North Side High School - Legend Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN)

 - Class of 1952

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North Side High School - Legend Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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4.4 T Mg.. i unior Red Cross NORTH GIRLS HELP QRPI-IANS Junior Rr-rl Cross is nn ilnporlunl service link Imelween time xxinericnn Refi Cross anti Norlir Side. Toqelixer liley sponsor lime enroiimenl drive. liie orpimn firive. liie Qiiil 'mx proi- erl, mul nn nnnuui clfnwe. Birs. :Xiiue NllSl7illllll is lime nfl- viser unci line officers for lime firsl sernesler were :Xnn iXicDoweii. presf irlenl: Cimriolle Ferguson. vire-pres- icientg Lois Rousir. seCrelzn'y: and Susnnn Rousseau, treasurer. Tire seconci semester officers were Char- iolle Ferguson, presifienl: -I-0l'Pllil Heller. Vive-presicienlz unc' Cyntilin Canleion. seerelary. Nature Club MODER WALTQNS STUDY COLLECTICDNS A quotation lay rl-ennyson. Hxotlte ing in nature is unlneautiluln. llest exemplifies tlie spirit lbeliincl our Nature Clulb in scllool. lnterest is tlie only requirement lor memlxersliip into tllis organization. wltose purpose is to lielp eacll memluer liml out more almout tlle outcloors. ancl to liave lun cloing it. Tliis yearis lnest projects were col- lections ot leaves. sliells. ancl slculls. :X lnircl leecling activity also provecl to lie very interesting. A series ol nine lilms on Nature sulbjects were sliown. Two oli tl1e most outstanclingf events ol' tlie clulb are time Cltristmas party ancl ttle last meeting in tlle spring yvlliclt is an all clay trip to some place ol interest sucix as time lzaal: Xvalton grouncls. or State forests in Parlxs. Tile cluld aclvisors are bliss Vesta Tlmompson ancl Fir. Clittorcl Ott. The oliiicers lor tlme year consist oi David Burg. presiclent: Leia nlae Bartaway, vice president: Bette Bingley. secretary: ancl Pat Conner, treasurer. Top. Rolvinson, Hawli, Longswortli, ancl Howtey. Center. Bartaway, Burg, ancl Berlin. Bottom, Conner, Fir. Clitliorcl Ott. Rinne. ancl Bingley. Helicon Club CLUB FOCUS DRAMA STUDY Tlie Helicon Clulv spolliglii cap- iurecl clrama as its program llieme for time year. Time clulm. wliose purpose it is lo prolnole a lieener appreciation oi lilerary masterpieces for time memlyers. lias enioyeci a cieligllilul season under tile clirection oi llle aclvisers, Bliss Flilclreci Huffman ancl lxliss ixlalnel Greenwali. Tile oiiicers guicle llle clulu ll1rougl1 llie event oi time years. wliicli inclucieci 11 -M' A A V . K.. V L ,v .M a Tlianlxsgiving poiluclx supper, a lrip 5.4 io llie Allen County Infirmary. time lincoln Day Assernivly, time Spring Tea. anti llle Senior farewell. Tile Helicon Clulu cliose Don ixlorrow. presicienlg ixlax Staclcliouse. vice-presiclenl: Ann lxlcllowell. secrelary: Gary Crosby. treasurer: Roncla Jones. program cllairmanz Ann life-l3s. service recorcler: Dorolliy Banlis. social cllairmanz Sieve ixlarlin. memlmersllip ciiairmanz Pauline ixlicu. pulalicily cllairmanz ancl Ricliarcl Prairie ami Siiirlee Clarli. Time seconcl semesler oiiicers were :Xnn iXlcDoweli. presicienl: Ricllarci Prairie. vice-presicieni: Patsy Overman. secrelary: Don Nlorrow. ireasurer: Ann Nloriariy, social clnairman: NEIZEI Vita Lyncll. service recorcier: Sliirlee Clarli, pulmlicily cliairman. Pliyllis Sclieullie. memlaersliip cllair- man: Cary firoslJy, program cliairmanz anci Doroll15' Banlxs ancl Carl Rinne. critics. -9 S.P.C. TI-IESPIANS PRESENT AUDEVILLE RE UE The Sluclenl Players Clulm is an organ- ization Cmnposecl of all soplmmores. juniors. and seniors inleresleml in all pllases 0r!ll'ill1liIlil'S. A-Xriivilies for this year illlklllflliil an aclive pariifipalion in Varsily varielies of 1031. a musical revue ulilizing the vast alnounl of talent founcl uncler ilu- Big 'Donn-. FXIIOIIIFI' arlivily of ilu' group was an assembly program in the form ol' a one art play enlitlecl HSlJill'kiI1l.H Nlr. James Purumiser is llle aclvisvr of this organizalinn. 511 Y F.T.A. STUDY, TRIP TO STATE CONFERENCE I-IIGI-ILIGI-IT YEAR EGR FUTURE EDUCATORS Learning alaout opportunities in leaching is only one ol the many purposes ol Norgro, lnetter lmown as the Future Teachers ol America. This clulz cultivates the qualities essential in a teacher ancl studies the lives ot famous teachers to lnoster the clevelopment of stuclent leacler- ship. The main ohjective ot the cluh is to help the memlners lincl what he or she xvoulcl lilce to leach. F.T.f-X. sponsorecl a trip to the state conference at ixlanchester Col- lege last fall. During the meetings ol the cluh, guest spealters gave valu- ahle information on teaching in var- ious parts ot' the United States. scholarships, and the proper and wise ways in which to select a college. Rlrs. lxlaryann Chapman is the very ahle aclviser ol Norgro, The first semester oliticers were George Thoms. presiclent: Gene Zirlile. vice- presiclentg Dorothy Ziegler, secre- tary: Phyllis Schullie, treasurer: and .lucly Hatch. historian. This semes- ter's officers consisted of Ann lwloriarty. president: George Thoms. vice-presiclent: Gwen Hughes, secre- tary: Betty Bingley, treasurer: ancl Gene Zirltle. historian. Lett, the officers ol' Norgro, Hughes, lxloriarty, Bingley, lxliss lxlaryann Chapman adviser, Ogden. and Thoms. 100 Ma orettes QRTH TWIRLERS ADD SPARKLE, COLQR l llc Nilflll Siclf- l1miur0ll4-N mem ulwuvs lu- flf-,wmll-ll upnn lu .nclcl spurlilv mul unlnr lu ilu- lmll-lime ul thf- loollmll mul lmslwllmll ggmwws. Tllis yvur Ilw lwirlvrs pul on nmny lim- slmxvs lur tlw nrclvnl Rf-fl lunm. Smxw ul ilu' novvlly ill'l'ilIlQC'll19lll5 llml will lw I-f-nwmlw.-Q-fl em- ilu- Sunil: Ixlllf'I'lLilll skit, amcl ilu- illlvrprfflaiioll ol Suclic- llfnxlx2l1'5 lluy. l2f'flSlilIl5 will llillllfillly Tt'lHt'HIll9I' ilu- lrfulilionul wsu' clams- uruuncl ilw fmnplgirf-. Hurml xxorlx uns re-quirecl lu nmslvr :null um- ol lllcac gwllorlllelllu-s. 'lilwsv urlists ol ilu- lmlcm also prewnf llw fxl1lf'Tlt'ilIl llng nl llle' lwgjinningf ol vaxcll Qunw. livery lillll lJfxl'l0fl. allf- Sf'Yf'l1ll"f'll iwirlc-rs, unclvr tlw le-acl:-rslnip ol limln lilllllflfll. pl'm'live- l'0L1lll!i'S mul lm'- mufions wllimll will znclml molor nml lm1'lx,Qrolll1cl In the nmny sfluml nnlivi- ties. Nlr. Clyrle Cope-Ifmfl lIN't'lS will: ilu- girls lo Lomlaim- tllc-ir spf-vial num- lwrs wiill ills' musir ol the Imml. Xortlm Siclf- lllili0l'6'll6'S lmxv also lalwn purl in llliilly puruclvs in llw pust yvnr. X , 5 ' .lm v ' 4 U fl? 9 lull 'Wf'1". X N QQLLLL Q! nl 4' ' A 10 Q Will' QC' X Y 3 H X Cf 'F I 40 I C ' X l 4 'fall fx tg I URN 'wh , X X ,Q ,fr QW? j Li NNN ---A "T-' N mn? xxxx y X if X s s w...w,,s E - Q .,, . XXX - 7' S E lOl Q , ' , F. -Q, -C M as W7 ! Ma. f 1 YW W M' Xx Qi K 7 f 1 J Q " - ' 1 f X' Q 'K 19 in - in-4 Q 1 ' ? f 23? , , iv , ik is Q . . 1 ' - nv ff .x r -A' 1 YJ Af"j"-g:Fl'T x , I h 1 VK jN1':'if Q . Q Q4 H3 V, - Q- w, M6.afg'.,', X ,, -,ai f.. FMT?-,X gf , ,Q QM ff, 1 E 4 Q J,-ff? -. Q ,, A , -, 5 W 1, ., w 'af Q31 ,Af di ,f,, ,, sv -9 . Q 4 F .W ,nf QL it I l N V X '34 2535, 5 1 ., , 5 , F. , ,Y . xx, ,fy r ,Y ,. J J ' . ' .FE . I in X ss g. KI KI Wh r .37 , -. 3 wi A X 1 Q Q X 'A ,315 W T3'4 :J ,I A L , Q 6. x n, ' xxkz CA ' A 5 Q S- X a z N X j X 4 -Q I x I n 3 ,..., ,.., .'C5' L W., , L,X. ll' Q Northemer STUDE T PUBLICATIO REQUIRES I TEREST, DILIGENCE, PERSEVERANCE tjl1l7tiStlillQ a Norttierner is a Qruetting tasti wittx NYtliC'tl no one taut ltie most arctent journalists coutct conlenct. This year our new actyiser, ixtr. James Purtctmiser. tlas imrougtmt wittr trim many new icteas aiioul putriicalions atong wittl many artiyilies wtricti ttie statt tiopes witt taecome tractitionat. Une oi ttiese suciat activities XYtltK'tl was a joy tor att wtio attenctect was ttle N0ftt19l'llCl' imanquet tletct at ttuwarmt .iutinsons xxwarits were macte to ttie statt memtx-rs wtio tract earnect sutticient points for putmtiratiun pins anct ttie I032 statt appointments were mracte. A spring picnic was tietct at Frantie Park to climax ttie yearis activities. Ttie tiirsl semester statiti ut ttie iNOI'ttlQI'lli'I' was: Rictmarct Prairie, putytistrerg Palsy Over- man, lllillliliftllfj ectitor: Cynttiia Cantetnn, cctiloriat page ectilorg tYancy Poting. news ectitorg is ,suns S! QM ' 57 ., .: . 4-ff-.x,fw . -L M. - w 2 W.. ,314 ' My-M-M of Y Ctiartes Fistxer. sports ectitorg .ic-an Cour. exftlange ectitor: tjautine Nticu. trusiness manage-rg Sue Reasoner, actvertising manager: ami Sue Ntartis. auctitor. Tile secomt semester statt' t0l1StStf?Kt ot' Patsy Uverman. pntrtistierz Sue Stxirey, assistant putmtistierg fynttiia Canteton, managing eftitor: Gate Xveisnier. ieature ectitor: otarityn t'tatt. assistant teature ectitor: Nanfy Poting, news ectitor: iiartmara t-OillDilH. vtassroom news ectitor: Norman iiessert. tmoys' sport ectitor: Sue Reasoner, tyusiness manager: t.oretta Hetter. mircutation managerg .iean four. actvertising manager: .tucty iiiltliil. auctitorg Carot iiictier. exttlange ectitor: anct Rimtiarct Prairie. stnctent artviser. Rictmarct Prairie prove-ct tlis aimitity as stuctent aztviser wtlen Fir. tjurtttiiser went to New York to ttle Cotumtnia Press :Xssoriation Convention in Btarcti. ilitiililfit steppect in anct ctoutitect as tHilCtN'T as wett as tatiing over anft putting out a paper tor ttiat wee-tx. Tile NOI'tilQl'llf'l' again won top tlonors ttlis year in nationat Competition in ttie Cotumtiia Press .Xssoviation try rating in ttle mectatist ctivision. rf .Q wx. WWI "!'!"?"l 1 I va ' 3' mx fr ,fa 8 EE? L? s "-'E My ,A I 11 ,I st ,,-' if 0 .1 en. 'ffl -osx ' 1 Page 9 4, 'xfxw V V 1 N -5 .'-W, 'R K f DUNCE a 1 QQ Y F' fxvf 1 4 1 . . , IMON LECQREE W Page 29 Zia! BL- 0 'fl 1 F yf K, Mag fu? Page 83 O40 0 hwwfw 'fwlp' A L my ,14- 3' H33 I-C 'l' ' -7 Q . unc: h 'ig 'scum 3 sf , Q ' 'Sp -A . . ,. 5, -n -. A A P ax 1 F I 1 , , 5 I A-342 I W ! G wx 1 fd, K C ' N Y ,I ff' I a Ji -P ' j Q 7 I Y' X Q 71 I ' ' 5 ' f f, ff!4"' gl J 1' -yf iff , X ff' 'f Y L W Y, 54' , .f:.- at X, N 355: . . Y .5 llgliliix AmJ7l.i3L,fT'idg:. imwr 9f73 famvfli , ' gl-iff, ' jgj fxfa 1 Qaia . f.fawWi353 -- ., K, X Q --'W pf Xq'f,fr" X XX -- Af' 5,2 .Q ,,j f, X N., IV! x ' , f A ,' Q 2 WW 2 if walk f' 1- '- i?1'.'r"' f a N 2 'V A H nz N 1 1 U AQ! xx , :A-0-U 0242 , ' Y J 1 Ang' ,-1A - ki - ! if Kyme I 'jx 'i 3 " as ? Q V .- , J,? V59 r ss- P Nez B ' V L it . . P-F X li xx ' 1' E. ':": PX , .R sl. ' Q Efmd-I I Yi Rf , f s, :SL P .-Tfi:' e'QTifr'?.NX l'-ronl rc left l iglil, Hayes, Heller, lju-rnmn, Fleming, Cullilnan, four. Sefonrl row, Barlicr, Eiclier. lxlrlis Ret r Nl c'-lor XXHPGIIIPI' Poling Nlih-r Bark Row N1'llNV'll'l7 Prwirie Loliman, blwirey Qlfytll H ll ll l'Nl 1500 Club JCDURNALISTS SEEK MERIT AWARDS FOR FULLTIME PUBLICATIONS JOBS 1500 Club, a training organization for all journalism stuclents interestecl in working for merit awarcls. Tlle aim ol tl1e journalist is to earn 1500 points for memloersluip, tlien liiglier awarcls of silver pin, golcl pin, and golcl-jewelecl pin are given for aclclitional worli on tlie stalls of tlme Nortlierner ancl Legend. Quill and Scroll JOURNALISTIC I-IONORARY SOCIETY CI-IOOSES NINE SENIOR MEMBERS Quill ancl Scroll is an international lmonorary soviely for senior journal- ists in tlie upper tliircl of tlieir rlass srliolastically wlno liave clone superior worlc in srliool publications for at least one year. lVien1lJersl1ip in C2uill ancl Scroll is tlie iiigliest incliviciual lionor l1igl1 svllool journalists Can receive. lVlr. James Purlalliser is the aclviser for lbotli Quill and Svroll ancl tlme ISOO Cluln. I t lltt IIR I llll U ltttl N I XIII I NI Prairie. Nut piilureml, Sue Sliin-y, I! X J 5 LCg6Hd YEARBGOK STAFF REQUIRES ABILITIES CDF ARTISTS, WRITERS, BUSINESS MANAGERS Pulniisiiing a yearinooic is one of the most important tasks that a high sciiooi student under- takes. A yeariaooic project takes long hours of hard work. Planning such a project requires tile abilities of artists. writers, and good business managers. A yearbook is published to record and pre- IO-S ,I-J . sf-if f, RN -wah X i , . , ,f 1 it 'Q , any it serve the happenings ot the school year. These activities must he recorctect to the hest ot the stati-is ahiiity: they are the onty recorct ot that schoot year. t.ois Roush. circulation manager. startect the year ott hy introctucing the IOS!-32 t.eQenct circu- tation campaign. The next project. the Legenct ctance. was heactect hy Betty Btitter. husiness manager. Sactie Hawtcinis Day was chosen as the theme anct the ctance was nalnect Uijfjfjfthlttil Ditherf' The Legend statt was adyisect this year hy a new actyiser. hir. James Purtqhiser. The statt consisted ot Gray ixiorrow anct Ronda Jones. co-ectitors: copy ectitor. Betty Ntitter: husiness manager. Lois Roush: circulation manager. Shartene Sorctetet: assistant husiness manager. Ntargie Spacte: Dorothy Hite anct Nancy hturphy. senior ectitors: pautinc- Fiicu anct Flax Stactihouse. junior ectitors. The staff photographers were Robert Schwartz. James Olson. anct Ritharct Loucter- mittc. 109 trirst row, Sctmuettw. Forenmn, Sirirteier. txt. Smitti. Prrnwn, A. t.yncii. Se-1 onft row, N. i.vm'tl, XXV:-:tim-r, Stattttmouse, Powers, iinitv, fxonnafr, Heistanft, Krimlrts-r. tiutiti. jtiiiirct rivw, Botti. XKVE-IYPY. Sctuu-itw, ixtitta-r, xiiiieninucr, Grisrtutw, Xxiumtl R. Platt, i7Ji1ttitc'1oin4-, ii:-ssvrt, Rinnv-, tonnvr, Fulittt. inurtil ron, Born, D iytntt. Ross, Fllntix, Xxlison, fiytit- topvtztmt. Qrchestra ACTIVE GROUP QFTE BUSY LilNtl'l' ttle capuimic' ctirection ot' Ciycte Copetanct. time NOTttl Sicte Urctiestra tmas tletpeci tile stuctents ot Nortiu Sitte to ctevetop at imetter appreciation of Qooct music. Ytiiirougtmout time many sctrooi concerts. time orctmestra ilas presente-ct to ttie 110 Alf tilyfttz' citlpfgtiltltt 1-mit Rilj'llltll1fI Bl'tQtltS. tiacuity anti stuctents various programs of music liiat wouict cteiigtnt any music toyeris ears. Tiiis year tiwe orciiestra ptayeci tor ttie senior piay, ttie Spring anci Xvinter concerts. and ttte commencement exercises. The orctuestra atso actcteci their latent to the annuat Lenten Cantata given by tiwe music ciepartment, which ttmis year consisteci ot ttte presentation of HTt1e Hoiy City" by A. R. Gaul. A Capella Choir CHOIR REPRESENTS FD DEST DREAM OF ORTI-I SIDE M ADVANCED VOCALISTS Xlr. Raymoncl Pmeiglits Dirertor of Youll Nlus r To lyevome ri memluer of tlme A Cappella Clnoir, is one ol tlme most ilmerislmexl clreznns in tlle mincl ol' Ei Norlll Sicle vocalist. Tlie long liours ol' primetime nnrl ilu- many sncrilqices ure rewarcls to tlie memlmers ol tliis organization. Tlre A Cappella Clxoir, uncler tlie clirection ol Air. Rnymoncl lleigllls. in one ol tlle ln-st examples olllnerecl to Fort Xvnyne ol Nortli Sicle talent. For example. tliis year tlxe vlroir lms presented Concerts lor tlre Xvayne Pump, tlle Rotary Clulv. tlle CwllilHllJPI' ol Commerce. ancl various Clrurcli groups. - u en s receive raining in Jrepurn ion or mem Jers li J in me f win me ai Nllilil' ln' gt cl t t 3 t l l l 1 tl X C ll ll Q D enrolling! in tlme Cllorus Classes ol Girls' Cl1oirnnclTraininQ Clloir. I'-Ullflll row, le-lil lo rigllt, Stnppenlmgen. cltllllllff, Riilm'r.vll1nlns, lie-mil, fir e-+f n, l'lnrx'n-3, lla-It-rlwll, .X Smillu, Il. Slllllll. fllson. Kirin, Reynnlcls, Xvilliunns, Simon. -lllninl row, lxluflnrnlu, D4-lp, lluuslnn, llornvr, Jxrnislrong, llnrris, l.e-xxnrlt. Sim liouse. Grulmlw, Bleelxe, Pl-I'Ullillf'l', lfnnrlor, Plntt, Bnlu-r, Pmiriv, lmltsnn Smmlfl nm, linnh-lon, llilgjvr. Briggs, ll.uu'rlln'ist4-r, SDHCIP. Baxter. Built, Vinnie. Nlorrell, Jensen, lxloriurty. 'Ili-rrv. Slater. fslxeullw. llmnlqs lrirsl nm. llnrtzmzn. lon:-s, Bri-wer. Russell, lxlifu, Arn:-y, Slllilll, Rolllnml, Re-nsoner, Lee-lll, Grurlrinn. Ko:-lulinger, lyminglm-x', lit-rgufnn, Nm l'irst row, lell to riglil. Grisclllv-, Xvoorl, Platt, Linningvr. ixliller, Soloinon, Sslueullie. f- 1 - S 1 ' " 51'-sniirl row, elly. Arnulfl, Bntli, Fmitli, Flmlxlmilsr- limi-rs Holli- llwrli lwlxpv llessi-rt, ixlr-ro, Nasir, llolilr-r. llnrul IUNY. l.:mi-. Slater, fiarelt, Xvylile. lflaiugli, lxleyer, Xvaiterlielrl, lirlilimmiiiilv, ljlaitt, lim-nyi, iliuppy, Sloiltluanlp, Xvulla-rs, Krueger, Grulvlm, iXoi-lu, Rmnsey. Arm-y. Nl'-ssercnlimicll. Rlmdtls. lfolxinson, Rinne, l'lilll'lll row, lxlr. liupelnml, Xvzilers, ixlurquis, lim-licr. Slnillr, Ross, Kurlv, Slvrriv, Xvilson, fjlsnn. Band MUSICIANS MEET HEAVY SCHEDULE Proyiclinq music lor time liootlaall lmames. lbaslxetlnall games. fmcl concerts requires a lieayy sclieclule. as all lbzmcl memlmers well lcnow. lxlr. Clycle Copelancl. 2 ixlf. Clyde CODGIEIDCI time lnancl clirector. worlis cliligently willi eacli ancl every stuclent musician. All oi our pep sessions were enlivenecl greatly lay time peppy music oliierecl lay tlie Nortli Sicle Band. Tlie lnancl proves its skill by playing in the annual scliool concerts of time year. The progressive Nortli Side Bancl also played in several other outsicle Concerts sucli as out-ol-town grade scllool Concerts. Pictured lets. lxlr. Copelancl assists memlaers ol. tlie lnrass section: Sue Stoclwamp, Paul Grisclilie, George Tlioms, Fritz Reieli, and Carl Rinne. N.S.I. MUSIC I-I0 ORARY GOVERNS BA ' ... , Tlw X0fll1 Sicle' lllSll'lll1lPl1lilliSlS is il group ol lmncl mul orclwslru nwnllwrs xxlm lluw- als llwir sole purpose lla? luslvring nl in lwllc-r lmucl uml orcllffslru lay may ul svlmllnrelmip, lHllNll'iill!' sllip, nncl ulliluclc-. Xvlxile svrving us ilu- QUYt'l'lllllQ lmcly ol' llw lmncl, X.S.l. also plans mciul cllylxilll'S xxlliall illvl.0l'fl the lmml rvfrfunliolm us w-ll us flllllllxll .ulx'mu'Pl1w11l, umlvr lln- Quiclnmc- ul ilwir . , - , A if 3 'H mlvisor, Nlr. flyclv Q upvlmmcl. XZHI. plans trulu lm' mln- lhlllil, uml ull-wr sminl lumlimu. IIN- H132 ollifers ul X.5.l. mv 5us.m Xxxmcl. pre-siclc-nt: .lean XX lmrlie-lcl. vice-fpr:-sicle-Ill: xlux ' V V V .XIIUXV ll'-Ill 1lI'lIt'lKl.l1lI'l XIUUI. Fllnill Xx0lr1l,1lllll Xlr 1 4!Irl'l1lIlAl 544 ' Hflv, 1 'err-I--4 l l C-I NIV . , . ' f' W" " 5 'f"N""' "N "' "L" 14.1 N s..N.... XX.,...I, x1..x ls..L.A,. xx ,.fu..Al.1, 1 ..fl Nl.-f., scrgvnlul-all-arl11s. 'Q I 2 , J , 1 5 if I l,i4'lllft'll almvr am- xlFllllN"l's ul S. l. Row une, PM lwunnvr, Plxyllis Salim-lla-. Nuns Vita Lynx lr. Run Inu. ll-FTF, XYfllx. Nlux Flmlxllulnf- It-'itll Xxvurlivltl, Ndlllx l,uNw'l'S, SUSAN Xxvlmxl. IQ-'fry' Rullihioll. cihfl BIPFU. Run Illrvv, Rnllillll l:Sllt'lQt'I', Nurllmll lla-sv-rl, K url Rlnnv, ljfnv' Russ l'.rr-cl Kurtz, Dave' Txqlpy, llynlr- Smilln, Nui Butln, ljnul Urisnlnlu-, Don Sh-arms. 3 lla Cl D C QS qs nh Rs c 9 N six S wj jj! 14 .sn N ,wx 5 yswNs 5 Ni? su , '4 s dmnnnm, 'E , N . z 22 f 5 S , 'ff Wd ni 'K I A up gall' .---x W 'A' - ,. ,qw B XX 13' 1 Z . , if 0 N U Q1 ,MGP 42- , 'sera K A 'tx wel' E .ga - My , I Y ,- .K ,v wx '-h-r fl ,, V-71 2 s A-if f M 5 A S si -if fi? Q :N 0 me 1 , , , - l'lrst nm, lc-ll ln flglll, txlln-3, lj:-rrmx, linux n, fvutinnn, xxllun, Blur xi . . , t , . glx N-itwrt. ljia-riff, lninxnx. Flu-infer, lXru 5.-..,n.I ron, ltnrti-l, tlonslon. X Jxrinstrong. lXann. llnulz, lxliomls, lxmnilxmzylx, Dc-lp Nnnon Nui X anne lnlxsnn. . - . . '. E . ,Z sv lliinl nm, Non-. llioinpson, xliflnrrx. xlfllmnlw, Sine--, llivln-r, R. Roslviilnwlx, R sm, Darlwr, 5llt'llX, l'islwr, lm.-I.l. ' ' - 1 e . Y, l uurlll run, lmmlulll, .xrllvy t lfilllx. Rlflmrnlsnll. Dl1e'IlllIllQ, Xlnsslrllrg, l-lllsun. K lurlx, Ffvlllll-Ifll, Bnllglllllful, 1BQll!lk'X Y, l lin-rw l iltli row. Xlmlwx, R. Ili-.L. lx Ro-ln-imln-ilk, XX .ill....1, Popp, in-mrflol. bl..L.L.m. Xlfurtin, lXurlz, Byers, Frlmnrlf l lllnrls Football CITY CHAMPS RECEI E RECQG ITIO l DER ABLE DIRECTIO QF NULF 'lqllf' l03l lootlmll seuson provecl to lie a glorious one lor tlie Nortll Sicle Nullqmen. Tliey lmetterecl tlieir season to six wins nncl tllree losses over lust year's recorcl ol lour wins ancl tliree losses. laliiimpg tlle city clunnpionsliip wus unotller well-cleservecl lionor lienpecl upon the toollmull warriors. plc-mlmers of tlie team to reveive recognition are: Holm Derrow. lionorary team Captain. :Xll-City liirst squucl, All-Stale seconcl squacl: Ron Se-ilnert. All-City first squacl. All, l'i4 turf-gl lwloxx nn- loollmll rom lws lqmstc-r. Null .incl Eflxxarxls, , f B NURTH SIDE 0 K is 6 , I ' I ' L F - - ,w '-" , gg! QQ, , s-g"1i7'. ', ,L 6. Y , F 1 V 4 if ef- A f ,gE"v'fE'iW .x xp Q Azz: ' Q. si he lf f"'-h- , ., ,N , - - :N i th.. M if 1- , E -x V ? . ww' la., V5 lust... V- 4. . 4,5 .wjzzlggfzl V v. " '4 vt ir.. - N -. 3 ffyi e t . " -'Z fly. gg Q ,Q an 'L Y -jg, if fx? A A E it . , QM, .. 5, V F - fii-we . WA we ., F ' 'Q W ,. fr.-P-" ' " X .gi g-'-,arg , 4 h .. W Av we .A in ,,4. up FUOTBALI- SCHEDULE Sept. T B. Riley ...... Sept. I4 B. Central--- Sept. QI fTlEll4l1art --------- Sept. 28 fl-lGosl1en --- ---- Gct. 5 fl'llCentral --- --- Oct. I3 lTlSoutl1 Side ----- Get. I9 fHlCentral Catholic- Oct. 26 fTlS.B.XVast1ington Nov. 2 fHllxlist1awalia ---- - KL? CL? OV QW? KW? OV WV CLD WV mlxlvr :luring lln- LUIIUEII fvmm--lmxvr u-nhfr. 4-vs-rymw wvlns up in ilu- mr In llnx plan .nl Fouill Nile-, ln ilu- louvr r Stale seronml squncl. llonoralmlc nwnlion Allffonlervircc-5 Fronric- czllllllklll. volecl moal valualnle player lmy llue ls-ann, llonorary cnplain ol' llle All-City Tc-urn, Sfwoncl arncl llrirrl learns lor All-Sizzle. se-Concl leann All-Cormlxervlwec .lim Slreurc-r, All-City, All-Slulv se-concl team, lronoralmle rnenlion in conleremwlg nncl Ron Allan, All-Cily Tewnn. Byron Pierce and Devon Simon were lmollr elf-decl lo Ilre se-concl temn ol All-City arml rs-reivf-cl luonorzrlule mention in All-Conference rating. Difk Kruse was eleclvcl lo ilu- All-Cily seconcl slring and Preston Brown got llOIlOl'ill7lP IIIPIIHOII in Coulter:-m'c. l.eHermen wllo playecl tlwir Inst loollmll gganne lor Norllm Sicle are Holi D1-rrow, Dirk Barlel, DcVon Simon. Ron Se-ilwrl. Bill Vmmu-. Fronvif- Guhnnn, lbnllns IQIHWIS. Ron Allan, Bill Conway. Torn .lau'l4son, Dirli Kruse-, uncl Jin: Sli:-arc-r. Vppr-r le-ll. Don llouslnn is zrssish-Ll lry fn-ru' Zirlxle final fomln Holy ilmsh-r nlle-r .1 rouglr ,,l..y. lvppe-r riglik. Dir u gullups mross ilu- li.-lil an Ron Allan nmln-5 an .xlh-lnpi lor f-xlm vzrnluue-. lfrnniia- fiulnmn. loxu-r le-li Maul:-5 r an ure. Ron :Xllun lviivs lln- tnrl ans lirln- llis-ri 1- slmrgvs lrmn llu- ra-nr. his ' iWV6 H X71 'F WWW: will I20 195162 l Lvl! In rlglul, 'lurk rm I'islwr, AH4-n, Sumlol Xfurpluy, S4-ilwrl, Haul annul Ltliiljll flair Blu! Frnnl ruw. Nile-y, twine Xvinm-fn-r, Brown, Gu mam, um' fxlnrlin. Basketball VARSITY MOTZMEN CCP ALLfCITY TITLE AS WELL AS PRESS, STATE HC GRS TIN- vnrsily lxlolzmvn lurne-cl in il I93I-1032 hnslxf-llmll svnson lhzll rc-ally nmlxvs us all prnucl lo he falll-fl Reilsldns. 'l-hc learn uncler lhv cmlfllillg ol' Clair Nlolz lurne-nl in il rf-corcl ul lxxvnly wins, lvour lussvs. This nmrlas lho lourlh slrnighl ye-nr llml Cmnrln Nlulz puxll-ll on-r .T00 plus rvuorcl. llawilmgj complc-lf-Ll .83-l this evnenn. ., ,,. ., IIN- lvunl colleclvcl many honors. llw :Xssocinlm-rl Press l'kllllit"Cl lhv lxlolzmcn lillh in lhm- slule uncl Norlh plucecl more men on Forl Xvayne All-Cily squncl lhun any olher vily school. The memllers elcclml wvrv Xvnrren Fisher. Hola Xvinclle-r. Fronciv Gulman, uncl Ron Allan. Xvnrrvn lrishcr was also the high scorer lor ilu- sc-rlioumls. IMI, Xxlinc-llc-r amfl Xvurrf-nu Fisln-r xxvn' vlmlvcl l1onm'.u'y l0'l'cl'7lillIlS ol. lhv lralslu-llmll Mlllilll. 2 l l 1 22 I N-.itwl lion: la-ll lu riglil .ire 1 nnmlu-N N-ilu-rl l14lxx.irflN, l. Nlnlf. aiznl Rolf:-rl lrfuhfr Reserves SECONDS TAKE NINE, LCDSE SEVEN Tlie Xortli Sicle reserve lmslxetlnall teznn came tlnrougli tlmis season with flying Colors lmving nine wins :incl seven losses, Lvncler tile zrlyle coarliing ol Nlr. Rolmert Traster. llle team sllowecl exznnples ol! line lmslietlmll uncl sporlsnmnslmip. Some ol the Qannes won lyy Trasteris lnen were Fliclnigun City. -Well: xxulmurn. -I3-28: Soutli Sicle, 27-20: zrncl Central Cillll0llC v Ing 'lille reserve tc-ann consistecl ol Don Sunclers. Cary Fltxxllee. Kay Houstz. Dave Riley. Diula lNOXYillKiZX'l'i. l.urry Flalulun. Xxyuyne Xvyss, Larry Koelll. .lolin Karin. Barrie Delp. Boll ljowell, .lim Slmvef, .lim l.onQ, lhllas Rannsey. l.e0 llile. Norman xxrmstrong. anal elim Nlvf inrry. Don Sunclers wus llle only letlermen on lllf' team. lju lun-il. lvll to riglnl, llrxt ron, Slum:-r, KU.-I.I. xlailnlnn. Xvy-4. Seronll row, Loml, Riun-'n-x', Delll, Kmxnlifxlx. xxrlnxlrung, l'.m.1II, liomli 'lr..,1.-r, 110119. ,1q1l1I'1f'0ll pruvPc1 10 131- 1u1'1iy 101' 1110111 as 1111-5' 111s0 W1111 1111- NlJl'11ll'l'Il 111111111111 fin Freshman Team FROSH COMPLETE BEST CAMPAIG 111 11ll1lll'f' yf'ill'S, N111111 5111? H111 10014 1111'wa11'c1 lo 1111x'111Q il 111119 1111s1w1111111 11-11111 if 1111 111-5111111111 1611111 101111111165 1111- 1'1'u11'r1 l111'y 1111x'cf 111111111 101' 11lf'lll5l'1Xl'S 111 111f' 1031-31 N4-.1s1111 - 4 ' Q0ill'1l 12013011 11c1w111'c1s tkilll 1us11y 111' 111111111 01 111s 11uys xx1111 won 11l1l'14'1'l1 3111111-N 111111 11151 1611-111'v 11'c's111111111 11110. 7141111 111Q11 scorvl' wus 1-11-111'y C111illJllhll1 wi111 1lIl 1lY1'1'ilQl' 411 111.0 111111115 11411 Q111111-. c,11lil1'11l 1.513115 111110911 sf-101111 H1111 HQ poinis pm' Lfiillltx. 1111- 1l'PS1ll11illl 1941111 c'011s1s1s 111 1g011il1lf1 1X1c11'1111. 1301111 11illlQ1llllkl1l, 111111 1.1y1u1'. 15111 111w11sv1141. 1e0I1 510111l0I'll. .'Xr11111c1 1DPlllll111IQ. 1jrlX'l' 1Z111Nu11, fIil11 llUUf1XN'1ll. 134111 11-11111. 111111 131114 1311111111 ll' 123 Tennis RACQUETEERS MAKE GCDOD SHOWI G I.,IncIer II1e cIirec'Iion oI lI10 new Iennis coa1CI1. IXIr. AAFIIILII' RI1oacIs. II1e rncqueleers won II1ree mee-Is and Iost Iive. The RecIsIiins cIeI'eaIecI SoulI1 ISPIICI .'XcIanns. SOLIIII I5encI CcnIrnI. nncI I,a1IJorlc lcanns. , AIlI1ougI1 lImk' neltcrs Iosl Iwivc gmnes, lI1ey IIRICIE' en Iwine showing Ilaving onIy one returning! Ietler- man. IXInx StacI4I1ouse. Cm-I Rinne. KarIton HoIIe. I'Iarry Brown. Harvey HimeIstein, BOIJ Xvinefer, Ijirsl row, Rinnz-, IIoI1c, SIlN'I'xII4llISI'. SI-unuI row, XYin4'Ic-r, and bteve Ixlartin COHIIIIQIG the Varsity Squad' TIIC ISHN-H, IxInrlin, C-me-II RI.-mflcs. captain of II1e 1952 team was INIax SIEICIQIIOUSC. TENNIS SCI IIQIDULE SI-pn. II l-QILI ...f I ..A... .... I IJ 2-5 N-pr I3 NIi.I.igIm Cily -- .... IXVI 3-2 S.-pu, 20 Blablmr.-II.. --- -e--II.I 0-1 S1-pl. 13 .MII Il.. , .... -- .... IXYI 5-I Svpl. QT I.nI'orln- ...v.,,Av,,... ,... I IAI '25 0.1. 2 S IIII II. B I-.11 I L' I-.1 lr..I ........ INV! 5-0 IMI. -I RiIf'y ..,....e. -- .... IIA, 2-3 0.1. 0 tml ,.,.1 .... I Lb 2-5 0 'N I ggi If r, Q-I Intramural FULL ATHLETIC PRQGRAM OFFERED TQ ALL REDSKINS .... ,-QR 'litre intramural noon league tournament again tlnis svliool year proyiclecl interesting play lor N0fll1 Sicle stuclents. Tlle lbaslietlpall tournament was uncler tlue clirection ol' QE0ill'll?S Don Kemp. Rolla CillEil11lJ9fS. ancl Clair Flotz. The games were playecl tlwouglmout llle weela aml tool: place flaring tlme noon periocl. The league was cliyiclecl into two cliyisions, llle liglmlweiglml ancl llPflX'X'NY9tQllt. Several ol tlle varsity players ollieiatecl at lllese noon games. olllers coavlmecl tlle teams. l.arry tlarler was yotecl tlle most valuable player of tlmis league. Tlle intramural tracli meet was l1elcl in tlle spring lmelween all non-varsity participants. Nlr. llyrle lvy supervises intramural swimming Contests eavlx year lor all lvoys' swimming rlasses. 125 ifmf W K DUNCE Q F 126 Track TI-II LIES MAI TAI VIGUS RECORD fine sport tim! maintains an envious returci nt NOTIII Sicie is track. Tile Ifilfli teams ot Xortix Sicte have tween noteci for tin-ir tuient in winning victories. :Xs enfil ytxill' goes QN0?lCi1 Iglliiil Cilill11iJfITS turns over a igine reeorci tor tiie trafic team. Iins your 103152 was no exfeption. nut Ijult hump 1 1. inr-I nm, ieit lu rigint. Hnnxn. Kmxniunix, Ntuviv--rg. Snifim-r, Rimmie, Prugii, firifuuici, Hnrinrzi, trire-Ntina-, Nimiiminiun-r, ilmneil, 5:-vniiri nm. i'ilnnp. lxnnx, Pierre, IQAIINIHITLI. fniiliu, YI-IIUIIIPSOH. lfrnniei. IJUHQ. XNVYILJII, I.jf'ill, IZXEHIQ, tIflxXX trlrt llriltfii IINX, Fsllllgillllmlll, SEIHCIPIS. Hf1lXXI1, NIIIXIPP, IJUXYEH, IJUIIISPIIF. ciiilfix, Dunl-in, ifuing. Hmver. Uxvr. iwrurlii mu. iiiiiwn, fi-imixxin, Virnyinr, firisnnlti, Yun-1, Trowirricige. Hivne, Ximiwy. Dm, iii-iii:-n-, 5.i:1iierN, 'Ii-xxim-mi, Q W-,kb A Coafim CillilIlliN'l'S inns running in live -HO. lhllm Rimncls. lgilll iDl'llQil. Dimlx Kownlcyzli Alicia Slllilll. Boi: Ranslmurg. Jim ixicfiary. ancl ,lim Xxifigfill. Tim NHO is imncllc-cl lmy Tom Fircslinf-. D1-Von Simon. Ecl Niossimnnner. nncl Dan Hranfil. Running lim mill nrv iiili Griswolci. Tom Scinnill, Jim Harlorcl. nncl Cleuius Griswnlcl. ,i4ilC iliglm lnurcllos arc- lmncliecl ln' Clillorfl Dunlon. Don Sunclvrs. Tom Nlurphy. nncl Gary Nicpxlee. wliilv lime low ilurclles urc- run by Cliiiorcl Dunlon. Dean Ewing. uncl .lim Long. Dick KllXX'illlL3'iiiil1fl Byron Pie-rm manage- lime slmot put wllile Pres Brown anci Gary Flcfxlcc- lain- ow-r on pole' vuuitingj. Pri-s Brown, Gary Bicrxiev, anci Clmrlie i.yons karlclc lim imigll jumping' livlcl lor liw Clnnnlu-uf men. Time imroacl jumping lenm is composeci ol Cary ixlC.'xl6f'. Ron Timompson. nncl Jim Long. 12 'lqlmis x'ulrll14- ll'ml4slm-rs Imw- In-vu ve-rx' itllllllhlll' ill 'lilYil1LI' Slllll Q'Y1l'Hf'Ht l'f'5f'lAXl' rlllil Il'PNIlIlIrlll sllllilllx 'Hn' lrc'slnn.m I4-.un unnixlx nl! l.e-mmnl 5lll1lf'I', .lillklx NIUSSIJLIVLLC Ilnlfill' I.yHll5,.l4l1kIi X HHH IQULIIIKI .XIYIIIQKH fl1'UI'L2l' IilX'IU!', IJHIQ l,llllllll. IHLIXQ' IiHiSUll. KIIVII ISPIKIPII. XXVQIXIN' lg1lllPl', Iinllll Ilxaums. .mul Kuala- fmmlxxin, IIN- only lf'4lYillQ in-llc-ram-n am- Hill Clrisxumfcl. Holm I,l'llL2ll. IJVXYUII Bllllllll. lgflll Ie4lll5Illll'Q. mlllil I,1lH4lNIq'IU4llIi. 'I'R.XCli SCHliI'Jl 'I,lf Huh- flpponvnl Plum :- Nlur. ll-Honsier Rc-'nys ,,,. ,,I2:lmnninQlmm Nlnr. QU-NIC. lnclour ,,,,,, ,,-SUlllll He-ml .xplx 3-l..nPorle .,.,A,,,,,, ,,,, - -,Hmm- .xplx I2-CNLIIYVI' 5IiIil-nry .... .W -g-I'iOllN' Apr. IU-N. Rc-luys,,- ...... --gHtJllii' xxpr. 20-N.I.C. flriulsf -, ,-,,.,,-... Ellilmrl Nlny 3-NIC. flrinls, -A g,,,,, NIiSl1klXYilliil xluy I0-Sc-flimml ......... .,., N orflm Sich- Nlny If-Rc-gionul ,Y,,,,,,,...,,,.... Kolmnm may ll-Slnlv NIM-l H A.,...,,,,f lnclifumpulis 'Imp f.,xx . l.AI1 I.. mln. IS,,I.l, IH.-f..-. SLI .-.. in. lhuul.. Ii f'.- Nui 1..-, Ill .....f L, Mmgl ..........- f, SQ .... I.-fx, I5 ..... Il, 1'.,I.....,., Nluxlw-, lining, Dunham, xlurpllx Q ZJB .F Cross Country SUCCESSFUL TEAM WINS SECTIO AL North Sicle has long been honorecl for her line runners. ln past years. the Chamhersmen have scored innumerahle victories. The l93'l-1032 year was no exception. ln the Sectional Cross Country meet, the hill-and-clale men rompetl home with a convinc- ing victory. Al-ter winning the sectional meet. they then went to state to tie with Bloomington tor seeoncl place. Bill Griswold was honorary Captain tor 1032. Standing, lell to right. lx. firisyxulcl, Lvmnn-l, Fislwr, t"ire-stim-, B. Gricwolrl, Nlnsslnnnlm-r. Knevlirig. Taylor, Swihurt. Sclumilt, Hnrlorsl, ,r i ., . I . ISL ? S ' J 4 64.25 0 QAM C7 f' :S J' M . 'der WAYNF ' M-'NL POW WAYNE WAKNE -mms -EQ . Q9 5.kl4e fn 31,3 1.3 NUR TH EI? 12 I I I 1 5 I tirst ron, le-Ii In right, Q, fnrisxxolrl, ftflllilllt, Noll, Hnrlord, Nye, B. fsvrisuold, Vinnie. Neutshoiisn-. Si-ioiwd rim, Xviur-Iur. Ixturptiv. I5mxx'n, Riley. Bzirlvll. S:-ilu-rl, fioimay, Karin. Sand:-rs. 'third row, l'nn11ucI. Itouil, Kmxfihfxli, Rhomls, Hull.. Rinm--, Ruuteiitif-Ita. Dr-Ip, NIUSSIYRIIIIIIIPT. - Lettermen VARSITY ATI-ILETES COMPRISE CLUB ENJOY MA Y SCDCIAL ACTIVITIES Numerous North Side athletes pride themselves on the wearing ot the big for it is a sign ot achievement in athletic competition. For each year ot participation on the varsity team a stripe is added on their sleeve, and for each win in conference competition a gold star is added. Organized in I9-19, North Sides Lettermen has grown thrivingiy. The group was formed from the old Athletic Ctuh. Any hoy earning a Ietter in toothaii. Ioasiiethati, track. tennis, or cross country is etigihte tor memhership. Two ot the social functions of the organization are potIucI4s. One is held during the Ioothatt season and the other in the midst ot the tracti season. The coaches are the advisers ot the organization. These advisers are Rolla Chambers, athtetic director and track coach: Robert Nutt, head toothallg Robert Traster, assistant tootIJaII and Iaastcethati coach: Clair IVIotz, head hastcethait coach: Arthur Rhoads, tennis coach: Don Kemp, track and cross country coach, and Hyrte Ivy, swimming instructor. Athletic Board DIRECTORS BACK SPCRTS CCDNTESTS WITH ACCURACY, I-ICPE, I TEREST TIN- immcflinlc lnnrlwrs ol' ilu- ullllvlir ronli-six ul' slaill .incl spurlsnmuxllip am- lxmm.. urnuml ilu- Big Dorm- as lllc' .Xllilvlif licmrcl. hlllis lumrcl lumilions xxilll all ilu- pl'1-vision mul lvaxmxxorli llmt any nllllvlim' lvauu musl lmvs' lo sllru-c'rl in cmnpvliliml. TIN- purposes ol' lln' gxllllvlim' Igllklffl ful Xorlli Siclc-mv lil10AUI'KIIllilll'ulllIl plan: llw lmininej. running, uml linmnciing ol' llw alllilvlim' lvmns. uucl In sillcclulf- ullllvlim umlmls. 'l4ll1' lmurtl ix lwuclccl lay Prinripanl Nlillon ll. Norllurop uncl .Nllnlc-lin llircm-lor. Rnlld QIllrllNlH'l'S. lxlr. lmslie Rccwvs, sflmul ll'6ilSllI'Pl', Im lmmllml ull ilu' lilllzlllfikll aupvrls ol ilu- Milin- progrnm Oli ullilvlic' vvenls. Nlr. Rvmvs lms climinnlf-fl namiy ul llw prnlmlvms llml usually' uuvnlpnrly surll il position, clue lu liis a1u'l1l'uc'y mul ellicivmy. Tllcse Qvnllf-men wlm Quiclc- ilu- cleslinies ol lln- Norlli Siclc- liuutlmll, lmslu-llmll. lrm lx, IPIIIIIS. uncl fross country lvmns arc- Nlr, CllillIllN'lAh. Nlr. Rolwrl Xull. Alf. C lfur Nlnlz. Nlr. Don Kemp. Nlr, Noel Xvliiltvrn. Nlr. Roluerl lfclwnrcls. mul Alr. Rolwrl Ilirnslvr. llyrlv lvy is llme mmm wlio guicles llme worlx ol llw lmys' swimming 4 lusws. 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Flany North Side girls have become active in this organization because of time wide fieicl of sports wiricil it opens to ttlem. Pirlurefi ire-low ure tile U52 ottifers of They are, iett lo right, Dorothy Ziegler, Doris Ramp, Sur' Slovicanlp, Nancy Powers. Sandra Burry. anct svateci, Bonnie Joimston. 32 Cjrganizalion ol llme C.A.A. reslecl in llle lmancls ol llne tilllll olliu-rs wllo were ljorollny Ziegler. presiflenl. anfl Nancy Powers, yire-presirlenl. llonnie .lol1nson, lloris Ramp. Sue Slorlxalnp, anrl Sanrlra llurry lmaye assislecl llle ollieers consicleralmle lllis year. 'lille ever-iinporlanl posilions ol aclvisers are lille-cl lay lxliss Nlargarel Spiegel ancl Nliss Rulll Carroll. Fall acliyilies lor ll1e year inclunlecl arellery. lennis. solll1all,ancl swinnning. Vlulll'XX'lllll'i'ill'llYill1'S were filled willn class lournalnenls ancl rlass learns in lmaslfellxall. Ylillff nexl avliyily was llme aqua- Cacle. presenlecl lo llle srlmool in llle spring. ln llu- lale spring season, llllllllllllif. lrarli, anal solllmall were again popular. Tlie awarcl syslem in G.A.:X. gives numerals lor one llunclreml anrl lilly poinls, lelle-rs lor lwo liunclrecl ancl lilly points, ancl llme slale awarcl engrayecl willl ll1e sluclenl's name. rlllll' girl will: llu- largesl ainounl ol poinls is awarclecl a lropliy on Rf-rognilion Day. :X lropluy is also Qiyen lo a senior girl wluo lmas slnown llne lyesl sporlsinanslnip rluring l1er lour years al lnigln svlmol. rl'l'lP main eyenl ol llie year is llle spring lpanquel in play. rl-luis year tlw fl.fX.,'X. celelnralerl llne lwenly-lillll anniversary ol' llie srlxool. An alumni Qroup was presenl lor lliis iinporlanl nn-elingg. Tllis alumni group was organize-cl lasl year willl Belly Raluus Royer acling as presiclenl, anrl Delores Callin, lirsl serrelary. Aliss llilcla Sl'llNX'PllIl. a lneinlaer ol llle laaully al llurclue lfni- yersily ancl llne organizer ol llie N0l'lll Sirle xxas Ilme Quesl spealyer. ln llue upper ln-ll llanll piilure. Sue Xvooil anil lurly Nln-yer sw-in lulN'r'l1g1.iL31'1l in .1 liyvlx gann- ul lf-nni-, ulaile- lVo1irfl..'X..X. nu-mln-rs lnfmoinv rxnlwrs lor a nnolna-nl, Nliss bliiegrl pauses will: lln- exi-1 uliye connnillw- ol Ilu- MA .X wlm .mn lr-ll lo riglnl. fir-gli-r. lolnnsun. llurry, Rannp. Sloilyalnp, .mil lloun-rs. l.oxxer riglul, R--rlslyins nnrnnaicls pri-pare lor a ri-lreslxing swim in Iln- xllflll Sirk- pool, 135 ill III 'H MQ 31 .vac ,. 9- l gr J' vga' Q :itll Z' 2, v , 'X 3 .,f"f-, . AX K. U5 Principal DIRECTS, HELPS NORTH STUDENTS The students ol' North Side have the honor and privilege ol' going to school under the guidance and di- rection olw our ahle principal. lxlilton H. Nortliroly. For twenty-five years. he has patiently guided the youth of North Side in the paths of good morals, clean living, and high ideals. The character traits which he oltiers to us could only he furthered in the students lnecause "Pop" lvorthrop shows us a good example of his ideas worliing for a hetter world in his own lile. He has not only heen a leader and example to all North- siders for the past twenty-five years, hut through his ltindly guidance and understanding oi student proh' leans, he has hecome the living symhol oi friendliness and Christian idealism that is so typical of North Side High School. Superintendent GUIDES, LEADS p scHooL CITY Superintendent lxlerle J. Alalvett has continued to guide and improve the Fort Xvayne school system for twenty years. His worthy reputation and fine achievements are examples upon which he bases the success of the school city. At all times, Dr. .-Xlqlaett is ready to aid any student who needs consultation on certain problems. He succeeds in finding only the most qualified teachers with which to entrust the education and guidance of the students of Fort Xvayne. Our highest esteem will always go to Dr. Ahhett, for we have complete confidence in his judgment and ahility in guiding the youth of our city. Cgngrafufezlfiond Q5lfA .xdfznzfuerefeery GRADUATES Ixl I P THE IVII IVIQRN OF IHIS H XPPX XEAI XX ITH A PHOI UGIMXPH IIN XOLIIX EAP I-IND EUWN Offezkzl Legend Porlrzzzl Photographer IT XVILI. I.lVIi FOREVER 1 EIIPPIIIGIH 'lf ,III. q M Q eww 740414161 e C7 7 of I I eQ,,'f,f91I,9,EF2,5,?,,H55?l ir ir ir ir ir ll- J fjf!l.e2Z 6250114 PHUNE A-3313 :ABR-T6t"'1A 'HN' E-H ' 'jg :TEX Lmzmsss - LITIUGIIIIIIG ir ir Autographs Autographs Autographs Engravzhgs lay FORT WAYNE ENGRAVING C0 120 VV. SUPERIOR STREET FORT VVAYNE, INDIANA I' - 5 l I 1. X . U .f 1 fb J an 42, ' G. ,ml-A I 2 ll .I- I 3 N A. xi H . 4 .j"2'l. x .X X- S ' I I l w 1 I u v 1 ' 7 - - e N , Ml.. 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'- A-rx .A :J f .gl A xg I .., A 'AF-M ':,,,.71AeL ri A 1.- "' A - :IA ll it "Im .3 f " ' Nia, A " 2 A, -'-a"f, - - A . 4:5 ' 5 'QL VA' IY4,'f,,'-iff Y-ls' .A-XQVQ 4535,-A ' '- A--..A.A.ggiy,:,-A5 A A '1",f',-.f,. vA A A -Aff.. . A A A " 'aw , X ' A A A , A 1 ' x-rw AA ' A . " ":'f1fT'k5:EfH!1 A-55 wi - ,. ,,,,,,,.-I A A' X 3,1 F A A , l,,.-Li., WALL , 1 X A A A A K f ! J K '-' ' . ', .A . -' '.4f:-A151-,33l.5?,N7 A J I' ,A, I H 1.4! A ,,-v, X V Q A . A A 'A A . -Lv t A A , A A A , ,Z A A v. A A 'A A,, A A. ,UM 'W VA ' vw . A IMI, A A ' 1 ' A "' '.'A'.w,A. -- v AV, ,A A A .il ,,. P.fT.A. FORMS VITAL LINK BETWEEN SCHOOL, PATRONS -SV Tile Norttl Side Parent Teactier Association. composed ot Rectstain parents and teactiers. is a strong and inttuentiat group in ttlis community. Ttiis organization is a iinti between ttie sctiooi and its patrons. and encourages cooperation ttirougii regular meetings and various sociai func- taons. Fostering a congenial reiationstlip inehveen tile parent and time teactier is tire oimjective oi t e P. F. A. This year the organization sponsored time after-game dance, a inatfe sate. and a rummage sate as their money-matting projects tor the year. uBuitding Heaittay Personalities.. was time ttieme oi time study group ot tile 1051-52 sciioot year. The otticers ot the 1931-32 year of P. T. A. were ixtrs. Fred Stetitiorn. presidentg ixtrs. S. T. Rtartin, first vice-president: Fir. Ctittord Qtt. second vice-president: Ftrs. J. Howard Actitey, secretary: and Ftrs. Cteston G. Erin. treasurer. Dean PROVIDES GUIDANCE, . GENIAL FRIENDSHIP Our cooperative dean ot girls, Ixtiss Victoria Gross, cheeriutty provides an- other source of guidance as weit as warm, geniai friendship. Dean Gross supervises tile vocationai and personat records oi present students as weii as att graduates. In any of the current protytems or affairs, good sound tmowtedge may atways tae acquired in the Deanis office, wilicti is open to any and att students. ,5 , , 4 1 , J V' faculty TEACHERS PROVIDE ASSISTANCE fNl.uu.xN BASH BA.. XXX-ll-slvv Lnllf-gp Bl..-X.. l , nl Nlulugun Slilfill' Studies 4' ,wan S. FIA.-.Tu.x BFIRLEIN llxiunl Collclg 31.5, 5ioul lnslllui Hlrllli' IZCUIIUIIIIUS ws, ,Kiki N,xRJoRi1i HELL B.S,, lmiimm LY, fiuliiinlmiu L Ari mul lfnglisli ww gs- GRACE BRIDGES BS.. Ball Slate NIS., Indiana U. Business ,5 3, , I2 ' HELEN BEAN Imiianu Lv, Alb.. Coiurziclu Home Enmumils R.n'51oxn BIEIQZIHITS Indiana lv. llldlilflil I . iwusir .ILIDITH BOWEN A,B., DPPflllXX' Lv, Latin GENEVA BURXYELL A.B.. Indiana U. NLA., Columbia U English and Latin I I I I I I I I I I I I RUTH CNARROLL BS.. Ball Stale- CxOllllllbiEl U. Physical Education BIARYANN KNHAPMAN AB, Ball Slate NIA., I . uf Q lmagn IZHSUIUSS ALBERT Com A.B., Builer U. Speech, English ROBERT EDWARDS BS., Ohio Northern NIA.. U. of lwliclnigan Industrial Arts DERSTA DI 'Ee' f ...Q- iff? 'NH' -. "Ng,,,,,e-I V f"..?-73" -N., 'Lvs .a'6"' Rol.l..x Clumni-Rs lnfiizuna U. lncliunu lv. Pliysirul lfrluvulinn l'.'xTm mm. lYxl.l AR! llillllflllil Sl. Nlalryls ' - V 5l..A.. cljllllllhlil Ll ISIIQHSII l'1.vm1 R, KWOPILANIY BS. Ball Stale Dlusic IXIARIE Emi AB., Indiana U. Spanish I I I I I I I I OLEETA FRENCH illinois Slate Normal U. ol Xvisconsin Li. Ol Calilornin BS. Purdue Home Econornif URM. FURST AB., Ball Stah- iVl.A,, Columlvin l' Business iXlABf1l. CiRElQNXVALT AB.. Ball Stale U. ol ClliCZ'lQ'0 English DIILDRED HLTFFBIAN AB.. Nortlmwesiem U. U. ol lxliclligan English Counselor ENCOURAGEME P--, YV -W , ,HAM W , Y , 45' A Hi '- LCR.-UNE FOSTER AB., Nliami U. Latin LILLIAN GRAHAB1 ixlillilcin College Secretary GRETTA GRISSELL AB.. indiana U. Visiting Tvaciler HYRLE lvv BS.. U. of Kansas Physiqzl Education I I I I I I I I Dos KEMP B.P.E., Purdue U. physical lfzlucalion FI.-un' IAM- BIARTIN AB., lnrliana lv. lmlinna LW, Ar! lRr,NE BIILLER BS., U. of Cincinnaii BLA, Columltvia U. English CLAIR Mon BS- Flanchesler Physical Eclucalion Health. -Q-:Q :is Q QPF? 'MQW INSPIRATICD 4 F .s. -, , V, V 4.7: lfur xm TH l.lTTu2 A, B., fnlio U, xl. fwfillllllliid I finglisll .Ions MLRTLS IS Indiana: Stiltf' I0211 'mrs Vonage' Husirmss NIARIE NIILLER A.B.. Smilh Collvgr Al!lfll?l'llllfiCS D.-XW'1'ON NIUSSELMAN A.B,. Ball State BLA.. Ball Siale Guiclanfe English x .X X- S ' I I l w 1 I u v 1 ' 7 - - e N , Ml.. ', JM , .. ,. 4 . -an ' s '- '4 , I 4 1 'J -,U ,. wg! n 4 'IN :A ' ' T1 'affix N' W 1 Tx' '-1 w :Wx . I I I I I I I p I Roman NLILF BS., U. ol lllinois lnclianu U. plrysiral lfclucuiion l'LlH'oRn fjTT BS., l'ur1luv U. lncliann ll. Biology y FRANCLS PLUMANNS A.B., College ol lxll, Sl. .lnsepll lxl.A.. Norllxweslern lvlullwrmxlivs French Counselor JAMES A. Pumuussn A.B., Hanover College lVl.A. lncliana University lournalism Dramalics CI-IALLE GE l 'QQ ,-aww ALICE NUSBAUBI A.B., Butler U. lxls., lnclinna U. lvlnllwnuxtifs EVER111' PENNINGTON A.B.. Earllmin College lmliann U. lX1CllllPHlfIllCS SHERMAN PRESSLER AB., Ball Stale lVl.A.. lnrliana U. Plxysics LESLIE Reeves BS., Ball Stale NLS., lndiana U. Business I I I I I I I I Xkllllk I. RIIILKIHS XB, lmliaum C4-nlml XIJX, lmlinlm lvniv. Suviul frivlln' l.lI,LI.XN Scuvl' Xvinunn lyullvge lnmliaum lv. .Kiln-rulunu' XXVILLI.-KM R. Smox AB.. Bfanclwsler AI.. V. ol Xvisronsin Businvss Rrrnronn SMLVTS BS., Ball Stale Inrfusfriu' AHS KI NESS Q QA? Ali., Dm-l'.nm' Suviul Sluzlia-S ! 4 I ":TllI I. SIIROYIQR y BS, XY!-qvruu R.--k-rw U X Ar., l.ilrruriun b P ' Q? --A . . Q I, Rum-RT FINKS Imlinnu J ig -,.,Q 5041111 NIHJIOS ,1 ':' A ff, 1 XIARI-.NRI 'I' 5l'Il'GI1l. 'X Pl fnliu Xyn-Qlehkll Nlb.. Imlmnn l, Plxyvicrxl Fclnraliun Hvuflll IXXIIIIRINI IQUIIIIYHIIHIR f I7 I I I I I I I I SxR.x STIRLING B., Bull Shill- Nib., imimim I , Engiisii ilxnouw Aliiioxus iib. ir, Oi irnulsvliic xii., imii.ina U. Clu'ii1iS1ry BIClflll'lllflHL'S X'I,ST.X THOMPSON Lv. Oi Ciiirngo Boluny NIARY XXYALLER inciiana U. S6'CrPfrlry NOEL XXYIIITTERN A.B,, indiana U. Inciiana Li. Plivsical Geography' CONSIDERATIQ .il'l.lA. STORR Oiix'9i Coiivge' Fngilsii TOURIST THOMPSON BS., Bmciiey l'. Aieciinriirul Dmfiing ROBERT TRASTKR Nianciie-sim xifx.. Bull Sinh- Drivervs Training Pizysicni Eciumtion Vuculiuns HARRY YOLNG inciiann U. imiianu l'. Eronomifs Government Nur 111 51111111 111 111e 1111r11 work 01: 1116 i1111i1ors 111111 11161 11i11'11e11 1'r11w goes 111111e1111e11 111 Nor111 Si11e. 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No 0lllf'l'Clf'lNlI'll1H'lll lvncls as llillfll ussisinmfx to lim sluclvnlis cle-veloplnenl ancl inlellcvl. ln the vari- ous grncles ol linglisli, sluclenls culli- valf- ilme lmluits ol Qoocl rc-mlingj. Qrnln- mar, ancl crenlivc expression. Tlle worlxs ol tlme music-rs ns wvll ns con- temporary lilcfrulure is slucliecl lllI'0llQllA out the liour years ol Englisln lmsifs. ln ilu- mljmvnl piilun-s, Nnrlli Sicli- sluil:-nls nrv slxown in llu- various aulixilir-s nl ilu- Eng- Iisli cl:-pnrlmn-nl. Dane- Ril.-y is mailing in pulrlic spvnliinu vlnss. ililw nuiilclln- piilurv slums iwn girls sluilyingj in llu- lilmmry. flllr lilvrnrinn, lxliss Elly.-I Slxruyvr, nnxlws lnuvln nl' nur nulsiilv wnrli mon- vnioynlmlr- lyy lu-r liinil ussislznnv in lllc lilmrnry. lin' lrullnln pirlurv slmws nm- ul' ilu- mos! enh-rlnininf ilivisiuns ull Englisll T. llu- pr:-sl-nlnlinn nl une- ml plnys. ns in-II ns si-lr-1 If-il rullings lvflllll longer plays. 20 -44 1 1 Q 1,03 S I. ' r A f A 5 Languages BROAD FIELD CDFFERS CHOICE Ml.illlQllil21' is :ml am illJSlI'al4'l umslruction ul ilu' lt'ilI'llCCl. or ul llam- clirliumlrynmlxcrs, lvul is S0l1N'lllillQ arising out ol' ilu- wnrlc. uc-e-cls. iivs. joys. ill:l9l'll0l1S, lnsivs. ol long Qc-Iwi' uliuns ol lllllllillllly. uncl lm ils lmsvs lmroucl uncl low. flow io llle Qrouml. ln ilu- alJox'c quoluliun. Xxlill Xvlmil- mam expresses tlw supreme nec-cl ul an lilIlQl1LlQ'C in vvvryones lilv. Nilflll Sicle- alurlc-mls are ulqlcn-cl flmifc ol tlxrec lvllllilfjlllfillill lun- Qungvs. Lnlin, FI'Q'l1lkll, uncl bllilllhll. ln ilu' hvpnm-l lxiflllrv. lun lluling i. Nlumf ing .Xml Niclwrx-u1 .nul l..1um Briggs mlm'- . , ,A lluing ul inlvrvxi ull ilu- lump ul Ixfillllkh lln? nr-xl piwlllrm' illlhlmlve ilu- new in xxluixlr ilu' nlmmlsls L-nlnvn llu- -lufly nl l-.elll1. ln ilu l.nrg1-el pifkun- .nl lln' lmtluul, Nllsf Nlnru- l,l1l1- lm-slun-4 hr lu-r flaw nn xulm' lnlvrm-sllllgg Mapu in flu' Nluxly ul ilu- Spqnixll l.lrl,Ql1.ugv. VMX 14 1 A., . Q ,. ,psf J 21 Art, Music EI E ARTS EURNISI-I EU DAME TALS IMPQRTA T TO WELL BALANCED LIFE :Xrl mul Nlusic. ilu- two Inmlmwmiml arls, ialic on am imporlunl aspect al Nortll Sicle. Tlme url classes clmnl in SlllllJlllli', crulvls. slill life. mocleru clcsign. mul nmny plmses ol tile reccnl nrl liclcl. Hy tulxing url. an slucle-nl mal only lc-urns lo cliscover liis urlislic ulmilily, lull lie also lc-urns ilu- lumln- mc-nluls ol line mul colm'wllicl1 will lwnel'il llim in luler lilc. ,. , , -. , l llc Slusic lj:-purlnm-nl ul Xorlli Ncle is consiclervcl lmy many lo lw one ol tlie linesl in our slulv. Classes in clmrul mul on-lwslrul le-clmiquc. ancl music tllcury are ollqcrccl at llie Big Domv. LLXIIIOIIQ' llw :nanny clmirs. llu-rc is il lu-Qinning clmir. El girls, 4 lmir. sn lrnining rlloir, :xml A Capps-lla. Sluclcnls are pronmtecl lu 1-mlm ol llwsc- clmirs as tliey slmow more i'lllYillll'6'Cl musical almilily. lvpln-r li-ll. Sluili-nl Ifmln-r, lfnlplu l'.n't1, is slnming Ronald ,luln-s annul ,lim Sxxilmrl lln- url ol' usscmlulingj .1 mulnilv. lvppcr rvglul Nlr. lie-lgluls Ill lmnlnnng .nllmlxs .mil null: 4. flmrus 4l..-s lima-r le-ll xlr, 1 lyile- fupvluml ls slumn gnlng lnvlp lu mm-mln-rs ul rI..A lsmsc sl-ilmn ul lln- lmml riglnl. Sllirle-5 lil-ml:-r, Nlnrslm llmxlc, lion: Nlurplly, anml xlnrlin XY1-rlim: .arc :mulling gmpvr mmlu- ilnlls. 'W Y , 1 - M1 - 31. Ks A. A Sw. ,Q Q 43:5 N . ,f B! et Ng X1 -Hr in ilu- alvove pimtures, stucienls are seen in lin- various nlassm-s nl lin- si if-nf 1- eivparliuwiil. lille upper lvllluaml pidure slums one ol Nlr. llilllonl tilts luiology laivoralury pt-rimls. IIN- upper riglnllnmfl picture is .1 plnsies lalmralorx ln tin' lower lr-lllmml pitlnre. several lmys are working on a prolxlem lor pluysics. Time las! pinlure, sliows time clncmistry lalj slumlenls cieepiy engrossed in lwioming men oi stieme. Science PRCSPECTIVE SCIE TISTS PRACTICE ART OF EXPERIME TI G, OBSERVI G il-llf' slucly ol Science lielps a sluclenl to analyze ancl to experiment in life. He will not only complete liis cliemistry or pllysics experiments, but lie will also acquire an inquisitive mincl ancl experimental lxnowlecige that will enalvle lxim to tllinii timings out lor liimsell. Science is simply tlie eyeryclay use ol common sense. :Xt North Sicie. classes olliereci in time Field ol science are cliemistry. plxysics. lwotany. lyioiogy. ancl pllysical Qeoqrapliy. Practical Arts REDSKINS RECEI MA UAL NSTRUCTIO prolmiply two oi time most practical classes offered at Nortii Side are iiome economics anci manual train- ing. instructions in metal, wooci, and nieclianical clrawing are offered to any stucient preparing for a manual profession. All pliases oi cooiiingf anal sewing are otfereci to any girl interesteci in tide clomestic iielcl. in tlie acijacent pictures. Nortli Sicie stucients are seen in time various activities in this ciepartment. tile upper leillmnci pirturv stmws Dick iiurliel proucily surveying luis corner uuplnoarcl as un onloolier praises tile exacting worii. Tile next picture iimis us in tire illllllti economics riepnrtment, Dixie Ray anti a iew otlier girls are looking in on some cieiicary as lxiiss Olecta i:l'l'llkll stancis lmy giving lieipiul advice. Tire lows-r picture silows a welding! class, lxir. Rutli- iorci Smuts uses various means oi getting work for luis welciing stuclents. Tliey do practice woric on olci materials and tlien similiar wort: on articles tl1at neeci attention. Business LARGE STAPP PROVIDE WIDE SUBJECT CHQICE 310113 sluflvnls fnlXulll15icl4' lwnlvlllcwl lux' IIUYIIIU l'lllt'l'l'fl ilu , -. lrusincss Kll"pill'llIN'lIl ul' ills' svluml flexing oul into llw lvusim-ss xwmrlcl linen- pvoplc urs- In-llvr IJl'f'lJill'l'il lm lmvingllwfllllcle-111:-lnlnlsolwlmllsinwss llwrwy. lypingj, Sl10l'lIlillHI, illlll all-ri ual prau lirv. In llu- .uumxnp.nl1xnng pulurvs. mln- ul ll 1 X-xrmlls Ivllelln-ss1I.uss1-snrn' snwn ill lull sn'-sion X Hu' lnlmm-I pirllln- sluxu- xlrs. flrmv Uriulgx 1 I--.11 'ling' .u slmrllu.ul11l :Lass Hu- llmlmllz- ph Illr ,Xml Ilan- Imllmn puiun- .main slums Nlr Hrnlgvs .nlvlx cI1'l1ml1slr.nling iw lunicllu- in slmrl 'mm' QHIH-r I1-.ulxvrs in llris +I:-p.4rlnu4l1l .ur Nlr Imslim- Rwwmw, 'Ulm xlvrlve, XXIHLHII Finum, Blu, xlnrxnllru 1 Imlulmlx .mal Nils- ffm' lvursl. Fx-Qfx '- X E sk UMNO' 'X-ex 'Q RS s XISQ N xW x Y V x XWX X xX.l - 7 Y I 0 -l - - Q15 El 'STN-3 N15 , XX? X' x if Si' N wx- , Q- a X K Q -2 s Q QN?x xx 1 ' SX 5 NRI--: MNXX' -A X -Dx "T" M- Q -J xvgsg AQYIN- .ulllnxs Hs lu Nlvu .I IXIHIIQ :Inv Ill lull swing, I' - 5 l I 1. X . U .f 1 fb J an 42, ' G. ,ml-A I 2 ll .I- I 3 N A. xi H . 4 .j"2'l. q 1 'S 7 A xgwokl ,, . - I11lur1-.I..I.1.11-.1..l,11v xx l1-nhlr-N. Related Subjects DRI ER'S TRAININ SWIMMI GYM BALANCE ACTI ITIES OF ORTI-ISIDERS N-luml lilv nl Xurlln Slill xxnu c mm I 1u Nl lI'alllllllQ. sxximn1il1gg. gym .mc m1 IOIIN ICSC 111 IXI les 1 1 0 Rec wlxll , . HIGH' XX0llelNllilIH'0Kl. Illf f l Qc N 1 lll1CNN clNNQN IN XX NXOI' I ilu- 1-llurl pul lorlll ln-ce1llhc nm llOl onlx 5, 1 1 xxiclvnccl. IJl'lY1'l'.S ll'1llIlll10 IN nm ol ilu mu 1 1 11 1 L 1 ll u l Nlr, Rnlmm-rl lmsle-r puts lol llne no 1 c 1 mg 11x 1 x x mmf 1 c 1 sldmling. amcl llllllli. prunsm llunlxmgz 0 N l 1 will ia lmmnlcm-cl in many lme plu xx1 x Nlrs. l.illi1un Noll ix xlumn Nllll A lux ul lur lulpmr lnlxln lllm nl :N lllxmlamc ln lln alrn 1 n 11 nn- nuurlm-uuxly 5lnmn ilu- ra-Null ml um crn 'Q 'f. Student Council fs 1 , 1 i 5 GROUP FORMS P y E,Q ,,1qy:,,f.,-,,Q,,., s V 1 rf - .. 7i'Tf2i 3 STUDENT POLICIES ' it .nl girl. 1 I 0' ai Q e A 1 .U cf: Q., lg 'lille Sluclenl Council lmrings ' . l ,,' vr sr, so tlmc sluclenl lJoLly into El Closer ---"' -1 i W V ' relzilionsliip witli llle llilflllly, ll , n ' u g' 'S I " K 1 I ll gf g is a clemocralic laocly louse-cl ' ' li' V I sounclly on ClCll10Cl'illll' iclc-als: in nclclilion lo lmeing ilu- linla lmelween tlmc lacully ancl llle suclvnls. il promotes lrienclly sluclenl rela- lionsliip. my X A-M ln clioosing officers, ilme Stu- NI l-.1. Ii.-rs ol ilu- Sim! .-1l 1 1' l,1.l1. il ..r.-, lim r -1xx'. If-li ro rigglul, luI.n..,.n K .ihli clenl Couneil lnelnlyers lnusl lne lim 'Il' Y- 51'fiH:24'f- l5HSlI- Slllllll- XV' 'lfl li' ll-'Lliff' fi Illlllf' f IIIH' H- l'1+liI12 BH' mosl Carelul lo selecl lliose wlio Sl"' 'l"' l' Zlvulvr' 5"'fi-'fi'Y- S'l'l"l "" ll "f' SU' ""' l r "lll' l"ll l" mln' mln Suinnu-rs. Xvnrlkieilml, lfninger, Hmlslmlilvr, lloi-niilq, Dmis. Bairlxmun n will vo-operule ancl worlc lo ilu- K f. v ,. rn-lws, llolili-r, Flvllliorn, Briggs, Xxunlvn. Ramp, lfainlys. llninl Ron on lwsl ol' llieir alnilily lor llie lmeller- lllvlll Oli NUl'lll Sicle. TlllS yPill', llnrxi-y, Sol mvluuxvlm, :xnili lulr polis, Dunl llrl, K 1'rn- nig, l .mL' lysnn, Yearly. llle rouncil cliose Ricllarcl Clnnn- lwrs. presiclenl: Bill Grisxyoltl. yive-presiclenl: l.0is ROLISII. secre- lury: nncl Sliirley Clarli, lrensurer. Riclmrcl NolJl1- was selc-clecl us sergennlhnl-urlns mul Riilmrcl Prairie us pilI'lll1ll"lllill'lilll. Donn Yiclorin Gross uncl ljrincipnl lxlillon l'l. NLlI'llll'lllJ nfl ns znrlyisers lor llie group. llromoling goocl welllare uncl stressing courlesy ure lwo ol' llle councills clliel aims, Tlie nrliyilies wllicll lwlp lo cmplmsize lllese aims are Bfuli-lo-Scliool lxliglil. Gel Acquuinlecl Day, Junior Higll Day, ancl Courlesy Xveeli. ln sponsoring lllese annual eyenls, sluclenls in llie council proyicle il line example lor llle ollier inemlyers ol ille enlire sluclenl lmocly. N-ulvil In-I1-w ure llur H332 olliu-rs ol bllllll'Ill l ouniil, llnv ol ilu- .innunl proin-als ol Numlenl Lounuil, mln-1 ornlingj lln- l llflNlIIl.lN lrce, is piclurecl lien' as Dirli Cllalnbers, Gary Croslwy, Na-11.1 Vila ljllfll. :mil Don 5lornm enjoy uorllingj on llw proji-ll. liulirnnm. Blillnry, Shnlslmusv, Di-lp. Vlllwms, llusp. Slllllll, llmraulslnm l'Xur1 c u:1 1:1 5' FCDUR YEAR I-IQNCDR ROLL RICHARD CHAMBERS SUNYA DEISTER X Vrrlerlirloriun Gnret Croslxy Ne-cl Daudlwrlv P' .. Cluvfon Dunfon Gloria Evans Nancy Croclriun V ' C l 'ronrw -umnn Judy Halrll Ann Krebs S0111 in f0l'fflll Slove Nlartin Dwight Nlorroxv Palsy Ovvrnmn Rivlmrcl Prairie Alfrecl Rnsp 1.90 Rolmlmins Larry Shreve Larry Zent luirlee Clark was also given honorable me-nlion for her scllolnslir slnncm Norlll Side for llme past Iwo years. Shirlee Culne from Bexley. Cnxio. ATIGNAL H0 SGCIETY Seniors Elected Riclmrcl Clunnlmers Cary Croslvy Nl-Ll lDkllIQlN'l'l5' Sonya Deisler Clnylon ljunlon filoriu livnns Nauru Vila l.y Seniors Elected Ronald :Xllnn Dann ,Xrnnslrong Nnlluaniel Pmolll Slwirlee Clurli lgnrlmra Davis l-incla Einlnorn Helen Foy Nanny flrmlrian flwemlolyn l'luQl1e-s Smn .laclison Ronda .lone-s Kennellm Koenig Nlnrllm Zilnme- Juniors Elected Pllyllis Ariclx Dorotlmy Pmnlcs lganrlmm Bilge-r BQ-ny Bingley Riclmrd Louclermilli Riclmrcl lxlenge In 1951 Q- w l'ronc'ie frulunnn ,lutlill1 Flillfll flrny Florrmx ljnlsy Ove-run nn Riclmrd llrniric l.nrry Slnrvvv null " 1n1952 .Xnn K1-elm Sieve blnrtin .X 1111 Nflhwell Don Flu n--' ow fleraltl lV,ll'lif1l'll1,L 1.015 Popp .-Xllrecl Rnsp Dallas Rlmtles I..-6 Rolmlmins l.ois Rouslx Clare Shirley l.nrry Zvnl I'l1l ill ln1952 Pauline lxlicu Ann Bloriarly Norma Sclmrloclt nlyra Sclmulllmllser Phyllis Sflleulke Flux SlZli'lill0LlSP George Tluulns OR Senior Poll SENIQRS CHQQSE OUTSTANDING ,af 'fx A 4 bv J STUDENTS I DIFPERE T FIELDS riilfil yfill' il ptlit CUN- Q . ciuclect in tire senior ciass to :tiscover tile outstamiing inelnimers in ftiitc-rent iieicis. ijicii Cilalniwrs was eiecslect tile in-st iuoy citizen ami Sonya Deister time imest Qiri citizen. Tixey were aiso votect tile iroy ami Qiri most iiixeiy to succeect. Sonya tooi4 away many ot tire top iionors imeinu voteci time Qiri i wiio ililS acicteri tile lnost to tire imetterinent ot Nortii Sicic, tile most outstamiingj girt oi irer ciass, tile most popular. ami tile giri witim time most engaging pf-rsonaiity. Sam Jacicson. time senior ciass prexy, was voteci time iaoy wimo ilas contriiuutect time most to tile imetterment oi Nortim Sicie. Froncie Czlltlililll was votect time most outstamiing imoy ot iris ciass ami time imest imoy attmiete. Dorotiiy Ziegler coppect time tionors tor imest giri atimiete. Rowciy Biii Conway was votect time imoy wittl time most engaging personaiity. Tire imest actor anci actress awarcts went to Cimucic Fisiier anct Jean Xvariiieict. respec- tiveiy. Jim SilHXY ami i.incta Einimorn were voteci tile ipest ctancers anct virginia Der- riciison ami Ron Aiian. prettiest Qiri and inmtsomest imoy. Ttie imest puimiic speaicer ionors went to Sam Jackson anci Bev House- loicter anctRici1arct Prairie anct Cioria Evans were votect most stuctious. Courtesy i1onors vent to Steve ixiartin ami Patsy Qvermanz tex e was atso votect time most notorious woman-imater. Stmiriee Ciaric anct Biii Fair were otec time inoy and giri witti ttie iyest sense of imumor ami Siiiriey Summers was votect time most notorious man-imater. The troy anci Qiri with the prettiest iiair were Ronnie Atian and Ruttmie Scott X popuiar ctemand. Last tuut not ieast. tide seniors ot the ciass of 1932 voted Boin Xvineter and Ann XtcDoxxeii the cutest coupie. 59 Anniversary Class SENIOR YEAR PRO IDES CLIMAX -'WV 3' 4' ' my ln tlu- always- pl...1.i. tlu' senior :lass ollirt-rs listen intently to tlu- sulyisi-rs, ixlrs. Cirque Briflges ami Nlr. Rutli- lnnl Slnuls, Slaluling, lvl! Io riglll. Sam lmlxsoll. llmls Ranslrurg. Steyn' xlitfllll. Rlrs. llrimlgvs, florlwily, :intl xlr Faults rl-lie Qrafluating class ol 1032 can looli lvaclc on tlle lour years ol lmigli scl1ool memories witli minglecl regret ancl joy. rllllis ioy will surely lie rememlmerecl lmy all in llie wonclerlul liappenings ol lour. ricli. lull years. .Ks llreslnnen, we enter:-cl tlle scliool activities witli a traclitional lreslnnan party. lieacletl lxy presiclent. llill Conway. Nlrs. .-Xlire Nuslvaum ancl Rlr. Clair Rlotz aclvisecl us tliat year. ln tlie sopliomore year. lxlr. .l, Rolmert Sinlts ancl Rliss Frances Plummans lielpecl to leacl our class. rllllf' soplnomore class presiclent. Froncie Gutman, in luis inaugural speecli aslxecl 'lor tlie co- operation ol all tlie stutlents to aitl liim in leacling our class in completing its seconcl year. Tluat Year our solvliomorf' lJartY was Mxxlinter Xvonclerlanclu. Xvlien we luecame iuniors we really lelt lmigf as we were now upperclassmen. To malce tlle junior 1 prom a llit we cleciclecl to raise noney lny liaying a preparatory clance. "The Scarecrow Scramlalen. Uur junior prom. An llyening ln Paris". really sent us on our way to lmecoming llig time. Dave Platt lleaclecl llie class ancl we were alxly aclyiserl lmy Rlrs, Grace llriclges ancl lxlr. Rolmert Sinlis. Reacliing our senior year, we enlerecl immecliately into tlle swing ol l.l'llllgS witli tlle election ol officers. Tliis last ancl liinal year we electecl Sam .laclison prexy ol' tlle senior class. Since we were tlie twyenty-liltll ,qracluating class olNortl1 Sicle we lmasecl our wlmole year arouncl tl1is tlieme. Our Senior lmanquet. nsilyer rxnniyersaryu. aclclecl anotller cleliglltlul memory to our allnum alreacly now fully lleapecl. Bill Conway anrl Steve lxlartin entertainecl all witll tlieir hilarious class prophecy. HCross lxly Palms Xvitll Silver". Our senior play, uliest Foot Forwarclu. was a luig success: it is a sure tlling tliat tlie class ol' l032 will long rememlner Xvinsoclii Prep Scllool ancl all ol its trimmings. Last, lmut not least. came our senior commencement clance. uCount Every Staru. Finally gracluation clay was near at llancl, along witli tlle class will ancl all tlle thrilling affairs ol' Senior Day. Vvlien we reacl1ecl our goal. ancl receivecl our cliplomas. we clutclled tlmem witlm minglecl leelings. eagerly awaiting tlle luture. lbut sorrowlully leaving tlme past. lloweyer. we sliall lace tlle luture conliiclently. secure in our conliclence in a superln lmclcgrouncl. x f fx x X x fx 'Q xx NX ' A X Ge SA fg ' 4 3 Q N g e-.1 ,, :bf XC N j 1 . ' ,.S,, -x , " ff . f M X vw 4.- 1 I '1wW,M, if MU : gl 'GN , f..x , fuffffal f N41 JJ yff Q- Q "-TS fef WV 1 i' QM N , ,f gl 4 N, A , X fd A ll 5. , xx s ,Avg - Q XXX fun 1 in ,f n N Q 1' , N21 xx fx N Q 1 7 xl -f f- ll X Vw xfT-75 1, f, X X f uf dlgowgeaqfwsl' I ' X Q X X X 1 ,I wh,,g4' w iq KUXX Q X- X ff X if Q 1 ' I 11,1 X- X ly MQ NVX' ff f' f' f fl. . i" ff W ff X N J 'EW MH Emi g -f I I , fKt MT P3 1 ff f ' If -5 -V . fa fffpff wgwf 'YG 59,13 S I t 'K 50- 'K RG !ff5 A., .V vi -1-. .W ,, fm 4, mf ,an y ,. 1 1 1 X M155 f wi A ,4 A, az, Z 'if 'IF s, ACKER. HERBERT KARL ALLEN. RONALD GEORGE "Ron" Iv.e-tterman. Stuctenl CounciI. aII-vily IJz1sIietIJaII, IootIJnII. INationaI Honor Society. ALTNIAN. NEIL ROBERT "Bob" ARMSTRONG, DEAN XVILLIAN Cnppetiu. Student Counrii. Nnlionat Honor 5o1'i0ty. Il1tl'illlllll'iii tootIJaII. IJasI4etIJaII. ARNEY. NARYELLEN INIARTHA A Cuppeitu. Illltilfvxi. Boosters, PI15'-CIN-rn, svtnoot service. ARNEY, GORDON THOMAS 'Tonf Intrannurni Imstwltmtt. travtf. BAERINIAN, CARL XVILLIAINI Intrmnurnt ImsI40tImII. BAKER. B IAXXVELL INIILTON ntxtaxi' A Capps-IIa. Inanci-orcI1., Student Councit, RiHe CILIIJ. HeIicon. NSI.. intramurat IJasIcetIJaII. wrcstting. swimming. Io0lI3aII manager. BAKER. RUBY ALICE G.A.A.. INIortI1erner agent, Y-Teen. Booster, Rect Cross. no-vuptain, varsity cI1eerIeacIcr. BALLINGER, RICHARD GRANT "Dick" Hi-Y, intramuraI IJasIcetI3aII. BARFELL. .IABIES RICHARD "Dir-le' Leliermen. N0l'iilPI'I10f. fileerieiuier. iloolimii imsiielimaii. BARROXV, LARRY EUGENE Hi-Y. Tennis. BASH. HOXVARD ORR Hliunny' Ijily-CTi1Cll1. Cwillllfxfil Ciillil. illllllllllllkli ililSiil'liDilii. SCil0Oi service. BARTAXVAY. LELA NIAY Cv..A.,A.. A Qappeiiu. 5illCif'l1i. Qounfii. point recorcier. vice-pres.. Xnlurv Ciuim, sciiooi service. BEHRENS, CORAL ANN S.iJ.Ci.. Cil0l'llS. XY-VITPCII. BAUERBIEISTER. CHARLOTTE RUTH A Cuppeiia, Riiie Ciuin. Booster. Pimy-Cimcm. St'il00i service. BELL. NORMAN LYNN "Norm" Riiie Ciuim. swimming. BELL. ROBERT "Bob" Noriiierner. 1300 Ciuim. Riiiie Ciuim. senior piay. iooiiaaii. iniramurai iausiielimii, wresiiing, iooiiqaii manager. BERLIN. SONIA NIAY Cimorus. Nature Ciuim. Uioinelrollers. ISICKHART. NANCY LOU Chorus. lwiriing, ijoiur-Y, Booster. GMA.,-X. -df ..-:pf T99 'YQ 'Hr o"""TV xt..-M Az AH' HR BILCER, JAMES B. "lim" Stuclent Council. Glolnetrolters. intramural lpasliet- lwll. BOEHAI, GLORIA JEAN cVJ..'X.fx., l'll0l'HS, lled CTFOSS. BOXVERS. BARBARA JEAN "Barb" Retl Cross. SRC.. Clmrus. Nortlwrner BORKENSTEIN, JERRY Rille Clulu, Hi-Y. intrmnural lf-nni BOTH, NATHANIEL CARL "Nat" Rille Club, National Honor Society. lmncl. intra- lllllfill lmslietlmll nncl tennis. BRIGGS, ELIZABETH NAUREEN "Betty" Journalism. fliorus secretaryvtrezlsurer. Nature Cluln. Polar-J, Recl Cross, lilbrary assistant. BRITTON. NANCY JANE G..-KMA.. speeclm. clelmte. J.C.L., Glolnetrotters, F.T.A. soltlmll. BROXVN, SANDRA LAVON CllOI'lIS. POlHr-XY. llllrilnlllfiil VOllCyl3?lll. BRYANT. DIANNA Chorus. Beginning Cheerleading. BULMAHN, CAROLYN JOAN G.A.A., S.P.C.. Polar-Y, service worlc. CARTER. SANDRA SUSAN "SamIy" Balld, Cl'lOl'llS, S6l'VICf' XVOfli. CECIL. HOXVARD EUGENE CHAMBERS. RICHARD F. "Dick" Vice-pres. Rilie Club. Pixy-Cimem. Helicon. Pres. Student Council. INationaI Honor Society. Junior Rotarian, senior play, lreslmlan Iyaslxetlvall. CHRISTLIEB, THOMAS EDXVARD "Tom" Tracts. swimming. CLARK, SHIRLEE ANN Attenclecl Iiigli school in Bexley, Ollio, Nortllerner agent, cllorus. treasurer ol Stuclent Council-Teens. Refi Cross, Purmi Nos Amis, Helicon, Glolme- trotters, National Honor Society. CLONCH, ELIZABETH ANN "Anne" CLA..-X., I500 cIuIJ, ciiorus. Rilie CIUIJ, Polar-Y. Helicon. Parmi Nos Amis, seconci place in Lion's Clulb contest. sclwool servic e. COLEMAN, DONALD EUGENE "Don" Banci, Hi-Y. Globetrotters, intramural Inaslietlmll. CCJNLEY, GALE INIAXINE Cllorus. Polar-Y. swimming, scI1ooI service CONXVAY. XVILLIAN DEAN "Bill" Student Council, Letterman, Varsity IootIJaII. I1asI4etI9aII and traclc. cooK. JANICE xyagrsgiii- - . ' ff Q T V W if X r I ri u- H3 A-gf' CAN "-Q Y. 'F ' CROSBY. CARET NEXVTGN "Gary" Stuclent Council, Critic. Treasurer, Prog, Helicon, Pan Ameriran, Gloluetrotters, Pres. National Honor Society, Bai-Nae Brotherhood Contest winner. CUNNINUHAN. LARRY THOMAS Rillf- Clulm. Cl VI'I.ER. CARULYN FAYE Rf-fl Cross, Booslvr. Norllu-rm-r, U.A.A.. scllool scrvirc. CLYTLER. MARILYN FIAYE CNll0l'llS. P0lilf-XY. sclmool S0l'Vll'P IJAUUHERTY. NED ARTHUR l,rc'aclicalor, .I.C.l... National Honor Society, intramural lpaslietlnall, travli. DAVIS. BARBARA JUNE "Barb" Stuclvnl Council, National Honor Sovivly. DEISTER. SUNYA NAXINE D.rX.R. lyest citizen, National Honor Society, Helifon, A Cappella, Nortllerner, Sopll.-clmairlnan ol social Council. Junior-vice presiclent. Senior- cllairman of social Council. Legend. Norators, N.F.l,. swimming. DERKNKSUN, VIRGINIA "Ginny" CNll0l'llS, Polar-Y. swimming. DERRONV, ROBERT NVILLIAN "Bob" Varsity lnootlyall. Letterman. DETVVll.ER. FIARCARET IRENE G.A.A., Red Cross. DEXVAI.ID, CAROL ANNE G..A..A.. Cliorns. Stuclenl Council. IDIIDIER. CAROL ANNE IJII .I.ER. LC DCIS DILLNION, DONNAISELLE IJOSTER, NED KAY "Kay" Typing nwelrlls, lrnfli. sollllmll, DREXV. JUDITH IDCNSCONB, BETIAY MARIE Polar-Y. Booster. Purnii INos Amis. lilly-CXIIUIII, Ciloln-lrollcrs. DUNTON, CLAYTON EDXVARD "Clay" Lelterman. Helicon. treasurer. .l.C.L.: National I'Ionor Sociely. .Atliletic Scliolarsliip Society, swimming. inemugjer, Ioollmll, Ivaslietlmll, Iffilfli. EINHORN. LINDA LOUISE "Lin" Captain, Twirlingz Rille CIUIJ, NilII0lli1I Honor Society. EISENHUT, MARILYN JOAN H.R. agent, Nortluemer, Legend, Clworus. Red Cross, Boosters, scI1ooI service. 555' A ,,-nr . W: t ,fx .-2 1. Jyt , x X jx v i 1 322' I VR 1. - V -M - 19-3- ff!! I S X 4' ic S Q G gl wr 3' Agn EY ' I v, ,, ggi . f fail: - ,I 5' :, v ',Sx..3vah ,i .. N 'WW ELLERT. ALICE JANE Chorus, PoIar-Y. G.A.A., GIoIJetroiters, ming awarcIs. ESSEX, DONNA JEANETTE Legend agent. Red Cross, Booster. Nature CIuIJ. scI1ooI service. EVANS. GLORIA ANNE Sludenli CounciI. HeIicon. GIoI3etroIIers, INaIionaI Honor Society. FAIR, XVILLIABI "Bill" SPC. SIucIenI CounciI. IooIIJaII, wrestIing. FERGUSON, CHARLOTTE JANE "Char" SPC. Nortiierner, Band-Orchestra. Los-SocIaIes. vice presicIenl, RecI Cross, junior editor of Legend. FISHER. XVARREN THOMAS "Tuna" C0-caplain. IJasIieII1aII. FISHMAN, DAVID BENNY HRecIcIie" Northerner. intramuraI IJasIcetI3aII, IootIJaII. FOX, TED LOUIS Band-0rcI1estra FOY, HELEN S.P.C., Northerner agent. Chorus. Debate, PoIar- Y, Red Cross, IHIeIiCon, Pan-Am.. N.F.L.. Nati0naI Honor Society. FRANKE, MARILYN ASTRY Chorus, filing awarcI, scI1ooI service GAFF, BONNIE LOUISE Scliool service. GARYERICK. GAILYA OLIVE Cll0fllS. GOODMAN, DONALD "Don" lntramural lyaslietlnall. GOODSON. NIARLENE JOYCE Chorus. Speeclm. presiclent. secretary Booster: Polar-Y. Recl Cross, secretary. Rille Clulu. Stuclent Council. scllool service. OOSNEY. BRL'CE HART Atlilelics. Dramatics. 1300 Clulu. H.R. agent. Clwrus. A Cappella. Speech. Delbate. Rille Clulm. Helicon, Hi-Y, clmeerleacler. GOUKER. JOYCE Cl'lOl'llS. SCl'lO0l SCTVICC GREEN. XVALTER LEE "VValIy" A Cappella. senior play. intramural loaslietlaall. GRISNVOLD, NVILLIANI LLOYD "Bill" Letterman. Stuclent Council. Cro country. traclc. GRODRIAN, NANCY RUTH G.A.A., A Cappella. Stuclent Council, Helicon. National Honor Society. GRUBB, ROBERT LORAE "Bob" A Cappella, Bancl, Rille Clula, Speecll, Hi-Y. swimming. scl'1ool service. TI-IE TWENTY-FIFTH A NN IVERSARY I' ' VXQI W LL 1 I I L 'WL W A, IJVVVLP VW' . f K' , ,fn!'A'l F ? Q I 3 I vw! NN I e m' , I Q - ' 2 Af , flghxg jly 5 KQV- ,ix F5 I AM KV F' A AG' ff 3 it Q 7 fr I If V , x A I fix ' ri 1 ffbxx-1 2 ff iLR33xmxg R ifle I t 7' f-D'-7 xx 37006 7 Mx Z al l 1 I ' o ,9 I Jw ' ' I' -I 'JN " 0 - ,-.' 1 I - 11.016 , Q 0 ir wi N K ' - ' ' 5 Q02 R AE M ,I I X A .IIK Q32-55 2 9 I - L X I 4x X . II-I 5. vu , K v- at III xx 3 Published By THE 1952 SENIOR CLASS NORTH SIDE HIGH SCHOOL FORT WAYNE, INDIANA 'Uh GUTINIAN, FRONCIE ALAN "France" I.etter1nen, Sports Editor, Norttiernerg I5O0 CILIIJ. I-egend agent. A Cappetta, Frestiman ctass vice- pres., Soptiomore ctnss pres., .Iunior Ctass sec.- trens., Senior ctnss socint CounCiI: Student Counvit, Hetivon, Nntionat Attwtetie Society, Natlionnt Honor Soviety. to0tIJaII, IJasIietIJnII. tram". HARRIS, ARI .ENE JOAN Ctiorus, Igilllft-CJFCII.. Speecti CIUI1, twirIinQ. NSI, HARRISON. ALICE ,JOYCE IJOIEII'-NI. lwirIinQ, Norutors. HARTSTEIN. DELORES DEVAN.-X C-AA. HART. KENNETH EUGENE Ctiorus, Ctotmetrotlers. HARTER, LARRY Inlrznnurut Imstiettmtt. HARVEY, NED ROBERT S.I'.C., Ctmrus. A Cappetta, Student Councit. RiIIe Ctutm. Ctotmelrotters. president, ptly-Ctlenl. HATCH. DORIS JEAN CNIIOTUS. SCIIOOI SFFVICP. HATCH, JUDITH TAINIARA "Indy" G.A.A., Asst. feature editor, auditor, point re- corder, Norttierner, Legend agent, Critic, Heticonz Norators, F.T.A., Los-Sodates. QuiII and ScroII, vice pres., Nationat Honor Society: sctloot service. HATTERSLEY, TIN Ritte CIUIJ, Ptiy-Ctlem. HAXVTHORNE. DAVID intramural tmaslietimail. tracli. HECKBER. SHARON HEILER. LORETTA BLAE Senior Play. 1300 Club. Circulation managsr. iNortt1erner: A Cappella. Stuftent Council. vice presictent, Refi Cross: Cioimetrotters. Quill anct St-mil. HEI BIKE. PHYLLIS NIAE G,A.A. HIATT. DANIEL DEAN "Danny" Lettermen, Stuctent Council. National Athletic Society, manager ol lqootixati. imsiietlmait. anct travlc, HILE, DOROTHY BIAXINE "Dot" Senior Ectitor. Legend: Rext Cross. srtlool servife. Norttlerner. HISER, JOAN JANE Chorus, Booix Heart, Norttxernerg Polar-Y. twiriing. HOBROCK, SANDRA 'Sandy' Norttlerner agent, speectm Contests, F.T.l-A HOLLEY, NILE intramural basketball. HOUSEHOLDER. BEVERLY ANN "Bev G.A.A., senior play, Norttmrner agent, Humorou oratoricai Extemporaneous speaking, cietmate Stucient Council. Norators, president. N. F. L. treasurer, puiuiicity manager, Plly-Ctmemq Los Soclaies. ,fm Yi A3 t if 3 . ,, -18 HUGHES, GWENDQLYN BRERETON "Gwen" Northerner, Rect Cross, F.T.A.. Los-Sodates, National Honor Society, school service. 7 HUGUENARD, DAVID JAMES "Dave" .JACKSON SAMUEL DILLION "Sam" Senior play. A Cappella, Dehate. Soph. extem. Cup. Intramural Extem.: Senior Class president. Student Council, critic, membership chairman, president, Helicon: secretary, Norators: Gtohe- trotters. membership chairman, treasurer, N.F.I... National Honor Society, schoot service, Junior Rotarian. JACKSON, THOMAS FREDERIC UFrog" Lettermen. tiastiettnatt, toottyatt, track. JOHNSON, BONNIE JEAN G.A.A., SRC.. senior play, Northerner, Chorus, Speech. Student Council, Polar-Y, twirter. JONES. RONDA ANN SPC.. senior play, Co-Copy Editor, asst. Feature Editor, Feature Ectitor, agent, Northernerg A Cappella. Norators. program chairman, Heticong Phy-Chem, charter memher, Gtotimetrottersg Pan- American, fQuitt and Scrott. National Honor Society. C0-Editor. Copy Editor, Legend: swim- ming. JUNK, CAROLYN LOUISE POIHI'-Hy, BOOStEf. French Club, SCt'lO0t SCYVICC KAYLOR, BONNIE JUNE G.A.A., twirting, swimming. KAYLOR, ODDIE DEVAUN Intramural Iaastcethatt, track. KEAIRNES, PATRICIA ANNE "Pat" Chorus, Gtotaetrotters, Northern agent. KEINTZ. BEVERLY ANN Twiriing. swimming. Ilasiiettmti. KELLY. ROBERT uGr'vQlli0" S. P. C., senior piuy. Gioimetrotters. typing awnrcis. iiiing awurcts, swimming. KERR. MARY JANE Norators. Ritie Ciutm. typing awurci. KINIBIEL. RUTH ANN Nortiwrner agent. Ciiorus. KIRKPATRICK. PATRICIA JANET "Put" Ci1OfllS. flqllafilfie. KOENIC. KENNETH RICHARD "PortIws" Senior Ijtay. Spec-CI1. Riiie Ctutm. HPiiC0l1.Niltillllili Honor Society. intramurui Imsiietimii. KREBS. ANN S.P.C.. Ctiorus. Student Counrit. Los-Sociutes. treas.. Reci Cross. Spefiat Re-Corcter. Heiicon Gioimetrotters, attencteci sctlooi in Caiitornia. Nationai Honor Sofiety. sriiooi sflrvire. KRUCKENBERG. GERALD EDXVARD Stage crew. KRUSE. RICHARD EUGENE "Dick" Letterman. tootimaii. LANE. MARILYN JEAN Cil0I"LlS. POIHI'-xy. aqgt Y IEVY, PATRICIA IRENE "Par" Nortilcrner agent, Chorus, RHI Cross. LENVARK, PAUL NOEL ' Norltierner agent, Chorus, A CappeIIa. debating. Student CounciI, RiIIf- CIuIm, PI1y-Chem, Hi-Y. I,l INDELI., CARL PHILIJIP "Phil" I,I1y-Cimem. senior pIay. LYNCH, NAZA VITA ixIusic. Orch. Student CounciI. I'IeIicon, twirIing. Pixy-Cilern, National Honor Society. IwasIietI0aII, volleyball. NIALSBURY, CAROLYN A. Swimming. MARTIN. STEPHEN THOMAS "Sieve" CIass officer. l030, lO5'l, 1052, Student CounciI, Helicon. I-atin. XVorId Affairs. IJasI4etIJaII. intra- muraI track, intramuraI cross country, NationaI Honor Society. INIAUK, DXVICHT B It-DOVVELL. ANN SPC., Norttlerner agent. Ctxorus, Choir, Student CounciI, president, Red Cross: secretary, president, HeIicon: NationaI Honor Society, swimming. water carnivaIg scI1ooI service. NERO, CARL EUGENE Northerner agent, Band, Student CounciI, Nature CIuIn, Drum IWIajor, footbaII. track. cross country. NERTENS. DOROTHY ANN PoIar-Y. scI1ooI service. MILLER. ELIZABETH ANN "Bmw" Co-Copy Eciitor, ucivertising manager. ixusiness manager. 1300 Ciuiy. Norliuernerc agent. Business manager. Legend: Quiii unci Svroii, Norntors. Helicon. Refi Cross. pil5'fCil9I11. Cimorus. senifr biuy. MILLER. JAMES "lim" Cimorus. ietlerman, imsiielimii, soilimii. KOLLENKOPF. JAMES JOHN Ciiorus. tmnci, orctmestra, Nature Ciuim. inlrennurni sotlimaii, swimming. MORROXV. DON STUART Speectl. Riiie Ciutp, Vive presicient. presicienl. treasurer. Heiifong vice presicient, presicient, Pixy- Cixem: Nutionai Honor Society. HORROR, DXVICHT ORAYDON "Gray" Senior piay, journaiism, 1300 Ciuin. eciilor oi Legenci, Stucient Council, Riite Ciuiy. Hi-Y. Gioiue- lrotters, Nationai Honor Society. Cartoonist tor Nortiierller and Legend. Junior Rotarian, Quiii ami Seroii, Cross Country. swimming. scimoi service. MOUSHEY. DOROTHY ANN "Dol" G..f5x.A.. Ctloir, twiriing, Booster. Poiar-Y. typing awarci. MURPHY, NANCY LOU "Murph" Journalism. H. R. agent, copy editor of Legenct. presicient, secretary. Refi Cross: Norators. F.T.A.. vimir, setlooi service. MYERS, CAROL SUZANNE Twiriing. OBERKISER, BETTE JEAN Chorus, twiriing. OGDEN, HELEN CLAIRE S.P.C., Norttlerner. seeretary, Camera Ciuim. president. Pi1y-Ctmem. 54,91- -'VE V , ,riff g i ' OTT. CAROL JANE C.A.r-X.. Ixiusic. S.P.C., Norators. Polar-Y. scimooi service. OVERNIAN, PATSY LEE Journalism, 1300 Ciulu, Ixiusic, Speecim, Student Council. secretary. recorci Iceeper. Helicon: presi- cient, secretary, Frenclm Clulaz National Honor Society, girls stale representative lor I05'l. Sl'iI0Ol SQFVICQ. PETTIISONE. EDXVARD "Eddie" S.P.C.. Camera Clulu. Nortlmerner pimotogfraplrer. PICKERING. GERALD LYNN Rilie Clulw. Pity-Cliem, National Honor Society. PI .ATT. DAVID DEE "Dave" Legenci agent, Boys' Ciloir. A Cappella, lxanct. orcll.. Social Committee oi I050. presicient of Class IQSI. N.S.I.. stucient ciirector ol lmanci. intramural imasicetlmall. tracii. cross country. sciiooi service. POPP. LOIS KATHRYN Cliorus, Student Council. I.os-Sociaies, Refi Cross, Helicon. filolaetrotters, Natioriai Honor Society. POYSER. CLEO INIAE Clrorus. swimming. PRAIRIE. RICHARD LANE "Rich" Copy editor, news eciitor. acl manager, Iausiness manager, asst. pulxlislwer, puiJiisl1er. stucient aclvisor, Nortilerner, 1500 Ciuio, H. R., agent Cilorus, A Cappella, parliamentarian, treasurer. Pan-Am., Helicon. point recorcier, Booster: Nor- ators, vice presiclent. Pixy-Claem. treasurer: Na- tional Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. scinool service. PRUGH, ROBERT ALLEN "Bob" Banci, orclaestra, tracic, intramural traclc, cross country. PURCELL, ROBERTA "Bert" SP. C., ctnorus. J. C. L., Los-Sociaies, Rilie Clulu. scimool service. QUIRK. EBITHA LEON Polar-Y. Booster. French CIuIJ. RAKER. NIELYIN J. Sports manager. R XNIP. DORIS ELLEN C1.pX.:X. RANSBURG. ROBERT "Bob" Lettermfln. scfretary ot class ot I0-10. secretary ol class oI I030. National .-Xtimletir bCIlOIE1l'SIlill 5ociCty. IJasI4ctIJaII. traCIi. Cross country. sc'I1o0I sewicc. R.-XSP. ALFRED FRANK "Mit-lacy" H. R. agent. Stuclent Council. He-Iicon. Hi-Y. filolmetrotters. INationaI Honor bociety. IootIJaII. intramural. RAY. DIXIE LEA REECE. .IABIES KENYON "lim" 5Iusir. Boys' Cimoir. A Cappeila. Nature CIuIJ. sm:-treasurer. Camera CIUIJ: t0otIJaII. intramural IxasIielIJaII. REEDER. VIRGINIA LEE 'AGinny Polar-Y. scI1ooI service. REIGHTER, .LXFIES TRUDIAN nlinf' A CappeIIa, IJIIB'-CIICIII., Nature Club. REYNOLDS. JERRY ARTHUR Boys' Giee CIUIJ. Iaanct. IN.S.I.. CIoIJetrolters. RHOADS, DALLAS XVAYNE "DaI' I.ettermen, IJancI, GIoIoetrotters, IJasI4etI9aII, track cross country. RIEO, EDXVARD "Eddie Orchestra. RINGQUIST, SANDRA G.t'5X.r'x., CIIOTUS. IJHIICI, I-OS'SOCIilI6S. ROBBINS, LEE EDXVARD NationaI Honor Society. intramural IJasIeetI9aII. ROBINSON. JERAI .D NORIN IAN "Ie:-ry' Band. NSI. ROBINSON. RAYMOND ARTHUR "Ray' Camera CIUIJ. Hi-Y. Nature. scI1ooI service. ROBIY, FREDERICK "F:-ed' RIIIC- CIUIJ. Camera. Hi-Y. scI1ooI service ROUSH, LOIS HELEN "Lo' Senior pIay. j0urnaIism, QuiII and ScroII H.R. agent, chorus, secretary, Student C0unciI txvirIing, secretary, Red Cross: circuIation manager Legendg NationaI Honor Society. exchange editor Northerner: varsity cheerleader. ROUSSEAU, SUSANN "Sue" G.A.A., journaIism, chorus, Student CounciI, secretary, vice president, PoIar-Y: treasurer, presi- cIent. Red Cross: Norators, Boosters, N.F.L. RUNGE. DOROTHY HILDA "Dot" I'I.R. agent, journaIism, PoIar-Y, twirIing, tennis, swimming. - SANDERS, RICHARD HAROLD 'Dick' SCHAEFER, DIANE DOROTHY Ci.A.A., Iaanci. Parmi-nos-amis, GIoIJe trotters. SCHEELE. JANET S.IJ.C.. journaiism. cilorus. Booster, I.osfSocIaIes, scI1ooI service. SCOTT. GLADYS RUTH S.IJ.C., cI1orus, Stucient CounciI. SEIBERT. RONALD RALPH PIIQ'-CilQl11, AtI1Ietic Honor Soci I1asI4etIJaII. varsity: Letterman. intramurai. SHAXV, JAMES ELTON SHEARER. JAMES XVALTER I.6lt6I'l1lilIl, AtI1Ietic Honor Soni IMII. SHIPLEY. RICHARD FRANK Letterman, footIuaII, track, man t:asIcetI'JaII, tracIc. SHIRLEY. CLARE ANN "Ruthie scI1ooI service. "Ronnie, scI1ooI service Kilim' ety, uII-city foot "Dick" ager of footbaII S.P.C.. chorus. speech. debate, J.I:.I-., N.F.L. PoIar-Y, Red Cross. GIoIJetr0tters, F.T.A., I'IeIi con, Nationai Honor Society. SHIRLEY, GARNETT MARIE Chorus. ety. IootI3aII. QM 'Q' I Y 4 4 0'-W I'.5 .F 'N-Q SHIREY. NARYLIN SUE "Suv" Dramatics, journaIism, 1500 Ciulo, H.R. agent, SPC.. Student Council. Los-Sodaies. Ieature editor of Northerner, F.T.A.. Helicon, Pily-Ciiem, Giolaetrotters. Quill and ScoII, asst. puln. oi Nortimerner. editorial page editor, Nortiiernerg scI1ooI service. SHREVE. LARRY NVESTLYN Legend agent. Riiie CIUIJ. Hi-Y. Helicon. National Honor Society, intramural. SIINIMERINIAN. PAUL DAVID S.P.C., stage Crew, treas., vice president, Gloime- lrotters: scI1ooI service. SIMON, DEVON "Si" Lettermen. A Cappella, I'Ii-Y, Spanish CIUIJ, IootIJaII. IJasIxetIJaII. SMITH, HYDE CROSS Band, orchestra, A Cappeiia, Letter, Camera Ciultv, sec.. vice president, Riiie CIUIJ. I'Ii-Y, N.S.I., Gioiyetrotters, scI1ooI service. SMITH, JO ANN CAROLYN G.A.A., SPC., junior forensic, Polar-Y. SNELL. MARY ELLEN Journalism, ciiorus, training clloir, secretary- treasurer. vice president, Los-Sodalesz scI1ooI service. SOINIERS, DAN ALLEN Intramural. swimming. SORDELET, SHARLENE LOUISE "Shar" S.I3.C., student director of senior play, 1500 CIuI3, journalism. vice president, Red Cross, asst. Iausiness manager of Legend, typing awards, scI1ooI service. SPADE, INIARJORIE LOIS "Margie" Senior piay, chorus, A Cappella, vice president, president, Los-Sociaiesg junior, senior editor of Legend: sociai chairman F.T.A.g scI'1ooI service. STITZ. CAROL LOIS G,A.A., vibe pr0sicIf'nl. Rf-II Cross: STOICHE. DUNALD NEIL RiIIe CILIIJ. STRAXVSER. I .CTI IER AI .I -EN SUNINIERS. SHIRLEY ANNE H.R. agents, CI10rus. training cI1oir. man. He-Iicon. Norators. J.C.L. inlrnmuruI puImIic c TAPPY. DAVID DEE "Dfw I'JamI. Hi-Y. N.S.I., inImmuruI IJi1sIwlImII. TENNIS. CLARENCE RiIIe CIUIJ, track. TERRY. BETTY JANE lx CTEIPIJCIIQI. Sl'IIO0I scrviaf- TRAS-I-ER, PHYLISS JOAN G.A.A.. CI'1orus, cIe-Imating. PoIar- . Y TUC RER. CHARLOTTE J GYC E JOUFIIHITSIH, CIIOTUS. A CHPPCIIEI, Sodale. TULLY. XVILLIAN JAMES IntramuraI, swimming. NC. i RCLI CTOSS speech. Lo i S 0 I, IIS' - do I VANCE, XVILLIANI JOSEPH "Bill' Ailmlelics, cllorus, looliball. intramural. XVALL. BONNIE JEAN C.A.,A., TJOTEII'-XY, scllool service XVARFIELD. JEAN MAE SPC., llklllil, OTCTIGSTFEI. Polar-Y. Reel Cross, vice prcsiclenl, N,S.l.: Frencli Club. Siuclent Council XX'EAX'lfR. FAY ETTA QRll0l'llS. SLATIOOT SCFYTUC. XVERRICIQ, JACK XVERLIXU. BIARTIN BIAURICE Norllierner agent. Helicon, olliicer ol Rille Cluln filolmelrollers. 1300 Clulb. intramural lmslietball XX'IiLTY. TERRY LEE lgilllfl. XVESTERHAUSEN. ROBERT ALLEN "Bali Clmorus. Rifle Clula. Helicon. Norators, swimming XVIXEFER. ROBERT LOUIS "Bob' Lellerman, Tennis, varsity football, loaslietluall, lracli XVINICKER. PEGGY JOYCE Booster, scllool service. 1 XVINJE, JANET LOIS S.P.C., NortI1erl1er agenl, SIucIm-nl CTUUIICII. I:I'l'lll'Il CIIIIJ, PTIQ'-CTICIII, XVOOD, SUSAN JO G.A.A., Iaand-orc'I1eslra. SlucI1-nl Council. RHIC CIuIJ, GIoI'Jetrotters. XVRIGHT, XVIIIADEAN XVOLFSEN, CATHLEAN FICDCTI CTUIJ. YORK. BEVERLY GAYIII CSIIOTUS, POIRIF-XY, NOI'ilIOI'S. YOUNG, NANCY JOAN G.A.A., chorus. speeCI1. Red Cross. GIoIme-troltcrs typing awards. ZENT, LARRY EUGENE Rin? CIuIJ. PIW-CIwln, INulionnI Honor Sovicly. ZIEGLER. DOROTHY LOUISE "Dottie" gIrIs' sports ecIitor, NorIIrer11el': INorII1- erner agent, Student CounciI. F.TI.A., secretary. RiIIe CIUIJ: presicIent. GIoIJeIrolters. ZIMMERNIAN, MARTHA JEAN Chorus, band-orchestra, N.S.I., GIoIJetrolters, Na- tionaI Honor Society. typing award. ZION, JACKIE SUE Chorus, training Choir, Boosters, SCIIOOI service at J sg. Q 1 I ,ff " tx Q. Lmzbry xi if 4 .A N. , M Xxx 'lille juniors mv conslnnlly improving in time quulilies wluivlm will lie-lp lllem to If-ml lime sCl1ool us seniors. Clll1SQ'I1 as time ten most popular in tileir class are Nlax Siaclclmouse, Pauline ixlicu. Dzlvp RilPN' Blkll'X' LOLI HO0X'6l', Pres BTOXVD. Don SBIICICTS. lxlelllil Born, TOITI lxlllfplly. I-larry BFONVII. ami Ann oloriurty. Time class of 1935 chose Flax Staclcliouse as president, Pauline ixlicu as vice presiclent, bl!-Elllil Born as secretary-treasurer, ancl blary Lou Hoover as social cliairman. 60 X FK 1' WW 1' 'Qi- Y 9 l Row 1 RONALD ACKLEY CAROLYN AICHELE BOB ANDERSON SHIRLEY ANGEL I'IIYI,I-IS ARICK Row 2 TERRY ARNOLD DOROTHY BANKS ANNE BEIERLEIN I'HYI.I.IS BERLIN BARBARA BILGER Row 3 BETTY BINGLEY DOROTHEA BISHOP TONI BODIE LYNE BOONE NIELBA BORN Ron' -I LOUISE BREXYER BARBARA BRIGGS SHIRLEY BRIGGS HARRY BROXVN I'RES'I'ON BROXVN Row 5 SANDRA BROXVN 'IIOBI BROXVN CIPIARLOTTE BUCK RONALD BUEKER LOIS BIILLERINIAN Row 6 HELEN JO CADDY CYNTHIA CANTELON BARBARA CARTER PAT CASTLE .IUDITH CHANEY Row 7 PEGGY CLARK PAUL CLIFTON SANDRA COFFEY .IIN CRONKHITE DOUG CUNNINGHAM 62 Row 1 IACK DAVIS .II,'DY DAVISSON IEAN DEAL GLORIA DOEHLA SI IARON DOEIIRNIAN Row 2 RITA IDOUGIEAS ROY DLINITEE l'I.II7I: Dl'N'I'ON BOB DYER KIAROI. ITIl'IIIfR Row 3 CAROL ENIRICK SHIRLEY ENDSLEY BARBARA ENCLEBIAN DIANNE ERB BEYI-1RI.Y ERXYIN Row A1 I'AL'I, EVANS BOB EYYING TOBI ITIRESTINE PAT FORIZNIAN ROI AI..-XNI5 ITON Row 3 SIYANNE CASS NIAN OOLNIER IO ANN GOSNEY IOAN COTSCIIAI. INJB GRIFFIN Row 6 IJALII. GRISCHKE CLEA'I'l,'S GRISXYOLD VANICE HAGERFIAN ll 'NE HAINES DONNA IIAIXIAIOND Row 7 NANCY IIARBION YVONNE HARPER JANET HARSH HAROLD HAUSCHILD SYLVIA IIEISTAND 69 Rnll' I SHIRLEY HIATI' BARBARA HOOTEN NIARY LOL' HOOVER BARBARA HOI 'SER KAY IIOVIZ Row 1' RALPH HOXYLEY LARRY IIL'IfF IANICE HULL VARULE ,IACOBSON LUIS IENSICN Rau' 5 I'Al,'L JONES LUI 'IS KAIN DONNA KEENE 'IIQRRENCIC KELLY DAVE KING Run' 4 Il 'LIA KLINKENBERC BEVICRLY KNIGHT VUNNIE KOCH NIYRNA KOEHLINGER IINI KUENIU Row 5 GENE LANISON IINI I..ANIf BARBARA LEETH .IINI LE FEVER FAROLYN LEHNIAN 'QUII' 6 BONNIE LINNEBIEIER BARBARA LOHMAN RICHARD LOUDERNIILK CARY INRAFEE KAY BIARREARY Row 7 DAVE BIICRITE IfLE.-XNORE INIQEXVEN DOLORES BRINTYRE PAT BIANGES BARBARA INIANHART 64 Row I DAVE NARKEY SUR IYIARKS ARBIILDA AIAY DONNA IYIAY DIUK INIENGE Ron' 2 PAVLINE INIICI' JANE BIOORE ANN NORIARTY ED INIOSSHANIBIER TON MURPHY Row 3 NORMAN NAPIER PE'IAI': NOBLE ,IITERRY NORTON IIIXI OLSTYJN .lL'DY OIIIIS Ron' -I NANCY PERRY DAN PETERNELI. LARRY IJICKERINU BYRON PIERCE I.I'fO'IAA PEIRCY Row 5 DON PIKE NIARLENE POINSEIT lL'DY PO'l'I'S NANCY POXVERS DORIS ANN PUTBIAN Row 6 CRAIQOL RAIYII, DIANA RASVIAEITER SUE REASONER ,IUNE RENNER CAROLYN REYNOLDS Row I' LAURA RICE GLORIA RICHTER DE VON RIDER DAVE RILEY CARL RINNE 65 Twenlyflive Years Of Program This is the twenty-tiith anniversary oi North Side High Srhooi. For a quarter ot a century, North Side has offered countiess opportunities to those who have had the honor and priviiegfe to worii and piay under the guidance ot our Competent. heipiui, weii- trained taruity. in many ways. North Side has Changed. hut in many more ways it is stiii the same institution which opened its doors and its heart to American youth tw enty ine years ago. H789-U! Q6 f Qur imeioved sehooi presents to us a Challenge. it we taii to answer its Caii we shaii taii ourseives as weii as the school: hut it we answer readiiy with an open mind and an undaunted spirit, we shaii he Red- sicins which North Side wiii he proud to ciaim as her own. So, march on, North Side. and may the next twenty-tive years hring with them an inereased amount ot pride and satistartion in the inspiration and guidance ot the youth ot Fort Vvayne. Row l ,IOHN ROBINSON BIARY RODENBECK RALPH RODENBECK ESTHER ROHLAND ALAN ROLLAND Ron' 2 DAVE ROSS DON SANDERS R.-XIHLEEN SAVIO SHIRLEY SAVIO NIYRA SCHAIfI"HAl,'SER Row 5 NORNIA SCI'I.-XRLACII GLORIA SCHEELE PHYLLIS SCIILELKE DIANE SCHULTZ ROBERT SCHXVARII-Z Row 4 BIARLENE SCHXYEHN CAROLYN SHAFER NED SHEETS NANFY SHEPHERD SHARON SHIRLEY Row 5 GRETA SILVER DARLENE SRILES KAREN SLATER .lAL'NITA SFIITII NIARY LOL' SINIIIH Rau' 6 VONNA SPICE GARY SPITLER .IO ANN SPRINGER JERRY SPRINKLE SHIRLEY SPRUNGER Row T' MAX STACKHOUSE SHIRLEY STARKEL DON STEARNS SUE STOCRABIP BEVERLY STUMPF 66 Row I CHARLES SXVEENY IINI SNYIH.-ART IANIlIIf 'I-IIOINIPFUN GEORGE 'IIHOFIS SIIIRLIZY 'IUNIIKINSON RIHII I VIRGINIA IONIPKINS NURNIA 'I'RINKI.EIN BILL 'IROI 'INIZR IOHN UILKENA I.ESI-II-Q L'NI3IIiI. Ron' 3 ALICE YIEUA RIIODA X'0I,I.NIAR BETTY XYAGNIZR HDL' NY.-'xI.I3ORN Sl 'Ii XYAIISORN Run' -I 'IONI XX'AI.I.lNC1 ALICE XVARD NANCY XX'ATIfRS AVDREY XYIQIRICK VAROI. XYILIIANIS Row 3 CEORGEANN XYII.I-IANIS RONALD XYILSON ISIZV XYINANS STEVE XYINNIQR DAYID XVOLPII Row 6 ROSE XYORDEN Wh Nrx -ff' If I 5 Jaunty Juniors Th ird Year Students Acc: ept Senior Challenges Tllose lllree year sluclenls callecl Ujuniorsu llave gone liar lo nun-pl ilu- lriliules ancl rlrallenges llilllilfil lo llleln luv llle graclualing seniors. ln llleir lliree years ol preparalion, llrev llave lreen ollerecl llie qualilies lllal will lnalie tlwm xvorlllv nol onlv as seniors. liul as lnnnan lu-ings rl-aclv lo lare llle xvorlcl will: SOlIlPll1ll1Q: ol lllemselves lo oils-r. 'l-liese qualilies racliale lvromn all ol' llne sluclenls arouncl Norlli Sicle, laul more so in llle juniors ancl seniors liecause llrey are realizing more ancl more llie values ol lile. l3QCOl1lllllQ' a junior is wonclerlnl, lmnl leaving llial slalion liellincl is more ol a lllrill ancl cliallc-nge wlmen you lnave sucli wonclerlul slanclarcls to uplnolcl as llmosf- ol' a lrue Reclslxin. Flqllf' senior rlass ol l032 fan proucllv liancl over llieir position to llie senior class ol, 1033. linovving llial llle worli will lie lmellerecl ancl carriecl on lo llme lJesl ol llleir almililv. fm! . f A Q we Q Q gt A lm. X NE! 5 v . w ' Nm ffl '2 1 an jg 4, ophomores ,.,, fi I Cuinpieling time-ir beconci your, tile sopiiomores are going on in tile true X43 iasilion to mziixe tiieir class one oi time ati timf- greats. Ciloseu by their X liiilSSlll?lif'S urea tile ten most outstnnciing nlenliacrs of time class of 54. f Timm' are Bnrriv Deip. Jean Cour, Norm xxrmstrong. Leon Jones. Natalie Fiurtin, ,lim Nicfim'1'y, Nancy Poiing, Kay Ze-nt, Sandra Sciiroecier. and .tunic BI'ilCiSilElNY. bi-il? cinsb oliiicvrs are Barrie De-ip. president: Jean Cour. wie-prvsiciffnt: Natalie Niurtin. 561l'6'till'y-ll'PiiSlll't'l'I f111ciNfJr111a1i1 sxrmstrong. I social cimirinan. ,-Xtivising' time sopiiomore viuss are bliss Frances Piumauns ami Air. Ruin-rt Sillixs. f 4 is 0 A ." iv L J 70 C7 U Y IWIKIKII 'NE r X Row l Row 2 ROII' 3 Row Al Ron' 3 Row 6 Ron' 7 Ron' 3 Row 9 James Aciams Norman Armsirong Niarilyn Arney Rnncly Banmlor Dave Band! Jr-an Burlu-r fliurli Bartnway ,lucly Buxh-r Slnirley Bc-ruler ,le-rry Banyan lim B4-nya ,lurk Biflcilumomlu Rifllarcl Billz Sliirley Birge Rolwri BQ-rliiel lllliil I3Iukr-sly Dnvicl Blerlie ixlildre-fl Bollelwr Nlary .lo Boolioul Stvplmnie Buonnlnoun Xvarren Boselwr ,lacli Braclslmw Nanny Brown Laura Briggg luis Brown Dave Burg Suncim Burry Viola Busnlulmum lane-I Builn-r Sliirley Callillan .lim Cmnplu-ll Donna Causlaml ljllfl kNilyYYU0f'l Terry Coclirell Pu! Conners .lean Cour Barlnzira Cralvill Pllillip Crailill Incl: Crusr- Sllilfilll Lxlllllllllll Ciarol Curries Laura Daily Jane! Dell Barrie De-lp Bill ifislnerg Kailrie Eiclier Nlarilyn Elmeriolc- Faye Estvancler .loan Fislmer ioiin Fisher If-rry Flaugiier Put Fleming Bill Franke Jim Fry Eugene Fox Riclmarci Fox ,lc-rry Gail .laqueline Garcit Bolo Georgie Gary Cverardot Jolm Graves Pat Greenwooci Ricimarci Grote Shirley Gulleli Emlillm Gulman Delalny Hacker lxlarylin Hall Richard Hammond Jim Harford ixlax Hamricli Nigel Harmeyer Blary Anne Harrison Row IO Nlarilyn Hart Jerry Harler Vaugim Harris Gloria Hallery Nlarcia Hawlc lxiarilyn Hayes Norman Hesserl Robert Hielmer Row l Row 2 Row 5 Row -1 Row 5 Row 6 Row T Row 3 Row 9 Leo Hile Pat Holoson Phil Hoclges Beverly Holcler Karlton Halle Don Horner Glen Houser Lee Howenstine loan Huclson Ronalcl Huguenarrl Barham Hursh .lim Jeffries Carole Jiinison Gerald Johnson lxlary Lou Johnston Leon Jones Phyllis Jones John Kain Jerry Kaufman Sharon Keintz Ann Kittenger Jacli Koenig Dick Kowalczylx Boh Krueger Doris Le-Fever Neil l.aFever Rellia Lalie Toni Lalie Janet Larnlx Phillip Lamb Alice l..amlJert Ann Lancaster Larry Lantz Ne-cl Lantz Lyclia Lee lxlarlene Levy Dan Linli Vvynell Logsclen Jim Long .lim Luellen Teal Lutton Chloe Lyon Terry Nlccreary Tom lvlccomln Jim lxiccvarry Dave lVlcGuire Janice iVlcQueen Larry Mahlan Constance lwlangan John Nlarquis Cvaynol lvlarsh lxiary Jo Nlartin Natalie Nlartin Carl lxlesserschmiclt Don lxlesserschmiclt lxlary Lu lxlinyarcl Nancy lwlonnot Dennis lvloore Patty Nloreheacl Hermon Nluri Kathleen Nlurphy Virginia lvlyers Jackie Nash Ann Nickerson Harriet Nicloy Carol Noll Sharon Null Nancy Olinger Mary Lou Ormerod Jim Palm .lim Panyard Carolyn Parish Row IO Paul Parker Joyce Parks Bill Platter Tom Poinsette Jan Poling Nancy Poling Ronnie Poppelwell Bolo Powell Iellll Ron' 7 lqllll IZ urunv 4 Run' 5 Row 6 Row Row S Row 9 Row I0 Pnl Powell Dirk Prvnliu- ljliyliis l,ric-slim-v ,loan ljriwr-r funnic f2ninn Ihllns Rmnsl-y Nlnrlono Rc-nrieli liurlmru Rvmlvr finrnlyn Re-il:-r ijnl Rf-pp lirwl Rimini:-s ixflillll' Rn lmnlmn Conlon Rinlllmrl Donna Ruliling ixlury Ryan Sliirlvy Sallvrllmnih- Run S1 lwrer Nlary Sn lwullw Ruse' Nlurin- S1iliiIilt'Yi Arla-ne 51 lllvlnlvr furrull Srlnniil Shllllfil Sl ilrlH,'lil'r Elm-rgju Srlxwnrlz iliuni Sunil Xvnllcr Stull .iilllilv Silillillfli ,lim Slmve-r lizlmlyn Sin-nn-r 'lions Slnnppe-ll Slmmn Slwrx-e Sllurun Slirnw-r llifllilfil Sin' Vern Slain Farol Slllilii G:-nv Sniilli ixinrilyn Slllilil lxlillun Smiilu Sonmlru Smilln fflmrles Svnmle-r lfniily Snyclr-r Dnvicl Solomon Sain Sinners Belly Sp:-ur Carole Sic-lllmrn Emily Sh-plian Nanny Stolws Larry Slnlle' Gone Sloppvnlmgen larry Suilmrl ljnn Trlppy Nlury rillmrnus Re-'nn ifilfjlllili Ronalcl 'lilmmpsnn Helm-n 'lwiI'1l'iilEilll Sliuron iliruroy Pllillip Valenliln' Karen Xvngner Lola Xvagncr Deion XXY8ilf'DiJPl'g Dirk Xvnllcrs Virgil Xvall:-rs El:-nnor Xxyifiiililft Kennelli XXX-iiiin-i .lim Xvllile lfcl Xvii-rleniiowlil Guia xxiii-'SIIIPI' Carl Xxiilliums Sally Xvilson Bill Xvilson Belly Xvoozis Lorraine XX'ooclwar1l .lim XVriglul Dirk Young Kay Zen! Juanila Zerixy Gloria Zimmemmn Dean Ziricle inn... v '- 'irix 74 is S' ,T , , If TNQ f L' 9, , 1.2 -Sita N Eager Sophomores SECQND YEAR POINTS T0 FUTURE Xxlilll lxyo woncle-rlnl ye-ars lllenn. llllJ SOI3llOll10I'f'S url- 1-nggvrl ing lyyo nnorv yyomlvrllll years lulure-. Vlglw sm'l1oolzu'iiyitic-s ol yylnn ll llilYf' lnlicn more pznrl sinu' ilu y yy Y lmul llw flcliyilics lo rome- in llw pun uncl se-nior yours can only rolnplrle tlmf volume- llml lms lour woncle-rlul pnpa fl lory clmplvrs: lrvshnmn, sopluolnore- junior, uncl sm-nior. Tllis volume xyllll nts :nanny ll9Ell'lill'llPS uncl joys is only 1 ple-le il' you lmye given us unuvll to yo srlmol uncl sc-lmoolnmles ns possme flux' soplxonmrf-s lmye lxyo years to 0 il ilu-y lmyc- not all clone- as nnnll y llll'lll us possilnle llwy slill lmye- an 1 nn ol nmlqing' lln- rc-nmining two ye. lwsl yours ol' llleir Iilk. : X A I . wx 75 ' x l'CSllllH"ll HH' IIOXY Ullly lleillllllnlll IIN IIIOI' HSI-IE'S CDUR LOVE, OUR ALMA MATER AND PUR HER CDUR PRAISES RING Prouciiy we view North Sicie High School, which for twenty-tive years has stooct for high icieais, sportsmanship, anti the furthering of eciucation. Her sturciy, strong piiiars stanfi for the strength with which she protects those arounci her untii they have iearnect from her way of lite how to protect themselves. The school is iocateci on the hanics of the Saint Joseph River, whose waters represent the truth oi years iiowing through our lives, washing away ali undesirahie things which might hincier our having a rich, iuii iiie. Near the iacacie oi the schooi stancis the fiagpoie. Side hy sicie they stanci, symhoiic ot what has been caiied the American way oi iife. The huiiciing, with its sturdy hricii waits. anci the Hag with its colors iiying ioitiiy in the sky. present a challenge to every American student . . . that We insure this, our free way oi living. Qur schooi presents a peaceful atmosphere to ati on- iooicers. The appearance is serene, one might even caii it calm. Let us insure that the inner spirit is just as calm, so that we may work uncier the hig ciome in geniai, loving, comracieship. Frefk mm ,,,, Slarting nlrefuly in lime lrnclilions of loyal Reclsicins. these outstanding freshmen pause for a minule lo lmve lheir pictures lniqen for line- Legend, Tile len most outstanding rnernimers of time fresh- men class were ,lim Ford. ,inriy Bash, Holm Sunclers. Nlonn Harris. Holi Platt. Bill Townsend. Loliy l.ulnnan, ,Ionn Xvlmile-. Rilo Korn. uncl Norma Born. Tile KLLISS of '33 cilose ns llreir UH1il'f'l'S .lim Forci. presicienlz Holm Platt. Vive-presicienl: Boi: Sanders. se-cn-lury-Irvusurer: unrl .lncly Hush. social flmirman. Tile Llnss advisers ure Nliss Nliiclrml I-IIIHQHMIII and nlr. Evereit Pennington. "U ,K +1 'v Q We Row 1 Bnrlmm Anclerson Diana Anclrrson .lim Anlunnpoulus Dwnm- Arm-y Dun Arnvy l.inrln Arnulil lDol.ur1-s :Xlliinson lwurl lim-r Row .2 .lnnvl l3ilI'l1f'S Xluwly lfmsli lxlnrvol lfnslmop Xxlnync Bauer Donn lluuglnnun Jim Bvflislvin Hurry igQ'l1I1Pll ,lnnirv lie-nyn Row 5 ljulriciu Brrrnl Rim lmrxl llliwllrlu-r lfclsnn lffulin Iglblb Islihlliin llliillip Bnml Norma Born linlp lgUFSPl'lllill1 Ann lluuillol Run' -I Nurnmn Bowvrs llnil l5I!XN'lllklI'l ISUII ISHIQIPH Rulli Ann Broun lllllll Ann Buclmn lim liryco .le-un llulnm lbimli livvrs Rau' 3 Knliv Carlin Alam LNilflll'Ill1'l' Kirlx ffurringhm Don flmmlwrs Ilnrnlnl Clark lm-rry lilnrli Slmron for-n Dzniil Colo Row 6 .lorry fulnmn Kr-nnvllu funm-r .lucly Clonnin Slmron Cnulnmn Nancy fowan Rnnnif- Fryer Sliirlvy Ann Cupp llvvc-rlv Currans Row T' li-rry Day Sonny Duemling Bonnie' lfl9y ,loy lfllvnwoucl Diner Ellison ljally English liugene Evans Nlurgnrei Fislmer Run' S .lim lforcl ' Doris Franliensk-in Gloria I:l'O6'CPP Snnclrn Gallmcir Carol Carman Arnolcl Gurverilli Sam Geise Davicl Gessner Row 9 llugll Glofli Sieve Gloclc .lim Godscllalk Kallxleen Golclen Anita Guodsun Gail Gooclwin .loyce Gordon Arlene Grinnlley Row IO Lois Groescliel lxlarian Hancl Sandra Haneline Sallie Hansen rlucly Harris Mona Harris lrvin Hart rlolm Hartman Ron' I Ron' 2 lllllli 3 'QOH' Run' 3 Run' 6 Run' T' Row S Row 9 Row IO Rosalie Hasewinixlc JoAnn Havilrrml Bruce Heim- Cnrolyn Het-lrnlxe Jucly HPDSCllt'lI .lean Herron ixlkifllli-t Hilt- ixlarcia Hill llarvey HilIt4FlSlt'il1 Velma Hite iliomrny Holinran Sliirley Hollinger Lavon HODPifli ixlarlene Hustler lirn Hawley Norma .lean Hulwr Betty Hucisun Dirli liuil Cami Hurnplnrr-y ixlary lnrler Georgie .larolwsnn Paul .lasper Barlvara .lolmsun Barlnara .lone-5 Terry Keener Dirlc Kernerley Harolel lic-inf-rlr-y Barloara Kemp Rolverta Kesler xlarrile Kinrlmita lay' Klinger ixlelanie Kniss Rita Kocli Sue Kowalrzylx Keitir Kramer Sanrira Krornillcr Flary Lou Kurtz Torn Kurtz lill l.alrrnnn Gloria Lapariul Xvilliarn ire Clycle Lee-fly Nancy l.eininrycr .layne Linli .lenean Lorigfsworlli l.olly Lulnnan il-eletlm Lyle Rolwert Lynes Nancy ixlvCullm'lr ixlilie iNlCl.auglrlin Gloria NlI'KlDNX'I'll Alan Nlrixlalxan Harry Flaclaay Rollert lxlartin Howarcl Nlassey Luann iXlEilllt'XYS Dixie Flaylme lon Flicu Sanxlra ixliles .lean Bliller .lacli Flosslwerg Bula lxlurpliy Downey Flurplly Clauclia Myers Kay Naltzger Cliarlene Nasir Georgia Oliver Blinton Ostertag ixlarlene Owen Russell Pageler Elcie llarl-:er Carol Paw Carol Pease Beverly Pliillips Jim Pierce Pat Planli lxlarylin Plasterer Beverly Platt Dicl-c Plumb Earl Pontius Ron' I Ron' 2 lr KOH Ron Rm: Rau' 6 IQOU Ron' S Row 9 Row 10 Blilw Popp liarnlyn Qllir1r1e1ll Nlarjnrie Ray Difk RPMP ljriiz Reiili ciilflll IqlllIilllt'S .lumlv Rizln-nclullu Dull-nv Rirlf-r Bnlv Rielllz- ,lunv Rilennur lunii 9 Rmlxluill Kmllwllm Rmle-nlmeslx Ilnifl Rulnrlmnqll Rii lmrcl Rusvnlwrg l.nni-e Rum llnmn Bull Suncln-rg l31'Yi'flV Sllllllll' ljiznw SIllli1lil'f Ninn illp S4 Imil Ur-r1vx'ir'x'e,- 5l'llHiil'll cwi-iflllf' Sruil pniti Snnli RflSt'lIlHQ' SI lltilllliilllfll Aliu- Slut-nli Nurnm Sliiplr-3' I-IH.. Sirlvf-re Bviiv Sigllliill Xvuynf' Sinmrnmn Nlnx Sixiis f,i.urulyr1 Snnillx luis Slnilll Slmrun Slllilll XXVYIISUIII Slllilll Cxnlluia Snulw Slmmn Spunglv Burlmra Spiufr Kvilll Spill:-r Suv Springvr :Xin-nvile Slmiglii lam-I Slanmh Sue- Slmyvr Rulpll Slolws Dnnna Sinllz fiuy Strong :Xnn Slullz Cf-nr!P Swnrlz Dun Tipin Slmron 'lic-w Ann Tmsicr Norma 'limulm Suv Troutm-r rl-uwnsvml PIU-llig vunfalnp lm-k Vow Both- Xvagner Davicl Xvallie-r lirnnlc Xvnlhirs Bnrlmra Xveaver Nanry Xvc-lwr Virginia XVocller Elaine NVQ-ilivl .l. Xvvlly loan Xxllliif' KF-nnelli Xvivienlmr-rg Bill XVilIfuus ,loan xxvilliill1IS Ronnie Xvilliams Karen Xvinie Suzanne Xvoli Carole Xvyalli Cami Yoquvlet Pliyllis Xviarcl l.arry XVilmle Cllarlolte Young Alan Zoclm ,-- Q, yu-P . ....,, ,WZ 55:- NFL 79 Freshman Newcomers FROSH CCDNTINU EXCELLENT START The greenies just entering the portats ot North have tatxen ilu- tirst step in heroin- ing toyat Rectstains. Having romptetect their tirst year, they are going aheact with more ot the ggoort xyorti xyhirh has mncte their ftass one ot the many to he remem- tJE't'Ptt. Now that the tc-yer ot' the tirst ctays is oyer, the trosh ran settte tmctc to enjoy three more xyonctertut years at North Sicte. The treshman party is oyer, hut the ctass ot H133 can tooti tiorxxarct to the sophomore party. the junior prom. anct tinatty the senior rommencement ctanre. These nr'- tiyities are onty ei texy ot the many exciting eyents which rotor the tite ot a North- sicter hetuore he Qrnctuates. anct utter haying heen tutty preparect tor the tuture yeurs in the outsicte yyortct. :Xtter an active start, ilu- rtass ot H233 has shown us the heritage at North Witt not tet it tait, anrt xyitt go on to Create something ot heauty. strength. anct truth out ot the tuture years. 80 . if M- ' -,A--5 I a W ,0-Q, pr El Cl El xWX Xxfii Qgfwx R5x 1:gx o ww Xbx X XXX Q X W YK , an ff'A5 f Dfgd ,, 7 ' W 'NNN 7 M ,Nfl as N kJ id W I iippvl' pimllm-. ivil In rigiil, Builimilll, Smiiil. i,i-wrsuii-. lXliil'IlQl'F, ilumpiirx. i.rii, Q Fmlliu. I run-r, iimiu-I. Nin.uli.ui1 Poiur-Y was forms-ci io foster an spirii ui iric-miiiness ami service in orcier in iiurnisii Qrowlim lo zu weii-rollmiffci Ciiris- iiun vimrucler. Timis viuim is open to aii girls nllvmiing N0l'iil Sicie. Timex riuim ofiircrs im' lime iiirsl se-meslear wwcl Rosc- Xvurcivli, presicieni. Biary i.uu Smiiii. YiK'l"lll'l'SiCi9llir. nnfi Dvimimy Hilt'iiPY. svfre- lilly-ll'cw1slIl'P1'. Vl1ilP seconci semeslvr oiiifvrs were Dviwiuy Hariwr. secretaryhheusurer. iloiarl s acivrsors are Niiss inrrmm- Fosim' ami Bliss C1fxlN"Xil Blll'XX'Pii. Sonw oi lime orgmiizulionis smiui evvnls imriunie-mi idfllily ical ami n Riolimer- Dnugillf-r Party. iiilfil sciiooi yi-ar Poiur- Y Conciucls tiie TI?lll'Ililll1Pl1t Twiri mimic? nl lournnment time. Sinrv Poiar-Y is niiiiiuieci wilil lime Y.XV.C..-X. it Zllllllliliiy purlicipales in lime Hilklllgillgf of time green., lrzlciilion ul Ciirislmas anti lime Ni-'IAFPII Xxiorici Fellow- siiip projert. Cvnh-r pix lure-, iron! row, Lnmiw. Einvrsoiv, Kiklen- gcr, Ninnfiwaui, Secunri row. ixiiss Bunveii. Hursix, Siuiicie-r, Burk. Olis. iinwc-r piflllre. seuleri, D.-lmlwy iiuviwr. Nzmfiing. ivil lu rlgiii. Ni. i.. Slliliil. Xxursir-11, Busiu, ixiiss iruslcr, Niiss Burwa-ii PolarfY CI-IRISTIA GROUP STRESSES CHARACTER IE Fw 12 1 j.F.L. FROSH,SOPHS FORNILEAGUE nm, tn-tl In rigtrt' Ntinyurrt, Striftvtm-r Fmittl, xti-. tn-nv xtittvr. .mat Hotmtvr m.m, Xxugnvr, tlltxrmrnrl, tmxnlx. ttu t.lltlIlmlI, unior Forensic League is open to att trestmmen anct soptmmores interestect in speectl. Ttle two-totrt purpose ot the Ctutv is to Create urt1er interest in speectl unit to promote tnetter spec-Ctr among unrter- ctassmen. 'ss reno txti er is ttle rtutm uctviser. Vtwtlt' otttvicers tor ttlis year were zmet 'u1rman, presictent: Stmron Cootmun. vice-presicteut: Tarot Helm 'e. secretary-treasurer: Jayne Linti. putjticily: and Lotty Leuman. mem Jerstlip etmairmun. picturect utmove. 85 ,ll ttlt' tUXXl'I Iitl1ltll Nilllll' lII1'IlItll'fi lit- t t , t., pmt' It-r .r In-lun-. tu ttm tmmtt Flmuting in ltw mimtrttw- row .ure Cmnt- tn-nl nm, xtornx, ttf-tmtw. Flmrmgtnf aunt if my MU!q, ' :zz-1.1: A .,.. . ,4M, ' ,ful Q 1 LW" uv- X gr. fx 5 .NW 5,54 ,Q Q - N 35 as-'ff . '4 "'a'Y' "'P4-Qui.: 1. , 'FITIJ-' Is"'E'5'7" 611332515 y .- gf All f' W2 "' 'A 'I - M- e K , 1-V' 1 TL 2 in I QW V 1 5' Globetrotters EW GRCDUP SPCNSORS TRIP c1l0lll'll'Ullf'l'S, om' ol llw lwwvsl rlulms ut Norlln Siclfz wus orgjunizccl Io lvurllwr ills inlvrvsl mul study of xxorlrl ilH'ilil'S. This clulu is un oul- groxxlln of ljilll-.xlIlf'l'iiilll Club. Imul prs-viously llw flulm pl'0Ql'illllS clmlll willl only lllc inllfairs of Pun- .'XllH'I'i4'illl counlric-s. TIN-y now ch-nl uilll lllose unquirs mul pr0lJI9ms umm-rnin,q ilu- cnlire world. 'All to riglul. Nlr. Hurry Noting. Bliss fXfulfwri1w Rollu-nfmurg ami Pnulim I lux 'Hain fxvpnt of the year WHS Xlim 11 Nhumling. fur! Rinnv. :Harry Lou Slllinl, Dorothy Banks, nncl Hr-Ibn Fuy Y lo sponsor il lrip to XX uslniogton. D. C. for all sluclffnls, 501110 of the-ir ollu-r awlivitica fmve lwvn an clexlurv. mul an HSSCIIIITIY program. I1-curling ilu- IHCIHIJPYS of llw rlulm for 1032 were-. lbirsl serneslcr, Pnulinc Ixlicu, presiclenl: Curl Rqiwnno, vine-m'siclel1l: Helen Foy. 'xryz '1 ISI' jl. 5 'I. MTI 5 N I 1 vue-If .nc .nrx ou mllx lremurcr me seconc semester , . v . . . V i H , oHru-rs were Dorothy Hunks, pre-sud:-nt: Pc-lv Xolmle-. xwe--presnclc-ami: Alun- XX ard, sf-crelarg, and 3 . I fnyllis 5CIlPLlHiP. treusurcfr. 9 Q I L we :abr '5' 7' wr S6 5 'fr 3 L, 0 51 ' 11 ut ef, a d? fl ' -4 l ra. og Phyfffhem SCIE TISTS QBSER E MA Y EXPERIMENTS 'strx The purpose ol the clulv is to lurther phy-Chem is open to any stuctent ol' physics or chemi: . the interest ol the students in the science world. The two very alale aclvisers are Fir. Harold Thomas ancl hir. Sherman Presseler. Demonstrations and experiments constitute the programs ol the cluh meetings. fin several occasions. phy-Chem has heen fortunate to arrange trips to the liltration plant. the sewage ctisposal plant, ancl other places ol interest. Some ol the other lunctions ol '32 were a Christmas party. ancl a pep session program given lay the Phy-Chem memhers. The lirst semester ollticers tor Phy-Chem were Necl Harvey. presiclent: Richarcl Prairie. vice- president: Pat Castle. secretary: anal Beverly Householder. treasurer.. The seconcl semester otticers were Helen Ggclen. president: Paul Clifton, vice-presiclent: Naza Vita Lynch. secretary: ancl Richard Prairie. treasurer. 87 X .3 , V, -Q7 I ,4- . 'ss s Y p X. S W .ii H ,' - x -4' ti ' , .N - j.C.L. :iii 'iRmi.xxxxi i STUDIES CLASSICS iximve, iirsl row. Beiuricin. J. Snnitii, Si-conci row. Briggs. iiuit. anci to iurtiier time stuciy of LATI GRO P Tile Junior Ciassicai League was organized to stilnuiate interest in Latin tile ciassics. ni-ill? Junior Ciassicai Leagues officers are junior consul. Nancy Brittong senior consul, Lois Jenson: scribe. Juanita Sinitiig quaestor. Ann ixioriartyg aeciiies. Larry Hutt anci Pauline hiicu: praeciicator. Carol Ramp. The activities ot tile ciuip inciucie initiation services wiiiciu are iieici once a semester meminers. Any stucient in acivanceci Latin is eiigiiaie to join. Other activities inciucie a jo QNill'iSt1'l1HS party and a picnic. Bliss Lorraine Foster is tiie sponsor for this group. Br-iuxv, ieiit. ieil to rigill. ixi, Sinilii, Aciiiey. Ramp, iensen, Loluim-rmiii-Q. Below, rigiul. ieil lo rigiil, Niiss Lorraine i'ioster. Bliss cllllliiil Bowen. Bioriarly. Perry. Toinpicins. i i I for tiie new int ianguage JS -i i . 'MXH Sialuling. lmin lc-ll lu righl, ara: Null, llmlnas, Smllallllallsvl, .nnrl xliss llhlv llnm- walwl -ITV Slhlllv, 5Ill'4'l, nlllLl L,'OIl. LosfSodales MEETINGS FEATURE SPANISH CULT RE - K. -. Bliss Nlarie Ilhle is iho scnora of the- Cluh. The purpose of thi- vluh is lo inmreasc inlercst in ihe slucly ol! Spanish anal lo laroaclcn the cullnral hacligrouncl ol lhc lllt'llllJt'l'S hy imicasing lheir inlornlalion regarcl- ing the Spanish-spcaliingj peoples. their livvs. cliarac'lvrislic's. cuslums. ancl iheir uulslanmling men ancl XYOIIICII in Spanish lilcralurc, arl. ancl science. Q lull aflivilies Hlflllili' gjucsl spcali- vrs. movies. ancl nlhvr inlc-rc-sling pro- grams Axilh slxils. or singing. An annual language cluh clanrc is sponsored joinllf' wilh lhc Fr:-mln ancl Laiin iluhs. VlSllf'SC cluhs also join logelher lo prcsvnl a yearly clance. :Xn annual W lllfilill is prcscnlecl lo the Spanish sluclenl ol' highest slancling on Recog- nilion Day. lla- lirsl scincsicr ollicers were Nlarjoric Spaclc, presiclcnlz hlary Ellen Sm-ll. x'ic'c-prcsiclenl: lxlyra Schaff- houser. social chairman: and Chloe Lyon, Carol Noll, me-n1lJership co- chairmen. i i S FRENCH STUDENTS PRESENT REPGRTS, GIVE PLAYS Nortti Sictc-rs arm- otti-rs-ct many oppor- tunitics in ttw Fri-nftr Ctutw. Parrni Nos gxrnis. tt tras given Frvnctm stu' ctvnls an opportunity to cntarge ttwir tnmowtcctge ot ttmc Frenctl pt-optc anct 1lISt0IlIS. Stuctc-nts participate tmy giving rcporls or pre-senling ptays, Guest speatwrs are invitert to visit ttw Ctutb to stmarc ttu-ir tinowtectgc ot France. Activities ot tttc CtutJ tor ttle yvars trays twcn a Rott Cross project, a rtanz P, ioint Ctrristmas party anct picnic xyittr ttlt' oltwr tanguage ctutjs. rttu- otticcrs tor ttll' tirst senwstvr wc-i'f'. Strirtec Ctartc, presictvntg Laura Briggs. yicc'-prrsictentz Patsy Cyyerman, socrctary: Ronatct Sctlerer. treasurerg anct Nancy tloting, sofiat rtmirman. Tim scconct Sl'lll6Stf'l' otticvrs we-rv, fic-orgv Ttronrs. pre-sictcnt: F tyra Sctmatttmause-r. yircfprcsictent: Pat l:tCtll- ing. secretary: Dave Ross. treasurer: anct Strirtee Ctartc, sociat ctlairman, Atxoyv, slantting, trorn tc-tit to rigtlt, are ftartc, Ttrorns, Briggs, Sctratttuauscr. Fteming. Uxerman, Ross, anct Sctrearer. Btictctte, tracts row, Kowatyzrtx, Logscten, Dunsconutu, txtoore. Srtiaetter. Front row. Partxer. Beiertein, Poting, Xvatc-rtictct. Bottom, aroumt ttul tatwte troln tctt to rigtrt arc Nictu-rson, Busctrtvaunm. Xyagncr, Cotztcy. Bitgcr. Srtruttz, Bowman, Driver, Curctes, Rennie. and Keene. 90 Booster Club MA Y PRCDJECTS KEEP BQOSTERS ALERT v , I 1 Nlr. Noel lllllf'l'll. linosler clllll aulviser. is in llie lezul lo promole. clevelop. nncl improve srliool spiril. Tile clulr lmnclles concessions nl llie gzunes ami iliey also conclucl pep sessions lor llie lwneliil ol llie sluclenl lmcly. During lour- nmnr-nl lime. lllis clulm inulxes favors anal porn-polns limi ure clislrilaulecl lo lime Clieering seflion. Nlany projecls ure unclerlnlsen lmy llie clulm lo lielp in lime lwllernienl ol llie scllool. 'lille lioosteris gilt lo llie scliool lliis year was il loucl spealier syslem lor llie QylllllilSilllll. Tile money earnecl lny llie concession slancl goes lo lime scliool lor various projeuls. 'lille llirsl seinesler officers were xlnrlene Slil1XV6llll. presiclenl: Rose Xvorclen. vice- presiclent: .lucly Cjlis. secrelnryg Ricllurcl Prairie. poinl reuorclerz .laclxie Zion. pep session clmirinan. Time seconcl semesler olvliicers were Belly Xvngner, presiclenl: Norma Trinlilein. vice-presiclenlg Pllyllis Berlin. seerelaryz Blarlene SCllNY6'llll. poinl recorclerz Jucly Otis. pep session clmir- ninn. ancl Ricliarcl Prairie. lmusiness manager. llppi-r piclure: A nu-mln-r nl lin- junior nluss ximlws ru purcli.-se lrum Boosters, Srluwc-lun nnci Conner. ln llw lwamlrgrouml are ,lunla. l"lynn, ancl fanulx-ll. fvnler picture. left lo figlll, row one, Nlr. Noel Xvllillern, Prairie. Xvorcla-n. Scllxxelln, Xvagiwr, Krinlilein, Okis. Berlin, BIf'SSl'l'SClllIliCll. Row hvo. Cannpln-ll. Xxlllile, Hunlies, Sllaier. Elnrirli. Bauer- Illl'iSlt'l', Nliles, D. Ricler, anrl Ricler. Row tllree, Erwin, Braden, Sallertlmwnite, Xvoocls, Rearicli. Bulleflllall, Elarquiss. 91 Hmm gxlmxr- I4-II, Ir,-Il lu rigjlul, Unlllm-r, NIL IXIUSSBIIIILKII, Lum-, I'-isln-r. fXImxv riglul, In-lk In riglrk, Nolmlu, Smilh, OIsoI1. Below lvl! lu ylgglll, I lllllllllglllillll, NI.rrIu-y IXU1-nw CQIUCFJ VARIED ACTIVITIES INTEREST SI-IUTTERBUGS M Q rrp ,,-.. , , qs -'E-Y:-N .n 'vl' .u'f-75" ' ,,.,, . 'r W." '- in ,Na- .rw n-J JN, 'Q '1 I' I, - --ftivfvw , ' WRITI- I I 4-'4 .2 ' T 'K 'IIII' In Y 5 ,UQ A X x l I 1 XI X IL 4 .,I. . , . , , ku H.-X-' - :., -'vi-V"- ',l --- --x,NfN.. we I -- x x "I.5"'1"'K' 1' -- .yfsffzfrff I Q X ,g51lge1'rf2m5 ' X N ,1.'iu!.-,,'l ff-,e X U "fi ki.: .4 -frzsrrxeaf-was m'h"f1E!q.'54 1 X ,k!i5:jfZ'l2i:e4E1 X X I I " "n'-i,""W'W X " 'uf v-1'-I 'iq Q XX . 5, 9 7 3 4 ig f Z ?4gwSISgQF.f U I - xv.-of il' if 6 s fs -1 z IA, w Q ,K U 2 1 NK WMI X 'J ihily LF if The Cwillllffil Club was IouncIecI for the sole purpose of giving R1-clskins lllc opportunily lo take, print, and e11Iz1rge piflurcs. IXIemIwrs OI lI1c CILIIJ Imve every possiIJIe CI1anCe lo nmnipulzrlv IIN? cxvc-Hcnl lJINJIOf.fI'iljJIly equipmenl NorlI1 Siclc is so Iorlunnle lo Ilave. The officers of Czuucrn CILIIJ are Pete NOIJIQ. presiclf-nl. mul .Iim OIson sccrelary-lreasurer. The Iz1cuIly adviser is Duylon IXIILSSCIITHIII. x X Wx. X iXN N' nun .3 Rifle Club BETTER SPORTSMANSHIP PROVIDES AIM EGR REDSKI RIFLEME 'Ili' RIHK' Q lllll. XXIllt'l IS il IHPIIIIDFI' ul Ill? Xxllllillull Rillv .'XSSOf'iilU0ll. was orgmmizvrl lo ll'ill'Il snlvly villa guns und lo pmnmle In-llc-r l1lill'liSlHilllSllilJ :xml spurls- IIHIIISIIHJ in slmoling. :Xwurcls ure- IJI't4Sf"l1lt'KI lu tlmse- llN'lIlIN'l'S anllniningj lligll rvmorcls. .Xny aluflvnl all Nurlll Siclc' is vligjilmlv lo join Rina' Cllllm. rllw oniulrs are Bula 5l'llNYilI'lZ. pu-siclvlll: 'formalin Ziegler, x'i1'e-presiclenl: Cnynol IXIQIFSII. S4'1'I'9li1l'yZ IBFYPFIY SFIIHN9. iI'0ilSllI9l', illld I'IC'l'lllkll1 NIUVP. f'Xk't'lIliYl' 0'H'il'?l'S. Rin? Clulm is mlvisvcl 'my Nlrs. fzlwnu- Hriclge-5 EIIHI Almvm- rigflulz fjfluiverx, from Ivll lu riglxl sm- xlr. Ivy. Nluri, :mal Sfllwnrlz in llw Imfk rnw. 'Huosv in llu- fnvni nm un' Nlnrslu, :mul Zxeglvr. . Y -X , , Alnuxw' It-Il. In-ll ln rlglxl. nm nm-, Hnsller, .Iurlm. mul lrusv. Row Iwo, Smith, Kromvr. Avvry, ami Fir. lxy. Row llrr c-4', Benn:-ll. Irliifllllflli. Huslnn. and Hnrlon, Row lnur, Tuisv, King:-r. mul Harris Run' fivv. Golslmu, Zack, aml Km-nsill. 07 WW' lu. ,AA A 'dbx , . lx 1 f ?n " l1:' 35 5 X-M V : 4-so 'X x , 1 . -,.. 1 A f' 1 j X as X . gf xx x X W XXXxx X kv E-Tl Y XX x f X X x I X 359 N X X XS i ., 5 'ig - NN RM, +R - -,gxff 'W '17 .E.L. SPEAKERS ECDRM DEBATE SQCIETY Nuli0m1iFo1'P1isii'I1-agile isu national iiigii srimol iionor sofiviy for ciefimiors and puimliu spvuicers, Eiigiixiiily for ll16'll1IJ0lASI1ijl requires lime enrningj of all least twenty points in various pulxiic' spvuidng vonlvsls. Fir, Alla:-rl Coil is lime uciviser for time Ciuim. IXHPI' memiyersiiip in N.F.i,. is oimlaineci, il speaiwr may earn nfivzlmf-ci cle-Qrevs ivy working for more poinls. pins uri' mvnrfieci lo retiring seniors who imve in-Cn anclivv in slwecii Ciuring iiwir liigii srimul vars-er. Tiwse ami various oiiwr uwnrcis ure' manic' nl iii? annual Spvvril imnqlu-I in-ici unlumiiy in tile spring. in zncifiiiion io lim IJ?lllClllf'i N.i:.i.. was l'i'SDOHSil?i1' IIN' lnillly Olillhl' Sll1'1'9SSIlIi Ilfllif vm ts cmnpivle-ci :luring lin- year. i'i4h1rmi uplu-r I:-il .irv llullsvimliia-r. Lulgsmi, Slnirin-x. .mai Xir. .Min-rl fini. Pixlurwi .xl ilu- 'mu-r is-il xxiiile' alll:-miing ilu- fllrislllms lux url' Hull:4e'Ilni1ln'l', lIAHiM'I', :Hui ilvllvf. In lin- 'mu-r rigiil pimlu im-, ieit In ripglil. Nliss in-nv Niiiivr, ixir ifvc-rm-ll Pm-nninglun ami fxir, fwiynif- lwupi-f!, 'wiping lin-lllsvlxvs In fiinrislmns fiumiies ulniin' i,urvIl.n ii:-H1-r, .uni xirs fn-wmv Hunk:-r, rr-pie-nisli lin' suppix

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