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'34 '45 "7""" ' 1"'W" f "4"-5f'4"4f 4.-assi '-+F"'2 Au 0 PQID DI: QTY OF : . X 'yiwifgf ga. I N P, A NT. H, 5- ff V y ,L,,,Lf,1 V- fwj!!! 44534 7'jy'vf4gJb'f,LV-f i fpmyiwdvw W7 40 Ui: EA '!9fQf7G " T V , . STFHX' '3'A'f' 4'i'4 ' jo' GL mag XM 644 f?fflf1M+' 15349 ff wwjfjfye ,fi 3 b. ,. . 'a 1. 1 2' :J E -S -5 -5 52 'I .-1 S .g. r'1 q. in . Q. . g. 'I it ,. ,. 'T Q ,. A 51 ' ? 2 's S 'I LJ E1 Zi . g. 'I 6 Q. , 5 10 52 1. h. Q, ..4 5. . 51 5. Pk Dealzmfzbn Several years ago Mrs. Edna Cush- man was honored at her Twenty- fifth Anniversary. This event marked the end of twen- ty-five years of service, attention, and devotion to the youths of the North Tonawanda High School. Although Mrs. Cushman is also licensed to teach French, the ma- jor portion of her career has been spent in the teaching of English. At present Mrs. Cushman is pre- paring Seniors for graduation. She is also Chairman of the English Department which is one of the largest faculties in this school. For her service, interest, and de- votion to the youths of the past twenty-five years, we, theSeniors of North Tonawanda High School, dedicate the 1959 edition of our yearbook, The North Star. A Qi .pw 'E P ,-.K , is Q x 1? ELK '13 K QW ll ,1-'M K E2 ,, Amvuwlsmnnom Baum' Of .Educatzbn SUPE RINTENDENT PRESIDENT Mr. Richard Jensen Mr. james Ferguson Mr. Robert Renza Mrs. Donald Graf Mr. J. Everton Brauer CLERK ATIWORNEY I I' YN Mr. RohertgiSaxon Mr. George Krueger Mr. joseph Ambrusko 6 Admz'nz3'z'mz'zbn VICE PRINCIPAL VICE PRINCIPAL Mr. George Lowry Mr. Earl Tierney Mr. Earl Former CO-ORDINATOR OF SECONDARY EDUCATION SR. GUIDANCE COUNSELOR TREASURER Dr. Dennison Olmsted Mr. Norman M. Cole Mr. Wallace Bitters GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Mr. Cosimo La Corte Mrs. Pemberton Mr. David Alexander Miss Schwartz 7 SOCIAL STUDIES SCIENCE Mr, Plewak, Miss Byers, Mr, Steaks, Mr. Sandel, Mr. O'Brien, Mrs, Jackson, Mrs. Lindsay, Miss Burd, Mr. Grym, Miss Mr. Maglisceau, Mr. Puscheck, Mr. Vetter, Miss Kothen, Mr. Stekl, Mr. Cadwell, Mr. Barstow. Pokrzywka. GUIDANCE SECRETARIES MUSIC AND ART Mrs, Carroll, Miss Miller. Miss Zielinski, Mr, Parske, Mr. Shearer, Mr. Neuschcl LIBRARIANS Miss Grey, Mrs. Hemlnk. OFFICE SECRETARIES Miss Burton, Miss Strassburg, Mrs, Taylor, Mrs. Lesser. Family HEALTH NURSES M1-5, steals, Mrs. Millar. Mrs. Hawkins, Miss Newman. 8 A ,1'X,. X 1-. 1 xx , ,qt l .' Q' V 1, . Q x ,, N, . . 1 , r I, . 1 ,r, 7-r ,, ,X 1 3 , gc, ' " 7 .1 -.f ' K 1 f 1 K. 3 A .J I X fx " N 4,w x-Y' fu , .N , 1 1' 'I , xH, x VOCATIONAL ARTS ENGLISH Mr. Herdle, Mr. Hatch, Mr, Fick, Mr. Pawelczek, Mr. Der- Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Cushman, Mrs. Cartwright, Miss Petrie, czak, Mr. Ya.cos, Mr, Cramer. Miss Thiele, Mrs, Maglisceau, Mr. Rogers, Miss Cipriano, Miss Hanley, Mrs, Palermo, Miss Smedley. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT VN A Mr . B fr, Mrs stem Mi Tunne M. D M . MATHEMATICS waits arxxoxlluzzis Mr. rgfmersf Y' I mmm' I MIS- Wwds. MIS- Phillips. Miss Werth- Mr- IWW- MF- Ban' ' ' ' croft. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Brown, Mr, Wiles, Mrs. Roggow, Mr, Christman. A HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Lapp, Mrs. Minkel. ly LANGUAGES Miss Seagrave, Miss Truesdell, Mrs. Foels. 9 ,b H . m,"S X l!h !!1sq3x vs : an .. e . f 5' 1 - ,Q ' Q l - 'Q 5 f -1:4 ., ' if , fx! E ' "3 fi 'L V k 'Q A. if V4 f L s'f:g. Q-.rf ?E5Q, ,H x 6 Q ng! 3 suv Qi- N A '5- ,M Lf 3' k k V .X M55-k W-F, eg - 5 X' f 'ij ' , L 5 " ,-0' iv A I. 'I ,,.: - x '54 xl S. .l Si,-A S-.1 'S 51-1-is 'Q-v-"5 1 1 . ,, .3157-I -:- - QNX fV SE IDRS i-nv"5 N... vs - 7-Q wa ww Qt! L PRESIDENT v1cE PRESIDENT MARY HABA.,"Mar" says "Mom'n" to Ortt, Kathy Sz Dan- ny. .Remembers Mt. Vetter, Cheering 8: Rm. 7. . Peeved by kids who can't say "Hi. " TREASURER KENT CARROLL. .Played foot- ball, baseball. . Desires to go to ' college. .Says "Check that" to Jim, Tom and Paul. .I-listory, blue. . Letters. . N. H, S. ASST. SECRETARY Clam Ojfbm Of1959 GEORGE CARERE. ."Earl" was class officer four yrs. .lu Junior Play. .Says 'I-ley, How are you to Carol and Phil. . Mr. Plewak . . Harmony. ATH. REPRESENTATIVE LINDA AMBRUSKO.."l.ln" likes Mr. Vetter, blue, bowling . .Remembers Sr. year, working in hot dog stand. .Seen with "Martinsville" kids. CAROL ZIEHM. ."Zemo" says 'You can" to Oats and Kate. . Peeved by small spenders. . Likes "l Can't Stop Loving You" and orchid. IOHN MILCZARSKI, . Can be seen with Denny 8: John. . Likes Mr. "M, " blue and hamburgers , ,Plans include military career. I. THOMAS CHESTER. . 'Chet' desires to play pro-basketball , .Likes Mr. "M," blue Sa pizza . .Seen with Kent, Ben 8: Bob. . Hot Dog Comm. ASST. TREASURER 12 ' MICHAEL ASTOLOS. . "Mike" likes blue, math 8r Mrs, Cart- wright. .Peeved by girls who put on airs..Senior Prom '56. .Plans to go to college. EUGENE BAISCH. ."Gene" likes blue, roast beef 8: Chemistry. . Desires to own a nightclub. . Seen with Martinsville boys. . "Good luck." MARGARET BAJOREK. .Says "Be serious" to Bette. . Likes English, black and pizza. .Se- cretly desires to drive a "59" Ford convertible. DIANE BAKER. . Likes Sr. Health , Mrs. Millar, 8: black. .Is seen with Dee 8: Dick, . "Di" dislikes knuckle crackers. . SPOTLIGHT. . Glee Club. ELOISE BALOGH.."E1lie" likes pizza 8s Senior Health..Hopes to be in Musical shows. . Found with Rae, Winanne and Linda, . Business ahead. GARY BARBER. , Remembers football games 8: Band. .Likes Mr, Drumm, Law and blue. . Can be found with Glenn 8: George. .Desires to play jazz. Gmduaief 59 ROGER ADAMEK. . This future tool and die maker will al- ways remember the swimming meets. ."Rog" especially likes Mr. Dorczak and blue. BETTE ALWARD. . Desires a honeymoon in Egypt, .Likes Mrs. Bancroft, blue 8a fried chicken. .Seen with Margaret. VIRGINIA AMBRUSKO. . Wish- es to be a beautician. .Likes dancing, red, Mr. Dru.rnm.. Heard saying "Don't get ex- cited" to Pat Xa Carol. THOMPSON ANASTASI. . 'Bru- no" remembers Ir. Play, foot- ball, dances. .Seen with Jim, Kent, Ioe. . Desires to water ski on New Year's Day. CATHERINE ANDERSON. . Says "Cheerio friend" ro Nan- cy Sz Toni. . Will never forget history with Miss Byers. . Likes blue, pizza. . Music letter. CAROL ARBEITER. .Can be heard saying "Nobody will ever know" to Pat and Ginny. . "Little Kong" likes Miss Byers and red. 13 ' CHRISTINE BEl.CZAK..Pet peevez conceited people. . Likes blue, football 8: pizza. . "l won't tell" to Terry 8: Sue . . Desires to own a Thunder- bird. ANDREW BERECZ. ,Likes red and Mr. Fick. .Secretly de- sires to be a professional hock- ey player. .Plans include being a dra ftsma.n. JUDITH BERGES. . "Judy" peeved by drinkers 8: smokers . . Desires to go into scientific study. . . Likes Mrs. Cartwright, red. .Seen with Dawn. ANN BERHALTER. .Likes Miss Byers, French and pizza. , Says "That's the breaks" to Mary 8: Barbie, . Peeved by boys who are concelted. LINDA BERNDT. . Desires to travel in trailer. , Seen with Jane, Ellie, Rae 8: Linda. , Remembers lr. Play, Mrs. Millar 8: crowded halls. EDWARD BERNHARD. .Blue, pizza 8: History. .Heard saying "That's right," to Bob 8: Tom . . . "Binks" future includes the Navy 8: a. '58 Ford. GVHQIMHIEI 5 DAVID BARTEL. . "Ozzie" likes hunting 8: pizza. .Dis- likes rainy days. .Air Force a- head. .Is seen with Dave 8: Sham. .Recalls football games. RICHARD BASSINGER. .ls seen with Iirn 8: Don. .Dislikes girls who smoke. .Likes blue and Machine shop. .Future in- cludes Air Force. RALPH BEARDSLEY. .Likes Mr. Stoaks, Drama.tics and chick- en. .Secretly desires to own a plane. .Can be found with Gary, Tom and Joe. DUANE BEARROR.."Teddy" is heard saying "Not yet" to Jerry 8: Bob. .Remembers Mrs. Lesser. .Likes English 8: blue. . Navy ahead. TIMOTHY BEClCER.."Sldp" likes History, French toast 8: yellow. . Wishes to own a. speed shop. .Seen with Liz, Tim a.nd Andy. . Track. ROBERT BEHNKE. ."Bob" likes Mr. Dorczak, shop and lob- ster. . Can be found with Roger, Dean, Tony and Joe. 14 DAVID BORK.."Dave" says "Yea, Iknow" to Jim, Tim 8: Gary. . Likes History, red, Mr, Drumm. .Peeved by crowded halls. .Wants to be 2 doctor. JOHN BORYCKI. . Future in- cludes college. . Dislikes bleached ha ir. . Secretly de- sires to be rich. .Likes red and Mrs. Jackson. JAMES BOWDEN.. "Bowdy" is seen with Dick, Kent, Paul and Jim. . Walks Joanne to class. . Miss Byers, "Little Star" . . Played football. IACQUELINE BRADLEY. . "Iackle" likes Brown, John 85 "Til the End of Time". .Heard saying "You're a dandy," to Kathy. , Hot dog comm. JUDITH BRADT. . Recalls Miss Sichler, Typing 8: Shorthand . . Likes blue and hot dogs. . ls heard saying "Oh nuts" to Liz, June Sz Marty. PETER BRADY. . "Pete's" plans include the Navy Bt a trip to Hawali..Enjoys pizza 8: mak- ing money. .Seen with Herm, Wayne, Sn Dick, Graduates 59 GERALD BEUTH.. ."Gerry" likes Mr, Yacos, blue, and working on cars. . Dislikes girls who are on pledge. .Is found with Don, Joe, dz Sam. NANCY BIELAS Kl. . Peeved by quiet S. H. . . Desires to talk more. . Plans to be secretary. . Likes to listen to radios. .Seen with Adele :SL Eileen. JAMES BILOTTA. . "Vim" likes Driving, History and "Wild Child". .Can be found with Dave. .Peeved by girls who smoke. .Mr. Rogers. MARY ANN BIZZARO..Thls twltler likes pizza 8s blue. . Heard saying to Rita Sn Guilda: "Really, really, really".. "One Summer Night, " GAIL BLAIR..Remembers football games A five in a locker. .Desires to marry that certain someone. .Seen with Marty, Carol 8: Nancy. JANE BLOCK. . Likes red, French 8m sewing. .Can be found with Linda 8a Judy. . Re- members basketball games. . Teaching profession ahead. 15 BERNARD BURKE, , Peeved by girls who smoke. . Likes red, Woodworking and potato chips , , Plans include the Navy. . Seen with Wayne A Tom. PATRICIA CASTIGLIONE. . Desires to own a car. . "Pat" says " Really?" to lan, lrene and Pat. .Peeved by wheels. . Remembers crushed toes. ALICE CHOTKOWSKI. . "Al" likes Mr. "M," blue 8: Health . .Secretly desires to travel around the world. .ls found with Mary, Iean L Pat. KATHERINE CLELAND. ."Kay" likes Miss Byers, light blue and Jazz. . Secretly desires to marry a millionaire. . Says "Honestly. JAMES COLEGROVE. . "lim" desires to have money. . Likes pizza, Phys. Ed. 8: green. . Swimming team 8: Varsity Club. ,sa.ys "Beats me" to Gene. MERLYN COPELAND. .Wants to get a job. .Peeved by guys who never have a pencil. .Re- members football games, band 8: Mr. Vetter, Keith, John.. Gmdualef 59 BARBARA BRESSETTE. Bar- bie" likes blue 8: pizza, .Says "Really really?" to Nancy 8: Peg. . Remembers cheerleading 8: Bill. BARBARA BROECKER. .Can be found with Nancy 8: Cathy, . "Barb" likes red, English 8: pizza. .Secretly desires to go to California, WILLIAM BROEKER. . Blue, "Lover Doll, " pizza. ,Seen with Ian 8: Kenny. . "Bill's" plans include the Navy. . Peeved by girls who smoke. GARY BROSIUS, ."Greasy" re- members football. .Says "Why not?" to Dink 8: Dee. .Desires to be a watchmaker. . Peeved by stubborn people. .Shop. ROBERT BROWN. . Likes Mr. Stoaks 8: History. .Peeved by people who mooch. . Seen with Barb at football games. . Swimming, Baseball. JAMES BURD.."Iim" says 'What are you kidding me?" to Chet, Kent 8: Tom. .Re- members Varsity Club, foot- ball, basketball 8: Mr. Ban- croft. . College, 16 EUGENE CZAIKOWSKI. . Peeved by girls who smoke. . "Gino" plans to go to college ..Likes Mr. Yacos, red, His- tory. Joe. Louie, Ben, Boggie. CAROLYN CZOCHARA. .Re- members working in hot dog stand. . Peeved by fast walkers , ,"Carol" walks with Rita and Donna. .Room 7. KATHLEEN CZYSZ. .Favors Mrs. Cartwright 8: blue. . Peeved by boys who do not dance, .Says 'I do not know, but" to Karen. . College is ahead. KATHRYN DABB. . ."Katho" likes Mrs, Cartwright, blue 8: " Believe". . Is heard say- ing "Hi ho Jacko" to Jackie and Barb. .Junior Play. DANIEL DAIGLER. .Likes green, Mr. Vetter and History. . Will always remember the football and basketball games. .Navy ahead. GARY DAVIDSON. . "Red" likes "Don't Leave Me Now". . Seen with Gene, Paul. . Dislikes girls who smoke. .Likes Mr, Yakos 8: Driving. Graduate! 5 LINDA COPPIN. . "Peanut" says "Did I do that?" to Jane, Linda Sz Pat, .Plans to be a photographer. . Likes to gab with the girls. IUDITH COUGHLIN. .Says "Prove it" to Jan, Sandy. .De- sires to marry lim. ,Plans to join Waves. .Surface friends peeve her. .Pizza 81, red. DIANE COURSON. . Desires to own a motorcycle. .Favors Miss Byers, blue and hamburg- ers. .Seen with Barb and Iudy. . Spends time with Willy. DALE CRAMER. .Remembers Mr. Dorczak, blue and blue- print reading. . Plans to join the Navy. . Desires to see Alas- ka. JOHN CUNNINGHAM. . "Jack" likes Miss Byers, blue, and hamburgs. .Can be found with Pete. .Dislikes women drivers. STANLEY CYGAN . . "Gabby" desires to date "Miss America" , ,Plans to join Navy, ,Peeved by girls who smoke. . Seen with Frank, Dennis Sc Paul. 17 MARY ANN DONNER. . Favors blue, Hea.lth 8: Miss Byers. . "You'd be surprised' to Penny, Judy 8: Mary. . Medical Room worker. LARRY DRAKE. .Secretly wishes to own a ranch. . "La.r" can be heard saying 'I'l1 sa.y' to Bob 8: Bill. . Dislikes long fingernails. ROGER DRAKE, , "Rug" likes Miss Kothen, blue and Alge- bra. .Navy in future. . Can be seen with Paul 8: Randy. . Swimming. , Band. ANDREW DRlSKEl..."Joe" is found with Tom and Norb. . Likes steak, blue 8: Mr, Fick. . Plans to be a machinist. . Peeved at girls who smoke. MARY DRISKEL. . Favors Mr. Stoaks, red and History. .FU- ture plans include the teach- ing profession. . ls found with Faith and Dale. DONALD DUNGAN. . "Don" remembers basketball. .Is seen with Chuck 8: Dick. . Likes Geometry, Mr. "M" and blue . .College ahead. 1 's.' if ,mw- l is . 5k34,?lfff1 1 GVJJMJIEI 5 JOANNE DEARSTYNE. . "Io" favors blue, Miss Byers. .Re- members ball games. . Seen with Jo 8: Dale, ,Future plans include Buffalo State. DALE DIEBOLD. .Enjoys pizza., History, Driving. . Favorite song "There Goes My Heart". . Plans to work with retarded children. KATHY DIERDORF. . Peeved by conceited boys. . Ca.n be heard saying "Let's bug". .Re- members Frosh, year 8: foot- ball games. NICOLO DI VINCENZO. . "Nick" likes spagetti, red, History. .Peeved at girls who smoke. .Can be seen with Stan, Jack 8: Chuck. DONALD DI VIRGILIO. . "De- ver" likes Mr. "M," History, football, blue. .Secretly de- sires to go to the Amazon. . Seen with Phil, Ollie 8: Dick, IAMB DIX. ."S1eepy" favors blue, English 8: Mr, Stoaks. . Is usually formd with Bryan and Ronny. .Likes working with cars , ,Col1ege. 1 8 W JANET FIKE. .Favorite color- pink. .Remembers football games. .Says "Don't worry about a thing" to Pat, Judy 8s Sandy. .Liked English. DAVID FLANDERS. ."Dave" secretly desires to be a stock car driver, , Says "Oh, great' to Ed, Butch th Norm. .Likes Mrs, Millar 8: yellow. JAY FOELS. .Desires to own a drugstore, ,Likes Miss Byers, red, 8: Sr, Health. .Can be heard saying 'What say' to Tom, lim 8: Frank. JOHN FOX, . "Jack" can be seen with Smitty Cz Denny. . Likes Algebra, red, Mr. Vet- ter, 'The Treasure of Love". . Inherit a harem. RICHARD FRASHER. .Plans to join the Navy after graduation . .Likes Mr, Yacos, Driving 8.: Secret desire to marry a rich woman. DEANNA FRENCH. . "Dee" is seen with Larry, Di and Sheila . .Plans to be a secretary, , Peeved by "Big wheels with little spokes. " Gmduazegr 5 DONNA DUNLAP. .Likes Mr. Plewak, spagettl at Senior Health. .Says "What's the mat- ter" to Tim, Nancy at Barb. . Hot Dog Comm. JEANNE DURICK. .Favors Mrs. Cartwright, green and fine mu- sic. .Seen with Nancy, Alice and Maryann. .Shorthand a- wards 8z. Honor letters. JAMES DURKEE. . 'Jim' can be found with Dick, and Don. .Fu- ture plans include Navy. .Fa- vors blue and Mr. Hatch. ADELE DWORZANSKI. .Can be seen with Eileen, Nancy L Joanle. .Peeved at quiet study halls. . Hot Dog Comm. . . Locker 626. RICHARD ELBERS. . "Dick" likes Mr, Plewak, blue, and pizza. .Seen with Dave, Tom 8: Ben. , Plans include college . .Baseba 11, St basketball. LEONARD FARR. . "Lenny" heard saying "You're crazy" to Ron 81. David, . Favorite pastime -fishing. . Plans to be a mad scientist. .Likes blue. Y - A 53533 . 'L vs new . f rwgq ,.y.1,?W3 S 19 JANET GAWRYS. . "Jan" favors blue 8: Mr. Plewak. . Plans to travel with Julie 8x Snowball. . Dislikes conceited people. .Re- members Frosh year. C. WAYNE GEORGE. . Favors Mr, Fick 8x blue. .Future car mechanic. . Pet peeve--girls who wear flats. . Seen with Roger 8: Jim. SANDRA GESER. ."Sandy" likes red, Sr. Health 8t Mrs. Millar, ,Plans to be an airline hostess. .Says "Who me?" to Fix and Dolores. EILEEN GIBAS. .Plans to be a private secretary. . Can be heard saying "Well, l don't know" to Adele 8: Joanne. . Remembers locker 9626, G. DAVID GIERKE. . "Dave likes Mech. Drawing 8r, blue. . Favorite teacher-Miss Werth. . Says "What a lemon" to Reg St Paul. . Track letters. CAROL GILL. . Seen with Nan- cy, Gail St Carol. .Plans in- clude nursing. . Remembers the crowded lockers 8: football games. .Hot Dog Comm. GVHJMJIKI ANDREW GABEL. . "Mick" can be seen with Tony 8: Jay, . De- sires to get a job, .Likes Hist. . Mr. Plewak 8s red. .Baseball manager. , Varsity Club. ARl.ENE GARACZKOWSKI. . Plans to become a secretary. . Likes "Harlem Nocturne," blue 8: pizza, .Secretly desires to own a pizzetia. PATRICIA GARACZKOWSKI , ."Pat" likes blue, Miss Sich- ler 8: Sec. Prac. . .Says "l'll never tell" to Ginny 8: Carol . .Jr. Play. . Shorthand award. M. IOANNE GASTON. .Desires to travel. .Can be heard saying "You don't say!" to Arlene, Penny A Mary Ann. .Remem- bers football games. PAUL GATH. . "Pork Chop" plans to go to Alfred Univer- sity. . Desires to get rich quick . .Remembers swimming meets . .Seen with Pete 8: Dan, ROGER GAUDA, . "Rog" desires to have a gold Cadillac. ,Fa- vors chili con came, Sr. Health 8s blue. . Glee Club. . Says "Tough" to Royo. 20 DANIEL GOODMAN. . "Dari" can be seen with Jim 8: John. , Favorites are pizza 8: blue. . Will remember his Junior year . , "One Summer Night, " KATHLEEN GRAPES. .Likes to write letters, .Says "How about that?" to Linda 8: Ann, , Peeved by conceited people. .Remem- bers twirling. RITA GRASSO. .Desires to go to Italy with Gil. .Seen with Mar, Jud, Mari and Gil. .Fa- vors red. . "Love Me Forever" 7, football games, HARVEY GOODALL, , "Corky" likes green, English, and play- ing guitar, . Can be found with Pete, Tom 8: Don. .Plans to be a photographer. BERNARD GROOMS. .Can be heard saying "l guess" to Don, Harvey 8: Rog, .Secretly de- sires to be a millionaire, , Likes Mr. Stoaks, blue, Shop. CAROLE GROSE. . Plans to be a nurse, .Likes Miss Kothen, Biology 8: pink. .Secretly de- sires to ride in a submarine. . Seen with Connie. JANET GINESTRE. ."Ian" re- members locker 6704, 8: Tal- ent Assemblies. ,Likes yellow, pizza and Sr. Health, .Seen with Par. . French awards. RONALD GLADSTONE. . Seen with Larry 8: Don. .Secret de- sire--To travel around the world, . Favorites are spaghetti 8: blue. ,Basketball team, DONALD GOLEM. . Wants to be a millionaire, .Seen with Dick, lim 8: Frank. .Peeved by con- ceited girls. . Favors blue, Mr, Vetter 8: Sr, Health. DONNAMAE GOLEM. .Plans to be a switchboard operator . .Seen with Io, Ann 8: Audrey , ,Peeved by concelted boys. . Remembers Law class. DIANNE GOLTZ.."Dee" re- members the football games 8: Miss Byers' Am. History class. .Can be seen with Walt 8: Norma. , Likes lobster. WILLIAM GOMBERT. . Likes Chemistry, green, and ham- burgers with onlons. . "Willy" plans to be an electrical en- gineer. . German club, NANCY HARRINGTON. .Blue. Mrs. Cartwright and Int, Alge- bra, .Can be seen with Jeanne, Joan, Pat Sz Janet. .Desires to be a teacher. ELAINE HAZELET. ."Toots" likes blue, 'How the Time Flies" 8: potato chips. .Says "I'm not short!" to Don. , Peeved by boys who smoke. THOMAS HEFFERNAN. . Favors Mr, Fick, Nancy 8: "Tom Dooley", ,Peeved by brothers 8: sisters, .Remembers the fail- ing marks. . Seen with Ray, ROBERT HETRlCK,.Likes apple pie, "Blue Ribbon Baby," His- tory 81 blue. . Enjo s oin hunt- Y B S ing. ,Seen with Ed. .Peeved by ha lf-day sessions. DAVID HIBBERT. . "Huskey" says "'s pull a hank snow" to Torn 8: Chuck. .Remembers the fun he had on the Hot Dog Comm. . Varsity Club. BARBARA HINES. . Favors red. Miss Byers. . Seen with Susie. . Pet peeve-conceited girls. . Bowling, pizza, 'Bom Too Late". . Football games. Graduates 59 MARCIA HACHERL. .Likes green 8: Mr. Plewak. .Seen with Bun, Rita 8: Gilda, .Peeved at show-offs.."What'd ya say?" , , Business school. ROGER HALL. .Likes blue, piz- za 8a loafing. .Seen with Wayne 8. "Big lim" . . Remembers Vo- cational with Mr, l-latch. , Plans to be in the Navy. PENNY HALLOWS, ,"Pen" is seen with Maryann. . Favors red, Senior Health and "De- voted to You". .Received a gold pin in Shorthand, DAVID HANES. . Favors Mr, Fick, blue 8: pizza. .Seen with Mick and Paul. .Remembers all the time spent in Mr. Fick's shop. . Footba ll. ANTON HARNISH. . Favors red, 'Tears on my Pillow," English 8: eating. .Seen with Tom, Andy, 81 George.. Foot- ball and baseball manager. . Navy. DONALD HARRINGTON. .Don likes red, Sr. Health 8s Mrs. Millar, ,Remembers the '58 T-NT game. .Seen with Phil, Dave 8: Dick. . SPOTLIGHT. 22 GEORGE HUGHES. ,Likes Mr, Plewa k, blue. .Seen with Tony, Gabe Q Star. .Plans to join the Air Force. The Day That the Rains Came Down. " ROBERT HUGHES. . "Huey" . . Says "Oh Me" to Gerry, Dick 8: Frank. . Likes green 81. "Susie Darlin". . Desires to come to school on a smooth bus. VINCENT IANIK. .Favors Miss Byers and black. .Seen with Bob and Bil1..Pet peeve is homework. . Desires to own a red Cadillac convertible. MARIE IANSEN. .Can be found with Janet, Joan 8: Alice. .Dis- likes "Big Wheels" , ,Likes green, Bookkeeping 8: Mrs. Bancroft. . Glee Club. IUDITH IANUSZEWSKI. . "Giggles" likes blue 8: Miss Byers. .Says "Do something" to Gil, Pat, 8: Rita. ,Secretly de- sires to own a Jaguar. JUDITH JARZYNSKI. .Seen with Nancy, Phyllis 8: Ioan. . Secretly desires to go to Eu- rope. .Likes Bus. Law and Pink . .Remembers Mr, Drumm. Graduates 59 STEPHEN HOLESKO. .Likes Mr. llluzzi, "lt's Only Make Believe". .Seen with Piston Punchers. . Desires to own fast- est car in the world. .Pizza. CAROLYN HOLLAND. .Likes green, Mr, Steaks 8: "I Wish" . ,Peeved by "Big Wheels". , Seen with Pat, Chris 8: Carol . .Hot Dog and Ring Commit- tee. JAMES HORN. ."Iim" is peeved by girls who smoke. . Seen .with John 8: Ken. , Likes History, "Volare, " 8: blue. ,Desires to tour Europe. IOSEPHINE HGZVATH. .Likes green and "It's All ln the Game". .Seen with Connie 8: Judy. .Desires to run the U.S. Army, .College ahead. SALLY HUBER. .Likes Mr. Vet- ter, pink 8: pizza. . Seen with Sue 8: Win. . Says "Lots of luck , ,Remembers Guidance Office 8: Senior Tea. DONNA HUGHES. .Seen with Nancy 8: Gang. .Remembers Room 7, walking through the halls with Rog. .Likes eating 8: "And That Reminds Me." 23 EDYTHE KELLER. . "Edie" likes Mr. Vetter lk red. .Secretly de- sires to fill up the gas tank. . Band, Guidance Office. .Col- lege ahead. FAITH KEMMET. . Favors blue A Martinsville. . Plans to travel around the world. . Remembers football games Sr her first year at N. T, ROBERT KENNEY.."Bob" is seen with McCu1ly, Fod, Ioe, Steve 8: Rich, ,Pet peeve ls Ca.nada.,Likes "Crawfish" an dancing. .Remembers ball games. BARBARA KICK. . "Barb" is seen with Shirley and Arlene . .Favors Senior Health -Ss Mrs. Millar. .Likes the color blue. . Future secretary. SHIRLEY KIJOWSKI. .R.ed, Miss Byers and pizza. .Plans to become a secretary, , Can be heard saying 'I wonder why" to Carol 8: Pat, NORMAN KIRISITS, , "Wom1" remembers the football games . .Likes Mr. Fick, blue, 81. "Oh Lonesome Me. . Desires to own Melody Fair, Gmduczief 59 MILDRED IASINSKI. .Pet peeve is people who complain. . Likes pizza, Sr, Health 8: riding a- round town. . "Millie" wishes to go to France. JUD1rH IEHruo. . "Judy" re- members Rm. '7 8eJan. 18, '57 . .Likes Collin, Sr. Health and Mrs. Millar. .ls found with "The Gang, " MICHAEL JENSEN. . Favors Mr. Bitters, red and "Bird Dog". . "Mike" remembers the Talent Assembly. .Secretly desires to be wealthy. KAREN JUHL. ."To Know Him ls To Love Him," Pizza. . Seen with Fran, Judy, Kathy, and Elaine. . Future plans in- clude a certain guy. JUNE IUSTICE. ."Mouse" likes "Secretly," Miss Byers 8: French. . Dislikes "rocks". .Can be found with Liz 8: Judy. .Col- lege ahead. DAVID KElTZ.."Dave" favors Miss Byers, blue, and pizza, , Seen with Ron and Ken, ,Peeved by unrnannerly girls. .Honor So- clety. 24 DIANE KOVACH. . 'Dee" fa- vors Mr. Yacos. ,Peeved by empty gas tanks, . Desires to fly a jet. . Music Letter. . Band . .Buffalo State. MARGARET KOWALSKI. . "Marge" seen with Pat. .Likes red and Senior Health. .De- sires a convertible. .Future secretary, . Honor Letter. BRUCE KRATTS. . Likes Histo- ry and Mr. Plewak. .Seen with the boys from Iohnsburg. . Fu- ture plans include the U, S, Marines, ,Sleeping. NANCY KRAUSE, .Favors Mr, Parske, yellow and 'Lover Doll" . .Secretly desires to own a pink Cadillac. .Glee Club. . Music Letter. TERRY KRAUSE.."Fresh" likes Mr, M. , blue Q 'Devoted To You". . It. Play. ,Wants to fly around the world but stop at Cortland State. GLENN IGIESIN. .Peeved by girls who wear sack dresses. . Likes red, 'Chantilly Lace' and History, . Wants to be a millionaire, . Track. Graduates 59 JAMES KISH. .Jim likes Mr. Vetter, "One Summer Night" and red. .Heard saying 'How's your mother" to Virg, Stan and Marylyn, .Pizza. LETITIA KISH. . "Letty" likes chemistry, green, Mr. Mag- lisceau 8: sea food. .Seen with Sandy and Georgia. .Remem- bers Talent Assembly. .Rm, 7, ROGER KLEIN. .Seen with Paul and Jim. . Favors red. "Lone- some Town" and Mechanical Drawing. .Looks ahead to work- ing in Conserva tion. RONALD KNOELL.."Ron" likes Mr, Ma glisceau. . remembers Miss Werth's 7th period Math class. ,Seen with John, Chuck, 8: Rog, ,College ahead. DANIEL KOLBE. . "Kissel" likes turquoise, pizza, and Att. .ls peeved by "Big Shots". . Re- members Iunior year and Mr. Parske. . Art School. PHYLLIS KOSINSKI. . Phyl fa- vors pink and History with Miss Byers. .Says "Hurry up" to Jean, , Remembers football games. .Honor Roll. 25 CAROL KUNTZ.."Flash" is seen with Shirley and Jinny. . Likes "It's Only Make Believe, blue and Mrs. Millar, .Peeved by stuck-up boys. JAMIE LANDEN.."Iim" likes Business Law, Mr. Drumm and blue. .Will remember the football games. . Pet peeve is people. BARBARA LARSON, .Favors green, "Midnight Mood" 8: Joey. .Is seen with Joe 81 Kathy . . Remembers chasing parkers and Machias. .Spagetti. FRANCES LASKY. ."Fran" likes Transcription 8a Miss Tunney. . "You Send Me" . , De sires to own Donnle's car. . Says "Oh Yea I". . Seen with Kathie. ROBERT LAZAREWICZ . . " Lars' . . Likes "Harlem Nocturne," Mr. Plewak 8: pizza, ,Plans to go to college. .Active in Var- sity Club, baseball. MYRNA LEMKE, .Plans to be nurse 8: go to Maine. . Remem- bers football 8: History classes , , "True Love". . Mr. Vetter Kc red. .Seen with Ioyce Gmduaief 59 JOANNE KRILL. .Favors pink, Mrs. Cartwright, "There Goes My Heart" ..Seen with Phyllis and Jeanne. .Says "Knock it off' , . Future teacher. ROBERT KROPP, ,"Moose" is seen with Paul, Bill and Carl . .Likes Miss Byers, History, and blue. .Peeved by girls who smoke. . College. JAMES KRULL. . "Jim" is seen with Russ. .Peeved by loud gum chewers. . Likes turquoise, Sen- ior Health Kc pizza, .Desires to graduate. WILLIAM KUBAS. ."Bi11" says "Yes, l know" to Ed. ,Remem- bers the ball games. .wants to own a string of restaurants. . Likes red and Law. MYRON KUDLA. ."Coodles" says "Beats me". . Favors piz- za, red, "Summertime Blues," Mr. Hatch. .Seen with Rita, Bob, Virginia, . Future Marine. JOSEPH KUEHN. . "Ice" is seen with Dick. .Likes blue, 'Forget Me Not" Sz Mr. Fick. . Secretly desires to be a mil- lionalre. , Carpenter. if-55,555 ,, I 26 ROBERT LUKASIK. .Junior Life-Saving Award, . "Big wheels," pet peeve, .Remem- bers school dance Kr tennis. , Likes green 8: steak with mush- F00mS . MARYANN LUZAK. ." Mar" Can be heard saying "Oh my gosh" to Alice, Joanne 5 lean . .Likes yellow dz Transcription , . Business career. KATHLEEN MAGORIEN. . Fa- vors red, Sr. Health and pizza . . Desires to get a license for that red convert. .Seen with Judy 8: Fran, Locker 623, DONNA MAHONEY. . Desires to attend Bus. School, .Peeved by people who stare. , Favorite food-spaghetti. . Can be seen with Mary Sr Arlene. RALPH MAIOLO, , Plans to go to college, .Can be heard say- ing "Cou1d of fooled me" to Web, Den, John 8s the boys. . will remember football. JOSEPH MALINOWSKI. . De- sires S100, 000, . Ca J be heard saying "lf I had it 1 wou1d" to Ralph, Rog 81. Paul. .Remem- bers homework, , red 8: Art. JOANNE LESSER. .Says "I don't get that" to Jim. .Likes Miss Byers and red. .Remem- bers cheering, walking with Jim and Nov. 6. ,Future nurse RICHARD LEWIS.."Dick" fa- vors Sr. Health and Miss Byers . .Desires to graduate, .Plans to join "Continentals" Drum Corps. ,Seen with Don. PATRICIA LICHT. .Likes Miss Petrie Kc English. . Peeved by girls who drink. .Seen with Judy, Julia 81 Phyllis. . "King Creole". . Favors blue. FRANK LOMBARDO. . Likes Health, pizza, Sr blue.. "Speedy" says to Pete and Bob "Check that sharpie". . Dislikes slow drivers. THOMAS LUESCHER. .Likes "Bird Dog," Blue, Kr Miss By- ers. ,Secretly wishes to travel around the world. . Found with Dave, Lou, 8: Gene. . Glee Club, JOHN LUKASIK. . "George" likes Miss Byers, Pizza and History. .Dislikes "Big Wheels , ,Can be heard saying "Wow" to Louis Ss Gene, ARLENE MCGEE. .Secretly de- sires to travel. . Favors English, pink, and pizza, ,Peeved by loud people. , Can be found with Donna 8: Mary. LI.NDA MEEHAN, , Favors blue, Bus. Law, Mr, Drumm 8: "It's Only Make Believe", ,Seen with Pat 8: the girls. .Remem- bers football games. CHARLES MESLER. .Plans to work at Murphy's. . Likes Mr. Vetter, blue 8: spaghetti. . Seen with Randy 8: Dave. .Var- sity Club. , Track. M, WINANNE MESSING. .Can be seen with Sally, Carol, Rae 8: Pat, . Ring Comm. 8: Honor Society. . Remembers basketball games. . College a- head. DAVID MEYERS,,"Gravy" re- members the football games. . Favors blue, Mr. Maglisceau 8: Math. .Can be found with Lynn and George. . "Rebel Rou- ser." PETER MIANO. .Remembers basketball 8: Hot Dog Comm. . . Favors "Harlem Nocturne," Miss Byers 8: spaghetti. . Seen with Joe, Ollie 8: Phil. Graduates 5 WILLIAM MAN'I'E.."Bill" de- sires to be rich and powerful . .Says "Catch what I mean" to Marv 8: Russ. . Favors blue, Math 8: pizza. . T-NT games. JUDITH MANTH. .Dislikes stuck-up people. . Will remem- ber cheerleading, .Can be seen with Pat. Io, 8: Sandy. . Likes Mr, Drumm 8: Sr. Health. LAVERN MARTIN, Marty" P13115 to be a carpenter. . Heard saying "I don't know" to Milt 8: Dave. . Peeved by bra ggers , .Likes blue, pizza, ROBERT MATTHEI. . "Bob" likes green, Chemistry 8: Mr. Cadwell, . Remembers the long lines in the cafeteria. . Can be seen with Dick 8: Tom. RAPHAELLE MCCARTHY. . "Rae" is seen with Winanne 8: Ellie. .Will always remember the Ir. Play. ,National Honor Society, , College, PATRICIA MCDUFF. . "Pat" plans to go to college. .Says "Dam" to Nancy, Noel 8: Karen. ,Hot dogs 8: green are favorites, . "Whispering Hope. N - ..., , - 2 8 ' JANET MOORE, ,"Ian" can be seen with Alice and Marie. . Peeved by concelted people. . Favors pink 8: Miss Byers. .Re- members football games, ICBEPH MORETTO. . "Joe" likes Miss Petrie, red, Am. Hist. 8: spaghetti. . Desires to own a car, . Seen with Rudy, Mike 8: Dave. . "Bird Dog. " ROGER MORETTO. . "Rag" likes red, Mech. Drawing 8: pizza, ,Secretly desires to go to Erie County Tech, ,Can be seen with lim 8: Joe. STANLEY MOWCZ KO. . " Mo" remembers the football games . , Favors Business Arithmetic, Mr, Fick 8: Chuck, Tom 8: Moose. THOMAS MURRAY. .Favors Machine Shop, Vocation, Al 8: blue. .Desires to get a, job 8: a Lincoln convertible. . Seen with Phil 8: Dave. IERALD NEALE. .Likes Mr. Vetter, light blue 8: "Some- where Along the Way" , , Plans to attend U. B. . .Active in band and track. Gmeluazief 59 LOUIS MIKOLAIEK, , "Milt" says "We'll never know" to Gene 8: Dave. .Likes Am. l-list. 8: Mr. Vetter. . Secretly desires to live in Canada. DONALD MILLER. . Desires to own a new car. .Seen walking the halls with George 8: Jim. . Plans to join the Navy. .Likes working on cars, pink, FREDERICK MILLER. . Fred se- cretly desires to be a million- aire. .Seen at football games with Butch, Dave 8: Carl, .Sr, Play Committee. NANCY MILLER, ,Will remem- ber the band 8: the football games, . Favors are blue 8: "Stardust", .Wishes to many that certain guy. JAMES MITTELSTAEDT. . "Legs" likes blue, Mr, Mag- lisceau 8: History, ,Seen with Tom, lay and Dave. .Remem- bers football. . Varsity Club. RONALD MOLL. . Wishes to own a couple hundred oil wells . .Says "That's beside the point" to Ben, Pete 8: Dave. . Likes History 8: Miss Byers. 29 JAMES OLIVERIO, . "Ollie" favors black, Driving Kr "Ha.r- lem Nocturne". . Can be seen with Paul, loe, 8. Pete. .Says "Honest, this is the truth. " THERESA ONDAK. .Remem- bers football games. .Secret desire: to marry a million- aire. .Seen with Chris, Sue Ea Iudy. .Likes blue. .Room 7, CARL ONOFRIO. . "Noi" can be heard saying "Well, any- way' to Don, Denny 85 the boys. . College ahead. . Likes blue, steak 81 Miss Kothen. . Tennis. PATRICIA OPALINSKI. . "Pat" likes French, Mr, Ma glisceau 8: blue, ,Can be seen with Rosemary, Winanne 8: Rae. . College ahead, . Honor Society. ROBERT ORMISTON. . "Bob" favors blue, Chemistry 8s Miss Worth.,Plans to be an engi- neer. . Can be seen with Ken, John N. 8rJohn B, CAROL ORTT, . "Oats" can be seen with Carol and Kathy, , Heard saying "Oh my gosh". . Favors hlue 8a Sr. Health. . will remember Glee Club. Gmduaier 5 JOHN NEDDY, ,Plans to be a tea cher. , Will remember the assemblies 8: football games. . Favorites are History, Mr, Ban- croft 8t blue, CONSTANCE NELSON. .Seen with Phyllis 8: Pat. .Secret de- sire to learn to drive. . Favors red. .Will remember the Latin Club. RUSSELL NEWMAN. . "Rusty" remembers the football games and Miss Byers' History classes , . Likes blue Sr chicken. .Can be seen with lim. L. KATHLEEN NORRIS. .Says "You're kidding me" to Shar- on, Shirl 8: Ginny. .Likes blue, Bus. Law 8a spaghetti. .Dislikes conceited boys. DALE NOWARK. . Likes Mr. Fick, "Great Balls of Fire" and pizza. . Plans to enter the Army. .Dislikes conceited girls. SHEILA O'GR.ADY. .Plans to be a teacher. . Favorites are blue, Art, Mr, Parske 8s pizza . .Seen with Dee, Carol Er Anne. .Junior Play. 30 MYRNA PAPPIN. . "Mickey" favors red, Bookkeeping and Miss Byers. , Can be seen with Pat 8: Cathy. .Can be heard saying "How about that" EUGENE PASCIAK. . "Gene" secretly desires to own the Nl- agara River. .Likes blue, His- tory and Bowling. . Says "Take it easy" to Tom and lim. ROBERT PASCIAK. . "Bob" likes blue, History 8: "Green Mosquito". . Can be heard saying "1 just work here" to Bob.. Plans include college. JOHN PAWELCZAK. .Pizza, Mr. Vetter Ka sports rate high with "Chuck" . . Peeved by conceited kids. . Seen with Stan, Moose, Wally Sn Tom. ALICE PEASLAND. .Liked Mrs, Bancroft, Typing 8: piz- za. . Office Worker. , Desires to ma ke a certain guy happy , .Seen with Janet, Marie, Carol. JOHN PERRY. .Likes Miss By- ers 8: "La zy Summer Night". . Seen with Dave, Denny. .De- sires to own a Corvette. . peeved by "b1eached" blondes. Graduates 5 GAIL OSSMAN,,"Ozzie" plans to be a beautician, .Says "No kidding" to Sharon 8: Dianne. , Remembers the football games 8: Senior year. SANDRA OSTOLSKI. .Seen with Dee 8: Edie. .Likes ice cream, pink 8: Hist, , ,Plans to teach, .Remembers mud on football field. . SPOTLIGHT. KRISTINE PALISANO, , Favors Mrs, Millar 8: red. .Secretly desires to own her own car, . Seen with Alice and Ralph. GEORGE PANKOW, . Plans to join the Navy, . Favorites are blue, Math, Miss Petrie, 8: stea k, .Seen with Don 8: Wally . ,Says "Holy mama." MARY PAPOI. .Plans to be a receptionist. , Favorites are blue, History, 8: Mrs. Cart- wright, ,Says "That's 1ife" to Donna 8: Karen. WALTER PAPOI, , Likes Mr. Vetter. ,"It's All in the Game" , ,Secret desire to be a disc jockey. ,Seen witl1 Chuck, Stan, Moose, 8: Nobby, 31 DONALD PROEFROCK. .Says "Nasty break" to Don Xu George . .Likes Mr. Fick 8: woodwork- ing. .Peeved by girls that smoke. . Future includes Navy, KATHRYN PROEFROCK, , Blue 85 Mr. Parske, . Desires to own a Ford. ."How about that" to Barbara . . Future WAC. . "lust a Dream. " SHARON PROHASKA, Pro" likes blue Sr pizza , . Desires to be an airline hostess, . "That's the breaks" to Gail Kr Alberta, NORMA PULLO, ,"Nona" likes Mrs. Stoaks, red Sr pizza., Seen with Dee Gr Rae. .Remem- bers Homemaking classes and the dances, . "Just a Dream. " RICHARD PYTLIK, . "Yukon" likes Mr. Vetter and "Lonely Teardrops", . Is found with Bob and Smily. . Swimming, .Navy ahead, MARTHA RABEY.."Marty" fa- vors red, Mr. Vetter 8: pizza, . Plans to be a secretary. .Can be seen with Gail, Liz 81 Elaine. . Junior Play. GEORGE PETECH. . Likes blue, Chemistry 8a "It's All in the Game". .says "Oh Sharp!" to Dave, Lynn Silerry, ,Peeved by girls that smoke. CAROL PETTIT. .Can be heard saying "Honestly" to Winanne, Sonny and Bett, ,, Remembers SPOTLIGHT 8: Chemistry. . Desires to go to college, PATRICIA PEITRKIEWCZ. . "Pat" likes hamburgers, blue. "Blue Moon" 15 Mrs. Steaks. . Future secretary. . Remembers gym with "Brownie," VIRGINIA POLLOCK. . Remem bers first day at NTHS. .Likes Mr. Drurnm, blue 8L "Tears On My Pillow". .Seen with Ar- lene 8x Linda. . 'Jonie, " PHIL PRESICCI. ."Chieo" fa- vors blue Kt History. .Remem- bers Varsity Club Sz Talent Assemblies. .Seen with Ra g, Ollie St Ron. . College ahead. CHARLES PROEFROCK.. "Chuck" likes History, Mrs. Cartwright, blue, and pizza , .Says "Oh yeh!" to Ron and John. ,Air Force ahead. GILDA ROBERTO. ."G1l" says "I'm listening" to Rita. 8s Judy . .Likes blue, Mr. Vetter and Sr. Health. .Plans to workin an office. WILLIAM ROBERTS. .Plans to go to college. . Remembers Miss Werth, Mr. Neusche18r History. . Likes "Hound Dog, " blue Sr chicken. JCBEPH ROG.."Joe" can be heard saying "'l'ha,t's nice" to Stan Br Paul. .Likes Mr. Drumm, red Kc fried chicken. .Remem- bers swimming meets. DAVID ROGERS.."Tiny" de- sires to have a new sports car . ,Says 'Sure thing' to Joe 8s Tom. .Likes Miss Byers, green 8: hunting. PAUL ROMAN. . "Klondike" remembers the football games . ."Don't worry about a thingln to Laz, Rag 81. Ollie. .Varsity Club. . College ahead. JAMES RUNGE. . Peeved by girls in sack dresses. .Seen with Wayne and Roger. , Plans to become a carpenter. , Likes Mr. Fick, blue 8: bowling. Graduate! 59 PAUL RADER. .Remembers Mr. Flck's shop Srkoom 7. . Secretly desires to be a mil- lionaire. ,Seen with Jim, Dave, 8a Mick. .Swimming team. ALBERTA RAZZANI. .Dislikes 'Big Wheels". .Secret desire- to many a millionaire.. " That 's the breaks" to Sherrie . .Library, Glee Club. WILLIAM REES. . "Bill" secret- ly desires to be a dairy farmer . .Seen with Steve, Paul 8: Bob.. Remembers band 8: the football games. PHILIP REIDENAUER, . Remem- bers Mr. Parske Sr Vocational . . Plans to be a machinist. . Can be seen with Don, Dave and Tom. .Likes blue. M. BRYAN RICE. ."0hlo" re- calls the friendly kids at NTHS . .Says 'How about that?" to Dale. .Secret desire: to kiss 'Miss America" . . Band. LYNN RICHBART. .Likes bowl- ing, Mr. Cordes 8: blue. .Seen with Dave. . Remembers base- ball, the Jlmlor Play, National Honor Society 8r band. 33 JOSEPH SCHMIDL. .Plans to get married. ,Heard saying "Youser" to Bob, Mark, Blll, 8: Ron. . "Schmldts'll" likes "Make Belleve" 8: Math, PAUL SCHMIDT. . Plans to study law. .Favors blue, Mrs. Foels and pizza. .Remembers the football dances and Latin Club. , Swimming. THOMAS SCHULTZ, , "Bub" likes to take it easy with Mel- vin, Moose, Baby, 8aSeckels . .Blue, "Tick Tock," History, 8: Mr. Pa rske are tops, SHIRLEY SCHUMACHER. . "Are you kidding me'?" says "Shirl" to Izzy 8: Judy, .B1ue, Home Ee, , Miss Kothen 8: that certain guy are tops. SHERRON SCOTT. .Seen with Norie. . "Sherie" would like to own a ranch. .Likes "Cool Water" Q the farm. . Miss By- ers is tops. ROBERT SEILER. . "Bob-O" likes Mr. Stoaks, assemblies and History. .Heard saying "who you kidding' to Larry, Bill and Kenny, Graduates 5 KATHERINE ROTH..Likes Miss Slchler, History and "Blue Note" , .Can be heard saying "Hello and how are you?" to Rog and Io, BENJAMIN SAMANKA..Al 8s Dale can be seen with "Ben" . .Likes blue, "No One Knows, " woodworking St Mr, Fick. , Baseball is a favorite. GARY SCHADE. .Favors Mr. Herdle, blue and Shop. .Seen with Russell. . Desires th own lots of money. . Will remember the football games. FLOYD SCHEBELL. . Track, "Down The Line" and blue are a hit with "Butch" . .Can be seen with Tony, Art, Al, 8a Dave. . Remembers sports. MARY SCHEBELL. . "Schlb" likes red, 'Blue Moon," Bt Miss Sichler. .Heard saying "Better late than never" to Nancy, Lorraine, 8: Carol. ELIZABETH SCHERRER. . Likes blue, "Wild Child," English. .Desires to marry a certain guy 8a own a Thunder- bird. . Says " Obviously. " 34 KENNETH SITZMANN. . "Ken" likes lobster, blue and Mrs, Jackson. . Desires to be a chem- ist. .Seen with Bill and Bob. . Remembers Mech. Drawing, PETER SKOP. , "Pierre", . Seen with Donna, Bob 8: Mark. . Fa- vors "Make Believe" Xt Mr. Puschek. .Secret desire: Drive "The Beyond Special. " CLARICE SLACK. .Likes pink, Mr. Drumm 8: a certain blond guy. . Remembers Room 7 8: German I, .Seen with Sue, 8. Colleen. . Bea utician, GLENN SNELL, ,Music, blue Kc Miss Zielinski are tops. . 'Lot's of luck' to Stan. Gary 8: Gretch. .Peeved by conceit- ed teenagers. . Band. GLORIA SNICKLES. . Miss By- ers and red are tops with "Bub- bles". .Heard saying 'Few Fun- ny" to Rosie, June 8s the kids . , Remembers skipping. SHARON SNOWMAN. .Likes MI. Vetter, blue St 'For Always 8: Always". . Remembers the third floor. .Seen with Julie 811311. Graduates 59 KENNETH SElTZ,."Ken" can be heard saying "B1ast it all" to Ken, Dave and Lynn. .Likes green, Miss Werth and compos ing. . N. H. S. ALEXANDER SETLIK. . "Alex" says 'First come, first served" to Bub dn Moose. . Favorites are blue and Mr. Plewak. .Remem bers basketball games. DONALD SHAMROCK. . Says "Get out of town" to Dave 81 Ray. . Remembers Talent As- semblies. .Likes Mrs. Bancroft, blue 8s typing. WILLARD SHERK. .Likes Mr. Yacos, blue 8: steak. ,Plans to join the Navy. . Favorite pastime is hunting and fishing , ,Seen with Fred. EUGENIA SIEDINSKI. . "learn" would like to go to Europe. . Plans to be a secretary..Can be seen with Joan 8: Phyl. . Blue. . "No One Knows." MARY LOUISE SIEFKE. . Mr. Stoaks dt Typing were tops. . Could be heard saying "Really, Really" to Ann, Joyce, 81 the gang at Vallis. 35 A. DENNIS STEVENS. .Likes dancing, "Harlem Noctume" Sz ice cream. .Can be seen with John, Phil 8a Don..Dis- likes girls that swear. JUDITH STOECKEL. .Likes pink, sewing 8: pizza. . Heard saying "Oh No" to lane, Carol Sz Linda. . "Iudy" desires to be a. dress designer. AUDREY STONE. . "Audie" would like to meet Ricky Nel- son. .Tops are pink, English and "My True Love". .Seen with Mary, Donna.. .Band. ROBERT STOPA.."Bob" is found with Vince, Bill 8: Bob . .Likes blue, typing and plz- za. . Dislikes homework over the weekend. WILLIAM STUART. .Seen with Vince, Bob, Mark, 8: Ioe. .Blue 8r. Miss Werth. .Base- ball..Would like to play pro- ball. . Orchestra. .Jr. Play. PAUL STUERMER. ."Sml1e anyhow" says "Gears" to Phil, Raz, Jap, Don 8: Denny..Llkes blue, "Just a, Dream" A Mr. Drumm. . Track. . College. Graduates 59 THOMAS SOCHA. .Swimming is tops with "Soc", . Is seen with John. Jack 8: Dan. .Se- cretly desires to go to Annapo- lis. .Likes Mr. Puscheck. INEZ SPARKS.."lzzy" is peeved by people who are late. .Remembers Prom of '57 . .Likes red, Bookkeeping and Miss Kothen. DUANE STAHL. . 'Mick' . . Secretly desires to go to Ha- waii. .Likes blue, pizza Ez Consumers Ed. . .Seen with Dave and Paul. .Swimming team. THOMAS STARR. . "Tom" likes Miss Kothen, gray 84: sleeping. .Secretly desires to be a billionaire. .Can be found with Tony 8: John. JAMES STEC. .Remembers assemblies.. "Jim" can be heard saying "What" to Mike 8a Iohn. . Army ahead, .Likes Mr. Flck, Shop, blue Szven- ison. ELAINE STElNGASSER,.Plans to be a beautician. . "Steinle" can be heard saying "Lots of Luck" to the girls. .Likes roy- al blue, pizza, 36 1 1 THOMAS TRINKWALDER. . Seen with the boys "I"ll be dipped" says "Trink". .Favors Mr. Maglisceau, blue and " Moonglow" , . Future includes college. MARIE TURCHIARELLI. . Peeved by boys who don't dance. .Likes red, Miss Sich- ler 8a "lt's All ln The Game" . . Seen with Donna, Nancy Kc girls. SUSAN URBAN.."Sue" de- sires to raise horses. . Seen with Elaine, Sally. . Will al- ways remember crowded halls and assemblies, ,Mr, Stoakes. RONALD VALLIO, ,Ron favors blue, pizza, coke..Desires to see Hawaii with Bob, Ollie 8: the gang. ,Remembers dances, track letter. .College. GERALD VANDERHEITE. .Jer- ry likes blue, fried chicken 8: History. .Remembers Room 7, basketball 8: football games. . Colorguard. RUSSELL Ve ROST. . Russ de- sires to become an engineer. . Likes red 8m Mr. Dorczak. . Hunting, fishing. . Prefers full day sessions ln school. Gmduazlelr 5 JOYCE SURACE. . "Dippy" likes blue, Art St Mr, Parske. . Heard saying "lt's rather rug- ged" to Barb, Judy, Joan, and Carolyn. SANDRA SWIBICZYNSKI. . "Sandy" likes orchid, and Miss Cipriano. .Seen with Janet, Pat, and Walt. .Recalls the Talent Assembly. . pizza. PAUL SWINIUCH. . Peeved by slow pokes. . Likes Miss Byers. blue St "Devoted to You". . Navy ahead, ,Seen with Tony, Stan Et Matts. .Law, ROBERT SYPOSS.. "Bob" likes "Tom Dooley, " blue 8a History . .Heard saying "You're about as handy as wheels on crutches to Bob 8a Joe. MARVIN TAYLCR, ,Favors blue, Mr. Plewak, "lt's Only Make Believe". . Can be seen with Bill 81 Jack, , Will remem- bers the football games. KAREN TILL. .Likes blue, Miss Byers, Pizza, .Can be seen with Kathy, Mary 8m Donna, ,Will remember the football games 8a the dances. 37 PAUL WARNKE. . Desires to drive at Indianapolis. . Likes bla ck and " Rumble". .Says "Lots of luck" to Butch, John 8: Pete, . Mr, Zendell. JEAN WAWRZYNEK. .Likes blue, Mr. Shearer, and Eng- lish. .Seen with Letty, Sandy, and Linda. . "Send Me the Pil- low that You Dream On." MICHAEL WEBER. . "Webb" says "I don't care" to Kathy, , Desires to own a hot merc. . Likes "King Creole, ' pink, art, .Plans to get a job. PATRICIA WEBER, ,Wants to own a stock car, , "It's Only Make Believe". .Says "You're kidding, of course" to Lyn and Elinor. . Favors blue. RICHARD WEBER. . "DiCk". . Varsity Club, football, Mr, M. . .Says "I believe" to Ollie, Lip, Bird, Rag. ,Peeved by crowded lockers. . Plans col- lege. DONALD WERTH. . "Don" likes History, blue, Mr. Vet- ter .St pizza, . Can be found with Carl. .Remembers foot- ball games. . College. Graduates 59 CAROL VOELKER. .Peeved by crowded halls. .Desires to see Hawaiian Islands with Judy and Myma. .History with Miss Byers. . Secretary. MARK VOELKEI. . Likes to play the trumpet. .Favors blue 8: Driving and ice cream. . Seen with Joe and Bob. .Letter in Baseball 8: Basketball. B. STEPHEN VOGT..Likes blue, "Patricia , " at tomatoes . . English. . Seen with Tom, Bill Gr. Donna. . Desires ta own a '38 Chevy Coupe. CARL VOGT. . "Vogtee" likes Mr, Yacos, blue, and driving class. . ls heard saying "Hello Ace". . Remembers football games. .Co1lege. MARY JANE VOSS.."Marty" says "Is that right, " to Judy and Liz. .Remembers football games. .Likes pizza and 'How The Time Flies. " KATHERINE VOSSEN. . "Judy" . . .Likes " Blue Moon" and Mr. Plewak. .Seen with Ann. . "Just Fooling Around" . . Future Alr- line Hostess. MARY ANN WlLSON..Likes Mrs, Bancroft, bookkeeping, "Sincerely," pizza, blue.. Desires to marry a certain guy , .Peeved by crowded halls. JOHN D. WlNN..Likes Mr, Drumm 8: aqua. . "Devoted to You," History, ,Plans to join the Navy, ,Pet peeve is winter- time. . Pastime: being with lan. FRANCIS WITTKOPP. .Can be seen with Ron SL Charlie. . Likes blue, Mr. Fick. .Butch can be heard saying "Ah get out" . . Desires a car. LORRAINE WLODARCZYK, , "Blondie", , Likes blue 8s 'lust a Dream", ,Seen with Mary Sz Pat. . "Oh, no". .Peeved by heartbreakers. .Jr. year. ROSE MARY WOICIESZAK. . Rosa can he seen with Gloria SL Iune..Likes red, Mr, Stoaks, "Autumn Leaves," and pizza. . Plans to go to college. DAVID WOLGAST. . "Bean" likes Mr. Venter, blue and sauerkraut. . Seen with Butch, Fred 8: Carl. .Remembers sit- ting on the bench. GVHLJMHIEJ 59 PETER WERTH, . Future in- cludes Navy. .Peeved by crowd- ed halls and slow people. .Likes red, "Summertime," and Mrs, Cartwright. , "So what?" RAYMOND WESOLOWSKI. . Likes blue, Mr. Vetter 81 His- tory. . "It's Only Make Believe" . .Peeved by girls that wear slacls to school. .Navy. GERALDINE WHITE. . "Gerry" likes Shorthand, red 8: pizza . .Seen with Barb and Jean. . Pet peeve is crowded halls. KATHLEEN Wl-lITE..Says "You can" to Elaine, Carol, Susie, . Remembers Jr, Pla y. . Likes blue, Mrs. Millar, piz- za, .Plans to fly to moon, JULIA WILLIAMS. . "Julie", , Seen with Ian, Sharon, Nancy , , Desires to go to Las Vegas. . Remembers fourth floor classes , .Honor letters. LYNN WILSON. .Likes Mr. Drumm, blue. ."lt's Only Make Believe". .Seen with Dave. . Plans to go into business. .De- sires to own a Corvette, 39 IERALD ZASTROW.."ZaS" f says "How Nice" to Den 8: Mike. .Likes "lr's Only Make Believe". . Favorites-pizza , blue, Mr. Vetter, Am. His- tory. NANCY ZASTROW. ,Plans to go to College. .Can be seen with Julie and Jan, ,Peeved by crowded halls. . Likes Math, blue, lk Mrs. Cartwright, ANN ZIMMERMAN, .Secret desire to fly in a jet. ,Plans to be an airline hostess. . Favors blue, Mr. Plewak. .Seen with Judy. . Twlrling. DONALD ZIMMERMAN. . Seen with Harry 8: the boys. .Remem- bers third lunch period, ,Plans to be a retired loa fer. . Likes black 8: Mr. Tuskey. JOHN ZIPP. , will remember the football games. .Likes red, Mr. Drumm, pizza 8: History , ,Plans to join the Navy. . Seen with lim. GVJJMHIEJT 5 GEORGE WOODBURY. . Wants to be a hockey player. .Seen with Nick 8: Dave. . Favors maroon, "My True Love". . Varsity Club. LEROY WOODS, ,"Roy" says "Buddy buddy" to Dick A Bob . .Remembers football, swim- ming, trophy case 8: dances, . Plans to join Marines. ANN WRAZIN. , Likes red, Mr, Stoaks, 8: "Devoted To You". . Can be seen with Marylou. . Future plans include a guy from Ton. . . Remembers the games. RICHARD WRAZIN.."Rag" likes Mr. Vetter, blue, pizza . ,Seen with Jap, Laz, Lip, . Recalls football, baseball, Varsity Club. .College ahead. NANCY WRIGI-lT.."Nan" likes red, "Please Love Me Forever" 8: steak. . Seen with Donna, Ma- rie, and friends..Remembers dances 8: Senior Prom. JOHN ZAHARKIN. ,Peeved by women drivers. .Seen at foot- ball games with Tom, Tony 8: Bill.. Wishes to be a billionaire . . Air Force. 40 THE CLASS OF '59 IS NOT CAMERA SHY 5 3, Jia! Q, A "1 - ' 1 lar Q ' - 'Elf ' tiff ii. 1' , -2,511 K, Wk fl? 3 NES-'as-r.-X-x in vw mf" L X X , mf, 1 4 9 3 i . ' G n. .Q W QR 1 - .52 A is HM- ' - g'tyg.f'-.3 N '- 'Fm Q- ' si3iQ.z"'-.-'f' ' W Q is .. xx .fgak A ,, Hs 'x aw Es 31 A we :V fs f' W . -f-.V harm 1 , e Fi N 9-I 2 A' ,A 3-izfl ff- 3:-11. + W, 11 . 35 X- 1, Q wk fr f' '11?Q'i.:iL:5v1:f4gSf1Y 5' :LEW :S wa' 1: 17' X X, - - ., fm, Us, 2' ' A S ' - QQ x f '5,.Lf-.1 W A , , ,Q Q 'X 1?-as gf. Q . 1 sw X 5 1 ' ,-3a'f-.MHEQZQ sv R , 'a H Qmgsfff , , ,.,. 2 .. , "C ,Q K, VIA.. 5 . ,L H5212 , N M . gs fm, ,.zgfgfg,, Q ll in 5 S ,, X vf Wu, il XX win. W 45 - v nv- if j ' h . ' 1 ,Q Q In is ' D 1 ' 1 QQ? ri N' .f I M A A! w 4 'EIBI Em us ' ' '-sv' .-Lv ? 'Q ,M gk "l FRIENDLIEST Ann Berhalter Dick Wrazin BEST LOOKING Carol Ortt Bob Lazarawicz MOST POPULAR Mary Haba George Carere Pqzmlmfily MOST TALKATIVE Gilda Roberto Pens Miano Joanne Lesser jim Burd BIGGEST HEARTBREAKERS MOST ATHLETIC Judy Manth Paul Roman P0 ll BEST PERSONALITY Elaine Stneingasser john Milczarski MOST HUMOROUS Marcia Hacked Jim Bowden MOST VERSATILE Carol Zeihm Tom Chester MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Raphael McCarthy Ken Seitz BEST DRESSED Judy januszewski Carl Onofrio MOST MANNERLY Linda Amhrus ko Kent Carroll Clam P7"qDl96Ly Our taxi was waiting, so we were off to the airport. We thanked our taxi driver, Gary Broslus for bringing us to the airport on time, checked our luggage and boarded a new jet airliner. Elaine Hazelet, our very friendly and competent airline hostess, introduced us to jim Bowden, the pilot for the tlight to New York City. This great city was our first stop of importance on our tour of the world. We attended a performance at the Meuopolitan in which Eloise Balogh starred along with Sandra Swienczynskl and Letitla Kish. We were not surprised to leam that Carol Pettit had become editor of the "New York Times . " In this issue we read a- bout the fame of Bob Lazarawicz as a star "Yankee" and Tom Chester as a star basketball player. A visit to the United Nations building revealed Pat Opallnskl and jane Block happily at work as interpreters. Our ship was ready to leave so we said goodbye to the U. S. for a while. Aboard ship we were surprised to meet Winanne Messing, Linda Bemdt, and Roger Drake enjoying the o- cean crulse. Captain Andy Gable gave a dinner for many of the ship's passengers. We both made an appoint- ment wlth Nancy Wright, the ship's beauticlan for new hairdos. During dinner we had an engaging conversa- tion with Ken Seitz who was on his way to Europe to study piano under Van Cliburn. Upon reaching the English coast we boarded a local train which took us to London. Don Werth, our guide through London, showed us many of the sights before we set out for the European mainland. While still in London we leamed that jim Colegrove and Terry Krause were attempting to swim the English Cha.nnel. Ahl "Gay Parcel" We spent many funfllled days in the capital of France. On a tour through the Louvre we noticed the famous paintings by Dan Kolbe and Sheila 0'Grady. We also saw the noted originals in dress designing by Judith Stoekel. ln Berlin we leamed of the scientific exploits of Dr. David Keltz and Dr. Kenneth Sltzmann. It i said you will always meet a familiar face in Rome. We fotmd this to be true when we met Linda Arnbrusko, Kent Carroll and Carol Ziehm in front of the St. Peter's Basilica. Off to darkest Africa. Here we join Kathy Dierdorf on a safari into the Belgian Congo led by Jim Durkee, famous game hunter. Back to civilization we meet Bette Alward with her new husband on their honeymoon ln Cairo, Egypt. During one sightseeing trip around the pyramids we met James Hom and john Neddy, who were excavating old tombs of the Kings of Egypt. From Egypt we traveled to Saudi Arabia. The most exciting happening in this phase of our trip was a mag- nificent ball held by the oil tycoons, James Burd, Thompson Anastasi, and Donald Di Virgilio. Then across India to the Far East. China was a different world. Our visit in China was the only unfortunate incident in our trip. Here we ate boiled rattlesnake with much apprehension followed by deep regret. We both became very ill. To our great delight, we were attended by an American doctor assisted by Janet Genestre and Myma Lemke, two very capa- ble nurses. Sally Huber, the doctor's secretary informed us that jay Foels would supply any necessary medl- cation. After a complete recovery we went on to Japan. Here we encountered James Stec and Dale Nowark, two privates in Uncle Sam's Army. japan was another wonderland of strange sights. After japan came sweet Hawall. Many of our fellow graduates of '59 including Phil Presicci, jim Ollverlo and Ron Vallio were enjoying themselves tmder the palms. Back in the U. S. at last! Our first important stop in the U. S. was Hollywood. Everyone must see Holly- wood. There we watched the filming of a new motion picture starring John Milczarski and Kathy Dabb. A visit to a modeling studio showed that others of our classmates, Carol Ortt and Ann Berhalter were among the top ten models. They were being photographed by Linda Coppin and Barbara Kick. A trip to Las Vegas revealed Pete Brady as the owner of a famous night club with George Carere leading a fabulous band. From Las Vegas we went to Colorado where Larry Drake and Susan Urban each owned vast ranches. In Chicago we stayed at the famous David Hanes Hotel run by Carl Onofrio. Marie Turchlarelll and Alberta Razzanl, Mr. Onfrio's secretaries infonned us that he was soon to become the owner of a chain of hotels. We boarded a bus driven by George Hughes and returned home exhausted after months of traveling. It certainly was wonderful to see all our classmates wherever we went throughout the world. Weary Travelers , Rae McCarthy Carolyn Czochara 46 We, the Seniors of the Class of 1959, bequeath to our honored fellow students and faculty members the following items which we hold in deep esteem: next year's Freshmen . . next year's Sophomores . . . . next year's juniors . . next year's Seniors . . Mrs. Jackson . . . Mrs. Cartwright . . the Senior Guidance office Mr. Pokrzywka . . . the swimming team . . the girls' locker room . . the twirlers ..... the swimming classes . . Room 7. . Mr. Bancroft . . Miss Byers ........ the guys at the trophy case Miss Seagrave . . Mr. Rogers. . Mr. Cadwell . . the auditorium . . the 1960 Yearbook editors a dress code taller boys boys that dance Lot's of Lucklll more cigar boxes and vinegar bottles roller skates to conserve her energy a new clock a smile from the Senior class new swimsuits more mirrors tights a heated pool space suits to go with the new lights at least six buses chuck-full of cheerers for the basketball games more stars for her-A+'S chairs a room filled with back row seats automatic coffee urn for the press room more girls in his physics classes new curtains an enthusiastic staff like ours We sincerely believe that the aforementioned bequests will make the educational experi ence of those who follow and those who lead a more enjoyable and true to life situation. Honor ably attested to on January 21, 1959. Atto mey -at- Law Paul Schmidt Witnesses : Chuck Proefrock Ron Knoell RING COMMITTEE Linda Ambrusko, Carol Ortt, Winanne Messing, Ron Knoell, Ken Seitz. Absent: Larry Drake, Kathy Norris. fembr Commzfiees CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Audrey Stone, Alice Chotkowski, RoseMary Wojciescza k, Jeanne Durick, Joanne Dearstyne-Chairman, Ann Berhalter, Bill Stuart, Don Golem, Ralph Maiolo, Walt Papoi. Absent: Martha Rabey, Kathy Ma gorien, Sheila 0'Grady, James Krull. HOT DOG COMMITTEE Carol Czochara, Linda Ambrusko, Dave Hibbert, Pete Miano Tom Chester-Chairman, Bob Lazarewicz. MAGAZINE COMMITTEE Paul Swiniuch, Pat Opalinski, Jim Mittlestaedt. Absent: Di- ane Ba ker. fir- ,N .. K r 4, gl X if i sgf Y -n-f f my Rf? if E i 'xii' 5' in - X QS fee ' ' -'2fi . Q" , ,'-sl-XE, 19 -. ,e-4, .- f- , sl' 1 Stl" -., .on ar A " Tj" " A, N 11711 ll DERHASSMIE Row 1: Barbara Tack, Treasurerg Paul Driscoll, Vice President. Row 2: Paul Cummings, Secreraryg Joe Colatarci, President: Henry Iulin, Ath- letic Council Representative. i 2 3 ,L i, rrss s s rig L Clam 52 'W' igiiylfizff'-E" ,Liilfi 72' i ' , ' 72,1 A Z .Q , 2 f K xg 1g,2.g:: gpg . . f ' T mf NJ.,-V ' f ,raw M , a '!..,.i l il.,-v , 53 Q" 53 QQ K ,W ,15.N.,, 1 ' ,A -air Sfkies 1 .Q f + Eli1f2S'.Qi:S- rx R wmv!- .--++ ,- .. a Y , I 1 fa 4 -fa n A fs 2: Q 9 I sg I 'tn- Q 1 1 ,M aw-M. .5-em... Nr u 0sffwn'5+ 1' y nw Row 1: Ron Iamulla, Vice President: Martha Gerwig, Treasurer. Row 2: James Ma gliscea u, Presidentg Robert Luke, Secretary. Clam 54 ?+-bygfflm z- .1 KW: ' , 31, . Q hp' N 5? G' -fix 3 B: v 1 4 36 I V' 'K H Hi 812- ' .7 .. saws 4 QW' milk, ' a ' TH' W 3 lg J :ww L, 'H f I., . ,f A -wi 5 5 vw: CL- f , ,-,.-'-Q-........ V , Row 1: Barbara Jackson, Presidentg Michael Pullo, Vice President. Row 2: Dennis Filmore, Secretary: Audrey Mierzwa, Treasurer. Clays 56 XII, f " 4 Lf flfwyg lf w ' 1 1 if x X X ,. Q' W 5: ' 93? 5 I 9 Q . ' ,, S 'Y ai ' 1 .ig " ' v . 9:5 as ' A ' L . ' ' ' - ag 4 ju - x ' . g 'J' A 4 . 'f A ' f' -f lie-sl. in M' f - mfs: fff.-x::c.n .W Q ' - x fb 5 - .-1Pfssa::1evk?i?s'3' - ,, .,, f . . ::s5:V::5:::5ss,11a , I -. V '- Wa. 1. ' ' 1" fy " 4 ..... 1, 'fx x ,, I 'S I if .-N r , .... + ,G Q lf W' f - 2 fs, WW Q tl I za? I F Q V 0 ig: ,L 'iw- ,...-f'. Qin ff' S Ni I ! R. If if , I , ' ' . I Q 49 +V -9 'Sl' 1 , 'Q Q .il 319 gifs f '51 f.. ' 4 fvf Y 1 f W V u si! N EI21 fi SPQTLXGYNT . ,3 K X WL F Y N., I nm f 'waz fi' N rg S Ls A LA Nw K 'l , P6 I If , :,' i A- , "' fk LJ x Wax. yy H K 457152574 W6 ' XX59' X ACTIVITIIE I l Vmcvizy Led by a strong line and an equally fine backfield, North Tonawanda enjoyed one of her finest seasons. The record shows six wins, one loss and one tie-- and it might be added that the "Championship was only 58 seconds away. " Victories over Niagara Falls, Olean, Ken- more and Tonawanda featured the season. However, the highlight of the season was the 7-0 defeat of the arch rival, Tonawanda. Even the old timers say that this group of fine young men was one of N.T. ' finest. Much credit should be given to the coaching of Mr. Vetter and Mr. Maglisceau for a job well done. N.T. - 14 Niagara Falls - 0 N.T. - 26 Lockport - 0 N.T. - 7 Lackawanna - 13 N.T. - 20 Kenmore - 6 N.T. - 29 Trott - 0 N.T. - 0 LaSalle - 0 N.T. - 27 Olean - 12 N.T. - 7 Tonawanda - 0 130 31 S Q 6 zo, 41 N ff 13 xx ff: xx xX NTHS FOOTBALL SQUAD: Here is the 1958 football squad of the North Tonawanda High School. ln front from left: Coach George Vetter lim Oliverlo, Phil Preclccl, Jim Mittelstaedt, Harold Kulju, Joe Schebell, Dick Wrazln, Joe Colatarci, Gary Brosius, Paul Roman, George Guido, Tom Anastasl, Ron Iamula, Terry Kolb, Dick Timblin, Pete Trinkwalder and Chuck Wageman. In rear from left: Ilm Burd, Jim Bowden, Dick Weber, Jim Davis, Paul Driscoll, Tim Rischel, Ken Miller, Hank Julln, Bob Franc, Fran Iehrlo, Pete Kuehn, Voe1kerNahs, Frank Burke and Assistant Coach Al Maglisceau. Myers, Wolgasr, Woods, Carroll, Castiglione Cin. -Dfw I Q5 fa I -rg UN f x ' a y 1 5? Q A ' Ml :ff '- B 61 fumbr Vamly Football Bottom, Seated: V.Blankenship. J.Ver Hague, R,Roggow, A,Schutte, T.Snopkowski. D.String- fellow. Seated on Bench: 1.Taylor, G. Dravich, L.Banett, I.01zowka., A,De Vald, L,Thoma- sen, D.We1-th. J.Drause. Standing: J.P1ewak, K,Monhievicz, R.Murphy, WJ-laacher, J.Schel- let, P.Hauve.uste1n, M.Schm.idt, R. Goltz. M.Lind.hum, 1.1-larton, R.Karre. Freflymen Fooib ll Row 1: R,Mangus, F. Tom, R,Anastasi, S.Lance, R.Wesolowski, R.Davis, Lwesalowsld, A.Ko- zqn, F.Mal1one, K.Taylor. Row 2: N,Ke11er, I.Brownrigg, L.Rozicki, C.Wi1son, D.Mesler, I. Steffanucci, F.Roberto, W.Tay1or, W,King, I.Laps1ey, E.Durkee, R.l-Iauenstein. Row 3: S,Bur nell, T.O'Neil1, F.l-Iaacker, D.Manhoney, R.Co1auaci, I.Chisera, R,Zarker, M.Pul.1o, R,Zie1- inski, J,Nicpon, R,Ze1lner, R.Mangua, L.Bowden, Coach Mr. Wiles. 62 Stan Ambrusko, Paul Ambrusko, Gary Bell, Harry Brown Francis Burke, Jack Cobb, James Colegrove, Mike Czyk Gary Davidson, Richard Dean, Roger Drake, Paul Dris- - coll, Robert Foster, William Haacker, Robert Hicks, John Hutt, Lane Janowsky, Henry Julin, Richard Kobel, Terry Kolb, Terry Drause, Mike Lee, Dave Lloyd, Rob- ert Luke, Alan Mazzuechelli, Robert Miles, Donald B. Miller, Kim Monkiewicz, Dave Nabozny, Norm Polek- waldt, Thomas Polek, Paul Rader, Paul Schmidt, Alan Schutte, Leroy Seltz, Joel Siefke, Thomas Snopkowsld, Thomas Socha, William Wainman, LeRoy Woods. fwzmmmcg Harold Bowden, Wallace Burnell, Dennis Brandon, Thomas Fox, Richard Harris, Harold Hickey, Har- vey Kage, Norm Keller, Philip Kerner, James Lapsley, Kenneth Lynch, Robert Mangus, David Mes- ler, Dan Mahoney, Dave Moore, Joseph Nicpon, Alvin Radloff, Anthony Smolen, Ken Streck, Ralph Wilson, Richard Zellner, John Zwolinski. 63 VARSITY Row 1: I.Schebe11, P,Miano, J.Burd, B.Lazarewicz, W,Co11ins. Row 2: R,Elbers, P,Kuehn J.Mag11sceau, T.Chester, S.Dungan, D,Duugan. Bmketbazll I UNIOR VARSITY R Ro ow D Commisso R.Goltz, J,Staub, D,Wiechec, T,Barreu, B.Russel1, J.Jasuemsk1 . gg . . . R,Pochopin, B. Dragon, R. Franc, . - w . ONe11, D.A aters, T.Emborsky R.Go1tZ. I.Horton, A,Kozen, P,Kuehn, W.O1msted, G VARSITY AND I. V. TRACK Row 1: I.Barrett, W,Krul1, T,Razzani, E,Voetsch, R.Mag1isceau, S.Mow- czko, C.Mes1er. Row 2: Mr. Maglisceau. I.Krupp fMgr.j, J.Bowden, P, Stuermer, T.Becker, R.Va11i0. I.Mitte1steadt, S.Larson. Row 3: D,Mey- ers, I. Neale, D.WoIgast. l.Milczarski, T.Ko1b, I. Cobb, F,Schebel1. Row 4: G.Petech, B.Demler, R.Sernper, I.Burton, H.Baer, D.Caste11ion. GJ-Iughes fMgr.7, Row 5: C.Raep1on fMgr.J, D. Bork, D. Bell, T,Garaj, R.Rog, D.DiVh'gi1io. Missing: D.G1erke, P,Pre.scci. l.Smith, C.Randaz- Z0. 1 FRESHMAN TRACK D,London, J.Mi11s, W.Hughes1Mgrs.j, Row 1: N,Pokewa1dt, B.Gore, N.Schmidt, R.Foster, R,Krantz, N.Schear, R.Karre, R. Harris. Row 2: C,Wageman, J,Brownwigg, I,Horton, C.Ianowsky, D.Suehlow, A.Tur- chiarealli, D.P1-elewicz, M.Wa.l1ace. Row 3: M.Hemmer1ing, P,Kol- ek, M.Care, P.Ambrusko, W,Diermeyer, V.Nahs, Mr. Wiles. Track N J. V. Coach, Mark Sternin 65 ' Tenmk VARSITY AND I. V. TENNIS Row 1: Iokm Perry, Car10nofrio, Chris Wasson, Bill Lafferty. Row 2: Ben Andrzewxld, Tom Stone, Frank Cole, Paul Innes, Tom Sachey. FRESHMAN TENNIS . Row 1: Donald Wiechec, Donald Perry, Harold Nowark. Row 2: James Ver Hague, Larry Girls, Joseph wright, William Pierce. 66 1 4 VARSITY BASEBALL Coach Vetter. R.Wrazln. I.Burd, P.Roma.u, D.Hibbe.rt, P. Driscoll, K.Carrol1, R,Weber, B.Powe11, B.Lazarewicz, L. Richbart, W.Stuart, A.l-lamish lMgr.J, R.Elbers, L.Farr, P. Kuehn, M.Voe1ker, T.Chester, G.Pasiak, A. Gable fMgrJ. L FRESHMAN BASEBALL I.London, S.Palgutt, I.Lls, R.Roggow, D.Kisie1, L. Vetter, I. Scheller. I. Horton. J.Mil1s, P.Trinkwa1der, D.Kislel, A,Rad- loff, A.DeMart, R,Go1tz, D.Cummisso, P. Kuhn, D,Werth, T. Barrett, Coach Wiles, L.Barrett, R.Timb1ln, B.Dragon, R.Ia- mulla, J.Mag11sceau, R.Frsnc, F.Cast1g1one. Llaster, QZQW J. V. BASEBALL Row 1: K.Donaghue, R.Szewczyk, I.Schebel1, R.Sca11se, T.Kovach Row 2: H.Ku1ju, F.Burke, F.Sx-niedala, A.Kronenwetrer, Row 3: Coach Hein-nan, I.Gancuz, H.Ju1in, R.Mathe1, P.llichards. N fit R T. . i 67 Varsity Row 1: Connie Lemke, Jean Richards, Joanne Lesser. Row 2: Barb Tack, Judy Zaplawa, Captain Mary Haba, Captain, Nancy De Rosierg Gail Kish, Nancy Perry, Barb Kaiser, Kathy Abrams, Sharon Napierella, QW eww T Nancy De Rosier, Barb Tack, Gail Kish, Judy Zaplawa, Nancy Parry, Jeanne Richards, Barb Kaiser, Joanne Lesser, Kathy Abrams, Connie Lemke, Sharon Napierella , Mary Haba, 68 ATHLETIC COUNCIL Mr. Roggow, Mr. Plewak, Mr. Brauer, Mr, Bancroft, Mr. Stokes, Mr. Heitman, Dr. Christman, Mr. Low- ry, Mr. Vetter, Tom Chester, Henry Julin. Councilf Marilyn Mis, Pat Opalinski, Eloise Balogh, Wlnanne Messing, Martha Gerwig, Kitti Corti, Ann Holland, Pat Markiewicz, Ann Po- fi, Audrey Stone, Loretta Linsey, Jeanne Richards, Barb Porter, Elaine Ostrolskl, Iudy Szaplowa, Gayle Kish, Helene Baran, Carol Turay, Carol Czochara, Donna Hughes, Marie Turchiarelli, Carol Graf, Pat Castiglione, Walt Diermeyer, Bruce Kratts, Jack Col- atarci, Bob Lazarawlcz, Phil Presicci, Iohn Socha, Kent Carroll, Dave Fusco, Hank Iulin, Maureen Brogan, Faith Friot, Bill Hor- ton, Barb Somner, Pete Trinkwalder, Ron Jamulla, Mike Schmidt, co-EDITOR i ff k CO-EDITOR Carolyn Czochara Mr. Richard Rogers, Advisor Ra phaelle McCarthy TYPING STAFF Sally Huber, Nancy Wright, Donna Hughes, Jane Block, Jackie ADVERTISING STAFF Bradley, Marie Turchiarelli, Winanne Messing, Eloise Balogh, Lin- Jackie Bradley-Business Manager, Nancy Krause, Nancy Miller, Arlene da Berndt, Myrna Lemke. Garaczkowski, Virginia Pollock, Martha Rabey, Pat Opalinski, Carol Gill, Gall Blair, Marie Turchiarelli, Don Dungan, Roger Gauda, Mer- lyn Copeland, Mary Schebell, Pat Pieukiewicz, Kathy White. ART STAFF LITERARY AND LAYOUT STAFF Sharon Stoeckel. Geraldine Mulko, Shiela PatOpa1inski, Sally Huber, Eloise Balogh, Marie Turchiarelli, Don- 0'G,-ady. Judy Smith- N01 pictured, Dan na Hughes, Winanne Messing. Kolbg, Chairman, 70 CO-EDITORS Carol Pettit and Sandy Ostolsld TYPISTS REPORTERS Pat Opalinski, Faith Friot, Bill Pierce, Dave Fusco, Kent Carroll John Socha, Don Wenh, Carl Onofrio, John Neddy, Barbara Hes- Diane Baker-Manager, Sheila O'Grady, Gretchen Schultz, Lillian Slack, Pat Kantor, Crystal Schultz, Nancy Ostolski, Janice DeRoche. sel, Donna Clifford, Janice DeRoche, Paul Bylenok, Sue Leavitt, Winanne Messing, Sally Huber, Nancy Panek, Jeanne Richards, Jeanette Solomon, Fred Miller, Carol Graf, Crystal Schultz, Car olyn Holland. ART STAFF AND PHOTOGRAPHERS Humphrey Stinson, Linda Coppin, Dan Goupll. Absent: Don Harrington. 71 GUIDANCE OFFICE WORKERS Winanne Messing, Janine Baran, Sally Huber, Eleanor Wilson, Car- ole Grosse, Vaunda Bacon, Linda Ambrusko, Not Pictured: Diane Baker, MEDICAL ROOM WORKERS Janet Ginestre, Maureen Brogan, Barb Bach, Marcia Hackeral, Judy Coughlin, Mary Ann Donner, Barb Schultz, Penny Hallows, Pat Bavino, wendy Webb. Not Pictured: Mary Lou Siefke. Offcgazm VARSITY CLUB Charles Messler, Terry Krause, Dave Hibbert, Carl Onofrio, Jim Colegrove, Dick Wrazin, Jim Bowden, Dick Weber, Gary Brosi- us, Don DiVirgi1io, Paul Roman, Phil Presicci, Tony Hamish, Bruce Kratts, Terry Kolb, Jolm Hutt, Paul Stuermer, John Krupp, Bill Lyle, Jack Cobb, Fran Burke, Charles Wegeman, Jim Mittle steadt, Andy Gabel, Hank Julin, Ron Knoell, Dave Meyers, Ron Jamulla, Frank Castiglione, Paul Driscoll, Joe Colatarci, Roy Woods, Stan Mowczko, Jim Burd, Tom Chester, Tom Anastasi, Bill Stuart, Jim Maglisceau, Harold Kulju, Fran Jehrio, Mark Voelker. ' gasser, Joanne Lesser, Barbara Bressette, Joanne Gaston, Sandra MAIN OFFICE WORKERS Geser, Rita Harvey, Carolyn Czochara. Jade Schultz, Francis Wegrzyn, Carol Schriver, Martha Hessel. Ian- ice Marinelli, Karen Grieser, Sandra Witkop, Mary Werth, Judy Stewart, Barb'Semp1e, Audrey Mierzwa. ' f X' A ' " ' ,'ilfJ 1 J JV! if LIBRARY WORKERS Carl Naeher, Sharon Newman, Albert Duscher, Barb Nablo, John Ress, Karen Rader, Donna Sawyer, Jean Holmes, Karen Rydberg, Gerald O'Nell, Harold Nowark, Carol Schriber, Keith Helf, Fred Haacker, Harold Roberts, Stuart Wylie, Ken Scott, Wendy Mes- sing, Sandra Rafferty, Bill Olmsted, Pete Grapes, Kathleen Hop- kin, Bill Allen, Bernard Bacon, Joanne Hasfurter, Pat Somner, Kathy Stickney, Sharon Growell, Arthur Pa ppas, Karen Berndt, Bonnie Tremhle, Drena Morgan. John Senechall, Joanne Osy- prewskl, Walter Smlthson, Unice Pundlach, Gene Daniel, Nancy Kagelmacher, Sandra Martin, Barb Harington, Kathleen Kinney, Wayne Hugers, Myma Lembke, Martha Rabey, Connie Nelson, Pat Bevino, Gretchen Schultz, Kathy Werberger, Sandra Thomas, Darleen Wood, Sharon Struebing, Deanna French, Nancy Zas- trow, Nancy Harrington. Gail Gage, Carol Ziehm, Arlene Shaw, Alberta Razzanl, Bonnie Llngenfelter, Virginia Vavonese, Elaine Stelngasser, Elizabeth Fulmlnes, Carol Ortt, Gloria Wiechec, Mary Jane Kublnec, Pat Kisiel, Connie Lemke. Judy Berges. FUTURE NURSES CLUB Pat Breier, Maureen Brogan, Ena Brownrigg, Darlene Cortland. Sandra D'Ange1o, Marcia Eggert, Janet Senestrl, Carole Grose, Pebbyl Henderson, Barb Hessel, Donna Hopkins, Sally Huber, Jane Hutt, Gayle Kish, Lorraine Klsiel, Judy Kreger, Nancy Lozo, Pat Maklewicz, Carole Moderacki, Margo Pearson, Janice Sadlocka, Sue Siegfried, Ann Smith, Donna Socha, Ellen Stolzengurg, Aud- rey Stone, Donna Strehlow, Jean Tack, Jo-Marie Urbanlak, Doro- thy Wrazin, Judy Zaplawa. at , -' 11. ' E J: W gf is 1. z No.4 K, ts, - t, , 4 t 5 - K. 5 2 1 -as Za Ygagaz , A SM . Nw p K ' , we HQ! t. ii A f A " s - 5 ff -- try:-1 . tt :Q -. , i T5 iw F ai . - - , ,,,,, s s,, CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs. Emma Gual, Mrs. Barbara Leber, Mrs. Mable Hall, Mrs. Edna Gladstone. .e CAFETERIA HELPERS Kitty Corti, Eleanor Giardino, Martha Gerwlg, John Socha, Kent Carroll. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Jane Block, Pat Markiewicz, Eleanor Wilson, Elaine Ostrowski, James Horn, Pat Opallnski, Fred Bull, Barb Benson, Nancy Har- rington, Jeanne Durlck, Carol Swiniuch, Gerry Mulko, Faith Friot, Carol Czochara, Roberta Fire, Linda Pane, Charlotte Rich Rosemary Droff. mf 5 A K . jj... 1 yf 1 , . . .K .7 ,ui ,.,L 5.13, ky wf 2 r 1 qssfiggyfigmg x ,Ii . ifiziwiq J -Q +4f- : . .vi i'?5:gggvEy X . 1 ''1i?siiffse?feiif?5gg'f?551e . ze W ,":':s?..1i '+,, + JPY. 1.- . QE 9 'N Q. . .Q . gag.. ,sq cztzbmzl Honor S 0 my Row 1: Joanne Lesser, Pat Pietrldewicz, Margie Kowalski, Wlnanne Messing, Pat Opalinsld, Linda Am- brusko, Carol Czochara, Jeanne Durick, Nancy Zastrow. Row 2: Judy Berges, Diane Baker, Myma Lem- ke, Jane Block, Rae McCarthy, Nancy Harrington, Ken Seitz. Row 3: David Keitz, Tom Chester, Kent Carroll, Lynn Rlchbart, Ronald Knoell, Dave Meyers, Donald Dungan. Pres. Kenneth Seitz, Vice Pres. Raphael McCarthy, Sec. Miss Seagrave-Advisor Patricia Opalinsld, Treas. Linda Ambrusko. 75 Flute: I.Neale, L,Mlller. Clarinet: G.Barber, S.Bonk, D.Evans, D.Fi.ngerlow, K,Fischer, S.Hall, B. Holt, M. Hoyt, R, Karre, R. Kostraba, G, Matthews, M.Met1ak, C.Meyers, M.Michno, C,Naeher, S.Nowacki, R.Piorkowskl. I.Poe11er, W.Smith- son, G.Snell. J.Solomon, S,Stickney, A,Stone. J.Stubbs, M.Thie1e, S.Thomas, C.Turay, D.Turchiarelli. Bass: E.Dauie1s, F.Frlot, P.l-laueustein. Baritone: B.Rice, A,Wawrzynski, Bells: M.Foster, P.Kru11. Saxophone: D.Brandon, A.Gormant, C. Keeley, R,Kijowski. I.Lis, D.Llchtenberger, S.Manniug, F.Ostrozi.nski. Trumpet: R.Browu1ee, S.Dmza. I.Brownrigg, E,Goit, P.Grapes, L.Manniug, D.Moe11er, D.Nowark, W.Opa1insk1, I.Pofi, I.Raper, I.Rasch, P.Rasch, R.Rey. I.Roess, R.Roggow, I. Siefke, B.Smith, D,Streh1ow, P,Thie1e, E.Wokersien, M.Zobrist. Trombone: D.Brunning, R, Harris, F,Haacker, W.01msted. Drums: D.Fusco, W.Grey, B.Lindhurst, J,Minkel, D,Patterson, J,Puch1erz, I.Socha, W.Thiele, M,WaLlace. President: Gary Barber. Secretary-Librarian: Katherine Grapes. Bama' A nllle UBIOH, Nlafy HIUI DIZZZIU, LAUGH DIIDDOII, bi-IIUI. LILIIC, Color Guard bara Schultz, Clarice Slack. Judith Vossen, Ann Zimmerman mermg Albert Petti William Pierce Humphrey Stinson 76 Glee Cfub J.Borycki, J.Brown, G.Dube, K. Helf, T.P1erce, I.Somaneo, R.Rees, L. Soss, Bailey, C.Body, C,Cl1ne, I.Cough1in, D.Golem, L.Iausen, G.Mu1ko, M, Pane, K,Pase1, N.Schu1tz, S.Scott, N.Stah1, C.Sw1nu1ch, F.Tay1or, L.Fare1e, K.Va1iquette, S.Arke.ns B.Barnes, M, Campbell, I.Dur1ck, L,Farr, E.Sund1acl1, N.Heiman, J. Henderson, A.Ho11and, R.Ives, S.Kumlander, N.Panek, L Radloff, E.S1ade, M.Smyers, D,Soos, M,werrh, K,Witkop, D.P1arz, M.Gerwig. I.De Roche, L.Swar-tour, N.Harr1ngzon, flzzcge Crew Brian Lindhurst Paul Stuermer Mike Hemmerling Remo Sciarretta John Hendrickson Matty Chrzaszcz Arthur Russ 77 X? V! " 5 'u fi 1 Q N' ,iA -F v. Xi , SQ 5 , it s A Q M : 50. i 9,-1 5 W., , 4 I M ,,... , R nfs, , an N -my My.- 1 In :., W-if K G 3 ' 1 52 ' ,5, 2? V 'f., .J :U ...., . ag' Li u U I 1 x L . I 31: fl X SM ' -se:-' an 3 1 U C T , l 1 I' Fifi, xv 3- i'vZNN'N Vs Q Humphrey 81 Vandervoort Insurance Service in the Tonawandas for 86 Years I873 - I959 I3 Young Street Phone JA. 0034 Diamonds--Watches--SiIverware Drive Carefully. Save a Customer's Life. Quality First We Need His Businessl LANE JEWELERS BENSON'S 27 Young Street JA. 0471 Opposite the Star Theatre Fuel and Heating Equipment RAINBOW RINK Compliments of BUFFALO STEEL CORPORATION Roller Skating Tonawanda, N. Y. Oliver and Goundry Sts. N. Tonawanda Rail Steel Merchant Bars, Open Every Evening Fence and Sign Posts, Subpurlins, Saturday and Sunday Matinees and Reinforcing Bars Special Rates to Parties JA. 9883 Men's Wear ROLLAND'S WATCH SHOP 3 Main St. , Tonawanda SCHWARTZ'S Expert Watch Repair 80 Webster Street N. Tonawanda Diamonds Watches DELBERT PRINTING 8- STATIONERY INC. 73 South Niagara Street Tonawanda, New York 'Office and School Supplies ESCO LUMBER, INC. Lumber and Millwork 'Greeting Cards JA. 3740 Main and Thompson LU . I965 'G ifts LU . 2823 80 Snak ancl Shake 8l7 Payne Ave . Across From Memorial Pool Serving You Our Delicious Hot Dogs-Hamburgers-French Fries and Featuring Our Noted Shakes and Sundoes Compliments of KAHN S NEW YORK STORE Tonawanda s Largest Exclusive Store CLARK V STAFFORD Insurance and Real Estate For Men and Boys 240 Bryant Street No Tonawancla N Y 49 Mann St Tonawando JA 0137 R8Ol Estate Bl'0lCel' INSURANCE Notary Publ IC F re Automobile Compensation Liability Burglary d 598 ohver sneer ZTQSQ North Tonawanda N Y JOSE PH S PRE LEWICZ Phone JAckson 2008 Marine FRED W FICK St SON Quality Footwear 30 Webster Street Compliments of LAWLESS BROS CONTAINER CORP North Tonawondo New York THE STYLE SHOP J 8.E SUPERETTE Compleye I-me of R 8- W Grocerles and Swift s Select Meat Women s Wearmg Apparel PUYM 8' Tfemonl 18 Webster Street N Tonawandc P5009 JA 3609 Compliments of DON BELL 605 Christiana Street N Tonawanda, N Y SYNORACKI FURNITURE 479 481 Oliver Street Buy Here and Save LU 2979 N Tonawonclo N Y , . . ir l North Tonawanclu, N. Y. . , N. Y. - 81 Spaulcllng Flbre Company Inc Tonawanda, New York PAPKE MOLL DAIRY 258 262 Young Street Tonawanda N Y Phone LUdlow T453 ARTHUR T OTT Pharmacist MENS 6 B0V5 WEAR 24 Young Street LU 2747 MEN S AND BOYS WEAR VICTOR S Sanitary Barber Shop North Tonawancla T500 BOX I0 Ward Road JOHNNY S RICHFIELD SERVICE JANKE S SHOE STORE Carburetnon and Auto Electric Defllel' In Fine FOOTWCUI' 40 Young Street Tonawanda N Y l5 Payne Avenue . 8 GLIDDEN BROTHERS Compliments of Machine and Tool Inc Development Work, Temporary, Short PIRSON AUTO PARTS' 'NC' Run and Progressive Dies Machining 8. Fabricating Jigs and Fixtures N' Toncwandc' N' Y' T8 24 Stenzil St , N Tonowancla JA. 3910 W - yi O . 82 JAckson 771 1 CLANCEY S STATIONERY 8- OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO 492 Olrver St North Tonawanda, N John T Clancey ALLEN MACK PHARMACY 961 Payne Avenue JA 6055 Park Wnth Pleasure Free Delrvery HOCK S FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions Flowers by Wure JA 5426 BRANDON S 55 Mann Street Tonawanda Fashron Favorrtes for Cool Summer Wear Just say Charge rt WATERSTRAT AWNING CO Canvas Product Specrallsts KSIRCB 19211 Awmngs Tents Tarpaulms Flags Banners Tents Covers and Canopres for Rent Phone LU 4763 BERN S CHILDREN SHOP 22 24 Mann Street Tots to Teens RUDZINSKI HARDWARE Hardware Paunts Glass Wallpaper 8. House Furmshnngs Phone JA 4397 657 Oluver St N Tonawanda N Y Compliments of FIVE STAR MEAT MARKET 981 Payne Avenue Rugs Awnungs Floor Covermgs Palnts SOLE S 267 Ollver Street JA 1669 North Tonawando CENTURY PARTS CO JA 4250 JA 4250 90 Webster St North Tonawanda Compliments of BATT OIL COMPANY JEIEIHS 84 Webster Street Home of Fnner Glfts LU 0527 INDUSTRIAL MOTOR SERVICE 207 Vandervoort Street North Tonawanda New York JOSEPH DOUGHERTY Builders Supplies Hardware Beach Rrdge LU 0599 ' . . Y. ' I Il ' .ll 107 Young Street Tonawclnda, N. Y. . , . . mo l Www . . . 8. I 83 Compliments of The Exolon Company Manufacturers of Alumlnum Oxide and Slllcon Carbide Abrasnves Tonawanda, N. Y. lndustrlal Suppl ues Compliments of THE CRAMER HARDWARE CO INC B P O S N Tonawanda N Y Est 1900 JA 1054 LU 3816 LeonJ Brameckn Prop Complnments of LE ON JEWE LERS WULF BOTTLING WORKS Dlamonds 8- Jewelry JONES THE FLORIST Complnments of Flowers for All Occasnons HARVEY S DRUG STORE 296 Payne Avenue Dual LU 3788 LU 1195 F T D Member 16 Webster Street N Tonawanda N NORTON NnEsE DEPARTMENT STORE Auto 8. Home Supply 1136 Olltlel' Sl North Tonawanda Phone JA 0444 82 Webster St Dry Goods Men s Wear Shoes North Tonawanda, N Y LU 1136 HOLESKO 5 CADY METAL FABRICATING INC North Tonawanda JAckson 4145 Son Drmks 'ce Cream Grocenes Meats Beer Ale Custom Bullt Plant Equipment 1246 Payne Avenue Open Evenmgs Phone JA 4196 11 rr . . . ELK 860 282 Oliver Street N. Tonawanda, N. Y. North Tonawanda, N. Y. 84 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '59 To each and every one of you we wish to offer our heartiest congratulations on this important occasion in your lite. Add to this our sincere best wishes for your happy successful future in whatever field of learning or endeavor you may tackle next. National Manufacturing Corporation PRODUCERS OF SECURITY ROOFING AND LUXALL PAINTS TONAWANDA N Y MARGIE S BEAUTY SALON CLE LAND NURSERY Townlme Rd off Falls Blvd at Crescent Dr Evergreens Shrubs and Roses Fertilizer and Seed Office JA 5974 Nursery JA 3283 228 Zimmerman Street JA 5822 Watches Keepsake Diamonds SPeC'Ul'Z"'9 'n UH Congratulations Beauty Work HEDRICH JEWELERS Watch Repairing 246 Oliver Street LU 2794 TWIN CITY CLEANERS AND DYERS L 8. M TELEVISION COMPANY Record Shop Televisions Radios Hi Fl s Belle' Cleamng Records and Television Service LU 5280 or 5281 373 Oliver Street 5928 7905 5 5 fw N' H404 ts' QA-6 so HOLLYWOOD SEWING CENTER Cul, JA 2880 Approved Dealer Sanger Sewing Machines Webster Street No Tonawanda N HOLLER FOR HARDWARE , . . I . 0 I l u ' u . . ' . ."' .' .1 ' ' JA. North Tonawanda, N. Y. 67 Q . V xt? P Q falls l' or 'Vgwlq . I I I X . Q 4' , . , . Y. 85 STEAD OPTICAL COMPANY Opticians Joseph F. Stead North Tonawanda, N. Y. J. Roger Stead Schenck 8. Payne Ave. Phone LU . 3422 Established 1890 CROWN AGENCY, INC. 1- Sweenejf Bldg. N. Tonawan a, N. Y. Phone: JA. 5252 Elsie M Holler Pqul F, Pefer President V.Pres eTreas. John V Clark Secretary The Best In Drug Store Service The Best in Drug Store Merchandise HELWIG S DRUG STORE The Rexall Store 304 Oliver at Schenck WE RKLEY S CANDIES Real Homemade Candies Gifts Toys and Greeting Cards for all occasions 115 Goundry St LU 3232 THE JUNCTION REST 452 Payne Ave Good food good coffee THE COUNTRY COTTAGE Beach Ridge Rd N Tonawanda N LU 0999 G C MURPHY CO Service with a Smile Compliments of HAROLD S SHOE STORE See the Famous TV Weather Teens Shoes Fashioned for Fun Designed For All Your Gayest Affalrs ROSS SERVICE STATION 1084 Payne Avenue Telephone JA 3666 URBANO GROCETERIA 228 Zimmerman Street Groceries Meats Beer Candy Cigarettes ROSE COAL 8. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO LARRYS 217 Oliver St N Tonawanda N Y Barber Shop 298 Payne Avenue N Tonawanda . ' . . , . Y. 56-58 Webster St. N . Tonawanda, N . Y. 54 Main Street A Tonawanda, N . Y. 86 Foundations, Cellar Walls, Floors, Walks, Driveways Phone JAckson 4667 Frank Giuseppetti Concrete Construction Steel Forms 199 Lmcoln Avenue North Tonawanda Phone LU 0440 Edward C Bach, Prop BACH S SERVICE STATION Gasolme Orls Accessones General Auto Reparrrng New York State Inspectron Stahon Payne Avenue Corner 14th Daily Smce 1800 Tolslevvxslg DA Q Dual LU 1000 83 Webster St PLATTER S ORANGE MILK CHOCOLATE Easter Noveltres Valentnnes 134 E Felton St North Tonawanda 91 W T GRANT Tonawanda s Most Modern Store 4 Stores an One NIAGARA MEMORIAL CHAPELS, INC Funeral Servuce 549 Ollver Street Phone LU 5132 North Tonawanda New York MILLER S PHARMACY 460 Olrver Street Tonawanda 2323 Dlstmctrve Ladues Wearmg Apparel DARLEEN 45 Mann Street Tonawanda N Compl :ments of G V GOERSS DAIRY Mllk and Ice Cream Its really good Locally owned and operated 370 Oliver Street 6722 r l LU. 53 65 Main Street Tonawanda, N. Y. ' N. JA. ' , . Y. ' JA. 87 BEACON Devices INC Manufacturers of tire inflators I and fire extinguishers l 78 Oliver St. North Tonawanda Phone JA l2l3 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '59 HASTINGS MOBIL SERVICE FOSS DAIRY DEPOT UNITED AGENCY 401 Payne Ave, Of The Tonawandas, Inc. -- Specializing In -- -- Insurance -- Fairmont Milk - Frozen Foods - Ice Cream - Frozen Custard And WC-'lie' W- Wliier MUWQSI' Milk by the Gallon JA. 4160 N. Tonawanda Sweeney Building RIVER ROAD LUMBER COMPANY Sales "The Car" Service Buick '59 Henry Hilferding, Founder MILLIAN BUICK CO., INC. Everything in Building Material With Best Wishes to All New Graduates 363 Delaware Street River Road 81 Main ' N. Tonawanda Phone- LU. 2I II Guaranteed Used Cars JA. 4333 BENTLEY APPLIANCE, INC. Electrical Contractor Phone REpublic I-9494 Kelvinator Appliances WILBUR 81 O'CONNOR, INC. Philco Television Service GRATWICK LUMBER CO., INC. JA' 5040 Felton and River Road IOO Main Street Tonawanda, N. Y. N. Tomwandu' N. y. JA. 0099 88 CQNGRATULATIONS TO CUR CLASSMATES OF THE CLASS OF '59 NDING LEFT TO RIGHT' Eileen Gibas Adele Dworzanski Carol Voelker M ret Kowal r - r I I urge Gerry White. TED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Larson, Myrna Lemke, Patricia Opalinski. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 Judy Zaplawa Presldent Barbara Schultz Voce Presldent Sally Huber Secretary Barbara Bach Treasurer Kathy Maher Press Correspondent Judy Muller Hlstorlan Congratulatuons to Class of '59 KRIEDEMANN PLASTERING CO Walter and BIIIJ 344 Bennett Street North Tonawanda, N Y CERTIFIED FINANCE CO NC V,5,f In Tonawanda In N Tonawanda I9 Mom St I040 Payne Ave ZEFFREY S Let Certufned Fmance assrst you lh preparmg for your chrId's graduatuon For Your Refreshments LU. 5440 JA 8880 Homemade Candies and Best Lunches Delicious Hamburgers FABIN'S DELICATESSEN 5 S. Niagara Street Tonawanda 819 Oliver Street JA. 6960 Anna Marie Appiani - Sgt.-at-Arms t 0 I . I I 0 I 90 TWIN-TON DEPT. STORE SHOPPING CENTER OF THE TONAWANDAS PEE WEE S PIZZERIA 28I OLIVER STREET JA 3547 NORTH TONAWANDA, N Y DI MATTEO BROS Compllments of Gas Furnaces, OII Bumers, Stokers BERRY ELECTRIC COMPANY Sheet Metal Work and Gutters General Electnc Dealers LU 5032 Corner Ollver and Schenck 601 Erue Avenue North Tonawanda N Y Congratulutnons ""SC"P"""s WARREN Feclc s Gnocekv Y 59 MGM Sffee' T""""""d"' N 356 Falls Blvd N romwanaq N Y I . ' I U COOK'S PHARMACY . u ' ' 'I ' I . e e , a 91 CONGRATULATICNS T0 THE CLASS OF '59 YL? ' .ki I xl, . ll V .eg A - K- I ' .2 V bkk., w K ' fffzfk, EF. . V 'I V , 1 V f H. X, .V sw f . gi i F ,A ll 9 ' Vx. y A, xy l ,- udy Jelwrio, Pa1'McDuff, Sue Grohe, Jackie Bradley, Marie Turchiarelli, Fran Lasky Kath Dabb Y Donna Hughes, Nancy Wright, Karen Juhl, Elaine Steingasser Carolyn Czochara Kalh' M ' ' , , ne agonen Absent: Carol Grose. 92 l BUFFALO BOLT CO. DIVISION OF BUFFALO ECLIPSE CORPORATION NORTH TONAWANDA, N Y Comp' Imems of Compl :ments of Monmls UPHOLSTERING co NIAGARA BOTTUNG coup Speclallsts an I I Living Room Fumnture 770 Nuagaro Falls Boulevard Phone LU 0960 North Tonawanda T74 Tremont St N Tonawoncla Stamps Albums Covers C0-If and SUPPIIBS Prescrlptuons Our Specialty l684 Rule Rd North Tonuwundo' N Y 40 Mann Street Sam, Joe, and Jack Treger DonaldR Graf JA 5699 JA 3830 WALLACE JEWELERS BETTY S SMART SHOPPE I9 Mom Street Dastmctnve Wearlng Apparel In Tonawanda In Buffalo Tomwando N Y ll Mann St l348 Jefferson Ave GRAF STAMP CO. PARSON'S DRUG STORE I ' ' ' 93 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 Row 3 Mary Grace Schebell, Martha Rabe , June Justnce, Kathy Cleland Row 2 Carol Gull Judy Bradt, Nancy Mil er Row I Elnzabeth Scherer Gall Blasr Nancy Krause, Mary Jane Voss BENNETT HOMES BETTER BUILT READY CUT Faster Easter Better Bullclmg BENNETT way, with all framing lumber precut of quallty lumber, deluvered to your sate for qunck, low cost assem bly Many owners report constructlon costs saved up to 2596 ln tlme and labor Also chouce lumber and mnllwork thoroughly seasoned See us before bulldmg or remodelmg Call or vzslt our offlce today for complete details BENNETT LUMBER CORPORATION I90 OLIVER STREET NORTH TONAWANDA PHONE JACKSON 3566 : c ' , n n ' ll . : , , . ' . I . . You know the low cost before you start. Save money the . . I . 94 I Yi' North Tonawanda, New York Designers and Producers of Special Tools - Dies - Jigs - Fixtures Manufacturers of Pivot Punches 1254 Erie Ave. JAckson l2O0 North Tonawondo, N. Y. Compliments of BRUNNER FUNERAL HOME IVES ICE 8. COAL CO. 156 Robinson Street MATT'S DELICATESSEN North Tonawanda, i267 Erie Avenue New York Groceries - Meats - Beer - Candy Cigarettes - lce Cream JA. 9594 North Tonawanda WILDER HARDWARE, mc. JOHN JAY Swmo Plumbing 8- Heating Contractors ghofogmrihf G. E. Appl iances-Sporting Goods Glmgjircla Devoe Paints-Electrical Supplies Pgrtmggs LU' '920 4446 Weber' 5" p 240 oliver sneer JA. 9440 Phone LU. i890 Compliments Choice Meats and Poultry RELIABLE MARKET of E. J. Turchiarelli, Proprietor Wholesale and Retail , 235 Oliver Street H. J. MYE LUMBER CORP. North Tonawanda, N. Y. 95 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FROM Krushne Palnsano Judy Januszewskl Mary Ann Blzzaro Alberta Fronczak Marcna Hacherl Carol Camarre Sue Goodwln Lula Smclalr Dons Rossa Ruta Grasso 0 U . Gilda Roberto 96 a a Compliments of TUBE MANIFOLD CORPORATION 4I5 Bryant Street North Tonawanda New York MYLES W JOYCE Publlc Accountant Audrts Bookkeepung Tax Servuce Real Estate Broker Tremont 8- Bryant Sts JA 40I2 North Tonawanda JA 8661 TDGGERY SHUP INC I00 Broad Street .lAckson I2I4 THIELE COAL 8. FEED INC Dealers un Coal, Feed, Fuel Oal and Heatang Equipment Phone JA 4400 JAckson 6758 Charles Kassay K D SUPPLY CORPORATION Hardware Electrical 8t Industrial Supplres NIAGARA CUTTER DIVISION 330 Nlagara Street Industrnal Cuttang Tools 653 Erie Avenue No Tonawanda 00 No,-gh Tomwq,-,do SHAWNEE FARM'S MEAT MARKET LITTLE JOE S ROLLER DROME Specnaluzung In the flnest qualuty Prop Angle 8- Joe Kulakowsku meats and sausages Word Road 'IA 6806 North Tomwando Shawnee Rd off Niagara Falls Blvd We Cater to Parties LU 7837 l I . L4 Tonawanda, N. Y. ' LU. 84 I 97 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 Row I Elalne Hazelet Janet Gmestre Demse Dussault Row 2 Alberta Razzanl Bette Alward, Pat Castlglllone HUBBS .IEWELERS Formerly Chubbs For the Dlamond You Guve Wnth Prlde Credut Extended To All Teen Agers 63 Webster St JA 3201 Up to S15 00 North Tonawando, N Y JASINSKI S SHOE STORE Quality Footwear For The Entire Famnly Aur Step Shoes For Women Roblee Shoes For Men HARRY S DELICATESSEN I2 Lockport Avenue North Tonawanda, New York We Gave S 8- H Green Stam s wnth Heating Onl cal 'Burner Annual 480 Olnver St LU. 0095 Service Check KRULL COAL 8. OIL CO. JA. 7400 l s 1 Q s I , o . n a o Q Q I u I ll ll ll , . , 0 ll Q n e o n o I I a a u s E n I 0 p n 98 NATIONAL GRINDING WHEEL CO INC NORTH TO NAWAN DA NEW YORK SCHEBELL BROS 747 Ene Avenue N0ffI'l TOHCWGHCIG JA 5595 Congrafulahons And Success To The Class Of 59 From THIELE S DAIRY Shawnee Road Ice Cream Bar And AII Daury Products Durect From Farm To You Phone LU 4383 O , I I Concrete Construction I r 99 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS 0F 1959 TOP RCW: Linda Meehan Kathy Grapes Joyce Sumce Kofhy Dierdorf Gloria Snickles FROM Judy Manth Sandy Swierczynskl Joanne Horvafh ABSENT Rose Mary Wogcaeszak Janet Pnke Inez Sparks Shurley Schumacher Judy Vossen Ann Zammerman WURLITZER 10 GOOD FRIENDS AND NEG B0 S URIIIZER 10 B B ILD NG T RST ONOGRAPH 0 ERI NG Qiiwwplumw HIGH FIDELITV MUSIC URLITZII C0 ll 856 OIT!! T0 A IDA. N GodPl W . . . . . . . . T0 THE CLASS OF 1959 rl ' un I H n .vr w - S Au noun E XX U 1 HE Fl oomovnurrm PH s rr 7 w ur v ssl.: n In WA .v. A c ace IU ark 100 COLUMBUS MC KINNON CHAIN CORPORATION A PART OF THE TONAWANDAS FOR OVER 45 YEARS Complnments of NORMAN A BALLING Radio and Televnslon Servuce LU 5662 McCARTHY'S MARKET 204-206 Oliver St Bull 81 Tom McCarthy, Props 3255 O CONNOR S 24 North Niagara Street Phone JAckson 0242 Tonawancla New York Toys Juvenlle Furniture Books GRATWICK DELICATESSEN II80 Oluver St North Tonawancla N Y JA 96I0 SCHOPP S JEWELRY SHOPPE Watches Chma 9 Nlagara Street Phone LU I472 JOHN'S FRIENDLY SERVICE STATION Mobnlubracahon 221 Oluver Street John Colatarcl, Prop N Tonawanda N There s a Maternal Dnfference MEYERS LUMBER Mann and Island Streets North Tonawanda, New York Inclustrual an Laboratory Chemucals Deluvery Servuce Where to call RIVERSIDE CHEMICAL COMPANY NC North Tonawanda, New York - ' . LU. l , . . CrystalI--Diamonds--Sterling Silver Tires and Battery Service,-Mobiloil ' - ' . . , . Y. II I ' ' ll d , I . 101 CCNGRATULATIONS T0 THE SENICR CLASS OF 1959 Ka thy White Sandra Geser C, X QNQ Q N NM E and the very best washes for a m successful career m the buszness world 0 c nl' I It 9 Type Prtbl Typ DIVISION OF SPERIIY RAND COR PORAT ON Add gkcal I t KM lu e Et Mtod P hedad blR S DAIRYLEA ICE CREAM KUDLA MOTOR SALES 333 Delaware Ave Deluclously Different Tonawanda N Y LU 8500 The New Edsel Dealer Colllslon Experts Fuel Onl Service 748 Olnver Street N Tonawanda TWIN CITY SERVICE STATION INC. EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. Quality Fumiture 34 Main St. Schenck 8- Lincoln At Low Prices LU . 4310 JA. 9775 Bob PU""' Bob Ml""""' 77 websfef sf. N. romwandq, N. Y. JAckson 1597 WARD ROAD MARKET Groceries. . .Beer 8. Ale. . .Meats S LUdIow 2573 AM D'ANG ELO Ffesh V99efabl's General Contractor Word and Ruie Dial: JA. 6584 262 Rumbold Ave. North Tonawancla, New York ,- af 'fx I! f s.' - , z- - ., .. . I , -.X , f Q N. 7- E17 " A. Fu, EX I ':' .- ,- X ,f" ' l x, 'A --C X , ,J '-,xJ"1'- l .'- , - ,f '.- i ',f INX X ' ' I ,, 1-gmxx.. 9 VT" 2-- K . 'X 2 - ji Q T . . er 'Lf' 1 Bl5Makers of - STANDARD ,Eu-: 'nuc and Norsnuass writers I - o a e ewriters ' in cu a in ac 'n s - lee ronic eh s - unc -c r Systems 0 Visi e ecords - Electric havers . . . . , . . . . . , . . . 103 Before trouble strlkes SEE USI ANDREW .IOERG AGENCY All fonns of Insurance Compliments of CREO-DIPT COMPANY, INC. North Tonawanda, New York ALLAN HERSCHELL COMPANY INC Manufacturers of 245 Jackson Avenue Amusement Radlng Devices North Tonawanda, N Y JA 1262 LU 0818 LaVem Frey, Manager North Tonawanda, N Y 4300 Fgr g Cgfeer In Prgfggglgnql Nufgpng Cdfeflhg Oh Clhd Off the PFSITIISBS fOl' Apply to The Durector of Nursmg DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 563 Rnley Street Buffalo 8 N Y SU 4400 Partles, Banquets Weddings, Meetings BEDELL S RESTAURANTS INC 83 South Nuagara St Tonawanda N Y LU 3620 Congratulatuons to the Faith Kemmet Virglnna Lewus Mary Drislcel Linda Ambrusko CHESTER S ONE STOP FOOD MARKET 512 Oluver St .IA 1453 Compl :ments of BUFFALO PUMPS Duvuscon of Buffalo Forge Company N Tonawanda N Y STRASSBURG 'S HARDWARE Watches Duamonds Repanr Work ELBERS JEWELERS Engraving Trophues for Champlons 1091 Oluver Street 6311 Francis C Elbers, Prop 658 Oliver St Phone LU. 3756 No. Tonawanda N. Y. 'I' , . . . LU. I I , . . Class of "59" from ' JA, . . . I 104 JERRY'S GARAGE General Automobile Service I62 Ward Road North Tonawanda, N. Y. Phone JA 9645 yygxxvlg Q x ' Wwsgixre 'f 'f " 'ESQ Q " .ty I.: nw - - -- X S X X New X X . NX X Q. I S -x ' 2 '- r :ver 4 K wi- ft +1 XNQ ss, Jess. .J -esewxxsvs . - ' X xemmxwxxw mN x BLOCK RADIO TELEVISION 254 Sweeney Street North Tonawanda, N Y DIVISION SUPERMARKET I65 Drvrsion Street North Tonawanda N Y LU 7722 Complete Burlder Servrce SADLO LUMBER 8- WOOD PRODUCTS Incorporated Mapleton 8- Arken Roads R F D 2, Lockport, N Y No Ton -JA 7222 Lockport 402I4 ROJEK S DAIRY INC Pure Mrlk and Cream Dual JA 5681 or JA 6578 I29 I2th Avenue CHILDREN'S CLOTHING EXCHANGE 44 Rumbold Ave Mrs Amy Baxter Hrs Mon , Wed , Frr Sa LU 2,048 or By Apporntment Sports Equrpment Sportswear DOUBLE KAY SPORTS SHOP 960 Olnver St North Tonawanda, N Y Phone JA 4577 Adam Prpp Kocrolowrcz Matty Krslel Complrments of FISCHER S PHARMACY 301 Payne Ave , Cor Schenck St North Tonawanda SUGAR BOWL Home Made Candles Lrght Lunches 32 Webster St N Tonawanda, N GUNTA'S CLEANERS AND DYERS Reparrung Alterations Specralrzmg in Draperies Free Plcku 8- Delrvery one LU 6I8l 625 Ward Road North Tonawonda F TRINKWALDER 8- SONS INC Coal Fuel Orl Charcoal Charcoal Brrquets I46 Ironton St LU I3I2 N Tonawanda N LU I Il I ' ' . l , t - 0 . .: .I . '., t. . Pro. IP.M.-8P.M. I e I 0 ' " ' .- . - . , .Y. 105 JOSTEN CLASS RINGS SYMBOLIZE AND DURABLE SATISFACTIONS FAIR PLAY LOYALTY FRIENDSHIP SCHOLARSHIP JOSTEN S MORE THAN 60 YEARS VINCE MAYOUE REPRESENTATIVE 325 GENESEE STREET AVON NEW YORK THE FINEST TRADI TIONS I I I 106 COMPLIMENTS OF TONAWAN DAS POST AMERICAN LEGION NO 264 Free Estimates TWIN CITY PLASTERING COMPANY I6I0 Nash Road RonaIdH Hermback 274 Broad St Tonawanda N Y JA I6I9 James Re net 'U o I6IO NasT1 Rd No Tonawanda, N Y LU II82 GEORGIAN BAY LUMBER CO , INC Dual JA I8I8 Rrver Road N Tonawanda, N Y Phone LU 32 I 7 LOUIS M ANASTASI Painting and Decoratrng 459 Duvusron Street North Tonawanda H B KOENIG NC The Old Rellable Hardware Store Radlo Televlsron I0-I2 Young St I7 Mann St Phone JA 0I4I BUDWEY SUPER MARKETS 395 Drvlsnon St N Tonawanda LU 2802 B F GOODRICH STORE Trres Batternes, AppIIances Stereo HlFn Portable Radlos 92 Webster Street, North Tonawanda Phone JA I728 THURLOW C SMITH Pharmacrst I052 Olrver Street Phone JA 4054 North Tonawanda, N MAC S SERVICE STATION Mom and Morgan Streets Tonawanda N Y JA 9763 'numb' enum , ' u o " , . . . . . ' ' . . , I . ' . ll ' n ' Electrical Appliances , . I . . . . .I I . . . Y. , . . , 107 Photolrpll 'IYsoI'Iurt fY Y book pnoeleuochool Lf photognphy by Vlrden. OFFICIAL YEARIOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS YEARBOOK DIVISION 28 South Unlon Street Rochester 7 New York Est 894 WATTENGEL FUNERAL HOME 307 Oliver Street North Tonowanda New York Compl :ments of J HURTUBISE SERVICE STATION Corner Erie 8m Division Sts North Tonawandu New York Compliments of ANDY MATHIAS SERVICE STATION Old Falls Boulevard and Lockport Avenue LU 2935 Compliments of BENMAN CO North Tonowunda, N Y BEA'S 8- FRANK S 951 Payne Ave. North Tonawondo LU. 024I L lf' ' L . f I' . :ll I , r xx. a o our ear Hlgvegn memories . Sruolos. nvc. . I - E. . This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- 108 graphic printing. Sole proniggersz jNm.YJ Tqcmguieionltffl Y 14f114?'1' 24895-2 1-iam: ' 'All-'VAQQP-PKL5Evriiilff? EP.Hi':i-:f5S1P:5,w-xv, 'f'A:4.uam,:P:13,iJ.I4uA:w.'-11 -,wL1'f:45U:- wff--iw! P1-H? fwf- HA, ,,.- I.. f xx. :gg " f E121-f.'r2fmf?wi.'f5':4:iv I iv R1s-ali.-1-Rbillfsnma, -,ag w g:-xiS.Tmm'1wQ:wxaefmiiew-e6si1iv55i4gK.f.DE::JauLrw-12 ,p.L.1.,?J Ein: .,.Q:,:-Q-',Li25'5Za.:.,,.,A

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