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 - Class of 1948

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1948 volume:

f . ' av ""F'r ef 'Q' 35 .. ..,, Hr 4- ., - 2 ,. if " If i ,. X fe. .1 Hg! XE? i. ': geek gg. 236 ' AEE: -5 . A 'WS JHQQHGEYI! , Whitt is it, a snake? One might ask that question on first glancing at this picture. In reality, how' ever, it is the graph of an algebra equation that Carl Bradley is explaining to jim Craig and the rest of their algebra 4 class. I'll het the boys would rather he at Sandyls. Row I HIPKINS, JULIA ANNvTyping awards. HIPSKIND. MARY SUE. 'lSusie"-Attended Muncie Burris: PolarfY. HOLLEY, DAVID L.. "Lick"---Intramural haskethall: haskcthall letter: North Side A. C. Row II HORNE. MARY LOLlfS.P.C.: C.A.A.: twirler. HCNEICK. MARILYN JEAN. i'Dimples"fC.A.A.: Booster: PolarfY. HULLINCER, PHYLLIS, "Phil"-'Red jacket Club: S.P,C. Row III IRONS. PHYLLIS ANN. 'iliootsiel'-G.A.A.: Red Cross: Legend: Nortlierner. IRVINC, JOAN-S.P.C.: l.F.L.: Los Sofdalesg PolarfY: Nortlierner: Legend. JACOBS, MAURINE. "Reenie"-j.F.L.: N,F,L.: pres., kl.C.L.: soc, ch.. Helicon: Student Council: Sec.-treas. S.P.C.: National Honor Society. Row IV KAHLENBECK. HCWARDfj.F.L.1 N.F.L,: pres., senior class: Student Council: pres.. Helicon: vice- pres.. Phy-Chem and Pan-American: speech letter: sec.-treas.. National Honor Society: lr. Rotarian: de' grec of excellence: N.F.L,: Croft Dehater'S Cup: one- act plays: senior play. KEHOE, WILLIAM. "Bill"-Rifle Cluh: PliyfChem: intramural haskethall. KEIPPER, MARY AILEENfBooster: Rifle Cluh: A Cappella: Cantata quartet: typing awards: Student voll unteer. Row V KELLY. CAROLYN, "Carrot"7Attended Jamaica High. jamaica. New York: Los Sofdales. KELTSCH, RUTH ANN. "Ruthie"-National Honor Society: PhyfChem: Booster: Sec.. Student Council: Senior Council: ,l.C.L.: vicefpres.. G.A.A. KIRKPATRIC. MARY, "Kirk," Row VI KLINGENSMITH. -lOAN LINDSAY, "Lynn"- Booster: ,l.F,L.: Red Cross: PhyfChem: pres.. S.P.C.: A Cappella: stage crew: Indiana music contests: can' rata duet and quartet: senior play: Northerner. KNIGHT. MARILYN-PolarfY: I.F.L.: N.F.L.: Red Cross: Phy-Chem: Booster: PanfAmerican: Student Council. KNIGHT. NANCY ANN, "Nannie"-Booster: typing award. 96 Row I KNISLEY. MAY EILENEfPolar-Y. KNUTH, RALPH. 'LRalphie"-North Side A.C.: Na' tional Athletic Scholarship Society. KOA RT. ARLENE4Polar'Y. Row II KOENEMAN. BEVERLY, "Bev"-S.l".C.: Booster: PhyfChem1 Helicon: sec.. pres., French Club: one act plays: A Cappella. Northerner: Legendg National Honor Society. KOPP. PATRICIA LOUISE, L'Pat"fG.A.A.: Pan' American: PhyfChem: ,l.F.L.: Polar'Y. KRAUSS. MARILYN, k'Kraussy"-Booster: point rc' cordei CAA Camera Club ty ing awards: twirl' T -, , . .1 1 1 p mg. Row III KROEMER. PATRICIA. uPat"7PolarfY. J.F.L.: lillll Club: Pan-American: National I'Ionor Society. news editor, Northerner: Quill and Scroll. KURTZ. ARTEES. uTeer-"fAttended Shawnee High, Louisville, Kentucky. LAMSON. ROBERT NV.. "Bob"fHelicong PhyfChem1 1700 Club: RitIe Club: editor of Legend: photograf phcr of Legend and Northerner: A Cappellag student volunteer: gold jeweled publications pin. Row IV LANDGREBE. BARBARA. 'iBarbie"fBooster: Pan American: National Honor Society: Phy-Chem: I.F.L.g sec., I.C.L: vicefpres., Los Sofdalesg see. Helicon: A Cappella. LANTZ. BEVERLY -IEAN. "Bev"-Borwsterg G.A.A.1 Student Council: typing awards: twirler. LAUTENSCHLAGER, AIEANNE. "Jeannie"fFrench Club: Los So-dales: Student Council: pres., N.F.L.: managing editor. news editor. copy editor, North' erner: sec.. HHH Club: publicity ch., ,l.F.L.1 A Cappella. Row V LEE, JACK-S.P.C.: Northerner. speech. LEETH, MADELINE. L'Tootsie"-N.S.I.: band: mu sic contests. LEICHTY. JOAN, "jay"-G.A.A.g typing awards. Row VI LEWARK, MILDRED JOAN, "Milly"-Botvst'e1': G.A.A.: typing award. LIGCETT. MARGUERITE ANN. "Maggie"iBoost- er: typing award: Northerner. LINN. SHARON. k'Sal"fRifle Club: G.A.A.: typing awards. K The best period of the day. Dick Schinbeckler, Don Connors, Chuck Hoemig, and jerry Segal relax in front of the school during the lunch hour. When the weather is pleasant, many small groups like this one can be seen resting on the lawn or along the river bank. I 97 1, V A 43.73 : L ii, ,525 V H fad" UP my F L ,QIQMQ5 f-sz?" I it 'ai .at ff :Mais , A- fr 'W 1C'?7V 443' will ,, M' 3 . it M ' aff .- 1 ' "' SY -e .s Q , ' '-f, . i x i i if Q 3, 4 was Mil . ffi ta X I : 'Q n..-s Ji A ,ye , .11 ' f ,1 fa. Li!!! 'fl'5h!:2i!i!H'!'I'?':Q!7!'l!l?!!F!?!'f'i'5!'5T'!'!!!'l"!!Z5'lSE! V . Here wc have a small portion of the enormous crowd which gathers at Sandy's every noon. Dale Osborn, Dave Rhoda, Judy Krebs, Joan Levy, Barf bara Bebcrstein, and Dick Allread grin gayly for the Legend photographer. Every graduate of North Side knows Sandy well, for everyone spends a great deal of time there. Row I LONG. BETTY JO. "Bee Jay"-National Honor So- ciety: A Cappella: J.F.L.: orchestra: Student Council: Senior Council: Legend: social chairman, senior class: social committee. junior class: 20 and 40 period filing awards: 30, 40, '50, 60, 70 word typing awards. LYONS, GILDA RUTH, "Guilty"7National Honor Society: Booster: Red Cross: Helicon: Los Sofdales: PnlarfY: S.P.C,: gold pin: typing award: Northerner: Christmas play. LYTLE, DORIS-C.A.A.: typing award. Row II LYTAL. STANLEY, "Stan"-Intramural basketball: at- tended Concordia and Elmhurst High Schools. MAISH. LEANNA-Phy-Chem: N.S.I. Rifle: North- crner: 1500 Club: medals in music contest: band. MANGES, RALPH7Rifle Club: beginners' band. Row III MARTIN. MARYfTwirling. MARTIN. THOMAS. 'iTom"fNature Club: Phyf Chem: Camera Cluh: Rifle Club. MERTENS. LORNA JEAN, "Men"-Typing awards: student librarian: student volunteer: National Honor Society. Row IV MILLER, NANCY ANNE-J.F,L.: 1500 Club: Booster: S.P.C.: make-up editor. Northerner: typing awards: tiling awards: Student Council. MOEDER. CONSTANCE JOAN. 'iConnie Joni JEL.: N,F,L.: S.P.C.: PhyfChem: PolarfY: Helicon: Student Council: typing awards: speech letter: life saving: debating: water carnival: Legend agent: Na- tional Honor Society. MORE. PATRICIA. "Pat"-Attended Huntertown: Booster: band. Row V MORRIS, JAY ALLEN-Booster Club: Rifle Club: Phy-Chem: 200 pt. pin in Booster Club: National Honor Society: A Cappella: Cantata solo. MYERS. SALLY ANN-G.A.A.: S.P.C.: Booster Club: junior life saving: typing awards: twirling. MCCLAIN, ELAINE-Booster: Polar-Y: typing awards: Bling awards. Row VI McCOY. ROBERT, "Bob." MCDO-WELL. RICHARD. "Mac"-Attended Roosef velt School at Rockford, Ill., and DuPont School, DuPont, Wash.: Rifle Club: Stamp Club: Phy-Chem: Student Council: A Cappella: tennis letter: intra' mural cross country. MCGUIRE, DONNA. "Donnie"-G.A.A.: Booster: typing awards: twirling. 98 Row I McKINLEY. VIRGINIA. nsllnnieu-Typing awards. NEUSBAUIVI. PAUL H.-.l.F.L.: Northerner: Phy' Chem: intramural basketball. NICHOLS, MARILYN. "Nickie"-Red Cross: Student Council: sec., fresh. class: pres.. soph. class: social chairman, junior class: social committee. senior class: A Cappella: Northerner. Row II OSBORN. DALE. "Ozzie"-j.F.I..: 17110 Club: S,P.C.: pres.. Helicon: vice-pres.. Student Council: silver pin: sports editor. Northerner: circulation manager. Leg- end: intramural basketball: senior play: senior one acts. OVERLY. HERBERT CLARK-Cross country: foot' ball. PARKER. DORIS MARIE-Rifle Club: Phy'Chem: N.S.I.: band. Row III PARKER. RAYMOND L.. 'xRay"-Rille: football. PEED. KERMIT-Camera Club: Lettermen's Club: A Cappella: Cantata quartet: tennis: state music contest. PICKERINC. DAVID EARL. "Dave"-Rifle Club: vice-pres.. Nature Club. Row IV PLATT, DOROTHY. "Dotty"iAttended school at Ashley. Indiana. PLOTNER, MARjORIEAPolarfY: Booster: Phyf Chem: Northerner. POOLEY. MARY CENEfBooste1': PolarfY: Red jacket Club. Row V POPP. IOY ANN-PanfAmerican: ,l.F.I..: NSI: H00 Club: Northerner feature editor: Legend: hand let- ter: art scholarship: National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll. POTTER. JENNIE MARIE-Attended South Side High School. POTTS. SHIRLEY CORRINE, "Shirl"-Booster: Polar-Y: Red jacket Club. Row VI FRANKE, BARBARA ANN, "Bobbie"-Typing awards. QUACKENBUSH, JOYCE. "Ql1aclcie"-C.A,A.: typ' ing award: Northerner. RAMER. JEAN. "Freekles"-Camera Clubg Stamp: C.A.A.: Northerner: PolarfY: typing award: silver publication award: C.A.A. letter: basketball: soft- ball. Chandra Chambers, an outstanding art student, ob' serves a glazed vase in the Northerncr room, Chandra's hobby is art, and she models many fig' ures in clay as well as doing drawing. AQ it .wi .Ny 1:3-:fs 4933 fl 5 -an , X F " A.p.j ff: -H 4.-'Q 4-""w ,xii 'Q 41" 'QS , :U in ,QW ri 4 n W not A Ha, -e 's ...we fem' .,,,r""" . if rf- ,gs-3 W ws. .iw ij fi' 3' 6' 'ME' ?- I. i . h -urn-s -. X , , ,, , A J' l Q' 5-572545-my I y Q" AA- -' ' is Q42 1 . , V DQNHE- A , "Nt 'Q 11 Q 7 ,,.A. '. . ll N .w : ,af "" X get , 5' i N' , - 1 f . Y.. . ...A 5-2 '1-.- fx -3 ,- ' in , I if t 2 K .ltl ,. i zf ff, Bob Lamson, head photographer, finds Sally Ham- lett and Joanne Bruick working on the picture pos' ter in the Legend room. Caught unawares, Sally laughs at the picture they're fixing while Jo gives out with that Pepsodent smile of hers. Must be kind of nice to be so happy, even with English Eight on one's mind. Top RAMSEY, PATRICIA-Phy-Chem: G.A.A.: Home Economics Club: Student Council: life saving award: A Cappella: water carnival: Cantata quartet: Na' tional Honor Society. RAPP, KENNETH-Cross country: Rifle Club. Row I RARIDEN, PATRICE, "Pat"-French Club: j.F.L.: Booster: S.P.C.: pres., French Club: vicefpres.. J.F.L.: typing award: A Cappella: student assistant: senior play: Christmas play. RASTETTER, HARRIETTE-PhyfChem: Red Cross REED, RICHARD, "Dick"-Nature Club: Lettermanl Club: PhyfChem: Student Council: track and football letters. Row II REEDER, HUBERT, "Herbie"fAttended Central High School: Camera Club: Letterman's Club: Legend photographer: track letter: cross country. REICHTER. RUTH ELLEN, "Ruthie"-G.A.A.: Rifle Club: art certihcate. RHODA, DAVID, "Dave"-Hi-Y: Letterman's Club: cross country: track. Row III RICE, PATRICIA. "Patty"-Helicon: Booster: Red Cross: Los Sofdales: Polar'Y: Pan-American: vice' pres., Polar-Y: sec., treas., of Red Cross: point re' corder: Booster: typing award: National Honor So' ciety. RIFKIN, LEONARD, "Lenny"-'Attended Central High School. Lima, Ohio: Phy'Chem: orchestra: training choir. RILEY, PATRICIA, "Pat"-C.A.A.: Booster: S.P.C.: numerals: letter: twirler. Row IV RITENOUR, BETTY, "Betts"-Booster: Red jacket Club: Student Council: typing awards: cheerleader, letter: Northerner. RODEMEYER. WAYNE, "Rodent"-J,F.L.: intra' mural basketball, ROOT. PHYLLIS, "P. R."-Booster: Red Jacket Club: cheerleader. letter: twirler. Row V ROUSH, DONALD, "Don"-Phy-Chem: S.P.C, Let' terman's Club: pres., S.P.C.: letter sweater, student manager: records manager of Athletic Dept. ROUSSEAU, DONNA ANN-Helicon: Booster: S.P.C.: Northerner: secntreas., Phy-Chem: secntreas., j.F.L,: secxtreas., French Club: Legend agent: senior one acts: National Honor Society. RUOFF, DAVID, "Ruben"-Helicon: Phy'Chem: Na' ture Club: intramural sports. Row VI SAUERS, DONALD, "Don." SCHAFENACKER, JAMES, "Schafe"-Rifle Club: Phy-Chem: Student Council: National Honor So' ciety. SCHAFFHAUSER, ANNE, "Annie"-S.P.C.: Boost' er: Phy'Chem: head majorette: A Cappella: life sav' mg. 100 na Row I SCHINBECKLER, RICHARD, "Dick"fHi'Y: typing awards. SCHINBECKLER, MAURICE, "Mick"-HifY: intra' mural sports. SCHELL, LOIS JEAN, "Louie"-Red Cross: Student Council: Booster. Row II SCHMIDT, BERTHA ROSE, "Bert"-Secftreas.. G.A.A.: letter and numerals: typing awards: girls' chorus: student service. SCHNEIDER, JACQUELINE, "Jackie",-Red Cross Northerner: student service: typing awards. SCHNEIDER, JOANN ADELE, "Jo"-Red Cross. pres. and social chairman: Cantata solo: A Cappella: student service. Row III SCHWARTZ, JAMES, "Jim." SCHWEIZER, JOAN, "Jony"-Booster: pres, and junior representative, C,A.A.: numerals and letter: training choir. SEABOLD. DONALD. "Don"-Rifle Club: Pan' American: Phy'Chem: Nature Club: Camera Club: HifY: A Cappella: Legend agent: Northerner: Can' tata quartet: pres.. vicefpres., 200 point award: Booster: pro marksinan to sharpshooter, bar 4: bronze pin. Row IV SECAL. JEROME STUART, "Jerry"-Helicon: J.F.L.: Phy'Chem: l'iUU Club: sports editor North' erner: gold publications pin: Quill and Scroll: Na' tional Honor Society: intramural basketball: training choir: second in soph. and junior extemp. SHEARER, JAMES L., "Jim"-Phy-Chem: Athletic Club: secntreas.. senior class: secutreas., junior class: vice-pres., sophomore class: pres, freshman class: National Athletic Scholarship Society: football and track letterman: National Honor Society. SHROYER, PATTY ROSE, "Pat"-Northerner: Legend. Row V SILK, ROBERT, "Bob"-Rifle Club: S.P.C.: first in state music contest: football: intramural track: A Cappella: boys' quartet: Cantata quartet: National Honor Society. SIMON. WAYNE-Cross country captain: track: bas- ketball. SINKS, JOHN R., "Johnny"-Helicon: J.F.L.: Pan' American: Northerner: Legend: typing awards: inf tramural basketball. Row VI SKELLY, JANICE, "Mouse"-S.P.C.: Booster: Phyf Chem: Polar-Y: French Club: numerals, C.A.A.: A Cappella: senior one acts: girls' trio: Cantata duet. SLONIKER, PHYLLIS JOAN, "Phyl"-Red Cross: Nature Club: A Cappella: Cantata solo: service work. SMITH. BARBARA ANN, "Smitty"-Typing award. Bottom SMITH, HELEN ANN-N.S.I.: state music contest: band. SMITH, LEON F., "Smitty"-PhyfChem: S.P.C.: band. What have we here? A junior has infiltrated onto the senior page! Patty Long, with pipe and derby, and Bob Lamson, in skirt and headscarf, pose at the Northerner potluck. Bob even has the new look with those bangs of his. But whatever became of the dignified editor of the Legend? 101 QF -R Q 'aw F:- Q ig, X . 1 1 in-an ju-B A ff? ,Nw Q its H .W 1:9 QW we lo ., 's ? KB- - These boys are a familiar sight around the old Redskin portals. jimmy Shearer, Dick Reed, and Georgie Hulfeld go into a huddle as the camera clicks. ,lim gives an open grin, Dick looks secretly .imusecl, and George laughs at them both. Could it be that the photographer was making faces as them? Top SMITH, MARY MAXINE, "Max"-Booster, Red Cross, training choir. SMITH, THELMAV--Attended Paulding High School, Paulding, Ohio: band. Rowl SNEAD, BETTY JEAN. "Buz:'.ie"-Booster, Nature Club, j.F,I.., N.F.L., PhyfChem, S.P.C., Helicon: Legend, Norzherner, senior one acts, Water carnival, declamations. SNYDER, CAROI.-S.P.C.: Red Cross, typing awards: C.A.A. SORDELET, JAMES ROBERT, "lim"-Rifle Club, Northerner. Row II STAAK, ROSE MARIE, "Rosie"-Booster Club, Red jacket Club, art, National Honor Society. STALEY, ALYCE ARDEN-Helicon: Phy-Chem: Stu' dent Council: secxtreas., vicelpres.. French Club, pres., l.C.L., A Cappella, Northerner agent, Legend. STIPPICH, MARCITA-Attended Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis: Polar-Y. Row III STOUFFER, ROBERT, "Bob"-Student Council: Athletic Club: treas., Helicon, pres., Phy'Chemg lettermang National Honor Society, football: track, Christmas play, STOVER. MARY LOUISE-Attended Central Cath' olic, PolarfYg Camera Club. SULLIVAN. NORMA JEAN-Student Council: Heli- con, 1500 Club, Camera Club: PhyfChem: Pan' American: Los So'dales: S.P.C.1 publisher, North' erner, sec., Polar'Yg first in state news writing: National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll, gold jeweled publications pin: second for English cup, Legend, girls' choir, student volunteer, Christmas play. Row IV SUNDSMO, JOAN-Training choir. SYMMS, LOIS, "Lo"-Attended Central High School, Phy-Chem, S.P.C., Booster, historian, j.E.I.., vice- pres., French Club, French honors, senior one acts, senior play, National Honor Society, Legend. THIEBOLT, DAVID, "Dave"7PhyfChem, Pan' American, Rifle Club. Row V TULLY, JOANNE, "jo"-G.A.A., Spanish Club, Phyf Chem, S,P.C., Booster. TUMBLESON, GWENDOLYN, "Gwen"-Booster, Northerner. VOLLMAR, DOJROTHY, "Dot"-Attended Swanton High School, Swanton, Ohio, Student Council, pres., N.S.I., typing award, band letter, training choir. Row VI VOTAW, RICHARD, "Dick"-Phy-Chem, cross counf try, National Honor Society. WAGGONER, RUTH ANNE, "Ruthie"-Red Cross, vice'pres., Booster, J.C.L., S.P.C., Helicon, pres., PolarfY, National Honor Society, Student Council, Christmas play, senior play. WALKER, HERBERT, "Herb"-Helicon, Phy-Chem, debating, Northerner, National Honor Society. 102 Row I NNALKER, MARILYN-A Cappella. WARNER, MARY LOU-Polar-Y: j.F.L.: typing awards: student volunteer: extemp contest. XVARREN, MARY, "Mike" -Booster. Row II NVECKESSER. BARBARA. -.xhvICCl'iuf'BOO5IEl', Home Economics Club. VJEHRENBERG. THOMAS, "Toni", VVEICEL, SHARON LEE C.A.A.: typing awards, Row III NVELLS. BEVERLY. "Bev"fPhy-Chem: CJK A.: S.P.C.: Booster: Spanish Club: Northerner agent. XVELLS. TOM WERLING. NAOMA NAN, "Nannie"- C.A.A.: Northerner. Row IV XVESTBROOK, PHYLLIS ANN, "Phyl"-Afirencli Club: Nature Club: Phy-Chem: SPC.: Booster: j.F.L.: senior one acts: girls' choir. XVHIPPLE, PATRICIA, "Pat" -- Pan'Ainerican Booster: Red jacket Club: sports: National Honor Society. YVILLIAMS, LLOYD E., "NVillie"--Typing award. Row V W'lMMER, BONITA. 'iBonnie"-Polar'Y: Booster: Red jacket Club. NVIRLS. JANE, "janey"-S.P.C.: Nature Club: ,l,F.L.: Booster: Red jacket Club: cheerleader: Northerner: Legend: student volunteer. VUOLFE, BETTYABooster: Red Jacket Club: A Cap' pellag Cantata solo. WORDEN, RUSSELL, "Russ"+Attended Sidney High School, Sidney, Ohio. WUNDERLICH, ROLAND. "Ron". YOST, BARBARA JO. "Barbie"-pres.. N.F.L.: Booster: sec., Student Council: French Club: j.F.L.: Pan-American: Red Cross: vicelpres., National Honor Society: vicefpres., fresh. class: soc. ch.. soph. class: soc. committee. jr. sr. classes: speech. fresh.. first extemp, drama, oratorical: soph., second extemp. humorous, first dramatic. oratorical, third in South Side speech meet: jr.. first dramatic, oratorical. humor- ous, second in state in dramatic, second in state in poetry reading: speech letter: Himelstein Trophy: degree distinction: typing awards: A Cappella: D.A.R. best citizen. Bottom ZION. RONALD, "Ronnie". MARSH. GLENDA L.-Attended Auburn Hi h g School: Home Economics Club: Rifle Club: G.A.A.: Camera Club: speech. ZOCH, MARILYN, "Zochie"-Booster: C.A.A.: typ' ing awards: A Cappella: water carnival. The photographer catches a glimpse of the crowd at the senior banquet. Pat Kroemer turns to speak to someone as Norma Jean Sullivan smiles at her. Everyone turned out in their best bib and tucker for that annual event. The food, speeches, and jokes were good, and oh! those class prophecies. 103 he .as 'Q Ps f: X. 'Nb ,IL vi ' ,S ' ffzwf ,Avg ,. . x I .9 ,af A i , , ' 1 lf . -Y fi fail , rf A L ' 'fi .J 5 "vin Zu? -A 'fi 2 9 QQ! . PT' Qllv 5 -sq se , hlytlk A S L-51:4 1 X X r .53 i 'IP 49. ,dmm ' Q N. .' aff A ig, . 1111 br ,718-cfl'5 Glimpses of the prescntlday seniors are shown on these pages. Top row, left to right: Stu' dent Council president John Harper addresses the student bodyg Bayard Mc' Nagney receives a gift at last year's Senior Day asse1nbly1 Sally Bash, Beverly Koeneman. Pat Rariden, Mary Ann Helmke, and Lois Symms look glamorous at the 1947 Junior Proni1 BL1l11C Snead dresses a window mod- el during the onc'act playsp and Barbara Jo Yost recites poetry at a Polar Y assein bly. Second row: B e v e rl y Koeneman, Sally Ham lett, Carl Bradley, Bar bara Crabill. and Danny Votaw are a united fain ily in "Happy Journeyux a group of present day seniors dance at last year's Prom: the senior play east, Dick Mcf Dowell, IVI ary Ann Helmke, Lois Symins, Pat Rariden, Janice Skelly, Howard Kahlen beck, Carl Bradley, Dale Osborn, Barbara Crabill, Ruth Ann Vxfaggoner, and Lynn Klingensinith lean on the piano dur' ing rehearsal: Lloyd Us Wald, Dick Lahmeyer, Jere P r e s t o n, an d "Snook" Dahin are kind to animals while Dick Reed and Jim Shearer beckon to the photographer from the background. Third row: left to right, "Rocky" Davis gets a ballet skirt from Ben Alward at Senior Dayg ghost journalists enjoy a Halloween supper party: Dick Hettinger is given an apron to spend his hours at Sandys more p1'Ol:1f?ll'lly1 and the Christmas play cast gathers 'round, as the curtain falls. Bottom row: left to right, Loril Baxter practices on the organg Phyllis Root and Marilyn Frazier read the bulletin boardg more couples relax at the Promg Phil Gutman, Jeanne Sparling, Janice Skelly, and Howard Kahlenbe smile for the photographer. 104 ck K Q' we 2 1 w...-4 ' 2 W Y -N-YM A ,.,,., ,... .-L...S ' F-nw ANY- YAYv HWY A I F-,., ,, Q E ' ., ,LLr.::- F AL5,,.,.a-uf-" E r yt r 5 ' r'E"' 5 3 .1 , 1 j P .al , V . uf--..L. .U, 1 ' ' iw.-SEN' Q U'-, . -X , " :X -di ff 3 V:g,5i95ff.' , W5 2-'gg' gg- W . .f .X M Ofgzfyq 1Y4cgjk',..-1 ' 5 ' ' .. xxx-3 NAQAQ 5,5 O-. HQ -ef3Z??fg?4fi?fS5Y fg ,xg w:g.,,E.-- -v ,. v, lyk,- f 'A '. f ,?f.W1f'-2's',rgf,,1., Life X Nfl ,..-Q 'M ' Aj If KW ,V A: f QYQ - V , Administration -...,..,,....-v-WY Y, :uA51l5l1ils1'ff !TR amor M7!li'l'f0l 5 wif! fllzzidwm' 4 l is 'up,,P ., N4 M . Shown top left are junior class otliccrs. They are lne: Frances, president: ,lohn R. Sinks, adviser: Miss Frances Pluf inanns, adviser: Dave Overmeyer, vicef president. Standing: ,lim Platt, secre taryftreasurerg and Bob Hall, social chairman. Ahove right, we see Dave Uverineyer, Sandra Erekson, and Boh Hall on the stairs. ln the circle are lne: Frances, Boh Conway. and Patty Payne. To the right are Carol Circle, Patty Long, Jackie Lutz, and jim Platt gazing up at the photographer. These ten were chosen as the most popular students in their class. 106 1 Y Row 1 Row Z Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Row 8 Row 9 Row 10. Betty .'Xd.nns. Dvtluris Adains, B.ii'har.i i', Barh.ii'a Arick, Don Bartley. Martha Beck. Ruth Becker. Don Beeiy. .lim Belimcr Martlia Bcrning, john Blair. Bill Blume, Loretta Bocliniv. Ed Bowser jim Boyer. lvlzrrilyn Braun Philip Brinkroeger, Roxeann Brossard. Allen Brown. Boyds Brown, Jeanette Bucchncr. Bill Bunnell. Bill Burhank. john Carroll. Marjorie Cart' wright, Dorothy Casey. Paul Cattin. Charles Cecile Carol Circle. Ruth Clapp. Shirley Close. lvlaxine Cl'.l' mer. Phyllis Dailey. Sharon Dean, Nlarylane Desinonda. -lean Doege. Vv'illard Doelir- man. Homer Driver. Pat Dye. Dick Edaall, Ruth Eicher. Sam Ellert. Paula Elson. Glen Erne. Don Evans, lvliiry Eversole, jim Feasel. Bea Fletclirr. Delores Folkner, Ann Fox. Inez Frances. Bill Franke, Dick Friddle, -loan Ganihrcll. Marlene Gaskill. janet Cinder, Dick Gonihert. Dick Greenwood. Norma Gruber. Virgil Hagy. Larry Haisley, Barbara Hall. Bob Hall, Pat Hupner, Eleaf nor Harshman. Pat Havens, janine Hawthorne. Bob Heath, June Heaton, Law' rence Heller. 107 GQ My -B if 1 r .5 Z' 1 J at ' 9' fi Milk! X ,-N ..- f-Q 1, iz, 9 ef il IEW A 1 Q v., im ,J .4 3 :iw .A -ev ,1 ,, u S7 , x ,s V "' ,i5'?1 A is --Q' 3 , Z. Z" 5 ' K ,L l -5 EX... X C. ,nn E-lx li Q -..M l l. la Y ig 4, i 4 f ,,,e.,M....-,..,. -- X ,, af K i R R i, K' E f 1 X L L L 1, i ,ci L 5 V fe li? R I , L ff f g ,, " TG? ..', ' rf -'-' 1 i s i , , , F,,,,.. V, Q " - - . . , I Q4 '-,v 3 V 54 J , ,, ly- Q! , ! ff 17 1,2 , V Ai' V 2 , h gg Q Q nf X lp c. e V, V V bt ix ,. X "' we ,Q . .N 'if 1" . a -A 1 'J' -1' fi ... 331 f ,cttc viie L -f' V? A l 'v f-6 ,, r -4 'W-Y Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row S' Row 6 Row 7 Row S Row 9 Row 10 108 ------ ....- .- Keith Hensler. Charlene Hes' ler, Eileen Hile, Charles Hoe' mig, joy Holman, Dave Hoff ton, Cale Horton. George Hulfeld, Roger Hunt- er, Dick Huser, jerry Hyser, Esther lmler, Hyrle Ivy, Franklin johns. Phyllis johnson, Nancy Kable, jackie Kanouse, Ioan Keintz, Alice Kling, Ed Knapp, Mer' lin Knispel. Margaret Koontz, Pat Kroef mer, Dick Kruger, Raymond Kurtz, jim Lamh, Margarette Lambert, Todd Lambert, Mary Landis, Maurice LeEaf your, Rosemarie Lemay, Carol Linnemeier, Phyllis Lochner, Patty Long, Sharon Long, janice Luessenhop, Dorothy Luhman, jackie Lutz, Doris Lytle, Dave McComb, Sylvia McDowell, Marlene Mc- Feely. Warren McCahey, Barbara McKeever, Lorraine McKen- zie, Ann Mackey, Phyllis Manecke, Joann Marquardt, Louann Marquardt. Derrill Maxwell, Janice Meeks, Sharon Meek, Caro' lyn Meek, joan Menge, Bill Meyer, Jim Meyer. David Miller, Muriel Morey, Carolyn Neal, Eleanor Nico' let. Dick Norton, Dorothy Norton, lla Mae Olson. LeElla Opliger, Erma Orr. David Cvermeyer, Sue Park- er, Alice Patton, Patty Payne, Ioan Pickens, Dick Pierce. Ro W l Row 2 R ow 3 R o xx' 4 Ro xx' 9 Row 6. Row 7 Row 8 Row 9 Row IU, jim Platt. -lere Preston. Millie -lane Raake. Lucille Reinhardt. jim Reynolds, Tom Rody. Victor Root. Nancy Rosenherger. David Rowan. Nancy Ruhle. loan Rush. Carolyn Rye. lvfarilyn Schoff. Betty Scott. lvfarsha Scott. Pat Schuhert. Beverly Schulz, Gerry Schweif zer, Bill Sefton. Norma Scif gal. Nancy Shearer. Howard Shideler, jorctta Shively. Ellis Shookman, Lu' cinda Shreve. Joyce Shuherl-Q. Barhara Shuler. Vern Smith. Billy Mae Southard. Christine Sprague. YVanda Lee Stacy, Sharon Steller. Maxine Ste' phan. Don Stephen. Ralph Steward. Carroll Stilwell. Sharon Stock' herger. Pat Strait. Harold Struver, Phil Swinford. Elaine Timm, Dick Thornaa. Lois Thompson. Edward Thoms. Bruce Tone. Donna Tonkcl. joanne Turncy, joy Ummel. Lorraine Valentine. Gloria Dean VanCamp. Gloria Mae VanCamp. Carol Vollmar. Elnore Walbiirn. Don Walker. Noble Wzills. Doretta Vvfarner. Nancy Whitenack. Dick Whonsetlcr, Peggy Vv'honf setler. Tom Wilkens. Sharon XVilliams, Phyllis Wimmer. Esther Winje. Bud Vifoods, Ann Worster, Pat Wyans. Bill Yahne. joan Zickgraf. Sally Zimmerman, Joann Zimmerman. Kendall Zion. 109 T11 r' ' xr-L' .ol azz,-1-1 i Y 1.2 2 Y 'I' i J iw E l if 0' 5:52 " r -' C, . J . 57 '7 N U E5 ., f 4 r 1 ' Q if X1 9 ik, r., c r y,,E S ya , Q' I, 5 V gg' . 1 . ' 'I'-1 . 1 I Il A T' 1 . 3 .C i E f I, r - 6 Q - ' 'W , I f ' I ' J ., ' ' . aaaa at at A ti ff i -. M I V A . ... ia.: - fa- av. ' ' ,M .. . .. if ":f iii' ' ' Q... of ' Q 2. f-: ,J FQ fx- 9 T' eff ww iw X ,. ,, Q fs - - ,, M :,,.. ai 5 N 7, :D A 4 J-is ' at 3 - ! " if 'i-33? . " A T . 2 3, 4 ' ' ' K 'I U . YY:-i ., lx E A , r fs A I xf . r.., .,,. W 1 4 X 1 ' . ' Q . XJ: 1 I . H -5 v. f 2, I s I 1 'Wx l me fl ' il l x ll fi ,l -f f .- -----.-H -- -1-v - vm ---r-1--'we--2-v--vmzs-n..:,c,..,,, n-- 3 E T1 l il. Sopfzomore Touffly Representatives of the sophomore class are chosen by the members themselves. Officers are selected at the beginning of the school year. In December the sophof more poll is taken, and ten students are chosen by the members as the most outstanding. Here are four of the Red- skins who were chosen most popular on their poll. Upper left: Left, Beverly Hearn, Ellen Hunt, George Duttcr, and Pat Selby flash their friendly smiles at the camera. That is, Ellen, George, and Pat do. Woiidcr where Beverly is looking? To the left in the circle are the officers of the sopho- more class. Bottom row: Harold Thomas, class adviser: Evelyn l K 1 i l ' Upper left: Max Morris, Phyllis I Eicher, and Evie Burgess smile E happily while standing by the l 4 door. Right: Les Daily supports the flag pole and grins at Nancy Heider and jim Schlatter. The snow looks cold, but the Redskins 110 L don't seem to mind. l Burgess, presidentg and Miss Marie Milf ler, class a d v i s e r. Standing, George Dutf ter, secretarytreasurer: and .lim Schlatter, vice' president. Max Morris, the social chairman, was not present. x gf-'ti ,Q .1-PQ , Rnxv l 7 Row -. Row 3 Ruw 4 Row 7 R mwxx' 6 Row 7 Row 8 Row 9 Row IU Row 11. DelnreQ Adair. B.irlmr.i Aicli' elc. hlsinice Alvey. Marv An' H Ulllpfillllli. Carol Arnev. Plivlr lis Ainniller, Yvonne Banker. Betty Bzilew, lvfririlyn Biirriind. Maury Ann Bzirraind. Arlene ' f ' Barrett. Vanetzi B.n't11xvziy, -'5 Helen Bins, Darrell Bauer. Glnria Bauer. Rnlwert Baller' Qimer. Sully Beierlein. e 'f er y Beelie. Delnres Beueler. .lane Bielver. lvleirilyn Bulger. lvliirilyn Blnek. Dnn Bndeker. meister. Carrol Buyer. Vietnr H Bc 1 B x i l Bud Bndie. Evelyn Ballinger. M11l'i1zii'et Bnlyrird. ,luyfe Hnnd, George Bnxveix. Garland Bnvd, Rmeni.iry Brewnziliani. B.irl'mrz1 BITPXYII, Vkhiida Brudi, Marilyn Bruiek, Evelyn Biirgesw. Sli.ii'un Burke. Gene Burry. Verna Biisehlmnin. Miu'jni'1e Buueli. Helen Byiill. ,lim flaiiiplwll. -lnlin flzirter. Toni cllhlplllilll. Elezinnr Clzipp, Connie fllnw' Qtr. Richard Cnleinzin. Clieii Conner. Lucretia Cnnk. Luis Cunper. Marlin Cfrziiner, Nnreen Crosley, Bill'l'WilI'2l Cul' lvertson, Alnlin Cushing. Gwen Dzifldorn, Bonnie Daniels. Joyce Davenport. Rita Def Wald. Lawrence Diller. Weiy'iic Doeli rm rin, Mzirtlw .1 Dooley. Florence Downey. Joan Driver. Sliirley Dunlap. Ronald Dunn. George Dutter. Pliylf lis Eichcr, Carol Eislncrg. Carol Elder, Gloria Erdinain, Ruth Ewzild. Dick Fair, lviary Lnu Fell, Barham Ficlwcg. Lois Field. Carol Finlchouse, Pat Fire' stine, Eda May Freak. Basil Fryer. 111 5, MM, ,R fm , -J '37 'CJ' 53, Q n l, 'F 'F 7 -Q -vw .. -1 -.Q 31 x ii, gl r-,i 4-17 liar 9 fr! fb. .4 1-v 11 I 5 , 4 u St lv - 1..v.,L-f --........-,YV X x w, A T 'ml I-A " 'J " jfmffrr' 'nf-'jig if - 4- ' ' li 13"- Q 'Q lf, y ,, ,A rg' e L I, N ,.., ' f .,,,f ,.e,,-,, fi 4 . A41A. J 1 I A .. ' : K Y :Ist -' Y EYE, J L 'zz swf' Jag' Q 5 , 1 li 4 fl ,r - 1. ' 'll , " V D 1 Nb if f ' L J 1 f 1, f ,f ffl- 1 1 1 1 . ' "A" . ' ' f, V 1 1 I ' 3:2 521 -. frm!-F W W vvuq fl xx!! W 11", v ' is A , 42' 1 "' 'rv' -34 if 11 ' I 'klfr " ll X . ...g-..,, . 1 .., 4:2 int my 'ii x A- BM' Y A A . A rr 1 Kell 1 K f 1 r f 1 X 1 ,fic -31.1 1' .- ' ?'. 'P r lx u , 5 ' f L LEX 'X Q ,,,h -. .9 F7 W . we ,O sf ar.. llll 1 eg ll ' ' " "f' S'!fFl!!:'M':-1 "!t'!!"!?l'Y'W'-1gv, If--fx - . lluw l, Row 2, 1 lluxx J, Rim' 4 Rim' 5 ll 1 iw 6 Rim' 7 Rim' 8 Row 9 Row lll Row 11 l 12 Charler Gall, Dwxgln Gallif more. Ralph Gaw. Ray Giant. Delores Gilbert. Eugene Gott' lriecl. EClXK'E1l'Cl Gray. Ferrnl Grassley. Floyd Gris' weld, Dave Gunn, Gurdon Hallley. Bill l'lanselm11n, Bar' lwara HLll'lll5LYIl, Sam Harper. Mary Harrix Arlene l'l.1rfh- man, Dick Hart. RlCl12lI'd HilLlbClllld. Nancy Heider. llllftll HC1'NlllWCfgCf. Bulv Heyn, Dnnna Hiekle. Mandel Him' elsrein. Sey111r+11r l'li111elstein. -lean Histed. Marjurlc Hively. David H4,1fl'e1'l1e1'tl1, Mary Horner. B a 1' lwa 1' 21 Hull. Drvmtlxy Huglwei, Martha Hullinger, Dorn HllIl1lW2lfLfCI', Ellen Hunt, Edward LlUl'ClLll1. ,l11111e: -luitice. Bill K.1l1le11l1cck.ll.1lpl1 Kanll' man. Lyle Keen, Devwlayne Keller. LLlC1llC Keller. Dum: Ke1'cl1. Geneva Kerr. Ruland Kessler, john King. Polly Klingensrnitlx. Fred Knipitein, Betty Knwley. Donna Kinepel. hlalnew Kell' merton. lack Kn111isa1'ow. Judy Krebs. Bulb La'l'0urette, Barbara Lelaman. Tom Leonard, loan Levy. Doris Longardncr. janet Loveless Jeanie Ma' luolrn. james Malsburg. Caro' lyn Malsbury. Glenna Manl gcs. Beverly Manor. Ethel Marquiss. Byron May. Myron May. Elf sie Meiners. Barlwara Mertz. Gloria McKee. Marilyn Mc- Keeman, Ralph Miles, Fran' cis Miller. janet Miller, Max Morris, jack Mougin. Bob Mueller. Richard Munn. Annabelle Nelson. Ruth Oetting, Byron Olson. Rum' l. Row l Row s. R uw 4 RUR' 5 R ow 6 Row 7 Row S Row 9 Row 10. Row 11 Bill Panyard. Nancy Pape, Garnet Patrick. Carolyn Pe' tersnn. Dick Plieflcr. Delores Plluegcr. Duetta Pickering, Shirley Pninsett. john Pnpp. Charles Porter, Vfaymun Powe. Dean Powell, Ruth Ptiwcll, Peggy Quirl-C. Sally Rainer. Ruhert Press' lcr. Dean Ranshurg. -lnhn Reinwald. NVarrcn Rein' hardt. Barhara Renicr. Phyllis Renicr. Donna Richhart. Dnn Rippc. Dun Ritennur. Kenneth Roh' insnn. janet Rnekey. Dun Rulullf Paul Ruser, MHl'llQ'D Roush, lvlary Runge. Kaye Sehinheckler, lim Schlattcr, Betty Schwind. Pat Sclhy. Stanley Sexton. Bill Shamhaugh. lvlarvin Shannon. Sally Sheets. Bar' hara Shipman. Mary Ann Shrnycr. Barbara Sievers. -ludy Smell. Charlotte Smith. Dale Smith. Dick Smith, Gloria Smith. jerry Smith. Leila Smith. Margaret Smith. lvlarilyn Smith. ,lean Snyder. lvlary Ann Snyder, Pat South- ern, jean Snwers. Connie Springer. lcaneen Stautler. Bnh Stcller. Carule Stillpass. Betty Strauh. Dwight Stradcr. Bill Summers. Betty Sunclerf man. Franklin Sutter. Stan Swinton. Nlarilyn Thatcher. Donna Thomas. Carolyn Titus, Dick Twigg. Richard Van Horn, Stanley Volz. Erin Vwfehb. Ned Vk'eckesser, V Donna Vw'erst. Loretta NVQ?- enhargcr, Roy Wiegman, Andy Williams. Richard Willis, john Wilson, Flor' ence Wyss. Ann Young. 113 9 ,+- ., v f -4 ' v , 1 i . 1 E 579.7 I ..,. .. ,MW , l ll X r ' 1. J a. .. y .M MK . ,fl 'fmt F ,,.- nf t V - l - N faj' - y ' 'q V2 1 45 -'TL 1, - lv I XX 7'-I . E ,,v'-. n t X X I V :"i -1 ,4 Wish! r-lr f 'g il S' ' I f NX W it .'.-A A .f.X.'l'Yr ir,-NQWFV W, N X Fr f 5. ' 4' tt ffl ' 5 g"x"' Q i , I'-.. xx .. yo ilu WF ' .l, X '. W .I A IW- ' - cl-T ig 1 ax? Y ,af ,:.- , l if 1 it l frit. . f al if - 1 Xia' Y " ' -- if Va I-ii I r 7 X 5 , . K S X X, f fl 7 ff W IH , f . 5 S, z ba. - liz' ' -S . ,Y qv... VA ... Q . J, -3 Js . ' , - i' ' l N, '- .fri -1 . .'-I-?"'...l""" 'Z f M- ' ' nl W ,flyw if il .-. ,K A s s ' ,- f f' .b ei ' f I L f A - K A 5:94 A' f ' a' l r i ,fs 1- fl . Vs x.J t M, ,' r -Q sw R ff iff," V 's 5, -gg .4 0, '7 2 ' J Qax rr- ' fr' J t i Q J "YJ-in 1 lx? L ,. , ,,.,, . nf , ..- ... - - , v'::f:!"'1nY"rl'Ilsw: !-!!'!!!f2'H!!!'I.!.lfr:'i . ,,,, 11156111672 Pfzpooyey Tn the left are the freslnnun class nflicers. Seated: Clillnrel Ott, class adviser: Elisa D-sister, social chanr1nan1 and jerry Gibson. president. Standing: Charles Ellenwnml, vicefprcsident, Tina Einhnrn, secretary- treaisurer, and MI'S. Alice Nuslmuln, class adviser, were not present. Below: Chuck Ellenwnod, Ruth Cleveland, and Jerry Hnenng are sented inthe Nnrtlierner rmnn. Results nl' the freshmen polls are shown on this page. Ten mein' lwcrs are annually selected by the class as the most outstanding. In the circle are Duke Blzinee, Elise Deister, and Don Vance all giving friendly smiles to the ezuneru. Lower right: Waitiiig for the sigf nail to gn are, left to right, Tina Einhorn, Beverly Crabill, Jean Mc Comb, and Tom Jacoby. 114 xxx' ' O 'NM-' Rim' l R1 xxx' I, Rim' 5 Rum' 4 Ruxx' 5 RUM' fi Kms- 7 Ram' S Rim' 9 Row lil Rm' 11 Row 12. Ruvcll ,'Ml.11nN, Rwhril Alhur. Clyde fkldcn, Runnin .'Xlr.lun, Allinc Alt. Nod xXlt1'k1'11Nc. Bnh Ixlllllilll, Edmiid .Nndcr 4011, Cfgirulyii xkpplcgiitc, Aliq- Ariiislrunp. Audrcy Ixllll' ktrnng. -Ic.1n Ixlllllilll, Haul Psiicrinnn. M.u'g.1rct l3.1h1'. lxldfllyll l'v.1kc1'. Paul Bgikw. f,zu'11lcC Ball, Dirk llulcll, lvlarilyn Barker. Dirk l'm.1r rand. Hclcn Barrzind. H4-xx-4 ard Baxli. Pginiy Brixlwp. linh .u'd Baum llivc PJ-IXIUI. Hclcn lluwlcli. Evclyn BCQ1111, Kzitliryn limi nigin, Eugcnc Bcckfticn. Nancy Bickhurt. Bcycxly Bicry, Evclyn -lim llllccr. Duke l3l.rm1'. Gloria Brvchin. B Q X 11 1' l x' Bricrkc. Slmr--n B1-xx'-Q13 fYh.11 lcnc BUYCl,.l4Mll1 Binggm lluh Crt l51'1mxx'n. Ralph llulir. Clnirlcx llui-il mn. Pull Burkhziltcr, Nm 1n.1n Burkh.1ltcr. Nancy B111'1'1x. N1Vl'II1.l Pauschc. ,l.1n1fc f1.11f pcntcr. Nuringi Cfll'tCI'. Alan Cli.1111hc1'N. Ruth Cllcvc land. Donald ffluuxq, flu-pug C1-il1n.1n, Keith chlll, fv'l.1l Colm Civil, 111.111 Cunlcy. Bill Crunk, Shirley Crmpcr. Ycrnun flux: Beverly Crnhill. lorry ffiwxycll. Pat Cutler. Carul Duncll. Elziinc Daugherty, Nancy Daugherty. Loc Dciklcr. Elm: Dcixtcr. Emily Dcmwn. Clmirlciw Dov mmnds. lvlargarct Dctwilcr. Carol Dcvfald. Cai-nl Didier. Bob Dicincr. Louis Diller. Donald Dilhng. Doannzl Bell Dillman, N111 hlc Dochrman. Sally Dmwcll. Richard Drcsslcr. Hairnld Dl'iX'CI'. Pat Driver. rfmhl .-Y V .. A KY! Ay: -Q . AN -B -6 A 9 6 Q f . 'f IX' 'L . x i 'i ' f 9',.fl,',I'-in A H Q 1 1 -3 'R rv I 'l ll 3 -l fl Ewa 'fl i , :EV 41, , Q, L K 1' I I A 3 J N - , , I Y . f ' -' ah-it 1. J rl A , t K 2 ' ' T 1 Q.: I Q 1 I .93 R124 ii? 2 3' D , Q if 1 Q 1 Y , X si 1 ' fl 1 ,1 in f 1 3" A A Q 5 ' "" ' , B :Ng l gg' 1 A672 v AXE:- P' DA, ' X 1 3 N, 'X A , W rfgf , . li! df irq-Q, -'iw ' A ' Y' illafg Q K b 1 .Q X 4 - ' 1 ,fl N ,A I V 'K 1 if 4 ,ll , 1 1 , J ,, HE nl' ' I' .4 W' YQ f 1 v MQ. l- it 1.3 ,, FV 21.39 Duruthy Dunbar. Pat Dun ff' ks A ' lcn, Czirul Egglcfnn, Ahm' U D" A I. ' ' ' ' , h.n1n Eiclmcr, Tina Einhurn. 1: ', X 'Mairilyn Eiscnhut, Chuck Elf - ' ef V A Q ' ' x lcnwnud. Dick Ellcnwnud. "7 A '- l ' 4 K , r 11,25 7 1 Dun Erwin. Donna Encx. ' ' I ' Bill Farr. Delores Farr. Dick , - .wwlg , , , -,. , Faust, lean Faylor. Nancy ' 'l , - 'pr-'f1' f'fg, V Fiebig, Charles Fishcr, 1 .Li Y '-" ' V 5' ' ' " ' " "' 3 W , . K Q Q3 1 , 1 J: -V ll If . 2. r J ' Q 5 - - ' 6 x . ll' it 1, fu if ah ' ' is Y' - .......- ,K ,-, 'law-s'-.......,x For the past sixteen years Mr, Merle J, Abbett has been superintendent of Fort Vsfaynels public schools, Since 1932 Mr. Abbett has worked to im- prove the school system of the city. Recently reappointed for the next four years, we can all be sure that Mr. Abbett will continue to secure and to insure the future for the students of Fort Wzxyiie by supplying excellent schools and instructors. This year North Side observes its twentieth anniversary as a leader in the educational held. During those twenty years, Milton H. Northrop has directed the school as the Big Chief hirnself. He plays the role of "Pop" to the entire brood of Redskins by always finding time to talk with students. As long as Pop's picture looks down on Redskins, North Side will go on serv' ing humanity. ,....2,, N... ,,,,,, Gzziflifgg flze mflizifzisfrfzfiofz W' ffze Reflikifzy are ffzese fef1zz'ei'5 .... ,g4qra4.nn.fn-,,,----v----f- Y - . Y w - 1-H -. 1-Q--v-uv-funn'-.,,..t .,,. Lt.,-nw- I F' X 5 ,. "H ,. " 9 -3 2. 'J Q 1 ,,,,, . Q F1 ?' r 5 1 QE el gl Ted Flenrke. lack Follis, Mary Forney. Marilyn Franke. Har' old Friedrich. Nancy Fuhr- man, Beatrice Funk, Frances Luther Garrett. Merl Geiger, Norman Gertz, Jerry Gihson, Beverly Glasa, Beverly Gloyd, Laura Gottfried. Mary Gocg' Karl Gomhert. Sally Good, Marlene Goodson, Bruce Gosney, Bill Gotschall. Rich' ard Gray. Margaret Greim, Melvin Guillaume. .lack Gu- termuth, Froncie Gutman. Ioan Guyatt, ,lim Hall, .loan Hans. Blaine Harper, Karen Kenny Harris. joan Harzog. Carl Hauke. Owen Haycox, Barhara Hazelett. Carolyn Heck, Phyllis Hclmke. Danny Dorothy Hile. Nancy Histed. jerry Hoemig. Tom Hoemig. Marilyn Hopkins. Norman Horne. Shirley Horton. john Bud Isay, Sam Jackson, Sue jackson. Tom xlellison. Mari- lyn johnson. Dclorah jones, Margaret Jones, Ronda Jones. Lloyd Justus. Pat Keairnes. Beverly Keintz, Herschel Keller. James Kelly. Nancy Kissinger. Terry Klinger, Kenneth Koenig. Evelyn Kol' hepp, Stan Kolmerten, Carol Kougel, Barbara Krause, Carol Kroemer. Sharon Kroemer. Marilyn Languill, Carolyn Lantz, Anita Leaman. Betty Le May. Alison Leslie, John Leslie. Pat Liggett, Babs Link. john Lyon, Ann McGave, Dick McComb. Jeanne Mc- Comh. Don McCuaig, Sharon Malone, Norma Marshall, Frank Meek, Carol Meyer. Marilyn Meyer, Norman Meyer, Betty Miller, Nancy Mellinger, Betty Mills, Keith 5 ,L --2 .1 uf 5 - ,,,f rf i I", Q . , i V' r irsflgiaf ll M551 x i f N a X. fr M ' -4 X -Q '1 i ' "E A u ROW 1. ' A , li I , ., A I Q , agnon. B -' H rv B - f- 1. -- Q, : , , y ' f' H Y ' i . -.Q 'Fl J Row 2 , i d, 1 r i jail ,l KV .' 'A , .4 'fin' FW ...V V., W?,g7,,,,,.qim g , f ' ' - Row 3 i A E gg- 'Q K ,. i ' , KJ F' . , . 1 ' ' A P -ijt A Nancy Guillaume. i S , I i J! X ,HJ -1 N 5' ff A NF f U Row 4 -1 Y , R A . XJ -K Harper. put - , fs ' 1 . -- i -af? T332 B , 2 W7 , gilX 5,2 . Raw 5 l . ,L V V it -' ' 'li' . fy ,.. 2 1 : ia ' EL g A I K Roxx 6 av, 3. " , i t ,- X 'E - - f 'J' -' Hughes. Q ,Z Q, 1 -5 ,L I ffifds Q R V 7 , v, , . ,-.. V- 5 .. x i, , l A 'VV i n E , Vi- 's 'Ya 5 A X 'EL Lv, "' 'J ai Row 8 Z- - , .. ff 0 ' Y .1 B .sf r ' at - -.-- : 21 -'T ' A dx- , ' T n M I i Karen Kline. fc , 'ri' K fy -5 I 6 G 4 we I it Z , X in Ai ,X , ' ' N it W Beverly Kruekeherg. i tx U:-L 2 I4 E i in at Bl F: I 7 5 A I -' 3 ' -V. . Row 10 l . 7, 0 V V .F 6 , 1 l t A M L ' W V F' il I H . V l W 1 Row 11 ,,, - c .. M1 1 Vlll P j7l:tS1 1 so i is 1 1- .' - -.,r:. . 2 rx- , i ' ' K2 gi , " N24 'I 5 Sharon Matthews. , I li L 1 .- F 4 -1 El H j K-S ' l .,.. Y. ,..,.,, :YN - Q. N ' - H " A ,A Row 12 if - -ff, fi' . '- ,ae ?,,f::Vi X- 'F iff V '51 ,," 1 :': ' E it . L to a . , as v i f a . K ' :3,Q?53'if ' -f'f 'ff-' 'QQ-6' FI' " . "' ,Sl if "A ev ' n f ' , ' .1 f df 3 fi " A 'V ' , ' 'A Mitchell. i 'ii WE ap ff 5 ig f Q .sb U N' ll 4 " X fit 116 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row S Row 6 Row 7 Row 8 Row 9 Row IO, Row ll Row 12 Marcia Moore. Pat Moriarity, Gray Morrow. Marilyn Moun- sey, Dorothy Muushey, Nancy Murphy, Elizabeth Meyers, judy Meyer, Phyllis Neal. Carol Neusbaum, Eugene Nicolet, Betty Norman. Bob Morris, Bob Olinger, Byron Opliger. Bonnie Ormiston. Ted Oswald, Carolee Ott. Darlene Pelz, jack Perfect. Donna Phillips. joe Phipps. Gerald Pickering. Paul Pope. Marian Potter. Richard Prairie, Melvin Raker. Al Rasp, Dick Rembarger. jack Riebel, Sandra Ring' quist. Carole Robbins. lan Rolland, Betty Rosenagle, Ed Rousseau, Richard Royse. Marshall Ruchman, Richard Sanders, janet Scheele, Carol Schuelke, Ruth Scott. Ronald Seibert, Betty Shoetl. Bonnie Shoner, Delores Shoner, Larry Shreve, Dick Shipley. Garnett Shirey, Sam Shirey, Dorothy Shuler, Barbara Sig- man, jean Sivits, Richard Sivits. David Skelly. Verda Slain, Lawrence Smith' ers, Bonnie Smith, Carol Smith, Hyde Smith, Patricia Snyder. Pat Spaake. Mary Lee Sparling, Charles Spear. Douglas Straight, Barbara Stanger. Beverlyn Stellhorn, Norman Stephan, Iudy Sterlf ing, Eugene Stevens, Carol Stitz, Helen Stokes. Gayle Strong. Robert Sturgeon, jerry Sulli- van, Shirley Summers. ,loan Swinehart, Norma Swine' hart, Gloria Swinford, Nor- ma Tetlow, Ann Travis. Bar' bara Trim. Gloria Trimmer, Bill Tully, Pat Turner, Lucille Uhrich. Bill Vance, Don Vance. Danny Votaw, Nancy Wag' ner, Larry Walker, Ann Warfield, Nancy Waters. Janice Weeks. Martha Wehnf ert, Patty Welty. Evelyn Werz, Bob Westerhausen, Dick White, James Widen- hoeft. Doris Wies. Paul Willer. Dwight Wilson. Marianne Winefer, Patricia Wood, Earl Yarborough, Dean Yoque- let, David Zoch. 117 . Q , Fi 'n l"l 1 S , 's' xi ' ' 1 l I AJ ly In X31 s 4 f- -- 4 Si 1 e ., QQQQ, . . X, I . fs f f rj , tj! It 'S l E- flaw , wir' ,flak T ." .',fzl3'i"' 'L KS ' . ,. e .. 'S V li ,gi ' ' L , A Ll L J xx it b at ', KLA, ' X '--,,g, .Y V ' r. "' . ,W L Weil is ,S , , . -ci ' 6 B 6 is ia Q ' 11 fo 'X p f. 4 f J ll P V , rn l ' '.,, ,sg ,-'+ , t ff.,' . -fa 1 i kia'-fr Q :J "2-:r Ji -A1 . 'Nj 7 J N ff F I N l 4' Ifiiiileaxg 14, ' ' J ' 1 AI' .- H ' ' L Pg s ' fx ff f ' i ' J A ' 5. , A I A .iw Ku v Y' n Q A .,, " i ii X ' wg' I xi., , A, 'fl appjf Przpoosey On this page, Top row, left to right: Esthei Wiiije models the new look for the style showz Carol Eishurg leaves school after ll husy day, as the ivy hangs protecf tingly over the door. Second row: Ben Alward presents Hyrle Ivy with a pair of red flannels on Senior Day, 1947. And here we have a group of young maidens watch' ing the camera. Third row: -lim Platt models a snally suit plus how tie. The camera IS seeing double, or we are, galing at Coil, Hoemig, and Kroemcr twins. Across the page we see. Five lassies of the iunior and senior trihes perch on a window ledge and smile at the camera, Don Seahold, Norma Cru' her, Donna Tonkel, .ind Gale Horton sit on the information desk during fifth period. Boh Stouff fer, Bob Hall, and Boh S t e l l e r represent a "Boh" from each of their classes. Carol Bay' er with George Dutter, and Evie Burgess and jimmy Schlatter dance in the foreground as we catch a glimpse of a sophomore lad and The Headless Wiwiider. Hmm! Whitt happened to the top of Carol's head? Third row: Janice Meeks and Patty Payne sell Mr. ,luska an ice cream har. Where did Mr. juska get t h at fiendish grin? P o l l y Klingensmith, Lucretia Cook, and Mary Ann Snyder sing 'Tve Been Workiiig on the Railroad" at the froshfsophornore party. That whistle of Polly's . . , woo! woo! Fourth row: Redskin papooses play jackknife at the noon hour on the front lawn. Todd Lambert, otherwise known as "Toddsie," plays a wicked set of drums in Jim Behmer's orchestra. 118 r. 1' mg? I w ' 1 EF? . iv K' is f' Q :gay N aww L. ,zzf exft I .?f'h gh 4' X 4 bt H, KZ ,fxgiiiffr ,it .J in M il 'Q 03:1 :QV ' 5 "fm n!,,'.,,.H Uzveifm JQ38' V. 'L 'fig M., Qin Il X uf, 'H-mf 2. w +A.. X -6. , 'v gf-5 1 x .Y . if '3 x 'Yami 1 :z Q ...Q Q may I If U n L' YE 5-A .rs KL '?, 1. 4 9' 5- 434 ,A-..- iwnxvfflgf? x N., fi, S ww, ,, NA? get ' Y' Q. 0 I, X3 iz. E Ka JB Qwglaiqfi F ! A s I if . .... . ...q,,W.--,-M.,,.mw-nnmmu We Point With Pride To This Year Book Uur past record has proved that our highly trained, thoroughly ex' periencecl personnel and modernly equipped printing plant, working in close cooperation with the stall of any school, will produce year hooks as artistic and perfect as is humanly possible. WM. . DIDIER SL SO S, Inc A WML! 71544409 Autographs ' Y, 'WML A ASQ, X f fVl'Ll, ,LL Aufogmpfzy Aufograpbs A pleasing smile, a kindly perf sonality, and cheerful help- fulness mark the character of North Side's Chief Squaw, Miss Victoria Gross, Dean of Cirls at North Side for the past seventeen years. Miss Cross serves as head of the Guidance Council and organ- izes programs for the student hody. Always ready with a smile, she is the person to see for the solution to a perplexf ing prohlem. In addition to -a her duties as Dean, Miss Gross serves as adviser to the Student Council: and all cluhs are under her supervision. K Mrs. George Silk, Mrs. Froncie Gutman, Mrs. George A. MacDowell, Mrs. Walter Hayes, and Harry A. Young were the leaders of the ParentfTeachers' Association in its many activities of the current school year. ,l .1 N if 'Y Vs Comprising a strengthening link between the students and the educators of North Side is the ParentfTeachers Association, founded in 1928. The P.fT.A. was organized to promote eo' operation between parents and teachers and to promote the general welfare of the student body. As the financial and moral supporter of the student hody, the P.fT.A. always works with the interests of the average Redskin in mind. Composed of the fathers and mothers of North Side students and the teachers of the Red skins, the ParentfTeachf ers Association has greatly furthered the high ideals representaf tive of North Side and the opportunities offered hy the school. Autographs fiufogmplzy U ' graphs ' 'pwwgwwyuio My QM, OpJvffr"Zf YP MQ f Wm nf' figwj Wfffjjf fbi wif 9, I W"4Q" A 0 WQW5 4 LQJQ,QJffjQZ2'Z5.Jv,w4 QWWZW JM 'wp l I ,Q 1' fd' 4 .4 A N Q' , 'll lx L I ' 1 u .13 , U m'lv'i .P I bi X .,' ID.,-1 -, ,, .q- 1 I . ' Jfbwdffwf wvxxv N , 'X R ,aff ' W" ,JU .mer ff? ff' ,nuaigwf -, ' M7 ,ffm g,y.f,m clfww J MMA ja,-A. ,41-wvaf 5, 162996 """"" M' WM vafbr' Q60 .SJM-' Sfziw E bf' u .QQVX 'NW mga k", wt," Qffpfrr' ,, 'fi ',4,z.e Wawfjv' L56 , ff .- M Wfu pn, . , ' iv 5 r6 - A l J' I ' . Q 4 A X ' t 5- QL? ' ' ' ' Gfjifff fr"J1"5 ,' -Q-'7.1'f'-'f ""' 714004 I , X J . KK 'v 1 N .,-, g 1 L' 41' A ,4 xr , R L fvy-L4 fs., C f, If f J ' Gal L I , J L , , , ,2 f f fd 21 'QU' 7 1 I , po . 3 4, y 3 M 4? 53q WW F133 110. qgfiu ,ww .1 CD -.5 M ' 3? ,X 1 H5 X i N " 1 fl RH 3 xkl . . v x l!a.Wmw,-mmm f ,AGU I 5 x W'-4 'WT fb ' 50 G' N I S, . N . X S 3 'w W t. . . ., 1 C4 'v . E ,F as 75 2 it 9 F 4 ,i '- Jr LZ r E 1 J 5 42 1 ,Q I. Q L Qi il V: ii -1 ' 4ZJK'lIhKMlUH WHHH s Members of the Student Council are, left to right, front row: Hutsell Warheld, Schwind, Kougel, Vollmar, Bash, Sullivan, Vv'aggoner, Long Knight, Smith, Burgess, Altman, Eicher, Buechner, and Bowser. v Second row: Pope, Deister, Raake, Daniels, Field, Essex, Bruick, Miller, Lehman, Linnemeier, Frances, Ummel, Lautenschlager, Keltsch McFeely, and Hesler. v Third row: Overmeyer, Osborne, Volz, Bradley, Kahlenbeck, Davis, Diller, Hoemig, Morris, Munz, Reed, Shearer, and Harper. Fourth row: Mr, Northrop, Edsall, Stoutler, Lamson, Detwiler, Gut' man, Schafenacker, Rolland, Pierce, Diller, Wilstwii, and Miss Gross. Student Leaders As soon as the workmen who built North Side stepped back to admire their work, the Student Council representatives took over and began to build the traditions which have been passed down to us today. To develop a sense of democracy, to draw the student body and faculty together, and to promote in all ways the ideals of the school are the goals of the Student Council. Oflicers for the 194748 school year were John Harper, presif dent, Dale Csborne, vicefpresidentg and Ruth Keltsch, secretary. Miss Gross and Mr. Northrop have served as advisers to the Council since its founding in 1928. Throughout the year the Student Council sponsors several func' tions. On BackftofSchool Night, November 12, the members acted as guides for the parents. Cne way stairways were in effect from December 15 to January 10. CetfAcquainted Day was held in Feb' ruary, with the annual Courtesy Week following a few weeks later. In the spring the junior high school students were guests of the Student Council in a tour of North Side. Through these outstanding events and many lesser ones the Student Council enjoyed a highly successful school year. ............-.---L ..- .-,:..- 7' 221- - -- - Native Tongue Shown here from left to right are: Top row, Department head Catherine Cleary, Albert A, Coil, Dayton Musselman. Sec' ond row: Bernice Sinclair, Freda Withers, Mildred Huffman. Third row: Elizabeth Little, Irene Miller, julia Storr. Fourth row: Geneva Burwell, Maihel Greenwalt, Sara Stirling. Since the fall of 1927 the English department has tried to give the pupils at North Side a thorough training in the fundamentals of good English. The original department was headed by Miss Mary Cromer. In 1937 Miss Cromer was succeeded by Charles Dickenson, who in turn, was succeed' ed by Miss Catherine Cleary, the present head of the department. Members of the English departf ment have as their aim to help their pupils achieve mastery in the art of communication - reading, writing, and speaking. Through the teaching of reading and in the fostering of a love for books, the department has tried to install in its students a fuller appreciation of their American herif tage. By a program in selffexpression each student has been better prepared to clarify his thoughts, stimulate his imagination, and express himself in a clearer manner. Every student has been taught to try to develop an original style of writing with regard to spelling and punctuation rules. Through wisely directed reading, the members of the English department have attempted to help their pupils develop that attitude which will dispel enmities of race, of creed, of social classes, and of nations. Mindful of these objectives, the North Side stuf dent has received a rounded English background upon graduation. 11 World Observers Faculty members of the social science def partment are, from left to right, top row: Department head Marian Bash, Williiani Willer, Harry Young. Second row: Kath' arine Rothenberger, john DeLong, john Sinks, Third row: Anthony -Iuska. Scenes from history, economics, and civics classes are below, ln the last twenty years, world horif Zons have been broadened, and a globf al view of history and geography has affected the teaching of all social sciences courses. There has been a greater emphasis on current news and geography, and on the social and eco' nomic problems that are disturbing the world today. Of the original facf ulty group, john DeLong is the only remaining member. Merton Kimes headed the social science department until 1945 when he resigned and Miss Bash became head of the department. These changes have occurred in curriculum. About ten years ago United States history and World his' tory changed places as junior and sophomore subjects. A senior course in sociology was added in 1939. The freshman citizenship course was dropped about four years ago, and the vocations course was offered by the social science department. To produce a good citizen who is fully versed in current issues has be' come increasingly difficult because of the complexity of the world in which the young person Ends himself. Because the student must decide many issues after graduation, courses in the social sciences have been planned to impress upon the student his duty to his country and to his community. These principles have been effective in creating broadminded citizens. 12 l!'!3mzs.51:':m'.f...z:g::aa.::if: : -4 :emu ,gg 4,,,uwe Commercial Affairs Shown here, reading from top to bottom, are Leslie E. Reeves, department head: Vkfilliam Simon, Grace Bridges, john A. Mertes, Oral Furst, and lvlaryann Chap' man along with the scenes from their busy classrooms of business students who work industriously. When North Side was opened to enrollment in the year 192768, a def partment of business was included. Cf the original stall Miss Ural Furst is the only one remaining. The depart' ment has grown through the years, and now six teachers are employed in teaching the various business subjects considered necessary for a wellfroundf ed commercial education. Leslie Reeves is the head of the depart' ment. The purpose of the department is twoffold: To give the necessary train' ing in those business activities in which all engage regardless of occupaf tion, and to give specialization to those who wish to prepare for a business career. The business depart' ment offers courses in the principles of bookkeeping, consumer buying, business law, and business administraf tion. Although much of the work does not ordinarily prepare a student for college, a course has been outlined whereby a pupil may major in busif ness and yet fulfill the requirements for college entrance. A student may in his third year branch out into clerical or stenographic courses. In preparing for secretarial work, pupils must obtain an eflicient knowledge of filing and be able to operate cor' rectly machines used in modern offices, In the clerical course students should be well informed in the correct filing methods. 13 Ardent Art dherents Through the ages it has been the desire of man to create line pieces of art and to transmit a thought or an idea into a thing of beauty. The purpose of the art department is to develop the creative talent of the students interested in this type of work. Throughout its twenty years of existence, the art department has never ceased to willingly donate its time and efforts to other departments. Designing backdrops, posters, programs, and decorations for banquets, dances, and musical and dramatic programs are just a few of such instances. Thus, the art department has expanded and increased in size, enrollment, courses, and activities. The art department has graduated many students who are making themselves prominent in the art field and of whom North Side is justly proud. In art contests she has received many honors. Painters, designers, architects ffff the future world lies in your hands! Miss Gertrude Zook and Miss Bernice Sinclair are shown here with the scenes oi their classrooms about them. Students make posters, study carvings, model clay, and paint busily as they gain an understanding and appreciation of art. A K+ Actors, rators, ournalists Since 1928 the students of North Side have published a school paper called the "Northerner." journalism classes, under the direction of Miss Freda Withers, learn how to write, edit, and in general how to put out a good paper. Redskin journalists learn hy experience as Well as hy study. Miss Margery Suter, who founded the Student Players Cluh here in 1928, instructs classes in drama for all students who have gained sophomore rating. Classes gain experience hy giving monologues and reading senior plays given in the past. After one semester of drama, the student may he initiated into S.P.C. Since 1928 the speech club, National Forensic League, has flourished at North Side. Students who are interested in speech may enter one of the speech classes, now under the direction of Alhert Coil. Speech trips are arranged hy the department so the students may gain practical experience. Miss Margery Sutcr, Alhert A. Coil, and Miss Freda Withti hoxxn here from left to right are surrounded hy scenes of Redskins fol in pmtr broadcasting junior Town Meeting, checking Northcrners, t otin in t Christmas play, and reading poetry in class. lv sf, main Scientific Mystery Explorers Since l927 the science department has consisted of courses in chemistry, physics, biology, botany, and physical geography. ln 1927 E. M. Suter began teaching chemistry at North Side. The department is equipped to do any experiment within the range of high school chemistry. The physics department opened under the guidance of Rolla P. Cham' bers. In 1942 Sherman Pressler became the instructor. During the war, two advance semesters were offered for boys entering the service. Clifford Risk was the lirst botany instructor in 1927. Students study stems, roots, cells, and plant life in general. The present instructor is Miss Vesta Thompson. The first instructor in biology was Miss Julia Alexander. The likeness that exists between all living things is highly stressed. The present instrucf tors are Clifford Ott and Miss Thompson. Physical geography has been taught since 1927. Mr. Suter and Fredf erick Breeze were the iirst instructors. Weather, structure of the earth, and ocean are studied. Noel H. Whittern is the present instructor. Reading from left to right are Sherman Pressler, Vesta Thompson, Cliiford Ott, Noel Whitterii, and Harold Thomas, instructors in the science depart' ment. Also are shown scenes from science classes during both instruction and laboratory periods and glimpses of field trips. ,mi dl I .c BBQX5s6W3C3':l'lf+dX1i15,.' fdsiim 5' :".2S'3m '7'M"'f W khan- J-'il ' in -44,e.1af:L1'g.-,4.,e:.4,.4.'.g, - 4 -. .-.e4.',,aA3..f:24:1.. . ', Mathematics Made Easy l Since 1927 the mathematics department has played an important part in the program for study of North Side students. On it has rested much of the responsibility for the future progress of our students. lts training im' proves mental fitness for almost any field of endeavor, Mathematics points the proper path for all, for truth is the end which all constructive forces seek, All freshmen are required to study one year of hasic algehraz and if following an academic course, they must take one year of plane geometry in their sophomore year. If the student desires, he may elect a semester of solid geometry or a third semester of algehra. He may then elect one semester of college algebra and continue the next semester in trigonometry studies. The present instructors in mathematics are E. L. Pennington, Miss Venette Sites, Miss Frances Plumanns, Mrs. Ella B. Clark, Mrs. Alice Nushaum, and Miss Marie Miller. From left to right heloxv are Venette Sites, department head: Marie Miller. Ella B. Clark. Alice Nushaum, Frances Plumanns. and Everett I.. Pennine' ton. Vs71th them are shown scenes from trigonometry, algelara, and geometry classes .is students rack their hrains to find the right anxver. X, 1.5 1' 'Sx"'L-s!i- w. 'Q-qv -CQQ fx .SX-Q l i , I , ! . a i l l i i l I I i r I I , s l. P I n X. P 1 ,I . ZSYW TW V in Musical otes Reading from top to hottom are Varner M. Chance, department headg Raymond S. Beights, and Rohert F. Sliainhznigli. Around them are scenes from chorus and hand classes, the triple quartet in a con- cert, soloist practicing, memhers of enf semhles. .ind Mr, Bcights at the organ. At the opening of the school, the music department consisted of a hand of twentyfsix memhers, a few instruf ments, and a small mixed chorus class. During the passing of twenty years, the department has grown to approxif mately four hundred students. The department is divided into hand, choir, and organ sections. The hand was organized during the lirst school year hy Paul Matthews. lts next instructors were Williani Sur, Varner Chance, and Rohert Shamf haugh. Last year the hand acquired new uniforms. This marching group has gained much acclaim for its for' mations and precise marching. In 1928 the lirst chorus class was hegun and grew into the Girls' Honor Choir hy 1931. The A Cappella choir hegan in 1932. Beginning and ad' vanced chorus classes were started in 1940: training choir in 1911 and girls' choir in 1942 were added. The music department bought an electric organ in the spring of 1947, and last fall the organ classes were initiated under the direction of Ray' mond Beights. Music appreciation classes have hecn under the direction of Mr. Sham' haugh since 1946. The various branches of the music department present four concerts each year under the direction of Mr. Chance, Mr. Shamhaugh, and Mr. Bcights. 18 Versatile inguists From top io hotiom are llepartment head Loraine Foster, Marie Ehle, Frances lllu' manns, Geneva Burwell, and Judith Bowen, foreign language teachers. The teachers are surrounded hy scenes from the Spanish, Latin, and French elasses as students ex' amine maps and charts and do classwork "Our dear old North Side High stands for service, truth, and light." lt is the aim of North Side's foreign language department to shed light up' on the world and its peoples hy the study in its courses. From the opening of North Side in 1927 until her re' tirement in l944, Miss Bertha Nelson was head of the department. Miss Loraine Foster succeeded her and at the present time serves in this eapaf city. Latin, French, and German formed the first hasic curriculum. Then with the changing world events, Spanish came into the foreground. At the presf ent time, four years of Latin, two years of French, and two of Spanish are offered, Through the study of Latin, students heeome acquainted with the cultural values of Roman civilization, increase their knowledge of English, and hroaden their literary horizons. Students who take up ad' vaneed Latin become acquainted with the works of Cieero and Virgil. The study of French and Spanish offers a hasic reading and speaking knowledge of each language. It also enahles the students to read short stories and gives them a deeper understanding and ap' preeiation of the people. When people speak the same language, they heeonie friends. Through foreign languages, a lasting foundation of international understanding is oftentimes laid. l9 Health Redskins Reading from left to right, Top row: An' thony juska, Audris L. Buckner, Second row: Rolla P. Chambers, Hyrle Ivy. From top to bottom: Donald H. Kemp, Margaret Spiegel and Ruth Carroll surrounded by scenes of the health building physical edu' cation activities. Study and practice make up the work of the health department, which includes courses in health, physical education, physical fitness, swimming, and drivers' training. In the health classes, students learn about physical organs, correct habits, and psychology. Teaching the girls is Miss Margaret Spiegel, who started her career here in November, 1937. Hyrle lvy, Sr., who began when the school opened in September, 1927, teaches the boys. These faculty mem' bers also instruct swimming, which can be taken instead of physical edu' cation. ln these classes swimmers range from those learning their first strokes to those perfecting their diving technique. Underclassmen are required to par' ticipate in physical education, while upperclassmen must take physical fit' ness. Instructors for these part'time gymnasium activities are Rolla Cham' bers, who started in September, 1927, when North Side opened: Anthony tluska, since September, l946g Audris Buckner, since September, 1947: Miss Ruth Carroll, since September, 1946: and Miss Spiegel. Last September Donald Kemp be' came instructor of North Side's new' est subject, drivers' training. In this course movies and textbooks bring out principles of safety while actual driving experiences are practiced in the school's dual control car. This plan teaches driving fundamentals: in' cluding starting, gear shifting, park' ing, backing, managing a car on ice, and city driving. 20 Home Makers nj ,r, N -1.'l .i.fTLf.mI15...1QL!!11Z l4g1..-f.4.'L1-:a,LLL4.4'E1iL,L."7Ll-ff: arg' ,- .4'., .t.'fh.Un , I' f af- N . ' ,cf L .A l. From trip to bottom .ire shown Helen Bean. department head, Agnes Pate, and Martha Beierlein. They .ire portrayed along with scenes of their home economics classes .is girls learn to sew, mend, clean. and in general, learn how to keep house. The home economics department of North Side has been in existence since the school was first founded. ln its earliest years only two years of work were offered-home economics 1, 2, 3, and 4. Later semesters 'T and 6 were added, and next year home economics 7, a course in family relaf tionships, will be offered to juniors and seniors. Any girl may elect home economics as a major or a minor. After completing her first and second semesters, she may take other courses in any order she desires. Home economics students, deriving a moral from the old adage, "the way to a man's heart is through the stom' ach," arm themselves with spoon and apron. Practical application of all culinary arts is tested by laboratory. The apartment serves as a basis for the performances of actual household duties. Thus, through these studies, semesters 2 and 4, it is hoped that the pupil will learn to select foods for health and to form food habits that will keep the body in good physical condition. Personal appearance is improved with the study of home economics l and 3, courses in clothing construcf tion, design, color and clothing bud' geting. Home nursing and home plan' ning are also given considerable atf tention in semesters 5 and 6. Each pupil learns the factors that constitute an attractive and happy home. 21 ,,.. if 3' at 1 f -I f rafltsmen Learn rades Each year since the school opened, the industrial arts department has tried to make boys better skilled in the fields of mechanical drawing, wood, and metal. Learning by doing, these students combine theory and practice to prepare for highly technical and progressive twentieth century industry. Teaching mechanical drawing classes since September, 1927, Tourist Thompson has instilled the fundamentals of using the Tfsquare, drawing board, and pencil to construct accurate plans for production. Among things learned in this course are the use of instruments, lettering, relation of geomf etry, projection, and inking. ln the wood courses, which Harry Thomas has instructed since Septemf ber, 1942, students learn to operate hand tools and wood lathes in studying things such as house construction, millwork, woodturning, and finishing. Since September, 1937, Ruthflord Smuts has taught metal. These courses include sheet metal work, forge work, machine shop, foundry pracf tice, pattern making, and arc welding or acetylene welding. Shown below are Harry A. Thomas, Tourist W. Thompson, and Ruthford Smuts surrounded by happenings in their classrooms. The boys work dilif gently at building, lathing, drawing, grinding, and cutting under the able supervision of their teachers, ie.,-,1 51:1-.vs-'zsv9s'5verrvv N ,-9 flu. w-sh., liAY"':"" - "" f "LL :'.:,L.,- W-. .,. .- Six Assisting Squaws Even though they are 11ot considered a departinent in fl1C111SClX'CS, there .re so 16 o er i 1 or an 'acu 111en1 ers arount or 1 fite. 11 IC '11 11 th 11 ttf lt h 1Nt1S1lt1 principal's oflice is Mrs. Dorothy Leigh, who took over this secretarial position in 1946 after two years as music klCp1lI'IQ111C11K secretary. At present Miss Mary Alice Dilling keeps the facts, figures, ai1d 111LlS1C straight in Room 120. Wheii the guidance work was translierred to Miss Gross' oflice in january, 19-11, Miss Mary Wz1lle1' hecaine tl1e dean's assistant si11ce she had helped with the work as a North Side student. Miss Ethel Shroyer, lihrarian, can he found among the hooks which she has taken care of since Septemher, 1930. In the study hall or Room 209 Mrs. Susannah Fonner carries o11 t11e atte11dance work which she started i11 Septeinher, 19-15, Since Septeinher, 1938, Mrs. Gretta Grisell has clone personnel work which includes adjust' l11CI1f of hetter hon1e lll1Cl school relationships. Susannah Fonner, Mary Wgiller, Gretta Grisell, Ethel Shroyer, Mary Alice Dilling, and Dorothy Leigh are shown helow with scenes of student helpers assisting them during the course of .1 husy day. 1. ,, ,,,i,-, Y ,N A' fx ,530 wth I5 lvt P 'W' Q N f-""in.......,, .,,., W: , ' ' zz, V ,M 'Llp x I gh 4 mer:--vc:-rr:-1 www w -'-LQ , A 'f4?"mH 4. li ,-Y l 1 ,nf ."S:. we-f mls 'wp l I ,Q 1' fd' 4 .4 A N Q' , 'll lx L I ' 1 u .13 , U m'lv'i .P I bi X .,' ID.,-1 The activities of the Redskins have grown as the school has grown. As students became more interested in the sub' jects they were studying, they established clubs so that they might learn more about the subject through organized ref search. The Ripples Club established in 1927 has since grown into the Helicon Club. Booster Club was established the first year. The band and glee club consisted of a few members the first year but have since grown into the large concert band and A Cappella choir. The Northerner and the Legend were the first literary efforts of the students. National Forensic League was organized in the fall of 1928 and the junior Forensic League in 1937 by Loy C. Laney. The junior Red Cross, established in 1929, was reforganized in the fall of 1931. The junior Classical League was formed in the spring of 1947, The HifY Club was founded in 1929 and revived in 1946 by Dayton Musselman. The Girls Athletic Association was organized in 1927 and has continued to flourish. Miss Margery Suter founded the Student Players Club in 1927 here at North Side. PhyfChem was organized in 1932. In 1930, Mr. Ivy started the Rifle Club. PolarfY was organized during the first year. The Nature Club began un' der the name of the Carden Club in 1931. Camera Club was created in 1934. PanfAmerican began in 1943. LosfSofdalfes was formed in 1945, and Parmi Nos Amis was organized in 1946. .K N-WN., , 'MMM ww...-M.i, , , x. 4 V t r M,....,...m...,,. -M J I 'f "1 'd-N A f ,..:L ,fx-1 x - lib Biff L- A 1 ,w - Y ' . , x 5 5 4eq,k.,,, , Y ' 1 . I I . 3' . ' """"?1 ' 5 3 Q A W, , , , , g , 4 ,., .Q . 4 X f 1 -' Q , , - N 4 -- ,1 5 Q W W. ' 1 y' f . ,J 2 1 5 1 rr ' .- . .A Gravy, V .Hx . . Sui tiff' 11 Q. -f:ic.":'ta+5-a!'ASJilL!i'i!:,. YW! hw Hvgafws' "::Ml'J1 :- L'4t1'.f :ntwlml P 1- I ' 9 F I ,., f A.,- .N yf.ff.W-h....,A-,, ' r -,q . 1 P 4 i 1 A ij 4,45 ' ,. "W""' 'ww ""'f-'-- ' - 2 4- - W .Nw-anzwv'ulnwauvua.f-A.. , ,, ,.,,,,,,.,. :QW ' .- MU Y g . AV . , , M. ,,,,,,,, ,MV J, I, -....... .f.x..-,.,,,..f .:?J,p , E, SIA., Q. . .M . Q W w--f,Pg:l,,.,, 314, fl Q u,mw"""7 iff,-' ui "iff, fi "mf-J if ,i-L-f'u'J.Q5W5" ., -af"'w1 n:. ' e M ' Q fi? i L M fg. I 'fy -1,5.Q.g' -, - -Q ,, .5 1 I . 35, y -f., , : f Wi.. w . A . -' iff' , 'Q W uf' T.-I 'gif wniif' ' .W -+1-AH-W M- '51-,gg 1 ' ig. 5,1 FH ' 'iff 4 .41 ,jg YQ! .453 f Jw -i n X " ' W. ' ' ' ' " -:Jff rt- Q " , f- - . 'uiim 5.11 'r ' W- " f M I ' :-Q-Hsu-V ' .. .. ' ff' 1.51 A 3. ,QU -wx 1 :gs 1 4: ,X 3, V - HS' ZNQA 1 Jig! f ' 9 il "5 Q 'cf K, ,sg " 'hisli 'ffrfgk X lilr, 1.. 5x f- 31: , y.g'- 2' V 5 Qi ' VJ: A R 231, bfi, ' 9 il' Q .1 ,I 'gf av xg , 3' W5 , . X 4 L , if K 'af ik .9 -. v 5 ,Q w A , ' " ' V " E 2' x X , f , Q b - , 2 f :emi , J j' : c ':p4"' 4, ,v,-!. I 'Sax 'x 1 Legend The Legend has been the yearbook of North Side since 1929. Upon the shoulders of the Legend staff rests the responsibility of preparing the yearbook for puhlieation, Through their work a record of the year's happenings is kept for the student. This year the theme is an the twentieth anniversary of North Side, This is hrought out in all divi' sions of the hook. The first Legend ap' peared in 1929, hut since then the hook has grown and changed considerahly in hoth size and organization Instead of the two original divisions of adminis tration and activities, the Legend now has four divisions of Classes, Activities, Faculty and Sports, The size of the hook has steadily increased with the addition of new cluhs and the growth of the size of the student hody and the numher of teachers. fx 5-if Miss Freda Withers shown ihoyc 1 1 scrvcs as adviser to thc Ledend staif Boh Lamson editor Sally Himlctt copy cditor and Dalc Osborn circulation mtniger from top to bottom it thc right have guided thc work of the staff ot the 1945 Lcgcnd , Ti K 1 t 1 . -s s. K-1 '. s . c c D ct . . . 5 ' . , , . 7 X K 1 3 I - f 1 y -A Q 1 V w K , . .K , g N I 5 I x ,. , ,V t h H VW , s l . ia, -1 .Ci-'yy'-y--ii 13 13.5 y we V 3 A ""'N-sa, 7. is 4 CP! ...Z -. wi. 'rr' .--W Top row, left to right, are Patty Long and Phyllis johnson working on the junior polls. Patty and .lohnnie are the two iunior editors and have spent much time working on the iunioi' seetion ol the year- hook, Yvonne Behnlte types out the results of a day of Legend eampaign- ing. Yvonne is the husiness man' ager of the Legend. Seeond row: john Hartzell watches as ,loan Irving i'efarr.uiges the tiles for Legend payments. .lohn was the very eapahle stall artist, as his drawinvs on the division wave 5 l wL5 show. ,Ioanie held the joh of eo- assistant eireulation manager and as' sisted Dale in his work. Third row: Elise Deister eounts votes as Barhara Stangei' seratehes her nose. Elise and Barhara filled the position of freshmen editors on the yearhook and eould often he found working industriously in the Legend room. Marilyn Bruiek and Donna Knispel were the sophomore editors. Fourth row: -loanne Bruiek and -leanne Lautensehlauger work in the Legend room. ,loanne was senior editor along with jim Craig and Jeanne is assisting her, Virginia Essex is shown at the files on whieli she spent so mueh time. Ginny was eofassistant eireulation manager, ploy Ann Popp and Norma 'lean Sullivan were also eopy writers, Betty lo Long was the stall typist. Jerry Segal worked on the sports' pages, and lvlary Dell Ford aided, also. 'U 9 1 Senior Redskin rators Muriel Morey. leanne Luiteiischlaifer, Pattv 1 - 5 1 Payne, Dorothy Luhman, and Howard Kahlen week, Club orhcers, gather before the meeting. lu ie group picture, smiling at the camera, are left to right. Bottoin row: Field. Stillpass, Luhf 111.111, Bayer, Harsh111.u1. Second row: la.lLllICIl' ehlager, Mr. Coil, Hall, Morey, Selby, l,ay11e. Tl 1 X 41 I I 1. L l latelx 1ird ri xv: 7 s , B oc ' W 'rg1r, Kah en Bradley. The North Side chapter of the National Forensic League was or' ganizcd in January, 1928. North Side has the distinction of being the lirst high school in Fort Wayne to have an honor society for debaters and public speakers. This honor sof ciety is a national organization, and membership in it is regarded as a high degree of recognition. Member' ship is granted for meritorious par' ticipation in public speaking conf tests. The pin, or key, is given to active senior members. ln addition to the membership key, advanced degrees may be earned by additional work. The def gree of merit is given to those stu' dents who have earned 20 points in speech work. The degree of honor and the degree of excellence are given for SO and 100 points, ref spectively. The highest degree to be attained, the degree of distinction, is awarded for 200 points. The 1947418 ofiicers of this chapter are Jeanne Lautenschlager, president: Howard Kahlenbeck, vice' president: Dorothy Luhman, secref taryftreasurer: Barbara Hall, chair' man of ways and means: Muriel lvlorey, publicity chairman: and Patty Payne, social chairman. Other members of the organization are Barbara Yost, Carl Bradley, Lois Field, Betty Snead, Rosemary Gable, Connie Moeder, Virginia Hagy, Carol Bayer, Barbara Crabill, Mau' rine Jacobs, Sharon Stockberger, and Carol Stillpass. Left to right, Howard Kahlenbeck, Carl Bradley, Muriel Morey, and Barbara Hall look over Mr. Coil's shoulder as he reads to them. These four students have bee11 outstanding in speech a11d debate and have helped to further the debate cause at school. 30 m.-,,1.p4,v-.-- nw .ual v - Junior Forensic League, with eleven years of outstanding achievements to its credit, is one of the most prominent clubs for underclassmen on the North Side roster. The Leagues objectives are the acquisition of ease when ap' pearing before an audience and of good speech mannerisms and content, thus gaining poise and experience in public speaking. Each year I. F. L. produces a fine group of orators who are ready to become National Forensic League members after attaining the required amount of points from speech activif ties. These points are recorded follow' ing the students' participation in conf tests, debates, speeches, declamations, and programs. Under the new advisership of Wilf liam Willer and student adviser, Carl Bradley, a National Forensic League member, semifmonthly programs have consisted of extemporaneous, oratorif cal, dramatic, and humorous declamaf tions. This type of program has proven very successful in fulhlling the club's purposes as many of the former club members have become class presidents, radio speakers, and lecf turers. Those elected to guide the or' ganization for the first semester were Richard Munz, president: Pat Selby, vicefpresidentg Barbara Crabill, secref taryftreasurerg Richard Baum, hisf toriang Marilyn Barrand, publicity chairman: Leila Smith, social chair' man, and Karen Harper, membership chairman. Left to right in the group picture are shown, bottom row: Stillpass, Selby, Smith, Crabill, Andrews, Ball, and Harper. Second row: Dresholt, Snider, Barrand, Harshman, Glasa, Deister, and Gagnon. Third row: Mr. Willer, Munn, Baum, Bradley, Stephen, and Shambaugh. 31 heir unior Partners Below: Mr. Coil and lvlr. Willer explain the speech cups to their interested audience ot, left to right: Karen Harper, Dick Baum, Carol Neusbaum, Nor man Stephen, hdargaret Smith. and Pat Selby Vat Selby gives a dramatic ffl declamation as Malcolm Coil, Bill Shambaugh, Keith Coil, Margaret Smith. and Karen Harper look on. I il HN ,ii it 71 7: 'Eau- if 56 r I 7 Q 'Z iq l l v i I 1 4 l l 5 l I I 4 A i i I L 1 Modern Morale Builders To build school spirit and good citizenship and to serve the school, the Booster Club was organized soon after North Side opened in 1927. Since that time faculty advisers have been Miss Hilda Aumann, Miss Ural Furst, Miss Hazel Plummer, Miss Judith Bowen, Paul Lightle, and now Noel Whitte1'ii. Wheiiexier there was a home game, fans were found flocking to the conf cession stand or room to get their share of coke, candy, hot dogs, and ice cream that Booster workers passed out for a small fee. Qthers satisfied the wants of spectators in the stands. However, games were not the sole timeftakers. Boosters also sold coke for the music department street fair, presented varied pep sessions, and sold Redskin auto tags. At the sectionals fans sported Redskin feathers and Redskin beanies they had bought from Boosters. During the sectional games, the rooting section received a thou' sand shakers and pompons made and distributed by this group. Awards which a member may receive for his efforts are a gold "N" and a gold year guard. For this year officers have been Don Seabold, president: jean Hayes, vice' president, loan Pickens, secretary: Pat Rice, point recorder: Bonnie Doehrf man, pepfsession chairman: and lnez Frances, Student Council representaf tive. Barret, Hullinger, Keller, Zimmerman, Vxforster, Root, Keipper, Frazier, Raake, and Havens. Second row: Singer, Selby, Brudi, Smith, Young, Olson, Close, Zoch, Vxfestbrook, and Tully. Third row: Sea' bold, Bayer, Smith, Lantz, Erdhardt, Mc' Guire Heaston Meyer Lewark Krauss ind Bileer Fourth M Whitterii Sehweit er Hile lxable Strufrht Pickens Lut Tonkel Princes Beck Dye ind Linnemeier Shown below in scenes of the Booster room are .Ioan Cloppert, Mary Eversole, and Janice Meeks as they work busily during a game. The students sell candy, soda pop, and pop corn as Mr, Noel H. Vv'hittern sweeps the Booster room. a s Q a 1 ' sv 2 -N . I- -. . , . , A . J-s ia 7. 1 ,' 'Q e . -1 v - u f 5 1 -w -w s 4 -s s Q 1 ii f""'n..f! ------.---......C,..-... 1- ,-t .,.,...-.K ume..-,,,g,5:,,,,-. Y .. ., .1-1.51417-,',,..a. gb:'1WIiiA1'!4i.:T' "-' W orth Side N aturalists ure Club members observe the dlspla t turcr Mr, l'r1ce, Left to right are Mr, Price. Ray Q llllf, Betty l'-cters, Ralph Stewart, -lim Craig, and 5' Hanilerr. Looking at animal skulls are Mr, , Don Sealwold, Miss Thompson. lan Rollmtl, o emary Le May. Barbara Le . O N inger. Mu and Le E111 TP.I.."' , QT. ,., M The Nature Club was founded in 1931 by Clifford Risk, Miss Julia Alexander, and Miss Marie Miller as club advisers. The organization was originally the Garden Club, but in 1933 it became the Nature Club with Howard Michaud and Miss Vesta Thompson as advisers. Since 1945 the club has been guided by Miss Thompf son and Clifford Gtt. The organif zation is affiliated with the junior Academy of Science. Activities of the Nature Club are varied. Several hikes are held throughf out the year. Gn these hikes the memf hers can observe nature first hand. There are two annual events of the club. One of these is the junior Acad' emy of Science Convention which was held at Muncie last fall. Several members attended this convention, and Ray Giant exhibited his collection of stuffed animals and insects. Every .lune a picnic is held at which the officers for the next year are elected. For the past two years the Nature Club has presented over the School of the Air program a skit written by Sally Hamlett and dramatized by ,lim Craig, Virgil Hagy, Margaret Koontz, and Sally Hamlett. Officers for this year were Sally Hamlett, president: lim Craig, vice' president: Betty Peters, secretary: and Ray Giant, treasurer. Nature Club members shown here left to right are, bottom row: Oplinger, Southern, Arick, Koontz, Tonkel, B. Le May. R. Le May, and Neal. Second row: Mr. Ott, Peters, Giant, Seabold, Rolland, Stewart, and Miss Thompson. 1 ii ri' 1' 1: 1 il 1 1 1 E 1 gi 3 if -W--1. 1 li? iii 3 3 I l i 1 1 i 1 1 Candid Camera Enthusiasts ln 1934 a newly organized group of Redskins called themselves the Kodak Club. The popularity of phof tography was spreading like wildfire to become one of the world's most popular hobbies. Acquiring two prof jectors, the Kodak Club was already showing its progress in 1935. lt also began to promote and aid visual ed' ucation, one of its most important roles. ln 1946 Miss Marion Bash, former adviser, decided to devote her attention solely to visual education: so Dayton Mussleman took over what is now known as the Camera Club. Photographic programs included talks and demonstrations by club members and professional and amateur experts on techniques such as picture composition, color photography, def velopment, printing, and enlargement of pictures, and operation of movie and slide projectors. At Christmas members made personally photo' graphed greeting cards. Spring pictureftaking hikes were made through scenic areas. During this school year, two fullflength movies, "Young Mr. Pitt" and 'LBuffalo Billn, were shown to the student body. Leaders of the organization during the first semester were Barbara Aspy, president: Joyce Diemer, vicefpresi' dent: Williani Meyers, secretary: and Don Seabold, dark room director. Pins, in the form of tiny silver or gold folding cameras bearing the initials N.S.C.C., were presented to members for service points. Shown on the front steps in the club picture are, Bottom row: left, Eugene Beck' stein, Geneva Kerr, Norma Jean Sullivan, Joyce Diemer, and Jim Hall. Second row: left, Franklin Johns, Boyd Brown, and Jerry Sullivan. Camera Club members study the camera and its operation. Shown from left to right are, Bill Meyers, Joyce Diemer, Norma Jean Sullivan, and Boyd Brown learning the enlarging process. Don Seabold, Joyce Dicmer, Mr. Mussleman, Geneva Kerr, Bar' bara Asby, and Norma Jean Sullivan observe differ' cnt types of cameras. ' -. .., ELL. .441 2:51 A Faithliil Footlight Followers Shown in the senior one act. The Happy journey, .irc Danny Votaw, Carl Bradley, l'low.ird Kahlcn heck, Beverly Koeneman, .ind Bai'har.i Crahi .irc Norma Alcaii Sullivan, Mary Snyder. Maureen Jacohs, Sally llamlett, Dale Ushorn, ,lanice Slsclly, Boh Stoutler, Lynn Klingensinith, Pat Ruiden, .ind Lois Symms in the Christmas play. No Christmas for Horace. La......-.., The Student Players Cluh was founded in l927 hy Miss Margery Suter. Today, the drama cluh is one of the largest at North Side. At the monthly meetings the memhers have a chance to try out their dramatic ahility hy presenting plays for the cluh. . 18241163 Among the plays which are pref sented to the student hody and to the puhlic are the Senior One Acts, the Christmas Play, and the Senior Play. The two one act plays presented hy seniors were "The Happy journey" and "Girls Must Talk". The Christ' mas play was "No Christmas for Horf ace" with Carl Bradley in the title role. "Doctors Orders", a comedy in three acts, was presented as the senior play on Fehruary 21. Those in the senior play were Pat Rariden, Lois Symms, Barhara Crahill, -laniee Skelly, Lynn Klingensmith, Sally Hamlett, Mary Ann Helmke, Ruth Ann Wzigf goner, Carl Bradley, .lim Craig, Howf ard Kahlenheck, and Dick McDowell. S.P.C. holds a joint initiation for new memhers in January and june. North Side, South Side, and Central initiates each present a play for the memhers of the three drama cluhs. CMJFTCCYS for the school year l947f 1948 were Don Roush, presidentg Sally Hamlett, vicefpresident: and lN4aurine lacohs, secretaryftreasurer. Left, Miss Suter, Payne, Knispel, Long, H.ii', Rariden. hlacohs, l'l.imlett, Ford, Snead, Tully, Skelly. Second row: Gruhh, Connett. Connor, Horner, Beierlein, Bruicli, Klingensmith, Wells, Straight Third row: Selhy, Vsfaggoner, l"lolman. Crahill, Field, Pickens, Hile, Bruickr Fourth row: Rippe, Smith, Syinms, Helmke. Ritenour, Bradley. Spreading Cheer, Good Will Nancy Rosenberger, ,lean Hayes, and Ruth Ann Vxfaggoner look over magazines before thc meeting. A group of students with Mrs. Alice Nusbaum tudy service records of the junior Red Cro In the fall of 1931 Mrs. Maryann Chapman organized the junior Red Cross. Their motto was service. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, baskets for the needy in our school were filled, and students helped deliver them. Un' til the war the club sent two delegates in the spring to the national convenf tion usually held in Washington. It lasted a week with all expenses paid. Following the 1937 flood in the south' ern part of the state, the club sent hundreds of bundles of clothing to the distressed. ln 1932 Miss Marian Bash and Miss Mabel Greenwalt assisted Mrs. Chapman. In 1941 Miss Hazel Plummer and Miss Judith Bowen took charge of the club. During the war, the club contributed about S1600 to the American Red Cross and S600 to the Polio Fund through school drives. They filled about 500 Red Cross gift boxes for children overseas. Through generous contributions of students and clubs, Red Cross carries on its work. This year, for the third consecutive time, the club adopted two war orphans. Members also filled boxes for the needy. Money received from an afterfgame dance helped pay for some of these worthwhile deeds. Club officers are joan Cloppert, presif dentg Ruth Waggoner, vicefpresif dent, jean Hayes, secretary, and Bar' bara Aspy, treasurer. Advisers are Miss Bowen and Mrs. Alice Nusf baum. Shown here in the club picture arc, left to right, Bottom row: Frances, Hayes, Clopf pert, Waggoner, Rosenberger, Zickgraf, and Buechner. Second row: Zimmerman, Kling, Dye, Eicher, Linncmeier, Meek, and Miss Bowen, Third row: Mrs. Nusf baum, Srong, Straight, Waiters, Pelz, and Rainer. 36 l.Ff"?T'fF5'?'1f'f5"! 411, :DLL - L 'Zllfhn , South American Wa PanfAmerican Club was organized in the fall of 1943 by Miss Hazel Plummer. The purpose of the club is to further friendly relations and solif darity of the western hemisphere. During the war, friendly relations be' tween North, Central, and South America was a factor which aided in the allied victory. The club helped continue this feeling of trust and un' derstanding. In 1946 the organization purchased a set of Panffimerican flags which was presented to the school on April 14, Panffxmerican day. The club has a program annually on or near this date. Membership is limited to fortyffour, a boy and a girl to represent each of the twentyftwo western hemisphere countries. Programs for the meetings consist of discussions on the various countries by their representative, the object being to gain knowledge and understanding of these nations. Cc' casionally guest speakers from the faculty or from outside are invited to give talks. Annual events sponsored by the club are its Christmas party and a picnic held in the spring. The officers of the club are Patty Long, president, Mary Dell Ford, vicefpresif dent, Chuck Homeig, secretary: and Dorothy Norton, treasurer. Club sponsors at the present time are Miss Frances Plumanns and Miss Katharine Rothenberger. Members are: Bottom row, from left to right, Long, Wyaiis, Harshman, Altman, Payne, Ford, Norton, Luhman, and Kable. Second row: Miss Plumanns, Sullivan, Kroemer, Hall, Knispel, Landgrebe, and Miss Rothenberger. Third row: Bradley, Kahlenbeck, Seabold, Cramer, Kopp, Cl' son, Morey, Knight, and Popp. 37 Gathered around the two .idviscrs, Miss Rothcnf burger and Miss Pluinanns, are Dorothy Norton, Ellis Shookmzin, Dorothy Luhman, .ind Joy Ann Popp, Gazing with intcrcst over the shoulders of Patty Long, Chuck Hoemig, and Dorothy Norton are Ellis Shookman, Eleanor Harshmain, Doroihy Luhman, and joy Ann Popp. Must be .in interest ing book! fran! 1-nrssx-mauve!!! . Building Thristian Tharaeters Participating in a PolarfY initiation procedure are lla Mae Olson, Ann Young. Audrey Werliiig, Phyllis Dailey, Norma ,lean Sullivan, Ruth Ann Vvhiggoner, lris Cinzel, Priscilla Henry, Pat Kroe' iner, and Barbara Stanger. At the annual PolarfY tea, Miss Foster watches over the club members as they serve guests and new members. ,1 PolarfY, too, is celebrating its twenf tieth anniversary. The first meeting was held in September, l927. "To face life squarely and to land and give the best" is the challenge PolarfY conf tinues to offer. The purpose of this club is to uphold the ideals of fellow' ship, Christian character, leadership, and service. Miss Loraine Foster and Miss Geneva Burwell became advisers of this branch of the Young Wtmnien's Christian Associationis YfTeens in 1928 and 1935, respectively. Throughout the year PolarfY strives for the best physically, men' tally, and spiritually. At Thanksgiving and Easter, baskets were filled for needy families, and on Memorial Day flowers were placed under the name plaque honoring North Sideis war dead. Included among the social events were the faculty tea, the senior fare' well party, and the motherfdaughter tea. Following the second home basketball game, the group sponsored a dance. Another dance, the "Tournaf ment Twirl", was held after the sec' tional basketball tournament in collaboration with other YfTeen clubs of the city. Oliicers for the first semester were Ruth Ann Waggoner, president: lris Ginzel, vicefpresident: Norma jean Sullivan, secretary: and Phyllis Dailey, treasurer. Cabinet committee chairf men were Pat Kroemer, Sylvia Mc' Dowell, Mary Lou Warner, lla Mae Olson, Priscilla Henry, Ann Young, and Audrey Werling. Bottom row: left, Dailey, Kroemer, Sullif van, NVaggoner, Cinzel, Langwell, Horton, Henry, Young, Olson. Second row: Miss Foster, M. Landis, B. Landis, Phillips, Slain, jones, Deister, Stanger. Third row: Briggs, Wzirlield, Ball, Eggleson, Stippick, Knis' ley, C. Kroemer. Fourth row: Pelz, S. Kroef mer, Meyer, Meyers, Crime, Rosenagle, Miss Burwell. SS MJ Jilin.: '...1.-PLL :'.Ef L14 ,- 4. A-'N' N N , N x Scintillating Student Scientists Organized in December, 1931, the PhyfChem Club was first under the supervision of Rolla P. Chambers, physics instructor, and E. M. Suter, chemistry instructor. At that time it was decided that the group would be limited to students who are taking or have taken either physics, chemistry, or both. Each year the membership ranges from forty to eighty students of these two sciences. ln 1934 Harold A. Thomas took over as an adviser, and in 1942 M. Sherman Pressler be' gan assisting him. When a student joins PbyfChem, he becomes aware of the threefold purpose of the group: stimulation of interests in physics and chemistry, opportunity to give expression to such interests, and social contacts with other people bearing scientific aspiraf tions. - Throughout the year the organ' ization fills this purpose with a variety of programs, including hikes, outside speakers, tours, and experiments by members. Don Seabold produced ex' citement at one meeting with his match experiments. Another time Williani Meyers demonstrated tele' vision. Top features of the year have been a dance after the first North Side home football game, the Christmas party, and the senior picnic. Serving the club as officers this year were john Berles, president: Howard Kahlenbeck, vicefpresident: Rosella Goeglein, secretaryg and Donna Rousf seau, treasurer. Here smiling happily at the camera on the front steps are more Phy-Chemers. Bot' tom row: left, Sullivan, Harshman, Nor' ton, Keltsch, Heaston, Landgrebe, and Shearer. Second row: Mr. Thomas, Roush, Meyers, Zion Berles, and Harper. Third row: Stouffer, Harvey, Seabold, Bartley, and Segal. 39 illl Mr, Pressler, Bai'bara lsandgrebe, B.lI'lW.l1'1l Btbti tclll, Hob Stouflier, Connie Moeder. and Thomas examine the microscopes. ln the irsuw picture are, bottom row: left, Havens, Coe i M row: Allread, Neal, Rosenberger. l'arker, Moiii d Reed. Third row: Mr. Pressler, Rifkin, M ii in Votavv, Armstrong. and W.mts4nii, oeder, Raake, Schubert, and Brossard. Sttont - if--2zv:,1,p.-.-, Rapid Firing Redskins The North Side Rifle Club, a memf ber of the National Rifle Association, was organized in 1930 under the di' rection of Hyrle Ivy. The club started with only a few boys, but now is com' prised of a large group of both boys and girls. The club began in a small way with one Savage rifle constituting its supply of arms. However, the club has grown until it now has in its possession six of the finest rifles, equipped with the best sights made. Until 1938, Mr. Ivy conducted rifle teams which competed with other schools in the city and county. North Side's team won the majority of the matches with other schools, and from 1933 to 1938 they were the county champions. The teams have also def feated men's rifle teams in the city. During the first year of Wcirld War II, over two hundred boys and girls were trained in rifle markmanship. For those interested in learning how to shoot a rifle and for those who wish to improve their accuracy, the North Side Rifle Club is at their service. As the shooter gradually bef comes more accurate, under the di' rection of Mrs. Grace Bridges and Mr. Ivy, his classification is raised. The group picture shown here includes. from left to right, Bottom row: Cook, Loveless, Neal, Wyaiis, Meek, Leslie, and Miss Bridges. Second row: Moriarty, Hughes, Geller, Bowser, Van Horn, May, and Singer. Third row: Harvey, Meyers, Olinger, Pickering, Butler, Martin, and Mr. Ivy. 40 Holding their rifles, Bill Singer, Gerald Pickering, Bob Olingcr. johnny Hughes, Dick Eiscnhut, Bob XVestcrh.iusen, .ind Toni Martin gather around him as Mr. Ivy counts the score points on .i target sheet. Un the practice range thc boys practice shooting to improve their accuracy .is Mr. Ivy in' structs .ind directs from behind. m'.'n',v.:'it' 'Wgis I ':.': '- V, ' ' ' atin Lovers The olhcers of the junior Classical League. left to right. Barhara Landgrehe, Ruth Keltsch, xleanetie lleuehner. and Don Vv'allter are grouped here around their txvo advisers, Miss Foster and Miss Bowen. The three judges of life after death, Doro thy Norton, Dorothy Luhman. and Esther XVinje. sit in judgment at initiation tune. League The junior Classical League is a national organization composed of Cicero and Virgil students. The North Side chapter was formed in the spring of 1947. There were twenty' four charter memhers who wrote the constitution for the local group with the motive of furthering interest and study of foreign languages. The oth' cial charter reads: 'LThe memhers of .lunior Classical League covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. They believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help them understand and appraise this world of today which is indehted to ancient civilization in its governments, laws, literature, lan' guages, and arts." Cluh meetings, consisting of husif ness and interesting programs, are held every third Monday. The Nof vemher program was a play, "Thanks giving for Latin." Each year the tra' ditional initiation of new memhers is a trip to Hades. The initiates must come hefore the judges, who deter' mine hy weighing their good and had deeds Whether they are sent to the Elysian Fields or Tartarus. Another tradition is the joint Christmas party with the various language clubs. A joint dance was held in Eehruary after the South Bend game. In the group picture are, left to right, Bot tom row: ,Ioan Cvamhrell, Ardith Blum, Jeanette Beuchner, Yvonne Behnke, Mary lane Desmonds, Don Wgilker, Patty Payne, Dorothy Norton, Barhara Landgrehe, Martha Dooley, and Eleanor Harshman. The poster is for the joint foreign lan- guage cluhs' dance, 41 Spanish Senores, Senoritas Losfsofdalfes, the Spanish Club, was organized in the fall of 1945. Membership in the club has been ref stricted to students who are taking or who have taken Spanish. The purf pose of the club is to learn as much as possible about the people of Span' ish speaking countries through the study of their art, music, and literaf ture. This is done through the study of songs and games and by reports on their literature. Throughout its first year, the club held its meetings on the second and fourth Wednesdays during the fifth period. This year, however, they have been held on the second Tuesday of each month after school. The main activities of the club during the year included a joint Christmas party with the two other language clubs and a joint dance with the language clubs. A Spanish medal is awarded to that student who has maintained a high scholastic record and assumed a dilif gent attitude throughout his courses in Spanish. Those who have com' pleted two years of Spanish are eligif ble. The officers of Losfsofdalfes for the entire year were Dick Edsall, presidentg Barbara Landgrebe, vice' presidentg and Seymour Himelstein, secretaryftreasurer. Miss Marie Ehle was the club adviser. Shown in the club picture are, Bottom row: left, Tully, Lautenschlauger, Cstrander, Irving, Altman, Burgess, Davenport, Straight, and Himelstein, Second row Wells, Haisley, Landgrebe, Eicher, Cooper Erekson, Firestine, and Holcomb. Third row: Edsall, Hamlett, Bruick, Thompson Shreve, Galile, and Miss Ehle 42 The officers of Losfsofdalfes shown here from left to right are Seymour Himelstein, secretary' treasurer, Dick Edsall, president, and Barbara Landgrebe, vice'president. Lucinda Shreve, Pat Straight, and Billie Thompson, the sophomore trio, and Frances Ustrander and Mary Dell Ford, speak- ers on art, paiticipate in the club program. 156193 5711222 ,Cult ,111 LLL'--,4i'.'. ,.'!l'T.'.i.i..1'?2i2E'!J2.....1T f-31' t- -L." J. .-'t.- .L Ws2lQriA.1bE1fUf'li.'.T.i1:. , ' Hi-Y Braves nk XVood gives his coat to some l'li1Yers to ecked. with Nolan Armstrong, Norman t ann, and Richard Bandelier on the receiving tnt Nolan Arinstrong, president: Mi'. lvlusselinan, 1 xis rg Pat Burke. vice-president and prograin t urinang and Don Fisher, secretary treasurer plan I ttting of the H1'Y club. -,S-ilfiie Founded in 1929 at North Side and revived in 1946 by Dayton lvlusself man, the HifY Club is a branch of the Young Meti's Christian Associaf tion. Since the HifY pledge is "To create, maintain, and extend through' out the school and community high standards of Christian character," members attempt to carry out this spirit in clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. Beginning the year in a joint can' dlelight induction ceremony with the Central and South Side groups, HifY launched a season of varied programs. Highlighting the industrial trips were excursions through the lournalfCaf zette, Radio Station WCWO, and the International Harvester. Also promif nent industrial, business, and religious leaders spoke at meetings. Alert to world conditions, the North Side HifY was the iirst club in Indiana to make a substantial conf tribution to the Wiirltl Youth Restorf ation Fund, which is used for summer camps and other "Y" activities around the world. Establishment of a check' room service for Redskin basketball games took up much of the time of HifYans. A skating party was planned as another means of financing the service program of the club. Leading the club in its activities this year were Nolan Armstrong, president: Pat Burke, vicefpresident and program chairman: and Don Fisher, secretaryftreasurer. On the steps, in the HifY group picture, are shown, left to right, Bottom row: Lyon, Kolinerten, Riebel, Stephen, and Fisher. Second row: Mr. lvfusselman, Cole man, Burke, Seabold, and Carroll. A small, compact group, the Hi-Y works toward better citizenship. 43 9, l el. I I. ll II I it l t l l li , l- i' . l ll l vii i dll llfl tl li 1 I i i i K . i lil tl i , S i Q ii! l i I J X l i i l Sinilinff F iench Enthusiasts Parmi Nos Amis was organized in November of 1946 hy a group of French students. Since then the mem' hership of the club has increased rapidly, The purpose of the meetings is to learn more about French. The memhers have a chance to study and appreciate the customs, the heauties, and the attitudes of the French. which hetter acquaint them with the French people. The main events of the year for Parmi Nos Amis members were the joint language cluh dance and Christf mas party. There were given with Los' s- ifdalfes. the Spanish club, and JCL., the junior Classical League. At the Christmas party, customs and music typical of the Spanish countries were c- impared. The c-ilicers for the school year 19-P74948 were Patty Rariden, presif dent: Lois Symms, vicefpresident: Arden Staley, secretaryftreasurer: and Carolyn Rye, social chairman. Patty Long and Beverly Koeneman were the nrst and second presidents, respectively. Shfivrn here are. Bottom row: left. Zim' merman. F. Clapp, Rousseau. Rye. Lauren' schlager. Rariden. lxiiss Plumanns. Second row: Flson. Chaney. Helmke. Koeneman, Bash. Long. Third row: Southern. Biery, Cramer. Vxesthrook. Staley. Heaston. Fourth row: Blance. R. Clapp. Feasel, Symms. Yost. 44 :F?'FT""'.i..M5'.'W"'ff.: 12111 QL1.L41-,,L,LZ'Q1l,.,. 'H-s gg- ,, , L . , Illia' , .. Aff Each year since 1929, a number of North Side's promif nent senior journalists who hold top positions on the Northerner and the Legend have been elected to Quill and Scroll, international sof eiety of high school journalists. This year nine scribes have been selected to wear the distinctive Quill and Scroll pin because of their high scholarship and outstanding abilif ties demonstrated on the publications. After earning 1500 points in publications by writing copy or by doing time work for either the Northerner or the Legend, journal' ists become members of the 1500 Club. Bronze pins are award' ed for 1500 points, silver pins for 3000, gold for 5000, and gold f jeweled for 10000. Qflicers of 1500 Club are Bruce Tone, presidentg Jeanne Lauf tenschlager, vicefpresif dent: and Carol Bayer, secretary. op Senior ournalists Above are shovvn Quill and Scroll members. They are: Front row, lett ti right: Yvonne Behnlxe, Legend business 111.lI1.1QCl'1 Jeanne L.iutenselil.iger Northerner student .idviserz Norma ,lean Sullivan, Northerner publisher Pat Kroemer, Northerner news editor. Second roxv: Mary Dell Ford Nortlierner girls' sports editor: ,loy Ann llopp, Northerner editorml pagt editor, -lerry Segal, Northerner boys' sports editor, Sally Hamlett, Legenu copy editor, .ind Virginia Essex, Legend eo Cl1'CL1l.l1ll1l1, , . Paper s Point People Shovvn above, left to right, are: Front row: Carol Bayer, lvlary Dell Ford, Jeanne Lautensehlager, Donna Tonkel, Patty Payne, Gloria Erdman, Norm.: Jean Sullivan, Audrey WC1'lll1g. Second row: lvlarilyn Bruielx, -loy Ann Popp, Yvonne Behnke, Virginia Essex, Lextnna Maish, Pat Kroemer, Gil-.l.1 Lyons, Patty Wyaiis. Third row: lvlary Horner, jerry Segal, Don Seabold, Derrill Maxwell, Patty Long, Donna Knispel, Sally Hamlett, Miss NV1thers. ..,f- I ,JP ,, 5 3 , ' Q ' If X 555 -fgi 1: . . Q 4 L I fig ,E , ' t M I x A , fs? Q ' als, 1" P X 3 Melodic Memories 1 The A Cappella Choir was started by Williani Sur in 1932. The choir met one day a week after school until 1940 when it began to meet five days a week the sixth period. Since 1936 the choir has been under the direcf tion of Varner M. Chance. ln fifteen years the choir has grown to a carefully picked group of sixtyfiive members. The choir participates in the four annual concerts given hy the music department and is in the sixth year of radio concerts, sponsored by Koerber's. This year "The Holy City" was chosen as the annual Easter prof gram. Soloists for the event were chosen from the choir. An ex' ample of the recognition the choir has attained is the citation from the War Music Council of America, which the choir ref ccived in October of 1944. As all eyes turn toward him, Mr. Chalice directs the choir. Bottom row, left to right: Bartaway, lvlorey, Luhf man, Desmonds, Koeneman, Hart' man, Heaston, Schaffhauser, Slonil-ter, Al. Morris, Seabold, Peed, Rhinewald, Dunn, Tone. Second row: White' nack, Smith, Curdcs, Skelly, Goller, and Rariden. Third row: Schneider, Stockberger, Klingensmith, Heeter, Long, Harshman, Hamlett, Valenf tine, Yost, Popp, Lambert, Bowser, MacDowcll, M. Mtirris. Fourth row: Raake, Staley, Gambrell, Murrell, Krebs, Young, Ramsey. Fifth row: Whtiiisettler, Overmeyer, Olson, Feasel, Silk, Behmer, Pressler, Lam' son, Lautenschlager, Landgrebc, Thompson, Crabill, Wolfe, Baxter, Zoch, Keipper. 47 .W i 4 I I F -1 7 in 4 i"X'4i-. '1- 1 l l 1 l 1 l l fl Nil il p l 1 I 1 1 l my 'I 5 il - .. .. 1.1 f ,re- Twirling Squaws The first appearance of lvlajorettes at North Side was in 1940. The original group consisted of only tive girls, but this popular organization has now attained a membership of fifteen lassies who represent North Side at all football and basketball games when the Redskins play host. Qther activities in which they participate are pep sessions, parades, concerts, and programs. The lvlajorettes practice routines and new formations during a free period each day to add color and background to many school activities. During this period they are under the guidance and direction of Anne Sehailhauser and Beverly Lantz, eofleaders. Anne and Beverly, in turn, confer with Robert F. Shambaugh, who aids the x -yi 1: YVYVY grasses: ,. ...f ..u,,.y ..-. .. W.-.,,,n M, . ei Q i girls to combine their rouf tines with the band's music. ln addition to the regular group of twirlers, there is a beginnersl class composed of underclassmen, who, up' on having passed the ref quired tests, will replace the graduating seniors. ln the picture upper right, Anne Sehatlhauser and Beverly Lantz, head twirlers, are shown, Upper left, Sally Meyers holds the flag, and the twirlers rest at attention as the band plays the national anthem to open a game. Lower left, bottom row: Beucler, Maiiges, Schallhauser, Lantz, Erdhardt, McGuire, Riley. Second row: Roush, Martin, Horn, NVy:s, Shearer, Heaston, lvlcycrs. 48 la:..:--.,::,- if 1. -, o- we ,- 421, Upper left are shoxvn the ollif cers of N.S.l. They are, left to right, ,lim Platt, vicefpresidentg Dorothy Vollmar. president: Todd Lambert, treasurer. To thc right, Bottom roxv: lcft, Brossard, Desmonds. Gollcr, Barden, Bower, Aiken, Vollf mar, lvlaish, Second row: Mr. Shambaugh, Neal, Thompson, Popp, Parker. l'lolman, l'l. Smith, Leith, Vollmar, Behnke. Third row: Platt, Behmer. Lambert, Dilling, Dutter. I-lol' comb, McGahey, Mun: Shown at the right, left to right, are Doris Parker, Galen Holcomb. .loy Ann Popp, joy Holman, Kenny Dilling, Le- anna Maish, Joyce Goller, Madeliiie Leith, and Richard Munz. Meetings of the N.S.I. are held in the homes of the members, and in this way the N.S.I.ers become better ac- quainted. 49 Musical ribe North Side lnstrumentalists was founded in 1940 by a group of students under the direction of Varner M, Chance, The club takes as pledges those band students who have attained sophomore standing, show exf ceptional musical talent. and work conf scientiously for the betterment of the instruf mental department. Pledges must show initif ative towards their practicing, scholarship. and must have good character. Menibers are expected, in any capacity they are able, to help new instrumental students and the band director. The club is now under the direcf tion of Robert F. Shambaugh. The oihcers of NSI. are Dorothy Vollmar, president: lim Platt, vicefpresident: Yvonne Behnke, secretary: and Todd Lambert, treasurer. - I-IJMQTIHH 3 w a .5:'V"' "L "' ' ' W .. . . - Music Makers Twenty years have passed since the North Side hand. under the direction of Paul lvlathews, hegan with a memherf ship of twentyfsix. ln these early years the only activities that the hand participated in were play' ing for games and pep sessions. ln 1932 Gerald Doty hecame the hand director during Williziiii Suris ahsence. Under his direcf tion the hand won first prize in the district contest in 1933. ln 1936 the hand was taken over hy Varner M. Chance. ln 1941 the hand started its concert series of three concerts a year. Since january, 19-14, the hand has followed the haton of Rohert F. Shamhaugh. who oh' tained a new hand room in 1944 and new uniforms in 1946. Shown to the left in their respective instrumental sections are thc hand students from 1 19. Here. as students play their instruments. the hand is shown in the soundproof practice room. Bottom row: left to right, Mr. Shamhaugh. Funk, Goller. Dutter. Vance. Geiger, Vs71lson, Vollmar. Second row: 1-1. Smith. Crowell, Blance, Leith. Knapp. C. Vollmar, Desmonds, Parker, Behnke. lvlaish. Holman, Clause, Fagan, Holcomh. Third row: lV1cGahey. Thompson. Faylor, Bauer, Aiken. L. Smith, Wehiiert, D, jones, H. Smith. Wiilf leer, lvloriarty, Popp. Fourth row: Rif hel, Lamhert, Smith, Dilling. Faylor. Barden, C. Desmonds, Brossard, Muiiz. hlellison. Platt. Strader. Neal. Behmer. Gomhcrt. 51 - o' - - - N - ' ' Get A Date 1 With Your Best Girl 1 International Honor Rating--Quill and Scroll. All-American Award-National Sch g A Medalist-1-Columbia Scholastic Press Association. lVol. XXI-No. 19 North Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Friday, Febii 0 ' 0 I iOOlI lg ts S IHC ff af-Q!! E ui!! nd Qcro 3 . . 3 Nlme Receive Q High Honors f In Journali international Soeieijgk Gold Pins, Certifi 9 Magazine D ' Election of jwurnalists to Quill .aunced yesterday lfithers, publication ire Sally Hamlett. lf 1 Qvonne Behnke, Noun: ferry Segal. Mary l iroemer, Joy Ann l lfautenschlager. Membership in Quill Vrnational honorary liwhool journalists. is lhich can come to a Lntl working on Merit this award they all six points of the fquirements. Qualifications Are ' Qualifications for 'mer listed in the Chapter Clk even as follows: Q' 1. Candidates may be elect We newspaper, yearbook. lf' handbook staffs. i2. They must be of junior or lassification. or post-graduate. fde and South Side nominate only 'Eyniors or post-graduatesj They must be in the upper third their class in general schclnsticg ljiancling at the time of their election., fLg4. They must have done superior? dork in Writing, editing, or business, 7 lfanagement. Lana i 5. They must be recommended by Heastoml l Zeiehool principal or publication ad- ggaiig? dfgljan lKrauss, and Peg ill Eli, 6. They must be approved by the r. l xecutive Secretary of the Society. llmig HF'-I t b ld Members Receive Gold Pins l 1 11510 13 0 9 PFW! S North Side's new members were an- Behmel' find his YYIEHUW The used runced at a meeting of the 1500 Club I dagfih will gafft 3?0m 3139 to 11130, Last 9. ., N. .. . .i an e cos is een ' U18 1 'N mliilw if Come Danqe At Queen Of Hearts Ball ress Association. 13, 1948 Price Ten Cents ' rders, matize Comedy Family eelc Left Goal Race Rooms End to go in the total sub- s must to bring the announced manager, Hes- subscrip- with 176 is headed headed by 7 subscrip- and last, is as book there cent home rooms: 32, and 336. Agents tions are as follows: Desmonds, 25 112- r, 125 116-Leanne -Betty Jean Snead, 15: iie Doehrman, 135 123- Erdman, 25g 125-Carole Lin- 14g 138-Janet Rockey, 149 na Busche, 16: 212-Marilyn 115 213-Mary Sparling, 163 abelle Nelson, 17: 221- has ,Nancy att, 53 222-Arlene Harsh- gvery. man, 245 223-Marilyn Bruick, 193 that she 224-Mary Ann Helmke, 8: 225-Joan Hall, 173 227-Martha Berning, 12: 230-Beverly Crabill, 155 232-Elise Fm FQ' D"'22'a new and Deisber, is: 233-Dim seaboia, 26. town causes an Others Listed n As soon as North Side opened, Miss Mercedes Hurst started the weekly newspaper, the Northerner. For seventeen years Miss Rowena Harvey, present South Side Times adviser, was director of publication. In January, 1944, Miss Sylvia E. Bowman, now an instructor at ln' diana University Extension, took the position of adviser. After her resignation, Miss Freda Withers bef came adviser in August, 1947. During this school year, the Northerner has continued to win international recognition. lmporf tant honors include Quill and Scroll International H o n o r Rating from Northwestern University, AllfAmerican Award of the Naf tional Scholastic Press Association ofthe University of Minnesota, and Medalist Rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Throughout the 194748 year Norma -lean Sullivan was publisher of the Northerner. Other major staff members include Jeanne Lau' tenschlager, Patty Payne, managf ing editors: Bruce Tone, joy Ann Popp, editorial page editors: Pat Kroemer, Don Vvfalker, news edif tors: ,loy Ann Popp, Gilda Lyons, feature editors: jerry Segal, boys' sports editor: Bob Lamson, phof tographer: and Patty Long, busif ness manager. Bottom row: left to right, jerry Segal reads a paper, Northerner sports, natchlz Gloria Erdman, Don Seabold, Donna Knispel, and Patty Payne check sub scriptions: Lois Field and Patty Selby telephonic about ads. Second row: joy Ann Popp, editorial page editor, .ind Gilda Lyons, feature head, type. Patty Long, business manager, checks the .id files. Norma jean Sullivan, publisher, gives the camera a smile. Third row: Pat Kroemer and Audrey Werliiig work. The Kroemer twins check papers, and Don W.ilker types. l 'n --1--V Y f... V... .v- Y.. .. ., ,,., ,,...... ,..,..,,.., ig- .. -new- .,... M-. .......J....:..-,.' 'LLL' '- ' 'KVM " " f5!f7.'!.fP59'iilUlP55f5?L- - ...- Helicon's Half Hundred Jerry Segal as Santa Clause and Bob Stouiler, Barf bara Altman, and john Popp as his helpers disf tribute Christmas gifts to the children at Irene Byron. Members of the A Cappella choir and Helif con members, led by Joyce Coller, sing carols as part of the Christmas program, which is an annual project. -. AQHA gk ..L.A , , liiizil 5 l5s.:Q.fmIl'.a 'vi Tia Helicon Club was organized in the fall of 1933. An invitation was ex' tended to book lovers whose scholasf tic rating was above average in English to meet with Mrs. Edith Winslow, adviser of the new literary club. Its purpose was to review books, magazines, and phases of literature other than that of the regular courses. In 1934 Miss Mildred Huffman be' came cofadviser of Helicon with Mrs. Winslow. In 1939 Mrs. Winslow left North Side, and in 1940 Miss Mabel Greenwalt assumed the duties as new adviser with Miss Huffman. This fall, following a potfluck dinf ner at the home of Carl Bradley, Mr. Dayton Musselman gave an interest' ing talk on Japan. An annual tea with an outside speaker was held in the spring. Another annual event was the WashingtonfLincoln Day assemf bly sponsored by Helicon. Oiiicers for the year were Dale Osborn, president, Patty Long, vice f president, Sally Hamlett, secretary, and Bob Stouifer, treasurer. Bottom row: left, Lamb, Stouifer, Payne, Long, Moeder, Jacobs, Landgrebe, Hamf lett, Beberstein, Craig, Kahlenbeck, Second row: Miss Huifman, Worster, Luhman, Neal, Sullivan, Zickgraf, Smith, Koeneman, Helmke, Norton, Altman. Third row: Sinks, Meyer, Beck, Beierlein, Hall, Eicher, Holcomb, Rosenberger, Havens, Waggonf er, Chambers, Miss Greenwalt. Fourth row: Van Horn, Dutter, Lambert, Segal, Brad' ley, Hartzell, Daniels, Cooper, Loveless, Field, Ginzel, Stouiiier, Rye, Cramer. '54 ,M 5 S + 0 A U U, , , "Yu-5 1, ww- 1 1. 5 fw , ,Vx U Through the trees edging the banks of the St. Joe, one can glimpse the four stone columns forming the familiar facade of the home of the Redskins. The sports record of the Redskins was not outstanding the first few years. Mark Bills was the hrst football and basketball coach and Rolla Chambers the first track coach. North Side's first athletic board consisted of Mr. Bills, Mr. Chambers, Milton H. Northrop, Hyrle Ivy, john DeLong, Elvin Byster, and John R. Sinks. Steve Marshall was the first Redskin to win the Guild trophy, and William Scheiman was the first Redskin to win an "N" for track. The first Win in football was in 1928 when the Redskins won over Reading High of Reading, Michigan, 14f12. The footballers won over Central for the Hrst time in 1934. In 1930 the Reds tied South in football. They shared the first Redskin city football title with Central in 1935. ln 1930 the Redskins won their first sectional basketball crown. ln 1932 they Won the sectional title and Went to the semiffinals. A third sectional title was Won in 1945. Cn the cinder path in 1930 the Braves captured the city championship, a title they have not since relinquished. The seven N.l.C. individual running records are held by North tracksters. North's longest winning streak started at the be' ginning of the 1941 season and ended with the state meet in 1943 with a total of forty consecutive wins. Intramural sports have gained a place for themselves on North Side's sports schedules. The Girls' Athletic Associaf tion has guided the activities of girls' sports since 1927. 733T5lra"'2f.l.F7Tifm"f? ,X.1?liL'il.:,'IF5h?3i"TL'1fa321'- Q'-.".'..a1'f-65355 'JFWW "' L., ' , V wf. ,,, M, . R1 fi- my m.,, 0, 5.52 45.2 ..u.. '- ,,, 'x'fE':"l'71ll!G P 5 I 1? I I f I I P I W 1 3 w w V E Vi fgizgfgq Sports 4 Y 3 i Y 11 - I7 W7 Qesif kfe ' ie'-is 6 2 4 A ik Assistant coach Don Kemp is shown above conferring with head coach Rolla Chambers about the time one of the Red's star thinlies has just turned in. The picf ture on the right shows the squad working out on the grassy slopes in Franke Park. From left to right: john Berles, Vic Root, jim Craig, Dick Votaw, Harold Donelson, Dave Rhoda, Dick All' read and Floyd Griswold. Ill when this picture was taken were Wayiie Simon and Nelson Detwiler, 58 w 1' f 1 "w1Kk1Mf'm'iwwrwmcwzymlewwwmwfznsvmfm Hmffin' czrffiers Cross country was started at North Side in the fall of 1929 for the purpose of training dis' tance runners for the spring track team. This purf pose has been outgrown down through the years as the over hill and dale sport has become a major sport at North Side. Since the start of cross country at the tepee, the Red runners have covf ered themselves with glory and honor by capturf ing several state and Northern Indiana Conferf ence championships. Anderson was the site of the first state meet in 1937, and the Red walked off with the title. Then in 1940 started a win streak that has gone unequaled since and will probably never be ap' proached. From the fall of 1940 to Cctober 1945, the thinliclads under their great coach, Rolla P. Chambers, ran up a streak of 68 straight wins in meets. During this time, some of the greatest high school runners in history paced the Northmen to title after title. Names that will be remembered for a long while are Ash Hawk, two time state champg "Lefty" Gene Whitacre, also state titlistg Wayne Simon, winner of one race in the 1946 state meetg and Nelson Detwiler, holder of the Franke Park course record. 'Ri YF Q sr . H5 1 . . I. Tv Q, ' -' - ' K , 1 f T A 1 r 4 .N 1 if -4 4.4.5 4. .555 . ' L 'S ' 3 Sf R N 5 if I M is N R 'J aa. . . ca f , s . These are the lads who formed the nucleus of the I9-17 edition of the Redskin thinliclads. A1 though they were not the best team in school history, they showed well against the states toughest competition. Front row: Chipper Chambers, Dick Votaw, Vic Root, Harold Fried erich, jim Schlatter, Abraham Eicher. Second row: Harold Donelson, john Berles, Don 3 Connors, Jim llatt, jerry Gibson, and lan Rolland. Back row: Don Johnston, Vxfaync Simon jim Craig, Dick Allread, Ken Brown, and Floyd Griswold. Nelson Detwiler, ace North Side performer, was absent when this picture was taken. Compared to previous years, the 1947 crossfcountry season proved mediocre. With four letter men returning, including Wayne Simon, 1946 state champion, Nelson Det' wiler, Don Conners, and Jim Craig, the Red was expected to turn in a fine season but many unlucky breaks struck the Redskins. The team was handicapped by illness all sea' son with Simon out of action for five meets and Detwiler with the flu at sectional time. Nevertheless, the North men under the di' rection of Coach Rolla Chambers iinished the season with iive wins and four losses. They won the sectional meet, city meet, finished second in the Northern Indiana Conference, and finished eighth in the state meet. At season's end, letters were awarded to Simon, Detwiler, Craig, Conners, Allread, Berles, Johnson, and Gibson. CROSS-COUNTRY SCHEDULE Sept 16 win Sept 18 win Sept 22 lose Sept 25 lose Sept. 29 lose Oct. 2 win Oct. 9 lose Oct. 13 Goshen win City meet win Sectional meet win Conference meet 2nd State meet 8th ' - - -' all-1 ."' " ""?9l32f'7"f'iLl:Q'i!'-3E'f?'EQ'5'W?f?'jf97-Enufl, Gffzdiroff Grit Above is the 1947 edition of the North Side gridmen who performed so capably through the season though they did not win once. Theyare from left to right, Front row: Rembarger, Haag, Gillium, Horne, King, Rousseau, Adams, Hoemig, Blance, Etzler, Gutman, and Wailf pole. Second row: Bowser, Struver, Mitchell, Bartley, Dunn, Bullard, Crosby, Lamb, Ellen- wood, Bowers, Kurtz, Gottfried, Heath, and Irving. Third row: Mougin, Dutter, Neu, D. Smith, Lahmeyer, Preston, Feichter, Reed, Feasel, Whciiisettler, Pierce, and Tonkel. Back row: Harris, Hay, Gutermuth, Harper, Hulfeld, Uverly, Ivy, Stouffer, Boyer, V. Smith, Conway. Shearer, and Barthold. Lower left: The tepee's three pigskin mentors get together to talk over plans for future games. Coach Anthony A'Tony" -Iuska is seated in the center with his two able assistants, Hyrle Ivy and 'ABuck" Buckner fwith the whistlej. Lower right: The 1947 starting lineup assumes the offensive position. These lads carried the major weight of the football duties this season. On the line, left to right: Hyrle Ivy, jr., Phil Gutman, Tom Crosby, George Hulfeld, Dick Pierce, John Harper, and jim Grant. Baclcfield men are Bob Conway, Jim Shearer, Dick Reed, and Ronnie Bullard. Two mythical state championships are the highlights of twenty years of football at North Side. Always a popular sport at the tepee, the gridiron game has been one sport in which the Redmen have often shone. Four able coaches have handled the reins of the Red teams through the years. Mark Bills started, Robert Nulf took over in 1934. He was followed by Bob Dornte in 1942 and present coach, Tony luska, in 1946. The two state championships came in 1937 and 1940, both under the able leadership of Coach Nulf. The 1940 team was considered to be one of the best high school football teams in state history. It had a rugged line including allfstate tackle, Pat Barley: and the backfield had such powerful figures as Bob Cowan, allfstate performer who holds the state scoring record and is now a profstar: and Bob Young, who made the second state squad. The most recent North Side team to meet with a measure of success was the 1946 ag' gregation which captured the city title in one of the most thrilling seasons ever experif enced at North Side. Cddly enough, the teams with the poorest records occurred during the first season, 1928 and the latest season, 1947. Cther star performers throughout the years have been the Turner twins in 1937: Bill Boedecker, who is also playing pro ball, in 1942: Frank Clasa in 1944: and Don Mansfield in 1946. This year's Redskin gridmen opened their season by starting spring practice on August 15 with very few lettermen returning. lt was the difficult job of Coach Juska to start almost from scratch to form a practically new ball team. Cnly men with much experience were Pierce and Crosby, guards: Cutman, tackle: Shearer at quarterback: and Conway at half. These boys formed the nucleus of the team that was to fight for victory in vain against ten of the state's best elevens. The Redmen came closest to victory in their first game with Elkhart when the Blue Blazers squeezed out a 6 to O triumph at Elkhart. North's trouble, as during the whole season, was maintaining a sustained drive. Ve, 4 i l l l I l l 1 f QI 5. fl i e 4 E . n 2 Q E1 5 E L 5 4 if F r 5 5 5 11 r Ll F E 5 62 5: M Here are some scenes from the past football season. Upper left: A South Bend Washiiig- ton back scoots for paydirt past a Red def fender. Upper right: Cridders talk it over in the locker room at South Bend before playing Central. Center: Coaches Juska fleftj and Buckner give Dick Reed a little instruction on how to buck that line. Lower left: Other' wise gentle Dick Pierce shows his football pose, On page 63, upper right: A Redskin drives for yardage against the Wildctits. Cen' ter: Big George Hulfeld assumes the stance that frightened many of the opposition. Lower left: Ed Bowser tells Dick Tonkel all about the big play that scored against the Ivlishawaka cayemen, while Hyrle lyy iixes his suspenders. Lower right: North fans go wild as Red leads at half. North played next at Mans' field, Chio, and returned home on the short end of a 37 to 13 decision. Home fans saw the closest game of the season when Mishawaka came to town to help dedicate the new electric scoreboard at Northrop field. The Cavemen triumphed by a 19 to 12 decision and had to come from behind to capture the victory. Then came three successive losses to city foes, Central Catholic, Central and South Side by 21 to 0, 39 to 19, and 27 to 12, respectively. c . -A - it Coach juska's men wound up the season with four losses to Northern Indiana Conference foes, losing to South Bend Riley and South Bend Washington at home by scores of 39 to 7 and 31 to 12, respectively. Road trips to Laporte and Central of South Bend ended in the dis' astrous scores of 40 and 46 to O. Boys who saw the most ac' tion during the year were lvy, Grant and Stouffer at ends, Gut' man, Struver and Preston at tackles, Pierce, Crosby, Lahf meyer and Boyer at guards, and Hulfeld and Ellenwood at cenf ter. ln the backlield, it was Shearer and Walpole at quarf terg Conway, Bullard, Bowers and Vern Smith filled halfback positionsg and Reed and Dick Smith, fullbacks. All these lads received letters, plus Cverly and Barthold who got monograms as seniors. ,nal 44 These are the members of the North Side varsity basketball squad, 19474948 edition. They are from left to right, front row: Nelson Detwiler, Dave Holley, .lim Platt, Wayne Simon, George Bowers, and Bob Conway. Back row: Ardie Miller, Phil Gutman, Chuck Hoemig, Jim Grant, Doug Cunningham, and Hyrle Ivy, Jr, Bzzskefbczff Bmfvey Basketball has always been considered the outstanding sport at North Side from the standpoint of student interest and the annually heavy turnout for candidates for team positions. Great teams have come and gone at North Side, and tournaments and games have been won and lost. Let us look at some of North's more outstanding teams. The first squad at the tepee was composed of Penrod, Kowalczyk, Marshall, Gordon, Vail, Beverf forden, Walsh, Koenig, McVey, and Chaflin. The first team of championship caliber was the team that performed in the 19324933 season. These boys entered the state semiffinals or "sweet sixteen" as it was known under the old tournament setfup. This squad lost to Martinsville, however, in that tournament. Members of the team were Gus Lang, Bob Irons, Tom Haught, Sid Schechter, Elmer Bloom, Bill Schafenacker, John Rieber, and Van Byrer. The next excellent team to play for North Side was the squad that was formed for the 19404941 season. This team went the farthest any Redskin team has gone by going all the way to the last game of the Muncie finals before losing to Kokomo, while three regulars sat on the bench. Members of this most famous North Side team were Bob Cowan, Bob Young, Kay Short, Byron Popp, Norm Getting, Herm Moyer, jim Hinga, and jim Reese. The North Side teams have been under the able tutelage of four coaches since school opened. They have been Mark Bills, George Nulf, Robert Dornte, and Audris Buckner. Under them the Red teams have won numerous city and sectional honors but have failed to win the coveted state title. However, Redskin teams always have commanded respect from any opponent whom they have played. l'ppc1' left: MQBUJQ .mtl l-lc1'Nl1lw1'gu1' UNO wt' Ccntml C.ttlwl1Q qw for thc Splut-ru .ls Uutm.m. lvy .mtl Cfmxx'.1y of tht, Rgd luwlc on, Uppcr l'lQlHII blllll Llmnt tlcs up rctl'l1c.adul Bo Mwssnmm of Swurh Sldc m .1 mmf wlngh s.1w Ncwrtlw lI'lLllNI'tlI by unc Y ptwmt, lNumc1mu5 players ut' lwth squads .arc mtcrcstcd l7y5I.lIlL.lCI'9. Loxvcr left: ltl LcftyG1'.1nt .1g.11n, tl11st1mc puttmg Ill .1 layup .tgdmst tltc ll'1bl1. Bcxmy Fmrlttw nf thc lrisll tries Llcspcrattcly tu stop tl1.1t slwt, .ts Arglic lX4illc1' lmwlis un. Luwcr rlglttz Anutlucr .actum slwt uf thc Rcdskm t1lt w1tl1 the Cfntml C.ttlwl1c lrlslw shows .1 mad scmmlwlc .tl'-out tn cnsuc umlcr tl lmclalwmtrtl. Rctlslum lLlCIlIllldlWlC .tru ATLllC M1llc1' QS-lj IlllW.lCl-it1I'UUIlLl..lliHQlfdlll,UIlLlCI'll1C lm5lict,.tmlZL1luCunw.1yunthclclt. CONVUAY GUTMAN L 'Q gg 44 Q A P ll 35 K 41' .. t 3 X vu' p I 1 P gif! . 6 V , . ,,.,L wif SIMON 1824463 K. x A if X 5 f x Slumbering peacefully beneath at blanket of snow, North Side, silent behind the icy elm, appears to ' A ' i Y 1 id its accom' contemplate t e panying outdoor activities. .Riff I 'ft af 7 f 1 5 t in .ff I r f . '- X-Qs-... . f1,f' ,five-.1 1 ff,-Q Y h coming ol 5pr1nc u l l A 1 ...V any-,,i' Q l ., 9 , X --fl',,t' v. 'L- '....,-P' "1 . .,-.-.,.....,-, v X mx X x X I 4 I jx :-,,,,,,,.f -f At? K, ,Hy i X t 1 X st he X xt X ,AQ x X Ns N X 2 , vt X ss X tx xxxg 5' xg X qty? 1 K Ti I 3 66 GRANT -, ,, N, . ,L1:z,L24i'eff:'-fi'1 zwpvsvvwnzefvprrrr- More than twentyffive hoys reported for haskethall on Octoher 15, 1947, to North Sides new coach, Mr. Audris L. "Buck" Buckner, and this year's season was officially underway. Four lettermen, jim Grant, Boh Conway, Phil Gutman, and Wayife Simon, formed the nucleus of the first squad. As time passed, Coach Buckner found ai working comhination in Grant, Conway, Gutf man and two hoys who had seen very little varsity action in previous seasons, Arclie Miller and Dave Holley. This hand of Reel' skins was ahly supported hy the first line reserves consisting of Simon, Hyrle lvy, lr., Nelson Detwiler, George Bowers, Chuck Hoemig, Doug Cunningham, and jim Platt, who left the team at mielseason hecause of injury. This group of lads lost its first three games hefore it startetl to click. Arountl this siele ol' the lmskethall: Hyrle Ivy gets .1 rehountlg Comxxiy .intl lvy tie up Logan of Irish: Sims of' Central guartls i'Zulu"g Holley and Grant tear after that loose hall. Upper center, it's Grant scoring .is usual, this time against Centralg lower center, .1 rehountl lmttle with the Tigers. IVY Zag N .5 ,.,.,. J- N -. ' Y SKI,-Q"-ff lv- . 1 ,,.k f :W I 1 Z, ' .:gf':1-E .,.,, , A , CUNNINGHAM HOEMIG t HOLLEY A ' lf ..- K, ll' X X X .m'., V the M H E K 1 I The Redskins hegan to roll when they trouneed Auhurn decisively and followed this up two weeks later hy capturing the holiday tournament at South Bend, defeating Fort Wayiie Central in the final. These games were followed hy early january losses to Coshen and South Side and then hy victories over Central Catholic and the same South Side Archers. Fehruary was the Reds hard luck month. They lost three onefpoint decisions to Cen' tral, Concordia, and Riley while heating South Bend Vxfashington. North defeated New Haven and Leo in sectional play hefore falling to lvlonroeville, eventual winner. As a seasons aftermath, Boh Conway and lim Grant, who each scored over ZOU points, made the allfcity team: and Dave Holley and Ardie lX4iller were elected cofeaptains. Around this side of the leather sphere: lvv .and Ardie Miller do .i hallet dance .is Hyrle holds on to thc I-mllg Jerry Llihson prepares to svvish the nets in .i prelim game: the Irish get .1 rehoundg Red hattles Creen under thc hucketL Miller hooks one up in practice. MILLER BOWERS DETXVILER - f .fi ij' ' Q 'Lv' l . .,. A Frimsi Q- . i 5: S- ' " fl 3' W s ' x K Q v, KJ 6 ft fb in Qnwm " tm 1 1 I if tf Q' - - U X f I as s Ahovci the track squad consists ol, Bottom row: lelt. Cattcn, Heller, Adams. Alliead, Roo Recd, Shearer. Platt. and Smith, Scco t. Preston, Simon. nd row: lelt. Hoc inig, Rousseau, Stouller, Sullivan. Griswold, Connors. Rhoda, 'I-onkel. Schlattcr, Brown, .'Xd.iins. I'Iarris, Third row: left. Klinger, Cunningham. Hoe: Ield. Ivy, Gallnnore, Morris. Popp, La nie, Conway. Hulf mhert. Fourth row: loft, McQueen, DlCll1CI'. Sturgeon. Isay, I-Ioemig. Gertl. Cliainhers, Phipps. Blance. Fnedcricli, lclt. Metz. Alden. Pope. Norris, Iiishcr. Gutnian, Ellcnwood. Kessler. Hanselman, Dutter. To the right, Top row: Coach Chambers and Stoutler in the iniirniaryg Adams hurdling with opponents: Shearer and Platt llnish. Recd oil Io a flying start: Sullivan .ind Sflillll-Cl' hurdle. Second row: Archie jlllllpel Shearer passes to Platt: flatten and Heller consult: Connors. Griswold. .ind Simon starting with opponents. Sliearei' cronchcs low: Adams finishing Third row: the hoys sit this one ont. Brown jumps: Doc Chamhcrs and xi hurt Rad: Simon to Dctwllerg Recd .ind Adams start. Track got away to a slow start the year the school opened clue to lack of facilities, hut the folf lowing season several stu' dents constructed a track from the ashes of the school furnace. Bill Scherf man, who qualified for the state meet in 1925, was the first hoy to win a letf ter for track participation. In 1930 the team com' posed of Sessler, Ehy, Leeper, Vaures, Hahecker, Dolton, and Houser cap' tured the city champion' ship, a title it has not ref linquished since. Smith. Fifth row: EWG" "?f'?l1iJl'Pi!?!?49! !'fg 1948 TRACK SCHEDULE Indoor: March Nlarch March Outdoor: April April April May May May May May Hammond High won Western State flfalaniazooj won N. I. Conference CNotre Daniel won Elkhart Kokomo Indianapolis relays NIC Eastern City Meet NIC Finals Sectionals State Meet 4 Qi Rllillllillgg Rezflizwf During the past eighteen years, the teams, under Coach Rolla Chamhers, have won eighteen city championships, thirteen sectional championships, two outdoor state chamf pionships, and have finished in the runnerfup spot six times and third three times. They have won four mythical indoor championships and finished second five times. During seven years of memhership in the Northern Indiana Conference, North has taken the title four times and finished second twice. All seven individual running records are held hy North tracksters. North's longest winning streak started at the heginning of the 19-fl season and ended with the state meet in 1943, a total of forty consecutive vicf tories. Last year's squad had a good season, winning hy one sided scores from Elkhart, Kalamazoo Western, Hammond Clark, and Indianapolis Howe. They won an easy victory in the Eastern Division Conference Indoor Meet, captured the outdoor championf ship in that same division, won the city championship again, the sectional title, and finf ished fourth in the state meet. This year North has again looked forward to capturing the city and conference crowns, and they also helieve they have a fine chance to regain the coveted state title. Among the hoys who lead the "Redmen" are Reed and Adams in the dashes, Shearer and Rhoda in the quarterfmile, and Simon and Detwiler in the distances. Participating in the field events will he Preston, Smith, Platt, Cattin, and Harris. -" i X I -L., CV!! Y . - . -. ' -rf-' Til., . Ef,'f'??"W!LlfF?!3!?f1H'.!!'!1 - Above are the members ol' the newly UI'glllll.'lCCl North Side Athletic Club, This club was organized this year to enable all lads participating in athletics to have some type old outside activities instead of only the letter-men, as was previously the ease. Members are, left to right, front row: Chambers, Etzler, Rousseau, lVlcComb, Bowser, Bartley, Meyers, Friederich, and jordan. Second row: Rolohr, Criswold, Cattin, Heller, Con' nors, Boyer, Pierce, Allread, Hulfeld, and Struver. Back row: Heath, Feasel, Stoutler, Phipps, Blume, Neu, Mougin, l-lettinger, Platt, Shearer, Reed, Smith, and Berles. Tepee Afhlefes Today's North Side Athletic Club is the result of the iirst North Side Lettermen's club organized at the start of athletics at North Side. The Lettermen's club became ex' tremely active in 1930 and has played an important part in activities of the school through the years. The capable advisers of the club are Rolla P. Chambers, director of athletics, Audris Buckner, Hyrle Ivy, Anthony luska, and until recent years, Miss Julia Storr. The club's two main projects each year are a dance, held this year on December 'i after the Laporte game, and a lettermen's banquet. Both of these affairs are looked forward to by the boys because they oiler a social highlight amidst the hard work of the sporting season. At the first meeting of the year, Dick Hettinger was chosen as president of the organizaf tion while Nelson Detwiler was elected to aid him as vicefpresident. Hyrle Ivy, jr. was placed in the post of secretaryftreasurer while lim Platt become social chairman. These ollicers presided at all meetings for the year. To be admitted to the Athletic Club, the boy must have trained and participated in some athletics at North Side, and he must be accepted and initiated by the charter mem' bers of the club. Afhfcfiiz' Cb1kj'iz1i11.s' The purpose of the Athletic hoard at North Side is to cofordinate the training, runs' ning and financing of the athletic teams, department, and contests at school. Under the lead of Principal lvlilton Northrop and Rolla P. Chamhers, director of athletics, this hoard has done a fine joh throughout the years. New memhers to he added to the hoard this year were Audris L. Buckner, head hasketf hall coach, and Donald Kemp, assistant for track and cross country. Others who particif pate in the hoard's activities are Noel Whitterii, tennis coach. Harry Young, assistant haskethall coach: Anthony luska, head foothall coachg john R. Sinks, intramuralsg Leslie Reeves, who handles the finances, and Hyrle Ivy, assistant foothall and swimming mentor. These men are also responsihle for teaching the physical fitness classes which play such an important part at North Side. Mi'. Chamhers, Mi'. Buckner, lvlr. .luska and Mr. Kemp hold forth in the gymnasium while lvlr. Ivy conducts classes at the swimming pool. These classes are required of Redskins every semester until postfgraduate time and are looked upon with great pleasure hy the masculine students. em ers ti' e e ic voar wi e ac ' on e 'o come nex fe em wer, wor ing M h ith Athltl cl llhhk thih rSptl kt to produce excellent athletic teams for which North Side is famous. These are the memhers of the North Side Athletic Board who are responsihle for carrying out successfully the widespread athletic program here at North Side. Stand' ing, from left to right: Audris Buckner, Donald Kemp, Noel Whitte1'ii, Harry Young, Anthony -luska, john Sinks, Leslie Reeves, and Hyrle Ivy, Sr. Seated are Rolla P. Chambers, director, and Milton H. Northrop. principal. .4..... . .. - ,-. f:L..rv'm:irfwn!iv!c"l'! M' Rea'.iX'f11 RHCQZl6f66l'5 Although tennis is not a new sport at North Side, it has been only during the past two years that letters have heen awarded for this activity. Under the direction of Noel Whitterii, the tennis squad was successful this season through the fact that they did much to popularize the sport at the tepee although they were not victorious in conference play. The first men to receive letters for tennis were graduated in the class of 1947. They were jim Schaherg, Larry Colip and Leonard Horne. Other letter Winners were Bill Yahne, North Side intramural champ, and Kermit Peed, who repeated this year, Those who earned the precious "N" for the game this year were Ellis Shookman, Dick Mc' Dowell, .lerry Sullivan, and .lack Perfect. Optimism runs high in the Red camp for next season as all of the lettermen except Peed will return for next year's action. Coach Whittern has lined up a schedule includf ing Northern Indiana Conference foes and South Side and Central. With a year of ex' perience hehind them, the "racqueteers" should have a fine season. Left: Coach Noel Wliittt-itii poses with Bill Yahne, school champ, who lovingly fondles his winning racquet. Right: This is the l947fl'l-FS Redskin tennis squad. Front: jerry Sullivan, lack Perfect, and Ellis Shookman. Back: Richard Mclloxvell, Kermit Peed, Bill Yahne, and Coach Whitterii. These lads participated in nine meets during the season and have higger amhitions for next year. fzfrzzfribe C0ilf6J'f!llif5' Twenty years ago, when North Side was founded, the Girls' Athletic Association made its debut. Basketball, volleyball, tennis, tumbling, track, and softball have constif tuted the major girls' intramural activities. Under the direction of Miss Margaret Spiegel, girls' swimming instructor who came to North Side in 1937, a water carnival is held annually in the school swimming pool. Betty Schoetl, a sophomore, won the girls' tennis championship this year, besting Gerry Schweizer in a hardffought match. Volleyball and basketball fell under the domif nance of the senior teams. Marilyn Krauss captained the volleyball squad while ,loan Schweizer led the senior girls to basketball victory. ln past years, boys' intramural sports consisted chiefly of a home room basketball tourney, cross country meet, and a spring track meet. The home room net tourney bef came known as the Leaders' Tournament. This year the A division was won by Ardie Millers B. T. Cfs, and Bill Dailey led the Blue Comets to the B division championship. Harold Friederich, Floyd Griswold, Kenneth Brown, lim Schlatter, and Chipper Chambers were the winners of the fall track meet. Top row: On the girls' volleyball team are, left to right, bottom row: ,lean Rainer, Marilyn Krauss, and Pat Kopp. Second row: Miss Ruth Carroll, ,loan Schweizer, and Ruth Reighter. Un the boys' intramural team are, left to right, bottom row: Dick Hettinger, Dave Holley, and Bob Gerrard. Second row: Ardie Miller, Dick Sefton, -lim Bleke, jim Finkhouse, and Bill Breeden. Bottom row, left to right: Betty Schoetf, girls' tennis champion, and Miss Carroll. Left to right: Beverly Lantz, Ruth Reighter, jean Ramer, Marilyn Zoch, Charlotte Doehrman, Ruth Keltsch, Mary Dell Ford, and Donna McGuire are grouped around ,lo Schweizer, their captain. -w .-v-ru. -+-nl Prelimifzfzljf Coach Chamhers gives the track team a hip sendfoff. An alumnus returns for a morale huilding speech Guest referee dem' onstrates a signal. Phil Gutman awaits inf structions. Mr. Buckner speaks seriously. Carl Bradley gives some haskethall facts. Betty liitenour leads cheering Redskins. i Vxfhen North Side was opened, Miss Hilda Aumann had charge of pep sessions. The purpose of them was to further school spirit towards sports. ln 1929 Miss Katharine Rothenherger he' came Miss Aumann's assistant. She helped in all phases of pep sessions. Later Miss Rothenherger took charge of decorations, cheerleaders, and pep sessions in general. Howard T. Michaud started cheerleaders in the system of leading yells in rhythm. Miss Aumann took charge of sales. Short plays were presented in which the students participated. Student assistants helped prepare the music and costumes. A student chairman of pep sessions helped plan the program. Because of the indifferent attitude of the stu' dents to the cheerleaders, pep sessions hecame inf about 193936. Miss Judith Bowen of decorations for several years. The class of 1938 purchased for North Side the war honnet. It was made hy Chief Thunderland, a descendant of Chief Little Turtle. The highlight frequent in took charge of the season was the tournament pep session. 7-1- -Z,-H ff- -,,.......... ,.,.......... Pow Ufnwy ILCIIIS All Ulllkllllll' SCSSUJII. Tl1I'L'C llllh' -fnls in red, llhylllslloot, -l.ineyVv'1rls, and e tx' Ritenour. Redskins leaving .1 Pep cssion. Across the hottoin, left: Mr. Coil it iks. Mr. -Iuska, the Queen, and court. in Harper, Howard Kalilenlwecli, and ite lvleelxs perlorin This was put on hy the faculty. Some themes of these pep sessions have heen of Indians horse racf ing, the circus, and Atlanta. One novel idea for pep sessions has heen participation hy women teachers in a mock haskethall game. These went out during the war when the faculty was taxed to capacity. During the war, john DeLong had charge of pep sessions. In 1946 girl cheerleaders were introduced. Miss lvlargaret Spiegel selected their costumes. At that time, Rutherford Sniuts, our present ad' viser, took charge of pep sessions. Last year, the most outstanding pep session came with the crowning of the queen of the tournament. Mr. .luska acted as queen, and his attendants were seven senior girls. Boh Whitehiitise presented an original hallet routine while some male Inernhers of the student hody did a chorus line numher. Cheer leaders for the year have heen lane Wirls, Phyllis Root, Betty Ritenour, Dave Miller, Keith Hensler, and Gene Church. 77 . 04 - .....-.... -ann L ,JE 1 4 QW 53 fd, 3 . 1 . ,, ' , :,- 1 ,ff ., 4" 2 2:5 ,, , N , ww v , I! 'g , it . 'm+v-Q-1. P Jr siigxv, 1 I - 2? ,ef 'H 17 li As h: 'lf I QQ Hx ,157 Pages 6f25 5 ' :ag , gh 5 404, Vi jf- ,. M ' 4 I! 5,1 , 'Q UR ir.. '1 9 41 1 '54 f f' 1 V .,,h,,,4 I . , vvaf, an ' iff. 5 "6 'i '4 r' f Eff q fa ' 47 ' 4 5 W Pages 2655 V i 'f ij, L '11' if ffzfwfff 1 VV' ? " V La . 'wax A ! I ,013 -" Lufif P J L A5 f i ages '56f81 46,85 x ,-fry , . : ' ,R . J E , Q ' f' i , 5, j 4- XM Y' A ' s, JE 3 - 4 ffj. 215 f' if wg, " Li-f L , '.'v F xg: F ' . -ei i ii' 3 , Q Pages 82,121 gg,l -lg? .T ' If ' in 1 4 , i 1 .,AA..A.,, f1:"42fLf.4 agen- l 76 qv--av-gr--.-Y-f V ,. A-.. ....... -.--,- .u. 5333. 4 we-:M .vi-gg-. .. y?if,f!.:'9l?w'wlioe4rQ9fsu Girls' Ollicers and advisers shown above are, left to right, Miss Spiegel, Miss Carroll, Bertha Schmidt, Ruth Keltsch. Delores Beueler, Marilyn Roush, and Marilyn Krauss, grouped around joan Schweizer. At lower left, a group of G,A.A.'ers at the Christmas party gather around a tire' place, part of the yuletide decorations trimming thx H l ' Q. 5ll'S QYHIIIHSIUITI. Lower right: Bottom row left to ri ht Sch 'd 3 K , g : ' IH1'f, Ioling, Barrand, Haneline, bl. Schwei:er, Lantz, Riley, Ehrhart, Carpenter, Lord, Krauss, Middle row, left to right: Berning, Watkelield. Neal, Rosenherger, Meek, Whciiisettler, Doehrman, Rieghter, Parker, Strait, Leighty. Top row, left to right: Dean, Ramer, G. Schweizer, Keltsch, Zoch, Ginzel, Kopp, Kroemer, Aiken. fffhfefir .455051'afi0f1 The Girls' Athletic Association, better known as G.A.A., is an organization symf bolized by two words, vim and vigor. This club is made up of sportsfloving girls whose ideals are threefold: health, sportsmanship, and loyalty. A favorite organization of the girls, G.A.A. has been on the North Side roster for twenty years. Membership in this club requires the earn' ing of 100 points which may be obtained by participating in the various sports offered throughout the school year. These sports in- clude volleyball, basketball, softball, hiking, skating, tennis, swimming, track and ofhciatl ing. All classes are placed on teams, and thus 100 points are awarded for first and second team placements while girls on third and fourth teams receive 50 points. Perfect at' tendance in gym classes earns 25 points for the student. Upon attaining a total of 400 points, the G.A.A. numerals are awarded. The highest award, a blocked "N", requires 900 credited points. To the three senior girls earning the highest sum of points, a red reguf lation letter sweater is presented. All awards are announced and presented at the annual spring banquet. Uther events of the year to which all G.A.A. members look forward are Play Day, the swimming carnival, monthly meetings, and the initiation potluck. G.A.A. has afforded many girls a foundaf tion on which they are now building careers. Former G.A.A. members now play on city softball teams and basketball league teams. Many are at college studying advance physif cal education. Cihcers of G.A.A. for the year have been loan Schweizer, president: Ruth Keltsch, vicefpresidentg Bertha Schmidt, secretaryf treasurer. Marilyn Krauss, point recorder: Deloris Beucler, junior representative, and Marilyn Roush, sophomore representative. At left below, left to right, bottom row: Hausch, Beebe, Beucler, Pope, Manor, Roush, Snyder, Wyss, Shipman, Humbarger, Keller, Schuelhe. Second row: Dunbar, Bilcer, Ball, Furman, Kissinger, hlenne, Longardner, Wiiiebreiiiier, Krause, Marquis, Rainer, Hullinger. Top row: Lantz, Rainer, Smith, Egglcson, Mounsey, Moore, Peterson, Kougel, Beach, Stellhorn, Bartaway, Bowser. At the right, members of the association exchange gifts at the Christmas party, From left to right are, Marilyn Krauss, ,loan Leighty, .loan Schwei:er, Gerry Schweizer, Pat Straight, Frances Os' trander, and Beverly Lantz. M.. .Q-Kw-fw,,.,W x ,wavy ,ad ' f X . flifwm. ' 'Qgu , w. 55? VIEW QA WA QQ xvwe , X -g WX' Tgyibiiw Rf XRNS.-"X,t Q"fV!?'hSs:. : - - 'X -1 .... X gg-X -W wa 4 rw ,W X 7 Q 1 f In WM . 5 .X , , .,., . ,..N,: ,b:. , , ,,.,k I , 6 ' xp, -- , fm. ,L Q ' N A ' - 2g,3 ,j"1f " f m --A 5, H1f.1K'11f fllf111z'1'11.s' 11'y111g lll 1l11: I'Cl-I'C4lI1IlQ Vx'.lIL'l'N 111' 1l1c Tflwklfhx l.1x'111'11Q "sw1111111111g l'1UlCl.,lXll1I'Il1 S11l1:'Q 11111'111111l,.1g1lc Rc1lNlx111 1111111lc11s 11r.1ct1cc .111111111u 1'111'111.1111111Q. 111 1l1Q 11111 1111' turc 111 thc 11111 left, 1l1c !ll'lS l-1Il'lN .1 C1I'ClC. 1l11'11 l11'c.1l4 .1xx'.1y 111 111.1l4c .1 l1111111111 sx1'1111111111g Cl1.lll'l. Next. 111 1l'1c 1'1gl11. 15 .1 gl111111sc ill' .1 l1c.11c',l x'11llcyl'1.1ll g.1111c xx'11l1 P.111y 3111111111114 El.1111c D.111gl11c1'y. .'111l Cll1.lYlCI1C llc- 11111111l5 l1.111l111g 111 1'ClLll'll 1l1c l1.1ll .1c1'11ss 1l1c 11c1. Tl11'cc 1111111 l111lc 4w11111111'1'4 11111' l111'111 .1 11111cy c1'.1xvl 111 1l1C llfil 1WlCIL1I'C 111 the scc11111l 1'11xx' .1e they r.1cc 1l1c lc11g1l1 111 1l1Q 111111l. 91111111-1 511111111111-1.1lX 511 11111Ql1 .1 11.111 111' N111'1l1E 1111l1l1c .1 1l 1l1'c s Q Qys1c111, l1.1x'c l1.1d 1111 l1c11c1' cx 11111101115 1l1.111 tl1c KIA A. 11.1ls wl111sc X'CI'Sll'lCLl, 11111' 5lC.ll .11111111111cc111c11t4 l1.-xr 1'11l1x'c11c1l llhlllj' .1 l111111c 11111111 11Q1'1111l N11, 1l1cy 11111141 l1.1x'c .1 1l1x'1'1' 11c1'cl1c1l 11x'1'1' l1c.11l .ns 1l1cy l111 .1 l11gl1 11111c, lWl1l 1l1c11 ' lVl.l1'll1'll K1'1111ss. Bu' Q1-lyL.1111:, S.1llyMyc1-Q. 3 llcggyNVl11111sc11lc11 .lllkl 1111.111 Scl1xx'c1:c1' 111141 1111gl11 l1c f111Q111g 111 1l1c l1c.11111cs 111 1l1c xx'.11c11 V1g111'1111s 11xu1'c1N1's 1l1'C 111'.1c11cc1l l1y Ll gym clan M.1rsl'1, l"l1yll1s R11111, .1111l 11151 r11w 111 c.1lcstl1c111cs. Vv'11gg1111c1', El111111' M 11 1 .1 . 5. Kc111r11cs, 111111 C11111111: S111'1111gc1' kcc11f 111g their g1rl1sl1 flgurcs by thc 11l1l 111111 -1u11111111g r11111111c. Thrcc 11111111 .-dklcksqw pro 1111rc 111 dwc 111111 thc deep C1111 111 the scQ11111l 111:turcg while 111 the 1l11rd 511111, Carol C1rcl1: l l 111111 Loretta B11cl1111c 11111111 fur tllc l111ll 111 1111 1111f 1111r111111 l111slic1l111ll gLl1llC. 79 w11l1 lX'1111'y 511111311 ullCIWLl.1 l L111'1l B.1x1c1' lllICLl 1111 111 1l'11' Across 1l1c l111t111111 111 thc 11.1g1', 1 141-11111 lcfr 111 1'1gl11. .111 NEIIICB' 1 x. , ' F ljrz. e.4r::vr:nr1zvm,g,my,R, Untstzxnding on thc nthlctic c.dcndau' are thc performances of thc thinhchxds-ltrackstcrs '1Q.Q . ' K if . W9 .lnd crossfcountry lads uhkc. At thc left is David Zoch, dof mg gym laps as zrnothcr Rod! skin pounds thc path. At right, Conncrs, Srmon, and Dctwilcr stretch thcir legs in LIISYAIICC FLINIIIIIQ. C. C. and await thc starting gun. Across thc hottom, top row: Recd lcuds 11 Tiger truckf Gerrard stcr, thc varsity crossfcountry hoys run, and Rccdcr Sprints, Second row: Rccdcr clcars ll hurdlc, hopcfuls cxcrc1sc, and Shearer frnishcs thc 4:40. Bot' tom row: Powcll, Adams, and Harper .rdd to North's laurcls. SM '5 fa ,J gxurv Q ' +1 11? at . 94.99-:Q X 5-J gawk I ,htm J .qw L Y! Q f, 5 if 'S QW h gas iiq it K6 ' 5 m L . E ,,, ., X.- . The hrst senior class, that of 1928, consisted of sixtyffour members. The combined freshman, sophomore, and junior classes numbered five hundred thirtyfsix students. Through the years certain traditions have been established for all the classes, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. Every year the senior class has election of ofhcers in Cctober. In Novemf ber the two senior onefacts are given with a cast of seniors. The annual senior banquet is held every january. The next allfsenior event is the threefact play, given late in February. The class Commencement is held in june. Senior Day, when the class will is read and the valedictorian and salutatorian speeches are given, is held the week of graduation. The plant' ing of the class ivy is done the SHINE' day. Graduation in June is, of course, the highlight of the year's events. The junior Prom is the outstanding event for the juniors and is held every May. Election of officers takes place early in the year. The sophomoreffreshman party marks the outstandf ing event of the underclassmen's year. The sophomores elect their officers along with the upperclassmen, but the freshmen choose oflicers in February. Cetffxcquainted Day, Courtesy Week, Recognition Day, and the Christmas play bring the classes together in work and play. The goal of the underclassmen is to work hard enough so that they can gain the high standards of the senior classes that have gone before, and the goal of every senior class is to maintain and raise the standards already established for them. ix K2 1 .1 . 1' f'T' x , fp Fvhwti-uk x Q T. ' Wig 7 N , 0, -J' 5! I . VA X K! , Q- Lg,-' -,Y A l f 6 1 X .. , Vf 5 5 1 ' 1 , 'z 3, e , , .. . ,qv iz' U - 'wf- S, 6 -- 1' , ,R . V . ,,,,,.x ff Q ,jfs 0 H gf! U fa: U V KN- M x V1 , .,h !,f1.t1f,2 ,,,. gf- Mliign , wil! ' w is jx 1 , K i H ' Xl :xii 'Xi 1 ,t,f1Jl,ff 5: , -X ,.. ,,5f4JEfZe 2 Q W .ha . K Carl Bradley Patricia Kroemer ,, ff Y , iE53ZiLlL:,,QlSL ,2f !2!'I'!'fT,'1'. i.!F11llD1!"YH':U! U!F L -.. -. National Honor Society Becoming a member of the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors that can come to a Redskin senior. Only fifteen per cent of the seniors from the upper third of their class may be elected to the society. The standards of the National Honor Society are very high, and the stu' dents must fulfill and maintain these standards in order to remain a member. Each year from the top ten per cent of the junior class, outstanding students are elected to the organization to carry on the work the following year. Seniors Elected in 1947 James Craig Iris Cinzel Howard Kahlenbeck Ruth Keltsch Ruth Anne Waggoner Barbara Landgrebe Betty Jo Long Cilda Lyons Norma Jean Sullivan Seniors Elected in 1948 Barbara Beberstein Patricia Carpenter Chandra Chambers Joan Cloppert Barbara Crabill Bonnie Jo Doehrman Virginia Essex Mary Dell Ford Rosella Coeglein Rosalyn Grubb Sarah Hamlett John Harper Maxine Phyllis Hartman Mary Ann Helmke Maurine Jacobs Beverly Koeneman Jeanne Lautenschlager Lorna Jean Mertens Jay Allen Morris Joy Ann Popp Constance Jo Moeder Patricia Ramsey Patricia Rice Donna Rousseau James Schafenacker Jerome Segal James Shearer Robert Silk Rose Marie Staak Robert Stouifer Lois Symms Richard Votaw C. Herbert Walker Patricia Ann Whipple Juniors Elected in 1948 Ruth Becker Jeanette Buechner Richard Edsall Joy Holman Donald Walker, Jr. Patricia Long Dorothy Luhman Dorothy Norton Patricia Payne our Tear mol' Roll Ruth Anne WilgfglWllCf, Valcdictorian Carl Bradley Chandra Chambers james Craig Mary Dell Ford Iris Ginzcl Rosalyn Grubb Maxine Hartman Howard Kahlcnbcck Ruth Keltsch Patricia Kroemer Barbara Landgrcbig Bctty ,lo Long Gilda Lyons Lorna -lean Mcrtcns .lily A1111 Popp james Shearer Norma Jean Sullivan Lois Symms Ruth Anne Vxfaggoner G. Herbert Wqilkcr Barbara jo Yost Norma -lean Sullivan, Salutatorian 13 T I ,I f I l I ' 1 l .Y K l li l K l Il 1 l I l ig ll l Vx l V. i fl l ll l 5 5! 1 i L 'iNorth Side High School". These Words are not only carved in the stone facade of North Side, but they are also engraved in the hearts of all its students, High among the trees, ai blue sky filled with white clouds forins the background as the American flag, floating gently in the breeze, keeps watch over the home of the Redf skins. The open door of opportunity is surrounded by ivy traditionf ally planted by the senior class. As the Redskins have gone forward in life, so has the ivy climbed up the walls of North Side High School. .il-ni .f-f - -M A- - - XM ' ww 'ui-sw .,.- .L ,fi F4 ' '??'fJ!!4?!?l!!l?!':3Q Senior Celebrifiey Rise 3 As a result of the senior poll we find here: i Top row, left: Ruthie Keltseh, voted the best girl citizen, and Phil Gutmain, voted best athlete, 5 relaxing in the Legend rooin, Don Conners, boy with the best sense of humor, goes up the stairs with -loan Cloppert and Diek Reed, who were voted the boy and girl with the prettiest hair. Bayard Me- Nagney, chosen the most notorious woman hater .ind most baishful boy, opens the ear door for Sally Bash, voted the prettiest girl. Second row: Ruth Ann Wgiggtiiier and Herbert Wailker, most studious boy and girl, sit on the stairs and study, Dave Pickering, handsoinest boy, and Jeannine Gething, voted the eutest couple, sit :it the information desk. Bob Lamson, i the most courteous boy, opens the door for Donna Rousseau, l ehosen most courteous girl .ind girl with the most e ja ff 4 I1gi,ll1f personality. Third row: Carl Bradley, best aetor and best boy speaker, "hguninily" proposes to Sally Hamlett, best actress. Bai'bar.i ,lo Yost, voted i girl most likely 3 l r, ,Q . i l i 5 i i i ll l? 55 li ft' ',L L e : X, i ti l I 1 ,l' 86 ,t Arid Sfzifze - - - to succeed, the girl who has contribf uted most to the betterment of the school, the most outstanding girl, and the best girl speaker, laughs at john Harper, voted best citizen, boy most likely to sue' ceed, one who has contributed most to the betterment of the school, the most outstanding boy of the senior class, and the most popular boy. .loan Schweizer, the best girl athlete is shown at her locker. Phyllis Root was voted the best dancer and girl with the best sense of humor, and john Sinks was voted the best boy dancer. Dick Allread was voted the boy with the most engaging personality, and Beverly Koeneman was voted the most popf ular girl. .. - - W YILLLZQZEU' "': 1 JUFY1'-Il'1Wf-YMW7i!v?Hf'!fI7q'?'f'9Y".!?E"H'fK4fVP5V!l"l 1 A 7 Senior Bmfvey mm' Sqmzzw The first graduating class of North Side, that of 1928, consisted of sixtyffour students. This year the twentieth graduating class is made up of two hundred sixty boys and girls who have completed their four years work at North Side. The four years were not all work and no play, however. The hrst two years spent at North Side were distinguished most by the freshmanfsophomore party. Our junior Prom will long be remembered as one of the most beautifully dec' orated that North Side has ever had. Cur senior year was the most outstanding. Election of ofhcers was held in Cctober, and we chose Howard Kahlenf beck as president, Phil Cutman as vicefpresident, lim Shearer as secretaryftreasurer, and Betty jo Long as social chairman. As advisers we selected Mr. Smuts and Miss Bowen. Cur senior banquet was held january 21 with the theme L'Cver the Rainbow." Class prophecies, written by the senior counf cil, were a big success. Senior Day and the class will will be remembered long by both seniors and underclassmen. The Commencement Dance, held June 5, was a beautiful affair and lived up to the hopes of all. Baccalaureate, June 6, and Commencement, june 8, will stay in our memories as a beau' tiful ending to four years in 'LCur dear old North Side High." Chief Warriors . . . Oflif cers of the senior class, shown here from left to right, are, seated: Howf ard Kahlenbeck, presif dent, Miss Judith Bowen, a d v i s e rg E. Ruthford Smuts, adviserg Betty jo Long, social chairman. Standing: james Shearer, secretaryftreasurerg Phil' lip Gutman, vice-presif dent. This group guided the seniors through a busy year. ft: f"i-Q 'hw-w.,, f' 'qv " 1 ,X R. -5 'a eiia' "-ri 1 4- .ra -J, 5 -. 1. i'1o'!-g 2,5 . "Eb-'.ji,:, U, HS ef-- 1? f, 'FW f ,u .W f . z- , 5 5 -. L, MQ I 1. A, KU' iv' '51 ...rf ,.,...q4 , we 4-43' Y-MF "1 tw 's y 1.4" 'V I as-gf .Wg "xi Jgtz A A 3 N iii-I' f. "-flbiif Nj I. if F til' Q Q34 ,A Y I w .X ST ie '25 ' ,...5., ' 4: -:mat as 31-.LAS 2 -:X 4' , , 4 .1 it .1 1 w ., Y . l 1 5 3 KEN- - T' 3 V ir WI' . za- 1 in Ji Rig 'ft 'iv 5 +A 2 13 ,V inh - ii, M xx gf , H!l,'.sMY!VP! H ' ' Bev Wells and Joan Hall flash their friendly smiles for the Legend photographer as they prepare to leave school in the evening. Looks as though Bev is planning to stay home this evening studying her Latin assignment. Joan is turning studious, too. It's 11 tough life the North Side students lead. Row I AIKEN. CHARLOTTE. 'LChar"-N.S.I.: G,A.A.: Phy'Chem: Band letter. ALLREAD, RICHARD, "Dick"-Attended Shortridge, Indianapolis: North Side A.C.: varsity cross country: track, ARMSTRONG, NOLAN. "Cotton"fPres. HifY: Phy- Chem: Rifle Club: Student Council: cross country. Row II ASPY. BARBARA. "Babs"-Vice-pres.. pres. Camera Club: treasurer. Red Cross: Helicon: Northerner: gold pin, Camera Club. BAKER. JOAN. "Jo"fRifle Club. BAKER, WILLIAM. h'Bill"-Intramural baslietballi Band: Orchestra: N.S.I. Row III BALLINCER. EDWARD. 'iEd"-Intramural basket- ball: swimming. BANDELIER. RICHARD, "Dick"-HifY. BARDEN. KATHRYN, 'kKit"7Attended school in both Detroit and Bayne City. Michigan, N.S.I.: Polar'Y: PhyfChem. Row IV BARTAWAY. JO ANN. "Jo"-Polar-Y: Booster: G.A.A.: Training Choir: A Cappella: girls' deck tennis champion, 194647. BARTHOLD. ROBERT, "Bob"-North Side A.C.: intramural basketball: varsity football. BARRAND. MARGE-G.A.A.: typing award. Row V BASH. SALLY-Booster: PhyfChem: J.F.I...: vicefpres.. French Club. BAXTER. LCRIL JANE. "Mickey"-PolarfY: Boost' er: typing award: A Cappella: Hrst in state music contest in voice and piano. BEBERSTEIN, BARBARA JEAN. "Stein"-J.F.L.: PolarfY: Booster: PanfAmerican: publicity chair' man. Helicon: Phy-Chem: S.P.C.: 1500 Club: bronze publications pin: student volunteer: National Honor Society, Row VI . BEER, MAXINE, "Macky"-Booster: Phy'Chem. BEHNKE, YVONNE-PolarfY: J.C.L.g N.S.I.: 1700 Club: news editor: copy editor of Northerner: busi' ness manager of Legend: band letter: Quill and Scroll. BERLES. JOHN JAMES, "Johnnie"-Helicon: Na' ture Club: Student Council: pres., PhyfChem: varsity cross country. 90 Row I BEUCLER, LOIS. "Yo Yo"-Typing award. BLEKE, JAMES H.. "Jim"-Phy-Chem: Rifle: intra' mural sports. BLUM, ARDYTH, "Joy"-J.C,L.: S.P.C.: Polar-Y: PhyfChem: Northerner. Row II BODEKER, MARJORIE. "Margie"-Typing award. BOLENBAUCHER, JO ANNE MAE-Booster: C.A.A.: typing awards. BONHAM, GLENNAfAttended South Side: girls' chorus: typing award. Row III BOYER. BONNIE LOU-G.A.A.1 Twirlcr. BRADFORD. DONNA BRADLEY, CARL LEROY-J.F.L.: N.F.L,: S.P.C.: Phy-Chem: Pan'American: Student Council: pres.. National Honor Society: pres.. vicefpres.. Helicon: cheerleader: student adviser, J,F.L,: speech letter: winner. C. of C. speech contest in soph,, jr.. and sr. years: soph. extemp. cup: senior oratory cup: John- son Trophy: debate: senior onefact plays: senior play. Row IV BRAKE, RICHARD, "Dick"-Attended Riverside. Ill, and Highland Park. Mich.. High Schools: Phyf Chem: Camera: Hi-Y. BRAUN. XVILLIAM. "Bill"-Attended Central Cathof lic. BREEDEN, WILLIAM. "Wild Bill"-Intramural sports. Row V BRUICK. JOANNE, "Jo"-S.P.C.: J.F.L.: PhyfChem: Booster: Los Sofdales: feature editor. Northerner: senior editor. Legend. BULLARD. RONALD. "Ronnie"-Rifle Club: North Side A.C.: Student Council: football: track: intra' mural basketball. BURKE. JAMES PATRICK, .lP8t.'iVIC8'Pf6S.. pro- gram chairman. Hi'Y: Rifle Clubi track: intramural cross country. Row VI CARPENTER. PATRICIA, "Pat"-G.A.A.: Student Council: National Honor Society. CHAMBERS, CHANDRA. "Sandy"-Attended Cranf ford High. Cranford, N, Helicon: National Honor Society. CLARK, JOHN, "Jack"-A veteran. The North Side, John Adams basketball game at South Bend seems to be holding very little of the attention of Don Connors, Jim Craig, Dale Osf born, Barbie Landgrebe, Chandra Chambers, Carl Bradley, and Jeannie Lautenschlager. Maybe it's because the Purple Eagles were defeating the Red' men that enthusiasm has Waned. 91 M S x P1 .ah V 1 , 9 s,- A f t is .,l.' 'J J' A as fl- I I A' XM., ,L , A L : ,,-r- 1 I I I c ski? A l n i is Q 1 P Q :"' 3, A 'f as ' . b . ' ' ,Fa ll l li lF E-I 3 '1 nl I! If J f-:fl 1 if PA -an g, f' J l 4, affi x ' V A as - -Y 2 .., ,Q W ' 5 -1 .. . 5 lv ' ' f 1 af ra' . ,gk xv. mari A ,A x f Sli ,CP '33-1' X' x m A knitting bee! Lois Symms, Sally Bash, Barbara Beberstein, Bev Koeneman, Mary Ann Helmke, Macky Beer, Ginny Hagy, Donna Rousseau, and Janie Wirls appear to be completely absorbed in the task of knitting socks and sweaters for their friends. Looks like Bev just dropped a stitch: a little help, Mary Ann. Row I CLOPPERT, JOAN. "jo"-Pres., Red Cross: Booster: sec.. PolarfY: typing and filing awards: National Honor Society. COCHRAN. RICHARD COLCHIN. CHARLES, "Chuck"-Rifle Club. Row II CONLEY, SHIRLEYfFreshman volleyball: Northf CHIEF. CONNORS, DONALD, "Don"-French Club: North Side A.C.: Phy'Chem: cross country letterman: in' tramural basketball. COOK, MARILYN. "Cookie"7Polar'Y: Booster: typ' ing and Bling award. Row III CRABILL. BARBARA-French Club: S.P.C.: Pan' American: Camera Club: A Cappella: debate: one-act plays, senior play: National Honor Society. CRAIG, JAMES NELSON, "lim"-Sec., vice-pres.. pres., Nature Club: program chairman, pres.. Heli' con: PhyfChem: -l.F.L., North Side A.C.: S.P.C.: Student Council: National Honor Society: National Athletic Scholarship Society: jr. Rotarian: track: cross country letter: senior play: intramural track: basketball: Legend. CROSBY, THOMAS W., "Tom"+Ril'le Club: foot- ball letterman: North Side A.C.: intramural track: basketball. Row IV CROUSE, WILLIAM H., L'Willie"-Intramural sports. CURDES, CATHERINE, "Katie"-Phy-Chem: S.P.C.g A Cappella: cantata duet. DAVIS, RICHARD W., "Rocky"-Rifle Club: foot' ball: track: wrestling: boxing: intramural basketball. Row V DAYTON. CAROL-S.P.C.: Polar'Y: typing awards. DEAL, VIRGINIA, "Ginny." DEPPEN, MARY ALICE. "Mousie"-S.P.C,: Band: typing awards: filing certificate. Row VI DETWILER, NELSON, "Nellie"-Student Council: vicefpres. North Side A.C.: training choir: basket' ball: track: cross country letterman. DIEMER, MARIAN JEANINE-Polar-Y: girls' choir: Red Jacket Club. DILLING, KENNETH GENE, "Kenny"-Attended Woodburn High: N.S.I.g band: softball: basketball. Row I DOEHRMAN, BONNA JO, "Bonnie"-Booster: Phy' Chem: Camera: PolarfY: G.A.A.: J.F.L.: Northerner: Legend: Helicon: pep session chairman: National Honor Society. DOEHRMAN. CHARLOTTE. "Chuck"4C,A.A.1 Rifle Club. DOELLING. MILDRED. "Millie"-Booster: Student Council: typing and filing awards. Row II DONELSON. HAROLD L.. "Harry"-PhyfCheni, cross country: interclass meet. ENGLE. RICHARD. "Dick"7S.P.C.: Northerner football: A Cappella. ENCLEMAN, JOAN. "Joanie"fCamera Club. Row III I ERHARDT. GLORIA JEAN. "Klinl-Q"-C.A.A.: S.P.C.: Booster: typing awards: twirler: training choir. ESSEX. VIRGINIA. i'Cinny"7PolarfY: S.P.C.: North' erner: Legend: Phy-Chem: 1500 Club: Quill and Scroll: National Honor Society. EVERSOLE, MARTHA JANE, "Marty"iPolarfY: Booster: PanfAmerican: 1500 Club: S.P.C.: bronze and silver publications pin: Northerner. Row IV FASULO. ROBERT A.. "Bob"-North Side A.C.: Rifle Club: track. cross country. football, and basket- ball manager: A Cappella: intramural basketball. FETT. DONALD EUGENE. "Don"4HifY: football. FOLLIS. WANDA JEAN. "Jeannie"-Girls' choir: Student Council: typing award. Row V FORD. MARY DELL, "Del"-Vicefpres.. Pan-Ameri- can: G.A.A.: S.P.C.: Booster: cheer leader: 1500 Club: Los Sofdales: Camera Club: Northerner: Quill and Scroll: National Honor Society. FRAYLICK. PATRICIA. "Pat"-S.P.C.: J.F.L.: Boost' er: PolarfY: 1500 Club: Nature Club: Northerner. FRAZIER. MARILYN JANE+Polar-Y: Booster: typ' ing awards. Row VI FINKHOUSE, JAMES, "Fink"-Football: track: fresh' mari basketball. FISHER, DONALD. "Fredie"fRifle Club: Phy-Chem: Student Council: sec.-treas., HifY. FRECH. CALVIN. "Cal"-Rifle Club: band. orches- tra. Phyllis Ann Westbrook and Jackie Schneider pause for a moment to admire the flowers placed beneath North Side's memorial plaque. The plaque, which was presented to the school by the Student Council of 1944-45, lists the names of the sixtyffive North Side alumni who died in action during the second World War. 93 w'!raf:?Pw1m'112WUW+!'ns1:mnm:29lt5I9!l'. .. . . Study! Study! Study! Dick Brake, Wayne Rode' meyer, and Dick Allread are caught by the Legend photographer as they do a little last minute cram' ming before going to chemistry class. It looks as though their class is going to hear some wonder- fully brilliant recitations f f or possibly smell some of those terrific odors today. Row I GARRARD, ROBERT M.. "Bob"-North Side A.C.g cross country letterman: intramural sports. GARRETT. ARTHUR WILLIAM. "Art"-Camera Club: scholastic art award. GERARDOT. DOLORES. "Do"-G.A.A.: PolarfY: Booster: typing awards. Row II GETHINC. JEANNINE. "Jeannie"4S.P.C.: Polar'Y: Booster: debate. Northerner. GINZEL, IRIS-Vice-pres.. Polar'Y: Helicon: Red Cross: G.A.A.: S.P.C.: National Honor Society: typ' ing awards. GOEGLEIN. ROSELLA. "Rosie"-S.P.C.: PolarfY: Northerner: sec.. Phy'Chem: Booster: Red Cross: J.F.L.: dramatic declamations: typing awards: Christ- mas play. National Honor Society. Row III GOLLER. JOYCE-N.S,I.: honors in state music conf tests: band: A Cappella. GRIMME, ANITA JEAN. "Nita"ABooster: typing awards. GRUBB. ROSALYN. "Rosie"-S.P.C.: Booster: Polar' Y: typing and filing awards: National Honor Society. Row IV GUTMAN. PHILLIP E.. "Phil"-PhyfChem: North Side A.C.: pres., junior class: vice'Pres.. senior class: Student Council: National Athletic Scholarship: co- captain. football: letters in football. basketball, and track: intramural track. HACKBARTH, ROBERT. "Bob"-Cross country. HAGY. VIRGINIA LEE. "Ginny"-J.F.L.: N.F.L.: S.P,C.: G.A.A.: winner. sophomore dramatic declama- tion: typing and Sling awards. Row V HALL, JOAN IRENE. "Jo"7S.P.C.: Northerner: typ' ing award: training choir. HALL. PATRICIA RUTH, "Pat"-Attended high school in Chicago: Phy-Chem: training choir. HAMLETT. SARAH SUZANNE. "Sally"-J.F.L.: Los Sofdales: sec.. vice-pres.. Helicon: program ch.. sec., pres., Nature Club: vice-pres., S.P.C.: copy editor. Legend: assistant feature editor. Northerner: English cup winner. 1947: bronze publications pin: Quill and Scroll: 1500 Club: trio: A Cappella: Cantata solo: National Honor Society: senior one acts: Christ- mas play: senior play. Row VI HANELINE. SHIRLEY, "Shan"-G.A.A.: typing and filing award. HARNISH, ANNA JEAN. "Jeanie"-Attended Leo High School. HARPER, JOHN-Nature Club: pres., Student Counf cil: vicefpres.. junior class: North Side A.C.: Phy- Chem: cross country: track and football letters: Na- tional Honor Society: National Athletic Scholarship Society. 94 4+

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