North Syracuse High School - Northmen Yearbook (North Syracuse, NY)

 - Class of 1955

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fu.- 2 L A X ii if ,Xf--' Aw ,Ji X11 i 3-,-5, ij. fa n TT! f Q K NX K i l xx X S X U. 16 X. Xlx V ' ct X X! x x X -9 AO is iq HX XX . Q, V W Us R X f 1 ... V xx 1 0 f, ' K k Qlii-'H' ff, Qi X A QM I IQL X H7 'YI Wk 'iq f , wb X Q , f ' fffj 1 1 lg I nj YY X V' Ng a X X y tx VXQQQRXQXXN -Qi, 'XX I I QE,-' Q S 1 , 1 H , 1 J I I, H 5 , --WZiJ THE 2 SENIOR CLASS NORTH SYRACUSE CENTRAL scHooLs Noun-I sYRAcusE, New YORK 1955 STAFF JOSEPH KOWAL DEANNA BRISTOL PAUL CHRIST MARION LETTERMAN TERRY YOUNG JOAN BAJUS MRS MILLS MR CRANER MR LEONARD MR CORTESE MR PISTOLESE Edlfor In Chief Ari Edfror SecreI'ary Business EcIl+ors PI1o'rograpI1y Social Advlsor ASSISTBDI Advisors NANCY MERRIAM Li+erary CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS ACTIVITIES Page Page Page Page Page ORGANIZATIONS - . . . - . Page Q F A 4 1. 5' 9 vv-- . ...-.-.- f 1 J Wiki f 1- ':'f-,fig 'Zi ffhwm 1 'fn ... :ai :za ... 'I955 PETER SCHILLING E' ,kflcfy Zfwdj K, Plz'-C? 7t'l:.f c Peter Schilling is a fine representative of the foreign exchange student group studying in various schools through- out the United States. Born in Mannheim, Germany, he is now sixteen years of age and is looking forward to a career in chemical engineering. The senior class has been fortun- ate in gaining an enthusiastic fellow student from abroad. 7 1 , iff ff ACKNOWLEDGMENT For your help and guidance in producing well-round- ed and versatile school yearsg For your loyal support and encouragement, We, the class ot '55, attec- tionately dedicate this yearbook to you, Our class advisors. AND FACULTY ADMINISTRATICN .4::,?,X MR PAUL VVAGNER To Mr Wagner vnce p nrtpal of our sc ool goes our greatest admnra tnon for hns supervnsuon of the afternoon sessnon The double sessuon has been by no means easy yet Mr Wagner has mann tatned hugh standards and put forth hrs best efforts toward the urnprovernent of our school system Q 1 ADMINISTRATION MR CLARENCE ROBBINS To Mr Robblns pruncupal of our school goes our deepet apprecl atmon for the role he has played IW o r Ives e the Sensors are grateful for hs understandtng and guudance throughout our years as hns students To you Mr Robbnns go the slncere thanks of the sennor class of 55 ,Q-f M--QW ,413 MR. EARL ASSELSTINE A great pillar of our school has been Mr. Asselstine who has had a part in the develop- ment of our school system for thirty-four years, To Mr. Asselstine, District Superintendent, goes our gratitude for his unceasing efforts in im- proving the educational facilities of our system. I x in DR. MAURICE HAMMOND Many changes have taken place through the efforts of the District Principal of the North Syracuse Central School, Dr. Hammond. His administrative and co-ordinating abilities have gained far reaching recognition for our School system. fi ik MR. FREDERICK LUCHSINGER A very important figure in our school system is Mr. Luchsinger, the business manager. He is the co-ordinator of services related to budget- ing, fiscal planning, accounting, and the prepara- tion of statistical data required by the Board of Education, the public, and the State Education Department. Mr. Luchsinger is the President of the New York Association of Business Officials and is also an active member of the Association of School Business Officials of the United States and Canada. Our thanks to you, Mr. Luchsinger. HIGH scH00l sscnsmmes Mies. BARBARA HORTON BOARD OF EDUCATION SECRETARIES urs. Muriel Pearce, Mrs. Marjorie Merle Mrs Dorothy Davis. SECOND ROW- Ru h O Brven ' . Mrs Mass Phyllis Wickerf, Mrs, Mae Hatch .ZA 17 -4: T? BOARD OF EDUCATION f""N 'rw ig, gi 47.1. Q' vpn Au FIRST ROW: Dr, Maurice Hammond, Principal, Harry Bailey, Mr. George Young, Mr. Guy Cleve- Mr. Lewis Fergersort, Treasurer, Mr, Fred Sears, land, Mr. Henry Grirrtm, Mr. Fred Luclwsinger. President, Mr. Duarte Champion, Nlr. William NOT SHOWN: Mr. Leo Kirsch, Mr. Merritt Colarocco, Clerk, SECOND ROW: Mr, George Conway. Down, Mr. A. Horriey, Mr. Howard Abert, Mr. PARENT-TEACHER-STUDENT ASSOCIATION Stella Lehman, Mrs, owl ws. Safall ND ROW: my RMS Miiafea HUQHQS- SECO, HOPP' ." Mr. Ralph BUS 9' Mr. will-am Delaney' I I af 3 I i 5 i I i 5 E 'T S 1 .1--ni MR, T. HAINES Attendance Officer School Census Taker School Tax Collector Editor, Broadcaster MRS. J. CARSON Secretary FACULTY MRS. EILEEN H. ADAMS Albany State Teachers College, B.S.C., M.S. English 7, 8 Cheerleading Club MR. JOHN J, ADAMS Oswego State Teachers, B.S. Syracuse University, M.A, Social Studies 7, 8 Social Studies Club .4-'Q -l ,lv --A 'is' -plz 44" MISS HAZEL BANDLER Syracuse University Dental Hygiene Rochester Dental Dispensary MR. JOHN W. ANTES Syracuse University, B.S., M.S, Retailing, Bookkeeping Starnp Club ,anna MR. RALPH Buske fl Oswego State Teachers College B E Syracuse University, M.A Social Studies 7, 8 'Q-10 American History Student Council Advisor, Afternoon session MRS ELAINE BRADLEY C' New York State Institute at Canton 5 MISS DOLORES CASTANON University of South Carolina B A Syracuse University, M.A Spanish Spanish Club City College of New York Hunter, B.A. Columbia University MA """ Public Speaking and Debate Club MR. BRUCE A. CONROE Alfred University, B.A., M S Mathematics 7, 8 Photography Club New York State College at Albany, B-A-, M-A. Junior Class Advisor y 4l'-5 MR. MICHAEL CORTESE New York State College Introduction to Business Business Arithmetic Senior Class Advisor MISS JANET COVELL Syracuse University, B.F.A., M.A. Art 7, 8 Puppeteer Club MR. WILLIAM K. COVEY MR. WILLIAM T. DELANEY Syracuse University, A.B., M.A. Social Studies Civil Defense Club Syracuse University, A.B., M.S. Physical Education Boys' Tumbling MR. HARRY N. CRANER, JR. MISS NANCY DEVINE Syracuse University, B.S., M.S. Homemaking 7, 8 Junior Future Hornemakers of Arnerica Oswego State Teachers College, B.S., M.S. Industrial Cooperative Education MISS DOROTHY DECICCO MR MICHAEL DINUNZIO Syracuse University B A General Mathematics General Science Albany State Teachers College, B.A., M.A. Languages, English French Club MR. JOHN F, FOGARTY Syracuse University, AB. General Science 7, 8 Junior High Basketball Club MISS MARY E. FREDENBERG LeMoyne College, A.B. Syracuse University, M.A. English 7, 8 Cheerleading Club MR. FREDERICK DUBOIS Syracuse University, B.A., M.A. Guidance Counselor Director, Extracurricular Activities MR. FRED L. GALE St. Lawrence, B.S., M.A. General Science 7, 8 Science Club MISS JEANETTE DUNN State University for Teachers at Plattsburg, as., R.N. Nurse Junior Red Cross MR. ROBERT GIAMBATTISTA Syracuse University, B.A., M.A Social Studies, World History American His tory l, ll Future Teachers of America MR. BRUCE D. FERGUSON Syracuse University, A.B., M.S. English, Audio-Visual Director Proiectionist Club MR. DONALD J. GILBERT Oswego State Teachers College B S M S Industrial Arts, Driver Education Field and Stream Club MR. JOHN H. GOESSLING Syracuse University, B of P SM M A Social Studies, Citizenship Education Travel Club Senior High Student Council MR. LOUIS GUIDO Springfield College, BS Columbia University, MA Driver Education MR. ARCHIE D. HALL Syracuse University, B Director of Athletics Physical Education Athletic Association MR. ROLAND IVERS Syracuse University, B.F.A. Columbia University, M.F.A Art 9, 10, ll, l2 Junior Yearbook Club Cross Country MISS CAROL KATZUNG Lenoir Rhyne College, A.B. Syracuse University, M.A. English 9, io, 12 Cheerleaders Club .Ed. MR. ROBERT W. LALONDE Hartwick College, B.S. New York Universiry, M.A. Yale University Commerce Scribbler Advisor Shorlhand 'l 2 SecrefarlalPrac1ice MR. PHILIP LEONARD Albany State Teachers College B A M A Biology, Physics, General Science Junior Class Advisor N q,,.s. Y' 'CIS 'B '05 MR. JOSEPH LOJEWSKI Oswego State Teachers College, B.S. Syracuse University, M,S. Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing Shop Club MISS RITA MCMAHON Syracuse University, B.S., M.S. Homemaking Future Homemakers of America Advisor MRS. JANE MANCHESTER Elmira College, A.B. Mathematics MISS NORINE MEAGHER Geneseo State Teachers College, B.S. Syracuse University. M.S. Guidance Counselor MRS. SHIRLEY B, MERRIAM University of Massachusetts, B.S. University of Connecticut, MS. Mathematics 7, 8 Cheerleaders Club MRS. MARIAN MERRIAM Syracuse University, B.S., M.A. English 9, IO, 'I2 MRS. BETTY JANE MILLS Buffalo State Teachers, B.S. Canisius College, M.Ed. Social Studies 9 Senior Yearbook Advisor 'V MRS. JUNE PORUBEK University of Rochester, B.A., M.Ed. Mathematics 7. 8 Camera Club MISS OLIVE B. RANSOM New York College, Hunter, B.Mus.Ed. Syracuse University, M.Mus.Ed. Music fTheory, Harmony, Chorus, Voicel Music Appreciation Club MRS. FAITH NORTON University of Rochester, B.S., R.N. Columbia University, M.A. Nurse Junior Red Cross MRS. ELEANOR RAPACZ Albany State Teachers, A.B., M.A. Biology, Girls' Health MR. HUGO PINTI Riding Club Clarkson College of Technology, B.M.E. Syracuse University, M.S. Science, Mathematics Radio Club MR. EUSTACE RAULLI Oswego State Teachers, B.S. Syracuse University, M.S. Industrial Arts Senior Yearbook MR, LOUIS PISTOLESE Syracuse University, B.S,, M.S. Business Law, Retailing, Shorthand 2 Senior Yearbook MRS. DORIS REDDICK Syracuse University, B.S. Librarian MRS. MARION S. RICH Syracuse University, A.B., M.A. Social Studies, Citizenship Education Pen Pals Club MR, PETER SCHOLL St. Lawrence University, B.S., M.Ed. Physics, General Science, General Mathe- matics, Elementary Algebra Radio Club M MISS LUELLA M. ROBERTS Elmira College, B.A. Languages MRS. HENRIETTA SIMEONE' College of New Rochelle, B.A. Syracuse University, M.S. Librarian Cheerleaders Club MR. MARVIN .l. ROSENBERG City College of New York, B.S. Cornell University, M.S. Science 7, 8 Nature Study Club X MISS ESTHER A. SLEETH Syracuse University, B.S. English II, I2 Dramatics Club. b Q v uf 'ffiv -Inu X N I N , y A ,wif J , '.xf- ' fa' -If , - ' r,- ' 7 4 4 Q bfi Pr -21: f- l if K' l, 4 ' ,gifs 'gr - 1 'ages fwfr' 3'41'I'f.1-1 Q 'calf' EV ' 2-if-,git lj J MR. JOSEPH WEBER Syracuse University, BA., M,A, American History, World History Modern Music Club MR, JOHN WEGERSKI St. Bonaventure College, B.S. Syracuse University Elementary Algebra, Plane onometry Junior Class Advisor Coach, Varsity Basketball Line Coach, Football Assistant Coach, Baseball Geometry, MRS. EVELYN G. WHITE Columbia University, B.A., M.A. Physical Education, Health Girls' Tumbling Trig- MR. CARY E. WOOD Houghton College, A,B. Columbia University, M.A. Mathematics 7, 8 Knothole Club National Junior Honor Society 53 li FACULTY ROOMS ' ' wi, 4-Hz, uf i , A W , me I, . ,.,,:1,+vi.:,, U, , I I sc - .,'.-:,'wi,.11,,,,, ' at r 1 . sid" xfs. V . X 0: 'X x JANITORIAL STAFF FIRST ROW: Mrs. Helen Pike, Mr. Clement Spen- cer, Mrs. Clara Krupa, SECOND ROW: Mr. Guy Hibbard, Mr. Ben Bullet, Mr. Charles Morrison. BUS TIME I -Bn Of QSJUA RAL SCHOOLS OPERATOR SEATS 49 STANDS 9 SENIORS CLAS i"""F l '-'NANCY JE RUNET Vlce President Nance IU? LYNDA MELVIN Secretary yn TrnY 2 Athletic Assoclatlon Student Councll 3 4 FHA Spamsh Club 3 Ba ketball 'I 3 4 Bowlrng l Volleyball 2 3 4 Archeryl 2 3 4 Soc cer I Student Councnl 3 A Vnce Presrdent, Athletnc Assoc: atlon 4 AMBITION Physical Therapist lv Honor Roll l 2 QV 4 JV Cheer leaders 3 Varsfty Cheerleaders 4 Basketball 2 Volleyball 2 Archery 2 Junuor Red Cross 2 Student Councrl 3 Vrce Pres: dent Honor Soclety A AMBITION Laboratory Techm clan FFICERS ,rf l FREDRIC l. WATROUS President ,,,ke,, Spanish Club l, 2, Hockey Spanish Club Treasurer I, Vice President, Junior Class. AMBITlONAGeologisf 1 3: 2: if J! ,bf -H4 Lf ., ,' r , ilivi L 'jf 1- if A A . Jw .i ' - ,U ll , lk. 'l1,MV 1 I , fi my 1 'K 1 L rl I Lrv i H 1' !,gl1 if V ' u ik!! T li if .V ' xiii, L' l T J4- pq 5 is-is JOSEPH D. KovvAi. Treasurer "Joe" Astronomy Club l, 2, Sfuclem Council 'I, 3, Ag Track 2, 3, Ag Bowling 3, Yearbook Editor, As- tronomy Club President, Astron- omy Club Treasurer. AMBlTlONfJef Pilot or Com- mercial Artis' I easel li earl s- k'r I T U - I r v ' I r I v I -X , I ffl x , - I I I1 , , ERIC A. AHRENS XJ V ' JOHN PHIL APPK, "WlCk" "Jack"-" ' Camera Club I, Discussion Club 2pCOr1dUCflr'Ig Club 5YUdef1T Council li Afl1leYiC Associaf U 2, 3, 4: 3, Radio Club 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, Foofball 2, 3, 4: Hockey 3, 45 Basketball.2g Baseball Student Council 4. l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer AA 4, Junior Class President. AMBITION-Jet Pilot I X-fl A Q X I Z jj ,p Iv' ' I I 312 'li l ok- 4 X , I fx Wg f 2593, WILLIAM ARMANI HERBERT L. ARNOLD Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, Conducting Club HBU'Cl"N 37 Modern Music Club 4, Track 2, 37 All-State Band 27 Yearbgok 4, Sportgmen 1, 2, Golf 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Presidenf,Modern Music Club. Varsity Basketball 3, Varsity Basketball A, Junior AMBITION-To make a name for myself and my VBVSHY Foolball 35 5ef'l0f Pl5Y 4- drums AMBITION-Success GM Zi Jr., ffjuj X ,Wmu,,, , XO! J! . ' 4, f DIVCQX I ' ' J f -410 ,ui ' I f XE A 17 I -f f .i iff' Lois BAUER JOAN ANN BAJUS "Shorty" ".loanie" Girls' Shop One Year, Tri-Y, President Two Years, Girls' Shop lg Honor Roll lg Junior Red Cross 2, Music Appreciation Three years, Yearbook Four Years, Archery 2, 3, Basketball 2, Junior Yearbook 3, Senior rsenioni president of1-WY' Sophomore Year' ' , l A ' N Yearbook Ag Student Council 4, Junior Prom Court AMBNIQN-To -navel O1 Oy! 3, President, Junior Red Cross, Senior Planning Com- N N ' N mittee, Co-Chairman. ,llf it , ,J , Wi Wlw JEANNE BAKEMAN "Jeanne" Athletic Association lg Senior Maiorette I, 2, 3, Athletic Association 2, Girls' Shop 3, Senior Year- book 4, Head Senior Maiorette 3, 4, Treasurer, Athletic Association 2. AMBITION-Secretary W 'goivfllif Ml if A AMBlTION-To be a lawyer f K . i 1 -, ,ff x XT iff 2 J if l 4. l RICHARD E. BARNEY "Dick" Model Airplane I, Radio One 3. AMBITION-Automobile Mechanic 3l QM A211 M ,W077 MQW ' ' X 3 f ,W C fm! W0 ' ' CHARLOTTE BAR E "Chickie" Student Council lg Spanish Club 2, 3, Cheerleader JV 2, Varsity 3, 47 Scribbler 4, Yearbook Club 4, AA 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 4, Basketball A, Softball 45 Spanish Club Treasurer 25 Spanish Club President 3, Head Varsit heerleader 4. AMBIRIO - irline Hostess G 'li A A 'V W l i Rx W' J , ., A , A 4 'N v'i .fi lil :hXgiQ ljl2eb! Y ,val JOHN BEAM "Jack" Basketball Club lg AA 25 Music Appreciation 35 Chorus 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Tennis 3, Hockey 3, 4. AMBITION-Construction li if A 5 lllll lg WL U0 i ,Lv N of lf ,wi MJ J 1 pix 1 Q il' 3 0 iwwn ,lfbfl l PAUL A. BAUER Camera Club lg Student Council 3, American Friends Service Committee Club 25 Radio Club 3, 4, Vice President AFSCC, Radio Club. AMBITION-To be first on rocketship to moon N . JEANNE BEEBE Junior Red Cross lpGirls' Shop 3, Senior Yearbook A. AMBITION-Nurse ' ' JOAN BELL Y ff? 151 J! U Kwan wh.:-'rv MW f uwj 4.1 EDWARD STANLEY BENDERSKI AAI Sportsmani Hockey Varsity Football One Year Varsity AMBITION Aeronautical Engineer 'ff X W Milf. E ... I I I WWW HOWARD R. BENTLEY Sportsman Club- FFA. I mlffw I fl ELSIE BETSCH Butch Junior Red Cross I 2- Student Council 2, 3- Senior Yearbook Club 49 Chorus I, 2, 35 Choir 2- Basket' 3, 4- Vo eyball 4- Softball I 2, 3, - Junior Red Cross, Treasurer. AMBITION-To attend Albany State Teachers College 33 1 "56- , f X W Jlw l MARILYN BLANCHARD "Mare" Girls' Shop 'lp Dramatics 2, Junior Yearbook 3, Sen- ior Yearbook 4, Chorus 2, 3. AMBITIONWTO go to Comptometer School 13 i 1 any' M' all GRAEME A. BoLiA Sportsman Club I, 2, Archery Club 3 avi? f'-Fi' Mil DEANNA BRISTOL NANETTE M. BROWN ,Deen ,Wann Junior Red Cross 'lg Chorus l, 27 Choir 2, Student Camera Club li Glee Clvb 2: Sfiflbblef ClUl-'P 3 Council 2, 3, Yearbook 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Yearbook 45 Chorus l, 2, 3, Bowling 4. Archery 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, AMBITION-To be a nurse Junior Red Cross President lg Student Council Secretary 3, Yearbook Secretary 45 Honor Roll Presi- dent 4. 34 AMBITION-To attend Oswego State l '23 NANCY JEAN BRUNET "Nance" Honor Roll 'l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Shop 'l, Junior Red Cross 2, Basketball, Volleyball, Archery 2, Student Council 3, Vice President, Senior Class 4, Vice President, Honor Society 4, President Girls' Shop Club l. AMBITION-Laboratory Technician l " 5 , CHARLOTTE BRUTCHER "ChaH' Girls' Shop I, Tri-Y 2, Junior Yearbook 3, Senior Yearbook 4. AMBITION-To get married 'X ., X Iv f MP! -f . i 1 I . .M Q , .gig - X If - 1 CHARLES BURKETT MARILYN DOROTHY BUTLER "Spike" "Mare" Sportsman Club I, 2, Athletic Association 3, 4, Junior Red Cross l, Junior Red Cross 2, Junior Basketball JV, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Baseball JV, Varsity Yearbook 3, Senior Yearbook 4. 2, 3, 4, Football, Varsity 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Senior AMBITION-To go ,O business school Play 4, All-State Sectionals 4, President, Athletic Association 4. 9 35 DAVID CASE "Dextor" Sportsman Club 3g JV Basketball 35 JV Varsity Basketball 4. AMBITION-Salesman Football 45 GEORGE P. CASE AMBITION-Navy Qr' of ffliffs ffl W yu' M ARLENE R. CHAPEL NORMA JEAN CHARLEBOIS ffA,H "Normie" Junior Red Cn-,Ss 1, 2: FHA 3, 4. Spanish Club lg Astronomy Club 27 Travel Club 3 . .. Travel Club 4- Treasurer, Astronomy Club 2 Treas A - I ' MB'T'ON To become a Dlelmar urer, Travel Club 35 Treasurer, Travel Club 4 36 AMBITION-Private Secretary 1 I " TWT IW EX X , V . Mawr' HARVEY WILLIAM CHASE ELLEN RUTH CHRIST "Harv" "Ellie" Stamp l, 2, Sportsman Club 3, Travel Club 4. Junior Red Cross 'Ig Junior Red Cross 25 Future AMB'-HON-Engineering Homemakers of America 2, Library 3, Senior Year- book 4. AMBITION-To be a nurse , f M .ku ' l If NIA i ZJJ- D 'NTU lyk I Qljeffljg, I 075 I L! 3 K a L PAUL CHRIST JOAN G. CLEMENS Scribbler Staff I, Tennis Team i, 2, 3, Camera ujonlu Club 2, Travel Club 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Student Travel Club 2, 3, 4: SeCrel8fY, Tfavel Club 3- Council 4, Delegate to Yearbook Conference 45 AMBn.oN,-ro be successful in whagevef I Undertake Yearbook Staff 4, American Legion Oratorical Con- test 4, Business Manager of the Yearbook 4. AMBITlON-Engineer 37 , y I ,. I i f 3 Mall "' MARILYN A. Cooic MARY ANN COSCO "Cookie" HMBVYH Library Club 2, 35 French and Latin Club 'I5 Riding AMBlTlON-T0 be 5 nUfSe Club 3, 45 Chorus 15 Yearbook Club 45 President Library Club 35 Secretary-Treasurer, Riding Club 3, 4. AMBITION-To be a Librarian if ,fiiwll PA1'RicuA CRAWSHAW MARiLYN FRANCES Czvz Chorus 'l, 2, 35 Choir 25 Junior Red Cross I, 25 Hrardsn Student Council 35 Senior Yearbook 45 Softball 1, 25 Spanish Club I5 Astronomy Club 25 Modern Music Bowling 3, 45 Vice President, Junior Red Cross 25 Club 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Tennis 25 Archery 35 Stu- Vice President, Girls' Bowling 4. dent Council 45 Vice President, Modern Music 4. AMBITION-Nurse Vgjjull! IMCJL' ry ,ik ' 'il ir ' r in 99' J VM 1 vliikif ni Q GLF il il' A 'l il' 1 N W ll L 5 klll di-ll rlfl JJ Lb W l ,K Jlyl' W ' xl J , i an fl' LX lvl, 3 T719 5 A ,, V ,Ill J i X 'J LV ANL I il pf, My View X id nw bra JK A C ,Job In ' .1 J ll Ml All nivll 'fy If 'Q K l ku ,filgll I kj x 1 37 MARTHA DAVISON MARION EVELYN DELAND "Marry" "Mike" FHA 1. 2, 3, 4: Spanish 3: Archery 1, 2: Yearbook FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, Chorus 1, 2, Archery 4: Chorus l, 2: Tennis 2: FHA, Treasurer 2: ASSiS' 37 Spanish Club 35 Recreation Chairman, FHA 37 1anfDistricf FHA leidef 2, 3, 4- President FHA 45 Vice President Freshman Homee AMBITION-College and Teaching f00m l- AMBITION-Nurpe rf" n Nl 2 2 F if I i by I Q V I fl A , wi' I BEVERLY C. DELISLE WALTER DEPO Bev" "Hans" Chorus l, 2, 45 Music Club 25 Scribbler lg Junior Art if Airplane Club 25 Travel Club 3g Travel Club Yearbook 3. 4, AMBITION-Comptometer Operator AMBITION-'Pro Wrestler 39 5-'UK it ROBERT JAMES DIAMOND 5 RALPH 115051, "Deke" Baseball li Foofball l- Stamp Club 1, 25 Spanish Club 35 Travel Club 45 AMBITION-College and Architect President of Travel Club 4. Witt MARGARET DONEGAN JUNE . HMargieH FHA 1, 25 Chorus l, 25 Tennis 25 Archery 2, 35 Junior Yearbook5 Scribbler5 Afternoon Paper. Volleyball 2, 35 Basketball 2, 35 Spanish 35 Yearbook AMBITION-Marriage 45 Bowling 45 Secretary, Bowling 4. AMBITION-Teaching 40 'S i I NV N ll J ll U- DAvno DANIAL Emcx JUDITH EHEGARTNER Pogecfo Club I Sc bbler 2 3 4 AMBITION M h sto Tool ake AMBITION Secrefay M if Wm L. Ml WALTER ERNEST EIFLER NOEL FILES Wal' plane Club I 2 era I 3 A Track x 0 W . ll , X h l W 5 P? 1 f 2 s l l-Xl X Q ::g KQV c 52 EE 7 a l 1, J L, " M 1 4 L dv' , 5 if if 'N 4. ' " Air , . m 5 Travel Club 2, , 5 2, 3, 4. THERESA FOSTER Red Cross l Scrubbler 2 Girls Shop 3 AMBITION Operate Beauty Shop MARLENE GERHARDT Human Relations 1 Junior Red Cross 2 Sensor Yearbook 4, Tru Y 2 AMBITION Private Secretary 42 LARRY FURCO Sports Clubl Football2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 'L AMBITION Electrical Engmeer PATRICIA GLEASON 5 Jumor Yearbook AMBITION Marruage , Y 'X X A I MXN ' 'T V . I A i . . . Q, , f L LW T.- 4! ,. v0 X v , f ' : !' ' ' '1 Wir R 'rfiv' . u"'l"f, ' f S 'i Q I v HPF, Y N-.L I 9 ROBERT GUILBEAN JOSEPHINE ANN GuiN'ro "Bob" "JO" Camera Club 15 Airplane Club 25 Astronomers Cheerleading lp Basketball 25 Volleyball 35 Scribbler Club 3, 3, 45 Basketball 45 Yearbook 4. AMBITION-Retail Siore Manager AMBITION-To be a secretary ,J- W ,yi lf! I ,'j fill lid" if 'cl W lllifdlff fl X A l l PRiCll.i.A HAGEMAN JOSEPHINE HANDZEL "Honey" "Jo" Spanish Club lg Astronomy and Outing Club 25 Girls' Shop lg Junior Red Cross 25 Junior Yearbook Junior Yearbook 35 Senior Yearbook 45 Bowling 25 35 Modern Music 45 Basketball5 Archery5 Volleyball5 C0'Edll0f0f -lUV1iOf YedfbOOl1. Bowling5 Vice President, Girls' Shop I5 President, AMBITION-To undersiand people better Modem MU5lC 4- AMBITION-Secretary 43 JAMES HANSEN ,,Jim,, FFA 'l, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel, FFA 1953-54, Vice Presi- deni, FFA 1954-55. AQ f 5 I 1 I DAVID HARDY Camera Club lg Spanish Club 2, 3, Archery 4 LORRAINE HARmNoToN KENNETH HAYES Spanish Club lp Latin Club 2, Music Appreciation "SHP" 3, Travel Club 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, All-State Sec- Civil Defense 3. tionals 4. AMBITION-Bible School o 44 C! 45 ar BARBARA J. HERRMANN "Barb" ROBERT L. HEMINGS .,Bob,, Archery lp Sportsman Club l, 3. AMBITION-To be a forest ranger Newspaper Club If Scribbler 27 Junior Yearbook 3. AMBITION-To travel all over the United States rvelxq I7 ax OX eivmfqwrzoa X96 v0jYSXn Iioasnlgnow. Q1 e, ,Nb Qdlxvl 05 of?" R or ai MWYMW M DOROTHY E. Hlcxoic ARTHUR P. HOEFLER, JR. "D0die'f "An" Spanish Club Ig Astronomy Club 2g Junior Yearbook AMBITION-Civil Engineering 35 Senior Yearbook 45 Tennis 2, 37 Basketball 35 President, Astronomy Club 2g Business Editor of Junior Yearbook. AMBITION-To be a nurse 45 ,am 'Vw' PATRICIA A. HOMAN Hpafu FFA 15 Tri-Y 25 Student Council 35 JV Cheerleading 45 Chorus I, 25 Volleyball 35 Basketball 35 Arch- ery 'l, 2. AMBITION-Teacher iso SI-IEILA HUGHES ,,She,, Student Council 'I5 Tri-Y 25 Junior Yearbook 35 Senior Yearbook 4. AMBITION-To be a success at whatever I do 46 I Q09 X SSM W WWI Y JOAN LOUISE How "H0Ppy" Library Club 1, 2, 35 Senior Yearbook 45 Riding Club 3, 45 Archery 3, 45 Volleyball 45 Band I5 Li- brary Club, Secretary-Treasurer 35 Manager, Archery Team. AMBITION-To go to college ff to 1 5 if It , INEz ELIZABETH HUGHSON nlnieu Spanish Club 1, 25 Music Appreciation 35 Chorus 2, 35 FHA 4. AMBITION-To be a homemaker :hx CAROL HURLEY "Care" Spanish Club lg Junior Red Cross 2, FHA 3, 4, Soccer 2, Volleyball 3, Chorus 3. AMBITION-Secretary 1 ,ww . ylgkfljo' .Joe MJXJJ limi J lllffwf .T . J 1 f 1 . ,Wf- f, - -QM . ANDREA DELL VIRGINIA HYDE "Andie" Spanish Club 1, 3, Dramatics Club 2, Senior Year- book 4, Archery 4, Senior Play, Secretary of Spanish Club 3. AMBITION-A singer on Broadway if W5WW 2' VA cf M 1 V ,N M! ,fm , ,ws-v x-' 3 lil NANCY HYTRON "Nance" Red Cross lg Honor Roll lg Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, JV Cheerleading 2, Baseball l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Volleyball 3, AA 2, 3, 45 Bowling 3, 4, Yearbook Club 4, Junior Prom Court. AMBlTlON-To graduate from college ill? , GAYNE L JACKSON ,,Gay,, Discussion Club If Tri-Y 2, Junior Yearbook 3, Basketball 3, Volleyball 3: Bowling 2. AMBITION-To Travel 47 i 42. i -.., , I, ,gt st? S? BEVERLY GRACE JEWELL HBH., Foreign Pen Pal Club 2, 3, 4, President, Foreign Pen Pal Club 3. AMBITION-To Travel ""'h I eE , 321, 2 l MARILYN KAPPESSER "Mernie" Red Cross l, Health Club 1, Foreign Pen Pals 2, Library Club 3, Riding Club 3, FHA 4, Riding Club 4. AMBITION-To own a riding stable 48 JST, WV ti N JAMES JoHsT , ,,,,m,, Sportsm Cl 'l, od and Fashion 2, Radio Club 3, Sport an C , President of Homeroom l. Q BARBARA ELIZABETH KATZUNG ffsabeff Red Cross l, Student Council 2, Soccer 2, 3, Volley- ball 3, Basketball 3, Softball 2, 3, All-State Sec- tional 2, 3, Conductor 3, Riding Club 3, Oratorical Contest 3, 4, Citizenship Conference 3, Junior Prom Manager, Student Council 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Representative, Student Council 2, Secretary Junior Class 3, President Student Coun' cil 4. AMBITION-Nursing 7 ii ,, Q , 0 6 Q' X Q91 -2032! 7 C' gg Spec. 'Z M6 - N 5 .7 CX' H? E RJ . S ,XV SSE 2-J , . X 7- J Q, BETSY ANN 'X ROBERT W. KING ,,BerZ,, A X6 X ,,Bob,, Dramatics Club 1, Chorus 1, Ba ketball iplley- XP Art Club lg American Friends Club 27 Ra ball 1, Soccer lg School Paper - Basket all - L Rf 37 Travel Club 45 Track 3, 4, Vice Presidt Volleyball 2, Chorus 3, Junior Yearboo g FHA 4. YS Club. AMBITlONfStenograpl'1e ' xp AMBITION-Admiral in Navy Qs ,un f 51, QQ6 51. N is it ll lrl 2 ill, -I DAVID A. Kopp Josepr-4 D. KowA1. HDGVEH HJOCH Airplane Club lg Sportsman Club 2, Bowling I, 3, 4. Astronomy Club 1, 25 Student Council 1, 3, 4 AMBITION-Carpenter 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, Treasurer, Senior Class, book Editorg President and Jreasurer, Ast: Club. AMBITION-Jet Pilot or Commercial Artist ly JOAN KRIESE Music Appreciation l5 Pen Pals 25 Volleyball 35 Soccer 35 Softball 2, 35 Junior Yearbook 35 Senior Yearbook 45 President, Music Appreciation. AMBITION-To attend Powelson Business School .f ig!! 4fl 51 1, OW lbw 'w lil 55 W M llgllyllllrl ill W P Wo JK. 5, xi Lf .QV ,rail :gli 1300 lame F1927 .0171 541 tl i Ross RT KROHL ,,Bob,, AA 15 Basketball 25 Sportsman Club 35 l X Baseball 3 5'-Pac AUDREY ELIZABETH LANE RICHARD LANE "Auddie" "Dizzy Glee Club 1, 25 Chorus 1, 2, 45 Music Appreciation Sportsman 'l5 Choir 15 Baseball 25 AA 35 Bagkefball Club I5 Junior Red Cross l5 Dramatic Club 4. 31 Cl10I'US 3 AMBITION-To qo into government work 50 . z A , 1 Q- . Ai J I -, ff fjrgairf' JULIA ANN LAROSE "Squirt" Honor Roll l, Discussion Club I, Library Club 2, 3, Scribbler 3, Archery 3, 4, Junior Prom Court 3, Yearbook Club 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew, Senior Piay, Vice President, Library Club 3, AMBITION-Policewoman 'av , WMM .M Www' i ' ' ffifw LINDA MARY LEGERE Music Appreciation l, Scribbler 2, Tennis 2, Junior Yearbook 3, Basketball 3, Volleyball 3, Tennis 3, Senior Yearbook 4, Bowling 4, Tennis 4, Senior Play A, Treasurer, Music Appreciation l. AMBITION-Business School K I iv- P' Auce MAE LATHROP FHA T, Scribbler 2, Junior Yearbook 3. AMBITION-To be a homemaker 1: , MARlON E. LETTERMAN Junior High Paper I, Scribbler 2, Softball 3, Junior Yearbook 3, Senior Yearbook 4, Assistant Editor, Junior High Paper I. AMBITION-To be a Certified Public Accountant SI . . l if S' Y AQ MARGARET LOMBARD DOROTHY Luce "Margie" "Doi" Dramaiic Club lg Camera Club 25 Archery 35 Study Discussion Club 15 Future Homemakers of America Hall 45 Softball 45 Secretary of Camera Club 2. I, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer, FHA 3. AMBITION-Air Hostess AMBITION-Secretary Ml 4352? ffrjimi fi?-'BT Alwyb Tgiigxl 3 A--1 T 5 is -M 33 A ' X? A lui ELIZABETH MAGUIRE MARY MALONEY "Betty" "Mare" Discussion Club I5 Junior Red Cross 25 Junior Year- Junior Red Cross l, 25 Library 35 Scribbler 45 book 35 Girls' Bowling 25 Girls' Basketball 3. Soccer 45 Chorus 4. AMBITION-To join AAF AMBITION-Teacher .I P Rose MARY MARLEY CLARENCE MCLEAN "Rosie" "Chick" Scribbler 1, Music Appreciation 2, Junior Yearbook FFA I, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Junior Yearbook 3 3, Cheerleading Club 4, Softball-I, 2, 3, Basketball Basketball I, Shop Club 2. 'l, 2, 3, Volleyball l, 2, 3, JV Cheerleader 3, Var- AMBI1-ION-Engineer sity Cheerleader 4. AMBITION-Dental Hygienist iffy' We 5 MARY JEAN McLucKaE ELAINE Meoemos HJe5""l'?N Discussion Club I, Tri-Y 2, Junior Yearbook 3, Soc- Scribbler I, Music Appreciation 2, Junior Yearbook cer 3, Volleyball 3, Student Council 3, Senior Year- 3, Senior Yearbook 4, All-State Choir 3, 4, Oratori-. book 4. cal Contest 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 3. AMBIUON-p,iva,e SeC,e,a,y 53 F' ? A FREDERICK MELVIN "Fred" R FFA I, 2, 3, 4. lv AMBITION-Dairy Farrner eil LYNDA MELVIN ,,Lyn,, Student Council 1, 3, 45 FHA lg Tri-Y 25 Spanish Club 35 AA 45 Basketball I, 45 Bowling 15 Volleyball 1, 45 Archery l, 45 Soccer i5 Secretary, Senior Class 45 Representative, Student Council 3, 45 Vice Presi- dent, AA 4. AMBITION-Physical Therapist ggi? N ml fp JW M fffr7'A,,.,x f2"59il if wM.JW"' WMM ,. , NANCY LYNN MERRiAM JANET NANCY MERRICK ,Wann ,Wann Chorus l, 2, 35 Glee Club lp Junior Red Cross lg Junior Red Cross l, 25 Tri-Y 25 Junior Yearbook 35 Scribbler Staff 2, 35 Voice 2, 35 Senior Yearbook 45 Bowling 4. Bowling 45 Softball 45 Literary Editor, Yearbook 4. AMBIUON-To be a nurse AMBITION-To be a nurse 54 D , , - 'i 4 3 ' GEORGE METCALF MARY MURRAY "Bud" "Mare" Student Council 'lg Latin Club lp Representative, Girls' Shop If Junior Red Cross 2, 35 Seni Student Council 'l. book 4g President, Junior Red Cross 2. AMBITION-Architect AMBITION-Private Secretary fffifli we Www Etwjie ljiwfyfjgf .., A J. Q . HELEN NEIMEIER THOMAS GENE OSWALD Junior Red Cross 25 Gym Exhibition 25 Volleyball Noll' 25 Soccer 29 Archery 25 Scribbler 25 Senior Year- Senlfif Yeafl-700k Club 4: V5"5l7Y Foolball 4 book 4. Baseball 4. AMBITION-Medical Secretary . T' PA L M E R ,,G,O,, Red Cross lg Archery 'lg Student Council 2, Foreign Pen Pals 2, Volleyball 21 Chorus 2, 3, Junior Year- book 3, Yearbook Picture Staff 4. AMBITION-Beauiiclan -x WI L LIAM LEON PARisoT "Bill" AMBITION-Electrician KURT PAULSON ' ESTHER PERRY Airplane Club 2, Proiection Club 3. MESH Library Club 2, Student Council 3, Cheerleading Club 47 Chorus 3, 4, Baseball 2, Bowling 3, 4, JV Cheerleader 35 Varsity Cheerleader 4, Vice Presi- dent, Student Council 4, AMBITION-To be a secretary 0 2.5 V1 pa? GJ XSL! Ig-,711 5 our Cf' f!0C. 'Q-I LEE PICKARD LARRY PUTNAM Pmky Putt Travel Clubl Gymnastlc Club I Yearbook Baseball Spoyismen Club l 2 3 Sfudy Hall 4 AMBITION Navy l fffllwjlm , 1 '? NS 1' ef ' BARBARA REMON ' CARMEN RICCELLI Barb Carp" Jumor Red Cross l 2, Chorus l 2, Band 2, 3, 4, AA 3, Chorus 3, 4, AllState Chorus 4, Baseball Jumor Yearbook 3, Sensor Yearbook 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Sevylor Play 4 X I, 2, Vnce Presrdent, Jumor Red Cross AMBITION To 90,0 college AMBITION To be a nurse 57 1 C, 6,-,4 Q ,.Y,. 'fv ' n . K 1 l "1" I .'.,,-L, Y ' ' ' f, f,Pw-i I my V: lll , -4,,,, c --,. ' C VVA., , N ,,., . ' A ay , 1 JF f, W f fl l, A ,Q l 4 'V "5 Q0 New f - l 7 l I gy 'Q lgvffdj I ' ,Xl I . in -ir ff! ll WA' X Q4 A , X ' X , ' ..A ng , , , 1 L, Q Q ' qi' ' 'V ' E, 2 l i YVONNE RICE Senior Yearbook 4. AMBITION-To own my own business or join the service A H .. , A -0 7ll 111 ELINOR ROBERTS fffueff Girls' Shop 15 Scribbler 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Associate 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Volleyball 25 Soccer 25 Co- Editor of Scribbler 3. AMBITION-To be a success in whatever l do 5 3l,ll lbw X ma A 5 'ri i':l'i ' f .535 . ,,.,-,,,: 5 f":.::.-3 5-f ., I ,,-'f3:::::,: .I 151:33 :nf -1,..A.., 2 5 ,.,' '.'y?,.- .. J ,r,,-',,. .iw 3.7, ',h.Q-'Q' 1 A -.ray Y - ,u , , , p , "ri lol :Ln 5 ,,..v-f . . 'v., :V zffz' pl--2' f,f.!'fCr,f"f, ,- ru, H -'IQ'-. .Lg L ,.-g,,l,5-gl ,fx,gf,fyf,', y , ,.,,' ,iw- ..,, - ',.v'1.,'5.f- frffh J- fy' "-v .f .. 2-it m fr-.V-:mtv f,vJwi7,n 1 H 4' ..: N. j,4+'1t'f,g' ,'f,fa,'f, fr. .1 1-1 --M. .wif if' ,.,',14' .uri 41'-A H1 "M, Q'-',w,-x' fl-'ffvff'-,-,'. fr-o 1 -...H w ' i., 5,g,..':,.tL ,fhyj.,,,,y.5 -, -vi. .it.,. . .-"-tv.-I-111. f. zrfvxl :xv---A WILLIAM RICHARDSON "Rich" Science and Astronomy 25 Travel Club 35 Bowl- ing 3, 4. AMBITION-To be an FBI Man ,ADW na PHYLLIS ANNE RODER "Phil" Radio Club 15 FHA 35 Senior Yearbook 45 Baseball 35 Volleyball 35 Basketball 3. , AMBITION-To attend Powelson ,I ft .wnnv ...,!"f. 3-3, .1 14 1. 'V Ht .. , . ..... .., .., Q...-I.-.zgzgpw-: f '."'.sf-,s.j. 'Mgr-.,::-.233--. '-- '.'-,gf t A ,,, , 4...-.J-..f.J" -... ,.,.,, up . .,.:'. 7 I an M xml WWE . a na. . ,,, , t.. , ,..,:.,. , ,y aff r xxx: Q.. ..,,'y , pr, .. ,,, ng, .- ' .' t t. , ,.:,. I . mx. ... , , , . , ywxpnu .af-.-.. -. --.3 ,' In-.' . fe . nv- --.... "J- : In J' l D -.nv ww '-. 'u A f of-...... .... ,, .,-,'.'f,4. p 1 ---. . . . ,555 ',y:s ::4.,:--, . .,f pu. . . ..:,5 ,.,1.g,ZQ I L M.: ...g-:'L-3112 - . -5 .. -. gn.. Q --I:--L-1115.1-W. I 5 ',".'.,v, ,'m..:"--- ...Jig 534.81311 13,15 .:.'5,:,?,n Mljfjr-.'2:: Tx... "ug ,.,n I- . 5 1 1. yawn vnu, 1.19. as .,s?,'.g.v ,-+1-,.,---..,. Mx: .L ,., .u Y buf.. p- , vnu: yu. "sir:-ILC. .2233 J1f:I'."'I-iff' ':uQ32t::3332 WILLIAM C. ROEHM "Bill" Sportsman Club 3, Art Club l. AMBITION-Building Contractor ZZLQ - 'TI' . ,-.Sgr-r' ,L m::,m.,,:g.:: -. lf 'f . lilifkf lffn' an .. '-his .,g:..3g-2 HQ'-af' -9.2312 ra2'M.f? 5-1 1 .N . pf? in is a,: A I all . I' 0, .jx CLINTON RUMBLE ,,Pa,,, I Q -W AA l, 2, Sportsman Club 3, Football 2, 3, AMBlTlON-To own a Cadillac NANCY ROUSCHE "Nanc" Student Council lp Shop Club lg Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Baseball I, Soccer 25 Scribbler 2, 3, 45 Year- book 4, Editor, Scribbler 3. AMBITION-First woman president aw 3 'Z H . ig? I ' ' jf g, Y I 'M ' Q ROBERTA M. RUSSELL "Bobbie" Spanish Club l, 2, 3, AA 4, All-State 3, 4, All- County 2, 3, Senior Play 4g Cheerleading JV 2, 4, Cheerleading Varsity 3: Vice President, Spanish Club l53-541. AMBITION-Airline Hostess 59 p fi 77 if l Q jllljlll will . X. ELIZABETH ANN Russo ROBERT SATTLER ffl-ilu Hsaff Archery lg Pen Pals Club If Red Cross Club 2, Sportsman Club 1, 2, 3, Football Varsity 2, 3, 4 Junior Yeafbook 3, Senior Yembook 4. Basketball JV 2, Basketball Varsity 4, Vice Presi dent, Sportsman Club 3. AMBITION-Airline Stewardess AMBITION-To play Basketball or Football I Q' ' C :ti 9 '. ,X X RAYMOND SCHADER gl 'J i'rH ANN AERT Ni "Chick" ' B "Judy" Q AA I, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I. r Discussi ulf I- FHA 2, 3, Yearbook 4, Student AMBHION-Mechanic ' Council 2, all 2, 3, 4, Softball 3: Volleyball X - rchery 2, 3, Ten s 2, Bowling 4, Secretary. AMBITION-To go to University of Miami 60 l r ii PETER L. SCHILLING Hpereu Student Council Representative 4. 1 X! ARLEN SCHNEIDER FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. AMBITION-Air Force AMBITION-Chemical Engineer , fs 19' "fl 7 ll., f X045 l-riff! 217 X .---"Xl I Nom Si-4AMPiNE '-l.l'NDA ANN SHEPARD "Blondie" "Lin" Baton Club lg Foreign Pen Pals 2g FHA 3, 4. -lUf1l0I' Red CYOSS lf 2, 3: FHA ll 21 3:.Cl10rUs I, 2 AMBITION-To be happy 37 Soccer 45 Volleyball 45 Basketball 45 Music Fans-1 AMBITION-To go to college bl ln., Z VIRGINIA H. SCHOLLIAN Hsinnyu Class Team T, 2, Chorus I, Library Club 2, Pen Pals 3, Athletic Association 3, Senior Yearbook 4, Basketball T, 2, Baseball 2, Volleyball 1, Student Council T, 2, 3. AMBITION-Private Secre DIANNE F. SHETRON HDV, Art Club 1, Student Council l, Spanish Club 3, Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Archery 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, Soccer l, 2, 3, Bowling 1, 4, Vice President, AA 2, Treasurer AA 3, Secretary AA 4. 62 AMBITION PhysIcIaI Education Teacher f fe QW ,WWZM WM ,355 it, , , X , Jlf A N M' if 4 N V ll if l f ,df lf lilly lf! CHARLES SOTHERDEN JANET LILLIAN STEVENS "Chuck" "Janie" FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary FFA 4. Chorus I, 2, 35 Glee Club ly Voice Class 2, Jumor AMBITION-Farmer Red Cross lg Student Council 37 Basketball 3 4 ,Q if 'Fifi Senior Yearbook. AMBITION-Biology Teacher or Pharmacist It l I LW' fi, ,Q A gif! '42 4" i I I ROBERT SrEvENsoN BARBARA STOWELL H31-,b" "Bobbie" FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sgudem Cguncil 4, Foofball 2, 3, 4. AMBITION-To be a housewife or join the service AMBITION-To be a farmer 43. 'sad' ROBERT SWEENEY ,Bohn FFA 'l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Treasurer, FFA 4. lgwffyitilir AMBITION-Farmer 144. A 'lf PATRICIA SWIFT ,,pa,,, Junior Red Cross l, FHA l, 4, Student Council 2, 4, Junior Yearbook 3, Basketball 3, 4, Girls' Bowling 3, 4, Treasurer, Bowling 4. E AMBITION-To be a homemaker I L , UL A F l I 1 Lf L 1 , guy V ELMA SWEETING "Louie" Student Council l, Bowling 2, Girls' Shop 2, Glee Club 2, .lunior Yearbook 3, Senior Yearbook 4, Chorus 4, Bowling Captain 2. AMBITION-Travel, with a new Ford . X , 1' ,J Qfvxl 'Hifi . Cl Y U50 . Y ' 1. 0 I X l Q '-H.. ,Lf xi - . DAVID H. SvviTzER Agriculture 4. AMBITION-To own a farm ,, , .,,,A,1 ,Y ,MIA - ,I ' f" - 5 r ,awww f W C 'T W C . y , 2 Mjwqfwiik O y .. 760 Vxfiflu A 6, I 3 Vl X ,f K f, W,-'xy V V ,Q UWA, LLOYD Swrrzen ,,TeX,, Stamp Club l, 2, Proiection Club 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent, Stamp Club l, President, Stamp Club 2, President, Proiection Club 4, Trouble Shooter for Audio Visual 4. AMBITION-Radio, TV Man or Western singer 1 H, , :' A-. My We M, . X, ,fx J xc K, , if o 0' ' , Lois SYKES "Lee" Junior Red Cross l, 2, Junior Yearbook 3, Senior Yearbook 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, All- State Sectionals 2, 4, All-County Sectionals 2, 3, Secretary and Treasurer, Red Cross, Treasurer Jun- ior Class. ON.N Axilfl g ADELBERT TEMPLE JOHN TRACEY MAIN Hjacku Art Club l, 2, Archery Club 3, Track l, 2, 3, Foot- Camera Club I, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Bowling l, 2, ball 2, 3, 4, Vice President, Archery Club 3. 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, President, Bowling 3, 4. AMBITION-Artist AMBITION-Professional Baseball Player Y? EDWARD UNGLE ICH ,,Ed,, FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, FFA President 4. l as mgy' ,W JACK VOLLICK 1 X Q, 99 .Xi GW JW bwfjl JW it i K A ll VIOLA VAN ALSTINE HW, Music Appreciation l, 2, Junior Yearbook Yearbook 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, Voice Class 2. AMBITION-Opera Singer OGG! X R Senior R JACQUELYN ANN WARNER 'A "Whitey" "Jackie" Sportsman Club li AA 2, 3, 4: lzoolball ll 2, JV: Spanish Club I, Softball l, 3, Chorus l, 2, 4, Dra Varsity 3, 4, Basketball 2, JV, Varsity 3, 4, Baseball mallcs Club 21 Basketball 2' 3' 4i V0lleYb5ll Zi JUN' ll JV, Vafsily 3, 4, Golf 2: Caplalnl Basketball 4: ior Yearbook 3, Senior Yearbook 4, Softball 3. Co-Captain, Football A. AMBITION-To travel AMBITION-Engineer 66 1? pf? lf? r... ,ry A-A "-ul l WILLIAM WARYAN FREDRIC I. WATROUS Hsin" "Ike" Sportsman Club 2, 3, Chorus 3, 4, Choir 3, JV Spanish Club l, 2, Hockey 3, Spanish Club, Treas Baseball 2, Senior Yearbook Club 4. ' urer l, 2, Vice President, Junior Class, President Senior Class. fl AMBITION-To be a Geologist M BARBARA J. WHEATLEY BARBARA WHITTAKER "Barb" "Red" Siudent Council l, 2, FHA 3, 4, State Officer, FHA 4. Music Appreciation 2, 3, Senior Yearbook 4 AMBITION-To be a homemaker AMBITION-Business A' 67 iQ' ,,,,f , 5 f? ,kbp R54 'ff i MARGARET WILSON BESS VVYLDE "Peggy" FHA 2, 3, 45 Junior Yearbook 35 Baton Club, Secre- Student Council l, 35 Scribbler 25 Cheerleading 7-9fY- ' Club 45 JV Cheerleader -45 Archery l, 2, 35 Basket- ball l, 2, 35 Volleyball l, 2, 35 Softball l, 25 Soccer l, 35 Bowling 3,145 Senior Yearbook A. AMBITION-Laboratory Technician ' I. 4 -QL V, f' , 1. . ,,,1'Lec,L cafe 'll' V I 4 Z 4 , Jeff lffwflwfy 55110164 440 xifffggpf, Jima? 77 Q . . I P l A , ' -L i, R , ' 1 , 5 x if , Q J' if 'J 'l L RICHARD YERDON TERRY DONALD YOUNG "Dick" "Tera" Airplane Club l, 25 Civil Service 35 Senior Yearbook Airplane Club 'l, 25 Junior Yearbook 35 Senior Year 45 Track 35 President, Airplane Club l, 2. book 45 Photography Director 4. AMBITION-To ioin the Navy AMBITION-Auto Mechanic 68 J! QM A I 4l --.14 1 1-'LNB V MICHAEL ZALESKI ARNOLD J. ZAMPI , "Mike" Math Club I, Astronomy Club 2, Vice President, Rod and Gdh-'Club I, Sportsman Club 2, Civil De- Astronomy Club 3, President, Scribbler 3, Assistant fense Club 3, Senior Yearbook Club 4, Hockey 3, 4, Managefl C0"dUC70f Clllb 4- Bawball 4: G05 lv 2, 3, 4: Basketball l. AMBITION-To be as well liked as my father F SQ ri f Jaw HW Ls it MITCHELL ZIELINSKI CAROL ANN ZIKMUND "Mi'Ch" Red Cross Ig Archery 1, Soccer I, 3, Dramatics Rod and Gun Club ly Sportsman Club 2, Civil De- Club 2: Chorus 2, 4, Softball 2, 45 Junior Yearbook fense Club 3, Golf I, 2, 3, Hockey 3, 4. 3: Ch0if 3: B0Wli"9 3: Senior Y0ifb00k- AMBHION-Dental Hygaenasi 69 X Nd' "-un-ff ADDITIONAL SE NIORS ROBERT JAMES BENSON KARL THoMAs BECHTEL WILLIAM J BOOTH RONALD ANTHONY DIFULIO RAYMOND DuMAs RICHARD FILKINS NANCY LERoux JAMES MISLINSKY CHARLES MANFORD NOBLE JuD TH CLAIRE PARENT 0 714 LL cial JC. X1 ff? Cf ROBERT ZINSMEYER 444141, Bob 'ff Sport man Club I 2 JunIor Yearbook 3 Study Hall X 4 JV Football AMBITION To be a mechamc 70 CLASS HISTORY In T951 we began our clImb toward the day when we would stand on the stage saylng a polIte Thank you when handed that hard earned dlploma Our Sophomore year was one of whICh we are very proud We were the TIFSI class to elect advIsors and organnze In our second year Mr Cortese and Mr Leonard were the ones who seemed to be the best choIce and we all agree that they have done a terrIfIc Iob HIghlIghtIng our Sophomore year was our two dances Junlors sounded wonderful dldn t It'-P We began our thIrd year by electlng class OTTICGTS Presldent Jack Appel VICE PresIdent Fred Watrous Treasurer LOIS Sykes and Secretary Barbara Katzung They dnd a good Iob of plannnng our BCTIVIIISS Our TIFSI blg dance was the Junlor SenIor Chrlstmas Party held In the gymnasIum of Mattydale School Well never forget the .IUUIOF Prom In all Its splendor Barb Katzung rengned as queen wIth Fred Watrous as kIng Everyone looked wonderful Senlors at last' For our senIor year we elected Fred Watrous PresIdent VICE Presldent Nancy Brunet Secretary Lynda Melvln and Treasurer Joe Kowal Our IIFST dance was very successful then came our magazlne sale wIth Jack Volllck wInnIng flrst prIze for the most sales Lets not forget the rush to get the yearbook done on tIme and our senlor assembly How many remember the dance at DFUITIIIDSQ The Senlor play was the best North Syracuse has ever seen Of Course well have to mentlon our outstandlng football team swell Iob fel lows' Our JunIor SenIor Chnstmas Party was unforgettable too To cllmax our last year at old N S Hugh was the sensatronal SenIor Ball Well never forget thIs last year wIth all Its tough exams and Its extra TGSTIVE BCIIVITIGS now we can honestly say that these past tour years have been among the best we ll ever spend Agaln may we thank all those teachers who upped the marks lust enough to pass us and thanks also to our wonderful advIsOrs Mr Leonard and Mr Cortese Respectfully submntted NANCY MERRIAM Class HIstorIan X , ? fl . , Y. - S Y , . 4 I A' J L K - , Jzf 13, ' ' A ' f ,P 2: I f f If 6 if 'L - fx Ill I f 'fl fr V' Z fs 4 . - c' f - . I Freshmen-we'll never forget how big the school appeared then. 2 I 7 , J , I I - - ' 1 . - U . . I . I . , J , J , . I I - - I II , . . . , RICHARD SUPENSKY axe! KWWL CLASS WILL , V, ' v -1 1 '4 r ' I - ., ' , 1 f v w -1 f K f . - 41 , ' f 1 w 1 , , w 1 ' ,N , . UNDERCLASSMEN 4-f"'N JUNIOR OFFICERS ADVISORS -aff' 1 'fm MJF! ,af FIRST ROW: Beverly Schoen, Treasurer, SECOND ROW: Miss Burke, Mr. Wegerski, Joseph Cortese, Presidentg Kay O'Connor, Miss Hughes, Advisors. Vice President, Janice Ehegartrier, Secretary. .Fi iv K rlix X. .J J UNIORS 'Fi D Bri-I' i ff 5-C, FIRST ROW: B. Jackson, B. Stevenson, C. Galipeau, S. LaCombe, KOmrOwSki, J. Van Slyke. FOURTH ROW. J. Brown, re, B. S. Huston, R, Bordonaro, M. Koehler, M. McCartin, E. Laura, L Tl'IOmPS0fh A- Ciannilli, 5- Bleich, M' KIVBN. E. Qeflftie, - RaUl'1, Seibert, A, McMahon, K. Graziano, S. Zampi, J. Gurzny, G, Panetta M. Ragonese, B. Bechtel, S. Maloney, N, thro' hm, J. C. Godfrey, J. Grimble, P. Larsen. SECOND ROW: M. Webb, D Palmer, 5. P0iY1Yer, B. Gl9On, M. SEQDYEY, S C091 F 1 Schad, C. Peck, M. VanAntwerp, N. Weegar, P. Fatcheric, B M. Kingsbury, A. Christensen, F. faMount ', J. Arcidino, S. Garelick, L. Kesselburgh, B. Schoen, J, Waters, D, Cerio, M, Ame5, Foster, T. Hogan, N. Shea, J, Rothbller, J. ndler, DeLo:io, J. Chappel, C. Obergfell, S, Neimeier, B. Schneider, D. Bausman C. Przytula. THIRD ROW: C. Hotaling, D. Harrington, G. Hansee R. Hanen, B. Otis, J. Ehegartner, M. L. Anderson, A. M, Duclli R. Hotaling, C. Mathewson, P. McConnell, E. Lassman, B. Searles, S. Salomon, S. Miller, S. Salomon, S. LaRocque, V. Florence, J FIRST ROW: K. Herbert, D. Smith, J. Bell, R. Guzman, A. Felice J, Angelo, F. Passett, J. Curtis, A. Seymour, R. Kissel, H. Proctor, D. Stockham, F. Koslowski, F. Maloney, R. Drumma, J. Martin. SECOND ROW: D. Stone, R. Stier, R. Shannon, C. Hayes, G. Moore, D. Sattler, C. Winks, M. Lindley, J. Santiff, A. Klapetzky, R. French, H. Tedesco, D. Sams, B. Tedesco, D. Sams. THIRD ROW: R. Pickard, R. Austin, R. Bellanger, C. Woodard, J. Jaton, K. Chilton, E. Charlebois, R. Viviano, R. Teska, B. Sitterly, T. San- 1 1 B. Longo, A. Dix, E. Parker, C, Osborne, S. Scwdl, PJSPheia'lH7c: N. Mayer, J. Mancini. SIXTH ROW: Kc Spillane, ner,THIi.Q Stockton C. Williams M. Lane sITo0'Con r S. Johhsbn C Debes, Olsen, J.lCartwrightl, Gg6rass . Hust I, Ahrens, M. Wilson, H. Griff, J. Lapham7l L 5- - N C N49-Q 1 x X I ' tore, R, Blackburn, J. Cortese, R. Burch, T.-zmbault, Gxgever. FOURTH ROW: C. Fletcher, J. Weske, J. Pehpax, J. Keacll,-Q Ames, J. Wall, A. Russell, K, Wenger, B. WdQe, G, McDon ,, R. Gross, R. Rodger, J. Burkhart, M. Clayton, . Hartshorn, , O'TooIe. FIFTH ROW: B. Rogers, E. Briggs, L.' Abe fell, D. Evans, S. Handley, J, Veley, L. Rapple, G. Gurney, J. Youmans, D. Kesel, J. Carr, G. Baron, R. McGay, J. Krupka, R. Steeper, B, Bristol. vvr SOPHOMORES .le 4-1.1 AL, JL..,Je..JL WL, ...Ju Le. im! noun..--e dei f . L... ,.....: .... ,,.....E..,,., ,..-m.,.e is L " 11:1-nz FIRST ROW: G. Harrington, G. Brauchle, M. Surowick, D. Wag ner, V. Voumard, D. Hudson, R. Skinner, L. Witz, P. Cortwright S. Cimilluca, T. Costa, E. Keller, T. Maloney, L. Hess, N. Hayes, M. Archer, J. Yuill. SECOND ROW: D. Winslow, W. LaCount H. Bolick, R. Arns, C. Abulencia, M. Palmer, B. Farone, B. Red mon, R. Skinner, J. McMahon, J. Kissel, R. Harrington, C. Janick B. Scherz, J. Goettal, A. Zoll, E, Pawlewiiz, THIRD ROW: J More, J. Mautz, F, Cope, R. Lougnot, J. Rosky, R. Desimone, G Flower, D. Howard, R. Luce, H. Hayford, J. Tennessey, C. Dence E. Urquhart, B. McCasland, R. Hill. FOURTH ROW: L. Day, H Dickson, R. Putnam, B. Noble, C. Blair, D. Austin, F, Krawcek, B Phelps, D. Kliphon, D. Radley, G. Hotaling, R. Grimble, E. Daier D. Gillen, J, Smith, J. Stasko. FIFTH ROW: D. Gillette, R. Izzo, D Pardee, N. Polastro, T. Syrene, B. Wiegand, R. Motill, H. Perrine R. Ashford, R. Maylone, B. James, B. Carson, P. Murphy, R Davis, H. Werner, B. Sposato. SIXTH ROW: S. Bissell, D Butters, L. Lutche, D. Bristol, D. Wheatley, M. Kavanaugh, V. Smith C. Bradbury, J. Barbagello, B. Zelesnik, D. Littleboy, H. Wheeler J. Cowles, J. Russell. SEVENTH ROW: D, Wood, W. Hill, D, Tisdall F. Bell, J. Boyko, J. Orr, A. Antzak, R. Gifford, D. Hubbard, R Sahm, S. Grimes, W. Gratien, P. Lukas, K. Connor. EIGHTH ROW J, Sanflippo, D. Pike, T, Lane, D. Giusta. 1 f SCPHOMORES tvzv 6 S-f -Ji., -.P J-i-xi. P-. fl A-.I 4 I WIP' 'T hiv 3' 'I' 0 r vo r fl ,finger dir Ag! 5. t , I - i .Q . .4 u u Q FIRST ROW: G. Patrick, G. Furco, D. Beam, J. Bennett, J. Hodge C. Andress, D. Kuhn, S. Linduski, E. French, D. Brechkenridge, J. Stever, C. Teska, J. Melvin, D. Schlie, J. Baum, M. Crain, J Kolosna, S. Symer, S. Penoyer, B. Osinka. SECOND ROW: D. Dano, E. Coates, S. Delorio, L, Bell, E. Haylor, B. Brobeck, E. Reilly, J Neimeier, H. Fallon, T, Dudzinski, A. Beaupre, L. Bachus, B Ackerson, L. Sponable, B. Quirk, A. Purvis, S. Birchmeyer, J Lowe, C. Smith, N. Bottles. THIRD ROW: B. Cook, J. Socia, C Russell, R. Sampier, R. Czyz, B. Scherz, M. Kirsch, C. Grones C. Grant, C. Oaster, J. Garling, J. Cross, E. Dailey, E. Bieloski D. Davis, B. Bieloski, C. Behnke, M. Schultz, C. Remon, G. Perry L 1 FOURTH ROW: S, Rohde, M. Willis, P. Stemmler, B. Subilc, M. Wagner, L. Larson, G. Duggan, B. Buscher, M. Chandler, N. Caporin, D. Chandler, M. VanMarter, J. Polchlopek, E. Niedzwecki, C. Krause, J. Smith, P. Brown, A. Mahley, S. Martin, M. Fretheim. FIFTH ROW: S, Beck, V. Rima, D. Mclntyre, S. Bolton, C. Strobeck, K. French, M. O'Shea, P. Fisher, M. Ardizzone, C. Hughes, M. Frye, N. Miback, D. Roehm, N. Palmer, B. Koehler, S. Brennan, D. Smith, S. Olson, J. Bammesberger. J. Gapski, SIXTH ROW: J. Ebare, P. Casey, E. Gillette, B. Spicer, B. Pickard, B. Pattat, A. Clement, S. Simcuski, M. Backer, S. Salter, N. Reynolds, S. Matzell. C A iq fl' 'jj f .' 'N , g ff 6 ' f F. v ,J X N N1 NM if fi sl fl' I RJ Y A I Qffgf' ' f : ti. f K! 'S x N 5 Gly 'J .U ' Vf Q C' K i k I . - FAC. V ra x Ly vi i J J X 27 if V f.: 5 .v P wt' : . i f M7221 .I . . VY' A ' 1 . A '4 C 1 PJ? v u I' J 5, A I . VX K ' , P sv x L Q Sy r Av ,, , QV ya . J J tux En' Q 'V nf m V 'H IX ' if J 'yn I I st L 77 FRESHMEN STEVE? -nu-uni-1HQ lib FIRST ROW: J. Thompson, J. Petroffski, K. Roche, N. DeLorio, P Eldredge, J. Stanton, R. Hill, D. Debottis, K. Murphy, F. Taylor, L. Rusher, J. Bullard, D. Shepardson, T. Felicia, G. Down, E. Cap pello, L. Blondin, L. Chapin, N. Zinsmeyer, H. Nimmo, E. Clo bridge, D. Cosco. SECOND ROW: S. Detien, J. Bigness, J. West R. Phethean, D. Sardano, J. Stevenson, D. Bigsby, D. Brown, M West, R, Coville, R. Ince, G. Kyanka, L. Pickard, B. Yeo, D Webb, T. Powers, D. Mattner, R. Ferguson, N. Williams, R. Gray S. Throop. THIRD ROW: C, Perkins, B. Smolsey, G. Hartshorn, B Hook, L. Humphrey, R. Gustke, J. Schairer, B. Pressley, E. Sahm D. Lalone, A. Simonaitis, P. Dennis, J. Wheeler, F. Suchewski, 0 I. P. Wilson, R, Graves, E. Rothbaler, R. Moebs, D. Schneider, N Bender, J. Herb. FOURTH ROW: T. Edick, D. Horning, T. Woodle R. Daley, D. Cowles, D. Morlock, J. VanAllen, G. Knapp, G Shepard, T. McLuckie, R. Catholdi, D. Bentley, V. Lloyd, M Breh, M. Bragman, R. Clement, C. Hubbard, J. Roder, J. Conboy FIFTH ROW: R. Edwards, J, Salerno, B. Krichbaurn, B. Smith, H Strobeck, S. Koslowski, T. Day, G. Hansee, N. Trendowslii, C Falter, D. Grimm, J. Craner, R. Barrows, B. O'Neil, T. Brown R. Jaeger, R. David, S. Sherlock, A. Bradshaw, W. Dreher, W Stager. FRESHMEN Avi ,-J..,.,l . Y 4 O an Q lxxjx ixxi XI .K y if f H. .1 ff bl srl '10 -:Q,,.,,.,b,m , A, U ,,,.,,,:wW ,1.,.x...M.:Jt,:.c fm zi N FIRST ROW: N. Nicholson, J, Fix, M. Yuill, N. Musurneci, M. Manuppelli, B, Hafner, N. Neimeier, J. Eldredge, R. Guiles, J, Musick, S, Hines, J, Roder, P. Burgett, M, Scott, J. Patrick, S. Palmer, G, Bakeman, C. Martin, D, Dinsmore, SECOND ROW: S. Spinks, J. Connors, K. Searles, C. Reale, V. Maloney, P. Hales, B Smith, J. Lemko, E. Graves, J. Herbert, E. Alletzhauser, J. Crownhart, B, Benson, P. Schulz, Y. LaCombe, L. Snyder, A, Gra- M F , M bi- A IQ CX X r .. Dol Q Pdify V '- X I Ve Y, rj Jjf Sw Q -J gy li Ja ano, P. Hunter, N. Malfitana, R. Watts, P. Michael, THIRD ROW . Wright, R. Ragonese, D. Pickard, S. Hirsch, J. Elderbroom, J rvis, D. Young, M. Maxson, G. Lindsley, C. Tracey, A. Folger . Sum, P. Pierce, V, Cole, L. Stewart, B. Lamphere. S. Magee Ragonese, S. Tubbert. FOURTH ROW: B. Doolittle, J. Paulk . Flower, N. Zinsmeyer, G. Wall, B, Schaap, J. Nichols, B EIGHT RADES SEVENT J JH.: 1 J J RADES ORGANIZATIONS 'F 1gTVou CLU MORNING SESSION DRAMATICS 1 CLUB The Dramatics Club, under the direction of Miss Sleeth, is on its way again follow- ing the lapse of one year. This year, the club will put on two one-act plays. Stage makeup, properties, costuming, and cur- rent radio and television plays are topics investigated and discussed by club mem- bers. Kivari. ll FOREIGN PEN PALS 1.1. vw v 3" - FIRST ROW: P. Brown, D. Kuhn, S. Linduski, B. Gigon, Mrs. Rich, Advisor, C. Godfrey, M. Scott, B Jewell, C. Peck. SECOND ROW: B. Cook, S. Martin, A. Mahley, B. Smith, S, Brennan, B. Koehler, G Richard, D. Schad. Organized in 1950 the Foreign Pen Pals Club has promoted international friendship and good will. With the help of their advisor, Mrs. Rich, the members of the club exchange gifts, letters, and photographs with high school students of every country in the world. As students get to know each other better, under- standing of different countries deepens. FIRST ROW: L. Larson, J. Stever, R. Czyz, Secretary, Miss Sleeth, Advisor, R. Guzman, President, B. Subik, V. Rima. SECOND ROW: S. Beck, L. Towndrow, D. Wyman, J. Lowe, J. Gurzny, M. Willis, P. Phethean, J. Wilcox, J. Polchlopek. THIRD ROW: J. Spillane, M, Wagner, J. Bammesberger, E. Parker, G. Gurney, A. Lane, S. Matzell, P. Stemmler, G. Hansee, M. f fi! ff! gag. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: T. Dudzinski, Vice President, Miss Mc- Mahon, Advisor, M. DeLand, President, J. Chandler, Secretary. SECOND ROW: E. Loura, Treasurer, C. Hughsort, Photography, B. Wheatley, State Officer, B. Garelick, Recreation Advisor. The F.l-l.A. has participated in many projects during the year. Rallies at va- rious schools, splash parties at Baldwins- ville, seasonal parties with the F.F.A. have contributed to a full program ot so- cial activities. Such community projects as Christmas baskets to needy families and the send- ing ot Care packages gave the club mem- bers a chance to aid others. In the spring the annual Mother and Daughter Banquet rounded out the year's program. MM' I -Y 57 . M..- ..,...,,.,....., ......-..,,- .... . ,:....,.,. W FIRST ROW: Miss McMahon, Advisor, S. Symer, P. Brown, S. De- lorio, D. Breckenridge, E. Parker, L. Delorio, T. Dudzinski, Vice President, M. DeLand, Presidentg E. Loura, Treasurer, J. Chandler, Secretary, B. Wheatley, State F.H.A., B. Garelack, l. Hughson, C. Hurley, D. Luce, L. Pike, C. Debes, Mrs. Starr, Advisor. SECOND ROW: P. Fatcheric, S. Penoyer, N. Weegar, M. VanAntwerp, A. Chapel, C. Grant, B. Pickard, D. Cerio, G. Furco, H. Fallon, E. Reilly, M. Crain, M. Davison, J. Lowe, J. Komrowski, M. Schultz, J. VanSlyke, C. Darminio, J. Brammesburger, C. Krause. THIRD ROW: N. Shampine, C. Teska, N. Milback, M. Martin, V. Cole, C. Hughes, M. Chandler, B. Buscher, N. Caporin, B. Pattat, A. Clement, B. Wylde, B. Kellogg, S. LaRocque, P. Swift, B. Longo, J. Bar- ker, 8. Pitcher, J. Smith. l 87 l ' i deff FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: J. VanAllen, C. Woodard, R. Sweeney, Treasurer D. Sattler, Reporter, J. Hansen, Vice President, Mr. Havelen, Ad visor, Mr. Watson, Advisor, E. Ungleich, President, C. Sotherden Secretary, R. Filkins, R. Luce, H. Proctor, SECOND ROW: G. Har- rington, J. Smith, H. Bentley, J. Boyko, F. Melvin, R Sahm, D. Hubbard, R. Gifford, J. Orr, D. Switzer, R. Supensky, R. Stevenson G. Stever, R. Teska, D. Wheatley. THIRD ROW: D. Radley P. Murphy D. Bentley, C. McLean, J. Kissel, J. Martin, C. Winks, R. Chandler R. Sposato, T. Brown, R. Edwards, G. Hotaling, R. Burrows, J Herb. FOURTH ROW: M. Surowick, D. Wagner, F. Suchewski, J Wheeler, B, Hook, R. Grimble, H. Bolick, R. Graves, A. Schneider D. Dennis, B. Smith, F. Kellogg, F. Taylor. The Future Farmers of America is one of our oldest clubs. It was organized in 1935 under Mr. Hebbevvaithe, then vocational agriculture instructor. The present advisors are Mr. Watson, who came in 1941, and Mr. Havelen who-ioined the club in 1950. The primary aim of the F.F.A. is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. The club has many special activities. Each year they hold a father and son banquet. Educational trips for agricultural purposes are taken. During the year the boys attend local, county, state, and national F.F.A. conventions. They have a basketball team which competes on a county basis. Combination dances with the F.H.A. are held each year along with the annual combined outing. The Future Farmers of America also attend Farm and Home Week held at Cornell University. I FUTURE TEACHERS CF AMERICA FIRST ROW: D. Tulle, Secretary, M. Wilson, President, Mr. Giambattista, Advisor, M. Schopfer, Vice President, A. Dix, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: M. Frye, P. Fisher, E. Gillette, B. Hunter, J. Kimbell, S. Jeffrey, P. Sullivan. THIRD ROW: N. Rosti, K. French, S. Bolton, E. Graves, B. Lamp- here, J. Bennett. The Future Teachers of America is a chapter of the national, state, and county organizations. Those interested in teaching find the club a great help. It instructs them in the fundamentals of the profession and gives them helpful pointers as to the personal qualities of a success- ful teacher, the opportunities in the educational field, and on the programs offered by colleges and universities where the necessary training may be secured. xl x Field trips, outside speakers, and informal discussion periods with student teachers have highlighted the clubs activity periods. Future plans of the organization include correspondence with foreign schools and pupils, the study of educational problems, and analysis of the present school system employed in this area. HONOR ROLL v ll 1 FIRST ROW: J. Patrick, M. Manuppelli, A. Secor, Wilson, Treasurer: D. Bristol, President, N. Brunet, R. Haven, Secretary: J. Jarvis. J, Bennett, R. Watts. M. Flower, M Vice President SECOND ROW un As' . . 's v, , J. Lemko, S. Magee, N. Shea, M. Shopter, N. Reynolds, J. Hopp B. Katzung, D. Woinar, M. Bragman, T. Day, D. Grimm, S. Foster, J. Ehegartner, M. Maxson, B. Cook, N. Buttles. THIRD ROW: R i fn' . Ragonese, M. Dorfer, M. Frye, P. Fisher, B. Dills, E. Ouderkirls. S. Jeffrey, P. Sullivan, P. Christ, J. Craner, J. Mautz, B. Hunter, S. Rohde, C. Darminio, J. Polchlopelc. FOURTH ROW: J. Gapslu. J. Ebare, M. Ragonese, J. Ehegartner, R. Bordenaro, B. Farone, E. Cappella, D. Webb, G. Kyanka, T. Amato, V, Lloyd, E. Roth- baler, P. Wilson, B. Benson, N. Malfitano, 89 7 Jw I x.. ' ' l' ,uf X' y KL 1 . C 0 S Ui I " 7 we-WL FIRST ROW: P. Burgett, R. Cimilluca, Secretary, J. Eldredge, Presi- McNeil, R. REQOHGSS, 5- Magee, N. ZIHSHWGYEY, N- Shea, D- Chafld' dent, Miss Dunn, Advisor: N. Malfitano, Treasurer, J. Cartwright, Ier. THIRD ROW: D. Margery, B. Stevenson, P- WBVCIWI, C4 Whllef Vice President, D. Hogan. SECOND ROW: M. Yuill, G. Wall, B. E. Niedzwecki, M, Dorter, J. Gapski. The Junior Red Cross which has been organized for over twenty-five years, is being led this year by Miss Dunn, the advisor. Members of the club have been quite active this year. They organized the Junior Red Cross Drive, and turned the proceeds over to the national organization which sponsors charitable activities. Bake sales and boxes for needy families at Christmas time enabled the members tn mnirihttfe to the community of which they are a part. 'ff MODERN MUSIC CLUB FIRST ROW: D. Wognar, Treasurer, J. Handzel, President, Mr. Salerno, D. Young, S. Palmer. THIRD ROW: M. Manuppelli, G. Weber, Adviser: M- CZYZ, Vice President: P. Larsen, Secfetefv- Bskeman, C. Przytula, A. Olsen, E. Coates, B. Lathrop, J. Nichols. SECOND ROW: J. Hodge, M. Keyes, M. Flower, F. Krawcek, J. This club was organized by Mr. Weber for people who are interested in jazz and like to listen to it. With club dues they buy popular iazz recordings and spend their club periods listening to them. PROJECTION CLUB KJ Y FIRST ROW! M. Palmer, N. Buttles, SGCVSTBVYI D- Gillette, VICG R. Lougnot. THIRD ROW: S. Cimilluca, V. Voumard, B. Redman Pfesll'-lem! MV- FGYQUSOU, Advisor: l-- 5WifZeI', R- 5miTl'1, C- Abulen- E. Urquhart, B. Squires, R. Phelps, D. Burger, D. Howard, J. Stev cia. SECOND ROW: B. James, G. Moore, D. Edick, B. Carson, S. engonl B, Farone, T, Costa, Grimes, P. Lukas, W. Rogers, H. Werner, V. Smith, R. Littleboy, The Proiection Club is under the direction of Mr. Ferguson. The newly formed organization consists of boys ranging in grade from Freshman to Senior. Lloyd Switzer, a Senior, is the chairman ofthe group. Last year, the members ot the faculty took charge of class-room visual aids. However, with the organization of the Visual-Aid Department and the interest shown in the Proiection Club, the task was given to interested students. The Visual-Aid Department has a complete inventory of cameras, proiections, screens, proiection tables, and other equipment. The Proiection Club is a helpful school service used in classes, organizational meetings, and Adult Education. RADIO CLUB fry , s f if I of . I 'z ' -It I We . ' ' 5...f! If 'Q ' 14 0 Y I Q y 4 'iff ,I " V' o J ' t " ll J V. il . 1 .- I Q I ' t 1 Q v' ' D ,. f l ' ' A I I f AW' -Q1 Nw Ffel i LP' I 'fi I 3 . Xi' X Ir. 'C 1' l A v. I .. -J FIRST ROW: Mr. Scholl, Advisor, P. Bauer, Vice President, J. Ahrens, R. McGay, M. Clayton, A. Jaeger, D. Austin. THIRD ROW: Krupka, President, J. Pearson, Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. Pinti, J. Bell, B. Chisson, R. Motill, C. Blair, C. Hubbard, D. Grimm, C. Advisor. SECOND ROW: A. Zoll, M, Kavanaugh, S. Sherlock, E. Dence, H. Nimmo, C. Dennis. The Radio Club was organized last year. The members receive the fundamental principles of electricity and electronics. They also obtain experience in working with electronic equipment. RIDING CLUB gm: C7 'F 1,5-t FIRST ROW: J. Hopp, M. Cook, Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. pesser, J. VanSlyke, N. Palmer, N. Wright, M. Becker, T. Hogan Rapacz, Advisor, D. Tooley, President. SECOND ROW: M. Kap- M. Gray. 93 if 7' Y SCRIBBLER Scribbler, the school newspaper for North Syracuse High School, appears each month. It features all school events including honor rolls, special honors to individual students, a little humor, dramatics, sports, and club activities. Those who publish the paper are reporters, business managers, typists, and mimeograph operators under the sponsorship of Mrs. Hughes and Mr. LaLonde. In conjunction with it is the Scribbler Club. Members of the Club run the sales to help financially, make posters, and help in putting the paper together. There are many other activities including trips to commercial papers, to the Board of Education meetings, and a spring picnic. The purposes of the paper are many: Clj To serve our school by bringing us all closer together, CQD to perfect the skills of the workers, CBD to train in meeting deadlines, CAD to learn how to make sales, Q55 to learn advertising tech- niques, Coj to give reportorial training, C7j to sharpen in- ESCQXBPWR terest in news getting, C8j to add to the ability oflpeople up 'Wi to get along well together while doing a community lob. AWG NX? FIRST ROW: Mr. Lalonde, Advisor, P. Eldredge, T. Pow- R, Haven, J. Ehegartner, J. Arcidino, S. Foster, B. Spicer, ers, M. Maloney, J. Andress, M. VanMarter, P. Sams, M. Becker, J, Cowels, J. Ehegartner. FOURTH ROW: M. J. Guinto, N. Rousche, S. Zampi, E. Roberts, Mrs. Hughes, Ragonese, J. Herbert, J. Roder, S. Hines, J. Musick, F. Advisor. SECOND ROW: B. Bieloski, D. Davis, E. Bielo' Ragonese, J. Ebare, E. Haylor, G. Patrick, J. Grimble, ski, J. Chapel, C. Obergfell, K, Spillane, J. Cross, J. S. Maloney, C. Grover. Garling, P. Stemmler, A. Folger. THIRD ROW: J. Pierce, Avena ' I W7 g'q,f'b4 lx SPANISH CLUB 4' X v . 1. 4 fa . Z, " s -- M, .54 ' Lf . , if rf V 4 l ' ' ali ' I 2,2 s. 5 P' , a an 7, I f fl S: f 1: . - Z. 2 rf: ff 3. M ' 1. . 4 nf, qyfft R wx 3 . fum FlRST ROW: S, Birchmeyer, F. Drunna, Miss Castanort, Schultz, G. Smith. THlRD RO 1 . , Advisor, C. Salter, B. Bieloski. SECOND ROW: D. Beam, D. Sams, J. Tracey, L, Capello, S. Rhode, N. Palmer G. Palmer, .l. Baum, E. Ouderkirk, G. Panetta, P. P. Michael. i i 5 l 4 .tad-J ...4 rmsr ROW., F. G. ' ' 'X' D' 0250113 a. xyanka. N. shaver. SECOND ggalseyf T'DA"'a'01 Lloyd. D. surfers M B I . ay, V' H Perrine 1 - ragmart, R. Moebs F ' 1 - Cope W A Perry C. Remon, STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council started the school year in September, with many obiec- tives to accomplish before June. The primary aims of the Council are: to represent the student body's view' point, and to improve the relationship between student and faculty. The advisor of the Council has been Mr. Goessling, and its officers are Barbara Katzung, President, Esther Perry, Vice President, Christine Obergfell, Secretary, and Joe Cortese, Treasurer. The Council is composed of 60 members. The officers are elected in the late spring of the previous year. The elections are conducted in a very democratic fashion. Two parties are formed, and the can- didates present their platforms before the school. The actual balloting is done in communityvoting machines. By this method the newly elected officers are pre- pared before the fall term begins. The Council has sponsored assemblies, and planned clubs. It has also initiated a scholastic campaign, with the aim of raising the overall average during a ten week period. The Council made awards to the students achieving the highest averages. It has also financed the future foreign student for '55-'56, and spon- sored the traditional "Career Day." The money-making proiects of the Student Council have included: dances, iuke-box rentals, fruit machine profits, a calendar sale, and the Christmas candy sale. The maiority of the Council's projects have been handled through committees, such as the assembly committee, constitutional revision committee, award com- mittee, stage crew, and dance committee. To Mr. Goessling, the Council gives its sincere gratitude for his guidance dur- ing the past year. f I 'S -vu s Y" l ax-4 Yr' Y TRAVEL CLUB I M1 FIRST ROW: J. Cross, R. King, Vice President, N. Charle- J. Angello, R. Viviano, G. Flower, D, Stockh , . bois, Treasurer, Mr. Goessling, Advisor, J. Garling, Sec- Clemens. THIRD ROW: R. Austin, D. Ames, R. M ylonef ffbxgg' retary, R, Dicamelli, President, E. Dailey. SECOND ROW: R. Little-boy, J. Youmans, E. O'Toole, L. Rapple, D. Stone, L, Harrington, P. Rose, W. Depo, R. Pickard, H. Chase, W. Eifler, R. Bellanger. ' x J ' l I l l Utifffu Riflff- ff I n 'J' Since its organization in 1949, the Travel Club has been among the mostav ' 5 il . interesting of our clubs The members are students who are interested in travel lj their advisor is Mr. Goessling. l , During club periods there is an exchange of travel experiences among the 'Lf members and the advisor, primarily to promote further excursions. Other pro- f grams include guest speakers and travel movies. To date the club has visited many places, several of historical significance. Letch- worth, Howe Caverns, Cooperstown, Watkins Glen, Marcellus Park and Skaneateles Lake, and the Thousand Islands are among the sites reached by school bus. The club raises money by collecting dues and by holding bake and candy sales. W! EVM 7 L fi I A 5" yy .1 97 SENIOR YEARBOOK CLUB FIRST ROW: L. Bader, J. Baius, N. Merriam, D. Bristol, Mrs. Mills, Advisor, J. lfowal, P. Christ, T. Young, N. Rousche. SECOND ROW: N. Hytron, V. VanAlstine, M. Blanchard, M. Davison, J. Hopp, E. Roberts, M. Ger- hardt, E. Christ, E. Maderios, C. Barzee, C. Zikmund. THIRD ROW: J. Dygert, M. Murray, M. Letterman, P. Roder, L. Pickard, B. Katzung, J. Beebe, J. Kriese, Vl. Cook, N. Brunet, J. Schaertl. FOURTH ROW: P. Crawshaw, P. Hageman, D. Hickok, L. Russo, L. Sweet- ing, B. Remon, L. Sykes, L. Legere, G. Palmer, J. Bakeman, A. Hyde. FIFTH ROW: B. Whittaker, J. War- ner, M. Butler, C. Brutcher, N. Brown, J. Stevens, S. Smith, M. J. McLuckie, J. LaRose, H. Neimeier, J. Quinto. Organizing, gathering materials, advertising, and selling comprise the maior activities of the Senior Yearbook Club under the direction of Mrs. Mills. The club serves as a clearing ground for ideas which will aid in the producing of an annual that is as comprehensive in scope as possible. WJUNIOR YEARBQQK cLuB J C. Hotaling, L. Seibert, J. Rothbaler, Vice S LaCombe, President, Mr. lvers, Advisor, R. Haven, Secretary, S. Huston, Treasurer, K. Graziano, B. Searles. SECOND ROW: J. Ehegartner, A. Christensen, F. LaMountain, C. Williams, S. Schadl, H. Griff, B. Grassmann, L. Ahrens, M. Lane, B. Stockton, J. Zautner, C. Mathewson. THIRD ROW: C. Galipeau, A. McMa- hon, B. Otis, D. Harrington, J. Mancini, S. Dippold, C Osborne, A. Ciannelli, M. Lathrop. FOURTH ROW: R Rauh, R. Hotelling, S. Neimeier, S. Miller, K. O'Con nor, R. Shannon, C. Obergfell, M. Ames, E. Bennie, B Bechtel, J. Waters. The class of 1956 organized the club in their sophomore year. They are edit- ing material and organizing their ideas for the dedication, graduation pictures, snapshots, and other miscellaneous work which they can accomplish now. 2' YEARBOOK STAFF 1 FIRST ROW: P. Christ, Business, N. Merriam, Literary, J. Baius, Social and Assembly, M. Letterman, Business: Craner, Photography, Mrs. Mills, Advisor: Mr. Pistolese Ex-officio, Mr. Leonard, Business. NOT SHOWN: Mr D. Bristol, Secretary: J. Kowal, Editor, T. Young, Pho- Rawlli. tography. SECOND ROW: Mr. Cortese, Business, Mr. PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE 1 351+- TT: cv ' I '33 5, . '7 'C' sir 5- s.v Nr Z -I 'X FIRST ROW: J. Dygert, B. W. Whittaker, T. Young, ROW: J. Warner, J. Hopp, M. Cook, J. Schaertl, M. Chairman: G. Palmer, Secretary: D. Delisle. SECOND Davison, E. Sweeting. gi-ionus 'vo f A NN,,W,....i'c:.."'f'LL' W-- . 1-:we2fe+?7JfM. .iflfdfia FIRST ROW: D. Beam, M. McLuckie, G. Furco, C. Andress, J. Herbert, E. Coates, P. McConnell. THIRD ROW: B. Whittaker, J, Lapham, G. Gurney, Miss Ransom, D. Bausman, D. Blackburn, S. Birch- R. Haven, R. Marley, C. Zikmund, J. Smith, R. Hotelling, J, Zant- meyer, E. Bieloski, N. Hytron, B. DeLisle, M. Czyz. SECOND ROW: ner, K. O'Connor, R. Bordonaro, C. Liglwtenfield. B. Rolince, E, J- Winter, 5. FOSYSF, M. Ames, J. Gurzney, C. Krause, D. Kuhn, Ouderkirk, G. Huston, C. Lane, S. Martin, M. Cardinal. P. Hunter, H. Haytord, J. Cortese,xG, Riccelli, S. Delorio, N. Palmer, 'X n' D xx? . ' fi l D u 'X - lx -iN rf W xfg y X i . x, F X at I, YN - X 53. my sb . 1- L 1. xi X xv f t K . .'S' FIRST ROW: J. LaRose, D. Young, C. White, C. Grover, S. Miller, D. Wyman, D. Case, C. Burkett, K. Bechtel, E. Briggs, G. Mac R. Skinner. J. Youmans, J. Palmer, Miss Ransom, J. Jarvis, N. Donald, M. Maloney, J. Handzel, L. Harrington, P. McDole, M. Musumeci, J. Bennett, R. Ragonese, N. Malfitano, J. Garling, J. Flower. FOURTH ROW: J. Paulk, D. Breckenridge, E. Gillette, J. Cross. SECOND ROW: S. Coates, D, Dano, B. Dills, C. Allen, D. Bell, J. Brown, D. Wood, L. Putman, R. Calpeter, B. Schoen, C. Bristol, L. Pickard, D. Evans, L. Obergfell, J. Beam, C. Belwnke, Osborne, H. Hansee, D. Davis, B. Bieloski. FlFTl"l ROW: E. Lane, J. Fuller, G. Lindley, M. Maxon, A. Korb, A. Folger, J. Webb. J. Vollick, D. Lane, R. Sattler, A. Russell, K. Wenger, R. Putnam, THIRD ROW: L. Anrens, M. LaRocl'1elle, M. Grover, B. Richardson, E. Perry, E. Sweeting, C. Mathewson, P. Pnethean. BAND gf ,fd ,, ,A-vs Ar ff: MR. SPERTI Conductor MAJORETTES g0,,,,, -mf J, f-fvaa-fx, u M ' 'l,.,fgm.,4,,, ,MW fl A . ., L AY' A ,,fL-engpv .en vwwfmu w a ,, I, . L M. WILLIS D. LAUGHLIN J. BAKEMAN C. TRACY S, SALAMON ...Q .1-T... AFTERNCON SESSION IRPLANE CLUB 1 l , -.VW C B s..-"' FIRST ROW: R. DeAnthony, D. Carr, J. Beebe, Mr. Hoover, B. Roche, J. Cain, M. Michael, T. Conway, R. Fisher, C. Advisor, G. Cady, P. Bulla, E. Bradbury. SECOND ROW: Corbett, T. Maurer, R. Coon, B. DeMont. The Airplane Club was formed in November, T954 by Mr. Hoover with the purpose of studying Types and uses of aircraft, and their engines. They also study the weather and theory pertaining to flights. In the future the club hopes to make a field trip to Hancock field. BASKETBALL CLUB FIRST ROW: D. Babcock, C. Ungleich, C. Falter, Mr. Fogarty, ton, W. Nash, D. Held, J. Towndrow, R, Haselrnayer, B Advisor, B. Morris, D. Palmer, T. Hotaling. SECOND ROW: Cooper, G. Nash. FOURTH ROW: N. Graves, J. Spuches C. Salomon, C. Keyes, T. Witz, P. Maylone, J. Baron, C. B. Kiggins, F. Goldthvvait, D, Cole, J. Crawshaw, D. Herr Lorraine, C. Wulfert, P. Rovvand, A. Sotherden, D. Baker. mann,J, Coe, E. Lenweaker. THIRD ROW: J. DeSimone, J. Flaherty, B. McCarty, H. Stan- CHEERLEADING CLUB -MQ 4. qnaaanrmnm :.:::::::::::s:::::::u filllPilfl1D1il7llUl1ll '::::::::::::::::::m: hs... 0 i ia. I. has as ,. -1-Fw-v1...srn .I .. I - . . . ........,,s4-sl FIRST ROW: P. Jacobs, B. Kelly, Miss Fredenberg, Advisor C. Mirra, J. Fladeboe, C, Connor, J. Konitz, Mrs. Simeone, Advisor, S. Pross, S. Revette, J. Hall, P. Secore, Mrs. Sours Advisor: V. Wagner, C. Nicholson, C. Hemings, G. Nichol son, Mrs. Merriman, N. Pratt, B. Beauchamp, S. Cushman J. Gauthier, M's. Hall, Advisor, M. Aicher, M. Chambersl SECOND ROW: R. Longo, C. Brodbeck, M, Weiss, P. Therre J. Cali, E. Eno, J. Chapel, G. Gardner, M. Kot, R. Molesky J. Cirbus, C. Spencer, R. Sanders, B. Young, R. Morey, D Love, L. Chandler, J. Jackson, D. Sweezey, N. Gill, M. Webster, E. Haven, T. DeMarr, B. Watson, C. Thompson THIRD ROW: S. Pickard, L. Mayer, S. Baxter, P. Rice, B. Doss, S. Fredenberg, J. Edwards, P. Milback, T. Mento, B Crobar, C. Weaver, M. McCasland, J. Heck, R. Scheuer, C Rudd, B. Howard, S. Schopfer, J. Sharpe, J. Gerhardt, V West, S. Riccelli, J. Weaver, D. Hallenbeck, D. Smolsey FOURTH ROW: J. Sharp, S, Davidson, M. Langley, M. Stodd 1 l l ard, L. Koegel, L. Cirbus, S. Niles, J. Howard, P. Stone H. Boyka, B. Kessel, L. Guckert, L. Haller, M. Iannuzzo, A Karleen, N. Hartman, R. Davis, J. Kennedy, P. Higgins N. Yorker, D. Buttles, A. Patynen, J. Hotaling, A. Radford FIFTH ROW: C. Gerhardt, B. Root, J. Millward, B. Komrow ski, D. Dippold, I. Wilson, B. Thomas, J. Butler, C. Dicks. K Kohles, B. Barzee, V. Dickinson, E. Dorn, K. McDonough Mrs. Adams, Advisor, S. Burlingame. SIXTH ROW: M. King, B. Hayes, J. Jones, N. Cushman, J. Grimblem, K. Robinson E. Ciannilli, N. Chandler, D. Petroffski, D. Baker, M. A Murray, P. Tatko, S. Homan, Miss DeCicco, Advisor, M Guinto, B. Kellogg, J. Pirino, J. Perechor. SEVENTH ROW: V. Edick, C. Skrochi, N. Whitworth, M. Hunt, J. Gibbs M. Kewhneman, 8. Dorscher, S. Cartwright, J. Schaertl. P. Rodriquez, R. Near, R. Stebbins. A. Masterpool, F. Emer- son, A. Lemm, C. Zube, B, Larsen. The Cheerleading Club, which was organized in l95l under Mrs. Hall, has developed into eight groups with twenty girls in each. The purpose of the Cheer- leading Club is to encourage interest in cheerleading, promote school spirit, and to train and develop future cheerleaders. I CIVIL DEFENSE CLUB ra 04 5 93" ii, -W i m lil' I FIRST ROW: E. Vorhees, R. Winks, Treasurer, S. Amato, President, ning, C. Stagnitta, M. Adams, P. Smith, E. Miller. THIRD ROW Mr. DeLaney, Advisor, C. Matthewson, Vice President, R. Hans- E. Webb, B. Meyer, J. Moore, D. Foster, L. Scaffido, B. Fenn, F comb, Secretary, D. Thornton. SECOND ROW: J. DeLine, R. Welch, Tornatore, J. Kitchen, R. Young, T. Ouimette, N. Nunan, E. Sched D. Haaf, F. Richer, G. Arnold, F. Ritter, C. Vollkommer, J. Man- J. Pierson. The Civil Defense Club was organized in 1953 under the leadership of Mr. DeLaney to cooperate in drills and coordinate with county authorities in all emer- gencies. Such skills as stretcher bearing, bandaging, and splinting, and organizing of school drills are developed during the club period. DRAMATICS CLUB FIRST ROW: J. GOrd0rt, J. Steven SSCYGYBVYJ L- BVHCISIWBW, PreSider1t: THIRD ROW: S. Sabo, C. Edick, M. Harvey, S. Beechner, C. Rogala, Mrs. Graves. Advisor: G. Hayden. Vice President: F. Hayes. Trees- J. Barlow, S. Coy, J. Andress. FOURTH ROW: N. Wilson, S. Hay- urerg L. Crowell. SECOND ROW: L. Wheelock, L. Osborne, B. lor, L. Shickel, S. Yale, M. Dwyer, J. Croyle, C. Rein, J. Carpenter. Dyer, P. Dwyer, E. Bruno, D, Safranko, M. Carpenter, S. Hughes. Organized in 1952, the Dramatics Club is presently supervised by Mrs. Graves with the purpose of acquainting the students with all phases of play production. The group studies make-up, stage decoration, costuming, lighting, publicity, and acting. ln the past three years, the club has staged plays for town organizations and assemblies. They hope to continue this program this year with short plays. FIELD AND STREAM CLUB 5 Q-.. -. 'Ar M . 4 L 'Wx 93 -A ,Ana . 4 3311?-3-1 L-f' us. --4 .ti 5 Xa s nv ,Q FIRST ROW: D. Maxson, J. Methani, J. Barry, H. Stalker, B. Mahler- Mr. Wood, Advisor, R. Brutcher, J. Stevens, D. Fitzgibbons. wein, E. LaRue. SECOND ROW: D. Osborne, R. Roehm, G. Weeks, NATURE STUDY CLUB FIRST ROW1 J. Butters, B. Goozfson, K. Swltzer, Mr. Rosenberg, Advisor, L. MTITer, A, Fazzolari, M. Tyler. SECOND ROW: C. Mc- Laren, R. Tomenv, M. Huglnson, K. Morey, R. Anderson, F. Ross, L. Curtis, R. Sager. THIRD ROW: A. Dewhurst, R. DTFulio, S. 1 ,I x Breese, R. Martin, T. Stockton, A. Bradshaw, G. West, R. Harrig. FOURTH ROW: K, Schmidt, G. Pritchard, R. Hart, T. Gartner, H. Rosen, R. Baker. vu A. Downing, 'ff vo Q, - X ' .4 fi 1 L I 6 N PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB led "'? .I FIRST ROW: L. Kiggins. A. Hansen, PfeSidef1Yf MY- Broad. AdViS0f: Stever, J. Lehman, C, Jacquay, G. Ratnour, C. Stevens, J. Atkins, J. House, Secretary, J. Lindentield. SECOND ROW: K. Heske, M. C. Maloney, R. Baum. PUPPETEERS The Puppeteers is a new organization in North Syracuse High School. Organized by Miss Covell, the club members engage in the making of puppets and are introduced to the methods of puppet show production. Puppet plays have been produced during school hours which have aided the members in gaining an effective introduction to a creative hobby which can be carried on at home. FIRST ROW: J. Clayton, N. Haff, J. Lilipski, R. Daniels, T. Mack. wood, D. ZOII, T. Powers. K. Listner, T. Wood, SECOND ROW: M. T. Allen, M. Hughson, D. Groh, R. Clary, B. S. Baker- Bryce, D. Byron, B. White, H. Tillzpaugh. THIRD ROW: R. Home- ,VM P iw 4 th' ' ,QW ' x v . F J. Gross, C. Dentro, SCIENCE CLUB .fn , ft Ni ri 1 FlRST ROW: N. Ellers, L. Hebert, M. Emmi, Mr. Gale, Advisor, R. Monk, E. JSVISS, R- Jeffers, E- l'l6llDT, T- RYBVV FOURTH RQW1 P Egloff, D. Hollady, R. Reddick. SECOND ROW: P. McLaren, J. Riccinto, R, Fink, G, Blair, W. Waters, D. Holenbeck, R. King, R Bittinger, F. Miller, R. Hanley, R. Dudzinski, D. Graves, S, Emmons, Skrocki, R. Ungerer. K. Fickett. THIRD ROW: C. Palmer, P. Mattison, L. Wallace, SA i? 5-'I ' I . I I . FIRST ROW R Sponable, R. Walters, R. Williams, Mr. Sullivan, Smith, R. Vedder, W. Halsey, L. Meade, M. Myers, G. Sentiment, Advisor L Hogan, D. Mizner, D. Gillette. SECOND ROW: J. Mac- L. Smith. FOURTH ROW: L. Alletzltauser, D. Laquidari, D, Hughson, e, P. kelly, J, Wilmer, J. Gary, R. Raker, A. Scriber, C. D. Hughson, J. Saklowitz, R. Clwatfield, R. Gillette, S. Lemlco. Lueck, B. Featherly, A. Hallstrand, THIRD ROW: S. Beckman, D. W.-eaasnuliw vi STUDENT COUNCIL T i 5 if Q II , . S . 1 1' XJ. QQ. Y 'BJ' d J 10'-nenYf ene' L 5caHi o.H- Row. J Gre ' URT ' gurtles, J- Wesgn FO r D RQW: D- Banee, G- . h M, Websie 1 . lone. TWRD Srever, B' I D. SHN' ' Ams- D Keselr Fxagpgjiiiblil' J' Macamaetihk R. Baum' 8' Cooper nt-at' ' ' ' 5 ske. ' Grriblef ' ' st ROW: 0, rhorn'0"Q,Siiii2Zck, P'eSlden'7Utti', MCDOHOUQE' sifieelev- Fm Chambers SeCf9la'Y5,d'n,. J Deline' vesbort A Hallstrartdrk Y' M. I ' PreSl 9 ' ' A Fglgi r ' I p. 8 ' N. chandfiirxwsce SECOND Rowuiiiloi naar, D. Palme' sefgeafwa' . A ic. MCDOHO ' RichWaY' Baron, F4 Members of the afternoon Student Council are elected by the student body. The major aims and obiectives of the council are as follows: l 2 3 4 5 -To work with the Senior Student Council in several proiects to raise money for a foreign student. -To send sunshine baskets to members of our student body who are seriously ill and will be out of school for a long period of time. -To continue the sponsoring of a Good Citizenship Campaign in our school. -To send delegates to the New York State Study Council Meetings that are held at Drumlins. -To work with the principals and teachers to make our school the best in every way. TUMBI-'NG CLUB 1 ' pq 'I 1 Q V qpqfggiiifogizhsiue 3 Hff'3::z:s:2zese:r2fi:: i U Ei5i:::::::....--we 0 1' 4 233 .zeaszfzfhflfk 4' M D " " W H . www: A l L LL " . FIRST ROW: B. Sfockfon, S. Hochsfuhl, D. Srever, D. Juno, A. Keach, S. Skinner, C. Gwilr, D. Ziegler, K. Slate, R. Lewis, R. Corrwrighf Mrs. White, Advisor: Mr. Covey, Advisor: A. Harrington, B. Farley, R. Atkinson, D. Fraley, J. Salerno, R. Noble. FOURTH ROW: M R. Hughes, S. Muller, B. Harrington, G. Zollo. SECOND ROW: T. McConnell, D. Maidens, K. Bell, J. Howser, A. Janes, S. Schneid Beard, L. Roder, M. Mautz, N. McDonald, B. Allen, M. Grafien, G. Gallpin, D. Kaznarek, E. Grieshaker, J. ' P. McCasland, J. Keenan, S. Bulla, J. Shampine, R. Michels, R. Mahon, J. Hayden. Roof, B. Bryerfon. THIRD ROW: S. Palmer, S. Houde, S. O'Brien, er, Dudli, R. Gaca , J. Mc- EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS 3,11 A xv I ' .-m . l ,AQ 1 ' it ,T F ff li-'3,l',l mf 01 FIRST ROW: S. Houd, J. Hall, J. Croyle, Mr. Sullivan, M. Webster Cali. SECOND ROW: M. Miller, J. Stever, P. Therre J. Gross, J. S. Baxter, B. Watson, S. Fournier, C. Rogala, J. Atkin, D. Buttles 1 1 I L' xr 4,0 J. Ladd, J. Chapel. THIRD ROW: J. Mallward, B. Komrowski, J Sharp, E. Cole, J. Edwards, J. Fergerson, J. House, S. Beech ner, A. Patynen, J. Gordon, B. Rathbun, D. Casolare. SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS Q Q.. FIRST ROW: N. Gill, S. Bowen, G. Schneider, E. Schad, Mr. Sullivan, C. Marsfelder, N. Bradshaw, E. Roder, D. Lavin. SECOND ROW K. Krawcek, M. King, J. Carpenter, J. Evans, P. Tatko, C, Carver, D. Sweezey, W. Fern, J. Howser, R. Daniels, P. Barrey, V. Wagner, J. Monsour, M. Murray, D, Zoll, L. Squires, THIRD ROW: M. vp? Stever, S. Hochstuhl, M. Carpenter, L. Craver, C. Nesfeder, A Watson, L. Smith, R. Stebbins, J. Cronkwright. FOURTH ROW C. Detro, J. Blair, S. Bachman, M. Hartman, B. Dorschel, R. Davis E. Bruno, C. Skrocki, J. Frye, M. Motts, J. Peraino, S. Homan. SPCRTS 1 fi " .Li SPORTS REVIEW Recreation and athletics at the North Syracuse Junior Senior High School are under the direction of Mr. Archie Hall, assisted by a coaching staff of Mr. John Wegerski, Mr. Ruben Tucci, Mr. William Covey, Mr. John Herlosky, Mr. John Nugent, Mr. Roland lvers, Mr. John Warner, Mr. Robert Bell, Miss Evelyn Tucker, Mrs. Evelyn White, Mrs. Mary Whipple, and Mrs. Betty Starr. Athletics are governed by the Athletic Council which is the executive committee of the Athletic Association. Highlighting the athletic season is the Block Letter Banquet usually held in June, when awards are given to the athletes. The Thornton Memorial Trophy is also presented to the outstanding athlete of the year at this banquet. This trophy was won by Maurice Youmans in 1954. Girls' activities this year included archery, bowling, softball, tennis, soccer, and volleyball. These activities are limited to in- tramurals, playdays and invitation games. Under the direction of Miss Tucker, archery, conducted in the spring and fall, is climaxed by a Central New York tournament held at Liverpool. This fall the girls finished first among schools in the county at the Central New York Tournament. Last fall about thirty girls participated in soccer under guidance of Mrs. White, and invitation games with Fayetteville-Manlius and Baldwinsville were held. This winter, due to facilities, bowling and volleyball were the only girls' activities. About 60 girls are bowling in the Junior W.l.B.C. League every Tuesday afternoon at Bowling Green Al- leys. Mrs. Starr and Mrs. Whipple are sponsoring the girls' bowling. Last winter the girls ranked first in the area and 29th in the United States at the National Junior W.l.B.C. Bowling Tour- nament. Also five teams bowled in the Senior W.I.B.C. Tourna- ment which was held at Syracuse last Spring. Under the guidance of Miss Tucker 50 girls were out 'for vol- leyball this winter. Seven playdays and clinics were held with the other county schools. This spring the girls will participate in archery, softball and tennis. Miss Tucker, Mrs. White and Mrs. Whipple will direct the activities. The boys participated in the Onondaga County League in foot- ball, basketball, baseball, track, cross country, golf, tennis and bowling. The 19:4 baseball team won 8 games, lost 5 and finished third in the County League, Baseball was coached by Mr. Hall and Mr. Wegerski. Mr. Tucci's Junior Varsity team won 7 and lost 2. The freshmen, coached by Mr. Covey, also played 2 games and split even, Mr. MacKenzie's golf team won 2, lost 2 and tied T match. The tennis team, coached by Mr. Herlosky, won three and lost two matches. While the T954 track team only won 'l and lost 4 meets in dual competition, Jim Curtis won the novice mile run at the T954 Sectional Relays. At the State Sectional Meet Curtis won the Class "B" mile in the time of 4 minutes, 47.7 seconds. Mr. Nugent is track coach, and this spring he will be assisted by Mr. Warner, former track star at Syracuse University. The second year of Cross Country showed increased interest in the activity. The team participated in several dual meets cli- maxed by he Sectional Meet with the Northmen finishing second. James Curtis and William Carson won Sectional Shields with the right to participate in the intersectionals which were held at Schenectady. Mr. lvers coached the Cross Country team. The 1954 football team missed repeating the County Champion- ship by only two points when they dropped a 14-12 game to Fay- etteville-Manlius. Their team won five games, lost one and scored 130 to their opponents' 40. The J.V.'s had a 4-2 record. Mr. Hall, Mr. Wegerski and Mr. Nugent were the Varsity coaches, while Mr. Tucci and Mr. Herlocky coached the J.V.'s, assisted by Mr. Covey and Mr. Bell when they were available. Altogether 75 boys participated. This year's basketball squad was divided into three groups, the varsity coached by Mr Wegerski, the J.V. by Mr. Tucci and the Freshmen by Mr. Herlosky. At the present time the varsity supports a 9-2 record and are in second place in the Central Division with one postponed game to be played with Solvay February 23. The play-offs start at Baldwinsville February 26. The J.V. team iust missed the play- offs. The frosh have a 5-A record with three games to play. Hockey was dropped this year due to Mr. MacKenzie's leaving. Prospects for baseball this spring are very bright as all the members of last summer's championship teams in the Pony League, Junior and Senior Kiwanis Leagues are in school. Also, increased interest is being shown in track. With the new high school opening next fall the sports pro- gram should show a decided increase in activities. Dr. George Grover, State Director of Health, Physical Education and Recrea- tion, is desirous of having many sports with numerous teams in each sport so every boy or girl will have a chance tc- participate in the sport of their choice regardless of their ability. The Athletic Council wishes to thank Miss Riordan of Matty- dale, Mr. Bradley of Pitcher Hill and Mr. Hobday of Cicero for the use of their physical education facilities so that girls' and boys' sport program could be carried on during the double session at the high school. The department appreciates the cooperation of Mr. Shedd and his staff in arranging transportation the past three years. ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Athletic Association, one of our most active organizations, is under the guidance of Mr. A. D. Hall, assisted by Mr. Tucci and Miss Tucker. The aim of the A. A. is to promote, supervise, and coordinate all recreational and athletic activities of North Syracuse High School students. The Association encourages the participation and membership of all students interested in rec- reational and athletic activity. lts functions are to investigate and control all ath- letic and recreational activities. The governing body, or Council, is composed of the four officers, eight repre- sentatives, two from each of the high school classes, and the managers of the team in season. Its meetings are held twice a month. This Council grants all sports awards, including block letters, numerals, and insignias. . , 6 r l l 2 c l 2 l . ' A. -, FIRST ROW: N. Mayer, C. Burkett, President, D. Shetron, Secretary, zee, R. Russell, J. Vollick, D. Giusti, R. Lane, T. Lane, R. Schader COBCIW Hall, MiSS Tucker, Coach Tucci, L, Melvin, Vice President, G, Hansee, E. Briggs, D, Blackburn, R. Krohl, C. Bahnke, J. Fuller JA APPCI, TVGBSUYBY: D. Roehm. SECOND ROW: B. Schoen, C. Bar- N. Hytron. NOT SHOWN: L. Obergtell, Vice President. BASEBALL 'Qi Q f-A pt ' Lf n Y I Sl 1 V 5 BASKETBALL - VARSITY LU .Wy D1 'F SITTING: C. Hayes, Manager, Gary Kn-SPP, Manager. Hazard, Mr, Wegerski, Varsity Coachi D. Case, Mr FIRST ROW: R. Sattler, C. Bechtal, D. Pike, J. Vollick, Hall, Athletic Coach, Mr. Tucci, Junior Varsity Coach. D. Giusti, E. Briggs, C. Burkett. SECOND ROW: D. THIRD ROW: R. Krohl, H, Arnold, D. Lane, J. Cortese , ,.,. I I i.,, JUNIOR VARSITY .lt ,1 111. 3, l'il i . y n gg 3 Q - I 3 SITTING: C. FIRST ROW: W. Graten, I fri I-51 qw 19? Q' 'U Hayes, Manager, G. Knapp, Manager. D. Hazard, Student Teacher: Ml' WEQGVSHV R- Ashford D. Tisdal, R. Johnson, B. Redrnon, T. Lane, R, Littleboy, Mr. Hall, Mr. Tucci. THlRD ROW: W. Hill R. Maylone, P, Murphy. SECOND ROW: R. Izzo, C. Falter, J. Palmer. fa 1 1 ,1 A Y f-55 r' 5 f 5 L Lp 1- , . N' .APSL--ze-an I I L. A uf z 'N 4. Vu 2 ' s Mi 'W uffrr '44 -ff' u . A Q PM ' x , vw ll 4 'I A . . 3, ' 'U' . ' Q . in k f U 4' . ' , ' A mtv M, 'I 1 ...f- a PFW'-,,3y ' mf 4' f -- . - V - - EW -J 1 L' .,.. I rx Y. 4 1 QS' J ' if fb . v f J, Q v V ' J ,r ,. of s . J- gi n , - . - Q V- ,gg , V .. V in x , 'H , B , . QM. ,V Y , ' .I W g 45 Z 'I 435 V V - " Q " A H A., , I gp ' if K X .' ' - y J ' ' 5 V n fl ,- 9 , vi Y ' F Q 5' Q , W., .. . -1 . 1 - , 1 :wma 1 " k ' :. --ws .: - .1 -' 1 -' ' ' - f - k 'Jai "if -if .85 43 " K A . . ' ' I Q . - , A ' ' ' - in A V' ' " "" "'. 5 5 ,L i?'. f ,N W i,,5.,M,v'-?.."-'nr'-J-ii. ' A 1+-S in , K 'ww ,wx .tw 2.7, ,ffl .3 " v' f f .- X' Q-' A4 'f' I . , 1 -f:.,.f133f? ??'f-e2:.g rw, - -fb qw., , f. 1 5' -,., ,W r hr, k...,,.f,, 1 ' ' i "':-5ff'f?'T.' '---LE' 4 ' " J x ' ' . A --rw'!'.?1X--""!' X A NJA .A " . ,,- . ,. M - ig ymf ff W . , X . - K K .:--- A , :I -X: K ,-. . , , I - ' . bfi' 13:43 Sit, 5952 aff, f'.jT?1fY?.'ijf 153 :'E1",f.l-L,-.nik 'IPM X-IK.,-4' if , Q? f 'H 5 I 11 .f'i5T'3"I'x:fJ1f'i5"5f ,Q LPQQ,,',w,45,1.fh ig ' yf-1.?ff2f!:"f'ff'2Y,,.gf- i! 14-23 L .Ag 1' f "- ' . ff' i'-'QL'-fi S '.-AfN:""'fJ'-ff'G,f:'f3LLf2f':f""'f?ff'l,.fr--X2 - VND ! ' -' ? -,f W gv-,' '42 A - -'t1i,'Q,,., ,A "A, -FA-wx fwix W Mig 1 J 'XM , X' N f -K ,six t r .th 'Riff . ,H N ZA- S, i A Huw, 44: if L Q I K ., Vx , 0 42. . . Y Q , rl , Q FIRST ROW: L. Furco, B. Gurzny, W. Nugent, R. Davis, B. Carson, B. Eno, S pu, HW OO f,.' 4' ,, vis, 1, sv-9 A, gli. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS I xl f' 1 M, rj R. Marley. -owvoqw , wr-az .M-up FRONT: J. Thompson. BACK: E. Perry, N. Hytron, N. Bruner, C. Barzee, C. Obergfell, K. O'Connor, 5 n 0 ' 1: I'-' . . J E . -Y 1 q u nun V , V Yf' l Xxm Q 1 2: I Q 3 If 5 ' ,S 7. - . ' ' , 5 I it ll I Z'-5 ' 'N 4 :':: KNEELING: J. Gurzny, P. Homan, P. Wilson, G. Perry, J. Lowe, B. Jackson. STANDING: B. Russell, Captain. ' il 99 7 7 , 1 4 W? 5? F L' 1 Hi V '5' Y ggxzgszir 5. 'E' -4 9 U . 2 ll - Q , ,f , I 4' .L 'IH 1 nu, hw, Y XXX . 4., ' 1- ,, , xp ,Z 9 Q, , Q D v,,.5 1"V it ,x J Q gg? I BOWLING Ft .1 5 FIRST ROW: J. Shaertl, Secretary: J. Dygert, Secretary H, Griff, President: P. Swift, Treasurer, P. Crawshaw, Vice President, C. Obergfell, B. Schaap. SECOND ROW P. Hunter, D. Kuhn, C. White, C. Peck, B. Garelick, B. Wheatley, G. Hansee, S. Pointer, S. Miller, THIRD ROW: l J B. Stockton, M. Brand, K. Spillane, E. Bieloski, L. Le gere, M. Davison, N. Merriam, N. Shea, J. Rpthbaler FOURTH ROW: C. Osborne, S. Johnson, J. Chandler D. Luce, D. Shetron, S. Schad, P. Wilson, M. Wilson N.Wright. SOCCER FIRST ROW: M. Yuill, K. Searles, B. Stockton, Captain: B. Richardson, M. Grover, E. Parker, M. Wilson, J Mrs. White, Advisor, N. Lathrop, Captain: A. McMa- Kimbell, C. Osborne, L. Shepard, B. Scherz, M. Kirsch. hon, P. Burns. SECOND ROW: M, LaRochelle, C. Grover, VOLLEYBALL my A1 , ' .I Q l l E V . 4 l"i l t Y . L , s .gf . L Y L i 2 t - 4 . K . FIRST ROW: M. Yuill, B. Hafner, B. Bieloski, D. Davis, L. Larson, Manager: D. Shetron, Captain: Miss Tucker, Advisor: J. Cross, Captain, E. Dailey, Manager: E. Alletzhauser, J. Herbert, P. Schultz, C. Galipeau. SEC- OND ROW: M. Willis, J. Gurzney, S. Neimeier, D. Beam, B. Subik, B. Garelick, G. Furco, L. Snyder, E. Bieloski, C. Tracey, B. Benson, J. Lowe, C. Behnke. P. Rose, J. Garling, S. Birchrneyer, N. Lathrop. THIRD ROW: L. Towndrow, L. Shepard, M. Schultz, C. Bar- ,P h xi X. .ft PW V "V - x . G 1, X X . V . ,I L, ' . e X' . . V X, X. 1 M' l 'U XN 'A I . P 3: ISI S X 'L . C ' . C, x N M . K k xx t X1 , X41 r . -. . X L 4 zee, A. McMahon, S. Rohde, J. Bammesberger, L. Mel- vin, N. Reynolds, M. Wilson, J. Lapham, D. Wojnar, P. Stemmler, D. Wyman, C. Allen, M. Wagner, G. Hansee, S. Pointer, K. Gillette, C, Darminio, C. Grover. FOURTH ROW: A. Folger, M. Fretheim, N. Lane, K. Spillane, B. Stockton, L. Southard, C. Osborne, B. Rich- ardson, J. Hopp, S. Olson, M. Grover, J. Kimbell, B. Rolince, M. LaRocheIle, A. Kord, P. McDole, M. Kirsch, J. Yost, J. Fuller. ACTIVITIES X12 N UE PM 5381 -f CLASSES DEEP IN THOUGHT R. Shannon, L. Seibert, G. Pauette, E. O'Toole, C. Obergfell. STILL TYPING Priscilla Hageman SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Goessling i Mr. Hoover and Locker Keys. Miss Bandler and Patient Marsha Schultz SERVICES if LIBRARY The North Syracuse High School library serves approxi- mately fifteen hundred students. Mrs. Reddick, librarian of the Senior High, and Mrs. Simeone, librarian of the Junior High, are in supervision. The library collection consists of 4820 volumes with 482 of these in departmental libraries. During the school year of T952- l953, six hundred volumes were added to the collection, and circulation reached an all time high of l7,726 volumes. In addi- tion to the reference, biographical, fictional, and non-fictional sections of the library, seventy-three periodicals are subscribed to. These apply to almost every interest of the students. The facilities of the library are used extensively. It is in continual use for undergraduate classes, adult education, panel discussions, and various organiza- tional meetings. The library is decorated with murals and paintings from undergraduate art classes. ,-,,-7 r. l 4 M: ,,,, .av ll 3' Mrs. Leonard, Mr. Leonard, Nancy Brunet, Jack Appel. JUNIO "THE LOVELIEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR" All the world is still and quiet, Vanished are worry and care, The moon casts shadows on the trees, And lovers' whispers fill the air. The laughter is soft, and gay are all, The stars blink like candles above, All the wonders of night enthrall, And all the wonders of love. And in the midst of this quiet scene, We thrill to the crowning of King and Queen The music is soft, and lights are low, Eyes are shining and faces all glow. 'Twill soon end, the night to ever endear, And it becomes a memory, The loveliest night of the year. Mrs. Leonard, Mr. Leonard, Nancy Brunet, Jack Appel, Joyce Cross, Bill Armani, Elaine Bieloski, Ronald DiFulio. PROM 1954 Barbara Katzung Fredric Watrous l' QUEEN KING Q fe I f 1 X L 5 ,Q J , 3 X if 1 A d lf? , - .' . lx V.,.: i. Xvwv f ,f 151144 Q 'N 0 W 'MM Wx ff .T up Turf Q' 1 rf FRONT-Frank DeTiere, Jack Appel, Ronald DiFulio, Judy LaRose, Nancy Hytron, Joan Baius. BACK-Barbara Kafzung, Fredric Watrous. Cam, Am Jamey ASSEMBLIES vii.,- During the school year considerable effort is made to present assembly programs in both the afternoon and morning session. The assemblies are designed to be enjoyable, informative, and interesting for all students. Various organiza tions such as the Dramatic Clubs, Student Coun cil, and Athletic Association contribute to assem bly planning and development. Such special pro grams as paid speakers, singers, and acts are provided to increase variety and interest. Special assemblies at Christmas and Easter enhance the beauty ot the season and give greater opportu nity for active student participation. Ted Ouimette Charles Besanson Barbara Kellogg Patricia Mattison Frederick Ritter Patricia Mattison, Barbara Kellogg. Ted Conway, Diane Satranko. SENIOR PLAY "WaIIfIower" DIRECTOR-Miss Sleeth CAST Barbara Katzung Jim Johst Bobbie Russell Jack Beam Linda Legere Chuck Burkette Karl Bechtel Herb Arnold Carm Riccelli Noel Files Lois Sykes Shiela Hughes Judy Parent Robert Krohl "WALLFLOWER" is a high comedy with a deep undercur- rent of sympathy and understanding for youth. It is the story of the average American couple who try, somewhat unsuccessfully, to cope with the problems of their youth- ful daughters. The solutions to some of these problems were often drastic but effective and made for an evening of excellent entertainment. Linda Legere Roberta Russell Kafl Bechtel Barbara Katzung Linda Legere Roberta Russell Roberta Russell Linda Legere Barbara Katzung -.FEP SHOP CLASS Frank Degman STENO CLASS Nancy Wicks ADULT ln order to serve the community more et- fectively, Adult Education has been developed as one ot the vital services of the school. Held during the evening, the following classes are offered as part ot the curriculum. Ambassador Americanization Attic Finishing Band Bookkeeping and Accounting China Painting Creative Painting Dairying Dressmaking and Sewing Driver Education Expectant Mothers Farm Shop Furniture Refinishing Law Everyone Should Know Leathercraft Photography Physical Education Programming Radio and Electronics Rugmaking Senior Citizens Sewing and Knitting Shorthand l, 2 Shop Television Repair Textile Painting Training for Equivalency Diploma Typing Upholstery EDUCATION SHOP CLASS R. Malone SHORTHAND Mr. Pistolese ,gl , 75 ,J OFFICE Mrs. Barbara HorTon S , 4,5 C kts.s'. Mrs. Carla Zawar FACULTY ROOM Mrs. June Porubek and Miss Dorothy DeCicco. ...xt SENIOR FAVORITES DID MOST FOR THE CLASS Deanna Bristol Fredric Wafrous MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Barbara Katzung Paul Christ MOST POPULAR Esther Perry Karl Bechtel NICEST PERSONALITY Bobbie Russell Joe Kowal BEST DRESSED Lynda Melvin Bill Waryan MOST STUDIOUS Judy Ehegarfner Paul Bauer MOST ATHLETIC Diane Shetron Jack Vollick BEST MUSICIAN Ron DiFuIio CLASS COUPLE Barbara Remon Ray Schader BEST LOOKING Lois Sykes Chuck Burkett BEST DANCERS Rose Marley Dick Lane NEW HIGH SCHOOL Q5 W if fw-.., 3,11 U .,e- ' ' if :iv is mf 41' sf N0-v QT! L. W- 'iw f , ,- '-J 'X . ,wr A M ,sf Us IA FL 1' ,ig 1 vp if I 'I is " , f I fp "N -A fffwa 'hw z' ....-fx, we I fl! ' J QQ? ws, K? 5, K K. 5 - Wg: S . fbQ f ,. J J U! BOOSTERS Archer s Shell Statnon A Brokendown Alumnus Mr John Antes A Fnend Mr and Mrs Bader Compluments of M H Baker Baker and Carpenter L G Balfour Co Colburn Barkley s Sales Tom Barzee Beauty Craft Floors Compluments of John Bench and Son Walter Bnellng Mrs J Bolton Bradbury Sales Buttermand Bakery Cam Nel Restaurant Mr and Mrs Frank Case Jr Centervrlle Realty Centervnlle Supply and Bldg Corporatlon Putt Chandler s Barber Shop Mr and Mrs F E Christ Paul Christ Cucero Lumber Co Cole Studuos Color Bar Dody s Beauty Shop Mr and Mrs Kyle Dolbear Sr Down and Hall Duff s Food Store Mr Arthur Dygert Art Edwards Dump Truck Service Eggleston s Ray Fueld The Frnendly Barber Fox Real Estate Dora Franceen Dress Shop Fran s Restaurant Gratzer Dalry Green Acres Restaurant Gress s Hardware Gurgnard Flornst Inc Haberer s Super Market Harvey Bros Grocery Store Charlne Holmes Mobllgas Station Mr and Mrs JohnW Hopp House s Superette Howard s Pharmacy Compliments of Earl Hytron J and J Hardware A Fnend Jo s Pnzza House Klrsch Danry Jack Krssock s Tlre Co Ladd Insurance Co La Londe s Lzquor Store Judy La Rose Complnments of Dr Morrls Lassman D A Leo s Servlce Statnon Mrs Jane N Manchester Complnments of Martin s Restaurant Marv s Wearnng Apparel Ma and Pa s Restaurant Mattydale Krddue Shop Mattydale Muslc Center Mattydale Pharmacy Mattydale Superette McKinley s Super Market Meade s Mellone s Store Mr and Mrs Mllton F Melvin George Mulhauser North Kolorama North Syracuse Laundromat North Star Laundry and Dry Cleaners North Syracuse Outlet North Syracuse Sales Mr and Mrs James Oberholtzer A Friend Onondaga Heatnng and Supply Corp P and C Food Market Pam s Dnner Branch Perfectuon Dry Cleaners Peter s Barber Shop Mr and Mrs Packard Putcher Hull Servnce Station A Fnend Bob Rlce Route ll Funuture and Appluance Co Roxann Supply Corporation S and C Drugstore Compluments of Mr and Mrs Fred R Sears Sheeley Hardware lnc Snow s Hardware Speer s Service Miss Esther Sleeth W E Sleeth and Son Julue Stevens Mobllgas Statlon Stevens and Zollo Masonry Supplues Rev and Mrs Stracker Rev and Mrs Swales Swltz s Flve and Ten Charles Symer Rotary Station Tanysyn s Servlce Station Compluments of Frank Taylor s Restaurant Teachout s Market Town and Country Snack Bar Unger s Department Store A Fnend Vlllage Dry Cleaners L A Walters Sunce T921 Wasburn Shell Statlon Henry A Wason Howard R West and Son Texaco Servnce Wall s Barber Shop Louuse Wulfert A Friend ' 1 , . . , . I . I .. . I T . . , . ' Ed's Radio and TV Sales and Service , , , , . . I . I I I , , . I ' . . , AUTOGRAPHS P' AUTOGRAPHS ff fc fx. V7 I' cl 4 i Y f ,. Q . ' . fir ir c P ' f - r' ,. . fra, ' f, K fy- I. 4' 7. 1- , 5' I 1, "K KL 'lil . 6 'f Of , A 2, I I 1 V Kl'X - KI 7! - 'K ,' .x ' ' K . 'JL ff, ff . ,. .- 4 I , fiat. f Q7 , f fu: ,f ff - -QM, 5:6 1 I-xr , " . . 'L V "ff 1 5 " ff f 1 'xr If X, , , f , . I , f , , ' flf, I 7 X L C Q - if' V ' , 4, 7 If W .1 4 K t. f -' 'QL , ' V . f',f'.' r 1' f , , X - , - 15 2, L 5 ' , .- L r f if " , L . ' Y , I "1 7 " fl IW, , I-xx, n ,A li f .f. ' , A - , ,f V, 1' 1 1 ' f f f Q I q L- A CN f 1 X I L' C f K 4 I -,' fb ii x, 1 X' I , -J! . I , . y - v , . i , 1 'f, . ,,,- , f i .1 I, u 1 ' 'V V 1 , A L . 1' 1 ,lvl , 'TN 1' '1, .4 M. g , XI . 4 . 3 ,XV xg 1, X-W ' , F, x , , ' 1 Y L-fr-J' Ying, XXAL LUJ4-Af WW L1,1,CA-fV"MfC M L x 1C3"f' 1 ,LLM iff MMM Uri 1f JW xy X X LL H '20 Mme? 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Suggestions in the North Syracuse High School - Northmen Yearbook (North Syracuse, NY) collection:

North Syracuse High School - Northmen Yearbook (North Syracuse, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


North Syracuse High School - Northmen Yearbook (North Syracuse, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Syracuse High School - Northmen Yearbook (North Syracuse, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Syracuse High School - Northmen Yearbook (North Syracuse, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 58

1955, pg 58

North Syracuse High School - Northmen Yearbook (North Syracuse, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 143

1955, pg 143

North Syracuse High School - Northmen Yearbook (North Syracuse, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 9

1955, pg 9

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