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E ....a.. 1 xx' - l , . X . Ji. 1 X 1, X-, 5263 Q rock fl fmuaf 315000 7907 O f 7776 Sunbufsf H75 Scboof , - X , Q ?-155' "Q , 1,1 ' 'f.g. -:E A ?4 -,,"' I -11-,, K X v.,,v.::-4.4 :QL , .--'L . . 1-WWE To N ... A,-J 4 -5 ' Nj-"4 Nxxund 113' ,L,'r.if- 'sig-21?-' "fl I. xx afl' 1 ' X"-, ' Q' iw: , 1 v. 1 I .l Aff, 1 r14, -5, I iffy, , f , .M - 'Q ' q W b f - 1 1 ' ' . ,. l H .- . V .V ,TM -vfk Rf -A. A Q I! fl n I- ,,. --. 5 . X Y. ,. 'hm ', ' fy ij A . ' , A !.9 46' Sllnbursf., Monfon of N. x 0 am' AS a remin der of the high school days you will want always to remember, we present to you, The l9h6 Caprock. WLQM o ' M ie? ' fM?'1f f yr ' 1 - N H f , 1' W yy' yo Www my Ni fe 113 31 Wi' M f MJ, o H o of , f A f f oo o X o ' Q'l"XSqw'.x 'WJ 2 L -'Q ff' ' W7 ,j f X f ' e .oNe xv- f f 1 l o , 1- -1 f f XX ,X x xx x L 1' Q7 f h A W ffffi V4 Ii . ' 'W f lm gs M f' ' o' " ,' ,. , . o -, T o 0607061 Z' 7017 Wishing to show our sincere appreciation, we dedicate this, "The l9L,6 CaprocK," to Mr. Duane R. Taft, whose firm and understanding guidance has won him the admiration of the entire student body.. L' . 4 - L 7k P' - gn 1 . - I 51-.:-. .- - ' B - , U, ,mg - 5 1- A ff'-iA9f2QT-D Cb - 7 If--'2, .- ' L ip -il? ' b . -.-f-iff:-.,,.-:ia -A . 31 '1- '.,2'ja'E1:g.j 3' ... ' ' ,-, b W . S ,ln A Eff' - E TE ,I f7'1+f 1En-il' f: :E-ij,-ini, SL i N --1 -, 1-Fez. - :gi'--'.-,flu I '- -ln. - ,L .5 ll I u 41' ,nun I' gnu.. n" X W ?41"Hm'si?6' y ' W Hi W :fm If QR Xxftxxq I 4 X f 4, X 1 IVY? 1 Al I J I .4 P 117 if .lL A-T , t. ,LE 1. -- -me Wim?-f ' ,f -H' F91 ,Z -5 A X ' is S ,...--5 -Q...-,... L? 'S 5,4 'i -F' L' EJ. -fi . c ff' I,Z..X- 'T' "..- " . . :- , I ..-,ff 1 1-3-', - , .- h.. j f gl 39? "V ' '."fg,, b ' " el I'-Ji?-,V f:'ifi..cL.4E:- ' - " 5 4 , -lla! v" LU" P, , 3.15 ., jj, J XX , I - . ., Xp. M 1, ful A. - lkxxfiux 'K XX. 'v , I v , 1'4""""' Y t fl!-Anti ,SNSQQK iq! so MII, ,JL -...- In ,f , 0 1 Mgizlxlgw' Ll ., 'il fm "'l'ufM.e rw,,tfl4fl - ,e' ' ef ' ' "X C, '7f.fff'a"g " ' " il.. -5-523: Zigi. , l,.f..:iji? 5:1 etgggm- 'g4,,f2p3l5:ag:, - i , V"f' " "fb JUN!! 'i244"'5 51:1-is-gieif-Vifl nm' L' 4 me 4 I F 3 if mem-- 'f4:-- .. t i 5 1 'P' 12' "d e fw fr- 'Eau 6:2 " at - f 'ff , 1 1:4 , . '- , A ' f"' 7:1 Ulf' lj ' 4f V 15+-iiiff A--" -tv' f , . -- .-KL 4 -ijt. -l 'rj J- - 5'-L.,-Zi -. . -5. ..-Lien-6 .NS ,qi 4 ' eei:-eiif1l I? N An , 'T 1 -J-Q 14 jx 'U ' :Q -I-,.Q.'.--TQ-T.AT'Lg-' :A 75 L' ggi-.. T'g 5 W ?' -V Q ' ,-"' -A4'j'--- - ,- V.. , - - ' Y'. :.- - A ...q- '- -Sn N czcuffy 416' , I ' " ' .' -5.2 ,L ar J ll. " if 3.'12z5ei2-ig J WW Mr. Duane R. Taft Superintendent Football Bask tball J illiam Holman, Chai J one Sadlier ' d n Baldwin Mr. Vernon P. Mauritsen Sponsors Freshman class Geometry Algebra Trigonometry 7th and 8th Grade Arithmetic Band Miss Mary Ann Anderson lPrincipa1D Sponsors Student Council Commercial Journalism Sponsors Dramatics Sponsors Pep Club mr. Walter Bourret Sponsors Sophomore Class Shop Sponsors :auminton Jlub Mrs. Mollie Keller Chemistry Home Ee. A Sponsors Home Ee. Club Sponsors Gent1emen's Supper Club Girls' Physical Education WML Mr. Hazen R. Lawson Sponsors Junior class U.S. History World'History Biology I 7th and 8th Social Science 7th and 8th Science Sponsors Photography Club Miss Blanche McManus Sponsors Senior Class Caprock adviser English 7th and 8th English Library MQW glw Z I Mr. J. AC. Larson Custodian Mrs. Shirley M. Kelson Spanish II df o 0,171 4,4 I A wx 1,4 fi!! fl I 4.7 ' f P gm? Lt. Joe Keller BOYS' Basketball Miss Alyce Baker Girls' Basketball WW ww 0, . L50 W W GM XQNX. Cvffl , I X yQifg E gfQ?ggNigT5? , fffefg ?35?5 y?4HfJEV?E President: Bobby Aschim il 15 . we r , :lv F P A 43" 1' 3395 imimiee Sec. and Treas. Marian Gottfried LSGWIOF fffcem Vice-President: Jeanette Tomsheck V35 j5g?ni5' 1 .Q 3 Student Council Representative: Jim Brown Motto: Hln ourselves our future lies.H Color: American Beauty and white Flower: American Beauty rose g K Class Sponsor: Miss McManus X X Q Jeanette Tomsheck 'Ability and'amb1tion combined' Student Council 2 Pep Club l,2,3,A President last Sem.3 Vice-Pres. 4 Basketball l,2,3,h Dramatics A nome Ee. l,2,3,L President 2 Vice-Pres. L Annual Staff b Glee Club l,2 Softball 2 Vice-Pres. of Class A Bobby Aschim 'He has common sense in A way that is uncommon' Student Council 2 Basketball Manager L Dramatics 3 Annual Staff b Refiner Staff L Badminton A Band 2,3,L Vice-Pres. L shop 2 Softball 2 Football Manager L Class Pres. l,3,h W karian Gottfrled HHer music has charmsn Pep Club l,2,3,L Cheer Leader 2,3 Basketball l,2,3,h Dramatics L Home Ee. l,2,3 Annual Staff A Glee Club l,2 Band 2,3,L Sec.-Trees. A softball 2 Class Pres. 2 Sec.-Treas. of Class l,h Student Council 3 Jim Brown . 'It is better to have loafed and lost, than never to have loafed at all' Student Council A - President A Vice-Pres. of Class 1,2 Basketball 3,4 Dramatics 3,u Rifle Club A Annual Staff L Badminton A President L Band 1,2,3,L Softball 2 Football A 1 1 Mary Helen Kiehlbauch NShe has two eyes Student Council A sec.-Trees. A Pep Club l,2,3,A President A Dramatics 2,A Home Ee. 1,2,3,A President A,l Annual Staff A Refiner Staff 3 Editor 3 Glee Club 1,2 Badminton A Sec.-Treas. A Band A Majorette A Librarian A softball 2 Class Treasurer 3 George Rankin 'We like your styleg we like your smile' Basketball 3,A Annual Staff L Band l,2,3,A Shop 3 soft and brown. Take care! Dick Brand WLong, lean, and likeable' Dramatics A Annual Staff A Badminton L Shop 2,3,A Shop Formen A c Deloris Hannon ' 'Small, but O' My' Pep Club l,2,3 Basketball 2 Dramatics 4 Home Ec. 1,2 Annual Staff A Pefiner Staff 3 Glee Club 1,2 Band l,2,3,4 Majorette A Shop 2 Librarian 2,3,4 Head Librarian 3,L QAQ. 'B Fred Davis 'I am in earne Band l,2,3,h Shop 2 Softball 1,2 Badminton L Football L Track 3 Basketball 3,L Dramatics L Rifle Club h President h Annual Staff A Glae Club 2 Doris Atkinson 'What a lonesome world this would be without him in it' Pep Club l,2,3 Dramatics h Home Ee. 1,2 Annual Staff L Refiner Staff 3 Librarian 2,3 st' Pearl Ashworth WWe're glad to call her our Pep Club r,2,3,1, l Home Ec. l Annual Staff L Edman Ashworth 'I hurry not, neither do I worry' Basketball l Annual Staff A Band 2,3,L Shop 3 friend' X N 1 Jewell Allen UAlways busy and always happyh ' Pep Club l,2,3,L Home Ec. l Annual Staff A Softball 2 fm Leo Kimmet 'Trouble never lingers longg Basketball 3,b Annual Staff L Shop 2,3 forget it' 1 fipfcfyc f' Band l,2,3 Softball 2 Football A Track 3 Doris Kohles N Pep Club l,2,3,4 Home Ec. l,z,3 Vice President 3 Annual Staff L Refiner Staff 3 Glee Club 1,2 Band 2 Not that 1 love study less, but that 1 love fun more' Bill Crockford 'Better men than I have lived but they are all dead' Basketball 1,2,3,L Annual Staff A ,h President 4 ,3 Margaret McAlpine WA carefree bubble of happinessn Pep Club l,2,3,4 Dramatics L Home Ec. l,2,3,L Annual Staff 4 Refiner Staff A Softball 2 Glee Club 1,2 Shop 2 Band 2,3 Majorette 2,3 Home Ee. Treasurer 3 Vice-Pres. of Class 3 Librarian l,2,3,h maymond Tomsheck NA good man is hard to find' Basketball 2,3,lv Dramatics 3,h Annual Staff A Band 2,3,b Shop l,2,31LP Football L if -f2 Betty Pace 'Work X what's work' where have l heard Pep Club l,2,3,L President first gem 3 Basketball l,2,3,b Captain I+ , 3 Student Council 3 Band 2,3 Dramatics 3,b Rifle Club A Treas. A Home Ec. 2,3 Annual Staff A Refiner Staff 3 Glee Club 1,2 Softball 2 Class Sec. 3 Treas 4' CAHIHIOFQQQK Q l 'EHJQIF I ,tk S' ig ws Top Rowg' Left to Right, Lawrence Mcaueary Charles M 111 Menpine Buster run' J l' ' ' tu kin Thomas McDermott, MarE1e Ganngzz ack Kosnick, Bernard Kimmet' Betty Hafdin, Jim H 1 vxm 0 Juniors During our Junior year, we eclipsed all our previous records. Members of the class have been very active in Athletics. N We sponsored a raffle of e Bulova watch and were very successful in making money. We received half of the proceeds from the Junior-Senior Play. Think- ing we needed additional money we sponsored a show at the theater. The main events of the year were the Banquet which was held on April 27, at Cut Bank and the Prom April 26. A very successful year .was completed under the direction of Mr. Lawson. All are looking forward to being Seniors and having the Juniors entertain us next year. r 1 oplvomofes - .r Q Top Row: Left to Right, Doris Doggett, Ione Gallup, Donna BYKOHGD. Margie Irgens, Evelyn Truswell, Peggy Matzdorf. , Second Row: Left to Right, Betty Friend, Tommy Nopper, Joy Rathbun. Q gif X cgi? 'J Sophomores We Sophomores have had a very gay and agreeable year. We are no longer targets of fun from upper classes, but are active in the school activities. The class held a return party for the Freshmen after initiation to show the lower classmen that we weren't so bad after all. A card party was held at the Home Ecn Cottage to raise money. We are ending a successful year and looking forward to becoming thrifty Juniors. QQ! s gre 11172617 mf., ,J , . ,VW .9 Q, ., any '-.worse Q3 ,TQWQQQQQ 31 -Af E V fr '1 1 2?-I I isliigiifkii sgwwhgfywiy Q fx ' If ' 1 ITEII: 'WAXF XYQQE -a,gaQgmmt b zesseasihesa elf asf isa v '777ff , , ,. 5 , 'yg " fe? 7lw,s, ---- , QE W? 5 ' "" 5 L I z 55fE??f' ,.' M31 is Lp ZA af: T'1 , n?s5afe0'gQa I Top Row: Left to Right, Dgioghyfigmmes,Tommy Atkinson, Shirley Gannon, Armand d B 1 Buckley Pa oo ge- g:gogg'Ro:?n iert no Right, Derrell Pigkston. Ruby FOSS. Harry Evans- Sylvia E i k n ,Rodney McDermott Betty Gou . Thigdsgowz Left to Right,,Audrey Chase, Louise Rathbun, Beverley Mcnermott Freshmen Walking down the halls in September 19L5, were fifteen Freshmen. We were teased, as is the old tradition of the schools, called WGreenies,' and bossed around. Bearing up under all of this we gave a party for the student body after the initiation. Under the leadership of Mr. Mauritsen the freshmen class showed 133 ability to succeed financially ending the year with over 3100. to their credit in the bank. This was accomplished by having the refreshment conces- sions at the basketball games. We are not sorry that our school days are ahead of us. We feel that our future will be brightened with those honors which we plan on winning. Cfczss H5 for 51 ihe date, lb92, is a date supposed to be remembered by all. A date of far more importance and value to coming generations is l9L2, which marks the birth and beginning of the most notable class of A6. We have had Htrials and tribulations'as all other freshmen have had. such as being knocked about by upper We all had more than our share of it But we bravely faced it, knowing juniors,W and Wconceited seniorS,n start high school here, we were class men and being calledWgreenies'. since eleven of us came from the farm that we were soon to become thrifty ourselves. Ls the largest class to quite proud of ourselves. To start with there were twenty six of the green freshmen. he lost Jerry Limke and gained Fay Lee, Loyd Lee, and margie Limball. During our freshmen year, we had several entertaining events and caused a great deal of commotion around school. Because there were so many of us, they put the girls in the science room with Irg Christopherson as our overseer. We did have a lot of fun down there, didnlt we, girls? Our sophomore year was a very gay and agreeable one. We were no longer the target of fun for the upper classes. As school opened, we missed Jane Benner, Fay Lee, Loyd Lee, and David schielman and during the year we lost Margie Kimball and Hazel Sands. He had two newcomers, Bill Fyfe from Sweet Grass and Deloris Kavalvick from North uakota. our busy junior year was a very enjoyable one. Our class roll amounted to 21 now, for we lost our two newcomers from our sophomore year, Bill Fyfe and Deloris havalvick. Juniors are expected to entertain to a large extent. and we did not disappoint the school. The school play presented that year was HMiss qmartyu with members of the junior class playing in in A great deal of work was done on the prom, which the shortage of paper made rather difficult, but the theme,umayt1meH, turned out to be very attractive. The banquet was held at the Methodist church. Then, unknown and unheralded yOuthfU1'l9L6 startled the mighty senior from his 09I11P18Cency and dragged the arrogant junior from his exalted height. During qthis year we lost three students, Blanch Luckenbill, who married, Qwen smith, who is married, and Wayne McDermott, who joined the Navy- P.-aklns up for our losses is Dick Brand, who came to us from nashington this year. The play presented was NLady Be Goodn. Sur last and fullest year at Sunburst has passed: the achievements of l9b are history. A few more laurels are to be added, and the tale will be told. It is with a feeling of regret that we leave you, old Sunburst High. may we ever be worthy of you. X9 g f Nj 5, 'uni and M - ii. . ' n'ai1 P.' . The band was pluced in the hnnus of u new-comer to the sunburst Ligh faculty this year. Mr. V.P. hauritsen is very cnpuble nnu well quali- fied for tnis-position. He received his trsining nt concordis College, Moorhead,kinn. and Vander Coon School of Music in Chicago, unu hus served as band master in Dassel, minnesota anu Browning, montana. By giving individual lessons at the beginning of the term he guinea for the individuals much improvement which was u help to the bind. The Havre Band Festival, which w-s,discontinueu during war years, was held again. The band and four twirlers nude this trip. The Second Annual Band Festival wus Leld ut Conrai ind our bunu rep- resented Sunburst. Also on the list of activities was the Spring Concert helu here in Sunburst. A creditable performance was given. We are indeea proud of this, the Band of HL6n ann justly so. X 45.96" ci' M I v as . X L up ..- I 'V 1 9.552 Top Row: Left to Right Joy Rathbun, Jack Kosnick, Louise Kleinert, Raymond Tomeheok, Ivne Gallup, Keith Maxwell BOUCOBI ROWS Nancy Gannon, Betty Gould, Edman Ashworth, Peggy Matzdorf, Donna Bykonen, Evelyn Truswell Shirley Gannon, Audrey Chase Mary Kiehlbauch D0r1S Doeeett Beverly McDermott Bonnie Buckley X 24. 2 A E Q Top Row: Left to Right Fred Davis, Charles Mullikin, Catherine Gottfried, Lee Ashworth, Galen Bykonen, George Rankin Bottom ' Row: Betty Hardin, Margie Gannon, Bobby Aschim, Harold Smith, Marian Gottfried, Adeline Gottfried Bill Crockford, Armand Sandon, .Tim Brown Deloris Hannon 2-' WA, fvwe L, Q 'Sylvia Erickson Betty Friend Ruby FOSS 00 2460? Back Row: Bobby Aschim, manager, Jim McDermott, Lawrence McQueary, Tom Nopper, D.R. Taft, coach, Raymond Tomsheck, Fred Davis, Paul Coolidge. Front Row: Rodney McDermott, Don snyder, Jim Brown, Buster Fuller, captain, Derrell linkston, Jack Koenick, B111 Crockford. For the first time in many years, ounburst was represented on the gridiron by a six-man foot ball team. Lack of experience was a factor which handicapped the team considerably. The team, while suffering three defeats, showed much improvement in fundamentals and in team work. lhe scores: Oilmont ---------- - -12 Junburst- - - - - - -0 Valier- - - - - - Z7 dunburst- - - - - - - - 19 Brady -------------- lu Junburst ------------ 12 District Tournmenz Brownifls VS. Sunburst gasffezlbafi Varsity Basketball The Sunburst High basketball team,while not enjoying a successful season, were quite satisfied at the end of the season because they felt they had accomplished- much in individual improvement. The squad suffered some heart breaking losses which were undecided till the final whistle blew. Superintendent Taft coached the team until two weeks before the tournament. At this time Lt. Joe Keller took the job. By hard work and long hours he felt by tournament time he had a team that would make a showing. In the district tournament we were eliminated in the second round of play. This darkened the spirits of the boys,but in the Little Four tournament held in Sunburst we split second place with Valier and Brady. Sunburst ---- -- ------- ------ 15 Cut Bank --------- -- Sunburst ------- ------- ----- 25 Columbia Falls ------ Sunburst ---------------------- 26 Browning ---------- - Sunburst -------------- - ------ 21 Valier --------- ---- Sunburst ------------------ ----16 Conrad -------------- --- Sunburst ---------------------- A3 Valier -------- ------- Sunburst ---------------------- 18 Oilmont ---------------- Sunburst ---------------------- 16 Conrad ------- --------- Sunburst ---- ------------------ Zh Shelby ------------ ----- Sunburst ---------------------- 22 Browning ------------ -- Sunburst --------- - ------------ 20 Brady ------------------ Sunburst ---------------------- 3h Brady ------------------ Sunburst ---------- --- ------- 35 oinnont ------ - ------ Sunburst ------- -- ---------- -2h Shelby ----------- ------ Sunburst--- --------------- ----39 Cut Bank --------- ---- Sunburst- --------------------- 28 McGrath,Alta. -------- - Sunburst ---- ------- --------- A0 McGrath Alta. --------- Sunburst ------ ----- -------LO Shelby AB' ------ ----- Sunburst ---------------------- A0 Sunburst --------------- - ------ 21 District Tournament Browning -------------- Brady ------------- --- Little Four Tournament Sunburst ---- ------------ --39 Valier ....... ...... - Sunburst ----- ---.-- ..... 32 Brady ...... - ...... -- Sunburst ---- ---3g Oilmont .... ----- Junior High The Junior High team, under the coaching of H. Lawson, enjoyed a very successful season. Of the ll games played they won 10 and lost one. They suffered this defeat at the hands of Cut Bank in an over time period. - The eighth grade graduates will be a welcome addition to the High School Squad next year. ' Girls B. B. The girls played 'two games with the Sunburst All Stars and Two games with Oilmont. They lost 3 of the games and tied one with the All Stars. The scores were, All Stars 8, High School 83 Oilmont 25, gigh Scgool 163 All Stars 21, High School 16, Oilmont 36, High chool A. 7th and 8th Grade Basketball Back Row: H.R. Lawson, coach, Dell McAlpine, Roy Gallup, Lee Ashworth, Robert Gallup, Galen Bykonen. Front Row: Harold Smith, Wallace Smith, Frank Phillips. Ray- mond Gallup, Jack McDermott. Girls Basketball Left to Right: Jeanette Tomsheck Betty Hardin, D01'iS DOZESTW, Marian Gottfried, Betty Pace, Rhby Foss, Betty Friend, Betty Gould, Miss Alyce Baker, coach. my Nryifvgwg .Af ' A, 25? , , AZ, ..:. V r or 4, , FW - M , H Z Q23 A , W 5,55 , 1 gf, l5':5: "" - Jwqf ,ihilif Q4 ' EEE? M74 0-61 'A yn-Aff," , Nz ' J f e , W' exe H x " Y ,gx ,VYQQ fai 33555 fi E fwwyf r ,,,W EMM 5 Eyk -new ?'1p k, 3 Mcnzmom- Kosnrcx Mcqulamr center guard forward Back Row: Bobby Aschim, manager , Rodney McDermott, Jack Kosnick, Raymond Tomsheck, George Rankin, Lawrence Mcilueary, Lt. Joe Keller, coach. Front Row: Buster Fuller, Jim Brown, Donald Snyder, Jim McDermott, Fred Davis. ' Guard forward manager TOMSHECK RANKIN ASGHIM ig . ,Nix , Wwyvf -. 1 x WI ' ' . , . V . , ,V gazszfzroa wsucx-me .EUITOZES QW? Bobby iieiklbsuch fxsenim BC illfii IEAEC AG M x.xv V , , 1 . " , ,iv ,fgfzf fxx4 f , . ..,:. .. .lzzz E EZ., , , ,,,, 1 .- 3 - ggi , 'E W' 5 , ,,,x vl ' 'xxx ' Q 1 Y' u x , Y... .- , WW rg, MW 2,5315 ' ' 2 , af Q? Q in my E I if y is X F ,W Q y N ............... Q 3g muy Face wo:-ge Mm-J.u:: X Rankin Gottafrieh Rayzzwnd Tomsueck rw-,Y-1 . V .e. 1.5.1 ..,. K., 5'ff913'i f ,.,,w3. l - KET? 2.-garfmraet 5 im Jeimiette A . malaria 551' 'Wm 'romzsimxak 55315303 JQNAEFSEZUT WSG Dick: Brand SPZJEYS ,. ,. A 21- 'W'-5 X , Edwin Lshvmz-L11 ll Q 36051 xi ne 253631-5,5x,1q5 Mmwayt .3 -g,,,Af.hL I' Q , r U X ' ,li Ti 55. , IW C M M 4 , vw Q QQ' 3, A ML , Q -1' S U ' ,. ' 5? 9 5 U f 0 A ' , Leo Bill Dcsris Eiimazzett Crockford Robles Dori as Atizixzson Fred Davis hi C Pu i sa S n S u 23 pf? , FA "W: W ufvwsfl 6526 ,,'! S2 Sew dures x '.I W,, H as wh X sig' "za: ,Q ::-. :,., Q sr X Y 'annum 500' I .,,.,V-: , i W A WV ' our T ,P zzzzi 'Z ' ',,' 2 ' V ' ' ,:' I' Az? ,K ' X ..:. - ,f ' Aff' x, ,ww , ,yy pf, 4 1g fQQgg2g, '1. A ' ' :fi 11.55 2.2. ':,- a , , 4:': Efwxvxx ss: ,k,X l it ff- Qi, Wi - -..,, 4 . ' ' .zzi ' , :.: ' High: ,.Q, , J K,, Z " as Z ,EIL E01-1 ' -. W? an ,.,,,.,.M-W eg? X ,V f, fam' .- J ' iv jvjfzj- 5 H6 , ky . A I ff? ,' 'A ,I-QW .tg if. , A ,, 'W K , ,Q ,f K Q .f 1.- 5- ' Tv ,gf 1, 5 Y' ,, Q - -C-'f'-ng... x . ,gjg L W 4 g - r - ' , :rg gpg, 55 sf, ' x' 'gm .Q W ' ,,, In :Li '- f ir' X553 xzrv Ti' Lmxiwmffx f 1 ' A, " 1. , ,, T ,r ua-vswi -Qr I u . L.: --"Q . 4 . 7 "1 M A Q,sWxljz?3',.l 2 lx , n .. il, A ,f , , Class WZ! We, the class of 'b6, do hereby leave our most cherished possessions to those people whom we are leaving behind in these halls of learning. Jeanette Tomsheck leaves her ability to receive A grades to Buster Fuller knowing that he can use them. To Sandon goes Brown's ability to have a girl all of the time. Fred Davis leaves his solo position in the band to Catherine Gottfried and his suit for the basketball team to Paul Coolidge with hope that Paul can fill it as well as Fred did. Betty Pace leaves her personality to Louise Rathbun. iWe consider her a lucky girl. Jewell Allen leaves her ability to mind her own business to Betty nardiq but refuses to leave her red hair for anybody. Mary Kiehlbauch leaves her sex appeal to Bonnie Buckley. Pearl Ashworth leaves her shorthand and quiet ways to Joy Rathbun so that she may use shorthand more to preserve her vocal organs. Leo Kimmett who is going beck to the farm is leaving his city ways to his brother Bernard. Mary McAlp1ne leaves her secretary's job to Margie Gannon hoping Margie can do as well as she did. Bill Crockford leaves his speaking ability to Beverly McDermott for he thinks she is too quiet. George Rankin -leaves his out-of-town girls to anyone who can get to Cut Bank to see them. Raymond Tomsheck leaves his Shelby girl in Shelby and his ready smile to Tommy Nopper. Bobby Aschim leaves his conceit to Kosnick for he think Jack doesn' t have enough. Doris Kohles leaves her ability to stay out of school to Shirley Gannon. Edman Ashworth leaves his weight to Margie Irgens to prevent her from being blown away by one of our breezes. Margaret McAlpine leaves her pleasant ways to Betty Friend, but refuses to part with her sailor. Dick Brand leaves his height to Harry mvans so Harry can play basketball next year. Deloris Hannon leaves her size to Dorothy Simms and her ability to be engaged to Evelyn Truswell. Doris Atkinson leaves her pug nose for Sylvia Erickson and her oar to her kid brother, Tom y. Marian Gottfried leaves her temper to Audrey Chase. !DfO,0fI8 C y The Senior Class of 19h6, While discussing the future, discovered every one to be curious regarding his fate. Looking for help they found the great Dr. Wbgmug and his famed time-machine. Arrangements were soon completed after which the class whirled through time and Settled down ten years hence to see what fate helu in store for each. Bob Aschim was not surprised to learn that he was a prosperous farmerin just six short years after getting a B. S. degree in agricultural engineer ing. Ed Ashworth, deciding he had packed enough beef around without slaving all day in a butcher shop, finally merged 'The Sunburst Telephone Co.F with the Bell Co. much to the Bell Company's advantage. Pearl Ashworth, although she wanted to become a career girl, saw her chance to hook the man she had been waiting for. A number of children made this picture complete. Jewell Allen, a girl who has changed considerably, made fame and fortune as a girl wrestler of the wo ld. Evidence pointed to the fact that Doris Atkinson would be happily married by 1956, but alas, here she is a common working girl making just S100 a week. It isn't that she couldn't have had a man, she just hasn't found the right one yet! Dick Brand discovered that he was not bothered by asthma in the depths of the Mediterranean -Sea. So he has built a Subterranean city where he lives in complete bliss with some of his ardent followers. - Jim Brown is doing right well as a druggist, being part owner of a chain of drug stores working on his second million having missed his first. Bill Orockford reported he was still a bachelor even though he had 3or A girls on a string at one time during his high school daze. Apparently the string broke. Fred Davis crashed Hollywood with his honey-toned trumpet in 1950 and islnow leading a band of his own. CBy the way, Harry James plays pretty we too. Marian Gottfried was the envy of all the other girls of the 'Class of h6' because she was the first to get married. It wasn't altogether her fault though. The sailors all came home at once and she had her choice. Bidding on the open market, they call it, I think. Deloris Hannon became an expert hair dresser and designer. She flew to Germany to see what kind of styles the army of occupation wanted. As luck would have it she ran into her childhood sweetheart - guess what happened! By 1956, Leo Kim et had gained himself the nickname of 'Old Mustard Bead.' His experiments producing a new type of mustard resulted in a new type of stinkweed. Mary Kiehlbauch started to school to be a teacher, but the time- machine found her married with a flock of little boys all wearing sailor caps. Evidently, when the fleet came in, she decided it was now or never. Doris Kohles, the girl we all thought would go on to school and be a teacher or something because she studied so hard in school, disappointed us by marrying. Several little children have blessed the family. Mary McAlpine, the girl, of any man's dreams, has a hard luck story to tell. Whe is still on her father's farm waiting for the man of her dreams She has lots of beaus, but she says they are something out of a nightmare. Margret McAlpine is earning her own living in 1956. She is the owner og a large wheat plantation in Northern Montana. She works very hard and s ould be able to retire soon. Betty Pace decided to help her husband by taking a pharmacy course. She is now compounding prescriptions right beside Walter in a drug store of a large city. George Rankin, who we thought would be a farmer, figured there was more money in the oil business, especially if one married the daughter of a big executive of the Union Oil Co. Ray TOmSheck while working on a new hair-dye, lost his hair and isnow working on a hair restorer. girieggetggogogggggf.asS8 shgirgomgggmgsggtagdcdggigggtggrmggebg gargggegf teaching school. In , 208,19 Cfub Cheer leaders: Betty Friend, Iva Doggett, Betty Gould. Seated, First Row: Left to Right: Betty Hardin, Peggy Matzdorg Margaret McAlpine, Miss Anderson, sponsor, Mary McAlpine, Mais garet Hangartner, Jeanette Tomsheck. A Second how: Catherine Gottfried, Margie Gannon, Doris Doggett, Pearl Ashworth, Betty Pace, Rita Gould, Marian Gottfried, Mary giehlbauch, Evelyn Truswell, Ruby Foss, Jewell Allen, Nancy annon. ' f Third Row: Top, Donna Bykonen, Beverly McDermott, Sylvia Erick- son, Audrey Chase, Shirley Gannon, Joanne Polinkus, Kay Shults, Margie Irgens, Barbara Atkinson, Bonnie Buckley. Sponsor: Miss Anderson Officers: President: Mary Helen Kiehlbauch Vice-President: Jeanette Tomsheck Secretary: Evelyn Truswell Treasurer: Betty Hardin Student Council: Sylvie Erickson Cheer Leaders: Betty Friend, Iva Doggett, Betty Gould 4 Pep Club The Pep Club had a very good cheering section this year, with Miss Anderson acting as sponsor. New yells and routines were added to the repertoire. Cheer leaders were Betty Friend, Iva Doggett, and Betty Gould. During the football season the girls accompanied the team to Brady. A successful tournament dance was sponsored by the Pep Club, following the 'Little Eour', tournament. To raise money a play,'Little iomenn, was successfully presented to a large audience. 1 I , . .. NM, Home Home Nursing The Junior Red Cross Home Nursing course was given to the 7-8-9-10 girls as part of their regular Home Economics classes. The girls were trained in the care of the sick, child care, and personal hygiene. Movies supplemented the regular class activities. Mrs. Dan Deck and Miss Rita Burns, who are registered nurses, acted as instructors. Classes were held on Mondays and Wednesdays at the last period. The girls have greatly appreciated this class, as it has given them much useful knowledge. The Father and Son Banquet C Of?O!77!CS C w Home Ec. Club Back Row: Barbara Atkinson, Louise Sandon, Bonnie Buckley, Iva Doggett, Betty Gould, Jeanette Truswell, Kay Shults, Rosene mcse Jeanette Tomsheck, Beverly McDermott, Donna Bykonen, Margie Gannon, Audrey Chase, Evelyn Truswell. Middle Row: Margaret McA1p1ne, Peggy Matzdorf, Margaret Hangartner, Shirley Gannon, Louise hleinert, mary Helen niehlbauoh, Mrs. Mollie Keller, sponsor., Front Row: Phyllis McIntyre, Loretta neicher, Nancy Gannon, Sylvia Erickson, Joanne Polinkus, Maxine Sim es. Sponsor: Mrs. mollie heller Officers: kresidentz Mary Helen hiehlbauch Vice-President: Jeanette Tomsheck Secretary-Treasurer: Sylvia Erickson Home EC. Club The year's program began with a candle light initiation ser- vice for the new club members. A representative group of girls from the club attended the Dist. Home Ec. Club meeting at Conrad. An interesting illus- trated talk about the community of Sunburst was given as part of the Dist. Club meeting program. A Father and Son Banquet, the first ever to be given in the history of the school, was planned, prepared and was served in honor of the basketball and football boys. Among other activities were pot luck suppers, food sales and parties. During the year the Home Ec. Club has been under the dL'ect- tion of Mrs. Mollie Keller. The Home Ec. Cottage, has been the center of activities not only for the Home Ec. Club and Home Ec. classes, but other class activities as well. Q76 WMGH TOP ROW: Margaret McAlpine Marian Gottfried Mary Helen Kiehlbauch Kay Shults MIDDLE ROW: Mary McA1pine Betty Pace Betty Friend BOTTOM ROW: Margaret Hangartner Jeanette Tomsheck WLITTLE WOMENW Pep Club members presented WLittle Women,W a three-act drama, to the public December 8th. Miss Anderson was the director. Civil war costumes were rented from Hillam's Costume Shop located at salt Lake, City. Members of the cast will long remember the fun they had trying to manage their hoop skirts. The cast was composed of Marian Gottfried as Megg Margaret Mcnlpine as Jog Mary Kiehlbauch as Bethg Kay Shults as Amyg Mary McAlpine as Mrs. March, Jeanette Tomsheck as Aunt Marchg Betty Pace as Hannahg Betty Friend as Sallie Moffatg and Margaret Hangartner as Aunt Caroll. The version of the play presented began with that memorable Christmas when Marmee left to visit her sick husband and Jo sold her beautiful hair to help finance the trip. It ended just a year later, when the happy family was again preparing to celebrate not only a Christmas, but the return of Mr. March. In between these two events we again lived, laughed, loyed and cried with Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth as they went through the many trials and tribulations that have made the story, WLittle Women,U a classic Qdy ge G00 , 1 Betty Gould ,Xe . 3 ',K3' Dick Brand . its Dorothy Jimmes ' X' Bill 'Crockford EQ ,H x' Vg, -' , Y - 'f in 4' Q?-EK wtf M 2 Raymond Tomshegk .ga 1 it r. fm., Joy Rathbun . 25' rr, ag' lf:iw5f251.fwm. L Ji'-. arown Joris gteinson , , neloris Launch 'dyggy Hot Ecturmd - el'V Ronnie Ewfflny xgi' Fra: unvis 1 ir fit? LAM A 'LADY, Bt GOODN saturday evening, March 16th, the curtain rose on our annual all school play, Wlady Be Good,U which was directed by Miss .nderson. Lick Brand played the role of Bill irainor dominating over Deloris Hannon, as katience, the lark nvenue firecracker, the lady who was expected to be good. Jim Brown was John Colt, the distinguished business man who was constantly being beaten down by his dau'hter, the lark avenue vire- cracker. Dorothy Jimmes took the role of the dignified aunt who was inclined to snobbishness with those whose ethics she didn't understand. Eill Crockford was Mr. Uolt's business associate and had a romantic interest in lay until hawn t'2ay, the chorus girl, entered the picture. Jetty Gould played Lawn O'Day, a very likeable character with a nice sense of humor. Areduie Davis, the snooping reporter Bentley, got all the neces ary information he needed to make the plot interesting. Tony Tomsheck was Jennings, the perfect butler type. Doris Atkinson played the part of the maid who refused to put up with the tantrums of Jay. Norah, a very efficient maid, was Joy Rathbun. Trudy was played by :onnie :uckley and was the direct opgosite of torah, but her inefficiency provided the audience with some gotd laughs. nll agreid that each member of the cast did very well and the play was well received by the public. Oxy-Acetylene Welding Shop Foreman ---------------- Dick Brand Arch Welding Foreman ---- Tom y McAlpine Acetylene Foreman -------- Tony Tomsheck Auto Mechanics Foreman--Tommy Atkinson Tool Room Foreman ----- Derrell Pinkston Yard Foreman ------------ Bill Crockford Bernard Klmmet PFGS5-dent """" """"' ""---- ------------ -------- -------- - B 1 1 1 Crockford Vlce-President --------- --------- ----.... .............. ....... ---Tony Tomsheck Secretary and Treasurer --------- ------ ..------......... ......... ---Dick Brand SHOP The shop, under the direction of Mr. Bourret, had e busy year. The usual course of auto mechanics was taught. The first project to be completed was building up grouser plates on an A.C. tractor. Another successful project was installing a mud scraper on a Noble blade. During the first semester instruction was given in acetylene and arc welding. The junior high shop class made and repaired furniture and home appliances. Some work in tool making was done. Sfuofenf Cow? fi PK 6 K if w a u ,X ,1 X 458 Q , , 'X Sm X X QQ 2 Q S W 5 A , " 1 no ,,..,A- Jim Brown Mary Helen hiehlbauch v President Secretary Treasurer gfgiggnce mqueary 'Toy Rathbun Sophomore "A' 4 W Miss Anderson Sponsor M ,..,, s .'-.l 3 JZ V ,N 2 v.,. z . S ofror W e J :A" ' o,Q rr' l f is n l an Rodney McDermott Evelyn Truswell Sylvia Erickson giggles hullikin F1'eSh-H1611 Home Ee. Pep Club 3 Student Council The Student Council has been a very active and efficient governing body under the direction of Miss Andersonf A new high school constitution was drawn up and two new clubs, The Badminton Club and Gentlemen's Supper Club, were organized. Assembly programs were carried on under the Counoi1's supervision. An activity calendar was made and displayed in the o ce. . , Last period courses were set upg Rifle Range, Photography, Home Nursing, and Dancing. Plans for the sohool picnic were made and carried out. l fQe19ncf zlaff Betty Hardin, Miss Anderson, sponsor, Margie lrgens, Lawrence McQueary, Duster ruller, Bobby Aschim, Margaret McAlpine, Charles Mullikin, Jack hosnick. Sponsor- - Miss Anderson EDITOR --------------- -------- Bobby Asohim ASSOCIATE EDITOR ----------- ----- Charles Mullikin BUSINESS MANAGER ------------- ---- Bu ster Fuller PRODUCTION CHIEF ---------------- - --Tack Kosnick ART EDITOR ---------------- ---- Margie Irgens JOKE EDITOR ---------------- - -Margaret McAlpine GRADE REPORTER ------------------- Betty Hardin SPORTS EDITOR ----------------- Lawrence Moqueary The 'Refiner' kept us posted on all important school events of the year. A special service offered by the staff was sending the servicemen SRefiners.W The group published programs, tickets, and other mimeographed material for the school and various oraanizations of the community. EC. :QW C if 'YS bp! . 'SP JAIV. FEB NOW ACTIVITV We CAL ENDAR OC 7T APR " 5-46 ' SE I-? MA Y 'G . ry I N135 -F 'ix fe First Assembly rrograzn Oct. 31 Q . . District Home Ec. Meeting Nov. 3 is Turkey Raffle 16 -V Q. 1 1 'Little Women' Dec. 8 E N Home Eo. Food Sale -Tan. 26 X N - K f 7. Band Festival at Conrad May I+ Band Festival att Hawglrze 11 Baccalaurea e P 3 Class Night 13 125EE5?C?K,' School Starts Sept. 3 E-, It Umphress here March A I I E+. Spring Concert 'L 'X Tournament March 1-2 ,Ei if yr Q . "AQ, Q ' Football 11-actice Begins I v lf' Sept. 7 I., nm , W Junior-Senior Vanquet V 'E'-Tix - Am--11 27 Annual Junior Prom -1-,-,, APr11 26 Sneak Day ? .Brad nat io-1 1--lub' 1 5 812 Grade J Q 7th and Sth Class Officers ' Malcom MoAlpine 2 Catherine Gottfried Wally Smith Iva Doggett Lee Ashworth Joan Polinkus , we . C' T2 'Q MoAlpine HX Kay Shultz ,Harold Smith Nancy Gannon Frank Phillips Jeanette Truswell Roy Gallup Louise Kleinert Rita Gould President ---------------------------------- Harold Smith Vice-President --------------------------- Frank Phillips Sec. and Trees. ------------------- --Margaret Hangartner Reporter ------------------------- --- ------ Pearl Cameron Sponsor ---- Mrs. Keller W Grade , Wfuwf - F . :f,w H ,xl Q,w lg , , M Qiiie f W , . 5' ,J --. ' M , Q am, , f ,fwQ1w,A X we Q fag x X . 5 1 Eigggg , g 'Lag Wigs A Q fx Y' 'f 'Q 2' , fl ff ,- was I iv was ag u a ..A 1 f'sH , ' if J' .20 x QQ' .Q 1 , 3 Q S ,aw-i..N A 'f -. .M is mff '7' E 1 hx f,, X , 5 as 3 X to 2 -'51 "E: ra? VL, h GF? J 1 ,Y . r. - WJ ,Ea'? S 'D 1 is l e an as 1 wi. Q4 .. 1.5 ,. S 3. A - 5, dm. 'f n 'ZX 'L g M "Y fe rel ,rugs .- yf 1 1 - N. Barbara Atkinson Galen Bykonen Maxine Simmes Franklin Crockford Rosene Moss Keith Maxwell 0 Raymond G QL P vlis h tyre ' Le uatzdorf :Gabby Gallup Louise Sandon Billy Holman Loretta Reicher Jerry Kellher immy Evans K Margaret Hangartner Ray Luckenbill Jack McDermott Not Pictured Pearl Cameron Dale Erickson Miss Alyce Baker, teacher Seated, Left to Right: John Doggett, Tom Smith, Gerald Hietpas Lars Gallup, Clyde Luckenbill, Edgar O'Ha1re. First row, Left to Right: Marlene Friske, Evelyn Malberg, Kay Holtz, Mary Lou Brown, Arlene Harrison, Doris McQueary, Wanda Mason. Second row, Left to Right: Carol Buchanan, Phyllis Crockford, Violet McAlpine, Edith Davis, June McDermott, Marlene Maxwell Yarbrough, Theadora Sim es, Miss Baker. Sixth Grade Mr. Buchanan , teacher Seated, Left to Right: Jimmy Pinkston. James Fitzuatrick, James Brubaker, Curtis Coleman, Dick Engen, Wayne Linnell. Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Buchanan, Faye Evans, Evelyn Chase, Nancy Davis, Shirley Mason, Adeline Gottfried, Gary Phillips, Hazel Gallup, Raymond Newmiller, Cora Hannon, Judy Sim es,Martha Bovee, Sheila Gannon. Third Grade Mrs. Shirley Kelson, teacher Back Row: Earl Brown, Jerry Doggett, Roberta McIntyre, Betty Lee Yarbrough, Florence Wheaton, Loraine Hannon, Beverly Strandwold, Annitta Wagner, Muriel Gallup, G.B. Coolidge, Ernest Harrison. Front Row: Francis Gottfried, Gordon Polinkus, Andrew Buchanan, Sherrill Ashworth, Kenneth Hannon, Bruce Mulllkin, Charles Sederholm, Lee Prindle. Fourth Grade Mrs. Monson, teacher Seated, Left to Right! Kenneth Malberg, Ralph Evans, Herbert Peck, Eddie Altenburg, Bobby Holman, Leonard Atkinson, Bobby Adams, Donald Parrent, Bill Hetrick, Jerry Gannon, David Bovee Standing, Left to Right: Margie Heitpas, Vera Voss, Geraldine Ethredge, Edith MaoIntyre, Dorthy Truswell, Clinton Gallup, Peggy Fuller, David Engen, Loretta Taft, Fern Harvey, Marlene Bykonen, Mabel McAlpine, Loretta Gorder, We M ,iw First Grade Mrs. Tocharohuk, teacher Seated, Left to Right: Kay Heltpas, Thomas O'Shea Sharon Olsen, Shirley Olsen, Lyle Asohim, Lois Aschim, Dick Richter, Marvin Evans . Second Row, Left to Right: Bertha Atkinson Betty Hannon, Val Jean Maddock, Joan Sedarholm, Ilene Gottfried, Leone krindle, Lola Greer, Darlene Hannon, Donna Aschim, Ruth Ann Buoumshaw, Myrna Polinkus. Third Row, Left to Right: Edmund Eliason, uckey Doggett, Wayne Dorcas, Ralph Wartohow, David Greer, Austin Cook, Donald seekins. Second Grade Miss Graham, teacher Front Row, Left to Right: Harry Harvey, Bernard Fitzpatrick, Vernell Lindeburg, Alex McAlpine, Bobby McAlp1ne, Paul Sandon, Gary Evans, Jack Fuller, Jerry Leary, Clarence Atkinson, Ronnie Linnell, Jerry Sadlier, Garry Aschim. Back Row, Left to Right: Marilyn Beecher, Marlene Richmond, Verla Taft, Mary Ann Longcake, Ethel Mae Kincaid, Marjorie Gallup, Patsy O'Shea, Jean Fuller, Mary Heltpas, Anita Saubm Isagelle Wilke, Ruth Adams, Claire Bierscheid, Patsy Voss, Carol Dav s. Not Pictured: Thelma Malberg, Maxine Gallup l fafogfapbs - Sponsors We sincerely thank our sponsors without whose generosity we could not have published this annual. MAC'S BAR TIP TOP CAFE THE MINT SUkBURST CAFE JhHANNSON'S GARAGE SULBURST MERCHANTILE MCKAY'S BARBER S OP BATAAN TAVERN Wm HALTER TEXACO PRODUCTS SUNBVRST SEED AND FEED CO. W. G. COIELAND REX THEATRE R. GL DAVIS SUNBURST SHOE REPAIRING NORTHERN DAIRY .UNBURST TELEPHONL CO. ADAMS BROTHERS SHELBY TRIBUNE M. W. ASSOCIATED STORES BUTTREY'S PENNY'S STRICKLIN'S REKALI-DRUG SHELBY ICE CbEAM CO. FEDERATBD STORES HEWSON DRUGS GREAT NORTHERN UNTILITIES C. O. D. LAUNDRY STAR CLEANLRS HANNAH AND HOLMES FOUR CORNmR'S MILES TEXAS SERVICE SUNBURST SONNEMAKLIR sHoP REPAIR SIJNBURST, DRUG co. NEERIAN PHILLIPS SUNBURST HARDWARE STORE ALDA':S BEAUTY SHOP enxNBURs1' f1of1'EL JOIIN Hu:-:TSBERGER MONARCH LUMBER co. com-zsummas GAS co., PARK ROOM .AND Amnnmmws PAY N' SAVE SUNBURST GAMBLE: STORE. LSNYDERAAND I-IONARD TOWN 'oF .SUNBURST oxFoRD JARIMNTS EARL LINNELL IJORITIERN HOTEL LSHLLBY NORTH OIDE REPAIR SHOP ADDY MOTOR CO. BARCLAY MOTORS NEWHOURE GRAIN CO. LME'S JEWELER IFANNSMITH JEWELER SHELBY GRMBLE STORE JULBURST STATE BANK FIRST STATE BANK WILLIS LUTZ AUTO CO. KLLIhGERS GARAGE A. J. WILCOX GREAT FALLS UMTRRESS STUDIO , -- I . , ,am 1 M-5 T, - .:'N'1 . v 9 5315-3 gi 44 I -sbt- 2:91 if-YQ 2:5 .xx-'I NS: 1 I , . V V, ' K .k' A , 1 . . . V. , K I i , , . . ll' . wi! ' . W' -I' x , .ff X 1 I. , I . I U . 1 ,AG ,,,f,4,:f,,:gm5 f1::,:321:gu:1: ' WA S,-,Q v xiswpii N1Q.,?,q Law. , X ,M RMU, X Y vw .iv ,, , -.QNX - - f-fs.: ggs- cf- '-v..fA4f.5qs if-4:13-.' kg '--va Qzfgi 'N 'N--'v-,,', ,+ve --' -32-5--,-1 '9,.Y5'.3-5' -una--SIN, fc-1:11-R1-1" kq:.cff1g'.i' amm -m m ' A ',

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