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I - . 19 % ' !$ ■ Gc 977.20: F77mo 1985 Ifflllllllll 3 1833 02004 3409 Gc 977.202 F77no 1985 North Side High School. (Fort Wayne, Ind. ) Legend Mr. Daniel Howe, principal, smiles as he finally captures Williams, principal at Northrup, will have 1 breaking the rules. Unfortunately, Mr. Douglas series ot detentions. Opening . . Academics Album.... Sports Clubs Music Index Closing ... ...1 .14 .44 .88 116 138 150 162 fHE LEGEND CONTINUES . . . aw - THE LEGEND NORTH SIDE HIGH SCHOOL 475 E. STATE ST. FT. WAYNE, IN 46805 VOL. 57 Legends Show Vince Williams, junior, prepares for the new school ye Freshman Doug Kensill waits to receive his program card " P r i c p dunns registrat, ° n " Traditions estabilished at North Side reflect the pride and honor of the school and the connLinity. Since its doors first opened in 1927, North has displayed red and white, one meaning life and love and the other symbolizing peace and purity. The community and staff have extended loyalty and trust to the student body. Their mascost, Chief Mac, has remained a favorite attraction. Other traditions carry on the spirit: No graduating class would be complete without a senior gift. Seniors set specific examples for those who follow. Just as there were homecoming, spirit week, pep sessions-the list goes on and on — so the legend continues. Pam and Paula Lydy, seniors, receive balloons. Did Travis Austin, freshman, inspect his i on the first day of school? 2 OPENING Students go their separate ways at the end ot a typical school day. After a long day, James Harris, sophomore, boards Freshman Kathie Schlup registers for school with her pa OPENING 3 Sophomores Andera Ullyot and Dan Joley Students show affections A quick kiss, or walking hand in hand or arm in arm were " affections " frowned upon by the administration. Students were ask to save the " spit- swapping " for after school hours. Students learnt biology, algebra, and English as well as learning to get along with others. Throughout the day students could have been seen in groups standing within the halls, talking about any- thing from homework to favorite rock groups, demonstraited a warm informal atmosphere. Climate surveys reinforced what everyone already knew: North Side is a pleasant, happy place. Sophomore Gretchen Helmig and Jim Enca, senior, ignore Sophomore Chris Tylor and Junior Doug Groves de school rules with a kiss. strate the sweetheart look. •4 AFFECTIONS Juniors Laura Sauer and Heather Hoffmann find those em- Seniors Leann Cummings and Natlie Lafevera make a friend- barrassing moments easy to cope with. ly atmosphere with good humor. Sophomores Leann Bailey and Renea Peters enjoy eating i the newly-designed cafeteria. Freshman Steve Geiseking snuggles up with his girlfriend Jenny Hetrick, freshman. I 1 kit U ' -J u I ■ Sophomores Amy Fnemuth and Camela Christen show the spirit before a game. Students scramble to get last minute homework togethe FRIENDS 3 Kris Rump and Kristy Summers spent flirting with this bit: bear. i day at Cedar Poir Students enjoy summer fun Summer: the season between spring and autumn comprising, in the North- em Hemisphere, usually the month of June, July, and August. But that ' s not what a North Side student would tell you. You would probably get something like, " Band practice from 6 to 8 every night, " " running 2 or 3 miles every morning at 8 o ' clock. " Or if you ' re the part- ying kind of Redskin, it ' s Van Halen, Huey Lewis and the News, Scorpions, Yes, and Ozzy. Then there ' s the working class ' Skin with a full or part-time job, mowing lawns, or, doing any other odd jobs available. The rest of us could be found at a lake cottage or taking a cool dip at North Side Park pool. Junior Jeff Jump runs hard during one of ny practices this summer at camp. An unknown junior shows his best sid while falling into the dtink. Juniot Brian Mertler pushes himself to th limit to try to reach the finish line first. 6 SUMMER Junior Cris LaSalle shows his skiing talent at Coldwater Lake. The Demon Drop was a big hit last John Co sophomore, ho ' Skins occupy sp are time " What ' s to do in Ft. Wayne? " There were as many things to do as there were people to do them. Whether it was going to the mall, eating out at a restaurant, or attending a school activity, Redskins found things to occupy their spare time. The Summer Concert Series featuring Van Halen, Huey Lewis, Yes, and Ozzy in concert at the Coliseum was a big hit. Other people went to the Sunday Night Jams at Frieman Square. Redskins went to see " Romancing the Stone " , ' tremlins " , " Purple Rain " , and other movies. Enthusiasts went to Diamond Jim ' s and Putt-Putt for miniature golf, go-karts, or video games. Laser video games, like " Dragon ' s Lair " and " Space Ace " , were the latest wonders of modern technology. From the armchair athletes who went to the Komet hockey games to the dancers who went to the Casbah, Redskins were a diverse group of Individ uals . Redskins encounter ; the mall to the othe nultitude of stores from one end of 8 FT. WAYNE Three of the choices Redskins face is on which Shelly Neal. freshman, demonstrates the proper putting tech- nique. Vinnie Williams, junior, ruthlessly hunts spies with the aid of John Cowan. FT. WAYNE 9 Rick Cain, sophomore, scratches his forehead in gen confusion. Boredom bug strikes again That deadly bug, the boredom bug, struck again. He was busy, biting 99.9% of the student body. Victims stared into space or just dozed off. The attacks affected the students ' perception of time; seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. The most popular antidote, used by both teachers and students, was watching the clock. Nervous habits were another way of coping with the boredom. Cracking knuckles, tapping fingers, and bit- ing nails were symptoms, and they of- ten annoyed students as well as teachers. f Kirk Doehrman, sophomo lish class. Twiddling a pen showed the nervousness before the i 10 NERVOUS HABITS Dave Randall, sophomore, takes a break from his studies. Sophomore Janelle Young shows how chat boredom bug can John Cowan, sophomore, listens intensely to an English lec- strike at any time. ture. Skins spend time wisely How do you spend your spare time? Do you sleep in front of the T.V., or do you use it wisely? Well, despite the high unemployment rate in Fort Wayne, many Redskins were finding various part time jobs throughout the area. Grocery stores and fast food restraunts were very popular places for students to work. The reasons for working vary. " I work to earn enough money for school clothes, " said Kandie Elliott, sopho- more. " I work to earn money for gas and dates, " said Chris LaSalle, junior. Other Redskins provided domestic services such as babysitting, mowing lawns, etc. These students helped out individual families when they were needed. Freshman Beth Martz enjoyed her babysitting job because, " I like the kids I watch, but I really like the money. " ttaiey and experience motivated North Side students into the work- ing world. Scott Zicm, junior, shows his special technique on breading chicken. Angie Renniger, junior, is ready to start another day of taking orders from drive-thru customers. Nicole Armsrrong, junior, is always eager to help satisfy her I. JOBS Hardly anyone goes through the day without stopping at McDonald ' s. McDonald ' s BI1LION SER DRIVE-THRU Redskin life centers on food Fast food restraints maintained their popularity or perhaps even gained some because of their catchy tunes and slogans " Where ' s the beef? " seemed to fit many situations. The fast service was great for those quick drives to Wendy ' s during lunch periods . Such places also provided an in- expensive way to get together with friends and dates. A quarter pound hamburger varied from $1.19 at Wendy ' s to about $1.30 at McDonalds. A regular order of fries cost any- where from $.50 to $.69. In a year when extra spending money was scarce, what could have been better and cheaper than an evening out at McDonald ' s after the big gamp? Cheryl Geradot, junior, can hardly wait to get he ; delicious pan pizza. FAST FOODS 13 Legend continues in . . . v u acadi:mk .s Academics .1 l XI l Mil - l : Hey explains new material to his class. Robert Lovell starts a new day by sorting assignments for his students. Merle Rice helps a student with his homework 16 MATH Rick Gernhardt, freshmen, uses his time in class to do his homewotk. Math offers variety The math department strived to offer a wide variety of classes for students with different abilities. There were honors programs for those who wanted to study in depth and, for students who planned on going to college but did not want to study in depth, college prep classes were available. On the other hand, if students just wanted to learn how to apply mathematics in their daily lives, they could also take general math classes. " This year we ' re working on making general math more meaningful, " commented Robert Lovell, head of the department . In addition, hand calculators were being introduced in the classes. The variety of classes also benefited the freshmen, who were required by the state law to take tw o years of math. Tim Witte takes time out to joke with his stude David Bierbaum prepares tests during his plan period. MATH n Mr. Beryl Lewis explains an experiment Culberson and Lynn Guthrie. Merle Rice discusses a homework assignment with Kelly Hill. i John Cryer and Ray look at biology Science offered new option The Advanced Placement Program, a new addition to the science curriculum, was open to students of Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Biology and Physics. This optional course offered eligible students majoring in sciences to earn college credits. The students prepared for this by studying independently in addition to regular classroom work. In the spring the students took a test that determined the amount of credits earned. Offered by the Science Department was a variety of awards. The Bausch and Lomb, Kramer, Thomas Chemistry and Earth Science awards were given to those students exhibiting special talent in the specific science areas. The purpose of the Science Department was to prepare students for careers in sciences and medicine. On a broader view, " We hoped to give the students an appreciation and awareness of their surroundings, and to get them to think critically about the things around them, " explained Mr. Mark Tipple. SCIENCE IS r Mr. Michael Schnelker, an English teacher, checks to see if his students had read their daily assignments. Miss Norma Thiele. an English teacher, explains an assign- ment to Heather Holloway, a freshman. JO ENGLISH New rules improve work The English Department changed both the curriculum and textbooks. This resulted in some classes covering the same materials as they did the year before. For instance, the seniors studied English literature and the juniors studied American literature over again. One thousand seven hundred eight students were enrolled in English classes, an enrollment that reflected the new state requirement that students take four years of English. " No rules in English are too strict. They were made to improve the quality of the students ' work. " said Mrs. Kathleen Neuhaus, head of the English Department. Mrs. Marsha Flora, a new teacher at North Side said, " I think it ' s an organized department because North Side has a good department head. It is the first department that I have been in where everyone has a say in how the English money is spent. " Besides the usual English classes, the department also offered other classes. Speech classes were available for those who wanted to develop the fundamentals of public speaking and ccomunication. Humanities was a study of art, literature, and music that tied people together. Students who were interested in learning about and working with instructional media could apply to take the literary experience class, and for those who wanted to leam how to write the different forms of literature, creative writing classes were available. Alan Witchey, junior, gets some pointers on how to write a good gothic story from Mrs, Marsha Flora, a new English teacher. Social Studies changes texts Preparations for the coming year were being made by the Social Studies Department. Among them were new textbooks as required by the state of Indiana for every six years. The procedures, though, were different compared to six years ago. The state did less screening than before, which meant more books to select from. " I think it ' s an attempt to allow more local control, " said Mr. Don Evans, head of the Social Studies Department . Computer software also made its way into the social studies classrooms. Computer simulation and programing were used by the students for drill and review. " It ' s another approach to learning, " said Mr, Evans. Among classes offered in the department was U.S. History. Students took the class their junior year to satisfy the state ' s requirement. During their senior year, they were required to take a one semester of government and a one semester of applied economics, economics, psychology, or sociology. New options in classes were also being considered by the department. For instance, the department thought of having dual credits for both high school and college. This meant that professors from colleges would come in to teach at North Side. " We ' re quite busy with the previewing of new materials that promote student involvement for the coming six years, " said Mr. Evans. 2 SOCIAL STUDIES Julia Grim and Julia Potts, seniors, join together to do their Mr, Kenneth Miller demonsrrates ro his students ho ass ' S nmems ' operare a voting machine. Mr. Myron Henderson informs his class on the cuttent r around the wotld. SOCIAL STUDIES 23 Students learn with hands The Industrial Arts Department was unique in that the students learned through working with their hands. Many students liked Industrial Arts because they could move around and did not have to sit in their desks reading books all the time. They also liked the fact that their work contributed something to the school. " The department offers practical training for those students who are not as academically inclined as others, " said Mr. Mark Boynton, graphic arts and Electronics teacher. Graphic arts was one of the classes in the department. It was a course that provided the students with an opportunity to survey and explore the printing industry, its occupations and material processes. Students completed major projects for the school yearbook, Student Council, Key Club, and many other groups. i l i)l S1RIAI ARTS Steve Doughman digs through some nuts and bolts to finish putting together his i INDUSTRIAL ARTS 25 One of Mrs. Gerber ' s German cla German while watching a film. listens to recordings of New books make debut New textbooks made their " debut " in the Foriegn language Department. Mrs. Donna Reithmiller, head of the department, said the textbooks had a lot of good material and that, " It ' s nice to try something different. " On the other hand, some students said the new books ware more difficult because the answers were not included. One-third of the student body was involved in the program. Students could take French, Spanish, Latin, German, or a one semester course of Japanese. For those who wanted to expand their vocabulary by studying word derivation, Word Power was available. Opportunities for travel to foreign countries were available via American Field Services and other clubs and organizations. Audio equipment helped students practice pronunciation and gave them a chance to hear a foreign language spoken correctly. Students also learned pronunciation through listening to their teachers. ohflt i: Chris Eykholt, senior, feeds Steve Hoffman, sophomore, Miss LaFontaine helps Jenni Hetrik, freshman, with he grapes in proper Roman fashion. signment. 26 FOREIGN LANGUAGE FOREIGN LANGUAGE 2 " , helps Mark Novell, junior, with tb Learning about free enterprise " Free enterprise, a challenge to excellence. " Those were the words used by Mr. Richard Irving to describe the basis of DECA. DECA helped students who were interested in marketing or those pursuing a career in business. Students learned about the free enterprise system. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors were able to enroll . in DECA classes with each year dealing with a different part of the free enterprise system. Students gained on the job learning experiences through various jobs held throughout the city. Ken Miller speech. nd Mark Novell, ju 28 DECA Tonya Toner and Kathy Sullivan, juniors, listen to a question from another member of DECA. The DECA class prepares for another day by putting up their banner. DECA 29 DECA studies free enterprise " DECA helped me understand the con- cept of marketing and the free enter- prise system, " said senior Wendy Beck. In senior DECA students learned about running a business and the re- sponsibilities it involves. " This country is like no other. The only limit of opportunity is that which you place on yourself, " commented Mr. Richard Irving. The students also competed against other schools in various aspects of business. The winner advanced to the national competition in May in San Francisco. The senior class, like the other DECA classes, was taught by Mr. Richard Irving. Wendy Beck, Kim Ashley prepare for Underwood. Donna Quinn, and Judy officers DECA meeting in room 310. All are ■tug E ■ " - 4 Gretchen Revett and Dean White, juniors, study before 30 DECA Kelly Bowers, senior, practices styling hair Tracey Sheppard. her classmate Mark Butler, junior, takes a short break from typing on ; computer terminal. ' Skins work and learn RVS, or Regional Vocational School, was a program open to those 135 students not antici- pating college. The RVS program was a valuable part of the Fort Wayne Community schools, because it gave the student training in vocational areas, and sometimes helped get the student a job. The program had eleven classes available, ranging from automotive to horticulture. To be eligible a student must have enough credits to leave for half a day. Two RVS instructors stop and dis shop area. problem in the wood Students tally up assignments in Accounting Students work diligently in typing class. 32 BUSINESS Sophomore Jeff Graham concentrates on his typin g skills. Ethel Billingsley, senior, types a report. -jT -- c m •n- WJ rV _ B m 1 1 i ' til ' f M " Business helped ' Skins A wide variety of business courses was available for students persuing a career in business as well as for those who wanted to just study business basics. Classes for students ranging from beginner to advanced included typing, shorthand and accounting. Business Law, Recordkeeping and Consumer Education, as examples, ware open to various students. Of the 1,189 students total 356 were enrolled in Personal Keyboard Typing while the others chose other classes. Computers, a recent addition to the department, were used by many students. Students in Cooperative Office Education, Secretarial Practice and Clerical Practice used these computers for wordprocessing. In addition, the department expected to receive next year several micro-computers to be used by beginning typists. Mr. Keith Fisher, department head, sunmarized the purpose of the Business Department. " Our main goal is basically to prepare students for jobs in the future. " Students have Therese Bingen, sophomore. Mike Eberle, freshrr Elaine Edmondson, sophomore, are anxious to lea: lesson. spec ial needs " Special education is a program designed to help students with individual needs, " said Mrs. Laura Megles-Biesiada, teacher. Other teachers were Mr. Jack Ribel, Mrs. Dennise Ellinger, and Mrs. Beth Stillwell. Approximately ninety students were in special education. Either parents, teachers, or students requested that individuals be in special education. Students had to be tested by Mrs. Karen Edwards, psychometrist, and had to have permission of their parents before being allowed in the classes. Among the subjects that they took were English, math, history, government, and health. Special education students usually attended two of the classes and also attended classes with other students. " I really appreciate the teachers ' cooperation, understanding, and how they accepted the students into their classrooms, " said Mrs. Megles- Biesiada. Special education classes were made up of three different types of students: the emotionally handi- capped, students with learning disabilities, and the mentally handicapped. The program provided the students with individual attention by helping them be successful at school and preparing them for experiences after high school. Scott Pommer.sophmore. asks Mr Jack Ribel for help on his Mrs. Beth Stillwell shows Diedra Roman, junior, he assignment. operate a computer. -I SPECIAL ED. Nick Christie and Doug Kleinhans, seniors, are always eage to start another strenuous day of swimming. P.E. offers new choices Many new and exciting choices were available in physical education. Freshmen and sophomores were especially given the opportunity to participate in either individual or team sports. The " individuals " accomplished such things as archery, swimming or tennis — 10 sports in all. The team sports enthusiasts ganged up for everything from flag football to whiffle ball and played on seven different teams by the end of the semester. According to Mr. Robert Taliaferro, physical education department head, the students favored softball, volleyball, basketball, flag football and swimming. An advanced elective course was available for juniors and seniors. Mr. Taliaferro estimated 170 students enrolled. The advanced students had a new choice, advanced lifasaving, which included cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid lessons. To get involved in this class a student had to have good swimming abilities and had to have passed freshman and sophomore physical education class. Jeff Ha.nes, ju Curt Selby, senior, displ eye on the soccer ball hn.quewh.leke P.E. 35 Fran Murphy found out that frustration comes along with the job. Staffs share responsibilities Students of journalism worked hard to produce North Side ' s two publications, the Northerner and the Legend. The publication room seemed always to contain sounds of type- writers, student conversations, com- puter printing, and sometimes chaos. Students of both staffs knew all too well that everyone had something to do and then some. The Northerner staff published the weekly school newspaper. However, the Legend famiLy, in order to meet their final deadline of producing a spring yearbook, had several printing deadlines throughout the year. The experience these students gained could prove to be beneficial in future jobs. They learned to unite their talents for a specific task. In addition, they learned to get along with one another and to share in responsibilities. and Jennifer Roehlit ,■ as it is bein£ S6 JI il RXALISM Andrea Chnscenson prepares her story for the newspaper. % -■» Legend students work on daily assig JOURNALISM 37 Sheila Green, Barbara BiUingsley, and Tyrone Whitlock pre pare rolls in foods class. Canaree Jones, junior, scolds her children during a skit human development. Therese Bingen works assiduously to complete a garment clothing class. Students boost creativity Home Economics classes involving 230 students covered a broad range of topics. Housing, as as example, taught the basics of good housekeeping for for individuals and families. In- cluded in the study were discussions and projects on homes, marriage, de- signing a dream house, selecting furniture, and color art principles. Human Development evolved around the reproduction and behavior of himans. Everything from the time of conception to adulthood was discussed. Favorite subjects of interest were dating and marriage as well as child behavior. Furthermore, students brought to school children of different ages to monitor the children ' s reaction to a new environ- ment. 38 HOME ECONOMICS Clothing classes were available for beginner, intermediate and advanced sewing students. Projects included the construction of such garments as pants, skirts, blouses and blazers in addition to needlecraft projects. Experimenting with different fabrics allowed creativity and variety in the students ' work. However, the high- light of the course was a fashion show in which the students displayed their work of art. Food classes involved basic overall skill in cookery. Mrs. Dorthy Coplen and Mrs. Martha Moore demonstrated preparations of various kinds of foods. Advanced students organized and prepared a Thanksgiving buffet and Christmas dinner as well as holiday open houses. Julie Winkleblack works on a clay project in her pottery class. Art history offers credits A highlight in the art department was a history class that offered college credits. The students who were enrolled had the sane homework, and class notes as a college class, and at the end of the term they took a test to see how many credits would be received. Three photography classes were also included in the curriculum. These classes, as beginning groups, offered the same things: The basic knowledge of a 35mm camera and the fundamen- tals of black and white darkroom procedure. All students provided their own 35mm cameras. Ten other art classes available ranged from beginning art to paint- ing, clay, and fibers. According to Mr. Bruce Massoth, department head, the students were graded on their ability as well as individual progress and creativity. , k; ■■ Mrs. Mary Jane Samuel discusses another important with the class. Speech builds confidence " Speech class helped me to develop self-confidence, " said Junior Kathy Sullivan. In speech class, students expressed their thoughts and ideas through many discussions ranging from school issues to the national government. They also gave speeches which were either demonstrative, persuasive, or informative. Students were acquaint- ed with each other through interviewing and introducing each other. " My objective is to get students to be able to express their thoughts and ideas in front of anyone, " said Mrs. Mary Jane Samuel, speech teacher. Lisa Pattee, freshman, Km. .It sophomore. getting acquainted with Sarah Mike Meeks, senior, is pleased to b ed by his 40 SPEECH Janelle Young, sophomore, learns the art of applying make- up proper!) ' . Enrollment benefits drama Mrs. Claryn Myers, head of The drama department, felt the rise in enrollment benefited the department. In addition, more boys were involved. North Side had three different drama classes. The beginning drama classes studied fundamentals of every aspect of the theater, whereas, advanced drama students did more acting and began studying directing. Theater arts classes were an orientation to stage crafts, where students learn more of the backstage aspects of the theater. " Maturity was the only difference between the grade levels, " said Myers. " The upperclassmen also know me better and know how much I ' ll take. " Approximately ten students, including two who had already graduated, went to New York dty at the end of the school year. The group saw four plays, took backstage tours, and had discussions with the performers of the plays. Of her career in drama, Mrs. Myers said, " I ' ve been involved in the theater since I was eight years old. I never intended to teach drama. I was more interested in teaching speech classes. " Skip Crouch, senior, checks and adjusts the lighting system. Paul Bennett, junior, is busy creating ptops fot the stage Michelle Sutto, alias Miss Leslie, and Uncle Stanley are drowning their sorrows Audience enjoys play Excitement , props, costumes, and hard work all went into the presentation of the fall play ' George Washington Slept Here. " The production of the play began in Mrs. Claryn Myers ' drama class. The purpose of the play was to give the students a cha nce to act on stage and build confidence in themselves. The characters were chosen by Mrs. Myers, who had some difficulty in choosing the students for the parts. " There were some very good people who tried out that I could not use. " said Mrs. Myers. The participants had to make sacrifices with approximately sixty hours of rehearsals, not including construction of the stage. The money collected from the sale of tickets went toward scripts, props, and other production expenses like the cleaning bill. Although the comments from students were positive, the only regret was not having had a large enough audience. " We never get enough people to attend the plays as we would like, but the ones that did attend this play enjoyed it. " said Mrs. Myers. Fuller, played by Emily May, greets Madge ' s friends. 42 FALL PLAY Todd Myers, alias Uncle Stanley, arrives at the house for the weekend. Lisa Henry, alias Madge, tells her parents all her sorrows. FALL PLAY 45 Legend continues 44 ALBUM through . . . students ALBUM 45 Class officers: Paula Lydy, Michelle Ayres, Pam Lydy and Jane Greathouse. Adams, Jeff Adams, Nicholas Alday, Cynthia Altman, Robert Amburgey, Craig. Anderson, Christine Archer, Steve Armstrong, Craig Armstrong, David Arnold, Mark Arthur, Wendy Ashley, Judy Ayers, Michelle Babcock, Valerie Baker, Anna Baker, Daniel Baker, Mickael Banet, Amy Baney, James Baney, Mary Jo Baughman, Angela Bay, Cheryl Beard, Bettina Beck, Wendy Beeler, Michael Bellas, Karen Bennett, Shirley Bernard, William Bill, Jennifer Billingsley, Ethel Binkley, Todd Blauvelt, Julie Bodine, Edward Bolenbaugh, Darcy Boren, Melissa Bougher, Thomas Bowers, Kelli Bowlby, Marcy Brackemyre, Michelle Br aim, Thomas Brown, Joe Brown, Paula Brown, Tina Brown, Todd Broyles, Beth Bryan, Darin Bryan, Eldan Buchan, Trent Bur ban, Dawn Burke, Andrea Buroff, Cary Bush, Carl Campbell, Kraig Carcillo, Scott Carter, James Chester, Penny Christenson, Andrea Christie, Nick Clark, Douglas Clark, Stacy Clements, Lance Coan, Marie Collier, Stephanie Coo ley, Glenna Coolman, Deborah SENIORS 47 Cooper, Derrick Culbertson, Mari Cumming, Amy Cunmins, Learm Cuney, Dana Dadvisard, Charles Daler, Robin Darnell, Tina Day, Carla Dennis, Thomas Deputy, Matthew Didier, Sharon Dohse, Stephen Doughman, Linda Douglass, Christine Drysdale, Timothy Dubuisson, Rodney Dull, Karen Dunbar, Deana Ehlerding, Lisa Eldridge, MaxLne ElnEr, Mary Enea, James Eykholt, Christine Fansil, Tammy Finton, Steven Fogel, Amanda Foster, Steven Fox, Stephanie Frei burger, Renee Fryback, Sue Anne Garver, Michael Gasnarez, Juana Geise, Sharee Getty, Maria Gibson, Paul Giron, Juan Glover, Willis Goodpaster, Melinda Graham, Bryan Grandos, Patricia Grant, Stacey Gray, Matt Great house, M. Jane Grim, Julie Gumbert, Lisa Guthrie, Lynn Haines, Ronald Hardiek, Steven Harker, Ronald Harkonen, Riikka Harris, Kelly Heiselmann, Laura Heiser, Dawn Henry, Lisa Hill, David Hill, Elizabeth Hill, Kelly Hinkle, Pamela Hippenhammer, Kim Hobbs, James Holbrook, Tami Holland, Carol Hooley, Ann Hosier, Kathleen Housholder, Sam Hudda, Mumtaz Hughes, Tracy Hurley, Patricia Hurse, Curtis Jackson, Alfred Jackson, Angela Jackson, Shenell Jacquay, Janette James, Deborah Jesch, Ronald Johnson, Craig Johnson, Laura Johnson, Rodney Johnstone, Paula Jones, Annette Jordan, Timothy Junk, Richard Kaanarik, George Karapantos, Steven Karl, Michael Karolyi, Darrell Keating, Ruth Kellogg, Diana Kemnitz, Fred Kerns, Scott Kilgore, Victoria Kinder, Jeffrey King, Brett Kleinhans, Douglas Klinger, Susan Knox, Monte Kump, Kristina Kyle, Jonathan Landsaw, Deborah Lane, Traci Languell, Denise Lapsley, Crystal Latham, Lance Lauer, Sue LaVigne, Christine Lazoff, Kristi Lee, Bruce LeFevra, Natalie Leto, Anthony Levy, Paul Linville, Beverly Long, Michelle Loraine, Matthew Lupke, Jeffrey Luther, Julie Lydy, Pamela Lydy, Paula Mackin, Anne Malone, Jerry Malott, Teresa Martin, Laura Martin, Michelle Martin, Yvonne Mason, Gerald Matter, Michael May, Coni May, Emily Mayes, Renee Mawhorr, Cheryl McKinney, Angela McLain, Lisa McMahon, Jeffrey Meeks, Michael Meeks, Ronald Meyer, Christopher Meyers, MLndy Miller, Todd Miller, Wendy Miller, Wendy Miller, William Montgomery, William Moore, Timothy Moore, Valerie Moreno, Rebecca Murphy, Ferlin Murphy, Frances Musser, Keith Nichols, David Nicholson, Ronnie Nunn, Janice O ' Grady, Joseph Orr, Mark Park, Tamara Parker, Tamara Passwater, Brian Pearson, Warwease Pettibone, David Pierce, Richard Pinkston, Percinta Pitts, John Potts, Julia Powell, Janes Powers, Inger Proctor, Lori Quinn, Bruce Quiim, Madonna Ranrer, Katherine Rang, Matthew Ratliff, Janita Ratliff, Terry Ray, Lee Ann Ream, Randy Reese, Joni Relue, Michael Renno, Gregory Reynolds, Dale Richardson, Mary Ricker, Janice Rigdon, Scott Ripley, Todd Rittenhouse, Michael Roberts, Rhonda Roberts, Tobin Robinson, Matthew Roehling, Jennifer Roeger, Jean Rooney, Kevin Roos, Barry Ruff, Dennis Rut ledge, Sonya Sarazen, Amy Schlickman, Lisa Schott, Mary Ann Schrimshaw, Kelly Schroeer, Christian Selby, Curtis Sewell, Johnny Shank, Tracie Shannon, Stephen Shears, Rochelle Shepherd, Skippy Shinn, Philip Shippy, Kimberly Shuler, Cort Smith, Kenneth Snavely, Mark Stanski, Kristina Steckbeck, William Stephan, Craig Stephens, Elaina Stephenson, Susan Stevens, Ricky Stoiche, Timothy Studler, Leslie Sturdivant, Elizabeth Summers III, William Sumner, Holly Sutto, Maria Sutto, Michelle Sutton, James Sutton, John Sweetopple, Anna Sylvester, Kelly Teague, Jennifer Tegtmeyer, Scott Teifert, Mark Thomas, Britta Thomas, Elaine Trowbridge, Robbe Tubbs, Deborah Tyner, James Underwood, Kimberly Van Camp, Barry Van Camp, Steven Van Ooyen, Joseph VandeZande, Brook Voors, Maureen Wahlig, Kim Walker, Laura Seniors Paula Johnstone and Lisa Schlickman take school to talk about weekend plans. Wampler, Jill Wagoner, Matthew Watkins, Keith Webb, Susan Weibel, Jay Weigel, Peggy Weikel, Rebekah Wells, Troy Wert, Lynn Whiteman, Scott Widmer, Cynthia William, Mancini Wilson, Eric Wilson, Tracey Wims, Marde Woods, Tonsha Worley, Todd Wright, Michael Yovan, Lori Zerkle, Tama r a Zigler, Brian Zion, Rex 54 SENIORS Seniors pile up at the powder puff ga SENIORS 55 ADAMS, JEFFREY SCDIT Intra-9,10,11,12; (MS-11,12; Con. Band-10,11,12; Vars. Band-9; Wildsiders-11,12; Stage Band-10; March. Band-9, 10, 11, 12 Baseball-9 ADAMS, NICHOLAS A. ALDAY , CYNTHIA MARIE AES-11; Key Club-10; Stud. Council-9; Peers-10,11; Orch-9,10,11,12; String Ens.-10,ll AL1MAN, ROBERT E. X-Country-9,10,11,12; Track-9,10,11,12; ALVAREZ, ANGELA AMBURGEY, CRAIG ANTHONY ANDERSON, CHRLSTINE MARIE Con. Band-10,11,12; Vars. Band-9; March. Band-9, 10, 11, 12 ARCHER, STEVEN CRAIG Serv. Work.-12; Football-9,10; Wrest. 9,10 ARMSTRONG, CRAIG N. Intra-11; Raq. Club-11; Golf-10,11; Con. Band-10,11,12; Vars. Band-9; March.Band-9,10,11,12 ARMSTRONG, DAVID ALEN Football-12; Wrestl-12; Troubs-12 ARNOLD, MARK WILLIAM Serv. Work-10,11; X-Country-9; Vars. Band-9 ARTHUR, WENDY MICHELLE Campus Life-10,12; Serv.Work-12; Track-10, 11, 12(mgr,); Con.Band-10,11; Vars. Band-9; March. Band-9, 10, 11 ASHLEY, JUDITH MAE DECA-12 AYERS, MICHELLE MARIE Class Off-12; Key Club-11, 12; Stud. Council-12; Serv.Work-12; Volley ball-9 BERNARD, BILL ALAN FSA-9,10; Soccer Club-9; Tennis-9,10,11,12 BABCXXX, VALERIE LYNN BAKER, ANNAE. AFRO-9,10,12; Serv.Work-11; Arrowettes-9, 10,11; March.Band-9,10,11 BAKER, DANIEL EDWARD AFS-10,11,12; Class Off .-11; 1HS-11,12; Stud. Council-9, 10, 11, 12; Peers-11,12; Orchestra-9,10,11,12; Con.Band-12; March.Band-9,10,11,12; String Ensemble-9,10,11 BAKER, MICHAEL K. BANET, AMY MARIE BANEY, JAMES MICHAEL DECA-11 BANEY, MARY JO Campus Life-12; Legend-11,12; SErv.Work-9,10; Photographer-12 BAUER, CHRIS A. Serv.Work-12; Troubs-10,11; A Cappella-9 BAUGHMAN, ANGELA SUZANNE Basketball-9,10,11,12; Track-9,10,11,12; Volleyball-9, 10,11, 12; Orchestra-9,10,11 BEARD, BETTINA ANGELA BECK, WENDY K. AFS-9,10; Campus Life-9,10,11; Class Off.-9; DECA-11, 12; Hostess Club-9 BEELER, MICHAEL S. Campus Life-9,10,11; Football-10; Track-10 BELUS, KAREN MARIE Campus Life-12; OEA-ll; Serv.Work-10; Con. Band-10; Vars. Band-9 BENNETT, SHIRLEY J. AFRO-9,10,11,12; tHS-9; OEA-ll, 12; Arrcwettes-9 BILL, JENNIFER ANN Key Club-10; Peers-10,11, 12; Northemer-9,10,11; Raquetball Club-9, 10 Redliners-9,10,11,12; Golf-10 BILLUGSLEY , ETHEL MARIE AFRO-9,10,11,12; Arrowettes-1 1 , 12 BINOEY, TODD ALAN Vars. Band-9, 10, 11, 12; March.Band-9,10,11,12 BLAUVELT, JULIE L. FSA-11; OEA-ll BODINE, EDG. Campus Life-11,12; Intra-11, 12; Troubs-10,11; ATJ-10,11,12 Basketball-9,10,11 BOLENBAUGH, DARQ MARIE Legend-11; Stud. Council-12; Serv.Work-1 1 BOREN, MELISSA A. Troubs-11,12; A CappeUa-9,10 Madrigals- 11 BOWERS, KELU J. VICA-12; Arrowettes-10 BOWLBY MARCY RENEE BRACKEMYRE, MICHELLE RENEE Hostess club-11, 12; Troubs.-12; 6rchestra-9; Con. Band-10, 11, 12; March.Band-9,10,11,12 BRAUN TCM E. Track-10, 11 BROOKS, DANIEL THOMAS NHS-9; X-Country-9 BROWN, JOE DECA-11 BROWN, TODD WILLIAM FSA- 9,10,11,12; Wrestl-10 BROWN, PAULA LOUISE AFRO-10,11,12; OEA-12; Serv.Work-11; Hostess Qub-9, 10, 11, 12 BRYAN, DARIN PATRICX Stud.Council-10 BRYAN, ELDAN A CappelIa-9,11; Troubs-12 BUCHAN, TRENT A. X-Country-9, 10, 11, 12; Track-9,10,11,12; Con. Band-10; Vars. Band-9 BURBAN, DAWN DENISE BURKE, ANDREA JEAN Campus Life-9; Cheer leader-9; Intra-11; 1HS-11,12; Peers-11,12; Orchestra-11; Con.Band-11,12; Vars. Band-9; Wildsiders-10,11,12; Stage Band-9, 10; March.Band-9,10,11,12 BUROFF, GARY BLAKE Football-9,10 CARCILLO, SCDTT LESTER Campus Life-11,12; Intra-12; Football-10, 11, 12; Basketball-10,11,12; A Cappella-10,11; Vars.Choir-11,12 CARTER, JAMES J. AFS-9; A Cappella-10 CHRISTENSON, ANDI AFS-12; 1HS-11; Quill and Scroll-10; Peers-11,12; Northemer-10, 11,12 CHRISTIE, NICK EDWARD Campus Life-9,10,11; Racq. Club-9, 10 CLARK, JAMES ROBERT CLEMENTS, LANCE D. Track-10, 11; X-Country-11 COAN, MARIE ANNE A Cappella-9; Arrowettes-9, 10, 11; March.Band-9,10,11 COLLIER, STEPHANIE DIANE Peers-9; Track-11 COOLEY , GLENNA ANN Con.Band-12; March.Band-12 COOLMAN, DEBBIE LYNNE Key Club-10; Serv.Work.-12 COOPER, DERRICX SIR COWLES, RICHARD E CROUCH, WILLIAM R Intra.-12; Thespians-9,12 OJLBERTSON, MARI D Orchestra-11; Con.Band-10,11, 12; Var. Band-9; Stage Band-9, 10; March. Band-9, 10, 11, 12 CUMMirC, AMY LYNN Campus Life-9, 10; Cheerleader-9; Peers-10 CUMMINS, LEANN R Legend-11 DADV1SARD, CHARLES ERIC DALER, ROBIN RANA DARNELL, TIM M DECA-11; OEA-ll; Serv.Work.-9; A Cappella-9 DAY, CARLA D FSA-12; Serv.Work.-10 DENNIS, TCM EDWARD NH.S-11; Troubs.-ll; A Cappella-9; Madrigals-10 DEPUTY, MATTHEW S Con.Band-10,11, 12; Var. Band-9; Wildsiders-12; Stage Band-10, 11; March.Band-9,10,11,12 DIDIER, SHARI M Cheer leaders-1 1,12; Gymnastics-9,10 11,12; Con.Band-10,11; Var. Band-9; March.Band-9,10,11,12 DCHSE, STEVE MICHAEL Football-9 ,10, 11 DOUGHMAN, LINDA DIANE Serv.Work.-10,ll,12 DCUGLASS, CHRISTINE MARIE Arrowettes-9 DOW, PAULA R DUBUISSON, RODNEY JAMES Red Lines-11,12 DULL, KAREN C DUNBAR, DEANA LYNNE Campus Life-10; Cheerleaders-9,11; Stud. Council-9, 10; Basehall(mgr.)- 9,10,11; Volleyball-9, 10 DRYSDALE, TIM J EARNEST, TODD E Intra.-10,ll,12; Football-9; Soccer Club-9, 10, 11, 12 EHLERDING, LISA M Campus Life-11, 12; Serv.Work.-12; ELDRIDGE, MAXINE RACHELE Legend- 10 ENEA, JAMES BRYAN Campus Life-10, 11; Chief Mac-11; Class Off. -11; Intra.-10,ll; Stud. Council ;X-Country-9,ll; Soccer Club-11 EYKHOLT, CHRISTINE EIJZABETH AFS-10,12; l«S-9; Peers-11,12; ATJ- 12; Troubs.-ll; Madrigals-10 FARRIS, JAMES HOWARD Basketball-9,12 FINION, STEVEN RICHARD Football-9; X-Country-10,11,12; Track-9,10,11,12 FOGEL, MANDY A Key Club- 12 FOSTER, STEVE D POX, STEPHANIE ELIZABETH Key Club-10; Thespians-9,10; Red Liners-9,10; Arrowettes-10; March. Band-10 FRELBURGER, RENEE IRENE A Cappella-9, 10 FRYBACK, SUE-ANNE NHS-11,12; Arrowettes(co-capt.-12)- 10,11,12; March.Band-10,11,12 GARVER, MICHAEL THCMAS Peers-1 1,12; Troubs .-12; A Cappela- 11; Con.Band-9; March. Band-9 GASNAREZ, JANIE M Arrowettes-10, 11, 12 GETTY, MARIA JEAN Arrowettes-10, 11, 12; March.Band-10, 11,12 GIBSON, PAUL NATHAN Campus Life-9,10,11; Football-9,10; Track-9,10,11,12 GIRON, JAUN JOSE Intra.-9,10,11,12; Chess Club-11, 12; Comp.Club-11,12; Soccer Club- 9,10,11,12 GLOVER, WILLIS M AFRO-9,11,12; OEA-ll, 12; Football-9 GRAHAM, BRYAN EUGENE Golf-9; Con. Band-10, 11, 12; Var. Band-9; Wildsiders-11,12; Stage Band-9, 10; March.Band-9,10,11,12 GRAN, JERRY C GRANDOS, PATRICIA LOUISE Campus Life-10; Stud. Council-9, 10, 11,12; Racq.Club-11; Basketball-9, 10; Track-9,10; Volleyball-9, 10; Con. Band-10, 11, 12; Var. Band-9; March.Band-9,10,11,12 GRANT, STACEY C GRAY, MATT W Intra.-12 GREADHCUSE, MARY J Campus Life-10; Cheerleaders-9,10, 11,12; Class Off.-12; Intra.-ll; 56 SENIORS NHS-11; Stud.Council-10,12; Peers- 10,11; Volleyball-9,10,11 GRIFFIN, ROBERT ALLAN GRIM, JUILE A. FSA 11,12 Serv. Work 11 GROFF, BOB M. Tennis 10 GUMBERT, USA MARIA Serv. Work 11,12 Con. Band 9 Var. Band 10,11 March. Band 9,10, 11 HAINES, RONALD EDWARD Racq. Club 9,10,12 Serv. Work 11 HARDLDC, STEVEN NICHAL DECA 10,11,12 HARKER, RON J. DECA 10 NFL 10,11,12 Tennis 10,11 Troubs. 10,11 ATJ 10,11,12 HARKONEN, RIIKKA SUSANNA AFS-12; Arrowettes-12 HARRIS, KELLY ANN AFS 9,12 Key Club 9,10,11,12 Stud. Council 10 Racq. Club 11,12 Con. Band 10,11,12 Var. Band 9 March. Band 9,10,11,12 HATCH, TAMW RENA HQSER, DAWN RENEE Con.Band-12; March. Band-12 HEISELMANN, LAURA MARIE Hostess Club-9,10,11; A Cappella-9 HENRY, USA MICHELLE AFS-10,12; Key Club-9, 10,12; Thespians-9,10,11,12; Peers-11 HEROY, PENNY LYNN 0chestra-9 HILL, BETH LEIGH Campus Life-12; Legend-11; Serv. Work.-12 HILL, OWE A HILL, KELLY ANN NHS-10,11; Orchestra-9,10 HINKLE, PAMELA CHRISTINE NHS-11, 12; Peers-11; Serv.Work.-12; Arrowettes-9,10,11,12; Mar.Band-9,10,11,12 HIPPENHAMMER, KIM LEE Carap.Ufe-9; Cheer.-9; Class 0f£.-9; Stud.Coun.-9; Track-9; Baseball- 10, 11 H0BBS, JIM M Jazz Band-11; Con.Band-10,11,12; Wildsiders-11,12; Vars.Band-9; Stage Band-10; Mar.Band-9,10,11,12 HOLLAND, CAROL ANN FSA-11; Orch.-9 H0OLEY , ANN MARIE A Cappella-10; Mar.Band-10 HOSIER, KATHLEEN MARIE Basketball-9, 10,11, 12; Track-9, 10, 11; Vollyball-9 , 10 HOUSEHOLDER, SAM W Football-9,10,11,12; Basketball-9, 10,11, 12; Track-10,11,12; Wrest.-9,10,11,12 HUDDA, MJMTAZ PYARAU AFS-12 HUNN, JANICE AILENE Key Club-10; Northemer-10,11,12 HURLEY, PATRICIA ANN AFS-9,10; Nat.Hon.Society-10,11,12; Photographer-1 1,12 HURSE, CURTIS LAMONT Afro-9; Intramurals-9,10,11,12; Ser.Worker-11; FootbalI-9,10; Wrestling-9,12 JACKSON, AL Intramurals-10; Football-10, 11,12; Track-10 JACKSON, ANGELA M Camp.Ufe-11; Ser.Wbrker-10; Hostess-9,10,11,12; Basket ball-10; JACKSON, JEROME Football-11,12; Track-11,12 JACKSON, SHENELL Afro-9 JACQUAY, JANETTE IRENE 1«S-12; Peer Fac-12; French-9,10; Ski Club-9, 10 JESCH RON P Football-12; Track-12 JOHNSON, CRAIG LEE Intramurals-9,10,11,12; NHS-11, 12; Football-9; Baseball-9; Orch.-ll; Vars.Band-9; Con.B and-10,11,12; Pit Orch.-10,ll; Mar.Band-10, 11, 12; Wildsiders-10,11 JOHNSON, RODNEY LEE Intramurals-11,12; Ser.Worker-10; Football-9,10,11,12; Hockey-11,12 JOHNSTONE, PAULA J Camp.Ufe-10; Cheerleaders-9,11,12; Intramurals-11,12; Golf-11; Stud.Coun.-9,ll,12; Raquet.Club-11 JCHNSON, LAURA M Camp.Ufe-11; Ser.Worker—11 JONES, ANNETTE Afro-9 JONES, USA LYNETTE JORDAN ,TTM M Intramurals-9,10,11,12; Football-9,10,11,12; Soccer-9,10,11,12 JUNK, RICHARD EDWIN Camp.Ufe-10,11; Base ball- 11, 12; Football-9,10,11,12 KACMARIK, GEORGE WESLY KARAPANTOS, STEVEN Con.Band-10,11,12; Vars.Band-9; Wildsiders-12; Stage Band-10; Mar.Band-9,10,11,12 KARL, MIKE D Cross Country-9,10,11,12; Track-9, 10, 11 KAROLYI , DARRELL ARTHUR NHS-11, 12; Orch.-ll, 12; Con.Band-10,11,12; Vars.Band-9; Wildsiders-10,11, 12; Stage Band-9,10; Pit Orch.-ll, 12; Mar.Band-9,10,11,12 KEATING, RUTH A Peers-11; 0rch.-12 KEMMTT, FRED T Redliners-11,12 KERNS, SCOTT M Intramurals-9,10,11,12; Soccer-9,10,11,12 KILGORE, VICTORIA LEE Key Club-9; Stud.Coun.-10, 11,12; NHS-9,10,11,12; Peers-10,12; Con.Band-10,11,12; Mar.Band-9,10,11,12; Orch.-9 KINDER, JEFFREY SCOTT NHS-10,11, 12; Stud.Coun.-9,10,ll,12; Peers-10,11,12; Vars.Band-9; Con.Band-10,11,12; Stage Band-10; Mar.Band-9,10,11,12; Wildsiders-11,12 KIN3, BRETT D Camp.Ufe-10,11; Golf-10,11,12; Photo.-ll,12 KLEINHANS, DOUG JOHN Track-9, 10, 11,12; Wrest .-9, 10, 11 , 12 X-Country-9,10,11,12 KUNGER, SUSAN ELAINE NHS-11, 12; Hostess-11; Northener-9; Stud.Coun.-ll,12; Thespians-9,10,11,12; Peers-10,11,12; Class Off. -10 KNEPPER, GARY EUGENE KNOX, MONTE G Soccer-9,10,11,12; Wrestling-9,10,11; Intramurals-10, 1 1 KOENEMAN, MARK ANDREW A Cappella-9 KUMP, KRISTT KAY Photo. -12; Legend-11, 12; NFL-9 KYLE, JCHNATrlAN W NHS-11, 12 LANDSAW, DEBBIE LYNN Ser. Worker-9,10,11,12 LANDSAW, TIM LEE LANE, TRACT LYNN FSA-11, 12; OEA-12 LAM3UELL, DENISE DARLENE Serv.Work.-ll; Con.Band-10,11,12; Var.Band-9; March. Band( drum major- 12)-9,10,11,12 LAPSLEY, CRYSTAL RACHELLE AFRO-9, 10, 11, 12; FSA-12; Serv.Work.-9; Track-11 LATHAM, LANCE P NHS-11; Con.Band-10,11,12; Var.Band-9; March.Band-9,10,11,12 LAUER, SUE A LAVIGNE, CHRISTINE NOEL NHS-11, 12; Quill and Scroll-12; Stud.Council-12; Northemer-10,11, 12; Hostess Club-11,12 LAZOFF, KRISn Key Club-10; A Cappella-10 LEE, BHJCE Comp. Club-10, 11, 12; NHS-11, 12; Football-9,10,11,12 LEFEVRA, NATAUE YVONNE Campus Ufe-11; Cheerleaders-9; Intra.-lO LETO, ANTHONY GERARD Football-9,10,11,12; Track-9,10,11, 12; Wrest.-9,10,11,12 UNVILLE, BETH E LONG, MICHELLE MARIE LORAINE, MATTHEW E Wrest .-9, 10, 11 LUFKE, JEFFREY ALLEN Intra.-9,10,11; Basketball-9; Tennis-9,10,11 LUTHER, JUUE ANNE NHS-11 LYDY, PAMELA J Class Off.-9, 10,11, 12; Key Club-9; Stud.Council-9,10,11,12; Peers-10, 11,12; Racq. Club-10, 11,12; Golf-10, 11,12; Ski Club-11,12; Hostess Club-10, 11, 12 LYDY, PAULA SUE Class Off.-9, 10,11, 12; Key Club-9; NHS-11, 12; Stud.Cuncil-9, 10, 11,12; Peers-10,11,12; Racq.Club-9,10,11, 12; Hostess Club-10, 11, 12; Golf-10, 11,12 MACKIN, ANNE MARIE Hostess-11, 12; Serv.Worker-12; Troubs.-ll,12; A Cappella-9, 10, 11; Vars. Choir-12 MALONE, JERRY R Peers-12; Wrestling-9,10,11, 12 Serv.Worker-12 MALON, TERE LOUISE A Cappella-9, 10; Arrows-9,10,11,12; March. Band-9,10, 11, 12; MARTIN, HOWARD L MARTIN, LAURA L Camp, life-12; Key Club-11; Basketball-12; X-Country-12; Track 11,12; Arrrow.-ll; March. Band-11; Hostess-12 MARTIN, MICHELLE JEANETTE Class Off .-10; Key Club-9,11; Legend-10,11; Stud. Coun.-lO; Racquet. Club 9,10; Hostess-10,11,12; VoUy.-9; Arrow.-ll; March. Band-11; NHS-9 MARTIN, YVONNE MICHELLE Con. Band-10, 11, 12; Vars. Band-9; March. Band-9, 10, 11, 12 MASON, DAWN MASON, GERALD ALLEN Football-9,10,11,12; Basketball-9, 10,11, 12; Baseball-9, 10, 11, 12 MATTER, MICHAEL WILLIAM Orch.-9; Con. Band-11, 12; Var. Band-9; Wildsiders-10,11, 12; Stage Band-9,10; March. Band- 9,10,11,12 MAWHORR, CHERYL Camp.Ufe-10; Stud.Council-12; Serv. Work-11; Basketball-9, 10; Track-9, 10 WH .CONSTANCE SUE A Cappella-10 Mffl, EMILY ANNE NFL-11; Tennis-10,11; Orch.-10,U MAYES, TERESA RENEE A Cappella-12 MCCDRD, MICHAEL SEAN AFS-12; NFL-11, 12; NHS-11, 12; THESPIANS-10,11,12; troubs.-U; A Cappella-9, 10 MCKINNEY, ANGELA LYNETT NHS-11, 12; Stud.Council-12; Peers- 11 MCLAIN, USA SUE OEA-11,12 MCMAHAN, JEFFREY DENTOU Legend-9; Var.Choir-9, 10, 11,12 MEEK, RON MEEKS, MICHAEL EDWARD X-Country-9,10,11,12; Track-9, 10, 11,12; Orch.-9, 10,11, 12 MILLER, WENDY BETH Serv.Worker-12; Volleyball-9; Con. SENIORS 57 Band-10,11; Var.Band-9; March. Band-9,10,11 MJRPHY, FRANCES K VoUeybaU-9; Legend-10, 11,12 RATUFF, J ANITA KAY AFS-12; Camp. Life-9; Troubs.-ll; A CappeUa-9,10 RITTEN1CUSE, MICHAEL KENNETH Football-9 ROBERTS, TOBY L Thesplans-10,11,12; ATJ-9,10,11; Stage Prod.-9,10,11,12 ROBINSON, MATTHEW M Thespians-10; Troubs.-10,ll,12 ROEGER, JEAN D AFS-10; Camp. Iife-11,12 ROEHUNS, JENNIFER LOUISE Northemer-10,11,12; Con.Band-10, 11,12; March.Band-10,11,12 ROONEY, KEVIN M ROOS, BARRY T Serv.Worker-12; Chief Mac-12; A Cappella-9,10 RUFF, DENNIS KEITH RUTLEDGE, SONYA L BasketbaU-9,10; Track-10; VoUeyball-10 SARAZEN, AMI MARIE SCHALL, JOHN SCHLICKMAN, USA ANN Camp. Life-9, 10; Cheerleaders-9,10; Photographer-11,12; Gymnastics- 9,10,11 SCHOTT, MARY ANN Camp. Life-9, 10; Key Club-9; Con.Band-9,10,11,12; Var.Band-9, 10, 11,12 March. Band-9,10,11, 12 SCHRIMSHAW, KELLY ANN 0rch.-9,10; Arrowettes-9,10,11,12; March. Band-9,10,11, 12; String Ensemble-11 SCHROS R.A. CHRISTIAN AFS-12; Orch.-12 SCOTT, WILLIAM SEILER, BARBRA SELBY , CURTIS E. Camp. Life-10,11,12; Key Club-12; Ser.Work-9,10; Football-9, 10,11, 12; BasketbaU-9,10, 11, 12 SEWEU, JOHNNY FootbaU-9,10,11,12; BasketbaU 9; Track-9,10,11,12; Wrest. 10,11,12 SHANK, TRAQE L. FSA-12; OEA-10,11,12; Peers.-ll; Serv.Work-ll;Arrawettes-9,10,ll,12; March. Band-9,10,11, 12 SHANNON, STEPHEN SHEARS, ROCHEU LYNN AFRO-9,10,ll,12;Arrauettes 9,10,11; March. Band-9,10,11 SHEETS, HOWARD ALLEN SHEPHERD, SKIP SHINN, PHILIP LOUIS Basketball-11.12; Track-11,12 SHCU, LENNi Y SHULER, OORT R SILCOTT, MIKE EDWIN SMITH, KENNETH WADE SNAVELY, MARK A SPARKS, BRUCE DAVID STANSKI , KRISHNA JO Thespians-9,10; ATJ-10, 11,12; Troubs.-10,ll,12; A Cappella-9 STECKBECK, WILLIAM JOSEPH STFPHAN, CRAIG MITCHELL Intra.-10,ll,12; Wrest.-9,10 Con. Band-10,11, 12; Var.Band-9; March. Band-9,10,11, 12 STEPHENS, ELAINA M Class Off .-9; Stud. Council-9 Serv. Work-9; Arrowettes-9,10,11, 12; March. Band-9,10,11, 12 STEPHENSON, SUE STOICHE, TIM J OEA-11,12; X-Country-9,10 STRACK, STEVE MICHAEL A Cappella-9 STUDLER, LESLIE G Campus Ufe-9,10,11,12; Serv. Work- 11,12; ATJ-12; A Cappella-9, 10, 11, 12 STURDIVANT, ELIZA BETH ANN SUMNER, HOLLY DENISE Campus Ufe-9 SUMMERS, WILLIAM H Football-9, 10, 11, 12; Wrest-9, 10,11, 12 SUTTON, JAMES S SUTTO, MARIA LOREE Con.Band-10,11,12; Var.Band-9; Stage Band-9; March.Band-9,10,11, 12 SUTTO, MIC HELLE I Peers-11; Troubs.-ll; A Cappella-9; Madrigals-10; Arrowettes-9,10 ATJ- 11,12; March.Band-9,10 SUTTON, JOHN ALAN SYLVESTER, KELLY ANN Campus Ufe-9,11; TEAGUE, JENNIFER ANN BasketbaU-9,10, 11, 12 TEGTMEYER, STEPHEN S Campus Ufe-9,10,11,12; Legend-11; Peers-10,11,12; Photo-11; GoIf-9 TELFEKT, MARK AUEN Orchestra-12; Con.Band-10,11,12; Var.Band-9; Wildsiders-12; Stage Band-10,11; March.Band-9,10, 11, 12 THOMAS, BRITTA Arrouettes-12; AFS-12 THCMAS, ELAINE KAY TREESH, DONALD ROBERT TROWBRIDGE, ROBBE FootbaU-9,10,11,12; Track-9,10 Wrest.-9,11,12; BasebaU-1 1 , 12 TUBBS, DEBORAH J Afro-9,10,11,12; Arrowettes-9,11 TYNER, JAMES DAVID Campus Ufe-9,10,11,12; Key Club-11 12; NlS-11,12; Peers-10; Serv. Work-12; Golf-9; March.Band-9,10, 11,12; Tennis-9, 10, 11,12 UNDERWOOD, KDMBERLY DAS J Campus Life-10,11,12; DECA-12; Serv.Work-9,11; BasketbaU-10; Track-10 VANCAMP, BARRY L VANCAMP, STEVE ANTHONY BasketbaU-9,10, 11, 12; tennis-9 VANDEZANDE, BROOK ROBERT Racquet .club-9, 10; Hockey-9,10,11, 12 VANOOYEN, JOE PAUL Intra.-9,10; FootbaU-11,12; Soccer club-9, 10; Wrest .-10, 11, 12 VOORS, MAUREEN PATRICIA AFS-12; Con.Band-9,10,11,12; March. Band-9, 10, 11, 12 WAGONER, MATTHEW WAHUG, KIM RENEE March. Band-9, 10, 11, 12 WALKER, LAURA J WALLEN, JCEANNALYNN WAMPLER, JILL DANINE NHS-11,12; Orchestra-12; Con.Band- 10,11,12; Var.Band-9; March.Band- 9,10, 11, 12 WEBB, SUSAN EUZABETH Campus Ufe-10,11; X-Country-9,10, 11,12; Track-9,10,11,12; Con.Band- 10,11,12; Var.Band-9; 9,10,11,12 WEIBEL, JAY A A Cappella-12; Con.Band-10,11,12; Var.Band-9; Wildsiders-12; Stage Band-10,11; March.Band-9,10, 11, 12 Orchestra-12 WEIGEL, PEGGY SUE WEKEL, REBEKAH A FSA-11,12; OFA-12; Thespians-9 WEILS, TROY DCUGIAS Key Club-10,11,12; Var.Band-9, 10, 11,12; Stage Band-10,11; March. Band-9,10,11, 12 WERT, LYNN Intra.-9,10; NHS-12; Soccer Club-9, 10,11,12; Tennis-9, 10, 11 WHITEMAN, SCOTT A FootbaU-9,10,12; Hockey-10,11 WIDMER, CINDY A Serv.Work-12 WILHITE.THCMAS LEE DECA-10,11,12; Intra.-10,ll,12; Peers-12 WILLIAM, MANQNI CASANCVA FootbaU-9,10,11,12 WILSON, TRACEY JAVORDA Volleyball-9,10,11,12 WIMS, MARDE WOODETN, JAMES C Intra.-10,ll; FootbaU-9,10,11,12; BasketbaU-9,10; Track-9,10,11,12 WOODS, TONSHAM WORLEY, TODD FRANKLIN Intra.-9,10,11,12 WRIGHT, MICHAEL DAVID NHS-11,12; Golf-9; Con.Band-10,11, 12; Wildsiders-10,11,12; Stage Band -9; March.Band-9,10, 11, 12 YOUNG, BARB YOVAN, LORI K AFS-12; Campus Ufe-9,10,11,12; Cheerleaders-9,10; NJS-12; Stud. CouncU-12; BasketbaU-9,10, 11, 12; Track-9,10, 12; VolleybaU-9,10,11,12 ZERKLE.TAMARA S OEA-12; Orchestra-9,10; String Ensemble-9 ZIGLER, BRIAN THCMAS Intra-10,11,12; Serv.Work-12 ZKN, REX A FootbaU-9,10,11,12 Wrest .-9, 10, 11 58 SENIORS Senior powder puff coaches Richie Junk, John Pitts, break after powder puff practice for a group shot. Tony Leto, Mancini William, and Al Jackson take a Seniors Joni Reese, Jane Greathouse, Shari Didier, and La Martin show senior spirit. Senior Mike Beeler shows disappointment at not being the focus of attention, as is senior Robbe Trowbridge. SENIORS 59 Krissy Sullivan (V. Pres.), Don Roberts (Pres.), Kathy Sullivan (Sec.-Treas.), Linda Raftree (Soc. Chm.) Adams, Cindy Adkins, Carol Allen, Valerie Allison, Laura Amburgey, Scott Anderson, Susan Armstrong, Nicole Arrington, Willie Auld, Barb Ausban, Brian Avila, Annette Baber, David Bailey, Bobby Bass, Scott Batchelder, Jim Beber, Bill Baumgartner, Michelle Bates, Felecia Beck, Elbert Beeler, Tanmie Beeler, Tim Beerman, Chris Bender, Latricia Bentrup, Renee Biggins, Kathleen Binderman, Pam Blair, Lisa Blevins, Carolyn Bohlander, Amy Bolen, Raymond Boerger, Julie Bolin, Tony Bolinger, Robert Bonner, Joseph Booth, Jackie Bower, Steve Bowman, Paul Brackemyre, Tony Brent on, Carie Bristol, Martha Broadnax, James Brooks, Kevin 60 JUNIORS Brockwell, James Bubb, AngLe Bufkin, Steve Burnett, Robbie Butler, Mark Byus, Sam Cady, Tom Campbell, Del Cashman, Karen Castator, Judy Caudill, Sheri Clegg, John Colby, tony Coleman, Lori Compton, Joel Cock, Steve Cook, Thomas Cuney, Renee Dahl, Michael Dahl, Tony Davenport, Kim David, Janine David, Paul Deming, Kevin Deweese, Beth Dickey, Chris Dillion, Kathy Doehrmann, Jennifer Dove, Christine Downs, Andy Dunham, Nikki Duncan, Gloria Earl, Diane Elder, Kevin Elliott, Pan Emerson, Steve Erdman, Eric Felkner, Dawn Florentine, Kris Flatt, Nate Flippen, Monty Foster, Brian Franke, Anne Freeman, Yvett Frey, Karla Garvin, Jon Gebhart, Shelly Gerardot, Cheryl Gieseking, Cynthia Gilreath, Doug Giroux, John Gllck, Galen Goehring, Denise Gogos, Dimitrios Gogos, Johnny Gradl, Angie Gray, Scott Gregory, Julie Griffetts, Charlene Grinsf elder, Andy Grows, Doug Grubb, Brent Gumbert, Lori JUNIORS 61 Don Roberts, junior, has what it takes to be the president of his class. Haines, Jeff Hanic, Steve Hardesty, Ride Harkinson, Stephanie Harrington, Christine Harris, Courtney Harrison, Barb Hatch, Sherry Hawley, Robert Hayward, John Hazelton, Paula Heffley, Liz Hendricks, Brian Hendricks, Jill Hernandez, Raymond Herron, Angle Hess, David Hill, Becky Hoang, Mylien Hoesli, Diana Hoffmann, Heather Hollander, John Holt, Tina Honeick, Vfendy Hood, Todd Hopkins, Randy Hosier, Frank Houser, Shane Howe, Mark Hunley, Luther Hutchins, Keith Jackson, Michael Jackson, Sandra Jennings, Jennifer Johnson, Brian Johnson, Jeff Jones, Terena Jones, Callie Jones, Canaree Jones, Leslie Jones, Lori Jones, Michael 62 JUNIORS Juarez, Jeff Jump, Jeff Junk, Glen Kenseth, Robert Kellogg, Rita Keske, Ken Kidder, Stephanie Kirke, David Kirkhoff, Kathy Klee, Kent Koczor, Kim Kohlmeir, Kara Kruse, Paige Kuehner, Patricia Julie Wade, Amy Bohlander and Steve McCaffery, juniors, are excited about the English assignment given by Mts. Marsha Flora. JUNIORS 63 Masteraon, Giovanna Matthews, Christy Matthias, Kay lens Mawhorr, Jenny May, Ellen McCaffery, Steven McClellan, Kris McCord, Colin McCoy, Kimberly McFatridgE, Paul Mclntyre, James Mcleod, Richard McMillen, Laurie Meeks, Don Melton, Dawn Mendez, Melissa Meyer, Vicki Michael, Laura Mettler, Brian Michael, Mark Michelfl, Tamatha Miller, Dave Miller, Kenneth Miller, Lesley Milton, Larry Minick, Sam Minser, Brian Mohamedali, Mohamed Montoney, Kris Moore, Mike Moore, Tonia Moss, Lori Mounsey, Dan Mullins, Matt Myers, Jill Myers, Scott Neal, Kim Neely, William Newman, Jeff Nguyen, Mylien Nichols, Jeffrey Nichols, Robin Noll, David Novell, James Odier, Michael Oelschlager, Mike Ohneck.Barb Ohneck, Brian Parker, Cole Olivas, Lila Papier, John Pence, Rhonda Penrod, Karen Perry, CLay Pflueger, Thomas Pilling, Mary Pomeroy, Mark Pratt, Don Procise, Brett Quinn, Kenneth Raftree, Linda Ramos, Kim Ramos, Michelle 64 JUNIORS 1 A £J Randolph, Jack Randolph, Chris Reese, Pamela Refeld, Jack! Reighfer, Yolonda Renninger, Angle Revett, Gretchen Rice, Mars ton Richardson, John Ringwalt, Mike Roberts, Donald Roberts, Vicki Robinson, Debra Robison, Sonya Rogers, Angie Roman, Diedre Rozier, Dale Ruiz, Michael Runyon, Kris Samuel, Chris Samaras, Angelina Sarrazin, Wendy Sauer, Laura Schreiner, Chris Schuhler, Elaine Schwan, Tiffany Scott, Jeffrey Seller, Daniel Senters, Lorri Shearer, Bill Shroyer, Jonathan Shultz, Kieth Sims, Tonya Simmons, Natalie Sraead, Chris Smith, Cassie Smith, DeDe Smith, Kathy Smith, Mike Smith, Sheila Smith, Tammy Solomon, Emebet Sommsrs, Keith Spalla, Kyle Spangle, Alisa Stanski, Kara Steinbacher, Linda Stephan, Melissa Stephan, Neal Stevenson, Howard Stilley, Lisa Stinson, Matthew Stinson, Robert Stoltz, Jim Sullivan, Kathy Sullivan, Kristine Swangin, Kelly Swanson, Mike Taylor, Mike Taylor, Rhea Taylor, Teri Thomas, Marvin Thomas, Stacey irxiORS Thornhill, Tina Toney, Tonya Trainer, Jeff Trainer, Ken Trolio, Pat Tubbs, Rhonda Vn l lmp r. Randy Vowels, Kern Von Derau, David Wade, Julie Waggoner, Gary Walters, Debbie Weaver, Rene Webb, Maryam Webb, Michelle Weeks, Randy Weidler, Brian Welsheimer, Roger Wert, Robert Whitaker. Chuck White, Dean Williams, Charles Williams, Lisa Williams, Michael Willians, Shaun Wilson, Stacey Winbaugh, Teisha Winkleblack, Harley Wltchey, Alan Wojciechowski, Rebecca Wright, Peggy Yoakum, Patty Young, Joel Young, William Zion, Scott Zlrkle, Don Hayden, Chris Kamphues, Jim Klingerman, Pat Perma, Honor Biacaniello, Robin V ll f m ft f ,: ..v- ' „ v i z 66 JUNIORS 7 i DIU3BAT The juniors join together to practice for the powder puff game against the seniors. Members of the North Side Marching Band are exhausted after practice. I f k2S r E i ft A jft lTfl Stf f - i li Jackie Luce, junior, waits for her ride to arrive. Judy Castator and Pam Reese, juniors, get satistaction from cheering for the football team. JUNIORS 67 Dave Randall (V. pres.). Sarah Ruoff (Sec.-treas.). Le An Bailey (Soc. dim.), Bobby Getts (Pres.) Adams, Mike Adams, Thomas Ainslie, William Albright, Alan Allen, Kim Airman, Bonnie Anstutz, Steve Anderson, Victoria Aron, Antwon Austin, Travicia Babcock, Dawn Badders, Jamie Bailey, Leanne Banet, Angela Anderson, Teresa Baral, Dori Bashop, Valerie Bass, Amy Baxter, John Beerman, Michelle Beineke, Sheila Berrnett, Gary Berger, Jeffrey Berry, Sonya Biancaniello, Mark Bingen, Therese Binkley, Terri Bodkin, Jodi Bolin, Patrick Bond, Judi Bosch, Dawn Bowden, Karin Bowers, Cathy Bowman, Jill Boy Ian, Adam Brady, Jay Bridges, Rochelle Brown, Heidi Brown, Mary Brown, Rachelle Brown, Steve ■Buchan, Troy 68 SOPHOMORES f it : ) , .! Butler, Danielle Byanskl, Mara Byus, Steve Cady, William Cain, Richard Callahan, Curtis Campbell, Charles Campbell, James Caton, Merry Carroii, Steve Carter, Mike Caruso, Angie Caywood, John Cecil, Erin Chiddister, Tracie Chilling, Lara Christen, Canri. Christenson, Kimberly Chupp, Darien Clark, Angela Clark, Holly Clark, Lanette Collier, Mike Collins, Michelle Compton, Marty Conser, Randy Cooper, Anthony Cotterman, Brian Cowan, John Crail, Mike Crance, Stephanie Creech, Scott Crupe, Kenneth Cryer, Eugene Cuney, Douglas Cunningham, James Curry, Bob Curry, Robert Dadust, Janis Darnell, Camille David, Mogan David, Shelley Davis, Steven Day, James Deans, Sara Demms, Chris Dehaven, Dana Demerly, Eric Didier, Edward Ttoan, Lynda Doehrmann, Kirk Dohse, Jim Doty, Karla Douglas, Tommy Dube, Steve Dull, Kevin Edmondson, Elaine Elliott, Kandie Ellis Lisa English, Timothy Erringtom, Elyse Evans, Darmell Fager, Diana SOPHOMORES 69 Faires, Jean Felger, Nicholas Fiorentino, Myra Fisher, William Flinn, Angela Flohr, Mary Fought, Missy Fox, Kathy Frazier, Dallas Freimuth, Amy Freimuth, Jennefer Fronm, Steve Gard, Todd Garver, Tracy Garvin, Monica Gerger, Scott Gemhardt, Jeff Getts, Bobby Getts, Michele Gilmore, Ginger G laser, Lisa Gleason, Chris Godfrey, Beth Goldey, Ken Gosnell, Tom Graham, Jeff Graham, Tanya Granzella, Tami Graves, Michael Green, Shelia Grifka, Jon Grinsf elder, Richard Griswold, William Grover, Angie Grundy, Sean Guiff, Tim Guy, James Hagan, Steve Hake, Shana Hall, Eugene Hamilton, Brook Haney, Rob Hanni, Troy Hardiek, Heidi Hardiek, Jim Harford, Paul Harrington, Katherine Harris, James Harris, Tracie Hart, Tim Hartman, Diarme Hassell, Todd Hatcher, Aimee Hawkins, Darryl Head, Tammy Hefty, Lisa Heingartner, Libby HelmLg, Gretchen Hembree, Jon Hereford, Jennifer Herport, Dave Herrmann, Kelly Hersberger, Tina ft JEUP § 70 SOPHOMORES Hicks, Janet Hilker, Sue Hill, Cari Hilliard, Sandra Hinton, Michelle Hite, Noell Hodges, Brian Hoeffel, Joe Hoffman, Steve Hoffmann, Dugan Hopkins, Be bra Hoppe, Dan Hosford, Kristi Holt, Danielle Hubart, Roger Inmn, William Irby, James Isaacs, Lisa Jefferson, Stewart John, Jennifer Johns, Shane Johnson, Karen Joley, Dan Jordan, Crystal Jump, Ann Jump, Diana Junk, Jason Kacmarik, Steve Kamphues, Brenda Keck, Phil Klinger, Jim Krouse, Laura Kump, Angle Kunneke, Karen Kyler, David Lahr, Cheryl Things ton, Tammy Languell, Dawn Larson, Amy Lahr, Cheryl Lauer, Melinda Laughlin, Rich Leamon, Patrick Lefevra, Donny Lepper, James Leto, Daniel Timing, John London, Tyrone Love 2 Eric Lovellette, Scott Lussier, Adam Lyerla, Michelle Lynch, Julie Lynn, Karyn Lytal, Tom Maddox, Anthony Madison, Karen Magee, Randy Maggart, Rick Maisonneuve, Mitchell Mallas, James Mailers, Doug Malley, Kelly SOPHOMORES 71 Manier, Marc Maple, Chuck Martin, Sonya Marburger, Krista Marburger, Laura Maredith, Tami Mason, Car la Mason, Heather Mathias, Lisa May, Jason Mc Dowell, Jan Mc Ginnis, Jeff Mckinney, Dorbbie Mc Kinney, Yolanda Mcquain, Penny McRoberts, Elizabeth Meredith, Tannd Messal, Tim Michell, Karen Miles, Robert Miller, Jami Miller, Matthew Miller, Sally Miller, Sandi Miller, Tom Minick, Christina Moeller, Lisa foeller, Mar Linda " Moellering, Dave Moffit, Charlie Mohr, Shelley Montgomery, Mike Monroe, Monique Moore, Anthony Morgan, Matthew Morris j Julie Moss Rodney Moynahan, Sean Murdock, Wesley Murphy, Chris Mutzfeld, La Donna Myatt, William Myers, Beth Nash, John Neal, Michelle Neer, Steve Neireiter, Bob Newman, Missy .Nicholson, Wilbert Nichter, Angela Nieves, Sonia Niles, Rebecca Noakes, Sandra Noll, Thomas Norvill, Matt Novell, Dee Dee O ' Brien, Kim Onz, Lisa Osburn, Scott Overmyer, Julie Pa pier, Molly Park, Debbie Pence, Lisa JVF 3 ft fit £ f. if lfc 2 SOPHOMORES I r v i n !? p L+ r " n a ' A 1 w u i 1 1 1 W :: m i ( 4fc Roling, Debra Roos, Brenda Rowland, Louie Ruoff, Sarah Salas, Tim Savage, Tom raw Schachtschnei , Hans Scharringhausen, Jade »«tlV, Pennington, Jim Perez, MLchele Perry, Tina Peters, Renee Peverly, Linda Pierce, Kim Pinson, Heather Piatt, Karen Plunb, Leora Pomeroy, Gary Pomner, Scott Powers, Greg Powers, Vernon Pranger, Robert Price, Sean Protsman, Christina Prumm, Michael Quinn, Theresa Randall, David Randolp, Tracy RTam, Barbara Rectenwald, Jim Remaklus, Jenny Reuille, David Rice, Shelly Riggs, Jeff Ritter, Cora Robbins, Sandy Roberson, Michael Roberts, Rebecca etobinson, Tony Robison, Jill Roeger, John Rogers, Mark Rohr, Vicki a A Tony Leto is being congratulated by his brother Dan, sopho- more. SOPHOMORES 73 Scherber, Wendy Schie, Crystal Schinbeckler, Tammy Schlup, Lisa Schneider, Dawn Schoenherr, Michele Schrimshaw, Robb Schroeder, Jodi Schultz, Gina Scott, James Scott, John Scott, Tina Seslar, Eric Seybold, Leslie Shou, James Shackels, Grace Shank, Bob Shank, Robert Sheerin, Kelly Sherman, Toni Shinn, Dennis Shown, Todd Siler, Tami Simmons, Joyce SimnDns, Regina Sims, Deborah Smith, Brian Smith, Bruce Smith, John Smith, Mark Smith, Norm Smith, Tracy Sorg, James Spicer, Lisa Starr, Ty Steckbeck, Jim Steinbacher, Karen Stineburg, Carolyn Stoller, Bill Stone, Laura Strange, Dawn Straub, Susan Strawbridge, Any Stucky, Carol Taliaferro, Any Taylor, Kristine Teders, Mark Teemer, Aitonio Thong, Peggy The jubilant sophomores show their enthusiasm aftet their victory over the freshmen in the tug-o-war. 74 SOPHOMORES Throop, David Thrush, Mellnda Thrush, Melissa Tieben, David Tipsord, Gary Tr inkle, Tammy Tschannen, John Tucker, Tammy Tudor, Greg Tullis, Renee Turnbow, Gina Turner, Jacquelyn Turner, Kevin Turpchinoff, Joyce Tyler, Christine Uhrick, Susan Uhrlaub, Rebecca Ullyot, Andrea Urhausen, Jodie Van Camp, Joe Veltum, Paul Voirol, Amy Wable, Shannon Walchle, Loree Walchle, Tamee Walker, Anthony Warfield, Toya Waterman, Jeff ■Weber, Andrew Wells, Kelly Wheaton, Michelle Wilson, John Wilkerson, Gayle Williams, Chandra -Williams, Roland " Wilson, Karl Winbaugh, Debbie Winebrenner, Chris Witzigreuter, Todd Woj ciechowski , Tanya Woodfin, Barbara Woodruff, Michael Woods, Jennifer Woods, Terry Wyatt, Susan Young, Freddie Young, Janelle Zabolotney, Wendy Zelt, Brent Zion, Jim Bridgewater, Brian Brisentine, Bill Mosby, Jim Pelkington, Jeff Renner, Kyle SOPHOMORES 75 Corey Mettler (Pres.), Kelly Hagerman (V. pres.), Jenny Giese (Sec.-Treas.), Ashley Young (Soc. Chm.) Adams, Ben Alday, Scott Allison, Greg Amstutz, Linda Anderson, Doug Anderson, Missy Anderson, Rick Anderson, Tammy Ansberry, Tammy Anweiler, Julie Austin, Jarren Babcock, Jinmie Baber, Kim Barnes, Karyn Baskerville, Annjeanett Basset t, Wendy Baxter, Chris Becktell Lisa Beghtel, Keith Bergman, Raymond Bingen, Cindy Blauvelt, Benjie Bolinger, Felicia Bollinger, Angela Boothby, David Bower, Chris Brecount, Steve Brisentine, Frances Brooks, Aaron Brooks, Donna Brooks, Larry Brown, Stephanie Bruening, Jenny Bryant, Tammy Bryers, Melanie Burd, Mike Burns, Sean Burton, Hollis Cady, Lea Cain, Darnell Cain, James Cain, Mark i . ' t c %f% 1 - ' ; f A ' it 76 FRESHMAN Carroll, Tina Cartwright, Brian Caruso, Tina Castator, Jeff Chapman, Nicole Chester, Carlene Chester, Kent Cole, Brian Colemam, Scott Compton, Darren Conti, Keith Cook, Dearrn Coomer, Jim Coufoudakis, Helen Cox, Michelle Cranfill, Dawn Crocker, Gloria Cutting, George Dalton, Sherri Davidson, Michelle Dawson, Wendy Ue Bender, Jay Dey, Brian Didier, Kathy Dilley, Leeann Dirig, Angela Doughman, Steve Duncan, Charlie Dunham, Joe Durbin, Tanya Eberle, Mike Edmondson, Billy Ellington, John Elliott, Jim Elston, Julie Enea, Teresa Erdman, Bill Esper, Patrick Ewing, Mark Eykholt, Kathy Fark, Beth Farrell, James Faor, Kris Ferguson, Doug Finton, Scott Flake, Joe Flatt, Tammi Flaugh, Mala Fletcher, Ronnah Flinn, Kenny Frain, Jeff Freimuth, Jeff Fuller, Mike Galloway, Jaimie Galloway, Tris Ganaway, Kenneth Gerber, Alicia Gernhardt , Rick Geyer, Melissa Gibbs.Bill Giese, Jenny Gieseking, Steve Gilbert, David FRESHMAN 77 Gilreath, John Gilson, Candy Glasper, John Gleason, Scott Glick, Chris Godfrey, Lawerence Godfrey, Larry Gogos, Maria Goodwin, Andy Graham, Kenneth Green, Melissa Griffetts, Charles Grimes, Jim Grinstead, Chris Grundy, Jeffery Guthrie, Joel Hagerman, Kelly Haines, Chad Haller, Todd Hamilton, Denny Hamilton, Lisa Hamilton, Rob Hamilton, Sharon Hammons, Chuck Handschy, Chuck Harris, Chris Harris, Richard Harris, Shamell Harrison, Robert Harter, Jason Harvey, Ben Haviland, Bridget Hayes, Brian Head, Eulis Heisilmann, Phil Henorics, Doug Hensch, Shari Herron, Bob Hershberger, Maria Hess, Nick Hetrick, Jenny Hilker, Patsy Hill, Antionette Hill, Grant e Hoesli, Shane Hoelle, Joy Hoesli, Michelle Hogle, Frank Holloway, Amy Holloway, Heather Horley, Chares Horton, Angela Houlton, April Huguenard, Jim Huguenard, Tim Hwang, Chiung Ingram, Vernon Ingram, Ina Ingol, Benard Insley, Scott Inouye, Elizabeth Jennings, Jennise Jennings , Stacy iby.vk 78 FRESHMAN la i ft n e Johnson, Marc Johnson, Janet Johnson, Lisa Joley, Katie Jones, Jessica Jones, John Jones, Rose Jones, Scott Jordan, Brian Karau, Joelle Karl, David Kenchanh, Payoun Kensill, Doug Kiefer, Kel 1 i King, Brian Kinsev. Carol Klee, Kierstin Kleinhans, Tim Klingler, Bob Klotz, Erik Knapp, Mona Knight, Mike Knox, Mindi Kolar, Erik Krase, Debbie Krause, Dave Krouse, Deanna Krouse, Shelly Kuker, Larry Kummer, Todd Lahr, Lisa Lancaster, Tina Langroeyer, Tim Langsdale, Chris Lapp, Duane Lasalle, Phil Latourette, Larry Lauer, Mark Lavinge, Holli Lear, Suzanne Lee, Trina Lee, Vincent Lehman, Jade Levy, Marylou Lindsey, Eric Loveless, Rachel Lovellette, Sam Logan, Courtney Loy, Tammy Lykins, Francie Lyons, Robert Mack, James Madden, Vikki Magers, Chuck Maloney, Cheri Manning, Jerry Markey, Diann Marshall, Warrick Martin, Dave Martz, Beth Massey, Charlie Matson, Tammy May, Sandy FRESHMAN 79 McCleary, Kimberly McCoy, Kris McFeeters, Michelle McKerracher, Melissa McLaughlin, Kimberly Mendenhall, Beth Mendez, Twila Mercer, Gary Mettler, Corey Miles, Tabetha Miller, Lee Miller, Neil Miller, Nick Monroe, John Moore, Rhonda Morris, Regina Mowery, Lora Mowrer, Meri Mullins, Angela Murach, Linda Murphy, Jenny Murphy, Mike Mustin, Steve Myers, Todd Nance, Nicola Neal, Shelley Nightingale, Don Noland, Tina Obrien, Mary Ochoa, Rachelle Odier, Billy Ort, Kevin Ottinger, Guy Overmeyer, Janet Owens, Scott Palmer, Matthew Parker, Kim Parker, Matt Passwater, Matt Patane, Lisa Pearce, Laura Pee, Robert Pendleton, Adam Peterson, Tony Pfeiffer, Steven Pichon, Patrick Piepenbrink, Andrew Piepenbrink, David Pinion, Lisa Pierce, Sheryl Pitts, Kelli Platz, Christine Plumb, Barb Pommer, Todd Powell, Mitch Pratt, Nicole Qui lien, Darren Quillen, Dorothy Ramey, Kim Ramos, Mike Rau, Donna Refeld, Casey Renninger, Rick f nfl 80 FRESHMAN Resac, Scott Rice, Darrin Richards, John Richards, Mike Richarson, Cleon Richardson, Larry Riley, David Roach, Laura Roberson, Hark Roberts, Jennifer Rogers, Kimberly Rogers, Leslie Rohr, David Romano, Angel Rose, Heather Ross, Erik Rowe, Mike Ruff, Theresa Rurrrill, Edgar Sakowicz, Jack Sappenfield, Tim Sarrazin, Tracy Sarrazine, Marie Sauer, Gretchen Schieferstein, Tim Schulp, Kathy Schmidt, Debbie Schmit, Stephanie Schuler, Rhonda Schultz, Nikki Scoles, Debbie Secheverell, John Shearer, Danielle Shearer, Matt Sheets, Mindy 1 j Vl L Siraone, Dawn Sims, Eliza Smith, Ralph Smith, Jeff Jennifer Roberts, freshman, is enthusii pumpkins for the Halloween party. about carving FRESHMAN 81 The freshman show that they h. Smith, Jill Smith, Roger Smith, Sham Smith, Tommy Smith, Wendy Smock, Tami Smotherman, Michael Smotherman, Richard Snyder, Kim Snyder, Travis Sorg, Angie Sparks, Mindy Spindler, Joanna Stanly, Susie Stanford, Patrick Stanford, Stacy Stephan, Matt Stevens, Chris Stinson, Lashon Stoiche, Kara Storey, Mark Stuber, Steve Sweet, Chris Syndram, Michelle Talarico, Ginger Taylor, Dawn Taylor, Rebecca Tegtmeyer, Laura Thomas, Jeff Thompson, Mamie Tipsord, Jim Tracy, Pam Trice, Charles Troubridge, Tim Tucker, Tracy Turner, Melacyn VanOoyen, Wendy Veazy, Patrice Vorndran, Lisa Waak, Julie Warfield, Towanna Washington, Anthony Weikart, James Wellington, Renee Wells, Beth Wendling, Kelly Wendling, Kim x: FKliSHMAX Wtieaton, Bruce White, Rodney Williams, Kori Williams, Robert Williams, Tony Wilson, James Wilson, Amy Winkleblack, Julie Woods, Shawn Woodson, Takeetha Wooster, Chad Wysong, David Yeager, Travis Young, Ashley Zion, Angela Fryback, Tina FRESHMAN 83 FACULTY Howe, Daniel G.- Principal Passwater, Robert D.-Asst. Principal Sheridan, Hans-Asst. Principal Dillon, William-Asst. to Principal French, Jacqueline-Asst. to Principal Klocke, Dolores-Guidance Coordinator Brown, Duane R.-Athletic Director Grantham, John-Asst. Ath. Dir. Coun. Epps, Lizzie-Guidance Counselor Edwards, Karen-Psychom. Counselor Zehner, Carolyn-Librarian Crum, Ted-A.V, Library McCowan, George-Administrative Aide Doty, Vera M.-Secretary Conner, Gwen-Secretary Treasurer Wilkerson, Vicki-Secretary Wagner, Betty-Attendance Clerk Biltz, Beverly-Secretary Brackemyre, Cheryl-Aide Shepler, Marine-Secretary 84 FACULTY Pi mir, Lynne-Secretary Registrar Harris, Loretta-Secretary Hyder, Jody-Secretary Savio, Dorothy-Special Ed. Aide Martin, Grethel-Speelal Ed. Aide Conley, Helen-Media Center Aide Ankenbruck, John Bandemer, Susan Bierbaum, Daivid Bierbaum, John Bill, Jon Boesch, Susan Boynton, Mark Brown, Scott Call, Cynthia Coplen, Dorothy Doerffler, Dale Ellinger, Dennise Evans, Don Fisher, Keith Fisher, Norman Flora, Marsha Frick, Linda Gerber, Sherry FACULTY 85 Harker, Valjean Heath, Daniel J. Henderson, Myron Herman, Dee Herrero, OfeUa Hey, Byard Hill, John Hunter, Donald Irving, Richard Johnson, Irma Kenner, Larry Ketterman, Robert King, Edward Kinne, Alice Kinniry, Rita LaFontaine, Patricia Lewis, Beryl Liechty, Randal Lovell, Robert Macy, Sandra Massoth, Bruce Megles-Biesiada, Laura Merkle, Eugene Miller, Kenneth 86 FACULTY Moore, Martha Morris, Michael Mosser, Carl Myers, Claryn Neuhaus, Kathleen Nordlin, Chris Ormerod, Kenneth Outman, Bonnie Overrayer, James Putt, Neal Reed, Lee Ann Reed, Vicki Ribel, Jack Rice, Merle Riethmiller, Donna Samuel, Mary Jane Schlatter, Orvil Schnelker, Michael Schoeff, Marshall Schultz, Gary Shelton, Larry Slavens, Dean Smethers, Steven Solero, Helen FACULTY 87 Stauffer, John Stewart, Melinda Stillwell, Beth Taliaferro, Robert Thiele, Norma Tipple, Mark Weiss, Ronald Witte, Tim Mr. John Gratham, counselor, explains the school program to two of North ' s foreign exchange students, Rikka Har- konen, of Finland and Britta Thomas of West Germany, 88 FACULTY FRONT ROW: Nora Waters. Barbara Knox, Evelyn Durbin, Barbara Askins, Gloria Smith. BACK ROW: Barbara Jer- Purdy, Betty Parmeter, Dorothy Ol ry, Sharon Platz. Debbie ome. Mary McClure, Linda Buhr, Vickie Espinoza. Katie Houser not pictured. FRONT ROW: Bob Albers, Norm Nagel, Norb Ryder. BACK ROW: Cecil Hopper, Don Woods, Doug Peters, Gary Holloway, Tom Goes. Edna Richardson and Bill McArdle not pictured. FACULTY 89 Legend continues in . . . 90 SPORTS Sports SPORTS 91 Cheerleaders show spirit " A cheerleader has to have a lot of school spirit and be willing to work really hard, " said Miss Vicki Reed, sponsor. Other qualifications were also required. A cheerleader mist maintain at least a " C " average on her report card. In addition, good citizenship, ability to work with others, and coordination were required. Before trying out as a cheerleader, one must be recommended and evaluated by teachers, and g o through an interview with Mr. Duane Brown, athletic directory, Mr. John Grantham, assistant athletic director and counselor, and Miss Reed. After that came the actual trying out. The cheerleaders prepared themselves during the sunner. They must attend all the games assigned unless they were sick or had an emergency. Cheerleaders boost the team ' s morale through their support and encouragement. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW: H. Mason. SECOND ROW: G. Gilmore, K. Spalla, M. Caton, S. Wyatt. THIRD ROW: M. Papier, C. Christen, A. Friemuth, M. Schoenherr. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW: J. Castator, L. McMillian, C. Gieseking, J. Greathouse. SECOND ROW: P. Reese, S. Didier, J. Reese, P. John FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: D. Krouse, K. Didit Rose, M. Anderson. . H 92 CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADERS 93 ' Skins scalp Panthers The theme Sp irit Safari began Homecoming 1984, one of the best ever in the history of North Side. First, the spirit days, antipreppy, slob and clash day, safari day, spy and gangster day, and toga day, had extraordinary participation. Halls were neatly and cleverly decorated. The Powder Puff game was won by the juniors, and the sophomores defeated the freshmen in the tug-of-war. After the game was a pep session, which included a bonfire and fireworks. The hall decorations and the spirit displayed throughout the week all lead to the seniors winning the peace pipe. The highlight of Homecoming was the football game against Snider. North Side had no trouble as the team shut out the Panthers 28-0 to advance to the state playoffs. Senior Wendy Beck was named Homecoming queen, the Homecoming king, senior Scott Carcillo, was named earlier during the week. Finally, the students celebrated their great victory with a dance in the Auxiliary Gym. Scott ' s court consisted of Bill Miller and Paul Gibson, seniors, Brian Hendricks and Mohamed Mohamedali, juniors, Doug Mailers and Shawn Chapman, sophomores, and Corey Mettler and Chad Haines, freshmen. Wendy ' s court included Pam Lydy and Tammy Parker, seniors, Carie Brent on and Pam Reese, juniors, Molly Papier and Amy Bass, sophomores, and Nicole Chapman and Barb Plumb, freshmen. Scott Carcillo, ser around the track. for the king ' s customary ride Mettler. accompanied by Shelley Neal. freshn at the crowds. . ' Ml ( i l ll ( , Paul Gibson, senior, congratulates Wendy Beck, senior, being elected as homecoming queen. Pictures show some of the spirit of the seniors in their hall decorations. The cheerleaders cheer celebrate as the football team goes into the locker room. Pam Lydy and Tammy Parker, senioi watch Wendy Beck get crowned que HOMECOMING 95 Many enjoy intramurals Basketball, volleyball, and floor hockey are all sports open for intramural activities. Intramurals met in the morning before school where students, who have signed up, play against each instructor, Mr. Ry coaches and officiates other. The Taliaferro, the teams. Volleyball participate The program had more students than the other sports, worked well this year. There was a lot of participation. Mark Michael, ju i goal. Dave Miller, junior, clears the ball from the t 96 INTRAMURALS INTRAMl ' RALS 97 Experience paces performance For the first time in North Side ' s history, the varsity football team captured the SAC, sectional, and regional titles. Experience was the key factor for the great success of the team. " I felt that our team had a lot of experience and a lot of talent, " said Tim Moore. The leadership of the twenty-four seniors was also a key factor for the success. Among the seniors who were named to the All-SAC team were James Woodfin, Bill Miller, Tony Leto, John Sewell, Al Jackson, Tim Moore, Ron Jesch, and Robb Trowbridge. " The experienced seniors showed good leadership throughout the season along with the fact that they were also talented, " said Tony Leto. James Woodfin added " We had so much talent. With that much talent anybody can do well. " Another factor that contributed to the success of the team was the fans. There were over 6,000 people in attendance during the homecoming game against Snider. Students helped to boost the team ' s morale with various spirit weeks. The band also helped by playing " Chief Mac " whenever the tean was behind. The team opened their season with a thrilling victory over Dwenger. After shutting out Snider, they advanced to the state playoffs. They The Redskin offense waits for instructions from the coach. made a great comeback by defeating Perm, the defending state champions, in the opening playoff game and then went on to beat Carmel in overtime to capture the regional title. They ended the season with an outstanding record of 12-1 after losing to Hobart in the semi-state finals. " I think that everything went as well as expected. I was very pleased and I am proud of what our seniors have accomplished, " said Coach Dale Doerffler. Mr. Doerffler, as well as the whole school, was very proud of the football team, who gave North Side great moments to be remembered for a long time. The reserve and freshmen teams did well with records of 5-3 and 7-1 respectively. The reserve team started out great with a 5-0 record, but lost the last 3 games due to injuries and some players taken up to varsity. " For the talent we had available, I think that we did very well. We lacked a little size on both the defense and offensive lines, but for what we lacked in size, we made up in intensity, " said Dan Leto about the reserve team. Jerome Jackson, senior, arrives a splir-second too late to sack the quarterback. John Pitts, senior, waits for the opponent to snap the ball during the Penn game. 98 FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: J. Sewell, T. Leto. SECOND ROW: G. Mason, T. Ratliff, S. Householder, R. Zion, R. Jesch, J. Woodfin, C. Selby, M. William, R. Trowbridge, D. Arm- strong, S. Carcillo. THIRD ROW: J. Jackson, B. Miller, J. Pitts, R. Junk, A.Jackson, S. Whiteman, B. Lee, J. Vanooyen, B. Summers, S. Dohse. FOURTH ROW: C. Samuel, C. Beerman, M. Mohamedali, J. Stoltz, S. Bower, S. Hank, S. Shannon, J. Gogos, D. Mounsey, B. Ohneck, B. Beck. FIFTH ROW: T. Nash, G. Glick, K. Deming.J. Clegg, M. Moore, D. Rozier, A. Cooper, D. Leto, T. Hubbard, G. Waggoner. SIXTH ROW: D. Frazier, J. Byus, M. Adams, S. Grundy. D. Hawkins, J. Dohse, L. Rowland, A. Moore, J. Irby. SEVENTH ROW: J. Booker, R. Moss, J. Graham, D. Mailers, D. Joley, D. Hoffmann, J. Caywood, B. Shank, K. Doehrman, T. Messal. EIGHTH ROW: T. Woods, E. Love, K. Turner, M. Miller, E. Elliot, J. Hams, M. Odier, T. London, K. Wilson, R. Schrimshaw. NINTH ROW: Coach- es: C. Nordlin, T. White, R. Nelson, L. Shelton, D. Doerffler, D. Hunter, J. Dyer. Curt Selby, senior, walks off the field afte pass. nplete Curt Selby and Rex Zk offensive series. . discuss plans for the t FOOTBALL 99 Dale Rozier, junior, rests with a pop. The offensive line protects Curt Selby from the pass rush of Penn. the signals for the offense. UK) 1 ' OTBAI.L John Sewell, senior, runs for another first down. Tony Leto, senior, and Dan Leto, sophomore, celebrate afte a hard game. Coach Doerffler gives the team some encouragement. Mancini William, senior, attempts another extra point atte touchdown. FOOTBALL 101 NS Opponent 13 Dwenger 12 18 Northrop 6 41 Concordia 14 44 Eimhurst 6 28 Angola 27 South Side 13 26 Marion 7 28 Snider 28 Wayne 21 Harding 15 SECTIONALS 34 Perm 30 REGIONALS 28 Cartrel 21 SEMI-STATE 7 Hobart 27 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: FIRST ROW: J. Farrell. J. Ell- ington, D. Cain, A. Washington, J, Thomas. P. Pichon, T. Snyder. SECOND ROW: R. Gctnhatt.J. Ftain. K McCoy, M. Storey, D. Riley. C. Wooster, B. Ingol.J, Civet, THIRD ROW: T. Sarrazin. S. Woods, S. Alday, J. Cain, D. Roht, M. Richardson, J. Grundy. G, Allison, FOURTH ROW: T. Anshach, D, Boothby. S, Pfeiffer, P. Martin, B. Hayes, R. Hartis, M, Powell. P. Esper. G Ttice. FIFTH ROW: Coaches: J. Kirby, J. Dyer, C. Nordlin. in. IOOIHAI.1 John Sewell, Cure Selby, and James Woodfin, seniors, and Michael Moore, junior, rest wearily before going out for the second half. Michael Moore gets a check for injuries before he gets up. Chris Samuels, junior, rejoices after a great victory. FOOTBALL 10? Runners best ever j Jude Roeger, junior, stares off into the distance during a long " This was the second time in the past eleven years that the men ' s cross country team went to the regionals, and it was the highest they had ever finished in the conference, " said Coach Miller. Brian Mettler, Jude Roeger, and Mike Carl were the top runners in the varsity division. The co-captains were Trent Buchan, and Doug Kleinhans. Jude Roeger, varsity, and Andy Downs, reserve were the most improved this year. Coach Miller said, " This was an above average season and, lots of records were broken. Vfe got seventh in the regionals and, the top four runners went to semi-state. " There were thirty runners and only five were seniors, so next year we should have an experienced team. Jeff Jump, Matt Mullins, Del Campbell, Jude Roeger, and Brian Mettler, juniors, find rime to relax at summer camp. 104 MEN ' S CROSS-COUNTRY John Roeger, sophomore, shows that ctoss-country runners Matt Mullins, junior, looks back for are multi-talented. instructions FRONT ROW: A. Downs, C Haines, P. Heiselmann, C. Mettler, T. Schieferstein, D. Wysong, L. Richardson, J. Bab- cock, D. Karl, E. Head. C. Bower. SECOND ROW: B. Mettler, D. Shinn, M. Rogers, P. Veltum, S. Day, J. Roeger, Airman, S. Finton.J. Roi S. Geiseking, B. Smith, C. Campbell, T. Savage. THIRD bell, K. Miller (coach). ROW: M. Meeks, M. Karl, T. Buchan, D. Kleinhans. R. MENS CROSS-COUNTRY 105 Runners peak at SAC " We had a real good season it started out slow and peaked at SAC and regionals, " said Carl Mosser, women ' s cross country coach. Laura Martin, senior, made all-SAC her first year out for the team. Cindy Gieseking, junior, was named the most valuable and the most determined runner of the team. Sue Webb, senior, was captain. Mr. Mosser liked the idea of getting to know his students outside of class. Tami Siler, sophomore, added, " The team stuck together and helped each other through the season. " Laura Martin, senior, and Cindy Gieseking. Sue Webb, senior, paces herself for the long run ahead. their awards after a hard run. FRONT ROW: C. Gieseking, S. Webb, T. Siler. SECOND ROW: C. Mosser (coach), L. Michael, L. Martin. J. Reese. 106 WOMEN ' S CROSS-COUNTRY Lisa Hefty, sophomore, waits for the ball to be returned over Freshmen show talent Passing, serving, and spiking were all improvements which gave the freshman vollyball team a 13-14 season. The season was quite successful. " Espirit de corps " and improvements in skills were noticeable accomplish- ments in the ten players. Nominated as most valuable was Deanna Krouse. According to Laura Meigles-Beisada, freshman coach, the most difficult game was the fifth match of the day at the freshman tournament against Wayne. " We just didn ' t have enough left to defeat a very good Wayne team, " said Laura Meigles-Beisada, freshman coach. FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW: S. Neal, L. Johnson, S. Stanley, P. Hilker, C. Gilson, K. Hagerman- SECOND ROW: R. Taliaferro (coach), J. Bruening.J. Over- meyer, D. Krouse, M. Syndrome, R. Schuler, L. Megles- Biesiada (coach). FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL 107 Team offense improves Women ' s varsity and reserve volleyball teams finished the season with records of 13-11 and 11-12 respectively. Not as many players showed up for tryouts as in past years, but the teams had improved a great deal, varsity team improved mostly offense. Barb Harrison, junior nominated the best player of team. The reserve team improvement in all areas Reese proved to be the best player overall, " said Ry Taliaferro, coach. Debbie Walters, ]unior skillfully bumps the volleyball to th setter. Barb Harrison, |unior, concentrates on serving an ace. Ry Taliaferro, coach, intensely watches the volleyball tea was the showed " Pam 10K VARSITY VOLLEYBALL VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW: P. Pinkston, T. Harrison. D. Walters, A. Baughman, M. Beerman, L. Krouse, Parker, L.Yovan. SECOND ROW: R.Taliaferro (coach), B. J. Lynch, L. Hefty, C. Gerardot, L. Megles-Beisiada (coach). RESERVE VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW: P. Thong. S. Schultz. R. Peters. S. Stubber. A. Taliaferro. E. Plumb, B. Hilker.J. Mawhorr. P. Reese, L. Bailey, T. Garver, T. Chid- Deweese, L. Megles-Biesiada (coach), dister. SECOND ROW: R. Taliaferro (coach), S. Ruoff, G. RESERVE VOLLEYBALL 109 Golfers have best year ever The women ' s golf team finished the season with a record of 14-3, the best ever in the history of North Side. They won sectionals, but lost regionals and missed going to state by just five strokes. Paula Lydy, senior, made the all-area girls ' golf team and honorable mention went to Pam Lydy and Pam Elliot, seniors. " We were so successful this year because we had extremely balanced scores among the players, " said Coach Ted Crum, who won the all-area coach of the year. " Mr. Crum taught us everything we know. MDSt of us had never even picked up a golf club before, " said Pam Lydy. " We ' ll miss him, he was like a dad to us. " Ted Crum (coach), B. Ream, C. Stucky, T. Taylor, P. Lydy, M. Shoenherr, P. Lydy. L. Heffley, P. Elliot. Liz Heffley, junior, watches the ball she is abou concentrates on the ball du NS Opponent 190 N.Manchester 269 194 Northrop 215 394 Northrop 3% 194 East Noble 245 220 Homestead 214 192 Snider 213 203 Goshen 219 190 ELmhurst 249 203 Culver 214 180 Bishop Luers 215 198 B.Dwenger 188 200 Columbis Cityl91 181 Snider 194 200 East Noble 237 178 Columbia Cityl81 Northrop Invitat ional 394 5th 201 Carrol 211 sectionals 374 1st 189 Leo 221 regionals 386 4th 110 GOLF Shelley Neal, freshman, shoots a jumpshot over the out- stretched hand of the defender. Frosh show hustle " The freshman group adjusted well to a new basketball program. Although their lack of height hindered their season record they displayed much hustle and desire, which will lead to success in the future, " said Tim Witte, head coach of the girls ' basketball team. Barb Plumb was both the most valuable player and high scorer. The team was able to defeat Elmhurst, Woodlan, and Luers. Chen Maloney, freshman, passes the ball to Barb Plumb. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: B. Menden- hall, C. Maloney, S. Stahley, L.Johnson, P. Hilker, C. Gilson. SECOND ROW: C Mosher (coach), M. Syndron r.s, B. Plumb, J. Bruening, S. Neal, J. Spindler. NS Opponent 13 Hunt. North 24 I 20 Northrop 27 25 Luers 7 18 South Side 19 13 Heritage 14 24 Northrop 35 25 Woodlan 22 17 Dwenger 46 15 Snider 28 13 South Side 22 24 New Haven 34 9 Wayne 23 26 Elmhurst 17 12 Concordia 34 Hoopsters rebuild " Although our win-loss record does not show it, our season was successful, " said Mr. Tim Witte, coach of the girls varsity-reserve basketball team. The girls ended the season with a 5-14 record for varsity and a 3-12 record for reserve. The varsity ' s SAC record was 3-6. The captains were Percinta Pinkston, Lori Yovan, and Angie Baughman, the only seniors on the team. " The younger members of the team gained valuable playing experience which will help the 1985-1986 team, " said Coach Witte. The most improved player on the varsity team was Michelle Beerman, sophomore. For the reserve team it was Chandra Williams, sophomore. Percinta Pinkston, senior, proved to be the most valuable player on varsity. Barb Ream did on reserve. VARSITY BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: S. Ruoff, T. Taylor, A. Baughamn. L. Yovan. L. Krouse. B. Harrison SECOND ROW: S. Rutledge, M. Tippel (coach). J. Lynch, P. Elliot. P. Pinkston, M. Beerman, T, Witte (coach), C. Moshe (coach). VARSITY NS Opponent 41 Hunt .North 42 28 Northrop 46 Luers 52 43 49 South 54 34 Heritage 37 Bellmont 49 58 32 Leo 31 41 Warsaw 51 35 Columbia City 52 49 Elmhurst 47 27 Snider 55 29 New Haven 41 35 Snider 66 i 43 Harding 55 Wayne 47 Elmhurst 48 45 48 54 Dwenger 52 Concordia 64 38 27 Snider 56 RESERVE BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: C. Williams. E. Plumb. B. Hamilton, T. Tavlor. G. Schultz. SECOND ROW: Clark. S. Ruoff. M. M. Tipple (coach). . J. Morris. B. UJ VARSITY BASKETBALL Barb Ream, sophomore, shoots a free throw Jj Brooke Hamilton, sophomore, guards her opponent from Snider. Ellie Plumb, sophomore, drives around the defende Pam Elliot, junior, and Sarah Ruoff, sophomore, strip the ball away from the other team. RESERVE BASKETBALL 113 Miller leads team, SAC Mr. By Hey ' s twenty-eighth season of coaching the men ' s basketball team ended with the record of 6-16. Senior Bill Miller lead North Side, as well as the rest of the SAC, in scoring. Miller also led the team in steals and was twice player of the week for 21 Alive. Senior Steve VanCamp led the team with assists and Senior Curt Selby led the team in rebounding. " There was a lot of competition this year, and we didn ' t come on as strong as we should have. Unfort- ionately we lost a string of games in the second half of the season, " said Coach By Hey. The reserve teamed fared better with a season of 11-7. FRONT ROW: D. Zerkle. J. Hall. B. Miller, E. Wilson Mason, S. Van Camp, and B. Smith. SECOND ROW: Co rd Hey, B. Bailey, C. Beerman, S. Carcillo, C. Selby. D. ier. C. Dickey, Coach John Ankenbruck. OPPT NS Northrop 91 58 North Central 75 68 Harding 85 68 S. B. Riley 50 68 Snider 56 63 Richmond 65 64 Whitko 56 55 Elmhursf 58 75 Snider 60 81 Northrop 73 54 New Haven 57 71 Wayne 53 47 S. B. LaSalle 68 57 South Side 65 44 DeKalb 84 72 Luers 66 76 Muncie South 66 52 Concordia 64 60 Dwenger 80 59 Northrop 73 54 Elmhurst 59 58 Dwenger 74 69 Coach By Hey discusses strategy with the varsity team. 4 BASKETBALL Senior Steve VanCamp dribbles down the court for a basket against South Bend Riley. Senior Steve VanCamp knocks the ball away while team- mates Chris Beerman and Curt Selby block the opponent FRONT ROW: D. Zerkle. D. Hawkins, B. Getts, S. Chap- Miller, D. Randall, J. VanCamp. K. Turner, Coach John , M. Murdock, H. Stevenson. T. Messel, and B. Smith. Ankenbruck, and Coach Larry Shelton. SECOND ROW: A. Coopet, K. Doehrman, T. Sallas, M. • ■ « : Junior Chris Beerman rebounds the ball against the South Side Archers. BASKETBALL 115 Shawn Chapman, sophomore, goes in for an easy layup Frosh hustle " Despite the 5-9 record, I feel the team made a lot of progress during the season, " said Steve Smethers, coach of freshmen boys basketball. Although the team did not have a winning season, some of the players were outstanding. The high scorers were Tom Anspach, 98 points, Tom Smith, 66 points, and Dave Riley, 65 points. The team succeded in defeating Huntington North, Snider, Bishop Luers, and Elmhurst twice. Chris Bower said, " Even though we had a losing record, we tried our hardest and had fun. " NS Opponent 40 Hunt. North 34 32 Elmhurst 29 27 Northrop 33 35 Dwenger 37 25 Wayne 42 36 Harding 45 30 Northrop 43 34 Concordia 41 28 South Side 60 47 Wayne 50 35 Elmhurst 25 37 Snider 27 36 Luers 35 38 Concordia 40 Daryl Hawkins, sophomore, fights for the jump 1 116 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: S. Giese- Storey. C. Mettler. SECOND ROW: B. Gibbs, S. Smethers Sweet, D. Riley, R. Harris, S Aldav C Bower king. E. Lindsey. J. Ellington, A. Washington, J. Cryer, M. (coach), T. Smith, M.Johnson. W. Marshall, T, Anspach, C. Shawn Chapman, sophomore, puts the ball up over his oppo nent. Mark Murdock, sophomore, takes a shot from the top of the key. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL 117 Pam Reese concentrates on the next ming it. Depth, maturity help team Tumbles, flips and twists seemed to be the forte of the gymnastics team. Incorporated into improved routines, such moves allowed the team to capture the Summit Athletic Conference title. In addition, team member Pam Reese broke a North Side all-around record by obtaining a total of 36.5 points during the meet with Homestead. According to Mr. Mike Morris, coach, the success of his team lay in the team members themselves. Even though they were not expecting to win the conference, they prepared themselves well and entered the com- petion with a mature attitude. Depth, as shown by Kathy Didier, also was a key role that led the team to a 12-1 record. They lost to Home- stead, the only team to have beaten North in the past three years. Furthermore, difficulty and creativity in routines added the winning touch. The team also planned goals for next year. The state championship was liigh on their list of priorities, for the team felt that their maturity would be a key factor in helping them to reach that goal. Pam Reese said, " There ' s always room for improvement. If we fake a class or two in the summer and stay in shape, we ' ll be even better next year. " FRONT ROW: Heather Mason. SECOND ROW: Jody Schroeder, Susan Wyatt, Missy Anderson. Jennifer John, Kathy Didier, Tammy Siler, THIRD ROW: Holly LaViyne, Angie Ropers. Pam Reese, Heather Hoffmann, Joni Reese, Shan Didier. FOURTH ROW: Scott Myers. Mr. Ron Weiss, Mr. Mike Morris. 1 IK GYMNASTICS Showing style and grace. Heather Mason prepares for the next move in the routine. Senior Joni Reese demonstrates skill and strength on the Spectators enjoy the gymnastics meet whi wait tor the results. GYMNASTICS 119 Badders, sophomore, lobs the ball over the net. Netmen rebuild " We didn ' t have a winning season, but we had a dedicated season by all the players " said tennis coach Lee Ann Reed. " Next year well be stronger and more experienced in varsity competition " . Jim Tyner won both mental attitude and honorary captain awards, Vince Willams won most dedicated. Seven participant awards, five first year pins, one second year pin, and one third year pin were given. Mrs. Reed ended the interview by saying, " They did as well as expected for a young varsity team " . Don Zirkle, junior, demonstrates the art of two-handed ten- Alan Albright, sophomore, prepares for the upcoming shot. 120 MEN ' S TENNIS Dave Randall, sophomore, tosses the ball up for an easy FRONT ROW: P. Levy, J. Tyner, D. Zirkle, T. Hanni, J. ders, A. Albright. M.Johnson, J, Van Camp, D. Randall, J. warm-up shot. Hayward, V. Williams, N. Miller. SECOND ROW: J. Bad- Klinger, B. Bernard, L. Reed (coach). NS Opponent 1 Norwell 2 5 Leo Warwaw 5 4 Bluffton 1 ! Luers 5 1 South 4 1 5 Northrop 4 Carroll Snider 5 2 Wayne 3 Concordia 5 5 New Haven Elnhurst 5 3 Dwenger 5 Harding 2 Troy Hanni, sophomore, concentrates on the approaching ball. MEN ' S TENNIS 121 Sewell wins state title " We had a very succesful year which was highlighted by North having their first state champion, " said coach Don Hunter. Johnny Sewell won the heavyweight championship with a record of 30 to 1 . Junior Jim Stoltz followed by making it to state with a record of 28 to 3 in the 185-pound division. Both John Gogos, junior, and Keith Beghtel, freshman, advanced to the semi -st ate level in their weight division. " It ' s an honor to win state. It ' s an honor to win the state title for anyone who didn ' t think they could do it. And from what I have accom- plished anything you set your mind to you can do it, " comments Sewell. i one ot twenty pins this season. Jim Stoltz. junior, turns his Snider opponent. sophi 122 WRESTLING Varsity: FRONT ROW: J. Maclntyre, R. Wert, M. Taylor, J. strong, B. Summers.J. Stoltz, R. Trowbridge. L. Swinford, T. Harris, S. Householdcr.J. SewellJ. Gogos, M. Ma Gogos, D. Smith, R. Moss, J. VanOoyen, P. David. SEC Leto. THIRD ROW: J. Dyer (Coach). B. Shank. J. Clegg. C. J. Jaurez. C. Parker, D. Hunter (Coach), OND ROW: M. Shearer, D. Hoffman, G. Malone, D. Arm- Reserve: FRONT ROW: R. Collohan. D. Cain, R. Pee, R. Neer. C. Campbell. T. Lytal.J. Dohse. J. Caywood. P. Pichon, Pfieffer, T. Sarrazin. B. Ingol, M. Cain. J. Cam, D. Hun Gernharr, D. Rohr. D. Hamilton, K. Beghtel, T. Adams. M. D. Martin. THIRD ROW: J. Dyer (Coach), B. Hayes, S. (Coach). Powell. SECOND ROW: D. Shearer. S. Finton. K. Wilson. S. WRESTLING 123 Legend continues through . . . C.O.G.S. C.O.G.S. 125 Valedictorian Salutatorian Victoria L. Kilgore Patricia A. Hurley Highest Honor Mary Poe Menge, North Side graduate, speaks on how p gUy A Hill North Side prepared her for the luture at the PTSA Honors Breakfast. ly. HIGIHsl HONORS National Honor Society FRONT ROW: T. Hurley. A. Burke. A. McKinney. R. Har koncn. P. Lvdy. J. Luther.J, Ricker, C. Aldav. B. Kilgore. D Karolyi. R. Burnett. D. Baker. Daniel Howe. Principal. SEC OND ROW: J. Tyner. B. Bernard. B. Lee. L. Wert. M Koeneman, V. Moore. T, Shank, P. Hinkle, J. Jacqua Grandos, P. Johnstone, J. Greathouse. C. LaSalle. THIRD ROW: L. Henry, P. Shinn. R. Harker. C. LaVingne, S. Klinger, S. Fryback. M. Schott, M. Voors, M. Culbertson, K. Rahrer. J. Ratliff. FOURTH ROW: L, Latham. L. Guthrie. C. Schroeer. T. Hassell, D. Miller. P. HazeltonJ. Kyle, C. Glick, A. Witchey. FIFTH ROW: P. Binderman. M. Hudda, J. Potts, C. Stucky, G. Gilmore, L. Moeller, S. Ruoff. R. Niles, H. Clark. B. Ream. SIXTH ROW: D. Ferguson, B Hams. D. Walters, E. May, L. McMillen. N. Simmons, 1. Sauer. Kruse, K. Sullivan. D. Roberts. SEVENTH ROW I Wright. J. Kinder, C. Meyer. S. Minick, T. Messal. J Va Camp. T. Savage. Quill and Scroll FRONT ROW: Andrea Chnstenson. Janice Nunn. SEC- OND ROW: Chris LaVigne. Jennifer Roehling. Maria Sutto. Peers members discuss upcoming group projects- Peers sponsor programs Peer Facilitators was a special group of students trained to help otters with various problems. This year, the members worked a grea t deal with younger students. For instance, Peers tutored elementary students. In addition, they assumed a kind of big brother sister role. Peers also contributed something to North Side. They put up bulletin boards containing newspaper articles about the school ' s students and atletic events. Furthermore, Peers sponsored the " Lunch With a Giant " program in which a person in the community came to discuss careers and lifestyles to interested students. The members learned to listen and help each other. The experience they gained from the various jobs they did was great. Moreover, there was a special openness between this group of special students. Senior Jenny U8 PEERS FRONT ROW: Mr. R. Liechty, E. Kolar, B. Ainslie, T. Hassell, Mr. E. Merkle. SECOND ROW: P. Shinn.J. Berger, J. Juare2, C. Schroeer, S. Johns Tom Savage, sophomore, and Joel Young, junior, indu a game of chess. Computer logo studied Computer Club was an extension of computer classes. The club was es- tablished for those students with a genuine interest in computers and who wanted to further their knowledge on the subject. The students met once a month to work on projects. Occasionally, there were guest speakers as well as field trips. Members benefitted by learning to solve difficult problems through computer programs. There was also room for an increase in the student ' s creativity. ■ ' New ploys learned " Checkmate " was the word members of Chess Club knew all too well. As a matter of fact, Nick Adams, senior, received his Master ' s rating, which named him one of the top 25 students in the nation at playing chess. There was more to Chess Club than just playing chess. Chess problems had to be solved and clever strat- egies had to be planned. There were " openings " and other various ploys. Although competition remained mostly between the members themselves, Mr. Dave Bierbaum, the club ' s sponsor, hoped at some future date to compete with other schools. So, for those who thought chess was just another board game, Mr. Bierbaum had this message. " Chess was to checkers like soccer was to football. " COMPUTER CHESS 1 29 FRONT ROW: Julie Buerger, Traircia Austin, Peggy Thong, Regina Simmons, Jill Myers, and Lila Olivas. SECOND ROW: Tusla Winbaugh, Angie Samaras, Wendy Scherber, Liz Heffley, Michelle Brackemyre, Cheryl Gerardot, Anne Mackin. THIRD ROW: Natalie Simmons, Theila Smith, Danielle Butler, Lanette Clark, Laural Smith, Melacy Turner, Debbie Walters, Angie Renninger. Hostess Club gives good will About five years ago, several girls who had been working at athletic events decided to organize the Athletic Hostess Club. The club was established with the idea that every member try her best to create an ambience of warmth and welcome for spectators and guests. The criteria for each member was not always easy to meet. When the girls joined the club, they made a faithful commitment to do the various jobs assigned to them at athletic events. Each member had to be kind and courteous at all times. More importantly, they had to be dependable whenever there was a need. Although the experience of working with others was great, members agreed, their goal of good will stood above the rest. AFS enriches culture, travel American Field Services, AFS, was an organization established to further foreign cultural exchanges by allowing students to travel to different lands. The club gave its members an opportunity to meet others of a foreign culture. Events on the agenda included popluck parties in which foods of a specific culture were served, " rap sessions " where foreign exchange students told of experiences encountered in different countries, and the popular ice-skating party. Both exchange students and North Side benefitted from AFS. AFS sent exchange students to North Side. Thus, North Side had the opportunity to enrich itself culturally through the foreign students. FIRST ROW: N.kki Schultz, Tammy Loy, Paige Kruse, Pam Tracy, Lila Olivas, Tina Holt, and Janine David. SECOND ROW: Helen Coufoudakis, Michele Schoenherr, Erin Cecil, Mike McCord.Jim Zion, Elyse Errington, and Tami Christen. THIRD ROW: Angie Renninger, Debbie Walters, Christine Eykholt, Britta Thomas, Rikka Harkonen, and Jennifer Woods. FOURTH ROW: Mark Butler, Alan Witchey, Dan Baker, Christina Schroeer, Todd Hassell, and Kathy Kirk- hoff. AFS B1 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Sandy Macy, Traci Lane, Crystal Lapsley, Tamara Zerkle, Julie Grim. SECOND ROW: Julie Blauvelt, Tammy Parker, Tina Darnell, Linda Doughman, Lisa McLain. THIRD ROW: Stephanie Collier, Kathy Rahrc Amy Sarazen, Shirley Bennett, Sue Lauer. ' Earn while you learn ' What better motto for the Office Education Association (OEA) than, " Earn while you learn " ? Eighteen seniors, headed by Mrs. Sandra Macy, were involved in OEA. The members went to school half a day and worked the other half. All students that belonged to OEA had to take the Cooperative Office Education (COE) class, where there was a meeting every Friday. Some of the activities planned by OEA were a booth at the Halloween party, trips to nursing homes, employer-employee luncheons, a secretarial-business contest, and a service project helping with the Special Olympics. Through OEA, students received a hands-on experience in the business world while still going to school. " It ' s a nice club to be in. It ' s fun to travel with the club and the contests are exciting, " said Shirley Bennett, president of OEA. 132 OEA Club officers Sharon Huff, discuss the issues of the meeting coordinator of PSI. FIRST ROW: Janie Gasnarez, Lisa Gumbert, Pat Trolio, Wendy Miller Valerie Moore, Jennie Teague. SECOND ROW: Traci Lane, Callie Janes, I Beth Hill, Lori Gumbert, Melissa Stephan, Kara Kohlmeier, Tracie Shank, THIRD ROW: Mrs, Irma Johnson. Adviser, iz Heffley, Carol Holland, Elaina Stephens, FSA promotes understanding " It ' s good for them, " said Mrs. Irma Johnson, about the Future Secretaries Association (FSA). " FSA encouraged students in the secretarial field to have a better understanding of the profession. " The club had eighteen students who were in advanced shorthand or FSA. A candlelight initiation each year introduced elected officers to their responsibilities. They were also invited to many dinners and educational seminars. A major highlight was the senior breakfast with the Tawasi Chapter of Professional Secretaries Incorperated (PSI). FSA was visited by many guest speakers who were involved in the business world. One such speaker was Mrs. Sharon Huff , coordinator of PSI, who came to every meeting. The group often took field trips to different companies to see their offices and to talk with the scretaries. Lincoln Life Insurance was among some of the companies they visited. FSA 133 Jerry Gn Service crew important asset Service Markers were an important asset to teachers and other school personnel. Over fifty students gave their services each day. Their daily duties included helping other students, delivering messages, and collecting attendance slips. Originally, these service workers were students in study hall. However, with so many minor jobs to be done, these students gave up their study hall time to lend a helping hand. Service worker Scott Carcillo, senior, comments, " It ' s a better way to spend my time than sitting around and talking in study hall. " FIRST ROW: Wendy Miller, Dawn Langguell. Jim Ainslie. Michelle Brackemyre. THIRD ROW: Jerry Gram. Howard Wendy Arthur, and Elaine Schihler. SECOND ROW: Stevenson, Scott Carcillo, Jerry Malone, and Gerry Mason. Tammy Parker. Traci Lane. Tammy Park. Anne Mackin, and H4 SERVICE WORKER Afro fosters brotherhood The Afro Club was started in the 1970 ' s when human relations in schools were needed. " It ' s a good group for students to express their concerns, which they probably wouldn ' t express in school, " said Mrs. Liz zie Epps, guidance counselor. There were about twenty involved in the Afro Club. The group planned many activities each year. Just a few of them were a fashion show, visits to nursing homes, and a booth at the Halloween party. The club was open to anyone, of any race, interested in race relations in school. The group met once a week before school, making a twenty-five cent dues payment each week. Their main goal was to foster brotherhood among the students within the school system. " Our purpose is to bring all students together, not just the black culture, " said Natalie Simmons, president of the Afro Club. She also added " At the beginning of each school year, we establish an academic goal and work toward reaching that goal. " FIRST ROW: Tonya Sims. Stacey Thomas, Shornell Hams, Deborah Tubbs, Regina Simmons. Lisa Williams. SECOND ROW: Bruce Wheaton, Michelle Wheaton, Joyce Sir Baker. Felecia D. Bares. THIRD ROW: Natalie Sim- ;, Courtney Harris, Jill Myers, Biliy Young, Danielle r, MyLien Nguyen. AFRO CLUB 135 Visitors gain experience Charles Dadvisard, an exchange student from France, came to the United States because he thought it would be a good experience to leave his family and be independent for a year. " It ' s very hard to come to a country where 1 don ' t know anything about, " he said. " I only know about America through pictures in magazines . Coming to Fort Wayne was not exactly what he had expected. " Pictures in magazines do not show the American people and their way of life, " he said. Although Fort Wayne cannot compare to Paris, Charles still appreciated his experience here. He especially appreciated the relationship between teachers and students at North Side. He thought that this was a good example for other countries to follow. Charles is the youngest in the family. He has one brother and two sisters. His mother was an interior designer. He enjoys any kind of sport that deals with water. He would like to pursue a career in communication, fashion design, or acting. Although he likes the United States, he still preferred France. " I am French and I want to stay French, " Charles said. One of the two exchange students from West Germany is Christian Schroeer. Christian lives in Duisbury. He has two brothers. His mother is a teacher and his father is a college president. Education is very important to him. He was chosen to come to the United States free of charge due to his good grades and a personal interview. " Germany is different from America in every way, " Christian said. For instance, the schools in Germany do not have competitive sports. In addition, the schools are also in session six days a week instead of five days. " I ' m very happy that 1 got a chance to come here. I hope that otter Americans could get the chance to go over to Germany or other countries in Europe, " he said. " I thought it was a good experience to meet a lot of people, " said Rikka Harkonen, Finnish exchange student, about coming to the United States. Rikka has two sisters. Her older sister had been in the United States before. Her mother is a school teacher and her father is an engineer. She enjoys music, dancing, gymnastics, and down-hill skiing. One of the reasons why she likes North Side is because it is bigger than her school in Finland. " 1 can choose so many different subjects here, like dance, " she said. Among the subjects that she is taking are German and English. She also speaks Swedish. She has visited many countries in Europe, including Sweden, Italy, Greece, Spain, and England. Rikka will especially be remembered by her friends as the girl who loves to eat. Britta Thomas, an exchange student fromHennlef, Wast Germany, has one sister. She stayes with the family of Rochelle Brown, junior. Britta likes to listen to music and expecially loves the music channel, MTV. Among two of her favorite groups are Saga and Supertramp. Back home in Hennlef she took many language classes in English, French, and Latin. With four years of English, she has no trouble communicating with otter students. Her favorite sarcastic saying was " Fine! " 136 VISITORS Speech crew overcomes fear People afraid of speaking either large audiences or small groups learned to overcome such through the Speech Club. Speech was a competative club. Members competed with speech clubs of other schools. This competition extended into sectio nals , regLonals and, finally, state. Mrs. Claryn Myers, drama teacher, coached each student on a free-time basis. Students of Speech benefitted in several ways. They increased their abilities in writing and presenting a good speech. More importantly, their self-esteem and confidence were boosted. Lisa Henry, senior, practices reciting her speech. tJ » I FRONT ROW: M. McCotd, S. Moynahan, J. Compton. A. Blanton. SECOND ROW: S. Klinger, J. Roberts. J. McMa- hon, E. Bryan. Group applies acting forms For students who had an interest in drama, Thespians was a great way to learn the application of dramatic skills. Thespians was an extacurricular activity that enabled students to get together to practice the forms and processes of good acting. Mrs. Claryn Myers, drama teacher, sponsored the club. However, because of her hectic schedule with other work, she admitted, " The students pretty much ran things themselves. According to Skip Crouch, senior, " Thespians gave a great deal of insight about what the theater arts are all about. " SPEECH THESPIANS 13 7 Key crew helps raise funds FRONT ROW: J. Turner, A- Clark, L. Olivas, D. Baral, M. Lauer, J. David. SECOND ROW: A. Witchey, M. Butler, M. Pomerov, T. Hassell, K. Kirkhoff, L. Ellis. The Key Club , sponsored by Mr. Merle Rice and Mr. Neal Putt, was a service organization designed to help other organizations that were in need of money. Cystic Fibrosis and Big Brothers Big Sisters were organiza- tions that requested the club ' s help in raising funds. The members planned projects such as preparing Christmas baskets for needy North Side fanilies, sending various members to the state convention, and writing the popular North Side Key, a listing of addresses and phone numbers of North Side students. Students trace family history In the past, many efforts had been made to establish a genealogy club, but up until two years ago, there was very little success. However, today, students who had a desire to research their family history were a part of Genealogy Club. The general meetings were held at school periodically. Once a month, the members would congregate at the main public library to acquire in- formation on their progenitors. Later, back at school, the students shared with each other various facts that they had found. As a benefit, this club offered a personal satisfaction to its members. The students were often elated when they found interesting information, such as a great relative having had fought in the Civil War. According to Mr. Myron Henderson, the club ' s sponsor, ' letting the in- formation was a lot like detective work and puzzle solving. However, it ' s fun to see a student find some- thing. " 1 . •Up tb i . . f n mMJBm nEm a fl 1 1 FRONT ROW: K. Con Mr. M. Henderson. , S. Insley, E. Thomas, C. Eykholt, 13S KEY CLUB GENEALOGY Mr. Orvil Schlatter helps Page Kruse, junior, with assignment. Leaders help in community Project Lead was a volunteer organization that taught students leadership skills and getting involved in the conminity. The members often choose an area in the community that they considered to be a " trouble spot " and undertook the necessary steps to improve it. The two major projects involved working with elderly people and elementary students. The first was a crime prevention project. The m embers went to various places throughout the city to talk to elderly people on how not to become victims of crime. These seminars included the showing of movies, distribution of pamphlets, and demos t rat ions. The other, Latch Key Kids, evolved because of the concern over children who stay alone at home until a parent arrives. Basically, the members wanted to find out the needs of these children and tried to help. Learning leadership skills and how to get along with other people were two major benefits. Others included learning good planning and organization skills and dealing with the real world. " Project Lead is one of the best things that ever happened to me, " declared Alan WLtchey, junior. FRONT ROW: J. David, M. Lauer, P. Kruse. L. Amstutz, S. Berry. SECOND ROW: E. Cecil, J. Zion, M. McCord, S. Zion, J. Johnson. C. Kinsey. THIRD ROW: L. Ellis. Mr. O. Schlatter, R. Hood, M. Lauer, K. Kirkhoff, A. Witchey. PROJECT LEAD 139 FRONT ROW: S. Neal, K. Hagerman.J. Gieze, L. Raftree, van. P.Johnstone. FOURTH ROW: S. Ruoff, M. Ayres, C. M. Hoang. SECOND ROW: C. Gieseking, K. Sullivan, J. Harris, R. Burnett, V. Williams, D. Roberts. FIFTH ROW: B. Greathouse, J. Zion, A. Young, S. Zion. THIRD ROW: M. Getts, T. Savage, J. Kinner, D. Randall, A. Renninger, D. Papier, B. Plumb, J. Hetrick, P. Lydy, C. LaVigne, K. Sulli- Walters. M. Teeders. Cheryl Mawhorr, senior, begins carving her pumpkin for rhe Halloween party. Scott Zion, junior, enters Jenny Bills name in a drawing after she gave some toys to the Toys-for-Tots campaign. 140 STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council president Susan Klinger gets an interview with a local news personality before pulling the switch for practice fire drill. Mrs. Pumpkin takes time out to pose for a picture before going to the Halloween party. Council plans events Student Council ' s agenda included many events. Theses vere a Halloween party, homecoming week, the blood bank, and the Toys-for-Tots collec- tion. However, the highlight of the year was the Junior Senior prom. Members had several responsibil- ities. They had to attend meetings, make plans, participate in planned events, and basically just helped out whenever needed. Susan Klinger, president, explained, " If you ' re a member you have responsibilities, not just to Student Council, but also to your class. " Despite the hard work, Student Council had its benefits. According to Don Roberts, junior class president, " It was fun and it ' s a good way to meet a variety of people. " Corey Mettler, freshman class president summed up his council experience, " It was a challenge. " STUDENT COUNCIL 141 Students sandbag for safety Redskins pulled together to help save North Side and the city of Fort Wayne in the flood of 1985. Many students volunteered to sandbag both at North Side and the downtown flood stations. " I was really surprised to see so many students sandbag at North Side. I didn ' t really think anyone cared that much. It made me proud to be from North Side, " said Becky Hill, junior. Besides student volunteers, the faculty and staff of North Side also contributed their time and energy to help save the city from the high flood waters. " Teaching is hard on the brain, but not hard on the muscles. I was so sore from sandbagging, " said Miss Melinda Stewart, teacher. Due to past experiences in the flood of 1982, North Side did not receive much damage in 1985. Precautions were taken by placing sandbags along North Side Drive to protect the stadium gym and the computer system was also shut down. Although students missed four days of school, they did not have to make up for the time. " I ' m glad that we didn ' t have to make up these days at the end of the year because I couldn ' t stand another four extra days in school, " said Linda Raftree, junior. The flood of 1985 brought Redskins and the people of the city together. Most importantly, it showed that success comes from teamwork. Redskins demonstrated this by their determination and enthusiasm to help save North Side as well as Fort Wayne. 142 FLOOD places whether to wait for de it impossible for traffic Volunteer fire department of St.Joeseph Township helped pump water from North Side Drive. Threatening waters of the St. Joe River reach bottom of the North Side Bridge during the third worst flood of Ft. Wayne. Two ducks remain calm in spite of the rising waters of the St. Joe Ri Legend continues in . . . 144 MUS1C Music MUSIC 145 Success takes time, effort After competing at the Marching Bands of America Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, the band placed seven- teenth. Two hundred six drummers, horn players, flag twirlers, and dancers all joined together to achieve this success. " I think, the success is due to the fact that the band is like a big family. Everyone accepted con- structive criticism from other members of the band, " said Andrea Burke, senior. The success of the band was also due to the time and effort contributed by the The band practiced fifteen hours a week. " I sacrificed my love the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a performance when the crowd applauds, " said Krissy Sullivan, junior. The directing staff also had a great deal to do with the success of the band. They sacrificed much of their time putting together a great performance. Mr. Ed King, band director, dedicated much of his time, in fact, twelve years, to the marching band. The band members showed their appreciation to Mr. King by giving him a trombone. " He spends so much time with us and helps us with our problems. He is like my second dad, " said Elaina Stephens, senior. Pam Hinkle, senior, and Tammy Schinbeckler, sophomore lead the band out for pre band members, a minimum of time because I Andrea Burke, senior, shows how practice results in excel- lence 146 M. BAND The drum line concentrates intensely on keeping the beat for the band. M. BAND 147 Concert FRONT ROW: G. Cooley, L. Latham, T. Binkley, K. Daven port, T. Holt, C. Hildebrandt, L, Guthrie, K. Mathias, T Binkley, J. Young, K. Wahlig, D. Heiser, M. Thrush, L Doan, S. Miller, J. Ricker, Y. Martin, S. Webb, M. Culbert son. SECOND ROW: J. Roehling, P. Kuehner, J. Wade, J Woods, T. Graham, E. McRoberts, M. Thrush, J. Robison K. Mitchell, S. Williams, D. Novell, J. Wampler, M. Sch C. Anderson, M. Roberson, M. Brackemyre, C. Taylor, S Wyatt, K. Harris, M. Stephan, L. Steinbacher, THIRD ROW K. Shippy, J. Adams, K. Keske, D. Mollering, D. Baker, D Langwell. FOURTH ROW: D. Miller, J. Rectenwald, J Tyner, R. Cuney, C. Moffit, B. Lowen.J. Gernhart.J. Hobbs S- Karapantos, L. Onz, M. Voors, D. Tieban, L. Schilling, P Grandos, D. Lesh. FIFTH ROW: V. Kilgore, C. Armstrong A. Weber, A. Clark, M. Prumm, J. Riggs, D. Cuney, K. Wells, T, Brackemyre, D. Reynolds, T. Wells, M. Wright, M. Tei fert, C. Stephan, G. Pomeroy, T. Hassell, A. Lussier, M. Williams, B. Graham. SIXTH ROW: D. Lary, B. Zelt, M. Sutto, P. Trolio, N. Felger, R. Cain, P. Hazleton, G. Junk, J. Kinder, A. Burke, D. Karolyi, C. Johnson, M. Matter, R. Burnett, B. Ainsley, R. Maggert, T. Harris, R. Laughlin, S. Creech. SEVENTH ROW: W. Sarrazin, K. Maloney, S. Hoffman, T. Shown, M. Woodruff, J. Weibel, M. Relue.J. Waterman, J. McGinnis, J. Lane, T. Cady. Varsity FRONT ROW: M. Bryers, I. Ingram, T. Mendez, A. Bol- linger, T. Ruff. SECOND ROW: J. Smith, D. Simone, K. Klee, K. Keifer, S. Harris, J. Smith, J. Freimuth, T. Loy, P. Tracy, B. Fark. THIRD ROW: E. Burgess, C. Trice, E. Ross, J. Anderson, G. Ottinger, D. Ferguson, R. Smith, B. Day, T. Williams. FOURTH ROW: J. Guthrie, N. Hess, B. Klingler, C. Maloney, S. Brown, J. Weibel, J. Richards, K. Graham, S. Smith. 148 BANDS Arrowettes FRONT ROW: M. Getty. M. Coan, T. Shank. E. Stephens, P. Hinkle. M. Gogos, A. Bass, D. Sheatet, K. Sullivan, M. Hoang, K. Sullivan, A. Young, T. Schinbecklet. SECOND ROW: K. Steinbachet, K. Stanski, J. Fteimuth, S. Deans, S. David. K. Fox. S. May. T. Catuso. C. Adams. J. Giese, D. Ktase, F. Lykins. THIRD ROW: D. Languell, M. Fought, K. Madison, K. Eykholt, S. Berry, S. Anderson, B, Auld, S. Smith, J. Boerger, S. Neal, M. Webb, L.Johnson, M. Sarrazin, J. Leverenz.J. Gasnarez. FOURTH ROW: D. Baral, N. Pratt, D. Park, R. Brown, B. Thomas, R. Harkonen, K. Schrim- shaw, H. Hoffman, S. Fryback, S. Mohr, L. Schulp, L. Hwang, K. Baber, R. Bentrup, T. Matson. Mimi Webb and Heather Hoffman, juniors, and Sue Fryback senior, display their precise flag twirling skills to entertaining the fans. ARROWETTES 149 Rehearsal Stage Band FRONT ROW: M. Williams, R. Cuney, B. Lowen.J. Gern- hardt, D. Miller, L. Onz, M. Thrush, J. Rectenwald, M. Voors, M. Thrush, L. Doans, K. Maloney, S. Hoffman. SECOND ROW: T. Cady, S. Hagan, K. Wells, D. Cuney, M. Prumm.J. Riggs, S. Pomeroy. THIRD ROW: J. McGinnis, T. Shown, R. Laughlin, R. Cain, R. Burnett, G. Junk, P, Hazelton, N. Felger, B. Zelt. nj Y 1 u iy 1 w M ▼ ni i jfl - L J " p x ' Orchestra FRONT ROW: D. Earl, C Alday, A. Kump, D. Schmidt, K, Hagerman. SECOND ROW: C Gilson, J. Murphy, K. Lynn, T, Langston, T. Wojciechowski, C. Gieseking, L. Allison, A. Bohlander, M. Papier, J. BrueningJ. Papier. THIRD ROW: E. May, G. Sauer, P. Binderman, R. Shuler, J. Johnson, M. MeeksJ. Caywood. FOURTH ROW: R. Keating, J. Potts, C. Schroeer, L. Guthtie, D. Katolyi, S. Resac, M. Teifert, G. Allison. 150 REHEARSAL ORCHESTRA A Cappella FRONT ROW: J. Hicks, VC. Sarrazin, K. Eykholt, C. Hilde- ROW: B. Martz, B. Niles, D. Schneider, R. Ochoa, T. Spen- Smith, J. Johnson, A. Romano, B. Kenseth, T. Sarrazin, P. brand, C. Callahan, D. Rohr. S. Insley, B. Harvey, S. cer, K. Gove, B. Beber, B. Wheaton, J. Lehman, J. Harter, S. Heiselmann, R. Herron, T. Sappenfield, T. Ansberry, K. Schaeffer, K. Ramey, M. Anderson, D. Cranfill, T. Siler, K. Schmidt, S. Rice, T. Galloway, S. Beineke, J. Waak, J. Greg- Williams. T. Durbin, D. Markey, A. Horton. McLaughlin, R, Tullis, M. Flaugh, Dr, J. Hill. SECOND ory. THIRD ROW: J. Smith, H. Coufoudakis, M. Mowrer,}. Troubadours FRONT ROW: T. Park. B. Beber, A. Mackin.J. Young, R. Mayes, D. Nichols, K. Stanski, T. Sherman. SECOND ROW: M. Boren, H. Clark, D. Armstrong, C. Christen, A. Dirig, E. Bryan, M. Neal, Dr. J. Hill. THIRD ROW: S. Farmer, J. Doehrmann, M. Robinson, K. Koczor. J. Hicks, M. Garver, R. Taylor, C. Harris, M. Brackemyre. A CAPPELLA TROUBS 151 ATJ FRONT ROW: K. Stanski, L. Studler, K. Koczor, K. Eyk- Carcillo, A. Ream, E. Bodine, J. McMahon, D. Nichols, holt, A. Mackin, M. Sutto, A. Ding. SECOND ROW: S. Beber, J. Papier. " Mary had a little lamb 152 ATJ Wildsiders FRONT ROW: M. Relue, L. Guthrie, T. Beeler, B. Graham, ROW: K. Klee, J. Weibel, M. Teifert, D. Reynolds, M. D. Karolyi, C. Johnson. M. Matter, J. Kinde S. Karapantos, J. Hobbs, J. Adams, J. Tyner. SECOND Wright, T. Wells, T. Brackemyre. THIRD ROW: R. Burnett, Steve Karapantos, Mark Teifert, and Troy Wells, gave their full concentration during Wildsiders ' practice. WILDSIDERS 153 Adams, Jeffrey S 46,146,148,446 Adams, Michael L 68,99 Adams, Nicholas 46,76 Adams, Thomas R 68 Adamson, Patricia E 60 Adkins, Carol A 60 Adkinson, Timothy 76 Ainslie, James .68,134 Ainslie, William J 68,129,141 Airgood, Tricia A 68 Albright, Alan R 68,120,121 Alday, Cynthia M 46,150 Alday, Scott E 31,46,102 Alders, Robert 89 Allison, Gregory P 76,102,158 Allison, Laura E 60,150 Allen, Kimberly S 68 Allen, Valerie J 60 Altman, Bonnie L .68 Airman, Robert E 46,105 Alvarez, Angela M 46 Armstrong, Nicole 60 Armstrong, Craig N 46,148 Armstrong, David A 46,99,151 Amburgey, Craig A 46 Amburgey, Scott D 60 Amstutz, Linda E 76,138 ' Amstutz, Steven D 68 Anderson, Christine M 46,148 Anderson, Douglas 76 Anderson, Jeffrey L 76,148 Anderson, Kathleen G 76 Anderson, Michelle L 76,92,151 Anderson, Richard L 76 Anderson, Susan K 60, 149 Anderson, Tammy J 76 Anderson, Teresa K .68 Anderson, Victoria J 68 Ansberry, Tammy J 76,151 Anspach, Thomas W 76,102 Antoniuk, Jon C 76 Anweiler, Julie A 76 Archer, Steven C 46 Arnold, Mark W 46 Aron, Antwon D .68 Arrington, Willie J 60 Arthur, Wendy M ..46,134 Ashley, Judy M 30,46 Ashley, Mike S 76 Auld, Barbara L 60,149 Auld, Michelle 76 Auriti, Matthew S 76 Ausban, Brian A .60 Austin, Jarren L 76 Austin, Travicia N 68,130 Austin, Travis Jr 2,76 Avila, Annette R 60 Ayers, Brent M 76 Ayers, Michelle M 46,140 Babcock, Dawn M 68 Babcock, Jimnie J 76,105 Babcock, Valerie L 46 Baber, David K 60 Baber, Kimberly K .60,149 Badders, Jamison E ...68,120,121 Bailey, Bobby J 60 Bailey, Leanne 5,68,109 Baker, Anna E 46,135 Baker, Daniel E 46,131,146,148 Baker, Michael K 46 Banet, Amy M 46 Banet , Angela L 46 Baney, James M 46 Baney, Mary Jo 46,166 Baral, Itori R. 68,149 Barboza, Anthony C 60 Barile, Renia 46 Barnes, Jon R 60 Barnes, Karyn G 76 Barnum, Christie E 46 Barron, Mark R 76 Bashop, Valerie D 68 Baskerville, Annjeanet 76 Bass, Amy L 68,149 Bass, Scott A .60,136 Basset, Wendy L 76 Batchelder, James C 60 Bates, Felicia D .60,135 Bauer, Chris A 46 Baughman, Angelas 46,109 Baughman, Burke 76 Baumgartner, Michelle 60 Baxter, Christoph E 76 Baxter, Johnny L 68 Bay, Cheryl L 68 Beard, Bettina A 46 Beber, William M 99,151,152 Beck, Elbert L 60 Beck, Wendy K 30,95 Becktell, UsaA 96 Beeler, Michael S 59 Beeler, Tammie M .60 Beeler, Timothy A .60,153 Beerman, Christoph T .60,99 Beerman, Michelle M .68,109 Beghtel, Keith A 76 Beineke, Sheila M .60,151 Bellis, Karen M 46 Bender, Latricia R 60 Bennett , Gary 68 Bennett, Shirley J 46,132 Bentrup, Renee L 60,149 Berger, Jeffrey B .68,129 Bergman, Raymond F 76 Berkeley , Nycole A 76 Berkeley, Tonia L 60 Bernard, William A 46,121 Berry, Sonya A 138,149 Biancaniello, Mark L 68 Biancaniello, Robin L 68 Bierbaun, David 17 Bill, Jennifer A 46,129,141 Biggins, Kathleen A 60 Billingsley, Althenia D 68 Billingsley , Barbara A 46 Billingsley, Ethel M 46,33 Binderman, Pamela 60,150 Bingen, Cindy M 76 Bingen, Therese M 68 Binkley, Terri A 68 Binkl ey, Todd A 46,148 Blair, Lisa J 60 Blanton, Cornelius .60,137,148 Blauvelt, Benjie S 76 Blauvelt, Julie A 132 Blevins, Carolyn R 60 Blevins, Regina 28,60 Bodine, Edward G 46,152 Bodkin, Jodi K .68 Bodkin, Michael S 60 Boerger, Julie E 60,149 Bohlander, Amy L 60,63,150 Bolen, Raymond .60 Bolenbaugh, Darcy M 46 Bolin, Anthony 60 Bolin, Patrick 68 Bolinger, Felicia 76,148 Bolinger, Robert 60 Bollinger, Angela E 76 Bond, Judith K 68 Bonner, Joseph 60 Bonner, Steve 68 Booker, Jon 99 Booker, Kenneth 68 Bookin, Michael 60 Booth, Jacquelin R 60 Boothby, David C 76,102 Boren, Melissa J 46,151 Bosch, Dawn K 68 Boschet, Kenneth G 76 Bougher, Thomas J 46 Bowden, Karin L 68 Bower, Christoph M 76,99,105 Bower, Steven L .60 Bower, Steven L 60 Bowers, Cathy A 68 Bowers, Kelli J 31,46 Bowlby, Gerald S Jr 68 Bowlby, Marcy R 46 Bowman, Jill A .68 Bowman, Paul D 60 Boy Ian, Adam 76 Brackemyre, Anthony D 60,153 Brackemyre, Michelle R.46,130,134,148 Brady, Jay D .68 Braun, Thomas E 31,46 Brecount , Steven F 76 Brennan, Sara C 46 Brenton, Carte L 60 Bricker, Tim G 60 Bricker, Tony J .60 Bridges, Rochelle M 68 Bridgewater, Ryan S 76 Briggs, Stacy L .60 Bright, James L 76 Brilev, Jamie L 60 Briley, Jeff R 76 Brimm, Angela J 60 Brisentine, Frances D 76 Brisentine, William C IV 68 Bristol, Martha F .60 Broadnax, James .n0 Brockwell, James E .60 Brooks, Aaron C 76 Brooks , Donna J 76 Brooks, Kevin L 60 Brooks, Lawrence W 76 Brown, Heidi M 68 Brown, Joe 46 Brown, Mary C 68 Brown, Paula L 46 Brown, P hi Hi p E 76 Brown, Rachelle.. 68,149 Brown, Scott 24 Brown, Stephanie A 76 Brown, Stephen E 68 Brown, Tina M 46 Brown, Todd W 46 Broyles, Beth A 46 Bruening, Jennifer E 46,107,150 Bryan, Darin P 46 Bryan, Eldan 46,137,151 Bryant, Tammy A 76 Bryers, tolanie J 76,148 Bubb, Angle L 60 Buchan, Tory L .68 Buchan, Trent A 46,105 Bufkin, Steve B 68 Buhr, Linda 89 Burban, Dawn D 46 Burd, Michael E 76 Burelison, Jacob C 76 Burgess, Erick A 76 , 148 Burke, Andrea J 64,146,148 Burnett, Eugene 68 Burnett, Robert S. .60, 140, 149, 150, 153 Burns, Sean 76 Buroff, Gary B 46 Burton, Hollis E 76 Bush, Carl E 46 Buss, Mark A 68 Butler, Danielle C 68,130,135 Butler, Jennifer 68 Butler, Mark J 31,60,131,138 Byanski, Mara L 68 Byus, Sam P 60 Byus, Steve M 68,99 Cady, Jana Lea 76 Cady, Thomas 61,148,150 Cady, William M 68 Cady, Darnell K 76,102 Cain, James D 76,102 Cain, Mark E 76 Cain, Richard L 10,68,148,150 Caldwell, Malinda S 76 Callahan, Curtis N 68 Campbell, Charles S 68,105 Campbell, Delson R 61,104 Campbell, James W 68 Campbell, Kent L 68 Campbell, Kraig W 47 Carcillo, Scott L.... 47, 94, 99, 134, 152 Carey, Michelle R .61 Carmack, Toni L .68 Carroll, Shane M 76 Carroll, Steven A .68 Carroll, Tina A. 76 Carstens, Anthony S 47 Carter, James J 47 Carter, Michael D 68 Cartwright, Brian D 76 Caruso, Angela C 68 Caruso, Tina A 76,149 Cashman, Karen S 61 Casper, Kelly D 61 Castator, Jeff A 76 Castator, Judith A .61,67,92 Caton, Merry M 68,92 Caudill, Sheri 61 Caywood, John E .68,99,150 Cecil, Erin E 68,131,138 Chandler, Matthew 76 Chapman, Nicole M 76 Chastain, Samuel H 61 Chester, Carlene D 76 Chester, Kent L 76 Chester, Penny L 47 Christen, Cane la D .68,92,131,157 Chiddister, Trade S .68,109 Christen, Tami 131 Christenson, Andrea M 47 Christenson, Kimberly S 68 !kL. mA ■Br 1H ' " )P ifl $ Mh The students in Human Development perfotm a skit on child behav Christie, Nick E 47,136 Chupp, Darlen 68 Clark, Angela K 68,138,148 Clark, Douglas A 47 Clark, Holly L 68,157 Clark, James R 47 Clark, Stacy A 47 Clark, Lanette M 68,130 Clarke, Pulver 68 Clegg, John D 61,99 Clements, Lance D 47 Clevenger, Dawn L 61 Coan, Marie A 47,149 Colby, Anthony D 61 Cole, Brian R 76 Coleman, Lori a 61 Coleman, Scott M 76 Collier, Michael J 68 Collier, Stephanie D 47,132 Collins, Jeffrey C 68 Collins, Michelle R 68 Compton, Darren L 76 Compton, Joel L 61,137 Compton, Laura K 76 Compton, Marty R 68 Conley, Melissa J 61 Conser, Randy R 68 Conti, Keith R 76,138 Cook, Dearm T 76 Cook, Dennis G Jr 76 Cook, Stephan E 61 Cook, Thomas W 61 Cooley, Glerma A 47,148 Coolman, Deborah L 47 Coamert, James E 76 Coonrod, Karrie A 68 Cooper, Anthony 68,99 Cooper, Derrick 47 Comett, Robyn R 76 Cotterman, Brian R 68 Coufoudakis, Helen M 76,131,151 Cowan, John D 8,9,11,68 Cowdrick, Larry T Jr 76 Cowles, Richard E 47 Cox, Brent M 61 Cox, Michelle R 76 Crail, Mike L 68 Crance, Stephanie L 68 Cranfill, Dawn C 76,151 Crawford, Lynne A 68 Creech, Scott A 68,148 Crichfleld, Miranda T 61 Crocker, Gloria K 76 Crothers, Sharee L 47 Crouch, Howard L 76 Crouch, WilliaaR 47 Crowell, Robby J 47 Crvm, Ted 110 Crupe, Kenneth L 68 Cryer, Eugene 68 Cryer, John F 19,76,lo2 Culbertson, Mari D 18,47,148 Edmonson, William 81 Ehldering, Lisa 54 Elder, Kevin 73 Eldridge, Maxine 54 Ellington, John 81,102 Ellington, Sabrina 54 Ellington, Sylena 64 Ellis, Lisa 68,138 Elliot, Erick 61,99 Elliot , James 77 Elliot, Kandle 68 Elliot, Pamela 61,110 Elmer, Mary 48 Elston, Julie 77 Emerson, Steven 61 Enea, James 4,48 Enea, Teresa 77 English, Timonthy 68 Erdman, Eric 61 Erdman, William 77 Eppert, Tracy 48 Errington, Elyse 68,131 Eberle, Michael 77 Esper, Patrick 77,109 Espinnoza, Vicki 89 Ester, Philip 68 Evans, Cheri 61 Evans, Darnell 68 Evans, Evans 77 Ewing, Mark 77 Eykholt, Christine. .26, 48, 131, 138, 152 Eykholt, Kathleen 71,149,151 Fager, Diana M 69 Faiers, Jean L 69 Fairfax, Sonja L 69 Fancil, Tammy J 62 Fancil, Thomas E 77 Faor, Kristoria D 77 Fark, Beth A 77 Farmer, Monica K 69 Farmer, Sondra G .62,151 Farrell, James E 77,102 Farris James H 48 Faulkner, Alex N 48 Felger, Nicholas C 148,150 Felkner, Dawn C . ' 62 Ferguson, Monique 69 Ferguson, Robert D 77 Finton, Steven R 48,105 Finton, Scott B ....77 Florentine, Kristina S 62 Florentine, Myra J 69 Fisher, William W 31,69 Flake, Joe E 77 Flatt , Nathan H 62 Flatt, TamaraR.. 77 Flaugh, Mala S 151 Fletcher, Ronnah L 77 Flinn, Angela D 69 Flinn, Kenneth A 69 Flippen, Monty A .62 Flohr, Mary B 69 Fogel, Amanda A 48 Foster, Brian T 62 Foster, Steven D 48 Fought, Melissa .69,149 Fox, Kathy E 48 Fox, Stephanie 48 Frain, Jeffrey A 102 Franks, Anne M 62 Frazier, Dallas R 69,99 Frazier, Kristina M 48,148 Frazier, Van L 77 Freeman, Yvett M 62 Freiburger, Renee 1 48 Freimuth, Amy L 5,92 Freimuth, Andrew A 77 Freimuth, Jeffrey L 77 Freimuth, Jennifer L 69,149 Frey, Karla J 62 Fromm, Steven J 69 Fryback, Sue Anne ..48,149 Fryback, Tina M 77 Fuller, Michael A 77 Galloway, Jaime C 77 Galloway, Tristina 77,151 Galloway, Stephen T 61 Ganaway, Kenneth B 77 Garcia, Maria M 77 Gard, Todd L .69,148 Garrett, John H 77 Garver, Michael T 50,151 Garver, Tracy 109 Garvin, Jon E 61 Garvin, Monica L 69 Gasnarez, Juana M 50,133,149 Gebhart, Michelle C 61 Giese, Jennifer S 77,140 Geisel, Nick M 61 Geller, Scot A „..61 Gennaitte, Michele, L 61 Gerardot, Cheryl R 13,61,130 Jo Spindler, freshman, gets her t Gerber, Alicia C 77 Gerber, Miss Sherry 26 Gerger, Chris toph S 77 Gerger, Gregory S 69 Gemhardt, Jeff R 69,148,150 Gemhardt, Rick A 17,77,102 Getts, Michelle L 69 Getts, Robert E 69 Getty, Maria J 50,149 Geyer, Melissa A 77 Gibbs, William E 77 Gibson, Paul N 50,95 Giese, Jennifer S 77,149 Gieseking, Cynthia A. . A 1 , 106 , 140, 150 Gieseking, Steven C 5,77,105 Gilbert, David M 77 Gilreath, Douglas E .61 Gilxeath, Joe 61 Gilreath, John M 77 Gilrmre, Ginger G 69,92 Gilson, Candy J 77,107,150 Giron, Juan J 50 Giroux, John R 61 Glaser, Lisa S :69 Glasper, John W 77 Glaspie, Maryellen 69 Gleason, Chistopher A 69 Gleason, Damon 77 Glick, Christine A 77 Glide, Galen R 77,99 Glover, Willis M 50 Godfrey, Elizabeth L 69 Godfrey, John A 77 Godfrey , Lawrence A 77 Goehring, Denise 1 61 Gogos, Dimitrios 61 Gogos, Dimitrios .61 Gogos , .Gianis 6 1 , 99 Gogos , Maria 77, 149 Goldey, Kenneth A 69 Goodman, Tammy 69 Goodwin, Richard A 77 Gosnell, Melanie S 50 Gosnell, Thomas R 69 Gove, Kimberly I .69,151 Gradl, Angela J 61 Graham, Bryan E 50,148,152 Graham, Jeffery D 33,69,99 Graham, Tanya R 69,148 Graham, Kenneth E 77 Gram, Jerry 134 Gran, Gerald C 50 Grandos, Patricia L 50,148 Grant, Stacey C 50 Granzella, Tamara L 69 Graves, Michael s .69 Greathouse, MJane 46,50,59,140 Gray, Matt W 50 Gray, Scott J 61 Green, Melissa 77 njoyn of making layouts. Green, Sheila V .69 Gregory, Julie D .61,151 Griffitts, Charlene .69 Griffitts, Jr Charles 77 Griffin, Robert A 50 Grifka, Jon T 77 Grim, Julie A 23,50,132 G limps, James L 77 Grinsfelder, Richard I .69 Grinsfelder, Andrew J 61 Grinstead, Christoph W 31,77 Griswold, Julie A 77 Griswold, William L .69 Groff, Doris E 61 Groff, Robert M 50 Graver, Lisa M 69 Groves, Angie K .69,148 Groves, Douglas C 4,61 Grubb, Brent W 61 Grubb, David J 77 Grundy, Jeff 102 Grundy, Sean D .69,99 Guiff , Tim A 69 Gulker, Ferdinand H .61 Gumbart, Lisa M 50,133 Gumbart, Lorraine M .61,133 Guthrie, Joel A 77 Guthrie, Lynn E 18,50,148,150,152 Guy, James .69 Hagan, Steven P 69 Hagerman, Kelly D 77,150 Haim, Rick 77 Haines, Chad A 77 Haines, Jeffery W 61,105 Haines, Ronald E 80 Hake, Shana L 69 Hall, Eugene L 69 Hall, James L 61 Haller, Todd A 77 Hamilton, Jr. Dennis L 77 Hamilton, Kendra B 69 Hamilton, Lisa L 77 Hamilton, Robert G 77 Hamilton, Sharon D 77 Hammons, Chuck 77 Handschy, Charles R 77 Haney, Robert P 69 Hanic, Stephen M .61,99 Hanni, Troy A 69,121 Hardesty , Ricky L 61 Hardlek, Heidi L 69 Hardiek, James D 69 Hardiek, Steven M 80 Harford, Paul A 69 Harker, Ronald J 80 Harkinson, Stephanie L 61 Harkonen, Riikka S 80,131,149 Harrington, Christine M 61 Harrington, Katharine A 69 Harris, Christoph L 77,99 Harris, Courtney A .61,135,140,151 Harris, Jr. Janes W 3,69 Harris, Kelly A 80,148 Harris, Mrs 134 Harris, Richard G 77,102 Harris, Shamell D 77,135 Harris, Trade L 69,148 Harrison, Barbara E 61,108,109 Harrison, Robert R....- 77 Hart, Timothy J 69 Harter, Jason E 77,151 Hartman, Dianne L 69 Hartnett, Richard G 77 Harvey, Benjamin H 77,151 Hassell, Gregory T 69,148 Hassell, Todd 69,131,138 Hatch, Sherry A 61 Hatch, Tanuy R 80 Hatcher, Aimee L 69,25,148 Havlland, Bridge t an M 77 Hawkins, Darryl L .69,99 Hawley, Robert W 61 Hayden, Christoph W 61 Hayden, Michael D 77 Hayes, Brian P 77,102 Hayward, John 61,121 Hazelton, Paula J 61,148,150 Head, Eulis B 77 Head, Tammy 1 69 Heffley, Elizabeth A 61,110 Hefty, Lisa K .69,107,109,130 Heingartmer, Libby A 69 Heiselmann, Laura M 80 Heiselmann, Philip R 77,105,151 Heiser, Dawn R 80,148 Helmig, Gretchen 4,69 Hembree, Jon A 69 Henderson, Myron 23 Hendricks , Brian D ' JS 1 Hendricks, Douglas A 77 Hendricks, Jill A 61 Henry, Lisa M 27,43,80,136 Hereford, Jennifer D 69 Hernandez, Raymond 61 Heroy, Penny L 80 Herport, David W 69 Herrmann, Kelly M 69 Herron, Angela, M 61 Herron, Robert J 77,151 Hershberger, Maria S 77 Hershberger, Tina M 69 Hess, David E 61,148 Hess, Nicholas C 77 Hetrick, Jennifer A 5,26,77,140 Hey, By 16 Hicks, Janet L .69,77,151 Hildebrand, Carol A 61,148,151 Hilker, Patricia R 77,107 Hilker, Susan L 69 Hill, Grant A 77 Hill, Antionett 77 Hill, Carolyn K 69 Hill, David A 80 Hill, Elizabeth L 80,133 Hill, Kelly A 18,80 Hill, Rebecca J 61 Hilliard, Sandra D 69 Hinkle, Pamela C 80,146,149 Hinton, Michele R 69 Hippenhammer, Kim L 80 Hite, Noell L 69 Hoang, Mylien .62,140,149,166 Hobbs, James M 80,148,153 Hodges, Brian -. .69 Hoeffel, Joseph L 69 Hoelle, Joy R 77 Hoesli, DianaS 62 Hoesli, Michele L 77 Hoesli, Shane C 77 Hoffmann, Gregory M 69,99,166 Hoffmann, Heather E 5,62,149 Hoffman, Steven 26,69,148,150 Hogle, Franklin 77 Holbrook, Tami L 80 Holland, Carol A 80 Hollander, John E 62 Holloway, Amy L 77 Holloway, Heather R 20,77,81 Holt, Danielle 77,81 Holt, Tina M 62,73 Honeick, Wendy 62,65 Hodd, Thomas L 80,54 Hood, Todd G 62,65 Hooley, Ann M 54,80 Hopkins, Debra M 69,73 Hopkins, Chameice D... . 62,65 Hopkins, Randy A ..........62,65 Hoppe, Daniel J 69,73 Hopper, Cecil 89 Horsley, Charles 77,81 Horton, Angela R.... 77,81 Hosford, Kristi M .69,73 Hosier, Kathleen M 80,54 Hosier, Francis P........ .62,65 Houlton, April .........77,81 Houser, Shane D 62,65 Housholder, Sam W 80,99 Hovis, Tina S 61 Howe, Daniel I Howe, Mark A 61 Howell, Gina 77 Hubart, Roger A 69 Hubbard , t 69 Hudda, Mumtaz P 80 Huff, Sharon Mrs 133 Huges, Tracy L 80 Huguenard, James M 77 Huguenard, Timothy A.. 77 Hunley, Luther J.. 62 Hurley, Patricia A 80 Junior Cindy Gieseking leads the crowd through their favorite che Hurse, Curtis L 80 Hutchins, Keith A 62 Hwang, Chiung-Hu 77 Ingol, Bernard 78,102 Ingol, Larry W 70 Ingram, Ina M 78 Ingram, Vemon W Jr 78 Irman, Willian D 78 Inouye, Elizabeth E 78 Insley, Scott A 98,138,151 Irby, James C 78,99 Isaacs, Lisa P 70 Jackson, Jr, Alfred, G 59,99 Jackson, Angela, M 51 Jackson, Dellis, J 78 Jackson, Jerome 51,98,99 Jackson, Michael, P 62 Jackson, Sandra, R 62 Jackson, Shawn, 1 78 Jackson, Shenell, D 51 Jacquay, Janette, 1 51 James, Henry 51 Janes, Callie 133 Jefferson, Jenaye, L .62 Jefferson, Stewart, A 70 Jerkins, Issiah 78 Jennings, Jennifer 62 Jennings, Jennise, D 78 Jennings, Stacy, N , 78 Jesch, Ronald, P 51,99 Jerome, Barbara 89 John, Jennifer A 78 Jones , John A 78 Jones, Leslie E 62 Johns, Shane A 70,129 Johnson, Brian J .62 Johnson, Craig L 51,146,148 Johnson, Irma Mrs 133 Johnson, Janet S... 78,138,150 Johnson, Jeffrey L 62 Johnson, Karen K 70 Johnson, Laura M 51 Johnson, Lisa M 78,107,149 Johnson, Marc A 78 Johnson, Rodney L 51 Johnstone, Paula 3,51,140 Joley, Catherine L 78 Joley, Daniel R 4,70,99 Jones, Annette..... 51 Jones, Callie .62 Jones, Canaree 62 Jones, Jessica 78 Jones, Lisa 51 Jones, Lori .62 Jones, Michael 62 Jones , Rose 78 Jones, Scott 78 Jones, Terena 62 Jordan, Anthony 78 Jordan, Brian 78 Jordan, Crystal 70 Jordan, Geraldine 62 Jordan, Timonthy 51 Juare, Jeffrey 62,129 Jump, Ann 70 Jump, Diana 70 Jump, Jeffrey 6,62,104,105 Junk, Glen 62,148,150 Junk, Jason 70 Junk, Mathew 78 Junk, Richard 51,59,99 Kacmarik, Tracey F 52 Kacmarik, George W 70 Kaminsky, Katherine 78 Kamphues, Brenda J 70 Kamphues, James L 62 Kanorr, William J 78 Karapantos, Steven 52,148,152 Karau, Joelle M 78 Karl, David W 78 Karl, Michael D 52 Karolyi, Darrell A 52,150,153 Keating, Ruth A 52,150 Keck, Philip R 70 Kellogg, Diana L 52 Kellogg, Rita K .62 Kermitz, Fred T 52 Kenchanh, Payoun. 78 Kenner, Mr 146 Kenseth, Robert D .62,151 Kensill, Douglas R 2,78 Keating, Ruth A 52 Kems, Scott M. 52 Keske, Kenneth A. .62,148 Ketterman, Mr...... 25 Kiefer, Kahlila M 78 Kilgore, Victoria, L. 52,148 Kinder, Jeffery S 52,153 King, Brian D 78 King, Brett D.. 52 King, Elbert C. £1 King, Rodney E 70 Kinner, Mr 146 Kinsey, Carol 78 Kinsey, (Hint W .62,138 Kirke, David H Jbl Kirkhoff, Kathy L .62,131,138 Klee, Kierstln K 78 Kleinhans, Douglas J 25,52,105 Kleinhans, Timothy R. 78 Klinger, James P 78,121 Klinger, Susan E 52,137,141 Klingerman, Patrick J Jbl Klingler, Robert F 78 Klotz, Erik L. 78 Knapp, Mona D 78 Knepper, Gary E 52 Knight, Michael J 78 Knox, Barbara 70,89 Knox, Mindi J 78 Knox, Monte G 52,24 Koczor, KimM .62,152,151 Koeneman, Mark A 52 Koenig, Scott A 70 Kohltrrir, Kara L .62,133 Kolar, Erik S 78,129 Krase, Debbie L 78,149 Krause, David E 78 Krouse, Deanna M 78,92 Krouse, Laura A 70,109 Krouse, Shelly A 78,106 Kxuse, Paige 62,131,138 Kuehner, Patricia M 62,148 Kuker, Lawrence F 78 Kumrrer, Todd C 78 Kump, Anna E 70,150 Kunp, Kristina 6,52 Kunneke, Karen K 70 Kyle, Johnathan W 52 Kyler, David L 70 Lachuga, Jeff S 62 Lafontaine, Miss 26 Lahr, Cheryl A 70 Lahr, Lisa L 78 Lambert, Shanda J .62 Lamaster, Christine J 62 Lancaster, Scott A 62 Lancaster, Tina M 78 Landsaj, Deborah 52 Landsaw, Jacquelin 70 Landsaw, Timothy L 52 Lane, Jef f H 24,148 Lane, Marlene F 62 Lane, Renee R 78 Lane, Traci L 52,132,133,134 Lang, Michael N 62 Langmeyer, Timothy D 78 Langsdale, Christine A 78 Langsdale, Troy L £2 Langston, Tamara J 70,150 Laguell, Dawn M 70,134,149 Languell, Denise D 52,146,148 v Senior Mary Richardson chews on ice while marching in the Three Rivers Parade. Lapp, Duane L 78 Lapsley, Crystal R 52,132 Larson, Amy S 70 Lary, David J .62,97,148 Lee, Trina L 78 LaSalle, Christopher W 7,62 LaSaUe, Phillip M 78 Latham, Lance P 52,148 Latourette, II Larry D 78 Lauer, Mark 78 Lauer, Melinda E 70 Lauer, Sue A .52, 132 Laughiin, Richard E 70,148,150 Lavigne, Christine N 52,140 Lavigne, Holli M 78 Lawerance, David E 52,99 Lazoff, Kristi K 52 Leakey, Thomas C A2 Leamon, Patrick E 70 Lear, Suzanne M 78 Lee, Bruce A " 52,99 Lee, Sheila A 70 Lee, Trina L 78 Lee, Vincent D 78 Lefavour, Scott .62 Lefevra, Donald K 70 Lefevra, Natalie Y 52 Leffler, Elizabeth A A2 Lehman, Jade S 78 Lepper, James L 70 Lesh, Danish J .62 Leslie. Carol L 70 Leto, Anthony 20,52,99,101,102 Leto, Daniel 70.73,99 101 Leverenz, Jennifer C 62,149 Levy, Marylou 1 78 Levy, Paul A 52,110 Lewis, Beryl 18 Liming, John M 70 Linder, Christine K 28,62 Lindsay j Eric 78 Linville, Beverly E 52 Linville, Shawn A 62 Logan, Courtney M 78 Long, Michellle M 52 Longberry, Daniel J 62 Loraine, Matthew E 52 Love, Eric J • 70,99 Loveless, Rachel J 78 Loveless, Tarica 78 Lovell, Robert 16 Lovellette, Samuel E 78 Lovellette, Scott D 70 Lowen, JR. William E 78 Loy, Stephen C 62 Loy, Tamara L 13,131 Luce, Jacki K 62,67 Luley , Delyse 67 Lupke, Jeffery A 52 Lussier, Taylor A 70 Luther, Julie A 52 Lydy, Pamela J 2,46,52,95,110,140 Lydy, Paula S 2,46,52,110,140 Lyerla, Michelle 70 Lykins, Frances G 78,149 Lynch, Julie A 70 Lyons, Robert F 78 Lyons , Trina A 78 Lyrrn, Karyn L 70,150 Mackin, Anne M 54,130,134,151,152 Madden, Vikki 78 Madison, Karen L 70,149 Maggart, Richard F 70,148 Magee, Randall N 70 Magers, Charles F 78 Maiden, Christina D 63 Main, David A 63 Maisonneuve, Mitchell E 70 Mallas, James 70,148 Mailas, John J 63 Mailers, Douglas J 70,99 Malley, Kelly A 70 Malone, Jerry R 53,134 Maloney, Cheryl L 78 Maloney, Kathleen A 63,148,150 Malott, Teresa L 53 Manier, Marc 70 Manning, Jerry L 78 Maple, Charles E 70 Marburger, Krista J 70 Marburger, Laura A. 70 Marckel, Kimberly K 63 Markey, Diarm L 78,151 Markowski, Jai E 53 Marshall, Cherlanne 70 Marshall, Jr. Michael S. ...63,146-148 Marshall, Warrick L 78 Martin, Crescena .63 Martin, David A 78 Martin, Derrick D 70 Martin, Laura L 53,59,106 Martin, Howard 53 Martin, David A.. 78 Martin, David J 78 Martin, Michelle J 53 Martin, Sonya 70 Martin, Taresa R 78 Martin, Yvonne M 53 • Martz, Beth L 78,151 Mason, Carla L 70 Mason, Gerald A 53,99,134 Mason, Heather L 70 Massey, Charlie 78 Massey, Martin 63 Masterson, Giovanna M 63 Matthews, Christy M 63 Mathias, Kaylene I .63,148 Mathias, Lisa L 70 Matson, Tammy A 78,149 Matter, Michael W 53,148,153 Matthew, Deputy S 53,148 Matthews, Christy M 63 Mawhorr, Cheryl L 53 Mawhorr, Jennifer R 63 May, Ellen L 63 May, Emily A 42,53,150 May, Coni S 53 May, Jason C 70 May, Sandy S .63,149 Mayes, Teresa R 53,151 McCaffery, Steven W 63 McCleary, Kim A 78 McClellan, Kristine E 63 McCor, Colin F 63 McCord, Michael S 53,131,137,138 McCoy, Kimberly A .63,106 McCoy, Kristoph J 78 McDowell, Jan L 70 McFatridge, Paul A 63 McFeeters, Michelle L 78 McGee, Kelly J 78 McGinnis, Jeffery A 70,148,150 McGregor, Mark D 78 Mclnally, Daniel H 78 Mclntyre, James R 63 Marshall, Jert L 78 McKerracher, Melissa W 78 Mc Kinney Angela L 53 McKinney, Dorbie M 70 McKinney, Yolanda 70 McKinnley, Harold Jr 70 McLain , Lisa S 53,132 McLaughlin, Kimberly L 78,151 McCleod, Richard .63 McMahon, Jeffery D 53,152 Mc Millen, Laurie A 63 Mc Roberts, Elizabeth A 70,148 McOuain, Penny D 70 Meeks, Donald E .63 Meeks, Michael E 53,105,150 Meeks Jr, Ronald G 53 Melton, Dawn R 63 Mendenhall, Beth A 78 Mendez, Melissa R 63 Mendez, Twila M 78 Mercer, Gary L 78 Meredith, Tamara S 70 Messal, Timothy E 70,99 Mettler, Brian C 6,63,104,105 Meyer, Christoph A 53 Mettler, Corey D 76,78,105 Meyers, Mindy K 53 Meyers, Timothy A 70 Meyers, Victoria S 63 Michell, KarenS 70 Michell, Laura J 63 Michael, Mark A 63,96 Michels, Tama t ha A 63 Miles, Robert F 70 Miles, Tabetha D 63 Milligan, Terry 78 Miller, David E .63,96, 148, 150 Miller, Jami M 78 Miller, Keith A 70 Miller, Kenneth 23,28,63 Miller, II Leamond D 78 Miller, Lesley A .63 Miller, Matthew L 70 Miller, Neil N.. 78,121 Miller, Nicholas R 78 Miller, Sally L 70 Miller, Sandra L 70 Miller, Steven 53 Miller, Thomas B 70 Miller, Todd A 53 Miller, Wendy B 53,133,144 Miller, Wendy M 53 Miller, William 53 Milligan, Gary D 78 Milligan, Terry 78 Milton, Larry C .63 Minick, Christina M 70 Minser, Brian T 63 Morris, Freddie L 70 Minick, .Saufl A 63 Moeller, Lisa R 70 Moeller, Marlinda S 70 Moellering, David W 70,148 Moffit, Charlie L 70,148 Mohamedali, Mohamed A 63,99 Mohr, Shelley L 70,149 Moles, Teresa L 78 Monroe, Carolyn J 70 Monroe, John C 78 Monroe, Monlque L 70 Montgomery, Michael J 70 Montgomery, William T .53 Montoney, Kristine K 63 Moore, Rhonda M 78 Moore, Timothy A 53,99,103 Moore, Tonia A 63 Moore, Valerie R 53,133 Moreno, Rebbeca A 53 Morgan, Matthew 70 Morris, Julie D 70 Morris, Regina 78 Moseby, Jon R .70 Moss, Lori A .63 Moss, Rodney E 70,99 Mosser, Carl 105 Mounsey, Daniel W 63,99,102 Mowery, Lora J 78 Mowrer, Meredith D ' . 78,151 Moynahan, Sean P 70,137 Mullins, Angela M 78 Mullins, Matthews 63,104,105 Murach, Linda N 78 Murphy, Christoph S 70 Murphy, Frances K 53,166 Murphy, Ferlin L 53 Murphy, Jennifer 78,150 Murphy, Michael S 78 Musser, Keith J 53 Musser, Larry L 78 Mustin, Stephen L 78 Mutzfeld, La Donna M 70 Mustin, Stephen L 78 Myatt, William J 70 Mylet, Lori L 70 Myers, Beth A 70 Myers, Jill A3, 130, 135 Myers, Scott A 63 Myers, Tabatha J 63 Myers, Todd M 43,78 Nagel, Norm 89 Nance, Marcia S 54 Nance, Phillip N 71 Nance, Ruth N 79 Nash, Fredick 54 Nash, John W 71,99 Nicholson, Ronnie L 54 Neer, Kimberly K 54 Neal, Kimberly S A3 Neal, Rita .63 Neal, Michelle L 71,151 Neal, Shelley A 9,79,140,149 Neal, Wesley W 71 Neely, William M 63 Neer, Sarah M 63 Neer, Steven N 71 Novell, James M 63 Neff, Gregory A 54 Neireiter, Robert C 71 Nelson, Tabatha 79 Nethery, Rhonda G A3 Newman, Jeffery 71 Newman, Melissa A 71 Newman, Tracy 79 Nyguyen, Mylien 63,135 Nyguyen, Vinh X 71 Nicholas, David L 54,151,152 Nicholas, Jeffery 1 63 Nicholas, Robin L 63 Nicholson, Ronnie L 54 Nicholson, Wilbert S 71 Nichter, Angela M 71 Nieves, Joseph 54 Nieves, Sonia S 71 Nightingale, Donald D 79 Niles, Rebecca J 71,151 Niles, Robert P 71 Noakes, Sandra J 71 Noland, Tina M 79 Noll, David 63 Noll, Thomas J 71 Norvill, Mathew N 28,71 Novell, James M 28,63,148 Novell, Dearrna J 71 Null, Kelly L A3 Nunn, Janice A 54 O ' Brien, Kimberly A 71 O ' Brien, Mary A 79 0 ' Grady, Joseph P 54 divas, Lila 63,130,131,138 Ochoa, Rachelle L 73,151 Odier, Danry W 63 Odier, Michael E 63,99 Odier, William W 79 Oelschlager, Michael T A3 Ohneck, Barbara M 63,99 Ohneck, Brian M 63 Onz, Elisabeth K 71,148,150 Orr, Mark A 54 Ort, Kevin C 79 Osbum, Scott F 71 Ottinger, Guy B 79 Ovennyer,Janet L 79,107 Overmyer, Julia A 71 Owens, Scott A 79 Palmer, Matthew P 80 Papier, John D 63,150,152 Papier, Molly A 72,92,140,150 Parker, Cole E 63 Parker, Kimberly D 80 Parker, Tamara K... .54, 95, 109,132, 134 Parker, Matthew L 80 Parker.Tammy 132, 134 Pettigrew, Danielle S 72 Parkerson, David E 80 Parkerson, David M 80 Park, Deborah S 72,149 Park, Tamara K 54,134,151 Parmeter, Betty 89 Passwater, Brian E 54 Passwater, Matthew A 80 Patane, Lisa 80 Pattee, Lisa M .80 Patterson, Lynn R 54 Paulson, Kenneth L 80 Pearce, Laura J. 80 Pearson, Warwease A 54 Pelkington, Jeffery R 80 Pence, Lisa 1 72 Pence, Rhonda S 63 Pendleton, Adam R 80 Penna, Honor L 63 Pennington, James B 72 Penrod, Karen S .63 Perez, Michele R 72 Perry, Christine M 72 Pee, Robert J 80,97 Perry, Ellis C 63 Peters , Doug 89 Peters, Rennee S 5,72,109 Peterson, Tony R 80 Pettibone, David A 54 Pettigrew, Danielle S 72 Peverly, Linda A ..72 Preiifer, Steven P 80,102 Plueger, Thomas M 63 Pichon, Patrick J 80 Pickett, James A 80 Peipenbrink, Andrew H 80 Peipenbrfnk, David L 80 Pierce, Kimberly A 72 Peirce, Richard L 54 Peirce, Sheryl L 80 Pilkinton, Jeff M 72 Pilling, Mary A .63 Pilling, Nancy M 54 Pineas, Erik W 63 Pinton Lisa R 80 Pinkston, Percenta J 54,109 Pinnecker, Daniel 72 Pinson, Heather M 72 Pittman, Michael D 54 Pitts, John H 54,59,99 Pitts, Kelly 80 Piatt, Karen S 72 Platz, Christine M 80 Platz , Sharon 89 Pliett, Theresa M 72 Plumb, Barbara K 80,140 Plumb, Leora E 72 Polk, John R 72 Pomeroy, Gary M 72,138,150 Powell, James 54 Pomeroy, Mark A .63,148 Pommer, Scott M 72 Pommer, Todd M 80 Potts, Julia M 23,54,150 Powell, Mitchell A 80,102 Powers, Gregory K 72 Powers , Inger 54 Pranger, Robert H 63 Pratt, Donald W 63 Pratt, Nicole R 80,149 Price, Sean B 72 Pridgen Kurtis E 80 Precise, Bret D 63 Proctor, Lori L 54 Protsman, Christina M 72 Prunn, Michael K 72,148,150 Purdy , Katie 89 Quillen, Darren E 72 Quillen, Dorothy L 80 Quinn, Bruce E 54 Quinn, Kenneth C 62 Quinn, Madonna C 30,54 Quinn, Theresa M 72 Radford, Teresa J 80 Raftree, Linda L 64,60,140 Rahrer, Katherine S 54,132 Ramey, Kimberly A 81,151 Ramos, Kimberly .64 Ramos, Michael 81 Ramos, Michelle R 64 Randall, Dave 8,11,68,72,120,121 Randolph, Christine .64 Randolph, Jack D 64 Randolph, Tracy L 81 Randolph, Victoria 81 Rang, Matthew L 54 Ratliff.Janifa K 54 Ratliff, Terry R 54 Ran, Donna L 81 Ream, Barbara 73,110 Ream, Randy 42,54,152 Rectenwald, James D 73,148,150 Reese, Pamela L 67,92 Reese, Joni L 59,92,106 Reighter, Yolonda S .64 Refeld, Cassandra K 80 Refeld, Jacki K .64 Relue, Michael A 54,148,153 Remaklus, Jennifer A 72 Renner, Kyle M 72 Renninger, Angela M.12,64,130,131,140 Renninger, Richard C 82 Renno, Gregory L.... 54 Resac, Scott A 80,150 Reuille, David M 72 Revett, Gretchen J 30,64 Reynolds, Dale E 54,148,153 Rhode, Eric G 54 Rice, Darrin G 80 Rice Jr. Marston E 64 Rice, Shawn M 72 Rice, Shelley S 72,151 Richards, Jr. John M 80 Richards, Michael A 80 Richardson, Cleon 80 Richardson, Larry W 80,185 Richardson, Mary E 54,102,148 Ricker, Janice S 54,148 Rigdon, Scott E 54 Riggs, Jeffrey B 72,148,150 Riley, David S 80,102 Ringwalt , Michael W 64 Ripley, Todd A 54 Rittenhouse, Michael K 54 Ritter, Cora L 72 Roach, Laura A 80 Robbins, Sandra L 72 Roberson, Mark W 80 Roberson, Michael L 80,148 Roberts, Jennifer 81 Roberts, Rebecca A 72 Roberts, Donald A 64,60,62,140 Roberts, Rhonda S 54 Roberts, Tobin L 54,137 Roberts, Vicki J .64 Robinson, Anthony J 72 Robinson, Dabra R 72 Robinson, Matthew M 54,148,151 Robinson, Scott R 81 Robinson, Trevor S 81 Robison, Jill D 72,148 Robison, Sonya L .64 Roeger, Jean D 54 Roeger, John R 54, 105 Roeger, Jude A... 64,104,105 Roehling, Jennifer L 72,148 Rogers, Angela S 54 Rogers, Kimberly D 72 Rogers, Leslie J 81 Rogers, Mark A 72,105 Rohr, David A 81,102,151 Rohr, Vickie L 72 Roling, Debra A 72 Roman, Diedre D .64 Romano, Angelina R 81,151 Rooney, Kevin M 54 Roos, Barry T 54 Roos, Brenda L 72 Rose, Heather R 81,92 Ross, Erik C 81 Ross, Mllllcent 81 Rowan, Karen 54 Rowe, Michael L 81 Rowland, Louis E 72,99 Rozier, Dale D 64,99,100 Ruble, Kristie M 81 Ruff, Dennis K 54 Ruff, Theresa K 81 Ruiz, Michael A 64 Ruoff, Sarah 72,109,140 Rumrill, Edgar E 81 Runyon, Kristina L .64 Rutledge, Darren P 72 Rutledge , Sonya L 54 Ryder, Norb 89 Sakowicz, Jack D 80 Salas, Timothy J 72 Samaras, Angelin 72,130 Samuel, Christoph G 64,99,103 Sanders, Jesse 72 Sapenfield, Timothy W 80,151 Sarazen, Amy M 54,132 Sarrazin, Tracy R 80,102,151 Sarrazin, Wendy R 64,148,151 Sarrazin, Marie A 81,149 Sauder, Jason A 81 Sauer.Gretchen E 81,150 Sauer, Laura K 5,64 Savage.Thomas 1 73,105,129,140 Schachtschnei, Hans 73 Schaffer, Scott D ■ 64 Schall, JohnH 54 Scharringh aus, Jack R 72 Scherber, Wendy A 73,130 Schie, Crystal M 73 Schieferstein, Timothy A 80,105 Shank, Robert B 72,148 Schinbeckler, Tamela J 73,146,149 Schlickman, Lisa A 54,59 Schlup, Katharine A 3,81 Schlup, Lisa A .73,149 Schmidt, Debra K 81,150 Schmit, Stephanies 81,151 Schnabel, Heather L 73 Shneider, Dawn M 73,151 Schoenherr, Michele R... 73, 92, 110, 131 Schott, Mary Ann 54,148 Schott, Robert A 81 Schreiner, Christoph B .64 Schrimshaw, Kelly A 54,149 Schrimshaw, Robb A 73,99 Schroeder, Jodi L 73 Schroeer, Christian 54,129,131,150 Schuler, Rhonda L 81,107,150 Schuhler, Elaine M .64,134 Schnelker, Micheal 20 Shultz, Gina M 73,109 Schultz, Nicole L 81,131 Schwan, Tiffany K .64 Scoles, Debra L 81 Scott, James M 73,148 Scott, Jeffery E .64 Scott, John V .64 Scott, Timothy E 54 Scott, Tina A 73 Se Cheverell, John Y 81 Seiler, Barbara C 54 Seller, Daniel W .64 Selby, Curtis E 54,99,103 Senters, lorri A .64 Sewell, Johnny 54,99,103 Seslar, Gene E 73 Seybold, Leslie L 73 Shackels, Grace E 73 Shaffer, David A 54 Shank, Robert B 73 Shank, Robert J 81 Shank, Trade L 54,133,149 Shannon, Stephen D 54,99 Shannon, Vernon R 64 Sharp, Steven .64 Sharpe, Richard 81 Shattuck, Stephanie M 81 Shaw, Jonathan A 73 Shaw, Kelly S 81 Shearer, Danielle L 81,149 Shearer, Matthew S 81 Shearer, William B 64 Shears, Rochelle L... 54 Sheerin, Kelly J 73 Sheets, Jr. Howard A 54 Sheets, Melinda K 81 Shelton, Mr 99 Shepherd, Skippy 54 Shepherd, Tara A 81 Sheppard, Tracey 31,81 Sherman, Toni M 73,151 Shinn, Dennis 73,104 Shinn, Philip 54,129 Shippy, Kimberly J 54,146,148 Shirey, Douglas E 73 Shou, Lenny 54 Shou, James 73 Shown, Todd D 73,148,150 Shroyer, Jonathan D 64 Shuler, Cort R 54 Shultz, Keith A 64 Silcott, Michael E 54 Siler, Tammy 73,106,151 Siler, Tracy Y 81 Simerman, Mark A 81 Simmons, Joyce 73 Simmons, Natalie 64,130,135,166 Simmons, Regina Y 73,130,135 Simmons, William F .64 Sinmons, Zenobia K 81 Simon, Brain D 81 Simone, Dawn R 81 Sims, Deborah D 73 Sims, Eliza D 81 Sims, Tonya C .64,135 Skelly, Russell P 73 Smead, Christoph A 73 Smith, Brain K 73, 105 Smith, Cassandra K 64 Smith, David J 73 Smith, Diana R .64 Smith, Donna J 81 Smith, Gloria 81 ,89 Smith, Jacquelin K 64,148 Smith, Jef fry A 81 Smith, Kandle L 54 Smith, Kathryn I .64 Smith, Kenneth W 54 Smith, Jill L 81,151 Smith, Jina J .64,151 Smith, Laural .64,130 Smith, Mark 73 Smith, Mike -64 Smith, Norman E 73 Smith, Ralph A 81 Smith, Robert S 81 Smith, Roger A 81 Smith, Ronald E 73 Smith, Sharon S 73 Smith, Sheila M 64,149 Smith, Shondra E 81 Smith, Tanmy S .64 Smith, Theila 81,130 Smith, Thomas C 81 Smith, Todd 73 Smith, Tracy L 73 Smith, Wendy E 81 Stephens, F.llalne 73,133,149 Stephan, Matthew T 81 Studler, LesUe G 54 Smock, Tami J 81 Smothermon, Richard A 81 Smothermon, Michael E 81 Snavely, Mark A 54 Snyder, Kimberly K 81 Snyder, Travis C 81,102 Solaron, Eraebet B 64 Sommers, Keith A 64 Sorg, Angela K 64 Sorg, James D 81 Spalla, Keely A 73 Spalla, Ky le A .64,92 Spangle, Alisa 64 Spare, Douglas L 81 Sparks, Bruse D 54 Sparks, Melinda R 81 Spencer, Tracy M 73,151 Spicer, Lisa K 73 Spillers, Joyce A 81 Spillers, Mary R .64 Spindler, Joanna F 81,166 Stabler, Brooke H 64 Stanly, Susan M 81,107 Stanford, Patrick M 81 Stanford, Stacy 81 Stanski, Kara L .64,149 Stanski, Kristina J 54,151,152 Starr, Ty W 73 Steckbeck, James B 73 Steckbeck, William J 54 Steinbacher, Karen S 54,149 Steinhacher, Linda K .64,148 Stephan, Craig M 54,148 Stephan, Melissa A 64,133,148 Stephan, Neal L .64 Stephans, Elaina M 54 Stephans, Shondel L 54 Stephenson, Susan K 54 Stevens, Christoph E 81 Stevens, Ricky L 54 Stevenson, Howard L 64,134 Stilley, Lisa M 64 Stineburg, Carolyn M 73 Stinson, Holly R 24,73 Stinson, Lashon D 81 Stinson, Matthew R 64 Stinson, Jr. Robert L 64 Stoiche, Kara S 81 Stoiche, Timothy J 54 Stoller, William L 73 Stoltz, James G 64,99 Stone, Wilma L 73 Storey, Marcie D 81,102 Stoy, Lee M 64 Strack, Stephen M 54 Strange, Dawn M 73 Straub, Susan K 73 Strawbridge, Any M 73 Strohbusch, Lynnette A 64 Stuber, Stacey J ' 73,109 Stuber, Steve M 81 Stucky, Carol L 73,110 Studler, Leslie G 54,152 Sturdivant , Eliz abeth A 54 Sullivan, Kathleen L.29 ,60,64, 140, 149 Sullivan, Kristine L.... 60,64, 140, 149 Sinners, Kristy A, 64 Sinners, III William H 54 Sumner, Holly D 54 Sutto, Maria L 54,148 Sutto, Michelle 1 42,54,152 Sutton, James S 54 Sutton, John A 54 Swangin, Kelly .64 Swanson, Jr. Michael H .64 Sweet, Christoph T 81 Swinford, Leroy, II J 54 Sybole, Susan 81 Sylvester, Kelly A 54 Syndram, Michelle L 81 , 107 Talarico, Ginger A 81 Talarico, Thomas E 81 Taliaferro, Amy L 73,109 Taylor, Dawn J 81 Taylor, Kristine A 73,148 Taylor, Michael 64 Taylor, Rhea R .64,151 Taylor, Rebecca A 76 Taylor, Teri A 64,110 Teague, Jennifer A 54 Teders, Mark E 73,140 Trice, Charles Q 81 Teague, Jamrde 143 Teener, Antonio B 73,148,150,153 Tegtmyer, Laura A 80 Tegtmyer, Scott 54 Teifert, Mark A 54,148,150,153 Thomas, Britta 54,131,149 Thomas, Elaine K 54,138 Thomas, Jeffery ..81,31,102 Thomas, JR. Marvin A 65 Thomas, Stacey L 65,135 Thompson, Mamie 81 Thong, Peggy 73,130 Thomhill, JRJlugh D 81 Thomhill, Tanya A 65 Throop, David M 73 Thrush, Melinda M 73,148,150 Thrush, felissa D 73,148,150 Tipsord, Gary L 81 Toney, Tonya L 65,29 Tracey, Pamelas 81,131 Trice, Charles Q 81,102 Tieben, David P 73,148 Tipsord, James A 81 Trainer, Jeffery W 65 Trainer, Kenneth P 65 Trammel, Brent R .65 Treesh, Donald R 54 Tegneyer, Scott 54 Trinkle, Tannry K 73 Trolio, Patricia A 65,133,148 Trowbridge, Robbe 54,59,99 Trowbridge, Timoty L 81 Tshannen, John L 73 Tshannen, Mark A 81 Tubbs, Deborah 54,135 Tubbs, Rhonda L .65 Tucker, Tracey M 81 Tucker, Tammy R 73 Tudor, Greg S 73 Harker. senior, likes to stan each da a brief meditation Tullis, Renee L 73,151 Tumbow, Gina R 73 Turner, Jacquelyn L 73,138 Turner, Kevin E 73,. 99 Turner, Melacyn M 81 , 130 Turner, Ryan K .65 Turpchinoff, Joyce C 73 Tyler, Christine L 73,4 Tyner, Janes D 54,20,121,148,153 Uhrick, Susan M 64 Uhrlaub, Rebecca A 64 Ullyot, Andrea L 4,64 Urhausen, Jodie S .64 Undetwood, Kim D 30,54 Van Carap, Barry L 54 Van Camp, Joseph M 74,121 Van Camp, Steven A 54 Van Ooyen, Joseph P 54,99 Van Ooyen, Wendy C 82 Vandezande, Brook R 54 Veazy, Patricia A 82 Veltim, Paul M 74, 105 Voirol , Any L 74 Vollner, Randall E 65 Von Darau, Beverly A 74 Vonderau David H .65 Voors, Maureen P 54,148,150 Vomdran, Lisa M 82 Vowels, Keith 74 Waak, Julia N 82,151 Wade, Julie A 63,65,148 Wable, Shannon W 74 Waggoner, Gary L 65,99 Wagoner, Matthew P 54 Wahling, Kim P 54,148 Walchel, Loree A 74 Walchle, Tamee A 74 Walker, Laura J 54 Walker, Valerie K 65 Wallen, Johannaly 54 Walters, Deborah L 65,108,109,130,131 Wampler, Jill D 54,148 Warfield, Towanna J 82 Warf ield, Toya M. 74 Washington, Anthony 82 Waterman, Jeffrey M 74 Waters , Nora 82 Watkins, Deborahs 54 WatkLns, Keith A 54 Weaver, Rene S 65 Webb, Mary A .65,149 Webb, Susan E 54,105,148 Webb, Michelle L. 65 Weber, Andrew A 74,148 Weidler, Brian S 65 Weeks, Randal.. 65 Weibel, Jay A 54 Weigel, Peggy 54 Weikel, Rebekah A 54 Weikel, Roxanne 82 Wellington, Toya R 82 Weikart, Janes P 65 Wells, Elizabeth A 82 WelLs, Kelly M 74,148,150 Wells, Troy D 54,148,153 Welsheimer, Roger N .65 Wendling, Kelly D 82 Wendling, Kimberly J 82 Wert, Lynn 54 Wert, Robert W 65 Westerman, Anthony 82 Wheaton, Bruce C 82,151 Wheaton, Michelle R 82 Whitaker, Bruce 82 Whitaker, III Charles H 65 White, Dean R 30,65 White, Deborah A 82 White, Rodney K 82 Whiteman, Scott A 54,99 Whiteman, Todd A ' 4 Wilhife, Thomas L 54 Wilkerson, Gail 74 Weikart, Janes 82 Wiooer, Cynthia A 54 Williams, Anthony D 82 Williams, Mancini 54,59,99,101 Williams, Chandra C 74,148 Williams, Charles V 65 Williams, Christina 74 Williams, Mr 1 Williams, Koren M 82,151 Williams, Lisa M .65,135 Williams, Michael J .65,148,150 Williams, Robert E 82 Williams, Ronald L 74 Williams, Shaun P .65 Williams, Sherrell 54,148 Williams, Vince 2,9,65,121,140 Wilson, Amy M 82 Wilson, Eric D 54 Wilson, James E 82 Wilson, John D 74 Wilson, Karl D 74 Wilson, Stacey A .65 Wilson, Tracey J 54 Wilt, Margaret L 65 Wimes, Lonnie M 82 Wims, Marde 54 Winbaugh, deborah R 74 Winbaugh, Teisha R 65, 130 Winebrenner, Christian J 74 Winkleblack, Harley P 65 Winkleblack, Julie A 82 Wisniewski, Jan W 74 Wistl, Michele 74 Witchey, Alan M 21,65,131,138 Witte, Tim 17 ,82 Witzigreuter, Todd R 74 Wojciechowski, Rebecca S 65 Wojciechowski, Tanya M 74,150 Womack, Tonya 74 Woodfin, Barbara J 74 Woodfin, Janes C 54,99,103 Woodruff, Michael A 74,148 Oods, Don 74,89,99 Woods, Jennifer K 74,131,148 Woods, Shawn 82,102 Woods, Terry L 74 Woods, Tonsha 54 Woodson, Takeetha L 82 Wooster, Chad E 82,102 Worley, Todd F 54 Wright, Michael D 54,148,153 Wright, Peggy S 65 Wyatt, Susan E 74,92,148 Wvwnz. David D 82,105 Yates, Dallas F 54 Yeager, Travis E 83 Yoakun, Patty 66 Young, Ashley A 76,83,140,149 Young, Barbara A 54 Young, JR Freddie L 75 Young, Joel E .66,129,151 Young, Janelle M 11,75,148 Young, NikM L 83 Young, William R 66,135 Yovan, Lori K 20,54,109 Zabolotney, Conrad T 66 Zabolotney, Wendy C 75 Zehner, Mrs 20 Zelt, Brent W 75,148,150 Zion, Angela K 83 Zion, Janes P 75,131,138,140 Zion, Rex A 54,99 Zion, Scott 12,65,140,141,138 Zion, William S 66 Zirkle, Donald L 66,120,121 Zerkle, Tamara S 54,132 Zigler, Brian T 54 Zumbrun, Michelle A 75 WAITERS STUDIO 3635 LAKE AVENUE FORT WAYNE, IN 46805 160 ADS D. O. McComb Sons 1140 Lake Ave. 6301 Fairfield 4017 Maplecrest Rd. 426-9494 368 West 7th Street Augurn, IN. 925-3600 David Carpet Cleaners Commercial Residential Cleaning New Carpet Sales Serving Ft. Wayne, IN. for 60 years. 2401 Pennsylvania Ave. (219) 424-5529 Fox Jewelers Glenbrook Square 482-4873 Southtown Mall 447-1516 North Side a nd Hefner Chevrolet No. 1 Senior Wendy Beck checks out the 1985 Corvette in the showroom. ADS 161 yjt w ' 2309 Spy Run Ave. Ft. Wayne, IN. 46805 483-7672 Congratulations Class of ' 85 Mp 1 RC 1 JEU Litton RARICK ' S TV AND APPLIANCE, INC. 8ALE8 • SERVICE • RENTALS WE OFFEf? SOMETHING EXTRA— SERVICE ' PHONE 426-0637 CORNER SPRING ST. MARYS CONGRATULATIONS Class of 85 ' GARPET DISCOUNT HOUSE RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL NAMES YOU ' LL RECOGNIZE AT PRICES YOU WON! LARGE SELECTION OF CARPET VINYL FLOORS FROM TOP MILLS 821 W.COLISEUM BLVD. 483-3119 PU1LS HOBBYSHOP 1722 LAKE AVENUE Senior Fran Murphy purchases model from Phil ' s Hobby Shop. She assisted by Steve and Cindy Gieseking. Welcome to Arby ' s Ate 3524 E. State Blvd. Ft. Wayne, In. 46805 Good Luck Class of 85 ' in years to come From: PENGUIN POINT Over 50 Menu Items to choose from 1802 Spy Run Ave. Fort Wayne The People-Pleasin Place ADS 161 164 SEMORS CLASS OF 1985 v[ IORs V 1985 Staff FRONT ROW: Fran Murphy, Mary Jo Baney. SECOND ROW: Dugan 5Hoffman, Mylien Hoang. and Natalie Sim- 5M£ Freshman Jo Spindler confers with other staff member writing copy. Sophomore Dugan Hottn into the computer. When putting together the 1985 yearbook, the Legend staff tried to keep in mind that there are 1800 students at North Side, not just the popular ten or twenty from each class. However, with only 168 pages in the book, it was not an easy task to include everyone. We hope that in these pages there are pictures of friends or events that will trigger fond and meaningful memories in years to come when you look tlirough these pages. The staff was young and inexperienced, but they put forth their best efforts. Man) ' long days and nights were involved in putting together the Legend. There is an endless list of people I wish to thank. From those granting interviews to those North Side supporters who bought ads in the Legend, and all those who freely gave a helping hand in any way possible. A great " thank you " goes to Miss Norma Thiele w ho endured the late nights, as well as the early mornings on upcoming deadlines. Her guidance and expertise in journalism eased tine heavy work load involved in putting a yearbook together. But most of all I would like to thank my editors: Dugan Hoffmann, Mary Jo Baney, Mylien Hoang, and Natalie Simmons, who offered much help and support at the worst of times. Sincerely, ; LCL7 TTL - Jp Editor Fran Murphy Assistant Editors Mylien Hoang Natalie Simmons Layout Editor Mary Jo Baney Sports Editor Dugan Hoffmann Business Editor Tammy Head Photo Editor Chris LaSalle Adviser Miss Norma Thiele Photographer Robert Pranger Staff Members: Skip Crouch, Jan David Michele Hint on, Heather Holloway Robert Kenseth, Lisa Lahr Kim McCoy, Corey Mettler Todd Myers, Mike Ramos Gretchen Revett, Jennifer Roberts Jack Sakowicz, Tim Schieferstein Tina Scott, Jo Spindler Tammy Tucker, David Wysong STAFF 167 The first thing education teaches you is to walk alone. — Ttader He 168 CLOSING J " i r _ . . ,

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