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 Wisconsin State University SIXTY SIX E L E T E A N River Falls, Wisconsin Volume Fifty-four Lynn Spalding, Editor Robert Haugen, Chief Photographer James Harless, Faculty Advisor. . where the free spirCONTENTS Pull-out................ 9 Activities..............32 Organizations.......... 53 Sports.................122 Faculty................144 Classes................170 Student Index..........238Dr. Marion E. HawkinsIn dedicating the 1966 MELETEAN to Marion Hawkins, the members of the staff intend to show their recognition of her contributions to Wisconsin State University—River Falls both as a student and os a teacher. In 1938, Miss Hawkins graduated from the University, culminating her first busy college years. She was active in the G.O.P., Masquers, Pi Kappa Delta, the Student Senate, oratory, debate, the MELETEAN, and the STUDENT VOICE. She holds a gold "R" from the Honor Society. A member of the River Falls faculty since 1948, Dr. Hawkins has been a member of the board of directors of the River Falls State University Foundation since It was formed and has served os chairman or co-chairman of the Faculty Alumni Relations Committee for many years. She has directed the English program for foreign students for thirteen years and has been faculty advisor of the Foreign Students' Association since 1960. She has also advised the Newman Club on campus. For ten years, she directed the forensics program at River Falk. She was governor of the Upper Mississippi province of Pi Kappa Delta, a national forensics honorary society and holds a degree of special distinction from that group. Locally, she is active in church work and in the Business and Professional Women's Club. From the latter she was chosen Outstanding Woman of the Year for 1965. Miss Hawkins shows great concern for each and every student in her classes. In appreciation for her concern and thoughtfulness, we dedicate the 1966 MELETEAN to Dr. Marion E. Hawkins. sH. KleinpellWISCONSIN STATE UNIVERSITY-RIVER rALLS RIVIN rAUUR. WiaoONSIN □ PPiae OP THE MIIIDCNT Dear Student: It is likely that the era in which this yearbook is published will be seen by future historians as a season of change. Transition from one viewpoint to another, from one technique to another, from one set of "facts" to another has come with such speed as to cause a kind of cultural vertigo. Our colleges and universities have not been immune to this effect. However, much is expected of higher education. While many of the basic discoveries that have led to the current "revolutions" going on about us have their origins on our campuses, the university is called upon to provide stability — to act as a gyroscope -- when society itself is disoriented. This is the meaning of education — to permit men to choose intelligently from alternatives, to retain objectivity when emotions are involved, to resist being harassed into precipitate action, and to become leaders in change toward constructive goals. The University at River Falls is engaged in this endeavor of setting the pattern for change. Often this will come through progress along previously established paths. Other changes will involve departures in new directions. But at River Falls all change must be directed toward one aim — the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education. Within the limits of our resources, we must determine to challenge the best in each individual and produce graduates prepared for a world in which change has become a way of life. President 78Paths to Learning Wisconsin State University River FallsPaths lead in all directions at Wisconsin State University-River Falls. From dorm to classroom, library to student center, laboratory to dorm, they crisscross, branch out and converge. Many of the paths were planned; some were added as necessity arose. Most are covered with concrete, in the fond belief that students will use sidewalks, when provided, instead of the manicured lawns that cover the River Falls campus. But always there is the student who must make his own course, stepping out from the beaten path, sometimes finding a short cut, sometimes detouring, but making his own way to his goal. For such a student does Wisconsin State University-River Falls exist. The free spirit of inquiry is no empty phrase at River Falls. The student chooses or makes his own path. North HallHagestad Student Center May Hall Wilcox Karges CenterTo unpathed waters, undreamed shores —Shakespeare Every student at River Falls will take the path to North Hall, second oldest building on the campus. He will begin his college career by filling out forms at the registrar's office and paying fees at the business office. He may attend a science lecture in one of the amphitheatres, explore the mysteries of plant or animal life in the biology lab, concoct a mysterious potion in the chemistry lab, listen to the click of a geiger counter in the radiation lab, try to keep one step ahead of a computer in math classes. He may hear famous artists in concert or lecture in the auditorium or appear on its stage with the Concert Choir or Symphonic Band. He may go to the Dean's office for counseling or pay a friendly visit to the President's office.South Hall has paths on all sides. The campus has grown up around the "old main" building, well situated for cutting through, to get out of the summer heat for a minute or to escape the biting north wind. The student who most often takes the path to South Hall is on his way to a class In social science, art, music, English, foreign language or speech. Inside he may hear the call of a French horn or the ripple of a piano concerto,- he may eavesdrop on "Resolved: That the United States. —" In the art room, flooded by the high windows with the coveted north light, he will see easels splashed with unbelievable arrays of color. He will struggle with putting his thoughts on paper in on English classroom. They are a creative lot, the people who take the path to South Hall.Books are paths that upward lead —Poulsson So much more than a repository for books, the Chalmer Davee Library answers many needs of the student who takes the path to its stone and glass entrance. In the three-story stack room he can find the volumes he needs for many a term paper or speech. In the reading room, reference room or browsing room he can find the materials and the atmosphere for concentrated study. Downstairs in the Area Research Center he can find documents, photographs and memorabilia that tell of the early history of his state. He may listen to records, borrow a typewriter or view microfilms of materials not otherwise available. And in the Little Theatre, with its jewel-box auditorium, he can escape into the land of make-believe, either on the stage or in the audience. Aptly named because It is centrally situated and the heart of the University's social life, the Student Center is surrounded by paths leading to all other points on the campus. The student who takes one of the paths to the Center is in search of one or more basic needs: food (for sustenance or thought), companionship, recreation or recognition. In the Falcon's Cage, over coffee or coke, he may discuss the fate of the world or tomorrow night's date, or he may indulge in a bit of girl-watching while the |uke-box throbs. In the recreation area, between classes, he can while away an hour in the bowling alleys or at the pool tables, or he may go to the lounge to read in peace and quiet or just to sit. On special occasions he will don formal attire (a jacket and a tie) and take his best girl to a dance in the ballroom. He will find recognition for his special talents in the meeting rooms of the student government, the many organizations, publications and fraternal societies.And our paths in the world diverged so wide —BrowningLate in the evening and early in the morning, all paths lead to and from the dorms. The assumption by outsiders that dormitories are for sleeping and studying meets with pitying amusement from the students. To them, the dorm is a way of life. In the residence halls scattered around the perimeter of the River Falls campus, students form life-long friendships, discuss and "solve" the world's problems, broaden their outlooks by contact with other customs and viewpoints. Over boxes from home, bull sessions and gab fests cover myriad topics, from dotes to deities. Good natured horseplay relieves muscles cramped from long hours in classroom, laboratory or library. The all-important telephone rings and rings. Each night at the signing-in hour, the women's dorms are stampeded with students returning from dates, concerts, the library, the big game—rushing to meet the deadline. At Christmas time the dorms blaze with lights as dorm vies with dorm, corridor with corridor, room with room, to win the honor of "best decorated." Parties and open house receptions fill the week before the students depart for home and two weeks of vacation. These things the student remembers, tending to take for granted the necessary duties: cramming for a midquarter or final, typing a term paper, writing home, keeping one's personal belongings in order. Paths to learning lead also to the dorms.A day for toil, An hour for sportOn many campuses it is known as "the gym" but at River Falk the students say they are "going over to Karges ' Karges Physical Education and Recreation Center can be reached by many paths—by cutting through the Student Center, by taking a shortcut across campus from the dorms to the rear entrance. But the best way to enter Karges is through the front door, pausing to look up at the north outside wall, adorned with the giant bronze Falcon that is a symbol of the University. Once inside, the student may attend a physical education lecture or a laboratory class in golf, swimming, bowling, archery, tumbling, fencing, or any number of team or individual sports. He may attend or participate in a swimming meet, a basketball game, a wrestling match. He may watch the football squad loping off to the practice field or limping back again. In the gymnasium he may mingle with crowds too big for the regular auditorium, to hear such famous speakers as Vance Packard or Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., or such musical programs as a concert by the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. And the goal he has been working toward will be reached when, in mortarboard and gown, he joins a processional to Karges and marches across the stage to receive his diploma.A teacher affects eternity —Adams From kindergarten through ninth grade, the pupils at Ames Laboratory School learn from specialists. River Falls students who take the path to "the lab school" are usually elementary education majors. Inside the fully equipped, self-contained school building they observe instructors7 teaching techniques and pupils7 reactions. Or they may watch classroom procedure on closed circuit television. They take their turns at helping pupils or conducting classes. Watching children at work and at play is one of the rewards of students dedicated to the teaching profession.Although perhaps not yet aware of it as they take the paths to the agriculture and agricultural engineering buildings, some River Falls students will soon be involved in problems of feeding the world's millions. In the laboratories they investigate improvements for growing conditions of plant and animal life. On the laboratory farm they see the results of their studies. In the engineering building they delve into the Innards of farm machinery, construct plans for improved farm buildings. In the classroom they plan ways to pass on their knowledge to younger students. Ag students at River Falls can choose from more than 500 types of |obs. Happy they whose walls already rise -Virgil will help River Falls students keep up with the world's advances in agricultural, biological, earth and mathematical sciences. When the new five-story science building, yet to be nomed, is completed, science students will beat paths to its doors. More than 20 laboratories, o planetarium and a greenhousePaths to learning are not direct. They take all kinds of detours—for splash parties in the South Fork, giant snow structures, ski trips, protest marches, computer dance, and other unacademic antics. Campus organizations play a major role in generating enthusiasm for trips over these interesting side roads. The following pages show some photographic highlights of side trips taken during 1965-66.A protest march meets a counter-protest ... Machine-matched mates meet. . . Skrowac-zewski conducts for student audience .. . And two pairs of thespians display theatrical kisses ...hes of jewelry roof ©p ex- pi©'And beyond all detours, at the end of every side road, is the student and his books.ACTIVITIESQUEEN CANDIDATES: I to r or© Jun© Peterson, Judy Klimmek, Pat Chris-topherson, 2nd runner-up Bette Garb© 1964 Queen Georganne Schaffer, 1965 Queen Sylvia Wears, 1st runner-up Betty Ingalls, Bev Enloe, and Mary Ja Lover. Sigma Tau Epsilon members pulling for their queen candidate June Peterson.The winning lawn display was constructed by Phi No Chi.37 1965 Homecoming Queen Sylvia WearsWinter Carnival Ted Ragatz is crowned Winter Carnival King by last year's king Ed Fick. I Alpha Gamma Rho members mold their ice sculpture in sub _______ zero weather. __, MM Sigma Tau Epsilon's first place ice sculpture "I've got my love to keep me warm."Ski Outing at Afton Alps Some take spills on the slopes ... ... while others return on the ski lift ... and still others en|oy the warmth of the chalet.Kappa Theta's first place snow sculpture "Snoopy. Winter Wonderland" formed by Alpha Gamma Rho. 'Superskier," by Phi Nu Chi placed second. £ ND_.5;.VVf(NG.S- Sigma Tau Epsilon's illustration of the currently popular "England Swings."Charley’s Aunt "Oh, thank you. I'll have it stuffed." "Allow me, Donna Lucia." "Well, the worst of it is behind us!"The Madwoman of Chaillot "They're a pack of fools, and so are you!" "It's not a question of my feather boa... .it's a question of the future of the human race." "I hate ugliness,-1 love beauty."Bluegate for Hester "I'm just os embarrassed os you ore!'Randy Spark's "Backporch Majority" in concert. Governor Warren Knowles speaks to the faculty and students. Student Foundation Committee President Marlin White stands with Representative Vernon Thompson after the dedication of the newly planted tree. Names on CampusGreek Pledging 'A well polished pledge is a good pledge." Dunk a pledge, three tries for a quarter. "Say, Sir, would you please sign my roll ..." ... Sir, my knee, please." All right you pledges, shape upl"Foundation Week Committee members Bob MacGregor. Chuck Westphal. Trlna Olin, Marilyn Nielson, and Marlin White, view the sito of proposod shell to complete the Dr. Melvin Wall Amphitheatre. Auctioneer Toby AMporf seeks bid on a lamp, donated for tale by a River Foils merchant, at the foundation auction. "We Shall See Shell”Rtf; Foundation Midway "And It's number 2 turtle taking an early lead." "Give that lady a nickel cigar " 'Try your luck at Black Jack or a bit of Irish Poker."Foundation Fun Fest Limbo ... eight inches. "It's easy if you just concentrate." "Hold on fellas, only three more guys to go." "But my wheel doesn't want to go os fast as my wheeler!"Daisy Mae candidates included Sue Gustafson, Dianne Black, Marilyn Nielson, Sue Gregg, and Lola Wollan. "Daisy Mae" Miss Sue Gregg Hootenanny folksinging groups included "Sue and Jackie" and the "Paneceans Sadie Hawkins Weekend Linda Beulke and Don West were honored with a mouse for having the "Dogpatchiest" costumes at the celebration. The Expressmen from St. Paul provided the newfangled hoedown noise for dancing. Half of Dogpatch's population was arrested by authorities and placed in Dogpatch Jail for a portion of the evening.Nearly every couple in Dog patch was bound forever during candle light shotgun weddings administered by Marryin' Sam, Justice of the Peace (Ph.D. and Dogpatch youngfolk settle down after a weekend filled with hillbilly styled gaiety.ORGANIZATIONSSenators Taube and Shaffer consider legislation as Mullen (with glasses) and Rasmussen (back to camera) look on.The I Student Senate At the head of the student government at River Foils is the Student Senate-eleven Senators elected by the students in compus elections. Four of the Senators ore presidents of their respective school year dosses. Seven Senators are elected "at large." The Senate elects its own president and other officers. The Student Senote is responsible for the allocation of funds for students activities. They act, in conjunction with the President of the University, to allot the budgets for athletics, convocations, the student publications, and, among other things, for forensics. This year the Senate handled a record high budget of $100,000, continued to oct os the watchdog on student organizations, and to act as the defender of student rights.From the Student Voice, Sept. 27, Student Senate, Kleinpell OK Record $ 100,000 Budget In a special Wednesday night meeting the Student Senate gov final approval to a record $100, 000 budget for the 1965-66 school year. This year's budget represents a $20,800 Increase over last year's expenditure. Sen. Marilyn Nellsen moved to occept the budget offer a brief discussion of the allotments. Senators David Taub and Dennis Mueller opposed passage of the budget. After the meeting Toube sold. "I've never seen people vote for something they knew so little obout." Faculty advisers of departments and adlMlIos had appeared before tho Sonote Monday night to present and explain their budget roquestt. Explaining the cut In tho othletlc budget. Tom Schaffer, Senate president told. "We all have to learn to live within our budgets sometime." He alto announced that President Kleinpell will allocate $1,000 to Fine Arts to complete their allotment. In other money matters the Senoto voted $50 to Sigma Alpha Eta to cover traveling expenses to the speech and hearing convention In Chicago, Oct. 30 through Nov. 2. Tom Socha requested $150 from the Senate for the "College Countrymon", o publication of the agricultural college. The publication is published twice a year and sent to oil olumni of the Ag. School. Senator Taube moved to table the request until tonight's meeting when further discussion will be heard. Constitution Questioned In otheroction Sen. Taube moved to suspend the constitution of the Associated Women Students (AWS). Quoting from a publication of the Civil liberties Union, he said that the function of an advisor Is to advise only. He also sold that AWS os a port of student government should not be under pressure from the Deans' Office. His motion was defeoted. Sen. Taube alto went on record os opposing the regulation ... requiring campus organlia-lions to report their memberships to that office. He claimed that such a record wot harmful to members of some organizations, like Young Socialists, when these members apply for jobs. The Senate in October, 1966. FIRST ROW, left to right; Ted SECOND ROW; Marilyn Nielsen, Ellen Blank, Bob Rasmussen, Petting, Ann Schleicher, Tom Schaffer, Sue Flnke, Keith Rodll; Dannis langkos, Robert Peterson, George Wilbur.Union Activities Board Sponsor Top Films The Union Activities Board of River Falls State concerns itself with various activities including bringing the best films possible to the campus. Among these feature films were "Bye Bye Birdie," "Pillow Talk," and "Diamond Head." Union Activities Board promotes other social activities such as the annual LuAu, the games tournament, and the scheduling of all social activities in the student center. Work is also being done in an attempt to ocquire a permanent art collection in the art gallery downstairs in the student center. Its committees are responsible for sign regulations, assisting with Winter Carnival functions, art exhibits in the student center, decorating the student center for special occasions, and maintaining high food standards at WSU-River Falls. Organization officers include Bob Lina-berry, chairman,- Stan Johnson, vice-chairman,- Carol Fuhs, secretary; and Dan Anderson, treasurer. FRONT ROW: Bob linoberry, Sue Gregg, Carol Fuhs, Pol Parnell, Judy Hofbauer, Ann Schleicher, Wall Warren. SECOND ROW: Robert Brock, Candy Waller, Tom Bauman, Dan Anderson, Joyce Fetch, Stan Johnson, Sue Kovnik, Pal Karnik, Roger Miller.Legislative Action Committee Arranges Open Forums FRONT ROW: Goorgo Alocci, Gordon Hendrickson, Robert Ollhoff, Diana Dierschow, Don Genrich, Lawrence Rufledt, Joe Jllek. The Legislative Action Committee acts in cooperation with the other University campuses through the United Council to promote and safeguard student rights. The Legislative Action Committee has arranged a series of open forums to re-examine student rights. All legislative moterial which is presented to the Student Senate is also scrutinized by this committee. Research into senate concerns include the off-campus housing situation, academic standards for student government positions and the Viet Nam policy. The chairman of the Legislative Action Committee is Don Genrich while Gordon Hendrickson is vice-chairman.Foundation ROW li Chuck Feltes, Marilyn Nielson, George Wilber, Candy C. Wasielewski, Chuck Westphal, Marguerite Munroe, Gary Anderson. ROW 2: Dell Johnson, Mary Anderson, John Pederson, Marlin White, Bert Day, Catherine Olln, Susan Richardson. Committee Fresh pull the Foundation Committee Wagon in the homecoming parode while the committee members aboard the wagon entertain the onlookers by throwing kisses (condy) advertising Foundation Week. The slogan this year was “We Shall See ShellTheir project this yeor was to raise funds to finish construction of the South Fork amphitheater.Associated Women Students The Associated Women Students is a unique organization due to the fact that it is both a governing body and a social organization. All women students are required to belong to AWS by virtue of a $1.00 fee assessed each quarter at registration. As a governing body the AWS Board makes all rules and regulations, subject to the approval of the Associate Dean of Students, that apply to women students. As a social organization AWS sponsors a freshman tea and a Valentine's dance annually. FRONT ROW: Sandy Ferries, Ann Heiting, Sylvia Wears, Jeri Waldock, Marcia Bosman, Ginger Townsend, LaVonne Chris Britten, Pat Wichman. SECOND ROW: Shirley Yohnk, Lindberg, Judy Hofbauer, Pat Christopherson, Sue Thielke.Hathorn Assistants Libby Miller, Sondy Ferries, Killy Cobonowskl, Jerl Waldock, Nell Kaiser, Sharon Lee, Suo Rose, Shirley Yohnk, Jackie Bayer, Sylvia Wears, Chris Britten. Counselors ROW 1: Sharon Sylvester, Linda Ueland. Sue Rose, Shirley Yohnk, Jonet Krofl, Chris Britten, ROW 2: Judy Schribner, Sondy Ferries, Jocki Bayer, Nell Kaiser, Ellen Blank, Ginger Townsend, Peggy Olson, Connie Risberg, Sue Finke, Kitty Cabonowski, Koren Anderson, Jon Ebert. Dorm Council ROW It Jerri Waldock, Sandy Ferries. Sharon Lee. Sylvia Wears, Nell Kaiser. ROW 2: Gail Toonen, Nancy Gerten, Moralee Savage, Cleo Goers, Mary Homman, Sue Thielke. Mario Snelson, Pat Hoffman, Judy Hancock, Lynn Strothmon, Carol Ruenger.Johnson Hall Dorm Council ROW 1: Don Sullivan, Jeff Jacobs, Sam Hough, Gory Alexon- Harold Peterson, Edward Olson, Virgil Schneider, Dole der, James Horkan. ROW 2: Mark Iceman, Allen Anderson, Wells, Robert Hansen. Andy Anton, Gayle Bacon, Bruce Nelson, Thomas Scharlav, Johnson Hall Student Assistants ROW li Leonard Hager, Gerald lausted, Valden Madsen. ROW 2: Dan Sullivan, Robert Nerbun, Rich Elrod, Chuck Westphal, Jack Brown, Lee Jabs.May Hall Dorm Council ROW 1: David Kurth, Larmy Rost, Stephen Muellor, John Clarence Roberts. ROW 3: Dole Mitsch, Roger Mothison, Holst, Dennis Swiggum, Charles Simpson. ROW 2: Jim Robert OllhofF, Tim Ericson. Dick Sievert, Ron Bluol, Jock Neumann, John Meacham, Richard Lowery, Allen Sinclair, Orgemon, John Forsythe, Steven Schoch. May Hall Student Assistants ROW 1: Richard O'Connell. Dave Barber, Allen Sinclair, Donald Schuler. ROW 2: Joe Wikrent, Lon Lawrenz, Richard Lowery, Resident Counselor, Steve Bergland.Prucha Hall Student Assistants Don Day, Terry Buchli, Robert Lunde, Al Svanoe, Jim Pinckney, Stan Johnson ROW 1: Rod Cooke, Gary Erickson, Larry M i n t h, Mark Lynch, Charlie Strastuski, Al Svanoe. ROW 2: Charles Staazewski, Alden Hook, Ronald Sarna, Robert Margeneau, Joe Judkins, Jeff Klimmek, Dennis Braun, Jeff Mozurek, Al Stringer, Mick Mei-lahn. Dale Simonson, Gene Gergen. Dorm CouncilStratton Hall Student Assistants Ralph Tjelta, Gary Muschik, Phil Idsvoog. ROW 2: David Wirtala, Sander Howse. Dorm Council ROW 1: Stephen Ikert, Stanley Ciszewski, Pete Holstrom, Leonard Meissen, Ron Me Donah. ROW 2: Steven Tucker, Stephen Prissel, Andy Young, Rodney Brown, Ross Jabs, Dale Helwig. WmYoung Democrats ROW 1: Mary Hyde, Leo Binkowski, Joyce Felch. ROW 2: Gordon Hendrickson, Chris Britten, Donna Kroeger. ROW 3: Patricia Petronovich, Sondi Greener, Janet Hayes, Judy Klimmek, Sharon Stedt, Marilyn Neilson, Sandy Ferries, Carol Housol, Dianne Kroeger, Sharon Baldeshwiler. ROW 4i Gerald Gardner, Don Pawns, Benhardt Meents, Kaye Barrett, Claire Rice, Mike McIntyre. ROW 5: Dennis Swig-gum, Arlen Burke, Gary Anderson, Donald Moody. Rodney Flrl, Daniel Kelly, Richard Erickson, Jeff Klimmek, Dean Biegen, Dennis Chirhort, Jerry Neve. Young Republicans ROW 1: Vickie Wiesner, Susan Richardson, Lee Winberg, Linda Gregory, Joyce Undrew, Joy langeness. ROW 2: Dennis Parks, Wayne Weiss, Roger Miller, Dick Carlson, Hollis Beede, Helen Avery, Douglas Fritsch, Helen Kuyper, Ted Seifert, Gerald Undrew. ROW 3-. Lawrence Ruflech, Don Genrkh, Ward Winton, William Jacobson, Brad Seguin.ROW 1: Wayne Barry Iverson, June Deterson, Carol Fuhs, McLaughlin, Jack Brown, Gordy Rosenbrook, Terry Horan, Laurie Knoepker, Karen Joy Steffon, Cynthia Schlough, Ann Arlen Burke, Jon Wangen. Heiting. ROW 2: Doug Thompson, Terry Hess, Vern Cook, Jim Greek Letter CouncilFRONT ROW: Bonnie Harms, Sylvia Wears, Gwen Gerberd- Valko, Dianne Berg, Sue Rose, Toni Benson, Sandra Otting, ing, Kaye Barrett, Joan Gausmann. SECOND ROW: Mary Mary Jane Schwede, Gall Toonen, Marlene Fish. Grover, Eve Engebreth, Sue Flnke, Kay Kennedy, Toby Kappa Delta Psi Auctions Slaves Plodgos got rovcngo on odives by tying the™ and footing them to parade around campus. This active organization scored highest among the other sororities in the contest to determine the top social organization on campus held during homecoming. An auction was held by Kappa Delta Psi during spring quarter featuring unusual items provided by famous movie stars and faculty members. "Slaves," a term used here to denote their sorority pledges, were sold to the highest bidder.Sylvia Wears enjoying (?) a meal served by Marlene Smyth. The menu reads: Limburger Cheese and mllkl Kappa Delta Psi was also responsible for cleaning the carpet in the commuter section of the Falcon's Cage. Officers this year included: Jane Blakesley, presi- dent; Ann Schleicher, vice president; Bev Froseth, secretary; Kathy Linehan, treasurer; Sue Gregg, social chairman and Kitty Cabanowski, historian. FRONT ROW: Bov Froseth, Susan Gregg. Jane Blakesley, Carol Fuhs, Kathleen Linehan. SECOND ROW: Gloria Hiatt, Kitty Cabanowski, Susan Danielson, Mary Anderson, Linda Wickard, Dianne Howard, Pamela Noreen, Dianne Grandt, Ann Reilond, Ann Heiting, Jon Waxon.Phi Delta Theta Phi Dolt members finishing their float behind Karges. ROW 1: Ginger Townsend, Judy Toshner, Miss Dougherty, advisor, Judy Hoffbaur, Karen Sandquist. ROW 2: Patty Cook, Laurel Valenta, Chris Britten, Ginny Larson, Barb De Wolfe, Eleanor Balke, Donna Newman, Sandy Ferris, Judy McIntyre, Mary Youngman. ROW 3: Barb Bautch, Ellen Blank, Joan Cloutier, Mary Paulson, Bette Garbe, Pat Christopherson, Jean Uhrammer, Carolyn Erickson.ROW 1: Joyce Felch, Ann Simons, Carol Housel, Sylvia Hoffman, Lynn Strothman. ROW 2: Mary Hyde, Stephanie Crowe, Judy Anderson, Laurie Larson, Sandi Wallin, Janet Hayes, Sue Frkke, Cleo Goers, Shirley Yohnk, Dianne Black. ROW 3: Rosalie Wyss, Sue Fallsfrom, Louise Tesmer, Sid Sweeney, Trina Olin, Jean Dale, June Peterson, Jane Wade, Cynthia Schlough. Phi Delta Theta assists Kappa Theta in a car wash during fall quarter. Formal initiation ot the Lamplight.ROW Is Cindy Evans, Joyce Undrew, Janet Kraft, Vickie Speafh, Margaret Day. ROW 2: Kay Mlillinczek, Becky Peterson, Connie Risberg, Jill Steingraber, Donna Davidson, Moralee Savage, Joy Langeness, Linda Lie I and, Barbara Barr.Delta lota Chi ROW 1: Helen Waxon, Belly Jo Hanna, Pat Parnell, Sharon While, Diane Wolff. ROW 2: Diane Jensen, Jennifer Junkman, JoAnne Klecker, Lola Wollan, Judy Roenz, Beverly Enloe, Ann Block, Laurie Knoepker.Sigma Tau Epsilon ROW 1: Ron Bahr, Bob Olson, Bob Linaberry, Barry Iverson, Jerry Howe. ROW 2: Roy Brown, Randy Darling, Chuck Westphal, Bob Bowman, Jerry McDonald, Carl Giese.Sigma Tai s float passes in procession. Chuck Wesphal accepts the Foundation trophy from Trina Olin. Chuck was elected "Ugly Man on Campus" this year. Sig Tau contributed the most money to the Foundation Committee during Foundation Week enabling them to win this trophy. ROW 1: Wayne Weiss, Gary Evans, Frank Fanello, Gordon Hendrickson, Hollis Beede. ROW 2: Terry Hess, Tom Schaffer, Tom Hetznecker, Phil Ciolkos, Ron Louis, Don Seaton, Paul Kosak.ROW It Bill Eulberg, Harvey Ankley, Bob Somerville, Steve Palmquist, Jock Brown, Don Anderson, Bill Beckwith. ROW 2: Jon Swenson, Duone Ormson, Vern Cook, Bill Murphy, Lor in Preston, John Gifcert, Ted Ragatz, Pete Hoktrom, Dennis Long-kos, Tom Hickox, Tom Porker, Bob Stoebell, Benhordt Meents, James Gorguiok, Ken Timm. Phi Chi ROW 1: Sanders Howse, James Hughes, Phil Waller, Don Welsh, Robert Brown, Lee Zaborowski, Dennis Broun. ROW 2: Tom Pribil, Tom Madison, Ron Palmer, Bob Eggleston, Kurt Klenhans, Tom Roelke, Bill Hope man. Dove Stem, Jon Gro- ham, Don Becker, DeWoyne Johnson, Dove Out celt, Mike Obrodovkh, Steve Rhiel, Doug Drew, Mork Nelson, Guy Lud-vigson, Dennis Brown, Richard Storkey, Mich Moe.Putting the finishing touches on their lawn display are Phi Nu Chi members John Gilbert, Dan Anderson, Jack Brown, Dave Outcalt and Dan Welsh. The display was good enough to give the group another first in homecoming competition.Alpha Gamma Rho ROW 1: Tod Planer, David Schultz, Larry Schleusner, Jon Wan-gen, David Arndt, Ronald Motz, Tom Socho. ROW 2: Ron Peterson, Chuck Jaglinski, Gary Anderson, Richard Weller, Bill Gust, Larry Johnson, Roger Nielsen, Bill Jacobson, Bob Hauge-rud, Fred Remund, Clarence Giloy, Don Laib, Arlen Burke.ROW 1: Orlin Berg, Donald Mullen, Ed Mothison, Gary Steele, Rick Stefonek, Gary Beastrom, Leon Wolfe, Jim Heuer. ROW 2: Donald Sobotta, Jerald Dekan, Vernon Altmann, Leroy Gygax, Tom Goerke, Jerald Verhulst, Bruce Thiemke, Terry Kolpack, Barry Steevens, Frank Pacyga, Don Laffe, Gayle Bacon, Keith Grant, Ray Dreger, Richard Yarrington. Gary Anderson, Tod Planer, and Larry Johnson entertain at an Alpha Gamma Rho Banquet.ROW 1: Fred Lindberg, Dick Hodgkins, Dove Larkin, Jeff Mierendorf, Neil Bishop, Curt Weber, Rolland Rieck. ROW 2: John Salek, Doug Dube, Tom Bosnian, Woyne Dunemann, Jim Bloomquist, Paul Lindahl, George Ritter, James Pinckney, Henk Van Dyk, Larry Melin, Charles Uhrhammer, Gary Alexander. ROW 1: Richard O'leary, Tom Bauman, Skip Glor, Paul Diedrich, Walt Warren, Richard O'Connell, Dale Mitsch. ROW 2: Leon Hav-lik, Keith Rodli, Jerry Smith, Terry Horan, Dave Leadholm, Ken Lindstrom, Carl Kozak, Gordy Rosen brook. Dale Wester, James Severson.Sigma ROW 1: (Right to Left) Eugene Schutte, Neil Tietz, John Rivard, Dan Fillkins. ROW 2: James Brickner, Jim McLaughlin, Gary Thompson, Craig Stkht, Doug Thompson. ROW 3: Tom Jones, Steve Carpenter, Ralph Ginsback, William Janisch, Doug Christopherson, Barton Christenson, Larry Houser.Sigma Rho suggests by its float that the Falcons could best "Blitz The BlueGolds" by manning their tank. Sigma Rho's homecoming entree. Miss Mary Jo Lover poses for our Meletean photographers. Perhaps a cheer will bring RF a homecoming victory. Wesley Foundation ROW 1: Robert Marlow, Ardys McNoughton, Nancy Shappoll. Dlone Truitt, Rosemary Webb, Elizabeth McPhail, Marguerite Monroe, Betty Potter, George Wilbur, Sosthencs Nunyokpe. ROW 2: Kay Vincent, Neil Bocon, Dianne Nelson, Thomas Carmichael, Earlene Stivers, Linda Howard, Wayne Schilling, Nancy Barnard, Charles Stirrot, Douglas Harris. Howard Potter, Bruce Harris, Karen Wolf, Marilyn Nielson, Condy Waller, Robert Brans od, Vicki Graham, Jeff Hayden, Libby Miller. LSA ROW 1: Jim Oakland, Marion Gronquist, Jomey Nelson, Bev Froseth, Betty Ingalls, Donna Newman, Judy Weber, Gloria Lundgoord, Perry Manor. ROW 2: Vronno Sclandcr, Rita Lundberg. Lana Walker, Arlan Anderson, Don Johnson, David Boettcher, Sylvia Peterson, Lynne Gluth, Joyce Nelson. ROW 3: Allen Nordvold. Ed Mothison, Robert Swanson, Duane Larson, Kenneth Schoch, Richard Moionier.Baptist Student Fellowship ROW 1: Dell Johnson, Jacquelyn Bayer, Cary Cole, Lois Lundberg, Karen Koeser, Roberta Kohl, Harold T|elta, Judy Varing, John Raehl. ROW 2: Gloria Swanstrom, Sandy Nelson, Eileen Hollerud, Bill Arndt, Carol Stanke, Pastor Marvin Johnson, David Bushy, George Brooks. Bob Johnson, Kathy O'Mera, Darryl Kovacik, Geraldine Oswald, Roger Johnson, Marie Snelson, Kristin Vrieze. Kappa Delta Pi ROW 1: Jeon Moon, Wildo Nilsestuen, Corol Walker, sen, Sharon Guiscr, Barbara Kohobko, Kitty Cobanowski, Harriet Mathison. Karen Sondquist. ROW 2: Alton A. Pom Armbruster. Siemers, advisor, Gary Beastrom, Karen Romsos, Joan Ditlof Newman Club ROW 1: Don Lalb, Colvin Plunkett, Stephen Prlssel, Nicholas Spang, Richard Piechowskl, George Baribeau, Victor Bula, Robert Hansen, Marc Gladden, Donald Sobotta, Mike Me Neely, Mel Shafel. ROW 2: Mary Crownhart, John Reuter, Joseph Denning, Ramona Traynor, David Svadna, Kay Krauss, Robert Plant, Dianne Huppert, Eugene Hansen, Leona Fischer, Susan Richardson, Jeon Ducklow, Melvin Dan-zinger, Zita Raeder, Joe Thiel, Glenn Hunter. ROW 3: Mary Lepori, Patricia Kettner, Connie Noll, Margaret Wittlg, Patricia Buhr, Bev Swotz, Pat Petranovlch, Janet Server, Geraldine Chura, Kathy Jones, Margo Otterness, Carol Meath, Sharon Baldeshwller, Elizabeth Munz. ROW 4: John Kasel, William Jonisch, Lon Strozinski, Bell Boehm, Don Uchytil, Don Drost, Larry Boles, Jerry Gordner, Gene Ger-gen, Barry Brecke, John Larson, James Streveler, Edward Wesolek, Roger King, Pot Ramel, Arllyn Bilodeau, Paul Juckem. ROW 11 Richard Zuke, Steven Hafer, David Hansen, Rodney Olsen, Tom Popowski, Paul Schultz, Pat Haley, Fr. Higgins, Mark Reeman, James Helmueller, Daryl Skrupky, Stanley Ciszewski, Gary Huebel, Ron Boillargson, Jim Kubiak, Donald Seaton. ROW 2: Bill Schwartz, Dan Kinney, Michael Piet-men, Rodney Janowski, Dean Hecht, John Martin, John Richter, Michael Strasser, Jean Dale, Judy Haydock, Toni Benson, Mary Grover, Lucy Lieffring, Rita Brenner, Noreen York. ROW 3: Jill Pewogel, Teresa Traynor, Phyllis Ripply, Carol Enders, Sue Shaffer, Betty Rogers, Jean Cassellius, Carolyn Mlnea, Sharon Sylvester, Chris Broniszewskl, Kaye Barrett, Marlys Johnson, Anita Roessler, Donna Kraeger, Dianne Kraeger, Judy Hachey. ROW 4: Ronald Ricci, Christian Uwalaka, Reg Ronningen, Jerry Neve, Daniel Kelly, Craig Friedenouer, John Czerwonka, Thomas Socha, Bill Hoffman, Matthew Corshu, Donald Steffen, Ted Lip-pold, James McCall, John Orgeman, Robert Nerbun, Kenneth Harter, Anthony Brickner, Arthur Stoeberl, Vernon Altman, Bruce Neuenfeldt, Jim Reese.Future Farmers of America ROW 1: Bill Arndt, Gory Beostrom, Larry Schleusner, Ken Seering, Ronald Mafz, James Sacia. ROW 2: Allan Ring-hand, Jim Schneider, Chuck Jaglinski, Clarence Giloy, Terry Kolpack, Richard Erickson, Don Genrich, Barry Steevens, Verl Verhulst, Jim Thews, Neal Ihrke, Bob Pasanen. ROW 1: L. R. Hilterbrand, advisor, Thomas Socha, Leroy Gygax, Gary Steele, Dwight Huston, Leon Wolfe. ROW 2: Ed Mathi-son, Don Mullen, James Koski, Gary Anderson, Bert Day, Don Drost, William Jacobson, Ron Knutson, Grayson Zuhlke, Mel Shafel, George Brooks, Richard Weller.Agrifallians ROW 1: Kathleen Rhoda, Lee Schlesser, Dell Johnson, Jerry Seefeld, Bill Gust, Kenneth Schoch, Roger Nielsen, Howard Klauck, Bill Schwartz, Gordon Hohmann, David Arndt, Jim Potter, Jerold Olson, Ronald Peterson, Jon Wangen, Phil Kipp. ROW 2: David Kaseno, Merlin Westphal Jr., Brian DeMunck, Woyne Schilling, L. S. Wittwer, advisor. ROW 1: Gerald Thorson, Keith Grant, Lorry Pasanen, Tom Weix, Gerald Gardner, Jim Bender. ROW 2: Leslie Lakey, Richard Biech, William Wright, John Afdahl, Ken Ourada, Larry Johnson, Bill Boehm, Len Strozinski, Fred Remund, Joe Munson, Jim Bartsch, Jerome Uher, Harland Schneider.German Club Toora] Ayman, Pat Kettner, Tom Hilts, Rose Ann Schmit, Qua I ley, Roger Scholler, Holman Johansen, Marilyn Wkkre, Jerry McDonald, Margaret Maloney, Ernest F. Jurgens, Bonnie Anderson, Nancy Wieczorek. advisor. ROW 2: Susan McDonald, Anita Roessler, George Psych Club ROW 1: Karen Romsos, Helen Vier, Jean Ol- Dean Krueger, Fred Altaffer, Walt Warren, son, Judy Bonneville. ROW 2: Dick Kammerud, Jeff O'Donnell, Larry Schillinger, Rod Brown.Beta Beta Beta ROW li Marcia Olson, Mary Grover, Barbara Borr, Helen Anderson, Kilty Cabanowski, Pat Morris. ROW 2: Dr. J. M. Boil rack, Walter Nechville, Mary Youngman, Mary Jane Maser, Joan Cloutier, Barbara Kahabka, Woyne Melln, Chuck Wolwodo, Don Duszynskl. ROW 3: Warren Olson, Tom Konefes, Tom Roelke, Lee Jabs, Tom Caflisch, Ed Kraft. Geology Club ROW 1: Dennis Rietschol, Jim Hughes, Ernest Jenson. ROW 2: William Trcnsburg, Ralph McCaffery, Marlin White, Roger A. Pease.Chemistry Club ROW It Mark Yonan, Gory Hoschette, Gory Kleckor, Jim Chuchwor, Gone Roland, Jim Huber. Donn Rowe. Douglos Swanson, Bill Longford. ROW 2: Kenneth Cobion, Warren Olson. Hollis Bccdc, Joan Oitlofsen, David Sterud, Holon Anderson. Mary Jane Moser, Jerry Dop- kins. Bob Ingli, Frod Schroedcr. ROW 3: Bob Eggleston, Jim Hammes, Doug Thompson, Michael Ebersold, Lee Zaborowski, Dennis Chir-hort, Barry Fankhauser, Tom Popowski, Gory Muschik. Donald Johnson, Rod Olson. Michael Often. Physics Colloquium ROW li Perry Manor, Duane Larson, Craig Foster, Marlys finger, Robert Nerbun, Glen Fink, Charles Stirrat, Kermith Skoug, Gene Thorson, Jan Torgerson, Charles Strozewski. Steffenhagen, Mark Hillert, Mr. Albert. ROW 2i Mr. Prochnow, James Christopherson, Don Get-ROW 1: Clara Schommer, Mika Tillmann, Barbara Kepner. ROW 2i Jim Laatch, Denis Bastion, Kathy Pennington, Steve Hay, Ilona Hoover, Al Murray. Alpha Psi OmegaDemosthenians ROW 1: Jon Wangen, Gary Steele, Tod Planer, William Wright, Leroy Gygax. ROW 2: Thomas Socha, Roger Nielsen, Larry Johnson, John Afdahl, Frank Pacyga, Bob Haugerud.Rodeo Club ROW 1: Gory Anderson, Richard Fjell, Jeffrey Schroe der. Chuck Overbeck, Dave Stafford, Dennis Schulke Dave Williams, Tod Planers. ROW 2: Gene Gergen Georgette Schroeder, Rita Lundberg, Kay Simmons Connie Piekarski, Bobbie Nelson, Ruth Petting, Kath arine Johnson, Kathleen Rhoda, Penny Murphy, Ken neth Schoch. ROW 3: G. E. Rudell, J. C. Baier, T. D Petting, Judy Hachey, Dick Miller, Theodore Lippold Sharon Sarracco, Steven Schoch, Karen Wolf, Gary Olson, Bob Wierichs, Lynne Gluth, Pat Ramel, Jenny Kondrasuk, Ronald Purvis. History Club ROW T: Gary Thompson, Elizabeth MacPhail, Nell Kaiser, Robert Wellemeyer, Ralph Stock, Roger Chapin, Allan Alice Gernetzke, Gretchen Dicke. ROW 2: Ward Albro, Hoesly. Benhardt Meents, George Ouimette. Foreign Students Association ROW 1- Sam Kinuthia Njoroge, Mark Yonon, C. Maxwell Gibson, Julio Tojeira, Foramorz Salmossi, Matthew Corshu. ROW 2: Teresa Kowalska, Elizobeth Munz, Patricia Russell, Gloria Massey, Marilyn Allen, Barbora Chen, Margaret longe, Kathleen Peloquin. ROW 3i Tooraj Ay man, Ulf Holm-Johansen, All Akhavon, Mohomed Abu Toho. Geoffrey Okwumobua, Christian Uwoloko, Toshiro Kamiya, Word Winton, Sosthenes Nunyokpe, Emmunuel Amuchionu, Mrs. Eugene Maier, Eugene Maier.The Presidents ROW 1: Mike Strasser, Tom Socho, Bob Brondstedt, Ralph Tjelta, Lloyd Wilson, John Peter, Roger Black, Jim Chase, Robert Reuss, Wayne Miller, Ken Olson, Unidentified, Wayne Danklefson, Jerry Solberg. ROW 2: Dale Helwig, Duane Schuh, Bill Pippen-ger, John Ogren, Dave Voelker, Unidentified, Dean Madson, Leo Binkowski, Roger Serinske, Eugene Wilkinson, Bruce Harris, Unidentified, Chris Becker, Marvin Cushen-berry.Concert Choir ROW 1: Lana Walker, Marilyn Allen, Joyce Johnson, Carol Slanke, Marie Snelson, Judy Biebig-hauser, Pamela Poquette, Muriel Askov, Connie Lundberg, Bev Froseth, Pat lanni, Carolyn Kulow, Wanda Redfield, Eleanor Balke, Kristine Gore, Mary Ann Tolliver, Bonnie Anderson, Sharon Strand. ROW 2: Jeanne Wilkins, Loweta Tostrud, Dianne Berg, Gwen Gerberding, Merry Jo Swanson, Sharon Irwin, Donna Kraeger, Jo Ann Holt, Elizabeth Olsen, Judy Henning, Carol Henning, Carol Bethke, Lynn Peterson, Marjorie Bow, Patricia Phillips, Kay Vincent, Jerilyn Olson. ROW 3: Susan Peno, Kathy Pennington, Nayne Albrigtson, Douglas Harris, Lloyd Wilson, Roger Sarinske, Roger Dent, William Pippenger, Marvin Cushen-berry, Duane Schuh, Dale Helwig, Jeff Hayden, Leon Laurin, Jerry Solberg, Dianne Kraeger, Margaret Hagen. ROW 4: Dan Chelmo, David Boettcher, Bruce Harris, Robert Garbe, Tom Zan-tow, Robert Reuss, Alden Hook, Rog Black, Dave Balke, Duane Nordvald, Gary Axelson, John Peter, Chuch Toftness, Dave Barber, Jim Oakland, Jim Durand.Association For Childhood Education International ROW 1: Shoron Stcdt. Mary Jo Lover, Dionne Grand!, Betty Jo Honno, Jeon Moon, Zennie Morrisette, Pot Pet-ronovich, Nancy Shoppe 11, Karen Sederstrom. ROW 2: Sandra Hurd, Lynn Sfrothmon, Chris Larson, Vickie Wies-ner, Sharon Gutter, Janice Waxon, Ann Rieland, Pam No-roon, Karen Koeser. ROW 3i Harriet Mathison, Judy Bonne- ville, Gloria Hjelle, Catherine Olin, Carol Housel, Donna Newman. Cynthia Schlough, Rosalie Wyss, Jeanne Gustafson, Lorrie Knoepker, Bev Froseth, Betty Ingalb, Jean Cos-sellius, Bette Garbe, Barbara Ringer, Carol Pevovor, Roberta Kohl, Dione Grcnquist, Sendee Semmelhcck, Renee Mell. Music Educators National Conference ROW 1: Mike Harrison, Gary Axelson, Rick Perkins, John Telltz, Ken Dado, Lloyd Wilson, Duane Schuk. ROW 2: Mary Ann Tolliver, Ray Soper, Judy Scribner, Gary Bird, Marguerite Munroe, Jerry Solberg, Muriel Askov, Donald Nitz, advisor. ROW 3: Deegee Wallis, Barb Bisok, Judith Anenson, Gayle Naggatz, Sharon Johnson, Judy Viitanen, Shirley Gustafson, Lana Walker, Pamela Poquette, Judy Haydock, Margo Ofterness, Kay Vincent, Cathy Collins, Connie Lundberg, Joan Gaus-mann, Margaret Hagen, Sharon Strand.Student National Education Association ROW 1i Jerry Dopkins, Judy Bonneville, Dean Krueger, Betty Ingalls, Ralph Stock, Koren Koeser, Ron Horper, Mary Jo lover, William Transburg. ROW 2: Sandra Hurd, Norma Fitzjarrell, Sylvia Hoffman, Sharon Guiser, Joan Ditlefsen, Kathy O'mera, Barb Fox, Mary Kurth, Jeon Casselllus. ROW 3: Chris Larson, Vickie Wlesner, Lynne Strothman, Donna Newman, Catherine Olin, Mary Young-man, Janet Stein, Cynthia Schlough, Rosalie Wyss, Lorrie Knoepker, Bev Froseth, Sandee Semmelhack, Kaye Barrett, Bette Garbe, Barbara Ringer, Carol Pevovar, Wilda Nilsestuen, Diane Grenquist, Roberta Kohl, Nancy Shopped. ROW 1: Ronald Solberg, George Brooks, Eugene Schutte, Gory Wilmer, Gary Beastrom, Donald Moody. Gary Knefel-komp, Jim Schnider, Jim Thews, Gary Anderson. ROW 2: Marlin White, Kay Simmons, Ron Purvis. Renee Mel I, Janice Wax-on, Karen Sederstrom, Ann Reilond, Gloria Nelson, Zonnie Morrisette. ‘ROW 3: Carol Walker, Harriet Mothison, Carol Housel, Gloria Hjelle, Judy Roenz, Betty Jo Hanna, Pam No-reen, Dianne Grandt, Jeanne Gustafson, Donna Davidson, Lois Stytz, Karen Romsos, Sue Rose. Jacki Bayer, Gloria Lund-goard, Kitty Cobanowski, Jean Moen.Not Pictured: N.C.T.E. U.C.C.F. National Council of Teachers of English United Campus Christian Fellowship President.......... Vice President ... Sec.-Treas......... Program Chairman -----Bob Riley Orville Weave I ... Ann Simons Vicki Graham President ... Vice President Secretary ... Treasurer ... .. Don Schuler . Mary Hamman Kathy Boughton . Charles Wolfe Talent Associates Chess Club Chairman of Activities Board............Denis Bastion Artistic Director..........................Denis Bastion Chairman of Oganizational Matters ... Sharon Irwin President..............................Alden Hook Vice President........................David Taube Sec.-Treas............................Bob Marlow Sac. Rep...............................Donna Kelly Indications of more growth. S-R.O- in North Hall Auditorium.Animalus Scorbius ROW 1: Tom Schaffer, John Christison, Keith Rodli, Neil Bishop. ROW 2: Roger Miller, Jon Graham, Steve Olson, Bill Eulberg. ROW 3: Jon Swenson, Pat Cunningham, Ken Lindstrom, Terry Horan, Mick Meilahn, Tom Bauman, Tom Bosman. Vet’s Club ROW 1: Donald Popowski, Benhardt Meents, Jerry Kolasinski, John Hanson. ROW 2: Tom Parker, Donald Johnson, Jim Blomquist, Donald Moody, Lyman Meacham.Cherchez Les Coupables Busily engoged in their seorch ore these members of Cherchez le Coupables (search for the culprit). The organization took time out from its manhunts to sponsor forums, discussions, panels and debates on controversial campus and world issues. Louis Feld-hammer, neatly centered, is the advisor of Cherchez. He is surrounded by (clockwise from the foreground) Dave Taube, Libby Miller, Chuck Lee, Buckley Gilk, Roger Chapin, Bill Paterek, Marily Nielsen. Attending "Zorba The Greek" when this picture was taken were Mike Brecke, Warren Wolfe and Ann Yoost. Jean McEwen, the other member, was ill.Meleteon photographers, undoubtedly unable to sleep nights, conducted a little "search" of their own which resulted in the capture of the remaining members who were photographed in the student publications office. They claim they are searching, but many staff members suspect that they are merely helping the janitors clean the floor. Pictured are: Ann Yoost, Mike Brecke, Jean McEwen, Jim L'Allier, Marilyn Calentine.Sigma Alpha Eta ROW 1: John Krumm, Joanne Prell, Dennis Giere, Jeri Wal- briand, Margaret Bailey, Jim Ahasay, Bob Marten, Diane dock, Ed Hanson, Wendy Beebe, Gail Toonen. ROW 2: Miss Howard, Sue Finke, Bob Losacker, Rosalie Wyss, Sondi Wal-Allen, Barbara Bautch, Roger Lebeis, Jan Belisle, Jeff Mont- len. ROW 1: Joanne Prell, Bob Losacker, Gail Toonen, John Krumm. ROW 2: Dennis Giere, Laurie Larson, Jeff Montbriand, Bob Marten, Jim Ahasay, Rosalie Wyss, Ed Hanson, Wendy Beebee.Pi Kappa Delta ROW 1: Ardys McNaughton, Bonnie Harms, Jerald Carstons, advisor, Marshall Simpson, Alice Ger-netzke. Sigma Chi Sigma ROW 1: Mary Paulson, Patti Morris, Karen Romsos, Marcia Olson, Janet Steen, Barbara Kahabka. ROW 2: Karen Anderson, Vicki Berger, Dianne Nelson, Chris Broniszewski, Karen Sandquist, Rita Brenner, Mary Hyde, Bernice Nyhus, Susan Kuitz, Ann Sjowall, Marlys Johnson, Kathy Wendel, Sharon Strand.Physical Education Majors And Minors ROW 1: Donald Scholar, Allen Anderson, Rollie Mory Kurth, Undo Uolond, Mory Young man, Bar-Hondrikson, Kon Lee. ROW 2: Sandro Hurd, Carol boro Houth, Dona Dufenhorst, Jon Masterjohn, Housel, Jeanne Gustafson, Judy Roenz, Norma Norma Thompson, June Wanish, Janet Kraft. Fitzjorrell, Lois Lundberg. ROW 3: Barbara Borr, Women's Recreational Association ROW 1: Undo Ueland, Gloria Hiatt, Norma Thompson, Sharon White, Sylvia Wears, Judy Tate, Janet Kraft. ROW 2: Connie Felton, Rose Williams, Noreen Bergseng, Kathy Willmore, Barbara Kohabko, Carol Housel, Norma Fitzjar- rell, Barbara Hauth, Dona Dufenhorst, Karen Wolf, Jon Master john. Marilyn Danco, Sue Thiolke, Kathy Jones, Bonnie Harms.Judo Club ROW 1: Janet Griffey, Patricia Fuller. ROW 2: Bruce Wickman, Judy Hachey, Tom Sitz, Larry Tronrud, Loueta Tostrud, Robert Anderson.Syncho Paters ROW 1: Sondra Hurd, Ginger Townsend, Cleo Nancy Barward, Karen Wolf, Carol Housel, Linda Goers. ROW 2: M. Henson, advisor, Betty Potter, Rickard, Kathy Jones. ROW 1: Margaret Maloney, Chris Broniszewski. ROW 2: Norma Fitzjarrell, Laurel Funk.Clockwise from the top: Judy Hillstead, Ann Sjowall, Candy Christison, Sandy Campbell, Becky Swanson, Nancy Bovee. Cheerleaders Ah, common! It's not raining. The film streaked again.Masquers ROW 1: Michael Norman, Michael Tillmann, Esther Keltzman, Gene Kubat, Ilona Hoover, Jeffery Saal, Wilbim Abraham. ROW 2: Barbara Jecevicus, James Laatch, Vicki Graham, Denis Bastion, Jim Weins, Kathy Pennington, Steve Hoy, Frank Heise, Tim Musty, Clara Schommer, Barbara Kepner, Alan Murray, Bonnie Con well, Marjorie Hanson.ROW 1: Ward Tiwinkle, Dennis Regele, Don Anderson, Louis Karl, David Sharp, Jim Rorvick, Chuck Hendrikson. ROW 2: Unidentified, Jean Benedict, Diane Wessels, Jane Mortensen, Marilyn Danca, Cheryl Bjorkland. ROW 3: Bud Karl, Doug Swanson, Brian Petersburg, Jim Ku-biak, Mick Meilahn, Charles Uehlin, Wayne Matson, Milt Olson, Ren Karl, Roger Engebreth. Ski ClubUniversity Dance Band Symphonic Band ROW 1: Kathy Collins, Karen S. Fyksen, Carol Murk- Otterness, Carol Wulf, Annette Bents, John Sabaka, ley. Melody Booth, Sharon Johnson, Shirley Gustafson, Larie Valenta, Tommy Bauer, Tom Word, Marguerite Judy Uutanen, Vicki Torelle, Gayle Naggatz, Sylvia Munroe, Donna Carlson, Judy Hostvet, Judy Haydock, Hoyt, Linda Graves. ROW 2: Ronald Gaard, Judy Joan Gausmonn. Sumner, Dottie Steffenson, Greg Hartman, MargoROW 1: Mike Harrison, John Sabaka, David Kiepert, Robert Samarotto, Greg Hartman, Gary Bird. ROW 2: Chuck Wall, Barbara Bisek, Charles Dalhert, John Peterson, Gary Johnson. ROW 3: Edward Groom, John Telitz, Ray Soper, Harvey Halpaus, Richard Perkins. ROW 3: Mike Harrison, Jenny Kondrosuk, Jane Mattlin, Tom Mrozinski, Ray Soper, Charles Wolfe, John Telitz, Richard Perkins, David Brown, Bruce Johnston, Gary Johnson, Gnor Kippe, Carol Gilbertson, Barbara Polsek, Neil Bacon, Chuck Lamb, Gary Bird, Judy Huppert, John Giese. ROW 4: Harvey Halpaus, Michael Brecke, Dennis Braniord, Donald Nitz, Director, Michael Strasser, Ed Groom, Darleen Johnson, Chuck Wall, Faye Howard, Ruth Anne Wood. 19527700ttt memartam, silt rbifartal far tljr 1966 JMrfafaait £Mfar aifa faff ... "Meletean Responsibility": (From The Student Voice, September 12, 1966, as edited on February 18, 1967, with 43 pages of this yearbook yet to be prepared.)"The VOICE is a learning device ... It must be used to teach responsibility." The above statement was made by Donald Brod in his "open letter" (to this issue). Yet, it applies very directly to the Meletean staff as well as the VOICE staff. Considering the fact that the '65-66 Meletean annual did not come out in the spring, and considering the fact that the '65-66 Meletean annual did not come out in the fall of the year, and finally, the fact that we can only guess when it will come out (maybe winter quarter), leads one to the conclusion that a sense of responsibility was not developed by the Meletean staff. .. . Often times the trial and error method is the only way many people learn. But if the only way to learn is by error, then why didn't the staff learn a sense of responsibility in the spring when the annual failed to meet deadlines? Why didn't the staff learn a sense of responsibility when emergency summer deadlines weren't made? Good luck on meeting emergency fall deadlines ... your record doesn't look very promising. . . .The Student Voice The Fiftieth Year of 1965-1966Staff Warren B. Wolfe...........................Editor David W. Peck....................Managing Editor Mark L Nelson.............................Sports Editor Nancy J. Wolfe................Business Manager The Student Voice celebrated its fiftieth year of publication in 1966. As one can tell from reading the content of some of the old editions on the next three pages, the Voice has gone through as much of a change as Wisconsin State University itself. If, in 1916, the paper printed "locals" (next page) of the caliber of gossip, and headlines attributing departures to "Old Man Winter" in 1926 (pp. 118-119), the 1966 version was more the "watchdog" of student life. (See pp. 120-121.) Editor Wolfe interviews graduate Thespian Ardys Gibtad.VOL I Student Voice NO. 2 RIVER FALLS. WIS. APRIL 18 1916 LOCALS Mi i! i Mr. Oscar J. Thompson andi Herbert Knipfel, principal ara [assistant of the Greehdwood High School Visited the Normal laht "week. Mr. James Lots has a positions in the Agri. department in Elmwood High School. Remhpiber us when looking, for lates. I Taggarts Rexall Drug Store It may be of interest to some of the students to know that A. M.j (Adolphus Montague) Sanderson., assistant business manager of the | Meletean, enrolled for a course at the Nichols Expert School of Business. before coming to the Nor-' mal, ■ The Nichols school, so we are told, occupies the entire third floor of the Essex Building 28E. 6th St St. Paul, Minn The Business School has a high stand-ig„ It is said to be (hie of the of its kind in the northwest section. The Senior class apprek dates the help which Mr. Sander? ■on, because, of tkfA course, hi enabled to render to. Miss Ida Flood went to Minneapolis Wed. P.M. on business. Studying all night, is npt necessary. Gl$8se3'»«tprove yis|on, which' quickens preception, makes thinking easier, andfeaves moye time for enjoyment : .. Mr. 0, J. Philips, Optometrist ‘ Mr. Wayne Groot left for home Thursday afternoon- His early flight niay have been occasioned because of his fishing propen-1 sities. Ruth Peterson visited friends fand relations in El is worth’, Sat' , B| S im. ' Edna Davis and Elbert Rand-all took a little stroll after school one mgtelast week. "V ' "i Margaret Williams attended the LeagdStoecfclmatory and Oratorical Contest at New Richmond, Friday night. McDiarmed retumed to school Monday, after g week’sillness. . Douglas Allard nurchased a. new hat Monday. Ida Cheriali, AKce Sheary and Mary Mahoney spent Sat and Sun. at their homes in Hudson. Eileen Hall visited with friends in Burk ardt over Sat and Sun. Miss Ruth Remington, former H!1966-1967 Stoff Helen Alexonder..............Editor Michoel Brecke.....Monoging Editor Jerry Neve..............Sports Editor Worren Wolfe.......Business Monoger Statt rdiis Loses io Teams Battle Eleven Innings On Rough Diamond. Game Ends 64 IN FIELD ERRORS NTMEROl'S. : FALLS LEADS IN NINTH Vintm Scare Twice la Eleventh Cl. A FUN KEPT THE HITS OF 1 OI.ES WELL SCATTERED I BASEBALL STORY—.............I I Too many imn coat River Fil'i 1 Normal a my do»e eleven inning ball fame with St. Ola! collect of i Ncrthfldd. Mlmu loot Saturday aft-1 entoon. The game arta marked by many error on the port of the in-lMd cf both team . The new infield, j which wes my rough and uneven made fielding difficult on growl I ball . Neither team was able to make I __.k i..j—- - »• - - — - 1 1966-1967 Editors Brecke (I) Alexander (r).The White Front Groce THE PLACE TO BUY GOOD FBI Everything In Frith Fruits and Vegetables Home Brand Sandwich Spread, 6 1-2 ez. Glass Bottles - • H. O. WENZEL For “Mothers Day — THE ONE THING SHE WILL A » !»•» • if — — sr Quits Job As I "d fi,e «s Rivals Take Courts) 0 “ I - i captain tt-|shcs to grant extra time. S And 'ball hour after hour. The tennis i 7. During the last two minutes of •o its | season is on, and the traditional fsc- j each half, the timekeeper win w it. Ulat Here Saturday Champion Football Team—1926 impion Basket Ball Team 19X647 I of the four teams Is to be limited to 112‘eligible players, and no team can I } substitute from another's lift. I It waa at first thought that the new golf club would tend to distract I from the Twilit League ranks, but I it seems that there are no “hold i ! outs" and the list of player-eppli-1 cants is the largest in the history of the organisation. MAY 8 is Moflt 9 er s D ay Aj J rof nate Cards and Mottos F Jl not 3: COOfc OOMfOat g» nothing can quite to Superior Athletic I ■—just one of a Broa you to "pick and cfao at prices you want to; THE WED “Kor KULSTAD I Allied Clothl Ki Home of TCHEN Refreshment Mother s Day Packages GARROTTS AND JOHNSON S Shoes for the Occasic The FLORSHEIM Shoe! Distinctive Styles that Appeal to College and Women. j QoodShoes! j. S. Wadswor ” ,T ' r ?? gTTFT1 ffTTflIMtt SPORTSFIRST ROW, loft to rlghti Coach Al Evans, Guy Ludvlgson, uni-dontlflod, unidentified. Bill Bock, Jerry Knode, Steve Ortman, Bruce Crist. SECOND ROWi Coach Dan Sullivan, Glenn Steinbeck, Phil Waller, Milt Olson, Som Hough, Mark Lynch, Glen Kohl, Dick Hodgkins, Harold Blank, Ed Pohl. THIRD ROW: Coach Mark Perrin, Gary Stephans, Mike Reis, Barry Halverson, Steve Carpenter, Jim Baier, Ted Ragatz, Bob Dovls, Jon Ubbelohde. FOURTH ROW: COoch Gwynn Christensen, Jock linehon, Charles Bolder, Dennis Emo, Ralph Hanson, Doug Dube, Dove Outcelt, Mick Brandstotter, Steve Johnson. Falcon Football The 1965 Football Falcons ended the season Coaches Perrin, Christensen and Romoser show a stiff upper In the 4th quarter of the Stevens Point game. with 4 wins, three losses, and two ties. One of the losses came at the hands of St. Johns, NAIA small college champions. The Falcon conference record was 3—2—2, with the two losses coming in games with Stout's Blue Devils, and the Stevens Point Pointers.FIRST ROW, left to right: Dennis Love, Tom Carroll, Jerry Knoll, Dave Vetterkind, Terry Harck, Ric Steffeck, Ken Bellanti, Lloyd Johnson, John Hammes (Student Mgr.). SECOND ROW: Lloyd Buddenhogen, Al Kramer, Tom Jilek, Bob Somerville, Tom Sempf, Rick Elrod, Jim Reed, Howard Porter, Andy Anton, Mike Davis (Student Mgr.). THIRD ROW: Dennis Langkos, Steve WSUC Standings W L T Stout 6 0 0 Whitewater 4 1 1 LaCrosse 4 1 1 Stevens Point 4 2 0 River Falls 3 2 2 Oshkosh 3 4 0 Eau Claire 2 6 0 Platteville 1 5 0 Superior 0 6 0 Snyder (11) and Joe Jilek (62) corner John's runner. Rhiel, Dave Amdahl, Jeff Mierendorf, Joe Jilek, Tom Snyder, Steve Dobberstein, Mark Nelson, Mike McNeely, Ken Harter, Tony Brickner. FOURTH ROW: Dick Sievert, DeWayne Johnson, Dave Imrie, Bob Dorn, Tom Roelke, Tom Bosman, Charles Mad-son.Above: Tom Sempf practices the valuable place kick with Rick Elrod holding. Coach Al Evans looking on. Above: Rhiel (84) clutches Johnnie back Shiely (32) os Joe Jilek (62), Phil Waller (68), and Barry Halverson (40) prepared to assist. Tom Snyder (11) lies eyeball to eyeball. Below: Pointer freshman Gunderson feels the pinch of Tom Sempf (41) and Tom Carroll (55), near the Falcon goal line. The Pointers played several freshmen in the 39—7 rout.Falcons 0 Johnnies 16 The Falcons opened the 1965 season with a loss to the St. John's. Falcon standouts were halfback Ted Ragatz and defensive backs Tom Sempf and Dove Wirtala. Quarterback Buddenha-gen completed eight of nine passes. St. John's scored on a first-half field goal, a third-quarter Interception, and a 21 yard run. The Falcons collected 45 yards of penalties. Falcons 7, Hamline 0 Tight defensive play and a Bud-denhagen to Baier pass put the Falcons in the winning column at the Piper's expense. The Hamline offense did not penetrate the Falcon 20 yard line. Baier, Hanson, and Ragatz gained important yardage. Extra point by Sempf. Falcons 21, Warhawks 21 The Whitewater Warhawks scrambled back from the short end of a 21—14 score and tied the Falcons in the final two seconds of play. Buddenhagen to Baier and Bud to Blank passes figured in the first two scoring drives with Baler's 81 yard punt return adding the third TD. The Warhawks played catch-up most of the way, scoring all their points in the second half. Falcons 13, Superior 7 Jim Baler's 95 yard run from scrimmage broke the scoring ice, and his 33 yard run iced the game up, as the Falcons scored their first 1965 conference win. Tom Snyder intercepted a pass which gave the Falcons the ball for the winning score. The Yellow-jackets scored from the 4 in the final quarter, after the Falcons gave up 14 yards of penalties inside their 20. Falcons 10, Stout 12 Buddenhagen completed 15 for 21 passes, Baier scored off tackle, and Sempf kicked a field goal, but the Blue Devils grabbed two scores from the Falcon defense to give the Big Red the first conference loss of the season. Falcons 23, Eau Claire 19 A first-quarter safety and three points after TD's gave the Falcons their first homecoming victory since 1958. Ragatz, moving over to defense, stole two Blugold passes as Longkas and Baier ran wild behind Seivert's and De-Wayne Johnson's blocking. The final Falcon TD came on an 80 yard march. Falcons 7, La Crosse 7 Buddenhagen sneaked from the one and Sempf scored the extra point but the Indians held statistically superior River Falls to a tie to save their homecoming game. The Falcons scored in the second quarter. Falcons 7, Platteville 6 Sempf's toe made the difference as the Big Red edged the Pioneers by one point. Down 6—0 in the last six minutes of play, the Falcons marched a Pioneer kick-off upfield to a short-yardage touchdown by Quarterback Bob Dorn. Pohl, Steve Johnson, and Jilek were outstanding on defense. Falcons 7, Stevens Point 39 Needing a win for a second place in the final standings, the Falcons went before a Dad's day crowd with high hopes, only to have their hopes dashed by a very effective Pointer eleven. Dorn threw well but a lack of good receiving kept the score less than respectable. A weak pass defense ogain proved costly. Unidentified moving object hits immovable Dennis longkos (37). os Tom Sempf (41) watches where the action is.MEMBERS OF THE 65-66 FALCON BASKETBALL SQUAD. FRONT ROW, left to right: Steve Gustafson, Tom Snyder, Randy Hall, Ken Lee, Dave Olson, Bob Peterson, Ron James, Pere Palmer. BACK ROW: Coach Don Page, Bill Van Dyke, Dick Sievert, Jim Bloomquist, Larry Kreibich, Paul Kulig, Bill Glomski, manager Ken Harter. Bill Glomski goes for 2 as Jim Bloomquist sets for Steve Gustafson aims and flips and scores from the sidelines against the rebound against Stout. Bethel.Falcon Basketball The River Falls basketball Falcons ended a disappointing season going away from Eau Claire 90—76. The Falcons ended the year with a 6—10 record in the WSU conference, while winning 9 and losing 11 games against all opponents. Although the team ended up in seventh place in the WSU conference, their district 14 defence rating of 75.8 put the team in a fourth place area tie with Dominican for defensive honors. The team was not without offensive moments. Van Dyke, Lee, and Snyder all scored more than 20 points against Eau Claire. Tom Snyder (10) cuts and dribbles against Winona. WSUC Standings Team League All Games W L W L Stout 15 1 19 4 Oshkosh 12 4 15 7 Stevens Point 9 7 11 10 Platteville 8 8 12 9 Superior 8 8 11 10 LaCrosse 8 8 10 11 River Falls 6 10 9 11 Eau Claire 6 10 8 12 Whitewater 0 16 1 10 Season Scores Won Lost 80 Winona 57 62 Macalester 68 66 Superior 64 64 Platteville 87 67 LaCrosse 62 60 Oshkosh 76 93 Whitewater 71 61 Eau Claire 84 81 Bethel 78 72 Stout 74 66 S. Point 53 82 Superior 96 76 Bethel 67 69 Platteville 77 98 Northland 81 59 Oshkosh 106 91 Whitewater 78 52 Stout 66 90 Eau Claire 76 87 LaCrosse 88 74 S. Point 84 Ken Lee goes up for 2, os all Winona trails in the backcourt.Seiverf and Kulig fight Eau Claire for a rebound as Ken Lee (32) and Tom Snyder watch. Under the basket with Stout: more often than not a losing effort for most teams.Al Gross Bob Olson Jerry Knode Mark Nelson Tom Mod bon Ron Knutson Duane Gross Steve Nelson Falcon Wrestling The 1965-66 Falcon wrestling squad compiled a 9—5 record with a final WSU conference third place finish. The Falcons took 13th place in the NAIA meet. Bob Olson placed second in the conference at 137 lbs., Ron Knutson was second at 167 lbs., Tom Madison was third at 152 lbs., and Jerry Knode fourth at 191 lbs. Coach Byron James called the squad an "Interesting one to watch," adding, "Anyone of them can get a pin no matter what the score of the match." James was especially proud of the way the young squad progressed as the season went on. He felt they seemed to gain more confidence with each new opponent. James said he was very pleased with the balance the team showed throughout the season.Butch Roberts pinning Stout opponent.At the right: Coach James aids At Gross with his mouthpiece. James led the Falcons to a 9—5 season and wins over La Crosse, Whitewater, Wartburg, Carleton, Stevens Point, Platteville, Eau Claire and Superior. Losses went to Winona, Gustavus Adolphus, UW-M ilwaukee, Stout, and Luther. Senior Chuck Wolwode Sophomore Gary Berglin Cross Country One of the growing sports activities at River Falls is cross country. The 1966-66 Harrier squad was composed of a high percentage of freshmen with Senior runner Chuck Woi-wode and Sophomore Gary Berglin switching off as top runners. Freshmen Larry Cipov, Mike Otten, Roger Dray, Larry Kline-schmidt, and Wayne Peterson, among others, worked with Coach Byron James for the beginning of a winning tradition. At the far left: Wolwode finishes 7th in the WSU conference meet. At left: Berglin strains for first against Bethel.Above and right: Phil Foster at work from the board. Below: Jim Daniels churns in with a breast stroke. Swimming The Falcon swim team won a 3—3 conference record in WSU competition this year but went 1—5 in other competition. WSU meet wins came at the expense of Stout (2) and La Crosse, with losses going to Platte-ville, Oshkosh, and Stevens Point. Outside the conference the team was bested by Gustavus Adolphus, Mankata State, Hamiline, Carleton, and St. Thomas while winning from St. Olaf.Gymnastics Falcon gymnasts came through their first year of competition with a commendable record. The Falcons placed fifth in the WSU conference competition which, this year, included six teams. La Crosse led the conference with Stout, Eau Claire, White-water, River Falls, and Stevens Point coming in that order. One of the bright spots of the season came in the match against Gustavus, also a first year team. The Falcons won, 55-18. Toes peaked toward the gym ceiling. Bill Driscoll (left) shows the form which made him a top performer throughout the season. Below and left, Jim Neuman works the parallel bars with grace and verve. Driscoll comes up atop the gym horse. Driscoll is from New Richmond, Neuman from Milwaukee.Kegler oction with La Crosse: Falcons (left to right) Reg Haag. ball cupped) flank La Crosse's Jock Connaughton (in fore- Mike Metcalf, Corm Tortorici, Jim Hughes, and Jim Stiller (with ground), who led the WSU conference with on average of 198. Bowling Tri-State Conference Team W L Pet. High Game U. of Minn. 43 13 .768 873 La Crosse 36 20 .643 844 U. of N. Dakota 36 20 .643 875 Mankato 35 21 .625 841 North Dakota St. 34 22 .607 855 Northern State 35 31 .446 817 River Falk 21 35 .375 839 St. School Sci. 18 38 .321 800 Saint Ofaf 15 41 .268 789 U. of Minn. Morris 13 43 .232 804 The first year of WSU conference bowling ended with the Falcons in third ploce in the four team competition. La Crosse led the league with a 27—9 record. Oshkosh (20—16), River Falls (1416-2116), and Platteville (1016—2516) followed in that order. In Tri-State bowling competition Mike Metcalf paced the Falcons with a 183 pin average on 29 games. Jay O'Meara and Jim Hughes averaged 180 pins in 33 and 27 games, respectively. Highest Falcon score of the year came from Carm Tortiriri on a 239 pin game.The ice sproys and hot breath freezes as the Falcon hockey team fights for a goal in neor-zero weather. Hockey In their first year of intercollegiate Hockey competition an inexperienced but game Falcon squad managed to post a 1—7 record in area competition. Commenting on the record of his first Falcon squad Coach Walt Granata, a veteran of college competition at Hamilton College, seemed undisturbed by the loosing season. "We won a few and lost a few," he said. The team had more than Inexperience to overcome in their debut competition year. Their second scheduled game against St. Olaf was postponed due to the severe cold (—30 degrees) of their meeting date. The Falcons lost to St. John's in —32 degree weather. In their one winning effort of the season the Falcons edged St. Cloud 2—1 on goals by John Humphrey and Dennis Vogland. Voglund s winning score come in overtime with an assist from Jock Norqual. Hopes for the coming year are high. Eight of twelve lettermen will return for action. A new home rink has been permanently installed on the new athletic field and next year's schedule has been expanded to 14 games. 1965-66 Record River Falls 2 Gustavus Opponent 5 (MIAC champs) 3 St. John 6 1 St. Cloud 3 2 U. Minn. Duluth i 11 3 Superior 8 2 St. Olaf 7 2 St. Cloud 1 3 Bethel 8Track Despite a disappointing squad season, the 1965 66 Falcon thinclads showed improvement in many areas. Coach Al Evans commented at season's end that the WSU conference was greatly improved over the 1964-65 year. Evans said the Falcon cindermen needed "two or three good men to rally around." The '66 thinclads were a young team with no seniors and only a small number of juniors. The largest part of the 20 man squad were freshmen. At the WSU conference meet Roger Dray ran the 100 in 10.2, John Ub-belohde ran the half-mile in 2:02.4, Guy Bartolain the mile in 4:41. Dean Madson broke the Falcon pole vault high with a 11 '616" vault. Carm Tortorici whirls, discus at the ready. Dean Modson (left) and Gory Hanson rise obove the cinder path in hurdles runs.After the little white boll: Bill Abel's dub looks os wide os a yard broom as he sweeps off the tee. Golf Although early indications pointed toward a fairly successful year for Falcon golfers the 1965-66 squad was unable to better the mark set by the '64-65 team in conference play. This year's squad placed seventh In the WSU meet at Green Lake. The conference title went to La Crosse. Tennis In what coach Rial Smith called "a building year ' the Falcon net men compiled an 0—6 dual meet record. Although the netmen handed one defeat to neighbor WSU rival Stout, the win was forfeited because of the use of ineligible players. The Falcon netmen were shut-out in the WSU confer- Golf ratings ore given by compiling the best four scores of the best four team members for 36 holes. The Falcons ended with a best stroke total of 670, two strokes above Stevens Point, three above Platte-ville. La Crosse's 616 led Oshkosh by 10, Eau Claire by 24, and Whitewater by 30. ence tournament. Coach Smith commented that the tournament draw was not to the Falcon's favor. The team met tough competition in the opening tournament round. With the loss of only one team regular, the '66-'67 squad will be much improved.•965 WSC Conference co-champlons: FRONT ROW (left to Henry, Carpenter, Peterson, Buefow. THIRD ROW: Page, Rude- right): A. Johnson, Roelke, Olin, Theony, Eggleston, Schrauf- sill, Gaolaos, Somerville, Hall, Hughes, Jilek, Dillenbeck, nagel Gustafson. MIDDLE ROW« Space, Kaiser, D. Johnson, Schwartz. Baseball The 1965 Baseball Falcons ended an exciting Spring season atop the WSCC Conference standings and shared the state conference crown with Platteville. The Falcons posted a 7—1 conference play record and a 10—4 won-loss count overall. Post-season play in the NAIA nations in Missouri raised their record to 15—6. In season competition Art Johnson and Ron Peterson pitched four wins to only one loss. Al Space paced the sluggers with a .347 overage and 15 RBI's. Box Score Name AB H RBI AVE Al Space, 38 49 17 15 .347 Den Kaiser, CF-P 44 15 4 .341 Art Johnson, P 15 5 0 .333 DeWoyne Johnson, RF 32 10 5 .313 Steve Carpenter, C 34 10 8 .294 Wayne Jarvinen, SS 7 2 1 .286 Craig Theony, IB 40 10 7 .250 Dick Rudisell, OF 8 2 0 .250 Randy Hall, SS 33 2 1 .242 Bob Somerville, 2B 45 10 9 .222 Noel Schraufnagle, LF 9 2 3 .222 Rog Dillenbeck, LF 12 6 0 .188 Rick Olin, SS 5 1 1 .200 Pitching Records Name W L ERA Al Space T 1 6.75 Art Johnson 4 1 3.47 Ron Peterson 4 1 1.59 Tom Toelke 1 0 2.25 Scott Gaalaas 0 0 2.45 Jim Hughes 0 0 7.71 Dan Buelow 0 1 0.00I ssjji ■I?:?::: Spring, 1966, and Oordy Olson takes to the batter's cage In Karges ... Pictoral anachronisms from now and then, here and there ... Eggleston and Corpenter talked "if" over. Or is it Peterson and Corpen-ter? It Is Carpenter... with cop doffed to the fans? Out of the poget of yesteryear an unidentified batter swings at an invisible ball while an unknown catcher ond a practice umpire watch.Intramural Sports As the university grows, so grows Intramural sports. Students competed with fellow River Falls students in several sports areas this year—in so varied a sports program, in fact, it is not possible within these pages to cover the entire campus athletic program. A few of the major intramural events are reported here, without Intentional favoritism. Football Softball The l-M softball season got off to a rousing start with the announcement that the River Falls City Park Board would not allow l-M teams to use Glen Park for the season's competition. As the season came to a close the unbeaten Derelicts moved into first place by "flattening" the previously unsullied 49's 11—0. Marv (Chief) Nelson slammed the hitting door shut with a three-hit effort. He aided his own cause with a grand-slam homer. The fabulous Intramural softball season was made possible by a late decision—on the part of the River Falls City Park Board—to allow the teams to play at the city's Glen Park diamond. In intramural football the Ducks of the "R" league beat the Ch's of the Dorm league 12—6 to win the intramural pigskin championship. No member of either team was drafted by the Packers or the Vikings in the NFL pick of non-professional talent for professional play. The Ducks had a season record of 8—1, while the Ch's ruled their league with 9—0. Speculation was rampant that the deciding game decided nothing as to the relative strengths of the competing teams' leagues. Basketball Basketball competition in intramural play was fierce and hot throughout the season. Gremlins, Rogues, Midnight Ranchers, and Aftpolos vied for immortality under the big gym basket in Karges. Student Voice reports of the season clearly indicate who won the championship, and the picture in the upper right hand comer, next page, is not of the winning team. (Too bad we don't have names of the fellas in the picture.) The picture in the upper right comer of the next page is of the varsity at practice. They did not compete in intramural league play, but we needed a sports picture to fill the hole there. P.S. Rio's Rec won the l-M Basketball Crown. Pic's Rec won their glory by defeating ("trouncing") the Bihio-lism team, 71 to 48. Sterling rebounding by Dick Bart-key and Rick Olin, with exemplary defense work by Tom Gustafson and hot shooting by Rog Dillenbeck brought home the basketball bacon. Volleyball action at Karges.Bowling In the all-campus bowling tournament trophies were awarded in team, doubles, and singles competition. The Old Timers won team competition with Alpha Gamma Rho coming in second. Doubles winners were Jerry Nickell and Doug Caldwell with Jim Hughes and Bill Van Dyke following close behind. Single bowling award winner was George Ritter, of Kappa Theta. Alpha Gamma Rho's Tom Goerke placed second. Jim Hughes won the first-place trophy for "all events," with Reggie Haag placing second in this competition. Right: Hey Reff! He's poking me in the stomach! Above: Is that a birdie I Volleyball Champs: 1966 l-M Play; FRONT: dentified, Tom Margeneau, Unidentified, Rod see above me ...? Schultz, Omar, Blank. BACK: Unidentified, Uni- Cooke.I FACULTYB. J. ROZEHNAL Dean of Students Northwestern University, B.M., MM. NANCY KNAAK Associate Dean of Students Northwestern University, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. WAYNE WOLFE Administrative Vice President DePauw University, B.A.; Indiana University, M.A., Ph.D. RICHARD DELORIT Academic Vice President Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; University of Wisconsin, M.S., Ph.D. PHILIPS. ANDERSON Dean, College of Education (Graduate School) Wisconsin State University ot Stevens Point, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.A., Ph.D. j. j. McLaughlin Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Eastern Michigan University, A.B.; University of Michigan, A.M., Ed.D. J. C. DOLLAHON Dean, College of Agriculture New Mexico State University, B.S.; University of Florida, M.S., Ph.D. L GORDON STONE Dean, College of Education (Summer Session and Extension) State Teachers College, Valley City North Dakota, B.A., Northwestern University, M.A. 46ROBERT BROCK Director of Student Center University of Tennessee, B.S.; George Peabody Teachers College, M.A. MELVIN GERMANSON Registrar University of Wisconsin, B.B.A. CIETUS HENRIKSEN Business Manager Madison College, B.A., M.A. Administration and Special Offices WAYNE PETERSON JAMES SCHMIDT Assistant Registrar Assistant Director of Student Center Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S. 147WILLIAM E. BENJAMIN Agriculture University of Minnesota, B.S., M.S. GERHARDT BOHN Ag. Engineering Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.j University of Minnesota, M.S., Ph.D. WALTER H. GRANATA JR. Geology Hamilton College, B.A.; University of Missouri, M.A.; University of Wyoming, Ph.D. JOHN E. FOSS Soils Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.S. RICHARD C GRAY Animal Science Iowa State University, B.S.; University of Missouri, M.S., Ph.D. RUSSELL GERBER Industrial Arts Stout State University, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.A., University of Missouri, Ed.D. DONALD HARGROVE Animal Science Oklahoma State University, B.S.; University of Florida, M.S., Ph.D. 14®DONALD H. STEINEGGER Horticulture University of Wisconsin, B.S.; University of Californio, Ph.D. MARVIN D. THOMPSON Ag. Education lowo State University, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. LUTHER R. HLTER8RAND Ag. Education University of Missouri, B.S., ME., Ph.D. ZENON T. SMOLAREK Ag. Engineering Stout State University, B.S., MS. Agriculture RAYMOND WALL LEIAND WITTWER Agriculture Animal Science Wisconsin State University Michigan State University, at River Falls, B.E.; Univer- B.S.; Cornell University, sity of Minnesota, MS. MS., Ph.D. THORVALD THORESON Ag. Engineering Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; University of Wisconsin, B.S.E.E., Uni-vorslty of Minnesota, M.S. MELVIN WALL Agronomy Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; University of Wisconsin, M.S., Ph.D. 149DON C. AABEL Economics University of Colorado, B.S., Wisconsin, C.P.A. WILLIAM W. ABBOTT, JR. Music Baker University, B.M.; Northwestern University, M.M.; Indiana University, Ph.D. VIRGINIA AKINS Biology University of Wisconsin, B.A., Ph.D. ELIZABETH J. ALLEN Speech Seattle Pacific College, B.A.; Louisiana State University, M.A. RAYMOND V. ANDERSON Political Science Moorhead State College, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.A., Ph.D. JOYCE ASHENBRENNER Sociology Tulane University, B.A., M.A. EARL G. ALBERT Physics Nebraska State Teachers College, B.S.; University of Nebraska, M.S. WARD S. ALBRO III History University of Houston, B.S., M.A. 150ROBERT B. BAILEY III Sociology Talladega College, BA.; Birmingham University, England, M.A.; University of Utrecht, Holland, Ph.D. Arts and MARY BARRETT Art Michigan State University, BA,- University of Wisconsin, M.A.; Cranbrook Academy of Art, M.F A Sciences ROBERT R. BECK ROBERT L. BERG English Political Science University of Nebraska, B.S.; University of Redlands, Cali-University of Minnesota, fornla, B.A.; University of M.S. Minnesota, M.A., Ph.D. JACK M BOSTRACK Biology Wartburg College, BA; University of Wisconsin, M.S., Ph.D. CHESTER L BOYES Speech Upper Iowa University, B.S.; Colorado State College, MA JOHN L. BROWN Mathematics Block Hills State College, B.S.; Stanford University, M.A. ROBERT CAIENTINE Biology State College of Iowa, BA, MA; Iowa State University, Ph.D. Aii JERALD CARSTENS Speech University of South Dakoto, BA, MA. 151JAMES CERBIO Speech Wisconsin State University, River Falls, B.S. ZANE CHAFFEE English Mankato State College, B.S.; State University of Iowa, MA CHUN-SHU CHANG JAMES CLARK History Musk National Taiwan University, B.A.; Harvard University, Ph.D. JAMES R. CRETCHER Speech Albion College. B.S.; Olivet College, MA; University of Wisconsin, Ph. M.; University of Michigan, Ph.D. CHARLES DALKERT Musk Illinois Wesleyan University, BM; Eastman School of Musk, MM RICHARD K. DARR Economics Midland College. A.BUni-varsity of Nebraska, MA, Ph.D. 152 BLANCHE E. DAVIS Speech-Theatre Illinois State University, BEd.; State University of Iowa, MA; Columbia University, Ph.D. CAROLYN DEJONG Musk Eastmon School of Musk, BM; Indiana University, MMCONRAD DEJONG Musk North Toxos Slot© University, B.M.; Indiana University, MM. DAVID DOCTER Music University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A. MARVIN G. DODGE English St. Thomas College, St. Paul, B.A.,- University of Minnesota, M.A. CARROU. EGGEE Biology South Dakota State University, B.S., M.S. CLIFFORD C. FORTIN Library Science University of Minnesota, B.Ed., M.A. f GEORGE W. GARLID History University of Minnesota, B.A., M.A. EZZATELALFI Economics Cairo, B.S.; University of Minnesota, B.S.E., M.A. WALTER ENGLER English University of Minnesota, B.S., M.A.; Columbia University, Ed.D. LOUIS FELDHAMMER Anthropology-Sociology University of California, Ber-keley, B.A.; University of Chicago, M.A. CARL D. FINSTAD Biology Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; Illinois Wesleyan University, M.S.T.EDWARD A. GORKA JAMES W. GLENNEN Chemistry Wisconsin Stote University at River Falls, B.S. French University of Akron, B.A.; Western Reserve University, M.A.; University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. EMERSON E. GARVER Chemistry Kent State University, B.S.j Michigan State University, Ph.D. CAROL F. GIBBS Geography University of Kansas, B.A., M.A. LILLIAN GOUGH Mathematics University of Buffalo, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. A f gH f , -N R? M ■pn LYLE C HALL Chemistry Luther College, BA; State University of Iowa, M.S., Ph.D. LAWRENCE HAPKE Mathematics Morningsidc College, B.S.; Bowling Green State Unhmr-sity, M.A. JAMES D. HARLESS Journalism Howard College, B.A.; University of Alabama, University of Iowa, M.A. MARION E. HAWKINS English Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; University of Wisconsin, MS., Ph.D. 154JOHN W. HILL Chemistry Middle Tennessee Stole College, B.S.; University of Ar-konsos, Ph.D. Arts and Sciences LOIS E. HEILBORN English Wheaton College, B.A.; Northwestern University, M.A. RAYMOND HEILBORN English Western Illinois University, B.S.; Christian Theological Seminary, B.D., Butler University, M.S. LARRY HENRIKSEN Mathematics Carthage College, A.B.; University of Illinois, Ed. M. CHARLES L HORN Sociology University of Florida, B.S., M.A.; Florida State University, Ph.D. BERNARD HYMAN Sociology City College of New York, B.A.; Columbia University, M.S. EDGAR N. HOWELL Mathematics Spring Hill College, AS.; Hofstra University, MS. Ed.; St. John's University, M.S.; University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. DOUGLAS L. JOHNSON Ait University of Wisconsin, M.S. MF.A. ERNEST F. JURGENS German State University of Iowa, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. CHARLES KAO Economics Taiwan Provincial College, B.S.; South Dakota State University, MS.; Michigan State University, Ph.D. ISSNICHOLAS J. KAROLIDES English New York University, B.S., Am., Ph.D. B. H. KETTLEKAMP Biology University of Kansas, A.B., AM; University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D. CHAUNCEY KING Music American Conservatory, B.M.; Northwestern University, M.S. WILLIAM LARSEN Speech University of Arizona, B.A., M.A. JAMES T. KING History Hastings College, A.B.; University of Nebraska, A.M., Ph.D. CURTISS O. LARSON Physics Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; Cose Institute of Technology, Ph.D. MARTIN LAAKSO Biology Winona Stote Teachers College, B.Ed.; Montana State College, M.S.; University of Minnesota, Ph.D. EARL LEWIS English Wisconsin State College at LaCrosse, B.S.; State University of Iowa, M.A. CHAN LIEN Political Science National Taiwan University, B.A.; University of Chicago, M.A., Ph.D. CATHARINE LIENEMAN Biology University of Nebraska, B.A., Ph.D.; Washington University, M.A.CHARLES A. LONIE English Rondolph-Macon College, B.A. Arts and Sciences JOHN LORENCE Art Cronbrook Academy of Art M.F.A. RICHARD MELANDER Mathematics University of Minnesota, B.S.; Mankato State Col lege, M.S. RAYMOND H. MERRITT History-Social Science St. Olaf College, B.A.; Luther Theological Seminary, B.D.; University of Minnesota, MA. EDITH J. LUKE English North Texas State College, B.A.; North Texas State University, M.A. EUGENE MAIER Philosophy Adrian College, A.B.; Boston University, S.T.B.; University of Chicago, Ph.D. FRED J. MORGAN Geology-Physical Science Lamar State College of Technology, B.S. JOHN G. MOSHER, JR. Geography University of Illinois, B.A., M.A. VERA MOSS English Western State University, A.B.; University of Michigan, M.A. 157J. DOUGLAS MOUNTAIN Mathematics Wisconsin State University ot River Falk, B.S.; University of Oregon, MS. PETER MUTO Physical Science Wisconsin State University at Stevens Point, B.S.; Phillips University, MEd. DONALD A. NITZ Carlton College, A.B.; Montana State University, MM. Ed.,- Boston University, D.MA. EUGENE P. NOLEN English St. Johns University, BA.; St. Cloud Stote College, MS. JOHN R. O'BOYLE English Unlversldad de las Americas, B.A. WILLIAM PALMER Englkh Union College, A.B.; Columbia University, MA.; University of Kansas, Ph.D. LYLE D. OLESON Mathematics Wisconsin State University at Eau Claire, B.S.; Tri-Stote, B.S.; Ball State University, M.S. ALWIN PARKER Physical Science Northwestern State College of Louisiana, BA.; Louisiana State University, M.S., Ph.D. 158RICHARD A. PEDERSON Chemistry Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S. JOSEPHINE PATEREK English University of Wisconsin, B.S.; University of Minnesota, MA., Ph.D. JOHN B. PATTERSON History—Political Science Kent State University, B.A.; University of Minnesota, MA. M.A. LEO PHILIPPE German University of Notre Dame, A.B.; University of Minnesota, MA. EDWARD N. PETERSON History-Social Science University of Wisconsin, B.A., MA., Ph.D. STANLEY G. PETERSON Journalism State University of Iowa, B.A., M.A. ROBERT PIONKE Sociology Wisconsin State University at Stevens Point, B.S.; Southern Illinois University, M.A. NEAL H. PROCHNOW Physics Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; Vanderbilt University, M.S. REGINALD PUNWASI Biology Southern Illinois University, B.S., MS. GERALD RANDOLPH English Drake University, B.A.; State University of Iowa, M ., Ph.D. 159LEONARD ROBINS Social Science University of Minnesota, B.A.; University of Michigan. LAWRENCE ROSING Art Minneapolis School of Art, B.F.A.,- College of St. Thomas, MAT. THEODORE SETTERQU1ST Chemistry Carleton College, B.A.; University of Wisconsin, MA aYDE CURRY SMITH History Miami University, Ohio, A.B., M.S.j University of Chi cago, D.B., MA M, SUSAN SORENSON English University of Minnesota, BA, M.A. JAMES T. SAMPSON Art Albion College, BA; Michigan State University, MA JOSEPH P. SCHWEBEL Mathematics St. Mary's College, BA; University of Minnesota, M.A. RICHARD D. SWENSEN Chemistry Wortburg College, BA; State University of Iowa, Ph.D. GILBERT N. SMITH Economics Oklahoma City University, B.A.; Boston University, M.BA; University of Nebraska, Ph.D. ISODALE WHITESIDE French—Spanish Augusiana College. B.A. KURT L. WILD Art University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, B.S.; Cron brook Academy of Art, M.F.A. SANFORD D. SYSE Speech-Theatre University of Wisconsin, B.S., M.S. CORNELIUS TER MAAT English Calvin College, A.B.,- University of Michigan, MA, Ed.D. WAYNE TYLER English University of Wisconsin, B.A., MA MILAN WEHKING Chemistry Mankato State College, B.S.; University of Iowa, M.S., Ph.D. GLEN WILLIAMS Economics University of North Dakota, B.S.; Montana, C.PA. ELLIOT WOLD Music Concordia College, Moorhead, B.M.; University of Wisconsin, M.M. BRUCE WILLIAMSON Mathematics St. Olaf, B.A.; Illinois University, M.A. JEANNE WOLD Music St. Olaf, B.M.; St. Olaf Col-lege, B.M. 161JACKAGNEW Financial Aids Counselor Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S. SHELDON BAKER Education-Psychology Ohio State University, B.A., M.A.; Western Reserve University, Ed. D. Education A. D. BARRETT Psychology Coordinator of testing Concordia Teachers College, B.Sc.Ed.; Trinity Hall College and Seminary, S.Th.D.; Uni-versidad Latino Americana, Havana, Ph.D. O. B. BERGSRUD Physical Education Luther College, B.A.; University of Iowa, M;A. HOWARD J. BRENTNER Education Mississippi College, B.A.; Northern Illinois University, M.S. DANIEL H. BROWN Education University of Kansas, Ed. D.,-Wisconsin State University at Superior, M.Ed.; Wisconsin State University at Eau Claire, B.S. DONALD A. CHARPENTIER Psychology Hope College, A.B.; Ohio University, M.A.; George Peabody College, Ed. S. 162MARY A. DOUGHERTY Education Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S. GWYNN M. CHRISTENSEN Physical Education University of Wisconsin, B.S., MS. ANN DUB8E Education University of Minnesota, B.S., M.A. LEONA COOPER Education National College of Education, B.S.,- Northwestern University, MS. ALAN R..EVANS Physical Education South Dakota State University, B.S., M.Ed. RUTH HARRIGAN Residence Hall Counselor Reading and Study Skills Laboratory College of St. Teresa, Winona, B.A. MARIE HELD Education University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, B.S.; University of Wisconsin, M.S. WILFRED HARRIS Psychology Milwaukee State, B.E., University of Wisconsin, Ph.M., Ph.D. MARILYN HINSON Physical Education Western New Mexico University, B.S.; Indiana University, MS. 163LELAND E. JENSEN Director, Placement Bureau Educational Psychology Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; University of Wisconsin, M.S., PhD. LLOYD A. JOHNSON Education Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; State College of Iowa, M-Ed. CAROL GAY HORVEI NICHOLAS JADINAK Physical Education Music University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota, B.S., M.A. B.S.; University of Idaho, M.S.; University of Colorado, Graduate Work. BYRON JAMES ALTON JENSEN Physical Education Education State College of Iowa, B.A.; Wisconsin Stole University Iowa University, M.A. at Superior, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.A. EDWARD H. KAISER Education Ft. Hays Kansas State College, B.S., M.S. WILBUR KALINKE Associate Professor of Education Director, Ames Laboratory School Wisconsin State University at Stevens Point, B. Ed.; Wisconsin State University at Superior, M.Ed. 164JAMES F. KERFOOT Education University of Minnesota, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. ROSS P. KORSGAARD Education Dakota Wesleyan University, B.A.; University of South Dakota, M.A.; University of Nebraska, Ed. D. ROWLAND KLINK Education Indiana University, Ed. D.; Kansas State College, M.S., B.S. ROBERT KRUEGER Audio Visual Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.A. SALLY LANCE Education Madison College, B.M. Ed. FLORINEMILBRATH Education Stout State University, B.S. M. LEE MINOR Psychology National College, B.A.,- University of Tulsa, M.A. 165EMOGENE A. NELSON Physical Education Wisconsin State University at La Crosse, B.S-; University of Minnesota, MA. Education LEE NORDRUM Audio Visual Stout State University, M.S.; Wisconsin State University ot La Crosse, B.S. J. MARK PERRIN Education Shurfleff College, Alton, Illinois, B.S.; University of Illinois, M.S.; University of North Dakota, Ed. D. DONALD A. PAGE Physical Education University of Wisconsin, B.S., MS. LORETTA PANIAN Education College of St. Teresa, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.A. NELLIE R. POUNG Student Personnel University of North Dakota, B.A.; University of Colorodo, MA. WILLIAM RAMEY Education Wisconsin State University, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M .; Arizona State University, Ed. D. 166WILLIAM ROMOSER EDWARD H. SELDEN Education Psychology Stout State University, B.S., Wisconsin State University at M.S.; University of Donver, Superior, B.S.; University of M.A., Ed.D. Minnesota, M.A., Ph.D. DANIEL H. SULLIVAN Residence Hall Counselor Wisconsin State University at Whitewater, B.E.; Winona State College, M.S. ALLAN A. SIEMERS Director of Student Teaching University of Wisconsin, B.S., M.S., Stanford Uni-versify, Ed. D. BILL R. WEBSTER Psychology—Student Personnel Nebraska State College, B.A.; University of Nobraska, M.E., Ed.D. L. ALFRED SVANOE Residence Hall Counselor Augsburg College, B.A. NAUNDA TIETZ Education Wisconsin State University at Eou Cloire, B.S.j University of Minnesota, M.A. WILLIAM G. WILLIAMS Education Jamestown College, B.S.; University of North Dakota, M.S. 167AUDREY ADAMS Librarian University of Wisconsin, B.A., M.A. AMY FULLER Librarian Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.E., University of North Carolina, B.A. YOUNG JIN KIM Librarian University of Minnesota, B.A., M,A. RICHARD A. COOKLOCK Head Librarian University of Wisconsin, B.A., M.A. Chalmer Davee Library 168Maintenance Staff FRONT (left to right): Ray Foley, Nell Barron, Leo Karras, Ray Meyer, Mrs. Bowen, Geraldine Meiers, Judy Biever, Hank Pedersen, Russell Olson, Marvin Dopklns, Floyd Fischer, Tamia Smith, Pep Hanson, Willis Schmidt, Bert Foster, Knute Peterson, Leo Fischer, Marvin Killian, William Olson. BACK: Bill Rugo, Ken Chlnnock, Hank McKohan, Gerald Drury, Herman Frltsche, Pete Fischer, Glenn Kotts, Don Sitz, Jack Sunde, Joe Nicholson, Dave Symes, Ed McLaughlin, Jack Kahut, Arnold Breitenfeld, Ben Pechacek, Ture Thompson, Milton Hovde. Chief Maintenance Engineer Neil Barron Although members of the maintenance staff teach no classes, make no schedules, or do not set University policy, Wisconsin State University—River Falls, as we know it, could not continue to exist without them. For it is the maintenance staff that keeps the University campus the most beautiful of all the Wisconsin state universities. The maintenance staff not only keeps the University buildings in good repair, but is also responsible for the various athletic fields on campus, as well as for campus snow removal—no mean job itself in Wisconsin's wintry climate. The unsurpassed beauty of the River Falb campus is testimony enough to the excellence of the performance of Chief Neil Barron and his staff. 169CLASSESSeniors Class Officers: President Vice President Secretary------ Treasurer ... Dennis Langkos ,. Bill Beckwith .. John Gilbert . Mark Nelson The Senior's one, exclusive privilege: graduation!JOHN AFDAHl Hammond Agriculture Business JAMES AIKEN Stratford, Connecticut History Industrial Arts NADINE AMPHLETT Madison English, Journalism MARY JANE ANDERSEN Madison Biology Psychology 15’ ■ 43pJ HARVEY ANKLEY Sarona Agriculture, Animal Science PAMELLA ARMBRUSTER River Falls History Sociology DAVID ARNDT Osceola Agriculture Business WILLIAM ARNDT Ontario Agricultural Education, Biology HELEN AVERY Fort Worth, Texas Journalism, Sociology MARGEAN BAADER Pepin Elementary Education Social Science RONALD BAHR Ridgeland Psychology Sociology RICHARD BAINS River. Falls Mathematics Psychology INEZ BAKER Columbus, Ohio DAVID BALKE Edgerton Speech, Music GEORGE BARIBEAU Rice Lake Economics, Geography BARBARA BARR Cameron Biology Physical EducationKAYE BARRETT Trego English Journalism GARY BOHLKEN Prescott Psychology History BARBARA BAUTCH Whitehall Broad Area Speech Psychology BEHROUZ BOHLOOL Tehran, Iran Psychology English GARY BEASTROM Ellsworth Agricultural Education Biology BONNIE BECKER 1 Cadott Psychology "ST® DANIEL BECKER Cadott Economics Psychology, Sociology WILLIAM BECKWITH Hayward Economics Geography JUDY BONNEVILLE Cumberland Elementary Education Psychology GLORIA BONTE Hammond Elementary Education English HOLLIS BEEDE Alma Center Mathematics Chemistry LEO BINKOWSKI j Elmwood Biology Chemistry LfchXj CORINNE BITTRICH St. Paul, Minnesota Sociology Journalism MARY JANE BLAKESLEY 1 Elkhorn English History K tfS DENNIS BOSTROM Hager City Elementary Education Art Education THOMAS BOUDREAU Wisconsin Rapids Elementary Education HistoryALICE BRAGER Alma Center Medical Technology GLORIA BRANTNER Mondovi Elementary Education Psychology my GEORGE BROOKS Sparta Agricultural Education Biology ROBERT BROWN Westfield Elementary Education Journalism |i MARY BUNELLE Stillwater, Minnesota Elementary Education Social Science WAYNE BURICH Chippewa Falls Elementary Education Physical Education, Safety Education JANET BURKE Amery Elementary Education History LOREN BRYHN Stoddard Political Science Sociology GERALD BYRNES Spooner Economics, Political Science KATHLEEN CABANOWSKI Tomah Elementary Education Biology DUANE CATT Eau Claire Agricultural Business, Science, and Technology BARBARA CHAPIN Baldwin Elementary Education Physical Education N. ROGER CHAPIN Woodville History Political Science JAMES CHASE Waukesha Elementary Education Speech RODNEY BROWN Stanley Psychology, Sociology JOHN BRUCE Apam, Ghana Biology Chemistry kOGER DAHL [ 1 § 1 RAYMOND CHRISTENSEN Centuria or. raui, m Sociology nnesora Agricultural—Chemicals rsycnoiogy Chemistry DONNA DAVIDSON 4 BARTON CHRISTENSON Stillwater, Minnesota ii T J ” Ellsworth Elementary Education t ? It Business Administration Psychology u Mathematics ■— ,| ■ f PHILIP CHRISTMAN Warn 1 Jr Tony Agricultural Education VF I At Economics DOUGLAS CHRISTOPHERSON m m M m a M Ellsworth HI mm SMS Biology Geology m i am MM F3P % it' PHILIP CIOLKOSZ |A 4 jfO! fjk feci OToniey Elementary Education Physical Education JL T rSn LINDA CLARK St. Croix Falls Elementary Education, Psychology 2% 1 f PATRICK DENISON JUDITH CLOS Birchwooc IP 1 r ! St. Paul, Minnesota Chemistry flbk ' Elementary Education Mathematics fl I Physical Education 11 JB VICTOR DILLER ROGER CORBIN Boyceville 'ci Spooner Agriculture Psychology AL Sociology o Qj R. EDWIN COYLE Lapel, Indiana Economics fj f ' history IS Vfe- | ,4% KENNETH DADO Clear Lake Broad Area Music 1 IT' Ki $2 TT JOAN DITLEFSEN Centuria Chemistry Mathematics JEROME DONATEll Spooner Elementary Education GeologyGERALD DOPKINS River Falls Mathematics Chemistry RAYMOND DREGER Colfax Agricultural Education, Biology CHARLES DROUBIE St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Psychology EUNICE DUREN Spring Valley English, Physical Education till Qi dk l4m DON DUSZYNSKI West Chicago, Illinois Biology, Mathematics DICKEY EASTVOLD St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Social Science MICHAEL EBERSOLD Alma Chemistry Mathematics BEVERLY ENLOE River Falls Elementary Education Psychology RICHARD ERICKSON Whitehall Agricultural Education Agricultural Economics BARRY FANKHAUSER Barron Chemistry Mathematics RODNEY FIRL Red Wing, Minnesota Mathematics Chemistry NORMA FITZJARRELL River Falls Physical Education Health ARVID FLANUM Amery Chemistry Mathematics EUGENE FOLMER Milwaukee Sociology Biology DAVID FORREST Dresser Agricultural Engineering BEVERLY FROSETH Elk Mound Elementary Education MusicMARY FUNK Barron Biology, Physical Education EDWARD GANSKE Spooner Elementary Education JAMES GARGULAK Rice Lake Geography History DONALD GENRICH Birnomwood Agricultural Science and Technology Chemistry DENNIS GIERE Montevideo, Minnesota Speech Correction Physical Education JOHN GILBERT Oskaloosa, Iowa Economics Political Science DIANNE GRANDT N. St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Library Science KEITH GRANT Deer Park Agricultural Finance Economics ERIC GILBERTSON Cornucopia History Political Science RALPH GINSBACH Elmwood Biology Industrial Arts GEORGE GLOVKA Cumberland Agriculture Biology VICKI GRAHAM Elgin, Illinois Speech, English SANDRA GREENER Cumberland Elementary Education Library Science DIANE GRENQUIST Cumberland Elementary Education Library Science JANET GRIFFEY River Falls Physical Education English VANCE GROSSER Northfield, Minnesota Biology ChemistrySHARON GUISER Spring Valley Elementary Education Library Science JEANNE GUSTAFSON St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Library Science 2 § LEROY GYGAX Waukesha Agricultural Education Biology ARTHUR HAAS Unity Agriculture, Animal Science RONALD HAGER Alma Biology Chemistry JOHN HAMMES Chetek Mathematics Library Science JOHN HANSON Baldwin Agronomy and Soils RONALD HARPER Menomonie English Mathematics ANN HEITING Hudson English French ROLAND HENDRICKSON Colfax Biology Physical Education, Safety Education RONALD HENDRICKSON Greenwood Agricultural Education Biology TERENCE HESS LaCrosse Agricultural—Business BETTY JO HANNA Sharon Elementary Education Social Science DOUGLAS HANSON Richfield, Minnesota Sociology History EARL HASSELQUIST River Falls Mathematics Chemistry JANET HAYES Amery Elementary Education PsychologyGLORIA HJELLE Amery Elementary Education, Psychology DIANNE HOWARD Madison Elementary Education, Speech Correction WILLIAM HOFFMAN Stillwater, Minnesota English Journalism WILLIAM HOLT Neillsville Elementary Education LINDA HOPMAN Boyceville Elementary Education French GARY HOSCHETTE W. St. Paul, Minnesota Chemistry Mathematics DAVID HULTGREN St. Paul, Minnesota Psychology, Sociology NEAL IHRKE Hammond Agricultural Education Industrial Arts THOMAS HET2EL Hales Corners History Political Science THOMAS HETZNECKER Mahtomedi, Minnesota Elementary Education Psychology THOMAS HICKOX Shell Lake Elementary Education Geography SHARON HILLESTAD Cadott Elementary Education Library Science MARGUERITE HOFFMAN River Falls Elementary Education Social Science SANDERS HOWSE Savannah, Georgia History, Sociology SUSAN HOUCK Omaha, Nebraska English History LARRY HOUSER River Falls Mathematics ChemistrySUSAN JAHN St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Art HERBERT JAPS St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education English MARILYN JENSEN Eau Claire Elementary Education Social Science ARTHUR JOHNSON St. Paul, Minnesota Art Physical Education BARBARA KAHABKA Pepin Biology, Physical Education CAROLL KAISER Lake Elmo, Minnesota Physical Education Art Education TOSHRO KAMIYA Fujieda, Shizuoka, Japan Agriculture, Animal Science EDMOND KINNEY River Falls Economics History WILLIAM KINNEY Robbinsdale, Minnesota Economics Psychology JUDY KLIMMEK St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Psychology BETTY INGALLS W. St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Music BONNIE JACOBSON River Falls Elementary Education Psychology DELL JOHNSON Amery Agronomy and Soils DONALD JOHNSON Boyceville Chemistry Mathematics BYRON JENSEN Wilson Broad Area Social Science DIANE JENSEN River Falls Biology, EnglishDANIEL LAFFE Fairchild Agricultural Education Industrial Arts DONALD LAIB New London Animal Science DENNIS LANGKOS Centuria Mathematics Chemistry BARBARA LANSING Spring Valley Elementary Education Physical Education DAVID KLINEFELTER Stillwater, Minnesota Agriculture Business LORETTA KNOEPKER Hayward Elementary Education Art THOMAS KONGSLIEN Tomahawk Speech Correction Biology JAMES KOSKI Loyal Agricultural Education Industrial Arts PAUL KOZAK North Lake, Illinois Political Science History, Physical Education EDWARD KRAFT Hayward Biology Geography JOHN LAAKSO Owen Agricultural Finance THOMAS LADWIG LaCrosse Biology Chemistry KAREN KOESER Milwaukee Elementary Education Psychology THOMAS KONEFES Danbury Biology Agriculture DOUGLAS LANSING Spring Valley Speech, Psychology MARY LANSING Ellsworth Psychology, SociologyPERRY LIUESTRAND Marinette Sociology Psychology ROBERT LINABERRY Westfield Psychology Sociology FREDERICK LINDBERG Turtle Lake Psychology Physical Education, Sociology ROSEMARY LOSS N. St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education French MARY JO LOVER Mondovi Elementary Education Art Education BERNARD LYKSETT Hudson Broad Area Social Science RALPH McCAFFERY Dousman Agronomy and Soils Mathematics dennis McConnell Union Grove Biology Chemistry GERALD MCDONALD Taylor German French, English GENE McKENZIE St. Croix Falls Biology Physical Education CHERYL LARSON Elmwood Physical Education English DUANE LARSON Plum City Physics, Mathematics J. KENNETH LEE Durand Mathematics Physical Education LINDA LEMERE Egg Harbor Psychology Mathematics ARTHUR LEMKE Des Plaines, Illinois ELIZABETH LIUESTRAND White Bear Lake, Minnesota English, SociologyJUDITH MADSON Hager City English Psychology TERRENCE MAHONEY Prescott Elementary Education Economics PERRY MANOR Pepin Chemistry Mathematics THOMAS MANULA Hudson Economics, Political Science LAURA MAREK Cadott Elementary Education Physical Education JOHN MARINO Hudson Political Science, Journalism JUDITH MARKGREN Cumberland Elementary Education Physical Education JUDY MARKISON W. St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education English BRENDA MARTIN Elmwood History, Psychology DAVID MARTINEAU River Falls Economics, Sociology EDWARD MATHISON Stanley Agricultural Education Biology HARRIET MATHISON Hudson Elementary Education Library Science ilk y i ■ w M RONALD MATZ Wittenberg Agricultural Education Economics MYRON MEATH New Richmond Business Administration Political Science WAYNE MELIN Cushing Biology Chemistry NORBERT MEYER St. Paul, Minnesota Business Administration SociologyROBERT MIKE St. Paul, Minnesota Broad Area Social Science JAMES MILBERY St. Paul, Minnesota History Physical Education ysp .a MICHAEL MILER S. St. Paul, Minnesota Political Science, Sociology ROGER MILLER St. Paul, Minnesota Business Administration Mathematics ROBERT MISSLING Withee Agricultural Education Industrial Arts WILLIAM MOCKENHAUPT St. Paul, Minnesota Sociology History r ■—g JEAN MOEN Hudson Elementary Education ryN Social Science DON MONSON River Falls Economics, Business Administration Psychology jfife JOHN MORTONSON Milwaukee JTT TT Elementary Education w V - THOMAS MOST Prescott A Agriculture Chemistry fife J05EPH MUN50N Mondovi Animal Science % W WILLIAM MURPHY W £ 1 i .w- River Falls I Sociology III m Economics DENNIS NELSON River Falls "pi Economics Mathematics «v DANIEL NESTOR Hudson Mathematics Political Science GARY NIELSEN St. Paul, Minnesota Agriculture L ¥ WILDA NILSESTUEN Arcadia French, English 3k BERNICE NYHUS Cumberland Elementary Education Library Science JAMES OAKLAND Prairie Farm History Psychology DONALD NORDERHAUG Ellsworth Physics, Mathematics PAMELA NOREEN N. St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education English DUANE ORMSON Barron Broad Area Social Science GERALDINE OSWALD Wauzeka Geography Geology JEAN OLSON Luck Sociology, Psychology JERILYN OLSON Minneapolis, Minnesota Sociology Biology GEORGE OUIMETTE Tomahawk History Political Science KEN OURADA Antigo Agricultural Finance Economics KEITH O'MALLEY River Falls Mathematics Economics KATHLEEN O'MERA Knapp English Library Science MICHAEL OBRADOVICH Eagle River Elementary Education Speech CHERYL O'FLANAGAN Prairie Farm Medical Technology CATHERINE OLIN Centuria Elementary Education Psychology GORDON OLSON Frederic Broad Area Social ScienceFRANCIS PACYGA Rice Lake Agricultural Education Biology LARRY PASANEN Exeland Agricultural Science r BETTY PAULSEN Frederic Elementary Education Psychology RUTH ANNE PECHACEK River Falls Mathematics, English, Economics DAVID PECK Marshfield Journalism Agriculture MARY PECK Boyceville Broad Area Liberal Arts Library Science SUSAN PECK St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Sociology BRUCE PENNINGTON River Falls Mathematics Physics SUSAN PENO Rush City, Minnesota Elementary Education, Music DALLAS PETERSON Hudson Psychology, Sociology Speech GARY PETERSON Star Prairie Economics, Political Science JUNE PETERSON Centuria English Psychology KAREN PETERSON Rice Lake Sociology Psychology MANFERD PETERSON Black River Falls Economics History MELVIN PETERSON Cumberland Mathematics Broad Area Science RICHARD PETERSON Barron Sociology, PsychologyRONALD PETERSON New Richmond Animal Science CAROL PEVOVAR Hawkins Elementary Education Psychology PATRICIA PHILLIPS Withee Elementary Education, Music ARTHUR PIEHL Shawano Animal Science TOD PLANER Hartland Animal Science DAVID POMINVILLE Stillwater, Minnesota Art Education Psychology DONALD POPOWSKI Chetek Physics, Mathematics JOHN POUKEY Cumberland LORIN PRESTON Eau Claire Animal Science RONALD PURVIS Knapp Biology Chemistry ANN REILAND Pewaukee Elementary Education Library Science FRED REMUND Amery Agriculture ROLLAND RIECK Ellsworth History, Broad Area Social Science Mathematics BARBARA RIVIERE Luck Biology Speech JEAN-CHARLES RIVIERE Lyon, France Mathematics Physics JOHN ROCKVAM Red Wing, Minnesota Mathematics EconomicsGAILON ROEN Rice Lake Medical Technology JUDITH ROENZ Manawa Physical Education Psychology ANITA ROESSLER Hudson Mathematics German EILEEN ROGERS Centuria Psychology, Mathematics Guidance KAREN ROMSOS Barronett Mathematics, Psychology DUANE RONNANDER Karlstad, Minnesota Mathematics Physics HOBART SAILOR Hammond Speech Psychology FARAMARZ SALMASSI Tehran, Iran Psychology, Political Science English KAREN SANDQUIST Wausau English Speech JERALD SARGENT St. Louis Park, Minnesota Broad Area Science WILLIAM SAZAMA COlby Agricultural Education Biology ROGER SCHALLER St. Croix Beach, Minnesota German History WAYNE SCHILLING Newport, Minnesota Animal Science ANN SCHLEICHER Sheboygan Falls Journalism, English ROSE ANN SCHMIT St. Croix Falls Elementary Education German ROGER SCHMITT Pepin Elementary Education Physical EducationJAMES SCHNEIDER Moribel Agricultural Education Biology MARCELLA SCHOUTEN Hudson Elementary Education, Psychology ANN SIMONS Barron English Guidance WILLIAM SIMPSON St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education, Psychology FRED SCHROEDER Bangor Chemistry Mathematics MARV SCHROEDER St. Paul, Minnesota Chemistry Mathematics EUGENE SCHUHE MARLYSSKOUG Neillsville 00,108 Elementary Education Physics, Mathematics Broad Area Social Science GERALD SMITH RAYMOND SECRIST Downing Alma Biol°9y Agricultural Business, Science, and Technology Chemistry KENNETH SERRING Shawano Agricultural Education Biology CHARLENE SEXE Balsam Lake Elementary Education Art RICHARD SHEPPARD Sparta Economics Biology KAY SIMMONS Stillwater, Minnesota Elementary Education Physical Education GERALD SOLBERG Hillsdale Vocal Music English RONALD SOLBERG Ettrick Elementary Education AgricultureROBERT SOMERVILLE Hayward Mathematics, Business Administration KENNETH SOMMERS Stillwater, Minnesota Economics History, Psychology RUTH SPEICH Ladysmith Art Physical Education ROBERT STAEBELL Rice Lake Broad Area Social Science CAROLANN STANKE St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Music KEITH STANTON W. St. Paul, Minnesota Sociology Psychology RICHARD STARKEY Rice Lake Geography History GARY STEELE Waukesha Agricultural Education Biology JANET STEEN Ridgeland Mathematics, Physics BARRY STEEVENS Stetsonville Agriculture Science Chemistry DAVID STERN Barron History, Journalism DONALD STEFFEN Marshfield Agricultural Education Biology RALPH STOCK Madison History Political Science ARTHUR STOEBERL Almena English Music LOIS STYTZ Marshfield Elementary Education Psychology JOYCE SULLIVAN Stillwater, Minnesota Elementary Education, PsychologyMARVIN SWANSON Turtle Lake Mathematics Physics MERRY JO SWANSON Ashland Broad Area Vocal Music HARRY SWANSON Mason Chemistry Mathematics VICTORIA SZCZECH Stanley Medical Technology LOUISE TESMER Marshfield Elementary Education Library Science JAMES THEWS Fremont Agricultural Education Biology DOUGLAS THOMPSON River Falls Chemistry Mathematics MARY SUE THOMPSON Hudson English Biology GERALD THORSON Mondovi Agronomy and Soils KATHERINE THULL Weyerhauser Elementary Education History ARLYS TIMM Spring Valley Art Education Speech JUDITOSHNER Birnamwood English Speech JOHN TOWNER St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Psychology WILLIAM TRANSBURG Rosemount, Minnesota Biology Geology JTsJUDITH VARING S. St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Social Science VERL VERHULST Abbotsford Agricultural Education Biology EDWIN WADE Plainfield Agronomy and Soils RICHARD WAHLSTROM Clear Lake Business Administration, Sociology CAROL WALKER River Falls Elementary Education German CHARLES WALL River Falls Elementary Education Biology DAVID WALL St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Social Science SANDRA WALLIN Frederic Psychology, Speech Correction WALTER WARREN Baraboo Psychology, Sociology JANICE WAXON Hudson Elefoentary Education Library Science CURTIS WEBER Elmwood Elementary Education Physical Education JAMES WEINS S. St. Paul, Minnesota Speech English DAVID WEITZ Pepin Journalism, History LARRY WELLENS Pulaski Agricultural Education Industrial ArtsRONALD WENDIANDT River Falls Agriculture JACQUELINE WENDLANDT River Falls Elementary Education Psychology MARLIN WHITE Frederic Biology Geology, Pre-forestry JOHN WICKRE Cumberland English Library Science MARILYN WICKRE Comstock German English VICKIE WIESNER Cameron Elementary Education Library Science LULU WILLIAMS Arkansaw Elementary Education Language Arts GARY WILMER St. Paul, Minnesota Broad Area Social Science LEON WOLFE Cochrane Agricultural Education Industrial Arts NANCY WOLFE River Falls Elementary Education Music MARY LOU WRIGHT Wisconsin Rapids Elementary Education Psychology WILLIAM WRIGHT lola Agronomy and Soils Chemistry, Mathematics GENTILLE YARUSSO St. Paul, Minnesota Biology Physical Education LEON ZABOROWSKI Addison, Illinois Chemistry MathematicsELENA ZELLER Whit© Bear Lake, Minnesota Elementary Education Speech MARCELLA ZIEMER River Falls Elementary Education, Psychology MELVERNE ZILGE Newport, Minnesota Elementary Education Physical Education RONALD ZIRBEL Marshfield Agricultural Business RICHARD ZUKE Riverside, Illinois Economics HistoryJuniors Class Officers Dennis Muller .. Sue Finke..... Dave Leadhome Judy Hilsted ... .... President Vice President ... Treasurer — Secretary iwGary LuVerne Harvey Ankley Gordon Bahr Marilyn Baker Sharon Baldeshwiler Eleanor Balke David Kaye Roger Kay Bartosh Denis Bastion Bruce Batley Thomas Jacqi William Hollis Thomas Beer Lloyd Berg Orlin Berg John Berkseth Philip Betzel Paul Bignell Leo Binkowski Gary Bird Mary Dean I James Bloomquist Behroi Charles Gloria Bonte John Bosak David Boyer Mike Brandstatter Michael Robert E James George Christeei Dennis I Jack Br Judy Floyd Buddenhagen Kathleen Buettner Victor Bula Dixie Campbell Warren Carlton Thomas Carmichael Jean COssellius Donald Cherry Raymond Christensen Patricia Christopherson Steve Cina Katherine Collins LaVerne Cook Patricia CookEEEL Mark Delong Phillip DeMunck Gerald Dodge Arthur Downing Douglas Dube Roger Dubois PhiTpa Carol Fuhs Garbe PaurGiew01 Donald Gilbert Clarence Giloy Mary Grover David Guise William Gust Thomas Gustafson Susan Hahn Michael Halko Nancy HallPatricio -Hanson Bonnie Harms James Hartery Earl Hasselquist Daniel Hosier Dee Ann Haugen Robert C. Haugen Barbara Haugh Robert Hawksford Jeffrey Hayden Janet Hayes Edward Hebert Kenneth Hecht Frank Heise Catherine Heller Ron Hepp John Herrem Gerald Hesselink Larry Hesselink Gloria Hiatt Sheila Hillary Judith Hillstead Max Hines Lance Hittman Louis H}ort Richard Hodgkins Lon Hoefer Judy Hofbauer Charles Hoffman Sylvia Hoffman Nancy Helmgren Carol Housel Spencer Howard James Hughart Sandra Hurd George Hutkowski Lawrence Huttle Mary Hyde Dave Imrie Robert Ingli Sharon Irwin W. Barry Iverson Lee Jabs William Jacobson Charles Jaglinski Robert Jandrt Lawrence Janecek William Janisch Dale Jensen Elaine Jensen Joseph Jilek Betty Johnson Charles Johnson Dell Johnson Fred Johnson Gary Johnson Larry Johnson Patrick Johnson Roger Johnson Sharon Johnson Curtis Jones Terence Jones Tomas Jones Jennifer Junkman Loral Kadlec Roberta Kahl Bruce Kamp Florence Kawakami Barbara Kepner Carole KetterlMark Nelson Daniel Nestor Bruce Neuenfeldt Gerald Nickell Gary Nielsen Gary Nielsen Roger Nielsen Wilda Nilsestuen John Nolle Mary Norquist Geoffrey Okwumobua David Olson Jean Olson Jerilyn Olson Jerold Olson Marcia Olson Robert Olson Steven Olson Warren Olson John O'Malley Tim O'Malley Marvin Opsahl David Orf Sandra Otting Charles Overbeck Patricia Parnell Lynn Parsons Robert Pasanen Loren Paulson Mary Paulson Ronald Pearson David Pederson Kathleen Pennington Michael Perkins Wayne Peshia Robert Petersen Donna Peterson Gary Peterson Richard Peterson Harry Phipps Michael Pittman John Popowski Betty Potter John Poukey Joanne Prell Thomas Price Giles Pulling John Raehl Rudolph Ramirez Dennis Regele Daniel Rekhow Ann Reiland Daniel Reis Harold Reppe Claire Rice Stanley Richer George Riedl Dennis Rietschel Barbara Ringer Leland Ritchie George Ritter Barbara Riviere Jean Riviere Keith Rodli Thomas Roelke Lee Romsos Gordon Rosenbrook Geoffrey Rudell Charles Rundquist Patrkia RussellDale Rye James Sacia Hobart Sailor John Salek Thomas Schaffer Nathan Schilling Larry Schillinger Calvin Schladweiler Cynthia Schlough Richard Schlough T. A. Schmaltz Kenneth Schoch Otto Schoeneck Margaret Sc hoe we Clara Schommer Marcella Schouten Noel Schraufnagel Melvin Schrimpf Frederick Schroeder Dennis Schulke David Schultz Donald Schultz William Schwartz Ray Soper Lois Scruton Robert Seifert Keith Selbrede Sandra Semmelhack Bradley Sequin Jay Sharp Mary Shaw James Sheahon Sharon Short ess Ann Simons Eugene Sirianni Thomas Sitz Karen Smallidge Ralph Smith Judith Smolarek Donald Sobotta Thomas Socha Lynn Spalding Arlan Spors Robert Staebell Thomas Staiger JoAnn Stark Karen Stefon Richard Stefonek David Stern David Sterud Grant Steves Henry Sukow Joyce Sullivan Christopher Summerfield Judith Sumner Mae Sumner Ronald Swoboda Judith Tate David Taube James Terrano Garry Thompson Gary Thompson Kurt Thompson Verlys Thompson Gary Thorson Katherine Thull Neil Tietz Harold Tiffany Kenneth Timm Gail ToonenKenneth Tornberg Judith Toshner Virginia Townsend William Transberg Ray Tucker George Uebel Jerome Uher Henrik VonDyk Verl Verhulst D. Kay Vincent Jerilyn Waldock William Wall Sand! Wallin Dwelle Wallis June Wanish Roger Wasielewskl Helen Woxon Sylvia Wears Curtis Weber Robert Weeks Wayne Weiss Thomas Wiex Richard Weller Dale Wester Steven Westley Charles Westphal Michael Whichello Sharon White Linda Wickard Thomas Wieken Eugene Wilkinson Gary Wilkinson Craig Williams Dennis Williams Lulu Williams Ward Winton David Wirtala Diane Wolff James Wolfgram Frank Zych Ardis Barry Jeon Edgerton Gloria Haslund Margaret Hennessey Eugene Luke Virginia Maier Jane Miller John Mortonson Telford Norvold Agnes Olson Roger Steffen Charlotte Thomas Ellen Utoft Suzanne WarrenSophomores Class Officers Ellen Blank ................. President Jim Pinckney..................V. Pres. Sue Rose......................Secretary Kay Millenczek................Treasurer STANDING, left to right: Blank, Pinckney. SEATED: Rose, Millenczek.William Abel Robert Afdahl James Ahasay James Aiken Wayne Albrigtson George Alecei Gary Alexander John Allen Marilyn Allen Allen Anderson Arlan Anderson Bonnie Anderson Daniel Anderson Eugene Andren Helen Anderson Judith Anderson Karen Anderson Wendell Anderson Judith Anenson Andrew Anton Pamela Anzivino Dee Ann Arsenaux Cheryl Arthur Muriel Askov Terry Astin Carl Axness Gayle Bacon James Baier Margaret Bailey William Bainbridge Richard Baker Robert Baker Charles Bakker Janet Barber Richard Baribeau David Bartels Richard Bartkey James Bartlett James Bartsch Carol Batho Wendy Beebe Peter Bekkum Janell Belisle Jimmie Bender Dean Bennett Antoinette Benson Martha Benson Annette Bents Diane Berg James Berg Kennedy Berg Donald Bergh Vicki Berger Gary Berglin Steven Berglund Linda Bergman William Beskar Thomas Bever Richard Biech Robert Bies Barbara Bisek John Bitney Kenn Blakeman Dianne Black lla Black Ellen Blank Richard Blomquist Ann Bock William Boesel David BoettcherKathleen Bohne Arlyn Boie Lawrence Boles Brad Bon so Shirlee Borell Joseph Borowsky Marcia Bosman Jack Boss Kathleen Boughton David Bourget Marjorie Bow Robert Bowman Dennis Bronjord Dennis Braun Robert Bradley Michael Brecke Rita Brenner Anthony Brickner Christine Britten Amelia Brummund Christine Broniszewski Donald Brown Roy Brown Janet Bryan Terry Buchli Terry Budworth Jessie Buell Danniel Buelow Robert Buhr David Burger Robert Burger Stanley Cernohous Sandra Campbell William Campbell Richard Cance Richard Carlson Anne Carpenter John Carroll Clayton Case David Cecil Jack Charbonneau James Charbonneau Dennis Chirhart Lona Christensen Nancy Christenson David Christianson John Christison James Christopherson Jin Sung Chung Geraldine Chura Stanley Ciszewski Grant Clement James Cliver Bernard Cloutier Charles Cloutier Joan Cloutier Kenneth Cobian Michael Collins Rodney Cooke James Corey Matthew Corshu Janice Couture Susan Covnick Karen Crawley Raymond Cress Alan Creswell Bruce Crist Jack Crow John CunninghamJohn Custer Don Cutler Robert Czomik Jean Dale James Daniels Carnie Danielson Susan Danielson Randy Darling Richael Davis Michael Davison Daniel Day William Delaney Ruth DeMond Joseph Denning Roger Dent Gary Deft man Douglas Dewing Barbara DeWolfe Patricia Dhols Gretchen Dicke Paul Diedrich Richard Diehl Roger Donatello Terence Doyle Arlan Duck low Robert Duoholm Don Dukerschoin Frank Dummer Michael Dutilly Douglas Drew Donald Drost David Eberhardt Janice Ebert Russell Eckes Thomas Edin Allan Edwins Kenneth Ehrhardt Wayne Ekman Gary Elberg Wayne Elrod MoryElstod Evelyn Engebreth Roger Engebreth Robert Engel Ridti Ericson Carolyn Erickson Gary Erickson Jean Erickson Samuel Erickson William Erickson James Erlandson Emo Dennis Dennis Erstad Robert Esswein William Eulberg Cynthia Evans Ray Folstod Frank Fonelk) Katha Farlow Stephen Fedie Raymond Fehlen Joyce Fetch John Felt Connie Felton Sandra Ferries Noel Ferry Ruth Fetting Theodore Felting Patsy Field Daniel FilkinsGlen Fink Terry Fischer Marlene Fish Mary Fitch Richard Fjell Heidi Flannum David Fogerty Philip Follen Craig Foster Barbara Fox Giselle Fredrick Harlan French Susan Fricke Craig Friedenauer David Frolik Emily Fuller Stephen Funk Karen Fyksen Scott Gaalaas Patrick Galvin John Ganske Robert Garbe Gerald Gardner Patricia Gartland Shirley Gay Dennis Geisler Gwen Gerberding Gilbert Gergen Marlene Gerino Alice Gernetzke John Gies Ronald Giese Carol Gilbertson Buckley Gilk Donald Gilles Ronald Ginsbach Perry Glaus Arthur Glor Nancy Goehring Thomas Goerke William Goetzelman Daniel Goller Jon Graham George Grajkowski Kenneth Green Linda Gregory Richard Gronning Alvin Gross Harold Grossbier Bernard Grung David Guggemos Arlan Gunderson Shirley Gustafson Susan Gustafson Reginald Haag Judy Hachey Charles Hadrich Margaret Hagen Leonard Hager James Hogglund Francis Haines Harvey Halpaus Mary Hamman Ronald Hammes Walter Hammond Mary Ellen Hansen Virginia Hansen Winston Hansen David Hanson Gary HarlestadBruce Harris Leon Harris Kenneth Harter Greg Hartman John Hartsough LaVern Hasart Richard Hass Robert Haugerud Jon Haunschild Leon Havlik Sandra Hawkins James Heebink William Heffron Donald Heifner Sharon Heinemann Jon Helgeland Laton Henderson Charts Hendrickson Gordon Hendrickson Mary Hendrickson Cheryl Henry James Heuer Bonnie Hildebrandt Gerald Hill Thomas Hiltx Larry Hines Robert Hintz Allan Hoesly Eugene Hoff Patricia Hoff Keith Hoffmann Gordon Hohmann Denny Holen John Holst Peter Holstrom Alden Hook Ilona Hoover David Hope man Terrance Horan Daniel Horvath Judy Hostvet Dwight Hough Jerry Howe Robert Howery James Huber Harold Huber Thomas Huber James Hughes Claudette Hunter Judith Huppert James Hurley Richard Hustad Dwight Huston Philip Idsvoog Stephen Ikert Norman Isaacson Robert Iverson Carol Jacobsen Roy Jacobson Michael Jalowitz David Janisch Ronald Jenkins Ernest Jensen Jules Jensen Mary Jensen Michael Jirovec Harley Johansen Bruce Johnson Daniel Johnson David JohnsonDennis Johnson Donald Johnson Forrest Johnson Irene Johnson Janice Johnson Katharine Johnson Lloyd Johnson Marlys Johnson Ronald Johnson Stanley Johnson James Jones Robert Kaas Abby Koempfer David Koempfer Nell Kaiser Paul Kalass Darrell Karl Luis Karl Renn Karl Karen Karlen Patricia Karnik Larry Kasheimer Larry Kastel James Kavanaugh Daniel Kelly John Kennedy Kay Kennedy Roger King Timothy King Daniel Kinney Robert Kinney James Kipp Einar Kippe Kay Klecker Lyle Klein Ralph Klinke Gary Knefelkomp Darrel Knutson Gary Knutson Ronald Knutson Nancy Koch Joan Koemer Gerald Kolaskinski Donna Kraeger Janet Kraft Allan Kramer Paul Kramer Vicki Kramer Patricia Kroshel Ralph Krultz Beverly Krumm Linda Kruse James Kubiak John Kuhns Paul Kulig Michael Kullman Carolyn Kulow Mary Kurth Susan Kurtz Thomas Kutschied Helen Kuyper James Laatch Leslie Lakey James L'Allier Richard Lampman James Landes Joy Langeness William Langford Gloria Lansin Nancy LansingDavid Larson Ginny Larson Jeff Larson Douglas Laska Leon Laurin Gerald Lousted Wayne LaValley Lon Lawrenz James Lay Roger Lebeis Kenneth Lee Sharon Lee Paul Lemke Dennis Leonard Lawrence Lessard Erling Lestrud Gary Leum Thomas Lewallen James Lewan Irvin Lewis Michael Liberty Lucy Lieffring Roger Lilly Paul Lindahl Stephen Linder Gerald Lindrew Joyce Lindrew Kenneth Lindstrom Kathleen Linehan Lucille Linehan Thomas Lively David Livingston Janice Loescher Thomas Loomis Ronald Louis John Louke Dennis Love Robert Luck Connie Lundberg Lois Lundberg Robert Lunde Faith Lutz Mark Lynch Robert Lyon Terrence McConnel Judith McCormack James McCormick Karen Me Dermoid Ronald Me Donah Jeremiah McGarry John McGough Judith McIntyre Michael McIntyre Ronald McIntyre Leon McMahon Charles McNamara Ardys McNaughton Larry McRoberts Michael McNeely Thomas Madison Lorry Madsen David Magnuson Barbara Maier Margaret Maloney Patricia Mariana William Marier Michael Martin William Martin Carl Martinson Janis MasterjohnRiger Mothison Jane Mattlin Charlotte Maule John Meacham Gary Meier Michael Meilahn Orville Melond Larry Melin Renee Mell Lyle Mercer Peter Merry Michael Metcalf Richard Meunier Cornelias Micke William Micken Jeff Mierendorf Richard Milavetz Libby Miller Maurice Miller Richard Miller Thomas Miller Wayne Miller Kay Millinczek Elizabeth Milton Dale Mitsch David Monson James Monteith JoAnne Most Sandra Mueller Stephen Mueller Donald Mullen Dennis Muller Elizabeth Munz Brenda Muraoka Alan Murray Timothy Musty Herbert Neeck Barbara Nelson Beverly Nelson Bruce Nelson Donald Nelson Harry Nelson Jamey Nelson Janet Nelson Marvin Nelson Roberta Nelson Roger Nelson Susan Nelson Robert Nerbun James Neumann Jerome Neve Donna Newman Clark Nichols Marilyn Nielsen William Niemeyer Leroy Ninnemann Connie Noll Duane Nordvold Donald Norquol Jack Norqual Bernard Nortman Sosthenes Nunyakpe Richard O'Connell Rosalie O'Connell David Odden Jeffrey O'Donnell Timothy O'Harrow Richard O'Leary Richard Olin Robert OllhoffElizabeth Olsen Betty Olson Gary Olson Keith Olson Margaret Olson Melvin Olson Robert Olson Ruth Olson Thomas Olson Thomas O'Malley Glen Opine John Orgeman Jomes Oilman David Outcelt Renee Owen Rudolph Paczkowski Steven Palmer Thomas Parker Dennis Parks Lawrence Parsons Joseph Paulson Paul Paulson Ronald Paulus Roger Pease Susan Peck Arlen Pederson Edward Pedersen Katherine Pedersen Amos Pederson Joel Pederson Lovell Pederson Ruth Pederson Kathleen Peloquin William Peltier Robert Pencock Roger Perry Lea Petart Allen Peterson Barbara Peterson Gary Peterson David Peterson Patricia Peterson Rebecca Peterson Ronald Peterson Patricia Petranovich David Phernetton Joyce Pickard Constance Piekarski Ranold Pilgrim James Pinckney Robert Plant John Podolak Eddie Pohl David Pond David Poplau Thomas Potter Shirley Potterton Patrick Powers Richard Pressnall Thomas Pribil James Prindle Stephen Prissel Thomas Prow Mary Jo Ptacek Frederick Pulling Gale Qualls Dennis Quinn Ted Ragatz JoAnn Ranalls Gary RauGary Rediger James Reed James Reese Russell Reetz Robert Reynolds Barbara Rheault Catherine Rhein James Rice Robert Richert John Richter David Ries Robert Riley Connie Risberg John Rivard Dale Roatch Clarence Roberts Larry Roberts David Romsos JoAnne Ronningen Sandra Roper Susan Rose Vernon Roske James Ross Gregory Rounds James Rowan Donn Rowe Dovid Rude Richard Rudesill Lawrence Rufledt Ronald Ruhnke Beryl Rullman Dennis Ryan Ronald Ryan John Ryberg Ronald Rydzewski Janet Samuel Richard Sandstrom David Sarkh Ronald Sarna Janet Server Maralee Savage Mkhael Sawyer Gary Schabel Marilyn Schiel Lee Schiesser Larry Schleusner James Schmidt David Schmitz James Schmitz Arthur Schneider Virgil Schneider Steven Schoch William Schoeverling Dennis Schroufnagel Timothy Schroeder John Schroetter Gerald Schug Donald Schuler Gary Schultz Judy Schultz Leroy Schultz Sandra Schultz Paul Schulz Dean Schulz Arlynn Schwanke Mary Schwede Judy Scribner Jeffrey Seoberg Donald Seaton Karen SederstromSharon Sylvester Jeffrey Symes Joy Syverson Mate Szedlok Billy Taylor John Telitz Alan Tesmer Ward TeWinkel Sharon Thalacker Craig Thoeny Arden Thompson Christopher Thompson Norma Thompson Stuart Thomson David Thoreson William Thorie Robert Thornton Eugene Thorson Bruce Thorstad Michael Tillmann Ralph Tjelta James Toftness John Torgerson Cherie Torinus Loueta Tostrud Thore Traastad Richard Trealoff Shirley Trossen Steven Tucker Robert Twesme Charles Uehlin Linda Ueland Ronald Uelem Charles Uhrhammer Jean Uhrhammer Richard Ulvin Joe Unbehaun Laurel Valenta Alan Valentine Oona Van Der Zee Linda Van Houten David Vanlaarhoven Ronald Verlare Paul Vick Judith Viitanen David Void Rae Volkmann Robert Volkmann Jane Wade Lana Walker Paul Walker Jeanne Wall Richard Wall Candy Waller Phillip Waller Jon Wangen Marlin Warner Sandra Wasiluk Judy Weber Gary Weirauch Leroy Wellman John Wells Daniel Welsh Kathleen Wendel Edward Wesolek Charles Westin Merlin Westphal James White Merrill White Michael Whiten e SS?IP a .2.5 -?H.sro 25 ■£ "5 ■eji IIP' M rS'E'o III, 5 OSiO-S 2 g River Foils Quarter Abroad students 3 1 - I £ o O U ® I6 | is i S .9- c IjJlfl r A O C n 5 I o 2 o PHI I s': | hi; 2W,S 8 T3 c 9 a. o -2 5 J § " 3 tO c v. t: °i?: "S -O © i S • 5 ° S 2 . 3 “I £ o £JslfI «r e s r 8 8 ffl-g 032 Ilf " | o | 12 _ 2 C S3 5 T3 a 3 .15 Q e' £ a eg O 2 ISs 8 8 X 6-2 3: £ a-8-S . m? mP ■P Q - — "c 0 © ? ® ® I ! o p o weJ? ■g g’ 6 o b)Freshmen Freshman Class Officers (left to right): Bob Rasmussen, President; Sue Rozehnal, Vice President; Linda Graves, Secretary; Mary Lou Cook, Treasurer.Glen Abel Abraham Abrahamzon Ackerman Ackerman Philip Adelmann Gary John John Karen James David Akenson Deanne Aker Mohammad Akhavan-Farshtchi Dean Albert Arlyss Albrigtson Leonard Roger Ai Cheryl Emmani David Anderson Donald Douglas Jeanne Jerome Karl Anderson Carl Aubart Tooraj Aym Niel Bacon Rodney Marilyn Ronald Mary Larry Richard Kathleen Ball Nancy Robert Guy Bartolain Bradley Baskin Ronald Bastion Edwin Bauer Lawrence Bauer Ronald Bauer Tim Bauer Clark Baumann Lynne Baumann Todd BaumgardtPotrick Beard Joyce Beardsley Dennis Beefy Larry Behne Ronald Beitel Lois Bekkum Kenneth Bellanti DeWoyne Benedict Jean Benedict Nancy Bennet Lonnie Benson Gerald Benzinger Donald Berge Dick Bergmann Noreen Bergseng Linda Bergseng David Berkholder Marcus Berkseth Cheryl Bernd David Berning Terrence Besaw Carol Bethke Mary Ellen Betz Ronald Betzold Linda Beulke Judith Biebighauser Vickie Bille Arllyn Bilodeau Alan Bird Aria Bird Edward Birzer Cheryl Bjorklund Roger Black Bruce Blado RaVelle Blanchard Rolf Blaser Jerry Bleck Harold Blank Beth Blodgett James Blomquist John Bloom Ronald Bluel William Bock David Boda William Boehm Melody Booth Russell Bores Linda Bornhausen William Bosak Bertel Bosshart Robert Bostow Lana Dethun Nancy Bovee Mary Ann Bowman Kathleen Bowron John Boyd Claudette Boyle Sandra Boyles Diane Brandau Judith Brandt Klover Brandt Judith Branjord Lindra Braun Frederick Bray Barry Brecke Thomas Breiter Daniel Bremer Gretchen Bremer Bruce Brickner Charles BrionTim Cooper John Corey Leslie Cosgrove Marjorie Costello Patrick Costello Darryl Cowles Suzanne Cox Cheryl Crane Gary Crisp James Cronick Stephanie Crowe Mary Jane Crownhart Robert Crownhart William Crownhart Mary Lynn Curran Diane Curtis Leslie Curtiss Marvin Cushenberry James Czarnik John Czerwonka Rene Dahl Duane Dohlberg Marilyn Danca Thomas Daniels Melvin Danzinger Richard Darmody Karen Davidsen Kathleen Davis Kathleen Davis Robert Davis David Day Richard Day Bruce Degerman Glen Denk Robert Derman Wayne DeSmith John Dewane Douglas Dicus Daniel Dietrich John Ditlefsen Steven Dobberstein Elaine Docken Larry Doffing Paula Donaltlee David Dopkins Artin Dorau Cheryl Dorfschmidt Robert Dorn William Dornfeld Douglas Blegen Theodore Downing LaVerne Drace Patricia Marie Drake Linda Droves Daryl Dray Petra Dreger Daniel Driscoll William Driscoll Dennis Drury Charles Dube James Dubrow Alan Duch Alice Ducklow Jean Ducklow Susan Dudding Dana Dufenhorst Charles Duffert Leslie Dull Marilyn Dundas Steven DunbarRichard Fish Linda Flaa Linda FlagstadMary Gander Robert Gardner Gary Garlie Kathryn Garner Cheryl Garrod Carol Gartland John Gast James Gebhard Marvin Geiger Roray Genskay Eugene Gergen Paul Gerlach Nancy Gerten Janice Gerth Donald Gettinger Jean Gfall Chauncy Gibson Carl Gieschen John Giese Sandra Gilbert Janice Gilbertson Sandra Gilbertson Robert Girard Steven Gisslen Larry Gjerseth Marc Gladden William Glomski Lynne Gluth William Goettl Susan Goff Ray Golden Charles Gomez George Go moll Kristine Gore Terry Goulette Marvin Grady John Groetz Ann Grajkowski Alvin Gramentz Dale Grams Mark Grausnick Linda Graves Timlin Graves DeWoyne Green Craig Greener Galen Gregerson Dave Greisinger Kerry Grippen Edward Groom Duane Gross Allen Grotenhuis Philip Grotenhuis Joan Guggemos John Guinther Kathy Guiser Elizabeth Guptill William Gurnon Gerald Gust Steven Gustafson Nancy Haarstad Sue Haave David Hogg Ned Hahn Patrick Haley Allan Halle Wesley Halle Mary Halls Dan Halverson Richard Halverson Terry HalvorsonDione Hammer James Hammes Judy Hancock Curt Hanes John Hanna Christopher Hansen David Hansen Eugene Hansen Ralph Hansen Robert Hansen Steven Hansen Steven Hansen Albert Honson Arthur Hanson Eric Hanson Gary Honson Jerome Hanson Marjorie Hanson Russell Hanson Terrance Harack Maren Hardin Jeffrey Harmer Douglas Harris June Harrison Michael Harrison Ray Hart John Harter William Hastings Keith Hauge Orrin Haugli Virginia Havel Fred Hoverlandt David Hayden Judith Haydock Ted Hays Richard Dwight Dean Hecht James Heckendorf Faye Heinen Esther Heitzman Patricia Heiberg Lee Helgoland Raymond Hellmer James Helmueller Dale Helwig Ronald Hemauer Bruce Hendricks Dennis Hendrickson Judith Hennina Joanne Hentsch Leon Herried Michael Herfaus Mary Jo Herzok Sally Hetzel Dennis Hewitt Eugene Hilger Douglas Hill Dennis Hillon Mark Hillert Kay Lois Hills Denny Hillskotfer Dennis Hillstead Beverly Hines June Hobort Ronald Hoberg Peggy Hofbouer Steven Hofer Barbara Hoffman Patricia Hoffman Randolph HoffmanRichard Hoffman Pat Hogan Pamela Hogstrom Bruce Holden Allen Holle Eileen Hollered Mary Holm Diane Holmes Ulf Holm-Johansen June Holmquist William Holmson JoAnn Holt Doris Hop Kathleen Hopman James Horkan Linda Horstman Agnes Horvath William Hossman Terry Houdek Dayton Hougaard Edward Hougdahl William Howard Sylvia Hoyt Faye Howard Raymond Howe Dennis Hubbard Robert Hubbard Charles Huberty Gerald Huberty Gary Huebel James Huebner Elizabeth Huebner Jean Huggins Mary Huggins John Humphrey Glenn Hunter Diane Huppert Edward Hurd Rodney Hurlburt James Hurley Cynthia Hutton Pat lanni Robert Ickler Carla Ihus John llli Vicki Imhoff Gary Ingli Perry Ingli James Irwin Kenneth Isaac John Isaacson Alvine Iveland Gerald Iverson Ross Jabs Tracy Jack Jeffery Jacobs Patricia Jacobs Dennis Jacobsen John Jacobson Robert Jacobson Dennis Jahnke Timothy Janilla Donald Jankowski Rodney Janowski Marvin Jarvis Linda Jasichi Edwin Jaster Barbara Jecevicus Richard Jenderny Carleen JensenSandra Jensen Carol Jenson Thomas Jilek Ranee Jochimsen Robert Jocius Bonnie Johnson Bradley Johnson Daniel Johnson Darleen Johnson Francis Johnson Larry Johnson Lloyd Johnson Marilyn Johnson Michael Johnson Nancy Johnson Philip Johnson Philip Johnson Raymond Johnson Robert Johnson Ronald Johnson Willard Johnson William Johnson William Johnson Bruce Johnston Kathleen Jones Marcella Jorgenson David Josephson Duane Jothen Paul Juckem Joseph Judkins Pamela Jungmann Ann Junkman Sue Junkman Ernest Jurgens Roland Jurisch Steve Justman Duane Kaos Jane Kachel Donald Kalland Walter Kalms Leslie Kane Earl Karl Perry Karl Mary Karlen Earl Karow John Kosel David Kaseno John Kasper Judy Katuin Mary Kearns Patrick Kearns Gerald Keithley Patricia Keith ly Steve Keller Kathleen Kelly Karol Kenall Merle Keopple Patricia Kettner Deleda Keys Ronald Kiefer James King Sandy King Terry King David Kingsbury George Kinney David Kircher Peter Kirchert David Kist James Kivel Robert KlandermanRoger Klanderman Jerry Klauck Lorry Kleinschmidt Larry Klemke Beverly Klemm Jeffrey Klimmek Kenneth Klos Leslie Klug Larry Knegendorf Jerome Knode Kerry Knodle Nancy Knoll Gerald Knott Richard Knutson Glenn Kohl Barbara Kohler Gary Kokaisel David Kolasinski Nancy Kolaski Kenneth Kolstad Jennifer Kondrasuk Gwen Korbel David Koshalek Carol Kottke Dionne Kraeger LoMont Kraft Robert Krahn Thomas Krai Wayne Kralewski Dennis Kramer Roger Kramer Kay Krauss Ruth Krauss David Krech Larry Kreibich Robert Kritzer Gerald Kroll Jacqueline Kruchowski Ann Krueger Darlene Krueger Renee Krueger William Krueger Joyann Kruger Donald Krumm Allen Kuehnl David Kurth Eugene Kusilek Margo LaBuwi Joan Laffe Charles Lamb Samuel Lamberta David Lang Margaret Lange Charles Lange ness Peter LaPointe Kay Larrabee Kent Larrabee Terrance LawEdward Lawrence John Lawrence Robert Lawrence Linda Lawson Mary Lay Norman Leaf Kathleen Leahy Thomas Leahy Keith Leary Lawrence Lebal Byung Moo Lee Jane Lee Leonard Lee Tom Lee Mark Leeman Richard Legge Louis Legner William Lepine Mary Lepori James Lessard Paul Levendoski Gary Lewerer Don Lewis John Lewis Francis Lewis Sidney Lewis James Liberty Richard Lkht Jule Lind Gregory Lindberg James Lindberg Lavonne Lindberg Melvin Lindberg Daniel Lindgren Jack Linehan Duane Lindh Ruth Ann Lindquist Theodore Lippold William Litkey Steven Lockwood Nancy Lohman James Long Gloria Lowe Gary Ludvigson Gregory Luebke Leland Lueck Shirley Lund Cindy Lundquist Steven Lundsted Robert Lutz Ewell McAbee James McCall Michele McCollum Patricia McCann Rosemary McCann Linda McCleary Laura McClure Jean McEwen Linda McGinty Dorothy Mack Renne McKahan George McLeod Elizabeth MacPhail Dean Madson Robert MagnUson Robert Magnuson Harold Mahowald Gerald Majka John MalmbergFrancis Moloney Tom Moloney Diono Malum Patricio Mandt Micholos Morchetta Tom Morgenou Robert Marlow Richard Marshall Robert Marten John Martin David Marx David Marx Gloria Massey Mossoud Matin i Wayne Mattson Richord Motzek Suzanne Motzek Ronald Maurer Carolyn Moyer Jon Mozurek Lyman Meacham Carol Meath Tom Meier Robert Meisenheimer Leonard Meissen John Melcoch Earl Melsby Glen Melstrom Lynda Metzger Frederick Meyer Michoel Meyer Richard Mickelson Richard Mickelson Alan Miller Clarence Miller Donald Miller John Miller Richard Miller Carolyn Minea Lawrence Minth James Mitchell Jeon Mitchell Perry Miftelstodt Eric Moen Raymond Moldenhouer Gory Mommsen Larry Monette James Mooney Gary Moore Larry Moore Robert Morgan Dale Moriak Kenneth Morris Raymond Morris Jane Mortenson Kathryn Mosher Annette Moskol Richard Most Thomas Mrozinski Marguerite Munroe James Munson Carol Murkley Charles Murphy George Murphy Michael Murphy Penny Murphy John Murray Lois Museus Richard Myhre Warren MyhreGayle Naggatz Theresa Nechville August Neider Allen Nelson Darrell Nelson Gary Nelson Geraldine Nelson Gloria Nelson Joyce Nelson Mary Nelson Robert Nelson Roland Nelson Sandra Nelson Steve Nelson Steven Nelson Stuart Nelson Susan Nelson Thomas Nelson William Nelson Johnny Neuman Larry Neuman Jean Neumann Peter Nezki Agnes Nilsestuen Samuel Njoroge Dayton Nord Lome Nordahl Wayne Norling James Norman Patricia Norris John Nugent Curtis Nyberg Dolores Obbink Patricia Obermeier Duane O'Brien John O'Brien Judith O'Brien Mary O'Connell Colleen O'Connor Perry Oda Donna Ogilvie Jon Ogren Theodore Ohmart Craig Olson David Olson Edward Olson Jack Olson James Olson Kenneth Olson Kenneth Olson Kenneth Olson Kent Olson Louis Olson Mariel Olson Robert Olson Rodney Olson Terry Olson Kenneth Oman Joseph O'Meara Dennis Onchuck Gaylord Oppegard Alicia O'Rourke Steven Ortman Michael Often Margo Otterness Marlene Qutcult Peter Palmer Russell Palmerton Ardell Passehl William PaterekTimothy Potrow Jeffrey Paulson Mike Paulson Lanie Paymar Richard Pechacek John Pederson Wayne Peine Ronald Penberthy Marilyn Perkins Richard Perkins John Peter Charles Peterlik Brian Petersburg James Petersen Jimmy Petersen Craig Peterson Dennis Peterson Gale Peterson Gordon Peterson Harold Peterson James Peterson Jill Peterson John Peterson Kay Peterson Keith Peterson Larry Peterson Lynn Peterson Robert Peterson Sherry Peterson Stanley Peterson Sylvia Peterson Thomas Peterson Wayne Peterson William Peterson George Petrangelo Karen Phelps Helen Phernetton Roger Pickerign Richard Piechowski Rodney Pieper Kathleen Pingel Robert Pinter Rodger Pirius Dale Ploeckelman Calvin Plunkett David Pocernich Linda Pond Melvin Pope Thomas Popowski Pamela Poquetfe David Pittman Howard Porter Irvan Possin William Post James Potter Donald Powis Lana Prawalsky Leigh Pregent Allen Prindle Terrance Pritchard Nancy Prowse Michael Ptacek Patty Ptacek Shirley Ptacek Dennis Puchalla Jill Puvogel Miles Quade Walter Quade George Qualley Richard QuillingPaul Raasch Diane Raddatz Zita Raeder Pat Ramel Mary Lynne Ranallo Anne Rankin lames Rapp Gary Rasmussen Philip Rasmussen Robert Rasmussen Lerline Rathbun Pat Rawlings Wanda Redfield Gary Reed Robyn Reed David Reese James Reichert David Reichstadt Mike Reis Ann Marie Reppe Robert Reuss John Reuter Carolyn Rezney Kathleen Rhoda Ronald Ricci Donald Richardson Susan Richardson Linda Rickard Raymond Rickel Gary Rigelman Thomas Ring Alan Ringhand Phyllis Rippley James Ristow Mary Jo Roberts Lani Jane Rochon Michael Rock Martin Rodewald Lois Rodgers John Roenz Betty Rogers Rodney Rogers Patrick Roherty James Rohl Kenneth Rohl James Rohrer Gene Roland Carol Roller Reginald Ronningen James Rorvick Lanny Rost Martin Rost JoAnn Rothgarn Susan Rozehnal William Rudoll Gary Ruehmling Carol Ruenger Gerald Runk James Rusch Sandra Rydeen Jeff MacDonald Saal John Sabaka James Sacia Stephen Sagstetter Daniel Sailer Allan Saloka Raymond So Risen Jennifer Samuelson Patricia Sandeen Sylvia SandvigJanet Schlichting Allen Schlottman Kenneth Schlueter Jerrold Schmidt Warren Schmit Harland Schneider Robert Schneider Dianne Schoenfeld Ned Schoor Herbert Schrankel Georgette Schroeder Jeffrey Schroeder Wayne Schrubbe Wolfram Schubert Earl Schuette Duane Schuh Colette Schultz Larry Schultz Paul Schultz Robert Schulz Teresa Schwalen James Schwieso Richard Scott Diane Sears Greg Sebold Thomas. Robert Brian Darold Sharon Vranna David S Jackie S Sandra: George Marshal Gary Suzanne Merrie S Shookh William James Sherburne Peter Sherven Robert Shields John Shiffler Charles Shogren Michael Short Dale Shortess Joseph Sikora Mary Ann Sikyta Harry Silvernale Nancy Simon Randy Simonson James SjolinPatricio Eugene Yvonne Kathleei Raymon Nancy Barbara Larry Sorenson Dale Sosalla Steven Sowle Nicholas Spang Richard Spaulding Alan Spencer Cheryl Susan Jennif Willk Dennis • Nancy Richard Sharon Francis Dorothy. Glenn Steinbach Greg Steinmetz Jon Stellrecht Douglas Stener JoAnn Stephan Gary Stephens Patricia Stem Jillene Lynn James Earlem Walter Norman Connie S Carl Strc Duane St Leonard Myror Gary Suiter David Svacina Dennis Swan Alan Swanson Lloyd Swanson Lonny Swedberg Jerome Swenson John Swenson Lynnette Swenson Patrick Swerkstrom Beverly Swetz Anne Symes Joyce Szemraj Donald Talbot James Taylor Robert Taylor Rick Teppen Janice TeWinkel Joseph Thiel Sue Thielke Cheryl Thom Arliss ThompsonJames Thompson Marjory Thompson Tonya Thompson Frank Thull David Tiedens David Tiedens Janet Tiegs Sally Tieman Terry Tilseth Harold Tjelta Jerry Tobias Charles Toftness Julio Tojeira Mary Ann Tolliver William Tomlinson Vicki Torelle Joseph Torgerson David Torkko Carm Tortorici Phyllis Tousey Ramona Troynor Teresa Traynor Linda Trazig Larry Tronrud Phillip Trudell Diane Truitt Carol Turcheneske James Turvaville Jon Ubbelehde Donald Uchytil Rorbara Ulman James Uttermark Christian Uwolaka Steven Vail Charles Vanasse James Van Buskirk Gerald Vandenberg Robert Van Dyke William Van Dyke Toby Vatke Gregory Venne Kurt Vento Robert Vercouteren Jerry Vetterkind Judith Vieths David Voelker Judy Vogel Dennis Vogland Gerald Volbrecht Rodney Volkman William Voss Kristin Vrieze William Wade Owen Wahlberg Richard Walker John Wall David Walsh Michael Walsh Steven Walters Carl Wonka George Wanner Sherry Wanner Thomas Ward Marilyn Warnberg Candyce Wasielewski Gary Waterhouse Bonnie Watts Susan Weaver Richard Webb Rosemary WebbRita Wheeler Thomas Whiteman William Weide Diane Weinkauf Thomas Welch Robert Wellemeyer Dale Wells Thomas Welty Annette Wendorf Robert Wenger Diane Wessels Judith Westerlund Barbara Whitnall Randy Wicklace Michael Wiken Dale Wilford Jeanne Wilkens Rita Williams Rose Williams Kathy Willmore David Wilson Lynn Wilson Lee Winberg John Windorski Susan Wisner Susan Wisner Margaret Wittig Robert Wittnebel Robert Witt stock Eugene Wodele Karen Wolf Richard Wolf Lynn Wolfgram Ruth Wood Thomas Wood Betty Wopat William Workman Norma Wubbels Carol Wulf Robert Wymer William Yingst Mark Yonan Lari York No reen‘York Andrew Young John Young William Young James Zagarih Roger Zahorski Thomas Zantow Robert Zeller LeRoy Zeuli Carla Ziegelmann David Zimmerman Albert Zinsmeister Russell Zimgible David ZirzowCAMPUS TOUR To its part-time residents. River Falls is six months of frostbitten, snowbound winter, bounded on one side by a glimpse of golden autumn, and on the other, by one wet day of spring and a week of green and glorious summer. Campus scenery changes with the seasons. The following pages are a final tour of familiar and unfamiliar spots, as seen by the sometimes-whimsical eye of the camera. NOTE: THIS YEARBOOK DOES NOT CONTAIN AN INDEX. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE UNWARRANTED OPTIMISM WITH WHICH WE PROMISED ONE IN THE TABLE OF CONTENTS.LandmarksChangePatterns  m 

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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