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North Tarrytown High School - Headless Horseman Yearbook (North Tarrytown, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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. , ,W .... . ,,.,, . 4- ,.f' irc, , .5 s 3, W , V. f 3 - f V ,, J 1 "And then the school-boy with shining morning face." ul remember' I remember How my childhood fleeted by-" Oh I do think it the pleasantest thmg Art remains the one way possible Ever a child can do Of speaking truth And there scarce less illustrious goes the clerk when I became a man I put away childish things .4 ,, . . . 4- - . 1 . y, - n U U . . va v l 1 ' . . . ,, n you u Yo n Hnuqhrs of oufh 1 G ov :Ju Know fhcn thyself T L propnr study of mmkund us min r com :gum nmr ,S 'ht A Crow old wlong w-th my Thy bcxf s to I nm thc hrric ch Id scd hu Th " v V' ,X-'Wil i -1 '71 Pxss, fhcrvforc no! Yoday IH vnn H' X . Fo nf wuli ncvcr L . Hu ' J rnacbrr of 'K rrs' Q ' ' I vc? bL e,rl og. Efprv 5 av. MAX 91 .4 XA ro YS ow 'Eh s A 'fkf 5 , - . ' P '- 'T x, fx N EAKS. ff N f ' . 4,1- 'Jx ,. ' - 7 -, Q ' , ff 5 Q. 'Fi 'L S r 1 H 3 I PfQ ' ' - 3 Th 0 K po Lil in HEEXDLESS PUBLISHED BY THE UF NUHTH 'TARHYTUWN HIGH SIHUUL 1,11 X HUHSEM N ASSUEIATED STUDENTS NUBTH TAHHYTUWN NEW YUHH OPQLUOI' The Recorder our fsrst school annual was publushed by the North Tarrytown Hu Y Club from l923 to l928 From l928 to l936 no year book was publushed although In l93l a vaun attempt was made to revrve the Recorder Not untul the early part of the second semester dud the Sensor Class of l936 venture to publish an annual The result The Recorder which contained hrghllghts on the actlvltles of the Class of l936 and those of Sen or Classes of a few years past proved very successful Early the next fall the Class of l937 made plans for thesr yearbook The book nncreased In size and one hundred more copies were ordered than the year before The name The Recorder was changed to The Head less Horseman The Class of 1938 too undertook the task of publnshlng The Headless Horseman lt was submntted for competutuon to the Natnonal Scholastnc Press Assocuatlon and the Columbla Press Assocuatron where It recelved excellent ratnngs For such success thus years Headless Horseman Staff desures to congratulate the l938 Headless Horseman Staff and James Turek yearbook advuser for the past three years Thus year the Assocvated Students wnth La Verne A Norton as year book advuser assumed the responslbnlnty of publushung The Headless Horse man whlch dlffers In several respects from prevlous editions As It IS an all school project more space IS glven to the actlvutnes of the underclassmen page arrangements have been changed and more art work has been Included than has ever appeared In previous North Tarrytown Annuals To those who have assisted In the preparation of thus book and to all members of the faculty who have earnestly endeavored to prepare us for our future lzves we express our thanks To the Headless Horseman ' staffs of the future go our best wishes for success In carryung on this tradutnon Page Four . . , a , . .. . . , . 1 I ' V - ' - . , . l8ACdtl0l'l 5 Patna!! E gf' F is tr? 5 The Assocuated Students of the North Tarrytown l-hgh School wish to express thenr appreciation by dedicating the l939 Headless Horseman to La Verne A Norton nts adviser whose untlnng helpfulness endurlng patlence enthuslastuc Interest and assistance aided the staff over many dnffrcult places and made this yearbook a success Page Flve f ' if 3 ' , 5. fps? E' . ' ' ' , ALLQ- Qigfeilgs- x li?" ff N . .ON I ff We S: f , . 7 . . : Q - -DL ' V r ff, ' yy M.. .ze-ssh 15" ,, t i 33.54. A J""fR' "tix L ' r Q35 '5 3151190 " ffgf f 1 ll eiizlk 'faq . iff fi'-L' - H - ....c,f.., O U - . "'-- In my --......, LEFT TO RIGHT Bengamun Larke Mlss JuIIa A Barron Wnllnam A Joyce Delbert O FL.ller Supenntendent Frank L Martln Clerk Rev Ernest E Edmond Presldent James E McGurk Anthony C Capossela MIchael J Coffey Robert A Yerks Treasurer It was In makmg educatnon not only common to all but In some sense compulsory on all that the destIny of the free republIcs of Ameruca was practIcally settled J R LOWELL 06ll"J 0 L76!llCafl0I'l The Board of EducatIon of DIstrIct No l Town of Mount Pleasant determInes all QUESTIONS of general polIcy relatIng to the school Each year at the meetmg held July lst a clerk and a treasurer are appounted The clerk s duty IS to keep a record of all busuness transacted and of all mInutes The treasurer takes care of the fInancIal affaIrs of our school dIstrIct The selectnon of a supenntendent, faculty members, and the IanItorIal staff IS made by the board They also dIrect expendItures so that they wIll adequately serve the communIty needs They endeavor not to be extrava gant, yet, always bear In mInd that students should not suffer for lack of expense Other problems are submItted to the superIntendent and prIncIpals Headed by Rev Ernest Edmond, the Board of EducatIon has been very actIve thIs past year As the questuon of a new school has been the toplc of debate and dIscussIon, the Board has held many meetmgs for thIs purpose FInaIly they proposed two SITES whuch were then brought before the voters Two referendums were held However, each tIme the voters turned down the proposed sntes and N T IS stIlI wIthout a new school Nevertheless the Board has not abandoned the Idea and we stIll have hopes' The cItIzens of the vullage are very much Interested In thIs body and there IS always keen Interest when electIon tImes comes In the sprung Page SIX C, ' I 1 "if1i."f'f,',,, A Nuv- A A X A ' Iflnn- .-N - M ' PM A A E, I lt ly A J VI l I lt il so l . K 'K .,,.,....,,c .. ' ! ' DELBERT O FULLER Superintendent llldeflfl f0I'l6!8l'li Four years ago Delbert O Fuller came to North Tarrytown to accept the posltlon of Superintendent of Schools He obtained the degree of Bachelor of Phnlosophy at Brown Unnversuty and the degree of Master of Arts at Columbla Unlversuty He also attended Notre Dame Cornell St Bonaventure and New York Umversnty Pruor to commg to N T he served as supervlslng prnncnpal of the public schools at Mt Morrls New York Mr Fuller sympathetlc and ap proachable at all tlmes has helped a countless number of students to solve theur problems In the years to come I earnestly hope that the future staffs of the Headless Horseman wlll strnve to mamtann the same degree of profucuency In publlshnng the year book as the Sensors of the past three years have attalned Page Seven O u a - a - . ., . , . . , ' n -n v , , . . . . . . . my FRONT ROW lReading from Left to Right' ' Stone T Cunningham I Everest N Plamondon V Deuel M Jenks M Donzella M Ward E MacFarland G Wiedman SECOND ROW C Lattin F Quattrociocchi l Lyon J Winters A Woods H Ferris M Hinz E Biornstad THIRD ROW A Runyon D Pease L Traver C Hayes J Foley N Ferguson E Fitzpatrick K Brown FOURTH ROW C Nyman lPrincipalI J Ramp O Story J Edleson J Dllley D Fuller lSuperintendentl L Norton J Turek FACU LTY MEMORIES Delbert O Fuller for his deep understanding of the students problems Carl E Nyman for being able to settle all disputes Lucy Stone for her ambitious fingers Fanny Quattrociocchi for her cheerful disposi tion Elsie R Biornstad for helping us keep our girlish figures Ken neth G Brown for his ability to expound the Euclidian Theory Teresa Cunningham for her motherly interest in the Freshmen Verena Deuel for her interest in two men Caesar and Cicero James F Dilley for coaching successful teams Mary Donzella for her attractive smile Jack L Edelson for his little green car Isabelle T Everest for her efficiency in handling the student funds , . . Norman C. Ferguson for his fine stage sets which have helped to make all dramatic productions a success , . . Helen E. Ferris for training potential Jenny Linds and Lawrence Tibbetts. Edward Fitzpatrick for his brilliant playing on the Faculty basketball team . . , John E. Foley for his modesty . . . Anna C-avin for her ability to cure all minor ills . . . Gabriel Hayes for his ready supply of blushes . . . Edna Hennessey for her ability to keep calm above the noise of typewriter keys . . . Marion Hennessey for her merry way . . . Marie Hinz for her pleas- ing voice . . . Rose Hofstetter for influencing many students to pursue the path of Rembrandt . . . Martha Jenks for being the latest addition to the Faculty . . . Cienevieve Lattin for her expert knowledge about the disposal of gum . . . Isabelle Lyon for her unfathomable knowledge of literature . . . lPIease turn to Page 75h Page Eight dClfl Nm CARL E NYMAN Principal Carl E. Nyman has been a member of the faculty of the North Tarrytown High Sc ool since l9Z2. For ten years e served as a mathematics teacher. Then n l93Z he was appointed principal of the high school, a position which he stil- holds. No only is he well liked by the fac- ulty, but also by the members of the student body. especially those who look to him for guidance. After graduating from Wesleyan, where he received his BS. degree, he attended Columbia University for his M.A. degree Page Nine Page Ten 'aww FRONT ROW lReadung from Left to Rughtu C Cuulfoyle C Turek M Wulluams V Alpune H Funnegan L Pollack SECOND ROW H Deeley R Hofstetter L Nucholas A Cavun A Tuffany S Brome E Mahoney THIRD ROW M Callaghan T Cerken M van Velsor D Fullerton V Whute L Nadolny J Whalen LAST ROW L Nucholas E Gorman lPruncupall gifnentafg LSZAOOK ga,Clfl,Ay Edward Gorman for hus hearty laugh Helen Haberstutch for her pleasung personaluty Vurgunua Alpune for her demure manner Sarah W Brome for her skull on the golf lunks and on the bowlung alleys Helen Deely for her entertaunung puppet shows Helen Funnegan for her Ann Hardung features Dorus M Fullerton for beung a l938 arruval on the faculty Mary Callaghan for her sense of humor Theresa Cerken for beung an N T graduate Em Frances Cultrap for her dauntuness Katherune Cuuulfoyle for her love of debate Carolyn Greene and Gertrude Henshaw for theur endurung fruendshup Ellen Mahoney for her readuness to lend a helpung hand Louuse Nadolny for her love of flowers Leonard D Nucholas for beung the only male teacher of the Elementary School Faculty lPlease turn to Page 75l EDWARD GORMAN Pruncupal Q it Q In September l938 Edward Gorman became pruncupal of the North Tarrytown Elementary School He us a graduate of East Stroudsburg Normal School Susquehanna Unuversuty where he receuved the degree of BA and New York Unu versuty From the latter he receuved the degree of MA un l936 Before comung to North Tarrytown Mr Gorman taught Elementary and Hugh School scuence un Jenkuns Townshup fol lowung whuch he taught hugh school scuence un East Hampton Hugh School He served as Supervusung Pruncupal of Capupagne Unuon School for two years Thus year Mr Gorman worked wuth Mr Dulley un traunung the football team and was very unterested un the boys basket ball games I, I A 6 l ll 0 . l , v u ' , . 1 1 rug i ' ' 1 'NK' ' yy, V, ,a.,7 . n f i . , , ig, N I Ng, 2 My I A C . , . , . , . , . , . . I . , . , . , . , . , . , . . I . , . , . , . , . , . , , , I . , . X535 ,,., sig' . . Si Tfz: ' ' ' ' ' . . ,-Q - - ,, . ' V u A u , ., - Page Twelve 6L:5:S THE CLASS OFFICERS Under the capable Ieadershlp of Mxchael Fltzpatrack the offucers of the class of 1939 have been most effncuent rn managmg class affairs He and hrs assoclates Morrls Amato vnce president, Mary Smercak, secretary, Felucua Esfaban, treasurer, have cooperated so ably that the result has been a most successful class year sl , V I 1 3- r ' I W., , . A 1 ? V A rs, 'K , ': . U "' - H . . 1. V . . . MR JAMES TUREK James Turek who has been our conscaen tuous Senuor advnser for the past four years has proven humself worthy of thus posstnon many tumes Before commg to N T he studled at St John s Hugh School ll925l Val lanova College ll927l Temple Unuversuty H929 B S l Unlverslty of Pennsylvania New York Unuverslty H933 M A l and taught at Vullanova College for two years ln the few years he has taught at N T Mr Turek has gauned the frnendshlp of count less numbers of students The Class of l939 wushes to thank hum for all has past kundnesses good advuce yes and even his lectures and wnshes hum much health and happuness In the future 0 1939 CLASS HONORS FRANK BUCKHOUT Class Valeductornan JOYCE JENSEN Class Salutatoruan LOUIS TONELLI Presudent Student Councnl o , - v . Q . . . , ' n o--n n ,.. .., Q v v a sence the es remedy tor every :ll WILLIAM ANZOVINO A man of courage as also full of talth Page Fourteen 'v If MORRIS AMATO Mnghty oaks from llttle corns grow ELIZABETH ARNOLD Loss ot sincerity as the oss ot a vutal power MARY BALLAS My heart us ever at your servuce ELIZABETH BARR A tender heart wull rnflexuble JAY AN DRUSS Why then the world S mme oyster which I wnth my sword wlll open SHIRLEY BAKER C-ood manners are made up of petty sacrlfuces CHARLES BANNON Cookery us become an art a noble scuence Cooks are gentlemen THERESA BELLAVY Stay as sweet as you are JUWJLM Y 2? .Ay , ,gg CAROLYN AARON "P t' is b t " ' ' " , ' . JI.. I . .,, , , .H .. Z a . .. my I 53 ' STEPHEN BENEDICT STEPHEN BLAHA I do not own an Inch of Men are merraest when land but all I see ns mune they are tar from home VICTOR BROPI-IY Bravery never goes out of fashion MARIE CABRIELE None know thee but to love thee nor name thee but to prause PATSY CAPOSSELA All I know rs what I read FRANK BUCKI-IOUT An honest man close buttoned to the chm Broadcloth wnthout and a warm heart wlthln FRANK CALABRANO L e and let Irve s wall do RECINALD CARDWELL I may be personally de In the Papers teated but my prmclples 0l'60l'l'lal'l I'1eVeI' LUCY BRANCATO She IS truly great who hath a great charuty MARIE BUTT C-ood wull IS the mnghtlest practncal force rn the unrverse Z' '23 4 LOUIS CIOCCA A good reputatuon ns more valuable than money ALOYSI US DALEY Great men gaun doubly when they make toes their trrends K' Page Snxteen ROSEMARY COFFEY The joy of youth and health her eyes dlsplayed and ease of heart her look conveyed PAUL DANKO A fruend may well b reckoned the masterpuece of nature EDWARD DELFAY Wuth dreamtul eyes my spurut Ines under the walls ot paraduse MARIE DIETZ I-ler vouce was soft gentle and low an excellent thnng un a woman LULU COX of good fortune HELEN DAVIS Ot surpassing beauty and In the bloom of youth LUCY DeMILlA Llttle frlends have proven great fruends ANC-ELINA DIVICO A llttle kingdom I possess Where thoughts and feel ings dwell .H 8061466 Y Z' .6 E g E H 'A ' ' " ' "Diligence is the mother .- . .. . e .. . 3 6 I . g .. I I ' I . 1? ' Q MARY DRAGO Her laughter sounds luke rnpplung stream FELISA ESTEBAN Opportumty as the best captain of all endeavor ALICE FOLEY A wltty woman as a treasure A wltty beauty as a power OTTO FRITZ There are galns for all our losses There are balms for all our pann 0l':fel'l'lal'l ALICE DUQUETTE Grace was un all her steps heaven In her eyes ln every gesture dngnuty and love GEORGE FERRIS JEAN FRAZ EE say the world IS lovely and that lovellness as enough ARMANDO GALELLA l have land asucle business and have gone a frshmg FRANCES EPOLITO The s cret to success ns constancy to purpose MICHAEL FITZPATRICK Are you content to b our general? 1 1 aw Page Se enteen 3 , ...N Y a . . . i. " ' ' "l will do as I see fit." " e .. . . ..I . M C., . ff , . , V JANE GALGANO My heart ns luke a smgung bnrd ADELINE HODEGKER all we can out of lute for ourselves but to make the lnves of others happier try t AGN ES GALLAGHER The world belongs to the enthusiast RICHARD HOGAN to do that he never has tume to be sad CHARLES HUSTED The greater man the greater courtesy ANNA JAGQUIN MARJORIE GRANT Vlctory belongs to the most perseverlng WILLIAM HORAN To break their hearts ns hls delight JAMES JAGKMAN Guve a man a pipe he can smoke Gave a man a book he can read MARGARET JAGQUIN Thank that day lost whose A merry heart maketh a low descendung sun cheerful countenance Vnews from thy hand no noble action done QCII! 0:56 ,... an X 2 "We are here not to get "An idle man has so much 'I ' ' , O . ui ANN JELENEK Oood health and good snse are t o of Ines greatest blessungs DOROTHY KELLY True happuness It under stood Consssts alone In doing good Hold thy Iughted lamp on hlgh be a star In someone s s JOSEPHINE KRLJPP A great devotee of the Oospel ot Oettnng On 0l':f QITLGI1 JOYCE JENSEN Charm here It IS JOSEPH KERCHMA Let There be must EDWARD KOLARICH Consnstency thou art a levvel JOHN LaCARRlJBBA A Inttle ID hand rs worth more than a great thnn In prospect 'Y JAMES KEETLEY The only thang we have to fear as tear Itself EDITH KILMER I thunk that I shall never I I as ee a poem as ove y a tree Page N neteen -J , ,. ff-1 ' 3 'S ,J e W .f . , . EVELYN KLIBBE ' 33 Q If ROSEMARY LENNOX Her very frowns are fairer ar Than smules of other rnald ens are ESTHER MAHAFFEY a rough road that leads to the helghts of greatness Pa ge Twenty fs Q J' N JOSEPH MADDEN He who sungs frughfens y h s I ORADY MARLER Ood bless Oeneral Lee CONCETTA MASSARI Oentle IH metlood reso lu e IH action JOHN MELLO We wall achleve our goal when unnfncatnon and cooperation IS realuzed " JACK MAOUIRE Napoleon too was Small man THERESA MARZOLLA She has achneved success who has lived well laughed often and loved much JOHN MASSENA lt s good to llve and learn MARY MENO We fund at the end of the day The soul of a fruend we've made " WILM ' g r , ll! , rn, . xx - l ,lz 1 1 lfi- J ll! s' Y' J . I X ',lll'YQ:". ' f fl xllsi, -Vllfxllll ll'l lib T' ' - 3 3? . .3 J J' A f' X f aw.: E 'lls." "lf is " l" " . ' . iv . . '1. .,. f Q' JOHN MCCLINTOCK Leave no stone unturned JAMES MCSTAY A man does not plant a tree for himself but plants It for posterity MARY MOORE Thoughts are mnghtler than strength of hand CARL NEUENDORFFER But they whom truth and wisdom lead Can gather honey from a weed 0I"ff8l'l'lCU'l WILLIAM M LALJCHLIN No evll can happen to a good man ALBERT MILLER Everythung happens everybody sooner or later If there as time enouvh HAROLD NEUBRAND Better three hours too soon than a minute too ate NANCY NICOLAIS The great end of Ilfe not knowledge but actnvlty 2 .ahhh HLCTOR MCLEAN The wealth of manknnd IS the wlsdom they leave CHARLES MILLER He thrnks luke a phuloso pher and acts luke a kung 'V TIM' PaeT ety '. -3 fa '1 '4' fi ,- l 'T .. .. . to .. . . . A - C A ,lv ' , -A X 'V' I 4" ,Q 3, S " " ' is rf 1 , g wn THOMAS NOLAN A man polrshed to the JACK RABIN Such sweet compulslon doth In muslc lle N45 F Page Twenty t o My JAMES PIRIE rs mrnd has krngdom and hrs will his law PAUL REMENAR Srlence rs more musrcal than any song ANTHONY SARACELLI Let us have tarth that rlght makes mlght and In that tarth let us dare to do our duty as we see trt CHARLES SCHNEIDER Fame rs the food that dead men eat I have no stomach tor such meat f JOH N PROFT ' rt rs excellent to have a grant s strength HELEN SALAWAY It rs dgtfrcult to be em phatrc when no one rs em phatrc on the other sude LILLIAN SELLERS short saylng ott con tarns much wrsdom VIRGINIA SCHNEIDER When did morning ever break And fund such beamlng eyes awake JJMJLM ' 9 2- J nf? x .. . HH. . . . ' ,Oh-. . nail." ' ' ' ' - ,. . HA . - g I il A " rv V, . . N ' V. f 3 JOSEPH SCOCNA No by years but by dusposntuon us wusdom acquired JOHN SOLTIS Let us have peace MARION STEWART Remember thzs that ver Inttle ns needed to make a happy lute C-RACE TADDEO My word rs my bond 0115 Ql'l'lal'l MARY SMERCAK There are times when a dream delucuous steals Into a musung hour NICHOLAS SORIANO ROSETTA SYMMS Cheerful as a lark JOSEPH TOMELLERI A wnse man ns strong yea a man of knowled e ancreaseth strength ANNA MARIE SMITH To a young heart every thung IS fun CIERALDINE SPENO Beauty IS thine share It wnth us Page Twenty th ee 3 5 -3 1 f I I V Q A 3 I' , H ' H - " "My wit is thine." 'A ' ' , ' y I I V ll 'rs-. . ,N . E: A H g. 2 ff I , - - F LOUIS TONELLI He protsts most who serves best ADRIENNE Von KUMMER A good name IS rather to be chosen than great rrches gd ,QI PaEe T enty four .A JOSEPH TYSINCER O I sleep It IS a gentle thang Beloved from pole to pole VERA WANAMAKER A merry heart doeth good Itke medicine STANLEY YOUNG In the life of a young man the most essentnal thang for happuness us the Itt of frnendshup MARIE ZUCCARDO A good frlend IS worth two right arms ANDREW VASCO The sea' the sea' the open sea' NELDA WILSON The southern generals were great Indeed ANTHONY ZASTENCHIK Tas no tame to talk Zi. Mr Z? A weapo h t co es do n as st II As sho flakes tall pon the so t f ee s w e ec es a As ght g does the Il of od o ce o doo o locks Can sh eld you ts the ballot box EDWARD DELFAY Best Looklng GERRY SPENO WILLIAM HORAN Most Popular ROSEMARY LENNOX FRANK CALABRANO Best Dancer ANN JELENEK STEPHEN BENEDICT Best Dressed JEAN FRAZEE LOUIS TONELLI Most Llkely to Succeed FELICIA ESTEBAN JOHN MELLO Most Talkatlve HELEN SALAWAY JOHN SOLTIS Most Bashtul NELDA WILSON MICHAEL FITZPATRICK Most Pleassng Personality GERRY SPENO MORRIS AMATO Llvelnest AGNES GALLAGHER REGINALD CARDWELL Best Athlete ANNE MARIE SMITH LOUIS TONELLI Dad Most for N T NANCY NICOLAIS MICHAEL FITZPATRICK Dld Most for Sensor Class MARY SMERCAK LOUIS CIOCCA Most Attractive Smale JANE GALGANO MICHAEL FITZPATRICK Most Respected FFLICIA ESTEBAN STANLEY YOUNG NICHOLAS SORIANO JOSEPH MADDEN FRANK CALABRANO OTTO FRITZ ARMANDO GALELLA FRANK CALABRANO JOHN MELLO CARL NEUENDORFFER FRANK BUCKHOUT JACK RABIN PATSY CAPOSELLA LOUIS TONELLI JOSEPH MADDEN JOSEPH MADDEN STEPHEN BENEDICT LOUIS TONELLI Merrnest Class Optlmlst Class Pesslmlst Class Scnentlst Most Courteous Class Muslcnan Class Artust Most Studlous Most Hlgh Hat Most Bored Most Romantic Faculty Joy Heart Breaker JOHN MELLO Teacher s Torment JOHN MELLO Most Radlcal JOSEPH TOMELLIERI Best Conversatlonalust BILL MCLAUGHLIN Tallest MORRIS AMATO Shortest WILLIAM ANZOVINO Most Cooperative JOSEPH TOMELLIERI Most Dngnutled LOUIS TONELLI Most Accomplushed WILLIAM ANZOVINO Fr endlnest MICHAEL FITZPATRICK Mcst Admured JOSEPH MADDEN Cla s Dramatlst ANDREW VASCO Most Temperamental LOUIS TONELLI Most Buslness luke JOHN MELLO Most Outspoken JOHN MELLO Class Nulsance PAUL DAN KO Best Excuse Maker ROSEMARY LENNOX Wnttuest HELEN SALAWAY Most Sophlstncated ADRIENNE VON KUMMER Most Versatlle HELEN DAVIS Most Reserved MARIE DIETZ MARY DRAGO ANNA JACQUIN CAROLINE AARON NELDA WILSON NANCY NICOLAIS MARY MENO SHIRLEY BAKER SHIRLEY BAKER MARY MENO ALICE DUQUETTE MARY BALLAS SHIRLEY BAKER JOYCE JENSEN AGNES GALLAGHER HFLEN SALAWAY ROSEMARY LENNOX MARION STEWART GRACE TADDEO LUCY DE MILIA JEAN FRAZEE FELICIA ESTEBAN ROSETTA SYMMS EVELYN KLIBBE JOYCE JENSEN HELEN DAVIS NANCY NICOLAIS HELEN SALAWAY HELEN SALAWAY Page T e Ty f OX " n ' a m w i w u dl But x u r man' III, Ii nin wi Cv Q Andfromitsfriqnr rnr H FRANK CALABRANO Best All-Around ' HELEN DAVIS w n - ive Ama of C39 ua. Cguoofgoki TIME: l935-l939 SCENE: N,T.H.S. The whistle blows and the game begins. Michael Fitzpatrick, the cap- tain, kicks off and English receives. Science and Civics come to his defense, but our captain, with his assistants, Gerry Speno co-captain, Morris Amato treasurer and Reginald Cardwell as secretary and the great backfield of the Freshman Class, succeeds in throwing him for a ten-yard loss, Algebra calls for time out and the Seniors take this opportunity to give the Frosh a "Fresh- man Bawlf' The game is then resumed and School Books come back with a strong team and regain the ball. They threaten our goal so it is time out for the Class of '39 During this brief rest period the team decides to hold a Freshman Dance. It is very successful and with boosted spirits we return to the field and hold our own until the end of the first quarter. As a result of the rest period between the quarters, the Class of '39 comes back with a new lineup still captained by Michael Fitzpatrick, but now with Margaret Jacquin as co-captain, Betty Barr, secretary, and Morris Amato as treasurer. The now "Sophisticated Sophomoresu are in danger of losing the ball only once and then take time out to hold a dance. This strengthens them greatly and they keep School Books from further advances and the half ends with the score O-O. The beginning of the second half finds the Class of '39 fewer in num- ber-the weaker having fallen. Now we are wiser and more experienced. To our surprise, School Books come back with many new plays and finding our goal line in danger we retire to the sidelines to select our officers and hold a cake sale. Michael Fitzpatrick is once again chosen captain and this time Helen Davis fills the position of co-captain, C-erry Speno is secretary and Frank Buckhout is in charge of our financial affairs. Properly strengthened by our little repast, we renew our game with great vigor and make a won- derful drive down the field and begin to threaten the goal of School Books causing them to call for time. During the interval we discuss plans for a "hand book," and by the time play is called our material is in the hands of the printer. We just begin playing when History is hurt and has to be carried off the field. While School Books are choosing a player to fill his position, the Class of '39 holds its Junior Prom. Having chosen Geometry to fill History's place, School Books come back to the field. ln the remaining few minutes of play we come within l5 yards of a touchdown, but the whistle blows. Perhaps in the last quarter .... The fourth and final quarter opens with our faithful leader, Michael Fitzpatrick, still the captain, with Morris Amato as co-captain, Felisa Este- ban as treasurer and Mary Smercak as secretary. Books seem superior this quarter so we take time out to decide on a new line of attack and also to welcome the Freshmen into NT. We decide study is the best attack and upon trying it discover that we are right. The game turns into such a close battle that the referee gives us a few minutes rest and we dance until our time is up. Then we see that time is getting short so by studying harder we manage to carry the ball to the ten-yard line and by a tremendous burst of power go over for a touchdown. The whistle blows, the game is ended, and we have won. We celebrate our victory with a Ball on Class Night and then as a reward-graduation. The game is over but we won't forget-we can't. We will always re- member those four years in which we fought so hard yet enioyed so much. And though memories may dim and fade one will remain-the game-The Class of '39 vs. School Books. CAM MA We the class of Nunteen Hundred and Thurty Nune of the North Tarry town Hugh School havung at last reached the goal we set four or fuve years ago are about to leave the unstututuon of learnung whuch has futted us for enterung the outsude world The memorues of so many happy years of our luves that we spent at N T wull never be forgotten by us Beung of unsound mund and faulung health we make thus our last wull and testament and hereby revoke all wulls and coduculs heretofore made by us GENERAL BEQUESTS To the Board of Educatuon we promuse to guve our backung un the fught to get a new school for North Tarrytown To the teachers who so laboruously trued to teach us somethung we leave a large box of aspurun tablets to be taken whenever the memorues of our class haunt them To the athletuc teams of the future we wull contunue to guve our best support To Mr James Turek our class advuser un part payment for the helpful knowledge and guudance whuch he so generously gave us we leave a book of new puns and our best wushes for a long and happy lufe To the Junuor Class we bequeath our overdue nughts un detentuon class a box of burnt matches one hundred and fufteen tuckets for the nuneteen hundred and thurty eught World Serues and any thung of no value that we may have forgotten un our haste to get out of school By havung these hughly pruzed artucles you wull take over the hugh and much envued posutuon of dugnufued Senuors we leave so that they may become Junuors To the Freshman class we Ieav a box of razor blades lnot to be used for slnavungl but to be used to sharpen up To W I we leave you out INDIVIDUAL BEQUESTS Muchael Futzpatruck guves hus best wushes to the deservung Junuor who fulls hus shoes un the hugh and mughty posutuon as Presudent of the Senuor Class Vuctor Brophy leaves hus art of beatun ut out on the drums to Harry Shaw Joe Madden places hus dramatuc abuluty un care of Robert Elluott who has already proven humself a good actor Anna Marue Smuth s dumples are left to Frank Duetz Joseph Tomelleru bequeaths hus profucuency of the Italuan language to Ida Ceconu Gerry Speno s pleasung personaluty us left to Louuse Martunson Stanley Young leaves hus flute to whoever feels the call of the Pued Puper Aluce Duquette guves her sweet undufference to Vera Calloway Agnes Gallagher leaves her abuluty to trup the lught fantastuc to Louuse Tonellu Edward Delfay reluctantly leaves hus curly haur to Edwun Mallery Rosemary Coffey leaves all of her bows lnot beauxl to the care of Mary Tuerney Page Twenty eught O To the Sophomore Class, who have just reached the half-way mark, , ' S Otto Frrtz leaves hrs reserved manner to Emil Vrzvary To Theodore Sherga Lours Tonellr leaves hrs natural executive abrlrty John Mello bestows upon Domrnrck Festa hrs radical vrew points and rs abrlrty to argue over anything at any time That irresponsible grggle of Mary Drago rs left to Angelina Celtruda Morrrs Amato leaves hrs shortness to the care of Robert Morrrs Andy Vasco leaves hrs prpe smoking abrlrty to Richard Crochan John Soltrs leaves hrs bashfulness to Harrrson Mrnrch Alrce Foley s rvory pounding fingers are left to Grace Canna Rosemary Lennox leaves her naturally rosy cheeks to Robert Kelderhouse Jack Rabrn leaves hrs abrlrty to frddle wrth hrs vrolrn to hrs brother Gilbert Carl Neuendorffer gives hrs electrical knowledge to George Hongach Thomas Nolan leaves hrs hrgh spot rn the Clee Club to Robert Johnston Jean Frazee leaves her knack wrth clothes to Nancy Puffer Joseph Tysrnger leaves hrs custom of fallrng to sleep rn class to Spencer Allen Nancy Nrcolars leaves her admirable working abrlrty to Antornette Verrone Anthony Zastenchrk leaves a few trps on how to be a successful coach to Brll Doherty Armando Calelle leaves hrs old strcks of chewrng gum to be consumed durrng school hours to Marvrn Ayres Lou Crocca leaves hrs power of attractrng the opposrte sex to Frank Rrzzr Anna Jelleneks natural dancrng rnstrnct rs left to Harry Jrtterbug Shaw left to the lucky person who wrll be editor rn chref next year Charles Bannon leaves hrs ways wrth the teachers to Manuel Cabezas Betty Barr s luxurrant eyelashes are left to August Tomellerr Stephen Benedrct leaves hrs Hitler harrcuts to Joe Kovach Frank Buckhout leaves hrs extensrve vocabulary to anyone who rs rnter ested rn eatrng drctronarres Mary Ballas leaves her abrlrty to swrng out popular tunes to Ros Brancato James Jackman leaves hrs posrtron of catcher for the North Tarrytown Baseball team to Matthew Lrssey Helen Davrs leaves her abrlrty to draw prctures durrng class perrods to Grace Acel Nrcholas Sorrano leaves hrs ready wrt to Nrcholas Ruscrgno Mary Smercak leaves her office of secretary of the Senror Class to some rndustrrous Junror who doesn t mrnd hard work Reggre Cardwell leaves hrs abrlrty to go to town on the football freld to John lmhof James Prrre leaves hrs hockey strck to Charles Marasco Paul Danko a member of the cookrng class reluctantly leaves hrs culrnary abrlrty to Frank Chebetar who rs also a member Al Daley leaves hrs berth on the basketball team to Albert Moro Joyce Jensen leaves that mrllron dollar smrle to Frances Regal Wrllram Horan who plans to lrve rn South Amerrca leaves hrs rob as wrrter of N T sports to Grace Canna John Proft leaves hrs pugrlrstrc abrlrty to Phrlrp Eades whos always punchrng trees Wrtnesses MYSELF l Page Twenty nrne H . . , , I Shirley Baker's efficient handling of the l9B9 "Headless Horseman" is ME ..,.,..1..-- I Page Thirty FRONT ROW lLeft to Rightl: A. Bonvento, A. Valcarce, F, Zarrilli, L, Macedo, H. Nelson, M. Peller, E. Davenport, I. Ceconi, E. Schwer, M. Pennella. SECOND ROW: J. Koval, W. Koval, J. Kofka, T. Navarro, J, Laurino, H. Blumer, F. Rowland, F, Rizzi, J. Kleinert. THIRD ROW: M. Dimmie, L. Martinson, A. Celtruda, V. Calloway, M, Hyland, A. M. McClin- tock, C. Page, M. Opie, L, Ferguson, L. Mills, M, Lawrence, C. Canna. FOURTH ROW: D. Tornello, R. Kelderhouse, A. Moro, F. Blumer, E. Vizvary, G. Fuller, R. Crochan. FIFTH ROW: H. Shaw, E, Parzyk, F. Pellegrino, R. Elliott, A. Verrone, B. Czech, B. Newman, M. Wilson. SIXTH ROWZ E, Polard, N. Pace, W. Barron, F. Esteban. L. Greene, H. Munich, C. Marler, B. Johnston, C. Hongach. uniorfi lt is hard to realize, as one sees these grownup juniors, that they were once green. gawky freshmen. They have gone a long way since l936, when they were welcomed to N. T. at the Freshmen Frolic. The Freshman Dance was their first responsible job, followed by the Sophomore Dance, when they had become a year older. During the past year, these enterprising juniors sponsored a cake sale to pay for their class picture. The crowning glory of three grand years of work and play. was the Junior Promenade. The class is looking forward to a successful. happy year as the senior class. FRONT ROW 'Left to Right' :K. Barr, A. Doyle, N. Weiss, I. Puente, I. Regal, C. Hen- nessey, C. Blascik, D. Lewis, M. Doherty, J. Kardian, L. Cipes. SECOND ROW: R. Martin A, McCaffrey, F. Dietz, S. Perrone, A, Kilmer, L. Ballas, O. Cafsriele, ll Wright, C. Rabin H, Herbst. THIRD ROW: K. DePew, B. Ankheleri, V. Parillo, L. Cianci, J. Chulla. F, Forstner, C. Friere, B. Page. S. Battaglia, H. Nugent. L. Pennella, F. Russo. FOURTH ROW: R. McMahon, J. Pulsoni, R. Neuendoffer, W. Spear, C. Ross. H. Miller, L. Maurer, D. Amodei C . Taddeo. FIFTH ROW: J. Macko, L. Cerce. A. Stubbs. C. Collier, T. Williams, R. Fallacaro. H. Atkins, L. Vest, J. Doyle. SIXTH ROW: J. Quinn, M. Mruz, J. lmhof, T. Booth P, Kadlec. SEVENTH ROW: M, Kostrubal, R. Horton, J. Curtis, C. Krall, 3. tlalienn L. Atkin, J. Larkin, S. Ranieri, F. Lucenti. JOHN E. FOLEY Mr. Foley, a native of North Tarrytown, is a former student of N. T. He became a member of the faculty in I937 as teacher of English ll. He became Sophomore class ad- viser in that year, taking the place of Miss Isabelle Everest. ln his position as class adviser, he has managed the affairs of the Sophomore class for two years and has directed the annual Sophomore Dance in l938 and l939. As he takes an enthusiastic interest in basketball. he has coached the Sophomore interclass team for two years. Mr. Foley received the degrees AB. from Notre Dame and L.L.B. from Fordham, Ile was admitted to the bar in I938 F28 Thirlx-Tn FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: M. Soriano, A. Bella, M. Cianci, D. Johnson, E. Schneider, E, O'Reilly, J. Reynolds, D. Brown, M. Lombardi, D. Kostrubal, C. Matranga, D. Dwyer. SECOND ROW: T. Frawley, W. Brooks, A, Square, P, Esteban, J. Duffy, J. Velba, J. Manca, J. Jacquin, D. von Kummer, J. Haggerty, J. White. THIRD ROW: J, Reilly, M. Cabezas, L. Fallacaro, H. lurato, L. Young, L. Allen, M. Massari, B. Wackwitz, E, Yambor, T. Lissey, F. Calassi. FOURTH ROW: H. Fiorella, W. Fiala, W. Jacobsen, E. Butt, S. McStay, F. Schlu- tow, J. Jadus, W. Hood, F, Dukette, E. Greene. FIFTH ROW: Rita Nugent, Susan Burke, B. Cypher, K. Lannan, P. Mac Lean, J. Capossela, R. Frankolinto, l. Symms, S. Kadish. SIXTH ROW: C. Wilson, S. Hongach. J. Claven, A. Camera, L. Lopez, J. Lester, R. Kelly, J. Chris- topher, S. Tornello. SEVENTH ROW: R. Calgano, J. Di Cariano, W. Hennessey, F. Ennis, J. Daley, J. Epps, T. Jones, J. Martinello, A. Cappadona, J. Bannon, S. Cvikich. P95 H1811 Z7 Page Thirty-four On a bright, sunny day in September, l938, the golden portals ot N. T. swung wide to usher in one hundred torty wide-eyed, eager Freshmen. Dur- ing this tirst year ot high school lite, the Frosh participated in interclass. joined various organizations, took part in dramatic productions, and in various other ways, realized their dreams ot high school lite. At the beginning ot school, the stately Seniors welcomed them by giving a reception in their honor. Later in the year, the Freshmen retaliated by holding a dance of their own. Under the guidance ot Miss Cunningham, the class functioned as a club, with these officers: President, Sam Donzellag Vice-President, Manuel Cabezas: Secretary, Rita Nugent, Treasurer, Renee Frankolino. FIRST ROW fLeft to Rightl 1 J. Camera. C. Menna, P. Curina: J. Mozelesky, J. Sansevera, D. Cross, M, L Kappen, C. Reilly, D. Hutchings, M Mayr, E. Reed, M. Amato. SECOND ROW: P. Pombo, J. Smercak, D. Fuller, C-. Distefano, F. Jackson. D. Pollock, J. Chulla, A. Kosilla, J. Burns, L. Losier. THIRD ROW: J. Hutchings, L. Tonelli, D. Fredericks, J. Hender- son, E. Celtruda, A. Lynch, L. Tonelli, B. Monaco, A. Delventura, E. Pellegrino, J. Evans, FOURTH ROW: F. Parrish, A, McLarty, R. Thuon, S. Byelcik, l.. Calgano. M. Hanak, Ci. Euscus, W. Patten, J Bannon, J. Kiselak FIFTH ROW: J, Barr, E. Smith, M. Refvis. A. Lawrence, S. Sheridan, F. Kostka, A. Epolito, M, Battista, R. Brancato, B. Minich. SIXTH ROW: M. Lissey, E. Jones. T, McLoughlin, H. Schneider, R, Dimmie, F. Kenyon, P. Cianci, S. Donzella. SEVENTH ROW: J. McLaughlin, A. Deano, J. Salter, F. Ciirone, J, Lamasney, F. Babcock. R. Ferris, R. Brophy, IJ. Calgano, R. Patton. MISS TERESA CUNNINGHAM As the freshman class adviser, Miss Teresa Cunningham has done an admirable job in helping the green freshmen to get adjusted. Respected and loved by all. Miss Cunningham has been filling this position capably for four years and we hope she will continue to do so for some years to come. Miss Cunningham teaches the freshman subject. citizenship. She attended Canton High School, obtained her BA. degree at Saint Lawrence University. She also attended New York University, and she was instructor at Shannon Sorinfi. N. Y 1 Brocton, N Y, and Silver Creek. N. Y. Miss Cunningham came to N, T. H. S. in IQIS, P' ,ax Page Th rty-fit Qgifi QQMA, FIRST ROW lLeft to R.ghtI: J. Bauer, J. McAllister, I. White, V. Parker, B. Cox lf. Di Cariano, R. Ruscigno, M. Raniolo, E. Bachman, L. Angevine, M. Maiersky, V, Ackert SECOND ROW: E. Fiorella, J. Reed, A. Ceconi, J. Jellenek, J. Gallegher, D. Heffernan P. Variano, J. Kilmer, D. Nicolais, M. Geldern, G. Me,ster. THIRD ROW: M. O'ReiIly A, Conversano, G. Pankovic, J. Turner, M. Rosenblatt, A. Scogna, S. Capossela, D. Harfield R. Maguire, T. Krall, B. Sexton, V. Schmidt. FOURTH ROW: E. Pais, G. Stadler, N. Kadlec F. Brooks, A. Tadcleo D. de Zafra, T. Baker, R. Fuller, D. Randall, A. Kisela, J. De Milla FIFTH ROW: W, Smith, S. Vespa, A. Grieve, L. Merl, J. Bagelien, R. Greenfield, M. Ranieri M. Tornello, S. Matzer, D. Fredericks. SIXTH ROW: D. Ross, J. Janos, R. Ranieri, R. Bell W. Shelton, F. Pollock, J. Roy, D. Grubstein, A. McLarty, L. Chebetar, W. Smercak, FIRST ROW 'Left to Rightl: A. Scogna, A. S. Wallace, G. McLaughlin, M. Nyman A. Charles, B. Jago, T, Azaltovic, I. Martinez, H. Marcoux, M. Battista. SECOND ROW B. Soriano, I. Rabin, I. Cohen, J. Buckhout, A. Marzolla, F. Hrebik, R. Reed, C. Krupp J. Pankovic, J, Trotti, J. Sharpe. THIRD ROW: A. Ingrassia, N, Whittington, R. Vojtech J. Bonvento, H. Voitek, E. Kirmayer, A. Walker, F, Sprinc, S. Lynch, C. Anderson, J. Marro G, Swanson. FOURTH ROWi J. Schneider, D, Kisela, F. Vespa, J. Migliorski, H. Jackman M. Amodei, R. Austin, F. Rowland, N. Lillo, S. Hlavatovic, R. Austin. FIFTH ROW F I-Iallstein, J. Manca, J. Kalkbrenner, W. Bclfhef, W. O'Bricn. S. Passariello, V. Russo. , Ag., UUPII gif! Ill' figifi giwfe . .. .f,,.--D. . , vf iii , ..J,A FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightii H. Zastenchik, V. Uback, R. Bellio, E. Ankhelen, C. Car- penter, C. Rowland, J. Vasco, E. Lamasney, H. Valcarce, M. Manca, A. Martone, V. Perrone, S. Cipes. SECOND ROW: S. Biloon, C. Shoens, C. Leggio, J. Calgano. D. Canna, C. Di Vico, J. Morobito, A. Pielusko, N. Fallacaro, J. Sansevera, F. Pqolantonio. THIRD ROW: R. Wilson E. Berg, P. Sorice, J. Donzella, M. Minella, E. Pollock, J. MacLean, F. Marzolla, B. Frawley J. Duffy, O, Antunes. FOURTH ROW: S. Donzella, J. Shaw, W. Wright, D. Mullane J. Calassi, W. Brumble, J. White, J. Haggerty, D. Lopano, R. Cellanti. FIFTH ROW' S. Newman, E. Charles, A. Scribano, L. Page, M. Quinn, A. Riccardella, H. Sabo. M. Becker J J . Donzella, J. Santagate, T. Cavalieri. SIXTH ROW: E Jellenek, L. Maher, R. Kelly . Moro, S. Fisher, W. Carney, R. Smith, J. Turner, A. Del Ventura, T. Ricci, V. White. FIRST ROW 'Left to Right' 1 C. McC.owan, J. Kelly, R. Kenyon, M. Esteban. R. Manca J. Yurkovic, A. Karac, C. Brown, C. Randall, T. Passariello, J. Drahos. SECOND ROW' R. Cypher, R. Jones, C.. Frankolino, R. Bott, J. Margotta, J. Smith, J. Ricci, B. Amodei B. Wallace, M. Caruso, B. Bastick. THIRD ROW: S. Fuscus, J. Puffer, J. Di Cariano M. Pluchino, M. London, L. Greene, E. Fleischman, W. Lannan, F. Marcelin, Jennie Carnallieri, M. Usau. FOURTH ROW: W. Mezger, James Keefe, P. Shelton, J. Smith, S. Crispell, C. Cab- aday, J. Durko, R. Kostrubal, M. Kozuch, M. Nagy. FIFTH ROW: R. Epps, C. Minella J. Barron. L, Angelini, J. Brady. A. Dellavedova. E. Sipe. CSZUUII QT! Ile 0U8l"I'll'l'LQlflt SEATED L Martunson N Nucolaus L Tonellu Mussl Everest G Speno R Grochan STANDING R Celantu A Hartone N Fallacara D Lopano D Mullane F Curone J Keefe F Chebetar A Du Vuco M Amato A Lennox J Buckhout STUDENT COUNCIL Each Fruday mornung the Student Councul meets durung actuvuty peruod to duscuss and solve the weighty problems of N T H S Those present are Presudent Louus Tonellu Vuce Presudent Rosemary Lennox Secretary Ceral dune Speno Treasurer Nancy Nucolaus and representatuves from uunuor and senuor hugh home rooms having at least 75 per cent Assocuated Student mem bershup Muss Isabelle Everest us the faculty adviser At the begunnung of the year a representative from every homeroom was permitted to be present at the Student Council He was kept un the Councul or more un the Assocuated Students Many actuvutues were sponsored by the Student Councul uncludung base ball basketball football track tennis numerous socual hours a boys and gurls playday and awards for intramural sports Thus year a Student Court was formed where duscuplune cases were heard The Court met once a week and the members decuded the proper punushment for untractuons of rules Another project of the Student Councul was the Traffic Squad an organ uzatuon consustung of a captaun sux lueutenants and nunety monutors Puns signifying theur rank were supplued the members by the Student Council Dramatucs us also sponsored by thus organuzatuon The Late Chrustopher Bean and an operetta ln Old Vuenna were given thus year Seven professional assemblues chosen by the Student Councul for theur educatuonal and entertaunung meruts were presented to the Assocuated Students Among the committees whuch carry on the work of the Student Council are the Socual Committee Traffic Squad Committee and the Athletuc Awards Commuttee The tune work of the Student Council thus year was made possuble by the four officers, the representatuves and the Assocuated Students Page Forty only if by November his homeroom had attained a membership of 75 per cent on 0I"6Ll" SEATED F Esteban N Nucolaus M Smercak F Buckhout J Keetley J Jensen A von Kummer T Bellavy STANDING J Rabun S Baker Mr Turek C Nuendorffer L Tonellu J Frazee THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Amerucan Torch Socuety whuch has been re named the Natuonal Honor Socuety sprang up from the varuous organuzatuons un the secondary schools whuch strove to encourage hugh scholarshup Sunce uts foundung un l92l about two thousand two hundred chapters have enrolled un the Socuety whose emblem us a lughted torch The Natuonal Honor Socuety has endeavored to set secondary educatuon on a superuor level by recognuzung character servuce leadershup and scholar shup un the students of the hugh schools and tryung to unspure all hugh school members to gaun those characterustucs and those pruncuples ot hugh posutuon and to try always to elevate educatuon to a stull hugher level The members of thus organuzatuon are chosen by the enture faculty of the school where they are enrolled The faculty ranks the eluguble contestants lthose who have attauned an average of 85 per cent or better un the furst three years of hugh schooll un the requured characterustucs of character lead ershup and servuce whuch are detuned un long paragraphs Members are then chosen un order of funal rankungs on motuon by the advusers The Socuety was untroduced unto our school North Tarrytown un 1937 That year there were ten members un I938 twelve members Thus year we have thurteen un our local chapter Although thurteen us usually consudered unlucky these are lucky undeed for they were elected after many hours of consuderable thought tume and duscussuon The lucky thurteen are Frank Buckhout Presudent James Keetley Vuce Presudent Shurlev Baker S cretary Jack Rabun Treasurer Theresa Bellavy Felusa Esteban Jean Frazee Joyce Jensen Carl Neuendortfer Nancy Nucolaus Mary Smercak Louus Tonellu and Adruenne von Kummer Mr Turek the Senuor Class Advuser IS also advuser for thus group Page Forty one ' - M - ,. S 11- . . 4 ' . 4. - 5 ' . a A ' ' , ' 1 7 A 1 1 n an 4 I , V g ,4 u ,,,, - - u V , , , . , . , . , . u - - ' ' u - u - u - - - - u u u u ' ' - u u - , . - u . . . . ,. , H l , . . ' . ' - ' . ' Q . v u - u y -f u . u u I v u u - . . - u - r pudgcafiond cyeaofddfi orgieman .SQ EDITOR IN CHIEF SHIRLEY BAKER 39 LITERARY EDITOR WILLIAM ANZOVINO 39 Assistants Jean Barr 42 Theresa Bellavy 39 John Bonvento 40 Grace Canna 40 Ida Ceconi 40 Helena Fucheck 40 James Keetley 39 Joseph Madden 39 John Mello 39 Mary Meno 39 Barbara Newman 40 Winltred Parsons 4I James Sowdon 38 Barbara Spear 40 Mary Tierney 40 Antoinette Verrone 40 BUSINESS MANAGER LOUIS TONELLI 39 Assistants Elizabeth Barr 39 Frank Calabrano 39 Angelina Cel truda 40 Lulu Cox 39 Angelina Di Vlco 39 Rosemary Lennox 39 Helen Nugent 4I Theresa Ranneri 40 CIRCULATION MANAGER NANCY NICOLAIS 39 Alice Duquette 39 Frances Epolito 39 Lauretta Ferguson 40 Agnes Gal Iagher 39 Marjorie Grant 39 Emily Hlavncka 4I Anna Jacquin 39 Joseph Kovach 40 Anna Mayersky 42 Frank Pellegrino 40 Mildred Peller 40 Helen Salaway 39 Rosetta Symms 39 Margaret Thuon 4I Naomi Weiss 4l Margaret Wilson 40 PHOTOGRAPHY MANAGER MARIE ZUCCARDO 39 Assistants Laurel Cassell 40 John Curtis 4I George Hongach 40 Evelyn Klnbbe 39 Richard Neuendorffer 4l James Pirie 39 August Tomelleri 4I ART EDITOR JAY ANDRUSS 39 Assistants Grace Acel 40 Shirley Baker 39 Robert Elliott 40 Marlon Stewart 39 STAFF ADVISER LA VERNE A NORTON ART ADVISER MISS MARTHA R JENKS Editorial Advisers Miss Marion Hennessey Miss Elizabeth MacFarlane MacFarlane Page F0 ty two Assistants-Mary Ballas '39, Virginia Brumble '40, Helen Davis '39, n . ' y ' ' , - JOURNALISM CLUB Every Frlday N T Reporter appears In the local paper The Re porter IS the product of the Journallsm Club under the supervasuon of Mass lsabelle Lyon Coverrng everythung from sports to socual events the members of the club receuve thenr asslgnments on Monday afternoon and must have them wrltten by the deadlune set at Thursday mornung Thus year the members of the club vnslted the local newspaper office and through the courtesy of Mr Edgar G Greene were shown the steps by whuch a newspaper rs printed The club elected offucers for the flrst tume thus year They are Edltor Wnllnam Anzovuno Associate Edntor Mary Tuerney and Secretary Treasurer Helen Davns THE NORTH TARRYTON STAR The North Tarrytown Star publlshed by the puplls of the sixth grade under the drrectlon of Mrs Tracy had nts start four years ago Opportunlty IS guven to those pupils nn the grade school Interested In wrltung to have theur stones published ln The Star Talent IS often dlscov ered ln these young students and may be developed through wrltung for the newspaper Edltorlals sports literature poetry science jokes and news of the actlvltues nn varvous classes each has a place In thus newspaper The Star IS publlshed three trrnes a year Each edltlon contalns Inter estlng artlcles written by the future journallsts Thus year The Star was nn charge of Peter Ceccarelln editor SEATED M Meno J Barr R Coffey E Arnold W Anzovuno J Evans A Foley A Duquette H Davls STANDING M Jacquun V Ackert S Kadush P Danko A M Smlth L Cox H Fucheck M Trerney W Hor n A Verrone Mxssl Lyon advuser G Canna STANDING Mass R Hofstetter M Fuller M Caposella H Osgood Mrs Tracy SEATED Muss H Haberstuch J Camera, A Ceconu N Davenport G Barrados R Jacquln J Mnnuch G Collnver Page Forty three . tt H . ,. 1- . . . . . v . . , . . , I 1 u ' v tt 1- . . . n - v . . . . . . . .. nv . . v v 1 v a tt H . . . . . . . v ' " . . . H . . as - tt ur , . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , , r. , . , . , , . . . . , . , . , . , . . . , , . . , . , . , . , CM. 3 ll ll eruice . q. STUDENT PATRQI--This year the Student Patrol, under the super- vision of Mr. Orloff Story, underwent a change. A constitution was drawn up which governs the entire squad, and a captain and six Iieutenants were appointed. Frank Calabrano, captain, is at the head of the squad which is composed of about ninety-five students. lt is the duty of the captain to take charge of the entire squad. The Iieutenants see that the monitors are at their posts and are doing their duty at the time assigned to them. The aim of the organization is to maintain order in the halls and pro- mote cooperation throughout the school. Each member receives a post in one of the corridors. A meeting is held once a month. This year, buttons for the members of the squad signifying their rank, were procured. STUDENT CQURT..-Another phase of student government was intro- duced into the North Tarrytown High School this year-the Student Court. This newer type of student control has proved highly successful in other schools and will no doubt find a permanent place in North Tarrytown school life. The Student Court meets once a week and is presided over by Louis Tonelli. Jurists are: Shirley Baker, Jay Andruss, Elizabeth Davenport, Jerome Levitan, Grace Acel, Joseph Tomelleri, Michael Fitzpatrick, Carolyn Page, Angelina Celtruda, George Ferris, Marie Zuccardo, and Jack Rabin. The value of students being judged by students cannot be overempha- sized as a training in democracy. STUDENT COURT Baker, E. Davenport, L. Ton cardo. STANDING: J. Rabin elleri, J. Levitan, M. Fitzpatrick SEATED: A. Celtruda, S elli, l-l. Davis, C. Page, M. Zuc- G. Ferris, J. Andruss, J. Ton- ls f udmjl QL l rrgfglis' ' C HI-Y FRONT ROW: A. Tomelleri, R. Kelderhouse, J, Laurino, F. Calabrano, F. Rizzi, L. Tonelli, W. Anzovino. SECOND ROW: Wm, Horan, A. Stubbs, J. Kerchma, J. McLaughlin, THIRD ROW: W. Spear, O. Fritz, FOURTH ROW: M. Byelick, J. Ces- tone, J. Scogna. FIFTH ROW: E. Pollard, Mr. Traver. SIXTH ROW- N. Soriano. HI-Y-The N. T. Hi-Y has completed another year of both profitable and social activity. They sponsored a football-basketball game with the faculty and later in the year enjoyed a social evening with the same group. Other activities included sending a delegate to the State Hi-Y Confer- ence at Albany and being co-host at the local Y.M.C.A. on February 22. The officers of this group, which holds its meetings on Wednesday evening at the Y.M.C.A., are: Frank Calabrano, Presidentg Joseph Laurino, Vice-Presidentg Robert Kelderhouse, Secretary, and Frank Rizzi, Treasurer. The club is under the supervision of Mr. Traver, faculty adviser, and Mr. Godfrey, Y.M.C.A. adviser. 'Other write-up appears on Page 75' JUNIOR AMERICAN CITIZENS CLUB SEATED, FIRST ROW: M. London SECOND ROW: M. Nyman, A. John- son. THIRD ROW: M. Usai, R Kenyon. FOURTH ROW: N. Whit tington, E. Mahaffey, M. Thuon FIFTH ROW: D. Canna, T. Williams. , N. Wilson. STANDING: J, Sharpe. C. Fuscus. l. Wilson, R. MacMahon J. Wilson, E. Kirmayer, l. Ceconi, M Ranieri. E. Ankhelen. i eee It JUNIOR RED CROSS uruc BOYS' CLEE CLUB SEATED: Joseph Mad- den, Frank Fallacara, Miss Ferris, Harry Xenos, Frank Rizzl. STAND- ING: Vuncent Chebetar, Frank Cronin, George Fuller, Nicholas Soriano, Bernard Camera, Frank Chebetar, Saverio Ramen. JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: M. Becker, C. McGowan, J. Kelly, D. Kisela, l. Martnnez, R. Kenyon SECOND ROW: E. Charles, V. Parker, M. Battista, B. Wackwitz, Mass Ferns, E. Berg, M. Ranieri, S. Cspes, T. Aziltovuc. THIRD ROW: S. Capossela, N. Whmttuneton, J. Vasco, V. Ackert, J. Baker, P. Putter, C. Anderson, E. Fleischman, C. Carpenter. FOURTH ROW J. Leggio, W. Onderdonk, J. Santagate, R. Kelly, C. Colller, R. Celantu, D. dezafra, C. D: Vico 'For write-ups please turn to Page 83' CHORAL CLUB FIRST ROW: A. Del Ventura, E Wackwutz, E. Pellegnno, N. Nlcolals S. Sherndan, R. Brancata, F. Kostka C. Really, M. Kappen, A. Jelenek, G Speno. SECOND ROW: M. Peller, M Lopez, K. Joyce, G. Frlere, D. Gross A. Jacquln, A. Dr Vlco, Mass Ferns M. Ballas, D. Kostrobul, E. Grant, B Monaco, L. Tone-Ill, J. Evans, B. Ank R McCaffrey, J. Karduan, A. Allen helen. THIRD ROW' -R. Pombo, T Ranueru, P. Azoltovlc, E. Tonellu, A Velba, M. Sabo, E. Reed, L. Tonelll M. Lombardu, D. Brown, M. Mayr, M Grant, C. Schnerder, E. Celtruda, M Sorlano. FOURTH ROW: K. Barr, B Czech C Hennessey D Frederzcks A Lynch J Henderson K De Pew E. Davenport, J. Hutchnngs, H. Fu check, L. Cnpes, R. Symms, A. Doyle BAND FRONT ROW: F. Rowland. C. Dis- tefano, S. Young, C. Miller, J. Scri- bano, E. Pais, S. Donzella, J. Pulsoni I. Ceconi, S, Biloon, Mr. Pease ldi rectorl. SECOND ROW: F. Russo, A Kisela, C. Cox, B. Cazia, B. Camera, C. Husted, J, Scogna, Ci. Ross, F. Lu- centi. THIRD ROW: V. Chebetar, H Shaw, R. Coffey, L. Cox, I.. Atkins, J Kerchma, J. Madden, J. Wilson, T Nolan, V. Brophy. FOURTH ROW S. Perrone, D. Fallacaro, S, Allen, T Navarro. THE SENIOR BAND- "West Point on Parade" is the picture presented by the members of the Senior Band in their orange and white uniforms. Under the leadership of Mr. Donald Pease, bandmaster, the band has played at many games and parades in the community. Playing for the New York Giants at their football game, was one of the chief activities of the organization this year. In February, the band sponsored a concert. This year Joseph Kerchma is President of the band. Other officers are: Vice-President, Stanley Young: Secretary-Treasurer, Joseph Scogna, and Mr. Pease, adviser. SENIOR ORCHESTRA-.The baton is raised, the instruments come into position, a hush falls upon the audience, and the strains of one of the classics fill the air. For musical assemblies, entertainments and other programs. the Senior Orchestra contributes selections from a repertoire of well-known pieces. among which are: "Tales of the Vienna Woods," "Light Cavalry Overture." "Dance of the Clowns," "Desert Caravan" and many others, Mr. Pease is the director of the group which meets for rehearsal every Monday and Wednesday morning at 8:00. -.-W,--r. - - SENIOR ORCHESTRA Left to Right: V. Schmidt. C. Friere I.. Mills, S. Matza, Mr. Pease, Direc- tor, R. Kelderhouse, R. Neuendorffer G. Rabin, M. Meno, M. Celdern, S Allen, J. Rabin, C. Neuendorffer, M Ranieri, F. Suter, I. Ceconi, Ci. Dra- gani, J. Madden, C. Husted. J. Pul- soni, J. Kerchma, B. Camera, S Young. Page Fort Page Forty eu ght je Aria 1 Adrnenne von Kummer Morrus Amato Joseph Tomellern Emlly Hlavucka Naoml Weiss August Tomel len John Curtns Elnzabeth Arnold Jam s Sowdon DRAMATICS The hnlaruous Late Chrlstopher Bean parted the curtams on the an nual all schcol productuon Once agam the John Barrymores and Maud Adamses of the North Tarrytown Hugh School dusplayed theur dramatic abulsty before an apprecratuve auduence lt was a humorous lesson In underhanded art dealings so to speak The play reveals the comic compllcatlons resulting from the mere fact th poverty stricken artast dled leavmg hus palntlngs he on the premises of a country d due to the sh everywhere of the play ns one bug surprise country doctor s maud IS the deceased artnst s widow IS followed by an aftermath of many humorous lncndents wlth a mad scramble of the doctor s famuly stnvung to acquvre the fortune nn pamtmgs Thus year an experlmental Idea was tried by the dramatucs teacher Mr LaVerne Norton Two casts worked on the productlon and gave a perform ance on succesuve nlghts The plan gave more students a chance to acquire actmg ablllty The success of thus dramatic productlon IS due un comparative measure to an almost unexperlenced cast Appreclatuon as earnestly gnven to the hard work of Mr LaVerne Norton d rector Mlss Elnzabeth MacFarland costume and property dlrector Muss Anna L Woods tnckets and publncnty Mr Nor man Ferguson scenuc director and Mass Rose Hoffstet work ter posters and art . . . . at 8 - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' re, there, and , ' octor. The end ' ' ' ock that the ' ' ' ' ' ' . This ' ' ' , ' 1 Q, 'ff Cast of Puckles Han n the gan s all here near Young thespuans The Magic Nutcracker Last minute huddle for The Late Christopher Bean .??:'tiVw6.'3'!?'l 1 u v isa . SENIOR ART CLUB Since it was organized in 1934, the Senior Art Club has given the stu- dents a better appreciation of art and has contributed a well-known painting each year. This year the club held a balloon sale at the N. T.-W. I. football game to obtain the money to purchase a painting. Several social meetings were held and a trip was made to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the monthly meetings, topics dealing with art are discussed. The club's adviser is Miss Hofstetter, and the officers are: President, Alice Duquetteg Vice-President, Helen Davisg Secretary, Shirley Baker, and Treas- urer, Robert Elliott. DEBATING CLUB "To be or not to beg that is the question"-and the Debating Club is prepared to answer it. This year the major topic for a debate is "Resolved: That the United States increase her naval and military forces as the best insurance for peace in America." Arguments will be presented by Joseph Laurino, .lack Rabin and Louis Tonelli on the affirmative and by C-race Canna, Ann McClintock and Helena Fucheck on the negative. Robert Kelderhouse will be the chairman. The purpose of the Debating Club is to give the participating students practice in clear thinking and effective presentation of material and also to give the audience clear and unbiased information on a question of general interest and significance. derhouse, C. Canna DEBATE FIRST ROW:J Rabin R Kel SECOND ROW L Tonelli J Laurino, A. McClintock H Fucheck an lfL6L?85 FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW E Mlnuch E Reed C Acel B Newman R McCaffrey H Fucheck SECOND ROW J Evans B Spear V Brumble Msss MacFarIand T Ranueru M Kurmayer M Meno C Canna THIRD ROW R Pombo E Wackwutz E Kadush M oore L Cox E Daven ort Baker L Cassell N Wnlson FOURTH W C Page J Rabun H MI ndruss J urtus Levat Halpenn E Mahatfey 3,41 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS The year l939 found the French Club wuth Its usual large membership headed by Presndent Vnrgunua Brumble and Adviser Mass MacFarIand Vsce President Martun Kurmayer Secretary Theresa Ranleru and Treasurer Bar bara Spear assnsted them Durnng the Clubs monthly meetungs the members enyoyed French plays sketches talks snngung and games A puppet show as the prude of the Club Besldes these get togethers there were occasuonal parties wnth French entertannment topped by a pucnnc at the end of the year FRANCE' SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE' THE ITALIAN CLUB The Italsan Club IS composed of students of the ltaluan language unter ested In the arts and customs of Italy The club under the supervlsnon of Mass Mary R Donzella gave a Tea Dance for the benefut of the organlzatuon Other actuvutues of the year were the gnocchn dunner un guro du New York and la scampagnata Each year honor students of the ltalnan language are awarded prnzes for thenr ment STU DENTI D ITALIANO FRONT ROW D Cross Pazzo L Pennella C Mas an a taglua Ceconl C Speno Canna SECOND ROW W Anzovlno 7uccardO M Jacqurn T LaCarrubba M Drago C Dragan: C Dzstefano MssM Donzella THIRD ROW N Rusc gno E oft F zz: Ce ne son T Lofaro F Pellegnno L T ROW J Dundnch Pace A anar Am del T rnellen ww, -y ff. in 4--q - . , 1 M ,."p,'sf ,. 1 - u ' ' A I RO 1 . . . , . ller, ' - J. A , . C , J, an, B T .. f 4 , 3 . , C I , . , s , S B f , I, , . , G A . ,F lmh , . RI , J sto ,J. Rul- I, . , . AS I , , N . T 3, D 3 , A , rm- .v. A Q-Uvvr ,Wo ' ocafiona HOME ECONOMICS CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT Rose Pombo Margaret Thuon Nelda Wnlson Kathleen Joyce Hel ena Fucheck Anlta Johnson Mass Wm ters Advnser Ida Ce con: Bertha Czeck GIRLS HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Wnth Mass Jane B Wlnters as nts adviser the CIurls Home Economlcs Club has been able to carry on many successful and worthy projects thus year Included among these were a pencrl sale the bakung of cookues for the Red Cross and servnng refreshments at the Parent Teacher Assocuatlon meetungs The club also gave a dinner just before the Easter Vacatlon At each of the regular meetungs the gurls engaged In knitting and woolwork The offncers for thus year were Presudent Helena Fucheck Vlce Pres: dent Rose Pombo Secretary Nelda Wrlson and Treasurer Kathleen Joyce HOBBY CLUB Among the varnous hobbies pursued by the members of the Hobby Club are photography soap carvnng stamp collecting readung and crochetmg The members work on theur hobbies after the business meetangs whuch are held twuce a month A Christmas party a Valentine party and a plcnlc In the sprung are the chlef social events of thus organuzatuon The club us under the d rectuon of Mrs Ward enghth grade Socnal Studies teacher Officers for thus year are Presrdent Robert MacMahon Vlce Presldent Herbert Muller Secretary Wnnlfred Parsons Treasurer Cnlbert Rabln and Scrapbook Custodran Esther Mahaffey HOBBY CLUB FRONT ROW H rbst Jones Ma affey W Par sons L Pennella C Rabun SECOND ROW B Halperin E Tonells Mrs Ward R Mac Mahon LAST ROW H Muller C Acel Newman A M Mc Clnntock , , ' I . - Ia' , - I 1 ' C V - I - I , . ' 1 ! - - I I I I I - I I . . I I l . , . . , , ' I I I I I I I - He , E. , E. I - I 4 l , , ....i., . 1 - SEATED A Daley P Danko R Nelson F Zlvlca W Doherty STANDING M Amato llvlana erl R Cardwell A Moro A Vasco F Rlzzl A Zastenchuk Mr Edelson lCoachl Z?a4Lel6a! The 1938 1939 basketball season saw one of North Tarrytown Hugh School s flnest teams emerge champions of the Hudson River League Thus was N T s fifth champlonshlp In ten years the third In flve The other tltle wnnnnng qunntets played un 1921 1922 1929 1930 and 1936 1937 The frrst game of the season was played agaunst an equally strong Whute Plains team at the County Center on December 19 with N T the vlctor In thenr second bud for victory the local fave were subdued by a strong New Rochelle aggregation The boys opened the league season by defeatlng Hastlngs last year s tltle team and continued their wnnnlng s reak through twelve games both league and non league Wnth Captaun Bob Nelson unable to play because of ullne s N T was overtaken by Leake and Watts a strong Yonkers qulntet that lost only one game The last game of the season was lost by four points to W I runners up ln the League Capta n Bob Nelson was unanlmously chosen All Hudson River League center wlth Paul Danko placed at forward on the same team Aloysvus Daley was placed at guard on the league second team Ball Doherty was given hon orable mention Members of both the furs and second teams were honored at a dinner by the Knwanus Club at whlch they were presented with the Hudson River League Cup which ns awarded the champion team each year There IS a posslblllty that Aloyslus Daley and Frank Znvnca wall return to the regular lnneup Tne team wall be completed by boys from last year s Junlor Varsity The second team won the Hudson Rnver Champlonshup nn thenr dlvlsson wrnnung twelve games and loslng two Page Fnfty four U . . . Q - - - - . - . 4 . 4 1 - ' . . . . . . . , . - 1 - V - ' , . . . v . . V v . . . . . L v - 1 ' C .. , . . . . . , ' E . - . . . . i . 1 . . , ' . . , . . , . . 1 ,wp If 1 "f4',g,,' ,'K. 'ivf Eff ry 0' ,eq w fi 'F PM 43-27 4 55 uv k x 5 'U w ., , , f' EW f 1?'1 1 l-Y FRONT ROW lReadlng from Left to Rnghtl Thomas Booth Wulllam Doherty Frank Zlvuca Anthony Rrzzl Emul lmhof John McClnntock John Cavalneru Frank Calabrano Rlchard Grochan Robert Kelly SECOND ROW Nucolas Ruslgno Wulluam Horan Anthony Pollack Joseph Kovach John Zxngaro Regunald Cardwell John Imhof Theodore Sherga Albert Moro Joseph Vontek THIRD ROW Joseph Launno Danuel Tornello Gerard Du Caruano John Bonvento James Qunnn Alfred Tanero Umberto Galgano Louus Greene Eugene Florello FOURTH ROW Paul Kadlec Charles Marasco Frank Chebetar Grady Marler Glldo Dragan: Wllllam Barron Mlchael Rlccardelln Anthony Paolantonlo STANDING Coach James F Dnlley Assistant Coaches Leonard Nicholas Edward Gorman Kenneth Brown Page Flfty sux gooigaf On October l the N T H S football team launched nts l938 campaugn against a powerful Harrnson eleven This game saw a change In the Orange lme up Joe Kovach veteran center was shufted to a fullback post where he remained until lust before the Ossmung game After Iosmg to Harrison the Orange lnvaded the Bronx to meet a favored All Hallows team at Castle Hull Staduum For four perlods the teams battled with nelther team sconng The Bronxvulle game flrst home game of the year saw the Orange receuve another setback when a Bronxvnlle lmesman jumped up and blocked a kick on the Orange eleven yard lme The followlng week however Dame Fortune smiled on the Dllleymen and they scored thenr flrst vlctory of the season over a strong and plucky Dobbs Ferry team The efforts of Reggae Cardwell and Johnnie Zlngaro were comblned and each scored a touchdown In thus game the Orange lost the servuces of Frank Calabrano end who was lnlured whale maklng a tackle Then despalr agann reugned as the Tngers lnvaded Osslnmg and recenved a 40 O setback Undaunted however the Dllleymen prepared for thelr annual clash wnth W l Beat W I became the war cry but alas' at was easier sand than done The Dnlleymen came out on the short end of a 7 O score after George Tacoma caught a pass for W l for the touchdown The extra pount was added vna the pass route also Thus dld the l938 campaugn of the Orange end Despute the loss of several veterans the outlook for the 39 team IS brlght ' v n n v v n v n n - - v n 1 l v v v v v ' - - n a I 1 l - v - - a v I l - , , . . . n t l - , . . '. . ' - I 1 n n , . n n ' - 1 1 n n ' v l . ta vu - - - . . . . , . , . . I"aC ' FRONT ROW: Deglin Heffer- nan, Joseph Sandegate, Anthony Square, Robert Kelly, Frank Chebetar, Thomas Heffernan, Frank Rizzi, Joseph Kovach Philip Eades, Joseph Laurino, Charles Husted, Edward Pollard, Manager. SECOND ROW: Charles Cox, Reginald Cardwell, Daniel Mul- lane, John McLaughlin, John Macko, John Moro, Dominick Amodei, Frank Zuccardo, Nich- olas Ruscigno, John Lester, Charles Miller, Joseph Calassi, William Barron, Joseph Voitek. THIRD ROW: William An- zovino, Taylor Reed, Milan By- lick, Marvin Ayres, Spencer Allen, John Proft, Stephen Sivic, Ellis Wrenn, George Hon- gach, Assistant Manager. -H TOP ROW: Mr. Nicholas, coach, Mr. Fitzpatrick, coach, Peter Esteban, Robert Kelder- house, Warren Spear, Gerald Di Cariano, Howard Schneider, Mr. Traver, coach. With the advent of Spring, the N. T. trackmen dusted off their running shoes, took their suits out of moth balls and invaded the tranquility of the aqueduct. At the same time the field-event men took their equipment into the spacious confines between the wings of the school. Coached by Edward Fitzpatrick, Leonard Nicholis and Lewis Traver and with such veterans as Joe Kovach, Phil Eades, Reggie Cardwell, Frank Rizzi and Joe Laurino the team looks forward to a successful season. lPlease turn to Page 6Ol Batter Upl Again the familiar cry rings out, heralding the baseball season. But to N. T. this cry brings little joy, for what possible pleasure can the sports-loving students of N. T. get from watching nine players wallowing in mudl For that is what our baseball field, the marshland, actually consists of. However, there is a ray of hope since six veterans are returning this year. N. T. may yet have a chance to prove that there is still some "fighting N. T. spirit" left. i-.s'F'i' Beagle! L? W Q FRONT ROW: S. Perrone, J. , ' ' - -. Daley, A. Kosilla, R. Brophy, YQ I f, M R. Cardwell, J. Bannon, E. Mal- W I X S' lery, C. Andres, Mr. Dilley. SECOND ROW: T. Navarro, A. Zastenchik, T. Booth, A. Tanaro, J. lmhoff, A. Daley, THIRD ROW: T. Sherga, C. Marasco, F. Ennis, C. Fuller, l.. Ciocca, J. Jackman. FOURTH ROW: N. Soriano, A. C-alello, B. Foley, W. Koval, P. Danko. LEFT TO RIGHT August Tomelleri Gerry Speno Alice Foley Helen Davis Mary Tierney Joseph Cesfone CH EER LEADERS 6 .- KNEELING: Frank Paolantonio, Grant Meister. STANDING: Mr. Traver, Jack Shaw, Daniel Grub- stein, Walter Smercak, Frank Pollack, Lotsy Chebetar, Samuel Donzella. Wearing the traditional orange and black the cheer leaders have led the stu dent body in vocal support for our teams of football and basketball whatever the sea son or weather might be Newer and peppier cheers are contin ually being thought up by this group and the squad has practices each week where the cheers and action are worked out and then put before the student body Credit should be given this group for their but in helping our teams win TENNIS TEAM Mr Ramp adviser Robert Kelderhouse Robert Johnston Clayton Collier Richard Reed Jay Andruss Coached by Mr Ramp the l939 ten nis team promises to surpass records of previous racketeers This year the team has several powerful veteran players who are counted on for a successful season The new asphalt tennis courts at the marsh are being used by the team this spring This is the first season since the team was organized in l933 that it has had its own courts on which to practice and play in meets SENIOR HIGH CHAMPIONS KNEELING Morris Amato Patsy Capossela James Pirie Stephen Benedict STANDING Michael Fitzpatrick manager Louis Ciocca William Horan Joseph Tomelleri Joseph Tysinger The Senior Class representative in the Big Ten League won the interclass basket ball championship this year Tney were undefeated and won the playoff against the Freshman representative in the Metropoli tan League This year each class had two teams one in the Big Ten League and one in the Metropolitan League The members of the Big Ten League were named after the col legiate members of the Big Ten and the members of the Metropolitan League took the names of the Metropolitan colleges JUNIOR HIGH CHAMPS This year Mr Traver s homeroom basketball team better known as the Eight two team won the Junior High inter class championship. The team went through their league campaign undefeated and then defeated a strong freshman team. The team was given a party by the girls of the homeroom at the close of the season. The members of the team were each presented with an emblem and the captain was given the championship banner which is now proudly hanging in the homeroom. FRONT ROW: Kenneth Brown, Lewis Traver James Dilley, James Dilley, Jr., Donald Pease. SECOND ROW' John Foley Edward Fitzpatrick Jack Edelson, Leonard Nicholas, James Turek. The Nine Old Men a great old insti tution established about eleven years ago have once again proven they cannot be de feated by plastering the Hi Y last Janu ary before cheering throngs Advertised as a basketball football game it lived up to its name since football tactics were used to a great extent Once again our never to be forgotten faculty has proved that where there s a will there s a way CROSS COUNTRY FRONT ROW Charles Cox Anthony Square Milan Byeluck Frank Rizzi Robert Kelderhouse J seph Laurino SECOND ROW George Hongach Theodore Navarro Warren Spear Philip Rizzi Carl Neuendorffer Joseph Cestone THIRD ROW Wil luam Anzovino Arthur Stubbs William Richards John McLaughlin John OReilley William Pollard Coach Edward Fitzpatrick The team entered competition only twice this year The first was in a meet held at Van Cortlandt Park in New York ln this meet Frank Rizzi was the first of the Orange and Black runners to cross the finish line and he was among the first hundred out of a field of three hundred fifty starters The second contest was against Hendrick Hudson at Buchanan The up river boys defeated Coach Fitzpatricks team by a score of 21 34 PLAY DAY SEATED A Celtruda A von Kummer B Con over M Smith N Neubrand M Tierney A Gal lagher STANDING L Tonelli N Puffer A Foley J Kardian F Calabrano M Moore A Duquette B Czech N Soriano This year a mixed play day was held on March 24 under the supervision of Mrs Biornstad and Mr Dilley Boys and girls from Irvington and Ossining High Schools were guests The major event was volley ball and emblems were given to winning teams Prizes were also given to winners in shuf fleboard ping pong and a relay race R freshments were served and dancing was enjoyed by all SENIOR HIGH RUNNERS UP In this years interclass system the Frosh Metropolitan League entry Manhat tan secured the division championship However encountering difficulty in the play off against the Illinois Seniors they dropped into second place Next year this team in line for the coveted championship will be a major threat to all comers ,pr o Nag V55 vv KNEELING Fred Kenyon Richard Brophy Don ald Pollack Manuel Cabezas William Brooks STANDING Anthony Zastenchik lmanagerl Um berto Galgano Wilbur Jacobson Francis Ennis Mat thew Lissey William Patten Richard von Kummer 7, jflI"I'yl0lUIl FOOTBALLI938 Harrlson All Hallows Bronxvulle Dobbs Ferry Ossmnng Washangton Irv JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL l938 39 New Rochelle Hastlngs ,mn IQHWJ 7938 39 BASKETBALL 1938 39 Whlte Pla1ns New Rochelle Hastnngs Peekskull Edl on Tech Ossnmng Pleasantvnlle Washnngton lrvung Yonkers Central Hastlngs Eduson Tech Peekskull Osslnlng Pleasantvnlle Leake and Watts Wash ngton Irvung Aprll May June Ednson Tech Ossunung Hastnngs Ednson Tech Peekskull Ossmnng Pleasantvllle Leake and Watts Washungton Irvlng Won I2 Lost 2 TRACK SCHEDULE ALL MEETS AWAY 6 3 Bellows Weschester Relays CSSIHIDg Leake Er Watts Iona Prep Washungton lrvnng Peekskull Won I3 Lost 3 Overtume NORTH TARRYTOWN BASEBALL Aprul May Hudson Rnver League June 2 SCHEDULE I 939 I-lastungs Peekskull Tuckahoe Pleasantwlle Ossmung Beacon H S Washungton rv Hashngs Peeksklll O Slnlng Pleasantvllle lrvsngton Washlngton rv Here There There Here Here Here There There Here There There There Here fCont nued from Page 57 The team has meets scheduled wnth several neughbormg schools They also w1lI compete In the Hudson Rnver meet where tour records are held by Orangemen They are the halt mule held by Fred Schnelder the mule held by Frank Ruzzn the runnung broad jump held by Cornelsus Symms and the shot putt held by Joe Kovach Page S xty f 7 or I .fic - 1' 'I far I -. O ' 6 27 ' ' 26 0 O 35 45 O ' 7 35 ' Z3 I2 O 40 ' 32 O " 40 39 'S 35 O ' , 7 I9 " I7 30 ' ZI 30 ' ' 25 38 34 I8 ' I5 4l ' 38 33 ' 24 - 31 " 27 34 ' 29 24 I9 25 30 37 ' I7 I8 1 ' 22 I4 ' 23 43 ' 20 25 ' ' I3 I9 ' I2 if A 25 ' 23 ' 28 ' 26 31 " 25 33 ' I4 I9 26 24 ' ' I7 . 21 , 28 ' 1 5 1. IO . . ' 26 I2 ' 1 . I6 ' IO ' ' I9 ' I7 23 s ' ' Z4 26 ' 31 ' ' 31 I ' ' 1 I l'l!l'CLIfl'llfll"a! QC0l"CLf JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Seventh Grade Won Navy Prunceton Yale Army Eughth Grade Harva rd Brown Colgate Syracuse N uagara Won Lost Lost Harvard defeated Navy 23 to lO for Junuor Hugh Champuonshup GIRLS INTRAMURAL RESULTS Basketball Won Lost Bug Ten Dlvusuon Won Lost lllunous lSenuorsl Munnesota Uunuorsl Purdue lSophomoresl lnduana KFreshmanl lllunous defeated Manhattan 22 to l7 for Senuor Hugh School Champuonshup Metropolutan Duvusuon Won Lost Manhattan l Freshmen l Long Island Uunuors Cuty College lSophomoresl O VOLLEY BALL CHAMPS SOPHOMORES 3 3 3 5 O ' ' 3 2 33 5 l l 3 - 4 2 ' 3 I 5 3 crr.r 3 3 33 3 3 3 3 r.., 33 3 O 5 3 3 3 3 8 O v ' ' ' j 3 .... ..t,r 3 33 5 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 n n H 3 2 6 33 3 3 2 6 6 O Fordham lSeniorsl 3 3 I . I . ' 2 3 ' 6 l 3 3 3 3 5 2 I t h ' 3 3 2 5 ,V 3 3 O 7 A n ' .... 3 3 3, 3 O A Y . ' 3 33 3 2 l U 3 3 3 l 2 - 33 3 3 33 O 3 3 6 O ' 33 3 3 ' 3 3 Z 4 l 3 O 6 A H by Junuors Sophomores Seruuors Freshmen Freld Ball Won LOST Junuors Senuors Sophomores Freshmen Hn Pm Won Lost Sophomores Senuors Junuors Freshmen PINC PONG SINGLES CHAMP GRACE ACEL Pa ge Su xty two All gurls un hugh school are compelled to report for AT LEAST one actuvuty peruod one noon hour and one nught after school for athletucs per week durung the year un order to complete theur requured 300 munutes The followung sports are played the gurls durung the day Archery Darts Pung Pong Basket Shootung Shuffleboa rd Volley Ball Baseball Horseshoes Badmunton Paddle Tennus Socual Dancung Touch Football 85,47 4-4-3-1 MOR JAVINGJ J XNK W1ES'l'Ci-IESTER COUNTY S .r sf ' dlI'0I'lJ ancl llfl'0I'lL'J5C'.5 A FRIEND MISS JULIA A BARRON JOSEPH BENJAMIN BIRRITTELLA CLOTHING STORE BRUNT C1 BROOKS DRUGS ANTHONY C CAPOSELLA M J COFFEY MISS MARION A DEELY DEPON F DELAP REV ERNEST E EDMOND CLIFFORD V FISHER HUGH GAVIN GEORGE DEXTER GODFREY I GOLDBERG JOHN GRANIEZ MRS MARY MURRAY GREENE GROSS MEAT MARKET HARRY D HARING REV LAWRENCE A HARKNESS WILLIAM A JOYCE KNITCRAFT SHOP BENJAMIN LARKE MR AND MRS CHRIS F LENNOX LEVITAN S CLOTHING STORE MOE LEVY HENRY J LOGAN MANNINGS GARAGE JAMES E MCGURK EUGENE MEACLE MERL THE TAILOR PHIL MILLER JOE MOORES ESSO SERVICE MISS GRACE R MULHALL JOHN J MURPHY F A NUGENT LEO F POWER PATRICKJ POWERS MR AND MRS RALPH RANIERI RED HEADED GROCER MISS BEATRICE REILLY RELIANCE MARKET REMLING BROTHERS ROSE ANNE BEAUTY SALON ROSENBLOOMS ALEX SEGELBAUM SUNNYSIDE GIFT SHOP TARRY GRILL DR ROBERT T TAYLOR VAN TASSEL CLEANERS VAN TASSEL PHARMACY ROBERT YERKS MISS MARGARET E SPEDDING Retired unel939 W hose du oted serx ICC to the youth of North T lrry tovx n his endured her to countless persons NORTH TARRYTOWN TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Page Slxfy fave JACK'S MARKET ' SHELDON LIBRARY AND PARTY SHOP , ' :KI FIRST NATIONAL BANK NORTH TARRYTOWN IOHN I HUGHES M b I EDWARD F HENNESSEY of "Ez wry body 'x Bunk" cm ers Federal Reserve Sys cm Fcdcml Deposit Insurance Corp. Cfnfzzjrfillzwlfx of fTUllIf7lf1IIt'lIfX of w . - .. FIRST ROW Mary Amato Anna Martone Betty Barr Nancy Nicolais Rosemary Lennox Louis Tonelli Gerry Speno Angelina Di Vico Nicholas Fallacara SECOND ROW Albert Lennox James Keefe Louise Martinson Frank Chebetar Richard Crochan Felix Cerone Dominick Lopano Morris Amato Miss Everest we .X4550ClClie6! sS?ll,6!Ql'lf5 Over a decade ago the schools of this county realized the necessity of student participation in the governing of extra curricular activities and the first Student Associations rose from the depths and took shape At first they were little more than a student group that executed the suggestions of the faculty but the school administrators soon realized the vast possibilities of these units They noticed that the pupils selected for service in their Student Councils the executive bodies of these associations felt the responsibility of their task and conducted the business with the sincerity and balance of ex perienced legislators There were of course exceptions to this but in the general run there was an ever present feeling and desire to do what was best for the school And it was thus that the Associated Students first rose shook its head and took its place among the important extra curricular activities of the North Tarrytown High School seven years ago lt is the true govern ment of the student by the student and for the student The Student Council affects three main groups in each school namely the school and its reputation the faculty and the administration and most emphatically the pupils What does it mean to each and how does it influ ence the day by day routine and the activities outside the lecture rooms? The pre student government school was run by the teachers and princi pals the teachers and principal received all the credit as being responsible for any action which brought the school into the public eye and incidentally they also received the brunt of the blame in any case when the school was in the limelight but undesirably so. Today it is the student organization mem- ber and his council who mold the reputation of the school. Their praises are sung when a particularly fine dramatic or club program is presented when new materials are purchased for the benefit and enjoyment of the school and for sponsoring trips to educational meetings and conferences. They also on the other hand feel the weight of public disapproval on their shoulders when anything unfavorable occurs to mar the honor and good standing of the school. Thus the school s reputation rests mainly in the hands of her pupils and of the student government, How does the Students Association affect the teachers and the adminis- tration? One could list hundreds of ways and means by which the faculty is affected by this Student organization and even then the list would be in no manner complete. To enumerate a few of the most distinctive' primarily it relieves most of the teachers from the tension of handling all the small duties so speedily dispatched by the Student Council' it leaves them free from plan- ning programs for the student assemblies. But most important of all, it gives Page Sixty-seven Conzfnlzmc nfv 0 GEORGE F EDELMAN BERKELEY ufwfu N NELSON PAGE Affiliate BERKELEY SCHOOL EAS! ORANGE NEW JERSEY Two year comprehensive and one year intensive secretarial courses for high school graduates and college women exclusively Distinguished b.,lleg,,, terrace garden studios Et address fective placement service DIRECTOR Gruybnr Bldg 420 lexlngton Ave New York IA! Grand Central Statlonl MOhawk 4 I673 IIIIIIIIJIIIQ una' Hfaflng Cmlfvac fm Qlllllpllllll nfl 0 Przmfv and bl: 4 iz It al Aflfilldlll IN XQURTH TARRX TQJXX 'N N Y Pham 1776 VAN TASSEL GARAGE, Inc BlkKMAN AVENUI1 md TLRILSA STRIFLT Phone S7 Page Sixty eight , , I . ' ' Q K ' - 4 1 , - 1' 1 for university faculty. Attractive ' , ,. I U ' .I l 1 y wr Y y 1 i ' f , . O 4 1 L 4 4 J them a chance to see what sort of stuff each boy or gurl on the Councul us made of what hus character us luke and uf he us lukely to get on when he bumps up agaunst the bruck wall of the unfruendly world of busuness It opens through devuous channels a path to study the maturuty of thought and the possubulutues of each member of the Student Councul But the student us affected more than the two prevuous classufucatuons ln Student government the pupuls fund the responsubuluty for whuch they sub conscuously yearn They are guven an opportunuty to prove that they are worth theur salt and theur weught un gold They are burdened wuth the task of plannung for others of sponsorung actuvutues and workung out problems as they advance lt us one of the best places to observe early whether they have the unutuatuve and energy to work for others and execute busuness A Student Assocuatuon can be one of the funest character buulders un the enture educa tuonal system lt us an honor and should be treated as such to each student selected by hus classmates to serve as theur representatuve on the Student Councul But we have been dealung un generalutues What about the forms of Student Government un North Tarrytown Hugh School? What us the Student Council and how does ut functuon7 Here un our school Student Government has for the past seven years been exemplufued by the Student Councul and more recently by the Student Court We shall concern ourselves only wuth the Student Councul At furst the Student Councul consusted of sux members four offucers and two representatuves at large elected by popular vote of the student body Thus system exusted untul l936 when the Assocuated Students Constututuon was amended to read that one representatuve would report from each home room uf that homeroom had 7596 or more membershup un the Assocuated convene once a week wuth theur able advuser Muss Everest for a regular meet ung to exercuse theur dutues and pruvuleges both of whuch are numerous Among theur responsubulutues are the busuness of sponsorung athletuc and dramatuc actuvutues to pay bulls uncurred by these groups to sponsor the pur chase of materuals and unstruments necessary for the enjoyment of the school to sponsor trups to conventuons of an educatuonal nature and to work for the betterment of the school un general As a result of the labor of the seven Student Counculs North Tarrytown Hugh School has much to show and be proud of Among other thungs the Assocuated Students through the agency of the Student Councul has spon sored the sport of football whuch ut began un l933 socual hours play day professuonal assemblues and thus year the Year Book lt has provuded funds for a motuon pucture prouector and sound system trups to New York Unu versuty student forum conference to the Student Government forum at Whute Plauns Hugh School to the Natuonal Socuety of Student Offucers at New York Cuty athletuc wards puns for the members of the North Tarrytown Hugh School chapter of the Natuonal Honor Socuety and of course the other sports basketball baseball track and tennus lt also sponsored the dramatuc pro ductuons and operettas Besudes changung and amendung uts own constututuon the Student Councul has formulated sumular documents for the Student Court the new Traffuc Squad and numerous clubs and organuzatuons But thus us only a small portuon of the thousand and one thungs that have happened as a result of the work of the Assocuated Students un the small space of seven years The l939 Councul has for uts presudent one of the ablest and most effu cuent students un the enture school Louus Tonellu, flanked and backed by Rose lPIease turn to Page 94V Page Suxty nune Students. This is the plan in operation this year. These representatuves PACE INSTITUTE Cultural Occupational Courses llle programe of day School and exe mug, sullool study IITLIUKIC tlu. lollomug, ACCOUNTANCY AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTANCY PRACTICE IC P A I ADVERTISING AND MARKETING SELLING AND MARKETING SECRETARIAL PRACTICE ADVANCED SHORTHAND SHORTHAND REPORTING IC S RJ PHOTOGRAPHY REAL ESTATE 0 INSURANCE A ,Tumor or Semor hmh chool student may nmke tentaine resenatxon of cla s place t In axanlalle after hugh chool graduatx n fno 11 1 md le placcl on mon mg xt 0 Im-. IACE 5TLDENTl0fIlLI3II'I13gZl7 1 e of lace 1 mute Diploma c ur are acued tal by Xork Q1 lt: I' lucitxon D pirlmmnt inroxem 3 ill 1 N w r e Iucml Iiullu n u b bl u n reql t VB hola 1 8 PACE INSTITUTE 225 sRoAnwAY NEW Yomc TAXTER BROTHERS Pllllfflf NORTH TARRYTOXX 'X N Y Phone Txrrw ton n 975 XX RCSILILITCL 775 XX 722 XVASHIXC TON 5TRlNhT take a 'np from The owl WISE SHCJP GENI NG 3 SKIIE Page Seventy l . , I 7 . ' . ' - , ' y - - V ' v , ' -' ui . . . R ' ' , H v 1 A I , A . . l . . S V, 1. ' ' s 0 . . V , - 1- ' J 'Y S 'o ' olmlig. IUIJ 2 1 '1 .'I IIS f " ' ' ' ' J 1 ,ix ' ' , ,, ns' . ' I 0 wi ' i -1 ' ' - - AFV' L I ' .1 1 4 L' 1 ' . C. P. A. courses are . Im ' I I1 ' Im New York :ml C ,Iv s y. lfm . -1 'nth ' m-vmmllmmzal lx-roklct on nn, slvsxrcml course I wlll c o-nt po xca. 1 ' y '- 200. AI 2 J ' T L ' l I l I II B E K W X A FRIEND 0 fl .7dI'I'yf0lUI1. pdfellf 0616 el' 550Clatl0l'l Founded elght years ago the North Tarrytown Parent Teacher Assocla tuon has grown to be an organuzatnon of one hundred and seventy enght mem bers The assocuatlon has endeavored to keep ever before :ts members the purpose of all Parent Teacher work the welfare of the child In the home the school and the communrty The offrcers all servrng for a second term are Presldent Mrs Carlos de Zafra Fnrst Vnce President Mrs Harry Uprught Second Vice Presldent Mrs Howard Taylor Treasurer Mrs Carl Schmldt Secretary Mass Helen Deely The program theme for thus year IS The lndnvudual In a Democracy around which programs have been developed by speakers or movlng plctures A serles of Parent Duscussuon meetings wuth Mrs Louus Berg as chaurman have done much to bring about a closer relatuonshrp between the home and the school Four teas were gnven for different grade groups at whnch parents were guven the opportunuty to meet the teachers and to dnscuss varlous phases At the March meeting of the Assocuatlon several Sensor and Junuor Hugh School students under the dlrectlon of Mrs John Ward the Erghth Grade Socual Studles Teacher took part In a panel dlscusslon on the Issues arnslng nn Captains Courageous which was shown to the members present The annual card party held In October was most successful enablrng the organization to set asude one hundred dollars to be used by Mass Anna C-avm as a Welfare Fund Thus fund was used to buy eyeglasses for chrldren whose parents could not meet the expense The eye testnng machine secured by the Assocuatnon last year us provmg to be of very great value The Parent Teacher Assocuatuon sponsored the Annual Chrlstmas Entertannment an operetta The Maguc Nutcracker and a rellgsous pageant both under the capable drrectuon of Mrs James Turek FORD LINCOLN ZEPHYR MERCURY Ox er 700 cars sold 1n one ye1r 27 Ye1rs Ford Demler Experlence TARRYTOWN UNIVERSAL CO, Inc BROADWAY and LAXVRENCE AVENUE RL SSELL I-I Rmx LINGS Phone Ttnrrx town 8 Presldwzf Page Seventy one 77 ,. I - 3 A D4 - ' of school work. Other discussion meetings on child problems were also held. - ' A 6 U I y 4 v r . f Cawood Motors YOUR CHI VROLI T md OI DSMOBIII DI1ALhR Chevrolet Tarrytown Dlx 1s1on of GILNLRAL MOTORS CORPORATION S111 mg IS tl Hain! 111111 YORK BAKERY Sjxla111uf11S11L111q1 ' ' SUCCESS Tarrytown and North Tctrry 91 CORTLANIJ STRIIT S town crvlnqs an ocm NCTRTI1 TARRYTOWN IN Y Assoclatlon 0 1 S0 N XX ASHINC TOIN STRI PT WORTH TARRYTCJWN N Y PgeSeetyt 0 , V. I .Q . j7v1'x1xff'1l 111 xfnflls A. A 7 Ink, Pmj1. ' ly Viv, V. I. - I nC:9gt 2 .'. V' N3 ' fi . t',1'. . 3 V n " W A FEW FNVIILIQR FACES Q' STAN YOUNG aux new ami CHAMP I9 WR. P x K-X' Q x aifwlfx ,Qu Q' S? oeoamll ' I' 009600300 Wa X f 9 Kfxxmfyg f 5 J fk Xgx xlfxf v W M X W W N X X1 AX KW N ma V W xE XXMS P' --if Q1 QQKSQQX fxvr HL I 9 RMMPEZEQAORDNA V V gigs also J DEC ng: In x Efvzbf-' THE :M ow H CLASS 192 "' lf' J 'S 9? ""l JAMES UILLEY K 23553 Qffgza 6331 WN S fa f OUR CAMPUS ON A DARK NIG-HT ONE OF-' lf' NT S R M aEAu.T1ou.5 NORTON 1 Cl-DEER LEADERS 'RC Page Seventy rhree ,, Il fs olgi 7 . I ,Z was . Q 'Q 'Zn Qs S N J M . N I NX E - 'f 0 ' " "HX M F W x 0 f C qos X I J Vr, l , XMV7 3 f - A ,kciiwfm fm - f, f mfr . J L ,J f Q fl ! Wt !TAf9A.'f-1' :Y V' - f' ' 4 f Q U g 2 4,79 4 , YZ?vf'Ky: ffX ' ' f WK , iw wi NNY w-vpuvo KING I P yf,,Qf Xkyixfd Q4 X A ' ' ,. VILXQX VV X45 'XE X 1 m ,X ,NK x ff: 5 :1 ,XV is q'?Q My Q N? o W K" f v' M Q f ki S Q ' eng mf Ax .T S 4 s ff ff - S , Q PR Up G " ALERS Z, 1 J . ' Y .W 4 A 7 ' ' ,,,,. f f mm ' ' 4','3l 4944 QUE U N CQ , I ' 1' i Q Lg . X ali? 'QC j - I I BP ' pq , :N . . 6 gd Q .. ., FRANK L. MARTIN G1'111'1'al I11s111'a111'c' 17 BROADXN AY TARRX TOXXX IN Y Phone 1261 A B01110 0 M1111 1961 1301116 0 Hval1fJ DIAMOND DAIRY I Dax: mmm 97 XVII DTN STRTFT Phone' C0111pl11111'111s 0 IOSEPH CHESSARI Bakery 11 CFDAR STRTLT NORTH TARRX TOXX 'X N Y mm: 8 5 8 CARTOONS FURNITURE STORE I 111 1111111 0 Thai Plcavm 17 Sprmg, Strut QUSSITIIHSH IN Y B051 Wfisbrs GRACE C GUTHRIE phonu TIYFW tow n 48 1nd 49 FRANK R PIERSON KOADXN AY 1ndN4LKlFL AX ENUE Ilouzrx P111 AlIO11m11111s ll mgm 611111 G1ad11a11011 BOIICIIIUIIS WM P WHALENS DRUG STORE Dc pflllltlbll Drug, S 60l5EEKN1AN AX EIXUF 'NORTH TARRYTOXX N N Y T111 111111111 Drug Sforff L SABERSKY T111 Oldmf S1200 S1010 111 1110 Tarn f01L 115 Foundxd IH 1907 62 ORLHARD STR1 LT Page Seventy four V1 1 O , 1, , 1 1 I Q u 4 E , , ,Z Q I, , K rr If ' , ' If : , I n 1 I 1 I 'V I 5 : 1 X1 4 1 . . I . . .' Q1 Q W l , , 4 A I 1 I . K . : 595 ' f 0 Q V 1 1 , . . V 7 I . . . . . . 1 'fA'A'. 1 1' 'YA..v. . rr 1- - W I ,Q Pl : ' , . 1 . 1 ff ' ,, I iv 1 rr J , - , as ' 1 I I .I I ' T ' .I . ', 7. . 1 ' X f 2: XX nldq .md C, St., T.1rry tow n, N. Y. Kopp' Central Avclmaj FACULTY MEMORIES lContmued from Page 83 Eluzabeth MacFarland for bemg the mstugator of clubs In N T La Verne A Norton for has successful play Growlng Pains Donald J Pease for provmg that Music Hath Charms Nlna Plamondon for her untlrang work on the Students Handbook Joseph Ramp for hrs abnluty to mux chemlcals wlthout destroying the school Alice Runyon for her patru otuc mterests Orloff L Story for hrs solemnlty Lewis Traver for hls guldmg llght James Turek for has patience In dlrectmg the know rt all sensors Mary Ward for her wut and twlnklnng eyes Grace Wnedman for bemg petute Jane B Wanters for the tantallzmg odors that arose from her kitchen Anna Woods for abullty to see over the heads of the crowd ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FACULTY lCont nued from Page lOl Louuse Nlcholas for bemg a member of the Faculty Bowling team Ella Ostrander for her wlnnmg way wlth small chuldren Amelna Peck for startmg many future sensors on the path of knowledge Leah Pollock for her modesty Margaret Speddmg for her great Interest nn the fnrst graders as future cltlzens Aileen Trffany for her domestic abnlnty Elizabeth Tracy for her success In publlshmg the N T Star Catherune Turek for startlng us on our musical career Mary van Velsor for bemg one of the teachers who taught us the 3 R s Josephine Weyland for her very attractive smule Vlrgmla Whlte for her quuet way Madellne Walluams for her mtensuve work with the Rhythm Band JUNIOR AMERICAN CITIZENS-The 'Sa-QC Van Wort ChaPfef 'S the hustorucal name guven to the local chapter of the national organlzatlon of Junnor Amerucan Cntnzens At thezr bu weekly meetings the members of thus organlzatuon dnscuss the hlstory of famous people places and events Trlps to hlstorucal places of Interest and the annual assembly program are enloyed by nts members Advvser of the local chapter ns Mrs Allce Runyon and the offlcers are Presldent Theodore Wllluams Vrce Presudent Ida Ceconl Secretary Anlta Johnson and Scrapbook Custoduan Ruchard Neuendorffer JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross has one objective to help and nn thus lt has succeeded Supervnsed by Mass C-avun thus year they bought glasses and made pos slble two tonsul operations for pupils In our school Dunng the Red Cross druve nn November they sponsored an assembly program ln whnch Muss Pmkhurst a representatlve of the Westchester County Red Cross was the speaker At Thanksguvnng they fulled sux bushel baskets with all kmds of food for dlstrnbutnon nn the vlllages Wnth the cooperation of the Grammar School and Junuor Hugh School classes the Junuor Red Cross sent decoratuons for trays to Grasslands at Chrlstmas tame They also sent candy to Sunshme Cottage Page Seventy frve . I. A - ny . tt , vu . . . I . . . . . . . . . . . tt . an I 1 . 44 uv . H . . . . u 1 , . 1 I ' v u y I n ' a n v , . I Headless Horseman Book Store P Rru I1 P1 ruxs 8 SOUTH BROADW AY TARRYTOWN N Y Telephone 790 Books School Supplmv Rclzgzoux Armies Maga 1116 B1IldC'lS Rc11falL1lJrar3 Clvzldren Q Book: Cfmlpllflzz nfx 0 HON EDWARD A MARTIN CfllI1fJ1lllltllf8 0 MAGUIRE BROTHERS BfslWf1sfnslo ffu HPADI 1 ss Hoksz MAA JANE H TODD LOIIQIIICX Hauzzlfonx Hqms Wzzfffaallzs Gimm y to Bu xt hu li r 10 A POWLEY Masfer Wafcbnzafxfr or rC,ortl.1 d St t A d Be lmu T l lhon T.1rrvto 1677 lho c 779 DUL Page Se e ty s I f , . . .. A D . , I 7. l ' A ' l . . , X K K 7 Z 1 fs Q 1 ' , 3 . - - . . . W . , Q f l PK' .' I ' P , , 1 I , 4. 7 , s , . , 1 o l a l ' . ' , ! Q '. ' . T - - . 1 . . , . , . K . ' . ' . l i All American Aristocrats Sold by Powley, .1 Master Xx,LlICl1l'HLlliCI' - , , if h lr l'.1 S y from .1 l5inc V ' Wg C 1 Ll C wl Serves Ll , .. , l'mc Tr Llc . . . , , . l C nc A ' n rec n e 'I ' n Ave W e C 3 e: ' 1 wn J n 1 v n - ' enwr ,xdcfwzfzeb CAROLYNAARON Cal Jun1orAmerscanCstszens111 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Hobbses Dancsrsg readsng Ambstson Bookkeeper MORRIS THOMAS AMATO Cochse Manager Basket ball Student Councsl 141 Class Treasurer 11 21 Class Vsce Pressdent 141 Dramatacs 141 Track am 13 41 lnterclass Basketball 11 2 3 Hobbses Swsmmsng golf Amb1tson Tobacco Auctsoneer JAY C ANDRUSS Art Club 11 2 3 41 Art E sor Headless Horseman French Club 13 41 Tennss Tam 13 41 Sensor Servsce Socsety 12 3 41 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 13 41 Art Chasrman for Junuor Prom Lseutenant of Student Traffsc Squad 141 Hobbses Art tennss dancsng hsksng Ambstson Commercsal Artsst A WILLIAM ANZOVINO B1lly Cross Country Team 13 41 Journalssm Club 13 41 Track Team 13 Y 14 Sensor Servlce Socsety 1 1 ltalsan Club 13 41 Home Room Assembly 131 Sensor Assembly 141 Lsterary Edstor of Headless Horseman Hobbses Readsng collectsng match covers Ambstson C-ood yournalsst ELIZABETH ARNOLD Betty Dramatscs 13 41 Journalssm Club 13 41 Door Commsttee for Fall Sport Dance 141 Sensor Assembly 141 Red Cross Assembly 131 Hobby Sewsng Ambstson To be a success SHIRLEY F BAKER Edstor sn chsef of the 1939 Head less Horseman Natsonal Honor Socsety Art Staff of Headless Horseman 141 Art Club Secretary 141 French Club 141 Craft Club Secretary and Treasurer 121 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Student Court 141 Secretary of the Traffsc Squad 141 D coratsng Commsttee for Junsor Prom Cha1rman of Senlor Rsng Commsttee Sensor Assembly 141 Chaurman of Handbook sale 141 Hobbses Hands crafts drawsng readsng Ambntson Fashson de sxgner MARY CLOTILDE BALLAS Marnse Choral Club 12 3 41 Dramatscs 121 Socsal Hour Orchestra voca lst 141 Sensor Serv1ce Soc1ety 141 Sensor Socnal Dancsng Club 13 4 Hobbses Ssngsng dancsng collectsng famous psctures Ambst1on Radso ssnger CHARLES F BANNON Dsvot dramat1cs 141 Inter class Basketball 11 2 3 41 Sensor Servsce Soc1 ety 13 41 Boys Home Economscs Club Secretary 141 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Dancang sports Ambst1on To get along ELIZABETH BARR Betty Student Coun 1l 141 Class r tary 121 Choral Club 11 21 Dramatscs I terclass Hs Pun 111 Sensor Servsce Socsety 13 41 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 13 41 Treasurer Headless Horseman 39 Hobby Dancsng Ambstson Prsvate secretary THERESA BELLAVY Natsonal Honor Socsety 141 Craft Club 111 lnterclass 13 41 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Readsng dosng crossword puzzles keepsng a scrap book prmtsng Ambstson To be successful STEPHEN BENEDICT Benny Dramatscs 2 J Varssty Basketball 131 lnterclass Basketball 11 41 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Ambstnon To be a success Hobbses Sports STEVE BLAHA Hobby Sports Ambstson To becomea professsonal typnst LUCY HELEN BRANCATO Babs Dramatscs 121 Hobbses Dancsng collectsng souvensrs Ambstson Secretary FRANK ROGER BUCKOUT Buck Valedsctorsan 141 Natsonal Honor Socsety 141 Class Treasurer 131 Bussness Arsthmetsc Team 1937 Cross Country Team 141 Football Team 131 Sensor Servsce Socs e 141 Hobbses lce skatsng swsmmsng sports sn general Ambstson To be successful sn bussness MARIE BUTT Fseld Ball 111 Sensor Servsce Socnety 141 Hobbses Readung walksng Ambstson Beautscsan MARIE CABRIELE Hobbses Dancsng readsng walking cooksng Ambstson Pnvate secretary FRANK THOMAS CALABRANO Cal Basketball Jr V rsnty 11 31 Football 12 3 41 Baseball Team nerc ass asketball 2 Pressdent 141 Sensor Servsce Socsety 12 31 Cap n 4 ltallan Club 3 Hobbses Football dancsng pang pong Ambstson Csv1l Servsce posstson PAT CA OSELLA Crscket At Club 11 2 3 41 lnterclass 4 Hobby Co Ambstson graduate VICTOR BROPHY Vsc Dramatncs 13 41 Band 13 4 Clee Club 121 lnterclass 13 4 Ambstson Merchant marsne Hobbses Hsksng basketball REGINALD CARDWELL Reggxe Class Secretary 121 Junsor Varssty Basketball 11 21 Varssty Basket Fota eam 1 3 41 Tra am 11 2 a m Home Economscs Club 141 Hobbses Bsllsards lsstensng to the radso Ambstson To become a recreatson dsreCtOr LOUIS CIOCCA Louss Transferred from James Mon roe 141 Baseball 13 41 lnterclass Basketball 11 otball 1 1 1an lu 1 Hobbses Sports Ambstson Doctor ROSEMARY COFFEY Tea Student Councsl 131 Art ournalssm Club 141 In erclass 11 21 Sensor Servnce 141 Playday 131 Hobbses Swsmmsng dancsng Ambstson Physlcal educatson teacher L U COX Band 13 41 Ch rlClub1l 2 lner ss 11 Hobbses Sleepsng readsng swsmmsng Ambstson Socsal Servsce worker ALOYSIUS ANTHONY DALEY Mush Basketball Jr Varssty 121 Varssty Basketball 13 41 Baseball 13 41 Coach Junsor lnterclass Champs 131 l rcas Basketball C ptasn 1 2 3 ln er l ss 1-lstPsn 11 2 3 Hobbnes Sports walksng dreamsng Ambstson Physscal Educatson dsrector PAUL DANKO Dsng Basketball Junsor Varssty 121 Baseball 13 41 Varssty Basketball 13 41 Lsncoln Day Assembly Program 141 Hobbses C-olf psng pong Ambxtson Co to Alaska by 1942 HELEN E DAVIS Maszse Vsce Presndent 131 Art Club 2 3 41 Drama s 1 2 3 41 Craft Club 2 31 Cheerleader 12 3 41 Craft u Journalssm Club 141 l erclass 11 2 4 Csrls Playday 131 Student Court Secretary 141 Chasrman of Decoratson C mmsttee l 2 3 Freshman Dance Sophomore Dance Junlor Prom Publscstv Chasrman of Sensor Sport Dance EDWARD DELFAY Eddse nerclass 11 Junror Red Cross 11 2 31 Sensor Soc1al Dancsng Club 141 Hobbaes Day dreamsng sports Ambs tson To be successful sn lsfe LUCY DE MILIA Lad Art Club 141 French Club 11 lnterc ss Basketball 12 3 41 H Psn V y all l 2 3 41 ChasrmanC r mas card sale Chasrman Door Commsttee for Fresh man Frolsc Member of Mount Pleasant Democratsc Softball Team MARIE DIETZ lnterclass Basketball 121 Shuffleboard 11 21 Vo e a 1 Page Sev nty sexen I O I O 5 . . - 3 I . ' : U A, I , 1 .U , . Te , 1 l . ,l . 41. .1 ' A' ' M I . l , , , , d't ' . " : U' l . l l e . 1 ' l ' ' l .l . 1 2 ' 1 1 l. 1 '1 l 1 - ' ' , , 1 1l1,lt 1 B 1,41gHi-Y131g . " 1 , ', ' , " , tai 1 1, " 1 1. A :l , l . 1 ' l l. 1 . P H ." ' r . . . 1 415 Hi- 1, ' ' ' 3, 4 3 1 1. 1 lf. 'A 1 To ., Ml- ' ,Z .' . ,C ' 'S D," ., 1 3 lt ' , bass 13, 41, 0 b ss T '1,l2, , 5 ck - . : ' . " : Te , , 3, 413 Baseb ll Tea 11, 2, 3, 411 ' 3 - 1 - - 3 415 Fo' 2, sf skas c b s, 2, 3,1i Ev - - - . 1 C . Club 11, 21, Band 13, 41, Craft Club 1l,l 211 - , - I I J 1 1 t 1 It E' ' .. . 1. UL ,l , lg oa , 11 lt - , . f . ' L cla , 2, 3, 41, ' 1 ' , ' , i . . . . ' . . I H H . . : v 2 ' - ' ' z n- ' ,I I H I te ls a ' 1 . 1 .411 T - . 1 1 . A rl H' Ca ' ' , , l, ' 1 , I , Sec' lc Y . 1 1 'l 11, .l . ' ' ' - ' I 1 2, 3, 41, n 't ' 3 ' ' 11, , , g tic 1 , , , Q Club ' . 1 ' ' ' . 1 11. . 1 . . 1 C1 b , " " ' . I 111, ' 3 nt , , 11 A . l' 'H 1 A ' ' O ' 1 . . 12 ' A , 1' f ." lf '. 2. 411 ' .. , 1 ,Z rt I I , ' 2 A I ' , . '- 5 f I ' 'A 1 2, 31, 'sa ' , ,' 3 as ' 12: I I ,, I 3, 41: olle B 1 , I , Q ' hist- '. ' ' ' , ,'llyBll14. ' I stlbllslmui IYSU 1 11 1 111111 111 IN111 1111 111 11 C 111 IS 11 1 13111 1 111 S111111 A P HUSTED CO T1 Lphonu 4 10 431 U 11113111111 1311111111 tl 17 R ll 11 1 71 1 1111 111 N111x1111 1 11111 111111 X11 It 111 11111111 1111111111 1 111101111111 11 N Oll C 1 NIAINI STR lt Xi 11111 S1111 MRS GEORGE SINNOTT G11111a1 111s111c11111 C11111f1111111 111'v 111 R!lI11N11I1l DR IOHNI DEELY nxt NIIIOI Bm! Bun un NORTH TARRHT NX X Xl XX HURlx WM F MCCORD CO luv SI Iixl 1 Xllll P11111 Q1111111111111 1115 111 'f"'f1f ERNEST R. coNovER 7 XIXIX STRIIT TXRRH FUXXX N Y 131111110 661 Klglmt 66-1 Page Sexcnty ugh? . U . Q 1 ' ' 1 611111, , 1111111 11. . M111' 1. 'l' ' f - . ff1'111' 1 31111'kx IJ " -1 '11 'k "1 1 ' S 11 111' gs 151' 1 5 ' M011 11 q1'f1'1 ' '11 1"111'l1' 1 ' '1 '11s Il 'H Ag P11 '1- 111 "'11' MAI. ' ffl llfz 53 1 1 f IQFT 9111 "1'P1171'N s111'1 .11 11 ' YARDS: 1500511 01" 151fIfKNl1XN AVENUE Sl711l4Q1t'N 'll' 11 17' 1'. ' 1.11 . 1 -1 11 gg enzor ,xdcfzuchea ANGELINA ELIZABETH DI VICO Ange Student Councsl Representatsve 141 Choral Club 13 4 Dramatscs 121 Headless Horseman Staff 141 Sensor Servsce Socsety 12 3 4 ltalsan Club 12 31 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 13 41 Hobbses Dancsng swsmmsng walksng Ambstson Prsvate secretary MARY B DRAGO Art Club 131 ltalsan Club 13 4 Junsor Red Cross 131 Hobby Collectsng banners Ambstson Masseuse ALICE DUQUETTE Dramatscs 11 2 3 41 French Club ArtC 11 2 3 Pres 41 Journassm Club 141 lnterclass 12 3 41 Sensor Servsce 131 Hobbses Drawlng knsttsng Ambstson Commercsal artsst FRANCES EPOLITO Fran ltalsan Club 12 31 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Headless Horseman Staff 141 Won 3rd prsze sn ltalsan Hobbses Lssten sng to the radso keepsng a scrapbook Ambstsons Secretary FELISA ESTEBAN Choral Club 111 Caft Club 11 Class Treasurer 141 Natsonal Honor Socsety 141 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Hobbses Lsstensng to the radso keepsng a scrapbook Ambstson Spanssh snterpreter GEORGE S FERRIS Student Court 141 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobby Hockey Ambstson Avsator MICHAEL FITZPATRICK Msckey Fstz Class Press nt 11 41 lnterclass Bas e a Student Court 141 Sensor Assembly 141 Hobbses Dancsng and mussc ALICE FOLEY Al Dramatscs 131 Cheerleader 141 Journalssm Club 141 Junsor Red Cross 131 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 13 41 Hobbses Mussc dancsng readsng Amb1tson To be successful sn whatever I do JEAN A FRAZEE Jsn Art Club 141 Play Day Com msttee 131 Dramatscs 131 Hobbses Skatsng walksng dancsng Ambstson Advertsssng OTTOA FRITZ Ot H Y 41 Hobbses Collectsng asrplane magazsnes Ambstson Asrmasl pslot ARMONDO VINCENT GALELLO Chsckse Baseball Team Manager 131 Boys Home Economscs Club 4 Hobbses Colt swsmmsng Ambstson To be a chef JANE GALGANO Jen lnterclass Basketball 11 2 sn Fseld 11 2 31 Sen1or Socsal Dancsng Club 141 ob bses Movses swsmmsng readsng AGNES ROBENIA GALLAGHER lnterclass 11 2 3 41 Captasn of Fseld Ball Team 121 Assembly Programs 11 2 3 41 Play Day Commsttee 131 Junsor Red Cross 121 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 13 41 Member of Csrls lnterclass Basketball Champs 131 Candy Sale Commsttee 141 Chrsstmas Card Sale Commsttee 141 Freshman Frolsc Commsttee 141 Hobbses Tap dancsng baseball basketball collect sng letters and souvensrs Ambstson Be a success MARJORIE BERNICE GRANT Margse Choral Club 141 Basketball 141 Hobbses Kn1tt1ng and eat sng Ambstson Recreatson dsrector or DOlsCe woman ADELINE HODECKER Craft Club 11 2 lnterclass 11 2 3 41 Hobby Lsstensng to the radso RICHARD JOHN HOGAN Basketball Junsor Varslty 13 lnterclass Basketball 11 21 Hobby olf Ambstson Colt Drofesssonal WILLIAM FRANCIS HORAN Roger Football 13 41 lnterclass Basketball 13 41 Boys Home Econom Club 14 Co Chasrman of N T Football Dance 141 Hobby Journalssm Ambstson To lsve sn South Amer1ca CHARLESJ HUSTED Jr Band 12 3 41 Sensor Sym phonsc Orchestra 11 2 3 41 Sensor Servsce So c 131 French Club 11 2 3 4 Electrscal ub 111 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Eatsng mussc sports Ambstson To succeed JAMES JACKMAN Porky Cross Country 111 Foot ball Team 131 Baseball 131 lnterclass Basketball 4 Sensor Servsce se Hobby Sports Ambstnon To get out of school ANN DOROTHY JACQUIN Nan Choral Club 13 41 Assembly Program 111 Journalssm Club 131 l terclass 11 2 41 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Tscket Commsttee for Junsor Prom Chasrman of Refreshment Commsttee for Choral Club Chrsstmas Party Refreshment Commsttee for Fall Sport Dance Hobbses Sewsng swsmmsng Ambstson Dessgner MARGARET MARY JACQUIN Margse lnterclass 11 2 41 Class Vsce Pressdent 121 Journalssm Club 13 41 Socsal Dancsng Club 141 ltalsan Club 12 3 41 Decoratsng Commsttee and Refreshment Commsttee for Fall Sport Dance 1938 Assembly l 3 Hobbses Dancsng walksng readsng Am bstson Prsvate secretary ANNA JELENEK Choral Club Pressdent 141 Hobbses Dancsng lsstensng to the radso JOYCE CAMILLE JENSEN Porky At Club 11 21 amatscs 11 2 3 41 Fre hClub 11 21 our n lssm Club 13 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 131 Hobbses Play the psano swsmmsng and walksng JAMES J KEETLEY Ket Hobbses Drawrng sports Ambstson Bookkeeper DOROTHY KELLY Dot Choral Club 12 31 Hobby Readsng Ambstson Comptometer operator JOSEPH JOHN KERCHMA Band 12 3 41 Sensor Symphonsc Orchestra 11 2 31 lnterclass Basket bal 141 Socsal Hour Orchestra 141 H Y 13 41 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Danc sng mussc collectsng cosns Ambstson Owner of an orchestra EDITH C KILMER Corky lnterclass 141 Sensor Servsce Socnety 131 Home Economscs Club 141 Assembly program 141 Hobby Collectsng salt and pepper shakers Ambstson Dsetscsan E LYN KLIBBE E lnterclass 11 2 31 Sensor Servsce Socsety Lseut 141 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Cub 4 Decoratson Commsttee Soohomore Dance Decoratson Commsttee for Fall Sport Dance 141 Assembly program 121 Play Day 131 Usher for Class Nsght and Commencement 131 Headless Horseman Sat 41 Junsor ed Cross 141 Handbook Commsttee 131 Hobbses Keepsng an album readsng Ambstson To travel EDWARD ANDREW KOLARICH Baseball Team 11 2 lnterclass Basketball 11 2 4 Hobbses Fsshsng walksng sce skatmg Ambstson To make the Marsh the bsggest playground sn the county EPHINE KRUPP J I erclass 1l 2 Choral Club 121 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Dancsng collectsng souvensrs Ambstson To work JOHN E LA CARRUBBA Mal Student Councsl Rep resentatsve 121 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 12 41 Hobbses Pocket bsllsards swsmmsng Ambstson State trooper ROSEMARY MARGARET LENNOX R Ar Club 11 4 Pressden At Clu 131 Student Councsl Representatsve 1 Student Councsl Vsce r ssdent 141 amatscs 13 41 Co C asr man of Junsor Prom Junsor Red Coss 131 Red Cross Assembly Program French Club 13 Catt Club 111 Sensor Socsal Dancnng Club 13 41 Hobbses Swsmmsng readsng cooksng Am bstson Hsstory teacher Page Seventy nsne O I O I 3 . 1: . . . 5 - ' 1 " " 1 ity : . , . : ' C1 Y , 4 . I . I I I . ' I . . .. . I . : : . ' 3 - y ,Q 11, 2, 3, 15 ' ' Soc' ty 13, 41. - . 1 ' : n- 11,2,31g lub , , s 5 s' . ' 1. 9 . , . 1 1 . . 1 ' ' - 1 ' A , 11 ,H . ' I . ' 1 ' H' I H ' ' . 1 f 1: 1 . 1. ' : ' . 2 1 l' . - A l. 1 I I . " f' f , : , , 1 A ' Dr ' . , , : nc , :J - ' . : I. " : al 13 I A A 3 de , 2, 3, 5 14 tb ss 13, 413 -" ' 1 ' 1 - . . .. f ' I .' I 3 ' I ' I C i, 1 3 . ' ," fl" s- 1 '. ' 1' ' A ' 1 ' , I : ' 1 1 ' VE 1 1 v." . V. 1 A 1 1. ' I . A ' . " I '. 3 , V l 1 13 413 Has P' 11, 21'gVolley Ball 11, 215 ' 'Ball 1 , 1 f , . : ' ' ' - H - ,, , ' 1 2 - 1 - - y " sf 1 5 R , . . 2, 1 I g , Z 3,5 , V 3' L , I - : ' - - I JOS . " O." nt . .. 3. 41: Q . l ' z l' ' - - tu :H . A ' . D .. I . . . - - 3 'H A I . . 1: . s , , . 2 ' ' ' . , " o," t , . ' ' . 2. 3, 1: ' t of r b : . 413 , . 1 C . ' ' 3 ' ' - " Z ' . P e ' g Dr ' , 3. 1 - h ' - ." . : ' 3 ' r 1 . : ' - 1 1: ics 13 - ' . . r 3 ' ' ' , KENMARK S SCHWER BROTHERS Inc 1 31111111 R 71 111 S6 Q QRTL ANI, SI RI l T 7l 1 111 11111 I1111111 Wa 11111 A1111 1 111111 131131 1 6 C ORTI AIND STRI IT SIJUKK 111111 I111111sl1111g1 NORTH TARRH TORX X X N l11lSl X IL 11111 111111 11111 H1111 C 1 Rugs Il 1111 111111 M111 111 11111 C 1 Illt 1111111111 111 11 1 111111111111 111111g111l Ptll D111111111111111111TV11111111g IQIIISX W I ZIMMER If ZS ORCHARD STR! LT C11111l11111111111x11 FI-II TARRYTOW NS 1111111 11111 S11111 1 00 C 11111j1111111111x of CHAS. VANDERBILT ABRAHAM SADO1:-SKY 61 SONS, Inc. Page E1ghfv I I C111 ' "x - 1'f'g1" 1111'x 1' Q , ,' QQ 1 W'11A1 11 AQ 111 '1' Hx - 'r ' IQ1 V14 '1 , f1tIX 111111 lf11'1'11'11' RtllllQ1'.N , . 11 P 7 Q . Y ,N if . ,.x ' l I .'.' 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 .. . . 'lmcz 4-X" H , P11111 ': lla ,1 'ff 1 R, - 11.1.1 1 1 1 11--1, ,1'1 1 ."S1 1 1'1 11 ,"N Q, - 1 I - I ' 0.1: l I 1 Y . ' i 1 11 w I W1 1 1. Q' an S' ff 1 9 encor .xdcfuufaea JOSEPH MADDEN Hatch B nd 13 4 Symphonsc chestra 13 41 Clee Club 1l 41 Socua Hour Orchestra 141 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club ack 2 3 41 lnterclass Baske al 2 31 Cross Country Team ll 21 Dramatscs 1l 2 Hobbses Golf mussc skssng Ambstson See the world JACK MACUIRE Toot Baseball Team 13 41 Bas ketball Jr Varssty 12 31 Home Economscs Club Vsce Pres 141 Hobbses Basketball baseball Ambstson Coach of L I U ESTHER MAHAFFEY Choral Club 1l 21 Jr Amerscan Ctszens 13 41 Hobby Club 141 Hobbses Col lectsng psctures of famous people and artscles about them poetry Ambstson Publsc Servsce GRADY G MARLER French Club 12 3 41 Basket ball Manager 121 Football 12 3 41 Track Team 3 41 Baseball 141 Tennss Team 14 ee Club 12 31 Sensor Servsce Socsety 12 3 41 Socsal Dancsng Club 13 41 Hobbies Huntsng fsshsng sports woodworksng Ambstson To retsre THERESA MARZOLLA Tess Sensor Socsal Dancnng Club 141 Hobbses Dancsng drawsng Ambstson Nurse or beautscsan CONCETTA MASSARI Connse Sensor Servsce Socsety 131 lt lsan Club 12 31 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 I lsan ll P ze 3 Hobbses Dancsng ssngsng Ambstson ltalsan snterpreter JOHN ANTHONY MASSENA Jsggs Sensor Servsce S sety 12 3 41 Hobbses Football psng pong golf bowlsng Ambstson Professsonal golfer JOHN MELLO Student Councsl 1l1 Baseball Manager 1l1 Football 121 Band 13 41 Sensor Symphonsc Orchestra 121 Socsal Hour Orchestra Leader I41 Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Dramatscs 131 Hobbses home sn Florsda on the Gulf of Mexsco MARY E T MENO Sensor Symphonnc Orchestra ll 2 3 41 French Club 13 41 Journalssm Club 141 Sensor Socsal D ncsng Club 3 4 Headless Horseman St ff 141 Chasrman of Motto Com msttee for Junsor Class Pressdent of Freshman De bate Club lnterclass 1l1 Hobbses Ensoysng lsfe avsatson dreamsng Ambstson Achseve fame JOHN McCLINTOCK Persh F otball 12 3 41 I terclass Basketball 12 3 41 Hobby Ice skatsng WILLIAM McLAUGHLIN Bsng lnterclass Basketball 2 41 Sensor Servsce SOCISIY 13 4 Hobby Psng pong Ambstson Hsstory teacher HECTOR MCLEAN Scotty Band Member ll 21 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Home Economscs Club 4 Hobbses Dancsng hsksng Ambstson Cset a good sob JAMES McSTAY Jsm lnterclass Basketball 1l 41 orgeghoes 141 JUNIOI' Red CFOSS 1l 2 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Huntsng fsshsne sports ALBERT JOSEPH MILLER Zoom lnterclass Basket b l 4 Hobbses Colt tennss savsng letters Ambstson Engsneer CHARLES R MILLER Band 12 3 41 Assembly Pro gram master of Ceremonses Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Rassnng psgeons playsng golf Ambstson Member of a famous orchestra MARY K MOORE Molly French Club 13 41 Sensor Servsce Socsety 131 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club Chasrman 141 Cha rman of Door Commsttee for Fall Sport Dance Basketball 141 H Pn 4 Hobbses Bscycle rsdsng swsmmsng Ambstson Nurse HAROLD NEUBRAND Jr Band 121 Hobbses Swsm msng Ambstson Go to Calsfornsa CARL NEUENDORFFER Electrscal Club 111 Sensor Symphonsc Orchestra 1l 2 3 41 Cross CountrY Team 141 Hobbses Mussc canary bsrds Ambs tson Engsneer NANCY A NICOLAIS Nan Natsonal Honor Socsety 141 Choral Club 1l 41 Craft Club 1l1 lnterclass Baseball 11 21 Home Economscs Club 121 Stu dent Councsl Treasurer 141 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Chasrman Refreshment Commsttee .lunsor Prom Chasrman l939 Headless Horseman Subscrsptson Staff Sensor Assembly Commsttee Decoratson Commst 1 san u 1 san urs P ze lt lsan Il Thsrd Prsze Hobbses Readsng scoutsng ssngsng letter wrstsrsg Ambston Ac countant THOMAS JOSEPH NOLAN lrssh A Club 13 41 Band Member 13 41 Dramatscs 121 lnterclass s etball 13 4 ee u 3 Sensor Servsce Socsety 13 41 Hobbses Swsmmsng bas ketball dancsng Ambstson To be successful sn any undertaksng JAMESD PIRIE General Chemsstry Assembly 13 41 Electrscal Club 13 41 Sensor Servsce Socsety 13 41 Stage Manager Hobbses Dancsng collectsng swsng records and stamps Ambstson lndustrsal Engsneer JOHN PROFT Tract Team 13 4 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Radso sports Am bstson To be successful JACK RABIN Natsonal Honor Socsety 141 Sensor Sym phonsc Orchestra Il 2 3 41 Junsor Symphonsc Orchestra 1l1 French Club 13 41 Sensor Debate u 13 41 lnterclass Basketball 13 4 l-lo bses Basketball baseball horseshoes psng pong Ambstson To be a Successful bussness man PAULJ REMENAR em B seball 1l 3 o fesssonal golfer or baseball player HELEN SALOWAY Sal Art Club 1l 21 French Club a u lnterc ass 41 Home Economscs Club 12 31 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Sports dancsng read sng Pmbstson Teacher ANTHONY SARACELLI Saspy Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Sensor Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Readsng cowboy storses Ambstson Avsator LILLIAN SELLARS L l Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 4 Hobbses Dancsng walksng readsng skatsng Am bstson Beautscsan CHARLES SCHNEIDER Hsck Cross Country Man ag r 121 Track Team Manager 131 VIRGINIA SCHNEIDER lnterclass 1l 2 3 41 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Play Day Commsttee 131 Hobbses Swsmmsng and golf Ambstson Secretary MARY SMERCAK Smear Secretary 141 Craft Club 121 lnterclass 12 3 41 Sensor Servsce Socsety 131 Home Economscs Club 1l 2 31 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Play Day 131 Assembly Pro gam 1l 31 Chasrman Home Economscs Assem y 131 Chasrman Tscket Commsttee Fall Sport Dance 141 Member Executsve Commsttee for Freshman Frolsc 141 Natsonal Honor Socsety 141 Hobbses Baseball basketball dancsng collectsng souvensrs Ambstson Prsvate secretary to wealthy socsetv woman JOSEPH SCOCNA Band 13 Secretary 41 Socsal Hour Orchestra 141 ltalsan Club 12 31 Sensor Socsal D ncsng Club 13 41 H Y 141 Hobbses Model Busldsng Ambstson Trumpet player lske Harry Jones ANNA MARIE SMITH Smstty Captasn lnterclass S orts ll 2 3 41 Journalssm Club 13 41 en sor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Play Day Commsttee 4 Hobbses Sports taksng psctures keepsng scrapbook Ambstson Phys1calTrasnsng Teacher Page Esghty one 9 C I O . II ,II a , 13 ' . 3 ' , D '- Or . 5 , 2. 3. : ' I ' : ' . 141gTf Is. , ,' 1 sbsls, ,I I, ,' 3 I1. I ' z , I , . I ' ' : I -I I . - - I - I " 1 .. . H tee 1, 21g ssas' cs b 2I, 315 ssas' I-F' s - 1 5 - ri Q aI - I ' . ' 3 ' , 1' . : . ' : - ' , ' ' , ' ' . ' 1 - ' D . . Z , . D ' ' H A 'H rf , 5 1 . . Q Bak , '15 cis csb 12, I1, ' 12. , 1 1 I 15 cs 1 - , , 1 I - 1 , - : a' . 1 ' ' ' I, , 13 ' ' 5 ta' ri 1 1. ' : ' , ' , ' 3 ' v D - oc' . . . ' 1 I . I , ' I . . . 3 II II , ' 1 E U cs ss , :I I I , 1. 1,- ' A 1 ' I . 4' : . I ,HR a ,2, 1.Is-sb- F1Sl'11'1Ss l'1Un11"18, traveling- Aml2'f10n7 BU'ld 3 bses: Baseball, golf, photography. Ambition: Pro- . 1 , 1 ' s 1l,2,31gCrftClIb1l,2,31gI Is 1l,2,3, I - I H I 1 - 11 II 1 . 1 ' ' " a g I - ' 1 ' 3 ' ' I - I ' sIs 'ss O I ' ' n- ' . I . . I .I I I 1 . 1 ' In I' , 1. 1 H 1 I A - I ' ' I I 4 L . 2 . I I . , . . . I V I ' C 1 ' ' A r D H : I ' . - 1 .3'5 : I . I. 1 ' I' ' ' ll .DI ' A - r I I .I l I s - al 1 1. ' : , . . bl 5 ' - ' ' g I i. 4 B V . V 3 i- .' . g I 5 5 as s 1 1. 1 1 t -- I - . .. ' " . 1 I I I ' .D . . A. : I : - , ' 3 I 1 1. ' 1 . I I . I Pg Eng ROSS BROS CONSTRUCTION CO 32 BEEKMAN AVENUE NORTH TARRYTOWN Pamf Har du arc' por hug Good: I-Imlvc' Fur fmfazngfs Telephone S3 2 ,v m i zwglm GW , 4 Kg? L9 f Axllqiiilfn! Q3 J gh! ,QQ fQ'liEf Cfllllflllllll nfs of Flsher Body Tarrytown D1v1s1on General Motors Corporatlon IAMES FITZPATRICK 4 INFXX BROADXX A3 NORTH TARRYTOXX 'N IN H Wawnz Cflllfldtffll and Bnllder ANGELO CANNA P111 mbnzg u11rfHfc1f111g Rf'17a11QA Spuuzlfy A1lW'mk Clldldllfltll H N BROAD XX XX hty two O O 7 . - ' y S ' . I A - x I .K . l K . f- rw . ' GQ 9. G1 A: .A fxkx ,Wi V , 5 -Q m lm -::-1 T T i I . . :Q ,rf -.1 f T + : 1 - 'QQ N A l - .-gwv-fffggffmr-1 ,, . ' i L -ll i ' iris ' '- ' 5 fr ,,,, 5 - - T QL X4 . - L. 2 :E ,?.p,nf,- f J ,-,Q-.. If J 1 , F.. Q ' -- - NJ' cg, IW' , ,E .:.?!fl' X xv . ,. , ,1 U' ,., .I ' 1:1 :Q 13153397 ,gflilf . . . . 1 . 3 Y 4 V, V, , . P . I K A v 'r v v r ' , , ,' , I 1. , . . . l l I I ' ' Hone: 2385 Tcl.: 163 . 3.'. "1 ' eIll0I' JOHN SOLTIS Student Patrol 141 Hobbses Golf swsmmsng baseball Ambstson To become a good golfer NICHOLAS SORIANO Doc Brown Student Councsl Representatsve 141 bseball 13 41 Glee Club 41 Hs Y 4 Sensor Servsce Socsety 12 Lseutenant 141 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Dramatscs 141 Hobbses Swsmmsng walksng Arn bstson Ssnger CERALDINE CLARICE SPENO C-erry Student Coun csl Secretary 141 Class Vsce Pressdent 1l1 Class Secretary 131 Choral Club 1l 2 41 Dramatscs ll 2 31 Cheerleader 13 41 Interclass 141 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 ltalsan Club 13 41 Junsor Red Cross 131 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 131 Decoratson Commsttee for Freshman D nce 1l1 Co Chasrman Mussc Commsttee for Junsor Prom Decoratson Commsttee for Fall Sport Dance Hob bses Dancsng readsng Ambstson Prsvate secretary MARION R STEWART Choral Club 1l1 Craft Club 1l 21 Assembly Programs 1l 31 Art Club 12 erc ass 1 Hobbses Drawsng collectsng souvensrs Ambstson Commercsal artsst ROSETTA SYMMS Joy Open House Play 1l1 French Club 121 Choral Club 141 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 lnterclass 12 41 Hobbses Collectsng photo graphs dancsng Ambstson Nurse GRACE TADDEO l erclass 12 3 41 ltalsan Club 12 31 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Decoratsng Comm Fall Sport Dance 141 Hobbses Baseball collectsng photographs Ambstson To succeed JOSEPH TOMELLERI lnterclass Basketball 141 ltalsan Club 12 3 41 Dramatscs 141 Hobbses Basket ball Ambstscn Lsngusst LOUIS P TONELLI Lou Student Councsl Pressdent 141 Secretary 131 Representatsve 111 Sensor D ate Club 13 41 Journalssm Club 131 Hs Y 2 3 41 Southeastern Hs Y Councsl Secretary 131 Natsonal Honor Socsety 141 Bussness Manager Headless Horseman 39 Student Court Judge 14 Hobbses Woodworksng photography Am bstson Csvsl ersgsneer JOSEPH TYSINGER Ty Hobbses Swsmrnsng bsl lsards dancsnv Ambstson To be a success ..!4CllUltle5 ANDREW J VASCO Andy Junsor Varssty Basketball 3 Varssty Basketball 141 F Icons AC 1 2 31 Hobbses Looksng for golf balls and col lectsng score cards from dafferent golf clubs Am bstson To be a success sn lsfe ADRIENNE K VON KUMMER Natsonal Honor Socsety r Cub Dr scs Fr nch Club 1 21 Journalssm Cub 1 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 Hobbses Tennss swsmmsng walksng Ambstson To go through lsfe eassly and happsly VERA MARIE WANAMAKER Home Economscs Club Hobbses Walksng collectsng psctures of movse stars Ambstson Prsvate secretary NELDA REBECCA WILSON Choral Club 131 Dramatscs r nch Club 13 41 aft Club 1l erclass 141 Jr Amerscan stszens 1l Vsce Pressdent 12 31 Treasurer 141 Sensor Servsce Socsety 131 Home Economscs Club Pressdent 131 Secretary 141 Hobbses Sewsng swsmmsng read sng Ambstson To be a success STANLEY GORDON YOUNG Unk Sensor Symphonsc chestra ll 2 3 n 3 4 Pressdent 141 Dramatscs 1l 21 French Club 12 31 lnterclass 141 Cslee Club 121 Sensor Servsce Socsety 12 31 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 12 3 4 Co Chasrman Mussc Commsttee for Junsor Prom Hobbses Wsnter sports Ambstson To be a success ANTHONY J ZASTENCHIK Ontush Basketball Jr Varstsy 131 Varssty 141 lnterclass Basketball 131 Boys Home Economscs Club 14 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 141 Hobbses Bsllsards Ambstson Golf professsonal MARIE ANN ZUCCARDO Maz Photography Eds tor Headless Horseman 39 nerclass 1l 3 41 Sensor Servsce Socsety 141 ltalsan Club 12 3 4 Sensor Socsal Dancsng Club 13 41 Student Court 141 Play Day 131 Chrsstmas Card Com msttee 141 Commsttee for Handbook 131 Usher for Class Nsght and Commencement 131 Decorat sng Commsttee Sophomore Dance 121 Decoratsng Commsttee Fall Sport Dance 141 Hobbses Col lectsng snapshots walksng and gosng to the movses Ambstson Travel wsth Evelyn Klsbbe BOYS CLEE CLUB Mussc hath charms they say and evsdently the ssxteen members of the Boys Clee Club belseve thss saysng to be true Under the leadershsp of Msss Helen E Ferrss thss organszatson meets twsce a week sn the audstorsum to practsce old and new songs The group partscspated sn several assemblses and sn the Chrsstmas program sosned wsth a few of the members of the Csrls Choral Club to ssng sn a msxed chorus JUNIOR CLEE CLUB Wsth the advent ofthe year l939 a new organ szatson came snto besng The Junsor Clee Club under the dsrectson of Msss Helen Ferrss ss composed of about forty fsve boys and gsrls from the seventh and esghth grades The members selected after tryouts hope to take part sn future programs The group meets once a week after school and the members enthussas tscally look forward to becomsng members of the Sensor Hsgh Cslee Club CHQRAL CLUB The Choral Club under the dsrectson of Msss Ferrss ss one of the largest and oldest organszatsons sn the school The members meet twsce a week dursng the actsvsty persod to sung old songs and learn new ones Once a month the club has a socsal meetsng or party sn the evensng The outstandsng partses are the annual Chrsstmas party and the Valentsne party The chorus has appeared sn several assembly programs partscularly the Chrsstmas program and the Mussc Week program sn May Offscers of the club are Pressdent, Anna Jelenek, Vsce Pressdent, Cathersne Reslly, Secretary, Kathleen Barr, and Treasurer, Anne Lynch Page Esghty three I I O I . . ' l ., : . ' 1 - F 3 a I I . I' 1 : a ' ' 3 -. Z , . . I 13. 2 '- I ' A ' ,315 . . ' ' ' I 3 ' ' A 3 141gAt l 1l, 2, 3, 415 amat' ll,2,3, M V . ' 1 ' ' , ' . - 415 e l, 5 ' I 13 3 1 I . I l l I ll 131. A Z ll, I I ' ' a 131gFe ,J gCr l,21gln- - 1 . . . 1 T C I . .. H . - 3,l41g'lnt s s, 2, 41, ' " 1 ' f ' ' , 1' 35 ' ' ' '. " : ' '. Or , , ,4lgBad1l,2, , gVice- V. ' . J 1 I. 13 -l ' l ' ' l'l . nt . . 1 A . - I 5 ' - 'A 1 . : r .I v . A . ,Z Q I. eb ' 1 t: ,- I A ' I 1 C 1 I ll ' I l' I ' - . . .I ,- A. A. ROSENBLATT 'l'nf1cf1'z'nx 111111 fiUIlf'l'l'fiUlIS XVfJ01r'xr111' T Sl-4-516 NORTI I ISROADXVAY NORTH TARRYTOXVN Tcl.: 779-287 IT PAYS TO LOOK XVELL Vis!! flu' VAN TASSEL BARBER SHOP TONY Dmco. P r'f1 fm. 95 BIQIQKMAN AVENUE NORTH TARRYTUXYN. N. Y. C Ull1fJlllIIllIfX 0 JOHN I FOLEY THE VAN TASSEL FOOD MARKET EDWIN F BENNETT :mfs Xlglfllli KX Dain aff vw uw Mm mum CTIUIPIIIS H BIIIXHXX XXIXLT I Hun l hx: ldxx IX md Hlmllton P11 Tlrrxtoxxn 'X 'X I hom 1 0 Page E ghty four . . , X f O 1 X I lux, I. . .',l, W Mm. A A 450 IJ. CQ. 1.01 Mau, ilk., Prop. 5. jj ' ' 'T ' V. fl , . . T' . A' .A f. 3 ':2" 3. Q: 194 , ,, cileaolddd oraeman Mgkdgu SEPTEMBER lSl2 pupsls entered or re entered N T publsc schools on September l2 under overladen and showery skses 532 sn the H S 247 sn theJ H S N T welcomes three new members to the faculty Mr Gorman to the prsn cspalshsp of the grammar school Msss Jenks to the J H S Art Dept and Msss Fullerton to the E S Physscal Educatson Dept Football practsce started wsth a bang good backs needed Marsh renamed Ksngsland Posnt Park at flagrasssng ceremony speech by County Pressdent W F Bleakley athletscs program Janss property and Peabody estate named as prospec tsve school sstes later both sstes voted down sn new school ballotsng Hurrscane hsts Eastern Seaboard damage sn the Tarrytowns estsmated at SSZOO OOO 3SO school chsldren from N T travel to the csty to see a Pro Football game OCTOBER Douglas property advanced as posssble sn the fsght for a new school sste sn referendum N T loses fsrst grsd try to Harrsson 6 O Classes elect offscers N T tsescsty school All Hallows O O Boys Home Economscs Club formed Lofty Sensors hold thesr Freshman Frolsc to usher Joe Frosh snto the vast mysterses of Hsgh School Sophomores and Sensors start to trsp the lsght fantastsc mornsngs 3 sensor gsrls enter D A R contest for free trsp to the socsety s conventson at Washsngton D C N T grsdders bow to Bronxvslle 7 O New band leader chosen from 25 candsdates sn hotly contested battle Norma Neubrand Montrose mows down N T s Boys of the Csnder Path 34 Zl Navy Day assembly Commodore Van derbslt Rear Admsral Belknap speaks about Navy lsfe and especsally about the recrustsng statson at Norfolk Fsrst marksng persod ends and out comes the bad news New traffsc system started N T rsdes over Dobbs Ferry l2 O sn a drszzlsng rasn Annual hearsng test gsven to all pupsls Two casts chosen for the all school play Hallowe en parade led by the N T band followed by a conglomeratson of costumes of all natsons and wesrd snventsons of the smagsnatson NOVEMBER Sensors sst for thesr psctures At last reports the camera strangely enough was not broken Student court organszed wsth a sudge l2 jurors and a court secretary Sophs condescent to allow the lowly Frosh to attend thesr mornsng dancsng classes The Pot Bosler a one act farce was pre sented to the assembly and was well recesved N T loses to W l before 3 OOO and more fans to the tune of 7 O Touchdown by Tacoma and extra posnt by MCC-usre The Late Chrsstopher Bean presented on two suc cesssve nsght wnth alternate casts Jsll Edwards second of the ssx profes ssonal speakers scheduled for the assembly thss year gsves an enlsghtensng talk on personalsty posnters Prevsew of the Fall Sport Dance ss held open to all holders of tsckets to the December affasr DECEMBER Boys Economscs Club start thesr pencsl sale Pencsls have the entsre basketball schedule on them Cash prszes offered for good psctures of school actsvstses sn the Yearbook photograph contest Coach Edelson opens cage practsce wsth the team buslt around Nelson Daley and Danko Headless Horseman opens sts sntenssve subscrsptson campasgn The N T handbook sponsored by last year s Junsor class fsnally arrsves from the prsnters Grammar school gsves Xmas program for the P T A N T tops Whste Plasns sn the non league opener 27 26 New Rochelle wallops N T basketeers 55 35 Page Esghty fve I O .. , . - , . . . ., , s - - s , . , ' .. ,'..., , . . s . .. , , '..., . . s . . . , . . , .... v ss V -s , , ' , ', . 1 - s s .... s s s . . . ts . H , ' ' , . . . .. . ss , ' s , , . . . . . . . . T. , , .... -s .. . .. . . . . . . , ' ,, ' .. , . -I AURORE PELL SHOP Sfiltldll UIQ Ill Coward rfIIll11ldfl011 mc Pump Sm nal Yujajzorls TARRYTOWIN ON HUDSON NEW H ORK 9 S BROADXVAY Phone 2365 SUBURBAN TIRE SERVICE Q af C C ARACI Nf1Il1ON1 C Coon I MURRAY IJOWNIY 355 N BROADXVAY Phoms 2098 L G BALFOUR CO ATTLEBoRo MASSACHUSETTS Manu ur luring ruclcrs and Siuflomfrf In 51 lwolv lUlt,COI1f'QI'T Commencement Announcements and D1p10m1s for North Tarrytown High School Balfour made Reprcsantatlxc W G P1-ORR 4919 217TH STREET THOMAS I A BOOTH Flu lrn al Cnnlraf for f1z1lr11a1Sujr Im: amlL1s,l1fn1gF1xfur1S WIIIIIQ rn Ilgfvf amf Pnurr 46 BFFKMAN AVF1NUE NORTH TARRYTOWN N Y FUI!! 1111111111: 0 MORNINGSIDE FARMS 34 C I 'XTRAL AVFNUE TARRH TOXX X 'N Y ul mlzmulv nr! fum and P111 11 THE C E WARD COMPANY NILW LO1N DON OHIO Graduafmn Caps and Gnu nv Band Um ormv Goum or Srbool Choir: and Cfrf' Club: CNOHIIJIIHIKHIS 0 DWYER FUNERAL HOME TARRYTONXN 1X Y H P CASSELL Sam! Gftlllltllltll To mall TIFI5 ton n N,1t1on11B1n1x Bulldlng, TARRYTOXXN N H Page Enghty sux 1 1 1 k A . . J 11 R. , D , ' - ' . -: -151 0 0 0 Xl' , A. f- N' .11 ' S BAYSIDE, LONG ISLAND, N. Y. Wfffi I-OR TREE CHM OCS 0 0 I ' - f 1 ,V .1 . .ly .47 I. Jf 14.3. V, ,A 1 - V HAT, Y. . , 1' - . f ' ' - V' In-' N: V , I ' " ' .l. . I P1101-: 119 1 JANUARY Senuors vote for the cap and gown for theur graduatuon un the fast approachung June N T rolls over last year s champs Hastungs 35 23 Scuence assembly amuses and gasses students Thurd Pro assembly guest speaker Muss Betty Robunson an Olympuc champ guves her umpressuons and requusute for the Real Amerucan Curl Peekskull run over by N T to the tune of 40 32 N T vuctoruous over Eduson Tech by 39 35 after traulung up to the last few munutes of play Bug excutement on the front steps as eleven new unutuates to the N T Hu Y are put through theur paces Sophomores hold theur annual Hop on January 28 N T edges over Ossunung wuth a close score of l9 I7 New song us unstututed at the assem bly sung to the tune of the Lambeth Walk N T punushes Pleasantvulle by 30 2l l70 absent at the hugh school un one afternoon because of tor rentual raunstorms FEBRUARY Orange and Black cage artusts scale over the vuctory wall of W l before 700 closely packed excuted fans By the way uf you don t remember the score was 30 25 W I game broadcast at N T from the gym up unto the audutoruum for those unfortunate fans too late for the rush unto the bleachers N T steps out of the H R L race to defeat Yonkers Luncoln Pageant presented N T adds her tenth successuve vuctory as the team sweeps o er the Peekskull quuntet by nune pounts funal score 33 24 N T truumphs over last year s League wunner Hastungs I8 I5 Eduson Tech of Mount Vernon edged out funally after N T struggled up and over a seven pount defucut Funal score 4l 38 Football Dance held a great Junuor gurls wun unterclass basketball pennant Frank P Johnson guves enlughtenung talk on the future of Chemurgy MARCH Leake and Watts rolls over N T 30 25 as the number l3 comes up Thus defeat came as a dusappountung funale to the teams wunnung streak twelve games straught Physucal Educatuon classes present assembly uncludung tap and clog dances fustucuff matches a luttle horse play square dance and uutta buggun Reverend Taylor guves unterestung talk on the lufe and hustory of Frederuck Phulupse the owner of the manor that bore hus name Freshman Hop held good tume had by all and all such stuff great success socually and funancually Suxteen Senuors receuve awards for theur cooperatuon un the varuous actuvutues around school Young Ameruca at least that part of ut un N T H S was told that Its up to you The speaker was Cufford Cordon a renown lecturer on Character Educatuon Playday held at N T Groups from Ossunung and lrvungton attended Soph gurls wun volley ball tutle Commercual classes present a play the cene of whuch us laud un an offuce as theur contrubutuon to the assembly pro grams Valeductoruan and Salutatoruan of the graduatung classes of l939 announced Names of the members of the Natuonal Honor Socuety N T H S chapter named un assembly Through the efforts and sponsorshup of Mr Turek Mr Phullup Shafts of the Reguonal Plan Assocuatuon for New York Cuty and Envurons lectured on populatuon communucatuon and transporta tuon problems and housung needs of New York Cuty He also showed wuth the aud of colored sludes what steps are already beung taken Page Enghty seven success .... N. T. clinches the H. R. L. title for basketball in l939. Q 1 . . 1 '- ' '. I - . . ' - Conzplzlmflztr 0 UNION HOSE ENGINE CO No 2 CORTLAND ST N TARRYTOWN N Y T xlaailnzg Im ma It um Sofia Ov 11111 alum D mf Iliff? uv lfmu fn ffn lim 1 and Sjnm Corlzpllzzzfnfs 0 Comfwlmzmfs 0 HERCULES CAMPBELL CHARLES 6 WALTER BODY CO Inc LUBERGER THE SAVAGE SCHOOL tblsh I oes tee g t RECREATION HEALTH and PHYSICAL EDUCATION co ege h p m t og Q95 FOR CLA E TERTNC' SEPTEM ER I T001 NEW BUILDING--454 WEST l55TH STREET A St NcholsA NEWYORK N Y e o ast Complzments 0 MATERIALS SUPPLY CO., Inc Page Eighty eignt ll O ., . , , , 1- 1 f 1 .U ',- I .x H LI " 'V . . ty- g' A, 'f' ll.. 'l lf , - A , ll O Esa i ed 890 ff r a hr year course preporin high school graduates to be eachers of in Il s, sc ools, laygrounds, recreation and co munity centers, camps and industrial organizations . . . Graduates of this course may complete Bachelor of Science Degree require- ments in one oddi ianal year at certain rec nized colle . RET? TER LCV. ES I-J , 1 ' B 8, i939 Co 'l f tooo ri-:1 ws: 0 Employment Burcuii for stodoiwrs and igrofintes t . i a ve. , . . Convenintt all tr ni lines o APRIL Easter vacatuon starts Aprul 5 School stull occupued as pruncupals re hearse theur parts for the operetta Back to the old grund on the I7 Curls decude to form a tennus team for the furst tume un N T Band Dance aduudged a classuc success by all attendung Crenaduers supplued the bubblung syncopatuon Muss Cunnungham s Cutuzenshup classes garner S25 Swope award for Composute essay on the socual aspects of N T un Seeung North Tarrytown s Problems MAY N T Board approves new budget Tax rate was reduced Zc Interest hugh un the annual school board electuons l 300 cast theur vote Muss Barron Mrs Greene and Mr Clufford Fusher were elected Annual open house held as usual there was a rather scarce attendance of parents un the Crown ups Senuor Hugh School Track team wuns truangular meet wuth Ossunung and Croton Junuor Prom commuttees have theur honorable noses to the honorable grundstone at the busuness of workung on the decoratuons spreadung the ballyhoo and boomung the tucket sales throughout the classes from the lowly kundergarten of the Hugh School namely the Frosh to the aloof and hugh and mughty Senuors Musuc assembly presented to help celebrate Natuonal Musuc Week un deah ol N Everyone enuoyed the program un whuch the band orchestra the gurl s chorus the boy s glee club all took a bug part Matunee of operetta Puckles presented to the grammar school chuldren A roarung success specualuzung un zuppy songs glutterung sets and costumung etc etc etc and e c ln Old Vuenna performed before an eager capacuty crowd of 600 New Talent appears and songs are absorbed unto hungry ears songs that wull echo around these classuc halls for many and many a day A dark shadow falls over N T as W I troops uts whole army across the poor chaps who happen to be on the nune of N T lncudentally the score was woe us me l5 l Repeat showung of the annual operetta before another capacuty auduence Show acclaumed a boomung success Candudates for student councul offuces of next year named Pres J Lauruno R Crochan F Chebetar V Pres J Kovach T Sherga Secy L Martun to McC-ehee Tennus champ of Scarborough Ossunung Dramatuc Club presents The Man un the Bowler Hat for the N T assembly excellent play and an excellent cast well receuved by our dear student body Petutuons favorung broach of the S A Constututuon to allow Joe Lauruno to run for Prexy next year were thrown out as unvalud Kovach throws l2 pound shot 482 at Leake and Watts un a non league meet N T defeats L 6 W by the score of 43 34 un the track events Student Councul electuon results Pres Ruchard Crochan V Pres Joseph Kovach Secy Louuse Martunson Treas Mary Tuerney N T tops lona Prep un fueld meet 382 3 to 38l 3 Junuor Prom goes over bug lOO N T ers attend NYWF vua S S Delaware N T trackers run wuld over W l 60 26 JUNE Workung wuthout a fueld N T s track team us undefeated un regular season places second un H R L meet at Peekskull Cardwell Kovach take fursts latter boostung shot put record to 48 l03Qz Estaban Heffernan Spear relay team take s ccnds All good thungs come to an end I939 Headless Horseman dustrubuted Funal Regents Exams come all too soon Tradutuonal Class Nucht and Sen or Bal tl'e great st sccual event of the year come and go Class of l939 presents two puctures to the school Boyhood of Raleugh deducated to the memory of James E Wat son pruncupal of the Elementary School l925 l938 and Northeaster deducated to Margaret Speddung Elementary School teacher l9l3 l939 who us returung Baccalaureate sermon deluvered by Reverend Lawrence Harkness of St Mark s Church Wulluam M Lewus presudent of Lafay ette College addresses lO9 Senuors at the graduatuon exercuses Senuors leave N T and uoun the ever growung ranks of Alumnu and the W P A Page Eughty nune son, A. Verroneg Treas.-A. Celtruda, M. Tierney .... Bob Johnston loses " ' " . . .... An I If , ' ' I . l ' J - l l l 1 lu J , e .... ' J J . . . l . l . : , F . . . . . U , Q I llll? A0f0gI'alJA5 Cl! Clll IHICQJ IF YOUR PHOTO APPLARS IN THIS BOOK YOU ARI1 URGhD TO SI IND US YOUR ORDLR IOR ADDITIONAL PORTRAITS NOW AT OUR SPI QIAI SCI-IOOI RATI S r AJFD:-X JIUDIOJ 212 XVLST 48TI-I STRHZT NEW YORK CITY TLI QI11LkLr1n5,4 3960 -31. ,Q f . . I 3 ' " I I I I 7 I ' , . , 1 A F A C' C' - K x , , - 'I 1 - T I- I D y - P ge Ninety , F E gg , JEMM MR PEASE I DTG fy gg XXJX If GPR' 'UN G5 Qmikgg W XXZN 'Nf- ET x K QM is eiffii P NELSON ' ,' gg W ' -rf Anmsrvns X KW AQTN f GJHEN THE TEAQHE A N.. - ' 4 4" , - xx 5 fn ww 9 Ll "E If-Q-A M K fl Ms l ' f . 5?-T 1 I fx A 4 V 1 'X J D V , , X A, ' Nj X : 4fr so - X N X f :A 4 A N , I I' I ,fl - I s 1 W' I 'H . 5 N iw Q CON LLC W 2 X N pq. Q : our of-' H15 f A g uconnumwy Q S SING-S" 1 l BOB JA Cl:DAn.Y :ff :NEI-'S 1: 1 5- BASKETBALL M?fl:IGr'?'o EES , ,,.ff,s:5"'::',f'0-' az- gg gg Q E1 s r:-am. Vow KUNHER N MA f U V ,, , s '7 6 If L-gflqts' NIT- s V A O O I G- A hh RE Page Ninety-one PHINHNH li HHVHHISINH SlHVIEl D1St1HCt1V9 pr1nt1ng l1ke all other processes of d1st1nct1on requlres a coord1nat1on of skrlls artrstry and bus1ness SSIVICG Complete modern equ1pment tra1ned craftsmen and creatrve Pr1nt1ng Company 1n the front rank for ma1nta1n1ng the best pr1nt1ng servrces rn f1ne typog raphy art1st1c layout perfect reproductlon accurate color Work and dependable produc t1on and dehvery schedules IIHlYtHPHINlINllEHMI1HNY NHNHHK N J planning have placed Colyer cl Henna Ol' LCA 85 Wuth the crash of tambourunes and the beautuful snngung of loyous vorces another gay operetta echoed through the spacnous N T H S audn torlum on May l2 and l3 Have you ever gazed on a beautiful garden In Wurtzelpraeter Vienna? Or have you shut your eyes and beheld a Gypsy camp In the evennng wnth colorful Gypsues moving among theur rustuc tents? Gan you nmaglne a group of Amerncan tourlsts at the hands of a trlbe of puck pocketlng Gypsles? These vnterestung questtons and many more compose the musvcal comedy entltled In Old Vienna or Pnckles Jonas H Pennangton an Amerscan mvlllonarre pickle manufacturer wrth has daughter June arrives In Vrenna amidst preparatlons for the annual rarnsval To hrs consternation he funds Jones has advertising expert adver tlslng Pennington s Peter Pnper Puckles too well An old acquaintance Lady Vuvuan a wealthy Englush woman also arruves on her annual quest nn search of her daughter who was lost near Vuenna at carnrval time when a baby Klnsku a pompous police chuef plots to substitute the lost chuld of Lady Vnvnan and thus wln her hand and her fortune A tribe of Gypsles vlsnts the carnival led by Jugo the chneftann and has supposed daughter Ilona Events lead all to the beautifully wooded Gypsy camp where a magnc pool reveals the face of Lady Vuvnan s daughter lt ns found that Ilona ns really Lady Vnvlan s daughter who was kndnaped by Jngo the chnef Jngo as flnally brought to hls day of reckon ne by Rumsku and Bumsku a rollscknng palr of Vuennese secret servlce men Klnskr s plot to substitute a Dutch wantress for Lady Vlvuan s real daughter ns exposed On the romantic snde Arthur Grefont a poor artist who ns mlserably despondent because of hus bad luck wins recognltron of hns art and fortu nately marries June Pennington the mllllonalres daught r Lady Vnvlan becomes Mrs Jonas Pennington Jones the pickle salesman ns rewarded nn has quest for llona s hand by wlnnlng her love and marrying her So lt has come to pass that pnckles mund you have played a mayor part rn the turnnng of events ID In Old Vnenna Gleverly dnrected by Mass Helen E Ferris Prckles was put on remarkably well by an unusually talented cast The elaborate stage settings were created by Mr Norman Ferguson Mrs Aluce Runyon s nnmble flngers accompanying on the pnano performed an excellent pnece of work Every person who partrclpated un the operetta ns to be congratulated From the burghers down to the chorus everyone dld has but to make the show a success Page Nlnety three K ' pl K 77 , . . . . ' . .. . . .. . . . . , , - . . . . - . . , , . . . I . ' ' Q , . , . . . ' . -1 D c. . , . . . ji: Wayne Wufcrac er lcRAMMAR scl-looL oPERE1TAl The Chrlstmas tree hangs full of those elegant yuletlde refreshments Grandpa adds to them hus guft to luttle Marne lt IS a Nutcracker whlch ns shaped luke a handsome young prunce When the gnfts are dlstrubuted Johnny trnes to snatch the Nutcracker from Marne and the Nutcracker s leg us torn off Grandpa promuses to get hum faxed and the children go to bed Outslde the snow flakes fall sulently on the moonlit blanket of the outside world Suddenly the Ghrustmas thrngs turn lnfe slze and come to lufe Glngerbread chlldren tln soldiers candy falrues and Chunese boys dance and sung for lo and behold the Nutcracker ns a Maglc Nutcracker' Then enters the mouse kung followed by the savage mouse brigade They at once begun to battle wuth the glngerbread chrldren But the reliable tan solduers led by the Nutcracker Prince wlth a crutch under one arm and a sword ln the other battles with them The Nutcracker Prnnce ns about to fall and be knlled by the mouse kung when Marne enters and knlls the mouse klng wlth her slupper Instantly the Nutcracker Prlnce turns out to be a real Prunce Gharmlng cruelly enchanted by the mouse kung who had cast a magic spell over the Prlnce untll a malden who dldn t fear a mouse fell nn love wnth Prlnce Carmung Such was the delightful story of the Christmas Operetta so splendldly done by the grade school players drrected by Mrs Catherine Turek Mrs Turek was assusted by the Musses Helen Deely Helen Funnegan Mary Gallagan Katherlne Gunlfoyle Josephnne Weyland Gertrude Henshaw and Mrs Alleen Tnffany lContmued from Page 691 mary Lennox vnce presldent Geraldune Speno secretary and Nancy Nlcolals treasurer The most nmportant gobs of the Student Gouncll thus year are the publl cation of the Headless Horseman yearbook sponsorship and guldance of the the Student Court and sponsorshup of the newly re organized Traffic Squad The usual sports fall under thus category also As the Assocnated Students brnngs to n end nts seventh year nn North Tarrytown Hugh School nt has become an mtegral part of the student lsfe rn our school May there be an enghth a nrnth and nnnety nnnth year of exus tence for thus form of character bulldung Student Gox ernment Page N nety four O - n - 1 . . 1 v - - 1 ' r . , . . 1 - - v , . ' . . . . . , . . r U U . . . r - t - - ' v r - 1 - rt -1 - - c. . ' . - . - , . I I - 146' l'l0LUL6!gQl'l'lel'lf6 The Headless Horseman Staff desIres to express ITS sIncere apprecIatIon to the Headless Horseman photographer engraver and prInter Photography Apeda StudIos 2l2 West Forty Elghth Street New York CIty Representahve Mr Harry Horton EngravIng MaIestIc College Annuals Inc SO West Seventeenth Street New York CIty Representahve Mr Andrew LessIn PrIntIng Colyer PrIntIng Company ll6 l32 Sussex Avenue Newark New Jersey Representahve Mr Edward Rezsman The staff deslres to thank The Westchester County PublIshers lnc for a number of photographs The advertIsers who have contrIbuted so substantIally toward the suc cess of the l939 Headless Horseman and to express the hope that they wIll be patromzed by our readers Teachers pupIls classes and clubs school people and vnllage people for theIr generous and wholehearted COODSFBTIOD Those whose Interest In the Photography Contest enabled us to have many Interestmg Informal pIctu e Woman s Day Magazme l9 West Forty Fourth Street New York CItx for Informal snapshots Mr Carlos de Zafra for assIstance on The North Tarrytown Parent Teacher ASSOCIETIOD Mr James Turek for detaIled advIce and sympathetIc apprecIatIon of the work Involved In puttmg out a fIrst class yearbook Pa e NInety fue The Daily News of Tarrytown for the use of their files of back issues, Page Nlnefy SIX coursn PRINTING co NEWARK N J I Xxx 0 f 'lmuln gf ,I"'1. 'Nr ff hi xW! 1 min C wx Shmmg mo' ln IU rmunu I rcmcm cr How my chlldhood flcctcd by Lv cwn O spmknnxg fruvh W Ln I bgmmg 1 man r thou rcv. s nlus vous ,on tha c C I pu wwwy childish than d thc 1 Iwool-boy II1 ' n Q f. ,I HI I I I I h N Oh, I do thunk it thv pIc'.1s.1nhsf1I1nn:g 'Art rcmnins fhc ons wav possible fv- .1 child . do," P 1 "Ani N 5c.1 I IL5 I fl " S ' I rIc, I V 1 V f . . qs. I am the little child you used to be. The thoughts of youth are long. long tl'l0UShl'5 Know then thyself Pass therefore not today Ih vam The proper study of mankind IS man For rt will never come again Hunger I5 a teacher of the Arts Grow old along wnh me The best ss yet to be f Q- 1. X 1 -4 - - . . . Q - . . ,, . . . ,. H . 4- - H ' - vt

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