North Toole County High School - Caprock Yearbook (Sunburst, MT)

 - Class of 1950

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North Toole County High School - Caprock Yearbook (Sunburst, MT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 162 of the 1950 volume:

1 Yo l 3,7 I o ds 6 sf Voss bac, 696 Q00 W' X sexo nazi Q ' O 6 . NSA R00 I Oyoz YNQ S612 f Ne, 117,46 K., ' C x-X 0"1e 29" nfl -Z C 50 RQ 0 'fn 9 , sbrfbg 6 Nou: .n , 9 f-sf 6 me col X elmfds Kel of glory lead bu+ fo ihe grave- r . 'fri f,-64 Omnis Gallia' in fres pariis diyisa es? . . I 'fo' Sf- . . ' Q have o th Lbesi You ' WQ6 Give lo ihe wofld e 'T cook . ww. ew we' ad X' f B X e del as 8 Twill' efh before a fall. xnanyltwai soxgale ' ,Q . . , Wa? X Aol 6 'Max 6 ev A609 Pu 'ta' ben B gan G 6 I hed with couf'fe'4e"e 1 I Full well they la'-'9 ' - asker - -Ya X- W x0 Q d P0501 l Q52 9 Co . .H W' me D .lvxln The Q1 . eve, hop I ' I e fo see 0 'Te-1 ax? 4 Ol, ' Rowe - X WSU' son, Lax qA'm.,'i f -epbwe alto J' r me . 50 glfffe . ' 9!e Us 'Y vdfl O Sb. 66,6 'P of 'b 61 ,Sf e k S 'ho 6' ff, "fe . eff , S Spike ,bfgce 6 'M ,, 1,46 we 05-ores Silence is golden, ends, Romans, Counfrymen-W M ko Pedsh I . - ,ny Pace d i orrow creeps m HHS pp w. an Om d +om0"0 w an Tomorro 756 lo rolls. 'hy :P You, head wh s6e ef' all nev er- 066,01 abou' You , R Roll 0 6 n Men . de L I . ep and ddr! bla Ord - 6 be f776l'q,'ful f O '77 me nm d- 1, S' 'S FOOL ISO ed. Ience, T sm 0 y u 'oou . 5 a e Heaven Me . r - Ne' KS ba 6 q '43 00,40 S f Q. lv ,Q IJ- . 070013. Ae Cor IJ-,Z A dz A9007 G sduw' An 'n -Wie X 005 a 'n ew A db' ' 4 a . e 'O Q69 OR W we HEEL Wir: :if-, N ..1 . f, .ax 1 ,,.,,. 5 s H,,L,.4, U ,. . 9 "fa, 54','1 1 'V A. :wg f-4 A. - I A J-gf: E-Q.:-4 .-'- '. 'fu Eff Hd--ff' A -h W N: -1f..7eigJf'J, , N: -:iq-.6 .M .?5.g,.u,gl1-F. .- --,Hi-i'f1-'I' fy. .-"fi gf-:xgyf afng-I-J.: 1. 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S+., 8415, um 1-S 2' T'zF52'a:T' '-W Y f,l-2'-5?f'Ji. '11 ': - -If -nswpffwf . ly:--I 533 ?'g41'ggN"gg?+'z'.1jlvLj,2,Q. an ' tl A 'Y sllskff' ' ' ,-p,-Q: .1 . I. .self ' I'.Q3i':L3'Q'9f641S'51'u?' '-Nr' "SZ - .1-P, " 'ff' I .f 'QR' 2f.'Qf'2r-A !T3r'f'f5 1- ,. -ra':-'Q-ivfl' ' A 4- , .g..'gg..s1-if-1.2112 ' 5:9-F,-3 . - - -.-1.3. .,f'- nuj . 'LJ 532145 ' .r-752325, '-:W -1-'1.'?ir' 1. 4- - "u'-iv!!-fm.. 'gf' ' ' -7 Eh' Hfiii . 2 .fgtitg h.. 'fi' fflQG.sQ'.14-fifisai - '. , ."vQ.5..f,Q. 1,94 'Zf,f2g..g5. 31...'iff'-ass-.1f:'f5.g.-'1E?2 " . '-""?V0 U ff.: J' 'lj I"?!4.'?-'g,'5r,if!KI+' 2.gfff31zf3:m'S? ' wr uw . 1 'A A. , 7'-,t '.- -9' T' k'4ri4'3VFt5'4it72.'a3? fi 060 W ffwar' Qdyzfczwf 512.20--I-f3'f" . .1 .Q L-:Yff:5i4'fi:5gf.1-5 1265- YL- -1'?frL:Ei11'-54 .M Qu. -Z J, ,..:g,x. V'-rf. ' Mays? . lfZ':Yi:A:4:wix -'fa , fl- 35?-H415 if .:.-' ' fi!-L" .a ,gif -1-9142 L '."'zf,Lw":'-' -:hw WIT? 'L , f .. . 'uf'--F 41. 'ff'-ffl: -'if " 'R j-paul' .' 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A '-i :I-ff'f'5':f - '7"Tf-'mi L' ,- J: ggi-I-H, nt .5 4j'1....Ql"-Elg1?QG,.'I,vQ-5 ,- 3. F -fy-'rf In -90. xi-L If,-gil!! GL - -1-Q-.f-1':I5'1f -'ufffz Tiff? - ., 1,1 mga- 4,-2.252-Q1.15:2 .--2.81.-fm! '-'fY',2-rpmlf -fn-Li fr51f!"5fE3wQ- 262 5.3 Q . . f:.l: -24-.-1 I '4il'F'i1'f'i+ -'i.-'s ".f'.f"'f.4 "lg 3- . -fi"7fkTgI-,r-W'a 1, -f - . ' Ig-?.....'.!'+5'4?m?i,' A 12,515.1 L.:.'L:1f.i62-tgjlm ' - gr --z'-Tw:-fa I -- -,.-.,. ' gy . it !?.1.',gLfQL ..f,-. ,-. 5- ,:, - I ri t-155945535 . .I .'- 3-'f.g.,. ','v 'J . .f.4.-.Mm E'Y2?2I'Ii?ff " f.'f'3QE1"'i4I'J'. ,'!,Qv":'e ga '23, gray. 5,45-fl. "v' Ib.:-ll?.1.'MJ..if'-' 114 I. wg-.-i - 4"-avg-: -,1 15.130 A..--A,..y,1,.i!,4., ' ,' -' rr 3.71 9' ' - J . .51-I .'." ' ' . . 5 -- .-.-A.: ,I-, .,-,- 'iI'5'Rf"If ,IAQ Q- L f I 1. mg.--,4'.'-x',,,' ' "1-'f' A'.f. Nil' --'PF' . gt, -. I rIp'-gg sig., 5 if-'x , ,V ,V.5,,.,1 I. 4', -. ' f:KEQIi1t15?f,1?Q,f-gi' 41 'wc-,Q , .I -.5iQ1,.,-:nga ,--4 Wh.....' . Jff'-PI:- ,.,, ...,.,,,v .,,.g.-gf., --Y: -I1-11. n :-?:aLw.",eP1- BLISS IN POSSESSION WILL NOT LAST! REMEMBERED JOYS ARE NEVER PAST. JAMES MONTGOMERY HE, THE 'CLASS OF '50,' WISH TO PRESENT THIS ANNUAL AS A REMEMBRANCE OF THE HAPPY DAYS SPENT IN SUNBURST HIGH SCHOOL DURING THE YEARS I949 AND l950. IF IN LATER YEARS, YOU SHOULD PICK UP THIS BOOK AND HAVE SOME PLEASANT MEM- ORIES OF YOUR SCHOOL DAYS BROUGHT BACK, THEN WE, THE ANNUAL STAFF OF I950, SHALL BE HAPPY IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT OUR WORK WAS NOT DONE IN 455 I' N -J , 1' "-f?EQ31,'Z5?Q?',f4v ,Z f'f'f'.2'f? 355259 T-'ma-T. 5' " .f.j'i.,.x-I v , s - ,X ' I 1 "-:H-.,g,fEvjA ., A .Y E. T.:mwiT. - I4 I .,u' 'Q 1,f'y.,1-A--1 .:s."' 5. , z .' 1 -7,-'-iff' a 'T' X E," I ,., , xg? f ,QFF I , 'I'-:'.5.7i':Q.U-"E27 5' lf' T ' . .-1 ',', ,gwfffiffg Q 'asia' -,560 .- Li., ,,.gLg, . ' I ,Taq f . - 4'iT1-Hifi -ff. 21 5- 9, I WISH ING T0 sr-low oun APPREC an :oN T0 THE ,f..Ef.Av' I -. :Y .z, f-J1f'g:-- , 'ti' '-T, mx - .- '.'r'k-Lia, .Jr Q-y,n..,fg:p,g MAN WHO HAS MADE THE HOURS SPENT IN S,UNBURST n --431 - "'A' E 'f'T117f?g.i:v:2?'.?f'l1f" ' .V '5f':1".,L:3::1'iaJ".Ig,k Q 3 HIGH' SCHOOL MORE ENJOYABLE, HE, "TH:E CLASS W 233'-, T .' gl '55 fr' or '50 ' ," w lsH T0 DED ICATE oun ANNUAL ' T0 MR. ' 5 1' f 4 'mag .24 , 1'.3-gg,45qe?f3gz2'?'Qgigff J. M. LARsoN , WHO IS RET an ING THIS YEAR AFTER ' ' 4.:?-41q.1'f, li , If... 7'I.'lf"f,fI1 - 15- ,f'T'e'5 f. i mise? ' ' if 59 'ur I 5 in' 'v -W '1 rv .' , ...' ..1 f.: .t ,if 'G' 'at' - Iffengrgfmi -' TI,-r"1'e4-'v' 11'- -, ' ' "Ig-!t.s':5az1-,.? - ' -Nag". . .T J zifsfiz Q , j'A."i-mfg! -v. I. 1 -V J.. A . T. as . 1523 HQ 1 ff .5 I' .': " 'F 5. 1 .:'ffefh1,, . - "WIS +A- g., ... ri '.' -gm , ,.,. ... i,x,,Q.u.. , - - - ' fu? .f'1aff4:g3Tf3ify? 3.1. '41 iv, ,.-,T , I, "52f.x,'45.l.! - 5, gift: -.'l,1' E' ,- W- fi .-. .--. 4 - -I , fg, ".'., -1-H 3. --' -. --,,..' 1-. mmf. c-H f":- -1.-"Q "ff -" in -1---,?f',-!'.-- f,- Pius"- gf1gwbLj'f3,4 .112 'EW Ei ,.41.-1-.rvwfw f " 2,3 I ' -,.?ZEg'f?f' " ' I : ., 'f.i:E'-fkffgk ,Q H+: - ,C -.nib-.H jffgg- T ..1j2'. ":'n'1:' -ETL'--Y1i'7i+'?:4ffe?,,,f4'Q2iZ J " fffj. -'II' " ,.'?. - rw I fn- Ig- 9"-f??.::'L'r-J :,'fT-.ff-"-fs? fl' fi-'4:4I'5'f1' - ,H Fw'-A '-92'-ezwffff f .- 1-ff'1'31-I.aZxYff'f'f' 'rf' . 'fir ': 31- 71212 -'L - 1 4-,-wf -'Q 4,-.Q .1 4 1, f"g.--,- 2-'.4w:1'1agQ.,,z.q u ., . , .-Ig.-U. .-.av1.s.'., 4 A, ,1o',, I ."'.,, 55:31-.525".N"?Q:' ..1-2Qffpgf-f:'.f1,,p':'ff+, .- A--,a":,.-lg f,.' -r .T -r IQ - .L ' f -.' I" w,..ff'-.- +-"VT - , '.- 3' -f".-f'1vf5-'.v:Jf3'I- 'A'-ff' 'gc-,Q I .V 9Q'!?F".9-4-1 if '43 E' 1 I .- 1tif-I111+m'+'ff4ragi-39214 - 5 I g.J!j:,,. . ff15.'r1Q-:f4i:af'fi.a51'f+:fg?? C ' --.., 11.-.,-,.,.", ' Ie' .., .- -1- I . +41 1.-f -J5v?'T?ipfI.l':'f'xiii' . .1 1: f3.'fL53z'.-fd" mg' - f I1 I ik 255.5 Nifziiffa.. 'ii '- 411 Ei?5f'.!1'nS'5'::-' :iirut SPENDING SIXTEEN YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE AS JANITOR AND CARETAKER OF THE SCHOOL- DURING THIS TIME MR. LARSON'S FINE - WAYS AND FERSON- ALITY HAVE VON HIM THE RESPECT OF THE FACULTY AND ENTIRE STUDENT BODY. 1'.--if-"'6"l'l ,, 1 I 1 . I ,T T I ADMINISTRATION . -,,. " 'la-'5',I-, qu -ew ..-, 1' ..1 .. .., ..,..,.-4 :-.H- .. .,,.,. 141 ..,g. .,..,.n.. -.-N -4 '.'.f..-'31.:g.,-rr! ' ,Lynn--,., ,. ' 0 5.1-.f -I 1. a.- .- 2". . -' Ln..- -f-1 aA,..' hjlwl oy :.I.'-'gifs . 1" ' A vi? ' ' A 1 ' . A Ll-: .1 , ,.. Q1 ,zfyv li vim, I wi. 1 . - 1.- .!g..,,."- ,. 4,11 ,,. 4... . .d..1?,.,2. ' .I .' 1 . - 4 ., f 5-1 "rf-f "1 . - . . . . J, . 1 .:.. M17 2549. "Lf ' pi. -YP.,..,-'wg Y. . 4, g , ,,gfJQf5..-QL' -I 9 Y nxnf . w .V Z Z ?266?..fv.m,,.-,ff' 5- -41,3 ggahff- , q,.f,Qr,-, xEfppw.1f-arf uw H j'Q'.vf1f5f'eL E r' I, 11 5' ,,,, .,,,,M,,. f-We-wfrgvl-Q .i .--g if-RQ If 25. ..: 'FTW-2'-uf.-faq-'22 5. ..gL,-'11, 54' .N , . ..., ,...,h . Wwfwgmfrrfitaxu ' ...gj,5..,! ,E ,, 1 , ,1-3,57-,-:lain .- . I.: . - '. .LV . :"-"'F:,l. Qt" 'i'.i5?"54Zfff '-1.1jJ':f'Q '.:. .Wu . .. ,n .Lii'i'4,-..':f. L.: A4 T , .--.n.-'.:. A Wav., .M huh., 4, CQ ' -. :H .' ,,- PM -r--1 0 .... 'u,... .I . , '?L,L1.'A-,a '. 5.5, - :' nl Q., ,,, ,. ... ,-,. J... ,1 ., .,..,,,.Il.,,kgI ' ' rl.. rl.,- '-- '-' .. ' I Q, .',.,.. ..- . . ','5'.-,:' 3. ,v,.' ,.... 1... . 'Dear Hearts and Gentle People,W and some not so gentle including mySelf,xwe have had a good and profitable four years. You have done your part to build the school and its reputation. we of the faculty and school board are happy to have helped you. Our only regret is that we could not do more for you. This school and community are point- ing the way to better opportuni- ty for youth. Thanks for being with us and we'll be seeing you. 475 ...I I x-fp 1 -' 1: 1 ,',a71i.':' .- gggw, I-1 Q 'z 'f'r117"'u4".. - '-'J' as .V . .,-u.,. ,mwhf. ' fri... I 'Z' ' .4 1- '. lfjiffmy ' i "' M-. I .,',. pun feng... IEW". gg,,yn .w-.f... .,,,1'f E" .I -vt-.": '95-LTV, 0 '. -- -a . .. . , 3.c,..n, 4 A Q R. ., ,VI ., '.. 1 4:-A 11,4 :. .5 .,.l, .il az:-'-.4 ' " - q. , I . .-,-. 35.4, '. ., 'l. iz.. ff' -" .' ,,.'.l,.., , .,.. A 41.51, aff 74-'5 9' . 'Q J 1' 'Jfia ' . 1: 111, - V funk Z A ,.'. ,Ii - Few... ' IA, ...H H-, 2.,,.,,. iii-2.211 'A . MQ. "Q .- :r - 22151 :'-1 .. ,'.f:.' X N. ' v . 1. . '...1 ,-'VO'?1,.-'.f' . I l.wMHfmwsf..w W: V ' .flvx -- . . A ,,... Viigdkrh 'J -,LVM .' ,- . ,Ir .ggh H.. -1- ,., 'l,fg:f.:-f,::v!5...f-yi, - ,, .. . S., ,,vl 9 A! v fr" '-ff ' 1272:-'fi' - :-- f1'f.zc31- -1i.fqgn.-- . jg:':4yv:g 1-yrs?-'Em-1" --'ei-ff.?E43i?f'zki'.'r...Q Ng 2:,i7,gZ,'.'.S3g1f.u'nAgf:,.J ' 'lfriii-gi.: i-PW - .-19:13 '. ..' . - ,. J-y.4Ix,t0-!LiiLi::,:gv-Q4 . P.. K - my ,L ,gf-. V. 4' ." F? Ut' ' 45304. ..,-gl '- 1g:1AL579!:ll24'Ll:ll54 .fa fix U'-'. . , rigs.. 1-,t-jk-',.,4' 'V lk. . l' s.'. - '+-2f-'1'-fQ"- :fi-1. - ffm., vid" g...,'l . ,5,g:,L,.,-.f- ...lf if: P1 .wi 4 " wa . egg ,,yr.af5..-.,.gj.:,,, ,. aaiiwkM+1-?x332!'Yf-"' ' u "'f. -. MISS MARY ANN ANDERSON PRINCIPAL COMMERCIAL GIRLS' LEAGUE STUDENT COUNCIL ADVISOR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR MR. LYNN STEIN MATHEMATICS SCIENCE SENIOR SPONSOR MISS BLANCHE MCMANUS ENGLISH LIBRARY CAPROCK ADVISOR JUNIOR SPONSOR ART ART CLUB SPONSOR MR. VERNON MAURIT BAND MIXED CHORUS GIRLS' CHORUS ORCHESTRA BEGINNERS' BAND SEN MR. JOE KELLER HISTORY JOURNALISM ENGLISH I LATIN FRESHMAN SPONSOR MISS ALICE BROWNELL HOME ECONOMICS GENERAL SCIENCE SCHOOL LUNCH SUPERVISOR SOPHOMORE SPONSOR MR. DON EDWARDS PHYSIOLOGY ATHLETICS GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. WALTER BOURRET I DRIVER TRAINING AUTO MECHANICS WELDING MACHINE WORK C541 SENIORS FRANK PHILLIPS BASKETBALL-I-2-3-4 FOOTBALL-I-2-3-4 TRACK-I-2-3-4 PRESIDENT-4 SHOP-3 CLASS PRESIDENT-I-2 ANNUAL STAFF-4 BASKETBALL CAPTAIN- CHORUS-4 TRACK CAPTAIN-4 CLARENCE THOMPSON BAND-2-3-4 FOOTBALL-I-2-3-4 CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT-I-2-3-4 BASKETBALL-I-2 DRAMATICS-I-2 LETTERMAN'S CLUB-I-2-3-4 SHOP-I-2-3 TRACK-I-2-3 ANNUAL STAFF-4 DOLORES JOHNSON PHYSICAL ED.-I HOME Ec. CLUB-I CHORUS-2-3-4 BAND-2-3-4 ANNUAL STAFF-4 REF INER STAFF-3 DRAMAT :cs-2 CLASS SECRETARY-3-4 NANCY GANNON GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2-3-4 BAND-I-2-3-4 LIBRARIAN-I CHORUS-I-2-3 CLASS TREASURER-4 REFINER STAFF-3-4 MINSTREL SHow-3 ANNUAL STAFF-4 LETTERMAN'S CLUB-2-3 4 GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2-3 4 HAROLD SMITH BASKETBALL-I-2-3-4 FOOTBALL-I-2-3-4 TRACK-I-2-3-4 LETTERMAN 'S CLUB-2-3-4 STUDENT COUNCIL-2-3-4 PRESIDENT-2 ANNUAL STAFF-4 TRACK CAPTAIN-2 FOOTBALL CAPTAIN-3 BAND-I-2-3-4 IVA DOGGETT GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2-3-4 BASKETBALL-2-3 TWIRLING-I-2-3 CHORUS-2 ANNUAL STAFF-4 OFFICE GIRL-3-4 CARNIVAL QUEEN-3 REFINER STAFF-3 GEORGIA TROVATTEN MAJORETTE-3-4 BAND-I-2 CHEER LEADER-3-4 GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2 ANNUAL STAFF-4 CHORUS-2-3 HOME EC. CLUB-I PHYSICAL ED.-I ,. LEO LEE I BASKETBALL-I-2-3-4 TRACK-I-2 FOOTBALL-2-3 SHOP-3-4 LETTERMAN'S CLUB-2-3-4 ANNUAL STAFF-4 BARBARA KINNEY TNIRLING-2-3-4 GIRLS' LEAGUE-2-3-4 PHYSICAL EDUCATION- CHoRuS-2 Hom: Ec. CLUB-I ANNUAL STAFF-4 REFINER STAFF-3 WALLACE SMITH BASKETBALL- I-2-3-4 FOOTBALL-2-3-4 TRACK-I-2 BASEBALL-3-4 LETTERMAN'S CLUB-2-3-4 DRAMATICS-2 ANNUAL STAFF-4 SHOP-3-4 CHORUS-4 BADMINTON-3-4 DOREEN MING TVIRLING-2 CHORUS-2 GIRLS' LEAGUE-2-3-4 PEP CLUB-I CHEERLEADER-3 HOME EC. CLUB-I PHYSICAL ED.-I BASKETBALL-2 ANNUAL STAFF-4 I KEITH ELDRIDGE BASKETBALL-2-3-4 FOOTBALL-3 ANNUAL STAFF-4 SHOP-I-4 TRACK-3 DRAMATICS-3 SCHOOL PAPER-3 LETTERMAN's CLUB-3-4 SECRETARY OF LETTERMAN's CLUB-3 DELORES MCLOUTH GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2-3-4 BASKETBALL-2-3 TWIRLING-I-2-3-4 CHORUS-2 DRAMATICS-2 ANNUAL STAFF-4 BADMINTON-3 LIBRARIAN-3 LEE ASHWORTH BASKETBALL-I-2-3 FOOTBALL-I-2-3-4 TRACK-I-2-3 BADMINTON-3 BASEBALL-3-4 BAND-I-2-3-4 CHoRus-4 , ANNUAL STAFF-4 , REFINER STAFF-4 1 CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT-I BARBARA ATKINSON GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2-4 BASKETBALL-I TWIRLING-I ANNUAL-4 REFINER STAFF-4 LIBRARIAN-2 ROY GALLUP FOOTBALL-I-2-3-4 BASKETBALL-I-2 TRACK-I-2 REFINER STAFF-3-4 BOYS' STATE-3 LETTERMAN'S CLUB-2-3-4 RITA GOULD MCKENZIE BAND-2-3-4 CHORUS-2-3 REFINER STAFF-3 BASKETBALL-I-2-3 ANNUAL STAFF-4 JAMES MATSON VICE-PRESIDENT-I-2 BASKETBALL-I-2-3 DRAMATICS-I-2-3 ANNUAL STAFF-I-2-3-4 ScHooL PAPER-2-3 CATHERINE GOTTFRIED BAND-I-2-3-4 CHORUS-3-4 ANNUAL STAFF-4 MUSIC CAMP-3 THEODORE SUTA BASKETBALL-I-2 FOOTBALL-I-2 TRACK-1-2 SHOP-I-2-3-4 STUDENT COUNCIL-I LETTERMAN's CLUB-2-3-4 GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2-3 4 GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2-3-4 LOUISE KLEINERT CHORUS-2-3-4 BAND-I-2-3 GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2-3-4 ANNUAL STAFF-4 ALLEN ZEMPEL BAND-2-3 FOOTBALL-2-3-4- SHOP-I-2-4 BASKETBALL-2-3 LEONA ALBERTSON CHORUS-2-3-4 GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2-3-4 REFINER STAFF-3 ANNUAL STAFF-4 KAYE SHULTS TWIRLING-I-2-3-4 BASKETBALL-I-2-3 DRAMATICS CHORUS-2-4 GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2 SQUARE DANCE CLUB GIRLS' STATE-3 ANNUAL STAFF-4 REFINER STAFF-4 BADMINTON CLUB-3 LETTERMAN'S CLUB-2-3-4 -3-4 PRESIDENT-4 5153222 ,g25z252z2sE5i32522s:- 4 JEANETTE TRUSWELL HOME EC. CLUB-I TWIRLING-I-2-3-4 GIRLS' LEAGUE-I-2-3 CHORUS-2-3-4 ANNUAL STAFF-4 REFINER STAFF-4 SECRETARY BADMINTON LAB DISPENSER-4 LIBRARIAN-2-3 SQUARE DANCE CLUB HIGH SCHOOL WEEK-3 MARGUERITE WOLANSKI CLASS PRESIDENT-I-2 SCHOOL PAPER-3 BASKETBALL-3 CHORUS-4 ANNUAL STAFF-4 GIRLS' STATE-3 SCHOOL PLAY-3 , W XX fwfxfx QNQMU I -4 CLUB-3 I i I CLASS WILL WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF '50', BEING AS SOUND OF MIND AND BODY AS POSSIBLE, LEAVE THE FOLLOWING TO THE UNDERCLASSMEN2 LEE ASHWORTH...LEAVES HIS KNACK FOR GETTING CARS THAT DON'T STAY RUNNING T0 RICHARD J. IVA DOGGETT...WILLS HER HEIGHT T0 LEOTA H., AS SHE COULD USE IT ROY GALLUP...WILLS HIS CHARM THAT ATTRACTS THE FRESHMAN GIRLS TO JOHN Bo CATHERINE GOTTFRIED...LEAVES HER ARTISTIC TALENTS TO EVELYN Ma DOLORIS JOHNSON...LEAVES HER HANDSOME BLIND DATE TO MARLENE M. LOUISE KLEINERT...WlLLS HER LUCK IN BEING ABLE TO SPEND A WIN- TER VACATION IN CALIFORNIA TO IRLING S. JAMES MATSON...OUR GREAT PIANIST, LEAVES HIS TALENT TO KIM Hn DOREEN MING...LEAVES HER DANCING SHOES TO RONNIE B. ACHING TRIPLE A BEETLE CRUSHERS TO KAYE SHULTS-..LEAVES HER NANCY D., AS SHE WOULD LIKE SOME NEV ONES. WALLY SMITH...LEAVES HIS WELL-FILLED PHYSIQUE T0 BOB D., WHO NEEDS IT. SCOTTY THOMPSON...LEAVES HIS ABILITY TO SKIP SCHOOL TO HAZEL Go JEANETTE TRUSWELL...LEAVES THE ONLY COMPLETE VACUUM IN HIGH SCHOOL TO TERRY 0. ALLAN ZEMPEL...LEAVES HIS ABILITY TO ARGUE TO PERRY L. BARBARA ATKINSOM...WILLS HER SMALL FEET TO EUGENE B. KEITH ELoRloaE...wlLLs Has ABILITY TO HAVE A NICE STEADY GIRL FRIEND LIKE BETTY Jo TO JOEL F. NANCY GANNON...WILLS HER LARGE VARIETY OF BOYFRIENDS TO PHYLLIS C RITA GOULD MCKENZIE...WILLS HER SINGING VOICE T0 DONNY T. BARBARA KINNEY...HAS DECIDED NOT TO LEAVE A THING---BUT TAKES HER ABILITY T0 KEEP A DIAMOND FOR AT LEAST A WEEK AT A TIME. LEO LEE...LEAVES HIS FAITHFUL FORD TO MR. BOURRET'S STOOGES TO WRECKQ DELORES MCLOUTH...LEAVES HER CUTE PUG NOSE TO PEEWEE. FRANK PHILLIPS...WILLS HIS BASKETBALL ABILITY TO JIMMY UELP, WITH THE HOPES THAT HE MAKES THE WDH SQUAD NEXT YEAR. HAROLD SMITH...WOULD LEAVE HIS POWERS OF PERSUASION BUT HE THINKS HE MIGHT NEED THEM IN COLLEGE. TEDDY SUTA...LEAVES ALL HIS BACK ISSUES OF POPULAR MECHANICS TO OWEN D. GEORGIA TROVATTEN...LEAVES HER CHEERLEADING POSITION TO ANY ONE WHO CAN FILL IT. MARGUERITE WOLANSKI...LEAVES HER PLEASING PERSONALITY TO WAYNE L. LEONA ALBERTSON...WILLS HER TINY WAIST TO DORIS M. THE SENIOR CLASS WILLS ITS BADMINTON SHOW TO THE CLASS WHO THINKS THEY CAN HAVE- WE, THE SENIOR CLASS LEAVEIIIIIIIJIJJ KL CONCESSIONS AND VARIETY RUN THEM AS WELL AS WE lllllllilllllllllillllll nnnnnuuunquonnaaooooooe 5 PROPHECY I WE ARE PLANNING TO SPEND THE EVENING ATTENDING A PLAY, A CURRENT BROADWAY HIT CALLED 'CLASS OF '50', BASED ON THE ORIGINAL CLASS OF '50 FROM S.H.S. SUNBURST, MONT. WE ARE NOW VERY COMFORTABLY SEATED IN THE LITTLE THEATER OFF TIMES SQUARE. As WE HAVE A FEW MINUTES TO SPARE, LET US STUDY OUR PROGRAM. THE PROGRAM TELLS US A LITTLE ABOUT THE MEMBERS OF THE 'CLASS OF '50 WHO ARE REPRESENTED BY FAMOUS ACTORS IN THE PLAY. LEONA ALBERTSON FYFE KEEPS HERSELF BUSY RAISING A FAMILY OF I0 IN SHEET GRASS, MONTANA. HAROLD SMITH WHO HAS STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE FOR HIS CLASS, IS NOW CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT. Gsonem TROVATTEN IS NOW CHIEF coox AND BOTTLE WASHER AT THE'iPITOMSHECK-TROVATTENI RANCH NEAR SHELBY. DR. JEANETTE TRUSWELL AND HER HEAD NURSE, LOUISE KLEINERT, ARE BOTH SERVING ON THE BATTLEFIELD OF THE ATOMIC WAR ON MARS. ROY 'STIFF' GALLUP IS HEAD OF THE UNLUCKY STIFFS FUNERAL PARLOR IN SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. JOHNNY COY AND HIS FAMOUS DANCING PARTNER, DOREEN 'LEGS' MING, HAVE JUST COMPLETED A Novus TITLED, NLETIS DANCE.' CATHERINE GOTTFRIED HAS SECURED THE POSITION OF HEAD SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR AT THE LEE ASHWORTH CBELLI TELEPHONE Svs- TEM IN CHICAGO. SIR JAMES MATSON IS PLAYING IN SHAKESPEARE'S wonxs IN LONDON, ENGLAND. RITA GOULD MCKENZIE IS STILL MAKING MANY FRIENDS WITH HER WONDERFUL PERSONALITY. GEOLOGIST KAY SHULTS IS LOOKING FOR RELICS IN THE GHOST TOWN OF GOLD BUTTE, MONTANA. SHE HAS OTHER INTERESTS AROUND THERE, TOO. WALLY nDON'T SWOON, GIRLS' SMITH IS GIVING VAN JOHNSON A BAD TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. I ONCE-ELECTED-CARNIVAL-QUEEN IN HER HIGH SCHOOL DAYS, IVA DOGGETT WAS ICE QUEEN OF THE REVIEWS AT LAKE PLACID RECENTLY. ON A LITTLE FARM IN THE VALLEY NEAR CHARLO, MONT. LIVES KEITH ELDREDGE WITH HIS WIFE, BETTY Jo, TEDDY 'I CAN MAKE IT' SUTA, FAMOUS FOR HIS INVENTIONS, HAS JUST COMPLETED AN INVENTION WHICH DOES YOUR WORK FOR YOU. CLARENCE 'HOT LIPS' THOMPSON WITH HIS GOLDEN TRUMPET AND ORCHESTRA ARE NOW PLAYING AT THE ATOMIC ACE CLUB IN N.Y. HIS FEATURED SOLOIST IS DOLORES J. FIVE FOOT TWO, EYES or BLUE, ALL THIS AND DELORES MCLCUTH NOW APPEARING AT THE EL MARROCO IN KANSAS CITY. ALLEN ZEMPEL IS A THRIVING POLITICIAN RUNNING FoR GOVERNOR or N.D. HIS MOTTO-'YOU TELL ME, l'LL BACK voU.' FRANK 'RAH-RAH' PHILLIPS IS COACHING AT NORTH TOOLE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL WHERE THE BIG I6 CLASS B DIVISIONAL TOURNEY IS UNDER- WAY. NSCOOP' NANCY GANNON FS NOW WRITING FOR THE GOSSIP COLUMN OF THE 'HAVE You HEARD' DAILY NEWSPAPER. nSHERLOCK' LEO LEE IS BUSY DODGING CROOKS. LEO NEVER DID BE- LIEVE IN LETTING WORK INTERFERE WITH LIFE. BARBARA 'l'M UP IN THE CLOUDS' KINNEY IS HEAD STEWARDESS OF AMERICAN AIRLINES. BARBARA ATKINSON RUNNING FOR IST. WOMAN PRES. or U.S. MADE A PUBLIC ADDRESS IN WHICH SHE STATED5 'NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE PowER OF A WOMAN! NEvER GVERESTIMATE THE POWER or A MAN.' MARGUERITE 'BONGO, BONGO' WOLANSKI IS A MISSIONARY IN AFRICA. Now THAT WE HAVE COMPLETED OUR SUMMARY-THE LIGHTS ARE DIMMING, THE CURTAIN IS RISING AND HERE IS THE PLAY. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY IT. I I I CLASS HISTORY I IN SEPTEMBER I946, THE CLASS OF '50 ENTERED SUNBURST HIGH SCHOOL. THOSE wHO UNDERWENT THE TRIALS AND HARDSHIPS IMPOSED BY THE SOPHOMORES ON INITIATION DAY WERE: LEONA ALBERTSON, LEE ASHWORTH, IVA DOGGETT, RITA GOULD, ROY GALLUP, NANCY GANNON, CATHERINE GOTTFRIED, HOWARD KIMMET, LOUISE KLEINERT, MARLENE LARSON, LEO LEE, DELORES MCLOUTH, FRANK PHILLIPS, JOANNE POLINKUS, KAYE SHULTS, HAROLD SMITH, WALLY SMITH, TEDDY SUTA, WALTER SwEET, JEANETTE TRUSWELL, AND ALLAN ZEMPEL. MR. STEIN, WHO ENTERED THE FACULTY AT THE SAME TIME AS THE CLASS OF '50 ENTERED HIGH SCHOOL, SPONSORED THE CLASS THROUGHOUT THE FOLLOWING FOUR YEARS. IN THEIR EFFORTS TO PRO- VIDE THEMSELVES WITH A BANKROLL, THE CLASS PUT ON THE TWO RAFFLES AND HAD THE CONCESSIONS AT THE INTERNATIONAL BADMINTON TOURNAMENT. ALTHOUGH THE LATTER WAS BARELY A FINANCIAL SUCCESS DURING THE FIRST YEAR, THEY SUCCEEDED IN DOING MUCH BETTER IN THE FOLLOWING THREE YEARS. IN I947, THOSE WHO JOINED THE CLASS AND SHARED IN THE REVENGE ON INITIATION DAY WERE: SCOTTY THOMPSON, FLORENCE RALPH, DELORES JOHNSON, TED PAZDERIC, LLOYD LEWIS, BARBARA KINNEY, DOREEN MING, GEORGIA TROVATTEN, AND LALLA BLANKENSHIP, wHO CAME FROM OILMONT. WALTER SWEET DID NOT RETURN AS HE HAD GONE TO OREGON. ONE OF THE ACTIVITIES wAS A VARIETY SHOW, WHICH BECAME AN ANNUAL EVENT FOR THE CLASS OF '50. THOSE wHO ALSO EARNED THE NAME, 'THRIFTY JUNIORS,' WERE MARY LOU HILEMAN FROM LIVINGSTON, AND MONA WILSON wHO RETURN- ED T0 HARLEM AT CHRISTMAS. THE CLASS LOST FLORENCE RALPH AND TED PAZDERIC TO SHELBY. LLOYD LEWIS MOVED TO EUREKA AND JOANNE POLINKUS WAS MARRIED. THE CLASS OF '50 WAS VERY BUSY WITH THEIR VARIOUS ACTIVI- TIES. THE JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET wAS HELD IN LETHBRIOGE, ALBERTA, ON APRIL 9, I949. THE JUNIOR PROM, WHICH THE JUNIORS CONSIDERED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EVER PUT ON, WAS HELD ON APRIL 30, I949. FINALLY, THE CLASS OF '50 EARNED THE TITLE, NSOPHISTICATED SENIORS.n THE CLASS LOST MARY LOU HILEMAN TO GREAT FALLS: MAR- LENE LARSON TRANSFERRED TO SHELBY, AND HOwARD KIMMET LEFT SCHOOL. WITH MARGUERITE WOLANSKI AND JAMES MATSON FROM SWEET GRASS, KEITH ELDRIDGE FROM CHARLO, AND BARBARA ATKINSON, WHO IS FINISH- ING IN THREE YEARS, THE TOTAL NUMBER OF CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION REACHED TWENTY-SIX. SUNBURST HIGH SCHOOL, MAY THE CLASS OF I950 BE EVER WORTHY OF YOU. f A Nxfswf J J M J' M 6? JLINIGRS A14 N M. X X 7 K f f ,N .--4' ! 6 H fx., K fo M. 1 ,N Q4 h A fa Q 4 x- 'A 7 Il' f ' 1 5' ri, 6:f""" I !!. 1 u .... ..-.-af' 1 I, J ROSENE MOSS BILLY HOLMAN OWEN DORNBLASER I A fI . , ,QW I I: I ? .T -I L I 'E' in 4 was . , Q W I 32 A J llfx H 5 ,Q ANA e f lllI!gi? , I 4 .AI .k. wif f E25 xiwgn HiJAELgg5 U a - .f Jbwf - Tux: :i"' I I., I ff .Q N! I AQWDEHI H:'22eiIq I urge? ig, II I ,MMM NIKE BUCKLEY PHYLLIS NCINTYRE LEON NATZDORF DALE ERICKSON LOUISE SANDON ROBERT DUBE RICHARD JALLINGS BENJAMIN MCPHIE RAYNOND GALLUP JERRY KELLEHER BERNICE FIX FRANK CROCKFORD VIRGIL VICKHAMMER RAY LUCKENBILL KEITH MAXWELL BETTY JO LENMON HAZEL GALLUP BILLY BALDWIN HENRY SUTA ROBERT GALLUP TERRY O'BRIEN NAXINE SINNES JACK MCDERNOTT GALEN BYKONEN MW X V! SOPHOMORES WAYNE LINNELL GwEN RAMBO KONNY TRETTENBACH EVELYN CHASE JAMES BRUBAKER BERNICE ASHWORTH CURTIS COLEMAN JUDY SIMMES RONNIE BRADY NANCY DAVIS JIMMIE DELP FAYE EVANS HENRY SHERMAN SHEILA CANNON EUGENE Bolo Q 5? SR? Ei A. ADELINE GOTTFRIED GARY PHILLIPS KIM HAINES ,rf- -, I' . , sv 5 i IIII WTQ2 ,: My U9 W e fl 1, A 42 WI Qwgf ,M 5 M:QQQ3z V I fn J-I I fHwwe df? JIM FITZPATRICK SHIRLEY MASON JIM BOLTZ DARLENE ALBERTSON JOHN BYFIELD LAURETTA LUND RAYMOND NEWMILLER PHYLLIS CLARK IRLING SMITH DONALD TRAVIS CORA HANNON JIM PINKSTON -I! - V X "fu.uu.I R 1 f yxhns NVn.U,,Iuu.v.kuN 'f K. ,xlfmw ,df QS PRES HMEN JOEL FROST LEOTA HUDSON JOHNNY DOGGETT PHYLLIS CROCKFORD A M., A .ig If I X A I Q an J Rb 434 ' f Nan lv 4, wi' M A v,, x P Q' N: I 13? V wg I " I M AI A X A Im. I Af I swf ' E ef Q 'Q . x g 53 fr ,Sr 'U' I Q 4 ,I iii f W . 1 W W , my M5-5,:..,:.A ,, .hwzmwgr X' lqk 'L K' If I KVI HI' I na 53935 I J ,HQ Q lx H, M, .fy '4"'B' 5 , 'Q MARLENE FRISKE LARRY BRADY MARY Lou Bnoww TOMMY SMITH AUDREY JERNBERG JOHN CHRISTOPHERSON VIOLET SUTA LARS GALLUP PERRY LEE MARLENE MAXWELL DEAN LOVCHIK LAVELLE FIX KAY HOLTZ LOUIS SUTA SHIRLEY LEMMON BENNY SUTA Y . KENNETH MCKENZIE EVELYN MALBERG CLYDE LUCKENBILL E I "-' f T ix .QQ .,, " I fix' ., , I A Q 'Y' s ' L5 xg vu awww? I6 'K' Iv Q ,. 'M , ,QTY M21-U"" aig'iA? T714 tx A I Q I, , 2 4fn5v5'J . I, - 1 28 4' 'lf -' 'Q mf. imma, A,,'g,' 3 M '15 6 -.L A A "few Q 2,59 , .4 , ,wil ' Mmwmqj I ggi? I ff? ns, 35,1-Q... The XI ' .JEJLLQ VIOLET MCALPINE TAD MINNICK DENA MAE YARBROUGH 8 M E df EDGAR O'HAlRE THEODORA SIMMES WANDA MASON DALE BUTTS HELEN LEWIS JIM MCALPINE DORIS MAXWELL LEE KIMBALL BEVERLY STROM Q7 ELEMENTARY SEVENTH GRADE BACK Row: D. A. BILLEDEAUX, K. NELSON, F. GOTTFRIED, R. BVFIELD, S. ASHWORTH, B. MADDOCK, G. POLINKDS, C. SEDERHOLM. SECOND ROw:S. MATZDORF, S. HAGEN, B. STRANDVOLD, L. HANNON, E. MCINTYRE, L. MCLOUTH, B. YARDROUGH. THIRD Row: G. B. COOLIDGE, L. PRINDLE, E. BROWN, J. DOGGETT, R. MOINTYRE, M. GALLUP, P. LEE. EIGHTH GRADE BACK Row: M. T. HAINES, L. GORDER, F. ROBINSON, M. BVKONEN, J. EVANS, R. THOMPSON, B. HETRICK, B. HOLMAN, M. HIETPAS, G. ETHERIDGE. SECOND Row:H. PECK, L. ATKINSON, C. EVANS, D. SMUTH, B. ADAMS, M. JOLICAUER, B. TRAVIS, J. BUCKLEY, C. GALLUP, D. PARREN THIRD Row: V. Voss, D. TRUSWELL, M. MCALPINE, N. HAaNEs, A. BALD- WIN, L. TAFT, B. BUNTTS. FOURTH ROWZK. MALBERG, J. GANNON, E. ALTENBURG, N. MAXWELL, R. EVANS. BACK Row: IHIRD Row: SECOND ROw: FIRST Row: FIFTH GRADE A . ASCHIM, D. HANNON, L. GREER, M. DOGOETT, E. GOTTERIED, . STENE, J. SEDERHOLM. . DowEN, R. MOALRINE, A. COOK, D. CREER, R. wARTOHOw, . DOROAS, P. SANDON. . ASCHIM, S. OLSEN, S. OLSEN, K. KIETPAS, V. MADDOCK, . ATKINSON, L. PRINDLE. . EVANS, S. STROM, E. ELIASON, L. ASCHIM. BACK ROW! SIXTH GRADE J. LEARY, P. VOSS, M. LEMMON, V. TAFT, M. GALLUP, V. LINDE- BERG. THIRD Row: M H SECOND ROw:M R FIRST Row: J GALLUP, H. HARVEY, E. KINCAID, P. O'SHEA, M. HEITPAS, STENE, C. BIEROHEID. BEEOHER, C. ATKINSON, B. THOMPSON, M. RICHMOND, R. ADAMS, LINNELL, T. MALSERG. SADLIER, A. MCALPINE, B. FITZPATRICK, G. ASCHIM, J. MAXWELL. THIRD GRADE SACK Row: J. HOLMAN, M. GALLDP, P. LEARY, C. KINCAID, B. TAFT, H. SIMMES, M. ERICKSON, S. NELSON. SECOND ROw:P. THOMPSON, A. ALME, G. MAXWELL, MRS. KELSON, G. ECKELBERRY, D. BEUNER, V. PECK, H. WOOD. FIRST Row: B. ATKINSON, D. RICHMOND, E. GOTTERIED, D. MCALPINE, G. GRAY, S. COOLIDGE, P. ASOHIM, D. ALTENBURG, P. Mc COLLEY. FDURTH GRADE BACK Row: H. MCCOLLEY, D. STENE, V. DMITH, A. BROWN, C. IRGENS, J. YARDOUGH, M. POLINKUS, J. ETHRIDGE, MRS. MONSON. SECOND ROw:E. MCINTVRE, J. SADLIEQ, C. SANDON, C. WHITE, D. ECKELBERRY, C. KYTE, S. SPRINGER. FIRST Row: E. TAFT, E. VASDOE, L. BIEHSCHIED, A. BYKONEN, A. FITZ PATRICK, C. DOGGETT, L. LINNELL. BACK Row: THIRD Row: SECOND Row FIRST Row: FIRST GRADE E. DEATON, E, MOORE, S. HALLOWAY, D. HOLMAN, K. ASCHIM, C. KYTE, M. NCCOLLEY, MISS UAKER. J. SIMMES, K. MONTGOMERY, D. KINCAID, J. POLINKUS, M. SANDON, S. ATKINSON, P. SHURE. J. YARBROUGH, M. CAMERON, S. DAVIS, D. IRGENS, S. STEIN, R. MCALPINE, D. IRGENS. T. WING. D. HAGEN. J. NORDIEN, M. ALME, G. PRITCHARD BACK ROW! SECOND GRADE MISS NOSTDAHL, E. EGGERS, S. CLARK, C. MAURITSEN, B. MONTGOMERY, B. ASCHIM, D. PETERSON, K. MAxwELL, L. STENE. SECOND ROw:L. FAUQUE, K. ASHWORTH, L. GREER, E. SIMMES, B. MOSS, THIRD Row: E. J. LINDEDURO, J. WHITE, G. NORDEEN. I. HAWKES, M. BEECHER, D. NEwMILLER, K. VASDOE, M. NEVIN, J. GRAY, D. DEAN, D. COOEIDGE. I Q67 ACTIVITIES A W, ., ., ,Q 5.-a: .V . ,gr 5. 4f5wwww zf iw ww ,mx-1,2 f 'C X- Mwf' my .f Q ,?. ' - 5 fp. ,.,, Y .....V 13, , 1 .1 A 5 5 1. f V 1 .f' X 3 hs..-T 4 ! 'Ultra Qi M' x 3, s W, Q Q Q ww E 7 s 5: than i f nan.. - - inns x , Q it 4 1 an-. nu... 'I 2 ivan K f mu- . alum this .mu rx .ii Q ' 5 'Wg W is SCIENCE ROOM 9..,.!7-94,40 ,aff -1 1 wanna-1InQ avi L, I '57 , .R - Aw Q Y ,Wh .L fi ,Z allow JJ 2 4u.e..,,,,,,,, , X 'I 6,9 5 fJa,,ff5f,4LV !, all 4624 afar anwf rm A ff .LLL ,Q 80 fi . 3 ..f-fa 3 i 5 Fqg 0'-ff ,KM 4 mtv J' A x x wvm .W' dwhg 7 N ., "W ' I AL--y , DRIVER TRAINING TRASS SEXTET SHOP FOREMAN-TEDDY SUTA SAFETY ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT-DALE ERICKSON EQUIPMENT FOREMAN-JACK MCDERMOTT AUTO MECHANICS AND BUS FOREMAN- LEO LEE MACHINIST FOREMAN-MIKE BUCKLEY GAS WELDING FOREMAN-FRANK CROCKFORD ARC WELDING FOREMAN-ALLEN ZEMPEL YARD FOREMAN-JERRY KELLEHER TOOL Room FOREMAN-BENJIE MCPHIE SECRETARY-OWEN DORNBLASER -I M, BOYS' HOME EC HOT LUNCH TWIIZLER GWEN RAMBO LEOTA HUDSON GEORGIA TROVATTEN NAJORETTE BARBARA KINNEY DELORES MCLOUTH KAYE SHULTS JEANETTE TRUSWELL Az , if 5 EVELYN CHASE THEODORA SIMMES NN. JL 'ff 'F i. . Y N ' 1 iff' A L , 1n,E ul: h I in Q 1 ,N.ig, 5 W I. 4, lf 1 R! Www Om. ix f ,,.5,g44::, I I ' ,wg I Q ,, ,QL r Y , 3 A M. TEAM? 4 H W , R .. Eff A Aiw ,, 'gf I I Q A '.t gf le I MR. MAURITSEN VIOLET SUTA KEITH MAXWELL KENNETH MALBERG VERLA TAFT BILLY HOLMAN JUDITH SIMMES HERBERT PEOK LAORETTA LUND EDDIE ALTENBERG EUGENE BOID MARLENE MAXWELL NAN HAINES KENNY NELSON ANTOINETTE JANKOWS PHYLLIS MCINTYRE ARLENE BALDWIN SHIRLEY HAGEN BEVERLY STRANOWOLO MARY LOU BROWN VERA V055 LORETTA TAFT BEVERLY THOMPSON TOMMY SMITH HARRY HARVEY K BAD Wy. 'W A . T. ,.s1 ,QM S X K 1 . A ,. X. Q I I . if .OS E ,,,,. A I , H- If 3 ' 4 IP f , 3' iv 'K s 4 I SV 'ii ,V .aa A ' xy P I I X 1, " Y if wf P? E6 1. 4 X Qs 'Y Ie 8 ll 5 'x in ' R if L1 4' . 5 Ib- gr I - I S I 'ITS ' K 11555 , A I ,xx ,.,. , Am A . -k I N J DY 'N I ,Q f fc X 2 A ' S A 0 J on if W. 0 ' If ,Q ,O v MQW H QQ? 'Ih'E gym :": QQ 5" 1' I 5' IV HAROLD SMITH JEANETTE LUND LEE ASHWORTH SHERRELL ASHWORTH CATHERINE GOTTFRIEO TERRY O'BRIEN ADELINE GOTTFRIED RONNIE BRADY DOLORIS JOHNSON EARL BROWN PHYLLIS CROCKEORO BILLY BALDWIN WAYNE LINNELL SCOTTY THOMPSON CHARLES TAFT G. B. COOLIDGE f JAMES BRUBAKER JOHN BYFIELD KIM HAINES BILLY HETRICK LARS G!-XLLUP BERNICE ASHWOFZTH BOB BYFIELD Jl.MMY DELP FRANCIS GOTTERIED DONALD PARRENT NANCY GANNON BETTY JO LEMMON CHARLES SEDERHOLM WAYNE DORCAS SHIRLEY LEMVION DENA YARBROUGH E I I N 3 ' Q HH 3 J' 'FN ,I,: Qv if? ir? 5 ' Iii xqj QQQI ' AH! Ag gin ,II ' L X ' wh. T 'Til ,.I fl YI 5 I, 9 ,-,' I L I I if T 5 in I Q 9 .. Qlii T QRS A 'HV 9 I 'P AISH' vlubsmvuti - f s ,mf In fig. - . Q. In x F'Y'Gl ' M4339 xf- I Lp XI VX .A I ' Vg Ip. ii" K A if ' S M w"'LfLl1..' L 'K 1 - F N N K ff ,LZ-i f 53, LET L ,, f' g E -1' A, Tu-m. , isx, 1, --'Xi j -- qt fx , -be 1 , , Q, v , 'vm Q ,,, 4 ' 'L " - I. 6 f SPGRTS ,f -2 1 ., . ziigy' 6 3 m . L' 3 Lf f 1 Q: 1 , if .,'. lb 5 4 f. x x y Q, D i xg 'ifgwamill M X mx ,K ,. ,.,.ww?H1, Q fsf Q .ni A . .wx 5 W K? Q W l Q5 ? ff "': Q ' f .,.. r 1, f Li g sm ' i THE SUNBURST FOOTBALL TEAM STARTED OUT THE SEASON WITH A BANG, WINNING THREE AND LOSING ONE. BUT THEY LOST THE LAST TWO GAMES OF THE SEASON, BRINGING THEIR AVERAGE TO THREE WINS AND THREE LOSES. ON OCTOBER 6 THE SUNBURST TEAM, WHICH HAD CHANGED FROM SIX-MAN TEAM TO AN ELEVEN-MAN TEAM, DEFEATED THE SHELBY RESERV S I9 TO 0. ROY GALLUP, A SENIOR, WAS ELECTED CARTA SUNBURST SUNBURST SUNDURST SUNBURST SUNBURST HARLEM -------- O BROWNING- BIG SANDY VALIER--- OILMONT-- ---- I4 -----S ---- 33 ---- I9 IN. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS THE SUNBURST TRACK TEAM HAD TRIANGLE MEETS WITH SHELBY AND CONRAD. WHILE SUNBURST DID NOT WIN ANY OF THE MEETS, THE BOYS STEADILY IMPROVED THROUGHOUT T TRACK SEASON. SIXTEEN BOYS TOOK PART IN THE TRACK MEETS, B THREE BOYS ONLY WERE ABLE TO GET THE REQUIRED NUMBER OF POIN FOR TRACK LETTERS. THESE WERE! GARY PHILLIPS, FRANK PHILLI AND HAROLD SMITH. GARY PHILLIPS, A FRESHMAN, WAS ELECTED CAPTA N OF THE TEAM. 5 Wx 'H YH' S A Q' -3 ,'x5 .4 J ". 3 , f T Nr' ' F ' 'F 'Qt . ai SUNSURST US. CASCADE Mash! K 1' if lg af if X x,u3 ll SUNSURST VS. VA IER fx Q Yi? K A E is 53 3? ir ff' N ik, M- Q ,gg , ik? 3. ,W 231, Af 1 M " P172 x Q vw 1 . .,, ., f , A 5 2 Q, 9 1 1 ' V S A ? Us vm ffamwqvf BASKETBALL ON A WHOLE, THE VARSITY SQUAD UNDER COACH EDWARDS HAD A vERY SUCCESSFUL SEASON. THIS YEAR, SUNBURST PLAYED IN THE CLASS 'C' LEAGUE, BUT THEY PLAYED ALL OF THE TEAMS THAT WERE IN THE OLD DISTRICT. THE TEAM PLAYED SHELBY, CONRAD, CHINOOK, FLORENCE'CARL- TON, CUT BANK, AND CASCADE. THE TEAM BEAT CUT BANK FDR THE FIRST TIME IN SEVEN YEARS, BUT THEY LOST TO CHINooK. IN OUR OWN DISTRICT, THE BOYS LoST TWO GAMES TO VALIER AND ONE GAME TO OILMONT. FIVE TEAMS PARTICIPATED IN THE DISTRICT I2 TOURNAMENT AT BROWN- ING ON MARCH 2-4. SUNBURST PLAYED OILMONT ON THURSDAY NIGHT, BEAT- ING THEM 52-47. SUNBURST DREW A BY FOR FRIDAY NIGHT AND PLAYED VALIER IN THE FINAL GAME. IT WAS A HARD FOUGHT GAME. FROM THE START IT WAS A GAME IN WHICH THE TEAM, WHICH HAPPENED TO BE AHEAD WHEN THE FINAL BUZZER RANG, WON. VALIER WAS VICTORIOUS WITH A SCORE OF 38-37. SUNBURST PLACED SECOND. SUNBURST ----------------------- ----- vFw SUNBURST -------------------------- SHELBY SUNBURST -------------------------- CONRAD SUNBURST ------------------------ CUT BANK SUNBURST -------------------------- VALIER SUNBURST --------------------------- BRADY SUNBURST --------------- FLORENCE- CARLTON SUNBURST ----------------------- -CHINOOK SUNBURST ------------------------ CUT BANK SUNBURST ------------------------ BROWNING SUNBURST - ------------------------ OILMONT SUNBURST ------------------------- CASCADE SUNBURST ------------------------- OILMONT SUNBURST --------------------------- BRADY SUNBURST ------------------------- CASCADE SUNBURST -------------------------- VALIER SUNBURST ------- ---- ------- - ----- BROWNING SUNBURST -------------------------- CONRAD SUNBURST ------ - ------------------- SHELBY ISTRICT I2 TOURNAMENT SUNBURST ------------------------ OILMONT- SUNBURST -------------------------- VALIER "B" SQUAD SUNBURST ------------------------- CHINOOK SUNBURST ------------------------ CUT BANK SUNBURST ------------------------- CASCADE SUNBURST -------------------------- VALIER SUNBURST ------------------------ BROWNING SUNBURST --SHELBY K. VLI. K. kriv viii. ,, SI, . A f.. , I -fff MIME FF' 55 + W 'K N I 'P' I f W, M s . 7 QL if I GIRLS' PHYSICHL EDUCRTIOL A I IW IH rg . ,FE 'yywmgw N- F X 3 f I ha v "5Q BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL IOR HIGH BASKETBA ,, ...J if .W 'G 'W it as wg f E an i iw!" :P 5 E M 15 fff' i. 55 'fgq jf J 5 Q Q5 W .. YH . i Er , . af: QW g , , fs... 1 1 W Q gr E gy 5 9 M3 W. Kam. Q 1 A we AO 4? s W. ORG!-lN1ZflT1ONS 5 2 if QQ 2 5 yy Y if 2 1' n V 7' 7 . I 5' Q, Ne 'W n Z' -C i S X i ii? iitvnx s s 1. I Y ,,.f"""""""'- "'-N. STUDENT COUNCIL HAROLD SMITH ADELINE GOTTFRIED ROBERT GALLUP JAMES BRUBAKER LARS GALLUP PRESIDE VICE PR NT-SR. REP. ------- HAROLD SMITH ES. -JR. REP. ----- ROBERT GALLUP SOPHOMORE REP. --------- JAMES BRUBAKER CLERK ----LARS GALLUP ADELINE GOTTFRIED f T ,nv- ff I 4,-'ruDENT couNc.u, FRESHMAN REP. --------- SPONSOR ----------------- Mass ANDERSON . Y ,SRD G TROV NNUAL EDITOR H. SMITH W , ASSOCIATE EDITORS STAFF '.ff5? ' I I IIHS ' ' it, if ', ' ZW4'I, .W V PICTURE EDITORS SHULTS-J. TRUSWELL B. ATKINSON-C. GOTTFRIED-L. KLEIN ART EDITORS SPORTS EDITORS ATTEN-N. GANNON L. ASHWORTH-W. SMITH-A. ZEN ACTIVITY EDIT F. PHILLIPS T. SUTA-D. JOHNSON- ADVERTISING MAN M. WOLANSKI-B. KINNEY-D. MING-S. SALES MANAGE J. MATSON-I. DOGGETT-L. LEE-L. ORS R. GALLUP-R. MCKENZIE ' I AGERS THOMPSON-K. ELDRIDGE RS ALBERTSON-D. MCLOUTH REFINER STAFF LETTERVAW'S CLUB a 'M f 'Fw nf' if ...jf W q...q'. - -,.: JW A-X 43' . " if QVL is N, SQ vs If E F Mm'-ff K 15 a L, U 'lx A A 1? ' .Y T5 K Q SQQ A , A-nd! A ,,,.,.X,- ,mg ,pf Q xii! 'Wk gf if .L Q. L gh-wif 58 N tix as ADVERTISING dd -z sznvsca WHEN xl ,L C A Y EE 4 ONGRALQLATI vs DUN OIT if A BEST WISHE5 S yo ,gps Io :fu iff CW f 'HO 0 Q '!f'1"'W, , MW MSW Sh A QA 4'-""Y 4511111117 Ciwblimaflmz Q,m,,ZJ05M!Z, ,-A - -,K 4wjMJ ,Shelby ,.LLL,,4g,f "1 or L FI E 1.11 Q Q Q . 61, X N Vg d 4' 14, Q09 ' -I3-llY'N -SXXJE I Sunlnu-5+ ? !4nf",ff' M l I XA I X eff GQ, FAS!-NGN CLEANERS Q A k y gg V1 X MQ? ' Q if OU' v"' Q X SCHEAFER C""3"""' afzxifuns Q? PER RY MOTOR S I wid - --'--2 1?a 3 STR Eg'ff'1"iC' YSEIW, THQCKLI-N, -- J uziii E Us STEQEXA Sl -ii 'fj an Shel-Igy RE LL :VVBIE Negu vjbafaple T535 frnnicy I Tavern Kevin , ownfj':,11Xocm+eJ , Z N .. 'f Af 4 Q X , 'kefrsiere -- ,323 J 'ph ar mac iSfS wf 1 J 1 f I ' 741. 77b'frffv-usb U M Jig, 4' 77LofnZl Ro - ibflqfpfilw' V f 5U!9EQ 5521455 I af J WJDDOCK B005 - C, Q 4,,4I,'-fy Neefta-I Grocerir-1 ,i I I , -' ' C ff' f L' 525' ' v ,Sunil-4r8 1- Oilmon+ LEE? ' SERVICENTER ffarh-:re+-:Dealcrl Your Faresione home 'Paufo Suppb' Lee's Whdesalers FARM DELIVERY SERVICE gasoffne - cf fsfiffczfe --" Cffescf fuef Srlove Off '- faLr'ica,Hhj Off --- if-534,595 prompfDelivery Courfeous .Service CJJBM5 C7ABlEK Pump P RECREATION CENTER yu' Banff 3 phone 160 N Cz... PQQJ Secure your new Golden Jubilee Packard fro m Lu' local D Q er " yx f I - laPPefAAOforCo- Eif Cad Bank 0nT. a 251 Wm Gig, Gifske .fq-ZSQYM C? ffarz effa. f ,Kam Ie GIVE YOUR Czxnfog 1 L 'f' fvwm RUT HE RFORD C HEV ROLET hmmm ' JP And-erson+Sons ' Lmmbgi C9 Feed MJ' Seed .S...,A...fS4 M unnln 1ufEg.g,5 lmywijyfgyp SHERMAN MGTOR Q O. Ford C ars A truck 5- 50 ways be1fer for 19 50 Con9m+ulaTionS.JBes1 Wishes tothe , Boysf'Cirls of 'the 1950 Class SHELBY i I Q I Y s f 1 1 NCDRTI-IERN mgdem Comforfabie an C OUVEYHSYIT SUN BU RST ! i-I f'fELd i WVW7' VNMJ! !JJ,,,1,4,, ,bully K'INC GARAGE IFQ' J Q A O? 6' S I , ,,-..-- ' N . Q 3 M lgQ5r?E3KATE'2gZNK "'5xY"5L . PHODA F L ORAL 695 .5 QJQ X Q 'QQ I s Q ' 79 'o I' I o, C' I ,Q -2,0-ca!! A COD-'jfar dnnfffzefiy 725 Aer? L - ' ff - ' Jake Ik CQ. W fffwf iw 0 . I ,I ,Vigo SOQQ4: I Nc' ' 94' 0 'K' CA"522v "1 H JA Q Gob 9 SQQSEQQI dc JU: 5 O ko? 31 I Q ad Qs Laker if we as Q0 0 ex C5 wf Q J S y Q ' I Q do 17611 gf Sw ,S S 3' cfg O M' 'P In S ' Sv of bf Q Y Eg! .1 . , ,Su 6.1 Kigvgxay 'Shelby N. 1- RJIMPLEMENQ TEXHIU COMPANY JMA7 , 7770152417101 E B R.6. KLHVGZII, H.A.ToLDNEs5,l ' Owvm MANAGER Gsnrnu. ELec.1Ruc,II.CAse D .ff 5 UNBURSTA 2T,'ff',,2L, 31,559 I MONTANA W Q I L ., M -::- .13 65 Awefjifuw of-flrenllf 903265 I wwf PLYMQMTH SWANSCD N'S XII-AR50N'5 TRUCKING, 5- ff MENXSWEHR i CO. S ' .ff W jk f' , CMTBANK : I -E -Xxwagrynw ' 7' .... BE Tue aesv' 'L4"""'L7' in y A onesswl vny -Sv 1,14 bl 0, Q., Q P o' T.4t4F , '1 gajwrbmlxfzlnzfjw ev -Op + wfM,wm+.,w v. ummm smmmcsn. csAs,ou, GRE sf CHEVROLET Qi? M' WE CQ .NCUTBANK Fx OF I eesr wzsusf roc4ASS OF 5 KEVIN MACHHNIE FROM SHOP Mm.. Hawk , u y TTGR NEY J Sh5H"l Vx 5 f n ' 0NTa WJ, 9.1 5' t A W 5 H Bmfb Flaw ,av S LW Bess ' Z ' an un! QJLT7' mm 'G .MJ Hof'-'L "'k""""" 74:ff,"77,,l:: 7511606-'fy MMU www RECREATMN CENTER 5 Ben Hung I MJF! ig Puulc Accouhfianig Plank-eng 4 NEo7flTl6 . Orff!! 71-11 9 . , :fi-AP16 t . alnonf A' 38,0741 4111 1 f " We s' B cf Sho E O K1 P RA D IA T0 H A N D L 4 P ET mov EC- ADM LSEEVICE Y C LA55 WORKS TR 5 , R311 ONIC Tueplnorli be SU-rf owes f-va-0141 4 fiermesnnog 5 C"-f BBW' as All Apu ,th I APPLIANCES EBV Monhm 7,2 ' R- A9 E t l Su.:-5 + Smvacz cg 5 Cu BANK , H01-'TA NA AOP opsnmfna Fon 30 qefms NORHMESTERN Senvxce I of ' C9 r inc' EY ARMS TANK N"'h?Z,L.,pSQ,Zf. "' Cvmplffe Sales-4 7? A.A,lBucHy, Arms 79h0hQ -144 I Qi' fx fy if Jw QOQ Q? b pm 04 Q " Q QV M ic, O ff '6,xJ. in 22 ........... if ' YourQUverDealer MARS QLAQIECROMOTOR DE PT. STORE 2247 fm-mmm VZ 1.1.1 Ewell Q21 AX ffm? 1:12 , 5 I. C'6Q.44ffff0v Yxtowko X9 Q13 We VY PUBLIC DRUG C 9 W 3' , C' Freed Mo'rorCO. YUTBANK' MONT Buiczkfwiomobiles Hmwmlfiamww 4015: 01Q . Y7 Cen eral Re pair 5407 famlv A fm if Cf 10 f HAHN BMW fjivww fof 'iff-aww Wlfm-M f.,fl1lfffR.'f,'ZE VFW , :JB r'iafvr'AMA ,unila- jL65U5fLC1fE' IQNEER ? Iff1. ' H TE' C if K Mpf 5 , P 'A miri: Apparel JC C'-if ani, aNf D L 0 . U' 5- LL h PENN f 13552 M Shelby A Q if 935.9 V QEIQHANR ' La? 0 u, .. may M R ea fe 64750 Sunburst Q X ggfoid moior ,Q ww fn M' IXSMWQ Qfmwaf X pgannslimh ,A 4 w 2, KLM-nv iam 'W aim, QP,ZLQ H WMHALTER is cms 5 5LH'?bur5T ?2 fexaco 6 , IKESTOUQ Q' Ap ' . WL! JAJM A f -N wwf ff My ,' ,EO I 1 V Z L4 1!'1 1 1 his i n Uvyd Aforgerson NX VW!! WMV l"Jln . . A Q :EES llneli 5::::' 'H' ' ' "-T!! ,:g5:1:-.,-- lia 1-lilfglnm- :I ii:-..nn:1 :ii :I- 'G Eia X523 A "E VXCCOffTll'CkTV61CTOl'S 6' farm Equipmem' ,ff Infernamonal Trucks ETHRIDCE IMPLEMENT HOUSE E THU dge, Montana -if 1950-PM xy 49 XXX? C18 'W' Qgago 71' Q of 62 094 S fvxcnlorf CQ. Meng Clojrhing 8634 o 92 Sfweflwyjfvlonf. iShGlL7jMODt. A gba Valley Kavanaughs 7460 r . f V? O92ff' 3 X I -jg lxxxf H11 - -127 ' J ,J X U Nlrxx 1 v X r ' tl XT We A 41' 'fl ' i 1 gr-S I 1 at B" . ' , I " HM,4xL""'e' mf . 1 fi? ' ' X k 0 r- I . N C-E591 f 11 I x V l 5- ,E- Kg' TEL:-X vs 5, ,H f -N BILL GI LLESPIE GENERAL TRUCKINC QL HQUSE MOVING KEVIN MONT. 2? V I . ig? Wy kf f f-4-R glfw NDER som IMDLEMENT Co. Cufgank an W1 6 CHUCK THE AA 'gvxyzfr .. XJ -I 'Vex HCO I he' WJ? 3,377 Q fv OW gi 6 Q1 C 3 ff-x Q L3 3 rgffnfvursi- ffl, pi fr 1 fl nq l . Tx C14 cf. " 6 QL 771 ,q 65370 ERN F .WMM MODERN 04' ' JMJVM6 Shelby 71777, 2 If s N Q ICGCFQH Nl 4 48 B ff "'- G u J 71 C Hg' P T -Com ,Skirkyf MaIIe1'fa.L3uTma CNY 15,205 1 L S nbumlf 551746539 TE X ACQ 96 CW ?D!B"V D15 T. 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Suggestions in the North Toole County High School - Caprock Yearbook (Sunburst, MT) collection:

North Toole County High School - Caprock Yearbook (Sunburst, MT) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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North Toole County High School - Caprock Yearbook (Sunburst, MT) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


North Toole County High School - Caprock Yearbook (Sunburst, MT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


North Toole County High School - Caprock Yearbook (Sunburst, MT) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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