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Quinn K ...ww lull! , V . 5 s 4+-+-H+' ,g,,..,.,4.f we-7 W M, ,,,..?, 4- ' , Q V It I J' fl-.. . '-'+R .g"pL,,,..,,5,.4n ln + 'A Pwr A A v mnrd ,.....f-wr M W ,.. ,wr- . ,W ,, V If 1 if vs if . . ' W- M "' V We Q gm .. s. ya. . I .41 Mk Q.-2. .....,i,7w' V 4 ,. TQ' wap-U Q WP 5 . .L I -, v, - , .Q,,-"" 9 :QW In 4 ,- ' I' A ,JP .' - 'ff' , , ' I 9 .Q 4' ' ,nfl 5- .H Q .44 J, ' ,4-44'l"" '- L Y"'fW""""2 N4 'lx ,af . f--w at . nad 5 , Pl!-,, . ', 'ws af. .V if I -f -.M mfwlf Q eau! llll llll llll llll llll IIIW 'Q ' ii 37 2? 5 '1 ii :KM Vx I lu - W::.W'. - "1 7...N'81f'lFa5i ,I ' yvT , a-1 .il- .fi :wg ,,, ,H , 41 '-I: ' 1 5 ,. W.. ,ft v- . ELLA f. 53, 3225 LSCQELQ' Wil-A - 1'1" Inf' ' "' IEE ' . 4 ..:, .351 '-215. A r Y, ,5 M. ,. :lk -rl ., V -fra. A , , I '1 r ' vm 1 :',. 4 . 1' .' V, J ' X ' ' L .L .. . . 'f"f5l- .Y 1 ,.g. Q-ff 34 'if if 8, 1.59 It NP. . ,ji 141 '32 '- .s E?" J. -. ,, ,. ., L , ..-:gnu L1 1 72 ' 4 ff TP I .L-3' 5: , . E33 .' QR f,.f J 2' Q. 'F W Lf: 24 ,n,,,..,.,,: wg- :nfs e ,ffl U, ' Y .' 1 U . F 7 T.,-' ,-yf'E,4 . l-Q?" 122,55 ff-E M.-254 4 .., 3153? f.f.':'i JV- I .i,. imma 3' ,S .-IL. :ie -1131 , .,. x . NN f Y W5 '9 . 32' 7, ' 33, M . J1- .- S . 1 w QF v . . 5, iii., !' 1: , i ll 'ly' . 1 2, 1 2 - w aw- F Q M . .Qw- fX hfzwg ...- ---... ..-.....-...,.'x Presented By The Class of 1953 Sunburst, Montana "3 I ' I ,,,,,,,,. -,. W-, L' 21 21 9 -2271?-gf-5 E2 E5 szfifeafizfa' 5235 - 1 '-ii? '-:L : Q52 .-51:52 . :,: :-:::.: 1 E... Hareward 'Tis but a little book But oh, how fondly dear! 'T will bring back those golden hours, Through many a future year. It is our sincere wish that this annual will bring to you fond recollections of days spent in Sunburst High. We wish to thank Miss Mclvianua, without whose help and guidance the publication of this annual would not have been possible. We also wish to thank our parents and teachers for the help and time they have given us in the past four years. Sunburst High, may we ever be worthy of you! 1 9 .gl 2315 .... C554 ,.-sE"'e- i:""?'3 ,..-zz--9 -sA.sgsg,1g- an gk. - -:.:fsr'fze2-ffyfa-ff.:-. 41' :,, 2, .,yQi37.1F3Yfq'XQl2-as 9- , 5:uffcg.avQt.s A , 13' .M "QI If vi ,wa , , ' tvvt. , .S.,., .5 .-.,-.N-.-1: --f' , -31-. sn-He. 3 9" 'ae '-'-asv ETX' tgf!..,,4z-es!2'?'R4i"-Q3W',:'..pe1y'-- s':egss:q'-ssigy -S12 Ii!-'s'fg2.rA'2f':-r. 4- 4-as-I s"' 5-'-4'7ge.,-+?s1k,.:S al' jQEfppf.5v3f1,',fs"'?a.3l'fQk!:Q,gf" 'tfgtmiaiwgf --- - - -. mm ---H 'Qzg!fg1-5'?g-4J4g?E?f,iT5's' W5-..-,g..'IS!,!U'ffgv' 51 1 . tgqffp mg. 5 -4.?th.Av 4: . ' ., 'WS ' 0 0 ,pushy an fc! up 'iw 'iss 1 To all the people of North Toole County and their representatives, the school board members, to Miss Mary M. Condon and the State Department of Public Instructiong to Miss Edith C. Cox, County Superintendent, and the County Commissioners of Toole Countyg to Superintendent Duane R. Taft and the faculty of the Sunburst Schools: for Their efforts in accomplishing the planning and building of our beautiful new high school, thus furthing the educational opportunities of our youth, we, the Class of '53 gratefully dedicate our yearbook, the 1953 CAPROCK . -1 1.1-11 - d Q.: ,- -QUE K i V "Sit ' f 'Q L ' Je' ,. Mfg .. "fp I' 369 TL- " . ,f fu' v Snperinfendenfiv Message This year will probably be known in history as the end of an epoch or era. we have struggled out of a great depression. we have battled through the greatest war in history. we have witnessed the beginning of the conflict of ideologies-communism and democracy. we have seen a resurgence of interest and dedication to religious principals. You, the Seniors of 1953, have lived in this complex time of change and trememdous technological ad- vancement. This new high school from which you are graduating is evidence of the times you live in. May its quiet dignity, simple beauty, and functional utility be an inspiration to all as it has been to us in the short time we have had to enjoy and appreciate it .... WM!! its l1 ,gl-1 I l Principal? Message It might be well that you as young men and women should pause long enough to give life a serioas thought. What you are, have been, and may be is based upon three influences in your lives, the home, the church, and the school. Under normal conditions you are born into a home, welcome in the churches, and required to attend school. Some see no need for all three, but few upon reaching old age and retirement will hesitate to say, that life in order to be complete must have the follow- ing, They are: Klj wholesome family relationship, Q21 faith in a Creator, and 135 education for better understanding of and an appreciation for our democratic way of life. These thoughts I sincerely leave with you, that you may be guided toward and more eager to seek in life that which is GOOD. Wim ?aculty MR. FLOYD FROST Business Education Freshman Sponsor Algebra 1 MISS BLANCHE MCMANUS Annual Sponsor Library English MR, ROMLOUS MALONE Social Studies Senior Class Sponsor MISS ALICE BROWNELL Home Economics Hot Lunch Supervisor Biorogy f MR, DON EDWARDS Coach Junior Class Sponsor General Mathematics Health Education Physical Education MR, HOWARD LOVE Shop Mechanical Drawing Trades and Industry Beginners' Shop E Y MR, WALTER BOURRET Driver Training 3 Bus Maintenance MR. VERNON MAURITSEN Band -4'k'a Sophomore Class Sponsor Beginners' Band Grade Band MR, LYNN STEIN Science Mathematics Tumbling LARRY BRADY Band 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 3,4 Chorus 3 Refiner Staff 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 Art Club 1, 2 Square Dance Club 2 Rose Festival 3 "Bored with the buttoning and unbuttoning of life. MARLENE MAXWELL Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 1, 2 Class Secretary-Treasurer 1 Class Secretary 2 Office Girl 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Latin 1 Badminton Club Treasurer 2, 3 Carnival Queen 3 Rose Festival 3 Love haunts no heart where learning lies! ?" JOHN DOGGETT Basketball 2 Band 1, 2, 3,4 Pep Band 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 1, 2 Square Dance Club l, 3 Baseball 1, 2 Badminton 1, 2, 3 Boys' Home Economics 2 Boys' Home Economics 2 Rose Festival 3 Freckle-faced and always willing "Freck1e-faced and always willing. 5, 'J Q. VIOLET SUTA Annual Staff 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Rose Festival 4 Music Festival Feature Band 1,2 Music Camp 2 Precious things come in small packages. " JOEL FROST Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 Track 2 years Badminton 2, 3 Boys' State 3 Annual Staff 4 It is better to have loafed and lost than never to have loafed at all, " KAY HOLTZ Chorus 1, 2, 3 Elks' Talent Contest Rose Festival 3 Band 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 2 Square Dance Club 1,3 Annual Staff 4 Girls' League 1,2, 3,4 "What! Fly from love when it has wings and I have only feet?" LaVELLE FDC Chorus 1, 3 Square Dance Club 1, 3 Pep Band 2, 3 Secretary-Treasurer Band 2, 3,4 Chemistry Dispensor 3 Annual staff 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Librarian 2 Rose Festival 3 Gaze into her eyes and see a little angel. . . gaze a little longer and see a little imp. " S HELEN LEWIS Class Vice President 4 Twirling 1,2, 3,4 Girls' League 1, 2, 3 Rose Festival 3 Pep Squad 1,2, 3,4 Chorus 3 Annual Staff 4 State Twirling Contest 3 "Picture her crying, outside in the lane. " as s-Q! , X. KAREN NELSON Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 4 Orchestra 3 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 Class Secretary 1, 3 State Oratorical Contest 3 A11 State Band 3 True blue, clear through. " ALMIT BREUER Football 2, 4 Chorus 1, 2 Class Secretary 1, 2 Annual staff 4 Class Representative 3 A miss in the dark is worth two in the light, " BENNY SUTA Track 2 Annual Staff 4 Square Dancing Club 3 Art Club 2 Refiner Staff 2, 3,4 "He was born young and has never gotten over it, " IEANETTE LUND Chorus 1,2, 3 Annual Staff 4 Band 1, 2, 3,4 Cheerleader 3,4 Feature Band 2, 3,4 Pep Band 1, 2 Badminton Club 2, 3, 4 Rose Festival 3 "Oh, Beauty! What I have suffered for thy sake, " LARS GALLUP Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Student Council 1, 3, 4 Letterman's Club 1, 2, 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Rose Festival 3 Boys' State 3 "Studying certainly interfered with my education, " BETTY LEE Annual Staff 4 Twirling 2, 3, 4 Pep Squad 1, 2, 3,4 Rose Festival 3 State Twirling Contest 3 I ask nothing for myself but give my mother a son-in-law. " EDGAR O'HAIRE Basketball Manager l, 2 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 2 Boys' Home Economics 2 Refiner Staft 2, 3 "All great men are dying. . . Napoleon is dead. . .I feel sick myself, " Pl-IYLLIS CROCKFORD Chorus 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Rose Festival 3 Class Treasurer 2 Annual Staff 4 'Her heart is like the moon there's a man in it, " ROBERT MCPHIE Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1,4 Manager 1, 2, 3 Pep Band 3,4 Boys' Home Economics 2 Art Club 1, 2 Letterrnan's Club 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Rose Festival 3 Little, but oh-My! " THEADORA WIEGAND Annual staff 4 Twirling 1, 2, 3 Pep Squad 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1 With the fearful strain that ts on, if I did not laugh, I should die. " MARLENE FRISKE Chorus 1, 2 Refiner Staff 3 Annual staff 4 Office Girl 3, 4 Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4 Square Dance Club 1, 3 Hot Lunch 1, 2 "She's like a brook, noisy but pleasant, " JOHN CHRISTOFERSON Football 2,3,4 Baseball 1, 2 Badminton 1, 2, 3 Basketball 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Square Dance Club 1, 3 Annual Staff 4 His mind is a storehouse of knowledge to which he has lost the key. " EVELYN MALBERG Chorus 1, 2 Class Sec. Treas. 3,4 Gir1's State 3 Annual Staff 4 Art Club Pres. 1 Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4 Square Dance Club 3 It's nice to be natural wh naturally nice. " en you're KENNETH MCKENZIE Class President 3 Lettermens' Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Square Dance Club 1, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 I hear a hollow sound: Who rapped on my skull?" WANDA MASON Annual Staff 4 Twirling 4 Girls' League 1, 2 For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever." MARY LOU BROWN Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 1, 2, 3 Rose Festival 3 Chorus 1, 2 Annual Staff 4 "If silence is golden, this girl is wealthy. " VIOLET MCALPINE Annual Staff 4 Twirling 2, 3, 4 Rose Festival 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Square Dancing 1, 3 Girls' League 1, 2, 3 State twirling contest 3 She makes quite a ripple in the current of events." BOB PELLETT Baseball 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Debate 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 All State Band 3 "Good nature and good sense ever combined, " FERN HARVEY Purple and Gold League 2 yr Pep Club 1 yr. Glee Club 1 yr. Queen 1 It's love that makes the world go 'round." SHIRLEY LEMMON Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Portland Rose Festival 3 Chorus 1, 2 Pep Band 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 'She speaks, behaves and acts just as she should, " CLYDE LUCKENBILL Annual Staff 4 "Wise to resolve and pat- ient to perform," 611155 Mstary The class of '53 who entered the doors of the Sunburst High School in Sept- ember, 1949, were as follows, John Doggett, Phyllis Crockford, Marlene Friske, Mary Lou Brown, Tommy Smith, Audrey Jernberg, John Christoferson, Violet Suta, Lars Gallup, Perry Lee, Marlene Maxwell, Kay l-loltz, Louis Suta, Benny Suta, Evelyn Malberg, Clyde Luckenbill, Violet McA pline, Dena Mae Yarbrough Robert McPhie, Betty Lee, Jeanette Lund, Edgar O'Haire, Theadora Simmes, Wanda Mason, Jim MCA pline, Doris Maxwell, Beverly Strom, Leota Hudson, Joel Frost, Larry Brady, Dean Lovchik, Shirley Lemmon, Kenneth McKenzie, Tad Minnick, Dale Butts, and Helen Lewis. For initiation we were dressed in everything from diapers to long-johns. After a long, tiring trip to the "S" we were invited to the Home Economics for refreshments. During October we gained LaVelle Fix from Renton, Washington. The year we became Sophomores we gained Walter Wanke from Box Elder, Montana and John Fuson from Casper, Wyoming, We lost Edgar O'I-laire and Beverly Strom, to Shelby and Leota Hudson to Columbia Falls, We put on a "Sadie Hawkins' dance. The theme for our successful prom was "Love Shop. " The Junior-Senior Banquet was held in the Schell Restaurant in Great Falls, To raise money we put on bake sales, and raffles and had the basketball concessions. We lost ,Jim McA pline because of illness, Walter Wanke to Box Elder, and Dale Butts to Fairfield. We started our Senior year without eight of our former classmates. Tommy Smith and Audrey Jernberg graduated in 3 years, Perry Lee went to the Army, Louis Suta got married, Dena Yarbrough moved to Meeker, Colorado, Dean Lovchik moved to Conrad, and Doris Maxwell went to California. Theodora Simms Wiegand returned from California at the semester. We gained Almit Breuer fr0II1 North Dakota, Bob Pellett and Karen Nelson from Oilmont. Fern Harvey came from Lewistown, Idaho to graduate with us. Our senior year was busily spent in making preparations to be the first class to graduate from the new school. We would like to thank Mr. Keller, who endured the hardships for being our class sponsor for three years, and Mr. Malone, who took over the task dur- ing our Senior year. 611155 Will We, the class of 1953 being of sound mind and body, dignified and not under the influence of alcohol leave all our worldly possessions to the under-classmen. LARRY BRADY: Says Claude Evans should be willed his ability to stay around Sweetgrass instead of traveling all over. ALMIT BREUER: Leaves his secrets of having several girlfriends HI once to Eddy Altenberg. MARY LOU BROWN: Wills her nice disposition to Claire Bierschied. JOHN CHRISTOFERSON: Wills his quiet ways to James Sherman. PHYLLIS CROCKFORD: Leaves her ability to get her man during leap year to anyone who needs it. JOHN DOGGETT: Leaves his crop of red hair for Mr. Taft who could use a little more in spots. LAVELLE FIX: Leaves her car pranks to Nan Haines and Margie Hietpas for safe-keeping. MARLENE FRISKE: Wills her neat ways and her 24 inch waist to Ann Christoferson. JOEL FROST: Wills his "talent" of having two girls at the same time to anyone who can keep up the pace. LARS GALLUP: Leaves his special ability for the "junk-business" to Arlo Ketcham. KAY HOLTZ.: Wills her "driving skill" to anyone who has a place big enough to use it. BETTY LEE: Leaves her out-of-town boyfriends to her little sister, Patty, who already has most of 'em. SHIRLEY LEMMON: Leaves het drummer position in band to anyone who can do the job as well. HELEN LEWIS: Wills her blushing ways to Edith McIntyre, who could use them. JEANETTE LUND: Leaves her "fighting spirit" to hand on to het boy- friend to Beverly Strandwold. VIOLET MCALPINE: Turns her string of admirers over to Nan Haines to do with as she pleases. ROBERT McPHlE: Wills his two-quart capacity to Clint Gallup. KEN MCKENZIE: Leaves his ability to get along with Mr. Taft to poor little Neal Maxwell, EVELYN MALBERG: Leaves her studious ways for Peggy Langman's use. WANDA MASON: Wills her "lonely nights" to Geraldine Ethridge. MARLENE MAXWELL: Leaves her "nice, even-temper" to Dixie Mc- Dermott. KAREN NELSON: Decided that she has nothing to leave behind her. EDGAR O'HAIRE: Leaves his "ailing Ford" to Charlie Sederholm if he can afford to keep it running. BOB PELLETT: Wills his "likeable personality, " which all the girls go for, to Jerry Gannon. BENNY SUTA: Leaves his "wild side of life" to Kenneth Malberg. VIOLET SUTA: Decided she wanted to take it all with her, so no will! CLYDE LUCKENBILL: Leaves his "Chevy" to anybody who will put up with it. THEODORA WIEGAND: Keeps her married life but will let anyone live in California that's crazy enough to do so. FERN HARVEY: Leaves her night life to anyone who wants it, The last will and testement of the class of '53. Elass Prophecy The Sunburst High School Television Station presents a preview of com- ing events. Tonight we give you the glorious class of 1953 as they will appear in ten years. On a vacation in Paris, France, is Almit Breuer and his harem consist- ing of the 13 most beautiful women of "63. " Sing-Sing has the pleasure of introducing the most famous beer connoisseur in the world, Larry Brady, who got his start in Sweet Grass, Montana. Bob Pellett now has his own T.V. Show with his theme song, "Heap Big Smoke But No Fire, " The Class of "53" attended the inauguration of the new Democratic President, Benny Suta, first and last from Montana. Helen Lewis is now half owner of the Johnson 8s Johnson Baby Products Co. Shirley Lemmon has just returned from her stay in deep Africa as a missionary. "The Woman's Best Friend, " a robot to do all the housework has just been invented by Mary Lou Brown. Evelyn Malberg is now a Professor at Notre Dame. The tenth annual world championship trophy for pool playing was again awarded to Miss Marlene Maxwell who's skill started at Sunburst. Theodora Weigand is now busy raising her second set of sextuplets. Robert McPhie has won his second world heavy-weight championship. Swayback, the famous racehorse owned by Phyllis Crockford has just won his fourth consecutive Kentucky Derby. Our new Secretary to the Secretary General of the United Nations is our office girl of "53 , Marlene Friske. Jeanette Lund is now the assistant director of the Frost Fertilizer Com'p- any in Kevin. We wonder who the director could be! I The Junk Dealers of America, with Lars Gallup as the superintendent, will hold their convention in Sunburst on June 20, 1963. After divorcing her seventh husband, Betty Lee has come to the con- clusion that she is fickle. Surprise!! John Doggett has just taken over the Old Crow Whiskey Company and changed the name to Old Dog Whiskey Company- Let us present the star pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Joel Frost, . . Now we can take the series. . . . . . . . Violet Suta decided to become a nurse in the Army when duty UQ called Who or what is duty? Hum. s Edgar O'Ha ire is the owner of the BK ranch where he crosses beavers with kangaroos and raises fur coats with pockets. He's a millionaire!! ! Mac McKenzie is the proud owner of the most prosperous nite club in Sunburst, Starring opposite Rock Hudson in the latest romance movie is Wanda Mason. Johnny Christopherson is making his debut as the clown oi zhe 1963 Ice Capades at Madison Square Gardens. Clyde Luckenbill and his wife from Shelby are the co-owners of the largest cattle ranch in Northern Montana. JL. Violet McAlpine has won the Miss America Contest for the fourth con- secutive year at the new Madison Round Gardens in Sunburst. The most exclusive Ladies Tailoring Business inAmerica, "The Fixit Shop" is run by LaVe1le Fix, Karen Nelson is now head of the world famous oratorial team in New York City, After her career as concert pianist at Carnegie Hall, Kay Holtz and her millionaire husband are living at the famousA1d0rf-wagroria Hgrel in Sunburst, Fern Harvey is now raising six little basketball players who are all on the first string of the "D" Squad. 95 H56 l...."'53 s :vs lass fuuiars LOLA BROWN .. , ld E s , DAVID LERUM NA' 1 ,I ,M H KENNY RONNIE KAREN BILL MALBERG THOMPSON FROST PEU-ETT :wx NEAL NAN MAXWELL HALNES LEONARD GERALDINE ATKINSON ETHREDGE I fI ll A 1 E' Llffl ef, 7107275 A wfdnufafi Q.: A ' :WR R01 QHOWN W , 1 ,-'R - W 4- 'if x ii i' TERRY MARGIE MEAGHER HIETPAS CLINTON GA LLUP JOHN MICHA UD I DlD'NT uma: A vulNG 'ro WEAR -0 QR Ill ff- A - -- -.. "'1S.,L-.J E "' I If I sf! 18 ,N A 1 r A AR JERRY GA NNON LORETTA TAFT I' ,l Qlfw i wt . R,-S Y . I A-L ,fa S y'Z"" 1: ' BILL KA RST HERBERT STANLEY CLAUDE PECK KIMMET EVANS BESSIE EDDIE FRANCIS DUANE SHERMAN ALTENBURG ROBINSON SMITH JAMES MABEL A RLO DIXIE MA RLENE SHERMAN MCA LPINE KETCHUM MCDERMOTT BYKONEN BILL PEGGY BOB HETRICK LANGMAN HOLMAN 5 WR' Sh Q . l I 'rw 1 -. ., Ng J A 5,2 Q XF? .ill wt, o r-IQ, X 'X Lf ' A gi , Q 2 HND!-'WSZABLE L , nyy D ,fg J' iii , - - 1 A f Y , 2 PHOTOGRAPH ND? AVAILAJL6' 1 its X K . it K P' P Q L . .., A!-K, ZH r Q T 4 ,E ,r Earl Brown Mary Ellen Shultz G. G. Coolidge Roberta Lund Kenneth McDermott Dorothy Spencer Francis Gottfried Carol Dingman Kenny Hannon Leona Kruse Alvin Christopherson Edith McIntyre Russell Rambo Luella McLouth Jerry Doggett Beverly Strandwold Freddie McPhillips Ann Christopherson Harold Hathaway Muriel Gallup Donald Lerum wr x A ye we I I .Y 'EQNEET , 1' K f h ggi 2 Sf. :X dam S ii --.. , V K - 5"'7uo woro - T50 BUSY on Q l . VZ? iw -L in , if ' 1 -zsiz ,A . 46' g v ii ax- D Lee Prindle Roberta McIntyre Dick Johnson Nova Lerum Bill Maddock Patty Lee Kenny Nelson Sherrill Ashworth Ralph Bye Robert Byfield J on A nderson Shirley Matzdorf Gordon Polinkus Charles Sederholm Kiel Hornseth Bill Boltz Sfreshmclf ts' A d 6 'rf rl' Ee trial' N' w. r, 1' 4 XXX ,i ,, O X. '7- I for .sr Q 41,6 iv Rf' id if Q: L ,pb Marilyn Beecher Bernard Fitzpatrick Shirley Stevens Vernas Albertson Beverely Thompson Kay Robinson .. u A J lv I 9 Alex McA1pine , A y A in . I t Thelma Malber A W . A -'ff 4 ' 8 it M1 Lynn Higinbotham Roger Winter X 4 Q N X ,fp 1' Q: i Clarence Atkinson 'N ff, Ethel Mae Kincaid 'fil I Dorothy Kruse Howard Stene V ph .,' Q ' Kiehl Nutter Verla Ta ft Marlene Cox A Gary Anderson Q , fa A w i s, Jerry Maxwell I' my 'ima f . Mary Hretpas fm 1 X ll than .ni Yi Gary Evans Marjorie Gallup ,st rr ..x Marlene Richmond Corky Sadlier Patsy O'Shea Allen Scott y if if-' Bob Roady Annie Sherman A . ' fr 'li 1 w, L iz r v x 9 .4 ' 3 4- .""vr"' ,qi- W-Er 4: Jerry Kimmet Maxine Gallup Gary Aschim Nancy Ma jerus Joe Oien Jim Peterson Harry Harvey Mary Lou Lemmon Ronald Hecht Jacquelyn Beaver Kenny Dahinden Claire Bierschied Jerry Leary James Poore Ronnie Linnell .Slcmenlary of w A , E,Lj?EM3o M ,'?Q3iij,i :f fl i , ' ij ff ,kr-NM ,Q i M fs? 'g x Wi. l ,Mis ,gill .s 5 - V. fr he K ish y 4 a , Siglzflz Grad: Sharon Olsen Shirley Olsen Lola Greer Marcene Stene Dick Ricter Wayne Dorcas Kay Hietpas Eileen Gottfried Lois Aschim Mickey Doggett Donna Aschim Marvin Evans Edmond Eliason Val Maddock Joan Sederholm Thomas O'Shea Paul Sandon Robert McA1pine Billy Downs Bertha Atkinson .1 was .,,. MQSQE Qak wow -, --sf, f l -,., , WE MQ' . ' ks -V U, ,,,f- QM ,, r??Ewaff , E E in 5 kH+g r X N. W K YW we Q ,f s JVM Y ,ff , , .1 npr-- wRMiQ.F Q Mi f W R3 M a X . nj! is in Mwgs gig il . 3.5 Q 2 H 'ik X RS E 5 ,Q if 3, V.: yi.iZ D E VyV A y:i Wade Erwin , D on gg llyl ysyl yasasf rssl Lyle Aschim lrlyl 2.?i 1+ ks y . D E E or ,V h h lil. Elly tsv Ralph Warchow Y V Agi E 3 M f Le0ne Prindle YAE' . . 3. A E "' Y hiiyhii , y Absent-Austin Cook V ii ' fs 'gi a.a. . . l. E' Darlene Hannon ' K ef is M 3 x sw N N xy 3 ' 36 3? 3 55222 44? N nal 1 N 3 gb' W sw K ,3 Q?EJ -lf: Y , ...,::. -1-,. W nk- '51 ."q :a-rs---rw ' Robert Peterson Darlene Dougherty John Sadlier Donald Eckelberry Myrna Polinkus Mickey Stolta T M22 .275 Allan Bykonen Richard Nurrer Roger Kimmet Cleone White William McAdams Janice Ethridge if Cherie Sandon Adrian Fitzpatrick Eunice Vasboe . , Hg- 'T x 'Z Ji -r.:' ag, ' 2-Q 'lf M r Dr 1 'I E- ,... . -mm givf -1 ,h 4,14 Lewis Higinbotham Stanley King Charles Doggett Lloyd Bierscheid Angelia Brown David Stene Erlene Mclntyre Ernest Taft Vernon Smith Larry Linnell Susie Springer Harold McCo11ey Chester Irgens Jean Cluff Mary Karst James Albertson Siifflz Grade MF' Front row: S. Dingman, P. McCo11ey, B. Atkinson, B. Kimmet, D. McAlpine B. Pol- inkus, H. Wood. Second row: M. Meagher, S. Coolidge, R, Kelley, D. Richmond, F, Hannon, A. Alme, E, Gottfried, G, Gray, D, Altenberg. ' Third row: P, Leary, J. Hornseth, M. Gallup, V. Brewer, H. Simmes, B. Taft, C, Kin- caid, G. Maxwell. Fourth row: P. Aschim, G. Eckelberry, P. Thompson, I. Holman, S. Nelson, M. Erick- son, B. Beaver, V, Peck. ' IU' V"""' Front row: D. Newmiller, B. Karst, M. Albertson, D. Neuser, S. Evans, I. Gray, Second row: B. McAdams, B. Montgomery, L. Fauque, S. Clark, E. Simmes, K. Ashworth, D. Winter, J. White, B. Aschim. Third row: B. McAlpine, M. Nevin, K. Maxwell, A. Hawk, K. Vasboe, S. Kelso, C. Mauritsen, N. Beecher, D. Dean, Miss Tubbman. 1 ?ourfl1 Grade Back row: B. Kimmett, M. Alme, B. Breuer, J. Pellett, D. Holman. I. Simmes, G. Pritchard, M. McCo11ey, R. McAlpine, Mrs. Monson. Middle row: B. McGinley, S. Stoltz, E. Deaton, G. Nordeen, A. Cluff, K. Montgom- ery, S. Stein. Front row: D, Kincaid, J. Polinkus, S. Atkinson, D. Irgens, L. Daugherty, K. Aschim P, Shure. fNot in picture-D. Irgens.J Kirin! Grade Front row: Mrs. Kelson, J. Nordeen, P. Mauritsen, B. Petersen, E. Gottfried, I. Soune- maker, R. Kelley, B. Kleinert, J. Frost, J. Irgens. Second row: D. Hovland, L. Hannon, J. Taule, M. Sandon, L. Berezay, D. Peterson, T. Wing, D. Fauque, D. Clarke, V. Raymond, B. McCo1ley. Third row: D. Struck, C. Breuer, D, Pellett, M. Lukkasson, R. Atkinson, L. Greer, E. Engel. fNot in the picture-M. Camerony, Sammi Grade Front row: D. Evans, M. Cochran, I. Maxwell, H. Wood, M. Peterson, M. Karst, J. Hietpas, R. Sandon. Second row: T. Clarke, C. Nevin, H. Alme, B. Montgomery. J. Wartchow, D. Taft, O. Schlegel, D. Holman. Back row: Miss Nostdahl, L. Koh1es,J. Hietpas, T. Faulkner, G. Ruckdaschel, E. Newmiller, S. Lukkasson. Absent-W. Fallon. 5715! Grad: Seated: G. Cross, J. Hovland, D. Alme, M. Dutt, G. Pritchard, C. Kimmit, B, Rob- inson, M. Kimmit. First row: Mr. Irgens, D. Cook, D. Haines, S. Sonnemaker, R. Springer, A. Andersen D. Sandon, R. Kaliste, B. Schutt, G. Gardipee, C. Smith. Second row: D. Suta, L, Juedeman, P. Linnell, J. McColley, T, Gigstad, T. Kelso, T. McGinley, K, Smith, K. Beeson, T. Meagher, L. Gallup. Activities . Hand ji vie K X I 'm N V. P. Mauritsen G, B, Coolidge Corky Sadlier Jeanette Lund Lynne I-liginbotam Kay Robinson Lee Prindle Bill Herrick Johnny Doggett Leona Kruse Jon Anderson Roger Winter ' Robert Byfield Marjorie Gallup W Sherrill Ashworth 1 ' f Dorothy Kruse K4 'X X., X X Patsy O'Shea I K EH ,.......--. N RK fN0 PHOTO AVAILABLE Q-35 si Marlene Nan Eunice Maxwell Haines Vasboe W gf gg..- rw Shirley Lemmon Shirley Stevens Harry Harvey Bill Pellet Mary Hietpas Kay Holtz Marlene Richmond Francis Gottfried Freddie McPhil1ips Mary Lou Brown Earl Brown John Sadlier Eileen Gottfried Shirley Olsen Charlie Sederholm Lars Gallup 199' 10""' WWW Beverly Strandwold AVAMBLE A LaV elle Fix Bob Pellet Wayne Dorcas X I . X , 1 '-1 'iw 4 w r 5 "4.' gf ' 'Willa Q, zuaf' Larry Brady Verla Taft .xi AS. Robert McPhie Jerry Leary if ' 'F Herbert Peck V Frances Robinson fbi I Ralph Wartchow Wade Erwin td Q- Eddie Altenberg Larry Linnell Violet Suta Nova Lerum Sharon Olsen Kenny Nelson Loretta Taft Ralph Bye Mary Lou Lemmon Carol Dingman Beverly Thompson Ethel Kincaid Kenny Malberg Joan Sederholm 'yd' .. V if SDI' 'VI fra Q3 'Q i A A Annual Staff Editor --------------------- MA RLENE MAXWELL Associate Editors: ------------------- LHVELLE FDi BOB PELLETT Business Manager ------------- - - - LARS GALLUP l5'ays',4r1d Girls' State NTANA Lars Gallup Evelyn Malberg Joel 1:1-ost "1 , " ,' .' - 6irls'Z'l1,zfsiml Sdzzcatiau ,, E! mn if, 5: . "'3f1F5?w Q51 'I' , ,..., : 1-,:' , , ,--,:, .fp 5 , 0 0 'W WW W ffffffff vff i 00 Student Hvuncil K F Lars Gallup Mr. Stein Cwirlers BETTY LEE VIOLET MCALPINE HELEN LEWIS PATTY LEE LUELLA MCLOUTH fuuiar J-liglz Elzccr ,Cmdcrs I. Sederholm, S. Olsen, S. Olsen, C. White J-lat ,Cunclz k 'QSEKE !':EZ-2621? ,N,,.-x. Zibrary lfibmry 51190511 13110111 5 lw " .f 1 cial Studies Kan Home Sconomics Koala udifarium And Stage Home Swrzamics 1600171 SJ J .www xj Home bkamwzics 1300111 Business gelueezfien and Cyping Knows Seieuee Keele Q.. -x., -.. 2 - . v -.g33f':'-.3-li. , ,lm w ' : Wil." -". 'RTN Q ""-,, -:1 2 , -1 N H 33283 , ....., .gk ,-we E .egz .Iwi 5 3, 33 , , mesa, .v' pf., Our High Schaol 'J br . 1 ,234 N - f-s.. ... uw" ' AJ" M an -.,,w,."' M"' . ,-Q'-"Q, t ' 'jk H- t , X Q ni W H A ' ' 'A fi-UF'?!-' , ww , ,my A ' , -Q , sm: , ,. -' fi N ' . Q 5.x ' , ' -' R' 1 .V " """f 4 f . . 4, N .,,:-,L g , N ' ' M' 'l M "4 I ' 'W 3 '53 ,j,lAi-115.-"f' vs-A fffwiv' -5' V fe? 'iw A, v fi: L 'V k t 1 , 'Q' ., ' A , Our Gymnasium aw: ny- ! ,x,,2a-N-1. if '7 'f-we -f.,1?.-'tw 'f .D , s -dv CA -Xdv M4 villa!! Hays' Kaskefball BILL BOLTZ KENNY NELSON CLAUDE EVANS MAC MCKENZIE JOEL FROST Hays' Basketball G, B, COOLIDGE FRITZ GOTTFRIED DICK JOHNSON SHERRILL ASHWORTH DONALD LERUM 6l1ccr ,Caldera Karen rost, Nan Haines, Jeanette Lun '76"' 521 15' 1144 askcfball fuuiar flzylz Sfoafball junior J-Hgh Haskcfball .K45 fx gl .X-x.,x 1. QYJMAH 71: I Kay! N Lavi- 1 , .ix f, ' I , A' fl' K. A 1 FP' 4,3 f M, sg, ff if C , 'Lv 'vw ' ' 776 'P wg., v 7 1 g- J J if .L F"'I3K'e I f ,. : v t .7 L t AA.O Fc, W I Ir A F7-77 42' 6,49 .Q x W ,, . ix' ,ffl . 56 121141112 'U N0 , W Q no 9 '7'4ff1 5' f" S 'ig 44+ 440 way 4' ' Q ep! We 9 SX mfflwfp' A fide qc. 73 A! UA' ,jx J . Rx K - , ..--. 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Baker, Proprietor Sunburst W ' YJHEQPQAHS P GARAGE DeSoto - Plymouth Dealer A Bright and Happy Future To The Class of '53." Dlsntu Phone 8 Kevin, Montana Meals Steaks Lunche s Qaffi arf "Good Food Is Our Bus1ness" Four Corners Phone: Oilmont 7 aafgyife PLUMBING 8: HEATING "We sell and install Crane Fixtures" Herman Slama - Earl Eastwood I 332 First Avenue East Phone 6647 Kalis pe 11. Montana 619 em' am QZVZWZ TH EATE I-2 Our aim is to give Northern Toole County the best shows possible. ' ' Sunburst, Montana Athletic and Recreation Equipment Zfkfl .swkrs 122 Central Avenue Great Falls, Montana Award Sweaters Warm -up Jackets 6f?l-'fi-,S C9 f' A GFl EQY Gene ral Me rchandise Kevin, Montana IRQMCEZZAIQZ Shelby, Montana Phone 19 I fd 4, UNION SERVICE Minute Man Service Best Blankety Blank Service in Shelby, Montana MCNAMEREMMBCZ CAR TERS PRODUC TS "We don't talk service. . . we give it " Te le phone 62 Shelby, Montana RADIATOR AND GLASS WORKS 'k7n The only shop of its kind in the Marias River District Texaco Products Shelby, Montana Sunburst, Montana gf Qjfdi gwfaay BEST WISHES to the Class of lQ53'I BILL i gi Jaffa Kevin, Montana WMM gdaffedi Ha rdware Appliances Sporting Goods C t Bank, Montana + 5 S41- DODGE M5 PLYMOUTH fn, R 9xyiT?EZT',i 7 PlYMUUTHn , 5-.A ' Massey-Harrls Sh lb dfllfdl f tzffgyegzm 10 For your Plumbing and Heating needs call 6 PLUMBING 7520 ' AND HEATING CO. Fred and Frank McPhillips Phone Kevin ll Compliments of 772444, DEPARTMENT STORE Sweet Grass yea, ABSTRACT and TITLE CO. ' 'Know your Title ' ' Lois J. Ayers Pearl J. Rooney Phone 35 162 Main Street Shelby, Montana DFANN SMITH Qewlw 'LYour Reliable Jeweler" Phone 4900 Shelby glam BOWLING CENTER Pool, Billiards, Bowling, Lunch Full Recreation at the Shelby Bowling Center JW? LION i fina l ! Every Second and Fourth Tuesday at THE CAPITAL CAFE Shelby, Montana Vidlory MOTOR CO., INC. 415 First Ave. North Great Falls, Montana Packard Motor Cars Sales and Service Make Victory Motor Co. Your Headquarters 512672 Fla 622, REPAIR Charles Majerus, Proprietor PETE OBEROSLER, Prop Kevin, Montana SERVICE STATION Kevin, Montana JACK and J'IL'L SHOP WALLIE'S SHELBY FARMER'S STYLE DRUG CO. CO-OP Phone 3965 SHOP For Phone 25 Ethel M- Martin Suits 8: Sunburst Coats Shelby Montana .Tunior and Montana Shelby, Montana Misses Dresses Shelby 1. 'f ff d """' ' """ ..Qff1ffff...'Q ",.... ,S is Q'rl?Qa's, YQ I V 559 if 1? Y ,fi5:ZfZt32f:"' ' 1, Conrad - Shelby - Cutbank Lowest Prices Fresh Meats - Vegetables "When You Graduate Think of The Ford In Your Future" Zeeman Wide. Phone 330 2.30 Front St. Shelby, Montana SA LES SERVICE 0 ggl:CZ!O9'OZ-- D H A QIVI ACY C, W, Stricklin, R. Ph. Shelby, Montana Everything to Wear For the Entire Family 0f!M5 TEXACO SERVICE Cut Bank, Montana f i C0 , K - W ff ,- I You're Always Welcome At Qaafefzff SERVICE Cut Bank, Montana cbfzeey DISTRIBUTORS INC. POINT if m9"' C Qi C Nfhgg. ul . P.O. Box 2222 , - In Clit Bank X in g,,.m.u Cut Bank , ,Qi " ' 'UtHia1s'g, , Texaco and F1TeStOne 1 1,22-1. , ' ' wgzagwaw t i A N n WW ' MXN 'wmaa:i23gaE15g1E?a3EiE11X mea' c g 1 1 1 My M to the Class of "53 From the .X 7 qw- 13 AMVETS f A V A Wzfzmfim . 1 EIGCTIIC V Lights, Heat, Power Our f ' I Ph 113 Q Y' Sh lby M 1: X D R .Qfffm 02a fyaefw. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 53 Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of "53" QW? gona ey H. I. AUBREY GENERAL CONTRAC TORS Shelby Phone Z 6 8 Zh yf DAIRY When B etter Milk Is Sold We Will Sell It" Shelby 6'fl06' 91017 Guaranteed Shoe Repair Shoes For The Entire Family Leather Goods of A11 Kinds Cece and Ed Niedhardt Shelby Phone 467 Congratulations From 74 few .,,f waz gang 25124 M OTC R S Cut Bank, Montana 5 congramations BEN FRANKLIN LOVSNES to ihe Something New FURNITURE Semors Everyday ENA ANN Rus Lovsnes BAKERY Cut Bank, Montana Cut Bank, Montana Cut Bank GREAT CONTINENTAL NORTHERN OIL PRODUCTS TOOL SUPPLY I Goodrich Wholesalers Lane and Mitchell Phone 7 Kevin, Montaan Cut Bank Best Wishes to the Class of "53" W Wgm FI RST STATE EAN K C SAVINGS Friendly A Courteous 'I lv Service 'mn Shelby, Montana .l.C. PENNEY CO. Always First in Quality Shelby, Montana fa: 2 2 2,2 emu CLOTHING co. 700726 Good Clothes For Men Shelby, Montana JQZUQZQQZQQQQ FLOWER SHOP Shelby TOOLE COUNTY STATE B AN K Expresses Its Appreciation Of Your Patronage Serving the North County Phone No . Z Shelby MZWM STQRE Furniture and Hardware Where Your Dollar Buys More Youngstown Kitchen and Coleman Blend Air Shelby, Montana 5259 DUNK-H4 Sandwiches - Sundaes .Toe and Phyllis Dumon Kevin, Montana ecyaifm- MAQKET Fresh Meats and Groceries Kevin, Montana Ima Wffm ffvfv E "Attend Our Annual Rodeos" Leo Companion Sweet Grass, Montana 9 T U 1. Us gwepi "The Store of Treasured Keepsakes." fx in Shelby , Montana fxvffl'-" 4.1.--e 1 gf? -3g..fF"' . F,g,,,,,... C W N it - M BAR Hunting and Fishing Equipment Shelby, Montana CLEANERS at SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning Rug and Upholstery Shampoo Dyers Maurice Ramsey Shelby, Montana Expert Auto Painting - Modern Methods She lby, Montana Chevrolet - Oldsmobile "More people buy Chevrolet than any other car. " 611414 - 0466 Ham, OILFIELD ,n""lul ,n""w ,-"' , A. N""'--.,4 X ,If ,l" ,-" , ul mu, HN.. -55 1 X rf' .-f' V t S I' 1" ." f - " .Ni f' 'R 1 If X .V .R NN if if 1' ' ff '. 'x N p x is 1 's K i e 1 o gf X ff N636-NZ 'WWW Congrats to Class of "53" Shelby, Montana HM INSURANCE AGENCY Ray Matthews, Agent "We can insure anything Phone 400 Shelby, Montana Dr. E. H. Sundermeier I 234 Main Street Phone 187 Shelby, Montana Real Estate THE AGENCY Real Estate and Insurance Shelby, .Montana Wm60whe Federal and State Tax Returns Oil Field Reports Accounting and Auditing Box Z1 Shelby, Montana Acam! Insurance Agency Dependable Service Shelby H. D. Series - Crawlers - Gleaner Combines - Pipe and Fitting Wheel Tractors - Hay Machinery - Winch Lines awake SUDPLV Ford Hughes Your Allis - Chalmers Dealer Phones: Business, 161 - Residence, 255 Cut Bank, Montana cj 60 Sales and Service Cut Bank, Montana John Deer Implements - Kaiser-Frazer Caterpillar Tractors - Federal Trucks Qotxgaefifza HOTEL Phone 36 Sunburst, Montana 9 een 72044164 'Wifi fiflflff 6342466 Firestone - Texaco J. K. Prosser Sweet Grass :mixing "Delicious Homecooked Meals" Helen King, Pro Coutts , Albe rta . ,., A ,. ,, x Cut Bank , Q i-i G D I i I l T l O A Good Haircuts 1 .iggagx f C Ol1ttS ' : j j j C he S te r Q if :1:Q:f:f:f:f:f:f2:5:5:3f:5:Q:Q:5 54k.:':f1:rr:r:1:::.n MOTOR CO. I Sales Hudson Service :Repair all makes of cars" Phone 177 Shelby, Montana "All Trails End at the Tap Room" Shelby, Montana Zum Dm Engineers and C ontractors 1520 Houser Blvd. Phone 1889 or 1890 He 1ena, Montana c:.,,M A. GARAGE and IMPLEMENT CO. McCormick-Deering Tractors and Machines International Trucks Texaco Products Q I Home Freezers . Refrigerators I I - U75 - ' I -Xj4,f'1'f1I X D if K ti5t,Ef 1 D "nam: -c ,Q, AN A fp X N , ' f X "U Sunburst, Montana Q Q ! E C0 M. P. and Don M. Alexander Firestone Tires - Batteries - Accessories Oilmont, Montana W' ing 355. M f?:e:5liF,?L-z vs? WV' will - . 52-fi?'fi"iTi f::,::::: Phone 131 M5 of-3 Cut Bank l Dodge Massey-Harris Plymouth Farm Machinery Toole County MAME Accuracy - Service - Responsibility Complete record of all Lots and Land in Toole County Phone 20 Shelby, Montana Adding Machines - Typewriters izqdfit Typewriter Service "Handle used and new machines" Superintendent of Gilford High School Gilford Mor ' Always a Sunburst Booster Cut Bank, Montana C ONGRA TU LAT IONS SE NIORS DQ. if ,meii We ' Cut Bank QM! had 2.4 Hr. Wrecker Service Cut Bank, Montana C. O. D. Laundry 8: Cleaners Shelby, Montana ' Q' Cafe and Bakery Sunburst CH RISTODHERSON www Clean - Restful Sunburst, Montana While in Cut Bank Visit the ARMY STORE "The Working Man's Store" 13 No. Central Ave PIONEER HOTEL Mary and Art Everson Phone 40 Cut Bank, Montana KRAF F MACHINE and SUPPLY Machine Shop and Welding C ut Bank, Montana NORTHWESTERN SERVICE HARVEY'S BAR JULES PLACE Complete Sales 'and u Drinks Repair Service Four Corners Phone 246 Sunburst, Montana Cut Bank, Montana BLUMFIELDS CINDERELLA CONTINENTAL ELECTRIC sHoP SHOP OIL PRODUCTS Lighting, Wiring Fashions for Goodrich Wholesalers Record Supplies Juniors Lane and Mitchell Cut Bank Bob Blumfield Shelby, Montana Shelby, Montana Compliments of LORENZA JOHNSON Sunburst .TERRY'S SPORT SHOP Phone 154 W Shelby ' I 1 .I N, 4'1 W 1 'ii A ... vi A,,A'lf5! ,, rx . A BORDER GIFT SHOP The Little Shop With The Big Stock" C outts Alberta LILLODDEN DAVE 'S HARDWARE SER VICE Appliances Bulk Service Hous efvares Wm. N. KAEPKE Paints Shelby, Montana Pr op . Phone 1 Sweet Gr as s SI-LE1A'S MOTEL GARSKE SHELBY BEST WISHES d an BAKERY Class of "53" MARZETTA Shelby , Montana Kevin, Montana Shelby, Montana RADIO WISE FURNITURE Dine and Dance CLINIC MART t a LEROY ABELL Qwner Quality Furniture EMIL,S INN For Your House ' Shelby, Montana Lynn' V1 and Joyce Fontaine Shelby , Montana Sweet Gr as s ELLISON RAINBOW BERT'S MILLING 8: ELEVATOR CO BAR ' PLACE LTD Mill F d, Fl A. C. HARRIS ee d our Kevin Montana an ' Coal Sweet Grass, Montana Coutts - Alberta MOBIL SERVICE L 8: L MOTEL RAINBOW llvl APARTMENTS ARIAS PRINTING CO. Commercial Printing Office Smipplies BROUGHTON MR. and MRS. and The Shelby Tirnes L, HAWORTH ISRAEL SENDON Shelby, Montana Shelby, Montana YOUNG'S SHELMONT HOTEL AL. W. HANSON R f . tu Ample Parking MOTCRS e rigera ion Service Space Studebaker Cars Phone 125 Phone 105 and Trucks Shelby Montana Shelby' Montana Phone 270W Cut Bank DUNCAN 'S BELL CHEVROLET DAVE.S DRUG CO. Latest in Congrats Grads Chevrolet Womens gliigioblle Cut Bank Fashions a ac C t B k Phone 87 u an Cut Bank o. K. RUBBER BARNEY'-9 KEISSERS WELDERS MACHINE CONCCO SH P Complete Tire O Cut Bank Service Welding and Montana Machine Work C1111 Ba-nk Phone 598 Phone 32 5-W Cut Bank EC ONOMY SHOP .TENNIE KIRKEBOO Sweet Gr as s Montana CURRY 'S FOUNTAIN and LUNCH Shelby , Montana sm: man B I 11 BORDER ERVICE F. J. GALLUP Sweet Grass BEN FRANKLIN KEVIN STORE SS 0 DEALER CAFE Congratulations V to the MOTOR-INN CATHRYN , Mc CRACKEN Senlors SERVICE STAT ION Shelby Coutts , Alberta Canada YOUNCRS CORNER BARBER SUNSHINE PLACE and SERVICE BEAUTY SHOP STAT ION Min and Ray, Props DALLAS and MARY TOLTON BROS. FRIEND BOX 314 Phone 3 5 K6 vin, Montana Shelby , Montana Coutts , Alberta M' MILLER B11..L's BAR BORDER Phone 17 INN A Candy and Pool nrJ.m.,IIE1m yx 'V Sweet Grass Sweet G1-ass Montana Coutts Montana Alberta Canada av., :va-' ,Q.' ,ku l'l xl ,, . .X , V 1, 'i',. gjrfkpr. 'i 3351 L ,QD , 557. 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Suggestions in the North Toole County High School - Caprock Yearbook (Sunburst, MT) collection:

North Toole County High School - Caprock Yearbook (Sunburst, MT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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North Toole County High School - Caprock Yearbook (Sunburst, MT) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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