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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1966 volume:

JGc 977.202 F77mq 1966 [North Side High School (Fort Wayne, Imd. ) ILegend Gc 977.202 F77nd 1966 North Side High School. (Fort Wayne Ind. ) Legend M. L 1355861 IMPMiHjUi fiTfflfaLCOTIQH £,£W ALLiEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 02292 9720 LEGEND Presented by the 1966 Legend Staff North Side High School Fort Wayne, Indiana •• •■-■■•iwi ACADEMIC... 14 ACTIVITIES... 32 Back to Normal From the beginning, 1966 was a year of change — a return to normal. After three years of " shift " classes, North Side was again in session on the usual 8 o ' clock to 3 o ' clock basis. A decreased enrollment facilitated the return to normal. With 500 fewer students, it was no longer necessary to get students in and out of the building as soon as possible to make room for others. The smaller enrollment brought several lesser, but to the students, equally significant changes. With fewer students, facilities were less crowded. Classes no longer met in athletic exercise rooms, or home- rooms in the gym. Crowds in the stairways thinned, and the rush for a table in the cafeteria was not nearly so desperate. Improvements in the school abounded. The intra- mural program expanded, and a new exploratory teaching course was added. The selection of extra- curricular activities broadened with the addition of new clubs and seminars; wrestling and swim meets stretched the athletic schedule. With fewer students and a normal time schedule, the scholastic attitude and image of all North Side improved. 1355861 ATHLETICS ... 66 FACULTY 92 CLASSES 102 In Normality, There Is Room ■ ■ ■ Three o ' clock . . . school ' s over time to go home. Five hundred fewer students brought North much closer to the capacity enrollment of 1,500 for which it had been built thirty-nine years ago. Facilities were still crowded, but not to the extent of recent years. Seniors noticed the change more than anyone else perhaps, for they had struggled through halls crowded with the 2500 enrollment of two years ago, but spent their final year with only 1975 classmates. But more important than the physical spacious- ness in many aspects was the expansion of the scho- lastic attitude of students and faculty alike. The school ' s atmosphere, because of increased space and the resultant normal scheduling, assumed an or- ganized and purposeful manner more conducive to study. The part-time schooling appearance necessary in previous years disappeared, and once again North Side could offer education in the most desirable fashion possible. Unaware of a roaming photographer without a pass, hall monitor Ellena Collins concentrates on her homework. Although haunted by warnings against poor study habits, Earl Gleason yields to the enticing call of Spring. A quiet corridor reflects hours spent in classrooms . . . Happy crowds escape the press of knowledge. ■ ■ ■ More Time for Friends Students escape the crowded cafeteria for the friendly and refreshing atmosphere surrounding Mr. Softee. .-£ As we go our separate ways, shadows of friendship formed at the Dome remain in our memories forever. Tottering in an impromptu totem pole, the varsity cheer- leaders take time out for fun during a practice session. Sara Van Every gets no help from Sue Fenstermaker and JoAnn Stonebreaker as she faces the consequences of a stuffed locker. ■ ■ ■ Fun ■ ■ ■ Redskins f rugged, jerked, and freddied through the 1965-1966 school year. Discotheques were the greatest, and dance bands thrived. The total look was " in " , and so were textured hose, Ouija boards, and James Bond. Autumn brought ' Skins together to enjoy the usual wienie roasts, hayrides, and football games. As weather grew colder, girls snuggled into poor- boy sweaters, and boys let their hair grow into surfer or Beatle mops to keep out the chill. Skiing gained new popularity as ' Skins took to the slopes way up in Michigan or as far away as Colorado. Winter haze was further dispelled by the coming of " Batman " , a pop-art TV melodrama featuring the greatest masked man since the Lone Ranger. The melting of snow renewed the thrills of such warm weather activities as skateboarding and motor- cycling. The most popular topic of conversation be- came prom fashions, and for seniors, graduation and that first step into the world. And for students and teachers alike, the most inviting thoughts were those of summer fun and freedom. Willy Holloway and Davey PlatI show off their gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Santa, alias Donny McClead and Sonny Schoonover. " It ' s a cinch, " thinks sophomore Gene Hale as he finally lifts the weights over his head. Intensive concentration on the Ouija board reveals knowledge of the future to Judy Rice and Bob McKee. Academics Benefit ■ Dependable, personable, civic-minded-Heather Butler, Nancy Morrison, and Penny Winkler qualify as DAR ideal citizens. Returning to 8 to 3 schedules for a-11 students im- proved both academics and club participation. Four outstanding students represented North as National Merit semi-finalists, and thirteen others received letters of commendation for their high scores on this test. Because of scheduling complications, newly- formed seminars in English and social studies met either before or after school, replacing XX classes for juniors and seniors. Regular classes improved because there were fewer distractions in the halls and bells were not ringing every half hour through- out much of the day. All classes were over at 3 o ' clock, which enabled students to join more extra-curricular activities; and, as a result, club membership increased. This gave students more opportunity to improve and to exhibit their abilities. Six seniors were chosen by their classmates as best exhibiting the qualities of a true Redskin. They received the DAR and good citizenship awards. The library provides a quiet study area fo work or researching; a term paper. finishing up home- National Merit Semi-Finalists are Mike Harper. Scott Saunders, Paul Helmke, and Kathy Nickel. Club Participation Picks Up Key Clubbers Jim Moore and Ron Stebing repaint the lettering over the senior door for their new-member project. " Z " Club members apply the feminine touch to the makings of corsages for the sectional tournament. Drum major Dan Raschke leads twirlers and band in a practice march around Shoaff Park. Community Feelings Stretch A Cappella spreads the fame of North Side to the convention of mus ic educators at Indianapolis. The Dome opened its doors wide to the cultural and civic opportunities of the community. The school actively supported the Christmas Bureau; sixty- four families enjoyed a finer holiday through the aid of homeroom collections of food, clothing, and toys. As a special project, homerooms sent letters and gifts to local men serving in Viet Nam. As individuals, Redskins volunteered in the Red Cross or the nursettes, and were employed at a variety of Fort Wayne businesses. Local theater and music groups also boasted North Side talent and patronage. Pam Richard, head of the Viet Nam project, readies a Christ- mas package for shipment to a local man overseas. Sacrificed lunches, donated time, and syphoned energy are the traditional Basket Assembly and presented to sixty-four personified in the hundreds of Christmas boxes brought to underprivileged families in the community. Horizons Broaden Scott Schaefer directs Central Catholic student leaders in a school tour as part of Student Council ' s attempt to better interschool relations. Patty Moore sorts college bulletins available to seniors for use in planning future schooling and careers. A student ' s knowledge of facts and ideas widens through participation in class discussion and recitation. 11 Normality Boosts School Spirit ■ ■ ■ Jenny Nelson, Mary Keirns. and Sandy Errington minute preparations for the first basketball game Red dominated as ' Skins sported their Indian spirit. Red Days coincided with pep sessions, and the student body turned out in its most vivid attire. Even stairwell bulletin boards flashed crimson after Key Club ' s brushwork. " How Day " debuted in red socks and pigtails, and students exchanged " Hows " instead of " Helios " . Individual clubs offered other opportunities for displaying loyalty by selling license plates, stickers, and sweatshirts, all embellished with Redskin in- signia. True school spirit showed in other ways, too. In- creasing the North Side reputation was the nation- ally recognized Student Council, which sponsored and encouraged beneficial activities such as the leadership program. Direction One. Individuals pitched in to clean up locker rooms and cultivate the school grounds; others devoted their free time to helping teachers and working in the various offices. Mark Henry. Howard Doughty, and Mona Georgi apply the skills to the preparation of a spirit-boosting banner. A tomahawk, some feathers, and a few fringe benefits, and Ron Mendenhall becomes chief of the Redskins. 12 Ties Us Together in Old Traditions and New m Kay Durfey ' s " bug " ' nietamorphizes into a rooti -tootm Redskin as tourney excitement grows. Disregarding the bulletin board, Sue Augsburger supports her own choice of candidates for sophomore class officers. Unwary sophomores discover on school ' s first day that war paint is the initial step in be- coming a full-fledged Redskin. l: ACADEMIC With North ' s smaller enrollment, programming was more flexihle, thus allowing advisors to spend more time on each student ' s schedule. Subjects were constantly being added to broaden the curriculum, giving each student a chance to stretch his horizons. Exploratory teaching developed future teachers ' in- terests in the profession by allowing them to explore the range of elementary and junior high classrooms. Experiments with BSCS biology, advanced chemistry and bookkeeping, Russian, choral groups, and semi- nars directed pupils for achievement. Results of these experiments supported a better acad emic system. 15 Through their study of English, students com- munciated with each other. Redskins learned the art of self-expression through an appreciation and evaluation of good literature. Special emphasis was placed upon the many facets of the humanities. An extensive analysis of various types of literature comprised English 7. Seniors paraphrased short stories, essays, plays, and poems; however, English wasn ' t limited to all writing. Presenting floor talks, acting out plays, studying the " Atlantic Monthly, " and leading group discussions also constituted senior English. A term paper stressed the techniques of clear thinking, research, and writing in both junior and senior classes, many juniors writing term papers for the first time. Characteristic of most junior English classes was the comprehensive study of Shakespeare ' s " Macbeth " and English literature. Sophomore English students concentrated on many basic terms. They studied a background of American authors and their works through the probing of the American Literature textbook. " Now what can I wear to the Senior Banquet? " ponders Nancy Morrison as she takes notes for her term paper. English Scholars Accept Challenges Presented Throuc Don Houts presents a W D commercial to Mrs. Elizabeth Donnelly ' s sophomore English class. Sharon L ' etrecht collects books corresponding to her note cards in preparation for her floor talk. 16 Scot Clark and Bob Vegeler lake Ron Stebing ' s subscription for the Collage literary magazine. Literature and Grammar Miss Elizabeth Little explains to Mike Baker her procedure in grading poetry, essay, and short story note cards. Students in Mrs. Lois Giniecki ' s junior English class use props and costumes to act out a scene from " Macbeth. " 17 Linguistic Horizons Stretch, Departmen t Expands to In- Earlene Dunbar scans a magazine to find information on the Spanish doll that Dwight Fraze holds. Suzie Poffenberger and Chris Craft refrain from offering what knowledge they have. With chalk in hand, Mr. David Mitchell is prepared to aid JoAnn Stonebreaker with any difficulty she may have, as she writes a Russian sentence on the board. Second year German students add to their knowledge as they explore material available to them in magazines. 18 lude Russian, with French, German, Spanish, and Latin North Side has expanded its foreign languare cur- riculum to include five languages — French, Spanish, Latin, German, and the first Slavic language offered, Russian. Taught by Mr. David Mitchell, the Russian course consisted mainly of vocabularly-building and construction study. One of the first things Russian students undertook was the mastery of a new alpha- bet. French and Spanish novels, plays, newspapers, and magazines challenged readers in practical appli- cation of their knowledge. The conversational, as well as the grammatical aspect of the two languages, played a major role in the study, as beginners spent much time learning to pronounce correctly. The classroom emphasized culture and current events, and five Redskins, including two graduates of last year, studied in France with the American Institute for Foreign Study. Latin classes not only gained a knowledge of the language, but also the third and fourth year classes devoted much time translating the works of Cicero and Virgil. Extra reports contributed to the compre- hension of Latin and early Roman history. Rod Day. portraying the master, prepares to beat his slave, Tom Beaver, for stealing his gold. Mrs. Janet Weber ' s Latin class presented this play, " A Pot of Gold. " " Here it is, " explains Heather Butler to Cyndy Lorman and Mike Harper. Heather points to St. Malo, where they studied French last summer. 19 Mr. James Purkhiser ' s stage crew work diligently lo prepare the props for a future production. Acting, Speaking, Composing Speech and dramatics increased self-confidence and prepared the student to meet the public. Dramatics enabled him to gain practical experi- ence by performing before an audience at the various school productions, besides giving the student a gen- eral background of the theater. Beginning speech students developed informal skills, bodily action, speaker-audience relationships, diction, preparation and communication the first semester; and advanced to formal skills, parliament- ary procedure, discussions, debates, and argumenta- tion. Speech competition was available to advanced students. Theater arts furthered the pupil ' s knowledge of the fine arts by offering him an exploratory experi- ence in art, music, and drama appreciation. " Do you think this length is O.K.? " asks Marleen Engle of Cindy Gillespie, as Marty Murphy sews on a costume. Marilyn Williams lakes note of the time card that Dave Jessup holds as she presents her speech to the class. 20 tedskins Perform in Publications and before Audiences Members of the News Bureau staff eolleet news for distribu- tion among news media in Fort Wayne. Editors and their assistants plan page layouts of the weekly newspaper, the " Northerner ' ' Frantic journalists scurried about the Dome in order to meet publication deadlines of the Legend and the Northerner. Obtaining facts, composing, checking, rewriting, typing, and proofreading con- stituted the endless job of preparing news items and copy for printing. Students expressed their mes- sages not only through words, but also through the use of appealing pictures. The News Bureau contacted the public through the local newspapers and radio and television sta- tions to inform them of the major school events. The annual publications banquet recognized new posi- tions on the staffs. By working on these publications, journalists gained an understanding of factual com- position. Marilyn Musselman, Legend editor, assists Kathy Puryt the writing of headlines for her section. 21 Developing speed and accuracy, Marsha Collins types from her shorthand notebook. Students Accumulate Important Techniques (or Future Regardless of future occupational plans, business students prepared themselves for everyday business activities. General business gave students an insight for preparation. Among other classes offered in this department were typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, clerical practice, and business law. The basic skill of clerical practice was learning to use business machines. " Taking this course pre- pared students to get a job right after graduation, " stated Mrs. Wilma Ashe. The various new machines added this year were rotary and printing calculators, ten-key adding machines, and electric IBM typing machines. Bookkeeping students concentrated mainly on the course used by most businesses and then went into further detail concerning the operation of sole pro- prietorship, partnership, and corporation. Concentration on speed and accuracy composed the study of shorthand and typing. Linda Jantz works diligently on the rotary calculator, one of the new business machines in the Service Center. 22 Tammy Ladig appears tangled in typewriter ribbon as she prepares to change the ribbon for Mrs. Kathleen Paddock. " Gentlemen . . . " begins Mrs. Marilynne Curtis as she dictates to her advanced shorthand class. locations and Commercial Careers in Business World The effects of a lest vary with students in Mr. Donald Hanim ' i first semester business law class. Mr. John Walter looks on as his fifth period class ponders over a difficult exercise in bookkeeping. 23 Numerical Knowledge Fills Minds of Mathematicians Immense change took place in the mathematics department this year. The difference was the " new math " which devoted more time to each topic, and stressed the " why " rather than the " how " of com- putation. Proving algebraic theorems, definitions, and struc- ture became a more important part of the algebraic courses, although solving for the unknown still re- mained the primary goal. Geometry, which included plane and solid geome- try, dealt with basic logic, congruent triangles and loci, and then delved into the study of cubes and spheres. Trigonometry and analytic geometry, combined with some college algebra and an introduction to calculus, were offered to seniors and advanced jun- iors. Determining the relationship between the sides of a right triangle and its angles constituted the major part of the trigonometry class. Mathematics furnished a vital foundation to science and engineering, homemaking, and business and technical skills. HP - l L ma M 9 v mKa K .■■• » -. J Mr. Charles Clark explains a few " points " on an algebraic graph to junior Cindy Klejnot. Working on his trigonometry assignment, Joe Housman bends over his slide rule to solve quadratic equations. Fellow students watch with interest as Roxann Waters and Marilyn Kelder prove the congruency of two triangles. 24 The science department added two courses this year to their curriculm. Chemistry III applied the principles acquired in Chemistry I and II, but in- volved more rigorous laboratory experimentation. This course attempted to evolve a better under- standing of chemical principles by usage. ' Skins studied the basic fundamentals of chemistry and the relationship between matter and energy in Chemistry I and II. Also added this year was Biological Science Cur- riculum Study, purple and blue version. The purple version of BSCS biology was designed for sopho- mores who did not take biology as freshmen. It stressed laboratory work in the many phases of science. An intensive study of the activities of higher plants, designed for students who took biology as freshmen and chemistry in tenth or eleventh grade, was introduced in the blue version of BSCS biology. Physics involved a study of the universe, waves, electricity, and atomic structure, and showed how physical knowledge is acquired experimentally and woven into physical theory. ' Skins investigate the development of embryology in Mrs. Patricia Light ' s BSCS elass, blue version. Scientists Probe Laws, Assumptions in Lab and Class Physics students observe pulses on a coil spring to find larities in waves and light rays. Connie Rider records data as she notes the effects of an ex- periment performed in a chemistry lab. 25 ' Skins Delve into Past, Examine Present, Study Future! To develop well-informed citizens constituted the primary goal of the social science department. Gov- ernmental and historical analysis furnished the stu- dent with a comprehension of politics and world affairs. Many sophomore Redskins took World His- tory, a course which involved the study and com- parison of Man ' s progress from his most primitive form to his present intricacy. Juniors proceeded to probe the history and fundamental policies of the United States. With the comprehension of our na- tion ' s beginning came an understanding of the po- sition of our country and our duties as citizens. Government provided an intense study of the Con- stitution, and the mechanics of our local, state, and federal government. Special emphasis was placed on courts, law-making, internal relations, the United Nations, and foreign policies. Economics covered the study of classified facts and theories concerning Man ' s effort to secure the material commodities and personal services which are needed to support life and make a civilized existence possible. Sociology dealt with environmental effects upon the work, be- havior, and customs of various societies. What does a bear have to do with the stock market? Mr. Robert A. Weaver explains to his economics class about a " bear market, " in which stock prices decline. Under the direction of Mr. R. J. Certain and his striped stick, seniors learn the fundamentals of •andy-cane- economics. Reed Brosius, with the aid of Gale Hughes and Barb Zion, gives a current events report on Viet Nam. •2fi Acquainting Students with Nation and Its Background Sociology students participate in a panel discussion on re- tardation and the security of elderly people. Mr. Myron Henderson lectures to his government class on the heritage of American government. Mr. J. R. Sinks points to an important location of the Roman Empire as world history students watch with interest. 27 Home Economics, Industrial Arts Furnish Students with! Practicing some simple basics of home nursing. Linda Hasty takes Marilyn Snyder ' s temperature and pulse. Home Ec students worked for proficiency in the arts of homemaking and domestic skills. The various courses stressed efficient home management and suc- cessful solutions to problems which accompany family life. Students practiced food selection and care, budget- ing, meal preparation, and correct service techniques in the food courses. They also studied good manage- ment practices, safety, sanitation, and equipment care. Students designed wardrobes and made vari- ous items of clothing after gaining a basic know- ledge of clothing selection, care, construction, and colors and fabrics. Establishing and maintaining an ideal family rela- tionship, a pleasant atmosphere, and a secure budget were the chief concerns of the home nursing, home decorating, family living, and family management classes. Students created actual family circumstances through skits to obtain realistic experiences in family living. Panel discussions, special speakers, and ques- tion-and-answer periods provided necessary facts for the future establishment of homes. Mr. Stone, guest speaker from the Family Services, addresses Mrs. Betty Baugh ' s family living class. Jacquie Headrick and Kalhy Deveau practice making a bed with I.ynn Connor as a patient. 28 ound Foundation for Future Homes and Occupations While the rest of Mr. C. Gordon Reynard ' s drawing class works diligently sketching a machine on new drawing hoards. John Wert tests his abilities to draw with his eyes closed. Buzzing saws and pounding hammers were just a few of the common sounds around the various in- dustrial arts classes. Students who took industrial arts for the first time were introduced to mechanical drawing. Reading drawings, lettering, and sketching plans for a pro- ject constituted this one-semester course. The second semester students shifted to woods or metals. The basic fundamentals of wood involved machine and mill work and wood furnishing. Students utilized to their farthest extent the knowledge of woods by making coffee tables, end tables, or chairs. In Metal I, ' Skins learned how to operate a few basic metal machines such as the grinder, drill press, and milling machines. More advanced machines comprised Metal II and III. ' Skins worked in the foundry area and with sheet metal and learned art welding and how to make castings. Some of the industrial arts rooms received new equipment. Metal classes acquired benches with lock storages, while others made a tool closet. Wearing goggles for protection. Ken Lee welds a " tee-joint " as part of an exercise in his industrial arts class. 29 Creative Abilities, Self-Expression Developed in Art Student artists strived to grasp the fundamentals of art, to describe what they saw and felt, and to understand the work of great artists. Beginning art dealt with design, color, line, space, shapes, texture, figures, and dimensionals. Art III and IV involved crafts; principally ceramics, enamel- ing, stitchery, lettering, and poster construction. Human figure drawing was stressed in Art V and VI. Seventh semester artists delved into the advanced skills of graphics, silk screening, lithography, etch- ing, prints, linoleum cuts, and wood blocks. An Art VIII course was designed for students interested in art education in college. Art appreciation covered art for the home, ceram- ics, understanding paintings, and architecture and sculpture. Demonstrating her talents at a loom, Maria Diehm weaves brilliant colors into a shawl in her advanced art class. Kenneth Putt and Sandy Layson put the final touches on " Exhibition " produced by Mr. Donald McClead ' s Art classes. 30 Rehearsals, Performances Enrich Music Background Blowing away on their saxaphones, ' Skins polish up the musical talents as they rehearse for a concert. The Trouhadours, under the direction of Mr. Williard Hollo- way, displays self- expression as they blend their voices. Musicians were given excellent opportunities to enrich talents in both the instrumental and vocal phases of the music field. After devoting much time and effort rehearsing and improving their material, the orchestra, band, and choirs displayed their abilities in various en- gagements and concerts. The Chanticleers, a newly founded choir, were included in the major performing groups. Directed by Mr. Gary Smith, the choir was comprised of junior and senior girls. Vocal techniques class, music literature, and music theory, which included ear training, scale manipula- tion, harmony, visual analysis, and creative writing, were recommended to students interested in further- ing their music education in college. 31 The marching hand, directed by Mr. Gary Smith, plays the school song before a home football game. Ir 8 Jl ! ' IB ' i, n . h ■HE j f T ; ttj 1 I. ACTIVITIES Participation in the clubs and their activities in- creased as Domeland once again regained the eight to three schedule. By taking advantage of the opportunities provided by these activities, one may become more active and interested in the affairs of the school. Individual in- terests that may not be developed in the classroom may emerge from these clubs. Of the more than 30 organizations formed, it is evident one has a wide selection from which to choose the type of club he feels he can contribute to and from which he may receive the most satis- faction. More than building leadership qualities and ex- panding knowledge and creative thinking, exists the most important purpose of a club . . . the broadening of friendships. :« Redskins ' Governmental Body Dedicated to School Bottom row: Connie Rider, Marty Roberts, Mona Georgi, Zoe Ann Diffendorfer, Heather Butler, Theresa Goon, Sally Kaiser, Sharon Michell. Second row: John Williams, Cindy Brubaker, Jill Steele, Sharon Uetrecht, Dave Billian, Connie Hobson, Susie Hutsell, Bill Reeder, Jim Tegtmeyer. Third row: Scott Saunders, Dan Kelly, Jim Spoolstra, Bill Bordner, Sandy Ehr- man, Jackie Scott, Paul Helmke. Fourth row: Dan Myers, Rose Gula, Dave Higgins, Ron Jennings, Nancy Morrison, Barb Johns, Pete Meister. Fifth row: Phil Krieg, Bob Vegeler, Mike Harper, Scott Schaefer, Barry Smith, Mark Henry. Paul Helmke, Student Council President, introduces the guest speaker at an important Direction One Meeting. Student Council President Paul Helmke chats informally with visiting Bishop Dwenger teachers and students after a meeting. 34 m provements, Building Leadership Qualities The traditional Christmas Bureau project of pro- viding needy families with food and clothing found Student Council members dedicated to serving and promoting the student body to assist these 64 families, over one-fourth of the adopted families in the Fort Wayne area. Faculty advisors Miss Ruth Eudaley and Mr. James Lewinski contributed their time and effort to the betterment of each of the six committees. The standing committee compiled rules for dances held at North Side. Persuading potential drop-outs to remain in school found the education committee at work. The school spirit committee members com- posed standards for the selection of cheerleaders. Revising the class election plans was the citizenship committee ' s duty. The school problems committee improved the bulletin boards and the safety com- mittee sponsored the Civil Defense Program. Inspiratio nal guest speakers, followed by group discussion was one step toward the development of leadership qualities as illustrated by the Direction One Programs. 1355861 Student Council officers: Paul Helmke, Scott Schaefer, Heather Butler, and Nancy Morrison. Bottom row: Debbie Maxwell, Cassie Kelley, Lynn Kuchel, Sue Howe, Pani Richard, Meg Seabury, Paula Sitcler. Second row: Connie Stamanis, Kathy Kruel, Cheryl Quance, Cathy Albaugh, Teresa Metzger, Lynne Pitts, Sue Beard. Third row: Sharon Holliday, Linda Lees, Debbie Andrews, Sally Shepler. Sandy Sprunger, Jan Scott. Connie Salud, Miss Ruth Eudaley. Fourth row: Bill Brown, John Peirce, Lois McKathnie, Don Houts, Linda McKathnie, Jenny Nelson. Fifth row: Ron Gilbert, Jack Teeple, Dwight Fraze, Phil Barclay, Howard Doughty. Dan Dager, Mr. James Lewinski. 35 Journalists Nose Out Newsworthy Items for Northerner! Every week deadlines must be made if the North Side school paper, the Northerner, is to be distributed to students at the conclusion of each week. Members of the second semester ' s staff were editor-in-chief, Linda Bock; news editor, John Peirce, assistants, Kathy Cook and Susie Minyard; feature editor, Mary Regedanz, assistants, Jennifer Kelsey, Vicki Reink- ing and Marilyn Rollins; sports editor, Dennis Van Houten, assistants, Steve Minear and Nat Zweig; copy editor, Mike Cummings, assistants, Kay Bene- dict, Larry Boiler and Janet Stedman; editorial as- sistants, Maureen Coughlin, Virginia Stewart and Joyce Williams; circulation manager, Joy Shady, as- sistants. Jean Kiel, Cindy Langley and Linda Yer- gens; business manager, Paulette Cooley, assistants, Mary Busian and Rose Erwin; advertising manager, Cheryl Walborn, assistants, Jane Peters, Ruth Scheele and Carol Triplett; classroom news editor, Dan Dager, assistant, Carolyn Daniel; faculty ad- visor, Miss Norma Thiele. Northerner staff members Steve Minear and Jennifer Kelsey finish up last-minute stories. Reporter Marty Duncan asks for guidance from editorial assistant Maureen Coughlin. Photographer Dave Fretz adjusts the enlarger as Bob Miller inserts paper in the easel before printing the negative. :; ; Keep Students, Faculty Up to Date on Domeland News Assistant news editors Kathy Cook and Susie Minyard skim over the previous week ' s corrected issue of the Northerner. News Bureau editor Margaret Oesch phones an editor with important details for a radio announcement. Northerner editors Linda Bock, Barry Smith, John Peirce, and Mike Cummings discuss and criticize important layout before publication of the weekly edition of the school paper. 37 1966 Legend Staff Captures Highlighted Memories Analyzing layout for senior and underclass pictures are Jan Hale and Bonnie Boehnie section editors. Collecting and tabulating Legend subscriptions is the job of business manager Cindy Earnest. " Not this again, " says sports editor Howard Doughty as Miss Thiele reviews correct procedure. It ' s evident that copy editor Jeanette Peek will need that long pencil for the stacks of copy she has piled before her. :w pi Yesteryear. A tremendous amount of time and effort was put forth by the Legend staff in striving for a memorable annual. The continuous cycle of writing and re- writing copy, taking and re-taking pictures, and checking and re-checking final form seemed never- ending to these students. Enthusiastically working to assist editor Marilyn Musselman, assistant editor Cyndy Lorman and fac- ulty advisor Miss Norma Thiele compile the 1966 Legend were the following members of the staff: index, Linda Jantz; academic, Carolyn Sayles and Carolyn Simmons; faculty, Kathy Puryear; seniors, Jan Hale; underclass, Bonnie Boehme and Linda Lantz; activities, Penny Winkler and Jill Singewald; sports, Howard Doughty; copy editor, Jeanette Peek; and business manager, Cindy Earnest. Besides the work involved as editors, Marilyn and Cyndy also completed the opening and closing sections of the Legend. Academic editor Carolyn Sayles and faculty editor Kathy Pur- year search for any usable pictures. Assistant editor Cyndy Lorman and editor Marilyn Musselman are all smiles despite the problems at deadline time. Activities editors Penny Winkler and Jill Singewald check picture arrangement in the " dummy " . : ' , ' .) Bottom row: Linda Bock. Jennifer Kelsey, Mike Cummings. Second row: Marilyn Rollins, Barry Smith, Mary Regedanz. Quill and Scroll, 1500 Club Reward Dedicated Journalists Recognition in the 1500 Club appeases all the treacherous moments encountered by Northerner staff members. To obtain membership one must ac- cumulate 1,500 points for printed material. While a bronze pin is awarded for the accumulated 1,500 points, members may strive for greater accomplish- ments: 3,000 points merits a silver pin and 5,000 points, a gold pin. To qualify for a gold jeweled pin, one must have 10,000 points. Quill and Scroll, an honorary organization, pro- vides recognition for individuals who have done out- standing work in journalism. Seniors in the upper third of their class and considered valuable members of the journalism department qualify for member- ship. Bottom row: Cyndy Lor man, Jan Hale. Linda Bock. Second row: Marilyn Mussclman. Cindy Earnest, Margaret Oesch. Third row: Barry Smith, Joy Shady. 10 Helicon Stimulates Discussion of Literary Topics ft O r Bottom row: Peggy Hastings, Ruth Meyer, Connie Snyder, Becky McPherson, Diana Norris, Teresa Metzger, Anita Mon- nier. Second row: Cathy Albaugh, Sandy Errington, Bev Ban- gerter, Donna Bridges, Peg Trager, Marilyn Rollins, Kay Benedict. Third row: Lee Stamm, Joy Shady, John Stubbins, Dan Kelly, Glenn Rossman, Joe Hyde. Fourth row: John Collins, Steve Zweig, Jim Moore, Mike Harper, Paul Helmke, Jim Tegtmeyer, Mr. Robert Pugh. To promote an interest in literature by stimulating discussion of literary topics is one of the goals of Helicon, sponsored by Miss Mabel Greenwalt, Mrs. Marjorie Spoolstra, and Mr. Robert Pugh. Offering its members opportunities for school and civic service, social activity and self-improvement, Helicon sponsored a party at the Allen County Home and also sponsored the Washington-Lincoln assembly program. Other projects for Helicon members were the Spring Tea and the Senior Farewell Banquet. Bottom row: Mrs. Marjorie Spoolstra, Jan Armey, Linda Bock. Sue Howe, Carol Sheets. Miss Mabel Greenwalt. Second row: Debbie Andrews, Cheryl Quance. Kathy Kruel. Becky Stell- horn. Carol Malich. Third row: Margaret Oesch, Arlene Gaw, Sharon L etrecht, Suzanne Halbert, Judy Coles. Chris Davis, Diane Kilgore. Fourth row: Mary Regedanz. Sue Schaefer, Carol Myers. Fred Barto. Louis Barbara. Marilyn Musselman. Fifth row: Sarah Pletcher, Karen Nill. Steve Klaren, Stacey Nredham, Larry McNeal. School and Community Profit as Key Club Donate; r ift Bottom row: John Peirce, John Stubbins, Charlie Hayner, John Langas. Kenny Walter. Second row: Mike Cummings. Curt Lesh, Lee Melehi. Jim Tegtmeyer.Third row: Jim Albright, Jim Fairman, Ron Jennings, Bob Spuhler, Phil Barclay, Fourth row : Steve Painter, Barry Smith, Robert Vegeler, Bill Prumm, Don Fiandt. Completion of the tennis courts with the Joseph P. Hagadorn Memorial donation was first on the agenda for the Key Clubbers this year. Among other service projects was the annual pub- lication of the North Side Key, which was equipped with a student directory of addresses and telephone and home room numbers. Serving their school and community. Key Club members sorted and delivered food for the Christ- mas Bureau, contributed to the Teen Gallon Blood Donor Award, ushered at the Christ Child Festival and painted the school ' s bulletin boards. Promotion of service for the school and community was the main objective of Key Club members. To instill religious values in the members and to incul- cate a feeling for others through working on several service projects were major ingredients of the club under the guidance of Mr. Clive Wert, Mr. Donald Coleman, Mr. Ronald Certain, and Mr. Glen Bickel, overall faculty consultant. Bottom row: John Maloney, W. Paul Helmke, Karl Ravovskis, Bob Freeman. Second row: Howard Shook. Jim Voder, Steve Smith, Kenneth Koldewey, Scott Saunders. Third row: Dave Ashley, Kent Beaverson, David Stephan, Jim Gebhard, Ron Fulkerson. Fourth row: Ron Lake. Ben Martin, Phil Krieg, Mike Harper, Tom Beaver. 4:2 ime and Service to Improvements, Contributions Wednesday Key Club President Ron Jennings presides over a meeting in the Key Club room. Keys are placed in the teachers ' 1 boxes for distribution by Key Club members Bob McKee and Dave Hilli.ui. P «| § Cl Hp Bq P $j i wF M Bfr ilHBaTl wk - aAi J lib- - fl « ' | §§Bk 1 ' ' 1 Bfl ma M j, vM 1 1 .4 fk )kJl ill L ' A Bottom row: Mr. Ronald Certain. Duncan Malcom, Dan Aiken, Jim Milam, Joe Housman. Seco nd row: Dave Billian, Bill Bordner, Dan Kelly, Barry Mills, Pete Meister. Third row: Bill Gehron, John Williams, Ron Stebing. Fred Lewton, Jack Teeple. Fourth row: Craig Hamilton, Dan Myers, Jim Moore, Howard Doughty, Tom Zahn. 43 Latin Students Participate in Christmas Program anal Bottom row : Carla Falls. Jane Peters, Beeky Brown, Adeane Osman, Vicki Schwalm. Beverly Mowery. Nancy Jennings. Second row : Sally Young, Sue Patten, Anne Dick, Penny Con- rad, Gloria Leist, Darlene Bosserman. Third row : Carol Triplett, Jean Jernstrom. Jan Stedman, Sandy Sprunger, Mary Busian. Marilyn Kelder. Fourth row : Andy Hein, Fred Barto, Myron Blanchard, Mike Harper, Roger Valentine. Nat Zweig, Larv McNeal. Glenn Osman, last year ' s Latin student awarded a dictionar shows his prize to Jean Jernstrom and Dale Osborne. Debbie Kitzmiller and Karen Nill pause after a JCL meeting to look at a Latin bulletin board. u lanquet as J.C.L. Members; Also Purchase Awards Bottom row: Shelly Weber, Becky Van Horn, Sue Howe, Mary Bishop, Carole Fulton, Linda Goodwin. Second row: Cathy Albaugh, Diana Norris, Teresa Metzger, Tammy Hoblet, Cheryl Quance, Kathy Kruel. Third row: Marcia Smith, Sandy Erring- ton, Katy Albright, Pat Werling, Donna Bridges, Mary Keirns, Mrs. Janet Weber. Fourth row: Sarah Pletcher, Joy Shady, Janet Olofson, Debby Doehla, Debbie Andrews, Stan Cline. Fifth row: Penny Yahn, Karen Nill, John Collins, Paul Helmke, Joel Hyde, Glen Bossman. The annual Christmas Program, the Latin banquet and the spring picnic were among the activities in which J.C.L. members participated. The Junior Classical League, under the direction of Mrs. Amelia Dare and Mrs. Janet Weber, pur- chased the awards for Latin students given on Recog- nition Day and also contributed to the State Scholar- ship Fund for future Latin teachers. A requirement for membership was to have com- pleted one year of Latin. Members then wore pins designating membership. Bottom row: Peggy Hastings, Chary! Urschel, Diane Gephart, Sandy Sowers, Diana Morris, Mrs. Amelia Dare. Second row: Cheri Tew, Bonnie Barto, Heather Butler, Cynthia Nord, Sherry Harter, Shelia Fischer. Third row: Nancy Waltz, Sandra Frhausen, Janice Fisher, Stephanie McKenzie, Lynne Mossburg. Fourth row: Dana Nordyke, Carol Sheets, Jayne Garner, Suzi Brown, Suzie Schaefer, Chris Davis. Fifth row: Debby Gehring, Bichard McKee, Jim Stoody, Dale Osborne, Bhonda Hileman. v5T j 45 Purdue Debators A guest speaker from the John Birch Society addresses students at a Globetrotters meeting. Senior Donna Bridges points out areas of study to a fev Globetrotter members prior to their meeting. Bottom row: Cheryl Quance, Sandy Hudson, Sue Howe, Linda James, Becky Van Horn. Second row: Marcia Smith, Cyndy Lorman, Sandy Griffis, Bev Bangerter, Rebecca Dunn. Third row: Marilyn Musselman, Karen Nill, Carol Sheets, Dale Yoder. Fourth row: Dan Myers, Cathy Brown, Stephen Zweig, Steve Clem, Dan Kelly. 16 Conference First on Agenda for Globetrotters Bottom row: Connie Stamanis, Gretchen Coleman, Kathy Kruel, John Stubbins. Second row: Carolyn Sayles, Jan Eichel, Donna Bridges, Jill Steele, Beth Castor. Third row : Liz Nagel- sen, Sue Pietras, Margaret Oesrh, Deborah Doehla, Cindy Earnest. Fourth row: Larry McNeal, Jim Kirk, John Collins, Dave Stephan, Mr. Harry Young. Globetrotters, the history club, attended the Pur- due Debators Conference (Student Legislative As- sembly) as a major project. Headed by Mr. Harry Young and Miss Ruth Eudaley, Globetrotters spon- sored the Junior Trip to New York, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. The object of the club was to develop better under- standing of the world through a greater awareness of the differences and similarities of the people and cultures of the world. To help accomplish this pur- pose, guest speakers presented travelogues and timely discussions. Bottom row: Jennifer Kelsey, Vicky Christman, Marilyn Bice, Judy England, Barbara Pickerill, Heather Butler. Second row: Debbie Kem, Carolyn Simmons, Sandy Errington, Sue Wheeler, Sharon Lletrecht, Linda Motz. Third row : Chris Davis, Marilyn Rollins, Pam Pratt, Joy Shady, Roberta Crull. Mary Regedanz. Fourth row: Penny Yahn, Chuck Yahn. Tom Claussen, Barry Smith, Joel Hyde, Glen Bossman. 47 G.A.A., Modern Dance Promote Interest in Sports, Dance Bottom row: Louise Greulich, Sally Young, Wanda Suter, Sharon Tonar, Tammy McKeever. Second row . Vicki Swenson, Sherry Harter, Jane Thompson, Rosanna Clemons. Linda •«. ...» , , Sloan, Mrs. Susan Vandermolen. Third row: Sue McAtee, Shirrell Petgen, Ruth Longardner, Candy Carnahan, Carol Triplett. Archery, soccer, basketball, and volleyball were only a few of the varied sports in which girls ' intra- murals members participated. To give all interested girls an opportunity to learn and participate and to teach the girls to uphold the ideals of loyalty and sportsmanship were the goals of girls ' intramurals sponsored, by Mrs. Susan Van- dermolen. The Modern Dance Club is an organization estab- lished to promote a further understanding and ap- preciation of modern, contemporary, free form, and jazz dancing. The girls were acquainted with fundamental move- ment experience under the guidance of Mrs. Susan Vandermolen. Skill was not a prerequisite for mem- bership. Bottom row: Margo Colvin, Marty Roberts, Gabriella Gondos, Herman, Sherry Bushong, Mrs. Susan Vandermolen. Third Darlene Becker. Second row: Diana Biddle, Mary Beth row : Colette Ehle, Cathy Ebel, Sylvia Embick. 18 Y-Teens Care for Patients at Parnell Nursing Home Bottom row: Mrs. Marilynne Curtis, Suzi Poffenberger, An- nette Coblenlz, Carla Falls, Joan Halbert. Becky Doty. Second row: Debbie Kent. Ginny Stewart. Marcia Amstrong, Maria Scribner. Pani Wagner, Peg Trager. Fonda Seewald. Third row: Debbie Grossenbacher, Maureen Coughlin. Jean Jern- strom, Karen INovitski, Karyn Miller, Vicki Rodenbeck. Fourth row: Susan Pietras, Sally Cadwallader, Linda Yergens. Debbie Bashore. Marilyn Schaefer, Cindy Kumfer. Polar-Y, also known as Y-Teens, is a service club open to any interested girls. The club ' s goals are to grow as a person and to grow in knowledge and love of God. Another important aim for Y-Teens, spon- sored by Mrs. Marilynne Curtis, is to grow in friend- ship with people of all races, religions and nation- alities. Sponsoring a dance and working at the Parnell Nursing Home, to which they go to assist the patients, are only a minor example of Y-Teen ' s service pro- jects. This year, among other social events, the Y- Teens planned a " night-out " party at the Y.W.C.A. Bottom row: Becky Scborey. Cheri Rogers, Sue Doty, Bev Sehmid, Jackie Green. Second row: Janet Bartels, Carolyn Rice, Vicki Christman, Suzanne Halbert, Maureen McCarty. Waneta Wright. Third row: Sandy Urhausen, Jean Kiel, Sharon Holliday, Kathy Ilolliday. Marilyn Rice. Carol Scofield. Fourth row: Candace Carnahan, Sue Kruse. Zan Gump, Karen Pletcher, Julie Hendrickson. Debbie Davis, Linda Reppert. 49 Phy-Chem Provides Contact Between Students, Industries Bottom row: Christine Bunt, Jo Ann Hile, Mary Jo Koontz, Mr. Bonald Dvorak, Jackie Waters, Linda Bock, Linda Netzley. Second row: Dan Biddle, Linda Ripple, Karen McMaken, Cheri Tew, Carol Coffman, Becky McPherson, Debbie Cornelius, Anita Monnier. Third row: Stan Spice, Beth Castor, Jo Regedanz, Bev Bangerter, Barb Skarie, Pam Pratt, Carolyn Sayles, Sandy Franzman, Sue Inscoe. Fourth row : Bob Read, Penny Yahn, Karen Nill, Richard Wadewitz, Alan Boshart, Rebecca Dunn, Linda Bosserman, Marlene Engle. Fifth row : Joe Cassell, Tom Claussen, Phil Kemp, Dan Lockwood, Dave Higgins, David Fretz. Physics and chemistry students interested in fur- thering their scientific experience were eligible for membership in Phy-Chem. In existence for some thirty years, Phy-Chem was headed this year by Mr. Ronald Dvorak, Mr. Beryl Lewis, and Mr. Jerald •Miller. The club provided contact between students and science industries in the Fort Wayne area. An attempt was made through money-raising projects to up- grade the reference library in the science depart- ment here. Bottom row: Jan Hale, Sue Arnold, Sandy Errington. Debbie Doehla, Robert Allen, Tim Wuthrich. Second row : Pam Loper, INancy Roderick, Debbie Lyons, Linda Motz, Roberta Crull, Larry McNeal. Third row : Carol Leiter, Joy Shady, Jon Bethay, Bob Wuthrich, Mike Wall, John Seely. Fourth row: Scott Schaefer, Pete Kinne, Carl Rich, Glenn Rossman, Mark Rupp. Fifth row: Dave Billian, Charles Yahn, Barry Smith, Gerald Burns, Chuck Cowell. r,o Debate members prepare for important debates in coming weeks. Bottom row: Linda Lantz, Carol Triplett, Karyn Miller. Second row: Don Lieberum, Ted Kubiniec, Mr. Stanley Lee, Greg Marrs, Mark Sieling. Debaters Compete; Speech Class Develops New Program Radio announcements during National Education Week for presentation on local radio stations and the development of a high sc hool news program to publicize news of community high schools were the goals of the Speech Club this year. With faculty advisor Mr. John De Young, members attended speech contests within a radius of one hundred miles. Sharpening their skills at area debating meets took the Debate Club to Columbia City, Kokomo, New Castle, Logansport, New Haven, and Elkhart, according to sponsor Mr. Stanley Lee. Bottom row: Gene Hale, Don Houts, Eva Marie Wine, Karen Burelison, Cindy Dornseif, Lana Rowan, Lyna Boyer. Second row: Jim Farrell, Carol Triplett, Ginny Jordan, Janet Olofson, Jenny IVelson, Glen Harmon. Third row: Mr. John DeVoung, Don Lieberum, Paul Helmke, Ken Fletter, Rod Gran. 51 Art Appreciation, Mathematical Understanding Enriched Bottom row: Carol Coffman, Debbie Brudi, Paulette Cooley, Kitty Helvey. Kathy Bobilya. Sally Young, Sandy Layson. Bev Sehmid. Miss Marjorie Bell. Second row: Carol Thompson, Jane Wiertlewski, Janice Feller, Kathi Holliday, Sharon Holli- day, Denise Zwiller, Karen Failor, Gayle Beitler, Cindy Klejnot, Joyce Fayer. Third row: Mary Ann Briggs, Pat Lowry. Marilyn Rice, Vicki Christman, Paula Baldwin, Carolyn Rice, Judy Rice, Cindy GilLispie, Linda Vonderharr, Ken Putt. Fourth row : Linda Friedly. Valerie Faux, Cathy Ebel, Carol Doswell. Bonnie Boehme, Nancy Roderick, Eileen Coyne, Marlene Engle. Fifth row: Rick emeyer. Ray Houser. Bob Harmeyer, Steve Hetrick, Larry Van Horn, Ron Stebing, George Aiechele, Mr. Donald McClead. The exhibition and sale of student art typified Daffi-Dabblers ' activities. Other projects included the decoration of the Dome during the holidays and a sale of ceramic works. Daffi-Dabblers was sponsored by Miss Marjorie Bell and Mr. Donald McClead to provide additional opportunities for both art and non-art students. Mu Alpha Theta, better known as the Math Club, provided an opportunity for students to enrich their mathematical understanding and enjoyment through experiences not possible in the regular classroom. Headed by Mr. Arthur E. Schwab, the Math Club learned to work the Minivac 601 computer and were associated with many forms of mathematics. Left to right: John Mironenko, Jerry Thompson, Mr. Arthur Schwab, Bob Johnson, John Nicholls, Larry McNeal, Glenn Rossman. r,2 Bottom row: Peg Hastings, Gloria Feichter. JoAnn Hile, Debbie Erb, Sharon Michell, Le-Ann Cline, Kathy Espieh. Second row: Bunny Beights, Barb Skarie, Bev Bangerter, Linda Book, Linda Bufkin, Mary Jo Koontz. Third row: Dave K ' eesner, Pam Saxton, Sharon Shawgo, Sue Bydman, INaney Timma, Beekie Fortmeyer. Fourth row: Al Blackwell, Sandy Errington. Beth Castor, Karen Shutt, Jim Voder, Ed Getts. Fifth row: Mr. Willard Holloway, Steve Zweig, John Collins. Bill Norris, Garv Fields, Mr. Garv Smith. Musical Talents Are Enriched Through Tri-M Modern Music Masters held their first semester banquet on January 12, 1966, where all spikes be- came active members through a formal initiation ceremony. Included in the ceremony was the life- time membership card and membership pin. The first requirements for spikes was to perform a solo and to write a term paper on some aspect of music. All semester during " spikehood " , spikes were sub- ject to the wishes and commands of the actives. To foster an interest in good orchestral, band, and choral performances, and encourage good listening habits and discrimination in musical tastes are the objectives of Tri-M. Bottom row: Jeanette Peek, Cherry Zuercher, Tammy Ladig, Melody Malott, Pat Davis, Sue Howe, Mr. David Piatt. Second row: Chris Freeman, Judy Coles, Zoe Ann Diffendarfer, Sue Reiser, Judy England. Third row: Sarah Pletcher, Jan Wer- mager, Becky Mulles, Bob Sefton, Sue Ertel. Fourth row : Gene Parker, Dan Baschke, Jim Albright. Kevin Bowden, Mike Baker, Diane Kilgore. Steve Cline. Fifth row: Bobert Wilson, Bill Klein, Steve Edwards, Larry Braden, James Davis, Jim Spoolstra. Concert and Varsity Bands Form Marching Redskins Bottom row: K. Long, R. Nevogt. B. Clausen, B. Shovlin, J. Johnston, G. Leist, C. Griffis, B. Bireley. P. Miller, B. Johnson, S. Cochran, S. Kinney, J, Gonser. S. Canaday, J. Regedanz, G. Patrick, D. Bangerter. Second row: D. Faust, S. Weaver, J. Garner, R. Hileman, C. Rich, C. Albaugh, M. Kelder, B. Rauscher, C. Hammond, G. Druhot, T. Kuruda. Third row: L. Kuckein, C. Muhler, B. Barto, M. Lehrman, J. Stoody, Performing in conjunction with the Concert Band was the Varsity Band, also under the direction of Mr. Gary Smith. The Varsity Band participated in parades, performed at football games during half time and pre-game ceremonies and also played for the cross country sectional meet with the Marching Band. Composed mainly of sophomores, the Varsity Band performed as a separate band during concert season. After marching season, the remainder of the year was spent in preparation for individuals to qualify for Concert Band. Last summer both bands attended a band camp in Syracuse, Indiana. They prepared marching shows for the entire season and enjoyed recreational as well as educational opportunities. Bottom row: D. Kidd. D. Erb. J. Hyde, G. Fields, L. Notestine, C. Urschel, P. Bly, M. Dill, M. Koontz, L. Ripple. Z. Diffen- dorfer, A. Beights, C. Zuercher, J. Hile. Second row: B. Laws, S. Edwards, D. Habig, S. Embick, C. McKinney, B. Crow, B. Woltz, B. Castor, B. Townsend, B. McKee, K. Briggs, S. Ehrman. Third row: P. Parson, G. Roose. L. Gaskill, P. Moore, M. Leamon, D. Watson, L. Stamm. C. Canaday, A. Blackwell, B. Honchell, D. Fretz. S. Edwards, J. Hutchin- son, D. Thompson, B. Skarie, B. Norris. Fourth row: P. Saxton, M. Henney, D. Henderson, L. Bufkin, J. Dellinger, B. Ban- 54 Both Attend Training Week At Smith -Walbridge Camp J. Huber, K. Berkes. C. Furniss, J. Thompson, K. Millikan. S. Timmis, J. Roehm, H. Zeigler, A. Bosharl. C. Colpitts, K. Mali I. in. A. Minyard, S. Zimmerman. P. Conrad. K. Schlatter. Fourth row: F. Switzer, L. Boyer, S. Aiken. D. Gehring. C. Crawford. D. Hudson. M. Blanehard, B. Kurtz, D. Hoffer. Standing: G. Thoma. D. Burns. M. Miller, G. Smith. C. Switzer. The Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Gary Smith, was comprised of juniors, seniors, and four sophomores. Chosen from the Concert and Var- sity Bands was the Pep Band which played at pep sessions and basketball games. Also chosen from this group was the dance band, properly known as the Wildsiders. The Marching Band this year captured First Di- vision at the N.I.S.B.O.V.A. Marching Contest and also marched in the Memorial Day and Landing day parades in Fort Wayne. After marching season, the Concert Band performed as a separate organization at band concerts, solo and band contest at Indianap- olis, and the state band contest in LaPorte. Indiana. They toured to three junior high schools to present a program for entertainment and recruitment pur- poses. gerter. D. Meisner, J. Smith. G. Parker, S. Cline. D. Chaplan. M. Hoban, D. Raschke, M. Tavlor. R. Smith. S. Hayes. J. Miller, C. Cowell, R. Bodkin. D. Post, B. Mills. A. Gaff. L. Cook, G. Hale. J. Collins, B. Sefton, B. Wuthrich, B. Beed. L. Blanehard. S. Diller, S. Zweig. Fifth row: M. Baker, D. Weesner, J. Spoolstra. K. Ellis. R. Putt, K. Ravoskis. W. Geller. D. Vert. Standing: B. Mulles. J. McNutt, J. Johnson, M. Caley, S. Hetrick. M. Bupp, P. Kinne. J. Burns. D. Gard, Mr. Smith. D. Goller. Orchestra Highlights I.M.E.A. Indianapolis Concert;! Bottom row: Dick Watson, Bill Norris, Gary Fields, Alan Blackwell, Bob Sefton. Second row: Bob Woltz, Steve Cline, Jeff Smith, Gene Parker, Dan Baschke. Third row: Mike Baker. Dave Weesner, Bichard Wadewitz, Jim Spoolstra, Steve Zweig. Fourth row : Mr. Gary Smith, Doug Gard, Anne Beights, Linda Bipple. The North Side Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. ' David Piatt, was concerned with performance of the standard orchestral literature. By performing, students not only developed individual musicianship, but they also developed a criteria for judgment of musical values. In November the Orchestra was asked to perform the Finale Concert of the 1965 Indiana Music Edu- cators Convention at Indianapolis, in the " Top of Severin " . In October the Orchestra was also asked to perform for the general meeting of the Indiana State Teachers ' Association. Out of the North Side Orchestra, twenty-seven of its members were regular members of the All-City Orchestra; fourteen members were selected to per- form in the Indiana All-State Orchestra. Another music group was the " Wildsiders " , a dance band directed by Mr. Gary Smith. " Walk on the Wild Side " was the theme song of members selected, according to their music ability, from the entire music department. In two years they have performed at banquets, dances, and on television several times. Bottom row: C. Harms. J. Armey, J. Shown, C. Malich, M. Lee, S. Oldham, J. Collins, !V. Timma. Second row: S. Bydnian, P. Hastings, J. Jennings, S. Weber, C. Salud, G. Guerlach, C. Zuercher, J. Hile, A. Ervin, J. Stephenson, L. Thalacker, P. Stafford, D. Boss. B. Bryan, L. Braden. Third row: L. Bock, M. Malott, J. Thompson, K. Hand. C. Nord, C. Netzley, P. Wheeler. B. Jesse, J. Peek, D. Kidd, G. Fields, D. Erb, B. Woltz, B. Castor, M. Henney, S. Ehrman, D. Myers, D. Nor- r. ; irVildsiders On WPTA; A Cappella Goes to Jr. Highs Bottom row: S. Shawgo, S. St. John. B. Fortmcyer, T. Ladig, P. Arney, M. Malott, S. Miohell, P. Davis, C. Hobson, M. Bishop, N. Miller, P. Bly, C. Burns, M. Click, M. Seabury. M. Grove, B. Seabury. J. Dehnert. Second row: L. Cline, K. Espich, C. Capps. J. Kelsey, A. Pettit, P. Mark. C. Brubaker, S. Needham. C. Brown, P. Hastings, D. Lyons. S. Errington. P. Porter, G. Feichter, J. Wermager, M. Tegtmeyer, J. Coles, D. Kilgore, S. Embick. Third row: S. Dolsen, T. Watt, D. To sing both secular and sacred music and to give members an opportunity to perform concerts inside and outside of school were the goals of the A Cap- pella Choir. During November. A Cappella made a guest ap- pearance at the Band and Orchestra Concert and traveled to Indianapolis to sing for the Indiana Music Educator ' s Association. dyke, J. Stedman. Fourth row: S. Howe, D. Piatt, S. Pletcher, J. England. S. Ertel, S. Kattas, A. Kiefer, D. Plotner, D. Workman, A. Holse, P. Palmer, J. Nichols, G. Parker, S. Cline, J. Albright, D. Weesner, M. Baker, D. Wadewitz, S. Zweig, Mann, B. McComas, D. Whiteleather, D. Meisner. J. Stubbins, D. Smith, E. Getts, K. Bowden, M. Mitesche, L. Martz, B. Laws, J. Davis. B. Clark, N. Osmun. J. Friedrich. Fourth row: J. Albright. B. Bowe, M. Critchfield, G. Bossman. J. Langas, J. Voder, W. Beeder. B. Plotner, J. McComb. D. Bongratz, B. Brosius, M. Boberts. L. Melchi, M. Coil, B. Wilson, J. Collins, D. Benneeker, D. Thompson, T. Beaver. Under the direction of Mr. Willard Holloway, A Cappella promoted the North Side music depart- ment in performances at junior highs in the North Side district. Other musical events in which A Cappella per- formed were the spring concert in May, a sacred con- cert in March, and Varsity Varieties. L. Bosserman, K. Briggs, V. Stonebreaker. B. Scott, C. Moser, J. Stonebreaker. Fifth row: P. Kinne. M. Bupp. B. Mulles. J. Neff, B. McKee, S. Keiser. 57 Varsity and Training Choirs Hope for Position Next Year; Bottom row: J. Clay, P. Smead. C. Mulller, C. Crawford, J Feller, A. Kiefer. D. Hartley, J. McCurdy, J. Yoder. S. Cole man, S. Byers. 8. Renner, D. Steinbarker. E. Collin-., D. Os borne, C. Martin. T. Moore, K. Christlieb, G. Druhot, R Carpenter, J. Harper, D. Showalter, M. House, S. Fields, C Gardner, D. Maxwell, E. Domer, K. Albright. S. Coffman. L Stanton, J. XS iertlewski, S. Mowan. D. Bosserman, C. Nord S. Henderson, S. Spencer, L. I, ant .. Serond row: P. Stafford D. Biddle, M. Snyder, M. Maylan, D. Upton, T. Mills, D. Cooler, V. Schwalm, L. Hugenell, C. Brown, D. Gernhardt, C. Francis, B. Galloway, S. Zimmerman, R. Amelung, J. Reeder, D. Hendrickson, G. Roby. J. Quinn, T. Peirce. R. Hixon, D. Hoffer, D. Egly, B. Lapodot. B. Stellhorn, K. John- son, S. Baney, S. Sowers, D. Claphan, L. Ripple. D. Faust, L. Kuckein, L. Greulich. R. Nevogt. S. I pdyke. K. Statler, M. Duncan. K. Raschke. Third row. S. McAtee. L. Meredith. Two new vocal groups added to the North Side Music Department were the Troubadours and the Chanticleers. The name Troubadours came from singing min- strels who originated in Provence in southeastern France. A notable feature of the troubadour music was its emphasis on stylized forms and types of music. This group, under the direction of Mr. Willard Holloway, was made up of twelve girls and twelve boys from the A Cappella Choir. They were featured in many outside concerts where the large choir could not go, such as the Lions Club, Rotary Club and the Bottom row: S. Horn. S. Hudson, P. Radke, M. Colvin. C. Arm- strong, D. Morris, G. Becker, K. Johns, B. Skarie. E. Smith, G. Roose. Second row: J. Eichel, D. Faukner, D. Keni, C. Leiter, B. Morris, L. Smead, B. Thompson, P. Scheil, D. Sohles, D. Sedam, D. Sedam, Mr. Gary Smith. Third row : V. Hickman. K. Stellhorn, R. Bodkin, P. Diehl, M. Herman, R. Meyer, J. Mover, G. Warrick, J. Trenner, P. Parsons. Fourth row: K. Switzer, L. Cole, C. Smith, K. Bly, K. Kress, L. Hatch, L. Huett, L. Meyer, C. Simmons, J. Singewald, J. Stephenson. B. Zion, S. Pietras. 58 Froubadours and Chanticleers Make Good First Year L. Boyer, D. Weller, S. Fisher, L. Jess, A. Headricks, B. Hut son, P. Roy, P. Baldwin, J. Halbert, S. Hopper, M. McCort K. Heim, B. Haque, S. Kruse, E. Welch, M. Balchelder, C Scott, D. Dietz, M. Hanson. D. Macy, B. Clausen. F. Akey R. Cates, R. Evans, S. Halbert, S. Hammond, B. Crow, S Patten, L. Gonser, D. Bangerter, C. Griffis, B. Phillips, S Harter, R. Longardner, J. Bartels, K. McSVlaken, M. Jackson J. Johnson, D. Schneider, T. Carboni. Fourth row : S. Wood A. Medsker, D. Dreibelbiss, B. Doty, C. Leason, S. Gratz, J. Gumbert, A. Dick, C. Kronmiller, C. Peters, S. Peterson, E. Wine, L. Reppert, P. Pratt, T. Hasty, M. Mason, B. McCarty, C. Colpitis, D. Holycross, D. Bourne, S. Linneneier, M. Keller, D. Lockwood, J. Potts, L. Bock, J. Tennant, G. Greulach, J. Bates, S. Brown, K. Pletcher, J. Buchanan, L. Sims, R. Has- sig, J. McDermott, M. Schaefer, J. Hendrickson, C. Myers, B. Brinker. V. Stukey, P. Wheeler, C. Hammond, S. Weaver, D. Grosenbacker, D. Winebrenner, D. IVordyke, E. Fabian. First Presbyterian Elders. The name Chanticleers is French also, meaning " clear singer " . The Chanticleers, directed by Mr. Gary Smith, is a select vocal group of fifty-five junior and senior girls. Time was taken out during class to select the dresses which the girls made them- selves. Some performances were the annual Christ- mas Concert, the Allen County Home, the North Side Missionary Church, and the Spring Concert. Also performing this year were the Varsity and Training choirs, their object being to train and de- velop singers for the other performing vocal groups. Bottom row: Tammy Ladig, Sharon Michell, Connie Hobson, Sharon Shawgo. Debbie Lyons, Le-Ann Cline, Sandra Erring- ton, Gloria Feichter, Judy Coles, Jan Wermager, Diane Kil- gore, Janet Dehnert. Second row: Mark Critchfield, Steve Dolsen, Dave Mann, John I.angas, Jim Voder, John Stubbins Dave Smith, Edward Celts. Kevin Rowden, Jim Davis, Barri Clark, Bob Wilson. .V.I Twirlers Take Top Honors at NISBOVA and USTA Bottom row: Connie Archer, Stephanie Kern, Jaeque Riser, Dehhie Hill, Shawnie Morey, Evelyn Bodkin. Second row: Cyndie Bruns, Diane Gernhardt, Vicki Kring, Charlotte Busch, Cindy Gillespie, Sharon Schneider. Bonnie Gordon. Third row : Kathy Bly, Chris Rouhier. Suanii Wood, Cindy Brockett, Arlene Medsker, Pam Archer, Kris Switzer, Jo Randolph, Marilvn Wood, Carol Scofield. Sandv Zininicrman. Twirlers prepare for entrance and performar hasketball game during the half-time. Nineteen girls practiced diligently to perform satis- factorily for hundreds of spectators at home foot- ball and basketball games. Under the direction of Mr. Gary Smith, these twirlers attended the Smith-Walbridge Band Camp last summer to further perfect their twirling and marching skills. Promotion of school spirit and good qualities of sportsmanship and leadership were the main goals of this group. Physical and mental attributes were also developed in the girls who participated. More than adding color and spirit to the games, these twirlers have participated in contests through- out the state. They received first prize medals at the regional and state NISBOVA, held at Fort Wayne and Indianapolis respectively. First place trophies were also also awarded these girls at the USTA contests held in Waterloo and Dunlap. This marks the first year North Side has had a select group of girls as flag bearers. These five girls not only presented the red, white, and blue preced- ing football and basketball games, but they also participated in many area parades. CO Z-Club ' s Service Projects Benefit School and Community Bottom row: Kathy Borne. Sara Van Every, Cyndy Lorman, Connie Bider. Penny Winkler. Becky Van Horn, Linda James. Kathy Hammond. Second row: Connie Hobson. Connie Coli- cho. Gretchen Coleman, Beckie Fortmeyer. Jan Hale, Heather Butler. Miss Diane Cotterly. Third row: Sandy Franzman, Sharon Uetrecht. Pam Loper, Jill Steele, Sandy Errington. Toni Pettit. Becky McPherson. Mrs. Elizabeth Donnelly. Fourth row: Jackie Scott. Gayle Horstmann, Donna Bridges. Judy Bower, Beth Castor. Karen Shutt. Stacey Needham. Fifth row: Judy Bice. Judy Douglas, Nancy Morrison, Cindy Brubaker. Karen Pletcher, Bose Gula, Sue Pace. With the motto " Growth Through Service " , the Z-Club offered its service to the school and com- munity by furnishing North Side with mirrors, cleaning the trophy cases, assisting with the Vic- toria Gross Young scholarship fund, and participat- ing in parties for hospital and State School patients. The Z-Club. under the guidance of Miss Diane Cotterly, Mrs. Lois Giniecki and Mrs. Elizabeth Don- nelly, is a high school branch of the international organization of Zontas. a professional women ' s or- ganization. Selling flowers at basketball tournament time, sell- ing North Side charms, and having a dance and a bake sale are among the money raising projects undertaken by the members during the school year. Bottom row: Kerry McCrory. Sue Howe. Pam Richard, Kathy Cook. Second row: Meg Seabury, Kathy Puryear, Suzi PofTen- berger, Janie Comment. Cheryl Quance. Third row: Connie Stamanis, Sandee Nelson, Earlene Dunbar. Kathy Kruel. Diane Henderson. Fourth row: Sarah Pletcher. Debbie Andrews. Marcy Grove. Susie Minyard, Barb Seabury. Fifth row: Mrs. Lois Giniecki. Nancy Baird. Debbie Lyons, Debbie Kitzmiller. Jill Singewald, Jo Ann Trenner. 61 Bottom row: Cyndy Lorman, Lynn Kuokein, Kerry MeCrory, Marty Roberts, Sherry Liggit, Debbie Hill. Second row: Liz Nagelsen, Barb .Sehaefer, Sue Wheeler, Cheryl Griffis, Yvonne Reimund, Jenny Nelson, Sandy Griffis. Third row: Martha Koontz, Roberta Crull, Pain Saxton, Sue Brackman, Debbie Kitzmiller, Lynn Brinker, Mrs. Elnora Gallahue. Perfection of Aquatic Skills Goal of Ripplettes Ripplettes gave girls with outstanding aquatic ability the opportunity to perfect their skills in water ballet and synchronized swimming. New members were chosen upon their perform- ance of the basic skills which included hairpin dives, back dolphins, pike-surface dives, oysters, and sculls. Following the spike period which included wear- ing a sign signifying club membership, performing skits, addressing their actives ' and collecting " points " by means of actives ' signatures, all members joined efforts in planning their annual water show. Under the counseling of Mrs. Elnora Gallahue, Rip- plettes provided an opportunity to promote the spirit of good sportsmanship and friendship among the members of the group. Ripplettes rehearse aquatic formations for upcoming show presented at the Senior Mother ' s Tea. 62 Apptitudes Related to Successful Teaching Are Applied Bottom row: Nick Johnson, Carla Falls, Cynthia Nord, Jan Armey, Bev Schmid, Mary Jo Koontz. Second row : Gary- Fields, Beth Castor, Chris Davis, Cyndy Langley, Becky Stell- horn, Roxanne Boren, Lois Thalacker. Third row : Steve Ed- wards, Pat Parsons, Dianne Altekruse. Kathy Kruel, Theresa Metzger, Marti Henney, Rebecca Dunn, Fourth row: Stacey Needham, Cindy Earnest, Karen Pletcher, Karen Shutt, Debbie Doehla, Pam Bidlack. Suzi Brown, Dana Nordyke. Fifth row: Cathy Brown, Lee Stamm, John Collins, Debbie Sohles, Barbara Johns, Cheryl McKinney. Mrs. Dolores Klocke. The Future Teachers of America, better known as F.T.A., was sponsored this year by Mrs. Dolores Klocke and Mr. Robert Weaver. The state project of the club was to install a new F.T.A. chapter. Other important projects were pro- viding guides and hosts for Back-to-School Night; sponsoring American Education Week and April Teaching Career Month; attending area workshops and state F.T.A. conventions; sponsoring tutoring corps and service corps; participating in tours to Brentwood and Johnny Appleseed schools and col- lege campuses; sending candidates to run for state offices and Miss FTA; and awarding scholarships at leadership workshops and special institutes. Bottom row: Lynne Callison. Judy England, Kathy Ham- mond, Sally Kaiser, Diana Morris, Judy Mover. Second row : Katie Albright, Sherry Harter, Cyndie Bruns, Sandy Layson, Judy Coles, Becky Morris. Third row: Sandy Sprunger, Sherry Bushong, Debbie Kinch, Tammy Hoblet, Cathy Albaugh, Terri Rydman. Lynn Huett. Fourth row: Lois McKathnie, Linda McKathnie. Sue Rydman. Mary Keirns, Mary Beth Herman, Pam Thode, Linda Olsen. Fifth row: Ruth Longardner, Jan Stedman, Denise Sedom, Darlene Sedam, Peg Trager, Sue Ertel- : ' M.LC. Members Furnish Rooms with Historical Flags Bottom row: Stephanie Kern, Debbie Hill, Charlotte Busch. Heather Butler, Suzanne Halbert. Mary Bishop, Kathy Ham- mond. Roxy Boren. Seeond row: Jean Kiel, Carolyn Daniel. Debby Kinch, Karen Thompson. Deb Bangerter, Sue Corhran. Jean Adams. Mary Miller. Third row: Vicki Kring, Bunny Beights, Karen Bridges, Karyn Miller, Roselind Woods, Vicki Reinking, Cheryl MeKinney. Fourth row: Pat Lowry, Suzi Poffenberger. Roberta Troxel, Pat Collins, Lynda Bauer, Martha Koontz, Peg Trager. Fifth row: Mr. Paul Lemke, Charlie Hayner, Scott Cillie. Alan Boshart, Dave Fretz, Chris Davis. Modern Language Club members furnished all language rooms with flags of the United States, plus flags of Mexico and Spain for Spanish classes, and a flag of France for French classes. Through songs, games, reports, and guest speakers, M.L.C. provided opportunities for further contact with various as- pects of foreign culture. With Mrs. Ramona Ransburg and Mr. Paul Lemke as advisors, M.L.C. included Russian students for the first time this year. Bottom row: Cyndie Bruns, Cretchen Coleman, Judy England, Bev Schmid, Cheryl Rogers. Second row : Valerie Faux, Debbie Kem, Carolyn Simmons, Margo Snyder, Lois Thalacker, Lynn Huetl. Third row: Cathy Ebel, Maureen Coughlin, Becky McPherson. Bev Bangerter, Kathy Mckell, Pam Thode. Fourth row : Sue Pietras, Marilynn Wood, Sue Inscoe, Jill Steele, Denise Sedam, Debby Doehla. Fifth row : Joy Shady, Stan Spice, Steve Zweig, Dave Cohen, Glenn Rossman, Stacey Needham. 64 Dramatists Honored; Seminars Conduct Discussion Groups Bottom ri Sylvia Er w: Heather Butler, Jane Johnson. Second row: ibick, Svlvia Pfeiffer, Sandy Franzman, Bunnv Beights, Liz Nagelsen. Third ro 1 Murphy, Cathv Brown. James Da Scott Schaefer, Martha s, Steve Clem. The National Thespian Society recognizes and honors students who have done outstanding work in dramatics. Sponsored by Mr. James Purkiser, the organization served to create a more active interest in the dramatic arts. Social activities of year were highlighted by the annual spring banquet held in conjunction with the arts department. Reading and analyzing different phases of history, the best literature of our time, and the theory and practice of communism provided enrichment for students in discussion groups under the guidance of Miss Ruth Eudaley. Mr. James Lewinski and Mr. Ronald Certain. The three non-credit Seminar groups met separately prior to homeroom. Mr. James Lewinski conducts one of the three Seminar di sion groups pertaining to the be of the present. ;:» ATHLETICS Athletics have always played an important role in school life — now more than ever before. Any athlete, big or small, who possesses particular skills such as speed, strength, endurance, coordination, flexibil- ity, and agility may obtain a letter by practicing and sacrificing for the team. The true athlete must be able to use his mind along with his physical attributes. An athletic program exists for the entire school as well as for the individual. Gym classes give the student a chance to have fun as well as profit from its exercise. The cheerhloek. cheerleaders, and the entire student body combine to form the spirit which sup- ports every Redskin team and gives unity and purpose to all school activities. 67 Battling Odds, Skins Dump Elkhart for First Win Bottom row: Phil Krieg Fiandt, Bob Dirk, Ed Hat Second row: Dick Wats Beaverson, Bob Evans, Ro Bill Gehron, Bill Bordner, Don ison, Ron Milholland, Bill Borders, n. Bob MeKee, Bob Smith, Kent i T.ake, Bob Freeman, Mark Henry, Joe Higi, Rieh Howenstine. Third row: John Grosvenor, Mana- ger, Dale Sims. John Williams, Bill Reeder. Ron Morrison, Barry Griffith. Bill Bell. Jim Farrell, Roger Deveau, Stege Dolson, AI Zeman, John Maloney. manager. Fourth row: Head Coach Bill Goshert, Karl Rovoskis, Mike Bair, Stan Mason, Tom Beaver, Lee Melchi, Ron Gilbert, Bob Francis, Pete Meis- ter, Bob Wilson, John Wert, Jack Godfrey, Coach John Becker. Fifth row: Coach Hyrle Ivy, Dave Sesken, Mike Keller, John Blackburn, Jim Hamrick, John Langas, Earl Gleason, Kim Drudge, Frank Ford, Bob Furniss, Dwight Fraze, Barry Clark, Coach Bill Mitchell. v-1 lJi WKf ■ L ' Ron Milholland and Bob McKee dive for fumble in the rough South Side game. Tom Fleming Coaeh Ivy shows the linemen eorrect technique. North had one of the biggest and best functioning lines in the city. 68 First Year in Area Conference Proves Profitable It might have been the changed instruction of a new coach or the switch to the city conference, but quite suddenly the gridsters blossomed out with the best win-loss record in a decade. Fighting their way around always tough Elkhart, whom the ' Skins had not beaten in eight years, the team encountered a minor setback at the hands of Central. The Goshert men quickly got back on their feet and advanced to compile a 6-2-1 record. On this year ' s all-city roster were Ron Milholland, Kent Beaverson, and Ed Harrison who was elected unanimously. Mark Henry and Bill Bordner ap- peared on the second team and Bob Smith, Bill Gehron, and Bob Dick received honorable mention. North Side 7 Elkhart North Side 6 Central 7 North Side 19 Bishop Luers North Side 16 South Side 42 North Side 40 Bishop Dwenger 13 North Side 19 Concordia 13 North Side 6 Central Catholic 6 North Side 13 Elmhurst North Side 33 Snider 12 The gridsters charge forward into the opposing the eyes of a full house in the Central tilt. line before Pretending it is an Archer, members of the gridiron squad drive forward to push the sled wav back. safr As cZ fm ; ) Goshertmen Tackle Second Position Behind South Blocking is always a team asset, so Bob Evans and Mark Henry clear the way for the on-coming halfback. Members of the All-City grid team are, bottom row: Bob Dick, Bill Bordner. Second row: Kent Beaverson, Ed Harrison, Bob Smith. Third row: Bon Milholland and Bill Gehron. Quarterback Mark Henry takes the ball himself and picks up yardage as Central Catholic de- fenders close in. 70 Reserve Team Hopes To Profit From Its Mistakes Placing their sholderpads on for the last game of the season, the sophs prepare to play Bishop Luers. The reserve football squad found this year ' s city competition was rough, as their biggest accomplish- ment was a tie. They always seemed to have the bad breaks, and when the gun sounded at the end of each game they picked up more bruises than trophies. The outfit did strengthen as the season progressed, however, until their next-to-last game, when they fought to a 12-12 deadlock with the Bishop Dwenger eleven. Although this season was not a victorious one, it did prove to be profitable. They gained experience as well as the inspiration to go up to a higher cali- ber on the gridiron next year when the squad joins the varsity. With experience and drive to win, which the sophomores earned this year, a little practice will furnish the skill for a fine showing next fall when they will take revenge on last year ' s foes. North Side Elmhurst 7 North Side 6 Concordia 13 North Side South Side 6 North Side Central 19 North Side 12 Bishop Dwenger 12 North Side Bishop Luers 7 Bottom row: Mike Rice, Jim Reeder, Bob Allen, John Black- burn, Mike Walker, Jim McGuire, Bob Jesse, Tom Peirce, Dave Roberts. Second row : Coach John Becker, Gary Cook, Bob Dale, Pat Kemp, Tom Picking, Roger Hoevel, Denny Holycross, Dave Hoffer, Steve Aiken, Dave Burns, Dave Parker, Coach Bill Mitchell. Third row: Manager A] Sheets, Mike Shaffer, Norman Bair. Dennis Hendrickson, Don Sho- walter, Mike Lauer, Denny Van Houten, Bon Smith, Mike Waggoner, Mike Keller, Cleadus Leach. 71 Bottom row: Mark Fields, Gene Hale, Terry Haver, Steve Aiken, Joe Housnian, Louis Barbara, Bruce Lowry, Glenn Druhot. Second row: Dwight Fraze, Bob Jesse, Bob McKee, Denny Hendrickson, Don Showalter, Dave Higgins, Ron Morrison, Bill Bordner, Lynn Zigler, Bob Read. Mitchell ' s Grapplers Do Well In First Year The wrestling team managed to twist a few arms and win three games in their first year. In city competition they played about par for the course as it was the out of town grapplers that gave our men the most woes. They also participated in two first year tournaments as the whole city virtually took up the varsity sport this year. Mr. Mitchell, also a new-comer to North, coached the wrestlers with the aid of Mr. Duane Rowe and Mr. Bill Goshert. Senior Joe Housnian seems to have the best of his opponent during a mat match at Concordia. North Side 45 Wabash 10 North Side 16 South Side 36 North Side 10 Central 35 North Side 8 New Haven 35 Lakeland Tourney second place North Side 23 Concordia 21 North Side 25 Warsaw 27 North Side 14 South Side 38 North Side 36 Elmhurst 17 Goshen Tourney third place Sectional eleventh place 712 Cross Country Team Cops Second Place in State Meet Dave Hitchcock and Tom Ralston were named the most dedi- cated and the most valuable harriers for this past season. Coach Duane Rowe and the cross country team ran off with local honors and equalled the best teams ever representing the Dome as they copped second in the state meet. Leading the team across the finish line, senior Tom Ralston, the most valuable harrier, was quickly followed by seniors Dave Hitchcock, Don Baldwin, Joe Housman, Jerry Luyben, and sophomore Nick Starnes. A mental attitude and a steady improvement throughout the season to make the state meet count characterized the team. They placed ninth at Short- ridge and never placed lower than second in the state elimination tournament. At Indianapolis Tom Ralston scampered over the hills to take the fourteenth place ribbon, but the talent was so evenly distributed that he and the rest of the team were able to take home silver medals and the glory of becoming state runner-up. North hosted the sectionals and regionals as in years past, but this year ' s sectional achieved the I.H.S.A.A. praise by having the band present to create enthusiasm. The varsity harriers are, Ken Long, Tom Eichenauer, Don Baldwin, Jerry Luyben, Tom Ralston, Head Coach Duane Rowe, Principal Bill C. Anthis. Dave Hitchcock, Dan Gerver, Nick Starnes, Joe Housman, Max Lombard. 73 ! 9 Sli k The six Redskin entries to the state meet stride effortlessly along to keep in championship form. Sen or Squad Races to a Season of 11 Wins, 2 losses Joe Housman pins on his number as the rest of the team rest up before an important mret. " We will win, " comments Dave Hitchcock as Coach Re leads his team to the starting line. 71 Starnes, Ralston, and Baldwin jump into the lead as they ' re off and running; to see who will win the sectionals. Romping Over the Hills To Rout Most Opposing Teams Being out of the Northern Indiana Conference for the first year did not change their predominance as a state power. The Rowemen dumped the oppo- sition for eleven wins while losing just two non- invitational meets. North Side 18 Ashley 39 North Side 28 Valparaiso 27 North Side 24 La Porte 31 North Side 15 Central 49 North Side 15 Central Catholic 50 North Side 15 Bishop Dwenger 50 North Side 17 Concordia 44 North Side 19 Lima 39 North Side 17 .... South Side 39 North Side 15 Bishop Luers 48 Goshen Invitational second place North Side 29 Elmhurst 27 North Side 15 New Haven 50 North Side 15 Snider 50 Shortridge Invitational ninth place (tie) Sectional first place La Porte Invitational third place Regional second place State second place The reserve harriers Netzley, Steve Hayes, Eugene Weleh, Fred McMinn, Don Hatch row: Brian Davis, M are, bottom row: Kerry Phipps, Craig DeWayne Egly. Second row : Ron King. King, Dennis Wiley. Third row: Mike Mike MeMahan, Jim Lemmel. Fourth . John Walter, Dave Miller. i 75 Hoopsters Crimp Cadets, Eliminate Elmhurst, Bomb Bull Coach Hej into the ga istills confidence in Tom Beaver and s with tactics slightly changed. Early in the season By Hey ' s rugged Redskins continually turned the opposition back, but didn ' t seem to have the potential to handle the rougher teams and advance far into the state elimination tournament. Teams such as Berne and newly-created Snider were sticking close until the fourth quarter, and Central, South, and Columbia City upended the cagers, putting doubts in observers ' minds as to what kind of team they were cheering. But unmeasurable credit must go the way of Hey, Will Doehrman, and Ed Butler as they continued to mold the hoopsters into a syncronized basketball machine that showed the unity of a closely knit team. Picking up mo- mentum, they proceeded to play ball with the best of teams and gave ninth-ranked Central one of the biggest scares of their hard-fought season. With the start of the sectional, the Red and White romped over two city foes and took out a very strong New Haven team in the finals. No one doubted that the Redskins posessed greatness when the team found themselves in only the second Regional in eleven years. Always tough, third ranked, undefeated Garrett found that when the final horn sounded in the afternoon game, they had but one point to spare — it in itself a tribute to a notable Redskin team. North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North Sectional North S North S North S Regional North S de 56 Goshen 51 de 54 Central 73 de 61 - R. Nelson Snider 53 de 45 South Side 51 de 87 Berne 57 de 69 Bishop Luers 50 de 75 Kokomo 69 de 84 Lakeland 56 de 61 Columbia City 71 de 57 South Bend Riley 64 de 97 Bishop Dwenger 57 de 77 Central Catholic 57 de 63 New Haven 62 de 69 Elkhart 67 de 61 South Side 68 de 65 Columbus 54 de 64 Central 75 de 73 Auburn 36 de 66 Elmhurst 67 de 81 Concordia 73 de 74 Concordia 54 de 52 Elmhurst 47 de 64 New Haven 45 de 61 Garrett 62 After manuvering finally gets loose it for a shot, all-city guard Mark Henry gently lets the ball up and in. Dogs to Take Sectional Crown; Finish With 16-8 Record Bottom row: Assistant Ed Butler, Tom Beaver. Mike Witnier, Dave Buekmaster, John McMahon. Phil Krieg, Don Fiandt, Bill Prumm. Back row: Assistant Will Doehrman, Don Bald- win, Steve Painter, Ron Milholland, Ron Lake, Bill Schu- maker, Mark Henry, Ron Fulkerson, Head Coach By Hey. " Big John " McMahon and Steve Painter seem dwarfed by Garrett ' s Chuck Bavis in a close regional game. The team ' s leading shooter and rebounder, Bill Prumm could be seen scoring many times on, the hardwood during the season. 77 Dwenger Travels to North, Ron Milhollund and Phil Krieg received honorable mention as two of the city ' s leading front-court men. Realizing that the other team has cracked the Redskin de- fense, the players take a rest and confer with the coach. Steve Painter and his Trojan opponent show clearly the ag- gressiveness that occurs in the heated action of a game. Having grabbed a defensive rebound, Bill Schumaker turns, and heads down court before the opposition does. Gets Blasted as Red Team Posts New School Record Phil Krieg and Steve Painter move in close and see what they can do to stop the mighty Tigers from scoring. Ron Milholland seems to have the situation well in hand as his Auburn foe seeks assistance from the referee. Never a thought of defeat passed through the coaches ' or the players ' minds as the sectional tournament championship was being decided. 79 Bottom row: Coach Will E. Doerhman, Ron Longley, Tom Picking, Fritz Switzer, Ted Davis, Rick Wells, Dave Bashore. Top row: Mike Keller, John Savio, Andy Sheplack, Dan Bourne, Dick Waikel, Ton mings, Lee Melchi. Zahn, Jim Lemmel, Mike Cum- Reserves Pass, Shoot, Rebound to Successful Season The reserve team did not run into too much trouble preparing themselves for varsity material as they ran away with more wins than defeats. Coached by able Will Doerhman, they gained much experience winning eleven games out of eighteen and averaging more points than their opponents. The underclassmen stumbled around for awhile and missed capturing the holiday tourney title by a few points at the hands of Elmhurst. They then went on to become a great team when they won seven of their last ten games, defeating Central twice. North Side 31 Goshen 48 North Side 54 R. Nelson Snider 46 North Side 35 South Side 40 North Side 51 Berne 33 North Side 59 Bishop Luers 45 North Side 26 Kokomo 40 North Side 37 Central 29 North Side 36 Elmhurst 42 North Side 42 South Bend Riley 43 North Side 55 Bishop Dwenger 15 North Side 39 Central Catholic 37 North Side 32 New Haven 34 North Side 30 Elkhart 36 North Side 39 South Side 30 North Side 41 Central 31 North Side 60 Auburn 25 North Side 58 Elmhurst 35 North Side 49 Concordia 38 Hoping that the ball will come their way, Roi Lee Melchi get in on some rebounding action. Longlev and 80 Tankers Turn Tide to Tromp Panthers, Cop City Title The swim team experienced its second competative season, downing Snider twice to take the city championship. Coach Clinkenbeard sees more vic- tories in the coming years as North will host swim clinics to develop material to be used with the re- turning lettermen. Chuck Goodal, Dave Billian, Byron Andrews, and Dave Tennent were seniors receiving letters. Under- class letter-winners included Rich Howenstine, Dave Ross, and Rick Ross. Winning with a smile, Dave Billian demonstrates his back stroke form which put him in the lead early in the race. High-flying Dave Ross tucks tight to perform a forward one-and-one-half flip in a practice session at the Y.M.C.A. Bottom row: Jim dock. Rich Howenstine, Byron Andrews, Rich Ross, Jim Hamrich, Dave Ross, Jim Schmoe, Dennis Lough, Second row : Craig Netzley, Steve Tagtmeyer, Dave Tennent, Jim Holmes, Dave Billian, Dale Dietz, J. K. Harper, Jim Stoody. Absent were Chuck Goodall and John Pierce. SI Members of the golf tea dude: Tim Leetll. Howard Shook, and Tom Gepfert. Absent : Bill Schumaker and Steve Edwards Golfers Begin In Early April; Good Season In View Serving well as athletic managers are. Bottom row: Howard Shook, Tom Gepfert, Frank Akey. Back row: Brian Davis, Merrill Hastings, and Gail Balliet. Despite bad weather the golf team and some hope- ful prospects began to practice early in April for the upcoming season. The only experienced varsity player was Howard Shook. Bill Schumaker, Tim Leeth, Tom Gepfert, and Steve Edwards showed much improvement, how- ever, and all indications pointed toward a successful season. The immediate success of the team was attributed to the linksmen ' s determination, desire, and love of the game. Before each match, coach Beryl Lewis picked five men to compete, basing his selection on their week ' s play. Thus a boy who showed much improvement or had had a " hot " round of golf had a chance to move up to the varsity. In the meets, each of the five players was paired with an opponent for medal play. Keeping North Side ' s athletes well-equipped, clean- ing all equipment and checking it out to the athletes, making a careful account of all equipment in use, and assisting the athletes themselves is the job of the managers. They go about this task efficiently and work hard, doing everything exactly as the coaches want them to. Tennis Team Serves, Rushes, Volleys to Successful Season Bob Vegeler send the ball across the net as Ron Longley moves up for the return. The netmen faced predominantly city competition this year, with only three matches out of town. With only one returning letterman, Coach Myron Hender- son found lack of experience to be a handicap. Led by always tough Rick Day and Ron Longley, number one and number two men respectively, the Redskin netters had a four-win and two-loss record, toward the end of April. Practice, desire, and de- termination have been the winning combination to make up for the apparent lack of experience. A good season is in view, according to coach and team members. North Side 4 .... ... Central Catholic 3 North Side 3 ... Elmhurst 4 North Side 6.... Bishop Luers 1 North Side Warsaw 7 North Side 7 Central £ Bottom row: Stan Cline, Steve Franzman, Al Sheets. Second row : Rick Day, Jim Yoder, Dan Goller, Coach Myron Hender- son. Back row: Dick Kidd, Bob Vegeler, Ron Longley. Rick Day, the number one man, reaches high to complete an overhead smash in a tennis match at Hamilton Park. 83 Two Hurdle Champs Return to Varsity Squad; 1965 State Bottom row : Brian Davis, manager, Howard Doughty, Dave Hitchcock, Bob Smith, Don Baldwin, Bob McKee, Barry Mills, Jim Hallenbeck, John McMahan, Beed Brosius. Second row: Ken Long, Mike C.alcy, Tom Eichenauer, Dave Higgins, Bandy Putt, Ed Harrison, Bill Bordner, Bon Merrill, Kent Beaverson, Jerry Luyben, Frank Akey, manager. Back row : Coach Duane Bowe, Dan Gerber, Les Blanehard, Dave Miller, Max Lombard, Chuck Yingst, Bob Furniss. Bon King, Mike Keller, Nick Starnes, Phil Kreig, Hyrle Ivy, coach, John Walter, coach. State high hurdle cht position, saving his s npion Jim Hallenbeck toys with the op- eed for (he finals in the low hurdles. The track team featured two state champions and the cream of the city ' s crop in sophomores. Leading the lineup were Jim Hallenbeck and Howard Doughty, who won state championships last year in the high and low hurdles respectively. The duo set state sectional and school records as underclassmen and continually turned the opposition back where- ever they went. Sprinters were always a strong point for North Side and Bob Smith, Mike Caley, and Kent Beaverson kept the tradition going strong. Seniors John McMahan and Ed Harris constantly put the shot 55 feet while Barry Mills long-jumped 21 feet occasionally. Don Baldwin, one of the best 440 and 880 men in the state, led the field of distance men consisting of Dave Hitchcock and Tom Eichenauer. The surprise of the season was the sophomore team, which came to the rescue of the graduate- ridden varsity. Bob Furniss and Ron King were the best sophomore sprinter and hurdler in the city. Half-miler hurdler Mike Keller showed skill and determination in his events. Nick Starnes, member of the state runners-up cross country team, turned in good performances in the mile run, as did Ken Long in the two-mile run. The 1965 state champions were expected to place high in the state meet again this year, possibly cap- turing their seventh state championship. SI Champions Again Expected to Place High in State Meet Howard Doughty, state champ in the low sticks, moves out in the lead of a high hurdle race. Sophomore Ron King ran second. The half-mile relay team of Bob Smith, Howard Doughty, Jim Hallenheck, and Bob Furniss could break the school record. Don Baldwin easily wins a quarter mile race in 51 seconds Don also proved to be the fastest 880 man in the area. They fly through the air with the greatest of ease — Barry Mills and Dave Higgins make their marks in the broad jump. 85 North Possesses Cream of City ' s Crop in Sophomores; Mike Caley and Kent Beaverson follow Bob Smith across the finish line for a 1-2-3 sweep, a scene happening often on the track. The mile relay composed of Beed Brosius, Kent Beaverson, Barry Mills, and Don Baldwin was one of the best in the city. Dave Hitchcock and Tom Eiehenauer stride across the finish Senior Bon Merrill and Juniors Dave Miller and Chuck Yingst line together with the fastest times in the city for the mile. composed the pole-vault squad. 8(5 Field Events Also Strengthen Unit into State Power This sequence of pictures shows clearly how Ed H could easily put the shot over fifty-five feet. Senior Boh McKee d the har at five feet, n trates his high jump form, clearing inches in a dual meet. Bottom row: Dan Bourne. Darrell Post, Dwight Fraze. Kerry Phipps. Steve Hayes, Boger DeVeau. Bich Howenstine, Jack Godfrey. Second row: Bichard Poinsett. Jack Covault. Bob Jesse. Dick Waikel. Jim Beeder. Charles Bevington. Tom Pick- ing. Dave Cook. Back row: Boh Bead. Leslie Bock, Bob Hixon, Steve Aiken, Kim Drudge. Jim Lemmel, Don Hatch, Mike McMahan. Bod Bryant. XT Redskin Yell Leaders Have Pep, Power; Add Spirit We ' ve got the pep . . . We ' ve got the power . . . and Varsity Cheerleaders Jan Armey, Barb Seabury, Pam Mark, Linda James, Penny Winkler, and Sherry Goshert stand up and yell. The sextet did much to excite a winning spirit. Cheerleaders practically create school spirit. When the players are down, they get them back on their feet and the team goes on to another win. The varsity cheerleaders, chosen by the Student Council, teachers, and the graduating varsity cheer- leaders, are sponsored by Mrs. Eln ora Gallahue, Mrs. Susan Vandermolen, and Mrs. Patricia Light. The yell leaders started practice in the first week in July and are now practicing fifth period four days a week in the girls ' gym. Leading the student body at all basketball and football games both at home and away was their duty. Besides supplementing school spirit, they spon- sored a dance in November and graded the reserve cheerleaders. This year ' s varsity cheerleaders were Linda James (captain). Penny Winkler, Pam Mark, Jan Armey, Sherry Goshert, and Barb Seabury. The reserve cheerleaders were Jacque Zirkle, Jean Jernstrom, Connie Salud, Katy Albright, and Sherry Harter. Something new has been added to create school spirit, enthusiasum, and entertainment. Pom pom girls performed at half time and in pep sessions. Approximately twenty-four girls gave a unique per- formance in their yells, number, and formation. Linda James, Barb Seabury, Sherry Goshert, Pam Mark, Penny Wi nkler, and Jan Armey chug across the floor yelling " T-E-A-M " . And away we go. leading the organized hysteria in the preliminary games were reserve cheerleadt ' rs Jaeque Zirkle. Connie Salud. Jean Jernstrom, Katy Albright, and Sherry Harter. Newly Created Pom Pom Squad Contributes to Cause Before Basketball games and at half time these ardent fans served as pom pom girls adding eolor and pep. 89 Intramurals Gives Boys Chance to Shed Classroom Designed to give those boys not involved in varsity sports a chance to compete against each other, the North Side intramural program offered the opportun- ity to participate in five different sports. In the autumn and spring, emphasis was on outdoor sports. Amateur athlete swung softball bats or chased foot- balls in the team competition. With the approach of winter, activity moved indoors. Basket ball and weight-lifting were two of the sports sponsored by Mr. Will E. Doehrman. Also, one of the most popular intramural programs during the winter was the bowling league, which met on Thursdays after school. Volleyball was the feature after the basketball playoffs and was then followed by softball. The girls benefitted much the same way in physical education, and the Girls Athletic Association, G.A.A., provided girls with fun, exercise, competition, and a chance for recognition. However, the primary pur- pose of G.A.A. is to stress the importance of team- work, physical fitness, and sportsmanship. Much of the intramural and physical education program was hindered by this year ' s renovation of the pool. The main phase of intramurals is basketball. Fifth period in the gym was the setting of many exciting games. - nJ| Mt m ■ if fk Hv.13 ' Using the weight room, the boys gained strength and ordination that they normally would not get on the field. DO fension; Girls Profit, Too Girls show that they too can snare a rebound almost as well as any boy, hut with a lot more style. Volleyball gave the girls a chance to co-ordinate as a unit and was greatly enjoyed in physical education classes. Soccer gave the girls a chance to exercise. 91 V fc item FACULTY With the return of the 8 to 3 schedule, faculty responsibilities were easier to accomplish. Teachers could contact students, knowing that they could see their pupils after school and that it didn ' t mean before 1 o ' clock or after 4 o ' clock. More teachers had their own rooms, which enabled them to use their time to the best possible advantage. Class- rooms were not interrupted by lockers clanging and bells ringing every five minutes. The faculty could plan outside material to make their classes interest- ing and to conduct extra-curricular activities. Be- cause everyone had the same schedule, department meetings could be held in a routine fashion. Most important was the fact that the teachers were not as tired and could cope with the problems that every eventful day of school would bring. ! : . Anthis Devotes More Time to Students; Grile Improves W l 4» 1 - - t -1 fr . . i-i « ri i ' ,_ F M| [■A 1 W A V Ik 1M J u s Dr. Bill C. Anlhis, Principal, keeps up to date by studying the educational developments of other schools. Dr. Anthis ' s secretary, Mrs. Helen Houts is responsible for typing bulletins, letters and making appointments. More time with and for students was the main objective of Dr. Bill Anthis this year. Due to the convenience of the 8 to 3 schedule, he was able to get personally acquainted with more individuals and work with more groups. He could discover new methods of accomplishing the ideals at North Side. In addition to providing leadership for curricular and extra-curricular programs of the school, he spent much time evaluating the agenda to see that it met the standards and goals of Fort Wayne Com- munity Schools. He formulated plans for further progr ess and worked to carry them out. With his wife and son, Dr. Anthis tried to attend every play, concert, and athletic event at North. As well as the activity of his busy school life, he participated in the work of the Psychiatric Center, American Field Services, Citizens ' Education Coun- cil, United Community Services, and the Indiana Chapter of Multiple Sclerosis Society. Dr. Anthis acquaints himself with ' Skins by asking the names of those who pick up homeroom bulletins. 94 Educational Climate ' Due to Returning 8 to 3 Schedule mTi — Mr. Lester Grile is not considered a regular facul- ty member of North Side, although by fulfilling his obligations, he helps North Side to run smoothly. " The return of the normal time schedule at North Side has helped my job, " states Mr. Grile. " Part of my responsibility is to see that each school has the best possible educational climate for the principal, faculty, and students. Whenever we are able to make adjustments which improve this climate, it helps improve the educational program. " The primary duty of Mr. Grile is to see that the schools operate within the policies and rules estab- lished by the Board of School Trustees. To do this, he must work with the people who make the policies, and with all the people who assist in carrying out those policies. " I suppose I should say that school, in addition to being my job, is also my hobby. I do take time to read for relaxation, but there is very little time to improve my golf score. " Dr. Anthis and Mr. Grile discuss the advantages of the loca- tion of North Side in relation to other area schools. The PTA Officers for the 1965-66 school year are: Mr. George Kinne, Pres., Miss Ruth Eudaley, 2nd V-Pres., Mrs. John Negelsen, Sec, Mrs. Richard Recker, V-Pres., and Mrs. George Kinne, Pres. Mrs. Warren Hastings was absent when the picture was taken. Mr. Grile enjoys the humorous memories of past years pre- sented by the Class of 1966 at the Senior Banquet. I). " . Counselors Purpose Remedies to Student Dilemmas Many students, sometime during the year, met counselors Miss Sandra Todd, Mr. Charles Hinton, Mr. Max Updike, and Mr. Robert Traster. They were willing to assist the pupils at all times and concerning all problems; Redskins could talk of difficulties dealing with home or school. Miss Todd, as new dean of girls, was responsible for their attendance and discipline. She planned and conducted specified assemblies, college testings, and extra-curricular activities. In addition to obligations as dean of boys, Mr. Hinton also distributed materials to the teachers, gave citizenship awards to students, and improved safety for the students around Domeland. Mr. Updike was the guidance coordinator. It was his duty to enroll new pupils, change class schedules, sign students up for driver education, and see that home room procedures were followed. Mr. Robert Traster served as athletic manager, planning all sport events and pep session. He also supervised ticket sales. As guidance coordinator, Mr. Max Updike must change class schedules to meet the needs of the students. As Deans, Miss Sandra Todd and Mr. Charles Hinton must discuss the discipline problems of students. Mr. Traster, as athletic manager, checks the grades of all athletes to be sure they are passing in four solids. ' .n; Mrs. Wilma Ashe; B.S.; Clerical Practice; Indiana State Teachers College, Indiana. Pennsylvania Mrs. Betty Baugh; B.S.; Family Living, Foods, Home Nursing; Pur- due. Indiana Mr. John Becker; B.S., M.A.; Mathematics, Chemistry, Assistant Foot- ball Coach: Notre Dame, Xavier. Purdue. Ball State. Carleton Miss Marjorie Bell; B.S., M.A.; Art Department Chairman; Indiana, Co- lumbia Mr. Glen Biekel; B.S., M.S.; Mathematics; Indiana State. Indiana, Pur- due Mr. Ronald Certain; B.S.; Economics. Seminar on Communism; Indi- ana State Mr. Charles Clark; A.B., M.A.; Mathematics Department Chairman; Defi- ance. Ohio State. Purdue Miss Catherine Cleary; A.B., M.A. ; English Department Chairman; St. Mary ' s, Indiana, Columbia Mr. Harold Clinkenbeard ; B.S., M.S.; Earth Science, Swimming; Butler, Indiana Mr. Donald Coleman; B.S. ; History. English; Indiana, Indiana State, St. Francis Mrs. Hazel Coomey; Attendance Clerk; Coe, Indiana Miss Diane Cotterly; B.A.; English; Indiana Mrs. Edna Crocker; M.S., M.A.; Home Economics Department Chairman; Indiana, Minnesota Mrs. Marilynne Curtis; B.S., M.S.; Shorthand; Indiana, Butler. Purdue Mrs. Amelia Dare; A.B. ; Latin, English; Indiana Mr. John DeYoung; B.S. ; English; Purdue, Manchester. Indiana. St. Francis Mr. Will E. Doehrman; B.S., M.A.; Physical Education Department Chairman, Assistant Basketball Coach; Valparaiso, Ball State, Indiana, Purdue. St. Francis Mrs. Elizabeth Donnelly; B.S.; English; Indiana, Western Michigan Mr. Ronald Dvorak; B.S.; Chemistry; Indiana State, Purdue Mr. Robert Edwards; B.S., M.A.; Industrial Arts Department Chairman; Ohio Northern, Michigan Mrs. Harriet Emmerson; Treasurer; International. Indiana Miss Ruth Eudalev; B.S., A.M.; History. Sociology; Wittenberg. Ball State. Indiana Mr. Charles Feller; B.S., M.A.; History; Bowling Green State Mr. Cleon Fleck; A.B., M.S., M.A.; History; DePauw, Indiana 97 Mr. Elmer Franzman ; B.S. ; History. Audio Visual Director: Ball State Indiana Mr. Wade Fredrick; B.A., M.A.; Mrs. Elnora Gall ahue; B.S. ; Physical Education. Swimming; Indiana Mrs. Lois Giniecki; B.S. ; English; Portland State Mr. Dale Goon; B.S., M.S.; General Business; Manchester. New Mexi- co School of Mines. Indiana Mr. William Goshert; B.S., M.A.; General Business. Head Football Coach; Manchester. Ball State. Notre Dame Miss Marvel Gray; A.B.; Spanish, French; Indiana Miss Mabel Greenwalt; A.B., A.M.; English; Ball State. Chicago Mr. Donald Hamm; B.S.; General Business: Taylor. Ball State Mr. Myron Henderson ; B.A., M.A. ; Government, Tennis Coach: Manchester, Ball State Mr. Byard Hey; B.S., M.S.; Physical Education. Swimming. Geometry, Head Basketball Coach; Indiana. Purdue, St. Francis Mr. Willard Holloway; B.S., M.A.; Music Department Chairman, Vocal Music; Indiana. Ball State Mr. Fred Humphrey, Jr., B.S., B.Ed., M. S.; English; DePauw. Indiana. Miami Mr. Hyrle Ivy, Jr.; B.S, M.A.; Industrial Arts. Assistant Football Coach; Alabama. Ball State Mrs. Irma Johnson; B.S. ; General Business. Home Economics; Indi- ana State. Indiana Mrs. Dolores Klocke; B.S.. M.A.; Counseling. Exploratory Teaching; West- ern Illinois. Northwestern Mr. Stanley Lee; A.B., M.S.; Speech; Indiana Mrs. Ann Lehman; Secretary. Cafeteria Hostess Mr. Paul Lemke; B.S., M.A.; Spanish; Northwestern Mr. James Lewinski; A.B., M.A.: English; Indiana. Michigan Mr. Bervl Lewis; B.S., M.A.; Chemistry: Ball State Mrs. Patricia Light; B.S., M.S.; Science. Counseling; Ball State Miss Elizabeth Little; A.B., M.A.; English; Ohio. Indiana. Columbia Mrs. Bettv Loper; Study Half Clerk; Vincennes. Ball State 98 Mrs. Freeda Malecek; English Clerk; Iowa Business Mr. John Malott; Government: Taylor, Ball State Mr. Donald McClead; B.A., M.A.; Art: Ball State Mr. W. H. MoNeely; B.A., M.S.; Mathematics; Hanover, Indiana Mrs. Gladys Merriman; A.B., M.S.; English: Manchester. Indiana. Iowa State. Indiana State Mrs. Mary Mertens; Study Half Clerk, Book Room Clerk; Indi- MrTjerald Miller; B.S., M.A.; Science Department Chairman. Physics; Ball State. Purdue Miss Marie Miller; A.B. ; Mathematics; Smith, Wisconsin. Indiana, Purdue Mr. David Mitchell; A.B.; German, Russian; Vincennes, Butler. Indi- Mr? William Mitchell; B.S., M.S.; Zoology. Biology. Head Wrestling Coach, Assistant Football Coach; Ball State. Indi- ana, Huntington Miss Blanche Nielsen; B.S., M.S.; Earth Science; Chicago Mrs. Alice Nusbaum; A.B., M.S.; Mathematics; Indiana, Butler, Wisconsin Mrs. Kathleen Paddock; B.S., M.A.; Shorthand, Typing; Franklin. Huntington, Indiana, Ball State Mr. David Piatt; B.M.E.; Instrumental Music. Orchestra. Theater Arts, Theory; Indiana. Ohio State. Kent State Miss Frances Plumanns; A.B., M.A.; Language Depart merit Chairman, French, Counseling; Mount St, Joseph, Northwest- ern, Chicago, Indiana Mr. Robert Pugh; B.A., M.S.; English; DePauw. Wisconsin Mr. James Purkhiser; A.B., M.A.; Drama; Hanover. Indiana Mrs. Ramona Ranshurg; A.B., M.A.T.; French, English; Western. St. Francis, Indiana Mr. m C. Gordon Revnard; B.A.;M.A.; Drafting; Ball State Mr. Duane Rowe; B.S., M.S.; Typing. Head Track Coach; Manchester. Indiana Mr. Augustus Schoonover, Jr. ; A.B.; English. Sociology, Government; Indiana, Ball State Mr. Arthur Schwab; B.S., M.S.; Mathematics, Counseling; Concordia Teachers. Indiana. Purdue. Colorado, St. Francis Mrs. Mary Shutt; Secretary Miss Ethel Shroyer; B.S. ; Library; Wisconsin, Western Reserve 99 Mr. William Simon; A.B.; Business Law; International, Manchester, Indiana. Wisconsin Mr. Robert Sinks; A.B.; World History; Indiana, Purdue Mr. Gary Smith; B.M.; Girls Choir, Varsity Band. Concert Band. Majorettes; Butler Mr. Wavelancl Snider; B.S., M.S.; U.S. History, Health; Manchester, Indiana Mrs. Marjorie Spoolstra; A.B.; English; Taylor, Indiana Mrs. Marjorie Stanzcak; Secretary Mrs. Beatrice Stoeeklev; Secretary to Librarian; ' Indiana, St. Francis Miss Norma Thiele; A.B., M.A.; Journalism, Publications Director; Indiana Mrs. Susan Vandermolen ; B.S.; Physical Education; Michigan Miss Mary Waller; Registrar, Secretary; Indiana Mr. John Walter; B.S., M.S., Dir.; General Business Department Chairman. Bookkeeping; Manchester. Indiana Mr. Robert Weaver; B.A.. B.E. ; Business Mathematics, Economics; Toledo. St. Francis Mrs. Janet Weber; B.S., M.A.; Latin; Bowling Green State. Michigan Mr. Clive Wert; B.S., M.A.; Industrial Arts; Ball State Mrs. Dana Wichern; B.S. ; English; Indiana. Salve Regina, Rhode Is- land, St. Francis Mr. Harrv Young; B.S., M.S.; Social Studies Department Chairman. Government, Economics; Ball State, Indi- Mr. Edward Butler; B. A.; English. Assistant Basketball Coach; State Mrs. E mmcrson and Mr. Schoonover enjoy the " sur- prises " they receive at the annual Faculty Christmas Party. 100 Cooks, Custodians Make School Life More Pleasant Bottom row: Vivan Bone, Evelyn Durbin, Marjorie Paris, Kathryn Carpenter, Doris Byanski. Second row: Ilo Boyd, Sharon Miller, Mildred Murray, Mary Rombke. Third row : Ernestine Reiling, Jane Neumann, Lulu Byer, Kittie Loeffler, Virginia Myers. Forth row: Lois Duffy, Amber Wyatt, Dorothy Hammons, Cleo Degler, LaDonna Durbin. Fifth row: Mary Efner, Rosemary Shipman, Ilo Haskill, Thelma Meyer, Marion Stone. With the aid of 25 women, Mrs. Marjorie Paris was able to enlarge the plate lunch and the a la carte lines to accommodate the increased number of students in each lunch period. The main activity of Mrs. Paris and her helpers was planning and pre- paring enough food, which ranged from casseroles to soups and sandwiches, to serve over 1700 students when the noon hour bells finally rang. During the summer months, if one were to visit the school, he would see the custodians busily prac- ticing their handicraft. It is the responsibility of the custodians not only to sweep and clean up after students during the school year, but also to develop their skills at remodeling after the halls of Dome- land have been deserted for vacations. The custodians are Oscar Buettner, Hubert Bender, Fred Those who were absent when the picture was taken are Gene IViemeyer, Carl Frankenstein, Ralph Eloph, Jesse Hardz, Lampe, Alonzo Osborne, and Cecil Siberts. % NL-i 101 I % f CLASSES By nature man is a social being. Life around the dome provides many opportunities for making friends. Being on an 8 to 3 schedule makes it easier for students to get together and enjoy each other ' s company. Walk down North ' s halls anytime and you can hear an enthusiastic " Hi! " being yelled down a stairwell; or casually pass through the cafeteria at about 7 a.m. and you ' ll see friends grouped to- gether and having fun simply because they ' re to- gether. It ' s these things that make one school some- thing special to each and every one of its students. At North that something special is eating together, studying together, having fun together, and most im- portant of all-learning together. 103 As sophomores, entering the dome with many misgivings and differing Planning sophomore activities were Dan Dager, president; Gene Hale, vice-president; Lois McKathnie, secretary-treasurer; and Marty Duncan, social chairman. Wsm In S tX ' 7 nil f ft Gk ft ft |? (§5 ' tit Vl ifrfe v - • t» HIS JS S flft PQ f 1 1 i v m-f 6i v - ' - i V? " 4r l kM r fck rib - ; " I WftUl k -,4$S 8£.%£ Steve Aiken Wilbur Ake Frank Akey Katy Albright Bob Allen Cindy Ambridge Richard Amelung Sharon Anderson John Andrews Charles Angus Jerry Antonie Connie Archer Jovce Arms Linda Arndt James Arter Susan Augsburger Tom Bair Paula Baldwin Sharon Baney Deb Bangerter Karen Banks Vonna Bankson Bonnie Barto Larry Bashop Dave Bashore John Bates Craig Baumgardner Jerrv Baumgardner Sue Beard Jack Beiswenger Richard Bell Randy Bentrup Sandra Berger Keith Berkes Mike Bernhardt Susan Beyer Becky Bienz Becky Bireley John Blackburn Mvron Blanchard Mike Bland Violet Bland Don Blum Bill Babcock Leslie Bock Bob Bodey Dave Boggs Debbie Boggs Victoria Bojinoff John Bone Roger Booth Evelyn Bodkin Alan Boshart Darlene Bosserman Dan Bourne Tim Bower Steve Bowers Thomas Bowman Mike Bowser Hugh Boyer Lvna Boyer Karen Bridges Beth Brinker Beckv Brown Cathy Brown Gar Br Suzi Brown John Brubaker Rod Bryant Janet Buchanan Judy Buckhardt Chen Bumgardner Burelison Anr Bur 104 previous school backgrounds, we became united ' Skins ' loyal to North. Mary Busian Rodney Butler Susan Byers Sally Cadwallader Linda Caldwell Carolyn Canaday Kristina Carboni Candace Carnahan Ron Carnahan David Cashdollar Donscott Cathcart Mary Chappvis Greg Christoffel Ina Chumley Deanna Claphan Robert Clausen Jody Clay Rosanna demons Stan Cline Suzanne Cochran Larry Coffman Sue Coffman Linda Calhoun Sharon Coleman Gary Collins Millie Collins Craig Colpitts line Combs Pen Con Dave Cook Gary Cook Greg Cook Luella Cook Deborah Cooley Jack Covault Karen Cox Christie Crawford Jordan Crocker Ed Culver Cindy Cummings Kay Cunningham Dan Dager Bob Dale Dave Dalrymple Carolyn Daniel Debbie Davis Everett Davis Jim Davis Ted Davis DeWayne Egly Evelyn Do- Anne Dick Charles Diehl Dale Dietz Robert DUlman Cindv Dornseif Sue Dotv Sharon Dovey Suzanne Dovey Darylene Drake Diane Dreibelbiss Glenn Druhot Martv Ducan Harold Egolf Joe Eifrid Mike Ellis Phillip Ellis David Emrich Rosie Erwin Ron Evans Erin Fabian Carta Falls Debbie Faust Valerie Felger Janice Feller Daily visits to the booster room has be- come a favorite pas- time among students at North. p O k Q ffi 0b ft |8| ( % ft (K tQ ife ft ft i i ft ft ft f p 4 p .a q %m s r lor, Having carried out the traditional policy of electing class officers and Sheila Fisher George Fitzgerald Kenneth Fletter, Jr. Gerry Flinn Debra Ford Rex Foreman Jim Foster Terry Fowler Connie FTancies Kathy Franklin Randv Frederic Beckv Freimutt Dave Fretz Bob Furniss Carol Furniss Stan Furniss Kav Gardenovr Cheri Gardner Jayne Garner Sandra Gratz Deborah Gehring Elane Gerding Diane Gernhardt Jerry Gilbert Timothy Gillespie Jo Gonser Jayne Goodwin Mike Gurevsky Etta Gresham Sarah Gresham Gary Greulach Cheryl Griffis Don Grooms Deb Grosenbacher Patricia Guevara Joy Gumbert Zandra Gump Alan Hagopian Barbara Hague Joan Halbert Gene Hale Cathy Hall Linda Hall Pauline Halquist Kay Halter Carol Hammond Sue H?mmond Mike Hanauer Karen Hand Michael Hanson Linda Harrison Becky Harless Glenn Harmon James Harper Vonda Harrold Sherry Harter Tom Harter Deborah Hartley Melissa Hartman Ruth Hassig Merrill Hastings Stephania Hasty Nancy Havens Terry Haver Diane Headford Alice Headrick Jack Heck Andy Hein Susie Henderson Mark Hendricks Christina Hendrickson Julie Hendrickson Grace Henshaw Barb He Tdeen Fawn Hershberger Deborah Heyn Tom Hicks Rhonda Hileman Robert Hixon Many students like Ten Kasson give the Attendance Center a real workout using the phone daily. 106 Student Council representatives to lead us, we became a working unit. Beverly Hoagland. Roger Hoevel David Hoffer Sharon Holliday Kathy Holmes Dennis Holvcross Kathi Hosford Gordon Houser Don Houts Jack Huber David Hudso n Alice Huffman Linda Hugenell Beth Hutson Steve Hutton Lonnie Hyder Mary Jackson Tim Jackson Joann Jacobs Evelyn Jeffries Nancee Jennings Jeanie Jemstrom Bob Jesse Lucille Jess Kathy Johnson Marie Jones Mary Jones Elaine Jordan Ginny Jordan Ten Kasson Wesley Keeran Steve Keever Sue Keith Marilyn Kelder Beverly Keller Mike Keller Brenda Kelley Cassie Kelley Pat Kemp Diana Kennedy Stephanie Kern Ava Kiefer Jean Kiel Diane Kilty Fred King Ron King Sandie Kinney Dennis Kinsey Fred Kimmerly Bruce Kirkpatrick Donna Knepper Paula Knepper Dietmar Knott Margaret Knuth Dianna Koenig Mike Konkle Sue Krammer Vicki Kring Susan Kruse Jan Kubiniec Lynne Kuckein Thomas Kuruda Brenda Lamb Tom Lamb Steve Lamley Deb Latham Michael Lauer Mildred Lawson Rosetta Lawson Cleadus Leach Charlene Leason Linda Lees Mary Lou Lehrman Gloria Leist Jim Lemmel Christine Lickert Mark Linder Sue Lingo Jacque Zirkle finds study hall provides time for many things i ncludin g reading the Northerner. F 4 ! f ? £4 !W £ 5ft Q ?? p © J5 fB 107 Through participation in our classes, pep sessions, and other functions wB f fl Steve Linnemeier Mickey Lloyd Dan Lockwood Steve Loechner Larry Logan Ella Long John Long Ken Long Ruth Longardner Cindy Lousmith Jyl Love Bruce Lowry Diane Luce Chuck Luecke Pam MacDonald Kirk Mahlan Charles Markey Cindi Marks Charles Martin Don Martin Victor Martinez Bob Mason Terry Masters Air Ma Debbie Maxwell Susan McAtee Maureen McCarty Mike McClue Joyce McCurby Jeanne McDermott Bill McGann Ann McGibeny Jim McGuire Linda McKathnie Lois McKathnie Richard McKee Tamara McKeever Stephanie McKencie Mike McMahan Karen McMaken Micheal McMinn Arlene Medsker Ron Mendenhall David Mennewisch James Mensch Linda Meredith Linda Mettert Mike Miller Peggy Miller Robert Milledge Perry Miller Roger Miller Ken Millikan Debbie Mills Mills Mil nick nyard John Mironenko Jayne Mitchell Beverly Moellering Tom Moore Jon Moser Gloria Mowan Sharon Mowan Beverly Mowery Dale Mvers Bob Nash Jennifer Nelson Craig Netzlev Ruth Nevogt Cynthia Nord Dana Nordyke Karen Novitski Janet Obfson Rick Osborn Dale Osborne Dennis Overmver Judy Palm Many students such as Linda Sims and Bev- erly Hoagland, perform various duties around school. 108 of school life at North, we furthered the idea of true " Skin ' citizenship. Kirk Pape Dave Parker Gail Patrick Sue Patten Angela Pease Linda Peek Tom Peirce Glenn Pelkey Carolyn Peters Jane Peters Susan Peterson Shirrel! Petgew Beverly Phillips Kerry Phipps Tom Picking Ron Pinter Lynn Pitts Cvnthia Poinsett Richard Poinsett John Pollock Chr veil Rita Puff James Quinn Dave Ranly Kathy Rapp Kay Raschke Brenda Rauscher Howard Reaser Frances Rediger James Reeder Jo Regedanz Eric Reighter Sherrill Renner Kay Rentschler Linda Reppert Margo Reynolds Dan Rice Mike Rice Trudy Richard Charles Richards P aula Ricketts Linda Ripple Dave Roberts Steve Robinson Jim Roehm Lon Rogers Tony Romano Rick Ross Lana Rowan Pamela Roy Monika Rundel Connie Salud Irene Sanders John Savio Darlene Saylor Marilvn Schaefer Ruth Scheele Julie Scherer Pam Schindler Kenneth Schlatter James Schmoe Sharon Schneider James Schorey Karl Schroff Bill Schumaker Jim Schutt Vicki Schwalm Chip Scott Jan Scott Mike Shaffer Kenton L. Shaw Alvin Sheets Greg Sheets Sally Shepler Richard Shinn Larrv Shive Tim Shopp Donald Showalter Running out of paper is no problem for Chuck Luecke since study hall provides for such needs. © Q (fit fj t tifcfcfci afc 109 Climaxing a totally memorable year was our sophomore party, when E - 5 j- IJ3 £% |y © m £? fft ( |P1 |K M| fr3 fR 3K» o Wf P ■■ rwf « ■ » jFJ RS 2r £ f (ft £ 1ft ft a. © P JET WfJ Joe Simon Linda Sims Paula Sitcler Vicki Sloan Pamela Smead Donald Smith Maria Smith Ron Smith Stephen Smith Steve Smoak Rita Snvder Sandra Kay Sowers Jackie Spillers Sandy Sprunger Pamela Stafford Linda Stanton Pamela Stanton Nick Starnes Kathe Statler Jan Stedman Donna Steinbacher David Stockert Don Stone Valerie Stonebreaker Jim Stoody Dan Strahm Louie Strahm Pam Streets Joanne Studebaker Valerie Stukey Judith Suber Wanda Suter Richard Swaidner Fritz Switzer Dianna Sylvester Steve Tagtmerer Cindy Taylor Ralph Tavlor Robert Taylor John Tennant Craig Tew JoAnn Thomas Cora Thompson Jerry Thompson Linda Thompson Steve Timmis Jerry Trigg Carol Triplett Bruce Tryon Karen Tulley Robert Tuner Bruce Unsigner Sandra Upkyke Jackie Upole Diana Upton Denny VanHouten Fred Volkman Mike Waggoner Richard Waikel Mike Walker Nancy Waltz Bruce Warwick Roxanna Waters Carl Watson Marsha Watson Sherry Weaver Eugene Welch Larrv Wells Rick Wells Deb Werlmg Mike Wert Larrv Wheeler Patty Wheeler Dave Whitehurst Dennis Wiley Dave Wilkinson Steve Wisler Ke nt Wolfe Suann Wood Susan Wrisk Cindy Cummin ' s locker could stand to be a little shorter, but then where would she put everything. 110 we socialized; reminiscing past experiences and anticipating new ones. Janet Yoder Sally Young Harvev Ziegler Lynn Ziegler Jacque Zirkle Nat Zweig Suerita Amburgey Linda Bladgett Linda Bulmahr Henry Davis Mary Louise Diehm Earline Domer Steve Franzman Ann Holse Susan Kraft Steve Lash Cheri Liggett Margaret Lyons Cesar Martinez Cynthia Milladge Christine Miller Margie Miller Patty Storey Ron Squires Dave Traughber Danny Workman John Wilson Frances Yahn Danny Ybarra Shinning up a flagpole is an unusual sight on school grounds, but on the tirst day when sophomores are being initiated and seniors are walking the red carpet, almost anything can happen. One might say this is the one day sophomores are true Ski: seen wearing warpaint throughout the day. since they can be 111 Being former Redskins, we found the dome a familiar sight when w f $ ( wwn Organizing all functions for the junior class were officers Sue Howe, secretary-treasurer; Meg Seabury, social chairman; Ron Gilbert, vice-president; and John Peirce, president. fP fty V° f r " " f ty . r A $ 4 |5% B ft lb ft ft ft - u i . v ' i. it i fl f? © P f P ! f-»J f% 4 1% a -- _§ §K«J Cindy Abele Martha Ackley Jean Adams Dan Aiken Cathy Albaugh Richard Albaugh Jim Albert Jim Albright Jim Allen Barry Anderson Deborah Andrew; John Archer Pamela Archer Michael Argerbright Steve Argerbright Marcia Armstrong Rhea Arndt Pattie Arnev Suzy Arnold Jim Atterberry Ned Bade Jerry Baer Michael Bair Nancy Baird Mike Baker Gail Balliet Louis Barbara Philip Barclay Jim Barrett Janet Bartels Chuck Bash Mike Batchelder Lvnda Bauer Jerry Baugher Tom Beaver Marsha Beber Darlene Becker Gav Becker Bill Beckman Pam Beebe Bill Bell Dav Kav Benedict Derek Benson Linda Benton Louie Bermes Richard Berndt Thomas Berndt Jim Betts Diana Biddle Elizabeth Biesiada Bruce Binder Marv Bishop Les Blanchard Judy Bloodgood Bob Blum Kathv Blv Rita Bodkin Bosser Gar Mar tan y Bowser aid Buchanan David Buckmaster Sharon Bunker Denny Burden Gerald Burns Cherry Bushong Sue Brackmann Jeanne Bragalone Diane Brewer John Brmcefield Bettv Brisentine Cind ' v Brockett Reed ' Brosius Dan Brown William Brown 112 returned that fall, and our first day found us with new responsibilities. Cvndie Bruns Brenda Brvan Cheryl Brvle Steve Cady Mike Calev Sandra Camp Bob Cantrell Carolyn Capps Rick Carpenter Walter Carpenter Joe Cassell Elaine Castle Mary Cates Roy Cates Carol Cavanaugh Douglas Cecil Judi Chapman Lynn Chisholm Vicki Christman Kenneth Christlieb Barbara Clark Barry Clark Larrv Clark Pattv Clark Sharon Clay Alice Clem Gary Clifton Patricia Cobble Betty Cochren Linda Cole Dan Coleman Ellena Collins John Collins Pattv Collins Margo Colvin Jim Combs Janie Comment Jim Cook Kathy Cook Larry Cook Deborah Cornelius Chuck Cowell David Crace Cris Craft Al Crawford Becky Crow Mike Cummings David Currie Trudv Dahman Kathy Dale Doug Dammeier Brian Davis Rod Day Jan Dellinger Dan Dehabev Roger Deveau Patricia Dick Pam Diehl Kay Dobbs Howard Doughty Jim Douglas Kim Drudge Earlene Dunbar Edward Ebel Steve Ecenbarger Dennis Edgmgton Allen Egley Jacque Eiser Thomas Etchas Steve Evans Jennie Ezzelle John Fail- Earl Farmer Sandy Felger Raymond Fink Cathy Finley Voting conditions at the polls during elections were not the best but they served their pur- pose. fi (ft 11: Assuming our role as juniors kept us active, coping with Macbeth, VI 2 4fr rt III f- £ rr l « John Firestine Bill Fisher John Fitzgerald Barb Fortney Robert Francis Dwight Fraze Bob Freeman Christine Joe Friedrich Joyce Fryer Carole Fulton Betty Galloway Candy Gallmeier rd Douglas Gard Vicki Gardner Steve Garner Dave Gaskill Larry Gaskill Dianne Gebert Edward Gebhart Patricia Geise Tom Gephart Diane Gephart Ron Gilbert John Gillespie Kathy Gilliam Scott Gillie Jim Glouk Jack Godfrey Frederick Gonzales Linda Goodwin Robert Goodwin Lonnita Grace Tom Gray -uunor Charles Haag Diana Haag David Habig Linda Haire Suzanne Halbert Nancy Hall Craig Hamilton Jim Hamrick Nada Hanchar Kathv Hanshew f% t $ P £f (pQ F - B? f55 , Tom Hanshew Gilbert Hardesty Charlotte Hardiek Dennv Harris Sandra Harris Dale Harter Garv Harter Vikki Hartwig Peggv Hastings Tom Kay Hasty Don Hatch Lvnn Huett Judv Hawk Charlie Hayner Stephen Hayes rd Herendeen Jerrv Hertig Steve Hickman Brenda High Debbv Hill Jerry Hite hael Hoban Hoblet Bill Hogge Ed Holliday Tom Holmes Jobs are scarce for teenagers in school but the " Job Interest " bul- letin board often helps. 114 writing term papers, and studying chemical equations during classes. Sally Hoover Sandra Hopper Margie House Sue Howe Richard Howenstine Joel Hvde Kay Hov Steve Hoyt Richard Insley Jeanette Jacoy Wayne Jess Arlene Jesse Linda Jesse E. 2. Jewett Anita Jobes Karen Johnloz Betty Johnson Jan Johnson Jerel Johnson Steve ' Johnson Joan Johnston Donna Jones Sharon Kattas Karen Katzenmaier Vicki Kaylor Mike Keldner Jennifer Kelsey Debbie Kern Steve Klaren Cindy Klejnot Darlene Knepper Dick Knight Gordon Knott Marti Korn Martha Koontz Ron Koontz Dick Kidd Debby Kinch Karen Kinsey Ellyne Jo Kimmel Tim Kite Debbie Kitzmiller Glenna Kreigh Kathy Kress Charlene Krider Kathy Kruel Nancy Kumfer Dar ifer Marie Ladig Barbara Landsaw Linda Lou Lantz Linda Lantz Barbara Lapadot Pat Laslev John Langas Bill Laws Mark Leamon Lee Lechleidner Mark Lee Jim Lepper Vollie Ray Lewis Fred Lewton Bruce Ley James Lloyd Christine Lochner Bob Lombard Max Lombard Robert Longardner Ron Longlev Bill Lothamev Jackie Louden Dennis Lough Mary Jane Loveless Carol Lowerv Debbie Lyons Janet Mackay Carol Malich John Malonev Donna Malott Duke Marsh Home rooms aided many families by pre- paring Christmas food baskets and collecting other articles. i? jgs £a o ti 9 J| H 9 f J c ff f ' 0Sk M Y . pi ft €1 © O O Q £ . SSSfi fi L15 Even after school hours, when we weren ' t busy with our homework, we tifilk £$ f i £$- fk f £? © v Ok ■■ m h - kn ■kifl f " £ Jflfc YvV! % Larry Martz Marilyn Mason Stan Mason Danny Mayfield Jo Mayfield Betty McCarty Kerry McCrory Dave McComb Carolyn McCreary Steve McElhoe Starr MeFarland Gary McKeever Jim McMeans Larry McNeal Jolynn MeNutt Jeannie MeSorley Dave Meisner Lee Melehi Ralph Meredith Tom Merkler Lorene Messenger Teresa Metzger Paul Mever Donald Miller Dona Miller Karyn Miller Mary Alice Miller Omega Miller Susie Minyard Anita Monnier Shawn Morey Jim Moore Cheryl Moser Lynne Mossburg Charles Mosshammer Carol Myers Sandee Nelson Karen Nill Frank C. Nine Michael Nitzsche Diana Norris Don Oberkiser Sandy Oldham Lynn Osborn Adeane Osmun Pamela Palmer Candy Parsons Donald Partin Bob Peck Jeanette Peek Darle Pcrki: Steve Perry- Anna Petre Dave Pettit Sylvia Pieiffer Tracie Phillips Richard Pierce Susan Pietras Dick Plotner Suzi Poffenberger Rodney Poinsett Pam Porter Darrell Post Dan Pulver Kathv Puryear Cheryl Quance Marvin Racine Pennie Radke Karen Rajcany Connie Randolph Karl Ravovskis Robert Read Mary Regedanz Yvonne Reimund Steve Reisinger Dave Rennecker _- Pen Radke finds the card catalog in the library very helpful in looking up references. 116 relaxed by attending North affairs such as concerts, dances and plays. ds Robert Renner Marvbeth Resor Sharon Remlle Carolyn Rice Dianria Rice Marilvn Rice Carl Rich Pamela Richard Donald Richa Mike Roberts Phyllis Roddy Vicki Rodenbeck Chervl Rogers Cliff Rogers Robert Roller Marilyn Rollins Gloria Roose David Ross Glenn Rossman Roger Rouns Mark Rupp Bob Ryder Terri Rvdman Mariorie Sain Barb Schaefer Steve Schaefer Sue Schaefer Jim Scheil Pat Scheil Roger Schey Pamela Schmidt Diane Schnieder John Schnieder Becky Schorey Carol Scofield Maria Scribner Barb Seabury Meg Seabury Darlene Sedam Denise Sedam John Seelv Burl Sesla ' r Linda Setzer Denny Shearer Andv Shepelak Becky Sherwood Cathy Shoaf Delores Shoup ry Shropshire Mark Sieln Dale E. S Jill Singewald Henrietta Sizemore Steve Skees Mark Slagle Linda Slo dth Randv Smith Stan Smith Janice Snyder Margo Snyder Marilvn Snvder Pete Spangler Susan Spencer Linda Spice Joseph Spillers Connie Stamanis Lee Stamm Richard Statler Beckv Stearns Kathaleen Stellhorn Rebecca Stellhorn Jean Stephenson Dave Stewart Mark Stieslitz Shari St. John Bill Strong Diligently at work, Vikki Hartwig types up Northerner and Legend copy. 117 Our long-awaited Junior Prom closed the year on a note of anticipation. 1 II |B| jftk ' j O- £j ffy fh ft Qff ftg k. ' ' jv2i itetel 14 t £5 |S John Stubbins Sherri Subsda Mary Sutorius Tina Swink Kris Switzer David Taylor Don Taylor Jack Teeple Pam Thode Bev Thompson David Thompson David E. Thompson Kathy Thompson Sandra Thompson Frank Thurston Steve Thurston Sharon Tonak Phillip Tracey Melinda M. Treesh JoAnn Trenner Bobbie Troxel Rosey Tully Sandra Urhausen Cheryl Urschel Tom VanGorder Jack Vaught Dave Vebelhoer Pam Wagner Gerrv Waters Linda Wayer Shellv Weber Connie Welch Patricia Werling John Wert Dennis Wetzel Charles Whitaker Marie White Dennis Whiteleather Jane Wiertlewski Marilyn Williams Tim Wire Richard Witte Carol Witzigreuter Marilyn Wood Linda Woods Rosalind Woods Connie Workman Waneta Wright Glenn Wysong Penny Yahn Charles Yingst Jerry Yoder Charmavne Yoquelet Tom Zahn Rita Zartman Al Zemen Kay Zimmerman Sandra Zimmerman Barbara Zion Cherry Zuercher Cindy Zurbrugg Janice Zurcher Steve Zweig Joe Anderson John Calhoun Sandra Clary Bob Dager Sandra Greene Kurt Humbrech Cassee Klejnot Phil Luecke Frank Mann Ron Morrison Steve Perry takes ad- vantage of the sug- gestion box available to all students in the main hall. 118 f % - ' • MM Seniors 11 !t Kathy Nickell, Michael Harper Top List of 8 Seniors Kathleen Ami Nickell Valedictorian Michael Conrad Harper Salutatorian Christine Annette Davis High Honors Carl Barnard Harms Walter Paul Helmke, Jr. High Honors High Honors Mark William Henry High Honors Mary Ruth Reims High Honors Rohert O. Vegeler High Honors 120 with High Honors; 59 More Keep Average Above 90 Three year honor students, bottom row : Becky McPherson, Heather Butler, Becky Van Horn, Susan Reiser, Jo Ann Stone- breaker, Gretchcn Coleman, Cyndy Lorman, Sharon Michell. Second row: Mike Harper, Jill Steele, Donna Bridges, Mary Keirns, Sharon Uetrecht, Judy Coles, Connie Colicho, Nanette Miller, Bob Sanders, Carl Harms. Third row : Chris Davis, Nancy Chard, Dan Tannas, Paul Helmke, Jeff Smith, Scott Saunders, Jackie Scott, Fourth row : Cathy Brown, John Wil- liams, James Moore, Phil Krieg, Mark Henry, Dan Kelly. Absent: Beverly Bangerler, Kathy Hammond, Lowell Han- cock, Barry Smith. Three year honor students, bottom row : Linda Netzley, Bonnie Gordon, Judy Mover, Mona Georgi, Sue Rydman, Vicki Reink- ing, Linda Peach, Sally Kaiser, Debbie Erb, Linda Bock. Second row: Chris Percival, JoAnn Hile, Sandy Errington, Kathy Nickell, Linda Hall, Craig Canady, Margaret Oesch, Robert Vegeler. Third row: Fred Barto, Robert Allen, Marilyn Musselman, Jean DeHabey, David Higgins, Bob Woltz. Fourth row: Dave Ricketts, Chuck Yahn, Linda Olsen, Susan Gaskill, Stacey Needham, Bill Bordner, Ron Fulkerson. 121 Electing our class officers was our first senior concern upon returning Bottom row: Head s[ onsor. Miss Elizabeth Little. Mrs. Dana Wiehern. Miss Marvel Gray, Miss Marie Miller. Miss Mabel Greenwalt. Second row: Mr. David Piatt, Mrs. Elnora Galla- hue, Mrs. Alice Nusbaum, Mrs. Susan Vandermolen. Third row: Mr. Waveland Snider. Mr. Robert Weaver, Mr. Paul Lemke, Mr. John Malott. Fourth row: Mr. Stanley Lee, Mr. Donald McClead, Mr. Gary Smith. Mr. Charles Clark, Mr. Fred Humphrey, Mr. John De Young. Fifth Row: Mr. Willard Hollo- way, Mr. John Becker, Mr. Robert Edwards. Mr. Duane Rowe, Mr. Bervl Lewis. We began our Senior year with the slogan " Class of ' 66. Biggest and Best. " and fulfilled this ideal through the entire year. Following the tradition set forth last year, we planted eight rose bushes around the football field. Jay Dee Martin, Mike Harper, Pam Loper, and Dave Higgins, along with the class sponsors, assisted the class officers in planning the social events of the year. The Senior Senate, con- sisting of one girl and one boy from each senior homeroom, was formed to gain the interest of more students in class activities. Closing our high school years, we piled experience upon experience and thus knowledge upon knowl- edge. True, our knowledge is limited, and our ex- periences have been few; but with this small bit of wisdom, we face our futures — establishing our goals as the Class of 1966. Electe d to lead the Class of 1966 are, seated: Penny Winkler, social chairman: Stacey Needham, secretary-treasurer; Pam Loper. social council. Standing: Bob Vegeler, vice-president; Peter Meister, president; Jay Dee Martin, social council; Dave Higgins, social council; and Mike Harper, social council. V, H .. H • 1 V » i |1 B . ' . ' - L22 from our summer activities to begin our conclusive year at the Dome Donald L. Abele, Jr. George A. Aichele Erik W. Allen Robert Allen Steve Allen Diane Altekruse Candy Ambridge Jane Anderson Byron Andrews Sherrv Andrews Nancy Archer Janet Armey Cheryl Armstrong David T. Armstrong Gregg Armstrong Bebby Arnold Paul D. Arnold David Ashley Joel Augsburger Colleen Baker Michael R. Baker Philip Baker Don Baldwin Robert A. Balyeat Beverly June Bangerter Robert Barrett Fred Barto Dick Bash Roger Bauer Steve Bazzinett Sue Beamer Debbie Beatty Kent Steven Beaverson Edward Beck Darrell Wayne Becktell L23 We employed our privileges to the incoming Sophs, who were bowing Anne Elizabeth Beights Darienne Gayle Beitler Sharon Bell Dan Belsehner Jon Wade Bethay Patricia A. Biancaniello Danny Biddle Pamela Kay Bidlack Baron Biedenweg David Billian Tom Bireley Ray Bishop Al Blackwell Pam Bly Colleen Mav Bobay Kathy Bobilya Cynthia Bocik Linda Sue Bock Bonnie Boehme Paul Boggs Larry Boiler Judy Bonham Robert Booher Bill Borders William A. Bordner Mike Boreani Sophomores bow reverently to seniors, as they process up the red carpet to the Senior Door. 124 reverently below our motto which read " Class of ' 66, Biggest and Best " Roxanna Boren Kathy Diane Borne Cathi Boston Julia Bouse Judith Anne Bower Lynne Boxell Dave Boyer Walter Boyles Larry Braden Pat Bradlev Sue Bradway Allen Braun Joan Brautzsch Alyce J. Brecht Carolyn Bredemeyer Larry C. Brewster James Stanley Briekley Donna Lee Bridges Kathleen Briggs Mary Ann Briggs Carol Bromley Cathy Anne Brown Michael Brown Cynthia Bruhaker Dehhie Deann Brudi Jack Bruggner Ken Bruick John Bryant Sandra J. Bryant Jodell Budd George Unlink Linda Lee Bufkin Charlotte Ann Busch Carol Ann Busche Heather Lee Butler L25 Memories of our first day at the Dome as " greenies " were aroused Barbara Jean Caldwell Sharon Calhoun Lynne Medley Callisoh Craig H. Canaday Bill Carpenter Rick Cary Michael Casey Thomas Castle Elizabeth Ann Castor Pam Castor Nancy Karen Chard Susan Faye Childers Scot Clark Thomas Claussen Dennv Clawson Jim Clay, Jr. Marjorie Jean Click Le-Ann Cline Steven Cline Robert Cobble Annette Coblentz Carol Coffman Dave Cohen Michael Coil Allyson Cole Gretchen Coleman " I wonder where my Moth- er could possibly be! " 126 to the extent of recalling our various achievements the past two years Judy Coles Connie Colicho Bob Collins Marsha Kay Collins Michael Collins Lynn Conner Paulette Cooley Terry L. Cornelius Maureen Coughlin Eileen Covne Carol Crabill Mark E. Critehfield Robert Clark Crosby Roberta Crull Dianne L. Cummings Gene Cummins Mike Cupp Sharon K. Curler Robert Daler Sindy J. Dalrymple Terry Dalrymple Susan Dautz Christine A. Davis James Davis Judy Davis Patricia Ann Davis Jan Hale gets " heck " for interrupting an ' " argu- ment " between Connie Hobson and Nancy Morri- son. 1127 Entering as a bewildered class of 850, we scanned the walls anc Stephen M. Davis Marcy Dawkins Jean Sue DeHabey Janet Dehnert Diane DeMarco Diane Denieerleer Dennis G. DenHartog Jeffery D. Dentzer Janice Derrow Jeanette Derrow Kathleen Deveau Linda Kay Dey Bob Dick Kerry Dickmeyer Zoe Ann Diffendarfer Al Diller Nancy Dillon Diane Dirrim Deborah Dee Doehla Carol Doenges Stephen J. Dolsen Carol J. Doswell Beckie Kay Doty- Judy Douglas Cvnthia Ann Driscoll Tom Drummer Diana Dunbar Remi Al Dunham Rebecca Sue Dunn Kav Durfev Darryl Dyer Cynthia Earnest Catherine Ebel Herb Edwards Michael Edwards 128 vitnessed the chaotic corridors filled with upperclassmen offering " help " Stephen M. Edwards Colette J. Ehle James Ehresman Jean Ann Ehresman Sandra Sue Ehrman Janice Eichel Sylvia Ann Emhick Judy England Marlene Jo Engle Dehhie Erh Sandra Jean Errington Sue Ertle Anna Ervin Riek Ervin Kathy Espich Rohert Jay Evans Karen Failor Jim R. Fairman Jerry Falls Bruce Rav Fan ' sler James Farrell Lvnn Faudree Jerry Faulkner Roger Faulkner Vicki Faulkner Valerie Jean Faux Wiping out Central agents, John, " Fatman " Williams conies to the rescue of North fans. 129 As our sophomore year progressed, we became better acquainted with , irflSc Carol Lynn Federspiel Kyris Federspiel Gloria Jean Feiehter Christine E. Fennell Sue Fenstermaker Don N. Fiandt Gary Lee Fields Lynne Beth Figel Amy Firestine Larry Fishbaugh Glen Fisher Donna K. Flaugher David Thomas Fleming Pamela Flinn Karen Foor Frank Ford Beekie Fortmeyer Barb Foulk9 Jean Frantz Sandra Joan Franzman Linda Friedley Ron R. Fulkerson Alan Gaff Susan Gailev Wendy Gardner Diane Garr Although involved in a very ' ' deep ' " conversation, like all hoys, Jim Fairman and Pete Meister find time to eat. ISO each other and the Dome, eventually uniting to elect our class officers Lewis A. Garrett Sherry Garrison Susan Jean Gaskill Arlene Gaw James D. Gebhard William Gehron Donna Geise Wally Geller Gary George Mona Gail Georsi Dan Gerher Edward A. Getts Linda Geyer Diann Gibson Kathleen M. Gilbert Steve Gilbert Cynthia Gillespie Earl V. Gleason Daniel R. Goller Gabriella Gondos Carole Goodin Ann Goodwin Theresa Goon Bonnie Gordon Sheryl Elaine Goshert Elise Graham Mike Edwards fulfills his first major duty as a senior by voting for class officers. 181 We planned our first social event, the sophomore party, " May Mist " Rodney Gran Sandra Alice Griffis Judith Ann Gross Steve Allen Guethe Rose Marie Gula Dennis Gunder Norm Haines Jan Hale Carolyn Hall Linda Hall Jim Hallenbeck Michael Halquist Kathy Hammond Michael A. Hardiek Bob Harmever Carl B. Harms Larry Harness Michael Conrad Harper Donnie G. Harris Edward L. Harrison Teresa Lynna Hart Aletta June Hartgrove Tom Hartman Linda Hastv Linda Hatch Tom Hatcher Following: a delicious meal and delightful entertain- ment at the Senior Ban- quet, seniors are equally satisfied with the guest speaker, Mr. George Kinne. 132 at which we had the greatest attendance ever at a soph gathering Ray W. Hauser Penny Hawk Bob Hawkins Dan Hayes Dianne Heitger Doug Helfrich Walter P. Helmke, Jr. Kitty Helvey Joseph Henderson Rodger Hendriekson Marti A. Henney Mark William Henry Mary Beth Herman Steven D. Hetrick David E. Hevn Vicki Hickman Dave Higgins Dehera High Joe Higi Joann Hile Mike Hill Theresa Hill Dave Hinton Dave E. Hitchcock Sharon Hixon Laura June Hobbs Jerry Hoblet Connie Louise Hobson Donna Holland kathi Hollidav Deborah Hollister Burt L. Honchell II Steve Hooley Harold Hopper Sue Ellen Horn 133 Regretfully, our soph year passed by quickly and summer was upon us Pat Horstman Gayle L. Horstmann Mike Hosford Diane Hosier Cheri Houek David E. Houser Kent Houser Kathy Housholder Joe Housman John Robert Howe Sandra Lee Hudson Judy Hutehison Susan Lynette Hutsell Linda Hutton Lvnn Hutton Mike Igney Susan Lee Inseoe Rex Jacquay Gwendolyn Joder Linda Sue James Linda Jantz Steven R. Jarrett Jane Jennings Ronald Jennings David D . Jessup Barbara Johns The first days of sehool see many j i-iends, like Joe Housman a nd Barry Smith, catching u p on summer relaxation. 134 We acquired jobs and driver ' s licenses, while anxiously awaiting fall Kathy Lynne Johns Elizabeth J. Johnson I. Huh Johnson Linda Johnson Nicholas Johnson Robert Johnson Tom Johnson Rick Johnston Michael Junk Sallv A. Kaiser Betsy keck Earl Keever Mary Keirns Susan Reiser Cozette A. Keller Jessie Kelley Dan Kelly Larry Kelsey Marsha A. Kemp Phillip A. Kemp Linda L. Kennedy Pamela Ellen Kepler Dwight Kern Sherry Keuneke Carol Sue Keys Diane Elaine Kiljjore After the long Christmas vacation, Jill Steele and Gretchen Coleman have difficulty remembering their locker combination. 135 Upon returning as juniors, we displayed sympathy for the sophs under Dennis King Peter W. Kinne Charles M. Kinsey James Kirke William C. Klein Kenneth F. Koldewey Thomas E. Konkle Mary Jo Koontz Kenneth H. Kraft Brure K reck man Dan Kreger Phil Krieg Jeff Kring Ted Kuhiniec Don Kuehner Cynthia J. Kumfer Boh Kurtz Dennis Kuruda Tammy Ladig Linda Lake Ronald R. Lake Shirley Baek Lawson Sandra Lee Layson Sylvia Lazoff Ken Lee William A. Lee Tim Leeth Jae(]iieline Lehman Robert J. Lehman Pat Leist Carol Elaine Leiter Larry Lents Curt Lesh David Levin Don Lieberum 136 senior command, but we could hardly wait to show senior privileges Jim Lindemuth Maxine Lindemuth Timothy H. Lindenberg Ed Linder Katliv Long Kristine D. Longsworth Pamela Loper Stan Lord Cyndy Lorman Frank Louden David M. Lough Patricia Ann Lowrv Dave Luckadoo irginia Sue Luecke Jerrv Luvben Claudia MacDonald David Macy Duncan R. Malcolm Kathleen Malonev Garrv Rav Malott Melody Malott Dave L. Mann David Kent Mann Richard L. Mann Jeff Marchant Pam Mark Physician, Jim Davis, beats his wife, Linda James, for the audience at the Senior Play, " The Physician in Spite of Himself " . L37 We soon found ourselves involved in school work and club projects, Paul Markey Gregory Bernard Marrs Ben Martin. Jr. Jay Dee Martin Jim McCarty Bob McComas John J. McComb Sharon McDiffitt Ron MoFarland Linda Jean MoGann Tom MeKean Robert C. MeKee Jim McKenzie Cheryl Ann McKinney John McMahan Mary Ann McNamara Rebeeea J. MePherson Miehael Meighen Peter William Meister Terrv Lee IMenze Barb Menzie Ronald R. Merrill Michael J. Messick Dnane Mever Judy Meyer Linda Mever Presiding over the Senior Senate meeting, Pete Meis- ter explains to Pam Mark the meaning of a proposed statement. 188 National Merit Scholarship Tests, and tours of college campuses Ronald R. Meyer Ruth Meyer Sharon Ann Miehell James C. Milam Ron Milholland Robert W. Milledge Jerry L. Miller Mary J. Miller Mike Miller Nan Miller Robert Miller Rosemarie Miller Barry L. Mills Carole J. Mills Steven Minear Paul Richard Mitchell Thomas E. Mizzell Janet Kay Moellering Jim Moore Patricia Allvn Moore Robert Moore Cyndi Moreland Jill Morkoetter Diana Morris Rebecca R. Morris Nancv Jo Morrison Major events of the com- ing year are kept up to date by Gretchen Coleman, Barry Smith, and Pam Loper. 1.-,;) We held our junior prom, " Tahitian Tantara, " at the Scottish Rite and Sally Ann Morrison Linda K. Motz Judy Mover Lynn Ann Mowry Louise M. A. Mozzone Ed Mulder Rebeera Ann Mulles Pennv Mulvaine Martha Murphy Brian Murray Marilvn Musselman Daniel Myers Elizabeth F. Nagelsen C. Wayne Mash Staeev Lee Needham John Neff Henrv Nehring Jerry Nelson Riehard L. Nemyer Nanev Louise Nesbitt Linda Kay Netzley Barb Neuhauser Colleen Neuhouser Patrieia Newell K. E. Newport John F. Nieholls Bearing in mind ihe pos- sibility of winning a free ticket, Darryl Dyer enters liis suggestion for a senior prom theme. 140 our equally successful after-prom party, " Volcanic Rock ' at Goeglein ' s Kalhy Nickell Sandra R. Niles Ken Nimaii Linda Noll William Norris Louise Notestine Vivian Nycum Jeanne O ' Day Margaret Oesch John Ogg John W . Ohneck Linda Katherine Olsen Lynda Osborn Noel Osinun Vicki Osmun Jerry L. Oswald Dan Overmyer Wanda Owens Sue Pace Steve Painter Tim Pape Irving G. Park Gene E. Parker Patricia Parsons LaDonna Paschal Doug Patrick John Pawlowski Arthur R. Payton Linda Suzette Peach Chris Percival Marjorie Perdue Toni Pettit John Pfleiderer Barbara Pickerill Karen Pletcher 111 ! As seniors, we had at last achieved that long awaited title, and vowed O » Doug Pongratz Karen Prange Pamela Pratt Nancy Lee Preston Jack Price Pete Procter Bill Prumm William E. Pulver II Kenneth Lee Putt Randolph Sterling Putt Daniel J. Radu Richard A. Radu Tom Ralston Daniel R. Raschke Carole Rav Dale Raypole Bill Reader Linda Reifenrath Patricia A. Reiling Vicki Lvnn Reinking LeRoy R. M. Repka Connie Rice Judy L. Rice John Richards Ron Richards Cindy Richkart " Just a small one, please " explain s Jill Steele to Bob Vegeler at the danee after the Senior Play. 142 to fulfill its aims as best as possible, as was established in our motto Dave Ricketts Connie Sue Rider Judi K. Rider Tom Rider Karen Ries Vie Rigsby Linda L. Ritter Marty Roberts Yieki Robinson Riehard Robnolte Garland Dene Roby Boh Roddy Nancy Jeanne Roderick Dwight L. Romey Alan Roseberry Kathy Rossington Christine Rouliier Kevin Rex Rowden Bob Rowe Mike Russ Sue Rydman Robert Sanders Seott Saunders Glenn a Savio Pamela Ann Saxton Carolvn Savles As seniors, a goal must be set, so dependable Connie Hobson, Cyndy Lorman, Jan Hale, and Nancy Mor- rison prepare theirs, " Class of ' 66, Biggest and Best ' 143 Even as seniors, we were obligated to our studies and a very bus} J. Scott Schaefer Ted Schaefer Jim Schafianski Bruce Schelm Lvnn Schinheckler Karen Schlatter Beverly Schmid Diane Schoenauer Douglas Schorey Nancv Ann Schwartz Jacqueline Scott Ken Sechler Fonda Seewald Boh Sefton Joan Seger trom Don Sellet Ron Seskin Basil Shady Joy Sue Shady Jackie S. Shanks Sharon Shawgo Carol Sheets Roger D. Sherland Karen Sue Shiriaev Steve Shivelv Christine Shoda Howard Shook Donna Showalter Joyce Ann Shown Cort Shuler Dennis K. Shuler Karen Kay Shutt Michael Sihle Patricia Elaine Sims Barhara Skarie 144 schedule outside of school; college applications dominating our time Tom Skevington Janice Arlene Skinner Joseph E. Slough Linda Kay Smead Barry D. Smith Bob Smith Eunice Smith James D. Smith, Jr. Jeff Smith Karen Sue Smith Linda Smith Marcia Lynn Smith Steve Smith Sandra Smitley Constance Snvder Debra Anne Sohles Stan Spice Ken Spielman Carl Spoerhase James Spoolstra Robert C. Spuhler Ernest Stahl Bruce Stall Linda Staples Ron Stebing Jill Ann Steele Larry Braden looks very puzzeled while attempting to find the best college for himself. 145 The various senior assemblies which involved colleges inspired some o David Allen Stein David Robert Stephan Virginia Stewart Cathy Stimmel Tom Stinnett Bob Stinson Jamieson Stone JoAnn Stonebreaker Jeff Study Judith Stukey Linda Swank Sue Sweeney Vieki Swenson Blair A. Swogger Daniel Deal Tannas Dave Taulbee Marshall Lynn Taylor Jim Tegtmeyer Mary Ann Tegtmeyer David Tennant Cheryl K. Tew Lois Marie Thalaeker Dave A. Thiel Steve A. Thiel Gary Adan Thoma Suzanne Thomas Anticipating an important senior year, Scott Schaefer enters his nomination for class president. 146 us to view the near future and the value of casting our place in life Carole Thompson Jane Ellen Thompson Karen Sue Thompson Rosemary Thompson Pamela J. Tieman Linda Till Nancy Tim ma Gary Toengess Boh Townsend Margaret L. Traaer Neil Trim Dwight Trouse Sharon Uetrecht Paul Uhrich Carole Uhriek Eric Unsinger Randall V. Upton Tom Vacanti Roger Valentine Sara Scott VanEverv Larry Alan VanHorn Rehecca Ann VanHorn Michael L. VanRyn I Linda Gale Vaught Robert O. Vegeler Jov Venderlv Cap and gown measure- ments foreshadow the ap- proaching commencement exercise for Boh Evans. 117 The Future may divide our class of 1966, but we will remain united Mk M Ail Jack Voght Linda VonderHaar Richard Wadewitz Cheryl Ann Walborn Terrence R. Walker Michael Wall Stephen B. Wallace Ken Walter Barbara Waltz Marilyn K. Warren Gloria Warrick Jacqueline A. Waters Larry M. Waters Dick Watson Thomas A. Watt Rebecca Ann Webber David Alan Weesner Susan Marie Wehler Fred Welling Jan Wermager Delton L. Wert John R. White TVilla M. Whitlow Linda Widdifield John Daniel Williams Jovce A. Williams As their last day of school conies to an end, seniors robed in cap and gown reminisce memories. 148 by pleasant memories of three successful years at North Side High Mike Williams Sharon Jean Williams Linda S. Willis Betty Wilson Susan Wilson Robert D. Wilson Penny Ann Winkler Mike Witmer James G. Witzigreuter Boh Woltz Tom Woodward Jim Wrigley Robert O. Wuthrieh Tim Wuthrieh Kay Wynkoop Daniel B. Yaffe Chuck Yahn Linda Lou Yergens Dale Edwin Yoder James Michael oder Don D. York Caryn Yost Allen Lee Zigler Bruce Zimmerman Kathv Zumbrun Denise C. Zwiller 1 lit SENIOR CREDITS Donald L. Abele, Jr. Northerener George A. Aichele Phy-Chem; Daf fi-Dabblers, Historian; Boys ' Chrblk.; Track, Reserve Erik W. Allen Robert Allen Phy-Chem: Transfer student Steve Allen Cross Country. Reserve Diane Altekruse Sophomore Class Soc. Chrm.; Student Council; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; MLC. Member Chrm.; Polar-Y; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Candy Ambridge Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Jane Anderson Thomas S. Anderson Byron Andrews Ripple; Swim Team Sherry Andrews Nancy Archer Northerner; Legend; Girls ' Chrblk. Janet Armey Helicon; Concer FTA; Senior PL Cheryl Armstrong David T. Armstrong Gregg Armstrong Boys ' Choir Philip C. Arnett Debby Arnold Girls ' Chrblk. Paul D. Arnold Audio-Visual. Student Asst. David Ashley Key Club; Phy-Chem Joel Augsburger Colleen Baker Michael R. Baker Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; Pep Band; Boys ' Chrblk. Philip Baker Don Baldwin Robert A. Balyeat Beverly June Bangerter Northerner; Helicon; Globetrotters; Phy- Chem. Sec; Concert Band; Tri-M; JCL; MLC. Sec; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Robert Barrett Fred Barto Helicon; JCL; FTA Dick Bash Student Council Roger Bauer Steve Bazzinett Jr. Red Cross; Intramurals Sue Beamer FTA; Modern Dance. Sec.-Treas.; Varsity Varieties; Speech; GAA; Service Worker Debbie Beatty GAA Kent Steven Beaverson Student Council; Key Club, Treas., Pres.; Boys ' Chrblk.; Football. Varsity; Basket- ball. Reserve; Track. Varsity; Service Worker Edward Beck Service Worker Darrell Wayne Becktell Anne Elizibeth Beights Northerner, Agent; A Cappella; Concert Band; Tri-M; MLC, Soc. Chrm.; National Thespians; Senior Play; Varsity Varieties; Pep Band; Ceremonial Indian Darienne Gayle Beitler Student Council; Daffi-Dabblers; National Thespians; Girls ' Chrblk. Sharon Bell Service Worker Dan Belschner Ron Bernardon Jon Wade Bethay Phy-Chem Patricia A. Biancaniello Danny Biddle Phy-Chem; Boys ' Chrblk. Pamela Kay Bidlack Girls ' Choir; FTA; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Baron Biedenweg David Billian Student Council; Northerner. Agent; Key Club, Ed. " Key " ; Phy-Chem, Vice-Pres.; Boy ' s Chrblk.; Swim Team; Service Worker Tom Bireley Lynette Marie Bischoff Speech; GAA Ray Bishop Football, Varsity; Track, Reserve Al Blackwell Bob Blain Pam Bly A Cappella; Concert Band; JCL; Pep Band; Girls ' Chrblk. Colleen May Bobay Kathy Bobilya Modern Dance; Daffi-Dabblers, Sec.-Treas.: Service Worker Cynthia Bocik Daffi-Dabblers Linda Sue Bock Northerner, Asst. Feature Ed., Copy Ed., News Ed.; 1500 Club; Helicon, Historian; Phy-Chem; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; JCL; FTA; GAA; Service Worker; Pom Pom Girl Bonnie Boehme Northerner; Legend, Asst. Ed. Junior Sec- tion, Ed. Underclass; Daffi-Dabblers Paul Boggs Wrestling. Varsity Jim Bojinoff Terry Bolinger Larry Boiler Northerner; News Bureau; JCL Dan Bollinger Judy Bonham MLC; Service Worker; Pom Pom Girl Bill Borders Boys ' Chrblk.; Football, Varsity; Wres- tling, Varsity William A. Bordner Student Council; Northerner; Key Club; JCL; Boys ' Chrblk; Football, Varsity; Basketball, Reserve; Track, Varsity; Wres- tling, Varsity Mike Boreani Roxanna Boren FTA Kathy Diane Borne Z Club; Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; Serv- ice Worker Cathi Boston Daffi-Dabblers Julia Bouse Girls ' Chrblk. Judith Anne Bower Student Council; Z Club, Treas.; Phy- Chem; Girls ' Choir; JCL, Treas.; Math Club; GAA; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Lynne Boxell Walter Boyles Larry Braden Concert Orchestra; FTA Pat Bradley Varsity Choir Sue Bradway Joan Brautzsch Alyce J. Brecht GAA; Girls ' Chrblk. Carolyn Bredemeyer Larry C. Brewster Audio Visual James Stanley Brickley Student Council: Legend: Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; Daffi-Dabblers; Varsity Varieties; Pep Band Donna Lee Bridges Student Council; Z Club. Treas.; Helicon, Program Chrm.; Globetrotters; JCL Kathleen Briggs Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Pep Band Mary Ann Briggs Daffi-Dabblers Carol Bromley Service Worker Cathy Anne Brown Legend. Agent; Globetrotters; A Cappella; Girls ' Choir; MLC; FTA. Parlm.; National Thespians; Varsity Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk. Michael Brown Steve Brown Cynthia Brubaker Student Council; Z Club; Phy-Chem; A Cappella; Girls ' Choir: JCL; FTA; Daffi- Dabblers; Varsity Varieties; Service Worker Debbie Deann Brudi Northerner: JCL; Daffi-Dabblers Jack Bruggner Ken Bruick Key Club; Boys ' Chrblk.; Track. Reserve John Bryant Sandra J. Bryant Jodell Budd Service Worker George Bufink Linda Lee Bufkin Concert Band; Tri-M; Pep Band Christine Bunt Phy-Chem; Girls ' Choir; Senior Play Charlotte Ann Busch Northerner; Twirling, Asst. Head Major- ette, head majorette; JCL; MLC; Youth Looks at Communism Carol Ann Busche Student Council; Northerner, Asst. Ad Mgr.; Senior Play; Varsity Varieties Tom Butcher Heather Lee Butler Student Council, Sec; Z Club; Helicon, Treas.; Globetrotters. Soc. Chrm.; JCL, Vice-Pres.; MLC, Pres.; National Thes- pians; Varsity Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk., Steering Comm. Barbara Jean Caldwell Girls ' Choir; Service Worker Sharon Calhoun Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Lynne Medley Callison Northerner; FTA; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Chrblk; Service Worker; Pom Pom Girl Craig H. Canaday Concert Band; Transferred from Lopel High School Bill Carpenter Student Council; JCL Rick Cary Michael Casey Thomas Castle Wrestling Elizabeth Ann Castor Student Council; Legend. Agent; Z Club, Parlm.; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem. Treas., Sec; Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; FTA. Pres ; Pep Band; Jr. Red Cross Pam Castor GAA; Service Worker Nancy Karen Chard Globetrotters; JCL; FTA; Daffi-Dabblers; GAA; Girls ' Chrblk. 150 Susan Faye Childers Girls ' Choir; Varsity Varieties; Polar-Y; Girls ' Chrblk. Scot Clark Wrestling; Intramurals Thomas Claussen Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; Boys ' Chrblk; Amateur Radio Club, Vice-Pres. Denny C. Clawson Jim Clay, Jr. Steven Arthur Clem Varsity Choir; National Thespians; Senior Play; Varsity Varieties Marjorie Jean Click Student Council; Legend, Agent; A Cap- pella; Girls ' Choir; MLC; Varsity Vari- eties; Service Worker Le-Ann Cline A Cappella; Chansonettes; Girls ' Choir; Tri-M; Modern Dance; Varsity Varieties; Polar-Y Steven Cline Globetrotters; Concert Band; Concert Or- chestra; Pep Band Robert Cobble Annette Coblentz Girls ' Choir; JCL; MLC; Polar-Y Carol Coffman Phy-Chem; Daffi-Dabblers Dave Cohen Varsitv Choir; Boys ' Choir; MLC; Bovs ' Chrblk; Football. Reserve Michael Coil Northerner; A Cappella; Boys ' Choir; JCL; Football. Reserve ; Track, Reserve Allyson Cole Girls ' Chrblk. Gretchen Coleman Z Club; Globetrotters; Girls ' Choir; JCL; MLC; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Judy Coles Northerner. Agent; Helicon, Sec, Pt. Re- corder; A Cappella; Chansonettes; Girls ' Choir: JCL; FTA; Girls ' Chrblk. Connie Colicho Junior Class Soc. Chrm.; Student Council; Northerner. Agent; Z Club; JCL; FTA; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Bob Collins Audio-Visual; Football. Reserve; Track, Varsity; Swim Team Marsha Kay Collins MLC; Girls ' Chrblk. Michael Collins Lynn Conner Terry L. Cornelius Speech; Boys ' Chrblk; Football, Reserve Maureen Coughlin Eileen Coyne Daffi-Dabblers Carol Crabill MLC; Daffi-Dabblers Mark Edward Critchfield A Cappella; Triple Trio; Boys ' Choir; Tri- M; Daffi-Dabblers Robert Clark Crosby Phy-Chem; Boys ' Choir; Boys ' Chrblk. Roberta Crull Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; MLC: Modern Dance; Service Worker Dianne Lynn Cummings Gene Cummins Mike Cupp Sharon K. Curler Robert Daler Sindy J. Dalrymple Terry Dalrymple Football. Reserve Susan Dautz Girls ' Chrblk. Christine Annette Davis Student Council; Northerner, Agent- Heli- con; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; Girls ' Choir; JCL, Sec; MLC. Vice-Pres.; FTA Sec; Girls ' Chrblk. James Davis A Cappella: Triple Trio: Boys ' Choir; Na- tional Thespians; Varsity Varieties Judy Davis Service Worker Patricia Ann Davis Student Council; A Cappella; Girls ' Choir; FTA; Varsity Varieties Stephen M. Davis Northerner; Boys ' Chrblk.; Cross Country, Reserve Steve Davis Marcy Dawkins Student Council; JCL; Girls ' Chrblk.; Serv- ice Worker Jean Sue Dehabey Legent, Agent; JCL Janet Dehnert Sophomore Class Soc. Council; Junior Class Soc. Council; Student Council; A Cappella: Chansonettes; Girls ' Choir; Var- sity Varieties; Jr. Red Cross, Pres.; Girls ' Chrblk. Diane Demarco Diane Demeerleer GAA Dennis G. Denhartog Jeffrey D. Dentzer Janice Derrow Jeanette Derrow Service Worker Kathleen Deveau Linda Kay Dey Student Council; Northerner; Varsity Va- rieties; J A Bob Dick Football. Varsity Kerry Dickmeyer Boys ' Chrblk.; Cross Country, Reserve Zoe Ann Diffendarfer Student Council; Concert Band; Pep Band; Jr. Red Cross; Marching Band Al Diller Boys ' Chrblk. Nancy Dillon Diane Dirrim JCL; MLC; FTA; Service Worker Deborah Dee Doehla Student Council; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; JCL; MLC; FTA, Publicity Comm.; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Carol Doenges Stephen J. Dolsen A Cappella; Triple Trio; Boys ' Choir; Football. Reserve, Varsity Carol J. Doswell Daffi-Dabblers; GAA; Girls ' Chrblk.; Serv- ice Worker Beckie Kay Doty Varsity Choir; Varsity Varieties: Polar-Y, Vice-Pres.: Girls ' Chrblk. Judy Douglas Student Council; Z Club. Vice-Pres., Sgt- at-arms; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Cynthia Ann Driscoll GAA; Pep Band; Service Worker Diana Dunbar Remi Al Dunham Football, Rese Track. Varsity Kay Durfey Student Council; FTA; GAA; Girls ' Chrblk. Rebecca Sue Dunn Darryl Dyer Cross Country, Reserve; Transferred from Central Cynthia Earnest Northerner; Legend; Globetrotters; Phy- Chem; Varsity Choir; FTA; Girls ' Chrblk. Catherine Ebel MLC; Modern Dance; Daffi-Dabblers; Var- sity Varieties; Service Worker Herb Edwards Michael Edwards Stephen M. Edwards Legend. Agent; Phy-Chem; Concert Band; FTA; Pep Band; Boys ' Chrblk.; Golf Var- sity Colette J. Ehle Modern Dance; Senior Play; Varsity Vari- eties; Service Worker James Ehresman Jean Ann Ehresman Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; JCL Sandra Sue Ehrman Student Council; Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; JCL; FTA; Varsity Band; GAA; Pep Band Janice Eichel Thomas L. Eichenauer Sylvia Ann Embick A Cappella; Concert Band; Tri-M; Modern Dance, Vice-Pres.; National Thespians; Senior Play; Varsity Vanteies; Pep Band; Les Allouettes Judy England Sophomore Class Soc. Council; Globetrot- ters; Phy-Chem; Concert Orchestra; MLC; FTA: Girls ' Chrblk.; Tri-M Marlene Jo Engle Student Council; Phy-Chem; FTA; Daffi- Dabblers; Polar-Y; Girls ' Chrblk. Debbie Erb Globetrotters; Concert Band; Concert Or- chestra; Tri-M; JCL; MLC; GAA; Pep Band; Girls ' Chrblk. Sandra Jean Errington Z Club; Helicon, Pres.. Publicity Chrm.; Globetrotters. Treas.; Phy-Chem; A Cap- pella; Chansonettes; Girls ' Choir; JCL, Treas.; GAA; Girls ' Chrblk. Sue Ertle Concert Orchestra; FTA; Girls ' Chrblk. Anna Ervin Rick Ervin Kathy Espich Student Council; Northerner, Agent; A Cappella; Girls ' Choir; Varsity Varieties Robert Jay Evans Boys ' Chrblk.; Football, Varsity; Track, Reserve; Wrestling, Varsity Karen Failor Student Council; Phy-Chem: Varsity Choir; Daffi-Dabblers; Varsitv Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Jim R. Fairman Student Council; Key Club; Cross Coun- try. Varsitv; Basketball. Reserve: Service Worker Jerry Falls Track. Reserve; Intramurals Richard Fankhauser Bruce Ray Fansler Student Council James Farrell Lynn Faudree Jerry Faulkner Roger Faulkner Vicki Faulkner Service Worker Valerie Jean Faux MLC: Daffi-Dabblers 151 Carol Lynn Federspiel Kyris Federspiel JCL; Jr Red Cross Gloria Jean Feichter Student Council; A Cappella; Chanson- ettes; Girls ' Choir; Tri-M: Varsity Vari- eties Christine E. Fennell GAA: Modern Dance Sue Fenstermaker Northerner. Agent: Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; MLC; Service Worker Don N. Fiandt Key Club; Football, Reserve, Varsity; Bas- ketball. Reserve Cheryl Lynn Fiedler Gary Lee Fields Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; FTA; Pep Band Lynne Beth Figel Student Council; Northerner; Service Worker Amy Firestine Girls ' Choir Larry Fishbaugh Glen Fisher Donna Kathleen Flaugher Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; Varsity Vari- ties: Polar-Y David Thomas Fleming Pamela Flinn Karen Foor Frank Ford Football. Varsity Beckie Fortmeyer Z Club; A Cappella; Girls ' Choir; MLC; GAA Denny Lynn Foster Swim Team Barb Faulks Janice Frantz Jean Frantz Polar-Y Richard P. Frantz Sandra Joan Franzman Student Council: Legend; News Bureau; Z Club. Parlm.; Helicon; Globetrotters; Phv-Chem; National Thespians; Senior Pla ' y; Varsity Varieties Linda Friedley Daffi -Dabblers Ron R. Fulkerson Alan Gaff Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; Concert Band; JCL; Pep Band Susan Gailey Wendy Gardner Diane Garr Lewis A. Garrett Sherry Garrison Varsity Varieties Sarah Gaskill Polar-Y Susan Jean Gaskill Student Council; FTA; Girls ' Chrblk. Arlene Gaw Student Council; Phy-Chem; Varsity Vari- eties; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker James Douglas Gebhard Key Club; Boys ' Chrblk. William Gehron Student Council; Key Club. Sgt.-at-arms; Boys ' Chrblk; Football. Varsity; Basket- bail. Reserve Donna Geise Girls ' Choir; Speech Alan Geller Math Club; Speech Wally Geller Concert Band Gary George Mona Gail Georgi Student Council; Northerner; JCL; Girls ' Chrblk.. Steering Comm. Dan Gerber Cross Country. Varsity; Track, Varsity Edward A. Getts A Cappella; Triple Trio; Varsity Choir; Boys ' Choir: Tri-M; Varsity Varieties Linda Geyer Daffi-Dabblers Diann Gibson Service Worker Kathleen Martha Gilbert Concert Band Steve Gilbert Concert Band; JCL; Varsity Varieties; Speech; Pep Band; Boys ' Chrblk.; Tennis, Reserve Cynthia Gillespie MLC; Twirling; Daffi-Dabblers; National Thespians; Varsity Varieties; Jr. Red Cross Earl V. Gleason Student Council; Football, Varsity, Track, Reserve; Swim Team Daniel R. Goller Concert Band; Pep Band; Tennis, Reserve; Swim Team Gabriella Gondos Modern Dance Carole Goodin Ann Goodwin Girls ' Choir; Service Worker Theresa Goon Student Council; Northerner; Legend, Agent; Globetrotters; Concert Band; JCL; FTA; Varsity Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk. Bonnie Gordon Twirling; Transferred from Lafayette, Louisiana John Gordon Sheryl Elaine Goshert Student Council; Varsity Cheerleader; Transferred from Warsaw, Ind. Elise Graham Modern Dance Rodney Gran Speech, Pres. Sandra Alice Grifns Globetrotters; Ripplettes. Pres.; Concert Band; JCL; GAA; Pep Band; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Elke Griggs Sandy Grimm Judith Ann Gross GAA: Girls ' Chrblk. Steve Allen Guethe Wrestling. Varsity Rose Marie Gula Student Council: Z Club; Ser Dennis Gunder Donna Haggin Transferred from Central Norm Haines Jan Hale Student Council: Northerner. Agi Legend, Ed Soph. Section. Ed. Senior : tion: Z Club. Treas.; Globetrotters; I Chem, Program Planning Comm.: G Choir; MLC; Girls ' Chrblk.; Ser ' Worker Carolyn Hall Linda Hall Helicon; JCL; MLC; Service Worker Jim Hallenbeck Track. Varsity; Wrestling. Varsity Michael Halquist Lowell G. Hancock Service Worker Michael A. Hardiek Michael Harker ice Worker Bob Harmeyer Daffi-Dabblers. Vice-Pres.; Boys ' Chrblk. Carl B. Harms Concert Orchestra. Concertmaster Michael Conrad Harper Senior Class Soc. Council; Sophomore Class Soc. Council: Student Council. Parlm.: 1500 Club; Key Club. Governor. Lt. -Governor, Vice-Pres.: Helicon. Vice-Pres.: Globe- trotters; JCL; NFL; Speech. Pres. Donnie G. Harris Edward L. Harrison Football, Varsity; Track, Varsity Teresa Lynna Hart NFL: Speech Aletta June Hartgrove Linda Hasty Student Council; Girls ' Choir; JCL: Serv- ice Worker Linda Hatch Northerner. Agent; Varsity Choir: Girls ' Choir; GAA; Les Alouettes; Chicas: Girls ' Choral Club Tom Hatcher Rav W. Hauser Daffi-Dabblers Penny Hawk Bob Hawkins Dan Hayes Service Worker Dianne Heitger Service Worker Doug Helfrich Walter Paul Helmke, Jr. Sophomore Class Vice-Pres : Student Coun- cil. Pres.. Vice-Pres.; 1500 Club: Kev Club, Sec; Helicon; JCL. Pres.; NFL; Speech, Vice-Pres.: Boys ' Chrblk.; Cross Countrv, Reserve Kittv Helvey Girls ' Choir; Daffi-Dabblers; GAA Joseph Henderson Northerner Rodger Hendrickson Audio-Visual; Boys ' Chrblk. Marti A. Henney Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; FTA; Daffi-Dabblers; Pep Band Mark William Henry Junior Class Soc. Council: Student Coun- cil; Kev Club. Vice-Pres.; Football. Var- sity; Basketball. Varsity; Track. Reserve Marv Beth Herman Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; MLC; FTA: Modern Dance; Chanticleers; Senior Play; Varsity Varieties; GAA Steven D. Hetrick Concert Band; Daffi-Dabblers; Pep Band David E. Heyn Boys ' Choir; Senior Play; Varsity Varieties Vicki Hickman Student Council; Girls ' Choir. Sec; Var- sity Varieties: Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Dave Higgins Senior Class Soc Council; Student Council; Key Club; Basketball. Varsity; Track. Var- sity; Transferred from West Springfield. Mass. Debera High Phy-Chem: FTA; Girls ' Chrblk. Joe Higi Football, Varsity. Basketball, Reserve; Track, Varsity Joann Hile Student Council: Phv-Chem: Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M: JCL; GAA; Pep Band Mike Hill Theresa Hill Dave Hinton Dave E. Hitchcock Cross Country. Varsity; Track. Reserve, 152 Sharon Hixon Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; GAA; Chieas Laura June Hobbs MLC; Varsity Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker; YFC Jerry Hoblet Connie Louise Hobson Student Council; Legend; Z Club A Cappell Sec; Pres.; A Cappella; Chansonettes; Girls ' Choir; Tri-M. Sec; JCL; Varsity Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk. Donna Holland Legend. Agent; Vs Worker Kathi Holliday Daffi-Dabblers; Polar-Y; Girls ' Chrblk. Deborah Hollister Legend; Daffi-Dabblers; Youth Looks at Burt L. Honchell II Concert Band Steve Hooley Harold Hopper Sue Ellen Horn Student Council; Helicon; Phy-Chem; Girls ' Choir; JCL; Chanticleers. Pres.; Service Worker; Literary Club Gayle L. Horstman Student Council; Z Club; Ripplettes; JCL; Service Worker Diane Hosier Girls ' Choir; Service Worker; Girls ' Chrblk.; YFC David E. Houser Key Club; Phy-Chem; Audio-Visual; Boys ' Chrblk.; Track. Reserve Kent Houser Boys ' Chrblk.; Cross Country, Reserve; Track. Reserve Kathy Housholder Northerner; Girls ' Chrblk. Joe Housman Key Club, Sec; Boys ' Chrblk.; Cross Coun- try, Varsity; Track, Reserve; Wrestling, Varsity Rosalin Howard John Robert Howe Northerner; Legend; News Bureau: Key Club; Senior Play; Varsity Varieties; Cross Country. Reserve; Track. Reserve Sandra Lee Hudson Helicon; Globetrotters: Phy-Chem: Var- sity Choir; Girls ' Choir: Chanticleers; Var- sity Varieties Judy Hutchison Concert Band; Pep Band Susan Lynette Hutsell Legend: Z Club. Sec; Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; JCL; Girls ' Chrblk. Linda Hutton MLC Lynn Hutton Service Worker Susan Lee Inscoe Northerner; Legend. Asst. Ed. Index; Phv- Chem. Soc. Chrm.; MLC; FTA, Photog- Pla Cere Rex Jacquay A Cappella; Bovs ' Choir; Track. Reserve; Swim Team Gwendolyn Joder Student Council; GAA; Service Worker; YFC Linda Sue James Student Council; Z Club.; Globetrotters; Varsitv Cheerleader, Cap- tain: Reserve Cheerleader. Captain; Serv- ice Worker Linda Jantz Northerner; Legend Steven R. Jarrett Steven Jeep Ronald Jennings Student Council; Kev Club, Pres.; Bovs ' Chrblk.; Service Worker David D. Jessup MLC: Amateur Radio Club; YFC Barbara Johns Student Council; Northerner; FTA Kathy Lynne Johns Girls ' Choir; FTA Elizabeth Jane Johnson Legend. Agent; National Thespians; Var- sity Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk.; Modern Dance; Service Worker Lilah Johnson Linda Johnson Nicholas Johnson FTA Robert Johnson Student Council; Phy-Chem; Math Club Tom Johnson Rick Johnson Michael Junk Student Council; Key Club Sally A. Kaiser Student Council; Northerner; Helicon- FTA: GAA, Treas.; Girls ' Chrblk. Betsy Keck Polar-Y Earl Keever Mary Keirns Globetrotters; JCL; FTA, Vice-Pres.; Speech; Girls ' Chrblk. Susan Keiser Concert Orchestra; FTA; Polar-Y Cozette A. Keller Service Worker Jessie Kelley Legend. Agent; Jr Red Cross Dan Kelly Student Council; Key Club. Treas.; Heli- con; Globetrotters, Pres.; Phy-Chem. Parlm.; Boys ' Chrblk. Larry Kelsey Cross Country, Varsity; Track. Varsitv; Wrestling. Varsity Marsha A. Kemp Modern Dance; GAA Phillip A. Kemp Linda L. Kennedy Polar-Y Pamela Ellen Kepler Dwight Kern Sherry Keuneke Carol Sue Keys Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Polar - Y; Pep Band: Girls ' Chrblk. Diane Elaine Kilgore Northerner, Pt Recorder; Legend. Agent; Helicon; A Cappella; Chansonettes: Girls ' Choir Dennis King Peter W. Kinne Helicon; Globetrotters, Treas.; Phy-Chem. Soc. Chrm., Pres.: Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; JCL; FTA; Pep Band; Boys ' Chrblk.; Track, Reserve Charles M. Kinsey James Kirke Boys ' Chrblk ; Cross Country. Reserve; Wrestling, Varsity William C. Klein Varsity Varieties; Pep Band; Concert Band William Kleint June Knuth Kenneth F. Koldewey Key Club: Boys ' Chrblk.; Wrestling, Var- sity Thomas E. Konkle Phy-Chem. Mary Jo Koontz Phy-Chem; Girls ' Choir; Concert Band; JCL; FTA. Historian; Pep Band; Girls ' Chrblk. Kenneth H. Kraft Boys ' Chrblk. Bruce Kreckman Boys ' Choir Dan Kreger Phil Krieg Student Council; Boys ' Choir; Football, Varsity; Basketball, Reserve; Track, Re- serve Jeff Kring Ted Kubiniec Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; NFL; National Thespians Don Kuehner Cynthia J. Kumfer MLC; GAA; Polar-Y, Sec; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Bob Kurtz Concert Band Dennis Kuruda I Tammy Ladig A Cappella; Chansonettes Linda Lake Ronald R. Lake Key Club; Football. Varsity; Basketball, Reserve, Varsity Mike Latham Shirley (Back) Lawson Legend, Agent; Varsity Varieties Sylvia Lazoff Service Worker Sandra Lee Layson Daffi-Dabblers; Girls ' Chrblk.; FTA; Serv- ice Worker Ken Lee William A. Lee Tim Leeth Student Council; Kev Club: Phv-Chem; Golf. Varsity Jacqueline Pauline Joan Lehman Service Worker Robert J. Lehman Pat Leist Girls ' Choir Carol Elaine Leiter Phv-Chem: Varsity Varieties; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Chrblk: Girls ' Choir; Varsity Choir; YFC; Chanticleers Larry Lents Audio-Visual Curt Lesh Key Club David Levin Rick Ley Legend; News Bureau; Kev Club: Bovs ' Choir: Concert Orchestra: Senior Play; Varsitv Varieties; Bovs ' Chrblk.; Literary Club Don Lieberum NFL; Debate; Speech Jim Lindemuth Maxine Lindemuth Girls ' Chrblk. Timothy H. Lindenberg Swim Team Ed Lindey Kathy Long Kristine D. Longsworth Legend: Concert Band Pamela Loper Legend. Agent: Z Club. Sec: Globe- trotters; MLC; Daffi-Dabblers. Sec; Girls ' Chrblk : Service Worker; Student Council Stan Lord Cyndy Lorman junior Class. Sec-Treas.; Student Council; Northerner. Agent; Legend. Asst. Ed , Asst Ed Academic; Ripplettes: M.L.C.; Prog. Chr. Frank Louden Varsity Varieties David M. Lough Phy-Chem; Speech 153 Patricia Ann Lowry MLC: FTA: Modern Dance; Daffi-Dabblers; Polar-Y; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Dave Luckadoo Virginia Sue Luecke Varsitv Choir; Girls ' Choir; Daffi-Dabblers; GAA: Polar-Y; Girls ' Chrblk. Jerry Luyben Cross Country, Varsity; Track, Reserve Dennis R. Lyttle Claudia MacDonald Varsity Choir David Macy Varsity Choir; Boys ' Choir; Boys ' Chrblk.; Wrestling, Varsity Duncan R. Malcolm Key Club: Phy-Chem; ' Chrblk.; Intramurals; Kathleen Maloney Student Council: Globetrotters Garry Ray Malott Melody Malott Northerner; A Cappella; Concert Orches- tra, Librarian; FTA; Modern Dance; Var- sity Varieties Dave L. Mann David Kent Mann A Cappella; Triple Trio; Varsity Varieties Richard L. Mann Jeff Marchant Pam Mark A Cappella; Varsity Cheerleader Paul Markey Gregory Bernard Marrs Northerner, Circulation Mgr.. Classroom News Ed: Globetrotters, Phv-Chem; JCL; MLC; NFL, Pres.; Debate; Tennis, Re- serve: Junior Class Soc. Council Ben Martin. Jr. Key Club; A Cappella; Varsity Varieties; Senior Play; Jr. Red Cross; Boys ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Jay Dee Martin Student Council; Senior Class Soc. Council Jim McCarty Bob McComas Globetrotters: A Boys ' Choir; Boys John J. McComb A Cappella; Varsity Choir; Boys ' Choir; Boys ' Chrblk. Sharon McDiffitt Ron McFarland Audio-Visual Linda Jean McGann Jim McKenzie Key Club; JCL; FTA; Senior Play; Var- sity Varieties Robert C. McKee Key Club; Varsity Choir: Concert Band; Boys ' Chrblk; Football, Reserve, Varsity; Track, Reserve, Varsity; Wrestling. Var- sity Cheryl Ann McKinney Concert Band; MLC; FTA; GAA; Service Worker John McMahan Track, Varsity; Basketball. Varsity Mary Ann McNamara Girls ' Choir Rebecca Jane McPherson Student Council; Z Club, Pres., Treas.; Helicon. Pt. Recorder; Phy-Chem; MLC; Girls ' Chrblk. Michael Meighen Student Council; Audio Visual Peter William Meister Senior Class Pres.; Sophomore Class Pres.; Student Council; Northerner; Key Club: Boys ' Choir; Boys ' Chrblk.; Football. Var- sity; Tennis. Reserve; Basketball. Reserve Terry Lee Menze Barb Menzie Girls ' Chrblk. Ronald R. Merrill Boys ' Chrblk.; Track, Reserve Michael J. Messick Boys ' Chrblk. Duane Meyer Boys ' Chrblk. Linda Meyer Chanticleers Ronald R. Meyer Amateur Radio Club Ruth Meyer Helicon: Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; Var- sity Choir; Girls ' Choir; JCL; Varsity Var- ieties; GAA; Girls ' Chrblk. Sharon Ann Michell Student Council; A Cappella; Chansonettes; Girls ' Choir; Tri-M; Varsity Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk. James C. Milam Key Club. Pres.; Pep Band; Swim Team Ron Milholland Key Club; Football. Reserve, Varsity; Basketball. Reserve, Varsity Robert William Milledge Jerry L. Miller Concert Band; JCL; Boys ' Chrblk.; Ten- nis, Reserve; Intramurals Mary J. Miller Girls ' Choir; MLC Mike Miller Nan Miller Globetrotters; A Cappella: Girls ' Choir; Concert Band: JCL; MLC: Varsitv Var- ieties; Pep Band; Girls ' Chrblk. Robert Miller Northerner; Legend Rosemarie Miller Barry L. Mills Key Club: Phy-Chem: Concert Band; MLC; Pep Band; Boys ' Chrblk.; Track, Reserve; Varsit y; Varsity Band Carole J. Mills Steven Minear Paul Richard Mitchell Varsity Choir; Boys ' Choir Thomas E. Mizzell Hi-Y Janet Kay Moellering Varsity Choir Jim Moore Key Club; Helicon. Parlm. Patricia Allyn Moore Student Council; Legend; Phy-Chem; Con- cert Band; FTA; Pep Band; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Robert Moore Service Worker Cyndi Moreland Jill Morkoetter Varsity Choir, Girls ' Choir; Daffi-Dabblers Diana Morris Legend, Agent; Girls ' Choir; JCL; FTA Rebecca R. Morris Girls ' Choir; FTA; Girls ' Chrblk. Nancy Jo Morrison Student Council. Treas.; Northerner, Agent; Z Club. Vice-Pres.; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Chrblk.; Steering Comm.; Service Worker Sally Ann Morrison Linda K. Motz Student Council; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; Judy Moyer MLC; FTA; GAA; Transferred from New York Lynn Ann Mo wry Student Council; Modern Dance; GAA; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Louise Marie Ann Mazzone Rebecca Ann Mulles Phy-Chem; Concert Band; Concert Or- chestra; MLC; FTA; Polar-Y; Pep Band; Girls ' Chrblk. Penny Mulvaine Martha Murphy FTA; National Thespians; Senior Play; Varsitv Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Brian Murray Globetroters; Phy-Chem; Wrestling. Var- sity; Swim Team Marilyn Musselman Northerner; Legend. Ed. -in-chief, Asst. Business Mgr.; Helicon, Treas.. Sec; Globe- trotters; MLC; Girls ' Chrblk. Daniel Myers Student Council; Key Club: Globetrotters; Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Boys ' Chrblk.; Youth Looks at Communism Elizabeth Fair Nagelsen Student Council; Northerner; Helicon; Globetrotters: Ripplettes; National Thes- pians; Senior Play; Varsity Varieties: Girls ' Chrblk. C. Wayne Nash Football. Reserve; Track, Reserve Stacey Lee Needham Senior Class Sec. -Treas.; Student Council; Z Club: Helicon; A Cappella: Girls ' Choir; MLC: Soc. Chrm.; FTA; Varsitv Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk. John Neff Ed Muhler Henry Nehring Booster Club: Football. Reserve; Trans- ferred from Lew Wallace Jerry Nelson Audio-Visual Richard L. Nemyer Student Council; Daffi-Dabblers; Boys ' Chrblk.; Cross Country. Reserve: Track, Reserve ; Service Worker Nancy Louise Nesbitt Modern Dance; GAA Linda Kay Netzley Student Council; Phy-Chem; Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; FTA Colleen Neuhouser Patricia Newell FHA; GAA; Y-Teens K. E. Newport Service Worker John F. Nicholls Concert Band; Concert Orchestra Kathy Nickell Helicon: Globetrotters; Concert Band; MLC; FTA; Service Worker; Literary Club Sandra R. Niles Student Council; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Ken Niman Linda Noll William Norris Concert Band; Tri-M; Pep Band Louise Notestine Concert Band: GAA; Pep Band; Girls ' Chrblk. Vivian Nvcum GAA Max Oberkiser Jeanne O ' Day Girls ' Choir; Girls ' Chrblk. Margaret Oesch Student Council; Northerner, Agent; News Bureau. Ed.. Asst. Ed.; Helicon, Parlm.; Globetrotters: Varsity Band; JCL; P.olar-Y, Sec, Pt. Recorder John Ogg John W. Ohneck Track. Reserve Linda Katherine Olsen Globetrotters; MLC; FTA; Service Worker Lynda Osborn 154 Noel Osmun A Cappella; Boys ' Choir Jerry L. Oswald Phy-Chem; Varsity Choir; Varsity Cheer- leader; Boys ' Chrblk. Dan Overmyer Wanda Owens Sue Pace Z Club; Senior Play; Varsity Varieties Steve Painter Key Club. Vice-Pres.; Basketball. Varsity Tim Pape Track, Reserve Irvig G. Park Boys ' Choir; Service Worker Gene E. Parker Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Pep Band Patricia Parsons Girls ' Choir; Concert Band; FTA; Girls ' Chrblk. Ronald Partin Boys ' Chrblk. Ladonna Paschal Doug Patrick John Pawlowski Arthur R. Payton Linda Suzette Peach Mike Pease Chris Percival Marjorie Perdue Toni Pettit Student Council; Z Club; Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; Varsity Varieties; Polar-Y; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker John Pfleiderer Barbara Pickerill Globetrotters; Girls ' Choi] Karen Pletcher Doug Pongratz Girls ' Chrblk. Karen Prange Pamela Pratt Phy-Chem: Van MLC; FTA; Gir Nancy Lee Preston Girls ' Choir Jack Price Pete Procter Bill Prumm Varsity Choir; Boys ' Choir; Cross Country, Reserve, Varsity; Basketbail. Reserve. Var- sity; Track, Reserve Varsity; Service Worker William E. Pulver II Kenneth Lee Putt DafTi-Dabblers; JA Randolph Sterling Putt Concert Band; Pep Band; Cross Country. Reserve; Track, Reserve; Wrestling. Re- serve Daniel J. Radu Richard A. Radu Northerner; Audio-Visual Tom Ralston Key Club; FTA; NFL; Senior Play; Booster Club; Boys ' Chrblk.; Cross Country. Var- sity; Track. Varsity; Service Worker Daniel R. Raschke Student Council; Concert Band; Pep Band; Cross Country, Reserve; Track, Reserve Dale Raypole Bill Reeder Student Council: A Cappella; Varsity Choir; Boys ' Choir; Football, Varsity; Cross Country. Reserve; Track, Reserve; Wrestling, Varsity Linda Reifenrath Ripplettes Patricia A. Reiling Vicki Lynn Reinking Northerner: News Bureau; MLC: Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Leroy Raymond Michael Repka Globetrotters; Speech; Jr. Red Cross Connie Rice Student Council; Legend, Agent Judy L. Rice Student Council; Z Club. Sec. Vice-Pres.; Daffi-Dabblers. Soc. Chrm.; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker John Richards Transferred from Terre Haute, Indiana Ron Richards Cindy Richhart Connie Sue Rider Student Council; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Judi K. Rider Karen Ries Vic Rigsby Linda L. Ritter Student Council; Varsity Varieties; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Chrblk.; Marty Roberts Student Council; Ripplettes: Girls ' Choir: Modern Dance; Speech; Girls ' Chrblk.; Swim Team; Service Worker Vicki Robinson Garland Dene Roby Varsity Choir; Audio-Visual; Track, Re- serve. Varsity; Wrestling, Reserve Bob Roddy Football. Varsity; Track. Reserve Nancy Jeanne Roderick Phy-Chem; JCL; FTA; Daffi-Dabblers Gary Rollins Audio-Visual; Daffi-Dabblers Dwight L. Romey Alan Roseberry Kathy Rossington GAA Christine Rouhier Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; Concert Band; Twirling; Varsity Varieties; Pep Band Kevin Rex Rowden A Cappella; Triple Trio: Varsity Choir; Boys ' Choir; Varsity Varieties; Boys ' Chrblk.; Track. Reserve Bob Rowe A Cappella Arthur D. Rufner Booster Club; Service Worker Mike Russ Service Worker Sue Rydman Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; FTA; Senior Play; Girls ' Chrblk. Robert Sanders Scott Saunders Student Council; Northerner; Key Club; MLC; NFL; Speech; Boys ' Chrblk.; Phy- Chem Glenna Savio JCL Pamela Ann Saxton Northerner. Agent; Globetrotters; Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; Senior Plav; Varsity Varieties; GAA; Pep Band; Girls ' Chrblk. Carolyn Sayles Student Council; Northerner, Agent; Legend, Asst. Ed. Activities, Ed. Academic Section; Phy-Chem. Sgt.-at-arms: MLC; Polar-Y; Girls ' Crirblk.; Service Worker; Globetrotters J. Scott Schaefer Ted Schaefer Jim Schafianski Boys ' Chrblk. Bruce Schelm Audio-Visual Lynn Schinbeckler GAA ; Service Worker Karen Schlatter Beverly Schmid MLC; FTA; Daffi-Dabblers; Polar-Y; Girls ' Chrblk. Diane Schoenauer Douglas Schorey Boys ' Chrblk.; Football, Reserve; Daffi- Dabblers Nancy Ann Schwartz Polar-Y Jacqueline Scott Student Council; Northerner; Exchange Ed.; Legend, Ad Mgr.; Z Club, Sgt.-at- arms. Pres.; FTA; Reserve Cheerleader; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Ken Sechler Boys ' Chrblk.; Track. Reserve Fonda Seewald GAA; Polar-Y Bob Sefton Concert Band: Football, Reserve, Varsity Joan Segerstrom Ron Seskin Football, Varsity; Wrestling, Varsity Basil Shady Football, Reserve: Track, Reserve Joy Sue Shady Northerner, Asst. Circulation Mgr.; News Bureau: Helicon; Globetrotters; Phy- Chem: JCL; MLC; NFL; Speech, Histor- ian: Girls ' Chrblk. Jackie S. Shanks Sharon Shawgo A Cappella; Chansonettes; Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; Tri-M; Varsity Varieties; Girls ' Chrblk. Carol Sheets Helicon: Globetrotters; JCL; FTA: Pep Band; Girls ' Chrblk. Roger D. Sherland Student Council; Amateur Radio Club Karen Sue Shiriaev Service Worker Steve Shively Swim Team Christine Shoda Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; Polar-Y Howard Shook Student Council; Key Club, Treas.: Boys ' Chrblk.; Golf, Varsity Donna Showalter Legend, Agent; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Joyce Ann Shown Concert Orchestra; JCL; MLC Dennis K. Shuler Karen Kay Shutt Z Club; Helicon; Globetrotters, Publicity Chrm.; Les Alouettes; Concert Band; Tri- M; MLC; FTA. Soc. Chrm., Treas.; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Michael Sible Boys ' Cheerblock Patricia Elaine Sims Barbara Skarie Phy-Chem.; Girls ' Choir; Concert Band; Tri-M; JCL; GAA; Jr. Red Cross; Girls ' Chrblk. Tom Skevington Janice Arlene Skinner Girls ' Choir Joseph E. Slough Linda Kay Smead Varsity Choir Barry D. Smith Student Council; Northerner, Asst. Class- room News Ed.. News Ed.. Sports Ed., Ed- m-chief; 1500 Club; Key Club: Helicon, Vice-Pres.; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem: Boys ' Choir; JCL; Boys ' Chrblk. 155 Bob Smith Student Council; Football, Varsity; Track. Varsity Eunice Smith Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir James D. Smith, Jr. Swim Team Jeff Smith Dance Band; Varsity Varieties; Pep Band; Cross Country. Reserve; Track, Reserve; Concert Band Karen Sue Smith Linda Smith Marcia Lynn Smith JCL; Math Club Steve Smith Key Club Sandra Smitley Constance Snyder Helicon; Girls ' Choir Debra Anne Sohles Student Council; Girls ' Choir; FTA; NFL; Speech Stan Spice Phy-Chem; JCL; MLC Ken Spielman Varsity Choir; National Thespians; Senior Play; Varsity Varieties; Speech; Jr. Red Cross Carl Spoerhase Boys ' Chrblk. James Spoolstra Student Council; Legend, Agent; Phy- Chem; Concert Band; Pep Band Robert Clayton Spuhler Key Club; Cross Country, Reserve Earnest Stahl Bruce Stall Concert Band; Pep Band Linda Staples Ron Stebing Key Club; Daffi-Dabblers, Vice-Pres. Jill Ann Steele Student Council; Z Club; Globetrotters; Girls ' Choir; JCL; MLC, Treas.; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker David Allen Stein David Robert Stephan Junior Class Vice-Pres.; Student Council; Northerner. Agent; Key Club, Sgt.-at- arms; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; JCL; MLC; Boys ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Royal Stevens Virginia Stewart Northerner; MLC; Polar-Y, Devotions Chrm. Cathy Stimmel Polar-Y Tom Stinnett Bob Stinson Tim Stockert Jamieson Stone Joann Stonebreaker Globetrotters; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; JCL; MLC: Girls ' Chrblk. Roger Wayne Studebaker Jeff Study Track. Reserve Judith Stukey Linda Swank Sue Sweeney Vicki Swenson Concert Band; MLC; GAA; Service Worker Stuart N. Swink, Jr. Northerner; Legend. Agent Blair A. Swogger Daniel Deal Tannas Boys ' Choir Dave Taulbee Audio-Visual Marshall Lynn Tavlor Phy-Chem; Concert Band; FTA; Pep Band; Golf. Reserve Jim Tegtmever Key Club; s ' tudent Council; Helicon; Globetrotters; JCL; Boys ' Chrblk.; Track, Reserve Mary Ann Tegtmever A Cappella; Girls ' Choir; JCL; Girls ' Chrblk. David Tennant Swim Team Cheryl K. Tew Northerner; Phy-Chem; JCL Lois Marie Thalacker -a; Tri-M; JCL; MLC; Dave A. Thiel Steve A. Thiel Football, Reserve; Basketball, Reserve; Track, Reserve Gary Alan Thoma Audio-Visual; Varsity Band; Pep Band; Boys ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Suzanne Thomas Modern Dance Carole Thompson Daffi-Dabblers Jane Ellen Thompson Concert Orchestra; MLC; GAA Karen Sue Thompson Girls ' Choir; MLC Rosemary Thompson Pamela J. Tieman Transferred from Avilla High School Nancy Timma Concert Orchestra; Tri-M; Girls ' Chrblk. Gary Toenges Bob Townsend Boy ' s Chrblk.; Concert Band Margaret L. Trager Northerner; Helicon; Globetrotters; MLC; FTA; Polar-Y, Treas.; Girls ' Chrblk. Dwight Troue Sharon Uetrecht Student Council; Z Club; Helicon; Globe- trotters; JCL; FTA; GAA Eric Unsinger Randall V. Upton Amateur Radio Club Carole Uhrick Paul Ulrich Tom Vacanti Ripples Roger Valentine JCL Sara Scott VanEvery Z Club; Phy-Chem; JCL; Daffi-Dabblers; GAA; Girls ' Chrblk. Larry Alan VanHorn Audio-Visual; Daffi-Dabblers Rebecca Ann VanHorn Student Council; Z Club. Vice-Pres.. Pres.; Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; JCL; MLC; Varsity Cheerleader; Girls ' Chrblk.; Serv- ice Worker Michael L. VanRyn I Track. Reserve Linda Gale Vaught GAA; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Robert O. Vegeler Senior Class Vice. -Pres.; Junior Class Pres.; Student Council; Key Club, Lt. Gov.; Helicon; NFL; Boys ' Basketball. Reserve; Northerner Joy Venderley Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Jack Voght Boys ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Linda Vonderhaar Girls ' Choir; Dafii-Dabblers; Girls ' Chrblk. Richard Wadewitz Phy-Chem; Concert Orchestra; Pep Band; YFC; Youth Looks at Communism Cheryl Ann Walborn Northerner; Legend: News Bureau, Ad Mgr.: National Thespians: Varsity Vari- eties; Service Worker Terrence Richard Walker Michael Wall Student Council: Phy-Chem; Speech Stephen B. Wallace Ken Walter Key Club; Boys ' Chrblk. Barbara Waltz Marilyn K. Warren Gloria Warrick Varsity Choir: Girls ' Choir; Girls ' Chrblk ■ YFC: Chanticleers Jacqueline A. Waters Phy-Chem. Larry M. Waters Dick Watson Concert Band; Dance Band; Varsity Vari- eties; Boys ' Chrblk.; Football, Varsity- Basketball, Varsity Thomas A. Watt A Cappella; Varsity Choir; Boys ' Choir; Service Worker Rebecca Ann Webber Polar-Y; Girls ' Chrblk.; Service Worker David Alan Weesner Concert Band; Concert Orchestra; Tri-M- Vice-Pres.; Dance Band: Pep Band Susan Marie Wehler Ripplettes: FTA; Transferred from Pitts- burgh. Penn. Fred Welling Jan Wermager A Cappella; Chansonettes; Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; Varsity Varieties Delton L. Wert Concert Band; Pep Band; Boys ' Chrblk. John R. White Audio-Visual Twilla Marlene Whitlow Student Council: Globetrotters; MLC; FTA; GAA; Girls ' Chrblk.; Polar-Y; Serv- ice Worker Steven Dene Whittecar Linda Widdifield Girls ' Choir John Daniel Williams Student Council; Key Club: Phy-Chem; JCL; NFL; Math Club; Football. Varsity Joyce A. Williams Northerner; Girls ' Choir Mike Williams Phy-Chem; MLC; Audio-Visual Sharon Jean Williams Service Worker; YFC; Girls ' Choir Linda S. Willis Legend. Bus. Mgr.; Daffi-Dabblers; GAA; Service Worker Betty Wilson Jr. Red Cross; Service Worker Robert D. Wilson Susan Wilson Penny Ann Winkler Senior Class Soc. Chrm.; Student Council; Legend. Activities Ed ; Z Club, Parlm.; Varsity Cheerleader; Reserve Cheerleader; Service Worker Mike Witmer Boys ' Chrblk. James Gene Witzigreuter Bob Woltz Tom Woodward Tennis, Varsity Steve Wright Varsity Band 156 Jim Wrigley Robert O. Wuthrich Phy-Chem: Concert Band; JCL; Pep Band; Boys ' Chrblk. Tim Wuthrich Phy-Chem; Intramurals Kay Wynkoop Chuck Yahn Globetrotters; Phy-Chem; JCL; Football, Reserve; Golf, Reserve; Service Worker Daniel B. Yaffe Concert Band; Varsity Varieties; Boys ' Chrblk.; Service Worker Linda Lou Yergens Northerner, News Staff; Pres. Dale Edwin Yoder Student Council; Speech; Football. Reserve FTA; Key Club: James Michael Yoder Key Club; A Cappella, Pres.; Triple Trio; Varsity Choir; Boys ' Choir; Tri-M, Pres.; Varsity Varieties; Boys ' Chrblk. Don D. York Caryn Yost Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; Modern Dance; GAA; Polar- Y Allen Lee Zigler Bruce Zimmerman Mike Zion Kathy Zumbrun Service Worker Denise C. Zwiller Daffi-Dabblers FTA; Polar-Y, Boys ' Chrblk.; Speech; Service Worker; udio Visual 157 Advertising Advertising is one way in which the public is informed of the merchandise and services various organizations have available. This section of the yearbook is developed around the many shops and business organizations which have given financial assistance to the 1966 Legend through their adver- tising. The students of North Side show their grati- tude to these community businesses by their con- tinued patronage. This willingness of the students to patronize the merchaants of the community main- tains a mutual support between those at North Side High School and the residents of Fort Wayne. 159 J— - " ■-. Marty Duncan, Jan Scott, and Janet Olofson are engrossed in watching the operations of a printing press at K efer 7 s. The method for transferring glossy pictures onto plates for printing captures the attention of Steve Minear and Dan Dager. Keefer Printing Company F , Wayne Engraving 714 West Washington Fort Wayne, Indiana 742-1484 Serving Fort Wayne and Vicinity with Quality Printing for over 51 Years For Your Yearbook of Distinction 120 West Superior Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Waiting their Loper and Di n at the wheel of a new lmpala. senii Alterkruse admire the car ' s attraeti Pam color and style as thev watch Jan Eichel carefully back out service department at Hefner ' s, Hefner Chevrolet City 500 East State, across from North Side Service and parts departments open until 2 a.m. Monday through Friday 24 hour wrecker service ! ; Chen ' s Restaurant Chinese and American Food Reservations and Carry Out Northcrest Shopping Center Dave Stephan prepares to order while Mary Chappuis, Sandy Franzman, and Jay L»c Martin praetiee using chopsticks. Franklin National Life Insurance 221 Central Building Fort Wayne, Indiana 742-2123 u±u Mr. A. G. Morris, Regional Manager of Franklin National Life, shows Nancy Morrison and Ron Jennings an annual sales report. Rice Oldsmobile 1912 Bluffton Road 456-1261 Tom Beaver and John Langas 3 grin wishfully as they inspect the outstanding qualities of a new Toronado at Rice Oldsmo- bile. 1(11 The Photo Reflex Department of Wolf and Dessauer offers various types of picture frames. Here Judy Douglas, trying When you want a fine portrait to record forever with charm and dignity the important events of your life, come Bill Gehron and Jim Milam, two clothes conscious seniors, admire a collegiate herring-bone sport jacket at Heider ' s. " For the Man in the Know " Heider ' s Men ' s Wear 3211 North Anthony Blvd. to decide which frame she wants to enhance her senior picture, receives the aid of studio manager Miss Colleen Cuhl. to the Photography Studio of your Official Photographer Wolf Dessauer Indiana Michigan •LECTRIC COMPANY live better elecfrically The lively sign of our powerful neighbors aeross the river altraets the attention of Phil Barclay and Bob Roller. Indiana Michigan Electric Company " Light and Power Service " 2101 Spy Run 162 INDEX Abele, Cynthia 112 Abele. Donald 123 Ackley, Martha 112 Adams. Jean 64, 112 Aiechele. George 52. 123 Aiken, Dan 43 Aiken. Steven 54. 71. 104 Ake. Wilbur 104 Akev. Frank 58. 104 Albaugh, Cathy .35, 41. 48. 54. 63, 89 Albaugh. Richard 112 Albert. James 112 Albright. Catherine 44, 45. 58. 63. 104 Albright. James 42. 53. 56. 57 Allen. Bob 50. 71. 104 Allen. Erik 123 Alien, Jimmy 112 Allen, Robert 71, 123 Allen. Steve 123 Altekruse. Diane .63. 123. 160 Ambridge. Candy .123 Ambridge. Cindv . 104 Amburgey. Darlene 111 Amelung. Richard 58, Anderson. Barry 112 Anderson. Jane 123 Anderson. Joe 118 Anderson. Sharon .104 Anderson, Tom 123 Andrews. Byron 123 Andrews. Debbie 35. 41. . J 45. 61. 112 Andrews. John .. 104 Andrews. Sherry 123 Angus. Charles 104 Antonie. Jerry 104 Archer. Connie 60. 104 Archer. John . .. 112 Archer, Nancy . 123 Archer. Pamela 60. 112 Argerbright, Mike 112 Argerbright. Steve 112 Armey. Janet 41. 48 56. 63. 88. 123 Arms, Joyce 104 Armstrong. Cheryl .58. Armstrong. David 123 Armstrong. Gregg 123 Armstrong, Marcia 49 A J 112 Arndt. Linda 104 Arndt. Rhea Sue 112 Arnet. Philip 123 Arney. Pattie 57, 112 Arnold. Debby 123 Arnold. Karen .. 112 Arnold. Sue 50 Arnold. Paul 123 Aster. James 104 Ashley. David 42, 123 Atleberry, James 112 Augsburger. Joel 123 Augsburger. Susan 104 B Babcock. Bill 104 Bade, Ned 112 Bain, Norman 71 Michael Ton .104 Baird, Nancy 61. 112 Baker, Collen .123 Baker. Mike 56 Baker. Michael 17. 53 54. 56. 112. 123 Baker, Philip 123 Baldwin. Don 73, 75, 123 Baldwin. Paula 52, 58. Balliet, Gail 112 Balyeat. Robert .. 123 Baney. Sharon 58, 104 Bangerter, Beverly 46 50, 53. 54 61. 64 123 Bangerter. Debra 54 58 „ 64. 104 Banks, Karen 104 Bankson, Vonna 104 Banly. Dave 109 Barbara, Louis 41 112 Barclay, Philip 35. 42 112. 162 123 Barrett. Bob Barrett. Jim Bartels. Janet 49. 58 D . r, I12 Barto. Bonnie 45 104 Barto. Fred 41. 44 54. 123 112 123 Bash, Charles Bash, Dick Bashop, La .104 Bashore. Debo Bashore. Dave 164 Batchelder. Mike 58 Bates John 58. 104 Baugher. Linda 112 Baungardner. Craig 104 Baungardner. Jerrv 104 Linda 64. 112 Bat; Patr 123 123 ,123 124 35. 104 Beard. Sue Beatty. Deborah Beaver. Tom 19. 42 _ 57. 112. 161 Beaverson, Kent 42, 69 Beber. Marsha 112 Beck. Ed 123 Becker, Darlene 48, 112 Becker. Gay 58. 112 Beckman. Bill ..,.112 Becktell. Darrel 123 Beebe, Pamela 112 Beights. Anne 53. 54. 56. 64. 65. 124 Beiswengen. Jack 104 Beitler, Gavle 52. 124 Bell. Richard 104 Bell, Sharon 124 Bell, William 112 Belschner. Dan 124 Benedict. Kay 41. 112 Bermes. Louie 112 Benson. Derek 112 Benton. Linda 112 Bentrup. Randy 104 Berger. Sandra 104 Berkes. Kay 54. 104 Bernardon. Ron 124 Berndt. Richard 112 Berndt. Tom 112 Bernhardt. Mike 104 Bethay, Jon 50. 124 Betts. Jim 112 Beyer. Susan 104 Biddle. Dan 48. 50. 58. 124 Biddle. Diana 48. 112 Bidlack, Pamela 124 Biedenweg. Baron 124 Bienz. Becky 104 Biesiade. Elizabeth 112 Bilhan. Dave 34. 43. 44. 50. 124 Binder. Bruce 112 Bireley. Beckv 104 Bireley. Bob 54 Buelev. Tom 124 BischofT. Lynette 124 Bishop. Mary .44. 45 57. 64, 112 Bishop, Ray 124 Blackburn. John 71. 104 Blackwell. Al 56. 124 Bladgett. Linda Blanchard. Less 112 Blanchard. Myron .44. 54. 104 Bland. Violet 104 Blain. Robert 124 Bloodgood. Judy 112 Blum, Don 104 Blum. Robert 112 Bly. Kathv 58. 60. 112 Bly, Pamela 54. 57, 124 Bobav. Colleen 124 Bobilya, Kathv 124 Bock. Leslie 104 Bock. Linda 36, 37. 40. 41. 50. 53. 56. 58, 124 Bocik. Cynthia 124 Bodev, Bob 104 Bodkin. Evelvn 60. 104 Bodkin. Rita 54, 58. 112 Boehme. Bonnie .. 38. 52. 124 Boggs. Dave 104 Boggs. Debbie 104 Boggs. Paul 124 Boiinoff. Jim 125 BoiinorT. Victoria 104 Boiler. Larry 124 Bollinger. Dan 125 Bollinger. Terrv 124 Bolvard. Dave 112 Bone. John 104 Bonham. Judv 124 Booher. Roger .. 124 Booker. Bob Booth. Roger . 104 Borders. Bill 34. 124 Bordner. William 43. 68. 69. 70. 124 Boreani, Mike 124 Boren. Roxanna 63 64. 125 Borne. Kathv ... 61. 125 Boshart. Alan .50, 54. 64. 104 Bosserman. Darlene 44. 56. 58. 104 Bosserman. Linda 50, " 2 Boston, Cathi 125 Bouse, Julia 125 Bourne, Daniel 58. 104 Bower. Judith. 61. 125 Bower, Timothy ... 104 Bowers. Steve 104 Bowman. Gary 112 Bowman. Tom 104 Bowser. Mary 112 Bowser. Mike 104 Boxell. Lynne 125 Boyer. Lynn 104 Boyer. Hugh 104 Boyer. Dave ' . 124 Boyles, Walter 125 Brackman, Susan ....62. 112 Braden, Larry 53. 56, 125. 145 Bardley, Pat 125 Bradway. Sue 125 Bragalone. Jeanne 112 Brantzock, Joan 125 Braun. Allen 125 Brecht. Alyce 125 Bredemever. Carolyn 125 Brewer. Diane 112 Brewster. Larry 125 Brickley. James 125 Bridges. Donna 41. 44. 45, 46. 47. 61. 125 Bridges, Karen 64. 104 Briggs. Kathleen 54. 56. 125 Briggs. Mary 52. 112 Brincelield. John . 112 Bunker. Beth 58. 104 Brisentine, Betty ...112 Brockett, Cindy 60. 112 Bromley, Carol 125 Brosius, Mahlon 26. 57, 112 Brown. Catherine . 58. 125 Brown. Cathy 46. 57. 63. 65. 104. 125 Brown. Dan 112 Brown, Gary 104 Brown, Michael 125 Brown, Rebecca 44. 104 Brown. Steve 125 Brown. Suzi 45. 58. 63. 104 Brown. William 35 Brubaker. Cynthia 34. 57. 61, 125 Brubaker. John 104 Brudi. Debbie .32, 125 Bruggner. John 125 Bruick, Ken 125 Bruns. Cyndie ...60. 63. 112 Bryan. Brenda 56. 112 Bryant. Rod 104 Bryant. John 125 Bryant. Sandra 125 Bryle. Cheryl 112 Buchanan. Janet 58. 104 Buchanan, Ronald 112 Buckhardt. Judy .104 Buckmaster. David 112 Budd, Jodell 125 Bufkin. Linda 53. 54. 125 Bufink. George 125 Bulmahn. Linda 111 Bumgardner, Cheryl 104 Bunker. Sharon 112 Bunt, Christine 50, 127 Burden. Dennis 112 Burelison. Karen 51. 104 Burnham. Anne 104 Burns, Cyndie 64, 57 Burns. Dave 54, 71. 104 Burns. Gerald 50. 54. 59. 112 Busch. Charlotte .60. 64. 125 Busche. Carol 125 Bush. Mike 104 Bushong, Sherry ..48. 63. 112 Busian. Mary 44, 105 Butcher, Tom 127 Butler. Heather 34. 35. 45. 47. 61. 64. 65. 125 Butler. Rodney 105 Cadwallader, Sally Caldwell, Linda ...105 Caley. Mike 54, 113 Calhoun, John 118 Calhoun, Linda .. 105 Calhoun. Sharon . .126 Calhson, Lynne 63, 126 Camp, Sandra 113 Canadav, Carolvn 105 Canaday. Craig 54, 126 Cantrell. Robert 113 Capps, Carolyn 51. 113 .105 Carnahan. Rod 105 Carpenter. BUI ...126 Carpenter. Rick 58. 113 Carpenter. Walter .113 Cary, Rick 126 Casey. Mike 126 Cashdollar. David 105 Cassell. Joe 50. 113 Castle. Elaine 113 Castle. Tom 12ti Castor. Beth 47. 50, 53. 54. 56. 61. 63. 126 Castor. Pam 126 Cates, Mary 113 Cates. Roy 58 Cathcart. Donscott 105 Cavanaugh, Carol .113 Cavell. Darlene 113 Chaplan. Dan Chapman. Judy 113 Chappuis. Mary 105 Chard, Nancy 126 Childers. Susan 126 Chisholm, Lynn . 113 Christlieb, Ken 58, 113 Christman, Vicki 47. 49. 52. 113 Christoffel. Greg 105 Chumley. Ina Faye 105 Claphan. Deanna 58. 105 Clark. Barbara 113 Clark. Barry 57, 59. 68. 113 113 113 17. 126 Clark. Larry Clark. Patrici Clark. Scot Clary. Vonna Clausen. Robert 58. 105 Claussen, Thomas 47. 50. 126 Clawson. Dennis 126 Clay. James 126 Clay. Jody 58. 105 Clay. Sharon 113 Clemons. Rosanna 48. 105 Click, Marjorie 57. 126 Cliff. Roger Clifton. Gary 113 Cline. LeAnn .... 53. 57, 59, 126 Clme, Stan 45. 54. 105 Cline. Steven .47. 53, 56, 126 Closson. Cathie Cobble, Patricia ...113 Cobble, Robert 126 Coblentz. Annette 49, 126 Cochran, Suzanne .54, 64, 105 Cochren. Betty 113 Coffman. Carol 50. 52. 126 Coffman. Larry 105 Coffman. Sue ...58. 105 Cohen, Dave 64, 126 Coil. Michael ....57, 126 Cole, Allyson 126 Cole, Linda 58, 113 Coleman, Dan 113 Coleman. Gretchen 46. 47. 61. 64. 126. 135. 139 Coleman. Sharon 58. 105 Coles. Judy . 41. 53, 57. 59. 63. 127 Cohcho, Connie 61. 127 Collins. Ellen .58, 113 Collins, Gary 105 Collins. John 41. 44, 45, 46. 47. 53. 54. 56. 57. 63. 113 Collins, Marsha 22. 127 Collins. Mille 105 Collins. Patty ...64. 113 Collins, Robert . 127 Colpitts. Graig 54. 58 Colvin. Margo 48. 58. 113 Combs. Jim 113 Combs. Laraine 105 Comment. Janice61, 113 Conner. Lynn 28. 127 Conrad, Penny 44, 54, 105 Cornelius, Deborah 50, 113 Cornelius. Terry 127 Cook. David 105 Cook. Gary 71, 105 Cook, Greg 105 Cook, Jim 113 Cook, Kathy 37, 61, 113 Cook, Larry . . 54 Cook, Luella . 105 Cooley. Deborah 58. 105 Cooley. Paulette 52, 127 Coughlin, Maureen 36, 49. 64, 127 Covault, Jack 105 Covey. Lynn Cowell. Chuck 50. 54. 113 Cox. Donald Cox, Karen 105 Coyne. Eilien ... 52. 127 Crabil. Carol 127 Crabith. Carolyn 127 Crace, David 113 Craft. Christopher 18. 113 Crawford. Al 113 Crawford. Christie 54, 58. 105 Crichfield. Mark 57. Crocher, Jordan 105 Crosby, Robert .... 127 Crow. Becky 54. 58. 113 Crull. Roberta 47. 50. 62. 127 Culver. Ed 105 Cummins, Cindy . 105, Cummings. Dianne 127 Cummings, Gene 127 Cummings. Mike 37. 40. 42. 113 Cummings. Ralph Cupp. Mike . i 1 " Curler. Sharon 113 Cur D Dager. Bob 105. 118 Dager. Dan . . .35, 160 Dahamn, Trudy .. 113 Dale. Kathy 113 Dale. Robert 71, 105 Daler, Robert 127 Dalrymple. Dave 105 Dalrymple. Terry 127 Dalrymple, Sindy .127, 113 Dammeier. Douglas Daniel. Carolyn 64. 105 Dautz. Susan 128 Davis. Brian 128 Davis, Christine 41. 45. Davis. Everett " Davis. Henry Ill Davis. James 65. 127 Davis, Jim 53. 59. 105. 137 Davis. Judy 127 Davis. Pat 53. 57. 59. 127 Davis. Steve 129 Davis, Stephen 128. 129 Davis, Ted . . 105 Dawkins. Mareia 128 Day. Roderick 19, 113 Deborah, Ann DeHartog, Dennis . 54. 58. 128 Dehnert, Janet 57, 59 128 Dellinger, Jan .54. 113 DeMarco, Dianne 128 Demeerleer, Diane 128 Dentzen. Jeff 128 Derrow. Janice 128 Derrow. Jeanette 128 Deveau, Kathleen 28 128 Deveau, Roger 113 Dick. Bob 69. 70. 128 Diehl. Charles Diehm. Maria 30 Dieht. Pam Dietz, Dale 58. Diffendarfer, Zoe 53. 54, Dill, Marsha 54, Diller. Al Diller. Steven 54. Dillman. Robert Dillon, Nancy Dirrim. Diane Dobbs. Ray Doehla. Deborah 45, 47. 50. 63. 64. : nger, Carol Dornseif, Cindy 51. Doswell. Carol 52. Doty. Becky 49. 58, Doty. Sue DnuKlas Jim Douglas, Judy 61, Druhot. Glenn ... . 105 Drummer. Thomas 128 Dull. Tom Dunbar. Diana 128 Dunbar, Earlene 18. 113 Duncan, Marty 36. 58. 105. 160 Dunham, Remi 128 Dunn, Rebecca 46, 47, 50. 63. 128 Durfey. Kay 128 Dyer. Darryl 128. 140 Earnest, Cynthia 38, 40. 46, 47. 63. 128 Ebel. Catherine 48. 52. 64. 128 Ebel. Ed 113 Ecenbarger. Steve 113 Eckhart. Kenneth 113 Edwards, Herbert 128 Edwards, Michael 128 Edwards. Steve 53. 54. 63, 129 Egley. Allen Egly. DeWayne 58. 75. 105 Egolf. Harold Ehle. Colette 48. 129 Ehrman. Sandra 34. 54. 56. 129 Ehresman. Jean 129 Ehresman, Jim 129 Eichenauer. Thomas 73. 129 Eichel. Janice 46. 47. 58. 129. 160 Eiser. Jacque ... 60. 113 Elfrid, Joseph .. 105 Ellis. Michael 105 Elooh. Wilma 113 Embick. Sylvia 48. 54, 57, 65. 129 Emrick. David 105 England. Judy Engle. Marlene 20. 50. 52. 129 Erb. Deborah 53, 54. 56. 129 Errington. Sandy 41, 45. 47. 53. 57. 59. 61. 129 Ertel. Susan 53. 56, 63. 129, 131 Ervin. Anna ...56. 129 Ervin, Richard 129 Ervin. Rosalie 105 Espick. Kathrvn 53. 57. 129 Evans. Ronald 58. 105 Evans. Steven 113 Ezzelle. Jennie 113 Fabian. Erin 58. 105 Failor. Karen ...52, 129 Fair. John 113 Fairman. Jim .42. 130. 129 Falls. Carla 44, 49, 63. 105 Falls, Jerry 129 Fansler, Bruce 129 Farmer, Earl 113 Farrell. James 51, 129 Faudree. Linda 129 Faukner, Donald 58 Faulkner, Jerry 129 Faulkner, Roger 129 Faulkner, Vicki . 129 Faust. Debra 54. 58. 105 Faux. Valerie 52. 64. 129 Fayer. Joyce 52 Federspiel, Carol 130 Federspiel. Kyris 130 Feichter, Gloria 53. 57 59, 130 Felger, Sandy 113 130 Fiandt. Don 42. 130 Fiedler. Cheryl 131 Fiedler. Linda 105 Fiedrick, Joe 114 Fields. Gary 53, 54, 56. 63. 130 Fink. Rayn _ _ Finley. Cathy 114 Firestine. Amy 130 Firestine. John . . 113 Figel, Lynne 130 Fischer. Ravmond Fishbaugh. Larry 130 Fisher. Bill . 114 Fisher. Glen 130 Fisher, Janice 45. 105 Fisher. Jim 105 Fisher. Sheila 45, 58, 106 Fitzgerald, George 106 Fitzgerald. John 114 Fixley. Cathy Flaugher. Donna 130 Fleming, David 130 Fie Dav Fletter, Kenneth 51, 106 Flmn. Gerry 106 Flinn. Pamela 130 Follis. Mike Foor, Karen 130 Ford. Debra 106 Ford. Frank . 130 Foreman. Rex 106 Fortmeyer. Rebecca 53, Foster. Dennis 132 Foster. Jim 106 Foulks. Barb 130 Fowlen. Terry 106 Francies, Connie 58. 106 Francis. Robert . 114 Franklin, Katherine 106 Frantz, Janice Frantz, Jean 130 Frantz, Richard Franzman. Sandy 50. 61. 65. 130, 161 Franzman. Steve 111 Fraze. Dwight 18, 35. 114 Frederick. Randy 106 Freeman. Bob 42, 114 Freeman, Christine 53, 114 Freimuth, Becky 106 Fretz. David . 36. 50. 54. 64. 106 Friedley. Linda 52. 130 Friednck. Timothy Friedrich. J 57 Fryer. Joyce . 114 Fulkerson. Ron 42. 130 Fulton. Carole 44, 45, Fur: 114 Bob 106 Carol 54. 106 Stanley 106 Garard. Darlene 114 Gardenour. Kay .. 106 Gard. Douglas 54, 56, 114 Gardner. Cheri 58. 106 Gardner, Vicki ... . 114 Gardner. Wendy 130 Garner. Jayne 45. 54. 106 Garner. Steve 114 Garr. Diane 130 Garrett. Lewis 131 Garrison. Sherry 131 Gaskill, Dave 114 Gaskill. Larry ...54, 114 Gaskill. Sarah 132 Gaskill. Susan .. 133 Gaw. Arlene 41. 133 Gebert. Dianne 114 Gebhard, Edward .114 Gebhard. James 42. 131 Gehring, Deborah 45. 54, 106 Geise, Donna Geise. Pattv 114 Geller. Alan 133 George. Gary .... 131 Georgi. Mona .34. 131 Gephart. Diane 45 Geppart. Tom 114 163 Gerbar. Dan ....73, 131 Gerding. Elane 106 Gerphardt. Diane 60. 106 Getts. Edward .53. 57, 59, 131 Geyer, Linda 131 Gibson. Diann 131 Gilbert. Jerry 106 Gilbert, Kathleen 131 Gilbert. Ron 35, 65 Gilbert, Steve 131 Gillespie, Cynthia ...20, 52, 60, 131 Gillespie, John Gillespie, Ron 114 Gillespie, Timothy 106 Gilliam. Kathy 114 Gillie. Scott 64, 114 Gleason, Earl 131 Gloek, Jim 114 Godfrey, Jack 114 Goller. Daniel 54, 131 Gondos. Gabriella ...48, 131 Gonser. Linda 58 Gonser, Josephine 54, 106 Gonzales. Frederick 114 Goodin. Carole 131 Goodwin, Ann 131 Goodwin, Linda 44, 45. 114 Goodwin, Robert .. 114 Goon, Theresa 34. 131 Goshert . Sherry 48, 88. El- 131 Rod 51, 132 Gratz. Sandra 58. 106 Gray. Tom 114 Green, Jackie 49 Green, Janice 114 Greene, Sandy 118 Greeno. Steven . 114 Greshan. Elaine 106 Gresham. Sarh 106 Greulach. Gary 56. 58. im; Greulich, Louisi Griffis, Barb Griffis. Cheryl Griffis. Sandy . Griggs. Elke 134 Grooms. Don 106 Grosenbacher. Debbie 49. 58. 106 Gross, Judith 132 Grosvenor, John .114 Grove. Marcy 57. 61. 114 Guethe, Steve ....1, 132 Guevara. Patrica 106 Gula, Rose ...34, 61, 132 Gumbert. Joy - 58, 106 Gump, Zandra 49, 106 132 106 H Haag, Charles 114 Haag. Diana 114 Habig, David 54. 114 Haggin. Donna 134 Hagopian. Alan 106 Hague, Barbra 106 Haines, Norman 132 Haire. Linda 114 Halbert. Joan 49. 58, 106 Halbert. Suz 49, 114 Hale. Gene 51. 54. 106 Hale. Jan 38. 40. 50. 61. 127. 132. 143 Hall. Cathy 106 Carolyn 132 Ha I.ind.i Hall. Linda Hall. Nancy Hallenbeck. Jir Halter. Kav Halquist. Mike Hammond, Carol 58. 106 Hammond, Kathv 61, 63. 64, 132 Hammond. Suzanne 58. 106 Hamrick, James 114 Hanaeier. Michael 106 Hancock. Lowell Hanchar. Nada 114 Hand, Karen 56. 106 Hanshu, Kathy 114 Hanshu. Thomas 114 Hanson. Michael 58. 106 Hardestv. Gilbert 114 Hardiek. Charlotte 114 Hardiek. Michael 132 Harker. Michael .134 Harmeyer, Robert Har: Gle 132 Harms. Carl 56, 132 Harness. Larry 132 Harper, James .58, 106 Harper. Mike 34. 41. 42. 44. 132 Harris. Dennis 114 Harris, Don 132 Harris, Sandra 114, 132 Harrison. Linda 106 Harrold. Vonda 106 Hart. Teresa 132 Harter. Dale 114 Harter, Gary ....48. 114 Harter, Sherry .45, 48, 63. 89. 106 Harter. Tom 106 Hartes. Becky 106 Hartgrove, Aletta 132 Hartley. Deborah 58 Hartman, Melissa ... 106 Hartman, Tom 132 Hartwig, Vlcki 114. 117 Hassig. Ruth .... 58. 106 Hastings. Margaret 41. 45. 53. 56, 57. 114 Hastv. Linda 28, 132 Hasty, Stephania ...106 Hastv. Tony 58, 114 Hatch. Linda ....58, 132 Hatcher. Thomas .132 Hauser. Ray 133 Havens. Nancy 106 Haver. Terry 106 Hawk. Judy 114 Hawk, Penny 133 Hawkins. Bob 133 Haves. Robert 133 Haves. Stephen 54. 75. 114 Havner, Charles 42, 43, 64, 114 Headrick. Alice 58. 106 Headrick. Jacque 28.114 Heck. Jack 106 Hein, Andrew ... 44. 106 Heim, Kathy ....58. 114 Heitger. Dianne 133 Held. Carolyn 114 Helfnek. Doug 133 Helmke. Paul 34, 35, 41. 42. 44. 45, 133 Helvey. Katrii He Diane 54. 61. 114 Henderson. Joseph 58. Henderson. Sue 58. 106 Hendricks. Mark 106 Hendnckson. Christina 106 Hendrickson. Dennis Hen . Marsha . Marti 63. 133 34, 69, 70. 133 106 Henshaw. Grace Hensley. Samuel Herendeen, Barba Herendeen. Howard 114 Herman, Marv 48. 58, 63, 133 Hershberger. Fawn 106 Hetrick, Steve 52,54.133 Hertig, Jerry 114 Hevn. David 133 Hevn. Deborah 106 Hickman. Steve 114 Hickman. Vicki 58. 133 Hicks. Thomas 106 Higgins, David 34, 50. nda 11 50. 133 135 Hii .133 JoAnn 50, 53, 54, 56, 133 Hileman. Rhonda 45. 54. 106 Hill. Debbie 60. 62, 64 Hill. Mike 133 Hill. Theresa 133 Hinton. David 133 Hitchcock. David 73. II: ' Lar .114 Shan Hixon. Robert 58. 106 Hoagland. Beverly 108. Hobbs. Laura Hoblet. Jerry Hoblet. Tamer 133 . .. 133 44, 45. 63. 133 Hobson, Connie 34. 57, 59. 61. 111. 127. 133. 134 Hoebel. Roger 71. 107 Hoffer. David . 54, 58. 71. 107 Hogan. Michael 54. 114 Hoggle, Bell ■.114 Holland, Donna 133 Hollidav. Ed 114 Holhdav. Kathy 49. 52. 133 Holhster. Deborah Holmes, Thomas Holmes. Kathy Hoover. Sally ... 115 Hopper. Harold ... 133 Hopper. Sandv 58, 115 Horn. Sue 58, 133 Horstman. Gavle 61, 134 Horstman, Pat 134 Hosford, Kathy ... 107 Hosford. Mike 134 Hosier. Diane 134 Houck. Cheri 134 House. Margie 115 Houser. Kent 136 Houser. Gordo Ho Ray 107 52 Householder. Kathv 134 Housman. Joe 24. 44. 73, 75. 134 Houts, Don 16. 35. 51.107 Howard. Roslain 134 Howe. Sue 41. 44. 45. 46. 47, 48. 53, 56, 61. 65. 115 Howe. John 134 Howenstine. Rich .115 Hoy, Kay 115 Hovt. Steven 115 Huler. Jack 54, 107 Hudson. David .54, 107 Hudson. Sandra 46. 47. 58. 134 Huffman. Alice 107 Hugenell. Linda 58, 107 Huett, Lvnn 58, 63. 64, 114 Humberecht, Kurt 118 Hutchison. Judy 54, 134 Hutsell, Susan ... 34. 134 Hutson. Beth 58. 107 Hutton, Linda 134 Hutton. Lynn 134 Hutton. Steve 107 Hyder, Lonnie 107 Hvde, Joe 41. 44, 45. 47, 54, 115 Ianev, Mike 134 Inscoe, Sue 50. 64. 134 Insley. Richard 115 Jackson. Mary 1 Jackson. Tom 1 Jacobs. Joann I Jacoy. Jeanette 58. 1 Jacquay. Rex I James, Linda 31. 46. 48. 61. 88. : Jantz. Linda 1 Jarret. Steve ! Jeffries. Evelyn Jellison. Noreen ! Jennings. Jane 56. 1 Jennings. Nancv 44. : Jennings. Ronald 34, 43. 134, : Jernstrom. Jean 44. 49. 89. : Jess, Lucille 58, : Jess. Wayne . Jesse. Linda ' Jesse. Arlene Jesse. Bob 56. 71. : Jessup. David 20. : Jewett. E. Z Jobes. Anita Joder. Gwendolyn ..: Johnloz, Karen Johns. Barbara 34. Johns, Kathy ...58, ! Johnson, Betty Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Jane 54. 63. Johnson. Janice ... -.. Johnson. Joan Johnson. Kathleen Johnson. Lilah Johnson, Linda Johnson. Nicholas Johnson. Richard Johnson. Robert 52, Johnson. Steve Johnson, Tom Jones. Donna Jones. Mary Jones. Mame Jordan, Elaine Jordan. Ginny 51. Junk. Michael Kaiser. Sally 34. 63. 1 Kasson. Teri 106. 1 Kattas. Sharon 56. 1 Katzenmaier, Karen 1 Kavlor. Vicki 1 Keck. Betsy Keeran, Weslev Keever, Earl Keever. Steven Keith. Kelde: Kelde Kelly, KcHe-vi Kelly, Susan 53, Sue Veverly , Marilyn 24. 54. r. Mike Cozette Mike 58. 71. Dan ... 34. 41, Cassie 35, Dan 34, 41. Kelsev. Jennifer 36, 47. 57. Kelsey, Larry Ke Debra 49, 58, 64. Kemp, Marsha Kemp. Patrick 71. Kemp, Philip 50, Kennedy. Diana Kennedy. Linda Kepler. Pamela Kern. Dwight Kern. Stephanie 60. Kewneke. Cheryl Keys. Carol Kidd, Dick 54. 56. Kiefer. Ava 56. 58. Kiel. Jean 49. 64. Kilgore. Diane 41. 57. 59. Kiltv, Diane Kimmel. Ellyne Kimmerlv. Fred Kinch. D ' eborah 63. Kinne. Peter 50, : 56, 1 Kinney. Sandie 54. 1 Kinsey, Charles 1 Kinsey. Dennis 1 Kinsey. Karen 1 King. Dennis 1 King, Frederick 75, 1 King, Ron 75. 1 Kirkle. Jim 46. 47, 1 Kirpatrick, Bruce 1 Kite, William 1 Kitzmiller. Deborah 62. 1 Klaren. Steve .41. 1 Klein. William 53, 1 Kleint. Bill 1 Klejnot, Cathryn .. 1 Klejnot. Cindy ...24, Knepper, Darlene 1 Knepper, Donna 1 Knepper. Paula 1 Knight, Richard 1 Knott. Dietmar 1 Knott. Gordon 1 Knuth. June 1 Knuth. Margaret ....] Koenig, Dianna 1 Koldewav, Kenneth ■ 1 Konkle. Mike 1 Konkle, Thomas 1 Koontz. Martha 62. i 1 Koontz. Marv Jo 50. 54. 63. 1 Koontz. Ronald 1 Korn. Marti 1 Kraft. Ken 1 Kraft, Susan I Krammer, Sue .. 1 Kreckman. Bruce 1 Kreigh, Glenna 1 Kress, Kathy .58. ] Krider. Charlene 1 Kruel. Kathv 35, 41. 45. 46, 47. 61. 63. 115 Kruse. Susan 49. 58. 107 Kubinie. Jan 107 Kubinie. Ted .51, 136 Kuchlin. Lvnne 35. 54, 58. 62 Kuehne. Don 138 Kumfer. Cindy 49. 136 Kumfer. Dan 115 Kumfer. Nancy 115 Kurtz. Bob 54. 136 Kuruda. Dennis 136 Kuruda. Tom 54, 107 L Ladig, Marie 115 Ladig. Tamera .23. 53. 57. 59. 136 Lake. Linda 136 Lake, Ron 42, 136 Lamb, Brenda 107 Loechner. Steve 108 Logan, Larry 108 Lombard, Max .73. 115 Lombard, Robert . 115 Long. Ella 108 Long. John 108 Long. Kathy _ . 137 Long. Ken 54. 73. 108 Longardner. Robert 115 Longardner. Ruth 48. 58. 63, 108 Longley, Ronald 115 Longsworth. Christine 137 Loper. Pam 50. 61. 137, 47, 61, 62, Lothamer, Bill Louden, Frank Louden, Jackie Lough, David Lough. Dennis Lousmith, Cindy Lov Jyl Lowry. Carol Patru Luckadoo, David Luecke, Charles 104. Luecke. Ginger Luecke, Phillip Luvben. Jerrv 73. Lyons. Debbie 50, 59. 61. Lyons, Margaret Lyttle. Dennis M McAtee. Susan 48. McCartv. Betty 58. McCarty, Jim ... McCartv. Maureen 58. McClue. Mike McComas, Bob 57, McComb. Dave McComb. John o7. McCrearv. Carolvn McCrory. Kerry 61. McDiffitt, Sharon 138 McElhoe. Steve 116 McFadden. Roger McFarland. Ronald 138 McFarland. Starr ... 116 McGann. Linda 138 McGann. William 108 McGibenv. Ann 108 McGuire, James 71. 108 McKathnie. Linda 35. 63. 108 McKathnie. Louis 35, Landsau. Barbara .115 McKee. Richard 45, Langas, John 42. 43 57, 56, 59. 115. mi McKeever, Garv Lantz, Linda 51, 58. us 48. 115 Lapadot, Barbara 58 115 MeKinnev, Cheryl Lash. Steve 111 63. 64. Laslev, Patricia . 115 MeKra. Robart Latham. Debora 107 Mel, ii id, Dave Laub. Bill McMaham. Mike Lauer, Michael 71. 107 McMahan. John . Laws, Bill 57, 115 McMaken, Karen 107 58. Lawson. Mildred .107 McMeans, Jim .136 McMinn, Michael Lavson. Sandy 30 52, McNamara. Mary 63. 136 McNeal. Larrv 41 Lazoff. Sylvia 1 36 46. 47. 50. 52. Leach. Cleodus .107 McNutt. Jolvnn 54. Leaman, Mark 54 115 McPherson, Beckv Leason. Charlene 58 107 50. 61. 64. Lechleidner. Leon nr. McSorlev. Jennie Lee. Kenneth 29. 136 MacDonald. Claudia Lee. Mark 56, 115 MacDonald, Pam Lee. William 136 MacKav. Janet Lees, Linda 35, I " " Macv. David 58. Lehman. Jacqueline 136 Malcom, Duncan 43 Lehman. Robert 136 Lehrman. Marv 54, 107 Mahch. Carol 41. Leist. Gloria 44. 54. 107 Malonev. John 42, Leist. Patricia . .136 Maloney, Kathleen Lemmel. Jim .107 Malott, Donna 136 Malott. Garrv Lenton, Willson Malott, Melody 53. Lesh. Curt 42 136 Mann, David Lewis. Vollie 115 Mann, Frank Lewton. Fred 43 115 Mann. Richard Lev. Bruce .115 Marchant. Jeff Lev. Rick 139 Marco. Diane Lickeirt, Christine 107 Mark. Pam 48, 57, Lieberum. Don 50 51. 137, 1 Mil Markev. Charles Lieter. Carl 50. 58. 136 Markev, Paul Liggitt. Sherry 62. 111 Marks. Cinda Lindemuth, Maxine 137 Marrs. Gregory 51. Lindemuth. Jim 137 Marsh. Duane Lindenberg. Tim 137 Martin. Ben . 42. Linder, Mark . 107 Martin. Charles 58. Lingo. Sue 115 Martin. Jav Dee 138, Linnemeier. Steven 58. Martinez. Cesar 108 Martiniz. Victor Llovd. Mickey 108 Lockner. Christine 115 Mason. Bill Lockwood. Daniel 50, Mason. Marilyn 58. 58 108 Mason. Stan Masters. Terry 108 Maves. Alvin 108 Maxwell. Debbie 35. 58 Mavfield. Dannv 116 Mavheld. Jo 116 Mavlan, Mike 50 Medsker, Arlene 5 8, 60, 108 Meighen. Michael ...138 MeMiei. David .54. 57, 116 Meister. Pete 34, 43, 130, 138 Melchi. Lee 42. 57. 116 Mendenhall. Ronald 108 Mennewisch. David 108 [tfensch, Jim 108 Menze, Lee -138 Menzie. Barb 138 Meredith, Linda 58, 108 Meredith. Ralph 116 Merkler, Tom 116 Merrill. Ron 138 Me entier. Loreni .116 Messick, Mike 138 Metterl. Linda 108 Met .s- ' er, Teresa 35, 41. 44, 45, 63, 116 Mever. Duane 138 Mever. Judy 138 Mever. Linda 58. 138 Mever. Paul 116 Mever, Ruth 41. 58. 139 Meyers. Ronald 139 Michel], Sharon 53. 59. Milam. James .43, 139, 162 Milholland, Ronald 68. 69, 70. 139 Milledge, Cvnthia ....111 Milledge, Robert 139 Milleorge, Robert ...139 Miller. Chris Ill Miller. Dona 116 Miller. Donald 116 Miller. Gah 139 Miller. Jerry 54. 139 Miller. Karvn 49. 51. 64. 116 Miller. Kenneth Miller. Margie Miller. Mary 54. 64. 139 Miller. Michael 141 Miller. Mike 108 Miller. Nanette 57. 139 Miller. Omega 116 Miller. Peggy 54. 108 Miller. Pefrv 54. 108 Miller. Robert 36, 38. 139 Miller, Roger 108 Miller. Rosemarie ...139 Millikan, Ken 54. 108 Mills. Barrv 43. 139 Mills, Carole 139 Mills. Debbie 108 Mills, Tammy -58. 108 Mlnear. Steve 36. 139. 160 Minnick. Jim 108 Minvard. Alan 108 Minvard. Susie 54. 61. 37. 116 Mil onenko. John 52 Mitchell. Javne 108 Mitchell. Paul 139 Mitchell. Sharon 34, 57 Mizzell. Thomas 139 Moellering, Beverly 108 Moellering. Janet .139 Monnier, Anita 41. 50. 116 Moon. Patricia Moore. James 41. 43. 116 Moore. James 139 Moore. Patricia 54. 139 Moore. Robert 139 Moore. Tom 58, 108 Moreland. Cyndi 139 Morev, Sh awn .60, 116 Morkoetter. Jill 139 Morris. Beckie 58. 139 Morris. Diana .45. 58. Morrison. Nancv 34. 35. 61. 127. 139. 143. 161 Morrison. Ronald 118 Morrison. Sally 140 Moser, Cheryl . ...56. 116 Moser. Jon 108 Mossburg, Lvnne ...45. 116 Mosshammer. Charles 116 Motz, Linda 47. 50. 140 Mowan. Gloria 108 Mowan. Sharon 58. 108 Mowerv. Beverly 44. 108 Mowrv. Lvnn 140 Mover. Judith 58. 63, 140 Moylan. Maureen 108 Mozzen. Louise 140 Mudrack. Cecil 54 Muhler. Carol . .58. 108 Muhler. Edward 140 Mulles. Rebecca 53, 140 Mulvaine. Pennv 140 Murphy. Martha 20. 65. Mur 140 .140 man. Marilyn 39. 40. 41, 46. 140 Carol 41. 58. 116 Myers. Daniel Nash. Bob Nash. Charles Needham. Staeey 57, 61. 63. 64. 140 164 Neff. John Nehring, Henry Nelson. Jenny ... 35, 62. : Nelson. Jerry Nelson. Sandee 61, : Nemeyer, Richard Nesbitt, Nancy Netzley. Craig 56,75. : Netzley, Linda Newell. Patricia Newhouser, Barb Newhouser, Colleen : Nevogt, Ruth 54. 58, : Newport. Kim Nichell. Kathy 64. : Nicholls. John ....52, : Niles. Sandra Nill. Karen 41. 44, 46. 50. : Niman. Kenneth ....: Nine. Frank Nitzsche. Mike 57, : Noll. Linda Nord. Cvnthia ...45. 58. 63. ) Nordyke. Dana 45. 63. I Norris. Becky Norris, Diana 41. 44. No it Willi, 53. 54, 56. 141 Notestine. Louie 54. 141 Novitski, Karen 49, 108 Nycum. Vivian 141 O Oberkiser, Don 116 Oberkiser. Max 143 Olofson, Janet 108 O ' day, Jeanne 141 Oesch. Margaret 37, 40. 41. 47. 141 Ogg. John 141 Ohneck. John 141 Okist, Gloria Oldham. Sandv 56. 116 Olsen. Linda 63. 141 Olofson. Janet 44, 45. 51. 160 Overmyer. Daniel 141 Overmver. Dennis . 108 Osborn, Lynda 141 Osborn. Ernest 116 Osborn. Rick 108 Osborne. Dale .44. 45, 58. 108 Osman. Adeane 44. 116 Osmun. Noel .57, 141 Osmun, Vicki 141 Oswald. Jerry 141 Owens. Wanda 141 Pace. Susan 61, 141 Painter, Steve 42. 141 Palm, Judith 108 Palmer, Pam ...56, 116 Pape. Kirk 109 Pape, Tim 141 Park. Irving 141 Parker. Dave 71. 109 Parker. Gene 53. 54, 56. Candi: Patrie 54, 63. 141 Partin, Donald 116 Partm. Ronald 143 Paschal. LaDonna 141 Patrick. Gail 109 Patrick. Doug 141 Patten. Susan 44. 58. 109 Pawlowski. John ....141 Payton. Arthur 141 Peach, Linda 141 Pease. Angela 109 Pease, Mike ... 143 Peck. Robert 116 Peck. Linda 109 Peek. Jeanette 38, 53. 56, 116 Peirce, John 35, 37. 38, 42. 43, 65, 116 Peirce. Tom 50. 71. 109 Pelkey. Glenna 109 Perry. Steve 116. 118 Pepple. Penny 116 Percivah. Chris 141 Perdue. Mariorie ....141 Perkins, Darlene _ 116 Peters. Carolyn 58, 109 Peters, Jane 44. 109 Peterson. Susan 58, 109 Petgew. Shirrell 48. 109 Petre. Anna 116 Pettit. Antointte 57. 61. 141 Pettit Dave 116 Pfeifler. Sylvia 65. 116 Pfleiderer. John 141 Phillips. Beverly 58. 109 Phillips. Tracie 116 Phipps, Kerrv 75. 109 Picking. Thomas 71. 109 Pickrill. Barbara 47. 141 Pierce. Richard 116 Pietras. Susan ... 47, 49. 50. 64. 116 Pinter. Ron 109 Pitts. Priscilla Pitts. Lvnne 35, 109 Planner Joseph 116 Pletcher, Karen 58. 61. 63. 141 Pletcher, Sarah 41. 45. 47. 53. 56. 61. 116 Plotner. Dick 57. 116 Poffenberger. Susie 18, 49. 61. 64. 116 Poinsett. Cynthia ... Poinsett, Richard Poinsett, Rodney ... Pollock. John Polios. Phillip Pongratz, Douglas Porter. Pam . 57, Post. Darrell ....54, Potts. John 58, Powell, Chris Pratts. Pamela 47, 58, Prange. Karen Preston. Nancy Price. Jack Proctor. Pete Prunm. Bill 42, Puff. Rita Pulver. Dan Pulver. William Puryear. Kathy 39. Putman. Jim Putt. Kenneth 30, 52, Putt. Sterling 54. ice. Cheryl 35. 41, 44. 45. 46. 61. 116 n, Jim 58, 109 Racine. Morvin Radke. Pennie Radu. Dan Radu Richard Raeischer. Brenda Ragcany. Karen Raschke. Daniel Raschke. Kay Rapp. Kathy Ravovskis, Karl 42, Ray. Carole Raypole. Dale Reeder. Bill I Reemund, Yvomn RuiMnser. Steve Reilenrath, Linda . Reiling, Patricia Rennecker, David Rentschler. Kay ... Repka. Leroy Reppert. Linda 49. Resor. Mary Reynolds. Marco Reuille. Sharon Rice, Carolyn .49. Rich. Carol 50, Richard. Pamela 35. Richard. Trudy Richards. John Richards, Ron Richarps. Charles Richart. Cvnthia Richetts. David Richetts. Pauline 61. Rider. Connie .. 25. Rigsby, Vic Ritter. Linda Ripple. Linda 50, 54. Roberts. Michael 57. Robinson. Steven Robinson. Vicki Robnolte. Richard Robv. Garland 58. Roddv. Bob Roddy. Phyllis Rodenbeck. Vickie Roderick. Nancy 50. Roseberrv. Alan Ross. Richard .. Rossington. Kathy Rossman. Glenn 41. 45. 47. 50. 52. 64. Roth, Jane Rouheir. Chris 60, Rowan, Lana 51. 59. Rowan. Roger Rufner. Art 109 Rundel. Monikav 109 Rupp. Mark 50. 54, 56, 117 Russ. Michael 143 Ryder. Bob 117 Rvdman, Sue ... 53. 56, 63. 143 Rydman, Terri 63, 117 Sian. Margie St. John. Shari . 57 Salud. Conchita 35 56. 89. Sanders. Bob Sanders. Irin Saunders. Scott 34, Savio, Glenna Savio, John Saxton. Pam 53. 54, Sayles. Carolvn 39. 50, Savior. Darlene Schaefer. Barb 62, Schaefer, Marilyn 58, Schaefer. Scott 34. 50. 65. 143, Schaefer. Steven Schaefer. Susan 41 Schaefer, Ted Schafianski. Jim Scheil, Pat 58, Scheile. Ruth Schiel, James Scheim. Bruce Scherer, Julie Scherey. Douglas Sehey. Roger Schmbecker. Lvnn Sehindler. Pamela Schmid. Beverly 49. 63. 64. Schneider. Sharon Schoenaner. Diane Schorey. James Schorey, Rebecca Schroff, Karl Schumaker. Bill Schutt. Jim Schwalm. Vicki 44, Schwartz, Nancy .. Scofield, Carol 49, 60. Scott. Chip Scott. Jacqueline 34, Scott, Janice 35. 109. Scott, Rooney Scriber. Maria 49. Seabury. Barb 48. 61, 89. Seabury. Meg 35. 61, 65, Sechler, Ken . ... Sedam. Darlene 63. Sedam. Denise .. 63. Seelv. John 50, Seewald, Fonda 49. Sefton. Bob 53, 54, Segerstrom, Joan Sellet, Don Seskin, Ronald . Seslar. Burl Setzer. Linda Shadv. Joy 40. 41. 45. 47. 50, 64, Shady. Basil Shaffer. Mike 71. Shanks. Jackie . Shaw. Kenton Shawgo. Sharon 53, 59. Shearer. Dennis 71. Sheets, Alvin 71, Sheets. Carol 41. 45, 47. Sheets. Greg Slu-pelak. Andy Shepler, Sallv 35, Sherland. Roger Sherwood. Becky Shinn. Richard Shirvear. Karen Shive. Larrv ... . Shively, Steven Shoaf. Cathy Shoda, Christine Shook. Howard 42 Shopps. Tim Shoup. Delores Showalter, Don 71. Showalter. Donna Shown. Joyce 56, Shropshire, Sherry Shuler. Curt Shuler. Dennis Shutt. Karen 53. 61. Sims. Linda 58, 108. 110 Sims. Patricia 144 Singewald. Jill 39. 58. 61. 117 Sitcler, Paula 117 Sizmore. Hennnetta 117 Skane, Barbara 50, 53. 54, 58. 144 Skees, Steve 117 Skevington. Thomas 145 Skinner, Janice 145 Slagle. Mark 117 Sloan. Linda 48. 117 Sloan. Victoria 110 Slough, Joseph 145 Smeacl, Linda 58. 145 Snu-,,,1 1 ' . ii,,, ' la .,.:. lln Smith. Barry 34. 37, 40. 42, 47. 50. 134. 139 Smith. Christine .. 117 Smith. Cindy 58 Smith, David 57. 59. 117 Smith. Donald 110 Smith. Eunice 58. 145 Smith, Gloria ......... 54 Smith, James ...54, 145 Smith. Jeffrey 54. 56. 145 Smith. Karen 145 Smith. Linda 145 Smith, Marcia 45, 46, 145 Smith. Maria 110 Smith. Randall 54, 117 Smith. Robert .54. 69. 70. 145 Smith. Ron 71. 110 Smith. Stan 117 Smith. Stephen 42. 110 Smith. Steve 145 Smithley. Sandra 145 Snyder. Constance 41, 145 Snyder, Janice 117 Snyder, Margo 58, 64, 117 Snyder. Marilyn 28. 58. 117 Snvder. Rita 110 Sohles. Debra 58. 63. 145 Sowers. Sandra 45. 58. 110 Spangler. Pete 117 Spice. Linda 117 Spice. Stan 50. 64. 145 Spilman. Ken 145 Spillers. Joseph .... 117 Spoerhase. Carl 145 Spoolstra, James 34. 53, 54, 56. 145 Sprunger. Sandra 35. 44. 63. 110 Spuler, Robert 42, 145 Squires. Ron Ill Stafford, Pam 56. 58, 110 Stahl. Ernest ... . 145 Stall. Bruce 145 Stamanis. Connie 35. 46, 47, 61. 117 Stamn. Lee 41.54.63,117 Stanton. Linda 110 Stanton. Pam 110 Stanton. Rosalinda 58 Starnes. Nick 73. 75, 110 Statler, Kathern .. 58 Stearns. Becky 117 Stebing, Ron ...17. 43. 52. 145 Stedman, Janet 44. 56. 58. 63 Stedman. Kathie 110 Steele. Jill 34. 46. 47. 61. 64. 135, 140, 145 Steinbacher. Donna 58, 110 Stein. David 146 Steslets. Mark 148 Stellhorn. Kathaleen 58. 117 Stellhorn, Rebecca 41. 46. 146 Stephan. Dave 47 Stephenson. Jean .. 56. Stone. Jamieson 146 Stieglitz. Mark .. 117 Stockert. David . 110 Stockert, Tim .. 148 Stone. Don 110 Stonebreaker, Jo Ann 18. 56. 146 St,,nebreaker. Valerie 56. 110 Stoody. James 45. 54. 11 " 111 Storey. Pat Strah ' m. Dan 110 Strahm. Louie 110 Streets, Pamela . .. 110 Strong. Bill 118 Stubbins. John 41. 42. 43. 46. 47. 57, 59, 118 Study, Jeff 146 Studebaker. Joanne 110 Stnriebaker. Roger 148 Stukey. Judith .... 146 Stukey. Valerie 58, 110 Subsda. Cheryl . 118 Surber. Judith 110 118 58, 64, Simon, Joseph Simpson. Terry Sutler. Wanda Swank. Linda .._ 14 Swaidner. Richard 11 Sweeney. Susan 14 Swenson. Victoria 4f 14 Swink. Stuart 14 Swmk. Tina 11 Switzer. Carl . 5 Switzer. Diann Switzer, Fritz Swogger, Blair Tagtmeyer. Steve 1 Tannas, Daniel 1 Taulbee. David 1 Taylor. Cynthia 1 Taylor, Dave 1 Taylor. Don 1 Taylor. Marshall 54. 1 Taylor, Ralph 1 Taylor, Robert 1 Teeple. Jack 35. 43. 1 Tegtmeyer. James : 41. 42. 1 Tegtmeyer, Mary 57. Tennant, David 1 Tennant, Jim Tennant. John .58. 1 Tew. Cheryl 45. 1 110, 1 Thalacker, Lois 56. I 1 Thiel. David 1 Thiel. Steve 1 Thode. Pam 63. 64. 1 Thoma. Gary .54, 1 Thomas. JoAnn 1 Thomas, Suzanne 1 Thompson. Bev 58. 1 Thompson. Carole i Thompson. Sandra 11 Thurston. Frank 11 Thurston. Steve ._ 11 Tieman. Pamela 14 Till. Linda 14 Timma. Nancy 53. 5f Tracey. Phillip Trager, Margaret 49. 63. 64. Traughbor. David Treesh. Melinda Trenner. JoAnn 58 Trigg, Jerry Trim, Neil Triplett. Carol 44. 4; Troue. Dwight . .. Troxel. Roberta 64. Tulley. Karen Tullv. Rosev Turner, Wayne U Uetrecht. Sharon 16, 34. 41. 47. 61. 147 Uhrick. Carol 147 Ulrich, Paul 147 Unsinger. Eric . 147 Unsinger. Bruce 110 Upton. Diana 50, 110 Uoton, Randall 147 Uoole. Jackie 110 Urhausen. Sandv 45. 49. 118 Urschel. Charvl 45. 54. 118 Van Every. Sara 61. 147 Van Gorder. Tom 118 Van Horn. Becky 44. 45. 46. 47. 61. 147 Van Horn. Larrv 52, 146 Van Houten. Dennis 71. 110 Van Ryn, Mike ... 147 Vaught. Jack 118 Vaught. Linda 147 Vegler, Robert 17. 34. 42. 140. 147 Venderlev. Joy ... 147 Volkman. Fred 110 VonderHaar. Linda 52. 148 Wadevyitz. Richard 56. Waggoner. Michael Wag Pan Waikel. Richard 11 Walborn, Cheryl .14 Walker. Michael 7 Walker. Terrence 14 Wall. Michael 50. IK 14 Wallace. Stephen 14 Walter. Kenny 42, 14 Waltz. Barbara 14 Waltz. Nancy 45. 11 Warren, Marilyn 14 Warrick. Gloria 58. 14 Warwick. Bruce 11 Waters, Gerry 11 Waters. Jacqueline 5f 14 Waters, Larry 148 Waters, Roxanna 24. 110 Watson, Carl 110 Watson, Dick 54, 56, 148 Watson. Marsha 110 Watt, Thomas .57. 148 Wayer. Linda l lis Weaver. Sherry 54. 58, 110 Webber. Rebecca Weber. Shelley 44. 45. 56, 118 56, 148 Wehler. Susan 148 Welch. Eugene 58, 75. Wells, Lar Wells. Rick 110 Welch. Connie 118 Werling. Deb 110 Werling. Patricia ...44, 45, 118 Wermager. Janice 53. 57. 59. 148 Wert, John 29. 118 Wert. Del 54. 148 Wert. Michael 110 Witzel. Dennis 118 Wheller. Patty 56. 58. 110 Wheeler. Sue ....47, 62 Whitcher. Charles 118 White. John 148 White. Marie 118 Whiteleather. Dennis 57, 118 Whitehurst. David 110 Whitlow. Twilla 148 Widdifield. Linda .. 148 Wiertlewski. Jane .. 52, 58. 118 Wiley. Dennis 75. 110 Williams. John 34. 43. .20, 118 Williams, Mike 149 Williams. Sharon ....149 Wilson. Betty Wilson. John Wilson. Robert 57, 59, 149 Wilson. Susan 149 Wine. Eva 51. 58. 118 Wmehrennei Winkler, Pennv 39. 48. 49. 61. 149 Wire. Tim Witmer. Mike 14 Witte, Richard Witzigreuter. Carol 118 Witzigreuter. James 149 Wisler. Steve Wolfe. Kent Woltz. Robert 54. 56. 149 Wood. Marilyn 60. 64. 118 Wood, Susann 58. 60. 1 Woods. Linda 1 Woods. Rosalind 64. 1 Woodward. Tom Workman. Conni Workman. Danny .56, 149 Wight. Waneta .4 Wrigley. Jim l- Wrisk. Susan 110 Wuthrich, Bob 50. 54. Yahn, Fran Yahn. Pennv 45, 47, 49. 50. 118 Yergens. Linda 49. 149 Yingst. Charles 118 Yoder. Dale 46. 47. 149 Yoder. Janet 58, 111 Yoder. Jerrv 58. 118 Yoder. Jim 42. 53, 58, 57, 59, 149 Yoquelet, Charmayne 118 l-l ' i York, Don Yost, Carvr Young. Sally 44. 48. 52 Zahn. Tom Zartman, Rita . Zemen. Al Ziegler. Harve- Zigler, Allen Zigler. Lynn an. Sandra 54, Zuercher, Cherry .. 54. 56. Zumbrugg. Cynthia Zurcher. Janice Zwig. Nathaniel 44. Zwiller. Denise Zweig. Stephe 165 Closing As the end of ihe year approaches and we pre- pare to go our separate ways, we accumulate final impressions and memories which we want to last forever. We have gathered these memories in the 1966 Legend in the hope that in the future it will revive the sad moments, the happy moments, and the frustrations and joys of this school year. For its valuable help in organizing the remem- brances of the year, we especially thank our staff and acknowledge their hard work, loyalty and cour- age. Also for their valuable assistance, we thank our advisor, Miss Norma Thiele, and the administration. Our work is done and the 1966 Legend is left for you to enjoy. Marilyn and Cyndy 167

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