North Tarrytown High School - Headless Horseman Yearbook (North Tarrytown, NY)

 - Class of 1947

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North Tarrytown High School - Headless Horseman Yearbook (North Tarrytown, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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It ou' You J D BE Lost NORTH TARRYTOWN I-HGH SCHOOL oo . JL ', 1 .lj df!! , X -acl-t - if ' K . A, ' ' f 7 , I 7 'D L A t . W f H THE HEHDEEE3 HUHEEHHH Bcafdfwfzfff THE HIT ETTHHDE X THTTETEETT UHTH' SEVETT I SPONSORED -Q THE EETTERHT. UREFTTTTZFTTTUTT UF TTURTH THRRTHTOLJTT H5 T I V' E ' T Tr MT 17 .U ,X T E T T Q95 T T :fl 'hi Jw' D , 7 K fb 7 x VfffA X I F! X? X T E U 1 3 T T -ffv YW 'T E T -E ' amz T T f '--Q H L1 ! f"Q' 7, ,E,-E,v : X H H H H o'!H R 9 "HEm:'u. r- R' MR JAMES TUREK WORK Herry Van Dyke Le? me do my work from day 'ro dey In feWd or foresr ar me desk or Noom In roarrng marker pWaCe or +rar1qurN room Lei me our frwd rr rn my mearr fo say When vagranr wa he oeckofw me a fray This rs my work my Messrnq mor my doom Of aH who luve I am rr-e one by whom Tru work can be-sr oe done an 'me rnqhr way 5 Q, . . 1 . , . I - - - 1 I , 'S 5 r 5 .F , . . .. A ff M X, X944 GQ VVUU '13 WSF mf 'WC W Q W- no FFF H5713 O W Q LU VVWV V ' FDL fn VF Nmuf rm: cdqam V IX Til' J X mm 'wa VT' IOW C ,Q '- f I M IWW Vffx W WW 1 J SHAW r 'vw mn X' 4 PQI' 71' 571 , "1-'slr I 71. 'Yjf Lrp 'Q x J' I' 1":"T I DVI ', X,'f'7" fry fi" 'Z Warrf-' .-uv' wf muy T, 'J 'W-W5 " ', -iTj.,fq'w ' 1:11-rg , ia' We ff--4 "f-ww. HQ- 11r'w' , 3234 1" f',- :LV 51 " 'Wm' "'X , .'1'::,f rziia-A':,' ff' X nm" ,. ,F , .rg "H", f 1 ,rT X.-7'5" qu' 1 V-1 '- 55" V1lf:"" 1"',':,v F' ' f'-' ':"'q :'iifi,L.'.,-i-5,.1pi f' '- Iwu f ' S-6'5" Q 'fr' 2- 3-i-'fi 'A7"g'1'wf'1" " if: 'rp' :ii fi -3 'mziff 'QL " en':',"'i"' Finil Ixlri Lf: Fe e"4"e 'ig' , v"-:rf xx f::'f3" ffm nf- CU-Qi .35 43 , "Q 'tain' 'E f " 'i-:i"2 V53 fd: 'Wi-" :fate 'ji' " "if" 1Q', Mr, E'5f1IfE'x'v'Q izteji sqfamz fc' CCSQXE 35 ,1'5f5-'eff mf' sa 'Ae'--Yincx mhMma:1g:'ff:' 'Q "5 'egu yes, T7'6'k'3 :ee Q11 m ei: 'Q H5 Jw G6:"'S 'Q 'ec owe'y,Qr'f2 'F We--23 Ji icvlii wl1fV36nC'V'i:i, Hliwa ,J ni-ir' 'q UCL, 53' 3 -'1.f ,'rv1n::3'3' :Hi A". 7: N H Q S5371 pc. F 'mgugrw M, 7 'C ings" Wm XJ "1 1 wi., 5 . e 'F 'ff Win .,'N1 -'ii ifi C5333 fj4fv'-if i 6' ""wf: fi'f1"::f" " iii? w'i Q3-gg: r"'v fm Iwi, nv: PM 333' ', , 1 W. s',-",i- 'fe 'Wi' fr' 'Dem 'F eve", W ay 2 Ma- -"- TQ.'f T re E3"gn'5f" inf! "Nw: ".f A ', in 513. Fur 'Nw Q--pevierics New ?"f-"1 Nr' U 'sid Flin' ww , .Nutz gf , HTC' SX' wp' ,' V, wif ff . Nqr: mf" FO' ffl, U,-f1Hz3 f blt' , , CUM 'ri '14-J FQ' ma", 'mmf f m ,if1y' 3'3 MIAWW F5" '1"'1'v'1m ,mffy :'r:' "Viz, Vfe uf? iii-i1"fa'e QL1',?'fi"CQf- 'i H' wi-'r',', N' "L N'-i " Q," 1 ., riff TL ip' 1,5-,,1::fIf"L'f'fJ"Ji"A3 Wye-. 3'1" 73:i""f-' "JM QV 31134 . ER .. ' Es-null NW BOARD OF EDUCATION Srllang Lefl Io Rughl Mass Julra Barron Mr Joseph WhIIhng+on Mrs Mary Greene andrng Lell Io Rlghl Mr D lberl O Fuller M Frank L Marlln Mr John Lolaro Mr WI uarn Hickey Mr Peler Anderson Mr Wrllram Scoll GRADUATES OF I947 CONGRATULATIONS Face Ihe furure wnlh conhdence knowing fhal you have been nnlroducecl Io Ihe funcamenlals ol zesllul luvrng Never relax your eflorls Io Improve yourselves menlally and physically for we cannol sland shll we musr erlher go ahead or slip back Slrrke a sane balance befween gelfung and gnvrng so Ihal Ihe abldnng salusfac Irons of giving will overbalance 'rhe nervous sfraln of gelhng Every age rs a golden age for Those who egurp Ihemselves 'ro lnve usefully OFFICE STAFF l. II Io Rrghl Anne Ina Scoqna Secrelary Io Mr Gorman Marrlyn Klrby Secrelary Io Mr C Nyfnar- Lu y I-layes Se relary ro Mr D Fuller George Helwrg Alfendance Ofhce 6 S+ A , ' 1 . e . , r. . ' , . I . 'lf , . . I , - '2 ' I I' , . : ' ' , . . I: c , c ' . . 1 ' , ' . - - , I ,-: 0 ral' F K1 ., ' .. . - Busss f EU -. .w :PJ-V O51 Suoerwrrerdefw Mr Dekner Q FUUQ Pr1ncmpaN of Wwe Eememlar Mr Edwaro Go me Prurcupal Mr Carl E Nyman Sched Guwdance D e cr Mr Amoid Profefa ll I -1- ' ' I I ::s:'es 'F' 'Q' 'Q f- . X f , , f . . ' ' N - - , ' 1 Y wr CT . V r W C 2 i , f' A xl YM? no .. Y PAT1g,1-lat 'lv FACULTY ow er ro rg T Mass af errne arreze Mrss rv efcrr Mrs ETrzabe+ r rro rs Vurgrn a A prne Mrs Joseonrne Depasse Mr Carl Nyman M DeTber+ O Pune Mr Edward Gorman Mrs Anna Fecnner Mrs Cafherrne Turek Mnss Lourse NadoTny Mrs ETTen Maquure 2nd Row Leff To Rrqinr Mrss ATma Hamand Mrs Maraarer Rerd Mrss Marron Hennessy Mnss Rose M Ro e Ho e er M ss Maoerne r ams M s Erzaoer Tracy Mnss Arneha Peck Mass a P Nad: Mrs rm Trofr Mrss Erzabew MacFa ran Mrss a Hennessy Mrs G ace de rr M ss Pa' rcra O Rer y Mass Verena e r e v au D a Arr'oTd Prof 'a Mr Gabr ef Haye Mrs Genev eve W5+son M ss N na Wamendor M ss Ar-we W ods Mass Jane Wm+ers M ss an 5 ubb 5 sa 9 Vere M n pprrw Mr Harold Rasbeclr Eare e 8 lsr R , L T R' Tw: ' C I1 ' Nb , 's OI' e H ', . ' In D'V's , M' s ' ' T L ' , , ' . r. '. . L ', . , Tosca 'Iss s Tar. '+ , ' ' ' IW" , Z r. ' 'L r , ' 'L , ' Le Tv o , , Fa. 'e ET' ' ' r' d, ' Ed' , . r E 4- ,a'r I r' ' ' 'E' , ' Dem '. 3rd Raw, LeT' +o Right M. G age Fa are , Mm Jzse rr GJ-' M: e , . 9 5 , ' , E 5 , r 9 . ' ' , I L T s, Mis I b ,e E s', Mr. Orrclf S'or-f r. Vrce ' Tc 4, . , Mr, Mcrsjl. 'BQ YQ xj 3 SENI 0 YOU.. 435111 100 9 NATIONAL I-IONOR I SOCIETY 'sr R3.-.,S'-I-1 LSAT' 'i Riqh' I, LTC' M, S':" Mi. Ma' :a'e' R53 A, Ma'qu's E S'ni'h, 2'd Row Le5T To R':nTZ M Bauag fa A. Cabaday R, Con 'el y, If. Murohy, D. Ga aqher P. AnTa ek, UI. Bi'osa . VERY candidafe Tor The NaTionaI Honor SocieTy musT excel in characTer, leadership, service and scholarship. IT is no easy Taslc To excel in all These quaIiTies7 on The conTrary, a qreaT deal oT wo'lc and ambiTion is needed TO reach Tnis goal, I-Towever, when a senior receives Tne medal designahng his membership in This socieTy, The everIasTing grind and sacriTices seem well worTh The sTruggIe. This medal is a symbol oT achievemenT which should serve To build in sTudenTs greaTer conTidence as They go ouT inTo The world To Tace The TuTure. The members oT The NaTional I-Ionor SocieTy are: Isabel LiTson Daniel Murphy T A -'-' -'-" ' Mildred ScoTT Anne Cabaday Aileen Marquis Mildred BaTTagIia Edna Sr'niTh Marion Birdsall Raymond EvereTT PaTricia AnTaleIc Daniel Gallaqner RoberT Connelly CLASS OFFICERS Is' Rcw Lei' 'i Ri'1h': Rn' imera Ea ata Eraria Sei'e'a',f R-as jams R'e:'de Jivte Marafi T'easu'e'. 2-3 Row Lei' '5 Ron: ffeen M5" Rei"d"3 Secrrani Armand Tcncra 7'0- Presid-E". ., a 0' Dol-rr PF-Ha' N -ff Ns. MR. ORLOFF STORY HEN scriooi oays are iorg forgorreri arid fiie memories oi mos? oi our oessmares are dim. Sfiii strong in om mros W' oe 'be memory of our genie' ciasa advisor, Mr. Sow. i' wf13ri'3eveTif1iiir'f: guidamie arid LWdE'E'5'7Ji"Cjl wefiv rieiped rria2e 'rt zrrugqie rrirouqii our zefor ,ea' a 'f"ie easier. We ariai Fever gorge' ifs Qeeerfu :wife eeih day and We 'Jorma' mari we so :Lee was w"e 411. Pi iiworeoi of C-For 2252 f I v ,Jimi in Mn Sfory ro' of y a 'eaire cf a :fees we '. M5110 G 'f 'TIME Gai-9 B ' SENIOR CLASS HISTORY ANY years have passed sunce we The class oT 47 were Freshmen AcTuvuTues un The years oT our luves un NorTh TarryTown I-Iugh School were OT many duTTerenT varueTues We wuII now look back To our Freshman year and reIaTe TO you The readers oT Thus book The husTory oT our class Durung our Freshman year under The skulITul guarduanshup oT M ss Teresa Cunnung ham we elecTed The Tollowung oTTucers PresudenT Armand TorTora Vuce PresudenT Wulluam McGowan SecreTary DoroThy LedwuTh and Treasurer RuTh KosTrubaI We held a ST PaTrucks Day dance whuch was receuved very enThusuasTucally by a nuge crowd SepTember I944 Tound us TogeTher agaun un our Sophomore year Thus year we were guuded Through our acTuvuTues under The waTchTul eye oT Muss GerTrude Phulupp GTTucers were elecTed wuTh VucTor Ruzzu PresudenT Wulluam McGowan Vuce PresudenT Joanne Karpunsku SecreTary and Manuel Pombo Treasurer The TursT dance oT our Sophomore year was a Snowball Dance held un IaTe January Thus proved so successTul ThaT we Then had a second dance a Barn dance un early May In SepTember T945 we were TogeTher once more Thus Tume as Junuors Thus year played a bug parT un our scholasTuc acTuvuTues Our Junuor year TuncTuoned under The Ieadershup oT Mrs Aluce Whelan FlecTuon oT oTTucers we compleTed wuTh The Tollowung slaTe Paul Janos PresudenT Wulluam Wallace Vuce PresudenT and Auleen Marquus SecreTary Everybody was plannung and lookung Torward To a greaT dance Thus year our Junuor Prom IT was held un IaTe May wuTh musuc Turnushed by a group of NorTh Tarry Town sTudenTs under The durecTuon oT PeTer TorTora Gurus un gowns oT lovely pasTels and boys un Soup and Fush had Theur bug nughT The greaT year oT our Iuves gradually came upon us a year we had long wauTed Tor our Senuor year Thus year Tunds us all TogeTher noT as separaTe groups un separaTe homerooms buT as one bug happy Tamuly un one room known as The STudy I-Iall Thus room has Tor many years been occupied by people who Today are cuTuzens oT our communuTy To sTarT a very successTul year we gave a Fall SporT Dance un OcTober IT was The TursT dance oT ThaT Type we held IT was a greaT success and everyone had a grand Tume Then The Tollowung monTh un November The regular Freshman Recephon was held We all waured Tor Thus greaT day To IeT The oThers have a share oT The Tun whuch we had The mascoTs OT The Troluc were Mary DeSoTo and James FuTzpaTruck a new comer un our school In December one of The mosT excuTung Thungs happened we were measured Tor caps and gowns January Tound us a luTTIe more guueT Than usual because OT mud year exams ThaT was someThung Tryung To cram aT The IasT munuTe Then came The Tume Tor The Senuors To show Theur sT TT aT IasT Ths was un March puTTung on The Senuor Play Tor an Assembly Aprul was an excuTung monTh' We wenT on our Senuor Trup To New York and saw quuTe a Tew hows June Tunally rolled around and we were all un our glory The Senuor Ball was held on The 2IsT and Turned ouT To be The besT un years Sunday June 22nd BaccaIaureaTe Servuces were held on The 23rd Class NughT and aT IasT Graduahon on The 24Th I 4 .J v YL ' u , . u I u ' I 5 u I I ' I . u u . T I - I . . - T . . . . . , . . I - . I U . I u ' ' S . y . JOYCE MARGARET ALLEN Ambition' To be a nurse orro :me WGIIS for ore Ac vines General Organuza n 3 4 Erenc:I'1Clu a b e ub 4 Dou e uar+e+3 4 Headless Horse rn n TaI'I' 3 lnfer 2 3 4 Dance Commdrees 3 unicr ed Cross I JAMES ROBERT ALVADO m on T loin flwe Uni Slaves Navy M ere n lo o agreemenr wlwere The minds do ro? meer A vIyIues General Organuza n 3 4 Science u ee u Junior e oss I 4 Base SF I1 PATRICIA M ANTALEK Am Irion T be a concerl piamsl Mc Io Recolecf Ilnaf Irifles rnalce perleclion and perlec n no Ir: Achvnes Nalional Honor So cvely General Organizaruon I Frenc Cu 4 r ary Vice Pres: en is'orcai ociefy 4 Lnbra u 4 wir er C ora U I Ju I R Headless Horseman InIe Dar' 'ees 4 Ow Team 2 MILDRED MARY BATTAGLIA Am mon To gel my name in Wlnos Wn in America Mo Gad Inelps Inose wlno Inelp ernseiyes A Iiyi es Nalional Honor o cle y Gerer I Organuzalion I Dr s 4 d unior Red Cross I I-read es Horseman Slant 4 ere ass MARIAN E BIRDSALL a a I 'Nlev give up neo adnefersoprrig N ora I-Io o a Organ: aficn 2 r .J 3 Cro a V3 V' C MORRIS ALTER Ambmon To be a coa II Mofro Cross you br oe wnen you come 'rc In m Acrivmes General Organiza n 4 Dramai rsrfy Foofbal 2 3 4 r Var II E oIbaII Varsi B s efball 2 Inferclass I LEON ANDRUS Amblhon To be Ilwe firsl' Io go Io flue moon Ac iyrlies General OrganI a n C ss Courrry Team 4 ar Sify Foolball 4 Junior Varsity Eoofoall 3 Va sify Baslcefbal eball n ss 2 3 Capfain 4 JOHN JOSEPH BARR Am mon To own a couple of banana planrafions o Io O sleep' II a enl e Ining Beloved Ir m pee Io oe Ac IVIIISS Gen al Organize n 4 Cub 2 Trac: Team 3 a rs u I c V siry Ba Ice seoall I LUCIL' E BIRD Ilwose in need we Ile IVI les en ra an aolain 3 Presioer- uni 'nericar' C Izens I iesl enl ra ai Pres: enr Cne leader 3 4 Clworal C ub mor ed Cro s Heaoless I-' rsemaw S 'W I I' ROBERT H BOYNTON ear DU' oaf ne a Or am TSI r- e re ary 4 Cross 2 4 Jun S I5 M : "TI ' .no II , F 4, . I ' . I II ' idl s rio 1,2 ,, bz, er- gfi EIC' 'Zola 'Q 2' lbfi Ha I, 2, 3. , Yes 4: QI I U ' ' Va ' I , , 3 Jun- a I S I, 4: class I, IC ks Y O. li Iv . . a , . 42 .I A I R , 2, 3, 4. A of? : o ' ' Wed -I Z - obo: "Tn ca. e n ,- . - Z ' .Z - ,I rio I, 2, 3, 4i Hi-Y 3, 4, . .. ' ' , V3 I : V - +:C I, 2, , , ' ci Ls ,I , 1. y gr GI EI li haul? 2 3: Bas 3, 43 I Iercla I, InI :lass GapIIaI I, 2, 3. ' I ' IDN : o I I I " I ' ' bl' f , Iio is I Ile." - M I, :II ' is q l i : I ' ' . . . O I ' p I. 'I . y I Y I Z Er - 253' I2 .If Bd fag, no I, 2, I-IIAY 2, 3, :Cam- HI I I' S - , 4 era I 3 lc , 43 C b , T ry 2,' ,W I D' marins 3: Va Wy Eoo'baf C b I2 3 4, Cie? Cmb In 2 3, 4, J n'or Var5'Iy Eovbal 2, 3, 4: n'or ed Cross I. 2, I7 'lfml I B' 5 god" I7 3! 4: V Ba 5 lnferclass I 2, 3 Sfaff 2, 43 I rclass 2: ce 4' Commif I, 2, 3, 1 B ling L - Ambition: To do a I can :or M:"e: 'Li' is ree .srorr 'e 5' ' 3 ' be If I " ' 'C ' ' Q" Ao" 'I' : G e I Org fla- gs: " 'ion I, 2, 3, Treasu'e' 45 Hi- fy ' Y Cn A ' , " ,r 4, c' YI : ' S - -I' 'O' AI I II' I 3, ' I I , 5 ' ' I 4, R' 'd 27 Hisfo AC I So- 2, 3, 43 amaric 1 Ban I, 2, C'?Yy II QI 'II id y3i 4,J' ,2,3,4g HSI ,z " ' " , : I 2 3, 47 Clel Club I, 2 3, Im I I, 2, 3. 4: Ju I' R i I 2, 14: I I Io Fai' , 2, 3 47 lnfe class I, 2, 3, 4. A":f'fcr': To lne Iibr Van, FWCISICRZN If E an ICR' MSN? -I E, - I 9 Mono: een? off ri ':- . , I yn l morrow wnaf. you can do fo, AC".'f"e : I ri ' f SC- I' tem: GZNJG I in- V A:'7y"fes: Ge ' I g 'za- 3 4, Fewer CIb z I I I 2I 1 41 Va "v Fwfbw C -C 2, 3: Ju fo Red ross 47 I"'Y3 S C 4' IJLIR' 2' 3' 4' 5' Red , 3, : -or Va' i'y Feoiball 27 Inlerclass 2. LAWRENCE E BROWN AmbIIIorI To Iravel Mo Io Leave no alone un Iurned ACIIVIIIGS General Oqamza n 3 4 Glee 3 4 Jumor Red Cross I erclass I CARMELO CAMILLIERI m IIIon To have my own ofhce Mo Io Be Icrnd Io Ihose ou meel your way up ou mughf meel Ihem on your way down ACIIVIIIBS General Orqamza n 4 Glee Clu 3 Junuor Red Cross GRACE CRESSWELL AmbIIIon To Iravel around Ihe world Mo Io II Ihere s a wIlI Ihere s a way ACIIVIIIGS General Orqanrza n 3 4 Chora Clu nror d Cross 2 Represenlallve I MARIE DEELY Ambmon To lake an aIrpIarIe 'rrIp and Io have Iwo monlhs vacarron each summer MoIIo Malce The mosl ol your opporlumlres ACIIVIIISS General Orqamza n H Y 3 Se Iary 4 HI Y Represenlafrve any 4 Orcheslra I unuor Red Cross I Headle s Horseman SIaII 2 3 Dance Commdlees I GEORGE DONZELLA Am mon To be a news pho Ioqrapher Molo Your srqnalure IS no DGIICT Ihan your credII ACIIVIIISS General O qanrza n 4 ScIence u Cross Counfry Team Camera Club I Track Te m nd 3 4 Orches 4 Gle C un Red Cro 5 I 4 ase 4 c ass 3 Iam 4 ANNE CABADAY Am mon Io Ice a mIII and relrre Acrnvmes Nahonal Honor So I y HIY3 Choa Cub b Junlor e Cross 3 4 ROBERT HAROLD CONNELLY rn IIIOU I Iravel e Unlled Slales Mollo Srlence IS golden ACIIVIIIGS Narronal Honor So I y Scrence Club I H Y 4 Inlerclass 2 JOSEPI-IINE DALESSANDRO Tobe a secrelary Lnve and learn General Orqanrza n 4 Llbrary 4 TwIrIer 2 Band Malorelle 3 horal Club I 3 4 Junlor Red Cross Head ess Horseman Inlerclass I AmbIIIon Morto ACIIVIIIES u I 2 2 3 4 a 4 ELSIE V DICKI:Y Arended Dunbar Hugh School ncnourq VIrqInIa Ambmon To be a nurse Mo Io Do unlo oIIers as you wou d have Ihern do unlo you AcIIvIrIes General Orqanlza Iron 4 French Club 3 Home Econom cs Club 3 Choral Club MALCOLM DOWNIE Arnbn on To own a small Iarm Mo Io An ounce OI preven Ior- Is worrh a pound of cure vnes Gen ral Orqanrza 'I E e h Clu 4 RIfIe Club 4 Cross Counlry 'Iea'n 4 T acl: Team 4 Jumor C oss I n r ss 2 I 6 I 5 " I I . b" : ma 'I'on IIC I, .' I cub I, 2, c'eI 7 1 I f I I I. V I ' 'QI 3x 27 Clel Clu I7 ' R d 47 In+ , 2, 3. I ' A b" 7 t H . - A b" : o In Ih I I Y ' . on 1 y : " ' ' . .. 'H , c'e'r 7 'I 7 I- 33 Iso I, 2, 3. 7 I7 2, ' ' 7 ' 2, 3. I I" ' I ' I I rio I,2,., 7 I b3z :Z D' . 4: JU ' Re I I 3- 4I Iio I, 2, 3, : ' Club C I , 2, , 7 Clel CI b , 7 ' II. Isfrrf I ,2, 3, 4. 1" n Ly " , ' ",I, 2, 3I Iiol I, 2,. 3, 47 I- , cre- I1 I I I .v . 5+ . .. : . - Alb 7 , 2, 3, ' 7 7 47 J ' , 2, 3, 47 I 7 " s " I, I, 2, 37 Inlerclass I, 2, 3. . 7 ' . 2, 3, 4. b" 1 - y 2 " ' . ' 'I I . IIO I, 2f 3. I ' I CI b Acfi 2 ff- ' a I: 4: IIO. I, 2, 3, 47 f ni I3 2, Z 5 I ' 7 - 47 Ba I, 2, , 7 Ira 3 I 7 II 2' 3x z e lub I7 J . Red r , 2, 3, 4: I Ie - Ior 5 , 2, 3, 7 B - Cla I 3' ball 7 Inler I I, 2, , Cap- PETER A DRAI-IOS mon T mar-ag rsburqn P a es Mor o Two neads are In He II-an one Ac nvmes GeneraI O gan za I' racIr Team 4 ramarr ee CIub 2 3 4 Junror oss I V baII I 2 Assasfanr Manager3 unror a sr Eoo+ba V rslry B sIceIbaII 3 4 Juno rslfy B IceII3aII I 2 s 4 n r Cookrnq CIub 4 C c Coun Try Team 3 4 ROBERT ENSIGN rn :Iron T see IucIc run MQIIO TaIce II' easy ACTIVITIES G-eneraI Organize F1 I CIub Treasurer 4 Junwor e oss I 4 Base I ercIa s RAYMOND EVERETT Am :Iron T qer Ine mos' om I OIIO ur up rurre' er d nIrIromII1 saucer Acfnvmes NaInonaI I-Ioro So ndenr 4 n chesfra I 2 MARY J FITZGERALD m rhon To In a cms rnehrsr OIIO I r nr omor w Y Irved yewerday cruvme G neraI O arlza n 4 cs 4 Cnora C ub ub Jurrc ec oss I 4 I-Ieaeess orseman S I I ercIass I STEPHEN FUCI-IECK rn mon To b a cnern QVTQIFGSY' ofro rx succeed Iry Iry aqam A Ivmes Ger'eraI O an a n T ar' mor Red C V rsrry Foofba 4 J mor a 5 corba CHARLES D ELMS Arfended Horace GreeIy Hugh S Iwoor Cnappaqua New York Am Mon To wm II'3e Iwe un dred mIIe InduanapoIs Speed Ina Cxassrc o Ia I a qrear e If don? weaIcen Acrnvmes Genera Orqanuza IO U VarsI+ F orba IRENE EVANS Ambmon b e woman Morfo Live and Iearn Acfnvmes General Organrza n oraI CIub I 2 Junnor oss I 4 I-IeadIess Horseman SfaII 4 InIercIa PHIIOMENA FALLACARO Ambmon To be a ecreIary or comp'ror'neIrus+ Morro uren qurera Ioma I covrene dar Ac'nvuInes GeneraI Orqanrza n 4 CIass Fmarc Jun o Red Cross e enIa+Ive 2 3 4 I-Iea ess ors ma at 3 PI r ss PATRICK FOLEY rn mon T b ernre pubIIc accounranr Morro A wrnr-er neve qurfs n a qurrfe V w GeneraI Orqarz n 2 3 4 Cross Coun am 4 Tra IcTeam 3 4 u I 2 Jun or Vars Iy a 3 VINCENT GAGLIARDI rn :Iron To Iwe a Ionq A Invmes GeneraI Orqamza 3 4 Eoc+baI Mar'a:3er3 Amb' ' I e - I e Ine Pi I If I , ' . 3. 3 j' v , i T ' I, 2, 3.' ' +aa,u,2,3,4,I-4z.Y3,4, 3533 . 4 I" T : D 'cf 3: . I . ' ' ei , , 3 ' Red ,- x: . Cr , 2, 3, 45 arsi'y Fcor- M T ' TS, 'L you 42,4 'aV"'Y 3 fi'j re I,2f3,-+,RfrIe CIbI3 Va . as V I Ba el 2, 3: y o ra 2, 3. baII 3 I Ie cIass I, 2 3. 43 ' I r ss - A bm I O HOU, F " : To e a car er Ha I, 2f 3, 43 I-Ii-Y 4. rule 'I QI 3' 4? TWI"e.' 3IRe4C3 : ' R d ' '- ,. Cr , 2, 3, 2 ba,I 23 C' ' 3' '- Inf 5 I, 2. I 2 ' Ss IJ" : o , ' T' , If Sie, 3"Q ' A r, e M : "II yo c ,Iv ' ,' ov 3 ri e ,' ' ' ' 5 ' . ' ' ' I ' I ' - Ho I, 2, 3, 3 ' . iaI CISIYZ HI-Y 2, VIce Pfeskier' SecreIary 43 Cnoral CIub I, 2, 33 Pres' 3 Ba d I, 2, 33 3, 43 .I r I, R p. Or , , 3. res ' , , 3 " d, I-I e r" SI I' , 4: I e - cIa I, 2, 3 4, A b" 1 ' e c , Ic- M z ,,I ga 3 'G N A, b' ' :A o e a c 'Q d for I have seen Ioda and I , 3 rr - i ,- ,. .. ' ' 3 a d " f ne er i's." A 3' e ' . ' Ac?IvIfIes: I Ia- Ino I, 2, 3, 43 I-Ir-Y 3 Dra- MO I , fry maIi 3 I ' I, 2, 3 TQ ',' 'F ' ,G ee 43 CIeI CI I3 r' r R b ' , T J ' 'E 'B 'Se- C' ' 3' I I baII , InIercIass I, 2, 3, 4. I'I Ia: , 2, 3, 43 InI ' , 2, 3 4. A bm 1 e Ica' M ' : "II aI 'Ihsr you dc r , , ' A b' ' : ' Ilfe. cf"': rg Zz- :"': '- fic I, 2, 43 rack Te 3: vlan I, 2, 3 43 Irvercfass I, 2, Ju ,' 'oss I, 2 3, 43 , 3 , ,' . a ' 3 u .' V f- iry E ,I 33 I"er:Iass I, 2, 3. THOMAS GALLAGHAN AmbI+Ion To lravel Mollo A roIIIInq sfone galh ers no moss AclIvIlIes General Orgamza n 4 HI Y 3 4 Club 2 Gle C 2 JunIor VGTSIIY Foofball 3 erclass I MARY LOUISE GARZIA Ambmon To Iravel Mollo SIIence IS consenl ACTIVIIIGS General OrganIza n 4 :cs 2 Clworal Club I UDIOV Red Cross I 2 Headless Horseman Slall 4 JOHN HENNRIKUS In December I946 John Iel+ NT lo lIve IU Germany where IS ar er a or Umled Sfares Army honed Am mon go 'ro Wes PoInI Molfo A flwlng worflu doIng IS worl omg we C IVIIIGS I'I Y 2 Se re 'ary Treasure 3 VIce Presldenl' RIlIe C ub 4 Glee C ub 2 Junior Varslfy Foolball 4 erclass I BERNICE KADISH Ambmon To be a buyer Moflo You can fool some ol flwe people some ol: llwe lIme you can? ol a ol people all llme Mme ACIIVIIICS GeneraI Orqamza n 4 Clwor Cu Drama IC JunI Cross I ea s Horseman S If I c ss 2 Dan Com Ifees I LUCILLE ELLEN KARPINSKI Ambmon To become a prIvale secrefa y offo IS nol wlnal' ou ve flnal' mallers I' IS w you do WI? wlval you ave ACVIVIl6S General Orgamza n 3 Presldenf 4 Junlor Amerncan Cmzen 2 SecreTary3 Cneer er 3 CDOVGI Cub I ei Club 2 Junlor oss 4 Hea ess orseman S+ If 3 4 n r s 3 Dance fees I DANIEL GALLAGHER Am I+IorI To see ll'Ie world and lIve a long acluve IIle oflo Tlms a ove a ll'1Ine own sell be frue Ac+IvIlIes Nahonal Honor So cIe+y General OrganIzalIon I 3 4 Track Team 3 4 u 4 Hea ess Horseman Sflll Infercla ISABELLA MARY GIVEN Ambmon To Iry lo prove llwal Isle can be beauhlul Moflo e er a e an never ACIIVIIIBS General OFQGUIZB I n OFGI Club I 2 3 4 Dan rnrmlfees I 2 3 4 Jun Cross I 4 Hea less Horseman Shall: 4 Infer ss I PAUL JANOS AmbIlIOH To become a derfalcer ofo e If easy you lIve longer ACIIVIIIGS General Orgamza Mon 3 VICE Presldenl 4 Class sIdenf3 4 HIY3 4 I Club PresIden+ 4 Dramahcs 3 olball I 2 3 JunIor Bas 2 Baseball 4 lnlercg JOANN: ELLEN KARPINSKI Molfo Man may be flue lam I eacl w man IS nearl ACIIVIIIGS General Orgamza n 2 3 4 Cla s Secre HI Y 3 4 JunIor AmerIc IZQVS I Headless Horse man TI 2 Clwo al rerclass 4 Dan Commlrees I 2 3 4 ROBERT M KISELAK Am IfIon To malce a fo lure fre easy way Ilaal IS Io InI1erI? one cr marry Info one olro dnnlc and rna e merry lor lomorrow you may be dead AcfIvI?Ies General OrqanIza I n JunIor oss I b' ' 1 Z. ' - M I: " ' b lI:.1o fio I 2 .3 ' '- 'Cami I I I I ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' 2, . I , 1 Glee efa . - 3-. 6 lub 'g CI Is I, 2, 3, , " dl Im , 2, 3, 4. I SS ' ' 4 , 4 "B fl I 4 'II4 lio I, 2f 3, 4, I-Ii-Y I Dra: Yo I, 2, 3, 4, Hs-Y 3, 42 mai' 1 , 2, 3, Cln ' ' , , , 5 ce 43 J ' , , 3, 47 CO 4 , , , 7 lor " " , Red , 2, 3, : " d- cla , 2, 3, 4.1 T Iwi .I 'b , a m In llwe I- Z n un- . ' IS Sla- M 4 : "Tal: ' 5 'II b" : To I' , . , . ' . . .I H H . N ,, I Pre' I ,- 7 Y , I: R'lIe Arm: I- I I Fo ' ketl ' '. V ' ' ball : 3, 3 lass 'If . I F I IQ I, 2, 3, 4. ' Im I ,2. 3, 4. I H - Aly II. , bul o ' Els bul I lo II ll'Ie . .. - ' . V . .. - I ' 4 - llo I, , , 3 s lary Ma I, 2, 3, , al I b I, gm. ' -A E, df audi 4? 2I3Sfi.H gf - I sez , 34 f cub yet ' ya ' 2 3 I, 2, 3, 43 Clel Club I, 27 4g Inler la I, 1 ce - In .IQ 2' 3' I Ce mA? , 2, 3, 4. I "" M : "IT ' I y . Ina 1 I A Ina? bl A I r , ' Im In I 3 ' ' ' no I, 2, 3, 4, HI.Y , Vicei M 1 'Ear ' , ' I lead 'I',2,3l ' '- 43 Cl I, 3 ' Red Vo I, 2, 3 4: ' Red Cr I, 2 3, 7 ' dl Cr , 2, 3, 47 Inferclass I, 2, H ' a 1 I le - clas I, 2, , 4: . Com- mlf , 2, 3, 4. RUTH E KOSTRUBAL m IrIon T GI u e OHO LIve for I day r-no row wIII take ca e of IIS9 ACIIVIIIQS Genera O C15 I n Jumor Arnencan CI Z ora Cub I u I Junvor Re css D nce Cornrmffees I 2 3 4 JOSEPH LAZOR Arn Iron To 5+ dy rn c o fc R fher an hour ea fhan a mInu+e e A Irvn s GeneraI Organ za n ss e r sndenr 2 umor ar oorbaI 4 ISABEL LI FSON Ambmcr To become a CII Morro Leave fI'Ie dream oI yesfe day and buIId II'Ie Tern pI6S of +IIe fu+ure A IIVIIIGS NBIIOHGI Honor SO cIeIy 4 French CIub 3 Treas rer 4 clence CIub chesrra I CI'1oraI CIub Acconn ms? 2 3 4 Clef Club compamsf 2 4 Dou e uarfef Accornpanusr 2 3 4 GIee CIub Accompamsf I J mor Red Cross I 3 4 p resenrafuve 2 HeadIes Horse man Sfaff 4 ELIZABETH MACEYAK Arnbmon To be a IYPISI Mo Io Llve and Iearn Acfnvmes General Orqan I H 4 C:I"lO C Jumor Red Cross 3 JOYCE MARASCO Am mon To be a weII known IIVST rafe lournansr Moria Tne best Ihnngs come Io +I'1ose who wad Acrwmes Gene aI Orqanuza n 4 CIass r ur r 4 3 Head ess crseman Sfaf' 4 I MARY E ENA KUCICH c dress'naIcer as 'rm m F9 .v I v O r SV II'1 P C I ad I-Io 'var' 'TIIS UD! a ef RITA LEVESQUI: I I 9 WC H GD V OW: ass a n LT or e ne QC an do 'ny Ir ends Ie? me do rr N c ass way aqam Ivnres Gen ral Orna 4 Drama I wIrIer C ora uo I c s BARBARA I LOGAN rn 1 n oe I er coIora ura s ora ofro Aas fo ose w o ver sung buf dI I+Iw aI eI rnuslc Ir Hwem HoIrrIes Ac+IvIIIes GeneraI Orqarwza S C e a F n I CIub Sec era y 4 un Ir Arnemcan Cmzens re Presudeni 3 Tr asurer 4 rarnaf cs 4 Choral CIUI3 cu e rIeI 2 4 n Cro 5 I Hee ss c se'na a 3 Y Cass I 2 ScnooI Soo F cII::a Game R Ceofncnns 4 H SAOVICG Socuefy Secrera y I P esrden' ELEANOR J MANSA Arn mon To be apoy orro Luve d ear Acrwmes GeneraI Orqanr C oraI VII U UVTIO eao ess o s a 2 3 ance Cornfrn e s I CHARLES MARGOT A 'TI I I U O Maha Tr re as rney Acmvmes Gerera Orcarw 4 L13 ers e oa Ifanr Ma q n I 9 ...-5 AILEEN MARQUIS ANI mon To be IIappIIy mar me MOIIO T e mosI CIIIIICLIII r O Icrow ou seI IV aIIP aI I-Iervvr faeIy GerIeraI Qrqam7aI e r Ia Jurwxor Arverran ClIIzerIs Sec frarr' I CVTLFI 3 Mr' Ed Io rv rum I I'Ior r' 4 2 MAPY M DONOUGH I e TIVI Or Jam 4 F Hcao ss rsevm a CIICraI IJ rm' ann crmrw eg W MATTHEW MEACLE S a IooIIIe OI Iwea Ac VI s GerveraI Orqamza n 4 Selena C I Secre ar reasurer 4 Ar CIub I I Cmb 4 Cross Cou Iry Team I ac earn 3 Home conormcs CIub 2 a nc esIra I I'II I' 4 RepresenIaIIve 2 VarsIIy as eIDaII Manager I rIercIass 4 Dance Comrmffees 3 4 Bowlmq Team 2 CapIam 3 JOSFPI-IINE MINARDI Ambmor To become a prIvaIe sec eIary MOIIO Srwe and II've wor srmes wuII'1 you cry and ou cry alone AcIxvIIles GerIeraI Orqamza VI I-I ra m ICS 4 Ivoral Cub U I TOS r enIaIIve 2 3 4 H a GSS H rsemav S a 4 LINDA NEUBRAND Am IT on To be a DrnvaI CIETY MOII e only Jay 0 av Ie d YC C IVI cg Genera Q aamza F 4 o a u 2 C S '13 r Iea awcf FRANK MASSARI Q a O cam a Im O IU 3 f n r r WII L ANA IV UQWAN rr mon To rv er DOI 0 e v W W II'I Af Ivnfms a Qria rza on r :der C If re P LSI rSIIy a FJID1 VarsI FQOI In JarsIIy C DII 5 IC e Cross 3 L JOI-IN MERAVY rr11IIorI T b eve on II1e Iop pIqeor1 Ian :ers AQIIVIIIQ-5 GveneraI Orqamza rw 4 VarsIIy 0 4 DANIEL MURPI-IY AmbIIIon To reIIre earIy o+Io T Ice I' easy ano you I Inve Iorwqer AQrIvuIIes NaIIor1aI I'Ior'or SO cIeIy GeneraI Orqamzaruon I as T easurer ss Ccun ry Team I 2 T a a'rI 3 4 V snIy Fo IbaII 4 Jurwcr Varsny Ba e a e ss IAMES PAOLANTONIO Iv F C ci g Q K '31 : I - I CI. 1 II Iv I I h vw In IIIe Is 1 y '- A'IIv"iCS1 Gere' I Q 24 I,,'I II: I, 2, 3. 43 HI-Y 3, 43 AQII IIIQSZ N 'ji , , SQ- CI ID .41 D'6'YIGTIeS 42 .I 1 I Ion I, Bad I,2, 3, 43OcI1esIa I. 2, 3 4, Cass S f e ry 3, 47 2 3, 42 IrI0rcIess I- 2, 3I 4- refary I: I, Iarffs 274BawdIIT 2, 33 Ordreffra I, 23 Iv - Iflade' 3, Cfz3'fI 43 I ri - CIIAI :I Ike II4eadIe s so- ma ,II TIn'ef:Iass , 3, 4, A 5 A ,bw I gI v I'Iics. A"1LI'Iir: Tr, er1j'y my III,. M IIG5 II?MI9'a2d IIIj, "jd ACII IIIe:: Gfz'efaI f lla- 5 ICS I You' , Q Hen I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, IJW I ' F 1 GNC' I - ' ' A I,r Refi Crfss I, 2, 3, 4: Ii 2' 3' P95 I 47 IMS II - Ie. He fwII S' IT 4: II, ' II der" 22 HVY 2, 3- 4? I C' b I, 2,3 4, I sf, VHI ,BWI fII 31, ,Iv Cass I7 IT ,e C1 I, I A I, UGIIX3- 47 JI 2' I ' Q 3' 4: TW,,I,,, 2' 3- BasIc1fI'f I 2: Baebx I 3, 4: In, 2 If-',Iasz I 2 3 43 JLPIA' R CI ', 4 'E .wx . Q... .vo Myra: IIA bo"Ie OI FcIeys MIII: i I IIIw.II 'I I'Ie: A ' . IIO I, 2, 3, 3 I- e Iub I, I QI I-II-Y I 2' I Y 3' A IQIII 1 0 QC Ie OI T I I I R'IIe ' C' A EI TI ,II II 2' D IIQ I, 2I 3 : I F OII I I I' bIIgIrIr' I234. maII 5 I, 2, 31 Band I, 27 Or- II 9 cess CII , 23 GIee Club I, 2, 3. 4: Ju Io Red Cross I, 3, BI I ' I, 2, 3, I I I, 2, 3, 7 II ' . M :II aI I ' I III . : II III Id I .I I . I V Y 4 Z . ' V I I w 2,3I4,cIS' 32 IIO I, 2, 3, 4, I-Y 4: D - Cro I 7 r ck GII : C I I, 2, Te , 7 ar' o I A 3. 41 J r1Ior Red C I, Rep- 2, 3, 7 I I SI: I- 1 GS I , 7 II e cII ba' I 2: B 5 baII I, 27 I'Ier, C I II , da I 2, 3, 4. , I , . bIII 1 I Iese., IQ: 'ITI1 Iv I F e , . a If-r' Is I e 'ea A'a,I'f:f: Ti 'ca' "e wvd. ACI' IfIfs: - - 'J I - M ,rf ,: Be meoareo. IIC I, 2 3 47 IJ?-Y 3 Trffas- Ai'Ivi'Iea: Fimba 2 3 4t uref TCINI 'aI Cub I 2,3 43 Llmhvr V sw F2952 3: Var CIC: CI In 37 JT.'Ii' Red ,f'. Baik-'-'ha 3' Basebaf 3' C' 3 I, 2, 3, 4: I-Ieir ess Sofma 27 I"e" 555 I 2. I-I: se"ar'I SEN 3 4: Br W rg T " 3, 4: E Q C"W'n1r'ees , V I 2 3 4, 20 A Hia xp- 'L KCSFMARY RICCAREELLA on y eno avo s ea' e me n 'mr' e aI 6 SVU 'UWIQ ROTIWIY ROY CI 5 BI V QV' G FII WIT P In u WILLIAM SCI-ILUTOW engrreer PuIIOqeII1er wraIeyer you fake aparr Acfw hes GeneraI Orqanuza n H Y 4 Jun r merlcan Chzens I 2 adn T am 3 4 Junvor ss MILDRED SCOTT A"IbI+Io'I To become an e o TO ssess Inf: om your own w ere IIIouon+5 and dreams may weI Achymes NaIIonaI Honor So army French CIub Vuce Pres: n 2 PresIder'I3 LaIn Treasurer 4 Junlor Amerucan S Se reIary I Treasurer Presoenr 3 4 D amamcs aI D 3 4 Doube a 5 Home mar 'T 4 InIerc LOUIJE EDNA SMITI-I f 'I To be a secre a FUIQIT s'mIInq are o 'navy d ors I I-I re a V a o USF I-Ieacl S fi D Q VICTOR RIZZI I e and y er' ra Or a se Ia C ass In T 3 a o a 3 I ask I a ry Bas a as a ss ' 'I 4 r NARIAN SCI-IIMI:NTI 9 LV I e C Gen raI OVQSFIZG P u 4 ub 3 ,Iunror Red Cros ea es cars I n NANCY SCOGNA fn mor To b a ourraIusI Move God IweIps II'1ose wIno I1eIp II1er'nseIyes A Iuyrr es General Orqanuza n 3 4 C o Cu C Junior C oss I PATRICIA SLATTERY AIIeI-ded CroIon Hrqh ScIwoo Cofon New York I 2 3 Arn mon To +aIce an anrpIa e Inp around Ihe worlo Mor Forfune favors Ine b d and abandons Ire Im d ny Gene aI Oraamza CAROIYN SG I: To Irav e a 2 I3a"'I A:cf'I:n: T: be Ira, y in a Ma":: "I.'v Iea".' 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A'ro"Ecn: To be a rnecranI:aI M0902 'I I .I A A IJ" .2 e I I ' . no I, 2,' 3, 43 a. 3 ia ' I A ' I' , , 3, 4: Q ' "I : ' - Tr e , I ' Red 'Io I, 2, , 3 I1raI Ib I, Cre I 2, 3, 43 In+erclass I, 2, 2 3, 43 Ie? Club Ig ' 34 4- Red r , 2, 3, 4. , " ,: ac- X K X If ss. Xian M r : 'Po a IIIIIe Ic' ,- ' 'I d aII Iw ' d If . , de3, 3 , rcaub T542 3' C2vIzer' , -IV II I . A I 2 3' X I , ' 4: syn.. . I.. Cner CIUID I, 2, 3 43 CIeI A5 TISS: I I A ' ' Q U' I! Q! V 7 5 QUE., hon 3, 4. 'ef 2 3 4: III-Ie cIIes ' - ,I S'aI' 2, 3 3 . Iass I, 2. A Afnbi Io.: ' ry 'o Mr, I . Mini: A '4 F, is 're key ' , 3 A:"f'Ies: Nafenal onor S2- i7'I,' Ge ' I O'Qd'Il5'IOH I , EA 2 3 Resreser'a'I e 43 Szierie Am' Irion: 'ef Cue I: If' "'a":s I 2, 3: ,efblrhiesz Cv ref I Organize. Tff'9' 2 3 4? Ba' 3. 47 'br 2 3 4: .Iur-Icr Red Cross CTW C-D I 2 3 43 Ce: 2 3 43 Ir'erQ,ass , 3, 4: Bowi C us I, 2 3 4: Deube C 'Q' ,qi T, I 2314, 2 3 4' J..'I3r Red C653 I Qezgwf f:"a'Iye 2 3, 43 .f - I'I?'E":"'5F'I S'a:: I 2, 4 S.Cs'rfs'Ift" M.ra'1.' 3' Infffl '.:11QIfB'A.IF'.jTE5"2fI:fc1V'T5 Ce'r""'ee, I 2 3 4. 2I 4' GLADYS TAYLOR Ambmon To be a secrelary ACIIVIIIES General Organlza n 4 Clnora Clel Club 4 Junxor Red Cros 4 Inlerc ARMAND TORTORA Arnbrlron To gel a good o and rake lrle easy Molo Eorfune favors Ie bfaxfe A lrvrlues General Organuza n C ss Pr rd n ce Presrdenf 4 Hn Y 4 Eoorball I 3 4 Bas Ma'rager3 4 Inrerc S Ba HELEN VELBA Arnbmon To be a prnvale sec refary Morro Do unro olbers as you w u nave orlwers do unio ou Aclnvrlres General Organuza n O C oral Club 3 4 WILLIAM WALLACE Ambrhon To be a bachelor Morro Lnve alone and e nappy Aclrvafres General Organlza n 3 4 Class Pres: enf 3 C ann Cross Counfry Team 4 Track arn3 4 Bad! Orc esra Varsrl Foo bal 4 Junuor Varsrfy Eoolball 3 .Iunuor Red oss 3 4 Inrerc ass 3 JANCAROL WEED Arnbrrnon To be a Docror of Psychology Acrlvmes Larrn Club4 Scnence ru Junncr fn r can r ens C c a no I 4 Clel C Junror Red Cross I Headless sennar all I Infer S C mrnr ees JAMES M. TIERNEY Arnbmor- To go Io Hollywoo and becorne an acror Moro H dddle dee lors Irle for me Ac rvrtes General Oganrza Re esenlahve I H Y 3 Vice Rresrdenr 4 I e Club 4 T a In Team Manager Dra rcs Band 4 nror Red Cross I 2 n ss 2 JENNIE TOTH Arnbrrron To become a prnvale secrelary Morro Experience IS flue el reaclner Acluvrlres General Organuza n 4 Dramaluc oral Club I 2 4 Jun Cross I 3 Hea ess Horseman SlaTl4 VINCENT VERDI Arnbrlron To be an arhsf Morro Always ready c v he Scre ce u I Drarnarrcs 4 Band Inferc DORIS WATERS Arnbhon To become an unle rror decorafor Morro T Ire rlnngs as r come A lrvrhes General Organnza ron 2 3 Cl1afalCrub 4 Dance Cornmnree 4 MARIE WHITE Arnbullon To be nappy oro Tne harder YITQ con rror glorrous e rrrumplw Gene al Organrz I'I Y 4 Lrbr u 4 Dra"naIrcs4 T Irer u Jun or Re e nra 'VT l EVELYN ZELYEZ Ambufnon To Iravel Morro Lrve and learn Acrryrfes General Organlza I n wr er oral Club I 2 Jumor oss I 2 MICHAEL ZELYEZ Am :Iron T be a cerfl d publrc accounlanf silo A mans success bus ness 'roday 'rurns upon has po er of gellrng people fo be reve he h somefhung Ia? Ihey wan? Acrrvmes Ge eral Orgamza nl 2 3 4 Traclr Team unror Red Cross I Headless Horseman Slaff I erclassl 2 VETERANS The followrng G I s who Iefl us Io render servrce Io fherr country rn World War Il rerurned Ihrs year and cornplefed The r hlgh school course RALPH EDWARD BECKER Am mon To malre mall: and rehre Mo Io Sfrulce whale Ihe :ron IS of Acfuynhes General Orgamza nl Band 2 lnlerca s WILLIAM C BRUMBLE JR CHARLES D ELMS JR ALOYSIUS KOSILLA RICHARD MAKI WILLIAM McBRIDE GEORGE MCCRUDDEN JOHN RANIOLO EDWARD J WEED Ambition To graduafe from Hlqh School Acfnvrfres General Organlza n 4 Class Presl denf 2 Junior Amerncan Cm z ns I 2 Dramarncs 2 Band I Junror Red Cross I Inlerclass Headless Horseman Sla I Glee Cu I ll wt mv 'Ml H1 md ""'W'-Q'-L Q' . --q FADS CCORDING Io Websler a fad rs a per Idea or hobby a passmg fashron In 'rhe course of four hugh school years Ihere are always ourslandsng passing fashnons 'rhaf are worn and aclopred In a young way by Ihe young 23 564 -rf 'TT "1-na GYYSYTJT PROPT-TECY N. T. Press, June I957 The greaT roTunda OT NorTh TarryTown CenTral STaTTon was jammed lasT nTghT wTTh eager specTaTors as InTernaTTonal Airlines celebraTed The launching oT The TTrsT regularly scheduled TlTghT oT :Ts new rockeT shTps To New TarryTown JupTTer As The Throngs OT 1nvTTed guesTs seTTled Tor an evenung oT varTed enTerTaTnmenT planned by Mr James Alvado and Mr Leon Andrus oT The GXSCUTIVG board oT InT ATrlTnes Thus reporTer noTTces among The celebruhes many members oT The promTnenT N T H S Class OT 47 LTnda Neubrand Gladys Taylor and Jancarol Weed seemed To be engrossed IH a dnscussuon oT chuld psychology whule Thelr husbands debaTed The rTsTng sTocl4 marl4eT over some ve y prosperous loolrung cugars Dazzled by an array oT beauTTTul Taces l noTTced a group oT The Top TlTghT models Anne Cabaday Josephune DAlessandro Joanne Karpmslcn and RuTh KosTrubal wTTh Thelr laTesT boss Mr John R Powers As The lTghTs dummed on The Tmprovnsed sTage on The mann level oT Thus cenTral Terminal oT lnT Aurllnes Mr PeTer Drahos and has wTTe The Tormer Luculle Bard dashed IH They Tound seaTs near Bull SchluTow and RoberT Enslgn Those physTcTsTs who Tnnally creaTed perpeTual moTTon The Drahos probably mTscalculaTed The Tame TT would Talce To helTcopTer IH Trom Theur Beverly T-Tnlls home Morrrs AlTer The Tamous comedian emceed The enTerTaTnmenT whuch began wTTh shorT welcomes Trom Mr James PalanTonTo and Mr John Meravy The presTdenT and vTce presTdenT oT InT ATrlTnes STTll Tryung Lawrence Brown Franlc Massaru and RoberT KTselalc hep raduo crooners sang Open The Door RTchard The banglng was supplued by raduo sound eTTecTs man Paul Janos Some long haTr conTrasT was provuded by The MeTropoluTan coloraTura soprano Barbara Logan wearTng a smarT SchTmenTT gown as she sang a Tamous arxa Trom The laTesT Gagluardn and Gallagher opera A scene Trom l-lamleT wTTh MTldred ScoTT Broadway characTer acTress and James Tnerney noTed Snalcespearean acTor receTved a Tremendous ovaTTon Soon The curTaTn rose agaun on a snappy revue TeaTurTng glamourous showgurls Mary Kucuch Eleanor Man a Mary McDonough BernTce Kadlsn and Isabel l.TTson Trom The Tash Tonable new nTghTclub owned by Two reTTred golf pros Bully Wallace and PaT Foley Then globe TroTTers Grac Gres well Posemary Rlccardella and Evelyn Zelyez gave us an excTTTng accounT oT TheTr lasT e capade a TrTp acro s The Sahara DeserT They Tound The source oT murage ard have been In a dream ever sunce ln The mTdsT oT Irene Evars Tamous Salome dance accompanned by PaT Ar'Talelc oTano v rTuoso and Dan el Gallagher wfxo TudTed oboe Tn Cauro an excTTed mes enger UN na balanced The eguaT on T rperpewal peace As reporTer Joyce Ma 1 oc Toe Donzela Eona Smlrn ano Nahcy S ogra onT ed TneTr paper wTh TneTr porTaole Telepnones Mass Evans announced ThaT e Sooa and Lucl a p T we T e audTen e A The crowo area M Sooa rose and TN her po s eo a en exclaTmeo haT They owed mosT TTner n gu oe Those Tamous mounTa n cl moers V ncerT VGVOT ano MaTThew Mea e ano To har greaT sTaTesman Wlllldm McGowan who had oeen aole To converse w h me h gh Lama TH TTbeTan 24 T . . . T . . r - , , I - I T T , . T . T T I I I I - T . T I 'TI . T . T Q T T T T T T T 5 3 T N T T T T T T T s , T s T . . I X 1 T T X 3 S . . . N I . S aazhed Tn. T-Te announced a proclamadon by Joseph Lazor, SecreTary General, f'TaT The TfsT T T To T . s, v rfico, F do J- TT , T TTT, T T c T F -Fla . Q T? T . T T . T N Clyl T, T T CaroTTn T - fe K r Tnsl'T re Tn h T c , s T T ro Tss T U T 'h BrT7Tsn cc T, . T T 7 T T o TT T success Tn TT dTrg ShangrTTa To mer Il s. T T T T T TT I of ' T T if l T I T T TT TT T T T . The show Then ended wrTh a Tarewell To Those celebruhes who were To leave on The Purple Fairy The rocIceTshlp To New TarryTown JuplTer Some of The guesTs wenT TO Tne upper level To dance To Carmello Camulluerr and has band OThers Tound The r way o The hangars where In one The Purple Fairy was warming up Tor her Trap Through space STandrng near The gargplanlc were RoberT BoynTon and RoberT Connelly co rnvenTors oT movmg srdewal-cs saylng goodbye To Their secreTarne Mary Garzra and PaTrlcna SIaTTery ApparenTIy engrossed rn Tarewe s were Dr Daniel Murphy and ThaT llIusTrrou business execuhve Auleen Marguls In TacT They dudn T even seem To noTrce Tnerr good Trnends The Tamous surgeon Mildred BaTTaglua and sporTs wruTer VncTor Razz: Dr BaTTagIua worked wrTh Dr Joyce Allen on a meThod oT en argung human brarn Tr sue Presldenhal candudaTe Armand TorTora and has wnTe The Tormer Mary I3uTzgeraId boarded The rocIceTshnp aTTer a shorTTareweI1 speech To hrs supporTers Hrs campargn manager Michael Zelyez and Charles MargoTTa accompanled Them They are Tryang To capTure The JupnTer voTes OT course The oTher candndaTe Raymond EvereTT Toured Jup1Ter lasT weelc IT rs sand Though The people raTher Ialce presucIenTs who play musical nnsTrumenTs NeverTheless counTrywnde polls conducTed by Those poluhcally mrnded women Isabel Gwen and EllzaoeTh Maceyalc have shown The odds To be abouT even The Tnme Tor deparTure was drawing near and I could see ThaT archlTecT Dorns Taraes Helen Velba and Jennie l'oTh had noT yeT arrived I noTucecI Them a Tew mlnuTes IaTer comrng un wuTh horTucuITurusTs Malcolm Downie and John Barr As co prIoTs RrTa Levesque and STephen Fuchelc enTered Tne rocIceT shrp a blrnlcrng on The Televusuon screen rndrcaTed ThaT The PresIdenT OT InT Alrlrnes was ready TO wlsh The occupanTs oT The Purole Parry Godspeed Behlnd hmm I could se Tamous showgrrl Marlon Burdsall Talmng very eagerly To Those nrghTclub srngers Marre WhnTe DoroThy Roy and Joseph ne Munardl JusT as PresudenT Paolanronro was Tun shnng hs Tarewell I caughT a g Imp e oT Mane Deely a successTuI press agenT who Taged a bombardmenT oT The clTy wr h perTume oombs To adverTuse The new perTume ATomrc Romance AT a sugnal Trom The co rrol Towe The passengers enTered The Purpe Parry and Tound comTorTable seaT T e louhge comparTmenT I-Iavrng conTacTed T ouTgorng oeam The Purple F ry shoT down Tne ga runners wnTh a long low wh e ard caTapulTed unTo space and desTuny ISABEL LIFSON 25 ' . I T , ' T ll I I - n - ' - . ll , U . I D - . I I . . . I I . I . I WaTers, and lawyer, Philomena Fallacaro, were uneasy since Their very eTTicienT secre- , . , . . . - VT ll V' - I n Q I ' ', ' ' ' ' I ' I I. Q I I 1 . . , . , , . 5 ry ,T 1 . I s In h T , . . A ., . , . , I s , 57 - T fi 'VERY G. 1. HPSR is Yovks n-I .r CLASS WILL We lhe Class ol 47 do hereby make publush and declare lhus lo be our Iasl wull and leslamenl We leave wulhun lhe walls ol N T H S lhe memorues ol our adolescenl years lhe happuesl years ol our Iuves To Mr Orloll Slory our well loved class advusor we leave Iols ol luck wulh lhe lulure senuor classes To lhe enlure lacully ol N T H S we leave our suncere lhanks lor all lhey have done lor us To lhe Class ol 48 we leave your our seals un Sludy Hall wulh lhe hope lhal you wull enloy your Senuor year as much as we have I Joyce Allen leave my Chemuslry worrues lo Barbara Taylor We Morrus Aller James Alvado and George Donzella leave our lulle as lhe Bug Three lo Pal Pulla Dexler Jones and George DeMuIua I Leon Andrus leave my lwo year course un Physucs lo Teddy lssamo DeSolo I Palrucua Anlalek leave my love lor school lo lhe kuds un N T They need ul I John Barr leave my Eondness lor lhe long walk lo school lo Specs Ruzzue a Iazuer boy lhan I We Muldred Ballaglua and Muldred Scoll leave our habul ol slayung up all nughl and all mornung crammung lor exams lo any Junuor who doesn l mund gourug unlo exam room wulh one eye open I Ralph Becker leave N T H S lor lhe second lume We Luculle Burd and Peler Drahos leave logelher I Maruaru Burdsall leave all lhe lun lhal goes wulh my seal by lhe door lo lhe nexl person who suls un ul I Bob Boynlon leave my nuckname Pappy lo my kud brolher Ed I Anne Cabaday leave my place un lhe corner drugslore mornungs lo Mary Sumoru I Josephune D Alessandro leave my posuluon as mauorelle ol lhe school band lo anyone who wanls lo be admulled lo lhe loolball games lree I Marue Deely leave my place al lhe puano un lhe orcheslra lo anyone who wuII enloy ul as much as I dud I Elsue Duckey leave my sweel persorualuly and ways lo Barbara Taylor I Malcolm Downue leave my abululy lo come un Iasl un lhe cross counlry meels lo Danny Ruzzu I Irene Evans leave nolhung as I wanl lo lake everylluung wulh me I Phulomena Fallacaro leave my worrues concernung my sludues lo Mary Donzella I Mary Eulzgerald leave nolhurug as I am lakung my Armand wulh me I Pal Eoley leave my lrack shoes lo Johnny Coverl and suul lo Moke DuEeIuce and shoeslrungs lo Don Ruzzu I Sleve Fucheck leave my seal on lhe bench lo my brolher Erancus I Vuncenl Gagluardu leave my love lor lhe Brooklyn Dodgers lo Frank Baglueru anolher laulhlul Dodger lan I Thomas Gallagan leave my abululy lo sleep un class lo anyone wulh no ambuluon I Danuel Gallagher leave my seal un Sludy Hall lor all lhe resl ol lhe Gallaghers lo use un lhe lulure I Mary Garzua leave my seal un Sludy Hall lo my susler Jean I Isabelle Guven leave my nalural blonde haur lo any gurl who can lake lhe kd dung lhal goes wulh ul I J hr I-Ienn ukus leave correcluon Ihavelell I Paul Janos leave lo lhe leachers ol N T H S lhe horrulyung lhough lhal un a lew years anolher member ol lhe Janos clan wuII be a member ol llueur classes I Bernuce Kadush leave I Joanne Karpunsku leave my londness lor lhe genllemen ol W I lo my susler Jean 26 oo I I . l . II II . I II II YI u Il II II I, Grace Cresswell, leave lo my sisler Margarel, my ambilion lo lravel. ' . ' . uu .I I . I n n . II n I I ' - , of . r' , - ' , . I Lucille Karpunslcu leave my bubbling splruTs and gay laughTer To my susTer Nancy so she may enloy her Sensor year an STudy Hall as I dnd I RoberTK1selalc leave and Teel sorry Tor Those who have To sTay behsnd I RuTh KosTrubaI leave my abnllTy To TorgeT To anyone who can T remember I Mary Kucuch Ieave my TooTprunTs nn The sands of Tnme I R1Ta Levesque leave my explosuve personaleTy and perpefual habuT oT craclcung gum To my susTer Ida I Isabel LuTson leave my abnlnTy To geT To school on Tame To anyone who can Tall up The sTeps Two seconds before The bell rnngs I Barbara Logan leave my posuTaon as soIoasT To Ann Malnus I EluzabeTn Maceyalc Ieave my love Tor The laTesT Song HnTs To Marlon Blascnlc I Eleanor Mansa leave my qu1eTness To Three InTTle gurls Marne Razz: Vlrgunsa Power and Rose Capossela I Joyce Marasco leave my abuInTy To pass by The slcnn oT my TeeTh To anyone who would lnlce To have ThaT excuTemenT oT uncerTalnTy aT The end oT each year I Charles MargoTTa Ieave my TuTIe as assnsTanT basIceTball manager To John Eara gasso I Aeuleen Marquns leave my abnIlTy Tor slcnppung To anyone who can sTand The nervous sTraun I Eranlc Massarl leave noT because I have To buT because I wanT To I Mary McDonough Ieave To my sssTer Ellen The worraes and happiness ThaT come w1Th N T I Wulluam McGowan Ieave my nnckname G O PlenTy To The nexT presldenT of The G O I MaTTy Meacle leave my place IH The Honor SocueTy To Shalcey Barr I Josephune Mnnardn Ieave my seaT nn STudy Hall 4Th row 2nd seaT To any TuTure sensor who wanTs To geT a beTTer vvew oT Mr STory I Dannel Murphy leave my poslTnon as presudenT oT The Lonely HearTs Club To whoever wanTs :T I Lunda Neubrand Ieave my Tlamung red halr To Jean Twomey I James PaolanTonao leave my seaT In STudy Hall To Dobber Daley I Rosemary Rnccardella leave all my headaches To my susTer Josephnne I Vac Rnzzn leave my ab4luTy To loaT Through caInsThenncs durang gym class To Teddy DeSoTo and DexTer Jones I DoroThy Roy Ieave all my headaches To anyone who ns crazy enough To Talce Them I Mary Schumenh leave my boxes oT rlnse To anyone who wanTs To puT ThaT gleam I0 her hair I Wvllram SchIuTow leave my abullTy an pole vaulhng To anyone who wanTs To Tall ThaT Tar I Nancy Scogna leave my worries over English IV To Mary Donzella I PaT SlaTTery Ieave To TuTure SecreTarnal PracTlce classes The horrnble Teelnng ThaT comes over you when Tour calls come In over swlTchboard aT one Time Edna Lounse SmnTh Ieave my love worrnes To my gurl Trnend Gerry Brown I Caroline Soda leave my large vocabulary To anyone who can masTer :T I Gladys Taylor leave my seaT un STudy Hall To my slsTer Barbara James Braun Tlerney Ieave my seaT In STudy Hall To Bob Shalcey Barr Armand TorTora Ieave To The EooTbaIl Team oT 47 all The success IH The world BeaT W I Jennne ToTh leave my good Tomes aT N T To my snsTer BeTTy Helen Velba leave my love Tor dancung To Tracy Ballas VnncerT Verdu leave noThrng Tor I Talce everyThxng wuTh me BIII Wallace leave my seaT nn Mr Hynes class To Franlc Bagluern Dores WaTers leave my seaT rn The school bus To anyone who can geT There TnrsT Jancarol Weelc am selhsh so I Ieave noThnng Marne WhuTe Ieave To BeTTy ToTh and June Clancy all The good Times ThaT Jennue ToTh and I had an school I Evelyn Zelyez Ieave my green eyes To any N T sTudenT who wanTs Them I Mnchael Zelyez Ieave my ablIuTy nn Traclc To The popular conversaTuonaIusT The oss NorTh TarryTown N Y WuTnessed by February 28 I947 Kulroy Knlroy and Kulroy Inc 27 . . . . . . . . , . . I 1 I T I . . . . . . . . . I . . . . I, , . I .. ., . I, , . . . I . .. ,, I, , . . I . . . . . I. . . I, . . . I, . HB .. .. gi- 'WT Hmm BALLOT BOX Besl Loolcing Paul Janos Joyce Marasco Daniel Murphy Joanne Karpinslci l-learllarealcer William Wallace Joanne Karpinslci William McGowan Aileen Marquis Culesl William McGowan Joanne Karpinslci John l-lennrilcus Edna Louise Smilh Mosl Popular William McGowan Lucille Bird Viclor Rizzi Aileen Marquis Mosl Arhlelic Viclor Rizzi Philomena Fallacaro Morris Alrer Josephine DlAlessandro Besl Dancers John l-lennrilcus Aileen Marquis Daniel Murphy Mildred Ballaqlia Besl Conversalionalisl Paul Janos Mildred Scoll Armand Torlora Joyce Marasco Mosl Sludious Joseph Lazor Mildred Scoil Dariel Gallagher Joyce Maraico Modl Likely TO Succeed Dare Mufblly Isabel Lil on Joieon Lazor Mldrod Scoff Class Actor Jame Terney Mildred Scof PaulJanoi Edna Louise Smifh 4190 J J' mf yr ,ff ,J Class Blonde Joseph Lazor Isabelle Given Slephen Fucheclc Palricia Anfalelc Class Redhead Pairiclc Foley Linda Neubrand Class Brunelle William McGowan Josephine D'Alessandro Franlc Massari Rosemary Riccardella Class Linguisl' Roper? Ensign Isabel Lilison Roberl Connelly Nancy Scogna Did Mosl for lhe Senior Class Paul Janos Lucille Bird WilliamMcGowan Philomena Fallacaro Mosl Arlislic Armand Torfora Joanne Karpinslci Paul Janos Aileen Marquis Williesf Armand Torfora Caroline Soda Morris Aller Lucille Karpinslci Besl Dressed Daniel Murphy Joyce Marasco Lawrence Brown Mary Kucich Mos? Pleasirq Personaliiy William McGowan Josephine Minardi Victor Rizzi Aileen Marquis Nicesl Smile William McGowan Edna Louise Smilh Paul Janos Aileen Marquis Daniel Murphy Class Scienfisls Roberl Boynfon Caroline Soda William Schlufow Isabel Lifson Besl Mannered Sfephen Fucheclc Marie Deely John l-lennrilcus Mildred Sco+'r Mosl Dependable William McGowan Lucille Bird Paul Janos Philomena Fallacaro Mosf Bashful William Schlufow Marian Birdsall Vic'ror Rizzi Doris Walers Mos? Sophislicafed Daniel Murphy Joyce Marasco John Hennrilcus Edna Louise Smifh Besl All Around Vicfor Rizzi Lucille Bird William McGowan Eleanor Mansa Class Musicians James Tierney lsabel Lifson George Donzella Marie Deely Eaculfy Joy Daniel Murphy Isabel Lifson Joseph Lazor Mildred Scoff Leasl Sludious Maflhew Meacle Caroline Soda James Tierney Mary Filzgerald Besl Excuse Maker Frank Massari Caroline Soda James Tierney Mildred Barfaqlia A A5 TIME' -P' I-IFE as HEADLESS HORSEMAN HIGHLIGHTS SEPTEMBER oo d ys ool a I ors wrde To new ard old sTuden Hro School regIsTraT on 400 J o H g School OO Two oT our To 'ner Tea hers leave The pOrTar N T Goodbye M FITzpaTrIcIr and Mr Edlesor' Many new Teachers are hnred Wu a'n Bea narres WIlTord Mrs RaTrI a OReI y Law erce Hynes VIncenT J Topplng Arnold ProTeTa Mrss OI ve Ha h Jos ph Sauer and Joseph GuInTa Senror prcrure are Taken Yearbook sTaTT sTa s r on Tne 47 ye r oox J V ooTball squad organrzed Classes erecr oTTIcers Mr Pea e sTarTs musrc lessons Three rew clubs organrzed by Mr Toppung R Tle Cub Jr Boys HI Y and Scrence Club M s HaTch TarTs a Lrbra y ub Cross CounTry Team begun oy Mr Rasbeck Band orders new ur'rTorm One cenT Trne charged on overdue Irbrary books Yearbook Fund Rarsnng CommIfTee sells banner d N T prrs durrng TooTbalI sea Mr Topping home room IS Trr T To have IOO per cenT mennbershrp In The G O OCTOBER P T A DesserT Carol Parry Cler Club Grrls serve Dancung classes grven by Mass BeTTy VV :Te are InsTITuTed Tor Ther sT Tme In N T H Y gurls erve aT CommunlTy ChesT dnnner Junror Class members orde school rrngs a ers DIgesT one garn hrres N T holds TIFSIA nIghT TooTbaI game In Rye Band and Cneerleaders accompany Team Relugrou InsTruc Tron begins r ouTs To he allschoo a N T vs Ossrnlng game IS held on Mon y NOVEMBER I'II Y Assembly TS held In WhITe Rrarns HI Y members Trom N T aTTend Freshmen InITIaTIon and recepTIon held schoo play e e Ins a IX een under T e drrec Ion o Iss SI presenTed n SaTurday IN: vemb r I6 The annual N I I w N T Alumnl oTTers a cup To The wnnnung Team Ir memory oT Two Tormer TAooTbaIl playe s klled In Th war Royce Gnbson 37 and John Ho an 37 DECEMBER The SouThern Arrs QuarTeT puT on a muslcal program In The W I audITorIum Junuor Class ar y Club 48 under The dIrecTIon o Mr Hyne draws capacITy c ow To N T Senrors sell ChrIsTmas cards IXIGIIOPG Honor SocIeTy elecTed M Idred ScoTT selecTed as The senror g rl represenTaTIve Tor The annual D A R conTesT Double uarTeT sungs aT The RoTary Club John and Wrlluam I-Iennrlkus leave Tor Germany Former Teacher Jack Edleson marrres Sonya Kadrsh Consolndahon oT N T and TarryTown urged M llron seen In savr g Vrllage and schoor mergers Tavored In survey made by John D RockeTelIer Jr Presrde-nT Truman declares end war IH U JANUARY 47 Happy New Yea Everyone' M Beal popular baskeTbaIl coach leaves N T To become RecreaTIon Dlrecror In Poughkeepsre N T opens :Ts doors Tor aduIT evenrng classes James Ryan represenTs N T on a raduo yourh Torum Members o The I946 TooTbaIl squad a e InvrTed To a TooTbalI d nner aT BIII Reubers N T Recreahon Commussron sponsors a socral hour every Tnursday evenlng M Jol'nsTon Torergn cor espondenT Tor The New York Tnmes addresses aT a pec a The TIFSI' co onaTIon dance To be held aT N T Try ouTs Tor The Three one acT plays ar held FEBRUARY 47 The Undersea Jamboree neld by The Sophomo es February I The play Abe Lrncolr TeaTur Ing Raymond Massey IS broadcasT over The school publrc add ess sysTem On February 25 l947 The TIrsT meeTIng oT The STudenT New STaT3T Takes place Thrs sTaTT III sponsor a school newspaper L crlle Bard IS Cr wn d ueen Lucllle OI NorTh TarryTown Hlgh Schoo aT The Corona Ion Dance Work on The yea book IS go ng ahead aT a acceleraTed pace In o der To be ready To prInTIng ea y Thrs monTh Money rs co Iecfed Tor The March o Drmes Senror Class plannlrg whaT To see ano on Senror Tr p Ten aTIve plans F man s Ram w dlnner Radio CI y T Boys a rs HI Y h ve I T meeT o wTh W I exchange pup IS Trom SouTh Amerr a are ouesT oT honor A Tew selecTed senrors IGKE Reps Cola Scholarshlp Exam N T s oagernen Trlufnph over W I MARCH 47 The General Organrzahon oT The No Th Tar yTowr' Hgh hoo oresenT Three one acT oays Trua y Moon gnT he e de Ma eTrouTs o r To The Lovey argareT wTn IS PaTrIc a O Renlly drrecmng T Freshman Class sponsors a SIIncue1Te Dance ApTI ude TesTs and College EnTrance Exams a e Taker' by ma y hopeTul Sensors Ma y OT ne homeroom glve a sembrres Muss MacFarano Mrss Marr n Henressey M STory and Mr GunTa M ss Hrnz and Ms WnTes CongraTulaTIons you al Tor v ry good oer ormances T Var Ty and Jr Va :Ty Baske Teams boTr' Tre r se ord pl n The Hudson Rrver Leaoue AR IL 47 asTer vaca Ion Have a T m nrors make herr anrua T p o New York Yes we d oodT'n s Gae aIeT een a'naTc rdNT ThesToypor+rae was I Re emb rMa"ra MAY 47 B s H Y r a S r Darc ne Musr Depa m rT oT Tre NorT Tar yT wn Jurwor a nror HI, r T nua usr Iva er In o e M Fer IS and Mr Pea rs DVI MI s a M Edelrrann Mr Rasbecr and Mr Toporng pr senT asscm p grams eE ar o os T anru Oper' House To paren s 73 Sch I a , sch d yswN. T. I-I, S, opens ATs do AA - TS- Alh A I , 3 uri r I h A, 2 . . . r Q Is oT . .1 , r, A A . I ... A - AAI? I I Cp . A . .S ,Cl . ,I I g I . U . 4 Y . wok AIA AabA.....T A . s A . . .. is I. s A r CI ... A . AA.A, AA A I AAAsar .,A, A Son... . 5 I- hA A, A A A AIr A AIA A . ..,. I- AA A IA A ... A r A ...Red A A ea A A ..gIrIs...N.T. IA A . , . T y- r T Y I pl y . . . . . . A AI A da . 'A ...All I yur B oA lsr A Ah ' TA fu' o re Ily, is . . . O , Ao e I , .T. vs. W, I. classAc As held-W. I. Ins... V 4 , . . ,L I i , e P+." I ' ' r . 'Af a ' . . . I A . . . Ir A I A A . . AQ I ' 5 A An .. . ' ' A A A A . , .... A oT A ,S, X A A . . I I . I A I 7 A A , . . . I r A . . . r. , A r A A . us s I I assembly. ..VoTes are Taken To seIecT a candIdaTe Tor Oueen oT N. T .... The Oueen To be picked aT u A A A o e Q AA A A I TA . . . do 'Are -l'A ' 'na GI I' A- a AoIn . ing I . .- I' Ac 4 s A A r r , I Sc I X s I - I 7 AA A I b IE A A AT SI' I AA D o A I M I MA s A I I A, A AoA , r, . I', I A A I A 'o I e - V T , . . N. . sI . Tba. I A A To c . aceA A . R . E 'A - , good A. el . . . Se A ' ' I r? T 7 p ha A a do I. el , . . MI s r c W p ' K , Dr A ReCITa1Is' vIsA'e . .- I ' y d oy' A- 'old o Ing e . . . T' A: " e A h r o .A 'ol Se IA Aoh ScAoo1s hc ds I s An I M Ac FesTA I und ' re II' :TIon of Ass 'A . se . . . M . I Aco and As H 'ch rs. . r . A e - bly ro ,,.TI' Iemenf y Soho I no A I 5 wa N r T . ,loan J 11APRa"3T - wif' yarns IH 0 5? ,.. -QE.. 22 Alfa' :Hx 3 'Q . .A , . . 4 f JUNIOR CLASS HE class oT T48 began a year oT prosperiTy by elecTing as Their leaders Franlc Foley, PresidenTq Theodore DeSoTo, Vice-President Jacqueline Xenos, SecreTary, and Norman Bresson, Treasurer. On December 6, The Juniors held a dance which was much publicized. The dance was held in The school gym and was called "Club 48.'i IT was The TirsT aTTempT To puT over such an enTerTaining show and iT drew a capaciTy crowd To N. T. All around The gym blaclc Top haTs were posTed To give iT a nighT-club eTTecT. The "Embassy Six" under The direcTion oT SalvaTore Sangiorgo played Tor The aTTair. Girls and boys Trom The Junior Class parTicipaTed in singing and dancing wiTh The band as enTerTainmenT. AnoTher much Tallced abouT aTTair was The Junior Prom which was also a huge success. The 'lProm" was held on May I7. The class was under The direcTion oT Mr. Lawrence Hynes. 34 LEFT SIDE lsf Row Lel7+ To Ruqlwf C Dearman M Malzluccl B Bus C Faraqasso B Merle A DnCalr1ano E Scappafrccx F Muqluornsu C Ja ques A Malms N B e son F Foley Mr Hynes 2nd Row Leff lo Ruqlwr B Torh B Koslelney J Clancy J Zaborney J Wood R Cvelmm J Ryan W Norsek R Belluveau J Cover? P Gardmer H Kruernem R w Lell fo Rlqm L Gonzalez G Beekman J Danlco l Fnerravanle L DuMuro L Ramoo T Amma,lam M Slmorw M Donzella T Ballas S Knrby l-l Brooks J Lofaro S Sleponauhs lw Row Left To Rnqlwf G DeMe a C Casey F Flemmq S Demefer M Kovaclw J Rakaclcy Cornell l-l Fnala W Henn nlcus A Cecom M DeFelnce RIGHT SIDE s ow e 4 :tml e 5 o Barb on J Marian J 2nd Row + To Rlqrf A Mafra R ewarl Baqueu S Sa quo ay W D pl-ano P P Uprl, W Fnzpa :slr M Vlllnam 3rd Row f o aey dl e F zpa T wowwey F Felclmm D G-eres M ac gvao J Ta or D Nx 4+ Row Lell lo Rq 'ner a Sclower W Malwer G Foey P Anderson R Carwfeo C Coursen Nlxor ara ara x D on 35 3rd o , ' "2 . . . , . . . ' , . ' . . ' l , , Cl . ' , . , . , . ' L , . , . . . I ' . 4? , F ' I . ll , . , . ' ' . , . . . I , R. l + R , L 51 o R44' : J. X no T. DeSo+ , L. Pollquirz, J. er, E. Jas , . ' , . Bell, J. Maccabee. J. Marcinelc, J. Beekman. B. Taylor, F. Berry. , Lel ' ' : , , . S' , F. l' ', . rx ' rqo, T. D 3 , . Quin S. iS'e- , . Pfla . 'ooh . ' lf' , . 'Q' S. . Le? ' Riqrw L. C ' J. H 'rv s, E. Belllveau, C. lv ffck J. T . ' . l 's an . , . L o . f . yl , . I ov. Iw . ' ff: G. S C lc, D .... . l , , , . 5 M. '. . S. K c, J. Y be, D. J es. D. Rizzl. 77 Bislrn-nr-lf' To sig 'THE LIC wq,-Ns SOP!-IOMORE CLASS rng class ollucers Mnchael Lazor Presldenl Edward Crolce Vuce Presudenl John Mafluccn Secrelary and Domunuclc M Cabrlele Treasurer The bnggesf accomplushmenr of 'rhe year was lhe Undersea Jamboree held on February I l947 The gym was lurned Info a sea wnrh huge hshes corals and shells along 'rhe walls Marne Rrzzl was decorahon charrman 36 C , V l la c NDER 'fhe dlreclion of Miss Marion Hennessey lhe class of '49 elecled The follow- LEFT SIDE ISI Row, Leff Io RiqI'vI: Miss M. I-Iennessey, R. CorneI. E. FuIer, P. ReIIIy, S. Sprince, E. Xeros, D Cooper, J. SeIneIcovIc, B. Bingham, A. Sabo, I.. Gvor1ZaIez, M. SImncwsIci, T. Tourkgny, I. Toudgny 2nd Row, Leff Io Riqrf: V. Powe's D. Forman, D. Marchloni, I. Levesque, M. Za'riIIi, L. Randi, J GaIIaqI'wer, I. Moore. I.. BeuIIer, C. IWIIW, E. W5IIia'ros M. WIwIfe. 3rd Row, Left Io RiqIwI: M. BIros, I-I. Kovadv, A. Passa iemo. A. Merwa, J. NeIson. K. Mason, J. Gfersor' R. Murray, R. GaIIaqarv A. Maha, P. NauqIIIon. 4II'1 Raw, Left Io RIqF': F. Brcqan, G. Barr, M. Lazcr, J. Maffucci B. Bus, J. AIvacIo. F. VGVIGEC, R Losier, F. GaqIIardi, W. KeIIey, F, Macey, J. Ra'fIow J. Usai D. Lacaruba, J. BeII'o. RIGHT SIDE ISI Row, LQII Io Right M. Skiba, N. Szfibano, J. Garzfa, E. MarqoI+a. K. MCSIay FI. Sidorik S. D'R5I monde, A. BeIIiveau R. Caposse a D. Wade, D. CIarvcy, T. GauIIr', R. Bar, M. RI:zI. 2nd Row. I.eII Io RIQFI: I.. Rubfni. M. BIasCiI:, M. Evereff. A. Draiwos. J. Degeorqe, J. DeGra'de P. Joyce, R. Ginnefil, D. Foqel. 3rd Row, Leff Io RIqII': B. BrumbIe E. Maicabee B. Gfwervo P. D Edewia, E. MCDNICUQIW, J. Quirv' C. Ce::cIinI, F. Lerncx B. Leng, A. Cacfsse a W.B,eI1I1. MII Rcw, LQII Io RIQW: C. Varderi-am, E. C'oIre, B, Mora'o, C. VVGQH, F. Arfod R. Amgevl e J. Drahos. 37 J .r X sonivd is , il M we ,- FRESHMAN CLASS N a briqhf Friday morning of Oclober, lhe Freshman class was iniriafed. Wi+h all lheir linery, lhey made a comical sighf. Righlr affer +heir inilialion which made rhern one of 'rhe "gang, ' +hey slarled plans for fhe year by elecling Daniel Rizzi for President Roberf Nicol, Vice-President Roberf Norselc, Secrelary, and Anlhony Zingaro, Treasurer. On March 8+h 'rhey sponsored lhe Silhouelle Dance which proved very successlul. Miss Verena Deuel was class advisor. 38 LEFT SIDE ow eff To Rlqhr L U ach R Wood P Mmnch M De ofo L Da anre A Ber DeCar4c V DATlessar1dro M Legqlo J Jelenek D Rnzzl A Zmgaro 2n R w Lefrr 'ro Rrqhf C Cox A Beelvnan A Marranga P TorneTlo J Ben B Ca ey I Mann J Murphy M Cohen R Wand Rcw ef O Cv a me o e Fd A VVee s A Paolan one Mau I e J Lage E Galaqarc R Ceccohm T Evers Row Lefio rqh a a e eau Mher A Hhavaio I J McCready J Barr C Dearman G HeT q E Pefrov ch RIGHT SIDE E McDonough A DV J Ka pnskn M Maher MzssV De e rw Row Le? To rqhf resswel oo rm? nermec M Martmo D Koval A EvereH E Barbou M Lovaro r Rc e o N CGUIIPU .peurmer M Gnrhmy F Flensch D Cooper B Cooper CcardeTa B ara P Pe r 'n Ro 0 4 afrrc Ko R Ne C C Porcan F Km ersem W Jo n W wer C Cudney M Paw-e B Mar L lure o 39 lsr R , L ' ' z . b , . . . ' ' , . S , , H ' , . q, L. d o , ' : , , . . , . , . , . 4, . s , . 3rd , L f Y REAL : V. C rroH, S. A Y , M. B d f, , L, . f I , B. fc 4Th , T R' 9: R. P Ik , M. Padg H, F. Travis, R. Br , J. I' , . via, J, Pala . , . , . , . wi , . i . ls? Row, Leff M: Riohrz R. Norsel, R. Nico, B. Hafzman, J. Gieasorv C. Ker1yCr1,A. Larwza, J. Bridcar . , . I lic, , ' T 4, . , A . u L 2 d , f RA 1 M. C , R. W d, M. S 'h, C. N' ' L. Vidaf, . DQ ' . 3 d w. L ff? Rlqhfz .B ". , C. " , . ' ' , . -' mar, . . . 1. R. Ri ' , . M acc, . Le . 49' w, Le5++ R'qh': J. Efzp ' L L. ' f qqei . i bar h, , o, . I ' , . F sow .S . . , f . 'Tn . L . Q- gf' .. d. H EIGHTH GRADE ITH The ambmon To become leaders un hugh school The enghTh grade class has been a mosT cooperahve group oT sTudenTs They have gone all ouT Tor The Junior Red Cross and lnTanTale Paralysis Tunds They parTuclpaTed TU many clubs and oTher exTra currucular acTwnTues May we all c:ongraTulaTe These members oT N T and hope ThaT They wall conTunue Their exTra currncular acmvmes IU Theur coming hugh school years wnTh The same zeal They have dnsplayed as Tledglsngs ow T o I T c new 4 C B A Pavoloylch A as r y D Chna on Sleponauhs A lppo no M Burlone J Camera A l-lohgach M LeC era A Wrlghl Row LeT To R g T mon HUT' M COUTI r N u a Ml rombor S Cou Ture J ogan Wonsala C Gaul N Marcenn P Galagher G Brl eau B Grlersfn Row eTTo RlghT P ey e T mon T anrnan a er r appelo J a gasso A M ablo J aassu H mes Qcchlpnl R S o n Row e T To R g T T o Lon on Ga an J C E mln meTer G Ra shy S Greene M N xon H N co W Ceconr J Raqusa Cayalleru W Ta4T E Boynfon Row TT To Rrq T A a o e an a u Lo Upshaw B Mariyn ushe' M Yara J S auncssy B Yager W Whlh, J G ady B Thom so A Lorlce E S a K Blngham B ol r Row Ler c-urremanche e own a R WP as ga an u o Venn MaTra G E 'fr 40 lsT R , LeT T R'gh : M. C f ll, L. Tornello, J. ShuTe. E, Belanklc, . ell, . ' . . H 4- geT , . ' LS , R. 4 ' , , l' , . . , . T , . l , 2nd . T i h : E. Ed d, D. ' . ', K. Pa Tl: , A. Pag ' H. KanTor, R. Tllef. M. T e, . ' , . Br . D. . . in, . l' , . l , . 'Cl , 3rd , L T A . ,Cl E, Opi , R. Smi h, B. Ed d, D. DAC " rt D. H gg Ty, R. T :Wi JC l,,E'a ,. or I , .GT ',K.T ,J. 'iT', . Qga. 4Th , L T ' i h 1 J. Glen , P. Raniefl T. .d , A. fr T, , M Elwaln, E. r' son, F. De , . T , . , . T , . T l, . ', . , A. I I, . ', 5Th ,Le T h 1 .L 2 ', P. Ni b gh, L. Mor Ta, PF check, B. Taro, K. , . ' , D. B . . bel, . h - A . , . f I . r . p n, . . , . Hb , . ' . B Je. 6Th 5 To RTghT: R. C. ' , J. S lnelc ' J. Forman, D. M nr' J. Usal, . T d , T. A r D. V H lsTeyn, R, Carrozzi R, C VP, J. Ma afdfifc, R. f'uCQi F. . , . fs an. -- -'I' A ale A-193' SEVENTH GRADE HE moflo Lasl buf nor Leasf rs The one dedlcaled To The Sevenlh Grades Although fhey only came +o the hugh school building an Sepfember They qunclcly became an assef by parhcupahng nn many clubs and olher exlra currscular achvnhes They confrrbufed fo The Junlor Red Cross and Infanhle Paralysns funds They also sold hclcefs To fhe lhree one ac? plays Lufe Bequns al Snxleen and puf on a number of enlerlannunq assembly programs Ow ef o R hf cn mu Ba man S ar e mu Sullvan F Ro uer J K as J Ga agher T Gorda A Ba bosa R ov Row Lew lo Rnghr RoT1haus VV Hall J Connelly L Smnlh Hennessy M Ralraclry N Ka plnslcl Busne V Grady Musklewucz L W fzel Ml Row Ja lcson A J Dee'y Glrhnny E Rapp C Bar'on C Mcfkear Croke R Moro G Boady J Fa Grady J Gwen F Lesfer R Godboul D Gag ard: Row L S nu e cr' a o a orne anfon l-l wx Ter R lura s ala B Maher B Madden W Mcl-lenry J Kuoc Qu Hr A en A Bal 4 Row sra a'n e G Ga SI T Trombone H Man len Male wn Elm I N Nnxo H u S Sldorllr 4I Isl R , L T f lg 1 E. Lem , M. S Wh, J. ch , J. h p , C. S, Wh, L. ll , . sen- ba , . rm , . l , . . . r , .C e'Y. 2nd , f " 'Z A. Ganzalez, R. Anlalelr, E, Pilla, L. l ' , , , , , . ' , E. T , . , . r A ', N. l l . , B. '- ' , . e , P. Aller. 3rd , Lal: fe Rlglvz B. Q , .Yarabelr , . E. ' ' , . , , . , , l C. , . . . , . hey, J. , . 4 , . , . , . ll A. 4th , ef' fo Rl::h': C. i .' l' J. Nlror, J. lu' l R. Z b y J. S+ .. , R. el Aq D. Golf, .B 3.-.n N. Barfre, J. lo, R. Case s- , , . , . , . , . ' h, J. Di a Q, .V Efuzci, . flsla. Sth , Lei' 9: Rlighvr J. He' '1 w E. G 'nf , J. ray, F. la. ', . , . Q' ', J. ' ', J. RTQQI, M, Brarxy: J. Bilcer F. Faa S. Bro J. Ralshy, E. ' rn'e . ' n, . B acl, -'NIGHT .WB JJ' A4 3,1 M wiv' P NF? ACTIVITIES I fi-4. XX N Q Iris? 5 ,VIK 5 IJ ' X ,I ..-,. 56955 s T o I a fa cz S e 6 De ua R Barr W McGowan B Loman Blrd M55 Evqres VI RO I rv a ue Morale e C eo K 'vw GENERAL ORGANIZATION Mr Presuder1T The village oT NorTh TarryTowrT would lulce The General Orqamza Tuon oT The school To sTop The demonsTraTIorI5 bemg carried on wITh The sTudenT5 oT WashInqTon Irvmg I-hgh School Mr Pre5IdehT The sensor claus would lllce To have permassnon To Mr PresIderTT The Yearbook sTaTT would Ilke To These were a Tew oT The words ThaT rar'gThrouqr1 The Iwallsfrom The G O mee In every Frroey mormhg durmg The AcTIvuTy Perlod Pre IoerT Wllllam McGowan IsTe-red mTenTIy as he and hrs sTaTT Paul Janos Vlce Pre derT Baroara Loqar' SeCreTery and Lucllle Brd Tree urer Trued To Colve The many proolem ThaT arose The memoer hnp dr ve early m The year proved To be The mobT Tru TTuI oT all drlves alThough IOO per cenT member h p wa noT aTTamed 45 O. OU' I T Row, Le: T Rohr: E. Sc pp TIC I, D. Buh l. . Mil' , . , , , . A L, 4 , I Q T. 2 d w Le-:T T: R'qh': F. Rose bauer. C. J cq 3, L. G. I-I Iwlq M. Lazor, E. Eri lrsorw. J. Tierev J. Mefvfuczi R. Ward G. Boady. E. S'-110' J, Gallagher, N. Scrlberwo, P. Minlch, R. S' craI'7s J. I as. ' - ' . , T' ga . . , I . . . - SI I I , , I , S , - l 5 . . I S ' I ' f 1 ' . s I 3 . ' . -rw?-V BJS 46 YEARBOOK FACULTY STAFF MSAP X, Q 5 Marx frm swy N26 V. M s F S Rnd S Ol YEARBOCDK STAFF 3 in Nou an 2 R 1 'I Ar' 1 xv HT vw MM T Cl LJ Fc IV F31 as T4-T? 'C RTLTXTI fu Vi! Vff'5 MA: 'CT T-la ex. Mfs, F" - bww DI 1.0. fe Marle- Hi : Mi Edie Hef- rw lL,A Mm M 'give' -i . I-.T Rza Tr.-T' T?'fqF': R. RTica'df-Ha. F. M'qTi3- riai L. , bf d. M. LOL'1:f'-. F. Maxuzcl. nd Sw, Loi' 'Q Rffi P. Fa aram, P. KTM. B. Kid!-,IT A. M1 qui B. Lwmm I. LW' rv. Ju Piw, Tr-5' 'fp R'i1F': F. Flirty, A. S4 dw, I. Tien . :Dfm':ucF J. T"f J. Mfgfci M. SN," J. Mafzwi. L, Bhd J. ATTaf1, V. Rizzl. 1"3' IH Cffff- Ai---A Ml' Fw.. 'y' Ain: --r -MG 'Af v Sf-"F M Fd ' v UNT. N0 brf1"d,FufuHy 'TNT' -1- '.'.xL-:YV . M , My " FT"r"'-L ",. s,2J' Sw? F7-1' Mwuuf F-,-1" Mir 1 Bu-1' - Sw" .J , -- A V-rx F.,"lfQ1 Arn--T l.1"Tf- B75 M '. M-V, rfu "" Jw-,fi Mfnaf' T'--we F-,mg J' Qyffl T. Q K1'L.TfTfT. M-, Vu 'im Tsubn l'!sf,r lL"'nf' T A L .w'1" M-v. 31'."13': Q ,ie 9 --A. f"--' Mft- , M. . MT' 'min.1'f:J'1,.f-IJKIAL Mlhavc' 3" ying" M.'1.-1-'- F' wif. F: a .'. 3..1.1'1,' 'K - MT, My Q- T71 F-1 ..', f-f1J,f:', 'Efarf Fifi' Bi-'TH T553 Q F.i'..'. Adw .'-' f-MH P-'::'QSff'-VQQSfJ's'-.- Ncwrf JUT-rv KL,'.T'.i', J3f" Ba" f'5 W'f3,. J Use, f-"H H"':a"' Cffe B-104' f'i".u': 4 E f M, 3:1 M, Bm- TNQ HV- m,.+f T""' if V 'A FYI! if " J 1 Bf:-1. C'K'f'1- Jzir Pifwn 'i Tw-nw "IW M179 ry" "" Tn!-v F5:f" .T, A -v V 1'IT"'A V . :", 1 fvffjwf ' lv", WHAT NTx',T H' S'x"f'n IHMTW--1' Vfwffrt- T:L'- '-'IHFY rw' f-1'K'.:I'.P ""1r'1.:--i.Vfi- '11 M.. PH' S.: Fr- F"-. !-.3, i"' Pfff. '.: "xi-M' 3 Edrn H-iff Fam H 7,-'-r. ..'--.iN.'.:' 5 V- V.: uf-i .--' ',"':'f:":'1f" iw'--,':.Ni-..:'.'i1 'J---' 1--I,-1 F""'ffeF: Vefi 1-. 'I ,LWIM Q3 ,:.:1'.. -J My.. - 333' ., ' ,Lily Z- T.,,,, E172 ffbxu :,1..'i'3 i""Lu' A: B"1 ,i"'- T ' J .-::i.' M71 IT !"":: ., Q-'SFT' 'Tnvi' Lx. Mr- Ki':':Tmr' Jaffa -vw, . L .. RED CROSS lsr Row LeTT To R T 7awCelr Rlcca la M Nlxo V a her D R ley R an c r'neTch J S a house n Row l.eTT To R qh enler M D a o A no a r Qlr u Hvw o Marslry R Oey A Zalcclr Row Le T To R aml r J Ha es Ba Cabaday P a car rn R C uTTy J S ar Row LeTT T R1 Broqan C WaTe S Koval A Horqah Cope J l om y J Murphy J Gallaqhe Ja lrson M Yavabelr MarT n M s A e h r J Bus YEARBOOK FUND RAISINC5 R L R1 v n Mansa 5 Taq a en DeGcor'1r- B Kadlsh A Marquis Zn Row Lol' To Rnqhf R Joyce M Ga zra M Mc onouqh I Guve a e a Xenos n alelc Lo an lacaro F 1 ONEY money money The rooT oT all ev l Comes rn mughTy handy wner' y u have TO pay Tor The publnshwng of a yearco r Ca d par Tues dances and Tasnuon hows are a Tew oT Tne evenTs on The clrcular oT Fund Ralslnq Comm TTee Under The able dlrec lon of Mrs Elwzaoem D ICO and The unTlrlr'g worrr of T e aT soon everyThlnq v under conT ol Chervo' Tne ear boox ns paud Tor and To T e Fund Ralsmg C mm T Tee we say Thanlcs Tor a oo wel done HE Junlor Red Cro cohduc ed a very u cesslul member mp dr ve n November I946 Orher Than The memoer hlo drlve M Wa d gil 5016" IJ nomeroom group l4nuTTed woolen bed socks Tor ve erans h p al and Tlled seven educ:aT4onal boxes a d M s Deuels olrs Tlled Tnree e uca Tlonal ooxe M l-len naws 5Tn q ade group nave also Talcen care oT Tavors and place cards Tor all The holidays Throuqhom Tne year The Tavors are senT To Red C oss l"leadouarTers and are Tnen allo caTed To veTerans ho plTals where Tne D860 ns gre-aTesT The co oT The maTer als Tor he aTghan was Talfen ou oT Tne Tunds col ecTed ounng The mem oer p dr e n November and ome oT Tne maTerIa Tor The Tavor were also pur aseo Trom The Tu d o lecred an Novemoer O 1 lqhi M. A. '. , L. A f- oe? , . ' n .G l- laql , I . .Ry . M. D l . T cl:- 2 a V . I 'r D. V A , . 'C E4 an , . Spe . l. F91- p Ti , R. L lr: Af, J. W l' , , Rlzo, S. l , . ' '. 3rd . l lzghli J, C Elie I, F. Mlfz lo- fese. . In ,T, las. A, , . Far' - o, E. S nh, , Cnr- nell, .Twf . . h pe. 4Th , c 'qhlz J. , . Y D. , . 2 . D, C r, . e B-. Q W, A. . B. I . f, .F C - ne, . hel. Is? ow, eTT To 'qhlt i. E a s, E. . M. B T ll J. All , J. d ', . ' : , Y , VI . D . . ' P. S. S'eponaiTis, R, Ri:- Q rd ll , E. P. A T , B. q ., P. Fa.l , . M'qlIoVsl. CY YYY V -J 1 g" ' ' - ' ' T ' . 3' ' T l os lf s, A , ' I ' l ol. r - n rl 5 H J' " Fil. 1 d - D . . . . .- ISS 2' ' T f A vy l ber.- -. rf y V. 'S y NAM, AY r- I I xl I.. , rr I- V 1 lr V ' 3 if ' I T U 55 l 55' l shf lv I. ' . 5 . - S . l - ' lg 5 - Cn r ' 'e"',r:. rs 'ns:1" ,'. 47 ' RSAHU5 T-IE school year oT l946 47 was an GCIIVG one Tor The JunIor AmerIcan CITIzens The members oT ThIs OVQGHIZGTIOH made scrap books and conTrIbuTed Them To The chIIdren aT Sunshme CoTTage They also made place cards Tor paTIenTs oT The VeTera1 I-Io pITaI aT CasTle PoInT New York The JunIor AmerIcan CITIzens co spon ored The CoronaTIon Dance whIch was held on February I6 ard erIoyeo by many Tne on cers Tor The year w e r Iden Mld ed Sco T VIce PresI n Ie Bro SecreTary pro Tern Mary BIros TanT Se re ary pro em Ja we Nelson Treasurer aroara Logan AssI Tan Teasurer Cece I6 So n Color guard were STephen Green and Angelo Cayal erI T orqamza on wa underT e C Y I A Iv' Rur' 1f9.XYE' S ' ' JUNIOR AMERICAN CITIZENS O I n on oo L o I D K rby F Rosenbauer Sr'nITh P Rarweru T Trombone 2nd Row LeTT To RIqhT C SmITh yor r Sc an M Rakacky D NIc oas 3d Row LeT? To RIqhT L We zel u I M Branca o J Bao n I Dee y I-I Kan or Croke C Ba on Pap eT J r e S I CI Bac man N KarpIn I B MuskIewIcz HISTORICAL SOCIETY w e M ran caTo B MuskIewIcz M Rakacky R CI L SmI Zn Row LeTT To RIqhT F Rosen auer ann VI War e an I-I KanTo M Cohen Berg L MoraTa 3rd Row STandInq LeTT To RIqhT mITh arpe D y An a e Ir ro e BarIon u Ivan D Nchola L We ze I-IE Headless I-Iorseman ChapTer JunIor Branch oT The New York STaTe IFIISIOFICBI Asso cIaTIon has Mrs AlIce M Runyon as ITs adwser ThIs club Took several Tours oT hIsTorIc PhIIIpse CasTle here In our own Town Some OT The mem bers wroTe SIOFIGS Tor The Yorker magazme whIch a publIcaTIon oT The New York STaTe I-IIsTorIcaI SOCIETY The ouTsTandIng conTrIbuTIons Trom The club were The makIng oT place cards Tor The Cas+Ie POINT VeTerans I-IospITal Tor Thanksgwung ChrIsT mas and a scrapbook Tor Sunshme CoTTage A su ces Tul VaIenTIne CoronaTIon Dance was sponsoreo AT The ceremony LucIlIe Bnrd was se IecTed ueen oT N T ThIs year oTTIcers were Barbara Logan PresIdenT I-Iope KanTor VIce Pre IdenT Rosemary Ward SecreTary and Max Ire Cohen Treasurer I1T R w, SATTI q Fl r, eTTT R'qhT: . I , . , L. J. Tal 'I L. Bid, Mf -oTT, B1 Log , , . . ' h I . L. s II'y5II. . I', '. 'ICI F. Pala, M. I , . T , C. , . rT , E. p, J. Mall , . Sha p . M. m'Th, J. RIc ', J. hI , . A sk', IST Ro , L TT To RiqhT: . B - J. ilc 'f . wh. ' ' I d . ' : . - b , P. R 'e ', R. d. B. L q .. . r, . . A. c. s ' ', J. MEIIIQI, F. mls. Ji Sh , . Kirb , P. T I k, L. B'd, C. C k , C. , M. SmiTh, N. Ka'pir'skI, J. Biloon, L. S II' , . I I s, , T I. - I IS era: Res' T. T r T' ' f "de T, ' . LucI I I' '- . ' 'Z As- C S T I B ' : ' T , , I' . .I ' ' : rI ce. 2 I ' . ' 7 , ' - I '. nI5 ' T' 5 h s' , , - :1'rfcTEon ofM'i. IIce I. Iyon. ' , . 48 .. ov' nJcJ-ds EACH HT" ART CLUB ST o Left To RrghT B Brum e occh W am M W FrTzpaT :ck n Ro accabee Co en Flelschman J ulnn r Ro LeTT To R qhf W u nn apos ela F Br Mo el M R Z andlng In clc LeTT To Rr F' Anderson Mrss R HoTsTeTTer L Gonzalez FRENCH CLUB ow eTT o F Mrnr rasco rr rn J Bar er n Ro L s H Broolcs 3rd Ro LeTT To RrghT T De oTo rro C Dearrnan Kn erem B Logan M ScoTT Mnss F McFar and J LoTaro P AnTa M MaTucrr M Mane IE oT The mosT undusTrrous groups To be Tound rn N T as The T946 47 ArT Club Under The supervusron oT Mass Rose l-loTsTeTTer The ArT Club consusTs oT a group oT sTudenTs who are rnTeresTed rn arT The programs Tor meehngs are planned by sTudenTs ArT apprecnaT on as em phasuzed and drscussrons oT exhnbuhons are Talcen up Trrps are made by The club To New York Museums The ArT Club parTrcrpaTes rn all school acTryr Tres malong posTers eTc and each year ha do work Tor The Red Cros and local hosprTal The oTTrcers or Tne ArT Club are The Tollowung WrlleTTe FrT2paTrrclc PresrdenT Luna Gonzalez Vrce PresrdenT Marre Rnzzr SecreTary and Lour Benr Trea urer CERCLE FRANCAIS Tamulnarly known as The French Club under The guudance oT Mnss ElrzabeTh MacFarla'1d ns one oT The oldesT and mosT progressrve organrzahons rn The schoo AT These meehngs Tne members promoTe addr Tuonal lnTeresTs ID French by earning French poems rngung French songs Translahng Trom French abouT greaT auThors playing French games and are enTerTarwed by French sl Ts An annual ChrrsTmas parfy was one oT Therr many socral eyenTs oT The year a play rn March an a prcnuc rn June wall end up all Tneur Tun or Thrs very successTul year The onrcers oT Thus club are Clarrce Dearmaw PresudenT l-lelen Broolc Vrce Pre denT Barbara Logan SecreTary and I abel Llfson Trea urer l R w, 4 : . b' , L. R I, M, illl s, .Zarllh 2 d w, LeTT To RTqhT: J. Fiala. F. M , M. h , F. 3 d w, In : . Q T , R. C s , . Smnh, L. own. d 1 . Rz T. ST ' ' Ba , 'ghT: lsT R , L T RlghT: . A 'ch, B. Ma , L. Dalla' e, L. Poll- qul , . b . 2 d w, LeTT To RTghT: I, iT on w, 4 T: , S , R. STewarT, M, Downey, M. DlMar- Tf , B. Lewis, . , l-l. l l , . J . , ' lgr. , l rl .Q , 'Q 1 . r v I - 1 . l ' ' ' . T . . A - A . . . , . A T T T I S- . 1 ' , ' , ., s ne I - 1 ' . - . - . T . . .X W XL .S , T S! . -' Si T ' 5 - T 5 . ' - , s . 49 -ross Tl-IE SCIENCE CLUB HE membership oT The Science Club was Tilled To capaciTy and The club members enjoyed a very evenTTul year. Funds were raised during The TooTball season by selling sTreamers, and during The baslceTball season by having concessions aT various games. The club, supervised by iTs sponsor, Mr. Vin- cenT J. Topping, wenT on Trips To The observa- Tories aT Columbia UniversiTy and To The Plane- Tarium in New Yorlc. During The year speakers, picTures and slides were also enjoyed by The members. -'iw eV- 'U' LIBRARY CLUB Under The direcTion oT Miss Olive HaTch, The school librarian, The Library Club was organized. The year proved To be a successTul one Tor The Library Club under The leadership oT iTs oTTicers, Jeanne Wood, PresidenT: Carol Jane TwiTTy, Vice-PresidenT: Joseph FiTzpaTriclc, SecreTary: and Joan DeGeorge, Treasurer. During The year The club held Two social aT- Tairs wiTh a Hallowe'en parTy and a ChrisTmas parTy, which were enjoyed by all iTs members. TogeTher wiTh Mrs. DiVico's room, The club also puT on an assembly program Tor The sTudenT body oT The school. The purpose oT The Library Club is To give The sTudenTs special poinTs oT knowledge in The library. bb las, D. Wonsala, M. Ralcacky, B Yaeqer, Mr. V. Topping, B. LoTaro A. lppoliTo, L. Ubach, N. Bushel P. Miller, M. Crirhinq. E. Pilla, B. Maher. C. Smirh, B. Bollen, L. Kroggel, M. Lofaro, J. Beni. 4Th Row, LeTT To RighT: J. Camera, Ranieri, R. Moro, J. Miller. lsT Row, LeTT To RighT: R. Wood, B. Bingham, L. WeTzel, L. Sullivan, Payne. Wocd, A, Zingaro, Miss HaTch, B. MarTin, B. Donnelly. 3rd Row. LeT'T To RighT: B. HaTz- Talelc. D. Cooper, F. Galassi, E. Williams, E. Fuller, B. MarTyn, M. Girhiny, C. COX. 4+h Row, LeTT To RighT: C. WaTer, J. Gleason, C. Cudney, J. De- Smilh, E. Girhiny. lsT Row, LeTT To RighT: D. Nicho- Znd Row, LeTT To RighT: A. Gon- zalez, B. Muslciewicz, M. BrancaTo, L. WeTzel, J. Brogan, J. Zaborney, 3rd Row, LeTT To RighT: B. Halz- mann, M. Cohen, J. Biloon, J. MalleT, A. Berg, H. KanTor, D. Chiassorf, D. Bushel, R. STeponaiTis, B. Casey, P. Niebanch, D.Van Hul- sTeyn, K. Humphreys, B. Cooper, B. Madden, W. McHenry, L. RoTh- haus, R. AnTalel:, A. Zingaro, R. M. BrancaTo, B. Muskiewicz, M. 2nd Row, LeTT To RiqhT: M. Ra- lcaclcy, M. WhiTe, J. FiTzpaTrick, J. mann, J. Sharpe, J. Gray,C. Ken- yor, L. Ubach, J. ShuTe, P. An- George, C. Dearman, B. Bus, C. f TRAMP HRW? ow e 0 T u ew a D Ca B Oake :Ch DO a T s B oth m Row L f To Rxqhf W1noa M G A Bail ervvu cw w :x L. M Y T Evans ow eff o T r ease aw: r G krharw J Lo ar M LoTaro ershaw D Rr M Ba fag ra Ro 1 e r +o 1 W hams J D Ca T a U BAND off 'rrumpef d you hear The muwc of The N T H o marches down The varlous fueTd durmg foofbal sea on Led by Jofeph me D Al eqsandro ma ore re Me N T ard made a colorful swghf as 1+ marched IU The Memorual Day parade oh May 30 Uhder Me direct on of Mr Dora'd Pea e the bard pm on an as emoy program ww The fwfrerb perfo rmfwg The b rv a o played af The Mu Q Fesfyal and puf on a very good Qhowmg Sl . Io P n Isf R , L 5+ + R'qh': P. DE F. I A. ' Trlarwo I, Evans E. Maria. . 5, M. Kuc' T, S. S+e, ' ES, .T .E. S T'h.J.C1arr1y. R.Cao:s5e'a. Zmd ef' 'V' : R. ' ' 5. . Corri- B. Caaey, VJ. MfHeery. J. ahaqher, , Vsfa. A. V ' 2 ', B, HeT 'y J. Tu'a'c C.'7ear"13r' .R'1Zf D. fa' Hu'-'QA,r. . . 34d R . L T Rlqhrz M. D. P , J. Qairv M. M "Loo, . Bee . . T o, . , B. LcTa'o J. H . . '. 'zzf . T T' . 4+h v. L T . R'qh": E. If , .Zahor'eX. J. F'fe'a. C. Casey J. TIe'r'-ey. . bvlee. J. Rafe, J. M xaitf. B. ECi'v1c':i F. Kr7erTe'r E. Skiba L. K'fZ'2I19L. L. Bc Ler. OLL 4 5-an A' ' . . . S. 'and as I+ . . . F . , I D I . ' ' L ' .5 V my x ' g . I . . L 'h 'F r .L adf: ' 57 3 ' :ng LeTT To RlqhT Elaa C BarTon C Crolce C McAear P Duxon P DEuTemla A a o er'neTer R Ward B us ayaler Ra ac J Za orne Wnll rn D Van Huls e n M Cornell B LoTaro R Canheld F Kmernem ndnnq n Rear Le-TT To RghT M D Pease M l.oTaro F Foley C Casey R Wnndas D zu Tl-TE SENIOR ORCHESTRA HE Sensor OrchesTra under The unspnrnng leadership oT Mr D Pease has con TrubuTed much To musuc apprecuahon aT N T As one oT The oldesT organnzahons NorTh TarryTown Hugh School wuTh a membershnp of 36 The orchesTra IS always hand wnTh music Tor assernblfes and school plays AT The Music Eeshval and Com nnencerne-nT :T varned :Ts program wuTh lnTeresTunq nnTerpreTaTnons oT modern music: as well as The Classics 52 ,, J' 0 ls Y 'A : I Sin. ':F.'I,. .. .. l '..Sb, S, D , . . . B , A. C I' J. lc ky, . b . y, E. 'l'a s, . T y , M. Rizzi, B. Gileno, J. Fiala, l.. Krogqel, J. LoTaro, M, Mahfuccl, S. Sanfiviorqlo, J. MaTTucci, J. luraTo, STa ' il 4 , l V i :l lr. . , . , . , . , . ' , . Riz '. af . V . . I . on . . . . . . - 3 BWV GSIRLS' PH-Y IsT Row Le" To R.qhT: F. MaT- Tufri L. Karcinslif L. Neubraro L. Gonzaic-1 M. Deey, B. Bus, 2nd Row Lei' 'c l2iohT: M. Whi'e L. Carey, M. Sirwrnend, A. Sabi J. Barbex 3rd Row LeT' Tc Riql-T: l. Gve B. Giiero M. F'Tz'4e'ald M K rich M. Looane M. STanTorw. 4'h Row, Lei' To Riqhfz J. Weed M. Mcllcniufzh, J. Minardi, R. Kcslruba, J. Kafcinski, STandirs: Miss Ama T-lauland. 'TE Girls T-li-Y, wiTh Miss Alma l-lauland as advisor, had anoTher acTive year. DespiTe The Tacf ThaT This organizaTion is raTher new in NorTh TarryTown, iT is sTeadily becoming one oT The ouTsTanding clubs in N. T. The girls held Their meeTings on Wednesday evenings aT The local Y. M. C. A. Here Tney planned The various acTiviTies of The organiza- Tion. Some oT The Things The girls did This year were These: They helped aT The TarryTown Hos- piTal, Tilled Red Cross boxes, worked aT The clinic and collecTed money Tor all worThy causes. The Girls T-li-Y held a very successTul Christ mas Dance This year. The oTTicers elecTed This year were: Lucille Bird, President Lucille Karpinski, Vice-presidenT7 Marie Deely, SecreTary: Florence MaTTucci, Chaplain: and Linda Neubrand, Treasurer. qi.. fff HE Boys' l"li-Y, under The direcTion oT Mr. Earl L. Morrell, held Their meeTings evo y Wednesday evening aT The locaf Y. M. C. A. The ouTsTanding evenT oT The year was a very successTul dance held in The Tall. I1 coriunchon wiTh The Girls T-Ti-Y. The Boys' Cluo also soon sored an assembly This year, Two N. T. boys, Raymond Everer' and Robev BoynTon, were elecTed To The WesTchesTer Boys Hi-Y Council This year. ElecTed oTTicers Tor The year were as Toilows: PresidenT, Raymond EvereTT' Vice-Dfeiidenf James Tierney, SecreTary, RooerT BoynTon' Treasurer, Wi'liam EvereTT. BOYS'HLY ls' Rav. Lei' " PEM: C. M1- :C"a W, Tv'iG'.f-an J. Bar' W. hl-e""imi K. Mali' W, Wa at-2 'C 'IW ai" " 'l"'I . Q: Ga a re" R. Bi.":' L. Ardfu. If E. nJ'dL'.yx EGIVE sw?" l-lE purpose and goal of The Home Ecowomucs Club ls fo achueve success IU home makmg Under 'rhe d rechon of Mass Wunlers The ad vusor The Home Economlcs Club nad a very successful year They held elechon of ohhcers and elecled as lheur leaders Calherune Mngharese Presndenl Mary Ellen Slanlon Vrce Presrdenr and Elo ence Mahluccu Secrerary and Treasurer HOME ECONOMICS CLUB G 0 M MQ E a ssJaeVw M DCa HE Girls Apron Club under 'rhe dnreclnon of Mass Wnnlers consusls of Thlrleen gurls who meer once a weelc The club slarls during a les son perlod and usually conhnues affer school Apron Club members are always experumenl lng and lrylng our new 'rhlngs Their mollo sug qesled by Palrlcla Gallagher rs Cool: ear and oe napoy Ohhcers of The Club are Alba Paqura Presl denl Pns rlla Dlck on Vice pre loenl and Kalh une Parllow Secrelary lim-m 9 ln OIPLS APRON CLUB 5 NN Lug 5 Is' Row LeT+ lo RIgh': J. Lo: S, Sfeporallls. Qr Row, Le-fl l Rlqhl: , Lo pa'e, C. I do-'ese, , M lla? M' n 'ln+ers. 3rd Row, lefl 'O Rif1h': J, Xen M. aTfu:Cl,A. I Iriano. . S . . N . . H . V - V ' Q n 1 1 I . , I V - T C S , ' S ' e" , . ir Q X ' , Sf-fred L-15' ic Pljhl: E. Grlvg' Q P, Gal aired A 5 A Sindlni: Lei? R'qh': E. Shoe T7 A, W'f':" M. Y '-ibelr IVV" l-l, Kanwr MQ Jeri W'n'f2's P K. Efvs ' K. Pann-1. 'fi' f . ff 1.1 A rr-T Q .T T tx 4 ,I , yi M 54 S.. 5,r an 'L Mvslc. UW' Cl-IORAL CLUB HE Choral Club, under lhe direclion of Miss Helen Ferris, was again aclive lhis year as il has always been in pasl years. ll is The largesl musical organizalion in lhe Norlh Tarrylown High School, con- sisling of approximalely one hundred and lilly girls from lhe senior high school. The girls appeared in several assembly programs, The mosl oulslanding of which were lhe Chrislmas program and lhe annual Music Feslival held in May of every year. Isabel Lilson was accompanisl lor lhe group This year. Isl Row, Leil lo Righl:T.ArnmaglIa1l, M. Simon, J. Brideau, E. McDonough, C. Dearman, A. Malnis, P. Reilly, M. Biros, J. Jelenelc, J. Karpihslri. P. Peller, B. Jaslon, E. Smifh, I. Given, J. Gleason, B. Halzmann, C. Migliorese, M. Donzella, A. DiCairiano, A. Passariello, J. Maccabee. J. Twomey, Mis Helen Ferris. 2nd Row, Lell lo Righl: J. Bell, J. Danlco, A. Menna, L. Gonzalez, C. Ceccolini, J. DeGeorg9. T. Gaulin, J. Riccarde la, B. Casey, A. Divico. A. Lanza, B. Cooper, D. Cooper, J. Weed, B. Logan, P. Pallacavo, B. Kosleiney, B. Tolh, C. Kenyon, L. Ubach, H. Kovach. 3rd Row Lei' ro Righ': E. Be iiveau, A. Beekman, E. McDonough, J. DeGrande, D. Ciancy, D. Wade, A. Drahcs, J. Garzia H. Siacrilr, L. Rocchi, F. Fleischman, J. D'Aiessandro E. Mansa, R. Capossela, E. Xeros, M. S'nirh, M. Cohen. L. Pciiquin, M. Simnowslci, R. Girnelli, P. Minich, L. Rubinl, G .Beelcrnan, J. Beekman M. Lacognalo, L. DeCario, D. Forman, V. Powers. 4'n Row, Le" 'Q Righl: J. Miriardi, J. Tay or, N. Scogrfa, S. Kirby, I. Lilson, M. Scolr, J. Clancy, E. Fuher E. Barbour, P. An'alel:, I. Levesque, E. Maccabee, M. Schimenli, H. Velba, T. Bailas, B, Kadish, L. Bird, l. 'lour'gny, S. Sleponaifis, C. Filzpalriclc, L. Carey, W. Filzpalriclr, D. Fcgel, B. Oakes, J. Barbe: Row, Le" lo Righf: R. Correll, T. Tourigny, A. Berg, V DA'essandro, J. Aler. G. Taylor, C. Twilry, B. Mefl, C. Faragasso, J. Ouir-n, N. Scfibano, G. Cressweli, R. Gonzalez. E. Maceyalc, S. Wazers, D. Cooper, B. Binghan, J. Seinelrovic, J. Gallagher M. McDonough, R. Levesque R. Rciaruel a J. Xenos D. Koval S. So'i'Ce, J. Tcrh. 5-,A J -gffilsg i J slug, -. suis DOUBLE QU!-XRTET Lell lo Riglnl: C. Dearman, A Malnis, L. Poliquin, E. Smilh, B Logan, B. Kos+e'ney, M. Scoll J. Allan. Silling al lhe Piano: l Lilzon. BOYS' GLEE CLUB lsf Row. Leif lo Righf: E. Travis P. Tornello, Miss H. Ferris, K Mason, J. Mccfeady. 2nd Row, Leil lo Righl: J, Miller L. Brown, R. Barr, D. Gallagher, P Drahos, J. Wood, B. Moralo, J Ralcaclcy. HE Double Quarlef, under The direclion of Miss Ferris, is a choral group consisling of eighlr of N. T.'s mos? lalenled female singers. They conlribule Their bil willingly To assemblies, The annual Music Eeslival, and olher professional engagemenls, and are always well received by Their audiences. Isabel Lifson is accompanisl for The group which includes Clarice Dearman, Anne Malnis, Belly Koslelny, Dorolhy Forman, Lorraine Poliquin, Mildred Scoll, Edna Smilh and Rose Caposella. -THOUGH The Boys Glee Club is small in number, The excellent worlc accom- plished by This musical group is always welcomed wilh enlhusiasm. Under lne able guidance and direcfior of Miss Helen Eerris, rhe club meer: every Wednesday and Eriday accompanied ar The piano by Richard Srewarl. The Boys Glee Club adds a welcome Touch of masculine voices amidsl The girls at fne Cnrisimas Assembly and Muiic Eesrvai. 56 lTHOV'l" svfw' CLEF CLUB lsr Rcw. Lefr To Ri:h': A. Lana B. Ha':"ian. B.Cooper D.Ccope' L, Rubiri, J. Quirr, K. McS'ay C. Tw"'y C. Dearrrar, P. Pe ef J. Ma"in. 2rd RCN. Lefr 'O REP: J. Ciariy R. Cacosseia. M. Ccren B. Bon- nefy, G. Tayfor. J. Alon G Beekman P. A"'aic-Tr, T. L'fsf', B. Lcgan M. SCOTT. 3rd Rcw, Left To Riqh+: J. Taylor E. Fuiher. J. Twonney. C. Fi'zoa'- rick A MaTnis E. Barber. A. Beek- man, H. Koyach. M, Smifh, L. Bird E. Smirh. 4+h Row. Lefr ro Riqhw B. Case J. Gleeson. A, Berg. E. Be 'veau G. Brown. D. Forman, J. Karpihslwi P. Re-ITM. J. JeTeneTc, P. Minirh. Efh Row. LeT? To Riqhh B. Krvsrei ney. J. Gaffagher B. Bingham. J S' Tc ' ' . eve ovic. P. Uoriahf L. Gcnza ez, M. Sirnncwski. V. D Alas- sandro, L. Poiiquin, Miss Hefen Ferris. JUNIOR CHORAL CLUB lsr Row Left fo Riqnr: A. Hon- qach B. Grierson. W. Wh'+e. Miss H. Ferris P. Dixcr, J. Brcqan D. Worse a. P. Gahaqrer. 2rd Row. Lefr fo Righrz J. Usai. D. Marr. J. Rchards. B. Yaeger. A. Wrig". H. Kanrox M. Ya'abeTc, M. LeCferc, R, S+epo"ai'if, J. Camera R. Mn er M. Cfrne. K. Parfcw A. Pafzu'a. HE CTeT CTub is a selecred group OT singers chosen by Miss Ferris. The group meers aTrer schoof on afrernare Tuesdays and Thursdays with Isabel Lifson as accompanisr. The purpose of me dub is ro masier more di12TicuPr music so rnaf irs members may parficipafe ir rne Cnrisrmas asserndy and annual Music Fes+ivaT he'd in May each year. HE Juficr CnoraT C'uo is a group of Bm grade girfs. urder 'he direcfion of Miss Ferris. The Juror Chorat C uo corfains 26 gids ard 'rhey mee? Twice a week. Tney pur on assemdies and are we' received by 'nefr audiences. Their aim is fo work hard 'O become a rrefncer of 'ne Senor ChdraT Y i 'i WE'z.1., :WAY-5 JUNIOR BOYS' I-II-Y I-IE meeTings OT The Junior Boys' I-Ii-Y, under The direcTion oT Ivlr. VincenT J. Topping, Toolc place on Wednesday eve- nings aT The local Following Their meeT- ings, The boys had The use oT The gym Tor baskeTbaII or The use oT The pool Tor swim- ming. Tne boys raised money by obTaining con- cessions during The TooTbaIl and basIceTbaII seasons and by selling pencils which had The basI4eTbaII schedule prinTed on Them. The Junior Boys' I-Ii-Y assessed Them- selves TwenTy dollars To be conTribuTed To The war-sTricIcen counTries oT Europe. 58 Os ALUHE THE RIFLE CLUB NE oT lNIorTh TarryTown's mosT popular clubs This year was The RiTIe Club. ITs organizaTion was very diTTicuIT because oT The greaT rislc involved. ATTer careTul consideraTion oT The maT- Ter. permission was obTained To organize such a club and To purchase riTIes and bul- IeTs. This permission was granTed by The Board oT EducaTion, Mr. Fuller and village oTTiciaIs. The purchase oT The riTIes and bul- IeTs was under The direcTion oT Mr. VincenT J. Topping, a newcomer To N. T., who is sponsoring The club. The TirsT meeTing was held in OcTober. ArrangemenTs were made wiTh ChieT Mur- phy Tor The club To have riTIe pracTice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday aTTer- noons aT The NorTh TarryTown Police Range. Mr. Topping gave The boys careful in- sTrucTions and riTIe meeTs wiTh neighboring Teams Turned ouT very saTisTacToriIy. IT Ro.-J LeTT To Rfzhfi A. VeniTuCci, J. Klimag, A. Gorzalez, E. Pilla, J. luraTo R. I'-Ielwig. Zwd Row Lei' To Rinhh P, VeniTucci lvlr. Topping R. Ncrselc. R. Nicol, A. Weeks, T. Agar, A. Pa Ia T n C FCIC. 3rd Row Le-TT To Rfghw J. Beni, D. Rizzi, A. Zingaro, F. Kniedem, C. S'eur'n-ef A. Barbosa D. Gagliafdi, A. Locke J. lvIfEwain, L. IvIoraTa, R. Windas. IJ Row LU' " I?i1h'1 R, FIC-iwi'q R.An'aIeI1, L. Riwcau, H.Bu'1'. Qnd Row Lei' If Riihfi A. Zinuaro, F. Knierienn, G. I-Ie .-X: G. Riiii J. Fia -1. Zrd RCW LM' To Riirfi J. Fahey, I-I, Kniffriefn. G. Bead, W. J'.c'sfn W. Sue: 4" Pu. Lq-5' 'f I?'1hT:W I-If-rnrilus D. Schwer F Femr: J. Zacfmw, M. Dwfne, Mm V. T'rEi' 0 00000 0 8 img W X IZ 4 0 Q -VW ATHLETICS 1. L 1 r s " 1 9 R N 5' OP? I f, 1. -Zflf I ffibf 64: Q L 'EL X fl-A ,f',,,,- Gong JSHIH-E' ,r R Bu To a c er M o CHEERLEADERS NY oT N T baskeTball or TooTball games would noT be compleTed wuThouT Those paTrons OT pep our colorTul Cheerleaders Thus group oT morale buulders were always ready To cheer Tor The Team wheTher The odds were Tor or agaunsT N T Under The coachung oT Muss Edmond The gurls were duvuded unTo Two groups durung The baskeTbalI season One group led The cheers Tor The Jayvee and Ann Malnus was The capTaun oT Thus group The oTher was The varsuTy squad oT whuch Auleen Marquus was The capTaun Come raun or come shune The gurls were always ready and wullung To back NorTh TarryTown To The end MASCOT OT many schools are lucky enough To have an oT-Tu 'am Ffzpalfcl S 0 b ll M J cual mascoT buT N T nappens To be one oT The lucky one Snowball us well known To all N T sporT Tans He was seer aT every ouT oT Town TooTball game Thu year Snowballu owned by Mr John Joyce and s rudden by Wulluam EuTzpaTruck The pony seemed To en oy prancung around and enTerTaun ung The pecTaTors 6 I an O' V T T-T Z 2 EE ,,-Af 4 X 4 X. L . 5, t O C IsT Row, Left RIJH: C. Sprlnce, J. N-san D. Eormar, J, l3a'b , . Bl' ., A. Mafnis. Zncl Row, LeTT To Right P. Reilly, L. Poliquin, fx. Marcluls, Mlss E. Edmonds C, Jacques, M. Rizzi, L. Bird. 'F WIl'T I T , n w a , r. cyce. u S. 's . 's . l l ' I ' s ' . neu .. " cur HEAUTED amwf? -vnfffgy VARSITY FOOTBALL A lsf Row, LeTT To RighT: S E Kosilla, V. Rini, D. Schwer vii G. Foley, D. Murphy, M. AlTer Tora, J. Ralcaclcy. 2nd Row, LeTT To Righl: R Boynion, W. Hennrilvus. M Kovach, G. Smr-rcalr J. Paolan Tonio, J. OcchipinTi, W. Quinn F. Foley, W. Maher. 3rd Row, LeTT To RiqhT: Mr WilTord, G. Barr, J. Galqano P. Pilla, W. McGowan, J MaTTucci, S. Fuchelc. J. Yarabelc J. Faragasso. 4Th Row, LeTT To RighT: Mr Sager, Mr. Beal, P. Drahos. D Cabriele C. MargoTTa, A Sardo, L. Losier, J, Meravy 5Th Row, LeTT To RighT: A PaolanTonio, V. Gagliardi, A Weeks B. Bus, R. Nicol. FOOTBALL ORTH TARRYTOWNS gridders didn'T produce The mosT successTul record in The school's hisTory, buT by scheduling The Top Teams in The counTy They creaTed a mark which was more saTisTacTory To The sTudenT supporTers Than many oTher pre- vious Orange and Black elevens. The Headless Horsemen, coached by Charles WilTord, won only Two games while losing Tour and playing To a Tie. Triumphs over Peelcslcill TI3-Ol and Ossining ll2-61 and a I3-all deadlock wiTh Bronxville highlighTed The campaign. OTher encounTers included hearT-breaking deTea+s aT The hands oT WashingTon Irving l8fOl, New Yorlc MiliTary Academy U9-I3l, Rye T6-Ol and l'TasTings T20-l8l. Q10 52 J. v. FooTBALL Q W IsT Row, LQTT To Right: F. 'R W' Knieriem, W, Palmer, J. Given, W. Johnson, M. Delzelice, A. Ceconi, R. TroTTi, E. Keryon. 2nd Row, LeTT To Right A. Ceconi. R. SmiTh, T. Evans V, if Carroll. 3rd Row, LeTT To Righrz R. Losief, B. Edmond, R. Cecco- - f' T lini. J. Drahos. X 'V 4Th Row, LeTT To RighT: Mr. Sage' F. Galaano, J. 6riTTin, Y ? r R, Ardevine, R. Belliveau J. Jastor. 62 N. Bresson, J, Schwer, A. To'- VSV" Ei-SKPTBA ff, -V w '!TJ": VV, Ma'-' M, lfwain, M, P, P"1 Mi. VARSITY BASKETBALL N The basis oT a sizzling second round oT Hudson River League play and a Thrilling Triumph over The champion WashingTon Irving guinTeT, The Headless Horsemen dribblers, coached by Joe Sager, compiled an imposing record. IT The pasT Two years are any c:riTerion, The Orange and Blaclc cagers should capTure The circuiT crown nexT WinTer. LasT season, as an all-sophomore uniT, They Tinished Third, and This year, while operaTing as an allfiunior Tive, Tney wound up on 'he heels oT W. I.'s TiTleholders. The Qrangeman boasTecl oT Two high-scoring Torwards in CapTain PaT Pilla and Mike Kovach, who denTed The cords Tor more Than 300 pofPTs beTween Them. Roundf ing ouT The smooTh-cliclcing aggregaTion were STeve Kosilla, solid deTense TiTanj David Schwer, versaTile boardman, and Franlc Foley, Tlashy playmaker. J V BASKETBATT B l F Ca arc: P. Muiia, F. Arr? 11 J. A vao G. Sane'- C. V ,,, 31 Ptf. Le" 'i D "2 C 53 Srolzrx BASEBALL OLSTERED by a season's experi- ence, an eager Horseman "Nine," under The guidance oT Their new menTor, Benjamin Kraeger, embarked upon Their '47 season This spring. WiTh a mulTiTude oT veTerans, and a willing crop OT "youngsTers" on hand, prospecTs are high Tor a suc- cessTul season. The Horsemen are riding on The road of revenge Tor lasT season's debacle, which saw Them garner buT Three league Triumphs. CROSS COU NTRY TEAM NDER The coaching OT Mr. Harold Rasbeck and Mr. KenneTh Brown, The Track Team had a very successful year. They elecTed as Their capTain PaT- rick Foley. Their capTain-elecT Tor I948 is John CoverT. There are TiTTeen boys on The squad. LeTTer winners were: PaTrick Foley, John CoverT, Malcolm Downey and Daniel Rizzi. The Track meeTs They had This year were wiTh N. Y. U. lnTerscholasTic Cross CounTry Run and one wiTh N. Y. S. P. H. S. A. A. SecTion MeeT. Two oTher meeTs were Nyack 3I vs. N. T. 24: Ossining 30 vs. N. T. 25. 'twig .. Y BASEBALL IsT Row, LeT? To RighT: R. Barr, R. DeMiia T Boylan A Rc P. Janos. 2nd Row, Lel'T To RighT: L. Andrus, R. Co'ne J Av A a D. Rizzi, W. Quinn, J. Paola'Tonio. 3rd Row, STanding, LeT? fo RighT: A. PaclanTc o J Bar L B W. McGowan, A. To'To'a, Mr. Packer, J. Raka ky W Mor CaSseTTa R. Windas, A. Weeks. CROSS COUNTRY lsT Row, LeTT To Riqhl: W. Ouinn, C, Case Coverf, J. Beni. 2nd Row, LeTT To RiqhT: Mr. Rasbeck, Gr. Dir? 'ace T. DeSolc, M. l:jnFEy, J. Eiaa, L. Bzu B'Owr1. COACHES LeTT To R'ghT: Mr. Be'ia'r"w lfraege' Mg Cre' Sager Mr. Harold Rasbe:k. 64 ,,4, V BADMLNTON Bar 1 1 G BASKE BF J J' RIENU SHXY 65 JUMP BALL :,,. an R W.. N Q, W Mu-' E. Edwffo J !lX'.l'9:V'f1'x. If VOLLEY BF LL B 0 bln Ifefc Le' 'Q R:-'1V'I . T H, X4-mc? L LL 3 L '2 F7f1": H K- v JHLUH, J.Mf'- an u fx L 1" Z J. F egamrt V. C F 51' Cl ' L, 'frbf H. PRE F- I .ff BUXB J DRAMATICS NDER fhe capable durechon of Miss Pafrrcua O Really dramahcs coach The all school play Life Begins a+ Suxleen was presenfed on November 23 lo an enlhusuashc audience The slory concerned a snxfeen year old boy who belleved 'rhal lhe salvahon of lhe world Ines wrlh Yourh l-low he proved has 'rheory wnfh lhe able asslslance of has Secrel Seven organnzahon provided 'rhe hllaruous lhurd acl climax Besndes savnng lhe world IU general he managed more specuhcally fo solve hns sfslers vomanhc problems and salvage hls lafher s delernorahng business The casl Included Paul l-lollns Hilda lhe rnasd Mrs Hollis Mr I-lollus Fannie Hollns Marlorne Hollis Crandal Smyfhe Snookne l-lollls Boofs Bennef Daisy Jenkins Pndgae Muller Thea Arbunkle Faffy Zimmer George Gorden sue John LeBel Mary Snmnowslcu Muldred Scolr Rnchard Holf Belly Bingham Rosemary Ward James Tnerney Barbara Casey Lorraine Carey Claruce Dearman Lorranne Polrquun Anlhony Capossela Larry Kroggel Blossom Merl s o o co os fMSmno lc JLeel R Ward J Teney 66 Q. .C , ,,,, , ,, H ,. ,, Sieve Kosilla I 1' R w, Lefll Right M. S H, L. Poliquin, B, Bingham, S. K Ella, R. Hol, . I ws I, . B ', . , . I r . I 8 Q '-1 E ON MBT f' TNY ES If ON VERS A ON VIERS D TS HAUN BY H AGC: T QD in C S nds C ,C U .EOD of I 1 322 'C SI da C 3 Q- 4 rIc I once Homewo 3 in iQ .x J 0130 wx C100 CL IZJLD D-.n.L UL li .1 .4 cn .J 23 E .1 B.. 13 U D 3uys 3-EZ QEEE FOV6' C o Eye ybcd 0 Aye C -'sh R C C I 4. SC GCS O WND fd' Ocr LO U-PLL 'PY I-I0 o QL 4. ,Y N 4 .K J ...L fi 3 J D .1 LDLA N Vv CCTI I 5 L O 41 E If?- U LDU I FS Va I an O C UI Foo N W '-2. E 'G 5 5 Y 6' DLOD U7 .x .X F S I peep e L C C Bobby My K If .LI .K GFI OTTI H I 3.D 4,1- .JUS ,A H W G C PC DLG II-IIE I. D0 N NAMI I I I I I '. . I I JI V." fmvw GWKIU SIIG ifirie Alqebre Vi u ,J-1 Nmsu M. 'vig A 'IA-r Macc Varbify cfm: .girfs omc qirIs 'Irzcfm Affnmi Jw' I-5 A vddo Jimmy Vdrgify Some qiris Some qiris Bujncss Join The Navy Lufn Avdun yewe Omen W rk L-,ivfm in graduafc '.i'vi,?fa APWIIQ af rg, r . usic a 5 .vm-nie Ha I Omer? pianist , , . ' V I Q 5.1" ad. aII usic4Moyios I-Iomewcr rye Saw Iocfma bminezs Mi dm-O Ba?M1gIia MIIIIQ GrabeI's 3:25 be,I 15:35 beII M615 To boazuucag III- iI'v B110 MII CHIC P. A. D. ,II Cz, Q 5 C' rwpfcmf-Irivf M.i".m B 'II-.III iid vyi: Home Ri-adm' cmewor Lf-'avian Wil cr a ,iying 'IW' r.m'f": Vow xy QW: S offs ci cr Io be succwswu - Bwwn Iwiy 'f:Iin'5 oi iwsundorb HL-even To succeco Arm Ciibiicmy Aim- rabofs C rs Morfhanoisinq To raveI s,PccI aww- ' C.1"f's-ii 0mcIy J3Hn'5 I I H I m fr Insws In bu P'Q.icif-'Y Si., I- Wi- Graf ii- ' rp' I-1 A V y J arridqe Io IraycI Jr'-Q-pruimi I' Aim-smridro .Io Icmc fN',I1Irc"U I ri rmwm Is QUQQQQ-d 'Mm ImaIwr5 COIOHUI Varsiiy Cabbage PCQOIQS i c 'of 7 e1sIf 'me M uv qef fi We Flfvsburgw Pirh Gvcfsc Cctma f n The HQIQ Wom B f Bmim-11 To be a smccsb Mm.. fi vwic ,ucic Nc-IIS I93O rds I Fords CoIIeqe To own a farm Rib'-'Y Ewicm w NLIIS OIdIazzrcQc:'cIs Fvemch QIIQ-qc I0pIayd'u'visirn-1 iufvie I'--'I Iyv- I His 5 Jo Lan 81.10 Gnd news Dil avevfiyijizrff Rami Pu .I 'I-" M I Iii: iiI54S:des Noi much F' Ivfws LSI-' 'nov Iii "I IIN I'I '- ur-.I Fmiiw we 'IIII fInaierv's pods Homewor rf ncwn To mg-I IMI ri f mn IIIIQ Iw'I.1w Fi':1i-'aid PIII NQIIIS Armard Working Urkrcwr It :1c'fFQ'v'w' u' fi Iffa Piwf F. I-, Raid Va':iiIy AIIIIQHQS Worm' Pwff-sswr 1-iIiIied mibif' fffJur1If-mI Sw-xv FII Vi I SM-ye .IoI'n'3 Fr cdbfafl EPQIISII U'wIrmw f by dim- 'rv :I .1'f"iif rfiswvfm VH M' Gum ivdi on.: JQMS Pmying pQcI irIs Uoaoaye I0 beep? zfcafk IINc'ma-, Gr-imman mph iff GMI: IqareIIe qrubbers aiicrmia oImyeI Frm G.1'ai1Iw-r SGI one EIQIIIII gwaders onceif C C312 C' 'yo a :r1'1Ii53 I QM-'IQ Gin-1 I5Iw iIIie s d 0 Iwcnded Wzi' .ard see I 'iam pfsui Jun'-5 Inu 34 Lawn-me Pr: cr fwsinq in po er ir.: riq In tw- fm umm-r'akffr fwrif I- fm' Ii Bvvm Vicf Mon aIIy - I Gad rww, fvi.1ffcun'.i'I .I mv- .wr iraif .Iv INIUIIIS X OIIQQ Iinyf,-fiii,-'Ida ' "navy ibn' LL an-' ir bi" memes I. ,f Karuinsii ,I Gmc SCar5daIe Rainy days Wafmwd see I3"yfa'aAssf'f-Ya', FH I-I-it Klc-MII L OI5 4yQrywI1ere W, Wor ony'-r If nwm a mfvruii VIIQ- mrq Kr-':ubfaI I?uIIwire NDI is . 2 Iwi - ig? I Know I Ji- Q mf,gI,-I Mjvy Kuff: I' K fr rirve ,ancirtg Wise -I4 I 'ri wwf.. IM- ii I. --ss J. vPI' Imrr ,Ice "II iiwwfc- Laffm ' Mi-,I , q M rIc OUSCWO H Cdm. wary C5 gk CL P Gun IZ 3 AMB T ON DEST NY AVERS ON D VERS ON HAUNTS TAGGED BY NAME .K FSHC a Levesque R pera+or nqer 55 pf? I IC GG OH h SUCCESS G To P- -V D O b b eqe k o CGVEV1 H TJ it O 3 .P .- L0 Err as owe .LZKD Frenc D- + k 5055 M CGIWOI' aceyak M h be Z5 E een Ma qu E s+ ..- C S ah HUG Subway k qofia Ma hares acrress uccessf GGVGU Sn U1 J -+- To 'rrave ho knows W M ok ho Wk GH one cerf No cDonoug M Y 5. I CFYTBVI W Y ac uIc M M B OWGD W OVTIGS sf F8 eap k Iunera 2 -4- b 96V H .sf -Ui. 4. .,. -J opper H O Heaven A Iha? s ev SS Im 7 Docfor eqe O Hes V6 Q CD C7 y a wea Ihy pe ff T a .D 0.1 Zi- O .x.x O C W W nd SU Q6 Iud M G W I-If Z .K .A C .,. ,- P .- be successf To I Danc S an We B CCGF yR dr Rosem ON CID + C 9 ZOO Sfa Pa Vars Iy fghr guard ry good sfo e To I nd happ ness Ie known U Trnew her d .C UI .C 3 LL1 -+- fu q cars OL :DOLL CD GD Sir Do+ Red Ro orhy 2 .sf .,. 5 B N OW Sch uI W cfress I O ID Men Depeysfer cofgna ancy N D. -Q- +- V7 H YI Sco ScoH Joan d TC Md Q- ... ... -+- Secrefa yaIN T H S EVEN H E2 poi' 95 O Z r I doo .F .X .C WG! 31 of Z .,. CLQQ. .- Srn Ih V15 I I I I I I if F hy Pizzeria MaiI-MaIe Sfubborn peopIe God nows TraveI as a IeIephone o Barbara Loqan BubbIes Ossininq Sinqinq Ossining bea inq N,T, Broadway srage O r i li 0 BeI I e Music ashinq ishes I+'s a secref b Iul U Lan . 'c Jerry Wars To ea success AiI , r is hie G' beI's Mr. Brown I-Iomewor C II To ehapp Joyce arasco Jerce 'a eI's an Ken on C ee oIIeqe T ea as i 'i f C, I r Chuc Ea+ a II or upreme Cour To Iive ali efime Fran Massari .X IZZy's Wo W r H S uI M , h N9'I'I's i Sc o I I iIIia'n McG I1 IZZy'S or eaven To own achaino I h Maffhew Meade Ma y AI Ryan's FoIey's miIk Bor en's ary noII Seminary To Io i J hn Meravy, Jr, III 'CI'n's oney Wo en To ea Iop pigeon anc'er Josephine Minardi o Nei: ood i II ' iI Private secrerary Daniel Murphy, Jr. Murph Lee's om n i a C II Linda Neubrand Mi eII's o aes r where o rn I rs . James PcaIan onio JiqgiIo arsi y Eas ,sIeep or yo To e a miIIionaire i d IIa Ro h I ' ing cmewof Heaven uI Vgcicf Rini Riz i Fa I Caiisfhenics oIIeqe To mold G. 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Cayglyf Soda u I G b I's Everyihing AIII a'r's good Who nows Proving Ihe superioriry o W Qhdys TayI0r Gladdy 48 Hudson Long vacafions Gr or Jam V T3 Y f I lz1y'5 Women o Ilwood Ac or Armand Tor ora One Hair WaII I Heavy Iabor nown A oney fob eIen Velba I Ranch house Dancing .ardI ing air and see Privare secrerar BNI WaEace W rm Nearesfa Women Wor Ii I , L o Doris Wafers o o I i i i i I ri r , f J , I d W ed II FaIIs oax me a Ii IIe Loo . s Id n' now if I Live in a warrn cIimaIe To be happy Marie WhiIe i ey eII's Swimming Wa i ishes E eiyn I m an i ork You'd be surprised o +raveI Mi e Zeiyez i rs Cars English A ' rId o b s Omen ra ry 9 Secr .ac eenpeas .. .sz L Ei Ban 6 VU 6 gn VU ri rasma Q9 To .4 O fl W H U eep S od I Fo hinpv dbe Eifl CI OHS V6 7 To bed sr T9 96 W N aryih Y I: 1 mo I I o decora'o .K 4. nfe O Karp kaIJ Marr age Wash nq d shes .,. Long vacaf ons GY Va o one spor N G rgam ke P No p ace -Do Q arecaro Wee QL LJCCSSS 66 T T ound ine wo W r 113-0 QU' Oc ax.: QV! 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LOGAN BIRRITELLA S DRY GOODS STORE RQEN DyG I I fx RL, if I k..W'TWpIVY19 Tw O 1 MR. 81 MRS. I VICTOR GILBERT BELLA K SINNOTT 84 CO PII INSURANCE WJ SCHVVER BROTHERS BRUNT AND BROOKS PHARMACISTS HAROLD V HUTCHESON O D 3MAINSR T CHARLES VANDERBILT 81 SON PLNERAL HOME 69 MAIN STREET Y LIIIA IC. SINNWIT .IOSL P. FINNTGAN I Ladies' and CH'dfQw's Wear' I Cm , N'III'lEY Aw' COQTIWM' sw r ood-, I Gene'-.aI MQr'cI1amCIII,Q EII-.I NaIIomaI Bank BUIIdinq FJ '- Fw " . T-...lvl Atl fRRYT. N. Y I C3mpIIme-we of CompIImerIs OI T'-. :ff If-.' IPF? T-1 V-1 I'i'G 77 5f6"i" I475 I CompIIme" OI I . . 1 DL' ' I. . . I. E"IcIemI Serwce Exam"'a'Ior by AoooInI'ne" 5.15-S55 3.45 I 7 I T EE , TFA .RTITF 'J 'l. Y. TABS' TOXNN AI. Y. 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Flowers for ATT Cccazi 53 N' A W4 DWYER FUNERAL I-TQME TARRYTQWN NATIONAL WWW W BANK 84 TRUST CCD Complimevs OT CompTTmef'-, of E XV! - w 1 1- T T 83 Confwpllmenls l JOPWJJ LOZARO Complumenls T JAMESLYNCH 46BEEKMAN AVENUE THANKS Tlwe IQ47 lneadles Horseman O ero 0 Q uncexel sn por cg a llwo 0 W o nwe lwflped lo male our yearbool a Uwe 5 Tlwanlcs a rnul lon' M Cainer ne Turelc for lwer lnelp lulness oallerce anol cooperaluon an Onnvlllng nna Cru al lo Us M Rolaerl Kelly of the Ro erl Kelly Publuslwunq Corlooralzon ln New Yorlc lor lns l ndno 5 and pallence Mr l-larry Horlon and llle Apecla Plwoloqraplwy Slud o TO New York To llwelr excellenl worl ind servufe Tlwo Facully Slall consmlung ol Mrs Eluzalaellw Dlfco Ml Edna l-lenne2 Mass Mar o l-lenne e lS Mine Hlnz and Mr Marqarel Reld ind Ml Annu Wood NORTH TARRYTOWN N Y Complamenls ol F O L E Y S GOLD SEAL MILK PRODUCTS 282 NO WASHINGTON ST No Tarrylown N Y pn no To lylown 768 767 IPRINI lDlaN RfJl1IRlXX lxlllH Ill ISIINIIIXKIKKJRIURXIIUN . 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Suggestions in the North Tarrytown High School - Headless Horseman Yearbook (North Tarrytown, NY) collection:

North Tarrytown High School - Headless Horseman Yearbook (North Tarrytown, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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North Tarrytown High School - Headless Horseman Yearbook (North Tarrytown, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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