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ffie Ihproclff 0? THFJ , XX A 5' 5 X XX 4 Ai: ' O 1 ,A 'fig G? M' 5 . X9 Q -s- WS X' I s vn 153,525-T A 9 Sunburst Hfglw School Sunburst, Monliarwa Fore word In this, the 19148 Caprock, we have tried to show in sketches some scenes typical of our part of Montana, past and present. That you may . enjoy. this book with its record of your high school days, both now and in future years, is the wish of the Senior class of 19148. Dedf C5761 Om Q4 Q! 5 ?Zf Q 1 l 'ff f I I , Z if IZ ff 4 Q ,'Zif'f'A 64 "' ff ,, - pf- pZlW' Q' X "f X 'W 1" A f ff H 'xl 1 4 'l GTM' , 1 + fl in ' .vpn p ,fag x bg? 'X gf Q-f, ,Q ,SZK If CM X -Ez! 1 ' !ABX WM! 'Q-' 1' ' 5, fb , In u 1 lf, 5-Tig .W MZKW Ki? lfj A uf gf 1, T Lf f hai -l'Wf' "Br-14+ f -nfa "'! l Way! 1 4572? f, PW pf I ff' ! To our teachers, who have instructed during and guided us through our four years in high schoolg to our parents, whose loyalty has always been an inspiration to usg to the Sunburst High School, where we have spent four happy, profitable yearsg and to the Sunburst com- munity, which has given us our fine schoolg in apprec- iatlon, we, the Senior class dedicate this yeerbook,the l9h8 Caprock. FGCU Z 25 MR. DUANE R. TAFT Superintendent United States Histo Sociology-Economics Athletics IR. VE NON MAURITSEN 7th-8th Grade Arithmetic Band Girls' Chorus Junior Sponsor TY MISS MARY AN ANDERSON Principal Commercial Journalism Dramstlos Biology Girls' League Student Council Adviser Senior Sponsor MR. LYNN STEIN Mathematics Science High School .unlencs Sophomore Sponsor MISS BLANCHB MCMANUS 8th English English Library Caprook Adviser Freshmen Sponsor MISS ALICE BROWNELL Home Economics 7th Science 7th Grade Sponsor Girls' Basketball HR. HAZEN LAWSEN World History 7th English 7th Social Science 8th Science Jr. High Athletics MRS. SHIRLEY KELSON Spanish I HR. WALTER BOURRET Shop CZ GSS' ef'-3 M f f Xxxxx vw W K X f W X as Q X' I Z X A X Lk M 1 ? 62 -- 11 156 Qgx, fs.- f GX .Q X Semors GLASS OFFICERS Pres.- - - ----- Tom Nopper Vice Pres. ---- Margie Irgens Sec.-Treas.- - -Marilyn Tucker Student Council- -H. Trovatten Class F1ower:- ----- Lilac Class Colors:--Lilac and White Class Motto Wwe build the ladder by which we rise from the lowly earth to the vaulted skies. ll SPONSOR: Miss Mary Ann Anderson TOM NOPPER 'All great men are dyi I feel sick myse1f.' Student Council 1 President of Class 2,5 Vice-President of Clas Dramatics 3 Annual Staff L Football 2,3,L Basketball 2,3,L ng...Napo1eon is dead.. B 3 MARCIE IBGENS 'With a fearful strain that is on If I did not laugh, I should die nramntioa L Home Ec Club l Refine: Staff 2,3 Girls' League President 3,L Girls' Chorus President A Class Vice-President A Annual Starr 3,L Pep Club 1,2 Girls' League 3,h Class President 3 . 5' f , V J IFF. I y r rn-:ma Taovmrm W And I will be heardln Football 2,3,L Basketball l,2,3,L Dramatics 2,3 Vice-President of Class 3 Student Council A Debate 2 Annual Staff L Band l,2,L I will not retreat a single inch, W0 ,,f ff ' ' - K7 JMX? Cf " , Q l '-43" !1ffJK ,X 'Af , J, If 5' .J I K' . ,., , 'I I If f f f ,f47 : , , , I PEGGY HAYES 'I ask nothing tor myself, But give my mother a son-in-1ew.' Home Ee Club 1,2 Dramatice 3 Pep Club l Class Secretary 3 Girls' League k Refiner Staff L Annual Staff L IARILYN TUCKER 'A UGVCOI' mln than ROGDSY may HBVB l1VBd, But I doubt it. Home Ee Club 1,2 Girls' Chorus 1, Dramatios 3 Pep Club l Girls' League I, Clase President n L 3 Class Secretary-Treasurer A Annual Staff L Student Council 1 IONE GALLUP 'The wise carry their knowledge, Not for display, but for their own use.' Home Ec. Club 1,2 Band l,2,3,A Pep Club l Class Secretary-Treasurer l,2,3 Girls' League 3 Girls' Chorus A Annual Staff 4 Dramatics L EVELYN TRUSWELL 'Fire in each eye and papers in each hand Bend 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 Annual Staff L Refiner Staff 3 Dramatics 3 Student Council Pep Club 1,2 Girls' League 3 Home Ee Club 1 Girls' Chorus 1 Badminton 2,3 2,3 ,L v2.5 1 DON A BYKONEN 'Good nature and good sense,W Pep Club 1,2 Home Ec Club 1,2 Band 1,2,3,L . Girls' League 3 Basketball 1 Glee Club 1,2 Annual Staff L Dramatics L PE 'Wise to resolve Band 1,2,3,L Home Ec Club 1 Annual Staff L Pep Club 1,2 Girls' League 3,L Dramatics L 1 f GGY MATZDORF and patient to perrorm.' BONNIE WHITT nCome one, come all, this rock shall fly, From its' firm base, as soon as I.' Band l,2,L Physical Ed. l,2,3 Pep Club l,2,3 Dramatics 3,L Home Ec Club 1,2 Girls' Chorus A Girls' League A Spanish Club 2 Annual Staff L DORIS DOGGETT come and men may go, forever.' ' 'For men may But I go on Pep Club 1,2 Home Ee Club Twirler 2,3 Basketball 1,2 Dramatics b Girls' League 3,h Badminton 2 Office Girl 3,L Girls' Chorus l,2,L Class President l Annual Staff L 1,2 SHIRLEY CANNON 'Bless the man who invented sleep.' Pep Club 1,2 Home Ee Club 1,2 Girls' League 3,L Bend 1,2,3,L Annual Staff A Girls' Chorus l,2,3,L Badminton 2,3 HART UATSON 'Ever charming, ever new.' Clele President 3 Gleee Vice Preei I.-an Annual Ste!! 3,5 3 School Pepe: 1 2, cn-1s' -cnoru i Cleo Club 1,2 Dremetioe l Pep Club 1,2 Basketball 2,3 Physical Ed. l,2, nt 1,2 3 EARLINE THOMPSON 'It's love that mak Band l,2,b Physical Ed. l,2,3 Home Ec'Club 1,2 Dramatics 2,3 Annual Staff L Girls' League L Girls' Chorus L Pep Club 1,2,3 Gusher Staff 2 es the world go 'round LOYD LEE 'Ir A newer syst i un . It not' use minefg S ne, import it, Shop 1,2 Dramacios 3 Track Manager 3 H1 Story In September of l9kh, Sunburst High School was given a boost when the following people enrolled as freshmen: Joy Rathbun, Evelyn Truswell, Peggy Uatzdorf, Ione Gallup, Donna Bykonen, Shirley Gannon, Doris Doggett, Darrell Grilley, Terry Baker, Claude Smith, and Ton Nopper. For our initiation the girls wore long Johns and the boys looked very dainty ln night-gowns. We failed to paint the 'S' due to rain. As we started our sophomore year, we found missing Terry Baker, who moved to Colorado, Claude Smith, who joined the Navy, and Darrell Grilley, who moved to Valier. The class gained three membersg Margie Irgens from Oilmont, Betty Friend from Shelby, and Bonnie Buckley from Sweet Grass. The activities of the year included an initiation party, a card party, and a skating party. when school started in 19h6, we found we had lost Bonnie Buckley, who transferred to Great Falls and Betty Friend, who moved to Shelby. We gained one member, Loyd Lee, who returned from the Navy. , During the year we held a blanket raffle and donated a radio to the school. The annual Junior-Senior ban- quet was held in the Rainbow Hotel in Great Falls. The Egomhxas held May 3rd, the theme being 'Cinderella at e l. . Joy Rathbun, completing the high school course in three years, was graduated with the class of 'A7'. when school started this year we found among us five new members from Kevin and one from Sweet Grass. They were: Peggy Hayes, Earline Thompson, Bonnie Whitt Marilyn Tucker, and Herbert Trovatten from Kevin and Mary Matson from Sweet Grass. This year we presented a talent show which was a great success. We enjoyed a nice Sneak Day by taking a trip through Glacier Park, Missoula, Helena, and Great Falls. We were guests at the Junior-Senior ban- quet Aprll 10th and the Prom held April 2bth. Baccaf laureate services were held May 9. On the thirteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty eight, the Almighty Senior class of l9L8 was graduated from Sunburst High School. As we go through life we will try to make our school as proud of us as we ara of her. It is our hope that in the years to come we will keep untarnished the ideals of sportsmanship and industry given to us during our high school career. m C55 asus S Preopf IECH In contemplating the future, we, the seniors of l9b8 came to the conclusion that a class reunion in 1958 would give ue a chance to pull up a wheel chair and discuss old times. May 13, 1958--Warm Springs, Montana. The senior class of Sunburst High School held a class reunion here after ten years separation. They discussed old times and their positions in the world of today. The secre- tary recorded each student's present occupation as fol- lows: TOMMY NOPPER, an old millionaire of today, accumu- lated enough money to support his wants after a suc- cessful career as sports commentator on the NBC net- work. . DONNA BYKONEN, a cute little redheaded housewife with two small children, lives on a farm west of Sun- burst. H RB TROVATTEN flew here from Alaska where he is a successful veterinarian. A PEGGY MATZDORF never has a dull moment running her matrimonial bureau. She could hardly find time to at- tend this reunion. IONE GALLUP is right at home with her flowers. The Alaskan Highway Floral Shop which she manages plans to enlarge its facilities this spring. BONNIE WHITT is personnel manager at Marshal Field's in Chicago. She never fails to give a Montanan a job. EARLINE THOMPSON is a beauty operator who special- izes in giving permanent waves and manicures to gentle- men. MARY MATSON and her husband have just completed a college course. While on the campus they won the title of HThe Most Handsome College Couple.' EVELYN TRUSWELL has Sunburst's prominent doctor hav- ing completed her study for medicine at Concordia. LOYD LEE is an Admiral in the Navy serving on Life- boat No. 23 of the USS America. PEGGY HAYES is head nurse at Warm Springs. On her time off, she and Tommy Nopper, who is in a straight jacket, prepared for the reunion. MARILYN TUCKER is the private secretary of Jimmy Stewart. DORIS DOGGETT is an air hostess for Pan American and attended the reunion with her latest :fiance- SHIRLEY GANNON just about missed the reunion because she was having such a good sleep after her long trip from Florida. Incidentally, she is married to a very wealthy man. MARGIE I GENS is soloist with Glen M1ller's orches- tra, now playing at the Stork Club in New York City. X X . QQ! MU. We, the senior class of the city of Sunburst, County of Toole, and State of Montana, being of sound mind and memory, to hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. First: We leave, which should be good enough for any body. Second: The seniors leave their dignified ways and superior intelligence to the Junior class. Third: Each of us leaves his or her most prized possession. . DORIS DOGGETT leaves her job in the office to anyone who wants some easy l?J money. EARLINE THOM SON leaves her attendance record and quiet ways to Betty Higdem. Hope you stay out of trouble. PEGGY HAYES leaves her ability to get along with the teachers to Barbara Kinney. MARGIE IRGENS leaves her voice to Howard Kimmet. Hope you are a great success, Howard. MARY MATSON leaves her ability to keep her man to Beverly Whitt. BONNIE WHITT leaves her good figure and pretty brown eyes to Louise Kleinert. MARILYN TUCKER leaves her game of Wfootsie' to Leo Lee. Hope he enjoys playing with Rod as much as Marilyn does. DONNA BYKONEN leaves her red hair to Lotus Kohles, so she won't have to spend so much money on rinse. TOM Y NOPPER leaves his high-powered Rolls Royce to Mr. Taft because Mr. Taft's Buick will soon be worn out if his son continues to drive it. HERB TROVATTEN leaves his ability to supply informa- tion on everything known and unknown to Red Whitt. Why don't you write a book, Red? SHIRLEY GANNON leaves her ability to get along with Wally to Audrey Chase. .EVELYN TRUSWELL leaves her good grades and industry to Armand Sandon. IONE GALLUP leaves her gift of gab to Laura Farris. LOYD LEE leaves the 'big deals' and girl friends to Ted Pazderic. ' PEGGY MATZDORF leaves her ability to keep order in the library to Wally Smith, I X Je n alum UFS ggfgiig b h i e tf zi, ..,' - gSgi:gg:g5i:v.il1w L J -yi' iffy' t ' 2 . - S512 fig' ern? ..,.. tif? I 52 ' ' .. ,WJ ' 7 . QMUFW- hs' igfig meg. , . eewexvv 53535 31? ?TH3i 55h'- Wil YQAAI' . . I H ' q Y he 14 .k 2 Top Row Cleft to rightl: Betty Higdem, Tommy Atkinson Vange Dube, Sylvia Erickson Second Row: Audrey Chase, Betty Gould, Derrell Pinkston Front Row: Beverly McDermott, Lotus Kohles, Dixie Lee Golden, Rodney McDermott Not pictured: Beverly Whitt, Olive Vickhammer, Armand Sandon Sponsor: Mr. Vernon P. Maurtisen The Juniors had a very successful year. The ban- quet was held in Lethbridge, Alberta, April 10th. The theme was 'International Friendshipn. The prom was held April 2Lth, the theme being 'Ven1ce'. Again this year the junior class sold concessions at the basketball games as a means of raising money. Scvpfv Om OPSS Top Row Cleft to rightl: Florence Ralph, Teddy Suta, Catherine Gottfried, Allen Zemple, Iva Doggett, Clarence Thompson Second Row: Wally Smith, Nancy Gannon, Howard Kimmett, Leona Albertson, Leo Lee, Joanne Polinkus Third Row: Lalla Blankenship, Harold Smith, Dolores Johnson, Ted Pazderick, Marlene Larson, Lloyd Lewis Fourth Row: Frank Phillips, Barbara Kinney, Roy Gallup, Delores Mclouth, Lee Ashworth, Rita Gould Front How: Dorene Ming, Georgia Trovatten, Kay Shults, Louise Kleinert Sponsor: Mr. Lynn S. Stein Ffoesfvmeafw MM .gTk?gggg Top Row lleft to rightlz Louise Sandon, Keith Maxwell, Robert Gallup, Betty Allen, Henry Suta, Barbara Atkinson V Second How: Galen Bykonen, Hazel Gallup, Terry O'Brien, Phyllis Kclntrye, Robert Dube, Laura Farris Third Row: Rosene Moss, Virgil Vickhammer, Maxine Simms, Ray Gallup, Wanda Pardee, Ray Luckinbill Fourth Row: Jack McDermott, Franklin Crockford, Billy H olman, Leon Matzdorf, Billy Baldwin, Jerry Kelleher Front Row: Billy Ralph, Mike Buckley, Dale Erickson, Owen Dorn- blaser, Richard Jallings Not pictured: vmlter Whitt Sponsor: Miss Blanche McManus Ez gh H1 EPGJQ Top Row lleft to rightl: Evelyn Chase, Gary Phillips, Shelia Gannon, Jimmy Delp, Carol Hiersche, Raymond Newmiller Second Row: Irling Smith, Loretta Lund, Wayne Linnell, Nancy Davis, James Fitzpatrick, James Brubaker Third Row: Judith Simmes, John Byfield, Adeline Gottfried, Jimmy Pinkston, Phyllis Clark, Cora Hannon Front Row: Curtis Coleman, Martha Bovee, Lee Kimball, Shirley Eason, Konrad Trettenbach, Bernice Ashworth Se vernffv Grad Yff new lleft to rightlz Tezgy Jindon, Vary Lou Lrg n, Lars Gallup, Dena Tue Yarbroueh, Ed L'Kaire .econi raw: V. Friske, Jlyde Luckenbill, Joris iaf ell, Ji: HcAlp1ne, Violet ,utu Y ird huw: JoLn borqett, gvelgn Ialsurg, L ewis 3uer'e, Tirlene 'uxwelL 4fEY"'Z'v' -AZZ1 Fourth Row: Ihyllis Crock- ford, Tom Smith, Delores Voss, Terry Lee, Beulah Pardee Fifth Row: Betty Lee, Kay Holtz, Jeanette Lund, Gerald Hietpas, Theodora Simmes Front Row: Janda Mason, Violet Kcnlpine 'T 'ii 5' xg 47 F Y f A5251 V1Zf'1,SS 1 Eine' The school year of l9L7-b8 brought considerable development for our music department. The band increased to fifty-seven pieces with eleven in the twirling corps, and sixteen in the beginners' band. The band played at all the home basketball games. They played at the"Little Five' tournament in Valier and at the District tournament in Cut Bank. They attended the Music Festival in Great Falls, May 1, 19108. Top Row: llett to right! Zempel, R. Moss, M. Maxwell, Hetriok. Second Row: Crockford, Baldwin, Allen, A. Gottfried. Third Row: Johnson, Ralph, Golden Front Row: B. Whitt, S. Gannon, H Chase B. Gould, R. Gould, Coolidge, McAlDine, O'Brien, S. Ashworth Trovatten,N. Gannon, Top Row: lleft, tg rightl C. Thompson, C, Gottfried, L. Ashworth, Brubaker, E. Brown, L. Gallup Second Row: Linnell, Parrent, Byfield, B. Ashworth, F. Gottfried, B. Whitt Third Row: T. Smith, A. Baldwin, H. Smith, Kohles, McIntyre, M. Brown Fourth Row: Kleinert, E. Truswoll, I. Gallup, K. Maxwell, Bykonen, Holman Front Row: Matzdorf, E. Thompson, Suta, Slmmee, Delp, Altenburg ' G e o r g P i r 8 6 s T 1 r d 0 B V 8 B T. 6 Il Il t J . Truswell lcLouth Kinney Farris ling Shults Doggett Atkinson Larson G1 P 1S'Cf7OFUS Top Row: Ileft to right! Evelyn Trusvvell, lone Gallup Phyllis Clark, Delores MoLouth, Nancy Davis, Rita Gould, Louise Kleinert, Lourette Lund, Rosene Moss Vange Dube, Phyllis Crockford Second Row: Dena Mae Yarbrough, Betty Lee, Theodore Simmes, Violet McAlp1ne, Marlene Maxwell, Sylvia Erickson, Betty Higdem, Iva Doggett, Bonnie Whitt Doris Doggett, Olive vickhammer, Dixie Golden Beulah Pardee, Laura Farris, Barbara Kinney, Nancy Gannon A Third Row: Phyllis McIntyre, Violet Suta, Doris Maxwell Joanne Polinkus, Lalle Blankenship, Shirley Gannon Georgia Trovatten, Mary Matson, Florence Ralph Lotus Kohles, Dolores Johnson, Audrey Chase, Kay Shulte, Maxine Simmes, Wanda Pardee, Wanda Mason Betty Allen Front Rovr: Betty 'Gould, Evelyn Malberg, Evelyn Chase Leona Albertson, Jeanette Lund, Mary Lou Brovrn Doreen Ming, Helen Delp, Jeanette Trusvrell Adeline Gottfried, Earline Thompson, Sheila Gannon Marlene rriske Not Pictured: Margie Irgens, Marlene Larson, Marilyn Tucker, Beverly Strom, Peggy Puller The Girls' Ghorus was reorganized again this year with approximately sixty girls' going out for it. ' The chorus .enjoyed apeuceeesrul year being well received by beth public - The: girlel-appeared e Jointfiprihg concert first trip to Great Festival. Q Betty ooula is une the director. ' and ,lplsntle et thqichristmes program and in 'vrithfthe band. They made their Pelle for the District Music accompanist and Hr. Meuritsen Fmmtboii Top how Cleft to rightbz Lewis, Dornblaser, Lcnermott, Lrickeon, Celluw, Crockford, Ralph, Jube', holmau, Jecond Row: Baldwin, Thillips, Roy Gallup, Atginson, Wemonen, Ashworth, Kelleher, H. buta, A9NF9l, T. outa, Tickhammer, Lee, Conch oteln U in nt low: Jay Gallup, Trovetcen, R. lcoermott, Einkstoh, Hopyer, S ith, H. Smlth. Not 7iCtlTSjZ ocottv Thompson Q the first of the season, our boys, elhhouph rieiced, showed nosuibilities of being a food r,,, Jo ch otein uorkec us intn fine shape ard ky the end of the season we were tuch stronyer. Je expect to have . ble- eefnl season next year es me are losinr only two letter e.. Tommy Lancer was the only one receiving an iLjarf Hhen no twistc. his felvis in the Cil,ont fame. - 'IAQA W , lt Wiy dinov---35--Ui Q, V - u H , They t J nlneht--L---:Ln-6 gLOhQlH6, ut Jrowning ---- QL- ,, H0pl1H, at JOQllH ----- ---U-- ' ' W""" 'k'U fF2Wninr, wt sunkurst ---- 55- iunvord, it jylvggg ..... ,12- -VIC SPT IN Tiff IC 121.2 '- TO TORKY Hopper who was injxred in the Uilmont-Sunburst foot- oall fume. Ie wish to Goff the old helmet. ghis injury vas e blow to both, the team and Tom y, who is a r. ard co-captain of the team. Tith Tommy at rreduetion goes ":t 1.1:-Q KI 1. t -'-' f tc a fine othlete and e frend guy. . FRANK PHILLIPS 1 RAY GALLUP WALLY SMITH OWEN DORNBLASER 567346 fbi Z Z Top low lleft to riphtl: Coach Stein, Lee, Ray Gallup, Yinxotcn, E. Gallup, Lanorer Crocxford Front Row: J. McJermctt,n. smith, Co-captain Zhillips, Captain n. Lcacrmott, T. Hopper, H. smith Not lictured: H. Trovatten, 3. Thompson Conference Opponent We They CutBank Zn 38 Shelby 19 30 Browning 2o L3 Conrad 28 29 Brady 23 22 bweet Grass 32 23 Shelby 17 38 Gilmont 27 25 Little Five Tournament Brady 3o 20 Valier 3h 31 First Flace Genes Cpponent Browning Brady Qilmont Cut Bank Valier Valier sweet Grass Conrad District Sweet Crass Shelby Cilmont Fifth We They 39 hl 25 26 23 22 29 56 38 33 31 27 39 21 38 30 Tournament L7 lu 25 50 39 LU ilace 1 Ray Gallup L. Lee F. Phillips J. McDermott W. Smith T. Nopper D. Pinkston Bob Gallup H. Trovatten 'BW Squad J Top How: Klert to right! B. Holman, F. Crockford Top Row: flett to right! B. Holman, F. Crockford, Galen Bykonen, D. Erickson, Mr. Dwight Billedeaux, coach Front Row: A. Zernpel, 0. Dornblaser, V. Vickhammer, Keith Maxwell, Jerry Kelleher. Junior High Basketball Top Row: lleft to right! Jimmy Delp, manager, Mayne Linnell, Lewis George, Jim McAlplne ,Edgar O'Haire, Gerald Hietpas, Mr. Hazen Lawson, coach. Front. Row: James Brubaker, Curtis Coleman, Raymond Newmiller, Gary Phillips, Lars Gallup effermen 'S Ci ub Top Row: lleft to rightlz Bob Gallup, Galen Bykonen, Teddy Suta, Jack McDermott, Bill Baldwin Center Row: Owen Dornblaser, Roy Gallup, Leo Lee, Derrell Pinkston, Allen Lempel, Herb Trovatten, Lee Ashworth Front Row: Raymond Gallup, Frank Phillips, Tommy Nopper, Wally Smith, Harold Smith, Armand Sandon The lettermen's club was newly organized this year. The following lettermen were elected as officers, President, Rod- ney McDermottg Vice-president, Frank Phillipsg and Secretary- Treasurer, Harold Smith. The club is sponsored by Coach Lynn Stein. It is characterized by its service in sportsmanship both on the field and in the classroom. It is an honor to be- long to the organization. During the year the WSW club spon- sored an interclass basketball tournament won by the Junior- Senior team, and an intercless track meet. Name Football L7-L8 Basketball A7-L8 Ashworth, Lee 1-2 Baldwin, Bill Manager-l Bykonen, Galen 1 Crockford, Franklin Manager-1 Gallup, Raymond l l GMlw,Rw L2 Gallup, Hebert l Lee, Leo 1-2 McDermott, Jack V l 1 McDermott, Rodney 1-3 l-2-3 Nopper, Tommy 2-3-A 3-A Phillips, Frank 1-2 1-2 Pinkston, Derrell 1-2-3 2-3 Sandon, Armand 1-2 Smith Harold 1-2 1-2 Smith, Wally 2 1-2 Suta, Teddy l Thompson, Clarence 2 Transferred from Cilmont, Montana Trovatten, Herbert L Transferred from Gilmont, Montana Zempel, Allen 2 Transferred from Cheyenne, N. D. Dornblaser, Owen l Susie Eovsf-fe fb G 1 Z Top Row fleft to riphtl: Barbara Atkinson, Nan Pardee, Kaye Shults, Lotus Kohles, Iva Dorget Phyllis McIntyre, hiss Brownell Front Row: Betty Gould, Delores FcLouth, Rita Goul Lva feline Jute, Doreen Ying, Joanne Eolinkus Girls"basketball was organized in Novcller for the purpose of recreation rather than competitive snort with Miss Brownell as coach. The line-up was as follows: Forwards: Doreen Ming, Delores McLouth, Vange Dube, Olive Vickhammer, Lotus Kohles, Kaye Shults. Guards: Betty Gould, Rita Gould, Iva Doggett, Joanne Polinkus, Wanda Pardee, Barbara Atkinson Captain: Doreen Ning Go-certain: Lotus Konles da ts 5, Home E The Home Economics department, under the direction of Miss Alice Brownell, accomplished much in the art of homemaking. Home Ec I class members made cotton dresses, remod- eled clothes, kept the house in order, and studied foods, cooking, and family living. Home Ee II made wool dresses, redecorated the bath- room and kitchen and studied nutrition and meal plan- ning. They also had a Christmas gift project. Seventh and eighth grade girls made breakfast, sewed aprons, and studied child care. Sylvia Erickson Dixie Lee Golden A mme of Sheen Gfllbf Anne Shirley ---------- - - ------ - - BONNIE WHITT Our adorable young heroine Florence Remsen ------------------ - - lONh GALLUP Superintendent of the nopeton Grphanage Minnie Stearn ------- ------ ------ PEGGY MATZDORF An attendant at the Orphanage Mrs. alexander Spencer -------- ---- - - - DONNA BYKONEN Uho has a difficult time talking Matthew Cuthbert ----------------- SCOTTY THOHFSON Anne's champion and a Wkindred spiritn Marilla Cuthbert ------------------ FLORENCE RAIJH His sister, who refuses to thaw out I-ITS. Rachel lynde ------------------ LOTUS KOHIES Mrs. Barry- - Diana Barry- - iier Mrs. Allan- - Josie Tye- - - Moody Spurgeon ------------------ Gilbert Blythe Ira Kills- - - Who loves to give advice -------------------DORISDOGGETT A wealthy matron - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CLIVE VICKHAMKER daughter, who becomes Anne's bosom friend - ------------------ MARGIE IRGENS The new K1nister's charming wife ------------------DELCREJMCLCUTH In Anne's class at school - ARMAND SANDON Another schoolmate --------------------wA1J,YsmzITH The wealthiest boy'in town ---------------- -DERRILLIINKSTGN A wealthy business man Director: Miss Mary Ann Anderson fw Y Q 4' k 64 'nf f Y I Shep .fan ,mica Teddy Sum PRESIDENT: Derrell Pinkston V VICE-PRESIDENT: Teddy Suta SECRETARY: Richard Jallings FOREMAN: Henry Suta This year the shop boys have been doing more welding and machine work than auto mechanics. We have kept our two lathes busy all the time as well as the shaper. At the present time we have several tools completed on the lathes. We hope that each boy will have made enough progress on the lathe to complete at least one tool for our display, which we want to exhibit at the county fair this year. ln the welding department the boys have been doing oxy-acetylene and arc welding, also some brazing, learning to run beads horizontally as well as vertically. They have also been practicing running beads to uncoated rods. This takes a lot of practice to accomplish. In the oxy-acetylene welding we are practicing for penetration and sound welds. Some of the boys have done some forge work of which we are very proud. . In auto-mechanics we have rebuilt one G.M.C. truck motor, which we have mounted in a frame. It will be used as a woodsaw outfit. We have rebuilt one Plymouth motor and installed it in a car. We have done a lot of fender straightening and welding and prepared one car for a paint job. We have also done a great deal of work keeping the buses clean and in repair. Student Councf fi Top Row: Cleft to riphtj Harold Smith, Robert Gallup, Sylvia aricxson Second Row: Audrey Chase, Herb Trovetten, Miss Anderson ' student Council organized October 27, l9h7 with Liss Anderson as adviser. 'e voted to affiliate with the National Association of Student Councils. Council me bers were each given the :HJC badge. We decided to have e social committee to plan school parties. Mech class was represented by a .oy end girl as nembers of tne social committee. Codncil meybers acted as e cogmittee to try to Keep the desks and books in better order. Any class or group wishing to sponsor any activity more asked to receive approval fro: tnc Council. The :if event of the year sponsored ly the Vrodp Les the annual school picnic held early in lay. -JUUJCCUZCUU XJOCJZ Gere is LQGQUQ Top Row: Qleft to rightl Jeanette Truswell, Sylvia Erickson, Maxine Simmes, Helen Delp, Beverly Whitt, Evelyn Truswell, Louise Kleinert, Betty Hlgdem, Laura Farris, Wanda Pardee, Earliue Thompson, Leona Albertson, Betty Allen Second Row: Barbara Atkinson, Joanne Polinkus, Rosene Moss, Evangeline Dube, Doris Doggett, Dixie Golden, Shirley Gannon, Peggy Matzdorf, Audrey Chase, Kaye Shults, Bonnie Whitt, Barbara Kinney, Betty Gould, Nancy Gannon Third Row: Louise Sandon, Deloris McLouth, Iva Doggett Rita Gould, Lotus Kohles, Florence Ralph, Dolores Johnson, Georgie Trovatten, Lalla Blankenship, Doreen Ming Front Row: Olive Vickhammer, Terry U!Brien, Phyllis Mclntrye SPCNSOR: Miss Mary Ann Anderson The Girls' League is a service organization made up of all the high school girls. Officers are: Margie Irgens, presidentg Audrey Chase, vice-president, Evelyn Truswell, secretaryg and Marilyn Tucker, treasurer. In order that every girl receive an opportunity to attend out-of-town athletic events, the girls were chosen alphabetically. Trips were made to Joplin, Cut Bank, Rudyard, Shelby, Oilmont, Sweet Grass, and Valier. League members decorated the high school for the Christmas season. Several girls redecorated the girls' rest room. fiff' U. Trusnell T. Nopper H- Tfovatted Typists Snapshot Ed. 1, Gallup L. Eatson H. Tucker P, Hayes Business Lanayers Financial Mgr D. Bykonen E. Thompson F' MatZd0Tf D. Doggett Activity Jditors Art Lditor Art 3dit0T B. :mint S- Ganncn 5- Gould M. Irgens Top'Row Cleft to rightlz Lb. Berger, Jerry Buckley, Clinton Gallup, Bob Holman, R. B. Elam, Neal Maxwell, Duane Smith, Bobby Adams Second Row: Leonard Atkinson, Eddie Altenburg, Billy Hetrick, Donald Parrant, Fern Harvey, Lucille Decouteau, Loretta Taft, Dorothy Truswell, Helen McDermott,,Dix1e McDermott Third Row: Loretta Gorder, Geraldine Ethridge, Marlene Bykonen, Mabel McAlpine,Vera Voss, Margie Hietpas, Arlene Baldwin V Front Row: David Bovee, Herbert Peck, Rene' Sindon, Kenneth Malberg, Jerry Gannon Top Row lleft to rightlz G. B. Collidge, Billy Maddock, Lee Prindle, Kenny Nelson, Jerry Doggett, Earl Brown Second Row: Mrs. Beatrice Edmister, Loraine Hannon, Beverly Stronwold, Edith McIntyre, Francis, Gottfried, Sherrill -Ashworth, Gordon Polinkus, Charles Sederholm Third Row: Patty Lee, Roberta McIntyre, Betty Lee Yarbrough, Muriel Gallup, Annitta Waggener, Luella MoLouth, Phyllis Larson, Shirley Matzdorf Front Row: Robert Byfield, George Scott, Kenneth McDermott. Top Row Cleft to rightjz Mrs. Monson, Johnnie Elam, Corky Sadlier, Bernard Fitzpatrick, Jerry Maxwell, Gary Aschim, Delbert Sindon, Alex McAlpine Second Row: Mary Hietpas, Ethel Mae Kincaid, Marjorie Gallup, Verla Taft, Jerry Leary, Harry Harvey, Billy Ferron, Ronnie Linnell, Clarence Atkinson Third Row: Thelma Malberg, Marilyn Beecher, Beverly ' Thompson, Mary Ann Longeake, Patsy Voss, Maxine Gallup, Ruth Adams, Isabelle Wilke, Patsy O'Shea, Marlene Richmond Front Row: Bobby Quin, Kenneth Dahinden, Charles Taft, Allen Scott Not Pictured: Jean Fuller, Jack Fuller Top Row Cleft to rightlz Ralph Warohow, Austin Cook, David Greer, David McAlpine, Wayne Dorcas, Robert McAlpine Second Row: Mrs. Kelson, Lola Greer, Donna Aschim, Darlene Hannon, Valerie Sindon, Eileen Gottfried, Leone Prindle, Joan Sederholm Third Rowf Lois Aschim, Bertha Atkinson, Betty Hannon, . Shirley Olson, Sharon Olson, Val Maddock, Kay Hietpes Front Row: Mickey Doggett,Paul Sandon, Edmond Eliason, Thomas 0'Shea, Billy Dowen Top Row Qleft to rightl: Miss Graham, Donald Eckelberry, John Sadller, Ernest Taft, Gerald Pardee, Vernon Smith, Harold McColley Second Row: Susie Springer, Cleone White,Christine Kyte, Alice Hiersche, Carol Copeland, Cherie Sandon, Myrna Polinkus, Third Row: Janice Ethredge, Joy Yarbrough, Lorae Slndon, Eunice Vasboe, Angelia Brown, Erlene Mclntrye Front Row: Guy Anderson, Charles Doggett, Larry Linnell, Adrian Fitzpatrick, Allan Bykonen Not pictured: Chester Irgens Top Row lleft to rightl: Mrs. Tokarchuk, Carlsen Kincaid, Marda Erickson, Judy Stevenson, Georgia Eckelberry, Sharon Nelson, Patty Leary, Judy Holman, Gloria Maxwell, Evelyn Gottfried, Vera Peck, Phyllis Asohlm Second How: Sue Ann Coolidge, Patsy Thompson, Donna Juan Rich- mond, Fae Hannon Garnett Gray, Donna Lee Altenburg, Kay Lawson, Norma Beecher, Patsy McColley, Betty Atkinson Front Row: Harold Simmes, Bruce Taft, Harley Woods, Denis Deck, Danny McAlpine, Billy Pollnkus Not pictured: Myrna Gallup

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