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 - Class of 1962

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mm :j Si-. 777 tO. kJo ' TTV A 1962 Nortfi Star Nortfi Surry Migfi Scftool Mount Airy, North Carolina North Star St ff Presents A IjeAr o| Adventure . . . ADVENTURE Sometimes We Find To Our Surprise It Dwells Within Our Hand MARTHA WILSON Editor GATE FRYE Editor TED JOHNSON Advertising Manager MISS LOUISE KENDALL Adviser 2 This is our " crossroads of the world " We enjoy our favorite " freezeway " We are proud of our beautiful school building Our World of Adventure juiding Adventure of Administration 6-13 Satisfying Adventure in Activities 84-99 Vondrous Adventure into Learning 14-63 Exciting Adventure in Sports 100-114 Slorious Adventure into Fame 64-83 Friendly Adventure in Business 118-146 3 " Let all men venture hard work, humility, honesty, clean living, and high thinking " . ., Guidance in personal and vocational problems is one of the ways Mr. Surratt helps his students. DeJicaf ion Here is a man who has a high moral standard, and lives by it; who has a great faith in young people, and exhibits it; who has a belief that study will make him a better teacher, and practices it. Through such men our school, and indeed the world, becomes better. To us, Mr. Surratt is more than a teacher. He is never too busy to listen to our troubles and to give us his help. His interest in us, our plans and ambitions, strengthens our own feeling of accomplishment. He is a friend in every sense of the word. On our report card, Mr. Surratt rates an A-Plus as a teacher, counselor, and friend. It is with deep affection and gratitude for his friendship and his faith in us, that we dedicate this yearbook, the 1962 edition of NORTH STAR, to 1 Carlos P. Surrall End of a perfect-ly full day! He has never had enough sleep—and never will! Many hours of work and pleasure go into keeping statistics for the football team. i 1 j ■i t |l Carlos P. Surraff 5 ' The future belongs to those who give themselves unselfishly to their given tasks " .,. ■X To our teachers we express our appreciation for their in- struction, help, and guidance for the many roads of adventure . " that lie before us. ’ Adventure of Aaminisfrafion Sitting: Fletcher, Reece, Pliillips, L. Hinshaw, Carroll, M. Atkins, Si ' -r.nsoii. Standing: Surratt, Kendall, Hiatt, Turpin, McCormick, Martin, Bradlord, Sj ' Ciger, R, Atkins, Coltrane, P. Hinshaw, Browne, Houck, Coble, Hicks, Flemmings, P. F.: ■ic ,.ann, PopJi-i, T Locklear, G. McCann, V oodie, Tilley. w C ooci . iiuuulsirc i ou is the hcijnoic of our school Our Principal ROBERT O. POPLIN, JR. ' Wake Forest College, B. A. Appalachian State Teachers College, M.A. We are beginning to realize the value of efficient administration to a school. We are grateful to Mr. Poplin for the long hours of drought, planning and work which he gives to North Surry High School. o he Sch ool Board war hs in the interest of our school NORTH SURRY HIGH SCHOOL BOARD D. C. Ramey, B. A. Jarvis, Perry Taylor, Chairman; Claude Thore, David L. Hiatt We need Quidance in many pfiasos of our school lives OUR GUIDANCE DIRECTOR Swanson Richards Appalachian State Teachers College A.B., M.A. Our Guidance program has grown slowly but surely under Mr. Richards ' di¬ rection. We realize many benefits from our confer¬ ences in the guidance office. NortH Surry inspiration as J. C. McCORMICK Elon, A.B. History, Algebra Driver Training Junior Deputies Adviser Hobbies: Hunting Carpentering MISS VIRGINIA COLTRANE Radford, B.S, Woman ' s College Vocational Home Economics F.H.A. Adviser Hobbies: Photography Outdoor Cooking CARLOS P. SURRATT U.N.C., A.B. Appalachian, M.A. English Key Club Adviser Hobbies: Reading, Gardening MRS. PEGGY HALSEY HEMMINGS Radford, B.S. Home Economics F.H.A. Adviser Hobbies: Cooking, Reading BILL R. ATKINS Guilford, A.B. Biology, Health Driver Education Monogram Club Adviser Coach: Basketball Assistant Coach: Football Hobbies: Sports MRS. MARY W. ATKINS Guilford, A.B. Spanish, English Cheerleaders Adviser Hobbies: Reading, Sports MRS. FRANCES M. BRADFORD Woman ' s College, A.B. General Science, Biology Hobbies: Reading ZANE N. WOODIE Appalachian, B.S. Typing, General Business Journalism Junior Deputies Adviser The Bark Adviser Hobbies: Reading, Hunting Fishing MRS. GOLDIE SPARGER Steed, A.B. Appalachian, M.A. Typing, Shorthand, Secretarial Practice, Business Arithmetic MISS LOUISE KENDALL Guilford, A.B. Appalachian, M.A. NORTH STAR Adviser Hobbies: Photography Outdoor Cooking JUNIOR L. HIATT Brigham Young, B.S. U.N.C., M.A. Mathematics, Physics Driver Education, Health Hobbies: Sports, Photography MRS. SARA DAVIS PHILLIPS Guilford, A.B. Algebra, Plane Geometry Hobbies: Reading, Sewing MRS. MARY COUNCIL CARROLL Woman ' s College, B.S. Biology, Chemistry National Honor Society Adviser Hobbies: Reading, Cooking THOMAS H. HOUCK Wofford, A.B. Duke, M.A. English, Social Studies Assistant to the Principal Hobbies: Reading, Cartooning Cooking MRS. IVYLYN S. MARTIN Appalachian, B.S. Woman ' s College Vocational Home Economics F.H.A. Adviser Hobbies: Music, Sewing MRS. ELIZABETH CARROLL REECE Winthrop, A.B. Kent State English, World Geography Hobbies: Music, Reading " Grandchildren " JACK P. TILLEY N.C. State, B.S. Arizona State General Science Hobbies: Flowers, Fishing Baseball, Reading MRS. MARY V. HERRING LOCKLEAR Woman ' s College, A.B. English Dramatics Adviser PAUL HINSHAW Appalachian, B.S., M.A. History, Mathematics Health Coach: Football, Baseball Assistant Coach: Basketball MISS JEAN WRIGHT FLETCHER Woman ' s College, B.S. Bookkeeping, Shorthand Business Arithmetic Hobbies: Sewing, Reading C. BRAXTON TURPIN N.C. State, B.S., M.S. Vocational Agriculture F. F.A, Adviser Hobbies: Gardening Landscaping Sntfiusi sm as well as wor is found in our classrooms BILL G. COBLE Appalachian, B.S. History, Civics, Mathematics Coach: Junior Varsity Basketball Hobbies: Golf, Reading MISS MARY ELIZABETH BROWNE Lenoir-Rhyne, B.A. English Band and Chorus Instructor Hobbies: Drawing, Painting B. F. McCANN Appalachian, B.S. V.P.I., M.S. Agriculture F.F.A. Adviser Hobbies: Golf, Hunting MISS BESSIE M. SIMPSON Guilford, A.B. Spanish, History, English Spanish Club Adviser Hobbies: Collecting Spanish stories and plays MRS. DOROTHY SMITH HICKS Appalachian, B.S. Librarian Library Assistants Adviser Hobbies: Reading MRS. LETTY I. HINSHAW Appalachian, B.S., M.A. Health, Physical Educat ion Coach: Girls ' Basketball Hobbies: Sports GUY McCANN Appalachian, B.S. U.N.C.; Wake Forest Mathematics Mechanical Drawing Hobbies: Golf, Bowling QUe School Sfajf MRS. VICKI HEATHCOTE Secretary MRS. LILLIAN POPLIN Secretary MRS. VERA SIMMONS Cafeteria Manager Members of tfic school : 700 plates is the daily quota for Mr. Marshall and Mrs. - Inman. i Mrs. Jones and Mrs. King make slaw by the bushel. sfaJI worh hitlilullij And well Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Hutchens 13 Custodians Mrs. F. Simmons, Mrs. Sykes, and Mrs. V. Simmons make 1600 hot biscuits! " Make life be a gay adventure, (oive your utmost and your best, IPerform with care all daily chores ' -’Do each one with courage and zest. " Lncli year we feel a closer unity in our life together at North Surr We will always be grateful for these years of work tun, friendships, and growth that we have shared A ■ ' T y VJondvous Adventuve info £elining class of 1962 iisii trui M -Vi So ’ ■ " ■ ' ’■ ' 5 ' i ' ' ' ’■ SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Kemp Scott, Vice-President; Carol Beamer, Treasurer; Arnold Parker, President; Joy Collins, Secretary-. Seniors BRENDA ARRINGTON J. R. ARRINGTON BARBIE ATKINS a ' REBA AlvIN ANTHONY PAUL ARNDER PATSY AMBURN 3 LANEY BOWMAN MARTHA BENFIELD LARRY BRANCH JOYCE BEUKEMA ROGER BRYANT CAROLYN BRIM Class of 1962 BONITA BRICKELL JOE BYRD KORNELLA BRIM Seniors BETSY BUNKER REID CLIFTON GLORIA CHILDRESS WADE DOBY Class of 1962 Seniors SCOTTIE ISAACS EULA ANN JACKSON BOB JACKSON RENDA JONES TED JOHNSON CAROL JOHNSON class of 1962 ANNIE KIRKMAIvI ROGER KING CAROLYN LAMBERT Seniors JIMMY NIXON BRENDA McCreary ARNOLD PARKER CAROL REECE REVEL YOUNG LINDSAY NORMAN NANCY McHONE DALE PARSONS GERALDINE NISTON DAVID PHILLIPS KAYE NISTON ! class of 1962 MARGARET REECE MAUDIE RAMSEY Seniors DENNIS STONE MARY WILLIAMS GRAHAM TUNSTALL MARGARET WILSON class of 1962 MARTHA WILSON DOUG WILSON SANDRA WOODRUFF Senior Statistics PATSY AMBURN F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 1; NORTH STARS, Circulation Manager 4; Class Seer eta ry 2,3; Library Assistant 2; National Honor Society 3,4; 4-H President 1; Homecoming Court 4; Clrristmas Queen 4; Friendliest 4. REBA ANN ANTHONY Dramatics 3, Treasurer 4. PAUL ARNDER E.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4. BRENDA ARRINGTON F.H.A. 1,2; Dramatics Vice-President 3, President 4; Science Club 1. J. R. ARRINGTON National Honor Society 4; Chief Marshal 3; Spanish Club 4; Most Intellectual 4. BARBIE ATKINS F.H.A. 2; Chorus 3; Class President 1; Softball 1; Cheer¬ leader 1; 4-H Club 1, 2. CAROL BEAMER F.H.A. 1,2, Parliamentarian 4; F.T.A. 1; Chorus 2; Class President 1, Treasurer 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club Treasurer 4; Office Assistant 3; Homecoming Court 1,4; Most Likely to Succeed 4. National Honor Society 4. INEZ BEASLEY F.H.A. Treasurer 2; Class Vice-President l;Basketball 1, Manager 3; Spanish Club 4; 4-H Club 1; Office Assistant 4; Science Club President 1; National Honor Society 4. MARTHA BENFIELD F.H.A. 3,4; Chorus 1; Paper Staff 1; NORTH STAR 4; Class President 1; Softball 1; Monogram Club 1; Library ' Assistant 3; 4-H Club 1. LANEY BOWMAN Co-Editor of The Bark 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Key Club 4. TOMMY BOWMAN F.F.A. 2,3,4; Football 1,4; Key Club 4. LARRY BRANCH F.F.A. 3, Sentinel 4; Track 1; Bus Driver 4. BONITA BRICKELL F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Cheerleader 1; 4-H Club 1,2. CAROLYN BRIM F.H.A. 3; Cheerleader 4; Monogram Club 4; Office Assistant 3, 4; Homecoming Court 4. KORNELLA BRIM F.H.A. 1,4; F.T.A. 1; The Bark 4; Basketball 1; Softball 1; Cheerleader 1; Office Assistant 4. BEVERLY BROWN F.H.A. 2; Associate Editor The Bark 3; NORTH STAR 4; National Honor Society 3, Secretary 4; Marshal 3; Spanish Club 4. RODGER BRYANT BETSY BUNKER F.H.A. 2; Chorus 3; Class Treasurer 1; Softball 1; 4-H Club 1, 2; Office Assistant 4. JUDY GAIL BURCHAM Chorus 1; Paper Staff 1; Class Secretary 1, Treasurer 2,3; Basketball 1,3; Softball 1; Monogram Club 3,4; Library Assistant 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; 4-H Club 1; Office Assistant 4; Bus Montior 3, 4; Best School Spirit 4. JOE BYRD F.F.A. 1; Class Vice-President 3; Bus Driver 2, 3. DONALD CLIFTON F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,3,4; Monogram Club 2,4; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4; Christmas King 4; Best School Spirit 4. REID CLIFTON Co-Editor The Bark 4; Football 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Track 1; Monogram Club 1, 3, 4; Bus Driver 2, 4; Science Club 1; Friendliest 4. GLORIA JEAN CHILDRESS F.H.A. 1,2, Treasurer 3; F.T.A. 1; Chorus 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 1; 4-H Club 1; Homecoming Court 1. JOY COLLINS Class Secretary 1,4; Basketball 3; Cheerleader 1; 4-H Club 1; Office Assistant 4; Best Personality 4. WADE COLLINS F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; The Bark 4; Chorus 1; 4-H Club 1,2; Bus Driver 3, 4. GARNETT COX F.F.A. 1; Chorus 2; Baseball 1; Spanish Club 4; 4-H Club 1; Bus Monitor 2; Bus Driver 2, 3. ESTHER HALL CREED F.H.A. 3; Chorus 3; The Bark 4; Science Club 1. 26 Senior Sfafislics KYLE CREED F.F.A, 1; Class President 2; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 2, 3; Track 1; Monogram Club 2, 4 ; Key Club 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4; Most Talented 4. JANE DAVENPORT F.H.A. 1, Song Leader 2, County Song Leader 3, Presi¬ dent 4; F.T.A. 1; Chorus 2; NORTH STAR 4; National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; Marshal 3; Spanish Club 4; 4-H Club 1; Office Assistant 3; Co-Ed Correspondent 4; Most Dignified 4. WADE DOBY F.F.A. 4. WAYNE DOBY F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. BONNIE DOLLYHITE F.H.A. 2; F.T.A. 1; Basketball 1; Softball 1; 4-H Club 2; Dramatics 1. DILLON DOLLYHITE F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4. JIMMY DRAUGHN F.F.A. 1, 2, 3; F o o tb a 11 2,4; Baseball 1, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4. BURTON EAST F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; The Bark 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. ALENE EASTER F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 1; The Bark 4. CAROL EASTER F.H.A. 2; Chorus 1; Basketball 1; Monogram Club 1; 4-H Club 2; Office Assistant 1. JUDY EDWARDS F.H.A. 1; The Bark 4; Librar Assistant 4; 4-H Club 1. GERALD EVANS NORTH STAR 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Monogram Club 3,4; Key Club 4; Most Dependable 4; Mr. North Surry 4; National Honor Society 4. SUE FAW F.H.A. 1,4; F.T.A. 1; NORTH STAR 4; Spanish Club 4; 4-H Club 1; Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 4; Most Studious 4; National Honor Society 4. GAYE FRYE F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4, President 2, Vice-President 4; F.T.A. 1; Chorus 2; NORTH STAR 3, Editor 4; Class Officer 1; National Honor Society 3, President 4; Marshal 3; Spanish Club Vice-President 4; Homecoming Court 1; Most Intellectual 4. ROGER FLETCHER F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 4. ROZENA FLIPPIN F.H.A. 1,2,3; Chorus 1; NORTH STAR 4; Class Secre¬ tary 1; Basketball 1; Library Assistant 2, 3; National Honor Society 4; 4-H Club S e c r e t a ry 1; Bus Driver 4; Most Dependable 4. LARRY FULK Chorus 2; The Bark 3; Bus Driver 4. LOIS GALYEAN Class Vice-President 1; 4-H Club 1. HAROLD GOLDING F.F.A. 1,2, President 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 4; Baseball 1,3,4; Track 1; Monogram Club 3,4; Key Club 4; 4-H Club 1; Bus Driver 3,4; Most Versatile 4; Most Valuable in Atlrletics 4; National Honor Society 4. DOROTHY GWYN F.H.A. 1; Chorus 3; The Bark Business Manager 4; Basketball 1; Office Assistant 4; Science Club 1. WAYNE GWYN F.F.A. 1; The Bark 4; Baseball 1. GERALDENE HAYDEN 4-H Club 1. JOHN HEATH F.F.A. 2; Football 4; Track 2, 3,4; 4-H Club 1; Bus Driver 3, 4. CHRISTINE HENSLEY F.H.A. 1,2; F.T.A, 1; Basketball 1; Softball 1. CARLENE HIATT F.T.A. 1; Chorus T; Class Secretary 1. EVA HICKS F.H.A. 1; Chorus 1; Library- Assistant 4; 4-H Club 1. BETTY JANE HODGES Chorus 1; Class Vice-President l;Basketball 1; Monogram Club 1; 4-H Club 1. 0 27 Senior Sfafisfics DORIS HOOKER F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 1; Basketball 1. CHARLES HUTCHENS Baseball 1; 4-H Club 2. SCOTTIE ISAACS F.F.A. 1, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, Secretary’ 4 ; Class President 1; Key Club 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Most Studious 4. BOB JACKSON F.F.A. 1, 4; Class Vice-President 1; Basketball 3,4; Football 3,4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Key Club 4; Bus Monitor 1. EULA ANNE JACKSON F.H.A. 1; Chorus 1,2; Cheerleader 1; 4-H Club 1. RENDA JONES F.H.A. 1,2; Class Secretary 1; Marshal 3; Spanish Club 4; 4-H Club 1; Basketball Manager 3. CAROL ANN JOHNSON F.H.A. 2; Chorus 2; Cheerleader 1; Spanish Club 4; 4-H Club 1,2, TEDDY RAY JOHNSON F. F. A, President 1; NORTH STAR 3, Advertising Manager 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 4; Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Track 1; Monogram Club 3,4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; 4-H Chaplain 1; Bus Driver 3,4; Best Personality 4. ROGER KING F.F.A. 1,2; Key Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 4; Bus Driver 2, 4; Audio-Visual Aide 2, 3, 4. ANNIE KIRKMAN F.H.A. 1,2,4; F.T.A. 1; Chorus 3; NORTH STAR 4; Class Vice-President 1; Spanish Club 4. CAROLYN LAMBERT F.H.A. 1,2,3, Vice-President 1; Chorus 1,2; Library Assistant 1; 4-H Club 1,2,3. MARY JANE LANKFORD F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 1; 4-H Club 1; Office Assistant 3,4. BONNIE LAWRENCE F.H.A. 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1. BRENDA LOWE F.H.A, 3,4; Softball 1; Cheerleader 1; Monogram Club 1; Library Assistant 4; Marshal 3; National Honor Society 4. JAMES LOWE F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 2, Treasurer 4; The Bark 4; 4-H Club 1. ARLENE MARSH 4-H Club 1; Dramatics 1. TOMMY MARSHALL F.F.A. 1; NORTH STAR 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Key Club 4; National Honor Society 4; 4-H Club 1; Bus Driver 3, 4. BRENDA LEE MATTHEWS F.H.A. 1,2; Chorus 1,4; Basketball 1; Softball 1; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3. ARNOLD MOSER Bus Driver 3, 4. TOMMY MUSTIN F.F.A. 1; The Bark 4; Baseball; Key Club 4; Bus Monitor 1 , WAYNE McBRIDE Spanish Club 4. CLINTON McCANN F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4. BRENDA McCreary F.H.A. 1,4. NANCY McHONE The Bark 4; Basketball Manager 2; Office Assistant 4. GERALDINE NISTON F.H.A. 4; The Bark 4; Library Assistant 4; 4-H Glub 1. KAYE NISTON Ghorus 3; The Bark 4. JIMMY NIXON Bus Driver 4. LINDSAY NORMAN Bus Driver 3, 4. ARNOLD PARKER Glass President 3, 4; Football 3, Go-Gaptain 4; Track 1; Monogram President 3, 4; Key Glub 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Marshal 3; Spanish Glub 4; Bus Driver 3; Most Likely to Succeed 4. 28 Senior Statistics DALE PARSONS NORTH STAR 4; Class Vice-President 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4j Key Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, Vice-President 4; Marshal 3; Spanish Club President 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. DAVID PHILLIPS The Bark 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4. CARRIE PIKE F.H.A. 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1; Basketball 1; Softball 1; 4-H Club 1. JOSEPH D. PUCKETT F.F.A. 1; Chorus 2; The Bark 3; 4-H Club 1; Dramatics 4, MAUDIE RAMSEY F.F.A, 1; Basketball 1; Softball 1. CAROL REECE The Bark 3. MARGARET REECE The Bark 3;F.H.A. 3; Office Assistant 4; ScienceClub 1, RICHARD RIDDLE F.F.A. 1,2; NORTH STAR 4; Football 3; 4-H Club 1; Bus Monitor 3. KEMP SCOTT NORTH STAR 4; Class Vice-President 2, 4; Football 2; Baseball l;Track 3;KeyClub 3,4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Most Dignified 4. ROGER SCOTT F.F.A. 1; Spanish Club 4; Bus Driver 3. MARY EDITH SENTER National Honor Society 4; Marshal 3. SALLY ATKINS SIMPSON The Bark 4; Basketball 1. LARRY SLATE F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1; Bus Monitor 1; Bus Driver 4. RONNIE SPARKS F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4; Chorus 1. DENNIS STONE F.F.A. 1; Chorus 1; Library Assistant 4; 4-H Club 1,2; Bus Driver 3, 4. MICKEY SUTPHIN F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; F.T.A. 1; Paper Staff 1, Editor The Bark 4; Class Secretary-Treasurer 1; Basketball 1,3; Softball 1; Track 1; Monogram Club 3,4; National Honor Society 4; Office Assistant 3,4; Homecoming Court 4. LINCOLN TATE F.F.A. 1; Chorus 1; Spanish Club 4, DELPHIA THOMAS Spanish Club 4; 4-H Club 1, JOYCE TICKLE F.H.A. 2; Spanish Club 4; Bus Driver 4; Most Talented 4. FREDDY TIMMONS Basketball 1; Football 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Student Council 1; Bus Driver 4. ARCHIE TOLBERT F.F.A, 1,2; Bus Monitor 1; Bus Driver 2, GRAHAM TUNSTALL F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4, Treasurer 3; Key Club 4; Bus Driver 2,3,4. JOAN VERNON F.H.A. 1; Class Secretary 1; Basketball Manager 2. MARY WILLIAMS F.H.A. 1,3; The Bark 4; Basketball 1,4; Bus Driver 4; 4-H Club 1; Chorus 1; Monogram Club 4; Most Valuable in Athletics 4. DOUG WILSON F.F.A. 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Track 1; Monogram Club 3, 4. MARGARET WILSON Chorus 1; Basketball 1; Softball 1. MARTHA SUE WILSON Chorus 1; Paper Staff 1; NORTH STAR 3, Editor 4; Basketball 1; Softball 1; Monogram Club 1; National Honor Society 3,4; Marshal 3; 4-H Song Leader 1; Home¬ coming Court 4; Most Versatile 4; Miss North Suriy 4. SANDRA WOODRUFF F.H.A. 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3. REVEL YOUNG F.F.A. 1; F.T.A. 1; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Student Council 1. 29 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ruger Parker, President; Delores Branch, Secretary; Monte Hiatt, Vice-President; Brenda Marion, Treasurer. DORIS ALLRED DALE BECK BOBBY ATKINS SYLVIA BARKER PATRICIA BEAVER HAROLD ATKINS BETTY SUE BOBBITT JOHN BADGETT SANDRA BOYD PATSY BOWMAN RAVON BAKER BECKY BRANCH DANIEL BENGE DELORES BRANCH BILLY BENNETT MARGARET BRANSON AN GELENA CALLOWAY STEVE BRANCH DONNA COALSON TOMMY BRICKELL Class of 1963 CARLOS BONDURANT BRENDA COLLINS GARY BOWMAN DONNA COLLINS SANDRA CORNETT JERROLD BOWMAN LOUISE CREED ALVIS BURKHART LINDA CREED MARILYN CREED JIMMY BYRD PANSY DOSS juniors DIANNE EASTER JIMMY CAIN MARTINA EASTER CONNIE EDWARDS ROGER CARPENTER MARY EDWARDS JACKIE CARLISLE BETTY LOU EVANS DELMAR CASSTEVENS FAYE FLETCHER CHARLES CFIAMBERLAIN BETTY MAE FLIPPEN POLLY FREEMAN CLIFFORD COCKERHAM INEZ GOINS ROGER CREASEY JAMES CULLER HAZEL GOLDING RONDIAL CULLER SHYRELL GOLDING AARON DRAUGHN SHIRLEY GULLETT RAY DUNBAR DOLORES HALL BRENDA HANDY RUDY EASTER HELEN HAWKS MARY JANE HAWKS Class of 1963 RAY FORREST ANN HAYNES BILLY GOINS BETTY HAYNES SUE HEMMINGS BILLY GOAD BRENDA HICKS BUDDY GOUGH MILES GREENE PHYLLIS HODGES BRUCE GWYN ALITA HODGES BARBARA HOLDER BRUCE HAWKS BRENDA HOOKER CONNIE INMAN RAY HAWKS KAY JARRELL MONTY HIATT GERALDINE JOHNSON KATHLEEN JOHNSON JERRY HICKS STELLA JOHNSON WALLACE HODGES JAMES JOHNSON VIRGINIA KING LARRY KALLAM EVELYN KIRKMAN THELMA LAMBERT JAMES KING MARY RUTH LAWSON TONI LAWSON juniors RAY LINDSAY CAROLE LEFTWICH STEVAN LINDSAY FRANCES LOFTIS LINDA LOWE RICHARD LIVENGOOD BRENDA MARION TED LOVE JETTIE McBRIDE GARY LOWE BETTY JEAN McCORMICK LARRY LOWE JERRY LUNDY KAY McHONE DEAN MARION MARGARET MOORE WANDA MORRISON DANNY MARTIN GERALDINE MOXLEY ANN NICHOLS MARY PRIDDY WAYNE MARTIN MARY ANN PRUITT BRENDA RATCLIFF DONALD McKinney JACKIE RIAL JACK MOSLEY DOROTHEA SHORT juniors ROBERT NICHOLS NORMA SIMONS DEAN NORMAN GLENDA SLATE DARE SMITH RUGER PARKER SANDRA SNOW DALE PARRIES BETTY JO STONE KATIE STONE DOUGLAS SIMMONS PEGGY STONE RAY SMITH PATTY SYKES DAVID SYKES NANCY TABOR FRANCES THOMAS GREY RIGGS LEVA ANN THOMAS CAROL ANN TICKLE class of 1963 DOYLE THORNBURG EVA UTT THURMAN TICKLE BETTY LOU VERNON JANICE WHITE KENNETH TOBLER EVELYN WILLIAMSON PATRICIA WILLIARD CLAUDE WILLIAMSON GERALDINE WILSON DONNY WILSON SANDRA WOODRUFF SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Larry Eades, President; Anita Terrell, Secretary; Betty Shelton, Vice-President; Jimmy Hill, Treasurer. Sopfio moves JERRY ALLRED SANDRA ATKINS JOE BOB BRYANT SHIRLEY ATKINS JERRY BURCHAM WANDA BAKER GALE BUNN PEGGY BEASLEY RONNIE BOWMAN WANDA BEAVER LOUISE BENGE GARRY BERRIER MARY LOU BERRIER DAVID BEASLEY JOYCE BLEVINS NICKY BADGETT SUSAN BONDURANT DONALD BADGETT BRENDA BOWLIN DONOVAN CULLER GRACIE BOYD LEONARD CREED SANDRA BRANSCOME KENNETH COCKERHAM class of 1964 KATHLEEN CHAMBERLAIN DALE CARPENTER ALMA COE DAVID CARLISLE CLEO COLLINS BARBARA BREWER DONALD COCKERHAM BECKY CARTER BRENDA CASSELL BOB COALSON IRENE CAS STEVENS LANCE CHANDLER COOKIE COOK GARY DUPREE CHERYL CREED DAVID EATON JOYCE CROUSE BUDDY EASTER A-URY LOU CROUSE BOB EASTER HELEN DAVENPORT LARRY EADES LEON FLEMING YVONNE DAVIS BILL FAW BRENDA DAWSON a omores FRANKIE DOLLYHIGH RALPH GOINS PATTY DOLLYHITE LINDA LEA EVANS JACKIE GARDNER MAGDALENE FLIPPEN STEVE HOLDER JANE FLEMING JAMES HODGES BARBARA GILLESPIE JIMMY HILL JEAN GILLESPIE BERNICE HILL JOY GILLEY BILL HICKS JANIE GOINGS LARRY HIATT SUSAN GOLDEN class oj 1964 BRENDA HODGES EDDIE HARVEY LINDA HODGES DENNIS HAROLD LINDA HOLDER CLAUDINE HALL PAUL HAWKS DONNA HAYES JUDY HAYNES BOBBY HAWKS TAMELA HIATT DONALD HARTMAN SARAH HOLYFIELD LARRY JONES WANDA HUFF DONALD JONES SHERRIE INMAN WOODIE JOHNSON DORIS JEFFERSON LARRY JOHNSON BRENDA JESSUP BILLY JOHNSON S mores SHIRLEY LEFTWICH DARRELL LEONARD JUDY LEWIS BARRY LEONARD KAREN LINDSAY WELDON LAMBERT JANET LOVE JIMMY MIDRIFF LINDA LOWE JERRY McDonald GARY O ' NEAL DONNA MOSLEY STEVE O ' NEAL DONNA MOSLEY JIMMY McCRAW MARY SUE MARSHALL DENTTY McCRAW CAROL MARTIN ANN McCANN JO ANNE McMillan ARTHUR McCANN MARIE MEARS C. L. NEWMAN PORTIA MOSER Class of 196i KAY NORMAN CLARENCE PHILLIPS ANN PARKS ROBERT POPLIN BEVERLY ANN PAYNE i I MITCHELL PRUITT MARY PIKE BILL PUCKETT SHELBY PUCKETT JEANNETTE RAINES JUDY MURPHY BOB PARRIES CAROLYN NORMAN EDDIE PEELE RENDA ROBERTSON ROBERT PUCKETT CHAROLETTE ROGERS FRANCES SAWYERS BARRY RAMEY LINDA SAWYERS PAULETTE SEIVERS LARRY REECE BONNIE SHACKLEFORD BETTY SHELTON MICKEY SAMUELS DOROTHY SHELTON JERRY SEAL ROSEMARY SHELTON fi omove s BRENDA SIMMONS JOHN SHAMBLEY HILDA SIMMONS WEBB SIMCOX GERRITT SIMMONS CONCHITA SIMPSON MACK SNOW NANCY SIMPSON BARBARA SLATE RACHEL SLATE DALE SURRATT GLORIA SMITH SCOTTY TATE PATSY SURRATT ANITA TERRELL RICKY TATE KATHLEEN THOMAS BENTON TERRELL VIVIAN THOMAS WADE VERNON ALTA THOMPSON TURNER WATTS BEVERLY TILLEY BEULAH TODD ROGER WEBB KAY TOLBERT MARGARET TOLBERT WILLIAM WHITTINGTON Class of 1964 IZETTA WALKER NANGY WESTMORELAND JOHNNY WOODRUFF CLAUDINE V HITAKER MARILYN WOOD AMELDA WRIGHT WAYNE YORK WILMA WRIGHT SANDRA YORK RUSSELL SMITH LINDA TOWE JERRY WILSON SHARON VENABLE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Wayne Bowman, President; Gary Beeson, Treasurer; Sandra Bennett, Secretary; Tommy Houck, Vice-President. men BRENDA AMBURN BARNARD ATKINS FRANCES ANDERSON WAYNE ATKINS CARRIE MAE ANGEL LINDA ARNDER JUDY ATKINS LARRY BADGETT RACHEL ATKINS JACK BEAMER GARY BEESON FRANCES BADGETT SUSAN BADGETT SAMMY BOWMAN KAY BALDWIN MARY BENNETT WAYNE BOWMAN SANDRA BENNETT DETRA BLACKBURN JUNIOR BLACKMON BRENDA COE JIMMY BLEVINS BRENDA COCKERHAM JAMES BRANSON TONI CHRISSMAN KYLE BUTCHER JANIE FAYE CHANDLER DONALD CARSON VICKYE CARTER BETTY CARSON BRENDA BURKHART RONALD CARSON AVA CAROL BURKHART THURSTON CHAPPELL EVA MAE BULLINS class of 1965 RODNEY CLEMENT ANN BRUNER MACK COLLINS KAREN GAIL BROWNE VIRGINIA ANN BRINKLEY DORIS BRIMM VAN COMBS EVELYN BRANNOCK DAVID DAUGHENBAUGH LINDA BOYD SAMMY DeHART THELMA BOWMAN JOHNNY DOLLYHIGH SANDRA BOWMAN ERNEST DOWELL PEGGY BOV MAN RAY DUNBAR SHEILA BOBBITT BOBBY DUNCAN HAVAN ANNE BLACKBURN BILLY EASTER JANCIE COE BOBBY EDWARDS DIANE COLLINS FRANCES COLLINS ELIZABETH COALSON BUDDY EDWARDS LINDA COMBS JACKIE EDWARDS BOBBIE JEAN CREASY IMOGENS CROUSE REBECCA DANIELS JAMES EDWARDS BRENDA DAVIS ELDRIDGE EASTER 3vesfimen JOHNNY FLETCHER SHIRLEY DICKENS DONALD FORD MARGARET DOBY EULONDA DOWELL BETTY SUE DR.4UGHN DEAN GARDNER HELEN EASTER CLARK GOINGS SUE EASTER HANSEL GOLDING CAROL EDWARDS DONALD HALL EVELYN EDWARDS STEVE HULL SHIRLEY EVANS HENRY HARBOUR MARY EVERETT RONALD HAWKS MARLENE FLEMING DANNY LEFTWICH NANCY HIATT HENRY LAWSON GAIL HIATT ANN HENSLEY PATSY HEATH CRAIG LAWRENCE LOUISE HAWKS BILL LAWRENCE CAROLYN HAWKS ROGER KIRKMAN MILDRED HAUNN CLINTON JONES JUDY HARVEY ROGER JARRELL Class of 1965 LONNIE HUTCHENS LINDA HARRELL TOM HOUCK PATTI HARMAN NORMA GWYN LINDA GUNTER RANDY HOLDER PAULENE GOINS BILLY HODGES BARBARA GOINS MARGARET GEORGE JACKIE GENTRY R. C. HILL PHYLLIS GAMMONS HARRY HIGGINS FRANK HENSLEY SANDRA FRANCIS EVIE FRANCE GILMER HIATT LINDA FLIPPEN ROGENE HICKS SUE HICKS PHILIP LEFTWICH LINDA HILL STEVE LINEBERRY DEANA HINSHAW JOHNNY PAUL LONG NYRA HODGES DUSTY LOWE SHERRY HODGES RAY LOWE CATHY HOLDER ZACK LOWE LELA HOLDER JUDY HOLT men STEVE LYONS BRENDA HONEYCUTT STEVE MARION CHARLDEAN INMAN WADE H. MARION CHARLENE INMAN TEDDY MARSHALL NANCY ISAACS RICHARD McBRIDE DONNA JARRELL LINDA JOHNSON JERRY McCRAW BRENDA KING BARBARA KIRKMAN WAYNE McCRAW HOWARD McHONE BARBARA LAWRENCE JIMMY McHONE STACY LEFTWICH JANICE LOWE CHARLES McKinney NANCY LOVILL HAROLD MOONEY LINDA MACEY VICKIE MARTIN NANCY MATHIS AUSBY MOORE LINDA MAYES JOE MOORE JO ANN MEARS CAROL MOORE BARBARA MILLER LARRY MOORE VIRGINIA MOOREFIELD DONALD MOSS Class of 1965 ANNIE MAE MONCUS HARRY NICHOLS PENNY MOSELEY WALTER NICHOLS CAROL MOSER STEVE NISTON MARTICIA MOSER KYLE NORMAN PEGGY MOSER STEVE NORMAN JOSIE FAYE NEWMAN CHARLES O ' DELL REBECCA NICHOLS WAYNE PARKER MERLE NICHOLS MIKE PAYNE SANDRA MURPHY ROGER PIKE MYRTLE NISTON DIANE NORMAN SHERRY NUNN J. W. PUCKETT BARBARA O ' NEAL GLEN SAWYERS MARTHA PHILLIPS MILDRED PRUITT WANDA RAKES EDDIE SCOTT SHELIA RAMEY LARRY SCOTT JERRY SHEETS BONNIE RATCLIFF JANICE RIGGS FRANK SHELTON NITA ROBERTSON men RAY SHORT MARSHA SEMONES RICHARD SMITH JOYCE SENTER DONNIE SNOW BRENDA SHELTON NELSON SNOW KATHLEEN SHEL ' lON KENT STEWART LINDA SHELTON BOBBIE JEAN SIMMONS LINDA SIMMONS JIMMY STONE JEWEL SLATE FREDDY SUMNER JERRY SURRATT JANE SMITH JUDY SMITH DOUG SYKES FRANCES SOUTHERN HERMAN TATE LINDA SPARKS CHAD TAYLOR BONNIE STEVENS EUGENE TERRY BRENDA STONE STEVE THOMAS FAYE STONE ROGER THOMPSON DARNELL SUTPHIN REGGIE VENABLE DIANE TILLEY CHESTER WALL MARIE TICKLE MARIE TOLBERT Class of 1965 WANDA THOMPSON PHYLLIS THOMAS J. C. WILLARD MARY LOU THOMAS JANE UTT ROGER WILLIAMS VEDA VASS BARBARA WAGONER DENNIS WILSON PAM WATSON BONNIE WATTS STEVE WILSON ESTALINE WHITE BARBARA WILLARD EXDNALD WHITE DANNW JOE WOOD JUDY KAYE WOOD JOHN ALLEN WHITTING TC» ’ LOIS WINE Much variety is Seen Algebra helps in the reasoning process. Biology is basic to the study of life. A good mathematics foundation must include Solid Geometry and Trigonometry. General Science is the first in our four science courses. The space age challenges students to study Physics. 54 i n 0 11 r cl a s s r o o m a ctivii i c s Office Practice gives actual on-the-job experience. Efficiency in the sewing laboratory leads to practical living. Accurate handling of accounts is practiced in Book¬ keeping classes. Judging good seed is learned in Vocational Agriculture. Mam opportunities for We go around the world in 180 days. Speaking in public is an important part of English IV. U.S. History brings an appreciation of our heritage Foreign language helps us to under stand people in other countries. Vocabulary practice is of interest in English II classes n 1 1 - i. J I c a J c r s h i p c o m c i hr o u q h c I a s s part i c i p a t i o ii Visual aids are used extensively with Roger King ' s help. Boys get pleasure as well as exercise in Physcial Education. The library is in continuous use every day. Girls practice for fun and figure in Physical Education. Many good drivers get their first instruction here. I The store is a busy place at 10:32. A fire drill can be accomplished in 59 seconds. Key Club boys sell doughnuts and coffee at ballgames. M a n 1} inter c s t i n g The day after the trip to Beaver Creek. Your picture is so-o-o good! fi ppcn around North Sum cvcrij daij Good relationships are built through counseling Heavy traffic is checked by our official M.P. Our band participates in dedicatory ceremonies for Surry Schools. The cafeteria is one of our favorite places. Old Glory waves over our school every day. College day causes serious thinking. Juniors look ahead in planning college careers. Daily devotions are a part of every homeroom ' s activity. Ice cream reward is given drivers for being on time. " You have been selected as a member of The National Honor Society. " s c’ r i 0 u s ii’ 0 r k o r cxcitiiu] moments Class rings come but once in a lifetime There are those who are always faithful " Please have your parents sign. . . ' Plans for the future are worked out with Mr. Richards September registration calls for hours of work. 61 import a n t c u cuts an J The layout artist and editors draw up the plan for NORTH STAR. Appropriate music helps The Honor Society induction ceremony. Mr. Poplin responds for North Surry as a part of the county-wide dedication ceremony. 62 So €13.1 occdsions maf c tfic year a fi a p p ij o n c Bob Cole entertains for the Junior-Senior banquet. Broadway has never seen a production like this one! Fun and foolishness take over at the faculty tea. " The future belongs to tltose who have the courage to try for big things. . il 5. , V. ' - ' ■t 5”’ • ■■ -w ' 4 , 1 - ■ r ' ' ■‘•r .t ' fife! ' - ' ' - ' ■■ ' ■-‘■I ' " ' ‘ fSi.iStt. -« T iW ' j ' 1“ ' J ' -S v5«., i. f I V ji ,2 . ' i 7 - k ' Jm 4if“ -V ' ■■ .- any ' grchp ' - V? are pj ' ou .to present t »o?e ' who ' £ ’. - S ' dVP won -tfio WnHncr hrw .fc .V.vvt K. C,7i-„- t T tdve vo‘_n -£;li( highest honors Noji,h: ' Suj(Ty can offer, ' ‘k ' ■ " ’ , • ' , ' ' ' ■ V.? ' .--.ij.’- ' AwW- • ' ' -■: ' ■ !■ ' ' h N " .- -. , ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ’ fe " .- ,... kt. ' ¥■ i • ' s?- k ' ' ; ' ■ ' ' cS a ;;.;S Qlorious Adventures Onto is y jaay T X MHk ffBim s»i» f |b ?3b - ai H[- i The processional begins for the induction ceremony for new members on December 8. Members are selected by the faculty for excellence in scholarship, chax ' acter, leadership, and service. 1 t.f-Wwil SSKSSp 1962 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Complete membership in January-, 1962: Left to right: Roger McCormick, Kemp Scott, Mary Senter, Ray Forrest, Jane King, Patsy ' Amburn, Mickey Sutphin, Arnold Parker, Monty Davenport, Ravon Baker, Angelena Calloway, Martha Wilson, Hiatt, Beverly Brown, J. R. Arrington, Scottie Isaacs, Linda Rozena Flippin. Signing the scroll is Sandra Cornett with Gaye Lowe, Tommy Marshall, Ruger Parker, Judy Burcham, Betty Frye, President, and Dale Parsons, Vice-President, looking on. National Honor Society OFFICERS Gaye Frye, President; Dale Parsons, Vice-President; Jane Davenport, Treasurer; Beverly Brown, Secretary. Roger King signs the membership scroll. 66 Mickey Sutphin is tapped into membership during the ceremony. ohc induction c c r c m o n ij is an imprcssi v c o c cdsion 1961 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sherrill Golden, Kaye Lowe, Patsy Amburn, Imogene Gwyn, Sue Childress, Betty Jane Ward, Brenda Cooke, Faye Norman, Maurine Gregory, Sharon Jones, Sandra Beasley, Martha Wilson, Gaye Frye, Diane Mosley, Beverly Brown, Margaret Lyons, Jaquline Taylor, Peggy Brintle, Mary Sue Norman, Pat Miller, Mildred Gentry, Beverly Hicks, Peggy Angel, Judy Burcham, Jane Davenport, Linda Draughn, Joe Bill Stevens, Kay Lawerence, Scottie Issacs, Arnold Parker, Bernard Flippin, MaylonBlackburn, Dale Parsons, Kemp Scott. Commencement Marsfia s Left to right: Dale Parsons, Mary Senter, Gaye Frye, Beverly Brown, Jane Davenport, J. R. Arrington, Brenda Lowe, Martha Wilson, Renda Jones, Arnold Parker, junior M a r s a I s help with graduation ceremonies The marshals relax for a moment. " The last bell rings in five minutes " . . . Seniors begin the last long processional 68 II , II M U 5 FAW ,an4.SC0TnE ISAACS ' i ■■V ,..: iP r., . .i.-y, V ‘ - - ' j i- ' r .: t ol? mIMI K JJB HHv J V " . ' ■ ,••■. ' , 4l0 1 Most V a!uafil in ; Atfi I etics Valuable ' player is proficient, ' a keen ■ ' competitor,.,: plays well .good sportsmanship. North | ' ,, e cdacbihg ' staff, has seiecte d as yal,da ■Girl Most ' Valuable Boy , Hsirolt ' Qoldm mm Our f irst Ho in c c o m i n c] Planned and carried out by the Monogram Club, the Homecoming was attended by a large crowd of alumni and friends. Football captains, A r no 1 d Parker and Reid Clifton OUR HOMECOMING QUEEN crown the queen. Linda Sawyers 82 Mickey Johnson, Linda Sawyers, Faye Fletcher. He Queen Ii2id twelve affendanfs Pam Watson, Martha Wilson, Carolyn Brim, Donna Hayes. Inez Goins, Mickey Sutphin, Carol Beamer. o (i e r a i u J a in p c u e J nobodij ' s spirits Wanda Baker, Patsy Amburn, Kay Jarrell. i " The future belongs to those who are not afraid to venture new ideas " ... Believing in quality, rather than quantity, we have built slowly toward the type of student organizations which offer the most satisfying experiences. S itisj ij ' ing Advent in Activities ilii -sj THE NORTH First row, left to right: Jane Davenport, Patsy Ambum, Gaye Frye, Miss Louise Kendall, Adviser; Martha Wilson, Beverly Brown, Annie Kirknian. Second row: Rozena Flippin, Sue Faw, Phyllis Hodges, Tommy Marshall, Robert Nichols, Ted Johnson, STAR STAFF Gerald Evans, Kemp Scott, Dale Parsons, Danny Martin, Dale Parries, Angelena Calloway, Martha Benfield. Absent: Betty McCormick, Richard Riddle. Folding papers requires many hands. Sandra Boyd, Betty Sue Bobbitt, Kornella Brim, Alene Easter, Geraldine Niston, Mary Jane Hawks, Sally Simpson. O fi c L] 0 0 J ncwsp a per is a u a I u a f 1’ c ssct to a s c h o o I Some art work goes into every issue. Burton East, Kay Niston, Nancy McHone, Wade Collins, Tommy Mustin, Wayne Gwyn. The presses roll once a month for The Bark. James Lowe, Dorothy Gwyn, Laney Bowman, Maiy Williams, David Phillips, D e 1 p h i a Thomas. ZANE WOODIE Adviser Staff members put The Bark into the hands of all students. Mickey Sutphin, Dot Gwyn, Carol Reece, Miss Browne, Judy Edwards, Reid Clifton, Wade Collins. M a n ij li 0 u rs of ii’ o r (i q o i n t o c vcrij is s u c o f o h c B a r t THE BARK STAFF Easter, Nancy McHone, Judy Edwards, Mary Jane Hawks, Wayne Gwyn, Mr. Woodie, David Phillips, Kay Niston, Carol Reece, Geraldine Niston, Miss Browne, Reid Clifton, Laney Bowman. Mickey Sutphin, Sandra Boyd, Delphia Thomas, James Lowe, Dolores Hall, Betty Bobbitt, Mary Williams, Wade Collins, Dorothy Gwyn, Burton East, Kornella Brim, Sally Simpson, Alene A s s i s f a ri t s g i lu’ u a u a f 1 1 ’ h c I p i u t fi c s c fi ool off i c c OFFICE ASSISTANTS Betsy Bunker, Nancy McHone, Carolyn Brim, Margaret Reece, Judy Burcham, Mickey Sutphin, Mary Jane Lankford, Dorothy Joy Collins, Sandra Cornett, Inez Beasley, Margaret Moore, Gwyn, Martina Easter. Sill deni Aides g c t g o od tr a i n in g in the £ i 6 r a r g Magazines must be checked, prepared, and arranged many times, Betty Mae Flippin, Eva Hicks, Judy Edwards. Circulation requires many skills, Geraldine Niston, Cheryl Creed, Connie Edwards. Processing books takes many hours. Brenda Lowe, Betty Jo Stone, Ann Haynes, Linda Evans. MRS. DOROTHY HICKS Librarian 88 THE KEY CLUB Seated: Eades, Marshall, Mustin, Golding, R. Parker, King, Tunstall, Poplin, Isaacs, Creed, Evans, Bowman, Kallam, A. Parker, Scott, Parsons, Bennett, Forrest, Johnson. Standing: Samuels, Jackson, Bowman, Hiatt, Baker, Surratt, Adviser. Democratic planning is done by the members. Seated: Tommy Marshall, Gerald Evans, Laney Bowman, Dale Parsons. Standing; Bob Poplin, Graham Tunstall, Mr. Surratt, Larry Kallam. The officers discuss special projects. Ruger Parker, Vice-President; Kemp Scott, Secretary; Arnold Parker, President; Roger King, Treasurer. 89 Senior Chorus NANCY TABOR President RAVON BAKER Vice-President BILL BENNETT Secretary FRANCES THOMAS Treasurer BRUCE HAWKS Publicity Chairman junior Chorus MISS MARY ELIZABETH BROWNE Director of Chorus and Band DONNA HAYES, President; KAY ATKINS, Vice-President; BARBARA WAGONER, Treasurer; lANE FLEMING, Publicity Chairman. Students g e t m u e h pleasure fr o in m usie aI tv ai n i u q ‘ 6 he BAnd 90 M 0II0 c] r a III ii’ i II lu’ r s qi v c time to s port s a c h ' i’ i f i t’s First row: Janet Love, Shyrell Golding, Arnold Parker, Betty Lou Vernon, Carolyn Brim, Harold Golding, Susan Golden, Janice Lowe, David Phillips, Thelma Lambert. Second row: Doug Wilson, Revel Young, Mickey Sutphin, Ruger Parker, Mary Priddy, Carol B e a m e r, Reid Clifton, Ann Nichols, Laney Bowman, Kay Jarrell. Third row: Jimmy Draughn, Faye Fletcher, Dale Parsons, Alita Hodges, Freddy Timmons, Donna Hayes, Gerald Evans, Geraldine Wilson, Ray Forrest. Fourth row: Mr. Atkins, Donald Clifton, Wanda Baker, Bob Jackson, Judy Burcham, Teddy Jolinson, Betty Haynes, Kyle Creed, Linda Lowe, Larry Kallam. o he junior De put ij Sh erif j s give v a! ii a 61 1’ s t’ r ui c e Wayne Bowman, David Daughenbough, Billy Easter, Chief; Larry Moore, Bill Lawrence, Philip Leftwich, Lonnie Hutchens, Craig Lawrence Gary Beeson, Cliief; Wade Marion, Don Moss. 3uiurc First row, left to right: Jane Davenport, Gaye Frye, Jean G i 11 e s p i e. Second row: Linda Sawyers, Carol Beamer, Kay Jarrell. Third row: Tame la Hiatt, Rosemary Shelton, Ann Nichols. Mrs. Ivylyn Martin, Miss Virginia Coltrane, Mrs. Peggy Hemmings Advisers Members make favors for hospital trays. First row, left to right: Rebecca Nichols, Frances Collins, Janice Lowe. Second row: Faye Stone, Martha Phillips, Rachel Atkins. Third row: Nyra Hodges, Judy Atkins, Janice Coe. First row, left to right: Frankie Dollyhite, Janie Goins, Marilyn Creed. Second row: Merle Nichols, Vickie Martin, Nancy Hiatt. Third row: Pam Watson, Barbara Gillespie, Linda Lowe. FHA members develop citizenship in volunteer work as Candy-Stripers at Northern Surry Hospital. Horn cu]c tiers huilJ liwJcrship through club work Home nursing and first aid is of much value to a home¬ maker. J o Ann McMillan, Peggy Beasley, Marilyn Wood, Brenda Lowe. A blue ribbon exhibit at the Fair on teaching of Homemaking in the Space Age as compared to the " horse and buggy " age. IRRY FUTURE HOMEM Potential abilities are discovered in vocational courses. Study of personality is of interest to teenagers. Bobbie Jean Simmons, Barbara Kirkman, Evie France, Jane Smith. Girls look toward careers in homemaking. Brenda McCreary, Geraldine Niston, Katlileen Johnson, Carrie Pike. Many ayricu fura skills TOOL CONTEST Wade Marion, Richard McBride, Harold Mooney, Steve Lyons. Absent: Billy Jolinson, Alternate: Reggie Venable. CREED CONTEST Richard McBride, Alternate: Jimmy Stone. Braxton Turpin, B. F. McCann Advisers First row, left to right: Harold Golding, Bobby Atkins. Second row: Scottie Isaacs, James Lowe. Third row: Nicky Badgett, Larry Branch. 3irst PUce County Winners LAND JUDGING Scottie Isaacs, Harold Golding, Robert Nichols, Roger Carpenter. Alternate: Daniel Benge. 94 CROPS CONTEST Jimmy Cain, Robert Nichols, Scottie Isaacs, Harold Golding. Alternate: Delmar Casstevens. are 3uiuTC 3armers Clu6 i 1 learned i n FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA I B. F, McCann, Adviser FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA II C. Braxton Turpin, Adviser 95 WHITE PLAINS Donald Clifton, Tommy Marshall, Roger King, Kyle Creed, St na, iEison, Joyce Tickle, Marilyn Creed. " TdW ' dX-p’ . 2, Ray Hawks, Alita Hodges, V ade Collins, Harold Golding Fl| T.RpCK Bill Faw, ddy Timmons, Billy Goad, Wayne %?ndia;anty Delofes Bfahc ' ’gilly Bern BEU1.AH ' 5 JacSk Mosley, Rozena Flippin, Mary W Jack Lowe, Burton East, Dennis Stone Ml ' " WM -i 96 THE SPANISH CLUB Jane Davenport, Social Chairman; Dale Parsons, President; Gaye Frye, Vice-President; Miss Simpson, Adviser; Carol Beamer, Treasurer; Judy Burcham, Secretary. P crson l itij is J c u c I o p c J in J r a ni a f i c f r a i u i u tj THE DRAMATIC CLUB j ' ront row: Brenda Davis, Joy Gilley, Beverly Ann Payne, Bob Mrs. Mary V. Locklear, Advisers, ' bird ro... J ' ’arries. Second row: Delores Branch, Mrs. Frances Bradford, Stone, Nelson Snow, Reba Anthony. 97 1962 North PATSY AMBURN, Circulation Manager; TED JOHNSON, Advertising Manager. Everybody will buy one of these books! Dale Parries, Dale Parsons, Angelena Calloway, Rozena Flippin, Martha Wilson. Star Stiff MISS LOUISE KENDALL Adviser Planning is one of the most important jobs to be done. Beverly Brown, Richard Riddle, Betty McCormick, Miss Kendall, Sue Faw, Phyllis Hodges. MARTHA WILSON Editor f Search for sanity about November 1. Gaye Frye, Tommy Marshall, Dale Parsons, Beverly Brown, Rozena Flippin. Selling Advertising space is excellent business training. Robert Nichols, Patsy Ambum, Annie Kirkman, Danny Martin, Ted Johnson. 99 I 4 ♦ i 4 t 4 I Competitive sp orts is one of the school activities which attracts many students and the largest audiences. Through atliletics, qualities of good sportsmansliip are developed. Gxciting Adventure in Sports ■ " - _ “ts; Hl,“V . ' ' I mi Tiir mi -. .- v - .. ' ’arsity players, managers, coaches and cheerleaders load up for tJie long trip to Boone. With Mr. Hutchens as driver afely and carefully made. •■ ■ . ■ . ' «r ' •‘Mil 1 - ♦ ' » . our trips are ’T? Ch c evl e Aders s flow a CAROL BEAMER Chief Nortfi Surry SUSAN GOLDEN BETTY LOU VERNON loi of entHusiAsm JANET LOVE Adviser 102 CAROLYN BRIM DONNA HAYES JANICE LOWE SHYRELL GOLDING The cheerleaders decorate the field for homecoming game. Cfieerleid evs ANN NICHOLS Chief 1961 Varsity 3ootSall TOMMY BOWMAN GEFIALD EVANS BOB JACKSON REID CLIFTON JOHNNY HEATH Our Coaching Staff, .. Paul Hinshaw, Head Coach; Bill Atkins, Assistant; Bill Coble, Assistant. FOOTBALL REC ORD Surry Central 0 North Surry 19 Elkin 13 North Surry 7 Mount Airy 49 North Surry 0 Mineral Springs 39 North Surry 0 East Surry 12 North Surry 12 Appalachian 33 North Surry 6 Ashe Central 7 North Surry 12 Beaver Creek 12 North Surry 26 West Will es 0 North Surry 7 Qrey Hounds m 2 ide a good s Ho wing in ’61 TED JOHNSON ARNOLD PARKER REVEL YOUNG LANEY BOWMAN HAROLD GOLDING DAVID PHILLIPS JIMMY DRAUGHN Ray Forrest and Dale Parsons make a form! dable wall. MACK COLLINS Manager Homecoming gMnc Ji ' cw a arc|t’ crowd 1 JIMMY BYRD ROGER CREASY BARRY LEONARD MONTY HIATT BILLY BENNETT DONALD HARTMAN LANCE CHANDLER DARRELL LEONARD BILL PUCKETT iS First row: Lonnie Flutchens, Larry Eades, Sammy Bowman, Kyle Butcher, Steve Linberry, Jerr ' McDonald, Steve O’Neal, Ralph Goins. Second row: Jackie Edwards, Steve Thomas, David Carlile,Kent Stewart, Billy Easter, David Beasley, Steve Niston, Larry Johnson. Third row: Junior Marion, Ronnie Bowman, Don| Hall, Johnny Fletcher, Barry Ramey, Doug McMillan, Mike| Payne, Gary Dupree, Gerritt Simmons. , ■ Qrci} hounds win the opening g a m c LARRY JONES RUGER PARKER BRUCE HAWKS DAVID EATON STEVE O’NEAL JIMMY HILL ISIS THURMAN TICKLE STEVE HOLDER Captains Reid Clifton and Arnold Parker talk over their strategy. 1962 Qirls’ Varsify Bas efSall MICKEY JOHNSON LINDA LOWE ANN PARKS MARY WILLIAMS GERALDINE WILSON FRANKIE DOLLYMTE MRS. LETTIE HINSHAW Coach 1961-1962 RECORD Appalachian 35 North Surry 31 Beaver Creek 25 North Surry 39 East Surry 46 North Surry 49 East Wilkes 34 North Surry 57 Beaver Creek 26 North Surry 39 Elkin 41 North Surry 59 Mount Airy 38 North Surry 60 East Wilkes 42 North Surry 43 Surry Central 36 North Surry 31 North Wilkes 55 North Surry 54 East Surry 48 North Surry 36 Surry Central 52 North Surry 37 Elkin 30 North Surry 46 West Wilkes 32 North Surry 37 Appalachian 45 North Surry 48 Ashe Central 60 North Surry 31 North Wilkes 54 North Surry 43 Qood sporfsmansfiip is sfiown Sy our teams MARY PRIDDY ALITA HODGES FAYE FLETCHER i PATTY SYKES Official scoring and timing are important features of a game. DIANNE GOLDING BETTY HAYNES DIANE GOLDING High scoring in the Mount game. Airy 1962 Boys’ Uarsify Bas el6all TED JOHNSON DOUG WaiSON BOB JACKSON REVEL YOUNG CLAUDE WILLIAMSON BILL R. ATKINS Coach ixsmmAPsmmmi w mwm mm 1 I SirnUmam life’ m mmn -1 mm:!i imm h; ■i ' -SC ' . ' " K3 mm ' m sss ZtoC’Ij? ' ' H .- - ■- 1 T ’ W osm Ss immsm »mmmt Appalachian 32 East Surry 41 Beaver Creek 50 Mt, Airy 63 Surry Central 53 East Surry 40 Elkin 43 Appalachian 58 North V ilkes 46 1961- North Surry 60 North Surry 43 North Surry 40 North Surry 56 North Surry 62 North Surry 53 North Surry 63 North Surry 78 North Surry 44 RECORD Beaver Creek East Wilkes Elkin East Wilkes North Wilkes Surry Central West Wilkes Ashe Central 40 North Surry 43 45 North Surry 53 37 North Surry 51 58 North Surry 76 42 North Surry 56 47 North Surry 40 59 North Surry 64 46 North Surry 66 Consistent winning is planned for Sy tfie Qreijliound learns LARRY KALLAM ROGER COCKERHAM BOBBY ATKINS MONTY HIATT HAROLD ATKINS JERRY LUNDY Mr, Atkins gives a last word of advice to Claude and Harold, BRUCE HAWKS Donald girls ' V. Bas ef6a Front row: Linda Sawyers, Helen Easter, Judy Atkins, Rebecca Jewel Slate, Rosemary Shelton, Cookie Cooke, Martha Phillips, Nichols, Frances Collins, Charlene Inman, Nancy Hiatt, Janie Nancy Simpson, Sandra Francis, Betty ' Sue Drauglm, Gail Hiatt. Goins. Second row: Mrs. Hinshaw, Coach; Penny Moseley, Managers: Margaret George, Annie Mae Moncus. Boys’ 9tfi BasIvetSall First row: Tommy Houck, Charles McKinney, Kyle Butcher, Lawrence, Jolm Fletcher, Coach Bill Coble. Third row: Mike Lonnie Hutchens, Roger Jarrell, Doug Sykes, Nelson Snow. Payne, Gregg Lawrence, Bill Easter, Don Hall, Gary Beason, Second row: Roger Williams, Joe Moore, Henry Harbour, Bill Manager Steve Thomas. 112 Boys’ y. Front row: Eddie Peele, Larry Eades, Jerry Burcham, Bill Hicks. Back row: Bernice Hill, Wayne York, Mr. Hinshaw, Coach; Bob Parries, Nicky Badgett. Fast action in the Mount Airy game. " Get in front of that boy—not behind him!. . . 1961 Baseball yarsily Front row: Roger Fletcher, Dennis McCraw, Michael McHone, Thomas Watts, Freddie Timmons, Joe Bob Bryant, Harold Golding, Barry Ramey. Second row: Buck Phillips, Ted Johnson, Buddy Creed, Kay Lawrence, Bob Jac kson, Larry Fades, Bobby Atkins, Larry Lowe. 114 Student Dive ctoru SENIORS Renda Jones 21 Roger King 21 Patsy Amburn 16 Annie Kirkman 21 Reba Ann Anthony 16 Carolyn Lambert 21 Paul Arnder 16 Mary Jane Lankford 22 Brenda Arrington 16 Bonnie Lawrence 22 J, R. Arrington 16 Brenda Lowe 22 Barbie Atkins 16 James Lowe 22 Carol Beamer 17 Tommy Marshall 22 Inez Beasley 17 Arlene Marsh 22 Martha Benfield 17 Brenda Matthews 22 Laney Bowman 17 Arnold Moser 22 Tommy Bowman 17 Tommy Mustin 22 Larry Branch 17 Wayne McBride 22 Bonita Brickell 17 Clinton McCann 22 Joe Byrd 17 Brenda McCreary 23 Carolyn Brim 17 Nancy McHone 23 Kornella Brim 17 Kaye Niston 23 Beverly Brown 18 Geraldine Niston 23 Betsy Bunker 18 Jimmy Nixon 23 Judy Burcham 18 Lindsay Norman 23 Roger Bryant 17 Arnold Parker 23 Gloria Childress 18 Dale Parsons 23 Donald Clifton 18 David Pliillips 23 Reid Clifton 18 Carrie Mae Pike 24 Joy Collins 18 Joey Puckett 24 Wade Collins 18 Mauide Ramsey 24 Garnett Cox 18 Carol Reece 23 Esther Creed 18 Margaret Reece 23 Kyle Creed 18 Richard Riddle 24 Jane Davenport 18 Kemp Scott 24 Wade Doby 19 Roger Scott 24 Wayne Doby 19 Mary Senter 24 Bonnie Dollyhite 19 Sally A. Simpson 24 Dillon Dollyhite 19 Larry Slate 24 Jimmy Draughn 19 Ronnie Sparks 24 Arlene Easter 19 Dennis Stone 25 Carol Easter 19 Mickey Sutphin 24 Burton East 19 Lincoln Tate 25 Judy Edwards 19 Delphia Thomas 24 Gerald Evans 20 Joyce Tickle 25 Sue Faw 19 Freddie Timmons 25 Roger Fletcher 20 Archie Tolbert 25 Rozena Flippen 19 Graham Tunstall 25 Gaye Frye 19 Joan Vernon 25 Larry Fulk 20 Mary Williams 25 Lois Galyean 20 Doug Wilson 25 Harold Golding 20 Margaret Wilson 25 Dorothy Gwyn 20 Martha Wilson 25 Wayne Gwyn 20 Sandra Woodruff 25 Geraldene Hayden 20 Revel Young 23 Jolinny Heath 21 Christine Hensley 20 Carlene Hiatt 20 JUNIORS Eva Hicks 20 Betty Hodges 20 Doris Allred 30 Doris Hooker 21 Darrell Anderson Charles Hutchens 21 Bobby Atkins 30 Scottie Isaacs 21 Harold Atkins 30 Anne Jackson 21 John Badgett 30 Bob Jackson 21 Ravon Baker 30 Carol Johnson 21 Sylvia Barker 30 Teddy Jolinson 21 Patricia Beaver 30 Dale Beck 30 Sue Hemmings 33 Daniel Benge 31 Monty Hiatt 34 Billy Bennett 31 Brenda Hicks 33 Betty Sue Bobbitt 30 Jerry Hicks 34 Carlos Bondurant 31 Alita Hodges 33 Gary Bowman 31 Phyllis Hodges 33 Jerrold Bowman 31 Wallace Hodges 34 Patsy Bowman 30 Barbara Holder 34 Sandra Boyd 30 Brenda Hooker 34 Delores Branch 31 C. W. Hull Rebecca Branch 30 Connie Inman 34 Steve Branch 31 Kay Jarrell 34 Margaret Branson 31 Geraldine Johnson 34 Tommy Brickell 31 James Johnson 34 Alvis Burkhart 31 Kathleen Johnson 34 Jimmy Byrd 31 Stella Johnson 34 Angelena Calloway 31 Larry Kallam 34 Jimmy Cain 32 James King 34 Jackie Carlisle 32 Virginia King 34 Roger Carpenter 32 Evelyn Kirkman 34 Delmar Casstevens 32 Thelma Lambert 34 Charles Chamberlain 32 Anthony Lawson 34 Donna Coalson 31 Mary Ruth Lawson 34 Clifford Cockerham 32 Carole Leftwich 35 Brenda Collins 31 Ray Lindsay 35 Donna Collins 31 Stevan Lindsay 35 Sandra Cornett 31 Richard Livingood 35 Roger Creasey 32 Frances Loftis 35 Linda Creed 31 Larry Lowe 35 Louise Creed 31 Ted Love 35 Marilyn Creed 31 Linda Lowe 35 James Culler 32 Jerry Lundy 35 Rondial Culler 32 Brenda Marion 35 Pansy Doss 31 Dean Marion 35 Aaron Draughn 33 Danny Martin 35 Ray Dunbar 33 Wayne Martin 36 Diane Easter 32 Rachel Marshall Martina Easter 32 Margaret Moore 35 Rudy Easter 33 Wanda Morrison 35 Connie Edwards 32 Jack Mosley 36 Mary Edwards 32 Geraldine Moxley 35 Betty Evans 32 Jettie McBride 35 Faye Fletcher 32 Betty Jean McCormick 35 Betty Flippen 32 Kay McHone 35 Ray Forrest 33 Don McKinney 36 Polly Freeman 32 Ann Nichols 35 Billy Goad 33 Robert Nichols 36 Billy Goins 33 Dean Norman 36 Inez Goins 32 Ruger Parker 36 Hazel Golding 32 Dale Parries 36 Shyrell Golding 32 Mary Priddy 36 Buddy Gough 33 Mary Anne Pruitt 36 Miles Green 33 Brenda Ratcliff 36 Shirley Gullett 33 Jackie Rial 36 Bruce Gwyn 33 Grey Riggs 37 Delores Hall 33 Doreatha Short 36 Brenda Handy 33 Douglas Simmons 36 Bruce Hawks 34 Norma Simons 36 Helen Hawks 33 Glenda Slate 36 Mary Jane Hawks 33 Dare Smith 36 Ray Hawks 34 Ray Smith 37 Ann Haynes 33 Sandra Snow 36 Betty Haynes 33 Betty Jo Stone 36 115 Katie Stone 36 Peggy Stone 36 David Sykes 37 Patty Sykes 37 Nancy Tabor 37 Frances Thomas 37 Leva Thomas 37 Doyle Thornburg 37 Carol Ann Tickle 37 Thurman Tickle 37 Kenneth Tobler 37 Eva Utt 37 Betty Lou Vernon 37 Janice White 37 Patricia Willard 37 Claude Williamson 37 Evelyn Williamson 37 Donnie Wilson 37 Geraldine Wilson 37 Sandra Woodruff 37 SOPHOMORES Jerry Allred 38 Alton Anderson 38 Jack Anderson Mary Ruth Arnder 38 Kay Atkins 38 Sandra Atkins 38 Shirley Atkins 38 Donald Badgett 39 Nicky Badgett 39 Wanda Baker 38 David Beasley 39 Peggy Beasley 38 Wanda Beaver 38 Louise Benge 39 Gary Berrier 39 Mary Lou Berrier 39 Joyce Blevins 39 Susan Bondurant 39 Brenda Bowlin 39 Ronnie Bowman 38 Gracie Boyd 39 Sandra Branscome 39 Barbara Brewer 39 Joe Bob Bryant 38 Gale Bunn 38 Jerry Burcham 38 David Carlisle 39 Dale Carpenter 39 Becky Carter 39 Brenda Cassell 39 Irene Casstevens 39 Kathleen Chamberlain 39 Lance Chandler 39 Bob Coalson 39 Donald Cockerham 39 Kenneth Cockerham 39 Alma Coe 39 Cleo Collins 39 Cookie Cooke 40 Cheryl Creed 40 Leonard Creed Joyce Crouse 40 Mary Lou Crouse 40 Donovan Culler 39 Helen Davenport 40 Dennis Davis Yvonne Davis 40 Brenda Dawson 40 Frankie Dollyhigh 40 Patti Dollyhite 40 Gary Dupree 40 Larry Eades 40 Bob Easter 40 Buddy Easter 40 I la Easter 40 David Eaton 40 Emma Edwards 40 Linda Lea Evans 40 Bill Faw 40 Jane Fleming 40 Leon Fleming 40 Magdalene Flippen 40 Jackie Gardner 40 Edward Gentry Barbara Gillispie 41 Jean Gillispie 41 Joy Gilley 41 Sam Goad 40 Janie Goings 41 Bobby Goins 40 Ralph Goins 40 Susan Golden 41 Diane Golding 41 Dianne Golding 41 Claudine Hall 41 Dennis Harold 41 Donald Hartman 41 Eddie Harvey 41 Bobby Hawks 41 Paul Hawks 41 Wallace Hawks Donna Hayes 41 Wayne Hayden 41 Judy Haynes 41 Stanley Haynes 41 Larry Hiatt 41 Tamela Hiatt 41 Bill Hicks 41 Bernice Hill 41 Jimmy Hill 41 Brenda Hodges 41 James Hodges 41 Linda Hodges 41 Linda Holder 41 Steve Holder 4C Sara Holyfield 42 Wanda Huff 42 Jerry Humplrreys Sherrie Inman 42 Doris Jefferson 42 Brenda Jessup 42 Herbert Jessup 42 Billy Johnson 42 Larry Johnson 42 Nancy Johnson 42 Marie Johnson 42 Mickey Johnson 42 Woodie Johnson 42 Carolyn Jones 42 Donald Jones 42 Jeannie Jones 42 Larry Jones 42 Weldon Lambert 42 Shirley Leftwich 42 Barry Leonard 42 Darrell Leonard 42 Judy Lewis 42 Karen Lindsay 42 Janet Love 42 Gary Lowe 42 Jack Lowe 42 Linda Lowe 42 Ann McCann 43 Arthur McCann 43 Denny McCraw 43 Jimmy McCraw 43 Jerry McDonald 42 Jo Anne McMillan 43 Mary Sue Marshall 43 Carol Martin 43 Marie Mears 43 James Midkiff 42 Elwood Montogomery Portia Moser 43 Donna Mosley 43 Donna Mosley 43 Judy Murphy 43 C. L. Newman 43 Carolyn Norman 43 Kay Norman 43 Gary O ' Neal 43 Steve O ' Neal 43 Ann Parker 43 Bob Parries 43 Beverly Payne 43 Eddie Peele 43 Clarence Phillips 43 Mary Pike 43 Robert Poplin 43 Mitchell Pruitt 43 Bill Puckett 43 Robert Puckett 44 Shelby Puckett 43 Jeannette Raines 43 Barry Ramey 44 Larry Reece 44 Renda Robertson 44 Charlotte Rogers 44 Mickey Samuels 44 Frances Sawyers 44 Linda Sawyers 44 Jerry Seal 44 Paulette Seivers 44 Boimie Shackleford 44 John Shambley 44 Betty Shelton 44 Dorothy Shelton 44 Rosemary Shelton 44 Webb Simcox 44 Brenda Simmons 44 Gerritt Simmons 44 Hilda Simmons 44 Conchitia Simpson 44 Nancy Simpson 44 Barbara Slate 44 Rachel Slate 44 Gloria Smith 44 Russell Smith 44 Mack Snow 44 Tim Stein Dale Surratt 44 Patsy Surratt 44 Ricky Tate 44 Scottie Tate 44 Anita Terrell 44 Benten Terrell 44 Kathleen Thomas 44 Vivian Thomas 44 Alta Thompson 44 Beverly Tilley 44 Beulah Todd 44 Kay Tolbert 44 Margaret Tolbert 44 Linda Towe 44 Sharon Venable 44 Wade Vernon 44 Izetta Walker 44 Turner Watts 44 Roger Webb 44 Nancy Westmoreland 44 Claudine Whitaker 44 William Whittington 44 Jerry Wilson 44 Marilyn Wood 44 Johnny Woodruff 44 Amelda Wright 44 Wilma Wright 44 Sandra York 44 Wayne York 44 FRESHMEN Brenda Amburn 46 Frances Anderson 46 Carrie Mae Angel 46 Linda Arnder 46 Barnard Atkins 46 Judy Atkins 46 Rachel Atkins 46 Wayne Atkins 46 Frances Badgett 46 Larry Badgett 46 Susan Badgett 46 Kay Baldwin 46 Jack Beamer 46 Gary Beeson 46 Mary Bennett 46 Sandra Bennett 46 Detra Blackburn 46 Havan Ann Blackburn 47 Junior Blackmon 46 116 Jimmy Blevins 47 Linda Fhppen Shelia Bobbitt 47 Donald Ford Peggy Bowman 47 Evie France Sammy Bowman 46 Sandra Francis Sandra Bowman 47 Phyllis Gammons Thelma Bowman 47 Dean Gardner Wayne Bowman 46 Jackie Gentry Linda Boyd 47 Margaret George Evelyn Brannock 47 Clark Goings James Branson 47 Barbara Goins Doris Brimm 47 Paulene Goins Virginia Brinkley 47 Hansel Golding Karen Browne 47 Linda Gunter Ann Brunner 47 Norma Gwyn Eva Mae Bullins 47 Donald Hall Ava Burkhart 47 Chester Hall Brenda Burkhart 47 Henry Harbour Kyle Butcher 47 Patty Harman Betty Carson 47 Linda Harrell Donald Carson 47 Judy Harvey Ronald Carson 47 Mildred Haunn Vickye Carter 47 Carolyn Hawks Janie Chandler 47 Louise Hawks Thurston Chappell 47 Ronald Hawks Toni Crissman 47 Patsy Heath Rodney Clement 47 Ann Hensley Brenda Cockerham 47 Frank Hensley Brenda Coe 47 Gail Hiatt Jancie Coe 48 Gilmer Hiatt Diane Collins 48 Nancy Hiatt Frances Collins 48 Sue Hicks Mack Collins 47 Rogene Hicks Elizabeth Colson 48 Harry Higgins Linda Combs 48 Linda Hill Van Combs 47 R, C. Hill Bobbie Jean Creasy 48 Deana Hinshaw Imogene Crouse 48 Billy Hodges Rebecca Daniels 48 Nyra Hodges David Daughenbaugh 47 Sherry Hodges Brenda Davis 48 Catliy Holder Sammy DeHart 47 Lela Holder Shirley Dickens 48 Randy Holder Margaret Doby 48 Judy Holt Johnny Dollyhigh 47 Brenda Honneycutt Earnest Dowell 47 Tom Houck Eulonda Dowell 48 Steve Hull Betty Sue Draughn 48 Lonnie Hutchens Ray Dunbar 47 Charlene Inman Bobby Duncan 47 Charldean Inman Billy Easter 48 Nancy Lou Isaacs Eldridge Easter 48 Donna Jarrell Helen Easter 48 Roger Jarrell Sue Easter 48 Billy Johnson Bobby Edwards 48 Linda Johnson Buddy Edwards 48 Clinton Jones Carol Edwards 48 Brenda King Evelyn Edwards 48 Barbara Kirkman Jackie Edwards 48 Roger Kirkman James Edwards 48 Trevor Kirkman Shirley Evans 48 Barbara Lawrence Mary Everett 48 Bill Lawrence Marlene Fleming 48 Graig Lawrence Johnny Fletcher 48 Henry Lawson Danny Leftwich 49 Janice Riggs 52 Philip Leftwich 50 Nita Robertson 52 Stacy Leftwich 50 Glen Sawyers 52 Steven Lineberry 50 Eddie Scott 52 Johnny Paul Long 50 Larry Scott 52 Nancy Lovill 51 Marsha Semones 52 Dusty Lowe 50 Joyce Senter 52 Janice Lowe 50 Jerry Sheets 52 Ray Lowe 50 Brenda Shelton 52 Zack Lowe 50 Frank Shelton 52 Steve Lyons 50 Kathleen Shelton 52 Linda Macy 51 Linda Shelton 52 Wade Marion, Jr. 50 Ray Short 52 Steve Marion 50 Bobbie Jean Simmons 52 Teddy Marshall 50 Linda Simmons 52 Vickie Martin 51 Jewel Slate 52 Nancy Mathis 51 Jane Smith 52 Linda Mayes 51 Judy Smith 52 Richard McBride 50 Richard Smith 52 Jerry McCraw 50 Donnie Snow 52 Wayne McCraw 50 Nelson Snow 52 Howard McHone 50 Frances Southers 52 Jimmy McHone 50 Linda Sparks 53 Charles M cKinney 51 Bonnie Stevens 53 Douglas McMillan Kent Stewart 52 Jo Ann Mears 51 Brenda Stone 53 Annie Mae Moncus 51 Faye Stone 53 Harold Mooney 51 Jimmy Stone 52 Ausby Moore 51 Freddy Sumner 52 Carol Moore 51 Jerry Surratt 52 Joe Moore 51 Darnell Sutphin 53 Larry Moore 51 Douglas Sykes 52 Virginia Moorefield 51 Herman Tate 53 Penny Moseley 51 Chad Taylor 53 Carol Moser 51 Weldon Taylor Marticia Moser 51 Eugene Terry 53 Peggy Moser 51 Mary Lou Thomas 53 Don Moss 51 Phyllis Thomas 53 Barbara Miller 51 Steve Thomas 53 Sandra Murphy 51 Roger Thompson 53 Josie Mewman 51 Wanda Thompson 53 Harry Nichols 51 Marie Tickle 53 Merle Nichols 51 Diane Tilley 53 Walter Nichols 51 Marie Tolbert 53 Rebecca Nichols 51 Jane Utt 53 Myrtle Niston 51 Veda Vass 53 Steve Niston 51 Reggie Venable 53 Diane Norman 51 Barbara Wagoner 53 Steve Norman 51 Chester Wall 53 Kyle Norman 51 Pam Watson 53 Annie Nunn Bonnie Watts 53 Sherry Nunn 52 Donald Wliite 53 Charles Odell 51 Estaline White 53 Barbara O ' Neal 52 John Whittington 53 Wayne Parker 51 Barbara Willard 53 Mike Payne 51 J. C. Willard 53 Martha Phillips 52 Roger Williams 53 Roger Pike 51 Dennis Wilson 53 Mildred Pruitt 52 Steve Wilson 53 J. W. Puckett 52 Lois Wine 53 Wanda Rakes 52 Danny Wood 53 Shelia Ramey 52 Judy Wood 53 Bonnie Ratcliff 52 49 48 49 49 49 48 49 49 48 49 49 48 49 49 48 48 49 49 49 49 49 49 48 49 49 49 49 49 49 50 50 49 50 49 50 49 50 50 50 50 49 50 50 49 48 49 50 50 50 50 49 50 49 50 50 49 50 49 49 49 117 1 We believe that good relationship between school and business people is valuable to both school and business. The generous support of our advertisers makes it possible for us to publish this yearbook. 118 3viendly Adventure into Business CANA MOUNT L AIRY TOAST FRANKLIN HIGHWAY 601 HIGHLAND PARK WINSTON SALEM SLATE MOUNTAIN FLAT ROCK RRY OOL BANNERTOWN HOLLY SPRINGS WHITE PLAINS The shaded areas show the communities in which advertising space was sold. Such widespread participation shows the interest of many good people in good schools with good publications. 119 VAUGHAN ' S SHOE STORE 111 N. Main " Shoes for All the Family Galax, Virginia HEAAMING ' S SUPERETTE Staple Groceries-Fresh Meats Frozen Food ' s-Fresh Products Free Delivery - Phone ST 6-2512 Route 6 Mount Airy, North Carolina VAUGHAN-GWYNN FUNERAL HOME INC. EARLE THEATRE 201 West Center Street North Main Street Galax, Virginia Mount Airy, North Carolina GEORGE W. SPARGER JR. INC. FANT ' S SHOE STORE 125 FrankIin Street 115 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina MOUNT AIRY TIMES 155 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina PORTER ' S FURNITURE COMPANY 213-215 South Main BE 6-5144 MT 6-3900 Galax, Va. Chilhowie, Va. 120 Our thanks go to oru advertisers. North Surry students and families are asked to buy from those who bought frorg us. Ted Johnson Advertising Manager C. H. SMITH GROCERY CAFE Phone FL 2-2553 Lowgap, North Carolina SQUARE DEAL HARDWARE Open 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Highway 89 Toast, North Carolina THE FABRIC CENTER " Let us help you with your sewing needs. " 1225 West Pine Street Mount Airy, North Carolina WAGONER ' S GROCERY ARRINGTON GROCERY 760 Bluemont Road 825 West Pine Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina CARL BOOKER ' S SERVICE STATION EVANS RADIO SERVICE Gas and Oil Phone ST 6-4247 Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina Surry Concrete Products, Inc. Vaughn Brothers Distributors of SEALTEST " See us for all your masonry needs. " DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone ST 6-2466 P. O. Box 209 Mount Airy, North Carolina For Home Delivery Phone ST 6-5256 Dobson-Mount Airy-Pilot Mountain 121 EVANS CHAIN SAW CO. MOUNT AIRY TRACTOR COMPANY ST 6-6970 DIRECT DRIVE 1334 West Pine Highway 89 Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina WILLIAMS CHEVROLET COMPANY BROWN ' S SELF SERVICE FL 2-2357 P. 0 . Box 751 Route 3 605 Bluemont Road Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina COALSON ' S TEXACO SERVICE 970 Norfh Main Mount Airy, North Carolina HINESWAY GREENHOUSE Day Phone ST 6-4421 Night Phone ST 6-7336 219 Hines Avenue Mount Airy, North Carolina CARTER FURNITURE COMPANY 220 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina HARRISON ' S Ladies Ready to Wear 230 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina CompIiments of SATTERFIELD MARKETS Forest Drive Mount Airy, North Carolina GALAX MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Dodge-Dart-Rambler-Lancer Power Giant Trucks 24 Hour Wrecker Service Phone BE 6-3681 Galax, Virginia LINEBERRY ' S JEWELERY STORE Richard M. Vaught Phone BE 6-4211 Galax, Virginia HIGGIN’S OIL COMPANY, INC. Distributors of AA1 fh Shell Petroleum Products LShellI Phone BE 6-2991 Galax, Virginia 122 Twin City Packing Company Inc. Native And Western Beef - Veal - Pork High Grade Sausages Winston-Salem, North Carolina • Cut Flowers • Corsages • Funeral Designs • Sprays WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS FTD STale 6-5105 Woodruff’s Flowers 123 Church Mt. Airy, N. C W. E. Merritt Company Established In 1888 MacGregor Sporting Goods Mount Airy, North Carolina 123 W P AQ JACKSON AND FULK MEN ' S WEAR Clear Channel Service Surry County ' s First and " Where the Well-dressed Men Shop " Most Powerful Station Telephone ST 6-2903 740 KC 10,000 Watts 133 Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina MOSELEY ' S SUPERMARKET SKYLINE AAOTORS 554 North Main " Bigger and Better " We Give S H Green Stamps Mount Airy, North Carolina Lebanon Street Extension Mount Airy, North Carolina MERRITT MACHINES SUPPLY, INC. TWO SUPERMARKETS TO SERVE YOU Mill SuppIies-Electrical Supplies Pipe and Fittings MILLS FAIRLANE MARKET 144 West Oak Street Telephone ST 6-4165 MILLS SUPER MARKET 1948 Rockford Street Highway 601 1810 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina CompI imenl-s of FRANK HENNIS AUTO SALES 439 West Lebanon Street Mount Airy, North Carolina 124 HYLTON INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Service Telephone ST 6-5260 132 West Pine Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Eaton’s Radio T. V. Service ALMA ' S BEAUTY SHOP 203 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Phone ST 6-4997 Route 2, Box 89 Quarry Road Mount Airy, North Carolina AIRMONT FLORIST Flowers Wired Anywhere Telephone ST 6-2101 119 West Pine Street Mount Airy, North Carolina STAR BARBER SHOP 122 Franklin Street Mount Airy, North Carolina TAYLOR ' S GARAGE 147 Franklin Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Hunter’s Dixie W. S. WOLFE DRUG COMPANY 159 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Warehouse " An Old Firm Where New Friends Meet " PRUETT ' S CHILDREN ' S SHOP " The Minor is Our Major " 187 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina J . W. Hunter J • L. Hunter W. H. (Hub) Brown Mount Airy, North Carolina QUALITY HARDWARE APPLIANCES 134 Franklin Street Mount Airy, North Carolina 125 CAMPBELL ' S MONUMENTAL WORKS Telephone Day ST 6-5258 Night ST 6-4507 Mount Airy, North Carolina DELUXE CLEANERS Phone ST 6-6531 216 WII low Street Mount Airy, North Carolina MOUNT AIRY COAL YARD GROCERY 825 Willow Street Mount Airy, North Carolina HOOVER REPAIR SHOP Welding and Machine Work Phone ST 6-8006 WI 1 low Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Farmers Dairy Lowgap Highway Mount Airy, North Carolina MILK MOUNT AIRY KNITTING COMPANY Mount Airy, North Carolina WILLIS GROCERY Phone ST 6-7992 Short Town HI 11 Mount Airy, North Carol ina MONDAY WINDOW AND HOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY 713-715 Willow Street Mount Airy, North Carolina CompI Iments of FLIPPIN ' S GULF SERVICE Mount Airy, North Carolina Hyl ton Supply Company Furniture-Hardware-AppI lances Next to the Post Office Phone ST 6-5400 Mount Airy, North Carolina 126 CHARLIE FRYE ' S SUPER MARKET --- 1 REX SUPPLY BE 6-2926 Route 3 Mount Airy, North Carolina 117 East G rayson Street Galax, Virginia WALTER SPARGER ' S GROCERY BARBER-ALLEN HOSIERY MILLS, INC. Phone FL 2-2200 Telephone ST 6-4167 Route 3 Mount Airy, North Carolina 824 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina BELKS DEPARTMENT STORE HIATT TELEVISION SALES Zenith Sales And Service Telephone ST 6-8002 Telephone ST 6-5492 308 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina 806 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina NICHOLS CLOTHING COMPANY BOLEN DRUG COMPANY, INC. Complete Men Boy ' s Shop Ladies Children Shop 153 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina The Rexall Store Main Street Galax, Virginia .. 127 B B RESTAURANT Fancy Gap Road Mount Airy, North Carolina CompI iments of GREENWOOD FLOOR COVERING Phone ST 6-4934 Fancy Gap Road Mount Airy, North Carolina FAIR STORE " Outfitters for the family " Mount Airy, North Carolina BELL LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers of Pine Lumber Phone FU 6-2251 Mount Airy, North Carolina BLU-VUE MOTEL RESTAURANT U. S. 52 North Mount Airy, North Carolina BENNETT GROCERY Meats-Groceries Del ivery Service Phone ST 6-5840 Mount Airy, North Carolina NATIONAL REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE " Save a little, buy a lot; we sell the earth " Phone ST 6-7552 Fancy Gap Road Mount Airy, North Carolina NEW FARMER ' S TOBACCO WAREHOUSE Morning Sale Every Day Mount Airy, North Carolina HI-LO SUPERMARKET Phone ST 6-4937 2040 Rockford Street Exte nsion Mount Airy, North Carolina STARR ' S ETNA SERVICE Charlie Starr and Charles Starr, Jr. Managers 423 South South Street Mount Airy, North Carolina 128 SPARGER INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Insurance Service Since 1900 E. G . Wynne, Jr. M. F. Sparger Mount Airy, North Carolina WOOD ' S SELF-SERVICE GROCERY AND GULF STATION Owned and Operated By John L. Wood Pleasing You Is Our Satisfaction Highway 89-Route 3 Mount Airy, North Carolina THE NORTHWESTERN BANK Main Street at Franklin Drive-in Branch Franklin Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Dobson, North Carolina 129 " Best Wishes " BRAY ' S MILL Mount Airy, North Carolina B 0 FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings " A little better for a little less " Phone ST 6-2344 915 South Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina HARRIS TRACTOR BEASLEY CLEANERS IMPLEMENT COMPANY Phone FU 6-3305 Sales and Service Dobson, North Carolina Phone ST 6-3475 Mount Airy, North Carolina GLOBMAN ' S SAM ' S SERVICE STATION Phone BE 6-3513 Lowgap Highway Galax, Virginia Lowgap, North Carolina BOB PATTERSON ' S Compliments of SERVICE CAFE BOB JACK LOWE Lowgap, North Carolina Lowgap, North Carolina GREEN OAKS RESTAURANT T G SERVICE Fliqhway 601 Groceries and Pure Oil Service Dobson, North Carolina Lowgap, North Carolina BANNERTOWN SUPERETTE " We Deliver " THE DERBY Phone ST 6-6861 " Good food at reasonable prices " South Main Street Extension COMPLETE FOOD STORE Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina 130 BOB’S CASH STORE Shop at Bob ' s Cash Store Mount Airy ' s Most Conveniently Located Food Store " We want your business, large or small. " Open from 8 A.M. to 1 A.M. Phone ST 6-4705 — 1007 Rockford Street Mount Airy, North Carolina HERFF-JONES CO. Indianapolis, Indiana Class Rings - Invitations - Medals Trophies COLLEGIATE CAP GOWN CO. - Champaign, Illinois Caps and Gowns CLINT W. LEE CO. — Seattle, Washington Diplomas E.W. PADDISON, Mo unt Airy, North Carolina 131 GREENFRONT CLOTHING SPORTING GOODS Tel. ST 6-5359 West Pine St. at Toast, North Carolina SHORTY ' S REPAIR SHOP Radio TV Service ST 6-1608 Box 8 Toast, North Carolina SNOW ' S GARAGE AUTO PARTS General Repairs Automotive Supplies Toast, North Carolina G. SOUTHERN UPHOLSTERY SHOP ST 6-7335 Mount Airy, North Carolina Renfro Hosiery Mills, Inc. One of the Leading Hosiery Mills of Mount Airy " We Make The Best " Mount Airy, North Carol ‘no Blue Ridge Insurance Agency, Inc. All Forms of Insurance Life - Fire - Auto - Hail E. C. Collins J. B, Inman 152 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina CAROLINA MARKET 933 West Pine Street Mount Airy, North Carolina GREENFRONT BEAUTY SHOP ST 6-4941 Mount Airy, North Carolina BILL CAUDLE ' S BARBER SHOP Bill Caudle Bill Doss Eldean Hodge Toast, North Carolina TOWN COUNTRY GULF W. J. Poole Phone ST 9-9231 Route 3, Mt. Airy, North Carolina 132 MOUNT AIRY PAINT STORE LAMM DRUG COMPANY " Mount Airy ' s Color Center " Paints, Wallpapers, Accessories 179 North Main Street 121 Franklin Street Phone ST 6-6755 Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina SPORTSMAN ' S SUPPLY COMPANY DAVIS SHOE STORE Telephone PA 3-6545 171 North Main Street 604 N. Cherry Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina THE NORTH CAROLINA GRANITE CORPORATION Quarriers and Manufacturers of Mount Airy Granite Phone ST 6-5141 or ST 6-5155 Mount Airy, North Carolina 133 CLARK PARKER LUMBER CO. Quality Lumber DUKE POWER COMPANY and Building Material Serving the Piedmont Carolines Phone ST 6-5194 758 N. South Street Mount Airy North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina FULTON INSURANCE AGENCY ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE Nearly 50 years service to this area " Time - Tested and Proved " 118 FrankIin Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Dial ST 6-2915 Main Street CARL W. STEELE Your Jeweler Mount Airy North Carolina PINE RIDGE LUMBER COMPANY DUNBAR ' S SKATING RINK " Everything the Builder Needs " " Old and Young Skate at Dunbar ' s Skating Rink " Phone ST 6-2687 Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina GRANITE CITY INSURANCE AGENCY MOUNT AIRY MARBLE FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS GRANITE WORKS SEE J . Earl Ramey R. S. CRAWFORD, Owner Fine Marble and Granite Memorials Mausoleums and Building Work 118 Moore Avenue ST 6-4588 Mount Airy, North Carolina 113 Rawley Avenue Mount Airy, North Carolina 134 REMEMBER. . . S-D on Your Fertilizer Bags Mean A " Square Deal " SMITH-DOUGLASS FERTILIZER Seeds Ferti I izer D. D. Hodges and H. Y. Hodges Virginia Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Sign of Service and Dependability 135 SURRY-YADKIN ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION NORTH SURRY HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC FIELD LIGHTING INSTALLATION TELEPHONE FU 6-2575 812 South Main Street Dobson, North Carolina THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member F. D . I, C. Serving Mount Airy and Nearby Communities Since 1893 202 N. Main Street ST 6-2133 Mount Airy, North Carolina 136 JONES SUPPLY COMPANY " See us for your farm needs. " CURRIER 8c WITHERS SUPPLY COMPANY " Jobbers of mill and factory supplies " 218 Virginia Street Phone ST 6-4175 526 West Pine Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina WOODS 5 lOp STORE PUCKETT ' S GROCERY GAS " Your headquarters for school supplies " Highway 89 165 North Main Street Route 3 Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina TRIANGLE DRY CLEANERS L. PERELMAN 844 North Main Street 112 South Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Galax, Virginia PLESS FURNITURE STORES Galax Fries Wyl-hevllle Pulaski Vi rginia Compliments of GALAX FLORIST Phone BE 6-2954 122 West Grayson Street Galax, Virginia C. P. SNOW GUY DOSIER GROCERY SHELL SERVICE GAS GROCERIES " Your Business Appreciated " Phone FL 2-2243 Route 3 Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina LEON ' S OF MOUNT AIRY HOLLINGSWORTH DRUG COMPANY Distinctive Sportswear " For all your prescription needs " and 243 North Main Street Junior Dresses for Young Moderns Mount Airy, North Carolina i 207 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina 137 H. L. Gillespie Used Cars and Auto Parts 24 Hour-Wrecker Service ST. 6-4148 ST. 6-4149 Route 6 Mount Airy, North Carolina YORK OIL CO. INC. Cities Service Products Mount Airy - ST 6-5505 Dobson - FU. 6-3737 White Plains, North Carolina THE FRIENDLY INSURANCE AGENCY 437 Worth Street Mount Airy, North Carolina ST 6-7546 Nellie H. Elmer S. Frye DAIRY CENTER Delicious Sandwiches Ice Cream 407 West Lebanon Street Mount Airy, North Carolina WOOD ' S TELEVISION GRANITE CITY ELECTRIC CO. Worth at Rockford Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina THE REMNANT SHOP " Sew Save " Custom Made Drapes BE-6-4677 Galax, Virginia TOWN TIRE SERVICE Firestone Tires, Recapping ST 6-2155 Mount Airy, North Carolina BRAY ' S RECAPPING SERVICE 1219 North South Street Mount Airy, North Carolina MODERN LAUNDRY CLEANERS CO. West Lebanon South Street Mount Airy, North Carolina LINDSAY MOBILE HOMES New Mobile Homes, Trailers Used F urniture Fancy Gap Road Mount Airy, North Carolina 138 Quality Mount Airy Savings Oil Company " The best in fuel oils " Loan Association Phone ST. 6-5731 496 Norfh Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina kell3 CompI Iments of Moody Funeral Home Chapel Ai r-Conditioned Oxygen-Equipped Ambulances Your Independent Insurance Agent Modern Funeral Chapel " Serves You First " Dial ST 6-2165 Dial OW 4-2131 Mount Airy, N. C. Stuart, Virginia Phone ST 6-2151 443 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Dial FU 6-2755 Dobson, North Carolina 139 WORKMAN’S FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION With Resources of 517,000,000.00 Mount Airy North Carolina THE MOUNT AIRY NEWS (Established 1880) Publisher—James E. Johnson 129 Moore Avenue Mount Airy, North Carolina HOLCOMB HARDWARE Householders—Farmers Landscape Service—Dura-Satin Paints Mount Airy North Carolina MOUNT AIRY SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE Become a professional beautician. Day or night classes. Contact Thelma O. Hair for details. 126 Moore Ave. Mount Airy, North Carolina JONES MEATS GROCERIES " We have the best " Phone ST 9-7544 White Pla ins, North Carolina IDEAL SUPERMARKET Phone ST 6-5615 Flat Rock, North Carolina JACKSON BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE 182 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina PARKS ESSO SERVICE Highway 601 CAROLINA ELASTIC CORP. Phone ST 9-7386 Highway 52 South Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina 140 F. AND F. MOTORS New and Used Cars Owners Freeman M. Vaughan Fred Catron Telephone BE 6-2230 Galax, Virginia MOTOR SUPPLY, INC. Automotive Parts Equipment Welding Supplies Phone ST 6-6150 and 6-6159 219 South Street Mount Airyq North Carolina NICHOLS CONSTRUCTION Toast North Carolina WARDEN SEVyiNG MACHINES 813 South Main Phone 6-2340 We Sell Motorola TV and Universal Sewing Machines BOOKER ' S GULF SERVICE AND USED CARS Bannertown Mount Airy, North Carolina CAUDLE ' S GROCERY Bannertown TWIN COUNTY MOTOR Phone ST 6-6065 COMPANY, INC. Mount Airy, North Carolina Established 1914 Ford Falcon Thunderbird 306 Main Street P.O. Box 108 RIVERDALE TV APPLIANCE SERVICE " Service at its Best " Phone ST 6-4477 South Main Street Phone BE 6-2966 Galax, Virginia Mount Airy, North Carolina GILLEY ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE PERRY MANUFACTURING COMPANY Phone St 9-7453 Highway 52 South Mount Airy, North Carolina Ladies Blouses and Sportswear Mount Airy, North Carolina JESSUP-BROWN SHOE STORE New Location tTvw 225 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina 141 MOUNT AIRY FCX STORE 805 South Street Mount Airy, North Carolina REES CLOTHING COMPANY Men and Boys ' Clothing 198 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina HOME OIL AND GAS CO. R. F. D. 5 Mount Airy, North Carolina DOBSON POULTRY COMPANY Dobson North Carolina HOSPITAL PHARMACY We Give Top Value Stamps " Walgreen Agency " Brace Fitting Service 817 Rockford St. Mount Airy, North Carolina SUN-X CENTRAL, INC. Glass Tinting by Dupont For Control of G1 are-Heat-Fading Telephone ST 6-2161 Mount Airy, North Carolina RAY GILLEY ' S AMOCO SUPER SERVICE Tel. ST 9-9245 1907 Rockford St. Mount Airy, North Carolina ELLIS CLOTHING CO. " The Shop Where Mother and Daughter Go Hand In Hand " 212 North Main Mount Airy, North Carolina 142 THE CANTEEN LEONARD ' S JEWELRY 221 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina DAVIS SHOE SHOP 116 North South Street on the Square DICKSON ' S RADIO RECORD SHOP Men ' s - Women ' s Children ' s Shoes 124 Franklin Street All Work Guaranteed Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina HUTCHENS LAUNDRY CLEANERS CHILDRESS MOTOR CO. " A Mother ' s Care For All Your Wear " Phone ST 6-6209 209 Spring Street 307 East Oak Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina SINCLAIR REFINING CO. BRAD ' S CARD TOY SHOP ST 6-2014 269 North Main Street Mount Airy, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Corollna Kozy Corner Restaurant Steaks S. C. Marshall, Manager Toast, North Carolina Southern Dairies Dairy Products 143 F.W. CHAPPELL SONS PIEDMONT ' S BEST Concrete Pipe Yadkin Valley Packers Inc. Precast Septic Tanks Elkin Jonesville, North Carolina Phone ST 6-6759 Fancy Gap Road SURRY BULB COMPANY Old Springs Road Mount Airy, North Carolina CAROLINA PAD AND PAPER CO. -Converters- P. O. Box 636 Charlotte, North Carolina THE MONTGOMERY-GREEN CO. INC. Highway 401 South P. O. Box 31 Raleigh, North Carolina IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP 234 N . Main St. Mount Airy, North Carolina PEGGY ' S FLOWER SHOP Corsages-Arrangements Funeral Designs-Dish Gardens Stuart Highway - Rt. 2- Mount Airy, North Carolina WILLIAMSON ' S ESSO SERVICE STATION Fancy Gap Road Mount Airy, North Carolina HARRIS HARDWARE BUILDING SUPPLY South Main Street Mount Airy North Carolina 144 Yadkin Valley Dairy Cooperative, Inc. General Office Box 149 Wilkesboro, North Carolina 145 Autograpns 146 Autognpfis 147 Autograpfis 148 Autogv pfis 149 Autogmphs 150 Aufograpfis 151 Autognpns 333 INDIANA AVENUE WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. 152 .d - r wiS ' . : 9 " ’j (■.■ a ::■■; .t i} r Tf ■s -1. ■ ■ « . i 1 I I if» M M Y... • ?»■ " jl I

Suggestions in the North Surry High School - North Star Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) collection:

North Surry High School - North Star Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


North Surry High School - North Star Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


North Surry High School - North Star Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 14

1962, pg 14

North Surry High School - North Star Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 7

1962, pg 7

North Surry High School - North Star Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 103

1962, pg 103

North Surry High School - North Star Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 68

1962, pg 68

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