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Cc 977.202 F77NO 1968 M ' - ' TH Side High School (Fort VNE, Ind. ) - T S Gc 977.202 F77no 1968 North Side High School. (Fofct Waynet Ihd. ) Legemd 1501495 lIlDIinilijnL GOLLiIO T lLiJP ALLEN COUNTY PUBUC LIBRARY lllllilliilililill illlPliilll 3 1833 02292 9753 of 1968 Presented by: The 1968 Legend Staff North Side High School 475 East State Street Forth Wayne, Indiana Irl i C- ' x - ' ' ' Table of Contents 2 Opening Opening . . . pages 1 to 3 Student Life . . . pages 4 to 15 Academics . . . pages 16 to 33 Organizations . . . pages 34 to 69 Sports . . . pages 70 to 91 Associations . . . pages 92 to 149 Advertising . . . pages 150 to 153 Closing . . . pages 154 to 155 Index . , . pages 156 to 159 We are proud Redskins in our world at North 1501495 Through a riverbank ' s foilage emerges a Redskin ' s World. A ringing bell . . . startling a sleeping student; A stray dog . . . roaming North ' s halls; A surprised teacher . . . finding a gift outside the door; A daydreaming student . . . watching a bird build its nest: Humorous moments such as these provide a break- away from routine classroom work. We are Redskins who are proud to be a part of the world at North. Our world Is full of the best qualified administrators and teachers. It is a world of opportunity in the of- fering of such classes as German, exploratory teach- ing, DECA, family living, woodworking, and language laboratory. Our world is preparing us for an even bigger world, full of more opportunity, and amusing moments, outside our doors. The strengthening column represents the tradition and wisdom it maintains within. Opening 3 Textured hose added color to girls ' legs. Is Kirk Mahlan going off the deep end in his fashionable knickers and after ski boots? The Dome people micro-minied into their world of " poster power " and enchanting soul music. Frenzied filleying Redskins quieted as they encountered " Every Night at the Movies " or cooled remembrances of European travel and tandem rides with adventure on the ski slopes and in snow ball fights. This world was marked with wide, wide watchbands fish net stock- ings, short, shorter skirts, and longer hair. 4 School Life Fashion minds existed in North ' s World This " nice, old car, ' which has not lost its beauty with age, seems to have caught the interest of Carlo Falls. Fashion-minded majorettes, clad in mini-dresses, jazz up one of their twirling routines. Crazy, wide-bonded wrist watches became the " In Thing " among Redskins. School Life 5 As the morning bell sounded, it marked a As the end of the day nears, after everyone has gone his own way. Rick Bair awaits his ride home. Buying a dance or game ticket for week-end activi- ties, burning the midnight oil to complete tomorrov ' s homework, sitting through classes hour by hour, pro- crastinating term papers, poetry reports, and book re- views, seeking a grade or subject that will push him towards his future goals these ore only a few of the happenings that compose a day in the life of a Redskin. Friday, the end to a busy week of activities and homework, brings a welcome sigh of relief to teachers as well as students. The every day routine is intertwined with assemblies, pep sessions, concerts, sports events, and dances. Senior Play, " Best Foot Forward, " took long hours of re- hearsal. 6 School Life beginning of another day at " Alma Mater " Senior boys sometimes like to try something a little different. Richard Amelung takes advantage of passing period to study. Sharon Halliday just couldn ' t resist the tempting pie in the a la carte lunch line. School Life 7 For some the bridge is a symbol of the long walk to school in chilled weather before the sun breaks. Remembering the combination is difficult for Raquel Perez, exchange student from Brazil 8 School Life The Phantom ' s handy work boosts a bubbling spirit. Pleasures warmed daily experiences The rumble from the cafeteria, the quietude during examinations, the echo of the pep session, and the slam of the locker typified the resoundnig cries from the Redskin world. The Redskin day was long, often beginning with the timely walk in rain or sub-zero temperatures and ending with the lengthy wait for the ride home. But the day was sparked by the slushy snowball fight, the thunderous pep session, the assembly on alcoholism, or the conversation with students from Iran end Brazil. Class competition and the colorful posters of The Phantom that lined the corridors livened the Redskin spirit during the three weeks of suspension from the Indiana High School Athletic Association. Playfully, Debbie Faust socks it to Don Showalter School Life 9 Eye-catching spirit booster signs decorated the halls of North preceding all sports events. It was only temporary that North ' s spirit could not be displayed. Teams kept practicing, cheerblocks kept check on their lungs, and pep band never let their instruments get out of tune. Skins shov ed great enthusiasm at all games. When the fan bus pulled out for distant schools, spirited North Siders could be heard for blocks away. Reinstatement wait didn ' t hamper cheering spirit of Redskins Cheerblock was always present to boost the team to victory. Ceremonial Indian, Ron Mendenhall, confers hiser. ' ith Mr. Purl - 10 School Life Amidst the booster pos- ters, pep band per- formed during Spirit Week Assembly. " Happiness is Being Able to Ploy. " After the long wait for re- instatement, Wade Adams hangs a spirit poster to boost mor- ale of the team and fellow Redskins. School Life 1 1 The overflow of Christmas Bureau packages typified the shore-by-giving attitude. Pouring on community aid Giving spore time, marchers collected for the March of Dimes and turned money over to Lois and Linda McKothnie. Pleasure is the eight boll in the side pocket. Expanding their horizons to include community ac- tion. Redskins marched for the March of Dimes, col- lected food and clothing for the Christmas Bureau, ushered at the Philharmonic concerts, and worked with the Youth Council. After a filled day, ' Skins re- laxed to the sounds of bands and enjoyed simple pleasures. 1 2 Everyday Life The weeks of planning and hours of preparation for a formal will yield a lasting memory for Sherry Horter. ' Skins bubbled with a sense of self-giving While recovering in the hospital, Jeff Wentz finds entertainment contemplating pets in a fish bowl. Everyday Life 1 3 x im The busied world revolved faster as ' Skins attained remarkable achievements. DECA and FTA each pro- duced state vice-presidents along with an area Miss FTA. The Purdue Legislative Assembly yielded two most outstanding members of their respective houses. In addition to the junior Tri-Kappa winners, the senior DAR recipients. Good Citizens, and Spirits of North Side, a Redskin was runner-up for the Ernie Pyle journalism scholarship. Redskins recognized in achievement groups Miss F.T.A., Becky Glock, here portrays one of Iner many tal- ents. Cora Thompson and Jock Covoult attained National Merit finalists ratings. Absent from picture is Chuck Graney. 14 School Life wamMmn ' M i lH ■ n ■■■■ H H HI H ■■MBHB H B S i H ( 211 1 1 !1 1 1 — to . « -»- f ' 1f P ' ■n ■ ■ m ■ i ■ Iji D.A.R. recipients: Sherry Harter, Conchita Salud, and Becky Brown were chosen on basis of outstanding citizenship and leadership. Runners-up in the National Merit test were Dave De- ming, Cynthia Nord, Bob Jesse, and Alan Minyard. Dan Lockwood, Ken Long, Jan Stedman, and Valerie Stonebreaker were absent when photo was taken. School Life We Are Eager Redskins In Our World of ACADEMICS Academics our world at North revolves around our education We at North Side are proud to hove the best qualified administration and teaching staffs. Our occupational future depends mainly upon our grades and the learning we attain during our high school years. Our world is full of op- portunity in the offering of such activities os: Distribu- tive Education Corporation of America, Family Liv- ing, Woodworking, co-educational physical educa- tion. Exploratory Teaching, advanced chemistry, Rus- sian, German, and a language laboratory. Our world is preparing us for an even bigger world outside our doors. Academics Musicians increased The music department offered courses dealing with choir, band, and orchestra. Special classes involving music appreciation were also available. All students were eligible to participate in varsity choir and training choir; however, those interested in A Cappella, Orchestra, and Varsity and Concert bands had to audition. These groups performed in three concerts in the auditorium that were open to the public, at games, and for pep sessions. The Troubadours, a small part of the A Cappella choir, entertained at the Senior Banquet. New to the de- partment was the arts class, a requirement for all sophomores. By hearing and studying famous works students gained a greater appreciation of music. This group has separated from the band and does so at least once a week so they can perfect their unity in every woy. Consisting mostly of girls, Chanticleers are practicing vocal cords under the direc- tion of Mr. Harris. I 18 Music their experience through performances Becky Clock practices to work with her group in their separate session. Mr. Smith works with these separated sec- tions. Displaying their uniforms, the orchestra pertorrr.s ror rne Christmas Assembly in the gymnasium. Mr. Holloway lot the pianoi is accompanying the training choir in their melodic vocalizing. Training and vocal choirs are a combined group. Dramatists used words for expression; Students in this Dramatics class seem engrossed in the per- formance of two of their classmates. They too will have o chance to show their talents in the staging of their own per- formances. The Senior Play gives many dramatic students a chance to excel. In the Senior Ploy, Military school seems to be very dull. These boys ore being given last minute instructions be- fore the Prom. Dramatics teacher, Mr. Purkhiser, is pointing out the imaginary mirror students should be facing towards. 20 Dramatics Artists used hands Students who were enrolled in dramatics courses were presented a general background of drama and the theater. They were given the opportunity to per- form in all school plays as well as in individual and group performances for other groups and organiza- tions throughout Domeland. Stagecraft acquainted students with such aspects of the stage as lighting, scenery, makeup, and costumes. Redskins were offered six different one-semester courses as electives in art. All students who were interested in these were required to take a basic course, which covered the fundamentals of drawing, design, and painting. This was a full year class and counted as semesters one and two. Art teachers covered works from elementary drawing to stitchery and lithography. Students in Art III stitched objects in abstract on pieces of burlap. Others in this class wove their subject material on other types of cloth. Pictures finished on newsprint were made in the Art V course. Students first poured glue on the newspaper and then painted over it. When it was dry they removed the glue, thus leaving a white object on a colored background. The art VII class used the device of the linoleum cut. Paint was spread on pieces of linoleum and then used to print pictures. M. McClead shows onlooking students how to start the ink- in their newest assignment. They wonder if it ' s as easy !S this. This class of Mr. McClead is making a composition of items they choose,- when completed they will run off copies of their work. Though art students encounter many phases of artistic back- ground, this student shows creative ability in the art of making jewelry. Art 21 Mr. Doehrman is being interviewed on athletic problems by beginning journalism students. In an effort to beat the bell, journalists Jerri Kline and Sara Kolin write vigorously as they are tested on their skills on writ- ing quickly and coherently. Writers recorded news weekly, annually W Srni Journalism, taught by Miss Norma Thiele, involved class study of the mass media and the communica- tion skills. Instruments used by these classes included the publications, radio, and television. Redskins learned how to obtain information and then to compile it in the clearest and most interesting manner so that it would be useful to others. These students gained experience in writing stories, fitting headlines, and arranging pages in the most effective position through assignments given by their instructor. Each student was required to gather news from one classroom which was assigned to him and to compile it in a short paragraph. This gave the student the opportunity to interview people and then to write the information correctly. These were printed in The Northerner. By second semester these students were eligible to apply for positions as reporters with regular assign- ments on the newspaper. After completing the second semester they were able to begin work on The Legend, The Guide, or the News Bureau. This marked copy of the Northerner is being examined by Northerner agents in Miss Thiele ' s journalism class. 22 Journalism Students gained experience for teaching S Igns of 5p.,. Kain ma tes l ie aras? - A arttn. - r lowers one plan-l-s Ring-around-around-the-rosey? This is one example of the varied studies exploratory teaching students make. Nancy Jennings, a future teacher, is checking out the bulletin board to see that everything is in order. Mr. Schoonover explains to students Tom Moore, Sue Keith, and Dave Cashdollar some valuable assets in teaching cor- rectly. Mr. Lester Grile, superintendent of schools, and Dr. Lloyd Bridges, president of the Board of Education, spoke to the students in explorotory teaching on the different aspects of school administration and teach- ing. These visits were designed to help the group understand better all that their intended professions would entail. The exploratory teaching course, taught by Mr. Augustus Schoonover, was open only to seniors who were planning on teaching as their profession. Be- cause the course involved traveling to other schools, it required the time of the first two hours of the day. During the first semester the students prepared unit plans and discussions as teachers do. They also were responsible for designing and preparing bulletin boards. Traveling to other schools began toward the end of this term,- it involved observing teachers in kindergarten through the ninth grade. The second semester allowed the students to choose one of the teachers they had observed and with her permission be a kind of " student teacher " in her room. This gave them the opportunity to participate in the classroom. Exploratory teaching 23 Business students learned many skills Students studying clerical work are ta ught how to operate many kinds of business machines, including adding machines, xerox machines, mimeograph machines. Two students be- New to the Business Departnnent and the Fort Wayne Community Schools was Distributive Education. By this Redskins were enabled to combine their basic background of typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, busi- ness law, and selling with actual work experience. Students formed their background by enrolling in any of seven business courses. The fundamentals were covered in the general business class, which is es- sential to all business-minded ' Skins. hiandling records of business and personal income was the main purpose of the bookkeeping classes. Business Law taught students the legal aspects of longing to the special service center are operating a xerox machine. management. Legal principals, practices, and pro- cedures were also covered. After ' Skins have successfully completed one year of typing and one of the shorthand, they are eligible to enroll in the advanced shorthand class. Pupils who ore able to take this subject spend one hour a day taking dictation and another hour translating it on the typewriter. Methods of marketing and displaying merchandise ore among the topics studied in the selling class. Advertising is also covered. Mrs. Johnson listens in while one of her students takes dicta- tion from shorthand tapes. 24 Business Mathematicians drew figures for help In her advanced algebra class Mrs. Nusbaum shows Karen Belchner how to solve the problem on the board. As his geometry class works earnestly, Mr. Bickel takes some time to help one of his students understand the equation he is solving. Redskins were offered five courses in the mathematics department from which to choose. College-bound students were encouraged to take a math course each year of high school. The fundamentals served as o background for ad- vanced courses and as a help in other courses which required calculations. In their math classes students became involved with such skills as drawing and reasoning in their efforts to reach exactness. Beginning and advanced alge- bra, geometry, trigonometry, and senior mathematics were offered. Arlene Rowald and Tim Strong watch Mr. Clark write out steps taken to reach their solution to the problem in advanced algebra. Moth 25 English teachers proved that analyzing Mr. Autenreith ' s classes are studying " The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. " Here Kevin LoBona is reading a port. Poems ore o lasting part of our tieritoge, and in Mr. Pugh ' s classes students are given an opportunity to explore them. j J H BBIIIHHI mi-.- ! jfw i |Hhh|R 4 The English department continued to help Redskins goin enrichment of literary knowledge. The teachers developed within the students on appreciation for literature as well as a verbal and written mastery of the English language. They stressed the promo- tion of better self-expression and the formation of personal attitudes. Students were given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and ability through book reports, term papers, and analysis. Sophomores and juniors were required to write three book reports o semester. The sophomores devoted much of their time to studies of " Silas Marner, " " The Pearl, " and " Julius Caesar. " Along with reading " Macbeth, " juniors had their first encounter with time-consuming term papers. Seniors spent one semester critically analyzing short stories, poems, essays, and plays. The second semes- ter they created their own literary works in prepara- tion for college composition courses. For students who were especially interested in writ- ing, " Collage, " a literary magazine published an- nually by the class, was offered. During the class time students were given assignments to write Japa- nese haikus, sonnets, and short stories. This gave them a chance to enhance their skills in writing and to assist in the publication of the magazine. Mr. Fred Humphrey discusses the most outstanding quotes in " Macbeth " with his class. and reading literature was not difficult Two students use resources they have found in the library to write their English term papers. Mrs. Spoolstra assists her students first semester. vriting themes for their The new English department ofRce is headquarters for Miss Elizabeth Little, department head, and Mrs. Freeda Malecek, clerk. This room is used for counseling and as a workroom for the entire English department. " I hove found that he who would rule must be quite friend- less, without merry, without love. " English students of Mrs. Merriman ' s classes act out the play " Elizabeth the Queen. " Students learned to write and speak Four third-year Latin students are shown hanging the paper mache masks they have constructed as an extra project for their class. They ore, from right to left; Eddie Lou Meisner, Mike Sievers, Marsha Whiteleather, and Betsy Hein. Courses In French, German, Spanish, Latin, and Rus- sian were offered to Redskins. An experimental class in French was also taught for the Encyclopedia Britannica Education, Inc. Mrs. Ramona Ronsburg, who directed this course, presented revised and up- dated material to her students. Through oral drills and written exercises, students learned to understand and speak these languages as well as read and write them. They also gained a better knowledge of the country and Its people from which their particular language originates. New to the department was the language laboratory. By use of Individual earphones, each student received special help in pronunciation and comprehension. Miss Frances Plumanns, who was head of the depart- ment, died In October. She had been a member of the faculty for twenty three-years and was replaced as department head by Mr. Paul Lemke. Steve Aiken and Mary Choppuis mark their progress in speak- ing Latin by recording their lessons on the tape recorder. 7WtT in Mr. Lemke ' s fourth year Spanish class, Marty Duncan is being questioned on different readings by the teacher and her classmates. 28 Languages foreign languages Spanish teacher Miss Laura Federspiel reports to her students on some pamphlets she received from Puerto Rico. Latin classes test their skill in comprehension by first reading the material in a foreign magazine and then discussing it. Mr. Frederick Veidt watches over his German class as rney practice their verbal skills in the language laboratory. Glayol Vahid, the foreign exchange student from Iran, in- forms her fellovv French students of her native country. Languages 29 In Mr, Young ' s Government class a student reports on current events, o vital port of our search for knowledge. Students in Miss Ruth Eudaley ' s seventh period United States History class take advantage of the study period. Five courses present man ' s progress College-preparatory students were required to enroll in four of the five social studies courses that were offered to all Redskins. World history, which is usually taken by sophomores, covered the wide range of history from the time when man first began to record the things that hap- pened around him to present day. All juniors were required to complete the United States history course. In this class students were Mr. Malott is teaching his class important things about social behavior in his sociol- ogy class. familiarized with the history of their own nation. Seniors divided their year of social studies into two semesters. One was devoted to government, which involved the study of local, state, and federal op- erations. For the other, students could enroll either in sociology or economics,- however, because of a shortage of teachers, a balance of students between the two courses had to be retained. Because of this it was not always possible for a student to get his choice. 30 Social Studies Basic science studies develop in labs In her first year chemistry class, Brenda Brothers amusing that the answer she was seeking was in finds it very front of her. The science department offered courses beneficial to both college-bound and non-college-bound stu- dents. It was their goal to give the college-bound a firm foundation on which to base their further studies of science. Their object for the non-college bounds was to present to them the overall fundamentals of the general sciences. The courses offered revolved around the basic studies of biology, chemistry, and physics. Biology introduces Lab partners are helping each other complete their experi- ments. I Two science students experiment with the geiger counter os they check uranium in various metal objects. and develops knowledge of life and matter. Chemis- try and physics relate man to his environment. Forty per cen t of the time that students spent in their classes was devoted to laboratory study. Experiments were worked out through scientific thought and by trial and error. In this way the students developed their knowledge of science the same way early man did. A group of science students work out scientific equations on the block board; others watch and wait their turn. Students gained Linda Sims is giving her report for family living class. Mrs. Baugh guides ffieir studies and comments on their reports. The home economics department taught both girls and boys skills and knowledge that is necessary for building homes. Family living and family manage- ment were offered to senior boys and girls,- however, classes in clothing and cooking were limited to girls only. In clothing courses girls were taught to use the sewing machines correctly. In the intermediate course the students were required to make a blouse and skirt. The advanced class was responsible for one lined and one innerlined garment. All types of foods were studied in home economics 11. Dishes, includ- ing salads and casseroles, were prepared in the laboratory. Family living covered everything from dating to mar- riage. Students were required to give oral reports with another person on some aspect of life. Students taking home economics gain experience in many areas. These students learn how to operate sewing machines, and will be taught how to make their own clothes. Sharon Schnieder, Cindy Poinsett, and Julie Hendricson are al ready to prepare complete meals without fault. 32 Home Economics valuable information for future living Work with metal requires patience and skill to operate ma- chines such as shapers, drill presses, and mills. Skill is de- Students enrolled in any of the seven industrial arts courses learned by applying the knowledge received through study and experimentation. The courses of- fered dealt v ith drawing, wood, metal, and mechan- ics. Drawing courses covered the fundamentals of the subject. The advanced students learned pencil tracings, blue-printing, and assembly. Beginning wood pupils became familiar with the hand tools and their safe use. The advanced class learned in- dustrial methods of construction. The metals classes gained experience in the con- struction of metal projects. Students in the advanced classes assembled projects using all available de- vices. Power mechanics was offered in two semesters. The first was devoted to motors and the study of internal combustion, the other to the study of basic elec- tricity. veloped by many long hours and hard work. Carl Bum- gardener is operating a metal lathe. fi ' JBM rauB B H j ' 1 Vvvtri l 1 Ul 1 P M HHgl JJ I HHU HHBbb -- John Bone is demonstrating some work in wood shop, John is one of many students working in the realm of industrial work. Students work with large machines, and tools having to do with wood. In his advanced drawing class, Tony Romano is sketching some parts of a vice. This work takes time, patience, and o sharp pencil. Industrial Arts 33 1501495 We Are Active Redskins In Our World of ORGANIZATIONS Enthusiam spread through the halls of the Dome as clubs, both old and new, held their first meetings of the school year. DECA was freshly introduced into the world at North this year. The Music Department added a new dance bond. Clubs presented an op- portunity for students to participate in organizations and to learn responsibilities that would be of bene- fit to them in their future occupations. North ' s or- ganizations consist of many honorary groups, such OS Quill and Scroll, National Thespians, 1500 Club, Globetrotters, and Helicon. A few clubs met at classes, such as Collage and DECA. Organizations 35 Council sponsored " Beat Snider " buttons, halls streamed with victory posters, and hot class competition sparked the first Spirit Week which student Council sponsored. The Junior Class won the Spirit Trophy. With the thought of strengthening morale. Student Council launched the School Code campaign, which brought forth, letter by letter, discussion of the code each week. The Christmas Bureau, a project of adopting families by homerooms and clubs created student incentive to collect clothing, toys, and money for their families. Student Council assisted in the Community Action Seminar which was a new name for last year ' s Lead- ership Seminar. This was a series of programs pre- sented every other week for three months with a speaker followed by a question and answer period. They sponsored the annual canoe race in the spring between North and Concordia High School. The officers, Dan Dager, president; Scott Kissinger, vice- president; and Jenny Nelson, secretory; visited the Student Councils of other schools during the year. Student Council, sponsored by Miss Ruth Eudoley and Mr. James Lewinski, strove to develop attitudes and practices in good citizenship; to promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school; to assist in the management of the school; and to provide a form for student expression. Congressman E. Ross Adair sent this flag to the Education Promotion Committee chairman, Don Houts, to be presented to North Side. School Spirit and Education Promotion committees members are (Bottom row) D. Richard, N. Schellenbock, P. Stafford, L. Bienz, B. Foster, M. White- leather, K. Tegtmyer, B. Freimuth (Second row) J. McMoken, B. Dodd, S. Westerhousen, J. Lotter, K. Roschke, C. Matter, J. Wise, J. Swogger, C. Longley (Third row) G. Blackburn, R. Johnstone, B. Hein, S. Aiken, R. Hassig, J. McDermott, L. McKathnie, K. Scheele, M. Wert (Fourth row) T. Conn, R. Longardner, K. Oser, D. Hill, G. Porkerson, R. Nelson, D. Grosenbocher, C. Daniel, S. Togtmeyer (Fifth row) A. Wermuth, M. Kidd, R. Yost, B. Jesse, S. Robinson, P. Percivcl, F. Akey, J. Wentz, D. Houts, D. Barclay. 36 Organizations Spirit Week to promote enthusiasm Debby Gehring v on an award and Don Houfs a trophy for their presenfofion at the legislative assembly at Purdue, Student Council officers (left to right) Dan Dager, president; Janet Olfson, treasurer; Jenny Nelson, secretary; and Scott Kissinger, vice-president di- rected the meetings. School Problems and Standing Committee members are (Bottom row) B. (Third ro ' Earnest, K. Kennell, J. Bosserman, R. Snyder, S. Henderson, S. Sowers, S. Willioms, Johnston, M. Wiegand, R. Nevogt, C. Ormiston, L. Menocol, J. Benecke, J. M. Moser Hoppel, C. Reeves (Second row) D. Sherman, M. Helmke, K. Andrews, J. McKathni( Morkey, R. Perez, G, Cook, S. Sprunger, . Wall, D. Friend, J. Kline, K. Hunt ) M. Kipling, D. Hastings, J. Littlejohn, T. Mills, S. Mowon, K. I. Kubiniec, C. Macede, M. Gater, P. Faivy iFourth rowi P. Bock. B. Olofson, M. Busian, F. Yahn, D. Gehring, B. Moellering. L S. Brown. Organizations 37 During April teaching career month elfs Members of FTA are ' Bottom rowi Susan Kinne, Yvonne Gutierrez, Becky Hartzog, Bonnie Bowman, Ruth Nevogt, Cynthia Nord (Second rowi Gay McMaken, Cherie Liggett, Sue Hanzel, Susan Zich, Mory Armstrong, Star Canody (Third row) Potty Antonides, Morcio McClure, Lynne Ashe, Beth Blair, Betsy Wilson, Tina Carboni, Lynn Boyer i Fourth rowi Carlo Falls, Connie Salud, Richard Amelung, David Coshdollar, Ken Mielikon, Dove Kruse iFifth rowi Janet Nill, Karen Williams, Sherry Horter, Koty Albright, Jo Carpenter, Joan Holbert, Mr. Augustus Schoonover. Members of FTA are ' Bottom row Pom Smeod, Nancee Jennings, Ruth David York, Tom Jv Scheele, Cindy Mink, Terri Macy, Borb Foster ' Second row Dona Nordyke, Lois McKothnie, K( Judy Nomina, Marsha Horsch, Sheryl Beard, Cheryl Bracht, Cindy Longley Marge Cunninghor Third row Becky Glock, Ruth Longardner, Greta Blackburn, Jeannie Hoynes, Becky Pieper. row Tami Conn, Nancy Linn, Jan Stedman, , Chris Molich (Fifth row- Sherry Weaver, od, Dan Lockwood, Dole Myers, Suzi Brown, distributed presents to the teachers FTA members Barb Foster and Tomi Conn help this lost parent find the classes listed on her child ' s schedule at Back to School Night. Some of the rooms hardest to find were the Band room and Room 200. Dan Lockwood, FTA president, and Cheri Liggett sell one of the navy blue or burgundy North Side sweatshirts to this customer. Mr. John Sinks Jr. was the speaker at the formal ini- tiation of new members of the Future Teachers of America. The officers administered the cermony to the new members as the invited parents watched. Mr. Augustus Schoonover, the sponsor, helped the mem- bers learn more about teaching and its rewards and understand how students and teachers relate to each other. " Educational Exchange, " their theme, brought forth the project of exchanging our FTA students with FTA students of other schools to observe classes. Elfs secretly distributed presents and poems for their teacher during April teaching coreer month. FTA also sponsored a Christmas Sing, a dance, a fall and spring car wash and a sweatshirt sale. Representatives of all the FTA ' s in the state met in Indianapolis for the state convention. They heard speakers on the different aspects of teaching and the election of officers. Becky Glock, a junior, was the candidate in this area for Miss FTA. Key Club bought toys for Allen County Fourth period Key Club member: Parkerson, Doug Friend, Ted Dov Wehrenberq, Charles Reeves, Gen Hale, Steve Fr VI Scott Kissinger, Gary dvisor (Second row) Bill nzmon, Jon Moser (Third rowl Mike Konkle, Richard Yost, Karl Wall, Reed Nelson, Chuck Waltemafh, Rob Choppius (Fourth row) Jim Stoody, Bob Jesse, Greg Lewis, Dan Doger, Mike Gator, Mike Kipling. Fifth period Key Club members ore iBoltom row) Richord Amelung, John Andrews, Jim Benecke, J. K. Harper, Bob Hixon, Jim Comment, Roger Byers, Joe Fremion (Second row) Don Showolter, Fritz Switzer, Dove Burns, John Albright, Ston Cline, Chuck Scheele, Greg Adorns (Third rowl Jim Reeder, Roger Cole, Mark Helmke, Roman Robles, Jim Cassell. Wade Adams (Fourth row) Bob Bodine, Keith Berkes, Don Lockwood, Doug Barclay, Mike Sievers, Paul Wilson, Bill Cowan. 40 Organizofions Children ' s Home Transporting people to the polls on election day, dis- tributing baskets for the Christmas bureau, and don- ating blood for the Teen Gallon Blood Donor Award were the service and money making projects of Key Club. This club, actually three separate clubs under the guidance of Mr. Glen Bickel, Mr. Ronald Certain, Mr. Stephen Timler, and Mr. Donald Hamm, is spon- sored by the Northeast Kiwonis Club to promote school and community service, to install religious val- ues in the members and to inspire a feeling for others through working on several service projects. The club performed school tasks of parking cars dur- ing football and basketball season and publishing The Key, which is a directory of addresses and tele- phone and homeroom numbers. This was the second year for the " Bachelor of the Year Dance. " In the weeks preceeding the dance the three competing bachelors collected money toward the tennis courts. The bachelor collecting the most money was named Bachelor of the year. Shown here with the toys Key Club bought for the Allen County Children ' s home ore Tom McCue and Merill Hastings. Members of sixth period Key Club are (Bottom row Tom McCue, Don Sher- mon, Glenn Druhot, Michoel McClue, Tim Bower (Second row) John Anken- bruck, Don Gouts, Bob Bossord, Dove Boggs (Third row) Keith Hughes, Dove Rhodes, Gory Huguenard, Mike Jocoby, Dove Norris, Tim Beck (Fourth row) Merrill Hastings, Doug Brown, Bill Hingo, Pete Percivol, Bill Schumaker Organizations 41 A new experience for Z-clubbers was Sue Loisel and Susie Henderson are helping usher at the Philharmonic Symphonies. Those early arrivals at school who missed breakfast found the Z-clubbers selling donuts a welcome sight. Connie Salud and Betsy Hein are serving a customer. Proposing, discussing, and voting on amendments took the place of many of the regular Z-club meet- ings when they drew up a new constitution. With the help of the sponsors Miss Vickie Jornod, Miss Linda Bozarth, Miss Martha Fox, and Mrs. Jacquline Wer- muth, the constitution was finally approved. Service to the school and the community whenever young women can be of help, their motto, was shown through their activities. They supported a Christmas Bureau family, made Easter baskets for the children in the pediatrics word of Parkview Hospital, collected for UNICEF and March of Dimes, and sold donuts and milk to early arrivals at school. Cut offs and plaid shirts, vittles, and the Marrin ' Sam were all ingredients for the girl-ask-boy Sadie Haw- kins Dance which was continued this year along with the traditional all-school carnival. Z-Club undertook ushering for the Philharmonic and Children ' s Sym- phonies as a new project. 42 Organizations ushering at Philharmonic Symphonies Senior members of Z-Club are (Bottom row) Connie Salud, Becky Brown, Pom Stafford, Pom Smeod, Sandy Sowers, Susie Henderson, Glayo Vahid (Second rowl Sally Young, Karen Williams, Lynn Pitts, Jan Scott, Sally Shepler, Sharon Mowon, Maureen Moylon, Becky Freimuth (Third row) Debby Gehring, Linda McKothnie, Joan Hoibert, Carolyn Daniel, Jonet Olofson, Jean Kiel, Anne J. Dick, Peggy Miller iFourth row Lois Mc- Kathnie, Ruth Longgardner, Shirrell Petgen, Jenny Nelson, Sue Loisel, Arlene Medsker, Diane Hedford, Beth Brinker Junior members of Z-Club or. Jamie Wise, Lynn Bienz, Lour row) Judy Nomina, Brenda E (Bottom row Betsy Hein, Karen Tegtmeyer, Place, Betsy Olofsi Schrey, Debbie Davis, Millie Moser (Second Debby Jones, Katie Dthers, Marsha Horsch, Joy Swogger, Kothy Malich en Scheele ' Third row Dot Hastings, Anne Zie Eddie Lou Meisner, e, Becky Clock. Chris Legend staff studied meaning of words Sara Kolin seems to be waiting patiently for Carlo Falls, editor-in-chief, to write out a subscription blank " for the Legend. The Legend staff worked to produce o book full of memories tfiot con be looked at in years to come. To accomplish this, the staff gathered information by seeking teachers and counselors, studied meanings of words to get the most fitting description for copy, compared the effectiveness of pictures, and rushed to meet deadlines. The staff consisted of fifteen, and was helped by Miss Norma Thiele, faculty sponsor. Editor-in-chief was Carlo Falls, assisted by Carolyn Daniel. Other editors and their assistants were: Scott Kissinger, sports,- Cheri Gardner and Kathy Place, underclass,- Jean Kiel and Sharon Boney, academics; Karen Williams and Cheryl Orminston, faculty,- Ruth Scheele, seniors; Sharon An- derson, Brenda Brothers, and Ginny Jordan, activities; Dave York, Index; and Sue Kramer, business man- ager. Cropping all the pictures used in the Legend was the job of Sharon Boney, academic section assistant and all around helper. Carolyn, assistant editor, explains to Cheri Gordner, editor of the underclass section, how to draw spaces for pictures and names on the layout sheet. 44 Organizations to bring memorable annual for 1967-1968 Jean Kiel reads over copy while it is still in the typewriter to find any typographical errors. Amused seems to be the mood of Karen Williams as she takes it easy checking her rough draft of copy. Brenda Brothers, Ruth Scheele, and Scott Kis- singer admire Miss Thiele ' s charm bracelet which was bought by a former Leg- end staff. This year ' s Leg- end staff added the sec- ond charm. Jan Stedman arrives at school at 7 a.m. Wednesday morning to help her fellow staff members finish last minute details. Weekly newspapers Writing articles, checking accuracy, and planning lay-outs of how the articles would appear in the final copy took much discussion and thought on the part of the Northerner staff. After checking the assignment book, reporters collected the facts by contacting and interviewing students and teachers. Writing the ar- ticles required compiling, discarding, and arranging facts in the most effective way. At 7 a.m. every Wednesday morning the Northerner staff came to school to finish last-minute details by once more checking the lay-out and reading the material for accuracy. At the Publications Banquet in January, Miss Thiele, adviser, awarded recognition pins to persons who earned fifteen hundred to seventy-five hundred points. She also announced the editors for second semester. While in the process of publishing the Northerner, WANE T.V. films the staff to be presented later that week. Northerner newspapers are folded and sent to other schools around the country to compare style and techni- que. This is done with each publication of the paper. 46 Organizations required extra hours of staff ' s time Nat Zweig, copy editor, picks out o reference book from tfie new booksfielves. He uses many types of reference material to cfieck spelling, sentence struc- ture and parcgraphi cofierence. At one time or another tfie entire staff folds papers for the distribution to the student body. Editor-in-chief Denny Van Houlen confer with Cindy Langley, man- aging editor; Chris Molich, news editor; Scott Kissinger, sports editor; Nat Zweig, copy editor; and Betsy Hein, feature editor. Orgonizations 47 Honorary clubs recognized journalists Quill and Scroll members are I Front row! Carlo Foils, Karen Williams, Cindy Longiey, Shoron Anderson (Bock row) Nat Zweig, Carolyn Daniel, Jan Stedmon, Dave Fretz, Denny VanHouten Members of the 1500 Club accumulated at least that many points by writing articles and selling advertis- ments and subscriptions for the Northerner. Outstanding work for at least one year on the Legend or Northerner and a good senior standing were the qualifications for Quill and Scroll, an honorary or- ganization for persons in the upper third of their class. For activities, the Quill and Scroll planned a banquet at which new members were awarded pins and o subscription to the nationally published magazine. Quill and Scroll, and 1500 Club members were given their recognition pins. 1500 Club members are (Fr Matter, Betsy Hein (Second •owl Cindy Longiey, Sue SI el(loff, Cindy Don Stone, Becl y Gloci , Judy Nomino, Mike Spencer, Scott Kissinger (Third rowl Denny VonHouten, Jon Stedmon, Chris Malich, Bruce Earnest, Nat Zweig 48 Organizations Highliters recorded; debate contended Participating in interscholastic debate, attending stu- dent congresses, competing in sectional, regional, and state contests, and debating at Muncie Central and New Haven as a tradition were the main ac- tivities of the Debte Team. The purposes of the team v ere to help students be- come more analytical thinkers, efficient debotors, and effective speakers. To keep in practice, each member met weekly with his partner to discuss and debate the present topic. " Never missing a show because of vacations, bad weather conditions, or other problems in three years, " was an important tradition for Highliters, according to Mr. John DeYoung, sponsor. Informing the public of the activities, curriculor and extro-curricular, of the high schools in and around Fort Wayne was the main purpose of " High School Highlites, " recorded every Thursday night at WGL and broadcasted on Monday night. Debate Team members are (Bottom row) Don Shumaker (Second row) Lyno Boyer, Mary Lou Lehrman (Third row) Carol Triplett (Fourth row) Tom Hakes, Mrs. Anna Brudney, Glenn Harmon Highliter members are Ginny Jordan, Greta Blackburn, Bruce Turner, Rick Osborn, Mr. John DeYoung, Linda Irving. Not present in the picture are Kay Raschke, Lyno Boyer, Judy Stoops, Joel Tye Organizations 49 DECA traveled to officers conference Membe Weimei i of DECA are Sharon Honnif Front row) Sandra Olinske, Bonnie McNeal, Mario Jane Urschel (Back rowi Paula Baldwin, Dewoyne Egly, Tom Bowman, Bree Borders, Clyde Bowlin, Bruce Choka, Gary Belcher, Dove Porker, Bob Dole, Mr. William Phillips. Ill ki iM i H H[ ' J Although DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, is in its first year at North, the club already has a state officer. Clyde Bowlin, a junior, was elected vice-president of the junior members at the State officers ' conference. The Club members at tend- ed other officers ' conferences in the foil and the re- gional, state, and notional leadership conferences in the second semester. The regional was a contest consisting of making layouts for newspapers; giving a soles demonstration; and judging store window displays where the member who come the closest to the judges ' score won the contest. Through this contest the members learned to develop leadership in the field of distribution and to develop self-confi- dence. DECA also had a Spring Banquet with guest speakers at which the employers of the members were the guests. This club met once a day, period 3, and was con- sidered a regular class. Mr. William Phillips, sponsor, helped teach the members how to choose on intelli- gent occupation in distribution. Paula Baldwin and Dewoyne Egly, members of DECA, show the display merchandise used in fheir after school work. Business Club sold pens; A-V advanced Members of Business Club are (Bottom row) Fran Rediger, Beverly Hoag- land, Rita Snyder, Carol Muhler, Beth Blair, Marty Knuth (Second rowl Debbie Edwards, Jody Clay, Ginger Aichele, Jane Peters, Debbie Faust, Taking the role of salesmen, Business Club members sold ball point pens to learn the ropes of business transactions and to raise money for the club treasury. The club made tickets and programs announcing var- ious activities throughout the year. Teachers located student assistants through club sponsors Mrs. Wilma Ashe or Mr. Charles Phillips. Because overhead projectors and transparencies were new, members of th Audio-Visual Club learned to use them and explained the operation of them to teachers. Their membership drive was sparked by the decision to teach anyone who was interested to use the ma- chinery after school for their own benefit. Dave Cashdollar describes to Roger Miller how to focus the movie projector used for the movies shown in the auditorium. Karen Williams (Third rowi Beth Hutson, Gloria Leist, Ruth Hossig, Debbie Fiandt, Mrs. Ashe, Mr. Phillips (Fourth row; Jeanne McDermott, Linda Reppert, Lois Winquist, Mary Busian, Sue Shoup, Tomi Mills. Audio-Visual members are (Bottom row! Fred Chrisfoffel, Allan Knerr, Lor- raine Eichman, Jim Till (Second row) Bill Guevoro, John Buchanan, Keith Balliet, Robert Hammond (Third row) Kirby Ehler, Lorry Nelson, Dove Gloss, Steve Reuille (Fourth rowl Bob Bossord, Bob Wallace, Bill Wetzel, Dove Norris (Fifth row) Gerald Roby, Horry Froncies, Denny Glenn, Clous Zollner. Organizations 51 Helicon members ore iBottom rowi L, Sanders, M. Zollors, P. Antonide S. Cook, L. Curie, J. Wise, T. Macy, B. Freimuth, S. McKenzie, P. Conro (Second row) J. Reeder, L. Kuckein. T. Corboni, J, Kubiniec, A. Ziege, Hein, J. Walker, L. Boyer, J. Feller, K. McMoken, J. Woikel (Third rev J. Halbert, A. Bocik, S. Shoup, S. Cochran, Nomina, S. Horter, M. Harsch, K. Hughes, VanHouten, R. Fry, K. Williams, L McKathni C. Daniel, C. Malich, D. Norris )ick, A. Petty, N. Linn, J. Slevers (Fourth row) D. . Headford, L. McKothnie, Helicon hosted traditional Spring Tea Santa Clous, as Denny Van Houten, and members of Helicon wrapped fruit and dramatized the Christmas spirit to entertain residents at the Allen County Home. Traditional projects included the Spring Tea, which honored seniors and their mothers, and the Senior Farewell Banquet with its witty poems about each senior. The juniors gave a farewell and good luck speech to the seniors, who responded with a good luck speech for the juniors. Helicon sponsored a potluck and the Washington- Lincoln Assembly. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Marjorie Spoolstra and Mr. Robert Pugh, promoted an interest in literature by stimulating a discussion of literary topics such as plays which were written by themselves or Broadway plays such as " Green Pastures. " Slierry Horter and Karen McMaken compare one of Dorothea Snow ' s children ' s bool s, which are mainly biographies about famous historical characters, and her newspaper column. Mrs. Snow spoke to Helicon members on how she hod become interested in writing books for the child in the elementary graders. m M m n b| ■RB 3 M m a 1 B V ,3( H B Tl HUH ■ r j SN H m% f ' wH ■■ 111 i ' r - Wi m B .-: ! B n f _ j B v H 1 (■ ,, Ki. k. _« . m j B i Hl - ' " ' jLi ' I 52 Organizations Drama, writing require creativeness Notional Thespian members ore (Bottom row Tom Moore, Diane Nordyke, Lynn Bienz, Mildred Lowson, Jamie Wise, Steve Reuille, Gene Hole (Second row Rich Shinn, Lou Cook, Linda Sieling, Becky Pieper, Dennis Glenn, National Thespian Society is an honorary organiza- tion, and does not have officers, meetings, or projects. Its sole purpose was to recognize outstanding in- terest and work in all phases of dramatics, including the Senior Play, Varsity Varieties, and other school performances. Members were chosen by Mr. James Purkhiser, the sponsor, in the spring and were in- ducted by him and other members of the society. Collage members ore (Bottom rowi Diane Headford, Jane Peters, Linda Curie, Cindy Longley, Becky Freimuth, Miss Federspiel (Second row) Jim Jordan, Bob Hixon, Tom Blakley, Steve Togtmeyer, Ted Davis Ron Mendenhall, Bob Miller. Those not in the picture are Susie Brown, Angle Pease, Paul Markey, Don Smith, Sue Shoup, Sherrill Petgen, Kim Gray, Bruce Earnest. Field trips to the Diehm Museum, Lindenwood Ceme- tery, the Allen County Court hlouse and Allen County Jail increased Collage members ' understonding of life by showing them examples of society, past and present. The Montessori School, letting children teach themselves through experience, provided an example for Collage to follow. The Collage also sponsored the Bookshelf, located in the Cafeteria. i. .J Organizations 53 Hot-dog roast acquainted new members JCL members are (Bottom rowi Jim Bossermon, Candy Carnahan, Tina Carbon!, Marcia McClure, Ruth Johnstone, Sue Johnston, Kothy Albright, Mary Wiegand, Debby Gething, Deb Bolyard, Kathy Whiteman, Pam Mertz, Ava Kiefer (Second row) Nanci Redman, Janet Nill, Darilyn Dickelman, Beth Weger, Betsy Hein, Amy Smith, Anne J. Dick, Sharon Snyder, Karen McMoken, Korol Hunt (Third row) Ai Wermuth, Linda Boiler, Julie Greim, Jan Oiofson, Mary Choppuis, Jo Carpenter, Richard McKee, Tom Pierce, Bruce Turner, Jim Stoody (Fourth row) Paul Markey, Dan Lockwood, Dove Burns, Mark Helmke, Frank Akey, Steve Robinson, John Albright, Deb Grosenbacher, Diane Headford. A hot-dog roast provided Junior Classicists a time for becoming acquainted and initiating new members. Mrs. Bridgett Gruebner showed slides and spoke on oncient Greece to encourage an interest and appre- ciati(on of this civilization. JCL-MLC combined for a Christmas party in the cafeteria, and the dance " Groovy Kind of Christmas ' took place later that week. Members attended the state convention in In- dianapolis, and highlighted the closing of the year by displaying individual talent making costumes and food for the Roman Banquet in April. JCL members are (Bottom row) Jerry Anderson, Linda Sanders, Sue Hanzei, Patty Antonides, Linda Miller, Gay McMaken, Becky Brown, Barb Foster, Sharon Carpenter, Beverly Deppen, Kotherine Thurston (Second row) Becky Walker, Becky Gordon, Charles Reeves, Lynn Bienz, Helen Lee, Lynne Ashe, Becky Hartzog, Barbara James, Susan Ludwig (Third row) Pat Yant, Cheryl Hoblet, Billie Fisher, Dana Leininger, Janie Stewart, Cheryl Bracht, Susie Skekloff, Debbie Slock, Judy Letter, Tom Baughman (Fourth row) Ed Collins, Richard AHord, Sherry Horter, Greta Blackburn, Gory Arnold, Eddie Lou Meisner, Mike Kipling, Tim Lockwood, Pete Percival. 54 Organizations The members of MLC are (Bottom row) D. Fox, P. Smeod, V. Stonebreoker, K. Raschke, T. Macy, B. Rouse, M. Whitelow, N. Schellenbach (Second row) L. Kuckein, V. Kring, J. Frozier, L. Hugenell, W. Adams, S. Horter, C. Daniel, S. Cochran (Third rowi M. Choppius, D. Doger, D. Gehring, J. Sfoody, J. Mensch, J. Nelson, S. Sprunger, A. Hein (Fourth row) F. Akey, K. Berkes, S. Weaver, D. Lockwood, M. Hastings, D. Bourne, S. Cline, F. Yahn. MCL picnicked at Lakeside Park The Modern Language Club combined with the Junior Classical League to celebrate Christmas with a for- eign flavor. They sang songs from France, Germany, Mexico, and Spain, and recited the multi-lingual " Twos the Night Before Christmas. " MLC members picnicked in the fail at Lakeside Park and sponsored an all-school guitar recital. The club, sponsored by Mr. Paul Lemke and Mrs. Ramona Ransburg provided extra contact with aspects of for- eign culture for the members. The members of MLC are (Bottom row) K. Oser, Y. Gutierrez, J. Stone- Schubert, i breaker, S. Fick, M. Oswald, C. Lehrman, D. Richey, J. Kline (Second row) A. Radotz R. Buecker, R. Johnstone, K. Andrews, J. Markey, M. Blue, S. Kolin, B. Gilbert. Brothers, D. ruse (Third row) K. Bilger, A. Lusk, B. Lewis, N. Wentz, J. :. Ormiston, S. Jesse, C M. Jacoby, D. Wells, uel (Fourth . Cunninghan T. Conn, C. Hoynes, . Cossetl, L. Kinq, J. Organizations 55 Tri-M schedules distinguished speakers Members of Tri-M ore iBottom rowi M. Duncan, P. Stafford, S. Coffman, M. Zollors, C. Solud, B. Wilson, L. Kuckein, C. Nord, S. Canadoy, L. Ripple, R. Nevogt Second row ' A. Good, L. Miller, K. McMoken, P. Con- rad, A. Kieier, M. Horscfi, K. Albright, B. Morgue, D. Slock, P. Wheeler, K. Belschner, J, Huber Third row, C. Poinsett, V. Stukey, D. Nordyke, B. Hein, L. Lees, N. Linn, R. Seeger, A. Ramsey, A. Petty, C. Bracht, B. Clock ' Fourth row J, Huber, A. Hein, S. Cline, G. Druhot, K. Mohlon, D. Gehring, J. Stedmon, J. Reeder, D. Nordyke, J. Kubiniec ' Fifth row K. Hughes, B. Norris, K. Schlatter, J. Albright, D. Rhodes, D. Moore, R. Pinter, J. Stoody, S. Flood, H. Ziegler, D. Osborn, K. Long, B. Jesse Tri-M, a national organization originally called " NSI " or North Side Instrumentalists, expanded in 1964 to include the entire Music Department. Through nomination and selection, members came from Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, and A ' Cap- pella Choir. Members served as " apprentices " for one semester. They revived regular members by running errands and participating on committees. Another fulfillment for membership required " spike " solos in the student ' s particular field. Dr. Andy Harper spoke on the development of the music program at the I.U. Regional Campus. Mr. Glenn Ray, Music Director of the Dayton Creative Art Center, Dayton Ohio, spoke of his experiences working with 300 talented students from Dayton in a federally-sponsored program in the fine arts. Members of Y-Teens ore (Bottom row Suson Zich, Julie Stonebreoker, Jackie Clork, Brenda Rouse, Cindy Olinger, Diana Neith (Second row) Cathy Criswell, Linda Hugenell, Millie Collins, Patti Schmid, Debbie Heyn, Tomoro McKeever, Linda Foltz iThird row Louro Ely, Anne Ramsey, Dona Koch, Mrs. Melvin, Jeonnie Haynes, Kay Bilger, Lindl Julie Schubert, Brenda Rhodes, Irmo Johnson iFourth row) Barb I Boiler, Jane Irwin, Vicki Mills 56 Organizations Y-Teens promoted YMCA ' s Activitivies Writing letters to servicemen in Vietnam was a project of Y-Teens. Millie Collins and Linda Hugenell moil letters they have written. Glayol Vahid speaks on the differences between te enagers in Iran and the United States. Grouped around her are the officers of Y-Teens, left to right, Brenda Rhodes, Barb Melvin, Potti Schmid, Linda Burtzner, and Anne Ramsey. Y-Teens v orked to promote the blood drive by going to local stores asking people to donate money for the Red Cross. Services performed at the Parnell Nursing Home included feeding patients, typing, running errands, and entertaining the elderly by reading and playing games with them. During the year, Y-Teens enjoyed free swims and luncheon af- filiated with the YWCA. " The Hanging of the Greens, " the decoration of the YWCA for the Christ- mas season and the " Lamb ' s Pen, " a babysitting service at the Christ Child Festival were ways Y- Teeners showed appreciation for the YWCA. Y-Teen members are ' Bottom row) Linda Burtzner, Joyce Horner, Anne Buinham, Noncy Roberts, Patty Bright, Mary Wiegand, Barbara Greene (Second row) Marslia Cooley, Sandy Westerhausen, Sue Wire, Vicki Altevogt, Carol Wilhelm, Ann Marie Hegbli, Bonnie Angel (Third row) Sue Augsburger, Georgie Weimer. Karen Novitski, Sandy Kammeier, Jani( Stewart (Fourth rowi Rosanne Buecker, Amanda Lusk, Barb Lewis, Mar Lynn Lewis, Lois Winquist, Greta Blackburn Organizations 57 Phy-Chem members are (Front row) Anne J. Dick, Roger Booth, Linda Ripple, Karen McMaken, Jon Feller (Second row) Jim Miser, Jim Minsch, Glen Druhot, Allen Knew, Bruce Hagen, Cindy Olinger. Cora Thompson, Barbara Lotter (Third row) Bob Jesse, Jim Stoody, Steve Robinson, Dole Myers, Myron Blanchard (Fourth row) Don Lockwood, Richard Sloan Phy-Chemers work on science projects " Phizz Phling, " Phy-Chem ' s money boosting dance, enabled members to purchase materials for science projects which were entered in the March science fair. Participants obtained advice from club sponsors Mr. Ronald Dvorak and Mr. Merle Rice during club meetings. Experiments included accoustical designs for rooms, radioactive mutations of bacteria, effects of sound on working, and anesthesiology. Members spnsored the Thomas Chemistry Award, a new award begun this year in memory of former Chemistry teacher, Harold Thomas, and gave it to the student who received the highest academic aver- age and did the most outstanding work in chemistry. This Phy-Chem member is accumu- lating data for his science project. Phy-Chem sponsors Mr. Merle Rice and Mr. Ronald Dvorak sponsored the entries this year. Members re- ceived extra help during club meetings. The judging was done by college science teachers from Indiana University and Indiana Tech. 58 Organizations Globetrotters debated at Purdue Campus Globetrotter members ore (Bottom row) Valerie Stonebreoker, Pom Smead, Janet Olofson, Star Canaday, Tina Carboni (Second row) Jenny Nelson, Cora Thompson, Candace Carnahon, Tom Peirce, Penny Conrad, Carolyn Daniel (Third row) Ruth Longardner, Debby Gehring, Don Houts, Mary Chappius, Sue Loisel, Sandy Sprunger, Steve Aiken, Joan Holbert ' Fourth row) Bob Jesse, Jayne Garner, Sherry Weaver, Fran Yahn, Gary Cook, Dan Dager, Glenn Harmon To Study foreign countries, their lands, people, cus- toms, and methods of government, and by so doing, promote international peace and understanding are the purposes of Globetrotters, the social studies club. Some members attended a debater ' s conference at Purdue University, consisting of a debate and a mock congress, and participated in the latter. The mock congress consisted of senators, representatives, and legislators who introduced bills, debated them, and sent them through congress. There the bills were either accepted or rejected. They went through all of the steps a bill would take in the United States Congress. Traditionally, the club sponsors the Junior class trip to Washington D.C. and New York, a dance, and the Thanksgiving assembly. Globetrotter members are (Bottom row) Pom Mertz, Sue Johnston, Amy Smith, Beth Hayes, Chris Thornhill, Sue Skekloff, Patty Antonides, Terr! Macy, Barb Foster, Sherry Nine, Penny Ashley, Mr. Harry Young (Second row) Judy Nomina, Cindy Mink, Cheryl Brocht, Linda Uhrick, Sue Gennoitte, Lois Winquist, Debbie Slack, Linda Miller, Barb Chapman (Third row) Miss Vickie Jornod, Al Shupe, Richard Alford, Jenne Miller, Cheryl Ormiston, Dave Kruel, Richard Sloan, Dave Kruse Fourth row Christine Malich, Tami Conn, Solly Flint, Harry Froncies, Bill Hogestyn, Ellen Wolster, Mark Helmke Organizations 59 Dabblers-GAA promote outside interest Daffi Dabbler members are (Bottom rowi Joyce McCurdy, Millie Collins, Jamie Wise, Cindy Mink, Sandy Westerhausen, Tamara McKeever, Debbie Roehling iSecond row Steve Brown, Becky Harris, Karen Novitski, Janice Feller, Sue Wire, Chris Pope, Glenn Druhot, Dave Hansen (Third rowi Katie Morris, Julie Schubert, Vickie BojinoR, Phyllis Thompson, Ruth Hossig, Charlie Bevington, Sue Didion, Margaret Vogel (Fourth row) Dennie Zimmerman, Dove Winters, Tom Moore, Paulo Knepper, Rich Shinn, Marge Cunningham, Linda Getts, Jeonne McDermott, also Rick Osborn (ab- sent I Pumpkins, crepe paper, and face masks made from paper mache, added to the spooky atmosphere of Daffl-Dabblers ' Halloween party. Displaying self-constructed Christmas cards in the cafeteria earned funds for the club treasury. As traditionally done. Dabblers decorated the School with evergreen wreaths and boughs enhancing the main entrance. Lights, roping, and paper poinsiettas brightened the main halls. Later that week they went on to Parkview Hospital children ' s ward to draw snowflakes, Santas, and Christmas trees on the win- dows, talk to the children, and have refreshments. Basketball and volleyball was a port of the competi- tive activity of sports days between North ' s Girl ' s Athletic Association and those of New Haven and Leo. Other activities of the GAA were a car wash and Awards Day. During the year girls participating in atheletic events received points toward a pin, letter, or plaque given to seniors only. GAA members ore (E bock (Second row; burger, Becky Wolke (torn rowi Joyce Horner, Pat Bright, Nancy Schellen- iria Eder, Cheryl Mite, Sue Amburgey, Sue Augs- ' Third rowi Marsha Cooley, Carol Wilhelm, Lauren Wiley, Barb Chapman, Jane Dornbush, Pom White, Delores Osmun (Fourth rowi Bridgett Stuckey, Dorothy Kroskie, Vicki Mills, Julie Greim, Jean Ann Hoynes, Koy Bilger, Linda Boiler 60 Organizations Dancers and swimmers created routines Ripplette members are (Bottom rowl Cheri Liggett, Sue Loisel, Jeonie Neu- mon, Becky Pieper, Lynne Kukein, Beth Brinker, Sheryl Griffis, Lynn Bienz, Carol Sicklesteel, Debbie Davis (Second row) Doris Wagner, Karen Drew, Beth Hayes, Valerie Harper, Debbie Kieler, Lou Ann Johnson, Sara Kolin, Barb Ross, Debi Collinson (Third rowi Linda Covey, Renate Wornstadt, Anna Swink, Barb Knuth, Sherry Nine, Laurie Yingst Splashing to the theme of " Trade Winds " at the tra- ditional water show, Ripplettes worked with the male auxiliary in coed numbers. The 14 new members wore clumsy signs through a three-week spike period. Mrs. Lynn Beer chose the new members on the basis of personality, general appearance, and ability in dives, stunts, and strokes. Modern Dance Members danced for Back-to-School Night and sponsored a bake sale at Northcrest Shop- ping Center to earn money for the new Indian cos- tume. The club was open to anyone, regardless of dance background and was under the direction of Mrs. Lynn Beer and Miss Kathleen Sparks. The members learned and created new dance rou- tines to further interest and skill in performing differ- ent jazz and modern dances. Modern Dance members are (Bottom rowl Ruth Johnstone and Nancy Wise (Second rowl Carlo Eder, Kathy Kirchoff, Sue Hollopeter, Judy Stoops 3nd Cheryl Hoblet Organizotions 61 The members of the Wildsiders are (Front row) Alan Minyord, Stan Cline, Andy Hein, Ken Schlatter, Tim Stouffer (Second row) Ken Long, Jack Huber, Jim Stoody, John Albright, Nevin Seeger, Steve Goshert (Third row) Brian Norris, Gene Hole, Kirk Mahlon, Randy Fry (Standing) Keith Hughes, Linda Ripple, Ron Pinter, Mr. Gary Smith, also Jim Huber (absentl Dance Band attended Notre Dame clinic A second dance band composed ot mostly sopho- mores who worked on jazz fundamentals joined with the Wildsiders. The directors were Mr, Frederick Autenreith and Mr. David Plott. The Wildsiders named fro m their theme, " Walk on the Wild Side, " attended the NISBOVA contests where they competed against 35 bands in the district contest and were one of the five to go on to the state contest. This band was directed by Mr. Gary Smith. Both bands were composed of 20 members who were selected on the basis of talent from the music de- partment and who practiced on Wednesday nights. The members of the new band ore (Front row) Jay Bevington, Dick Alford, Chuck Reeves, Bill Loechner, Bruce Robinson, Bob Miller, Bonnie Studebaker, Debbiie Gething (Second row) Tom Cole, Craig Colpitts, Bill Hogestyn (Third row) Dennis Jackson, Dick Mo Rhoodes, Mr. Fred Autenreith. Waliy Roose, Jim Brunson, David 62 Organizations Performing groups brought color to NS Color Guard memb«r» ore ' left to right) Vickie Altevogt, Borb Green, Jeannie Hoynei, lori Wiley, Linda Burtzner, Rito Poff, Pom White. The Color Guard, which joined the band at the Smith-Walbridge Camp for a week, learned many fundamentals and part of the show for the Northern Indiana State Band, Orchestra and Vocal Associa- tion. They displayed their colors at all home football and basketball games, and marched with the band in all parades and contests. The Arrowettes, along with the band, presented over twenty routines at football and basketball games, parades, and area twirling contests. Sponsored by Mr. Gary Smith, they were the recipients of several awards, including first place at the NISBOVA con- test and the Wavette Traveling Trophy, presented to the most outstanding twirling corps in all classifica- tions each year during the Holiday Contest at Elkhart. Arrowetfe members are (Bottom row) Connie Archer, Potty Schmit, Beverly Mowery, Debbie Faust, Stephanie Kern (Second row) Jack ie Stoy, Vicki Kring, Carlo Falls, Diane Gernhardt, Anne Romsey, Sharon Schneider (Third row) Lynn Stemen, Jannette Knepper, Marilyn Kelder, Barb Melv Annette Knepper, Brenda Rhodes Organizations 63 Varsity Band members are Front rov Judy Taylor, Peggy Nelson, Darilyn Dickelman, Julie Stonebreoker (Second row) Linda Good, Janeen Bowman, Shelly Moreland (Third row) Wayne Butler, Linda Covey, Barb Lewis, Vickie Mills, Gory Pace, Jim Moppel, John Maus, Jim Brunson iBack row ' i Larry Deeds, Chuck Richards, Bruce Miller, Bob Hammond, Bruce Warwick Marching Redskins furnish rhythm After a week under the direction of Mr. Gary Smith at Smith Walbridge Camp during the summer, Marching Band started the school year ready for the football season. Sophomores were already aware of marching techniques from their camp experience. The band prepared contest shows and worked on techniques for their three half-time shows. Head drum-majors Ron Pinter and Debby Gehring, along with junior drum-major John Albright, attended the camp. Fall proved a busy time for the Marching Redskins with its many half-time shows. Veteran ' s Day Parade, State School Parade, and NISBOVA Marching con- test at New Haven, where the Redskins won a super- ior rating. Concert Band M. Whiteleath iSecond :rs are I Front rowi R. Seeger, S. Jotinston, S. Conadoy, Butkin, C. Griffis, J. Gonser, G. Patrick, B. Bireley, P. . _ . D. Bangerter. G. Leist, S. Kinney, A. Good, L. Ripple B. Clausen, J. Garner, R. Hileman, S. Weaver, L. Kuckein, J, Frozier, C. Hammond, A. Bocil , C, Wilhelm, E. Meisner, R. Nevogt (Third row) J. Beneke, S. Wetzel, L. Sanders, R. Monteith, M. Lehrmon, L. Boyer, P. Deady, G. Ely, D. Moore, K. Berkes, D. Norris, N. Seeger, C. Roach, S. Timmis, C. Myers, D. Rhodes (Fourth row) F. Switzer, C. Crawford, D. Gehring, S. Aiken, J. Haynes, M. Timmons, D. Gethlng, Mr. Smith, B. Blckhom, M. Sievers, G. Harshbarger, T. Hakes, J. Jernigan, K. Hughes 64 Organizations Varsity Band members are (Front row) Paula Difiendarfer, Bonnie Stude baker, Annette Winzeler, Candy Kamphues (Second row) Bill Loechner, Tim Stauffer, Chris Kemery, Dick Alford, Jay Bevington (Third row) Denni; Jackson, Ed Newhord, Steve Goshert, Ed Collins, Linda Moore Four- row) Louis King, Mr. Smith, Keith Bolliet, Ron Carter, Myron Blonchon Bob Bodine, Jim Miser, Mark Stiener in Veteran ' s Day, State School parades Winter brought on concert season, and with it try- outs. Concert Band consisted of 95 select seniors, juniors, and sophomores, with student conductors Stan Cline and Bob Clausen leading. Varsity Band was composed chiefly of sophomores with Mark Steiner as student conductor. Both bands performed at the Christmas concert, winter concert, and the spring concert. Pep Band added spirit to pep sessions and basketball games and provided music for majorette routines. Stan Cline, student conductor, directed the group selected from Concert and Varsity bands. Officer ' s Council, just two years old, promoted spirit and parties to make bond an organization developed for the students and by the students. Seniors received letters for three years of dedication at the end of the year. Concert Bond members are (Front row) Becky Bireley, Peggy Miller, Jo Regedanz, Deb Bangerter, Gloria Leist, Sandy Kinney, Ann Good, Linda Ripple (Second row) Marilyn Kelder, Deb Slack, Jim Huber, Gene Hale, Ken Millikon, Douglas Wellmon, Eugene Hortzell, Glenn Druhot, Dot Hastings (Third row) Jim Stoody, Jim Albright, Harvey Ziegler, Jim Roehm, Wally Roose, Dan Mourer, Jack Huber, Alan Minyard, Bruce Robinson, Ken Schlatter, Bob Miller, Chorles Reeves, Dove Fretz, Penny Conrad, Stan Cline, Andy Hine (Fourth row) Ron Pinter, Dave Burns, Linda Miller, Bill Hogestyn, Tom Cole, Randy Stuckey, Randy Fry, Brian Norris, Craig Col- pitts. Kirk Mohlon $1 ' w i f ' T jm " f l W- ft ■ H Bfrx T- ' rt ? BgB tmr — .l| - -, . Organizations 65 School concerts and outside functions Manchester College invited instrumental music stu- dents who acknowledged a desire to spend their Spring vacation on the campus. They composed and practiced pieces with the college musicians in prepa- ration for the Spring Festival Concert given at Man- chester at the close of the week. The North Side orchestra obtained membership in the All-City Orchestra composed of the high schools of Fort Wayne. The participants of each school met every Monday night at South Side in preparation for the All-City Spring Concert, which made aware to the public the achievement of the city ' s high school music departments. Concerts given at various junior highs throughout the year promoted a continuing interest in orchestra at the high school level. The orchestra played at the Thanksgiving and Christmas programs and also at the winter and spring concerts. Betsy Wilson, first violinist, received the highest recognition of achieve- ment and respect, that of concert-master. Orchestra members are (Front row) Betsy Wilson, concertmoster; Cynthia Nord, assistant concertmoster; (Second rowi Pot Wheeler, Becky Clock, Amy Smith, Pat Antonides, Kay Zimmerman, Nancy Schellenbach (Third row,) Karen Belschner, Debbie Gething, Mary Weldon, Kathy Newman, Ann Holse, Janet Gruber, Gerald Roby, Brendo Rhodes (Fourth row) Ann Ramsey, Cheryl Brocht, Connie Solud, Avo Kiefer, Ron Pinter, Mike Sievers Varsity Choir members ore (Bottom row) Mary Armstrong, Linda Miller, Pom White, Janeen Bowman, Linda Good, Connie Archer, Anne Good, Linda Saunders, Julie Stonebreaker, Linda Moore, Patty Schmidt, Sue Ann Johnston, Nancy Roberts, Annette Winzeler, Marsha Whiteleather, Amy Smith, Paula DefFendarfer, Judy Taylor (Second row) Greta Blackburn, Barb Lewis, Vicki Mills, Sue Wetzel, Annette Bocik, Pom Bufkin, Mary Weldon, Debbie Slock, Chris Kemery, Debbie Gething, Shelly Morion, Brenda Rhodes, Karen Hiatt, Darilyn Dickelman, Beverly Moellering, Debbie Gehring, Fran Yohn, Barbara Melvin (Third row) Art Kuehnert, Don Lozoff, Dan Mower, Dave Kruse, Kim Helmke, Ed Collins, Jim Roehm, Nevin Seeger, Michoel Tassler, Mark Winters, Mark Stiner, Ed Newhert, Mike Gossett, Romon Robles, Bill Loechner, Joy Bevington (Fourth row) Doug Wellman, Tom Baker, Fred Leoch, Paul Markey, Dove Fralick, Tom Hokes, Greg Stemen, Joe Horack, Myron Blonchard, Tom Longsworth, Rolond Zion, Lewis King, John Grosjeon, Jim Miser, Bob Schultz, Steve Heys 66 Organizations kept the Music Department on the move Orchestra members are (Front row) Jenny Mill Greta Blackburn, Marcia Zollcrs, Betsy Hein, principal viola; Dana Nor- dyke, Jan Stedman, principal cello (Second row) Mr. Plott, conductor; Anne Good, Linda Ripple, principal woodwind; Gary Rich, Sue Cochran, Pam Stafford, Mary Armstrong, Anna Swink (Third row) Ken Long, Rick Seeger, Debbie Slack, Lindc Stoody, Stan Flood (Fourth Bryan Norris, Jim Miser, C Marsha Harsh, Anita Petty, er, Dave Norris, John Albright, Jim lenn Druhot, Tom Kuruda, Dot Hustings, lig Colpitts, Keith Hughes, Richard McKee, 1 Hiott absent Bob Jesse, properties Pat Quinn, Vickie Stonebr lipal bass Varsity Choir met during the fourth period lunch hour, giving those students on opportunity to par- ticipate in vocal singing who would not otherv ise have room in their program. Composed mainly of sophmores and juniors, it was a stepping-stone toward A ' Cappella. They sang only at school con- certs. Troubadours, chosen from A ' Cappella to perform where the larger choir could not, sang at the Cham- ber of Commerce, the Daughters of American Revolu- tion, and for Youth Government Day at the Lantern. For the Christmas season Troubs practiced to appear on the Jack Gray television show presented on Christ- mas Day. They also recorded Christmas music with A ' Cappella played on WOWO, and sang for Helicon at the Allen County Old People ' s Home. Later they performed for the South Side Kiwanis Club and gave concerts for Varsity Varieties, the Senior Banquet, and Honor Banquet. Troubadour members ore (First row( Barb Hague, Jon Kubiniec, Katy Al- bright, Deb Faust, Ruth Nevogt, Karen McMaken, Betsy Wilson, Cindy Poinsett (Second row) Linda Lees, Ellen Wolter, Dona Nordyke, Cynthia Nord, Sherry Harter, Sue Shoup, Karen Belschner (Third row) Dave Hoffer, Dale Osborne, Ken Jackson, Richord Amelung, Harvey Ziegler, J. K. Harper, Paul Wilson, Dan Lockwood (Fourth rowl Jim Reeder, Don Showalter, Dove Seely, Stan Flood, Craig Colpitts, John Albright, Dole Dietz, Bob Miller. Accompanyists include Bruce Bickhom. Valerie Stukey, Nancy Linn, Vicki Stonebreaker Songsters sang at evening concerts, Chanticleer members are (Bottom row) Diane Nordyke, Mary Holman, Linda Weinley, Linda Burtzner, Cathy Brown, Susan Kinne, Vicki Sloan, Sherrill Renner, Karen Tegtmeyer, Sherry Snyder, Linda Stanton, Paula Kraft, Teresa Saaf, Evelyn Bodkin, Terri Macy, Barb Foster, Nancy Linn (Second row) Elaine Jordan, Kay Raschke, Karen Novitski, Cindy Mink, Linda Allen, Jeanie Neuman, Jackie Stoy, Vickie Altevogt, Sharleen Klemke, Linda Uhrick, Debby Wojciechowski, Sue Patten, Connie Roach, Judy Miller, Laurie Schrey, Donna Steinbacher, Marcia Richards, Mr. Horris (Third row) Stephanie Hasty, Avo Kiefer, Kathy Houser, Joyce Gaby, Bonnie Angel, Pam Roy, Anita Petty, Lodowno Morrison, Deb Grosenbocher, Sue Froncis, Kathy Furhman, Linda Smith, Linda Sims, Jan Buchanan, Cindi Ruoff, Linda Hayes, Debbi Davis, Ruth Hassig (Fourth rowi Jeannette Lemmon, Lana Boyer, Sharon Heemsoth, Chris Page, Sue Augsburger, Sheryl Beard, Pom Mills, Linda Schaffer, Fran Schoch, Jeannie Hoynes, Linda Sieling, Tami Conn, Marilyn Schaefer, Julie Hendrickson, Jeanne McDermott, Linda Dornick, Jonie Fronken, Barb Patten Increased in number from 54 to 83, Chanticleers, made up of junior and senior girls, sang in the Christ- mas, winter, and spring concerts, and concerts during the regular school day. A smaller group of 37 girls, called the Girls ' Ensemble, participated in concerts outside of school such as a Christmas Party for Alumni Mothers. This was to help take the load off other performing groups. Both groups were under the direction of Mr. Alvin hiarris. Chanticleers gave each girl the opportunity to pro- duce the unique sounds and beauty of girls ' voices, and to give her the satisfaction of sharing talent. Also participating in the Christmas, winter, and spring concerts was the Training Choir, under the direction of Mr. Willard Holloway. This group was made up of sophomores and was open to all who were interested. It was a training class in which they learned to develop their voices for the different singing parts. From this group, singers were chosen for the A ' Cappella and Chanticleers choral groups. Training Choir members ore (Bottom rowl Diane Hedges, Karol Winters, Candy Hoy, Deletes Osmun, Potty Bright, Lorni Bortlett, Jenny Morter, Debby Richards, Barbara Greene, Mary Mattix, Dorlene Fox (Second row) Regino Taber, Linda Rennecker, Sara Webster, Diane Beber, Susan Bonifas, Roberta Brady, Cassandra Schoenlein, Debby Kieler, Barb Chapman, Sue Wesson, Donna Case (Third v) Mo Dukin, Brigett Stuckey, Debby Barnes, Mary Schafianski, Carlo Galloway, Shannon Croft, Pom Blaising, Karen Hiatt, Teresa Stummer, Debby Amburn, Cindy Gernhardt, Sharon Snyder, Linda Keller (Fourth row) Dole Collins, Steve Fisher, Fred Griffith, Terry Bock, Denny Martin, Art Rollins, Steve Novell, Keith Showalter, Kevin Malcum, Phill Gross, Jon Hurley, Steve Inscoe, Clayton Crum, Larry Simpson, Randy LoVine, Kenny Mortz, Ron Houser, Jim Werby Varsity Varieties, school assemblies A ' Cappella members are (First rowl Nancy Linn, Barb Hague, Katy Al- bright, Sue Coffman, Jo Anne Walker, Jamie Wise, Marcia Zollars, Linda Soyars, Pam Stafford, Deb Faust, Marty Duncon, Velinda Smith, Ruth Nevogt, Sue Smead, Pam Bock, Betsy Wilson, Cynthia Nord, Lynne Kuckein, Joy Swogger, Pot Wheeler, Cindy Poinsett, Valerie Stukey, Mr. Holloway (Second row) Jan Kubiniec, Linda Lees, Ellen Wolter, Suzi Brown, Dana Nordyke, Zondro Gump, Sue McAfee, Dione Nordyke, Kafen Pickering, Borb Woody, Deb Fiandt, Karen ' McMaken, Sue Shoup, Sherry Harter, Donna Morion, Marge Cunningham (Third rowl Dave Hoffer, Rick Rider, Al Shupe, Dole Osborne, Walter Roose, Dana Leininger, Doug Walker, Gene Hartzell, Richard Amelung, Jim Till, Rick Seeger, J. K. Harper, Jim Commet, Chuck Waltemuth, Tom Peirce. Bill Blosser, Doug Barclay, Dove Kruel, Craig Colpitts, Paul Wilson, Jim Foote Fourth row Ken Jackson, Stan Flood, Jim Reeder, Don Showolter, Dave Seely, Tom Cole, Greg Cook, Randy Fry, Gordon Houser, Mark Richards, Terry Beds- worth, Bob Bodine, Steve Linnemeier, Don Lockwood, Harvey Ziegler, John Albright, Mike Keller, Dole Dietz, Bob Miller The 85 members of A ' Cappella sang at school as- semblies, evening concerts, and Varsity Varieties. This group is chosen from Chanticleers and Training Choir by audition. It offers the opportunity to talented young singers to take part in a select mixed choir that performs both traditional and contem- porary music, including some songs from Broadway Plays. Chosen from A ' Cappella is a smaller select group called Troubadors. Both groups are under the direc- tion of Mr. Williard Holloway. The A ' Cappella has been at North since 1932 and has been under only five directors. During this time they have attended a National Music Educators Con- vention and an Indiana Music Educators Conven- tion. They have performed many different types of music including some musicals. Other members of Training Choir are IBottom row) Pom Smith, Linda Mc- Neol, Clarissa Smith, Linda Nelson, Laural Yingst, Sue Nueur, Sandy Fick, Jackie Uorke, Nancy Wise, Shormon Harter, Mary Wiegond, Alice Cox (Second rowl Gay McMoken, Carol Sherman, Sharon Carpenter, Billie Fisher, Jackie Lindsey, Valerie Harper, Cindy Lehrman, Kothy Whitemon, Sharon Marino, Patti Robins, Debby Elkins (Third row) Katherine Phillips, Ricky Gutermuth, Debbie Richey, Mory Beth Chandler, Ruth Johnstone, Morionne Blue, Dorthy Kroskie, Janet Morkey, Nancy Gaunt, Kris Shuler, Korol Hunt, Carol Maley, Anah Rodotz Fourth row Pat Faivy, Allon Hines, Tim Renord, Randy Harter, Steve Heiniger, Ed Steinou, Gory BIy, Mark Heffner, Dean Melchi, Mike Spencer, Bill Scheele, Mox High, Bill Junk, Terry Woikel, Jim Harrison, Tim Lockwood. Doug Brown M wmMML J J. We Are Athletic Redskins In Our World of SPORTS " Happiness Is Being Able to Play! " Truer words were never spoken. North ' s athletic year was thrown ajar temporarily as the IHSAA battled with one of our basketball players on his ability to participate in high school sports and North was suspended. On January 19, North was reinstated and ' Skins once again showed loyal support to the team. All games, in the frigid football stadium or the warm gym, were well attended by the fans of NShlS. Sports 7 1 Redskin football squad helps determine The gridiron squad began their schedule against Muncie Cen- tral, who are shown here ready to blast out of their offensive position into the Redskin defense. Gary Parkerson (22) is the free safety. Muncie Central won the encounter, 12-0. The varsity football squad was made up of many underclassmen who came i i many times to clinch vic- tories. Inexperience also prevailed on the varsity, but Ken Barnett and Steve Keever, playing their first year of football, both lettered. Injures also hurt North as Roman Robles, Bob Bossord, and Bruce Keever were lost from the action due to their injuries. North Elmhurst 6 North 20 Dwenger 19 North Muncie C. 12 North Concordia 20 North Central 18 North 14 C. C. 13 North 6 Luers 20 North 13 Elmhurst 26 North 6 South 7 North Snider 12 All eyes follow the ball as it soars through the uprights for the Redskins ' final score against C. C. This extra point by Greg Lewis gave North the 14-13 victory. 72 Sports winner in city series prep competition The 1968 North Side gridiron squad finished with a 2-7 record but because of the Redskins, the final city standings ended with Concordia and Bishop Dwenger tied for the championship. After suffering four straight defeats to Muncie Central, Central, Luers, and South, the Redskins exploded for 20 points in the first half against Dwenger and held off the Saints ' second half as- sault for the biggest upset of the year by a 20-19 count. Following the Dwenger battle. North faced the Con- cordia Cadets. Playing on a rain-soaked field, the Redskins fumbled the opening kickoff and suffered a humiliating defeat by a 20-0 score. North ' s second and last win of the year came against the Central Catholic Irish. The extra point by Greg Lewis was the only difference as North squeaked by on a 14-13 score. Co-captain Steve Mann faces tlie team captains of the Cen- tral Catholic Irish at the flip of the coin to start the game. The Redskins defeated the Irish 14-13 for their second victory. Line Coach Hyrle Ivy was jubilantly carried off the field after the Redskins won their second game, defeating Central Catholic Irish 14-13. Sophomore linebacker Bill Cowan hauls down Central Catholic quarterback Don Didrick. Bill started the season as a quarterback, but switched to offensive halfback and also played defensive linebacker. Sports 73 Underclassmen dominate varsity grid team Sho Varsity football team: (Bottoi goner. Gory Cook, Jim Mer Aiken, Bob Allen, Bob Furni Doryl Hanson, Mike Zumburi Bill Brown, Greg Lewis, Fred Craft, Gory Porkerson, Stev( Ellenwood. (Tfiird row) Mike Keller, Cfiuck Scheele, Br odine, Jim Reeder, Mike Wag- wolter, John Blackburn, Steve Dave Burns. (Second row) Larry Bennett, Mark Holmes, Bill McMahan, Don White, Keever, Leonard uce Keever, Bob Bossard, Mitch Bedree, Jack Rodenbeck, John Thompson, John Savio, Ken Barnett, Pat Quinn, Greg Adorns, Bill Cowan, Roman Robles. (Fourth row) Cooches Don Hunter, Hyrle, Ivy, Bill Mitchell, John Becker, Heod Coach Bill Goshert, Monagers Jerry Anderson, Denny VanHouten, Mike Jocoby, Wade Adams, Fronk Akey. Senior Bob Furniss is hauled down by Bill Sullivan (44) of Bishop Dvi enger. Furniss, along w ih Bill Cowon, led the Red- skins in scoring by romping for two touchdowns. Junior running back Roman Robles sparked North ' s offense many times throughout the season. Roman played on kickoffs and ran from the left halfback position. Reserves finish season with 3-4-3 record The reserve football team won more games this year than any sophomore group within the last five years. Coached by John Becker, the hard-nosed players from the three feeding junior highs combined for a 3-4-3 record. Starting the season with three losses, the sophs evened their record by defeating Snider, Leo, and South. Colder weather, along with rain- soaked fields, then set in. With these conditions, the Redskins played two scoreless tie battles against Central and Dwenger. The final loss came by way of Bishop Luers, which bounced back from a 6-0 deficit to defeat the ' Skins 14-6 in the most contro- versial game of the year. Jim Benecke was the only quarterback for the entire season, having no backup man and did a commendable job in spite of the pressure applied. North 6 North 6 North 18 North 18 North 12 North 12 North North North 6 North 6 Garrett V. 26 Elmhurst 13 Concordia 19 Snider 14 Leo V. South Central Dwenger Luers 14 New Haven 6 Keith Sfiowalter tries his foot in an extra point attempt prior to the reserve practice. Larry Brown is holding, while Jim Givens (11) and Mike Kipling (44i await their turn. Reserve football team: (First row) Mark Heimke, Bruce Keever, Chuck Scheele, Greg Adams, Bill Cowan, Mike Birge, Gary Clark, Larry Brown, Jim Harrison. (Second row) John Woodward, Spark Wermuth, Tom Zim- merman, Mike Kipling, Rob Choppuis, Dean Melchi, Joe Fremion, Dave Daniels, John Arnet, Rick Bair. (Third row) John Gray, Don Widmonn, Jim Givens, Will Kline, Gory BIy, Pot Folvy, Joe Comment, Mark Timmons, Ed Newhord, Jim Benecke, Keith Showolter. (Fourth row) Coaches Don Hunter, Hyrle Ivy, Bill Mitchell, John Becker, Head Coach Bill Goshert, Managers Denny VonHouten, Frank Akey, Mike Jocoby, Wode Adams, Jerry Anderson. Sports 75 Tom Blakely leads Cross Country team Members of the varsity Cross Country team who finished fourth in the Sectionals are Dave Cook, Mark Morris, Bill Blosser, Frank Kidd, Neil Anderson, Mike McMohan, Tom Blakely, Bill Loechner, Ken Long, and Steve Jantz. Coach Rowe led the Redskins in the Cross Country season, directing the squad in practices nightly throughout the fall. Junior Neil Anderson is in the left foreground and junior Tom Blakley is in the background. The Cross Country team finished their season with a mark and placed high in all of their invitational meets. Junior Tom Blakely swept all awards in Cross Country by unanimously being elected captain by his team members and given the top two awards for be- ing the most dedicated runner and most valuable team member. Besides Tom Blakely, other runners contributed to North ' s success. The high plocings of Neil Anderson, Bill Loechner, Mike McMahan, Bill Blosser, and Dave Cook allowed the Redskins con- stantly to be a threat to state foes. North Side High School Fort Wayne, Indiana Varsity Scores North 20 La Porte 43 North 31 Valparaiso 26 North 34 DeKalk 24 North 24 Lima 36 North 15 Dwenger 49 North 15 C.C. 48 North 15 Luers 50 North 21 Concordia 37 North 2nd Goshen Invit. North 37 Elmhurst 22 North 22 South 47 North 30 New Haven 25 North 19 Snider 40 North 15 Central 45 North 7th LaPorte Invit. North 4th Sectionals Harriers finish as runners-up at Goshen Members of the reserve Cross Country team who defeated eight of their ten foes are Eric Converse, Dove Terrell, Richard Yost, Steve Goshert, Stan Flood, Art Kuehnert, John Knuth, and Steve Brown. Reserve Scores North 20 DeKalb 40 North 16 Lima 39 North 15 Dwenger 50 North 15 Luers 30 North 15 C.C. 50 North 15 Concordia 50 North 29 Elmhurst 28 North 15 South 50 North 26 New Haven 29 North 29 Snider 27 Junior Tom Blokely led this year ' s Cross Country teom, passing through the Sectionals, Regionals, and even finishing sixteenth at the state meet in Indianapolis. ' ■1 ,y Intramurals limited to seventh period The Intramural season was sparked by the Knicks, who bought team uniforms. It was the first time any team has ever done that. Jerry Anderson seems to be surrounded by his fellow athletic managers Frank Akey, Don Houts, and Wade Adams. Football Intramurals A-League Colts 12-1 Tigers 6-7 Kings 5-8 Ram B-League 3-10 Bucks 7-2 Bears 6-3 49ers 3-6 Yanks Basketball Intramurals 2-7 Skunks 36-1 Knicks 35-2 Wazolas 25-12 Glimp 23-14 Lakers 22-15 Pacers 19-18 Bulls 15-22 Srassmen 14-23 Celts 11-26 Team Mops 9-28 Us Softball Intramurals 4th 6-3! Tech 10-2 Braves 8-3 Swell 6-5 Batmen 6-6 Rogues 5-7 Demonstrato -s 3-9 All Stars 3-9 Or Sth 2-10 Gross ll-l To ll-i Clan 10-2 Soph 9-3 Beavers 7-5 Hallus 8-4 Kingfishes 7-6 Who 6-6 SOS 4-8 US 4-9 Cherries 4-8 Lizzards 2-1 1 Fouls l-l 1 Boyds 6fh 3-10 Colts 12-4 Team 11-5 Ugh 10-6 Drafts 7-9 Dukes 1-15 78 Sports Colts, Skunks, and Knicks supply action The Intramural league was filled with action the entire season. The Colts ' football team took the championship over the Bears in the new program which was set up for boys with seventh period study. When basketball was played, the Skunks and Knicks took the spotlight as they finished with 37-2 and 35-4 records respectively. The Skunks were the champions, led by senior Bill Schumaker. Vollyball was next for the intramural boys. The Trojans, Oop, and Nads were the best squads for 1968. Kathy Kirchoff does a flip Taber looks on. her gym class while Regina Sophomore Marti Oswald warms up for her cheer- leader tryouls. Sports 79 cheerleaders supply added spirit to varsity Reserve cheerleaders are (front row): Nancy Gaunt, Pam Blaising, Nancy Wise, Brenda Rouse, Beth Weber, Cheryl Smith, Sharman Harter. (Second row) Debby Randt. Pam Mertz, Marlann Blue, Sue Stone, Cindy Lehrman, Marti Oswald, Sandy Fick, Rickey Gutermuth. (Third row) Valeria Hageboeck, Ann Ziege, Darilyn Dickleman, Linda hieadford. Reglna Taber, Kathy Kirchoff, and Karen Scheele. The thrill of the hloosier hlysteria Tourney shows many dif- ferent faces, including this of Senior Sherry Liggett. Senior Jean Jernstrom leads the student body in a cheer (top), while the whole crew trots through its favorite cheer, TEAM, 80 Sports won first prize of Cheerleading Association Practice takes up much of the time of the varsity cheerleaders. This summer they attended the United Cheerleading Association Camp at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. They brought the first place trophy home with them to show for their efforts. The varsity cheerleaders, Jean Jernstrom, Sherry Harter, Katy Albright, Jacque Zirkle, Sue Shoup and Amy Fremion also attended several clinics, in- cluding one at Indiana University and one which they nosted here at North Side. Along with these extra activities they also practiced every day during period 4a. All this practice was not in vain, however, as the cheerleaders got to show their skills at the varsity contest. Their devotion and spirit were evidenced by the fact that they kept up their busy practice schedule even during North ' s suspension from the IHSAA. While the varsity cheerleaders were " waiting in the wings " to cheer for the varsity game, the twenty- four reserve cheerleaders were cheering their team on to success. During e ach reserve game, six of the reserve cheerleaders led the reserve fans through their cheers. Senior Sherry Harter jumps high in the air at the close of cheer preparing the varsity for the Sectional. Varsity cheerleaders are Jean Jernstrom, Sherry Harter, Katy Albright, Amy Fremion, Jacque Zirkle, and Sue Shoup, 8 Sports Wrestling practice is not all work and sweat as the wrestling team members show in their pre-game antics. Wrestling team members left to right (first row) Dave Whisler, Steve Franzman, Steve Loecfiner, Mike Waggoner, Bruce Hogen, Gene Hole, Keitfi Ellis, Jerry Edwards. (Second row) Steve Aiken, Tom Skinker, Will Kline, Gory Strom, Alva Waggoner, Bob Jesse, Jim Comment, John Hun- Wrestling team has troublesome season Under the direction of Coach Donald Hunter the wrestling team had its best year. Although the record doesn ' t show much improvement over last year ' s team, this year ' s squad was really an improvement. The team gained valuable experience at the art of wrestling. This year ' s team practiced many long, hard hours and even sacrificed a few holidays to learn and become better at wrestling. Led by seniors Mike Waggoner, Steve Loechner, and Steve Aiken, the team ended the season with one win and eight losses, which is one win better than last year ' s team. Returning lettermen will be Bruce Hagen, Gary Strahm, Alva Waggoner, Larry Brown, Frank Rajcany, and Doug hiall. With these returning lettermen to lead the team the wrestlers should be successful next year. North 21 North 10 North 10 North 15 North 31 North 21 North 12 North 14 North 12 Manchester Tourney fourth place ley, Rob Chappius. (Third row) Joe Comment, Doug Hall, Ron Arneft, Frank Rajcany, Bill Hogestyn, Art Kuehnert, Larry Brown, Dove Hansen, Coach Don Hunter, Elmhurst 31 South 37 Central 42 Belmont 43 East Noble 25 Snider 26 Elmhurst 23 Concordia 34 Warsaw 28 82 Sports Tankers build year to successful end Out of the seven receiving letters, six v ill be return- ing to next year ' s squad. Mike Spencer, a junior, will return in the 100 yard backstroke and also is o member of the record setting relay team. Don Thompson, a junior, was a member of the record setting relay, and also swam the 100 yard breast- stroke. Mike Shimel, also a junior, will be swimming on the record setting relay, and also will be return- ing to defend his record setting individual medley relay event. Louie Kitzmiller, a junior, will return to the record setting relay, and also try to break 50 yard freestyle record. Steve Howenstine, a junior, will return to defend his title in the 100 yard butterfly. Kerry Kennell, also a junior, will be the lost returning lettermen, will swim the 100 yard freestyle event and also swim in the 100 yard freestyle relay. North 36 North 28 North 9 North 35 North 80 North 22 North 18 North 8th in Sectionals Madison Heights 59 Snider 67 Kokomo 86 Madison Heights 60 Central Catholic 15 Penn 73 Snider 77 Rick Ross strains as he competes in the butterfly event. Six members of the swimming team were present for the picture: Pat Shimel, Steve Howenstine, Bruce Earnest, Skip Barthold, Dove Lunsford, Rick Ross. Sports 83 Varsity Basketball team has two seasons, Varsity team members -from le-ft to right (front row): Steve Mann. Steve Keever, Doug Brown, Bill Hinga, Rick Wells, and John Savio. (Back row): Mike Keller, Ken Barnett, Tim Beck, Dave Bashore, and Bill Cowan. Not pictured is John Ankenbruck. Highlighting this year ' s varsity basketball was North ' s month " vacation " from the Indiana High School Athletic Association. Starting the season, the Redskins compiled a 1-3 record before all-city guard Bill Schumaker was permitted to play against Bishop Luers and Kokomo. The Redskins then took their leave of absence from competition. Upon their return, North had to play three games a week try- ing to make up their schedule, but fell four games short as they lost the Carmel tournament and C.C. and Elkhart from seasonal play. North finished after their reinstatement with a 6-5 record, including an opening Sectional loss to Snider, 60-51. Ten players lettered on this year ' s squad, five will return next year. Senior guard Rick Wells was the only Redskin to make the all-city list. Heading this year ' s varsity squad was By Hey, far left who led North to a 8-9 seasonal record. Assistant Coaches John Stauffer and Willie Doehrman helped Mr. Hey with the varsity besides their coaching the reserves. Junior 6-6 forward Bill Hinga goes high in the air to get off his jump shot over an opposing Norwell player. 84 Sports welcomes reinstatement with big victory Basketball Scores North 68 Goshen 79 North 45 Central 61 North 71 Norwell 50 North 56 Michigan City 80 North 68 Luers 42 North 61 Kokomo 90 North 71 Snider 58 North 65 Riley 59 North 51 Dwenger 45 North 81 New Haven 72 North 65 South 39 North 57 Columbus 67 North 63 Columbia City 47 North 67 DeKalb 51 North 58 Elmhurst 71 North 51 Concordia 60 Concordia senior guard Stan Shaffer (23) desperately tries to bring the ball back into play through Redskin Ken Barnett. ■H S B9 tllywH tf Bk H Pt |H Hk V ' !k m 1 HhUh W SM ' y Wk 1 1 p MmM tx ' " i P i H I . A frequent scene in North ' s basketball loop is Coach By hHey giv- ing the varsity added tips on their play. Sports 85 Sophomore Doug Brown and Concordia ' s Terry Morrison didn ' t hit it off too well together following a rebound as they turned their backs to each other. Sectional play had North clash with Snider. Dick Smith (23) battles Rick Wells for an important rebound. Both Smith and Rick made the all-city team. Senior John Savio seemed to have some difficulty getting his layup away in the Sectional as Snider player Dave Ge- cowets clings on. All Redskins reached for a rebound against Norwell to clinch their first victory of the year. 86 Sports HH ■1 . ' :-•■.- , B K i m. - " k • mm ' ' ' ' C ' " ' fl v i B ftS ' : tt - %fj BPkMi$ I B HB B ft Sfi Hl Bjl H ivl w .t M 1 MfH H Reserves gain experience in short year. Reserve team members from left to right {front row) : Bill Wehrenberg, Chuck Scheele, Steve Heinigen, Gary Parke son, and Mark Kidd. (Back row): Bill Cowan. Bruce Keever, Parrell, Wells, Fred Craft, Mike Kipling, and Richard Yost. Not pictured is John Ankonbrucli. The reserve basketball team, like the varsity, had a split season which required a month ' s work before any progress could be shown. Before their suspen- sion from the Indiana hiigh School Athletic Associa- tion, the reserves had a slow start; but after the reinstatement they came on with a strong finish, except for their loss to Columbus. The reserve team had three juniors: Fred Craft, Bill Wehrenberg, and Gary Parkerson. Two sophomores from the reserves dressed for several varsity games, including the Sectional. They were Bill Cowan and John Ankenbruck. North 5 1 North 37 North 39 North 48 North 38 North 52 North 37 North 30 North 28 North 3 1 North 40 North 47 North 38 North 47 North 65 Goshen 24 Norwell 38 Michigan City 59 Luers 32 Kokomo 64 New hiaven 49 Dwenger 28 South 37 Columbus 60 Snider 32 Columbia City 51 DeKalb 58 Elmhurst 36 Riley 27 Concordia 57 Sports 87 Track team conducts another big season Junior sprinter Gary Parkerson takes a long warmup In the chilly March weather. Gary traveled to state ast year in the 100. 1967 Track Scores North 58 Lawrence Central 42 North 951 2 Concordia 5 1 1 2 North 851 2 New Haven 32 2 North Second in North Side Relays North 47 Elmhurst 97 North 47 Dwenger 24 North fourth at Kokomo Relays North first in Sectional North third in Regional Senior Mike Bush holds the school record for the pole vault and tries to break his record as he pulls out his pole. Junior Bob Bossard blasts out of the blocks against South Slder Rex Melchi in the 440. Sports Members of the reserve trock squad ore (Bottom rowj Mork Norris, Tom Zimmer- man, Jim Bossermon, Ed Newhord, Dove Lunsford, Steve Jontz, Lorry Deeds (Second row) Dove Terell, Al Wermulh, Richord Yost, Greg Adorns, Bruce Robin- son, Ston Flood, Lorry Brown, Rand Wall, Eric Converse (Third row) Mark Hunter, Jim Brunson, Ron Arnett, Mike Jocoby, Dorell Wells, Jim Givens, Pot Folvy, Jc)e Pope, Keith Petrid, Dove Cecil. The track squad was in a rebuilding year as very few seniors were on the squad. Junior sprinters Gary Parkerson, Roman Robles, and Bill Cowan finished in top positions all year. Strong distance running performances were recorded by Tom Blakley, Bill Blosser, and Neil Anderson. In the field events, the Redskins had strong performances in the high Jump and shot put. Led by head coach Duane Rowe and assistants Robert Walters and hiyrle Ivy, the team is looking forward to next year. Members of the varsity track squad are (Bottom row) Larry Brown, Cletus Roller, Gory Spice, Roman Robles, Gary Parkerson, Bill Blosser, Bill Loechner, John Menocal, Dave Cook (Second row) Jack Covalt, Kerry Kennell, Gerry Rick, Mike Kipling, Bill Cowan, Tom Blokely, Neil Anderson, Bill Junk, Bob Kinzie (Third row) Gory Grueloch, Bob Bossard, Steve Mossburg, Silt McMohon, Steve Keever, Gary Harshborger, Bob Bodine, Rick Wells, Steve Goshert, Frank Kidd. Soor+s 89 Boys trying out for this year ' s golf team are ' Bot- tom row) Lon Rogers, Claude Bobilya, Al Hein (Second row) John Savio, Rod Butler, Denny Von Houten (Third row) Coach Beryl Lewis, Steve Lash, Dave Anken- bruck, and Phil Sower. Golf team has new faces, lettermen The 1968 golf team had many new faces as the boys who were ruled ineligible last year because of ac- cepting prizes in tournaments were permitted to complete. Junior Claude Bobilya and seniors Denny Van Houten, Steve Lash, and Phil Sower all proved to be an asset to this year ' s squad, along with re- turning lettermen John Savio, Gene Hale, Doug Hall, and Lon Rogers. Junior Claude Bobilya anxiously waits for John Savio and Steve Lash to tee off. 90 Sports N V April 12 Bishop Luers 232 220 April 18 Concordia 251 250 April 19 Garrett 234 221 April 20 Snider 221 221 April 20 South Side 221 210 April 24 South Side 253 243 April 24 Concordia 253 243 April 25 Bishop Luers 242 232 April 26 Central Catholic 242 224 May 1 Elmhurst 252 210 May 2 Snider 243 223 May 3 Columbia City 377 334 May 5 Dyer 369 323 21st May 6 City 369 324 8th May 8 South Side 244 221 May 10 Concordia 222 223 May n Elmhurst 246 212 May 10 246 212 May 16 Sectional 376 323 14th Mny 19 Garrett 230 270 Junior Pat Quinn questionably returns a serve from an opponent in a recent match. 1 L 1 k ' S tt, ' Id 1. ;1l ' LLK: ' I wSl ol |N|: SP " jB B J P r AOf F rj! ' M [ v_ .jy gkV A l H H Boys trying out for the tennis team are Bottom row, Coach Myron Henderson, Rich Sewcld, Rick Franke, Carl Busion, Jim Hoppel, Joe Fremion (Second rowi Greg Schmidt, Roger Cole, Mark Kidd, Doug Ford, Jim Beneke (Third row) Stan Cline, Fritz Switzer, John Woodword, John Ankenbruck, Mike Sievers. Tennis played now in fall and spring For the first time in the history of the IHSAA, tennis wa s played in both the spring and fall as a varsity sport. The Redskins ' fall squad didn ' t finish as high as the spring group because their two top-seeded players, Pat Quinn and Joe Fremion, were injured in football. The nucleus of their year ' s squad was made of underclassmen, leaving Coach Myron Henderson plenty of talent for next year. Pot Quinn puts all he has into his serve, driving him to North ' s top position. April 11 North Side-2 Bishop Luers-5 April 18 North Side-7 Central-O April 19 North Side-0 Warsaw-7 April 27 North Side-0 South Side-7 May 1 North Side-2 Elmhurst-5 May 2 North Side-6 Central Catholic-1 May 4 North Side-0 Concordia-7 May 8 North Side-4 Lakeland-3 May 9 North Side-3 Snider-4 May 10 North Side-7 Central Catholic-0 May 13 North Side-1 Goshen-6 Sports 91 We Are Friendly Redskins In Our World of ASSOCIATIONS North ' s world evolved around friendships. Al- though strong class rivalries prevailed among the 1725 students, lasting friendships formed. By listen- ing to the crowds in the halls during passing periods, one could learn a lot about the students at North Side. Above the noisy shuffle of feet, one could hear talk of current heart throbs, comparison of last year ' s amount of homework to the present, dis- cussion of last night ' s ball game, whether it be victorious or unlucky. By these, we learned to laugh when the joke was on us, to understand when things didn ' t go our way, and most of all, to realize who our real friends were. Associations 93 Linda Ripple, Valedictorian Anne J. Dick, Salutatorian Linda Ripple, Anne J. Dick lead seniors Suzanne Cochren, high honors Linda Hugenell, high honors Gail Patrick, high honors Pamela Smead, high honors Sandra Sprunger, high honors Seniors are (Bottom row, Steven Arken, frank Akey, Cotherjne Albright, Richard Amelung, Re- becco Brown, Oo- id Burnt, David Coshdollor, Jody Cloy, Stanley CItne, Suzonne Cochren ' Second rov ' Penny Conrad, Jock Covault, Carolyn Ooniel, Anne J. Dick, Rebecca Freimuth, Deboroh Gehring, Anne Good, Deboroh Grosenbocher, Zondro Gump. Joan Holben ' Third rowj Sherry Horfer, Nancy Hovens, Diane Heodford, An- drew Hein, Donald Houts, Lindo Hugenell, Jeon Jernstrom, Suson Keith. Chorlene Leojon, Daniel Lockwood, Susan Brown, National Honor Society elects 93 leaders Seniors ore (Bottom rowl Ruth Longardner, Linda McKathnie, Lois Mc- Kothnie, Richard McKee, Karen McMaken, Sharon Mowon, Ruth Nevogt, Dale Osborn, Gail Patrick, Cynthia Poinsett iSecond row) James Reeder, Joan Regedanz, Linda Ripple, Lon Rogers, Marilyn Schoefer, Aleta Smith, Pamela Smead, Sandra Sprunger, Linda Soyors, Janet Stedmon (Third rowl James Stoody, Valerie Stuckey, Valerie Stonebreoker, Steven Tagtmeyer, Cora Thompson, Carol Triplett, Dannie VonHouten, Roxonno Waters, Solly Young, Jacque Zirkle. Underclassmen are (Bottom row) John Albright, Patricio Antonides, David Bauerle, James Benecke, Harold Blaettner, Robert Bossard, Roger Byers, Sharon Carpenter, Amy Fremion, Marsha Harsch (Second row) Dorothy Hostings, Elizobeth Hein, James Huber, Christine Kemery, Michael Kip- ling, Barbara Lotter, Gaylene McMoken. Janet Nill, Judy Nomino. David Norris, Anita Petty (Third row Charles Reeves, Ceroid Rich, Leslie Sells, Donald Sherman, Susan Skekloft, Charles V altemath, Alfred Wermuth, Mary Wert, Kevin Williams, Jamie Wise, Marcio Zolbrs. The Senior Class officers from left to right are Dave Bashore, president; Connie Salud, social chairman; J. K. Harper, vice- president; Sherry Harter, secretary-treasurer. Because she was late for school. Carlo Falls tried running but suddenly tripped, her books scattering on the steps. Seniors maintain harmony and ideals The Class of ' 68 will always remember its years at North. Despite the fact that early in the year the homerooms sometimes met only once a week, the students remained a united group. The enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown at all the sports events was, as usual, typical of all true Redskins. Again, keeping with the Redskin tradition, the Class of ' 68 served their community by helping needy families through the Fort Wayne Christmas Bureau. " Best Foot Forward, " the Senior Play, was another accomplishment they could be proud of. But the Senior Prom and commencement definitely were the highlights of their school activities. After walking through their door they will all have fond memories of their teachers and classmates and hopes for meeting again. Student Council presidents, past and present. Sue Howe and Don Dager, raise the state flag which was presented to North Side by State Representative Arthur C. Hayes. Wade Adams Steve Aiken Frank Akey Catherine Albright Bob Allen Cindy Ambridge Suerita Amburgey Richard Amelung Sharon Anderson Barbara Andrews John Andrews Connie Archer Elated, we entered North the first day k dMmk im Joyce Arms Linda Arndt James Arter Bill Babcock Tom Bair Paula Baldwin Mtk Sharon Boney Debra Bangerter Benny Barnes Lorry Boshop David Bashore Craig Baumgordner Jerry Baumgordner Susan Beard Jock Beiswenger Dona Belcher Randy Bentrup Larry Bercot Seniors 97 Sandra Berger Keith Berkes Michael Bernhardt Charles Bevington Susan Beyer William Biedenweg -c A i.y Becky Bienz Ruth Bilger Becky Bireley John Blackburn Myron Blanchard Leslie Bock Finding our way through the halls was iKuA Bob Bodey Evelyn Bodkin David Boggs Debi Boggs Victoria BojinofF John Bone Roger Booth Darlene Bosserman Daniel Bourne Tirnothy Bower Steve Bowers Tom Bowman h Jk Mike Bowser Lyna Boyer Elizabeth Brinker Cathy Brown Gary Brown Becky Brown 98 Seniors Susan Brown Rod Bryant Janet Buchanan Dave Burns Mike Bush Mary Busian Rodney Butler Sally Cadwalloder Lynda Cofollo made possible by the helpful seni ors Linda Caldwell Linda Calhoun Star Canadoy Tina Carboni Candace Cornahon Ron Carnohc Stan Cline 1 1 ■y KiflH X il Suzanne Cochran Larry Coffman Sue Coffman Sharon Coleman Gary Collins Seniors 99 Millie Collins Craig Colpitts Laraine Combs Penny Conrad David Cook Greg Cook Luella Cook Debbie Cooley Jack Covault Karen Cox Christie Crawford The sophomore party ended our first Randy Crist, Ed Culver Cynthia Cummins Kay Cunningham Daniel Dager Bob Dale Jeanne McDermott and Ruth Hassig put the Jack-O-Lantern in his place at the Daffi Dabblers ' Halloween party. David Deming Anne Dick Louise Diehm Dale Dietz Robert Dillman Tim Disler Sue Doty Sharon Dovey Diane Dreibelbiss Glenn Druhot Marty Duncan Dev ayne Egly year at North with wonderful memories Michael Ellis Rosie Erwin Ron Evans Erin Fabian Carlo Falls Debbie Faust Mary Ellen Federspiel Janice Feller Linda Fiedler Mark Fields Sandy Fields Janice Fisher ■17 M Jim Fisher Sheila Fisher George Fitzgerald Gerald Flinn Debi Ford lerry Fowler Seniors 101 Connie Francies Steve Franzman Judy Frazier Randy Frederick Becky Freimuth David Fretz Laurie Frye Carol Furniss Robert Furniss Stan Furniss Dove Gage Cheri Gardner Feeling more mature, but still looking Joyne Garner Deborah Gehring Elaine Gerding Diane Gernhardt Jerry Gilbert Tim Gillespi( Jo Gonser Anne Good Joyne Goodwin Charles Graney Dorothy Green Sarah Gresham Gory Greulach Cheryl GriflRs Don Grooms Deborah Grosenbacher Patricio Guevara Joy Gumbert 102 Seniors Zandra Gump Alan Hagopion Barbra Hague Thomas Hakes Joan Halberf Gene Hale, Jr. Linda Hall Pauline Halquist Kay Halter Lucinda Hamilton Carol Hammond Michael Honauer up to Seniors, we began our junior year Sue Honlin Michael Hanson Glenn Harmon James Harper Vonda Harrold Sherry Horter Tom Harter Melissa Hartman Ruth Hassig Robert Hastings Stephonio Hasty Nancy Havens Diane Headford Andrew Hein Sue Henderson Mark Hendricks Christina Hendrickson June rienaricKson Seniors 103 r i J it rbara Herendeen Fawn Hershberger Jay Heuer Deborah Heyn Rhonda Hilemon Robert Hixon Beverly Hoaglond Roger Hoevel Dovid Hoffer Sharon Holliday Kathy Holmes Ann Holse Throughout our second year we were kept i AT jli iLik Dennis Holycross Gordon Houser Don Houfs Jack Huber Alice Huffman Lmdo Hugenell Beth Hutson Lonnie Hyder Mary Ellen Jackson Janet Jacobs Joann Jacobs Daniel Jasper Evelyn Jeffries Nancee Jennings Jean Jern=;tr Lucille Jess Robert Jesse, Jr. Kathleen Johnson 104 Senior Virginia Jordan Teri Kasson Steve Keever Susan Keith Marilyn Kelder Michoel Keller Cassie Kelley Patrick Kemp Diana Kennedy Stephanie Kern Ava Kiefer Jean Kiel very busy with homework, social events Fred Kimmerly Fred King Ron King Sandra Kinney Dennis Kinsey Bruce Kirkpofrick In the football game between the Senior girls and the Junior girls, Debbie Gehring fought her way through the junior line. Donna Knepper Paulo Knepper Margaret Knuth Dionna Koenig Mike Konkle Susan Kramer Vicki Kring mmBMnmnnr Carol Kronmiller Susan Kruse Jan Kubiniec Lynne Kuckein Thomas Kuruda Brenda Lamb Cynthia Langley Steve Lash Deborah Latham Michael Lauer Mildred Lawson Watching the " Class of ' 67 " graduate Rosetta Lawson Charlene Leason Linda Lees Mary Lou Lehrman Gloria Leist Jim Lemmel ll Cris Lickert Cherie Liggett Mark Linder Steve Linnemeier Mickey Lloyd w Dan l.ockwood Steve Loechner Larry Logan Sue Loisel Kenneth Long Ruth Longardner Kirk Mohian 106 Seniors Terry Masters Alvin Maus Bob Maxwel The Senior Door is guarded so no underclass stur ents con trespass. we anxiously awaited our senior year , p rT p0 Debbie Maxwell Susan McAtee Maureen McCorty Mike McClue Joyce McCurdy Jeanne McDermott Jim McGuire Linda McKathnie Lois McKathnie Richard McKee Tamara McKeever Stephanie McKenzie Mike McMahon Karen McMaken Mike McMinn Arlene Medsker Ron Mendenhall James Mensch Seniors 107 Linda Meredith Cynthia Milledge Robert Milledge Peggy Miller Roger Miller Ken Millikan Debi Mills Tammy Mills Jim Minnick Alan Minyard Beverly Moellering Tom Moore During our remaining year we prepared Jon Moser Gloria Mowon Sharon Mowan Beverly Mowery Maureen Moylan Carol Muhler Cassie Kelley fills out a college application just as many other Seniors who are looking to the future. Dale Myers Jenny Nelson Ruth Nevogt Cynthia Nord Danna Nordyke Karen Novitski M i MtM tt % Janet Olofson Dale Osborne Rick Osborn Ernest Osborne Judy Palm K.rk Pope Dove Parker Gail Patrick Patsy Patrick Sue Patten Angela Pease Tom Peirce ourselves for college, other endeavors Glenn Pelkey Jane Peters Susan Peterson Shirrell Pefgen Beverly Phillips Kerry Phipps Tom Picking Ron Pinter Lynn Pitts Cindy Poinsette Richard Poinsett Phil Polios John Potts Jim Powers Rita PufF James Quinn Kathy Ropp Kay Raschke Seniors 109 irenda Rauscher Howard Reaser Frances Rediger James Reeder Joan Regedanz Robert Reighter Sherrill Renner Linda Reppert Morgo Reynolds Michael Rice Trudy Richard Charles Richards The two main events that year were dtk iMdtM Linda Ripple Dave Roberts Steve Robinson Jim Roehm Lon Rogers Tony Romano Richard Ross Pamela Roy Monika Rundel Conchita Salud John Savio Marilyn Schaefer Ruth Ann Scheele Julie Scherer Pamela Schindler Kenneth Schlatter Sharon Schneider James Schorey 10 Seniors Kenton Shaw Alvin Sheets Greg Sheets Sally Shepler Richard Shinn Larry Shive Tim Shopp Donald Shov alter Linda Sims the play, " Best Foot Forward " and Pro m Sharon Smith Steve Smoak Rita Snyder Phillip Sower Sandra Sowers Linda Soyors Sandra Sprunger Pamela Stafford Rosalinda Stanton Nick Starnes Janet Stedman Donna Stembacher Seniors 1 1 1 The Senior sponsors are (bottom rowi Miss Eliza- beth Little, Mrs. Amelia Dare, Mrs. Betty Bough, Mrs. Ramono Ronsburg, Mrs. Morjorie Spoolstro, Mrs. Edna Crocker. (Sec- ond row! Mr. Augustus Schoonover, Mr. Dale Decker, Mr. Daniel Heath, Mr. Myron Henderson, Mr. William Phillips. Feelings of joy and sadness combined David Stockert Don Stone Valeria Stonebreaker Jim Stoody Patricia Storey Danny Strahr LouiG Strohm Joanne Studebaker Valerie Stukey Wanda Sufer Darlene Sutter Richard Swaidner Fredrick Switzer Steve Tagtmeyer Cynthia Taylor Ralph Taylor Robert Taylor John Tennant 1 2 Seniors Craig Tew Cora Thompson Jerry Thompson Steve Timmis Carol Triplett Bruce Tryon Karen Tulley Sandra Updyke Jackie Upole Diana Upton Glayol Vahid Dennis VanHouten as we walked through the Senior Door ! w . ' v «fi j, Mike Waggoner Richard Waikel Mike Walker Nancy Waltz Bruce Warwick Roxonno Waters Sherry Weaver David Welch Eugene Welch Rick Wells Jeff Wentz Deborah Werling kZlh Mike Wert Larry Wheeler Patty Wheeler David Whitehurst Dennis Wiley Karen Williams Seniors 1 13 Success will come to those who seek it WW diMAm. Gary Wilson David Winters Kent Wolfe Sucnn Wood Danny Workman Fran Yahn Danny Ybarra Sally Young Harvey Ziegler Jaque Zirkle Not Zweig Senior Mary Busion stop- ped in the Library to com- pile information in order to write her term paper. 1 4 Seniors Seniors Keith Berkes and John Blackburn help guide the parents to class- roonns on bock-to-school Night. The varsity cheerleaders inspired the student body end the onlooking footboll team with their spirit while doing the cheer, " Victory. " Seniors 1 15 Senior Credits Bock, Leslie Reserve Cross Country,- Reserve Track; Se Adams, Wade Student Council; Northerner; Key Club; MLC; Vorsity Footboll, monoger; Service Worker; Transfer from Bishop Dwenger Aiken, Steven A. Key Club; Concert Bond; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Football; Reserve Track; Wrestling Akey, Frank James Student Council; Northerner; JCL; MLC, vice- president; Club Council; Athletic trainer; 6- Athletic award winner Albright, Catherine Ann A Cappella; Tri-M, secretary; JCL; MLC, so- cial chairman; FTA, publicity choirman; Var- sity Cheerleaders; Reserve Cheerleader; Free Exercise; Gymnastics Allen, Bob Varsity Football Ambridge, Cindy Service Worker Amburgey, Sue Modern Dance; GAA; Service Worker; Phy- sical Education, student leader corps Amelung, Richard Student Council; Key Club; A Cappella; FTA; Service Worker; Tutoring Corps, coordinator; Notional Honor Society Anderson, Sharon Legend; Helicon; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; Speech Andrews, Barbara Andrews, John Key Club Antoine, Jerry Archer, Connie Northerner; Legend; JCL; Y teens; Twirling; Varsity Choir Arms, Joyce Arndt, Linda Arter, James Bobcock, Wilbur J. Audio Visual Bair, Norman T. D.E.C.A. Baldwin, Paula Student Council; Legend; Phy-Chem; DafR Dabblers; Girls ' Cheer Block; D.EC A, sec- retary Boney, Sharon DofT, Dabblers Bangerter, Debra Kay Concert Bond; MLC; Girls ' Cheer Block Barnes, Benny Key Club; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Foot- ball; Wrestling; Intramurols Bashop, Larry Bashore, David C. Senior Class President; Student Council; Key Club, treasurer; Varsity, Reserve Basketball; Service Worker Baumgardner, Craig Northerner; Phy-Chem; Boys ' Cheer Block Baumgardner, Jerry Beard, Susan Student Council; Northerner; News Bureau; Z Club; Girls ' Cheer Block Beiswenger, Jock R. Belcher, Dana Bentrup, Randy Bercot, Larry Berger, Sandra Berkes, Keith Northerner; Key Club; Concert Bond; FTA Bernhardt, Mike Bevington, Charlie Daffi Dabblers, president; Speech; Reserve Cross Country; Reserve Track Beyer, Susan Bienz, Becky Y Teens; Modern Dance; GAA; Service Worker Bilger, Ruth Bireley, Becky Concert Band Blackburn, John Varsity Football Blanchord, Myron Student Council; Phy-Chem; JCL; Boys ' Cheer Block Bodey, Bob Bodkin, Evelyn Chanticleers; Maiorette Boggs, Dove Northerner; Key Club; Service Worker; Var- sity Wrestling Boggs, Debi Bojinoff, Victoria MLC; Daffl Dabblers Bone, John W. Booth, Roger Phy-Chem; Lob Assistant Bosserman, Darlene Kay JCL; Dofn Dabblers; Service Worker; Busi- ness Club Bourne, Don JCL, Boys ' Cheer Block; Reserve Basketball, Reserve Track; Service Worker Bower, Tim Key Club, secretary; Boys ' Cheer Block; Ser- vice Worker; Club Council; Lob Assistant Bowers, Steve Bowman, Tom D.E.O. Bowser, Mike Vorsity Football Boyer, Lyna K. Northerner agent; Helicon; Chanticleers; Con- cert Band; Speech, vice-president, social chairman; Club Council; Debate, secretary, treasurer; FTA; Varsity Choir; Varsity Bond Brinker, Beth Z Club, secretary; Ripplettes, vice president; Girls ' Cheer Block; Swim Team; Service Work- er; Club Council Brown, Becky Junior Class Social Chairman; Student Coun- cil; Northerner agent; Z Club; JCL, president, secretary; Service Worker; National Honor Society Brown, Cathy Chonticleers; Speech; GAA; Girls ' Cheer Block Brown, Gary Brown, Susan Lynn Student Council; Northerner agent; A Cap- pella; JCL; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; National Thespians 16 Credits Bryant, Rod Reserve Cross Country; Reserve Track Buchanan, Jon L. Chanticleers; Doffi Dabblers Bumgardner, Cheri Student Council; Y Teens; Pom Pom Girl; Girls ' Cheer Block Burelison, Keren E. Speech, secretary; Service Worker; Business Club Burnham, Anne FNA Burns, Dove L. Junior Class President; Northerner; Key Club. president; Concert Bond; JCL; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Football; Service Worker; In- tramurals Bush. Mike C. Audio Visual; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Track; Service Worker Busion, Mary M. Northerner; Phy-Chem; JCL; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Business Club Butler, Rodney L. Northerner Codwallader, Sally Cnanticleers; Y Teens; Modern Dance Cafollo, Lynda Caldwell, Linda Calhoun, Linda Canaday, Star Helicon; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; Concert Band, secretary; FTA; Service Worker; Pep Band Carboni, Kristina Helicon; Globetrotters; JCL; FTA; Service Worker Carnahan, Candace Globetrotters; JCL; Y Teens; GAA; Service Worker Carnahan, Ron Intramurals Cashdollar, David Audio Visual; Wrestling Chappuis, Mgry Susan Student Council; Helicon, secretary; Globe- trotters, secretary; JCL; MLC; Pom Pom Girl; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Club Council, secretary Christoffel, Gregory Gene Chrzon, Danial C. Clausen, Robert M. Concert Band Clay, Jody Girls ' Cheer Block; Business Club demons, Rosonna GAA; Service Worker Cline, Stan Key Club; Phy-Chem; Concert Band; Tri-M; JCL; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Tennis Cochran, Suzanne Student Council; Helicon, vice president Globetrotters, treasurer; Concert Band; Con- cert Orchestra; Tri-M; MLC. president; Girls ' Cheer Block; Club Council Coffman, Larry Coffmon, Sue Student Council; Legend agent; A Coppello; Tri-M; Reserve Cheerleader; Girls ' Cheer Block Coleman, Sherry Collins, Gory E. D.E.C.A, Collins, Millie Faye Chanticleers; Girls ' Cheer Block; Business Club Colpitts, Craig A Coppello; Troubadors; Concert Bond; Con- cert Orchestra; FTA; Pep Band; Dance Band Combs, Loroine Conrad, Penny Jane Helicon; Globetrotters, Concert Band; Tri-M; JCL; Speech; GAA; Pep Band Cook, Dove Reserve Cross Country; Varsity Track; Reserve Track; Cross Country; Reserve Wrestling Cook, Gory A. Student Council; Key Club; Globetrotters; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling Cook, Greg A Coppello; Service Worker Cook, Luello Globetrotters; Modern Dance; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Club Council; Cere- monial Indion; F.N. A., president;- Notional Thespians Cooley, Debbie Covault, Jack Boys ' Cheer Block; Reserve Track Co , Karen Suzefte GAA; Reserve Cheerleoder; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Crav ford, Christie Concert Bond; Ser ice Worker; Voriity Bond Crist, Randy Crocker, Jordan Culver, Edwin H. Cummins, Cynthia Girls ' Cheer Block Cunningham, Doy L. Service Worker Dager, Doniel T. Sophomore Class President; Student Council. president, vice president; Northerner; Key Club; Globetrotters, vice president; Boys ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Club Council Dale, Bob DEC. A., vice president; Reserve Football Dolrymple, David Daniel, Carolyn Student Council; Northerner; Legend, ossistant editor; Z Club, historian; Helicon; Globetrot- ters, vice president; MLC; Girls ' Cheer Block; Club Council Davis, Deborah Lee Service Worker Davis, Everett Davis, Henry C. Jr. Davis, Jim Davis, Theodore Student Council; Key Club, president; Heli- con; Boys ' Cheer Block; Reserve Bosketball; Colloge; Club Council; Intramurals Deming, David Dick, Anne Janay Northerner; Legend; Z Club; Helicon, presi- dent, vice president; Phy-Chem. secretary. treasurer; Chanticleers; JCL; Girls ' Cheer Block; Notional Honor Society ' ; Lab Assistant Diehm, Anna Maria Louise Modern Dance; Girls ' Cheer Block; Doffi Dabblers; Girls ' Intromurals Dietz, Dale Allen Legend ogent; A Coppello; Boys ' Cheer Block; Reserve Tennis; Swim Team Credits 1 1 7 Dillman, Robert Speech, vice president; Service Worker Disler, Tim D. Doty, Sue Student Council; Y Teens; G A; Girls ' Cheer Block; Business Club Dovey, Sharon D.E.C.A. Dreibelbiss, Diane Druhot, Glenn A. PhyChem; Key Club; Daffl Doblers, vice-presi- dent; Northerner agent; Wrestling; Concert Orchestra, president; Concert Band; Tri-M; Pep Bond; Wind Ensemble Duncan, Marty Sophomore Closs Social Chairman; North- erner; Z Club; A Coppello; Tri-M; FTA; Col- lege Egly, DeWayne Student Council; Key Club; Reserve Cross Country; Reserve Track; D.E.C.A., president Eifnd, Joe Ellis, Mike Emrich, Dave Erwin, Rosalie Northerner; Service Worker Evans, Ronald L. Fabian, Erin Coleen Chanticleers; Service Worker Falls, Carlo J. Legend, editor-in-chief, assistant Senior edi- tor; JCL; FTA; Y Teens; Girls ' Cheer Block; Ma|Orette Faust, Debbie A Coppello; Tri-M; Y Teens; Gins ' Cheer Block; Business Club; Majorette Federspiel, Mary Ellen Feller, Janice Helicon; Phy-Chem; Doffi Dabblers, presi- dent; Service Worker; Club Council Fiedler, Linda Fields, Mark Alan Key Club; Phy-Chem; Boys ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Wrestling Fields, Sandra L. Chanticleers; Y Teens; GAA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Sophomore Choir Fisher, Jan Fisher, Jim Fisher, Sheila Chonticleers; JCL Fitzgerald, George C. D.E.C.A.. treasurer; Intramurols Fiinn, Gerry Follis, Mike Ford, Debra Fowler, Terry Froncies, Connie Sue Y Teens; Business Club Fronzman, Steven R. Student Council; Key Club; Audio Visual; Boys ' Cheer Block; Reserve Tennis; Varsity Wrestling; Service Worker Frozier, Judy Concert Bond, MLC Frederick, Randy Northerner; Collage Freimuth, Becky Student Council; Z Club; Helicon; Colloge; Social Council Fretz, David A. Northerner, Legend photographer; 1500 Club; Phy-Chem; Concert Bond, publicity manoger; Collage photographer Frye, Laurie Furniss, Bob Varsity Footboll; Varsity Track Furniss, Carol Ann Concert Band; GAA; Service Worker Furniss, Stan Intramurols Gage, Dave Gardner, Cheri A. Northerner; Legend, undercloss editor, agent. Chanticleers; Daffi Dobblers, vice-president Garner, Jayne Gehring, Debby Student Council; Z Club; Globetrotters, pub- licity chairman; Concert Bond; JCL; MLC; Pom Pom Girl; Girls ' Cheer Block; Notional Honor Society; Wind Ensemble Gerding, Elone Student Council; Z Club; Globetrotters; Chan- ticleers; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Cheer Block; Leadership Seminor, co-chairman Gernhardt, Diane Chanticleers; Mojorette Gilbert, Jerry A- Gillespie, Tim Gonser, Jo Chanticleers; Concert Band Good, Anne Concert Bond; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M NFL; Speech; Girls ' Cheer Block; Debote Goodwin, Joyne M. Service Worker Groney, Chuck Greshom, Sarah Eliene Greuloch, Gory Varsity Track; Intramurols GriFPis, Cheryl Student Council; Ripplettes; Chanticleers; Concert Bond; Girls ' Cheer Block Grooms, Don Grosenbocher, Deborah Sue Student Council; Chonticleers; JCL; Y Teens; Girl ' s Cheer Block; Service Worker Guevara, Patricio Gumbert, Joy Ann Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Gump, Zondro Helicon; Globetrotters; A Coppello; Y Teens; Girls ' Cheer Block; Varsity Choir Hogopian, Alan Hogue, Barbro Jane A Coppello; Troubodors; Tri-M; Girls ' Cheer Block Hakes, Thomas Key Club; Concert Bond; Jr. Red Cross; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Football; Reserve Cross Country; Varsity Track; Transferred Holbert, Joan E. Z Club; Helicon, sociol chairman; Globe- trotters; MLC; FTA, secretary, historian; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Notional Honor Society; Seminar 118 Credits Hale, Gene Burchel Jr. Sophomore Class Vice-President; Key Club; Concert Bond, president; Tri-M; Varsity Golf; Collage; Pep Bond; Varsity Wrestling; Wind Ensemble; Dance Band Hall, Cathy Service Worker Hall, Linda Sue Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Cheer Block Holquist, Pauline Service Worker Halter, Kay GAA; Service Worker; Business Club; D.E.C.A. Hammond, Carol S. Concert Bond; Varsity Choir Hanauer, Michael Northerner Hanlin, Sue Hanson, Michael Dean Audio Visual; D.E.C.A.; Stage Croft; Dra- matics; Vorsity Choir Hardesty, Gil Harmon, Glenn Student Council; NFL; Speech; Boy ' s Cheer Block; Club Council Harper, J. K. Senior Class Vice-President; Key Club; A Cop- pello, president, vice-president; Swim Team; Service Worker Harris, Dennis Service Worker Harrold, Vonda Business Club Harter, Sherry Layne Senior Class Secretory-Treasurer; Junior Class, Vice-President; Northerner, agent; Legencl agent; Helicon; A Coppello; Varsity Cheer- leader; Reserve Cheerleader; Girls Cheer Block; Service Worker Harter, Tom Patrick Hartman, Melissa Ann Student Council; Chonticleers; JCL; Girls ' Cheer Block; Varsity Choir Hassig, Ruth Chanticleers; DofTi Dabblers; Girls ' Cheer Block; Business Club; Choir Hastings, Robert Merrill Key Club; Globetrotters; MLC; Boys ' Cheer Block Hasty, Stephonia A. Chanticleers; Service Worker; Girls ' Ensemble Havens, Nancy J. Helicon; Chanticleers Haver, Terry L. Varsity Wrestling Headford, Diane J. Z Club, historion; Helicon; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; JCL; Girls ' Cheer Block; Collage; Service Worker Hein, Andrew Northerner; Key Club; Phy-Chem; Concert Bond; Tri-M; JCL; MLC; Boys ' Cheer Block Henderson, Susie Z Club; Chanticleers; Girls ' Cheer Block Hendricks, Mark Hendrickson, Christina Northerner; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Business Club Hendrickson, Christine Hendrickson, Julie A. Chanticleers; Y Teens; Girls ' Cheer Block Herendeen, Barbara Hershberger, Fawn Service Worker Heuer, Jaymon S. Heyn, Deborah Y Teens; Service Worker; Business Club Hileman, Rhonda Concert Bond; JCL Hixon, Robert Key Club; Boys ' Cheer Block; Reserve Track; Collage; Seminar Hoagland, Beverly Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Business Club Hoevel, Roger Alan Boys ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Intro- murols; Reserve Football Hoffer, Dave A Coppello; Troubadors; Concert Band Holliday, Ed Holliday, Sherry Student Council; Y Teens; DaW, Dabblers Holmes, Kathy J. Holse, Ann Concert Orchestra Holycross, Dennis Service Worker Houser, Gordon A Coppello; Boys ' Cheer Block Houfs, Don Student Council, chqirmon, jergeoni ol ormi; Key Club, president, secretory; Globetrotteri; Phy-Chem; Ripple; Boys ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Huber, Jock Concert Bond Huffman, Alice Hugenell, Linda Helen MLC; Y Teens; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Notionol Honor Society Hutson, Beth Business Club Hutton, Steve Hyder, Ed Jacobs, Janet Jacobs, Joann Business Club Jackson, Mary Ellen Jasper, Don D.E.C.A.; Intramurals Jennings, Nancee A. JCL; FTA; DofT Dobblers Jernstrom, Jean JCL; Y Teens; GAA; Varsity Cheerleader Jesse, Bob F. Jr. Student Council; Key Club; Phy-Chem; Con- cert Orchestra; MLC; Boys ' Cheer Block; Var- sity Football; Reserve Track; Varsity Wrestling Johnson, Kathleen Girls ' Cheer Block Jordan, Elaine Chonticleers Jordan, Virginia Legend; Helicon; NFL; Modern Dance; Speech, president, treasurer; Service Worker; Club Council; Highlighters Kosson, Teri K. Speech Keever, Steve Varsity Foofboll Keith, Sue FTA; Y Teens; Girls ' Cheer Block Credits 119 Kelder, Marilyn Sue Concert Bond; JCL; GAA; Varsity Band; Twirling Keller, Mike A Coppello; Vorsity Football; Varsity Bosket- ball; Reserve Basketboll; Varsity Trock; Re- serve Track; Intromurols Kelley, Cassie Jean Student Council; Y Teens; GAA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Tv irler Kemp, Patrick W. Northerner; Reserve Football Kennedy, Diana Kern, Stephanie MLC; Heod Moiorette Kern, Stephoni MLC; Head Mojorette Kesterke, M. Kiefer, Ava L. Chanticleers, vice-president; Concert Orches- tra; JCL; Doffi Dabblers; Girls ' Cheer Block Kiel, Jean Ellen Northerner, business mgr.; Legend, academic editor; 2 Club; MLC; FTA; Y Teens; Girls ' Cheer Block; Colloge; Service Worker; Club Council Kimmerly, Fred Intramurols King, Frederick Leonard Reserve Cross Country; Drafting Asst. King, Ron Reserve Cross Country; Varsity Track Kinney, Sondi Concert Bond Kinsey, Dennis Kirkpatrick, Bruce Dewayne Knepper, Debby Knepper, Donna K. Girls ' Cheer Block - Knepper, Paulo Doffi Dabblers; Girls ' Cheer Block Knott, Dietmor MLC Knuth, Margaret Louise Northerner, agent; Business Club Koenig, Dionna Lee Service Worker Kramer, Susan K. Northerner; Legend Kring, Vicki Northerner, agent; Globetrotters; MLC; Y Feens; Majorettes Kronmiller, Carol Service Worker Kruse, Sue Y Teens, Girls ' Cheer Block Kubiniec, Jan Student Council; Helicon; A Cappello; Trou- badors; Tri-M Kuckein, Lynne Sue Student Council; Helicon; Ripplettes, presi- dent, secretary, treasurer; A Coppello; Con- cert Band; MLC; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Club Council; Marching Bond Kurudo, Tom Concert Bond, Concert Orchestra Lamb, Brenda Lanley, Cindy Student Council; Northerner; 1500 Club; JCL; FTA; Collage; Service Worker; Club Council Lash, Steven A. Legend; Vorsity Golf; Reserve Golf; Service Worker; Intromurols Latham, Deborah C. Chanticleers; FTA; Service Worker Lauer, Michael Robert Student Council; Northerner; Key Club; Var- sity Footboll; Reserve Golf Lowson, Millie Legend; Girls ' Cheer Block Lawson, Rosetta Leason, Charlene Lees, Linda Student Council; Northerner; A Coppello; Tri-M; Pom Pom Girl; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Lehrman, Mary Concert Bond; Speech; Jr. Red Cross Leisf, Gloria Jean Concert Bond; JCL; Business Club; Varsity Bond Lemmel, Jim Key Club; Varsity Footboll; Reserve Cross Country; Reserve Track; D.E.C.A. Lickert, Chris Northerner agent; JCL; Girls ' Cheer Block; National Thespians Liggett, Cherie Student Council; Ripplettes; JCL; FTA; Speech; Girls ' Cheer Block Linder, Mark Linnemeier, Steve A Cappello Lloyd, Mickey Girls ' Cheer Block Lockwood, Dan Key Club; Phy-Chem; A Coppello; JCL; MLC; FTA, president; Boys ' Cheer Block Loechner, Steve Wrestling Logan, Larry Loisel, Sue Student Council; Northerner; Z Club; Globe- trotters, social chairman; Ripplettes; Girls ' Cheer Block Long, Ken Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; NFL; Cross Coun- try; Varsity Track Longardner, Ruth E. Student Council; Z Club; Globetrotters; Chanticleers; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Luecke, Chuck Mohlan, Kirk Allen Concert Band, vice president; Wind Ensemble; Pep Band; Dance Bond; Wrestling; March- ing Bond Martin, Don Martinez, Victor Mason, Bob Masters, Terry L. Maus, Aivin C. Boys ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Maxwell, Bob Maxwell, Debbie Student Council; Girls ' Cheer Block McAtee, Susan Kay Northerner; A Cappello; Reserve Cheerleader; Girls ' Cheer Block McCarty, Maureen Y Teens McClue, Michael Key Club, sergeont at orms; JCL; Boys ' Cheer Block; Intromurols 120 Credits McCurdy, Joyce D. Doffi Dabblers; Girls ' Cheer Block; Business Club McDermaft, Jeanne Chanticleers; Y Teens; Daffi Dabblers; Girls ' Cheer Block McGann, Bill McGuire, James E. Reserve Football; Intramurals McKathnie, Linda Student Council, secretary; Z Club, president; Helicon, porlimentorion; Girls ' Cheer Block McKathnie, Lois Sophomore Closs Secretary-Treosurer; Student Council; Z Club, president; Helicon; Globe- trotters; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker McKee, Richard Concert Orchestro; JCL McKeever, Tamara Lynn Northerner agent; Legend agent; Y Teens; DofFi Dabblers; GAA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker McKenzie, Stephanie Helicon; JCL; Girls ' Cheer Block McMahan, Michael Varsity Cross Country; Varsity Track; Reserve McMaken, Karen L. Helicon; Phy-Chem; A Coppella; Troubadors; Tri-M; JCL; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; FNA McMinn, Michael Dean Reserve Cross Country Medsker, Arlene Z Club; Globetrotters; Chanticleers; Girls ' Cheer Block; Business Club; Maiorette Mendenhall, Ron Ceremonial Chief Mensch, James Richard Jr. Phy-Chem; MLC; Audio Visual; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Football Meredith, Linda Jean Student Council; Helicon; Chanticleers; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Girls ' Ensemble; Varsity Choir Milledge, Cynthia Northerner Milledge, Robert Lee Miller, Margie Miller, Mike Varsity Trock Miller, Peggy Northerner; Legend; 2 Club; Globetrotters; Concert Band; JCL; Service Worker Miller, Roger Audio Visual; Track manager Millikan, Ken Concert Bond; FTA, parliamentarian; Boys ' Cheer Block Mills, Debi Mills, Tomra Lee Globetrotters; MLC; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Club Council; Business Club, secretary Minyard, Alan Concert Band; Pep Band; Dance Bond Mironenko, John Moellering, Beverly J. Student Council; Globetrotters; Reserve Cheerleader; Girls ' Cheer Block Moore, Tom FTA; Doffi Dabblers Moser, Jon E. Student Council; Northerner; Key Club, trea- surer; Boys ' Cheer Block; Reserve Footboll; Notional Thespian Society Mowan, Gloria Mowan, Sharon R. Student Council; Northerner agent; Z Club, treasurer; Service Worker Mowery, Beverly JCL; Maiorette Moylan, Maureen Z Club; Globetrotters; Girls ' Cheer Block Muhler, Carol Concert Bond; Business Club Myers, Dale Phy-Chem; FTA; Service Worker Nelson, Jenny Student Council, secretory; Z Club, president, secretory; Helicon; Globetrotters, secretary; Ripplettes; MLC; Speech, vice-president; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Club Council Nevogt, Ruth Diane Student Council; Helicon; A Coppella; Con- cert Band, treasurer; Tri-M, treasurer; MLC; FTA; Service Worker Nord, Cindy Helicon; A Coppella; Concert Orchestro; Tri-M; JCL; FTA Nordyke, Dano A Coppella; Troubodors; Concert OccKeitro; Tri-M; JCL; FTA; Girlj ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Novitski, Karen Chanticleers; JCL; Y Teens; DofTi Dabblers Olofson, Janet Student Council; Z Club, vice president, sergeont at arms; Helicon; Globetrotters; JCL, social chairmon; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Club Council Osborn, Lynn Osborn, Rick Doffi Dabblers; Speech Osborne, Dole F. Student Council; Key Club; Globetrotters; A Coppella; Troubadors; Tri-M; JCL Osborne, Ernest Palm, Judy JCL; Girls ' Cheer Block Pope, Kirk Parker, David Earl FTA; Reserve Football Patrick, Gail Globetrotters; Concert Bond; National Honor Society Patrick, Patsy Patten, Sue Chonticle Dry; JCL Pease, Angela Diane Globetrotters; Business Club; Notionol Thes- pian Club Peirce, Tom Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; A Cappello; JCL; Collage; Reserve Football Pelkey, Glenn Peters, Jane Susan Student Council; Northerner; Legend, under- class editor; JCL; Collage; Business Club Peterson, Susan Service Worker Petgen, Shirrell Lynn Student Council; Legend agent; Z Club; GA.A: Reserve Cheerleoder; Girls ' Cheer Block; Na- tional Thespians Phillips, Beverly Ann Student Council; Chanticleers; JCL; GAA Credits 121 Phipps, Kerry Reserve Cross Country,- Varsity Cross Country Reserve Track; Intromurols Picking, Tom Student Council; Vorsity Football; Reserve Basketboll; Reserve Track Pinter, Ron C. Z Club; Troubadors; Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; JCL Pitts, Lynn Student Council; Northerner; Z Club; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Poinsett, Cynthia L. A Coppello; Troubadors; Tri-M; Collage; Ser- vice Worker Poinsett, Richard W. Phy-Chem; Boys ' Cheer Block; Reserve Track Polios, Phil Potts, John Powers, Jim Student Council; Phy-Chem; Varsity Foot- ball; intromurals Puff, Rita M. Northerner; Legend; GAA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Color Guard; Bowling Quinn, James A. A Cappello; Service Worker; D.E.C.A. Rapp, Kathy Raschke, Kay L. Student Council; Chanticleers; MLC; FTA; Speech; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Rouscher, Brendo Kay Concert Band; Speech Reaser, Howard Rediger, Frances Service Worker Reeder, James David Student Council; Key Club; Helicon; Trou- badors; Tri-M, vice president; JCL; Varsity Footboll, Reserve Track; Club Council Regedanz, Joan M. Phy-Chem; Concert Band; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Reighter, Eric Reppert, Linda Y Teens; Girls ' Cheer Block; Business Club Reynolds, Margo Rice, Michael A. Richard, Trudy Richards, Charles Ripple, Linda Phy-Chem, president; Concert Bond; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; Donee Band; Pep Band Roberts, David Swim Team Robinson, Steve Student Council; Phy-Chem; JCL Roehm, James Alan Globetrotters; Concert Bond; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Bond Rogers, Lon Varsity Golf Romano, Anthony Ross, Rick Swim Team; Ripple; Audio Visual Roy, Pam Chanticleers; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Business Club Rundel, Monika Salud, Conchita P. Senior Closs Social Chairman; Student Council; Legend; Z Club; Globetrotters; Phy- Chem; Concert Orchestra; MLC; FTA; Reserve Cheerleader Savio, John R. Northerner; Key Club; Varsity Footboll; Var- sity Basketboll; Reserve Basketboll; Varsity Golf; Service Worker Schoefer, Marilyn K. Northerner; Helicon; Chanticleers; MLC; Y Teens; Girls ' Cheer Block Scheele, Ruth Ann Northerner; Legend agent, senior class edi- tor; News Bureau; FTA, treasurer; Girls ' Cheer Block Scherer, Julie Modern Dance Schlatter, Kenneth A. Concert Band; Dance Band; Wind Ensemble; Tri-M; Collage Schneider, Sharon Northerner; JCL; GAA; Majorette Schorey, James Service Worker Schroff, Karl Schumaker, Bill Key Club, vice-president, treasurer; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Golf; Service Worker Scott, Janice M. Student Council; Northerner; Z Club; Service Worker Show, Kenton Lee Phy-Chem; Concert Bond; Speech; Boys ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Sheets, Alvin E. Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Footboll manager; Sheets, Greg Shepler, Solly Student Council; Z Club, secretary; Service Worker; Club Council Shinn, Richard Gale Dafn Dabblers; Nationol Thespians Shive, Larry Shopp, Tim L. Phy-Chem Showalter, Donald J. Northerner; Key Club; A Coppello; Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling Simon, Joe Jr. Simpson, Sandy Sims, Linda Chanticleers; Girls ' Cheer Block; Girls ' En- Sitcler, Paulo A. Student Council Sloan, Vicki Chanticleers; Girls ' Cheer Block Smead, Pom Z Club, Treasurer; Helicon; Globetrotters; Chanticleers; MLC; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block Renner, Sherrill Anne Chonticleers; JCL; Girls ' Cheer Block Schindler, Pom Modern Dance Smith, Aleta Marie MLC; FTA; Nationol Honor Society 122 Credits Smith, Don Smith, Maria Jean Smith, Ron Smith, Sharon Transferred from Hamilton Higfi School Smoak, Steven D. Snow, Richard L. Ill Key Club; Speech Snyder, Rita K. Student Council; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Business Club, presi- dent Sower, Phil Varsity Golf Sowers, Sandy Student Council; Z Club; Chanticleers; JCL; Girls ' Cheer Block Soyars, Linda A Cappella Sprunger, Sandra J. Junior Class Secretory-Treasurer; Student Council; Northerner; Helicon; Globetrotters, treasurer; JCL; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Ser- vice Worker Stafford, Pam Student Council; Z Club; A Coppello; Con- cert Orchestra; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Stanton, Rosalinda Chanticleers; Service Worker Starnes, Nick Varsity Track; Varsity Cross Country Stedman, Janet Northerner, feoture editor, adv. manager; liOO Club; Helicon; Concert Orchestra; Tri- M, president, secretory; JCL; FTA, vice-presi- dent; Girls ' Cheer Block; Club Council; No- tional Honor Society Steinbacher, Donna J. Chanticleers; Y Teens; Girls ' Cheer Block; Business Club Stockert, Dave Stone, Don Northerner; 1500 Club Stonebreaker, Valerie . Northerner; Globetrotters; Troubadors; Con- cert Orchestra; Tri-M; MLC Stoody, Jim Helicon; Phy-Chem, vice-president; Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; JCL; MLC; Swim Team; Club Council; Dance Bond Storey, Pat Service Worker Strahm, Daniel Strahm, Louis Studebaker, Joanne Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker; Business Club; Varsity Choir Stukey, Valerie A Cappella; Troubadors; Tri-M Suter, Wanda R. Student Council; GAA; Reserve Cheerleader; Bowling Club Sutter, Dorlene GAA; Girls ' Cheer Block Swaidner, Dick Phy-Chem; Service Worker; Business Club Switzer, Frederick T. Legend; Key Club, vice-president; Concert Bond; JCL; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsity Tennis; Reserve Basketball; Service Worker Tagtmeyer, Steve Student Council; Key Club; Boys ' Che Block; Swim Teom; Collage Taylor, Cyndie Varsity Choir Raylor, Ralph S. Taylor, Robert M. Service Worker Tew, Craig Thompson, Cora M. Helicon; Phy-Chem; DafTi Dabblers Thompson, Jerry Timmis, Steve Concert Bond; Vorsity Bond Triplett, Carol Jean Student Council; News Bureau, editor; 1500 Club; Globetrotters; JCL; NFL, president, vice- president, secretary; Speech; Club Council Tryon, Bruce Edward Updyke, Sandra Service Worker Upole, Jacqueline Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Upton, Diana S. Girls ' Cheer Block Vohid, Glayol Exchange student from Iron VanHoufen, Dennis V . Northerner editor; 1500 Club; Helkon, treo- surer; Variily footboll; Rejerve Golf Waggoner, Michoel C. Varsity Footboll; Wrestling Woikel, Richard Allen Reserve Bosketboll; Reierve track; intra- murals Walker, Michael Service Worker Waltz, Noncy JCL Warwick, Bruce E. Speech; Service Worker Waters, Roxanno Service Worker Weaver, Sherry Globetrotters; Concert Bond; MLC; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block Welch, Gene Reserve Cross Country; Intromurals Welch, David Wells, Rick Varsity Bosketboll; Reserve Bosketboll Wentz, Jeffrey Student Council; Seminar, choirmon; Trans- ferred from Columbio City Joint High School and Southport High School Werling, Deb Northerner; Girls ' Cheer Block Wert, Mike Boys ' Cheer Block Wheeler, Lorry Wheeler, Patty Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; A Cappella; Con- cert Orchestro; Tri-M; JCL; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Wiley, Denny Audio Visual; Reserve Cross Country; Intro- murals Whitehurst, Dave Key Club; Boys ' Cheer Block; Varsit ' Golf Williams, Karen Student Council; Legend, foculty editor; Z Club; Globetrotters; JCL; FTA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Transferred from Toledo, Ohio Credits 123 Wilson, Gary Intramurals Winters, Dave Daffi Dabblers; Ripple; Swim Team Wissler, Steve Wolfe, Kent Alan Wood, Suonn Y Teens; Daffi Dabblers; Service Worker; Mo jorette Workman, Donny G. Concert Orchestra; Intramurals Yahn, Frances J. Student Council; Globetrotters, treasurer; Phy-Gem; JCL; MLC; Girls ' Cheer Block; Ser- vice Worker Yborra, Danny Voder, Jon Young, Solly A. Student Council; Z Club; A Cappello; JCL; FTA; GAA; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Ziegler, Harvey R. A Cappello; Concert Bond; Intramurals Zigler, Lynn A. Zirkle, Jocque L. Student Council; Northerner; Z Club, secre- tory; Varsity Cheerleader; Reserve Cheer- leader; Girls ' Cheer Block; Service Worker Zweig, Not Northerner, copy editor; Legend; Nev s Bu- reau; Globeti otters; JCL; MLC Running down the hill. Seniors Karen Williams and Mike Konkle find a moment to get away from their busy schedules of studies and social activities. 124 Seniors Gene Hale and Jenny Nelson reheorse a scene from " Best Foot Forward, " the senior play. A new system in reading the announcements was used during the last year. Suzi Brown and Dan Lockwood read the bullitin to the students each day just before school was dismissed. Sandy Sprunger, atop the ladder, is assisted by Bill Cowan, students to bring food and clothes for the Christmos Bureau. Janet Olofson, and Steve Aiken in securing this sign to remind to sfl ■ ifiiW l. 4 Our second year found us electing The Juniors, proving themselves victorious, won the first " spirit trophy " ever to be presented. In the girls ' " Powder Puff " game, the Juniors outscored the Seniors by 6 to 0. Bulletin boards overflowing with campaign posters typified the class elections which gained the leadership of Bob Bossard, president; Tom McCue, vice- president; Joy Swogger, secretary-treasurer; and Jamie Wise, social chairman. Along with class sponsors, these leaders planned their social events and helped the Junior class achieve their goals in looking forward to their Senior year. A broken foot during practice doesn ' t prevent junior Bill Wehrenburg from keeping up with the teonn. Junior class officers are Bob Bossard, president; Tom McCue, vice-president; Joy Swogger, secretary-treasurer; Jamie Wise, social chairman. Pam Grmes and Mike Spencer take part in voting as Doug Friend and Linda Williams explain how to use the voting machine. 126 Juniors S I PW Leonord Acif.trmonn, Mort Ahlersmeyer, Vickie Alfe- ogt, Bonnie Angel, Gory Ainslie, John Albright, Undo Allen, Neil Anderton, Dove Ankenbruek PoHy Antonides, AAory Arm- •-Irong, Bill AUrinwn, Sue Augsburger, Riclrr Bobcodc, Robert Bolcer, Tom Baker, Keith Bolliet, Doug Barcloy. S :ott Borkley, John Boynej, Vicki Bornej, Ken Bornett, Dave Borrond, Skip Borth- old. Rick Bottell, Nancy Boer, Dovid Bouerle. Class orncers ffi and writing long term papers Sheryl Beord, Naonetfe Beck, Tim Beck, Mitch Bed- ree, Terry Bedsworth, Gory Belcher, ICaren Belschner, Lorry Bennett, Rogetto Berry. Rick Beyhon, Bruce Brckham, Homer Sickle, Lynnell Bienz, Sherri Bischoff. Tom Blokley, Bill Bbsser, Claude Bobilya. Pom Bock. Annette Bocik, Robert Bo- dine, James Bodkin, Rick Bogard, Bree Borders, Bob Bossard, Jim Bower, Dionna Bowers, Deb Bowman. Cheryl Bracht. Kay Broden, Melody Brickley, Jay Bridge- water, Brenda Brothers. Bill Brown, Pom Brown, Steve Brown, Steve Brown. Audrey Bright, John Buckley, Jeff Budd. Michael Bufink, Pom Bufkin, Sue Buhr. Terry Bumgardner, Linda Burtzner, Karen Busche. Shoron Busche. Morsha Busse, Kirk Butler, Linda Butz, Roer Byers, Vickie Cody, Debbie Canfield, Bill Cope, Mike Gary. Steve CoshdoMor, Jim Cos- sell. Brue Choka, Pom Clary, Ann Cochren, Diono Cohee. Roger Cole, Tom Cole. Jennifer Combs, Jim Com- ment, Tomi Conn, Harold Cook, Sue Cook, Marsha Cooley, Roger Correo, Jim Craig, Kothy Crawford. Juniors 127 In our lunior year we learne d th imiFii p Pfij f i i P j ' V4i Caryn Crosby, Karen Crowe, Janice Crozier, Linda Curie, Larry Dogue, Cindy Dovis, De bbi Davis, Donold Davis, Phyllis Dovis. Pot Deody, Phillip Dehobey, Debbie Dennis, Duone De- Voux, Sue Didion, Dove Dis- ler, Alan Dixon, Corter Dodge, Linda Dornick. Jim Downey, Mary Drake, Karen Drew, Debbie Dun- bar, Jon Duncon, Bruce Earnest, Carlo Eder, Debbie Edwords, Mike Egts. Karl Eichel, Kathi Elkins, Leonard Ellenwood, Ruby Ellis, Joyce Espich, Gale Fransler, Richard Foriow, ' Cindy Ferroro, Debbie Fiont. Joe Fike, Rondy Fish, Kevin Flonogon, Tom Fleck, Sally Flint, Stanly Flood, Linda Foltz, James Foote, Many Ford. Richord Fordnom, Sheri For- ney, Barb Foster, Deb Foulks, Marsha Fox, Dove Fralick, Sue Froncis, Mark Frankort, Jonie Franken. Amy mion, Douglas ;nd. Randy Fry, Pom Ige, Kothy Fuhrmon, Rick niss, Joyce Gaby, Paul Gaf», Russell Gollowoy. Mike Goter, Susan Gen- naitte, Daniel Gerdom, Doug GifFen, Dennis Gilson, John Gleason, Denis Glenn, Becky Clock, Robert Goff. Mike Goodwin, Mike Gos- sett, Kim Gray, Betty Green, Verna Green, Tim Greeno, Judy Grider, Denny Grosen- bocher, Jon Gruber. Jeff Gruber, Kenneth Gum- bert, Valeria Hogeboeck, Brad Hagemon, Martha Mains, Douglas Hall, James Hall, Tom Halquist, John Hanouer. Shoron Hannie, Daryl Han- sen, Dove Hosen, Charles Horless, Marsha Horsch, Gorry Harshborger, Debbie Hartmon, Randy Hartmon, Eugene Hortzell. 1 28 Juniors mportance of new friends, study habits Dorothy Hastings, Jonquil Ho erstoct, Bethany Hoye», Do id Hoyes, Jeonnie Hoynes, Pat Heosrklt, Jonet Heck, Shoron Heemsoth, Ann Hegblig. Mike Heim, Betsy Hein, Kim Helmke, Sandy Hetrick, Doug Hill, Bill Mingo, Michael Hinkle, William Hiser, Cheryl Hite. Morgie Hobbs, Roger Hobbs, Williom Hogeslyn, Mory Holmon, Mark Holmes, Linda Hopper, Joe Horacek, Joyce Horner, Tom Houck, Kothy Houser. Steve Howen- stine, James Huber, Bill Hughes, Keith Hughes, John Huntington, Tom Hyder, Linda Irving, Chuck Itt. Ken Jackson, Chories Jacobs, Steve Jontz, Ron Jasper, Joe Jernigon, Joyce Jernigon, Stephen Johnson, Debbie Jones, Denise Jones. Robert Jones, Jim Jordan, Linda Jubinville, Sandy Kommerer, Carol Kottos, Kerry Kennell, Jock Kerley, Fronk Kidd, Colleen Kilty. Ring the victory bell for the Juniors! In the Junior and Senior girls ' " Powder PufF " football game, the Juniors beat the Seniors with 6 to victory. Lewis Kitzmiller, Sharle Klemke, Annette Knepper. Jonnette Knepper, Lynda Knepper, Gory Koontz. Paula Kroft, Su Dave Kruel. Dove Kruse, Arthur Kuehnert, Cheryl LoFever. Bill Lake, Paul Lambert, John Lam ley, Patricio Lan- caster, Dorothy Landsaw, Henry Lontz, Mary Lesley, Marcia Lazoff, Barbara Lazoff. Donald Lazoff, Fred Leach, Ronald Lee, Dana Leininger, Dallas Lemmen, Jeannette Lemmon, Joyce Lerch, Mel- ody Lesh, Jim Lester. Gregg Lewis, Marl Lynn Lewis, Kent Linder, Nancy Linn, Justus Littjejohn, Mike Lockhort, Dave Long, Tom Longsworth, Barbara Letter. Thanksgiving, Christmas vacations marked Rfiip f " B Pam Ormes and Linda Uhrick find references for a term paper 130 Juniors Jeff Loveless, Robert Luke, Jim Luyben, Christine Mol- ich, Mike Manes, Cathy Mann, Steve Mann, Paul Morkey, Gory Most. Cindy Matter, Don Moyfield, Dan Maurer, Nanette Mc- Cord, Tom McCue, Marion McCorty, Susy McDermott, Donny McGill, Neil Mc- Knight. William McMaha Bonnie McNeal Mike McNeal. Greg McNeal Sandy McPherson Chorlene Meadows. Eddie Lou Meisner Barb Melvin Moriene Meradith. Mark Meyer Mike Meyer Steve Meyer. Mark Middleton Judy Miller " pp the holidays for the first semester HpNR Lonnie hMHtr, Lorry Miller, P jtricio Miller, Pom Millt, Cindy Mink, Linda Mitchell, Ed hMdfhan, Cheryl Mon- nier, Ronald Monteilh. Dick Moore, Gory Moore, Donna Morion, Linda Moore, Katie Morris, Donna Morri- jon, Millie Moier, Steve Mosshommer, Carolyn Mey- Steve Meyers, Paul Noilor, Lorry Nelson, Peggy Nelson, Marsha Newkirk, Dole New- mon, Jeone Newmonn, Judy Nomina, Diane Nordyke. Brian Norris, David Norris, Theresa CBrien, Sandy Olinske, Betsey Olofson, Ram Ormes, Cheryl Ormis- ton, Mike Osborne, Linda On. Gory Pace, Russ Palmer, Jim Papagionnis, Chris Pope, Doug Parker, Gary Parkerson, Jim Partridge, Barbara Patten, Roseann Payton. Joy Gai Kar Pickett Pieper Peirce, Steve Pepple, Peppier, Anita Petty, 1 Pickering, Lonna ry Pierr, Becky Pierce. Kathy Place, Debbie Powers, Kenny Priest, Bill Puetz, Pot Quinn, Lorry Reimund, Frank Rajcany, Anne Ramsey, Nancy Rotcliff. Lynn Reo, Charles Reeves, Phil Reifenroth, Steve Reu- ille, Debby Reynolds, Brendo Rhodes, Dove Rhodes, Steve Ricel Gerry Rich. Marcia Richards, Mork Rich- ards, Rick Rider, Connie Roach, Beotrice Roberts, Bruce Robinson, Roman Robles, Ceroid Roby, Jack Rodenbeck. Dennis Roller. Donna Roller, Vicki Roller, Michael Ro- mano, Walt Roose, Susan Ross, Arlene Rould, Russell Rugg, Stan Ruf. Joann Runyon, Ondi RuofT, Scott Russ, Joyce Ryan, Teresa Soff, Bill Solmon, Gary Sampson, Linda Sand- ers, Cecilia Saylor. Juniors 131 orwar Patti Schmid Jerry Schneider Fran Schoch. Becky Schroeder Schroff. Bob Schultz, Rick Schwab, Bill Scofield, David Scribner, Dave Seely, Rick Seeger, Leslie Sells, Bob ShofFer, Jeff Sheets. Pat Sheets, Don Sherman, George Shimel, Robert Shi- mel, Suzy Shoup, Don Shu- maker, Alan Shupe, Laurie Carol Sicklesteel. Lindo Sieling, Mike Sievers, Debbie Simcoe, Alan Simer- man, Vernon Sizemore, Sue Skekloff, Jane Skevington, Tom Skinker, Debbie Slack. John Smith, Richard Sloan, Susan Smead, Claudia Smith, Robin Smith, Sue Smith, Terri Smith, Toni Smith, Velinda Smith. I Snider, Sherry Sny- der, Judy Sower, Beverly Sparks, Mike Spencer, David Spillers, Koy Sprunger, Al Staszok, Becky Stefoff. n, Lynn Stemen, Dennis Stoiche, John Stone- street, Jackie Stoy, Tim Strong, Vernon Sutter, Randy Stuckey, Debby Subsdo. Greg Swaim, Joy Swogger, Ray Sylvester, James Tay- lor, Karen Tagtmeyer, Jean Tennant, Steven Tew, Rich- ard Thiel, Steve Thieme. Don Thompson, John Thomp- son, Chris Thornhill, James Till, Ken Till, Gerald Tonok, Dave Trim, Judy Tripoli, Nick Tsikouris. 1 32 Juniors to the biggest event of the year: Prom Joel Tye, Undo Uhrick, Jon« Urschel, Ralph Vining, Mor- goret Vogel, Debby WoecK- ter, Stephanie Woechter, Alvo Woggoner, Doris Wog- ner. Mike Wagner, Jo Waikel, Doug Wolker, JoAnne Wolker, Judy Wolker, (Carl Wall, Bob Wolloce, Chorlej Woltemoth, Judy Walter. Cindy Wornick, Mory War- ren, Deborah Warren, Evelyn Wosjon, Martho Wotkins, Mary Wotkini, Steve Weaver, Bill Wehren- berg, Don Wehrenberg. Linda Weikel, Linda Wein- ley, Morlo Weimer, Doug Weiimon, Linda Wells. Mary Wert, Susan Wetzel. Wil- liam Wetzel, Don White. Dave White, Marsha White- leother. Rick Widmonn, Carol Wilhelm. Charles Wil- iioms, Janet Williams, Kevin Williams, Betsy Wilson, Pamela Wilson. Paul Wilson Bev Winget Lois Winquist Mark Winters Jamie Wise Ron Wissler George Witt ver Debby Wojciec Ellen Walter Janis Wood Joe Wood Barb Woody Lora Wooten Sandy Wordei Judy Wright Barbara Wylie Richard Yoder David York Having inserted his dime, Mitch Bedree finds that just pulling the knob doesn ' t always result in a candy bar. Junior 133 WW Anne Ziege, Susan Zich, Dennis Zimmerman, Kay Zimmerman, Roland ZIon, Maria Zollars, Mike Zum- brun. Ginger Aichele, Neil Anderson. Bob Beaver, Kim Blain, Clyde Bowlin, Ginny Car- penter, Marge Cunningham, Cathy Cheasey, Fred Craft, Ben Crist, Ed Debolt, Georgia Duly, Duane Eby, Karl Eichel, Pat Graham, John Grosjeon, Linda Hayes, Bill Hobbs, Mark Holmes, Lorry Kesterke. We assumed new honors in June Marde Lee, Dove Long, Terry Macy, Victor Martinez, Diana Masterson, Phyllis McCarty, Scoti McClure, Ron Miller, Kerry Nimon, Rae Rudolph, William Sol- mon, Clifford Smith, John Smith, Michael Tossler, Shir- ley Wakeman, Linda Wester- hausen, Diane Whisler Pam- ela Wilson. Jerry Windsor Linda Wittwer 1 34 Juniors Sophs start the year with high goals Excited by the thrill of winning a bQsl etball game, a few ener- getic Redskin Sophomores, Jenny Motz, Pat Faivy, Nancy Gaunt, Will Kline, Judy Lotter, Mark Helmke, Saro Kolin, Sue Stone, and Randy Harter, attend the after game dance at North. Sophomores who entered the Dome for the first time looked somewhat lost. After their first week they began finding their way around the unfamiliar building. Soon the new underclassmen began to participate in school activities and school spirit. Through class participation, pep sessions, and other functions of school life at North, sophs furthered the idea of true ' Skin citizenship. When sophs weren ' t busy with homework, they relaxed by attending North ' s affairs: concerts, dances, and plays. Striving for higher goals and standards, the class began with such activities as electing their class officers, par- ticipating in Student Council, and combining their ef- forts to defeat the Juniors for the spirit trophy. As the sophomore year progressed, they became better acquainted with each other and united to make o suc- cessful class. On May 18 they concluded their fine year at North with the Sophomore Class Party. Sophomores take their hearing tests, determining possible ear problems. Confused sophs, S. Johnston, R. Johnstone, debate on going up. Mike Abele, Kevin Achen- back, Greg Adams, Ken Ahlersmeyer, Janice Albert, Richard Alford, Debbie Am- burn, Jerry Anderson, Susan Anderson. Karen Andrews, Karia An- drews, John Ankenbruck, Tom Anker, Ron Annis, Jack Archer, Debra Arms, Ron Arnetf, Gary Arnold. Just starting our road to success, we get 2 k ' •_% ? Lynne Ashe, Penny Ashley, Ken Atteberry, Theresa Ax- son, Linda Baals, Herald Bloettner, Rick Boir, James Baldwin, Jack Barbour. Gordon Boney, Debbie Barnes, Euene Bauer, Tom Baughman, Carol Baum- gardner, Dave Baur, Lonnie Bortlett, Dove Beard, Di- anne Beber. Janet Beckman, Harold Beineke, Jim Benecke, Gary D. Bennett, Troy Bennett, Roberta Benton, Gary Berndt. Pamela Berry, Joy Bevington. Sue Rosa Bian, Karl Bieden- weg, Denny Biesioda, Kay Bilger, Bonnie J. Bimer, Mike Birge, Greta Blackburn, Beth Blair, Pom Blaising. Marianne Blue, Gary BIy, Lewis Bobilyo, Terry Bock, Carl Bodinko, Linda Boiler, Debi Bolyord, Susan Bonifas, Jim Bossermon. Debby Bowlin, Bonnie Bow- man, Dan Bowman, Janeen Bowman, Sally Boyles, John Bradley, Roberta Brady, Brendo Brand, Jon Brag- Patty Bright, Bill Brown, Doug Brown, Larry Brown, Norm Brown, Randy Brown, Rick Brown, Tom Brown, James Brunson. Rosanne Buecker, Tom Sues king, Kathy Bumgordnei Larry Budd, Richard Burd, Jackie Burkholter, Jim Burk halter, Brenda Burkhold Carl Busion. Rod Butler, Wayne Butler, Linda Campbell, Sharon Carpenter, Jo Carpenter, Ronnie Carter, Vicky Gates, David Cecil, Mary Beth Chandler. 1 36 Sophomores Borbl Chapman, John Chap- man, Robert Chappu ' a, Tread Chrijtoffel, Gary Clark, Jockie Clork, Bichord Clem, Mike Clifton, Gory Coffmon, tCoren Collor, Dole Collins, Eddie Collini, Oebi Collin- ton, Joe Comment, John Comer, Eric Converse, Bloine Cook, Doug Ccok. prepared for the grind of school work Peggy Cope. Cindo Covey, Gory Covey, Lindo Covey, Williom Cowan, Alice Cox, Cathy Cox, Shannon Croff, Devon Crawford. Rebecca Crist, Cathy Cris- well. Clayton Crum, Cynthio Culbertson, Carol Cummins, Gory Dancer. Dave Doniel, Mike Dovis. Honsel Deason. Lorry Deeds . Tim Deming, Beverly Deppen, Dove De- wart, Terry Dewitt, Darilyn Dickleman, Diane Didion, Poulo Dtffendarfer, Gory Dinger. During the " Powder Puff " game, the Junior and Senior girls take time out, and Sophomores kick ofF with some enthusiastic half-time entertainment. Randy Doty Arlene Doughty Larry Dowden Terry Drake John Drew Maria Dukin Kevin Dunbar Lisa Dunkleberge Keith Dunlap Tom Durbin Jerry Edwards Kirby Ehler Lorraine Eichrt Doug Eifrid Karen Elett k. k ' hL::-] fj pp Debbie Elkins, Keith Ellis, Laurie Ely, Pat Folvey, Jeff Faulkenberg, Debbie Feore, Sandy Fick, Joon Figel, Phil Firestine. Billie Fisher, Ed Fisher, Ste- phen Fisher, Anita Flinn, Jess Ford, Bill Fox, Darlene Fox, Horry Franke. Francies, Rick Nancy Frontz, Joe Fren Carlo Gollowoy, Eric man, Mike Garr, G Garvin, Carol Go Nancy Guont, Dave dom. We participated in the election of class I ' P ' I ' l! ' ' Cindy Gernhordt, Debby Gething, Linda Getts, Nancy Geyer, Mike Gieseking, Jeff Gilbert, Jim Given, Dave Glass, Linda Good. Rick Gonzolles Becky Gor- don, Steve Goshert, Michael Gottrell, Barbara Gray, John Gray, Jerry I Barbara Grepke. Dove Greulach, Julie Griem, Fred Griffith, Lindo Gronau, Ronald Grosjeon, Don Gross, Phil Gross, John Gruse, Bill Guevara. Art Guevara, Yvonne Guti- errez, Rickey Gutermuth, Craig Guy, Bruce Hogen, Robert Hammond, Toni Hampshire, Connie Tanauer, Sue Honzel. Dennis Horkenrider, Michael Harness, Vicky Harp, Valerie Harper, Becky Harris, Mike Harris, Jim Harrison, Randy Harter, Shormon Harter. Karen Hortman, Becky Hart- zog, Cheri Hatch, Dave Hatch, Marcy Hatch, Claire Hoyner, Gory Hoynes, Linda Headford, Jenny Heck. Dione Hedge, Mark Heffner, Steve Heiniger, Mark Helmke, John Hendrickson, Bob Hensley, Susan Hever, Karen Hiatt, Dove Hiffer- Mox High, Barry Hill, Alan Hines, Charles Hinshow, Cheryl Hoblet, Sue Hollop- eter, Jim Hopper, Kothy House, Ron Houser. 1 38 Sophomores Condy Hoy, Phil Hugh«, Rand Hughci, Gor Hug- uenard, John Honley, Karol Hunt, Mofk Hunter, ion Hurley, Bob Hution, Steve Inscoe, Jone Irwin, Dennis Joclcion, Linda Jock- son, Do ' id Jocobson, Mike Jocoby, Jonice Jocqooy, Bor- boro Jomej, Brute Jomej. Jean G. Jefftriei, Michael Jefferies, Kothy Jelliion, Dione Jennings, Sondy Jeste, Ginny Jett, Noncy Johnioz, Luonne Johnson, Sherion Johnson, and Student Council officers to lead us Sue Johnson, Ruth Johr - stone. Bill Junk. Candy Kamphues, Jerry Korn, Marsho Keesler, Bruce Keev- er, Connie Keller, Linda Keller. Sean Kelly, Chris Kemerly, Terry Kemerly, Karen Ken- nell. Rich Kent, Debro Kieler, Lewis King, Sue King, Robert Kinsey, Mike Kipling, Kothy Kirchoff, Joy Kifzmiller, Jerri Kling, Will Kline, Allon Knerr, Bor- boro Knuth, John Knuth, Dona Koch. Steve Krause, Karen Loier, Don Lamley, Mike Landley. Robert Lontz, Alto Lasley, Barry Latham, Debra Kay Lauber, Rondy LoVine. Helen Lee, Michael Lee, Cindy Lehrman, Barb Lewis, Max Lindemuth, Jackie Lind- sey, Tim Lockwood, Williom Lochner, Pat Longley. Judy Lotter, Gerry Love. Claudia Lower, Susan Lud- wig, David Luke, Dave Luns- ford, Amando Lusk, Sharon Lynch, Dave Lytlle. Richard Lyttle. Mike Mad- rid, John Modelewsky, Kevin Malcolm, Carol Maley, Kathy Molott. Keith Molott, Sharon Marino, Janet Mar- key. Denny Martin, Jean Martin. Ken Martz, Carol Mason, Cheryl Mason. Mary Mottix. John Mous, Pat McBride, Linda McNeal. Sophomores 139 We planned the Sophomore Party Initiation is fl! Dean Melchi, John Menocal, Lyd Menocal, Reeda Mero- dith, Dave Merkler, Pom Mertz, Lindo Messenger, Paul Mettert. Harvey Meyer, Mark Mid- dleton, Gail Miller, Jenne Miller, Trudy Miller, Vicki Mills, Dewayne Minnick, Jim Miser, Alan Morkey. Jim Moore, Kenneth Moore, Linda Moore, Shelly More- land, Jenny Morter, Steve Mossburg, Jennifer Motz, James Mowery, Mike Mud- rack. Linda Mundt, Paul Muscello, Gaylene McMaken, Terry McKeever, Morcio McClure, Linda McCoskey, George Nagel, Suzanne Mantz, Di- ane Mantz. Beverly Nelson, Linda Nel- son, Reid Nelson, Eileen Nesbit, Eric Nevogt, Ed Newhard, Kothy Newman, Rick Newman, Janet Nil). Sherry Nine, Mark Norris, Steve Novell, Chris Ohier, Cindy Ohinger, Bruce Oli- ver, Karen Oser, Delores Osmun, Marti Oswald. Joe Pope Gory Parkins Mike Porrish Kothy Partridge Ron Partridge Pom Patterson Steven Patterson Carolyn Poxson Pat Poyton Craig Pelz Denny Pepple Pete Percival Keith Petre Cappi Phillips Steve Phillips climaxing our year as a memorable one John Plioti, Srerr Polios, Warren Pony Mike Preuler, Roy Poff, Anoh Rodotz, Chor Ronsom, Karen ftarkk, tCenny Rash. Chris Roy, Brod Rea, Dave Reavis, Linda Reni etker, Nanci Redman, Gay R«d- wanslti. Sue Reisinger, Mike Reville, Moxine Rhea. Carol Rhoodes, Debbie Rhodes, Debro Richard, Debby Richey, Sherry Robb, Noncy Roberts, Patty Rob- bins, Beth Ann Robnolte, Sharon Robotham. Kelly Roddy. Jackie Rodg- ers, Debro Roehling, Cleo- tus Roller, Art Rollins, Bor- bra Ross, Brendo Rouse, Pom Russ, Mary Schofionski. Bill Schelle, Chorles Schelle, Nancy Schellenboch, Gregg Schmidt, Cossondro Schoeh- lein. Rick Schory, Julie Schu- bert, Chris Schuhler, Ed Scribner. Nevin Seeger, Richard See- wold, Dove Shoheen, Norma Shepelak, Carol Sherman, Penny Shipe, Alex Shiriaev, Debbie Shively, Barb Shoe- moker. Holly Shook, Keith Sho ter, Pat Sibert, Mel Siler, Cynthia Simon, Lorry Simp- son, Jim Sitcler, Theresa Skelly, Ann Skevington. Sharon Snyder Gory Sproat Bill Squires. As final exams roll around, sophs become involved in their studies. Sophomores 141 Elizabeth Stanton, Lani Stark, Tim Stauffer, John Steigmeyer, Edward Steiner, Mork Steiner, Janie Stewart, Sara Stewart, Sue Stone. Julie Stonebreaker, Judy Stoops, Gary Strohm, Linda Streets, Bridgett Stuckey, Bonnie Studebaker, Teresa Stummer, Doug Swain, Anna Swink. As sophs we suffered under senior Regina Taber, Thomas Tass- ler, Debi Taylor, Judie Tay- lor, Dove Terrell, John Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Kotherine Thurston, Mike Thurber. Mark Timmons, Vickie Tip- sord, George Trendle, Mich- ael Tulley, Bruce Turner, Vickie Valentine, Sandy V anover, Stan Verhaegen, Cindy Vickers. Gary Voirol, Valerie Vos- meier, Terry Waikel, Kevin Wall, Randy Wall, Becky Walker, Renate Wornstodt, Sue Warren, Worn Wosson. Mike Waters Terry Waters Cliff Webb Daria Webb Beth Weber Sara Webster Georgianne Weimer Mary Weldon Darrell Wells Nancy Wentz Craig Werling Al Wermuth Sandy Westerha Mike Wetzel Walter Wetzel Dave Whisler Pom White Freda Whittecar Achievement tests given to sophs determine their mental abihty. 142 Sophomores jpr lAork Whitehofjt, Mart- Whitelov , Kothy Whiteman, Don Widmonn, Linda Wid monn, Steve Widner, M ir Wiegond, Helen Wiegman, Laurie Wiley. Lynne Wilkening, Thereto Williams, Floyd Winger, Ann Winklebloct. Carol Winters, Annette Winzeler, Suzanne Wire, Horold Wise, Nancy Wise. commands but could hardly wait to obey Koy Witzigreuter, Elaine Wolever, James Wolf, Joseph Woodord, Tim Wor- ley, Brett Wyles, Lorry Wy- song, Patricio Yont. Steve Yeiser, Jeff Yerrick, Laurel Yingst, Richard Yost, Elotne Young, Kenny Z merman, Tom Zimmerman, Klaus Zollner, Anito Beddle, John Bloir, John Buchonon, Becky Cade, Donno Cose, Genevo Felger, Mark Gol- broith. Kristie Gibbs, Birdie Griggs, Richard Heck. Jonah Herald. Mork Kidd, Sara Kolin, Kevin Lobono, Jim Liggett, Dorlene Milb, Cathy Mossburg, Cindy Mul- ler, Carolyn Nelson. Roscoe Nunn, Aimee Tigges, Tim Rinord, Alice Soylor, Sandy Sorg. Gory Spice, John Voors, Janet Young. Full of good ideas, students plan the Sophomore Party. Sophomores 143 Alone, thinking while away from his busy schedule. Dr. Anthis makes plans for the Redskin World. Dr. Anthis motivates and directs Redskins North Siders depend heavily upoti Dr. Anthis to guide them. During his tenth year at North and fourth year as principal he used his experiences and observations from his recent trip to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to lead Redskins. While av ay from his busy schedule at North Dr. Anthis finds time to take part in many educational organizations. He also has taught courses at Purdue University, Indiana University, and St. Francis College in Fort Wayne. Mrs. Anthis and their eleven-year-old son, Clinton, also are a part of the Redskin World, they accom- pany him to numerous North Side events. The typical gestures of Dr. Anthis. 144 Faculty i w rJ Mr. Donald Coleman Couni«lof, Club Council Spontor Mrs, Mary Anne Cowan School Regiitrar Mrs. Ellen Durfey Audio Visual, Study Hall Mrs. Gladys Hoyner Audio Visual, Study Hod Mr. Charles Hinton Dean of Boys Mrs. Helen Houts Secretory to the Principal Mrs. Delores Klocke Guidance Coordinator, Sophomore Class Sponsor Mrs. Ann Lehman Moin Office, Cafeteria Hostess Mrs. Patricia Light Counselor, Junior Closs Sponsor Mrs. Betty Loper Attendance Center Administration boosts incentive Day after day the administrators were faced with many problems and much paper work. They always listened and tried to help with the problems of col- lege choices, class schedules and personal difficulties. The secretaries aided faculty and students alike by completing forms, typing, and supervising messages. The counselors coped with disciplinary measures, col- lege recommendations, job placements, class sched- ules, and dance and assembly schedules. Attendance was also a part of the daily routine. Whether it was helping with a problem, preparing a nourishing lunch or keeping our school clean and neat, they were always available and willing to help the students find the most satisfaction in their high school years. Mrs. Freeda Molecek English Cleric Mr. Fred Niemeyer Heod Custodian Mrs. Marjorie Paris Cafeteria Manager Miss Frances Plumanns Counseling, Language Deportment Head, French, Deceased. Mrs. Maxine Shepler Athletic Office Mrs. Mary Shutt Main Office Miss Sandra Smith Assistant Librorion, Audio Visual Mrs. Fae StafFord Librarian, Audio Visual Mrs. Marjorie Stonczak Treasurer Mrs. Beatrice Stoeckley Library Clerk Miss Sandra Todd Dean of Girls Mr. Robert Traster Athletic Director Mr. Max Updike Assistant Principal Mrs. Juanita Rupnow Study Hall Mrs. Betty Wagner Study Hall Faculty 145 (Row 1 ) Geraldine Cook, Kathryn Carpenter, Marjorie Paris, Evelyn Durbin, Mildred Murray. (Row 2) Lois Duffy, Doris Byanski, Mary Rombke, Morgoret Wheel er, Miriam Bartaway. (Row 3) Ernestine Reiling, Cleo Degler, Lo- Donna Durbin, Diana Ed- wards, llo Boyd. (Row 4 Mary Cully, Kittie Loeffler, Dorothy Hommons, Rosemary Shipman, Marion Stone, Mory Exner. Cooks and Custodians pave the way to nourishment and cleanliness at North Service and cooperation are by-words of the people required to perform the necessary tasks to keep North running smoothly. Teachers fed the students ' minds; cooks supplied nourishment for the scholars ' bodies; while custodians cleaned the school halls and classrooms to provide a pleasant atmosphere for the Redskins. Audio-visual equipment helped classroom teachers create a better and more realistic understanding of the subject. A modern language lob also aided teach- ers in stressing oral comprehension and better pro- nunciation of the foreign language. (Row 1) Ruth Lhoman, Newton Stocks, Jesse Hardy, Clarence Huffman, Juonito Bryant. iRow 2l Cecil Siberts, Charles Moore, Joseph Bryie, Ralph Eloph. Fred Niemeyer. ]H ■ K. H? W . ' Jl4 ' l ' ■ ■■■ ' ■; .■ H 146 Faculty The faculty satisfies the students ' needs tfliii Mrs. ■ ■ ilma Ashe,- cier. ' .oi Proctice, Beg. Shorthand, Buiineji Club Sponior; Mr. Frederick Autenrieth; Engliih, Donee Bond; Mrs. Betty Bough; inter. Foods. Adv. Foodf, Family Living, Home Nurjing, Y-Teens Sponsor,- Mr. John Becker; Beg. Algebro, Sr. Moth., Chem- isiry, Aisi. Footboll Cooch; Mrs. Lynn Beer; Phy,. Ed„ Adv. Swimming, Cheer- leaders, Leader Corps, Modern OorKe Club, Rippletles Miss Marjorie Bell; Beg. An, Lettering, Crafts, Art Club Sponsor, Art Dept. Head; Mr. Glen Bickel; Pl, Geometry, Trig., Co. Algebra, Key Club Sponsor, Teen Gal- lon Donors; MIss LIndo Bozorth; English, Z-Club Sponsor; Mrs. Anna Brudney; English, German; Mr. Ronald Certain; Economics, World History, Com- munism Seminar, Key Club Sponsor Mr. Charles Clark; Adv. Geometry, Mathematics Dept. Head; Mrs. Edno Crocker; inter. Clothing, Adv. Clothing, Housing and Interior Decoration, Fomily Management, Home Economics Dept. Head; Mrs. Amelia Dare; Latin, English, JCL Sponsor; Mr. Dale Decker; Gen. Busi- ness, Beg. Typing; Mr. John DeYoung; English, Speech, Hilighters Sponsor Mr. Will Doehrmon; phys. Ed., intro- murals, Physicoi Education Dept. Head, Asst. Basketball Coach; Mr. Ronald Dvorak; chemistry, App. Physics, Adv. Science, Phy-Chem Sponsor, Science Dept. Head; Mr. Robert Edwards; industrial Arts Dept. Head; Miss Ruth Eudoiey; U.S. History, Student Council, Notional Honor Society Sponsor; MiSS Louro Federspiel; English, Sponish, College, Poperbock Bookshelf Sponsor Mr. Charles Feller; U.S. History, World History; Mr. Norman Fisher; Develop- mental Reading. Swim Coach; Mr. Cleon Fleck; U.S. History; Miss Martha Fox; English, Earth Science, Z-Club Sponsor; Mr, Elmer Franzman; U.S. History Mr. Dale Goon; geg. Typing, Adv Typing; Mr. William Goshert; Book keeping, Phys. Ed., Football Cooch; Mr. Donald Hamm; Business Math.. Con sumer Economics, Key Club Sponsor, Mr. Alvin Harris; Allied Arts, Training Choir. Chanticleers and Girls ' Ensembl Tri-M Sponsor; Mr. John Heath; English, Development Reoding, Debate Coach, Globetrotters Sponsor Mr. Myron Henderson; Government, U.S. History, Tennis Coach; Mr. Byord Hey; Trig., Geometry, Phys, Ed., Basket- ball Coach; Mr. Willord Hollowoy; A Coppello, Troubadours, Training Choir, Tri-M Sponsor; Mr. Fred Humphrey; English; Mr. Donald Hunter; Algebro, Wrestling Cooch, Asst. Football Coach Faculty 147 Teachers strive to form the minds of Mr. Hyrle Ivy; Metal, Asst. Football and Track cooch; Mrs. Irmo Johnson; Adv. Shorthand, Beg. Shorthand, Y-Teens Sponsor; MisS Vickie Jornod; Spanish, U.S. History, Z-Club, Globetrotters Spon- sor; Mr. Paul Lemke; Spanish, MLC Sponsor; Mr. Jomes Lewinski; English, Reading Seminar, Student Council, Na- tional Honor; Mr. Beryl Lewis; chemistry, App. Phy- sics, Golf Coach, Phy-Chem Sponsor; Miss Elizabeth Little; English, Senior Class Sponsor, English Dept. Head; Mr. John Molott; Government, Soci- ology, Economics; Mr. Donald Mc- Clead; Art, Figure Drawing, Graphics, Art Club Sponsor; Mrs. Deonno MeiSter; Speech, English, Speech Club Sponsor Mrs. Gladys Merriman; English; Mr. William Mitchell; Biology, Asst. Footboii Coach; Mrs. Alice Nusboum; Geometry, Algebra, Red Cross Sponsor; Mr. Charles Phillips; Beg. Typing, Gen. Business, Business Club Sponsor; Mr. Wil- liam Phillips; Senior and Junior Distribu- tive Education, DECA Sponsor Mr. David Piatt; Orchestra, Soph. Arts Program, Tri-M Sponsor, Music Dept. Heod; Mr. Robert Pugh; English, Helicon Spon- sor; Mr. James Purkhiser; Dramatics, Stagecraft, Notional Thespian Society Sponsor; Mrs. Ramono Ransburg; French, MLC Sponsor; Mr. Gordon Rey- nard; Drafting The Cheerleaders broadcast their enthusiasm as they boost faculty members during their annual basketball game. Team members and spectators alike enjoyed the antics as teachers took time away from busy schedules to entertain Redskins. i r hi r ' P 1 1 n JH A t. « v iS-jrJkJn f ■ ' ■■■J I the future from the wisdom of the past IT Mr. Pugh and Miss Federspiel were caught by the camera in some un- usual poses as they went through their daily routines. Mr. Merle Rice,- physics, App. Physics, Adv. Science, Phy-Chem Sponsor; Mr, Duane Rowe; Beg. Typing, Cross Coun- try Cooch, Track Cooch; Mr. Augustus Schoonover; Exploratory Teoching, So- ciology, FTA Sponsor; Mr. Gary Smith; Concert Bond, Dance Band, Varsity Bond, Twirling, Music Theory, Tri-M Sponsor; Mr. Waveland Snider; world History Miss Kathleen Sparks; phys. Ed., Health, GAA Sponsor; Mrs. Morjorie Spoolstro; English, Helicon Sponsor; Mr. John StaufFer; Geometry; Miss Norma Thiele; journalism. Publications, 1500 Club, Quill ond Scroll Sponsor; Mr. Steven Timler; English, Key Club Sponsor Mr. Frederick Veidt; German, Russian; Mr, John Walter; Beg. Bookkeeping, Adv. Bookkeeping, Asst. Trock and Cross Country Coach, Business Dept. Head; Mrs. Janet Weber; Latin, jCL, Girls ' Cheerblock Sponsor; Mrs. Jackie Wer- muth; Gen. Business, Z-Club Sponsor; Mr. Clive Wert; Power Mechanics Mr. Harry Young; Government, Eco- nomics. Gbbetrotters Sponsor, Social Stu- dies Dept. Head Faculty 149 We Are Patronizing Redskins In Our World of ADVERTISING The business world in which North Side participated stimulated Redskins as workers and scholars. Posi- tions ambitious students filled in local businesses provided experience for future professions and money for dates and a college education. Com- panies offered scholarships and apprenticeships to promising students and presented awards to those who attained remarkable heights in high school. The business world has helped finance the 1967-68 Leg- end through the advertising which appears on the next pages. Redskins In turn supported local business organizations. Advertising 1 5 1 On their way to school Rosie Erwin and Mike Bush pass Golden Dome hlome Improvement Center, " Our neighbor across the bridge. " Golden Dome 2305 Spy Run Ave. Indiana Michigan Electric Company As John Blackburn and Pat Kemp walk to and from school they pass Indiana Michigan which is of great importance in their everyday living. Indiana s Michiqan ELECTRIC COMRAN ' live better elec ■rically _.-d Sally Shepler poses for Mr. Paul Watters as he takes her senior picture. Watters Studio 3121 S. Calhoun St. 152 Advertising Walgreen Drugs 4 locations to serve you As far as Carolyn Daniel and Steve Franzman are concerned, Walgreen ' s is tops on school supplies. Ft. Wayne Electronics 3606 Maumee Ave. Mike Konkle and Mr. McGuffy look over PA equipment at Fort Wayne Electronics. Linda McKathanie, Fran Yahn. and Ted Davis are debating which stereo-pac they like best out of the big selection at Classic Stereo- Pac. Classic Stereo-Pac 2312 N. Clinton St. Allen County Motors 500 W. Main Jan Scott and Rodney Butler go back 39 years as they step into a 1929 Ford on display at Allen County Motors. Advertising 153 We Are Sad Redskins In Leaving Our World AT NORTH Graduation symbolizes something different to each of us. To some it is the long awaited chance to ex- plore the outside world, or the opening to a life in business, or furthering our education in college. Even as some students look upon graduation, their future is undetermined. Although backgrounds and future plans differ, we are all connected in our world at North. We would like to thank Miss Thiele and the members of the ' 68 Legend staff who put long hours into the editing of this yearbook. We would also like to extend our thanks to Paragon for their patience. Closing 155 Ind ex Abele, Mike Achenbach, Keven Ackermann. Leonard Adams. Wade.. 40, 55, 74, Adams Greg... 40, 74, 75, Ahlersmeyer, Kenneth Ahlersmeyer, Mark Aichele. Virginia 51, Aiken, Steven.... 28, 3t, 59. 74, 97, Ainslie, Gary Akey, Frank.. 36. 55, 74. 75. Albert. Janice Albrigtit, Catherine. .39, 54, 57, 69, Albright, John.. 40, 54. 56. 62, 65. 67 Alford, Richard..., 62. 59, Allen, Bob 74, Allen, Linda 68, Altevogt, Vickie.. 56. 63, 68. Ambridge. Cindy Amburgey. Suerita 60, Amburn, Debbie Amelung, Richard.. 7, 38. 40, 49. Anderson, Jerry. ...74. 75, Anderson, John 40, 48, Anderson, Neil.... 76, 127, Anderson, Sharon 44, Anderson, Susan Andrews, Barb Andrews, John 40. Andrews, Karen.... 37. 55. Andrews, Karia Angel, Bonnie 56, 68, Ankentruck, David Ankenbruck, John Annis. Ronald Anker. Tom Annis. Ronald Antonides, Patty.... 38. 52. 59, 67, Archer. Connie 63. 66. Archer, Jack Arms, Debra 75, Arms, Joyce Armstrong. Mary.... 38, 66, Arnette, Ron 136, Arnold, Gary Arndt, Linda Ashe. Lynne 38, Ashe, Mrs. Wilma Ashley. Penny 59, Arter, James Atkinson, Bill Atteberry. Kenneth Augsburger, Sue.... 60, 56, 64. 66. Aut ith, Mr Fredrick 26, 147 Axson. Thersa B Baals, Linda 136 Babcock. Bill 97 Babcock, Rick 127 Bair, Rick 75. 136 Bair. Tom 97 Baker, Robert 127 Baker, Thomas 127 Baldwin, James 136, 64 Baldwin, Paula 50, 97 Balliet, Keith 65 127 Baney, Sharon 97 44 Baney, Gordon 136 Bangerter. Debra 97 Barbour, Jack 136 Barclay, Doug 36, 40, 127 Berkley. Scott 127 Barns, Benny 97 Barnes, Deborah 136 Barnes. Vicki 127 Barnett, Kenneth... 72. 74, 127 Barrand, Dave 127 Bartlett, Lonnie 136 Barthold, Fred 127 Battel. Rick 127 Bashop. Larry 97 Bashore. David 97 98 Bauer. Dave 136 Bauer, Eugene 127. 136 Bauer. Nancy 127 Bauerle. David 127 Baugh, Mrs. Betty.. 36, 113, 147 Baughman, Tom 136 Baumgardner, Carol 136 Baumgardner. Craig 97 Baumgardner. Jerry 97 Baynes. John 127 Beaver, Bob 134 Beard. David 136 Beard. Sheryl 38, 68, 127 Beard, Susan 97 Beber, Dianne 67, 136 Beck, Nannette 127 Beck. Tim 127 Becker, Mr. John 74, 147 Beckman, Janet 136 Bedree. Mitchell .. .74. 133, 127 Bedsworth, Terry 69, 127 Beer, Mrs. Lynn 147 Beineke. Harold 136 Beiswenger, Jack 97 Belcher. Dana 97 Belcher, Gary 50, 127 Belschner, Karen.... 25. 35, 57, 66, 67, 127 Bell. Miss Marjorie 147 Beneke. James.. 37, 40, 74, 75, 136 Bennett, Larry 74. 127 Bennett, Gary 136 Bennett, Troy 136 Benton, Robert 136 Bentrup, Randy 97 Bercot. Larry 97 Berger. Sandra 98 Berkes, Keith... 39. 40. 98, 115 Berhardt, Mike 98 Berndt, Gary 136 Berning, Gary 136 Berry, Pam 136 Berry, Rogetta 127 Bevington, Oiarlie 98. 60 Bevingfon. Jay 66. 62, 136 Beyer, Susan 98 Beyhan. Rickey 127 Bion, Rosa Sue 136 Bickham. Bruce 127 Bickle. Homer 127 Bickel, Mr. Glen 147 Biedenweg, Karl 136 Biedenweg, William 98 Bienz, Becky 61. 98 Bienz, Lynnell....36, 43, 52, 54. 61, 127 Biesiada, Dennis 136 Bilger, Ruth 98 Bilger, Kay 55, 60. 56, 136 BImer, Bonnie 136 Bireley, Becky 64. 65, 98 Birge, Mike 75 136 Bischoff. Sherri 127 Blackburn, John.. 36. 39, 49. 74. 98. 115 Blackburn, Greta... 36, 38. 48, 54. 56, 66, 67, 136 Blaettner. Harold 136 Blair. Beth 38, 50, 136 Blain, Kim 134 Blaising, Pam 67, 136 Blakeley, Tom. ..51, 76. 77. 127 Blanchard. Myron.... 53, 66. 98 Blosser, Williams. .. .76. 69. 127 Blue, Marianne 55, 136 BIy, Gary 64, 75, 136 Bobilya, Claude 127 Bobilya, Lewis 136 Bocik, Annette... 52. 64. 66, 127 Bock, Leslie 98 Bock, Pam 37, 69, 127 Bock. Terry 136 Bodey, Bob 98 Bodine, Bob 40. 74. 127 Bodinka, Carl 136 Bodkin, Evelyn 68, 98 Bodkin, James 127 Bogard, Rick 127 Boggs, Dave 98 Boggs, Debi 98 Bojinoff, Victoria 60, 98 Boiler, Linda 60. 66, 136 Bolyard, Debra 54, 136 Bone, John 33, 98 Bonifas. Susan 136 Booth. Roger 58 98 Borders. Bree 50. 127 Bossard. Robert.... 51, 72, 74, 126, 127, 133 Bosserman, Darlene 98 Bosserman, James... 37, 54, 136 Bourne, Daniel 98 Bower, Jim 127 Bower, Tim 98 Bowers, Dianna 127 Bowers, Steve 98 Bowman, Bonnie 38. 136 Bowman. Daniel 136 Bowman, Janeen 27, 136 Bowman, Tom 50. 98 Bowmann, Debra 127 Bowlin, Deborah 136 Bowlin, Clyde 50. 134 Bowser, Mike 98 Boyer, Lyna..38, 48. 49, 52. 64. 68. 98 Boyles, Sally 136 Bozarth. Miss Lynn 147 Bracht, Cheryl.. 38. 56 57, 59, 67, 127 Braden, Kay 127 Bradley. John 136 Brady Roberta 136 Bragalone. Jon 136 Brand. Brenda 136 Brickley. Melody 127 Bridgewater, Jay 127 Bright, Audrey 127 Bright, Patricia.. 56, 60. 67, 136 Brinker. Elizabeth ... .43, 61, 98 Brisentine, Bob 136 Brothers. Brenda. .30, 31, 43. 44. 45, 55, 127 Brown, Bill 74, 127 wn, Cathy. own. Doug. own, Gary.. n, Larry.. .75, 136 1 36 Non Pamela 127 Randall 136 Richard 136 Becky.... 14. 43. 54. 98 Steven 60. 77, 127 .127 .37, 38, 52, 99. 124 .136 rudney, Mrs. Anna 147 1. James 62. 64, 136 Rod 99 Buckley. John 127 Buchanan. Janet 68. 99 Buchanan. John 51. 143 Budd, Jeff 127 Budd, Larry 136 Buecker. Rosanne. . .55. 56, 136 Buesking, Ton Bufink. Michael, ufkii Buhr, Sue 127 Buinham, Ann 56 Bumgardner, Cheryl 33, 99 Bumgardner, Kathy 136 Bumgardner, Terry 127 Burd. Richard 136 Burelison, Karen 99. 55 Burnham. Anne 99 Burkhalter, J. J 136 Burkhalter, Jimmy 136 Burkholder. Brenda 136 Burns, Dave.. 74. 99, 40, 54, 65, 74 Burt7ner, Linda 68 Bush. Mike 99 Busian, Carl 136 Busian, Mary.... 99, 37. 51, 115 Bulter. Rodney 99, 136 Butler. Wayne 136 Burtzner, Linda.. 127. 56. 63. 68 Cade, Rebecca 143 Cadwallader, Sally 99 Cady, Vickie 127 Cafolla, Lynda 99 Caldwell, Linda 99 Calhoun, Linda 99 Canaday, Star.. 38, 56, 57, 59, 99 Canfield, Deborah 127 Campbell. Linda 136 Carboni. Kristina. . . .38. 59. 99 Carnahan, Candace..54, 59. 99 Carnahan, Ron 99 Carpenter, Ginny 134 Carpenter, Jo 38. 136 Carpenter, Ronald 65, 136 Carpenter, Sharon 54, 136 Cary. Mike 127 Case. Donna 143 Cashdollar. David. .22. 38, 51. 99 Cashdollar, Steve 127 Cassell, James 40, 55. 127 Cafes. Victoria 136 Cecil. David 136 Certain. Mr. Ronald 147 Chandler. Mary 136 Chapman. Barbara.. 59. 60, 137 Chapman. John 137 Chappius. Mary.. 28 54. 59. 99 Chappuis. Robert... 40. 75. 137 Choka, Bruce 50, 127 Christoffel, Fred 51, 99 Christoffel, Tread 137 Clark. Gary 75. 137 Clark. Jackie 57. 137 Clary. Pam 127 Clausen, Robert 64. 99 Clark, Mr. Charles 25, 147 Clay. Jody 51. 99 Clem. Richard 137 demons. Rosanna 99 Clifton, Mike 137 Cline, Stanley.. 40, 55, 56. 57. 62. 99 Cochran, Suzanne. . .52. 55. 68, 99 Cochren, Ann 67, 127 Coffman. Gary 137 Coffman, Larry 99 Coffman, Sue 57 99 Cochran, Suzanne., 52. 55. 68. 99 Cohee. Diana 127 Collar, Karen 137 Cole, Roger 40. 127 Cole. Tom 62. 127 Coleman. Sherry 99 Collins, Dale 67, 137 Collins. Edward 56, 65, 137 Collins. Gary 99 Collins Millie 57. 60, 100 Collinson, Debi 60, 61, 137 Colpitts, Craig.. 62, 65, 67, 68, 100 Combs. Jennifer 127 Combs. Laraine 100 Combs John 137 Comment. Jim 40. 68. 127 Commet Joe 75. 137 Conn Tamara, 36, 38. 59. 68. 127 Conrad. Penny .52. 57. 59, 100 Conrad. Kieth 56 Converse. Eric 137 Cook. Blaine 77. 137 Cook. Dave 76. 100 Cook, Doug 137 Cook, Gary 37, 59. 74. 100 Cook Greg 68. 100 Cook. Harold 127 Cook, Luella 52, 137 Cook, Sue 52. 127 Cooley, Debbie 100 Cooley. Marsha 56. 60, 127 Cope, Peggy 137 Cope William 127 Correa, Roger 127 Cottrell Michael 137 Covault Jack 14. 100 Covey. Cinda 137 Covey. Ga ry 1 37 Covey. Linda 61. 137 Cowan William.... 40 73 74, 75, 137 Cox, Alice 137 Cox Karen 100 Craft, Fred 74 Craft, Shannon 67, 137 Craig. James 127 Crawford, Christie 100 Crawford, Devon 137 Crawford, Kathy 127 Crist. Randy 100 Crist, Rebecca 137 Crlswell, Cathy 57, 137 Crocker, Jordan 97, 113 Crocker, Mrs. Edna 147 Culbertson. Cynthia 137 Culver. Ed 100 Cummings, Cindy 100 Cummins Carol 137 Crum, Clayton 68. 137 Cunningham, Kay 100 Cunningham, Margery.. 38, 55. 60, 68, 134 Curie. Linda 52. 53 Crosley. Caryn 128 Crowe. Karen 128 Crozier. Janice 128 D Dager, Daniel.. 37. 40. 55. 59. 98. 99, 100 Dague, Larry 128 Dale, Bob 50, 100 Dalrymple, Dave 100 Dancer Gary 137 Daniel, Carolyn., 36. 43. 44. 48. 52. 55. 59. 56. 100 Daniel. Dave 75. 137 Dare. Mrs. Amelia 147 Davis. Cindy 128 Davis Deborah 43. 100 Davis. Debra 61. 68. 128 Davis, Donald 128 Davis Everett 100 Davis, James 100 Davis Mike 137 Davis. Phyllis 128 Davis. Ted 40. 53, 100 Deason Hansel 137 Deady, Patrick 128 Decker Mr. Dale 113. 147 Deeds. Larry 64, 137 Debolt Ed 134 Dehabey. Phillip 128 Deming, David 15, 101 Deming, Tim 137 Dennis, Debra 128 Deppen, Beverly 137 Devaux, Duane 128 Dewart David 137 Dewitt, Terry 137 DeYoung Mr. John.... 17, 147 Dick. Anne 52 54. 58. 101 Dickelman, Darilyn..54. 64, 65, 66, 137 Dldlon. Diana 137 Didlon, Sue 60, 128 Diehm, Louise 101 Dietz, Dale 101 Dlffendorfer, Paula.. 65. 66. 137 Dillman, Robert 101 Dinger, Gary 137 Disler, Dave 128 Disler, Tim 101 Dixon. Alan 128 Dodd. Betty 36. 137 Dodge, Carter 128 Doerhman. Mr. William. .. .23. 147 Doell. David 137 Dorobush Beverly 60 137 Dornlck. Linda 68, 128 Doster, Lynn 137 Doty Randy 137 Doty. Sue 101 Doughty. Arlene 137 Dovev. Sharon 101 Dowden, Larry 137 Downey. James 128 Drake, Mary 128 Drake, Terry 137 Dreibelbiss Diane 101 Drew John 137 Drew. Karen 61. 128 Duly Georgia 134 Dunbar. Debbie 128 Dunbar, Kevin 137 Duncan, Janet 128 Duncan, Marty.. 28. 57. 68, 101 Drunot, Glenn. 56 58 60. 65. 57. 101 Dunkln. Maria 56. 68. 137 Dunkleberger, Lisa 137 Dunlap, Keith 137 Durbin Thomas 137 Dvorak, Mr. Ronald 147 E Earnest Bruce.. 37. 48, 49, 52. 128 Eby, Duane 50, 134 Eder, Carla 60, 61, 128 Edwards Deborah 51. 128 Edwards. Jerry 137 Edwards Mr. Robert 147 Egly Dewayne 50, 101 Egts, ' Mike 128 Ehler Kirby 51. 137 Eichel Karl 128, 134 Eichman Lorrane 51, 137 Elfrid, Doug 137 Elett, Karen 137 Elkins, De borah 138 Elkins, Kathl 128 Ellenwood. Leonard. .. .74. 128 Elles, Michael 101 Ellis Keith 138 Ellis, Ruby 128 Ely, Laura 57. 138 Erwin Rosie 101 Espich, Joyce 128 Evans, Ronald 101 Eudaley, Miss Ruth.... 30. 147 F Fabian. Erin 101 Falls. Carla.. 5, 38. 44. 49, 63. 98, 101 Falvy. Pat 37, 75, 138 Fansler, Gale 128 Farlow, Richard 128 Faulkenberg, Jeff 138 Faust, Debra. .9, 51, 63, 66, 69. 101 Feare, Deb 138 Federspiel. Miss Laura.. 28, 53, 147 Felger, Geneva 143 Feller, Mr. Charles 147 Feller. Janice .52. 58. 60, 101 Ferrera Cynthia .128 Fiandt Debbie 51, 68, 128 Fick, Sandy 55, 138 Fiedler. Linda 101 Fields, Mark 101 Fields, Sandra 101 Figel, Joan 138 Fike, Joseph 128 Firestine Phil 138 Fish, Randy 128 Fisher Billie 54. 68. 138 Fisher, Edward 138 Fisher, Janice 101 Fisher, Jim 101 Fisher Mr. Norman 147 Fisher, Sheila 101 Fisher, Steve 138 Fitzgerald. George 101 Flanagan. Kevin 128 Fleck Mr. Cleon 147 Fleck, Tom 128 Flinn, Anita 138 Fllnn Gerald 101 Flint, Sally 59, 128 Flood, Stanley.. 56, 57, 66, 67, 128 Foltz Linda 56, 57, 128 Foote, James 69, 128 Ford Debra 101 Ford, Jess 138 Ford, Mark 128 Fordham, Richard 128 Forney, Sheri 128 Foster Barbara. 36. 38. 54. 59, 68, 128 Foulks, Deborah 128 Fowler Terry 101 Fox Bill 138 Fox Darlene 55, 138 Fox Marsha 128 Fox, Miss Martha 147 Frallck, Dave 66, 128 Francles, Connie 102 Francies. Harry 51. 138 Francis Susan 68. 128 Frankart. Mark 128 Franke Richard 138 Franken Jonie 68, 128 1 56 Index Frantz, Nancy 138 Franzman. Mr, Elmer M7 Franzman Steve 40, 102 Frazier, Judith 55, 64. 102 Frederick, Randy 102 Freimuth Becky., 43, 52, 53. 102 Fremion Amy 36. Iz8 Fremion. Joe 40 75. 138 Fretz David..., 48. 49. 65. 102 Friend. Doug.., 37. 40. 126. 128 Fry. Randy... 52. 62. 65. 69. 128 Frye. Laurie 102 Fudge. Pam 128 Fuhrman. Kathy 68. 128 Furniss Carol 102 Furniss. Rick 128 Furniss. Robert 74. 102 Furniss. Stanley 102 G Gaby. Joyce 128. 68 Gaff. Paul 128 Gage. Dave 102 Galbrath. Ivtark 143 Galloway Caria 138. 68 Galloway. Russell 128 Gardner Cheri 44. 102 Garner Jayne 102 Garman. Eric 138 Garr. Mike 138 Garvin. Greg 138 Gaskill. Carol 138 Gater. Mike 128. 37, 40 Gaunt. Nancy 138. 135 Gennaitte, Susan 128. 59 Gehring. Deborah. ... 102. 104. 37. 43, 55. 56, 66 Gerding, Elane 102 Gerdom. Dave 138 Gerdom. Dan 128 Gerhardt. Cindy 138. 68 Gernhardt. Diane 102 Gething. Debbie. .. 138. 62. 66. 67 Getts. Linda 138. 60 Geyer, Nancy 138 GIbbs. Kristy 138. 143 Gieseking. Mike 138 Giffen. Douglas 128 Giggs. Birdie 138 Gilbert. Jeff 138. 55 Gilbert. Jerry 102 Gillespie. Tim 102 Gilson. Dennis 128 Givens Jim 75. 138 Glass. David 138. 55 Gleason. John 128 Glenn. Denis 128. 51. 53 Glock. Becky.. 126. 128. 14. 19. 38. 43 48. 56, 67 Goff. Robert 128 Gonser, Jo 102, 64 Gonzales, Rickie 138 Good, Anne,. 102, 56, 64, 66, 67 Good. Linda 138. 66 Goodwin. Jayne 102 Goodwin Mike 128 Goon. Mr, Dale 147 Gordon. Becky 138 Goshert, Steve.. 138. 62. 65. 77 Goshert Mr. William.. 75, 147 Gossett, Mike 66, 128 Gottrell. Mike 138 Graham Pam 128. 134 Graney Charles 102. 14 Gray, Barb 138 Gray, Kim 128 Gray, Jerry 138 Gray, John 75, 138 Green, Betty 128 Green. Dorothy 102 Green. Verna 128 Greene. Barb..., 57 63. 67, 138 Greeno. Tim 128 Grepke. James 138 Gresham. Sarah 102 Greulach David 138 Greulach. Gary 102 Grider Judy 128 Griem. Juliana 138. 54, 60 Griffis, Cheryl 102, 61 Griffith, Fred 138 Grooms, Don 102 Grosenbacher. Debbie 102, 36, 54, 68 Grosenbacher, Dennis 128 Grosiean John 128. 66. 134 Grosjean. Ronald 138 Gross. Don 138 Gross Philip 138. 68 Gruber. Jan 128. 67 Gruber. Jeff 128 Grumbert. Kenneth 128 Gruse. John 138 Guevara. Art 138 Guevara. Bill 51 Guevara. Pat 102 Gumbert Joy 102 Gump, Zandra 103, 68 Gutermuth, Rickey 138 Gutierrez. Yvonne. .. 138. 38. 55 Guy, Craig 138 H Hageboeck, Valeria 128 Hageman, Brad 128 Hagen, Bruce 138, 58 Hagoplan. Alan 103 Hague. Barbara.. 103. 56. 66. 69 Haines, Martha 128 Hakes, Tom 103. 64. 66 Halbert. Joan.. 103. 38. 43. 52. 59 128 Ha Gene Jr. ..103. 40, 52, 62 all, Cathleen.... 103 oil, Doug 128 all, James 128 all Linda 103 alquist, Pauline 103 alquist. Tom 128 alter, Kay 103 amilton, Lucinda 138 amm, Mr. Donald 147 ammond, Carol 103, 64 ammond, Robert.. 138. 51. 64 ammons. Harold 128 ampshire. Toni 138 anauer. Connie 138 anauer. John 128 anauer. Mike 103 anlln. Amber 103 aniin. Sue 103 annie Sharon 128. 49, 50 ansen. Daryl 74. 128 anson. Mike 103 lanzel Sue 138. 38. 54 ardes ' ty. Gilbert 103 arkenrlder. Dennie 138 arless. Charles 128 larmon. Glenn 103. 49. 59 ■ arness. Mike 138 larp. Vicki 138 larper. James.. 97. 103. 40. 69. 98 larper, Valerie 138. 61 larris. Mr. Alvin 18. 147 larris. Becky 138. 60 larirs. Michael 138 larrison. James 75. 138 farsch. Marsha.. 128. 38. 43. 52. 56. 67 larshbarger. Gary 128. 64 (arter, Randy 138. 135 larter. Sherman 138 iarter. Sherry. .97. 103. 12, 14. 38. 52. 55. 54. 66. 69. 98 larter. Tom 103 tartman. Debbie 128 tartman. Karen 138 tartman. Mel 103 iartman. Randy 128 Hartzell. Eugene.... 128. 65. 68 art og. Rebecca. . 138. 38 Hasen. David 60. assig. Ruth. .101. 103. 51. Hastings. Dorothy. . 129. 37. 65. 67 Hastings. Merele 55. 103 Hasty. Stephanie 103. 68 Hatch. David 138 Hatch. Cheri 138 Hatch. Marcy 138 Havens. Nancy 103 Haver. Terry 103 Haverstock. Jonquil 129 Hayes. Bethany 129. 59 Hayes, Dave 129 Hayes, Linda 129, 68, 134 Hayner, Mrs. Gladys 145 Hayner. Claire 138 Haynes. Jean.. 129. 38. 56. 60. 63. 64. 68 Haynes. Gary 138. 55 Headford. Diane.. 103, 43. 53. 52. 154 Headford. Linda 138 Headrick. Patricia 129 Heath. Mr. Donald 113 Heck Janet 129 Heck. Jennie 138 Hedge. Diane 138 Hedges. Richard 138. 68 Heemscth. Sharon 68. 129 Heffner. Mark 138 Hegbli. Ann 129. 57. 56 Heim. Mike 129 Hein. Andrew.... 103. 55. 62. 65 Hein. Betsy.. 129, 28. 42. 43. 46. 48. 52. 54. 67 Helnlger, Steve 138, 156 Helmke, Kim 129, 66 Helmke. Mark. .75. 138. 37. 40, 54, 59, 75, 135 Henderson, Mr. Myron 113 Henderson. Sue.. 103. 37. 42. 43 Hendricks. Mark 103 Hendrickson. Christine 103 Hendrickson. John 138 Hendrickson Julie.. 103. 32. 68 Hensley. Robert 138 Herencfeen. BarU 104 Herendeen. Jeff 129 Hershberger. Fawn 104 Hetrick. Sandra 129 Hever. Steve 104 Hever. Sue 138 Hey Mr. By Heyn Deborah 104. 56 Hiatt. Karen... 138 68. 66. 67 Hicks. Tom 104 Hifferman 138 High. Man 138 Hlleman. Rhonda 104. 64 Hill Barry 138 Hill. Doug 129, 36 Hines. Alan 138 Hinga. Bill 129 HInkle. Mike 129 Hinshaw. Charles 138 Hinton. Mr. Charles .-..145 Hiser. Bill 129 Hixon. Robert 104. 140 Hoagland. Beverly 51 Hobbs. Margie 129 Hobbs. Billy 134 Ho 104 Hofler, David 69. 104. 166 Hogestyn, Bill... 59. 62, 65, 129 Holliday, Sharon 4, 104 Hollopeter. Sue 138 Holloway. Mr. Willard 69 Holman Mary 68. 129 Holmes, Kathy 104 Holmes, Mark 74, 129. 134 Holse. Ann 67. 104 Holycross, Dennis 104 Hoppel. James 138. 37 Hopper. Linda. . . , Ho ,129 Joyce 60. 129 Houck. ' Tom 129 House. Kathy 138 Houser. Gordon 69. 104 Houser. Kathy 68. 129 Houser. Ron 68. 138 Houts. Don 36. 37. 59. 104 Houts, Mrs. Helen 145 Howenstine, Steve 129 Hoy, Candy 68. 139 Huber. Jack... 56. 62. 65. 104 Huber. James,., 56. 62. 65. 129 Huffman. Alice 104 Hugenell, Linda.. 55. 57. 56. 104 Hughes. Keith.. 52. 56. 62. 64. 67. 129 Hughes. Philip 139 Hughes. Randy 139 Hughes William 129 Huquenard. Gary 139 Humphney. Mr. Fred 26 Hunley. John 139 Hunter, Mr, Donald 74. 75 Hunt. Karol 37. 54. 139 Hunter. Mark 75. 139 Huntington. John 129 Hurley. Jon 68. 139 Hutson. Beth 50. 104 Hutson. Robert 139 Hutton. Steve 104 Hyder. Charles 129 Hyder. Lonnie 139 Hyder. Lonnie 104 Insi Ste .139 Iff. Charles 129 Ivy. Hyrie 73. 74. 75. 148 Jackson. Dennis 65. 139 Jackson. Kenneth 66. 129 Jackson. Linda 139 Jackson. Mary 104 Jacobs. Charles 129 Jacobs. Janet 104 Jacobs. Joan 104 Jacobson. David 139 Jacoby. Mike.... 55. 74. 75. 139 Jacquey. Janice 139 James. Barb 54. 139 James. Bruce 139 Jantz. Steve 129 Jasper. Daniel 104 Ja-sper. Ron 129 Jeffries. Evelyn 104 Jeffries. Gloria 139 Jeffries. Mike 139 Jellison. Kathy 139 Jennings. Diane 139 Jennings. Nancee, . . .22. 38. 104 .104 Jess. Lucille Jesse, Bob, Jr... 15. 36, 40, 55, 56, 58, ' 59, 67, 104 Jesse, Sandra ' ...139 Jett GInny 139 Johnloz. Nancy 139 Johnson. Kathy 104 Johnson Irma Mrs 24. 148 Johnson. LuAnne 61. 139 Johnson Sharon 139 Johnson. Stephen 129 Johnston Sue.... 54. 59. 64. 66. 139. 135 Johnstone Carol 139 Johnstone. Ruth. .36, 37. 54. 55. 135. 139 Jones. DebbI 43. 129 Jones. Denise 129 Jones. Robert 129 Jordan James 53. 129 Jordan. Elane 68 Jordon. Virginia 49. 105 Jornod. Vicki Miss 148. 59 Jernigan. Joe 64. 129 Jernlgan. Joyce 129 Jubinville. Linda 129 Junk. William 139 K Kammerler. Sandra. ... 129. 57 Kamphuew. Candy 65. 139 Karn. Jerry 139 Kattas, Keesle Ma Kemerly. Terr 139 Kemp. Pot 105 Kenned . Diana 105 Kennel, Karen 139 Kennel, Kerr, 37, 129 Kent. Richard 139 Kerle , Terry 129 Kern, Stephanie 43. 105 Kesterke. Larry 129. 134 Kidd. Frank 74. 129 Kidd. Mark 139. 34 Kiefer, Avo 67. 105. 54. 54 Kiel. Jean 44. 45, 105, 43 Kieler. Debro 139. 41. 68 Kilty. Colleen 129 Klmmerly. Fred 105 King. Fred 105 King. John 139 King. Lewis 55. 65. 46 King. Ron 105 King. Sue 55. 139 King. Tom 129 Kinne. Susan.... 68. 129. 38. 44 Kinney. Sandra 105. 65 Kipling. Mike.. 37. 75. 139. 37. 54 Kinsey. Dennis 105 Kinsey. Bob 139 Kirchoff, Kathy 139 KIrkpatrlck. Bruce 105 Kissinger. Scott.. 37. 44. 45. 47. 49. 40. 129. 37. 46. 48 Kitsmlller. Joy 139 Kltzmiller Lewis 129 Klemke. Sharleen 129. 68 Kline. Bill 75. 139. 138 Kline. Jerri.. 37. 55. 22. 56. 139 Knepper, Annette 63, 129 Knepper, Debbie 105 Knepper, Donna 105. 63 Knepper, Jonnette 63, 129 Knepper, Lyndo 129 Knepper, Poula 105, 60 Knerr Allem 51. 139. 56 Knuth. Barb 139 Knuth. John 139 Knuth. Margaret 51. 105 Koch. Donna 139 56 Kolin. Sara. .139. 22. 44. 55 61. 135 Koenig. DIanna 105. 129 Konkle. Mike 105 Koop Cathy 139 Koontz Gary 129 Kraft. Paula 68. 129 Kraft. Susan 129 .,..44. 105 139 ...63 106 .72. 74. 75. 139 Keever. Steve 72 74. 105 Keith. Susan 105. 22 Kelder. Marilyn 105. 65 Keller. Connie 139. 68 Keller. Linda 139 Keller. Michael 74 105. 69 Kelley. Cassle 108 Kelly. Sean 139 Kemery. Christine 139, 66 Krause, Stev, Kring, Vicki, Kroskie, Dorthy 139, 60 Kruel. David 129. 59. 69 Kruse, David.. 66. 129. 38. 55. 59 Kruse. Susan 106 Kubinic, Jan.. 52. 37. 106. 56. 66. 68 Kuckein. Lynne.,52. 55. 106. 56. 61. 64. 68 Kueknert. Arthur 66. 77 Kuruda. Tom 106. 67 Labona. Kevin 139 Laler. Karen 139 Lake. Bill 130 Lamb. Brenda 106 Lambert. Paul 130 Lambley. Don 139 Lambley. John 130 Lancaster. Pat 130 Landsaw. Dorothy 130 Langley. Cindy., 38. 47. 53. 106. 36. 46. 48. 49 Langley. Mike 139 Lantz. Henry 130 Lantz. Robert 139 Lash. Steve 106 Lasley. Anita 139 Lesley. Mary 130 Latham. Barrey 139 Latham. Deb 104 Lauber. Derba 139 Lauer. Mike 106 LaVine. Randy 139 Lawson. Mildred 52. 106 Lawson. Rosetta 106 Lozoff Barb 130 Lazoff. Don 130. 66 Lazoff Marcia 130 Leach. Fred 66. 130 Leason. Charlene 106 Lee. Helen 139. 54 Lee. Marde 134 Lee. Mike 139 Lee. Ron 130 Lees. Linda.. 57. 106. 56. 66. 69 Lehman. Ann (Mrs.) 145 Lehrman. Cindy.... 55 139. 49 Lehrman. Mary 106. 64 Leinlnger. Dana 130. 54 Leist. Gloria.... 51. 106. 64. 65 Lemke. Paul (Mr.) 28 148 el. Jim 106 Len .130 on. Jeannette..68 130 68 Lench. Joyce 130 Lesh. Melody 130 Lester. Jim 130 Lewinski. James (Mr.) 148 Lewis, Barb. .55. 56. 66. 139. 57. 64. 64 Lewlt. Greg _, . ., .„, ., Lewi-., M«fi. ii. 130, 57 Licfcert. Chfi« 106 Liggett, Cherie.,38. 39, 104, i Liggett. Jim 139 Light, Patricio (Mr,., 145 Under, Kent 130 Linder, Mark 104 LIndemuth, Mo 139 Lindiey. Jackie 1 39 Linn. None .. 38, 52, 57. 130. 5 . 48. 66. 49 Linnemeier. Ste- e 106, 49 Little, Elizabeth (MIh)....I13. Uttleiohn, Juitui 130. 37 Lloyd. Mickey 104 Lockhart. Mike 130 Lockwood. Daniel.. 38. 39. 55, 104. 14, 40. 54, 56. 124. 66. Ifl Lockwood. Tim 54, 139 Loechner, Steve 104 Loechner, William.. 42, 66. 74 1 9. 45. 74 Logan. Larry 106 Loisel. Sue... 43. 104. 43. 59 41 Long. Dave 130. 134 Long. Kenneth.. 15. 42. 74 104 14. 54. 47 Longordner. Ruth.. 38, 43. 104. Longley, Pat. M ib. 43. 59 139 Macy. Terrlne..l30. 52. 53. 59. 48. 134 Madrid, Mike 139 Madelsty, John 139 Mahlan. kirk.... 104. 54. 42. 44 Malcolm. Kevin 139 Malecet. Freda (Mrs.) 145 Maley. Carol 139 Malich, Chris.. 130. 43. 44. 48. 53. 77 Malott. John (Mr.) 148 Malott. Kathy 139 Malott. Keith 139 Manes. Mike 130 Mantz. Diane 140 Mantz. Susan 140 Mann Cathy 130 Mann. Steve 73. 74. 130 Marino Sharon 139 Marfcey. Alan 139 Markey. Janet 37. 139 Markey Paul 130 54 Martain. Charles 107 Martain Denny 139 Martin. Don 107 Martinez. Victor 134 Martz Kenneth 139 48 Mason. Bob 107 Mason Carol 139 Mason! Cher I 139 Masters. Terry 107 Mast Gary 130 Masterson, Diane 130 134 Matter. Cindy 130. 34. 48 Mattix, Mary 139 Maurer Dan 130 Maus. Alvln 107 Maus John 139 Mayfleld Don 130 Maxwell. Debbie 107 Maxwell. Robert 107 McAfee. Sue 107. 49 McBrlde. Pat 139 McCarty. Marion IM McCarthy Phillis 134 McClead. Donald (Mr.). ...21, 148 McClure, Scott 134 McCoskey, Linda 139 McCord, Nanette 130 McClue, Mike 107 McCurdy. Joyce 107. 40 McCue. Tom 124 130 McDermott Jeanne... 101 107. 34. 51. 48 McDermott. Susan 130. 40 McGuire. Jim 107 McGIII Danny IM McKathnie. Linda. -12. 37. 43. 107 McKathnie. Lois.. 107. 12. 38. 43 McKee. Richard 107. 54. 47 McKeever. Tamera..l07. 54. 60 McKeeve-s Terry 139, 140 McKnloht Nell I» McKenzIe Stephanie.. . 107, 52 McMahan Mike 107 McMahan; Bill 75. 74 McMaken Karen.. 107. 53. 52. 54. 54. 66 McMaftan. Bill 130 McMinn Mike 107 McNeal. ' Bonnie 130 McNeal Greg 130 McNeal Mike 130 McNeal. Linda 139 McNeal Sandra 130 McPherson. Sandra 130 Meadows Charlene 130 Medsker. Arlene 107 43. 3 Melsner. Eddie Lou... 130. 28. 54 Meister. Deanna (Mrs.). .. . 148 Melvln. Barbara-. 130. 57. 54, 63 44 Mendenhall. Ron... 107. 10. 53 Mensch. Jim 74. 107 lnd€ 157 Menocal, John Menocal, Lyd Meridith, Charlette Meridith Linda B ' l, Merriman, Gladys (Mrs.)- Meyer. Mark Meyers, Mike Meyers, Steve Mitchel, John 74. Milledge, Cindy Milledge. Robert Middlton. Mark Miller, Bob. .130, 53, 62, 65, Miller, Bruce Miller, David Miller Jean 130, 59, Miller, Judy 130. Miller. Larry Miller. Linda... .131. 56. 66. Miller. Lonnie Miller. Mike Miller Margerate Miller. Pat 64. Miller. Peggy 43. 108. Miller. Roger 51. 108. Miller. Ron 59. 134. Miller. Trudy Millikan. Ken 108 Mills. Debi 108. Mills, Tammy 108. Mills. Pam 37. Mills. Vicki 60. Mink Cindy.. 130. 38. 59. 60 Minnick. Alan 140. Minyard. Alan 15. Miser. Jim Mitchell. Linda Mitchell. William (Mr.).... Moldthan. Ed Moellering, Bev 108. 37. Monnier. (iheryl Monteith. Ron 131, Moore ' , Lynda .V. ' .V. ' .Ys ' r. ' 65 Moore. Richard. .131 56. 62 Moore. Tom 108. 22 Moser. Jon 108. Moser. Millie 131 37, Morlan, Donna Morris, Katie 131, Morrison, Donna 131 Mossburg, Cathy Mcsshammer, Steve Mowan, Gloria Mowan, Sharon 108, Mowery, Beverly lOB, Moweriy, James Moylan. Maureen 108. Mudrack. Mike Mundt Linda Mucell ' o. Paula.. Muhler. Carol... Myers. Carolyn ' _ ' .[ Myers. Stephen Myers, Dale 108, 38, 56. N Nagel. George Nailor. Paul Nantz. Suzanne. . Nelth. Diana Nelson, Beverly 64 Nelson, Larry 51 ' Nelson, Linda Nelson. Jennifer. .. ,37. 55. Nelson. Peggy Nelson. Rodger. . . Nesbltt Eileen. Nevogt. Eric 37. 38. Nevogt. Ruth 64 68 Newhard. Ed..,. 65. 66. 74. Newkirk Marsha Newman. Rick Nil!. Janet 38. 54. Niman. Kerry Nine. Sherry 59 61. Nomina. Judy.... 38. 43. 48 59. ' Nord, Cindy. .15, 38 66 67 Nordyke. Dana., 38. 56 ' 66 69. Nordyke. Diana.. 53 68 69 Norris. Brian.... 62. 65. ' 67. Norris David... 51. 52. 64. Norris. Mark Novell, Steve 68 Novltski. Karen... 57 50 ' Nunn. Roscoe... Nusbaum. Mrs. Alice. o O ' Brien. Ter eoso Ohier. Chris dinger. Cindy 56. 58 Oltnske Sandra 50 Oliver. Bruce Olofson. Betsey 131 Olofson. Janet.. 37. 37 43. 59. 109. Ormes. Pamela 126 Ormiston. Cheryl ,.37. 55. Osborn. Dale 56. 66, TJ born. Lynn.. Osborn. Mike. Osborn. Rick... Osborne Ernie. 59. 75. 67, .36 55, 140 .60. 68. 140 55. 140 Rape. Kirk 109 Pape. Joel 140 Pape. Chris 60. 68. 131 Papagiannis. James 131 Paris. Mrs. Marjorie 145 Parker David 50. 109 Parker, Deborah 140 Parker, Doug 131 Parkerson. Gary.. 36. 40. 73. 74. 131 Parkins, Gary 140 Parrish, Mike 140 Partridge, Ron 140 Partridge, James 131 Partridge. Kathy 140 Patrick, Gail 64. 109 Patrl Patten. Patten, Su: Patterson, Patterson, Patsy. Stev olyn. Payton. Payton. R seann 131 Pease. Angela 109 Pelrce. Joy 131 Peirce. Tom 59. 109 ....54 109 Peike Gle Peppl . Pepple. Steve 131 Peppier. Gary 131 Perclval Peter 36. 54 140 Perez. Razuel 8. 37 Peters. Jane 51. 53. 109 Peterson. Susan 109 Petgen. Shirrell 43. 109 Petre. Keith 140 Petty. Anita. -52. 56. 67. 68. 131 Phillips. Beverly 109 Phillips. Cappi 140 Phillips. Mr. Charles... 51. 148 Phillips. Kerry 109 Phillips. Steve 140 Phillips. Mr. Williams.. 50. 113. ;kering. Kare :kett. Lonna. iking. Tom.. !per. Becky, irce. Blll... .69. 131 .38. 53. 131 131 Jerry 131 r. Ron 65. 67. 109 Lynn 43. 109 Hlace. Kathy 131. 43 Piatt. Mr. David 67. 148 Pllett. John. Plurr Mli Fran .145 Poinsett. Cindy.. 32, 56, 66, 69, Richard. 09 Poinsett. Polios. Sherry Polios. Phillip Potts. John... Potts. Warren 141 Pov ers. Debbie 131 Powers James 109 Pressler. Mike 141 Priest Kenny 131 Puetz, Bill 131 Puff. Rita 109. 63 Puff. Roy 141 Pugh. Mr. Robert 26. 148 Purkhiser Mr. James 148 Q Oulnn James 74 109 Quinni Pat 67. 131 Frank. .131 Ramsey. Anne,. 56, 57, 63, 67, 131 Radatz, Anah 55, 141 Rapp, Kathy 109 Ransburg Mrs. Ramona. ...148 Ranson, Charlotte 141 Ratciiff, Nancy 131 Ray, Christine 141 Rea, Lynn 131 Rediger, Frances 51, 110 Redman, Nancl 54, 141 Redwanskl Gay 141 Reeder. James.. 40, 52, 56 66, 69, 74, 110 Regedanz. Joan.... 64, 65, 110 Reiqhter. Robert 110 Reiferath, Pfiil Reimund. Larry Relsinger. Sue Rennecke. Mike Rennecker Linda 68. Renner. Sherrill 68. Reppert. Linda 51. Revllle. Mike Revllle. Steve 51. 53. Reynard Mr. Gordon Reynolds. Debby Reynolds. Margo Rhea. Maxlne Rhodes. Carol Rhodes. Brenda. 56. 57. 63 Rhodes. Debbie, .56. 64. Rhodes. Dove Rice. Mr. Merle Rice. Mike Rice, Steve Rich, Gerald Richard, Deborah. .141. 36. Richard. Trudy Richards. Charles 110. Richards, Marcia 131, Richards, Mark Rlchey Debbie 141. Rider. Richard Rinard. Tim Ripple. Linda.. I 10. 56. 58. 65. Roach, Connie 131. Robb. Sherry Robbins. Patty Roberts. Dave Roberts Nancy 141. 57. Roberts. Beatrice Robinson. Bruce 131. Robinson. Steve.. I 10. 36. 54 Robles. Roman. .72. 74. 131. Robnolte Beth Robotham. Sharon Roby. Gerald 131. 51. Rodenbeck. Jack 74. Rodgers. Jackie Roehling. Debra 141. Roehm. Jim 110, 65, Roller, ' Dfsnnk. ' ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' ..[[ Roller. Donna Roller. Vicki 131. Rollins. Art Romano. Tony 33. Romano Mike Ross, Borbaro 141 Ross. Sue Rouse. Brenda 141 Roose. Walt Rowold. Arlene 131, Rowe Mr. Duane 76. Roy. ' Pam Rudolph. Ray Rugg. Russell Ruf. Stan Runyon. Joann Ruoff. Cindy 131 Rundel Monika Russ. Pamela Russ. Scott Ryan, Joyce Saff, Teresa Salmon, Bill 131, Salud, Conchita..l4 42. 43. 98, 97, Sampson, Gary Sanders Al Sanders, Sue Sanders, Linda.. .64. 66. Savio. John 73. 74. Saylor. Cecelia Schaffer Linda Schaffer Marilyn Schafianski. Mary Scheele. Charles. ., .40. 73. 75. Scheele. William Scheele. Karen 36. 43. Scheele. Ruth 38. 45. Schellenbach Nan, 36 55. 67. Scherer. Julie Schlatter. Kenneth.. 56. 62. Schmid. Pat.. 56. 57. 62. 66. Schmidt. Greg Schmi dt. Linda Schneider. Jerry Schneider. Paula Schneider. Sharon 63. Schoch Fran Schoenleln. Cassandra.. . Schoonover. Mr. Augustus.. Schory. James Schory. Richard Schrey. Laurie 43. 68. Schroeder. Becky.. Schroeder. Dorthy Schroff. Steve Schroff. Karl Schubert. Julie 55 56 Schultz. Robert... ' 66 ' Schumaker. Bill ' . . Schiuab. Rick Ill Scofield. Bill Scott. Janice 43. 62. Scribner. Dave 132 Scrlbner. Ed Ill 141 Seeger, Nevin..62. 64. 66. 67. 69 141 Seeger Richard 41. 132 Seely. David 69. 132 Sells. Leslie 132 Seewald Richard 141 Senesac. Linda Ill Shaffer. Robert 132 Shaheen. Dave 141 Sharpe. Laura 132 Shaw. Kenton Ill Sheets. Alvln Ill Sheets. Jeff III. 132 Sheets Pat 132 Shepelak. Norma 141 Shepler. Mrs. Maxne 145 Shepler. Sally 43. Ill Sherman. Carol 141 Sherman. Donald 37. 132 Shimel George 132 Shimei; Robert 132 Shlnn Richard Ill Shipe. Larry Ill Shipe. Penny 141 Shirlav. Alexander 141 Shlve. Larry Ill Shively. Debbie 141 Shoemaker Barb 141 Shook. Holly 141 Shopp. Tim Ill Shoup. Sue.. 51. 52. 66. 68. 69. 132 Showalter. Don.. 9. 40 74. Ill Showalter. Keith., .68. 75. 141 Shumaker. Don.. 49. 66. 69. 73. 132 Shupp. Al 69. Ill, 132 Shutt, Mrs. Mary 145 Sibert, Patricia 141 Sicklesteel Carol 61, 132 Slellng, Linda 53, 132 Slevers, Mike.... 28. 40. 52. 56. 64 67. 132 Siler. Melvln 141 Simcoe, Deb 132 SImerman. Alan 132 Simerman. James 141 Simon. Cindy 141 Slmin. Joe Ill Sims. Linda 32. 67. Ill Simpson. Lawrence 68. 141 Simpson. Sandy Ill Sltcler. James 141 Sltcler Paula Ill SIzemore. Vernon 132 Shelly Thersa 141 Skelof ' f. Sue... 48. 54. 59. 132 Skevlngton. Clara 132 Skevlngton. Ann 141 Sklnker. Tom 132 Slack Deb .56, 67, 59 66, 132 Sloan ' , Richard 59, 67, 132 Sloan Victoria Ml Smead, Pam.... 38. 59. 69. Ill Smead Sue 132 Smith Aleta Ill Smith. Amy, 54. 59. 65. 67, 141 Smith. Cheryl 141 Smith Clarissa 141 Smith. Claudia 132 Smith Clifford 134 Smith Don Ill Smith. Mr. Gary 149 Smith. John 132. 134 Smith. Linda 67. 132 Smith. Maria Ill Smith, Pam 141 Smith Rebecca 141 Smith, Robin 132 Smith, Ron Ill Smith, Miss Sandra 145 Smith Sharon Ill Smith, Sue 132 Smith Terri 132 Smith Tonl 132 Smith, Velinda 132 Smoak, Steve Ill Snider, Mr. Waveland 149 Snider. Cheryl 132 Snider Lee 141 Snyder. Don 141 Snyder. Rita... .37 51. 67. 141 Snyder. Sharon.... 32. 54 141 Snyder Sherry 132 Sorg. Sandra 141 Sower. Judy 132 Sower, Phillip Ill Sowers Sandra 37 43. Ill Soyars, Linda 69, 111 Sparks, Miss Kathleen 149 Sparks. Severely 132 Spencer, Mike 48. 126. 132 Spice. Gary 141 Splllers. Dave 132 Spoolstra. Mrs. Marjorie. .. 149 Sproat. Gary 141 Sorunger. Kay 132 Sprunger, Sandra. 111. 37. 55. 59. 124 Squires. Bill 141 Stafford. Mrs. Fae 145 Stafford, Pam.. 11 I. 36. 43. 54. 67 Stanczak, Mrs. Mariorie ...145 Stanton. Elizabeth 141. Ill Stanton, Rosa Ill Stark. Lani Ill, 141 Starnes. Nick...- Ill Staszak. Albert 132. 66 Stauffer, Mr. John 149 Stauffer. Tim. ..111. 62. 65. 141 Stedman. Janet.... 15. 111. 38. 46. 48 56. 63. 67 Stefoff. Rebecca 132 Steigneyer 142 Stelnbacher. Donna Ill Steiner. Mark 142. 65. 66 Stemen. Greg 132 Stemen. Lynn 132 Stewart, Jane 142. 54 Stewart. Sarah 57, 142 Stoeckly, Mrs. Beatrice. ... 145 Stockert. David 112 Stoiche. Dennis 132 Stone. Dan 48, 112 Srone, Sue 142 Stonebreaker. Julie.. 55, 56, 64. 142 Stonebreaker, Valerie. .. 15. 55, 59. 67, 112 Stonestreet. John 111. 132 Stoody. James.. 54, 55, 56, 58. 65. 67, 112. 142 Stoops. Judy 142 Storey. Patty 112 Stoy. Jacqueline.... 62. 67. 132 Strahm, Dan 112. 142 Strahm. Gary 142 Strahm. Lou 112 Streets. Linda 142 Strong. Tim 25. 111. 132 Stuckey Bridgett 68. 142 Stuckey. Randy 65. 132 Stuckey. Valerie.. 56. 61. 66, 69, 112 Studebaker, Bonnie 62, 65. 142 Studebaker. Joan 112 Stummer, Teresa 68, 142 Subsda. Debra 132 Suter Wanda 112 Sutter. Darlene 112 Sutter Vernon 111. 132 Swaidner. Richard 112 Swalm. Greg 132 Swain. Douglas 142 Swlnk. Anna 67. 111. 142 Switzer, Fred 40. 64. 112 Swogger. Joy.. 36. 43. 126. 132 Sylvester, Ray 69, 132 Taber. Regina 142 Tagtmeyer, Steve... 36. 53, 112 Tassler, Mike 134 Tassler, Tom 66. 142 Taylor, Cindy 112 Taylor, Debra 142 Taylor, James 132 Taylor. Judle 66, 142 Taylor. Ralph 112 Taylor. Robert 112 Tegtmeyer. Karen.. 36. 43, 132 Tennant Jean 132 Tennant John 112 Terrell, David 77, 142 Tew. Craig 113 Tew. Steve 132 Thieme. Steve 132 Thieme Steven 142 Thiele. Miss Norma 149 Thiel Richard 132 Thompson. Cora 14, 113 Thompson. Donald 132 Thompson. Terry 113 Thompson John 142 Thompson. John 74. 132 Thompson. Phyllis 60. 142 Thornhill. Chris 59. 132 Thurber. Mike 142 Thurston. Kathy 54, 142 Tigges, Almee 142 Till, James 51, 132 Till Ken 132 Timler, Mr. Steven 149 Timmls, Steve 113 Timmons Mark 75. 142 Timmons. Steve 64. 113 Tlpsord Victoria 142 Todd. Miss Sandra 145 Tonak Herold 142 Tonak Gerald 132 Traster. Mr. Robert 145 Trendle.- George 142 Trim. Dave 132 Triplett. Carol 113 Tripoli. Judy 132 Tryon. Bruce 113 Tslkourls. Nick 132 Tulley. Karen 113 Tulley. Mike 142 Turner Bruce 49, 142 U Uhrick, Linda.. 59, 68. 131. 133 Updike. Mr. Max 145 Updyke. Sandra 113 Upole. Jacqueline 113 Upton. Diana U3 Urschel. Jane 133 V Vahid. Glayol 28. 43. 113 Valentine. Vicki 142 Vangorder. Bob 142 158 Index VanHouten, Dennis.. 48, 52, 73 74, 75, 113 Vanover, Sandy 142 Veasey, Cathy 133 Veidt, Mr. Frederick. .. .2B, 149 Verhaegen, Stanley 142 Vickers, Cindy 142 Vining, Ralpti 133 Vogel. Margaret 133 Volrol, Gary 142 Voors, John 143 Voors, Robert 113 Vosmeier, Valerie 142 W Waechter, Deb 133 Waechter. Stephanie 133 Waggoner, Alva 133 Waggoner. Mike.... 74, 133, 73 Wagner, Doris 133, 61 Wagner, Mike 133 Waikel, Jo 133, 52 Walkel, Richard 113 Waikel. Terry 142 Walkel. Tom 142 Wakeman, Linda 134 Walker. Doug 133 69 Walker. Jo Anne 133 Walker. Judy 133 Walker. Mike 113 Walker, Rebecca 142 52 Wall, Karl 133 37 Wall. Kevin ' 142 Wall, Randal 142 Wallace, Robert 133 51 Waltemath, Charlie. .. 133 ' 40 69 Walter. Mr. John 149 Walter, Judy 133 Waltz, Nancy 113 Warnstadt, Renate 142 61 Warnick, Cindy 133 Warren, Deborah 133 Warren, Mary 133 Warren. Sue 142 Wasson, Evelyn 133 Wasson, Sue 68 Wasson, Warn 142 Warwick, Bruce 133, 64 Waters Roxanna 113 Waters. Mike 142 Waters. Terry 142 Watkins, Martha 133 Watkins. Mary 133 Watkins. Mike 142 Weaver, Steve 133. 55 Weaver. Sherry.. I 13, 38. 59 64 Webb. Clifford 142 Webb. Darla 142 Weber, Beth 54, 68 Weber, Jamie 142 Weber, Mrs. Janet 149 Webster, Sara 68, 142 Wehrenberg. Dan 133 Wehrenberg, William.. 40, 126, 133 Weick, Celeste 113 Weikel, Linda 133 Weimer, George 57, 142 Weimer, Maria 133 Weinley. Linda 68, 133 Welch, David 113 Weldon Mary 66. 67, 142 Welch, Eugene 113 Wellman, Douglas 65, 133 Wells, Darrell 55, 142 Wells. Linda 133 Wells, Rick 113 Wentz, Jeffery 12, 36. I 13 Wentz, Nancy 55. 142 Werling. Craig 142 Werling. Deborah 113 Wermuth, Alfred... 36, 64, 142 Wermuth, Mrs. Jackie 149 Wert, Mrs. Clive 149 Wert, Mary 36. 133 Wert, Mike 113 Westerhausen, Linda 134 Westerhausen, Sandy... 36, 60, 142 Wetzel, Mike 51, 142 Wetzel, Sue 64, 66, 133 Wetzel, Walter 142 Wetzel, William 133 Wheeler. Larry 113 Wheeler, Patricia. . .56, 67 69, 113 Whisler. David 142 Whisler. Diane 134 White, Dan 73. 74. 133 White, David 133 White. Pam....60. 63. 66 142 Whltehurst, David 113 Whitehurst, Mark 142 Whltelaw. Martha 55, 142 Whiteleather. Marsha.. 28. 36. 64, 66. 133 Whiteman, Kathy 54 142 Whlttecar. Freda 142 Widmann, Donald 75 143 Widmann, Linda 143 Widmann, Rick 133 Widmer, Steve 143 Wiegand, Mary 54 57 Wilds, Brett 143 Wiley, Dennis 113 Wiley, Lauren 143. 60, 63 Wilhelm, Carol 57. 64, 133 Wilkening. Margo 143 Williams, Charles 133 Williams, Janet 133 Williamj, Karen,. 37. 38, 43, 45 48. 113 124 Williamt. Kevin. ...38. 52, 133 Willianrii, Linda 133 Williams, Theresa 143 Wilson, Betsy... 3B, 54, 67 66. 133 Wilson, Gary 40. 114 Wilson, Pam 66. 133. 134 Wilson. Pamela 143 Wilson. Paul 69. 133 Windsor. Jerry 134 Winget. Beverly 133 Winget. Floyd 143 Winkleblacfc. Ann 143 Winquiwt, Lois.. 51. 57, 59, 133 Winters, Dave 114 Winters, Carol 68, 143 Winters, Mark 66 143 Winters, Mark 143 Wlnzeler, Annette 65, 143 Wire, Sue 143, 60. 57 Wise, Harold 143 Wise, Jamie. .36, 43, 52, 53. 60. 69. 133, 126 Wise, Nancy 143 Wissler, Steve 114 Wissler, Ron 143 Wittv er, George 133 Wittwer, Linda 134 Witzingreuter, Kay 143 Wolever Elaine 143 Wolfe, kent 114 Wolf. James 143 Wolter. Elian 59, 133 Wood. Janis 133 Wood, Joe.... ' 133 Wood, Sue 114 Woody, Barbara 133 Woodward, John 7 5 143 V oodary, Jotepfi M3 V orley. Tim le Wooten. lore 133 Worden, Sandy 133 Worlrnnan. Oanrry M4 Wright. Judy 1T3 Wyiong, Larry |43 Wylie. Barb IJ3 V Yahn. rrance«..ll4, 37, 55, 59, U Yant. Patricia Ifl, 54 Ybarra. Danny ir4 Yeiier. Steve US Yerrich. Jeff 143 Yingst. Laurel 1 Yoder. Janet |I4 Yoder. Richard 133 Yost. Richard 77 Young. Harry Mr 59. 149 Young, Janet 143 Young. Sally ri4. 43 York. David 38. 133 Z Zeige. Ann 134. 43 52 Ziegler. Harvey.... 1 14. 54 65, Zich. Sue 134, 38, ' 54 Zigler. Lynn n4 Zimmerman. Denny 134 Zimmerman. Kay r34 Zimmerman. Ken IJ4 Zimmerman. Tom 75 ZirHe. Jacque 114 Zion. Roland 134 Zollers. Marsha 67 134 Zumbrum. Mike,... 24. f34 73 Zweig. Nat 114. 46, 46 87 Inde 159 [

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North Side High School - Legend Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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