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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1973 volume:

;Gc 977.202 F77NO 1973 r NoRTH Side High School. (Fort :, Wayne 7 Iwd. ) Legend iji iV l-».v«.-«=t»S= Gc 977.202 F77no 1973 North Side High Schoou (Fori Wayne J Iwd. ) Legend 1764708 M. L. ICIlJU f JJM COLL ( eM I l f-l-EN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBHAHr 3 1833 02292 9811 Legend 1973 North Side High School Fort Wayne, Indiana Volume 45 Contents Title page 1 Opening 2 Student Life 6 Academics 18 Sports 44 Organizations 76 Honors 78 Faculty 108 Seniors 116 Juniors 136 Sophomores 144 Closing 152 Senior Directory 1 54 Faculty Directory 1 60 Advertising 162 Index 164 1764708 Upheaval and confusion have been the norm for Redskins. Upset by re- novation noise and dust and the ef- fects of redistricting, students faced a new environment and new friends. Many old traditions were lost in the shuffle, putting a damper on class unity and school spirit. It has been our task in the past year to revive tradi- tions worthy of revival and to create replacements for those that have lost their meaning. In a year of re-building, we have served as architects. It is we who lay the ground work for future Redskin endeavors. Our at- titudes and accomplishments will color North for years to come, for we stand on the threshold . . . Senior DECA members discuss the awards won at the Regional Career Development contest. Award winners traveled to Indianapolis for state competition. Students enjoy their meals at the chili supper sponsored by the music de- partment before the North-New Haven game. Senior American Field Service student, Gilberto Guevara, shows some of his possessions from Columbia South America. 4 Opening The school wakes up as basketball sectionals Many Redskins rode bicycles to school for good exercise and as an in- roll around. Senior cheerleader Thea Baughman expensive means of transportation, tapes up a good luck sign on a player ' s locker. Speech department head Gary Schultz promotes business in the department ' s Supply Shoppe. The shop opened in hope of earning funds. Opening 5 We stand on the threshold . . . of new traditions Redskins struggle together . . . They relate together . . . And relax together . . . I can ' t wait to get out of here. Me neither. Gotta work tonite? Yeah, five to nine. What ya doing this weekend? There ' s a party Do your chemistry? I didn ' t get number eight. Did he call? No, but I didn ' t stick around. Nice outfit. New? How ' d you do on your test? Not so hot. I ' m gonna flunk. I have a headache. Got any aspirin? Redskins are often sighted at McDonald ' s-our kind of place because of low prices for munchy-killing food. Bnjce Erving waits in line. Sophomores John Morris and Laurie Reitz cruise town for lack of anything better to do. 8 Student Life SEPTEMBER Goodbye summer sun A heavy-hearted farewell Turn to responsibility Buckle down Adjust Compete Start again OCTOBIR Tdn fades. Leaves wither Grass palel Dig up your eodt your sweEltef your vigor he spirit of victory is strong in the air as hundreds of Redskin fans crowd the stadium for a football ;ame. Attending movies was a favorite pasttime for North Side students. Seniors Mike Jones and Dorothy Lipp stop to see a flick. Feeling bewildered over the amount of work they have to do, sophomores Lisa Dennis, Jen- nifer Jones, and Mary Wyatt explore the build- ing during the first days of school. Student Life junior Randy Mock slams the ball hoping to score in a hearty game of ping pong. Many hours were spent searching for perfect Christmas presents. Senior Brad Altevogt reflects on a gift while shopping at the mall. 10 Student Life Senior Mike Martone as Ray Trafford woos his sweetheart, Laura Courtland, played by senior Janine Burke, In " Under the Gaslight. " NOVEMBER Winter ' s closing in (Hardly noticed) School ' s cracking down (Hardly cared) I ' m still looking forward Don ' t have to look behind. DECEMBER Looking for the spirit I bought and pushed and hurried and wrapped and smiled and partied and despaired. I finally found it one quiet still gray and white aftemoon alone. As the world turns, junior Georgia Thomas and sophomore Theresa Thomas pause to study the collosal globe in the downtown library lobby. Student Life 11 JANUARY Celebration Recuperation Resolution Revolution Reflection Relaxation Restoration Continuation FIBRUARY Apathy settles In The pattern Is repeated every short day Long cold nights I don ' t even eare How hopeleiss It seems The nation bid farewell to two past Presidents, Harry S. Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson. North ' s flag flies at half-mast honoring them. 12 Student Life Following the student unrest, all Redskins had to produce their school I.D. upon entering the building (or not enter!) Sophomore Mary Carpenter waits for approval. during a luxurious afternoon In the privately lented Allen County Memorial Coliseum, Jeff -ogue zips across the ice in a game of hockey. Hall passes become a new way of life at North. Adjusting to the tightened security, senior Tom Black bum cheeks with a hall monitor. Junior Roberta Chambers glances at a newspaper headline. President Nixon ended the war In January and all American prisoners were sent home. Student Life 13 Junior Nancy Meyers helps out by tutoring elementary students. Many Skins used their spare time in this way. The search for a job goes on as senior Patti Kipling fills out an application and waits apprehensively for an interview. Senior Curt Robbins goes to register for the draft. Although the war ended, 18-year olds are still required to register. 14 Student Life MARCH If I can only hold on Make it through the month Tolerate Survive The top of the hill loonns ahead Push on Made it APRIL Thawing Boredom Hoplessness Apathy Dismay (All ooze away) I ' m alive! Many Redskins do their shopping at Clenbroolc Mall. Here Redskin Jane Disler serves a patron at Hot Sams. Students pour over SAT booklets. Every spring many students take this test which is required for col- lege entrance. Student Life 15 MAY Anticipation Excitement T@n$Jon and despair An 8wal ening LIfi renews itself Exhilaration JUNE It ' s herel Sigh of relief. Sad goodbyes. Misery melts into mellowness. Until tomorrow. The End. A beginning Self-efficlency and an awareness of the environment make bUtlng an exhilarating experlenee, felt by seniors Barb Bedwell and Terry Nix, e r . j Found In many a backyard on a sunny day are earnest sunworshlppers, Junior Kay Horacek tries to catch a few rays, Today an event, tomorrow a memory; seniors George Wagner and Linda Kruse attend the traditional Prom. 16 Student Life ' f 9. ma J.. ». J - - We stand on the threshold . . .of new classes Redskins learn together . . . They experiment together . . . And they create together . . . Hey, what ya got fifteenth module? For tomorrow write two pages on something relevant what ' s relevant mean? Explain why Eagleton was dropped from the vice-presidential race Hey, what ' s the answer to No. 2? Eyes on your own paper Boy, I hope I pass this test Ugh! I just had to run the Tennessee course They locked the candy machines again Que pasa? For It! Can you believe it ' s all over? Laning departs, block classes Fncrlicli " " ' " S aeparts, diock classes migllSn provide individualized study Literature seminar students Mike Martone, Terry Brown, Jenny Sukow, Dave Johnson and Patti Hein discuss " Deliverance " , a novel by James Dickey, with teacher Mr. James Lewinskl. Mr. Larry Bott, English teacher for the earth sci- ence block, points out sentence structure using the overhead projector. Junior Linda Fincher posts a greeting card as part of a bulletin board display in Mrs. Kathleen Neuhaus ' English classroom. This was a year of transition in Eng- lish from laning to elective block pro- gramming. The change was made to provide more individualized instruc- tion for students. Although English is a required sub- ject, students this year had a choice of following a traditional program or electing a block of studies in which the English courses were tailored to the needs of those enrolled in the block. This way, students with similar interests were grouped together. Other changes this year included the addition of Mrs. Betty Albaugh, the English aide. Her duties consisted of tutoring and secretarial work. The new English office provided storage area and a department meet- ing place. Two teachers, Mrs. Delores Moore and Mr. Jesse Moden joined the staff. 20 English Distributing books to seniors Marie Borum and Chris Koop, department head Mr. James Le- winski moves into the new English office. Speaking to her English students, Mrs. Delores Moore stresses a point. She and Mr. Jesse Moden were both new to North this year. Senior Holly Love selects a book for a report in the library. The media center was used extensively by English classes. English 21 An early project in Mr. Don Evans ' senior government class was working on collages. These students take time to admire the numerous topics and originality displayed in the collages. Seniors Ann Jones, Dan Zweig, George Wagner, and Randy Sleesman discuss election issues in gov- ernment class. Other students listened and formed their opinions. Sophomore Tom Hartman uses the slide pro- jector as Mr. Charles Feller lectures to the class on the problems in Indo-China. 22 Social Studies Social Studies Mock elections conclude study of national campaign Because it was an election year, so- cial studies classes often centered around the national election and vot- ing. Early in the year, a mock election concluded a five-session course on the national election. New faces in the social studies department were teach- ers Mr. Arthur Eldridge, from Fairfield Junior High School; Mr. Don Evans, from South Side High School; Mr. Dean Slavens, from Skokle, Illinois; and Mr. Joseph DiPietro. Mr. DiPietro replaced Mr. Duane Brown, who moved from the social studies hall to the deans ' office. Mr. Cleon Fleck, de- partment head, celebrated his six- teenth year at North and his thirty- sixth in teaching. Mr. Fleck feels the purpose of his department is to make students better aware of what goes on around them. Seniors Penny Robinson and Tim Cole discuss newspaper articles on World War II in Mr. Cleon Fleck ' s senior government class. Mr. Myron Henderson lectures to his class on the upcoming national elec- tion. Much acti vity was centered around the election. Mr. Arthur Eldridge, social studies teacher, lectures to his class on current issues. This was Mr. Eldridge ' s initial year at North Side. Social Studies 23 Mr. )ohn Stauffer, geometry teacher, uses an overhead projector in explain- Scott Spridgeon, sophomore, puzzles over his introductory algebra. He is ing a confusing problem to his students. looking carefully over problems for an upcoming test. Demonstrating the relationship between lines and points is Mr. Robert Mr. Donald Hunter, fundamentals of algebra teacher, gives extra help with Lovell. He hopes to enable his students to better understand the basics of a difficult problem to sophomore Mary Carpenter. geometry. 24 Mathematics Mathematics Department gains equipment; offers advanced course on independent basis The class looks on as Amel ia Brand, junior, finds an interesting way to view an otherwise boring protrattor. The math department offered the opportunity of taking five years of math. Seniors could take trigonome- try and advanced math. The ad- vanced math course w as taught every Tuesday morning at 7:15. Mr. Robert Love!! taught the advanced math stu- dents on an independent study basis with pass fail grading. Trig students learned the mathematical language and trig functions. The second semes- ter these students studied analytic ge- ometry. Mr. Charles Clark headed the department, vi ' hich also offered fun- damentals of algebra, geometry, and advanced algebra. Other math teach- ers Mr. Donald Hunter, Mr. Dale Goon, Mr. John Stauffer, and Mr. By Hey made use of new equipment which included several adding ma- chines and a small computer. Mr. Robert Lovell explains the use of the calculator, one of the new math aids, to sophomores Steve Lauer and Tim Miller. Mathematics 25 • , Courses de-emphasize brain-squeezing, CIGnCG stress individual research projects Senior )im Wehrenberg constructs a sound-proof box as a part of his advanced science project. His experiment will note the effects of silence upon guinea pigs to be housed in it. The science department was granted new technically-advanced equipment this year. Experimenting with the instruments are seniors Gene Chaffin, Dan Zweig, and Denny Maxwell. " Science is a way of life, " according to Mr. Ronald Dvorak, science de- partment head. Getting away from the stereotype of brain-squeezing sci- ence courses was a concern of Mr. Dvorak. He hoped students derived from science not only facts, but also a realization of the relation of tech- nology to living. Some courses en- couraged individual research projects, and most required laboratory work. Students in the man-made world course studied traffic patterns around the city, planning to offer the city traf- fic department solutions to the prob- lem of Fort Wayne ' s vehicle-clogged streets. All classes participated in field trips to the Chicago Museum of Sci- ence and Industry. The department was more than just pretty, remolded rooms. New mod- ern equipment added efficiency and was appreciated by students and teachers alike. Hopefully, though, the students took with them not just knowledge of science. As Mr. Mark Tipple expressed it, " Awareness is what it ' s all about. " Senior Tony Terrell donates classtime to move boxes. Some science classes were chaotic the first few days due to renovation. Junior Kurt Ahlersmeyer demonstrates the use of a sound detecting device, viewing the pat- tern that his voice creates. A violent chemical reaction results In senior chemistry student Dale Warner ' s laboratory work and Is recorded by junior Jeannie Young. Science 27 _ • I students develop fluent speech rOreign Language through use of recorded tape " I like to see students progress in their ability to comprehend, speak, read, and write a foreign language fluently, " said Mr. Paul Lemke, foreign language department head. " We want them to learn everything about the language that they can, from speaking it well to learning its culture and his- tory. " New equipment, including de- vices which teach the student through use of recorded tapes, helped stu- dents to accomplish this. German teacher Mr. Leslie Roberts was new to the department and taught first and second year German at both North and South Side. French students were primarily interested in learning the language, studying the verbs, and getting an idea of the French customs. Fourth year students read modern novels in French. Mr. Beckley ' s third and fourth year stu- dents read Caesar and Cicero. Foreign language department head Mr. Paul Lemke watches his second year Spanish class recite from their Spanish textbook. Mr. Lemke teaches first, second, and third year Spanish. Mrs. Ramona Ransburg ' s second year French class listens to the sound tapes of pronunciation through the earphones. This equipment was revamped for the department. Lecturing to his class is Mr. Leslie Roberts, new German teacher. Mr. Roberts is doing double duty between North and South Side. 28 Foreign Language Senior Janine Burke helps sophomore French student Jim Carpenter with some problems in French. Janine Is part of the tutoring corps. She and many others help out students with problems. junior Diane Barton and senior Patty Kipling dispiav a Roman hand shake while junior Vestal Virgin Cammie Amburn looks on intentl . Senior Pam Baker displays the flag of Mexico. Pam visited Mexico this sum- mer and brought back many memories. Foreign Language 29 Junior Pat Rembert helps sophomore Althea Dennis with a stunt. Soph- omores take two days a week out of cheerleading for Physical Ed. Sophomores Tom Barkley and Gary Dick fight for control of the ball in a basketball game organized in their gym class. »«• « Sophomore phys ed girls spent the months of November and December learning the fundamentals of and competing in field hockey. 30 Physical Education Students learn to compete Qi • I |- ■ - • , siuaenis learn to compete riiySICai tOUCdtlOn whUe strengthening bodies A giris ' phys ed gym instmctor. class is appropriately dressed for a cold game of field hockey. Miss Anne Donnelly, is pointing out the boundaries for the game. The physical education department helps the student strengthen his body while teaching him to work and com- pete with other class members. Miss Donnelly, department head, used some of the audio visual equipment in an experiment with her girls ' physi- cal education classes this year. The students engage in such activities as, track, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, soccer, archery, and co-ed square dancing. Also, there were swimming and life saving. The physical educa- tion department has an advanced class which gives credit to juniors and seniors who participated as student helpers for the sophomore classes. The helpers assist the department by lessening the work. Mr. Joseph Di- Pietro and Mr. By Hey are the boys ' physical education instructors. " tWB .v ' 4 y. One of the featured events of the sophomore year is running the Tennessee course in phys ed. These boys have completed it, but have the longer Coliseum course to run. Physical Education 31 Easels were set up in the hallway due to crowding in a temporary art classroom. Nan LaPointe, Sherry Mendez, and Mark Taylor work on compositions based on an organic form. Art Courses introduce students to varying forms of art Senior Kim Schinbeckler experiments in the new graphics area of Mr. Donald McClead ' s art room. The art department attempts to educate a student to all styles of art. The student is encouraged to acquire an understanding and tolerance of different art forms. Information about art and art happenings is gained, and an awareness of environment and an appreciation of others ' work is created. An introduction to all types of art media is provided. The basic course includes drawing, painting, and de- sign. Other classes offer such varied areas of interest as stitchery, jewelry, ceramics, life drawing, enameling, and wood sculpture. One of the reno- vated classrooms include a graphic section for work on lithography print- ing, etching, and silk-screening. There is also a special exhaust hood to re- move harmful fumes from the area. Another new feature is a darkroom, which will be ready for use next year. Both the art rooms are designed so that pictures can be displayed along the entire wall. Juniors Linda Behrn, Peggy Moore, Cheryl Mosher, and JoAnne Bracht display pillows and wall hang- ings in Miss Margorie Bell ' s art class. Stitchery and macrame were also explored. Jl . Gathering information accurately OUrndlISm is the goal of journalism students Sophomore beginning journalism students Mark Jones, Janet Thieme, Lisa Dennis, and Mike Morris fold Northerners for distribution. Learning hrjw to gather informa- tion, compile it accurately and promptly, and edit it fcjr use is the goal of those in the journalism de- partment. Students study the mass media to learn hcjw they can be served by the media. A trip through Fort Wayne Newspapers, Inc. is part of this study. They also get practice in language arts through writing assign- ments and in social studies through daily news quizzes. Work with vi- deotape and tape recorders provided opportunities for membership on the school publications. About twfj thirds of these students join the newspaper or yearbook staff, while the rest work on independent projects. These pro- jects might include typing, filing, or a special assignment given by Miss Norma Thiele, publications advisor. The Northerner staff writes and lays out the weekly newspaper. The Northerner. The Legend staff meets deadlines throughout the year. Placing a business call for the Northerner, junior Larr Lahr works to sell advertising space. In addition to his newspaper duties, Larry helped on the sports section of the Legend. Commenting on a student ' s question, journal- ism teacher and advisor Miss Norma Thiele pauses while folding a Northerner. Journalism 33 Senior Jenny Sukow, as Pearl, and senior Bonnie Neuhaus jiid uphumure Steve Smith as society folk greet Ray, Mike Martone, senior. Good guy huro Mike Martone, senior, woos his leading lady Janine Burke, senior, in " Under the Gaslight, " the first play of the year. 34 Dramatics n • ' ' " ' ' stresses enjoyment of life; Llr lTlcltlCS department performs five productions Stagecraft involves the use of props and lighting. Under Mr. Douglas Stark ' s direction, juniors Blade Hauth, and Debbie Sexton, and senior Sue Warrick adjust the light buttons. ±•5 708 Freedom was a cherished idea in dramatics. Mr. Drjuglas Stark, dramat- ics department head, stressed the im- pfjrlance of being unafraid to feel and take responsibility. He hoped every- one in his classes, from stagecraft to advanced drama, learned to enjoy himself and realize that life is nrjt all that bad and a person can alvv ' ays find a laugh. Dramatics is a part of life— everyone acts and reacts. In learning the in- tricate skills of drama, one can com- municate with more understanding and begin to control his voice. The field of dramatic styles ranges from Greek chanting to melodrama. Five very different productions were put on. " Under the Gaslight " started the season, followed by a chil- dren ' s show, " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " which was played to the orphanage children and State School residents. Other productions were " Flowers for Algernon, " " Cam- elot, " and a variety show. Mr. Stark hopes to banish the ster- eotype of high school drama, that of one stiffly acted production e er - year. Ideally, North Side ' s dramatics department will be a training ground for interested students and will give productions on a level with professionals. Juniors Marie Vonderhaar and Rona Compton play the " mirror game " in beginning drama to develop skill in concentration. Advanced dramatic students, seniors Bonnie Neuhaus and B.J. Dorsett. receive comments from Mr. Douglas Stark on their interpretation of a scene from " Butterflies Are Free. " Dramatics 35 : : ' ZAk ,-L- wm r apir- f fe - l - « i Tyg t c g iij Marching band members prepare lur the loulball huniu upuner and the .MSBOV A band contest. The members marched every morning first period and every Wednesday evening. Mr. )ohn Hill, vocal director, leads A ' Cappella in a rhythmic tune. A ' Cappella consisted of all juniors and seniors. Orchestra members, under the direction of Mr. Barry Ashton, are working towards perfection for an upcoming concert. . - . , Redskins place 2nd in NISBOVA; iVlUSIC vocal groups provide entertainment After a long practice, band members and Ar- rowettes retum from the practice field. Practice paid off for the band as they got a first division rating and second place in sweepstakes. " We can win, " said Mr. Barry Ash- ton as he talked about North Side ' s chances of winning NISBOVA. " It is just like a high school football game. You practice and practice and hope that you can do your best without messing up. " Mr. Neal Graham assisted Mr. Ash- ton in directing the band. The march- ing Redskins received a first division rating and second in state. Orchestra consisted of many of the band members, along with stringed instrument players. They performed at concerts throughout the year. Training choir, taught by Mr. Phillip Stubblefield, prepared sophomores for further singing experiences. Trou- badours and A ' Cappella contained all juniors and seniors and was directed by Mr. John Hill. The vocal groups practiced daily for concerts and spe- cial performances on the " Ann Co- lone Show " and at the shopping malls. Senior Troubadour Cher l Wilson sings out one of the many songs performed b Troubs. This one is entitled " The Song. " Seniors )ulie Tinsely and lulie Schroeder quickly mend Arrowette uniforms before a big game. Arrowettes worked with the band. L» r Uk. -I- Debaters argue financing of education; jDCGCn d riQ L GD3.1G speakers use videotape to detect mistakes Beginning speech students Pam Bennett and Mike Mason gain basic experience by leading a class discussion. An advanced senior speech student, Virginia Sukow, demonstrates her talent in poetry. These students chose from ten categories. Speech instructor Mr. Gary Schultz explains debate procedures to a group of advanced students who debated the same topic all year long. They competed in over 300 meets. 38 Speech and Debate Beginning speech is a course in which the student learns to commu- nicate effectively and develop his own style of speaking. The speaking process is stripped of mannerisms and reinforced with logic. The student learns to listen carefully, organize his thinking, and become more sensitive to the ideas and feelings of others. All students enrolled in advanced speech are members of the speech or debate team. These students compete with students from over three hun- dred high schools. The student has ten speech categories to chose from: radio, discussion, poetry, original ora- tory, oratorical declamation, dramatic interpretation, humourous inter- pretation, impromptu, and boys ' and girls ' extemporaneous. The debating team, as well as all debating teams in the nation, are debating exclusively on the topic of school finance. Junior Keith Hoffman videotapes Junior Bruce Kreamelmeyer as senior Jim Robinson watches. Taping enabled students to view their mistakes. While delivering a constructive speech on fed- eral financing of education, junior Dave Lewark attacks the affirmative contentions. I;; Senior Mike Martone stifles a yawn as he is cross-examined by junior Clint Anthis during a practice debate. The debate team was ranked fifth in the state at the start of the season. Speech and Debate 39 Home Economics Department expands program to spur student interest Expanded programs in human de- velopment, home management, and housing added interest to the home economics department. Sophomore home ec students be- gan with foods and clothing. Selec- tion, care, and construction of clothes was studied, along with the selection of and preparation of food. Advanced classes covered the actual making of clothes and planning and preparing meals. )uniors and seniors spent the first semester of human development dis- cussing marriage and family living. The second semester was concerned with child development. A highlight of the year was a nursery school set up and run by the girls. The goal of advanced students was understanding yourself and getting along with other people. Other topics covered were the legal aspects and planning of a wedding, problems of senior citizens, divorce, and death. F " r Home economics teacher, Miss Marttia Moore, conducts a discussion with her human development group. The girls enjoyed the use of new stoves, sinks and cupboards. Home ec students perform a skit in their human development class. They are studying child discipline. Miss Martha Moore demonstrates the proper use of a sewing machine. The students learned carefulness in sewing. 40 Home Economics Seniors Steve Stahlhut and Leroy Pennington are preparing to worl Power mechanics was an industrial arts course offered to students. ' ith the combustible engine. Industrial Arts Teachers broaden students ' knowledge and prepare them for future jobs " The idea is not to train students to go out and take over a job, but to broaden their knowledge on what is done in the specific fields. " This is how Mr. Robert Edwards, department head, viewed the purpose of the in- dustrial arts classes. " We want to aquaint the students with the different courses. " All classes in the industrial arts corridor were open to all stu- dents. Approximately 550 students were enrolled in classes, and only six were girls. Five teachers handled all the classes. Mr. Richard Wert taught power mechanics and electricit courses, Mr. Tom Bullock taught drawing and woods. Mr. Tom Schaef- fer taught metals and drawing. Mr. John Bill taught metals and drawing, and Mr. Edwards taught woods. In each class students were given a chance to work on a project of their choice, according to their ability. Mr. Robert Edwards, industrial arts department head, demonstrated the proper way to use the plane in his beginning woods class. Students were taught the use of various tools. Industrial Arts 41 Learning to type quickly and accurately on electric typewriters can be quite a task. These typing stu- dents are working diligently to accomplish this. • , Department receives new equipment; students Business take Ue d trips, observe office routine. Working the knobs on a shorthand dictation machine is Mrs. Irma Johnson. Mrs. Johnson teaches dictation skills. The business department received 100 new typewriters, new chairs for all students in typing, and new equip- ment for the clerical practices classes. Courses connected with the busi- ness department are shorthand, cleri- cal practice, bookkeeping, distributive education, business law, accounting, and consumer education. The classes acquaint students with office ma- chines and procedures. The main goal worked for in typing and shorthand is good speed and accuracy. In advanced shorthand class, stu- dents participated in a club called Fu- ture Secretaries of America. They had speakers and took field trips to vari- ous companies so that the students were able to observe actual office routine. Business helps a student to have some type of skill to work with after graduation. Bev Brantley and Mary Patten push for speed, as they take dictation from tapes in advanced shorthand class. D.E., CO.E. D.E. trains students for merchandising; CO.E. prepares ' Skins for office work Seniors Patrice Van Curen and Jody Barile learn to run rotary calculators. CO.E. students learn to oper- ate various business machines. There are two vocational prrjgrams in which students are trained in class- room study and cjn-fhe-job ex- perience. One is Distributive Educa- tion (D.E.) in which a student is prepared frjr a career in the field of merchandising of goods and services. Another program is Cooperative Of- fice Education (CO.E.) for a student interested in some type of office work. Both D.E. and CO.E. offer one credit for classroom activities and one credit for on-the-job training. A stu- dent is paid at least minimum wage for the hours he works. He also must work a required amount of hours per week. The coordinators of the programs find out the student ' s choice of jobs and arrange interviews with different employers. The Distributive Education Club sold donuts and milk in the momings as one of their mone making projects to pay for expenses connected with the club. One of the special projects of D.E. was spray painting signs. These signs were used as Spirit Week posters. D.E., CO.E. 43 We stand on the threshold . . . of greater challenges Redskins compete together . . . They win together . . . And they cry together . . . Our first football winning season since 1965 What do ya know! Fifteen sprints now A new track coach, hmmm Maybe I ' ll go out Run, run, run, run Those jocks really think they ' re special You ' re not kidding! Competition Anxiety " We won, we won! " Accomplishment I wonder how much longer our luck will hold out That ' s not luck, that ' s talent Just wait till next year Girls ' Cheerblock Members work to arouse spirit; new dress regulation enacted And sophomore, junior, or senior was eligible to be a girls ' cheerblock member. The cheerblock ' s members consisted of girls who were enthusi- astic, interested, and involved in the school activities. The cheerblock ' s purpose was to arouse school spirit during the basket- ball season. The members, including the varsity and reserve cheerleaders worked out different chants and cheers to be used at the games. The girls were required to attend all of North Side ' s city and tournament games in uniform. The uniforms were quite different from previous years. The girls were allowed to wear dark slacks instead of the usual skirts. New shirts were also purchased. The change was made to encourage membership. Miss Anne Donnelly, physical edu- cation department head, sponsored the club, which met every Friday morning during the basketball season. Officers were seniors Nancy Burn- ham, president; Becky Davis, vice- president; and Linda Pickering, secre- tary — treasurer. Senior girls ' cheerblock members shout and clap to one of the many chants. Seniors were honored In cheerblock by being the only ones to sit in the front row. The girls ' cheerblock shows enthusiasm as they cheer the varsity on to a hopeful victory. The cheerblock attended all games. 46 Cheerblock Ripplette members are (Second row) Nan LaPoint, Alicia Rodgers, Karen McDonald, Anne Bobay, Nancy Myers, Lea Powers, Sheri Shearer, Cammie Amburn, Patty Martin, Jackie Gusching. (Front row) Jenny Dreher, Patty Schwyn, Pam Hughes, Judy Aumiller, Tammy Shideler, Kim Meyer, Tina Choka, Rose Beber, LuAnn Hoagland. RIpplettes Swimmers choreograph exercise routines and learn to synchronize their motions " A lot of hard work goes into the water show, " said Mrs. Zola Noble, co-sponsor of the Ripplettes. One show of the traditional synchronized swimming performances was given for the public. The members chose a musical and each girl choreographed a number. All funds for the club were made through the show. Nineteen girls met the requirements and became Ripplettes. Prospective members entered a workshop con- sisting of five practices, and then tried out on stunts they learned during the workshop. New members, or " spikes, " went through a three week initiation set by active members. Prac- tices were every Monday and Wednesday from 3:45 until 4:45. Members elected juniors Anne Bobay, president; Patty Martin, secre- tary—treasurer; and senior Lea Pow- ers, water show chairman. Miss Ro- salee Doust co-sponsored with Mrs. Noble. Experienced Ripplettes members Anne Bobay and Lea Powers give instructions to new members on certain acrobatic feats in the water. Ripplettes go through many rigorous exercises, to get in shape. Three new Ripplettes do their breathing exercises under water. Ripplettes 47 ktoorlo rlofc " ' ' y ' " twelve USCA awards; V-nCCnCttQCrS Reserves learn cheers, mounts The varsity cheerleaders ranked third in the national contest and first in the regional contest, where eight ribbons were awarded the squad. Bernice Nelson and Janine Burke placed individually. The reserve and varsity cheer- leaders, sponsored by Miss Anne Donnelly, met every morning first pe- riod for practice. Both squads worked with the girls ' cheerblock on Friday mornings. Tryouts for varsity cheerleaders were last spring. The girls had an in- terview with judges. Next they had to try out in front of the entire student body. Another tryout was required in front of the judges alone. The girls were then selected for cheerleaders. Twenty-four sophomores and ju- nior girls made up the reserve squad, performed at pep sessions, and were required to be at all varsity games. The girls were divided into four squads which took turns cheering quarters at reserve games. Varsity cheerleaders are (Front row) Mary Nold, Joanne Burke, Thea Baughman, Bernice Nelson. (Sec- ond row) janine Burke, Phyllis Morrison, Jane Barile, Linda Kruse. The varsity squad displays one of their many used this mount in the cheer, " Beat. " mounts learned at cheerleading camp. The squad 48 Cheerleaders Reserve cheerleaders Paula Pease, Patti Burke, and Kim Eddy cheer the re- serve team ' Skins team on to a hopeful victory. The varsity cheerleaders take advantage of a time out to show their enthu- siasm. The squad strived to maintain fan support. Reserve Cheerleaders are (Front row) )udy Shade, Mary Wyatt, Cindy Bohnke, Jean McMahon. Second row) Althea Dennis, Karen Zumbrum, Patti Burke, Dana Holom, Marita Meyer. (Third row) Paula Pease, Pam Krieg, Rose Beber, Tina Stewart, Marilee Ford. (Fourth row) Kim Eddy, JeriSue Petrie, Pam Correll, Teri Carroll, Debbie Harris. (Fifth row) Pat Rembert, Melinda Zimmerman, Kathy Olry, Tami Zimmerman, Tina Choka. Juni or cheerleader Joanne Burke cheers at a varsity football game at Northrop. Cheerleaders 49 « •- r -I II y Varsity gridders win four in a row for 5-3 r Varsity rOOtDdll work to complete first winning since 1965 Senior quarlcrbai prepares lo take k B r()n ( hok the ball in the .1 lakes d handoff to senior Dan Johnson, as junior Gregg Cummings Bishop Dwenger game. The gridskins enjoyed their first winning season ever under head coach Duane Brown. The ' Skins started the season by dropping the first two contests in a total margin of three points. They were edged by Bishop Dwenger, 27-25, and lost to Northrop, 14-13. Northrop and Dwe- nger went on to finish one-two in the North Division of the city race. North then downed Wayne in the first over- time game of the year, 14-7. The Skins lost to Goshen before going on to win the final four games to finish with a 5- 3 overall record and a 5-2 city series record. In the North Division the ' Skins fin- ished with a 2-2 record. Junior work- horse Bob Tudor led the ground at- tack for the ' Skins, while senior quarterback Byron Choka led the ae- rial attack throughout the season. Coach Brown felt it was " my best sea- son ever, " and was " proud of the way the boys came back from a 1-3 record to finish with a 5-3 record. " Varsity football team members are (Front row) Randy Davis, Ed Wells, Tim Meyer, Kevin Till, Neal Inscoe, Byron Choka, Mark Fisher, Rufus Hunter, Roger Dobrovodsky, Dane Andros, Ronnie )ones, Gary Jackson, Jim Keller. (Second row) Bob Simpson, Jon Stine, Bob Bastress, Cordell Gage, Dan Johnson, Tom Blackburn, Dan Thomas, Jim Barnes, Frank Martin, Ray Odom, Lonnie Murdock, Dave Wheeler, John Cline. (Third row) Dennis Rohrs, Bradley Owens, Mike Bermes, Ralph Schaffer, Gregg Cummings, Bob Tudor, Steve Mink, Chuck Armstrong, Ted Durfey, Chuck Luenberger, Jeff Henschen. (Fourth row) Kerry Hall, manager; Gary Neumann, man- ager; Ted Wells, manager; Mr. Duane Brown, head coach; Mr. Joe Di- Pietro, coach; Mr. Don Hunter, coach; Mr. Tom Bullock, coach; Charles Davis, manager; Bill Werling, manager. JL. tS . f% % rt ■ ' i ' 3 A» " 50 Varsity Football Senior captain Byron Choka looks on as the referee explains that Dwenger will kick to North. The Saints edged the Skins 27-25 in a very close opening season game. Varsity Football North Opp. 25 Bishop Dwenger 27 13 Northrop 17 14 Wayne 7 15 Goshen 24 22 South Side 14 Concordia 13 13 Elmhurst 6 7 Snider fj Senior Neal Inscoe brings down a South Side runner after a short gain. Helping out are Sen- iors Mark Fisher and Dan Thomas. An anxious bench watches as North drives downfield to score against South Side. North dumped the Archers, 22-0. Varsity Football 51 Reserves chalk up victories - f- -I II Reserves cnaiK up victories KeSerVe rOOtDall despite small team membership A record of 3-4-1 was established by the reserve gridiron squad. The ' Skins started slow with a 2-0 victory over Elmhurst. Once under way they stomped Concordia 18-6 but lost at the hands of Snider, Northrop, Dwe- nger, and New Haven. A tie came by Columbia City, and a forfeit was re- ceived from Wayne. Mr. Tom Bullock replaced Mr. Donald Hunter as reserve football head coach. Mr. Hunter was made varsity line coach. Mr. Bullock com- mented that the team overall was very good, considering size. He hopes that his future teams have more players. The team consisted of thirteen soph- omores and seven juniors. Two of the squad ' s outstanding players were Ke- vin Kruse and Welton Dufor, accord- ing to Coach Bullock. Welton lead the team in scoring. Sophomore Keith Heingartner lofts a pass to his split end downfield. Heingartner receives fine protec- tion from the interior linemen. Reserve Football North Opp. 2 Elmhurst 18 Concordia 6 14 Snider 28 6 Columbia City 6 6 Northrop 7 6 Dwenger 22 Wayne Forfeit 6 New Haven 12 Both teams turn to watch a high flying Redskin pass down field. The Redskins were defeated in this game against New Haven, 12-6. 52 Reserve Football ' .■7 ' -n ' v ' -f. Reserve football team members are (Front row) Dave Buckmaster, Kevin Tempel, Kevin Konger, Rex Junk, Mike Marino, Kevin Kruse, Al McCee, Mike Jenkins, Mike Heath. (Second row) Steve Lauer, Keith Heingartner, Jan Voorhees, Bill Cowell, Larry Cage, Pete Albright, Welton Dufor, Dvi ight Thomas, Jeff Nix, Dave Lewis. (Third row) Ted Wells, manager; .Mr. Joe DiPietro, coach; Mr. Don Hunter, coach; Mr. Tom Bullock, coach; Mr. Duane Brown, coach. Sophomore Jan Voorhees carries the ball off tackle through a large hole in the defensive line. The reserve squad had a 3-4-1 season. Sophomore Kevin Konger tries a field goal from the ten-yard line against foe New Haven. Holding for Konger is quarterback Keith Heingartner. Reserve Football 53 -p • . Netters have successful 8-3 season, I GlirilS finish second behind city champs Junior captai tionals. Rick n Ricl Seaman sets for a smash against his counterpart in one of his matches during sec- won sectionals and ended third at the regional level. North ' s netters totaled a 6-2 city record and a 8-3 overall mark, coming in second behind co-city champs, Concordia and South Side. The Redskin netters shut out four of their victims: Bishop Dwenger, El- mhurst, Homestead, and Bishop Luers by identical scores of 7-0. The netters dropped only 3 matches this season. The losses ca me at the hands of Northrop, Bluffton, and South. The team ended the year winning their match against Concordia. Coach My- ron Henderson said, " It was one of the best victories we have had, be- cause Concordia has a highly re- spected team. " Concordia ' s only de- feat was to the ' Skins. Leading the team individually was junior captain Rick Seaman who cap- tured the sectional singles title and ended up third in the regional tourna- ment. Rick ended the year with a total of 20 wins and 5 losses. Other individual tallies included senior Glen Nevogt with a 15-7 record in both doubles and singles, while sophomore Dave Beard registered an 11-3 record and senior Steve Mays ended with a 15-5 season total. Junior Jeff Logue sits down after a difficult workout with his teammates before an up- coming match. Jeff played doubles throughout the seas6n. Tennis North Opp. 7 Bishop Dwenger 7 Elmhurst 3 Bluffton 4 4 Goshen 2 7 Snider 1 6 Wayne 1 2 South Side 6 7 Homestead 7 Bishop Luers 3 Northrop 4 4 Concordia 3 54 Tennis N Sophomore Mike Burke sets to return a ball during a match against Concordia in which North won. Mike played doubles. Senior Steve Mays gets ready for a return in a match. This was Steve ' s second varsity year. Tennis team members are (Front row) Bob Stellner, Steve Mays, Mike Burke, Keith Hoffman, Glen Nevogt, )im Robinson, )eff Logue. (Second row) Gene Chaffin, Dave Kitzmiller, Dave Beard, Bob Hat- field, Jim Stieglitz, Rick Seaman, Mr. Myron Henderson, Coach. Members of the Cross Country team are (Front row) Jerry Robinson, Dave Ehler, Gordon Stafford, Mike Jones, Paul Shaw, Rick Robles. (Second row) Mike Bregenzer, Brad Altevogt, Bill Piercy, Jeff Coshert, Glenn Patterson, Tom Schevtchuk, manager. Team gains valuable experience, Cross Country places 14th in sectional meet At the Senior start ot d big one, North ' s harriers tr lo set (ill on the right loot in the cit meet at Ci College. The ' Skins worked hard and looked forward to the sectionals. North ' s hill-and-dalers finished up a sub-par season with a " very success- ful " sectional meet according to Coach Keith Fisher. The varsity har- riers finished the regular season vk ' ith a 2-13 record, while the reserves fin- ished with a 12-3 record. Coach Fisher, however, feels the squad did " very well " in the sectionals, placing fourteenth in a field of twenty one. Mr. Fisher felt the boys improved their times " very well " and he was " very happy " with the results. The boys put a lot of work into the season and never let up or gave up. Coach Fisher said the squad was a young one and should benefit from it and prepare a good future for next year. The ' Skins, while running " well " in the sectionals, had no individual qualifying for the regional champion- ship meet. Sophomore Paul Shaw and co-captains Bill Piercy and Brad Alte- vogt led the pack in the sectional meet, Shaw with his best time of the season. 56 Cross Country Junior harrier Mike Jones and sophomore Glenn Patterson discuss their opponents as they prepare for a meet at Shoaff Park. Senior Brad Altevogt seems to be all alone as he paces himself in a city meet. Brad worked hard and enjoyed a fine year. Varsity Cross Country North Opp. 41 La Porte 22 43 Valporaiso 17 38 Huntington 23 30 Huntington Cath. 27 10th DeKalb Invitational 30 Lima 35 38 Homestead 19 35 New Haven 22 36 South Side 20 46 Concordia 16 32 Bishop Luers 24 23 Bishop Dwenger 35 35 Wayne 23 20 Elmhurst 38 50 Snider 15 50 Northrop 15 14th Sectionals 15 Sophomore Paul Shaw seems to be gaining on the Knight runner as they pass the first marker. Paul had a good season, and topped the Redskin harriers in sectional competition. Cross Countrv 57 Senior Mel Odom outreaches everyone for a rebound as Columbia City ' s number 20 is blocked out by Doug Biedenweg. junior Rick Seaman goes high for a rebound off the defensive boards while two opposing South players do little to stop him. Varsity Basketball North Opp. 77 Goshen 50 73 Northrop 64 169 Muncie North 78 93 Michigan City 54 66 Luers 53 66 South Bend Riley 85 63 Snider 54 73 Kokomo 71 55 DeKalb 73 77 Dwenger 54 77 New Haven 56 60 Wayne 59 58 Kokomo Haworth 63 84 South Side 70 55 Muncie South 47 73 Columbia City 60 67 DeKalb 65 63 Elmhurst 61 76 Concordia 68 77 Dwenger 50 Tom Scheele, North ' s leading scorer until this game, waits for a rebound against South Side. Tom broke his ankle in this game. 58 Varsity Basketball . s Q I 1 II I Redskins win second city title in a row V alSiry ljclSK6lDdll two serious injuries call for more drive vdibity oasKetball team members are (Front row) Doug Biedenweg, Bob Tudor, Tom Crosley, Dave Bamett, Bryo n Choka, Rick Seaman, Al McGee. (Second row) Ron Moore, Steve Sullivan, Greg Hunt, Mel Odom, Chuck Armstrong, Tom Scheele, James Lindsay, and Coach By Hey. For the second year in a row Red- skins were city champs, completing the season with a perfect 8-0 city record and 16-4 overall. By Hey wrjn his third city title when North beat Dwenger, 77-50. The win was the Skins ' twenty-eighth city victory in the past four years with only five defeats. Two injuries later in the season seemed only to bring more drive to the Redskin cause. The annual civil war between North and South Side saw leading Redskin scorer Tom Scheele break his ankle. Tom was out for the remainder of the season. A few weeks later junior James Lindsay, third highest scorer, broke his finger and sprained his ankle at the Colum- bia City match. James made it back just in time for the tourney. Coach Key ' s bench proved themselves strong as the team prepared for sec- tional action. Dribbling the ball down - — .. ,eady to set up the play against visiting New Haven Is seni " - Tom Crosley. North won 77-56. In perfect form and all alone is senior Dave Barnett as he executes his deadly jump shot against the opponent r Varsity Basketball 59 T|-|lll |-|pm, North skins Archers, Cadets, Panthers for the fifth straight sectional title For the first time in the Fort Wayne sectional the Redskins brought home the fifth straight sectional title in a row. The tourney path wasn ' t easy as the city champs began by playing South Side in the second game of a triple-header in Sectional II. Redskins took an early lead, paced by senior Dave Barnett making 13 of 14 shots. The Archers were left behind by a score of 80-72. North ' s next foe was the powerful Concordia Cadets. A close first half left the score tied at 28. The Skins came alive the third quarter and al- lowed Concordia to score only five points. At the final buzzer the score was 67-46 The hard-fought championship game saw the lead switch hands sev- eral times. Fans went wild as North came out on top 82-71. The Redskins were defeated in the first game of the Regional by the Westview Warriors, with a score of 82-71. Varsity cheerleaders Bernice Nelson, Mary Nold, and Thea Baughman watch anxiously as the Skins prepare to shoot a free throw. Redskin players surround the sectional cham- pionship trophy after emerging victorious over Snider by a score of 82-71. Coach By Hey springs from the bench to give encouragement and instruction to the Redskin netmen. 60 Tourney Basketball Senior guard Dave Barnett drives for a lay-up. Barnett had 29 against South Junior Rick Seaman gets two for the Skins against South Side. Rick is a start- before fouling out early in the fourth quarter. ing guard. Toumev Basketball 61 The reserve and sophomore bas- ketball squads both finished success- ful season with 16-3 and 9-4 records respectively. The reserve squad, un- der coaches John Stauffer and Arthur Eldridge, played a very tough sched- ule and lost only to Northrop, Munice North, and EInnhurst. The sophomore team, also coached by Mr. Stauffer and Mr. Eldridge, played an equally tough schedule and many players enjoyed dual roles, playing for both the sophomore and reserve squads. Sophomore Al McGee saw action on all three levels, being promoted to the varsity late in the season. The only other reserve to see varsity action was junior Ron Moore, who went to the top when James Lindsay was injured. Mr. Stauf- fer, Mr. Eldridge, and Mr. Hey were all " very pleased " with the reserve squads accomplishments. Reserve basketball team members are (Front row) Jon Stine, Jim Firks, Paul Shaw, Al McCee, Dwight Thomas, Mike Jenkins, Jack Bailey. (Second row) Mr. John Stauffer, Steve Lauer, Gary Lewis, Larry Gage, Welton Dufor, Ray Odom, Ron Moore, Charles Smiley, Mr. Arthur Eldridge. Reserve Basketball Reserves have successful 16-3 season. Sophomore promoted to varsity squad Reserve Basketball North 49 Goshen Opp. 41 40 Northrop 44 43 Muncie North 44 67 43 Michigan City Luers 39 29 82 57 South Bend Riley Snider 43 44 62 Kokomo 46 51 East Noble 32 64 Garrett 45 55 New Haven 28 49 58 Wayne Kokomo Haworth 32 41 59 Muncie South 41 52 53 Columbia City DeKalb 42 32 68 Elmhurst 74 45 Concordia 42 45 Dwenger 39 Sophomore Dwight Thomas outmanuevers his opponent from Wayne. Dwight was a starter for the re- serve squad. 62 Reserve Basketball c Sophomore Basketball North Opp. 47 Huntington 33 46 South Side 40 37 Elmhurst 47 40 New Haven 36 40 Northrop 45 49 East Noble 39 43 Concordia 37 51 Wayne 28 49 South Side 51 43 Wayne 30 35 Snider 33 47 Bellmont 25 28 Northrop 46 40 Elmhurst 43 Sophomore basketball team members are (Front row) Bruce Cilbreath, Jim Firks, Keith Caudill, Jen- kins, Jack Bailey, Keith Heingartner. (Second row) Mr. John Stauffer, Al McGee, Gary Lewis, Steve Lauer, Larry Gage, Welton Dutor, Dwight Thomas, Charles Smiley, Mr. Arthur Eldridge. Charles Smiley goes for two against his opponent from Northrop. Charles saw action on both reserve and sophomore teams. Sophomore Gary Lewis hooks a shot over his defender for two points in a home game. The reserves finished with a 16-3 record. Reserve Basketball 63 Grapplers win at Goshen Invitational, « a mm I |« jrdupicr!) Win dl VjUMICn inviidiiui Varsity Wrestling Cary BuHock travels to state finals Varsity grapplers finished the sea- son with an 8-4 overall record and in a second-place tie for the city cham- pionship. Other accomplishments by the matmen included first place in the invitational meet at Goshen and a second place finish in the Nevi Haven invitational, as well as sending four wrestlers to the regionals and one to state. Mr. Don Hunter coached the team, assisted by Mr. Tom Bullock. The wrestlers combined for 28 pins during the regular season and were led in this department by Ralph Shaf- fer, who tallied 10 pins. Gary Bullock lead the team in victories with 16, fol- lowed by Shaffer with 14. Mr. Hunter said that he was very pleased with the team ' s progress throughout the sea- son, and much hard work was put into preparing for the sectionals. Mr. Hunter described the season as " very successful and gratifying. " Varsity wrestlers are (Front row) Dane Andres, Lonnie Gilbert, Kevin Till, Bob Krouse, Gary Jackson, Steve Martin, Dave Ehler, Gary Bullock. (Second row) Ted Wells, Coach Don Hunter, Frank Martin, Brad Owens, Ralph Shaffer, Ted Durfey, Clint Anthis, Kerry Hall, Bob Grant, Coach Tom Bullock. Senior Bob Krouse scores a takedown on his opponent from New Haven. Bob had a 10-7-1 wrestling record in the 138 class. Pinning his man for his 10th victory in 15 matches is Gary Jackson. Gary was one of our wrestlers who advanced in the sectionals. 64 Varsity Wrestling Varsity Wrestling North Opp. 31 Woodlan 24 15 Northrop 39 14 Belmont 38 40 South 25 36 Warsaw 24 26 New Haven 24 34 Carroll 19 38 Homestead 21 13 Wayne 34 28 Snider 39 30 Elmhurst 27 38 Concordia 26 Senior Steve Martin works for a victory against his opponent from Northrop. Steve finished the season with a 13-3-2 record. Junior Clint Anthis awaits the referee ' s signal to start the match. Clint wrestled reserve for most of the season, but moved into the varsity spot at sectional time. Junior Brad Owens struggles for a take-down against his opponent in sectional pla at New Haven. Brad had a 6-7-1 record for the Skins. Varsity Wrestling (o Golf Nice weather brings early practice; Four returning lettermen lead squad Coach John Stauffer used a squad of eight varsity golfers throughout the season very effectively to ensure a successful season. Stauffer had just four returning letternnen to work with in seniors Pat Morris, Nick Stamanis, Denny Maxwell, and Jack Weisz. Four other golfers, including one senior, two juniors, and one sophomore made up the bulk of the varsity competitors. The squad had only to uphold a 6- 10 mark recorded by last year ' s squad, and Coach Stauffer predicted before the start of the season that " with the returning lettermen and the squad we ' ve put together, we ' ll cer- tainly improve on that record. " The golfers opened the season with a three-way meet with South Side and Concordia in early April, but the prac- tice sessions started as early as the first week in March due to the season- able weather. Coach John Stauffer talks to returning lettermen seniors Pat Morris, Denny Maxwell, Nick Stamanis, ancJ Jack Weisz in a preseason meeting. These four paced the squad this year. Senior Denny Maxwell, the number three golfer on last year ' s squad, starts his season early with practice rounds of golf. Sophomore Gary Dick practices his form for putting as Mike Krouse offers some helpful advice. 66 Golf f ... .f... ' a ' jS nr ' - . ■ ' jMMi%. t.j About to serve a hot smash is junior Rosie Regedenz. This was the first year for girls ' var- sity tennis. Sophomore Rose Beber follows through on her serve during an early spring practice session. Miss Donnelly coaches 15 girls; irlS I Gil n IS Squad progresses very well The first year of girls ' athletics con- tinued into the spring with girls ' ten- nis. Fifteen girls, under the direction of Miss Anne Donnelly, participated. The female netters started play on April 25 against cross-town rival South Side, and ended in late May. The matches were played on Monday and Wednesdays against all the city schools. Miss Donnelly ranked the girls in three sets of singles and four sets of doubles. Miss Donnelly said, " the re- sponse to the team has been very good, and overall the girls progressed very well. " Girls ' tennis team members are (Front row) Tami Zimmerman, Karen Shepelak, Jeri Sue Petrie, Marita Meyer, Dana Holom, Patty Burke. (Second row) Cwynne Johnson, Cindy Bohnke, Sally Hinkle, Me- rilee Ford, Cheryl Miller, Rose Beber, Miss Anne Donnelly. Girls ' athletics get good beginning; II kk 11 " ' 1 atnietics get gooa oeginning VOIIGyDdll Volleyettes finish with 10-4 record Varsity sports for the girls became a reality for the first time ever when the Redskin girls, dubbed the Volleyettes, opened their first volleyball season. The girls, coached by Miss Anne Don- nelly, played both city and out of city teams. Although the girls played out a short schedule, much time and effort was put into the sport. They finished with a 10-4 record, and a third place standing in city competition. They worked hard in preparing for the sectional com- petition at Bellmont High School. Round one saw the Volleyettes do well in downing the Bluffton squad in two straight matches. The second round, however, saw the girls falter and fall to the Heritage entry. Losing the opening game, the Skins came back to win the second, but could not hold out for the final deciding game. All in all the girls had a " very success- ful first year, " and hope to be even better next year. Volleyball team members are (Front row) )anet Seitert, Miss Anne Donnelly, Barb Nelson. (Second row) Lee Coslow, Pat Rembert, Sally Schuhler, Dana Holom. (Third row) Barb Derr, Rose Beber, Cindy Ackerman, )ana Daugherty. (Fourth row) Lea Powers, Patti Goodman, Cathy Olry, JerJSue Petrie. Cheering their team on to victory, the Volleyettes show the spirit and de- termination of the entire Volleyball squad. Sophomore Cathy Olry hits the ball to a teammate at a volleyball game. This was the girls ' first season. 68 Volleyball A severely handicapped reserve wrestling team finished with a record of three wins and nine losses. The re- serves were minus wrestlers in four weight classes, which gave 24 points to the opponent before the meet ever began. Coach Donald Hunter felt " all the boys did an outstanding job; espe- cially in overcoming the team deficiency. " All the wrestlers are looking for- ward to wrestling next year and Coach Hunter feels they will fit right in. Three grapplers lost only one match apiece during the season. They are Dave Grant, Bob VanBuskirk, and Matt Kocks. Reserve wrestling team members are (Front row) Gary dinger, Dave Grant, Taft Murdock, Jim North, Rex Junk. (Second row) Matt Kocks, Bob VanBuskirk, Rick Harding, Mike Marino, Keith Heingartner, John Myers. Reserve Wrestling Handicapped reserves gain experience, look forward to next year In perfect form is junior Taft Murdock as he is controlling his opponent from Snider during a reserve match. Taft had a winning season. Reserve Wrestling 69 Baseball New coach optimistic about seasons- young team strives for victories The baseball team made a change of hands this season. Last year ' s coach, Mr. Timothy Russell, took the head basketball coaching position at Hammond Cavit. Mr. Joseph Dipietro took over his position. Mr. Dipietro said " I am optimistic about the season and my eight return- ing lettermen. " The 20 member squad compiled a 22 game season plus tour- nament play. Mr. DiPietro also said the team will be playing for individual game victories, but they will be look- ing especially forward to a sectional victory. Mr. DiPietro enjoys baseball and said it has been a big part of his life. He plans to rotate three players each game to find his " blue chip players. " He would also like to improve last year ' s 7-9 season. Mr. Larry Bott assisted the team throughout the season. , Forced inside by bad spring weather, the Redmen were forced to practice in the boys ' gym, as demon- strated by junior Bob Bastress. Senior Byron Choka gets set in the crouch position, ready to take a throw from one of his teammates. This is Byron ' s third varsity year in baseball. Bunting is an important part of the game. Senior Tom Crosley shows the proper way to bunt in a practice session. 70 Baseball Baseball team members are (Front row) Dick Daring, Tim Manes, Lonnie Murdock, Mike Franklin, Byron Choka, Tony Terell, Pat Sievers, Will Schaefer, Tom Crosley, Mark Morton, George Wagner. (Second row) Larry Second year man junior Bob Tudor is about to return a throw from another skin diamond man during an early spring practice season. )eff Henschen tosses a few warmup throws to gel loosened up before prac- tice starts. This is a major asset to every Redskin diamond man. P« Olinske, Kerry Hall, Jeff Henschen, Kevin Konger, Jon Stine, Bob Tudor, Keith Heingartner, Jim Firks, Dave Beard, Steve Shultz, Jim Keller, Mr. Larry Bot t, Mr. Joseph DiPietro. L!l kt:ii. " - IMl li J ♦ M George Wagner shoots over the defense in an early-morning clash. Intra- murals games occupied the courts every Tuesday and Thursday. Driving hard for a layup Is senior Dan Thomas as senior Neal Inscoe at- tempts to pull back and avoid fouling. Intramurals Girls join in volleyball, gymnastics; Boys show talent, enjoy competition Approximately fifty students par- ticipated In intrannurals at some time during the year. In the fall volleyball was offered as a girls ' intramural game, while swimming and basketball occupied the boys ' time. During the winter months, girls intramurals activi- ties included swimming and gymnas- tics, and in the spring the tennis courts were activated. Girls intramurals was supervised by Miss Anne Donnelly, who also served as coach for all girls ' varsity sports. Mr. Joseph DiPietro headed the boys ' intramural activity on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Mr. DiPietro, assistant football and head baseball coach, was happy with the number of boys who participated in the games, and said a lot of the boys " showed some real talent " as well as enjoying the competition. The pcx)l was used extensively during intramurals. These girls rest at the edge after a strenuous work out. Sophomore Cathy Olry goes up and over the saw horse in a straddle vault during an intramural session. Sophomore Tina Choka spots her. T-, 1, Mr. Slavens takes coaching position; ' ' ttl-K Early victory creates team incentive Under the direction of first year head coach, Dean Slavens, North ' s traci men fielded a team of over forty athletes, with thirteen lettermen lead- ing the way. Of the lettermen, six were seniors and seven were juniors. Coach Slavens came from Niles, Chi- cago where he was also mentor for the track squad. Slavens was " im- pressed with the turnout for this sea- son, " when 62 boys came out for the first practice, compared to the 19 of last year. One highlight of the season was the 68-50 victory over Culver Military early in the season at an indoor track meet. This victory gave the " Skins the initiative and desire to have a success- ful season. Slavens felt the team, al- though young, had the " dedication to have a successful season. " He also felt that it was his responsibility as a coach to " produce young men ca- pable of becoming young stars on a state championship team. " Coming down the stretch the tracksters complete their warmup laps. Everyone on the track squad par- ticipated in running laps to keep in shape throughout the season. Track members are (Front row) Ron Kase, Kevin Kruse, Gary Olinger, Bill Piercy, Matt Schomburg, Cordon Stafford, Paul Shaw, Dave WInneroth, Cordell Gage, • " al Inscoe, Forest Ruff, Steve Lauer. (Second row) Glenn Patterson, Mark Hiser, Mike Marino, Bob VanBuskIrk, Mark Davis, Kevin North, Tim Cook, |an Voorhees, Brad Altevogt, Al McCee, Ed Wells. (Third row) Rick Robles, Gary Lewis, |ohn Cline, |im Pierce, |eff Goshert, Chuck Leuenberger, )im Thurber, Frank Martin, lerry Wallace, Dwight Thomas. (Fourth row) Jim Rodgers, Mike Jones, Mark Fisher, Mike Lauer, Steve Mock, Tim Myers, Pete Albright, Randy Furniss, Tim Sievers, Johnny Ruff. (Fifth row) Dave Lewis, Larry Norton, Mike Copper, Ted Durfey, Ralph Shaffer, Brad Owens. 74 Track Head Coach Dean Slavens takes time to lecture to his squad at a practice session. The 60 boys that turned out for this year ' s tryouts more than tripled last year ' s squad. Senior Mark Fisher runs a tew practice laps to get in shape for a meet. .Mark was a member of the shuttle relay team. lunior Ralph Shaffer prepares to toss the shot-put in an earK contest. Ralph was a letterman in track and wrestling. We stand on the threshold . . . of new involvements Redskins participate together . . . They work together . . . And they get involved together . . . Join, Join, Join Participate But don ' t spread yourself too thin I don ' t have time What would this school do without kids to run it? Clubs never do anything, anyway I belong to six clubs; what about you? Hey, man, go peddle your goods someplace else School is more than homework It is enthusiasm Involvement Senior National Honor Society members are (Front row) Julie Cuibertson, Debbie Drake, Ja- nine Burke, Thea Baughman, Barb Hoppel, Lisa Dellinger, Vicky DePrey, Marjorie Braucher. (Second row) Jean Brackmann, Camille Bu- chan, JoAnne Bracht, Sharon Byrge, Bonnie Jump, Gwynne Johnson, Jennifer Joseph, Janie Barile, Pam Baker. (Third row) Maureen Ge- rardot, Lee Ann Jacoby, Gary Glass, Jerry Cole- man, Charles Davis, Jim Heeren, Brenda Griffin, Patti Kipling, Patti Hein. (Fourth row) Patty De- lobbe, John Jante, Jana Habegger, Phil Didler, Charles Armstrong, David Johnson, Mark Fisher, Brad Altevogt, Elaine Carlson. David Johnson, Valedictorian Patricia Hein, Saiutatorian I I I Dave and Patty earn best records rIOnOrS five more qualify for high honors Senior National Honor Society members are (Front row) Kathy Snyder, Nancy Steiner, Rita Klein, Beverly Smith, Linda Kruse, Cheryl Wil- son, Cindy Palm. (Second row) Beth Thomas, Mary Sherman, Rhonda Fox, Jenny Kumaran, Glen Nevogt, Rhonda Winebrenner. (Third row) Bob Zollars, Nick Stamanis, Trudy Sterling, Mike Martone, Mark Morton, Susan Walter, Steve Mays. (Fourth row) James Sabo, Virginia Sukow, Les Sieling, Tom Stieglitz, Dan Zweig, Tom Scheele, George Wagner. Junior and Sophomore National Honor Society members are (Front row) Jane Snyder, Connie Snyder, Barb Derr, Maureen Mavis, Patti Mar- tin, Diane Barton, Debby Hartup, Peggy Sny- der, Myra Van Curen. (Second row) Steve Ben- ecke, Linda Bloom, Lu Ann Hoagland, Laura Foote, Terri Holom, Becky Davis, Joanne Burke, Linda Bolger, Carolyn Synder, Candy Smith. (Third row) Wendy Hartman, Paula Koenig, Blade Hauth, Roger Annis, Mark Sherman, Jeff Dellinger, Kurt Ahlersmeyer, Matt Wiesenberg, Dave Daugherty.(Fourth row) Nancy Myers, Capi Seeger, Brian Brunson, Steve Sullivan, Jon Stine, Tom Chandler, Herbert Timinsky, Rick Seaman, Bob Tudor, Bill Wermuth. Patricia Kipling High Honors 1 G ' a f) C ( § Honors 79 A _ . .-j_,Jo Many honors go to seniors WVdrUa for niit«:t;inriina e for outstanding efforts Janine Burke and Dave Johnson, seniors, discuss a scholarship application. Janine and Dave were se- lected by members of National Honor Society to compete for the scholarship. Many North Side seniors had hon- ors bestowed upon them. The entire senior class voted for one boy and one girl who they thought deserved the DAR citizenship award. The names with the most votes were then submitted for teacher votes. Dave Johnson and Janine Burke were se- lected to compete for a National Honor Society scholarship. Each had to submit a short essay. Less than one percent of students who take PSAT tests are chosen to be National Merit Scholarship finalists. Various sponsors make the final deci- sion on who actually gets the scholarships. The Betty Crocker award is given to the student who receives the best score on a comprehensive exam and on a showing of their homemaking abilities. Not actually an award, but certainly an honor is being chosen as an AFS student. Interested students had to go through a screening process before fi- nal selections were made. Patti Hein and Holly Love, seniors, look through a French magazine. Patti and Holly will have an op- portunity for travel abroad through the AFS program. Senior DAR award recipients Ann Moore, Janine Burke and Charlie Davis discuss the test Janine took in competing for a DAR scholarship. Seniors Jenny Kumaran, Charlie Davis, and Ann Moore look at a letter notifying them of their selection as National Merit finalists. Working on her quilt often serves to fill free moments for senior Jenny Su- kow, winner of the Betty Crocker Homemaker Award. 4 Cfll|4pnf CnitnrW " " parking lot finally obtained; ' - •■ ' -■ ' ■ ' - V UIIV,!! representatives work on committees Student Council acconnplished a project put into operation in the 1970- 1971 school year by securing a stu- dent parking lot. The project was car- ried on throughout last year, until this year ' s council, headed by Jim Weh- renberg, finally got it through. The council was advised by Mr. James Le- winski. Officers were president Jim Wehrenberg; vice president Virginia Sukow; secretary Aspasia Pappas; and treasurer Dan Ritchie. The council was divided into three main committees. The Ways and Means Committee, led by Dan Ritchie, handled all financial affairs. Mike Martone, senior, was the Service Club Committee Chairman. They han- dled service projects throughout the year. The Activities Committee, headed by senior Ann Moore, was in charge of all the activities, including Spirit Week. Because they felt it was not achiev- ing its goals, council members dis- banded at mid-year. Student Council members are (Front row) Tim Adams, Dan Ritchie, Diane Barton, Aspasia Pappas, Pam Hughes. (Second row) Blade Hauth, Rose Beber, Mike Martone, Joanne Burke, Bob Grant, Ann Moore. (Third row) Jenny Sukow, Jim Wehrenberg, Dave Johnson, John Morris, Sue Cline, Pete Albright. A few upperclass Student Council representatives discuss Spirit Week plans. Student Council sponsored Spirit Week. Dave Bennett, sophomore student council representative, explains the Christmas Bureau procedures to his homeroom. 82 Student Council 3 r . M HP! p M j .i - T ' i f i2»4 f If. WMSULfhWW 1 HI ' 1 ■ ML- ' ' V KA ] ■ 1 Rh ' PI 1 1 IIf - ' ' " ' Wlfl i m ' 1 l W-a ffl| L • wn iM ■ iPk 11 ' iAi ' ?] ! - NFL club members are (Front row) Judy Neill, Sandi Rogers, Shelly Matter, Becky Roady. (Second row) Cilberto Guevara, Robert Grant, Nan Lauer, Sally Schuler, Paul Tanner, Ann Moore. (Third row) Clint Anthis, Virginia Sukow, Blade A. Houth, )im Robinson, Ricky Stephens. (Fourth row) Mike Martone, Jim Wehrenberg, Mike Gavin, Les Sieling, Saul Fields, Mike Sieling, Mr. Gary Schultz. Mr. Gary Schultz headed the Na- tional Forensic League (NFL) for speech and debaters. NFL members attended tournaments throughout In- diana from October to April. Their season was concluded with a state meet. Nationally the organization had 363,000 students across the country. Locally the Redskins added people every week making the club larger than ever. Various degrees of awards were given for accumulated points at meet participation. For 25 points the degree of merit was given, 75 points, degree of honor, 150 points, degree of ex- cellence, and 250 points, degree of distinction. The most coveted award, the double ruby was given for 500 points and was obtained by very few students. K.ICI Membership increases to highest ever; iNrL awards given for special participants HSHS SPEECH TEAM Senior NFL members Bob Grant, Sandi Rogers, and Jim Wehrenberg look over an index card from the extemp files. The files were used to quickly find magazine articles. Senior Sandi Rogers displays the speech team shirts. The team bought the shirts to boost and show enthusiasm. Wind ensemble performs out concerts; g m4-1 4-D vina ensemoie penorms out cor COnCeri, varsity DanaS band plays difficult arrangements There were two major bands at North,the Concert Band and the Var- sity Band. The Concert Band con- sisted of over 100 upperclassmen, who performed at school concerts. In the fall, all the members participated in the Marching Band. Varsity Band contained approxi- mately 50 sophomores. They also per- formed concerts and marched in the fall. The honor wind ensemble, in its second year, proved very successful. Students auditioned playing a pre- pared piece as well as scales and sight reading. Mr. Ashton planned several out of school concerts for this group because the concert band was too large to transport. Marching in the cold is tuba player Lee Seeger. Marching band spent many hours poor weather conditions. The band performed at all home football games. J practicing despite Concert Band members are (Front row) )ane Snyder, Lea Powers, Sharon Hoagland, Sue Smith, Beth Meyer, Ken Beebe, Barb Nelson, jlll Peters. (Second row) Sylvia Kemery, Peggy Nordyck, Ann Moore, Camille Buchan, loan Cameron, Rosie Regedenz, Valerie Hernandez, Cwynne Johnson, Margaret Bracht, Diane Barton, )eff Coshert, Ralph Sheets, Sue Kreamel- meyer, Fred Willis, Barb Hoppel, Tim BIy, Mark Maxwell. (Third row) Sha- ron Miller, Les Sieling, Robin Heeren, Debbie Hartup, Dorothy Lipp, Kathy Sarrazin, Blake Prentice Mark Fisher, Stan Clark, Kevin Drew, John Conser, Dave Niblack, Bob Walker, Elaine Carlson, Pat Sievers, Scott Mahlon, Brian Brunson, Don Stevenson, Larry Judd, Mark Vosmeier, Denny Andrews, Keith Vachon, Paula Koenig, Roger Annis, Curtis Perry, Dan Zweig, Larry Stacy, John Welsh, Debbie Zozulia, Barb Den-, Doug Myers. (Fourth row) Marie Vonderhaar, Heidi Gaylord, Maureen Mavis, Kaylynn Remke, Ruby Puff, Debbie Dial, Karen Cohen, Debbie Sylvester, Peggy Weidner, Bob Keller, Aaron Mason, Margie Braucher, Mike Sieling, Scott Green, Ed Wells, Mark Coff, Jim Heeren, Mark Yawberg, Kurt Ahlersmeyer, Matt Wiesenberg, Tom Schevtchuk, Doug Reynolds, Steve Hughes, Bob Van- Anda, Steve Mays. (Fifth row) Denise Rohrs, Kathy Snyder, Ann Marie Bobay, Rhonda Fox, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Mr. Barry Ashton, Mr. Neal Graham, Mel Odom, Tom Chandler, Mel Puff, Nick Stamanis, Dave Deason, Al Schmidt, Jim Keller, Kenton Patterson, Bob Zollars, Doug Laughlin, Cam- mie Amburn, Jim North. 84 Concert, Varsity Bands Varsity Band members are (First Row) Sheryl Volkert, Patti Keever, Brenda Graff, Carolyn Parkins, Peggy Snyder, Kim Eddy, Sara Bloomfield, Susan Kuckuck, Leslie Abbott, Carolyn Doell. (Second row) Betsy Schrader, Vicki Nunn, Jannis Hursh, Brenda Gray, Karen Cohen, Sally Hinkle, joEllen Hen- drickson, Mary Keltsch, Yvonne Wakeman, Lee Winkle, Ted Wells, Sharon VanAman, Denny Andrew, Glen Patterson, Mike Burke. (Third row) Julie Hall, Myra VanCuren, Karen Wiley, Lee Seeger, Ruth Brackmann, Jill Spri- nger, Robert Holly, Danny Collins, Jim Stansell, Jon Palm, Pete Albright, Bill Gething, Bruce Robertson, Kevin Conway, Dan Schible, Mike Marino, Andy Zweig, Barry Drew, Keith Cook, Dennis Wright, Jim Carpenter, Dwight Thomas, Tim Sievers. (Fourth row) Mr. Barry Ashton, Mr. Neal Gra- ham, Tod Ramsey, Dave Pickering, Steve Hein, Doug Hopper. Wind Esemble members are (Front row) Peggy Nordyke, Ann Moore, Camille Buchan, Joan Cameron, JoEllen Hendrickson, Rosie Regendanz, Jane Snyder, Beth Meyer, Peggy Snyder, Carolyn Parkins. (Sec- ond row) Brenda Graff, Patty Keever, Julie Hall, Marie Vonderhear, Diane Barton, Sally Hinkle, Roger Annis, Mary Keltsch, Denny Andrews, Paula Koenig, Keith Vachon, Barb Hoppel, Mark Maxwell. (Third row) Mark Goff, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Larry Stacy, Debbie Zozulia, Barb Derr, Blake Prentice, Mark Fisher, Stan Clark, Kevin Drew, Bill Gething, Dan Zweig, Tim Sievers, Steve Hughes, Bob VanAnda, Steve Mays. (Fourth row) Anne Bobay, Kathy Snyder, Bob Zollars, Doug Laughlin, Mr. Barry Ashton, Dave Deason, Tom Chandller, Nick Stamanis. Concert, Varsit Bands - I -I- most accomplished string players form own group; V-llCriGSir3 pep band spurs crowd excitement at games. String players, as well as some wind and percussion players, joined to- gether to form the orchestra. Directed by Mr. Barry Ashton, they played at school concerts. The girls in the or- chestra received new uniforms. A special trip to Richmond, Indiana to perform was the special event of the year. The more accomplished string play- ers formed a group called the string ensemble. This goup played more ad- vanced pieces designed specifically for stringed instruments. The pep band provided entertain- ment at all the home basketball games. They helped spur spirit in the crowd. Pep band, directed by Mr. Neal Graham, is pre- paring to play " Hail to the Redskins " at a bas- ketball pre-game. ? I -: --.V . ' ' • ' 10 if It M r 1 1 Wiii ' A M WK M mSI mi f ? U Vr JEl rr,v iOl KhIk ■L.. -H M--1 1- ' - ' ■ Orchestra members are(Front row) Patti Hein, Carolyn Snyder, Jenny Su- kow, Karen Winzeler, Cheryl Wilson, Janine Burke, Beth Holderman. (Sec- ond row) Nancy Steiner, Linda Bloom, Al Schmidt, Denise Rohrs, Randy Sleesman, Mary Nold, Jane Snyder, Lea Powers, Linda Ellis, Judy Neill, Patti Burke, Kim Myers, Rachael Williams, Carolyn Parkins, Candy Smith. (Third row) Debbie Morlin, Becky Davis, Dave Dougherty, Gloria Tuttle, Terry Dougherty, Dave Niblack, Debbie Zozulia, Barb Derr, Doug Myers, Val- erie Hernandez, Rosie Regedanz, Joellen Hendrickson, Cwynne Johnson, Sylvia Kemery, Robin Heeren, Sharon Miller, Keith Vachon, Diane Barton, George Pauly, Jerry Kirkpatrick. (Fourth row) Rhonda Fox, Jim Heeren, Ka- ren Madden, Carol Davis, Faith Thomas, Beth Meyer, Mr. Barry Ashton, Bev Smith, Mr. Neal Graham, Anne Marie Bobay, Kathy Snyder, Bruce Robertson, Kevin Drew, John Conser, Mark Fisher, Stan Clark, Blake Pre- ntice, Bob VanAnda, Steve Mays, Steve Hughes, Tim Sievers, Barry Drew, Mark Goff, Doug Laughlin, Nick Stamanis, Bob Zollars, Tom Chandler, Lee Seeger, Larry Stacy. 86 Orchestra String Ensemble members are (Front row) Beth Holderman, Janine Burke, Cheryl Wilson, Kim Meyer, Karen Winzeler, Patti Hein, Carolyn Snyder, Candy Smith. (Second row) Nancy Steiner, Debb ie Morlin, Becky Davis, Linda Bloom. (Third row) jerry Kirkpatrick, George Pauly. Orchestra is rehearsing for their special trip to Richmond, Indiana. Mr. Bass players Jerry Kirkpatrick, George Pauly, and Larry Stacy are playing Barry Ashton is directing. their bass soli at an orchestra rehearsal. Orchestra 87 Troubadour members are (Front row) Beth Holderman, Melissa Richard, Neal Inscoe, Cindy Palm, Connie Snyder, Jeff Logue, Diane Barton, Jana Habegger, Gordy Stafford, Bill Piercy, Joan Cameron, Janet Ankenbruck. (Second row) Mary Morken, Keith Vachon, Karen Tomusk, Marilyn Bnjnnegraff, Bill Werling, Nancy Steiner, Steve Feasel, Becky Davis, Joan Sparks, Mike Jones, Jean Brackman. (Third row) Doug Myers, Dianne Herber, Cheryl Wilson, Blake Prentice, Bev Smith, Beth Thomas, Fred Welfle, Peggy Nordyke, Julie Culbertson, Roger Annis. (Fourth row) Steve Luke, Sue Cline, Patti Kipling, Mike Herstad, Angela Savio, Mike Geoffray, Mr. John Hill, Vicky Deprey, Mike Lauer, Chuck Van Gorder, Peggy Mesh- berger, Judy Wass. Troubadours members diligently practice music for an early fall concert. Preparation for the concert began at summer music camp. _ . I 4 Troubs enjoy downtown Christmas caroling; VOCdl VlUSIC Madrigals sing for civic organizations A third of North Side ' s student body were members of the music de- partment which gave seven concerts. The A ' Cappella Choir was com- posed of upperclassmen and was the largest vocal group. Troubadours, a smaller and much more selective group than A ' Cappella, could perform more diffi- cult types of music. Troubs enjoyed the Christmas season by caroling at the Lincoln National Bank. They were accompanied by the brass choir. The very best vocalists were mem- bers of Madrigals which performed for civic groups and at many other non-school functions. To be in any of these vocal groups, students had to audition in the spring. Students had to sing scales and sight read and then were chosen by the music teachers. Music Theory was a highly selective course geared to those who intend to continue in music. This year, fourteen advanced students elected this class which dealt with the mechanics of music. Madrigals members are (Front row) Doug Myers, Mary Morken, Chieryl Wilson, Biake Prentice. (Second row) Judy Wass, Neal Inscoe, Nancy Stelner. (Ttiird row) Chuck VanCorder, Janet Ankenbruck, Steve Luke. A ' Cappella members are (Front row) Cindy Palm, Jane Manning, Marilyn Brunnegraff, Peggy Baltus, Robin Hays, Nanette Martin, Judy Wass, Julie Culbertson, Debbie Nagle, Vicki DePrey, Diane Herber, Nancy Steiner, Becky Davis, Nelody Payne, Kath Michael, Holly Springer, Cheryl Wilson. (Second row) Pam Rice, Connie Snyder, Angela Savio, Gayle Yingst, Joan Sparks, Janet Ankenbruck, Angle Lehrman, Kat hy Woodare, Nancy Troyer, Sandra Guertin, Patti Kipling, Cecil Lamson, Karen Lambert, Linda Pick- ering, Yvonne Dilling, Peggy Meshberger, Nancy Martin, Ann Marie Bobay. (Third row) Peggy Moore, Denise Hall, Kathy Meagher, Chris Hinga, Pam Rarrick, Roxanne Converse, Roxanne Perkins, Cindy Craft, Sue Qine, Bet Thomas, Mary Patton, Ruth Brackmann, Jane Habegger. Jennie Gipson. Wendy Hartman, Kathy Cowan, Pam McNeeK, Elise Meitz, Margaret Bracht, (Fourth row) Steve Luke, Gordon Stafford, Mike Geoffre , Dale Schmidt, Bill Werling, Fred Wefle, Chuck anCorder, Chuck Luenberger, Glenn Unverzagt, Bill Pierce, Mr. John Hill, Mike Herstad, Da e Grone, Pete Albright, Steve Feasel, Mike Lauer, Jeff Goshert, Jeff Logue, Lee Ehi- nger, Mike Jones, Scott Yingst, Ralph Schaefer. Vocal Music 89 Rehearsal Stage Band members are (Front row) Tom Chandler, Todd Ram- sey, Doug Hopper, Doug Laughlin, Al Schmidt, Lee Seeger. (Second row) Sharon VanAman, Mike Burke, Glen Patterson, Lee Winkle, Jeff Coshert, Mr. Ed King, Mr. Neal Graham, Mike Marino, Pete Albright, Andy Zwieg, Tom Carpenter, Dennis Wright, Tom Schevtchuk, Tim Sievers, Barry Drew. (Fourth row) Scott Mahlon, Bill Gething. Geoffray, Robertson. (Fourth row) Scott Mahlon, Bill Gething. Drum majors Blake Prentice and Doug Myers led the Redskin band throughout the marching season. Wildsider members are (Front row) Cheryl Wilson, Nick Stamanis, Mr. Barry Ashton, Bob Zollars, Bev Smith, )erry Kirkpatrick, Ken Beebe. (Sec- ond row) Denny Andrews, Tim BIy, Mark Maxwell, Keith Vachon, Paula Koenig, Stan Clark, Kevin Drew, Mark Fisher, Blake Prentice, Brian Brun- son, John Gunser, Dan Zwieg, Mark Goff, Steve Hughes, Matt Wiesenberg, Bob VanAnda, Steve Mays. 90 Arrowettes, Wildsiders Training Choir members are (Front row) Karen Kramer, Jean McMahon, Julie Geartiart, Scheri Somers, Mr. Phillip Stubblefield, M ichelle Lynch, Pat Holston, Martha Woodfin, Peggy Weidner, Margaret Pierce. (Second row) Pam Hughes, Merille Ford, Cheryl York, Jari Long, Jennifer Henscey, Becky Havener, Debra Page, Judy Trice, Sharon Ferrier, Ginny Coff, Maureen Smith, Debra Ison, Vicki Culbertson, Jolinda Sibert, Laurie Reitz, Gale Bur- kdoll. (Third row) Deb Hampshire, Sandy Walker, Jan Meyer, Beth Clark, Cary Murphy, Conny Franklin, Mary Western, Brenda Cray, Sheryl Goose, Becky Eloph, Jill Springer, Regan Feist, Nancy Didrick, Jeanne Didier, Karia Hart, Linda Myers, Shevawn Arnold, Lisa Emmons, Susan Shive. (Fourth row) Chris Miller, Scott Spridgeon, Tim Cole, Mark Hoover, Mark Sherman, Gene Guthrie, Bruce Erwin, Terry Loving, Steve Barkley, Paul Shaw, Mi- chael Scott, Jerry Coles, Bill Gething, Larry Coles, Paul Mallott, Kevin Sand- ers, Roy Holse. Arrowettes and Wildsiders Arrowette members are (front row) Mitzi Morrison, Deanna Clark, Debbie Sylvester, Jean Brackmann, Faith Thomas. (Second row) Rona Compton, Nan LaPointe, Kathy Dennis, Shelly Matter, Joan Skordos, Jane Manning, Pam Rice, Julie Schroeder, Becky Roady. (Third row) Jackie Gusching, Laurie Thurber, Patti Chambers, Alice Turner, Georgia Thomas, Bonnie Neuhaus, Gloria Tuttle, Cammie Ambum, Maripat Goff, Barb Skevington. (Fourth row) Robin Heeren, Cindy Barnes, Robert Myers, Theresa Thomas, Dalene Green, Virginia Sukow, Jenny Dreher, Liz Baker, Patty Harrington, Julie Tinsiey. Pom-pom girls display talent at games; Wildsiders compete at jazz festivals Girls who have the ability to make up pom-pom routines or twirl made up the Arrowettes. Mrs. Betty Wag- ner, arrowette sponsor, stated that " the girls put many hours of practice into the polished routines done at the football and basketball games. " The twirlers received a rating of excellence at NISBOVA. The pom-pom girls were divided into two groups: one re- ceived a rating of excellence and the other a superior rating. Rehearsal jazz Ensemble was made up of underclassmen in preparation for Wildsiders, the honorary jazz band. All members of Wildsiders must have been in Rehearsal Jazz En- semble for at least one semester. They were chosen through audition and competed at several jazz festivals. Training choir was a course elected chiefly by underclassmen to develop the voice and enable them to qualif for more advanced singing groups. Training choir was directed b Mr. Phillip Stubblefield. Arrowettes, Wildsiders 91 Northerner Staff (First Semester) Editor Dave Johnson Ad Manager Dale Adang Assistant Larry Lahr News Editor Cindy Shuitz Assistants Keith Hoffman Becky Roady Feature Editor Trudy Sterling Assistant Laura Westerman Sports Editor Jon Stine Assistant Jenny Sukow Exchange Editor Curt Robbins Photograhers Dave Atkinson Lee Ehinger Steve Smith Advisor Miss Norma Thiele Members of the Northerner Staff are (Front row) Debbie Ormes, Karen Tomusk, Laura Westerman. (Second row) Dave Atkinson, Lee Ehinger, Trudy Sterling, Curt Robbins. (Third row) Larry Lahr, Jon Stine, Dave Johnson, Dale Adang. Deciding where to place an ad from Ad Manager Dale Adang Is the issue faced by sports editor Jon Stine and assistant ad manager Larry Lahr. Senior Curt Robbins copyreads proof galleys before they are returned to the shop tor page makeup. Curt was exchange editor. 92 Northerner staff reports weekly news. 1 I . I -»« " repuris wecKiy news, INOrlrlGrnGr produces school newspaper The duties of the Northerner were handled by thirty-six students, under the supervision of adviser Miss Norma Thiele. The Northerner has been published weekly since the opening of North Side in 1927. North- erner deadlines are met on a week to week basis and all assignments were given by the editors. The purpose of the Northerner is primarily to inform the students of events that occur around the school and form better communication between the students and the administration. Responsibilities of the editors in- cluded assigning s py read- ing, editing, and making up the pages to be printed. The responsibilities of the staffs and reporters were to gather information, compose the stories, proof-read the stories and then reread the proof when it comes back on the galleys. The paper is financed by ad- vertising and subscriptions. Students are eligible to work on the Northerner if they are enrolled in Journalism I or II. Assistant news editor Keith Hoffman worlcs on last minute details on a news story while Larry Lahr looks on, ready to offer advice. Advisor Miss Norma Thiele and news editor junior Becky Roady puzzle over the formation of a future Northerner page. Articles must fit together in an eye-pleasing pattern. Northerner 93 Legend Smaller staff edits Legend; They work to meet deadlines Twelve students met three major deadlines in the production of the yearbook. The first deadline, in Octo- ber covered such things as fall sports, underclass pictures, and the faculty section. The second deadline in De- cember included the senior section, the directories, and the organizations section. The final deadline in February contained the index, winter sports, and student life section. Each student had a specific staff assignment. Every- one worked on the topics covered in the upcoming deadlines. The purpose of the yearbook, is to allow students to enjoy and relive their activities and involvements dur- ing their three years at North. »f -m§m ; 1 1 ni Members of the Legend Staff are (Front row) Lisa Dellinger, Thea Baughman, Barb Hoppel, (Second row) Ann Moore, Lynn Doughty, Regan Feist, Barb Hanauer. (Third row) Dale Adang, John Morris, Larry Lahr. Legend Staff Editor-in-chief Ann Moore Assistant Thea Baughman Business Manager.. Barb Hoppel Assistant Kathy Sarrazin Photographer Dave Atkinson Lee Ehinger Student Life Lisa Dellinger Lynn Daughty Organizations Barb Hanauer John Morris Sports Dale Adang Assistant Larry Lahr Faculty Section Lisa Dellinger Lynn Doughty Senior Section Lisa Dellinger Lynn Doughty Underclass section Regan Feist Kathy Sarrazin Advertising Barb Hoppel Index Regan Feist Kathy Sarrazin Typists Barb Hoppel Betsy Nicholson Senior class editor Lisa Dellinger questions advisor Miss Norma Thiele about matters concerning the taking of senior pictures. Lisa also co-edited the Student Life section with senior Lynn Doughty. 94 Legend Making a final check on an underclass spread is Kathy Sarrazin, underclass editor. Kathy also works as assistant business manager. The business end of the yearbook is a very important part. Barb Hoppel, business manager, is working on the big job of selling advertisements. WW 1B :- Editor Ann Moore questions assistant editor Thea Baughman about yearbook copy. Before the year began, the editors spent time at a joumalism workshop at Indiana University. Legend 93 rfifi r ' II 4C 11 ' ' " seniors chosen for Quill and Scroll; l UU V UIII dnO 3CrOll journalists collect points for 1500 Club Quill and Scroll and 1500 club were publications honor groups. Quill and Scroll is an international organization for outstanding journalists. To be in- cluded in the club, a student must have the recommendation of the staff advisor on the school newspaper or yearbook, or the recommendation of the principal of the school. These ap- plications are then submitted to a panel of judges at the organizations headquarters and students are se- lected by the samples of their work. The 1500 club is exclusively a North Side organization. A student is made a member by accumulating 1500 points through work on the Northerner or Legend. Pins are given for the number of points accumulated. 1500 points receives a bronze pin, 3000 points, a silver pin, 5000 points, gold pins, 7500 points, a jeweled pin. 1500 Club members are (Front row) Becky Roady, Lisa Dellinger, Barb Hoppel. (Second row) Regan Feist, Ann Moore, Keith Hoffman, Thea Baughman. (Third row) Kathy Sarrazin, Trudy Sterling, Larry Lahr, Dave Johnson, Dale Adang. Quill and Scroll members are (Front row) Lisa Dellinger, Thea Baughman, Barb Hoppel. (Second row) Trudy Sterling, Dave Johnson, Dale Adang, Ann Moore. Legend business manager Barb Hoppel and as- sistant editor Thea Baughman listen to conver- sation at the annual publications banquet. Staff appointments were announced at the banquet. % Quill and Scroll, 1500 Club Leader Corps members are Miss Anne Don- nelly, Chris McHenry, Nan LaPointe, Cindy Har- diak, Sally Schuhler, Ann Newhaus, Janna Dougherty, Lea Powers, Faith Thomas. Lettermen, Leader Corps Lettermen promote unity of athletes; Leader Corps gains teaching experience Unity of athletes, recognition of their playing, and fellowship among players was the standing tribute to the Lettermen ' s Club of North Side. A total of about seventy boys made up this select group of athletes. This included people who had their letters and those who will get their letters next year as juniors. The club was sponsored by all athletic coaches. The leader corps, a group of girls who assisted Miss Ann Donnelly as gym instructors worked with soph- omore phys-ed classes every week. The girls were in charge of all equip- ment used, as well as acting as refer- ees in the sports events. Lettermen ' s Club members are (Front row) Robert Grant, Gene Chaffin, Denny Maxwell, Robert Krouse, Rick Taylor, Charles Armstrong, Mark Morton, )im Robinson. (Second row) Dane Andros, Daniel Johnson, Mike Bermes, Byron Choka, Taft Murdock, Dennis Murdock, Cordell Gage, Brad Al- tevogt. Glen Nevogt, Melvin Odom. (Third row) Dave Kitzmiller, Mike Jones, Rick Seaman, Chuck Luenberger, Gary Neumann, Randy Davis, Tony Terrell, Steven Martin, Mark Davis. (Fourth row) Mark Fisher, Tim Myers, Randy Furniss, Larry Norton, Ricardo Robles, Matt Schomburg, Jack Weisz, Mark Schomburg, Jerry Schmidt, Gary Jackson, Neal Inscoe. (Fifth row) Ronny Jones, Dennis Rohrs, Steve Lauer, Kevin Till, Dan Thomas, Steve Mink, George Wagner, Tom Blackburn, Dave Ackerman, Brad Owens, Dave Barnett. Lettermen, Leader Corps 97 Girls sell spirit suckers, use ■y 1 L ' J " " ' " spirii sut-ivers, use Iv6y _ IUD money for Thanksgiving meal Key Club undertook numerous ser- vice projects. Their main goal was to serve their school, community, and fellow students. The club is the high school branch of the college and adult clubs, the Circle Key and the Ki- wanis. The club met weekly to discuss the needs and problems of their com- munity and to see how they could help. The main financial backing came from the club itself in the production and sale of the Key. The Key, a direc- tory of the students attending North, was compiled and sold for seventy five cents during the year. The profit was not made on subscriptions, though; it came mostly through ad- vertising purchases by supporting business. Mr. Larry Bott sponsored the club of thirty members. Officers were Bob Givens, president; Chuck Armstrong, vice president; Dave Johnson, secre- tary; Tony Terrell, treasurer; and Louis Curdes, lieutenant governor. Key Club members are (Front rowjDick Daring, Don Hammond. (Second row) Mike Martone, Tim Adams, Ton Tharp, Cliff Hewes, Bob Givens, (Third row) Bill Cowell, John Morris, Chuck Armstrong, Tony Terrell, Dave Johnson. Sophomore John Morris carries a box of goods donated to Christmas bu- reau families. Key Club members helped load the items onto trucks. 98 Key Club Key Club members combined with Z-Club to carol during the Christmas season. The clubs joined forces for several events to enable better participation. Z l K " ibers produce student directory " v lUD participate in Christmas Bureau Officers of Z-Club included Melinda Zimmerman, Mary Nold, Patti Delobbe, and Linda Bloom. These girls organized events and worked with other Z-Club members to provide service to the community. Service to the community was Z- Club ' s goal. About thirty-five girls met every Tuesday morning for the high school division of Zonta International, a women ' s service organization. The girls sold spirit suckers during Spirit Week and used the profit to provide a Thanksgiving meal for a family. The also ran a valentine ser- vice and made corsages for the sec- tional basketball tournament. Mem- bers helped with West Central tutoring and entertainment at a retire- ment home. Z-Club, combined with Key Club, the men ' s service organiza- tion, sponsored Christmas caroling at Parkview Hospital. Officers of the club were President Patty Delobbe, Vice President Me- linda Zimmerman, Secretary Linda Bloom, and Treasurer Mary Nold. Z-Club members are (Front row) Karen Kitchen, Elaine tenges, Sherr Wusser. Debbie Hartup. Deb- bie Harris, Dana Holom, Patty Burke. (Second row) )anet Aumiller, Pam McNeeK, Debb Ormes, Cheryl Faulkner, Holly Love, Mary Jo Smith, Aspasia Pappas. (Third row) Becky Da is, Wendy Hart- man, Melinda Zimmerman, lanet Boyd, Mary Bogenschutz. (Fourth row) Nanc Cronkhite, Barb We- ber, Patty Delobbe, Linda Bloom, Sue Cline, Sue Borror, Linda Pickering, trs. Sherrv Certser. Key Club 99 U ■• I Kaleidoscope edited by club members; n CI icon others explore modern literature Helicon is an English honors club in which at least a B English average must be maintained for membership. Helicon ' s main project is working on their publication named Kaleido- scope. Kaleidoscope is made up of literary material which has been sub- mitted by different students. Patti Kip- ling is the editor, with Fred Welfle as the assistant editor. A fall potluck on October 15, ini- tiated new members into the club. Another annual event is a Christmas party at the Allen County Health Center. The officers are Rhoda Fox, presi- dent; Tom Schevtchuk, vice-presi- dent; Jana Habegger, secretary; and Patti Kipling, treasurer. English teachers, Mrs. Neuhaus and Mr. Pugh are the advisors. Helicon members enjoy refreshments at a meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to plan a program for the Allen County Health Center. Helicon members are (Front row) Patty Martin, Dorothy Lipp, Nancy Stei- ner, Melissa Richard, Ruby Puff, Barb Hoppel, Mark Kast, Alycia Rodgers, Cheryl Wilson, Diane Barton, Becky Roady. (Second row) Karen Tomuskl Georgia Thomas, Aspasia Pappas, Janet Aumiller, Linda Kruse, Connie Sny- der, Barb Derr, Cammie Amburn, Janine Burke, Patti Hein, Pam McNeely. (Third Row) Mrs. Kathleen Neuhaus, Joanne Burke, Nancy Eloranta, Me- linda Zimmerman. Terri Holom, Wendy Hartman, Linda Bloom, Laura Foote, Becky Davis, Mr. Robert Pugh. (Fourth row) Cathy Cowan, Jill Spri- nger, Trudy Sterling, Susie Kreamelmeyer, Mary Nold, Elaine Carlson, Steve Mays, Pat Kipling, Tom Schevtchuck, Linda Pickering, Paula Koenig. (Fifth Row) Rhonda Fox, Blade Hauth, Roger Annis, Gene Chaffin, Capi Seeger, Jana Habegger, Nancy Myers, Fred Welfle, Virginia Sukow, Anne Bobay, Beth Holderman. 100 Helicon Many clubs at North had Christmas parties. Business Club is celebrating with punch and cookies. FSA members are (Front row) Bev Brantley, Paula Harmon, Karen Olry, Vickie Gaines, Jane Disler, Barb Hanauer. (Second row) Rhonda Fox, Debby Ormes, Cyndl McNutt, Kathi Underwood, Janet Au- miller, Mary Sherman, Camille Buchan. (Third Row) Lisa Phillips, Lorraine Miller, Mary Patten, Lisa Gebhard, Robin Hursh, Joyce Cray, Mrs. Irma Johnson. Future Secretaries sell stationery; r DUSIMCSS l lUD operation of business world examined Future Secretarie s of America (FSA) is a club of girls taking advanced shorthand. These girls plan to enter into the secretarial field of business. Their first money making project was selling stationery. During the first meeting of FSA the Tawasi Chapter of the National Secre- taries Association (NSA) sponsored a candlelight initiation. Each member received a pink rose, the flower of the club, and a green candle. The candle was lit at the beginning of a pledge taken by all members. Officers were elected and sworn into the club. The business club was organized for students who showed an interest in the field of business. The club met once a month, under the direction of Mrs. Wilma Ashe. The purpose was to inform members of how the business world operates. Business Club members are (Front row) Christine Essex, Patti Miller, Shelly Matter, Karen Olry, Janet Aumiller, Patricia Essex. (Second row) Lisa Phillips, Beth Newby, Jan Feinker, Mrs. Wilma Ashe, Mary Sherman, Barb Bowman, Barb Hanauer. FSA, Business Qub 101 r r I Future leaders learn marketing techniques; -}W i l members may compete for nationwide awards All members of the Distributive Education class were automatically members of the Distributive Educa- tion Clubs of America. They were or- ganized on local, state, and national levels to provide incentives and rec- ognition for Distributive Education students. DECA was designed to develop fu- ture leaders in the field of marketing and distribution. The organization was a non-political, school-centered, non-profit, and fully youth-orientated program. Each DECA Chapter was self-supporting, with members paying local, state, and national dues. It was the only national youth organization operating in the schools to help young people into the careers of mar- keting and distribution. A member can learn, compete, and be eligible for state and national rec- ognition. Mr. Richard Irving, the Dis- tributive Education teacher, spon- sored the club. Underclass DECA members are (Front row) Nancy Glaser, Jo George, Cheryl Mosher, Donna Beck, Debbie Benja, Debbie Anderson, Mr. Ward Beckley, Shirley Riley. (Second row) Mark Hatius, Jim Brock, Dusty Rogers, Phil Volkert, Jeff Ballard, Mr. Richard Irving. (Third row) Jim Barile, Jim Bracht, Ed Martin, Rob Mapes, Brad Baney. (Fourth row) Jim Weiler, Terry Dull, Cordell Gage, Frank Taylor, Rick Reader. Senior DECA members are (Front row) Mary Knight, Julie Schroeder, Patricia Essex, Clara N. Martin, Julie Tinsley. (Second row) Jody Dewart, Kathy Straub, Diane FHoimes, Lisa Dellinger. (Third row) Steve Foos, Mike Redding, Mr. Richard Irving, Conway West. (Fourth row) Dave Knepper, Tony Henry, Greg Blackburn, Doug Godfrey, Barry Clark, Rick Byanski. D.E. club members won many awards at the re- gional career development conference. Here senior Debbie Brown admires her first place trophy. 102 DECA C A Redskins work minimum of 15 hours, take special short pleasure trips Members of the COE classes are also automatic members of Office Education Association, (OEA). An OEA member is eligible to compete in local chapter, state or national con- tests. These contests are on the abili- ties of a member in shorthand, typing, and business machines. When a member reaches the national level he goes to Albuquerque, New Mexico in competition against other winners. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Can- dace Miller, met on every other Friday during classtime. OEA ' s first money-making project was selling candy bars. The money raised was used to pay fares to contests. The object of the club was to get the members involved in a variety of activities. They did such things as car- oling during the Christmas season and taking short pleasure trips. A student worked at least fifteen hours a week at a job gotten for him by the club. COE members are (Front row) Colleen Collins, )udy Halquist, Noni Taylor, lanelle Strasser. (Second row) Debbie Senesac, Brenda Griffin, Roberta Sweet, Kathy Schrock, Andy Federspiel. (Third row) Gwendolyn Bonner, Trudy Zollner, Bill Prante, Patrice Vanburen, Beverly Parkins, Mrs. Candy Miller. OEA club members enjoy singing Christmas carols to another class. They consisted of all students in- volved in COE. OEA 103 Phy-Chem members are (Front row) Marc Tulley, Jeff Dellinger, Debbie Zozulia, Sheri Shearer, Janine Burke, Donald Hammond, Larry Smola. (Second row) Robert Grant, Gene Chaffin, Mark Fisher, Dave Johnson, Mr. Ron Dvorak, George Wagner, Michael Martone. 1 1 1 k 4 _■• r X Advanced science students sponsor field trips. rhy-Chem MeClia Center Pupils spend free time helping in the library Special guest speakers, field trips, and science projects " above and beyond the everyday classroom science work " was the purpose and activities of the Phy-Chem club. The club, sponsored by Mr. Ronald Dvo- rak, had sixteen members. To be eligible for the club, one had to be enrolled in a physics or another advanced science course. The media center was considered the print and nonprint center of the school. The center was sponsored by Mr. Ted Crum, the audio-visual head, and Mrs. Carolyn Zehner, librarian. Twenty-one students worked in the center. " The kids learned to find materials and help people, " said Mrs. Zehner. The students received credit as well as awards for outstanding service over a one-year period. Audio-visual members helped to get electrical mechanisms hooked up. They worked with film projectors, films, and recording. Media Center workers are (Front row) Mrs. Carolyn Zehner, Mr. Ted Crum. (Second row) Paula Cully, Teresa Jordan, Cyndi Major, Ron Bigger, Rick Nichols. (Third row) Gene Guthrie, Peggy Turner, Terry Blair, Fred Weltle, Doug Franklin. (Fourth row) Dale-Williams, Donna Blair, Steve Smith, Bill Sparks. 104 Phy-Chem, Media Workers 1 liil-fc 1 1 Spassky-Flsher championship spurs interest; L-lieSS L.IUD jl L JCL festival telecast on national T.V. An increased membership was one of the major differences for the chess club, sponsored by Mr. Alvin Harris. Mr. Harris felt that the Spassky-Fisher chess championship has aroused more interest in this ancient game. The club met and analyzed the lead moves of two players from the club. They tried new techniques and worked on what they should and should not do. The fall picnic and the annual Fes- tum Romanum were two of the high- lights of the JCL club. Mr. Ward Beck- ley sponsored the organization. To be eligible to join JCL, one had to be at one time a student of Latin. The Fes- tum Romanum, the most celebrated event was covered on national televi- sion by NBC. North Side students got together with students from all over the city and dressed in togas and col- orful costumes of Roman times. JCL members are (Front row) Mr. Ward Beckley, Debbie Naugle, Cammie Amburn, Barb Hoppel, Diane Barton. (Second row) Robert Keller, Lisa Dennis, Pam Gerardot, Barb Derr, Tim Adams. (Third Row) Patti Hein, Becky Davis, Bob Tudor, Bill Wermuth, Pat Kipling, Dennis Wright, Tim Slavers. (Fourth row) Dawn Latham, Sally Hinkle, Debbie Zozulia, Mary Nold, Elaine Carlson, Dave Johnson, Larry Lahr, Pete Albright, Mark Wiesenberg. Chess Club members are (Front row) Dave Grant, Jim Carpenter, Tim Hendricks, Kenn oore. (Sec- ond row) M ryellen Cochlin, George Shiriaen, Dave Bennett, Cindy Pieper, Mr. Alvin Harris. (Third row) Joe Eykholt, Gene Chaffin, Dave Irmscher, Wayne Sims, Greg Birele , Jeff Pickering. Chess takes a lot of concentration. Sophomore Dave Irmscher is studying the board before his next move. Chess Club, JCL 105 We stand on the threshold of new friendships Redskins go to school together . They find new friends together . And leave separately . . . Do I know you Adjustment I need some help Who ' s the chick in the green dress I think she ' s a new kid from Central Catholic What are you doing tonight Friendship 1 need a ride home Thanks He ' s cute! Where are you going to college I think I ' ll go there too Principal Max Updike accepts cheerleading trophies won at summer camp Defending himself against a cream pie, Mr. Gary Schultz backs off from Mr. as cheerleading sponsor Miss Anne Donnelly looks on. Douglas Stark at the football homecoming pep session. Mrs. Candy Miller, C.O.E. teacher, provides individual help for a student as she instructs in the basics of office machinery. 108 Faculty, Administration . , • • X A ' - Updike assumes principal ' s duties; Miss Todd, Faculty, Administration Mrs. Epps move up; five new teachers join staff A major change in administration occurred as Mr. Max C. Updike, for- mer assistant principal, took over the duties of principal from Dr. Bill C. Anthis. Dr. Anthis became assistant superintendent of Fort Wayne Com- munity Schools. Miss Sandra Todd, former dean of girls, moved to assistant principal, be- coming only the second woman in the city to attain this position on the high school level. Mrs. Lizzie Epps be- came dean of girls. Mr. Arthur Eldridge, Mr. Don Evans, Mrs. Delores Moore, Mr. Jesse Moden, and Mr. Dean Slavens were other additions to the teaching staff. Block programs involved 65% of all students and allowed teachers more freedom in planning classes. Mrs. Marjorie McClure, treasurer, takes time out from financial matters. Mrs. McClure replaced Mrs. Vera Doty as treasurer. HeacJ coach Duane Brown and assistant coach Tom Bullock look over foot- Principal Max Updike welcomes seniors Doug Meyers and Joette Gumbert ball prospects at a summer practice session. back to school after summer vacation. ' .„K-.- Mrs. Wilma Ashe Mr. Barry Ashton Miss Virginia Ayers Mr. Ward Beckley Miss Marjorie Bell Mr. Kenneth Biberstein Mr. Jon Bill Mr. Larry Bott Mr. Duane Brown Mr. Tommy Bullock Mr. Charles Clark Miss Jody Clay Mrs. Mary Anne Cowan Mrs. Edna Crocker Mr. Ted Crum Mr. Cesar de la Guardia Mr. Joseph DiPietro Miss Anne Donnelly Mrs. Vera Doty Miss Rosalie Doust Mrs. Delores Moore helps a student explain to the class a literature story. Mrs. Moore was new to the English department. 110 Faculty, Administration Demonstrating the properties of magnesium to a chemistry student is Mr. Beryl Lewis. When heat added to magnesium a bright flash of light occurs. Mr. Ronald Dvorak Mr. John Eastes Mr. Robert Edwards Mr. Arthur Eldridge Mrs. Lizzie Epps Mr. Don Evans Mr. Charles Feller. Mr. Keith Fisher Mr. Norman Fisher Mr. Cleon Fleck Mrs. Sherrylene Cerber Mr. Dale Goon Mr. Neal Graham Mr. Harold Cruver Mrs. Sandra Haiflich Mr. Alvin Harris Mrs. Gladys Hayner Mr. John Heath Mr. Myron Henderson Mr. Byard Hey Faculty, Administration 111 Mr. )ohn Hill Mr. Keith Hoskins Mr. Fred Humphrey Mr. Donald Hunter Mrs. Jacqueline Hutmacher Mr. Richard Irving Mrs. Irma Johnson Mrs. Dolores Klocke Mrs. Ann Lehman Mr. Paul Lemke Mr. James Lewinski Mr. Beryl Lewis Mrs. Betty Loper Mr. Robert Lovell Mrs. Donna McBane Mr. Donald McClead Miss Linda Meyer Mrs. Candace Miller Mr. William Mitchell Mr. Jesse Moden Mrs. Delores Moore Miss Martha Moore Mrs. Kathleen Neuhaus Mr. Frederick Niemeyer Mrs. Zola Noble Mrs. Marjorie Paris Mr. Robert Pugh Mrs. Mary Purkhiser Mrs. Ramona Ransburg Mr. Merle Rice Mr. Leslie Roberts Mr. Tom Schaefer Mr. Orvil Schlatter Mr. Gary Schultz Mrs. Maxine Shepler 112 Faculty, Administration Mr. Dean Slavens Mr. Waveland Snider Mr. Douglas Stark Mr. John Stauffer Mr. Phillip Stubblefield Miss Norma Thiele Mr. John Tipple Miss Sandra Todd Mr. Robert Traster Mrs. Betty Wagner Mr. Clive Wert Mr. Max Updike Mrs. Carolyn Zehner Mr. Barry Ashton, marching band director, conducts a drill. His perch on the stepladder lets him see the band and the band see him. Faculty, Administration 113 g- I t t I - Niemeyer retires, Mr. Haught handles duties; _ OOKS i USlOClldnS directed by Mrs. Paris, cooks prepare meals Often neglected members of the staff at North are the cooks and cus- todians. The cooks and custodians ar- rive at school every morning while most students are still sleeping and prepare everything so that the school is in running order when the pupils ar- rive. The cooks were headed by Mrs. Marjorie Paris. She had the responsi- bilities of preparing daily meals for the students as well as helping to keep the cafeteria clean. The custo- dians, headed by Mr. Fred Niemeyer, had to keep the school, stadium, and track in working condition throughout the school year. Because of the nu- merous chores of the custodians, they worked in two shifts, day and night. Mr. Niemeyer retired in January. Sec- ond semester duties were handled by Mr. Thomas Haught. Custodians are (Front row) Clarence Huffman, Tom Haught. (Second row) Ruth Lehman, Lorie Martin, Harold King. (Third row) Ralph Eloph, Carl Frankenstein, Fred Niemeyer. I . fl) » 1 I -if: .?|4 I Cooks are (Front row) Mary Exner, Geraldine Cook, Mary Olinske, Diana Correa, Marjorie Paris, Evelyn Durbin, Mildred Murray. (Not pictured) Kit- Edwards, Delores Cotham, Doris Byanski, Mary Cully, Rosemary Shipman. tie Laeffler. (Second row) Onida Alford, Helen Hallien, Kathryn Carpenter, Dortha 114 Cooks, Custodians Mr. James Lewinski and Mr. Ted Crum enjoy coffee and a good joke in the audio-visual room during their preparation periods. Mr. Harold Cruver takes advantage of his free period to relax. He is enjoy- ing a sports page and his favorite Tom T. Hall album. Looking through his files is Mr. Don Evans. Mr. E ans introduced a new teaching method, simulation, to his government and historv classes. Cooks, Custodians 115 A group of seniors discuss extracurricular activi- ties over lunch. Often, friends gather in the cafeteria to converse MA David Ackerman Dale E. Adang Brad Alan Altevogt William Edward Amstutz Steve Anderson Denny Andrews Debi Archer Charles E. Armstrong L. Bruce Ashe David Allen Atkinson Janet Ann Aumiller Mary Axell Kathy Ann Axt Jeanne Baker Pamela Baker John A. Bakle Jolleen Joan Bales Nancy Jo Ann Banks Janie Barile Jody N. Barile James Barnes David Eugene Barnett Ted W. Baron Gene Paul Bartlett Thea Diane Baughman Judy A. Baumgardner Fred Allen Beamon Charna L. Bear Barrie Richard Beckman Barbara J. Bed well Mark Beebe Tonyia Ann Bennett Michael L. Bermes Douglas A. Biedenweg Cheryl Lynn Bigger Advanced biology students Glen Nevogt and Sue Borror listen intently to the class lecture. Require- ments to t ake this course are biology and chemistry. Fred Bodinka Steven Boggs Vicki Sue Bohnke Gwendolyn L. Bonner Lucy Ann Booker Susan Borror Marie Borum Bob L. Bowman JoAnne M. Bracht Margaret Lou Bracht Jean Louise Brackmann Margaret Brackmann Bev Ann Brantley Marjorie Ruth Braucher Edward Bregenzer Allyn Brinker Bruce A. Brown Dave Brown Debbie Brown Ethel Lee Brown Jerry Wayne Brown Terry Brown Rod Broyles Marilyn Sue Brunnegraff Lisa B. Bryant Camille Joy Buchan Susan Jean Burgess Janine Laraine Burke Nancy Kay Burnham Rick Byanski Sharon Byrge Joan Elizabeth Cameron Mozell Campbell Edward A. Carboni Judy Carboni Elaine Sue Carlson Debby Casey Gene Alan Chaffin Patricia Chambers Byron Choka Casey Chrzan Barry D. Clark Deanna Lynn Clark Stanley Wayne Clark Kathy Cline Susan Jayne Cline Karen Denise Cohen Tim J. Cole Jerry D. Coleman Terry Lee Coles Colleen Sue Collins Martin Collins Nancy Conner Bruce W. Conrad Roxanne M. Converse Angela Jean Cook Herbert Dennis Cooley Cheryl Correa Mike R. Coulter Cheryl M. Cour Marilyn Marie Crain Steve Crocker Charlotte Sue Cronkhite Nancy Cronkhite Tom S. Crosley Julie Culbertson David Cuney Gloria Kay Dahman Daniel Alan Dau Charles R. Davis Mark Rob Davis Mark R. Davis Ginger Marie Davison Lisa Dellinger Patricia Delobbe Vicky Jeanette DePrey Jody Sue Dewart Deborah Ann Dial Philip David Didier Sandra Jean Didion Yvonne Kay Dilling Jane M. Disler Douglas Richard Doctor Becky A. Dornseif Betty Jane Dorsett Four senior boys take time out from class for a relaxing afternoon by the river. 120 Seniors Dave L. Ecenbarger Ronnie D. Elett Linda M. Ellis Roxane D. Eltzroth Patricia Ann Essex Karen Marie Ewald Joe Eykholt Cheryl Faulkner Steve D. Feasel Andrew L. Federsplel Dave Feldheiser Don P. Felger Saul O. Fields Randall C. Firks Robin E. Fish Mark Richard Fisher Sandy Kay Fisher Dave L. Folk Steven A. Foos Gregory A. Foote Clyde E. Ford John R. Forney Sheila Diana Fountain Rhonda Jean Fox Samuel Fox Michael L. Franklin Toni M. Franklin Michael Fry Vickie Camilie Gaines Kathy L. Garrard Michael Edward Gavin Lisa Jo Gebhard Louise Gennaitte Michael Paul Geoffray Patricia M. George I Several early morning meetings were formed to discuss plans for various senior activities. Mark Fisher, Janine Burke, and Rhonda Fox are arguing plans for the senior supper. Maureen Kay Gerardot Barbara Ann Cibel Robert Mawrice Gibson Carol A. Gilbert Jennifer Gipson Robert Givens Gary Wayne Glass Calvin Richard Glover Douglas S. Godfrey Thomas C. Goes Maripat Goff Debbie Goldsmith John C. Gonser Steve M. Gorrell Dan Gossett Cynthia Kay Graft Robert E. Grant Kathy Ann Graves Connie S. Gray Joyce Ann Gray Scot Green Brenda Kay Griffin Marie Ann Gruber Sandra R. Guertin Gilberto Velasquez Guevara Joette Y. Gumbert Jacqueiynn Marie Gusching John Gutermuth Sharon Guy Jana Arlene Habegger Mary Clare Haft Teresa Ann Hagan Kerry Dean Hall Judy Halquist Greg Haner Christina Lynn Hansen Kenny J. Hardesty Walter Hardesty Judith Ann Harkenrider Paula Rene Harmon Helen Joan Harrington Rich Harris Phyllis Dianne Hassell Susan Headford Greg Hecke Dressed in a colorful toga, senior Elaine Carlson discusses JCL activities with Latin teacher, Mr. Ward Beckley. Seniors 123 James R. Heeren Patricia Anne Hein Dick M. Henderson Anthony Martin Henry Pam Henry Michael Hensley Dianne V. Herber Michael D. Herstad Sandra Hester Sharon Lynn Hoagland Sandy K. Hodde Yvonne Holliday Diane Rose Holmes Pam Jean Holse Barbara Jo Hoppel Greg D. Hunt Mike Allan Hursh Robin Anne Hursh Timothy Indrecc Neal Bradley Inscoe Gary Jackson Michael L. Jackson Nancy Jane Jackson LeeAnn Jacoby John Alan Jantz Patricia Ann Jehl Daniel Jenkins Jone Marie Jerraid Daniel Lee Johnson David Rue Johnson Eric Paul Johnson Gwynne Louise Johnson Rosemary Johnson Ann Jones Debra Jean Jones Michael Paul Jones Teresa Jordan Jennifer Jean Joseph Bonnie Jump Lori A. Justice Mark D. Kast Sandra Kay Kaufman Bob Paul Kaylor Bruce A. Keeiey Marilyn J. Kilty Roberta Ann Kipfer Patricia Ellen Kipling Ralph Jenry Kirkpatrick Pamela Kirkpatrick Rita Marie Klein Christine Marie Klejnot David F. Knepper Benjamin Eugene Knight Mary E. Knight Laverna Kay Knisely Brian J. Knuth James Knuth Chris Koop Kevin C. Krause Robert Lewis Krouse Debra Sue Kruse Linda Jo Kruse Jennifer Kumaran Ben W. Lacey Daniel Lang Mark Langmeyer Robert Lindsay Larimore Steve A. Larimore Michael T. Lauer Linda Ann Lawlor Keith B. Lazoff Richard Dale Lee II Steve Michael Lefavour Marlene Kay Leinker Michael Leiand Pieper Lorrain Lesh Dorothy Anne Lipp Dennis Lloyd Holly Marie Love Steve A. Luke Michelle Yevette Lynch Dewey A. McCarty Nancy Theresa McCue Karen Therese McDonald Tonya Jeanine McGee Vickie Lynn McHenry Merrill Benjamin McKinley David J. McKnight Cyndi Ann McNutt )ane Ann Manning Clara Nell Martin Nancy E. Martin Nanette K. Martin Steven L. Martin Monica Marie Martinez Admiring the tomafiawl( received for winning the North— South Side football game, are senior football members Chuck Armstrong, Steve Mink, and Jim Barnes. 126 Seniors Michael Anthony Joseph Martone Dennis Maxwell Mark D. Maxwell Loveless Maydwell Steve Mark Mays Glenn Joseph Mead Kathleen Ann Meagher Sherry A. Mendez Cindy L. Merchant Peggy A. Meshberger Stan Richard Meyer Dan J. Miller Lorraine Ann Miller Steve Mink Roger Keith Miracle Steve Craig Mock Ann Elizabeth Moore Jack L. Moore Mary Ann Morken Patrick M. Morris Mitzi Aliece Morrison Mark Allan Morton Rick Alan Motz Pam Mudrack Cheryl Lynn Mullins Ralph Murdock Douglas C. Myers Janet Irene Myers Kevin M. Myers Bernice Nelson James Nelson Bonita Joann Neuhaus Glen Richard Nevogt David L. Niblack Alan Nicoski k tl Seniors 127 Senior Wildsider members practice jazz tunes at an afternoon practice session. Michael P. Nomina Peggy L. Nordyke Jim O ' Day Mel A. Odom Terri Lynn O ' Grady Larry W. Olinske Pamela Anne Oliver Jamie Onion Karen Sue Olry Deborah A. Ormes Cindy Palm Vicky C. Palmeter Dorothy Elois Parham Beverly Ann Parkins Mary Ellen Patten Kenton Patterson Melody Kay Payne Cheryl Pearson Terry L. Pepple Beverly R. Peppier Roxanna J. Perkins Curtis Perry David L. Perry Mary Perugini Ann Louise Pfleiderer Lisa Ann Phillips Linda Ann Pickering William E. Piercy Jr. Mark Alan Powe Lea Ann Powers William Prante Blake Allen Prentice Melvin R. Puff Barbara E. Pulver Michael Ralph Redding Douglas Paul Reynolds Pamela Mae Rice Dennis Rider Ellen Annette Rider Jerome Miller Ridley Curt Lee Robbins James Edward Robinson Penny L. Robinson Robert Anthony Rodgers Sandi Jean Rogers Denise J. Rohrs Tom Romano Jane Roth James Philip Sabo Pat William Sauer William Michael Schaefer Tom Scheele Thomas A. Schevtchuk Kim M. Schinbeckler Jerry W. Schmidt Seniors 129 Richard Schneider Mark Stephen Schomburg Kathy Schrock Julie A. Schroeder Randy S. Schroll Sally Ann Schuhler David Schultz Brian R. Sebastian William David Sedlmeyer Debbie Ann Senesac Thomas E. Senesac Cherry Ann Sexton Sheri Sh earer Keith Sheets Tom Allan Shell Mary J. Sherman Fritz C. Shoemaker Lew Shuler Cyndi L. Shultz William Sibert Les Sieling Pat Scott Sievers Barbara H. Skevington Randy Sleesman Gary R. Sloan Don Ray Slusher EIna Ann Smiley Ellen Smiley Beverly Joyce Smith Geneva Smith Jeffrey Smith Joanne Smith Susan Elaine Smith Tom Smith Elaine M. Snyder Using some of the new D.E. equipment to make spirit week signs are seniors Steve Mink, Steve Foos, and Doug Godfrey. Kathryn Ann Snyder Joyce Sowers Joan L. Sparks Larry A. Stacy Linda M. Stacy Luther Cordon Stafford Steve Lynn Stahlhut Costa Nick Stamanis Beth Ann Stanton Cary Lee Stauffer Nancy Ruth Steiner Robert A. Stephens Donald Carl Stephenson II Trudy Rae Sterling Dianne S. Stetler Thomas E. Stieglitz Kelly M. Stoy Janelle Kay Strasser Katherine Marie Straub William J. Stucky Virginia Lee Sukow Debbie Kay Sylvester William Paul Tanner Dale Tassler Mark A. Taylor Nora C. Taylor Tony C. Terrell Beth Joeen Thomas Daniel E. Thomas Faith Angela Thomas Amie Jean Thornhill James Davis Thurber Eric Thurston Steve Lee Till Julie M. Tinsley Joseph Michael Tompkins Katrina Ann Trendle Roy James Trimble Sandra Ann Uetrecht Kathleen Kay Underwood Keith Alan Vachon Bob VanAnda Patrice Alayne VanCuren Charles C. VanCorder Louise Ann Vonderhaar George Marshall Wagner Bob Walker Marcia L. Walker Susan J. Walter Cindy Ann Warner Dale Warner Suzanne Warrick ludy K. Wass Cheryl Ann Wayer James Christian Wehrenberg Mike A. Wehrmeister Peggy Sue Weidner William L Werling Orlin M. Wermager Conway A. West Debbie S. White Mark F. Whittecar Martin R. Wickliffe Bill J. Wilkening Dale E. Williams Virginia Racheal Williams Fred Raymond Willis Cheryl Marie Wilson Rhonda Winebrenner Stan Peter Winters Karen L. Winzeler Mari L. Wittwer Thomas Wolfe Martha Woodfin Diana Lynn Woods Rob S. Wyatt Robert Paul Zollars Tmdy E. Zoliner David M. Zumbaugh Daniel Jay Zweig Dan Jenkins, senior, is viewing amoebae for his advanced biology class. Advanced biology students studied the functions of organisms. page 134-135 Seniors 133 Senior class officers Mitzl Morrison, secretary, Ann Moore, president, Ja- Senior Charlie Davis is North Side ' s video— tape man. Charlie tap es most nine Burke, social chairman, and Mark Fisher, vice-president, have an early athletic events and assemblies, morning meeting to discuss Senior Supper plans. 134 Seniors Taking a few minutes to relax is senior Rodney Broyles. He is reading the The traditional Indian victory dance is part of every home basketball pre- best seller book, " The Exorcist. " game. The twirlers also participate in the ceremony. Senior Tom Blackburn is paying close attention to a halftime pep talk after a grueling first half. Tom played at interior lineman on the team. wM Drew Achenbach Tim Adams Kristina Adkins Marva Agnew Kurt Ahlersmeyer Cammie Amburn Debbie Anderson Dane Andros Mark Angel Janet Ankenbruck Clint Anthis Thomas Arms Shevawn Arnold Peggy Baltes Brad Baney James Barile Steve Bark ley Tim Bartlett Diane Barton Robert Bastress Suzanne Bates Larry Bauer Timothy Bauman Donna Beck Linda Behrns Debbie Benya Tim Bergman Steve Berning Bob Bermes Edna Blllingsley Carol Bireley Jeanne Britten Anita Blackwell Norbert Blaettner Michael Blair Emma Blevins Linda J. Bloom Fred Blum Timothy BIy John Bodine Robert Boehm Mary Bogenschutz Tony Bojinoff Dave Bolger John Bolyard Curt Bonner Colleen Boren Don Bossard Linda Bowman Roger Bracht Ann Brady Amy Brand Jim Brock Sue Buckmaster Judy Buesking Gary Bullock James Burelison Lynn Burdine Joanne Burke Dan Butler Jim Butz Ann Calhoun Jim Carboni Cyndi Carter Vicky Cattin Roberta Chambers Tom Chandler Brenda Christman Floyd Clem John Cline Dave Coar Maryellen Cochlin Terri Coe Randy Collar Beth Conway Rona Compton Carla Cook Denny Cook Barb Cool man Senior Dave Johnson, Northerner editor, answers a phone call while juniors Karen Tomusk and Laura Westerman wait to ask a question. i 136 Juniors Junior Tim Bauman poses for his underclass picture. The pictures for the yearbool were taken in late September. Kathy Cornell Lee Coslow Cathy Cowan Kris Cowan Daniel Criswell Greg Cummings Barbara Cummins Louis Curdes Denise Currie Ann Dahm Dave Daugherty Becky Davis Marna Davis Randy Davis Dave Deason Kathy Dennis Wayne Deppen Barb Derr Jeffery Desch Anne Didler leanne Didier Dean Didion Pam Didion Nancy Didrick Janet Disler Roger Dobrovodsky Steve Douglas Kevin Drew Terry Dull Ted Durfey Debbie Dyer Dave Eggelston Lee Ehinger Larry Ellis Kevin Ellison Becky Eloph Nancy Eloranta Mary Ely Christine Essex Linda Estep Margaret Eykholt Dave Ezzelle Carl Falls Barney Farris Steve Feichter Regan Feist Renie Felger Jackie Fields Linda Fincher Holly Finkhouse Renee Flitcraft Laura Foote Kathy Ford Doug Franklin Carolyn Freiburger Don Fremion Rena Fromm Brent Fruechtenicht Sherlyn Fultz Randy Furniss Cordell Cage Paul Garvison Melvin Gatewood Bonnie Gaunt Heidi Gaylord Jim Gebhart Cheryl Gennaitte Marijo George Lonnie Gilbert John Gingrich Nancy Glaser Patricia Gleason Mark Goff Patty Goodman Karen Good paster Jeff Goshert Steve Gould Dalene Green Diana Greene Juniors 137 Junior Jill Peters is first in a long line of march- ing band members. The band was second in the Indiana state ratings. ■SfS Edgar Green Kevin Gridler David Crone Karia Cruse Vicki Hansen Pat E. Harrington Pat. L. Harrington Debbie Harris Wilma Harris Donald Hart Karia Hart Tom Hartman Wendy Hartman Debby Hartup Robert Hatcher Tony Hatchett Bob Hatfield Robert Havener David Headford Barb Hanauer Robin Heeren Dave Hefner Jeff Held Denise Henry Jeff Henschen Patricia Hetric) Cliff Hewe Sylvia Hobbs Keith Hoffman Heidi Hofstetter Beth Holderman Mike Holman Barbara Holliday Linda Holliday Terri Holom Patricia Holston Dave Horacek Kay Horacek Tony Houser Steve Hughes Lois Hunley John Igney Tony Jeffers Delois Jones Gary Jones Jennifer Jones Mike Jones Patricia Jones Cheryl Josse Larry Judd Joe Justice Cindy Keesler Robert Keller Jim Keller Debbie Kilburn Karen Kitchen David Kitzmiller Alice Klein Gary Kline John Kline Robin Klopfenstein Joe Knecht Greg Knepper Kathleen Knisely Arthur Knudson Bill Konkle Bob Kowalczyk Kevin Krajewski Susie Kreamel- meyer Dave Krider Larry Lahr Cheryl Lamb Nanette LaPointe Dawn Latham Nan Lauer Laurie MacQuire Karl Madinski Tamara Madison Yolanda Madison Scott Mahlan Tim Manes Robert Mapes Nick Markowski Diana Martin Edward Martin Greg Mason Shelly Matter Maureen Mavis Roland Maxwell Trence McCee Juniors Mark Wiesenberg, Larry Lahr, and Bob Keller are amused by a Latin skit performed by their classmates. Chris McClnley Christine McHenry Susie McKee Debi McLemore Pamela McNeely Alyce McMinn Elise Meitz Mike Mencer Elaine Menges Sarah Mensch Diane Menson Phylliss Merriweather Vickie Mertz Mary Messick Beth Meyer Mark Miller Patti Miller Sharyn Miller John Minnich Randy Mock )oe Moeller Melanie Monner Brenda Moore Carl Moore Peggy Moore Ronald Moore Tyrone Moore Ramona Morken Debbie Morlin Tim Morris Cheryl Mosher Angela Moulin Lonnie Murdock Taft Murdock Sherry Musser Bill Myers John Myers Nancy Myers Roberta Myers Tim Myers Debbie Naugle Judy Neill Barb Nelson Brenda Nelson Juniors 139 Gilbert Nelson Regina Nelson Ann Neuhaus Gary Neumann Rose Perkins Maggie Perry Jill Peters Jeff Polivchak Walter Polston Beth Newby Tina Nix Richard Nichols Jennifer Nicole Lisa Powe Bob Preston Ruby Puff Peggy Quigley Pam Rarick Mary Nold Sheila Nonemaker James North Larry Norton Melinda Rathert Steve Reader Rick Reader Scott Redwanski Rosie Regedanz Joann Oakman Richard Oberkiser Ra ymond Odom Debbie O ' Grady Patricia Rembert Larkin Revel Mary Revel Melissa Richard Diana Richmond Brad Owens Vickie Panyard Aspasia Pappas Cindi Parker Mike Ricker Shirley Riley Daniel Ritchie Dan Roach Becky Ready Scott Parrish Jackie Pattee Patti Payton Rick Penrose Richard Roberts Dennis Robinson Lonnie Robinson aiaa Mike Robinson Ricardo Robles Junior Terri Holom narrates a slide presentation at one of the sophomore orientation sessions. New students had an opportunity to learn the history and traditions of the school. 140 Juniors Juniors Karen Tomusk and Beth Holderman practice for a fall concert. A ' Cappella Choir was the largest performing choir. Kathy Sarrazin Angela Savio Walter Scheerer Daniel Schible Kevin Schieferstein Dale Schmidt Josh Scholtz Matt Schomburg Mark Schwyn Ron Scott Rick Seaman Capi Seeger Janet Seifert Kim Seitz George Serres Debby Sexton Ralph Shaffer Mary Shaw Shirley Shaw Ralph Sheets Susan Shive Sue Shollenberger Mike Sieling Addle Sims Robert Simpson Rick Slatton Greg Smith Kurtis Smith Mary Jo Smith Rick Smith Connie Snyder Jane Snyder Bill Sparks Jill Springer Brian Sprunger Ellen Steinbacher Bob Stellner David Stewart Jon Stine Steve Sullivan Lynn Swangin Lee Swangin Frank Taylor Janet Taylor Pat Taylor Rick Taylor Duane Thacker Tom Tharp Jeff Thomas Mary Ann Thomas Theresa Thomas Laurie Thurber Kevin Till Karin Tomusk Anita Tracey Nancy Troyer Bob Tudor Jan Turner Jane Turrin Glenn Unverzagt Michael LJnverzagt Kandi Van Aman Marie Vonderhaar Mark Vosmeier Danny Vranich Dave Wahl Kathleen Walker Jerry Wallace Mark Waters Dan Wayer Barb Weber Cindy Weige Jim Weiler W IU g PH Juniors 141 John Weisz Bonita Welch Jonathan Welch Frederick Welfle Edward Wells Teresa Wank Bill Wermuth Laura Westerman Doug Wetzel Dennis Wheaton Dave Wheeler David Wichmann Mark Wiesenberg Matt Wiesenberg Jamaica Williams Kevin Williams Pete Williams Sue Williams Vici Williams Vicky Williams Karl Wims Randy Witzigreuter Steve Woenker Russell Wolfe Kathleen Woodard Diane Woods Sue Wooten Elaine Yager Robert Yawberg Cayle Yingst Scott Yingst Michael Yonkman Kent York Jeannie Young Melinda Zimmerrnan Tami Zimmerman Cindy Ackerman Roger Annis Jeff Ballard Elizabeth Baker Timothy Bauman Gail Blood Anne Marie Bobay Rick Bodeker Linda Bolger Jewel Boyd Brian Brunson Peg Christlieb Maureen Coe Terry Domseif Mike Fatzinger Sandy Green Cindy Hardiek Rod Hart Leon Hester Paula Koenig Bruce Kreamelmeyer Pam Krieg Patricia Martin Phyllis Morrison Kim Mowry Raymond Odom Ruth Panderter Thomas Putt Kaylyn Roemke Al Schmid Maureen Shaffer Mike Shippy Rick Slailon Cindy Sleesman Mary Walter Junior class officers Roger Annis, president, Tim Adams, vice-president, Terri Holom, social chairman, and Debby Hartup, secretary, plan tee-shirt sales. Rosie Regedanz threatens fellow junior Karen Kitchen with a squirming Junior Capi Seeger takes full advantage of library facilities. She is busy frog in the biology lab. studying while resting her weary legs on a nearby chair. Displaying one of their talents are a group of junior guys. They are doing a mount to cheer the junior powder puff players on. Mary Nold, junior, displays a spirit haL The se- nior class sold these hats to increase enthusiam during spirit week. juniors 143 L— m t ' L_j Karen Abbott Leslie Abbott Terry Adang Peter Albright Harold Alfeld Kim Allgeier Shelly Almond Cathy Anderson Frank Anderson Mike Angel Susan Antoine Howard Arnold Michael Arter Flora Attkisson Judy Aumiller Karen Axt Ian Bahr Doug Bailey lack Bailey Rodney Ballard Daria Bangert Tom Barkley Cynthia Barnes John Barnett Martha Barrera Steve Bartlett )im Baugher Thomas Baumann lerry Bear Cheryl Beard Dave Beard Roseann Beber Susan Behrns Steven Benecke Dave Bennett Pamela Bennett Sandra Benson Dan Bernhardt Leslie Biesiada Ron Bigger Eunice Billingsley Doug Bills Greg Bireley Davi ' n Bizer Terry Blair Elaine Blanks Donna Bleakney Doreen Blevins Sara Bloomfield Debra Bodnar Kathy Bogard Barbara Boggs Cindy Bohnke Dona Bolin )im Boiler Andy Bonett Kathy Bonham Rick Bowers Ruth Brackmann Janet Brady Phyllis Bragalone Audrey Brock Dawn Brothers Tom Brown Carry Brower Betty Brummeh David Buckmaster Sheryl Burelison Patty Burke Gail Burkdoll Joe Byanski Sharon Byanski Don Byrd Greg Carboni Jim Carpenter MaiY Carpenter Teri Carroll Kimberly Charlton Bryan Christie Cherry Christman Beth Clark Jerry Coles Larry Coles Dan Collins Kevin Conway Gary Cook Keith Cook Teresa Cour Bill Cowell Joe Cox Stephen Cox Diane Crews Theresa Crews Rick Croak Vicki Culbertson Paula Cully Don Cupp Michael Curry Roberta Dailey 144 Sophomores Sophomores concentrate on the program at an orientation session. Several different sessions introduced people and policies of North. Brian Dammeier Dick Daring Terry Daugherty Carol Davis Bart Dellinger Jeff Dellinger Monica Delobbe Althea Dennis Lisa Dennis Ed Deprey Gary Dick Donna Didier Martie Diiling Carolyn Doell Nancy Dornick Inez Downey Pat Doyle Jennifer Dreher Barbara Drew Barry Drew VVelton Dufor Janice Dugan Linda Durnell April Eastes Patti Eastgate Kevin Eckert Kim Eddy Dave Ehler Kent Ellison Lisa Emmons Sophomores are welcomed to North Side in man tashions. omore has now officially been declared an honorary Redskin. soph- Sophomores 145 Time before school is used in many ways. Some students talk with friends, others finish last minute assignments, but many only have time to grab their books and run to class. Tom Fultz Rhonda Harris Helen Garmon Lisa Hastreiter Julie Cearhart Rob Hatch Mona Cennaitte Becki Havener Don Hayden Pamela Cerardot Bruce Cilreath Bobbi Godwin Ginny Coff Pam Gorrell Brenda Graff Elizabeth Graney David Grant Dave Graves Brenda Gray Donald Green Paul Greene Tim Grindle Bill Gross Gene Guthrie Cindy Gunsen- houser |oe Haft Julie Hall Donald Hammond Pam Hansen Rick Harding Cathy Harness Luther Harman Chris Harris Robin Hays Mike Heath Denny Hedges Bruce Heffner Steve Heim Steven Hein Keith Heingartner Kurt Heingartner Tim Hendricks Erik Henry Jennifer Hensley Rose Herber Robert Hern Ralph Herring Rebecca Hicks Greg Hilton Chris Hinga Sally Hinkle Dark Hinsey Max Hiser LuAnn Hoagland Harry Hodde Lois Hoelle Bob Hoffman Dana Holom Roy Holse Mark Hoover Doug Horn Mark Hosier Jana Hovarter ,f V f 146 Sophomores Anita Howard Lana Howenstine Pam Hughes )anis Hursh David Irmscher Cedric Isom Debbie Ison Nancy )acobson Art lames Sharon Lea lannings Debbie Jenl ins Michael Jenkins )eri Jerome Dave Johnson Bill Jones Fred Jones Junes Jones Mark Jones Robert Jones Brenda Jump Debbie Kase Ron Kase Marita Keesler Patti Keever Cris Kelker Mary Keltsch Rod Kinder Karen Kindler Tami Kipfer Kenneth Klerner Susan Knuth Herbert Kocks Matt Kocks Kevin Konger Dale Konkle Nick Krajewski Rhonda Kroskie Mike Krouse Kevin Kruse Susan Kuckuck Paul Ladig Karen Lambert Ceil Lamson Raleigh Landsaw Tom Lang Lea Ann Lantz Chuck Lapham Steve Lauer Tom Lawlor Lori Lawson Gary Lehman Cindy Leinker Dave Levi is Gary Lewis Dennis Ley Gena Lightle Lynn Linder Tom Lindsay Annette Lindsey Deborah Logan Jori Long Randy Longardner Rhonda Lucas Steve Ludlow Dennis Luke Angela Maciejewski Karen Madden Carolyn Magee Patsy Mahathy Cindy Major Joe Malott Karen Mansfield Diane Marcum Mike Marino Ed Markowski Robert Marshall Michelle Mason Frank Martin Jerry Martin Larry Martin Debbie Mauller Mark Mavis Richard May ZIES Students gathered in the cafeteria at lunch time. Two types of lunches were offered, the alacarte lunch, and the 40 cent plate lunch. Sophomores 147 Being introduced at the installation assembly are sophomore class officers. President Pete Al- bright, Vice President Bill Firestine, Secretary Kim Sexton, and Treasurer Tom Lindsay. Ml Cheryl McCray Alan McCee John McCowan Jean McMahon Kevin McMahon Abby Meeks Paul Mellott Jan Meyer Kim Meyer Marita Meyer Kathleen Michael Cheryl Miller Tim Miller Brent Mills Bama Moore Kenny Moore John Morris Michael Morris Curtis Mosley Larry Mueller Mark Mullins Catherine Murphy Carleen Myers jean Myers Linda Myers Theresa Neuhaus George Newton Danna Niblack Christina Nicholson Mark Nichter Jeff Nix Laura Norbeck Rob Nordyke Jerry Nunn Vicki Nunn James Oakman Denise Oberley James O ' Connor Gary Olingler Cathy Olry Brent Ostrander Debra Page Larry Panyard Ree Panyard jon Palm Judy Parker Carolyn Parkins Monty Patrick Glenn Patterson George Pauly Paula Pease Jim Pierce Kathy Peiz Marty Pequignot Rowena Perkins Jeri Sue Petrie Mark Pflueger David Pickering Jeff Pickering Tim Pickett Cindy Pieper Margaret Pierce Judi Phillips BSii 148 Sophomores Tod Ramsey Mike Reavis Dave Reissig Laurie Reitz Debra Reynolds Barbara Rice Sherrie Rice Charles Riley Gary Robbins Debra Roberson Rodney Roberson Tony Roberts Randay Roberts Bruce Robertson Dianna Robinson Lee Seeger Roger Setzer Jeanne Sevigny Kim Sexton |udy Shade Fred Shaheen Vicki Shanks Paul Shaw Karen Shepelak Mark Sherman Tammy Shideler Ricky Shields George Shiriaev Keith Shuler Leslie Shultz lolinda Siberl Tim Sievers Kathy Simpson Wayne Sims Joanrita Skordos Holly Springer Chester Smiley Charles Smiley Bob Smith Candy Smith Maureen Smith Steve Smith Tim Smith Larry Smola Carolyn Snyder Peggy Snyder Sheri Somers Scott Springon Diane Stahlhut Mike Stark Mike Stephens Ricardo Stephens David Stephenson mm Sophomore Bill Gething joins the trumpet sec- tion at an early morning band practice near the stadium. Sophomores 149 Library workers Steve Smith and Paula Cully, replace returned books. Restacking shelves is just one of the many duties of the library workers. Karen Thomas Sharon Thomas itj 9 Herbert Timinsky Debbie Tompkins im Tracey Daria Traylor )udy Trice Marcus Tulley I df Alice Turner Peggy Turner Gloria Tuttle Joseph Valentine Kristy VanAman Pat VanAman Sharon VanAman Robert VanBuskirk Myra VanCuren Wilburn Vance Joyce Vaughn Sheryl Volkert Jon Voorhees Ned Vosmeier Yvonne Wakeman Karen Walker Dennis Warner Dennis Waters Theodore Wells Lynn Wells Linda Weaver Mary Western Kathy Whipple Linda White Williemae White Barbara Whitelow Shirely Whitelow Mike Whitmore Helen Wiegand Karen Wiley Mike Williams Rene Williams Kim Winkle Lee Winkle Gary Winters Dave Winterruth Dan Wisniewski Ron Witte Najaha Wolfe Leondard Wood Brenda Woods Lorna Wraley Dennis Wright 4 1? o n 150 Sophomores rf ' f Theresa Wright Mary Wyatt Rick Wynn Cheryl York Debbie Zozulia Karen Zumbrum Andrew Zweig Tambra Andrews Susanne Buckley Mike Burke Deloris Calhoun Ruben Campbell Keith Caudill Tina Choka Emily Drawdy Janet Fenber Conny Franken Bill Gething Ann Hapopian Jo Ellen Hendrickson Cathy Henschen David Hollen Tina Holocher Doug Hopper Terri Houck Phyllis Hunsberger Connie Jackson Janice Jerraid Jennifer Jones Beverly Jordon Rex Junk Karen Kramer Joseph Linder Kim Martin Michael Mason Margaret Metzier Chris Miller Ann Moeller Fred Morgan Tammy Schultess Kevin Snyder Jim Stansell Robert Holley W . 7 j — - .- i m jtfl l V - sir " ' A %.Zli £|B P Li n m • 1 k. It " 0 $ ' 1 1 • tMs ' « ' W K : rM ikl , 9 i m " r. .. : hU .1 ps f- Sophomore reserve cheerleaders show a lot of spirit and enthusiasm by yelling a chant led by the var- sity. Reserve cheerleaders are required to be cheerblock members. Sophomores lal As the year ends, we reflect upon the events of the previous nine months. Students were faced by a challenging new environment, coupled with unfamiliar faces. Prob- lems arose, resulting in violence and school being closed temporarily. Stu- dents recognized that the violence was only a sympton of the real prob- lem and tried, through communica- tion, to seek the true causes. We sought these answers that those who follow us may not be faced by the same problems. In crossing the thre- shold to a new North Side, we have laid the foundation for the Redskins who follow us. We extend sincere thanks to Larry Glaze of Paragon Yearbooks and Jack Bundy of S.K. Smith Company for their advice on the technical aspects of the Legend. We are also deeply grateful to Miss Norma Thiele for her patience in allowing us to make our own mistakes. Ann and Thea 152 Closing Senior Directory Class of ' 73 joins activities; Leaves North with many memories ACKERMAN, DAVID E. ADANG, DALE 1500 Club; Intramurais; Legend; Northerner; Northerner Agent ALTEVOCT, BRAD ALAN Cross-Country (capt.); Lettermen ' s Club; Track AMSTUTZ, WILLIAM EDWARD ANDERSON, DENNY ANDREWS, DENNY Concert Band; Marching Band; Pep Band; Varsity Band; Wildsiders ARCHER, DEBI ARMSTRONG, CHARLES E. Basketball; Football; Golf; Key Club (vice- pres.); National Honor Society ASHE, L. BRUCE ATKINSON, DAVID ALLEN Spotlight (photographer); Caldron (photogra- pher); Math Club; (Central) 1500 Club; Leg- end (photographer); Northerner (photographer) AUMILLER, JANET ANN Business Qub (vice-pres.); Girls ' Cheerblock; PSA; Helicon; Legend agent; Soph Planning Board; Z-Club AXELL, MARY AXT, KATHY ANN BAKER, JEANNE BAKER, PAMELA BAKLE, JOHN A Key Club BALfS, JOUEEN JOAN French Club; CAA BANKS, NANCYJO ANN BARILE, JANIE Cheerleading; Spanish Club; Student Council; (Central Catholic) Varsity Cheerleader BARILE, JODY N. MLC; OEA BARNES, JAMES Football BARNETT, DAVID EUGENE Basketball (Capt); Football; Lettermens ' Club BARON, TED W. BARTLETT, GENE PAUL BAUGHMAN THEA DIANE 1500 Club; Girls ' Cheerblock; Legend (assis- tant editor, organizations editor); NFL; Northerner; PTSA; Reserve Cheerleader; Stu- dent Council; Varsity Cheerleader BAUMGARDNER, JUDY A. BEAMON, FRED ALLEN BEAR, CHARNA L. Girls ' Cheerblock BECKMAN, BARRIE RICHARD Soph. Choir; Wrestling BEDWELL, BARBARA J. A ' Cappella; Girls ' Cheerblock; Legend Agent; Northerner Agent BEEBE, KEN Concert Band; Marching Band; Wildsiders BEEBE, MARK BEERY, DANIEL S. BENNETT, TONYIA ANN BERMES, MICHAEL L. Football; Lettermens ' Club BIEDENWEG, DOUGLAS A. Football; Reserve Basketball; Varsity Basketball BIGGER, CHERYL LYNN BUCKBURN, GREGORY STUART D.E.; Soph. Football BLACKBURN, TOM L Football; Intramural; Key Club; Lettermens ' Qub 154 Senior Directory BLACKMAN, KATHY LORRINA BLAIN, RICK A. BLAIR, DONNA LYNNE BODINKA, FRED BOGGS, STEVEN BOHNKE, VICKI SUE Girls ' Cheerblock; Legend Agent; MLC BONNER, GWENDOLYN L Afro American Club; OEA: Student Council BOOKER, LUCY ANN BORROR, SUSAN BORUM, MARIE Band; Service Worker BOWMAN, BOB L BRACHT, JOANNE M. BRACHT, MARGARET LOU Band; Choir; Student Council BRACKMANN, JEAN LOUISE Arrowettes; Student Council; Troubadours; Varsity Band BRACKMANN, MARGARET BRANTLEY, BEV ANN FSA BRAUCHER, MARJORIE, RUTH CorKert Band; Marching Band BREGENZER, EDWARD BRINKER, ALLYN BROWN, BRUCE A. BROWN, CAROLYN REGINA BROWN, DAVE Boys ' CheerblcKk (pres.); BROWN, DEBBIE BROWN, ETHEL LEE BROWN, JERRY WAYNE Football BROWN, MARTIN SPAULDING BROYLES, ROD BROWN, TERRY BRUNNEGRAFF, MARILYN SUE A ' Cappella; Business Club; Girls ' Cheerblock; MLC; Troubadours BRYANT, LISA B. Varsity Volleyball BUCHAN, CAMILLE Concert Band; FSA; Marching Band; Varsity Band; Wind Ensemble BURGESS, SUSAN JEAN BURKE, JANINE LARAINE Cheerleading (capt.); Helicon; National Honor Society (sec); National Thespians; Orchestra; PTSA; PhyChem Club (sec); Se- nior Class Social Chairman; Soph. Planning Board; Tutoring Corps. BURNHAM, NANCY KAY Girls ' Cheerblock (pres.); Intramurais; MLC BYANKSI, RICK DECA BYRD, ROBERT MILLER A ' Cappella BYRGE, SHARON OEA (sec.) CAMERON, JOAN ELIZABETH Concert Band; Marching Band; Soph. Choir; Troubadours; Varsity Band; Wind ensemble CAMPBELL, MOZELL CARBONI, EDWARD A. CARBONI, JUDY CARLSON, ELAINE SUE Concert Band; Helicon; Hoosier Girls ' State (senator); JCL; Marching Band; Pep Band; Powder-Puff (capt.) PTSA; Soph. Planing Board; Varsity Band CASEY, DEBBY CHAFFIN, GENE ALAN Chess dub; Helicon; JCL; National Honor So- ciety; Phy-Chem CHAMBERS, PATRICIA CHOKA, BYRON Baseball; Basketball; Football; Lettermens ' Club; Intramurais CHRZAN, CASEY CLARK, BARRY CLARK, DEANNA LYNN Arrowettes; Business Club; D.E.; Powder Puff CLARK, STANLEY WAYNE Band; Orchestra; Wildsiders CLINE, KATHY Girls ' Cheerblock; Office Worker CLINE, SUSAN JAYNE A ' Cappella; Girls ' Cheerblock; |CL; National Thespians; PTSA; Student Council; Trouba- dours; Z-Club COHEN, KAREN DENISE Concert Band; Marching Band; Varsity Band COLE, TIM J. COLEMAN, JERRY D. Senior Rhonda Winebrenner is conducting a chemistry experiment during her lab period. Chemistry students spent one period a week working on lab projects. Chess Qub; Math Club (treas.); (Central) COLES, TERRY LEE COLLINS, COLLEEN SUE GEA COLUNS, MARTIN CONNER, NANCY CONRAD, BRUCE W. U.B.A. CONVERSE, ROXANNE M. A ' Cappella COOK, ANGELA JEAN COOLEY, HERBERT DENNIS Wrestling CORREA, CHERYL Choir; Girls ' Cheerblock COULTER, MIKE R. COUR, CHERYL M. Girls ' Cheerblock GRAIN, MARILYN MARIE Girls ' Intramurals; Service Worker CROCKER, STEVE CRONKHITE, CHARLOTTE SUE Girls ' Cheerblock CRONKHITE, NANCY CROSLEY, TOM S. Northerner Agent; Reserve Basketball; Var- sity Basketball CULBERTSON, JULIE A ' Cappella; Troubadours CUNEY, DAVID DAHMAN, GLORIA KAY DAU, DANIEL ALAN DAVIS, CHARLES R. Basketball (manager); Football (manager); Golf (manager); National Honor Society; Tu- toring Corps Coordinator DAVIS, JOHN W. Business Club; Clerical Service worker; Heli- con (Business Editor of " Kaleidoscope " ) DAVIS, MARK R. Baseball; Basketball; Lettermens ' Club DAVIS, MARK ROB DAVISON, GINGER MARIE DELLINGER, LISA DECA; Girls ' Cheerblock; Hoosier Girls ' State; Legend; Northerner; Reserve Cheer- leader; Z-Club DELOBBE, PATRICIA MLC; Z-Club (pres.) DEPREY, VICKY JEANETTE A ' Cappella; Girls ' Cheerblock; PISA; Soph. Planning Board; Troubadours DEWART, JODY SUE DIAL, DEBORAH ANN Afro American Club; Band; Concert Band; Li- brary Club; Marching Band; Pep Band; Ser- vice Worker DIDIER, PHILIP DANIEL DIDION, SANDRA JEAN DILLINC, YVONNE KAY A ' Cappella; ICT DISLER, JANE M. FSA; Girls ' Cheerblock DOCTOR, DOUGLAS RICHARD DORNSEIF, BECKY A. DORSETT, BETTY JANE Drannatics; Girls ' Cheerblock DOUGHERTY, JANNA SUE GIris ' Cheerblock; Intramurals; Leader Corps; Service Worker; Varsity Volleyball DOUGHTY, LYNN MARIE Giris ' Cheerblock; Legend Agent; Legend; MLC; Northerner; Student Council DOWNEY, MEUSSA MLC; Student Council DRAKE, DEBORAH Girls ' Cheerblock DREW, CAROLYN ELLAN ECENBARGER, DAVE L ELETT, RONNIE D. ELK1NS, DOUGLAS ELLIS, LINDA M. Choir, Orchestra ELTZROTH, ROXANE D. Library Qub ESSEX, PATRICIA ANN Afro American Club; Business Club; (vice- pres, pres.); Concert Band; DECA (sec); Pep Band; Office Worker EWALD, KAREN MARIE EYKHOLT, JOE Audio-Visual Club; Chess Club (sec— treas.); Language Lab Assistant; National Thespian FAULKNER, CHERYL Z-Club FEASEL, STEVE D. A ' Cappella; Troubadours FEDERSPIEL, ANDREW L Audio-Visual; COE; GEA FELDHEISER, DAVE FELGER, DON P. FIELDS, SAUL O. Legend; NFL (Vice-pres.); Northerner FIRKS RANDALL C Boys ' Intramurals FISH, ROBIN E. FISHER, MARK RICHARD Football; JCL; National Honor Society; Or- chestra; Pep Band; PTSA (vice-pres.); Sr. Class Vice-Pres.; Track; Wildsiders; Wind Ensemble FISHER, SANDY KAY FOLK, DAVE L FOOS, STEVEN A. Boys ' Cheerblock (vice-pres.); D.E.; DECA; Legend Agent; Northerner Agent FOOTE, GREGORY A. Service Worker FORD, CLYDE E. Baseball (Manager); Chess Club; Intramurals FORNEY, JOHN R. Intramurals; Reserve Football; Varsity Football FOUNTAIN, SHEILA DIANA Dramatics FOX, RHONDA JEAN Concert Band (librarian); Concert Orchestra (vice-pres.); FSA; FTA (sec); Girls ' Cheer- block; Helicon (pres.); Marching Band; Na- tional Honor Society (treas.); Social Studies Honorary Group FOX, SAMUEL FRANKLIN, HENRY FRANKLIN, MICHAEL L Baseball; Boys ' Cheerblock; Boys ' Intra- murals; MLC FRANKLIN, TONI M. FRY, MICHAEL GAINES, VICKIE CAMILLE FSA GARRARD, KATHY L Girls ' Cheerblock; Legend Agent GAVIN, MICHAEL EDWARD NFL GEBHARD, LISA |0 FSA; GAA; Spanish Club; JCL; Echo (Central) GENNAITTE, LOUISE GEOFFRAY, MICHAEL PAUL A ' Cappella; Troubadours GEORGE, PATRICIA M. Gymnastics GERARDOT, MAUREEN KAY Art Club; Cheerblork; Spanish Club (sec); Dramatics; Student Council; (Central Catholic) GIBEU BARBARA ANN FSA GIBSON, ROBERT MAURICE Drama; Stagecraft; Student Council GILBERT, CAROL A GIPSON, JENNIFER CIVENS, ROBERT Key Qub (pres.) GLASS, GARY WAYNE Audio- Visual GLOVER, CALVIN RICHARD GOES, THOMAS C. GODFREY, DOUGLAS S. Boys ' Cheerblock; D.E.; DECA GOFF, MARIPAT GONSER, JOHN C. Concert Band; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Wildsiders GORRELL, STEVE M. Legend Agent; Nrxtherner Agent GOSSETT, DAN GRAFT, CYNTHIA KAY A ' Cappella; Sfjph. Planning Board; Soph. Training Choir; Student Council GRANT, ROBERT E. |CL; )r. Qass Vice-Pres.; Key Club; National Honor Society (vice-pres.); NFL; Student Council; Wrestling GRAVES, KATHY ANN Girls ' Cheerblock GRAY, CONNIE S. GRAY, JOYCE ANN Arrowettes; FSA; Spanish Club GREEN, SCOT GRIFFIN, BRENDA KAY Afro American Club; Arrowettes; GAA; OEA (pres.); Student Council GRUBER, MARIE ANN Girls ' Cheerblock; GAA; Legend Agent; Northerner Agent GUERTIN, SANDRA R. A ' Cappella; Helicon; MLC GUEVARA, GILBERTO VELASQUEZ Boys ' Cheerblock; Key Club; NFL; Phy-Chem Ripplettes; GUMBERT, JOETTE Y. Girls ' Cheerblock; Y-Teens GUNDER, KRISTINE MICHELE Dramatics; Journalism; Swimming; (South Western); Journalism (Central Noble); Northerner GUSCHING, JACQUELYNN MARIE Arrowettes; Library Assistant; Northerner Agent; Ripplettes GUTERMUTH, JOHN GUY, SF1ARON GAA (Central); Afro American Club HABEGGER, JANA ARLENE A ' Cappella; Girls ' Cheerblock; Helicon (sec); National Honor Society; PTSA; Troubadours HAFT, MARY CLARE MLC; Office Worker HAGAN, TERESA ANN HAU, KERRY DEAN Football; Track; Wrestling HALQUIST, JUDY GEA HANSEN, CHRISTINA LYNN Northerner HARDESTY, KENNY J. HARKEN RIDER, JUDITH ANN HARMON, PAULA RENE FSA HARRINGTON, HELEN JOAN HARRIS, RICK HARTSOCK, GLEN HASSELL. PHYLLIS DIANNE Afro American Club (vice-pres.) HATCH, PHILUP HEADFORD, SUSAN HECKE, GREG HEEREN, JAMES R. Concert Band; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Rehearsal Stage Band; Varsity Band HEIN, PATRICIA ANNE Giris ' Cheerblock; Helicon; JCL; National HorK)r Society; Orchestra; Stagecraft; String Ensemble; Student Council HENDERSON, DICK M. HENRY, ANTHONY MARTIN D.E. (pres.) HENRY, PAM HENSLEY, MICHAEL HERBER, DIANNE V. Senior Directorv 155 Principal Max Updike introduces Student Council President Jim Wehrenberg at a sophomore orienta- tion. A series of these assemblies helped acquaint students with school activities. A ' Cappella; PTSA; Soph. Training Choir; Troubadours HERNANDEZ, VALERIE HERSTAD, MICHAEL D. A ' Cappella; Troubadours HESTER, SANDRA HILL, MICHAEL HIRSCHEY, RANDY HOAGLAND, SHARON LYNN Concert Band; Gymnastics; Marching Band HODDE, SANDY K. Library Worker; Office Worker HOLLIDAY, YVONNE Afro American Club; Student Council (sec.) HOILMAN, lOSEPH HOLMES, DIANE ROSE DECA HOLSE, PAM JEAN GAA; Gymnastics HOPPEL, BARBARA |0 Band, Girls ' Cheerblock; Helicon (publicity chairman); Hoosier Girls State; )CL; Legend {business manager); National Honor Society; PTSA (publicity); Student Council; Wind Ensemble HUNT, GREG D. Basketball; Football; MLC HUNTER, RUFUS JAMES Jr. Class Pres.; Student Council HURSH, MIKE ALLAN HURSH, ROBIN ANNE FSA INDRECC, TIMOTHY INSCOE, NEAL BRADLEY Football; Track; Troubadours (pres.) JACKSON, GARY JACKSON, MICHAEL L JACKSON, NANCY JANE JACOBY, LEEANN JANTZ, JOHN ALAN Audio-Visual; Chess Club; MLC; Social Stud- ies Honor Group JEHl, PATRICIA ANN JENKINS, DANIEL JERRAID, lONE MARIE Arrowettes (co-capt.); Ripplettes; Soph. Plan- ning Board JOHNSON DANIEL LEE Football; Lettermens ' Club JOHNSON, DAVID RUE 1500 Qub; Helicon; )CL; Key Club (sec); Na- tional Honor Society; Northerner (news edi- tor, sports editor, editor); Phy-Chem; PTSA; Student Council; Tri-Kappa JOHNSON, ERIC PAUL JOHNSON, GWYNNE LOUISE Concert Band; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Soph. Planning Board; Varsity Band JOHNSON, ROSEMARY 156 Senior Directory Girls ' Cheerblock; Northerner Agent; Re- serve Cheerleader JONES, ANN JONES, DEBRA JEAN Business Club; Girls ' Cheerblock; Z-Club JONES, DENNIS KAY JONES, MICHAEL PAUL A ' Cappella; National Thespians; Troubadours JONES, ROSE MARIE JORDAN, TIRESA JOSEPH, JENNIFER JEAN JUMP, BONNIE JUSTICE, LORI A. KAST, MARK D. Helicon; Northerner; Social Studies Honor Group KAUFMAN, SANDRA KAY Girls ' Cheerblock KAYLOR, BOB PAUL KEELY, BRUCE A. KILTY, MARILYN J. KIPFER, ROBERTA ANN KIPLING, PATRICIA ELLEN A ' Cappella; Girls ' Cheerblock; Helicon; )CL; National Honor Society; PTSA; Soph. Plan- ning Board; Student Council; Training Choir; Troubadours KIRKPATRICK, RALPH JERRY Band (pres.); Drama; Helicon: orchestra; String Ensemble; Student Council; Wildsiders KLEBER, CATHERINE KLEIN, RITA MARIE Art Qub; GAA; Spanish Club KLEJNOT, CHRISTINE MARIE KLOER, KATHY KLUEPFEL, NEIL A. A ' Cappella KNEPPER, DAVID F. D.E.; U.B.A. KNIGHT, BENJAMIN EUGENE KNIGHT, MARY E. DECA KNISEIY, LAVERNA KAY KNUTH, BRIAN J. Latin Club; Math Club; Science Club; Audio Visual; KNUTH, JAMES KOONTZ, JOY E. KOOP, CHRIS KRAUSE, KEVIN C. KROUSE, ROBERT LEWIS Football; Key Qub; Lettermens ' Club; Stu- dent Coucil; Wrestling KRUSE, DEBRA SUE A ' Cappella KRUSE, LINDA JO Girls ' Cheerblock; Helicon; jCL; Legend Agent; National Honor Society; PTSA; Re- serve Cheerleader; Soph. Planning Board; Varsity Cheerleader KUMARAN, JENNIFER LACEY, BEN W. Football UVKE, STEVE J. LANG, DANIEL LANGMEYER, MARK LARIMORE, ROBERT LINDSAY Boys ' Intramurals LARIMORE, STEVE A. Boys ' Intramurals LARIMORE, STEVE A. LAUER, MICHAEL T. Troubadours; Track LAWLOR, LINDA ANN Sofjh. Planning Board; Student Involvement Committee LAZOFF, KEITH B. LEE, RICHARD DALE LEFAVOUR, STEVE MICHAEL LEINKER, MARLENE KAY Arrowettes LELAND, MICHAEL LEMONS, LONNIE LESH, PIEPER LORRAIN LINNEMEIER, MIKE LIPP, DOROTHY ANNE Band; Helicon; Library Worker LOVE, HOLLY MARIE AFS Finalist; MLC; Soph. Planning Board; Z- Club LLOYD, DENNIS LUKE, STEVE A. A ' Cappella; Madrigals; Troubadours LYNCH, MICHELLE YEVETTE Afro American Club; Choir MCCARTY, DEWEY A. MCCUE, NANCY THERESA Coordinator of Tutoring Corps; JCL; PTSA (Board); Soph. Class Vice-Pres. MCDONALD, KAREN THERESA FTA; Intramurals; Legend Agent; Library As- sistant; MLC; National Honor Society; North- erner Agent; Ripplettes (sec.-treas.); Student Council; Tutoring Corps MCGEE, TONYA JEANINE Afro American Club; Booster Club; Public Speaking; (Central); Arrowettes MCHENRY, VICKIE LYNN MCKINLEY, MERRILL BENJAMIN Wrestling MCKNIGHT, DAVID J. MCNUTT, CYNDI ANN Choir; FSA (treas.); Girls ' Cheerblock; Legend agent; Student Council; MLC MARTIN, CLARA NELL GAA; Afro America Club; DECA (Sergeant at Arms);, (treas.) MARTIN, NANCY E. A ' Cappella MARTIN, NANNETTE K. A ' Cappella MARTIN, STEVEN Wrestling MANNING, JANE ANN A ' Cappella; Arrowettes; Dramatics; )CL; Stu- dent Council; Troubadours MARTINEZ, MONICA MARIE MARTONE, MICHAEL ANTHONY JOSEPH Boys ' Cheerblock; Debate (co-capt.); Drama; Helicon; Key Club; National Honor Society; PTSA (vice-pres.); Soph. Class Pres.; Speech (co-capt); Student Council MASON, AARON MAXWELL, DENNIS Golf, ; Key Club; Lettermens ' Club; Wrestling MAXWELL, MARK D. Cross-Country; Track; Wildsiders MAYS, STEVE MARK Concert Band; Helicon; Marching Band; Na- tional Honor Society; Orchestra (pres.); Pep Band; Trombone Quartet; Tennis; Wild- siders; Wind Ensemble MEAD, GLENN JOSEPH MEAGHER, KATHLEEN ANN A ' Cappella; Soph. Training Choir MENDEZ, SHERRY A. MERCHANT, CINDY L. MLC MESHBERGER, PEGGY A. A ' Cappella; Troubadours MEYER, STAN RICHARD MILLER, DAN J. MILLER, LORRAINE ANN FSA MINK STEVE D.E.; DECA; Football; Lettermens ' Club MIRACLE, ROGER KEITH MOCK, STEVE CRAIG Boys ' Cheerblock; Key Club; Soph. Football; Student Council; Track MOORE, ANN ELIZABETH Band; Girls ' Cheerblock; JCL; Legend (editor, assistant editor); NFL; National Honor So- ciety; PTSA (publicity chairman); Sr. Class Pres.; Student Council (Activities Chairman); Wind Ensemble MOORE, JACK L MORKEN, MARYANN A ' Cappella; Madrigals; Troubadours MORKOETTER, JAMES G. MORRIS, PATRICK M. Golf MORRISON, MITZI ALIECE Afro American Club; Arrowettes; Powder Puff; Sr. Class Sec. MORTON, MARK ALLAN Baseball; Lettermen ' s Club; National Honor Society; Student Council MOTZ, RICK ALAN Chess Club MUDRACK, PAM MULLINS, CHERYL LYNN Girls ' Cheerblock (chairman); MLC; Office Worker; Wrestling (mat maid) MURDOCK, RALPH MYATT, DIANA MYERS, DOUGLAS C. Concert Band; Dramatics; Madrigals; March- ing Band (drum major); Orchestra; Pep Band; Sr. Powder Puff Cheerleader; Trouba- dours; Wind Ensemble MYERS, JANET IRENE Girls ' Cheerblock; Powder Puff; Reserve Cheerleader MYERS, KEVIN M. NEUHAUS, BONITA JOANN Arrowettes (Capt.) Dramatics; MLC; Service Worker NEVOGT, GLEN RICHARD Lettermens ' Club; National Honor Society; Student Council; Tennis NIBLACK, DAVID L Concert Band; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band NICHOLSON, BETSY ANN NICOSKI, ALAN NIX, THARESA MARIE Girls ' Cheerblock; Office Worker NOMINA, MICHAEL P. NORDYKE, PEGGY L Concert Band; Marching Band; Soph. Train- ing Choir; Troubadours; Varsity Band; Wind Ensemble CKDAY, JIM HFH (vice-pres.) ODOM, MEL A. Afro American Club; Concert Band; March- ing Band; Basketball O ' GRADY, TERRI LYNN Girls ' Cheerblock OLINSKE, LARRY W. Baseball; Boys ' Cheerblock; Intramurals; Let- termens ' Club OLIVER, PAMEU ANNE OLRY, KAREN SUE Business Club (sec); FSA; Legend Agent; Northerner Agent; Student Council ORMES, DEBORAH A. Business Club (Committee Chairman); FSA (historian); Legend Agent; Girls ' Cheerblock; MLC; Northerner (ass ' t circulation manager; ass ' t business manager, business manager); Northerner agent; Soph. Training Choir; Stu- dent Council Z-Club (treas.) PALM, CYNTHIA A ' Cappella; Troubadours; Legend Agent; Northern Agent; MLC; Training Band PALMETER, VICKY C. Ecology Club; HFH (sec); FTA PARHAM, DOROTHY ELOIS Choir PARKINS, BEVERLY ANN MLC; DBA; Powder Puff; Ripplettes; Student Council PATTEN, MARY ELLEN A ' Cappella; FSA PATTERSON, KENTON Band PATTON, MICHAEL KEIJI PAYNE, MELODY FAY PEARSON, CHERYL PEPPIE, TERRY L. PEPPLER, BEVERLY R. PERKINS, ROXANNA J. A ' Capella; Girls ' Cheerbkx;k; MLC PERRY, CURTIS Afro American Club; Cr ncert Band; March- ing Band PERRY, DAVID L Service Worker PERUCINI, MARY PFLEIDERER, ANN LOUISE PHILLIPS, USA ANN Business Qub; FSA PICKERING, UNDA ANN A ' Cappella Choir; Girls ' Cheerblock (sec- treas.); Helicon; Legend Agent; MLC; fTSA; Spirit Committee; Training Choir; Z-Oub (sec) PIERCY, WILLIAM E. A ' Cappella; Cross-Country; track; Troubadours POWE, MARK AlAN POWERS, LEA ANN Concert Band; Orchestra; Gymnastics; Intra- murals; Marching Band; Ripplettes (pres.); Student Leader Corp.; Varsity Volleyball PRANTE, BILL COE PRENTICE, BIAKE ALLEN Band; Orchestra; Drum Major; Wildsiders Madrigals; Pep Band; Orchestra; Troubadors; Wind Ensemble PRYOR, PEARLIE PUFF, MELVIN R. Marching Band; ICT PULVER, BARBARA E. REDDING, MICHAEL RALPH REESE, DEBORAH RESENDEZ, DELORES AURORA REYNOLDS, DOUGLAS PAUL Concert Band; Marching Band; Rehearsal Stage Band; Varsity Band RICE, PAMELA MAE A ' Cappella; Arrowettes; Girls ' Cheerblock; MLC; Legend Agent; Service Worker; Soph, Planning Board; Z-Club RIDER, DENNIS RIDER, ELLEN ANNETTE A ' Cappella Choir; Soph. Choir Using the media center ' s card catalog to locate a book is senior Brad Altevogt The center ' s many files make it easier for students to find needed material. Senior Director 157 RIDLEY, JEROME MILLER Audio Visual RIESTER, REBECCA M. ROBBINS, CURT LEE Northerner ROBINSON, )AMES EDWARD Debate; Lettermen ' s Club; Soph. Planning Board; Speech; Tennis ROBINSON, PENNY L. ROGERS, ROBERT ANTHONY Stagecraft (publicity) ROGERS, SANDI JEAN Drama; Choir; Girls ' Cheerblock; Gymnas- tics; Prom Committee; Soph. Planning Board; Student Council ROHRS, DENISE J. Concert Band; Marching Band; MLC; Orchestra ROMANO, TOM ROTH, )ANE ROWOLD, DIANE JEAN SABO, JAMES PHILIP Boys ' Cheerblock; Social Studies Honor Group SAUER, PAT WILLIAM Intramurals SCHAEFER, WILLIAM MICHAEL Baseball; Northerner; Student Council SCHEELE, TOM Basketball; Lettermen ' s Club SCHEVTCHUK, THOMAS A. Concert Band; Cross Country (manager); De- bate; Helicon; Marching Band; Pep Band; Sf)eedi; Stage Band; Track SCHINBECKLER, KIM M. Girls ' CheerblcKk; Reserve Cheerleader; Leg- end Age nt SCHMIDT, JERRY W. Lettermens ' Club; Track SCHNEIDER, RICHARD SCHOMBURG, MARK STEPHEN Intramurals; Football; Key Club; Legend Agent; Lettermens ' Club; Northerner Agent; Track SCHROCK, KATHY OEA SCHROEDER, JULIE A. Arrowettes; D.E.; Service Worker SCHROLL, RANDY S. MLC Gymnastics SCHUHLER, SALLY ANN Debate; Girles Cheerblock; Intramurals; NFL (pres.); PTSA (membership committee); Re- serve Cheerleader; Speech; Student Council; Student Leader Corp SCHULTZ, DAVID SEBASTIAN, BRIAN R. Intramurals SEDLMEYER, WILLIAM DAVID SENESAC, DEBBIE ANN OEA: Arrowettes SENESAC, THOMAS E. Intramurals SEXTON, CHERRY ANN Girls ' Cheerblock; PTSA; Z-CIub SHEARER, SHERI SHEETS, KEITH SHELL, TOM ALLAN SHERMAN, MARY J. Business Club; Girls ' Cheerblock; FSA (pres.); National Honor Society SHOEMAKER, FRITZ C. D.E. SHULER, LEWIS Regional Vocational Center SHULTZ, CYNDI L Northerner (News editor) Feature assistant editor; Z-Club; SIC; 1500 Club; 3000 Club SIBERT, WILLIAM SI FLING, LES Concert Band; Debate (Captain); Basketball manager; Marching Band; NFL SIEVERS, PAT SCOTT Baseball; Concert Band; Marching band; Pep Band; Varsity Band SKELLY, KAREN J. SKEVINGTON, BARBARA H. Arrowettes; Northerner Agent; Student Council; Stage Crew; Student Leader SLEESMAN, RANDY SLOAN GARY R. SLUSHER DON RAY Student Council SMILEY, ELNA ANN SMITH, BEVERLY JOYCE Girls ' Cheerblock; Dramatics; Helicon (treas.); National Honor Society; Orchestra; Soph Planning Board; Troubadours; Wildsiders SMITH, GENEVA Afro American Club SMITH, JEFFREY SMITH, JOANNE SMITH, SUSAN ELAINE Spirit week brings a lot of strange scenes. Here is senior Dave Brown at a pep session. He is announc- ing the words to a cheer done by the powderpuff cheerieaders. Concert Band (sec.-treas.); Girls ' Intramurals; Helicon; Marching Band; MLC; Pep Band; Soph. Planning Board; Varsity Band SMITH, TOM SNYDER, ELAINE M. Choir; Office Worker SNYDER, KATHRYN ANN Helicon; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Student Council; Wind Ensemble SOWERS, JOYCE SPARKS, JOAN L A ' Cappella; Troubadours STACY, LARRY A. Color Guard; Concert Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Rehearsal Stage Band; Varsity Band; Wind Ensemble STACY, LINDA M. Choir STAFFORD, LUTHER GORDON A ' Cappella; Cross-County; Track- Troubadours STAHLHUT, STEVE LYNN STAMANIS, COSTA NICK Concert Band; Golf; Marching Band; MLC; Orchestra; Pep Band; Rehearsal Stage Band; Wildsiders; Wind Ensemble STANTON, BETH ANN STAUFFER, GARY LEE STEINER, NANCY RUTH A ' Cappella; Girls ' Cheerblock; Helicon; Madrigals; MLC; National Honor Society; Or- chestra (librarian); PTSA; Troubadours STEPHENS, ROBERT A. Northerner Agent; Service Worker STEPHENSON, DONALD CARL II Concert Band; Marching Band; Varsity Band STERLING, TRUDY RAE 1500 Club; Helicon (Kaleidoscope Fiction Editor); Northerner (Ad Manager, Assistant Feature Editor, Feature Editor, News Editor); Student Council (Spirit Committee) STETLER, DIANNE S. A ' Cappella; GiHs ' Cheerblock; Gymnastics; )r. Class Social Chairman; Northerner Agent; Sopho-Planning Board; Tutoring Corps; Z- Club STEWART, VANESSA STIEGLITZ, THOMAS E. STOY, KELLY M. STRASSER, JANELLE KAY OEA (Treas.) STRAUB, KATHERINE MARIE STUCKY WILLIAM J. H.F.H. (pres.) SUKOW, VIRGINIA LEE Arrowettes; Girls ' Cheerblock; Northerner (Feature Editor); Orchestra (vice-pres.); Speech (co-capt.); Student Council (vice- pres.); WLYV High School Happenings Reporter SWEET, ROBERTA SUE OEA SYLVESTER DEBBIE KAY Arrowettes; Concert Band; Marching Band; S.P.C: Varsity Band TANNER, WILLIAM PAUL TASSLER, DALE TAYLOR, MARK A. TAYLOR, NORA C D.E. (Parlimentarian); OEA TERRELL C TONY Baseball; Boys ' Intramurals; JCL (Social chair- man); Key Club (treas.); Legend Agent; Let- termens ' Qub; Northerner agent Phy-Chem (vice-pres.) THOMAS, BETH JOEEN A ' Cappella; PTSA: Troubadours THOMAS, DANIEL E. Boys ' Intramurals; Football; Lettermens ' Club THOMAS, FAITH ANGELA Afro American Club; Powder Puff; Twirling; Student Leader THORNHILU AMIE JEAN Student Council THURBER, lAMES DAVIS Track THURSTON, ERIC TILL, STEVE LEE TINSLEY, JULIE M. Arrowettes; D.E.; Service Worker TOMPKINS, JOSEPH MICHAEL Drama; Wrestling TRENDLE, KATRINA ANN Office Worker TRIMBLE, ROY JAMES UETRECHT, SANDRA ANN National Honor Society UNDERWOOD, KATHLEEN KAY FSA; (vice-pres.); MLC; Student Council VACHON, KEITH ALAN Concert Band; Dramatics; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Troubadours; Wild- siders; Wind Ensemble VANANDA, BOB Concert Band; Key Club; Marching Band; Pep Band; Wildslders; Powder Puff Cheer- leader; Orchestra; Wind Ensemble VANCUREN, PATRICE ALAYNE MLC; OEA VANGORDER, CHARLES C. A ' Cappella; Madrigals; Troubadours VONDERHAAR, LOUISE ANN WAGNER, GEORGE MARSHALL Baseball; Boys ' Cheerblock; Football; Intra- murals; JCL; Legend Agent; Lettermens ' Club; National Honor Society; Phy-Chem (pres.); Student Council WALKER, BOB Concert Band; Varsity Band WALKER, MARCIA L WALTER, SUSAN J. WARNER, CINDY ANN WARNER, DALE WARRICK, SUZANNE WASS, JUDY K. A ' Cappella; Madrigals; Soph. Choir; Troubadours WAYER, CHERYL ANN WEHRENBERG, JAMES CHRISTIAN Basketball (manager); Dramatics; Football (manager); Junior Rotarlan; Key Club; Na- tional Honor Society; Soph. Planning Board; Speech; Student Council (pres.); Debate WEHRMEISTER, MIKE A. WEIDNER, PEGGY SUE Concert Band; Marching Band; Soph. Train- ing Choir; S.P.C; Varsity Band WERLING, WILLIAM L A ' Cappella; Boys ' Cheerblock; Football (manager); Soph. Training Choir; Troubadours WERMAGER, ORLIN M. WEST, CONWAY A. DECA (vice-pres.) WHITE, DEBBIE S. WHITTECAR, MARK F. WICKLIFFE, MARTIN R. WILKENING, BILL J. WILUAMS, DALE E. Audio- Visual WILUAMS, LAVETRA WILLIAMS, VIRGINIA RACHEAL Afro American Club WIUIS, FRED RAYMOND CorKert Band; Marching Band; Pep Band (Central) Concert Band; Marching Band WILSON, CHERYL MARIE A ' Cappella; Girls ' Cheerblock; Helicon; Madrigals; MLC; Orchestra; String Ensemble; Troubadours; Varsity Cheerleader; Wildsiders WINTERS, STAN PETER WINEBRENNER RHONDA WINZELER, KAREN L Helicon; Orchestra WITTWER, MARI L WOODFIN, MARTHA WOODS, DIANA LYNN WOLFE, THOMAS Mark Langmeyer, senior takes a few minutes rest in the band room. His source of entertainment is ; comic book about monsters. WYATT, ROB S. Basketball; Boys ' Cheerblock; (Central Catholic) ZOLIARS, ROBERT PAUL Concert Band; Marching Band; MLC; Or- chestra; Pep Band; Rehearsal Stage Band; Wildsiders; Wind Ensemble ZOLLNER, TRUDY E. OEA ZUMBAUGH, DAVID M. Cross-Country; Track ZWEIG, DANIEL JAY CorKert Band; Basketball (manager); Cross- country (manager); Orchestra; Soph. Plan- ning Board; Track (manager); Varsity Band; Wildsiders; Wind Ensemble Senior Directory 159 Frtr iilH r%lri ft w Teachers enjoy helping students; rctCUIiy L ireCltiry spend time on after-school activities Seniors Bonnie Neuhaus and B.J. Dorsett receive a few points of direction from Mr. Douglas Stark dramatics teacher. The girls are performing a scene from the play " Butterflies Are Free. " ASHE, MRS. WILMA E. Beginning Typing, Recordkeeping, Clerical Practice, Beginning Shorthand; Business Qub, Qerical Service Center; Indiana State U. of Pennsylvania— B.S.; St. Francis— M.S. ASHTON, MR. BARRY AlAN Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Music Theory Allied Arts, Wildsiders; Pep Band; I.U.-B.M.E.; Ball State-M.A.; Earlham College. AYERS, MISS VIRGINIA M. Accounting, Beginning typing. Advanced Typing; I.U.-B.S., M.S.; Purdue. BECKLEY, MR. WARD T. English, Latin; )CL; Ball State-B.A.; St. FrarKis— M.A. BELL. MISS MARJORIE E. Art; Ball State-B.S. BIBERSTEIN, MR. KENNETH Art; Ball State-B.S. BILL, MR. JON M. Metals, Drafting; Purdue-B.S.,M.S. BOTT, MR. LAWRENCE EDWARD English, Alcohol and Narcotics; Key Club; St. Francis-A.B.,M.S. BROWN, MR. DUANE Guidance Counselor; Football Coach; Ash- lland College-B.S.; I.U.-M.S. BULLOCK, MR. TOMMY Beginning Dravi ing, Advanced Architectural Drawling, Graphic Engineering, Beginning Woodworking; Afro-Interest Group, Wres- tling Coach, Football Coach, Track Coach; Mississippi Valley State College-B.S. CLARK, MR. CHARLES L. Advanced Algebra, Math Dept. Head; De- fiance-A.B.; Ohio State-M.A. U. of Maine; Purdue. COWAN, MRS. MARY ANN Registrar; I.U. CROCKER, MRS. EDNA M. Clothing 2, Foods 1 2; I.U.-B.S.; U. of Mln- nesota— M.A. CRUM, MR. THEODORE LEE A.V. Coordinator; Ball State-B.S.; St. Francis-M.S.; I.U.-M.S. de la GUARDIA, MR. CESAR D. Spanish; St. Francis-A.B. DIPIETRO, MR. JOSEPH A. U.S. History, Physical Education; Lettermen ' s Qub; Morehead State U.-B.A.; Xavier U.- M.A. DONNELLY, MISS ANNE M. Physical education, cheerleading; Girls Cheerblock, Girls varsity sports, Intramurals, Leader Corp; I.U.-B.S., M.S.; Mount Mary College. DOTY, MRS. VERA M. Secretary to Principal; I.U. DOUST, MISS ROSALIE MARIE English; National Honor Society, Ripplettes; St. Francis-B.A.; I.U.-M.S. DVORAK, MR. RONALD L. Chemistry, Advanced Science; Phy-Chem Qub; Indiana State U.-B.S.; Purdue-M.S. Ohio State-M.S.; Northern Illinois U. EASTES, MR. JOHN P. Accounting, Record Keeping, Typing; Hunt- ington College-B.S.; I.U.-M.S. EDWARDS, MR. ROBERT Industrial Arts, Department Head; Ohio Northem U.-B.S.; U. of Michigan-M.A. ELDRIDGE, MR. ARTHUR C. U.S. History, Government, Sociology; Ander- son College-B.A.; St. Francis College-M.S. EPPS, MRS. LIZZIE Dean of Girls; Henderson State College- B.A., M.S.E. EVANS, MR. DON Government, U.S. History, Sociology; A.F.S.- Americans Abroad, Social Studies Honor Group; DePauw U.-B.A.; I.U. -M.A. FELlf R, MR. CHARLES K. World History; Bowling Green State U.-M.A. FISHER, KEITH C. Recordkeeping, Beginning typing; Cross Country Coach; St. Francis-B.A.,M.A. FISHER, MR. NORMAN J. Developmental Reading, English; Manches- ter College-B.S.; Bethany Theological Semi- nary-B.D.; St. Francis-M.A. FLECK. MR. CLEON L U.S. History, World Affairs, Department head; Social Studies Honor Group; DePauw U.-A.B.; I.U.-M.S.; U. of Wisconsin-M.A. GERBER, MRS. SHERRYLENE Spanish; Z-Club; Ball State-B.A.; St. Francis- M.A. GOON, MR. DALE E. Algebra, Accounting, Typing; Manchester College-B.S.; I.U.-M.S.; Lousiana State U.; New Mexico School of Mines. GRAHAM, MR. NEAL E. Instrumental Music; Pep Band, Rehearsal Stage Band, Percussion Ensemble; Ball State-B.S. GRUVER, MR. HAROLD K. English; I.U.-M.S HAIFLICH, MRS. SANDRA J. English; St. Francis-A.B., M.A. HARRIS, MR. ALVIN CALVIN Guidance Counselor, Regional Vocational Center Schcwl Director; Chess Club; Central State U.-B.S.; St. Francis-M.S. HAYNER, MRS. GLADYS I. Secretary-Guidance Office HEATH, MR. JOHN DANIEL English, World History; I.U.-B.S.; St. Francis- M.S HENDERSON, MR. MYRON H. Government; Tennis Coach; Manchester Col- lege-A.B.; Ball State-M.A.; St. Francis. HEY, MR. BYARD D. Physical Education, Trigonometry; Basketball Coach; Lettermens ' Club; I.U.-B.S., M.S.; Purdue, Ball State, St. Francis. HILL. MR. JOHN R. A ' Cappella Choir, Troubadours, Madrigals, Mu- sic Theory; Ball State-B.S. HOSKINS, MR. KEITH Earth Science; I.U.-B.S. HUMPHREY, MR. FRED E. English; I.U.-B.S.,M.S.; U. of Miami-B.Ed. HUNTER, MR. DON D. Algebra; Football Coach, Wrestling Coach; Ball State-M.S.,B.S. HUTMACHER, MRS. JACQUELINE LOU Beginning Typing, Advanced Typing, Begin- ning Shorthand, Record Keeping; DePauw U.-A.B.; St. Francis-M.S. HYDER, MRS. JODY L Secretary to Assistant Principal IRVING, MR. RICHARD A. Distributive Marketing, Distributive Educa- tion; D.E. Club; Indiana State U. JOHNSON, MRS. IRMA Advanced Shorthand, Secretarial Practice, Beginning Shorthand, Record Keeping; FSA; Indiana State U.-B.S.; St. Francis-M.S. I.U. KLOCKE, MRS. DOLORES |. Guidance Coordinator; Sophomore Class Ad- visor; Western Illinois U.-B.S.; Northwestern U.-M.A. LEHMAN, MRS. ANN D. Secretary in Principal ' s Office LEMKE, MR. PAUL Spanish; Northwestern U.-B.S.,M.A. Univer- sidao de Puerto Rico LEWINSKI, MR. JAMES RAYMOND English, Literature Seminar; Student Council; I.U.— A.B.; U. of Michigan— M. A.; Syracuse U.; U. of Illinois; Purdue; U. of Notre Dame. LEWIS, MR. BERYL A. Chemistry; Phy-Chem Club; Ball State- B.A.,M.A. LOPER, MRS. BETTY Secretary in Deans ' Office; Vincennes U.; Ball State LOVELL, MR. ROBERT D. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry; Rose Polytechnic Institute-B.S.; Indiana State U.- M.S. MCBANE, MRS. DONNA English; Student Council, I.U.-B.S.;M.S. MCClfAD, MR. DONALD PAUL Art; Ball State-B.A.,M.A. MCCLURE, MRS. MARJORIE Treasurer MEYER, MISS LINDA K. School psychometrist; Ball State-B.S.,M.A. MILL£R, MRS. CANDACE LEE Cooperative Office Education, Business Law, Consumer Education; O.E.A.; I.U.-B.S.,M.S. MITCHELL, MR. WILLIAM E. Dean of boys; Huntington College— B.S.; I.U.-M.S. MODEN, MR. JESSE Engtish; A.M. N. College-B.A.; Henderson State-M.S.; Memphis State U.; Arkansas State U. MOORE, MRS. DELORES English; Ball State MOORE, MISS MARTHA ILEENE Human Development, Home Management, Housing; Ball State-B.A.; St. Francis-M.S. NEUHAUS, MRS. KATHLEEN English; Helicon; St. Francis-B.A.,M.S. NOBLE, MRS. ZOLA English; Ripplettes; Anderson College-B.A. PUGH, MR. ROBERT W. English; Helcion; DePauw U.-B.A.; U. of Wisconsin— M.S. PURKHISER, MRS. MARY DOWNS Sociology; Work in guidance office; Hanover College-A.B.; St. Francis College-M.A.; U. of Arizona RANSBURG, MRS. RAMONA French, English; St. Francis-A.B.; I. U.-M.A.; Ball State. RICE, MERLE D. Physics, Man Made World, Advanced Science; Phy-Chem Club; Rose-Hulman Technical Institute-B.S.; Ball State-M.S. In- diana Inst, of Technology; St. Francis. ROBERTS, MR. LR. German; Eastern Michigan-B.S. Ball State— M.A.; U. of Michigan; U. of Illinois. SCHAEFER, MR. THOMAS E. Metals, Power and Transportation, Electricity; Ball State-B.S. SCHLATTER, MR. ORVIL E. Government, Sociology, U.S. History, To- bacco, Alcohol, and Narcotics; Chess Club; Ft. Wayne Bible College- B.S.C; Ball State- M.A.; I.U.-M.A.T. SCHULTZ, MR. GARY DUANE Speech; Speech and debate teams. Boys ' Cheerblrxk; Ball State-B.S. SHEPLER, MRS. MAXINE L Secretary-Athletic Depl. SLAVENS, MR. DEAN A. U.S. History, World History; Track Coach; Manchester College- B.S.; Northern lllincHS U.-M.A. SNIDER, MR. WAVELAND H. U.S. History, Government, Sociology; D.E.; Manchester College-B.S.; I.U.-M.S. STARK, MR. DOUGIAS Stagecraft, Drama; National Thespians; Ball State-B.S. STAUFFER, MR. JOHN ROBERT Geometry, Algebra; Basketball Coach, Golf Coach; DePauw U.-B.A.; I.U.-M.S. STUBBLEHELD, MR. PHILLIP Sophomore Choir, String Ensemble; Afro-Qub; Ball State-B.S. THIELE, MISS NORMA Journalism, English; Publications, 1500 Oub, Quill and Schroll; I.U.-A.B.; M.A.; Syracuse U. TIPPLE, MR. MARK Earth Science, Alcohol and Narcotics; Key Club; I. U.-B.S.; M.A.T. TODD, MISS SANDRA M. Assistant Principal; Michigan State U— B.A.; Ball State-M.A.; Purdue. TRASTER, MR. ROBERT Athletic Director; Manchester College-B.S.; Ball State-M.S. UPDIKE, MR. MAX Principal; Manchester College-B.S.; I.U.- M.S.; Michigan State U.; St. Francis; Purdue; Ball State. WERT, MR. C RICHARD Power Mechanics, Electronics; Ball State— B.S.,M.S. ZEHNER, CAROLYN S. Librarian; I.U.-B.S. Mr. Gary Schultz, speech team sponsor, is selling students paper and pen- cils from the supply shoppe. Football coach Duane Brown explains the next play to senior quarterback Byron Choka. Mr. Brown also assisted in the dean ' s office. Facultv Directors 161 FORT WAYNE ELECTRONICS at 3606 Maumee Ave. and in the Glen- brook Shopping Center carries the lat- est in stereos, televisions, and other sound equipment. HEFNER SALUTES NORTH SIDE (We both know how it feels to be 1!) Hefner Chevrolet is located at 500 E. State Blvd. PIZZA KING, 3410 N. Anthony Blvd. offers carry-out service or dining in their spacious dining room. Senior Julie Tinsley prepares a sales slip at Fort Wayne Electronics In the Clenbrook Mall. Fort Wayne Electronics participated in the D.E. program at North. Seniors Cline and Dan Zweig admire a 73 Vega, one of the many new fea- tures at Hefner ' s After a basketball game juniors Chuck Luenberger and Bob Hatfield enjoy a pizza at Pizza King in the North Anthony Shopping Center. Norlli Anthony Sliopping Center 162 Advertisements REALTOR JACOB H. FEICHTER Certified Residential Broker 422-6461 WAITERS STUDIO at 3635 Lake Ave. has built its reputation on years of providing " Photographs of Dis- tinction. " Besides providing electric service to the Fort Wayne commu- nity, INDIANA AND MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY at 2101 Spy Run sponsors numerous activities for the youth including a scholarship pro- gram. WE ' RE PROUD OF OUR STU- DENT EMPLOYEES at the thirteen lo- cations of MALOLEY BROTHERS in the Fort Wayne area. Mr. Richard Sievers explains the transmission control board to sophomores Tim Sievers, JoEllen Hen- drickson, and Marc Tulley. Seniors Ann Moore and Vicky DePrey pick up final prints of their senior pictures at Watters Studio ' s new Lake Ave. location. Junior Tom Chandler stamps prices. You ' ll see Tom every week at Maloley ' s North Anthony store. FINE FOODS T tt Advertisements 163 Abbott, Karen 144 Abbott, Leslie 85, 144 Ackerman, Cindy 143 Ackerman, David 154, 116 Achenbach, Drew 136 Adams, Timothy 136, 82, 105, 98, 142 Adang, Dale 142, 154, 92, 95 Adang, Terry 144 Adkins, Kristina 136 Agnew, Marva 136 Ahlersmeyer, Kurt 27, 136, 84 Albright, Pete 53, 148, 85, 90, 144, 82, 105 Alfeld, Harold 144 Allgeier, Kim 144 Almond, Shelly 144 Altevogt, Brad 56, 57, 154, 116, 10 Amburn, Camalla 29, 47, 136, 84, 105, 91 Amstutz, William 154, 116 Anderson, Cathy 144 Anderson, Frank 144 Anderson, Steve 154, 116 Andrews, Denny 85, 84, 154, 116, 90 Anderson, Debbie 136 Andrews, Tammy 151 Andros, Dane 50, 136, 64 Angel, Mike 144 Angel, Mark 136 Ankenbruck, )anet 136, 88, 89 Annis, Roger 84, 143, 88 Anthis, Clint 136, 83, 63, 64 Antoine, Susan 144 Archer, Debi 154, 116 Arms, Thomas 136 Armstrong, Charles 50, 154, 116, 59, 98 Arnold, Shevawn 136, 91 Arnold, Howard 144 Arter, Michael 144 Ashe, Bruce 154, 116 Atkinson, David 154, 116, 92 Atlkisson, Flora 144 Aumlller, )anet 154, 116, 99 Aumiller, Judy 47, 144 Avery, Tim Axell, Mary 154, 116 Axt, Karen 144 Axt, Kathy 154, 116 B Bahr, Janet 144 Bailey, Doug 144 Bailey, Jack 144, 62, 63 Baker, Elizabeth 142, 91 Baker, Jeanne 154, 116 Baker, Pam 154, 116 Bakle, John 154, 116 Bales, lolleen 154, 116 Ballard, (eff 143 Ballard, Rod 144 Ballard, Thomas Baltes, Peggy 136 Banks, Nancy 154, 116 Baney, Brad 136 Bangert, Daria 144 Barile, )ane 48, 154, 116 Barile, James 136 Barile, |ody 154, 116 Barkley, Steve 136, 91 Barkley, Tom 144, 30 Bauman, Timothy 142 Barnes, )lm 50, 154, 117 Barnes, Dan Barnes, Cynthia 144, 91 Barnett, Dave 154, 117, 59 Barnett, |ohn 144 Baron, Ted 154, 117 Barrera, Martha 144 Bates, Suzanne 136 Bartlett, Eugene 154, 117 Bartlett, Tim 136 Bartlett, Steve 144 Barton, Diane 136, 84, 85, 86, 82, 105, 88 Basalfoodman, Keith 136 Bastress, Bob 50, 136 Bates, Suzanne 136 Bauer, Larry 136 Baugher, Jim 144 Baughman, Thea 48, 95, 154, 117, 10 Baumgardner, Judy 154, 117 Bauman, Tim 136 Baumann, Thomas 144 Beamon, Fred 154, 117 Bear, Charna 154,117 Bear, )erry 144 Beard, Cheryl 144 Beard, David 144 Beber, Roseann 144, 82 Beck, Donna 136 Beckman, Barrie 154, 117 Bedwell, Barbara 16, 154, 117 Beebe, Ken 84, 154, 90 Beebe, Mark 154, 117 Behrns, Linda 136 Behrns, Sue 144 Benecke, Steve 144 Bennett, Tonyia 154, 117 Bennett, David 144, 82 Bennett, Pamela 38, 144 Bennett, David 105 Benya, Debbie Benson, Sandra 144 Bermes, Robert Bernhardt, Daniel 144 Bergman, Timmy 136 Bermes, Mike 50, 154, 117 Berning, Steve 136 Biedenweg, Douglas A.I 54, 117, 58, 59 Biesiada, Leslie 144 Bigger, Cheryl 154, 117 Bigger, Ron 144, 104 Billingsley, Edna 136 Billingsley, Eunice 144 Bills, Doug 144 Bireley, Greg 105, 144 Bireley, Carol 136 Bizer, Dawn 144 Blackburn, Greg 154, 117 Blackburn, Tom 50, 154, 117, 138, 13 Blackman, Kathy 154, 117 Blackwell, Anita 136 Blaettner, Norbert 136 Blain, Rick 154, 117 Blair, Donna 117 Blair, Michael 136 Blair, Terry 145 Blanks, Elaine 145 Bleakney, Donna 145, 104 Blevins, Dorreen 145 Blevins, Emma 136 Blood, Gall 142 Bloom, Linda lean 136, 99 Bloom, Linda S. 87, 86 Bloomfield, Sara 85, 145 Blum, Fred 136 BIy, Timothy 136, 84, 90 Bobay, Anne Marie 47, 142, 84, 86 Bochm, Bob Bodeker, Rick Bodine, John 136 Bodinka, Fred 154, 118 Bodnar, Debbie 145 Boehm, Robert 136 Bogard, Kathy 145 Bogenschutz, Mary 136, 99 Boggs, Barbara 145 Boggs, Steven 154, 118 Bohnke, Cindy 49, 145, 72 Bohnke, Vicki 154, 118 Bolger, David 136 Bolger, Linda 136 Bolin, Dona 145 Boiler, Jim 145 Bolyard, John 136 Bonett, Andy 145 Bonham, Kathy 145 Bonner, Curt 136 Bonner, Gwendolyn 154, 118, 103 Booker, Lucy 154, 118 Boren, Colleen Borror, Susan 154, 118, 99, 116 Borum, Marie 154, 118, 20 Bossard, Don 136 Bowers, Rick 145 Bowlin, Vicki Bowman, Linda 137 Bowman, Robert 154, 118 Boyd, Jewel 99, 142 Bragalone, Phyllis Bracht, JoAnne 154, 118 Bracht, Margaret 84, 154, 118 Bracht, Roger 137 Brackmann, Jean 154, 118, 88, 91 Brackmann, Ruth 85, 145 Brady, Janet 145 Bragalone, Phyllis 145 Brand, Amelia 25, 36, 137 Brantley, Bev 42, 154, 118 Braucher, Marjorie 84, 154, 118 Brieden, Doug Brengenzer, Edward 56, 118 Brinker, Allyn 154, 118 Britten, Jeanne 136 Brock, Jim 137 Brock, Audrey 145 Brothers, Dawn 145 Brower, Gerry 144 Brown, Bnjce 154, 118 Brown, Dave 154, 118 Brown, David 154 Brown, Debbie 118, 103 Brown, Ethel 154, 118 Brown, Gerald 154 Brown, Jerry 118 Brown, Terry 154, 118, 20 Brown, Tom 145 Broyles, Rod 154, 118, 134 Brummett, Betty 145 Brunnegraff, Marilyn 154, 118, 88 Brunson, Brian 84, 142, 90 Bryant, Lisa 154, 118 Buchan, Camille 84, 154, 118 Buckley, Susanne 151 Buckmaster, David 53, 144 Buckmaster, Susan 137 Buesking, Judy 137 Bullock, Gary 137, 63 Burdine, Rose 127 Burelison, Sheryl 144 Burgess, Susan 154, 118 Burke, Janine 29, 34, 48, 87, 86, 154, 118, 135, 11, 104 Burke, Joanne 48, 49, 137, 82 Burke, Mike 55, 85, 90, 151 Burke, Patty 49, 86, 144, 99 Burkdoll, Gail 144, 91 Burnham, Nancy 154, 118 Butcher, Lyiew Butler, Debra Butler, Dan 137 Butz, Jim 137 Byanski, Joe 144 Byanski, Rick 118 Byanski, Sharon 144 Bryd, Bob Byrd, Donald 144 Byrge, Sharon 154, 118 Calhoun, Ann 137 Cameron, Joan 84, 154, 118, 88 Campbell, Mozell 154, 118 Cambell, Ruben 151 Carboni, Ed 154, 118 Carboni, Greg 144 Carboni, Jim 137 Carboni, Judy 154, 118 Carlson, Elaine 84, 154, 119, 10, 105 Carpenter, Jim 29, 85, 144, 105 Carpenter, Mary 24, 144, 12 Carroll, Teri 49, 144 Carter, Cyndi 137 Carter, Ronald Casey, Debby 119 Cattin, Vicki L. 137 Choka, Byron 154, 161 Caudill, Keith 63, 151 Chaffin, Gene 26, 154, 119, 104, 105 Chaffin, Larry Chambers, Patricia 154, 119, 91 Chambers, Roberta 137, 13 Chandler, Tom 84, 137, 90 Charlton, Kimberly 144 Chemerenko, Tina 154 Choka, Byron 118, 59 Choka, Tina 47, 49, 73, 151 Christlieb, Peg Christie, Bryan 144 Christlieb, Mike Christlieb, Peg Christman, Brenda 137 Christman, Cheryl Ann 144 Chrzan, Casey 154, 119 Clark, Barry 154, 119 Clark, Beth Ann 144, 91 Clark, Deanna 154, 119, 91 Clark, Barry 154, 119 Clark, Stan 84, 86, 154, 119, 90 Clem, Floyd 137 Cline, John 50, 137 Cline, Kathy 154, 119 Cline, Susan 154, 119, 82, 88, 99 Cochlln, Maryellen 137, 105 Coe, Terri 137 Coe, Maureen 142 Cohen, Karen 85, 84, 154, 119 Coleman, Jerry 154, 119 Cole, Tim 154, 119, 22, 91 Coles, Jerry 144, 91 Coles, Larry 144, 91 Coles, Terry 154, 119 Collar, Randy 137 Collins, Colleen 154, 119, 103 Collins, Danny 85, 144 Collins, Martin 119 Comar, Yvonne Compton, Rona 35, 137, 91 Conner, Nancy 154, 119 Conrad, Bruce 154, 119 Converse, Roxanne 154, 119 Conway, Beth 137 Conway, Kevin 85, 144 Cook, Angela 154, 119 Cook, Carla 137 Cook, Dennis 137 Cook, Gary 144 Cook, James 85 Cook, Keith 144 Cooley, Dennis 154, 119 Coolman, Barb 137 Cornell, Kathy 137 Correa, Cheryl 154, 119 Coslow, Lee 137 Coutlen, Mike 154, 119 Cour, Cheryl 154, 119 Cour, Teresa 144 Cowan, Cathy 137 Cowan, Kris 137 Cowell, William 53, 144, 98 Cox, Joe 144 Cox, Steve 144 Grain, Marilyn 154, 119 Criswell, Daniel 137 Crews, Diane 144 Crews, Theresa 144 Croak, Rick 144 Crocker, Steve 154, 119 Cronkhite, Charlotte 154, 119 Cronkhite, Nancy 154, 119, 99 Crosley, Tom 154, 119, 59 Culbertson, Julie 154, 119, 88 Culbertson, Vicki 144, 91 Cully, Paula 144, 104, 151 Cummings, Greg 50, 137 Cummins, Barbara 137 Cuney, David 154, 119 Cupp, Don 144 Curdes, Louis 137 Currie, Denise 137 Curry, Michael 144 Dahm Ann 137 Dahman, Gloria 154, 119 Dailey, Roberta 144 Dammeier, Brian 145 Daring, Richard 145, 98 Dav, Dan 119 Daugherty, Dave 137 Daugherty, Terry 145 Davis, Carol 86, 145 Davis, Charles 119, 134, 50, 154 Davis, John 154 Davis, Mark 154, 120 Davis, Mark 154, 120 Davis, Marna 137 Davis, Randy 50, 137 Davis, Rebecca 87, 86, 88, 137, 105, 99 Davison, Virginia 154, 120 Deason, David 84, 137 Dellinger, Bart 145 Dellinger, Jeff 145, 104 Dellinger, Lisa 120, 95 Delobbe, Monica 145 Delobbe, Patty 154, 120, 99 Denis, Denis Dennis, Althea 30, 49, 145 Dennis, Kathy 137, 91 Dennis, Lisa 33, 145, 9, 105 Deppen, Wayne 137 DePrey, Ed 145, 88 DePrey, Vicky 154, 120 Derr, Barbara 84, 86, 137, 105 Desch, Jeffery 137 Dewart, Jody 154, 120 Dewart, Jody 154 Dial, Debbie 84, 120, 154 Dick, Gary 30, 145 Didier, Anne 137 Didier, Donna 145 Didier, Jeanne 137, 91 Didier, Phillip 154, 120 Didion, Dean 137 Didion, Pam 137 Didion, Sandra 154, 120 Didrick, Nancy 137, 91 Dilling, Martie 145 Dilling, Yvonne 154, 120 Disler, Jane 154, 120 Disler, Janet 137 Debrovodsky, Roger 50, 137 Doctor, Douglas 120 Doctor, Randy 154 Doell, Carolyn 85, 145 Dornick, Nancy 145 Dornseif, Rebecca 154, 120 Dornseif, Terry 142 Dorsett, Betty Jane 35, 160, 154, 120 Dougherty, Dave 86 Dougherty, Janna 154, 120 Dougherty, Terry 86 Doughty, Lynn 154, 120, 95 Douglas, Stephen 137 Downey, Inez 145 Downey, Meliss 154, 120 Doyce, Patrick 145 Drake, Deborah 154, 120 Drawdy, Emily 151 Drew, Barbara Drew, Barry 85, 86, 90 Drew, Carolyn 154, 120 Dreher, Jennifer 47, 145, 91 Drew, Barb 145 Drew, Barry 145 Drew, Kevin 84, 86, 137, 90 Dufor, Welton 53, 145, 62, 63 Dull, Terry 137 Durfey, Ted 50, 137, 63 Dumell, Linda 145 Dyer, Debbie 137 Easted, April Eastes, April 145 Eastgate, Patti 145 Ecenbarger, Dave 121, 155 Eckert, Kevin 145 Eddy, Kim 49, 84, 145 Eggelston, Dave 137 Ehinger, Lee 137, 92 Ehler, David 145, 63 Elett, Ronnie, 121, 155 Elkins, Doug 154 Eller, Dave Ellis, Larry 137 Ellis, Linda 86, 121, 154 Ellison, Kent 145 Ellison, Kevin 137 Eloph, Becky 137, 91 Eloranta, Nancy 137 Eltzroth, Roxane 121, 154 Ely, Mary 137 Emmons, Lisa 145, 91 Ervin, Bruce 9, 91, 145 Essex, Christine 137 Essex, Pat 121, 51 Estep, Linda 137 Evans, Mona 145 Ewald, Karen 121, 154 Ewald, Joe 145 Eykholt, Joseph 121, 105, 154 Eykholt, Margaret 137 Ezzelle, Dave 137 Fall, Carl 137 Falls, Cynthia 145 Farrell, Jeannie 145 Farren, Mark 145 Farris, Barney 137 Fatzinger, Cindy 145 Fatzinger, Mike 142 Faughn, Cathleen Faulkner, Cheryl 121, 99, 154 Feasel, Steve 121, 88, 154 Federspiel, Andrew 121, 103, 154 Feemster, Cindy 145 Feist, Regan 137, 91, 95 Feldheiser, Dave 121, 154 Felger, Donald, 121, 154 Felger, Maureen Felger, Valerie 145 Felger, Renie 137 Fenker, Janet 151 Ferguson, Larry Ferrier, Sharon 145, 91 Fetzer, Harold 145 Fields, Carole 145 Fields, Jackie 137 Fields, Monica 145 Fields, Saul 121,83, 154 Fincher, David Fincher, Linda 20, 137 Fincher, Joe 145 Finkhouse, Holly 137 Firestine, Jackie 145 Firestine, William 148, 145 Firks, Jim 145, 63 Fish, Robin 121, 154 Firks, Randall 121, 154 Fisher, Mark 50, 51, 84, 86, 121, 135, 104, 90, 154 Fisher, Sandy 121, 154 Fisher, Tina 145 Fitzhugh, Joyce 145 Flaherty, Jim 145 Flitcraft, Renee 137 Flora, Michele 145 Folk, David 121, 154 Foos, Steve 131, 121, 154 Foote, Gregory 121, 154 Foote, Laura 137 Foote, Mike 145 Ford, Clyde 121, 154 Ford, Kathy 137 Ford, Merilee 145, 90 Forney, Jack Forney, John 121, 154 Fountain, Sheila 121, 154 Fowlkes, Marvin 145 Fox, Bob 145 Fox, Rhonda 84, 86, 121, 154 Fox, Samuel 121, 154 Franken, Conny 91, 151 Franklin, Doug 137 Franklin, Henry 154 Franklin, Michael 121, 154 Franklin Toni 121, 154 Franson, Katherine 145 Freiburger, Carolyn 137 Fremion, Donald 137 Fromm, Rowena 137 Fry, Becky 145 Fry, Mike 121, 151 Fudge, Mike 145 Fultz, Sheryin 137 Fultz, Tom 145 Furniss, Randy 137 Gage, Cordell 50, 137 Gage, Larry 53, 63 Gaines, Vickie 121, 155 Carmon, Helen 145 Garrard, Kathy 121, 155 Garvison, Paul 137 Gatewood Melvin 137 Gavin, Mike 121, 155 Gaunt, Bonnie 137 Gaylord, Heidi 84, 137 Gearhart, Julie 145, 91 Gebhart, Jim 137 Gebhard, Lisa 121, 155 Gennaitte, Cheryl 137 Cennaitte, Louise 121, 155 Gennaitte, Mona 145 Ceoffray, Mike 121, 88, 155 George, Marijo 137 George, Pat 121, 155 Gerardot, Maureen 122, 155 Gerardot, Pamela 145, 105 Gething, Bill 85, 149, 90, 91, 151 Gibel, Barb 122, 155 Gibson, Robert 122, 155 Gilbert, Carol 122, 155 Gilbert, Lonnie 64 Gilhreath, Bruce 145, 63 Gingrich, John 137 Gipson, Jennifer 122, 155 Givens, Bob 122, 98, 155 Glaser, Nancy 137 Glass, Gary 122, 155 Gleason, Patricia 137 Clover, Calvin 122, 155 Godfrey, Doug 131, 122, 155 Godwin, Bobbi 145 Goes, Tom 122, 155 Goff, Ginny 146, 91 Goff, Maripat 122, 91, 155 Goff, Mark 84, 86, 137, 90 Goldsmith, Deb 122 Goldsmith, Steve Gonser, John 84, 86, 122, 90, 155 Goodman, Patty 137 Goodpaster, Karen 137 Gorman, Ellen Gorrell, Pam 49, 146 Gorrell, Steve, 122, 155 Goshert, Jeff 84, 90, 137 Cossett, Dan 122, 155 Gould, Steve 137 Graff, Brenda 85, 145 Graft, Cynthia 122, 155 Graney, Elizabeth 146 Grant, Bob 122, 82, 83, 63, 104, 105, 155 Grant, David 146, 105 Green, Scot 84 Graves, Dave 146 Graves, Kathy 122, 155 Gray, Brenda 85, 146, 91 Gray, Connie 122, 155 Gray, Joyce 122, 155 Green, Dalene 137, 91 Green, Donald 146 Green, Diane 137 Green, Edgar 138 Greene, Paul 146 Green, Sandy 142 Green, Scot 123, 155 Grider, Kevin 138 Griffin, Brenda 123, 103, 155 Grindle, Tim 146 Grone, David 138 Gross, Bill 146 Grubar, Marie 123, 155 Gruse, Karia 138 Guertin, Sandra 123, 155 Guevara, Gilberto 123, 4, 83, 155 Gumbert, Joette 123, 155 Gunsenhouser, Cindy 146 Gusching, Jackie 123, 91, 155 Gutermuth, John 123, 155 Guthrie, Gene 146, 91 Guy, Sharon 123, 155 H Habegger, Jana 123, 88, 155 Haft, Joe 146 Haft, Mary 123, 155 Hagan, Mary 138 Hagan, Teresa 123, 155 Hagopian, Ann 151 Halabut, Joe Hall, Denise 138 Hall, Julie 85, 146 Hall, Kerry 50, 123, 63, 155 Hallman, Joe Halquist, John 138 Halquist, Judy 123, 109, 155 Hammond, Donald 146, 104, 98 Hampshire, Debra 138, 91 Hanauer, Barb 138, 95 Haner, Gregg 123 Hansen, Christina 123, 155 Hansen, Pam 146 Hansen, Vicki 138 Hardesty, Ken 123, 156 Hardesty, Walter 123 Hardick, Cindy Harding, Rick 146 Harkenrider, Judith 123, 156 Harman, Luther 146 Harmon, Paula 123, 156 Harnass, Cathy 146 Harrington, Helen 123, 156 Harrington, Patti 138, 91 Harrington, Pat 138 Harris, Chris 146 Harris, Debbie 49, 138, 99 Harris, Rhonda 146 Harris, Rick 123, 156 Harris, Wilma 138 Harta, Carla 91 Hart, Christina Hart, Rod 142 Hartman, Tom 23, 138 Hartman, Wendy 138, 99 Hartsock, Gary 156, Hanup, Debby 84, 138, 99, 142 Hassel, Phyllis 123, 156 Hastreiter, Lisa 146 Hatch, Robert 146 Hatch, Phil 156 Hatcher, Robert 138 Hatchett, Tony 1 38 Hatfield, Robert 138 Hauth, Blade 139, 82, 83 Havener, Rebecca 146, 91 Havener, Robert 138 Hayden, Don 146 Hays, Robin 146 Headford, George Headford, Susan 123, 156 Heath, Mike 53, 146 Hecke, Greg 123, 156 Hedges, Denny 146 Heeren, James 84, 86, 123, 156 Heeren, Robin 84, 86, 138, 91 Heffner, Bruce 146 Hefner, Dave 138 Hein, Patricia 20, 87, 86, 124, 105, 156 Hein, Steven 146 Heingartner, Keith 52, 53, 146, 63 Heingartner, Kirt 146 Heim, Steve 85, 146 Held, Jeff 138 Henderson, Dick 124, 156 Hendricks, Tim 146, 105 Hendrickson, JoEllen 85, 86, 90, 151 Henry, Anthony 155, 124 Henry, Denise 138 Henry, Erik 146 Henry, Pam 124, 156 Henry, Tony 156 Henschen, Cathy 151 Henschen, Jeff 138 Hensley, Jennifer 146, 91 Hensley, Keith Hensley, Michael 124, 156 Herber, Dianne 124, 88, 156 Herber, Rosanna 146 Hern, Robert 146 Hernandez, Valerie 156 Herring, Ralph 146 Herstad, Michael 124, 88, 156 Hester, Leon 142 Hester, Sandra 124, 156 Hetrick, Patricia 138 Hewes, Cliff 138, 98 Hicks, Rebecca 146 Hill, Mike 156 Hilton, Greg 146 Hinga, Chris 146 HInkle, Sally 85, 146, 105 Hinsey, Derk 146 Hirschey, Randy 156 Hiser, Max 146 Hoagland, LuAnn 146 Hoagland, Sharon 84, 124, 156 Hobbs, Sylvia 138 Hodde, Harry 146 Hodde, Sandy 124, 156 Hoelle, Lois 146 Hoffman, Bob 146 Hoffman, Keith 138 Hofstetter, Heidi 138 Holderman, Beth 87, 86, 138, 88, 141 Hollen, David 151 Holliday, Barbara 138 Holliday, Linda 138 Holliday, Yvonne 124, 156 Hfjlly, Rrjbert 85, 151 Herman, Mike YiH Holmes, Diane 124, 1% Hf lrK.her, Timothy 151 Hf lom, Dana 49, 146, 99 Holom, Terri 138, 140, 142 Hols , Pam 124, 156 Holse, Roy 146, 91 HrJslon, Patricia 118, 91 Hoover, Bob Hfxjver, Mark 146, 91 Hfjppel, Barbara 84, 85, 124, 105, 95, 156 Hopper, Drjog 85, 90, 151 Horacek, Kay 16 Horn, Douglas 146 Hosier, Mark 146 Hovarter, jana 146 Houck, Terri 151 Howard, Anita 146 Howard, Anotd Howenstlne, Lana 146 Honacek, Dave Hughes, Pam 47, 146, 91 Hughes, Steve 84, 86, 138, 90 Hull, Patricia Hunsberger, Phyllis 151 Hunt, Greg 124, 59, 156 Hunter, Rufus 50, 156 Hursh, Janis 140 Hursh, Mike 124, 156 Hursh, Robin 156 Igney, John 138 Indrecc, Tim 124, 156 Inscoe, Neal 50, 51, 124, 88, 89, 156 Irmscher, David 146, 105 Iraherty, Jim Isom, Cedric 147 Ison, Debra 147, 91 Jackson, Connie 151 Jackson, Gary 50, 124, 63, 64, 156 Jackson, Mike 124, 156 Jackson, Nancy 124, 156 Jacobson, Nancy 147 Jacoby, Lee Ann 124, 156 James, Art 147 Jannings, Sharon 147 Jantz, John 124, 156 Jeffers, Tony 138 Jehl, Patricia 124, 156 Jenkins, Dan 133, 124, 156 Jenkins, Debby 147 Jenkins, Michael 53, 147, 63, 62 Jerome, Jeri 147 Jerraid, Janice 151 Jerraid, Jone 124, 156 Johnson, Dallas Johnson, Dan 50, 124, 156 Johnson, Dave 124, 147, 20, 92 Johnson, David 124, 136, 82, 104, 105, 98, 156 Johnson, Eric 124, 156 Johnson, Gwynne 84, 86, 124, 156 Johnson, Marvin Johnson, Rosemary 124, 156 Jones, Ann 22, 124, 156 Jones, Bill 147 Jones, Debra 124, 156 Jones, Delois 138 Jones, Denr is 156 Jones, Fred 147 Jones, June 147 Jones, Gary 138 Jones, Mark 33, 147 Jones, Mike 138 Jones, Jennifer 138, 151 Jones, Michael 125, 9, 88, 156 Jones, Patricia 138 Jones, Robert 147 Jones, Ronny 50 Jones, Rose 156 Jordan, Teresa 125, 104, 156 Joseph, Jennifer 125, 9, 156 Josse, Cheryl 138, 91 Judd, Larry 138, 90 Jump, Bonnie 125, 156 Jump, Brenda 147 Junk, Rex 53, 151 Justice, Joe 138 Justice, Lori 125, 156 Kardson, Jack Kase, Debbie 147 Kase, Ronald 147 Kast, Mark 125, 156 Kaupman, Sandra 125, 156 Kaylor, Bob 125, 156 Keeley, Bruce 125, 156 Keesler, Cindy 138 Keesler, Marita 125, 147 Keever, Patti 147 Kelker, Chris 147 Keller, Jim 50, 84, 138 Keller, Robert 138, 84, 105 Kelley, Scot Keltsch, Mary 85, 147 Kemery, Sylvia 85, 86 Kulburn, Debbie 138 Kilty, Marilyn 156 Kindler, Karen 147 Kinder, Rod 147 Kipfer, Roberta 125, 156 Kipter, Tami 147 Kipling, Patricia 125, 105, 88, 156 Kirkpatrick, Ralph 84, 86, 87, 125, 90, 156 Kirkpatrick, Pamela 125 Kitchen, Karen 138, 99 Kitzmlller David 138 Kleber, Kathy 156 Klein, Alice 138 Klein, Rita 125, 156 Klejnot, Christine 125, 156 Klemer, Kenneth 147 Kline, Gary 138 Kline, John 138 Kloer, Kathy 156 Klopfenstein, Robin 138 Kluepfel, Neil 156 Knecht, Joe 138 Knepper, David 125, 156 Knight, Benjamin 125, 156 Knight, Mary 125, 156 Knisely, Kathy 138 Knisely, Laverna 125, 156 Knudson, Jack 138 Knuth, Brian 125, 156 Knuth, James 125, 156 Knuth, Susan 147 Kocks, Herbert 147 Kocks, Matt 147 Koenig, Paula 34, 84, 142, 90 Konger, Kevin 53, 147 Konkle, Bill 138 Konkle, Dale 147 Koontz, Joy Koop, Christopher 21, 125, 156 Kowalczyk, Bob 138 Krajewski, Kevin 158 Krajewski, Nick 147 Kramer, Karen 91 Krause, Kevin 53, 125, 151, 156 Kreamelmeyer, Bruce 142 Kreamelmeyer, Susie 84, 138 Krider, Dave 138 Krieg, Pam 49, 142 Kroskie, Rhonda 147 Krouse, Mike 147 Krause, Robert 125, 63, 64, 156 Kruse, Debra 125, 156 Kruse, Kevin 147 Kruse, Linda 48, 125, 156 Kuckuck, Susan 147 Kumaran, Jennifer 125, 156 Lacey, Benjamin 125, 156 Ladig, Paul 147 Lahr, Larry 33, 138, 105, 92, 91 Lake, Steve 156 Lacey, Ben Lamb, Cheryl 138 Langmeyer, Mark 125 Lambert, Karen 147 Lamson, Ceil 147 Lang, Dan 125 Lang, Don 156 Lang, Tom 147 Lantz, Lea Ann 147 Landsaw, Raleigh 147 Lapham, Chuck 147 LaPointe, Nanette 32, 47, 138, 91 Larimore, Robert 125 Larimore, Steve 156 Latham, Dawn 138, 105, 156 Laughlin, Doug 139, 90 Lauer, Michael 125, 88, 156 Lauer, Nan 139, 83 Lauer, Steve 12, 53, 147, 24, 62, 63 Lawlor, Lynda 125, 156 Lawlor, Tom 147 Lawson, Lori 147 Layton, Phil 139 Lazoff, Keith 126, 156 Lee, Richard 125, 156 LaFavour, Steve 126, 156 Lengacher, Lynnette Leiand, Michael 156 Leinter, Cindy 147 Leinker, Marlene 126, 156 Lemons, Lonnie 156 Lesh, Pieper 156 Leinker, Cindy Leitch, Daniel 139 Lehrman, Angela 139 Lehman, Gary 147 Leiand, Michael 126 Lesh, Pieper 126 Leuenberger, Charles 139 Lewis, Dave 53 Lewis, Gary 147, 63 Lewark, Dave 139 Ley, Dennis 147 Ley, Joel Lightle, Gena 147 Linder, Lynn 147 Linder, Joseph 151 Lindsey, Annette 147 Lindsay, Tom 148, 147, 59 Lindsey, James 139 Linnemeier, Mike 156 Lipp, Dorothy 84, 126, 9, 156 Lloyd, Dennis 126, 156 Logan, Deborah 147 Logue, Jeff 54, 13, 88 Long, Tom Long, Jari 147, 91 Long, Tim 139 Longardner, Randy 147 Lothamer, Laura 139 Love, Holly 126, 21, 99, 156 Loving, Terry 21, 139, 191 Lucas, Rhonda 147 Ludlow, Stephan 147 Luke, Dennis 147 Luke, Steven 126, 88, 89, 156 Lynch, Michelle 126, 91, 156 M Machgan, Kent MacQuire, Laurie Madden,Karen 86 Madinski, Karl Madison, Tamara Madison, Yolanda Magee, Carolyn 147 Mahathy, Patsy 147 Mahlen, Scott 84 Malott, Joseph 91, 147 Major, Cindy 104, 147 Manes, Tim Manning, Jane 91, 126, 156 Mansfield, Karen 147 Mapes, Rob Marcum, Diane 147 Marino, Mike 53, 85, 90, 147 Markowski, Ed 147 Markowski, Nick Marshall, Robert 147 Martin, Clara 126, 156 Martin, Diana Martin, Edward Martin, Frank 50, 63, 147 Martin, Jerry 147 Martin, Kim 151 Martin, Larry 147 Martin, Patricia 34, 47, 142 Martin, Nanette 126, 156 Martin, Nancy 126, 156 Martin, Steven 63, 64, 126, 156 Martiniez, Monica 126, 156 Martone, Michael 11, 20, 34, 82, 83, 104, 194, 127, 156 Mason, Aaron 84, 156 Mason, Greg Mason, Michelle 147 Mason, Mike 151 Matter, Gayle Matter Shelly 91 Mauller, Debbie 147 Maciejewski, Angela Mavis, Mark 147 Mavis, Maureen 84 Maxwell, Denny 26, 127, 156 Maxwell, Mark 84, 90, 127, 156 Maxwell, Rolann Maxwell, Toney 156 May, Richard 147 Maydwell, Lovelass, 127 Mays, Steve 55, 84, 86, 90, 127, 156 McCarty, Dewey 126, 156 McCray, Cheryl 148 McCue, Nancy 126, 156 McDonald, Karen 47, 126, 156 McGee, Alan 53, 59, 62, 63, 148 McGee, Tonya 126, 156 McGee, Trence McGinley, Chris McGowan, John 148 McHenry, Christine McHenry, Vickie Lynn 126, 156 McKee, Susie McKinley, Merrell 126, 156 McKnight, David 126, 156 McLemore, Debi Ann McMahon, Jean 49, 91, 148 McMahan, Kevein 148 McMinn, Alyce McNeely, Pam 99 McNutt, Cyndi 126, 156 Mead, Glenn 127, 156 Meager, Kathleen 127, 156 Meeks, Abby 148 Meitz, Elise Mellott, Paul 148 Mencer, Michael Mendez, Sherry 127, 156 Menges, Elaine 99 Mensch, Sarah Irene Menson, Diana Merchant, Cindy 127, 157 Merriweather, Phyllis Meshberger, Peggy 88, 127, 157 Messick, Mary Metzler, Margaret 151 Meyer, Elizabeth 84, 85, 86 Meyer, Janet 91, 148 Meyer, Kim 47, 87, 86, 148 Meyer, Marita 49, 72, 148 Meyer, Stan 127, 157 Micheal, Kathleen 148 Miller, Cheryl 148 Miller, Christian 91, 151 Miller, Dan 127, 157 Miller, Lorraine 127, 157 Miller, Patti Miller, Sharyn Miller, Sharon 84, 86 Miller, Tim 25, 148 Mills, Brent 148 Martone, Micheal 20, 34, 34 Mink, Steve 50, 131, 127, 157 Minnich, John Miracle, Roger 83, 127, 157 Mock, Randy 11 Mock, Steve 127, 157 Moeller, Ann Momdrel, Ralph Monner, McLanie Moore, Ann 84, 95, 127, 157 Moore, Bama 148 Moore, Brenda Moore, Kenneth 104, 148 Moore, Peggy 32 Moore, Ronald 59, 62 Moore, Jack 127, 157 Moore, Tyrone Morgan, Fred Morkoetter, Jim 157 Morken, Mary 89, 127, 157 Morken, Ramona Morlin, Debbie 139 Morris, John 19, 82, 95, 98, 148 Morris, Patrick 127, 157 Morris, Micheal 148 Mon ison, Mitzi 91, 157 Mon-ison, Phyllis 48, 42, 127 Morris, Tim 138 Morton, Mark 127, 134, 157 Mosher, Cheryl 139 Mosley, Curtis 148 Motz, Rick 127, 157 Moulin, Angela 139 Moury, Kim Mudrack, Pamela 127, 157 Mueller, Larry 148 Mullins, Cheryl 127, 157 Mullins, Mark 148 Murdock, Lonnie 139 Murdock, Ralph 127, 157 Murdock, Taft 139 Murphy, Cathy 148 Murphy, Gary 91 Musser, Sherry 99, 139 Myatt, Diana 151 Myers, Bill 139 Myers, Carleen 148 Myers, Doug 84, 86, 88, 89, 127, 157 Myers, Jean 148 Myers, Janet 127, 157 Myers, Kevin 127, 157 Myers, John 139 Myers, Linda 91, 148 Myers, Nancy 139 Myers, Roberta 91, 139 Myers, Tim 139 N Naugle, Debra 105, 139 Neill, Judy 86, 139 Nelson, Barb 84, 139 Nelson, Bernice 48, 127 Nelson, Brenda 139 Nelson, Gilbert 140 Nelson, Jim 127 Nelson, Regina 140 Neuhaus, Ann 140 Neuhaus, Bonita 35, 34, 160, 91, 127, 157 Neuhaus, Theresa 148 Neumann, Gary 50, 140 Nevogt, Glen 157, 116, 127, 157 Newby, Beth 140 Newton, George 148 Niblack, Danna 148 Niblack, David 84, 86, 157, 127, Nichols, Richard 104, 140 Nicholson, Betsy 157 Nicholson, Christina 148 Nichter, Mark 148 Nicole, Jennifer 140 Nicoski, Alan 127, 157 Nix, Jeff 53, 146 Nix, Terri 16, 157 Nix, Tina 140 Nold, Mary 48, 186, 105, 99, 140, 143 Nomina, Mike 128, 157 Nonemaker, Sheila 140 Norbeck, Laura 148 Nordyke, Peggy 85, 88, 128 Nordyke, Robin 146, 157 North, James 84, 140 Norton, Larry 140 Nunn, Terry 148 Nunn, Vicki 85, 148 O Oakman, James 148 Oakman, Joann 140 Oberkiser, Richard 140 Oberley, Denise 148 O ' Connor, Jim 148 O ' Day, James O ' Day, Jim 128, 157 Odom, Mel 84, 58, 59, 128, 157 Odom, Ray 50, 142, 62, 140 O ' Grady, Debbie 140 O ' Grady, Terri 128, 157 dinger, Gary 148 Olinske, Lany 128, 157 Oliver, Pam 128, 157 Olry, Cathy 49, 148 Olry, Karen 73, 128, 157 Ormes, Debby 92, 99, 128, 157 Ostrander, Brent 148 Owens, Bradley 50, 63, 64, 140 Page, Debra 146 Palm, Cynthia 88, 128, 157 Palm, Jon 85, 148 Palmeter, Vicky 128, 157 Panderter, Ruth 142 Panyard, Larry 148 Panyard, Ree 148 Panyard, Vickie 140 Pape, Matt 149 Pappas, Aspasia 82, 99, 140 Parham, Dorothy 128, 157 Parker, Cindy 140 Parker, Judy 148 Parkins, Beverly 103, 128, 157 Parkins, Carolyn 85, 86, 148 Parrish, Scott 140 Patrick, Monty 148 Patee, Jackie 140 Patten, Mary 42, 128, 157 Patterson, Glen 56, 57, 85, 84, 90, 148 Patterson, Kenton 128, 157 Patton, Michael 157 Pauly, George 86, 87, 148 Payne, Ann Payne, Danny Payne, Melody 128, 157 Payton, Patti 140 Pearson, Cheryl 128, 157 Pease, Paula 49, 148 Pierce, Kim 148 Pelz, Kathy 148 Pennington, Leroy Penrose, Rick 140 Pepple, Terry 128, 158 Peppier, Beverly 128, 158 Pequignot, Marty 148 Perkins, Rose 140 Parkins, Roxanna 129, 158 Perkins, Rowena 148 Pernell, Kim Perry, Curtis 84, 129, 158 Perry, Dave 128 Pen , Maggie 140, 158 Perugini, Mari 128, 154 Pesch, Jeffery Peters, Jill 138, 84, 140 Petrie, Jeri Sue 49, 148 Pfleiderer, Ann 129, 158 Pflueger, Mark 148 Phillips, Judy 149 Phillips, Lisa 128, 158 Phillips, Sue Pickering, David 85, 148 Pickering, Jeff 105, 148 Pickering, Linda 99, 129, 158 Piclcett, Tim 148 Pierce, Margaret 91, 148 Pieper, Cynthia 105, 148 Piercy, Bill 56, 88, 129, 158 Polack, Jim 131, 148 Polivchak, Jeff 146 Polifchak, Leslie 149 Polston, Walter 140 Pontius, Dave Powe, Lisa 140 Powe, Mark 128, 158 Powell, Judith 149 Powers, Lea 47, 84, 86, 129, 158 Powers, Jyl 149 Pranger, Jackie 149 Prante, Cathy 149 Prante, William 103, 129, 88, 158 Prentice, Blake 84, 86, 89, 90, 128, 158 Preston, Bob 140 Primeau, Rich 149 Pryor, Pearlle 158 Puff, Mel 84, 129, 158 Puff, Ruby 84, 140 Pulver, Barbara 129, 158 Putt, Thomas 142 Quigley, Peggy 140 Quinn, Eric Racine, Denise 149 Ramos, Kim 149 Ramsey, Tod 85, 149 Rarick, Pamela 140 Rathert, Melinda 140 Reader, Rick 140 Reader, Steve 140 Reavis, Mike 149 Redding, Michael 129, 158 Redwanski, Scott 140 Reed, James Regedanz, Rosie 84, 85, 86, 140, 142 Reissig, Dave 149 Reitz, Lauire 9, 91, 149 Remben, Patricia 30, 49, 140 Resendez, Delores 158 Revel, Larkin 140 Revel, Mary 140 Reynolds, Debra 149, 158 Reynolds, Doug 84, 129 Rice, Barbara 149 Rice, Pamela 91, 129, 158 Rice, Sheriie 149 Richard, Melissa 88, 140 Richmond, Diana 140 Ricker, Mike 140 Rider, Dennis 129, 158 Rider, Ellen 129, 258 Ridley, Jerome 129, 158 Riester, Jerry Riesler, Rebecca 158 Riley, Charles 149 Riley, Shirley 140 Ritchie, Dan 140 Roach, Dan 140 Roady, Rebecca 83, 91, 140 Robbins, Curt 92, 129, 158 Robbins, Gary 149 Roberson, Debra 149 Roberson, Rodney 149 Roberts, Randy 149 Roberts, Rick 140 Roberts, Tony 149 Robertson, Bruce 85, 86, 90, 149 Robinson, Dennis 140 Robinson, Dianna 149 Robinson, Jerry 149 Robinson, Jim 128, 158 Robinson, Lonnie 140 Robinson, Mike 140 Robinson, Penny 23, 129, 158 Robles, Rick 56, 140 Rodenbaugh, Frank 141 Rodgers, Alycia 47, 141 Rodgers, James 141 Rodgers, Robert 128, 158 Roebuck, Paul 149 Roemke, Kaylyn 142, 84 Rogers, Dusty 141 Rogers, Sandi 83, 129, 158 Rohrs, Denise 86, 129, 141, 158 Rohrs, Dennis 84 Rollins, Lee 141 Romano, Charles 129, 141, 158 Romano, Joyce Roop, Terry 149 Ross, Jeanne 141 Roth, Jane 129, 158 Rowold, Diane 158 Ruff, Forest Ruff, Johnny 149 Rupe, Janette 149 Rutledge, Curvie 149 Rutledge, Henry 141 Ryan, Steve Sabo, James 129, 158 Sabo, Margaret 149 Salyer, Rick 149 Sanders, Julie Sanders, Kenny 149 Saunders, Kevin 91, 149 Sarrazin, Kathy 141, 84, 95 Sauer, Pat 129, 158 Savio, Angela 88, 141 Schaeffer, William 129, 158 Schelle, Thomas 54, 129, 158 Scheerer, Walter 141 Schevtchuk, Tom 56, 84, 90, 129, 158 Schible, Daniel 85, 141 Schieferstein, Kevin 141 Shinbeckler, Kim 32, 129, 158 Schlickman, Karen 90, 149 Schmid, Al 84, 85, 142 Schmidt, Dale 141 Schmidt, Jerry 129, 158 Schmidt, Sherrie 149 Schneider, Richard 130, 158 Schnelker, Kent 149 Scholtz, Josh 141 Schomburg, Mark 130, 158 Schomburg, Matt 141 Schrader, Betsy 85, 149 Schrock, Kathy 103 Schrock, Kathleen 130, 158 Schrock, Sheryl 149 Schrimper, Richard 149 Schroeder, Julie 37, 130, 91, 158 Schroll, Randy 130, 158 Schuhler, Sally 130, 83, 158 Schulthess, Tammy 151 Schultz, Dave 130, 158 Schultz, Steve 149 Schwyn, Mark 141 Schwyn, Patty 47, 149 Scott, Michael 91, 149 Scott, Ronald 141 Seaman, Rick 54, 58, 59, 141 Sebastian, Brian 130, 158 Sedlmeyer, Bill 130, 158 Seeger, Bill 149 Seeger, Capi 141 Seeger, Lee 85, 84, 90, 149 Seifert, Janet 141 Seitz, Kimberly 141 Senesac, Deborah 130, 103, 158 Senesac, Tom 130, 158 Serres, George 141 Setzer, Rogwr 149 Sevigny, Jeanne 149 Sexton, Cherry 130, 158 Sexton, Debby 35, 141 Sexton, Kim 148, 49 Shade, Judy 49, 149 Shaffer, Maureen 142 Shaffer, Ralph 50, 63, 141 Shaheen, Fred 149 Shanks, Vicki 149 Shaw, Mary 141 Shaw, Paul 56, 62, 63, 91 149 Shaw, Shirley 141 Shearer, Sheri 47, 130, 104, 158 Sheets, Keith 130, 158 Sheets, Ralph 84, 141 Shell, Tom 130, 158 Shepelak, Karen 149 Sherman, Mark 91, 149 Sherman, Mary 130, 158 Shideler, Tammy 47, 149 Shields, Rickey 149 Shippy, Mike 142 Shiriaen, George 105, 149 Shive, Susan 141 Shollenberger, Susan 141 Short, Kathie Showmaker, Fritz 130, 158 Shuler, Keith 149 Shuler, Lew 130, 158 Shultz, Leslie 149 Shultz, Cnydi 130, 158 Sibert, Bill 130 Sibert, Jolinda 91, 149 Sleling, Leslie 130, 83, 84, 158 Sieling, Mike 83, 84, 141 Sievers, Pat 130, 84, 158 Sievers, Tim 85, 86, 105, 90, 149, Simpson, Kathy 149 Simpson, Robert 50, 141 Sims, Janita 141 Sims, Wayne 105, 149 Skelly, Karen 158 Skevington, Barbara 130, 91, 158 Skordos, Joan 149 Slatten, Rick 142 Sleesman, Cindy 142 Sleesman, Randy 22, 130, 86, 158 Sloan, Gary 130, 158 Slusher, Don 130, 158 Smiley, Charles 62, 63, 149 Smiley, Chester 149 Smiley, Elaine 130 Smiley, EIna 130, 158 Smith, Beverly 130, Wj, «8, 9fJ, 158 Smith, Bob 149 Smith, f:andy 86, 87, 149 Smith, Geneva 130, 158 Smith, Greg 141 Smith, Jeff 130, 158 Smith, Joanne 130, 156 Smith, Kurtis 141 Smith, Mary Jo 99, 141 Smith, Maureen 91, 149 Smith, Rick 141 Smith, Steve 34, 104, 49, 150 Smith, Sue 84, 130, 158 Smith, Tim 149 Smith, Tom 130, 158 Smola, Larry 104, 149 Snyder, Carolyn 86, 87, 149 Snyder, Connie 88, 141 Snyder, Elaine 130, 158 Snyder, Jane 84, 85, 86, 141 Snyder, Kathy 84, 86, 131, 158 Snyder, Kevin 151 Snyder, Peggy 85, 149 Somers, Sheri 91, 149 Sowers, Joyce 131, 158 Sparks, Joan 131, 88, 158 Sparks, William 104, 141 Springer, Holly 149 Springer, Jill 85, 91, 141 Spridgeon, Scott 91, 149 Sprunger, Brian 141 Stacy, Larry 84, 87, 158 Stacy, Linda 131, 158 Stafford, Luther 56, 131, 88, 158 Stahlhut, Diane 149 Stahlhut, Steve 131, 158 Stamanis, Nick 84, 131, 90, 158 Stansell, Jim 85, 151 Stanton, Beth 131, 158 Stark, Mike 149 Statler, Tom Stauffer, Gary 131, 150 Steinbacher, Ellen 141 Stelner, Nancy 86, 87, 131, 88, 89, 158 Stellner, Bob 55, 141 Stephens, Mike 149 Stephenson, David 149 Stephens, Rlcardo 149 Stephens, Robert 131, 158 Stephenso n, Don 131, 158 Sterling, Trudy 92, 131, 158 Stetler, Dianne 131, 158 Stevenson, Don 84 Stewart, David 141 Stewart, Tina 49, 150 Stewart, Vanessa 158 Stieglitz, Jim 158 StIegliU, Tom 131, 150 Stine, Jon 50, 62, 92, 141 Stinson, David 150 Stoy, Kelly 131, 158 Strasser, Janelle 131, 103, 158 Straub, Faith 150 Staurb, Kathy 131, 158 Straub, Richard 150 Stucky, William 131, 158 Sukow, Virginia 20, 34, 38, 132, 86, 82, 91, 159 Sullivan, Steve 59, 141 Swangin, Lee 141 Swangin, Lynn 141 Sweet, Chuck 150 Sweet, Roberta 103, 159 Sylvester, Debbie 84, 132, 91, 159 Syndram, Steve 150 Tanner, William 132, 83, 159 Tassler, Dale 132, 159 Tassler, Rebecca 150 Taylor, Frank 141 Taylor, Jamie 128 Taykjr, Janet 141 Tayk,.r, Mark 32, 132, 159 Taykjr, Nora 132, 103, 159 Taylor, Patricia 141 Taykjr, Rick 141 Tempel, Kevin 53, 50 Tennant, Lisa 150, 98 Terrell, Tony 27, 132, 159 Thacker, Duane 141 Tharp, Tom 98, 141 Thieme, Dave rhieme, Janet 33, 150 Thomas, Beth 132, 88, 159 Thomas, Daniel 50, 51, 132, 159 Thomas, Dwight 53, 85, 62, 63, 150 Thomas, Faith 86, 132, 91, 159 Thomas, Georgia 11, 91 Thomas, Jeff 141 Thomas, Karen 156 Thomas, Mary 141 Thomas, Sharon 150 Thomas, Theresa 11, 91, 141 Thornhill, Amie 132, 159 Thurber, James 132, 159 Thurber, Laurie 91, 141 Thurston, Eric 132, 159 Till, Kevin 50, 64, 141 Till, Steve 132, 159 Timinsky, Herbert 150 Tinsley, Julie 132, 91, 159 Tompkins, Debra 150 Tompkins, Joseph 132, 159 Tomusk, Karln 136, 141, 88, 91, 141 Tracey, Anita 141 Tracey, Jim 150 Traylor, Daria 150 Trendle, Katrina 132, 159 Trice, Judy 91, 150 Trimble, Roy 132, 159 Troyer, Nancy 141 Tudor, Bob 50, 105, 141 Tulley, Marcus 104, 150 Turner, Alice 91, 150 Tumer, Jan 141 Turner, Peggy 150 Turrin, Jane 141 Tuttle, Gloria 91, 150 U Uetrecht, Sandra 132, 159 Underwood, Kathi 132, 159 Unverzagt, Glenn 14i Unverzagt, Mike 141 Vachon, Keith 84, 86, 88, 90, 132, 159 Vager, Elaine Valentine, Joseph 150 Van Aman, Kandi 141 Van Aman, Kristv 150 Van Aman, Pat 150 VanAman, Sharon 85, 90. 150 VanAnda, Robert 84, 86, 132, 90, 159 VanBuskirk, Bob 150 Vance, VVilbum 150 VanCuren, M Ta 85, 150 VanCuren Patrice 43, 132, 103, 159 VanGorder, Chuck 132, 88, 89, 159 Vaughn, Joe 150 Vaughn, Jo ce Verhaegen, Jud Volkert, Phil Volkert, Sheryl 85, 150 Vonderhaar, Louise 132, 159 Vonderhaar, Marie 35, 84, 85, 141 Voorhees, Jon 53, 150 Vosmeier, Mark 141, 150 Vosmeier, Ned 150 Vranich, Danny 141 W Wagner, George 16, 133, 104, 159 Wahl, Dave 141 Walter, Mary Wakeman, Yvonne 85, 150 Wald, Joe Walker, Karen 150 Walker, Kathleen 141 Walker, Marcia 159 Walker, Robert 84, 133, 159 Walker, Sandy 91 Wallace, Jerry 141 Walter, Susan 133 Walter, Mary 143 Warner, Cindy 133, 159 Warner, Dale 27, 133, 159 Warner, Denis 150 Warren, Nihl Warrick, Suzanne 35, 133, 159 Wass, Judy 133, 89, 88, 159 Waters, Dave Waters, Dennis 150 Waters, Mark 141 Watson, Debbi Wayer, Cheryl 133, 159 Wayer, Dean 141 Weaver, Linda 150 Weber, Barb 99, 141 Wehrmeister, Mike 133, 159 Wehrenberg, James 26, 133, 82, 83, 159 Weidner, Peggy 84, 91, 133, 157 Weigel, Cynthia 141 Weiler, Jim 141 Weisz, John 142 Welch, Bonita 142 Welsh, John 84 Welch, Jonathon 142 Welfle, Fred 88, 142 Wells, Edward 50, 84, 63, 142 Wells, Lynn 150 Wells, Theodore 50, 53, 85, 150 Wenk, Teresa 142 Werling, William 50, 88, 159 Wermager, Orlin 133, 159 Wermuth, Bill 105, 142 West, Conway 133, 159 West, Sandra Westerman, Laura 136, 92, 142 Western, Mary 91, 150 Wetzel, Doug 142 Wetzel, Jay Wheaton, Dennis 142 Wheeler, Dave 50, 142 Whipple, Kathy 150 White, Deborah 133, 159 White, Linda 150 White, Willimae 150 Whitelow, Barbara 150 Whitelow, Shirley 150 Whitmore, Mike 150 Wichmann, David 142 Wickliffe, Martin 133, 159 Wiegand, Helen 150 Wiesenberg, Mark 105, 142 Wiesenberg, Matthew 84, 90, 139, 142 Wiley, Karen 85, 150 Wilkening, Bill 133, 159 Williams, Dale 133, 104, 159 Williams, Jamaica 142 Williams, Kevin 142 Williams, LaVetra 150 Williams, Mike 150, 159 Williams Pete 142 Williams, Rachael 86 Williams, Rene 150 Williams. Susan 142 Williams, Vici 142 Williams, Vicky 142 Williams, Virginia 133, 159 Willis, Fred 84, 133, 159 Wilson, Cheryl 37, 86, 87, 133, 89, 90, 159 Wims, Carl 142 Winebrenner, Rhonda 133, 159 Winkle, Kim 150 Winkle, Lee 85, 90, 150 Winterruth, Dave 150 Winters, Gary 150 Winters, Stan 133, 159 Winzeler, Karen 86, 87, 133, 159 Wisniewski, Dan 150 Whittecar, Mark 133 Witte, Ron 150 Wittwer, Mari 133, 159 Witzigrenter, Randy 142 Woenker, Steve 142 Wolfe, Russell 142 Wolfe, Thomas 133 Woodard, Kathleen 142 Woodfin, Martha 91, 133, 159 Wood, Leonard 150 Woods, Brenda Woods, Diane 142 Woods, Diana 133, 159 Wooten, Sue 142 Wraley, Lorna 150 Wright, Dennis 85, 105, 90, 150 Wright, Roy Wright, Theresa 151 Wyatt, Mary 49, 9, 151 Wyatt, Rob 133, 159 Wynn, Rick 151 Yager, Elaine 142 Yawberg, Roben 84, 142 Yingst, Gayle 142 Yingst, Scott 142 Yonkman, Michael 142 York, Cheryl 91, 142, 151 York, Kent 143 Young, Jeannie 143 Young, Lois Zieseniss, Charles Zimmerman, Melinda 49, 99, 143 Zimmerman, Tami 49, 143 Zollars, Robert 84, 133, 90, IS ' Zollner, Trudy 133, 103, 159 Zuzulia, Debbie 84, 86, 104, 105, 151 Zumbaugh, David 133, 159 Zumbrum, Karen 49, 151 Zweig, Andrew 84, 85, 90, 151 Zweig, Daniel 22, 26, 84, 13;

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