorite Saying: "How about that!" N.E. Music Festival - - - - - Basketball ------- - - Dramatics - - - - Trojan Staff - - MARGARET RITA GAGNE June 17, 1943 Nickname: "Maggie Pet Peeveg "People who are always talking about things they really know nothing about." Favorite Saying: "Bag!" Class Secretary - - - - - - - 1,4 Trojan Staff ----------- - - 1, 3, 4 Asst. Manager of Magazine Drive - - - - 3,4 Press Conference Rep. ------- - - 3 Good Citizenship Award - - - 4 Yearbook Staff ----- - - 4 Honor Society - - - - 3, 4 Band ""' ' ' " " 112 31 Glee Club ------- - - 1.2 3 Nicknameg "Wally Pet Peeveg "Teachers Favorite Saying What s t yuh Band ----- N.E. Band - - Basketball - - N. E. Basketball Tournament Baseball - - - Baseball State Tournament FFA ----- Student Council Nicknameg "Plum Pet Peeveg "Silly girls Favorite Saying What s it to yuh FFA ---- Baseball - - Basketball - - Baseball State Tournament Basketball Co Captain FFA Delegate Nickname: "Fran Pet Peeveg "Study1ng Favorite Saying You good for nothing cotton picker PFA-- -- Baseball - - Basketball - - Baseball State FFA Delegate Chorus ---- Trojan staff - FFA Treasurer FFA Secretary Dramatics - - 'Slit-. A CONNIE JUNE HANDY June 17, 1943 Nickname: "Coke" Pet Peeveg "Boys" Favorite Saying: "The old fool. " Glee Club - - - 1, 2 Dramatics - - - 1.2 Trojan Staff- - - - 2, 3 Girls' Basketball - - - 2 KARLEEN FRANCES HA YNES September 28, 1943 Nickname: "Pit" in li -in :lei Favorite Saying: "You want 'a bet." Class Treasurer - - - - Chorus ------ - Band ------ - Dramatics ---- - Queen Candidate - - I.V. Cheerleader - - All-State Band - - - Varsity Cheerleader - - N.E. Festival ---- Magazine Drive - - Trojan staff - - VALERIE JANET HORN January 10, 1943 Nickname: "Val" Pet Peeve: "Comic Books" Favorite Saying: "Duck your head, Charlie." Pet Peeve: "Walking on cold and rainy days." 3 3 4 4 1,2 1,2 1,2 Chorus ----- ' ' 1f2'3 4 N.E. Festival - - ' 1-2 4 Basketball ------' ' 11 3 4 Basketball Co-Captain - - " ' 4 Vice President ----- ' ' 1 Secretary ----- ' " 1 3 All-State Festival - - ' ' 4 Trojan Staff ---- ' ' " 4 Band ----- - - 1,2-3 4 Dramatics ---- ' ' 1 2 Yearbook Staff - - - ' " 4 LINDA LEE MORSE March 13, 1943 Pet Peeveg "My Shadow" Glee Club - - - - 1, 2, 3 Trojan Staff - - - - - - Yearbook Staff - - - - RICHARD cAvrs PARKER May 18, 1943 Nickname: "Butch" Pet Peeveg "Mouthy Girls" Favorite Saying: "Don't be foo1ish" FFA ------- - - 1,2 State FFA Band - - - - - 2 Class Vice President - - ---- - 3 Student Council - - - - - 1. 2. 3. 4 Basketball ---- ' ' 1. 2. 3 Baseball ---- ' ' 1.2 Trojan Staff - - - - - 4 Dramatics - - - ' ' 1.2 ARLENE ELAINE RAMSDELL November 19, 1942 Pet Peeve: " Hospitals" Favorite Saying: "Do you mean it?" Harvest Ball Queen - - - - - Dramatics ------ - - - 1 Chorus - - - - - 1,2 Basketball - - - - 1,2 Trojan staff --------- ---- Northeastern Music Festival - - - 1 Basketball Co-Captain - - - - - ROBERT A. STARR, JR. December 17, 1942 Nickname: "Bobby" Pet Peeveg "Mouthy people" Favorite Saying: "That's right." Dramatics - - - ------ - 1,2 Fire Patrol ---- - 2, 3, 4 Class President ------ 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council ------ 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council, Vice Pres. , Pres. ------------ 3, 4 Boys' State -------- - - - 3 FFA State Band, District Reporter, Pres. - - ---- 1,2, 4 Baseball ----- - - 1, 2, 3, 4 Nickname: "Janie" Pet Peeveg "Tests'f Trojan Staff ---- Trojan Editor ---- Yearbook Staff - - - Press Conference Rep. Basketball fCo-Captainj - 1, 2, 3, C41 Soccer CCo-Captainy - - 1, 2, 3, C45 Band ----------- 1, 2, 3,4 N.E. Festival Band, Chorus - - 2,3 FFA Reporter ----------- 3 FFA District Delegate - - - - 1 FFA State Delegate - - - - - 3 FFA State Milk Judging f2nd Placej ------ - - 3 Harvest Ball King - - - - 3 JANE EVA SARGENT December 13, 1943 Favorite Saying: "Really. " -- 1,2,3,4 ---- 4 - --2,4 --4 GAYTON ANDRE VEILLEUX November 6, 1943 Pet Peeveg "English" Favorite Saying: "Ya, ya"l FFA ------- FFA Secretary ---------- FFA Delegate to State Convention - - Fire Patrol ------------ - l,2,3,4 ----4 --- 3 - 2.3.4 STANLEY HERMAN WARNER October 13, 1943 Nickname: "Stan" Pet Peeveg "Homework" Favorite Saying: "You dor1't say" FFA ---- - - - 1, 2, 3, 4 Fire Patrol - ' ' - - - 3,4 Dramatics - - - 2, 3 ELLEN ARDELL WILCOX November 15, 1942 .f Pet Peeveg "Winter" Favorite Saying: "Jiminy Crickets" Chorus ---- - - 1, 2, 4 Trojan Staff- - - - - 4 Yearbook Staff - - ff an SIP" 5151 L , CLASSES Junior Class ROW lg Nancy Parmenter, Anita Cadieux, Margo St. Onge, Mrs. Elliot, Sandra Smith, Gloria Sargent Nancy Pudvah, Bernard Gladu. ROW 2: Rose Sevigny, Priscilla Willis, Larry Judd, Gary Wing, Robert Cadieux, Leon Mead, James Carter, Claudette Desjarlais. ROW 3: Nancy Cota, Gary Hall, Caroline Flood, Barbara Sanville. Sophomore Class ROW 1: Monica Forest, Annette Choquette, Susan Westerberg, Mr. Galipeau, Advisor, Lucille Choqu- ette, Rejean Forest, Susan Bowers, Therese Paquin. ROW 2: lla Morse, Judith Cadieux, Arthur Morse, Robert Beldon, Bernard Denton, Harry Niles, Albert Dumont, Donald Percy, Albert Lauzon, Conrad Coulombe, Carolyn Ramsdell. ROW 3g Lance Sargent, Marcia Bocash, Steven Starr, Marie Gagne, Cheryl Horn, Robert Baker, Lorraine Leblanc, Alice Horn. Freshmen ROW lg Thomas Alberghini, Hazel Phillips, Patricia Mayhew, Mr. Haynes, Valerie Bocash, Jayne Warner, Paulette Boudreau, Gary Lucier. ROW 23 Sandra Sargent, Lorraine Choquette, Micheline Auger, Dale Hazard, Howard Gibney, Lincoln Brooks, Donna Judd, Rose-Marie Leblanc, Robert Lauzon Linda Gibney. ROW 31 Neil Hall, Lyle Allen, Gaston Leblanc, Raymonde Desroches, Helen Handy, Patricia Cadieux, Arnold Cota, Laurent Leblanc. 4 J 1 W 5' , A. J w, kiwi V ff 'vw Eighth, Grade ROW 1: Edward Manning, Linda Horskins, Ida Willis, Larry Beldon, Mrs. Butterfield, Advisor, Robert Fontaine, Frank Niles, Richard Cole. ROW 21 Rosaire Berthiaurne, Joanne Vincent, Patricia Viellieux, Richard Caples, Alan Aiken, Mahlon Willis, Lynwood Taylor, Andre Amyot, Linda Handy, Mary Ann Belisle. ROW 31 Linda Verge, Michael Bocash, Earle Stewart, Roger Baraw, Robert Amyot, Merrill Crawford, Steve Roberts, Betty Gibney, Richard Baker. M, 5 I f Q it W Sezfenrtlz Grade ROW lg Rachel Roberts, Linda Sherman, Lillian Chaput, Delores Percy, Mr. Page, Frederick Phillips, Milton Willis, Raymond St. Onge, Connie Cota. ROW 2: George Douglas, Donna Percy, Persis Wilcox, Simone Lauzon, Richard Orr, Donna Cole, Dext- er Flood, Richard Choquette, Suzette Dubois, Bernice Manning, Gaylord Gallup, John Sevigny. ROW 31 Wayne Sheltra, Mary St. Onge, Reginald Hanson, Raymond LaPalme, Michael McWilliams, Caroline Armstrong, Sandra Judd, Paul Bouchard, Linda Caples, Willie Santaw. Grade Patrol ROW 1: Evelyn Baraw, Marvin Cota, Denise Amyot, Mallory McWilliams, Robert Descheneau, Brian Dunn, Urban Starr, Dudley Leavitt. ROW 21 Jean-Paul Desroches Michael Smith, Michael Bouchard, John Starr, Dianne Allen, Dennis Forrest, Edward Caples, Andre Dumont. ROW 3: Geraldine Frost, Kenneth Brennan, Wayne Hazard, Richard Vigeant, Richard Sevigny, Howard Deaette, James Wing, Mrs. Leavitt. U AC FQ Q 15" QI-.P -KX iam Student Council . ROW lg Nancy Parmenter, Robert Starr, Mr. Brennan, Advisor, Monica Forest, Sandra Smith. ROW 2: Paulette Boudreau, Lucille Choquette, Susan Bowers, Kathleen Douglas, Richard Parker, Thomas Al- berghini, Nancy Pudvah, Frank Niles. ROW 31 Robert Fontaine, Frederick Phillips, Lillian Chaput, Linda Sherman, Valerie Bocash, Larry Beldon. as Ge :P it ' The Student Council had an f" fi ' , ,Q 'R' 1' -M rw, . vol' active year. They sponsored the 'ye Harvest Ball, One-Act Play Contest and helped to provide uniforms for Q: new .t the Band and Soccer teams. 5 ,...-ov' l f if ff ,pl- ,, 55 1 K V' I 5- 2 t 4 t sf '55 wtmmw, X F' 4 ., ff x I 15 Trojan Stay? ROW lg Richard Parker, Valerie Horn, Nancy Parmenter, Mr. Titus, Jane Sargent, Sue Westerberg, Francis Gladu, Margaret Gagne. ROW 2: Gary Gallup, Kathy Douglas, Ellen Wilcox, Nancy Pudvah, Rose Sevigny, Claudette Desjarlais, Sandra Smith, Lillian Fidler, Karleen Haynes, Bernard Gladu, Gary Hall. ROW 31 Gloria Sargent, Anita Cadieux, Robert Starr, Connie Handy, Nancy Cota, Linda Morse, Mary Jane Cadieux, Patty Deaette, Caroline Flood. iii -ii 15311558 1' Mr. Titus, Richard Parker, Valerie Horn, Jane Sargent. l ROW lg Laurent LeBlanc, Niel Hall, Gaston LeBlanc, Wendell Lawson, Ray Morse, Steve Starr, Arnold Cote, Lyle Allen, Lance Sargent. ROW 21 Stanley Warner, Gary Gallup, Bob Cadieux, William Wright, Bob Hammond, Mr. Haynes, Bob Starr, Gayton Veilleux, Bernard Gladu, Francis Gladu, ROW 3: Gary Lucier, Leon Mead, Conrad Coulumbe, Albert Lauzon, Reginald Woodard, David Urie, Gary Wing, Bernard Gladu, Albert Dumont, Donald Willey, Donald Percy, Roger Lucas. ROW 43 Gary Hall, Robert Baker, Vernon Warner, Lincoln Brooks, Dennis Field, Larry Judd, Gary Richardson, Howard Gibney, Robert Lauzon, James Demers. FFA. Fire Patrol ROW lg Gary Lucier, Lance Sargent, Arnold Cota, Neil Hall, Lyle Allen, Laurent LeBlanc, Leon Mead ROW 2: Gaston Lablanc, Gary Hall, Stanley Warner, Gary Gallup, Gayton Veilleux, Robert Starr Jr. , Steve Starr, Francis Gladu, ROW 35 Bernard Gladu, Conrad Coulumbe, Albert Lauzon, Robert Cadieux Gary Wing, Bernard Denton, Albert Dumont, Larry Judd, Arthur Morse, Howard Gibney. Chorus ROW lg Linda Gibney, Barbara Sanville, Alice Horn, Valerie Horn, Helen Handy, Valerie Bocash, Patricia May- hew, Anita Cadieux, Susan Westerberg, Nancy Pudvah. ROW 21 Paulette Boudreau, Susan Bowers, Patricia Deaet- te, Donna Judd, Sandra Smith, Cheryl Horn, Lucille Choquette, Monica Forest, Raymonde Desroches, Hazel Phil- lips, Ellen Wilcox. ROW 3: Karleen Haynes, Linda Morse, Margo St. Onge, Michilene Auger, Rose Sevigny, Caro- lyn Ramsdell, Annette Choquette, Lorraine Leblanc, Marcia Bocash, Kathy Douglas. ROW 41 Mr. Matthews, Bern- ard Gladu, Nancy Cota, Mary Jane Cadieux, Rejean Forest, Lorraine Choquette, Claudette Dejarlais, Gloria Sargent, Therese Paquin, Lillian Fidler, Nancy Parmenter. ROW 51 Gary Hall, James Carter, Robert Cadieux, Harry Niles, Dale Hazard, Francis Gladu, Thomas Alberghini, Robert Baker. The Chorus Rehearses g xg W 'R Z W ,Aw F ., K 4 "fx W at l x Ay I , ' 5' 3' ,flu 2352 V i f WS' na., ,v 1 -sn ' img. QS' . xg. .V ' V 'U' x 5 Y' I L S Q , l 'S W , . a . . I , ll ' H Li X f'v Soccer ROW lg Bernard Gladu, Frank Niles, Robert Cadieux. Robert Starr, Thomas Alberghini Dale Hazard, Steve Starr. ROW 2: Robert Beldon, Richard Cole, Edward Manning, Gaston Leblanc, Richard Caples, Gary Gallup, Mr. Page, Coach. wr- Baseball ROW lg Dale Hazard, Gary Hall, Steve Starr, Francis Gladu, Bernard Gladu, Thomas Alberghini. ROW 21 Mr. Page, Coachg Robert Beldon, Robert Starr, Bernard Denton, Robert Cadieux, Gary Gallup. if to lil?" XVff"7,, Sseigbe in ' A f f .3 V . 3.511 V 3:55Sj3Qf:ii:3g5g k 9 'FEE 2' alia. annyc Qin ,f 'Qs 4:5- nw . 4 . ' ' .1 5 xg f K. ff' fiif' ff ff Q' X5 W kai e YM K, f Q.- Varsity Cheerleaders Monica Forest, Nancy Parmenter, Anita Cadieux, Sandra Smith. Lorraine Choquette f V Cheerleaders Linda Handy, Linda Horskins, Marcia Bocash, Rachel Roberts, Linda Sherman. H013 Lunch Left to right: Mrs. Sargent, Mrs. Dumont, Donna Percy, Linda Caples, Sandra Sargent Delores Percy, Lance Sargent, Arnold Cora, Lyle Allen, Jane Sargent. "Lineup for Chow." Q 'X' ww? lr fl "Chow Hounds" Class Poem North Troy High, we now salute you As a school forever dearg We will ne'er forget your training And the things that we've learned here Four long years we've been together Gathering memories day by day Though we leave here, we will never Forget the things we've heard you say. And our teachers we'll remember, For their wisdom tried and true, Always ready to encourage When the road seemed long and drear. Now a new world we must enter Let our steps be firm and true, For the glory of a high school Depends on what its graduates do. Qu.. ' ,512 - , , Q. f. ,Q QD A R , 1' Q., x I :kwa ,Q "' vu SW ADVERTISERS DOT'S SHOP DOROTHY AND HAROLD HAYNES Men's - Ladies' - Children's Clothing Toys - Nove ltie s Footwear North Troy, Vermont Compliments of ORLEANS COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION P. W. LAWSON'S, INC. Ford - Mercury KERR BUICK, INC. Buick W. E. LILLICRAP CO. Pontiac - Cadillac International ROBERGE AUTO SALES Lark Sales and Service NATOLE MOTOR CO. Dodge - Plymouth DeSoto - Chrysler KEN FRAWLEY CHEVROLET CO Chevrolet - Corvair DAVE ALLEN, INC. Rambler - Nash BARTON MOTOR COMPANY, Ford - Falcon INC CARR PORTRAIT srumos 110 Church Street Burlington, Vermont 'G-I X e,-lv, aww -I N114 - 1 Vermont's Leading School Photographers KAW fu r , XI mem I 'Qin II f I L X Alf ff if ' I If X fr W Y I ' ehr I CLASS RINGS 0 COMMENCEMENT ANNCUNCEMENTS PERSONAL CARDS 0 TROPHIES 0 CLUB PINS 0 DIPLOMAS SAWYER W. LEE 40 Brewer Parkway, Soufh Burlingfon, Vermonf, Telephone 4-6250 ALSO REPRESENTATIVE FOR TAYLOR-MADE YEARBOOKS THE RUBERCID C0. Patronize Your Local Industry Buy Ruberoid Building Products Wvmec HWITTENDEN TRUST COMPANY rl' 0 Q FIAN lxxi Bu,l.n,mfff 45 ds S E RBV I N G NORTHE 'N I v RMONI VALLEY BANK DIVISION North Troy NEWPORT DIVISION Newport Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PAUL E. STE. MARIE SUPER IGA MARKE T Headquarters for Slalom Ski Wear Dunham's Original Tyroleans for the Entire Family Phone YUkon 8-2285 North Troy, Vermont Compliments of STARR'S TRANSPORTATION, INC. 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BUNGALO LINDSAY LODGE AND BEACH Dining Room - Snack Bar Picnic Areas - Swimming Spacious Grounds Magnificent Scenery - Guest House Re stful Atmosphere Gardens - Excellent Home Cooking Tel. Newport 510, 922, and 757 p ,- L. . 7 A , .,, ,Q 1.5 .hxqsmfllq , C p ' u x ,P . . , Q LESTER ALBERGHINI Meats - Fruits - Tobacco Groceries - Candy - Vegetables Tel. 2131 North Troy, Vt. RCA Victor Motorola SEGUIN MUSIC CO., INC. Radios - Stereophonic Hi-Fidelity Phonographs 69 Main Street Newport, Vermont Besson-Pedler Band Instruments "Enjoy Life With Music" Compliments of DR. LEO SEGAL North Troy, Vermont HOTEL REBA Home of Fine Foods Warm Hospitality Props., M. AND M. DUNN North Troy, Vermont Compliments of BORDER RESTAURANT Main Street North Troy, Vermont A. L. HAMELIN Refrigidaire Appliances Farm and Dairy Accessories. 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DEAN HALE Compliments of MEN'S STORE CHECKERBOARD FEED STORE Clothing - Footwear Sporting Goods Newport - St. Johnsbury Tel. 434 Newport, Vermont Compliments of Compliments of IOLA'S R. E. BLAKE, INC BEAUTY SHOP Owens Boats - M. F. G. Boats Johnson Motor s Newport, Vermont Tel. 1040 Newport, Vermont y I 'Join the Grand Parade to GRAND UNION- EMPIRE SUPERMARKETS" "Save Cas h and Stamps" HERE-U-R SANDWICH SHOP Hours l1A.M. - 12 Midnight TOMMY BROOME, JR., Manager Compliments of J. B. POLICE Newport, Vermont Compliments of the JUNIOR CLASS Pres . , Sandra Smith V. Pres., Margo St. Onge Sec., Anita Cadieux Treas . , Gloria Sargent Student Council Rep. , Sandra Smith Nancy Parmenter, Nancy Pudvah Benson's Store BOOSTERS Mr. Leonard Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Deaette Donald G. Doug Attorney Armand Gagne Fernard Gagne Walter Gallup Leopold Gladu Gr avelin' s Sport Shop Gr ayside Lodge Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Handy las and Son Hendy Brothers Kerr's Tourist Lanoue' s Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Max Morse Mrs. Norma B. Parker Mis s Wilma Sargent Mr Mr Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Robert Starr Patrice Veilleux Gerald Warner Roland Horn This yearbook has been made possible through the generous support of our advertisers. We extend our appreciation to them and to all who have aided in the preparation of this book. The Senior Class of 1961 f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are TayIor4made"

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