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■ ■■ ■■ ' Mwn i ffl m mz Gc 977.202 F77no 1972 North Side High School. (Fort Wavnei Ind. Legend L . Gc 977.202 F77nd 1972 North Side High School. Fort Wayne i Inc. ) Legend 1702449 ML. IMDUUHj ' i IQLLLUIQH 1 eW ALLEN COUNT PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 02292 9803 Legend 1972 Volume 44 North Side High School Fort Wayne, Indiana mq ' 3Sfc» Contents Title Page i Opening 4 Student Life 6 Academics 18 Organizations 38 Sports 72 Faculty 96 Faculty Directory 104 Seniors 106 Senior Directory 128 Juniors 136 Sophomores 146 Legend 158 Honor Students 94 Closing 160 Advertisement 162 Index 164 1702443 In a time of transition, in a world churning with rebellion, tradition gives Redskins a feeling of belong- ing to something permanent. Tradi- tions give today ' s ' Skins a oneness with the 14,912 graduates who have passed through North ' s doors. Tran- sitions, the reforms enacted during their three-year tenure at North, give a uniqueness to the members of each class to leave North Side. Students enter North deeply con- cerned with social and moral values and eager to transform their pa- rents ' world. Yet they are reluctant to surrender the link with the past that tradition affords them. For it is on the past that the foundations of the future must be laid, as the path of youth goes on . . . The North Side Marching Redskins march down Fricke Avenue during an early mor- ning practice in preparation for the Vete- rans ' Day parade. Junior Lynn Doughty finds numerous uses , ,, ,. ■_, .1 , , j ..■_ „ 1 n 1 ■ for the Northerner. She discovers it not Dean William Mitchell discusses problems on the school grounds with Sergeant Robert only serves as a hat, but can also be read. Walda. Sergeant Walda dealt with student problems both in and out of school. Varsity cheerleaders from North and South gather at half-time of that game to share Cokes and discuss common interests. As renovation continues, work begins on the 130 corridor. A workman installs wir- ing for the new lighting system. Seniors Rick Davidson. Andy Meehan. ju- nior Sandi Rodgers. and senior Jim Schaef- fer pool brains in an attempt to solve a difficult math problem. Opening Urn F •$» A 9 i Hi r JJL B K w , , 1 V Tradition and Transition, S tudeilt Life the path of youth goes on ' i r y m — __ — What w as it that came between our friendship Was it summer, Or just the distance? We knew from the start that as more than friends we would only hurt each other. (Maybe we did anyway) Now the leaves are gone and you are so far away I cannot remember your face. Where are you now, my summer friend? Have you found in winter what I have found Or are you as lonely as I once was in that summer before this winter came. A sophomore covered with shaving cream is forced to retreat up the flag pole on the first day of school. Senior Bob Andrews catches sophomore Terri Holom unaware as she searches for a book in the library. Grimacing. Juniors Thea Baughman and Ann Moore check their schedules while registering for school. 8 Student Life - -.; - S4i..i ' ty _ The pains taken for the sake of sports are reflected in the face of junior cross-country runner Dan Jenkins. Sorry guys, these cute chicks aren ' t available. The Powder Puff cheerleaders are senior men Jerry Dahm, Bob Andrews, Peege Ach- enbach, Tom Wermuth, Scott Hettinger, and Steve Battell. At the command of the coach to think of the game only, the faces of the junior Powder Puff team express fears of the contest to start in minutes. Student Life 9 Kissing you under the mistletoe and all the other affections inspections and directions we shared a year ago. Sophomores Jewel Boyd, Joanne Burke, Cindy Ackerman. Elaine Menges, Bonnie Gaunt, Pam McLeod, Linda Bloom, and Cheryl Mosher show their spirit in a skit for the varsity football team. Sophomore Joanne Burke shares private thoughts on the phone. On his mini-bike, junior Dave Atkinson escapes to the country. 10 Student Life On a shopping spree, juniors Linda Kruse. Patti Kipling, and Elaine Carlson check out the latest in a sounds store. Mistletoe is an innocent excuse for senior Jack Woodruff and soph- omore Rosie Regedanz to get sweeters. Student Life 11 Fresh snow and an undersized sled bring out the kid in senior Bobby Hinga. North ' s answer to Jean-Claude Killy, senior Jerry Dahm. is caught in action on the treacherous slopes of the nearby riverbank. " Gimme two, " says senior Gabe Shaheen at an after-game hangout. 12 Student Life Through all the crowded gymnasiums In a thousand steaming lock er rooms Right now, all over this land It ' s happening. The teams prepare to pay a commitment. They have no time to pick or to choose Only one purpose — To search for and find victory. Every time they pull themselves off that hardwood as those before have done It is for us. They jump the jumps, sweat the fouls, sink the shots, slap the backs, warm the bench, count the seconds Because they must for us. It is what they have set out to do. That is why as school ends and new goals begin They can never be completely forgotten. Junior Boys ' Cheerblock members Bill Werling and Neal Inscoe proudly display the remains of an ancient Redskin which laughs mockingly at opponents. Coach By Hey delivers an inspirational pep talk to tired team members at half-time. Music frees the souls of Redskins. A stu- dent expresses himself in sound at a rock concert. Junior Jinx Heiniger and Senior Tom Wer- muth are off to the Junior-Senior Prom. Sophomore Ann Dahm and junior Dan Johnson find a quiet moment together, away from the rush of students. 14 Student Life At work, Pat Lockwood flips hamburgers. Many students held af- ter-school jobs and many more searched for employment. Football is the name of the game played by senior Sue St John. Frisbees and footballs whizz around the school on warm spring days. It ' s a time of frisbees and footballs in half-green grass A time of black bow ties and red carnations in one-night dream worlds A time when your soul begs to be free from the one-two pace — But your practical side says, make a dollar. To break away, to share all this with someone else for a moment seems so hard at times. But then the rush stops it ' s time to pick a sad tune think of winter for a moment. Then past all the rules and pink, yellow, green, blue and white slips- — the whole funky trip. Put it in the trash can, Jackson. then on to the summer sun. Student Life 15 During the first days of school these girls find the lawn and weather permit studying and relaxation from classes and the crowded cafeteria. Patty Pion shows her concern as she takes time out to watch during a football game. Jack Woodruff seems to be astonished as Rosie Regedanz shows her meek affection. The Library is proved to be of more value than just for studying and reading, as Senior Dan Warrick sleeps off the drudgery of classes during his study period. 16 Student Life Tradition and transition, AcadeiTliCS the path of youth goes on ' UL tJlI U IV !:liff. ii Jin al h . .it or --■ ' ■■ ' ■■ ■ Sophomore Spanish Student Michael Sue Hayes practices speaking in the language lab! The advanced French class, taught by Mrs. Ramona Ransburg, studies the geography of France, as well as the language. The language lab was used to improve speaking. " Hail Caesar! " is the cry of students in Mr. Ward Beckley ' s third-year Latin class. George Wagner raises his sword while Elaine Carlson offers grapes to her classmates. 20 Foreign Languages Foreign Language Latin students converse; French features new films. Understanding spoken and written language and being able to converse with a native speaker are the goals set by the Foreign Languages De- partment. Spanish, French, and German, concentrate on listening, speaking, reading, and writing; while Latin, a classical language, is based on learning about the litera- ture and general culture of ancient Rome. This year, however, Mr. Ward Beckley, Latin teacher, ex- perimented by using more conver- sation in the classroom. Other changes in the foreign lang- uage department include the use of a new text for second year French students, along with new films fea- turing different characters than have been used in previous years. The textbook and films are centered on the home and every day life of a French family. Native speaker and Spanish teacher Mr. Caesar de la Guardia confers with Foreign Language Department Head Mr. Paul Lemke. These students are on their way to a Spanish restaurant as members of an advanced Span- ish class taught by Mr. Caesar de la Gardia. They enjoyed the foreign food. Learning phonetics by pronouncing German sounds helps Junior Beth Thomas in third-year German, taught by Mr. Tom Dohrmann. Foreign Languages 21 Small group discussions were features of a new world used by Mr. Timothy Russell to teach U. S. history to juniors. SOC icLl StlldiGS Team-teaching, outside speakers add interest to familiar courses Don J. Schmidt, Republican second district councilman, speaks to members of Mr. Cleon Fleck ' s social studies classes. The aim of the Social Studies De- partment, according to Mr. Cleon Fleck, department head, is to stress problems related to past history and local affairs. Changes in the department this year include a team-teaching meth- od by Mr. Duane Brown and Mr. Timothy Russell, who present a lec- ture to a large group, then lead both large and small discussion groups. Some sophomores and all juniors and seniors were involved in social studies classes. Required courses were U.S. History for all juniors and government and sociology or eco- nomics for seniors. Electives in- cluded world affairs, for seniors only. The world affairs class dealt with history as explained through the mass media. Peoples and cultures since Man ' s beginning are studied in world history, open to all stu- dents. Here Mr. Charles Feller prepares to show a film strip to his class. 22 Social Studies rp-p. rjli cVi Mr. Lewinski heads department; ■ L,J - J -0 ' vocational classes take tours Juniors Bob Krouse. Bill Stuckey. and Diane Rowald present a group discussion on modern English literature to Mrs. Donna McBane ' s English class. English was more than book reports and grammar lessons. Students were encouraged to do individual work, using the library as a re- source center. Vocational English classes instructed by Mr. John Heath took field trips to the Chi- cago Museum of Science and In- dustry, International Harvester, Ford Motor Co., General Electric. B. F. Goodrich, and WKJG T. V. sta- tion. Mr. James Lewinski, the new de- partment head, taught seminar classes. The juniors and seniors who chose this class shared their experiences in small personal groups. As Mr. Lewinski stated, " The goal of the English Depart- ment is to try to encourage people to think more clearly, read more in- telligently, listen with more under- standing, and experience better communication. Mr. James Lewinski. English Department Head, relates to English Seminar students. Sophomore Jeff Goshert found book reports burn time using the hunt and peck method. Mr. James Lovell gives extra help to geometry students having trouble with a difficult problem. Other students, having already mastered the problems, work independently. Mathematics, Science E£SE™=r The Math Department provides stu- dents with the opportunity to take five years of math. The fifth course, advanced mathematics, is taken in the senior year, along with trigo- nometry. Students taking advanced math did so on a self-study system. College-bound students were en- couraged to take four years of both math and science, while others were urged to take at least two years of each. The science program has undergone vast changes in the past two years. Courses were handled on an alter- nating lecture and self-study basis, utilizing individual lab set-ups. The program was initiated to allow stu- dents to become self-reliant. It enabled those students who needed help to obtain it, while those who didn ' t had free time for individual study. Advanced biology, a course studying chemical and biological relationships, was added to the science curriculum this year. 24 Mathematics Mr. Charles Clark, Math Department head, gives answers to problems involving geometric series as his advanced algebra students grade their papers. ■ A delicate operation is the subject as these biology students dissect of many specimens used in dissecting. a frog. Frogs were one Acceleration is the concern as these phys- ics students conduct an experiment. Mr. Beryl Lewis exhibits binary compound formulas to his chemistry class. Juniors Patricia Chambers and Bob Zollars use a Bunsen Burner in experimental work in the chemistry lab. Science 25 Members of a stagecraft class taught by Mr. Douglas Stark familiarize themselves with the stage lights. The class learned how to achieve special effects. Senior Debbie Holom presents excerpts from " Who ' s afraid of Virginia Wolf? " B. J. Dorsett as Dorothy, Tim Angel as the Tin Man. and Kevin Ferguson as the Scarecrow, rehearse an act from the Wizard of Oz. Sophomore Dave Lewark presents an informative speech to one of Mr. Gary Schultz ' beginning speech classes. Dramatics and Speech ? ta8 T a tstres » s{ V , ; damen,a,s , ; r ' Speech teams attend tournaments These students engage in vehement debate about significantly changing the jury system, which was the topic attacked by debate teams throughout the year. Drama and speech classes, a part of the newly-formed fine arts block, provided students with an opportu- nity to broaden their cultural expe- riences. Advanced drama students studied modern comedies and Shakespeare. Beginning students worked on indi- vidual scenes that they had written themselves. Getting acquainted with the stage was one of the most important steps taken by the stage- craft class. Speech classes emphasized learning how to listen critically. A logical approach to problems was also stressed. The speech and debate teams broadened the students expe- riences in these areas. The teams went to tournaments and wor- kshops at cities around the state. Mr Stark helps students in his drama class to arrange their costumes. The drama department presented three major performances during the year. Dramatics arid Speech 27 Toil VT f 1 m m Be S innin § classes learn ) - ■ ■ AldllDlll effective communication Junior Dave Johnson, Northerner news editor, pastes together a care- fully-fitted layout. Pictures for The Legend and The Northerner are processed in the pub- lications darkroom. Here Junior Saul Fields enlarges a photo. Communication is the key of effec- tive journalism. Beginning journal- ism students learned how to com- municate by conducting interviews for news stories and by writing ef- fective news. Speakers from the community and school were also interviewed by the class. They ex- perienced the technical side of com- munication by putting together audio-visual tapes of events and tapes for radio. Many beginning journalism students contributed to The Northerner on an extra-curricu- lar basis. Advanced journalism students com- posed the Northerner and Legend staffs, each staff meeting in a daily class. They applied all the skills ac- quired in beginning journalism. To aid them, new phone and intercom systems and a renovated dark room for developing pictures have been installed. 28 Journalism Sophomore Becky Roady shows the proper way to copyread in beginning journalism class. Art St f ud ' inter ents show artistic ;rests in art media Besides using design, drawing and painting, art students worked with many art media. Beginning students earned crafts; advanced students mastered various printing methods. Advanced courses offered weaving, stitchery, dyeing, poster work and lettering, lithography, silk screen printing, graphics, etching, pottery, and wood block printing. Art students also decorated the cafeteria, halls, and library during the year; student exhibits appeared throughout the building. The art students decorated the Parkview Hospital children ' s ward for the Christmas and Easter holidays. To add even more variety to the art courses, field trips were planned at the Fort Wayne Art Institute and other exhibits. Senior Pat Lockvvood follows a pattern as he cuts a piece of copper in the process of making jewelry. Lynn and Louise Crider use their talents as they design and print work of their choosing in Mr. Donald McClead ' s art class. Cheryl Wilson and Sharon Koenig accom- pany the Troubs in an out-concert perfor- mance. Marching Band forms the block " N " to play " Chief Mac " as Indian Kevin Furguson begins his traditional war dance. The band marched at all home football games. Fine arts block develops a -» r • t- ■ , rine aris oiock ueveiops a MUSIC Department new schedule among talents Fine arts teachers began a schedule block involving music, dramatics, and speech. Classes in these areas met on a flexible basis, enabling students to participate in a variety of programs. Troubadors and Orchestra joined the Marching Redskins at camp, broadening the scope of experiences available to campers. The band re- ceived a first division rating at the NISBOVA Marching Band Contest, held here at North. Wildsiders and Troubs observed American Educa- tion Week with performances at Southtown Mall. The Musical " Oklahoma, " with all Fine Arts students participating. was a highlight of a season which also included three concerts involv- ing the major performing groups. " Promises. Promises " chorus the Troubadors as they perform during American Education Week. Along with them at Southtown Mall were the Wildsiders. 30 Music Department c» jjjpH Mr. Barry Ashton. new Music Department head, reveals his conducting qualities as the band marches on to entertain football fans. Senior Dave Lehrman assembles his saxo phone before Marching Band practice. Music Department 31 T-p. J , , c -l--p-J q1 A " rtc Girls become acquainted with IIIU. U.oLlld.1 1 Lb male vocational fundamentals Senior Randy Harding and Junior Kerry Hall take a reading on their Ohmmeters to deter- mine the resistance value of resistors, a primary element in electronics. " Our purpose is to give the kids ex- perience in all electronics and po- wer so they can choose what voca- tional training they would like to enter, " said Mr. Clive Wert, indust- rial arts teacher. In the power mechanics section stu- dents worked on such projects as building electrical motors and ge- nerators, as well as giving engine tuneups and rebuilding automobile engines. Students in the electronics divi- sions used equipment valued at se- veral thousand dollars in their work concerning radio and televi- sion repairs. The woodcrafts section has the lar- gest enrollment in the industrial arts program. North Siders made many projects such as bookcases, stools, stands, and small boxes and displayed them in a large showcase near the woodcrafts room. Cherry Sexton breaks the male-female bar- rier as she works intently in drawing class. A brilliant flash of light is shown as a metal shop student skillfully handles an arc welder in doing a required assignment. Welding was one of several crafts offered in metals. 32 Industrial Arts After final touches, Sophomore Kim Per- nell models a skirt that she made in sew- ing class. A sewing student in home ec concentrates on putting in a straight seam for a dress she makes as one of her choice requirements. Home Economics Gkk re ? eive marife ? • . j-ivjw w j-j-vj i as marriage counselors speak " In sewing, the girls have quite a bit of freedom as far as what they can make, " stated Mrs. Edna Cro- cker, Home Economics Department head. Students could make a vari- ety of projects, according to their capability. Sewing was but one area of home economics, which also in- cluded wardrobe planning, cooking, and discussions about marriage. In family relations, a class taught by Miss Martha Moore, students learned to balance check books and plan budgets. The class had several special speakers, such as marriage counselors, who attempted to give them an idea of the type of marital problems they might expect. Miss Martha Moore directs the discussion of marital difficulties in her family rela- tions class. Home Economics 33 Physical Education Co -« d 8y m ciassescombine J ' SODhnmnrpc in m ovKq 1 sophomores in volleyball The physical education department, headed by Miss Anne Donnelly, took on a different swing this year with the addition of the $2,600 uni- versal gym. The Key Club, Athletic Department and the Fort Wayne Community Schools all contributed money to the project. For the first time in North Side ' s history, the pool was opened to co- ed swim classes. There were also co-ed volleyball teams and square dancing. Boy ' s classes did body building ac- tivities such as flag football, basket- ball, running, wrestling and gym- nastics. The girls ran track, played tennis, volleyball, field hockey, soccer, golf and participated in gymnastics as well as using the universal gym. Girls played basketball on the first day that their new gym was ready. Boys and girls participated in co-ed volleyball for the first time as an inovation in soph- omore physical education. 34 Physical Education Sophomore physical education students test their muscles in the new universal gym. The instruments are used by gym classes and athletic teams. 4 0244 Pffl ' 11 Tennis fundamentals must be learned before proceeding to a game situation. These girls absorb the basics of the game from Miss Anne Donnelly, instructor. Three opponents at the scene put conditioning drills to use. struggling and panting as they try to cross the finish line. Physical Education 35 RllClTldCc Clerical education teaches student ■ L ' U-OllltJoo requirements for office employment " Business covers a large area " , said Mrs. Wilma Ashe, service center head. There were accounting courses, business law, typing, con- sumer education, clerical practice, shorthand, and distributive educa- tion. The business classes prepared stu- dents to use business machines, such as printing calculators, and ten key adding machines. Practice in keeping records of per- sonal and business incomes was provided in bookkeeping classes. In typing students learned the fun- damentals of touch typing with em- phasis on speed and accuracy. In shorthand girls learned how to take dictation with speed and accu- racy in an unfamiliar type of writ- ing. Advanced shorthand students strive for speed and accuracy, as they learn usage of abbre- viations and the basic forms of special shorthand word ending. , . ._ " j Sophomore Beth Holderman works with a calculator as she does assigned exercise in clerical practice, a course concentrating on familiarization of business machines. Beginning typing student Don Fremion improves his rhythm on the home row. 36 Business Attending her cash register, Charlene Peach accepts a cover charge from a customer as she works at the Heritage House restaurant as a part of her cooperative education course. Distributive Education SSSfT members on-the-job training Mr. Richard Irving demonstrates the important elements of business partnership to his dis- tributive education class. In several vocational education pro- grams school, business, industry, and employers trained students for future occupations. The programs which were offered included Indust- rial Cooperative Training (I. C. T.). Cooperative Office Education (C. O. E.), and Distributive Education (D. E.). I.C.T. taught juniors and seniors a trade or technical job. As seniors the student was given a job to deve- lop his skill. C.O.E. was designed for seniors with a career in office work in mind. Both on-the-job training and classroom study were provided. D.E. also involves on-the-job expe- rience and classroom study to help develop skills in selling, marketing, advertising merchandising, manage- ment, and other careers related to the distribution of goods and ser- vice. Distributive Education 37 Tradition and transition, the path of youth goes on Organizations c«%4i Student Council Membership has fewer openings due to lack of participation Junior representative Mike Martone states his opinions on various matters that have been brought up during a student council meeting. Membership in Student Council was limited this year to five mem- bers per class other than officers. Student Council President Larry Strong said reasons for the change stemmed from last year ' s lack of or- ganization and participation. Four committees led the way for ac- complishments throughout the year. The ways and means committee worked on money-making projects and the budget. Problems outside the school and in communication with other city schools were dealt with by the inter-communications committee. Problems within the school were discussed by members of the problems committee. Spirit committee encouraged spirit within the school. Mr. James Lewinski and Mrs. Don- na McBane advised the students in their projects. Student involvement is the subject, as Student Council officers Larry Strong, and Jim Weh- renberg analyze the problem to find an answer. Student Council president Larry Strong and Les Seiling talk with Mayor Ivan Lebamoff during his visit to North. Student Council representatives appear be- fore the student body at the senior class officer nomination assembly. Student Council officers were, (seated) Tim Adams, treasurer, Yvonne Holliday, secretary, (standing) Larry Strong, presi- dent, and Jim Wehrenberg, Vice-president. Student Council representatives were, (Front row) Tim Adams. Tammi Zimmerman, Cynthia Kirkpatrick, Terri Zimmerman, Janet Bossard, Patti Hein. (Second row) Mr. James Lewinski, sponsor. Matt Schomburg, George Wagner, Larry Strong, Lee Popp, Don Bossard, Mrs. Donna McBane, sponsor. (Third row) Jim Wehren- berg. Saul Fields, Kevin Ferguson. Dave Johnson. Mike Martone, Roger Annis, and Steve Bogenschutz. Student Council 41 Key Club community Young men perform service Key Club, sponsored by Mr. Mark Tipple and Mr. Larry Bott, partici- pated in several projects to benefit North Side and the Fort Wayne community. These included selling popcorn for the Kiwanis Club, col- lecting money for the Karen Barnes Fund, and helping the Christmas Bureau. Club members also put out the school directory, the Key, usher- ed and parked cars at basketball games and other school events, do- nated $1,000 toward the universal weight machine, and made a major donation in memory of Joseph Hag- adorn for the new tennis courts. During the summer, Key Club Presi- dent Mark Chappuis and Vice-Presi- dent Andy Meehan attended the Na- tional Key Club Convention in Ana- heim, California. Other officers of the club included, Tom Benecke, treasurer; Mark Adams, secretary; and Mike Leach, sergeant at arms. Seniors Tim Woods and Steve Bogenschutz carry a Christmas tree to a waiting truck. The Christmas tree pickup is an annual project of Key Club. Key Club members are (Front row) John Bakel. Louie Curdes, Tom Benecke, Mark Adams. Cliff Hewes. (Second row) Tom Tharp. Larry Strong, Andy Meehan, Steve Bogenschutz. Tim Woods. Bob Givens. (Third row) Tony Valentine. Lee Popp, Mark Schomburg, Jim Wehrenberg. Chuck Miller. Tom Wermuth. Tim Angel. (Fourth row) Rick Davidson, Tony Terrell, Mike Leach, Chuck Armstrong. Bob Hinga. Jim Gebhart, Mike Lauer. Mark Chappuis, Tim Seifert. 42 Kev Club Club one members are (Front row) Sarah Mensch, Renee Druhot, Wendy Robertson, Linda Pickering. (Second row) Diane Barton, Elaine Menges, Ruth Westerman, Laura Westerman, Janet Seifert, Lisa Powe, Mrs. Sherrylene Gerber. (Third row) Patty Martin, Alycia Rodgers, Barb Cummins, Joanne Burke, Ann Dahm, Karen Kitchen. (Fourth row) Lee Coslow. Lynnette Lengacher, Jenny Love- less, Melinda Zimmerman, Lisa Dellinger. Karen Tomusk. Cindy Ackerman. (Fifth row) Cheryl Jasse, Beth Conway, Cathy Cowan. Nancy Myers, Lynda Krouse, Rita Cincere, Wendy Hartman. Girls supply Zpl L uiris supply v_j 1 LL L) meal for family Club two members are (Front row) Debby Ormes, Kathy Goshert, Pam Kirkpatrick, Becky Davis. (Second row) Pamela Rice, Julie Culbertson, Cherry Sexton, Debby Hartup, Debbie Harris. (Third row) Aspasia Papas, Terri Zimmerman, Janet Aumiller, Denise Hartup, Mi- chelle Carto, Suzie McKee. (Fourth row) Tami Zimmerman, Mary Bogenschutz, Cyndi Shultz, Mary Wolck, Holly Love. (Fifth row) Terry Holom, Sheila Nonemaker, Angela Savio, Linda Bloom, Patty Delobbe, Bev Christman. Two separate clubs existed this year in Z-Club. Through the year the} ' entertained at retirement homes, supplied a Thanksgiving meal for a family, supplied carnations for the basketball sectionals, and sponsor- ed a car wash. The girls also partici- pated in Christmas caroling and the selling of Valentines and spirit suc- kers. Z-Club is a high school branch of Zonta International, a classified Women ' s Service Club, sponsored by Mrs. Sherrylene Gerber. Approx- imately 60 girls met every Thursday. Each club had their own officers. Club one officers were President Wendy Robertson. Vice-President Renee Druhot. Secretary Linda Pick- ering, Treasurer Sarah Mensch. Club two officers were President Kathy Goshert, Secretary Becky Davis, Treasurer Debbie Ormes. Z-Club 43 A-V members assist faculty; a i. tt. I I a- v memDers assist iacuny; All CLIO- V lSUal plan field trips, film Redskins Under the leadership of first-year club sponsor Mr. Ted Crum, Audio- Visual Club planned several activi- ties, such as field trips to photo labs and television stations. Another activity was a party in January with members of the other organizations in the Media Center. The five club members chose Jerome Ridley for their president. Joe Rogsky and Rick Nichols served as Vice-president and secretary- treasurer. The A-V Club also took video tapes of extra-curricular activities for teachers ' use. Andy Federspiel and Rick Nichols listen attentively to Senator Birch Bayh. A.V. members video-taped many assemblies. AV members are (Front row) Phil Volkert. Dan Ritchie. Joe Rogosky. (Second row) Rick Nichols. Fred Welfle. Jerome Ridley, Mr. Ted Crum. 44 Audio-Visual ■pjTj 1 " A Members develop business skills; - J-JVJ-t . Sponsor ' Fashion Fantasia ' in fall DECA senior girls are (Front row) Julie Neuhaus, Patti Phillips, Janice Moore, Carol Covault, (Second row) Diane Taylor, Cheryl Schieferstein, Flora Woodfin, Cathy Baltes. (Third row) Shirley Tassler, Joanne Murphy, Charlene Peach, Cherie Spuhler, Claire Rammel, Donna Whitaker. Distributive Education provided a combination of study at school and an on-the-job training program out- side of school. Several local busi- nesses cooperated. Students learned how to become effective salesmen. DECA members investigated and questioned business practices and problems. DECA students received grades from their managers at their jobs as well as from Mr. Richard Irving, the instructor of this fund- raising organization. In the fall DECA sponsored " Fashion Fantasia, " a fashion show. DECA members and their families model- ed clothes from businesses partici- pating in the distributive education program. A DECA senior boys are (Front row) Dave Colcord, Frank Sullivan, Larry Evans, Truman Pauley, Randy Tanner, Pat Knight. (Second row) Jim Todd, Tom Ihel, Gary Turner, Phil Godfrey, Dave Kowalcyzk. (Third row) Don McGinley. Don Clemens, Eric Quinn, Rick Harter. DECA juniors are (Front row) Barry Clark, Howard Reed, Mary Knight, Clara Martin, Pat Essex, Fritz Shoemaker, Karen Cohen. (Second row) Rick Gibson, Diane Holmes, Sue Wells, Nora Taylor, Tony Henry. (Third row) Nancy Conner. Reper Lesh. Kathy Turner. Rilla Jacquay. NFL Team captures Sectional championship, wins runner-up trophy at state tourney NFL members are (Front row) Denise Yaney, Thea Baughman, Clint Anthis, Dave Lewark. Pat Pion. (Second row) Rea Doenges, Janice Stiegmeyer, Les Seiling, Kathy Hageman, Paula Clay, Mr. Gary Schultz. (Third row) Steve Shumaker, Tim Angel, Mike Martone, John Schomburg, Steve Bogenschutz. National Forensic League was an organization for any student inter- ested in participating in speech or debate. A member could win awards based on participation and success. Twenty five points earned the student degree of merit, 75 points a degree of honor, 150 points a degree of excellence, 250 a degree of distinction, and 500 a double ruby. The speech and debate members earned their points by participating in meets throughout Indiana. Their season war climaxed in the spring with a state tournament. Speech sectionals were at Heritage High School, Regionals in Elkhart, and State finals at Peru. Debate section- als occured in January at Elmhurst. A speech member was able to choose among nine different cate- gories: Extemporaneous, impromptu, dramatic interpretation, humorous interpr etation, oratorical declama- tion, original oratory, discussion, radio and poetry reading. Speech student John Schomburg searches for material concerning his contest work. 46 Helicon, NFL Members discuss t t 1 • Members ai HellCOn literary styl Helicon, advised by Mrs. Kathleen Neuhaus, and Mr. Robert Pugh was open to juniors and seniors main- taining at least a B + average during the second semester. The members chose to work on creative writing, poetry poster designing and miscel- laneous current forms of literature at their monthly meetings. Helicon members also took part in the annual fall potluck and the Farewell Banquet for seniors. Dur- ing the Christmas season, Helicon members partied with the elderly at the Allen County Retirement Home. The party, featuring a play, was very inspiring, according to Mrs. Neuhaus. Helicon was led by Sue Hoffman, president; Steve Mays, vice-presi- dent; Patti Hein, secretary; and Bev Smith, treasurer. Juniors Elaine Carlson, Linda Kruse, Barb Hoppel, and Patti Kipling kick off the events of Helicon Club as they enjoy food and drink at the annual potluck. Helicon members are (Front row) Nancy Steiner, Barb Hoppel, Linda Kruse, Cher Wilson, Mark Kast. (Second row) Rhonda Fox, Steve Mays, Linda Pickering, Patti Kipling, Patti Hein. (Third row) Karen Feller, Elaine Carlson, Trudy Sterling, Sue Smith. Tom Schevtchuk. (Fourth row) Mr. Robert Pugh, Sue Hoffman. Gene Chaffin, Jana Habegger, Jane Collins, Mrs. Kathleen Neuhaus. JCL Roman banquet sparks activities; members trick or treat for UNICEF Trick or treating for UNICEF, a fall picnic, a Christmas party, and a spring banquet highlighted the year for members of the Junior Classical League. The Roman Ban- quet, an annual tradition, was en- joyed by everyone, with dress for the event being togas. JCL was open to those students tak- ing Latin, those who had already ta- ken Latin, or those intending to take Latin. The forty six members met to share common interests and fun. Meet- ings were scheduled by popular de- mand. The sponsor of the club was Mr. Ward Beckley. Junior George Wagner stops to ponder the old Roman hat worn by Mr. Ward Beckley at the JCL Christmas party. Others who enjoyed the festivities included juniors Nancy McCue, Patti Hein, and Les Seiling. JCL members are (Front row) Debbie Naugle, Cammie Amburn. Ruby Puff, Diane Barton. (Second row) Linda Kruse, Patti Hein, Barb Derr, Lee Coslow, Barb Hoppel, Becky Davis. (Third row) Elaine Carlson. Tim Adams, Dave Headford, Kevin Krajewski, Patti Kipling. Laura Foote, Mary Nold. (Fourth row] Mark Wiesen- berg. Bill Wermuth, Chris Koop, Bob Keller. Lee Popp, Kris Cowan, Mr. Ward Beckley. (Fifth row) Mark Fisher, Dawn Latham, Gene Chaffin, Dave Johnson, Bob Tudor, Doug Smith, George Wagner. 48 JCL MLC members are (Front row) Lisa Powe, Sheila Fountain, Elaine Menges. (Second row] Pam Baker, Holly l.ove, Sally Schuhler. Sue Snyder, Mr. Cesar de la Guardia. (Third row) Dan Dau, Bev Christman, Randy Schroll, Patty Delobbe. Karen McDonald, Linda Pickering. Students share foreign interests, - [T f l students snare ioreign mien 1V1 -LiLj broaden cultural knowledge Under the sponsorship of Mr. Cesar de la Guardia, members of Modern Language Club met irregularly to share common interests. The club planned special activities, such as a picnic and parties. The purpose of MLC was to broad- en the student ' s cultural knowl- edge of foreign countries. Member- ship was open to any student study- ing French, Spanish, or German. The club got a late start, not organ- izing until January. Plans included election of officers and determina- tion of further plans. After an MLC meeting, juniors Rhonda Fox, Cheryl Wilson, and Patti Delobbe enjoy talk of a trip to Europe. Members compete against PViocc PlnVi Members com Pete aga vjllcbo LjIU.U teams of other schools South Side, Bishop Luers, and New Haven were the opponents faced by the Chess Club. The finale of the year came in Apr- il. Beginning with four district meets, one of which was at North Side, the tourney continued through the state tournament at In- dianapolis. Club members practiced every Thursday afternoon. Under the direction of Mr. Alvin Harris, members competed against teammates to develop a win-loss rank. The team member that had the most wins was placed in num- ber one position and played the number one player on the other team. Chess Club members are (Front row) Gene Chaffin. Joe Eykholt, John Jantz. (Second row) John Navarra. Jim Neill. Mike Folk. Deep in concentration. Senior Jim Neill searches for a move to checkmate junior Joe Eyk- holt in a close game during a Chess Club meeting. 50 Chess Club Library club members are from left to right, Elaine Snyder, Roxie Eltzroth, Sandy Hodde, Ann Calhoun, Cathy Cowan, Kaylyn Roemke, Peggy Tulley, and Maryellen Cocklin. T lh-ramr f lnVi Student librarians lean J-ilUld-iy LilUU basics and earn credits Learning basic library skills and earning credits was the main pur- pose of the Library Club. The club, under the sporsorship of Mrs. Carolyn Zehner for the first time, had a membership of 16 inte- rested students. Many used their free periods to aid in operating the library. The Library Club also had a social side and planned a joint skating party with the Audio-Visual club in January and a field trip later on in the year. Mrs. Zehner noted that there were no officers chosen for the club be- cause of its social nature. The typical jobs of most student library assistants is checking out books to help students complete their assignments. Point recorder junior Curt Robbins diligently reads galley proofs. After the proofs are checked, they are sent to the print shop for corrections. Business manager junior Saul Fields flips through a file of prospective advertisers. Saul ' s duties included billing advertisers and keeping other business records. Assistant news editor sophomore Larry Lahr helps news editor Trudi Sterling compose the front page of the Nor therner. The Northerner staff attempts to paste up the week ' s layout, as adviser Miss Norma Thiele keeps them posted with reports of the sectional basketball draw. 52 Northerner - T ,i I Staff attempts to relate i l OrtllGrilGr paper to student interests Junior photographer Dave Atkinson enlarges a picture for an issue of the Northerner. Dave also took many action shots for the Legend. Thf: work of the Northerner was done on a week to week basis, with the editors proofreading and r.her.k- ing layouts while the reporters and ad staff worked on advance issues. This year the Northerner had many changes, both in material and style. The forty-five staff members tried to use more interesting material, in- cluding student involvement stories, opinion polls, and pro and con editorials. Several features, such as Que Tal (what ' s happen- ing?), were directed toward black students. The Northerner has been published weekly since the fall of 1927, and along with the Legend, has been supported entirely by subscriptions and advertising. Both the newspaper and yearbook staffs enjoyed the use of the new- facilities in the journalism room. FIRST SEMESTER Editor Joyce Crosby Ad Manager Trudi Sterling Circulation Manager Vicki Brown Business Manager.... Saul Fields News Editor Dave Johnson Assistants Virginia Sukow Glenda White Feature Editor Bob Andrews Sports Editor Derek Thomas Assistant Will Schaefer Exchange Editor Renee Druhot News Bureau Vicki Brown Photographers Dave Atkinson Pat Knight Curt Robbins Adviser Miss Norma Thiele SECOND SEMESTER Editor Derek Thomas Business Manager.... Saul Fields Ad Manager Mark Kast Circulation Manager Renee Druhot News Bureau Vicki Brown Bob Andrews Exchange Editor Dale Adang Feature Editor Virginia Sukow Assistant Jon St ine Sports Editor Dave Johnson Assistant Cyndi Shultz News Editor Trudi Sterling Photographers Dave Atkinson Curtis Robbins Student Adviser Joyce Crosby Northerner staff members are (Front row) Vicki Brown. Debbie Ormes. Joyce Crosby. Cyndi Shultz, Mark Kast. (Second row) Renee Druhot. Trudi Sterling. Bob Andrews. Jenny Sukow. Curt Robbins. (Third row) Dave Johnson. Dave Atkinson. Saul Fields. Derek Thomas. Glenda White, Dale Adang. Northerner 53 1500 Club members are, (front row), Trudy Sterling, Cyndi Schult ., Joyce Crosby, Virginia Sukow, Mark Kast. (Second row). Vicki Brown. Thea Baughman, Dave Johnson, Derek Thomas. Bob Andrews. Dave Atkinson, and Lisa Dellinger. . -i -i J C 11 Journalists attend banquet, receive awards for 1500, Ulllll 3.I1Q L CrOll outstanding work on Northerner and Legend Quill and and Joyce Scroll members Crosby. an; (left to right), Steve; Bogenschutz, Derek Thomas, Dan Faust. 54 1500 Club. Quill and Scroll 1500 Club included journalism stu- dents who had accumulated 1500 points, earned for various work done on either the Northerner or the Legend staffs. Upon compiling 1500 points, a stu- dent received a bronze pin, along with his membership in the club. Higher awards were a silver pin for 3.000 points, a gold pin for 5,000 points, and a letter for 7,500 points. The highest honor was a gold je- weled pin, awarded when a student reached 10,000 points. The club organized a Christmas party, banquet, and a picnic in the spring for publications staff. Quill and Scroll was an honorary journalism organization, open to se- niors only. Students were nom- inated to the club by publications adviser Miss Norma Thiele. After Miss Thiele ' s nomination, the stu- dent ' s application was considered by the national organization. Upon acceptance into the International Quill and Scroll Society, the stu- dent received a membership in- signia and the Quill and Scroll magazine. r £-C ' y 1 j. Students donate free periods; wlilCG V OIU.HL00I 0 run errands, deliver messages A number of dynamic students de- voted their spare time to different types of office work. These students worked in the offices of Dr. Bill An- this, Mr. Max Updike, the atten- dance office, and the guidance of- fice. Much of their time was spent running all types of errands and collecting attendance cards. Other odd jobs involved filing, alphabetiz- ing, answering the phone, and typ- ing. When students found a few mi- nutes free they usually used it as study time. Any student with a free period was permitted to help in the office; however, no class credit was given. Mrs. Delores Klocke, gui- dance coordinator, said, " the ser- vices of these students are greatly appreciated throughout the school. " Office workers Jana Dougherty and Cheryl Mullins. juniors, search the Industrial Arts Corridor for an elusive student in order to deliver a note to him. ' ! __ x ( 1 m Ji 1 1 _ Office volunteers are, (front row), Deb Holom, Ellen Steinbacher. Linda Tracey. Pam Baker. (Second Row), Liz Baker, Wendy Hartman, Jana Dougherty. Elaine Snyder. Kathy Hageman. Linda Volman. (Third row), Angela Savio, Pam Kirkpatrick, Jenine Thompson. Jim Wehren- berg, Mary Haft, Cheryl Mullins, and Darlene Green. Among the many jorjs or omce volunteers is to return attendance cards to teachers ' mail boxes and deliver the daily bulletin. Office Volunteers od COE Girls train for future occupations; gain on-the-job office experience I MT72T COE members are (Front row) Barb She- pier, Deb Workman. Sue Schory, Kim Richeal, Sandy Schory, Deb Allisbaugh, Mrs. Candace Miller. (Second row) Patty Lord, Patty Vice, Linda Gaskill, Connie Knuth. Sandy Eloranta. (Third row) Hen- rietta Wilson, Rhonda Keesler. Joyce Kee- ver. Janine Donahue, Joyce Houser, Janine Warner. Cooperative Office Education was a vocational course offered to senior girls. Government, Sociology, Eng- lish, and a COE training course fil- led the first three periods of the stu- dents ' day. COE prepared the girls for their jobs by teaching them the operation of various business machines and proper business procedures. After morning classroom training students work approximately four hours each afternoon. Mrs. Candace Miller, instructor, in- terviewed girls for possible jobs. COE members were paid by their employers and received credit for their classes. Senior COE members Patty Vice and Joyce Keever perform their duties at Allied Insurance Agencies. The girls did typing and various other secretarial chores. SIC members are (Front row) Lee Coslow, Regina Nelson, Larry Strong, Pat Shade, Pat Blair. (Second row) Bernice Nelson, Melvin Gatewood, Sheila Dufor, Curtis Perry, Mr. Har- A new dub, the Studenl Involve- ment Committee, (SIC), was formed during the close of the 1970-71 school year. SIC was officially or- dained a club during the 1971-72 school year and became one of North ' s newest organizations. The purpose of the club is, as its name suggests, to institute a total involve- ment plan for all students at North. One of the added features at North Side during the 1971-72 school year was initiation of the Afro-American Club. The club, led by advisors Mr. Ro- bert Rice, Mr. Tom Bullock, Mr. Phillip Stubblefield, and Mr. Alvin Harris, began by holding its meet- ings during the second half of the third period. QTr 1 Afro AmpriPflTl Clubs study black achievements, OILi, iYllU-iA.lllC llLja.11 promote student participation Afro-American are (Front row) Phyllis Hassill, Glenda White, Tonya McGee, Mel Odom, (Second row) Debbie Woods. Sharon Guy, Evelyn Smiley, Martha Woodfin, Pat Gleason, Gary Jackson, Linda Fincher, Edna Billingsley, Phyllis Morrison. Racheal Williams, Debra Dial. (Third row) Faith Thomas, Johnny Nelson, Curtis Perry, Derek F. Thomas, Vincent Turner, Byron Trice. Carol Ayres, Yolanda Madison. Afro-American members are (Front row) Robert Parter, Cynthia Jones, Pat Chambers, Michelle Jackson, Quincy Noel. (Second Row) Regina Nelson, Cheryl Stevens, Pat Essex, Michelle Lynch, Ellen Gorman, Pat Holstrum. (Third row) Melvin Gatewood. Roosevelt Stalling, Rose Calhoun, Lee Cooper, Sharrelle Walker, John Ellis, Richard Hassell, Byron Trice. Varsity, Reserve Cheerleaders Captain Beth Fremion poses with 111 trophies she won at summer cheerleading Varsity cheerleaders are (Front Row) Terri Zimmerman, Beth Fremion. Bernice Nelson, Ja- camps. At the national contests. Beth was nine Burke. (Second Row) Carla Ehler, Pat Shade, Cheryl Wilson, Patti Pion. judged the best individual of the 3,000 girls competing. The girls exhibit a mount which helped them to win (he title of Grand National Char Senior squad member Patti Pion displays the third-place trophy she won in summer regional competition. 58 Varsity. Reserve- Cheerleaders Varsity brings home Grand National Championship trophy; Reserves get full-game experience, prepare for varsity Grand National Champions was the title; awarded to the varsity cheer- leading squad, consisting of Janine Burke, Carla Ehlor, Beth Fremion, Bern ice Nelson, Pat Pion, Pat Shade, Cheryl Wilson, and Terri Zimmerman. The girls earned the honor by competing at the regional level last summer at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, then going on to take national honors, Beth Fremion re- ceived first place trophies at both regional and national competitions, while Patti Pion was awarded a third place in the regional contest. In addition to their cheering duties, the girls spent Friday mornings working with girls ' cheerblock, teaching them new cheers and chants. Reserve cheerleaders were given the opportunity to cheer full games, rather than just quarters. Cheer- leading sponsor Miss Anne Don- nelly felt this better prepared them for future varsity experience. Reserve R(! clinic w;is : Iskins attempt a now mounl at the cheer-loading clini Mended by city and area schools. sponsored by North. The Reserve cheerleaders are (Front Row) Linda Kruse, Thea Baughman, Pam McLeod, Tami Zimmerman, Allyn Brinker, Mary Nold, Terri Holom, Melinda Zimmerman, Ruby Puff. (Second Row) Barb Nelson, Karen Kitchen, Phyllis Morrison, Elaine Menges. Suzy McKee. Deb- bie Harris, Lee Coslow, Jewel Boyd, Barb Cummins, JoAnne Burke, Debbie Hartup. frt tr » T r-y • 1 9 i 1_ 1 1 Members raised bus fare for GirlS LneerblOCk road trips to away games Girls ' cheerblock included the varsity and reserve cheerleaders, and Miss Anne Donnelly, sponsor, who is seated in the lower left. V Senior girls ' cheerblock members Amy Hughes. Kay McKinnis. and Ruth Westerman have a few chuckles during pre-game chants. 60 Girls Cheerblock The girls ' cheerblock was organized to promote spirit throughout the school during the basketball season. The block ' s money-raising project for the year was a Christmas candle sale. Each girl who sold $50 worth of candles received bus fare on the bus for their road trip. Other girls received various stuffed animals as awards for selling specified amounts of candles. Every Friday morning at 7:15 the girls gathered in the gym to learn new cheers, chants, and songs taught by the varsity cheerleaders. Miss Anne Donnelly, physical edu- cation teacher, sponsored the group. Block participants were required to be present at all the city and tourney games. They also had a road trip to Goshen High School. Serving as officers were Bev Christ- man, president; Mary Ann Lochner, vice president; and Pam Kirkpatr- ick. secretary-treasurer. Ripplettes Female swimmers entertain spectators +sf? Ripplettes displayed their swim- ming ability at a water show in May. After months of work the girls pre- pared a show open to all interested spectators. Basic techniques were stressed, then more intricated acr- obatic stunts were developed. After the girls mastered the movements, they put them to music and empha- sized gracefulness. Only one dive is required to be used for getting in the water. Under the direction of Mrs. Zola Noble, Ripplettes practiced on Monday and Wednesday nights af- ter school. The swimmers were in- convienced by the lack of a pool for the first portion of the year. Re- construction caused this problem which hindered their practice. Andria Thornburg watches as Lea Powers attempts a flip off the diving board. Ripplette squad members are from left to right. Mrs. Zola Noble, sponsor, Jack! Gusching Nannette La Pointe Andria Thornburg Patty Martin, Cammie Amburn. Alycia Rogers, Sue Weisz, Karen McDonald, Roberta Chambers, Bev Par- kins, Ann Bobay, Jerri Jerraid, Sue Irmscher, and Lea Powers. Ripplettes 61 During rehearsals, Deb Holom frightens the scarecrow, Dorothy, and the Tin Man as she portrays her part as the lion. Upon reaching the land of Oz, the travelers are told to return later to the great wise Wizard of Oz. 62 National Thespians Actors gain recognition rpi • ciors gain recogni 1 neSpianS for dramatic efforts Thespian members are (On ladder) Joe Eykholt, Sue Criswell, Mike Jones, B.J. Dorsett, Bob Hatcher, Debbie Holom, Mike Tompkins, Amy Wilkins, Joel Ley. (Stand- ing, front) Janine Burke, Chris Koop, Janet Bossard. (Back) Kevin Ferguson, Tim Ang- el. The mayor of Munchkin Land gives Do- rothy directions to follow the yellow brick road to get to the Wizard of Oz. " I feel honored to be a member of National Thespians Club and I am excited about the coming acti- vi ties, " said senior member Debbie Holom. The National Thespians is strictly an honorary dramatic club. Under the new direction of Mr. Douglas Stark members were chosen diffe- rently than previous years. Partici- pation in class, plays, and dramatic events were the basis for appoint- ment. Among the activities Thespians par- ticipated in were the plays " The Wizard of Oz " and " Oklahoma! " There was also an annual banquet in honor of the members. !» -» » ' National Thespians 63 Concert, Varsity Bands Leading the North Side High School Marching Redskin Band were Rick Ludwig (left) and Mark Albright. Concert Band members are (Front Row) Sue Snyder, Jane Snyder, Nanette Sievers, Nancy Hileman, Jill Hinkle, Sharon Hoagland, Lea Powers, Vicki Brown, Sue Smith, Mike Tunnell. (Second Row) Maren Kolin, Cindy Gething, Karen Feller, Joy Gunsenhouser, Denise Hartup, Diane Barton, Tom Linder, Roger Annis, Sue Hoffman, Rosie Regadanz, Gwynne Johnson, Margaret Bracht, Jim Neill, Dennis Andrews, Keith Vachon. Fred Willis, Barb Hoppel, Don Heeran, Gordon Hunt, Mark Maxwell, Dave Lehrman. (Third Row) Peggy Nordyke. Ann Moore, Altermease Guy, Camille Buchan, Joan Cameron, Les Sieling. Dorothy Lipp, Stan Smaller and more frequent concerts highlighted the Music Department ' s performing season. Department head Mr. Barry Ashton said that in recent years concerts had grown to marathon length and it was felt shorter performances were needed. Bands performing at the concerts included varsity band, composed mainly of sophomores, concert band, which consisted of upper- classmen and a few sophomores, percussion ensemble, made up of those percussionists who did not participate in varsity or concert bands, and a new group, wind en- senble. Wind ensemble was formed to give students a chance to play music more difficult than that attempted by concert band. Auditions were held to obtain the top musicians to participate in wind ensemble. Mr. Ashton hoped to use the wind en- semble for trips and out-concerts. Mr. Ashton leads Pep Band members through a soulful rendition of " Hunk of Funk. " Pep Band performed at all pep sessions and during half-lime of basketball games. (i4 Drum Majors. Concert Band Wind ensemble formed, percussion ensemble continues; Concerts briefer, more frequent Clark, Dave Bartholomew, Pat Sievers, Bob Walker, Don Stephenson, Blake Prentice, Mark Fisher, Mark Albright, Rick Cutigni, Tim Pierce, Elaine Carlson, Steve Welsh, Dave Niblack, John Gonser, Marjorie Braucher, Rick Sweeney, Larry Stacey, Barb Derr, Dave Maus, Doug Meyers, Don Miser. (Fourth Row) Becky Beyerlein; Deb Borders. Pat Essex, Debbie Dial, Marie Borum, Sue Weisz, Deb Sylvester, Peggy Wiedner, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Margaret Welfle, Rea Doenges, Kathy Snyder, Sharon Koenig. £t S f - - -.;. : f!§R. ' - ' , ; ; " : ' B||j 9 K J ' F»jiMH ppw HB-y ' l Wammmvm Varsity Band members are (Front row) Sylvia Kemery, Sharon Mil- ler, Kaylyn Roemke, Maureen Mavis, Barb Nelson, Jill Peters, Mary Nold, Jane Snyder, Mike Holman, Gail Blood, Lee Popp, Tim Bly. (Second Row) Marie Vonderhaar, Sheryl Bowers, Ruby Puff, Heidi Gaylord, Don Bossard, June Daniels, Chris Essex, Dave Niblack, Sherlyn Fultz, Barb Derr, Diane Barton, Rosie Regadanz, John Welsh, Lovelass Maydwell, Randy Sleesman, Jeff Goshert, Roger Annis, Paula Koenig. (Third Row) Robin Heeron. Debbie Hartup, Sue Kreamelmeyer, Kathy Sarrazin. Peggy Wiedner. Forrest Ruff. Roosevelt Stalling, Scott Mahlon. Mike Selling. Bob Keller. Brian Brunson, Larry Judd, Mark Vosmeier. Kevin Drew. Kurt Ahlers- meyer, Matt Weisenberg, Mark Yawburg, Steve Hughes. (Fourth Row) Anne Marie Bobay. Mark Goff. Edward Wells. Mr. Seal Graham, Mr. Barry Ashton, Phil Volkert. Jim Keller. David Deason. Cammie Amburn, Doug Laughlin. Tom Chandler. Al Schmid. Jii North. (Not pictured) Glenn Bryant. Robert Porter. Ralph Sheets. Concert. Yarsitv Band 65 Orchestra, String Ensemble Orchestra members are (Front Row) Sharon Koenig, Brian Headings, Janine Burke, Debbie Hart, Jane Collins, Cheryl Wilson, Jim Heeron, Becky Davis. (Second Row) Patti Hein, Bill Sibert, Beth Holderman, Rachel Williams. Mary Nold, Nan Sievers, Sue Snyder, Sue Hoff- man, Tom Johnston, Rosie Regadanz, Gwynne Johnson, Judy Neill, Karen Winzeler, Debbie Morlin. Cindy Ackerman. (Third Row) Rhonda Fox, Nancy Steiner, Bev Smith, Barb Derr, Don Miser, Doug Meyers, Dave Maus, Diane Barton, Tom Linder, Roger Annis, Karen Feller, String Ensemble members are (Front Row) Sharon Koenig, Patti Hein. Janine Burke, Debbie Hart, Beth Holderman, Jane Collins, Cheryl Wilson. (Second Row) Brian Headings, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Karen Winzeler. 66 Orchestra, String Ensemble Selected orchestra members perform for ' Oklahoma! ' String ensemble participates in NISBOVA contest Sylvia Kemery, Maren Kolin, Brian Branson, Mark Albright, Blake Prentice, Dave Bartho- lomew, Tonya McGee, Jenny Sukow, Randy Sleazman. (Fourth Row) Rose Maciejewski, Linda Bloom, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Helen Grimes, Larry Stacey, Mr. Barry Ashton, Mr, Neal Graham, Margaret Welfle, Kathy Snyder, Doug Smith, Roger Warner, Rick Ludwig, Rick Sweeney, Steve Mays, Dan Zweig, Bob Van Anda, Bob Zollars, Nick Stamanis, Tom Chandler, Dave Daugherty, Al Schmid, Faith Thomas. (At piano) Kathy Goshert. The usual concert circuit was inter- rupted for concert orchestra by such special events as clinics and special performances by selected members of the orchestra. Orchestra planned to attend a work- shop at the University of Evans- ville last spring. They were to play some pieces prepared at North and learn some new ones at the clinic. Try-outs were held to choose stu- dents to play for the school music- al. " Oklahoma! " These students practiced during the three-period Fine Arts block to prepare for the play. A ten-member string ensemble practiced before school to prepare to attend the NISBOVA contest. String ensemble members were chosen on the basis of playing abi- lity and willingness to participate. according to Mr. Ashton. Mr. Ashton turns his back to insure impartiality as he conducts auditions for orchestra. Students were seated in an order determined by their playing proficiency. Orchestra 67 Vocal Music Troubadour members are (Front Row) Jane Manning, Marilyn Brun- negraf, Cindy Gething, Peggy Meshberger, Jana Habegger. Jenny Griffith, Rick Smith, Gordon Stafford, Greg Suit, Bill Piercy, Jim Schaeffer, Mr. John Hill. (Second Row) Joan Cameron, Judy Wass, Peggy Nordyke, Mary Mor ' ken, Maren Kolin, Kathy Goshert, Steve Luke, Mark Albright, Neal Inscoe, Mike Lauer, Steve Feasel, Tim Pierce. (Third Row) Cindy Palm, Cheryl Wilson, Julie Culbertson, Amy Ruf, Jane Collins, Terri Zimmerman, Dave Jennings, Denny Nicolet, Marv Marino. (Fourth Row) Sharon Koenig, Marsha Helmke, Jill Hinkle, Diane Herber, Mona Rea Feist, Jean Brackman, Krystal Keller, Pat Kipling, Rick Cutigni, Mark Stine. Chuck Van Gorder. Blake Prentice, Brian Headings. A ' Cappella members are (Front Row) Gordon Stafford, Bill Werling, Neal Inscoe. Sandy Green, Tom Johnston, Dale Schmidt. Mike Geoffray. Fred Eaglin, Rick Smith. Dave Jennings, Dennv Nicolet, Steve Feasel, Bill Piercy, Mike Jones, Steve Doyle. John Hampshire. (Second Row) Cindy Palm. Marilyn Brunnegraf, Kathy Meagher. Kim Blazier. Joan Sparks, Janet Ankenbruck, Greg Suit, Steve Luke, Marv Marino, Jim Schaeffer, Neil Kleupfel, Mark Stine, Rick Foltz, Chuck Van Gorder, Mike Lauer, Mr. John Hill. (Third Row) Judy Wass, Sue Cline, Pam Rice, Cindy Graft, Roxanne Converse, Roxanna Perkins. Debbie Kruse, Krystal Keller, Troubs perform on t.v.; attend summer music camp Concerts at Southtown Mall during American Education Week, Christ- mas caroling at the Lincoln National Bank and television marked some of the experiences sharer! by members of Troubadours. Troubs were composed of the top singers at North, and performed at concerts at school, as well as special performances outside school. Troubs also attended music camp for the first time this year, along with or- chestra and band. A ' Cappella was a larger group than Troubs and exhibited their skills at major school concerts. Both Troubs and A ' Cappella were directed by Mr. John Hill. Training choir was directed by Mr. Phillip Stubblefield and afforded sophomores and others wishing to prepare for A ' Cappella a chance to develop their voices. Madrigals are (Front row) Cheryl Wilson, Cindy Gething, Judy Wass. (Second row) Mark Stine, Neal Inscoe, Tim Pierce. (Third row) Jane Collins, Jenny Griffith. (Fourth row) Mark Albright, Greg Suit. Pat Kipling, Vicki DePrey, Linda Pickering, Sandi Rogers, Sharon Walter, Jana Habegger, Kathy Goshert, Nancy Martin, Peg Meshberger, Mary Patton. (Fourth Row) Helen Grimes, Sharon Layton, Barb Olofson, Marsha Helmke, Amy Hughes, Julie Culbertson, Carla Schmidt, Beth Thomas, Sandy Guertin, Diane Herber, Karen Meeks, Jenny Griffith, Rea Doenges, Barb Bedwell, Diane Stetler, Amy Ruf, Debbie Hart, Nancy Steiner, Melissa Richard, Karen Tomusk, Mary Morken, Ruth Knudson. A ' Cappella. Troubadours 69 Arrowettes are (Front row) Faith Thomas, Mitzi Morrison, Connie Miller, Lee Ann Myers, Altermease Guy, Jill Lauber, Billie Murray, Debbie Hart. Kay Powers, Denise Roy. (Second row) Barb Skeving- ton, Debbie Sylvester, Jackie Gusching, Maripat Goff, Tonya McGee. Jane Manning, Becky Roady, Julie Schroeder. (Third row) Teresa Thomas, Jenny Lovelass, Georgia Thomas, Judy Schmidt, Robin Heeron, Roberta Myers, Julie Tinsley, Laurie Thurber, Rose Angel. (Fourth row) Jone Jerraid, Deeanna Clark. Patty Chambers, Brenda Griffin, Jean Brackmann, Rhonda Pifer, Bonnie Neuhaus, Cammie Amburn, Ruth Knudson. Senior twirler Debbie Hart practices a complicated routine as she prepares lor a footbal game at which she was the featured twirler. Arrowettes joined Marching Band in competing in the NISBOVA Marching Contest. They also par- ticipated in separate twirling con- tests. Providing half-time enter- tainment, both at basketball and football games, was the main fun- ction of the Arrowettes. The twirlers and pom-pom girls at- tended music camp along with the band, and also went to a special twirling camp. Arrowettes featured one or two girls each week, at- tempting to display each girl ' s spe- cial talents. Being featured gave girls the experience of being in the spotlight. A - . . -r. T ++ «-. TA7-I1 1 .4 J Arrowettes attend two summer musi(. tamps; ArrOWetteS, WllaSiaerS Wildsiders develop jazz playing style Performances for visiting digni- taries, contests, and concerts both in and out of school marker! high points of the Wildsider concert sea- son. Included among their expe riences was » concert ;it Southtown Mall during American Education Week and a performance for Sena- tor Birch Bayh. Wildsiders also participated in several clinics and contests, including NISBOVA, the Notre Dame Jazz Festival, and the Elmhurst Jazz Festival. Wildsiders played a wide variety of jazz music and featured soloists on many pieces. Mr. Barry Ashton pro- vided dir ection. Rehearsal Stage Band, under the direction of Mr. Neal Graham, enabled interested students to learn fundamentals of playing jazz. Rehearsal band prac- ticed weekly. Rehearsal Stage Band Members are (Front row) Jeff Goshert, Lee Popp. Tim Bly, Paula Koe- nig, Roger Annis. (Second row) Kevin Drew, Brian Brunson, Scott Mahlon, Larry Judd, Phil Volkert, Mr. Neal Graham, Doug Laughlin, Tom Chandler, Tom Schevtchuk, Matt Weisen- berg, Mark Yawberg, Steve Hughes. (Not pictured) Ralph Sheets, Rick Blain. »Q,© Wildsiders are (Front row) Tim Bly, Mark Maxwell, Dave Lehrman, Keith Vachon, Dennis Andrews. (Second row) Sharon Koenig. Bob Zollars. Nick Stamanis. (Third row) Mark Fisher, Blake Prentice, Mark Albright, Dave Bartholomew. Stan Clark. Rick Cutigni. Rea Doenges, Mr. Barry Ashton. Jerry Kirkpatrick. Steve Mays. Dan Zweig. Bob Van Anda. Rick Ludwig, Rick Sweeney. Arrowettes. Wildsiders Tradition and transition, QyipiTtQ the path of youth eoes on ' P U1 Lb Number 22 senior co-captain Tyrone Hines goes around a block set by Mark Chappuis while Quarterback ' Byron Choka rushes to aid him. The Redskins lost to Central Catholic 29-6. Varsity Football foTseaso?! Redskins lo yarsity grid squad compiles 4-5 mark se totem pole trophy to The Red, led by Coach Duane Brown and assistants Joe DiPetro, Tom Dohrmann and Donald Hunt- ter, compiled a 4-5 season mark. The team competed in the newly created north division. Student lead- ers of the squad were co-captains Tyrone Hines and Mark Adams. The Red and White, as last year, started out the season strong, but injuries took their toll. The team doctor counted 18 major injuries in this unusual season. Storming back from a one point de- feat to north division champion Bishop Dwenger, the Gridskins won three straight from new schools Northrop and Wayne and old ne- mesis Goshen. With a sparkling 3-1 mark, the team went to defend the Totem Pole trophy against South Side, but was defeated. Another defeat followed, this time to south division runner-up Central Catholic. North tasted victory for the last time in the season over Concordia. Losses to Elmhurst and Snider hindered thoughts of a win- ning season. 74 Varsity Football South Side Senior Mark Chappuis aids senior center Rick Cutigni (56) in tackling a South Side Archer. Chappuis played at the defensive half. Coach Duane Brown has a faint smile as he paces through his mighty team. North finished 4-5 on the season. Varsity Football N.S. 7 Bishop Luers (Jam. ] 6 N.S. 7 Bishop Dwenger 8 N.S. 22 Northrop N.S. 20 Wayne 14 N.S. 20 Goshen 14 N.S. 6 South Side 20 N.S. 6 Central Catholic 29 N.S. 28 Concordia 8 N.S. 7 Elmhurst 22 N.S. 7 Snider 26 Junior Mark Fisher stops South Side Archer Eric Goodwin from gaining valuable inches. South took the coveted Totem Pole trophy back in a 20-6 victory over North. Byron Choka [11] Kirk Van Ryn aid him. is topped by a South Sider in the 20-6 defeat. . Dan Johnson (35) and Mike Bermes (65) rush to Head coach Duane Brown, along with assistants Donald Hunter, Joe DiPietro, and Tom Dorhmann, introduce the Senior members of the varsity team in the first pep session. Varsitv Football Number 12, Kirk Van Ryn, with the aid of number 52, Dan Thomas, stop a Wayne General in a battle held at Chambers ' Field. Senior Steve Bogenschutz does the tradi- tional pre-game warm-up exercise, the jumping jack, in preparation for a big game with the Central Catholic Irish. Gridskins who were named to the 1971 defensive Scalpers Club, from left to right are Bob Tudor, Doug Longley, Mark Adams, and John Henschen. Not pictured is Senior Tyrone Hines. Junior quarterback Byron Choka (11) scampers for extra yardage while Tyrone Hines (22), Mike Chappius (43) and Dave Preston (63) rush to aid him with blocking. 76 Reserve Football Reserve Football i STT S defense holds three foes sr.rjn;Jt:s Senior Kirby Van Ryn scrambles for a long gain in a 20-14 victory over the new Wayne High School Generals. Reserve gridster Gary Jones leaps high in an attempt to catch a pass in the encoun- ter with the Elmhurst Trojans. Reserves blanked the Trojans 6-0. The 1971 sophomore football squad, under Coach Donald Hunter, compiled a 4-4 season record. The team boasted several outstanding players from junior highs which feed into North. The gridders blanked three teams, showing the power of their defense. The team began the year with a nar- row victory over Elmhurst, raising hopes for an undefeated season. High hopes were smashed in the next encounter with Concordia. The sophomores rebounded from the loss with two straight wins over Co- lumbia City and Snider. The team fell to two opponents, then defeated the new Wayne Generals with a last -second touchdown. The grid- men wound up the season with a one touchdown loss to New Haven. Reserve Football N.S. 6 Elmhurst N.S. 8 Concordia 20 N.S. 24 Snider 19 N.S. 20 Columbia City N.S. 20 Bishop Dwenger 36 N.S. 8 Northrop 33 N.S. 6 Wayne N.S. 6 New Haven 12 Varsity team: (Front Row) Mgrs. Bill Werling, Tim Woods, Charlie Davis, Gary Neuman, Cary Hall. John Bakel. Jim Wehrenberg. Chuck Miller. (Second Row) Coach Tom Dorhmann, Ed Leffler, Dave Preston, Shawn Sabo, Rick Cutigni, Steve Bogenschutz. Ty Hines, Mark Adams, Mark Chappius, Gary Gray, Mike Leach, Doug Longley, Mr. Joe DiPietro. (Third Row) George Wagner. Tom Blackburn, Bruce Conrad, Steve Mink, Dan Thomas, Dave Ackerman, Mike Bermes, Neal Inscoe, Mark Fisher, Chuck Armstrong, Dave Brown, Dan Johnson, Dave Barnett, Doug Biedenweg, Byron Choka. (Fourth Row) Coach Brown, Tim Myers. Jim Keller, Jon Stine, Chuck Luenberger, Jerry Wallace, Dave Wheeler, Ralph Schaffer, Bob Tudor, Ted Durfey. John Cline. Ricardo Robles. 3 I t - • Cross-country Members of the 1971 Redskin Cross-Country Team are from left to right, kneeling, Doug Breeden, Chuck Davis, Brad Altevogt, Mark Maxwell. Standing, Dan Jenkins, Steve Pulver, Derek Thomas, Jeff Goshert, and Coach Keith Fisher. Cross-Country N.S. 28 LaPorte 28 N.S. 44 DeKalb 18 N.S. 23 Lima, Ohio 33 N.S. 40 Snider 19 N.S. 22 Bishop Luers 33 N.S. 35 Concordia 23 N.S. 26 New Haven 29 N.S. 31 Wayne 26 N.S. 47 Northrop 15 N.S. 42 South Side 15 N.S. 46 Elmhurst 17 N.S. 35 Bishop Dwenger 20 N.S. 23 Central Catholic 37 N.S. 4 th Goshen Invitational N.S. 11th Patriot Invitations 1 N.S. 10th Sectional Tourney Junior Mark Maxwell strains as he holds off an opponent in the LaPorte Invitation- al. Maxwell ' s finish led the Red Harriers to 21st place in the huge meet. ' Skins Steve Pulver (No. 46), Brad Altevogt (No. 45). Chuck Davis and Derek F. Thomas wait anxiously as they listen to the pre-meet instructions. 78 Cross-Country Harriers begin slow season with unusually small turnout First-year Coach Keith Fisher guided the 1971 edition of Redskin harriers to a 4-8-1 season. An unu- sually small group turned out for the team, as Coach Fisher was greeted by an eight member squad in his initial year of cross-country. The season started slowly with a tie with La Porte. Things picked up during the second week of compe- tion as North, led by junior Mark Maxwell, bested three of six oppo- nents and won fourth-place honors in the Goshen Invitational. Three straight losses followed, but Domeland broke the streak and fi- nished the season with a 14-point victory over Central Catholic. The team finished tenth of 22 schools in sectional finals, eliminat- ing them from the state tourney. Although the cross-country men compiled a losing city series record, they did well against out-of-town foes. They lost to only one of four teams, recording a 2-1-1 mark. Junior Brad Altevogt seems to lead the pack in the LaPorte Invitational. The fourth runner in the picture is North ' s Derek Thomas. The Domeland hill-and-dalers gather around Coach Keith Fisher for last minute instruc- tions before a big city meet. Derek Thomas, Brad Altevogt. and Chuck Davis stride side bv side in a meet at ShoaffPark. Cross-Countrv , 9 Varsity wrestling squad members are (Front row) Mark Adams, Steve Pulver, Gary Jackson, Larry Judd, Carl Wims. Dan Kilty. (Second row) Ralph Shaffer, Bob Anspach, Don Martin, Mark Chappuis, Rick Cutigni, Johnny Nelson. Coach Don Hunter gives grappler Gary Jackson some valuable advice during a time-out in the New Haven Sectionals. Jackson ended his season with a 16-5 record. Senior John Nelson became the first grap- pler in North ' s hi story to make it to the state final. John finished with a fine 18-4- 1 record. 80 Wrestling Senior Steve Pulver of the 126-pound class goes for a pin over an unlucky opponent. Fulvcr finished the season with a winning record. North ' s wrestling squad compiled a 5-7 regular season record and nab- bed runnerup honors in the Goshen Invitational tourney. Other highlights of the season in- cluded placing fourth in city series competition, fifth in the New Haven Invitational, seventh in the IHSAA sectional, and ninth in the regional. The squad was led in scoring by se- nior John Nelson, who finished with an 18-4-1 mark and traveled all the way to the state finals, cap- turing sectional and regional titles along the way. The reserve squad also had a fair season as they captured champion- ship honors in their own reserve tournament, edging New Haven by one point. Grapplers wrestle to 5-7 season; t«x , l • Lrrappiers wresue 10 o- season; VV rGStlmg John Nelson travels to state finals Wrestling N.S. 24 Concordia 21 N.S. 20 New Haven 27 N.S. 34 Homestead 20 N.S. 32 East Noble 27 N.S. 17 Bellmont 42 N.S. 20 Woodlan 42 N.S. 20 Snider 29 N.S. 32 Northrop 21 N.S. 37 South Side 15 N.S. 19 Wayne 30 N.S. 23 Warsaw 26 N.S. 9 Elmhurst 44 5th New Haven Invitational 2nd Goshen Invitational 7th ISHAA Sectional Tourney 4th City S eries Reserve team members are (Front row) Kevin Till, Dave Wahl, John Myers, Rick Robles, Lonnie Gilbert. Gary Bullock. (Second row) Ted Durfey, Lonnie Murdock. Dan Andros, Rick Gage, Dennis Cooley, Tom Tharp. and Bob Krouse. Wrestling 81 Tennis team members are (Front row) Steve Mays, Dave Kitzmiller, Glen Nevogt, Roger Annis. (Second row) Mark Stine, Jeff Logue, Tony Valentine, Wayne Deppen, Coach Myron Henderson. np . I Inexperienced team compiles 5-8 season record; 1 GIlIllS Coach Henderson loses two lettermen to graduation Domelander Steve Mays leans backs as he prepares to serve in a home meet against Northrop. The ' Skins lost that one by one point to the Bruins, 4-3 Tennis at Domeland during the 1972 season experienced a downswing as the Red racquetmen complied a 5-8 record. North finished seventh in the an- nual ISHAA sectional tourney and sixth in the city series competition. According to Coach Henderson, things look bright for the 1972 squad season as the squad will only lose two seniors to graduation, Mark Stine and Tony Valentine. Tennis N.S. 5 Central Catholic 2 N.S. 6 Elmhurst 1 N.S. 1 Bluff ton 8 N.S. 3 Goshen 4 N.S. 5 Lakeland 4 N.S. 2 Snider 5 N.S. 5 North Manchester 2 N.S. 2 Wayne 5 N.S. 2 South Side 5 N.S. 3 Northrop 4 N.S. 7 Bishop Luers N.S. 1 East Noble 6 N.S. 1 Concordia 6 N.S. 7th Sectional Tourney N.S. 6 th City Series Glen Nevogt, North ' s number three man undercuts a return serve. The ' Skins fi- nished with 5-8 record. Sophomore Tim Manes swings low to hit a practice ball held up by a batting tee. Baseball team members are (Front row) Larry Olinske, manager; Jeff Boyd. Tim Manes. Mark Adams, Clyde Ford, Coach Tim Russell. (Second row) George Wagner, Tim Woods. Mike Franklin. Mark Morton, Mark Davis, Pat Shiver, Jeff Henschen. (Third row) Rick Taylor. Tony Terrell, Doug Longley, Tony Valentine, Gary Gray, Tim Pierce, Bob Tudor. By Choka. -pj i iii Seven lettermen return; Coach Russell .DcLSGDclll builds squad around strong mound staff North moved into it ' s second year of varsity baseball, under supervi- sion of Coach Timothy Russell. The 1972 squad opened its season during mid-April, with a strong nucleus of seven lettermen. The ' Skins also increased the regular season schedule from 13 games to 22 games and the state tournament. Last year ' s squad, the first ever for North, finished with a 6-7 regular season record. North lost to the Concordia Cadets in the first round of the New Haven Sectional tourney. The pitcher plays an important role on any baseball team. These pitchers are shown warm- ing up for practice. Baseball 83 Varsity basketball team members are (Front row) Pat Manes, John Ellis, Mark Stine, Kirk Van Ryn, Dave Barnett, Byron Choka. Ty Hines, Head Coach By Hey- (Se- cond row) Gary Gray, Todd Habegger, Mel Odom. Bob Hinga, Doug Longley, Derek F. Thomas, Jack Woodruff. Ron Barnes. Varsity meets tough foes; captures ■ j ., -q I ,i -ill varsity meets tougn toes; capture V cLrSltV city crown with unbeaten record Success was synonomous with the game of basketball during the 1971- 72 season as coach By Hey and his Redskins won the city champion- ship with an unbeaten city series record. The Redskins, who finished with a 15-5 record played some of the top competition in the state. They lost to top-ranked Michigan City, South Bend Riley and Kokomo. also in the elite. The holiday tourney jinx continued its hold over the Skins as they were upset in the first round by Snider but bounced back for consolation honors. Senior Ron Barnes broke the school regular season scoring record and the city scoring championship with 428 points. A new dimension was added when North played new school Northrop for the first time. They inaugurated playing for a traveling trophy the " North Pole, ' " captured this year by North. Pat Manes, senior guard, dribbles downcourt while John Ellis, senior forward, struggles for position. 84 Varsity Basketball Dave Barnett takes the ball downcourt in an encounter with Snider at the Coliseum. Senior Gary Gray seems to be in control as he drives past a Kokomo Haworth Huskie to score. Varsity Basketball N.S. 76 Goshen 61 N.S. 63 Northrop 49 N.S. 68 Michigan City 92 N.S. 69 Bishop Lueri 59 N.S. 70 South Bend Riley 87 N.S. 63 Snider N.S. 69 Kokomo 81 N.S. 69 Snider 75 N.S. 96 Dwenger 55 N.S. 95 Central Catholic 51 N.S. 84 New Haven 75 N.S. 79 Wayne (ot) 77 N.S. 83 Kokomo Haworth 76 N.S. 80 South Side 64 N.S. 68 Columbia City (ot) 64 N.S. 72 Dekalb 55 N.S. 76 Elmhurst 56 N.S. 71 Concordia 63 N.S. 55 Muncie South 59 N.S. 81 Dwenger 63 Senior John Ellis takes a jump shot over Snider ' s Andy Replogle. North won this important city series contest by a 63-53 score. All-city forward Ron Barnes fakes a shot as he attempts to out-maneuver a te- nacious Snider defense. Varsitv Basketball 85 Coach Hey gives valuable game strategy to forwards Ron Barries and Melvin Odom. The Domeland squad fielded one of its strongest benches ever this year. Redskin forward Doug Longley hits a layup on a fastbreak bucket against Leo. The Red and White captured their fourth con- secutive sectional title, 85-73. Cagers charge to The roof fell in on 12th- ranked Leo in Sectional One Finals, as the Skins won their fourth consecutive Sec- tional with a record breaking 85-73 victory. It was no easy route to the cham- pionship game for the Redskins as North drew city-runnerup Northrop in the first round action. The Bruins fought a close battle before succumb- ing 64-54. Heritage stopped Con- cordia and met the ' Skins in the Semi-Final on Friday afternoon. The county runnerups almost upset the Red Cagers, but North held off a late rally by the Patriots for a 59-57 victory. This set up the " dream game " be- tween 12th-ranked ACAC champ Leo and city titlist North. North stop- ped the Lions for the right to go on to Regional where they were upset in the first round by the East Noble Knights, 78-69. Senior Todd Habegger, All-City Center, brings the ball down after a rebound in the Sectional opener against Northrop. The Skins stopped the Bruins, 64-54. 86 Sectionals Defense played an important part in the semi-final contest with Heritage, as the Skins won 59-57. Junior guard By Choka intimidates a Patriot eager. Tourney Trail Dwenger Tourney North 69, Snider 75 North 96, Dwenger 55 Sectional One Tourney North 64, Northrop 54 North 59, Heritage 57 North 85, Leo 73 Regional Tourney North 69, East Noble 78 Netmen drop 12th-ranked Leo; tourtn straight Sectional title i OS e to East Nobie Knights Surrounded by Heritage Patriots, junior Dave Barnett goes up for a bucket in Sec- tional semi-finals. Senior Ron Barnes drives past Leo ' s Mike Lederman in the Fort Wayne Sectional One Championship game. Both players were later named to the Honorable mention list in the All-State polls. unior Rosie Johnson ' s facial expression indicates she ' s worried about the success of the Skins. Sectionals 87 if ' Ss _ The Redskin Reserves compiled a 17-3 record, equaling the best re- cord ever for a North Side junior varsity squad. Among their honors were winning the Garrett holiday reserve tournament and the mythic- al city championship. Coached by Mr. John Stauffer and Mr. Tim Rus- sell, the Red and White lost only to Northrop, Kokomo, and New Ha- ven, and included among their vic- tories conquests of Michigan City, Kokomo Haworth, and Muncie South Side. The high point total for the year came against DeKalb. The Reserves ran up 65 points in that victory. The Sophomore team finished its season with an 8 win 5 loss re- corded by Mr. Tim Russell, but lost their first three games and came back to win their next six. High points were a 60-25 stomping of New Haven and a last second win over Snider. The low point of the season broke the win string, as the Belmont Braves upset the sophs on the Redskin floor. North ' s Derek Thomas (53) goes up for a jump shot in the 95-51 victory over Cen- tral Catholic. The ' Skins were undefeated city champs. Doug Longley. a starting forward for the Redskins, eyes the basket in a drive for two points. Sophomore cage squad (kneeling from left to right are) John Stine, Phil Layton. Bill Wer- muth. Kris Cowan, Jeff Boyd, Henry Rutledge, and Dave Kitzmiller. (Standing) Coach Tim Russell, Bob Tudor, Steve Sullivan, Curtis Bonner, Brad Owens. Scott Redwanski. Doug Wetzel, Rick Taylor, and Coach John Stauffer. Reserve Basketball Reserve Basketball team, (kneeling from left to right are) Dave Ecenbarger, Tom Crosley, Tom Scheele, Doug Biedenweg, James Lindsey, Henry Rutledge. (Standing) Coach Tim Rus- sell, Bob Tudor, Scott Redwanski, Chuck Armstrong, Mel Odom, Greg Hunt, Steve Sulli- van, and Coach John Stauffer. Not available for the photograph were Rick Seaman and Bill Wermuth. n T» 1 i.l_ 11 Reserves compile 17-3 season; KeSerVe BaSketball Sophomores finish with 8-5 mark Reserve Basketball N.S. 54 Goshen 50 N.S. 32 Northrop 48 N.S. 40 Michigan City 35 N.S. 52 Luers 30 N.S. 41 South Bend Riley 27 N.S. 37 Snider 34 N.S. 42 Kokomo 51 N.S. 46 Luers 40 N.S. 45 Garrett 35 N.S. 62 Central Catholic 42 N.S. 38 New Haven 41 N.S. 62 Wayne 42 N.S. 57 Kokomo Haworth 39 N.S. 48 South Side 42 N.S. 59 Columbia City 43 N.S. 65 DeKalb 43 N.S. 44 Elmhurst 37 N.S. 52 Concordia 39 N.S. 40 Muncie South 26 N.S. 64 Dwenger 42 Sophomore starter James Lindsey fakes his man before coming up for his patented jum- pshot against Kokomo Haworth. Reserve Basketball 89 rp -ii ' Skins are in red during 1 rcLC-K. beginning of 72 season. These Redskin thinlies are dressed in the traditional garb of warmup suits and extra cloth- ing to keep them warm in the preseason practice months of January and February. Junior Mark Maxwell comes around the final turn at a morning practice. Mark was North ' s ace this year in both the mile and the 880 runs. Head Coach Tom Doerhmann is caught in a thoughtful mood while he watches his team practice early in the season. Senior Chuck Davis, junior Mark Maxwell, and sophomore Matt Schomburg finish their practice laps under the watchful eye of assistant Coach Keith Fisher. Senior Chuck Davis leads the pack around the turn during an early morning practice in the gym. Chuck ran the two-mile during the season. North ' s 1972 track squad began its season by practicing in the building during mid-January. The Red and White runners, stocked only with underclassmen, began the season with two losses, to Culver and Law- rence Central. The lack of depth and size was the ' Skins downfall in both meets. The team was defend- ing a seventh place in the State Fin- als. The Redskins were defending their seventh place in the Goshen Relays and fourth place finishes in the North Side Relays and the Fort Wayne Sectional compiled by the 1971 tracksters. 1972 track team members (Front row) Kerry Hall, Bill Piercy, Mark Schomburg, Matt Schomburg, Mark Maxwell, Chuck Davis, Neal Inscoe, Rick Robles, Randy Furness, Steve Mock. (Second row) Brad Owens, Jerry Schmidt, Kris Cowan, Rick Seaman. Jim Rodgers. Mike Jones, Rick Ludwig, Mike Leach, Dan Zweig, Mark Fisher, Larry Norton. Ralph Shaf- fer, Tim Myers, Tom Schevtchuk. (Not pictured) Mike Lauer. 91 lit ' ■ I ' . i ii W mir A ik gS-g J k§m w nw mm± - ■i Ha H A ' V ' . " 1 ( i 1 Pii - . " " •■ — - - . " " " " — » - Traditions and transitions; The path of youth goes on Album Junior and sophomore NHS members are (Front row) Patty Martin, Jane Snyder, Jo- anne Burke, Lee Coslow, Nancy Steiner, Palti Hein, Mary Sherman, Becky Davis, Janine Burke. (Second row) Linda Kruse, Ann Moore, Sandy Uetrecht, Glen Nevogt, Ann (ones, Rhonda Fox, Laura Foote, Barb Derr, Barb Hoppel. (Third row) Paula Koe- nig, Patti Kipling, Robert Grant, Matt Weis- enberg, Mark Morton, George Wagner, Clint Anthis, Charles Davis, Steve Mays, Karen McDonald. (Fourth row) Jana Ha- begger, Brian Brunson, ]erry Kirkpatrick, Gene Chaffin, Dave Johnson, Charles Arm- strong, Bob Tudor, Jim Wehrenberg, Mark Fisher, Capi Seeger, Mike Martone. (Not pictured) Kurt Ahlersmeyer, Elaine Carlson. Mark Stine, Valedictorian Sharon Koenig, Salutatorian j j I Top students in Class of 72 lT.OIl.OrS set the pace for their group Senior NHS members are (Front row) Mark Adams, Rhonda Keesler, Amy Hu- ghes, Sandra Eloranta, Mona Rae Feist, Nancy Hileman, Joyce Harsch, Denise Har- tup, Carla Ehler, David Jennings. (Second row) Joyce Houser, Debbie Hart, Maren Kolin, Cheri Burd, Debbie Hinshaw, Krys- tal Keller, Becky Beyerlein, Jeanne Chand- ler, Jeanetta Griffith, Marguerite Cincere. (Third row) Joyce Keever, Vanessa Fiscus, Lori Kuester, Kathy Goshert, John Jarboe, Dave Bartholomew, Chuck Davis, Tom Be- necke, Kathy Hageman, Rea Doenges, Joy Gunsenhouser. (Fourth row) Sharon Koe- nig, Jane Collins, Mark Albright, Kerry Knuth, Gordon Hunt, Gary Gray, Todd Habbegger, Tom Johnston, Bob Hunter, Jill Hinkle, Sue Hoffman, Karen Feller. (Not pictured) Janet Bossard, Mark Coslow, Beth Fremion, Sue Irmscher. Kathy Goshert, High Honors Todd Habegger, High Honors Senior NHS members are (Front row) Mar- sha Helmke, Wendy Robertson, Susan Schory, Jill Lauber, Sue Snyder, Denise Yaney, Sandra Schory, Patty Pion, Sheryl Schlickmann. (Second row) Lee Ann Myers, Elizabeth Lytle, Mary Ann Loch- ner, Carla Schmidt, Judy O ' Grady, Kay Po- wers, Kay McKinnis, Connie Zurcher, Ter- ri Zimmerman, Kathy Norris. (Third row) Nannette Sievers, Sharon Walters, Bernar- dine Logan, Tim Woods, Larry Strong, Jim Schaffer, Gabe Shaheen, Margaret Welfle, Janet Patrick, Steve Long. (Fourth row) Kathy Voirol, Steve Welch, David Preston, Marv Marino, Mark Stine, Shawn Sabo, Jim Neill, Tim Seifert, Bill Weigand, Dave Lehrman, Don Miser. (Not pictured) Don- na Onion, Kim Richeal, Cheryl Schiefers- tein. Cheryl Schieferstein, High Honors Gabriel Shaheen, High Honors Attempting to correct errors in scheduling was a major task un- dertaken by Dr. Anthis at the beginning of the year. Faculty, Staff, Administration Teaching sophomore Redskins their school song is the objective of Mr. John Hill and Mr. Philip Stubblefield, vocal music tea- chers. Dr. Bill C. Anthis accepts Larry Strong ' s presentation of the North Pole, the travel- ing trophy to be awarded annually to the winner of the North vs. Northrop basket- ball game. 96 Faculty, Staff. Administration Assistant Principal Mr. Max Updike fi- nishes typing a memo to be delivered by a waiting office helper. Number of teachers shrinks; many teachers instruct block programs; faculty sponsors outside activities; Dr. Anthis provides advice Seventy-two teachers made up the faculty for this year, as compared to 90 in the previous year. The two new high schools in Fort Wayne ac- counted for the rearrangement of many teachers. This made neces- sary larger classes. Many teachers felt that the formation of block schedules eased the situation. Fa- culty working in the block pro- grams said they found them helpful in teaching large numbers of stu- dents. Much of the faculty spent spare time with extracurricular activities. Many had coaching duties, while others sponsored clubs in their yearly activities. Throughout the year Dr. Bill C. An- this spent much of his time advis- ing students and faculty. Home Economics teacher Miss Martha Moore takes a passes and ensure that no non-students enter the building 3t at the cafeteria door to check Faculty. Staff. Administration 97 Mrs. Vesta Anderson Dr. Bill Anthis Mrs. Wilma Ashe Mr. Barry Ashton Miss Virginia Ayers Mrs. Betty Baugh Mr. Ward Beckley Miss Marjorie Bell Mr. Kenneth Biberstein Mr. Jon Bill Mr. Lawrence Bott Mr. Duane Brown Mr. Tommy Bullock Mr. William Cassill Mr. Charles Clark Miss Jody Clay Mrs. Mary Cowan Mrs. Edna Crocker Mr. Ted Crum Mr. Cesar de la Guardia Mr. Joseph DiPietro Mr. Thomas Dohrmann Miss Anne Donnelly Mrs. Vera Doty Miss Rosalie Doust Mr. Ronald Dvorak Mr. John Eastes Mr. Robert Edwards Mrs. Lizzie Epps Mr. Charles Feller Mr. Keith Fisher Mr. Norman Fisher Mr. Cleon Fleck Mr. Mike Gall Mrs. Sherrylene Gerber Cheerblock sponsor Miss Anne Donnelly, along with cheerblock members, examines recently received Christmas candles. The candles were sold by cheerblock to raise money for bus trips to away games. Mr. Dale Goon Mr. Neal Graham Mr. Harold Gruver Mrs. Sandra Haiflich Mr. Alvin Harris Mrs. Gladys Hayner Mr. John Heath Mr. Myron Henderson Mr. Byard Hey Mr. John Hill Mr. Keith Hoskins Mr. Fred Humphrey Mr. Don Hunter Mrs. Jacqueline Hutmacher Mr. Richard Irving Mr. Hyrle Ivy Mrs. Irma Johnson Mrs. Dolores Klocke Mrs. Ann Lehman Mr. Paul Lemke Ati fc 4 h Faculty 99 Mrs. Mary Kay Shutt, secretary to Dr. Anthis, checks her records to untangle a problem concerning a student ' s sche- Mr. )ames Lewinski Mr. Beryl Lewis Mrs. Betty Loper Mr. Robert Lovell Mrs. Freeda Malecek Mr. John Malott Mrs. Donna McBane Mr. Don McClead Mrs. Gladys Merriman Mrs. Candace Miller Mr. William Mitchell Miss Martha Moore Mrs. Kathleen Neuhaus Mr. Frederick Niemeyer Mrs. Zola Noble Mrs. Marjorie Paris Mr. Robert Pugh Mrs. Mary Purkhiser Mrs. Ramona Ransburg Mr. Merle Rice 100 Faculty Mr. Timothy Russell Mr. Thomas Schooler Mr. Orvil Schlatter Mr. Gary Schultz Mrs. Maxine Shepler Mrs. Mary Shutt Mr. Waveland Snider Mr. Douglas Stark Mr. John Stauffer Mr. Phil Stubblefield Miss Norma Thiele Mr. Stephen Timler Mr. Mark Tipple Miss Sandra Todd Mr. Robert Traster Mr. Max Updike Mrs. Betty Wagner Mr. Clive Wert Mrs. Carolyn Zehner Dean ot Girls Miss Sandra Todd turns to take a break in a busy morning ol taking ID photos. IDs were used to enable stu- dents to gain admission to dances and oth er school-sponsored activities Faculty 101 Custodial staff members are Clarence Huffman, Joe Bryie, Charles Moore, Tom Rader, Fred Niemeyer, Carl Gauert. Teachers Mrs. Candace Miller, Miss Martha Moore, and Mr. Larry Bott engage in active combat with snowballs in a battle in front of school. Custodians, Cooks Custodial staff prepares field; Cafeteria workers begin speed line Cafeteria Workers are (Front row) Evelyn Durbin, Helen Hallien, Kathryn Carpenter, Mar- jorie Paris (manager), Mary Olinske, Dorotha Correa, Miriam Bartaway. (Second row) Doris Byanski, Mary Cully, Kitty Loeffler, Rosemary Shipman (assistant manager) Betty Dennis, Mary Exner. Louise Rhoades. (Not pictured) Diana Edwards, Mildred Murray. In addition to the duties usually as- sociated with their position, the janitors also accomplished such tasks as cleaning the stadium after football games and preparing the field beforehand. As usual, the custodial staff worked both a day and a night shift. A new feature initiated by the cafe- teria workers was the speed line. This was an extra service line in the cafeteria in which students could purchase a quick lunch of a sand- wich, cookies, and milk. The ladies also prepared the usual plate lu nch and again provided the a la carte line in which students could choose from a variety of foods. To help with the supervision of the Cafeteria, several ladies worked as aides. 102 Janitors, Cooks HK Mr. Neal Graham, music instructor, takes a break after class, gazing at the TV in the tea- chers ' lounge. Mr. By Hey, trigonometry teacher and head basketball coach. stuffs down a piece of pizza after the basketball practice. Teachers Mr. Orvil Schlatter and Mr. Ward Beckley get their daily exercise of jogging ten miles around the boys ' gym. Faculty 103 Faculty Directory ANDERSON. MRS. VESTA F. Beginning Typing; Ball State U. — B.S. ANTHIS. DR. BILLC. Principal: Indiana State U. — B.S.. M.S.; Indiana U. — Ph.D. ASHE, MRS. WILMA E. Clerical Practice; Advanced Shorthand. Beginning Typing. Business Club, Cleric- al Service Center. Indiana State U. of Pennsylvania — B.S.; St. Francis Col- lege— M.S. ASHTON, MR. BARRY A. Fine Arts Dept. Head, Band. Orchestra. Theory. Allied Arts, Wildsiders, Jazz En- semble; Tri-M, Pep Band; Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Pep Band, Arro- vvettes. Indiana U. — B.M.E.; Ball State U. — M.A.; Earlham; Purdue U. AYERS. MISS VIRGINIA M. Typing, Record Keeping: Indiana U — B.S.. M.S.; Purdue U. BAUGH. MRS. BETTY Indiana U. — B.S.; St. Francis — M.S.E. BECKLEY. MR. WARD T English. Latin; J.C.L.; Ball State U. — B.S.; St. Francis — M.A.E. BELL, MISS MARJORIE E. Art; Indiana U. — B.S.; Teachers College Columbia U. — M.A. BIBERSTEIN, MR. KENNETH E. Fine Arts Block. Allied Arts; Ball State U.— B.S. BILL, MR. JON M. Industrial Arts; Purdue U. — B.S.. M.S. BOTT. MR. LAWRENCE E. English; Key Club. Boys ' Cheerblock; In- diana Institute of Technology — Saint Francis College — B.A., M.S. BROWN, MR. DUANE U.S. History; Football Coach; Ashland College— B.S.; Indiana U.— M.S. BULLOCK. MR. TOMMY Arts. Crafts; S.I.C.. Afro-American Club; Assist. Wrestling Coach; Mississippi Vallev State College — B.S. CASSILL. MR. WILLIAM Industrial Arts; U. of Maryland State University — B.S.. M.A. CLARK. MR. CHARLES L. Advanced Algebra; Math Dept. Defiance — A.B.; Ohio State — M.A. Maine. Purdue. CLAY. MISS JODY Secretary to Mr. Updike. COWAN, MRS. MARY ANNE Secretary — Registrar; Indiana U. CROCKER. MRS. EDNA M. Home Ec, Home-Ec Dept Head; Indiana U.— B.S.. U. of Minnesota— M.A. CRUM. MR. TED Audio Visual Coordinator. A.V. Club; Ball State U.— B.S.; St. Francis Col- lege— M.S.; Indiana U. — A.V.C. de la GUARDIA. MR. CESAR D. Spanish; MLC; St. Francis College — A.B. DiPIETRO, MR. JOSEPH A. Phys. Ed; Coaching; Ass ' t Football Coach, Ass ' t Track Coach; Morehead State U.— A.B.; Xavier U.— M.A. DOHRMANN, MR. THOMAS E. German. Alcohol Narcotics; Asst. Football Coach; Head Track Coach; Val- paraiso U. — B.S.; Indiana U. — M.S. DONNELLY. MISS ANNE Physical Ed.; Physical Education Dept. Head; Cheerleaders. Cheerblock, Intra- murals; Mt. Mary College. Indiana Ohio Head; U. of U.— B.S.. M.S. DOTY. MRS. VERA M. School Treasurer; Indiana U. DOUST, MISS ROSALIE English, National Honor Society; St. Francis — B.A, DVORAK, MR. RONALD L. Chemistry. Advanced Science; Phy- Chem; Science Dept. Head; Science Councilor: Indiana State U. — B.S. Pur- due U. — M.S. Northern Illinois U. — Research Grant; Ohio State U. EASTES. MR. JOHN Recordkeeping. Beginning Accounting. Business Law. Beginning Typing; Hu- ntington College, Indiana U. — B.S., M.S. EDWARDS, MR. ROBERT Industrial Arts. Dept. Head; Ohio Nor- thern U. — B.S.. U. of Michigan — M.A. EPPS, MRS. LIZZIE M. " English; Henderson State College — B.A., M.S.E. FELLER. MR. CHARLES K. World History; Bowling Green State U. — M.A. FISHER. MR. KEITH C Business, Typing, Accounting; Head Cross Country Coach, Assistant Track Coach; St. Francis College — B.A., M.S. FISHER. MR. NORMAN J. Developmental Reading; Manchester College — B.S.; St. Francis College — M.S. FLECK, MR. CLEON L. U.S. History, World Affairs; Social Studies Dept. Head; Facultv-Staff Social Committee Ch.; DePauw U.— A.B., U. of Wisconcin — M.A., Indiana U. — M.S. GALL, MR. MIKE English; Indiana U., Ball State U. — B.A.. M.A. GERBER. MRS. SHERRYLENE Spanish; Z-Club; Ball State U. — B.A.; St. Francis College — M.A. GOON, MR. DALEE. Algebra; New Mexico School of Mines. LSU. Manchester — B.S.. Indiana U.— M.S. GRAHAM; MR. NEAL Band, Orchestra, Allied Arts; Rehearsal Stage Band; Ball State U.— B.S. GRUVER, MR. HAROLD K. English; Indiana U. — M.S. HAIFLICH. MRS. SANDRA J. English, Spanish; FTA; St. Francis Col- lege— A.B.; M.A. HARRIS. MR. ALVIN C. Guidance Counselor; Chess Club, SIC: Central State College — B.S.; St. Francis College — M.S. HAYNER, MRS. GLADYS Secretary — Guidance Office HEATH. MR. JOHN D. English. World History, Developmental Reading; Social Committee; Editor, Fa- culty Staff News; Indiana U. — B.S.; St. Francis College — M.S. HENDERSON. MR. MYRON H. Government; Tennis Coach; Manches- ter— A.B. Ball State— M.A. HEY. MR. BYARD Trigonometry, Physical Education; Let- termen; Track. Clerk of Course. Football Announcer. Head Basketball Coach: In- diana U. — B.S., M.S.; Ball State U.. Pur- due U., St. Francis College. HILL. MR. JOHN R. A Cappella Choir. Troubadours. Madrig- DePauw Sociology; DECA; Recordkeeping; -B.S., M.S.; In- al Singers. Arts; Ball State U. — B.S HOSKINS. MR. KEITH Adv. Biology. Beginning Biology; In- diana U. — B.S. HUMPHREY. MR. FRED English; Senior Prom; DePauw, U. of Miami — B.S., M.S.; Indiana U. HUNTER. MR. DON Fund. Algebra. Adv.; Assist. Football. Wrestling Coach: Ball State U. — B.S.. M.S. HUTMACHER, MRS. JACQUELINE Adv. Typing. Beg. Shorthand, Record Keeping; Social Committee: U.— B.A. IRVING, MR. RICHARD DECA. Government. Indiana State U. — B.S IVY, MR. HYRLE A. JR. ICT. ICT Club; U. of Alabama— B.S., Ball State — M.A. JOHNSON. MRS. IRMA Shorthand. Typing, F.S.A; Indiana State U diana U.. St. Francis College KLOCKE. MRS. DOLORES J Guidance Coordinator; Adviser of Soph- omore Class; Western Illinois U. — B.S., Northwestern U. — M.A. LEHMAN. MRS. ANN D. Secretary-Receptionist in Principal ' s Of- fice. LEMKE, MR. PAUL Spanish; Foreign Language Dept. Head; Language Lab: Northwestern U. — B.S., M.A. LEWINSKI, MR JAMES R. English. Literature: English Dept. Head. Student Council. NHS: Indiana U.— A.B.: U. of Michigan— M.A., U. of Syracuse. L ' . of Illinois. U. of Notre Dame. LEWIS, MR. BERYL A. Chemistry; Ball State U.— B.S.. M.A. LOPER. MRS. BETTY Attendance Clerk; Ball State LOVELL. MR. ROBERT Algebra. Geometry: Rose Polytechnic In- stitute — B.S. Indiana State ' U. — M.S., Purdue. Florida State, Luther College. Lake Forest College MALECEK. MRS. FREEDA J. A-V, Media Center MALOTT. MR. JOHN R. Sociology; Tavlor U. — A.B., Ball State —M.A. McBANE. MRS. DONNA English; Indiana U. — B.S. McCLEAD, MR DONALD P. Art; Social Committee; Ball State U.— B.S., M.A. MERRIMAN. MRS. GLADYS K. English; American Education Week Chairman; Manchester College; Indiana U.— A.B., M.S.; Iowa State. MILLER. MRS. CANDACE L. Cooperative Office Ed.; Office Ed. Asso- ciation; Indiana U. — B.S.. M.S. MITCHELL. MR. WILLIAM Dean; Junior Class; Ball State. Hunting- ton College — B.S.. Indiana U. — M.S. MOORE. MISS MARTHA Human Development Housing; Y-Teens; Ball State U.— A.B. NEUHAUS, MRS. KATHLEEN English; Helicon; St. Francis — B.A.. M.S. NIEMEYER. MR. FRED 104 Faculty Directory Head Custodian NOBLE, MRS. ZOLA M. English; Ripplettes; Anderson Col- lege— B.A. PARIS. MRS. MARJORIE Cafeteria Manager PUGH, MR. ROBERT W. English; Helicon Club; DePauw U. — B.A., U. of Wisconsin— M.S. PURKHISER, MRS. MARY D. U.S. History. Government, Sociology, World History; Hanover College — A.B., St. Francis College, Ball State U. RANSBURG, MRS. RAMONA St. Francis — A.B., Indiana U. — M.A., Ball State U. RICE, MR. MERLE D. Physics. Man-Made World, Adv. Science; Rose-Hulman Tech — B.S.E.E.; Ball State U. — M.S.; Indiana Tech, St. Francis. RUSSELL, MR. TIMOTHY U.S. History; Assist. Basketball Coach, Head Baseball Coach; Butler U. — A.B., Indiana U. — M.S. SCHAEFER, MR. THOMAS E. Drawing, Metals; Ball State U. — B.S. SCHLATTER, MR. ORVIL Earth Science, U.S. History, Government; Ft. Wavne Bible College— B.S.; Ball State U.—M. A., Indiana U.— M.A.T. SHEPI.ER, MRS. MAXINE E. Secretary-Athletic Dept. SCHULTZ, MR. GARY D. Speech, English; NFL; School Dances; Ball State U.— B.S.; St. Francis. SHUTT, MRS. MARY K. Secretary to Principal SNIDER. MR. WAVELAND II. Government, Sociology, U.S. History; Ti- mekeeper for basketball; Manchester College— B.S.; Indiana U. — M.S. STARK, MR. DOUGLAS E. Drama, Speech; Stage Club; Ball State U.— B.S. STAUFFER, MR. JOHN Mathematics; Assistant Basketball Coach; Golf Coach; DePauw U. — B.A. Indiana U. — M.S. STUBBLEFIELD, MR. PHILLIP Asst. Choral Director, Fine Arts Classes; Ball State U.— B.S. THIELE, MISS NORMA Journalism, English; Quill and Scroll, 1500 Club; Northerner, Legend; Indiana U. — A.B., M.A. TIMLER. MR. STEPHEN P. Guidance; Indiana State U. — B.S., St. Francis College — M.S. TIPPLE. MR. MARK Earth Science; Key Club; Indiana U. B.S.. M.A.T. TODD, MISS SANDRA M. Dean of Girls; Michigan State U. — B.A.. Ball State U.— M.A.. Purdue U. TRASTER. MR. ROBERT Athletic Director; Manchester — B.A. Ball State— M.A. UPDIKE, MR. MAX Assistant principal; Manchester. B.S., Indiana U., M.S.; Michigan State, St Francis, Ball State, Purdue WAGNER, MRS. BETTY M. Arrowettes; Study Hall Clerk WERT. MR. CLIVE R. Industrial Arts; Ball State — B.S.. M.S. ZEHNER. MRS. CAROLYN Library Club; Librarian; Indiana U., B.S. Mr. Donald Hunter, varsity wrestling coach, sounds off with stern words of encouragement at a home wrestling meet. Faculty Directory 105 Rich Hassel, injured in the football cam- paign, receives an athletic award from Coach Duane Brown. £3r To boost the spirit of the basketball and wrestling teams, seniors present a pep ses- sion skit featuring Saint Nick. Picking up a little extra spending money is Bob Andrews ' goal as he considers the Job Opportunities board. Kevin Ferguson exhorts his fellow Red- skins to yell a little louder and boost team morale. 106 Seniors £, . i Class participates in athletics, supports teams; oGIllOrS Seniors act in plays; work at outside jobs Janet Bossard portrays Glenda, the good witch, in the drama departm ent production of " The Wizard of Oz. ' Pam Baker and Carla Ehler admire the many styles of class rings on display in the trophy case. Seniors 107 Tim Angel Robert Anspach Mike Archer Carol Ayers Dave Bartholomew Steve Battel! Thomas Benecke 108 Seniors David Benner Eileen Benson Connie; Bergman Barbara Bergquist Timothy Berry Ted Betley Roxie Blum Steven Bogenschutz Janis Bolyard Debbie Borders Janet Bossard Debbie Bowers Connie Boyd Mary Boyles Paula Bracht Francine Branning Harold Brewer • Michael Brisentine Hubert Brooks Seniors 109 Cheryl Buckmaste r Carl Brovles ? 0 Tim Broyles " 3L Dian Bullock Cheryl Burd Sheri Buckley Susan Byanski Charlene Calhoun Robin Calhoun Rose Calhoun Jeanne Chandler Nancy Chandler Kevin Cochlin 110 Seniors Vicky Dale Maria Dancer Fredrick Davidson Alvin Davis Charles Davis Terry Dennis Wilmon Dennis Steven Desmond Seniors 111 Sheila Dufor Cathv Dunbar Frederick Eaglin Carla Ehler Kenny Elder Sandra Eloranta James Ely Richard Erler Brenda Estep Karen Falls Mona Rae Feist Cathy Feldheiser Leonard Felger Kevin Ferguson Connie Ferrier Janet Fields 112 Seniors Cheryl Finkhouse ■ r Joseph Firestine Vanessa Fiscus James Fleck Michael Folk Frankie Gatewood Cindy Gething Darlene Giessler Kevin Gilliam A Raymond Gilson Carolyn Glaspie Joyce Glusenkamp hi lip Godfrey Merle Goodin Seniors 113 Paula Goodin Vicki Goodpaster Kathy Goshert Judy Grady Robert Graham Gary Gray Jeff Greeno Linda Gresham Helen Grimes Vicki Grider Jeanetta Griffith Deborah Gronau Joy Gunsenhouser Keith Gurevsky Altermease Guy Robert Guv Todd Habegger Kathy Hagan Kathy Hageman Patty Hamrick Debra Hanauer Randy Harding Joyce Harsch 114 Seniors Deborah Hart Denise Hartup Kathy Harrison Richard Harter Denise Hatch Janet Hatch Daryl Hatcher Brian Headings Dennis Heck Donald Heeren Marsha Helmke Richard Henry John Henschen Debra Hensley Daniel Herstad Robert Hinga Lloyd Hinsch Debbie Hinshaw Seniors 115 Amy Hughes Dorn Hughes Gordon Hunt Robert Hunter Suzette Hurley 116 Seniors Stephen Jones Mark Kantzer Dorthea Karn Rhonda Keesler Joyce Keever Debbie Keller Krystal Keller Paul Keller III Dan Kiltv Connie Knuth Kerry Knuth Sharon Koen Maren Kolin David Kowalczvk Laura Kuester Carolyn LaRue Bill Lasley Jill Lauber Jean Lawrence Sharon Layton Michael Leach I Hi Dave Lehrman Geoffrey Leinker 118 Seniors Marvin Marino Alida Martinez Aaron Mason Mary Maybee Monique McBride Dwight McComb Dennis McCreary Donald McGinlev Karen McGinley Michael McGowan Kaye McKinnis Kathleen McMahan Andrew Meehan Karen Meeks Beth Menges Sondra Mentzer Missv Mercier Phyllis Meredith Seniors 119 Connie Miller Cynthia Miller Dennis Miller Kathy Miller Linda Miller Marsha Miller Donald Miser Andrew Moore Janice Moore James Morken Kenneth Mowan Dan Mover Joanne Murphy Billie Murray Lee Ann Myers 1L John Navarra Gregg Need ham Johnny Nelson Billy Nesbitt 120 Seniors Julie Neuhaus Teresa Nicholson Dennis Nicolet Thomas Nix Randy Nordyke Donna Onion Gregory Parrish Becky Parrot Janet Patrick Deborah Pernell Patrice Phillips Timothy Pierce Rhonda Pifer Seniors 121 Claire Rammel Richard Ray Mike Reader James Redmond Kimberly Richeal Debbie Richardson Russ Rider Fred Roberson Barbara Robertson Wendv Robertson Candee Robinson Steve Rockev Alex Rodriguez Victoria Romano 122 Seniors Denise Roy Amy Ruf Jeanne Russell Lynn Sauders James Savage James Schaffer Cheryl Schieferstein Sheryl Schlickman Ronald Schlup Rebecca Schmid Carla Schmidt Curtis Schmidt Judv Schmidt Susan Schory William Schrader Patricia Shade Seniors 123 Gabriel Shaheen Vickie Shepherd Barbara Shepler Janet Shoemaker Steven Shumaker Nanette Sievers Cheryl Simpson Kathy Simpson Mike Skordos t A Douglas Smith Colleen Soucie Debra Sparks Wendell Sprunger Cherie Spuhler Suzanne St. John Melodie Stark Janice Steigmeyer Gary Stemen Cheryl Stephens 124 Seniors Kathy Stone Michele Stonebreaker Larry Strong David Stutz Frank Sullivan Greg Suit Kathleen Swartz Rick Sweeney Randy Tanner Shirley Tassler Diane Taylor Paulette Taylor Debra Thomas Derek Thomas Jenine Thompson lb ' mil Michael Tunnell Vincent Turner Joyce Tuttle Burton Theresa Upton Seniors 12o Anthony Valentine Kirk Van Ryn Janice Vaughn Linda Verhaegen Patricia Vice Daniel Warrick David Wearly Sandra Webber Suzanne Weisz Donna Whitaker Glenda White Pam Whitehurst Bill Wiegand Amv Wilkens 126 Seniors Laura Wilkens John Williams Larry Williams Russell Williams Henerietta Wilson Gregory Wood Don Woodard Flora Woodfin Jack Woodruff Debra Woods Timothy Woods Debra Workman Brenda Worman Rhonda Wraley Denise Yanev Dean Yoquelel Terri Zimmerman ACHENBACH, PEEGE Student Council; Football; Cheerblock; Basketball; Intramur- als; Cheerleader (Powder Puff); S.I.C. ADAMS, MARK THOMAS Baseball; Boys ' Cheerblock; Foot- ball (Co-captain); Key Club (Secr- etary); PTSA; Sophomore Class President; Student Council Repr- esentative; Student Council Vice- President; Wrestling AHLERSMEYER, DENNIS JAMES ICT ALBRIGHT, MARK ANDREW Concert Band; Drum Major; JCL; Madrigals; Orchestra; Pep Band; Swimming Team; Tri-M; Trouba- dors; Wildsiders ALLISBAUGH, DEBORAH KAYE FSA; OEA ALLISON, DARRELL EUGENE ALLISON, VADIE Afro Hertiage Club; GAA; Home- coming Court; Prom Court; (Cen- tral) ANDREW, MYKIE M. ICT; VICA ANGEL, TIMOTHY ANDREWS, ROBERT R1ETHMILLER Cheerblock; Football; Legend Agent; MLC; Northerner, Sports Editor, Feature Editor; 1500 Club; Jr. Planning Board; Speech; Stu- dent Council; S.I.C. ANSPACH, ROBERT E. Football; Wrestling; Track; S.I.C. ARCHER, MICHAEL ARNOLD, TOM AYERS, CAROL ELAINE Afro American Club; Booster Club; G.A.A.; Junior Congress; Math Club; Publication Staff Wri- ter; Publication Model; Soph- omore Congress; (Central) S.I.C. BALTES, CATHY MARIE D.E.; MLC BANEY, KEVIN ERIC Football; Wrestling; ICT; Student Council Representative EARNER, CHRISTINE JANE Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Office Worker; Sophomore Class Representative; Legend Agent BARNES, RONALD EUGENE Letterman ' s Club; Football; Bas- ketball; (Central) HARROW, JANINE F. liARTHOLOMEW, DAVE A. Band (Vice-President); Basketball Mgr.; )CL; Orchestra; Track Mgr.; Wildsiders BATTELL. STEVE MICHAEL Ch eerleading (Powder Puff); Jun- ior Planning Board; Intramurals; Sophomore Planning Board BAY, DON ALLEN Auto Body (Central) BEISWENGER, NICK BENECKE, THOMAS A. Football; Key Club (Treasurer); Student Council; Boys ' Cheer- block; Swimming BENNER, DAVID ALAN Boys ' Intramurals HENNETT, GREG ROBERT BENSON, EILEEN M. FSA; Girls ' Cheerblock; Girls Intramurals; Legend Senior Editor; Legend Ass ' t Organizations Editor; Legend Agent; Northerner; Y-Teens BERGMAN, CONNIE SUE Business Club; Service Worker BERQUIST, BARBARA J. Service Worker BERRY, TIMOTHY RUDOLPH BETLEY, TED P. Boys ' Cheerblock; Key Club; Wrestling — Mgr. BEYERLEIN, REBECCA JAN Concert Band; Girls ' Cheerblock; Helicon; JCL; Marching Band; MLC; Northerner — Assistant News Editor; Pep Band; Junior Planning Board Alternate; Z-Club BISHOP, DWIGHT BLAIR, PATRICIA ANN Business Club; Cheerblock (head) GAA; Junior Class Play; Publications (Central); Powder Puff Game; S.I.C. (Secretary); Service Club; Speech Club; Girl ' s Intramurals BLAZER, KIM ANN A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Chanticleers; MLC; Service Worker ULUM, ROXIE J. D.E.; Office Work BOBAY, ART E. BOGENSCHUTZ, STEVEN JOSEPH Boys ' Cheerblock; Key Club; NFL; Speech Team; Student Council Representative; Varsity Football; Legend Business Manager; Legend Sports Editor; 1500 Club BOLIN, WILLIS GEORGE Auto Body (Central) BOLLINGER, MARILYN ANN Office Work BOLYARD, JANIS ANN Girl ' s Cheerblock BORDERS, DEBBIE J. Marching Band; Concert Band BOREN, MICHAEL JAMES BOSSARD, JANET PATRICIA Cheerblock; Cheerleading; Helicon; MLC; Orchestra; Planning Board (Sophomore Junior); Ripplettes; Speech Debate; Z Club BOYD, CONNIE SUE Arrowetts; Ripplettes; Student Council Alternate BOWMAN, AL ICT BOYD, JOHN BOYLES, MARY J. Office Work, Jr.; Cafeteria Work, Soph. BRACHT, PAULA KAY BRADY, DANIEL O. BRANNING, FRANCINE M. ICT, Reporter BREWER, HAROLD DEAN Cross-Country; Track; Wrestling BRISENTINE, MICHAEL W. BROOKS, HUBERT C. Boy ' s Cheerblock Pam Whitehurst, senior powder puff team member, catches a pass as she practices for the junior-senior powder puff game, the main event to be held during Spirit Week. Senior Greg Suit preludes the senior class officer nomination assembly on the school organ. BROWN, RICHARD L. Baseball Manager; Chess Club President; Track BROWN, VICKI . Concert Band; Marching Band; Northerner; Business Manager; Circulation Manager; News Bureau; 1500 Club BROYLES, CARL BROYLES, TIM BRYANT, GLENN BUCKEL, KEN Cross-Country Soph., Jr. BUCKLEY, SHER1 ANN BUCKM ASTER, CHERYL ANNE MLC BULLOCK, DIAN BURD, CHERYL LAVON Cheerblock; Junior Planning Board; Modern Language Club; National Honor Society; Sopho- more Planning Board BURKHOLDER, STEVE LEE ICT BUTLER, RITA JO Cheerblock BYANSKI, SUSAN MARIE Northerner Agent CADE, ROGER CALHOUN, CHARLENE KAY DECA CALHOUN, ROBIN GAIL Cheerblock; DECA CALHOUN, ROSE L. Central: Service Club; GAA; North Side: Student Involvement Committee CARPENTER, COURTLAND J. CARR, RON EDWIN CHANDLER, JEANNE MARIE Future Teacher ' s; Girls Cheerblock CHANDLER, NANCY JEAN CHAPPUIS, MARK RICHARD Boy ' s Cheerblock; Helicon; Key Club, Secretary — Junior, Presi- dent — Senior; Northerner Agent; Student Council; Service Worker; Varsity Football; Varsity Wres- tling CHESTER, STEVE M. CHRISTLIEB, GARY WAYNE CHRISTMAN, BEVERLY ANN Leader Corps; Cheerblock — Presi- dent; Reserve Cheerleading; Ser- vice Worker; Sophomore Class Secretary- Treasurer; Z-Club CINCERE, MARQUERITE ANNE Powderpuff Football; Z-Club CLARK, JON ERWIN Chess Club CLARK, MATT L. CLARK, SUSAN GAIL Cheerblock; Legend Agent CLAY, PAULA ANN Chanticleers; National Forsenic League; Officer — Recording Secretary; Speech Team; Student Council Alternate Representative CLEM, FLOYD CLEM, JOYCE CLEMENS, DONALD WILLIAM COCHLIN, KEVIN THOMAS Stagecraft COE, JULIE ANN COLCORD, DAVID KNIGHT Sophomore Planning Board; Key Club; Dramatics COLE, PHIL COLLINS, JANE E. A ' Cappella; Helicon; Madrigals; MLC; Orchestra; Troubadours CONNER, GEORGE Science Club, Tennis Team; (Cen- tral) CONVERSE, RODERIC JOHN COOLEY, DAVID WAYNE COSLOW, MARK COVAULT, CAROL ANN DECA; Girls Cheerblock CRABILL, STEVE CRAIN, MARK S. CRIDER, LOUISE JEAN CRIDER, LYNNETTEJAN CRISWELL, SUSAN ELAINE Chanticleers; Drama; Sophomore Choir; Sophomore Planning Board; Stagecraft; Powder Puff Football CROSBY, JOYCE ANN Cheerblock; Northerner Ad Manager, Editor; Feature Editor; Journalism Plaque: Northerner Agent; 1500 Club CROWE, JANET G. CURRY, BARBARA CUTIGNI, RICK ALAN A ' Capella; Concert Band; Foot- ball; Marching Band; Madrigals; Troubs; Wildsiders; Wrestling; Pep Band; Varsity Band DAHM, JEROME EDWARD Boy ' s Cheerblock; Powder Puff Cheerleader; MLC; Wrestling DALE, VICKY LYNN Girls Cheerblock; Northerner Agent; Reserve Cheerleader DANCER, MARLA S. Z-Club DAVIDSON, FREDRICK WILLIAM Basketball Manager; Cheerblock: Intramurals; Key Club; Physical Education Assistant; Student In- volvement Committee DAVIS, ALVIN DAVIS, CHARLES R. Cross-Country; Track DENNIS, TERRY L. Cheerblock; Drama: National Thespian DENNIS, WILMON Football (Soph.); Intramurals DESMONDS, STEVEN AUGUST Boy ' s Cheerblock DIAL, CHARLES EDWARD DIDIER, AMY ANN Cheerblock; Junior Planning Board; MLC; Northerner; PTSA: Student Council Representative: Student Involvement Committee DOCTOR. DOUGLAS DODANE. MARTI DOENGES. RE A A. A ' Capella; Chanticleers: Concert Band; Folk Choir; Helicon: Hig- hlighters: Speech Team; Wildsi- ders DONOHUE. JANINE MARIE OEA DRUHOT. RENEE LORRAINE Girl ' s Cheerblock: Legend Agent: MLC; Northerner A ent: Xorther- Senior Directory 129 North Side ' s ceremonial Indian, senior Kevin Ferguson, takes a break at a home football game and talks to a friend, Bob Andrews, also a senior. The job of the Indian is to promote spirit at the games. ner Staff Ads, Features, Exchange Editor; Student Involvement Committee; Z-Club DUFOR, SHEILA KAY Drama; G.A.A.; Junior Class (President) (Central); Service Worker; Speech DUNBAR, CATHY SUE Girls Cheerblock; MLC EAGLIN, FREDERICK G. A ' Capella Choir; Boy ' s Cheerb- lock ECENBARGER, DAVE EHLER, CARLA S. Cheerblock (Secretary); Reserve, Varsity Cheerleading; J, S Plan- ning Board; Legend Agent; MLC, (Treasurer) ELDER, KENNY M. ELDER, STEVEN ALLEN Central: Student Council ELLIS, JOHN L. Student Involvement Committee ELORANTA, SANDRA KAY OEA ELY, JAMES WILLIAM ICT ERLER, RICHARD RAYMOND Concert Band; Marching Band; Pep Band ESTEP, BRENDA KAY A ' Capella; Cheerblock; Honor So- ciety EVANS, LARRY S. DECA FALLS, KAREN KAY Girl ' s Cheerblock; Northener; Varsity Choir; Y-Teens FAUST, DAN Legend (Editor-n-Chief); Northe- ner; Sophomore Choir; 1500 Club Journalism Plaque FAUX, STEVE D. Marching Band; Concert Band; Percussion Ensemble FEIST, MONA RAE Chanticleers; Troubadors FELDHEISER, CATHY SUE FELGER, LEONARD CLAUDE FELLER, KAREN ARLENE Concert Band; Helicon; Marching Band; Modern Language Club; National Honor Society; Or- chestra; Organist; Varsity Band FELTS, DIANA LEE FERGUSON, KEVIN Cheerblock; Intramurals; Indian Chief; Student Council; Planning Board; Varsity Swim Team; SIC FERRIER, CONNIE LOU French Language Club FIELDS, JANET R. Cheerblock; Student Council FINCHER, CHARLES EDWARD FINKHOUSE, CHERYL LYNN G.A.A.; Business Club FIRESTINE, JOSEPH PAUL FISCUS, VANESSA DAWN Cheerblock; MLC; National Ho- nor Society; Z-Club FLECK, JAMES FOLK, MICHAEL G. A ' Cappela; Chess Club; Color Guard FOLTZ, RICK A ' Cappella Choir FORD, GREG School Photographer; Swimming Team FRANKE, WESLEY B. I.C.T. FREMION, BETH Legend, Northener Agent; Pep Club; Sophomore Planning Board; Tutor Corps; Reserve Cheerleader; Varsity Cheerleader FROMM, GENE A. FUDGE, ALAN I.C.T. GABRIELE, GIN A GAGE, RICKY D. Central: Art Club; Citizenship Award; Football; Wrestling GASKILL, LINDA M. C.O.E.; Cheerblock, Chairman; Cheerleading, Reserve; O.E.A., Treasurer; F.S.A.; Powder Puff Team; Sophomore Homeroom Chairman; Legend Agent; Z-Club GATEWOOD, FRANKIE L. Afro H. Club; Home Coming Court GETHING, CINDY SUE A ' Cappella, Secretary; Concert Band; Folk Singers; Madrigals; Marching Band; National Honor Society; Troubadours; Varsity Band " GILLIAM, KEVIN ROBERT Boy ' s Cheerblock; Boy ' s Intra- murals; Concert Band; Varsity Band GILSON, RAYMOND GLASDIE, CAROLYN GLUSENKAMP, JOYCE ANNE Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Modern Language Club; Z-Club GODFREY. PHILIP L. DECA GOEGLEIN, RICHARD CARL I.C.T. GOODIN, MERLE E. Stagecraft GOODIN, PAULA K. Dramatics GOODPASTER, VICKI LYNN GOSHERT, KATHY JO A ' Cappella; Big Brother Project; Cheerblock, Vice-President; National Honor Society; Orches- tra; PTSA Executive Board; Re- serve Cheerleader; Sophomore Planning Board; Troubadors; Z- Club, President Treasurer GRAHAM. ROBERT GRAY. GARY W. GREENO, JEFF Legend Agent GREENO, PAM RENE Leader Corps 130 Senior Directory GRESHAM, LINDA MARIE Junior Planning Board GR1DER, VICKIE]. GRIFFITH, JEANETTA REBECCA A ' Cappella; C.A.P.; Madrigals; MLC; Troubadors GRIMES, HELEN LAUREL A ' Cappella; Chanticleers; Cheer- block; Dramatics; MLC; Orchestra; Planning Board; SIC; Student Council GUNSENHOVSER, JOY ELLEN Future Teachers; Tutoring; Hel- icon GUREV SKY, KEITH L. GUY, ALTERMEASE Central: G.A.A.; Student Council; Afro Club, Secretary; Marching Band; Concert Band; Twirling, Secretary; North Side: Arrowettes; FSA GUY, ROBERT LEE HABEGGER, TODD W. Basketball; Football; National Honor Society HAGAN, KATHY L. HAGEMAN, KATHY J. Speech HALL, SHERYL L. Girl ' s Cheerblock HAMRICK, PATTY J. Northerner Agent HANAUER, DEBORAH HARDING, RANDY SCOTT Audio Visual HARSCH, JOYCE ELAINE Concert Band; Drummer ' s Klub; FTA; Helicon; Marching Band; MLC; National Honor Society; Orchestra; Pep Band; Tri-M HART, DEBORAH JANE A ' Cappella; Arrowettes; Chanti- cleers; Girl ' s Cheerblock; Helicon; MLC; National Honor Society; Orchestra; Tri-M HARTER, RICHARD ALLAN DECA, Vice-President; Student Involvement Committee; S. R.M. HARTUP, DENISE ANN Cheerleading — Reserve; Cheer- block; Concert Band; MLC; Na- tional Honor Society; Sophomore Planning Board; Student Council HASSELL, RICHARD HATCH, DENISE KAY HATCH, JANET JO Chanticleers; Cheerblock; CHO; Office Worker; Sophomore Choir; Spirit Committee; Student Coun- cil HATCHER, KARYL L. Math Club HAWKINS, JACK P. HEADINGS, BRIAN K. Concert Band; Chess Club; March- ing Band; Orchestra; Troubadors HEATH, JIM M. HECK, BECKY JO HECK, DENNIS JOHN Wrestling HEEREN, DONALD ALLEN Concert Band; Marching Band; Pep Band; Rehearsal Stage Band; Varsity Band Mrs. Delores Klocke, North Side ' s Guidance Coordinator, helps a student, senior Lloyd Hinsch, decide his future plans about which college to attend and how to obtain the appli- cation. HELMKE, MARSHA KAY ACappella; Cheerblock; Rip- plettes; Speech Team; Student Council; Troubadors; JCL HENRy, RICHARD LYNN ICT; ICT Bowling HENSCHEN, JOHN H. Football HENSLEY, DEB J. HERSTAD, DANIEL LYNN Boys Intramurals, Boys Cheerb- lock HETR1CK, DAVID A. HETTINGER, SCOTT HICKS, SHELBY DAVID HIL EM AN, NANCY JO Concert Band; FSA: Marching Band; National Honor Society; Pep band; Service Worker; Var- sity Band HILTON, STEPHEN DEWAYNE HINES, TYRONE F. Central: Basketball, Football; Afro American Club; Speech Club; Junior and Sophomore Con- gress; Math Club; Publications Staff: North Side: SIC; Lettermans Club HINGA, ROBERT CARY Basketball, Sophomore Planning Board, Student Council, Student Involvement Committee, Golf HINKLE, BELINDA SUE Cheerblock; GAA; Planning Board HINKLE, JILL ELAINE ACappella; Concert Band — Li- brarian Girls State Representative Helicon Pep Band; Troubadours Varsity Band — Sec-Treas.; Z-Club Marching Band; Training Choir HINSCH, LLOYD B. Football; ICT — Treasurer; ICT: Track HINSHAW, DEBBIE LOU HOBBS, MARY ANN Cheerblock: Chanticleer; Training Choir HOELLE, THOMAS D. Office Education Association HOEVEL. KAREN SL r E HOFFMAN, SUSAN MARIE Chanticleers. Accompaniest: Con- cert Band, Secretary-Treas.; Con- cert Orchestra; Girls Cheerblock: Helicon. Pres.; JCL; National Honor Society; Planning Board. Tri-M; Varsitv Band. Librarian HOLLIDAY, DELOICE HOLLIDAY, DOUG P. HOLMES. ROGER L. HOLOCHER.DANJ. HOLOM. DEBRA HOLSE, PENNY HOOBLER. GAIL L. Girls Cheerblock. Globetrotters: Modern Language Club: PTSA: Z-Club HOOLEY. BETH A. Senior Directory 131 Along with the new music department facilities was a stairway to be used by band students to get to the field for marching practice. GAA; Y-Teens HOOVER, KATHRYN AUDREY HOUK, STAN W. HOUSER, JOYCE EILEEN FSA: OEA HUGHES, AMY LYNN ACappella; Band; Cheerblock HUGHES, DORN ARTHUR HULL, DON F. Auto Mechanics HUNT, W. GORDON Concert Band; Marching Band; Pep Band HUNTER, ROBERT B. Boy ' s Cheerblock; Debate Team; Helicon; National Honor Society; National Foresic League; Speech Team; Student Council Alt. HURLEY, SUZETTE Chanticleers; Training Choir; Cheerblock JEHL, TOM EDWARD DECA INGOL, PATRICIA ANN Afro-American; Booster Club; Choir; Service Worker IRMSCHER, SUSAN JACKSON, MICHELE LYNN Afro American; GAA; Service Worker; Speech Club, Art Club JACOBY, MICHELE ELAINE Cheerblock; MLC; Z-Club ]AHN, RICHARD D. ICT AMES, HAROLD E. JARBOE, EDNA KRISTINE JARBOE, JOHN M. EFFERS, KENNETH D. JENNINGS, DAVID C. A ' Cappella; Boys Cheerblock; Troubadors ]ERRAID, JERRILYNN KAY CAP; GAA; MLC; Ripplettes JIMISON, JEANNINE A. JOHNSON, JIMMY JOHNSTON, THOMAS W. A ' Cappella; All-City Choir; Boys Cheerblock; Helicon; JCL; Or- chestra; Student Council; Tri-M; Troubadours ONES, CALVIN JONES, STEPHEN EDMUND JONES, TERRY R. KANTZER, MARK L. Boys ' Cheerblock, Chess Club KARN, DORTHEA KEESLER, CHRIS R. KEESLER, RHONDA SUE OEA KEEVER, JOYCE L. Girls ' Cheerblock, Concert Band: FSA, OEA; National Honor Soci- ety KELLER, DEBBY ANN Girls Cheerblock; Chanticleers; Student Council Representative; Z-Club KELLER, KRYSTAL L. A ' Cappella; Helicon; National Honor Society; Troubadours; Z- Club KELLER, PAUL JOSEPH III AV; MLC KELLER, STAN KIEN, MARIE ELAINE Junior Planning Board KILTY, DAN L. KINDIG, LOYAL RANDALL KING, RUBY LANELL A ' Cappella KIRKPATRICK, CYNTHIA LYNN Cheerblock; Legend Agent; MLC; Northerner Agent; Sophomore, Junior Planning Board; Student Council; Z-Club; Sophomore Planning Board KITCHEN, DEBORAH ANN Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Execu- tive Board; JCL; Sophomore, Ju- nior Planning Board; Sophomore Training Choir; Student Council Alternate; Northerner Agent KNIGHT, PATRICK PAUL DECA; 1500 Club; Legend, Nor- therner Photographer; Swim Team KNUDSON, RUTH ANN Arrowettes; Chanticleers; A ' Cappella KNUTH, CONNIE COE KNUTH, KERRY LEE KOENIG, SHARON ANN A ' Cappella; Concert Band; Heli- con; Girls ' Cheerblock; Madrigals; National Honor Society; Or- chestra; Tri-M; Troubadours; Wil- dsiders KOLIN, MAREN RACHEL Concert Band; Girls ' Cheerblock; JCL; National Honor Society; Or- chestra; Pep Band; Sophomore Planning Board; Troubadours KOWALCZYK, DAVID ROBERT DECA KREAMELMEYER, FRED D. Boys ' Cheerblock; Northerner Staff; WLYV Reporter KROUSE, LYNDA K. Cheerblock; S.I.C.; Z-Club KRUCKEBERG, KEVIN L. Boys ' Cheerblock; Chess Club; MLC; Speech Team KRUDOP. BEVERLY A. KRUSE, DANIEL . KUESTER, LAURA C. Cheerblock; FTA; Helicon; Na- tional Honor Society; Z-Club LAMBERT, WELDY LARUE, CAROLYN JEAN LASLEY, BILL LATHAM, RICK E. LAUBER, JILL A. A ' Cappella; Arrowettes LAWRENCE, JEAN MARIE Cheerblock LAYTON, SHARON LEE A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Reserve Cheerleader LEACH, MICHAEL EARL Coach, Powder Puff; " C " Team Basketball; Varsity Football; In- tramurals; Key Club, (Sargent-at- arms); Sophomore Training Choir, (President); Sophomore Planning Board; Varsity Track LEACH, MICHAEL H. LEFFLER, EDDIE A. ICT; Cheerblock; Physical Educa- tion Assistant; Varsity Football LEHRMAN, DAVE Band (Vice-President); Chess Club; Concert Band; Pep Band; Tri-M; Student Council; Wildsi- ders LEINKER, GEOFFREY LYNN LINDER, THOMAS C. Concert Band; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band LINDSEY, JOHN LITTLE OHN, GREGORY EUGENE Reserve Basketball; Reserve Cross-Country (Central) LOCHNER, MARY ANN Girls ' Cheerblock, Secretary- Treasurer; Girls ' Intramurals; Leader Corps; MLC; Tutoring Corps LOCKWOOD, PATRICK Basketball; Intramurals LOGAN, BERNADINE OEA 132 Senior Directory LOGAN, LINDA LOU LONG, STEVE MICHAEL LONGLEY, DOUG R. Baseball; Basketball; Football; LORD, PATRICIA JOAN COE LOUDEN, MARK LOUGH, CAROL A. Business Club, (President); Cheerblock; Ripplettes LOVELESS, JENNIFER BETH Arrowettes, (Co-Captain); MLC; Planning Board; Z-Club LOYD, MARY E. LUDWIG, RICHARD EDWARD Concert Band; Drum Major; MLC; Orchestra; Pep Band; Track; Var- sity Band; Wildsiders LYTLE, ELIZABETH A. ICT MACIE EWSKI, ROSE ANN Orchestra MANES, PAT Baseball; Basketball; Track MARINO, MARVIN S. A ' Cappella Choir; All-City Choir; Legend Agent; Key Club; Legend, Sports Ass ' t-Editor and Index Editor; Training Choir, (Presi- dent); Troubadors; Track; Na- tional Honor Society MARTINEZ, ALIDA THERESA MASON, AARON E. MAUS, DAVID L. Concert Band; Orchestra; Pep Band MAYBEE, MARY LOU MCBRIDE, MONIQUE ANN Business Club; Intramurals MCCREARY, DENNIS WAYNE ICT MCCOMB, DW1GHT DAVID MCGINLEY, DONALD A. DECA MCGINLEY, KAREN ANN MCGOWAN, MICHAEL A. MCKINNIS, KAYE L. Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Re- serve Cheerleading; G.A.A.; Heli- con MCMAHON, KATHLEEN JOAN Chanticleers; Northerner; Y-Teens MEEHAN, ANDREW WILLIAM Boys ' Cheerblock; JCL; Junior Planning Board; Key Club, (Vice- President); Sophomore Vice- President; Sophomore Planning Board MEEKS, KAREN MARIE A ' Cappella; Chanticleers; Cheer- block MENGES, BETH ANNE Girls ' Cheerblock; MLC; North- erner agent; Z-Club MENTZER, SONDRA KAY Band; GAA (Central) MERCIER, MISSY M. MESHBERGBR, RICK L. MEYER, BARBARA ANN ICT; Z-Club MEYER, WILLIAM ROBERT Intramurals MILLEDGE, CHARLES Flexible Schedule MILLER, CHARLES EDWARD Football Manager; Key Club; P.E. Assistant; Boys ' Cheerblock; In- tramurals MILLER, CINTHIA SUE Cheerblock; Chanticleers MILLER, CONNIE JO Arrowettes; Z-Club MILLER, DENNIS RAY MILLER, HOLLY JANEEN MILLER, KATHY JO MILLER, LINDA LU Chanticleers; Cheerblock; DE MILLER, MARSHA M. Legend agent MINICK, STEVE LIND MISER, DONALD E. Chess Club; Concert Band; JCL; Orchestra; Pep Band MONROE. SCOTT ALLEN EDWARD MOORE, ANDREW Football; Track, (Central) MOORE, JANICE Student Council; DE (Vice presi- dent); Service Worker; Band; Cheerblock; GAA; Afro-Club; (Central) DE (Treasurer); DECA MORKEN, JAMES R. MORRIS, DAVE MORRIS, MONTEZOOMA M. MOWAN, KENNETH G. MOYER, DAN ROBERT MURPHY, JOANNE ELIZABETH DE; Globetrotters MURRAY, BILLIE L. Arrowettes; Cheerblock MYERS, LEE ANN MARIE Arrowettes; Chanticleers; Ripp- lettes Training Choir; JCL; Stu- dent Council NAVARRA, JOHN ANDREW NEEDHAM, GREGG S. Basketball; Sophomore Training Choir; A ' Cappella NEILL, JAMES S. Chess Club; Concert Band; Marching Band; MLC; Pep Band; Varsity Band NELSON, JOHNNY LEE Afro American Heritage Club; Lettermans Club; Varsity Wrestl- ing; Varsity Baseball; (Central): Debate Team; SIC; Speech Team NESBITT, BILLY H. Central: Wrestling; Art Club NEUHAUS, JULIE ANN DECA NICHOLSON, TERESA L. Service Worker NICOLET, DENNIS L. A ' Cappella; Troubadors NIX, THOMAS KEAT lioys Cheerblock; Intramurals; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Football NOEL, QU7NCY LEE Afro American Club; (Central) Business Club NORDYKE, RAXDY E. NORRIS, KATHY ANNE Cheerblock; Student Council NORTON, PATTY ANN NUNN, RICKEY A. ICT O ' GRADY, JUDITH ANNE Helicon OLOFSON, BARBARA ANN A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Drama- tics; MLC; SIC; Soph. Planning Board; Student Council ONION, DONNA SUE Cheerblock; CHO; JCL; Legend Agent; Planning Board; Student Council; Z-Club OWENS, LEONE JANE PARKER, DRAVER PARNIN, MIKE M. Football; Weight Lifting; Wres- tling PARRISH, GREGORY J. Cross-Country; Track PARROT, BECKY ELLEN PATRICK, JANET ELLEN Cheerblock; FTA; Helicon; Mo- dern Language Club; Z-Club (vice president) PATTEN, THOMAS J. Varsity Swim Team; RVC; Intra- murals; Phy. Ed. Asst. PATTERSON, BRENDA S. PATTERSON, MARK WILLIAM Soph. Football PAULEY, TRUMAN LEE DECA PEACH, CHARLENE A. DECA; FSA PEARSON, REGGIE THOMAS PEREZ, FRIEDA ANN Y-Teens PERNELL, DEBORAH ANNE Library Ass ' t. PHILLIPS. PATRICE ELIZABETH DECA; SIC; SRM PIERCE, TIMOTHY JON Concert Band: Madrigals: March- ing Band; Troubadours: Wild- siders: A ' Cappella; Varsity Band: Intramurals: Rehearsal Stage Band PIEER. RHONDA S. Arrowettes: Cheerblock PION. PATRICIA LYNN Cheerblock: NFL: Northerner Agent: Job Opportunity: PTSA Reserve and Varsity Cheerleader Soph, Jr.. Sr. Planning Board WLYV Reporter: SIC PONTIUS, KIMBERLY RAY Swim Team; Student Council Al- Senior Directory 133 ternate; Northerner Agent; Senior Class President PORTER, ROBERT WILLIAM Band POWERS, KAY E. Arrowettes POWELL, ESSE Track PRESTON, DAVID W. Conditioning Club, Football; In- tramural Basketball, Weight Lift- ing PRICE, PEGGY WYNNE Acappela Choir, Legend Agent; Library Ass ' t; Sophomore Choir PRUMM, DIANA J. Arrowettes; Chanticleers — Ac- companist; COE Club PDLVER, STAN THOMAS PULVER, STEVE TAYLOR Cross Country; Wrestling; Track PUTMAN, TONIA ANN ICT Program; Secretary PUTT, KATHY J. Future Secretaries of America; Band A ' Cappella; MLC QUINN, ERIC ROBERT RACINE, RITA MARIE Cheerblock RAMMEL, CLAIRE KAY Cheerblock Cheerleading; Stu- dent Council RANLY, MARK E. RAY, RICHARD M. READER, MIKE E. Audio Visual REDMOND, AMES DINO Chess Club; Intramurals; Gulf RICHARDSON, DEBBIE SUE Folk Pop Choir RICHEAL, KIMBERLY ANNE Future Secretaries Assoc; Legend Agent; Office Education Assoc; Service Worker RIDER, RL SSW. Track ROBERSON, FRED JEROME ICT; Football ROBERTSON, BARBARA ROBERTSON, WENDY MARIE Cheerblock; MLC; Nat. Honor So- ciety; SIC; Z-Club (Sec. and Pres.) ROBINSON, CANDEE LEE Cheerblock; Student Council ROCKEY, STEVE M. Varsity Track; Cross-Country RODRIGUEZ, ALEX MUSI ROLING, KENT L. Art Club; Choir; Glee Club; Gym- nastics; Librarian ROMANO, VICTORIA ANN DECA; GAA; SRM ROSS, DIANE S. Concert Band; Varsity Band; Phy- sical Ed. Student Leader; March- ing Band; Orchestra ROY, DENISE ANNE Arrowettes RDF, AMY ROBERT A Cappella; Girls Cheerblock; Or- chestra; Troubadours RDSSELL, EANNEM. SABO, SHAWN A. Varsity Football SADDER S, LYNN A. SAVAGE, JAMES G. Football; Intramurals SAVAGE, WILLIE Basketball; Football; Wrestling SCHAFFER, JAMES BERNARD A ' Cappella; All-City Choir; Boys Cheer Block; Football — mgr; Troubadours; Tri-M SCHIEFERSTEIN, CHERYL LYNN DECA; Future Teachers of Ame- rica; Girl ' s Cheerblock; Modern Language Club; National Honor Society; Yearbook Agent; Z-Club SCHLICKMAN, SHERYL RENE Cheerblock; Jr. Planning Board; Legend Agent; MLC; Northerner Agent; Student Council Alt. and Rep. SCHLUP, RONALD P. SCHMID, REBECCA S. Legend; Northerner; MLC; Pep Club SCHMIDT, CARLA ELAINE A ' Cappella Choir; Cheerblock; MLC SCHMIDT, CDRTIS SCHMIDT, JUDY A. Arrowettes, Co-Captain; Cheerb- lock; MLC; Northerner; Student Council; Student Council Repr- esentative SCHMIDT, KIM ANDREA Girl ' s Cheerblock; MLC; Norther- ner Agent; Reserve Cheerleader SCHNELKER, GREGG J. SCHNELKER, SCOT ANDREW SCHOMBDRG, ROY JOHN Speech, Debate; Office Worker SCHORY, SANDRA KAY Girl ' s Cheerblock; OEA; Z-Club SCHORY, SUSAN MARIE Cheerblock; OEA; Northerner Agent; Z-Club SCHRODER, WILLIAM L. SCHRIMPER, JIM L. Cheerblock; Intramurals; Band; Sophomore, Junior Planning Board SEAMAN, NORM C. Student Involvement Committee SEIFERT, TIM ALAN Basketball, Manager; Boy ' s Cheerblock; Junior Classical League; Student Council Repr- esentative, Alternate SHADE, PATRICIA Alfro American Club; Booster Club; Cheerblock; P.T.S.A.; S.I.C.; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Spotlight Reporter; Teen Fashion Model 1970-1971; Varsity Cheerleader; Vice-President, Ju- nior Class SHAHEEN, GABRIEL L. Boy ' s Cheerblock, President; Chess Club; Intramurals; National Honor Society; Tutoring Corps SHEPLER, BARBARA JOLENE Arrowetts; Student Council; OEA; A ' Cappella SHOEMAKER, JANET JAY SHUMAKER, STEVEN W. Debate Team; ICT Club, Presi- dent; NFL; Speech Team SLEVERS, N ANNETTE ELAINE Concert Band; Helicon; Marching Band; MLC; National Honor So- ciety; Northerner, Back Page Edi- tor; Orchestra; Pep Band; Soph- omore Training Choir; Varsity Band SIMPSON, CHERYL ANN Chanticleers; Library; Training Choir SIMPSON, KATHY KAY SIMS, FRANK E. Auto Mechanics SKORDOS, MIKE Boy ' s Cheerblock; Service Wor- ker; Swim Team SMITH, DODGLAS THEODORE Concert Band; JCL; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Re- hearsel Stage Band; Varsity Band SMITH, RICK A ' Cappella Choir; Troubadours SNYDER, AL Sophomore, Junior Planning Board; Varsity Track SNYDER, LAVON JOSEPH Central: Football Team; Intramur- als; Junior Congress; Student Council; Track Team; Wrestling Team SYNDER, ROBERT P. I.C.T. SNYDER, SDSAN A. Concert Band; FTA; Helicon; Marching Band; MLC; National Honor Society; Orchestra; Wind Ensimble SOUCIE, COLLEEN KAY SPARKS, DEBRA K. SPRDNGER, WENDELL MITCHELL Boy ' s Cheerblock; Key Club; Planning Board SPDHLER, CHERIE LEE Cheerblock; DECA; Powder Puff Team; Student Council, Alternate ST. JOHN, SUZANNE M. Cheerblock; MLC STALLING, ROOSEVELT JR. Music, (Central); Wrestling STARK, MELODIE ANN STEIGMEYER, JANICE MARIE Debate Team; Legend Agent; Na- tional Forensic League; Norther- ner Agent; Speech Team STEMEN, GARY Choir; Dramatics STEPHENS, CHERYL LYNN Central: G.A.A.; Junior Congress; Math Club; Speech Club; Spotlight Staff STINE, MARK KEVIN A ' Cappella Choir; Basketball; Helicon Club; Madrigal Singers; National Honor Society; Student Council; Tennis; Tri-M; Trouba- dours STONE, KATHY MARIE STUTZ, DAVID T. Choir; Planning Board SULLIVAN, FRANK JOSEPH DECA SULT, GREG W. A ' Cappella; Boy ' s Cheerblock; Key Club; Madrigals; MLC; Staff Organist; Swimming, Student Council; Track; Troubadours SULT, PAUL W. Legend STONEBRAKER, MICHELE ANN SWARTZ, KATHLEEN SUE E.S.A. Historian; Girl ' s Cheer- block; MLC; Z-Club SWEENEY, RICK A. Band President; Concert Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Varsity Band; Wildsiders TANNER, RANDY E. DECA; Highlighters; MLC TASSLER, SHIRLEY JEAN Chanticleers; DECA; Folkchoir; Training Choir TAYLOR, DIANA LYNN DECA, Vice-President TAYLOR, PAULETTE THOMAS, DEBRA ANN Cheerblock; Office Work; Library; THOMAS, DEREK FRANKLIN Cross-Country; Basketball; Track; Sports Yearbook Editor; Sports Newspaper Editor; Art Club; Stu- dent Council; Letterman ' s Club; 1500 Club; Quill and Scroll THOMPSON, JEANINE SUE Chanticleers; Training Choir TODD, JAMES M. DECA; DE; DE— President TRAYLOR, TERESA LYNN Girl ' s Cheerblock; MLC; Planning Board TUDOR, JANE E. TULEY, MARGUERITE ANNE TURNER, GARY D. DE; IYC; Public Speaking TURNER, VINCENT MAURICE TUNNELL, MICHAEL EDWARD Band, Chess Club; Football; SIC; Track; Wrestling BURTON, JOYCE TUTTLE Chanticleers, Concert Band; Marching Band; Pep Band; Planning Board UPTON, THERESE LYNNE UMMEL, GREG WESTRICK VALENTINE, ANTHONY JOHN Boy ' s Cheerblock; Key Club; Ten- nis Team; Band; Baseball VANRYN, KIRK LEE Basketball; Football; Intramurals; SIC VAUGHN, JANICE MARIE VERHAEGEN, LINDA VICE, PATRICIA LOU ESA; OEA; Student Council VOIROL, KATHRYN S. Helicon; JCL; Orchestra; String Ensemble WADE, SYLVIA DELOIS WAGNER, RICHARD ALLEN Auto-mechanic WALKER, SHARRELLE YVONNE Afro Heritage Club; Art Club; GAA WALTERS, JANET MARIE Y-Teens; Intramurals WALTER, SHARON ANN Caldron; Concert Choir; Swing Choir (Central); A ' Cappella Choir; Legend WARD, ROBERT TALOR WARFIELD, JAMES RICHARD WARNER, JEANINE MARIE WARNER, ROGER E. Band; Concert Band; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band WARNICK, JULIE A. Intramurals WARRICK, DANIEL C. WAYER, NEIL WESLEY Basketball, Track WEBBER, SANDRA KAY Cheerblock; DECA WEISZ, SUZANNE M. Band WELCH, LINDA SUE Data Processing; OEA WELCH, STEVE WELFLE, MARGARET . Concert Band; FTA; Helicon; Na- tional Honors Orchestra; Pep Band WELLS, GARY BRUCE WERMUTH, THOMAS . Boys Cheerblock; Key Club; Swim Team; Planning Board WESTERMAN, RUTH ANN Business Club; Cheerblock; Z- Club WHITAKER, DONNA ADELE DECA; Girls Cheerblock WHITE, GLENDA F. Caldron; Congress; Drama; HR Representative; Math Club; Northerner; Service Worker; Speech Club; (Central) Speech Club; Spot Light WHITEHURST, P AMIES UE Future Teachers; Girls ' Cheer- block; MLC; Ripplettes; Sopho- more Planning Board; Student Council; Legend Business Man- ager; Northerner Staff WIEGAND, BILL B, Boys ' Cheerblock; Golf; Helicon; JCL; Publications; Tutor WEIGMAN, BILL . W1DMER, MICHAEL WILKES ' S, AMY SUE Chanticleers; Soph Choir; Stage- craft; Drama; Powder Puff W1LKENS, LAURA JEAX Cheerblock WILLIAMS, JOHN R. WILLIAMS, LARRY JOSEPH WILLIAMS, RUSSELL BODEAN WILSON, HENRIETTA COE WIRE, DAN Cheerblock; Swimming; Basket- ball; Football; Tennis; FTA; Band WISSLER, PEGGY M. Z-Club WITZIGRUETER, RICK WOLF, THOMAS KELVIN ICT WOOD, GREGORY ALLEN Football, ICT, Cheerblock WOODARD, DON LEE Wrestling WOODFIN, FLORA ELLA DECA; Art Club; DECA; Art Com- mittees; Afro Club WOODRUFF, JACK WILLIAM Basketball: Football: Intramurals: WOODS, DEBRA FAYE Afro Club, Booster Club, GAA (Central) WOODS, TIMOTHY LEONARD Baseball; Boys ' Cheerblock; Foot- ball, Mgr.; Intramurals: Key Club WORKMAN. DEBRA JEAN DEA; COE WORM AN, BRENDA L. Cheerblock; Leader Corp. WRALEY, RHONDA GALE Girls ' Cheerblock; Legend Agent: Legend Faculty Editor; Legend Section Co-editor; Northerner Ass ' t Business Manager and Ass ' t Sports Editor, Circulation Mana- ger; Drama YANEY. DENISE (Co-Captain) Speech Team: De- bate Team; National Forensic League YOQUELET, DEAN A. Speech and Debate YOST, TOM ZIMMERMAN, TERRI L. Acappella. Cheerblock; Cheerlea- der — Varsity and Reserve; Le- gend Agent; National Honor So- cietv: Troubad ors; PTSA: Z-Club ZOLLNER, DIETER F. Football ZURCHER, CONNIE LOU ZURCHER. RONALD LEE PHB Dave Ackerman Dale Adang Brad Altevogt Bill Arastutz Carrie Anders Denny Andrews Mark Androse Steve Anderson Jeri Angel Debi Archer Chuck Armstrong Bruce Ashe Dave Atkinson Janet Aumiller Mary Axell Kathy Axt Jeanne Baker Pam Baker John Bakle Nancy Banks Jody Barile Jim Barnes Dave Barnett Ted Baron Gene Bartlett Thea Baughman Judy Baumgardner Charna Bear Barb Bed well Ken Beebe Mark Beebe Tonyia Bennett Michael Bermes Linda Berning Doug Biedenweg Cheryl Bigger Greg Blackburn Tom Blackburn Kathy Blackman Rick Blain Junior President Rufus Hunter, Vice-president Bob Grant, Social Chair- man Diane Stetler, and Secretary Pat Chambers plan the year ' s activities. Margaret Brackmann Bev Brantley Marjorie Braucher Edward Bregenzer Allyn Brinker Bruce Brown Dave Brown Ethel L. Brown Jerry Brown Terry Brown Rod Broyles Marilyn Brunnegraff Lisa Bryant Camille Buchan Janine Burke Marilyn Buckhardt Rick Byanski Sharon Byrge Joan Cameron Mozell Campbell Ed Carboni Elaine Carlson Michelle Carto Debby Casey Gene Chaffin Patricia Chambers Tina Chemerenko Byron Choka Casey Chrzan Deanna Clark ' k u-T 6t Throwing hard, clean blocks is stressed at Junior Powder Puff practice. Jinx Heiniger and Sally Schuhler block while Michelle Carto looks on. Yvonne Dilling Jane Disler Debbie Diver Becky Dornseif Janna Dougherty Lynn Doughty Mitzi Downey Dan Doyle Debbie Drake Carolyn Drew Dave Ecengarger Roxane Eitzroth Jill Elder Doug Elkins Linda Ellis Jeff Emmons Patricia Essex Joseph Eykholt Steve Feasel Andy Federspiel Deborah Reemster Don Felger Saul Fields Alyce Figel Randy Firks Jamie Fiscus Robin Fish Mark Fisher Sandy Fisher David Folk Steve Foos Greg Foote Clyde Ford Jack Forney Sheila Fountain Rhonda Fox Sam Fox William Franke Henry Franklin Mike Franklin SfiSG Juniors 137 ohn Hampsheir Chris Hansen Judy Halquist Kenny Hardesty Walter Hardesty Judy Harkenrider Paula Harmon oan Harrington Pam Holse Barb Hoppel Greg Hunt Rufus Hunter Mike Hursch Robin Hursch Tim Indrecc Neal Inscoe Michael Jackson Nancy Jackson Rilla Jacquay Lee Ann Jacoby John Jantz Pat Jehl Dan Jenkins Junior Cindy McNutt gets a ride on senior shoulders as she attempts to get a better view of activities in the gym. Cyndi Shultz and Will Schaefer demonstrate that chivalry is not dead as they leave after school. Chris Koop Devin Krause Bob Krouse Debbie Kruse Linda Kruse Ben Lacey Steve Lake Dan Lang Paula Lang Mark Langmeyer Robert Larimore Steve Larimore Mike Lauer Linda Lawlor Larry Lawrence Keith Lazoff Richard Lee Marlene Leinker Mike Leland Lonnie Lemons Debbie Lesh Pieper Lesh Patsy Letchaw Dorothy Lipp Michelle Lynch Nancy McCue Dewey McCarty Karen McDonald Tonya McGee Vicki McHenry Merri McKinly Dave McKnight Juniors 139 Among members of the faculty and staff are Juniors Ann Moore (fourth) and Mike Martone (sixth), as guest speakers on available clubs and organizations to students, during a sophomore orientation. Steve Mink Roger Miracle Steve Mock Ann Moore Jack Moore Mary Morken Pat Morris Mitzi Morrison Mark Morton Rick Motz Pam Mudrack Cheryl Mullins Ralph Murdock Janet Myers Bern ice Nelson Jim Nelson Bonnie Neuhaus Melodi Neukom Glen Nevogt David Niblack Al Nicoski Teri Nix Mike Nomina Peggy Nordyke Tim North Tom North Jim O ' Day Mel Odom Teresa O ' Grady Larry Olinske Pam Oliver Debbv Ormes Carla Ort Cindy Palm Vicky Palmeter Dorothy Parham Beverly Parkins Mary Patten Kenton Patterson Michael Patton Melody Payne Cheryl Pearson Terry Pepple Beverly Peppier Roxanna Perkins Curtis Perry David Perry Mary Perugini Janet Peters Lisa Phillips Linda Pickering William Piercy Jr. Mark Powe Lea Powers Bill Prante Blake Prentice Melvin Puff Barbara Pulver Michael Redding Dee Resendez Doug Reynolds Donna Rhodes Pam Rice Debbie Richardson Dennis Rider Ellen Rider Jerome Ridley Curtis Robbins Jim Robinson Penny Robinson Anthony Rodgers Sandy Rogers Joe Rogoski Denise Rohrs Tom Romano Jane Roth Diane Rovvold James Sabo Pat Sauer Will Schaefer Thomas Scheele Kim Schinbeckler Jerry Schmidt Richard Schneider Mark Schomburg Kathy Schrocle Julie Schroeder Randy Schroll Sally Schuhler Dave Schultz Brian Sebastian Deborah Senesac WW Junior Dan Dau exhibits acrobatic skills as students gather for an informal rap session. luniors 141 ?. Tom Senesac Cherry Sexton Sheri Shearer Keith Sheets Tom Shell Mary Sherman Fritz Shoemaker Lew Shuler Cvndi Shultz Bill Sibert Leslie Sieling Pat Sievers Karen Skelly Randy Sleesman Cary Sloan Don Slusher Ellen Smiley Elna Smiley Beverly Smith Jeff Smith JoAnne Smith Lester Smith Sue Smith Tom Smith Elaine Snyder Kathy Snyder Joyce Sowers Joan Sparks Larry Stacy Linda Stacy Gordy Stafford Steve Stahlhot Nick Stamanis Beth Stanton Gary Stauffer Nancy Steiner Bobby Stephens Don Stephenson Trudy Sterling Dianne Stetler Vanessa Stewart Tom Stieglitz Kelly Stoy Janelle Strasser Bill Stucky Virginia Sukow Roberta Sweet Deb Sylvester William Tanner Dale Tassler Jamie Taylor Mark Taylor Noni Taylor Tonv Terell Randy Thieme Beth Thomas Dan Thomas Faith Thomas Amie Thornhill Jim Thurber Eric Thurston Julie Tinsley Joseph Tompkins Steve Treesh Katrina Trendle Byram Trice Roy Trimble Nancy Troyer Sandra Vetrecht Kathi Underwood Keith Vachon Bob VanAnda Partice Vancuren Chuck VanGorder Jody VanRy Ina Vibbert Louise Vonderhaar George Wagner Bob Walker 398BI With the termination of the school day. some students locate their com- panions to discuss the plans coming day and review situations. 142 Juniors Juniors Will Schaefer and Doug Biedenweg experiment by melting metal with a gas flame burner in chemistry class. Susan Walter James Warfield Cindy Warner Dale Warner Suzanne Warrick Judy Wass Cheryl Waver James Wehrenberg Mike Wehrmeister Peggy Weidner Sue Wells Bill Werling Orlin Wermager Martin Wickliffe Carmen White Mark Whittecar Bill Wilkening Racheal Williams Dave Williamson Fred Willis Cheryl Wilson Stan Winters Karen Winzeler Mari Wittwer Martha Woodfin Diana Woods Sue Wooten Roy Wright Robert Zollars Trudy Zollner Dave Zumbaugh Dave Ackerman Fred Bodinka JoAnne Brachl Vicki Bohnke Cheryl Cour Phillis Hassell Tom Goes Sandra Guertin Debbie Konkle Mark Maxwell Sherry Mendez Kris Monroe Doug Myers Tom North Mel Odom Pamela Oliver Karen Olry Tom Schevtchuk Brian Sebastian Dianne Stetler Dan Zweig tt I k luniors 143 First year cross-country coach Keith Fisher presents Mark Maxwell with an award for his fine showing in that sport this year. These juniors found the new seats in the auditorium very comfortable during as- semblies. There were many convocations throughout the year on a variety of topics. Mark Langmeyer comes to junior pre- re- gistration day at school. He is given his schedule and is allowed to purchase other school supplies. All junior girls interested in being in the Junior-Senior powder puff game met at Lakeside school on Saturdays or Sundays during the fall to practice. Here the girls are running through a practice play. Charlie Davis was responsible throughout the year for filming many school activities. Charlie did this as a service to the school as well as his own personel interest. Juniors 145 Vice-president Mike Morken, President Matt Schomburg, Secretary Pam McCleod, and Social Chairman Janet Seifert count sophomore funds. Cindy Ackerman Tim Adams Marva Agnew Kurt Ahlersmeyer Ruby Allison Cammie Amburn Diane Anderson Freddie Anderson Dane Andros Janet Ankenbruck Roger Annis Clint Anthis Tom Arms Tim Austin Shevawn Arnold Jeffery Ballard Peggy Baltes Jim Barile Steve Barkley Dannv Barnes Tim Bartlett Diane Barton Bob Bastress Suzanne Bates Larry Bauer Tim Bauman Sue Bauermeister Donna Beck Barrie Beckman Linda Behrns David Bennett Timmy Bergman Bob Bermes Edna Billingsley Daniel Blackburn Anita Blackwell Norbert Blaettner Mike Blair Debra Blanton Mayrl Bleakney Emma Blevins Gail Blood Linda Bloom Linda Bloom Timothy Bly Ann Marie Bobay Rick Bodeker John Bodine Robert Boehm Mary Bogenschutz Dave Bolger Linda Bolger John Bolyard Curtis Bonner 146 Sophomores Colleen Boren Don Bossard Tony Bojinoff Sheryl Bowers Linda Bowman Robert Bowman Jeff Boyd Jewel Boyd Roger Bracht Ann Brady Amy Brand Doug Breeden Brenda Brock Debby Brock Jim Brock Brian Brunson Susan Buckmaster Gary Bullock James Burelison Joanne Burke Lynne Burdine Nancy Burnham Jim Burton Dan Butler Jim Butz Ann Calhoun James Carboni Cyndy Carroll Vicki Cattin Delmas Chaffin Kathy Cornell Lee Coslow Cathy Cowan Kris Cowan Dan Criswell B arb ara Cummins Greg Cummings Louis Curdes Sophomore orientation proves to be relaxing as well as informative as these students learn school traditions and toms. Sophomores attended a series of three assemblies. Sophomores 147 Denise Currie Ann Dahm June Daniels Cindy Daring Burney Furris David Fincher Linda Fincher Holly Finkhouse Mike Firks Renee Flitcraft Laura Foote Kathy Ford Doug Franklin Ed Frantz Don Fremion Brent Fruechtenicht Sherlyn Fultz Randy Furniss Cordell Gage Melvin Gatewood Paul Garvison Bonnie Gaunt Heidi Gaylord Jim Gebhart Paige Gibson Marijo George Diane Giessler Lonnie Gilbert John Gingrich Patricia Gleason Dalene Green Sandy Green Diana Greene Gary Grider Dave Grone Sharry Grubb Diane Gruber Karla Gruse Mark Goff Patty Goodman Karen Goodpaster Lucy Gorman Jeff Goshert Mr. Jerry Crim, underclass photographer, prepares sophomore Cindy Ackerman before having her picture taken. 148 Sophomores Displaying her patches, sophomore Rosie Regedanz stops to get a drink of water between classes. Patches were popular throughout the year to many Redskins. Steve Gould Mary Hagman John Halquist Denise Hall John Hammons Barb Hanauer Vicki Hansen Cindy Hardiek Neretta Harper Pat Harrington Patty Harrington Debbie Harris Wilma Harris Jeff Harrison Don Hart Karla Hart Rod Hart Wendy Hartman Robert Hatfield Robert Hatcher Tony Hatchett Debby Hartup Robert Havener Blade Hauth Dave Headford Cindy Keesler Sylvia Kemery Robert King Karen Kitchen Sophomores 149 Drew Achenbach and Louis Curdes receive their first taste of Redskin procedure on registration day. Dave Kitzmiller Gary Kline John Kline Robin Klopfenstein Joe Knecht Henry Knight Kathy Knisely Jack Knudson Paula Koenig Bill Konkle Bob Kowalczyk Kevin Krajewski Bruce Kreamelmeyer Susie Kreamelmeyer Dave Krider Pam Krieg Larry Lahr Che ryl Lamb Nanette LaPointe Dawn Latham Doug Laughlin Nan Lauer Phil Layton Linda Lazoff Angie Lehrman Dan Leitch Charles Leuenberger Dave Lewark Dorothy Lewis Joel Ley James Lindsey Dick Lockhart Gale Logan Jeff Logue Tim Logan Laura Lothamer Bret Louden Lynnette Lyngacher Mike McCrearv Trence McGee Chris McGinley Christine McHenry Susie McKee Debi McLemore Pam McLeod Alyce McMinn Pam McNeely Karl Madinski Tamara Madison Yolanda Madison Cathy Magee Tom Mahathy Scott Mahlan Tony Malcom Tim Manes Nick Markowski Ed Martin Nanette Martin Patty Martin Greg Mason Gayle Matter Maureen Mavis Cindy Meeks Elise Meitz Michael Mencer Elaine Menges Sarah Mensch Diane Menson Vickie Mertz Mark Miller Patti Miller Sharyn Miller John Minnich Randy Mock Joe Moeller Melanie Monner B rend a Moore Carl Moore Peggy Moore 150 Sophomores SFBi ImMm la ' V - Ronald Moore Mike Morken Ramona Morken Debbie Morlin Cheryl Mosher Tim Morris Phyllis Morrison Angela Moulin Kim Mo wry Norman Muell Don Mundt Lonnie Murdock Taft Murdock Sherry Musser Myers John Myers Nancy Myers Roberta Myers Tim Myers Debra Naugle Judy Neill Barb Nelson Brenda Nelson Gilbert Nelson Regina Nelson Ann Neuhaus Gary Neumann Beth Newby Richard Nichols Jennifer Nicole Tradition of initiation remains as seniors go wild with shaving cream, forcing a sophomore to climb the flag pole. Tina Nix Mary No Id Sheila Nonemaker James North Larry Norton JoAnn Oakman Richard Oberkiser Raymond Odom Debbie O ' Grady Bradley Owens Vickie Panyard Aspasia Pappas Cynthia Parker Scott Parrish Patti Payton Rose Perkins Kim Pernell Maggie Perry Jill Peters Kathv Pierce Lee Popp Lisa Powe Ruby Puff Tom Putt Pam Rarick Melinda Rathert Rick Reader Steve Reader Scott Redwanski Rosie Regedanz Patricia Rembert Bob Revel Mary Revel Paula Rhodes Melissa Richard Diana Richmond Mike Ricker Daniel Ritchie Dan Roach Mark Roach Becky Roady Richard Roberts Dennis Robinson Lonnie Robinson ! I Sophomores 151 ;fen 152 Sophomores Mike Robinson Ricardo Robles Alycia Rodgers Jim Rodgers Kaylyn Roemke Gloria Rodriguez Dusty Rogers Dennis Rohrs Lee Rollins Joyce Romano John Rose Jeanne Ross Henry Rutledge Steve Ryan Kathy Sarrazin Chuck Saurbaugh Ronnie Savage Angela Sauie Oscar Schafianski Walter Scheerer Dan Schible Kevin Schieferstein Al Schmid Dale Schmidt Josh Scholtz Matt Schomburg Mark Schwyn Ron Scott Capi Seeger Kim Seitz George Serres Karen Settles Debby Sexton Ralph Shaffer Earl Shaw Mary Shaw Shirley Shaw Ralph Sheets Johnnie Shipley Mike Shippy Bob Shirely Susan Shive Sue Shollenberger Janet Siefert Mike Sieling Earlene Simmons Robert Simpson Addie Sims Cheryl Sizemore Deborah Smith Jerry Smith Greg Smith Kathy Smith Kurt Smith Pam Smith Rick Smith Gail Smithson Jeff Sommer Roy Snell Connie Snyder Jane Snyder William Sparks Jill Springer Brian Springer Tom Statler Bob Stellner Dave Stewart Jon Stine Steve Sullivan Joanna Summers Joan Suttle Lynn Swangin Robert Sweet Frank Tavlor Janet Taylor Pat Taylor Rick Taylor Duane Thacker Tom Tharp SOZM Mr. Keith Haskins gives directions to sophomore Kevin Williams during the Lorge-Thorndike test. These two sophomores take time to relax in the hall and eat lunch. Dave Thieme Georgia Thomas Jeff Thomas Mary Ann Thomas Teresa Thomas Andrea Thornburg Laurie Thurber Kevin Till Karen Tomusk Anita Tracey Craig Trumble Robert Tudor Janet Turner Jane Turrin Mike Uwverzagt Kandi VanAman Pauline Vasquez James Vaughn Joe Vaughn Barbara Vlasek Phil Volkert Marie Vonderhaar Mark Vosmeier Danny Vranich Betty Vroom Dave Wahl Kathie Walker Sandy Walker Jerry Wallace Mary Walter Davie Walters Janice Watson Dean Waver Barb Webei Cindy Weigel Jim Weiler Jack Weisz Bonita Welch Jonathon A ' elch Frederick Welfle Ed Wellis Jan Wells Jenna Wells Teresa Wenk Bill Wermuth Laura Westerman Doug Wetzel Dennis Wheaton Dave Wheeler Rebecca Wheeler David Wichmann Mark Wiesenberg Matt Wiesenberg Kevin Williams Vicky Williams Karl Wims Randy Witzigreuter Mary Wolck Kathleen Woodard Steve Wright Vicki Wright Robert Yawberg Gayle Yingst Scott Yingst Jeannie Young Melinda Zimmerman Tami Zimmerman Drew Achenbach Liz Baker Debbie Benya Ann Brady Judy Buesking Ann Calhoun Mary Ellen Cochlin A M Sophomores 153 89nll§ Carla Cook John Daring Nancy Didrick Paula Ember Christine Essex Jackie Fields Tony Henry Gary Jones Laurie MacQuire Nanette Martin Rick Roberts Johnna Summers Robert Sweet Dave Thieme Kevin Till Kevin Williams This sophomore seems to be shooting the basketball in the wrong direc- tion in the newly remodeled girls gymnasium. The basket she is actually aiming for is out of the picture. Bonnie Gaunt presents members of the varsity football team small tokens of good luck. 154 Sophomores Lee Khingor and Scott Yingst examine a gutted washing machine! after Ihe tiro department rescued il in Ihe Homo Ec. department. New to Redskin country, Gary Grider returns his tray to the lunch room counter. Sophomores found high school enrolling different from junior high activities. All sophomores were required to pre-enroll Ihe week be- fore school started. These sophomore girls stop in the main hall lo admire the many candles displayed by the girls ' cheerblock. These candles were sold and the profits were used to finance trips to away games. Sophomores 155 Seniors Mary Ann Lochner and Bev Christman won the girls ' doubles tennis tournament with a 5-0 record. Sophomore Gary Jones fights hard for a rebound in a game in boys ' intramurals. The others participating are Tyrone Maywell, Cordell Gage, Curtis Perry, and Quincy Noel. Boys, girls use free time j , " I i Boys, girls use tree time lIltr3.inU.ra.lS to develop physical fitness Intramurals took on a different swing this year as the girls ' intra- murals became organized and the boys ' intramurals were not offi- cially organized. Boys were allowed to play basket- ball during the third and fourth lunch periods in the girls ' gym. The girls ' intramurals under the di- rection of Miss Anne Donnelly, competed in such activites as bas- ketball, archery, field hockey, golf, gymnastics, track, swimming, vol- leyball and a girls ' doubles tennis tournament. One of the biggest and newest acti- vities was the doubles tennis tourney. Some 19 teams consisting of 38 young women competed for the championship which was won by the only two seniors who partici- pated, Bev Christman and Mary Ann Lochner. The two senior girls went undefeated with a 5-0 record for the title, while two sophomores won runnerup honors. The tourna- ment was held on the newly-built courts at North. Cordell Gage. Ronnie Jones, Mike Tunnell, and Mike Blair prepare to snare the rebound if the basket is missed. 156 Intramurals A lot of physical contact is encountered in this game in the girls ' gym. These games decided who was who in intramural circles. Two contestants work hard at getting the ball to one of their team- mates. Good for two? Chris McHenxy shoots for a possible two points while being closely guarded by two opponents. Blocked shot — get that ball! Several soph- omore girls chase the basketball to regain possession for their team. Intramurals 157 Seniors Rhonda Wraley and Eileen Benson work vigorously to complete layouts and typesheets in time for one of the many deadlines of the 72 edition of the Legend. Junior Thea Baughman, organizations edi- tor of the Legend works hard to produce copy. Thea also served as assistant busi- ness manager. Business manager senior Steve Bogens- chutz puzzles over an advertisement photo for the Legend while junior Thea Baugh- man and senior Eileen Benson write copy for the ad. Junior Lisa Dellinger helps out Legend typist Connie Bergman by typing up copy sheets before a closing deadline. 158 Legend j li Staff members work furiously 1_i6£6I1Q to combat pressure of deadlines Senior sports editor Derek Thomas checks with editor-in-chiet Dan Faust concerning the use of a cross-country picture. Legend staff members are (front row) Barb Hoppel, Thea Baughman, Lisa Dellinger, Rhonda Wraley, (second row) Ann Moore, Lynn Doughty, Dan Faust, Connie Bergman, (third row) Eileen Benson, Marv Marino, Derek Thomas, Sharon Walter, and Steve Bogenschutz. The purpose of the 1072 Legend was to keep a record of th( and serve as a reference and me- mory book of the year. The staff at- tempted to use pictures and words in a blend to show the overall mood of the school year. Students working on the yearbook solved publications and communi- cations problems, while at the same time using their efforts to put out a book. The forty-fourth edition of the Legend had a staff of fourteen, in addition to an agent from every ho- meroom. The planning of the yearbook ac- tually began in January of last year. At this time, the editor-in-chief was chosen. During April and May, last year ' s staff planned the theme and general organization of this year ' s Legend. The style, divisions, and layout of the yearbook were planned at a summer workshop at- tended by the editor and assistant editor. The fall brought the sales campaign and initiation of new staffers. The first deadline fell in November, and from then on it was more deadlines and the checking of proofs until distribution in the spring. Editor-in-chief Dan Faust Assistant Ann Moore Business Manager.... Steve Bogenschutz Assistant Thea Baughman Photographer Dave Atkinson Student Life Lynn Doughty Organizations Thea Baughman Sharon Walter Sports Derek Thomas Assistant Jon Stine Faculty section Rhonda Wraley Senior section Eileen Benson Underclass section. ..Lisa Dellinger Advertising Steve Bogenschutz Index Connie Bergman Marv Marino Rhonda Wraley Typists Connie Bergman Barb Hoppel Robin Fish Legend 1d9 HA LSI As the year draws to a close, stu- dents prepare themselves for vari- ous goals. Although upon leaving they may follow separate paths, each has been affected in some way by his years at North. Their lives have been shaped by the traditions, and they have shaped the lives of those that follow through transi- tions. We would like to extend our sin- cere thanks to Gunnar Veale for the use of his poetry in the Student Life section. We would also like to thank Larry Glaze of Paragon for his assistance in making the Legend possible, and Mr. Jack Bundy of S.K. Smith Company. We extend our deep thanks and appreciation to Miss Norma Thiele, who stood by with never-ending patience and confidence. Dan and Ann Closing 161 ' Flowers for all occasions " METTLER FLORIST 1212 E. Wayne Street Phone 743-4377 INDIANA AND MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY at 2101 Spy Run sponsors youth oriented pro- grams in Fort Wayne, besides their complete electric service. INDIANA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, 502 Commerce Building provides North Side students with new facilities in phase three of construction. The GOLDEN DOME HOME IMPROVE- MENT CENTER at 24 17 Spy Run carries all household hardware items from decor items to plumbing fixtures, and has glass and screen repair. Indiana and Michigan Electric Company scholarship recipients. Nan Sievers and Sue Sny- der are shown the I M dispatching office by Mr. David R. Mills, regional chief dispatcher. Nan and Sue both received $1,500 scholarship. Juniors Nancy McCue and Neal Inscoe supervise an Indiana Const- ruction Company worker, who is laboring to finish the final phase of construction. Junior Lynn Doughty and Senior Jerry Dahm can ' t decide what to buy, because of the large selection of merchandise at the Golden Dome hardware store. 162 Advertising Senior Sandy Eloranta is busy at work for the Colonial Mortgage Company. Sandy was ployed at Colonial Mortgage through North ' s Cooperative Office Education program. Mr. Paul Watters exibits one of his many picture frames to Senior Court Carpenter Watters is proud to announce the opening of his new studio at 3635 Lake Avenue. COLONIAL MORTGAGE at 333 East Washington deals with mortgage and commercial loans, and also sells home, auto, life, and accident insurance. They also provide public service to Fort Wayne and North Side by employing Cooperative Of- fice Education workers. WATTERS STUDIO, 3635 Lake Avenue, makes sure you receive " Photographs of Distinction " after your picture is ta- ken. DON HUTH MACHINE 2441 Julian Street Phone 743-1049 Tools Dies Jigs Advertising 163 A Achenbach. Drew 151 Achenbach, Phil 108. 128 Ackerman, Cindy 146, 149 Ackerman, Connie 43 Ackerman. Dave 143, 136 Adams, John 108 Adams, Mark 108. 128. 42 Adams. Timothy 49, 146 Adang, Dale 136 Agnew, Marva 146 Ahlersmeyer, Den- nis 128 Ahlersmeyer. Kurt 65, 108, 146 Albright. Mark 65. 108. 128 Allisbaugh, Debby 108, 128 Allison, Darell 128 Allison, Vadie 108, 128 Allison, Ruby 146 Altevogt, Brad 136 Altman. Ruth 108 Amburn, Cammie 49, 65. 146 Amstutz. Bill 136 Anderson, Carrie 136 Anderson, Diane 146 Anderson, Fred 146 Anderson, Steve 136 Anderson, Mrs. Ves- ta 98, 104 Andrew, Mykie 108, 128 Andrews, Dennis 65, 136 Andrews, Bob 106.108. 128 Andros, Dane 146 Andros, Mark 136, 146 Angel. Jeri 136 Angel. Tim 26.42, 108, 128 Ankenbruck, Janet 146 Annis. Roger 61, 65, 71, 146 Anspach, Bob 108, 128 Anthis. Dr. Bill 96. 98, 105 Anthis. Clint 42. 146 Archer, Jerry 136 Archer, Mike 108, 128 Arms, Thomas 146 Armstrong. Charles 136 Arnold. Shevawn 146 Arnold. Tom 108.128 Ashe, Bruce 136 Ashe, Laura 131 Ashe, Mrs. Wilma 98, 104 Ashton, Mr. Barry 30. 65, 98. 104 Atkinson, David 136 Aumiller, Janet 136 Austin, Timothy 146 Axel, Mary 136 Axt, Kathy 136 Ayers, Carolyn 108, 128 Ayres, Miss Virginia 98 B Baker, Jeanne 136 Baker. Pam 43, 107. 136 Bakle. John 42,136 Ballard, Jeffery 146 Baltes, Cathy 107.108. 128, 146 Baney. Kevin 108. 128 Banks, Nancy 136 Barile. James 146 Barile. Jody 136 Barkley, Steve 146 Barner, Christine 108, 128 Barnes, Danny 146 Barnes, Jim 136 Barnes, Ron 108, 128 Barnett, Darryell Barnett, David 136 Baron, Ted 136 Barrow, Janine 108,128 Bartholomew, Dave 64, 76, 71. 108, 128 Bartlett. Dave 136 Bartlett, Eugene 136 Barton, Diane 43, 48, 64. 65, 66, 146 Bastress, Bob 146 Bates, Suzanne 146 Battel], Steve 108, 128 Bauer, Larry 146 Bauermeister, Sue 146 Baugh, Mrs. Betty 98, 104 Baughman, Thea 46, 136, 85 Bauman, Timothy 146 Baumgardner, Judith 136 Bay, Don 108, 128 Bear, Charna 136 Beck. Donna 136 Beckley, Mr. Ward 20, 48, 98, 109 Beckman, Berrie 146 Beebe, Ken 136 Beebe, Mark 136 Behrns, Linda 146 Beiswenger, Nick 108, 128 Bell, Miss Marjorie 98. 109 Benecke, Tom 42, 108, 128 Benner, Dave 109, 128 Bennett, David 146 Benson, Eileen 109, 128 Bergman, Connie 109, 128 Bergman, Tim 146 Bergquist, Barb 109, 128 Berlin, Roger 109 Bermes, Michael 136 Bermes, Bob 146 Berning, Linda 136 Berry, Tim 109,128 Betley, Ted 109, 128 Beyerlein, Rebecca 64, 109. 128 Biberstein, Mr. Kenneth . 98. 109 Biedenweg, Doug 136 Bigger, Cheryl 136 Bill, Mr. Jon 98, 105 Billingsley. Edna 146 Bishop, Dwight 128 Blackburn, Dan 146 Blackburn, Greg 136 Blackburn, Tom 136 Blackwell, Anita 147 Blaettner, Norbert 146 Blain. Rick 71.136 Blair, Michael 147 Blair, Pat 109, 128 Blanton. Debra 147 Blazer. Kim 109. 128 Bleakney. Vivion 136 Bleakney. Mayrl 147 Blevin. Emma 147 Blood, Gail 65, 147 Bloom, Linda 43, 66, 147 Blum, Roxanne 128, 199 Bly, Tim 65,71,147 Bobay, Anne 65, 147 Bodeker, Rick 147 Bodine, John 147 Boehm, Robert 147 Bogenschutz, Mary 43, 147 Bogenschutz, Steven 42, 77, 109, 128 Boggs, Steve 136 Bohnke, Vickie Bojinoff, Tony 147 Bolger, Dave 147 Bolger, Linda 147 Bolin, Willis 128 Bollinger, Maryln 128 Bolyard, Janis 109,128 Bolyard, John 147 Bonner, Curtis 147 Bonner, Gwendolyn 136 Booker, Luey 136 Boren, Colleen 147 Boren, Michael 128 Borders, Deb 64, 109. 128 Borror, Sue 136 Borum. Marie 136 Bossard, Don 147, 65 Bossard, Janet 107. 109, 128 Bott, Mr. Larry 42, 98. 105 Bowers, Debbie 128 Bowers, Sheryl 65. 109. 147 Bowman. Al 128 Bowman, Linda 147 Bowman, Robert 147 Boyd, Connie 109, 128 Boyd, Jeff 147 Boyd, John 128 Boyd, Jewel 147, 85 Boyles, Mary 109,128 Bracht, JoAnne 136 Bracht, Margret 65, 136 Bracht, Paula 109, 128 Bracht, Roger 147 Brackman, Jean 68, 70. 136 Brady, Ann 147 Brady, Daniel 128 Brand. Amy 147 Brantley, Bev 136 Braucher, Marjorie 65. 136 Branning, Francine 109, 128 Breeden, Doug 147 Bregemzer, Edward 136 Brewer, Harold 109, 128 Brinker, Allyn 85.136 Brisentine, Michael 109 Brock, Brenda 147 Brock, Debra 147 Brock, Jim 147 Brooks, Hubert 109, 129 Brown, Bruce 136 Brown, Dave 136 Brown, Mr. Duane 98, 105, 106, 108 Brown, Ethel 136 Brown. Jerry 136 Brown, Richard 109. 129 Brown. Terry 136 Brown, Vicki 65, 110, 129 Broyles, Carl 110,129 Broyles. Rod 136 Broyles, Tim 110,129 Brunnegraf, Mari- lyn 136, 68 Brunson, Brian 65. 67. 71, 147 Bryant, Lisa 136 Buchan, Camile 136 Buckel, Ken 110, 129 Buckel. Sherry 110,129 Buckhardt, Marilyn 137 Buckmaster. Cheryl 110, 129 Buckmaster, Susan 147 Bullock. Mr. Tommy 98, 105 Bullock, Diane 110,129 Bullock, Gary 147 Burd. Cheryl 110,129 Burelison, James 147 Burke, Janine 66, 84, 85, 136 Burke, Joanne 43, 85, 147 Burdine, Lynne 147 Burnham, Nancy 147 Burton, Jim 147 Butler, Dan 147 Butler, Rita 110,129 Butz, Jim 147 Byanski, Susan 110, 129, 136 Byrge, Sharon 137 Cade, Roger 129 Calhoun, Ann 147 Calhoun, Charlene 110, 129 Calhoun, Robin 110, 129 Calhoun, Rose 110,129 Cameron, Joan 65, 68, 136 Campbell, Mazell 137 Carboni, Ed 136 Carboni, Jim 147 Carlson, Elaine 20, 46, 47,49, 65, 137 Carpenter, Courtland 129 Carr, Ronald 129 Carroll, Cyndy 147 Carto, Michelle 43 Casey, Debby Sue 137 Cassill, Mr. Harold 98, 104 Chaffin, Delmus 147 Chaffin, Gene 46. 49. 137 Chambers, Patricia 25, 70. 137 Chambers, Roberta 147 Chandler. Jeanne 110. 129 Chandler. Nancy 110, 129 Chandler, Tom 65, 66, 71, 147 Chappius, Mark 42, 77, 110, 129 Chemerenko, Tina 137 Chester, Steve 110, 124 Choka, Byron 77, 137 Christlieb, Gary 110, 129 Christlieb. Peg Ann 147 Christman. Beverly 43. 49, 110, 129 Christman, Brenda 147 Chrzan. Casey 137 Cincere, Marguerite 43, 110, 129 Clark, Barry 45 Clark, Charles 25, 98, 104 Clark, Deanna 70. 137 Clark, Jon 110, 129 Clark, Matt 110,129 Clark, Stan 65, 71, 136 Clark, Susan 110, 129 Clay, Janie 136 Clay, Miss Jody 98,104 Clay, Paula 46,110,129 Clem, Floyd 129 Clem, Joyce 129 Clemens, Donald 45, 129 Cline, John 147 Cline, Kathy 136 Cline, Sue 68, 136 Coan, Dave 147 Coachlin, Kevin 110, 129 Cochlin, Mary Ellen 147 Coe, Julie 111, 129 Coe. Maureen 147 Coe, Terri 147 Cohen, Karen 45. 136 Colcord, Dave 45, 129 Cole, Phil 111,129 Cole, Tim 136 Coleman, Jerry 136 Coles, Terry 136 Collar, Nandry 147 Collins, Colleen 136 Collins, Jane 46, 66, 68, 111 Collins, Martin 136 Compton, Rona 147 Conway, West Conway, Beth 147 Converse, Roderic 111 Converse, Roxanne Cook, Angie 136 Cook, Dennis 147 Cook, Carla 147, 155 Cooley, David 111,136 Coolman, Barb 147 Cooper, Lee 147 Conner, Nancy 45, 136 Conrad. Bruce 136 Conway, Beth 43 Cooper. Mary 136 Correa, Cheryl 136 Cornell. Kathy 147 Coslow. Lee 43, 49, 85. 147 Coslow, Mark 111 Cour, Cheryl 143 Covault, Carol 45,111 Cowan, Cathy 43 Cowan, Kris 49, 147 Cowan, Mary 98, 104 Crabill, Steve Crain. Marilyn 136 Crain, Mark 111 Crane, Janet 111 Crider, Louise 29. Ill Crider, Lynette 29,111 Criswell, Dan 147 Criswell, Susan HI Crocker, Edna 104 Crocker, Steve 136 Cronkhite. Charlotte 136 Cronkhite. Nancy 136 Crosby, Joyce 1 11 Crosley. Tom 136 Crum, Ted 44, 45, 98, 104 Culbertson, Julie 43, 68, 136 Cummings, Barg 43, 85, 47 Cummings, Greg 147 Curdes. Louis 42, 147, 151 Curran. Bob 136 Currie, Denise 148 Cushing, Jackie 70 164 Index Culigni, Rick 65, 68, 71, 111 D Dahm, Ann 148, 43 Dahm, Jerry 1 1 1 Dahman, Gloria 136 Dale, Vickie 111 Dancer, Maria 11 1 Daniels, |une 65, 148 Daring, Cynthia 148 Daring, John 155 Dau, Dan 49, 136, 141, 325 Daugherty, Dave 148 Davidson, Rick 42, 111 Davis, Alvin 111 Davis, Becky 42, 43, 48, 66 Davis, Bill 136 Davis, Charles 136,144, 145, 111 Davis, Charles 144, 111 Davis, Deborah 136 Davis, Mark R, 136 Davis, Mark 136 Davis, Mama 148 Davis, Randal 148 Davis, Rebecca 148 Davis, Ginger 136 Deason, David 65, 148 Deck, Tom 148 de la Guardia, Ceasar 21,49,98,104 Dellinger, Lisa 136 Delobbe, Patty 136,49 Dennis, Terry 111 Dennis, Kathy 148 Dennis, Wilman 111 Deppen, Wayne 148 DePrey, Vicki 137 Derr, Barbara 48, 66, 65, 148 Desmonds, Steven 111 Dewart, Jody 137 Dial, Charles 111 Dial, Debbie 64, 137 Didier, Amy 111 Didion, Pam 148 Didion, Sandy 137 Didrick, Nancy 155 Dilling, Yvonne 137 Di Pietro, Mr. Joe 98, 104 Disler, Jane 137 Disler, Janet 148 Diver, Debra 137 Dobrovedsky, Roger 148 Dodane, Marti 112 Doenges, Rea 42,71,64, 112 Dohrman, Mr. Thomas 98, 104, 21 Donnelly, Miss Anne 35, 84, 98, 104 Donohue, Janine 112 Dornseif, Becky 137 Dornseif, Terry 148 Dorsett, Betty 26 Doty, Mrs. Vera 96, 98, 104 Dougherty, David 66 Dougherty, Janna 137 Doughty, Lynn 137 Douglas, Stephen 148 Doust, Miss Rosalie 98, 104 Downey, Melissa 137 Doyle, Steve 148 Drake, Deborah 137 Drew, Kevin 71, 65 Drew, Carolyn 137 Doctor, Douglas 1 12 Drew, Kevin 71, 148 Druhot, Renee 42,43,112 Dubuisson, Virginia 148 Dufor, Sheila 112 Dunbar, Cathy 112 Dugan, Janice 148 Dull, Terry 148 Durfey, Ted 148 Dvorak, Ronnie Mr. 98, 104 Dyer, Debra 148 Eaglin, Fredrick 112 Ecenbarger, Dave 137 Eggleston, Dave 148 Ehinger, Lee 148, 155 Ehler, Carla 108,112,84 Eitzroth, Roxanne 137 Elder, Jill 137 Elder, Ken 112 Ellis, Larry 148 Ellis, Linda 137 Ellison, Kevin 148 Eloph, Becky 148 Eloranta, Sandra 112 Eloranta, Nancy 148 Eitzroth, Roxane Ely, James 112 Ely, Mary 148 Ember, Paula 154 Emmons, Jeff 137 Erler, Richard 112 Estep, Brenda 112 Estep, Linda 149 Essex, Pat 44,137 Essex, Christine 65, 148, 155 Evans, Larry 42 Eykholt, Joseph 137 Eykholt, Margaret 149 Ezzelle, Dave 148 Falls, Karen 112 Farren, Sandy Fatzinger, Mike 149 Faust, Dan 112 Feasel, Steve 137 Federspiel, Andy 137 Federspiel, Randy 45 Feist, Mona-Rae 112 Feist, Regan 149 Feichter, Steve 149 Feldheiser, Cathy 112 Felger, Leonard 112 Felger, Renie 149 Feller, Karen 65, 112 Feller, Mr. Charles 23 Felts, Diane 112 Felger, Dan 137 Ferguson, Kevin 26, 112, 108 Ferrier, Connie 112 Fidlds, Jackee 155 Fields, Janet 112 Fields, Saul 28, 137 Figel, Alyce 137 Fincher, Dave 149 Fincher, Linda 149 Finkhouse, Cheryl 1 13 Finkhouse, Holly 149 Firestine. Joseph 113 Firks, Mike 149 Firks, Randy 137 Fiscus, Jamie 137 Fiscus, Vanessa 1 13 Fish, Robin 139 Fisher, Sandy 137 Fisher, Mark 49, 137 Fleck, Mr. Cleon 23 Fleck, James 113 Flitcraft, Renee 149 Folk, David 137 Folk, Michael 113 Foltz, Rick 1 1 3 Foos, Steve 137 Foote, Greg 137 Foote, Laura 49, 149 Ford, Clyde 139 Ford, Gregory 1 13 Ford, Kathy 149 Forney, John 137 Fountaine, Sheila 49, 137 Fox, Rhonda 41. 137 Fox, Sam 137 Franke, Bill 137 Franklin, Antonia 130 Franklin, Doug 149 Franklin, Henry 137 Franklin, Mile 137 Frantz, Ed 149 Freman, Beth 84 Fremion, Beth 113 Fremion, Don 36, 149 Fruechtenicht, Brent 149 Fromm, Gene 1 13 Fry, Mike 130 Fudge. Alan 113 Fultz, Sherlyn 65, 149 Furniss, Randy 149 Furris, Burbey 149 Gabriele, Gina 113 Garrard, Kathy 130 Gaskill, Linda 113 Gage, Cordell 149 Gage, Ricky Gaines, Vickie 130 Garvison, Paul 149 Gatewood, Frankie 113, 149 Gaunt, Bonnie 149, 155 Gaylord, Heidi 65, 149 Gebhart, Jom 43, 149 Gething, Cindy 65, 113 Gennaitte, Diane 113 Geoffray, Michael 130 George, Marijo 149 George, Patricia 130 Gerber Mrs., Sherrylene 42, 43 Gibson, Paige 149 Gibson, Richard 44, 130 Gibson, Robert 130 Giessler, Darlene 113 Giessler, Diane 149 Gilbert, Carol 130 Gil bert, Lonnie 149 Gilliam, Kevin 1 13 Gilson, Raymond 113 Gilson, Ron 113 Gipson, Jennifer 130 Gingrich, John 148 Givens, Bob 43, 130 Glaspie, Carolyn 113 Glass, Gary 130 Gleason, Patricia 148 Glusenkamp, Joyce 1 13 Glover, Calvin 130 Godfrey, Doug 130 Godfrey, Philip 42, 113 Geoglein, Richard 113 Goes, Tom 130 Goff, Maripat 130, 148 Goff, Mark 65 Goldsmith, Debbie 130 Gonser, John 130 Goodin, Merle 1 14 Goodin, Paula 114 Goodman, Catty 148 Goodpaster, Karen 148 Goodpaster, Vicki 114 Gorrell, Steve 130 Gorman. Lucy 148 Goshert, Kathy 42, 114 Goshert, Jeff 23,65.71, 148 Gossett, Dan 1 30 Gould, Steve 148 Graham, Neal 65, 71 Graham, Neal 65, 71 Graham. Robert 114 Grady, Judy 1 14 Graft, Cindy 130 Grant, Robert 130, 137 Graves, Kathy 130 Gray, Connie 130 Gray, Gary 1 14 Gray, Joyce 1 30 Green, Dalene 148 Green. Sandy 148 Greene, Diana 148 Green, Scott 130 Greeno, Jeff 1 14 Gresham, Linda 1 14 Grimes, Helen 1 14 Grider, Vicki 114 Grider, Gary 148 Griffith, Jeanette 1 14 Griffin, Brenda 130 Gronau, Deborah 114 Grone, Dave 148 Gruber, Diane 148 Gruber, Marie 130 Gruse, Karla 148 Gumbert, Joette 130 Gusching, Jackie 130 Gunsenhouser, Joy 65. 114 Gurevsky. Keith 114 Gutermuth, John 130 Guy, Altermease 114 Guy, Robert 114 Guy, Sharon 130 H Habegrer, |ana 130 " Habegrer, Todd 114 Haft, Mary 130 Hageman, Kathy 114,42 Hagan, Kathy 1 14 Hagan, Kathleen Hagan, Mary 148 Hagan, Teresa I 30 Hall. Denise 148 Hall. Kerry 32. 130 Hall, Sheryl 114 Halquist, John 148 Halquist. ludy 130 Hampshire, )ohn 130 Hammons, David Hammons, John 148 Hamrick. Patty I 14 Hanauer. Barb 148 Hanauer. Deb 1 14 Hansen, Chris 130 Hansen. Vickie 148 Hardesty, Ken 130 Hardesty. Walter 130 Hardick. Cindy 148 Harding, Randy 1 14. 32 Harkenrider. Judy 130 Harman, Paula 130 Harold. James Harper. Norette 148 Harrington. Joan 130 Harrington. Patti 148 Harrington. Pat 148 Harris. Deb 148 Harris, Wilma 148 Harrison. Jeff 148 Harrison. Kathy 114 Har-. ' .h. Joy. ' .- 114 Hart. Deb 1 1 5 Hart, Don 148 Hart, Karla 148 Hart, Rodney 148 Hartman, Wend 148 Harter, Richard 42.15 .Glen 131 Hartup. Denise 42,65, 115 Hartup. Debby 42.65 Hassell. Richard 108 Hatch. Denise 1 15 Hatch. Janet 115 Hatch, Phil 130 Hatcher. Daryl 115 Hatcher. Robert 148 Hatchett, Tony 148 Hatfield. Bob ' 148 Hatton. George Hauermeister. Sue Havener. Robert 148 Hauth. Blade 148 Hayes. Mike 20 Heading. Brian 115 Headford. Dave 49. 148 Headford. Sue 130 Heath. Mr. John 22 Hecke. Greg 131 Heck. Becky Heck. Dennis 1 15 Heeron. Robin 65. 148 Heeren. Don 65.115 Heerdon. Jim 131 Hefner. Dave 149 Hein. Patricia 49. 131 Heiniger. Jennifer 137. 131 Held. Jeff 148 Helmke. Marsha 115 Henderson. Dick 131 Henry. Denise 149 Henry. Pam 131 Henry. Richard 1 15 Henry. Tony 155. 44. 130 Hensley. Keith 149 Henschen. Jeff 149 Henschen. John 115 Hnsley. Debra 1 15 Hensley. Mike 131 Herber. Dianne 13 1 Herstead. Mike 131 Herstead. Dan 1 15 Heston. Leon 148 Hester. Sandi 131 Hetrick. Pat 149 Hewes. Cliff 149.43 Hicks. Shelby 115 Hetrick. Dave 115 Hetrick. Patricia Hettinger. Scott 1 15 Hileman. Nancv 65. 1 15 Hill. John Mr. 96 Hilt. JoEllen 131 Hines. Tyrone 77. 115 Hinga. Bob 43. 1 15 Hinkle. Jill 65. 115 Hinsch. Lloyd 1 15 Hinshaw. Deb 1 15 Hinkle. Jill Hirschey. Dan 149 Hoagland. Sharon 157. 131 Hobbs. Mary 1 15 Hodde. Sandra 131 Hoevel. Karen 1 16 Hoffman. Keith 149 Hoffman. Sue 65. 116 Holderman. Beth 36. 149 Index 165 Holliday, Deloice Holliday, Don 149 Holliday, Doug 116 Holliday. Barb 149 Holliday, Linda 149 Holliday, Yvonne 131 Holman, Mike 65, 149 Holmes, Diane 44,13] Holom, Deb 26,116 Holom, Terri 42 Holmes, Roger 116 Holmes, Veda 131 Holocher. Daniel Holse, Ram 139 Holse, Penny 116 Hommons, David Hood, Kathy 149 Holston, Pat 149 Hoobler, Gail Hoaly, Beth 116 Hoover, Bob 149 Hoover, Kathy 116 Hobbs, Sylvia 149 Honk, Stanley 1 16 Hoppel, Barb 49, 65, 139 Horacek, Dave 149 Horacek, Kay 149 Houser, Tony 149 Houser, Joyce 116 Hoyt, Anne 149 Hubbard, JoEllen 149 Hughes, Amy 116 Hughes, Dorn 116 Hughes, Steven 65,71, 149 Hunley, Lois 149 Hunt, Greg 116, 139 Hunter, Robert 116 Hunter, Rufus 137, 139 Hunter, Donald Mr. 105 Hurley, Suzette 116 Hursh. Mike 139 I Indrec, Tim 139 Iehl, Edward 42, 116 Ingol. Patricia 1 16 Inscoe. Neil 139 Irmscher, Susan 116 Irving, Mr. Richard 37 J Jackson, Michael 116, 139 Jackson, Michele 116 Jackson, Nancy 139 Jacoby, LeeAnn 139 Jacquay. Rilla 44. 139 Jahn, Richard 1 16 James, Harold 1 16 Jantz, John 139 Jarboe, Kris 116 Jarboe, John 1 16 Jasse, Cheryl 43 Jeffers, Ken 1 16 Jeffers, Tony 149 Jehl, Pat 139 Jenkins. Dan 139 Jenkins, Lillie 138 Jen-aid, Jerri 1 17 Jerraid, Jone 138 Jimison, Jeannine Johnson, Dallas 138 Johnson, Daniel 138 Johnson, David 29. 49. 138 Johnson, George 149 Johnson, Gwynne 38. 65 Johnson, Rosie 138 Johnston. Tom 1 17 Jones. Ann 138 Jones, Calvin 1 17 Jones, Cynthia 138 Jones, Debbie 138 Jones, Delois 149 Jones, Dennis 138 Jones, Gary 77, 149, 155 Jones, Micheal 149 Jones, Patricia 149 Jones, Steven 117 Jones, Steven 117 Jordan, Teresa 138 Joseph, Jennifer 138 Josse, Cheryl 149 Judd, Larry 65,71,149 Jump, Bonnie 138 Justice, Joe 149 Justice, Lori 138 K Kammeier, Dennis 138 Kantzer, Mark 117 Karn, Dorothea 117 Kast, Mark 138 Kaufman, Sandy 138 Kaylor, Bob 138 Keeley, Bruce 138 Keesler, Chris Keesler, Cindy 149 Keesler, Rhonda 117 Keever, Joyce 1 1 7 Keller, Debby 117 Keller, Krystal 117 Keller, Paul 117, 149 Keller, Jim 65 Keller, Robert 49, 65, 149 Kemery, Sylvia 64, 149 Kerley, April 138 Kien, Marie 117 Kilty, Dan 117 Kindig, Randy 117 King, Ruby 149 Kipfer, Roberta 138 Steve. Kipfer Kipling, Patti 49 Kirkpatrick, Cynthia 117 Kirkpatrick, Pamela 42 Kirkpatrick, Ralph Kissell, Ronda 138 Kitchen, Deborah 117 Kitchen, Karen 43, 149 Kitzmiller, David 150 Klejnot, Tina 138 Kline, John 150 Kline, Gary 150 Klapfenstein. Robin 150 Kluepfel. Neil 138 Knecht. Joe 150 Knight, Benjamin 1 17 Knight, Henry 138, 150 Knight, Mary 44 Knisely, Kathleen 150 Knispel, Cindy Knisely, Laverna 138 Knisely. Kathy 150 Knudson, Arthur Knudson, Ruth 1 17 Knudson. Jack 150 Knuth. Connie 1 17 Knuth, Kerry 1 17 Knuth, Jim 138 Koenig, Paula 65,71, 150 Koenig, Sharon 1 17 Kohart, Karen 138 Kolin, Maren 65, 117 Konkle, William 150 Koontz, Joy 138 Koop, Chris 49, 138 Kowalczvk. Bob 130 Kowalczyk, Dave 42, 117 Knight, Pat 42 Krause, Kevin 138 Krajewski, Kevin 49, 150 Kreamelmeyer, Bruce 150 Kreamelmeyer, Fred 11£ Kreamelmeyer, Sue 65, 150 Krider, Dave 150 Krieg, Dan 150 Krouse, Bob 22, 138 Krouse, Linda 43, 118, 138 Kruckeberg, Kevin 118 Krudop, Beverly 118 Kruse. Daniel 44, 118 Kruse, Linda 138 Kruse, Debbie 139 Kuester, Lori 118 Lacey, Ben 138 Lake. Steve 139 Lahr. Larry 150 Lamb. Cheryl 150 Lang. Dan 138 Lang, Paula 138 Langmeyer, Mark 138, 145 LaPointe, Nanette Larimore, Robert 138 LaRue, Carolyn 1 18 Lasley, Bill 118 Latham, Dawn 49, 150 Latham, Rick 1 18 Fatzinger. Mike Laughlin, Doug 65, 71, 150 Lauer, Mike 43, 138 Lauer, Nan 150 Lainber, Jill 118 Lawor, Linda 138 Laurence. Jean 1 18 Lawrence. Larry 138 Lawrence, Mary Layton, Phil 150 Layton, Sharon 118 Lazoff, Keith 138 Lazoff, Linda 130 Lee. Richard 139 Leach, Michael 1 18 Leach, Mike 42. 43 Le Favour, Steve Lehrman, Angie 150 Lehrman, Dave 30,118 Seifert, Janet 42 Leinker, Marlene 139 Leffler, Eddie 118 Leitch, Dan 150 Leland, Mike 139 Lemke, Mr. Paul 21 Lemons, Lonnie 138 Lynnette, Lengacher 43 Lesh, Debbie 139 Lesh, Pieper 44, 139 Letchaw, Patsy 139 Lewark, David 26, 42 150 Lewinski, Mr. James 22, 100 Lewis, Dorothy 150 Lewis, Mr. Berle 25, 100 Ley, Joel 150 Linder, Thomas 65,118 Linker, Geoffrey 118 Lindsey, James 150 Lipp, Dorothy 139 Lochner, Mary Ann 118 Lockhart. Dick 151 Lockhart, Anthony Lockwood, Pat 29. 118 Logan, Bernadine 118 Logan, Linda 1 18 Lockhart, Tony Logan, Gale 150 Long, Steve 1 18 Longley, Doug 1 18 LogH, Tim 152 Loque, Jeff 151 Loper, Mrs. Betty 100 Lothamer, Laura 150 Louden, Brett 151 Lovelass, Maydwell 65 Louden, Mark 1 18 Lough, Carol 118 Love, Holly 42. 49, 139 Loveless, Jennifer 43 Lovell, Mr. James 100 Loyd, Mary 119 Ludwig, Richard 1 19 Luke, Steve 1 39 Luley, Michael 139 Lytle, Elizabeth 119 Lynch, Michelle 139 Lyngacher, Lynnette 51 M MacDonald, Jackie 139 McBane, Donna 100 McBride, Monique 119 McCarty, Dewey 139 McClead, Donald 29. 100 McCleod, Pam 147 McComb, David 119 McCreary, Dennis 119 McCreery, Mike 151 McCue, Nancy 49, 139 McGee, Tonya 139 McDonald, Karen 49 McGee, Sucie 43 McGee, Trence 151 McGinley, Christine 151 McGinley. Don 44,119 McGinley, Karen 119 McGowan, Mike 119 McHenry, Christine 151 McHenry, Vickie 139 McKee. Susie 151 ' McKinley, Merrill 139 McKinnis, Kaye 119 McKnight, David 139 McLemore, Debi 151 McLeod, Pam 151 McMahon, Kathleen 119 McMinn, Alyce 151 McNeely, Pam 151 McNutt, Cynthia 139, 140 Maciejewski, Rose 119 Madinski, Karl 151 Madison, Yolanda 151 Madison, Tamara 151 Magee, Cathy 151 Mahathy, Tom 151 Mahlon, Scott 71, 151, 65 Malcolm, Tony 151 Malecek, Freeda 100 Malott, John 100 Manes, Tim 151 Manes, Pat 119 Marino, Marv 119,133, 68, 69 Markowski, Nick Martin, Clara 140.44 Martin, Ed 151 Martin, Nancy 154,140 Martin, Patty 43,151 Martin, Steven 140 Martinez, Alida 119 Martinez, Monica 140 Martone, Mike 140, 141 Mason, Aaron 119 Mason, Greg 151 Matter, Gayle 151 Maus. David 1 19 Mavis, Maureen 65, 151 Maxwell, Denny 140 Maxwell, Mark 145 Maxwell, Tony 140 Maybee, Mary 119 Mays, Steve 140 Mead, Glenn 140 Meagher. Kathleen 140 Meehan. Andrew 119, 42,43 Meeks, Cynthia 151 Meeks, Karen 119 Meitz, Elise 151 Mencer, Michael 151 Menges, Beth 119 Menges, Elaine 42. 49, 151 Mensch, Sarah 42, 151 Menson, Diane 151 Mentzer, Sandra 119 Merchant, Cindy 140 Mercier. Michelle 119 Meredith, Phyllis 119 Merriman, Mrs. Gladys 100 Mertz, Vickie 151 Meshberger, Peggy 140 Meshberger, Rick 120 Meyer, Barb 120 Meyer. Stan 140 Meyer, William 120 Milleage, Charles 120 Miller, Candance 100 Miller, Charles 120 Miller, Cindy 120 Miller, Chuck 43 Miller. Connie 120 Miller. Dennis 120 Miller, Kathy 120 Miller, Linda 120 Miller. Lorraine 140 Miller, Mark 150 Miller. Marsha 120 Miller, Patti 150 Miller, Sharyn 65, 150 Mink, Steve 140 Minnich. John 150 Miracle, Roger 140 Miser, Don 120 Mitchell, William 100 Mock, Randy 150 Mock, Steven 140 Moeller, Joe 150 Monner, Melanie 150 Monroe. Kristine Monroe, Scott Moole, Ronald Moore, Andrew 120 Moore. Ann 140, 141 Moore, Brenda 150 Moore, Carl 150 Moore, Jack 140 Moore. Janice 120,44 Moore. Martha 32, 34, 96. 100 Moore, Peggy 150 Moore, Ronald 151 Morken, James 120 Morken, Mary 140 Morken, Mike 147. 151 Morken, Romona 151 Mortin, Debbie 151 Morris, Pat 140 Morris, Tim 151 Morrison, Mitzi 140 Morrison, Phyllis 151 Morton, Mark 141 Mosher, Chervl 15 1 166 Index Motz, Rick 141 Mosher, Cheryl 151 Motz, Rick 141 Moulin, Angela 151 Mowan, Ken 120 Mowry, Kim 151 Moyer, Dan 120 Mudinski, Karl Mudrack. Pam 141 Muelle, Norman 151 Mullins, Cheryl 141 Mundt, Donald 151 Murdock, Lonnie 151 Murdock, Ralph 141 Murdock, Taft 151 Murphy, Joanne 120, 44 Murry, Billie 120 Musser, Sherry 151 Myers, Bill 151 Myers, Janet 141 Myers, John 15 1 Myers, Leann 120 Myers, Nancy 43, 151 Myers, Roberta 151 Myers, Tim 151 N Naugle, Debra 49,151 Navarra, John 120 Needham, Gregg 120 Neill, James 120 Neill, Judy 151 Nelson, Barb 65,151 Nelson, Bernice 84, 141 Nelson, Brenda 151 Nelson, Gilbert 151 Nelson, Jim 141 Nelson, Johnny 120 Nelson, Regina 151 Nesbitt, William 120 Neuhaus, Ann 151 Neuhaus, Bonnie 141 Neuhaus, Julie 120,42 Neuhaus, Kathleen 100 Neukom, Melodi 141 Neumann, Gary 157 Nevogt, Glen 141 Newby, Beth 151 Niblack, David 65,151 Nicole, Jennifer 151 Nicolet, Denny 121 Nicoski, Al 141 Nichols, Richard 151 Nicholson, Teresa 121 Nemeyer, Freidrick 100 Nix, Theresa 141 Nix, Tina 151 Nix, Tom 121 Noble, Mrs. Zola 100 Nold, Mary 49, 65, 151 Nomina, Mike 141 Nonemaker, Sheila 43, 151 Nordyke, Peggy 141 Nordyke, Randy 121 Norris, Kathy 121 North, James 151 North, Tom 141 Norton, Larry 151 Norton, Patty 121 Nunn, Ricky 121 Nycum, Delana 121 o Oakman, Jo Ann 151 Oberkiser, Richard 151 ODay, Jim 141 Odom, Mel 141 Odom, Raynond 151 O ' Grady, Deb 151 O ' Grady, Judy O ' Grady, Teresa 141 Olinske, Larry 141 Oliver, Pam 141 Olofson, Barb 121 Onion, Donna 121 Ormes, Debbl 42, 141 Ort, Darla 141 Owens, Bradley 151 P Palm, Cindy 141 Palmeter, Vicky 141 Pappas, Aspasia 42, 151 Parham, Dorothy 141 Paris, Mrs. Marjorie 100 Parker, Cunthia 151 Parker, Drawet Parkins, Beverly 141 Parrish, Gregory 121 Parrish, Scott 151 Parrot, Becky 121 Patrick, Janet 121 Pattee, Jacqueline Patten, Mary 141 Patten, Tom 121 Patterson, Brenda 121 Patterson, Kent 141 Patterson, Mark 121 Patton, Mike 141 Pauley, Lee 44, 121 Pawyard, Vickie 151 Payne, Melody 141 Payton, Patti 151 Peach, Charlene 44, 36, 121 Pearson, Reggie 121 Pepple, Terry 141 Peppier, Beverly 141 Perez, Frieda 121 Perkins, Rose 157 Perkins, Roxanne 141 Pernell, Deborah 121 Pernell, Kim 32, 151 Perry, Curtis 141 Perry, David 141 Perry, Maggie 151 Perugini, Mary 141 Peters, Janet 141 Peters, Jill 65, 151 Phillips, Lisa 141 Phillips, Patrice 44, 121 Picksring, Linda 42, Pierce, Kathy 151 Pierce, Tim 121 Piercy, William 141 Pifer, Rhonda 121 Pion, Patty 47,84,122 Pontius, Kim 122 Popp, Lee 43,49,65,71, 151 Powe, Lisa 42, 49, 151 Powe, Mark 141 Powers, Kay 122 Powers, Lea 141 Prantz, Bill 141 Prentice, Blake 141 Preston, Dave 76, 122 Price, Peggy 122 Prumm, Diane 122 Puff, Melvin 141 Puff, Ruby 49, 65, 151 Pugh, Mr. Robert 100 Pulver, Barbara 141 Pulver, Stan 122 Pulver, Steve 122 Purkhiser, Mrs. Mary 100 Putman, Tonia 122 Putt, Kathy 122 Putt, Thomas 151 Quinn, Eric 44 R Racine, Rita 122 Rammel, Claire 44, 122 Ransburg, Mrs. Ra- mona 20, 100 Rarick, Pam 151 Rathert, Melinda 151 Ray, Richard 122 Reader, Mike 122 Reader, Rick 151 Reader, Steve I 51 Redding, Mike 141 Redmond, James 122 Redwanski, Scott 151 Reed, Howie 44 Rembert, Pat 151 Resendez, Dee 65, 141, 151 Revel, Bob 151 Revel, Mary 151 Reynolds, Doug 141 Rhodes, Donna 141 Rhodes, Paula 151 Rice, Merle 100 Rice, Pam 42, 141 Richard, Melissa 151 Richardson, Debbie 122, 141 Richeal, Kim 122 Richmond, Diana 151 Ricker, Mike 151 Rider, Dennis 141 Rider, Ellen 141 Rider, Russ 122 Ridley, Jerome 45, 141 Ritchie, Dan 45, 141 Roach, Mark 151 Roady, Becky 151 Robbins, Curtis 141 Roberson, Fred 122 Roberts, Richard 151, 154 Robertson, Barbara 122 Robertson, Wendy 42, 122 Robinson, Candee 122 Robinson, Dennis 151 Robinson, Jim 141 Robinson, Lonnie 151 Robinson, Penny 141 Robles, Ricardo Rockey, Steve 122 Rodger, Anthony 141 Rodgers, Alycia 43 Rodriguez, Alex 122 Rodriguez, Gloria Roemke, Kaylyn 65 Rogers, Sandy 141 Rogoski, Joe 45, 141 Rohrs, Denise 141 Rollins, Leanne Romans, Joyce Romano, Tom 141 Romano, Vocki 122 Ross, Diane 122 Ross, Jeanne Roth, Jane 141 Rowald, Diane 22, 141 Roy, Denise 122 Ruf, Amy 122 Ruff, Forrest 65 Russell, Jeanne 122 Russell. Tim 23, 101 Sabo, James 141 Sabo, Shawn 122 Sarrazin, Cathy 65 Sanders, Lynn 122 Savage, Jim 123 Savage, Ronnie Sauer, Pal 141 Savio, Angela 43 Schaffer, Jim 123 Schaffer, Thomas 101 Schaefer, Will 141 Schafranski, Oscar Scheele, Tom 141 Schieferstein, Cheryl 44, 123 Schieferstein, Kevin Schinbeckler, Kim 141 Schlatter, Orvil 101 Schlickman, Sheryl 123 Schlup, Ronald 123 Schmid, Rebecca 123 Schmidt, Curtis 123 Schmidt, Jerry 141 Schmidt, Judy 123 Schmidt, Kim 123 Schneider, Richard 141 Schnelker, Greg 123 Schnelker, Scott 123 Schomburg, John 42 Schomburg, Mark 141, 43 Schomburg, Matt 147 Schmoburg, Roy 123 Schory, Sandra 123 Schory, Susan 123 Schrader. Bill 123 Schroader, Julie 141 Schrock, Kathleen 141 Schroll, Randy 49, 141 Schuler, Sally 49, 137, 141 Schultz, David 141 Schultz, Mr. Gary 26, 101 Sebastian, Brian 141 Seifert, Janet 147 Siefert, Timothy 123 Sietz, Kimberly Senesac, Debbie 141 Senesac, Tom 142 Sexton, Cherry 34, 42, 142 Sexton, Debby Shade. Pat 84. 123 Shaffer, James Shaheen, Gabriel 124 Shaw, Shirley Shearer, Sheri 142 Sheets, Keith 142 Shell, Tom 142 Shepherd, Vickie 124 Shepler, Barb 124 Shepler, Mrs. Ma- xine 101 Sherman, Mary 142 Shoemaker, Fritz 44, 142 Shoemaker, Janet 124 Shollenberger, Sue Shuler, Lew 142 Shultz, Cindi 43. 142 Shumaker, Steve 47.49. 124 Shutt, Mrs. May 101 Sibert. William 142 S iefert, Tim 47 Sieling, Leslie 47. 49. 142 Seiling. Mike 65 Sievers, Nanette 124 Sievers, Pat 142 Simpson. Cheryl 124 Simpson, Kathy 124 Skelly. Karen 142 Skordos, Mike 124 Sleesman. Randy 65. 142 Sloan, Cary 142 Slusher, Don 142 Smiley. Ellen 142 Smiley, Elna 142 Smith, Beverly 142 Smith, Douglas 49. 124 Smith, Jeff 142 Smith, JoAnne 142 Smith, Lester 142 Smith, Rick 124 Smith, Sue 142 Smith, Tom 142 Snider, Waveland 101 Snyder, Al 124 Snyder. Elaine 142 Snyder. Jane 65 Snyder. Kathy 142 Snyder, Lavon 124 Snyder. Robert 124 Snyder. Susan 49. 124 Soucie, Colleen 124 Sowers, Joyce 142 Sparks, Debbie 124 Sparks, Joan 124 Sprunger, Wendell 124 Spuhler, Cherie 44. 124 Stacy, Larry 142 Stacy, Linda 142 Stafford, Gordy 142 Stahlut, Steve 142 Stalling, Roosevelt 65 Stamanis. Nick 142 Stanton. Beth 142 Stark, Douglas 26. 101 Stark. Melody 124 Stauffer. Gary 142 Stauffer. Mr. John 101 Steigmeyer. Janice 47. 124 Steinbacher. Ellen Steiner. Nancy 142 Stemen, Gary 124 Stephens, Cheryl 124 Stephens. Robert 142 Stephenson. Don 142 Sterling. Trudy 142. 52. 142 Stetler. Diane 137 Stewart. Vanessa Stieglitz. Tom Stine. Mark 124 St. John. Sue Stone. Kathy 125 Stonebreaker. Mich- elle 125 Stoy. Kelly 142 Strasser, Janelle 142 Strong. Larrv 43. 96. 124 Stubblefield. Mr. Phi- lip 96, 101 Stucky, Bill 142 Sukow. Virginia 142 Sullivan. Frank 44, 125 Sullivan. Steve Suit. Greg 125. 129 Summers. Johnna 154 Swartz. Kathy 125 Sweeny. Richard 30. 125 Sweet. Robert 154 Tanner. Randy 44. 125 Tanner. William 142 Tassler. Dale 142 Tassler. Shirley 44. 125 Taylor. Diane 44. 125 Taylor, tamie 142 Taylor. Mark 143 Taylor. Nora 44. 143 Taylor. Paulette 125 Terrell. Tonv -. Index 167 Tharp, Tom 43 Thiele, Miss Norma 101 Thieme, Dave 154 Thieme, Randy 143 Thomas, Beth 143 Thomas, Dan 143 Thomas, Debra 125 Thomas, Derek 125 Thomas, Faith 142 Thompson, Jenine 125 Thornhill. Amie 143 Thurber, Jim 142 Thurber, Laurie Thurston, Eric 142 Till, Kevin 154 Timler, Mr. Stephen 101 Tinsley, Kulie 143 Tipple, Mr. Mark 42, 101 Todd, James 125 Todd, Miss Sandra 101 Todran, Suzanne 125 Tompkins, Joseph 143 Tomask, Karen 43 Traster, Mr. Robert 101 Traylor, Teresa 125 Treesh, Steve 143 Trendle, Katrina 143 Trice, Byran 143 Trimble, Roy 143 Troyer, Nancy 143 Tudor, Bob 49 Tudor, Jane 125 Tulley, Marguerite 125 Tunnell, Michael 125 Turner, Gary 125 Turner, Kathy 44 Turner, Vincent 125 Tuttle, Joyce 125 u Underwood, Kathi 143 Updike, Mr. Max 96, 101 Upton, Teresa 125 V Vachon. Keith 143 Valentine, Tony 43, 126 Van Anda, Bob 143 Van Curen, Patrice 143 VanGorder, Charles 143 Van Ry, Jody 143 VanRyn, Kirk 76, 128 Vaughn, Janice 126 Vernaegen, Linda 126 Vetrecht, Sandra 143 Vibbert, Ina 143 Vice, Patricia 126 Voltrer, Phil 44 Vonderhaar, Louise 65, 143 Vosmeier, Mark 65 w Wagner, Mrs. Betty 101 Wagner, George 49, 143 Walker, Robert 143 Walter, Sharon 126 Walter, Susan 143 Walters, Janet 126 Warfield, James 143 Warner, Cindy 143 Warner, Dale 143 Warner, Jenine 126 Warner, Roger 126 Warnick, Julie 126 Warrick, Suzanne 143 Warrick, Daniel 126 Wass, Judy 143 Wasserman, Laura 42 Watson, Janice Wayer, Cheryl 143 Wayer, Neil 126 Wearly, David 126 Webber, Sandy 126 Wehrenberg, James 43, 143 Wehrmeister, Mike 143 Weidner, Peggy 143 Weisenberg, Mark 65 Weisz, Susanne 126 Welch, Linda 126 Welch, Steve 126 Welfle, Fred 45 Welfle, Margaret 125 Wells, Sue 44, 143 Welsh, John 65 Werling, Bill 143 Wermager, Orlin 143 Wermuth, Bill 49 Wermuth, Tom 43, 126 Wert, Mr. Clive 101 Westerman, Ruth 42, 126 126 Whitaker, Donna 44, 126 White, Carmen 143 White, Glenda 126 Whitehurst, Pam 126, 129 Whittecar, Mark 143 Wickiffe, Martin 143 Wiedner, Peggy 65 Wiegand, Bill 126 Wiesenberg, Mark 49 Wilkens, Amy 126 Wilkening, Bill 143 Wilkens, Laura 127 Williams, John 127 Williams, Kevin 154 Williams, Larry 127 Williams, Racherl 143 Williams, Russell 127 Williamson, Dave 143 Willis, Fred 143 Wilson, Cheryl 49, 84, 143 Wilson, Henrietta 127 Winstel, Terry 127 Winters, Stan 143 Winzeter, Karen 143 Wire, Dan 127 Wissler, Margarel Wissler. Peggy 127 Wittwer, Mari 143 Witzigreuter, Randy Witzigueter, Rick 127 Wolck, Mary 43 Wolf, Thomas 127 Wolfe, Russell Wood, Gregory 127 Woodard, Don 127 Woodfin, Flora 44, 127 Woodfin, Martha 143 Woodruff, Jack 127 Woods, Debra 127 Woods, Diana 143 Woods, Timothy 43, 127 Wooten, Sue 143 Workman, Debra 127 Worman, Brenda 127 Wraley, Rhonda 127 Wright, Roy 143 Wright, Vicki Y Yaney, Denise 47, 127 Yawburg, Mark 65 Yingst, Scott 155 Yoguelet, Deam 127 Zehner, Carolyn 101 Zimmerman, Me- linda 43 Zimmerman, Tami 43 Zimmerman, Terri 42, 84, 127 Zollars, Bob 24, 143 Zollner, Trudy 143 Zumbaugh, David 143 Zurcher, Connie 127 Zurcher, Ronald 127 PTSA officers are (Seated) Mrs. Nelson Miller, treasurer; Mrs. Fred Kreamelmeyer, president; Mrs. Robert Zimmerman, first vice-president; Mrs. Frank Thomas, secr- etary (Standing) Mark Fisher, third vice-president; Mr. Alvin Harris, second vice- president. (JL reaRBDOKS

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