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■ 3c 977.202 F77no 1961 ' Jorth Side High School (Fort Wayne , Ind. ) -E6END 1149101 THE LEGEND Presented by the Class of 1961 North Side High School Fort Wayne, Indiana ,jr TABLE OF CONTENTS Academic 20 Faculty 36 Classes 48 Activities 98 Sports 130 Index 154 1 The Redskins ' Without long-standing traditions and the inspiration to create new traditions a high school carries no name, no memories, no high school spirit, no story of its his- tory, no school legend. As true Redskins North Siders have handed down to their classmates, year after year, many traditions. These traditions have planted themselves in the minds and hearts of North Side ' s alumni, faculty, graduating seniors, and underclassmen. Each passing year adds to the school legend a record of its happenings. Now the class of ' 61 is prepared to contribute a record of this year ' s events. The thrill in the Redskins ' hearts whenever the student body stood to honor the coach and team; the noon traffic jams in stairwells as hungry students hurried to lunch; good organization, campaigning, and friendly pep talks for favorite candidates during class elections; and pledges made to do better as students received mid-term grades are all included in this record. These long-remembered events, the traditions, compose The Redskins ' Legend. 1149101 J M.-J. Legend First Day of the School Year TO TE TOF with the CL The North Side front steps and sidewalks are crowded Redskin students, old and new, on the first day of the school year. " Whew, is it hot! " " Hi, Liz. What did you do this summer? " Renewing acquaintances, old friends stood in groups talking of summer adventures. Especially for the new Redskins confusion and excitement filled the air. The class of ' 61 joyously laid their red carpet and put up their welcoming sign. Thus the first day of a brand-new school year began. After receiving program cards and attending new classes for 15-minute periods, Redskins swarmed out of the Dome to continue talks initiated earlier that morning. Working at Johnny ' .-!, North Side boys enjoy serving their friends. Introduces Redskins ' Legend A group of seniors skim the Northerner for a preview of the year. These juniors share the new experience of being uppercl The traditional senior red carpet is kept in good condi- tion by four senior girls. Students Repeat Course of Old High School Routine One-way stairs, locks that never work, split lunch periods, study hall quietude interrupted now and then, and the long bus rides, especially in the early morning, get everyone into the swing of North Side ' s high school routine. Contrary to belief, it is not difficult to grow ac- customed to school after three months of summer vaca- tion. Greeting old friends and meeting new ones help Redskins become acquainted with the school ' s schedule for another year. Students look forward to school dances, the games, other school activities, improvement in grades, and new knowledge. Each morning, between and after classes, students fill the halls. Freshmen and sophomores from grade schools and junior highs gather for Orientation to become acquainted with their new school. Performing for student Assemblies and Guidance Form Part of Traditions Participating in a special Christmas program, Bev Brockett, Gay Fisher, and Jim Cost pose as they recreate the manger Filing into the North Side auditorium, freshmen and sophomores view the first of two assemblies tradition- ally presented on Wednesday mornings. Because of North ' s crowded conditions, it is necessary that the school follow a split assembly program which consists of two 45-minute assemblies, one for freshmen and sophomores and the other for juniors and seniors. The two assemblies are usually identical. Guidance programs are a Thursday morning project. Approximately 35 minutes are added onto the homeroom period to allow for guidance in the form of an assembly, plans for next semester ' s schedule, or tests designed to help students choose their future careers. Kuder Preference tests. Crackling autumn leaves, wool blankets, red and white banners, crowds, and hot chocolate remind Red- skins of the exciting football season. The back-to-school feeling of the students and the chilly air created the perfect atmosphere for the fall games. Sometimes, under umbrellas, loyal fans watched through drizzling rain. The Redskins cheered! As the yell leaders ran onto the gym floor, the drums rolled; and the entire school rose to cheer the basketball team to victory. It was this spirit and enthusiasm of the loyal Redskins that inspired victory throughout the year. Often after ath- letic events cheerleaders and groups of fans chanted and applauded outside the dressing room. 10 " T-E-4-M! " Steve Reader leads boys in girl, boy fight yell. Redskins Exhibit Unwritten Law of School Spirit I 11 t-ine half-time throngs of loyal spectators flock out of the gymnasium to the concession stand for soft drinks and popcor 11 Annual Varsity Varieties Characterizes Vaudeville " Swanee, how I love ya, how I love ya, my dear old Swanee. " Songs from vaudeville and minstrel shows filled the auditorium on February 16 and 17 as Varsity Varieties brought back the end men, the interlocutor, and the hand-clapping chorus from the old entertain- ment world. The second act of the variety show fea- tured an exotic oriental dance, a satire on moving pic- tures and a Parisienne finale. Varsity Varieties, directed and produced by Mr. James Purkhiser, is North Side ' s annual talent show for which any student may audition. The show is open to the public for admission. Norma Poiper and Gay Fisher strike a graceful and balanced po Dances Contribute to Story of Redskins ' Legend " I could have danced all night. " This thought might have whirled in the mind of any girl after one of this year ' s dances. On weekends Redskins trapsed to after- game record hops where they met their friends, danced, and talked. Formal dances were special, exciting, and lovely. Swirling chiffon gowns, bouffant hairdos, pink carna- tions, and orchestra music left many memories of a romantic evening. The junior prom was the first all- night party for many members of the class of ' 62. For the class of 1961, the senior prom meant the last time most of the graduating North Siders would be together for a social activity. Christmas dances, spring informals, and class proms provided enchantment that will linger in the memories of many Redskins for years to come. at (he Black Bottn and Linda Clo use swing to the Charleston at a spring WVJ S$ W ■ 1 H B " wM J • 1MB ■ mm 1 1 vfl vl f m ■ 111 ■ 1 iij j| ■ [ Sfl IJ fl mil I 1 1 ' T 14 Judy Moore.. Stove Konow, Nancy Quinn, Bob Klepper. Beth Marshall, and Ron Armstrong dance to soft music at a Valentine formal. Keith Mitchell and Bob Havens diligently hunt for their coats. Del Phis and disc jockey Denny Stewart provide music for a da 15 Customary Cavalcade of Cars Is Still Popular A contrast between the old-fashioned and the modern automobile is presented by car owners Ron Crick and Dave Smith. Keith Mitchell, Mary Lou Habcrly, and Keith Henschen wait to pull their cars out into the main line of traffic. 16 unity, North Side jun Judy Smith and Dick Brown collect contrihutions for the Fort Wayi 1961 Adds to Tradition of Redskins in Community Ushering at the city ' s concerts, participating in the Fine Arts drive and Festival, and assisting the Christ- mas Bureau load trucks of gifts for the needy are just a few of the community projects in which Redskins participated this year. Most of the clubs at North Side included in their program a special project which en- abled the students to help with community need. As a part of explaining to students their duty as citizens, North Side, by state law, conducted a mock election in the November week preceding the national elections. The mock election received the whole-hearted support of the student body and was a benefit to all. s I H % _ ■ ' 3- B 1% I V k wk fjm _ v Sj f 1 • sSfSL ■;• ■ l i. Anxiously awaiting to vote are Sharon Doyle and Steve Caple. 17 Displaying a few types of this year ' s fashionable boys ' cloth- Ron Crahill. Da Wolfe, Martin Walter, No Snow, Tom Garman. and Kirby Miller. Tohoganning affords Redskins a change fr 18 rdinory school week. Fads Deserve Recognition in Section of the Legend If you haven ' t gone steady or worn bulky-knit sweaters or if you don ' t like pizza or customized cars, you may be considered a little bit " square. " Crew- neck sweaters, leotards, pointed-toed shoes, and knee- skimmer skirts were popular outfits for girls. The girls ' hemlines were shorter, and the collars on their blouses were bigger. Almost everything came in frosted grape or plum colors. For recreation Redskins went to movies and athletic events, ate hamburgers and French-fried onion rings, listened to Johnny Mathis and Bob Newhart, and jumped on trampolines. 19 True to Legend Redskins Maintain High Scholastic 20 ntt Record 21 Mastering English Proves A Challenging Art Becoming acquainted with Odysseus, William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and Cyrano de Bergerac proved an exciting experience to North Siders as they learned more about their native lan- guage. As freshmen, English students drilled on verbals, sentence construction, and studied the Odyssey of Homer. Sophomores learned to overcome their awe of Shakespeare ' s works and to find their depth of mean- ing and beauty of construction. Every junior knows the valuable experience gained from writing term papers and memorizing lines from Macbeth. English 7 students learned to understand and evaluate short stories, plays, essays, and poetry. English 8, required for those intending to go to college, centered around a study of Dickens ' Tale of Two Cities and lessons in finer points of creative writing. The Brudis find a quiet place for work on ter m papers and themes. Miss Little checks to he sure that a new member of the English 8 cla nderstandins the work on " The Tale of Two Cities. ' Colorful Christmas greetings designed by the students and composed in Latin are displayed by Nancy Hunt, Bob Cun nd Carol Lash. In Foreign Languages We Gain World Knowledge " Como esta usted?, " " J ' entre dans la salle de classe, " or " Veni, vidi, vici, " are familiar phrases to students in the foreign language department. Whether they are taking Spanish, French, or Latin, these North Siders strive to master several phrases during their course of study. Reading and writing the language are stressed most. Students memorize rules for the declension of nouns, conjugation of verbs, and placement of direct objects. Having learned these rules, the students then find they must learn the exceptions to the rules and the idio- matic expressions. Those studying French or Spanish drill on proficiency in speaking and understanding. Latin students place more emphasis on the study of great works by Caesar. Normally, foreign language courses require only two years of work. However, students may elect to take advanced work. Student teach 2? Overcoming Stage Fright Gives Speaker Confidence To be able to speak before a group with poise, skill, and assurance is the aim of students in the speech de- partment, and they spend many hours trying to achieve this goal. Speech 1 is designed to help students over- come their initial fear in speaking bsfore a group. They begin with " icebreaker " speeches and proceed to the use of the microphone. They learn to speak easily without the use of such " crutches " as notes and reliance on the lectern. In their second semester of speech, students develop the use of gestures through pantomimes and learn to speak with their bodies as well as with their voices. Speech composition and discussion techniques are also taught, so that students preparing for original oratory in speech contests may benefit. Dramatics, which acquaint the student with all phases of the theater, and stagecraft, in which pupils learn about theater productions behind the scenes, are also offered to students whose interests lie in those Students of speech learn to portray emotions without verbal express niques the speakers learn the importance of ffestures and facial exp throujrh thp use of pantomime on as a part of their delivery. 24 Business Students Prepare for Office Careers " Dear Mr. Smith ... , " " Stop! " , " Transcribe! " These words are heard daily in the rooms of the business department. The minute the key words are pronounced, the student must be poised and ready to respond quickly and accurately. Classes included in the business depart- ment are not only typing and shorthand, but also book- keeping, consumer education, business law, and business organization and management. New this year is a course in typing and spelling. In order to do a more thorough job, the business department installed addi- tional modern typewriters, calculators, electronic tran- scribers, and adding machines to their equipment in January of this year. Racing with the clock, a first semester typing cl its first ten-minute test. 25 With a brilliant flash of light, oxygen combusts as Sandra Cooper Bnd Bonnie Dolnick observe what they have produced. 26 We Study Nature, Mix Chemicals, Seek Reasons Whether it be the dissection of a grasshopper, the manufacture of hydrogen, or the study of a swinging pendulum, the opportunities for projects open to Red- skins in the science department courses are many and varied. One year of study in science is required on all courses except the academic course, which requires two years. Freshmen usually elect physical geography, the study of the causes and effects of the weather and terrain, or biology, the srudy of the basic laws concern- ing living matter. Those taking more than one year of science may elect either chemistry, physics, or botany. In chemistry, North Siders are introduced to the basic concepts of the composition of matter and progress in the srudy of equations and problems of weight and proportion. Physics offers knowledge in the causes of and formulas for everyday happenings. Those who are curious about the scientific theories of plant life may study botany. Mr. Hinton points out the wonders of nature to a biology class. Demonstrating botanical technique are Don Hutton, Linda Haynes. 27 Accompanied by the whirr of the sewing machine, Janet Bone is displaying domestic dexterity by creating an attractive Home Artists Cook, Cut, Master Practical Skills 1 arts pupil wields acetylene torch. A zipper foot, an arc welder, a spatula, a hand sander — these pieces of equipment are used every day in the home arts department. For the feminine Redskins, classes in such practical fields as cooking, sewing, home nursing, and child care are offered. These studies are enhanced by such special projects as the visits of nurses and infants, and style shows displaying the handiwork of the students. Boys at North may study courses in drafting, cab- inet making and woodworking, and general metal and technology. Additional welding equipment and an electric hand sander are new equipment to the depart- ment. This year, the courses have been altered some- what, with more emphasis being placed on technolog- ical knowledge. 28 Human Interests Are Examined and Compared, In today ' s fast-moving and rapidly changing world courses involving world events, both past and present, are a vital part of every student ' s curriculum. For this reason, North Side ' s social science department is neces- sarily a large one. Due to the fact that there will b; no freshmen at the Dome next semester, this is the last year that citizenship, generally a freshman subject, will be of- fered. In general history, sophomores are given a gen- eral background of the history of the world, covering practically everything from Alaska to Zeus. Juniors taking U. S. history study in greater detail the history of our country. Civics and economics expand a stu- dent ' s knowledge of his government. Sociology is the study of the functions of human groups. 29 Future Mathematicians Try to Figure Out Solution With only a pencil and paper, and some logical thinking, many North Side students learned to solve equations in Algebra. In the second year of mathe- matics Redskins found they not only needed to use compasses and protractors but a sharpened reasoning skill to find the solutions to geometric theorems. Many Redskins who went on to take Algebra 3 discovered that there were additional types of problems which tested their knowledge. Solid geometry also presented new ideas. For those who wished to continue with advanced mathematics, North Side offered a course in trigonometry and a revised college algebra course which has been designed to utilize a more modern approach to algebraic topics. Helping students 30 Students Create Vocal and Instrumental Harmony Inspired by morcentos of band trips of the past. Varsity Band, enthusiastically conducted by Mr. Hatt, puts polish difficult selection. Students with talent in either vocal or instrumental music are welcomed by the music department. North Siders who enjoy singing may join either Girls ' Choir or Male Choir. If they are qualified, they may be asked to join Varsity Choir or Chicas Can- tantes. The latter was formed just this year and is an advanced Girls ' Choir, consisting mainly of upper- classmen chosen from Varsity and Girls ' Choir. Mem- bers of A Cappella, North ' s top choir, are chosen by audition only, and Chansonettes and Triple Trio are ensembles formed by members of A Cappella. Orchestra, Concert Band, and Varsity Band make up the instrumental department. Varsity Band provides underclassmen with training for later participation in Concert Band. Music appreciation and instrument prac- tice periods are also offered to any interested students. hers practice to perfect a concert Belection. 31 North Siders Improve Habits and Perspectives Before departing fo By means of health, home nursing, and drivers ' train- ing, North Side provides a well-rounded and varied health and safety program. In health classes, students have the opportunity to further their knowledge of body functions and to learn basic good health habits. If a student has taken at least one year of home economics, he may elect home nursing instead of health. The home nursing course teaches the student proper procedures in case of illness in the family, and it also prepares the student for parenthood. Drivers ' training is a course which has proved very popular in recent years. The goal in this course is to provide North Siders with the knowledge and ability to be well-qualified drivers. Health pupils inspeet " Duche 32 odel of the body structur Creativity, Imagination Produce Good Art Work ished product for artist Whether he be an aspiring artist, or one who enjoys just trying his skills and understanding the techniques of the masters, a North Sider may elect several varied courses offered by the art department. The most gen- eral knowledge is gained in classes which study paint- ing and crafts. Here the student begins to understand the basic skills. If he desires to specialize further, he may wish to study a course in lettering, a skill which must be mastered by all further commercial artists. A more classical field of study is offered by the life drawing class. Here artistic Redskins learn to portray life, often practicing by sketching classmates. This year a new semester of study, Art 7, offers the opportunity to experiment in graphics, which is the expression of ideas by lines or marks impressed into a surface. A new graphics press has been acquired especially for this class. The North Side art department is one of the few in Indiana high schools to have this piece of equip- ment. 33 In Honor and Recognition Redskins Indicate Pride Those juniors anrl seniors with special skill in studies mav be placed in accelerated classes. In order to discuss their lessons before cla Carol Fraze. Sherry Hatfield. Barbara Brudi, and Jim Orcutt meet at the information desk. 34 North Siders excelling in school work and main- taining an average of ninety or above are recognized at the end of each semester by being placed on the honor roll. Graduating seniors having an average of ninety or above for four years compose the four-year honor roll. Perhaps the most long-remembered assembly at North is the Recognition Day Assembly in which Redskins who are outstanding in scholarship, school service, or departmental work are presented with honors. Underclassmen are inspired and incited to do better work by the speeches of the Valedictorian and Salutatorian, a customary part of the Senior Day Assembly. A loc-al television station grave students an opportunity to display their academic talents on a quiz program. Here Steve Caple chows winning form as the light indicates he has t " 1149101 35 Faculty Offers Knowledge, Guidance, Inspiration 36 Ay SM H According to Custom 37 Robertson Leadership Key to North ' s Achievements Jack-of-all-trades could aptly describe North Side ' s principal, Mr. O. Dale Robertson, for the demands of his position call for a versatile storehouse of talents. Aside from his more formal office duties, Mr. Robertson also attends PTA functions, school concerts and plays, and sports events. Though his day be filled with a multitude of exacting responsibilities, Mr. Robertson is never too occupied to give his attention to a student seeking his direction. In this capaciry Mr. Robertson excells as leader and adviser to both faculty and students. rcation Mr. Robertson enjoys a few strokes on the green. day. In his job he steps that lead to another busy. :ers many challenging tasks. Combining their efforts, Mrs. Graham, secretary to the principal, and Mr. Robertson strive for efficiency in the offic One of Mr. Robertson ' s duties is to confer periodically with Superintendent of the Fort Wayne Schools, Mr. Aaron T. Lindle 39 p Guidance of North Side Aiding students in charting future plans after high school, Mr. William Anthis, Dean of Boys, has proved many times to be an invaluable source of assistance for every Redskin. To all who seek his guidance is extended the warmth and understanding of a true friend. Each student at North Side is indebted to Mr. Anthis for the advice and counseling he has given. Mr. Ralph Anderson; B.S., M.S. Indiana U. ; Science Miss Marian Bash; B.A., M.A. Wellesley, U. of Mich. ; Social Science Mrs. Bettv Baugh; B.S. Indiana U. ; Home Economics Miss Helen Bean; B.S., M.S. Indiana U. ; Colorado State ; Cafeteria Supervisor Mr. John Becker; B.S. Purdue; Mathematics Miss Marjorie Bell; B.S., M.A. Indiana U.. Ball State; Art Mr. Glen Bickel; B.S., M.S. Indiana State; Mathematics Miss Judith Bowen; B.A. DePauw U. ; Latin Miss Ruth Carroll; B.S., M.A. Ball State. Columbia U. ; Physical Education Mr. Rolla Chambers; B.A., M.S. Indiana U. : Athletic Director, Coach. Health Mrs. Maryann Chapman; B.A., M.A. Ball State. U. of Chicago; Mr. Charles Clark; B.S., M.A. Defiance. Ohio State; Mathematics Miss Catherine Clearv; B.A., M.A. St. Mary ' s. Columbia U. ; English Mrs. Hazel Coomey Indiana U.. Coe ; Attendance Supervisor Mr. Richard Dannecker; B.S., M.S. Indiana U. : English Mrs. Amelia Dare; B.A. Indiana U. ; Latin. English Mr. Robert Edwards; B.S., M.A. Ohio Northern U.. U. of Michigan ; Industr Arts Mrs. Harriet Emmerson International Business. Indiana U. : Treaslll Miss Ruth Eudalev; B.S. Ball State: Social Science. Mathematics Mr. Charles Feller; B.S., M.A. Bowling Green ; Social Science 40 Deans Spur Student Goals Miss Gross ' s outstanding personality, amiable dispo- sition, and willingness to help bring a steady flow of students to the Dean of Girls office seeking her coun- seling. Away from North Side, Miss Gross enjoys traveling and includes in her busy schedule a Spanish lecture class at Indiana University Extension. In her years at North, Miss Gross has been valuable to the faculty and students of North Side. Mr. Cleon Fleck; B.A., M.S., M.A. DePauw U.. Indiana U. ; Social Scienc Miss Patricia Fleming; B.S. Indiana U., St. Francis; English, Frei Mr. Elmer Franzman; B.A., M.A. Ball State. Indiana U. ; Social Sc Mr. Wade Fredrick; B.A., M.A. Wabash, Ball State; English, Coach Mr. Ivan Fry; B.A., B.D. Manchester, Bethany Seminary ; Social Science, English Mrs. Mary Jeanne Gause; B.S. Ball State; Physical Education, Swimming Mr. Dale Goon; B.S., M.S. Manchester, Indiana U. : Business Mrs. Lillian Graham Millikin U. ; Secretary Miss Mabel Greenwalt; B.A., M.A. Ball State, U. of Chicago ; English Mrs. Jane Griggs; B.A., M.A.T. Earlham, Indiana U. ; Spanish Mr. C. William Hatt; B.S., M.S. Indiana State. Indiana U. : Instrumental Music Miss Joan Hattendorf ; B.A. Indiana U. ; English Mr. Myron Henderson; B.A., M.A. Manchester. Ball State ; Social Science. Coach Mr. Byard Hey; B.S., M.S. Indiana ; Mathematics, Coach. Physical Ed. Mr. Charles Hint on; B.S., M.S. Indiana State; Science Mrs. Helen Houts International Business. Indiana U. ; Secretary Miss Mildred Huffman; B.A., M.A. Northwestern U., U. of Michigan ; English, Counselor Mr. Fred Humphrev; B.S., B.Ed. Indiana U., U. of Miami ; English Mr. Hyrle Ivv; B. S. U. of Kansas ; Swimming. Health Mrs. Judith Johnson; B.S. Michigan State; Business 41 Mr. Donald Kemp; B. of P.E. Purdue; Physical Ed., Health, Coach Mr. Roy Kline; B.S. Ball State: Driver Education Mr. Stanley Lee; B.A., B.S. Indiana U. ; Speech, English Mr. Paul Lemke; B.S., M.A. Northwestern U. ; Spanish Mr. James Lewinski; B.A., M.A. Indiana U., U. of Michigan : English Mr. Beryl Lewis; B.S., M.A. Ball State; Science Mr. Ronald Lewton; B.S., M.S., M.N.S. Purdue, U. of Michigan : Science Mrs. Patricia Light; B.S., M.S. Ball State; Mathematics Miss Elizabeth Little; B.A., M.A. Ohio U., Columbia U. ; English Mr. John Malott; B.A., M.A. Taylor U., Ball State ; Social Science Mr. Donald McClead; B.A., M.A. Ball State; Art Mr. W. H. McNeely; B.S., M.S. Hanover, Indiana U. : Mathematics Mr. John Mertes; B.S. Whitewater, Indiana State ; Business Miss Irene Miller; B.S., M.A. Cincinnati U„ Columbia U. : English Mr. Jerald Miller; B.S. Ball State; Mathematics Miss Marie Miller; B.A. Smith ; Mathematics Mr. Richard Miller; B.A. Indiana U.. Ball State : Social Science Miss Blanche Nielsen U. of Chicago; Science Mrs. Alice Nusbaum; B.A., M.S. Butler U., Indiana U. ; Mathematics Mrs. Grace Pennington; B.S., M.S. Ball State. Indiana U. ; Business Miss Frances Plumanns; B.A., M.A. Northwestern U., Mt. St. Joseph-on-the-Ohio ; French, Counselor Mrs. Winifred Poe; B.A., M.A. Heidelburg, Columbia U. ; English. Library Mr. Robert Pugh; B.A., M.S. DePauw U-, U. of Wisconsin : English Mr. James Purkhiser; B.A., M.A. Hanover, Indiana U. ; Dramatics, English Mr. Leslie Reeves; B.S., M.S. Ball State, Indiana U. : Business Mr. William Quick; B.S., M.S. Indiana State. Purdue; Social Science Miss Jeanette Rich; B.S., M.A. Indiana U., Northwestern U. : Vocal Music Miss Katherine Rothenberger;B.A.,M.A. DePauw U., Indiana U. : Social Science 42 Miss Ethel Shroyer; B.S. U. of Wis., Western Reserve U. : Librarian Mr. William Simon; B.A., Ph. M. International Business. Manchester ; Business Mr. J. Robert Sinks; B.A., M.S. Indiana U. ; Social Science Mr. Rutherford Smuts; B.S., M.S. Ball State. Purdue; Industrial Arts Mr. Waveland Snider; B.S., M.S. Manchester. Indiana U. ; Social Science. Coach Miss Margaret Spiegel; B.S., M.S. Ohio Wesleyan U.. Indiana U. ; Health, Family Living Mrs. Marjorie Spoolstra; B.A. Taylor U., Indiana U. ; English Miss Sara Stirling; B.A., M.S. Ball State; English Miss Norma Thiele; B.A., M.A. Indiana U. ; English, Journalism, Publications Mr. Harold Thomas; B.S., M.S. U. of Louisville, Indiana U. : Science Mr. Tourist Thompson; B.S. Bradley U. ; Industrial Arts Mr. Robert Traster; B.S., M.A. Manchester, Ball State ; Business Miss Mary Waller Indiana U. ; Secretary Mr. John Walters; B.S., M.S., D.S. Manchester, Indiana U. ; Business, Social Science. Coach Mrs. Janet Weber; B.S., M.A. Bowling Green, U. of Michigan ; Latin, English Mrs. Jean Wehrenberg; B.S., M.A. Purdue, Ball State, St. Francis ; English Mr. Clive Wert; B.S., M.A. Ball State ; Industrial Arts Mr. Noel Whittern; B.A., M.A. Indiana U. ; Science Mr. Bill Williams; B.A. Manchester; Mathematics. Coach. Phvsical Education Mr. Harry Young; B.S., M.S. Ball State. Indiana U. : Social Science Mrs. Joanne Zahrndt; B.S. Ball State; Horn 43 Teachers, Parents Pool Efforts to Guide Students Among the topics the PTA program cussion led by IV Bash. In the quest of establishing better understanding between teachers and parents, in the hope of better guiding the students and children toward successful paths of life, the Parent Teachers Association planned a kaleidoscope of activities during the year. Highlighting various projects was a series of study programs dealing with student-teacher relations, early teen-age marriages, and the current reading material of our children. The Penny Collection and Clothing Bank were additional projects undertaken by the PTA. Themes for various PTA meetings included a birth- day observance for Founders Day, a potluck supper, and a spring tea for senior mothers. Officers William Robert e current PTA vear Mrs. Robert Schanl Mrs. William Bade. Mr 44 Faculty Leisure Projects Span Variety of Topics ile Mr. Fredricks shows one the many stunts he has stered through his work at trampoline centers during nmer vacation. Stimulating, active classroom events characterize the day of every North Side faculty member, many of whom devote additional hours serving as advisers for clubs and class social functions. In addition to its ac- tivities at school, the faculty enjoys a variety of recrea- tional and educational hobbies. Traveling, reading, and gardening prove to be among the most popular leisure activities. Many faculty mem- bers exercise their talents and skills through the art and design medium; others seek relaxation through a va- riety of sports. Whatever his favorite hobby, the fac- ulty member continually endeavors to broaden his scope of interests to better serve North Side. Admiring an at-home project are Mrs. Johnson and family. 45 By the glow of the fireplace, Mr. and Mrs. Hey enjoy pursuing their hobby of planning journeys to near and far-away pi 46 Maintenance Crew Keeps School Running Smoothly The staff of workers who keep the Dome bright and shiney are Harold Pelz, Fr Reed, Carl Frankenstein, Laurence Harrison, Wayne Polley, and Ervin Dellinger. Harte, Oscar Buttner, Gerald Lhamon. Richard First row: Ila Boyd. Cleo Dennis, Viola Meyers, Edna Senger, Mary Roembke. Cleo Degler. Second McCullough, Thelia Meyer, Evelyn Gaskill, Naoma Westner, June Bufkin, Ernestine Reiling. Dorothy Hammons. Glady 47 Traditional Student Roll Call Serves as a Memorial 48 of the Year of 1961 49 Margaret, Diane to Prepare for Teaching Careers Margaret Joh Valedictorian Margaret Johnson characterizes the good student who is also interested and active in extra- curricular affairs at school and in her community. Accumulating the top grade average in the Class of I960, Margaret has majored in English and Spanish, with minors in mathematics and social studies. She is a member of A Cappella and Chansonettes, which also occupy some of her outside-of-school time. Her interest in Future Teachers of America and her job as secretary of Modern Language Club are indi- cative of her career plans, which presently are centered around being a Spanish teacher. Next fall she intends to enter Indiana University, where she will major in Spanish and English. At school, Margaret has participated in Student Council, Globetrotters, Polar-Y, Junior Red Cross, and the cheering block. She has contributed time to the school office as a service worker. The youth group of Trinity Episcopal Church is included in her community activities, as is Job ' s Daugh- ters, of which she is a member. Diane Regedanz, salutatorian, has set for the Class of I960 and succeeding classes examples in both scho- lastic achievement and interest in extracurricular affairs. On the academic course at North, Diane has achieved the second-highest grade average in her class while majoring in languages, mathematics, English, history, and science. Looking forward to a career in teaching in elemen- tary schools, she plans to continue her education at Ball State Teachers College. Diane has edited the academic section of the 1961 Legend. She has participated, during her high school years, in activities of the Student Council, Junior Classi- cal League, Polar-Y, the cheering block; as treasurer of Helicon, as social chairman and secretary of Globe- trotters, and as secretary and vice-president of Modern Languag e Club. She has also found time for school service work in the principal ' s office and at the information desk. 50 There were 597 of us who entered North Side in Betty Louise Adams Polar-Y. David C. Adams Sandra Joy Adams Camera Club ; Globetrotters ; F.T.A. ; J.C.L.. President ; M.L.C. ; Helicon ; School Service. Barbara Joan Allen Helicon, Membership Chairman ; Band ; Ripplettes. President ; Chorus : Stu- dent Council ; Girls ' Choir : N.S.I. ; Or- chestra ; J.C.L.. Treasurer. Legend. Activities Editor. Carolyn Lillian Amelung Band ; Orchestra ; Helicon ; Globetrot- ters : N.S.I. ; J.C.L. : School Service. Kathleen Ruth Andrews Northerner Agent ; Junior Red Cross ; Band : Art Club ; Polar-Y. James Lloyd Armey A Cappella : Triple Trio ; Male Choir ; Varsity Choir ; Intramural Sports. Robert Lee Armstrong John Ron ald Arney Rifle Club : Hi-Y ; Booster Club : Hi-fi Club ; School Service ; Senior Play. Bonita M. Babcock Donna Jean Bair Varsity Cheerleader ; Cheering Block ; Polar-Y, Secretary-Treasurer ; Globe- trotters ; Legend, Index Editor ; Junior Red Cross : Girls ' Choir ; Varsity Choir ; Student Council ; Chorus. Harold Ralph Ballard Michael David Banks Art Club. Vice-President. Sherrie Louise Barman Cheering Block ; G.A.A. Dennis Aaron Baron Track ; Varsitv Football ; Intramural Basketball; Lettermen ' s Club; Student Council. Janet Claire Beck Varsity Choir: A Cappella: Student Council; F.T.A. , Treasurer: Legend, Faculty Editor ; Polar-Y ; Helicon, Sec- retary : M.L.C. ; Daffi Dabblers ; Cheer- ing Block. Sylvia Ann Beery Student Council ; Cheering Block; J.C.L. ; Globetrotters ; School Service ; Northerner Staff; Daffi Dabblers. Bradley Jackson Bendure Globetrotters ; Track ; Varsity Foot- ball ; Lettermen ' s Club ; Senior Class Social Council ; Phy-Chem ; Northerner Agent ; Legend Agent : Student Coun- cil. Janice Ellen Benecke M.L.C. ; Polar-Y ; Booster Club, Vice- President ; Helicon; Globetrotters ; Junior Red Cross ; Girls ' Choir ; Var- sity Choir ; A Cappella ; Senior Play ; Stage Crew. William Joseph Benninghoff J.C.L. ; F.T.A. ; N.S.I. ; Helicon ; Band ; Orchestra. Donna Rae Bercot Chorus ; Girls ' Choir ; Varsity Choir ; A Cappella : Globetrotters ; M.C.L. Steven Finley Berghoff Student Council ; School Service ; Let- termen ' s Club ; Manager for Football, Basketball, and Track. Russell Ray Bertrand Lettermen ' s Club ; Varsity Football ; J.C.L. ; Intramural Basketball ; Intra- mural Wrestling. Barbara Jane Beyerlein Transferred from Linton, Ind. ; Band ; Junior Red Cross ; G.A.A. ; Phy- Chem ; F.T.A. ; Legend Staff. 51 1957 as freshmen, young and green. High school, lit Theresa Jean Biddle Linda Ilene Birge Chorus: Girls ' Choir; Varsity Cho A Cappella; J.F.L. ; Cheering Blocl David Spencer Black well Transferred. Band ; Intramural Bo tl- Susanne Frances Blough Chorus ; Girls ' Choir ; Varsity Choir : A Cappella ; Polar-Y : Globetrotters ; J.C.L. ; F.T.A. ; Northerner Agent- Cheering Block. Karen Marie Bobay Student Council: Legend Agent: Band; N.S.I. ; Freshman Class Social Chair- man ; Globetrotters ; Orchestra. Wayne Ray Bodey Senior Play. Ila Ann Bohlander School Service; Ripplettes. Secretary. Yvonne Marie Bojrab M.L.C. ; F.T.A. ; Chorus; Girls ' Choir: A Cappella ; Chansonettes ; Senior Play ; School Service ; Northerner Agent. Doug Lee Boren Northerner, Circulation Manager. Co- exchange Editor. Asst. Business Man- ager, Business Manager. Sports Editor; 1500 Club ; Intramurals ; Band ; Leg- end Staff. Phillip Boschet A Cappella. Karen Botteron Polar-Y ; Junior Red Cross ; Daffi Dab- blers. Michael David Bourne Hi-Y; Globetrotters; J.C.L. : Daffi Dabblers : School Service ; Senior Play. Mary Mae Bowers Polar-Y ; J.C.L. ; G.A.A. ; Globetrot- ters ; Daffi Dabblers; School Service. Vernon Arden Bowers Daffi Dabblers ; Band. David Brayton Intramural Sports ; School Service. Dorothy Jean Britton James Wallace Brown Transferred from Smiley Jr. High, Denver, Colorado. Varsitv Football ; Track ; Lettermen ' s Club ; Key Club : Student Council: Intramural Basket- ball ; School Service. Judith Alaine Brown Larry Gene Brown Phy-Chem ; Intramural Bowling. Barbara Sue Brudi Twirler ; M.L.C, Vice-President, Treas- urer ; Helicon ; Student Council : Polar-Y: F.T.A.. Parliamentarian: Northerner Agent ; Senior Play Stage Crew ; Chorus ; Legend Staff. Gary Bryie Intramural Basketball ; Intramural Football ; School Service. William John Buesching Key Club, Secretary : Helicon, Critic : Globetrotters: Phv-Chem. Social Chairman ; J.C.L., Treasurer. Jeneba Burke Transferred from Puerto Rico: Polar-Y; Junior Red Cross: Phy- Chem ; Globetrotters : Cheering Block. Michael Lee Burkhalter 52 we discovered, meant hard academic work and Keith Earl Busse M.L.C. ; Student Council ; Track; Cross-Country ; Intramural Basketball. Darleen Rose Butler Polar-Y ; G.A.A. ; Globetrotters ; J.C.L. ; Phy-Chem ; School Service. Daniel George Cade Donald Gene Caldwell M.L.C. ; Chess Club. Linda Kay Callihan J.C.L. ; Junior Red Cros Varsity Choir; Chorus; School Service; Northe : Girls ' Choir ; Booster Club ; ner Staff. William Steven Caple Helicon ; M.L.C. ; Phy-Chem ; trotters. Ronald Edward Capps Anna Louise Carey J.C.L. ; F.T.A. ; Phy-Chem ; Band ; Orchestra : Helicon : John Edward Carlin Art Club, Historian ; C Intramural Volleyball. Elizabeth E. Carrington School Service. Carol Jayne Carroccio Student Council ; J.F.L., Secretary- Treasurer ; Senior Play, Student Di- rector ; Phy-Chem ; J.C.L. ; Polar-Y ; Northerner Staff; Northerner Agent; Legend Staff. Assistant Senior Class Editor; Varsity Choir. Sandra Kay Castret Chorus ; Girls ' Choir ; Varsity Choir ; M.L.C. : Junior Red Cross : Cheering Block ; Legend Agent : Legend Staff, Assistant Copy Editor; School Service. Mary K. Cataldo John Fredrick Cavanaugh Intramurals. Karon L. Cearbaugh Girls ' Choir; Varsity Choir; Chicas Cantantes. Kenton K. Cecil Chorus ; Varsity Choir ; A Cappella ; Triple Trio; J.C.L.; Helicon; Camera Club, Vice-President. Charles Eugene Chambers Jo hn Wellington Chandler III Male Choir ; Varsity Choir ; A Cappel- la ; Key Club; Hi-Y. Steven Frank Christie Intramural Football ; Intramural Golf. David Michael Clark Freshman Social Council ; Class President ; N.S.I., dent ; Band : Orchestra ; Vice-President ; Student Co ident. Diane Reed Claxton Joyce Clay Cheering Block ; Reserve Cheerleader ; School Service; Legend Agent; Globe- trotters. James Donald Click Steven Bruce Clippinger Student Council; Intramural Basket- ball ; Freshman Social Council ; Daffi Dabblers ; J.F.L. ; Legend Agent : M.L.C. Sopho Vice-Presi- Key Club, mcil. Pres- tfbfc J 53 social and cultural opportunities. We learned Phillip Paul Close Rifle Club; Letter-men ' s Club; Student Manager of Football, Basketball, and Track ; Freshman Track ; School Serv- Linda Kaye Clouse Reserve Cheerleader ; Cheering Block. Ruth Marie Cobble J.F.L. Stanley David Conrad Intramural Basketball : Freshman Foot- ball. Sally Ann Coonrad Globertotters ; M.L.C. ; School Service. Sandra Ann Cooper Legend Staff, Assistant Editor, Assist- ant Activities Editor; Helicon. Presi- dent ; Student Council : Senior Class Social Chairman ; Junior Class Social Council ; J.C.L., Secretary ; Globetrot- ters ; Junior Red Cross. Treasurer; Varsity Choir: Quill and Scroll. Diane Sue Cornelius A Cappella ; Chansonettes ; Senior Play : J.C.L. ; Phy-Chem : Polar-Y ; Northerner Staff ; Globetrotters ; J.F.L. James Robert Cost Cross Country ; Track. Sharon Darlene Grain Art Club ; J.C.L. ; Phy-Chem. Ronald Frederick Crick Junior Class President ; Student Coun- cil ; Legend, Business Manager; North- erner, Ad Manager; J.C.L.; Band; N.S.I. ; Key Club, President ; 1500 Club ; Intramural Basketball. Barbara Jean Cross Thomas Edward Crull Globetrotters ; Phy - Chem ; M.L.C. : Senior Play Stage Crew ; : Intramural Basketball ; School Service. Connie May Culbertson Ronald Lawrence Cummings Lettermen ' s Club, Vice-President ; Northerner ; Varsitv Basketball : Track ; Key Club ; Junior Social Council ; M.L.C. ; School Service : Cross Coun- try ; Student Council. Judith Ann Dager Transferred from Roanoke. William Edward Dau Audio Visual; Track. Robert E. Davis James Kenneth Davison Freshman Class President ; Key Club, Treasurer ; Football: Basketball ; Track ; Intramural Sports ; Phy-Chem ; M.L.C. ; Globetrotters ; School Service. Marvin Jack Dawkins Judith Anne DeBeaumont Girls ' Choir ; Chorus : Varsity Choir : J.C.L. ; M.L.C. ; Polar-Y : School Serv- ice ; J.F.L. Karen R. Dell Gregory Alan Delong Transferred from Culver. Dailia Diane Dennis School Service: Junior Red Cross; Legend Agent. 54 our school song and proudly hailed allegiance to Janice Marie Dennis M.L.C. ; G.A.A. ; Cheering Block : Chor- us ; School Service: Girls ' Choir. Jerry Allen DeVault Thomas Lenpha DeWeese Key Club; Football; Hi-Y. Vice-Presi- dent, President; M.L.C; Phy-Chem, Vice-President : Student Council. Peggy Loraine Dey School Service: Junior Red Cross. Pamela Dickinson Transferred from North Dakota. Alan Andrew Dickson • David R. Didion Barbara Kay Doan Choir; Girls ' Choir; Advanced Choir. Bonnita Day Doan School Service. Donna Jean Doehrman Polar-Y; Junior Red Cross. Social Chairman ; Band ; Cheering Block ; Legend Agent. Shirley Sue Doll Gale Alvia Dollarhite Judith Ann Donaghy Chorus ; Girls ' Choir; Northerner Agent ; School Service. Sandra Lee Dougherty Transferred from Jackson, Michigan. J.C.L. Ronald Lee Dow Phy-Chem ; Globetrotters ; Basketball. Judith A. Downey Sharon Annette Doyle School Service. Linda Lee Duncan Legend Staff, Sophomore Section Edi- tor ; Archery ; School Service ; M.L.C. ; Northerner Agent ; Cheering Block. Elaine Joan Duxbury Student Council; Junior Red Cross, President; M.L.C. Vice-President; Polar-Y ; Globetrotters ; School Serv- ice; Cheering Block: Northerner Agent. Juanita Ann Earl Polar-Y; G.A.A. ; Che ing Block. Sandra Sue Edington Transferred from Huntington. G.A.A., President, Secretary-Treasurer ; Phy- Chem ; Junior Red Cross ; F.T.A. ; School Service; Band; M.L.C. Susan Jo Edgerly Senior Play; Student Council. Treas- urer; Junior Red Cross; Polar-Y; J.C.L. Sylvia Egly Globetrotters; Junior Red Cross; Chor- us; Varsity Choir; Student Council; Daffi Dabblers; Polar-Y. Joseph Edward Emenhiser Track ; Chorus ; Male Choir : Intra- mural Wrestling. 55 our new Alma Mater, In our sophomore year we Joseph Leslie Emmerson N.S.I. ; J.C.L. ; Key Club ; Band : Or- chestra ; Track Manager: Gross Coun- try Manager; Lettermen ' s Club; School Globetrotters ; Sharon Ann Emrich Thomas Robert Epple Intramurals. Edward Leo Erb Math Club ; Hi-Y ; Male Choir ; Va sity Choir: Intramural Basketball. Rosie Marcelene Evard Transferred from Leo. Terrell A. Everett Thomas Lee Fair Freshman Football ; Freshman Baske ball ; Track. Karen Lynn Faust Susan Kay Feller Globetrotters ; Junior Red C r o s : Polar-X, Social Chairman; Studei Council ; Northerner Agent : Cheerir Block ; School Service. Judith Marie Ferguson Student Council ; Chorus ; Girl Choir; Varsity Choir; Booster Club. Daniel Ferris Sandra Fields James Kenneth Finch Concert Band ; Senior Play ; Helicon Phy-Chem ; Math Club. Karen Anne Findley Polar-Y; M.L.C. ; Daffl Dabblers Junior Red Cross : School Service Globetrotters ; Chorus ; Girls ' Choir Varsity Choir; Cheering Block. Don Victor Firestine Jr. Gay Fisher Northernei Play. Agent; F.T.A. George Eugene Fisher lntramm-als ; Chorus ; ' Gary Flauding Willard A. Foote David Miller Foster Rifle Club. Carolyn Fowler Kathryn Lucile Foy Nature Club ; J.C.L. Chem ; Ch« Globetrotters, Vice-P B 1 Pla Stage Cr Polar-Y; Phy- ck; Helicon; isident ; Senior Carol Sue Fraze Student Council: Polar-Y; M.L.C; F.T.A. ; Globetrotters : Helicon. F ' amela Joan Friend G.A.A. ; J.C.L., President; Polar-Y. President, Vice-President, Secretary- Treasurer : F.T.A.. Vice-President : Helicon; Globetrotters ; Cheering Block; School Service; Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer: Student Council. 56 discovered that membership in every club was more Fredric Froyd Transferred from Arlington Heights Illinois. Varsity Football ; Track. Sue Fruechtenicht Globetrotters : J.F.L. ; N.F.L. : North. erner Agent; G.A.A. Jack E. Fulk M.L.C. ; Helicon. Barbara Fuzy G.A.A. ; Phy-Chem ; Globetrotters. Robert Gaby Donald Lee Gaff Varsity Basketball : Student Council Key Club. Secretary ; Track ; Letter men ' s Club. Daniel Gage Terry L. V. Gard Intramural Basketball ; Chorus. Jerlyn Ann Garling G.A.A. ; Daffi Dabblers. John Michael Garrett Leslie Jane Gaston Senior Play : Helicor man ; Globetrotters ; M.L.C. : Karen Gater Booster Club. Cheryl Louise Gates Richard William Geist Math Club ; Student Council : Varsity Football i Lettermen ' s Club ; Track : Senior Class Social Council : Intra- mural Basketball; School Service. Ronald Wayne Georgi Football ; Intramural Sports. William Roger Gerding Transferred from Concordia. Suzanne Getman M.L.C. ; Cheeriny Block; Legend Agent. Allan Lynn Girardot Rifle Club. Sandra Glenn Marilyn Joyce Gordon Student Council ; Junior Red Cross. William Gore Band. Barbara Jean Gorrell School Service ; Booster Club ; Cheer- Nancy Ann Greene M.L.C. Cheering Block : John Edward Griffith Key Club ; Student Council ; Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer ; Football ; Basketball ; Track ; Phy-Chem. 57 than a grade card could stand. We budgeted time, : f f s , x M JA fe Robert Steven Gross Gary William Gruver Transferred. Sharon Marie Guisinger J.C.L. ; M.L.C. ; G.A.A. ; Daffi Dab. biers. Lois Arlene Gump Band : Orchestra ; J.C.L. ; Phy-Chem ; F.T.A., Parliamentarian ; N.S.I. : School Service. Stanley Richard Gustin A Cappella ; Triple Trio. Mary Lou Haberly Globetrotters. Social Ch con ; J.F.L., Social Chair Varieties ; £ Block ; Girls ' ; Heli- ' resident; M.L.C. Polar-Y : Varsity Play : Cheering A Cappella. Howard William Habig, Jr. Northerner. Co-Exchange Editor: J.C.L. ; Hi-Y. Treasurer : Globetrotters. Treasurer ; Phy-Chem : Key Club : Or- chestra ; Northerner Agent. Edwin Ronald Hadlev Gary Lee Haire Intramurals ; Freshman Basketb Manager: Phy-Chem; Key Club. Diane Mary Hanchar G.A.A. ; Booster Club : Daffi Dabble J.C.L.; Math Club: Keith E. Hanson Student Council : Daffi Dabblers. Cora Ellen Hapner Ripplettes ; Polar-Y. Thomas Lorin Harford Track; School Service; Audio Visual. Vernon Lee Harp Band ; N.S.I. ; Phy-Chem ; Math Club ; Intramural Basketball. Ronald Eugene Harshman Globetrotters : Phv - Chem : M.L.C. ; N.F.L. Bonita Kay Hart Polar-Y ; Junior Red Cross ; M.L.C. ; Legend Agent ; Cheering Block. Susan Kay Harter Student Council ; Polar-Y ; A Cappella . Girls ' Choir : Varsity Choir ; Chanson- etts ; F.T.A.. Social Chairman ; Cheer- ing Block. Georgeanne Marie Hatch J.C.L. ; Polar-Y ; Globetrotters : Girls ' Choir; Varsity Choir; School Service; Cheering Block. Beverly Ann Hatcher Chorus ; Girls ' Choir : Varsity Choir ; Chicas Cantantas ; Booster Club. Sheryl Hatfield Senior Play ; Student Council, Secre- tary ; Polar-Y. Secretary. Vice-Presi- dent ; F.T.A. ; M.L.C. ; Globetrotters ; Helicon ; Cheering Block : Ripplettes. Secretary. Linda Jean Haynes Transferred from New Haven. Polar-Y : Cheering Block ; Globetrotters ; Booster Club. Carol Sue Hazelett M.L.C. : Polar-Y ; Chorus : Girls ' Choir : Varsity Choir; Chicas Cantantes ; Cheering Block. Walter Hazelett Tammie Jo Heath Booster Club : G.A.A. : J.C.L. 58 strove for perfection and understanding. James Vernon Heck Senior Play Stage Crew : M.L.C. : Phy-Chem ; Globetrotters ; Camera Club. Victor Ross Heck Football ; Math Club. Dianna Marie Hedeen Transferred from Central Catholic. Cheering Block ; Booster Club ; Junior Red Cross ; Senior Play ; Globetrotters ; Student Council. Junior Martin Hegerfield Stan Lyon Heine Intramural Basketball ; Track ; Letter- men ' s Club ; School Service ; Cross Country. Ralph Douglas Hemingway Transferred from Chester High School. Chester, Vermont. James R. Hennon M.L.C; Intramurals. Keith Page Henschen Key Club ; Senior Class Social Coun- cil ; Lettermen ' s Club ; ball : Student Council Linda Lou Henschen James Franklin Herndon School Service. Steven Kent Hike Howard Michael Hinton Rifle Club. Erwin Edward Hoerner Intramurals ; Freshman Track ; School Service ; Globetrotters. Sharon Lee Holsworth Cheering Block ; Polar-Y. Robert Duane Hosier Rifle Club ; Student Council. Richard Murray Hostler A Cappella, Vice-President ; Triple Trio ; Male Choir ; Varsity Choi r ; Heli- con ; Phy-Chem ; F.T.A. Robert William Houser, Jr. Football ; Track : Intramural ball; Key Club; Phy-Chem; School Service; Student Council: Intramural Sports. Sandra Jean Housholder Polar-Y ; M.L.C. : N.S.I. ; Band. Sec- retary ; Student Council ; Legend Agent ; Northerner Agent. Suzanne Carol Hunsaker School Service; Booster Club. Thomas John Ingmire Student Council ; Freshman Class So- cial Council ; Phy-Chem ; Intramural Basketball : Intramural Golf. Newton W. Jerome Transferred from Montevideo, Minne- sota. Betty L. Johns Cheering Block ; J Joyce Eileen Johnson Polar-Y ; Cheering Block ; Varsity Band ; School Service. Margaret Ann Johnson M.L.C, Secretary; Girls - Choir; A Cappella ; Chansonettes ; F.T.A. : Globe- trotters ; Cheering Block ; Junior Red Cross ; Student Council ; School Serv- ice ; Polar-Y ; Chorus. JUL ' - ' fel M,x 59 Our sophomore party was " One Crazy Night " Our jtff i His Carol Ann Johnston Polar-Y. Social Chairman : Gills ' Choir ; Varsity Choir ; Legend Agent : Cheer- ing Block ; M.L.C. Janna Sue Johnston Legend Agent ; Northerner Agent ; Northerner, Assistant Business Man- ager: Daffl Dabblers; G.A.A. William H. Johnston Senior Play ; Key Club ; Helicon ; Phy- Patricia Marie Jones J.C.L. ; F.T.A. ; Phy-Che ilfc A Sharon Jones Booster Club: Polar-Y; Girls - Choir; Chorus ; Varsity Choir. Jayne Beth Jordan M.L.C; School Service; Daffl Dab- blers ; Legend Staff. Assistant Art Edi- tor ; Legend Agent. Jeanette Lynn Junk Polar-Y : School Service. David Kenneth Kaeck Track ; Intramural Ping-Pong ; Phy- Chem : Intramural Basketball ; Intra- mural Bowling. Wanda Lou Kahlenbeck M.L.C. ; Polar-Y ; Globetrotters ; Phy- Chem : Legend Agent : School Service. Janet Louise Keeler G.A.A. : Cheering Block ; Chorus ; Girls ' Choir; Varsity Choir: Polar-Y: Junior Red Cross; School Service. Karen Sue Keesler School Service. Carolyn Ann Keller Phy-Chem : M.L.C. ; Junior Red Cross ; Orchestra; Polar-Y; J.F.L. ; Senior Play ; Cheering Block. Stephen Bruce Kenworthy J.F.L. ; J.C.L. ; Intramural Cross Country ; Intramural Basketball. Diane Elaine Kienzle Stephen Lawrence Kiess Rifle Club; Freshman Football; Track: Intramural Basketball ; Intramural Volleyball. Bruce Dale King Legend Agent ; J.F.L. Barbara Kirkpatrick John E. Kirkpatrick Transferred from Washington Evelyn Kissick Philip James Klaren Band ; Orchestra ; N.S.I. ; I biers. Gary Carl Knappenberger Football. Thomas James Knupp Orchestra ; Band. Nancy Lee Korn School Service. Charles Kreckman 60 junior year meant term papers, slumber parties, Roberta Lea Krider M.L.C. ; Polar-Y; G.A.A., Donald D. Kring Varsity Band. Lois A. Kronmiller Junior Red Cross ; Roy Krudop School Service. Dennis Willard Krueger Transferred from Chicago Heights. Illinois. Varsity Basketball ; Cross Country. John Robert Kruse Anita L. Kuckein Chorus ; Girls ' Choir ; Varsity Choir ; Chicas Cantantes. Lorraine Lamboley Wanda Lee Lane Northerner Agent ; Legend Agent ; Daffi Dabblers ; G.A.A. ; Globetrotters ; Phy-Chem. Linda Jayne Langas Polar-Y; Phy-Chem; School Service; Globetrotters ; Girls ' Choir ; Chorus ; Cheering Block; Legend Agent; M.L.C. Thomas Henry Lapp Key Club. President; Lettermen ' s Club, Treasurer ; Varsity Football ; Track ; Basketball ; Northerner, Photographer ; Student Council ; Legend, Photogra- pher ; Senior Class Social Council. David Lee Latham School Service ; Intramural Bowling ; Intramural Basketball ; Senior Play ; Stage Crew. Michael John Laughlin Mike Leadbetter Kathleen Kay Leason G.A.A. ; School Service; Junior Red Cross; Cheering Block; Polar-Y. Connie Lee Reserve Cheerleader ; Cheering Block. Jacky Lee Polar-Y ; Globetrotters ; Daffi Dabblers. Kenneth Arthur Lee Student Council ; Math Club, Presi- dent ; F.T.A. ; Intramural Basketball. Perry H. Leggett Key Club ; Phy-Chem ; Intramural Golf. Jack Duane Leland Wrestling; Daffi Dabblers. Susan Jayne Leming Polar-Y : Junior Red Cross ; Chorus ; Girls ' Choir : Nature Club ; J.C.L. ; School Service. Larry Lee Linnemeier Freshman Football ; Intramurals. Billie Jean Lloyd School Service. Madolyn Sue Lockwood k4tJI 61 drivers ' licenses, and our prom, " Southern rfrM.h y Laurie E. Lopez Transferred from Concordia. Joyce Lynne Lopshire Polar-Y; Chorus; Girls ' Choir; Cheer- ing Block. Steven E. Lopshire School Service; Band; Audio Visual. Jane Ann Luce School Service; J.F.L. Linda Lee Lutton Twirling; J.C.L. : National Thespians; Cheering Block; Junior Red Cross; Legend, Copy Editor ; G.A.A. ; Math Club; J.F.L. ; Senior Play; Varsity Varieties. Lucy E. Lyle Daffi Dabblers ; G.A.A. Suellen Jean Lynch Chorus : Girls ' Choir ; Varsity Choir ; A Cappella ; Globetrotters : J.C.L. ; Cheering Block ; School Service. Sandra Kay Mallett Legend Agent ; Polar-Y : Student Coun- cil ; Globetrotters ; Daffi Dabblers ; J.C.L. Connie Maloley Mary Ann Mannan Chorus; Girls ' Choir; Varsity Choir; Phy-Chem ; G.A.A. ; School Service ; Cheering Block; J.C.L.; Varsity Vari- eties ; Junior Red Cross. Arlo A. Marsh Nancy M. Martin William Anthony Martin Intramural Wrestling; Intramural Track ; Camera Club ; Varsity Choir ; Male Choir. Edward Samuel Masloob Track ; Intramural Football ; Male Choir; Varsity Choir; Phv-Chem ; Key Club. Judith Ann McArthur Polar-Y; School Service: G.A.A. Susan Jayne McCully Polar-Y ; Junior Red Cross : Chorus ; Girls ' Choir; Varsity Choir: Cheering Block ; Globetrotters : J.C.L. ; Daffi Dabblers ; S chool Service. Gerald Noah McEwen, Jr. Phy-Chem ; Daffi Dabblers ; Globetrot- ters ; Intramural Golf. Kathy Ann Mcintosh Polar-Y. Nancy Louise Mclntyre Student Council; Globetrotters ; Polar-Y; M.L.C. Donald Steven McLean Track ; Varsity Football : Key Club ; Senior Class Vice-President: Student Council : Phy-Chem : Intramural Bas- ketball ; Lettermen ' s Club. Patricia Jane McMeekin Globetrotters ; Junior Red Cross ; Stu- dent Council : Helicon. Doris Elaine Medsker Chorus ; Girls ' Choir ; M.L.C. : Polar-Y ; F.T.A. ; Twirling, Head Majorette; School Service ; Student Council ; Var- sity Varieties ; G.A.A. Judith Ann Mee Booster Club. President: G.A.A.; Polar-Y ; Girls ' Choir; Northerner Agent. Brad S. Merrill Varsity Cross-Country ; Track ; Intra- mural Basketball: Intramural Volley- ball ; Lettermen ' s Club ; Junior Red Splendor. " Amid pillars and wisteria we danced Larry Mertz Bob Leo Metzger Phv-Chem ; Intramural Wrestling ; In- tramural Volleyball. Donald Keith Michell Student Council ; Intramural Softball ; Intramural Basketball ; Legend Agent ; Chorus. Lynn Ann Mileff Polar-Y ; J.F.L. ; Phy-Chem ; Legend Agent; Northerner Agent. David E. Miller William D. Miller Football ; Track ; Varsity Cross-Coun- try ; Intramural Basketball ; Letter- men ' s Club : Male Choir. Bernieee Evelyn Millette Orchestra ; J.C.L. ; Globetrotters ; Phy- Chem. Peggy Mills Booster Club, Secretary ; Student Coun- il ; Cho Girls Che Club; Choir Red 1 Bowling ; Girls Legend Agent. Robert Deloy Mills David Edwin Mitchell Wayne Hans Moehle Football ; Track ; Lettermen ' s Intramural Basketball ; Intramural Softball. Valerie Ann Moellering School Service ; Cheering Block ; M.L.C. ; Legend Agent ; G.A.A. ; Chor- us ; Junior Red Cross. Ann Sue Monnot Chorus ; Varsity Choir ; Chicas Cantantes ; Juni Polar-Y ; Twirling. Nancy Ruth Montoney J.C.L. Gary Alan Moore Intramural Golf ; School Service. Michael Charles Moore Freshman Football: Track: ( Country ; Varsity Band : M.L.C. chestra. Carol Ann Moorhead A Cappella ; Varsity Choi Choir: Chorus; Junior Red Polar-Y ; Cheering Block. Kay Roseann Morris Student Council; Junior Red Cross; Polar-Y ; M.L.C. ; Northerner Agent ; Daffi Dabblers. Steven Leroy Moser Senior Play; Student Council; Hi-Y, Secretary ; Phy-Chem ; Rifle Club ; Key Club; Audio Visual: School Service. Richard Dale Murphy Intramural Track ; Legend Agent ; School Service: Phy-Chem; Globetrot- ters ; Intramural Bowling. Michael Lange Nahrwold Student Council ; Helicon ; Globetrot- ters : Phy-Chem. Treasurer; J.C.L.. President, Vice-President, Social Chairman : Key Club ; Junior Red Cross; Northerner Agent. Becky Jo Neat Booster, President. Sharon Ann Nemyer Chorus ; Girls ' Choir ; A Cappella ; Globetrotters ; Math Club ; School Service ; Legend Agent ; Senior Play ; Junior Red Cross ; Cheering Block. Frederick W. Neuls Chorus ; Varsity Choir ; Male Choir ; A Cappella; Phy-Chem. 63 until midnight. On our first day as seniors, David Dorwin Nichols Intramural Basketball ; Phy-Chem. Connie J. Nicolet Carol Jean Nofzinger Junior Red Cross ; Polar-Y ; Student Council. Judy Diane Nuerge School Service; Cheering Block. Ronald O ' Dell Faye Odom Jerry Giles Ogg Jay Edward Osborn Tennis ; Track ; Lettermen ' s Club; School Service. Carol Ann Page J.C.L. ; G.A.A., Vice-President ; Chor- us ; Girls ' Choir ; Globetrotters ; Junior Red Cross. Charles William Paillie Richard Lee Parke Student Council ; Intramural Basket- ball ; Intramural Golf ; Intramural Bowling ; Chorus ; Varsity Choir ; A Cappella. Social Chairman ; Triple Trio; Globetrotters; Senior Play. Gene Parker Patricia Ann Parker J.C.L. ; J.F.L. ; F.T.A. ; Globetrotters ; Phy-Chem ; Cheering Block ; Math Club, Secretary-Treasurer; A Cappella; Senior Play; School Service. Roger Dale Parkerson Varsity Band; Math Club. Joan Arlene Parsons Band; Orchestra; N.S.I. ; F.T.A.. Sec- retary. President : M.L.C. ; Math Club ; Student Council : School Service. Patricia Ann Pence F.T.A. ; J.F.L. : M.L.C. ; Student Coun- cil ; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Varsity Varieties ; Senior Plav. Stu- dent Director • School Service ; A Cap- pella, Seeretaiy, Treasurer; Chanson- Robert E. Perry Mary Ann Phillips Transferred from Cambridge Ohio. Agnes Polyak Polar-Y; M.L.C. Carolyn Porter Steven C. Pratt Audio Visual. Imogene Kay Puff Judith Kay Pugsley Chorus ; Girls ' Choir ; Varsity Choir ; Daffi Dabblers. David James Pulver Varsity Choir; Male Choir; Northern- er Agent; Intramural Football : School 64 we rolled out a red carpet and proudly strode Philip W. Pulver Carolyn Purdy David Putman Colleen Quinn Booster ; Globetrotters ; Polar-Y ; Chi- cas Cantsntes ; Phy-Chem ; J.C.L. ; Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir. Jon Lee Rabus Varsity Football ; Lettermen ' s Club : Track ; Intramural Basketball ; Key Club ; Legend Agent ; School Service. Don Ramm Ron Rang Intramural Basketball ; Football ; Daffi Dabblers : School Service ; M.L.C. Stephan Harry Reader Track ; Varsity Football ; Lettermen ' s Club ; Intramural Basketball. Larry Wayne Redden Larry Redmon Key Club ; Phy-Chem ; Intramural Football ; Daffi Dabblers ; M.L.C. ; School Service. Charlotte Diane Regedanz Helicon, Treasurer; Student Council; Globetrotters. Social Chairman. Secre- tary ; M.L.C, Vice-President. Secre- tary ; J.C.L. ; Polar-Y ; School Serv- ice ; Cheering Block ; Legend Staff, Academic Editor. Joyce Ann Remenschneider Ripplettes; G.A.A., Treasurer; Globe- trotters ; Cheering Block ; Chorus ; Girls ' Choir; Varsity Choir; Junior Red Cross. Linda Elaine Reid Junior Red Cross ; A Cappella ; Phy- Chem ; Girls ' Choir ; Varsity Choir ; School Service ; Cheering Block. Mike Renforth Daffi Dabblers ; Intramural C: Lettermen ' s Club ; School Service. Lowen Rhodes Ruth Rhodes Northerner Agent. Stephanie Yvonne Richards Student Council ; Helicon, Publicity Chairman ; M.L.C, Treasurer, Secre- tary ; Legend, Editor-in-Chief, Assist- ant Sophomore Section Editor ; F.T.A. ; Ripplettes ; Cheering Block, Senior President; Polar-Y; Daffi Dabblers; Quill and Scroll. Joyce Elaine Richhart Helicon ; Globetrotters ; M.L.C, Treas- urer ; Junior Red Cross, Vice-Presi- dent ; Phy - Chem ; Senior Play ; Polar-Y ; Legend Staff, Assistant Junior Class Section Editor; Cheering Block ; J.P.L. Stanley Ray Richter Linda Faye Ricketts Stephen Riggs J.C.L. ; Track ; Cross-Country ; M.L.C. ; Intramural Basketball ; Intramural Wrestling ; Junior Red Cross ; Phy- Chem. Nancy Kaye Rinehart Legend Staff, Freshman Class Section Editor ; Polar-Y, Social Chairman ; Globetrotters ; Helicon ; Phy-Chem ; F.T.A. ; J.C.L. ; School Service ; Cheer- ing Block. Sharon Rae Rinker Chorus; Girls ' Choir; Varsity Choir. Donald Eugene Robbins Hi-Y ; Art Club ; Student Council. ifc t R 4 65 through the senior door. We will never forget John Randolph Roberts Senior Class President: Junior Class Vice-President ; Daffi Dabblers. Presi- dent ; Hi-Y, President. Vice-President : Legend Staff, Art Editor : Math Club ; Helicon ; Key Club ; Student Council ; School Service. Sue Ellen Roberts Cheering Block : Chorus; Student Council ; Junior Red Cross ; M.L.C. : Polar-Y ; Legend Agent. Sue Ellen Robnolte Northerner Agent; Polar-Y; M.L.C. Robert Julian Rodgers M.L.C; Rifle Club; Globetrotters; Audio Visual. Raymond Lee Roeback Track ; Varsity Choir ; Male Choir ; Freshman Football ; Audio Visual ; Lettermen ' s Club. Patricia Lee Roop J.C.L. ; F.T.A. ; Band ; Orchestra. Philip L. Roth A Cappella. President : Band ; J.F.L. ; M.L.C. ; Globetrotters ; Legend, Busi- ness Staff ; Northerner ; Key Club. Male Choir ; Student Coun- cil. Carol Lynn Rufner G.A.A.. President; F.T.A. ; Booster; Junior Red Cross; Globetrotters. Anthony Kirkwood Runyon Cross-Country ; Football ; Track ; Bas- ketball ; Intramurals. Judy Ann Runyan Janice Kay Ryder Walter Schafianski Ellen Lou Schaper M.L.C, President, Vice-President, Sec- retary, Membership Chairman ; Globe- trotters, Treasurer; Helicon, Point Re- corder; F.T.A.; Polar-Y; Student Council ; Cheering Block ; Varsity Choir; Girls ' Choir; Senior Play. James Arthur Scheele Track ; Cross-Country : Lettermen ' s Club ; Intramural Basketball. William Orville Schelm Globetrotters : Helicon; M.L.C. ; F.T.A., Treasurer; Varsity Band: Con- cert Band. Judy M. Schnepp J.C.L. ; Globetrotters ; Junior Red Cross ; A Cappella : Girls ' Choir ; Var- sity Choir; School Service. Barbara Frances Schram Girls ' Chorus: F.T.A.; School Service; Polar-Y. Janis Schrey Cheering Block : Phy-Chem ; Polar-Y ; Legend Staff. Senior Section Editor ; Northerner Agent ; Junior Red Cross ; Senior Play. Dorcus Angeline Schrock Training Band ; M.L.C. ; Daffi Dab- blers ; Cheering Block ; Polar-Y ; Globe- trotters : G.A.A. : Junior Red Cross ; Phy-Chem ; School Service. James Edward Schultz Intramural Wrestling ; Intramural Basketball ; Phv-Chem ; Camera Club ; Intramural Bowling. Gerry Douglas Schwartz Stage Crew. Donald Bernard Scribner Kaaren Sue Seaman Cheering Block ; G.A.A. ; Junior Red Cross; Daffi Dabblers; School Service; Chorus; Girls ' Choir; Varsity Choir. Michele Rae Seaman Daffi Dabblers ; M.L.C. : School Service. 66 our play, " Qeorge Washington Slept Here " and Bonnie Lou Selzer Polar-Y : Booster Club ; Varsity Band : Chorus ; Girls ' Choir ; School Service ; Chicas Cantantes. Sharon M. Shaw William Steven Sheets Football : Intramural Sports. Marsha Elaine Shoda Polar-Y; M.L.C. : Girls ' Choir; Chor- us ; Varsitv Choir ; School Service ; Cheering Block ; Northerner Staff ; Varsity Varieties. Robert F. Shugert Chorus; Varsity Choir. Whitney Franklin Sidener Band, Vice-President ; Orchestra ; N.S.I. , President : Student Council ; National Thespian. Darcie B. Simpson J.C.L. ; Junior Red Cross ; School Service; Cheering Block. John F. Slough Sarah Ann Slyby G.A.A. ; Northerner Agent ; Senior Play ; Polar-Y ; Girls ' Choir : Varsity Choir; School Service; Cheering Block. Dave E. Smith Key Club. Sergeant-at-armr. ; Student Council. Vice-President ; A Cappella ; Male Choir; School Service; Phy- Chem ; Camera Club ; Cross-Country. Gene J. Smith Camera Club; Intramural Wrestling. Harry Richard Smith Transferred from South Side. Senior Play. Jack Smith Varsity Football ; Track ; Basketball ; School Service ; Lettermen ' s Club, President ; Sophomore Class Secretary- Treasurer ; Freshman Class Social Council : M.L.C. ; Intramural Basket- ball ; Student Council. Joyce Eileen Smith Chorus ; Girls ' Choir ; Polar-Y ; Globe- trotters. Sandy Kay Smith Polar-Y; School Service; Junior Red Cross. Roslyn Snavely Nancy Jane Snoke Junior Red Cross. Norman Steven Snow Varsity Basketball ; Cross-Country ; Track : Phy-Chem ; M.L.C. ; Letter- men ' s Club; School Service; Key Club; Intramural Volleyball. Doris Ann Somers Polar-Y ; J.F.L. ; Chorus ; School Serv- ice ; Cheering Block. Lynn A. Soughan Band. President : Orchestra ; M.L.C. ; Phy-Chem ; N.S.I.. Vice-President ; Student Council. Dale Steven Spangler Intramural Basketball; Football; Track ; Globetrotters ; J.F.L. ; School Service. Mary Susan Spencer William P. Spencer Phy-Chem ; Intramural Table Tennis. Michael Gene Spice Key Club ; Track ; Football ; Intra- mural Football ; Intramural Basket- ball ; School Service. fcfcdtf M 67 " Shangri-La, " our banquet. In future years, Cappella Sch. Agent. Ruby Maxine Springer G.A.A. Judy Lynne Sprinkle Chorus ; Girls ' Choir; School Service. Martin C. Stanger Phy-Chem ; Camera Club ; „ , , Service; Intramural Basketball; „, ogy Club. Mary Staver Student Council; Cheering Block: Senior Play ; G.A.A. ; Girls ' Choir ; Chorus; Junior Red Cross. Philip E. Stephan Intramural Wrestling ; Intramural Volleyball ; Intramural Bowling ; Biol- ogy Club. Robert Paul Sterling Intramural Basketball ; Football. Charlene Sue Stevens Polar-Y; Chorus; Girls ' Choir; Var- sity Choir; Chicas Cantantes ; Cheer- ing Block. Jerry Adrian Stevens Judy Lynn Stevens Polar-Y; J.F.L. ; Chorus; Legend Agent. Dennis LeRoy Stewart Globetrotters, President ; Key Club Vice-President; A Cappella; Triple Trio; Male Choir; School Service; M.L.C. : Phy-Chem; Student Council. Parliamentarian ; Intramural Vollev- ball ; J.F.L. Karen Ann Stieglitz School Service ; Northe Elizabeth Ann Stone Ripplettes ; M.L.C, President ; Globe- trotters ; Orchestra, Secretary ; Polar-Y; Student Council; Helicon; Cheering Block; School Service. Daniel B. Stout Phy-Chem ; Botany Club ; J.F.L. Choir ; Student Council. Raymond Martin Stout Phy-Chem, President ; Studei cil; Varsity Choir; Male Choi mural Basketball ; Key Club. Richard Lee Summers Intramural Basketball ; Track ; Cross- country ; Northerner Agent ; Student Council ; School Service. Lanna Lee Swaim Junior Red Cross ; Globetrottrs ; J.C.L. ; School Service; Polar-Y; G.A.A. Thomas Joseph Swank Track ; Football ; Lettermen ' s Club ; M.L.C. ; Key Club ; Intramural Track ; Intramural Basketball ; Chorus ; Soph- omore Class Social Council. David Samuel Tannas William David Tanner Student Council ; Junior Class Social Chairman ; Freshman Class Social Council ; Track ; Football ; Intramurals ; Basketball ; Chorus ; Lettermen ' s Club. Diane Lynn Tate Chorus ; Legend Agent : Northerner Agent ; G.A.A. ; Cheering Block ; Heli- con ; Twirling; School Service; Junior Red Cross. Marcia Ann Taylor M.L.C. ; School Servi Nancy Lou Tennant M.L.C. President Junior Red Cross Student Council. Dale Terry Northerner Staff, _ News Editor, Ad Manager, Assistant Ad Manager, Agent ; 1600 Club : Band : N.S.I. ; Helicon ; J.C.L. ; Student Coun- cil ; School Service; Quill and Scroll. William Howard Thatcher Football ; Intramural Basketball ; Stu- dent Council. Male Intr Chorus. Daffi Dabblers ; Polar-Y; F.T.A. ; Editor - in - Chief. 68 whether in further scholastic work or immediate Bob Thomas Senior Intramural Manager ; Intra- mural Basketball ; Cross-Country ; In- tramural Bowling. Betsy Anne Thompson Chorus ; G.A.A. ; J.F.L. ; J.C.L.. Michael Neal Till Intramural Bowling. Terry Tinkle Fran Louise Tonkel Girls ' Choir; Chorus School Service. Legend Agent ; Kathi Sue Tsetse Chorus : G.A.A. ; Cheering Block ; School Service; J.F.L. ; Polar-Y ; Junior Red Cross. Donna Marie Ullyot Transferred from Canada. M.L.C. ; Phy-Chem ; Legend Agent. Phyllis A. Underwood J.F.L. ; Girls ' Choir ; Varsity Choir ; Chicas Cantantes. Ruth Z. Vargas Daffi Dabblers ; G.A.A. ; Chorus ; Girls ' Choir ; Varsity Choir ; Chicas Can- tantes. Larry Thomas Veasey Kathy Visick Marcyle May Volz Daffi Dabblers ; Varsity Band. Larry Dennis Wagner Intramural Track ; Basketball ; Volley- ball ; Key Club. Penny Lynne Wagner Daffi Dabblers ; G.A.A. ; Legend Agent ; J.F.L. ; Varsity Varieties. William Ernest Wagner Jacqueline Sue Walker Keith Edward Wall Key Club; Phy-Chem; J.C.L. ; Intra- mural Basketball. John David Walley Joanne Mary Waltemath Chorus ; Cheering Block; G.A.A. ; School Service ; J.F.L. ; Polar-Y ; Junior Red Cross. Neil Allen Waltenburg Intramural Volleyball ; School Service. Cathy Lou Walter Transferred from Auburn, Indiana. Joyce Walters School Service. Beverly Ann Wappas Cheering Block; Senior Play; J.C.L. ; F.T.A. ; Varsity Varieties. Myron Wayne Wappas 69 employment, fond memories will ever linger on. wk mm IlAflfl iL%A,k.Aiw J Jerry Burton Warsaw Band ; Orchestra ; N.S.I. ; Heli M.L.C. ; Nature Club ; National ' . pians; Senior Play. Wanda Dianne Wasson J.F.L.; Junior Red Cross. Brenda Joyce Weaver Polar-Y; J.C.L. ; School Service. Kichard Walter Weber Camera Club : School Service ; Ii Jerome David Wellman Nature Club : Hi-Y ; Varsity Ban Concert Band; Cross-Country ; Trac David Bruce Wilkins Biology Club. Steve Charles Willett James F. Willman Senior Play ; Band : Intramural Sporl James Seitz Wilson Intramural Basketball. John Glandor Wilson Steve Wilson J.F.L. ; School Service : Student Cou cil : Intramural Sports ; Senior Play. Charles Wilt Florence Marguerite Winkler Cheerleader. Captain; Ripplettes ; J.F.L. ; Cheering Block ; F.T.A. ; Leg- end Agent ; School Service ; G.A.A. ; Varsity Varieties. David Lee Wolff Senior Play ; T r a ( School Service. Alice Wood Polar-Y ; Phy-Chem ; Service ; Globetrotters. James Eugene Woods Transferred from New mural Sports; M.L.C. Robert E. Worley Intramural Football. M.L.C. ; School Marilyn Sue Wright Camera Club ; G.A.A. ; School Service. Barbara Elaine York Polar-Y ; G.A.A. : Booster Club. Darrell Lee Yovan Intramural Sports. Marilyn Joanne Zager Student Council ; Northerner Staff. Assistant Ad Manager, Ad Manager. Assistant Feature Editor ; Legend Staff : Legend Agent ; Globetrotters : Senior Play; School Service; Phy- Chem ; Cheering Block ; Math Club ; J.F.L. Elizabeth Ann Zakhi Camera Club ; School Service : Polar-Y. Judi Zemen Don Zimmerman 70 Fifty-Five Constitute ' 61 Four- Year Honor Roll The four-year honor roll is made up of seniors who have attained a ninety or above grade average all their years at North. Those who qualified by maintaining the average are Sandra J. Adams, Barbara J. Allen, Carolyn L. Amelung, Donna Jean Bair, Janet C. Beck , Bradley J. Bendure, Janice E. Benecke, William J. Ben- ninghoff, Susanne F. Blough, Barbara Sue Brudi, Wil- liam J. Buesching, William S. Caple, Anna Louise Carey, Sandra A. Cooper, Diane Sue Cornelius, Barbara Jean Cross. Also, Sharon Ann Emrick, James K. Finch, Gay Fisher, Kathryn L. Foy, Carol Sue Fraze, Pamela J. Friend, Richard W. Geist, Lois A. Gump, Mary Lou Haberly, Linda Jean Haynes, Margaret A. Johnson, Carol A. Johnston, William H. Johnston, Jayne B. Jordan. Also, Wanda Lou Kahlenbeck, Thomas H. Lapp, Michael J. Laughlin, Sandra Kay Mallett, Judith Ann McArthur, Patricia J. McMeekin, Michael C. Moore, Kay R. Morris, Michael L. Nahrwold, Patricia Ann Parker, Joan A. Parsons, Patricia Ann Pence, Charlotte Diane Regedanz, Stephanie Y. Richards, Joyce E. Rich- hart, Nancy K. Rinehart, Patricia L. Roop. Also, Ellen L. Schaper, William O. Schelm, Judy M. Schnepp, Michele Rae Seaman, Karen A. Stieglitz, Eliz- abeth A. Stone, Diane L. Tate, and Jerry B. Warsaw. Two other seniors, Marilyn Gordon, who attended North Side two years, and David E. Mitchell, who was here one year, have grade averages which qualify them for the four-year honor roll. 71 Officers, Advisers Lead Class a Step into Future To the top with the class of ' 61 was the goal of the seniot class officers. Led by Randy Roberts as president, the class enjoyed the senior play, senior banquet, and the senior prom. These functions were guided by Mrs. Janet Weber and Mr. Wade Fredrick as chairmen of the 1961 class advisers. The senior class officers worked far in advance on all social events, such as the prom, commencement, and baccalaureate. During the class officers ' meetings, they discussed all senior activities, chose committees for each activity, and planned specific programs. After every event the officers met to examine all parts of the previ- ous program and try to improve on weaknesses in order to better future activities. The Class of 1961 will remember late spring. It was then they learned their valedictorian and saluta- torian, were inspired at their baccalaureate, danced ' til midnight at their prom amid grape arbors and foun- tains, and finally strode proudly forward to receive their diplomas. The senior faculty advisers were Mrs. Amelia Dare. Mr. Robert Pugh, and Mi; Mr. Wade Fredrick. Mrs. Jeanne Gaus Miss Margaret Spiegel, and Mr. Harrv lanet Weber. Miss Mabel ( s Ruth Eudaley. Those not i, Mr. Byard Hey. Mr. Do Young. Planning the senior year of ' 61 were officers Pam Friend, sec tary-treasurer; Sandra Cooper, social chairman; Keith Hensch social council; Brad Bendure, social council; Steve McLean, vi president; Dick Geist. social council; Tom Lapp, social Randy Roberts, president. reenwalt, Mr. Cleon Fleck. Miss Judith Bowen, Mr. Charles Clark, Mrs. icluded in the picture were Mr. Ralph Anderson, Miss Marjorie Bell, aid Kemp. Mr. Roy Kline. Mr. W. H. McNeely, Mrs. Grace Pennington. Seniors expectantly await the arrival of the honored speaker, Mr. Phil Eskew. Banquet, Commencement Make Year Memorable The 1961 senior banquet was held at the Scottish Rite Ballroom with Mr. Phil Eskew, Superintendent of the Huntington Public Schools, as guest speaker. Seniors Ron Cummings, Barbara Allen, Jim Finch, and Randy Roberts also spoke. Commencement means the end of four years of high school life for the graduating seniors. Many will not meet again, but the joys shared will never depart from their minds. As last year ' s seniors are pictured awaiting the highest point of their high school i to participate in its commencement ceremony. 73 " George Washington Slept Here " — Hit of the Year " George Washington Slept Here, " a comedy in three acts, was presented by the senior class of 1961. When Newton Fuller (Dave Walley) bought an old broken down house in the country, without even the conveni- ence of water, Annabelle Fuller ( Diane Cornelius ) became an enraged woman. Mr. Kimber ( Jim Finch ) , who was the hired hand, always found something else that needed repair or improvement. Finally it came to the point where the Fullers ran out of money and had to give up the house. The Fuller daughter, Madge ( Sherry Hatfield ) , and Madge ' s boyfriend, Steve ( Bill Johnson), found the place too exciting and wonderful to give up. Mr. Prescott ( Dave Wolff ) , the obnoxious neighbor, had planned on taking over the Fuller place until Uncle Stanley ( Steve Moser ) , pretending to be the rich uncle, announced that he would donate five thousand dollars to save the house. With all their prob- lems solved, the Fuller household was a happy one once again. " Who do you think is going: to pay for all those things out the 74 Many Senior Activities Crowd the Date Calendar Greeted by senior officers. Butch Snow, Ellen Schaper, Bud Stout arrive at the Senior Banquet anticipating a wonderful evening. Slim, trim Steve McLean ' s secret is to party with " Mram, those pizzas sure look delicious! " say four senior chefs 75 Comment, Roberts, Fuller, Crabill Head Juniors Becoming ' upperclassmen, an experience that is new and exciting to each junior, was enjoyed this year by the class of sixty-two. Through the year the class was led by Jeff Com- ment, president; Jim Roberts, vice-president; Jon Fuller, secretary-treasurer ; and Ron Crabill, chairman of the social council. Faculty leadership was provided by Miss Pat Fleming. 1. fS 09k ft a D ft, £5 76 Judy Adams Nancy Allen Roger Allen Cheryl Altekruse Michael Anderson Terry Arney Marsha Arnold Nancy Artman Ronald Ausderan Richard Bahde Bonnie Bair Eugene Baker Billie Baldwin Sharon Banks Don Baral Linda Barbour Richard Barnard Diane Barnett Mary Barrett Carol Bashelier Shirley Battershell David Beach Marjorie Beamer Sharon Bear Sherry Beatty Betty Bedics Sherryl Beitler Kathleen Bell Richard Beltz Steven Bennett Michael Berkey William Berta Thomas Biggs James Bir Judith Blain Judith Bobilya Janet Bone • Bo Kathy Bookout Edward Bower Judy Braby Dale Brawn Judy Bredemeyer Phillip Breese Beverly Brockett Craig Brosius Betty Brown Richard Brown Sondra Brown Sue Brown Candace Brubaker Larry Bucher Donald Buckmaster Jerry Buckmaster Juniors Rosemarie Buerkle Carl Buhr Judith Bulmahn Kenneth Butler Charles Byers Susan Carpenter Kelly Caskey Pat Cates Paul Chapman Charles Clark Paul Clark Judith Cline Ronald Clingaman James Coen Michele Coleman Nancy Coleman Sue Coller Gary Comer Jeffrey Comment Joy Conkling Gary Connelly Judith Cook - Vickie Coolman Sandra Cotterman Marcia Covault Richard Cox Ronald Crabill Ralph Craig Cherry Crandall Bill Cretsinger Joanne Crull Judith Culbertson Paul Cunningham Sandy Cushing Tom Davidson Dolly Davis Tom Day Douglas Dayton Carol Dean Mike DelCampo Judy Delk Gloria Dennis Donald Detter Clyde Dively Sue Dobberkau Bonnie Dolnick Terry Dorman Robert Dornself Carol Dowden Donna Dowell Roger Drayer Bessie Dunbar Milton Dunton Linda East Donald Ecenbarger Joan Elliot Carolyn Eloph Christa Embick John Engle Judy Ervin Eileen Erwin Jon Esper Alice Espich John Essex Sharon Evans Peter Faccento Robert Fahrenbach Patricia Fair Richard Faith Sandra Farrar Wesley Farrell John Fawcett Cheryl Fee David Feustel Judith Fields Richard Findley Steven Fisher Ronald Flickenger Mark Foellinger James Ford Roger Fortmeyer James Foster Lynn Fowler Ronald Franke Peggy Frantt Rn alie Fr ? Frenger Pat Froebe Jon Fuller James Funk George Fuzy Linda Gardner Tom Garman Alan Gamer Charles Garnett Carole Garrison AnneGaskill Nancyrae Gavalif Jill Gerding .aEUa f k , jgjj££M rk f§) a 5 3 f 4 |Sjk , |aL k m | 1 a •«w fib a a 4fc •;.? v " | a B O t a M Oi £J j£ i% H O £J| O a » «©a § ft O O G • ;T K 1mLJI Wife, mmk I ' itek (•» a p a. a § o. f3 flj © ft 09Kb yw ff -Q. £5 !5 1 •7 %•!§ . V a a a . ik m V I . " . . ._ ».. S A 1 77 J uniors Jonrad Getz lvl v;;rd Gibson Judith Gibson Michael Gibson Kenneth Gick Marv Gilles Dixie Gillespie Donna Gilliam Michael Gingher oan Girten Fatricia Givens ft f} a ft (S j 1 . ' A ft IP C5 - - X- - dfci. i .U ' 7C» " , , . %». A H John Golle Susan Gran Sylvia Grant Mary Ann Graves Martha Gray Russell Gray Kenton Griffis Nick Grischke Susan Grothaus Ellen Guingrich Mary Guisinger Myron Haines Bud Hamilton John Hamilton Anita Hammon Al Haney Ronald Hansen Sandy Happel Dorothy Harmeyer Charlotte Harris Rebecca Harris Steve Harris Harold Hart Sharon Hartman Sandv Harvev Carol Harwood Anne Hastings Thoburn Hatch Robert Havens John Haverstock Karen Hawk Susie Hefflv Chere Hensley Carl Heuer Sharon Hickox Lynda High Gary Hinton Gale Hitchcock James Hoar Karen Holmes Bill Honeck Dan Honeick Julie Hoover Sharon Horn James Horrell Bette Houser Gary Hower Jane Hubbard Patricia Hudson Martha Huff Myron Huffman John Hughes Ann Huth Marjorie Hutson Bob Insley Dixie Jackson Greg Jackson Phyllis James Jim Jennings Kav Johnston Pam Johnson Robert Johnson Sallv Johnson Linda Jones Frank Jordan Judy Jordan Sandra Judy Jo Ann Kain Sherry Kammer Judy Kammeyer James Kapp Albert Kaufman Judith Keck Jean Keith Jeanne Keller Shirley Keller William Kelley Aubrev Kellogg Thomas Kemp Richard Kent Peggy Kinney Larry Kinnison Kathleen Riser Virginia Klug Judy Knepper Cathy Kogin 78 Juniors Sharon Koldewey Richard Koons Jill Koontz Susan Korn Mark Krieg Bob Krutchen Miriam Kubay Donnie Kurtz James Kurtz Norman Kurtz Anna Ladig Sheryl Ladwig Susan Lake Susan Lamb Paul Lambert Maria Lantz Steve Larimer Mary Latham Carol Lavander Judith Leach Susan Leamon . Carol Lee James Lee Luanne Lee Steve Leggett Porter Leslie David Levy Don Lewis Sue Lieberum Ernie Lindenberg Gloria Loney Irwin Long Patricia Loucks David Loudermilk Anne Lubomirski David Lucas Darlene Luce Daniel Ludwig David Lutz Vickie Lyon Sandy Mace Beverly Mally Carol Markwalder Arlene Martin Robert Martin Virginia Martin Elin Martins Patricia Masloob Linda Mast Rebecca McArthur Steven McCollister Joyce McCoskey Rosalie McCoy Robert McCuIlough Juanita McCurdy Robert McGuire Sue McGuire Jean Mcintosh Sherrie McKay Rick McLean Michael McMeen Thomas Meek Ellen Meier Janice Merrill Jim Metzler Mary Meyer Bob Michell Larry Milam Olympia Milentis Frank Miller John Miller Judith Miller Kirby Miller Steve Miller Vern Miller Thomas Mills Gloria Moreno Brenda Morgan Paula Morgan Mia Morris Mary Moses Linda Mullett Patricia Muliins Linda Murphy Charles Myers Constance Myers Don Myers Gary Myers Ronald Nagel Jack Nagelson Ruth Nash James Nelson Alice Neuhauser Jean Neuman Terry Newhard Janet Nichols Fred Noll Judy O ' Bear Judy O ' Brian ft 3 fS j k s ' ), © q (% a 9 f5 m a a ft ft a 9 a f| a 4 0A° ft n n m a m i o 79 J uniors Marsha Odier James Orcutt Patrick Ormiston Margaret Osborne Connie Osterholt Sue Oswald Judy Park Russell Parker Ann Patterson Susan Paulson Janine Peters . ' w William Peters -■ " ' " Vi tf kh . Norma Pieper 1 ! Pliett William Pool Sandra Potts Stephen Powell L i Gregory Price Robert Price aid Prosser Puff o MMrH 0fe «rffe j£ , fffe. r 1 - Jr r m m w W (Uwk. " »SW ! Jerry Hamsey Donna Rasley Paul Raver Lila Raymer Jim Read Bill Reeves Nancy Reimund Linda Renner Teresa Richard Susan Richards Bill Richardson Barbara Rider Helene Riedel George Robb Daniel Roberts Garnett Roberts James Roberts Constance Robertson David Robinson Anne Rogers Elizabeth Holland Maria Roman Larry Romano Robert Romy Connie Roth Yvonne Rousseau Karol Ruby Robert Ruch Paul Rice Sandra Rutter Steve Schafer Sandra Schafianski Cynthia Schanlaub Daniel Schellenback Cynthia Schelper Steve Schieber Richard Schlatter David Schlie William Schlup Catherine Schneider Barbara Schnepp Thomas Schomberg Susan Schowe Carol Schroff Sally Schultz Sharon Schultz Mark Schwan Larrv Scott Sandy Scott Karen Seibert Paul Seibert James Seiler Sharon Sellett Merlen Seslar Mason Sharts Don Sherbondy David Shuler Jack Shutt James Sievers William Siler Marilyn Sills Linda Simmerman Margaret Slack Barbara Smith Carol Smith Judith Smith Linda Smith Rita Smith Leslie Snyder Patricia Solt Donald Sovine David Spake Ken Spangle Mary Lou Spice Shirley Stahl James Stamm ; Sharon Stark .m A I. ? " ■ 4 % v ) . . iW . k. Jkitk. iJ Ulf Stoeckelmann 80 Aria Sternberg Linda Stout Michael Stresser Richard Strong Karen Stuckey Kenneth StudebaKe Ted Summers Bonnie Summersett Diane Sutton Phillip Swihart Larry Taylor Dick Teeters Susan Ternett William Thatcher Judy Thomas Marlene Thomas Barbara Thompson Larry Thompson Sue Thompson Michael Thome Barbara Till Rowena Timbrook Johnnie Tom Stephen Toon Stephen Troyer Linda Turner Richard Ummel Sandra Underwood Richard Ungerer Jim Van Every Nancy Venderly Yvonne Vergon Raymond Vining Robert Voght Donna Wade Roger Wagner Don Walker Michael Walker Martin Walter James Wappes Janice Wass Marilyn Waters Clifford Weave r Larry Weaver Louann Weaver Nancy Weaver Roy Weaver Jean Webb Charles Wehrenberg Scott Werling Glen Whtttenberger Judith Widmeyer Janet Wildey Mary Wilkins Rita Williams Richard Willis Jeanne Wills David Wilson Sharon Witnier Carla Wolfe Francis Wolff Judy Wolff Nancy Woltz Robert Wrigley David Wyss Robert York Roger Yovan Gene Young Linda Young William Zion Susan Zollars Keith Bartels Judi Barton Darrel Bourne Millie Clements Merrilee Crooks Patty Doty Denny Esterline Judy Gatton Nancyrae Gavalier Dixie Gillespie George Harford Randy Holocher Jim Kapp Sue Lantz Donna Lechleitner Mike Levin Karen Marsh Tom Martin Larry Mettert Dale Phillips Lowen Rhodes Tom Roberts Lorraine Schwartz Joan Shimer Steve Shimer Richard Stumpf Dennis Weiss Stanley Wells John Wilding James Wright Joan Wright Jerry Zirkle Tom Zurbrugg Juniors j-lfr WBi fflRfe © $ tf AflO £?£ © n 9 ? 9 i U. iL. " ' Sh wL ■ . ' S Ifo mto± ft ! mf, T w m ■f 3 ft 9 i . «4-i. Aki s, k illB Bk •W jkr±. fcJ J k . litAk £ fehJk; , 5 a a a a ft a a s § £ ft © £J o ■■)■ ' .■ ' % fp + D C% ? ft £ Aft ft Ss2bk- ft $!% o ft oaftfteft oafa fc ' fci itflli ' a ] 3) fcjW c ' A j gte ' ' _ ■ ■ " ft P ft ft fc a. ' t u4 ki, v .....iaia 81 The National Merit Scholarship tests provide trying moments for North Side juniors determined to be future college scholars A few tired junior girls welc 82 hearty breakfast after a delightfully sleepless night spent at Sue Dobberkau ' s slumber party. Sondra Brown, Maria Roman, Bev Brockett, and Sharon Horn maka crepe paper dogwood blossoms for their junior prom on April 29. Prom, " Serenade in Jade " Climaxes Junior Year The climax of every junior ' s social year is the junior prom. This year " Serenade in Jade " was no exception. Held at the Scottish Rite Ballroom, the prom featured decorations centered around a spring theme. As the couples crossed the bridge at the entrance, they entered a room filled with dogwood flowers. A park area con- sisting of a fountain and benches decorated the center of the room. The juniors and their dates danced to the music of Al Cobine. The cooperation of the officers, faculty advisers, and the committees made the prom the success that it was. The committee chairmen were Paul Raver and Maria Lantz, decorations; Teresa Rich- ard, chaperones; Kay Johnston, programs; Donna Dowell, refreshments; Pat Ormiston, tickets; and Sherry McKay and Dick Willis, publicity. nee, Mark Kreig gives a corsage to date, Judi Cook. 83 Bundled up for a chilly evening, a group of junior girls loyally cheer the team on to ictory in nn exciting football game. 84 First of Junior High Graduates Are Now Redskins Although some were new to North this year and some were year-old veterans of the school, the class of 1963 worked as a unit which had never been sep- arated. Scott Pitser, social chairman ; Steve Esterline. president ; Greg Meister. vice- president; and Mike Painter, secretary-treasurer were elected as leaders of the sophomore served Mr ophon ad- Claudia Ackley Bernadette Ada rol Ada Sha Ada Jack Aiken Mike Aker Arlene Akey Larry Albaugh Kathy Alexander Mike Allen Jack Altekruse Hank Altschul Eddie Anderson Darlene Andrews Joe Angel Margie Angus Martin Anspach Sandra Anspach Tom Archer David Armey Ron Armstrong Judy Arnett Jo Ann Arney Marcia Arney Bruce Arnold Sandy Axson Jacqueline Ayers Ronald Bade Edward Baker Linda Banter Don Barman Judy Barnard Baruara Barrett Dan Bates Denny Beach Mary Beams Jim Beberstein Roland Bednarczyk Eric Beebe Dick Bell John Behrens Rollan Bentrup Sue Beyerlein Jim Bieber Joe Bieber Bob Biesiada Carol Bishop Jenny Blaising Sylvia Blaising Marv Ann Blakesley Linda Blombach Sharon Blough £i m a $ ? p ' © 9 ft O jB ffi p| Q 3 f% .. ;t » cj iri a o © Q a« Vj iLifc. - 85 Sophomores f f w .C5 fl| -- - Jk " fe ' -site © i§ o a $ V $$k Bfc. Susan Blue Jean Bock Jay Bohlander Lou Bojrab Connie Boldt Len Boner George Bonham Greg Borton Carol Botteron Alice Bower Janice Bower Carol Bratt Jane Brenizer Larry Brewer Phil Brewer John Briggs Pat Brown Tom Bruck Tom Brumbaugh Bruce Brunson Roger Bryan Pam Bryant George Bryce Mike Buckner Rosalie Bullerman Linda Burkholder Kathy Busch John Butler Paul Byus Marian Cameron Susan Campetti Carol Cap Steve Carlson Steve Carpenter Rebecca Cassell Larry Causby Don Chaffin Becky Chambers Bill Christen Carol Christie Deanna Claflin Eric Claflin Mike Claphan Karen Clark Nita Clark Sara Clark Jim Clausen Margie Claxton Bob Click Ed Coble Pam Coblentz Joann Coe Cynthia Coleman Marilyn Cornel- Linda Conkling Carolyn Cook Michael Cope De Anne Coughlin Judy Counterman Harold Cour Ned Crapser John Craw Ann Cromwell Doris Cromwell Tom Cross Bob Cummins Liz Cunningham Karen Current Connie Dager Steve Dager Linda Darnell Sharon Darnell _ Theresa Dauplaise Barbara Davis BillDavis Linda Davis Paul DeFrain John Dehnert Tom Delagrange Diana Dellinger Tom DeLong Carolyn Demsev Judy Dennis Clinton Derrow Mary Derrow Tom Dewart Marianne DeWeese Ken Didier Rick Diehl Eleanor Diek Mary Doan Steve Doan Barry Donovan Larry Doty James Drake George Drew 86 Soph omores Janice Easlev Sandy Eckerle David Ehrman Steve Ehrman Lester Ehrsam Don Elbrecht Lynn Ellingwood Dii Sha i Endicott n Erler Tom Errington Steve Esterline Cheryl Evers Shalon Ezzelle Anita Faccento Dana Failor Mike Fair Sylvia Fairman Dick Falk Sharon Faulkner Roger Fawley ' Jackie Fee Jim Fenstermaker Cheryl Fiedler Gayle Figel Jackie Finch Richard Firks Richard Fisher Jim Fleenor Gloria Fleischman Richard Franck Peter Frank Sue Franklin Jim Fretz Jack Fry Trevor Frye Terry Fulkerson Steve Furste Cami Gabriele Larry Ganter Bonnie Card Barbara Gardner Bill Gardenour Diana Garn Cheryl Garton Lynn Gass Virginia Gaunt Jim Cause Patrick Geary Martha Gehron Gary Georgi James Gibson Judy Gilbert Paul Gilpin Jim Ginder Nancy Glenwith Jim Godfrey Ron Goheen Jack Gooley Jim Graham Susie Gramling Dave Green Jim Griffith Patty Groman John Gross Jim Grove Joe Hagadorn David Hagerman George Hagerman Dennis Haifley Bill Hakey Judi Hall Helen Hallien Betty Hammons Judy Ha :Hanes Steve Hansen Bessie Harding Lois Harding Dan Harter Bill Hartsing Jane Hatch Becky Hatcher Kathy Haughey Ed Haught Roger Haverfield James Hawk Joyce Hayhurst Tony Heidrich Cathy Hein Steve Heine Gene Heiser Jody Hemphill Linda Henderson Pat Hertig Alvin Hettinger Kay Hettinger 4 ft % ' . " T k. Aikaikk HL. m — ■ j 1 m AL, I A 4.1k Q O, £§k stint 3k. 1 1 ■. • x k c o ft 3 A i ' ( I s ■ «•_ i p " % ft!l 04 Jk O O " ?k 87 Sophomores 1 -J 1 Ark Joyce Hicks Harriet High Virginia Hinkle Mike Hippensteele Richard Hobson Jim Hohman Gloria Hollopeter Randy Holocher Cheryl Holsworth Jill Holzwarth Connie Homeyer Mimi Home Tom Horner Hugh Hosbein Diane Hosier Joan Houser Susie Housholder Aleta Howard Phil Hudson Jeanet Huett Jim Hulfeld Nancy Hunt Ann Hunter Karen Huth Kay Hutton Don Hyndman Kathy Jackson Marilyn Jackson Dave James Jim Jewell Carol Johnson David Johnston John Jones Vicki Jornod Richard Kahlenbeck Linda Kaiser Lois Kaufman Barbara Kavanaugh Jim Keller Karen Kelsey Janice Kensill Judy Kienzle Dick Kimbrel Paula King Dave Kinne Charol Riser Lynn Kitzmiller Bob Klepper Gary Knepper Nancy Knight Nancy Koehl Steve Konow Larry Koontz Suzanne Kreigh Tom Kruse Konnie Kumfer Tom Ladwig Claude LaHurreau Dianne Laird Donald Lake Nancy Landsaw Carol Lash Carole Laws Dave Laws Steve Leininger Skip Lesh Don Leuenberger Sue Levy Pat Lewton Betty Lindegren Karol Logsdon Terry Lommatzsch Diane Longberry Beverly Luce Helen Luckadoo Laverne Lutz Kathleen Lynch Linda Lyon Roger Macy Garry Manes Mike Mangan Donald Mann John Mannan Beth Marshall Bob Martin Joan Martin Mike Martin Judy Mather Kay Matzen Tom McAfee Jeanne McDonald Michael McGee Ron McNeal Terry McNelley Sherril McSpadden Anita Medsker Haulie Mee Ray Meek Greg Meister 88 Soph omores Roberta Mennewisch Paula Menzie Victor Meyer Don Miller Doug Miller Janyce Miller .Tim Miller Loretta Millet- Pat Miller Paulette Miller Wes Miller Patty Mills Bob Milton Sha Mil Ann Modricker Dorothy Moore Judy Moore Ron Moore Stan Moore Bob Moreno Nash Moreno Danny Morgan Tom Morrell ' Jean Morris Donna Morton Karen Mueller George Murbach Helen Murray Donna Musselman Judy Musselman Marilyn Mutch Alan Myers David Myers Marilyn Myers Neil Myers Gary Neal Stan Needham Patty Neidhart Joyce Neighbor Kathyren Nichols Woody Nine Gerald Nissenbaum Alfred Noble Jim Nolan Jackie Nusbaumer Pam Nuzum Barbara O ' Day Nancy Olinger Virginia Olscan Steve Onion Kristi Owren Mike Painter Diane Pape Tom Pape Bud Parker Jon Parker Dave Patterson Noel Patton Jane Payne Connie Peck Marilyn Peiter Andrew Pelz Connie Pelz Steve Pence Steve Pence Bonnie Penfold Suzanne Peters Marvin Peterson Steve Pfeiffer Linda Phillips Lynn Phillips Carol Pierce Frank Pipino Scott Pitser Mike Pletcher Shirley Poe Judy Pontius Ed Popp Pam Potts Beverly Pressler Connie Price Mary Pulver Sharon Purdum Nancy Quinn Jean Rains John Ransburg Mike Rauch Charles Read Jerry Redden Charlene Reece Judy Reeves Barbara Rigsby Dennis Reiling Larry Reinking Rose Remenschneidet Susan Rice Barbara Richardson John Richendollar Sharon Robbins CS l i £ - O, © £!i .£ jf| m - A ' j . Ajl A 4 L 0 k ' ' $ J Jit f PI f if fp r 4 C3| O £ f (% ft A C - B ft r5 - Jlk 4. VJ f " • k. 89 Sophomores Vfti: £5 iiS«iv tWiH 1 " ¥ . aM j3ff%. C? Si f | O s M J Llb " [ k. 4 . j«k JHk 0E » |rW l fc jfl H v " J r:7 H.7™ %z3 Cik Y; . ' ' " Sss - SSS| V Wf ( ,,x 4 Ci . ii ' - wu © H ©©■ ■f?J A. iv • c . k. iAi ' C : v v i ■ ft ' Sw g? %! ..I .» M W_ ± i . ft i % . ,C| ? £fcfc 1 v -v yr At _ a kk MStk 09k fM%. , i £ ) O fa$ ri i) 1 4. ,ikAl Afc ) © a K o D d y ' ki w. Sally Roberts Gary Robinson Richard Roehling Jim Romano Kenneth Root Carol Ross Kathy Ross Susie Rupp Jay Russ Jim Sammetinger Bob Sargent Don Satterthw Tom Saunders Carolyn Saylor Joan Saylor Judy Sehaaf Eileen Schaefer Carol Sehanlaub Barb Schecter Jean Scherer David Schmidt Dick Schmidt Judi Schubert Dave Schumaker Sherry Scott James Seely Doug Seifert Jack Shaheen Connie Sharp David Sharpe Claralyn Shearei Sue Shimer Susan Shook Gloria Sible Jerry Siegel John Sii Cathy Smi te Feli. ith i Smith John Smith San, Ira Smith Tom Snyder Barbara Salmon Carolyn Solt Steve Sosenheimer Gary Spangler Sam Spencer Lois Speidell Bob Spies Rosann Spiro Nancv Spitler Bernard Squires Jerry Squires Diane Stackhouse Pam Stanski Janet Steward John Stewart Pat Stillen Dave Stillman Bob Stoeckley Kristine Stomberg Tom Stoots Judy Strater Marsha Strebig Linda Strong Jon Stucky Janice Stumpf Pam Swain Janet Tannehill Jim Tennant Sara Thiel Kathleen Thomas Tom Till Fred Topp Du Dave Turrin Pat Tweedy Bill Valor Bette VanOve Toni Vargas Dave Voelker Jim Voirol Cheri Walker Jeff Walker Carol Will Inc. Ann Walley Dii Wa Stanley Weaver Wyatt Weaver George Weber Randy Webster Judy Weeks Larry Weeks Boh Weisbach 90 Soph omores Steve Weiss Doug Welch Mitchell Welty Jerry White David Williams Jim Williams David Wilson Mike Wilt Larrv Windmill Sue Winkelman Allen Witham Diane Wickser Jane Woodings Ken Woodv. Wo ell I ' atti Wright Sue Wuthrich DaleYoder en Yoder Tim York Judy Young Larry Zell Che yl Zii ■ Zollars Joyce Zurbrugg Louie Zelt Marcia Zurbrugg JoAnn Arney Steve Arnold Linda Banter Gloria Brown Jerry Bryce Earl Burris George Bushong Bill Christen Alice Coatney John Conard Michael DeWald Darlene Durfey Richard Evans Dinah Gehrig Jim Gibson Richard Gilreath Mike Heffelfinger Dick Hobson Ji; veil Jackie Kiel Jeanne Kintz Richard Lamprec Lenny Melton Jeff Michell Loretta Miller Neil Myers Suzanne Peters Shirle Pope John Ransburg Nancy Rice Barbara Rigsby Jean Scherer Craig Shumaker John Simmons Steve Sosenheinu Norma Soughan Bob Spies Jerry Squires Paula Waters .u4 O- ft © S) p. o o o r:,4. .A aa. Jkk :- k.4 " it o r § O ft ft f Qft • iL (tt m flpi ' P r? o g ifc 0 , j f f 1 5fc« - ki y lit JP« C3 .CD - f ?J j A fS f If ' 4 91 At a lively slumber party, held at the home of Sharon Adams, a few sophomore girls ham it up by staging an imaginary concert Steve Konow and George Bryce seem to be wondering where all the girls are. 92 Before attending a show, sophomores Kathy Haughey, Joe Hagadorn, Don Elbrecht, Barb Barrett have a small, informal get-togethe Juanita Altekrusc, Judy Haffner, Karen Faulkner, Doris Houser, and Jo Ellen Ganter share their collections of favorable snapshots. 93 Small Freshman Class Has Big Plans, High Hopes In anticipation of I he future, the freshman officers gaze longingly at the Senior Door. The majority of 86 per cent of the freshman class cast their voles for Pat Homey er, social director ; Nannette Friend, secretary-treasurer; Jim Irwin, president; and Ed Hatcher, vice-president. (5 t f f Carlton Aldrich Lee Allen Patricia Allison Juanita Altekruse John Amelung James Anderson Jerry Andrews Stephen Arnold Becki Barcus Georgia Barnett Charlene Baumgartne Timothy Beach Sandy Beckman Richard Beeching Don Bernard Kay Biggs Ma rBlo idward Bobilv Sandra Bojii Carl Bower Terry Bower Russell Bowi Do Hindi Bob Bufkin Thomas Burns Karen Butler Rose Caskey Mary Cerveris Sandra Chandler Joyce Christlieb James Close Phvllis Compton Janice Cook Roberta Cook Sheryl Cook Carolyn Cox Di; De- ad Diehl Thomas Doehrma Edwin Dornself Ronald Dornseif Linda Downie Janet Duxbury lorma Earl :Eby Ui. ' li.i Jerry Fanger Karen Faulkner Clemeth Federspiel James Feller 94 Freshmen Patricia Ferris David Firestine David Fishbaugh Robert Fleischer Susan Flickinger Larrv Freeman Nannette Friend Janet Fryer Linda Furste Danny Gallmeier JoEllen Ganter Beatrice GaskiU Carl Geist Joe Gennaitte Kathleen Gepfert Jacqueline Gill Frank Gilles Nancy Girardot Steven Gorrell John Graves Carla Greene Marcia Gressley Frank Gross Sharon Grothaus Donald Habecker ' Judy Haffner Pamela Haines John Hall Ray Hanson Randy Harter Ed Hatcher Walter Hattery sHa •iland Holly Helmke Kenneth Henschen David Hetrick Dee Hinkle Suzanne Hoffman Jill Hofstetter Norman Hoke Patricia Homeyer Doris Houser Douglas Howell Carolyn Hudson Maxine Hughes Lvnn Hursh Robert Hurst Jim Irwin Judy Jacobs Jack Jennings David Johnson Wayne Johnson Ron Jones Vicky Jones Paul Kehr Karen Kelly Jill Kennedy Terry Kimmel Dena Kimpel Johnny King Shereen Kirkpatrick Kathy Knepper Gary Knight Judy Knop Lynn Koenig Thomas Konow Irmhild Kroeber Todex Kubay Ronald Lapp Steven Leatherman Marcia Lehman James Leon Betty Lloyd Karen Loechner Ronald Loney Becky Lotz Kenneth Luessenhop Mary Lungren Ted Macy Karen Madden Don McClure Betteann McCollister Lorna Mclntyre David McLaughlin David McNamara Carol McSorley John Meitz Larry Mercer Janice Merriman Helen Miller Mark Miller Mary Miller Mike Miller Diana Mills James Mishler Terry Moreland Marcia Morton Victor Motz Craig Moyer 9 H © o 9 9 £$ n a s 9 o a ■? §i m (S O (fv j% o 95 Freshmen E ft V : £ £} . ffl O O a n ft TO % Mk j% fmm m k «f a f fx; f; -T (-) A 0£i fi Cj ,ft | C5 fTs ,tt Q O t ' ; £ -d Mulles Jim Muter Karen Nailor Steven Neumann Ronald Nicodemus Suzanne Noll Walter Norden Jack Olinger Garrett Ott June Pape Darrel Park William Patterson Bud Poyser Sheri Raber Martha Rarick Judith Reichardt Carlene Reinwald Judith Renner Robert Rhodes Sue Riley Penny Roberts Lee Romano Kaye Roy Kathy Saaf Mary Sayles Anita Schafianski Judy Scheele Suellen Scheele Dave Scheibenberger James Schmidt Robert Schneider Judy Schwalm Peggy Scott James Sensibaugh Ronald Sesney Rosetta Sheckles Audrey Shepelak Pamela Shoemaker Arthur Sivits Geoffrey Smith Kathleen Smith James Smoak Duane Snyder Carl Sovine Charles Sroufe Susan Stalt Barbara Starkel Gregory Stevens Sally Stevenson Dan Strong Terry Sturges Maureen Swain Donald Tennell Phyllis Thompson Steven Vice Lois Wade Rodger Walker Stephen Walker Janice Wasson Thomas West Jerry Widmeyer Joe Wiegmann Lana Williamson Jim Wilson Harley Winkelblack Tim Witzigreuter Sandra Wright Patricia Wring Sandra Zion Thomas Zollars Gary Zumbaugh Lana Adams Carlton Alarich Allen Lee Roman George Anderson Marcia Arnev Edward Brewer Steve Clark Fred Dey Jim Feller Tony Gilles Mike Kiper Ralph Lockridge Robert McGinnis Richard Osborn Tom Phillips Pat Riley Maureen Shea Douglas Short ;tcveSimcoe Billy Troop Martina Vance Carolyn Werskey Sam Whitman Larry Wilhurn 96 On week ends freshman boys enjoy playing a game of basketball. Marty Vance, Pat Allison, and dates dance amid hearts and cupids. The freshman girls attending Donna Brudi ' s party unanimously agree that studying together as a group fun than studying alone. 97 As History Records, Club Activities Contribute to 98 Community, School 99 Student Council Launches Campaign Against Debris Composed of elected representatives from all home rooms and from the various clubs, Student Council undertakes many projects to better the conditions in and around school. In the spring of this year, under Mr. Robertson ' s direction, Student Council organized a clean-up campaign. New trash barrels were situated around the school and signs were put up to help make the students become more conscious of the trash prob- lem. Again this year, the club sponsored two war orphans and collected food and clothing for needy families during the Christmas season. The Student Safety Council, one portion of the Stu- dent Council, devotes its time to making the student body more conscious of safe and courteous driving. First row: Carol Dowden. Donna Dowell, An onri row: Svlvia firanl. Sharon Witmer. Sha row: Keith Michell. Phil Roth, Barbara Allen. Lind; Rick Parke. Larry Scott. Fourth row: Lynn Sough Stewart, Chuck Chambers. Bill Reeves, Tom DeW( Hastings. Barbara Brudi. Sherrv Hatfield, Stevie Richards. Steve Wilson. Jon Fuller. Sec- Banks, Diane Regedanz. Sherry jVIeKay, Carol Carroccio. Tom Mills, Tom Lapp. Third , Jeanno Keller. Sandv Cooper. Susan Harter. Pam Friend. Jeff Comment. es Orcutt. David Wallev. Ron Crick. Randv Roberts. James Roberts, Denny fe Smith. Steve Lcgitctt. Bud Stout, Larry Thompson. Ron Ciabill. 100 Krieg. sergeant-at president. tarting off the clean-up project. First Vicki bury, Jerry White, Scott Pitser, Dave Voelker, Jack Fulk. Paul Raver, St Beth Marshall. Ann Walley, Kay Bentz, Helen Miller, Joyce Havhurst. Steve Gorrell. Second row: Doug Short, Joan Parsons, ■ Kathie Gephart, Barb Starkel, Rosalie Bullerman, Nan Friend, Marilvn Gordan. Third row: Mike Nahrwold, E ' aine Dux- th, Jeff Mitchell, Jerry Bryce. Dick Georgi. Fourth row: Dan Stout. Dave Wvss. Dave Smith, eve Doan. Dick Fisher. Jack Altekruse. 101 In Producing Yearbook, Staff Aims for Perfection Stevie Richards was editor of this year ' s Legend, and Sandy Cooper was assistant editor. Diane Regedanz edited the academic section, and Kathy Haughey as- sisted her. Janet Beck, assisted by Cheri Crandall, edited the faculty section. Jan Schrey, with assistant Carol Carroccio, directed the senior section. Barb Brudi, with Joyce Richhart as assistant, edited the junior section. Linda Duncan, assisted by Sharon Adams, headed the sophomore section. Nancy Rinehart, aided by Barb Beyerlein, directed the freshman section. Barbara Allen, along with Sylvia Grant and Maria Lantz, headed the activities section. Jack Hamilton, aided by Jim Nolan, edited the sports section. Donna Bair, assisted by Judy Smith, planned the index. Ron Crick was business man- ager, and Doug Boren assisted him. Copy editors were Linda Lutton and Sandy Castret. The photographers were Dave Laws, Tom Cross, Martin Walter, and Don Elbrecht. Randy Roberts, assisted by Jayne Jordan, was art editor. Miss Norma Thiele gave her time to the sponsorship of the yearbook. 102 stants make final corrections for their yearbook sections. Staff pholographe picture for clarity and contrast. 103 Northerner Staff Struggles Frank Pipino proofreads sports galleys while Ron Cumtnings Checking the records and balancing the books is the Northerner makes suggestions for layouts, and Jim Nolan Supervises staff ' s advertising staff ' s main duty. work. Studying the style book. Northerner reporters meet pe- riodically to review copy read- ing, stylewriting, and symbols used in correcting copy. 104 with Weekly Deadlines Every week deadlines must be made if the North Side paper, the Northerner, is to be distributed to students each Friday morning. Members of the first semester ' s staff, who had the responsibility of publish- ing the Northerner, were Dale Terry, editor-in-chief; Bonnie Dolnick, news editor; Judy Smith, feature edi- tor; Jim Nolan, sports editor; Doug Boren, business •manager; Judy Pontius, business assistant; Harriet High, advertising manager; Stan Needham, advertising assistant; Frank Pipino, circulation manager; Margie Angus, circulation assistant; Sherry McKay, classroom news editor; Sue Gramling, exchange editor; Pat Tweedy, point recorder; Nancy Hunt, correspondent; and Joyce Hayhurst, special news writer. In addition, there were various reporters on the staff. Faculty ad- viser of the Northerner is Miss Norma Thiele. Nolan makes up dun vhile Barb Scheeter Judy Smith. Bonnie Dolnick, Sherry McKay, and Dale Terry discuss plans for the layout of next week ' s issue of the Northe 105 Sherrv McKay, Su m Nolan. Judy Snr i Dnlniek, Judy Leach, Ha) Dale Terry, Doue Boren, Ron Crick, Martin Walter, Fr Journalism Participants Join Honor Organizations As students develop their journalistic powers and have their works published in the Northerner, they accumulate points. After a writer has earned 1500 points, he may join the 1500 Club, an national jour- nalism honorary society. For this he receives a pin. The student may continue to write and earn pins for 2500, 5000, and 10,000 points. Quill and Scroll is another journalism honorary. It is very difficult to attain this award. The recipient must be in the upper third of his class, a senior, and a valuable member of his school ' s journalism depart- ment. Three North Side students were made members of Quill and Scroll this year. They are Stevie Richards, Sandy Cooper, and Dale Terry. Quill and Scroll members are Sandra Cooper. Dale Terry, and Stevie Richards. lOf. County Infirmary Party Highlights Helicon Year j§ First row: Sue- Oswald, Judith Ann Leach, Judith Bulmahn, Leslie Gaston — social ch president. Janet Beck— secretary, Carolyn Amelung. Carol Fraze, Liz Stone, Diane Second row: Anne Rogers, Margaret Slack, Nancy Rinehart, Janice Benecke, Sharon udi, Karen Hawk. Stevie Richards, Anna Carey, Nancy Woltz. Third row: Dick Judy Delk, Barb Allen, Lorraine Schv. Nissenbaum, Dave Loudermilk Meister, Steve Smith. Seibert, Kathy Foy, Joyce Richhart. Sherry Hatfield. Fo , Ellen Schaper, Pam Friend, Sandy Cooper — nz — treasurer, Teresa Richards, Linda Kaiser, r, Claralyn Shearer, Anita Medsker. Barbara Dick Schlatter, Dale Terry, Richard Hostler, ilton, Jim Orcutt, Richard Willi! Roberts, Cha Through its theme for the year, " Contemporary Literature, " and its activities, Helicon has provided an opportunity for its members to increase their literary knowledge. Dr. Sylvia Bowman, professor and novelist, was a guest speaker October 18. Students added to the Christmas spirit by distributing gifts to persons in the Allen County Infirmary; and Santa Claus, portrayed by Steve Caple, climaxed the party. They also pre- sented their after-game dance, " Frosty Frolic, " in Jan- uary; and the Lincoln-Washington Assembly in Feb- ruary. Other projects included a paper-back book sale and an annual gift to the school. The advisers are Miss Mildred Huffman, Miss Mabel Greenwalt, and Mr. Robert Pugh. Helicon was organized by Mrs. Edith Winslow. a former North Side teacher, in October, 1933. Helicon book sale attracts students to the library twice a year. 107 Bill Johnsto Denny Stewart — vice-president. Bill Bueschinff — secretary, Tom Lapp — president. Dav eve Pence, Jerry Bryce, Dave Walley, Jon Rabus, Joe Hagadorn, Steve Leggett. Larrv Scott. , Randy Roberts. Jim Brown. Dick Brown. Jack Gooley. Pat Ormiston. Kirby Miller. Fourth row- Mike Nahrwold, Howard Habig. Keith Henschen, Mr. Bickel, Martin Walter. Key Club Compiles and Distributes N.S. Directory Organized in 1956 and sponsored by the Northeast Kiwanis Club, Key Club serves the school and com- munity in every way possible. The club builds leader- ship qualities and good character to aid its members in the future. Membership is open to any sophomore, junior, or senior boy recommended and approved by club members. For the fourth year Key Club published the North Side Key, a student directory; planted trees along the flood wall; purchased spotlights and an intercom sys- tem for the auditorium; and furnished dictionaries for the study hall. The advisers are Mr. Clive Wert and Mr. Glen Bickel. First row: Jim Roberts. Bob Cu son, Dick Schlatter. Second rov Ed Masloob, Ron Crabill, Lar Tom DeWcese, Larry Wagner. Dave Clark — vice-president, Ron Crick — president, Don Gaff — secretarv-treasurer. Joe Emmer- George Fuzy, Bill Kelly, Jeff Comment, Steve Moser. John Griffith, Mr. Wert. Scott Pitser. Third row: Redmon. Jim Keller. Perry Leggett, Charles Wehrenberg. Fourth row: Richard Willis. Mark Krieg. each, Judith Bulmahn, Karen Hawk. Bette Hansen, CI imith. Maria Lantz, Bonnie Dolnick, Karen Seibert. Shai Embick, Sharon Blough. Margaret Slack Cheri Walker, Sally Johnson — secretary- Carl Hever. Fourth row: George Bryce, Martin J. Walters, Ron D. Crabill. James Schacfer. Steven Bennett, George Fuzy, Hank Altschul, Charlie Wehrenberg. a Acklev. Pam Johnson, Sylvia Grant. S Witmer. Nancy Woltz. Carol Botteron. Third la Smith. Shirley Keller. Susie Hefflev. line Roberts, Dick Brown, I Social Science Club Marches in Veterans ' Parade " You ' re out of step! " " Gee, it ' s cold tonight! " These were a few comments shouted by Globetrotters ' members as they marched in the Veterans ' Day pa- rade. Globetrotters, directed by Miss Katherine Roth- enberger and Mr. Harold Young, also included a Christmas party and spring picnic in this year ' s activ- ities. A service club during World War II, Globetrotters now strives to stimulate interest in world affairs. First row: Leslie Gaston, Diane Regedanz — social chairman, Ellen Schaper, Dennis Stewart — president, Howard Habig — treasurer, Mary Lou Haberly. Kathy Foy — vice-president. Donna Bair. Berniece Millette. Second row: Mary Bowers. Sherry Hatfield, Liz Stone, Elaine Duxbury, Joyce Richhart, Janice Benecke, Barbara Fuzy, Susan Feller. Third row: Georgeanne Hatch, Dorcas Schrock, Karen Findley, Susanne Blough, Carolyn Keller, Ron Harshman, Nancy Rinehart, Jeneba Burke, Fourth row: Bill Johnston, Ed Hoerner, Mike Nahrwold, Tom Crull, Jim Heck, Bill Buesching. Steve Caple. Charles Wehrenberg. Mr. Young. 109 First row: Linda Kaiser, Vicki Jornod— s Gehron, Diana Endicott, Susie Gramling, A Kiel, Barbara Barrett, Kathy Haughey, Do Sharon Blough, Sylvia Blaising. Pat Tweei Diek Fisher. Fourth row: Terry McNelley, Jim Nolan, John Stewart, Jerry Nissenbaurn f, cretarv, Greg Price — vic?-pres me Modricker, Carol Laih. Se na Gilliam, Sue Beyerlein, M r, Susi Weithrich, Nancv Hunt, Carol Bott Frank Pipino, Ronn Armslrong, Bob tun dent, Sharon Witmer— president, Jane Hatch — treasurer, Marty L-ond row: Sharon Sillet, Margaret Slack, Diane Hosier, Jackie irian Cameron, Joyce McCoskey, Rebecca Cassell. Third row: Nancy Quinn. Marilyn Comer. Dave Slillman, , Gene Heiser, Mike Bourne, Jim Williams, Classicists Strive for Knowledge of Roman Life Junior Classical League, under the supervision of Miss Judith Bowen, Mrs. Amelia Dare, and Mrs. Janet Weber, encourages and promotes knowledge and un- derstanding of the Roman culture, civilization, litera- ture, and art. The members are taken beyond their daily classroom work in the study of the Latin lan- guage and background. North Side ' s Junior Classical League is a local chap- ter of the National JCL organization. The club ' s activ- ities for the year included a Christmas party and the presentation of the after-game dance, " Winter Warm-Up. " w: Nancy Rice. Patti Neidhardt, Judi Hall, Helen Hallien. Judy Reeves. Jackie Fir Linda Strong. Ann Wallev. Becky Chambers. Jodv Hemphill. Claralvn Shearer, Lin Weber. Bob Sargent. Wyatt Weaver. Steve Pence. Steve Smith, Greg Meisler, Scott Pitse Connie Boldt. Diane Stackhouse, Marilyn Reiter, Steve Schaefer, Vera Bowm»n, Kathy Ale ith, Susie Bragalone. Third row: ista Embick. Fourth row: Cathy ) . Paula Menzie, Kristine Stomberg. 110 Modern Linguists Learn Customs of France, Spain The Spanish Club and the French Club joined to- gether in 1955 to form the Modem Language Club. The purpose of the club is to further the students ' interest in their foreign languages and to increase their knowledge of the customs, geography, government, and people of the country in which this particular lan- guage is spoken. The year ' s activities included a Christmas party with JCL, a spring picnic, and the after-game dance, " Winter Warm-Up. " The club has helped to expand the audio-visual aids in the language department and, with JCL, has pur- chased a punch bowl set for the school. Advisers for the club are Miss Frances Plumanns and Mr. Paul Lemke. Sandy Adams leads the line at the annual M.L.C. Christmas party. First row: Leslie Gaston. Sherry Hatfield, Nancy Tennant — president Joyce Hayhurst, Judith Ann Leach, Sharon Erler, Aleta Howard, Jud} Third row: Peggy Dunn. Jane Payne, Lester Ehrsam, Eileen Schaef Mary Lou Haberly, Marilyn Mutch. Fourth row: Linda Bloombach, M: Carol Johnson, Carol Christie. Carolyn Keller, Darlene Durfey. Joyce Fifth row: Dave Kinne, Mike Stresser, Stan Needham, Ron Clingamal Voelker, Jim Woods, John Wilding, Rich Franck. Jim Voirol. Liz Stone. Barbara Brudi — treasurer. Second row: Judj Pontius. Kienzle, Carolyn Demsey. Harriet High. Judy Moore. Judi Shubert. r, Carole Laws. Janice Benecke, Mariann DeWeese, Suzy Housholder, rgaret Johnson, Karen Findley, Rosy Bullcrman, Lois Kaufman. Richhart, Bonny Penfold, Sheryl Beitler, Karen Clark, Carol Adams. , Owen Fox, Roger Drayer, Rick Lamprecht, Gary Hower, Dave 111 Sandra Adams, Ellen Schaper, Joan Parsons — president, Luanne Lee — secret! er, Djnna Dowell, Lois Gump, Rosemarie Buerkle, Sandv Edinston. Pat McMe ehart, Carol Rufner, Barbara Beyerlein. Pat Roop, Sherryl Beitler, Anna Care y, Kathy Hein, Nancy Woltz, Jeanne Keller, Ellen Meier, Para Friend— vice-p Flo Winkler. Second row: Stevie Richards, i. Third row: Sherry Hatfield, Su: sie Heffley, rs. Pennington. Fourth row: Mr. Lewinski, lent, Pat Jones, Margaret Slack. FTA Studies Career Possibilities in Teaching Future Teachers of America was founded in 1950 to assist students in developing a greater interest in teaching and to give them an opportunity to evaluate their qualifications for this field. F.T.A. also strives to develop responsible leadership. This fall the officers and some members attended the State F.T.A. Convention at Indianapolis where Art Hafner was installed as state secretary. In December the club sponsored an after-game dance with members Flo Winkler and Pat Pence as disc jockeys. Other items in the club ' s program this year included lectures, skits, movies, a Christmas party, and a spring picnic. The advisers of F.T.A. are Mr. James Lewinski and Mrs. Grace Pennington. Bill Bcnninghoff c 112 First row: Barbara Beyerlein, Carolyn Keller, Judy Scheele, Elaine Duxbury— president, Sylvia Egly— secretary-treasurer, Janet Dux- burv Jovce Richhart — vice-president. Second row: Pat McMeekin, Sandy Gushing, Kathy Ross, Margaret Johnson, Janice Beneke, Judie Zemen, Susi Richards, Barb Rider, Donnie Kurtz, Sandy Edington. Third row: Nancy Weaver. Sue Scheele, Fran Puff, Linda Smith, Maria Lintz. Patricia Jones, Sherry McKay, Mary Sayles, Linda Young. Fourth row: Donna Gilliam. Cheryl Holsworth. Nancy Glen- wilh, Pat Dotv, Janet Erwin, Pat Solt, Sharon Stark, Karen Holmes. Rosalee Freiburger. Red Cross Coordinates School, Community Efforts Under the supervision of Mrs. Alice Nusbaum, Junior Red Cross sponsored a game night at the Allen County Home, constructed trays for the Veterans ' Hospital, and adopted an elderly lady from the Allen County Old People ' s Home. As is tradition. Junior Red Cross presented their after-game Valentine dance again this year. Paste, paper, and patience went into favors for the Veterans Hospital. A few shown creating their masterpieces. 113 Hi-Y Is School Affiliate of National YMCA " How much? " Hi-Y leaders jrathe Creating, maintaining, and extending high standards of moral character throughout the home, school, and community is the goal of the Hi-Y Club, organized in 1929. Hi-Y, the school branch of the Young Men ' s Chris- tian Association, is affiliated with the state and national Hi-Y organization. Under the leadership of Mr. John Malott and Mr. Robert Pugh, the club participates in various service projects, such as the annual World Service Drive. Hi-Y buys the twirling uniforms and helps sponsor an annual city-wide dance. 114 First row: Sandy Potts, Sue Oswald. Nancy Woltz Aleta Howard. Jane Hatch. Katie Thomas, Sharon Bear, Nancy Speitler, Donna Brudi. Second row: Rosemarie Buerkle, Judith Bulmahn, Mary Moses, Claralvn Shearer, Joyce Havhurst, Judy Schubert, Gloria Hollopeter, Gloria Sible, Judy Kienzle. Third row: Linda Young, Judy Barnard. Sharon Erler, Eileen Schaefer. Bonnie Penfold, Susie Bragalone, Barb Srhecter, Barb Starkel, Carolvn Demsev, Marcia Arnev. Fourth row: Pam Johnson, Sandy Cushing, Mary Beams, Darlene Dur- f ey, Nancy Knight, Ellen Meier. Sandy Farrar, Carol Lash. Linda Blombach. Sharon Stark, Mrs. Amelia Dare. Carolyn Werskey. Polar-Y Improves Girls in Mind, Body, and Spirit Polar-Y, a branch of the YWCA, stands as a sym- hospitals, its members also sponsor the Faculty Tea bol for friendship and Christianity. Membership is and potato chip sale. open to any North Side girl. The advisers are Mrs. Amelia Dare and Miss Mar- In addition to many service projects for the various jorie Bell. First row : Geor« Tennant, Steyie Richards, Mi Cook, Sue Svalf, Nannette Friend Pat Allison, Laws, Lois Kaufman, Linda Burkholder, Mari Diane Stackl.ouse, Janet Steward, Linda Stout Hatch, Liz Stone. Ellen Schaper, Barbara Brudi, Donna Bair — secretary-treasurer. Pam Friend — president, Nancy id row: Nancy Rin?harl. Theresa Dauiilaise. Jo Ellen Ganter, Pamela Haines, Bobbi Paulette Miller. Third row: Miss Marjorie Bell, Christa Embick, Jean Scherer, Carole nnc DeWeese. Linda Strong. Pam Nuzum. Fourth row: Susie Rupp, Sylvia Fairman. Sandy Bojinoff, Jody Hemphill, Diana Dellinger, Eleanor Diek, Elaine Duxbury. 115 st row: Pam Johnson, Sherry McKav, Christa Embick, Susi Richards. Joan Shinier— secretary, Karen Seibert. Karen lmahn. Second row: Steve Pence. Dick Schlatter, Terry McNelly, Judy Smith, Lorraine Schwartz, Nancy Woltz, Sus omas, Charles Wehrenborg, Carl Heuer. Third row: Dave Kinne, Boh Stoecl ' .ley, Glen Whittenberger, George Fuzy, Martii Crabill. Dave Lowdermilk. Kenton Griffis. Richard Barnard. James Roberts. Mr. Beryl Lewis. Fourth row: Ron Hans s. Steve Schacfer. John Engle. Jack Shutt. Steve Bennett, Alice Neuhauser, Tom Carman, David Wyss. David Feustel. Jil milton, Richard Hostler. lawk. Judith Heffley, Mr. Walter. Ron- . Craig Bro- Orcutt, Jack Phy-Chem Club Seeks Physical Science Knowledge Stimulating interest and widening the members ' knowledge of physical science is the main goal of the Phy-Chem club of North Side. This goal is carried out through the club ' s programs which include lectures, demonstrations, field trips, and movies. This year Phy- Chem held a Christmas parry and a spring picnic for its main social activities. As a service to the school, the club helps to finance the purchase of various equip- ment for the science department. Phy-Chem meets every fourth Thursday of each month. Membership is open to all students taking either a chemistry or physics course. The club advisers are Mr. Harold Thomas, Mr. Robert Anderson, and Mr. Beryl Lewis. First row: Berniece Millette. Dorcas Schrock, Judie Zemen. Joyce Richhart. Donna Ullyot. Linda Reid. Second row: Sandy Edington. Darleen Butler, Nancy Rinehart. Jeneba Burke. Wanda Kahlenbeck, Pat Jones, Carol Carriccio. Third row: Ronald Harshman, David Wallev — president, Barbara Beyerlein, Carolyn Keller, James Finch. Bill Spencer. Mr. Anderson. Fourth row: Tom Crull, Howard Habig, Steve Moser, Jim Heck, Jerry McEwen. Mike Nahrwold— treasurer, Steve Caple. Tom DeWeese — vice-president. " Where should this one go? " .was a frequent question as Daffi Dabblers decorated the halls for the Christmas : Daffi Dabblers Club Has Active Artistic Program The Art Club, Daffi Dabblers, has as its main goal to create among members a better understanding and appreciation of art. In October, the Daffi Dabblers had a sketching party and wiener bake at Franke Park. During the Christmas season, they decorated the halls and the auditorium which has become an annual project. " Psycho, " an after-game dance, was presented by the club on September 23. Miss Marjorie Bell and Mr. Donald McClead are the club advisers. First row: Sandra Wright, Katie Thomas. Lynn Martens, Sue Oswald. Jill Koontz. Sue Paulson. Second Carol Lavander, Sally Johnson — secretary-treasurer, Susan Leamon, Sharon Banks — social chairman. . Jeanne Pliett. Svlvia Grant — president, Dave Lowdermilk. Carol Johnson, Mr. McLead, Miss Marjorie Kellogg, Mary Beams, Phil Klaren. Steven Bennett, Arden Bowers, Mike Banks — vice-president. ow: Sandy Potts, Carol Smi ;an Battershell. Third roi Bell. Fourth row: Aubr 117 North Side Orators Bring Many Honors to School National Forensic League and Junior Forensic League combined their activities in order to better carry out their goal of furthering the interest in public speaking in high school. Formerly, the Junior club served as a feeder club for the more experienced group. This year, however, the meetings and business of the two clubs became joint. This year ' s speech club activities included a banquet, an after-game dance, and an Allen County Speech Tournament. The North Side chapter of National Forensic League, supervised by Stanley H. Lee, now ranks sixth in the state for the N.F.L. state points plaque. J.F.L. and N.F.L. speak Saturday for a meet at Peru. First row: Yvonne Vergon, Judy Gatton — treasurer. Shcrrv MeKav — v tary, Harriet High. Second row: Claudia Ackley, Vicki Jornod, Ch?ryl Kathy Bookout, Jackie Nusbaumer. Judy Smith, Carol Botteron, Barba Rains, Dave Wvss. Greg Meister. Dave Sharpe. e Dolnick — president, an. Shervl Beitler. Ann w: Marcia McNaughto nita Medsker — secre- Rodgers. Third row: , Karen Clark. Judy 118 First row: Karen Hawk, Lorraine Schwartz, Linda Kaiser. Second row: Kenton Griffis, Jerry Siegel, Glen Whittenberger, Mike Berkey. Third row: Bob Rnch — secretary-treasurer, Jack Hamilton. Garv Georgi, Mr. Jerald Miller. Fourth row: Dave Wyss— president, John Engle, Myron Huffman, Jim Orcutt. Flashes, Fractions Govern Camera and Math Clubs Having been formed only last year, Math Club, an affiliate of the national mathematics honorary society, Mu Alpha Theta, is one of the newest clubs at North Side. Math Club pursues knowledge of math beyond the realm of textbooks. Mr. Jerald Miller is the club ' s adviser. Camera Club is the answer for all photography en- thusiasts. Its purpose is to teach members to take, de- velop, and enlarge pictures and use many types of cameras. Under the direction of Mr. Myron Henderson, the club meets bi-monthly. First row: John Jones, Myron Huffman, Sam Spencer. Second row: Mr. Henderson, Richard Lambrecht. Booster Club Sells Pins, Shakers at Tourney Time The members of Booster Club are the first to arrive at the games and the last to leave. Their concession stand keeps the spectators filled and happy, and earns money to carry out the outstanding projects of the club. Organized in 1927, Booster Club strives to promote and improve school spirit and sportsmanship. When the team needs backing at out-of-town games, Booster Club rents a bus, fills it with howling Redskins, and sends it off on the warpath to cheer for the team. Booster Club also supervises the pep sessions, provides uniforms for the cheerleaders, and sells nov- elties at tournament time. In order to become an active member of Booster Club, a student must be at least a sophomore and must have earned 25 points or more by working on club projects. Awards are presented according to the num- ber of points acquired. The advisers are Mr. Noel Whittern, Mr. Dale Goon, and Miss Patricia Fleming, who is in charge of the cheerleaders. freshments for basketball fans. 120 K . , 1 H. M j III •) fl 9 z-@ f U © (Bl l K » A Hb hH Hrai B L J .w: Steve Larimer. Randv Harter, Ted Summers. Tom Lapp. Ron CumminKS. Jack Smith. Wavne Moehle, Ste r: Wyatt Weaver, Dick lingerer, Fred Frovd. Russell Bertrand, Jack Aiken. Jim Brown, Jon Rabus. Jim Ho ow: Scott Werling, Steve Reader, Jim Read, Don Gaff, Brad Bendure. Dave Lucas, Bill Reeves. Jim Scheel. row: Phil Close, Barry Donovan. Jim Foster. Al Haney, Wes Farrell. Steve McLean, Gene Parker. Bill Bill Kellev. ' e Berghoff. 1, Jay Osborn. Lettermen Lead Varsity Squads, Service Workers Any North Side boy who has won a letter in a var- sity sport or in a managing position is eligible for membership in the recently organized Lettermen ' s Club. This club presented two pep sessions this year, each of which highlig hted the basketball season. The Letter- men ' s Club meets every second and fourth Tuesday of each month for a half hour before home room period. The club is under the direction of Coach By Hey. 121 First row: Svlvia Grant — : Kav Johnston. Stevie Richards, Carol D Remenschneider. Karen Seibert, Sally Joh Allen — president. Sherry Hatfield — secretary-treasurer. Second row: Linda Furste, " Vinkler, Barbara Rider, Fam Johnson, Sue Lantz. Third row: Liz Stone, Joyce ull. Jeanne Keller, Linda High, Barbara Thompson, Anne Hastings. Ripplettes Entertain Relatives on Family Night Splash! On any given Wednesday this is the sound heatd emerging from the pool area. The Ripplettes, North Side ' s girls ' swimming club, is practicing, To join Ripplettes, a girl must perform various strokes and water ballet stunts that are selected and judged by the members. The club presents a water show biennially. This year there was no show, so the girls practiced longer and harder to perfect their stunts. The Ripplettes had a banquet, held a " Family Nite, " and performed for a group of teachers during Teachers ' Convention this year. Ripplettes is advised and guided by Mrs. Jeanc Gause. Perfecting their flying dolphin are Lynda High and Sylvia Grant. 122 Athletic GAA Club Stresses Physical Development Providing after-school fun, the Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation affords an opportunity for physical development to all North Side girls. Activities such as bowling, ping pong, badminton, archery, basketball, and modern dance are offered. By participating in these sports, girls earn points toward GAA letters. Each year the club sponsors an after-game dance and holds a banquet for its mem- ' bars in the spring. During their bowling program G.A.A. girls learned to keep First row: Joaim Coe, Judy Barnard, Linda Kaiser — treasurer. Pal Tweedv, Connie Hanes — secretary. Second row: Juanita Altekruse. Sharon Stark, Rosemarie Buerkle, Joan Houser. Linda Banter. Third row: Roberta Krider — vice-president, Janice Kensill. Ann Huth. Carol Christie. 123 First row: Susan Carpenter, Judy Moore. Sylvia Grant. Anne Hastings. Leslie Snyder — treasurer. Second row: Scott Pitser. Sue Leamon. Karol Ruby. Lois Gump. Anna Carey. Marty Huff — secretary. Third row : Greg Meister. Sally Johnson, Alice Espich, Carol Lavender. Maria Lantz. Karen Seibert. Fourth row: Jerry Warsaw, Whit Sidener — president. Don Sherbondy, Clyde Dively. Butch Dunton. Ron Crabill. Bob Havens, Phil Klaren. Thespians and Instrumentalists Advance Culture After being in band or orchestra for a year, a stu- dent may be selected for membership in NSI, spon- sored by Mr. C. William Hatt. He is chosen for his interest in music, his talent, and his character. One of the club ' s services is to co-sponsor Varsity Varieties and to put on the annual Christmas party for the in- strumental department. National Thespians, under the direction of Mr. James Purkhiser, is an honorary organization devoted to creating a more active interest in dramatics. Mem- bership is awarded to students and faculty members who have done outstanding work in the dramatic arts. Members of National Thespians 124 Ciandall. Norma Peiper. Sylvia Grant, Lynda High. Pot Mulhns, and Do • J f ii tii Bujrab, Pat Froebe, Linda Stout, Margaret Johnson, Judy Cook. Susan Harter, Diane Cornelii Triple Trio members are Dave Lucas, Al Haney, Rick Parke, Denny Stewart, Stan Gustin, Kent Cecil, Jim Army, Jim Coen, Richard Hostler. First row: J. Gibson, D. Bernard, J. Kennedy. S. Evans, S. Beyerlein, D. Warner, S. Kreig, N. Clark, C. Peek. Second row: J. Nusbaum- er, S. Whuthrich, R. Mattox, M. Cameron. K. Luessenhop, J. Smoak. D. Tennell. J. Jewell. J. Hawk, B. Stockley. J. Jennings, B. Valor. I. Conrad. G. Zumbaugh, E. Beebe. D. Laws. Third row: J. Houser, P. Haines. K. Madden, Steve Newman. D. Brudi. Mr. C. W. Hatt, R. Moore, J. Altekruse, L. Albaugh, T. Sturgis, D. Snvder, R. Mulles. G. Borton. J. Parker. M. DeWald, R. Frank. First low: Jim Finch. Whit Sidener— vice-president. Sue Leamon. Alice Espich. Carolyn Cook, Nancy Artman. Sally Johnson. Joan Par- sons, Lois Gump, Carolvn Amelung. Second row: Milt Dunton, Ron Crick, Dave Blackwell, Becky McArthur. Sandy Housholder— secre- tary. Judv Moore. Carol Smith, Carol Botteron, Jerrv White. Randy Webster. Jim Foster. Luann Lee, Sherryl Beitler. Kathy Andrews, Dave Myers. Third row: Jeanne Keller, Sandy Ed ' ngton. Barbara Beyerlein, Donna Gilliam, Kathy Hein, Porter Leslie, John Briggs. Concert Band Blows Heartily at Concerts and Games The North Side Marching Redskins with Mr. C. William Hatt as director won the Sweepstakes Trophy in Class A and the Inspection Trophy in the Northern Indiana Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Association contest this year. The band presents pregame and halftime shows at all home football and basketball games. It also marches in various town parades. First row: Betty Li Second row : Anne Sherrvl Beitler. Jim Carolyn Keller. Jud ndegren. Vicki Jornod, Bernice Milletle. Margaret Slack. Knrol Ruby. Barbara Allen, Roge Hastings, Mary Lundgren, Howard Habig, Dave Myers, Pat Roop. Joan Parsons. Lois Gump. Carolyn Amelum Clausen. Steve Zollars. Martha Huff. Susan Smith. Leslie Snyder. Third row: Owen Fox. Anne Rogers. Ellen Meie » Musselman. Pot Homever, Don Sherbondv. Beth Marshall. Cl de Dively. Dave Clark. Dave Voelker. Whit Sidene 126 George Fuzy, John Golier, Karol Ruby, Steve Ehrman Scott Pitser, Joe Em scv, Steve Clark, Doug Boren, Jin Willman, Clyde Dively, Susan Carpenter, J shall. Fourth row: Philip Klaren, Jim Clausen, Bill Schelm, John Essex, Sylvi rell, Roger Parkerson. Lvnn Soughan — president, Ron Hanson, Mr. Hatt, D Engle, Bill Gore. Dave Voelker, Dave Clark, Bill Benninghofl. . Ron Crahill, Anna Carej me Wellman, Greg Meister, D Jrant. Sue Lantz, Barbara AH Robert-.. Steve Zollars, Bob Ha Bob Finton, Mike Ram- n Sherbondv, Beth Mar- n. Dale Terry. Jim Hor- ens, Arden Bowers, John Redskin Orchestra Expands in Skill and Personnel As the North Side orchestra, conducted by Mr. Hatt, continues to grow, it undertakes more ambitious musi- cal literature. The string members participate in the North Manchester College String Festival and provide music for Fort Wayne graduations and other gather- ings. The entire orchestra performs at school concerts and the Northern Indiana Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Association contest. Jim Finch, Jim Voirol, Karen Seibert Essex, Carol Lavender, Scott Pitser. Anspach. Bill Benninghoff. 127 First row: Linda Reid, Cynthia Coleman. Linda Birge, Su e Dobberkau. Maria Roman, Yvonne Bojrab, Pat Froebe, Linda Stout, Donna Bercol. Kathv Bookout, Janice Benecke, Marv Lou Haberl r, Norma Piepcr. Linda Murphy. Sue Paulson, Jill Koontz, Aleta Howard. Miss Rich. Second row: Judy Sprinkle. Judv Schnepp. Care 1 Moorhead. Jeanet Huett. Janet Beck. Margaret Johnson, Suzanne Blough, Sue Halter. Billie Baldwin. Brenda Morfian, Sandra Farrar Judy Cook, Judv Kammeyer. Sharon Nemver. Diane Cornelius, Pat Pence. Sherry McKay. Sharon Adams. Third row: Dick Beltz. Phil Roth " , Don Walker. Ken Spangle. Fred Neuls. Ron Armstrong. Dave Schu- maker. Jim Stamm. Ken Yoder. Dick Hostler, Jim Arney. Jim Coen. Fourth row: Bill Honeck. Dick Ungerer, Russell Gray, Roger Allen, Larry Thompson. Al Haney, Phil Boschet, Dave Ll) cas, Stan Gustin. Kenton Cecil, Dennis Stewart. Rick Parke. Dave Smith, John Chandler. Pick Barnard. A Cappella and Varsity Choirs Perform Publicly Under the direction of Miss Rich, A Cappella Choir continues to delight audiences throughout the Fort Wayne area. One of the highlights of the year was the A Cappella ' s Easter presentation, " The Seven Last Words of Christ. " A Cappella now numbers sixty-two. Membership in Varsity Choir is open to students who have had a year of Girls ' or Male Choir. The members train for A Cappella while preparing music for various concerts at North Side. First row: Marilyn Mvers, Pat Gi Carol Harwo Judv Hall. Si shell. Eleano Bettv Rolanc Phvllis Undc Betty Brown. Carol Markwalte iek. Frances Wolf. Na ue Korn. Dave Robinsi od. Kathy Ross. Kathle Jack Olinger u, Dan n Thor, e Wils Cearbaugh, Na Doug Seyfert, Da Olinger. Ja Wass. Judy Miller, Pat Masloob. Jean Keith. Miss Rich, hrista Embick. Pat Doty. Jean Wills. Shirlev Batter- : Holly Helmke. Carolyn Eloph, Juanita McCurdy, , Mike Bir. Dave Johnson. Ned Crapser, Rebecca Lotz, der, Claudia Acklev. Marilvn Comer, Nash Moreno. ; Gooley. Steve Pence. Roger Haverfield, Mark Erwin, f f £i First row: Barbara O ' Day, Georgia Barnett, Sally Stevenson. Patti Neidhart. Janet Tryer, Nor ice Blasser. Janice Wasson. Maxine Hughes, Susan Campetti, Judi Schubert, Karen Kelsey. Sha Rich. Second row: Jill Hafstetter. Norma Soughan, Carlene Reinwald, Joyce Christlieb, Judy Barnard. Jackie Modricker, Rebecca Cassell, Susie Gramling, Carolyn Werskey. Maureen Swain. Judy Knop. Marcia Zurbrugg row: Gay Fisher, Diane Dewart, Lana Adams. Marcia Blaising. Susan Blue, Elizabeth Carnngton, Sh: Morris, Cheryl Garton. Felice Smith, Ann Walley. Roberta Cook. Marcia Lehr Marty Rarick, Sylvia Fairman, Susan Rice, Linda Burkholder, Linda Downie. yert, Sharon Minear, Rosalie Bullerman, Marianne DeWeese, Donna Musseln Rebecca Chambe Hanes, Sha Martin, Ja Flickenger. Third ron Erler, Eileen Schaefer, Jean Barbara Starkel. Fourth row: Blough. Kaye Roy, Kathie Gep- Cook. Male Choir and Girls ' Choir Rehearse Diligently One of the latest additions to the vocal department is the Male Choir. It rehearses third and seventh periods on Mondays and Wednesdays, and first period on Tues- days and Thursdays. Among its numbers are present members and hopefuls for Triple Trio and A Cappella. The Male Choir now has thirty-nine members. Any girl interested in vocal music may become a member of the Girls ' Choir. This group rehearses fifth period on Mondays and Wednesdays of each week. After a year in Girls ' Choir a member may try out for A Cappella or graduate to Varsity Choir. Girls ' Choir now has seventy-two members. First row, Steve Simcoe, Tom Urrell. Steve Sosenheimer, Phil Hudson, Jim Feller, Jack dinger, Dave Hagerman, Jim Coen, Roger Haver- geld, Dick Barnard, Bill Honeick, Richard Hostler. Second row: Jeff Michell. Don Walker. Russ Gray, Ken Spangle, _Steve Toon, Dave Wheeler, Jim Sammentinger, Ken Yoder, Jim Stamm, Dave Smith, Jack Gooley, Fred Neuls, Rick Parke. Third Armstrong, Kent Cecil, Dave Green, Dennis Stewart. Al Haney, Doug Seifert, Dave Turrin, Roger Fawley, Da Gustin. , Display of Athletic Ability Is a Part of North 130 Side ' s Heritage 131 Redskin Gridders Deadlock Top-Ranked S. B. Bears High spirits conquered all upon the Redskins ' return from South Bend after locking South Bend Central, ranked first in state, in a morale-building tie. En- thusiastic players rewarded the efforts of new head coach Bill Williams with their strong defensive line and superb offensive ground attack which was never stopped throughout the season. With augmented team spirit the Red and White continued to gain victory the following week as they subdued the Goshen eleven on a rain-soaked battlefield. The only loss by North Side that night was that of a lineman ' s lower portion of his uniform before the game. VARSITY 6 North LaPorte 27 7 North South Bend Adams 20 12 North South Side 14 14 North South Bend Central 14 20 North Goshen 7 7 North Central Catholic 39 14 North Michigan City 26 7 North Mishawaka 25 132 Head Coach Bill Will twist to his eager assistants Bv Hev, John Walter, " Snitz " Snider, and John Becker. 133 Tension and anxiety mount on the bench as fellow teammates observe the action of the players on the field. A speedy North Side tailback plunges through an opposing front line for the valuable yardage needed to produce a gridiron victory. 134 «; ' St row: Robert Schneider. Jack Olinger, Dave Scheibenberger, Richard Beech, James Smith, Richard Elliott, Carl Geist. rv Wedmeyer, Dave Fishbaugh, Ralph Lockridge, Frank Gross, Willard Patterson, Tom Burns, Doug Howell. Third row n. Tom Gillis. Bob Bufkin. ,_| I Reserves, Freshmen Gain Experience, Offset Losses The North Side football reserve team, coached by By Hey, finished its 1960 season with a 2-3-1 record. The " B " group displayed an unusual desire to learn good football and insured the prospects of a fine var- sity season for the ' 61, ' 62 contingent. The diminishing number of Redskin frosh had only four games, two of which were played against their future teammates at North wood and Lakeside junior highs. Although they had little experience, their season will produce some fine sophomore reserves next fall who will be able to overlook their 0-4 record. First row: Dan Bates, Dan Harter, Tim York, Richard Falk, Jeff Michell, John Smith, Rich McLean, J Breese, Tom Day, Larry Thomoson, Jeff Comment. John Tom, Don Walker, Wes Farrell, Jim Hoar. Third n. Jack Aiken. Rodger Macy, Stu Emmons, Jack Fry, Skip Lesh, Jim Fleenor. Fourth Bufkin, Dave Wilson. Bruce Brunson. Jon Stuckey, Doug Seifert, Dave Smith, Jim Keller. rennant. Second row : Jack : Jim Griffith, Roger Brvan. : Don Levenberger. Larry Chambersmen Finish Season with 6 Wins, 3 Losses " We definitely experienced a mediocre season as compared with previous North Side teams, " states Coach Rolla P. Chambers. " More than half of the squad was made up of underclassmen with little or no experience. " North ' s Redskin harrier squad, for the first time since the sport was inaugurated, failed to qualify for state finals. The Chambersmen finished fourth in the Sectional, sixth in the Northern Indiana Conference two-division meet, and established a six-win, three- loss record in the Conference. One consolation from this year ' s season was the reserve team, which will form the nucleus of the 1961 team. Comments Chambers, " This group is the best distance group I ' ve ever had — bar none. " CROSS COUNTRY 34 North South 23 16 North Concordia 46 16 North Central Catholic 47 25 North LaPorte 39 17 North South Bend Central 44 33 North New Haven 22 27 North Riley 28 29 North Goshen 26 3 1 North Lima Central 24 2 1 North Michigan City 38 29 North Mishawaka 27 37 North Central 19 20 North Adams 43 30 North Elkhart 27 15 North Washington 50 First row: Brad Merrill, Bill Miller, Jim Scheele, Jerome Wellman, Ted Summers. Second row: David Esterline, Randy Harter, Dana Failor, John Gross. Steve Konow. i i . 136 A typical race at Franke Park begins with a crowded field. The tight pack soon draws out, however, as the route takes its toll. Senior Jim Scheele shows the extreme effort it takes to complete the gruelling two-mile cross country course. Cross country speedster Dana Failor overtakes an opposing 137 Cheerleaders Inspire Mass Enthusiasm for Athletes Representing the combined spirit of the Redskins is the quintet of happy, jumping, cheering girls who make up the varsity cheerleading squad. At each sports event they organize student enthusiasm into cheers which can do the most good for the various athletic teams. The four reserve cheerleaders promote pep at preliminary games, and depth is added to special cheers by the combined forces of the varsity and reserve yell leaders. The mass of voices that the Redskins hear at basket- ball games is the final product of the girls ' cheering block. Advised by Mrs. Janet Weber, the girls in the block practice two mornings every week to perfect harmonious cheers of inspiration. 139 " Tighten up that press! " exclaims By Hey during a tense moment. This was the fiery leadership that gave North a winning 140 Hoopsters Capture Second Position in City Series VARSITY 73 North Goshen 79 55 North Muncie 73 72 North S. B. Riley 47 42 North Central 57 59 North S. B. Washington 56 69 North Elmhurst 56 72 North LaPorte 66 94 North New Haven 69 60 North Huntington 55 61 North Hammond Tech 68 54 North South 5 1 83 North Central Catholic 72 60 North Elkhart 61 46 North South 40 67 North Mishawaka 50 52 North Central 66 89 North Michigan City 94 76 North Concordia 75 69 North S. B. Central 70 89 North S. B. Adams 63 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 62 North Central Catholic 55 48 North Leo 66 Five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . . one . . . and then, pandemonium Fans leaped over the short wall surrounding the floor and proceeded to mob four- teen tired, sweaty, but happy athletes. A North Side Redskin basketball team had just done what other Red teams had been trying to do for the past six years . . . beat South Side. And, three weeks later, a repeat: same scene, same participants, same results. Well-drilled and certainly well-inspired by their coach, By Hey, the 1960-61 edition of the Red and White cagers bounced back from a four year drought and compiled a 14 win, 9 loss record in the rugged city and NIC conferences. 141 ■•vh ncwKUS Cheers of wild acclaim greet Coach By Hey after South Side dropped to feet of the Redskins in North ' s second win over the Gr bkR ■ Jpj i . it. -S« :: ' ...■ ■;■■ ■ •;■,! WL ' S HBk tl . % lura B I;;- ;.■ ' - ' " .;.• r " ™ •vgFJ Redskin guard Denny Krueger drives around a startled opponent. Ron Cui-.imings displays the tension of keen competition, which, with every team member giving: his best, transcends to the fans. 143 Forward Mike Painter, having maneuvered past the opponents ' defense, takes off from the hardwood for a two-point lay-up to drop the ball through the ring. Frosh, Reserves Practice The North Side reserve basketball team, under the direction of Coach Roy Kline, made a deep impression in the minds of the coaches and fans, compiling a 10-9 record. The Redskin " B " squadron was also victorious in the annual reserve tourney this year. RESERVE 36 North Goshen 18 45 North Riley 35 46 North Central 57 33 North Washington 43 52 North Elmhurst 42 54 North LaPorte 46 42 North New Haven 48 29 North South 25 35 North Central Catholic 29 55 North Concordia 35 42 North Decatur 34 44 North Elkhart 49 35 North South 40 45 North Mishawaka 39 25 North Central 36 47 North Michigan City 68 59 North Concordia 33 31 North S. B. Central 54 37 North S. B. Adams 52 First row: Jim Keller, Mike Painter. Second row: Mr. Roy lii row: Larry Thompson, Bob Cummins, Jim Griffith, Len Boner, Dave Schumaker. Third Hard for Future Varsity In the last season of Freshman basketball, Mr. Wade Fredrick produced an excellent 9-4 record with prom- ising frosh material. Outstanding in the season was the match with Bishop Luers which left the Knights in the dark with a big 58 to IS difference. FRESHMEN 35 ' North Lakeside 28 26 North Northwood 26 47 North New Haven 29 54 North Kekionga 31 48 North Geyer 45 32 North Concordia 34 43 North Elmhurst 24 58 North Luers 18 55 North Luers 33 54 North Geyer 35 35 North Lakeside 37 45 North Elmhurst 49 43 North Northwood 41 Walt Hattery ' s jump shot f !b ' t SStSC l SST c - Walt Hattery - Second row: Mr - Fredrick - Ken Reserve track, first row: Steve Doan. Walt Hattery, Handy Hart.r, David Esterline, Bob Weisbach. Steve Gorrell, D; Konow, Tom Erring ton, Jeff Michell. Second row: Roger Bryan, Jerome Wellman, Larry Thompson, Jirr Pressor, Larry Wagner, George Harford, Ed Hatcher, Frank Gross, Wyntt Weaver. Third row: Allen Ha] ner. John Gross, Ron Clingaman, Terry McNecley, Mike Claphan, Bob Cummins, Tom DeLong. Dave Sctn Leuenberger. Fourth row: Barry Donovan, Jim Schmidt. Jack Fry, Mike Painter, Roger Macy, Mike Ak- Mark Krieg. David Smith, Brad Merrill, and Jim Griffith. Stillman. Tom Walker, Don Richard Evans, Len Bo- iker, Larry Ganter, Don Jack Aiken, Dick Brown. Varsity track, first row: Bill Miller. Jim Brown. Jack Aiken. Stan Heine, Denny Krueger, Wayne Moehle, Steve Shimer, Mike Renforth, Steve Reader, Brad Bendure. Second row : Richard Willis, Scott Werling, Steve Larimer, Paul Lambert, Ted Summers, Dennv Stewart. Bill Reeves, Bill Kelley, Jim Hoar. Dick Geist. Third row: Phil Hudson, Jim Fleenor. John Smith, Skip Lesh, John Griffith, Bill Pool. Dave Lucas, Jim Tennant. Ron C ' ummings, Steve Konow. Fourth row: Dick Barnard. John Ransburg, Steve Furste, Ed Haught. Gary Myers, Steve Moser, Jack Smith. Jon Rabus. and Tom Runnion. North Side ' s Fame in Track Is Annual Occurrence " How does he do it? " A simple enough question, but one that has been perplexing city and area track mentors for years. What is the answer? It is the success of Rolla Chambers. Aided by a better than usual crop of sophomores, the Redskin squad was again among the pace setters in the city. Redskin cinder-ramas were highlighted by the per- formances of veteran Brad Bendure in the hurdles, Stan Heine in the pole-vault, and the speedy clockings of excellent mile and half-mile relay combinations. Assisting Coach Chambers this season were Mr. Don Kemp and, new to North Side, Mr. Bob Walters. Post-graduate hurdler Brad Bendure displays the winning form th 147 Following through, Steve Moser shows good form, putting the shot. 148 Racket Squad Finishes Rugged Season in N.LC. TENNIS North Elkhart 5 4 North Mishawaka 1 2 North Michigan City 3 2 North Adams 3 1 North LaPorte 4 2 North South Bend Central 3 2 North Riley 3 North Goshen 5 A rugged month of long practice sessions and eight strong teams of the Northern Indiana Tennis Confer- ence confronted the Redskin racketeers last September. The final result of the season ' s matches was one win and seven losses. The reserves, along with the varsity team, were able to practice and play their home matches at the much- i mproved hard-surface courts which had been con- structed at Hamilton Park last summer. Coach Myron Henderson, who ventured into his seventh season as director of the tennis program, feels that experience will bring improvement next Septem- ber. The entire tennis team minus one graduating Senior will return next season with more experience. 149 volleyball te slamming: fight to the finish with only the frail netting separating the opposing for Intramural Program Offers Individual Competition Mr. Don Kemp, director of Intramurals, posts the latest Mm HUKAL , Many free periods were devoted to the intramural program by those boys who did not participate in var- sity sports. The activities, organized by Mr. Don Kemp, varied according to the season. Well-liked by numerous boys was the intramural bowling, which lasted from October to March. Also popular was basketball, which annually attracted a great number of amateur cagers. During the basketball games, a table tennis tournament was waged in the upper corridors of the gym. Volleyball was the feature after the basketball play-offs and continued to dominate the indoor activities. Softball, track, golfing, and horse- shoes were included among the outdoor sports. 150 Bill Siler prepares to engage the small, white sphere with his paddle in a tahle-tennis match. He may score the first point. This action under the hoop is typical of Intramural competition. Doug Boren makes a concentrated effort to topple the ten-pins. 151 Boys Find Fun, Games, Swimming in Physical Ed Physical education classes lend much to the develop- ment of freshman and sophomore boys at a time of rapid physical growth. Co-ordination, physical strength, and competitive spirit result from varied gymnastic activities. Each boy ' s physical education course is divided into three sections. One-third of the semester is spent in Mr. Hyrle Ivy ' s swimming class, where non-swimmers are taught the fundamentals of swimming, and experi- enced swimmers are given the chance to apply what they have learned. Another part of the semester is spent in Mr. Don Kemp ' s physical development class where the boys run distance, work with weights, and learn beginning gymnastics. The remaining third of the semester is spent in Mr. By Hey ' s gym class in which the boys participate in the current sport of the season. Splash! Anoth. takes the plunge. Learning to vault the horse is one phase of physical develop- ment which helps the boys acquire agility and co-ordina- tion. 152 Girls Develop Coordination, Skill in Gym Classes The North Side physical education course for girls offers a choice of either gym or swimming. In the gym classes, Miss Ruth Carroll and Mrs. Jeanne Gause direct the girls in current sports, games, and dances. An opportunity is provided for self-ex- pression through interpretive dancing, and old-fash- ioned square dancing offers a contrasting change from daily routine. The gym class program also includes such games as volleyball, soccer, and softball. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced sectioning is included in the swimming course taught by Mrs. Jeanne Gause. However, senior lifesaving may be elected for one semester instead of advanced swimming. ng class present their water sho By practicing their square dance routines, girls in Miss Carrol ' s gym classes obtain their 153 Inde x Ackley. Claudia 85. 109, 118. 128 Adams. Bernadette 85 Adams, Betty 51 Adams, Carol 85, 111 Adams, David 16, 51 Adams, Judith 76 Adams, Lana 96, 129 Adams, Sandra . . 51, 71, 111. 112 Adams. Sharon 85, 128 Aiken, Jack 85, 121, 135, 141, 146 Aker. Michael 85, 144, 145 Akey, Arlene 85 Albaugh, Larry . . ... 85 Aldrich. Carlton 94 Alexander, Kathy . . . . 85, 110 Allen, Barbara 7, 9, 35, 51. 71, 100, 107,122, 126, 127 Allen, Michael 85 Allen. Nancy 76 Allen. Roger 76, 128 Allen. Roman 94 Allison. Patricia . . 94.97,115 Altekruse. Cheryl 76, 128 Altekruse, Jack . ... . 85,101 Altekruse, Juanita 93, 94. 120. 123 Altechul. Henry 85. 109 Amelung, Carolyn 51, 71, 107. 126. 127 Amelung, John 94 Anderson. Edward 85 Anderson. George 96 Anderson. James 94 Anderson, Michael 76 Anderson, Ralph 40, 116 Andrews, Darlene 85 Andrews, Jerry 94 Andrews, Kathleen 61,126 Angel, Joe 85 Angus. Margie 85, 104 Anspach, Martin 85, 127 Anspach, Sandra 85 Anthis. William 40 Archer, Thomas 85 Armey. David 85 Armey. James 51. 125, 128 Armstrong, Robert 51 Armstrong, Ronald 15, 85, 110. 128. 129 Arnett, Judith 85 Arney, JoAnn 96. 120 Arney. John 61 Arney. Marcia 85. 115, 120 Arney, Terry 76 Arnold. Bruce 85 Arnold, Marsha 76 Arnold, Stephen 94 Artman, Nancy 76, 126 Ausderan, Ronald 76 Axson. Sandra 85 Ayers, Jacqueline 85 B Babcock, Bonita 51 Bade, Ronald ... 85 Bahde, Richard 76 Bair, Bonnie 76 Bair. Donna 10. 51, 71. 102. 109. 115. 121, 138 Baker, Edwin 85 Baker, Eugene 76 Baldwin, Billie 76, 128 Ballard, Harold 51 Banks, Michael 51, 117 Banks. Sharon 76. 100, 117 Banter, Linda 85, 123 Baral. Donald 76 Barbour. Linda 76 Barcus. Becki 94 . Donald 85 Ba . She 51 Barnard. Judith 85, 115, 123. 120 Barnard. Richard . . .... 76. 116. 128, 129, 146 Barnett, Diane 76 Barnett Georgia 94, 129 Baron, Denny 61, 133 Barrett. Barbara 85. 93, 110 Barrett, Judith 85 Barrett, Mary 76 Bartels, Keith 81 Bartels. Linda 85 Barton, Judi 81 Bash, Marian 40, 44 Bashelier, Carol 76 Bates, Daniel 85. 135 Battershell, Shirley . 76. 117, 128 Baugh, Betty 40 Baumgartner, Charlene 94 Beach, David 76 Beach, Dennis 85 Beach, Timothy 94 Beamer, Marjorie 76 Beams, Mary 85, 116, 117 Bean, Helen 40 Bear, Sharon 76, 115 Beatty. Sherry 76 Beberstein, James 85 Beck. Janet ...5.51.71,107,128 Becker. John 40, 133 Beckman, Sandy 94 Bedics. Betty 76 Bednarczyk, Roland 85 Beebe, Eric 85 Beeching, Richard 94 Beery, Sylvia 51 Beitler, Sherryl 76. 111. 112. 118, 126, 127 Bell. Kathleen 76 Bell, Marjorie 40, 115. 117 Bell. Richard 85 Behrens. John 85 Beltz. Richard 76, 128 Bendure, Bradley 51. 71, 72, 75, 121, 132, 146, 147 Benecke. Janice 32. 51, 71, 107. 109, 111, 116, 120, 128 Bennett. Steven 76. 109, 116. 117 Benninghoff, William 51, 71, 112. 126, 127 Bentrap, Rollan 85 Bentz, Kay 101 Bercot, Donna 51, 128 Berghoff, Steven 51, 121 Berkey. Michael 76. 119 Bernard, Don 94 Berta. William 76 Bertrand. Russell 51, 121. 132 Beyerlein, Barbara 51, 112. 113. 116. 126 Beyerlein. Susan 85. 110 Bickel. Glen 40. 108 Biddle. Theresa 52 Bieber. Joe 85 Biech. Richard 135 Biesiada. Robert 85 Biggs, Kay 94 Biggs. Thomas 76 Bir. Michael 31, 76. 128 Birge. Linda 52 Bishop. Carol 85. 127 Blackwell, David 15. 52. 126 Blain. Judith 76 Blaising, Jennifer 85 Blaising, Marcia 94, 129 Blaising, Sylvia ... 85, 110, 128 Blakeslv, Mary 85 Blombach. Linda .85, 111, 115 Blosser, Janice 94. 129 Blough. Sharon 85, 109. 110, 129 Blough, Susanne 52. 71, 109, 128 Blue, Susan 86, 129 Bobay, Karen 52 Bobilya, Edward 94 Bobilya. Judith 76 Bock, Jean 86 Bodey, Wayne 52 Bohlander, Ida 52 Bohlander, Jay 86 Bojinoff, Sandra 94, 115 Bojrab. Louie 86 Bojrab. Yvonne ... 52. 126. 128 Boldt. Connie 86. 110 Bone. Janet 6, 28, 76 Boner, Leonard ... 86, 144, 146 Bonham, George 86 Bonham. Louie 76 Bookout. Kathy 76. 118. 128 Boren. Douglas . . . 15. 52. 104, 106, 126. 151 Borton, Gregory 86 Boschet. Phillip 52. 128 Botteron, Carol .... 86. 109, 110, 118, 126 Botteron. Karen 52 Bourne. Darrel 81 Bourne. Michael . ... 52, 74. 110 Bowen. Judith 40, 72 Bower. Alice 86 Bower, Carl 94 Bower, Edward 76 Bower, Terry 94, 128, 129 Bowers, Mary .... 52 109 Bowers. Neil 86 Bowers, Russell 94 Bowers, Vernon .... 52, 117, 126 Bowman, Vera 86, 110 Braby, Judy 76 Bragalone, Susan ... 86, 110, 115 Brasher, James 94 Bratt. Carol 86 Brawn, Dale 76 Brayton. David 52 Bredemeyer, Judith 76 Breese, John 135 Breese. Phillip 76 Brenizer, Jane 86 Brewer, Edward 96 Brewer, Larry 86 Brewer, Philip 86 Briggs, John 86, 126 Britton, Dorothy 52 Brockett, Beverly 9, 12. 76. 82. 83, 84, 98 Brosius, Craig 76, 116 Brown, Betty 76 Brown, ' Gloria 91 Brown, James 52, 108, 121. 132. 146 Brown. Judith 52 Brown, Larry 52 Brown. Pat 86 Brown. Richard .... 9. 17, 76, 108. 109, 146 Brown, Sondra 76. 83. 138 Brown. Sue 76, 138 Brubaker, Candace 76 Bruck.Thomas 86 Brudi, Barbara . ... 5, 22. 34, 52, 71. 98. 100. 103, 107, 111, 115 Brudi, Donna 22,94,97,115 Brumbaugh, Thomas 86 Brusiada, Robert 85 Brunson, Bruce 86, 135 Bryan, Roger 86, 135, 146 Bryant. Pamela 86. 128. 129 Bryce. George 86, 108. 109 Bryce, Gerald 91. 101. 108 Bryie, Gary 52 Bucher, Larry 76 Buckner, Michael 86 Buckmaster, Donald 76 Buckmaster. Jerry 76 Buerkle, Rosemarie 77. 112, 115, 123 Buesching, William 52,71,108.109 Bufkin. Robert 94, 135 Bufkin. Steven 135 Buhr, Carl T7 Bullerman. Rosalie 86. 101. 111. 129 Bulmahn. Judith 77.107,109.115.116 Burke. Jeneba 52, 109. 116 Burkhalter. Michael 52 Burkholter, Linda 86, 115. 129 Burns, Michael 129 Burns. Thomas 94. 135 Burris. Earl 91 Busch. Kathleen 86 Bushong. George 91 Busse. Keith 53 Butler. Darlene 53, 116 Butler. John 86 Butler. Karen 94, 120 Butler, Kenneth 77 Byers. Charles 77 Byus, Paul 86 Cable, Ronald 18, 19 Cade. Daniel 53 Caldwell Donald 53 Callihan, Linda 53 Cameron. Marion 86. 110 Campetti, Susan 86. 129 Cap. Carol 86 Caple, Steven 17, 35. 53. 71, 107, 109, 116 Capps, Ronald 53 Carey, Anna 53, 71. 107, 112, 124, 126 Carlin. John 53 Carlson, Steve 86 Carpenter. Steven .86 Carpenter, Susan 77, 124, 126, 129 Carrington, Elizabeth . . 53, 129 Carroccio. Carol .... 53. 100, 116 Carroll, Ruth 40 Caskey, Kelly 77 Caskey, Rose 94 Cassel, Rebecca .86, 110, 129 Castret. Sandra 53, 102 Cataldo, Mary 63 Cates, Pat 77 Cates, William 4 Causby, James 86 Cavanaugh, John 53 Cearbaugh, Karen 53. 128 Cecil, Kenton , . 53, 125, 128, 129 Cerveris, Mary 94 Chaffen. Donald 86 Chambers. Charles 12. 53. 100, 148 Chambers, Rebecca 86, 110, 129 ChamDers, Rolla 40 Chandler. John 53. 128 Chandler. Sandra 94 Chapman. Maryann 40 Chapman Paul 77 Christen, William 86. 91 Christie, Carol .... 86. Ill, 123 Christie, Steven 63 Christlieb. Joyce 94. 129 Claflin. Donna 86 Claflin. Eric 86 Claphan. Michael 86. 146 Clark, Charles 40, 72 Clark. Charles 77 Clark, David 53. 101. 108. 126. 127 Clark. James 108 Clark. Karen 86, 111 Clark, Nita 86 Clark, Paul 77 Clark, Sara 86 Clark, Steven 96, 126 Clausen. James 86, 126, 127 Claxton. Diane 53 Claxton, Marjorie 86 Clay. Joyce 53, 75 Cleary, Catherine 40 Clements. Mildred 81. 84 Click. James 53 Click, Robert 86 Cline. Judith ... 77 Clingaman. Ronald . 77, 111. 146 Clippinger. Steven 53 Close. James 94 Close, Phillip 54. 121 Clouse, Linda 14. 54 Coatney. Alice 91 Cobble. Ruth 54 Coble. Edward 86 Coblentz. Pam 86 Coe. Joanne 86. 123 Coen. James 77. 125. 128. 129 Coleman. Cynthia 86, 128 Coleman, Michele 77 Coleman, Nancy 77 Collar. Susan 77 Comer. Gary 77 Comer, Marilyn ... 86. 110. 128 Comment, Jeffrey 76. 77. 100. 108. 135 Compton. Phyllis 94 Conkling. Joy 77 Conkling, Linda 86 Connelly, Gary 77 Conrad. John 91 Conrad Stanley 64 Cook. Carolyn 86. 126 Cook. Janice 94. 129 Cook, Judith .... 77. 85. 125. 128 Cook. Robert Cook. Roberta 94, 115, 129 Coolman. Vickie 77 Coomey. Hazel 0 Coonrod. Sally 4 Cooper, Sandra 28. 54. 71. 72. 75. 100. 102, 106. 107 Cope. Michael 8f Cornelius. Diane 54,71,74,125,128 Cost. James 9, 54 Cotterman, Sandra 77. 128 Coughlin. Deanne 86 Counterman, Judith 86 Cour. Harold 86 Covault, Marcia 77 154 Cox. Carolyn 94 Cox, Richard 77 Cozik, John 54 Crabill. Ronald 76, 77, 100, 108, 109. 116. 124, 126 Craig. Ralph 77 Crain. Sharon ... 54 Crandall, Cherry 12. 77. 124, 153 Crapser, Ned 86, 128 Craw. John 86 Cretsinger, William 77 Crick. Ronald 5, 16, 54, 100, 104, 106, 108, 126 Cromwell. Ann 86 Cromwell, Doris , . 86 Crooks Merrilee 81 Cross. Barbara ' . 54, 71 Cross.Thomas 86 Crull. Joanne 77, 122 Crull. Thomas 54, 109, 116 Culbertson, Constance 54 Culbertson. Judith 77 Cummings, Ronald 54.121.140,142.146 Cummins. Robert 23, 86, 108, 110, 144, 146 Cunningham, Elizabeth 86 Cunningham Paul ,77 Current. Karen ... 86 Gushing. Sandra ... 77. 113. 115 I) Dager, Connie 86 Dager, Judith 54 Dager. Steve . . ' ' 86 Dannecker, Richard 40 Dare. Amelia ...40,72.110.115 Darnell, Linda 86, 139 Darnell, Sharon . . 86 Dau. -William 54 Dauplaise. Theresa .86,115.129 Davidson. Tom 77 Davis, Barbara . . . . 8S Davis, Dolly 77 Davis, Linda 86 Davis. Robert 54 Davis, William . 86 Davison, Jim ] 54 Dawkins, Jack 54 Day. Tom 77, 135 Dayton, Douglas 77 Dean. Carol . ' ; 77 DeBeaumont. Judith ... 32, 54 DeFrain, Paul 86 Dehnert, John ... 86 Del Campo, Mike 77 Delagrange, Tom 86 Delk. Judy 77, 107 Dell. Karen 54 Dellinger, Dianna 86, 115 DeLong, Greg 54 DeLong, Tom 86, 146 Demsey, Carolyn ... 86, 111, 115 Dennis, Dailia 54 Dennis, Gloria 77 Dennis, Janice 55 Dennis, Judy 86 Derrow. Clinton 86 Derrow, Mary 86 Detter, Donald 77 DeVault, Jerry 55 DeWald. Mike ... 91 Dewart Diana 94, 129 Dewart. Tom 86 DeWeese. Marianne . . 86. Ill, 115, 129 DeWeese, Thomas .. 55.100,108,114,116 Dey Fred 96 Dey. Peggy 55 Dickinson. Pamela 55 Dickson, Alan 55 Didier, Kenneth 86 Didion. David 55 Diehl, Conrad .... 94 Diehl. Rick 86 Diek. Eleanor 86, 115 Dively, Clyde . . 77. 124, 126, 127 Doan, Barbara 55 Doan, Bonita 55 Doan. Mary 86 Doan. Steve 86. 101, 146 Dobberkau, Sue 41. 77, 128 Doehrman, Jean . . 55 Doehrman, Thomas 94 Doll. Shirley 55 Dollarhite, Gale 55 Dolnick, Bonnie .... 28. 77. 105, 106. 109, 118 Donaghy, Judith Donovan, Barry 86, 121, 135, : Dorman, Terry Dornseif. Edwin Dornseif, Ronald Dornseif, Robert Doty, Larry Doty, Patricia 81, : Dougherty, Sandra Dow. Ronald Dowden. Carol 77,100,122.: Dowell. Donna 77, 82, 84, 98, ! Downey. Judy Downie. Linda 94, : Doyle, Sharon 17, Drake. James Drayer. Roger 77. : Drew, George Dunbar, Bessie Duncan, Linda Dunlap Roger Dunn. Margaret 87. : Dunton. Milton 77. 124. 126. : Durfey, Darlene . . . 01, 111, : Duxbury. Elaine 55 101, 109, 113. : Duxburv. Janet 94. : E Earl, Juanita 55 Earl, Norma 94. 129 Easley. Janice 87 East. Linda 77 Eby, Connie 94 Ecenbarger. Donald 77 Eckerle, Sandra 87 Eddington, Sandy 55, 112. 113, 116, 126 Edgerly, Susan 55. 101 Edwards. Robert 40 Egly, Sylvia 55, 113 Ehrman. David 87 Ehrman, Steven 87, 126 Ehrsam, Lester 87. Ill Elbrecht. Donald 87, 93 Elickinger. Ron 32 Ellingwood, Lynn 87 Elliott. Joan 77 Elliott. Richard 94. 135 Eloph. Carolyn 77, 128 Embick. Christa 31, 77. 109. 110. 115. 116, 128 Emmerson. Joseph 56, 108, 126, 127 Emmerson. Harriet 40 Emmons. Stuart 86, 135 Emrick. Sharon 56. 71 Endicott. Diane . . .87, 110 Engle. John ...77.116,119.126 Epple, Thomas 56 Erb, Edward . . ... 56 Erler, Sharon 87. 111. 115. 120 Errington. Tom 87. 146 Ervin. Judy 77 Ervin. Mark 128 Erwin, Eileen 77 Erwin, Janet 113 Esper, Jon ... .77 Espich, Alice .77, 109, 124. 126 Essex. John 126, 127 Esterline David 94 Esterline. Dennis ... 81. 136, 146 Esterline. Steve 85, 87, 141 Eudaley, Ruth 40, 72 Evans. Richard 91. 146 Evans. Sharon 94 Evans, Sharon 77 Evard. Rosie 56 Everett. Terry 56 Evers Cheryl 87 Ezzelle. Sharon 87 Faccento, Anita 87 Faccento, Peter 77 Fahrenbach, Robert 77 Failor, Dana 87. 145 Fair. Mike 87 Fair, Patricia 77 Fair, Tom 56 Fairman, Sylvia .... 87, 115, 129 Faith. Richard 77 Falk, Richard 87. 135 Fanger, Jerry 94 Farrar, Sandra 77, 115. 128 Farrell, Wesley 77. 121, 135 Faulkner, Karen 93, 94 Faulkner. Sharon 87 Faust. Karen 56 Fawcett. John 56 Fawley. Roger 87, 129 Federspiel, Clemeth 94 Fee, Cheryl 77 Fee, Jacqueline 87 Feller, Charles 40 Feller, Donna ... 136 Feller. James ... 94. 96. 108. 129 Feller. Susan 56, 109 Fenstermaker, James 87 Ferguson, Judith 56 Ferris, Daniel 5, 56 Ferris, Patricia 95 Feustal, David 77, 116 Fiedler, Cheryl 87 Fields. Judith 77 Fields, Sandy 56 Figel, Gayl 87 Finch, Jacueline . . 87,110.129 Finch. James 22. 35. 56. 71, 116, 126, 127 Findley, Karen 56, 109, 111 Findley, Richard 77, 127 Finton, Robert 126. 127 Firestine. David 95 Firestine, Don 56 Firks, Richard 87 Fiscoe, Barbara 118 Fishbaugh, David . . 95. 118. 135 Fisher, Gay .9, 12. 56. 71. 129 Fisher. George 56 Fisher. Richard 87. 101, 107, 110 Fisher. Steven 77 Flauding. Gary 56 Fleck, Cleon 41. 72 Fleenor. James 87. 135. 144, 146 Fleischer, Robert 95, 118 Fleischman, Gloria 87 Fleming, Patricia 41 Flickenger, Ronald 77 Flickenger. Susan . . 95. 118, 129 Foellinger, Mark 77, 114 Foote. Willard 56 Ford. James 77, 120 Ford, Larry 118 Fortmeyer, Roger 77 Foster. David 66 Foster, James 77, 121, 126 Fowler, Carolyn 56 Fowler, Lynn 77 Fox. Owen 111. 127 Foy, Kathryn . 56. 71. 107. 109 Franck. Richard 87, 111 Prank, Peter 87 Franke, Ronald 77 Franklin, Sue 87 Frantz. Peggy 77 Franzman, Elmer 41, 44 Fraze, Carol 34. 56. 71. 107 Fredrick. Wade 41, 45. 145 Freeman. Larry 95. 135 Freiburger, Rosalie 77. 113 Frenger, Fonda 77 Fretz. James 87 Freuger, Elaine 128 Friend, Nanette 94, 95. 97, 101. 115 Friend. Pam .22. 56. 71. 72. 75. 100. 107. 112, 115 Froebe, Patty 77. 125, 128 Froyd, Fredric 57, 121, 132 Fruechtenicht, Sue 57 Fry. Ivan 41 . Fry, Jack 87. 135. 146 Frye, Trevor 87 Fryer, Janet 95 Fulk, Jack 57, 101 Fulkerson. Terry 87 Fuller. Jon 76, 77, 100, 108 Funk, James 77 Furste. Linda 95. 122. 127 Furste Steve 87. 146 Fuzy. Barbara . 57. 109, 118 Fuzy, George 77. 108, 109, 116. 126 c, Gabriele. Camella 87 Gaby. Robert 57 Gaff. Donald . . 57. 108. 121. 140 Gage. Daniel 57 Gallmeier, Daniel 95 Ganter, JoF.llen . 93. 95, 115, 120 Ganter, Larry 87, 135, 146 Gard. Bonnie 87 Card. Terry 57 Gardenour, William 87 Gardner, Barbara 87 Gardner. Linda 77 Garling. Jerlyn 57 Carman, Thomas . . 18, 19, 77. 109. 116 Garn. Diana 87 Garner. Alan . . 77 Garnett, Charles 77 Garrett. John 57 Garrison. Carol 77 Garton, Cheryl 87. 129 Gaskill. Anne ... 77 Gaskill, Bea 95 Gass, Lynn 87 Gass, Luan 87 Gaston, Leslie 57. 107. 109, 111 Cater, Karen 57 Gates. Cheryl 57 Gatton. Judith . ... 81, 118. 129 Gaunt, Virginia 87 Gause. James 87 Gause, Jeanne 41 Cavalier. Nancyrae . 77. 81. 128 Geary. Patrick 87 Gehrig, Dinah 91 Gehron, Martha 87, 110 Geist. Carl 95. 135 Geist, Richard . . . 57. 71, 72. 75. 133. 146 Gennaitte, Joe 95 Georgi Gary 87, 119 Georgi. Ronald 57, 101 Geppert, Kathleen . 95. 101. 129 Gerding, Jill 77 Gerding, William 57 Getman. Suzanne 57 Getz. Conrad 78 Gibson. Edward 78 Gibson. James 87. 91 Gibson. Judith 78 Gibson. Michael 78 Gick, Kenneth 78 Gilbert. Judith 87 Gill. Jacqueline 95 Gilles. Frank 95 Gilles. Mary 78 Gilles, Tony 96 Gillespie. Dixie 78. 81 Gilliam, Donna 78, 110. 113. 126 Gilpin, Paul 87 Gilreath, Richard 91 Cinder, James 87 Gingher, Michael 78 Girardot, Allen 57 Girardot, Nancy 95 Girten. Joan 78 Givens, Patricia 78. 127 Glenn. Sandra 57 Glenwith, Nancy 87, 113 Goble. Sharon 78 Godfrey, James 87 Godfrey. Larry 78 C.oheen. Ronald 87 Goller, John 78. 126 Gooley, Jack ... 87, 108, 128, 129 Goon, Dale 41 Gordon. Marilyn ... 57. 71. 101 Gore. William 57, 126 Gorrell, Barbara 57 Gorrell, Steven 4. 95, 101. 146 Graham. James 87 Graham. Lillian 39, 41 Gramling. Susan 87, 104. 106, 110. 129 Gran, Susan 78 Grant, Sylvia . 13, 78. 100. 109. 117, 122, 124. 126. 153 Graves. John 95 Graves. Mary Ann .... 48. 49. 78 Gray. Martha 78 Gray, Russell . . 79. 120, 128. 129 Green David ... 87, 127, 128, 129 Green. Carla 95 Greene, Nancy 57 Greenwalt, Mabel 41, 72 Gresslev. Marcia ... .95, 115 Griffis, Kenton .78. 116, 119 Griffith. James 87. 135. 144, 146 Griffith, John ... 4. 57. 108, 146 Griggs, Jane 41 Grischke, Nick 78 Grllis, Tony 135 Groman, Patty 87 Gross, Frank . 95. 135, 145, 146 Gross, John 87, 136, 146 Gross. Steven 58 Gross. Victoria 41 Grothaus. Sharon 95. 129 Grothaus. Susan 78 Grove. James 87 Gruver, Gary 58 Guingrich, Ellen 78, 127 Guisinger, Mary 78 Guisinger, Sharon 58 155 Gump, Lois 58. 71, 112, 116, 124, 127 Gustin, Stanley 58, 125, 128, 129 H Habecker, Donald 95 Haberly, Mary Lou 16,58,71,109.111,128 Habig, Howard 58, 108. 109, 114, 116, 127 Hadley, Ronald 58 Haffner, Judith 95, 120 Hafner, Arthur 22 Hagadorn, Joe 87, 93, 108 Hagerman, David 87, 129 Hagerman. George 87 Haifley, Dennis 87 Haines. Myron 95, 115 Haines, Pamela 95, 115 Haire. Gary 16. 58, 108 Hakey, William 87 Hall, John 95 Hall, Judith 87, 110, 128 Hallien, Helen 87. 110 Hamilton. Bud 78. 108 Hamilton, Jack 36,78.107,116.119 Hammon, Anita ... 78 Hammons, Betty 87 Hammons, Judith ... 87 Hanchar, Diane 58, 120 Hanes, Connie .87, 123, 129 Haney, Allen . 78, 121. 125, 128, 129, 132, 146 Hansen, Bette 109 Hansen, Ronald . ... 78, 116. 126 Hanson. Keith 58 Hanson, Ray 95 Hanson, Steve 87 Hapner. Cora .... 58 Happel, Sandy 78 Hardesty, Thomas 81, 146 Harding. Bessie 87 Harding, Lois ... 87 Harford, Thomas 58 Harmeyer, Dorothy 78 Harp, Vernon 58 Harris. Charlotte 78 Harris. Rebecca 78 Harris, Steve 78 Harshman, Ronald 58.109,116,118 Hart. Bonita 21, 58 Hart. Harold 78 Harter, Dan 87, 135 Harter, Randy .95. 121, 136. 145. 146 Harter. Susan 58, 100, 125, 128 Hartman. Sharon 78 Hartsing, William .... 87 Harvey. Sandra .78 Harwood. Carol 78, 128 Hastings, Anne 78. 84, 100, 122, 124, 127 Hatch, Georgeanne 58, 109, 115 Hatch, Jane 87. 110, 115 Hatch. Thoburn 78 Hatcher. Beverly 58 Hatcher, Edward 94. 95. 145. 146 Hatcher, Rebecca 87 Hatfield, Shervl 34. 58 74 100, 101, 107, 109, 111. 112. 122 Hatt, C. William ...31,41,126 Hattendorf, Joan . . . 41 Hattery, Walter . . 95. 145. 146 Haughey. Kathy . ... 87, 93. 110 Haught. Edward . 146 Havens, Robert 15, 78. 124. 126 Haverfield. Roger . 87. 128. 129 Haverstock. John 78 Haviland, Terrie ... 95 Hawk, James ... 87 Hawk. Karen 78. 107. 109. 116. 119 Hayhurst, Joyce 18. 29,87. 101. 104, 111. 115 Haynes. Linda .... 27, 58, 71 Hazelett. Carol , 68 Hazelett. Walter . . 68 Heath Tammie . . 58 Heck. James 59. 109, 116 Heck, Victor 59 Hedeen, Diane 59 Heffelfinger, Mike . , 91 Hefftey. Suzanne 9. 77. 109, 112. 116. 121, 139 Hegerfield Junior 59 Heidrich. Tony 87 Hein. Cathy 87.110.112,126 Heine. Stanley 59, 130, 131, 146 Heine, Steve 87 Heiser, Gene 87. 110 Helmke. Holly 95, 128 Hemingway, Douglas 59 Hemphill, JoEUen 87, 110, 116 Henderson, Linda 87 Henderson, Myron 41, 119 Hennon, James 59 Henschen, Keith 16. 59, 72. 108. 140 Henschen. Kenneth 95, 145 Henschen. Linda 59 Hensley. Chere 78 Herndon, James 59 Hertig, Pat 87 Hetrick, David 95 Hettinger, Alvin 87 Hettinger, Kay 87 Heuer, Carl 78, 109, 116 Hey, Byard 41. 46, 133, 140. 143 Hickox, Sharon 78 Hicks. Joyce 88 High, Harriet 88,104,106.111,118 High, Lynda 78. 122, 124 Hike, Steven 59 Hinkle. Dillard 95 Hinkel, Virginia 88 Hinton. Charles 41 Hinton, Gary 78 Hinton. Conrad 59 Hippensteele, Michael 88 Hitchcock. Gale 78 Hoar, James 78, 121, 135, 141, 146 Hobson, Richard 88, 91 Hoerner, Edward . . . . 16. 59, 109 Hoffman. Suzanne 95 Hofstetter. Jill 95. 129 Hohman, James 88 Hoke, Norman 95 Hollopeter. Gloria 88, 115 Holmes, Karen 78, 113 Holocher, Randy 81, 88 Holsworth, Cheryl 88, 113 Holsworth. Sharon 59 Holzwarth. Virginia 88 Homeyer, Constance 88 Homeyer. Patricia . 94, 95, 127 Honeck, William .78, 128, 129 Honeick, Daniel 78 Hoover, Julie 41,78.84,99,112 Horn, Sharon 78, 83, 98 Home. Mary 88 Horner. Thomas 88 Horrell, James . ... 78.114.126 Hosbien, Hugh 88 Hosier. Diane 88, 110 Hosier, Robert 59 Hostler, Richard 59, 107, 116, 125, 128. 129 Houser, Bette 78 Houser, Robert 16. 59, 108 Houser, Doris 93, 95 Houser. Joann 88. 123 Housholder. Sandra 59, 75, 126 Housholder, Susan . . 88. 98. Ill Houts. Helen 41 Howard. Aleta 88, 111. 115. 128 Howell. Douglas 95, 135 Hower. Gary 78, 111 Hubbard. Jane 78 Hudson, Carolyn 95 Hudson, Patricia 78, 139 Hudson, Phillip . . . . S8. 129, 146 Huett. Jeanett 88, 128 Huff, Martha 48. 49, 78, 124. 127 Huffman. Mildred 41 Huffman. Myron 78, 119 Hughes. John 78 Hughes. Maxine 88. 129 Humphrey. Fred 41 Hunsacker, Suzanne 59 Hunt Nancy .23, 88. 110 Hunter. Ann 88 Hursh. Lynn 95, 127 Hurst. Robert 95 Huth. Ann 78. 123 Huth. Karen 88 Hutson. Marjorie 78 Hutton, Donald 27 Hutton. Kav 88 Hvndman, Donald 88 Ingmire, Thomas 69 Insley. Robert 78 Irwin, James .94. 95. 146. 146 Ivy. Hyrle 41 Jackson, Dixie 78 Jackson, Gregory 78 Jackson, Kathleen 88 Jackson, Marilyn 88 Jacobs, Judy 95 James. David 32. 88 James, Phyllis . ... 48, 49, 78, 98 Jennings, Jack 95 Jennings, James 78 Jerome, Newton 59 Jewell, James 88, 91 Johns, Betty 59 Johns, John 88 Johnson, Carol 71.88,107,111.117 Johnson, David 95. 128 Johnson, Joyce 59 Johnson, Judith 41, 45 Johnson, Margaret 59, 71. Ill, 113, 125, 128 Johnson, Pamela 78.109,115,116.122 Johnson, Robert 78 Johnson, Sally 78, 109, 117. 122, 124. 126 Johnson. Wayne 95 Johnston. Carol 60 Johnston, David 88 Johnston, Janna Sue 60 Johnston. Kay 78, 122, 153 Johnston, William 5.60.71,74,108.109 Jones, John 119 Jones. Linda 29, 78 Jones, Patricia 60, 112, 113, 116 Jones, Ronald 95 Jones. Sharon 60 Jones, Victoria 95 Jordan, Frank 78 Jordan, Judith 78 Jordon, Jayne 60, 71 Jornod, Vicki .... 9, 88. 101. 110, 118, 127 Judy. Sandra 78 Junk, Jeannette 60 K Kaeck. David 60 Kahlenbeck, Richard 88 Kahlenbeck, Wanda 60, 71, 116 Kaiser, Linda 88,107,110,119.123 Kain, JoAnn 78 Kammer. Sherry 78 Kammeyer, Judith 78. 128 Kapp. Carol 81 Kapp, James 78 Kaufman, Albert 78 Kaufman, Lois 88, 115 Kavanaugh. Barbara 88 Keck Judith 78 Keeler, Janet 60 Keesler. Karen 60 Kehr. Paul 95 Keith. Jean 78 Keller. Carolyn 60, 109. 111. 113. 116, 127 Keller James .29. 88, 135, 144 Keller, Jeanne 78. 86 100. 112. 122, 126. 153 Keller. Shirley ... 78. 109, 117 Kellev. William 5. 78, 108, 121, 133. 146, 148 Kellogg Aubrey 78. 117 Kelly. Karen 95 Kelsey. Karen S8. 129. 139 Kemp. Donald .42. 134, 150 Kemp. Thomas 78 Kennedy. Jill 95 Kensill. Janice 88, 123 Kent, Richard 78, 116 Kenworthy. Stephen 60 Kiel. Jacqueline 91, 110 Kienzle. Diane 59 Kienzle. Judith . .. 88.111,115 Kiess. Stephen 60 Kimbrel. Richard 88 Kimmel. Terry 95. 145 King. Bruce 16, 60 King. John 95 King. Paula 88 Kinne. David 88,107,111.116 Kinney, Peggy 78 Kinnison, Larry 78 Kintz. Jeanne 91 Kiper, Michael 96 Kirkpatrick, Barbara 60 Kirkpatrick, John 60 Kirkpatrick, Shereen 95 Kiser, Charol 88 Kiser, Kathleen 78 Kissick, Evelyn 60 Kitzmiller, Lynn 88 Klaren, Philip 12,60,117.124,126 Klepper. Robert 15, 88 Kline. Roy 32, 42, 144 Klug. Virginia 78 Knappenberger, Gary 60 Knepper, Gary 88 Knepper, Judith 78 Knepper, Kathy 95 Knight, Gary 95 Knight, Nancy 88, 115 Knop. Judith 95, 129 Knupp, Thomas 60 Koehl, Nancy 88 Koenig, Lynn 95 Kogin, Cathy 48. 49, 78. 84 Koldewey. Sharon 79 Konow, Stephen 15. 88. 136, 146 Konow, Thomas .... 95, 145, 146 Koons, Richard 79 Koontz, Jill 79. 117. 128 Koontz, Larry 88 Korn, Nancy 60 Korn, Susan 79, 128 Kreckman, Charles 60 Kreigh. Suzanne 5, 88 Krider, Roberta 61. 123 Krieg. Mark . . 79, 85, 101, 108, 140, 143. 146 Kring. Donald 16, 61 Kroeber. Irmhild 95 Kronmiller. Lois 61 Krudop. Roy 61 Krueger, Dennis 61, 140, 143. 146 Kruse. John 16, 61 Kruse. Thomas 88 Krutchen. Robert 79 Kubay. Mariam 79 Kubay, Todek 95 Kuckein, Anita 61 Kumper, Konnie 88 Kurtz, Donelda 5, 79, 113 Kurtz. James 79 Kurtz, Norman 79 Ladig. Anna 79 Ladwig, Sheryl 79 Ladwig, Thomas 88 LaHurreau. Claude 88 Laird, Dianne 88 Lake, Donald 88 Lake, Susan 79 Lamb, Susan 79 Lambert, Paul 79, 146 Lamboley, Lorraine 61 Lamprecht. Richard 51, 111, 119 Landsaw, Nancy 88 Lane. Wanda 61 Langas. Linda 61 Lantz. Maria . . 5,79. 86, 109, 113. 124 Lantz Sue 13,81.121.122,153 Lapp, Ronald 95 Lapp, Thomas 61. 71, 72, 75. 100. 108. 121 Larimer. Steven 79, 121. 132, 146 Larimore, William Lash. Carol 23, 88. 104. 110. 115 Latham. David 61 Latham. Mary 79 Laughlin. Mike 61. 71 Lavander. Carol Lawrence. Barbara . Laws. Carole 88, 111. 115 Laws, David 88, 103 Leach. Judith 79, 104. 106, 107. 109. HI Leadbetter, Mike 61 Leamon. Susan 5, 79. 117. 124. 126 Leason. Kay 61 Leatherman. Steven 95 Lechleitner. Donna 81. 128 Lee, Carol 79 Lee. Connie 61.75 Lee, Jacky 61 Lee. James 79 Lee, Kenneth 61 Lee. Luanne . . . . 79. 112. 126 Lee. Stanley 42 Leggett. Perry 61, 108 Leggett. Steve . 79. 100. 108 156 Lehman, Marcia 95. 129 Leininger. Steve 88 Leland, Jack 61 Leming, Susan 61 Lemke, Paul 42 Leon, James 95 Lesh, Brooks ... 88, 135, 144, 146 Leslier, Porter 79. 126 Leuenberger, Donald 88. 135, 146 Levin. Mike 81 Levy. David 79 Levy. Rhonda 88 Lewinski, James 42. 112 Lewis, Beryl 28, 42, 116 Lewis, Donald 79 Lewton, Patricia 88 Lewton, Ronald 42 Lieberum, Susan 79 Light. Patricia 42 Lindegren, Betty 88. 127 Lindenberg, Ernie 79 Linnemeier. Larry 61 Little, Elizabeth 22, 42 Lloyd. Betty 95 Lloyd. Billy 61 Lockeridge. Ralph 96, 135 Lockwood, Madolyn 61 Loechner, Karen 95 Logsdon. Karol 88 Lommatzsch, Terry 88 Loney, Gloria 79 Loney, Ronald 95 Long, Irwin 79 Longberry, Diane 88 Lopez, Laurie 62 Lopshire, Joyce 62 Lopshire, Steven 62 Lotz, Rebecca 95 Loucks, Patricia 79 Loudermilk. David 79.107,116.117 Lubomirski, Anne 79 Lucas. David . 79, 121, 125, 128. 133, 134. 146 Luce. Beverly 88 Luce, Darlene 62 Luc Luckadoo. Hele Ludwig, Daniel 79 Luessenhop, Kenneth 95 Lungren. Mary 95. 127 Lutton. Linda 62, 74 Lutz, David 79 Lutz. Laverne 88 Lyle. Lucv 62 Lvnch, Kathleen 88 Lynch. Suellen 62 Lyon, Vickie 79 M Mace. Sandra 29, 79 Macy. Roger .88, 135, 144, 146 Macy, Ted 95 Madden. Karen 95 Mallett. Sandra 62, 71 Mally. Beverly 79 Maloley, Connie 62 Malott. John 42, 114 Manes, Garry 88 Mangan, Michael 88 Mann, Donald 88 Mannan, John 88 Mannan. Marv 62 Markwalder. Carol 79. 128 Marsh, Arlo 62 Marsh, Karen 81, 128 Marshall, Beth 15, 88, 101, 126, 128 Martens, Elin 79, 117 Martin, Anthony 79 Martin, Joan 88, 129 Martin, Michael 88 Martin. Nanev 62 Martin. Robert 88 Martin, Robert 79 Martin, Thomas 81 Martin. Virginia 79 Martin, William 62 Masloob, Edward 62, 108 Masloob, Patricia 79, 128 Mast, Linda 79 Mather. Judith 88 Matzen. Kay 88 McAfee. Thomas 88 McArthur. Judith 62, 71 McArthur Rebecca 79, 126 McClead, Donald . ... 42, 46, 117 McClure. Donald 95 McCollister, Betteann 95 McCollister, Steven 79 McCoskey, Joyce .... 79, 110, 112 McCoy, Rosalie 79 McCullough, Robert 79 McCully.Susan 62 McCurdy, Juanita 79 McDonald. Jeanne 88 McEwen, Gerald 62, 116 McGee, Michael 88 McGinnis, Robert 96 McGuire, Robert 79 McGuire, Susan 79 Mcintosh, Jean 79 Mcintosh, Kathy 62 Mclntyre, Lorna 95 Mclntyre, Nancy 62 McKay, Sherry 79, 84. 100. 105. 106, 113, 116, 118, 125, 128 McLaughlin, David 95 McLean, Richard 79, 135 McLean, Steven 62,72,75,121,133 McMeekin, Pat . 62. 71, 112, 113 McMeen. Michael 79 McNamara, David 95 McNeal, Ronald 88 McNeely, W. H 42 McNelley. Terry 88. 110, il6, 146 McSorley, Carol 95. 120 McSpadden, Sherril 88 Medsker, Anita . 88, 99, 107, 118 Medsker, Doris 62, 98 Mee. Eugene 88 Mee. Judith 62 Meek, Ray 88 Meek, Thomas 79 Meier, Ellen 79, 112. 1)5. 127, 12S Meister, Gregory 85, 88, 107, 110, 124. 126 Meitz, John 95 Melton, Lenny 91 Mennewisch, Roberta 89 Menzie, Paula 89, 110 Mercer, Larry 95 Merrill. Janice 79 Merrill. Brad 62, 136, 146 M. 95 Mertes, John ... 42 Mertz, Larry 63 Mettert, Larry 81 Metzger, Robert 63 Metzler, James 79 Meyer, Mary 79 Meyer, Victor 89 Michell, Donald .... 63. 101. 135 Michell. Jeff ... 81, 129, 144. 146 Michell, Keith .12, 15. 16, 100 Michell, Robert 79 Milam. Larry 79 Mileff. Lynn . . 63 Milentis, Olympia 79 Miller, David 63 Miller, Donald 89 Miller, Doug 89 Miller, Frank 79 Miller, Helen 95, 101 Miller. Irene 42 Miller. James 89 Miller. Janyce 89 Miller, Jerald 42 Miller, John 79 Miller, Judith 79, 128 Miller, Kirby 18, 19. 79. 108 Miller, Loretta 89, 91 Miller, Marie 42 Miller, Mark 95 Miller, Mary 95 Miller, Michael 95 Miller, Pat 89 Miller. Paulette 89, 115 Miller, Richard 42 Miller, Steve 79 Miller, Vern 79 Miller. Wes 89 Miller. William 63, 136, 145. 146 Millette, Bernice 63, 109, 116, 128 Mills. Diana 95 Mills. Patricia 89 Mills. Peggy 63 Mills. Robert 63 Mills. Thomas 79 Milton. Robert 89, 145 Minear. Sharon 89, 129 Mishler, James 95 Mitchell. David 63, 71 Modricker, Anne 89, 110, 129 Moehle, Wavne ... 63. 121, 133. 134. 146 Moellering. Valerie 63 Monnet, Sue 63 Montoney. Nancy 63 Moore. Dorothy 89 Moore, Gary 63 Mooie, Judith 15. 89, 111, 124. 126 Moore, Michael 63, 71 Moore, Ronald 89 Moore, Stan 89 Moorehead, Carol 63, 128 Moreland. Terry 95 Moreno. Gloria 79 Moreno, Nash 89. 128 Moreno, Robert 89 Morgan. Brenda 79, 128 Morgan, Paula 79 Morrell. Thomas 89 Morris. Jean 89, 129 Morris, Kay 63, 71 Morris. Mia 79 Morton. Donna 89 Morton, Marcia 95 Moser. Steven 12. 63. 108, 114, 116, 146, 148 Moses, Mary 79. 115 Motz. Victor 95 Moyer, Craig 95 Mueller. Karen 89 Mulles, Richard 96 Mullett, Linda 79 Mullins. Patricia 4, 12, 13, 79. 124 Murbach, George 89 Murphy, Linda 79, 112, 128 Murphy, Richard 63 Murray. Helen 89 Musselman, Donna 129 Musselman. Judy 89. 127 Mutch. Marilyn .... 89, 104, 111 Muter. Jim 96, 115 Mvers. Alan 89 Myers, Charles 79 Mvers, Constance .21, 79, 128 Myers, David 89, 126. 127 Mvers, Donald 79 Myers, Gary 79, 146 Myers, Marilyn 89 Myers, Neil 89, 91 N Nagel. Ronald 79 Nagelson, Jack 79 Nahrwold. Michael 63.71,101,108.109.116 Nailor. Karen 96 Nash. Ruth 79 Neal. Gary 89 Neat. Rebecca 63. 120 Needham, Stanley 89. 104. 106. Ill Neidhart, Patricia . . 89, 110. 129 Neighbor. Jovce 89 Nelson, James 79 Nemyer, Sharon .... 32, 63. 128 Neuhauser. Alice 79, 116 Neuls. Frederick .63, 128, 129 Ne 79 Neuman, Steven 96 Newhard. Terry 79 Nichols. David 64 Nichols. Janet 79 Nichols, Kathryn 89 Nicodemus, Ronald 96 Nicolet, Constance 64 Nielsen, Blanche 42 Nine. Woody 89 Nissenbaum. Gerald 89, 107. 110 Noble. Alfred 89 Nofzinger, Carol 64 Nolan. James 89,104,105.106.110 Noll, Fredrick 79, 133 Noll, Suzanne 96 Norden, Walter 96 Nuerge. Judith 64 Nusbaum, Alice 30. 42 Nusbaumer. Jacqueline . 89 Nuzum, Pamela 89,110,115 O ' Bear, Judith 79 O ' Brian, Judith 79 O ' Day, Barbara 89. 129 O ' Dell, Ronald 64 Odier. Marsha 80 Odom, Faye 64 Ogg. Jerry 64 Olinger. Jack . 96 . 128. 129. 135 Olinger. Nancy 89. 128 Olosan. Virginia 89 Onion. Steven 89 Orcutt. James 34. 80. 100, 107. 116, 119 Ormiston, Patrick 80. 108 Osborn, Connie 127 Osborn, Jay 64, 121, 149 Osborn, Richard 96 Osborne. Margaret 80 Osterholt. Connie 80 Oswald, Susan 30,80,107,115,117 Ott. Garret 96 Owren, Kristi 89 Page. Carol 64 Paillie, Charles 64 Painter, Michael 85, 89, 141, 144. 146 Pape, Diane 89 Pape. June 96 Pape, Thomas 89 Park, Darrel 96 Park, Judith 80 Parke, Richard 64, 100, 125, 128, 129 Parker, Bud 89 Parker, Gene 64, 121. 132 Parker, Patricia 64, 71 Parker, Russell 80 Parkerson, Rodger 64, 126 Parsons, Joan 64, 71, 101, 112, 126, 127 Patterson, Ann 80 Patterson, David 89 Patterson. William 96, 135 Patton, Noel 89 Paulson, Susan 80, 117, 128 Payne. Jane 89, 111 Peek. Constance 89 Peiter. Marilyn 89 Pelz, Andrew 89 Pence, Patricia . 64, 71. 125. 128 Pence, Steven 89. 110 Pence, Steven . 89. 108. 116. 128 Penfold, Bonnie ... 89, 111, 115 Pennington, Grace 42, 112 Perry, Robert 64 Peters. Janine 80 Peters, Suzanne 89, 91 Peters. William 80 Peterson, Marvin 89 Pfeiffer, Steven 89 Phillips, Dale 81 Phillips. Linda 89 Phillips, Lynn 89 Phillips, Mary Ann 64 Phillips, Thomas 96 Pieper, Norma 12. 80. 124. 128, 153 Pierce, Carola 89 Pierce. Timothy 96 Pipino, Frank . 89, 104, 106, 110 Pitser, Scott 85, 89, 101, 108, 110. 124, 126, 127 Pletcher. Michael 89 Pliett. Jeanne 80, 117 Plumanns. Frances 42 Poe, Winifred 42 Poe. Shirley 89 Polyak. Agnes 64 Pontius. Judith ... 89, 104, 111 Pool. William . . 80. 121. 133, 146 Pope. Shirley 91 Popp, Edward 89 Porter. Carolyn 64 Potts. Pamela 89, 129 Potts. Sandra . . 80, 115, 117, 128 Powell, Stephen 80 Poyser, Bud 96 Pratt, Steven 64 Pressler, Beverly 89 Price. Connie 89 Price. Gregory 80, 110 Price. Robert 80 Prosser, Donald 80. 146 Puff, Fran 80, 113 Puff, Imogene 64 Pugh, Robert 42, 72. 114 Pugsley. Judith 64 Pulver. David 64 Pulver, Mary 89 Pulver. Philip 65 Purdum. Sharon 89 Purdy. Carolyn 65 Purkhiser. James 42 Putman, David 65 157 Q ck, William nn. Colleen nn. Nancy K Raber. Sheri 96 Rabus, Jon 65.108,121,132,146 Rams, Jean 89 Kamm, Donald 16, 65 Ramsey. Jerry 80 Ramsey. Michael 126 Rang, Ronald 6, 65 Ransom;:, John 89, 91, 146 Rarick, Martha 129 Rasley, Donna .... 80 Rauch, Michael ... 89 Rayick, M. . . 96 Rayer, Paul 80, 101 Raymer, Lila 80 Read. Charles 89 Read. James 80. 121. 134 Reader. Stephen 11, 65, 121, 132, 146 Reddin, Jerry 89 Reddin, Larry 65 Redmon, Larry 16, 65, 108 Reece, Charlene .... 89 Reeves. William . 80. 100. 121. 132, 146 Reeves, Judith 89, 110 Reeves. Leslie 42 Regedanz, Diane 5, 65, 71, 100. 107, 109 Reichardt, Judith 96 Reid, Linda 65, 116, 128 Reiling, Dennis 89 Reimund, Nancy 80 Reinking, Larry 89 Reinwald. Carlene 96. 129 Reiter. Marilyn 110 Remenschneider, Joyce . . 65, 122 Remenschneider, Rose ... 89. 128 Renforth. Michael 65, 146 Renner, Judith 96 Renner, Linda 80 Rhodes, Lowen 65, 81 Rhodes, Robert 96 Rhodes. Ruth 65 Rice, Nancy 96. 110 Rice. Paul 80 Rice. Susan 89, 129 Rich. Jeanette 42, 128, 129 Richard, Teresa 80, 107 Richards, Stephanie . 19, 65. 71. 100. 102, 106, 107. 112, 115, 122 Richards. Susan ... 80. 113, 116 Richardson, Barbara 89 Richardson. William 80 Richendollar. John 89 Richhart, Joyce 65. 71, 103. 107, 109, 111, 113, 116 Richter, Stanley 65 Ricketts, Linda 65 Rider, Barbara . . 11,80,112,113,122 Rider, Marilyn 84. 98 Rieclel. Helen 80 Riggs. Stephen 65 Rigsby. Barbara 89, 96 Riley, Patricia 96 Rinehart. Nancy ... .65, 71, 103, 107. 109. 112. 115. 116 Rinker, Sharon 65 Robb. George 80 Robhins. Donald 65 Robbins. Sharon 89 Roberts. Daniel 80. 126 Roberts. Garnett 80, 99 Roberts. James 76. 80. 100. 107, 109. 116 Roberts, Penny 96 Roberts, Randy .... 66. 72, 100. 108, 114 Roberts. Sally 90 Roberts, Sue 66 Roberts. Tom . , 81 Robertson. Constance .... 80 Robertson. O. Dale 38, 39 Robinson. David 80. 128 Robinson, Gary 90 Robnolte. Sue 66 Rodgers, Robert 66 Roeback, Raymond 31. 66 Roehling. Richard 90 Rogers. Anne 80, 107, 118. 127 Roland. Elizabeth 80, 128 Roman, Maria 80. 83. 128 Romano. Francis 96 Romano. James 90 Romano. Larry 80 Romy, Robert 80 Roop. Patricia . . 66, 71, 112, 127 Root, Kenneth 90 Ross. Carol . . 90 Ross. Kathy 90. 113, 128 Roth, Connie 80 Roth. Philip 66. 100. 128 Rothenberger. Katherine 43, 109 Rousseau, Yvonne 80 Roy. Kaye 96. 129 Ruby. Karol .80. 124. 126. 127 Ruch, Robert 30. 80, 119 Rufner. Carol 66. 112 Runyan. Anthony 66. 146 Runyan, Judy 66 Rupp. Susan 90, 115 Russ. Jay 90 Rutter. Sandra 80 Ryder. Janice 66 Saaf, Kathy 96 Saaf. Loren 16 Salmon, Barbara 90 Sammetinger, James 90, 107. 128. 129 Sanders, Michael 90 Sargent, Robert 90, 110 Satterthwaite. Donald 90 Sayles, Mary 96, 113 Saylor. Ann 90 Saylor, Joan 90 Schaaf, Judith 90 Schaefer, Eileen . . Ill, 115. 129 Schaefer. Steven 80. 106, 109, 110, 116 Schafianski, Anita 96 Schafianski. Sandra 80 Schafianski. Walter 66 Schanlaub, Carol 29, 90 Schanlaub. Cynthia 80 Schaper, Ellen 22, 66. 71, 75. 107, 109, 112. 115 Schecter, Barbara 90.104,105.115 Scheele, James 66. 121. 136. 137 Scheele, Judith 96. 113 Scheele, Suellen 96, 113 Scheibenberger. David 96, 135, 145 Schellenback, Daniel 80 Schelm, William .... 66, 71, 126 Schelper, Cynthia 80 Scherer. Jean 90. 91. 115 Schieber, Steven 80 Schlatter, Richard .80, 107. 108. 114, 116 Schlie, David 80 Schoup. William 80 Schmidt, David 90 Schmidt. James 96, 146 Schmidt. Richard 90 Schneider, Catherine 80 Schneider, Robert 96, 135 Schnepp, Barbara 80, 84 Schnepp, Judith ... 66, 71. 128 Schomberg. Thomas 80 Schowe, Susan 80 Schram, Barbara 66 Schrey. Janis 66 Schrock, Dorcas .66. 109, 116 Schroff, Carol 80 Schubert. Judith . . 90, 104, 111, 115, 129 Schultz, James 66 Schultz. Sally 80 Schultz. Sharon 80 Schurnaker. David 90, 128, 144. 146 Schwalm. Judith 96 Schwan. Mark 80 Schwartz, Gerald 66 Schwartz, Lorraine 81, 107. 116. 119 Scott, Larrv 80. 100, 108 Scott, Peggy 96 Scott. Sandra 80 Scott. Sherry 90 Scribner. Donald 66 Seaman. Kaaren 66 Seaman. Michele 66, 71 Seely, James 90 Seibert. Karen 80, 99. .... 107, 109, 116, 122, 124, 127 Seibert. Paul 80 Seifert, Douglas 90, 128, 129, 135 Seiler, James 80 Sellett, Sharon 80 Sslzer, Bonnie 67, 120 Sensibaugh. James 96 Seslar, Merlen 80 Sesney, Ronald 96 Shaheen. Jack 90 Sharp, Connie 90 Sharpe, David 90 Sharts, Mason 80, 114 Shaw, Sharon 67 Shea, Maureen 96 Shearer, Claralyn 90, 107, 110, 115 Sheckles, Rosetta .... 96 Sheets. William ... 67 Shepelak, Audrey 96 Sherbondy, Donald . . 80,124.126.127 Shinier. Joan 7. 81. 116 Shimer, Steven . . 7, SI, 1 12, 146 Shimer, Susan 7, 90 Shoda, Marcia 67 Shoemaker, Pamela 96 Shook, Susan 90 Short, Douglas 96. 101 Shroyer, Ethel 43 Shugert, Robert 67 Shuler, David 80 Shumaker, Crai g 91 Shutt,- Jack 80, 116 Sible, Gloria 90. 115 Sidener. Whitney 67. 124. 126, 127 Siegel, Jerry 90, 119 80 114 Siler. Jame Siler, Willi! Sillet, Sharon . 110 Sills, Marilyn .... 80 Simcoe, Steven 96, 129 Simmerman. Linda 80 Simmons, John 90. 91 Simon, William 43 Simpson, Darcie 67 Sinks. J. Robert ... 43 Sivits, Arthur 96, 145 Slack, Margaret 80, 107, 109. 110, 112, 127 Slough, John 67 Slyby, Sarah 67 Smith. Barbara 80 Smith, Carol 80, 117. 126 Smith. Cathy 90 Smith. Cleryl 118 Smith, David 5, 16, 67, 100, 101, 108, 128, 129, 146 Smith, David 134 Smith, Felice 90, 129 Smith, Gene 67 Smith, Geoffrey 96 Smith, Harry 67 Smith, Jack ... 67, 121, 133, 146 Smith, James 90. 135 Smith, John 7. 90 . 135. 146 Smith, Joyce 67 Smith. Judith 17. ' 31. 80, 105,106,109.116.118 Smith, Kathleen 96 Smith, Linda 80,109.110,113 Smith. Sandra 90 Smith, Sandra 67 Smith, Sharon 90 Smith, Steven 60, 107. 110 Smith. Susan ... 9, I0, 101. 127 Smoak, James 96 Smuts. Rutherford 43 Snavely, Roselvn 67 Snider, Waveland 43, 133 Snoke, Nancy 67 Snow. Norman .19, 67. 75. 140 Snyder. Duane 96 Snyder. Leslie . 80, 82, 124. 127 Snyder, Thomas 90 Solt. Carolyn 90 Solt, Patr Do 67 Sosenheimer. Steven 90, 91. 129 Soughan. Lynn 67. 100. 126. 127 Soughan. Norma 91, 129 Sovine, Carl 96 Sovine. Donald 80 Spake, David 80 Spangle. Kenneth . 80, 128. 129 Spangler. Dale 16, 67 Spangler, Gary 90 Speidell, Lois 90 Spencer, Mary 67 Spencer. Samuel 90. 119 Spencer, William 67 Spice, Mary Lou 80. 84. 98 Spice. Michael 67 Spiegel. Margaret 43 Spies. Robert 90 ,91 Spiro. Rosann 90 Spitler, Nancy 90 Spoolstra. Marjorie ... 43 Springer. Ruby 68 Sprinkle, Judith 68, 128 Squires. Bernard 90 Squires. Jerry 90, 91 Sroufe. Charles 96 Stackhouse. Diane 60. 110. 115 Stahl. Shirley 80 Stalf. Susan 96, 115 Stamm, James 80, 128. 129 Stanger, Martin 16. 68 Stanski. Pamela 90 Stark, Sharon 80. 113. 115. 123 Starkel. Barbara 96. 101. 115. 129 Staver, Mary . . 68 Stephan, Philip 68 Sterling, Robert 68 Stevens, Charlene ... 68 Stevens. Gregory 96 Stevens, Jerry 68 Stevens, Judith 68 Stevenson, Sally 96. 129 Steward. Janet 90, 115 Stewart. Dennis . 15. 19, 68, 100, 101, 108, 109. 125. 128, 129, 146 Stewart. John 90, 110 Stieglitz, Karen 68 Stillen, Pat 90 Stillman. David 90, 110, 146 Stirling. Sara 43 Stoeckelmann, Ulf 80 Stoeckley, Robert 90. 116 Stomberg, Aria 81 Sternberg, Kristine . . .90. 110 Stone, Elizabeth . 4, 5. 68, 71. 107, 109, 111. 115. 122 Stoots, Thomas 90 Stout, Daniel 68, 101 Stout, Linda 81. 100. 115. 125. 128 Stout, Raymond 68. 75. 100 Strater. Judith 90 Strebig, Marsha 90 Stresser. Michael 81. Ill Strong, Daniel 96 Strong, Linda 110, 115 Strong. Richard 81 Stuckey. Jon 90. 135 Stuckey. Karen 81 Studebaker, Kenneth ... 81, 127 Stumpf. Janice 90 Stumpf. Richard 81 Sturges, Terrv 96 Summers. Leo 81 Summers, Richard 5. 6. 14. 16. 68 Summers. Ted 114,121.136.146 Summersett, Bonnie 81 Sutton. Diane 81 Swaim. I.anna 68 Swain. Maureen 96, 129 Swain, Pamela 90 Swank, Thomas 68. 133 Swihart. Phillip 81 Tannas. David 68 Tannehill Janet 90 Tanner, David 68 Tate. Diane 68, 71 Taylor. Larry 81 Taylor. Mareia 68 Teeters. Dick 81 Tennant. James ... 90, 135. 146 Tennant. Nancy . . . 68, 111, 115 Tennell. Donald 96 Ternett. Susan 81 Terry. Dale 68, 105. 106. 107, 126 Thatcher. William 81 Thatcher. William 68 Thiel. Sara 90 Thiele. Norma 43 Thomas. Bob 69 Thomas. Harold 43, 116 Thomas. Judy ... 81 Thomas. Kathy 90. 115. 117. 12S Thompson. Barbara .... 81. 122 Thompson. Betsy 69 Thompson. Larry 81. 100 128. 135. 144. 146 Thompson, Phyllis 96 Thompson. Susan 81 Thompson. Tourist 43 Thorne. Michael 81 Till. Barbara 81 Till. Michael 69 Timbrook. Rowena 81 158 Tinkle, Terry 69 Tom, Johnnie 81, 135 Tonkel. Francis 69 Toon, Stephen 81, 129 Topp. Fred 90 Traster, Duane 90 Traster. Robert 43 Trautman, Jim 90 Treadway, Gwendolyn 90 Troop, Billy 96 Troyer, Stephen 81 Tryer, Janet 129 Tsetse, Kathleen 69 Turner, Linda 81 Turrin. Dave . . 90, 128. 129 Tweedy, Patricia 90. 104, 110, 123 u Ullyot, Donna 69, 116 Ummel, Richard 81, 112 Underwood, Phyllis 69 Underwood. Sandra 81 Ungerer. Richard . . . . 11, 81, 84, 108, 121, 128, 133, 134 Urrell, Thomas 129 Valor, William 90 Van Every, James 81 Vance. Martina 96. 97 Vanover. Betty 90 Vargas. Antonia 90 Vargas, Ruth 69 Veasey, Larry 69 Venderly, Nancy 81 Vergon. Yvonne 81, 118 Vice, Steven 96 Vining, Raymond 81 Visick, Kathleen 69 Voelker, David 90,101,111,126,127 Voght. Robert 81 Voirol. James 90, 111, 127 Volz, Marcyle 69 w Wade, Donna 81 Wade, Lois 96 Wagner, Larry . ... 69, 108, 146 Wagner, Lynne 69 Wagner, Roger 81 Wagner, William 69 Walker, Cheri 90, 109 Walker, Donald 81, 128, 129, 135, 146 Walker, Jacqueline 69 Walker, Jeffery 90 Walker, Michael 81 Walker, Rodger 96 Walker, Stephen 96 Wall. Keith 69 Wallace, Carol 90 Waller, Mary 43 Walley, Ann 90, 101, 110, 112, 129 Walley, John 69, 74, 100, 108, 116, 124 Waltemath, Joanne 69 Waltenberg, Neil 69 Walter, Cathy 69 Walter, John 43, 133 Walter, Martin 19, 81, 106, 108, 109. 116 Walters. Joyce 69 Wappas, Beverly 69 Wappas, James 81 Wappas, Myron 69 Warner, Diana 90 Warsaw, Jerrv 22, 70, 71. 124, 127 Wass, Janice 81, 128 Wasson, Dianne 70 Wasson, Janice 96, 129 Waters, Marilyn 81 Waters, Paula 91 Weaver, Brenda 70 Weaver, Clifford 81 Weaver, Larry 81 Weaver, Louann 81 Weaver, Nancy 81, 113 Weaver, Roy 81 Weaver, Stanley 90 Weaver, Wvatt . 90, 110. 121, 146 Webb, Jean 81 Weber, George 90 Weber, Janet 43, 46, 72 Weber, Richard 70 Webster. Randolph 90. 126 Wedmeyer, Jerry 135 Weeks, Judith 90 Weeks, Larry 90 Wahrenberg, Charles 81, 107, 108. 109. 116 Wehrenberg, Jean 43 Weisback, Robert 90. 146 Weiss, Dennis 81 Weiss, Steve 91 Weithrich, Susi 110 Welch, Douglass 91 Wellman, Jerome 70, 126. 136. 146 Wells, Stanley 81 Welty, Mitchell 91 Werling, Scott 81. 121, 132, 146 Werskey, Carolyn . 96. 115. 129 Wert. Clive 43, 108 West, Thomas 96 Wheeler. Daniel 128, 129 White, Jerry 90, 101, 126 Whitman, Sam 96 Whittenberger. Glen 81, 116, 119 Whittern. Noel 43, 120 Wickser, Diane 91 Widmeyer, Jerry 96 Widmeyer, Judith 81 Wiegmann, Joseph 96 Wilburn, Larry 96 Wildey, Janet 81 Wilding. John SI. 111. 114 Wilkins. David 70 Wilkins, Mary 81 Willett, Stephen 70 Williams. David 91 Williams. James 91, 110 Williams, Rita 81 Williams, William . . 43. 133. 134 Williamson, Lana 96 Willis. Richard .81.107,108.146 Willman, James 70, 126 Wills, David 129 Wills, Jeanne 81, 128 Wilson, Allen 31, 135 Wilson, David 81 Wilson. James 70 Wilson, James 96 Wilson, John 70 Wilson, Steven 16, 70, 100 Wilt, Charles 70 Wilt. Michael 91 Windmiller, Larry 91 Winkelblack, Harley 96 Winklemann, Susan 91 Winkler, Florence 70,75,112,122,138 Witham, Allen 91 Witmer. Sharon 81,100.107,109,110 Witzigreuter, Timothy . . 96, 145 Wolfe. Carta 81. 138 Wolff, David 16, 18, 19, 70 Wolff, Francis 81, 128 Wolff, Judith 81 Woltz, Nancy 30, 81. 107, 109, 112, 115, 116 Wood, Alice IB Woodings, Jane 91 Woods. James 70. Ill Woodward. Kenneth 91 Worley. Robert 70 Worrell. Karen 91 Wright, James 81 Wright, Joan 81 Wright. Marilyn 70 Wright. Patricia 91 Wright, Sandra 96. 117 Wring, Patricia 96 Wrigley, Robert 81 Wuthrich. Susan 91 Wvss, David " ... 20,30,35,81.101,116.119 Yoder, Dale 91 Yoder, Kenneth 91. 128, 129 York, Barbara 70 York, Robert 81 York, Timothy 91, 135 Young, Eugene 81 Young, Harry 43, 109 Young, Judith 91 Young, Linda 81, 113. 115 Yovan. Darrell 70 Yovan, Roger 81 Zager. Marilyn 70 Zahrndt, Joanne 43 Zakhi, Elizabeth 70 Zell, Larry 91 Zelt, Lonie 91 Zeman. Judith . 70. 113. 116 Cheryl 91 Donald 70 Zion. Sandra 96. 129 Zion, William 81 Zirkle. Jerry 4, 81 Zollars. Steven 81. 126, 127 Zollars, Susan 91 Zollars, Thomas 96 Zumbaugh, Gary 96 Zurbrugg, Joyce 91 Zurbrugg, Marcia 91. 129 Zurbrugg, Thomas 81 159 Keefer Printing Company 714 W. Washington, Fort Wayne, Indiana Anthony 1484 Serving Fort Wayne and vicinity ivith Quality Printing for over 46 years For Your Yearbook of Distinction FORT WAYNE ENGRAVING COMPANY 120 W. 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