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Be 977.202 F77Na 1970 North Side High School. (Fort M. L Wayne 7 Ind. ) Legend i 1546498 i wininni c uLLLamsu C W LLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 02292 9779 GENEALOGY 977 . eop F77N0 1970 f V " " r LEGEND Presented by: The 1 970 Legend Staff North Side High School 475 East State Street Fort Wayne, Indiana . Domeland moments change strangers into friends TABLE OF CONTENTS Student Life 4 Academic 16 Organizations 40 1 " • I North Side has hved, and it still lives; it has its heart and soul in those who have come here, and it is a part of them. It has Hved through the cycle of years and the changing classes. It has bound together sopho- mores with juniors and seniors with the faculty. It has made friends of strangers; they are all part of it. It has stood through the changing seasons smiling at the autumn excite- ment of the touchdown, the shivers of the crowd, the hum of the cafeteria, and the silence of study. It has wit- nessed the laughter of fun, the screams of victory, and the tears of defeat. Its sturdy doors have opened out to ac- cept the unsure, fearful sophomore; the anxious, confident junior; and the powerful, proud senior. Its cracks have been filled, and fresh paint has erased the names from its walls. Yet the heart and soul of North Side High School will never die but will become part of " the dome ' s eternal memories. " 1546498 Sports 74 Album 100 Advertising ' . 158 Index 162 Renovation brings new stadium, heating, and rooms The old music corridor has taken on a new look as it is replaced by the new Industrial Arts hallway. Constructing new locker rooms, concession stands, and athletic equipment storage rooms underneath the stadium, workmen pour cement to complete the stadium for football season. Installing pipes for the new heating sys- tem results in redecorating the 120 corridor with the new renovation look. The stadium stands completed except for the taking down of the workmen ' s scaffold. The stadium was finished and the inner rooms were first used for North ' s Homecoming game. 4 Renovation Sitting in class straining to listen to a teacher ' s lecture on Macbeth over the roar of the bulldozers and the shouts of the workers proved to be a challenge facing all Redskins. Learn- ing to cope with such problems seemed unreal until the rewards of renovation became apparent. Every- one had to make small sacrifices such as sitting in a room with blackened windows preventing one from dream- ily staring out at the cars screeching by, no ringing bells to wake one up from a sound sleep in study hall, and not remembering where homeroom was to meet that day. A new stadium was the pride of all Redskins at foot- ball games. Being able to sit in a class without freezing resulted from a new heating system. Industrial Art rooms were modernized and storage rooms were constructed. As the first phase of renovation was completed. Red- skins realized that such sacrifices were trivial. Putting in a new suspended lighting system in an Industrial Arts room, workers hurry to make the room available for use. Trying their best to cope with the difficulties resulting from renovation, a Spanish class- room decorates their blackened windows with artwork to brighten the room. Making way for the new, a worker tears out some side steps to make room for Domeland ' s new storage and equipment Renovation 5 Junior class captures Spirit Trophy; Skins beat Domeland ' s darkened halls bright- ened as Spirit Week again brought Redskin enthusiasm to a peak. " Beat Snider, " " Team we ' re backing you, " and " Redskin Country, " signs re- vealed school spirit as well as class unity to back the team to a victory over Snider. Before the Powder Puff game, a parade of twenty cars color- fully decorated with signs and stream- ers honked their way to the game. At the pep rally, the junior girls proved victorious over the seniors in the Powder Puff football game. During halftime a relay team of boys gorged themselves in a pie-eating contest. As the close of the big week came, the final pep session rewarded the juniors as they captured the Spirit Trophy while the seniors and sophomores tied in their accumulated points. That eve- ning North went on to beat Snider highlighting the week. Members of the A-V Club decorate their car with a large movie projector for the parade which is before the Powder Puff game between the senior girls and junior girls. During the Powder Puff football game, junior and quarterback Sandy Scheele runs to get out of the reach of a senior Becky Walker who means business. 6 Spirit Week Snider to highlight Spirit Week Making banners backing the Redskins to a ictory over Snider, gives students an oppor- tunity to show their support during Spirit Week. Upperclassmen decorate the traditional Sen- ior Door with streamers of North ' s school colors, red and white. Decking the Senior Hall with strands of streamers, Ron Annis hangs the colorful decorations in the 220 corridor. Brightening Domeland ' s circle with lively and enthusiastic pep signs, the seniors dis- play their school spirit. Spirit Week 7 Dirk discovers that time at North passes quickly Foreign exchange student. Dirk Wulff, arrived by plane at New York from Osnabrueck, Germany before school opened in September. To be selected as an exchange student, Dirk applied to the American Field Service in New York. He was then inter- viewed, tested, and selected on the basis of his application. Dirk lived with the Walter Helmke family who also had to apply and to be accepted by the American Field Ser ' ice. Dirk actively participated in Dome- land ' s way of hfe, while his singing talents entertained Redskins at con- certs and assemblies. Dirk ' s senior year was filled with many extra-cur- ricular activities such as A ' Cappella, Student Council, Troubadours, and All City Choir. Academically, Dirk took courses in French, Advanced Math, English, Government, and So- ciology. Along with many other challenging subjects, Dirk is taking French. He has had five years before, but he finds the transition from French to German to English difficult. Dirk finds something vaguely famiUar about Ft. W ' asne with its freezing temperatures and mounds of ice and snow. Not knowing everything about the English languag e or American Literature, Dirk makes good use of the library. Since Dirk enjoys reading he finds an assortment to choose from. 8 Foreign Exchange High honors reward Skins ' achievements Four North Side seniors were se- lected as National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists from 15,000 of the most intellectual high school seniors in the country. The students were se- lected from the results of the qualify- ing test. Dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism were some of the necessary qualities of North Side ' s four DAR Citizenship recipients. The faculty chose the winners from the names submitted by seniors. DAR Citizenship recipients are seniors Sandy Jesse, Pam Mertz, Doug Brown, and Jim Benecke. Winners are chosen on the basis of their dependabihty, service, and leadership. Kris Kemery, Mike Kiphng, and John Thompson are the National Merit Semi-Finalists from North. They are chosen from a National test. John Thompson was not present when the picture was taken. Awards 9 The daily redskin routine has Variety for all ' from The identification of the following pictures are: (1) Pat Blaising, (2) Students leaving school, and (3) Bill Bickham, Sandy Jesse, Dan Gebhart, Karen Oser, Rick Schory and Brenda Rouse at a Leadership Seminar. 10 Redskin Routine outdoor classes to quiet study It Ki ' S •! uAi ■ A. ' l¥%II M mTIm — ■ K- H ' hh The identification of the following pictures are (4) Chuck Earnest, (5) a college meeting (6) sophomore study hall and (7) John Thompson and Carolyn Foltz. Redsldn Routine 11 During tea at lack ' s, Charley ' s substitute aunt recalls her lilc in Brazil. " Carnival En Brazil ' represents the dancing during the carnival time in Brazil. Large crowd sees senior play, " Charley ' s Aunf ' " Charley ' s Aunt, " the senior play, was presented on January 29 and 30 by the North Side drama department. With a boy get girl ending, the involved plot of " Charley ' s Aunt " un- folded as the play progressed. The delayed arrival of Charley ' s aunt pre- sented problems to Charley and his friend Jack who had invited their girl- friends to meet her. Desperately, fel- low Oxford roommate dressed up as Charley ' s aunt and met the girls to help out his friends. Surprisingly enough, the friend ends up with two marriage proposals while the real aunt observed. The witty and humorous play was accented with elaborate costumes and clever English accents. As a Christmas gift to Fort Wayne, North Side drama students starred in the " Wonderful World of Christmas, " a Three Rivers Playhouse production. Scolding Lord Fancourt Babberly for deceiving him, Mr. Stephen Spettique, as John Blair, gets very upset when he discovers that his prospective bride is a male student at Oxford. 12 Senior Play Lending a helping hand to his friends isn ' t so bad, as Mike TuUey receives mixed emotions while posing as Charley ' s aunt. Mike found some advantages in playing the sweet old woman. Portraying Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Jo Tancey and Pete Percival star in " The Wonderftil World of Christmas " at the Three Rivers Playhouse. Preparing the garden for tea, Mrs. Brasset, Billie Fisher, and a maid, Cheryl Smith, stop setting the table to converse with a passing friend and her restless daughter. Senior Play 13 Assemblies entertain, inform, award Redskins. i ' romoting school spirit, observing important events, and presenting noteworthy programs, the assembhes at •Domeland proved beneficial to Red- skins. The assembhes varied in nature from concerts to class elections and from juvenile delinquency to honor day. Shortly after school opened, new teachers and school traditions were introduced to students at the opening assembly. Two traditional assemblies Honor Day and Senior Recognition Day, emphasized the achievements of the individual student. The Senior Day Recognition assembly was held for awarding outstanding seniors for ac- complishments in many different areas. Sophomore orientation assemblies informed the new Redskins of school rules, clubs, and traditions. Each class had nomination, acceptance, and in- stallation assemblies for their class officers. Assemblies fulfilled their purpose by entertaining, informing, and awarding students. During the Christmas Bureau Assembly, Uncle Swing Tim Cooper talks to Santa Gary Bennett in a skit about the new toys for the coming year and how they work. Preparing for the Christmas school concert, the Chanticleer girls spend many hours rehearsing their array of yuletide songs. The Chanticlears perform at many various concerts and programs. 14 Assemblies Dressed in their concert attire, the orchestra plays for the Spring concert. The orchestra pro- vides entertainment for all as they play a variety of music. Returning for the College Day Program former Domeland graduates talk to interested students about preparing for college, campus life, and the advantages of going to college. Former Miss America Miss Marilyn Van Durbur entertains Redskins with tales of her experiences and her version of the " Impos- sible Dream. " Assemblies 15 the Dome ' s eternal memories ACADEMIC As Redskins end their year at North, thev can look back to the great ad- ministration and teaching staffs. Their world has changed, as alterations can be seen just by walking down the halls. Students as well as teachers had to plan around renovation and make up for its difficulties by working de- spite noise and confusion. Although improvements went on, they did not hinder the academic standings. Ex- periencing the moon landing and the bringing back of specimens, together with attending assemblies for histori- cal events gave the students a better understanding of the academic field and open opportunities. Academic curriculum gave students the basic training needed for their life beyond Domeland. Foreign Language Department uses audio-lingual Caryn Laier takes time from her daily rou- tine to translate her Latin assignment of the steps of knowledge in domeland. Former resident of Hamburg, Germany, Harold Blaettner, assists German foreign exchange stu- dent. Dirk Wulff, with an English problem. Foreign language students Tom Buesking, Linda Headford, Pam Mertz, and Randy Wall wear their respective costumes in front of a colorfiil array of foreign flags. 18 Foreign Language lab in teaching Starting off the year the language department added the Honors Pro- gram, designed for third year French and Spanish students. The Honors Program was an opportunity for stu- dents to compete against other stu- dents all over the United States, An educational eight weeks in France or Mexico was the prize for the winners. The Outbound Ambassador Pro- gram was a new experiment in inter- national living. It was a nation-wide competition for juniors who wished to visit a foreign country and to live with a native family for one vear. The department continued the audio-lingual method of teaching French and Spanish and also added three third vear Spanish classes. Senior Sara Kolin, points out the famous Sacre Cour of France to Mrs. Ransburg ' s fourth year French class. Spanish foreign exchange teacher from Peru Mr. Villacorta, explains to students Pam Carpenter and Martin Curdes the fundamentals of Peruvian customs and cultures. Sophomore Cherie Spuhler displays souve- nirs she collected while visiting Europe dur- ing the previous summer vacation. Foreign Language 19 Cyrie Palmer, junior, searches the library Sophomore English students divide into groups to discuss such plays as, " Julius Caesar " as a shelves for an old world literature book to part of their study of dramatic plays, complete her English requirements. Diligently researching, Robert Shelton checks through many sources before he com- plies a final draft for his term paper. 20 English Diagnostic Correction Lab develops vocabularies Underclassmen composed themes, acted in dramas, and researched term papers. Meanwhile, seniors studied Greek tragedies, discussed 20th cen- tury poetry, and read old world lit- erature as part of the English depart- ment curriculum. The English Department adjusted its curriculum to present material evolving out of students ' needs and to generate interest for all students. Making the study of English more interesting proved to be worthwhile, because students learned to apply themselves to understanding English literature. The English Department featured a newly devised Diagnostic Correc- tion Lab opened to all students in- terested in developing their reading vocabularies. Four of Miss Little ' s senior English class have questions about the literature that they are read- ing and want to know her opinion on the subjects of controversy. Senior Bonnie Studebaker shows Becky Walker where to read as the class reads the drama " Marty " aloud. Reading a drama like this helps the student to develop his readmg ability. English 21 Work, speed, and accuracy needed in The teachers of the Mathematics Department guided students in the different fields of math. Beginning algebra studied the basic concepts, while advanced algebra ex- tended the elementary. Geometry dealt with studying planes and solids. Senior math contained trigonometry and quadratic systems. Fifth year mathematics stud)- ranged from prob- ability to calculus. Redskins taking biology, chemistry, earth science, or physics had new equipment such as microscopes, in their classes. Biology students grasped a better understanding of life and na- ture from their lab experiments. Earth science students learned of the earth and its makeup. Physics dealt in the measure of distances and chemistry dealt with formulas and composition of elements. By using the overhead projector, Karen Feller e.xplains a geometry problem dealing with congruent angles. Advanced algebra students Will Kline and Teresa Bonifas listen as Mr. Donald Hunter explains how to operate the slide rule and how to use it in their homework assignments. Seniors John Knuth and Cindy Olinger try to solve a trigonmetric function in a senior math course. They then take the end result and record it on a graph. 22 Math both math and science courses Experimenting with scientific toys, these students are able to visuaHze and to grasp an under- standing of physics principles. During their earth science class, junior Rand ' Wall and senior Linda Headford study and identify rock samples. Mixing two elements to get a chemical re action, Carolyn Reppett and Barb Zollar: work on their chemistry lab experiment. Science 23 Past, present and future history is in the making In United States history, juniors studied the struggles of the United States for independence. Denise Hansen and Duane Hartup examine a colonial recruting poster. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors participated in world history, U.S. history, government, economics, so- ciology, Communism seminar, and world affairs. By studying the past as well as the economic, social, and political forces of the present, the social studies de- partment gave students a knowledge of the world today and an insight into the future. U.S. and world history courses made detailed studies of the past. In sociology, students studied the prob- lems and emotions of people. In eco- nomics, students learned the structure of U.S. democracy. The students in Communism seminar studied the value and danger of the soviet system. World affairs made a study of prob- lems facing the U.S. in relation to foreign countries. Mr. Malott explains to a government class the basic ideas of democracy on which the United States government is based. 24 Social Studies Senior David Shaheen charts the point at which a nation ' s economy should reach equihbrium on a supply and demand graph in Mr. Certain ' s economics class. Junior Dave Bossard explains his current event, a newspaper account of the moon landing, to his United States History class. A sophomore world history class listens attentively to a student as she presents a book report on a historical subject for an extra credit assignment. Social Studies 25 Drama gets new wardrobe; Art develops talent Redskins were offered several dif- ferent courses as electives in art. Courses included drawing still life, weaving placemats, and printing in various phases. Those students inter- ested were required at first to take a basic course in the art fundamentals. In these different classes a student learned new techniques in using ma- terials, such as making collages, cutting geometric figures from color- ful construction paper, and lithograph- ing from limestone. Mr. Purkhiser, drama director, in- structed the young actors and stage crew through a variety of plays and skits. With each production, students strove to better themselves for their future theatrical goals. The drama department added nearly 350 costumes to the dramatics wardrobe for future senior plays. Var- sity Varieties and other school pro- ductions. Stagecraft crew performs many duties help- ing Mr. Purkhiser, such as fixing lights and putting up scenery for the productions by the drama department. Many pratticr and dress rehearsals are essential for perfection in acting and staging plays. These practices help one work toward his theatrical goals. Students do improvisations with costumes and props on the stage in the dramatics class to develop expression and creativity. 26 Drama Lithography is the study of reproducing prints by way of stone. Art 7 students each had to do a sketch as a project and make pictures off the stone. Sandy Westerhausen and Ida Green sketch a still life, which is one of the many drawings art students must complete to perfect their artistic skills. «ff ■ Hi lj " tP liLrhmm . IP - Senior Doug Cook sketches a safety cartoon for his contribution to the Art Department ' s safety week displa -. Teresa Clem, Bob Davis, and Dave Driver, learn the techniques of weaving in arts class. As a project, each student designs a colorful placemat. Art 27 Journalism students prepare for future with media Cropping pictures to fit the specified measurements of the layouts, editors Nancy Wentz and Amanda Lusk give the yearbook final touches before it is published. Advanced journalism students gained knowledge and experience by assuming more responsibilities on the Northerner. This gave them a more intimate view of newspaper functions. Beginning journalism classes stud- ied the performance and production of mass communications media. They were given the opportunity to work on the Northerner, Guide, and Leg- end to get experience. Beginning speech students were in- structed this year on the fundamentals of good speech delivery such as proper use of voice, gestures, and vocabulary. The debate team won numerous awards around the state this year while continuing to develop their skills with other advanced students. Sophomore Pat Knight looks through nega- tives in the dark room trying to determine the quality of the pictures. Northerner staff editors, John Antonides and Mark Hansen, write down assignments for their staff members who gather the news and race to meet the deadlines. 28 Journalism Advanced speech students in Mr. DeYoung r.idio class practice the man aspects of radio an- nouncing. The radio class was new at North Side this year. Speech Department adds Radio and TV class Sophomore Jane Dornbush gives a speech in lr Schultz ' s beginning class while ap- pKuic; uh if she has learned. Cathy Abbot, Steve Shumaker, and Leslie Judd are engaged in a mock debate in Mr. Schultz ' s beginning speech class. Speech 29 Music Department earns marching band uniforms With the music room under con- struction, the music groups were forced to use the auditorium for a temporary classroom. Chanticleers and the marching band earned their new uniforms by selling candy and soliciting donations from the North Side territory. The phases of the Music Depart- ment are training choir, varsity choir, and training orchestra. Music litera- ture and theory were offered to the advanced students who wanted to produce their own music. The sopho- more arts course combined the study and appreciation of fine music and painting and helped the participating students to discover and understand the different aspects of music and painting. The Redskin marching band piaetiees for a performance in their new reversible uniforms. The band used several different forms of money-making projects to earn the money to buy the uni- forms. Sophomores Lois Paxson, Mary Jo Dick, and Brian Helling, and junior Pam Key busy them- selves with tuning their violins tjefore the training orchestra begins practice. 30 Music Mr. Holloway directs senior members of A ' Cappella who are trying out for Troubadours. A student must be in A ' Cappella before being eligible for Troubadours. Steve Inscoe, Debbie Richards, Sharman Harter, Doug Brown, and Debbie Gething at the piano, practice for the music department. Junior Phyllis Carol carries her new march- ing band uniform to a bus before leaving for the NISBOVA contest in Columbia City. Music 31 A family management group, which includes senior boys as well as senior girls, discusses the methods and problems of living in and managing a family. Sophomore Janet Heinze irons a blouse in intermediate clothing class, which includes sewing and grooming. Homemakers of the future get experience With odds 275 to 3, boys as well as girls participated in the Home Eco- nomics Department courses. Clothing, grooming, cooking, child care, interior decorating, and home nursing were just a few of the subjects open to interested sophomores, jun- iors, and seniors. Family living and management were available only to seniors. Although all majors were girls, boys were able to minor in home economics. The problems caused by renovation such as no gas for the stoves and re- fiigerators were well worth the trou- ble, according to Mrs. Crocker and Mrs. Baugh. The Home Economics Department will be enlarged and en- tirely remodeled for a nicer atmos- phere for working in the various phases and courses. W After cooking comes cleaning up. Sophomore girls in the intermediate foods classes learn the importance of washing the dishes after preparing a meal. 32 Home Ec Renovation delays Industrial Arts metals classes Mr. Robert Edwards and other In- dustrial Arts teachers had their hands full with over five-hundred students taking drawing, metals, drafting, wood, motors, electricity, or elec- tronics. Included in the department. In- dustrial Co-operative Training (I.C.T.) gave students the opportimity to get some experience while earning money and credits. They worked a minimum of fifteen hours a week. The renovation project at North Side caused the metals classes to be delayed for several weeks because the metals room was undergoing repair. The Industrial Arts department used many different kinds of tools ranging from an inexpensive screw- driver to an expensive power saw for the projects made by the students throughout th e year. Sophomore Greg Ford sketches an architectural drawing in one of the many industrial arts classes offered by North Side. Sophomores Mike David and Naf Maloley measure a piece of wood in preparation for a wood project. Two students work on a small motor in an effort to learn how it and other motors function. Industrial Arts 33 Girls learn sportsmanship, gain athletic skills Speed-a-way, swimming, volley- ball, gymnastics, badminton, archery, and coed square dancing are a few of the sports enjoyed by the sophomore girls ' physical education classes under the direction of Mrs. Beer and Miss Sparks. Advanced physical education class met seventh period and ran as a no- credit no-grade intramural program. Coed swimming involving both boys ' and girls ' intramural classes was used for the first time. Boys ' physical education classes supervised by Mr. Will Doehrman, consisted of different activities from square dancing, flag football, basket- ball, to the required semester agility tests. The department purchased new basketballs, nets, and other equip- ment to replace the worn equipment. Following the rules of .safety is a important part of gymnastics. Rose Koontz spots for Sharon Layton and Shelley Waechter as they perform balance beam routines. Sophomore Rhonda Wraley demonstrates her gymnastic skills as she works out on the uneven parallel bars. Sophomore girls jump for the ball, hoping to make a goal for their team. Speed-a-way, a game which combines soccer and field hockey, is the first unit of girls ' P. E. 34 Girls ' P.E. Flag football and square dancing constitute boys P.E. ' :M ' ' ' m ' ' ' !l ' - %, ' « Mr. DePietro ' s boys ' P.E. classes exercise at the beginning of each class period to strengthen their muscles and to build their cordination. 1546498 Basketball was one of the activities played by the boys in gym classes. Each class chose a team to play in a P. E. tourney. Flag football encourages boys to display team work and sportsmanship as well as to develop their football knowledge. Business Classes see data processing equipment; With the help of her book, Gail Doell takes down the message coming over the dicta- phone in shorthand. Brenda Burkhalter and Jackie Levin prepare to use the ditto machine to run off some copies of a test for a teacher. This is one of the various jobs that the service center does. Junior Janice Warnick uses an adding ma- chine in business course. This machine is much larger compared to today ' s machine. 36 Business Shuffle typing programs Renovation caused two major prob- lems for the Business Department, the cold draft from the addition of a new- room and noise from the workmen ' s machinery. When in shorthand stu- dents who used the dictaphones had great difficulties in hearing their teachers. To encourage competition between students, beginning typing classes were shuffled so students with the same typing speed were placed in the same class. Some business classes took a field trip to observe data processing equip- ment being used in offices throughout the city. Department head Mr. John Walter had about eight hundred students en- rolled in the offered business courses: Beginning and advanced typing, bookkeeping, business math, short- hand, clerical practice, and general business. Miss Virginia Ayres points out the parts of the typewriter to Sarah Pressler. All typing students have to learn these parts. Mr. Cummings, Mr. Walter ' s student teacher, helps senior Mark Heftier with his bookkeeping problems. Mr. Cummings worked with students during the beginning months of school. Mr. Decker ' s students listen as he explains their Applied Business Math problems to them. This course deals mainly with problems brought about in regular business transactions. Business 37 Distributive Education class numbers eighteen employers. twenty-one seniors Distributive Education students studied the latest methods of mer- chandising, advertising, and sales- manship. D. E. had eighteen em- ployers working with twenty one seniors to make them qualified workers. Cooperative Office Education dealt with office training and experience. As in D. E., students attended their regular morning classes and had one period of D. E. or C. O. E. and worked the afternoon. Industrial Cooperative Training helped boys learn a trade and operate tools. Power tools used were the type that sands metal smooth and engraves tiny letters. Coordinators for the program were Mr. Hamm, Mr. Phillips, and Mr. Ivy, all hoping for a larger enrollment in Distributive Education. After learning to use the printing press, seniors Cindy Vickers and Rick Shory set it up to run off some signs as part of their studies in class. Seniors Debbie Bowlin and Gary Arnold arrange a window display of candy in the Distributive Education office in a fashion that attracts the attention of the public. 38 D. E. Using his effective sales speech, senior Randy Harter, tries to sell D. E. vice-president, Chris Ohler, a tape recorder to test his persuasion power on the public. Making campaign posters for their calendar sales, D. E. students advertise one of their money-raising projects. As a local businessman the manager of Hefner ' s takes time to show a D. E. student the new line of cars Hefner ' s has to offer and the way they advertise their products. D. E. 39 the Dome ' s eternal memories Organizations Three new organizations were started during the year. For students interested in playing Chess, Mr. Alvin Harris formed the Chess Club. The Railroad Club attracted students who have a hobby of model railroads. As the first of its kind in the community, the Secretaries Club was open to any girl enrolled in a business course. The clubs dealt with service, com- mon interests, and achievements of futures in certain fields. Most clubs met for half-hour sessions after-school once a month. Several clubs were on an honorary basis. Extra-curricular activities gave stu- dents an opportunity to work to- gether in sponsoring after-game dances, carnival booths, service and money-making projects. Division of Council is issue facing representatives Under the direction of Mr. James Lewinski and Miss Ruth Eudaley, the Student Council studied major issues concerning Redskins. Student Council officers were: Mike Kipling, president; Bill Bick- ham, vice-president; Sandy Jesse, secretary; Rich Yost, treasurer; and Tim Cooper, as parliamentarian. The Standing Committee was headed again by Sara Kolin, while the Safety Committee, School Spirit Committee, Cultural Arts Committee, Communications Committee, were headed by Jim Benecke, Greg Mertz, Marianne Blue, Mark Helmke, and Dan Gebhart, respectively. Two major issues studied by the committees were the lowering of the five-point grade requirement and whether or not to divide the Student Council into two houses. Student Council officers are Mike Kipling, president; Bill Bickham, vice-president; San dy Jesse, secretary; and Richard Yost, treasurer. Student Council representatives are (Front row) Dave Anderson, Steve Bogenschutz, Mark Adams, Steve Wolf, Candee Robinson, Barb Ross, Cheryl Bandy, Connie Holyman. (Sec- ond row) Janet Nill, Amy Smith, Marsha Helmke, Donna Onion, Greg Mertz, Mark Wolf, John Hendrickson, Sara KoHn, Bill Hallford. (Third row) Nevin Seeger, Jim Bosserman, Bob Bridges, Janet Hatch, Scott Weber, Sue Dager, Tim Seifert, Mark Coslow. (Fourth row) Al Wermuth, Jim Benecke, Dave Baur, Tim Cooper, Deb Keller, Amy Didier, Denise Hoffman, Mark Stine. (Back row) Dan Luce, DeWayne Hartup, Daii Gebhart, Rob Chappuis, Greg Adams, Lucy Wilson, Kathy Norris, Mike Debular, Kevin Burke. 42 Student Council Santa Denny Parker and his elves Barb Bobilya and Terry Mensch show some interested parents the Student Council Christinas cards on sale at Back-to-School Night. Student Council v-president Bill Bickham addresses the members on a school issue as president Mike Kipling presides. Student Council alternatives are (Front row) Sharon Carpenter, JoAnn Skinner. (Second row) Craig Lamson, Kathy Knuth, Caryn Dunbar, Kathy Goshert, Tom Johnston. (Back row) Kevin Sark, Norma Shepelak, Elaine Young, Holly Shook, Linda Gutermuth. Student Council 43 Reps sponsor Xmas project, discuss problems Senior Frankye Gemmer and Janet Hatch talk about their plans for the upcoming Spirit Week in October. During the Christmas assembly, Santa Gary Bennett sits in his sleigh as part of the pro- gram sponsored by Student Council. Students try their luck throwing rings on Pepsi bottles at the All-School Carnival. The booth was sponsored by the Student council standing committee. 44 Student Council 1500 club members are (Front row) Mark Hansen, Bette Dodd, Sue Stone, Sandy Wester- hausen, John Antonides. (Back row) Wanda Norris, Norma Shepelak, Judy Lotter, Sandy Jesse, Richard Yost, Dan Bowman. Members chosen for Quill Scroll, 1500 Club Quill and Scroll and 1500 Club members were chosen at the publi- cations banquet January 14. Quill and Scroll is an international club open to seniors only. To be in the club, the students had to be in the upper third of their class and must have done superior work on either the Northerner or Legend. They were recommended for the club by Miss Norma Thiele, publications adviser, and then accepted. Northerner staff members received points for their work, and when they compiled 1500 points, they were eli- gible for membership in the 1500 Club. Quill Scroll members are (Front row) Sue HoUopeter, Bette Dodd, Sandy Westerhausen, Nancy Wentz. (Back row) Norma Shepelak, Sandy Jesse, Judy Lotter, Manda Lusk. Not pictured is Frankye Gemmer. Quill Scroll, 1500 45 FTA members sponsored student-faculty ballgame r " Kpt ll m Suf EK ' rt ftifflF Vte VJHH FTA members are ( Front row ) Mr. Schoonover, Penny Ashley, Sharon Carpenter, Jo Tancey, Gay McMaken, Joyce Harsch, Debbie Hall, Mr. Bott. (Second row) Kathy Eber- hardt, Diann Jeffery, Joy Gunsenhouser, Jeanne Chandler, Karen Oser, Lori Kuester, Cheryl Schieferstein. (Third row) Amanda Lusk, Dawn Hunter, Pam Whitehurst, Nancy Scheeler, Marlene Wetzel, Connie Tye. (Back row) Bob McComb, Dave Doell, Becky Crist, Sandy Jesse, Linda Headford, Janet Patrick, Kay Carlson, Chris Gerken. An assembly during American Edu- cation Week and a faculty-varsity basketball game were sponsored by the Future Teachers of America Club. Members of the Club, under the di- rection of sponsors Mr. Augustus Schoonover and Mr. Larry Bott, learned techniques and practices of teaching. They became famihar with the teaching profession through guest speakers and discussions at meetings. Other FTA activities included a fall tea to initiate new members and to in- stall officers, and a spring banquet to honor graduating seniors. The FTA members observed in April, the Teaching Careers Month by sponsoring the Elf Project and the Meet Your Teachers Contest. Contributing to FTA ' s Elves for Teachers project, senior Jo Tancey delivers an apple to her favorite teacher during April Teaching Careers Month. 46 FTA ipqHH H 9. - M ' lA!; ' | " " ■Br MiMvi • ■ - Mf S?ii ff ► ' X- mi K ' ® Ha liliK aifl I iill (fi 1 Library Club members are (Front Row) Carolyn Faetz, Nancy Schellenbach, Jo Tancey, Devon Crawford, Cindy MuUer, Cheryl Simpson. (Back Row) Mrs. Durfey, Mrs. Lombard, Sharon Koenig, Mary Beth Chandler, Mary John, Becky Casey, Cathy Criswell, Mrs. Staf- ford, Miss Smith. Library Club helped out; new Thespians named National Thespian members are (Front Row) Debbie Richards, Beth Weber, Jo Tancey, Linda McNeil. (Second Row) Rod Butler, Mike TuUy, Norma Shepelak, Billie Fisher, Cheryl Smith, Chris Boggs. (Back Row) Gary Moore, John Woodward, Steve Phillips, Pete Percival, Bruce Turner, John Engstrom. Not pictured are Michelle Renner, Judy Stoops, Greta Blackburn, John Blair, David Eachen, Mike Gibson, Tom Purkhiser, Cappie Phillips, Janet Markey, John Modezjewski, Jess Ford, Karen Andrews, Nancy Wise. Charging books in and out, run- ning errands, arranging the card cata- logue, and helping students were the duties of the Library Club. Members of the club, sponsored by Mrs. Fae Stafford, studied methods and problems of libraries. Library Club activities included a Christmas party and a dinner at the end of the year. National Thespians was an honor- ary club open to students having an outstanding interest either in acting, or in staging. The students were chosen by Mr. James Purkhiser on the basis of their participation and responsibility in school plays as well as in outside drama activities. Library, National Thespians 47 Z-Clubs sponsored annual school carnival, dance; Z-Club members Linda Morken and Sara Colpitis sell donuts in the cafeteria. TTie club had money making projects to raise money for an organ they presented to the school. The three Z-Clubs, sponsored by Mrs. Jacquehne Hutmacher, com- bined service and enjoyment in their fulfillment of many activities. New members were initiated into the clubs at a fall tea. Representa- tives of the North Side Z-Clubs at- tended the All City Z-Club tea at Bishop Dwenger. In December, mem- bers went on a ski trip to Mount Holly with Key Club. A traditional spring tea for mothers was held. Projects included a donut sale in the cafeteria every morning and the All-School Carnival, which Z-Club planned and sponsored. Entertainment for residents at Glen Acres Old Age Home was one service project of the club. The members also went trick-or-treating for UNICEF at Halloween. Every Saturday, mem- bers took turns going shopping and doing odd jobs for a blind couple in the surrounding community. Fourth period Z-Club members are (Front row) Barb Bobyha, Donna Onion, Bev Morris, JoAnne Skinner, Joy Brunson. (Second row) Kathy Eberhardt, Kathy Goshert, Lmda Morken Deb Richey, Cheryl Smith, Sara Colpitis, Pam Mertz, Pam Goff. (Third row) Nancy Mistlehora, Sharon Snyder, Bonnie Studebaker, Bridgett Stuckey, Claire Hayner, Nancy Wentz Kathy Bumgardner, Beth Fremion. (Back row) Susie Wegrenburg, Pam Schinbeckler, Cinda Covey, Paula Diffendarfer, Cheryl Renn, Ann Wearly, Frankye Gam- mer, Lucy Wilson. 48 Z-Club assisted blind, entertained residents at Glen Acres Fifth period Z-CIub members are (Front row) Mary Mauller, Marti Oswald, Sue Anderson, Becky Walker, Connie Shoup, Diane Dietz, Sue Dager, Barb Knuth, Kay Bentley. (Second row) Norma Shepelak, Kathy Knuth, Kathy Swartz, Sandy Jesse, Sharon Marino, Janet Nill, Maria Bienz, Debbie Short. (Back row) Krystal Keller, Pat Weaver, Linda Boiler, Shelley Jacoby, Diane Jennings, Jayne Irwin, Nancy Scheeler. Third period Z-Club members are (Front row) Darlene Giessler, Cheryl Schieferstein, Julie Schubert, Janet Pfeiffer, Carol Masloob, Cindy Kirkpatrick, Jane Dornbush. (Second row) Janet Bossard, Margi Stevens, Sue Armstrong, Sue Lamb, Mandy Lusk, Cindy Lusk, Diarm Jefferies, Wendy Robertson. (Back row) Kay Bilger, Becky Beyerlein, Janet Patrick, Vikki Mills, Penny Niles, Barb Meyers, Jackie Jones, Deb Bowlin, Beth Gruber. Z-CIub 49 Key Clubs entertain orphans, clean State School; Fourth Period Key Club members are ( Front row ) Perr ' Schultz, Tim Cooper, Bill Loechner, Bill Halford, Randy Lavine. (Second row) Andy Meehan, Mike Birge, Keith Showalter, Tom Wermuth, Mike Geary. (Back row) Rich Meek, Dave Dan- iels, Bruce Ackerman, Mark Chappuis, Greg Carpenter. Filth Period Ke Club members are (Front row ) Allan Knerr, Mike Johnson. Bill Jenkins, Mark . dams. (Second row) Steve Xovell, Louie King, Jim Benecke, Greg .Adams. Bill Bridges. (Back row) Greg Friend, Al Wermuth, Charles Conrad, Rich Yost, Mike Kipling, Rob Chappius. 50 Key Club also park cars, sponsor paper drive at school Doing good deeds for the orphans at the Allen County Children ' s Home and Saint Vincent Villa were just some of the many service projects performed by Key Club members throughout the year. Being a service to the community as well as to Domeland, they collected money and parked cars at sporting events and for alumni mothers, helped in cleaning State School ' s sur- roundings, held a paper drive, and helped in organizing the Christmas Bureau Project and the Teachers As- sembly. North Side ' s student directory, the Key, was published by the Key Club members. They collected students names, addresses, telephone numbers, and homeroom numbers and compiled the names alphabetically in classes for the directory. Sponsors, Mr. Ronald Certain, Mr. David Esterline, and Mr. Tom Dohr- man, assisted the three clubs in their many activities. Key Club member Randy Lavine makes the rounds in Mr. Tom Dohrmann ' s homeroom sellmg Keys to the students during the campaign. Third Period Key Club members are (Front row) Mr. Tom Dohrmann, Steve Ehler Greg ' A " °f, ™ " ' Tom Mensch, Tom Benecke, Mr. David Esterhne. (Second row) mwTS ' i M ' R) ' Fzgel. Todd Groves, DeWayne Hartup, Ron Amett, Dean Melchi. (Back Jaroby Mijfe Weteef ' Gebhart, Doug Brown. John Ankenbruck, Mike Key Club 51 Assistant editor Nancy Wentz and senior editor Miles Clifton double check to be certain that they have received all the senior qustionnaires and pictures. Meeting deadlines, editing Legend busies staff Legend staff members busied themselves this year interviewing teachers, writing assignments, taking pictures, and meeting deadlines, in an effort to publish the yearbook on time. Miss Norma Thiele served as adviser to the staff. Staff assignments were Mandy Lusk, editor-in-chief; Nancy Wentz, assistant editor; Harry Francies, sports editor; Steve Bogenschutz, as- sistant; Sue Hollopeter, organizations editor; Dave Olry, assistant; Jenny Motz, business manager; Miles Clif- ton, senior and faculty editor; and Jacque VVilkerson, underclass editor. Legend photographers were Dan Bowman, Bill Guevara, Pat Knight, and Bob Davis. Underclass editor Jacque Wilkerson compares the underclassmen die cuts to the packets so there is no mistake in naming people. 52 Legend Legend business manager Jenny Motz takes orders for the Legend during the Legend Campaign in the fall. Legend editor Manda Lusk and assistant Nancy Wentz crop their opening section pictures to determine where they will be placed in the layouts. Picking from an array of pictures, Harry Francies decides which pictures will give the best account of Domeland ' s sports. Legend 53 To keep Redskins informed, the Northerner staff Keeping track checks through of points he chppings of has earned. Northerner sports assistant editor, Mark Hansen his stories. Gathering news, writing stories, and meeting deadlines kept adviser Miss Norma Thiele and the North- erner staff busy. Northerner staff members were Bette Dodd, managing editor; Sandy Jesse, editorial assistant; Sue Stone, news editor; Susie Wehrenberg, as- sistant; Judy Lotter, feature editor; Frankye Gemmer, assistant; John An- tonides, sports editor; Mark Hansen, assistant; Wanda Norris, back page editor; Nancy Gaunt, business man- ager; Norma Shepelak, advertising manager; Julie Reeves, assistant; Pam Carpenter, exchange editor; Kathy McMahon and Connie Hoylman, as- sistants; Becky Beyerlein, point re- corder; Sandy Westerhausen, news bureau editor; and Bill Wiegand, as- sistant. Folding paper for distribution is senior Sandy Jesse. Northerner members did this every week. Typists are busy typing up copy for the Northerner. They devoted many hours every week for this. 54 Northerner gathers and prints the news Northerner staff editors gather to discuss the layout of the paper for the special Christmas edition. Sue Stone, Becky Beyerlein, and Susie Wehrenberg check a layout before sending it to the printer. Photographer Dan Bowman works in the dark room developing pictures for the publications department. Miss Norma Thiele is head of the department. Northerner 55 Debate team members are (Front row) Leslie Judd, Cathy Abbot, Jim Anders Denise Yaney. (Second row) Phil Gross, Tim Cooper, Judy Stoops, Dave Hansen, Sandy Francies. (Back row) Mr. Gary Schultz, Dave Shumacker, Mike Harris, Dave Bauer, Greta Blactcburn. NFL members Sandy Francies and Cathy Abbott practice the presentation of a speech to a audience of " Hecklers. " NFL members named following tournament wins Speech Team members are (Front row) Jane Dornbush, Dave Whisler, Debbie Richard, Tim Cooper, Brenda Rouse, Jim Anders, Cathy Abbott, Denise Yaney. (Second row) Steve Shumacker, Phil Gross, Judy Stoops, Barb James, Sandy Francies, Leslie Judd. (Back row) Dave Aumiller, Mike Harris, Dave Bauer, David Cecil, Janice Stagmeier, Greg Shideler. Meets at Elmhurst and New Haven, and a Purdue Legislative Assembly in West Lafayette were attended by members of the Debate Team and Speech Club, sponsored by Mr. Gary Schultz. Members also participated in the sectional, regionals, and state tournaments held by the Indiana High School Forensic Association. Students participating in these meets tried to gain enough points to become members of the NFL. The members of the two groups sponsored an Information Hour for parents. All of the dances held after North Side games were also spon- sored by the Speech Club and De- bate Team members. At the end of the year a banquet was held by the two groups to honor the performers. 56 NFL Helicon featured guest speakers; studied fine arts Guest speakers gave Helicon mem- bers new insights into the enjoyment of various aspects of literature. Mr. Robert Pugh and Mrs. Marjorie Spoolstra sponsored the club, which is open to students with a B+ aver- age in English. Helicon ' s activities included a pot- luck dinner at the beginning of the year and a spring tea for mothers of the members. At Christmas members entertained patients at the Allen County Home with carols, refresh- ments, and a visit from Santa Claus. The club again provided the English Cup Awards for the outstanding Eng- lish student of the year. A traditional Farewell Banquet was held at the end of the year. Karen Oser, Mandy Lusk, and Sandy Jesse practice for the annual Helicon Christmas party at a nursing home. Helicon members are (Front row) Nannette McBride, Gail Doell, Sue Lamb, JoAnne Skinner, Sue Hanzel, Gay McMaken, Marcia McClure, Sandy Jesse, Cathy Abbott, Laura Ely, Julie Schubert, Bill Hallford, Dennis Hansen. (Second row) Cathy Kammeier, Kay Carlson, Bonnie Studebaker, Annette Winzeler, Bridgett Stuckey, Tim Cooper, Amy Smith, Ed Collins, Anah Radatz. (Back row) Pam Key, Cheryl Renn, Karen Oser, Diane Jennings, Mandy Lusk, Pat Falvy, Linda Getts, Jim Benecke. Helicon 57 JCL sold book covers; sponsored carnival booth Latin students learned about the history, hohdays, custom, and super- stitions of the ancient Romans in the JCL Club. The highlight of the year ' s activi- ties for JCL was the annual tradi- tional Roman Banquet. Sophomore " slaves " in togas served their junior and senior " masters " and Roman food was served. Other activities included a picnic at Shoaff Park in the fall, and a Christmas party with MLC. A cake walk at the carnival was one of the projects sponsored by JCL. Another project was the sale of North Side book covers at the beginning of the year. The club was sponsored by Mrs. Janet Weber. Reid Nekon, president, and Jo Anne Skin- ner, secretary make plans for their next JCL meeting. JCL members are (Front row) Dave Bartholomew, Sue Lamb, Bev Morris, Mary Jo Dick, Maren Kohn, Junine Ellis, Nancy Reason, Sue Hoffman. (Second row) Mark Coslow, Jim Bosserman, Sue Armstrong, Candy Kamphues, Jackie Rogers, Karen Cecil, Nancy Rupp, Holly Hontz, Kathy Halten, Pat Harmeyer, (Third row) Kay Carlson, Steve Wolfe, Don Miser, Scott Weber, Kathy Goshert, Pam Key, Cheryl Renn, Sue Ludwig. (Back row) Steve Oliver, Ed Collins, Richard Alford, Robbie Davis, Ron Carter. 58 JCL MLC gave foreign language stu- dents the opportunity to learn about the people and customs of other coun- tries. Members heard travelogues and reports at the regular meetings of the club. Slides, souveniers, and artifacts from foreign lands were shown by students, teachers, and guest speakers, who had collected them while traveling abroad. The annual picnic at Shoaff Park was held by the club at the beginning of the year. Members also had a joint party with JCL at Christmas. MLC sponsored a " jail " booth at the carnival. The club, which was sponsored by Mrs. Ramona Ransburg, was open to all interested students who had taken a course in foreign language, excluding Latin. President Linda Getts and vice-president Mandy Lusk discuss plans for MLC ' s carni- val booth with club members. MLC held picnic in fall; Christmas party MLC members are (Front row) Sandy Heyn, Cindy Lusk, Nanci Redman, Bev Christman, Cheri Burd, Renee Boitet, Judie Taylor, Emily Stall, Jody Snyder, Sheryl Schlickman, Wendy Robertson. (Second row) Mandy Lusk, Carla Schmidt, Teresa Traylor, Judy Schmidt, Naimette Sievers, Cheryl Shieferstein, Barb Olofson, Cathy Dunbar, Dawn Hunter, Joyce Harsch, Terri Zimmerman, Carla Ehler, Denise Hartup. (Third row) Sharon Koenig, Janet Patrick, Becky Beyerlein, Sherrie Walker, Kay Bentley, Judy Stoops, Sandy Jesse, Linda Headford, Kim Schmidt, Kathy Swartz, Pam Whitehurst. (Fourth row) Jenne Miller, Rosanne Buecker, Marlene Wetzel, Karen Oser, Barb Bobilya, Terry Mensch, Nancy Scheeler, Jane Collins, Renee Druhot, Linda Getts, Karen Feller. (Back row) Anah Radatz, Karen Bloom, Greta Blackburn, Jim Miser, Gary Parkins, Ron Annis, Ron Houser, Chuck Wilier, Dave Doell, Pam Knispel. MLC 59 Phy-Chem member are (Front row) Court Carpenter, Barb Ross, Gay McMaken, Yvonne Guteirez, Dave Whisler, Allan Knerr, Rich Kent. (Second row) Joe Woodard, James Musser, Edward Collins, Amy Smith, Sue Hanzel, Sara Kohn, Valerie Vosmeier, Greg Adams, Mark Stine, Warn Wasson. (Back row) Eugene Bauer, Mike Harris, Al Wermuth, Jim Benecke, Mike Wetzel, Mike Kipling, Micheal Jacoby, Richard Yost, Harold Blaettner. Phy-Chem travel to Chicago Science Museum A field trip to Chicago ' s Museum of Natural Science and History high- lighted the year ' s activities for Phy- Chem. Members of the club learned about various topics related to science through discussion and experiments at the meeting. Guest speakers gave the members information about job opportunities in the science field. Members who wished to, entered projects in the Science Fair, where awards and scholarships were given to students with outstanding projects. Another project was a study of the natural geology of Allen County. The club, open to all students who have passed chemistry or physics, is sponsored by Mr. Merle Rice and Mr. Beryl Lewis. Seniors Amy Smith and Dave Whisler look on as Mike Kipling works on a cathrode ray tube experiment in Phy-Chem. 60 Phy-Chem Modern Music Masters delve deeper into music Tri-M or the Modern Music Masters Club is a national honorary music society composed of about 50 mem- bers from major musical performing groups at Domeland, such as the Band, A ' Cappella, Chanticleers, and the Orchestra. Under the direction of Music Di- rector, Mr. David Piatt, the Tri-M Club tried to promote an interest in music. It also honored the talented and the devoted musicians. Tri-M officers for the year were Pat Falvy, president; Bridgett Stuckey, secretary; and Todd Grove, as the Club ' s treasurer. Membership in the club was deter- mined by the Tri-M actives and teach- ers on the basis of the student ' s schol- arship, character, cooperation, leader- ship, and service. Each member of Tri-M is required to spend a spike period of one semester in which active members can ask a spike for little favors. Tri-M officers are Bonnie Studebaker, Bridgett Stuckey, Bruce Turner, Pat Falvy and Todd Grove. Tri-M is a honorary club for music students. Tri-M members are (Front row) Sharon Snyder, Amy Smith, Debbie Richard, Linda McNeal, Debby Gething, Nevin Seeger, Todd Groves, Ross Johnson. (Second row) Anne Wearly, Jim Brunson, Cindy Gemhardt, Nancy Scheilenbach, Gay McMaken, Bridgett Stuckey, Linda Rennecker, Annette Winzeler, Earl Jackson. (Third row) Candy Kamphues, Jenne Miller, Chris Gerken, Denise Hoffman, Bonnie Studebaker, Pam Key, Sharon Rediger, Kay Carlson, Mark Steiner. (Back row) Marcia Welhnan, Pat Falvy, Lewie King, Bruce Turner, Chuck Conrad, Ed ColUns, Jim Miser, Rich Tuttle. Tri-M 61 Y-Teens members are (Front row) Frieda Perez, Junine Ellis, Karen Cecil, Nannette Mo- Bride, Kathy McMahon, Shirley Stogdell, Debbie Hall, Debbie Short. (Back row) Rachel Perez, Cathy Kammeier, Linda Eloph, Joann Foote, Melanie Fiscus, Kay Bentley, Karen Falls, Sherry Walker. Y-Teens promotes fellowship through YWCA Y-Teens worked in coordination with the YWCA to promote world fellowship. The service club was sponsored by Mrs. Georgianna Wat- kins and Mr. Keith Fischer, a new- comer to Domeland. Service projects included favors for the Veterans Hospital on Veterans Day, babysitting at the Christ Child Festival for Christmas, and participation in the YWCA ' s World Fellowship Festival. At Christmas, the Y-Teen members also made Santa candy jars and presented them to pa- tients at Lawton Nursing Home. Other projects pursued by the mem- bers, were a bake sale and a dart toss booth at the All-School Carnival. Christmas caroling and a slumber party were recreational activities of the club. The club was open to any girls interested in service. Y-Teens make Santa Claus candy jars for residents of Lawton Nursing Home. The jars were presented during the Christmas party held at the nursing home by members of the club. 62 Y-Teens Job opportunities seen by Business, Secretaries A Christmas party and a social event at the end of the year were a few of the activities of the Business Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Wilma Ashe. Business Club members learned about opportunities for employment in the community, and were encour- aged to further their education in the business field. Projects included a mod pen sale and the printing of tickets and pro- grams for school activities. A new branch of the National Fu- ture Secretaries of America Club was organized by the shorthand class. The purpose of the club, which was sponsored by Mrs. Irma Johnson, was to promote interest in secretarial work and to encourage further edu- cation in the secretarial field. Business Club members are (Front row) Darlene Fox, Becky Gordon, Pam Patterson, Freida Whittecar, Kathy Gardt, Connie Hanauer. (Second row) Ginny Jett, Cheryl Hoblet, Robin Calhoun, Gail Doell, Pam White, Mary Wraley. (Back row) Sharon Robotham, Becky Craddock, Kathy Swartz, Cheri Siemens, Mrs. Wilma Ashe. Secretary Club members are (Front row) Ann Winkleblack, Beth Farris, Connie Keller, Marsha Keesler, Beth Faulkner, Becky Cordon, Darlene Fox, Freda Whittacar, Becky Walker. (Second row) Carol Sherman, Joy Kitzmiller, Kathy Knuth, Deb Roehling, Vicki Valentine, Pam Goff, Connie Scott. (Back row) Sharon Robotham, Sue Warren, Mary Wraley, Elaine Wolever, Phyllis Thompson, Sue Anderson, Carol Rhodes, Mrs. Johnson. Business 63 Railroaders Club took field trips; Chess Club had competitive play The Railroad Club, under the spon- sorship of Mr. Merle Rice and Mr. Glenn Bickel, learned about railroads through movies and trips. Members visited the Penn-Central freight car shops. Another trip was to see private coach cars, including that of President Roosevelt. A spring trip took members to Chicago ' s Pullman car works. A new organization, the Chess club, was initiated at the end of last year for interested students. Sponsored by Mr. Alvin Harris, the club was formed to give students in- terested in playing chess a chance to compete with others in tournaments. Members also studied different tech- niques and strategies to improve their chess games. Chess Club members are (Front row) Paul Bums, Dan Fair, Kevin Kurckeberg, Brian Headings, Don Miser. ( Back row ) John Thompson, Jim Miser, David Yuhasz, Scott Weber, Ron Carter. f f.p lP f» Railroad club members are Richard Alford, Charles Wilier, Ed Collins, Gregg Carpenter, Gary Parkins, David Maus, David Doell, Ed Hefner, and Dave Glass. 64 Chess Raibroad Ripplettes members are (Front row) Laurie Yingst, Linda Boiler, Valerie Harper, Suzy Brickman, Barb Knuth, Sherry Nine, Karen Hartman, Beth Weber, Sandy Jesse. (Second row) Sue HoUopeter, Luaime Johnson, Connie Boyd, Barb Ross, Patti McBride, Patti Barkley, Barb Hanley, Renee Boitet, Dawn Hunter. ( Back row ) Janet Bossard, Jerrie Jerraid, Pat Weaver, Shirley Slagell, Cindy Sidwell, Jane Dornbush. Ripplettes learned stunts; A-V made own movies A-V Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Sandra Smith, operated tape recorders, record players, and pro- jectors. Members also held clinics to show teachers and other students how to use the audio-visual equipment. A-V sponsored two booths at the carnival. One was a balloon popping contest. The other showed movies which were made by some of the members. Members of Ripplettes learned synchronized swimming techniques and stunts under the direction of sponsors of Mrs. Lynn Beer and Mrs. Kaylene Long. In the fall, water workshops were sponsored by the club. After that, tryouts for new members were held. Activities of the club included a spring tea for mothers, a trip to Bloomington for the Indiana Uni- versity water show, and the annual Ripplettes water show. Audio- Visual members are (Front row) Ron Annis, Cheryl Shelky, Allan Knerr, Miss Sandra Smith. (Second row) Dave Glass, Jim Buchanan, Mike Reader, Jack Reader, Peter Morreale, Chuck Conrad. (Back row) John Steigmeyer, Ronnie Lewis, Don Smith, Harry Francies, Lynn Sanders, Paul Keller, Art Harris. Ripplettes AV 65 Varsity, Concert bands played at assemblies, games. The Concert Band consisted of al- most one hundred members this year as it played at all of North Sides concerts, including the Winter, Christmas, and Spring assemblies. It also played concerts at some junior high schools, and other high schools, and in contests when the schedule permitted. The Varsity Band was open to all wind and percussion players at North Side, and met every day for a full credit course, as did the Con- cert Band. It also played in all North Side concerts. Both bands performed with the Marching Band in the fall, although they each performed as a different concert unit. _ui r «H jai» Varsity Band members are (Front row) J. Brunson, N. Sievers, P. Harmeyer, V. Brown, J. Hinkle, G. Hoy. (Second row) C. Gething, K. Feller, M. Kolin, K. Jacobson, J. Keever, J. Gunsenhouser, T. Linder, J. Smith, J. Neill, A. Hughes, S. Hoffman, P. Reader, J. Tuttle, S. Battell, D. Herren, D. Lehrman, G. Hunt. (Third row) K. Putt, J. Studebaker, S. Weisz, D. Borders, T. Tapping, T. Wolf, M. Albright, D. Bartholomew, R. Cutigni, T. Pierce, D. |v ' : 1 1; i 1 Mbi Mrfiiili , " 1 , ff I HnIS m B iii pillUPM Concert Band members are (Front row) A. Winzeler, C. Kamphues, B. Studebaker, J. Sanders, M. Wellman, N. McBride, B. Zollars. (Second row) E. Jackson, G. Bly, C. Gerken, L. Derr, K. Carlson, B. Lewis, B. Bickham, K. Barkley, M. Timmons, T. Linder, D. Hall. (Third row) C. Malich, J. Ahlersmeyer, L. Judd, C. Abbott, D. Steams, W. Butler, D. Gething, N. Seeger, J. Brunson, T. Groves, J. Maus, J. Hoppel, S. Goshert, D. Jackson, T. Stacy. (Back row) C. Gething, L. Good, K. Feller, D. Hartup, S. Moreland, J. Bowman, C. Robinson, R. Hammond, D. Blackman, B. Harshbarger, P. Falvy, B. Kern, R. Johnson, E. Newhard, G. Schaefer. 66 Concert Band also enter Nisbova contest with superior rating Gaskill, S. Martin, D. Maus, D. Miser, D. Bickham, R. Ludwig. (Back row) B. Black, D. Ross, J. Harsch, D. Busian, B. Reighter, G. Jackson, K. Gilliam, D. Smith, R. Warner, B. Cunningham, B. Casey, Mr. Ashton, D. Hanover, R. Canaday, M. Welfle, D. Kinne. Absent are N. Hileman, S. Faux. a J Ml - !!• •% » i Concert Band members are (Front row) P. Weaver, J. Foote, S. Brickman, B. Dreyer, J. Peters, E. Stall, P. Diffendarfer, J. Stonebreaker. (Second row) J. Crawford, P. Carroll, A. Wearly, C. Kemery, S. Carmer, C. Mahlan, T. Stauffer, R. Alford, S. Watkins, G. Doell, R. Rogers, J. Bevington. (Third row) M. Erler, C. Schwartz, J. Deady, B. Wilson, T. Zumbaugh, M. Martin, M. Albright, S. Wolf, M. Mudrack, D. Miser, L. Moore, C. Conrad, E. Collins. (Back row) T. Hileman, B. Casey, R. Tuttle, R. Carter, Mr. Ashton, L. Fogle, M. Carter, D. Runkle, T. Blood, M. Steiner, J. Miser. (Absent) M. Kidd, L. King, M. Johnson, P. Barkley. Varsity Band 67 Orchestra members are ( Front row ) Debby Gething, Jenne Miller, Sharon Koenig, Rose Maciejewski. (Second row) Nancy Schellenbach, Mary Jo Dick, Becky Craddock, Amy Ruf, Waneta Kiefer, Janet Bossard, Darilyn Dickelman, Annette Winzeler. (Third row) Sharon Rediger, Pam Key, Cyrie Palmer, Deb Reimund, Connie Tye, Robert Rogers, Tom Linder, Chris Gerken, Earl Jackson. (Back row) my Smith, Trudy Albaugh, Mr. David Piatt, B.J. Kem, Bob Harshbarger, Jim Brunson, ' Wadd Grove. Orchestra performs in six concerts during year; Varsity The Varsity Choir, directed by Mr. Alvin Harris, was comprised of jun- iors, seniors, and a few sophomores that performed usually in concerts with the combined Training and Varsity Choirs. It consisted of more than 125 students. The Sophomore Training Choir, directed by Mr. Willard Holloway, was open to incoming students at North to better prepare them for auditioning for the performing groups of A ' Cappella and the Chanticleers. It participated in at least two con- certs during the year. Under the direction of Mr. David Piatt, the Orchestra played at many schools such as Forest Park, Franke Training and Varsity Choir members are (Front row) K. Simpson, D. Workman, J. Ellis, S. Tassler, K. Jacobson, L. Myers, D. Tronau, J. Lauber, A. Hughes, M. Helmke, B. Olofson, M. Bienz, P. Webb, B. Estep, K. McMahon. (Second row) M. Hobbs, R. Koontz, K. Krause, S. Elorantz, P. Clay, C. McComb, B. Heck, L. Kuester, S. Koenig, J. Hatch, V. Kirkpatrick, C. Schmidt, D. Keller, S. Layton, K. McKinnis, M. Kolin, S. Hoffman, J. Brunson, R. Knudson, B. Shepler, S. Oliver, R. Meshberger, T. Angel, D. Cooley, P. Modic, D. Faust. (Back row) D. Prumm, C. Kammeier, J. Tuttle, J. Patrick, J. Thompson, P. Fowler, K. Blazer, C. Barner, J. Hinkle, P. Harmeyer, V. Fiscus, J. Glusenkamp, C. Hoylman, V. Dale, K. Goshert, K. Falls, J. Griffith. 68 Orchestra Orchestra members are (Front row) Kathy Voirol, Jane Collins, Dave Gingrich, Denise Hoffman, Sarah Dick. (Second row) Chris Kemery, Tom Johnston, Judy Snyder, Bev Morris, Bridgett Stuckey, Cindy Lchrman, Debbie Hart. (Third row) Debbie Hall, John Crawford, Chuck Conrad, D. R. Brackman, Dave Bickham, Ross Johnson. (Back row) Nevin Seeger, James Musser, Mark Steir|y, Tom Blood, Ed Newhard, Mike Dilling, Carol Mallry, Helen Grimes. T| Choir performs with training choir ' s help Park, Riverside, Washington Center, Franklin, and Lakeside junior highs, and several others. The main purpose of the orchestra was to promote interest in music, and to give the students an opportunity to further develop their skills in the musical field. Chanticleers, the all-girl choir at North Side, sang accompanied b - the orchestra, as did the A ' Cappella choir, and the Troubadors. Training and Varsit ' Choir members are (Front row) B. Rollins, P. Davis, C. Simpson. S. Criswell, D. Kitchen, C. Diller, D. Jennings, E. Heffner, B. Cunningham, B, Junk. M. Albright, R. Smith, J. Schaffer, C. Fosnaugh, K. Foor. (Second rowl L. Miller. R. Doenges. Terri Zimmerman, C. Gething, B. Place, G. Hov, M. Folk, S. Shannon. (Back aiwl C. Miller, J. McBride, K. Putt, N. Sievers, K. Keller, K. Carter, G. Needham, M. Marino. J. Craig, T. Pierce, P. Reeder, D. Bickham, P. Lock-wood, M. Leach, D. Nicolet, T. Mills, G. Stemens, G. Scott, D. Linnemeier. Varsit - Choir Troubadour members are ( Front row ) D. R. Brackman, Annette Winzeler, Anne Wearly, Bonnie Studebaker, Regina Taber, Debbie Richard, Gay McMaken, Sharon Carpenter, Sharman Harter, Valerie Harper, Cindy Lehrman, Lyn Morken, Pete Percival. (Second row) Max High, Cindy Gernhardt, Marianne Blue, Sharon Snyder, Bridgett Shickey, Debby Gething, Janet Markey, Karol Hunt, Carol Maley, Anah Radatz. (Third row) Bill Loechner, Steve Inscoe, Ed Newhard, Brad Ford, Pat Falvy, Gary Bly, Dirk Wulff, James Meisser, Nevin Seeger. (Back row) Steve Goshert, Keith Showalter, Ron Carter, Steve Novell, Lewie King, Bruce Turner, Mark Steiner, Steve Heiniger, Dean Melchi, Mike Jacoby, Doug Brown. Three choral groups participate in concerts for service Nearly 90 voices chosen from the junior and senior classes composed the A ' Cappella choir, the schools largest performing choral group, which is directed by Mr. Willard Holloway. Members for A ' Cappella are chosen on the basis of auditions which are open to students in music groups as well as the general student body. A ' Cappella centered its attention on school concerts and assemblies and an occasional concert outside of school. A fall picnic and spring ban- (juet highlight its social activities. Thirty select voices chosen from the A ' Cappella choir composed the A ' Cappella members are (Front row) C. Sarrazin, M. Renner, C. Shoup, C. Lees, S. Lamb, B. Morris. (Second row) S. Cattin, B. Johnson, S. Brickman, S. Colpitts, B. Zollars, D. Dietz. (Third row) J. Blue, G. Poinsett, G. Hershberger, P. Blaising, R. Shupe, G. Shideler, L. Simmerman, B. Oswald. (Back row) J. Feasel, B. Wilson, M. Heffner, C. Boggs, R. Bock, D. Martin, T. Worley, S. Warner. 70 Troubadours, A ' Cappella Chanticleer members are (Front row) L. Bartlett, J. Clark, C. Smith, P. Smith, C. Ohnger, D. Romey, L. Nelson, L. McNeal, S. Heuer, C. Hoy, G. Hayes, M. Miller, D. Jeffery, B. Gruber, C. Gale, L. Messenger, J. Leitch, L. Yingst, E, Wasson, R. Jackson. (Second row) K. Fry, R. Walsh, S. Greene, C. Sherman, S. Armstrong, C. Wallace, C. Phillips, C. Muller, P. Bright, K. Heffelfinger, S. Uebelhoer, G. Robinson, S. Webster, K. Taylor, D. Hedges, K. Eberhardt, C. Ohler, D. Richey, R. Gutemiuth, B. Fisher, J. Lindsey. (Third row) B. Brady, B. Brand, J. Mossburg, E. Wetzel, D. Kroskie, S. Eastman, N. Misselhorn, C. Schoenlein, L. Ford, L. Eichman, L. Gutemiuth, M. Rogers, C. Gerken, M. Stevens, J. Pfeiffer, M. Chandler, S. Archer, C. Reppert, L. Keller, S. Babcock, M. Guethe. (Back row) P. Shearer, V. Phillips, M. Fiscus, I. Pietras, T. Bonifas, P. Cope, K. Anderson, K. Hiatt, P. Gennaitte, L. Rennecker, P. Schinbeckler, L. Eloph, M. Schafianski, S. Morlan, C. Malich, D. Elkins, N. Rupp, L. McMahon, S. Warren, C. McNeal, S. Ubrich. clubs, sing for churches, programs Troubadors, which represents the big choir in most of the outside-of- school concerts for service clubs, banquets, and various community programs. The Chanticleers, North Side ' s only all girl choir, consisted of 94 junior and senior girls, the largest number ever. Members became part of the Tri-M music organization for the first time this year, and played at the American Veterans Hospital, Townhouse Retirement Home, N.S. H.S. Alumni Mothers, and several churches. A ' Cappella members are (Front row) J. Skinner, J. Snv der, D. Dale, D. Hansen, L. Derr, R. Boitet. (Second row) G. Brinker, S. Davis, L. Wilson, P. Knispel, T. Zahn, C. Renn. (Third row) R, Meek, G. Brantley, B. Langmeuer, M. Dilling, J. Branson, H. Balkenbusch, T. Lockwood, T. Scheyn. (Back row) M. Johnson, C. Johnson, C. Wolfe, B. Junk, K. Cismowski, T. Purkhiser, J. Woodward, B. Bickhani. Chanticleers 71 Girls perform at half-time for ball games Reserve cheerleaders created new cheers under the direction of Mrs. Lynn Beer, physical education teacher. The cheerleaders were divided into four groups who took turns cheering at reserve games. A project of the group was the sale of booster buttons at the beginning of the football season. Arrowettes, sponsored by Mrs. Betty Wagner, consisted of twirlers and pom- pom girls. The group performed at North ' s home football and basketball games. At the Indiana State Band Contest, both twirlers and pom-poms took first places. Arrowettes also sold candy for the music department. Arrowette members are (Front row) Kathy Miller, Barb Shepler, Jill Lauber, Diane Neith, LuAnne Johnson, Loutricia Darling, Peggy Kinder. (Second row) Pat Casey, Sue Irmscher, Chris Kemery, Barb Zc ' lars, Debbie Reimund, Kay Powers, Kaneta Krause. (Back row) Pam White, Nannette McBride, Carla Sayler, Janet Sanders, Marcia Wellman, Shelley Moreland, Sherry Nine. KrPi! m wit L ' Jl ■ ' k1 ' moL ■ 1 1 ■ ♦. w ' ■ U.I k l H 1 ' £ ■ r 1. :• •V .Why. 1. %3 WMl mJL 1 vw KlK M HpI iL tll IllVj I 1 JU mw -b •,V5 ' ,i .jn ' ' S ' % _ ■i ' VH wrmin uu. f M - nc f-» »SB ' y JM Reserve cheerleaders are (Front row) Rhonda Lewton, Sharon Layton, Vikki Dale, Tami Zahn, Sandy Scheele, Cathv Goshert, Kim Schieferstein. (Second row) Beth Fremion, Cathy Key, Kay McKinnis, Bev Christman. Cheryl Zirkle, Kathy Manes, Deb Bowlin. Jane Nicodemus, Renee Boitet. (Back row) Patty Pion, Claire Randall. Terri Zimmerman. Linda Gaskill, Janet Bossard, Phyllis Meredith, Trudy Albaugh, Deb Holom, Carla Eheler, Kathy Madrid, Denise Hartup. 72 Twirlers-Reserves Dance Bands concentrate on jazz fundamentals ' ildsider members are (Front row: Paul Reeder. Mike Mudrack, Robert Rodgers Earl Jackson Tmi Stauffer .Second row) D. R. Brackman. Jim Miser. Dennis Runkle, Mark Carte Tom Blood Ross Johnson. (Back rowl Debbie Gething, Steve Goshert, Nevin Seeger, Jim Branson, Todd Grove, Leslie Judd. Led by Mr. Barry Ashton, the Wild- siders consisted of 18 students who were selected by auditioning last year. The members of Wildsiders met before school and received no academic credits. Six saxophones, four trombones, four trumpets, a pianist, a drummer, a gui- tarist, and a string base player were the instrumental parts used in the Wild- siders. The big band players dealt mostly with jazz. They participated in school concerts as well as social functions, and the NISBOVA band contest. Two dance bands that primarily con- centrated on the fundamentals of jazz were directed by Mr. Fred Autenrieth. These two dance bands were for gaining knowledge and skill rather than for per- formance. 1 1 Rehearsal Stage Band members are (Front row) Dave Lehrman, Gordon Hunt. Don Heeren Sue Hoffman, Scott Carmer, Dave Bickham. (Second row) Dave Hanuer, Donn kinne B Ton Black, Tom Hileman, Rick Ludwig, Doug Smith. (Back row) Mark Albright, Dave Bartholomew, Carl Schwartz, Tim Pierce, Rick Cutigni. .absent were Steve Wolf and Jean Deady. Dance Bands 73 the Dome ' s eternal memories SPORTS The existence of renovation caused several problems for the sports-mind- ed Redskin fans. During the football season spectators walked around the workmen ' s machinery until the stadium was finished for the Homecoming game with Snider. The cross-country team was without dress- ing rooms for their entire season. The tennis team repeated as city cham- pions for the third straight year and captured the Sectional meet. The varsity football team had a good season with a 4-5 record. The reserves went the entire season without recording a single loss and only one tie. Football coaches formed a ' Scalpers Club ' to reward players for excellence in performing on the defen- sive team. North records 4-5 record against football foes, I Head coach Duane Brown led the Redskin football team to a 4-3 city record and a 4-5 overall. The Red and White won their first game then dropped a pair of one point losses to city foes. Senior fullback Bill Cowan led the team in total points scored. Offensively the Skins out scored their opponents with a 10.2 to 9.5 points per game. South Side re- tained the spirit stick by beating the Redskins 14-8. North won the Homecoming game against Snider in the most obverse conditions by a 6-0 tally. Assistant coach Joe DiPetro started i new honorary club called The ffikl .:alpers Club for the defensive line. Each player was rated on his per- formance and the boys that ac- cummulated enough points from each of five positions; end, linebacker, tack- le, guard, and safety are admitted to the club. Senior half-back Greg Adams takes advantage of the hole in the line of scrimmage made by the fellow members of the team to gain extra yardage. Fullback Bill Cowan rambles his way past a mob of Elmhurst defenders to pick up a first down. 76 Varsity Football coach forms ' Scalpers Club ' Defensive end Dean Melchi brings down the Central ball carrier, cutting the ground play again short. Half-back Larry Brown maneuvers out of the grasp of his Muncie Central defender. The Redskins won their first home contest 14-6. HP " Varsity Scores vi NS 14 Muncie Central 6 NS 14 Central 15 NS 6 Bishop Luers 7 NS 8 South Side 14 NS 14 Dwenger 7 NS 7 Goshen 12 NS 19 Central Catholic 10 NS 14 Elmhurst 15 NS 6 Snider Quarterback Chuck Scheele watches the opposing defensive players as Greg Adams blocks the nearest man to him on the end run play. North Side beat Dwenger after the loss Dwenger gave them the year before. Varsity Football 77 Skins win over Panthers in Homecoming game Varsity team members are (Front row) Keith Showalter, Tasco Williams, Chuck Scheele, Ron Ar- nett, John Gray, Rick Bair, Greg Adams, Steve Heiniger, Kevin Achenbach, Mark Timmons, Tom Noble, loe Fremion, John Bosse, Larry Brown. (Second row) Robert Shelton, Bruce Ackerman, Howard Balkenbusch, Ed Newhard, Pat O ' Brien, Dean Melchi, Will Khne, Tom Zimmerman, Rob Chappuis, Bill Cowan, Norm Brown, Jim Benecke. (Third row) Al Figel, Norm Seaman, Dave Anderson, Rick Werling, Lonnie Lamb, Richard Meeks, Mike Kessler, Greg Mertz, Dave DeVoe, Pat Murphy, Ed Cook, Greg Hinton. (Fourth row) Richard Gaskill, Bill Bicham, Mike Mudrack, Mark Adams, Dennis Parker, Dan Gebhardt, Dan Luce, Bruce Henschen. (Back row) Managers Jerry Anderson, Bob Davis, Greg Schafer, Greg Wood, Richard Miller, coaches, Mr. Joe DiPetro, Mr. Duane Brown, Mr. Donald Hunter. Absent was coach Tom Doehrman. Senior Tom Noble hits the Central Catholic quarterback causing him to fumble the pigskin. During the Snider game the Redskin team played in a field of mud, as it rained the entire game. The ' Skins won the homecoming game 6-0. 78 Varsity Football NS 10 Elmhurst NS 14 Concordia 6 NS 28 Bishop Luers NS 6 Bishop Dwenger 6 NS 14 Snider 12 NS 8 Columbia City NS 20 New Haven NS Central Forfeit Reserves Bruce Ackerman and Jim Savage make a tackle to stop their opponents. Bob Shelton, Jim Deveau, and Mark Chappius aid them. Mighty reserves finish with impressive 7-0-1 North Side ' s reserve football team compiled an impressive seven win, no loss, and one tie record. The tie came in a rain soaked game with the Bishop Dwenger team. That score was low with each team scoring only six points apiece. The Central reserves were forced to forfeit because of injuries. South Side reduced their schedule for their reserve team so Columbia City came to take South ' s place on our schedule. The reserves beat them eight to nothing. The team rolled over Bishop Luers with their highest scores of the season, a 28-0 victory. Six of the eight games played were recorded as shut-outs. iHriiB - f : •VIH Silt- 63 Ti A ' aiiK WOk Reserve team members are (Front row) M. Chappuis, R. Anspach, R. Argebright, J. Savage, D. Longley, T. Nix, M. Leach, S. Waikel, K. Strack, G. Wood. (Second row) J. Henschen, S. Bogenschultz, W. Lasley, R. Sweeney, L. Hinsch, G. Andrew, D. Preston, G. Noble, J. Woodruff. (Back row) R. Gaskill, E. Leffler, D. Anderson, R. Cutigni, P. Reeder, M. Parnin. Absentees are P. Achenbach, K. Baney, G. Gray, T. Habegger, S. Doering, R. Nunn, R. Junk, M. Patterson. Reserve 79 Varsity team members are (front row) Steve Pulver, Tom Smith, Tim Zumbaugh, Russ Hutson, Pat Murphy. (Back row) Coaches Duane Rowe and, David EsterHne, DeWayne Hartup, Joe Lombard, Bill Loechner, Mark Norris, Bill Junk, Rich Yost, John Knuth, Bob Wilson, coach John Walters. North graduate returns to coach cross-country. Coaches John Walters and Duane Rowe wait patiendy for the finish of Sectionals at Schoff Park. The team finished in 4th place. I Cross Country NS 27 LaPorte 32 NS 22 Valparasio 39 NS 31 DeKalb 25 NS 15 Lima 50 NS 35 Elmhurst 22 NS 16 New Haven 42 NS 15 Voncordia 50 NS 18 Central 50 NS 1st Goshen Invitational NS 20 Dwenger 37 NS 20 Central Catholic 41 NS 26 South Side 29 NS 28 Snider 28 NS 15 Luers 48 NS 3rd Shortridge Invitational NS 3rd Sectionals NS 5th LaPorte Invitationals NS 6th Regionals Junior Tim Zumbaugh strides toward the finish in the Sectionals. Tim was North ' s only boy to go to the state meet. Assistant coach, David Esterline talks with members of the reserve team before the Shortridge Invitational meet, North took 3rd place. NS 22 Elmhurst 35 NS 16 New Haven 42 NS 15 Concordia 50 NS 15 Central 50 NS 25 South Side 33 NS 15 Central Catholic 46 NS 15 Dwenger 50 ; NS 40 Snider 19 i NS 18 Luers 48 NS 3rd Shortridge Invitationals Tim Zumbaugh wins Regiona l This year the cross-country coaches, Duane Rowe and John Walters were joined by David Esterline. Mr. Es- terline graduated from North and ran for the Redskin ' s cross-country team. He will also assist in the coaching the track team. The Varsity Squad had a 2-1 record. Junior, Tim Zumbaugh proved to be a consistant finisher for the Redskins. Zumbaugh placed third in the Sec- tional cross-country meet, then the next weekend, he placed first in the Regionals. The Redskin team finished sixth in the Regionals. Zumbaugh was North ' s only participant in the state cross-country meet. The only Invita- tional meet victory the cross-country team captured was the Goshen meet. Reserve team members are (Front Row) Bob Bridges, Mark Newell, Tom Smith, Pat Murphy. (Back Row) Coach Duane Rowe, Ken Buckle, Bob Harris, Randy Diller, Larry Longardner, Dan Culver, Coaches John Walters, and David Esterline. Cross Country 81 Exercise from Intramurals kept ' Skins in shape, both With an 8-5-3 record, the Packers won the boys intramural football season. In the double elimination tourney the Zipples beat F-Troop by a score of 14 to 8. To find the overall champion, the tourney winners played the regular season champions for the title. In this game the Zipples edged by the Packers 18 to 12. During the winter months under the direction of Mr. Will Doehrman, the boys played volleyball and basketball. Girls intramurals met on Thursdays after school and for any girl who had released time, seventh period. The girls were not required to participate in every activity, just the ones they chose. Directed by Miss Kathleen Sparks, their activities included soc- cer, volleyball, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, softball, and badminton. Intramural Football Standings Packers Zipples Arnold ' s F-Troop 8-5-3 9-7-0 7-8-1 4-8-4 The members winning football intramurals are (Front row) Gary Spice, Floyd Winget, Don Widmann. (Back row) Rich Seewald, Mike Birge, Kevin Cismowshi, Dennis Jackson. Senior Gary Huguenard lays up the basket- ball during a recent intramural game. Don Widmann watches as his opponent scores. ' Skins team member Mark Kidd hooks the ball over his opponent ' s out-stretched hands. The shirts move in hoping for a rebound. 82 Intramurals boys and girls participated Being tied up by an opponent, Mr. Doehmian puts on a good showing for the teachers. The other faculty members playing are Mr. Staffer, Mr. Brown and Mr. Hunter. Getting involved in the game, girls in the volleyball phase of intramurals collide as they try to return the ball. Mr. Duane Brown tries to block the shot of the opposition as o ther faculty members move in for a possible rebound. Intramurals 83 Members of the varsity wrestling team are (Front row) Ted Betley: mgr., Tasco Williams, Mark Newell, Tom Smith, Keith Wilis, Bruce Hagen, Jim Bosserman, Mark Adams. (Back Row) Rich Seewald; mgr., Larry Brown, Mr. Keith Fisher; asst. coach, Ed Cook, Kermis Runkle, Norm Brown, Bob Anspach, Mr. Donald Himter; coach. Dermis Parker, Kevin Baney; mgr. Smith, Parker, Ellis, lead in individual records The varsity team finished with a two win and nine loss record, but had several individual standouts among them ranks two juniors and a senior in individual performances. The juniors were Tom Smith with a twelve and four record, and Dennis Parker with a eleven win and five loss record. Keith Ellis was the out- standing senior with ten wins, five losses, and one tie record. The re- serve team finished with a seven, three, and one record. North 11 South Side 37 North 31 Central 25 North 26 DeKalb 30 North 21 Bellmont 31 North 29 East Noble 21 North 16 Warsaw 36 North 15 New Haven 37 North 4th New Haven Tournament North? Snider 44 North 4th Goshen Tournament North 22 Elmhurst 23 North 18 Goshen 26 North 21 Concordia 24 Mark Adams, one of three sophomores that made varsity, concentrates on ways to gain the advantage on his opponent from East Noble. The Redskins beat them 29 to 21. 84 Wresthng Experience shows with 7-3-1 reserve record Wrestling in the 109 pound weight class junior Tom Smith tries for the pin against his Goshen opponent. Tom had the best individual record with 12 wins against 4 losses. tunior Dennis Parker, who wrestles in the eavyweight division, had the second best individual record with a 11-5 record. Senior Norm Brown uses a headlock to pin his opponent from East Noble. Norm along with Larry Brown were co-captains this year. astBiBW i MWWiiyWiiftMi l ip ■fffi S ' l ' Members of the reserve wrestling team are (Front row) Dan Kilty, Fred McClure, Russ Hut- son, Tom Zimmerman, Bob Bridges, Ken Chivington, Steve Pulver. (Back row) Mr. Donald Hunter, coach; Rick Catidy, Scott Brady, Mark Chappius, Dave Wearly, Bill Lamsley, Dan Augenbright, Chuck Bair, Mr. Keith Fisher. Wrestling 85 Swim team adopts ' Red Wave ' as new name. Reviewing the day ' s events, Coach Dohrman confers with Red Wave captain John Hend- rickson about the team ' s accomplishments. Pushing off at the start of the 400 yaid medley relay, Reid Nelson swims the backstroke Other relay members are Dave Bossard, breaststroke, Greg Suit, butterfly, and Doug Cook freestyle. ' Swimming varsity, Doug Cook and his team- mate swimming exhibition, Kim Pontius start the 400 yard relay at the Kokomo Haworth meet. North 23 Snider 72 North 36 Kokomo 59 North 53 Madison Height 5 42 North 44 Goshen 51 North 49 Marion 46 North 65 Concxjrd 30 North 40 Penn 55 3rd Goshen Invitational North 40 Haworth 55 North 31 Snider 64 T f! P Attempting a fast start, junior Mike De- Brular springs from the pool ' s edge contem- plating a top position in the 100 yard back- stroke. Swimming sophomore Tom Wermuth only ' Skin at state meet In Mr. Tom Dohrman ' s first year as coach, the swim team had a three win and six loss record. Discarding the nickname " Tankers " , Mr. Dohrman re- named the team. Red Wave. Practic- ing twice a day from November to February helped the Red Wave bring their times down for competition. After being invited to the Goshen Relays, the team finished in third po- sition. Sophomore Tom Wermuth was the only swimmer from North to qualify for state competition, while junior Greg Mertz placed fourth in the div- ing division at the sectional meet. In the state meet, Wermuth set a new school record 100 yard breast- stroke of 1:07. Senior, John Hendrickson has the advantage over his opponents from Marion at the be- ginning of the 400 yard freestyle. The swim team members are ( Front row ) Kim Pontius, Greg Suit, Nevin Seeger, Tom Patton, Pat Knight. (Second row) Dan Wire, Coach Dohrmann, Dave Bossard, John Hendrickson, Ron Annis, Ron Baker, Dave Daniels, Reid Nekon. (Third row) Mark Albright, Kevin Ferguson, Steve Redding, Mike Debrular, Doug Cook. Tom Wermuth, Greg Mertz. Not pres- ent are Craig Lamson, Tom Benecke, and John Feasel. Swimming 87 Cheering squad spreads enthusiasm and spirit Seven of the reserve cheerleaders perform one of their many cheers at a reserve game. A group of seven reserve cheerleaders are present at every reserve game. into spectators The cheerleading squad was made up of four seniors and two juniors. The senior members of the squad were Cindy Gernhart, Shannon Har- ter, Pam Mertz, and Sandy Fick. Carol Masloob and Gayle Brinker were the two underclass members. Sandy Fick was chosen as the captain of the team. At summer cheerleading camp the team brought back two first place and two second place rib- bons for their routines. The squad won second place for the team com- petition. Cindy was top finisher from North with a second place finish in individual scoring. Mrs. Beer sponsored the cheerlead- ers. In addition to the uniforms handed down from past squads the girls added some new uniforms and accessories. The girls enthusiasm helped the students to show their support of the Redskins. The varsity cheerleaders are Captain Sandy Fick, Pam Mertz, Shannon Harter, Gayle Brinker, Carol Masloob, and Cindy Gernhart. The squad took second place in summer cheerleading camp. 88 Cheerleaders The varsity cheerleaders go through the cheer, " Team " during a time-out at one of North ' s home games. The girls do much to keep the enthusiasm in North Side ' s fans. Senior Mike TuUey hstens for a response from the crowd for his cheer. As Cere- monial Indian Mike attends all home games. Varsity Cheerleaders perform the chant " Wendy " with the girls ' and boys ' cheer- blocks singing and clapping along. This year the boys cheerblock put some color into their routine. They bought red T-shirts with N.S.H.S. on the front. Cheerleaders 89 Senior Chuck Scheele attempts to block the shot of his opponent from Bishop Dwenger. The team won easily for their final city victory, 76-61. Coach Hey, team win first city title in 16 years; Head coach By Hey led the varsity team to a perfect 8-0 city record to win North ' s first city title since 1954. This was coach Hey ' s first city title as head coach. Senior guard Steve Heiniger won the individual scoring honors in the city by compiling 417 points in twenty games for an 20.85 points per game average. Steve topped the thirty points per game mark a total of four times throughout the season. Offensively North scored 1460 points for a 73-points per game aver- age, while their opponents scored 1,290 points for 64.50 average. In the Dwenger Tourney North beat Bishop Luers in the first game by 81-53 tally, but lost to Snider in the championship game by a 71-63 score. A new high game score by a North Side team was set at the South Bend Riley game as North topped them 98.74. North had only one game into overtime action during the regular season, and that was the game with Central it took two overtime periods before North came out on top by a 68-63 score. Doug Brown jumps with the center from Michigan City to start the second period of play. North lost to the Bed Devils, 83-74. Michigan City was a top team in the press polls and they gave the team their first-loss. 90 Basketball John Ankenbruck and Doug Brown have surprised looks on their faces as the referee calls a foul on South Side. South Side player No. 40 objects to the call, but North still walked away with the game. end season with 8-0 city record, 15-5 overall Center Doug Brown shoots over the hands of Snider ' s Dave Elmer, who was an inch shorter than Doug. It was quite a battle between the centers. Steve Heiniger hooks toward the basket as he is closely guarded by his DeKalb op- ponent. Doug Brown comes to assist Steve and the team wins by six, 66-60. Senior forward John Ankenbruck adds two more points to North ' s romp over South Side at the Coliseum. The final score of that game was 73 to 59. Basketball 91 Heiniger wins city scoring title with 417 points Varsity team members are (front row) Tim Seifert; mgr., Mike Kipling, Al Wermuth, Rich Yost, Chuck Scheele, Steve Heiniger, Kevin Cismowski, Bill Cowan, Dave Bartholomew; mgr., Kim Morey; mgr.. Chuck Conrad. (Back row) Martin Curdes; mgr., John Ankenbruck, Doug Longely, John Woodward, Doug Brown, Dan Gebhart, Larry Longardner, Joe Lombard, Mr. Will Doehrman; asst, coach, Mp John Stauffer; asst. coach, Mr. By Hey, head coach. Varsity Scores Nortli65 Goshen 62 North 68 Central 63 North 74 Michigan City 83 North 74 Bishop Luers 58 North 98 South Bend Riley 74 North 83 Snider 58 North 68 Kokomo 70 North 2nd Dwenger Tourney North 54 Central Catholic 52 North 77 New Haven 64 North 64 Muncie South 79 North 61 Kokomo Haworth 71 North 73 South Side Terre Haute 59 North 81 Garfield 65 North 74 Columbia City 64 North 66 Goshen 60 North 74 Elmhurst 64 North 88 Concordia 59 North 76 Bishop Dwenger 61 Head coach Mr. Hey claps his hands to show his approval of the team ' s plays against Central Catholic at the CoUseum. Sitting on the bench are assistants Mr. Stauffer and Mr. Doehrman. 92 Basketball Reserve player Mike Rich drives around his opponent from Michigan City. The reserves beat the Red Devils on their home floor. Junior Ralph Ravoskis is all alone for a ayup and two more points for the team. The reserves finished with a 14-6 record. Coaches Mr. Will Doehrman and Mr. John StaufFer led the reserves to a 16-4 record. This record equals the new record set last year of 16-4. Top scoring honors went to Larry Lon- gardner, a junior, with 185 points. Four other boys managed to score at least 100 points, these were Todd Ha- begger, 157, Bruce Ackerman, 156, Kevin Cismowski, 154, and Mike Rich, with 138 points. The team scored 1001 points for the season. This resulted in a 50.1 points per game average offensively. The opponents scored 839 points for a 41.9 points per game average. The team made 38% of their shots from the field and 58% of their shots from the free-throw line. 16-4 record compiled by understudies for season Reserve team members are (front row) Bob Haverstock, Kevin Cismowski, Bruce Ackerman, Dave Anderson, Mark Stine, Greg Needham. (Back row) Gary Gray, Doug Longley, Larry Longardner, Bob Hinga, Todd Habegger, Pat Lockwood, Scott Waikel. Basketball 93 Junior Gayle Brinker pauses a moment from her cheering to view the action on the court displayed by the Redskins and the C.C. IriMi. Capturing Sectional One ' s Championship, captains Doug Brown, John Ankenbruck, and Steve Heiniger accept the Redskin trophy from Robert Armstrong, Snider ' s athletic director. Basketball, Hoosier Hysteria, in tourney form " Tip it to the North, " Doug Brown, center, outjumps Panther Brian Sickafoose to lead North in a sectional one victory. One of the Redskins ' three captains, John Ankenbruck, maneuvers past Dave Elmer, Snider ' s center, to go in for a lay-up. John accumulated twenty points during the first sectional game. 94 Tourney Redskin forward John Ankenbruck finds that shooting becomes more difficult as the compe- tition gets taller and tougher. His lay-up attempt is cut short by Snider ' s center Dave Elmer. Senior guard Rich Yost moves in to inter- cept a Woodlan player. Rich sees plenty of action as a substitute. brings much excitment to Redskin land. Steve Heiniger drives around three of Woodlan ' s Warriors as they watch in amazement. The Red and White won over the Warriors, who were the Allen County Champion this year, 88-57. Doug Brown made the winning basket of the DeKalb game in the closing seconds, enabhng North to win 54-52. North beat the Central squad by five points, earning the regional title with a 68-63 score. But the season finally came to an end in the first game of the semi- state. Carmel made two points with two seconds left on the clock to de- feat the Redskins, 61-59. Tourney 95 Sectional win topped tennis team season For the third straight year the Redskin tennis team captured the city championship. By batthng and defeat- ing the Concordia Cadets, the team secured the city title in a 4-3 match. With Mr. Myron Henderson coaching the team, they added the sectional tennis crown to their array of ac- complishments. The team placed third in the regionals. Senior John Ankenbruck, served as the tennis team captain. Senior Richard Seewald tallied up the best individual record of the season with 25- wins and 5-losses. Tennis team members are (Front row) Martin Curdes, John Moreland, Jim Hoppel, Rich Seewald. (Back row) Don Widmann, Mark Stine, John Ankenburck, John Woodward, a1 Wer- muth. Coach Myron Henderson. Tennis Scores NS 5 Central Catholic 2 NS 6 Elmhurst 1 NS 5 Bluffton 2 NS 4 South Invitational NS 4 Goshen 3 NS 7 Lakeland NS 5 Snider 2 NS 7 Warsaw NS 6 South Side 1 NS 4 North Manchester 3 NS 5 Bishop Luers 2 NS 6 East Noble 1 NS 1 Sectionals NS 7 Central NS 4 Concordia 3 NS Regionals Senior and third-year tennis team veteran Jim Hoppel awaits his opponent ' s opening serve of the match. Senior Al Wermuth concentrates as he prepares to return the ball to his opponent, a victim of the Redskin ' s tennis power. 96 Tennis Golf coach Lewis has four returning lettermen NS 213 Bishop Luers 224 NS 219 Central Catholic 214 NS 197 Garrett 205 NS 194 Snider 201 NS 194 South Side 189 NS 215 Bishop Luers 220 NS 201 Central Catholic 208 NS 228 South Side 212 NS 206 New Haven 199 NS 228 Elmhurst 206 NS 192 Central 237 NS 195 Snider 211 NS 202 Columbia City 213 NS 2n( J Tie Lake Hills Invitational NS 20.3 South Side 190 NS 202 Garrett 229 NS 201 Concordia 213 NS 226 Elmhurst 218 NS 3rd City Tourney NS Sth [ Sectionals Golf coach Beryl Lewis discusses a list of prospective meinbers for this years golf team with let- terman Mel Siler. Coach Lewis announces the members in Maich Rod Butler, senior returnee letterman, kicks up some sand as he chips his way out of a sand trap. The team had a 11-7 season. Senior John Ankenbruck concentrates to sink a putt during a golf meet. In a golf meet the team with the lowest score wins. IP WW WR " Golf 97 the Dome ' s eternal memories REDSKINS Entering a darkened classroom five minutes late was not an unusual hap- pening in Domeland. Renovation brought with it many classrooms with windows covered in black plastic, clocks that wouldn ' t work, and a bell system that didn ' t operate. Renovation didn ' t keep the Redskins from their normal school ac- tivities. Spirit Week highlighted the finish of football and united the three classes with one common goal; to sup- port the Redskin team and coaches. With the help of the faculty members, the student body was able to work toward a better future through cooperation, guidance, and friendship. ijl ' v 1 i jj , ( B Wr .0k— -iiiii - ' Busy moments kept Dr. Anthis schedule full of Redskin events " Big Chief of Domeland, Dr. Bill C. Anthis takes time out of his bus y schedule as a principal to ponder over important upcoming school issues. Completing his twelveth year at Domeland and si.xth as principal. Dr. Bill C. Anthis guided the Redskins through a busy schedule of school ac- tivities. Despite difficulties resulting from renovation, such as no working clocks, no bell system, and the shuffling of classrooms. Dr. Anthis continued the regular Redskin routine with a smile. Outside Domeland activities. Dr. Anthis belongs to the American Legion, Forest Park Methodist Church, Miisonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, and Rotary. He is also a life member of the state PTA. ' a]edictorian in his senior year at Patoka High, Dr. Anthis, in 1967 was listed in " Who ' s Who in the Midwest. " He recieved his bachelor ' s and master ' s at Indiana State University and obtained his doctor ' s degree from Indiana Lhiiversity. Dr. Anthis ' busy schedule keeps him on the move every d.n, helpmg in making decisions as well as attending conferences. Mrs. Lehman aided Dr. Anthis in many ways. She could be seen often passing out daily bulletins in the halF 100 Faculty Clay, Miss Jody Secretary to Assistant Principal Cowan, Mrs. Mary Ann Registrar Durfey, Mrs. Ellen Study Hall Harris, Mr. Alvin Guidance, Varsit - Choir, Tri-M Sponsor Hayner, Mrs. Gladys Secretary to Guidance Department Hinton, Mr. Charles Dean of Boys Klocke, Mrs. Dolores Guidance Coordinator Lehman, Mrs. Ann Secretiiry in Main Office Lonbard, Mrs. Dorothy Library secretary Loper, Mrs. Betty Attendance Malecek, Mrs. Freeda English Clerk Niemeyer, Mr. Fred Head Custodian Paris, Mrs. Marjorie Cafeteria Manager Rupnow, Mrs. Juanita Stud - Hall Shepler, Mrs. Maxine Secretap. ' to Athletic Department Shutt, Mrs. Man ' Kay Secretar to Principal Smith, Miss Sandra Librarian, Audio Visual Coordina tor, AV club Stafford, Mrs. Fae I Librarian, Library Club y Stanczak, Mrs. Majorie Treasurer Tiniler, Mr. Steven Guidance Counselor Todd, Miss Sandra Dean of Girls Traster, Mr. Robert .Athletic Director Updike, Mr. .Max Assistant Principal Wagner, Mrs. Bett ' Study Hall, Book Room, Arrowette The final decisions made in counseling students to obey the rules of Domeland was made by Miss Todd and Mr. Hinton. Faculty 101 Anderson, Mrs. Vesta Beginning Typing Ashe, Mrs. Wilma Clerical Practice, Advanced Short- hand, business club Ashton, Mr. Barr ' Band, Allied Arts Autenrieth, Mr. Fred Enghsh, Stage Band Avers, Miss Virginia Consumer Economic Problems, Typing, Junior business Training Baugh, Mrs. Betty Home Economics Beer, Mrs. Lynn Guidance, Girls ' Physical Educa- tion, Cheerleaders, Cheerblock, Rip- plettes. Leader Corps Bell, Miss Marjorie Art, Daffi Dabblers, Art Depart- ment Head Bickel, Mr. Glen Geometr ' , Trigonometry, College Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Key Club Sponsor Bill, Mr. John Metalworking BonefT, Miss Sandra English, Spanish, Z Club Sponsor Bott, Mr. Larry English Brown, Mr. Duane U. S. History, Head football Coach Brudney, Mrs. Ann English Cassill, Mr. William Engineering, Drawing Certain, Mr. Ronald Economics, Sociology, Communism Seninar, Key Club Sponsor Clark, Mr. Charles Advanced Algebra, Math Depart- ment Head Crocker, Mrs. Edna Home Economics, Department Head Decker, Mr. Dale Business Arithmetic, General Busi- ness, Typing I De Young, Mr. John English, Speech, Highliters Sponsor Di Pietro, Mr. Joe Boys Physical Education, Football, Assistant Coach Doehrman, Mr. Will Boys Physical Education, Guidance, Basketball Assistant Coach, De- partment Head Dohrmann, Mr. Thomas German, Football Assistant Coach Edwards, Mr. Robert Beginning and Advanced Wood, IndustrialArts Department Head Esterline, Mr. David Social Studies PTA officers are Mrs. James Purkhiser, president; Mrs. Richard Curdes, treasurer; Mrs. Albert E. Martin, vice-president; Mr. Charles Hinton, second vice-president; Mrs. Laurance Sinierman, secretary; .Absent Mr. James Purkhiser and Mr. Albert E. Martin. 102 Faculty I Spfm Oflk Spoiiso: KuiUtUy, Miss Until U.S. History, Studriit Ci sor, Niitioiiiil Honor .Socii-ty .Spoii sor K. ' llcr, Mr. Chiirli-s World History, U.,S. History Fislicr, Mr. Noriiiiiii Ocv(loi)iiii ' ntiil HcadiiiK, Swim CumU Fleck, Mr. Cicon U.S. History, Social Studies Depart incut Head CJerbcr, Mrs. Sherry Spanish, Z-(Jlnh Sponsor CJoon, Mr. Dale Advanced Typing (JrilT ' ith, Mrs. Judith General Business, Typing I liamm, Mr. Donald Marketing, Coojierative Education, Key Cli OEA Sponsor Heath, Mr. John D. English, Beginning and Advanced Speech, Speech and Debat ' C;liil) Sponsor, NFL Sponsor, Debate and Speech team Coach Henderson, Mr. Myron Government, Tennis Coach Hey, Mr. Byard Geometry, Trigonometry, FTA Sponsor, Head Basketball Coach Holiovvay, Mr. Willard A Cappella, Troubadours, Training Choir, Tri-M Sponsor Humphrey, Mr. Fred English Hunter Mr. Donald Algebra, Head Wrestling Coach, Football Assistant Coach Hutmacher, Mrs. Jacqueline General Business, Typing I, Begin- ning Shorthand, Z-Club Sponsor Ivy, Mr. Hyrle Jr. industrial Cooperative Training, VICA Club Sponsor, Track Assist- ant Coach Johnson, Mrs. Irma Shorthand Lemke, Mr. Paul Spanish, MLC Sponsor, Foreign Language Department Head Lewinski, Mr. James English, Creative Writings, Student Council Sponsor, National Honor Society Sponsor Lewis, Mr. Beryl Chemistry, Phy-Chem Club Spon- sor Little, Miss Elizabeth English, Senior Class Sponsor, Eng- lish Department Head Long, Mrs. Kaylene English, Reading Malott, Mr. John Government McBane, Mrs. Donna English McClead, Mr. Donald Art Merriman, Mrs. Gladys English Mitchell, Mr. WilHam Biology Morrow, Mrs. Sharon English, French Moser, Mr. Gerald Chanticleers, Fine Arts As a farewell to Miss Doiist. Miss Little ' s senior English class give their student teacher a going-away piirty. Myers, Mr. David Advanced Math, Business Math, Physics Nusbaum, Mrs. Alice Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Red Cross Sponsor Philbrook, Mr. Leman Chemistrv, Advanced Science Phillips, Mr. William Distributive Education, DECA Sponsor Piatt, Mr. David Orchestra, Music Theory, Fine Arts, Tri-M Sponsor, Music Department Head Pugh, Mr. Robert English, Helicon Sponsor Purkhiser, Mr. James Dramatics, National Thespian Society Sponsor Ransburg, Mrs. Ramona French, MLC Sponsor Rice, Mr. Merle Ph vsics, Applied Physics, Advanced Science, Phy-Chem Club Sponsor Rowe, Mr. Duane Typing, Head Track and Cross Country Coach Schoonover, Mr. Agustus Jr. Sociology, FTA Sponsor Schultz, Mr. Gary English, Speech, NFL Sponsor Snider, Mr. Waveland Globetrotters, World History Sparks, Miss Kathy Physical Education, Intramurals Spoofstra, Mrs. Majorie English, Helicon Sponsor Stauffer, Mr. John Geometry, Basketball, Assistant Coach Thiele, Miss Norma Journalism, Northerner, Legend, News Bureau, Guide, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, 1500 Club Sponsor Tipple, Mr. John Earth Science Walter, Mr. John Bookkeeping, Business Department Head Weber, Mrs. Janet Latin, Junior Class Sponsor, JCL Sponsor Wert, Mr. Clive Power Mechanics, Electronics 104 Faculty Cooks ' and custodians ' goal was perfection Cooks are (Front row) Dortha Correa, Emma Crosley, Kathryn Carpenter, Marjorie Paris, Diana Edwards, Marv Olinske, Doris Byanski, Geraldine Cook. (Back row) Kittie LoefFler, Mary Cully, Lyndell Medsker, Marion Stone, Rosemary Shipman, Mary Exner, Ernestine Reiling, Dorothy Hammons. Mildred Murray. Measuring flour for rolls, Mildred Murphy makes them oven-fresh each day to feed the ravenous Redskins. Custodians are (Front row) Juanita Brvant, Pat Holfnian, Joe Moore, Cecil Siberts. (Back row) Ruth Lhamon, Joe Bryie, Harold Ather- tou, Fred Nienieyer. FacLiIt)- 105 tr Listening intently for a little buzz, sophomores as well as other new students participate in Domeland ' s required hearing tests, given annually. ) ttniKEMC Interested in a part-time job, sophomore Scot Schnelker scans the Job Opportunities Board for an idea of jobs available. Friendship, cooperation bring the sophomores Upperclassmen are amused as they watch an incoming sophomore getting initated by rolling a peanut with his nose down the sidewalk. Sophomores Sam Chantaca and Rhonda Wraley are examples of what problems can two girls share the same locker such as an over abundence of coats and books. .It when 106 Sophomores Sophomore students find the hbrary a good place for some quiet studying. The library was open before and after school for students to take advantage of its facilities. together as one united class for future years Learning the hard way to respect senior tradition, such as the Senior Door, sophomore, Tim Wj son gets corrected by seniors, Bob Hammond and Allan Knerr. Adapting to the new atmosphere of Doineland, the sophomores started ofF the year by participating in spirit week. Tying the senior class in points, the sophomores displayed their poten- tial to get organized plus spirit and enthusiasm. Sophomores, guided by Mr. Klocke, planned for their future years by see- ing movies, attending orientation as- semblies, and having conferences with Mrs. Watkins and Mr. Timler. This was just the first of the sophomores three educational and interesting years in high school. Sophi re 107 Trying her luck with the vending machines, sophomore Beth Menges hopes, at least, for her money to be returned. Phil Achenbach Mark Adams Crandall Allen Debbie Alles Dennis Ahlersmeyer Mark Albright Debbie Allisbaugh Ruth Altman Bob Anderson David Anderson Steve Anderson Gary Andrew Mykie Andrew Bob Andrews Tim Angol Jerry Archer Ronald Argerbright Tom Arnold Carol Atteberry Ken Axson Sharon Babcock Chuck Bair Mike Ballinger Cathy Baltes Kevin Baney Christine Barner Janine Barrow Dave Bartholomew Steve Battell Deb Baugher Don Bay Randy Beck Sylvia Beck Nick Beiswenger Debra Ball Tom Benecke David Benner Gregg Bennett Eileen Benson Barb Bergquist Roger Berlin LiTida Berning Tim Berrv Ted Betlev Beckv Beyerlin Dave Bickham Debbie Bireley Byron Black Nlarla Bienz John Blackbmn Kim Blazer Roxanne Blum Iud ' Blumenhorst Steve Bogenschutz Willis Bolin Marilyn Boddinger Janis Bolyard Debbie Borders Michael Boren Janet Bossard Debb Bowers Al Bowman Connie Boyd Marv Bevies Paula Bracht Dan Brad ' Scott Brady Francine Branning Donald Brennan Bob Bridges Bert Brooks Mar ' Brooks Dan Brown Richard Brown Vicki Brown Tim Broyles J() ' Brunson 108 Sophomores m%M Jim Buchiinan Sharon Buckley Kevin Burk e Cheri Bnrd Steve Burkhokle Dave Biisian Rita Butler Joe Cady Charlene Calhoun Robin Calhoun Clifton Canady Count Carpenter Kathy Carter Sue Cartwright Terry Cashdollar Ellis Chaffin Jeanne Chandler Deb Chapman Mark Chappuis Lynnette Cheney Steve Chester Bev Christman Jon Clark Susan Clark Paula Clay Don Clemens Glenn Coe Julie Coe Dave Colcord Phil Cole Danny Collins Rod Converse Sophomore cheerblock members show their pep and school spirit in a practice led by the varsity cheerleaders. David Cooley Sue Cornell Mark Coslow Carol Covault Steve Crabill Jack Craig Mark Crain Sue Criswell Joyce Crosb Ken Cowles Janet Crowe Paul Cuellar Bob Cunningham Rick Cutigni Jern, ' Dahm Vickv Dale Maria Dancer Louticia Daring Rick Davidson Charles Davis Frank Davis Pat Davis Robbie Davis Bruce DeBolt Chervl del Grosso Paul Demaree Teriy Dennis Steve Desmonds Marv Jo Dick Randv Dick Ronald Dick Amv Didier Cathy Diller Doug Doctor Martha Dodai Red Doenges Steve Doering Janine Donohue Richard Dornbush Renee Druhot Cathy Dunbar Jan Durbin Chuck Earnest Carla Ehler Sandra Eloranta Joe Emrah Richard Erler Pat Erwin Diane Essex Brenda Estep Larry Evans Karen Falls Susan Farr Sandy Farren Dan Faust Sophomores 109 Steve Faux Cathy Feldheiser Leonard Felger Karen Feller Diana Felts Kevin Ferguson Connie Ferrier Janet Fields Chris Figel Joe Firestine Vanessa Fiscus Jim Fleck Sam Fogle Mike Folk Greg Ford Pam Fowler Rebecca Francies Rick Franklin Paula Freimuth Beth Fremion Carol Fritz Alan Fudge Scott Gammons Debbie Gaskill Linda Gaskill Richard Gaskill Diane Gennaitte Cindy Gething Mark Gibson Vickie Gibson Darlene Giessler Kevin Gilliam Raymond Gilson Ronald Gibson Joyce Glusenkamp Phil Godfrey Richard Goeglein Merle Goodin Paula Goodin Vicki Goodpaster Kathy Goshert Steve Graham JefTGreeno Linda Gresham Greg Greulach Mary Greulach Vickie Grider Jeanetta Griffith Helen Grimes Deborah Gronau Joy Gunsenhouser Keith Gurevsky Rod Gutierrez Todd Habegger Kath ' Hagen 1 1 Mi! p ' n WfW Thomas Hagen Kathy Hageman Shervl Hall Kathv Halter Patty Hamrick Bob Hanauer David Hanauer Deb Hanauer Tom Hansen Randy Harding Patricia Harmeyer Lucy Harpel Art Harris Bob Harns Kathy Harrison Debbie Hart Jackie Harter Rick Harter Joyce Harsch Denise Hatch Janet Hatch Denise Hartup Jack Hawkins Randy Hayes Steve Heath Becky Heck Dennis Heck Don Heeren Trying to be attentive in a seventh period class on a Friday poses some problems for sophomore, Bill Blackman. 110 Sophomores Sophomore, Keith Hemingway learns that locating a good book and reaching it could present some difficulties. Edward Heffher Marsha Helmke Keith Hemingway Dave Henning Rick Henry John Henschen Debbie Hensley Dan Herstad David Hetrick Debbie Hettinger Linda Hettinger Scott Hettinger Sandy Heyn Shelby Hicks Gary Hill Nancy Hileman Bob Hinga Jill Hinkle ' Sue Hinkle Llovd Hinsch Debbie Hinshaw Mary Hobbs Gary Hockensmith Tom Hoelle Y J ' ' Susan Hoffman Karen Helley Doug Holliday Roger Holmes Dan Holocher Debra Holom Penny Holse Gail Hoobler Beth Hooley Kat y Hoover Shelly Houck Stan Houk Joyce Houser Geary Hoy Connie Hovlma Amv Hughes Don Hull William Hunt Dawn Hunter Sue Hurlev Carol Hyndman Tom lehl Susan Irmscher Sharon Isenberg Greg Jackson Maeilyn Jackson Kathy Jacobson Richard Jahn Harold James Kristine Jarboe Ken Jeffers Gary Jeffrey David Jennings Jerry Jarraid Jeannine Jimison Keith Johns Doug Johnson Tom Johnston Mike Jones Steve Jones Terry Jones Bob Junk Mark Kantzer Chris Keesler Joyce Keever Rhonda Keesler Debby Keller Krvstal Keller Paul Keller Stanley Keller Kathi Key Tim Kieler Dan Kilty- Loyal Kindig Donn Kinne Sophomores 111 Sophomores work in the cafeteria on their posters supporting the team for their first Spirit Week at Domeland. Lourena Kipfer Cindy Kirkpatrick Valerie Kirkpatrick Debbie Kitchen Patrick Knight Ruth Knudson Georgianna Koenif Sharon Koenig Maren Kolin Rose Koontz Da ' e Kowalczy Linda Krouse Kevin Kruckeberh Beverly Krudop Lori Kuester Dan Kruse Carolyn LaRue Steve Lapp Bill Lasley Rick Latham Jill Lauber Jean Lawrence Michael Lawson Sharon Layton Mike Leach Mike Leach Ed Leffeler Dave Lehrman Jeff Leinker Mike Leist Ronald Lewis Steve Lewis Rhonda Lewton Tom Linder Terrie Lindsev gfil John Linnemeier Mary Ann Lochner Tony Lockhart Doug Longley Pat Lockwood Linda Lofgran Linda Logan Patt ' Lord Mark Louden Carol Lough Donna Lowrey Rick Ludwig Deb Lunsford Cindy Lusk Rose Maciejewski Kathv Madrid Alfred Nhihathy Pat Manes Marvin Marino Susan Markev Paul Martin Steven Martin Alida Martinez Pam Masters Mary Matrix David Maus Jan McBride Monique McBride Fredrick McClure Cathleen McComb Dave McComb Dennis McCreary Randall McFarland Donald McGinley Karen McGinley Kav McKinnis Brian McKnight Kathy McMahon Pat McMahon And - Meehan Karen Meeks Phyllis NIeredith Rick Meshberger Barbara Meyer 112 Sophomores Greg Meyer Tim Mills Charles Milledge Chuck Miller Cindy Miller Dennis Miller Holly Miller Kathy Miller Linda Miller Marsha Miller Phil Miller Roland Miller Ruth Miller Mark Minnick Donald Miser Paul Modic Bill Moon James Morken Peter Morreale Anna Mosshammer Jaretta Mougin Ken Mowan Dan Moyer Keith Muncie Joanna Murphy Billie Murray LeeAnn Myers Gregg Needham Jim Neill Mark Newell Bob Newport DeDewny Nicolet Dave Niman Doug Niswonger Tom Nix Glen Noble Randy Noroeke Kathy Norris Patty Norton RickNunn Cindy Ogg Michael O ' Hair Barbara Olofson Steve Oliver 1 r Donna Onion Dave Osmun Cindy Park Mike Parnin Greg Parrish Janice Partin Janet Patrick Coleen Partridge Tom Patten Ann Patterson Brenda Patterson Mark Patteson Herb Pattison Lee Pauley Lois Paxson Charlene Pea ch £ff a Frieda Perez Julie Petters Patti Phillips Tom Pierce f Rhonda Pifer Bernie Place Ann Pletcher Terry Polston Enmia Powell Kay Powers Sarah Pressler David Preston Dianna Prinnni Stan PuKer Steve Pulver Tonia Putman Kathy Putt Rita Racine Junior Ramirez Mark Rank- Dick Ray Magaret Ray Michael Reader Roger Reynold Ed Rhodes Kim Richeal Working on some techniques in swimming, Mrs. Beer ' s sophomore P.E. class learns the importance of being a safe swimmer. im 3 1 Cheryl Scnieferstein Sheryl Schlickman Becky Schmid Carla Schmidt Donn Schmidt Judy Schmidt Kim Schmidt John Schomburg Gregg Schnelker Sandra Schory Susan Schory Bill Schrader Jim Schrimper David Scott Jan Scott Julie Scott Lissa Scott Tim Seiffert Donna Serres Gail Settles Sheila Severence Gabriel Shaheen Steve Shannon Cheryl Sheley Terri Shepard Barb Shepler Cathy Shilts Janet Shoemaker Collen Shaulin Steve Shumaker Cindy Sidwell Nannette Sievers Cheryl Simpson Kathy Simpson John Smead Don Smith Doug Smith George Smith Jack Smith Rick Smith Robert Snyder Ron Snyder Colleen Soucie Debbie Sparks Calvin Spice Wendell Sprunger Cherie Spuhler Mark Stagg Michael Stanley Patty Stanton Roberta Treesh Alice Trischler Janie Tudor Peg Tulley Gary Turner Joyce Tuttle Therese Upton Kirk Van Rvan J an is Vaughn Linda Verhaegan Chuck Vibbert Cory Voiral 114 Sophomores Richard Wagner Scott Waikel Kevin Walsh Janet Walters Barb Warner Jeanine Warner Roger Warner Julie Warnick Dan Warrick Randy Waters Neil Wayer Dave Wearly Paula Webb Sandy Webber Scott Weber Susan Weinberg Sue Weisz Karen Welch Linda Welch Marcia Weldon Margaret Welfe Carolyn Weller Debbie Wells Cheri Werling Tom Wermuth Donna Whitaker Pam Whitehurst Michael Widmer Bill Wiegand Bill Wiegmann Laura Wilkins Charles Wilier Russell Williams Jim Wilson Vicki Wilson Dan Wire Ron Witte Rick Witzigreuter Steven Wolf Tom Wolf Rickey Wolfe David Wolford Greg Wood Don Woodward vx - N 4f ' Nancy Woodring Jack Woodrufl ' Tim Woods Deb Workman Brenda Worman Rhonda Wraley Pamara Wyckoff Denise Yaney Dean Yoquelet Tom Yost Bob Anspach Barb Bergquist Janis Bolyard Debbie Borders Cifford Cassadage Adelita Chantaca Jane Collins Louise Crider Jim Ely Pam Fowler Wes Franke John Fulk Greg Fell Joyce Gibson Gary Gray Hellen Grimes John Haverstak Brian Heading Nadine High Fred Kreamelmeyer Jenny Loveless Rosie Mauejewski Mike McGowan Beth Menges Norma Messenger Don Miser Patty Nortan Dennis Orr Tom Patten Patty Pion Kim Pontius Jessie Powell Clarie Rammel Bryan Reighter Candee Robinson Alex Roddiguez Reb Rollins Jeanne Russel Scott Schnelker Cherie Spuhler Melodic Stark Patty Vice Kathy Voirol Terri Zimmerman Dieter Zollner Sophomores 115 fW ' M ..V i« ' ' N i J J i Putting the finishing touches on the Class of ' Yl ' s car, juniors secure a life-size dummy of a Redskin on the top of Mr. Bill ' s car for the spirit week parade. Junior, Jaci Graves doesn ' t seem one bit surprised by her callers ' invitation to the big event of the year, the Junior Prom. Junior class, led by Ackerman, captures the spirit Down by the river, a sandy seat serves just as well as a desk in study hall to these studious juniors who try to cram for a semester final in English. 116 Juniors Putting on her prettiest smile, junior, Nancy Schefk-r prepares for her underclass pictures. A new picture system of color photographs in various sizes was adopted. Junior class officers are Bruce Ackerman, pres.; Greg Racine, v-pres.; Barb Bobilya, sec; and Denise Hoffrnan, soc. chairman. trophy and works toward a united junior class With the spirit trophy as a goal to work toward, juniors put an extra effort in the making of all their signs for the spirit week activities. With Mr. Weber as class advisor, the juniors elected their class officers; Bruce Ackerman, president; Greg Racine, vice-president; Denise Hoff- man, secretary-treasurer; Barb Bobilya; social chairman. The officers helped to lead the juniors through class projects such as: spirit week, PSAT tests, and the carnival. They also planned the big event of the second year at Domeland, the junior prom. Juniors joined in their efforts with signs and a large tepee ensembled on the football field, in order to win the Powder Puff football game and the spirit trophy. Jimiors 117 Cathy Abbott Bruce Ackerman Jan Ahlersmeyer Trudy Albaugh Rick Allisbaugh Karen Anderson Jim Andrews Denise Antoine John Antonides Terr - Archer Susan Armstrong Cynthia Arnett David Aumiller Sandy Babcock Blain Baker Ron Baker Terry Baker Howard Balkenbuch Trent Balliet Patrica Barkley Dan Barto JoAnn Bates Carol Bauer Dave Bauone Blain Beard Carolyn Beck Kim Bennett Kay Bentley Mike Beyhan William Bickham Tom Biesiada Patric Blaising William Blackburn Roger Blankley Tom Blood Jerry Blough Jeff Blue Barb Bobilya Jim Bodnar Chris Boggs Renee Boitet Judy Bolin Teresa Bonifas Dave Bossard Betty Boxley Sacrificing a Snider Panther, junior Joe Lom- bard ignites the Spirit Week bonfire starting off the Powder Puff football game. Barb Bracht Dave Brackmann Clark Bradley Gary Brantley Sue Braunlin Ron Bricker Sandra Brickley Suzv Brickman Gail Brinker Ron Brown Debbie Brubaker Paul Buckles David Buecker Paul Bums Joan Cody Candy Caldwell Cindy Cale Jim Caley Harold Calhoun A.C. Campbel Michael Capps Randal Carboni Tim Carboni Scott Carmer Greg Carpenter Pam Carpenter Mark Carroll Phyllis Carroll Mark Carter Becky Casey Pat Casey Linda Cattin Sandy Cattin Karen Cecil Roger ChaSin Larry Chisholm Ken Chivington Craig Christman Kev Cismowski Bill Clark Bob Claypool Linda demons 118 Juniors Debra Coak Paula Collins Sarah Colpitts Charles Conrad Edward Cook- Tim Cooper Katy Cornewell Dick Coslow Becky Craddock John Crawford Nancy Criswell ' Dan Croziar Dave Croziar Rosi Cuellar Don Culver Laura Cummins Martin Curdes Sue Dager Mike Dailey Debby Dale JefTDammeier Doris Davis Kathie Davis Robby Davis Sue Davis Ilene Dean Loretta Dean Jean Deady Kathy Deason Mike Debrular John Desmond Jim Deveau John Deveau Marilyn Derr Sarah Dick Diane Dietz Mike Dill Randy Diller Mike Dilling Clarence Disterirath Dave Diver Shirlie Dodd Gail Doell Ed Dornseif During the passing period, Michele Renner, Chuck Conrad, and Jackie Wilkerson have a little fun out in the first snow. Gary Drew Becky Dreyer Sylvia Dubuisson Sheeri Dickworth Rod Duly fcf Ef wl pl Caryn Dunbar David Eachen Abby Eastes Sheryl Eastman Kathy Eberhardt Sue Eiser Stan Eix John Ellis Junine Ellis Kent Ellis Carol Ellison Linda Eloph Terry Elser Sue Emmons John Engstrom Mike Erler Pam Essex Dan Fair Annett Farr Ronald Farlov Beth Farris Beth Faulkner John Feasel Sandy Federspiel Beverly Fermster Gary Feldneiser Al Figel Diedra Firestine Micheal Fisher Terry Hanagah Juniors 119 Tina Gildea Kathy Gillespie David Gingrich Anita Glenn Margie Guethe Pam Goff Juanita Gonzales Michael Goodwin Brian Gore Rodney Graham Todd Grove Dale Grayless Ida Green Richard Green Sheri Green Tom Green Diving into a Dutch apple pie, junior Rick Lewis eats as readily as pos- sible to give his relay partners a chance. Don Flor ' Larry Fogle Carolyn Foltz Joann Foote Craig Fosnaugh Lois Ford Sandra Francies Debby Franklin Jay Frazer Gregory Friend Kathy Fry Dianne Furniss Presteen Furnish Steve Furniss Chuck Gage Rich Gamble Kathy Gardt Gary Carman Tim Gaskill Kathv Gatton Michael Geary Dan Gebhardt Patricia Gennaitte Janet Gentry Harold George Denise Gephardt Chris Gerken Tom Geyer Carolene Gibson Mike Gibson Denny Hagan Paula Hanlin Bill Halford Margaret Halquist Dennis Hansen Mark Hansen Richard Hardiek Bill Harker 120 Juniors Gayle Hayes Dean Hazelett Tom Hazelett Nancy Heaston Kay Hefflefinger Jan Heinze Susan Hemingway Bruce Henschen Gary Hershberger Mark Heuer Thomas Hileman Kenneth Hill Greg Hinton Ken Hixon James Hobbs Denise Hoffman Suzanne Holley Mike HoUiday Holly Hontz Dennis Horaek Brenda Horner Bob Howey Fannie Hubner Ronald Huguenard Russell Hutson Jeff Irving James Irwin Debra Jackson Earl Jackson Rosey Jackson Mary Jahn Lynn Jasper Trying their skill at the Ring Toss, these juniors enjoy just one of the many booths at the All School Carnival. Michael James Bill Jenkins Beth Johnson Chad Johnson Dave Johnson Mark Johnson Mike Johnson Ross Johnson Jackie Jones Glenda Jones Jim Jones Leslie Judd Ed Junk Larr ' Kable Ron Kable Cathy Kammeier Nick Kamp Tom Kamp Mike Keesler Jeff Kemp Karen Kensill Brian Kern Pamela Key Waneta Kiefer Barbara Kienzle Peggy Kinder Margaret Kindig Lana King Teresa Klemm Pam Knispel Ronald Koenig Dean Koontz Shirley Kraft Keneta Krouse Mike Krempel Kathy Knuth Lonnie Lamb Susan Lamb Joyce Lamley Graig Lamson Kirk Langas Brian Langmeyer Dennis Lapp Steve Lapp Norman LaRue Mark Lauer Ruth Lauer Cheryl Lees Mark Leininger Fred Linker Joni Leitch Pam Leland Rick Lewis Philip Liechty Roger Lindermuth l B i53P f m ' Juniors 121 I ' ciul M.-t rt Cr-uMeitz bob Mtver With so many styles to chose from, junior. Sue BraunHn finds it difficult to decide which class ring she likes best. Dale Linnemeier Linda Lloyd Danial Logan Joe Lombard Larr - Longardener Martha Loueless Dan Luce Louella Lutz Greg McDonald Kevin Macy Bob Madsen Chris Mahlan Cathy Malice Dave Maloley Naf Maloley Mike Maloney Kathy Manes Cathy Manning Carol Masloob Patricia Markey Gerald Martin Marilyn Martin Sandy Maxam Dale Mayfield Nannette McBride Jane McCarty Bob McComb Dave McKee Karen McKinzie Jack McMahor Jim McMatton Carolyn McNeal John McNeal Dave McPherson Bob Mencer Casting their votes on election day, juniors wait in line to vote for their favorite can- didates for class officers. Vicki Mitchell Mike Moorehead Kim Morey John Mordand Beverly Morris Julie Mosburge Mike Mover Deb Mudrack 122 Juniors Michael Miidrack Loi.s Muchltricycr Di ' iinis Murphy Patrick Murphy Barb My(Ts Mike Myers Stephen Myers Tom Minch Kathy Nagell Ron Neal Sandra Nelson John Nesbitt Mike Nickolson Jane Nicodemus Penny Niles Wanda Norris Brian Norton Stephanie Norton Jackie Norvell Pat O ' Brien Cathy Ohler Gary Ohnski David Olry Mary Osbom Alan Oser Byron Oswald Cyrie Palmer Liz Papagiannis . " .J V I,irid;i faysi-T Sifvcri l ' ov ir Torn Piirknis T Ciri ' K Hacinc (, ' onnie Harnir -z jol.n l .,trl,ll H.iljili, )„. t l(.-...l.r Si. v.- H. ldM,K Sharon Hi-di({cr Julie Reeve Ken ReiKhter f. ' h.ryl H.tin Barliar.i Hi-nnecker Karen Hennocker Mich. ' li- R.rincr (. ' arolyii Rippirl Mike Rich Russell Roach Carol Robinson j.uict Robi.s Ucbbi, ' RocblK M. ' l K(i«crs Bol) Hobi-rts HoMMie Roller Donna Romev Jessie Ros,- ]rrr. Rosviiml.: DcMTUs Rllllkir Shirk-s Rurivor NancN Rupp Art Rutherford Tom R an Doug Sanders Janet Sanders Mike Pape Debbie Parker Dennis Parker Park Payne Rachel Prez Lloyd Perkins Bill Petgen Charles Petty Jan Pfeiffer Cindy Phillips Vikki Phillips Irene Pietras Gary Poinsett Art Pontius Steve Powe Dennis Povser v Juniors. Teresa Klemm and Becky Wolf display the latest look in the winter nushion world at Domrland; the maxi coijt. f 2£B Kevin Sark Cynthia Sarrazin Joe Sauer Betsy Schaefer Glenda Schaefer Greg Schaefer Sandy Scheele Pam Schinbeckler Denny Schmieman Bill Schneider Tom Schwyn Gary Scott Suzie Scott Norm Seaman Colleen Sedam David Senesac Debora Shaffer Penny Shearer Terri Sheets Robert Shelton Connie Shoup Debbv Sherwood PerryShilts Debra Short Richard Shupe Leon Simerman Mike Simonis JoAnn Skinner Toli Skorzylos Greg Smith Ken Smith Jody Snyder Mike Sowers Kenny Spice Theresa Stacy Emily Stall Debbie Stearns JeffSteffens Cheryl Stamen Mike Stephens Margi Stevens Nick Stoy Greg Striker Bev Sweet Karen Sweet Edward Sutorius Rick Sutter Rick Summers Bhenda Sylvester Steve Sylvester Kristine Ta lor Janet Thacker Debbie Thieme Jamie Tomlinson Chris Treesh Neil Vice Michella Waechter Rebecca Walker Sherrie Walker Randy Wall Cindy Wallace Pat Ward Bill Warner Stephen Warner Janice Warnick Irene Warnstadt Ellen Wasson Pat Weaver Deb Webster Susie Wehrenberg Margaret Weldon Carolvn Weller Richard Weller Marcia Wellman Garv Wells Just one of the many improvements brought about by renovation, a junior looks approv- ingly at the new shop classroom. il T i sz W ' m . f 1 W-- w _ 1 ' " ' " 1 t - 124 Juniors Cindy Wells Hick W.-iliiiK Ui-v -rly Wcl .l Kll. ' ii Wcl i ' l W. ' Iz. ' l l.aiTv WicUMiar J ,s.-|.l, Wiclli ' ldl |iK(|iuHlnc Wilkcrson Hifk Wilkcrson Lncy Wilson Robert Wilson Tim Wisslcr Mark Wolf Becky Wolff Dennis Woford Karen Woodmansee Kim Worther Steve Yahn James Yaney Sandy Yeiser Bill York Tami Zahn Steve Zimmerman Cheryl Zirkle Kay Carlson Karen Cecil Stanley Collett Becky Craddock Mike Dilling Carolyn Freeman Jaci Graves Deborah Hall Dwavne Hartup Ronald Headrick Janet Jackson Mike Jehl Juniors Ida Green and Judy Bowlin check the sign to be sure that they are on time for the all-school Carnival f ' ' fS Barb Zollars Tim Zumbaugh Willy Zurbrugg Patsy Beard ' Dianne Bender Deb Bowlin Frank Burkhalter Richard Burtnett Jackie Levin Bob NkConib Elizabeth McMahon Jack McMahon Sue McPherson Robert Man ille Mary MauUer Richard Meek Penny Niles Carla Salver Glenda Schaefer Nancy Scheeler Tom Schneider Carl Scwartz Tom Smith Marilyn Tigner Mar ' Tompkins Chris Treesh Ste e W ' akins Debbie ' onkanel Connie Zurcher Ron Zurcher ifEl Juniors 125 Seniors have fond memories of Domeland; Caught in an unexpected moment of fright, Miles Chfton seeks shelter in his locker from the feared Domeland Phan- tom. Working with senior senators, class officers Greg Adams, vice-pres.; Judie Taylor, sec.-treas.; Doug Brown, pres.; and Frankye Gemmer, see. chrm. plan activities to create class unity. Senior center Lyd Menocal receives assist- ance from Mary Wiegand during the Powder Puff football game with the junior girls. 126 Seniors Adding the finishing touches to the Senior Hall for Spirit Week, Mike Kipling tapes the large ' 70 sign to the ceiling for a three dimensional effect. Seniors were very busy getting ready for the many activities that were planned. Miss Ehzabeth Little, senior sponsor, helped in the planning the Senior Play, Brunch, and the closing activities of the year, such as prom, commencement, and canoe race. The class officers put many hours into each event to be successful and fun. Each one tried to put forth a meaning of being wanted and friend- ship at activities toward classmates. Memorable thoughts went through seniors minds as the closing of their last year approach them. The sopho- more and junior years in high school were very interesting and adventur- ous. Through the sophomore break- fast, and the party many moments of fun and enjoyment will be remem- bered. In the junior year, the prom was the big event of the year. Senior year, was full of meaning, memories, and a touch of sorrow for the final step toward going out into the out- side world. Planning for the Senior Prom, Miss Little and Frankye Gemmer discuss the decora- tion arrangements for the gala evening. Seniors 127 Abele, Mike Daniel Speech Club Achenbach, Kevin John Basketball, Manager; Football, Key Club Adams, Greg James Key Club; Sophomore V.-Pres.; Senior V.-Pres.; Student Council; Track. Ahlersmeyer, Ken W. ICT Albert, Janice Lynne Alford, Richard Albert Band; Announcer, Citizenship Comm.; Railfoad Club Amburn, Debbie H. COE Anderson, Jerome Forrest JCL; Student Council; Athletic Man- ager Anderson, Susan K. Cheerblock; G.A.A.; Service Worker; Totoring Corps; Z-Club Andrews, Karen Joan Cheerblock; Hehcon; MLC; Student Council Ankenbruck, John Nicholas Basketball; Golf; Key Club; Tennis Anker, Tom Annis, Ronald L. A.V., V.-Pres.; College representative; Intramurals; Track; Bowling Club Archer, Jack Edward Arms, Debra Kay Cheerblock Arnett, Ron C. Football; Key Club; Wrestling Arnold, Gary Lee JCL; Student Council Standing Com- mittee, DECA; Service Worker Arnold, Sally Ashe, Lynne B. Cheerblock; JCL Ashley, Penny J. Cheerblock; Globetrotters Atteberry, Ken W. Baals, Linda Darlene Bair, Rick Football; ICT Bandy, Cherly S. Student Council; Globetrotters; FTA Baney, Gordon L. Barnes, Deborah Jean Chanticleers Bartlett, Lonnie Rae Chanticleers Bauer, Eugene 128 Seniors Baugh, Mike Baumgardner, Carl E. Cheerblock Baur, Dave G. Debate Team; Speech Team Beard, Dave L. Beber, Dianne Elaine Beckman, Janet Beedle, Anita P. Business Club Benecke, James E., Jr. Helicon; JCL; Key Club, V-Pres.; Stu- dent Council; Varsity Football; Nat. Honor Soc; Senior Senator Bennett, Gary D.E.; Highliters; Northerner Asst. Bevington, Jay A. Chess Club; Dance Band; Bailroad Club; Phy-Chem Club BianBosa, Sue D.E.C.A. Bieber, Judith Diane A-V; Varsity Choir Biedenweg, Karl Steven Bilger, Kay E. Cheerblock; GAA; MLC Birge, Mike L. Boys Cheerblock; Football; JCL; Key Club Blackburn, Greta Jeannette JCL; MLC; Nat. Honor Soc; Y-Teens; Z-Club; Helicon, Soc. Chrm. Blair, John Nat. Thespians Blaising, Pam C. Training Choir; Pom Pom Girl; Chan- ticleers; Spirit Comm. Bloom, Karen A. Big Brother Project Chrm.; FTA; Globe- trotters; MLC; Student Council; Z-Club Blue, Marianne Lynne A ' Cappella; Cultural Arts Comm.; Helicon; Globetrotters; Tri-M; Student Council; Legend Agent; MLC, Soc. Chrm. Bly, Gary Franklin Tri-M; Junior Planning Board; Concert Band; A ' Cappella; Troubadours; Senior Senator Bolbiya, Lewis C. Bock, Terry L. A ' Cappella; Golf Team; Troubadours; Weight Lifting Bodinka, Carl O. Legend Agent; Swim Team Boiler, Linda Cheerblock; GAA; JCL; Bipplettes; Y- Teens Bolyard, Debra Kay JCL; Bipplettes Bonifas, Susan Rene Chanticleers; Indian Bosse, John Wesley Football Seniors 129 Bosserman, James L. Football; JCL; Key-Club; Student Coun- cil; Swim Team; Track; Testling Bowlin, Deborah Lorraine DECA Regional ' .-Pres.; D.E.; Plan- ning Board; Serv ' ice Worker; MLC Bowman, Daniel Lee Northerner, Photographer; Legend, Pho- tographer Bowman, Janeen P. Band; Twirling Boyles, Sally J. Bradley, John C. Brady, Roberta Sue Chanticleers; School Problem ' s Comm.; Student Council; Service Worker Brogalone, Jon A. Brand, Brenda Joyce Cheerblock; Chanticleers Bridges, William Fraizer Key Club; Swim Team; Wrestling; Weight Lifting Bright, Patricia Darlene Chanticleers; GAA; Y-Teens Brown, Douglas W. A ' Cappella; Basketball; Key Club; Plan- ning Board; Senior Class Pres.; Student Council; Troubadours Brown, Larry Alan Football; Intramurals; Track; Wrestling Brown, Norm Football; Wresthng Brown, Randy K. Basketball; Intramurals; Wrestling Brown, Richard Edward D.E.; Intraminral Brown, Thomas Kent Brunson, James J. Concert Band; Orchestra; Pep Band; Student Council; Track; Tri-M, Wild- siders Buchanan, John A-V; Service Worker Budd, Larry Budzon, Jann Eileen MLC; Service Worker; Z-Club Buecker, Rosanne R. Cheerblock; GAA; Nat. Honor Soc; MLC; Phy-Chem Buesking, Thomas M. Globetrotters; Intramurals Bumgardner, Kathy K. Cheerblock; GAA; MLC; Nat. Honor Soc; Z-Club, Sec. Burkhalter, Jacqueline J. Business Glub Burkhalter, Jim P. ICT Burkholder, Brenda Busian, Carl Clayton Key Club; Northerner; Tennis Team 130 Seniors Butler, Rodney Franklin Golf; Nat, Thespians Butler, Wayne Lee Band Carpenter, Jo Ellen Cheerblock; FTA; JCL Carpenter, Sharon Louise JCL; Library Club; Nat. Honor Soc.; Student Council; FTA, Treas.; Tri-M Carter, Ronald Duane A ' Capella; Boys Cheerblock; Concert Band; Pep Band; Track Cates, Victoria Lee Cecil, David Lloyd D. E. Club; NFL; Speech-Club; Track Wrestling Chandler, Mary Beth Chanticleers; JCL; Student Council; Y- Teens Chapman, Barbara Jean Chanticleers; GAA; Globetrotters; Stu- dent Council Chappuis, Robert Quinn Boy ' s Cheerblock; Key Club; Football, Co-capt.; MLC; Safety Committee; Service Worker; Spirit Committee; Stu- dent Council; Wrestling Christoffel, Tread A. A-V; Swimming Clark, Gary Scott Clark, Jacqueline Sue Chanticleers, V.-Pres.; Cheerblock; Leg- end Agent; Modern Dance; Y-Teens Clem, Richard Brian DECA Clifton, Miles Richard Art Club; Boys Cheerblock; Jr. Planning Board; Key Club; Legend Senior Editor; Service Worker; Student Council Coffman, Gary Lee Planning board Collar, Karen S. Collier, Linda Sue P. E. Club; GAA; Life Saver ' s Club; Service Worker; Swimming Colhns, Dale Lee D. E. Club; DECA Collins, Edward John Concert Band; Helicon; JCL; Nat. Hon- or Soc; Pep Band; Railroad Club, Pres,; Tri M; Varsity Band Finding a quiet place to study for a test during renovation, causes some difficulties for senior Amy Smith. Seniors 131 Comer, John C. ICT Comment, Joseph C. DECA, D.E. Club; Football; Wrestling Converse, Eric James Cross-Country; Shop Asst.; Track Cook, Blaine E. ICT Cook, Doug Key Club; Xorthener Agent; Swimming; Student Council Cope, Peggy Claire Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Varsity Choir Covey, Cinda Kaye GAA; J.C.L.; Twirling Covey, Gary Lee Covey, Linda Faye J.C.L.; Ripplettes Cowan, William George Basketball, Football, Co-captain; Key Club; Nat. Honor Soc; Track; Student Council, V.-Pres. Cox, Catherine Ann COE; OEA; Student Leader Craft, Shannon Lee A ' Cappella; All City Choir; GAA; Leg- end; Spirit Comm.; Service Worker Crawford, Devon E. Art Honorary; Cheerblock; Daffy Dab- blers, Library Asst.; Library Club, Pres.; Northerner Agent Crist, Rebecca Kay Cheerblock; FTA; Tutoring Corps Criswell, Cathrine Ann Cafeteria Worker; Library Club; North- erner; Y-Teens Crum, Clayton D. OEA; Sophomore Choir; Swimming Culbertson, Cindy Kay Cheerblock; MLC; OEA Cummins, Carol A. FTA Dancer, Gary L. Daniel, Dave Lee Boys Cheerblock; Football; Key-Club; Swimming Difficulties arise when senior Tom Bues- king tries to share his locker with Nancy Wentz and her lunchbox purse. 132 Seniors Davis, Michael D. Davison, Rebecca Lee Y-Teens; GAA Deming, Duane Timothy Dewart, Dave Todd Dickelman, Darilyn Jeanne Cheerblock; Nat. Honor Soc; Orchestra; Tri-M; Z-Club Didian, Diane Dorothy D iffendarfer, Paula Band; Clerical Asst.; Varsity Choir; Z- Club, V-Pres. Dodd, Bette Student Council; Northerner, Ad. Man- ager, Asst. Feature, News Editor, Editor Doell, David E. FTA; MLC; Nat. Honor Soc, Tutoring; Railroad Club, Sec.-Treas. Drew, John T. Dornbush, Beverly Jane GAA, Sec.-Tres. Doster, Lynn JCL Doty, Randall E. Doughty, Arlene Kay Globetrotters, Pres.; Northerner Drake, Terry L. MLC Dunbar, Kevin Dunkleberger, Lisa Kay Edwards, Jerry Wrestling Ehler, Kirby Lee A-V; Intramurals; Office Worker Eichman, Lorraine Ann A-V; Library Asst.; Chanticleers Elkins, Debbie Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Modern Dance Elhs, Keith D. Wrestling Ely, Laura L. Art Club; Helicon; Y-Teens; Senior Senator Falvy, Patrick C. A ' Cappella; Concert Band; Marching Band; Helicon; Jr. Planning Board; Key Club; Spirit Comm., V-Chrm.; Student Council; Track; Tri M, Pres. Faulkenberg, Jeff Lynn Feagles, Jerry L. DECA Ferrier, Mike Duane Fick, Sandra Sue MLC; Soph. Planning Board; Reserve Cheerleader; Student Council; Spirit Comm.; Varsity Cheerleader, Capt. Seniors 133 Figel, Jean S. Firestine, Phil Alan Fiscus, Melanie Ann Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Nat. Honor Soc; Y-Teens; Z-Club Fisher, Billie Chanticleers; JCL; Nat. Thespians Fisher, Ed Lee Fisher, Steve Louis D.E. Club; Intramurals; Swimming; Training Choir Fhnn, Anita D. Ford, Jess Bradley A ' Cappella-Trb.; Co Chairman of Cul- ture Arts Comm.; Nat. Thespians; Stu- dent Council Fox, Darlene Sue Business Club; Chanticleers; MLC Francies, Harry ' illiam A-V Club; Globetrotters, Legend, Sports Editor Franke, Richard W. Boys Cheerblock; Shop Asst.; Student Council Alt.; Swimming; Tennis Fremion, Joel August Boy ' s Cheerblock; ICT, vice-president; Key Club; Reserve Basketball; Football; Varsity Tennis Fyock, John F. Gaibrath, Mark ICT Galloway, Carla Student Council; Choir Gannom, Debra Ann Carman, Eric Weldon ICT; Intermurals; Wresthng Garyison, Jennifer Marie Gaskill, Carol Ann Gaunt, Nancy Jane Cheerblock; Northerner, Business Man- ager; Reserve Cheerleading; Soph. Plan- ning Board; Student Council alt. Gemmer, Frankye A. Cheerblock; Northerner, circulation man- ager; Z-club; Student Council; H. S. Highhters; Tutoring Corp Gerdom, David Lee Gernhardt, Cindy Lynn Tri-M; Varsity Cheerleader; Business Club; Speech Club; A ' Cappella; Trou- badours Gething, Debra Kay A ' Cappella; Troubadours; Concert Band; JCL; Marching Band; Nat. Honor Soc; Orchestra; Pep Band; Tri-M Getts, Linda L. Art Honorary ' ; Helicon; MLC, Pres.; Student Council; School Problems Com- mittee Gilbert, Jeff L. D.E. Givens, James Football; Key-Club; Student Council; Track; Wrestling Glass, David E. A-V 134 Seniors Gonzales, Rick A. Good, Linda Ruth Concert Band; Varsity Band; Varsity Choir Gordon, Becky L. Business Club; Cheerblock; FTA; JCL; Service Worker; Y-Teens Goshert, Steven Lynn A ' Cappella; Cross Country; All-City Band Choir; Dance Band; Marching Band; Track Grandhenard, Nancy Kay Business Club; COE; OEA; Office Worker Gray, Barbara Jean Cheerblock; COE Gray, Jerry G. Gray, John H. Varsity Football Green, Barbara Lynn Arrowettes; Chanticleers; Color Guard; Legend Agent; Northerner; Student Council; Y-Teens; Training Choir Greulack, David M. Griem, Julie GAA; JCL Griffith, Fred R. Grosjean, Ronald K. Phy-Chem Gross, Don E. Gross, Philip Eugene H. S. Highliters; Jr. Class President; Student Council; Service; Senior Sen- ator; Training Choir Gruse, John Art Club Guevara, Arthur Richard A-V Guevara, Bill John A-V; Photographer; Shop Asst.; Track Gutermuth, Rickey L. Art Club; Chanticleers, President; Cheer- block; GAA; Ripplettes; Senior Senator Gutierrez, Yvonne Maria FTA; Lab Asst.; College Board Rep.; MLC; Student Council; Health Safety Committee Getting ready for graduation cere- monies Karen Oser happily arranges Tom Buesking ' s mortar board and tassle. Hagen, Bruce Alan Boy ' s Cheerblock; Chem; Wrestling Hammond, Robert A-V; Band Intramurals; Phy- Seniors 135 136 Seniors Hampshire, Toni Lynn Hanauer, Connie Sue Business Club; Service Worker Hanzel, Sue Business Club; FTA; Helicon; JCL; Stu- dent Council Harkenrider, Dennis Robert Harness, Michael ICT Harper, Valerie Jean A ' Cappella; Ripplettes Harris, Becky Ann Daffi Dabblers Harris, Michael Lee DE Harris, Michael R. Highliters; MLC; Phy Chem; Student Council Harrison, James Nathan Basketball, sophomore; D.E.; Football, sophomore; Weight Lifting Harter, Randy Lee Debate Team; DECA State, Regional, National Contestant; Speech Club Harter, Sharman Dayle A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; MLC; Pom Pom Girl; Spirit Committee; Varsity Cheerleader Hartman, Karen Kay Globetrotters, secretary; Legend Agent; Ripplettes; Standing Committee Hatch, Cheri Kay Hatch, Dave A. Hatch, Marcy Marie Business Club Hartzog, Becky S. JCL; MLC Hayner, Claire Linette Cheerblock; Legend, faculty editor; MLC; Service work; Spirit, Safety, Edu- cational, and Promotional committees; Student Council Haynes, Gary Lee Headford, Linda L. FTA; Globetrotters; JCL; Legend Agent; Legend Staff; MLC; Pom Pom Girl; Student Council Hedges, Diane Marie Heffner, Mark A. A ' Cappella; Northerner Agent, Track; Wrestling; Troubadours Heiniger, Steven James A ' Cappella; Basketball, varsity; Football Varsity; Standing Committee; Student Council; Track Troubadours Helmke, Mark Charles Globetrotters; Helicon; JCL; Key Club, secretary; Nat. Honor Soc; Sophomore Class Pres.; Sophomore Football, captain; Speech-Debate; Student Council, Chair- man; WLY High School Happening Reporter Hendrickson, John Student Council rep.; Swim Team Heuer, Susan C. Chanticleers, Libra rian; Globetrotters; JCL; Service work; TR. Choir. Hiatt, Karen Mae Chanticleers; MLC; GAA; Modern Dance; Orchestra; Student council Hiffernan, Dave Golf; Globetrotters High, Max E. Jr. Planning Hfiard; Soph. ' I ' rairiirij Choir Hill, Barry L. Hill, John Charles Hincs, Alan Hinshaw, Charles R. Hoblel, Cheryl Ann Bii.sincs.s Club; JCL; Modern Dancinj. Hollopctcr, Sue JCL; Legend; Northerner; Bipplettes Hoppel, James C. Conecrt Band; Helicon; Marching Band; Pep Band; School Problems Clommiltec; Student Council rep.; Varsity Band; Var- sity Tennis; V-Pres.; SaFety, Educational, Promotion Committee House, Kathy Sue Houser, Ron Dean MLC Hoy, Candy M. Chanticleers; JCL; Jr. Planning Board; Senior Senator Hughes, Randy Huguenard, Gary J. Soph. Planning Board Huguenard, Steve Wayne Hunley, John Lee Intramurals; Wrestling Hunt, Karol Joyce A ' Cappella; All City Choir; Cheerblock; JCL; Tri-M; Troubadours; Student Council; School Problems Committee Hunter, Mark W. Clieerblock; Cross Country; Intramurals; Track; Wrestling Hurley, Jon Lee Cheerblock; Intramurals Hutson, Robert Jay Wrestling Inscoe, Stephen Eugene A ' Cappella, President; Tri-M; Orchestra; Trubadours Irwin, Jayne Elizabeth Business Club; Cheerblock; Clerical Asst.; GAA; Y-Teens; Z-Club; Varsity Choir; Daffy Dabblers Jackson, Dennis A. Concert Band; Intramurals; Pep Band; Stage Band; Swim Team; Varsity Band Jacobson, David Alan Globetrotters; Helicon; MLC; Nat. Hon- or Soc. Jacoby, Michael Thomas A ' Cappella; Boys Cheerblock; Football Manager; Key-Club School Problems; Track; Service Worker; MLC; Nat. Hon- or Soc. Jacquay, Janice E. James, Barbara Ann JCL; NFL; Speech Club Jeffery, Diann Louise Globetrotters; FTA; Helicon; JCL; Nat. Honor Soc. Jeffries, Jean Seniors 137 ' n ikL. ii h k Jeffries, Michael H. Jennings, Diane S. Helicon; Legend Agent; Z-Club Jesse, Sandra Lee Cheerblock; Helicon; MCL; Northerner Sports editor, editorial asst.; Ripplettes; Soph. Planning Board; Student Council, secretary; Tutoring Corps; Z-Club, Pres., secretary Jett, Virginia Louise Business Club, president; Senior Senator Johnloz, Nancy Johnson, LuAnne Ripplettes; Twirling Johnson, Sharon Lynn Junk, Bill L. A ' Cappella; Cross Country; Track; Jr. Planning Board Kamphues, Candy Carolyn Cheerblock; Concert Band; JCL; March- ing Band; Pep Band; Tri-M Karn, Jerry Intramurals Krause, Steven Michael Keesler, Marcha Lynn Keever, Bruce Keller, Connie Ann Keller, Linda Sue Kelly, Sean O. Kemery, Christine Annette Arrowettes; Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Hehcon; Tri-M; Nat. Honor Soc; Pep Band; Ripplettes; Varsity Band; Varsity Choir Kennell, Karen L. Ripplettes Kent, Rich William Kidd, Mark Thomas Concert Band King, John Lewie A ' Cappella; Boy ' s Cheerblock; Key Club; Marching Band; MLC Kinsey, Jr., Robert Dale Big Brother; Legend; Intramurals; MLC; Service worker; Track Kipling, Michael E. Basketball; JCL; Key Club; Nat. Honor Soc; Student Council, rep., pres.; Track Kitzmiller, Joy Elian Business Club; Cheerblock; Girl ' s Intra- murals; Modern Dance; MLC Kline, Jerri Lee Cheerblock; Football Spirit Comm.; Legend Agent; Northerner; Planning Board; Student Council; Z-Club Kline, William Don Boy ' s Cheerblock; Class Rep.; Varsity Football; Student Council; Wrestling Knerr, Allan Rae A V Pres.; Cheerblock; Key Club, sec- retary; MLC; Phy-Chem; Senior Senator Knuth, Barbara M. Cheerblock; MLC; Ripplettes, Pres., sec- retary, treasurer; Z-Club, treas. 138 Seniors Knuth, John Raymond Cross country; Track Koch, Dona Sue GAA; Y-Teens Kohn, Sara Jan Cheerblock; Northerner, 1500 Club; Ripplettes; Service Worker; Student Co- ordinator of Guidance Services; Student Council Rep.; Standing Committee Chairman; Z-Club Koop, Cathy S. Indian; GAA; Lab Asst.; Student Coun- cil, committee Kramer, Linda Gale Krause, Rebecca L. Varsity Choir Kroskie, Dorothy Jean Chanticleers; GAA; Senior Play; Student Council Committee Laier, Karen Lynn Lamley, Don E. Lantz, Robert George Lasley, Alta L. COE; Service Worker Latham, Rarry Alan Intramurals Lauber, Debra Kay COE Lavine, Randall Lewis Cheerblock; JCL; Junior Planning Roard; Key Club, pres.; Key Editor; Track Lee, Helen Diana Stagecraft Lehrman, Cynthia M. A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Cheerleader Reserve; MLC; Northerner Agent; Or- chestra; Student Council Rep; Tri-M; Troubadours; Z-Club Lewis, Rarbara Ann Cheerblock; Marching Rand; MLC; Y- Teens; Z-Club Liggett, Jim H. Lindsey, Jackie Lynne Chanticleers; Dramatics Lockwood, Tim Michael A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; FTA; Intra- murals; JCL; Key-Club; School Problems Committee; Spirit Committee; Student Council Loechner, William Albert Key-Club; Track; Cross Country; Stu- dent Council Longley, Pat Ann Joining their efforts for Spirit Week, the seniors gain friendship and unity which is more important to them than any trophy. Seniors 139 Letter, Judy A. Cheerblock; JCL; Northerner agent and Circulation manager; Student Council; Citizenship Committee; School Spirit Comm. Love, Gerald T. Boys Cheerblock; Globetrotters Ludwig, Susan Yvonne Cheerblock; Globetrotters; JCL Luke, David A. Chess Club; ICT Lunsford, Cleve Phy-Chem; JCL; Student Council; Citi- zenship Comm.; Joint Comm. Lusk, Amanda Kay Cheerblock; FTA; GAA; Helicon; Leg- end, Underclass-editor, Editor-in-chief; MLC; Z-Club; Y-Teens; Tutoring Corps; Student Council Lynch, Sharon Ann Malcolm, Kevin Bruce Maley, Carol Jean A ' Cappella; CAP; Orchestra; Student Council; Troubadours Malott, Kathy Jo Service Worker; OEA Manville, Patee Lynne Marino, Sharon Chanticleers; Globetrotters; MLC; Z- Club Martey, Alan A-V Markey, Janet Ramona A ' Cappella; FTA; MLC; Nat. Thespians; Student Council; Tri-M Martin, Denny A. Martz, Ken Alan Mason, Cheryl L. Maus, John C. Concert Band; Pep Band; Tri-M McBride, Patricia M. Ripplettes McClure, Marcia Ann Cheerblock; Globetrotters; Helicon; JCL; School Problems Comm.; Z-Club McCoskev, Linda S. McDonald, Kathie J. McKeever, Terry McMaken, Gaylene Sue A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; FTA; Helicon; JCL; i.ibrary Club; Nat. Honor Soc; Phy-Chem; Tri-M McNeal, Linda Kay Chanticleers; National Thespians Melchi, Dean Football; Key-Club; Weightlifting; A ' - Cappella Menocal, John M. MLC; Cross Country; Track Menocal, Lyd Maria Cheerblock; Library Asst.; MLC, Span- ish Chairman; Nat. Honor Soc; Student Council, Alt., Representative; Z-Club; secretary 140 Seniors Merkler, David G. A-V Mertz, Pamela Sue Globetrotters; Helicon, V.-Pres.; JCL; Northerner Agent; School Problems Comm., vice chairman, chairman; Service worker; Student Council; ' arsity Cheer- leader; Z- Club Messenger, Linda Sue Chanticleers; Latin Club; Library Club; Varsity Training Choir Mettert, Paul Mever, Harvey J. Miller, Jenne Globetrotters; Library Club; MLC; Or- chestra; Phy-Chem; Tri-M Mills, Darlene Marie Business Club Mills, Vikki L. Business Club; Cheerblock; Concert Band; JCL; Legend Agent; Varsity Band; Varsity Choir; Y-Teens Miser, James L. A ' Cappella; Concert Band; MLC; Or- chestra; Phy-Chem; Tri-M; Varsity Band; Varsity Choir Modezjewski, John Edward Nat. Thespians Moore, Jim Moore, Linda E. Concert Band; JCL; Pep Band Moon, Rita Kay Moreland, Shelley Arrowettes; Chanticleers; Concert Band Morken, Linda A ' Cappella; Senior Senator; Z-Club Mossburg, Steve E. Track Motz, Jennifer Lee Cheerblock; Legend, Business Editor; Northerner Mudrack, Mike Muller, Cynthia Diane Cheerblock; Daffy Dabblers; Library Club, Secretary, treasin er Mundt, Linda Kay Murray, Patricia Sue Nagel, George R. Intramurals Nieth, Diana Louise Arrowettes, co-captain; Y-Teens Nelson, Carolyn K. COE Nelson, Linda L. Chanticleers; Training Choir Nelson, R. Reid Boy ' s Cheerblock; Citizenship Comm., vice-chairman; JCL, president; Key Club; MLC; Sophomore Planning Board; Speech; Student Council, Sar.-At-Arms; Swim Team Nevogt, Juergen Eric DECA, Constitutional Committee Newhard, Ed A ' Cappella; Troub.; Football, varsity; Concert Band; Orchestra; Track, Varsity Seniors 141 Newman, Katherine Sue Orchestra Newman, Rick E. Niblack, Betty Jean Nill, Janet K. Cheerblock; FTA; JCL, sec. V. Pres.; MLC; Student Council Rep. Standing Comm. Nine, Sherry Janine Arrowettes; Globetrotters; Ripplettes, V-Pres.; Student Leading Noble, Thomas Jeffery Football, Varsity; Intramurals Norris, Mark Leroy Cross Country, varsity; Intramurals; Track, varsity Novell, Steve Marshal A ' Cappella; Student Council; Tri-M O ' Brien, Chuck Patrick Ohler, Chris Ann D.E., V.-Pres. Ohnger, Cynthia Diane Chanticleers; Globetrotters; Helicon; JCL; Varsity Choir; Service Worker; Y- Teens Oliver, Bruce Drafting Asst. Oser, Karen Lynne FTA, V.-Pres.; Helicon, Parliamentarian; Junior Planning Board; Legend Agent; MLC, Social Chairman; Office worker; Reserve cheerleader; Soph. Planning Board; Student Council, Spirit commit- tee; Tutoring Corps. Oswald, Marti L. Art Club, V-Pres.; MLC; Reserve cheer- leader; Student council, committee; Z- Club Oxley, Cindy Jo Business Club Pape, Joel Patrick Football; Service worker; Track Parker, Rick A. Parkins, Gary Allen Railroad Club, V.-Pres.; Service worker Parrish, Michail David Partridge, Kathleen Diane Partridge, Ronald N. Patterson, Pamela J. Business Club Sec; MLC; GAA; Y-Teens Patterson, Steven Wrestling Paxson, Carolyn Louise Pepple, Denny Percival, Peter Alan Boy ' s Cheerblock, Pres.; JCL; Key Club; Senior Senator; Nat. Thespians Petre, Keith Andrew Track Phillips, Catherine Ann Daffi Dabblers; Nat. Thespians; North- ern Agent; Senior Play; Student Council Standing Comm.; Training Choir 142 Seniors Phillips, Steve Drama Pliett, John ICT Pollus, Sherry Potts, Warren Edward Intramurals Pressler, Mike John D.E. Puff, Roy A. Jr. Bowling; ICT Radatz, Anah A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Class Officer, Sec.; FTA; Fine Arts Comm., V-Pres.; Hehcon, Pres.; Student Council; Tri-M Rarick, Karen S. Rash, Ken Reavis, Dave E. Redman, Nanci Hehcon; JCL; MLC; Nat. Honor Soc. Redwanski, Gay Reisinger, Susan Kay Rennecker, Linda Sue Reuille, Mike E. Rhea, Maxine Sue Talking to guidance counselor Mrs. Klocke, Miles Clifton receives additional informa- tion on colleges in Indiana. Seniors 143 Rhoades, Carol Ann Business Club; Y-Teens Rhodes, Debi Elaine Richard, Deborah Jane A ' Cappella; Cultural Art Comm., Sec; Modern Dance; Nat. Thespians; NFL- Speech Club; St udent Council; Tri-M; Troubadours Richey, Debbie Chanticleers, Sec; Cheerblock; MLC, Treas. Robnolte, Beth Ann Robotham, Sharon Kay Roddy, Kelly Jean Rodgers, Jackie Lynne JCL Roehling, Debbie Lee Daffy Dabblers Roller, Cleatus John I.C.T.; Jr. Planning Board; Soph. Track RoUins, Arthur W. Business Club; Phy-Chem Ross, Barbara Ellen Cheerblock; Ripplettes; Student Council Rouse, Brenda Girls Cheerblock; MLC; NFL; Pom Pom Girl; Soph. Social Chairman; Student Council, Spirit Committee; Y-Teens Russ, Pam S. Sanderson, Bud Schafianski, Mary Loan Chanticleers Scheele, Charles Robert Basketball; Football Scheele, William J. Bowling Club; ICT; Service Worker; Shop Asst. Schellenbach, Nancy E. Cheerblock; GAA; Library; MLC; Or- chestra; Tri-M Schmidt, Gregg Alan Schoenlein, Cassandra Sue Chanticleers; Legend Agent; Training Choir Schory, Rick L. DECA, pres. Scott, Connie Cheerblock; Service Work; Tutoring Corp. Schubert, Julie Kay MLC; Senior Play; Standing Committee; Y-Teens; Z-Club Scribner, Thomas Edward Senior Senator Seeger, Nevin A. A ' Cappella; Concert Band; Debate; Heli- con; Orchestra, V-Pres.; Social Council; Speech; Student Council; Swim team, varsity; Tri-M Seewald, Richard James Football; Intramurals; Jr. Planning Board; Student Council Alt.; Tennis; Wrestling Shaheen, David K. Boy ' s Cheerblock; Nat. Honor Soc; Tu- toring Corp 144 Seniors Shepelak, Norma Jeanne 1500 Club; Nat. Thespian; Northerner Asst.; Student Council Alt. Sherman, Carol Ann Business Club; Chanticleers, secretary; Cheerblock; Nat. Honor Soc. Shideler, Greg Senior Senator Shipe, Penny Sue Shiriaev, Alex ICT; Reserve Wrestling Team; Weight Lifting Shoemaker, Barbara K. Shook, Holly Ann Cheerblock; Legend Staff; Globetrotters; JCL; Student Council, Spirit Comm.; Planning Board; H.S. Highliters Showalter, Keith Allen A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Football; Key Club; Weight Lifting Sibert, Patricia Lynn Siler, Mel ' Varsity Golf Silver, Stan William Simon, Cynthia Sue Simpson, Lawrence Edward Sophomore Basketball Manager Slagle, Jacquelyn Kay Smith, Amy Ellen Cheerblock; Globetrotters; Helicon, sec- retary; JCL; Nat. Honor Soc; Northern- er Agent; Orchestra, V-Pres.; Phy-Chem; Student Council Rep.; Tri-M Smith, Becki Ann Smith, Cheryl L. Reserve Cheerleader; GAA; Helicon; MLC; Nat. Thespians; Jr. Planning Board; Z-Club Smith, Clarissa R. Chanticleers Smith, Elaine Louise Smith, Pamela Chanticleers; GAA; Y-Teens Snider, Lee A. ICT Snyder, Don Snyder, Sharon A ' Cappella; Z-Club, Pres. Sorg, Sandy Elaine Spice, Gary R. Intramurals; Track Sproat, Gary R. JCL; Wrestling Manager Stark, Lani S. Stauffer, Tim E. Concert Band; Drum Major; Marching Band; Pep Band; Standing Committee; Tri-M; Varsity Band; Wildsiders Seniors 145 Stauffer, Timothy Lee Stegmeyer, John M. A-V Steiner, Mark H. A ' Cappella; Concert Band, V-Pres.; Con- cert Orchestra; Marching Band; Nat. Honor Soc; Tri-M; Varsity Band Stewart, Jane A. JCL; Senior Senator; Tutoring Corps; Y-Teens Stewart, Sara Lucille Business Club Stonebreaker, Julie K. Cheerblock; Concert Band; MLC; Var- sity Band; Varsity Choir; Y-Teens; Z- Club Stone, Sue Cultural Art Committee; Jr. Class, sec- trea.; Northerner, news editor; Pom-Pom Girl; Student Council, treas.; Z-club Stoops, Judith Ann Debate; Highliters; Speech; Nat. Thes- pians Strahm, Gary Edward Dramatics; Intramurals; Wrestling Stuckey, Bridgett Gaye A ' Cappella; Club Council; Cheerblock; GAA, pres.; Helicon, V-Pres.; Orchestra, sec; Standing Committee, secretary; Student Council; Tri-M, secretary; Z- Club Studebaker, Bonnie Lou A ' Cappella; Chanticleers; Concert Band, sec, librarian; Dance Band; Helicon; Nat. Honor Soc; Pep Band; Tri-M, his- torian; Z-Club Stummer, Teresa C. Chanticleers Taber, Regina R. A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Reserve Cheer- leader; Tri-M Tancey, Jo FTA; Highhters; Library Club, sec- treas.; Nat. Thespian Tassler, Thomas L. Intramurals Taylor, Debra E. Cheerblock; FTA; Globetrotters Taylor, Judine Helicon; MLC; National Honor Society, pres.; Northerner Agent; Senior class sec-treas.; Student Council Terrell, Dave Alan Cheerblock; Reserve Cross Country; Re- serve Track; JCL Tew, Steve Thompson, Cathy Ann Jr. Planning Board Walking out of the Senior Door, seniors Sue Anderson and Carol Sherman follow just one of Domeland ' s many traditions. Thompson, John Louis Chess; Debate Thompson, Phyllis Thurston, Katherine Cheerblock; Globetrotters; Helicon; JCL; JR. Planning Board; Service Work Thurber, Michael Patrick Tigges, Aimee Jo Timmons, Mark Frank Band; Basketball; Football; Intramural; Wrestling Tonak, Herold Allen Tulley, Michael A. Ceremonial Indian; Cheerblock; Key Club; Jr. Planning Board; Nat. Thes- pians; Student Council Turner, Bruce Warren A ' Cappella; Cheerblock; Dramatics; Jr. Planning Board; Nat. Thespians; Soph. Planning Board; Speech Team; Tri-M, V-Pres.; Troubadours Valentine, Vicki S. Business Club; Sec. Club VanGorder, Robert L. Verhaegen, Stan W. Vickers, Cynthia J. DECA, Treas.; Dramatics; Stagecraft Voirol, Gary Louis Voors, John Edward Vosmeier, Valerie Ann Hehcon; JCL Waikel, Terry Edward Waikel, Tom Walker, Becky Ann Cheerblock; GAA; JCL; Z-Club Wall, Kevin M. Boys Cheerblock; Speech Warnstatt, Renate Ann Globetrotters; Ripplettes; Varsity Choir; Y-Teens Warren, Sue Chanticleers Wasson, Warn Leroy Waters, Mike E. Waters, Terry Michael Wearly, Anne Louise A ' Cappella; Band; Globetrotters; MLC; Senior Senator; Tri-M; Z-Club Weber, Jamie Beth Cheerblock; JCL; Reserve Cheerleader; Ripplettes; Student Council Webster, Sara Jo Seniors 147 Senior Jenny Motz finds herself trapped in the elevator as Miles Clifton threatens to push the up button. m Weimer, Georgianne Mary Art Club; DECA; Globetrotters; Y- Teens Weldon, Mary Adella GAA Wentz, Nancy Denise G.A.A.; Globetrotters, soc. chrin.; Leg- end, asst. editor; MLC; Senior Senator; Standing Comm.; Z-Club Wermuth, Al Basketball; Football; JCL; Key Club; Nat. Honor Soc; Phy-Chem, treas.; Ser ' ice Worker; Student Council; Ten- nis; Track Werner, Patricia Ann Westerhausen, Sandy K. Art Club, pres.; Cultural Arts Comm.;. Northerner, news bureau, circulation manager; Legend Agent; Reserve Cheer- leader; Y-Teens Wetzel, Mike John Intermurals; JCL; Key Club; Student Council White, Pam Lee Arrowettes; Business Club; Color Guard; GAA; Varsity Choir Whisler, Dave Boys Cheerblock; Intramurals; JCL; Phy-Chem; Reserve Wrestling Whittecar, Freda Marie Business Club Widmann, Donald G. Football; Intramurals; Nat. Honor Soc; Student Council; Tennis Widmann, Linda S. OEA Widmer, Steve M. Wiegand, Mary H. Cheerblock; GAA; Helicon; JCL; MLC; Ripplettes; Soph. Choir; Student Coun- cil; Z-Club, pres., treas. Wiegman, Helen M. Wiley, Lauren Ann GAA, V.-Pres.; Leader Corp; Twirling Williams, Carol Diane Winget, Floyd E. Intramurals Winkleblack, Ann Winters, Carol A ' Cappella, Band, Legend Agent 148 Seniors Winzeler, Annette Sue Band; Choir; Orchestra; Helicon; Tri- M Wire, Suzanne Ripplettes; Y-Teens Wise, Nancy Ridgway Dance Club; MLC; Pom Pom Girl; Senior Play Witzigreuter, Kay Lynn Wolever, Elaine Beth COE Wolf, James B. ICT Wolfe, Craig William A ' Cappella Worley, Timothy L. A ' Cappella; Boys Cheerblock; MLC; Service Worker Worman, Carol Ann Worman, Gloria Jean Woodard, Joe A. I Woodward, John D. A ' Cappella; Basketball; Football; Nat. Thespians; Senior Senator; Soph. Plan- ning Board; Organist; Tennis; Tri-M Wraley, Mary Ella Business Club Wulff, Dirk G. E. A ' Cappella; Exchange Student; Key Club; Student Council; Troubadours Yant, Pat JCL Yeiser, Steve Hg - 1- j m -H qJ ■ r Jy 1 1 li ' m f % jB Mr ' ' m A w r L JjMJIrt ' B B fesi i 1 t s 1 m ji .. ' Coming to rescue a male in distress, Karen Hartman and Jenny Motz help Kevin Achenbach to his feet after a fall. Seniors 149 Yingst, Laurel Lynn Chanticleers; Cheerblock; Ripplettes; Senior Senator; Service Worker; Train- ing Choir Yost, Richard Alan Basketball; Boys Cheerblock; Cross- country; Key Club, Pres., V-Pres.; Northerner, asst. sports editor; Soph. Planning Board; Student Council, Treas.; Track Young, Elaine A. Jr. Planning Board; MLC; Service Worker; Student Council; Cultural Arts Comm., Sec. Zimmerman, Ken A. Zimmerman, Thomas George Boys Cheerblock; Football; Intramurals; Service Worker; Student Council; Track; Wrestling Zollner, Klaus A-V, Treas. Barbour, Jack L. Barkley, Kathy Elaine Baughman, Thomas L. Beineke, Harold D. Bennett, Troy H. Berndt, Gary William Blaettner, Harold E. Blott, Stephen Michael Brown, Bill R. Chapman, John DeWitt, Terry Dunlap, Keith Durnell, Don L. Eller, Steve Kent Griggs, Birdie C. Fox, Bill Gordon Guy, Craig Allen Heck, Rick A. Hughes, Phil Kieler, Debbie Lyttle, Richard M. Lutz, Gary D. Malcolm, Rick C. Mason, Carol Lynn Miller, Gail R. Moore, Ken Nichter, Nick L. Rea, Michael B. Shreve, Terry R. Stover, Vickie Swain, Doug A. Trim, Dave A. Wilkening, Margo Lynne i ' . ' Aft vj ' ' i ' T -• Kipling, Benecke, 4 honors grads lead class; Senior members of National Honor Society are: (Front row) B. Rouse, C. Cummins, P. Ashley, B. Gordon. (Second row) J. Schubert, D. Richard, K. Thurston, A. Winzeler, S. Hanzel, Y. Gutierrez, P. Man- viUe, P. Mertz, S. Fick. (Third row) K. Oser, N. Wise, B. Ross, J. Markey, K. An- drews, P. McBride, N. Shepelak, L. Ely, J. Gruse. (Fourth row) D, Jennings, D. Wulff, J. Gilbert, J. Bosserman, K. Bilger, B. Crist, M. Fiscus, S. Jesse, B. Stuckey, M. Lusk. (Last row) D. Beard, P. Percival, B. Keever, G. Huguenard, S. Goshert, G. Schmidt, M. Kidd, R. Alford. Michael Kipling, Valedictorian James Benecke, Salutatorian ' M Senior members of National Honor Socieh ' are: N. Redman, J. Stonebreaker, C. Cul- bertson, B. Dodd, C. Sherman, S. Camen- ter, L. Menocal, L. Moore, M. Wiegana, D. Gething, D. JefFery, G. McMaken. (Second row) B. Studebaker, J. Miller, J. Rodgers, J. NiU, A. Wearly, A. Smith, C. Kemery, S. Kolin, J. Taylor, J. Hoppel, N. Seeger. (Third row) J. Miser, L. Boiler, L. Getts, D. Dickelman, G. Blackburn, D. Jacobson, E. Collins, D. Doell, D. Widmann. (Last row) A. Wermuth, M. Steiner, G. Parkins, M. Kipling, M. Jacoby, W. Cowan, D. Sha- heen, J. Benecke, H. Blaettner. Sharon Carpenter Christine Kemery Underclass members of National Honor So- ciety are: (Front row) M. Derr, P. Beard, H. Hontz, J. Snyder, S. Lamb, C. Abbott, J. Skinner. (Second row) T. Albaugh, K. Eberhardt, M. Dick, L. Scott, S. Wolf, K. Fry, S. Rediger. (Third row) G. Carpenter, J. Sanders, K. Carlson, D. Hansen, C. Su- back, T. Cooper, B. Hallford, S. Wehren- berg. ( Last row ) D. Gebhart, T. Grove, M. Stine, D. Luce, G. Brantley, C. Mahlan, B. Schaefer, C. Renn. Janet Nill Alfred C. Wermuth 152 Honors honor group picks 90 seniors, 36 underclassmen f% Honors 153 Graduates recall lasting memories, fond wishes. After the victory over Snider, Harry Francis rides around on top of a Mustang showing the symbolic victory sign. The Senior Supper is served in smorgasbord style so that each senior is free to choose from a variety of foods catering each persons ' appetite. The high school years full of memo- ries sadly came to an end as reality faced each senior to the land of op- portunity. Those little moments of having a crush on a basketball star to a first love were Just part of all the wonderful times experienced in high school. By class participation, seniors united themselves through a maga- zine sale. Sophomore Party, Breakfast, Spirit week, Senior Supper, and Proms. The knowledge, experience, and friendships gained through school supplied seniors with the ability and strength to meet the responsibilities of the future. The guests are entertained by the Troubadours who sing numbers including: " Aquarius, " " Those Were the Days, " and ending the program with " This Land is Your Land. " times never forgotten when leaving Alma Mater These senior men safety check Kevin Achenbach ' s car before making their final plans for a spring vacation excursion to Florida during the week of spring vacation. Seniors, Mike Wetzel and Susan Anderson work diligently for their last week of study- ing for North s finals and term papers. Peeking over the shelves in the school li- brary, one will find many strange visions. Among these are seniors studying for finals. Coaches help underclassmen and seniors to form While competing in the one-hundred yard high hurdks, vmderclassman Jim Bodnar exhibits his determination and perfect form. Getting positioned for the pole vaulting event, junior Greg Mertz begins his upward swing at the Culver indoor meet. Culver topped the Redskin team by a single point. Junior Mike Keesler grimaces while concen- trating on his form in the shot put. Mike is a returning letterman. Finishing second behind his opponent from Indianapolis Washington, Lonnie Lamb loses the one hundred yard dash by a few inches. Lonnie, a junior, is a letterman. 156 Track balanced attack in all fields for victorious season [ ) Track team members are: (Front row) T. Williams, L. Lamb, D. Cebhart, D. Hartup, G. Mertz, M. Stine, J. Bodnar, M. Kessler, J. Givens, B. Kinsey, D. Culver, D. Aumiller. (Second row) S. Lapp, A. Wermuth, R. Meek, M. Timmons, L. Longardner, B. Wilson, B. Loechner, B. Junk, S. Goshert, M. Hunter, R. Dombush, M. Ballanger. (Third row) T. Smith, S. Rockey, J. Woodruff, M. Leach, B. Bridges, K. Burke, M. Marino, R. Hudson, S. Pulver, D. Heller, C. Bair. (Front row) S. Brady, S. Waikel, P. Morris, J. Henschen, E. Newhardt, L. Hinsch, M. Johnson, T. Zumbaugh, B. Cowan, B. Norton, J. Desmond. (Fifth row) K. Morey. M. Kipling, J. Lombard, J. Powell, P. Murphy, B. Anspach, D. Longley, J. Knuth, B. Junk, G. Parrish. (Last row) Dave Esterline, Duane Rowe, John Walters. Absent: Gary Spice. ? Rising to position, DeWayne Hartup prepares to push off from the starting blocks at a Ball State indoor meet. As a junior, DeWayne also e.xtends his talents to the cross-countr - team. Head track coach Duane Rowe gained a new assistant coach Mr. David Esterline who ran track when he attended North Side. Mr. John Walters, returning assistant coach, also helped in coordinating and de- veloping the track participants. Sev- eral strong underclassmen joined with seniors to make up a winning team. Each team member put much time and effort in their practices in order to improve their scores and compile a fine season. 1969 Track Scores North 37 LawTence Central 63 North 91 Culver 27 North 6S ' s Muncie Central 43 North SO Elmhurst 62 Concordia 26 North 85 New Haven 33 North Side Relavs 4th North W ' i South Side 35}i North 108 Bishop Dwenger 48 Central 14 Goshen Relays 4th North 73 Kokomo 41 North 68 Snider 84 Bishop Luers 16 Kokomo Rela -s 6th Sectionals 1st SS non-qual 1st Track lo Junior Deb Bowlin and senior Mike Jacoby admiringly look upon a 1970 ' Boss ' just one of many new Ford Motor Company products at Allen County Motors. INDIANA AND MICHIGAN ELEC- TRIC COMPANY at 2101 Spy Run is a friend to everyone in the com- munity. It sponsored numerous programs and activities for the youth of Fort Wayne as well as provided an essential public service. ALLEN COUNTY MOTORS, INC. located at .511 W. Main is " The Little Profit Dealer. " Senior Mike Birge and Linda Morken happily discuss the advantages of dealing with Indiana Michigan Electric Company after a short visit in the offices. 158 Ads HEFNER CHEVROLET CITY, across from North Side wishes to congradulate the graduating class of 1970. WATTER STUDIO at 3121S. Calhoun gives " Photographs of Dis- tinctions. " Will Kline sits patiently while Mr. Paul Walters of Watters Studio adjusts the lighting in prepara- tion for taking Will ' s senior pictures. Seniors Greg Adams and Pam Mertz admire the new cars on display at Hefners Chevrolet. Here they are looking over a 1970 Monte Carlo. Ads 159 AS A LOYAL STUDENT OF NORTH SIDE HIGH SCHOOL I WILL TRY TO BE Reverent and respectful Eager for education Dependable in face of duty Self-reliant Kind and courteous Impartial in judgment Neat in appearance Sincere in every endeavor FOR ONLY BY UPHOLDING THESE IDEALS, WILL I BE A TRUE REDSKIN. 7 sha pcA rough this world once. If, ther ore, there he any H ness I can shew, or any good can do, let me do it now; let me nof defer it or neglect it, for I shall not ' pass this way again. i De Grellet 160 Closing the Dome ' s Eternal Memories Domeland ' s senior door awaits all graduating Redskins. Although its closing may mean — no more fire drills in December; note writing in English class; trips to Mr. Hinton ' s office; spirited pep sessions; powder-pufi football games; PSAT, SAT, or Achievement tests; or tears for sec- tional finals— it can also mean the opening into a new future of college, jobs, or marriage. But the feelings and friendships of " our dear old North Side High " will always exist as " the Dome ' s Eternal Memories. " We, of the 1970 Legend staff, wish to thank Watters Studio and Jack Bundy of S.K. Smith Co., for their assistance and cooperation. We also wish to express our appreciation to Larry Glaze, of Paragon, for the sec- tional cakes, Christmas goodies, and yearbook guidance The staff would like to extend a special thank you to our adviser. Miss Thiele, who suffered through deadlines and proof with un- failing patience. Mandy and Nancy Closing 161 Abbot, Cathy 29,56,66, 120 Abele, Mike 128 Achenbach, Kevin, 51,78 128,148 Achenbach, Phil 79,110 Ackerman, Bruce 119,120 Adams, Greg 42,60,76,78 126,128,159 Adams, Mark 42,51,110 Ahlersmeyer, Dennis 110 Ahlersmeyer, Jan 66,120 Ahlersmeyer, Ken 128 Albaugh, Trudy 68,72, 120 Albright, Mark 73,110 Albert, Janice 128 Alford, Richard 64,66, 128 Allen, Crandall 110 AUisbaugh, Debbie 110 Allisbaugh, Rick 120 Altman, Ruth 110 Ambum, Debbie 128 Anderson, Bob 110 Anderson Dave 42,79,110 Anderson, Jerry 78,128 Anderson, Karen 120 Anderson, Steve 170 Anderson, Susan 48,128, 146 Anderson, Mrs. Vesta 104 Andrew, Gary 79,110 Andrew, Mykie 110 Andrews, Bob 110 Andrews, Jim 120 Andrews, Karen 47,128 Angel, Tim 69,128,197 Ankenbruck, John 96, 128,197 Anker, Tom 128 Annis, Ron 58,65,128 Anspach, Bob 79,117 Antoine, Denise 120 Antonides, John 30,44,54, 120 Archer, Jack 128 Archer, Jerry 110 Archer, Terry 120 Argerbright, Ronald 69, 79,110 Anns, Debra 128 Armstrong, Sue 59,120 Arnett, Cynthia 120 Amett, Ron 51,78,128 Arnold, Gary 38,128 Arnold, Sally 128 Arnold, Tom 110 Ashe, Lynne 128 Ashe, Mrs. Wihna 63,104 Ashley, Penny 46,128 Ashton, Mr. Barry 104 Atteberry, Carol 110 Attebery, Ken 128 Aumiller, David 56,120 Authenrieth, Mr. Fred 104 Ayers, Miss Virginia 104 Axon, Ken 110 B Baals, Linda 128 Babcock, Sandy 120 Babcock, Sharon 110 Bair, Charles 110 Bair, Rick A. 78,128 Baker, Blaine 120 Baker, Ron 120 Baker, Terry 120 Baldenbusch, Howard 71 78,120 BaUiet, Trent 120 BaUinger, Mike 110 Bakes, Cathy 110 Bandy Cheryl 42,128 Baney, Gordon 128 Baney, Kevin 79,110 Barbour, Jack 150 Barkley Kathy 66,150 Barkley, Patricia 120 Bamer, Christine Jane 69,110 Barnes, Deborah J. 128 Barrone, David 120 Barrow, Janine 110 Bartlett, Lonnie R. 128 Bartholomen, Dave 59, 73,100 Bates, JoAnn 120 Barto, Dan 120 Battell, Steve 66,110 Baver, Carol 120 Baver, Eugene 128 Baugh, Mrs. Betty 104 Baugh, Michael 129 Baugher, Debbie K. 110 Baughman, Tom 150 Baumgardner, Carl 129 Baur, Dave 42,56,129 Bay Don 110 Berrd, Blaine 120 Beard, David 129 Beard, Patricia 127 Beder, Dianne 129 Beck, Carolyn 120 Beck, Randy Gene 110 Beck, Sylvia J. 110 Beckman, Janet 129 Beedle, Anita Pearl 129 Beer, Mrs. Lynn 104 Beineke, Harold 150 Beiswenger, Nick 110 Bell, Debra E. 110 Bell, Miss Majorie 104 Bender, Dianne Lorena 127 Benecite, Jim 9,42,57,78, 129 Benecke, Thomas 50,110 Benner, David 110 Bennett, Gary 14,129 Bennett, Greg 110 Bennett, Kim 120 Bennett, Troy 150 Benson, Eileen 110 B tley, Kay 120 Berhn, Roger, 110 Bergquist, Barb 110,117 Bemdt, Gary 150 Berning, Linda 110 Berry, Timothy 110 Betley, Ted 110 Bevington, Ted 129 Beyerlein, Beckey 110 Bevhan, Mike 110 Bian Rosa, Sue 129 Bickel, Mr. Glen 64,104 Bickham, Dave 69,110 Bickham, William 10,42, 71,78,120 Bieber, Judith D. 129 Biedenweg, Carl 129 Bienz, Maria Joan 69,110 Biesiadia, Tom 120 Bilger, Kay 129 Bill, Mr. John 104 Bireley, Debbie 110 Birge, Mike 50,82,129, 158 Blackburn, Bill 120 Blaj kbum, Greta 47,56, 58,129 Blackman, John 110 Blaettner, Harald 18,51, 60,150 Blair, John 47,129 Blakley, Roger 120 Blaising, Pam 10,70,129 Blaising, Patric H. 70,120 Blazer, Kim 69,110 Blood, Tom 73,120 Bloom, Karen 129 Blott, Stephen 150 Blough, Jerry 120 Blue, Jeff 70,120 Blue, Marianne 42,70,129 Blum, Roxaime J. 110 Blumenharst, Judy M. 110 110 Bly, Gary 66,70.129 Bobaz, Art Bobilya, Barb 43,119,120 Bobibya, Lewis 129 Bock, Terry 129 Bodnar, Jim 120 Bodinka Carl 129 Bogenschutz, Steve 42 52,79,110 Boggs, Chris, 47,70,120 Boitet, Renee 58,71,72, 120 Bohn, Judy 120,127 Bolin, Wilson 110 Boiler, Linda 65,129 Bollinger, Marilyn 110 Bobyard, Debra 129 Bolyard, Janis 110,117 Boneff, Miss Sandra 104 Bonifas, Susan 129 Bonifas, Teresa 22,120 Borders, Debbie 66,110, 117 Boren, Michael 110 Bossard, Dave 50,120 Bossard, Janet 68,72,110 Bosse, John 78,129 Bosserman, Jim 42,51,59 130 Bott, Mr. Larry 46,104 Bowers, Debby 110 Bowman, Al 110 Bowhn, Debbie 38,130 Bowlin, Deb 127,158,172 Bowman, Daniel 44,54, 130 Bowman, Janeen 66,130 Boxley, Betty 120 Boyd, Connie 110 Boyles, Mary 110 Boyles, Sally 130 Bracht, Barbara 120 Bracht. Paula 110 Brackmann, Dave 68,70, 120 Bradley, Clark 120 Bradley, John 130 Brady, Dan 110 Brady, Roberta 130 Brady, Scot 110 Bragelone, Jon 130 Brand, Brenda 130 Brantley, Gary 71,120 Braiming, Francine 110 Braunlin, Sue 120,123 Brennan, Donald 110 Bricker, Ron 120 Brickley, Sandra 120 Brickman, Sue 66,70,120 Bridges, Bill 50,130 Bridges, Bob 42,81,110 Bright, Patricia 130 Brinker, Gayle 71,88,120 Brisentine, Robert 40 Brooks, Bert 110 Brooks, Mary 110 Brown, Bill 150 Brown, Daniel 110 Brown, Doug 9,31,51,70, 126,130 Brown, Mr. Duane 77,83, 104 Brown, Larry 77,78,130 Brown, Norm 78,130 Brown, Randy 130 Brown, Richard 130 Brown, Richard 11 ' Brown, Ron 120 Brown, Thomas 130 Brown, Vivki 66,110 Broyles, Carl 110 Broyles, Tim 110 Brubaler, Debbie 120 Brudney, Mrs. Anna 104 Brunson, James 61,68,70, 73,130 Brunson, Joy 66,69,110 Bryant, Jeff 110 Buchanan, Jim 65,111 Buchanan, John 130 Buckel, Ken 110 Buckles, Paul 120 Buckley, Sharon 111 Budd, Larry 130 Budzon, Jann 130 Buecker, David 120 Buecker, Roshane 58,130 Buesking, Thomas 18,130, 132,135 Bumgardner, Kathy 130 Burd, Chen 111 Burd, Richard 120 Burke, Kevin 111 Burkhalter, Frederick 127 Burkhalter, Jacqueline 130 Burkhalter, Jim 130 Burkholder, Steve 111 Burkholder, Brenda 130 Burns, Paul 120 Burtnett, Richard 127 Busian, Carl C. 130 Busian, Dave 111 Butler, Rita 111 Butler, Rod 47,97,131 Butler, Wayne 66,131 Cady, Joan 120 Cady, Joe S. Ill Caldwell, Candace 120 Gale, Cindy 120 Caley, Jim 120 Calhoun, Charlene 111 Calhoun, Harold 120 Calhoun, Robin 111 Campbell, A. C. 120 Canaday, Clifton 111 Capps, Mike 120 Carboni, Randal 120 Carboni, Tim 120 Carlson, Kay 61,66,127 Carmer, Scott 66,120 Carpenter, Courtland 60, 111 Carpenter, Greg 120 Carpenter, Jo 131 Carpenter, Pam 120 Caroenter, Sharon 42,46, 70,131 Carroll, Mark 120 Carrol], Phvllis 31.66,120 Carter, Kathleen 69,111 Carter, Mark Allen 73, 120 Carter, Ronald D. 70,131 Cartwright, Brenda 111 Casey, Beckv 46.120 Casey, Pat 72,120 Cashdollar, Terry 111 Cassaday, Clifford 117 CassiU, Mr. William 104 Gates, Victoria Lee 131 Cattin, Linda 120 Cattin, Sandy K. 70,120 Cecil, David L. 56,131 Cecil, Karen 120 Certain, iVIr. Ronald 104 Chaffin, Ellis 111 Chaffin, Roger 120 Chandler, Jeanne 111 Chandler, Mary Beth 46 131 Chantaca, Adelida 108 117 Chapman, Barbara 131 Chapman, Deb. K. Ill Chapman, John 150 Chappuis, Mark 79,111 Chappuis, Rob 51,78.131 Chenev, Lvnnette 111 Chester, Steve 111 Chivinston, Ken 120 Chisholm, Larry 120 Christman, Bev 72,111 Christman, Craig 120 Christoffel, Tread 131 Cismowski, Kevin 71 82 120 Clark, Mr. Charles 104 Clark, Bill 120 Clark, Gary 131 Clark, Jackie S. 131 Clark, Jon 111 Clark, Susan 111 Clay, Paula Ann 69,111 Claypool, Bob 120 Clem, Richard 131 Clemins, Donald W. Ill Clemons, Linda 120 Clifton, Miles 51,52,53 126,131,143,149 Coak, Deborah 121 Coe, Glenn Alan 111 Coe, Juh ' e Ann 111 Coffman, Gary 131 Colcord, David 111 Cole, Phil 111 Collar, Karen 131 Colleer, Linda 131 CoUett, Stan 127 Collins, Dale 131 Collins, Daniel 111 Collins, Edward 131 Collins, Jane 111 Collins, Paula 121 Colpitis, Sarah 48,70,121 Comer, John 132 Comment, Joe 132 Conrad, Charles 61,65, 68,121 Converse, Eric 1.32 Converse, Rod 111 Cook, Blaine 132 Cook, Doug 27,132 Cook, Edward 78,121 Coolev, David 69.111 Cooper, Tim 42,56,121 Cope, Peg 132 Cornell, Susan 111 Cornewell, Catherine 121 ' Coslow, Dick 121 Coslow, Mark 59,111 Covault, Carol 111 Covey, Cinda 132 Covey, Gary 132 Covey, Linda 132 Cowan, William 76,132 Cowles, Kenneth 111 Cox, Catherine 132 Crabill, Steve 111 Craddock, Becky 68,121 127 Craig, Jack 69,111 Grain, Mark 111 Craft, Shannon 132 Crawford, De on 46,132 Crawford, John 66,68, 121 Crider. Louise 132 Crist, Rebecca 132 Criswell, Cathy 132 Criswell, Xancv 46.121 Criswell, Sue 69,111 Crocker, Mrs. Edna 104 Crosby, Joyce 111 Crowe, Janet 111 Crozier, Dan 121 Crozier, Dave 121 Crum, Clayton 132 Cuellar, Paul 111 Cuellar, Rosi 121 Culbertson, Cindy 132 Culver, Don 80,121 Cummins, Carol 132 Cummins, Laura 121 Cunningham, Bob 69,111 Curdes, Martin 96,121 Cubgni, Rick 72,79,111 D Dahm, Jerry 111 Dager, Sue 42,48,121 Dailev, Mike 121 Dale, Debby 71,121 Dale. ' icky 69,72,111 Dammeier, Jeff 121 Dancer. Gary 132 Dancer, Maria HI Daniel, Dave 50,132 Daring, Loutmcia 72,111 Desmond, John Davidson, Fredrick 111 Davis, Chuck 111 Davis, Kathleen 121 Davis, Frank 111 Cavis. Kathie 121 Davis, Mike 133 Davis, Pat HI Davis, Robbie 52,111 Davis, Robby 121 Davis, Sue 71,121 Davison, Rebecca 133 Deady, Jean 121 Dean, Ilene 121 Dean, Loretta 121 Deason, Kathy 121 DeBolt Bruce 111 DeBmlar, Mike 121 Decker, Mr. Dale 104 del Grosso, Cheryl 111 Deming, Tim 133 Demaree, Paul 111 Dennis, Terry 111 Derr, Marilyn 66,121 Desmond, John 121 Desmonds, Steve 111 Deveau, Jim 121 Deveau, John 121 Dewait, Dave 133 DeYoung, Mr. John 104 Dick, Mary Jo 30,59,68, 111 Dick, Randy 111 Dick, Ronald 111 Dick, Sarah 68,121 Dickelman, Darilyn 68, 133 Didier, Amy 111 Didian, Diane 133 Dietz, Diane 48,70,121 Diffendarfer, Paula 66, 133 Dill. Mike 121 Diller, Cathy 69,111 Diller, Randy 121 DiUing, Mike 68,71,121 DiPietro, Mr. Joe 77,104 Distelrath, Clarence 121 Diver, Dave 27,121 Doctor, Doug 111 Dodane, Martha 111 Dodd, Bette 44,45,54, 133 Dodd, Shirlie 121 Doehrman, Mr. Will 104 Doell, David 133 Doell, Gail 56,121 Doering, Steve 111 Dohrmann, Mr. Tom 104 Donohue, Janie 111 Dombush, Bev 56,65,133 Dombush, Rick HI Domseif, Ed 121 Doster, Lynn 133 Doty, Randy 133 Doughty, Arlene 133 Drake, Terry 133 Drew, Gary 121 Drew, John 133 Dreyer, Becky 66,121 Druhot, Renee 111 Dubuisson, Sylvis 121 Duckworth, Sheeri 121 Duly, Rod 121 Dunbar, Caryn 121 Dunbar, Cathy 111 Dunbar, Kevin 133 Dunlap, Keith 150 Dunkleberber, Lisa 133 Durbin, Janet 111 Durfey, Mrs. EUen 64, 103 Dumell, Don 150 Eachen, David 47,121 Earnest, Charles 11,111 Eastes, Abby 121 Eastman, Sheryl 121 Eberhardt, Kathy 121 Edwards, Jerry 133 Edwards, Mr. Robert 104 Ehler, Carla 72,111 Ehler, Kirby 133 Eichman, Lorraine 133 Eiser, Sue 125 Eix, Stanley 121 Elkins, Debbie 133 EUer, Steven 150 EUis, John 121 Ellis, Junine 59,69,121 Ellis, Keith 133 Elhs, Kent 121 Ellison, Carol 121 Eloph, Linda 121 Eloranta, Sandra 69,111 Elser, Terry 121 Ely, Jim 117 Ely, Laura 133 Emmons, Susan 121 Emrah, Joe 111 Engstrom, John 47,121 Erler, Mike 121 Erler, Richard 111 Erwin, Patrick 111 Essex, Diane 111 Essex, Pam 121 Ester, Brenda 69,111 Esterline, Mr. Dave 104 Eudaley, Miss Ruth 12. 105 Evans, S. Larry 111 Fair, Dan 121 Falls, Karen 69,111 Falvy, Patrick 57,61,66, 70,133 Farr, Annette 121 Farr, Susan 111 Farlon. Ronald 121 Farren, Sandra 111 Farriss, Beth Ann 121 Faulkenberg, Jeff 133 Faulkner, Beth 121 Faust, Kim 69,111 Faux, Steve 112 Feagles, Jerry 133 Feasel, John 70,121 Federspiel, Sandy 121 Feemster, Beverley 121 Feldheiser, Cathy 112 Feldheiser, Gary 121 Felger, Leonard 112 Fell, Greg 117 Feller, Mr. Charles 105 Feller, Karen 66,112 Felts, Diana 112 Ferguson, Kevin 112 Ferrier, Connie 112 Ferrier, Mike 133 Fick, Sandy 83,133 Fields, Janet 112 Figel, Al 50,121 Figel, Chris 112 Fegel, Joan 134 Firestine, Diedra 121 Firestine, Joseph 112 Firestine, Phil 134 Fiscus, Melanie 134 Fiscus, Vanessa 69,112 Fisher, Bilhe 41,134 Fisher, Ed 134 Fisher, Micheal 121 Fisher, Mr. Norman 105 Fisher, Stiphen 134 Flanagan, Terry 121 Fleck, Jim 112 Fleck. Mr. Cleon 105 Flinn, Anita 134 Flory, Donald 122 Fogle, Larry 122 Fogle, Sam 112 Folk, Michael 69,112 Foltz, Carolyn 11,122 Fooze, Joann 66,122 Ford, Greg 33,112 Ford, Jess 47,70,134 Ford, Lois 122 Fosnaugh, Graig 122 Fox, BUI 150 Fox, Darlene 63,134 Fowler, Pamela 69,112, 117 Francies II, Harry 52,65 134 Francies, Rebecca 112 Francies, Sandra 56,122 Franke, Rick 134 Franke, Wes 117 Franklin, Rick 112 Franklin, Debbie 122 Frazier, Jay 122 Freeman, Carolyn 127 Freeman, Jim 111 Freimuth, Pflula 112 Fremion, Beth 72,112 Fremion, Joel 78,134 Friend, Gregory 122 Fritz, Carol 112 Fry, Kathv 122 Fudge, Alan 112 Fulk, John 117 Fumiss, Dianna 122 Furnish, Presteen 122 Fumiss, Steve 122 Fyock, John 134 Gage, Chuck 122 Galbraith, Mark 134 Gamble, Rick 122 Galloway, Carla 134 Gammons, Scott 112 Gannom, Debra 134 Gardt, Kathy 122 Gariand, Violet 112 Garman, Eric 134 Carman, Gary 122 Garvison, Jenny 134 Gaskill, Carol 134 Gaskill, Debbie 112 GaskiD, Linda 72,112 GaskJll, Rick 79,112 Gaskill, Tim 122 Gatton, Mary 122 Gaunt, Nancy 54,134 Geary, Mike 122 Gebhart, Dan 10,42,50, 122 Geisehnan, John 122 Gemmer, Frankye, 44,54, 126,127,134 Gennaitte, Diane 112 Gennaitte, Pat 122 Gentry, Janet 122 George, Harold 122 Gerber, Mrs. Sherry 105 Gerdom, Dave 134 Gephardt, Denise 122 Gerken, Chris 66,122 Gemhardt, Cindy 61,70, 88,134 Gething, Cindy 66,69, 112 Gething, Debbie 31,61, 66,68,70,73,134 Getts, Linda 57,58.59, 134 Geyer, Tom 122 Gfell. Greg 112 Gibson, Carolene 122 Gibson, Mark 112 Gibson, Mary 122 Gibson, Mike 122 Gibson, Joyce 117 Gibson, Vickie 112 Giessler, Darlene 112 Gilbert, Jeff 134 Gildea, Tina 122 Gillespie, Kathy 122 Gilliam, Kevin 112 Gilson. Ray 112 Gilson, Ron 69,112 Gingrich, Dave 68,122 Givens, Jim 134 Glass, Dave 64,65.134 Glenn, Anita 122 Glusenkamp, Joyce 112 Godfrey, Phil 112 Goff, Pam 122 Gonzales, Juanita 122 Gonzales. Rick 135 Good, Linda 66,135 Goeglein, Rick 112 Goodwin, Merle 112 Goodwin, Mike 122 Goodin, Paula 112 Goodpaster, Vicki 112 Goodwin, Mike 122 Goon, Mr. Dale 105 Gordon, Becky 63,135 Gore, Brian 122 Goshert, Kathy 72,112 Goshert, Steve 70,73,135 Graham, Rod 122 Graham, Steve 112 Grandlienard, Nancy 135 Graves, Jaci 118,127 Gray, Barb 135 Gray, Gary 79,117 Gray, Jerry 135 Gray, John 78,135 Greene, Barbra 135 Green, Ida 27,122,126 Greene, Richard 122 Green, Sherri 122 Green, Tom 122 Greeno, Jeff 112 Gresham, Linda 112 Greulach, David 132 Greulach, Gregory 112 Greulach, Mary 112 Griem. Julie 135 Griffith, Fred 135 Griffith, Jeanetta 69,112 Griffith, Mrs. Judith 105 Griggs, Birdie 150 Grimes, Helen 112,117 Grindle, Nancy 122 Gronau, Cindy 122 Gronau, Deborah 112 Grosjean, Ron 135 Gross, Don 135 Gross, Kathy 122 Gross, Phil 56,135 Grove, Todd 61,73,122 Gruber, Beth 122 Cruse, John 135 Guevara, Art 135 Guevara, Bill 135 Gump, Bumell 122 Cunsenhouser, Joy 66, 112 Gurevsky, Keith 112 Gurevsky, Sue 122 Gustin, Aavon 122 Gutermuth, Linda 122 Gutermuth, Rickey 42, 135 Gutierrez, Rodney 112 Gutierrez, Yvonne 60,135 Guy. Craig 150 H Habegger, Todd 79,112 Hagan, Kathy 112 Hageman, Kathy 112 Hagen, Bruce 135 Hagan, Dennis 122 Hagen, Tom 112 Hall. Debbie 66.68,127 HaU. Sheryl 112 Hallford, BiU 122 Halquist, Margaret 122 Halter, Kathy 59,112 Hamm, Mr. Donald 105 Hammond, Bob 109,135 Hamrick, Cathy 122 Hamrick, Patty 112 Hampshire, Toni 136 Hanauer, Bob 112 Hanauer, Connie 136 Hanauer, Dave 72,112 Hanauer, Deb 112 Hanauer, Patsy 122 Hanley, Barb 122 Hanlin, Paula 122 Hansen, Denise 26,71, 122 Hansen, Dennis 122 Hansen, Mark 44,54,122 Hansen, Tom 112 Hanzel, Sue 60,136 Hardrick, Rick 122 Harding, Randy 112 Harkenrider, Dennis 136 Harker, Bill 122 Harmeyer, Pat 66,69,112 Harmon, Nancy 122 Harness, Mike 136 Hams, Bob 112 Harpel, Luanne 112 Harper, Valerie 65,70, 136 Harris, Mr. Alvin 103 Harris, Art 65,112 Harris, Becky 136 Harris, Mike Lee 136 Harris, Mike R. 50,60, 136 Harrison, Kathy 112 Harrison, Jim 136 Harsch, Joyce 58,112 Harshbarger, Brian 66, 122 Hart, Debbie 112 Hart, Mike 122 Harter, Cathy 122 Harter, Jackie 112 Harter, Randy 39,136 Harter, Rick 112 Harter, Sharman 31,70, 88,136 Harter, Phil 122 Hartman, Bill 122 Hartman, Karen 65,136, 148 Hartup. Denise 58,112 Hartup, Dwayne 26.42, 50,66,80,127 Hartzell, Jackie 122 Hartzog, Becky 136 Hatch, Cheri 136 Hatch, Dave 136 Hatch, Denise 42,112 Hatch, Janet 69,112 Hatch, Marcy 136 Hatfield, Steve 122 Haverstock, Bob 117 Hawkins, Jack 112 Hayes, Cayle 123 Hayes, Candy 112 Hayner, Claire 136 Hayner, Mrs. Gladys 103 Haynes, Gary 136 Hazelett, Dean 123 Hazelett, Tom 123 Headford, Linda 18,22, 46,58,136 Headings, Brian 117 Headrick, Ron 127 Heaston, Nancy 59,123 Heath, Mr. John 105 Heath. Steve 112 Heck, Becky 69,112 Heck, Dennis 112 Heck, Rick 150 Hedges, Diane 136 Heeren, Donald 66,112 Heffelfinger, Kay 123 Heffner, Ed 69,113 Heffner, Mark 136 Heinze, Jan 123 Heiniger, Steve 70,78. 136 Heller, Denny 123 Helmke, Marsha 69,113 Hebnke, Mark 42,136 Hemingway, Keith 113 Hemingway, Sue 123 Henderson, Mr. Myron 105 Hendrickson, John 136 Henning, Dave 113 Henry, Rick 113 Henschen, Bmce 123 Henschen, John 79,113 Hensley, Debra 113 Hershberger, Gary 70, 123 Herstad, Dan 113 Hetrick, Dave 113 Hettinger, Deb 113 Hettinger, Harold 113 Hettinger, Linda 113 Hettinger, Scott 113 Heuer, Sue 136 Heuer, Mark 123 Hey, By 105 Heyn, Sandy 113 Hiatt, Karen 136 Hicks, Shelby 113 Hieler, Tim 113 Hiffeman, Dave 136 High. Max 70,137 High, Nadine 117 Hileman, Nancy 113 Hileman, Tom 123 Hill, Barry 137 Hill, Gary 113 Hill, Ken 123 Hilt, John 137 Hilton, Steve 113 Hines, Alan 137 Hinga, Bob 113 Hinkle, Jill 66,69,113 Hinkle, Sue 113 Hinsch, Lloyd 113 Hinshaw, Chuck 137 Hinshaw, Debbie 113 Hinton, Greg 70,123 Hinton, Mr. Charles 103 Hixon. Ken 123 Hobbs, Mary 113 Hobbs, Jim 123 Hoblet, Cheryl 137 Hockensmith, Gary 113 Hoelle, Tom 113 Hoevel, Karen 113 Hoffman, Denise 42,61, 68,119,123 Hoffman, Sue 66,69,70, 72,113 HoUey, Karen, 113 Holley, Sue 123 Holliday, Doug 113 HolUday, Mike 123 HoUopeter, Sue 45,52, 65,137 Holloway, Mr. WiUard 30,105 Holmes, Roger 113 Holocher, Dan 113 Holom, Debra 72,113 Holse, Penny 113 Hontz, Holly 59,123 Hoobler, Gail 113 Hooley, Beith 113 Hoover, Kathy 113 HoppeL Jim 96,97,137 Horacek, Denny 123 Houck, Shelly 113 Houk, Stan 113 Homer, Brenda 123 House, Kathy 137 Houser, Joyce 113 Houser, Ron 137 Howey, Bob 123 Hoy, Candy 137 Hoy, Geary 66,69,113 Hoylman, Connie 54,69, 113 Hubner, Fannie 123 Hughes, Amy 66,67,113 Hughes, Phil 150 Hughes, Randy 137 Huguenard, Gary 137 Huguenard, Ron 123 Huguenard, Steve 137 Hull, Don 113 Himiphrey, Mr. Fred 105 Hunley, John 137 Hunt, Gordon 113 Hunt, Karol 70,137 Hunter, Dawn 113 Hunter, Mr. Donald 83, 105 Hunter, Mark 137 Hurley, Jon 137 Hurley, Sue 113 Hutmacher, Mrs. Jacqueline 105 Hutson, Bob 137 Hutson, Russ 80,123 Hyndman, Carol 113 lehl, Tom 113 Inscoe, Steve 70,131,137 Irmscher, Sue 113 Irwin, Jim 123 Irwin, Jayne, 137 Irving, Jeff 123 Isenberg, Sharon 113 Ivy, Mr. Herle 105 Jackson, Debra 123 Jackson, Denny 82,137 Jackson, Earl 66,73,123 Jackson, Gregg 113 Jackson, Janett 127 Jackson, Marilyn 113 Jackson, Rose 123 Jacobson, David 137 Jacobson, Kathy 66,69, 113 Jacoby, Mike 51,60,70, 137,158 Jacoby, Michele 113 Jacquay, Janice 137 Jahn, Mary 46,123 Jahn, Richard 113 James, Barb 56,137 James, Harold 113 James, Mike 123 Jarboe, Kris 113 Jasper, Lynn 123 Jeffers, Ken 113 Jeffery, Diann 137 Jeffery, Gary 113 Jefferies, Jean 137 Jeffries, Mike 138 Jehl, Mike 127 Jenkins, Bill 123 Jennings, David 69,113 Jennings, Diane 57,138 Terraid, Jerri 113 Jesse, Sandy 9,10,44,45 46,54,57,65.138 Jett, Ginny 138 Jimison, Jeannine 113 Johnloz, Nancy 138 Johns, Keith 123 Johnson, Beth 123 Johnson, Chad 71,123 Johnson, Dave 123 Johnson, Doug 113 Johnson, Mrs. Irma 105 Johnson, LuAnne 72,138 Johnson, Mark 123 Johnson, Robert 50,71, 123 Johnson, Ross 61,66,68, 73,123 Johnson, Sharon 65,138 Johns, Keith 113 Johnston Tom 113 Jones, Glenda 123 Jones, Jackie 123 Jones, Jim 123 Jones, Mike 113 Jones, Steve 113 Jones, Terry 113 Judd, Leslie 29,66,73, 123 Junk, Bill 80,138 Tunk, Bob 69,79,113 Junk, Ed 123 K Kable, Larry 123 Kable, Ron 123 Kammeier, Cathv 69,123 Kamphues, Candy 59,61, 66,138 Kamp, Nick 123 Kamp, Tom 123 Kantzer, Mark 113 Kam, Jerry 138 Keesler, Chris 113 Keesler, Marsha 63,138 Keesler, Mike 78,123 Keesler, Rhonda 113 Keever, Bruce, 138 Keever, Joyce 66,113 Kelker, Jayne 123 Keller, Debby 69,113 Keller, Krystal 69,113 Keller, Paul 113 Keller, Stan 113 Keller, Linda 138 Kelly, Sean 138 Kemery, Chris 9,66,72, 138 Kemp, Jeff 123 Kennell, Karen 138 Kensill, Karen 123 Kent, Rich 60,138 Kern, Brian 66,123 Key, Kathy 72,113 Key, Pam 30,61,123 Kidd, Mark 82,138 Kiefer, Wanetta 123 Kieler, Deb 150 Kieler, Tim 113 Kienzie, Barb 123 Kilty, Dan 113 Kinder, Peggy 72,123 Kindig, Loyal 113 Kindig, Margaret 123 King, Lana 123 King, Lewie 61,70,138 Kinne, Donnelly 113 Kinsey, Bob 138 Kipfer, Laurena 114 Kipling, Mike 9,42,51, 60,127,138 Kirkpatrick, Cindy 114 Kirkpatrick, Val 69,114 Kitchen, Debbie 69,114 Klenmi, Teresa 123 Kitzmiller, Joy 138 Kline, Jerri 138 Kline, Will 22,78,138,159 Klocke, Mrs. Dolores 103 Knight, Pat 21,52,114 Knispel, Pam 71,123 Knerr, Allan 50,60,65, 109.138 Knudson, Ruth 69,114 Knuth, Barb 48,65.1.38 Knuth, John 80,139 Knuth, Kathy 123 Koch, Donna 139 Koenig, Georgianna 114 Koenig, Ron 123 Koenig, Sharon 68.69,114 Kohn, Maren 59,66,69, 114 Kolin, Sara 19,42,60,139 Kountz, Dean 123 Koontz, Rose 69,114 Koop. Kathy 13 9 Kowdlezyk, Dave 114 Kraft, Shirley 123 Kramer, Linda 139 Krause, Becky 139 Krause, Reneta 72,123 Krause, Steve 138 Kreamelmeyer, Fred 117 Krause, Linda 114 Krempel, Mike 123 Kroskie, Dorothy 139 Kruckeberg, Kevin 114 Krudop, Bev 114 Krudop, Donna 1 14 Kuester, Lori 69,114 Kruse. Dan 114 Laier, Karen 18.139 Lamb. Lonnie 123 Lamb, Sue 56,59,70,123 Lamley, Don 137 Lamley, Joyce 123 Lamson, Craig 42,123 Langas, Kirk 123 Langmever, Brian 71,123 Lantz, Robert 139 Lapp, Dennis 123 LaRue, Carolyn 114 La Rue, Norman 123 Lasley, Alta 139 Lasley, Bill 79,114 Latham, Barry 139 Latham, Rick 114 Lauber, Debra 1-39 Lauber, Jill 69,72,114 Lauer, Ruth 123 Lauer, Mark 123 LaVine, Randy 60,139 Lawrence, Jean 114 Lawson, Mike 114 Lay ton, Sharon 69,72,114 Leach, Mike H. 79,114 Leach, Mike 8, 79,114 Lee. Diane 139 Lee. Donald 114 Lees, Cheryl 70,123 Leffler, Ed 79,114 Lehman, Mrs. Ann 103 Lehrman, Cindy 68,70, 139 Lehrman, Dave 66,72, 114 Leininger, Marc 123 Leinker, Fred 123 Leinker, Geoffrey 114 Leist. Mike 114 Leitch. Joni 123 Leland, Pam 123 Lemke, Mr. Paul 105 Lewis, Barb 66.139 Lewis, Rick 122,123 Lewis. Ron 114 Lewis, Steve 114 Lewinski, Mr. James 42, 105 Lewton, Rhonda 72,114 Liggett, Jim 139 Lindemuth, Roger 123 Linder, Tom 66,114 Lindsey, Jackie 139 Lindsey, Terrie 114 Linnemeier, Dale 124 Linnemeier. John 69,114 Lloyd, Linda 124 Lockhart, Tony 114 Lochner, Mary 114 Lockwood, Pat 69,114 Lockwood, Tim 70.139 Loechner, Bill 60,70,80, 139 Lofgran. Linda 114 Logan, Dan 124 Logan, Linda 114 Lombard, Mrs. Dorothy 103 Lombard, Joe 80,100,124 Longardner, Larry 80, 124 Longley, Doug 79,114 Longlev, Pat 139 Loper, Mrs. Betty 103 Lotter, Judy 44,45,54,140 Lord, Pat 114 Louden, Mark 114 Lough, Carol 114 Love. Gerry. 140 Loveless, Jenny 117 Loveless, Martha 124 Lowrey, Donna 114 Luce, Dan 78,124 Ludwig, Sue 140 Ludwig. Rick 72.114 Luke. David 140 Lunsford, Cleve 140 Lunsford, Deb 114 Lusk, Amanda 28,45,46, 52,57,58,59.140 Lusk. Cindy 114 Lutz, Gary 124 Lutz, Card D. 150 Lutz, Louella 124 Lynch, Sharon 140 Lyttle, Richard 150 M MacDonald, Greg 124 Macieyeuski, Rose 68. 114,117 Macy, Kevin 124 Madrid, Kathy 72,114 Madsen, Bob 124 Mahathv, Alfred 114 Mahlan, Chris 66 124 Malcolm, Kevin 140 Malcolm, Rick 150 Malecek, Mrs. Freda 103 Malev, Carol 20,140 Malich, Catherine 66,124 Malolev, Dave 124 Maloley, Nat H. 124 Malonev, Michael 124 Malott, Kathy 140 Manes, Kathrvn 72,124 Manes, Pat 114 M.mning, Catherine 123 Manville, Patricia 140 Manville, Robert 127 Nlarino, Morris 69,114 Marino, Sharon 140 Markev, Alan 140 Markey, Janet 47,70,140 Markey, Patricia 124 Markey, Sue 114 Marti, Gerald 124 Martin, Denny 140 Martin, Marilvn 124 Martin, Paul 114 Martin, Steven 114 Martiner, Aada 114 Martz, Ken 140 Masloob, Carole 88,124 Mason, Carol 150 Mason, Cheryl 140 Masters, Pam 114 Mattix, Mary 114 Mauller, Mary 127 Maus, David 64,114 Maus, John 140 Ma.xam, Sandy 124 Mayfield, Dale 124 McBride, Jan 69,114 McBride, Monique 56, 114 McBride Nanette 56,66, 124 McBride, Patricia 65,140 McCarty, Jane 124 McClure Jr., Frederick 114 McClure, Marcia 140 McComb, Bob 124 McComb, Cathleen 69, 114 McComb, David 114 McCreary, Dennis 114 McCoskev, Linda 140 McDonald, Kathie 140 McFarland, Randy 114 McGinlev, Karen 114 McGinley, Don 114 McGowan, Mike 117 McKee, Dave 124 McKeever, Terry 140 McKinnis, Kaye 69,72, 114 McKinzie, Karen 124 McKnight, Brian 114 McMahon, Elizabeth 127 McMahon, Tack 127 McMahon, Kathy 69,114 McMaken, Gaylene 60, 70,140 McNeal, Carolyn 124 McNeal, Linda 47,61, 140 McNeal, John 124 McPherson, Dave 124 McPher.son, Susan 127 Meek, Richard 71,78,127 Melchi, Dean 51,70,76, 78,140 Meeham, Andy 114 Meeks, Karen 114 Mencer, Bob 124 Menges, Beth 110,117 Menocal, John 140 Menocal, Lyd 126,140 Mcnsch, Theresa 124 Morodith, Phyllis 72,114 M( ris( ' l, Tom 125 Morklor, Davo I ' ll Mertz, CrcK 42,.W,78, 1 24 Mertz, Pam 9,18,88,141, 150 McssctiKcr, N()iMi;i I 17 MeshberKcr, Ri(-I 69,114 Messenbcr, Linda 141 Mcttert, Paul 124 Meyer, Barh.ira 1 14 Meyer, Boh 124 Meyers, Mr. David 106 Meyer, GrcK 115 Meyer, Ilarvcy 141 MilledK Charles 115 Miller, Charles 115 Miller, Bob 124 Miller, Cindy 69,115 Miller, Dennis 115 Miller, Gail 150 Miller, Holly 115 Miller, Jim 124 Miller, Jeane 61,68,141 Miller. Kathy 72,115 Miller, Linda 69,115 Miller, Marsha 115 Miller, Mary 124 Miller, Pam 124 Miller, Phil 115 Miller, Ray 125 Miller, Richard 124 Miller, Robert 115 Miller, Ruth 115 Mills, Darlene 141 Mills, Vicki 141 Minick, Susie 124 Minnick, Mark 115 Miser, Donald 115,117 Miser, James 61,70,73, 141 Misselhom. Nancy 124 Mitchell, Vicki 124 Modezjewski, John 47, 141 Modic, Paul 69,115 Moon, Bill 115 Moon, Rita 141 Moore, Gary 42, 124 Moore, Jim 141 Moore, Ken 150 Moore, Linda 141 Moorhead, Mike 124 Moreland, John 96,124 Moreland, Shelley 66,72, 141 Moray, Kim 124 Morken, James 115 Morken, Linda 48,70, 141,158 Morris, Dave 115 Morlan, Sherry 124 Morreaie, Pete 115 Morris, Bev 59,69,70,124 Morketter, Jan 124 Morton, John 124 Mossberg, Steve 141 Mossburge, Julie 124 Mossh,immer, Ann 115 Moser, Mr. Gerald 106 Motz, Jenny 147,148,149 Mougin, Jaretta 115 Mowan, Ken 115 Moyer, Dan 115 Mover, Mike 124 Mudrack, Deb 124 Mudrack, Mike 125 Mudrack. Mike 73.78.141 Muehhemever. Lois 125 MuUer. Cindy 46,141 Muncie, Keith 115 Mundt, Linda 141 Murphy. Dennis 125 Murphv, Jo.mne 115 Murphy, Pat 80,81,125 Murphv, Pat 141 Myers, Barb 125 Murrav. Billie 115 Mvers, Lee 69,115 Myers, Mike 125 Myers, Steve 125 N Najjel, Georgn 141 NfiH, Kathy 125 Nc;.l. Hon 125 N(T.lli,-,i,i, C.rcKK (i ' lM N :ill, lirn 60,115 Neith, Diana 72,141 Nelson, Carol 141 Nelson, Linda .58,141 Nelson, Reid 141 Nelson, Sandy 125 Nelson, Tom 12.5 Nesbitt, John 125 NevoKt, Krik 141 Newfll. M•.■• «n 11,5 Nowhard, Ed 66,68,70, 78,141 Newman, Kalliy 142 Newman, Rick 142 Newport, Bob 115 Nichter, Nick 150 Niblack, Betty 142 Nickolson, Mike 125 Nicodemus, Jane 72,125 Nicolet, Denny 69,115 Niemeyer, Mr. Kred 103 Nilcs, Fenny 125,127 Nill, Janet 42,142 Niman, Dave 65,72,142 Nine, Sherry 65,72,142 Niswonger, Doug 115 Nix, Tom 79,115 Noble, Glen 79,115 Noble, Tom 78,79,142 Nordyke, Randy 115 Norris, Kathy 115 Norris, Mark 142 Norris, Wanda 44,54,125 Norton, Brian 125 Norton, Patty 115,117 Norton, Stephanie 125 Norvell, Jackie 125 Novell, Steve 70,142 Nunn, Rick 79,115 Nusbaum, Mrs. Alice 106 o O ' Brien, Chuck 142 O ' Brien Patrick 125 Ogg, Cynthia 115 O Hair, Mike 115 Ohler, Cathy 125 Ohler, Chris 142 Olinger, Cvnthia 142 Olinske, Gary 125 Oliver, Bruce 142 Oliver, Steve 69,115 Oliver, Donna 115 Olofson, Barbara 69,115 Olry, Dave 52,125 Orr, Dennis 117 Osbom, Mary 125 Oser, Alan 125 Oser, Karen 10,46,57,58, 142,135 Osmun, Dave 115 Oswald, Bvron 125 Oswald, Marti 48,142 Oxley, Cindy 142 Palmer. Cyrie 21.125 Papagiannis, Liz 125 Pape, Joel 142 Pape. Mike 125 Park, Cindv 115 Parker, Deb 125 Parker, Dennis 42,125 Parker, Rick 142 PLukins, G;u: - 142 Parnin, Mike 115 Parrish, Greg 115 Parrish, Mike 142 Partin, Janice 115 Parid. Mr«. Marjoric 103 Patrick, Jari«:t 6 .1)5 PartrldKc Coleon 115 I ' artrld«e, Kathy 142 PartridK ' ;, Hon 142 Patten, Tom 115,117 I ' allerson, Ann 1 15 I ' attiirvjrj, Hrenda 115 l ' att ;rson, .Mark 79.115 Patterson, Pam 142 I ' alterson, Steve 142 Pattison, Herb 115 Pauley, Lee 1 15 Paxson, Carolyn 142 Paxson, Lois 30,115 Park. Payne 125 Peach, Charlenc 115 Pepple, Denny 142 Percival, Pete 47,70,142 Perez, Frieda 115 Perez, Rachel 125 Perkins, Lloyd 125 Peters, Julie 115 Petre, Keith 142 Petgen, Bill 125 Petty, Charles 125 Pfeiffer, Jan 125 Philipps Cappi 47,142 Phillips, Cindy 125 Phillips, Patrice 115 Phillips, Steve 47,143 Phillips, Vikky 125 Phillips, Mr. William 106 Pierce, Tom 69,115 Pietra.s, Irene 125 Pifer, Rhonda 115 Pion, Pattv 72,117 Place, Bemie 69,115 Piatt, Mr. David 106 Pletcher, Ann 115 Pliett, John 143 Poinsett, Gary 125 Polios, Sherry 143 Polston, Terry 115 Pontius, Art 125__ Pontius, Kim 117 Powe. Steve 125 Powell, Emma 115 Powell, Jessie 117 Powers, Kay 72,115 Poyser, Dennis 125 Poyser, Linda 125 Po ser, Steve 125 Potts, Warren 143 Pressler, Mike 143 Pressler, Sara 115 Preston, David 79,115 Pnmim, Diana 69,115 Puff, Rov 143 Pugh, Mr. Robert 56.106 Pulver. Stan 115 Pulver. Steve 80.115 Purkhiser, Mr. James 26, 106 Pvurkhiser, Tom 47,125 Putman, Tonia 115 Putt. Kathy 66,69,115 R Racine, Gregg 119.125 Racine. Rita 115 Radatz. . nah 57,58.70, 143 Ramirez, Connie 125 Ramirez, Junior 115 Rammel. Cl.iire 117 Ranev. Mark 115 Ranly, Mark 115 Rarick, Karen 143 Rash. Ken 143 Ransburg, Mrs. Ramona 106 Ratcliff, John 125 Ravovskis. Ralph 125 Rav. Rick 115 Rav. Marg,uet 115 Rea. Mike 150 Repder, Jackie 125 Reader, Mike 115 Hcavit. Dave 143 H ; l-lirilC, St rv ; 12. HiuUu ' , Sharon 125 Hedrnaii, Nan ' i 58, 14. ' } Hirdrnonil, Jatiwr 11-5 i i! waiiHki, fiay 143 hv.tii-.r. Paul Mi.m.m. 115 Hei.-vM, Julie 125 KciKht«r, Bryan 117 HeiKlil ' -r, Ken 12.5 Keimund, Debra 72.115 Keisinger, Sue 143 Keiiille. Mik : 143 H.-nn. Cheryl .56.71. 125 H(:nneck ;r. Barbara 125 U ,iiriecker, Karen 125 Hennecker. Linda fl9.143 Henner, .Miclu-le 47,70. 121,125 Heppcrt. Carolyn 125 Reynolds, Roger 115 Rhea. Maxine 143 Rhoades. f;arol 144 Rhodes. Debra 144 Rhodes, Kd 1 15 Rich, Mike 125 Richard, Debbie 31.47. 56.61,70,144 Rite. .Mr. Meryle 64.KJ6 Richeal. Kim 115 Roach, Russell 12-5 Robinson, Candee 42,117 Robinson, Carol 66.125 Robks, Janet 125 Richey. Debbie 144 Robnolte, Beth Ann 144 Robotham. Sharon 144 Roddy. Kelly 144 Rodgers, Jackie 59,144 Rodrigue, Alex 117 Roebuck, Debbie 125 Roehling. Debra 144 Rogers, Mel 128 Roller, Bonnie 125 Roller. Cleatus 144 Rollins, Rebecca 69.117 Romev. Donna 12.5 Ross. Barbara 42.60.65, 144 Rose Jessie 125 Rossington, Jerrv 125 Rouse, Brenda 10.56.144 Rowe Mr. 106 Runkle. Dennis 73.125 Runyon. Shirley 125 Rupp. Xancv 59.125 Russ. Pam 144 Russell. Jeanne 117 Ryan. Tom 125 Salver. Carla 127 Sanders. Doug 125 Sanders. J;met 66.72.125 Sanders. Louis 116 Sanderson. Bud 144 Sark. Kevin 126.4S Sarrazin. C " nthia 70.128 Sauders, L nin 65.116 Sauer, Joe 126 Sauage, Jim 79.116 Schaefer. Bets - 126 Schaefer, Glenda 66.126 Schaefer. Greg 126 Schaffer. Jim 69.126 Schafianski. Mari- 144 Scheele. Charhe 144 Scheele. S.indv 6.72.126 Scheele. WiU 76.7S.144 Scheeler. Xancv 118.127 Schellenbach. Xancv 46, 144 Scherer. John 116 Schieferstein. Chervl 5S. 72.116 Schinbeckler. Pam 126 ScWickman. Shersl 5S. 116 S t.rni 1. BM-ky 1 16 .Vl.midt, Carla .18,1 1.116 Vhrni It. Donn 116 .Vhmi lt. ( ' .tirvi J 44 S ' hrfiiATnafi. rVririH 126 S ' Krnidf, Jij ly V» 116 Vl.rnidt. Kim 116 S.t,-.-,d.-r. Bill 126 ' ' -r, Tiitn 127 .■■r. StJAl 117 ■ ■■otz. rA,n 116 V .....lir f, f ;,r«a 106.116 S .ho mUriri, S»tAy 144 Vl ry, Ki k 10 144 Wrty. Sarwly 116 S h ry. Sij r 116 SthraArr, Bill 1 16 Schrim prr. Tim 1 16 Vhtjlx-ft, Julie 144 S hwartz. Carl 72 127 VK-ATn. Tfjm 126 S Tibn ' T. Ed 144 V;ol ?v Dan 116 Scryt C mnir 144 .Scott. Dave 1 16 Scott, fiary 128 Scott. Jan lie Scott. Julie 1 16 Scott. Luta lie .Scott Sua 126 Seaman. Nofman 126 S :dam. Colleen 126 S eer. Ne in 42.61.66. 70.73.144 Secwald. Rich 62.96.144 Seifert. Tiro 116 Senesac. Dave 126 Serres. Diana 116 Settle . Gail 1 16 Severencc. Sheila 1 16 Shaffer, Deb 128 Shaheen, Dave 26.144 Shaheen, Gabriel 116 Shannon. Steve 69.116 Shearer. Penny 128 Sheets. Terri 128 Sheley. Chery I 1 16 Shepard. Terri 116 Shepelak. Nonna 42,44, 45.47,48.145 Shepler. Barb 69.72.116 Shepler. Mrs. Maxine 103 Sherman. Carol 145.146 Sher vood. Debbv 126 Shelton. Bob 126 Shideler. Greg 56.70.145 Shilts. Cathv 116 ShilU. Perry 126_ Shij e. Penny 145 Shiriaev. Alex 145 Shoemaker. Barb 145 Shoemaker. Janet 116 Shook. HoUv 43.145 Short Debra 126 Shoup. Connie 4-S.70.126 ShowaJter. Keith 50.70. 78.145 Shreve, Terry 150 Shaulin. CoUen 116 Shumaker. Steve 29.116 Shupe. Rick 70.120 Shutt Mrs. Mar - 103 Sibert Pat 145 SidweU. Cindy 116 Siemens. Roi " 126 Siever?. Xan 5S.69.U6 SUer. Mel 97.145 Silver. Stan 145 _ Siman. Cindy 145 Simerman. Leon 70.126 Simoois. Mike 126 Simpson, Cher l 69.116 Simpson. Doug 126 Simpson. Kathy 69,116 Simpisoo. Larry 145 Sldrmer. Jo . im 56.5S, 71.126 Sko -z los. Toli 126 Skgle, Jackie 145 Smead. John 116 Smith, . iBv 42.57.60,61, 130.145 Smith, Becki 145 Smith, Cheryl 47,145 Smith, Clarissa 145 Smith, Don 65,116 Smith, Doug 116 Smith, Elaine 145 Smith, George 116 Smith, Greg 126 Smith, Jack 116 Smith, Lea 126 Smith, Miss Sandra 103 Smith Rick 69,116 Smith, Tom 80,81,127 Snider, Lee 145 Snyder, Al 116 Snyder, Don 145 Snyder, Jody 71,126 Snyder, Robert 116 Snyder, Ron 116 Snyder, Sharon 61,70,145 Sorg, Sandy 145 Soucie, Colleen 116 Sowers, Mike 126 Sparks, Debbie 116 Spice, Calvin 116 Spice, Ken 126 Spice, Gary 82,145 Spoolstra, Mrs. Marjorie 56,103 Sproat, Gary 145 Spuhler, Cherie 18,116, 117 Sprunger, Wendell 116 Stacy, Terri 126 Stafford, Mrs. Fae 103 Stagg, Mark 116 Stagg, Deb 145 Stahl, Emily 58,66,126 Stanley, Mike 116 Stanton, Patty 116 Stanzak, Mrs. Marjorie 103 Stark, Lani 145 Stauffer, Arlen 116 Stauffer, Tim 73,66,145 Stauffer, Tim L. 146 Stauffer, Mr. John 106 Steams, Debbie 66,126 Steffens, Jeff 126 Steigmeyer, Jancie 126 Steigmeyer, John 65,146 Steiner, Mark 61,70,146 SteUick, Jim 116 Stemen, Cheryl 126 Stemen, Gary 69,116 Stephens, Mike 126 Stevens, Margaret 126 Stevens, Robert 116 Steward, John 116 Stewart, Jane 146 Stewart, Sara 146 Stewart, Wilma 116 Stine, Mark 60,96,116 St. John, Suzanne 116 Stagdill, Shirley 116 Stone, Sue 44,45,146 Stonebreaker, Julie 66, 146 Stonebraker, Michele 116 Stoops, Judv 56,146,147 Stoy, Nick 126 Strack, Kenny 116 Strahm, Gary 146 Striker, Greg 126 Strong, Larry 116 Stanck, Ken 79,116 Stuckey, Bridgett 61,68, 70,146 Studebaker, Bonnie 61, 66,70,146 Studebaker, Jeanette 66, 116 Stummer, Teresa 146 Stutz, Dave 116 Suit, Greg 116 Suit, Paul 116 Summers, Rick 126 Sutorius, Commie 116 Sutorius, Ed 126 Sutter, Rick 126 Swain, Doug 150 Swartz, Kathy 116 Sweeney, Rick 79,116 Sweet, Bev 126 Sweet, Karen 126 Sylvester, Rhenda 126 Sylvester, Steve 126 Taber, Regina 70,146 Taney, Jo 47,46,146 Tanner, Randy 116 Tapping, Charles 116 Tassler, Shirley 69,116 Tassler, Tom 146 Taylor, Debra 146 Taylor, Judie 58,126,246 Taylor, Kris 126 Taylor, Lynda 116 Taylor, Paulette 116 TerreU, Dave 146 Tew, Steve 146 Thacker, Janet 126 Thayer, Barb 116 Thomas, Deb 116 Tompkins, Mary 127 Thompson, Cathy 146 Thompson, J anine 69,166 Thompson, John 11,14 " ' Thompson, Phyllis 147 Thieme, Deb 126 Thurber, Mike 147 Thurston, Kathy 147 Tigner, Marilyn 127 Tinrmons, Mark 66,78, 147 Todd, James 116 Tomhnson, Jamie 126 Tonak Harold 147 Toth, Johne 116 Traylor, Teresa 116 Treesh, Chris 126 Treesh, Rob 116 Trim, Dave 150 Triplett, Jerry 126 Tudor, Jane 116 Tigges, Aimee 147 TuUey, Mike 47,89,147 Tulley, Teresa 126 TuUey, Peggy 116 Turner, Bruce 47,61,70, 147 Turner, Gary 117 Turner, Joyce 126 Tuschler, Alice 116 Tuttle, Joyce 66,69,116 Tuttle, Rick 126 Tye, Connie 126 u Uebelhoer, Sue 126 Ulrich, Sandy 126 Upton, Theresa 116 V Van Aman, Kathy 126 Valentine, Vicki 147 Van Gorder, Bob 147 Van Kanel, Debbie 127 Van Ryan, Kirk 116 Vaughn, Janice 116 Verhaegen, Stan 147 Verhaegen, Linda 116 Vibbert, Chuck 116 Vice, Neil 126 Vice, Pattv, 117 Vickers, Cindy 147 Voirol, Cory 116 Voiroi, Gary 147 Voirol, Kathy 117 Voors, John 147 Vosmeier, Val 60,147 W Waikel, Scott 79,117 Waikel, Terry 147 Waikel, Tom 147 Waechter, Michella 126 Walker, Garv 147 Walker, Becky 6,48,147 Walker. Sherrie 126 Wall, Kevin 147 Wall, Randv 18,22,126 Wallace, Cindv 8,126 Walsh, Kevin 117 Walters, Janet 117 Walter. Mr. John 37,106 Ward, Pat 126 Warner, Barb 117 Warner, Bill 126 Warner, Roger 117 Warner, Steve 70 Wamick, Julie 117 Wamick, Janice 126 Wamstadt, Irene 126 Wamstadt, Renate 147 Warren, Sue 147 Warrick, Dan 117 Wasson, Ellen 126 Warn, Wasson 60,147 Waters, Mike 147 Waters, Randy 117 Waters, Terry 147 Wearly, Anne 61,66,70, 147 Wearly, Dave 117 Weber, Mrs. Janet 106 Weaver, Patti 66,121 Webber. Sandv 117 Weber, Beth 47,147 Weber, Russ 42,117 Webster, Deb 126 Webster, Sara 147 Wehrenberg, Susie 126 Weimer, Georgia 148 Weinberg, Sue 54,117 W eisz, Sue 66,117 Welch, Karen 117 Welch, Linda 117 Weldon, Marcia 117 Weldon, Margaret 126 Weldon, Mary 148 Wolfe, Marj 117 Waller, Carol 126 Weller, Rick 126 Wellman, Marcia 61,66, 72,126 Wells, Deb 117 Wells, Cindv 127 Wells, Darrell 150 Wells, Gary 126 Werling, Chen 117 WerUng, Rick 127 Wentz, Nancy 45,52,53, 28,132,148 Wermuth, Al 42,50,60, 96,97,148 Wermuth, Tom 51,117 Warner, Patty 148 Wilkening, Margo 150 Wert, Mr. John 106 Westerhausen, Sandy 126,45,54,148 Wetzel, Bev 127 Wetzel, Elaine 127 Wetzel, Marlene 127 Wetzel, Mike 60,151,148 Whisler, Dave 56,60,148 Whi taker. Donna 117 White, Pam 72,148 Whitehurst, Mark 150 Whitehurst, Pam 117 Widmann, Don 82,96, 148 Widmann, Linda 148 Widmer, Michel 117 Widmer, Steve 14« Wiegand, Bill 54,1 17 Wiegand, Mary 128,148 Weigman, Bill 117 Wiegman, Helen 148 Wiegman, Larry 127 Wietfeldt, Joe 127 Wiley, Laurie 148 WUkens, Laura 117 Wilkerson, Jacque 52, 121,127 Wilkerson, Rick 127 Wilier, Chuck 117 Wilson, Lucy 42,71,127 Wilson, Robert 70,80,127 Williams, Carol 148 Wilson, Tim 109,117 Wilson, Vicki 117 Williams, Russ 117 Winget, Floyd 82,148 Winkleblack, Ann 63,148 Winzeler, Annette 61,66, 68,70,149 Wire, Dan 117 Wire, Suzanne 149 Wise, Nancy 47,149 Wissler, Tim 127 Wissler, Tim 127 Witte, Tom 117 Witzigreuter, Kay 149 Wolever, Elaine 149 Wolf, Jim 149 Wolf, Mark 127 Wolf, Steve 42,117 Wolf, Tom 117 Wolfe, Craig 149 Wolfe, Rickey 117 Wolford, Dave 117 Wofford, Dannis 127 Wood, Greg 79,117 Woodard, Dan 117 Woodard, Joe 60,149 Woodmansee, Karen 127 Woodring, Nancy 117 Woodruff, Jack 19,117 Woods, Tim 69,117 Workman, Deb 117 Woodward, John 47,96 149 Worley, Tim 149 Worman, Brenda 117 Worman, Carol 149 Worman, Gloria 149 Worthen, Kim 127 Wraley, Mary 149 Wralev, Rhonda 108,117 Wulff, Dirk 8,81,70,149 Wycliffe, Pam]17 Yahn, Steve 127 Yaney, Jim 127 Yandy, Denise 117 Yant, Pat 149 Yeiser, Sandy 127 Yeiser, Steve 149 Yingst, Laurel 65,150 Yoguelet, Dean 117 York, Bill 127 Yost, Richard 42,44,51, 60,80,150 Yost, Tom 117 Young, Elaine 42,150 Zahn, Tami 71,72,127 Ziaften, Rick 117 Zimmerman, Steve 127 Zimmerman, Terri 69,72, 117 Zimmerman, Ken 150 Zimmerman, Tom 78,150 Zirkle, Cheryl 72,127 Zollars, Barb 66,70,72, 127 ZoUner, Dieter, 1 17 Zollner, Klaus 150 Zumbau , Tim 80,127 Zurbrugg, Willy 127 Zurcher, Connie 127 Zurcher, Ronald 127 LJaRac

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