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Gc 977=202 F77no 1971 North Side High School Fort Wayne-, Ind. ) Legend M.t: 1593176 m COLLI !W Q,£N ,, |-1-EN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBHAR n Legend 1971 rria i. ..p North Side High School Fort Wayne, Indiana Volume 43 Contents Academics 8 Organizations 30 Sports 66 Album 92 Student Life 144 Faculty Index 158 Senior Index 160 Underclass Index 166 2 " nan 1593176 Renovation has changed North Side ' s face, but the year has not reduced her spirit. With modern equipment and rooms as teachers ' aids, her purposes and goals have been transformed. ' Skins have seen machines rise into a major position this year. With renovation came bet- ter facilities for the Music Depart- ment, library. Home Economics, En- glish, and Language Departments. With the facilities came more ad- vanced mechanical aids that helped teachers to gradually place the em- phasis on learning rather than on memorization. The 20 additional teachers, coupled with the novel ten-period day, made classes smaller. Seniors and juniors were as con used as sophomores during the first weeks of classes, since renova- tion had drastically altered the class areas and department corridors. One thing remained normaJ, sopho- mores stiJJ registered pleasure at their new-found freedoms, revelled in the relaxing of the dress code and wider choice of classes. Despite physical changes, the spirit of Redskins has not suffered. Spirit Week proved that ' Skins main- tained the high quality and quantity of spirit even with the retiring of the spirit trophy. Students helped change the atmosphere in football and basketball games, the Winter Concert, and the school itself. Education and spirit continue to thrive as " It ' s a New World on the Inside. " Bakhshi Villacorta add excitement to classes Mr. Derman Villacorta and Mr. Sarhia Pal Bakhshi both agreed that North Side is an excellent school and that they enjoyed their visit and work at Domeland. " The teachers and students were always helpful and made me feel right at home. " said Mr. Bakhshi, who arrived from India to teach En- glish. He hoped to return again in the future. Mr. Villacorta has finished his sec- ond year in Domeland teaching Spanish. As he left to return to his home in Peru, South America, he said that he would surely miss the students and people more than any- thing else. Both teachers and many students exchanged interesting facts about the school, the country, the people, and the different customs. Mr. Sarhia Pal Bakhshi and Mr. Derman Villacorta manage to find time in their schedules to discuss renovation. Mr. Derman Villacorta grades tests and checks papers in the teachers ' lounge dur- ing one of his work periods. Explaining a vocabulary list to his junior English classes occupies some of Mr. Sarhia Pal Bakhshi ' s time. In addition to teaching in his assigned classes, he often speaks to other classes during his free periods. 4 Foreign Exchange Teachers Claudia Jean share North ' s experience H HI il ■l 1 H Bi ■ ' ' ' li ' S ' 1 M gBj Wttj 1 J Bpi B i ip j ' H Mary Jo Dick and Claudia Koletzki warm up on their violins before class starts. The trend at North was foreign for two exchange students, Claudia Koletzki and Jean Schouwers. As the two struggled through the changes of renovation, many memo- ries were born and new friendships bloomed that will perhaps last for- ever. Claudia, from Nuremburg, Ger- many, arrived in July and traveled in the United States with Mr. and Mrs. Fry. Chosen by interviews, she in turn was interviewed by Red- skins. Claudia believed that stu- dents were more open and free to express feelings than they are in Germany. Jean arrived and had moved in with Mr. and Mrs. Annis, by the begin- ning of school. Having already graduated from high school in Brus- sels, Belgium, he was chosen to come to the United States, and planned to attend Louvain Univer- sity when he returned. Among the many advantages at North, he liked the extra activities, such as Key Club. Studying for a test, foreign exchange student Jean Schouwers carefully glances over the material. Workmen hustle to lay the new wooden floor as basketball season draws near with much work in the gym remaining to be done. From scratch to finish Renovation moves on Sanding the auditorium floor is an enor- mous job for a lone man. Soon many ' Skins will walk its floor again. Covering the gym rafters will add another new look. The accoustical tile used for the ceiling is used throughout the school. Students stop by to examine the former study hall being transformed into the new library. It is presently being used as a store room. 6 Renovation Renovation affected many parts of the school, especially the gymna- sium. The seats were painted red and white with a plastic coat to prevent splintering. The basket had to be raised one and one-half inches due to the new flooring. When it was completed in December, Redskins continued the basketball season on their home floor. to more modern and improved concepts Since its original construction in 1927 only a few alterations have changed North ' s appearance. But more than forty years of use made renovation of the building inevitable and welcome. Phase I of the re- novation was completed last year and included the remodeling of the heating system, the remodeling of the shop area, and the construction of the stadium locker room. Alumin- um windows were also installed in all rooms. The second phase took place this year. It was concerned with remodeling the auditorium and the stage area, the construction of a new parking lot, the building of a new all-weather track, and the building of the tennis courts. New seats, a new floor, and a new ceiling changed the gym. The study hall was turned into the library, and the former library was converted to the music rooms. Blinds were added to all windows. The third and final phase will be completed in the future. Eventually air conditioning will be added to the offices and cafeteria, and the floors may be retiled. But it was this year especially that brought a new world on the inside. As the school year nears, the tennis courts come closer to completion. The four new courts are used for physical education classes and tennis team practices. Although the team has not used them this season, they plan to play on them in coming seasons. Renovation 7 Learning, experiences, dust, plaster and deafening noises comprised the academic life of students. They worked throughout the year with 20 additional teachers and a ten-period day. Because of shortened periods, teachers tried to communicate more thoroughly with students. Knowl- edge was the end result of these communications. L ppercJassmen gained more individualized learn- ing in the Communism and Litera- ture Seminars and the flexible schedules. Students applied them- selves to sciences for experiments, mathematics for accuracy, and busi- ness for discipline. Educators con- centrated on students learning rather than memorizing new materi- als. They utilized visual and audio aids such as films, records, and overhead projectors to reach this goal. Renovation created some problems and solved others. Teachers and students shouted above the noises of construction, dodged ladd ers, wires, and scaffolds, and studied by sunlight when fuses were blown. Each department was moved into a corridor by itself with an office in that area. New-gained knowledge and experi- ences helped form academics while " It ' s a new world on the inside. " Academics It ' s a new world on the inside 8 Academics Academics 9 English Department meets student need nmni jugggjgaBMaiMi Miss Elizabeth Little demonstrates one of the new additions to the English corridor, the aersol horn. Mr. Robert Pugh helps Bob Hunter in the library. This is an additional service which the English Department offers. The English office offers a chance for teachers to get together during the day to discuss classes and students. Mr. Harold Gruver, Mrs. Donna McBane, and Mrs. Sandra Haifley take time out to talk over plans and grade papers. Mr. Frederick Autenrieth ' s eighth period Sophomore English class keeps busy by studying modern and traditional poetry. Ti 10 English through individual help aerosol horn The flexible English Department curriculum let each teacher adapt to the needs and the potential of each class and helped the classes devel- op into more student-oriented center. Instruction helped to develop the humanistic goals and attitudes needed by the students. It also in- stilled insight into life and human emotions in the students through an increase in the fine literature around them, guiding the students toward a more effective communi- cation with an understanding of their fellow man. The work of the English Department was geared to stimulate the interests of all North Side students. The curriculum con- sisted of themes, compositions, research papers, the acting of plays, book reports, poetry, and much more. All of these went into giving Redskins not only increased general knowledge, but also improving their personal vocabularies, which was extremely important. Their world demanded that most become edu- cated, well versed young adults. North Side ' s English Department was one Redskins could all be proud of. Group discussion;; are frequent in Mrs. Donna McBane ' s Junior English classes. Her sixth period class discusses a test over poetry. Small groups also meet to analyze English literature. Brian Norton, Kathy Eberhardt, Glenda Jones. Cindy Phillips, and Claudia Koletzki listen and Kevin Burke introduces a book to Literature Seminar. In Mr. James Lewinski ' s class. Red- skins can examine literature not offered in English Classes. English 11 Girls learn value of fair play in sports Sophomore girls run twice around the new all-weather track when the weather permits, learn- ing many activities outside and inside. The girls ' physical education classes taught sportsmanship as well as physical coordination to the girls. It was also a time when the students could relax and enjoy different ac- tivities as well as learn new skills. Sophomores participated in arch- ery, badminton, volleyball, gymnas- tics, co-ed square dancing, tennis, and more. Mrs. Kathleen Capper and Miss Anne Donnelly directed the girls ' physical education classes with help from student leaders. Since the swimming pool was not completed, the credit for swimming was not required for graduation of the Class of 1973. Completion of new tennis courts started a new ac- tivity, however. Girls learned the basic knowledge of tennis which included the stance, the parts of the racket, keeping score, and the rules to follow when playing. Nancy McCue demonstrates exactly how to hold and use the bow in archery, just one of the many sports the girls enjoy. Playing field hockey, girls learn the various equipment, rules, and skills. They are later tested for their accomplishments and progress. 12 Phys Ed . Sophomore boys taking physical education further their skills in flag football, which they play until beginning wrestling in November. Basketball came after the gym was completed. Other activities dur- ing the year also help them to keep fit and to learn more about sports. Boys move outside learn new skills As renovation moved into the boys ' gym, it presented little trouble for classes as football was the main concern for the fall season. Classes were conducted on the football field, and for locker room facilities, the boys used the area below the bleachers which was designed for the football teams. The boys again took advantage of the brand-new fa- cilities when wrestling classes rolled around. When it was finished in November, the classes moved back into the old-but-new gym. the principal concern bounced to basketball. The weather changed again and boys scurried to the new all-weather track. Although sopho- more boys followed tradition as they trotted along the State Street bridge to the Tennessee bridge or to the Coliseum and back again to North, they also had the advantages of playing on a new floor and meet- ing for physical education in entire- ly new surroundings. Using the area beneath the bleachers, sophomore boys practice the rigors of Virrestling together. Phys Ed 13 Business prepares students for professions Mrs. Irma Johnson ' s fifth period beginning shorthand class prepares for coming dictation tests by taking dictation from tapes. By comparing their writing to that in the book, they learn to write the symbols legibly. Senior Diane Dietz practices from Mrs. Johnson ' s dictation to achieve and retain shorthand brief forms. fl r — : Lana King, junior, counts out paper to get ready to use the mimeograph machine, while Senior Debbie Brubaker types in the background. Service workers aid school personnel by typing, duplicating tests, and collecting attendance slips. 14 Business universities Students in Mr. John Eastes ' General Busi- ness classes often get in groups to compare problems on homework. In the group here are Elaine Snyder, Barry Huntton, Katrina Trendle, Mr. Eastes, Carl Fike, Jolee Cool- man, and Jeff Smith. Mr. Dale Goon ' s fifth period Advanced Typing class warms up on five-minute timed writings. In addition, classes also work on business letters, manuscripts, and other types of exercises to develop skill. The Business Department teaches students different occupations in business and helps the young peo- ple get ready for the world that lies ahead for them. Mr. John Walter, department head, said that schedule problems made it difficult for students and teachers to meet outside of class so the help students needed could be given. But both groups worked hard to in- tegrate the instruction in skill courses, such as typing, shorthand, and bookkkeeping into broader aspects of business. The General Business instruction include bank- ing, budgets, insurance, stock markets, and business vocabulary ' . All course work was designed for preparing students either for careers or college. Using calculators for solving problems in clerical practice is common for Debbie Roebuck and Carol Ellison. Business 15 Science offers novel teaching methods, I Earth Science involves lectures and studies of the earth ' s structure, as Mr. John Tipple demonstrates. Nancy Steiner, Greg Kroemer. and Brad Hitevogt examine the characteristics of different chemicals by burning and com- bining them. Understanding the environment in terms of chemical and physical make-up was the general knowledge learned in chemistry, physics, biolo- gy and earth science. Chemistry and physics involved a new system which gave teachers and students more free time for individual atten- tion and projects. Using the overhead projector, films, and models the chemistry students ad- justed to large groups. Physics students involved them- selves in water pollution and petro- leum projects, while others pro- duced new kinds of plastic. Students gained facts about the earth below and above its surface in earth science, while biology offered knowledge about nature and her products. Math is necessary to live in today ' s society " Today there is an emphasis in aerospace, so four years of math is required in order to get into almost an apprentice school, " said Mr. Charles Clark, department head, as he explained the math program. The department offers a course in geometry, advanced algebra, trigo- nometry, and some classes in refresher courses. More students are taking math now than in the past. A student who does take four years of math has a chance for a career in either busi- ness, math, or science. Three years of math is almost necessary to live in today ' s busy society, Mr. Clark adds. Mr. Byard Hey shows Martin Curdes. Greg Friend, and Larry Fogle how to work one of many complicated trigonometry problems. Rick Cutigni, Kathy Carter, and Sue Davis receive help in advanced algebra from Mrs. Rita Pepitone, who is student teaching for Mr. Donald Hunter. Phil Godfrey in geometrj ' uses an overhead projector to demonstrate the accuracy of drawing a circle. Math 17 Foreign language uses help from tape Third year French students listen to a taped lesson by the use of headsets. The equipment aid- ed classes immensely in the study of all foreign languages. The foreign language department, headed by Mr. Paul Lemke, experi- enced its third year of audio-lingual methods of teaching in French and Spanish. Films, filmstrips, and tapes were an important part of the presentation. The language lab helped students learn of their progress as the instructor listened to them individually and helped them with their dialog pronounciation. Several students returned to Span- ish classes in September after spending their previous summer or portions of it in Spanish-speaking countries. Janet Bossard, spent her summer in Spain. Dennis Hansen was sent to Mexico to live with a family for six weeks after qualifying in a test of general knowledge of the language. Terri Mensch visited Mexico on her owm. Mr. Derman Villacorta, Spanish exchange teacher from Peru, re- turned to teach his second and final year before returning to teach in his country. Third year Spanish classes had the advantage of being separated into two classifications for the first time, with the new Y lane as an experi- ment. German students used lab in- struments for the first time in the classroom. Latin students oc- casionally took advantage of the language lab, but used text materi- als widely. German students also use headsets. Mr Tom Dohrmann ' s second year class listens, recites, and then works on words. 18 Languages headsets to increase vocabulary pronunciation Mr. Derman Villacorta explains to Mark Adams, Vanessa Fiscus, Bob Bridges, and Lori Kuester about the traditions surrounding the Spanish Pinata. Mr. Dohrmann points out important subject Goshert, Maren Kolin, and Tom Johnston recite a Roman play in Mrs. matter while senior Dwayne Hartup listens ,,.,,,,.■ . attentively. I " ' ' " ' atin 5 class. Languages 19 In beginning journalism, students are taught how to prepare material for the Northerner and how to proofread copy. Journalism examines communication in class The journalism curriculum helps students develop communication skills at many levels. In beginning journalism students learn an appre- ciation of mass media by studying some characteristics, problems, and history. They try to produce materi- al that is used by the media. The Northerner staff meets every day to put the school newspaper together. Gathering news and in- forming ' Skins keeps the entire staff busy. The Legend staff works together to put memories of the year in words and pictures. They accepted many responsibilities that are necessary in producing a yearbook. These members from the Northerner staff get together to discuss layouts and stories for the paper. Pat Markey and Steve Bogenshutz work together typing and reading off names, for the underclass pictures in the yearbook. 20 Journalism T.V., video tape, help speech department The speech department took on a new look with equipment added to North Side ' s facilities. The video tape machine and television sets gave many students a first-hand un- derstanding of how they look and sound while giving a speech. More students were involved in Speech I and II, than in past years, and the new schedule had not ham- pered the speech classes any. Speech students applied what they had learned by participating in speech and debate tournaments. The team was among the top 10 in Indiana. Classroom activities consisted of preparing and presenting humorous and informative speeches while classmates acted out many re- sponses of the audience. Using the television set, many beginning and advanced speech students can improve on weak areas in their performance. Rose Sizemore presents a speech in Mr. Gary Schultz ' s speech I class to an attentive audience. Dave Aumiller, after much preparation, gives a speech before an audience. Topics are varied and introduce discussion. Speech 21 Art helps Redskins express inner feelings Demonstrating the art of lithography are Bruce Henschen, Denise Antone, Mike Krempel, and Carole Masloob. Students who think art classes just drew pictures of animals and still life sketches are taught to think again in art. Before a student enrolls in advanced art he must take a basic art course dealing with fundamen- tals. Miss Marjorie Bell, department head, displayed many of the articles students made on their way to a new interpretation of art. Advanced art classes made objects like belts, jackets, and purses on looms, sketched and designed boxes, and made rings from different metals and stones. " Art helps the students express themselves and understand more about themselves through creating different objects " said Miss Bell. Each class displayed art drawings and sketches by hanging them in the art hall. Students in beginning art practice on drawing a Holland shoe, a crucible, and an old lantern. Beginning art students study one of the two undone stairways. They transfer what they see to paper. 22 Drama It ' s a fight! No, Mr. James Purkhiser just tells his beginning students that making a scene look real is part of acting. Renovation caused cancellation of Senior Play The drama classes innovated and revised schedules as they adjusted to reconstruction problems. Renova- tion of the stage caused cancellation of the Senior play. However, they worked toward the time in the second semester when facilities were again available and they could use the stage for one play and Varsity Varieties. Beginning and advanced drama classes practiced doing pantomimes and plays, emphasizing words and movements. Drama III students present a reader ' s theatre for their classmates. Acting out a scene. Drama II students tr ' improvising after the manner of " Dark of the Moon. " Art 23 Music Department expands; more Nan McBride, a feature twirler, takes twirling at football and basketball games in stride. Diligence and long hours are necessary to present a concert, as the wind and string sections of the orchestra prove. Janet Bossard, Rae Doenges, Jimmy Schaeffer and Jane Collens make up one of Mr. Roderick Gerrard ' s several guitar classes. These classes offer availability of the Music Department to students not enrolled in it. Directing the band and sometimes the orchestra takes much of Mr. Barry Ashton ' s time. In addition he also coordinates the Arrowettes and twirlers with the band. 24 Music vocal divisions more classes The Troubadours practice for coming concerts. Once the smallest group in the department, it has been divided into several smallergroups. Mike Folk, Byron Black, Larry Stacy, and Tim Mills comprise the color guard. They appear at football and basketball games. Because the Senior Play was can- celled, seniors instead attended the Senior Cabaret presented December 3 by the Music Department. Cabaret involved most of the 450 members of the vocal and instrumental sec- tions. Other concerts included a school as- sembly on December 23, and three public concerts: one in February and two in May. Because of the great number of singers, A Cappella was divided into Troubadours, the folk group, Madrigals, and girls ' ensemble. The instrumental groups played outside of the Fort Wayne area and for Indiana University Regional Campus. Involved in the schedule was a band trip after their annual candy sale and fish fry dinners in October, January, and May. During the football season, the group sold red and white cushions called swingers. The instrumental groups divided during the basketball season and formed the Pep Band, which attend- ed most of the games and helped bring out the North Side Redskin spirit. Music 25 Social studies influenced lives of Skins as they Senior Jim Andrews explains a problem to his classmates in Mr. Certain ' s economics class. The Social Studies Department, headed by Mr. Cleon Fleck, offers history, government and economics, sociology, world affairs, and a com- munist seminar. They are designed to let each student know what has happened in the past and what is going on today. Because it was an election year, classes had a special project; they discussed the candidates the week preceding the elections and also studied Indiana government. Then they voted for their choices. Sociology centered around people and their problems. Economics classes studied democracy as a structure, while the communist Seminar studied the threats of com- munism — past, present, and future. World affairs compared other parts of the world and their problems to the United States. Government present principles about the func- tions of our government and devel- opments for the future. In the regular Friday current events discus- sion in Mr. Waveland Snider ' s world histo- ry class, Diane Stetler discusses a timely topic from the newspaper. 26 Social Studies These United States history students get together to discuss the upcoming election of the state and local government. These students, along with other social studies students, were able to vote in the classroom for their favorite candidates. i vere taught the ways of government Mrs. Renee Bleifeld, student teaching for Mr. Augustus Schoonover, explains the an- swer to a question raised by a student. Four students made up Mr. Ronald Certain ' s communist seminar. The class discussed com- munism and its affect in the past and future. Mr. Cleon Fleck ' s United States histor ' class listen to another student express his opinion about a question raised in the class. His classes discussed topics from the newspapers and magazines to keep up with current events around the world. Social Studies 27 What makes motors work? Bill Schrader, Randy Kindig, and Ken Elder listen to an explana- tion as they examine the parts of a common motor. Chuck Distelrath uses one of the new desks as he works with rules and fine point pen- cils to develop accuracy and a drawing. Industrial Arts classes develop precision In beginning light bulbs gli electronics, these boys luivi ' put together an electrical circuit in which all four ow. Then they test amounts of voltage. The shop, completed last spring, maintained its new look for those involved in the Industrial Arts Department. A trophy case stood in the hall for projects and the entire complex was brightly lighted and had accoustical ceilings. The wood room contained storage for lumber and a dustproof staining room, while the metals room fea- tured thick concrete dividers be- tween each welding block in the class area. The motors room had an air hood to draw out fumes from in- ternal combustion and a large area in which students constructed four- cylinder motors. Electricity and electronics were housed in a spacious room with all the necessary space for storage. Beginning Drawing featured a step- down floor with high desks slanted for ease in drawing. The advanced drafting room doubled as a dark- room for developing blueprints drawn by the students. Bob Shelton, senior, polishes a container made in industrial arts, while Dave Diver, Dennis McQuery and Craig Christman paint one of the many projects which takes both precision and a careful hand. Clothes, food, living discussed in Home Ec Despite the impression that the Home Economics Department is open only to girls, it has been teaching boys since the family liv- ing class was instituted. This dealt with marriage and family living and in the second semester concentrated on managing a family and learning to live within a budget. The department also offers the more traditional courses. Intermediate sewing and advanced clothing emphasize knowledge of wardrobes and sewing clothing. Intermediate and advanced foods concentrated on cooking and the selection of menus and food. Home nursing and child care dealt with family health, home care of sick persons, and child care and development. Housing and home decorations considered problems such as house planning and materi- als and equipment used in decorat- ing the home. Debbie Workman, Ruth Knuth, Jane Dodan, Kathi Key, and Connie Zimmerman plan different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sara Pressler shows how she figures out patterns, uses a sewing machine, and final- ly makes clothes for casual and dress oc- Darcy Middleton, Kathy Gross, and Julie Mossburg make up part of the family living class. They discuss family problems and what is actually involved in home life. Home Ec 29 Organizations Redskins have been active in more than thirty organizations during and after the school day. But we have seen a change in the club program, bidding a fond farewell to the Daffy Dabblers and to the Business CJub. Audio-VisuaJ Club selected a new name for them- selves, and wiJJ now be known as the Projectionist Club under the sponsorship of Mrs. Noble. Some clubs were hampered by renovation. However, it certainly did not dampen the enthusiasm, for clubs continued to show our true Redskin spirit. Club members worked hard on many money making projects. They also donated much time to the ser- vice projects that are a part of their program each year. Many have offered their services to the school by aiding in parking for ball games, working the concession stands, and sponsoring dances after games. To make money they planned ventures such as the swinger sale, fish fries, and candle sales; or they sponsored successful booths at the school carnival. If s a new world on the inside Cooperative education instructs prepares Practice in typing and accuracy is necessary for some students involved in cooperative educa- tion. students for vocations after graduation Distributive Education provided a combination of study and an on-the- job training program. It dealt with students in the field of sales. Mr. Richard A. Irving is the instructor of this fund-raising organization. Industrial Cooperative Training, ICT, is a program for the high school juniors or seniors who want- ed to learn a trade or technical job. Mr. Hyrle Ivy instructed members and chose the right jobs for the students. This year the student em- ployees gave a banquet for their em- ployers and took a field trip to Chicago. The Vocational Industrial Clubs of America offered students a chance to try their skills against other students of Indiana. I.C.T. members are (front row) Dennis Murphy, Pat Murphy. Jim Caley, Larry Kabe. Rod Gu- tierrez. Debra Short, Sandy Cattin, Kathie Davis, (R ow two) Ron Kable. Rick Summers. Mark Ixiuden, Dan Cameron, Becky Casey, Alan Fudge. Ken Reighter, (Row three) Roger Blakley. Philip Leichty, Michael Goodwin, Rickey Nunn, Neil Vice, Jay Frazier. Keith Johns. Ellis Chaffin, (Row four) Mr. Ivy, Gary Scott, Tim Gaskill, Tom Arnold. Bill Warner, .Al Bowman. Tom Hileman, Greg MacDonald, and Marcia Closson, Senior D.E.C.A. members are (front row) Kathv Van Aman, Sandy Federspiel, Karen McKmzie, (Row two) JoAnn Bate, Brenda Horner, Terrv Flanagan, Patsv Hanauer Lois Muehlmeyer, (Row three) Leon Simerman, Greg Striker, Jeff Kemp. Tom Nelson, and Dennis Lapp. Junior D.EC.A. members are (front row) Charlene Calhoun, Robin Calhoun. Nadine High. Linda Miller. Sandy Webber, (row two) ' icki Romano. Jim Todd. Jerr - Archer. Phil Godfrey. Julie Neuhaus. (Row three) Rick Harter, Eric Quinn. Frank Sullivan, and Lee Pauley. D.E.C.A., I.C.T. 33 Roman Banquet Highligh ts JCL JCL members are (Front row) Linda Kruse, Beverly Morris Secretary, Sue Lamb, Jane Manning, Barb Hoppel, Karen Cecil, Patti Hein, and Holly Hontz (Row Two) Janet Hontz, Nancy McCue, Cindy Hall Trea- surer, Ann Moore, Sheri Shearer, Elaine Carlson, Jane Nicodemus, and Becky Cecil (Row three) Steve Wolf, Mike Brooks, Lana Patch Social Chairman, Mary Jo Dick, Kathy Halter, Becky Beyerlein, Wan- da Norris, Mrs. Janet Weber, and Kay Carlson (Row four) Sue Irmsher Social Chairman, Gregory Gfell, Scott Weber, Chris Koop, Pat Harmeyer, Patti Kipling, Sue Hoffman, Marlene Wetzel (Row five) Tony Terrell Publicity Chairman, Dan Zweig, Steve Oliver, Tim Seifert, John Feasel, Tom Johnston, Mark Albright, Cheryl Renn, and Gene Chaffin (Not pictured) Sue Armstrong Senior Consul, Jan Bos- serman, Junine Ellis, Robert Grant, Terrie Lindsey, Eric Thurston, Kathy Voirol Latin students learned to appreciate the civilization, language, and art of ancient Greece and Rome in the JCL Club. A potluck dinner at Bev Morris ' house started the club ' s activities, which included a fall picnic at Franke Park, a Christmas pariy and a spring picnic with MLC, and the annual traditional Roman Banquet. At the banquet, which was the highlight of the club ' s activities, everyone dressed in togas and new members were " slaves " of the old members. To adjust to the ten-period sched- ule, JCL had meetings in the after- noons and the evenings. The club sponsor is Mrs. Janet Weber. Mrs. Janet Weber, Sue Armstrong, John Feasel, Sue Lamb, and Kay Carlson discuss plans for the next meeting. 34 JCL MCL has two picnics Christmas party Changing from one meeting once a month, the MLC members met three times during the school year. MLC, the Modem Language Club, made preparations for a fall picnic in Sep- tember where they played football and danced to records. The members met in December for a Christmas get-together and sang carols. Afterwards they enjoyed cookies and punch. In May, MLC combined with JCL for an end-of- the-year picnic. Officers gathered for business meet- ings to discuss dues, membership, activities, and plans for next year. Membership was open to any per- son who had a foreign language of Francais, French; Espagnol, Span- ish; or Duetsch, German. 1593176 Dawn Hunter and Jody Snyder discuss MLC ' s final meeting. M.L.C. members are (front row) Claudia Koletzki, Nancy Steiner, Cheryl Buckmaster, Kim Kleopfer, Beth Bridges, Carol Hyndman, Jody Barile, Sherrie Walker, Pam Rice, Dawn Hunter, Cindy Lusk, Emily Stall. (Row two) Esther Lacy, Jody Snyder, Laura Widmann, Marilyn Brunnegraff, Cindy McNutt, Debbie Egnor, Carla Ehler, Amie Thornhill, Cathy Manning, Barb Brown, Betsy Gutierrez, Cheryl Wil son. (Row three) Janine Burke, Sharon Hoagland, Darlene Giessler, Roxanna Perkins, Jamie Fiscus, Allyn Brinker, Cindy Kirk- patrick. Sue St. John, Debby Ormes, Julie Hanzel, Hope Hartup, Alice Trischler, Cherry Sexton, Barb Myers, Debbie Hart. (Row four) Joyce Gray, Cheri Jesse, Kathy Fry, Chris Gerken, Jone Jerraid, . j i oi M ' g ' - ' .i ' M j r Sj s r J, JHj i T PwtfH Denise Rohrs, Sheryl Schlickman, Kaye McKinnis, Jess Beltz. Vir- ginia Sakow, Jean Brackmann, Nancy Cronkhite. Jeanetta Griffith. Marlene Wetzel, Deanna Clark, Rhonda Fox, Jane Collins. (Row five) Va-nessa Fiscus, Charlie Wilier, Martin Curdes, Dennis Hansen, Judy O ' Grady, Barb Walker, Karen McDonald, Lynn Doughty, Robin Fish, Bill Stucky, Bob Andrews, Terry Mensch, Becky Beyerlein, Sharon Koenig, Susie Wehrenberg. (Row slx) John Jantz, Joyce Glusenkamp. Shelley Jacoby, Mary Haft, Brian Headings. Kim Blazer. Sue Head- ford, Sandy Guertin, Patrice Van Curen, Mrs. Sherry Gerber, Jan Jackson, Jinx Heiniger, DWayne Hartup, Curt Bro vn, Marty Brown, Sue Hoffman. Mary Ann Lochner, Nancy Storms. f Helicon members gain insight to literature With the help of Mr. Robert Pugh and Mrs. Kathleen Neuhaus, the members of Helicon acquired new insight into literature. Helicon required that the senior and junior members have a B plus average in English. In the second semester, the sophomores who had an A- average in English may join. As it has in the past, the club gave the English Cup Award to the out- standing English student of the year. Their year began with a potluck dinner and closed with the annual Spring tea and the farewell banquet Other activities were the annual tal- ent show at Allen County Home at Christmas and sponsoring a booth in the carnival. Steve Wolf, vice president; Mary Jo Dick, social chairman; Alice Trichsler, secretary; and Mark Stine, treasurer; get together to plan future meetings and parties for Helicon. Helicon members are (front row) Cathy Abbott, Joyce Harsch, Cathy Manning, Carol Hyndman, Sue Lamb (Publicity Chairman), Kathy Jacobson. (Row 2) Dennis Hansen, Steve Wolf (Vice-President), Alice Trichsler (Secretary). Denise Hoffman, Jane Nicodemus, Kathy Halter. Kay Carlson. (Row 3) Nannette Sievers, Sharon Rediger (Pro- gram Chairman), Mary Jo Dick (Social Chairman), Krystal Keller, Becky Beyerlein, Cindy Suback, Jane Collins (Row 4) Jill Hinkle, Pat Harmeyer, Karen Feller, Sue Hoffman, Marlene Wetzel, Scott Weber, Connie Hoylman, Bill Hallford, (Row 5) Mrs. Kathleen Neuhaus, Steve Oliver, Mark Stine (Treasurer), Tom Johnston, Tami Zahn, Pam Knispel. Cheryl Renn (President). Perry Shilts, Mr. Robert Pugh. (Not Pictured) Mark Chappuis, Tim Cooper, Rea Doenges. Sue Irmscher, Kaye McKinnis, Tom Purkhiser, Liz Schevtchuk 36 Helicon NFL members work for points NFL members are (front row) Patty Pion, Carol Hyndman, Ann Patterson, Denise Yaney, Cathy Abbott. (Row two) Jim Andrews, Thea Baughman, Kathy Hageman, Paula Clay, Leslie Judd. (Row three) Steve Shumaker, Tim Cooper. Dennis Hansen. Janice Steigmeyer, Sandy Francies. (Row four) Dan Fair, Bob Hunter, Mr. Schultz, Dennis Orr, Steve Bogenschutz The ability to debate gives Steve Shumaker and Denise Yaney self-confidence and poise. The National Forensic League, coached by Mr. Gary Schultz, is an honorary organization where stu- dents become members after ac- cumulating 25 or more points by speaking in tournaments. Fourteen active members work for the possible thirty-three degrees: The first, Degree of Merit, is worth twenty-five points; the Degree of Honor, seventy-five points; Degree of Excellence, one hundred-fifty; Degree of Distinction, two hundred- fifty; Double Ruby, five hiuidred. In addition to participating in speaking contests, members ser ' ed public groups that asked for a speaker and received points for these speeches. North Side delegates brought home 12 awards from the Legislative Assembly at Purdue Universit ' . NFL 37 Kingsmen make plans for tournament The Kingsmen, a chess club under the sponsorship of Mr. Alvin Harris, made their plans in the hope of competing with other schools, including a tournament with South Side. Club members who already had an understanding of the game compet- ed among themselves for training and practice to point out moves that would keep them out of " Check- mate. " They kept track of the points for each other, with members partici- pating in the tournament against the other schools. Kingsmen members are (front row) Richard Brown (President). Kevin Hoy, Jim Knuth, Ed Rhodes (Row two) Gene Chaffin (Vice- President), Joe Eykholt, Mark Kantzer, and Raymond Balogh (Row three) Mr. Alvin C. Harris, Dino Redmond, Dennis Cooley, Ken Burgener Projectionists help with films and slides Projectionists Club members are (front row) Andy Federspiel, Gary Glass, (Secretary), Jim Knuth. (Row two) Walter Hardesty, Carey Sloan. (Row three) Mrs. Zola Noble, Dave Hanauer (Program Chairman), John Jantz (Treasurer). (Row four) Jack Reader (President), Dennis Arnold (Vice-President), Mike Reader. (Not pictured) Doug Elkins, Joe Eykholt. Lucy Guevara, Greg Kroemer The Projectionists Club, sponsored by Mrs. Zola Noble, meets once a month to discuss new equipment and problems the student might be having with the equipment. Members are in charge of transport- ing audio-visual equipment and see- ing it is properly taken care of. They learn how to run projectors, record- ers and other equipment and inves- tigate careers in the field of audio- visual. When a teacher needs to order cer- tain films for classes he reserves the projector also with the projec- tionists. Then, if need be they will see to it that the film is ready and show the teacher how to operate if need be. They know how to operate the machines and know about all the different parts and how they function. Jack Reader teaches Kerry Farrell the basic fundamentals of a movie projector. Helping Skins occupies student librarians " There are many jobs for the student librarians to do, and they prove to be quite helpful, " stated Mrs. Fae Stafford, head librarian. Some of their duties are to check books in and out, help shelve them sometimes, collect fines, file cards, fill out hold slips, stamp and put aw ay magazines. The requirements a re to know the Dewey Decimal system and be willing to contribute their time. They also should know how to use the card cataloges so they can help the other students find the books they want. Library club members are (front row) Mrs. Lombard, Dorothy Lipp, Mark Kast, Jackie Gusching, Mrs. Stafford (Row two) Mrs. Durfey, Debbie Eachen, Roxane Eltzroth, Marcia Cavinder, Nancy Canner (Row three) Beverly Craddock, Connie Deeds, Karen McDonald, Greg Kroemer Thespians change to international club International Thespian members are (front row) Michele Renner, Debbie Hall, Denise Antoine (Row two) Jackie Levin, Dave Eachen, Sherrie Walker (Row three) Chris Boggs, James Irwin, Terry Dennis (Row four) Gary Moore, Mike Gibson, Dave Olry, Tom Purkhiser The National Thespian club changed its name to the Interna- tional Thespian club. The 15 members of the purely honorary organization have a choice of interest in what part they want to work at from stagecraft to acting. They have an honorary banquet and a formal initiation each year. Renovation had slowed the produc- tion of plays but the Varsity Varieties and some plays had been given after the auditorium was opened. This organization brings a new at- mosphere of dramatics from funny nonsense plays, to a hard hitting suspense story. These plays shown to students in the afternoon are repeated for parents and guest that night. Library. Thespian 39 Key Club helps orphans parks cars ushers Key Club members are (front row) Mark Adams, Thomas A, Benecke. Bob Givens, Steven Shannon, Andy Meehan. (Row two) Mr. R J. Cer- tain, Timothy L. Woods, Neil B.Inscoe, Timothy Cooper, Thomas A. Mensch, Gregory J. Mertz (president), Gregory Suit II. (Row three) Kim Morey, Dan Jenkins, John Schouwers, Steve Mock, Dave Johnson, Bill Hallford (vice president). Tom Wermuth. (Row four) Mr. John Tipple, Dennis Parker. Mike Johnson. Mark Fisher. Dwayne Hartup (Sgt. at Arms). Dave Ackerman. Mark Carroll. Mike Martone. Chuck Miller (Row five) Dave Bossard (treasurer), Mark Chappuis (secretary). Micheal Leach, Curt Brown, Dan Gebhart, Bruce Ackerman, Rick VVerling. Richard Meek, Chuck Armstrong Due to renovation, Key Club, a ser- vice club for boys, met only on Thursdays during the tenth period. In the earlier part of the year, they held a membership drive for prospective members. Each boy was asked to fill out an application, which was then evaluated. Members ushered at the Fort Wayne Children ' s Ballet and the Christ Child Festival. They also parked cars at ball games, did work at the State School, had a paper drive, and took orphans to ball games, the Key, North ' s student directory, was published by the Key Club. Sponsors, Mr. Ronald Certain, Mr. John Tipple, and Mr. Larry Bott as- sisted the club. Helping make several families ' Christmases happy. Key Club muinbe donations made by ' Skins to the Christmas Bureau. empty ihe gym of the 40 Key Club Journalists gather for awards, fun r? 1 ' ? 1500 Club members are (front row) Bob Andrews, Joyce Crosby, Lois Paxson, Susie Wehren- berg, John Antonides, (Row two) Wanda Norris, Bill Wiegand, Connie Hoylman, Mark Han- sen, (not Pictured) Pam Carpenter, Pat Knight, and Kathy McMahon. With a grimace of surprise. Miss Norma Thiele accepts her gift at the annual Publications Banquet. Mark Hansen, m.c, explains that the bone was something she could chew on instead of persons who came to class late. Quill and Scroll and 1500 Club are to recognize students who have done work in publications. The former is open only to seniors who have ability in publications and have performed outstanding work. Members must be recommended by the adviser, Miss Norma Thiele. 1500 Club is for Northerner staff members who have received 1500 points or more according tj the amount of wdrk completed. Neither club had regular meetings but functioned as an organization when necessary. Together the two planned two social activities, the awards banquet, and the Spring pic- nic for the publications department There are no officers or chairman; every one plans the activities together. Quill and Scroll members are Wanda Norris, John Antonides, Cindy Suback. and Susie Wehrenberg. Quill Scroll, 1500 Club 41 Northerner staff tries to please Nadine High, point recorder, cuts articles from The Northerner so members receive credit for their work. Doing last minute changes in assignments for his staff is Sports Editor John An- tonides. Northerner members are (front row) Amy Didier, Lois Paxson, Joyce Crosby, Nadine High. Pat McMahan, Kathy McMahon (Row two) Pam Carpenter, John Antonides, Susie Wehrenberg, Viclci Brown. Rhonda Wraley, Nannette Sievers (Row three) Bill Wiegand, Mark Hansen, Trudy Sterling, Connie Hoylman, Bob Andrews. Dave Aumiller. Patti Weaver 42 students receives top award in Quill and Scroll Bill Wiegand and Connie Hoylman work together in planning the layout for an issue of the Northerner. They do this each week before the copy is sent to the print shop. Layouts are checked to see when articles are needed for completion of a spread. Being in the darkroom or shooting pictures is the usual daily activities of photographer Pat Knight. Amy Didier discusses plans for the Northerner by phone with another staff member. At the typewriter, Bob Andrews puts last minute touches on the final draft of his copy. Appealing to the student of today was the chief concern of the Northerner staff. They ac- complished this through articles on curriculum and an Action Line in which they tried to find answers to problems of the school. The Northerner entered the Quill and Scroll competition for newspapers and received the Inter- national Honor Rating, which was the most superior achievement it could obtain. Editor Sue VVehrenberg News Editor Connie Hoylman Assistant Bill Wiegand Feature Editor Joyce Crosby Assistant Nanette Sievers Sports Editor John Antonides Assistant Bob Andre vs Back Page Editor .... Mark Hansen Assistant Pat McMahan Advertising Manager . Lois Paxson Assistant Kathy McMahon Circulation Manager Rhonda Wraley Business Manager . . . Vicki Brown Point Recorder Nadine High News Bureau Editor Pam Carpenter Exchange Editor .. my Didier Photographers Pat Knight Dave Aumiller Legend brings personal abilities and leadership The Legend staff of fifteen students worked on specific individual as- signments and helped each other meeting deadlines. 1 Requirement for staff membership ' l l was interest in writing and a desire to help publish the yearbook. The editor and copy editor, howev- er, were expected to have previous experience. The purpose of the yearbook was to provide a service for the students and the school by making a record of the year. It also helped to develop individual talents in communi- cation skills by collecting informa- tion and putting it into usable form. . ' Editor-in-chief Wanda Norris Assistant Cindy Lusk . Organization Editor . . Linda Eloph Assistants . . . Eileen Benson, Randy Beck Sports Editor . . . Steve Bogenschutz Assistant Marv Marino Student Life Editor Becky Francies M ' ' J ' mm m a M Assistant Dann Faust f W HI IP Underclass Editor . . Debbie Gaskill ►ij - r vA i Senior Class Editor . Cindy Suback . ' - V2 VBi I Faculty Editor . . . . Jarretta Mougin ■ ' !— 1 y ..... ■li Ijjjjex Editor Paul Suit QIC . J . If J-. A- Business Manager Pam Whitehurst Becky Francies, student life editor, dis- . i_ -j cusses changes in copy for her section with Assistant Becky SchmiQ Wanda Norris. Legend members are (front row) Becky Schmid, Jaretta Mougin, Cindy Lusk, Pat Markey, Deb- bie Gaskill (Row two) Randy Beck, Wanda Norris, Dann Faust, Cindy Suback (Row three) Becky Francies, Pam Whitehurst, Pat Knight, Steve Bogenschutz (Row four) Marv Marino, Paul Suit, Linda Eloph, Eileen Benson 44 Legend to the surface in the entire staff Legend 45 student Council activities include Christmas Student Council members are (front row) Donna Onion, Barb Zollars, Mark Adams, Deb Keller, Barb Olofson, Marsha Helmke (Row two) Denise Hartup, Cindy Lusk, Darlene Giessler, Tim Cooper, Dawn Hunter, Bob Bridges, Robert Manville, Sheryl Schlickman (Row three) Jim Andrews, Chris Gerken, Cheryl Renn, Larry Strong, Kay Carlson, Mark Coslow, Bill Hallford, Sue Wehrenberg, Liz McMahon (Row four) Greg Mertz, Steve Bogenschutz, Kevin Ferguson, Scott Weber, Dwayne Hartup, Dave Anderson, Lucy Wilson, Connie Hoyl- man (Row five) Tom Mensch, John Feasel. Kevin Burke, Dan Gebhart, Larry Longardner, Mark Stine, Tom Johnston, Pam Knispel, Tami Zahn (front row) Sandi Rogers. Michelle Carto. Kathy Snyder, Pam Kirkpa- trick. Sheri Shearer, Esther Lacy. Kim Kleopher. Laura Widmann, Jane Manning (Row two] Amie Thornhill, Kathi Underwood. Thea Baughman. Angle Gernhardt. Nancy Cronkhite. )ean Brackmann. Sandra Guertin, Robert Gibson. Dianne Stetler. Lucv Guevara (Row- three) Tonyia Bennett. Richard Hull. Sue Cline. Char Burlew. Bob Givens, Trudy Sterling. Mitzi Downey. Debbie Ormes. Robin Fish (Row four) Karen Winzeler, Beverly Parkins, George Wagner, Steve Mock, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Lee Wells, George Nicodemus, Mark Mor- ton, Gregg Haner, Jinx Heiniger (Row five) John Hoylman, Will Schaefer, Mike Martone, Les Sieling, Dave Ackerman, Curt Brown, Mike Lauer, Chuck Armstrong, Randy Gerig, Dave Johnson, Neal Inscoe 46 Student Council Bureau project and book store. Giving students a voice in the school government, Student Council keeps communication open between students and teachers. Of the three standing committees, Spirit Committee is in charge of Spirit Week. It judges the posters and helps promote spirit throughout the entire year. The Ways and Means Committee deals with problems students may have on the dress code, while School Problems committee deals with all the problems students have about schedules. The Council also serves as a liason with the general community and the city government in terms of North Side participation in pollution con- trol, student-government relations, and projects designed to help the city with its growing problems. The chairman of the various com- mittees, the council officers, and representatives and alternates for each home room make up the coun- cil. Student Council book store has many transactions. Here Bill VVeigand change after a purchase. Student Council president Tim Cooper and exchange student John Shouwers load items for the Christmas bureau. gives Dawn Hunter her Mark Adams and Mrs. Darvies at the annu- al Christmas Bureau assembly. 47 Z Club activities include carnival, bake sale iU I t t i i i -W, Club member Dawn Hunter interviews Kaye McKinnis for membership from the questionnaire she filled out Z Club members are (front row) Cindy Lusk, Wendy Robertson, Sue Lamb, Barb Meyer, Joyce Harsch, Bev Morris (Row two) Beth Gruber, Terri Zimmerman, Sandy Schory, Susan Schory, Joy Brunson, Emily Stall, Miss Doust (Row three) Janet Patick, Barb Myers, Maria Bienz, Mar- gi Stevens, Dawn Hunter, Maria Dancer, Vanessa Fiscus (Row four) Becky Beyerlein, Cindy Suback, Kathy Goshert, Darlene Giessler, Krystal Keller, Joyce Crosby, Lori Kuester, Kay Bentley (Row five) Mrs. Gerber, Nancy Scheeler, Jill Hinkle, Cheryl Renn, Tami Zahn, Lucy Wilson, Pat Weaver, Connie Holyman, Joyce Glusenkamp 48 Z-Club Renovation condensed Z-club into two meeting groups instead of three which met to plan projects during fifth and tenth periods. November included the annual carnival, while projects such as bake sales, caroling, the sale of suckers, valentines, and sectional corsages, and a Sadie Hawkins dance followed. Mrs. Jacqueline Hutmach- er, Miss Rosalie Doust, and Mrs. Sherry Gerber aided the girls with the projects; and fifth period presi- dent is Lucy Wilson, and tenth period president is Nancy Scheeler. In December old members welcomed new members who worked on the various projects. Members of tenth period Z-Club work on one of their many projects or discuss a timely topic. Tri-M exposes its members to music FSA Members Promote Secretarial Field Through films such as " The Invisi- ble Diplomat " and by listening to speakers from the business world, members of the Future Secretaries of America promoted interest in secretarial work and encouraged further education in the secretarial field. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Irma Johnson, the club was open to ad- vanced shorthand students. Mrs. Jean Carter, a coordinator from the Tawasi Chapter of National Secre- taries, helped the club organize its programs. Activities included selling mod sta- tionary as a money-making project, a formal initiation and installation, and an informal Christmas party. Tri-M, Modern Music Masters Club, is a national honorary music society of the top music students from the major performing groups. Each semester the actives nominate other music students to be invited to audition for the club. The select- ed few become spikes and serve the club for one semester before becom- ing active members. At the monthly meetings the spikes perform music from their own musical fields of ability. A concert is scheduled for the end of the year. Tri-M members are (front row) Joyce Harsch, Sue Lamb. Jody Snyder, Steve Wolf, (Row two) Sharon Rediger, Sue Brick- man, Denise Hoffman. Debbie Hart, Robert Rogers, Colleen Sedam. (Row three) Mary Jo Dick, Sharon Koenig, Theresa Stacy, Jim Schaffer, Chuck Conrad, Susie Hoff- man, Pam Key, Kathy Fry. (Row four) Mike Erler, Patti Barkley. Dave Lehrman. Mark Albright, Chris Gerken, Earl Jackson, Kay Carlson, Brian Headings. (Row five) Paul Reeder, Richard Tuttle, Cheryl Renn, Dave Brackmann, Mark Stine, Ross Johnson, Mike Billing, Tom Johnston, Carl Schwartz. FSA members are (front row) Alice Hagapian, Paula Collins, Pamela Goff, Kim Richeal. (Row two) Juanita Gonzales, Lynn Jasper, Rosi Cuellar, Gail DoelL (Row- three) Linda Clemons, Debby Dale. Beth Farris, Sue McPherson, Sue Eiser. (Row four) Charlene Peach, Kathy Knuth, Liz Papagiannis — Treasurer, Ruth Miller, Patty Vice. (Row five) Cindy Wallace, Kathy Manes, Cassandra Babcock, Kathy Swartz — Historian, Linda Gaskill. (Row six) Waneta Kiefer, Margi Stevens, Becky Walker, Cheryl Zirkle— Vice-President, Mrs. Irma Johnson — Sponsor. (Not pic- tured Sue Armstrong. Barbara Bobilya President, Teresa Bonifas, Jean Deady, Sue Freeman, Peggy Schuster — Secretary, Jo Toth, Debbie Webster. F.S.A. officers. Barb Bobilya, Cheryl Zirkle, and Kathy Swartz, plan future meetings. Work is play as instrumentalists perform Concert Band members are (front row) Geary Hoy, Debbie Gerig, Nanette McBride, Marcia Wellman, Janet Sanders, Patti Weaver, Joy Brunson, Joann Foote, Sue Brickman, Nanette Sievers, Sue Snyder, Vicki Brown, Jill Hinkle, Nancy Hileman, Patricia Harmeyer, Emily Stall, Becky Dreyer, Julie Peters, Barb ZoUars (Row two) Earl Jackson, Cindy Gething, Marilyn Derr, Kathy Putt, Chris Gerken, Kathy Jacobson, John Crawford, Debbie Hall, Sue Hoffman, Kathy Young, Karen Allen, Amy Hughes, Becky Beyerlein, Jim Neill, Paul Reeder, Scott Carmer, Chris Mahlan, Steve Battell, Gordon Hunt, Don Heeren, Joyce Tuttle, Steve Watkins, Gail Doell, Dave Lehrman, Robert Rogers (Row three) Maren Kolin, Karen Felier, Denise Hartup, Kay Carlson, Joyce Keever, Jeanette Studebaker, Debbie Stearns, Jack Smith, Tom Linder, Debbie Rupp, Mike Erler, Steve Wolf, Mark Albright, Theresa Stacy, Robert Wilson, Rick Cu- Varsity members are (front row) Barbara Storm, Debbie Eder, Peggy Nordyke, Gwynne Johnson, Kathy Young, Roberta Ranck, Sandy Walker, Sue Smith, Lea Powers, Sharon Hoagland, Denny Andrews Keith Vachon. Rick Griffith, Barb Hoppel (Row two) Becky Fogle, Camille Buchan, Linda Sherwood, Margaret Bracht, Tim Domer, Mark Fisher, Stan Clark, Blake Prentice, Bob Walker, Elaine Carlson, Pat Sievers, Randy Gerig, David Niblack, Don Stephenson, Billy Stephens, John Gonser, Marjorie Braucher, Mike Spielh, Larry Stacy, 50 Concert, Varsity Band Doug Myers, Cheri Jesse, Dave Warner (Row three) Debbie Sylvester, Les Sieling, Joan Cameron, Dorothy Lipp, Kathy Snyder, Bob Zollars, Je rry Kirkpatrick, Mark Langmeyer, Brian Headings, Jim Heeren, John Roby, Mr. Ashton, Mr Graham, Brian Harshbarger, Melvin Puff, Kenton Patterson, Nick Stamanis, Rob Hartzell, Tom Schevtchuk, Doug Reynolds, Bob VanAnda, Dan Zweig, Steve Mays (Not pictured) Stan Davis, Phil Stuckey. both in small ensembles and large groups tigni, Carl Schwartz, Dave Bartholomew, Tim Pierce, Debbie Gaskill, Jean Deady, Mark Fish- er, Stan Clark, Dave Warner, Cheri Jesse, Dave Maus, Don Miser, Chuck Conrad (Row four) Joy Gunsenhouser, Cathy Malich, Leslie Judd, Tom Tapping, Sue Weisz, Thomas Wolf, Jan Ahlersmeyer, Carol Robinson, Greg Schaefer, Doug Smith, Roger Warner, Brian Headings, Tom Hileman, Richard Tuttle, Becky Casey, Steve Martin, Rick Sweeny, Rick Ludwig, Larry Fogle, Mark Carter, Denny Runkle, Tom Blood (Row five) Patti Barkley, Margaret Welfle, Sharon Koenig, Dave Hanauer, Ross Johnson, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Mr. Ashton, Mr. Graham, Diane Ross, Joyce Harsch, Bob McComb, Donn Kinne, Dave Busian, Byron Black, Brian Kern, Richard Erler, Bryan Reighter, Brian Harshbarger, Dave Brackmann, Steve Faux (not pictured] Debbie Borders, Phyllis Carroll, Rea Doenges, Gregg Jackson, Blake Prentice. Varsity band, open to all wind, brass and percussion players, con- sists mainly of sophomores. This prepares them for concert band, which is a more advanced in- strumental group. The varsity band performed at the concerts on their own. Seniors and juniors who have al- ready been in the varsity band, and selected sophomores form the con- cert band. Each year they play at the Winter, Christmas, and Spring concerts. Often during the school year they travel around the city and perform at various schools. New was the Percussion Ensemble. The group was assembled because there were a large number of stu- dents in the percussion section in the concert band that otherwise would not play. The ensemble con- sisted of a varying number of members that performed at the con- certs. (Drum Major) Chris Mahlan (Drum Majorette) Sue Brickman Percussion Ensemble members are Sharon Koenig. Margaret Welfle. Dave Hanauer. Richard Erler. Brian Harshbarger, Bryan Reighter, Joyce Harsh, Brian Kern. Dave Brackmann. Donn Kinne. Diane Ross. Mr. Graham (Not pictured) Rea Doenges. Dave Busian. Greg Jackson. Bob McComb, Byron Black, Patti Barklev. Steve Faux Drum Major, Majorette; Percussion Ensemble ol Orchestra Strings Girls ' Ensembles create Orchestra members are (front row) Pam Key, Trudy Albaugh, Glenda Schaefer, Janine Burke, Dave Gingrich, Cheryl Wilson, Virginia Sukow, Mary Jo Dick. (Row two) Sharon Rediger, Sharon Koenig, Barb Walker, Debbie Hart, Jane Collins, Karen Winzeler, Rhonda Fox, Janet Bossard. (Row three) Patti Hein, Brian Headings, Denise Hoffman, Tim North, Joy Brunson, Nannette Sievers, Sue Snyder, Janet Sanders, Marcia Weliman, Kathy Young, Sue Hoffman, Tom Johnston, Karen Allen, Janet Hontz, Kathy Voirol, Connie Tye, Lana Patch. (Row four) Nancy Steiner, Rose Maciejewski. (Row five) Bill Sibert, Jim Heeren, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Ross Girl Ensemble members are (front row) Marsha Helmke, Jo Ann Skinner, Cheryl Lees, Brenda Estep (Row two) Barb Zollars, Colleen Sedam. Tami Zahn, Sue Irmscher, Ross Johnson, (Pi- ano) Sue Lamb, Kathy Fry Seventy-five members made up the orchestra while those students on string instruments may go on into concert orchestra. The members performed throughout the year for junior high schools and assemblies, besides attending the Chicago Symphony in March and partici- pating in the Manchester Symphony in April. In addition to this, they participated in the NISBOVA con- tests. Mr. David Piatt directed the orchestra at approximately a dozen performances throughout the year. String ensembles included 14 peo- ple whose main purpose was playing dinner music, chamber music, and taking part in the NISBOVA con- test String members must be among the best players in the orchestra to qualify. The String Ensembles played under the direction of Mr. Piatt Girls ' Ensemble, a division of A ' Cappella, blended together nine voices. They sang at a few concerts separately from the A ' Cappella. Di- rection of various songs was by Mr. Roderick Gerrard. 52 Orchestra, Girls Ensemble competition excitement entertainment Johnson, Helon Grim ;.s. Mikc Dilling. Larry Slacy, Tom Linder, Karen Feller, Kathy Incobson, Maren Kolin. Earl Jackson, Chris Gerken, Paul Roeder, Debbie Hall, Dave Mau.s, Chuck Conrad, Doug Myors, Don Miser, Mike Erler, Sieve Wolf, Theresa Stacy, Randy Sleesman, Becky Craridock. (Row six) Liz Schevtchuk. Lee Wells, Carl Schwartz, Rick Ludwig, Mark Carter, Denny Runkl( Tom Blood, Beverly Morris, Jody Snyder, Beverly Smith, Tom North. (Standing) Dave Brackmann, Margaret Welfle, Mr. Ashton, Mr. Graham, Mr. Piatt, Nick Stamanis, Joyce Harsch, Diane Ross. Not pictured are Claudia Koletzki, Mary Taylor. String Ensemble members are (front row) Sharon Rediger, Trudy Al- baugh, Patti Hein, Nancy Steiner, Cheryl Wilson, Glenda Schaefer, Janine Burke. (Row two) Mary Jo Dick, Pam Key, Rose Maciejewski, Sharon Koenig, Brian Headings. Jane Collins, Jody Snyder, Jerry Kirkpatrick. Orchestra. Strino Ensemble 53 A ' Cappella divided into smaller groups Folk Choir members are (front row) Leslie Judd, Rick Smith, Byron Oswald, Edward Heffner, Leon Simerman, Amy Hughes, Barb Olofson. Jill Lauber, Kathy Fry. Neil Kluepfel (Row two) Gayle Brinker, Denise Hansen, Renee Boitet, Jeanetta Griffith, Kathy Goshert, Carla Schmidt, Amy Ruf, Cindy Gething (Row three) Gary Hershberger, Susan Davis, Kathy Putt, Cheri Sheley, Patti Barkley, Sharon Layton, Jill Hinkle, Connie Hoylman (Row four) Gregg Needham, Gary Brantley, Tim Pierce. Brian Langmeyer. Brian Headings, Steve Warner. Denny Nicolet, Paul Modic (Not pictured) Tami Zahn The 85 juniors and seniors in A ' Cappella were chosen by special auditions open to anyone. The per- formed at the Christmas and Spring concerts, and even recorded a special Christmas program for tele- vision. A ' Cappella was divided into four groups: The Folk Choir, The Madri- gal Singers, Girls ' Ensemble, and the Troubadours. Each member was placed in a group to give all the singers a chance to perform in a smaller ensemble. Troubadours was the second largest group, having 30 members. Since A ' Cappella was too large to travel easily. Troubadours represented North at out-of-school concerts. Folk dancing was included in the repertoire of the Folk Choir as the 34 members performed a variety of folk and contemporary songs such as those sung by Peter Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, and the Kingston Trio. A ' Cappella was under the direction of Mr. Willard Holloway during the first semester. He was succeeded by Mr. John Hill and Mr. Roderick Ger- rard. A ' Cappella members are Piano: Jody Snyder, Sharon Koenig (front row) Mr. Hill, Mr. Holloway, Barb Zollars, Amy Hughes, Connie Shoup, Maria Bienz, Marsha Helmke, Diane Dietz. Cheryl Lees, Amy Ruf, Bev Morris, Jill Lauber, Sue Lamb, Joann Skinner, Joy Brunson, Brenda Estep, Marilyn Derr, Terri Zimmerman, Renee Boitet, Denise Hansen, Gayle Brinker, Glenda Schaefer. Krystal Keller, Jane Collins, Mr. Gerrard, Ross Johnson (Row two) Sarah Colpitts, Beth Johnson, Sue Brickman, Colleen Sedam, Carla Schmidt, Mary Joe Dick, Cindy Gething, Kathy Fry, Barb Olofson, Sharon Layton, Sylvia Bechtelheimer, Jill Hinkle, Connie Hoylman, Denise Hoffman, Kathy Cosher, Cheri Sheley, Kathy Putt, Patti Barkley, Jeanetta I .©J 1 JH ' H !: lim.w.mkmi tl M m ' Jt for more specialized singing experiences Troubadour members are Piano: Jody Snyder, Sharon Koenig (front row) Nick Stamanis, Connie Shoup, Maria Bienz, Sue Lamb, Bev Morris, Denise Hoffman, Terri Zimmerman, Marilyn Derr, Krystal Keller, Ross Rohnson (Row two) Beth Johnson, Mary Jo Dick, Sylvia Becktelheimer, Diane Dietz, Lucy Wilson, Glenda Schaefer, Jane Collins, Pam Knispel (Row three) Mark Albright, Craig Lamson, Rob- ert Wilson, Marv Marino, Tim Mills, Richard Shupe, Jim Schaffer, Dave Jennings, (Row four) Tom Johnston, Chris Boggs, Paul Reeder. John Feasel, Chad Johnson, Richard Meek, Mike Dilling (Not pic- tured) Skip Balkenbush Griffith, Sue Irmscher, Lucy Wilson, Susan Davis. Pam Knispel, Tami Zahn, Cheryl Renn (Row three) Edward Heffner, Bryon Oswald, Mark Albright, Craig Lamson, Greg Suit. Paul Reeder, Bob Wilson, Marv Marino, Tim Mills, Richard Shupe, Gary Brantley, Leon Simerman. Jim Schaffer. Rick Cutigni, Brian Headings (Row four) Dave Jennings. Chris Boggs. Gary Hershberger. Rick Smith. Tom Johnston, Steve Oliver, John Feasel, Mark Stine. Paul Modic, Denny Nicolet, Tim Pierce, Brian Langmeyer, Mike Dilling, Richard Meek. Steve Warner, Gregg Needham, Chad Johnson (Not pictured) Skip Balkenbush, Mike Folk, Ken Poor. Bill Lasley, Tom Schwyn ii% 1 i; Twirlers members are (front row) Denise Roy, Pat Casey, Carla Salyer, Keneta Krause, Peggy Kinder, Connie Miller, Nannette McBride, Marcia Wellman, Debbie Hart, Barb Zollars (Row two) Sandy Walker, Diana Prumm, Lucy Guevara, Deb Sylvester, Lou- tricia Daring, Jill Lauber, Kathy Miller, Barb Shepler (Row three) Lee Ann Myers, Joyce Gray, Rose Angel, Judy Schmidt, Toni McCoy, Billie Murray, Jenny Loveless, Barb Skevington, Cindy Hall (Row four) Jean Brackmann, Deanna Clark, Kay Powers, Jone Jerraid, Candy Carpenter, Connie Boyd, Sue Irmscher, Jan McBride, Becky Francies Twirlers Madrigals perform to entertain Madrigal members are Steve Oliver, Sara Colpitis. Greg Suit, Sue Brickman, Joy Branson, Rick Cutigni, Cheryl Renn, Mark Stine 56 Twirlers, Madrigals Arrowettes were made up of majorettes and pom-pom girls. They performed as a single group, and some times separately at football and basketball games. Arrowettes participated in the NISBOVA con- test along with the marching band and in separate twirling contests. They were required to participate in band camp during the summer and to return later for twirling camp. They also helped with the music department fund-raising drives. Mrs. Betty Wagner served as an ad- viser to the Arrowettes, under the direction of Mr. Barry Ashton. Madrigals was a group of four boys and four girls in which there were two each of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses, each singing a different octave, making it a difficult group to keep up with. Madrigals were directed by Mr. Roderick Gerrard and started by Mr. Willard Hollo- way, as it was the first year possible with the time and faculty to do so. Several of these types of groups were started to give students a chance to be in a special group other than A Cappella. It was required that all A Cappella students were to have been in an extra class such as this. Wildsiders and Stage Band rehearse jazz The Wildsiders consisted of approx- imately twenty students who were selected by audition. This was a dance band organization for stu- dents that had the desire to learn some advanced skills in music and perform them well. Basically, the students concentrated in the jazz area. The group was made up of trombones, saxophones, a pianist, a drummer, a string base, and a gui- tarist. They participated in school concerts and social events as well as the Notre Dame contest. Rehearsal Stage band was also a dance band for students who wanted to learn more in music than what they or- dinarily did in band class. They concentrated on the same type of jazz music as did Wildsiders. They participated in outside events when invited and in school activities and concerts. Like the Wildsiders, it was made up of the same instruments. Neither organization had a class time to meet and came in either before or after school hours. Two other bands of this type were or- ganized to teach only the skills and fundamentals but did not partici- pate in actual performances. Rehearsal Stage Band members are (front row) Mr. Graham, Denny Andrews, Barb Hoppel. Don Heeren, Keith Vachon, Rick Griffith (Row two) Nick Stamanis, Bob ZoUars, Steve Mays, Dan Zweig, Tom Schevtchuk, Robin Hartzell (Row three) Kathy Snyder, Jim Heeren, Larry Stacy, Mark Fisher, Stan Clark, Blake Prentice, Doug Myers, Bill Stephens Wildsider members are (front row) Paul Reeder, Dave Lehrman (band leader). Earl Jackson, Chris Mahlan, Scott Carmer (Row two) Dave Brackman, Leslie Judd, Rick Ludwig, Tom Blood, Tom Hileman, Mark Carter, Carl Schwartz (Row three) Sharon Koenig, Ross Johnson, Jerry Kirkpatrick. Mark Albright, Steve Wolf. Mike Erler, Terry Stacy, Dave Bartholomew, Rick Cutigni Rehearsal Stage Band, Wildsiders 57 Chanticleers and Sophomore Choir performed Chanticleer members are (front row) Sandy Eloranta, Doris Davis, Rose Jackson, Julie Moss- burg, Becky Rollins, Beth Gruber, Nancy Rupp, Sue Criswell, Amy Wilkins, Cheryl Simpson, Deb Kitchen, Deb Gronau, Linda Miller, Ann Patterson, Kathy Carter, Sheryl Eastman, Joni Leitch, Mary Hobbs (Row two) Debbie Hart, Debbie Gaskill, Ruth Knudson, Shirley Tassler, Debbie Gerig, Lee Ann Myers, Cindy Wallace, Margie Guethe, Deb Chapman, Violet Garland, Becky Heck, Cindy Miller, Sue Hurley, Janet Hatch, Kathy McMahon, Carolyn McNeal, Liz 58 Chanticleers, Soph Choir Sophomore Choir members are (front row) Lucy Guevara, Laurie Gilbreg. Cheryl Correa, Cindy Palm, Julie Culbertson, Pam Rice, Linda Stacy, Cindy McNutt, Debbie Richardson, Deb- bie Egnor, Jackie Gusching, Vicky DePrey, Sue Farlee, Jane Manning, Suzette Roddy, Vickie Babcock, )udy Wass, Mr. Hill (Row two) Jennifer Joseph, Jennifer Gipson, Nancy Troyer. (amie Fiscus, Jeanne Baker. Jeanne Itt, Barrie Beckman, Lee Wells, Gordy Stafford, Bill Werling, Kevin Hoy. Joette Gumbert. Nancy Steiner, Debbie Konkla, Pat George. Sandy Rogers, Beth Thomas, Debby Ormes, Pam Kirkpatrick (Row three) Ellen Rider, Debbie Jones, Nancy Banks, Roxanna Perkins, Sandy Kaufman, Elaine Snyder, Veda Holmes, Jean Brackmann, Mike Geoffrey, Dana Brady, Glenn Rediger, John Hampshire, Tim Cole, Steve Brown, Doreen Insley, Roxie Converse, Sue Stoops, Jann McKinzie, Marilyn Brunnegraff, Jinx Heiniger, Barb Bed- at school concerts throughout year McMahon, Karen Meeks, Cathy Diller, Cathy McComb, Rose Koontz, Diana Prumm (Row three) Mona Rae Feist, Vanessa Fiscus, Joyce Glusenkamp, Irene Pietras, Linda Gutennuth, Deb Keller, Phyllis Meredith, Kaye McKinnis, Kay Heffelfinger, Penny Shearer, Joyce Tuttle, Chris Earner, Helen Grimes, Linda Eloph, Vikky Phillips, Teresa Bonifas, Lori Kuester, Kim Blazer, Paula Clay, Patricia Harmeyer, Jan McBride, Jenine Thompson (not pictured) Sandy Babcock, Rea Doenges, Lois Ford, Rebecca Myers (Piano) Chris Gerken, Sue Hoffman Under the joint direction of Mr. John Hill and Mr. Roderick Gerrard, the Sophomore Choir learned the basic fundamentals of vocal music. Being in the choir provided the stu- dents with a chance to go into Chanticleers or A ' Cappella and Troubadours. About 96 members performed at the Christmas and Spring concerts. The Chanticleers included about sixty senior and junior girls who prac- ticed during the sixth period each day. Under the direction of Mr. Hill, the group performed at school concerts and also had many outside concerts throughout the school year. well (Row four) Bev Smith, Kathy Meagher, Laverna Knisely, Jarita Greulach, Nancy Martin, Peg Meshberger, Mary Morken, Lynda Foster, Neal Inscoe, Lyndon Wall, Greg Kroemer, Mike Lauer, Steve Feasel, Chuck VanGorder, Neil Kluepfel, Peggy Nordyke, Rita Osborne, Sue Cline, Sandra Guertin, Pam Greeno, Chris Acheson, Linda Pickering, Patti Kipling, Jana Habeggerlnol piclured] Tim Coie, Darlime Dovey, )ohn Hampshire, Laverna Knisely. William Piercy, Glenn Rediger, Linda Stacy, Deborah Smith, Allyn Brinker, Steve Brown, Mary Axel, Jarita Gruelach, Steve Luke, Pam Rice, Beth Thomas, Dianne Herber, Gertrud Zollner. Suzanne Warrick, Dana Brady, Melody Payne, Cindy Knispel, Mary Patten, Trudy Zollner, Suzy Warrick, Elaine Snyder, Joan Sparks, Lena Sonnier, Sheri Shearer. Chanticleers, Soph Choir 59 Library office gym facilities improve Tearing up and rebuilding, plastering and hammering, workmen gradually transformed the old study hall into a new library. Although renovation has been a decisive factor in every phase of Redskins ' experiences as school, the clubs have been seriously affected. Because of lack of members, some disbanded; others combined forces, and the rest vi ent through the year with fewer members or continued as before. D.E.C.A. had so many new prospects that not all those students could be placed in jobs. JCL increased its members, while MLC stayed about the same in membership and decided to meet only three times during the school year. Business Club and Secreary Club joined into the Future Secre- taries of America. Others, such as railroaders and Daffy Dabblers, became obsolete. " Combine and Conquer " was another order of the day when Key Club joined into one large group from the three of previous years. Z-Club followed this example and formed two different clubs from three. Even with the ten-period day, caused by renovation, affecting clubs, members ' enthusiasm more than made up for these problems. With all the seats chopped off in the auditorium, the Senior Play was cancelled for lack of a place to have these and other events. Wearing completion, the boys ' gym needs much more done to it before the first basketball game throughout year as renovation progresses An orderly clutter prevails in the auditorium as work in it continues. Before school starts busy workmen clutter the halls with scaffolds, equipment and other paraphenaha involved in getting the job done on time. Renovation 61 Renovation goes sky high as welders prepare the gym rafters for nev heating, lighting, and P.A. systems, and a false ceiling. Redskins retain spirit enthusiasm in The only way to fly! A workman bricks up the windows in the gym area from the out- side. The platform is held by a crane. A solid base is necessary for the stairway leading up to the new library from the out- side. 62 Renovation Workmen prepare the parking lot, whicti previously resembles a mud hole, for an asphalt top. sports school throughout renovation Because of the pool being renovated, there was no swim team; but the pool area was not a total loss, since workmen used it during lunch and other breaks. The view through the fence shows the new asphalt track which awaits many running feet Renovation 63 Faculty receive benefits The crane plays a big part in renovation; it enables the workmen to reach the gym win- dows without stretching. Dr Bill C An this presents a plaque to Superintendent of FWCS Lester Grile at the North Side- New Haven game. The plaque was to mark the completion of much-needed renovation in the The new teachers ' lounge will eventually be furnished and have a built-in kitchenetta A pile of trash is not an uncommon sight as renovation progresses. ' Skins also became accus- tomed to seeing exposed pipes and wires. 64 Renovation 3f new lounge lighted asphalt parking lot One restriction caused by renovation that became quite common for ' Skins is keeping out of posted areas where heavy and final construction work is going on. For the first semester, one of these areas was the entrances to the boys ' gymnasium. Although once used as a storage area, the new library was opened according to schedule. North Side ' s huge facelift has given the athletic department several new facilities and pieces of equipment. Two locker rooms, an asphalt track, three tennis courts, and a new gym were added. These additions and the same RedsJcin pep and determi- nation of previous years, molded together another exciting athletic season. The gymnasium, the site of past basJ etbaJJ tourneys and the largest gym in the area before the construction of the Coliseum, has been transformed in renovation. Al- though the ceiling was lowered to prevent echoes, improved lighting and heating systems have been add- ed, the real spark of modernization has come from the new red vinyj seats, replacing the hard brown wooden ones. It ' s reaJJy a new world inside the old gym. From the North-Concordia game, where both football teams literally swam through the mud . . . from the traveling basketball team, always searching for new places to practice . . . from the members of the swimming team who voted to disband because they had difficulty finding a practice place ... to the wrestling team, which under all these pressures recorded their best season ever, it ' s reaJJy a new world on the inside with athletics. Sports If s a new world on the inside 66 Sports Sports 67 Varsity footballers endure trying season Varsity team members are (Front row) John Deveau, Greg Mertz, Tom Mensch. Dan Gebhart, Mike Keesler, Dennis Parker, Lonnie Lamb, Howard Balkenbush, Greg Schaefer, Jim Deveau. (Row two) Greg Wood, Ed Leffler, Bruce Ackerman, Dennis Murphy, Bruce Henschen, Rick Werling, Bob Shelton, Ed Cook, Ron Baker, Al Figel, Greg Hinton. (Row three) Mark Chappuis, Bob Anspach, Bob Andrews, Tom Benecke, Steve Bogenschutz, Scott Waikel, Tom Nix, Rick Cutigni, John Henschen, Mark Adams, Kirk Van Ryn. (Row four) Steve Shannon, Gary Gray, Todd Habegger, Calvin Spice, George Nicodemus, Gary Andrew, Dave Preston, Mike Leach, Jack Woodruff, Jim Savage. (Row five) Managers, Chuck Miller and Bob Davis, Dave Anderson, Mike Tunnell, Ken Jeffers. Managers Kim Morey and Tim Woods. (Row six) Coaches Mr. Duane Brown, Mr. Verbie Walder, Mr. Joe DiPietro, Mr. Tom Dohrman, Mr. Donald Hunter. IP 1 ■ VARSITY FOOTBALL N.S. 26 Heritage N.S. 27 Bishop Dwenger 13 N.S. Central 33 N.S. 20 South Side 18 N.S. 6 Goshen 22 N.S. 6 Concordia 8 N.S. 14 Central Catholic 20 N.S. 14 Elmhurst 22 N.S. Snider 19 Senior Tom Mensch scampers around the right end after breaking a tackle for another of his 12 touchdowns. Tom was the second leading scorer in the city with 76 total points. 68 Varsity Football Many fine athletes produce leading scorer The Varsity football team, com- piling a 3-6-0 record, started out strong with a 3-1 record, but lost the rest of their games by one or two points or a single touchdown. North Side came upon a few obsta- cles along the way. They won against Heritage in the rain, but couldn ' t overcome Concordia in one of the worst rain storms football has ever been played. Another obstacle was a powerful Central team that won the city race and was ranked in the top twenty of the state. There were many outstanding players as shown by the Scalpers Club, which picked the best defen- sive football players at their posi- tions. The teams also had a top scorer in the city, Tom Mensch. Captains Al Figel and Dan Gebhart meet at the middle of the field with Goshen ' s captains for the traditional tossing of the coin. Starters on North ' s defense, called the Renegades, smother a Central ball carrier on an at- tempted sweep around the right end. Lonnie Lamb makes a long gain against Snider. Lonnie ' s fine speed enabled him to outrun his defenders. Promising sophomores find opponents tough Bruce Ackerman carries the football on a quarterback keeper after a fine block from Dan Gebhart Dan Gebhart makes a fingertip catch for a long gain to set up a touchdown. Defensive back, Greg Mertz, brings down an Elmhurst ball carrier on a fine tackle. Members of the Scalpers Club are Jim Deveau, defensive tackle; Mark Chappuis, defen- sive end; Dennis Parker, defensive guard; Al Figel, linebacker; and Greg Mertz, safety. Each of these players was a standout at his defensive position. 70 Varsity Football Defensive players named to Scalpers Club Things began on a high note when the reserves fought back from a 12-0 deficit in the third quarter to defeat Elmhurst ' s Trojans 13-12. They then lost to Concordia, and Bishop Dwenger beat them in a rainsoaked game in a very muddy field. By scoring 30 points in the Bulldog game, their highest total for the year, the reserves showed a wealth of potential to contribute to 1971 varsity campaign. RESERVE FOOTS ALaHPI N.S. 14 Elmhurst 12 N.S. 8 Concordia 14 N.S. 8 Snider 8 N.S. 4 Columbia City 14 N.S. Bishop Dwenger 6 N.S. Central Forfeit N.S. 30 New Haven 26 Sophomore Jim O ' Day carries the ball against New Haven in a Junior Varsity game. Steve Mink, Jack Woodruff, Mike Leach, Bruce Ashe, and Jerry Brown all aid with fine blocking. Il¥ n a :?« " ' ' V ♦a. m " ' ' " ffis ' SA, - ' J f Reserve team members are (front row) Bob Krouse, Mike Geoffray, Bob Givens, Dan Partridge, Chuck Armstrong, Steve Beyer, Doug Biedenweg, Jerry Brown, Mike Nomina, Rick Ormiston. (Row two) Mark Morton, Neil Inscoe, Jeff Ryder, Pat Sowers, Jack Forney, Mark Shomburg, Jan Bosserman, George Wagner, Dave Ackerman, Ben Lacey, Dan Thomas. .(Row three) Mike Lauer, Mark Fisher, Bruce Conrad, Dave Borkenstein, (im O ' Day. Dave Johnson. Byron Choka. Steve Mink. Steve Mock, Dan Johnson. (Row four) Charles Da is (manager). Dave Barnett. Mark Collins. Herb Cooley. Blake Prentice. Tom Blackburn, Bruce Ashe. Bill Blackburn, and Kern,- Hall. (Row five) Coach Duane Brown, Donald Hunter. Joe DiPietro. Verbie Walder and Tom Dohrmann, Reser ' e Football 71 Harriors chalk up 10-3 season record Richard Vaughn from North Side and two Snider Harriers give Tim Zumbaugh a run for his money. Cross-Country team members are (Row one) Brad Altevogt, Dan Jenkins, Chuck Davis, Greg Parrish, Steve Pulver, Mark Maxwell, Russ Hutson, Tom Smith, Par Murphy. (Row two) Coach Duane Rowe, Richard Vaughn. Bob Wilson, DeWayne Hartup, Joe Lombard, Larry Longardner, Randy Oilier, Dave Zumbaugh, Tim Zumbaugh, Manager John Desmund. 72 Cross Country practice on new asphalt track Pat Murphy gives it everything he has. The Cross-country team had a full schedule in which they won ten meets and lost three for a good seasonal record. Beside the regular meets, the team placed third at the Goshen and fourth at the Laporte and Shortridge invitationals and fifth at the sectionals. Coach Duane Rowe felt the outstanding meet was the Laporte Invitational, where the Harriers placed fourth out of 27 teams. Tim Zumbaugh, a senior runner, was a consistantly high placer with many firsts throughout the season. Tim placed second at the sectionals. The Harriers ran several miles each day, starting during the summer, to get conditioned. They compressed the running hours to each night after school during September and October, agreed Coaches Rowe, Walters, and Esterline. Coach Rowe and Assn ' t Coach Dave Es- terline give the boys last minute instruc- tions. Tim Zumbaugh, North ' s number one run- ner, finishes first at a cross-country meet. P S Cross-Country N.S. 15 Valparaiso 48 N.S. 23 LaPorte 33 N.S. 24 DeKalb 35 N.S. 20 Lima 41 N.S. 35 Snider 25 N.S. 15 Central 50 N.S. 17 Central Catholic 46 N.S. 18 Bishop Dwenger 45 N.S. 18 Concordia 44 N.S. 28 South Side 27 N.S. 19 Bishop Luers 36 N.S. 22 Nevir Haven 38 N.S. 34 Elmhurst 23 N.S. 3rd Goshen Invitational N.S. 4th LaPorte Invitational N.S. 4th Shortridge Invitational N.S. 5th Sectional Cross Countn ' 73 Intramurals provide fitness for students Students kept active during the year in boys ' and girls ' intramurals. This supplied some fun for those who wanted more exercise than walking home from school. Boys ' in- tramurals were forced to leave the daytime scene and move to Monday and Wednesday nights because of the new scheduling and the con- struction. The boys also played in the girls ' gym until the main gym was completed; then both facilities were used, with as many as 50 boys and faculty members showing up on some nights. The girls started in February playing volleyball following tenth period. The girls were under the supervision of Mrs. Kathleen Capper, and the boys followed Mr. Joseph Dipietro. Gary Harshbarger takes a jump shot in the last minutes of an intramural game, while his teammates are guarded by the defending team in the boys ' gymnasium. Junior Sue Markey bats the volleyball over the net as teammate Kris Taylor looks on. Volleyball was the first activity for the girls in the girl ' s intramural program. Junior Mike Leach takes careful aim and shoots, hoping for a basket to put his in- tramural squad ahead. 74 Intramurals Netters gain experience, new tennis courts Tennis Team, Front row — Mark Stine, Dave Busian, Dan Fair. Back row- Curdes, Mike Johnson, Brian Norton, Mark Newell, Coach Henderson Mark Stine, junior returning letterman, serves to his opponent in a tennis match early in the season. The amount of talent and skill gained by the Redskin netters this year is certainly not reflected by their 5-7-0 season record. There were several very close matches wrhere the winners and losers were decided by one point. The team was rather new and it proved to be a rebuilding year. Renovation brought with it three new tennis courts, enabling the players to practice at school for the first time in North Side ' s history. Senior Dan Fair served as the cap- tain this year. The coach, Myron Henderson, explained that the only returning tennis player next year will be Mark Stine. The rest of the team will go to Northrop or Elmhurst. Junior Dave Busian returns a hard-hit ser -e to his opponent, keeping his eye upon the ball at all times. North Side 6 Central Catholic 1 Won 3 Elmhurst 4 Lost Bluffton 7 Lost Rained out Goshen Rained out 6 Lakeland 1 Won 3 Snider 4 Lost 2 Warsaw 5 Lost 6 Manchester 1 Won 7 Luers Won 2 East Noble 5 Lost 7 Central Won South Side 7 Lost 1 Concordia 6 Lost ««™— « M Tennis 75 For the first time in the school ' s his- tory, the grapplers seized the city wrestling title and finished third in the sectional. Although they tied Elmhurst for the city race, the team outdid themselves after coming from a 2 and 9 record last year to an 8-2-1 record this year. The vast im- provement was probably due to the extra hours of work and condi- tioning. The team, Coach Donald Hunter, Coach Keith Fisher, and Coach Tom Deohman should all be commended for a job well done. Others to be congratulated are the cheerleaders and the mat maids who did an outstanding job keeping score, making signs and promoting school spirit. The fans should not be forgotten, for the attendance has picked up considerably with many Redskins and parents at some matches. The faculty and student body should all be proud of the fine year the wrestlers had. First city title to Mr. Hunter Co-captain and heavyweight grappler Denny " Moose " Parker pins Gary McCleary of Warsaw; North lost the meet 19-24. Parker ended up with a good season of 13-7 as well as runner-up in the sectional tourney. For the first time North won the title of city champs, but had to share the honors with Elmhurst, Both had records of 8-2-1. Senior co-captain Tom Smith struggles to pin Central grappler Mike Lasley in the Skins ' sec- ond meet of the season. Tom had his best season in three years with 16-2-1. 76 Wrestling Senior Dennis Runkle desperately hangs on to Dave Meeks of Central. Runkle. along with Russ Hutson. won sectionals in his weight class. grapplers take third in sectional; two to regional Wrestling team members are (front row) Kerry Hall, manager, Ron Argerbright, Steve Pulver, Russ Hutson, Tom Smith, co-captain, Mark Newell, Tom Ryan, and Steve Shannon, manager. (Row two) head coach Donald Hunter, Ted Betley, manager, Mark Adams. Rick Cutigni, Ed Cook, Dennis Runkle, Bob Anspach, Dennis Parker. Cap- tain, and assistant coaches Tom Dohrmann and Keith Fisher. Junior Mark Adams tries to escape from Pete Fowlkes of Central for one point. North won the meet, 33-20. Mark had a winning season of 11-6-1. Wrestling Reserves wrestle through 0-8-3 season H ' O Reserve Wrestling Scores 1 North Side 12 South Side 30 16 Central 26 Dekalb 32 22 Bellmont 22 19 East Noble 21 24 Warsaw 24 11 New Haven 27 14 Homestead 20 15 Snider 20 11 Elmhurst 37 15 Concordia 15 Reserve wrestling team members are (front row) Dan Kilty, Bob Newman, Bob Grant, Steve Martin, Jan Bosserman, (second row) Mark Chappius, Jim Barnes, Barry Beckman, Gary Newman, Bob Krouse, Steve Byer. Absent when the picture was taken is Rick Ormiston and Fred McClure. Coach Hunter reassures Steve Pulver and explains some strategy during a break in Steve ' s sec- tional match at New Haven. This was Mr, Hunter ' s finest year as wrestling coach at North Side. His team captured the city title and placed high in the sectionals. Varsity Wrestling Scores I North Side 23 South Side 21 33 Central 20 44 Dekalb 8 24 Bellmont 18 31 East Noble 15 19 Warsaw 24 16 New Haven 31 37 Homestead 13 Third New Haven Invitational 23 Snider 21 Second Goshen Invitational 20 Elmhurst 20 Goshen Cancelled 20 Concordia 17 Third Sectional 78 Reserve Wrestling Ripplettes practice new aquatic stunts Rippletes held tryouts for prospec- tive members during the fall of the year. The girls had to attend these workshops to learn some of the basic stunts on which they would be judged. Under the direction of Miss Ann Donnelly, both new and old members learned swimming tech- niques and stunts. Due to the renovation of the swim- ming pool area, the girls practiced at the YWCA pool. Instead of the annual water show here at school, they gave a charity water show. Ripplettes members are (front row) Patti Weaver, Sue Brickman, Patti Barkley, Becky Dreyer. (row two) Karen McDonald, Sheri Shearer, (row three) Connie Hoylman, Lea Powers. Jerri Jer- raid. Three Ripplettes practice some of their strokes which they will use during the coming charity water show. Ripplettes 79 Varsity cheerleaders spark spirit with cheers; Varsity cheerleaders perform " Beat Em " to help bring out the enthusiasm of everyone at the Patty Pion and Beth Fremion show their games, support during a chant. With the help of the cheerblock and cheerleaders, the team received a great deal of support throughout their season. Reserve cheerleaders support reserve team Reserve cheerleaders Carla Ehler and Cheryl Wilson spirit the reserve team onto victory. Reserve cheerleaders are (front row) Sally Schuhler, Rosemary Johnson, Jan Meyer, Jan Jackson, Kathy Goshert, Thea Baughman, Lisa Dellinger, Bev Christman, Sue Headford, Kim Schinbeckler. (row two) Varsity cheerleaders this year. Patty Pion. Beth Fremion, Terri Zimmerman. Carole Masloob, Gayle Brinker. Cheryl Zirkle. are shown with the trophies they received at camp. Lynne del Grosso, Claire Rammel. Deb Holom, Janine Burke. Linda Gaskill. Michelle Carto. Linda Kruse. Carla Ehler. Cheryl Wilson. Barb Brown. Season ticket holders selected as varsity cheerleaders. Gayle Brinker. Carole Masloob. Terri Zimmerman. Beth Fremion, Cher ' l Zirkle and Patty Pion. Both varsity and resen e squads practiced during second period. These sessions helped the girls to perfect new cheers, work on the standard cheers, and come up with new and exciting chants. At summer camp, the team came home with a first place trophy to the girls as a team and third place for individual achievement to Gayle Brinker. The squad purchased new uniforms this year in addition to recieving the uniforms worn by past squads. Miss Ann Donnelly, along with the help of Mrs. Kathleen Capper, spon- sored both cheerleading groups. Mrs. Capper and Miss Donnelly, as- sistant, sponsored the girls ' cheerb- lock. Along with leading the school en- thusiasm and spirit at pep sessions, they also bolstered morale at athlet- ic events. The cheerleaders and cheerblock worked out a card sec- tion which they used at the sec- tional pep session and games. Then they sold Christmas and Thanksgiv- ing candles to raise money for their needs. Mr. Beryl Lewis explains a little golf strate- gy to Dan Jenkins and Dan Collins as the two wait to tee off. One letterman returns Mr. Lewis rebuilds Golf record — 1970 — North Side 202 New Haven 210 192 Elmhurst 190 205 Snider 210 205 Central 229 210 South Side 212 192 Concordia 203 215 Elmhurst 205 200 Garrett 213 195 South Side 194 195 Central Catholic 206 Fourth (4th) place Third (3rd) place Fifth (5th) place 1 City Tourney Sectional Regional J ■ Senior Tim Cooper blasts out of a sandtrap after having trouble with his previous shot. Tim saw limited action last year but was a regular this year. An all-city golf member as a sophomore, Uan Collins, a junior, is ready to swing into another round of golf. Dan, an outstanding member of the team, hoped to have many good rounds of golf. Reserves end record season with 17-3 tally C-team Basketball members are (front row) Mark Morton. Tom Crosley, Dave Ecen- barger, Byron Choka, and Mike Martone. (row two) Doug Biedenweg, Mark Davis, Curt Brown, Greg Hunt, Chuck Armstrong, and Tom Scheele. Reserve Basketball team members are (front row) Tom Scheele, Doug Biedenweg, Dave Ecen- barger and Byron Choka. (row two) Mark Stine, Curt Brown, Jack Woodruff, Bob Hinga, Pat Lockwood, Greg Hunt, and Gregg Needham. The Redskin reserve team broke a two year school record with 17 wins and 3 losses. The team not only finished high in regular season play, but also won the holiday tour- nament at Central, which can be added to their accomplishments. This was a great way for Coach Will Doehrman to end his seven year ca- reer at North Side. Coach will be head basketball man at Wayne High School next year. The sophomore team, under the di- rection of coach John Stauffer, finished the season with 7 wins and 4 defeats. Mark Stine defends his man closely, keeping him from the ball. Mark, a junior, played the guard position and was an asset to the team. Junior Jack Woodruff attempts a jump shot for another two points. Jack played forward and led the resen-e team as a leading scorer. Varsity Squad nets 11-9 season record; Basketball team members are (front row) Managers Kim Morey, Rick Davidson, Tim Seifert, and Martin Curdes. (row two) Coach Hey, Joe Lombard, Doug Longley, Larry Longardner, Dan Gebhart, Todd Habegger Gary Gray Bruce Ackerman and Coach John Stauffer. (row three) Mike Rich, Kirk Van Ryn, Dave Barnett, Kevin Cismowski, Pat Manes Tom I( use h and Coach Will Doehrman. Varsity Basketball Scores ■ North 68 Goshen 49 42 Central 52 88 Mich. City 112 50 Luers 65 52 S. Bend Riley 67 52 Snider 51 64 Kokomo 62 Third Dwenger Tournament 65 C.C, 70 59 New Haven 58 61 Muncie South 52 62 Kokomo Haworth 61 59 S. Side 57 67 Colombia City 54 62 Dekalb 42 67 Elmhurst 73 63 Lafayette C.C. 81 78 Concordia 78 57 Dwenger 67 Senior Larry Longardner jumps to tip the ball away from the Michigan City center. Larry aided the team as he was one of the taller members. 84 Varsity Basketball The only sophomore on the team, Dave Bar- nett, dribbles his way down court after has ups downs i n preparing for sectionals The basketball team couldn ' t quite recapture the city title because of a slow start, but the Red came through and put things together around the middle of the season. The 11 and 9 record doesn ' t indicate some of the fine play exemplified by the Redskins. The team ' s overall height and good depth led many to believe that the team vi ' ould be a tourney contender, and they were picked by some to win the sec- tionals. The construction in the school did not permit the basketballers to play a game in the gym until late December and forced home bouts to the Snider and Elmhurst gyms. When the facilities were finally opened and dedicated, the team led off on the right foot by defeating New Haven before a large and en- thusiastic crowd of students, parents, and public school officials. The Skins were led in scoring by Joe Lombard with 204 points while M ike Rich came in second with 183 tallies. Joe was also the team ' s leading rebounder with a 272 total, while Todd Habegger had 270. Todd Habegger comes to help Dan Gebhart as he fights for the ball during what seemed to be a free-for-all during some exciting action. This may not be one of the finer moments, but it shows the hustle and determination the boys had while on the court. Dan Gebhart attempts to block a shot by his opponent. Dan, a senior, played center. proving his talent and showing his towering 1 i w v fl mHH fm C io mm oi m M aHIII n ■I Senior Tom Mensch lays up the ball for two points against South Bend Riley. The five foot nine inch guard was instrumental at key plays all season. stealing the ba player. Muncie South Redskins capture sectional in overtime; All-city team member Joe Lombard dribbles past Concordia ' s Chuck James in the Sec- tional 2 finale. Senior Larry Longardner cuts his piece of net after a close sectional victory. The overtime emplifies the fine under-pressure play that the team was up against during the vifhole tour- nament. Junior Todd Habegger dribbles around Elmhurst ' s Steve McCabe to attempt a basket. Pat Manes jumps high to contribute a basket in the Carroll game. Pat started every tournament game. hopes shattered by Trojans in regional The Redskins defeated Carroll 66 to 60 in the sectional opener and South Side 60 to 48 in their second game. Neither victory came easily, for what Carroll lacked in height they made up for in hustle; and the Archers proved strong with to- wering height. The Concordia Cadets were the toughest team the Skin ' s faced, for the two tenacious defenses forced an overtime period in which the Red triumphed 47 to 43. The regional title wasn ' t recaptured as the team fell to the Trojans 64 to 50 in their afternoon tilt. Junior Doug Longley finds an easy two points after a long downcourt pass from a teammate. Coaches By Hey. John Stauffer, and Will Doehrman look on while the Redskins lose to Elmhurst in the first game of the regional. Coaches and players worked together and produced a tournament team threat. Sectional team members are (front row) Coach By Hey. Todd Habegger. Larry Longardner. Joe Lombard. Dave Barnett. Dan Gebhart, and Pat Manes. (Row two) Coach Will Doehrman. Gary- Gray, Kevin Cismowski. Doug Longley. Bruce Ackerman. Mike Rich. Tom Mensch. Kirk Van Ryn, Coach Timothy Russell, and Coach John Stauffer. Tournej- 87 Cindermen run last year with coach, Lost N.S. 58Vi 1 Culver M.A. 59 2 ■ Lost N.S. 21 Lawrence Central 78 Won N.S. 79 New Haven 39 2nd N.S. 64 ' a Elmhurst Concordia 73 ' j 29 Lost N.S. 51 South Side 67 Lost N.S. 58 Kokomo 60 1st N.S. 85 Bishop Dwenger Central 54 23 2nd N.S. 71 Snider Luers 73 ' 2 231 2 1st N.S. 79 Muncie South Madison Heights 44 50 Lonnie Lamb gets off to a great start trying to get in the lead before the handoff in the 880-yard relay. Bob Wilson, senior returning distance man, runs an 880 in an indoor meet early in the track season. Track first year on new asphalt track Senior returning letterman Greg Mertz shows his skill at pole vaulting as he clears the high bar successfully. Senior Russ Hutson and Junior Steve Pulver take a few warmup laps at an indoor meet with Lawrence Central. Senior returning letterman Tim Zumbaugh breaks the tape for another victory on the long road to State. Track 89 Runners meet bad weather in early practice Track team members are (front row) Rick Hull, Tom North, Russ Hutson, Mark Maxwell, Brad Altevogt, Chuck Davis. Tom Schevtchuk (row two) Mark Powe, Bill Piercy. Larry Strong, Dave Borkenstein, Dave Zumbaugh, Tim Zumbaugh, Dan )enkins, Greg Heller, Greg Mertz (row three) Coach Duane Rowe, John Schouwers, Doug Vaughn, Al Snyder, Mike Fry, Rick Ormiston, Bruce Conrad, Rick Vaughn, Jerry Schmidt, Chuck Davis, Coach Dave Esterline (row four) Coach John Walters, Mark Fisher, Roger Kuehnert, Jim O ' Day, Dwayne Hartup, Bob Wilson, George Nicodemus, (row five) Ken Post, Kevin Burke, Rick Ludwig, Mike Leach, Jack Woodruff. Dan Gebhart, Joe Lombard, Brian Norton, Mike Lauer, Mike Keesler, Rick Werling. 90 Track Senior returning lettermen Mike Keesler hurls the shot put high into the air to get maximum distance possible. North Side has first up with baseball Dan Gebhart and Joe Lombard decide to get a little baseball practice in during a recent track practice, hoping to play baseball when track concluded. Construction of new high schools with baseball diamonds, prompted existing schools to start baseball teams. North Side ' s team planned to practice at City Utilities Park, where all the home games were scheduled. The high school teams will enable more players to participate in base- ball. This year ' s players started practicing the Monday after spring vacation, under the direction of Coach Tim Russell, and concluded with the State Tournament in June. Next year. Fort Wayne athletic of- ficials plan a Fort Wayne High School Baseball League which will continue throughout the summer. Prospective baseball players meet to discuss Coach Tim Russell ' s plan for the season and to look at some new equipment which had just arrived. Baseball 91 Either active as an individual or moving with the group, the Redskin of 1971 set the pace for the world around us. Minis and maxis, beads and chains promoted by a trendset- ting generation grew in popularity. Each person remained on individu- al even though he followed the trends in fashion as a way of expressing his feelings toward cer- tain ideas. While if was a simple matter for some, for others, adjusting to a ten- period schedule was di icuit and sometimes called for surprising new solutions. Extra free periods gave some students a chance to make new friends and to develop their unique personalities. For others the three extra periods gave them an opportunity to take more courses. Each student showed his pride in North. This was displayed hy en- thusiasm during Spirit Week and by hacking the teams at basketball games and other sports events. The pride of having attended North will always remain the same. Even though renovation made if a new world on the inside. Album If s a new world on the inside 92 Album Album 93 ody Snyder High Honors Tami Zahn High Honors Cheryl Renn and Senior N.H.S. members are (front row) Holly Hontz, Pam Carpenter. Gail Doell. Marilyn Derr, Kathy Eberhardt. Sue Armstrong, John Antonides, Patsy Beard, Cathy Abbott (row 2) Nancy Heaston, Denise Hoffman, Paul Burns, Renee Boitet, Juanita Gonzales. Dennis Hansen, Martin Curdes, Greg Carpenter, Tom Smith (row 3) Patti Barkley, Kathy Fry, Kay Carlson. Dianna Furniss. Tim Cooper, Don Flory. Sue Gurevsky. Dave Buecker. Mike Geary (row 4) Bill Hallford, Mike Erler, Dave Bos- sard, Randy Diller, Todd Grove, Chad [ohnson, Greg Friend (not pictured) Trudy Albaugh. Jim Andrews, Joann Bates, Betty Boxley, Gary Brantley, Candy Caldwell, John Feasel. Dan Gebhart. Denise Gebhart, Deborah Hall, Dwayne Hartup. Michael James, Chris Mahlan. Pam Miller, John Schouwers, Suzie Scott, Joann Skinner, Sandy Ulrich and Tim Zumbaugh. Senior N,H,S. members are (front row) Leslie Judd, Jamie Tomlinson, Emily Stall. Patricia Markey. Liz Schevtchuk. Jan Morkoetter. Beverly Morris, Sue Lamb. Jody Snyder (row 2) Linda Lloyd, Sue Uebelhoer, Jane Nicodemus. Barbara ZoUars. Cathy Kammeier. Keneta Krause. Claudia Ko- letzki. Cheryl Zirkle, Pam Knispel, (row 3) Kathy Knuth, Nannette McBride, Debbie Stearns, Sue Wehrenberg, Sharon Rediger, Lucy Wilson, Wanda Norris, Sandy Scheele, Cheryl Renn (row 4) Marlene Wetzel, Marcia Wellman, Cindy Suback, Betsy Schaefer, Janet Sanders, Perry Shilts, Pam Key, Cathy Malich. Tami Zahn Junior and sophomore NHS members are (front row) Wendy Robertson. Denise Hartup, Sue Snyder, Kathy Jacobson, Nancy Hileman, Nancy Steiner. Terri Zimmerman. Janine Burke. Sandy Schory. Susan Schory. Maren Kolin. (row 2) Gabe Shaheen, |oy Gunsenhouser, Cheryl Schieferstein, Cheri Burd. Kathy Goshert, Patricia Harmeyer, ]an McBride. Sharon Koenig, Becky Fogle, Debbie Hart, Steve Wolf. (Row 3) Nannette Sievers, Sue Irmscher, Scott Weber, Sue Hoffman, Becky Francies, Lori Kuester, Karen Feller. Patti Kipling. Krystal Keller, Mary Jo Dick. (Row 4) Glen Nevogt. George Wagner, Dave Johnson, Steve Oliver, Todd Habegger, Mark Stine. Rich Gaskill. Joyce Keever, Ann Jones, Patti Hein. (not pictured are) Sandy Eloranta, Rhonda Keesler, Mark Fisher. Jeff Halter, 94 Honors Suzanne Wehrenberg pace honor groups Honors 9o Individuals groups earn recognization Redskins achieved awards ranging from those for groups to the per- sonal awards given for citizenship. Homerooms were recognized for their involvement in school events; individuals were recognized for at- tendance, honor roll, by outside groups, and participation in dif- ferent sports events. Awards given in the field of athlet- ics ranged from the letter jacket, pins, and blanket, to the highest award, the ring. Dan Gebhart and Joe Lombard display one of the many athletic awards. The English Cup is given each year to the Senior who scores highest on a special test. The Betty Crocker award winner, Sue Wehrenberg, peeks at the almost-done pie. Honorable redskins receive awards Tami Zahn, Dan Gebhart, and Sue Wehren berg all received Good Citizen awards. Semifinalist in the National Merit Scholar ship program was senior Greg Carpenter. Miss Elizabeth Little was awarded the Spirit Trophy because of her year-round en- thusiasm. Honors 97 Dr. Bill C. Anthis keeps spirit high Miss Maiorie Bell. Mr. Donald Hunter, and Mrs. Sherry Gerber stop to talk to the " Big Chief. ' It ' s a new look, explained Dr. Bill C. Anthis, but we should not forget that students and faculty make up the education. Although the year was quite confus- ing due to the noise and turmoil of renovation, the spirit of students was excellent. One difficulty was that many students were not in con- tact with the others due to the ten period schedule. By depending mainly on various groups. Dr. An- this expected the spirit to stimulate the others, both student body and faculty. In preparation for next year, Dr. An- this has been visiting various schools looking for different and new techniques in the education system. Big Chief Anthis inspects the totem pole which South Side had for five years. North won it back in football. Dr. Bill C. Anthis arrives early each morn ing to begin a long day. 98 Faculty Faculty works helps and even has fun Mr. Beryl Lewis is explaning concepts of When they run into problems with their machine, Mr. Thomas Schaefer lends a helping hand chemistry to one of his three lecture classes. to his boys. All work and no play is no fun. Here Mr. Keith Fisher, Mr. Larn ' Bott, and Mr. Dale Goon have a little fun at a Spirit Assembly. As the first term comes to a close. Mrs. Sandra Haiflich spends her free time figur- ing the grades. Faculty 99 Anderson, Mrs. Vesta Ashe, Mrs. Wilma Ashton, Mr. Barry Autenrieth, Mr. Fredrick Ayers, Miss Virginia Bakhshi, Mr. Sarhia Pal Baugh, Mrs. Betty Bell, Miss Marjorie Biberstein, Mr. Kenneth Bickel, Mr. Glenn Bill, Mr. Jon Bott, Mr. Lawrence Brown, Mr. Duane Brudney, Mrs. Anna Bullock, Mr. Tommy Capper, Mrs. Kathleen Certain, Mr. Ronald Clark, Mr. Charles Clay, Miss Jody Cowan, Mrs. Mary Ann Craig, Dr. Robert Crocker, Mrs. Edna Decker, Mr. Dale DeYoung, Mr. John DiPietro, Mr. Joseph Doehrman, Mr. Will Dohrmann, Mr. Tom Donnelly, Miss Anne Doty, Mrs. Vera Doust, Miss Rosalie Durfey, Mrs. Ellen Dvorak, Mr. Ronald Eastes, Mr. John Edwards, Mr. Robert Epps, Mrs. Lizzie 100 Faculty Esterline, Mr. David Eudaley, Miss Ruth Feller, Mr. Charles Fisher, Mr. Keith Fisher, Mr. Norman Fleck, Mr. Cleon Gall, Mr. Michael Gerber, Mrs. Sherrylene Geirard, Mr. Roderick Goon, Mr. Dale Graham, Mr. Neal Gruver, Mr. Harold Haiflich, Mrs. Sandra Hamm, Mr. Donald Harris, Mr. Alvin Hayner, Mrs. Gladys Heath, Mr. John Henderson, Mr. Myron Hey, Mr. Byard Hill, Mr. John Holloway, Mr. Willard Humphrey, Mr. Fred Hunter, Mr. Donald Hutmacher, Mrs. Jacqueline Irving, Mr. Richard Ivy, Mr. Hyrle Johnson, Mrs. Irma Klocke, Mrs. Dolores Lehman, Mrs. Ann Lemke, Mr. Paul Lewinski, Mr. James Lewis, Mr. Beryl Little, Miss Elizabeth Lombard, Mrs. Dorothy Loper, Mrs. Betty Lovell, Mr. Robert Malecek, Mrs. Freeda Malott, Mr. John McBane, Mrs. Donna McClead, Mr. Donald Merriman, Mrs. Gladys Minnie, Mrs. Nancy Mitchell, Mr. William Moore, Miss Martha Neuhaus, Mrs. Kathleen Niemeyer, Mr. Fred Noble, Mrs. Zola Nusbaum, Mrs. Alice Paris, Mrs. Marjorie Philbrook, Mr. Leman 102 Faculty Piatt, Mr. David Pugh, Mr. Robert Purkhiser, Mr. James Ransburg, Mrs. Ramona Reffner, Mr. Robert Rice, Mr. Merle Rowe, Mr. Duane Rupnow, Mrs. Juanita Russell, Mr. Timothy Schaefer, Mr. Thomas Schoonover, Mr. Augustus Schultz, Mr. Gary Sell, Dr. Donald Shepler, Mrs. Maxine Shutt, Mrs. Mary Kay Snider, Mr. Waveland Stafford, Mrs. Fae Stauffer, Mr. John Thiele, Miss Norma Timler, Mr. Stephen Tipple, Mr. Mark Todd, Miss Sandra Traster, Mr. Robert Updike, Mr. Max Villacorta, Mr. Derman Wagner, Mrs. Betty Walder, Mr. Verbie Walter, Mr. John Weber, Mrs. Janet Wert, Mr. Clive Faculty 103 Cooks and custodians sometimes forgotten but not overlooked i " n jV -J V i The day shift custodians are, left to right, Ruth Lhamon, Cecil Siberts, Juanita Bryant, Fred Niemeyer, and Lomard Hughes. Much of the hard work of the jani- tors and the cafeteria ladies is some- times overlooked, but it is always appreciated. These loyal friends silently made life easier for all students under the Big Dome. With renovation playing a big part in the role of every Redskin, these persons had a harder duty to perform. School started earlier and ended later, making preparations and deadlines shorter. The custodians at night are, from left to right; back, Joe Bryie, Ralph Eloph, Tom Rader, Les Maassel; front, Pat Hoffman and Joe Moore. Mary Olinske is busy icing rolls as many hungry Redskins await their presence. Cafeteria workers are, left to right; back. Er- nestine Reiling, Mary Olinske, Betty Dennis, Emma Crosley, Mary Exner, Rose- mary Shipman, Diana Edwards, Louise Rhoades, Marilyn Bocik, Mary Cully; front, Helen Hallien, Dortha Correa, Evelyn Dur- bin. Geraldine Cook, Marjorie Paris, Doris Byanski, Mildred Murray, Kathryn Carpen- ter, and Kittle Loeffler. m--f ' -y -! VT f •I ' f Seniors achieve first, last milestones Kay Carlson takes a peak at the ruler as Bruce Ackerman measures her for her cap and gown. Marlene Wetzel adjusts her mortar board as she prepares for her final North Side ceremony. Senior staff members Pat Markey (left) and Cindy Suback (right) discuss plans for the yearbook with editor Wanda Norris. Seniors Larry Longardner and Janet Sand- ers stop on the front steps to talk about their years at North Side. Seniors 105 Tami Zahn walks back to the grandstand after receiving the Most Valuable Senior Player award for the Powder Puff game. Catherine Jean Abbott Bruce Charles Ackerman Jan Marie Ahlersmeyer Trudy Carol Albaugh Rick L. Allisbaugh Karen Anderson James William Andrews Denise Renee Antoine John L. Antonides Terry Lynn Archer Susan Kay Armstrong Cindee J. Arnett David A. Aumiller Ronald Lee Baker Terry D. Baker Howard M. Balkenbusch Rick Ballard Trent L. Balliet Patricia Lynn Barkley Dan Barto Jo Ann Bates Blaine Duane Beard Patricia Kay Beard Carolyn Beck Dianne Lorena Bender Kim E. Bennett Kay Bentley Mike Beyhan Roger M. Blakley Pat H. Blaising Thomas Mark Blood Terry Lee Blough Jeffrey Scott Blue Barb Bobilya David A. Bobilya James W. Bodnar Chris Boggs Renee C. Boitet Teresa Marie Bonifas Dave A. Bossard Deborah M. Bowlin Betty Elanna Boxley Barbara Sue Bracht David Ronald Brackmann Clark L. Bradley Jenny C. Brady Gary Brantley Sue Ellen Braunlin Ronald T. Bricker Susan Lynn Brickman Gayle Nannette Brinker Debra L. Brubaker Paul Buckles David A. Buecker Frederick Ray Burkhalter Paul William Bums Joan Kay Cady Candace A. Caldwell Cindy Lynn Cale Tim Zumbaugh, President Seniors 107 ikki i James D. Caley Dan A. Cameron A. C. Campbell, Jr. Randal James Carboni Kay Ann Carlson Scott D. Carmer Gregory A. Carpenter Pam S. Carpenter Mark D. Carroll Phyllis Ann Carroll Mark Allen Carter Becky Ann Casey Patricia J. Casey Sandy Cattin Karen Ann Cecil Kenneth Steve Chivington Craig Robert Christman Kevin Cismowski William Foster Clark Linda Joy demons Stanley Collett Paula Kay Collins Sarah Jane Colpitts Charles H. Conrad David Harrison Cook Edward E. Cook Timothy Traill Cooper Richard C. Coslow Rebecca Ann Craddock John R. Crawford Nancy Criswell Dan L. Crozier Dave Lynn Crozier Raul Cuellar Rosi Cuellar 108 Seniors 1 . V f ' - ' i 1 ' ' , mH vL J . . 1 •p ;- ' ' ,. S aiSS Si- i , k. " - " BSS ft Jim Andrews, Vice President Donald Culver Laura Lea Cummins Martin Louis Curdes Susan Alice Dager Debby Kay Dale Jeff Lynn Dammeier Loutricia Ann Daring Doris Kathleen Davis Kathie Lou Davis Robert W. Davis Susan Davis Jean E. Deady Ilene Marie Dean Kathy L. Deason Mike DeBrular Marilyn Derr John David Desmond Jim F. Deveau John C. Deveau Sarah M. Dick Seniors 109 " ' . ' MmM M L Diane L. Dietz Michael Kevin Dill Randy P. Diller Michael Gene Dilling Clarence William Distelrath Dave Allen Diver Gail Jeanne Doell Ed Martin Dornseif Gary Edward Drew Becky Dreyer Sylvia Ann Dubuisson Caryn Anne Dunbar David Eachen Abby June Eastes Sheryl Lynn Eastman Kathy Eberhardt Bob Eddington Doug L. Eder Chuck Henry Edsall Sue Eisar Stanley A. Eix Robert Lynn Elder Junine Ellis Kent Cochise Ellis Carol Lynn Ellison Mike Debrular, Social Chairman !--! k J 110 Seniors Linda Ann Eloph Terry Lee Elser Susan G. Emmons John Carl Engstrom Michael James Erler Pamela K. Essex Dan Fair Ronald LeRoy Farlow Annette Farr Beth Ann Farriss Beth Ann Faulkner John W. Feasel Sandy Sue Federspiel Beverly Ann Feemster Alfred Louis Figel Diedra Edith M. Firestine Micheal D. Fisher Robert E. Fisher Terry Edward Flanagan Dan Flory Lawrence W. Fogle Carolyn Ann Foltz Kenneth M. Foor Joann Elaine Foote Lois Elaine Ford Craig Alan Fosnaugh Sandra M. Francies Jay Scott Frazier Carolyn Sue Freeman Jim Freeman Gregory Joseph Friend Kathy Fry Presteen Mabel Furnish Dianna Lynn Fumiss Steve H. Furniss Seniors 111 Charles Gage Richard Gamble Gary A. Garman Tim Lee Gaskill Kathy Gatton Michael Craig Geary Daniel L. Gebhart Pattie Gennaitte Janet G. Gentry Harold Edwin George Denise J. Gephart Chris Gerkin Tom L. Geyer Carolene Dorthea Gibson Mary Gibson R. Michael Gibson Tina Marie Gildea Kathleen Lynn Gillespie David C. Gingrich Pamela Sue Goff Juanita Ann Gonzales Michael Paul Goodwin Brian Gore Rodney K. Graham Jaci Lynn Graves Thomas J. Green Ida Marie Green Richard E. Greene Cindy N. Gronau Kathy J. Gross Todd Grove Margie L. Guethe Burnell G. Gump Susan Marie Gurevsky Linda Diane Gutermuth 112 Seniors Alice Zari Hagopian Deborah Ruth Hall William Edwin Hallford Margaret Halquist Cathy L. Hamrick Patsy A. Hanauer Barbara Ann Hanley Paula D. Hanlin Denise Carol Hansen Dennis Lynn Hansen Mark Joseph Hansen Richard Edwin Harpiek Nancy Carol Harmon Brian Harshbarger Cathy Ann Harter Philip David Harter William D. Hartman Dwayne A. Hartup Jackie Ann Hartzell Steven B. Hatfield Gayle Wynne Hayes Dean Fredric Hazelett Tom Hazelett Nancy Lynn Heaston Kay Lynn Heffelfinger Dennis Heller Bruce Eric Henschen Mark Heuer Thomas Lloyd Hileman Kenneth Gregory Hill Greg N. Hinton Ken R. Hixon Jim M. Hobbs Denise Jean Hoffman Don D. Hogestyn lii ik Seniors 113 Dennis Mike Holliday Holly Sue Hontz Brenda Sue Horner Robert J. Howey Fannie Loretta Hubner Ronald E. Huguenard Jan Hung Russell Wayne Hutson Jeffery Ray Irving Mary L. Jahn James Ronald Irwin Earl Edward Jackson Jan D. Jackson Rose Marie Jackson Michael David James Lynn S. Jasper Michael Edwin Jehl Bill O. Jenkins Keith D. Johns Beth S. Johnson Bill E. Johnson Chad Allan Johnson David Wayne Johnson Mark Johnson Robert Michael Johnson Ross Carlyle Johnson Glenda Wilma Jones Jacquelyn Kay Jones James R. Jones Leslie Denise Judd Edward L. Junk Larry P. Kable Ronald E. Kable Cathy Jo Kammeier Nick B. Kamp 114 Seniors Tom Kamp Jayne Elizabeth Kelker Jeffrey W. Kemp Mike L. Kempel Karen Sue Kensill Brian J. Kern Kathy Jo Kerr Mike Kessler Pamela Diane Key Waneta Jean Kiefer Peggy Lou Kinder Lana Kay King Teresa Ann Klemm Pamela Gaye Knispel Kathleen A. Knuth Claudia Koletzki Shirley Joanne Kraft Keneta Marie Krause Lonnie Virgil Lamb Susan Ann Lamb Joyce Elaine Lamley Craig Allen Lamson Kirk E. Langas Brian Langmeyer Dennis A. Lapp Steven V. Lapp xi Ilk ik 0 Mk Dick Coslow, Secretary-Treasurer ' M 1 ' ' ikikiiki Seniors 115 Norman Wayne LaRue Mark D. Lauer Cheryl Ann Lees Marc David Leininger Fredrick Thomas Leinker Joni A. Leitch Phil J. Liechty Pam Leland Donna Jean Lepper Jacqueline Levin Richard J. Lewis Dale Alvin Linnemeier Linda M. Lloyd Felicia Joann Lobrillo Daniel Delbert Logan Joseph Louis Lombard III Larry R. Longardner Robert Long John Joseph Lothamer Dan Luce Gregory E. MacDonald Kevin Macy Bob W. Madsen Christopher B. Mahlan Naf Maloley Michael John Malowey Dave P. Maloley Catherine Louise Malich Katheryn Mary Manes Sue Mannick Catherine Manning Robert Walter Manville Patricia J. Markey Gerald Edward Martin Marilyn Martin 116 Seniors Evelyn Martinez Carole Sue Masloob Mary C. Manlier Dale E. Mayfield Nannette Suzanne McBride Janie McCarty Robert Lee McComb David W. McKee Karen McKenzie Elizabeth McMahon Jack Edward McMahon James Allan McMahon Carolyn Ann McNeal Dave John McPherson Susan Marie McPherson Richard A. Meek Theresa Mensch Thomas Alan Mensch Greg Jay Mertz Christopher Kevin Meyer Robert A. Meyer Darcy Anne Middleton Jim K. Miller Mary E. Miller Pam Miller Raymond J. Miller Richard Ellis Miller Robert Joseph Miller Nancy Ann Misselhorn Vicki Lynn Mitchell Gary Moore Michael E. Moorhead John Henry Moreland Kim Jack Morey Jan D. Morkoetter Seniors 117 e» ' ahmM Sherry Lou Morlan Beverly Anne Morris John Patrick Morton Juhe Ann Mossburg Mike R. Moyer Deborah Lynn Mudrack Michael Wayne Mudrack Lois Muehlmeyer Dennis Murphy Patrick Francis Murphy Barb Jane Myers Stephen Robert Myers Kathy K. Nagel Ron Neal Sandra Nelson Tom George Nelson John Michael Nesbitt Jane Nicodemus Penni Lynn Niles Wanda M. Norris Brian Scott Norton Cathy Jan Ohler Gary Lynn Olinske David Lee Olry Mary C. Osborn Alan Lee Oser Byron Keith Oswald Cyrie A. Palmer Robert Jay Palmeter Mike S. Pape Elizabeth Papagiannis Dennis Lee Parker Ann Patterson Park Allen Payne Rachel Debbie Perez 118 Seniors Lloyd Perkins Julie Kay Peters Bill Petgen Janet L. Pfeiffer Cindy L. Phillips Vikky Jean Phillips Irene Marie Pietras Anna Lee Pletcher Gary S. Poinsett Steve S. Powe Dennis Lee Poyser Linda Lou Poyser Steven Charles Poyser Thomas P. Purkhiser Gregory Lynn Racine John R. Ratcliff Dan Ragan Jack Lee Reader Sharon Marie Rediger Steve Redding Ken W. Reighter Rollin Reisinger Cheryl L. Renn Barbara Ann Rennecker Karen Lynn Rennecker Michele Renner Carolyn Sue Reppert Michael W. Rich Diane Kay Ringle Russell M. Roach Carol Ann Robinson Janet Robbs Debora Kay Roebuck Melody K. Rogers Robert Arthur Rogers Seniors 119 Bonnie ]. Roller Donna Sue Romey Connie Romiry Dennis E. Runkle Shirley Faye Runyon Nancy Jane Rupp Tom J. Ryan Carla Marie Salyer Doug Sanders Janet Gail Sanders Kevin Michael Sark Betsy Schaefer Glenda Lee Schaefer Gregory D. Schaefer Sandy Scheele Nancy Ann Scheeler Elizabeth Irene Schevtchuk Pamela Kay Schinbeckler Denny Lee Schmieman Tom Eugene Schneider William A. Schneider John R. M. Schouwers Peggy Schuster Carl M. Schwartz Tom Alpert Schwyn Seniors Craig Lamson, Karen Rennecker, and Lynn Jasper from Homeroom 007 study the methods of James Bond. Gary Ward Scott , Suzanne Scott Colleen F. Sedam David Richard Senesac Deborah Louise Shaffer D. Penny Shearer Terri Lynn Sheets Robert Julian Shelton Debby J. Sherwood Perry Shilts Debra Ann Short Constance Marie Shoup Richard R. Shupe Leon Simerman Michael Joseph Simonis JoAnn I. Skinner Greg L. Smith Thomas Dale Smith Jody L. Snyder Joe Sauer Mike Sowers Kenneth N. Spice Theresa Elaine Stacy J. Emily Stall Debbie Kay Stearns JeffP. Steffens Cheri L. Stemen Michael Gene Stephens Margaret L. Stevens Nicholas Allan Stoy Greg Raymond Striker Cynthia Ann Suback Edward Lee Sutorius Beverley Marie Sweet Karen Kay Sweet Seniors 121 Rhenda Sue Sylvester Steve Edward Sylvester Kristine Diane Taylor Janet Elaine Thacker Clyde Thomas Marilyn E. Tigner Jamie L. Tomlison Mary Tompkins Bridgev fater Teresa Frances Tulley Joyce Elaine Turner Richard Lee Tuttle Connie Joyce Tye Susan A. Uebelhoer Sandra L Ulrich Kathy B. VanAmon Timothy S. Vamer Neil B. Vice Rebecca Sue Walker Sherrie Walker Shirley Ann Walker Randy D. Wall Cindy Ann Wallace Patricia Ann Ward Stephen Ray Warner William John Warner Janice Kay Warnick Irene Ruth Warmstadt Ellen M. Wasson Steven E. Watkins Patti Sue Weaver Deb Webster Suzanne Wehrenberg Margaret Weldon Carolyn S. Weller Richard Eugene Weller 122 Seniors Marcia Diane Wellman Cynthia Ann Wells Gary Wells Richard David Werling Beverly Wetzel Marlene Linda Wetzel Jacqueline Ann Wilkerson Lucy Ann Wilson Robert DeLloyd Wilson Tim A. Winter Tim K. Wissler Rick M. Witzigreuter Mark E. Wolf Rebecca A. Wolff Karen S. Woodmansee Melissa M. Workman Kim Allen Worthen Steve H. Yahn Steve Ybarra Sandy S. Yeiser Bill York Tami S. Zahn Steve Zimmerman Cheryl C. Zirkle Barbara Jean Zollars Tim Zumbaugh Willy Zurbrugg Juniors gain strength to better class Study hall has gone to the birds. Juniors decide to fly the coop. Chuck Miller, as well as many other students, found the Student Council Book- store helpful in finding a book. Larry Strong, vice-president, looks ahead for oncoming events. 124 Juniors Phil Achenbach Dennis Ahlersmeyer Mark Albright Crandall Allen Karen Allen Debbie Alles Deb Allisbaugh Ruthie Altman Bob Anderson Dave Anderson Juniors Alice Trichsler and Kathy Norris work on term papers, of which Juniors have to make at least one. Juniors 125 Cheri Burd Kevin Burke -_ Steve «| , Burkholder vA ' ' Dick Burtuett Dave Busian Rita Butler Susie Byanski Joe Cady Charlene Calhoun Robin Calhoun Court Carpenter Kathy Carter David Cooley Mark Coslow Carol Covault Jack Craig Mark Crain Louise Crider Sue Crisvi ell Joyce Crosby Janet Crowe Bob Cunningham Rick Cutigni rry Dahm Junior officers, from left to right, are Rhonda Levi ton, Larry Strong, Bob Bridges, and Dawn Hunter. Vicky Dale Maria Dancer Rick Davidson Chuck Davis Frank Davis Pat Davis Robbie Davis Cheryl del Grosso Pat Dennis Terry Dennis Steve Desmonds Maryjo Dick Randy Dick Ronald Dick Amy Didier Cathy Diller Rick Doctor Rea Doenges Janine Donohue Richard Dornbush Renee Druhot Cathy Dunbar Chuck Earnest Bob Ecenbarger Ken Elden Sandy Eloranto Richard Erler Brenda Estep Karen Falls Kevin Farlee Sue Farr Dann Faust Steve Faux MonaRae Feist Cathy Feldheiser 126 Juniors Leonard Felger Karen Feller Diana Fel ts Kevin Ferguson Connie Ferrier Janet Fields Joe Firestine Vanessa Fiscus Jim Fleck Jim Ely Michael Folk Greg Ford Becky Francies Wes Franke Rick Franklin Paula Freimuth Beth Fremion Carol Fritz Gene Fromm Al Fudge Larry Gaines Scott Gammons Violet Garland Mike Gase Deborah Gaskil! Linda Gaskill Rich Gaskill John Geisleman Debbie Gerig Cindy Gething Gregory Gfell Vickie Gibson Darlene Giessler Kevin Gilliam Raymond Gilson Joyce Glusenkamp Phil Godfrey Richard Goeglein Merle Goodin Paula Goodin Vicki Goodpaster Kathy Goshert Gary Grey Jeff Greeno Linda Gresham Mary Greuhach Vickie Grider Helen Grimes Debra Gronau Joy Gunsenhouser Keith Gurevdky Rodney Gutierrez Todd Habegger ' Kathy Hagan Kathy Hageman Tom Hag(;n Sheryl Hall Kalhy Halter Patty Hamrick Dave Hanauer Tom Hansen Randy Harding Patricia Harmeyer Arthur Harris Bob Harris Kathy Harrison Joyce Harsch Deborah Hart Rick Harter Denise Hartup Denise Hatch Janet Hatch Bob Haverstock Jack Hawkins Brian Headings Becky Heck Dennis Heck Don Heeren Edward Heffner Denny Heller Marsha Helmke Dave Henning Richard Henry Tim Henry John Henschen Debbie Hensley Dan Herstad David Hetrick Debbie Hettinger Scott Hettinger Sandy Heyn h7- v: ;Z» . ..;s Shelby Hicks jP ' ' Nancy Hileman « Gary Hill I jj Eileen Hill A - Jo-Ellen Hilt Steve Hilton Robert Hinga Jill Hinkle i Juniors 127 •fl.i Sharon Isenberg Gregg Jackson Kathy Jacobson Shelley Jacoby Richard Jahn Ruth Knudson Connie Knuth Georgiana Koenig Sharon Koenig Maren Kolin Rose Koontz Dave Kowalczyk Fred Kreamelmeyer Linda Krouse Kevin Kruckeberg Beverly Krudop Daniel Kruse Lori Kuester Carolyn LaRue Bill Lasley Rick Latham Jill Lauber Jean Lawrence Sharon Layton Mike E. Leach 128 Juniors Rhonda Lewton, secretary, took notes and kept the junior class or- ganized. Michael Leach Dave Lehrman Mike Leist Ronald Lewis Jeff Lewker Rhonda Lewton Thomas Linder Terrie Lindsey John Linnemeier Mary Ann Lochner Tony Lockhart Pat Lockwood Linda Logan Linda Lofgran Steve Long Doug Longley Patty Lord Mark Louden Carol Lough Jenny Loveless Terry Cashdolla Donna Lowrey Mary Loyd Richard Ludwig Cindy Lusk Rose Maciejewski Kathy Madrid Pat Manes Susan Markey Paul Martin Steve Martin Alida Martinez Marv Marino Pam Masters Dave Maus Jan McBride Monique McBride Fred McClure Jr. Cathieen McComb Dave McComb Dennis McCreary Don McGinley Karen McGinley Mike McGowan Kaye McKinnis Pat McMahan Kathleen McMahon Andy Meehan Karen Meeks Beth Menges Phyllis Meredith Norma Messenger Rick Meshberger Barbara Meyer Bill Meyer Charles Milledge Chuck Miller Cindy Miller Connie Miller Dave Miller Denny Miller Kathy Miller Linda Miller Marsha Miller Ruth Miller Tim Mills Steve Minick Mark Minnick Don Miser Paul Modic Scott Monroe Jim Morken Pete Morreale Dave Morris Juniors 129 Jaretta Mougin Dan Moyer Ken Mowan Keith Muncie Robert Newport Denny Nicolet Tom Nix Randy Nordyke Kathy Norris Patty Norton Rick Nunn Cindy Ogg Judy O ' Grady MikeO ' Hair Steve Oliver Barb Olofson Donna Onion Dennis Orr Jane Owens Cindy Park Mike Reader Jim Redmond Paul Reeder Bryan Reighter Debra Reimund Parking was one of the many headaches but some people overcame this by having someone push them. 130 Juniors Ed Rhodes Kim Richeal Russ Rider Wendy Robertson Candee Robinson Steve Rockey Alex Rodriguez Sharon Rogers Kent Roling Becky RoUins Vicki Romano Denise Roy Amy Ruf Debbie Rupp Jeanne Russell Shawn Sabo Jim Savage Lynn Sauders Jim Schaffer John Scherer Cheryl Schieferstein Sheryl Schlickman Becky Schmid Carla Schmidt Curt Schmidt Donn Schmidt Judy Schmidt Kim Schmidt Sandra Schory Susan Schory Bill Schrader Jim Schrimper David Scott Jan Scott Lissa Scott Tim Seifert Diana Serres Gail Settles Sheila Sevrence Gabe Shaheen Steven Shannon Terri Shepard Barb Shepler Cathy Shilts Janet Shoemaker Steve Shumaker Cindy Sidwell Nannette Sievers Cheryl Simpson Kathy Simpson Jill Hinkle prepares herself for the Junior Prom. Frank Sims Mike Skordos John Smead Connie Smith I t " ' , ' i- Doug Smith Jack Smith Rick Smith Al Snyder Robert Snyder Susan Snyder Colleen Soucie Debbie Sparks Calvin Spice Wendell Sprunger Cherie Spuhler ,t ' f , Mel Stark V , I . Arlen Stauffer Janice Steigmeyer Gary Stemen John Steward Mark Stine Sue St. John Kathy Stone Michele Stonebraker Juniors 131 Jenine Thompson Jim Todd Joline Toth Teresa Traylor Alice Trischler Jane Tudor Peggy Tulley Michael Tunnell Joyce Tuttle Gary Turner Greg Ummel Therese Upton Kirk VanRyn Sue Weisz Linda Welch Marcia Weldon Margaret Welfle Debbie Wells Bob Bridges, junior president, worked hard planning events for this year. 132 Juniors Dawn Hunter, social chairman, planned many money-raising projects for this year. Tom Wermuth Donna Whitaker Pam Whitehurst Bill Wiegand Bill Wiegman Amy Wilkens Laura Wilkens Russell Williams Henrietta Wilson Phil Wilson Tim Wilson Vicki Wilson Dan Wire Peggy Wissler Ron Witte Rick Witzigreuter Steven Wolf Tom Wolf Rickey Wolfe Greg Wood Don Woodard Jack Woodruff Tim Woods Debra Workman Brenda Worm an Rhonda Wraley Denise Yaney Tom Yost David Yuhasz Rick Zierten Mark Adams Christine Bamer Greg Bennett Scot Brady Vicki Brown Sharon Buckley Paula Clay Carla Ehler Jeanetta Griffith Deb Hanauer Nadine High Roger Holmes Beth Hooley Eddie Leffler Joanne Murphy Left over from spirit week, a junior poster remains to express spirit for a long time after the of- ficial close of the week. Tom Schevtchuk sells a magazine to John Bakle for the sophomore magazine sale. 134 Juniors Sophomores work together to unite class Mr. Roderick Gerard ' s sophomore homeroom takes up a collection for United Fund. Happiness is keeping the cafeteria clean as sophomore Mike Tompkins takes seniors ' lunch trays back. . .. ba ■v Si ' j- y J mm ' 1. - -,f» Sophomores meet in the cafeteria to take the Lorge-Thorndike test which measures in- telligence. Sophomores 135 James Ballinger Frank S. Balogh Raymond Balogh Jr. Nancy Banks Kathy Young " im Barnes Dave Bamett Ted Baron Tom Barrera Dan Barthold Gene Bartlett John Barringer Thea Baughman Baumgardner Charna Bear Barrie Beckman Barb Bedwell Ken Beebe Mark Beebe Jess Beltz Tonyia Bennett Steve Beyer Douglas Biedenweg Cheryl Bigger Diane Bilcer Greg Blackburn Tom Blackburn Rick Blain Vivian Bleakney Peggy Blosser Fred Bodinka Steve Boggs Vicki Bohnke Roberta Bomar Rick Boone Dave Borkenstein Sue Borror Jan Bosserman Robert Bowman Cindy Boyles JoAnne Bracht Margaret Bracht Jean Brackmann Margo Brackmann Connie Bradley Dana Brady Janet Brady Bev Brantley Marjorie Braucher Mike Bregenzer Meribeth Bridges Curtis Brincefield AUyn Brinker Mike Brooks Barb Brovifn Bruce Brown Curt Brown Dave Brown Jerry Brown Martin Brown Rick Brown Steve Brown Terry Brown Rod Broyles Kathy Underwood Connie Budd Ken Burgener Janine Burke Nancy Burnham Rick Byanski Sharon Byrge 136 Sophomores Mary Cain Joan Cameron Mozell Campbell Ed Carboni Judy Carboni Elaine Carlson Candy Carpenter Michelle Carlo Mike Cartwright Debby Casey Karen CashdoUar Dave Cass Marcia Cavinder Monica Cavinder Becky Cecil Gene Chaffin Byron Stas Choka Casey Chrzan Barry Clark Deanna Clark Stan Clark Gary Clay Kathy Cline Susan Cline Tim Cole Terry Coles Colleen Collins Martin Collins Jim Connell Nancy Conner Bruce Conrad Roxanne Converse Angle Cook Dennis Cooley Jolee Coolman Cheryl Correa Cheryl Cour Debby Cox Dan Cox Gary Cox Beverly Craddock Marilyn Grain Roger Crawford Jim Crocker Charlotte Cronkhite Tom Crosley Conni Cuellar Julie Culbertson Sally Cummings Dan Dau Charles R. Davis Deborah Davis Mark Davis Stan Davis Ginger Davison Connie Deeds Lynne del Grosso Vicky DePrey Yvonne DiUing Lisa Dellinger Patty Delobbe Kathy Derrow Jody Dewart Deborah Drake Gary Drake Kathy Drake Carolyn Drew Roseann Didion Sandra Didion Jane Disler Debbie Diver Tim Domer Becky Dornseif Melissa Downey Janna Dougherty Lynn Doughty Debra Dovey Darlene Dovey Debbie Eachen Jerry Eastman Dave Ecenbarger Debbie Eder Patricia Edsall Debbie Egnor Dan Eifrid Dennie Elick Doug Elkins Roxanne Eltzroth Jeff Emmons Joe Eykholt Sue Farlee Steve Feasel Andy Federspeil Deborah Feemster Dave Feldheiser Donald Felger Alyce Figel David Fike Randy Firks Sophomores 137 Sophomores are amazed at the progress of the auditorium and other portions of renovation. Joe Gaines Joyce Gaines Karen Gardt Tim Garland Kathy Garrard Klaus Gatzke Michael Geoffray Patricia George Randy Gerig Angela Gernhardt Roc Giant Rick Gibson " e John Gonser Kathy Goodman Steve Gorrel Dan Gossett Cindy Graft Bill Graham Robert Grant Kathy Graves Connie Gray Joyce Gray Dixie Green Scot Green Pam Greeno Jarita Greulach Tom Griem Richard Griffith Marie Gruber Sandra Guertin Lucy Guevara Joette Gumbert Jackie Gusching John Gutermuth Aurita Gutierrez Betsy Gutierrez Mary Haft Marilyn Brunnegraff Nannette Hagar Cynthia Hall Kerry Hall Judy Halquist Jeffrey Halter John Hampshire Roger Hand Chris Hansen Julie Hanzel Kenny Hardesty Walter Hardesty Judy Harkenrider Paula Harmon Helen Harrington Sharon Hartman Hope Hartup Robin Hartzell Phil Hatch Peg Hayges 138 Sophomores Jennifer Heiniger Mark Heitger Greg Heller Dick Henderson Andrea Henry Pam Henry Dianne Herber Debby Hermes Mike Herstad Mike Hich Randy Hirschey Sharon Hoagland Sandy Hodde Todd Holderness Diane Holmes Veda Holmes Pam Holse Janet Hontz Barb Hoppel Vana Hovarter Kevin Hoy John Hoylman Farrel Hubbard Patty Hull Greg Hunt Richard Hurlbert Michael Hursh Robin Hursh Barry Hutton Tim Indrecc Neal Inscoe Doreen Insley Jeanne Itt Teresa Hagan Nancy Jackson LeeAnn Jacoby Rilla Jacquay John Jantz John Jarboe Pat Jehl Dan Jenkins Tom Jennings Jone Jerraid Cheri Jesse Dallas Johnson Dan Johnson David Johnson Delbert Johnson Gwjynne Johnson Penny Johnson if W- , .; iy Rosemary Johnson Sandy Johnstonbaugh Ann Jones Debbie Jones Teresa Jordan Jennifer Joseph Lori Justice Dennis Kammeier Mark Kast Sandy Kaufman Bob Kaylor Bruce Keeley Kathy Kelley Scot Kelley April Kerley Marilyn Kilty Roberta Kipfer Steve Kipfer Patti Kipling Pam Kirkpatrick Ralph Kirkpatrick Richard Klemm Kim Kleopfer Neil Kluepfer Dave Knepper Benjamin Knight Mary Knight Laverna Knisely Cynthia Knispel Jim Knuth Debbie Konkle Joy Koontz Chris Koop Kevin Krause Deborah Kreienbrink Greg Kroemer Bob Krouse Linda Kruse Roger Kuehnert Ben Lacey Esther Lacy Kay Laier Steve Lake Linda Lamb v ' A A ' ' i kVi ■v: Sophomores 139 ( Mark Langmeyer Robert Larimore Steve Larimore Mike Lauer Linda Lawlor Keith Lazoff Richard Lee Steve Lefavour Eddie Leffler Brett Leininger Marlene Leinker Mike Leland Lonnie Lemons Carl Lepper Debbie Lesh Pieper Lesh Ed Lewton Mike Linnemeier Dorothy Lipp Dennis Lloyd J. Teresa Logsdon Holly Love Nancy Luckadoo Joseph Ludwig Steve Luke Michael Lulex Ronda Lutz Elvis Magee Donald Maloney Ronald Maloney Jane Manning Calvin Martin Nancy Martin Steven Martin Monica Martinez Mike Martone Clark Mason Denny Maxwell Mark Maxwell Mary Maybee Steve Mays Dewey McCarty Laurie McClure Toni McCoy Nancy McCue Karen McDonald Randy McHenry Vicki McHenry Merrill McKinley Jann McKinzie Dave McKnight Cindy McNutt Glenn Mead Kathleen Meagher Cindy Merchant Peggy Meshberger Sharon Messenger Stan Meyer Dennis Miller Jim Morkoetter Pat Morris Mark Morton Rick Motz Pam Mudrack Cheryl MuUins Pam Muncie Glen Munk Doug Myers Janet Myers Madonna Nagel Mike Namina Jim Nelson Bonnie Neuhaus Glen Nevogt Gary Newman Robert Newman David Niblack George Nicodemus Al Nicoski Terry Nix Peggy Nordyke Carol Norris Tim North Tom North Bonnie Nowlin John Oblinger Teresa O ' Grady Larry Olinske Debby Ormes Rick Ormiston Daria Ort Rita Osborne Cindy Palm Vicky Palmer Beverly Parkins Dan Partridge Lana Patch Mary Patten Kenton Patterson Melody Payne Cheryl Pearson Terry Pepple Laura Perkins Roxanna Perkins Daniel Phillips Linda Pickering Cheryl Pieper William Piercy Julie Pliett Ken Post Mark Powe Lea Powers BillPrante Nelson Preble Blake Prentice Melvin Puff Barbara Pulver Rick Ramos Roberta Ranck Richard Read Michael Redding Glenn Rediger Howard Reed Cindy Regenold Doug Reynolds Roxann Rhoades Pam Rice Pam Rice Debbie Richardson Dennis Rider Ellen Rider Jerome Ridley Jim Robinson Penny Robinson John Roby Sue Roddy Patti Rodey Sandi Rogers Denise Rohrs Keith Roller Tom Romano Jane Roth Melvin Rugg VVilma Runyon Jeff Ryder James Sabo Virginia Sakov Pal Sau(;r Kathy Savio Will Schaefer John Schafinnski Dennis Schaaf Thomas Scheele Thomas Schevtchuk Kim Schinbeckler Julie Schroeder Jerry Schmidt Dick Schneider Mark Schomburj Kathy Schrock Sally Schuhler Dave Schultz Deb Scott Brian Sebastian Larry SeCheverell Deborah Senesac Tom Senesac Sandra Serres Kay Settles Cindy Sevrence Cherry Sexton Dawn Shand Mark Shand Evelyn Shannon Patricia Shaw Sheri Shearer Rick Sheckels Keith Sheets Linda Sheets Tom Shell Mary Sherman Linda Sherwood Teisha Shive Dennis Shively Fritz Shoemaker Lewis Shuler Cyndi Shultz Bill Sibert ?l, - ' t-vZ-M Leslie Sieling Pat Sievers Jan Silver Dave Simmons Ron Simons Barb Skevington Jill Ann Slagle Randy Sleesman Gary Sloan Don Slusher Beverly Smith Billy Smith Debbi Smith Jeff Smith Lester Smith Nan Smith Susan Smith Tom Smith Elaine Snyder Don Stephenson Trudy Sterling Dianne Stetler Tom Stiegiilz Sue Stoops Barbara Storm Nancy Storms Kelly Stoy Janelle Strasser Kathy Straup Bill Stucky Phil Stukey Randy Sturdivant Roberta Sweet Deb Sylvester Mike Tagtmeyer Paul Tanner Dale Tassler Mark Taylor Mary Taylor Nora Taylor Monte Teeters Katrina Trendle Roy Trimble Nancy Troyer Kathy Turner Sandra Uetrecht Keith Vachon Bob Van Anda Patricia Van Curen Chuck VanGorder ody VanRy Rick Vaughn Madeline Verhest Ina Vibbert George Wagner Barb Walker Bob Walker Sandy Walker Lyndon Wall Chris Walton Dale Warner Dave Warner Suzanne Warrick Judy Wass Debbi Watson Gary Watson Cheryl Wayer Jim Wehrenberg Mike Wehrmeister Peggy Weidner Lee Wells Sue Wells Bill Werling Orlin Wermager Rex Whiteleather Mark Whittecar 142 Sophomores Martin Wickliffe Laura Widmann Karen Wietfeldt Mike Wiggins Bill Wilkening Sheila Williams Dave Williamson Cheryl Wilson Stan Winters Karen Winzeler Mary Wittwer Diana Woods Sue Wooten Roy Wright Anita York Jan Jackson Kathy Zakrgisek Connie Zimmerman Robert ZoUars Trudy Zollner Dave Zumbaugh Daniel Zweig Ina Blanchard Camille Buchan Charm aine Burlew Nancy Cronkhile Janne Dorset! Melissa Downey Diana Drummond Carl Fike Sam Fox Vickie Gaines Jana Habegger Gregg Haner Tina Kiejnot Sally Lane Daniel Lang Mike Nomina Jim O ' Day Jim Robinson Randy Schroll Mike Slush Lena Sonnier Steve Till Pam VanBuskirk Sophomore officers from left to right Jan Jackson, secretary-treasurer Nancy McCue, vice-president; AIUti Drinker, social chair- man; and Mike Martone, president Sophomores 143 student Life It s a new world on the inside Bf 1 - « ni ' wKS m. iZ B Bfc. H Happiness, serenity, aggravation; life of a Redskin. Spirit Week provided competition among classes working as a whole, striving for spirit. Cheers sounded as each class won first, second, or third place ribbons, while each class accepted the retirement of the Spirit Trophy. High Honors gave ' Skins a certain pride whiie others studied for tests. They ran for buses, rehearsed plays, attended assemblies, walked alone or hand-in-hand, and experienced the routine of daily life. Striving for a certain goal in live, Seniors looked forward and tried to decide their fu- ture. Most Juniors prepared for their senior year, perhaps at Elmhurst or Northrup because of boundary changes. Sophomores adapted to North Side ' s ways and looked forward to more e.xciting years at high school. Renovation provided limited space and cluttered hallways, along with noise. Students adjusted to all the difficulties built up from phase two, and teachers adjusted to a more lib- eral kind of education. As memories were made. Redskins searched others ' hearts and found it ' s a neu- world on the inside. Student Life 14o Assemblies meet in new gym and stadium ' Skins showed appreciation for a va- riety of assemblies ranging from pep sessions, music concerts, and ones just providing entertainment. Traditional assemblies met, such as the opening assembly where new teachers were introduced; Senior Recognition Day, emphasizing achievements of the individual students; and class meetings, where officers were nominated and in- stalled. In addition to these assemblies, the entertainment assemblies all met in the stadium or gym. Among those for entertainment were the Christmas Program and one by a champion horseshoe thrower. This year Varsity Varieties started later than usual. Tryouts started the week before spring vacation and re- hearsals began the week after. Mr. Dan Kucheinski. champion horseshoe thrower, tries for another ringer as his wife Sue. a gymnast, also performs before an au- dience. 146 Assemblies Former Redskins, Nancy Redman, Ron Annis, and Debbie Gething. return to talk to students about college. They told about registering, courses offered, and the various phases of college life. Redskins again participated in the Christmas Bureau project. At the Christmas program. Mark Adams, presented the gifts to Mrs. Darvies, head of the Christmas Bureau. M r R -- ' Varsity Varieties rehearsals delayed Three advanced drama students audition for a spot in Varsity Varieties as a singing trio. The waiter turns down two ladies as they beg him for a free drink. Four prison cell-mates sing to remove the drudgery of the day. Assemblies 14 The " battle of classes " is in progress as the senior and junior girls battle for a victory in the annual powder puff football gwme. Students display spirit without trophy " Spirit Week, one special week out of the year, really shows our sup- port f or the team and creates a little competition between the classes to see who has the most spirit, " said Mr. James Lewinski. Each class is given one floor for posters and any other signs to show thier spirit. Points were awarded for the posters according to design, originality, and quantity. It gives the student a chance to ac- tively participate in such activities as the powder puff football game and tug of war. Seniors Ken Hixon, Bill Marker, Brian Norton, and Dan Fair vigorously lead their class in a cheer during spirit week. 148 Spirit Week A change inside a change in fashions Junior Becky Schmid wears bell-bottom slacks on a cold winter day. This year. North was invaded by maxis and midis. Here, sophomore Debbie Sylvester shows her interest in fashions by wearing a maxi. John Desmond, in his Army green trench midi, and Sarah Pressler, in her blue-jean bell-bottoms, stop in the hall for a little chat. unior Mary Greulach portrays her interest in the fashion world by wearing a monk ' s cape; maxi coats still remained dominant, though. As the 1971 school year came to a close, students looked forward to many changes in the coming year. Seniors saw colleges, careers, and marriages in their futures, while juniors and sophomores prepared for returning to North or transfer- ring to Northrop, or Elmhurst because of redistricting. Renovation had definite effects on the student body. Because the stage and auditorium were being reno- vated, the Senior Play and other as- semblies were cancelled. Good ef- fects also resulted: students enjoyed a new library and improved facili- ties. Although basketball games had to he scheduled in other gyms early in the season, the remodeled gym was the scene for all-school as- semblies such as the Christmas Bureau assembly and the exhibition by the world champion horse-shoe pitcher and his wife. Student Council tried to obtain a parking lot for students from existing space. " It ' s a new world on the inside " for all those persons involved in this year. 150 Closing Photo courtesy of News-Sentinel Closina 151 Mr. Paul Walters helps Linda Eloph decide upon what size and tone she wants for her senior pictures. WATTERS STUDIO at 3121 S. Calhoun is noted for " photographs of Distinction. " BURGER CHEF at 2909 E. State provided students with " food good enough to leave school for. " INDIANA AND MICHIGAN ELECTRIC COMPANY at 2101 Spy Run not only provides an essential public service but also sponsors youth programs and activi- ties in Fort Wayne. During a free period, juniors Claire Rammel and Jack Woodruff go to Burger Chef for a tasty lunch. Juniors Beth Fremion and Wendell Sprunger realize the great community services of I M Electric Company. NDiANA Michigan ELtt TRIC COMPANY In be-H-eif elecfricall f . :r ' ' X :i ' :- - a 152 Advertising Juniors Wendy Robertson and Steve Bogenschutz admire this new ' 71 model at Allen County Motors. Strolling behind school, juniors Donna Onion and John Henschen notice the reconstruction being done by Irmscher Construction Company. IRMSCHER AND SONS CON- STRUCTION at 1030 Osage does a fine job in reconstructing North Side as well as other projects in the area. ALLEN COUNTY MOTORS at 511 W. Main, " The Little Profit Dealer, " congratulates the gra- duating class of 1971. Advertising lo3 Faculty, Administrators coordinate year ANDERSON. MRS. VESTA F. Typing. General Business: Ball State U.— B.S. ANTHIS, DR. BILL C. Principal; Indiana State U. — B.S., M.S.; Indiana U.— P.H.D. ASHE, MRS. WILMA E. Clerical Practice. Adv. Shorthand, Gener- al Business; Business Glub. Assignment of Clerical Service Workers. Vending Machines (School Supply). Service Center; Indiana State U. of Pennsylvania, B S ASHTON, MR. BARRY A. Concert Band, Varsity Band, Allied Arts, Theory. Stage Band, Arrowettes, Marching Band; Tri-M; Indiana U. — B.M.E.; Ball State U. — M.A.; Earlham. AUTENRIETH. MR. FREDRICK H. English, Purdue U.— B.S.: Butler U.; St. Francis College — Teacher Certificate, M.S. AYERS. MISS VIRGINIA Typing, General Business; Indiana U. — B.S., M.S.; Purdue U. BAKHSHI, MR. SARHIA PAL English. S.D.B. College. Swila— B.A.; Meerut College — M.A.: Delhi U.— B. Ed. BAUGH, MRS. BETTY Home Economics; Indiana U. — B.S. BELL. MISS MARJORIE Art; Dept. Head; Indiana U. Fort Wayne Regional Center — Ceramics; Indiana U. — B.S.; Teachers College Columbia U.— M.A. BIBERSTEIN, MR. KENNETH General Art; Ball State U. — B.S. BICKEL, MR. GLEN R. Geometry. Trig; Teen Gallon Donors; In- diana State U.— B.S.. M.S.; Indiana U.; Purdue U.; St. Francis College; U. of New Hampshire. BILL. MR. ION M. Industrial Arts; Purdue U. — B.S., M.S. BOTT, MR. LAWRENCE E. English. Boy ' s Cheerblock; Indiana Insti- tute of Technology. Wisconsin U.; St. Francis College — B.A. BROWN, MR. DUANE U.S. History; Football Coach; Ashland College — B.S.; Indiana U. — M.A. BRUDNEY. MRS. ANN English; Indiana U. — B.S. BULLOCK, MR. TOMMY Industrial Arts; Flexible Schedule Pro- gram; Mississippi Valley State College — CAPPER. MRS. KATHLEEN Physical Education; Girl ' s Cheerblock. Student Leader Corp., Cheerleaders — as- sistant; Mt. St. Scholastica College — B.S. CERTAIN, MR. RONALD J. Economics; Kev Club; Indiana State U.— B.S., M.S. CLARK. MR. CHARLES L. Mathematics; Dept. Head; Defiance — A.B.; Ohio State — M.A.; Purdue; U. of Maine CLAY, MISS lODY Secretary to Mr. Updike COWAN, MRS. MARY ANNE Secretary — Regristrar; Indiana U. CRAIG, DR. ROBERT Guidance Counselor; Middle Tennessee State U.; U. of Missouri — B.A., M.A., Ed. D. CROCKER, MRS. EDNA M. Home Economics; Dept. Head; Indiana U. — B.S.; U. of Minnesota — M.A. CRUM, MR. THEODORE LEE Biology; Ball State — B.S.; St. Francis College — M.S.; Indiana U. DECKER. MR. R. DALE U.S. History. World History; DePauw U.— A.B.; Indiana U.8M.S. DeYOUNG, MR. JOHN J. English; Highlighters; Manchester — B.S.; St. Francis College — M.S. DiPIETRO. MR. JOSEPH Physical Education; Intramurals. Assis- tant Football C oach. Guidance; Morehead State U.— B.A.; Xavier U. — M.A. DOHRMANN, MR. THOMAS E. German; Assistant Football Coach; Val- paraiso U. — B.S., B.A. DOEHRMAN, MR. WILL E. Physical Education, Business Mathemati- cs; Assistant Basketball Coach; Val- paraiso U. — B.S.; Ball State— M.A.; In- diana U.; St. Francis College; Purdue. DONNELLY, MISS ANNE Physical Education. Cheerleading Class; Ripplettes. Cheerblock — Assistant; In charge of Cheerleaders; Mount Mary College; Indiana U. — B.S. DOTY, MRS. VERA M. Treasurer; Indiana U. DOUST. MRS. ROSALIE English; Z-Club; St. Francis College — B.S.; Indiana U. DURFEY. MRS. ELLEN Library Clerk. Audio Visual — assistant; Audio Visual Club — assistant. DVORAK, MR. RONALD Adv. Science. Chemistry, Phy-Chem.; Dept. Head; Indiana State U. — B.S.; Purdue U. — M.S.; Northern Illinois Ohio State U.— AYI EASTES, MR. JOHN Accounting. General Business. Beg. Typing; Huntington College — B.S.; In- diana U. — M.S. EDWARDS. MR. ROBERT Industrial Arts; Dept. Head; Ohio Northern U. — B.S.; U. of Michigan — M.A. EPPS, MRS. LIZZIE M. English; A.M. N. College: Henderson State College— M.A. ESTERLINE. MR. DAVID L. U.S. History. Health. Alcohol Narcot- ics; Assistant Track Coach; Valparaiso U. — B.S., Indiana U., St. Francis College EUDALEY, MISS RUTH A. U.S. History, World Affairs; Student Council, Honor Society; Wittenberg; Ball State — B.S.; Indiana U. — M.A.; Purdue FELLER, MR. CHARLES K. World History; Basketball Ticket Taker; Bowling Green State U. — M.A. FISHER. MR. KEITH C. General Business. Typing; Assistant Wrestling Coach; St. Francis College — B.A. FISHER, MR. NORMAN J. Developmental Reading; Future Teachers of America; Manchester College — B.S.; Bethany Theological Seminary — B.D.; St. Francis College — M.S. FLECK. MR. CLEON L. U.S. History. World Affairs; Dept. Head; DePauw U. — A.B.; U. of Wisconsin M.A.; Indiana U. — M.S. GALL. MR. MIKE English, Social Studies, Flexible Sched- ule Program; Indiana U. — A.B.; Ball State U.— M.A. GERBER. MRS. SHERRYLENE Spanish; MLC and Z-Club; Ball State U— B.A. GERRARD, MR. RODRICK F. Vocal Music. Arts. Guitar; Folk Choir. Chanticleers; Indiana U. — B.M.E.; Ball State U. — M.A.; Navy School of Music; Leopold Mozart Conser ' atory. Augsburg W. Germany GOON. MR. DALE E. Adv. Typing. Algebra, General Business: Manchester — B.S.; Indiana U. — M.S. GRAHAM, MR. NEAL Band. Allied Arts; Percussion Ensemble: Ball State U. — B.S. GRUVER. MR. HAROLD K. Reading Lab.. English; Indiana U. — B.S. HAIFLICH. MRS. SANDRA J. English. Spanish; St. Francis College — A.B.. M.S. HAMM. MR. DONALD Adv. Typing. Business Math. C.O.E.; O.E.A.; Ball State U.— B.S., M.S. HARRIS. MR. ALVIN C. Guidance Counselor; Chess Club; Direc- tory of Extra-Curricular Activities; Cen- tral State College — B.S.; St. Francis College M.S. HAYNER. MRS. GLADYS Secretary in Guidance Office HEATH. M ' R. JOHN D. English, Social Studies; Flexible Sched- ule Program; Indiana U. — B.S.; St. Francis College — M.S. HENDERSON. MR. MYRON H. Government; Tennis Coach, Athletic Council; Manchester — A.B.; Ball State — M.A.; St. Francis College HEY. MR. BYARD Trig.. Geometry; Basketball Coach: In- diana U.— b.s.. ' m.s. HILL, MR. JOHN R. Sophomore Choir. A ' Cappella. Trouba- dours. Madrigals, Sophomore Arts; Tri- M; Ball State U. — B.S. HOLLOWAY. MR. WILLARD ' ocal Music. History: Indiana U. — B.S., M.A.; Ball State U. HUMPHREY. MR. FRED English; DePauw — B.S., M.S.; Indiana U.; U. of Miami HUNTER. MR. DON Algebra; Assistant Football Coach. Wres- tling Coach; Ball State U.— B.S. HUTMACHER, MRS. JACQUELINE Beg. Typing. Beg. Shorthand, General Business: Z-Club Co-ordinator; DePauw — A.B. IRVING. MR. RICHARD D.E.. Consumer Business Problems; Jr. D.E. Club, Sr. D.E. Club: Indiana State U.— B.S. I Y. MR. HYRLE A. JR LC.T., LC.T. Club: U. of Alabama— B.S.; Ball State U. — M.S.; Purdue U. JOHNSON. MRS. IRMA Beg. Adv. Shorthand. General Busi- ness: Future Secretaries Association: In- diana State U. — B.S.; Indiana U.; St. Francis College — M.S. KLOCKE. MRS. DOLORES J. Guidance Co-ordinator; Advisor of Soph- omore Class; Western Illinois U. — B.S.; Northwestern U. — M.A. LEHMAN, MRS. ANN D. Receptionist Secretary in Principal ' s Of- fice 154 Faculty Directory to bypass serious renovation problems LEMKE, MR. PAUL Spanish; Dept. Head; Northwestern U, — B.S.. M.A.; Universidad De Puerto Rico LEWINSKI, MR. JAMES R. English, Literature Seminar; Sponsor of the Student CounciL Assistant Sponsor of the National Honor Society; Indiana U.— A.B.; U. of Michigan — M.A.; U. of Syracuse; U. of Illinois; U. of Notre Dame LEWIS, MR. BERYL A. Chemistry; Golf Coach; Ball State U.— B.S., M.A. LITTLE, MISS ELIZABETH English; Senior Class; Dept. Head; Ohio U. — A.B., M.A.; U, of Wisconsin; Indiana U.; Columbia U. LOMBARD, MRS. DOROTHY A. Library Secretary; Laboratory and X-Ray Technical College LOPER, MRS. BETTY School Attendance; Chaperone School Dnces; Ball State U. LOVELL, MR. ROBERT Algebra, Adv. Algebra. Adv. Math; Rose Polytechnic Institute — B.S.; Indiana State U. — M.S.; Luther College; Lake Forest College; Florida State U.; Purdue MALECEK, MRS. FREEDA L. English Clerk MALOTT, MR. JOHN R. Government; Athletic Contests: Taylor U.— A.B.; Ball State U.— M.A. McBANE, MRS. DONNA English; Ohio U.; Indiana U. — B.S. McCLEAD, MR. DONALD P. Art; Stage work; Ball State U. — B.A., M.A. MERRIMAN, MRS. GLADYS K. English; Manchester College; Indiana State; Iowa State; Indiana U. — A.B., M.S. MINNIE, MRS. NANCY English, French; St. Francis College; Western Michigan U. — B.A.; Purdue U.— M.A. MITCHELL, MR. WILLIAM Biology; Dean of Boys 2nd Semester: Ball State U.; Huntington College — B.S.; In- diana U. — M.S. MOORE, MISS MARTHA Home Economics, Flexible Schedule Pro- gram; Y-Teens; Ball State U. — A.B. NEUHAUS, MRS. KATHLEEN English; Helicon; St. Francis College — B.A., M.S. NIEMEYER, MR. FRED Head Custodian NOBLE, MRS. ZOLA A-V Co-ordinator, Assistant Librarian; Projectionist Club; Anderson College — B.A. NUSBAUM, MRS. MARY ALICE Geometry, Adv. Algebra; Red Cross; Butler U. — A.B.; Indiana— M.S.; Wis- consin PARIS, MRS. MARJORIE Cafeteria Manager PHILBROOK, MR. LEMAN K. Physics, Biology; McKendree College — B.S.; U. of Illinois— M.A. PLATT, MR. DAVID D. Orchestra; Consulting Teacher for Music, Dept. Head; Indiana U. — B.M.E.; U. of Michigan — M.M.; Kent State; Western Reserve; Ohio State PUGH, MR. ROBERT W. ENGLISH: Helicon Club; DePauw U. — B.A.; U. of Wisconsin — M.S. PURKHISER, MR. JAMES A. Dramatics, Stagecraft, Theater-Arts; In- ternational Thespian Society; Hanover College — A.B.; Indiana U. — M.A. RANSBURG, MRS. RAMONA French: M.L.C; Western College; St. Francis College — A.B.; Indiana U. — M.A. REFFNER, MR. ROBERT G. Drafting; Ball State U.— B.S. RICE, MR. MERLE D. Physics, Applied Physics, Adv. Science; Phy. Chem., Railroad; Rose Polytechnic Institute— B.S.; Ball State U.— M.S.; St. Francis College; Indiana Tech. ROWE, MR. DUANE D. Typing, General Business; Track and Cross Country Coach; Manchester College— B.S.; Indiana U.— M.S. RUPNOW, MRS. JUANITA Locks RUSSELL, MR. TIMOTHY U.S. History, World History: Baseball Coach; Butler U. — A.B.; Indiana U. — M.S. SCHAEFER, MR. THOMAS E. Metal; Ball State U. — B.S. SCHOONOVER, MR. AUGUSTUS Sociology: Indiana U.; Ball State U.— B.A. " SCHULTZ, MR. GARY P. English, Speech; National Forensic League; Dances; Ball State U. — B.S.; St. Francis College SELL, DR. DONALD E. Dean of Boys 1st semester: Manchester College — B.S.; St. Francis College — M.S.; Ball State U. — Ed. D.; Hiedelberg College: Purdue U. SHEPLER, MRS. MAXINE E. Secretary: Athletic Dept. SHUTT, MRS. MARY KAY Dr. Anthis ' Secretary SNIDER, MR. WAVELAND H. World History: Timer for basketball games: Manchester College — B.S.; In- diana U. — M.S. STAFFORD, MRS. FAE Librarian; Library Club; Help at athletic events; Indiana U.; Ball State U. — B.S., M.A. STAUFFER, MR. JOHN Geomelry; Assistant Baketball Coach; DePauw U. — A.B.: Indiana U. — M.S THIELE, MISS NORMA Journalism; Quill and Scroll. 1500 Club; Publications adviser Indiana U, — A.B., M.A. TIMLER, MR. STEPHEN PERRY Guidance Counselor; Meet with Advisory Committee, Set up P.A. Systems for Pep Sessions, Class Meetings. Counselor for Sophomore Class; Indiana State U. — B.S.; St. Francis College — M.S. TIPPLE, MR. JOHN Earth Science; Key Club; Indiana U.— B.S. TODD. MISS SANDRA M. Dean of Girls; Michigan State U. — B.A.; U. of Colorado: Ball State U.: Pu due U. TRASTER. MR. ROBERT Athletic Director. Responsible for school calender. Insurance. Facilities: Man- chester— B.S.; Ball State U.— .M.S.: St. Francis College — Guidance UPDIKE, MR. MAX Assistant Principal: Manchester — B.S.: Indiana U. — M.S.; Ball State: Michigan State: Purdue; St. Francis VILLACORTA, MR. DERMAN Spanish; San Marcos U. — A.B.. M.A. WAGNER, MRS. BETTY Cafeteria Aid. Arrowetts Advisor WALDER, MR. VERBIE R. Flexible Schedule Program; Helped with Football: Sacramento City College; In- diana State U. — B.S. WALTER, MR. JOHN R. Accounting. General Business; Dept. Head, Assistant Track Coach; Man- chester College — B.S.; Indiana U. — M.S. WEBER, MRS. JANET Latin; J.C.L.; Junior Class Advisor Bowl- ing Green State U. — B.S.: U. of Michigan — M.A. WERT. MR. CLI ' E R. Industrial Arts; Ball State U. — M.S.. B.A. Impersonating Senior Tim Cooper. Mr. Barry Ashton predicts a Redskin Victory. Mr. Gary Schultz narrates the teachers ' skits during the sectional pep session. ABBOTT. CATHERINE JEAN Helicon, N.F.L., Pres.; NaL Honor Soc; Debate, Captain; Y-Teens ACKERMAN, BRUCE CHARLES Baseball; Basketball; Football: Junior Class Pres.; Key Club Student Council, Parliamentarian: AHLERSMEYER, JAN MARIE Cheerblock, M.L.C.; Y-Teens ALBAUGH, T RUDY CAROL Helicon, Point Recorder ALLISBAUGH, RICK L. ANDERSON, KAREN ANDREWS, JAMES WILLIAM Chess Club; Debate; M.L.C.; N.F.L.; Speech, Captain; Senior Class V. Pres.; Cheerblock ANTOINE, DENISE RENEE International Thespians ANTONIDES, JOHN L. Northerner Sports Editor; North- erner News Editor ARCHER, TERRY LYNN BENTLEY, KAY Cheerblock; F.T.A.; Legend Agent; M.L.C.; Service Worker; Y-Teens; Z-Club BEXHAN, MIKE BIESIADA, THOMAS JOSEPH BLACKBURN. WILLIAM PAGE Cross Country; Legend Agent; Soph. Planning Board BLAKLEY, ROGER M. ICT; VICA Club BLAISING, PAT HENRY A ' Cappella; Intramurals; Training Choir BLOOD, THOMAS MARK Band, V. Pres; Orchestra, Presi- dent; Swim Team BLOUGH, TERRY LEE BLUE, JEFFREY SCOTT A ' Cappella; Cheerblock BOBILYA, BARB Cheerblock; G.A.A; Junior Class Soc. Chrm; MLC Sec; Reserve Cheerleader; Student Council; Z Club Student Council, Standing Com- mittee BRICKER, RONALD T. BRICKMAN. SUSAN LYNN A ' Cappella; Band Council; Cheerblock; Concert Band; Drum Major; Marching Band; North- erner Agent; Pep Band; Rip- plettes, Pres., Sec-Treas. BRINKER, GAYLE N ANNETTE Pep Club; Varsity Cheerleading, Captain; Student Council, Stand- ing Committee BRUBAKER. DEBRA L. BUCKLES. PAUL BUECKER, DAVID A. Nat. Honor Soc. BURKHALTER, FREDERICK RAY BURNS, PAUL WILLIAM Boy ' s Cheerblock; Chess Club; Soph. Basketball; Soph. Football CADY, JOAN KAY Intramurals CALDWELL. CANDACE A. GALE. CINDY LYNN Chanticleers Upperclassmen open Senior Door to begin ARMSTRONG, SUSAN KAY Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Heli- con; J.C.L., Senior-Consul North- erner Agent; Z-Club ARNETT. CINDEE J. Business Club; Training Choir AUMILLER, DAVID A. Debate; Speech; Phy-Chem; Track; Intramurals BABCOCK, CASSANDRA KAY BAKER, RONALD LEE Football; Swimming; Weight Lift- ing BAKER, TERRY D. BALKENBUSCH, HOWARD M. A ' Cappella-Pres.; Football BALLARD, RICK BALLIET. TRENT L. BARKLEY, PATRICIA LYNN A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Concert Band; J.C. L.; Ripplettes; Training Choir; Tri-M; Varsity Band BARTO, DAN Intramurals BATES, JO ANN D.E.C.A. BEARD, BLAINE DUANE BEARD, PATRICIA KAY Cheerblock; Cheerleading; Stu- dent Council BECK. CAROLYN BENDER. DIANNE LORENA Junior Classical League; North- erner Agent BENNETT. KIM E. BOBILYA. DAVID A. BOBLES. JANET BODNAR. JAMES W. Football; Track BOGGS, CHRIS A ' Cappella; Nat. Thespian; Stu- dent Council BOITET, RENEE C. A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Reserve Cheerleader; MLC, Planning Board; Ripplettes; Standing Com- mittee BONIFAS, TERESA MARIE Chanticleers BOSSARD. DAVE A. Football; Key Club; Service Worker; Swim Team; Treasurer, BOWLIN, DEBORAH M. Cheerblock; Reserve Cheerleader; MLC; Z-Club BOXLEY. BETTY ELANNA Student Council, Standing Com- mittee BRACHT. BARBARA SUE BRACKMANN, DAVID RONALD Concert Band; Drummers Club; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Tennis; Wildsiders; Trou- badours BRADLEY, CLARK L. BRADY, JENNY C. BRANTLEY. GARY A ' Cappella; Phy-Chem BRAUNLIN. SUE ELLEN Legend Agent; Northerner Agent; CALEY, JAMES D. LC.T.: Track CAMERON, DANA. CAMPBELL, AC JR. CAPPS, WILLARD MICHAEL CARBOm, RANDAL JAMES Wrestling CARLSON, KAY ANN F.T.A.; Helicon; Honor Society- Treas.; J.C.L.-Pub. Ch.; Student Council; Tri-M CARMER, SCOTT D. Concert Band; Pep Band; Varsity Band; Wildsiders; wrestling CARPENTER. GREGORY A Key Club CARPENTER. PAM S. Globetrotters; Helicon; M.L.C.; Northerner CARROLL. MARK D. Key Club CARROLL, PHYLLIS ANN Band CARTER, MARK ALLEN Cheerblock; Concert Band; Or- chestra; Pep Band; Wildsiders CASEY, BECKY ANN Concert Band; I.C.T.; Library; Pep Band; Varsity Band CASEY, PATRICIA . Arrowettes CATTIN. SANDY A ' Cappella CECIL, KAREN ANN J.C.L.; Varsity Choir; Y-Teens 156 Senior Directory CHIVINGTON, KENNETH STEVE Wrestling CHRISTMAN, CRAIG ROBERT CISMOWSKI, KEVIN A ' Cappella; Basketball; Sopho- more Planning Board CLARK, WILLIAM FOSTER Cheerblock; Debate; Globetrot- ters-Treas.; Golf; Soph. Planning Board CLAYPOOL, BOB JAMES CLEMONS, LINDA ]OY CLOSSON, MARCIA ROSE COLLETT, STANLEY Intramurals COLLINS. PAULA KAY F.S.A. COLPITTS, SARAH JANE A ' Cappella; Spirit Committee; Student Council; Y-Teens; Z Club CONRAD, CHARLES H. A. v.; Basketball Mgr.; Key Club Jr. Class Rep; Tri-M-pres., Concert Band; Marching Band; Equipment Manager DAGER, SUSAN ALICE Cheerblock; MLC, sec. Student Council School Problems; sec; FT A; Z-Club, vp DALE, DEBBY KAY A ' Cappella; Reserve cheerleader; Planning board rep. DAMMEIER, JEFF LYNN Intramurals DARING, LOUTRICIA ANN Arrowettes DAVIS, DORIS KATHLEEN Business Club; Chanticleers DAVIS, KATHIE LOU DAVIS, ROBERT W. Basketball; Cross country; Foot- ball; Track DAVIS SUSAN A ' Cappella, Cheerblock; Helicon; Student Council DEADY, JEAN E. Concert Band; Junior Classical League; Pep Band; Varsity Choir; Varsity Band DEAN, ILENE MARIE DISTELRATH, CLARENCE WILLIAM DIVER. DAVE ALLEN DOELL, GAIL JEANNE Business Club; Concert Band; FSA; Helicon; Pep Band DORNSEIF. ED MARTIN DREW. GARY EDV ARD DREYER. BECKY DUBUISSON, SYLVIA ANN DUNBAR. CARYN ANNE Cheerblock; Leader Corp; Legend Agent; Standing Comm.; Student Council EACHEN. DAVID EASTES, ABBY JUNE C.O.E. EASTMAN. SHERYL LYNN Chanticleers; Cheerblock EBERHARDT, KATHY Chanticleers; cheerblock; F.T.A.; Helicon; Jr. Planning Board; Student Council — Spirit Commit- tee; Z-Club — Treasurer EDDINGTON. BOB distinctive parting year at North Side COOK, DAVID HARRISON COOK. EDWARD E. Home Room Rep. Alternate; Foot- ball; Wrestling COOPER, TIMOTHY TRAILL Debate Team-Cap.; Helicon; Key Club-V. Pres.; National Forensic League; National Honor Society; Northerner Agent; Phy-Chem; Speech Team; Student Council- Pres. COSLOW, C. RICHARD Boys Cheerblock; Student Coun- cil; Sec. Tres. Senior Class; Wres- tling Totorins Corps; Jr. Planning Board CRADDOCK, REBECCA ANN Business Club; Orchestra; Y-teens CRAWFORD, JOHN R. Jr. Planning Board; Marching Band Guide On; Soph. Cross- country; Sr. Track CRISWELL, NANCY CROZIER, DAN L. CROZIER, DAVE LYNN CUELLAR, RAUL CUELLAR, ROSI CULVER, DONALD Cross country; Track CUMMINS, LAURA LEA CURDES, MARTIN LEWIS Basketball, manager, Football, manager; Intramurals; Tennis Team DEASON, KATHY L. F.T.A. DeBRULAR, MIKE Senior Class Soc. Chrm.; Student Council; Swimming Team DERR, MARILYN A ' Cappella Choir, Sec; Concert Band, Beguita Keeper; JCL; Nat. Honor Soc; Pep Band; Student Council, Student Involvement Committee. DESMOND. JOHN DAVID DEVEAU, JIM F. Football; Intramurals DEVEAU, JOHN C. Cheerblock; Football; Intramurals DICK, SARAH M. Orchestra DIETZ, L. DIANE A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; JCL; Re- serve Cheerleader; Service Worker; Student Council, Big Brother Chrm., Spirit Comm.; Z- Club DILL, MICHAEL KEVIN DILLER, RANDY P. Cross Country; High School Highlights; Student Council DILLING, MICHAEL GENE A Cappella; Orchestra; Reserve Cross Country; Reserve Swim- ming; Reserve Track; Soph. Choir; Student Council, Spirit Comm. Chrm. EDER, DOUG L. EDSALL, CHUCK HENRY EISER, SUE Cheerblock; Reserve cheerleader EIX, STANLEY A. ELDER, ROBERT LYNN ELLIS, JOHN H. ELLIS. JUNINE J.C.L.; Student Council; Varsity choir; Y-Teens ELLIS, KENT COCHISE Wrestling ELLISON, CAROL LYNN ELOPH, LINDA ANN Cheerblock; Chanticleers; J.C.L.; Legend; Legend Agent: Y-Teens; Soph. Training Choir ELSER, TERRY LEE EMMONS. SUSAN G. Y-Teens ENGSTROM. JOHN CARL National Thespian ERLER. MICHAEL JAMES Band; Orchestra; Pep Band Wild- siders ESSEX, PAMELA K. Y-Teens; Cheerblock FAIR. DAN Chess Club FARLOW. RONALD LeRO ' i ' FARR. ANNETTE FARRISS. BETH ANN FSA FAULKNER. BETH ANN FSA; C.O.E.; Legend Agent Senior Directory 15 FEASEL. JOHN W. A ' Cappella; JCL; Student Council; Swim Team FEDERSPIEL, SANDY SUE Librarian Assit; Library Club FEEMSTER, BEVERLEY ANN FELDHEISER, GARY DAVID FERRELL, ANGELA FIGEL. ALFRED LOUIS Varsity Football-Co. Captain; Key Club; Cheerblock FIRESTINE, DJEDRA M. Swimming; COE FISHER, MICHEAL D. OEA-Parliamentarian FISHER, ROBERT E. Wrestling FLANAGAN, TERRY EDWARD FLORY, DON FOGLE, LAWRENCE W. Pep Band FOLTZ, CAROLYN ANN Library assit. FOOR, KENNETH M. FOOTE, JOANN ELAINE Y-Teens-Pres; MLC; Cheerblock Key Club; Wrestling; Stage Crew GEBHART, DANIEL L. Basketball; Football, Co-Captain; Helicon; Key Club, Sec; Nat. Honor Soc; School Problem Comm., Chairman; Student Coun- cil; Track GENNAITTE, PATTIE GENTRY, JANET G. GEORGE, HAROLD EDWIN GEPHART, DENISE J. ICT; JCL GERKIN, CHRIS All-City Band; All-City Orchestra; Chanticleers; Concert Band; Con- cert Orchestra; FTA, pres; MLC; Service Worker; Tri-M Tutoring Corps GEYER, TOM L. GIBSON, CAROLENE DORTHEA Y-Teens GIBSON, MARY GIBSON, R. MICHAEL Stage Crew GILDEA, TINA MARIE Art Club; Cheerblock; FTA; GL7ETHE, MARGIE L. Chanticleers; Northerner Agent; Y-Teens GUMP, BURNELL G. GUREVSKY, SUSAN MARIE GUSTIN, AARON WILBER GUTERMUTH, LINDA DIANE Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Reserve Cheerleader; JCL HAGOPIAN, ALICE ZARI HALL, DEBORAH RUTH Concert Band; Librarian, Director Assistant; FTA; Helicon; Junior Classical League; Modern Lan- guage Club; Nat. Honor Soc; Nat Thespians; Orchestra; Student In- volvment Committee; Y-Teens HALLFORD, WILLIAM EDWIN Helicon; Intramurals; Key-Club, V. Pres, Sec; Nat. Honor Soc; Northerner Agent; Phy-Chem Club; Student Council HALQUIST, MARGARET HAMRICK, CATHY L. Service Work HANAUER, PATSY A. Previous traditions prevail over renovation Varsity : Concert Band, Sec- Treas. FORD, LOIS ELAINE Chanticleers; Soph. Tr. Choir FOSNAUGH, CLARA ALAN ICT; Training cho ir; Varsity choir FRANCIES, SANDRA M. Service; Speech FRAZIER, JAY SCOTT Track FREEMAN, CAROLYN SUE Jr. Planning Board FREEMAN, JIM FRIEND, GREGORY JOSEPH Jr. Planning Board; Key Club, Treas; Service Worker; Sopho- more Class V. Pres; Student Coun- cil FRY, KATHY National Honor Soc. FUHRMAN. DENNY ALAN FURNISH, PRESTEEN MABEL FURNISS, DIANNA LYNN Cheerblock; Jr. Planning Board; Northerner Agent FURNISS, STEVE H. Sophomore training choir GAGE, CHARLES GAMBLE, RICK CARMAN, GARY A. GASKILL, TIM LEE Football; ICT GATTON. KATHY Cheerblock; JCL GEARY, MICHAEL CRAIG Student Council; Senior Planning Board GILLESPIE, KATHLEEN LYNN Intramurals; Y-Teens GINGRICH, DAVID C. AV; Orchestra GIPSON, TERI ANN GLENN, ANITA GOFF, PAMELA SUE FSA; Y-Teens; Z-Club GONZALES, JU ANITA ANN GOODWIN, MICHAEL PAUL ICT GORE, BRIAN DE GRAHAM, RODNEY K. GRAVES, JACI LYNN Cheerblock GREEN, IDA MARIE GREEN, THOMAS J. GREENE, RICHARD E. GREULACH, GREG PAUL Choir; K-Club GRONAU, CINDY N. Service Worker GROSS, KATHY J. Basketball; Football; Track GROVE, TODD G. Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Marching Band; Key Club; Pep Band; Student Council; Tri-M, treas; Wildsiders GRUBER, BETH ANN Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Plan- ning Board HANLEY, BARBARA ANN Cheerblock, Ripplettes HANLIN, PAULA D. COE HANSEN, DENISE CAROL A Cappella, Troubadours; All city Choir; Cheerblock; Cheerleader; Key Club; Legend Agent; Service Worker; Student Council, Stand- ing Comm. HANSEN. DENNIS LYNN Helicon, Treas.; Legend Agent; Speech Debate, Co-Captain HANSEN, MARK JOSEPH Northerner-Assit. Manager, Assit. Sports Editor, Back Page Editor, Football; MLC; Sophomore Plan- ning Board; Student Council; Tu- toring Corps; Wrestling HARKER, BILL Service; Soph. Planning Board HARDIEK, RICHARD EDWIN Wrestling HARMON, NANCY CAROL Orchestra HARSHBARGER, BRIAN Marching Band; Pep Band HART, GLEN MIKE HARTER, CATHY ANN Student Council HARTER, PHILIP DAVID Cheerblock; Choir HARTMAN, WILLIAM D. HARTUP, DWAYNE A. Cheerblock; Cross-country; Inter- 158 Senior Directory murals; Key Club; MLC; Soph. Basketball; Student Council-trea.; Soph. Planning Board; Jr. Plan- ning Board; Track HAflTZELL, JACKIE ANN VICA HATFIELD, STEVEN B. HAYES, GAYLE WYNNE Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Soph. Planning Board; Soph. Social Chairman; Y-Teens; Northerner Representative HAZELETT. DEAN FREDRIC HAZELETT, TOM HEADRICK, RONALD LEE HEASTON, NANCY LYNN JCL; Soph Planning Board; Stu- dent Council HEFFELFINGER, KAY LYNN Chanticleers HELLER, DENNIS HENSCHEN, BRUCE ERIC Football HERSHBERGER, GARY LEE A ' Cappella HEUAR, MARK IRWIN, AMES RONALD ]ACKSON, EARL EDWARD Band-Pres.; Pep Band Orchestra- V. Pres.; Tri-M-V. Pres.; Wild- sid6rs JACKSON, JAN D. JACKSON, ROSE MARIE Chanticleers JAHN, MARY L Library Club JAMES, MICHAEL DAVID JASPER, LYNN K. JEHL, MICHAEL EDWIN JENKINS, BILL O. Cheerblock; Golf; Key . Club; Sophomore Planning Board; Stu- dent Council JOHNS, KEITH D. ICT JOHNSON, BETH S. A ' Cappella; Helicon; JCL; Student Council; Tri-M: Troubadors JOHNSON, BILL E. JOHNSON, CHAD ALLAN A ' Cappalla JOHNSON, DAVID WAYNE KEMPEL. MIKE LEE KENSILL. KAREN SUE KERN, BRIAN J. Concert Band; Marching Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Varsity Band KERR, KATHY JO KEY, PAMELA DIANE JCL; Tri-M; Orchestra; Helicon; GAA KIEFER, WANETA JEAN Business Club; JCL; Orchestra; Varsity Choir KINDER, PEGGY LOU Arrowette ' s KING, LANA KAY KLEMM, TERESA ANN KNISPEL, PAMELA GAYE A ' Cappella; Cheerblock, Treas; Helicon; MLC; NaL Honor Soc; Student Council; Z-Club KNUTH, KATHLEEN A. FSA; Legend Agent; Northerner Agent; Student Council; Z-Club KOLETZKl CLAUDIA Foreign Exchange Student canoe race senior dinner honors banquet HILEMAN, THOMAS LLOYD Concert Band; Pep Band; Wild- siders; ICT HILL, KENNETH GREGORY HIXON, KEN R. HOBBS, JIM M. HOFFMAN. DENISE EAN Junior Class, Sec.-Trea.; Student Council; Helicon; Tri-M; Or- chestra-Sec; Sophomore Planning Board; Junior Planning Board; Cheerblock; A ' Cappella-Troubs. HOGESTYN, DON D. Football; Intramurals; Sophomore Planning Board; Junior Planning Board HINTON, GREG N. Cheerblock; Golf; Football HOLLIDAY, DENNIS MIKE HONTZ, HOLLY SUE Junior Classical League; National Honor Society HORACEK, DENNIS LEE HORNER, BRENDA SUE HOWEY, ROBERT . Reserve Swimming Team HUBNER, FANNIE LORETTA HUGUENARD, RONALD E. HULL, DAVE DANIEL HULL, MARY E. HUNG, JAN HUTSON, RUSSELL WAYNE Cross-country; Track; Wrestling IRVING, JEFFERY RAY DE JOHNSON, DOUG E. JOHNSON, MARK DUANE JOHNSON, ROBERT MICHAEL Band; Basketball; Football; Key Club; Student Council; Tennis; Track JOHNSON, ROSS CARLYLE A ' Cappella; Band; Concert Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Tri-M; Swimming; Wildsiders JOHNSON, TOM R. JONES, GLENDA WILMA ONES, JACQUELYN KAY Cheerblock; Northern Agent; Z Club JONES, JAMES R. A-V; Stage Craft JUDD, LESLIE DENISE Concert Band, Lib; National Forensic League; Pep Band; Student Council; Wildsiders JUNK, EDWARD L. KABLE, LARRY P. KABLE, RONALD E. ICT KAMMEIER, CATHY JO Cheerblock; Helicon; Y-Teens KAMP, NICK B. KAMP, TOM KEESLER, MICHAEL BRETT Northerner Agent; Varsity Track; Varsity Football KELKER, JAYNE ELIZABETH KEMP, JEFFREY W. DE KOONTZ, DEAN A. KRAFT, SHIRLEY JOANNE Planning Board Rep. KRAUSE, KENETA MARIE Twirling; Varsity Choir LAMB, LONNIE VIRGIL Football, Track, Varsit ' Choir LAMB. SUSAN ANN A ' Cappella; Chanticleers; Cheer- block; JCL; Voc. Honor Soc; Spirit Committee; Student Council: Tri- M; Z-Club LAMLEY, JOYCE ELAINE Intramurals; JCL LAMSON, CRAIG ALLEN Student Council; Swimming LANGAS, KIRK E. LANGMEYER. BRIAN A ' Cappella LAPP. DENNIS A DECA; FT A LAPP. STE ' EN V. Cheerblock; Football; Key Club; Track LARUE, NORMAN WAYNE A-V Club; Phv-Chem LAUER, MARK D. LEES. CHERYL ANN Cheerleading; Legend Agent LEININGE. i L- RC DA 7D LEINKER. FREDRICK THOMAS LEITCH. JONI A. Chanticleers; Sophomore Train- ing Choir Senior Directory lo9 LIECHTY, PHIL }. ICT LELAND, PAMELA JEAN Northerner; Pep Club; Student Council LEPPER, DONNA JEAN LEVIN, JACQUELINE Cheerblock; Planning Board; Stu- dent Council; Y-Teens LEWIS, RICHARD J. LINNEMEIER. DALE ALVIN LLOYD. LINDA M. JCL; Training Choir LOBRILLO, FELICIA JOANN LOGAN. DANIEL DELBERT Cheerblock; Intramurals; Wres- tling LOMBARD, JOSEPH LOUIS III Basketball; Cross-Country; Stu- dent Council; Track LONG, ROBERT LONGARDNER, LARRY R. Cross-Country; Basketball; Track; Big Brother LONGMEYER, BRIAN LOTHAMER. JOHN JOSEPH Comm; Varsity Cheerleader; Z- Club, V. Pres. MAULLER, MARY C. Cheerblock; COE; Z-Club MAYFJELD, DALE E. Intramurals McBR DE, N ANNETTE SUZANNE Arrowettes; Concert Band; Heli- con; JCL; Phy-Chem; Tri-M; Y-Teens McCARTY. JANIE MCCOMB. ROBERT LEE Cheerblock; FTA; Marching Band; Track McKEE, DAVID W. Cheerblock McKENZIE. KAREN McMAHON. JACK EDWARD Cheerblock McMAHON. ELIZABETH ANN Chanticleers; Junior Planning Board; Student Council; Y-Teens, Sec. McMAHON. JAMES ALLAN Cheerblock McNEAL, CAROLYN ANN MISSELHORN. NANCY ANN Chanticleers; Cheerblock; FTA; Northerner Agent; Jn Board; Soph. Training Choir; Z-Club MITCHELL, VICKI LYNN MOORE, GARY MOORHEAD, MICHAEL A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Soph. Training Choir MORELAND, JOHN HENRY Intramurals; Tennis; Track; Wres- tling MOREY, KIM JACK MGR. of Football; Basketball; Track MORKOETTER, JAN D. MORLAN, SHERRY LOU Chanticleers MORRIS, BEX ERLY ANNE A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; JCL; Jr Planning Board; Orchestra; Soph. Planning Board; Tri-M; Trouba- dours; Z-Club MORTON, JOHN PATRICK MOSSBURG. JULIE ANN MLC Seniors make preparations for tests, prom, LUCE, DAN Football; Wrestling; Student Council; National Honor Society LUTZ, GARY DAVID MACDONALD. GREGORY E. MACY, KE nN Football; Wrestling; Student Council MADSEN, BOB W. MAHLAN, CHRISTOPHER B. Asst. Drum Major; Concert Band; Drum Major; Legend Representa- tive; Tutoring Corp; Wildsiders MALICH. CATHERINE LOUISE Concert Band; Chanticleers; Leg- end Agent; Pep Band; Varsity Choir MALOLEY, DAVE P. MALOLEY NAF H. MALONEY MICHAEL JOHN MANES, MARY KATHERYN Cheerblock, Cheerleader, Student Council MANNING. CATHERINE Modern Language Club; Y-Teens MANVILLE, ROBERT WALTER Student Council MARKEY, PATRICIA J. Intramurals; Service Worker MARTIN, GERALD EDWARD MARTIN. MARILYN COE; OEA; Marching Band MASLOOB, CAROLE SUE Cheerblock; MLC; Reserve Cheer- leader; Senior Board; Spirit Chanticleers mcpherson, dave john Mcpherson, susan marie Legend Agent MEEK, RICHARD A. Football; Key Club; Track; Trou- badours MENCER, ROBERT DANIEL MENSCH. THERESA Cheerblock; CAA; Jr. Planning Board; MLC; Soph. Planning Board MENSCH, THOMAS ALAN Basketball; College prep; Golf; Key Club; Soph. Planning Board; Student Council; Varsity Football MERTZ, GREG JAY Football; Intramurals; Key Club, V. Pres. Pres; Spirit Committee, chairman; Student Council; Swimming; Track MEYER, CHRISTOPHER KEX ' IN MEYER. ROBERT A. Intramurals MIDDLETON. DARCY ANNE COE; Northerner Agent MILLER, JIM K. Intramurals MILLER, MARY E. MILLER, PAM MILLER, RAYMOND . MILLER, RICHARD ELLIS Football; Intramurals MILLER, ROBERT JOSEPH MINICK, SUSAN M. MOYER. MIKE R. MOSES, LARRY WAYNE MUDRACK. DEBORAH LYNN MUDRAGK, MICHAEL WAYNE Concert Band; Football; Marching Band; Pep Band; Wildsiders MUEHLMEYER. LOIS COE; DE MURPHEY. DENNIS Football MURPHY. PATRICK FRANCIE Cross Country; Jr Planning Board; Track MYERS, BARB JANE Cheerblock; Planning Board; Z- Club MYERS, BOB MYERS, STEPHEN ROBERT OEA; DPC NAGEL.KATHY K. Stagecraft NEAL, RON NELSON, SANDRA NELSON. TOM GEORGE DE NESBITT. JOHN MICHAEL Reserve Football; Student Coun- cil; Intramurals NICODEMUS, JANE Cheerblock; Jn Planning Board; Helicon; JCL; Reserve Cheer- leader; Soph. Planning Board NILES, PENNI LYNN Chanticleers; Cheerblock; School Problems; Student Council; Y- Teens; Z-Club NORR S, WANDA M. JCL; Legend, Editor-in-chief; Northerner, Back-page-editor NORTON. BRIAN SCOTT Basketball; Cheerblock; Chess Club; Globetrotters; Intramurals; MLC; Student Council; Tennis; Track OHLER, CATHY JAN OLINSKE, GARY LYNN Boys Cheerblock; Football; Soph. Party Comm. OLRV, DAVID LEE Legend; Northerner OSBORN, MARY C. OSER. ALAN LEE Intramurals OSWALD, BYRON KEITH A ' Cappella PALMER, CYR E A. Orchestra PALMETER, ROBERT JAY PAPE, MIKE S. PAPAGIANNIS. ELIZABETH Cheerblock; Soph. Jr. Planning POYSER. STEVEN CHARLES PURKHISER, THOMAS D. Ceremonial Indiana; Stage Man- ager; National Thespians RACINE, GREGORY LYNN Basketball; DE, V. Pres.; Football; Intramurals; Junior Class V. Pres RAMIREZ, CONNIE G. RATCLIFE, JOHN R. RAGAN, DAN RAVOVSKIS. RALPH EDWARD Football; Basketball; Student Council, Sgt. at Arms READER, JACK LEE AU, Program Chairman REDIGER, SHARON MARIE Intramurals; Helicon-Program Chairman; National Honor Soci- ety; Orchestra; Student Council; Tri-M-treasurer REIGHTER, KEN W. Football; ICT REIGHTER, RON REDDING. STEVE C. Cheerblock; Jr. Planning Board; Swimming RUPP, NANCY JANE Chanticleers; Cheerblock; JCL; Junior Planning Board; Senior Planning Board; Sophomore Plan- ning Board; Student Council; Y-Teens; Sophomore Training Choir RYAN. TOM J. SALYER. CARLA MARIE Twirling SANDERS. DOUG SANDERS. JANET GAIL Concert Band; Orchestra; Twirl- ing; Helicon; Junior Planning Board; MLC; National Honor So- ciety; Reserve Cheerleading SARK. KEVIN MICHAEL AV; Cheerblock; Intramurals; Student Council-Alternate; Spirit Committee SALTER, JOSEPH DAVID Highlighters SCHAEFER. BETSY KAY COE; Sophomore Planning Board SCHAEFER. GLENDA LEE A ' Cappella; Chanticleers; Orches- tra; Tri-M; Troubadours invitations cap and gowns finally diplomas Board PARKER. DENNIS LEE Cheerblock; Intramurals; Varsity Football; Wrestling PATTERSON. ANN Globe-Trotters; Leader Corps; NFL; Speech-Debate PAYNE, PARK ALLEN PEREZ. RACHEL DEBBIE Office Worker; Y-Teens PERKINS. LLOYD PETERS. JULIE KAY Cheerblock; Concert Band; Marching Band; Y-Teens; Student Council PETGEN, BILL PFEIFFER, JANET L Chanticleers; Cheerblock; FTA; MLC; Spirit Committee; Student Council, representative PETTY, CHUCK PHILLIPS, CINDY L. Chanticleers; Sophomore Train- ing Choir PHILLIPS, VIKKY JEAN Chanticleers; Y-Teens PIETRAS, IRENE MARIE Chanticleers; Cheerblock PLETCHER, ANNA LEE POINSETT, GARY S. A Cappella POWE, STEVE S. Intramurals; Phy-Chem. POYSE R, DENNIS LEE POYSER, LINDA LOU RENN, CHERYL L. A Cappella; Helicon-Pres.; JCL; National Honor Society; Sopho- more Planning Board; Student Council; Training Choir; Trouba- dours; Z-Club-Sargeant at arms; All city Choir RENNECKER, BARBARA ANN RENNECKER, KAREN LYNN RENNER, MICHELE Drama; A ' Cappella REPPERT, CAROLYN SUE Helicon RICH, MICHAEL W. Basketball RINGLE, DIANE KAY ROACH, RUSSELL M. ROBINSON, CAROL ANN ROEBUCK, DEBORA KAY ROGERS, MELODY K. Chanticleers; Sophomore Train- ing Choir; Student Council-alter- nate ROGERS, ROBERT ARTHUR Marching Band; Pep Band; Or- chestra; Wildsiders; Tri-M ROLLER, BONNIE . ROMEY, DONNA SUE Chanticleers; COE RUNKLE, DENNIS E. Band; Marching Band; Orchestra; Wildsiders; Wrestling; Intramu- rals RUNYON. SHIRLEY FAY E Business Club SCHAEFER, GREGORY D. Varsity Band; Concert Band; Pep Band; Varsity Football SCHEELE, SANDY Cheerblock; Reserve cheerleader, Sophomore Planning Board; Stu- dent Council SCHEELER, NANCY ANN MLC; FTA; Student Council, rep. alt; Z-Club, Pres; Cheerblock; Sophomore Party Decorations Chairman SCHEVTCHUK, ELIZABETH IRENE Orchestra SCHINBECKLER. PAMSLA KAY FTA; Z-Club; Chanticleers; Soph- omore Training Choir Student Council, Rep. SCHMIEMAN. DENNY LEE SCHNEIDER. TOM EUGENE SCHNEIDER. WILLIAM A. Wrestling; Student Council. Alt. SCHOUWERS. JOHN R. M. Exchange Student From Belgium SCHUSTER. PEGGY SCHWARTZ. CARL M. A-V Club; Concert Band; Pep Band; Swim Team: Tri-M SCHWTN. TOM ALPERT Troubadours SCOTT. GARY WARD ICT SCOTT. SUZANNE JCL; Y-Teens Senior Directory 161 SEAMAN, NORM Choir; Cheerblock; Band; Legend Staff; Northerner Staff; Key Club SEDAM, COLLEEN F. Tri-M; Cheerblock SENESAC, DAVID RICHARD SHAFFER, DEBORAH LOUISE SHEARER, D. PENNY Cheerblock; Y-Teens SHEETS, TERRI LYNN Student Council SHELTON, ROBERT JULIAN Football SHERWOOD, DERBY . SHILTS, PERRY Wrestling; College Representa- tive; Helicon; Key Club; Stu- dent Council; Planning Board SHORT. DEBRA ANN G.A.A.; Y-Teens; Z-Club SHOUP, CONSTANCE M. ' VRIE A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; North- erner Agent; Z-Club; Sophomore Training Choir; Spirit Committee; Student; Council; Troubadours SHUPE, RICHARD R. STOY, NIHOLAS ALLAN STRIKER, GREG RAYMOND Intramurals; DE SUBACK, CYNTHIA ANN Chanticleers; Pep Club; Debate; Drama; Helicon; Legend; MLC; Newspaper; National Honor Soci- ety; Z-Club, Treas. SUMMERS, RICK ALLEN SUTORIUS, EDWARD LEE SWEET, BEVERLEY MARIE SWEET, KAREN KAY Y-Teens SYERS, THOMAS E. SYLVESTER, RHENDA SUE SYLVESTER, STEVE EDWARD TAYLOR, KRISTINE DIANE Intramurals; Student Council; Service; Chanticleers; GAA THACKER, JANET ELAINE Cheerblock; Varsity Choir; Y-Teens THOMAS, CLYDE TIGNER, MARILYN E. TOMLINSON, JAMIE L. JCL; Dramatics WALLACE, CINDY ANN Cheerblock; Y-Teens; Training Choir; Chanticleers WARD, PATRICIA ANN WARE, RANDY WARNER, STEPHEN RAY A ' Cappella WARNER, BILL JOHN WARNICK, JANICE KAY WARNSTADT, IRENE RUTH Varsity Choir WASSON, ELLEN M. Chanticleers WATKINS, STEVEN E. Band WEAVER, PATTI SUE Concert Band; Executive Commit- tee Junior Class; Pep Band; Rippeletts; Sophomore Planning Board; Z-Club; Varsity Band WEBSTER, DEB COE; JCL; Y-Teens WEHRENBERG, SUZANNE FT A; 1500 Club National Honor Society; Northerner editor; MLC Service Worker; Sophomore Plan- Accepting responsibility seniors look forward A ' Cappella; Chess Club; Phy- Chem; Troubadours SIMERMAN, LEON A ' Cappella SIMMONIS, MICHAEL JOSEPH SKINNER, JOANN I. A ' Cappella; Hehcon; JCL, V. Pres.; Student Council; Tri-M; Z- Club SMITH. GREG L, SMITH, THOMAS DALE Cross-Country; Wrestling; Track; Intramurals; H. R. College Repre- sentative; Planning Board, aher- nate SNYDER, JODY L. MCL Pres.; Tri-M Sec. SOWER, JOE SOWERS, MIKE SPICE, KENNETH N. STACY, THERESA ELAINE Tri-M STALL, J. EMILY Varsity Band; Concert Band; Z- Club; Service STEARNS, DEBBIE KAY Band; Pep Band; Y-Teens; Z-Club STEFFENS, JEFF P. STEMEN, CHERI L. Business Club; Legend Represen- tative STEPHENS, MICHAEL GENE STEVENS, MARGARET L. Business Club; Y-Teens; Z-Club; JCL; Chanticleers BRIDGEWATER, MARY CECILIA (TOMPKINSJ TULLEY, TERESA FRANCES TURNER, JOYCE ELAINE TUTTLE, RICHARD LEE Color Guard; Tri-M; Pep Band; Dance Band; Concert Band; Marching Band TYE, CONNIE JOYCE FTA; JCL; Orchestra UEBELHOER, SUSAN A. Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Library Assistance; MLC; Northerner Agent; Publications Staff ULRICH, SANDRA L. VAN AMON. KATHY B. DE; CAP VARNER, TIMOTHY S. VICE, B. NEIL ICT WALKER, REBECCA SUE Service Worker WALKER, SHERRIE MLC; Y-Teens; National Thes- pians WALLCER. SHIRLEY ANN WALL, RANDY D. Cross-Country; Track; MLC; JCL; Key Club; Globetrotters; Cheer- block; Student Council Spirit Committee; Student Council Rep.; Sophomore and Junior Plan ning Board ning Board; Student Council; Z- Club WELDON, MARGARET H. WELLEN, CAROLYN S. WELLER, RICHARD EUGENE WELLMAN, MARCIA DIANE Arrowettes; Band; Tri-M; Orches- tra; Y-Teens WELLS, CYNTHIA ANN WELLS, GARY WELSH, JAMES WERLINC, RICHARD DAVID Football; Cheerblock WETZEL, BEVERLEY WETZEL, MARLENE LINDA FTA; JCL; MLC; College Rep. WILKERSON, JACQUELINE ANN MLC; Legend Staff WILSON, LUCY ANN A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; North- erner; Student Council; Tri-M; Troubadours Z-Club WILSON, ROBERT DELLOYD Cross-Country; Track; Intramu- rals; Student Council; A ' Cappella; Band Spirit Comm. Varsity Band WINTER. TIM A. WISSLER, TIM K. WITZIGREUTER, RICK M. WOLF, MARK E. AV; Intramurals; Spirit Comm. Student Council; Service Worker WOLFF, BECKY A. 162 Senior Directory WOODMANSEE, KAREN S. Dramatics; Stagecraft; Art; Rip- plettes WORKMAN, MELISSA M. WORTHEN, KIM ALLEN DE; Cheerblock YAHN, STEVE H. YANEY. JAMES E. Student Council- Rep; Legend YBARRA, STEVE YEISER. SANDY S. YEISER. STEVE L. YORK, BILL ZAHN, TAMI S. A ' Cappella; Big Brother-Chrm.; Cheerblock-V. Pres.; Helicon, JCL; National Honor Society; Cheer- leader; Z-Club; Student Council- Ways Means Chrm.; Spirit Com- mittee ZIMMERMAN, STEVE ZIRKLE, CHERYL C. Cheerblock-Sec; Cheerleader; Sophomore Class Officer-Sec- Treas. Bruce Ackerman and Barb Bobilya reminisce about events in the junior year of the Class of 1971 at the Senior Supper. to future college work votings marriage ZOLLARS, BARBARA }EAN Sophomore Training Choir; Var- sity Band; Junior Classical League- Sec; Concert Band; A ' Cap- pella; Arrowettes; Student Coun- cil-Rep.; Executive Committee- Senior Class; Junior Prom Decora- tion Committee; Northerner ZUMBAUGH, TIM Band; Cross-Country; Track; Cheerblock; Student Council; Spirit Committee; Senior Class President ZURBRUGG, WILLY Arrowettes P.T.A. officers are (f ront row) Mrs. Carl Engstrom, vice president; Mrs. Vincent Busian, president; Mrs. Richard Curdes, treasurer; (back row) Mr. Vincent Busian, president; Mr. Max Updike, second vice president; Dr. Bill C. Anthis; (not present) Mrs. Nelson Miller, secretary. Senior Director ' 163 Abbott. Catherine 106. 123. 158. 36. 37 Achenbach. Phil 125 Achesan. Chris 136. 58 Ackerman. Bruce 105, 106. 158, 70. 40, 84. 68 Ackerman. Dave 136. 46. 40. 71 Adams. Mark 19, 46. 47, 40, 68 Adang, Dale 136 Ahlersmeyer. Dennis 125 Ahlersmeyer. Jan 106, 158. 50 Albaugh, Trudy 106, 158. 53. 52 Albright. Fred 49 Albright. Mark 125. 34. 57. 54. 55. 50 Allen. Crandall 125 Allen. Karen 52. 50 Alles. Debbie 125 Allisbaugh. Rick 106. 158 Allisbaugh, Karen 125 Altevogt, Brad 16. 136 Altman. Ruth 125 Amari, Don 136 Amstutz. Bill 136 Anderson, Bob 125 Anderson. Dave 125. 46. 68 Anderson. Karen 106. 158 Anderson. Stan 136 Anderson. Steve 136 Andrew. Gary 125. 68 Andrews, Robert 136, 68 Andrews, Bob 35. 42. 43. 41 Andrews. Denny 136. 57. 50 Andrews. Jim 26. 158, 46. 37. 106. 109 Andros. Mark 136 Angel. Jeri 136 Angel, Rose 136. 56 Angel, Tim 125 Anspach. Robert 125, 68 Antoine. Denise 22, 158. 39. 106 Antonides, John 106. 158. 42.43.41 Antrim. Kathi 136 Archer, Debbie 106, 136 Archer, Jerry 125, 33 Archer, Terry 158 Argerbright, Ron 125 Armstrong, Charles 136. 83. 46.40. 71 Armstrong. Sue 106. 34, 158,49, 34 Arnett. Cynthia 106. 158 Arnett. Ruth 136 Arnold. Dennis 136. 38 Arnold, Pamela 136 Arnold, Tom 33 Ashe. Bruce 136. 71 Ashe. Laura 125 Aumiller. Dave 21. 106. 158,42, 43 Aumiller, Janet 136 Axell, Mary 58 Axt. Kathy 136 Babcock. Cassandra 158. 49 Babcock. Vickie 136. 58 Badger. Sandra 136. 58 Bair, Chuck 125 Bair. Dave 136 Baker. Jeanne 136, 58 Bakle. John 136 Baker, Pamela 136 Baker, Ronald 106. 158. 68 Baker, Terry 106, 158 Balkenbusch. Howard 106, 158, 54. 55. 68 Ballard. Rick 106, 158 Balliet, Trent 106. 158 Ballinger, James 136 Ballinger, Mike 125 Balogh. Frank 136 Balogh. Raymond 136. 38 Baltes, Kathy 125 Baney, Kevin 125 Banks. Nancy 136. 58 Baril, Jody 136, 35 Barkley, Patricia 106. 158. 49. 54. 51. 50 Earner. Christine 58 Barnes. Jim 136 Barnett. Dave 136, 84, 71 Baron, Ted 136 Barrera, Tom 136 Barringer, John 136 Barrow, Janine 125 Bartholomew, Dave 125. 56. 50 Barto, Dan 106, 158 Bates. JoAnn 106. 158. 33 Barthold, Dan 136 Bartlett. Gene 136 Battell. Steve 125. 50 Baumgardner. Judy 136 Baughmen, Thea 136, 46, 37, 81 Bay, Don 125 Bear, Charna 136 Beard, Blaine 106. 158 Beard. Patricia 106. 158 Bechtelheimer, Sylvia 125. 54. 55 Beck. Carolyn 106, 158 Beck. Randy 125. 44. 45 Beck. Sylvia 125 Beckman. Barrie 136. 58 Bed well. Barb 136. 58 Beebe. Ken 136 Beebe. Mark 25 Beiswenger. Nick 125 Beltz. Jess 136. 35 Bender, Dianne 106. 158 Benecke, Thomas 125. 40. 68 Benner. David 125 Bennett, Kim 106, 158 Bennett. Tonyia 136. 46 Benson, Eileen 125. 44 Bentley. Kay 106. 158 Bergquist. Barb 125 Berlin. Roger 125 Berry. Tim 125 Betley, Ted 125 Bever. Steve 136 Bexhan. Mike 158 Beyer, Steve 136. 71 Beyerlein. Becky 125, 48, 35, 34, 36, 50 Beyhan, Mike 106 Biedenweg. Douglas 136. 83. 71 Bienz.Marla 125. 48. 54, 55 Biesiada. Thomas 158 Bigger. Cheryl 136 Bilcer. Diane 136 Bireley. Debbie 125 Black. Byron 25. 125. 51 Blackburn. Bill 158, 71 Blackburn, Greg 136 Blackman, John 125 Blackburn, Tom 136, 71 Blain. Rick 136 Blaismo. Pat 107, 158 BlaJclev. Roger 106. 158. 33 Blough. Terry 158, 107 Blanchard, Ina 143 Blazer, Kim 125. 35, 58 Bleakney, Vivia 136 Blood, Tom 107, 158, 57. 52. 50 Bloom, Janet 125 Blosser. Peggy 136 Blue, Jeff 107. 158 Blumenhorst. Judy 125 Blum. Roxie 127 Bobay. Art 125 Bobilva. Barbara 107. 158. 49 Bobilya. Dave 107. 158 Bodinka. Fred 136 Bobles. Janet 158 Bodnar. Jim 107, 158 Bogenschutz, Steve 20, 125, 44, 45, 46, 37, 68. 153 Boggs. Chris 107. 158. 39. 54, 55 Boggs, Steve 136 Bohnice, Vicki 136 Boitet, Reneel07, 158. 54 Bolin. Willis 125 Bollinger. Marilyn 125 Bolyard. Janis 125 Bomar. Roberta 136 Bonifas. Teresa 107. 158, 49. 58 Boone. Rick 136 Boren, Michael 125 Borders. Debbie 125. 50 Borkenstein. Dave 136, 71 Borror, Sue 136 Bossard, Dave 107, 158, 40 Bossard, Janet 18. 24. 125. 52 Bosserman, Jan 136. 34, 71 Bowers, Debbie 125 Bowlin, Deborah 107, 158 Bowman, Al 125. 33 Bouman. Robert 136 Boxley. Betty 107. 158 Boyd. Connie 125. 56 Boyles. Cindy 136 Boyles. Mary 125 Bracht, Barbara 107, 158 Bracht, JoAnne 136 Bracht. Margaret 136, 50 Bracht, Paula 125 Brackmann. Dave 107. 158. 49, 57, 52. 51 Brackmann. Jean 136. 35. 46. 58. 56 Brackmann. Margaret 136 Bradley. Clark 107, 158 Bradley, Connie 136 Brady. Dana 136. 58 Brady, Daniel 125 Brady, Janet 136 Brady, Jenny 107. 158 Branding. Francine 125 Brantley. Beverly 136 Brantley. Gary 107. 158. 54 Braucher, Marjorie 136, 50 Braunlin, Sue 107, 158 Bregenzer. Mike 136 Bricker, Ron 107. 158 Brickman. Sue 107. 158. 49. 56. 51. 50 Bridges. Bob 19. 126, 125, 132,46 Bridges. Meribeth 136. 35 Bridgewater. Mary 122. 164 Brincefield. Curtis 136 Brinker. Allyn 136. 143. 35. 58 Brinker. Gayle 107. 158. 54, 81 Brisentine, Mike 125 Brooks, Hubert 125 Brooks. Mike 136. 34 Brown. Barb 136. 35. 81 Brown. Bruce 136 Brown. Bruce 136 Brown. Curt 136. 83. 35. 46,40 Brown. Daniel 125 Brown. Dave 136 Brown. Jerry 136. 71 Brown. Martin 136. 35 Brown. Rick 136 Brown. Richard 125. 38 Brown. Steven 136. 58 Brown. Terry 136 Brown. Vicki 42. 43. 50 Broyles. Carl 125 Broyles, Rod 136 Broyles, Tim 125 Brubaker, Debra 14, 158 Bruber, Deborah 107, 125 Brunnegraff, Marilyn 136. 35, 58 Brunson, Joy 125, 48. 56. 54, 52, 50 Buchan, Camille 143, 50 Buchanan. James 125 Buckel. Ken 125 Buckles. Paul 107. 158 Buckmaster. Cheryl 125. 35 Budd, Connie 136 Buecker, David 107, 158 Burd, Cheri 126 Burgener, Kenneth 136, 38 Burke. Janine 136. 35. 53. 52. 81 Burke. Kevin 126. 46 Burkhalter, Fred 107. 158 B urkholder. Steve 126 Burlew. Char 143. 46 Burnham. Nancy 136 Burns. Paul 107. 158 Burtuett. Dick 126 Busian. Dave 126. 75, 51 Butler. Rita 126 Byanski. Rick 136 Byanski. Susan 126 Byrge. Sharon 136 Cady. Joan 158. 107 Cady. Joe 126 Cain. Mary 137 Caldwell. Candy 107. 158 Cale. Cindy 107. 158 Caley. Jim 108. 158. 33 Calhoun. Charlene 126. 33 Calhoun. Robin 126. 33 Cameron. Dan 108. 158. 33 Cameron. Joan 137. 50 Campbell. A.C. 108. 158 Campbell, Mozell 137 Capps. Willard 158 Carboni, Randy 158 Carboni, Ed 108. 137 Carboni. Judy 137 Carlson. Elaine 137. 34. 50 Carlson. Kay 105. 108. 34. 158. 49. 34. 46. 36. 50 Carmer. Scott 108. 158. 57. 50 Carpenter. Candy 137. 56 Carpenter. Court 126 Carpenter. Greg 97, 108, 158 Carpenter, Pam 108. 158, 42. 43, 41 Carroll, Mark 108, 158, 40 Carroll. Phyllis 108, 158, 40 Carter, KatJiy 17, 126, 58 Carter, Mark 108, 158, 57, 50 Carlo, Michelle 137, 46, 81 Cartwright, Brenda 126 Cartwright, Mike 137 Casey, Beckv 108. 159. 33. 50 ' Casey. Pat 108. 159. 56 Cashdollar. Karen 137 Cass. Dave 137 Cassaday. Clifford 126 Cattin, Sandy 108. 159. 33 Cavinder. Marcia 137. 39 Cecil. Karen 108. 159. 34 Cecil. Rebecca 137. 34 Chaffin. Ellis 33. 126 Chaffin. Gene 137. 34. 38 Chandler. Nancy 126 Chapman. Deb 126. 58 Chappius. Mark 126. 178. 36. 40,68 Chester. Steve 126 Chivington. Ken 108. 159 Choka. Byron 137. 83. 71 Christlieb. Gary 126 Christman. Bev 126, 81 Christman, Craig 28. 108. 159 Chrzan. Casey 137 Cincere. Marguerite 126 Cismowski. Kevin 108. 159. 84 Clark. Barry 137 Clark. Deanna 137. 35. 56 Clark, Jon 126 Clark, Matt 126 Clark. Stan 137. 57. 50 Clark. Sue 126 Clark. Bill 108. 159 Clay. Gary 137 Clay. Paula 37. 58 Claypool. Robert 159 Clem. Joyce demons. Linda 108. 158, 49 Cline, Kathy 137 Cline. Susan 137. 46, 58 Closson. Marcia 159. 33 Coe. Julie 126 Colcord. Dave 126 Cole. Phil 126 Cole. Tim 137. 58 Coles. Terry 137 Collett. Stan 108. 159 Collins. Colleen 137 Collins, Dan 126. 82 Collins. Jane 24. 126. 35. 36. 53. 54. 55. 52 Collins. Mart 137. 71 Collins. Paula 108. 159. 49 Colpitis. Sarah 108. 159. 56. 54 Connell. Jim 137 Conner, Nancy 137 Conrad. Bruce 137. 71 Conrad. Charles 108. 159. 49. 52. 50 Converse. Rod 126 Converse. Roxanne 137. 58 Cook. Angle 137 Cook. Dave 108. 159 Cook. Ed 108. 159. 68 Cooley. Dave 126 Cooley. Dennis 137. 38. 71 Coolman. Jolee 15. 137 Cooper. Tim 108. 159. 82. 46.47. 37. 36.40. 155 Correa. Cheryl 137. 58 Coslow. Dick 108. 115.159 Coslow. Mark 126. 46 Cour. Cheryl 137 Covault. Carol 126 Cox. Dan 137 Cox. Debby 137 Cox. Gary 137 Crabill. Steve Craddock. Beckv 108. 159. 39. 52 Craddock. Beverly 137 Craig. Jack 126 Grain. Marilyn 137 Grain. Mark 126 Crawford. John 108. 159. 50 Crawford, Roger 137 Crider, Lynnette Crider. Louise 126 Criswell. Nancy 108. 159 Griswell. Sue 126. 58 Crocker. Jim 137 Cronkhite. Charlotte 137 Cronkhite. Nancv 143, 35. 46 Crosby. Joyce 126. 48. 42. 43. 41 Crosley. Tom 137. 83 Crowe. Jan 126 Crozier. Dan 108. 159 Crozier. Dave 108. 159 Cruber. Marie Cuellar. Conni 137 Cuellar. Rawl 108. 159 Cuellar. Rosi 108. 159. 49 Culbertson. Julie 137. 58 Culver. Don 109. 159 Cummings. Sally 137 Cummins. Laura 109. 159 Cunningham. Bob 126 Curdes. Martin 17. 109. 159. 75. 35. 84 Cutigni. Rick 17. 126. 56. 57. 54. 68. 50 Dager. Sue 109. 159 Dahm. Jerry 126 Dale. Debbie 109. 159.49 Dale. Vicky 126 Dammeier. Jeff 109. 159 Dancer. Maria 126. 48 Dannis. Terry 39 Daring. Loutricia 109. 56, 159 Dau. Daniel 137 Davidson. Frederick 126. 84 Davis. Charles 137. 71 Daivs. Bob 68 Davis. Chuck 126. 72 Davis, Deborah 137 Davis, Doris 109. 159. 58 Davis. Frank 126 Davis. Kathiel09. 159, 33 Davis, Mark 137, 83 Davis, Pat 126 Davis, Robbie 126 Davis, Robert 109, 159 Davis, Stan 137, 50 Davis, Susan 17, 109, 159, 54 Davison, Virginia 137 Deady, Jean 109, 159, 49, 50 Dean, Ilene 109, 159 Deal, Terri Deason, Kathy 109, 159 DeBrular, Mike 109, 110 Deeds, Connie 137, 39 del Grosso, Cheryl 126 del Grosso, Lynne 137, 81 Dellinger, Lisa 137, 81 Delobbe, Patty 137 Dennis, Patricia 126 Dennis, Terry 126 DePrey, Vicky 137, 58 Derr, Marilyn 109, 159, 54, 55, 50 Derrow, Kathy 137 Desmond, John 109, 159, 72 Desmonds, Steve 126 Deveau, Jim 109, 159, 70, 68 Deveau, John 109, 159, 68 Devi art, Jody 137 Dick. MaryJo5, 126, 49, 34, 36, 52, 54, 55 Dick, Randy 126 Dick, Ronald 126 Dick, Sarah 109, 159 Didier, Amy 126, 42, 43 Didion, Roseann 137 Didion. Sandra 137 Dietz, Diane 14, 110, 159. 54, 55 Dill, Mike 110, 159 Diller, Cathy 126, 58 Diller, Randy 110, 159, 72 Dilling, Mike 110, 159, 49. 54. 55. 52 Dilling. Yvonne 137 Disler. Jane 137 Distelrath. Clarence 28. 110. 159 Diver. Dave 28. 110. 159 Diver. Debbie 137 Dator. Rick 126 Dodan. Jane 29 Doell. Gail 110. 159. 49. 50 Doenges. Rea Anne 24. 126. 36. 58. 51. 50 Domer. Tim 137. 50 Dornbush. Richard 126 Dornseif. Beckv 137 Dornsief, Ed 110, 159 Dorset!, Janne 143 Dougherty, Janna 137 Doughty, Lynn 137, 35 Dovey, Darlene 137, 58 Dovey. Debra 137 Dourney. Melissa 137. 143 Downey. Mitzi 46 Drake, Deborah 137 Drake, Gary 137 Drake, Kathy 137 Drew. Carolyn 137 Drew. Gary 110. 159 Dreyer. Becky 110. 159. 50 Druhot. Renee 126 Drummond. Diana 143 Dutuisson. Sylvia 110. 159 Dunbar. Caryn 110. 159 Dunbar. Cathy 126 Eachen. Dave 110. 159, 39 Eachen, Debbie 137, 39 Earnest, Chuck 126 Eastes, Abby 110, 159 Eastman. Jerry 137 Eastman, Sheryl 110. 159. 58 Eberhardt, Kathy 11. no. 159 Ecenbarger. Dave 137. 83 Ecenbarger, Robert 126 Eddington. Robert 110. 159 Eder. Debbie 137. 50 Lder. Doug 110, 159 Edsall, Chuck 110, 159 Edsall, Patricia 137 Egnor, Debbie 137, 35, 58 Ehler, Carla 35, 81 Eifrid, Dan 137 Eiser, Sue 110, 159, 49 Eix, Stan 110, 159 Elder, Ken 28, 126 Elder, Robert 110, 159 Elick, Dennis 137 Elkins, Doug 38, 137 Ellis, John 159 Ellis, Junine 110. 159. 34 Ellis. Kent 110, 159 Ellison, Carol 15, 110, 159 Eltzroth, Roxane 137, 39 Eloph, Linda 111, 159. 45. 58. 44. 152 Eloranto. Sandy 126. 58 Elser. Terry 111, 159 Ely, James 127 Emmons, Jeff 137 Emmons. Sue 111. 159 Encestrom. John 111. 160 Erler. Michael 111. 160. 49. 57. 52. 50 Erler. Richard 126. 51. 50 Essex. Pam 111. 160 Estep. Brenda 126. 52. 54 Eykholt. Joseph 137. 38 Fair. Dan 111. 160. 75. 37 Falls. Karen 126 Farlee, Kevin 126 Farlee. Sue 137. 58 Farlow. Ronald 111. 160 Farr, Annette 111. 160 Farr. Susan 126 Farrell. Kerry 38 Farriss. Beth Ann 111. 160. 49 Faulkner. Beth 111. 160 Faust. Dann 126. 44 Faux, Steve 126. 51. 50 Feasel. John 111. 160. 34. 46. 55. 54 Feasel. Steve 137. 58 Federspiel. Andrew 137. 38 Federspiel. Sandy 111. 160. 33 Feemster. Beverley 111. 160 Feemster. Deborah 137 Feist. Mona Rae 126, 58 Feldheiser, Cathy 126 Feldheiser. Dave 137 Feldheise. Gary 160 Felger. Donald 137 Felger. Leonard 127 Felts, Diane 127 Feller, Karen 127, 36, 52, 50 Ferguson, Kevin 127, 46 Ferrell. Angela 160 Ferrier. Connie 127 Fields. Janet 127 Figel, Alfred 111. 160. 70. 68.69 Figel, Alyce 137 Fike, Carl 15, 143 Fike, David 137 Firestine, Diedra 111, 160 Firestine, Joseph 127 Firks. Randy 137 Fiscus. Janie 35, 58 Fiscus, Vanessa 19, 127, 48. 58 Fish. Robin 35. 46 Fisher. Mark 40. 71. 57. 50 Fisher. Michael 111. 160 Fisher, Robert 111, 160 Flanagan. Terry 111, 160, 33 Fleck, Jim 127 Flory, Dan 111, 160 Fogle, Becky 138, 50 Fogle. Larry 17, 111, 160, 50 Folk, David, 138 Folk. Mike 25. 127, 54 Foltz, Carolyn Hi, 160 I ' oor, Ki. ' nrii;llj 111, 160. 50 Foole, Joann 111, 160, 50 Foote, Gnea 138 Ford, Clyde 138 Ford, Greg 127 Ford. Lois 111. 160, 58 Forney, Jack 138, 71 Fortney, Joey 138 Fosnaugh, Clara 111, 160 Foster, Lynda 138, 58 Fox, Rhonda 138, 35, 52 Fox, Sam 143 Francies, Rebecca 127. 44. 56 Francies. Sandra 111. 160. 37 Franke, Jeff 138 Franke, Wes 127 Franklin, Ben 127 Franklin, Mike 138 Franklin, Toni 138 Frazier, Jay 111, 160, 33 Freeman, Carolyn 111, 160, 49 Freeman, Jim 111, 160 Freimuth, Paula 127 Fremion, Beth 127. 81. 152 Friend. Greg 17. 111. 160 Fritz. Carol 127 Fromm. Gene 127 Fry. Kathy 111. 160. 49. 35. 52. 54 Fry. Mike 138 Fudge. Alan 127. 33 Fuhrman. Dennis 160 Furnish. Presteen 111, 160 Furniss, Dianna 111, 160 Furniss, Steve 111. 160 Gage. Chuck 112. 163 Gaines. Freddie Joe 138 Gaines. Joice E. 138 Gaines. Larry 127 Gaines. Vickie 143 Gamble. Richard 112. 163 Gammons. Scott 127 Ganner. Nancy 39 Gardt. Karen 138 Garland. Tim 138 Garland. Violet 58. 127 Carman. Gary 112. 163 Garrard. Kathy 138 Case, Mike 127 GaskiU. Deborah J. 44. 58. 50. 127 Gaskill. Richard 127 Gaskill. Linda 49. 81 Gaskill. Tim 112. 163. 33 Gatton, Kathy 112. 163 Gatzke. Klaus 138 Geary. Mike 112. 163 Gebhart. Dan 40. 46. 68. 69. 70. 84. 85. 97. 112. 163 Heininger. Jinx 46 Geisleman. John 127 Gennaitte. Patricia 112. 163 Gentry. Janet 112. 163 Geoffray. Mike 58. 71. 138 George. Harold 112. 163 George. Patricia 138 Gephart. Denise 112. 163 Gernhardt. Angela 46. 138 Gerig. Debbie 58. 127 Gerig. Randy 46. 50 Gerken. Christina 35. 49. 46. 50. 52. 58. 112. 163. Gething. Cindy 50. 54. 127 Geyer. Tom 112. 163 Gfell. Greg 34. 127 Giant. Roc H. 138 Gibson. Carolene 112. 163 Gibson. Mary 163 Gibson. Mike 39. 163 Gibson. Richard 138 Gibson. Robert M. 46. 138 Gibson. Vickie 127 Giessler. Darlene 35. 46. 48. 127 Gilberg. Laura 58. 138 Gilberg. Bruce 138 Gilbert. Carol 138 Gildea. Tina 112. 163 Gillespie. Kathleen n2. 163 Gilliam. Kevin 127 GiLson, Raymond 127 Gingrich, David 52. 112. 163 Gipson, Jennifer 58, 138 Gipson, Teri 163 Givens, Robert 40, 46, 71 . 138 Glass, Gary 38, 138 Glenn, Anita 160 Glenn, Shirley 138 Glusenkamp. Joyce 35. 48. 58. 127 Godfrey. Douglas 138 Godrey. Philip 17. 33, 127 Goeglein, Richard 127 Goff, Maripal 138 Goff, Pamela 49, 112. 160 Gonser. John 138. 50 Gonzales. Juanita 49. 1 1 2. 161 Goodin. Paula 127 Goodman. Kathy 138 Goodpaster. Vicki 127 Goodwin. Michael 33. 112. 160 Gore. Brian 112. 160 Gorrell. Stephen 138 Goshert. Kathy Jo 18. 48. 54. 127. 81 Gossett. Daniel 138 Graft. Cindy 138 Graham. Bill 138 Graham. Rod 112. 160 Grant. Robert 34, 138 Graves. Jaci Lynn 1 12, 160 Graves. Kathy 138 Gray. Connie 138 Gray. Joyce 35. 56 Gray. Gary 84. 127. 68 Green. Dixie 138 Green. Ida Marie 112. 160 Green. Scot 138 Green. Tom 112, 160 Greene, Jeff 127 Green, Pam 58, 138 Greene, Richard 112, 160 Greulach. Greg 160 Greulach. jarita 58. 138 Greulach. Mary 127 Grider. Vickie 127 Griem. Tom 138 Griffith. Jeanetta 35. 54 Griffith. Richard 57. 138 Grimes. Helen 52. 58 127 Gronau. Cindv 58. 112. 160 Gronau. Deborah 127 Gross. Kathy 29 1 12. 160 Grove, Todd 112, 160 Gruber. Marie 138 Gruber. Beth Ann 48. 58. 160 Gutierrez. Betsy 35. 138 Guertin. Sandra 56. 58. 138 Guethe. Margie 58. 112. 160 Guevara. Lucy 38. 46. 56. 58. 138 Gumbert. Joette 58. 138 Gump. Burnell 112. 160 Gunsenhouser. Joy 50. 127 Gurevsky. Keith 127 Gurevsky. Sue 112. 160 Guschiug. Jackie 39. 58. 138 Gustin, Aaron 160 Gutermuth, Linda 58. 112. 160 Gutierrez. Aura 138 Gutierrez. Rodney 33. 127 Habegger. Jana 143. 58 Habegger. Todd 127. 68. 84. 85 Haner. Gregg 143 Haft. Mary 35. 138 Hageman. Kathv J. 127. 137 Hagan. Kathy L. 127 Hagan. Nanette 138 Hagan. Teresa 138 Hagen, L Thomas 127 Hagges. Pegirsa Magopjan, Alice 113, 160. 49 fiaifley, Sandy 11. 101.99, 1.54 Hall, Cynthia Jane ,56, 34. 138 Hall, Deborah 50, 52, 39. 113, 160 Hall, Kerry Dean 138,71 Hall. Sheryl 127 Hallford. Bill 113. 160.46, 36.40. 113 Halquist. Judy 138 Halquist. .Margaret 113, 160 Halter. Jeffrey Charles 138 Halter, Kathy 127, 34,36 Hampshire, John 138, 58 Hamrick. Cathy 113, 127, 160 Hanauer, David 127. 38. 51. 50 Hanauer. Patsy 113. 160. 33 Hand. Roger 138 Haner. Gregg 46 Hanley. Barbara 113. 160 Hanlin. Paula 113. 160 Hansen. Christina 138 Hansen. Denise C 18. 113. 161. 54 Hansen. Dennis 113. 161. 35. 37. 54 Hansen. Mark J. 113. 161. 42.43.41 Hansen. Tom 127 Hanzel. Julie 138. 35 Hardesty. Ken 138 Hardesty. Walter 138. 38 Harding. Randy 127 Harker. Bill 161 Harkenrider. Judy 138 Harmon, Nancy 113. 161 Harmon. Paula 138 Harmeyer. Patricia 127. 34. 36. 58. 50 Harpeek. Richard 113. 161 Harrington. Helen 138 Harris, Art 127 Harris. Bob 127 Harrison. Kathy 127 Harsch. Joyce 127. 49. 48. 36. 52. 51. 50 Harshbarger. Brian 113. 161. 51. 50 Harshbarger. Gary 74 Hart. Deborah 127. 49. 35. 58. 56. 52 Hart. Glen 161 Harte r. Cathy 113. 161 Harter. Phil 113. 161 Harter. Rich 127. 33 Hartman, Bill 113. 161 Hartman, Sharon 138 Hartup. Denise 127. 46. 50 Hartup. Dwayne 18. 113. 123. 161. 72. 35.46.40 Hartup. Hope 138. 35 Hartzell. Jackie 113. 161 Hartzell. Robin 138. 57. 50 Hatch. Denise 127 Hatch. Janet 127. 58 Hatch, Phil 138 Hatfield. Steve 161 Haverstock. John 127 Hawkins, Jack 127 Hayes, Gaylell3, 161 Hazelett. Dean 113. 161 Hazelett. Tom 113. 161 Headford. Susan 139. 35, 81 Headings. Brian 127. 49, 35. 53. 54. 52. 50 Headrick. Ralph 139 Headrick Ron 161 Heaston. Nancy 113. 161 Heck. Becky 127. 58 Heck. Dennis 127 Hedges. Jim 139 Heeren. Don 127. 50 Heeren. Jim 139. 57. 52. 50 Heffeltinger. Kay 113. 161. 58 Heffner, Ed 127, 54 Hein, Patti 139, 34, 53, 52 Heiniger, Jennifer 139, 35, 58 Heitger, Mark 139 Heller, Gregg 139 Heller, Dennis 113, 127, 161 Helmke, Marsha 127, 46, 52, 54 Henderson, Dick 139 Henning, Dave 127 Henry. Andrea 139 Henry, Pam 139 Henry, Rich 127 Henry, Tim 127 Henschen, Bruce 22, 161, 68 Henschen. )ohn 113, 127, 68. 153 Hensley. Deb 127 Herber, Dianne 139, 58 Hermes, Debby 139 Hershberger, Gary 161, 54 Herstad, Dan 127 Herstad, Mike 139 Hetrick, Dave 127 Hettinger, Deb 127 Hettinger, Harold 127 Hettinger. Scott 127 Hever, Mark 113, 161 Heyn, Sandra 127 Hicks, Shelby 127 Hirh. Mike 139 High, Nadine 42, 43, 33 Hileman. Tom 113. 161. 33,57, 50 Hileman. Nancy 127, 50 Hill, Eileen 127 Hill. Garyh 127 Hill. Ken 113. 161 Hilt, JoEUen 127 Hilton, Steve 127 Hinga. Bob 127. 83 Hinkle, Jill 127, 131,48, 36, 54, 50 Hinkle, Sue 128 Hinsch, Lloyd 128 Hinshaw, Debbie 128 Hinton, Greg 113. 161, 68 Hirschey, Randy 139 Hixon, Ken 113. 161 Hoagland, Sharon 139, 35, 50 Hobbs, Jim 113, 161 Hobbs, Mary 128, 58 Hockensmith. Gary 128 Hodde. Sandy 139 Hoelle, Tom 128 Hoffman, Denise 113, 161. 49. 36, 54, 55, 52 Hoffman. Susan 128, 49, 35. 34, 36, 58, 52, 50 Hogestyn, Don 113, 161 Holderness, Todd 139 Holliday. Doug 128 Holliday. Mike 114, 161 Holmes, Veda 139, 50 Holmes, Diane 139 Holocher. Dan 128 Holom. Debral28. 81 Holse. Pam 139 Holse, Penny 128 Hontz. Holly 114, 161, 34 Hontz, Janet 139, 34, 52 Hoobler, Gail 128 Hoover, Kathv 128 Hoppel, Barb 139, 34, 57, 50 Horaceh, Dennis 161 Horner, Brenda 114, 161, 33 Houck, Shelly 128 Houk, Stan 128 Houser. Joyce 128 Hovarter, Vana 139 Howrey, Bob 114, 161 Hoy, Geary 128, 50 Hoy, Kevin 139, 38, 58 Hoylman, Connie 128, 42, 43,46, 36,41, 54, 48 Hoylman. John 139. 46 Hubbard, Parrel 139 Hubner, Fannie 114, 161 Hughes, Amy 128, 54, 50 Hughes. Don 128 Huguenard. Ron 114, 161 Hull, Dave 161 Hull, Don 128 Hull, Marie 161 Hull, Patricia 139 Hull, Richard 46 Hung, Jan 114, 161 Hunt, Barry 15 Hunt, Gordon 128, 50 Hunt, Greg 139, 83, 35 Hunter, Dawn 126, 128, 133,48, 35,46.47 Hunter, Robert 10. 128. 37 Hurlbert, Richard 139 Hurley. Sue 128. 58 Hursh, Michael 139 Hursh. Robin 139 Hutson, Russell 114, 161, 72 Hutton, Barry 139 Hyndman, Carol 128, 35, 36, 37 lehl, Tom 128 Inscoe, Neal 139,46, 40. 58. 71 Insley. Doreen 139, 58 Irmscher, Sue 128, 34, 36, 52, 56, 54 Isenberg. Shauh 128 Irving, Jeff 114, 161 Irwin, Jim 114, 161. 39 Itt, Jeanne 139, 58 Jackson, Earl 114, 161, 49, 57, 52, 50 Jackson, Gregg 128, 51, 50 Jackson, Jan 114, 139, 143, 35 Jackson, Janett 161 Jackson, Nancy 139 Jackson, Rose 114. 161, 58 Jacobson, Kathy 128, 36, 52, 50 Jacoby. Michele 128, 35 Jacoby, Lee Ann 139 Jacquay. Rilla 139 Jahn, Mary 114, 161 Jahn, Richard 128 James. Harold 128 James. Michael 114, 161 Jantz. John 139. 35, 38 Jarboe, John 139 Jarboe, Kris 128 Jasper, Lynn 114, 120, 161, 49 Jeffers, Ken 128, 68 Jehl, Mike 114, 161 Jehl, Patricia 139 Jenkins, Bill 114, 161, 82 Jenkins, Dan 139, 72.40 Jennings. Dave 128. 54. 55 Jennings, Tom 139 Jerraid, Jerri 128 Jesse, Cheri 139, 35, 50 Jimison, Jeannine 128 Johns. Keith 114. 161. 33 jerraid, Jone 139, 35, 56 lohnson. Beth 114, 161, 54 Johnson. Bill 114, 161 Johnson, Chad 114, 161, 54, 55 Johnson. Dallas 139 Johnson, Dan 139, 71 Johnson, Dave 139, 40. 71 Johnson. Dave 114. 161. 46 Johnson, Delbert 139 Johnson. Doug 161 Johnson. Gwynne 139. 50 Johnson. Mark 114, 161 Johnson, Mike 75, 40 Johnson, Penny 139 lohnson, Robert 114, 161 lohnson. Rose 139 Johnson. Ross 114. 161. 49. 52. 57, 54, 55, 52, 50 Johnston. Tom 18, 128, 49, 34, 46, 54, 55, 52 Johnson. Tom 161, 36 Johnstonbaugh, Sandy 139 Jones, Ann 139 Jones, Debra 139, 58 Jones, Glenda 11, 114, 161 Jones, Jackie 114, 161 Jones, Jim 114. 161 Jones. Steve 128 lones. Terry 128 Jordan, Terresa 139 Joseph, Jennifer 139 Judd, Leslie 114, 161. 37, 57, 54, 50 Junk, Bob 128 junk, Ed 114. 161 Justice. Lori 139 Kable. Larry 114, 161, 33 Kable, Ron 114. 161. 33 Kammeier, Cathy 114, 161 Kammeier. Dennis 139 Kamp. Nick 114. 161 Kamp, Tom 115. 161 Kantzer, Mark 128, 38 Karn, Dorothea 128 Kast, Mark 139, 39 Kaufman, Sandy 139, 58 Kay, Pam 53 Kaylor, Robert 139 Keesler, Chris 128 Keesler, Mike 161, 68, 115 Keesler, Rhonda 128 Keeley, Bruce 139 Keever, Joyce 128, 50 Kelker, Jayne 115, 161 Keller, Debby 128, 46, 58 Keller, Krystal 48, 54 Keller, Paul 128 Keller, Stanley 128 Keller, Krystal 128, 36, 55 Kelley, Kathy 139 Kelley, Scot 139 Kemp, Jeff 115, 161, 33 Kempel, Mike 115. 161 Kensill, Karen 115, 161 Kerley. April 139 Kern, Brian 115. 161. 51. 50 Kerr. Kathy 115, 161 Key, Katharine 29, 128 Key, Pam 115, 161,49, 52 Keifer, Waneta 115, 161. 49 Kiejnot. Tina 143 Kieler. Timothy 128 Kien. Marie 128 Kilty, Danny 128 Kilty, Marilyn 139 Kinder, Peggy 115, 161, 56 Kindig, Randy 28, 128 Kinne, Donn 128, 51, 50 King, Lana 14, 115, 161 Kipfer, Lourena 128 Kipfer, Roberta 139 Kipfer, Steve 139 Kipling, Patti 139, 34, 58 Kirkpatrick, Cindy 128, 35 Kirkpatrick, Pam 139, 46, 56 Kirkpatrick, Ralph Jerry 139, 46, 53, 57, 52, 50 Kitchen, Debbie 128, 58 Klemm, Teresa 115, 161 Klemm, Richard 139 Kleopfer, Kim 139, 35, 46 Kluepfel, Niel 139, 58 Knight, Benjamin 139 Knight, Mary 139 Knight, Patrick 128, 43, 41 Knisely, Laverna 139, 58 Knispel. Cynthia 139, 58 Knispel. Pamela 115. 162, 46. 36. 54. 55 Knudsun, Ruth 128, 58 Knuth, Connie 128 Knuth, Jim 139. 38 Knuth, Kathleen 115, 162, 49 Knuth, Ruth 29 Koenig. Georgiana 128 Koenig. Sharon 128. 49. 50. 35. 53. 57. 54. 55. 52, 51 Koletzki, Claudia 5. 11. 115. 35. 162. 35. 52 Kolin, Maren 18, 128, 52, 50 Konkle. Debbie 139, 58 Koontz, Rose Mary 128, 58 Koop, Chris 139. 34 Kowalczyk. Dave 128 Kraft, Shirley 115, 162 Krause. Keneta 115, 162, 56 Krause, Kevin 139 Kreamelmeyer, Fred 128 Kreinenbrink. Deborah 139 Krempel. Mike 22 Kroemer. Greg 1 6, 139,39, 38, 58 Krouse, Linda 128 Krouse. Bob 139, 71 Kruckeberg, Kevin 128 Krudop, Beverly 128 Kruse, Daniel 128 Kruse, Linda 139, 34, 81 Kuehnerl, Roger 139 Kuester, Lori 19, 128, 48, 58 Lacey. Ben 139, 71 Lacy, Esther 139. 35. 46 Laier. Kay 139 Lake. Steve 139 Lamb, Linda Kay 139 Lamb, Lonnie 115, 162, 69, 68 Lamb, Susan 115. 34. 162. 49, 48, 34, 36, 52, 54. 55 Lamley. Joyce 115. 162 Lamson. Craig 115. 120. 162. 54, 55 Lane, Sally Jo 143 Lang. Dan 143 Langas, Kirk 115, 162 Langmeyer, Brian 115, 162, 54 Langmeyer, Mark 140, 50 Lapp, Dennis 115, 162, 133 Lapp, Steve 115, 162 LaRue, Wayne 116, 162 Lavimore, Robert 140 Larimore, Steve 140 LaRue, Carolyn 128 Lesley, Bill 128, 54 Latham, Rick 128 Lauber, Jill 128, 56, 54 Lauer, Mark 116, 162 Lauer, Michael 140, 46, 58, 71 Lawson, Linda 140 Lawrence, Jean 128 Layton, Sharon 128, 54 Layoff, Kieth 140 Leach, Michael 129 Leach, Michael 71, 40, 68, 74 Lee, Richard 140 LeFavour, Stephen 140 Leffler, Eddie 140, 68 Lees, Cheryl 116, 162, 52, 54 Lehrman, Dave 129. 49. 57, 50 Liechty, Phil 162, 33 Leinker, Fredrich 116, 162 Leininger, Brett Leininger, Marc 116, 162 Leist, Mike 129 Leiand, Michael 140 Leinker, Fred Leinker, Marlene 140 Leitch, Joni 116, 162. 58 Leiand. Pam 116. 162 Lemons. Lonnie 140 Lepper. Carl 140 Lepper, Donna 116, 162 Lesh, Debbie 140 Lesh, Peiper 140 Levin. Jackie 116, 162, 39 Lewis, Richard 116, 162 Lewis, Ronald 129 Lewker, Jeff 129 Lewton. Edward 140 Lewton. Rhonda 126, 129 Liechty. Phil 116 Linder. Tom 129. 52. 50 Lindsey. Terriel29. 34 Linnemeier, Dale 116. 162 Linnemeier. John 129 Linnemeier, Mike 140 Lipp. Dorothy 140. 39. 50 Little, Miss Elizabeth 10, 97, 102, 154 Lloyd. Dennis 140 Lloyd. Linda 116. 162 Lobrillo, Felicia 116, 162 Lochner, Mary 129, 35 Lockhart, Tony 129 Lockwood. Pat 129, 83 Lofgran, Linda 129 Logan, Dan 116, 162 Logsdon. Teresa 140 Logan, Linda 129 Lombard, Joe 116, 162, 85. 72, 84, 96 Long, Robert 116, 162 Long, Micheal 129 Longardner, Larry 105, 116, 162. 84. 72. 46. 84 Longley, Doug 129, 84 Longmeyer. Brian 162 Lord, Patricia 129 Lothamer, John 116, 162 Ix)Ugh, Carol 129 Luce, Dan 116, 162 Louden, Mark 129, 33 Love, Holly 140 Loveless, Jennifer 129, 50 Loveless, Mike 129 Ixjuett, Carol Lowrey, Donna 129 Loyd, Mary 129 Luckadoo, Nancy 140 Ludvvig. Richard 129, 140. 52, 50, 51 Luke, Steve 140, 58 Luly, Michael 140 Lusk, Cindy 149. 48, 35, 44. 46 Lutz, Gary 162 Lutz, Ronda 140 McBride. Jan 129. 58. 56 McBride, Monique 129 McBride. Nannette 24, 117, 162. 56, 50 McCarty, Dewey 140 McCarty, Janie 117. 162 McClure. Frederick 129 McClure, Laura 140 McComb, Cathleen 129 McComb, David 129 McComb, Robert 117, 162, 51 McCay, Toni 140, 56 McCreary, Dennis 129 McCue. Nancy 140, 143, 34 McDonald, Karen 140, 35, 39 McGinley, Donald 129 McGowan, Mike 129 McHenry, Randy 140 McHenry, Vicki 140 McKee, David 117. 162 McKinley. Merrill 140 McKinnis. Kaye 129, 35, 36, 58 McKinzie, Jann 140, 158 McKinzie, Karen 117. 162, 33 McKnight, David 140 McMahon, Elizabeth 117. 162.46. 58 McMahon. Jack 117. 162 McMahon. Jim 117. 162 McMahon. Kathleen 129. 42. 43. 58, 41 McMahon, Pat 42, 43 McNeal, Carolyn 117, 162, 58 McNutt. Cynthia 140. 35. 58 McPherson. Dave 117. 162 McPherson. Sue 162. 49 McQuery. Dennis 28 MacDonald, Greg 116, 162, 33 Macieiewski. Rose 129. 53. 52 Macy. Kevin 116. 162 Madrid, Kathy 129 Madsen, Bob 116, 162 Magee, Elvis 140 Mahlan, Chris 116. 162, 57, 51, 50 Malich. Catherine 116. 162, 50 Maloley, Dave 116. 162 Maloley. Naf 162 Maloney. Don 140 Maloney. Mike 162 Maloney, Ronald 140 Malowey. Michael 116 Malsher, Dave 116 Manes, Kathy 116. 162. 49 Manes, Pat 129, 84 Mannik. Sue 116 Manning. Catherine 116. 162, 35. 36 Manning. Jane 140. 34. 46. 58 Manville. Robert 116, 162, 46 Marino, Marv 129. 44. 55. 54,45 Markey, Patricia 20. 105. 116, 162 Markey, Susan 129, 74 Martin, Calvin 140 Martin, Gerald 116, 162 Martin, Marilyn 116, 162 Martin. Paul 129 Martin, Steven 129. 140. 50 Martinez, Alida 129 Martinez, Evelyn 117 Martinez, Monica 140 Martone, Mike 140, 143, 83.46.40 Masloob. Carole 22, 117. 162, 81 Mason, Clark 140 Masters, Pam 129 Mauller, Mary 117, 162 Maus. David 129. 52. 50 Maxwell. Dennis 140 Maxwell. Mark 140. 72 Maybee. Mary Lou 140 Mayfield, Dale 117, 162 Mays, Steve 140, 57, 50 Mead, Glenn 140 Meagher, Kathleen 140, 58 Meehan, Andy 129, 40 Meeks, Karen 129. 58 Meek. Richard 117. 162. 40, 54, 55 Mencer, Robert 162 Menges, Beth Anne 129 Mensch, Theresa 18. 117. 162, 35 Mensch, Thomas 117, 162. 69, 68, 85, 46, 40, 84 Merchant, Cindy 140 Meredith, Phyllis 129. 58 Mertz. Greg 117. 162. 70. 46. 40. 68 Meshberger. Peg 140. 58 Meshberger, Rick 129 Messenger, Norma 129 Messenger, Sharon 140 Meyer, Barbara 129. 48 Meyer. Bill 129 Meyer. Bob 117. 162 Meyer, Chris 117. 162 Meyer, Stan 140 Middleton, Darcy 29, 117, 162 Milledge, Charles 129 Miller. Bob 162 Miller, Cindy 129, 58 Miller, Charles 18, 124, 129. 40. 68 Miller. Connie 129. 56 Miller. Dave 129 Miller. Dennis 129 Miller. Dennis Paul 140 Miller, Jim 117. 162 Miller, Kathy 129, 56 Miller, Linda 129, 58. 33 Miller. Lorraine 140 Miller, Marsha 129 Miller, Mary 117. 162 Miller, Pam 117, 162 Miller, Randy 140 Miller, Raymond 117, 162 Miller, Richard 117, 162 Miller, Roland 117 Miller, Ruth 129. 49 Mills, Tim 25, 129. 54, 55 Minick, Steve 129 Minick, Susan 162 Minx, Stevzl40, 71 Minnick, Mark 129 Miracle, Roger 140 Miser, Don 129, 52, 50 Misselhorn, Nancy 162, 117 Mitchell, Vicki 117, 162 Mock, Sieve 140, 46, 40, 71 Modic, Paul 129, 54 Monroe, Kris 140 Monroe, Scott 129 Moore, Ann 34 Moore, Gary 117, 162. 143. 39 Moore. Jack 140 Moore. Terry 140 Moorhead. Michael 117. 162 Moreland, John 117, 163 Morey, Kim 117, 163, 40, 84, 68 Morgan, Gary 140 Morken, James 129 Morken, Mary 140, 58 Morkoetter, lames 140 Morkoetter, )an 117, 163 Morlan. Sherry 118, 163 Mornhill, Amie 35 Morreale, Pete 129 Morris, Beverly 118, 163, 48, 34. 54. 55. 52 Morris, Dave 129 Morris, Pal 140 Morton, John 118, 163 Morton, Mark 140, 33, 46, 71 Moses, Larry 163 Mossburg, Julie 29, 118, 163, 58 Motz, Rick 140 Mougin, Jaretia 130. 44 Mowan. Ken 130 Moyer, Dan 130 Mover. Mike 118. 163 Mudrack. Deb 118, 163 Mudrack. Michael 118. 163 Mudrack. Pam 140 Muehlmeyer. Lois 118, 163, 33 Mullins, Cheryl 140 Muncie, Keith 130 Muncie, Pam 140 Munk, Glenn 140 Murphy, Dennis 118, 163, 33. 68 Murphy. Patrick 118, 163, 72. 73. 33 Murray, Billie 130, 56 Myers, Rebecca 58 Myers, Barb 163, 35 Myers, Bob 163 Myers, Douglas 140, 57. 52. 50 Myers, Jane 118, 140 Myers, Lee Ann 130, 58, 56 Myers, Stephen 118, 163 Nagel, Kathy 118, 163 Nagel, Madonna 140 Novarra, John 130 Namina, Mike 140 Neal, Curtis 140 Neal, Richard 130 Neal, Ron 118, 163 Needham, Gregg 130, 83, 54 Neill, James 130, 50 Nelson, Jim 140 Nelson, Sandra 118, 163 Nelson, Tom 118, 163, 33 Nesbitt, John 118, 163 Neuhaus, Bonita 140 Neuhaus, Julie 130, 33 Nenogt, Glen 140 Newell, Mark 130, 75 Newman, Gary 140 Newman, Robert 140 Newport, Robert 130 Niblack, David 140, 50 Nicodemus, George 140, 46. 68 Nicodemus. Jane 118. 163. 34. 36 Nicolet, Denny 130, 54 Nicoski, Al 140 Niemeyer, Mr, Fred 102, 155 Niles, Denni Lynn 118, 163 Nix, Tom 130, 140, 68 Noble, Mrs. 30, 102, 38, 155 Nordyke, Peggy 140, 58, 50 Nordyke. Randy 130 Norris. Carol 140 Norris. Kathy 124. 130 Nomina. Mike 143. 71 Norris. Wanda 105, 118, 163, 34, 44, 45, 41 Norton, Brian 118, 163, 74 Norton, Patty 130 Nunn, Rich 130, 33 North, Tim 140, 52 North, Tom 140, 52 Norton, Bryan 25 Nowlin. Bonnie 140 Ogg. Cynthia Sue 130 O ' Grady. Judy 130, 35 O ' Hair, Mike 130 Ohler, Cathy 118, 163 Olinske, Gary Lynn 118. 141. 163 Oliver. Steve 130. 34. 36. 56. 54 Olofson. Barb 130. 46. 54 Olry. David 118. 163. 34 Onion. Donna 130. 46, 153 Orr. Dennis 130. 37 Ormes. Debby 140. 35. 56. 58 Ormston. Rick 141. 71 Ort. Darlal41 Osborne. Rita 141. 58 Osborn. Mary 118 Oser. Alan 118 Oswald, Byron 118. 163. 54 Ownes. Jane 130 Oblinger. John 140 O ' Grady. Theresa 140 Palm. Cindy 141. 58 Palmer. Vicky 141 Palmer, Gyrie 118. 163 Palmeter. Robert 118. 163 Parkins. Beverly 141, 46 Patten. Marv I4i Papagiannis, Elizabeth 118, 163, 49 Pape, Mike 118, 163 Park. Cindy 130 Parker. Dennis 1 18. 163. 70. 40. 68 Parnin, Michael 130 Parrish, Greg 130, 72 Partridge, Coleen 130 Patch, Lana 34, 52, 141 Patrick. Janet 130, 48 Patten, Marv 58 Patten, Tom 130 Patterson, Ann 118, 163. 37. 58 Patterson. Brenda 130 Patterson. Kenton 141. 50 Patterson, Mark 130 Pattison, Herbert 130 Pauley, Lee 130, 33 Paxson, Lois 130. 42, 43, 41 Payne, Melody 141, 58 Payne, Park 118, 163 Peach, Charlene 49 Pearson, Cheryl 141 Pepple, Terry 141 Perez, Frieda 130 Perez, Rachel 118, 163 Perkins, Laura 141 Perkins, Lloyd 119,.163 Perkins, Roxanna 141, 35, 58 Pernell, Deborah 130 Peters, Julie 119, 163, 50 Petgen, Bill 119, 163 Petty, Charles 163 Pfeiffer, Jan 119, 163 Phillips, Cindy 11. 119, 163 Phillips, Dan 141 Phillips, Paltl 130 Phillip,s, Vikky 119, 163, 58 Pickering, Linda 141. ,58 Pleper. Cheryl 141 Pierce. Tim 130, 54,50 Piercy, William 141, 58 Pielras, Irene 119, 163, 58 Pifer, Rhonda 130 Pion, Patty 130, 37, SO, 81 Place. Bernie 130 Fletcher, Ann 119, 163 Plielt, Julie 141 Poinsett, Gary 119, 163 Post, Kenneth 141 Powe, Mark 141 Powe, Steve 119, 163 Powers, Lea 141, 50 Powers, Kay 130, 56 Poyser, Dennis 119, 163 Poyser, Linda 119, 163 Poyser, Steve 163 Prante, William 141 Preble, Nelson 141 Prentice, Blake 141. 71. 57. 50 Pressler. Sara 29. 1301 Preston. Dave 130. 68 Price. Peggy 130 Prumm. Diana 130. 58. 56 Puff. Melvin 141, 50 Pulver, Barbara 141 Pulver, Stan 130 Pulver, Steve 130, 72 Purkhiser, Tom 119, 163, 39, 36 Putt, Kathy 130, 54, 50 Quinn, Eric 33 Racine, Gregg 119, 163 Racine, Rita 130 Ragan, Dan 119, 163 Ramirez, Connie 163 Rammel, Claire 130, 81, 152 Ramos, Rick 141 Ranck, Roberta 141, 50 Rash, Sherry 130 Ratcliff, John 119, 163 Ravouskis, Ralph 163 Ray, Richard 130 Read, Richard 141 Reed, Howard 141 Redding, Steve 119, 163 Reader. Jack 119. 163. 38 Reader. Michael 130. 38 Reader. Paul 54 Redding. Michael 141 Rediger. Glenn 141, 58 Rediger. Sharon 119. 163, 49, 36, 53, 52 Redmond, James 130, 38 Reader, Paul 130,49, 57, 55, 52, 50 Regnold, Cynthia 141 Reighter, Bryan 130, 51, 50 Reighter, Ken 119, 163, 33 Reighter, Ron 163 Reimund, Debra 130 Reisinger, RoUin 119 Renn, Cheryl 119, 163, 48, 49, 34,46,36, 56, 54 Rennecker, Barbara 119, 163 Rennecker, Karen 119, 120, 163 Renner, Michele 119, 163, 39 Reppert, Carolyn 119, 163 Reynolds, Doug 141, 50 Rice, Pam 141, 35, 58 Rice, Pamela S. 141 Rhodes, Edward 131, 38 Rhoades, Roxann 141 Rich, Mike 119. 163, 84 Richardson, Debbie 141, 58 Richeal, Kimberly 131, 49 Rider. Dennis 141 Rider. Ellen 141, 58 Rider, Russ 131 Ridley, Jerome 141 Ringle. Diana 119.163 Roath, Russ 119. 163 Robbi. Janet 119 Robertson, Wendy 131. 48 Robinsfjn. Candee 131 Robinson. Carol 119. 163. 50 Robinson. James 141 Robinson. Jim 143 Robinsjjn. Penny 141 Roby. John 141. 50 Roddy. Suzelte 141. 58 Rockey. Steve 131 Rodey. Patii 141 Rodriguez. Alex 131 Roebuck. Debbie 15. 119. 163 Rogers, .Melody 163. 119 Rogers. Robert 119. 163. 49. 50 Rogers. Sandra 141, 46 Rogers. Sharon 121 Rohrs, Denise 141. 35 Roling, Kent 131 Roller, Bonnie 120. 163 Roller. Keith 141 Rollins. Rebecca 131, 58 Romano, Tom 141 Romano, Vicki 131. 33 Romey, Donna 120, 163 Romiry, Connie 120 Ross, Diane 52, 51 Roth, Jamel41 Roy. Denise 131, 56 Ruf. Amy 131. 54 Rugg. .Melvin 141 Runkle. Dennis 120. 163. 52. 50 Runyon. Shirley 120. 163 Runyon. Wilma 141 Rupp, Debbie 131, 50 Rupp, Nancy 120, 163, 58 Russell, Jeanne 131 Ryan, Tom 120, 163 Ryder, Jeff 141. 71 Rundle, Carolyn 163 Sabo, James 141 Sabo. Shawn 131 Sakow, Virginia 141. 35 Salver. Garia 120, 164, 56 Sanders. Douglas 120, 163 Sanders, Janet 105. 120. 163, 52, 50 Sark, Kevin 120, 163 Sanders. Lynn 131 Sauer. Joe 163 Sauer. Pat 141 Savage, James 131. 68 Savio. Kathryn 141 Schaaf, Dennis 141 Schaefer. Betsy 164 Schaefer, Glenda 120. 164. 52. 54, 55 Schaefer, Greg 120. 164, 68, 50 Schaefer. Will 141. 46 Schaffer, James 24. 131, 49, 54, 55 Schafianski. John 141 Shearer. Penny 58 Scheele. Sandy 120. 164 Scheele, Thomas 141, 83 Scheeler, Xancv 120, 164. 48 Scherer. John 131 Schevtchuk, Elizabeth 120, 36, 164, 52 Schevtchuk. Thomas 141. 57, 50 Schieferstein, Cheryl 131 Schinbeckler, Kim 141, 81 Schlickman. Sheryl 35, 131,46 Schmidt. Curtis 131 Schmid. Becky 131. 44 Schinbeckler. Pam 120,164 Sctunidt. Carta 54 Schmidt, Donn 131 Schmidt, Jerry 141 Schmidt. Judy 131, 56 Schmidt. Kim 131 Schmieman, Dennis 120. 164 Schneider. Richard 141 Schneider, Tom 120. 164 Schneider. William 120. 164 Schomburg. Mark 141. 71 Schorv. Sandy 131.48 Schory. Sue 131. 48 Schouwers. John 120. 164. 40.47 Schrader, Bill 28, 131 Schrimper. Jim 131 Schroader. Julia 141 Schrock. Kalhy 141 SchroU. Randy 143 Schuhler. Saliy 141. 81 Schultz. Dave 141 Schuster. Margaret 120. 164 Schuster. Peggy 49 Schwartz. Carl 120. 164. 49. 57. 52. 50 Schwyn. Tom 120. 164. 54 Scott. David 131. 141 Scott, Gary 121. 164, 33 Scott. Ian 131 Scott. Lissa 131 Scott. Suzanne 121. 164 Seaman. Norm 164 Sebastian. Brian 141 Secheverell. Larry 141 Sedam, Colleen 121, 164, 49, 52, 54 Seifert. Tim 131. 34. 84 Senesac. David 121. 164. 141 Senesac, Tom 141 Serres. Diana 131 Serres. Sandra 141 Settles. Gail 131 Settles. Stephan 141 Sevrence. Cindy 141 Sevrence. Sheila 131 Sexton. Cherry 141. 35 Shaffer. Deborah 121. 164 Shaheen. Gabe 131 Shand. Mark 141 Shand, Dawn 141 Shannon. Evelyn 141 Shannon. Steven 131. 40. 68 Shearer. Dianna 121. 164 Shearer. Sheri 34. 46. 58 Sheckels. Richard 141 Sheets. Keith 141 Sheets. Linda 141 Sheets. Terri 121. 164 Shelev. Cher ' l 54 Shell. ' Tom 141 Shelton, Robert 28, 121. 164. 68 Shepard. Terri 131 Shepler. Barbara 131. 56 Sherman. Mary 141 Sherwood. Debbie 121. 164 Sherwood. Linda 141. 50 Shilts. Cathy 131 Shilts. Perry 121. 164. 36 Shively. Dennis 141 Shoemaker. Fritz 141 Shoemaker. Janet 131 Short. Debra 121. 164. 33 Shoup. Constance 121. 164. 54. 55 Shuler. Lewis 141 Shultz. Cyndi 141 Shumaker. Steve 131. 37. 36 Shupe. Richard 121. 164. 54. 55 Sibert. Bill 142. 54 Sidwell. Cindy 131 Sieling. Leslie 142. 46. 50 Sievers. Nannette 131, 42. 43. 36. 52. 50 Sievers. Pal 142. 50 Silver. Jan 142 Simerman. Leon 121. 164. 33. 54 Simmons, David 142 Simonis. Mike 121. 164 Simons. Ron 142 Simpson. Cheryl 131. 58 Simpson, Kathy 131 Sims. Frank 131 Sizemore. Rose 21 Skevington. Barbara 142. 56 Skinner. JoAnn 121. 164. 52. 54 Skordos, Mike 131 Slagel. nil 142 Sleesman. Randy 142. 52 Sloan. Carv 142. 38 Slush. Mike 143 Smead. lohn 131 Slasher. Don 142 Smith. Beverlv 142. 58. 52 Smith. Billy 142 Smith. Connie 131 Smith. Debbi 58 Smith. Doug 131, 50 Smith. Greg 121, 164 Smith. Jackie 131. 50 Smith. Jeff 15 Smith. Nancy 142 Smith. Rick 131. 54 Smith. Susan 142, 50 Smith. Tom 121, 164. 142 Smith. Tom 72 Snyder. Al 131 Snyder. Elaine 15. 142. 58 Snyder, Jeff 142 Snyder. Jody 121. 164. 49. 35. 53. 54. 55, 52 Snyder. Kathy 142. 46. 57. 50 Snyder. Robert 131 Snyder. Susan 131. 52. 50 Sonnier. Lena 143. 58 Soucie. Colleen 131 Souer. loe 121. 164 Sowers, loyce 142 Sowers. Pat 71 Sowers. Mike 121. 164 Sparks. Debbie 131 Sparks, loan 142. 58 Spice. Calvin 131. 68 Spice. Kenneth 121. 164 Spierh. Mike 142. 50 Spuhler. Cherie 131 Sprunger, Wendell 131, 152 Stacy. Larrv 142. 57. 52. 50 Stacy. Linda 142. 58 Stacy. Theresa 121. 164. 49. 50. 52. 56 Stafford, Gordy 142, 58 Staklhut. Steve 142 Stall. Emily 121. 164.48. 35. 50 Stamanis, Nick 142. 57. 55. 52. 50 Stanton. Beth 142 Stark, Melodie 131 Stauffer. Arlen 131 Stearns. Debbie 121. 164. 50 Steffens. Jeff 121. 164 Steigmeyer. Janice 131. 37 Steiner. Nancy 16. 152. 53. 58. 52 Stemen. Cheri 121. 164 Stemen. Gary 131 Stephens. Billy 142. 57. 50 Stephens. Don 142 Stephens. Mike 121. 164 Stephenson. Don 50 Sterling. Trudy 142, 42. 46 Stetler. Dianne 142. 46 Stevens. Margaret 121. 164.48.49 Steward. John 131 Stieglitz. Tom 142 Stine. Mark 131. 75. 46. 36. 56. 54. 49. 83 St. John. Sue 131. 35 Stone. Kathy 131 Stonebraker. Michele 131 Stoops. Sue 142. 58 Storm. Barbara 142. 50 Storms. Nancy 142. 35 Stoy. Kelly 142 Stoy. Nick 121, 164 Strack. Kenny 132 Strasser. Janelle 142 Straub, Kathy 142 Striker. Greg 121. 164. 33 Strong. Larry 124. 126. 132.46 Stukey. Phil 142. 50 Stucky. Bill 142. 35 Studebaker, Jeanette 132. 50 Sturdivant, Randy 142 Stutz, David 132 Suback. Cynthia 105. 121. 164. 48.44. 36. 41 Sullivan. Frank 132. 33 Suit. Gregory 132.40. 56. 54 Suit. Paul 132.44 Summers. Ricky 164. 33 Sutorius. Connie 132 Sutorius, Edward 121. 164 Swartz. Kathy 132. 49 Sweeney. Rick 132. 50 Sweet. Beverley 121. 164 Sweet. Karen 121. 164 Sweet. Roberta 142 Syers. Thomas 164 Sylvester. Deb 142. 56. 50 Sylvester. Rhenda 122. 164 Sylvester. Steve 122. 164 Schaefer. Mr. Thomas 103. 99. 155 Tagtmeyer. Michael 142 Tanner. Paul 142 Tanner. Randy 132 Tapping. Thomas 132 Tapping. Tom 132. 50 Tassler. Dale 142 Tasslzr. Shirley 132. 58 Taylor, Kris 122. 164. 74 Taylor. Lynda 132 Taylor. Mark Taylor. Mary Kathrine 142. 152 Taylor. Nora 142 Taylor. Paulette 132 Teeters. Monte 142 Terrell. Tony 142. 34 Thacker. Janet 122. 164 Thomas, Beth 142, 58 Thomas, Clyde 122, 164 Thomas, Dan 142. 71 Thomas. Debra 132 Thompson, Caurie 142 Thompson. Jenine 132. 58 Thompson. Rick 142 Thornhill. Amie 46 Thurber. Jim 142 Thurston. Eric 34 Tigner. Marilyn 122. 164 Tinsley. Julie 142 Todd. James 132. 133 Tompkins. Michael 142 Tomlinson. Jamie 122. 164 Toth. Joline 132.49 Traylor. Teresa 132 Treesh, Debi 142 Trendle. Connie Rosalie 142 Trendle. Katrina Ann 15. 142 Trimble. Roy 142 Trischler. Alice 124. 132. 35, 36 Till. Steve 143 Troyer. Nancy 142. 58 Tudor. Jane 132 Tullev. Peggy 132 TuUey. Teresa 122. 164 Turner. Gary 132 Turner. Joyce 122. 164 Turner. Kathy 142 Tunnell. Michael 68 Tuttle, Joyce 50 Tuttle. Richard Lee 122. 164. 49. 50 Tye. Connie 122. 164. 52 Uebelhoer. Susan 122. 165 Ulrich. Sandy 122. 165 Underwood. Kathi 46 Uetrecht. Sandra 142 Uebelhoer, Sue 122 Vachon, Keith 142, 57, 50 Van Aman. Kathy 122. 165. 33 Van Anda. Bob 142. 50 Van Buskirk. Pam 143 Van Curen. Patrice Alayne 142 Van Gorder. Charles 142. 58 VanRy. Jody Joy 142 Van Ryn. Kurt 84. 68 Varner. Timothy 122. 165 Vaughn. Rick 142. 72 ' erhest. Nadeline 142 Vibbert. Ina 142 Vice. Neil 122. 164. 33 Vice. Patty 49 Voirol. Kathy 34. 52 Wagner. George 142. 46. 71 Waikel. Scott 68 Walker. Barb 142. 35. 52 Walker. Bob 142. 50 Walker. Rebecca 122. 165. 49 Walker, Sandra 142. 56. 50 Walker. Sherriel22. 165. 35. 39 Walker. Shirley 122. 165 Wall. Lyndon 142. 58 Wall. Randy 122. 165 Wallace. Cindy 122. 165. 49. 58 Walton. Chris 142 Ward. Patricia 122, 165 Ware, Randy 165 Warner. Bill ' 165. 33 Warner. Dale 142 Warner, Dave 142. 50 Warner. Robert 122 Warner. Roger 50 Warner. Stephen 122, 165. 54 Warnick. Janice 122. 165 Warnstadt. Irene 122. 165 Warrick. Suzie 142. 58 Wass. ludy 142. 58 Wasson. Ellen 122. 165 Watkins. Steven 122. 165. 50 Watson. Debbi 142 Watson. Gary 142 Wayer. Cheryl 142 Weaver. Patti 122, 165. 48. 42, 50 Webber. Sandy 33 Weber. Mrs. Janet 103. 34. 155 Weber. Scott 34, 46, 36 Webster. Deborah 122, 165.49 Wehrenberg. James 142 Wehrenberg. Susie 122. 97. 165. 41. 96 Wehrmeister. Mike 142 Weidner. Heggy 142 Weiz. Sue 50 Weldon. Margaret 122. 165 Welfle. Margaret 52. 51. 50 Weller. Carolyn 122. 165 Weller. Richard 122. 165 Wellman. Marcia 123, 165. 56. 52. 50 Wells, Cindy 123. 165 Wells. Gary 123. 165 Wells. Sue 142 Wells. Warren 142. 46. 58. 52 Welsh. James 165 Werling. Bill 142 Werling. Richard 123. 165. 40. 68 Wermager. Orlin 142 Wermuth. Thomas 40 Wetzel. Beverly 123. 165 Wetzel. Marlene 105. 123, 165. 35. 34. 36 Whitehursl. Pamela 44. 45 Whiteleather. Rex 142 Whittecar. Mark 142 Wicklitte. Martin 143 Widmann. Laura 143. 35, 46 Wiegand, Bill 42. 43. 47. 41 Wietfeldl. Karen 143 Wiggins. Mike 143 Wilkening. Bill 143 Wilkens. Amy 58 Wilkerson. Jackie 123. 165 Wilier. Charles 35 Williams. Shelia 143 Williamson. Dave 143 Wilson. Cheryl 143. 35. 53. 81 Wilson. Lucy 123. 165. 48. 46. 54 Wilson. Robert 123. 165. 72. 55. 50 Wilson. Tim 133. 165 Wilson. ' icki 133 Winster. Tim 123 Winters, Stan 143 Winzeler. Karen 143. 46. 52 Wire. Dan 133 Wissler. Peggy 133 Wissler. Tim 123 Witte. Ronald 133 Wittwer. Mary 143 Witzigreuter. Rick 123. 133. 165 Wolf. Mark 123. 165 Wolf. Steven 133.49. 75. 34. 36. 56. 52. 50 Wolf. Tom 133. 50 Wolfe. Rickey 133 Wolff. Becky 123. 165 Wood. Greg 133. 68 Woodard. Don 133 Woodmansee. Karen 123. 165 Woodruff. Jack 133. 71. 83. 68. 152 Woods. Diana 143 Woods. Tim 133.40.68 Wooten. Susan 143 Workman. Debbie 29. 133 Workman. Melissa 123. 165 Worman. Brenda 133 Worthen. Kim 123. 165 Wraley. Rhonda 133. 42. 43 Wright, Roy 143 Yahn. Steve 123. 165 Yaney. Denise 133. 37 Yaney. James 165 Ybarra. Steve 123, 165 Yeiser. Sandy 123. 165 Yeiser. Steve 165 York. Anita 143 York. Bill 123, 165 Yost. Tom 133 Young. Kathy 143. 52. 50 Yuhasz. David 133 Yaksajsek. Kathy 143 Zahn.Tami97, 106, 123. 165,48,46, 36. 52.54. 96 Zierteh. Rick 133 Zimmerman. Connie 29. 143 Zimmerman. Steve 123. 165 Zimmerman. Terri 133. 48. 54. 55. 81 Zirkle. Cheryl 123. 165. 49. 81 ZoUner. Dieter 133 ZoUner. Gertruo 143. 58 ZoUars. Barbara 123. 165, 46. 52. 56. 54. 50 Zollars. Bob 143. 57. 50 Zumbaugh. David 143. 72 Zumbaugh. Tim 107. 123. 165. 73. 72 Zurcher. Connie 133 Zurcher. Ronald 133 Zurburg. Willy 123, 165 Zweig, Daniel 143, 34, 57, 50

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