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 - Class of 1930

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1930 volume:

' ' '11 Y- Q4 6- I 1, W 1 xt In "K" Two PQINIQ' . com! HADLEV Page 96 Sidelights 4..,. Q f , fx ,' ,1 1, ti ,:r'.53YA. Q .S 1 ' 1 - Q x -R P t. 5 , 2 , V- ' S E 9 0 - k ,Q f 1 Q -P + 1 w V rl 5-ii D w if tiff ' J- 1-it 5: , H l M an ,N mmf wi.- i3......,.Qmw,v Mxfwiiihwxiiv. z Pllgz' 9.9 11 Av'-vq BOQVW Page' 99 Q- 4: V11 PEDSKINS' BATTLE FLAG I fs L1 .Q 4. A f -,-..-Q. ,NL -.N r-5. f 4 - g K az' hw' vxi tj,-I 32, .Q Dj' Fwy : J 11' 11? 41. - -lf-H MOR OOSTERS 'September School has startedl Lize and I went to Falvy's and Esther Cromwell just pounced on us to give us all the ngoref' IVe went to watch the football practice but Coach Bills wouldnit leave us stay so went riding with Dick Baird. Lize wanted to pitch nickels with Art King and the boys but I persuaded her not to so she gave her money to Virginia Buhr for the Red Cross. A new girl is at school and, of course, johnny Robinson would rush her seeing as he always rushes new girls. After we didn't get elected for any office in the Senior class Lize and I bought pretzels for our home room so we would get elected to the Student Council because we knew Bill Horgmann would be there. Thus proving that popularity has its price. Poor Lize and I just donlt know what we-'ll do. I don't possibly see how we can wander around among l79 Freshmen without getting mangled. Lize and I saw the new teacher yesterday-her name is Miss Hadley. IVe were very anxious to see her after hearing llroop Geyer's report. Really, Miss Alexander won't speak to anyone anymore. liver since she saw the Graf Zeppelin flying over Chicago, she has been quite high hat. October Lize and I went to see a football game but when Lize fell in the mudpuddle at the entrance we decided to go talk to lvlr. Bills. He was in a very bitter mood and we were frightened. However, he explained that he was very much against the ditch digging profession. Glenn Brendel and joe Miskell and jules Dalton are so strong from digging ditches that every time they practice the opposing team is all cut up and hurt, and bandages are so expensive. VVe saw jack Christie with a big piece of beef in his hand and he said he was going to put it on Harry Leeperls latest black eye. Lize felt awfully sorry for him and wanted to put a bandage on but he said that would hide it. YVe saw Droop Geyer running around without any shoes. He said he was waiting for VValt Bonham to find him a pair that were big enough. Thereby proving student-athletic managers have a hard time. Lize and I will have to be very nice to Ray Alter. He is the editor ofthe Legend, and we do want our pictures in it. Really, Halloween seems to be demoralizing some of our most upstanding students. Breaking street lights is so destructive, though. VVQ found Jeannette Popp in her locker just foaming at her mouth. VVe gathered between hysterics that Neil Shaburn made her so angry. Page I 00 'N 5 - fr .1 Q. 'S kms-up . .L , N -. .p-..A.x f4,Q,:A,,, Page 101 I . November Lize and I saved our money and went to the junior dance. George Kowalczyk and Norbert Schenkel were there and said it reminded them so much of old times that they wouldnit leave us dance with anyone else all evening. This made johnny Robinson so angry, he told Mr. Ivy that George hadn't paid so Mr. Ivy wouldnyt let him stay. VVell, Lize and I just can't work these new-fangled yo-yos so We asked john Cockrell and joe Bowen to come over one night and teach us. But the next day Garnett Carpenter wouldn,t speak to us thereby proving she was jealous. There are two new boys around school, Bertie and Essie. 'lean Bouillet has promised to introduce Lize and me to them, and Lize is quite excited-she wants to have her hair dyed. Really, jules Dalton and Droop Geyer dance quite nicely to- gether. The other day Lize and I were walking to school and it was snowing quite hard. U'e saw something approaching that looked like a couple of fair sized hills. IVheu we got up close, we saw it was john Sessler and Pete Putman with their camel-hair and bear-skin coats on. Lize was really quite fascinated-I had to promise to buy her a sundae before I could get her away. December Lize almost broke up -lack Deeley and Lorraine Langard because she asked him to walk home with her. But jack said it was all right since Christmas is nearly here. VVell Lize and I left him Hat when he said that and walked up to school where we saw 'liubby Kleinhans and Margaret Thomas making faces at each other. just then Lize saw Ray Alter and tore after him, leaving me all alone. There I was left by myself to receive Kay lVade. So I hurried to llll and hid behind Miss Harvey. But Nedra Guntle was down there telling Ednell Miller all about Benny. So I just went back to Rachel after proving you jump out of the frying pan only to land in the fire. Lize and I have decided to be aviatrix. Dick Hobson has been telling us all about it. Since he had his 1'ides in the Yankee Clipper, he seems to know all about airplanes. Really the Press Convention at Chicago must have been quite educational. At least -lane Korn seems to have learned all about grand opera. Page 1113 L 2 s ,gtg Aifi Y . ,xxx e v x , V N.. 5 ,N-I N z 1 3 ' X, "' .iusrgmma v , .1 X .a , ,X wwf' NG poi? W+:.'-'lugs , ' sq' xgni fl 5 W ' KN Ima N a 51Q....:f-xwwii. pm F' , XA 1 ,324 'Q me Doves Nh sn." A -Q A R f. f 1 f A - 2 X' 1 1:35 -5, ,ripga-A: 9 ' ' T ' :7'n WHERE Q gfglny 5 . GOING , Page 103 anuary lVell after our strenuous vacation Lize really wasnlt fit to come back to school hut she wouldn't stay home because someone told her Bill Borgmann was hanging around Maxine McNamara. So Lize and l went down to talk to Mr. Sinks. VVe were just standing there discussing basketball when we heard a terrible chatter. I stuck my head out real courteously and saw Droop Geyer barreling down the hall yelling something about a Hood. So we immediately followed him to the boiler room. lVe got there just on time to see hflary lVlargaret Vesey fall in. VVe were all quite frightened but Charley Pierce just waded in and pulled her out. They closed school after that for fear that the students might be drowned-thereby proving the flood was a big help. i The February graduates have left us. Lize and I were talking and we decided we would really miss Tommy Cook and Margaret Brudi and their affectionate strolls around school. lVell-Bennie Oosterbaan spoke in school today. Really, the girls were quite excited, and l had quite a time holding Lize down. The No-Shave club is getting unmanageable. Really, the amount of whiskers around school would be paradise for any barber like Rex Baughman. February lt's so cold Lize and l really haven't a thing to do except wade through snow drifts to school. lVe went to the Girl Scoutls Hookland ball but since Lize was dresseed like Huck Finn they wouldn't allow us to come in the dance. Of course Lize was peeved about it but when Miss lVlcKeehan told us the school was going to be closed on account of smallpox, she cheered right up. Everybody came back to school all vaccinated and everything. Lize felt awfully sorry for Charlotte Spice, who eouldn't walk. But Lize forgot all about poor Charlotte in her excitement over Dick Baird's new Ford. It really is a lovely Ford but when Dick took Marjory Schrock riding instead of Lize, she went walking with Bill, thereby proving she didnlt care. My-some of these football heroes a1'e getting quite conceited since North Side is to have night football next year. Lize and l donlt think Paul Faylor and Ed Hatch will ever descend. Leonard Eby's attentions seem centered on a new girl-Nlary lane Fell. Really--Lize and I sympathize with lVillie Dressen. Today in Falvy's, Lize and l were quite frightened, we actually hid behind the phonograph. It seems some- thing happened to jimmy lVennermark. I-le got really hysterical and it took all of Lee Begley's power to subdue him. My-l,ll just wager Harriet Tonkel is proud of him. Page 104 V-4+bNf'1'i ef rf, :X Quxfr, Pmxseg f Page 105 ROB! NEJR or fur 1V01'f!I Silt' High .QIXIOOZ if 1151111- fi-f-HI. The flzfilx, Iz'zh'hz'l'.f, mmf uomfllfnlilrx' an' ffronj of II. Tim gn1fff1zl un'l1i.'f1't11n1l Huff of lflc' xfrzznlzzrv make it imfoiiug in the lmrrwz :L-infer NIOIIIAS, ami' flzi 11111111Jam'f of fofiugf m'01n1.f it in tfn' fprizig mai mm- mfr give if u royal fairing. March Of course Lize and I bought tickets for the tournament. VVe sat with Velma Mason and since we didn't know when to yell we watched her. VVhenever she yelled we did, but it turned out she only yelled for black. Lize tried out for the Senior play but when Hazel Price got the lead Lize wouldn't have anything to do with it. So she went to Miss Schwehn and got a place in the chorus of the G. A. A. Vod-vil. I warned her of stage door johnnies but it didnlt do a bit of good for the very first night Susie came home with that dreadful man about town-Lyle Turner. Therehy proving you just waste your breath when you tell people what to do. Really-Lize and I are quite indignantl It is just shameful the Way the Juniors disrespect the Seniors. I really think hflr. Northrop should give the Juniors 116 for leaving the auditorium before the Seniors. And Lize and I are quite alarmed over some news we heard today. It seems -lean Bouillet is quite infatuated with the South Side girls. Now, Lize and I firmly believe in home interests. But since Ivilma Kimball is publisher next year we are quite certain, she will stick to North Side. YVhich reminds us-Billy Orr is really awfully cute for a Freshman. April Uvell, Lize and I went to a track meet the other day and We took Phyllis Lines and Jeannette Popp because we knew they were interested in somthing about track. But Lize and I don't know what it is as yet. Lize and I started to Falvy's when we saw a great hunch of girls. lVell we surmised there was some excitement so Lize got out her "compact" and away we barrelled. lVe had a terrible time pushing through that bunch of girls. IVhy Lize stepped all over poor little YVilma Geisler. Finally we got to the center and there was Pete Putman with his hair dyed flaming red. He was so angry because the new boy, Bob, was attracting all the girls, attentions that he decided to dye his hair red. Lize and I went to the Rotunda Revel but Lize grit so dizzy from walking around the circle that I had to get Freddie lVIansfield to take her home. Thereby proving that the Volstead act does not need to be abolished as long as there is a good circle on hand. lVell, Lize and I do declare-Falvy's has quite a rogue's gallery now that our pictures are up. Lize is just having a terrible time. Lewis Kenyon is so persistent- she doesn't know what to do-she asked Dorothy I-Ielling for advice, but it didn't work. Lize and I are going to he so proud to return as alumni to the football games next year, especially since North Side is going to have a new stadium. And l 10 is get- ting all new fixtures. The swivel chairs proved to he the downfall of Lize. Really, it took the combined efforts of the Journalism class to pick her up. Page 106 LS , -ff wsvsrf-1,4117-1 -, If qu. . -'M A ' ar., I , , ' I ya ,SJ t 5' x LW' , ..,- '-" 'ma Y , . 3 'YN 'Lux 'A g I 311 H , X 0'LA-LA! -'MSX .1 .5 -, '. 4261 , I 1 Q Af fly X , I Xi 1 Q 2 3 VZ ' Q 'i sux srevs Aww A LL TOGETHER 514 5 Page 1177 May Spring has arrove and Lize and I are quite happy. YVe got to school one noon and saw a lot of arms and legs piled up a big heap. Of course Lize and I had to find out what it was about. So we got Evelyn Morton cause she always knows every- thing that is happening. She told us to take 'em apart so Lize and I climbed up on that pile of boys and started throwing 'em off. IVe threw Harry Leeper, John Cock- rell, Patil Stout, Joe Miskell, Benny Stiegler, and ever so many off. IVhen we got to the bottom there was poor little VVilhur DeVVeese-minus his knickers. VVell after that dreadful shock I told Lize we'd go to the -Iunior Prom. Lize and Bill Harley gave a Tarzan of the Apes dance until Lize balked on swinging from rafter to rafter. Miss Furst said they owed the success of the Junior Prom to Lize and I. IVhich made Lize feel so good that she bought me a chocolate sundae-thereby prov- ing it pays to spread the slush. Miss Harvey invited Lize and I to the Quill and Scroll Club banquet. She said she thought it would give it prestige if we were there. So Lize and I went and had a lot of fun even if we did have to wait until Norma Kline started eating so we'd know what fork to use. Here it is not -Iune yet, and lvliss Reynard and lWiss Van Fleit getting ahead of the time. I guess their diamonds are both nice, but bliss Reynard has a Cord along with hers. Jerome Thinnes really ought to be more careful about cranking Fords- they're so flightyl Really, it's shocking to hear the track team tell of their experiences at Indianapolis. Lize and I knew they had taking ways, but never realized they used them so efficiently. f une Lize and I went to school Senior day dressed like little girls. Indeed Mr. North- rop and lVIiss Reynard said we looked too young to be graduating. So Lize put her cap and gown on and they changed their minds right away. Mrs. Clark said she'd have no one to take care of the 316 while she was down at the office getting Junior Scott expelled. And Lize just broke down when she saw Bronson Kowalczyk. But just then Jules Dalton came along and asked her to go to Commencement Dance so Lize cheered right up and bought a lollypop. Thereby proving that it pays to be sentimental over Bronson. VVell, Lize and I dressed all up for Senior day but still they wouldn't award us any medals or pins. Lize said she didn,t care much, though, because she was the only one in the class that had her cards engraved. Today was Lize,s and my last day in the library. YVe both said we were all the better off for having had Miss Arnold and Miss McKee-han as instructors-I mean detriments in our path of conversation. Page 108 ...amsawfn XML- X--N ..,... 'w I 'Y r - -2315.5-:,..'. , '.3v.:a'-V -' - QV A.. A, ,W .M L iwmgfa ROSES Page 109 Hot Shots of Class of IQBO "YVanna shake the hand that shook the hand?" and up comes Jules Dalton -the boy that prefers 'em good-looking. He's the star reporter on the Northerner, and that's straight goods. Jules is searching for a girl who enjoys the same things he enjoys-so all applicants interview him for particulars. Besides that-he has a tendency to comfort people in distress-just as all basketball and track stars do. ,lack Deeley is a very pensive boy with a large, very large, imagination. "Just imagine the Redskins galloping over that hillil' and so far into the night. Pool' old ,lack is hooked good. He has to go down on Tennessee Avenue every night to see the ball and chain. "YVell, lost three pounds playing tennis with that new racket of mine-.',-And up barrels .lane Korn. She slams on the brakes and Henry A. Korn loses a pound of rubber off the tires on the Ford. .lane seems especially fond of C. C. boys-Cal and Don are the most important from what we can gather. Although the University of Michigan holds attractions for her. ,lane has the best time worrying-how she looks, about her lessons, her dates, and a thousand and one other things,-everyone will agree that she is one peach of a girl. "Oh manlu Joe Miskell comes barreling down the line falling all over his feet per usual. He, like Brendel, is rushing to see that Ublondyn. Joe is a cheerful fellow, in school and out, always singing and acting crazy-you become rather anxious over his actions-hard to tell whether he's really crazy or not. Joe was a big star in ath- letics, and you should have seen him preside over Student Council. As president, he became dignified for a change. But we'll have to quit panning Joe and turn him over to Lucie. XVhenever you hear anyone singing, you're almost certain it's 'lane Emrick- for she sings all the time and besides that she's the only girl in North Side that knows all the words to all the songs. Then, too, she's our Uitn girl. But herels the secret- whenever anyone mentions the name 'KGeorge",-well, you should just watch the effect. And, as Droop says, she dances better than any other girl he knows. He has really a rather dignified carriage, but as soon as you take a look at his eyes you see a merry twinkle. Chester Gerig graduated in February and takes flying tiips to Detroit, which leaves poor Margaret all by herself until he returns. Chet really must love nature, for in Mr. Dickinson's classes all he did was just sit and stare out of the window. But all in all he's a good egg and North Side will miss him. Dick Baird, "Finicky Francis", the most gallant fellow that ever entered the portals of North Side. Dick possesses a romantic soul-And every moonlight night you can End Dick perched on the river bank with his soul yearning out over the moonlit water. His poetic instinct permits him to record his feelings on these most auspicious moments. Because she graduated in February is no sign that she forgot about her old friends. Mary was one of those girls who fell for Glenn Brendel when he went over so big last spring. 'Course time changes everything and now we hear she's wearing a fraternity pin whose owner is a school teacher. Seems as if she's in for a heavy line of education. YVe might suggest a post-grad course. Page I I0 A XYe Sole Official Photographer for The Legencl nd the Senior Class of North Side High School Since the Class Year Book YVas Inaugurated The jejfrson Studio Cnllmmz at .!t"fft'I'50Il hope our friendly and satisfactory relations will continue long after you are out of school What College? What Course? Has Has Has Has Has Has The Indianapolis College of Pharmacy twenty-five years of honorable history. memhership in the American Association of Colleges of llharmacy. the largest enrollment of any college of pharmacy in Indiana. a four-year course for the degree of Bachelor of Science. unusual advantages for student self-support. a greater demand for Pharmacists and Chemists than its graduates Can supply. SEND FOR CATALOG SMU East Market Street Indianapolis, Indiana Page111 THE MARK OF EXCELLENCE QM, ENG RAVINQSKEOR TH IS EDITION WERE PREPARED Qfhe FORT WAYNE ENGRAVING CQ FORT WAYNE, INDIANA ENGRAVERS ' ILLUSTRATORS and ELECTRUTYPERS x 3 ' 5 T,,.--we AR ,V J .A -ke 1' ' 'fa Y-... ,e K 1,1 - -1:-' ." V :wiv ML , f-nw 1 .' 1-I 4'-4 sf., w ' -'Q fag?-. ' . 1 s ' x ' . gx Y, - 5. -1.4 . -A-.513-w'.,'. j yy.,- . gd N 4 g E . x. A- -. 1' '-- ,I xi. ta, - A , n 4- A 4 L - I wh . A',1. A ,. 6 ' ,iff r ', , 'Q - 'M j.,,r x 1 4 H 1 --1,7-t, ..5,. ., - 1, 'Kuff .f',-'1 ,.', , .. x ZA .ji ' .V v . ..- I ' I T' I. . I 1 1, V . 1 , 1.4 V: 1 ,I . ,, 4 lbffkvi 'L 'l .df 4 J '. It 1 .1 .v. 2, ' f' J ', 1 VU' T flu 133 2,52 I fir-FS ur- ", ff Q3 F K-tt! ., V,,: "5 fl: lg I It :gi li. . , .I -Q X "L K A -I . , "4 ' E !' Q 'av I 4, 5 If I X -. 5 1-N.. !. 3 5 '. - ' - SW '-an . In 1 Q f . . H. M 'ff A 1 r w.. X Q X Zi' In I -r MT, ' L' X 'N ' ', T-1 ',:..wL ' ' K. rg- li -,KLEV .-rv R13 x. '52 'm ,M-.I 1.,1.,J -, ' ., 4, NA vi J M? in - .Mr'M'- . L .AJ i - jf h If. . ggS..:.,fgrx.j1. - ,W - N fx 2 fm W Q f' -:Lim ' . '-1 lr 4 Q 1 5 -Q fp g -. .. ' 27 .35 faq iitlffgf' -f. ii W if .3 .'.v',4" Max.. . 1- .' PQ 2 - . af-z+f,zff3292e1i?gr22i5A -a aiwwfz . .1 Vi' -n-mfg -3. 'Q' gn -5? mx A 1 tn-': fl I 1' 5, X H, 4-Q,.lif,'.xqlH.?!l Z man- +G. , ,. - 31f12f:.fc'f,irni1,?E-fit -' . 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I X , X ,E O C its O1 Af ' -2 lf t "H up D SERGEAN OF A rx . 'O W I Om' U" I .R JQQ W "um" W-5 125 Mismu x WWWW I .Ni Q l'Il1rilill'5EI' N ffl! 'llllm 'ml Hansen, or me LETTERNA-N3 awe. 'W , X Q. 1 , 5 I ' .4-:Y is ' - w Y- ,' fa 5 Wx x v ,la QT-wnz O A G GO I Awfmosc X gf ' 'NN PlANO.,5'N 4 , X W 4 Q , f pf XD WXL 9 'I 4 vena HONOR GTGUXQ' 4 W 4,1 I I,,f:,,i ROLL., WFTQONG :OR swoon HONOR Quom. , VX 9' S 49 W" ' "" W ,wp W I we -,Q--silk Q 'X j 353535 pneswem OF semosz IL 'jk af Wwgjf vmkf.-af 6 DOOWgWZmf ' J 'fzjtdbx , , 77 If V? l I I 59 ix? J gb 'fb . 5' ' U X i131 I0 mx-A I ' 33 KOHTSAROQ F'?iL'SiL.f:Eq.'.Y. 'LE-ifiigm .'Ti'.v..e' E4 . S: :QQ V gi 1 gf ' 5 , e X555 425,-g, .QF J' 1-'21, ti ' ' ff . QQ i If ,t F55 4 323' -S A A 3 ., ,' cm... 61,51-L-1-5 Joe Bowen Diek Baird Dick Hobson Ray Alter Miss Gross Mr. Dickinson ln the matter of scholastic achievement, the grad- Class of 1930 ITH the commencement exercises and dance June lll, the high school career of the class of l93ll was brought to a close. Its history has been an eventful one from the time of its enrollment at Central High School until its graduation. It has achieved suc- cesses in practically every line of endeavor. Early this year Joe Bowen was elected to lead the Senior class through its final year. Other oH'icers chosen were Dick Baird, vice-president, and Ray Alter, secretary-treasurer. Dick Hobson was made chairman of the social council. Mr. Dickinson and Miss Victoria Gross were chosen class advisers. In this last year the graduating class participated in and sponsored many activities about the school. The Yo-Yo dance last semester, the Senior play, "Two Girls YVanted", and the Rotunda Revel were all put on by the class. The seniors also sponsored several assemblies in the auditorium. ' Florence Bueker Joe Bowen lVlargaret Brudi Thelma Sherwood Dick Hobson Norma Kline uating class has been unexcelled by any preceding class. S3 Eighteen of its numbers have attained the coveted W honor of membership in the National Honor Society. 3 ."'. V The students picked for this must be in the upper third 'Q Q V x l X ' Ez of their class and have been outstanding in extra-cur- V. i"i i z ricular activities. Robert Stockman, the president of Qi I Q the organization, was one of the charter members. The in others who were of the original group are Richard "'- N Hobson, Alta lVlcNelley, lVlargaret Brudi, Dorothy gl Bowman, and Lewis Kenyon. mg. e A ,..l: -f Those admitted this year to the society were Helen ,G I ll Ballon, Mary BenDure, Jean Bouillet, Joseph Bowen, if Florence Bueker, lVlaurice'Cook, Helen Gerding, Dor- i I , I 1 othy Helling, Norma Kline, .lane Korn, Thelma Sher- Y' . , if L wood, and Donald Voelker. gi 'UU .. 7 hlany athletes are numbered among this yearis T ii i .,..,,, g graduates. Jerome Thinnis, Joe Miskell, Jules Dal- ,, .I ton, Jack Deeley, Glenn Brendel, and Art King are 'iii all prominent among the senior lettermen. PLIKQT 3 1 ez Class of 1930 Scribes, artists, speakers, musicians, and actors are also to he found in the class memhership. The staff of "Ripples" was composed chiefiv of seniors, whereas both puhlishers of The Northerner for l9l9-3U were members of the class of 1950. Phil Dodane and Lewis Kenyon have each achieved national distinction in the field of art. Joe Bowen, Rav Alter, Dick Baird, g -rf i 'V , 3 .- , ' 4- is .xi at - X . , - 55 ' w, X gl :S xp: . i. ' .'P Q. 747242 gif 'I ,, 6 J .ss ., ,,,, s n r r -v-. -1 rr 9s 'ii 5 C3 Q 3 O CJ H .-1 vi fn -1 -1 w 3' ., f-r l-rj 4 1-r In 4,1 f-1 H ' If ..., gui O H Q. D :T -.a 'T ru US- -- H' :s 3- 'H Q 3 o vw , ,, f- 'K r-v P1 Z 3 "+ ,-3 E :ir F' E :E :Q fr C 2 'D 73' Q. -. f-v 3 CJ' 5 U' w -1 fb qq :r g- fn 5 Q ' Z ff .1 gg f-v :-' m JE T Q 3 H 3, E' L: Cn Q.. , C q- ""' 5 3 ' :L gi ft 'I 3 t-. H 5- ""' F ,7 3 Q- L 3 3' fl- 3 '-4 5 :- fn - " :- ff 3 9 '-' m E fl -f FU F 3 :B '-'E 75 H 3 57 2 4 -l H C 'U 2 5' 73 3- 3 ff C Ui' S "1 ... ni ft gs '-1 5' "N C '-1 A jf, w Q.. 4 C-1 .:. H g 3 15.7 fn 3 fm 'f 'V :r : L A : ' .- :. F- fr Z' '-'- "' r 2" is ki f-f 7' LT' ' v m .-1 ,. fb w 1-r I, IIT' -1 -Q .1 .N K. ff, V - Q, H ,.,.,f: 1 :r ' G '-s C '- .. I' E' T-1 7 fi: C fm Q. -V 5 1 4 Aj -. .-. ,-..... r-vs. rg V fb ,-I A .4 :.. .- 5 ru - -. ,J rw g.a H -.., f-f ' -1 ,gg :' fi G 3 3' 1 'T .1 L, G. .. ft , ,Zh 11 -1 5 ' E J' - '-1 v-- f-P ,., D' .- :X 2 'U C ,., 3 F' 3 '77 : 1 T1 '-E 3' 3 Li -' Z. 3 3 L 3- Q 3 -x 'T -1 3 ..a :- ,U -1 ft Ci. 'D A fri .J Z4 m A ... V ... ,. ,, :i 1 :x : 2 9 f E 5 fi 'J' "' -' U-1 J. fm 3 I rn TJ" ff. G f: D f-r ,-p C -1 G "1 If-r ..a 'J' I I 'n '-i ft 2.1 -'I I C '1 C I .lxlj 5 44 nf ' 2 in N ff 1, 5 U Z D D i if' 9 si . ,. . ,, :L gi ' V m in E22 f: '- gi M' ,v My T??II7W4 F4K'7EZ.,3'?IT74Y 'Z' . 415315 UQ Jean Bouillet Alta lVIeNelley Helen Gerding Helen Ballou Marv BenDure Boh Stockinan E Lewis Kenyon Dorothy Bowman Donald Voellier lxlllllI'lL'L' Cook for enrollment in this organization are that the student he in the upper third of his class scholasticallv, and have Those who fulfilled the requirements for the or- ganization are Rohert Stockman, ,lane Korn, Norma Kline, Tillie Kramer, Elaine Rumniel, ,lean Bouillet, North Side's chapter of the National Athletic Schol- arship Soeietv for Secondary' Schools numhers six seniors in its memhership. -loe Bowen, ,loc Miskell, Jules Dalton, Glenn Brendel, Jerome Thinnis, and Earl Beer have all qualified for enrollment in the so- cietv hy achieving a scholastic record above the aver- age. of the class, and bv heing outstanding athletes. As a fitting close to the history of this class of l93ll, the two seniors carrying the highest averages were se- lected, heing Rohert Stockman, valedictorian, and i done exceptional journalistic work. :V N V N X e e ,,,, ' . , Q t and llilargaret Brudi. if 3' 1 ' 'fl - 5' 1: ' 1 ,ae V L: ,. - A ti wx-- 5 Q 'W xi lllargaret Brudi, salutatorian. , Page 23 P11 Firtf R ofw Raymond Alter Dorothy Bowman Earl Beer Mary Ben Dure Strom! Rom' Richard Baird Lester Baughnian Charlotte Spice Thomas Blakely Joseph Bowen Jean Bouillet RAYMOND ALTI-R Secretary of National Forensic League, Student Council, associate editor of Northerner, editor of Legend, vice-president of Sophomore class, secretary of Senior class, debating. Ricimkn Bixlkn President Student Players, stage manager, Senior play, Hi-Y, National Forensic League, Student Council, Northerner sports editor, vice- president Senior class, debate captain, manager. DoRo'rHY BOWMAN Comedy of Errors, Masque Two Strangers, Stu- dent Players treasurer, Home Economics club yice president, National Honor Society, honor roll, Lr1s'rr1R BALWQHMAN Booster club, Math-Science club, Northerner. EARL Biifa Varsity football, track, National Athletic Honor Society, Northerner. CH.-XRLO'1"I'l-Q Svier Home Economics club. Nlaiu' Bi:N Duo. Basketball, baseball, Life-saying, numerals, winged N, band, orchestra, G.A.:X., Booster club, Polar-Y, Northerner, National Honor Society. Tnoxms BL.txKifLY A ineiulicr of the track team, gym. jim: BOl'lLLl-'I' Beau of Bath, orchestra, Student Players, Na- tional Forensic League, Quill club, publisher Northerner, National Honor Society, county Con- stitutional Essay winner, National Honor Society for High School Journalists. Jost vii Bowm Track, Student Players vice-president, National Forensic League president, Student Council, president Senior class, honor roll, debate cap- tain, National Honor Society. ge H Firxt Rofw Fifene Brandt Glenn Brendel Wlargaret Brudi Florence Buecker Helen Clawson FIFENI3 BRANDT Second Rofw Helen Ballou Rebecca Briggs Henry Budecki Virginia Buhr Garnett Carpenter Basketball, swiinniing, Glee club, Home Eco noinics club, Math-Science club. HELEN BALLOL' Basketball, baseball, life-saving, numerals, wing- ed and blocked N, Student Players, Booster club, Girl Reserves president, National Honor Society. GLENN BRINDIIL Varsity football, basketball, Hi-Y, Student Coun- cil, National Athletic Honor Society. Rrsicee. BRIr.t.s Nunierals and blocked N, G. xl. A., Booster club, volleyball, life-saying, basketball, North- erner reporter. lbl.-XIU-ARI-T BRt'nI Clock Shop, Masque Two Strangers, Student Players secretary, Home Economics club, Quill club, Ripples, Booster club, Northerner copy edi- tor, Legend organization manager, typing awards, National Honor Society, National Honor Society for High School journalists, Salutatorian. HINRY Bunrcxi Gold, silver Cllltl bronze typing pins, certificates on L. C. Smith, Remington, Royal, and Under- wood typewriters. I-'toiuxci' BL'IcItI,Iz Polar-Y, silver typing pin Ellltl certificate, Na- tional Honor Society. VIRGINIA BUHR Senior play, Rotunda Reyel, Student Players, Glee club, Math-Science club, Polar-Y, Booster club, V. P. D., editor Redskin Guide, Northerner managing editor, make-up editor. HELPS: CLAWSON Member of the Polar-Y club. GARNHT1' C.utPI,NTxR Student Players, Neighbors, Comedy of Errors, Joint Owners in Spain, Senior play, Rotunda Reyel, Booster club, Glee club, Northerner. Page J Cam Wm ALLEN C0UN,, PUBL . C QlllU l HH! 'L .Z 'sg Z ff 1 x Nb N E Lb ' . - rp' -' nf . - A - M .Af 'E'-Z-'rms kd-fl ' nf V " " ' ' . ., "" ' . ' '-" H . .Hp .JON6.-G" 30 .qw .VN I, 14 ' -.h,:,,'., I , '- ,-,' U- R N lv:-t,,'mxf5.-T , il - . . G '- ,- '1Z?i'-'-'m i ' - T' '.-V+ E 15f"s'- 'ff--V, W t' ' ': " v V ' r w l FW L 94 ' I ' r -' 'P ,g g-3 , ,f wfww- Q- , A ' -- ' 1 .'.g -all El,f+3-HW? ,.., U ,,..,,1Ms"'1u4 . 19" Q NX First Row Glenn Elder Dorotha Evans :Xliee Fairweather Josie Feiehter Genevieve Field GLENN Second Ram: Jane Einrick Helen Gerding LaVerne Feiehter Dorothy Ferguson Wilma Fosler ,sv t. x ts f S Q , Q is 4 i , Xp "'f:,., 32 ' -3 ' . W J 1 J if :S t ,44 Track, foothall, Trial by Jury, president of band and orchestra, drum major of band, National Iligh Sehool orchestra, Pinafore, Student Players, National Forensic League, Hi-Y, dehate. JANE Exntiex Y. P. D., Math-Seienee eluh, Polar-Y, Booster eluh seeretary-treasurer, Student Council, North- erner soeiety and news editor, yiee-president jun- ior elass, seeretary-treasurer Sophomore class, so- cial eonneil, Freshman honor roll, National llonor Society for High School Journalists. Doitorn,-x EVANS Member of hand and orchestra. I11sL11N Gi-'uniwc V. P. D,, Polar-Y president, Student Council, Spotlight, honor roll, National Honor Society. Amex-. l'iAlRXK'l-.A'l'I'IliR G. A. QX., U. P. D., Brush .and Pencil eluh at Central, Art eluh, Booster club, Explorers elub. LAVlfv.Nl-, Fi-'len'rER Hi-Y, Explorers club. -Iosii-. Fi-11eii'ri-LR Polar-Y, hronlze and silver typing awards, eer- tiflcate, honor roll. Doizorm' FERc,L'soN U. P. D., Explorers Club. GPN!-QYll-.Ylf F11-:LD Student Players, Booster eluh, Glue club, Legend. Wimm Fosufk Student Players, Booster rlub, Polar-Y, North- erner, assoeiate editor Redskin Guide. Page Jo Firxf Rom' Henry Foster Helen Goudy Dan Graef lN'I:1ry Griinme Nedra Guntle H ENRY Fosrm Athletic student ll1ZlIlZlg:'l', Sfrouil Roca' Chester Gerigf Arlene Gillespie Marie Greer Luvile Hunley Edith Hadaell H i-Y, Northerner, Spotlight. Cufsrru Griuf. hlember of fonthiill squad. HFLPN GUUDY Girl Reserves, Polar-Y, two ARL!-NE GILLHPIE Senior play, Glee club, Art plorerg club secretary. DAN GR,-xill-' Explorers ulub, Junior Hi-Y. INIMUE GRI-KER Comedy of Errors, Student club, Art club. hi.-RRY GRIMME trufk, Spoml cluh, typing ce1'tii:1t':1te5. club president, Ex- Players cluh, Booster G, :L .-X., Glee Club, Booster vluh, Girl Rescues, Northerner copy editor, Student Cuunvil. LUCILE HANLEY Two bronze and one silver typewriting pins, Home Economics vlub at Central. Nrmu GUNTLE Basketball, volleyball, life-saving, Rotunda Rexel, Art club treasurer, G. A. A., advertieing manager of Northerner. EDITH HADSELL Glee club, Booster club. Page 27 v , V v fi 2' ff' ff, 'F r l V EA , ? Q , if-I . 5, Z DOROTHX' H ELLINC First Rofw Marjory Guenther Marjorie Hursh Richard Hobson Thelma Johnston Paul Stein MARJORX' GLYENTHPIR Polar-Y, Booster club. Second Row Dorothy Helling Walter Hertwig Raymond Hobson Cleo Johnston Jane Johnston Swimming, Rotunda Revel, Senior Vod-Vil, com poser of school song, orchestra, Girls' Honor Chorus, Trial by Jury, state orchestra contest, Polar-Y treasurer, bronze and silver typing pins, secretary-treasurer of Junior class, four-year honor roll, National Honor Society. lvl.-XRJORIE HURSH Math-Science club, Home Economics club. WALTER HERTWIG Gym, member of home room basketball team, Hi-Y. Rxci-IARD HOBSON Glee club, Trial by Jury, Student Council, Quill club, National Honor Society, Ripples, North- erner, chairman social committee of Senior class, honor roll. RAYMOND HoBsoN Explorers club. THHLMA JOHNSTON Glee club, Girls' Sextette, Trial by Jury, North- erner auditor, honor roll, Constitutional contest, State Di:cussion contest, CLEO JOHNSTON Girl Reserves, Polar-Y. PAUL STICIN Class basketball, track and baseball, Glee club, Pinafore, Trial by Jury, Booster club, cheer leader, Math-Science club, debate team manager. JANE JOHNSTON Member of band and orchestra for two years. Page 28 Fin! Ram' Elgin jordan Harold Keller Frederick Koch Norma Kline jane Korn Emir: Joiummt Secofltf R Lewis Kenyon Louise Kienzle Arthur King Marie Kilborn Tillie Kramer Art club, Explorers club vice-president. Lrwts KPNYON ummm Senior play, Student Players secretary, Masque Two Strangers, Art club president, Quill club, Legend, Ripples, Student Council, National Honor Society rice-president. H.xRo1.o KFLLFR Basketball, Explorers club, Hi-Y. LoL'1sF K1ENzLi: Basketball, volleyball, Glee club, Booster club, v l.P.D. FRHll.RlL'K Koen Reporter on Northerner. ARTHUR KING Varsity basketball, football, Senior play, Ro- tunda Revel, Student Players, Hi-Y, Student Council, Northerner, Lettermen's club, assistant stage manager. Noizxm KLINE Home Economics club, Booster club, Student Council, assistant editor of Northerner, typing awards, National Honor Society, National Honor Society for High School journalists. Nl.-XRIF KILBORN VVon place on honor roll. JAM. Koiw Tennis champion, baseball, basketball, volleyball, blocked N and numerals, Student Players, Neigh- bors, Joint Owners in Spain, Student Council sec- retary, G. A. A., Booster club vice-president, sec- retary, Legend business manager, news editor and publisher of Northerner, typing awards, National Honor Society, National Honor Society for High School journalists. T1LL1E KR.-XMIr.R Senior Vod-Vil, Rotunda Reyel, Glee club, Quill club, Booster club, Student Players, editor, mail- ing manager, Northerner, Gorgas Medal, Na- tional Honor Society for High School journalists. Page .39 555 ' 5 N. . 32 ga -fl x- - Y It R ,J fig 1 'i :SQ 1 ' Gulf E w 3 4 Q e if ff-" Qi? ' , v ei , if ' .-:fit . ,fi ,t Q , ' gf' gl 5? ,ff-, - 2. ,V M373 . 5 -15, l. ' xiii ge. - Q - ,,,. :,1' ' ll 1 W ,Ma A ,al ' 's aieaew. 5? V 1 'Ft . 'IW' 5 .v ' A :Q Pug Fifi! Rom' Marie Kuntz Irene Lnntz John McComb Nancy McKay Albert McLain MARIL KUNTZ Glee club, Home ELINOR LANDON Rotunda Revel Sefoml Row Elinor Landon Lorraine Langard Nina Lewis Joe McCrady Alta McNel1ey Economics club. , Clock Shop, Glee club, Polar-Y, Booster club, copy editor of Northerncr, Student Players. Iiuimg LAN1'z Silver typing pin LORRAINF LANLA Trial hy Jury, and certificate. RD Ghfc club, A'CappcIla Choir, Boostvr club, Home Economics club, Explorers riub, U. P. D., associate editor of Redskin Guide. JOHN M QCOM B Glec fluh, Pinnforc, Torch rluh, Hi-Y. NINA Li-:WIS Copy editor and reporter of Northcrner, presi- dent of Rt-d Cross organization. NANUY MQKAY Senior play. jon M v.'L'iz,mx' Swimming, H i-Y, .'XLBliR'l' lWCL.f-.IN Northt-rm-r, mana! home rumn lxlskuthzill team. gm' track ti-run, Hi-Y, .'XL'r..x McNELLr1 Y Tennis team, voll cyhall, G. A, A., Math-Science club, National Honor Souicty secretary, four- year honor roll, Student Council. F 30 Firil Rom' Alvah Squires Dorothy Mills Cleo Moudy Joe INT iskell Hazel Price ALVAH SQUIRFS Seuonif Roan' Ethel Myers Ednell Miller Mark Nelson Rivlixlrd Niles Peter Peternell Member of football squad. Ernl-:L MYERS Trial by jury, o president. DOROTHY M 1 LLS rchestrzi state contest, :Xrt club Math-Suienre rlub, llolne Evuiioiiiics ululi, lionur roll. EIJNI-'LL lNlILLI"R Swiinuning, Seninr editor of Legeml, editor :ind xnnnnging editor of Nurtlierner. Cuo Morin' Pianist for Glee club at Leo High Selluul. M.-nut N1 Lsox llleinlwer nf fuotlnnll squad, lmlne rmnn lmsliet- ball temn. jot. M ISK!-iI.L Varsity footbrlll, lmsketlxlll, trzwk, lli-Y, Stu- dent L'uunt'il president. R1t'HARn NILIHS Captain of junior swinnning teznn. Il,ul'L PRICE Masque of the Two Strangers, lt-ntl in Senior play, Student Players, Quill rlulw, Ripples. PETER PETERNFLL Nleinber of the varsity football ft'fllll. 'Q' 4-at e. 1 - X if F? , .RS X A 3. Q-dw . K MM- -at ' si 12161 Sie! I 92 .K . ZX F? . . l 1 S Y , 9 F Ji: -xl E-Q? Jam". . st Q v Q 25. -ar 'K A Q 013' ,wisp Vx .,WQz,.,-.gsvii -. tl e x'-x',x::1- , .Ji S 7 1 , ,'s ' Ar .495 'va , . f 12 sl' 'A . x-,.,,- x '33 w ui., ts R0-iv Paul Pritchard Irene Shepherd John Robinson Helen Schearer Robert Smith PAUL PRl'renAkn Serozm' Rofu Charles Pierce Berniee Reeves Elaine Rummel Fawn Rivhhart Thelma Sherwood Art club president, Booster club. CIIARLFS Plrizciz l V 34' 1553 ri l lf? -s Varsity football, reserve basketball, traclx, re porter on Northerner. IRFNI' SHliPlll"RlJ Honor student and Class oi'l'ic'er of Silver Lake High School, Silver Lake, Indiana. Bl-RNICI4 Rr-ifvifs Basketball, volleyball, baseball, G. .-X, A. JOHN ROBINSON Masque of the Two Strangers, As You Like It, Comedy of Errors, Bishop's Candlesticks, Ro- tunda Revel, stage manager, reserve cheer leader, Booster club, History club, Hi-Y, Stu- dent Players, Math-Science club, boys, sports editor of Xortherner, social council. Erami. RUMMEL Orchestra, Glee club, Girl Reserves vice-president, Northerner circulation manager, seven typing pins and two certificates, honor roll, National Honor Society for High School Journalists. Hum-.N Senraki-'R Clock Shop, l1l'UI17L' and silver typing: pins, three certil'ic:1tes. l'lAXN'N RICHIIART Four typing certificates, bronve pin. ROHl'iR'I' Shl l'I'll Glee club. 'l'nr,Lxl.tx Slll-'RXYOOD Home licommmics club, Girl Reserves, typing certificate, National Honor Society. 4232 RUTH CLosi: Fifi! R one Ruth Close Elizabeth Cox Esther Cromwell Jack Deeley Phillip Dodane Second Rom Robert Stockman lVIaui'ice Cook John fronkhite jules Dalton Virgil Eisenhut v Student Players, Senior play, Vod-Vil, Glet t uw, Home Economics club, Booster club, Student Council, V. P. D., assistant editor Redskin Guide, ROB1'iR'l' STUCKXI -XX N Honor Society, History club president, business manager of Northerner, Math-Science club, Ripple-s, Quill club, National Honor Society for High School journalists, Valedictorian. E1.1zABr'1'H Cox Volleyball, basketball, G. A. A., typing award. lhlAL'RICl-I Cook Booster club, Hi-Y, Math-Science club, Torch club president, secretary-treasurer Freshman class, president Sophomore class, president junior class, National Honor Society. Esri-IFR Ckoiiiyriin. Trial by Jury, Pinafore, Glee club, Booster club, Spotlight, Xortherner. JOHN Ckoxxilirii Clock Shop, Student Players. JACK IDI-'I-Ll-'Y Varsity football, basketball, lli-Y. juuis DALTON Varsity football, varsity basketball, track, Hi-Y, Northerner, assistant circulation manager, Student Council, National Athletic Honor Society, Let- terman's club. PHILIP Domxif Art club, member of art statf of Legend. Viizciii. ElSI4.NHL'T lNIath-Science club, honor roll. Pug! Fifi! Row Bennie Stiegler Hannah Stillpass Mary Templeton Dorothy Tonkel Donald Voell-:er BENNIE STIEGLER Varsity football, elass Northerner. RUTH SMITH Basketball, band. HANNAH STILLPASS Serouii Rofw Ruth Smith Catherine Tannehill Jerome Thinnes Lyle Turner James Wennermark basketball, reporter on Math-Science elub, Polar-Y, Booster club, three typing certificates. k':X'l'HI-.RINF1 Tl.-XNNEHILL Glee elub, typing awards. MARY TmlPLE'roN Two class plays and class secretary-treasurer for three years at LaGrange High School LaGrange, Indiana. jzzlzoxiri THINNI-is V b Varsity football, swimming team, baseball, class basketball, Student Players president and vire- president, Senior play, Rotunda Revel, Senior Vod-Vil, Christmas play, Comedy of Errors, band, orchestra, Hi-Y. Doaorm' TONKITL Varsity basketball Captain, varsity volleyball, baseball, kickball, blocked and winged N, G. A. A. president and recording secretary, Stu- dent Council. LYLE TURNER Student Players president, Beau ol Bath, Masqtle of Two Strangers, Math-Seient' Club, History rlub, honor roll. DONALD VOFLKFR Student Players club secretary, Masque of Two Strangers, Glee elub, Student Council, reporter and exchange editor of Northerner, National Honor Soriety, Quill club, Ripples. JAMES WICNNERNIARK Senior play, Art club, Northerner. Page 3 4 560891 Fin! Rau' Second Rom' l,S...:...U,,Ig 'ggg aksle '- L '2 sg' John VVest Clurisse VVillette Eleanor VVindfuhr Ruth VVise f Ruth Ann VVoods Xvllllillll Viloodruif 'f , Donald Young Catherine Zwiuk F . 'V wi K Evangeline Zeller Allene Fell 3, 1 .Y s JOHN WEsT W, V4 'AQ Home room basketball, band, Glee club, orches- -"ig if Q A f ig , tra, Trial by Jury. ' -L if 1 3 N of 'M A LL.-XRISSI-1 WILLI1'I"I'I3 I Reporter on Northerner. 5 .1 . ' ELEANOR XVINDI-'CHR . P ' C. P. D. at Central. 'fffifii lla k ., I HRX V 7 , RL"I'H WISH Fig Girls' Sextette, Choral Society, Glee club, or- E 5 , chestra, Home Economics club secretary, ii: ' Q RUTH Wooos Glee club, Booster Club, Polar-Y, C. P. D. U'C3.SlJl'EI'. WILLIAM VVOODRUFF Orchestra, Student Council at Central. DONALD YOUNI, Member of the Glee club. CATHERINE ZWIQK Varsity basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis team, kieliball, numerals blocked and winged N, girls' Champion ticket seller, Glee club, Booster club president, vice-presideiit, secretary, G. A. A. secretary-treasurer, Student Council, bronze typ- ing pin. ENNQELINE ZIiLLiiR Senior life-saving, Glee club, Art club, Girl Scouts, U. P. D. AILExrj I-'ELL Entered in senior year from high school at Bir- minghani, Michigan. Page 35 ,,f ,.., H! , - ,':1, 5 4 -- 4 . ' . wt ' .xx . ..m rs , ' W if f '1 , 5" N., 16 s -ck uw p .r rw ER gEdlf6If" A-ra Komr, 4 - . 1 fjfgusinexs J . " .ERQWENA HARVEY, V , QFZ1culty .ldvziser I 'fa ' fl . ..' H -,af -,yy-1 Q pq ' -' x, L., I :A !,"Q:f':Q1'N 4 -' L. 1' iff:--5 f v ' H' D' ' ,-L5-'Ac' ' Q 5.--ip! I. rk 11' Q ra u ax 1 fly- af 44 ,Mig KKK DOING WHAT ? Y M Q , 3 A., f 5 N . 2 ,, . I i LGLENN A 'frhp -mr: Dunn il E' f am - I k fwwwegqikgfgrgga mm Pflgtf f U 1, Junior Head Lzglvts .i .S--.u , ,,. 5 ' ' - :J V 4 , ' ' 1' X,g.,, Z - V'-sexy.. .L , r,,A4,vs Q t 5 ,QQ . i3'Cl:l,ili,f. ' ' , A, .ix Q N 1 ii We MV xt " Q52 , A f A f f e v 45 Q-ze, , - X ' .v I , Que Art Richard Harold Novitsky Bob Kaade Miss Furst Helen Marshall Mr. Ivy Class of 1931 llfylzwzrlw' ynn ftwzzt I1 good' deed done, fur! wk tfie' cffzfr n , 7 f gl. The end of this semester hrings to a close a busy and successful ve ' of the class of lll. The class has had for this ye were Harold Novitsky , ar in the life . - ar very efficient leaders e ., president, Rohert K Secretary and treasui 1 3, The oflice aade, vice-president, Arthur Richard 1 .. 'er, and Helen lVlarshall, chairman of the social council. Mi Oral lfurst and Mr. Hyrle Ivy were again chosen faculty advis ' One of the outstanding dances ff' order hy this ' ' l FS Y ss ers. given last fall Ljltlllp I h L . 1 , the Halloween Frolie, was spons- K . e head of a huge black cat with a yawning mouth was the entrance through which the gayly masqueraded throng was admitted. XVithin, the hall was cleverly decorated with cornstalks, pumpkins, and ghoulish witches. Prizes were given for the most attractive and funniest costumes. n the sn' the Junior Prom was held in the gym. It was decorated in the mer gardenl A canopy of fresh houghs Covered the entire room, wicker furniture, rose arhors, and a trickling fountain further . A large yellow moon shone through the leaves, making the . The music was furnished by XVilbur Pickett and his orchestra, Page 38' I .I 'ing Semhlance of a sum and hright awnings, carried out the plan lost eliai-mi SCCI16 Il Us Us Thclxxxu Txxrxxcr Dxxrxxxlxx' Nlcfxxxxxlx BQ-x'xx.xxIxxxt' lxxt xx xx VVilxxxn Kixxxlxzxll VVxlli4xxxx Bxxrgxxnxxxxx Iixxggvxxx' Fxxxlxlxxxxx t Wlxxxxxxxl Nxx xx N xxx unior Honor Socxety Members and dt-lxcxxxxxx rcfrcshxxxexxts xxx-rc xt-x'xx-xl. .X lxr L txxx was zx xxxcccxxfxxl dzxxxcc. xxxltxl hx W xlxxxx fxxxxxhxll H xxxxtt lxxxxlxtl Nl xxx Nl xx Tlxt- clzxxx prcxxtlcxxt Hxxrxxlxl Nxxxxtxkx, xx xx xxxxx t hx' tht- xxtlxtxx' xxfxxu-rx, Rxxhert Kxxzxxlu :xxxd ,'Xx't xt x Cxxxxxxcxl, Hclcxx fXI:xx'xh:xll, Vx':ls1 ' U' M gnrct Ycxt-xg XYxllx:xxxx Bxxrgmzxxxxx, Hlxxc Schtx x x x Marx' Izxxxc Scxxtt. The xxrxxgrxxxxx cxxxxxmxttcc, In-zxxlcxl lxx Ilxxxxx xxxx xx tx Edith Brcxxdcl, fxlxxhcl Bx'xxxx'cx', Yclxxxzx Fitz tx xld XI xxx Lllt xx xxx xxx xx Hnrjxxric Schrxxck, Bxxh Axxdcrxxxxx, :xxxd Hgxxxx Ltcxtx Thr cxxxxxxxxxttcc xxxx decxxrzxtxxxxxx, xvhxxxt thxxxxxxxxx xx xx It xxxxxt t xx txxxxxxx t xxf Hzxrrx' Stcwaxrt, Hrxh Gcxvr, Fxuxl fXI.xxxx xt tx xtx xxx xxx Nxxtt x lxxttc Lzxtkt-x', fxlrxrx' Hzxrgzxrct Ycxcx, Hzxrjxxxxt t tx xxt t Cfxxxxh, .-Xxxxxzx Belle Hzxrt, Ixxrdzx Yxxxxturx, ' xxx xx tt xx 'xxux xx Hersh, Jxxhxx St-sxlcr, Hnrrx' I,ct-xxt'x', Bxxlx x x xx x xx xtt xxx ttt Klzxrxc Krxxxxk, Rrxxxxxxxxxd Hzxzxck, ,Xxxxxxx fxlxxxt tx xxtx x tx xxh Hxxx t zxxxd Czxtlxcrixxc Shreve. W Page -I U Race one-Margaret Abbott, Robert Anderson, Alice Anstett, Dora Ar- duser. Rom' raeo-:Xnna Baker, Marian Beherstein, llarold Bin-fer, Walter E' Bonham. Ron' My-fe-Bill Borgmann, Edith Brendel, Chester Briggs, Mable Brower. Rome four-Virginia Bruiek, Doris Bueeker, Alice Butler, Dale Butler. Rom' fiz'e-Nlartlia Cook, Harold Cox, Stanley Christensen, Jack Christie. Rane fix-Eva Deahl, Emma Diehl, Kathryn Doyle, Eloise Dreisbaeh. Rom' mzwz-Grace Dye, Leonard Ehy, Richard Egly, Geneva Egolf. The chairman of the refresh- ments committee was Marjorie Sehroek. She was assisted hy hlarian Ringle, Charles Luen- herger, Vivian Shondel, Ouina Gillie, Eugene Finkhouse, Francis Geyer, Rudolph Hirsch, llflaynard Shiiler Kate Shreve Charlotte Q Y Latker, Bob Anderson, and 'lack Horning. Art Richard headed the adver- tising committee and was assisted hy Harold Noyitsky, Phyllis Lines, and lloh Anderson. Recently several members of this class were honored with mem- bership in the National Honor So- ciety. They are Robert Kaade, VVilma Kimball, Charlotte Lat- ker, Dorothy lNlCComh, Maynard Shifter, Thelma 'l'urner, XVilliam Horgmann, Chester Briggs, Ber- nadine Field, Eugene Finkhouse, and Jennie Spice. ln addition to this, Robert Kaade was awarded the Koerher Trophy for lixtemp- oraneous Speaking. Those of the junior class on the Rom- one-Vivian Ellis, Bernndine Field, Eugene Finkliouse, Velma Fitz- geralil. Rom' ICL'0il"lClL'Il lforker, YVilla1'al Fciulliner, June Frazier, Elizailieth Gal- logly. Roan' Ibrfi-Rohei't Linlliiieyer, Fran- cis Geyer, LaVon Gtiuert, Hersehel Giant. Roar VfiO1Il'i0l1ll1J Gillis, Kenneth Geiser, Paul Ure-sley, Howziril Grirlin. Roca' fire-L'etl1'ie Gairtl, Howard llziliig, Van llageiiliucli, Anna Belle Hart. Razr .iii-Fstliei' Heilinun, Dorothy Heyinan, lliiry Ellen l'ir'f'Ill.ll1, Ru- ilolpli Hirsch. Roar f.f:'f'11-H1ii'oltl Ilouser, Ken- neth hlaines, Ftluqiiml vlohnston, Buli Kaziile. honor roll :ire Chester Briggs, Doris Huecker, Richzirtl ligly, Gertrude Przrnge, lfvelin lfisen- hut, Eugene lfinkhouse, hlnnnitzi Fretlricks, Dorothy Heyinzin, Roh- ert Kzizule, Annzi Klgirie Kestner, AA'llIHEl Kimhiill, Charlotte L11IliC!', Dorothy KlcComh, lfiYi'lll1 fllor- ton, Vern Pfeiffer, Jeannette Popp, illnrizin Ringle, Elsie Schei- inqin, Alice Anstett, Xlniiiziixl Shifter, Rziwlin Spice, Tlielinzi lurner, Hernziiline l'ieltl, hlinzi Slater, llililegzirtl lziehn, Dorothx V e . . Lexisiire, iXl1lXlllC illiller, 'lose- phine Aloier, Ruth Pressler, Eric Sieher, -lennie Spice, Eileen Stein, Yierzl Stout, Pauline Wizigner, :incl Betty Uvziller. Nlziny of our outstanding :ith- letes are memhers of this class :incl have received letters :ind other honorary awards. Hurry Leeper, prominent in several sports, was nwzirded the Dr. E. A. King Trophy' for Sportsmanship :ind lllentnl Attitude. Pug? -l I Rofw one-Max Kessler, Anna Kest- ner, Pearl Kle-Hen, Marie Kronk. Rofte Ifwo-Frank Langhorst, Harry Leeper, Dale Lucas, Dorothy IVIcConib. Row fhf'Fl'i'GCKJfgl' McNett, Paul Malieh, Roland Meeker, Edward Mer- tens. Rom' four-lVIa1ry Moorhead, Eve- lyn Morton, James Nichols, Ruth Nobles. Rom- ,fire-Vera Pfeitfer, Gertrude Prange, Lester Putnzun, Margaret Rainey, Rom' .via-Fern Roniine, Ona Rich- ardson, Marian Ringle, Robert Rush. Rome it'i'FIIicjvC0l'gC Schaefer, Elsie Sehieman, Paul Seliwartz, Edna Sell. Those having received letters for football are Bill Barley, Noble Benner, VValter Chaflin, .lack Christie, Paul Faylor, Francis Geyer, Van Hagenhuch, Harry Leeper, Frank Meek, James Nichols, Harry Stewart, and Robert Geyer. Those boys who have won let- ters for basketball in the junior class are -lack Christie, Bill Bar- ley, Bill Borgman, Harry Leeper, and Robert Geyer. The class of l3l is represented on the track by lettermen who are John Sessler, Howard Vauris, and Denton Hahecker. Many girl athletes are mem- bers of the class. Those having gained distinction as high point winners are Catherine Shreve, -lennie Spice, Donna lVade, blar- jorie Slack, Gertrude Prange, Mary Elizabeth liente, Mabel Blackburn, Marcile Klaehn, and Ruby Stirlin. Quite a number of juniors are Student Players. Those who will be remembered as taking part in Roca' om'-Jolin Sessler, Imbelle Sharpe, Nltlyllllfil Shiffer, Vivian Shun- dell. Rom' Iwo-Betty Shookman, Iantha Skelly, Richard Smith, VVill:1rd Smith. Roar Ihrn'-Raulin Spire, Izileen Stein, Hurry Stewart, bl. N. Stine. Rom' four-Rtiliy Stirlen, Byron Sweeney, Nlargziret Sweet, Dorothy Thoinas. Roni' fi-tu'-Nlzlrgxlrf-t Tliomas, Har- riet 'Iioiikt-l, Sophronia Tliurrie, Tlielma lurner. Roca' .fix-Ruby Van Sliuili, Mary Nlargziret Veaey, Mildred Varner, Donna XYade. Rom' ,f:'1'r'lI-Rlltll VValker, Betty VValler, XVyatt VVc.1x.,-r, Hob XXI-ilte. various plays and skits are Dor- othy fllcfotnb, fllarjorie Schrock, Robert Kaade, Phyllia Lines, Her- nadine Field, Allie ,-Xnstett, Mary Margaret Vesey, Charlotte Lat- ker, Harry Leeper, Jeannette Popp, Xxrlllllil Kimball, :md Har- old NuVitSliy. ,luniora liave also been active in journalistic lielda. The 'Sl mem- bers of the Northerner staff are 'Harold Novitsky, circulation man- agerg lxlarjorie Schrufli, mcicty editorg Harold QNX, cartoonistg Hernadine Field, copy editorg 'leanm-tte Popp, columnistg Yvillie Dressen, assistant sports editorg -lu- sephine illoycr, asxiatant news edi- torg Xxvlllllll Kimball, Anna Belle Hart, Juanita Fredricks, and John Kleinhzms, reporters. The members uf the Quill club among the juniors are Phvllis Lines, Hernadine Field, and Mary Ellen Heyman. North Side's three yell leaders, Harold Novitsky, Arthur Richard, and Bob Knade are junior class officers. Page -I3 '25 ii? K,-gzip? , 'fx SIST LY LOVE six, MARTY 3 Y lf-1 X, S M, ,,35x,. 0 RN x M. v ,...-f- Pagx H Sophomore Bright Lzgfzts mi NN WV Cf? 'W - AVA The Legend Volume Two 1930 Published by the Senior Class of North Sicle High School Fort Wayne, Indiana i nm Miss Miller Ed Hatch Calvin Brown Morris Chanipe john Schoedel Mr. Pennington Class of 1932 HE class of 332 during the past two years has proven to he a very successful and peppy group and has time enough ahead to make a still greater name for itself. 'lille memhers of this new class, as a very enthusiastic heginning, elected as the hrst president, Richard Korn. They also elected Morris Champe and Betty Rose for vice-president and secI'etary-tI'e1lSllrel'. ln turn the faculty advisers, Mr. Cleaver and Mrs. Clark, were chosen, while on the Social Council were placed Calvin Brown, chairman, -lohn Schoedel and lylelha Hartman. ln Fehruary the "Freshman Partyn came off with zest. All memhers were in- vited to this affair, and were permitted to hring one guest. Approximately one hun- dred attended the party and enjoyed a line evening of fun and frolic. This party was along the line of a get-together, get-acquainted party. The next hig social event for this class came in May. It was known as the "l9risky Freshmen f"rolic." This dance really went over and the "Black and Gold Collegiziiisn furnished music for the affair. Chaperones for the affair were hflr. and Mrs. Cleaver, Mrs. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Korn, and Mr. Rose. Gorgeous decorations and lighting effects all went to make this dance a success. ln the same year this class sponsored an assembly program in which they hrought In the students of North Side Mr. l"rederick Krull, who sang many of the lyrics of .Ianies llihitconih Riley. 'lihe students were especially interested, as blames YVhit- conih Riley isa Hoosier poet and many of his lyrics are well known to all of us. 'lihe class of '32 was also found not lacking in school spirit and came out for everything. ln the second year of this class they chose lid Hatch as president, Calvin Brown as vice-president, and Morris Champe, former vice-president, as secretary-treasurer. Miss Miller and Mr. Pennington, popular memhers of the faculty, were chosen as their faculty advisers. The social year of the Sophomores was opened on Decemher l4, when they presented a dance and other entertainment in the school cafeteria. The peppy Brink- hart orchestra furnished music for the affair. The faculty advisers of the class, Miss Page 46 Rout' one-Ralph King, john Kline, Ruth Klingler, Herbert Kloer. Rau' lava-YVilhelniine Kopp, lreta Kriek, Maxine Laisure, Elmer Lank- fnrtl. Rom' rflref-Durotliy Leasure, Mur- garet Lonergan, .Xln lNlt'Coriiiirk, Binh lWlt'l'Llllurl1. Rom' four - Exelyn Martin, Fred Nlainshelil, Durntliy Manth, Harry Matliews. Roar fin-Ex elyn Meek, Edu in Meisner, Opal Mertz, Jack Miller. Roca' .fix-Mzixiiie Miller, Josephine Moyer, l-Nord Mueller, Grave Nliehels. Rose Jerez:-lluii Muurheatl, Iryin Muhn, Eyelyn Nlyers, lan Ouen. Miller and Mr. Pennington, with Mr and Mrs. Nurthrup, Mr. and Mrs. Ivy, lxliss Reynard, dean of girls, chaperoned the dance. Those in charge uf the ar- rangements fm' the aifair were Jennie Anglin, .luhn Schnedel, Eluise Dreishaeh, Frances Hatha- way, Helen Schack, Richartl :Xp- pel, and Melha Hartman. Early in May the suphuinnres jnined with the freshmen in giv- ing the Underelassmen Ball. The presidents of the suplioinnre and freshmen classes, Edward Hatch and Leu Stewart, were in charge of the arrangements for the affair. The dance was held in the schunl gymnasium with Uaumly' Shriyer's nrchestra furnishing the nuisic. Chaperunes fur the atfair were Mr. and Mrs. Northrop, Mr. and Hrs. Pennington, Miss Reynard, Mr. Chambers, Miss Rwthenherger, Mr. and Mrs. Hatch, Mr. and Mrs. H. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Hathaway, Mr. and Mrs. Crance, Mr. and Mrs. Gluck, Mr. and Mrs. Geisler, Mr. Pagc 4 7 Page 43 Rom' one-Deloris Polley, Ruth Pressler, Mary Reamer, Donna Ross. Rom' lava-Harold Sliie, Ruth Slater, Edward Stautfer, Rex Stockwell. Rose f!II'z'r'iLlllI'l Stout, William Swank, Herbert Tilbury, Kenneth Trenner. R0-ze four-Riehai-tl Vinhaeh, Fu- genia VValters, Ralph XVeax'er, Mildred VVieg'ln:tn. , Rose ,fi'Z't'ZFl'I1lN'lS VVellinan, Bon- nie VVilson, Chester Zander, Freda VVinters. R0-:e fi.tQHelen VVoolex'e1', 'lohn St-hot-del, Jaines Fleet, Marjorie Nleyer. Ra-zu if-:wi-Aliiizx Mathews, Dor- othy hleyers, Marie Hansen, Mary Barnett. and Mrs. Lawrence, llflr. and Mrs. Youse. 'lille committee in charge uf the affair were: Freshmen-Martha Feldman, Betty Lawrence, VVilma Geisler, Leo Stewart, YValter Rodgers, Velma Brendel, and .lack Henllureg Sophomores: John Sehoedel, Helen Cranee, Helen Sehaek, Morris Champe, Gene Firestone, Dick Korn, Frances Hathaway, Eloise Dreishach, and Dorothy Leasure. The Sophomore class also comes into the limelight when it comes to sports, both boys and girls. Perry listerline, the flashy forward, greatly supported the basketball team this year and will prove even more valuable next year. Al- though small in stature, he is noted for his swiftness and turned many defeats into victories. Dick Korn, tall six-foot for- ward, also greatly strengthened the team, filling the Center posi- tion very eapahly. His long arms were responsible for many tap-offs R014-our-llarnlil Agler, YVillinni Aiken, Gertrude Albersmeyer, Jennie Anglin. Raft' 1:00-Delftta Ayres, Randy Barnes, Geraldine Briunigrirtner, Viviun Becca. Roan' tffrn'-Nolile Benner, John Bickel, Eulztlie Holman, joe Briggs. Roan' fam'-Leona Hurfliard, Carl- ton f1.ll'I'illHIOl1, Helen L'ram'e, Dana Llrisivell. Rosa' fl-l'r'- Lentil Dale, lxlillkrlc' Diehl, Usixir Dennis, Harry DeV:iux, Rom' .fjklplllll Dillon, Rirligiill Dom, Cecil Dougherty, Lillian Ellis. Roan' ffzwz-Ixari Engle, Mary Erh, Nlargaret Htzold, Paul Evans. which gave North Side the edge. Then, too, .lunior Scott, one of the varsity mainstays, came from the class of 132. His unusual ath- letic ahility was clearly shown in every game he participated in. This class also orliers twelve hoys to the football squad next fall. All have participated in games this year and will prove very valuable in the near future. They' are Hatch, Crosby, Kloer, Anderson, Rousseau, Beams, Stout, Hauser, Dillon, Cozir, and Coans. Not only the hoys are active in sports, hut also the girls. Ruth Nobles, Evelyn hlartin, Eloise Dreishach, and Maxine Miller took part in the tennis tournament last full and also played on the velloyhall, haskethall and hasehall teams with Hildegard hlaehn, Co- lette lVeigand, Mary Cronkhite, Helen Crance, and .lane Grove. Although they did not have such a successful season,they played a hne brand of hall and henefited to the utmost from the physical de- velopment and social intercourse Pagf 40 Page 5U Rout' one-Helen Ewing, Virginia Fair, John Fetter, Lueille Finkhousen. Rout' Icuc+Gene Firestone, Wilber Fliekenger, fornelia Gilbert, Norbert Glasser. Rose f!ll't't"l71llIl Gotseh, Jane Grove, Katherine Habeeker, Velma Hadsell, Rom' four-Bonnie Harseh, Frances lll1Il1.lU'11.y, Albert Heckler, Esther Heiliuan. Rom' five-Bob Hire, Thurman Hoh- son, Juanita Hoppel, Maxine Hughes. lilgr .fix-lJliltIeg':1i'sl jaehn, Iris johnson, Edwin johnson, Frank Johns- toll. Rom' .fz"Z't'1lik'I1fllt'l'lllU Kannel, Vera Keller, Milo Kilty, Genevieve King. provided by these games. Al- though all of these girls may not go out for the junior athletics next year, they nevertheless will provide a trained and enthusiastic nucleus to carry on the traditions of good sportsmanship and play next year. Although they tried hard enough, the Sophs did not stand out seholastically as well as the lirosh. Only seventeen out of an enrellment of approximately 300 were awarded this honor. To at- tain this honor,one must have at least three :Vs and a fourth grade not lower than a li. Many re- eeived two ,Ys hut found the third hard to get. Those who won places on the said roll are as fol- lows: Randolph Barnes, Mary' Lu Barnett, Muriel Beecher, Oscar Dennis, Mary Louise Erh, Gene Firestone, Lona Frederick, l"rances Hathaway, Don lVloor- head, Maxine Miller, Mildred Price, Ruth Pressler, Frederick liahdert, John Sehoedel, Edward Spitler, Vieva Stout, and Pauline YVagner. Freshman Spot Lights E.. i , , 'Q V up ea 3 as p ,D L , . "Q' J if 511. f Z , I , ft . -fl 4 ,J i ' I ,fb ' Y, Rollo Leo l'loward Don VVilma Katherine l'hanihers Stewart Youse Moorhead Geisler Rothenberger Class of 1933 HE class of '53 has shown so much interest in their activities the first year that they are sure to have great success in later achievements in North Side. Early in the season they showed good judgment when they elected their capahle officers and advisers, who guided them through a successful season. As their president, they elected Leo Stewart, chose Howard Youse, vice-president, find Don Moorhead secretary-treasurer. Miss Rothenherger and lllr. Chamhers, hoth enthusiastic and prominent memhers of the faculty, were selected as their class advisers. The first social affair was on lfehruary 8. This party was held for the purpose of getting the new freshmen on friendly terms with their fellow classmates. The gorgeous Valentine decorations added much to the heauty of the surroundings, while the Night Raiders furnished some peppy music for the dancers. Betty Lawrence was chairman of the decorating committee, and the chaperones were Mr. and lllrs. F. C. Geisler, llilr. and Mrs. H. Stewart, Miss Nlary Rothen- herger, lllr. Rollo Chamhers, and llliss Florence Reynard. The final festivity was a dance held May 3. It was one of the higgest arfairs of the year. They co-operated with the Sophomores in giving it. Snappy music and novelty numhers were furnished hy the lVoodie Shriver's orchestra. Leo Stewart, president of the freshman class, and lid Hatch, president of the sophomore class, were in charge of the hall. 'lille committees in charge of this affair were, lfreshnien.: Velma lirendel, .lack Ben Dure, Martha lfeldman, Xvlllllll Geisler, Betty Lawrence, Vfalter Rodgers, Leo Stewart, Sophomores: Helen Crance, Morris Champe, Eloise Dreishach, Gene Fire- stone, Dick Korn, lfrances Hathaway, Dorothy Leasure, Helen Schack, John Schoedel. The chaperones for the affair included the Messrs. and Mesdames Rollo Cham- hers, Everett L. Pennington, T. YV. Thompson, and H. L. Stewart, and the Misses Marie llfliller, Katherine Rothenherger, and Florence D. Reynard. The class is very talented, having assisted in many school undertakings. Mem- hers of the classproved their ability to sing, dance, and act in the G. A. A. Vod-Vil, and as Hawaiian girls in the Rotunda Revel. Pzlgt' Race one-Charles Alter, Alfred Arnev, Glen Beams, Naomi Beherstein. Rom' Neo-Ella Bell, jack BcnDure, llovvarml Beery, VValter Beery. Rom' lllrfr - Virginia Blackburn, Margaret Bolman, Velma Brennlel, Van Byer. Rom' four-Morris Cliampe, Gerald Christie, Victor Close, Byron L'rance. Rom' ji-1'e'-Orlando Crt-ss, Loyycll Doherty, Mary Doswell, VVelnia Droege. Rose ,rzx-hstlier Egolf, Virginia Engelhrecht, Ruth Ifvaiis, Martlia lfmiglit, Rom' is-:'fr1-llairold l"ergjuson, Jean- nette Ficliinan, Ruth lficlml, Kenneth Foehlinger. Having organized early, they have estahlished a standard which the class can he proud of, and which freshmen classes may set as a goal and strive to attain, ln the class of '53 those who have worked on the Northerner are lValter Rodgers, Harry Rod- gers, and -lack Hammer, who were advertising solicitors, and llo Gick and .lack Kammer, who were I'6'p0l'teI'S. Prospects for athletics in North Side are very good for a few years to come. There are many fresh- men out this year who are going to till holes made hy graduation. Our foothall and traclc teams are the ones hardest hit hy the com- mencement exercises. Coaches Bills and Chamhers intend to till these up without a Haw. Those freshmen who showed up hest on the cinder track are: V. Ayres, mileg Ballon, mileg Baillie, hurdlesg Coar, mileg Stewart, pole vaultg and Beams, high jilmp. Not much can be told of Pilgf? 53 r 54 Row one-James Funk, Ilo Gick, Paul Gillespie, Dorothy Goebel. Rom' mea-Eugene Gray, Helen Grirlis, Ted Grisell, Jane Grush. Rom' lfzrwf-Rtith Hans, Geraldine Harris, Alice Hawkins, Adelle Heckler. Rom' four-Gertrude Heilman, Gil- bert HOHIIIHII, Rhoda Johnston, Donald Kaade. Rose fi-rr-jack Kzunnier, Eleanora Kestner, Vida King, Joseph Kreiseher. Roca' .fix-VVayne Landon, Martha Lindeinuth, Vllillard Lopshire, Viola hltfoy. Rom' ,tmwi-Mortoii lNleNelley, Betty hleisner, Ralph Meyer, Emory hloore. the freshmen football men but we do know that Altkruse and VVyne- ken will bear some watching on the Held next fall. Basketball has its full quota of young material in Blume, Byrer, Crance, V. Ayres, lNlcNeal, Reiber, G. Lang, L. Stewart, Groner, Schecter, YVeav- er, Guillum, Haught, and lrons. The freshman girls' basketball, baseball, and swimming teams are among the strongest ever entered in North Side. Although they have been defeated by the upper- elassmen, they made them fight for their victories. Evelyn Sprowe and Virginia lfnglebreeht are the star forwards on the basketball teamg they also play baseball. Velma Bremlel and Mildred Price complete the forward lineup, and they also play baseball. Claris Newport, Ruth Hans, captain, Betty lraxler, and Edna Poi-f playtd guard positions. Ruth Shreve, and lreta Kriek are the heavy hitters of the baseball team. Velma Brendel is captain of the baseball team. lVilma Guisear plays guard on the basketball Row our-Don Morton, Theuline Moyer, Earl Neuhaus, Helen Neuman. Rose law-Bill Orr, Alice Pfeiffer, Nlildred Pfeiffer, Lydia Przxnge, Roca' ilu' f'f' -Mildred Price, Ellen Prefsler, Clarenee Puff, Dale Redding. Rom' four-Paul Riddleharger, .luhn Rt-iher, Betty Rippe, Thelma Rohathan. Ron' fi-zu'-H11i'i'y Rogers, XVilliain Sanner, Sidney Fchecter, Mary Schel- lenhaeh. Rom' xi,x'-Earl Sehniitlt, Allen Scott, Tressa Seftun, Tliunias Svnawley. Rom' Xz"Z't'?ITixIl1lll'lL'C Sinith, George Snyder, Hmvaril Snyder, Hubert Sny- der. team, was captain uf the class swimming team, winner of the in- dividual swiinming meet and a 'luniur Life-Saver. Besides heing represented in athletics, cluhs, and variuus uther -ivy activities, the claw uf ,JJ takes a pruininent place un the limiiii' rull. Uut uf an enrollment of two hundred htti-six, tliii'ti-une, ur twelve per cent, have aclnexul thix liumir. lYhen the fall term started, thia clam hail an enrulhnent -if one hunclretl Nt-x'enty-iiine pupils. At that time, sinh' fifteen stu- dents had three .-XX which placed them un the hunur roll. YYhen the mid-seinewter started, aerenty- Seven new students were added :intl mixteen uf them attained this lwiiwr. They are as fulluws: Klar- garet ,lane Holman, Evelyn il. Bower, R 11 y in iw n d Bruuks, XYilliam Cleaver, Lloyd Dolan, Ruth Evans, Ruth Field, Luna Frederick, Irene Gay, Ted Grisell, Robert Kane, James Kirtley, Pi :ge 55 AVR X Dedzcatzon To honor Edison for his numerous benehts to hllI'I1'1I'llt, throu h hls practlcal sclentlflc dlscoverles and for the prosperlty he has brought to Fort to the m1nuf1cture of electrlcal equlp ment we appreclatlvely ded1c'1te thls 'mnual publlshed IH the year of the Golden ubllee of hrs mventlon of the mcfmndescent hght K . r g . VVayne through its industries devoted , . . I , . n P 'Y Y zlgt' 5 Ci Roar om'-Leu Stcwurt, fWI.irju1'iu Stucklnain, Virginia Sruukxwll, Maxine Sulnn. Row fiL'0ic-lllll'll'S 'I'I1rmir1s, Phyl- lis Trzrxlcr, Alina Vumlcrziu, Juv Vcscy R010 llfrrf'-FrL1i1u's Ven-nan, L'lifl'u1'sl Hlurrl, Blll'lTL1l'L1. VV41rncr, Bmniic VVatts. Roar four-Jusupli VVvst, fNl.iry VVunlcxcr, YVilli:nn VVriglit, llfmgirrl Ynusc. Rom' five'-I.r-tlizi Cnrlnur, Riuliairrl Doctor, Luvilv Barr-ut, B,II'l5lll'Ll l5r'ig'g's. Rom- .fi.x-VYilli:1nn Ka-llr-r, Durutliy julms, Mary Gnrzirrl, Mario Dmulcn. Rom' ,ff'-z'si1-Rstlivx' LWQYIIILT, Gr-rtrurlc Blcssing, Mary Spgilrling, VVilli:nn Sclmfcnalvlzer. Kzrthcrinc Malunm, Dun Klum'- hczrcl, Olive Murphy, Nlyrtlu Uch- stcin, Lydia Prangc, Ellun Pri-sslcr, Paul Rzihclr-rt, Vlvilliznn Schzifcn- richer, Mary Schrull, Richard Surtt, lXlClX'ill Stcgcr, Luv SYCVVZIIT, Virginia Sqnircs, Kzrthlr-cn xXvl1lSl1, Clifford U':n'cl, l3:1i'lw1n':r NXYZIIAIIUV, I':KlVVlll'Kl Ycrrick, llllll I'lHXY2ll'il XYUUSC. Last full whcn thc first suiiiustui nl: schnnl wzis stzirtcal, linmllmnks wr-rc nlistrihutccl rn thc fruslnncn. This urlitiun wus thc first nflicizrl guide L-wr pulwlisliul :mil was llc- signcml to hr-lp ncw stuclr-nts :ls well :ls sunic uf thi- nhlcr mms whn wurc not tlionmrlglily IlCqllZllI1lf1.'ll with thc rnlus zinrl 11-grilzitimis of thc sclmul. 'Flu-sf lirrlr- lmnkluts wr-rc :rgsiin givcn out tw thc incum- ing stuclcnts :it thc hr-ginning uf thu Sccunfl scilicstci' lzlst FL'lWI'lllll'5'. Supplcmcnting its linmllmnk, North Sidc has :in cxccllcnt huinc morn system which helps new- Cmncrs to hccmnc fznnilinr with thu Sfllunl. ruumw M . 5 g flii l 1- 3 .3 ' lggki 5 Q 'l Q4 72, M 5 F7 Q4 E G ,Ins 3 i " HM 'fl 2 I 11-fm 7 T I 1 ll ui H1 giflilg, . -if.Eii?Qgg53?ff IL X E in 2 ' 'J 1 IN vi ? 2 ln 1 fzswill F Mnasnf ff W WH? qw M QQQSEPMX f f, I L, K "N-Kfivx 125 m - .b'- - - if' wil . Q - . , 'E .E 1 .W-fv h E 2 g ., A W 51 15 M " 4 ,fv?:5LkflfV,a A x gf? .3 ill-iiuifw 5- 1'fi.V.n.l.g3- ' fs9,.?zQ, 5' '- 4 3 Q ? -Q ,ggfli 3, 4. I Y - 'ff' :g if f f ' 'I A 2 1+ Q45 -14 : ' fd f ya' ff- -2. . Q 4,3 if 1.-, 2, 1 ii Q2 'f' Ei "' if .2515-gf .i ' 5 S'?t 'l 3 Fw '- f- V if . .Q . W 5 . " 4 f' if t"1"'5'3i' f . Eff .jf fi' . Q ii? - 2 5 1 -5. ' M F .u F'Vi 2w?P 2 31 Xifzf' J 'f f . .gn A--11... r f 1? .. g.-Q., A ' - Q " Q 3 1 ,i igg'jii,f.1'1Egi5 's Q5 JL' J E. 'inf - , f iv ,Q 'L S2-5, 14 'ji .fig 'WA 15 vi'- .- 1 ' -x b - lligfgl Rf rl- .. igyg V11 .., -.., J : gf. 1. PM ' '- QQAA Q. ,m it-' iff - . 5. - 1.. , E ,. V . il, .N ,f -V.l. nw' 3 f,,. J I 1 I - " -U , i i s tf u in -Ri M , igiififiiii gl 4' in fiH1 i1 fl L n f" :W-Q' -M' 41 J. it Mg A ,...A, 12- if .M e 2 F Sisifksif ' .fe mes . .. 5 35523253 i 1 'lg 1 ag 1 gf . i:'2i.9S ' 2 . n ' 1 'fiifi , , iff Y 7 "! f iiff f . ' ' , .,Q ,ff 'VXI' jff.f"' Bark rom-Randy Barnes, Harold Novitsky, Roland Meeker, Jane Korn, Paul Pritchard, Jack Horning, Stephen Motherwell, Edward Hatch, Eloise Dreisbach, Van Hagenbuch, Melvin Crosby. Illnitlle rout-Don Moorhead, Francis Hathaway, Dorothy Leasure, Francis Vezena, Everett Scott, jr., Raymond Alter, Glenn Brendel, Harriet Tonkel, Norma Kline, Donald Voell-zer, Alta McNelley. FFOHI ro-u-Lloyd Dolan, Charles Alter, Morris Champe, Joseph Bowen, Maynard Shiffer, Dorothy Tonkel, Milton H. Northrop, adviser, William Barley, Leo Stewart, Victor Close, VVilliam Dressen. Student Council FTER two years of existence, the Student Council organization occu- pies one of the most important places in North Side's extra-curricular activities. It was through the co-operation of our prin- cipal, hlr. Northrop, who is the faculty adviser, that this organization occupies the important place that it klUE'S. During October this organization elected Joe hliskell, president, Bill Barley, vice - president, and Jane Korn, secre- tary. Due to the grad- uation of the president, in J2H'll1ZlI'l', Bflflfy SUC- Illr. Northrop ami Oficers ceeded him and the vice-presidentls place was filled by Glenn Brendel. The purpose of this society is to estab- lish and help direct a closer contact be- tween the faculty and the student body. In doing so, the student opinion has been reflected and projects for the wealth of the school have been brought up which the council has advised and considered. VVhen nec- essary the Student Coun- cil appoints committees for directing and regu- lating such interests and activities of the school as seem necessary. Page 58 Ed .- ' x .,. A -. .. .. f- 3 'Q .PN-ar-9' :- -e l ge . J. .31 'fs f.. V. ., I H 5 I V him Btzrk Roan'-Nl. Brudi, T. Turner, L. Stewart, VV. Kimball, D. Leasure, H, Balluu, R. Evans .From Rose-R. Egly, G. Prange, A. MeNellev, R. Stuekniann, Nl. Erb, C. Latker. High T is only through the generosity and kindness uf lllr. Oscar lfuellinger, pub- lisher uf the News-Sentinel, that the High lfliers gruup came into existence at Nurth Pliers two rides uver the eitv, having been leaders in their Class ful' twu consecutive grade periuds. Must of the juniurs and seniors whu have had high enuugli grades Side. Early last fall Mr. Fnellinger stated to entitle then that the four students ranking highest in their respective classes, nut only at North Side, but also at Central, South Side, and Central Catholic High Sehuuls, and St. .-Xugustinel Aeademv vvuuld be given rides in the "Yankee Clippern, the News- Sentinel airplane. hir. Nurtlirulm was quite pleased with the idea and believes that the reward given the hfznured students will i rerve as a stimulant fur . lwupfls tu raise their aver- HL'lL' 1 tu a ride have alsu been elected as members uf the Natiunal Hunfn Sueieti and were present at the banquet given 'l'hursdai, Klav 15, in their hunur n Balluu, hlargaret Hrudi, Rich- ard Hubsiin, :Xlta iklexcllei, and Rcibert Stoeknian are the seniurs xvhu received rides. The iuniurs whu were liuiiiwetl are: Wvilina Kimball, Charlntte Latker Hay nard Shitler, 'I'hel1n1 'liurner and Richard v Eglin. Supliuinure air- riders are: Marv Lu Bar- ages. 5-ji ' 1 nett, blary Luuise Erb, fllanv students have re- Ries , ' ,.', Ruth Pressler, Fred Rah- eeived thirty-minute rides fs ik. dert, Duruthv Leasure in the "Yankee Clipperl' Gertrude Prange. brush f. k :1 - A .- '."i?f21tf:fS:?ek thus far, and several have been lucky enough tu get Pdgfl 59 Illr. F0z'fIill!Lfe'I' ami Yuzlker Clipper Evans, Gray, Frederick Stewart, Yuuse, Bulman Back Rose-llarold Novitsky, Richard Baird, Frank Meeks, Rohert Geyer, VVilliaun Borg- man, Robert nlnclerson. IWMJIF Rom'-Van llageiihaligjli, llurry Lee-per, Henry Foster, Harold Keller, Nr. Cliainhers, advisor, VVilliani Barley, Leo Begley, LeVerne Feichter. Frou! Roms-Roland Meeker, .lack llorning, llarry Stewart, Glenn Hrendel, jack Det-ley, Donald Myers, Robert Gallineyer, Frank Langliorst. NE of the most prominent organiza- tions for hoys at North Side, the Hi-Y Cluh, under the supervision Rolla Chamhers, experienced a very suc- cessful season. lhe cluh owes a great deal to Mr. Chamhers who spent much of his personal tulle overseeing and direct- ing the work of the group and helping it to carry out its purpose. 'llhe Hi-Y organized the first week of school and the following oflicers were elected: YVilliam Barley, 'I president g Glen Brendel, if" vice-presidentg If ra n k Meeks, secretary, and Joe Miskell, sergeant-at-arms. :Xs the Hi-Y held its weekly meetings at North Side, it was somewhat diflicult to ohtain speakers. of hflr. I-Ii-Y ' However, the iirst semester the organiza- tion had several discussions, and a few memhers of the North Side faculty' were kind enough to hold discussions with the cluh. Uutside of these talks the Hi-Y held hanquets at the Y. hl. C. A-X. These han- quets proved a source of fun and good times, and there was xi speaker at each. was The nflicers elected for the second sem- ester are as follows: xkrlllllllll liarley, pres- identg Glen llrendel, vice- presidentg ,lack Horning, secretary, and Harry it S t e w a r t, sergeant-an f V arms. As school draws to a ' close the Hi-Y Cluh is planning for a higger and better year in 1931, and IL'I1-.fjfmfulwm prospects are very good. Page on s l Lge? i .YrI!f0Jlilf Honor' Soi iffy for High l7villi0!IiIl fiolwliit Imtlbtflff Krfloof ,1011rm1lf.ff,t link Ron-hliss llarxey, Bouiller, HL'-4' RO:l1G' Fhlvr' R' Ahrl" R- Haird- N, Kline, Al, Euirick, Bowen. from Ro-nfl. Kramer, R. Stockiuan, Frou! Rain-R. Kaatle, Miss Corner, J. -I. Korn, M. Brutli. Bouillet, R. .Xmlf-rson. Department I-lonor Societles BTAINING its charter this year, 'llhose who have qualified anal have heen received as memhers in the organi- Nuftli Sflhmlls Cllilptel' uf zation are Huh Stockman, -lane Korn, the Quill and Scroll, the National Honor Tillie Kramer, Elaine Rummel, Mar- Society for High School -lournalists, the garet Brutli, -lean liouillet, Norma Kline mff:-t iecent of the honor societies at North w. Sule, has heen hut lately org: -. rolling eight senior journalists 'llhe National Forensic League, an uuiul, en- antl -lane limrick. ln ortler to gain memhership in the National l"orensic League, a student must represent his school in declamatory com- honor society for puhlic speakers and de- haters, has heen in existence at North Sille since 1921, anal it now numhers eight memhers. 'lille requirements for membership in the Quill and Scroll are that the stutlent he a senior, he ranking in the upper third of his class scholastically, and an exceptional work- er in journalistic lines. ,,,f-4 fem: Har H0111 petition with other schools. This may he accomplished through par- ticipation in inter-schol- astic or other puhlic speak- C cally, a ranking in the up- is required. Miss Mary E. Cromer, public speaking coach, is permanent vice-president. Page 61 ing contests. Scholasti- per two-thirds of the class ffin'kR01L--Rolicrt Kaade, Roland Meeker, Paul Stein, Richard Baird, Van llllQQ't'I1l3llt'l1, Glenn Elder, joseph Bowen. Frou! R0ctiTlielnia Johnston, Maynard Shifler, Robert .-Xnderson, Raynionil :Xlter, Mis, Cromer, eoaeh, -lean Bouillet, Rudolph Hirsch. Public Speaking ITH an extemporaneous speaking contest as a means of opening its activities, the public speaking department of North Side High School has con- tinued throughout the year with a Varied program. ,loc Bowen, president of the senior class, won this first event, thereby having his name inscribed on the Koerber trophy, a silver loving cup donated by Robert XV. Koerber in the interest of public speak- ing. Wrinncrs of second and third places were Bob .-Xnderson and Van Hagenbuch. Other entrants were Bob Kaade and Glenn Elder. Following the extempriranc-ous contest, the public speakers were active in debate Worli. Two teams, the aflirmatiye com- posed of 'loc Bowen, captain, Bob Kaade, -lean Bouillet, and Rudolph Hirsch, alter- nate, and the negative made up of Dick Baird, captaing Glenn Elder, Bob Ander- son, and Van Hagenbuch, alternate, de- bated Wrarsaw and Central, and Bluffton and Columbia City respectively. The negative team completed a one hundred per cent season, while the affirmative team was defeated in both contests. Paul Stein served as student manager for the two teams. An assembly held during February. featuring the International Boy Orators, was sponsored by the forensic department of the School. Later in the year the school tryout to pick North Side-ls representative in the National Oratorical Contest was held. Hob Kaade, through winning this pre- liminary, entered the county division of the contest, in which he was defeated by Virginia Griffith, of St. Augustinels Academy. In the school tryout Van Hagenbuch and Thelma Johnson placed Second and third. Pug." ll., i L' rate: P. 'l'raxler, D. Helling, D. lie: fer, B. Lziwrence, li, Thoinpson, lt Mclfeeley, E. Bell, L. Gerding, M. Lower, M. Gallnieyer, lf. Sell, R. Slater, M. Jones, B. Shoolsman, M. lNleCorinicls. illliififlf rose: NI. Guenther, L. Gee, L. Slater, H. Grittis, E. Gallogly, V. Cunningham, H. Forlier, H. Sehack, Miss Huffman, B. Johnston, R. Sterlin, A. Butler, N. Usterinan, J. Feiehter, H. Goudy, H. Clawson. Front rote: M. Spalding, E. Slater, H. Stillpass, C. Newport, F. VVliipple, H. Gerding, R. lllorton, H. Ballon, Nl. Kasimer, G. Dye, JK. B. Hart, M Beecher, V. Shondell, C. Johnston. Polar-Y of the olltstillltlillg Clllhs of the North Side High School is the Girl Reserve Cluh, which meets on every other Klonday. Besides the regular meetings, the calendar for this year was completely filled with potlucks, parties, banquets, and other events. One of the important events was the sponsoring, with other Y. Ill. C. A. organizations, of the Sunday Forums. At the Good Friday service, Helen Gerding, a senior of North Side and president of Polar-Y, was chairman. Every month an Inter-club Council meeting was held, at which the plans for the coming month were decided. The president of Inter-club Council is Evelyn Horningg vice-president, Afton Packer, secretary, Frances VVhipple, and treas- urer, Vivian Shondell. ln Septemher these oflicers were chosen: President, Helen Gerding, vice-president, Muriel Beecher, secretary, Alice Butler, treasurer, Grace Dye, social chairman, Hannah Stillpass, memhership chairman and puhlicity, Hlizaheth Shookman. ln the second semester those who held oflice were: President, Helen Gerdingg vice- president, Claris Newport, secretary, Helen Ballon, treasurer, Evalyn Morton, social chairman, Frances lVhippleg service chairman, Vivian Shondell, memhership chairman, Elma Slater, and puhlicity, Helen Schack. The success of Girl Reserves is due a great deal to the earnest co-operation of the three faculty advisors, Miss hlildred Huffman, Miss Loraine Foster, and Miss Florence Van Fleit. Pzlgz' n3 Haul' mari .-X. if Dell, L, Meyer, L. Stengirr, M, Stillivell, P. Pritchard, G, Reiber, H. Fer- guson, J. VVenner1nark, P. Dodane, VV. Rodgers, bl. Vigran. Ilffififfz' rote: l.. Gee, M. Spaulding, E. lilinginan, I. hluhn, C. Doherty, R. Hessert, L. Frederick, M. Miller, R. Rousseau, E. Egolf, R. Field. Frou! rome: Miss Zook, R. Meyer, M. VV:-inner, V. Fitzgerald, E. Martin, M. Greer, A. Gil- lespie, D. Koinisarow, D. Moorhead, V. Brendel. Art Club HE Art Club was organized with the idea of bringing together not only those who were in the art classes but all lovers of art in the school as well, for it has been found that, due to the require- ments of certain courses, many who love art cannot take it. Since the membership, therefore, is large, it has been found ad- visable not to engage in the actual hand- Work, but to have programs planned to bring out different phases of art. An interesting program was given by Mr. Stou- der, a collector of Indian art. Mrs. Homer Davis- son, who has traveled ex- tensively in Europe, told us many things in regard to Brittany, an artist col- Talwzl at H 'ark ony in Europe. Miss Sarah Miner also gave a fine talk on art applied to the industries. A tea dance was given in November. The annual Art Club dance was given in lVlay. The decorations were suggestive of the nature of the club. The club put on a contest in soap sculp- ture, open to all students. It was discov- ered that many who claimed to know nothing about sculpture have much talent. Six prizes were awarded. A very clever stunt was put on by the Art Club for the Rotunda Revel entitled "Speak Easy" which turned out to be a movie of a novel and entertaining sort. Page 64 Haul' Rom'-J. Huppel, R. VVise, EI. .-Xnglin, ll. Tunkel. Nl. K.isiniei', XV. Rupp, l.. liurelizird, T. Sliernuud, L. Langurd. fllfififfr' R0iLilhllsa ljevillliss, ll. liiiellrl, l7f'si'lll1ltji'l', xlibs Br'i:'l'lc'il1, ihllss Pillv, ll. Vvedler, NI. hlvers, R. Close, V. Stout. Frou! Roan-M. Grngg, H. Phillips, l. julmsuii, V, Blume, l7. Mills, Nl. L. Frb, V. Pfeiffer, G. Albersiueyer, R, Pressler, L. Fililillollseii. Home Economics LL the girls who are interested in and hzive taken Hume Ecunumics fur one semester are eligible tu juin the Hume Economics Club. The purpose uf the club is to further interest in the :irt of Hume Economics find tu be of service tu the schuul :ind community. The faculty iid- visers uf the club are: Miss Heierlein, Miss DeVilbiss, :md Miss Pzxte. The ufli- cers ure: Harriet lunkel, presidentg Thelma Sherwuud, vice- nnd Lurrziine Lzlngzird. Because uf the zilhlizitiiiii with the Nzitiunnl Lind Stzite Clubs, the girls :ire entitled tu wear :ind :ire wearing the Ngitiunnl Club pins. .-X point system is being inziugurzited, :ind frum nuw un the girls will have tu e:u'n il certziin number uf puiuts in urder tu be eligible In wezu' the pins. The club has had some verv interesting prugrauns this semester. Swine uf the must beneficial included zi muv- presidentg Ruth YVise, l K ing picture un travel in secretaryg :ind Nlnrjory B M E Cnnzidai, given bv Mr. lVlvers, treasurer. i N Q Brzuingzirt, rind :i talk :ind The club joined the 4 i X tiff ' WN moving pictures un the National and State Home My LE'-:E 3 principles of refrigerzitinn, Economics Clubs and sent given bv Mrs. XVuud. Fur delevates to the State l' ' .,', 'I the Rutundzi Revel the Cont-vention last fall. The :' M I x ' iii club presented 'Ulqhe Puss- delegates were Ruth Close Lmruiug Hone ing of Time." Page 05 le 569891 Foreword Happy indeed has been the past year for most of us and we will al- ways look back upon it with pleasure. For the purpose of turning the Hood- lights of memory, at some time in the dim future, on the happy days and associations which we have enjoyed during our four years of high school, we, the Senior Class, have published The 1930 Legend. 'H Duck Rose-M. Vesey, bl. Korn, M. Geyer, R, D1'eisliaeh, R, Baird, ul. 'Iihinnes, L. Kenyon, bl. Rouillet, R. .'Xml--i'son, D. Bowman, D. Leasure, H, Noyitsky, R. Kaade, B, Field. flliiljlr Hone-hl. Sliroek, C. Latker, J. Popp, O, Gillie, E. Landon, H. VVoolever, VV. Fosler, V VV. Kiinhall, D. X oelker, R. Hirsch, V. Buhr, E, Scheiinan, R. Rgly, F. Morton, A. Hart, M, Green. Frou! ifoce-Al. Cronkhite, -I. Moyer, P. Lines, D. lNlcCoinh, .-X. ,-Xnstett, VV. Dressen, :L King, Mis. nun-r, 'I. Rouen, Ci. lan-Id, T. lxrainer, ll. Ballon, Nl, Brudi, M, Shifler, G. Elder. Student Players ORTH SIDE, immediately upon opening three years ago, estah- lished a department of dramatic art which was entrusted to lVlarjorie Suter, well known dramatic coach. She has charge of all activities, including classes, programs, plays, and in addition is guiding factor of 1lieS. P. C. 'lihe officers for this year have heen, first semester, president, Jerome Thinnes, vice-president, -lean Bouilletg secretary, Virginia Ruhr, treasurer, Lewis Kenyon. Officers for the second semester are: President, Richard Baird, vice-president, glue Bowen, secretary, Donald Voellcerg treasurer, Margaret Brudi. The entire department of drama has enjoyed unusual success this year. Wlihe llflasque of the Two Strange-rsl' found splendid response in the student hody. The cast of this play follows: Lyle Tur- ner, Dorothy NlcCo1nh, Garnet Carpen- ter, Mary Margaret Vesey, Bernadine Field, Hazel Price, Margaret Hrudi, Helen Ballon, fVlargaret Shrock, Lewis Kenyon, Donald Voelker, Jerome Thin- nes, John Rohinson, Dorothy Bowman. During Drama U1-ek the department also participated in the civic endeavor, presenting "Finders Keepers, an interest- ing playlet which had heen presented as an auditorium feature during the first semester of this year. lts cast included Lewis Kenyon, Jeanette Popp, and Alice Anstett. Competing in a city-wide field of entries, it placed second, thus adding another trophy to our collection. Several of our drama students also aided in the presentation of various Civic 'liheater League plays during 1929-30. Pdtlfz' Z1 li , Hunk I'O7LT.xI1l'l.l Belle Hurt, Rohert Knade, Bt-rtliai Belle Johnson, Rudolph Hirsch, Helen 5x''li, firlilltlillt' Rt'ilk'I', lxlilfy Ben lDLll't', Helell CI'.1l1t't', l'l.lI'l'it't TirIllit'l, Rt'lHei't-gi H1'ig'Lrs, Donald Koniisgiroiv, Betty Shookniain. Illiilfe l'0-IL'ilVlL1Xll1r,' jones, Tillie Krtiiner, Catherine Zvvivk, Thelma Turner, Virginia Buhr, ,lane Korn, June Einrick, VVilnin Fosler, .-Xnnn lNl.1l'ie Kestner, H.irold Noiitslcy, Ruth Cl0SC, lXlUl'it'l Bt't'x'llt'I', fin'I1t'X'lL'Xc' Frou! raae-Hernailine Field, Marie Greer, Josephine Moyer, lrene VVhire, Nornm Kline, John Biekel, Lorraine Langnrtl, Garnett L'arpenrer, lNlgirg4iret Lepper, Louise Kienfle, jane Grove, Miss llildgi .'Xuiiiun, adviser. Booster Club Booster Cllllv, one of North Sideis peppiest :ind most important cluhs, hzls certainly accomplished its purpose this year, that of hoosting the teums, the school, the faculty, :ind everyone :uid everything. This yezir the Booster Cluh zigziin has had :is its fncultv :idviser Miss Hilda Aumzm, who, :is usuzil, hats proved very Competent. The Booster Cluh was one of the first cluhs to he organized :it North Side, :uid has heen functioning since 1927. livery- one wishing to hecome zi memher of this cluh, except freshmen, must ohtzun twenty-tive points. These points :ire earned hy selling at games, hy serving on various committees, hy advertising for games, :ind by performing many other services. 'lille outstanding socisil event sponsored hy the Booster Cluh was the Lettermen's dzmce, given in honor of till :ithletes who had won their letters. This dzince wus held on April 4. 'lihe rooters' sections, planned hy this cluh for hoth hovs :uid girls, was very much :ilive this ve:n' :ind has furnished plenty of pep :ind excite- ment :it the games. The oflicers of the Booster Cluh lust semester were: President, Harold No- vitskvg vice-president, June Korng :ind secretxtry-treasurer, Catherine Zwick. This semester Harold Novitsky was re-elected president, Catherine Zwick heczime vice- president, and Donald Komisnrow wus elected secretnry-trezisurer. Pnlgz' 07 B'111'K' ROQL",xlIll 1NI1'N1'111-y, Robert Sto1'k1111111, Dirk 1111i1'11, 111111 131111111-1, 5111111 D1'1'11'y', LHI'I'll11lt' 1,ll1lg'IlI'11, Ti1li1- Kl'HllIt'l'. 1'1li.f.ll1' Ro:1+1Nl.11'g'a1'1-1 13r111Ii, 12311111-1 L'.11'1w11t1'1', Vii'g'i11i11 Bohr, 11111115 XV111111-r111111'k, Ruth Clow, Xvillllll Foslcr, lilinor L1111111111. Frou! R011--101111 L'1'o11k11i11-, G1'111'x'i1'111 Fi1'111, -11'1'o1111' T11i11n1-s, L1-11 is K1-115011, .-Xrt King, Nillllf' 1Nl1'K:1y, .'X1'lc111' l1i1l1'spi1'. Senior Play gg WVU GIRLS XV,AXN'l'KI7," the thi1'1l 11111111111 s1'11io1' 111111' of North S1110 High SC111111l, I1I'1'S1'l1t1'1l 111' the class of 19311, w11s 111111'k1-11 115 1111 ULIF- st111111i11g pI'U11llCt1Hl1. A record c1'ow11 :1tt1-1111i11g the tW11 IWL'I'f1lI'lIl1IIlCL'S, 1Vl2lI'Cll 28 111111 29, 11cclf1i111c11 this f11ct. Not only from thc 11I'Zl1D1lf1C st111111poi11t was it 1'x1'11ptio11:11, 11111 from the 1111111101211 LIS Vk't'1l. U11111-1' thc skillful 111111 111116 11ir1-Ctio11 of Miss lX11lI'.1UI'y Sutcr, this John G1l1l1C11 pro1l11ctio11 w11s pr1's1-11tc11, ,Ii11L' story Cl1'V1'I'1y' portr11yu11 the 1111- 1'1'11t11r1-s of two girls, M11ri11111111 111111 Surah 1X1i111-r, who 111111 come to New York to 111:1k1' 1111-ir living 11ft1'1' their futher 111111 1li1'1l. Both Art King 111111 Dick B11ir11 showed o11tst111111i11g work i11 the parts of IW11 1111si- 111'ss 1111111 of vntircly 11if1c1'e11t tempera- Pugr ments, Phillip Hancock 111111 VVilli11111 f1loo11y. Louis Kenyon was 1111 that VVIIS C11Zll'1lCft'l'1Sf1C of thc sc111'111i11g -1z1ck Terry, 11eph1-w of Hr. Hancock. John Cronk- 11it1' scr1'c11 11s ll typi1':11 of1'ic1' boy. The l1l1IHHI'1ll1h or r1-11111' clevcr role of Miss 'Ii1l11Ul1L'1' w11s t11k1-11 hy Garnett C111'p1'11tc1' 111111 w11s :1 splc1111i11 c11111'11ct1'ri- z11tio11. NIIIICF' MCK111' p1:1y1:11 thc highly tcm- pt'TZllTlC'I1fIll p11rt of 111111121 iD1'lFl11L'111. Vir- gi11i:1 Buhr took thc 11111tcr11111 role of Mrs. Dclzihclcl. Ruth Closu, as Mrs. Gock, was 11 typical f1111lt-fi1111i11g 1z11111l111ly, 31111 Jerome 'I'11i11111-s 111115111 thc comical Irish chauf- fCllI'. The f!lCLllIy advisers of this class of 19311 were Victoria Gross 111111 Charles Dickinson. 08 D . : NY Tug .7 :vw Haul' roar: Nlrs. YViu. Hzillun, Mrs. H. F. Gluck, fllr. Nlcrtnii Kinics, Nlrs. just-pli Cixiiirt-, Mrs. Hurry Stcwxirt, Mrs. Rnlpli Cliunipv. I-'rom row: Mrs. .Xllwrt .X. lhtlitxuqiy, Nliss I-lu1'viiw Rcyn.1ril, Hr. NI. ll. N-vi'tlirup, Nlrs. Wliltcr Burgiunnn, Nliss Nlary H. Crniiit-i'. Parent-Teacher Association :KST Scptcinhsr tht- uliicurs Quill chziir- mun uf tht vqiriuus cuininittt-L-s uf tht- Pzlr't-iit-'11-1iclici's' urgguiizzitiun hcltl thrir first cxccutirc meeting git which tiinc plzins wx-11' mxult- fur tht- wining yt-nr. The uHiccrs zuitl chgiirmcn uf thc tuni- inittccs which nizulu this gruup successful :irc zis fulluws: Prcsimlt-nt, Hrs. H. H. Gluck. first i'icc-pi't'siclcnt, fllr. Ht-rtun Kinicsg sccuml x'ict--piwsitlciit, Hrs. YVil- lizun Bnlluug sccrctziry, Hrs. bl. F. Crzuicc, :incl trcfisiircr, Mrs. A. .-X. Hzith- away. Chairmen uf thc wclfzirc, pru- grzini, nicmhcrship, ways :uial mtxins, su- cial, tclcphunc, :uid puhliciti' mininittccs :irc Miss Florence Rcyiiuiwl, Hr. M. H. Northrop, Mrs. R. E. Chzunpc, Hrs. H. L. Stewart, Mrs. bl. F. Crzincc, Hrs. XV. A. Burgmzuin, :uid Mrs. R. Ii. Fircstuiic, rsspcctivcly. One of thc must impurtzuit cvcnts sponsored hy this cluh was the K'Bz1Ck tu School Againu night where the parents Page 1'clii'ctl their scliunl tlgiis :incl :ittumlctl tht-ir suns' :intl tlziuglitt-rs' clnsscs tilting pzirt in thtir vziriiius giftivitics. .Xt tht clusc uf tht' dqiy, pzirt-nts Quill tuziclitfrs wt-ru uslit-i't-cl tu tht- gyinnnsiuin whcrt- .1 pup sussiun was cuiitliictvcl hy tht fzithurs uf the Lltlilctic liuys. lizirli in Niiiriiiliui' :ill inutlicrs uf fifsliiiicii pupils were cntci't:iinutl git gi lzipxuicst- 'llczi givcn in tht- schuul :ip:u't- nicnt. .-Xppruximzitcly siXtl' inuthcrs w'crt' prcscnt :uid girls friim thu frcslungui hnint- ccunumics tlcpzirtmcnt sciwul tual. Ssvciity'-tlii'ec mcmlicrs wcrc pruscnt :at tht- next lwusincss meeting. A-Xftcr tht- liusincss had ht-cn cunclutlctl, qi shurt inu- sicnl prugrzun, under thc dircctinn uf Mr. Sur, was given hy the schunl iwclit-sti'1i, :intl the Girls' Glcu Cluh sang st-vt-1':il delightful nuinhcrs. Mr. Nnrtlirup ox- tcndcd I1 welcome to :ill prcsunt and Mr. L. C. YV:ird gave il talk un "High Schnul Childrcnf, 09 tic-ld nr in thc gyinnzimium. ulyi . lilic-Qc wc-rc purcliuscd tlirmigli cloiizitiiim uf liver ilSllll cuiiti'ilmtc-nl hy pn- trnns of thc sclimil. At- chxirgc uf thc hand L Hilnk Ron'-H. Braun, M. Cliainipc, D. Zchncr, E. hlolinsmii, D. Evans, S, LL'lllI111IlI1, C. Luciilvurgcr, VV. Ailcvn, E. llipliins, L. Gruhcr. 7 Thirif Roan'-P. Grcslcy, J. VH-sr, G. .'XklllIIlS, VN. Kiinlwzlll, M. Bcn Durc, Nl. Shiflcr, K. Fuclilingcr, M. Neal, S. Smith, R. Smith, F. VVhirc1y. -Qc'i'O!lif Roan-R. Ruurcr, -l. .XLlL1lI1S, E. Spirlur, R. Dum, D. Hcnnlricks, L. lilwy, R. Grcslcy, E. Mc-rtz, VV. Bc-lliiipgc-1', Nl. KL-Qslcr, M. Juliiistuii, FI'01lfR0-ILTR. Kj5bUl'IlC, P. Evans, H. Thinncs, M. Kcnt, D. Rc-milling, G. Elilcr, 1, Bun Durc, B. llirc, R. Viiiluiicli, Ii. Stultc, E. Bzikc-r. The Band UR'l'll SIDE ccrtiiiiily has ai llllllll hui' thc- past yczn' Glcnn lfhlcr has thin yuzn' uf which wc csin fc-cl jnatly suiwcnl :is pix--ialuiit 'incl -ilsn llruin 'llwiiii' .. 1 .. . - . pimucl, lui' it shows :i l'Cll'lZll'liSll7lL' im- YVL' :irc sorry that hc will hc lcziving ns this piwixm-iiiciit mm-r lust yc:ii"r.. 'liliurc :irc your, hccaiusc- of gi':ulu:1tiun. hlziyiixircl fiwty-ciglit incinhcrs who lizivc willingly Sliillcr has hc-cn vicu-pwsimlciit, :incl Paul fivcn thuii' timc :incl cflorta tu mnkc it thc G11-slcy, sccrctziry uf thc mgxiiiixzitimi. finc lmncl that it is. 'lihc uniforms :irc Thu hzincl has had an wry husy aclinul wry hc-:nitiful :incl innkc :1 very ph-rising yuan' chic- to thc inziny aictivitica in which Night wlicn :ill fmtx'-ciqlit ppczll' tUgCIl1L'I' on thc nriicx' Ed 'lliiiinzis wziw in lclrm Crllllpiligll. TM' Nmu L'lIjfl0I'N1,i Page 7 if they mink p:ll't. 'lilicy fnrnislical music :it :ill thc fiiiirlmll :ind lmakctlizill games, including thc has- kuthzill tuurnzimcnt. In lllziy, thc hand, with thc :iid of thc Hmmm' Choir, prcaciitcd zi concert in thc IIllCllU1l'llllIl which wsu vury successful. 1"- .E7-:,C"1 5 ' ' Engl' Roca'-E. 11c11111a11, G. H1-11111g111, G. ,X11:1111r, XY. Ki11111.111, Nl. 13111 IDLIIT, S. Smith, J. -1111111st1111, S. L1'11111411111, E. 11111141 1'1li.f.1'lf' Roca-R. Fifld, R. -1111111s11111, NY. L.111111111, VV. C11-.11111', Ii. .1111111st1111, P. G1'1'-111, P. Ev1111s, M. K1'ss11-r, XY. B1'11111gc1'. Frou! R011-D. H1-1111133 D. 1'11gg1gs111'11, '11, R11l1111111111, NI. 1"1111g11t, .X. 11.11111-1', R. XY1w1', R. Exams, U, Dye, G. Ifgnlf, J. 1311111111-1, U. 121111-1', R. R1111t1'1'. The Crchestra IIIS 11-411' N111t11 5111175 1111111--t1'g1 11:15 All 1111- Il1llN1L' f111' 1111- SK'111l11' IW1.l1 11111 111-1111 YCY1' s111'ccsmfu1, taking 11:11't 111 f111'111-11111 111' ll 51111-1't g1'1111p 1111111 t111' 111'- 11111111' 111111115 111-1'1' 111 511111111 111-5111115 S111-1111 1111-xt1':1. This gI'4lllp 1111- l111.L'QtL'l1 111 gxllllll 1111ts1111- 1111t1-1't:1i111111'11ts. 1t11z1s11 l11L'I1111K'1-' 1i:1k111', XV11ll I1l1iL'5 1'11:11'g1- llf 111:1111 11f 511111 11f t11i1't1'-1111. 1111111 111 t11L'5k' :11'1' N111't11S1111"a11111s11:11't11'1t11-N. 111511 1111'111111'1s 11f the 13111161 111' 11t111-1' music 'I'111f 11rc111wt1':1 f111'111w111-11 1l1ll51C f111' 511'- :11't11'1ti1's. 1-14:11 11t11c1' 1111p111't:111t 1l11ll1l'5 11115 1L'Zll' 111- 15111' t111' pmt 1'L'1l1' G1L'Illl 121111-1' 11:15 C1llL11Ilg T111- N111't111:1Nt1'1'11 111111111111 r1-1'1'1'11 as I1l'L'S1l1L'HtQ jxllllll Hz1k1'1', 1111- 'l'1':11111'1's C11111'1'11ti1111, XK'1l1C1l was 111111 I1I'L'51i1L'llfQ 111111 D111'11th1' Hulling, a1-c1'1'- nt N111-th S1111' 1z15t Uct11111'1'g 1111- 1'1l'I1ll1'i11I1 t:11'1'. 17111111111 Hclling 311111111 1':11'1-11t-'I'1':1c111'1'a' 11:15 :11s11 111111 11H1ci:11 1111111151 f111' t111 111'c11cstrz1. .-X 1111111-rt was givcn 1111 1111- 111'c111'str:1 111 the :111111t111'111111 :lt North Sidf, 1x1lll'C1l 7. 1511111150 it was 1 S11 s11c11ssf111, Mr. S111 has 11cc111c11 t11 111:1kc it 1111 1111- 1111111 :1Pf:11r. 1111-1-ting, 111111 Nlll'I11 S1111-K - L1:1111111-1111-1111111 1'x1'1'c1s1w. ' 3 Mr. SHI' 5LlC1l 111'11:1s11111s. 11111111 1111115 1111- 11111111- 1:1'c111wt1':1 1411111111 111' 1151111 fill' 51111111 111 1111- 1lH'llll'N ----Q1 111'1'1' :lt sc1111111, :11111 t11c11 11111 S111' 11215 :1 s11cc1:11 group Sk'1L'L1fL'k1 t11 111:11 1111 lgz' 71 Fiffh race-Gertrtisle qXll1e1's111ey1'1', fNl:11'tl1:1 l31'1111l4:1, Exelyn Sprowl, Mary Kztsinier, Helen Ewing, XNllll1ClIllll1L' Kopp, VVil11111 Klllllillll, Helen S1'l1a1t'k, Virginia Blume, QlUI'l1Cllil Gilbert, Flezuior Baker, fNlil1l1'ed Tselixintz. Fonrfh l'O'7L'iX7lNlIlll Ellis, Beulu XA,-l::llL'l', Xvlllllil Geisler, Jane Grove, ciL'I'L1lkllHL' Reed, L'l11'istinz1 llipliins, Ruth lil1I'l5UllCIl, Dorotliy il-l1lHllL1S, Maxine Mnleoliii, Lorraine Ll1IlgLll'tl, Dor- othy Goebel, Ruby Sterlin, :Xilene Fell, Donna May Russ. Tllirif I'0iL'il':SlllL'I' Heilnmn, .Xliee :Xnstett, Lucile Horn, Katherine llill7Ct'l'CL'l', Esther Aller, llQ1I'I'lt'I Tonkel, Luellxi ihly'L'I'S, Do1'otl1y Peters, Nlzirgairet 'lil1UIllllS, Ruth Nobles, ixllllll Marie Kestner, lhlllI'Qlll'L'T Sweet, Marie Kronk, Dorothy Helling. Sriuml I'OCl'TxTll'jflI1lIl F:1i1', ljilllpjlll Coggesliell, Ruth VVise, Mary Ellen lley111:111, Mary Louise lirb, June Rodgers, Ruth llessert, l.,L'UIlll BCI't'lllll'll, Mary Re:11ne1', Elizibeth Gzillogly, INl:11'th:1 Cool-1, Vt-l1n:1 Fitzgerald, lxlllflllll Ringle, Friedgi XVlIllL'I'. Pin! lA0iL'?iIil't'S51l Sifton, No1'1n:1 SlLIl7L'l', ljllllll Criswell, Robert liZ1llIllk'yCl', Rudolpli Hirsch, VVilbur l"lllL'liL'llQ'L'l', Byron Swet-11ey, Gale Gordoii, Don Voelker, Vvllllitil' lVleNett, Ilonnltl Kaade Ruth Stziter, Hairy Slllllltllllg. 3 Glee Clubs HOSE students who have taken the opportunity of joining the Glue Clubs here :it North Side have spent llllllly periods of plezisure and l'L'CI'C1llIlUll under the direction of Mr. Sur. The music has not only bee11 ll n1e:1ns of 1'ef1'eshi11g weary minds, llllt also has been :1 big help i11 edu- cating the students to appreciate better music. The songs sung by tl1e Glet- Clubs are for mixed chorus :md girls' chorus. The school has just lately equipped the Page music 1'oo111 with Il new radio and some- times on lfridzly inorning tl1e Glee Clubs listen to the 11111sic educ:1tio11 pI'UgI'2l1TlS lTI'U1lClCZl5f by XX72lltCl' D:un1'osch from New York City over the National Broad- casting system. Some of these programs are specially for high school students. Mr. Sur is eager to increase the number of students taking pzirt i11 the music de- pz11'tn1e11t and hopes that ll larger number will become 111e111be1's of these musical or- gz1nizz1tio11s next year. 72 liwni-5 Fark R0GL'1lxISII'fll1l Cook, ,-'mnzi hlgirie Kestner, lhlflI'QI1lI'L'f Sweet, Durotliy Peters, Eli-.iim1' Baker, furnelin Gilbert, Ruth Nobles, Mary Fllen Heymsxn. flli.K.1'lf' Rosa'-Rutr Slater, Virginia Blume, Katherine llillueekeiy Marry Renmer, Helen Felmck, Lorraine Lllllgtlftl, Marie Kronk, Frieda XvlIlIl'I'. Front Rom'-Dorotliy Goehel, VVilma Geisler, Velma l"itz33e111ld, Rodgers, Ruth YVise, Donna hlny Russ, Durutliy Esther lleilinan, june llelling. Girls' Honor Choir llilm ffirrfzzgfz lung flzz-yy of fnfmr, ffm! nights zfmlinf nf miie, Sri!! firfzrff in fzit .mul lfzv nzmir Of 'IL'III1If4'l"fl1f n11'foffiz'.t. -Lungfellmv Une of the must interesting :ind must recently developed twgziiiizzitimis in nur high school is the Hnnnr Choir. It is made up uf xi select nuinher of girls who are interested :ind talented in music, :ind are willing to give their time :ind efforts tn increasing the love and zlppxwciatioii of this :irt in the school. The members :Ire chnfen hy cmlipetitimi, and the organiza- iiun has tried to find the twenty-live hcst voices frum znnong the girls who :ire really interested. Marie Krnnk has made n fine presi- Page dent fur the past yexirg while Lurr:iine Lzingnrd, ns 5CCl'CIlll'l', has txiken care nf all the husiness. Mr. Sur has dune much, limping that something very xvnrthwhile wnuld he :ie- uzmplished. It is prnnf of the ruccess the chuir has made that they lime had mginy requests to appear :it vzlriuiis pnhlic :if- fziirs. :Xtnung these were the Parent- Tezlcher hzinquet, Principals' hzmquet, the concert uf the XXYUIHLIIIHS Cluh, the cun- certs :lt North Side in hlzirch :ind in May, :ind the commencement exercises. It has been hoped that the Hnnm' Choir might he vested with cups :ind gowns so as tu mzlkc ll more pleasing :ind dignified zippenrnncu. This hzis nut :ls yet hcen accomplished, hut prohzihly will hc next year. 73 arir' We l 1 2 sh . .55 I J Burk' ROTL+.llI3lllIH l'rederirks, Miss Harvey, adviser, lhil Dodane, Lewis Kenyon, Richard Hobson, Jules Dalton, Jane Fmriek, Thelma johnson. From Roan-Margaret Brudi, jane Korn, john Cockrell, Jean Bouillet, Dorothy Tonl-iel, Norma Kline, Ray Alter, Rohert Stoekmann, Ruth Nobles. The Legend HE 1931? Legend has only one other to equal-that puhlished hy the class of ,Z9 which was awarded the All- American Honor Rating hy the National Scholastic Press Association. To attain this rating is an honor indeed, hut the stat? has not worked only toward this goal. To make this annual a hook of events of the past year and to hring hack memories of the graduating class has heen their oh- jective. In later years the 'SU graduates can wistfully turn the pages and recall the events which meant so much to them. During the fall of '29, Ray Alter was selected to head the stat? as editor. Soon after, the need for a business manager he- came apparent and Jane R. H. 1111.17 Ray Page Korn was selected to fill this position. Margaret Brudi hecame organizations editor, and Ruth Nohles, Dorothy Ton- kel, Jules Dalton, Juanita Frederick, and blames XXvL'llIlCl'lTl1lI'l'i worked under her guidance. Phillip Dodane and Lewis Kenyon were placed at the head of the art work, and John Cockrelhs ahility as a photographer won him the position of snapshot editor. Because of Dick Hoh- son's aptitude for writing sports, he was appointed hoysl sports edi- tor. Norma Kline, .lane Emrick, Jean Bouillet, l Rohert Stockmann, and Thelma Johnston hlled the remaining minor po- sitions. After the staff had heen organized, work started immediately. 7-! Burk Rose-VV. Dressen, D. Voelker, J. Popp, R. Stockinann, U. Doherty, J. XVCHI'1Cl'lll21I'li, J. Bullillet, R. Alter, E. DFt'iSl11ll'l1, ll. Noyitsliy, T. Girls, D. fioehel, J. hfloyer. Illiiiiile Rom'-M. Shrock, T, Kramer, G. Carpenter, D. Leasure, N. Guntle, H. Schack, XV. Kiinhall, E. Miller, R. Baird, R. Hirsch, Miss Harx ey, G. Baunigartner, Nl. Brudi, H. Cox. Frou! Rau-E. Landon, F. Hathaway, bl. Einricli, .-X. King, H. Foster, N. Kline, J. Korn, V. Buhr, A. Hart, T. Johnston, J. Fichinan, M. Vesey, B. Field. The N ortherner TE.-XDY improvement in The North- erner since its organization has heen evinced hy the increasing numher of honors which it has won. The National Scholastic Press Associa- tion and the Columhia Scholastic Press Association, two organizations, national in scope, created for the purpose of judg- ing and grading high school newspapers, hoth of which The Northerner is a mem- her, have rated it very highly. In the former, The Northerner received the rank of upacemakeru and "All American". In each division of papers, de- termined hy the enroll- ment of the school, ten papers are included in the classification "All Ameri- Page rm- -Line" H.-.uf can", and of these ten, two are picked as heing the hest in the divisions for the right ol heing termed the uPflCU1N1ll'ilIlgn papers in the United States. The Columbia Scholastic Press Asso- ciation sets a standard to which all of the papers in the division aspire. All of those qualifying are included in this hrst group. The remainder are classified according to their respective merits. Last year The Northerner was ranked in the second group, while this year it received rating in the hrst group. The circulation of the entire year has increased greatly over that of pre- ceding years. First term suhscriptions were ill, second semester, 735. Q' 5 AVR H zgfzlzgbts Mdministration: Faculty Classes C14 ctivities: Organizations Forensics Dramatics Music Publications Athletics Siclelights e,g'N1p,wLf1111' f- '- k-:5fLL.dif:.-I-AL ' 'i Ayf. 1. I ,. .1 K7 , . ..,N-1 1 Earl' Raxu-Ruhert Stuekinnn, Lewis Kenyon, Riehnrd Hobson, Clli1I'lCS Diekenson, fgleulty :idx isur. From R0-ie-Bernndine Field, Margaret Brucli, Jenn Bouillet, Tillie KI'HllIL'I', llziry Ellen Heyinxin. "Ripples,' N the full of 1927 ll few :imhitinus English students, unmler the super- viriun of Mr. Diekinsun, effected :in or- ganization known :ls the Quill Cluh. Membership was restricted to upperclnss- men who were interested in erezitive writing. The fulluwing year enough enthusiasm was carried over, chiefly in the charm- . . . 3 . ing persunzility ut ,lean lmuillet, to re- uigxinize the cluh un :1 larger wcgile :ind hnzilly tcm result in the puhliczitinn of the hrst is- , puetry :ind prose sketches. The enver de- sign, which received much fzivuruhle emm- ment, was designed hy Lewis Kenyon. The 19,30 issue of the magazine up- penred in hlziy and wzis even mnre sue- eessful than its predeeessnr nf the previous year. It enntaiined more poetry, for dur- ing the pzist year two members of the elziss uf 1930, I-lzizel Price :ind Ninn Lewis, have devnted fume extra erlurt to this line uf erentive eiiclezivm. The ineinhers uf the Quill Cluh who helped tn ., . , ,. 5 - . 1 sue of Kipples, lNurth bule 'V I make pmsihle the hrst High Sehuul's literziry A U , if ie puhliczitiun of Ripples :ind K - M gg' , ' ' mgiggzing, Thig iggnf 5111- - Mft", ., xt, 9 -- whu are charter meinhers ' , I,-jkelwsal ' I .. . Y pezired ezirli' in May, r ' ' zire: L. lxenynn, D. Hub- l929, :ind wus univer- b ..,.4.iA.. . Sun, Buuillet, M. sally pimmiiiiced wurth- W - ' M i' L Brumli, H. Price, E. VVet- while. The magazine 'i it "' 'A 'hm' A zel, '29, :ind P. Bowen, guntained short Sturies, C,'!mrIixf Loom If U-rar 29. Page 70 Sport Dymzmoes 9 Q of Back Rom'-Harry Leeper, Edward Hatch, Hurry Stewart, Glenn Brendel, Paul Faylor, William Borgmann. Frou! Rofw-Joseph Bowen, .Tules Dalton, Jercine Tliinnes, James Nichols, Van Hagenbaeh Earl Beer. Athletic BOUT twenty years ago when ath- letic teams were largely made up of men with merely brawn and beef, people became obsessed with the idea that athletes were not very strong scholars. Many have never given up that ancient idea. The main purpose of the National Ath- letic Scholarship Society for Secondary Schools is to show these skeptics that athletes are on a par with other students in the school, not only in sports but in scholarship. Eligibility to membership in this society is limited to athletes who have earned a letter in one of the four major sports or two letters in minor sports, and whose average in their school work for three consecutive terms Guild C1111 D Honors is equal to or better than the average of the entire school, and who have exempli- fied the highest type of citizenship and sportsmanship. The Guild Cup Closely associated with this society is the Paul C. Guild trophy, which is award- cd to the outstanding athlete of the year. This honor is based on the playerls attitude toward both the game and the coaches, his willingness to practice and to carry on the plans of the coach, and his general all-around good cit- izenship and standing in the school. North Side received its charter to this society in De- cember, 1928. The school now has thirteen members. Page 7 S xslt-s Y .. .. 1. .tss..,-,xv s. 5:52 ' .gum Me. t..LLt.s':4 , i ,, . y sf .sis-X. L y ' 1 . P, I' as f . ii r 4, .5 '5 . , i ,..., , , sw-c.s ,fs as 5 f : si Lrfl la fx'igl1t-hlark Bills, Rolla K'li4uiibers, llyrle lyy, john Sinks. Sport Coaches HE North Side coach in two of the track. YVhile at Columbia City he de- major sports is Mark Bills. Mark, as yeloped some of the best track men in this he is called by all the boys who come un- section. der his guidance, was graduated from llc- xknotliel' of North Side-'s coaches is Pauw where he was outstanding in ath- Hyrle lyy, swimming instructor and coach letics. Leaving llc-Pauw, llc entered the of the swimming team. He attended coaching profession at Noblesville. His Kansas University for three years. Here success caught the eye of the Fort Vvayne he played football, was a member of the officials. Under his coaching, the North track team, and also participated in box- Side teams have improved each year until ing, swimming, and wrestling. they have become as much fC1lI'Cd IIS IIIU' YUIIIH Ill IlllS part of the state. Rolla P. Chambers is the coach of the other major sport, track. lylr. Chambers came to North Side from Co- lumbia City where he coach- ed track and taught physics. He was graduated from ln- diana University, where he won letters in three sports,, football, basketball, and King Troffzy Page 79 A new coach is John Robert Sinks. blr. Sinks is a graduate of Indiana Uni- versity. He was active in athletics, playing baseball and basketball. The King Tmpliy The Dr, lf. A. King trophy is awarded on a basis of sportsmanship and ath- letics. This year, the iirst time it was awarded, it was won by Harry Leeper. E i i Bark Rmt-William Barley, Jack Christie, Joe Miskell, Harry Leeper. Frou! Rom'-Frank Meeks, Glenn Brendel, Edward Hatch, Van Hagenbach, Paul Faylor, Harry Stewart, Jerome Thinnus. Football ORTH SIDE has enjoyed its most successful football season this year. VVith only ten tried men left from the 1928 season, Mark Bills, assisted again by Rolla Chambers, turned out the best team the Red and VVhite has ever had. At Huntington, the Redskins opened their schedule in a very exciting game, September 14. VVith the Vikings leading By an overwhelming drive, the Red- skins trampled their next opponent, De- catur. Long runs and consistent gains were a feature of the Red and VVhite eleven and as the gun cracked that ended the game, the score was 37-13. Then came that historic game with Central's Blue and VVhite Tigers. Be- fore the large crowd present, the Red up to the last two minutes, a pass from Borgman to Leeper gave the Indians their first win by a 7-6 score. The next tilt was at North Side's own field with the Auburn Red Devils, and it was a long, hard-fought battle with occasional long gains by both teams, but it was not until the third quarter that both teams scored to a tie, 6-6. advancing Tigers in a Field of mud. The Redskins were ' ,vets M 6-A SAX?-" it ,V i ,T""'i it , ,,. : 3 4- " 2 wa. 2.6 sl ' if-21-Q .ff "fit g'i2i-W'-f'fa . Norlh Side 6, South Side 6 Page 80 and VVhite battled furiously against the a match for the strong team that Central sends forth every year. In the third quarter, the Blue and VVhite scored their first goal. A few minutes later, a blocked punt gave the Indians the pigskin on Central's two-yard stripe. North Side then scored and the extra point failed QQ ,, ,. is, 'Q bet!! Burl' roxy-hlark Bills, coach, Leo Stewart, XYalter Cliarlin, Paul Dillon, VI. N. Stein, XValter Bonham, student inanager, Roland Meeker, Harold lloLlst'l', Kenneth Nelson, Norhert Stout, Rohert Exans, Glenn Beams, Harold Uoar, Donald Nloorlif-ad, Richard Smith, Rollo k'liainhers, assistant coach. llIi.1'.flf' roct-Ricliard Korn, Rohert Geyer, Jann-s Nichols, XYilli.1in BUFQIIILIH, hlark Nelson, Nohle Benner, Donald Yfeliner, llelxin Uroshy, jules Dalton, Pete Pi-ternell, .laik Dt-eh-y, .lack Horning, Herbert Kloer, Howard llahig, Rohert Aiidersoii, Rirliard Rousseau. Frou! I'DiL'lxvllllIlI1l Barley, Paul Faylor, Van Hageiihaeli, l'il'.llh'l5 Geyer, Glenn Brendel, Frank hleeks, Harry Stewart, Harry Leeper, blue Nliskell, Edu ard Hatch, .lack Khristie, Jerome Thinnes. to he annexed. In the last quarter, the Blue raced fifteen yards for another touchdown. The Tigers emerged victor- ious, the final count heing 14 to 6. The Raging Redskins ran wild in the contest against Columhia City. 'lille final score was 57 to 7. Before a large crowd of Redskin fans to an aerial attack. Before Lamb tans the two teams hattled hercely to a tie, South Side not scoring until the third quarter. The last quarter found the two eleyens holding their ground as the gun went off and the North Side-South Side game went down in history with a 6 to 6 FCUVU. Peru defeated the Redskins in a hard- who followed the team to Portland, the Billsmen were the victors eg with a score of 38 to 6. ,., The Redskins met the -- iff' W f K,-52,3 X , . . , 1 -' i,,5x.efMst A Green and YY hite in the A 1" H. closest tilt ever witnessed FU? at ' f ' . 1- - . , . hetween the two schools. . flat If 4-A . . " : s-s1 -"j.'f5?"""' North Side drove through T? 7' 1 ' if f'9'E'--j2"i' E26 . - . the Archer line constantly 'R5Eja , ,,? ,, 5 ti. - Peiafiia-ffiffss -' . for gains and lirst downs while the Green resorted "The Raging Rr'if!A'iIlJ,y Page 51 fought game, IS to ll. The North Side Red- skins closed their season with four wins, two ties, and two losses. hlust of this year's men will he hack next year, and, in view of the fact that so few graduate, it should he a great season. 1 ff. f 3 H I, - 415-3,14 . ' .Xi I ! M li3 fa- fmt: ,ng 5 -:T--53:1 ANP 1-:M is A .53 A Ai . ,,.,. , Pug! S3 AFI ff' 4 V l ik 1 if-P1 .A tx. ' , E A S .. , , ,w i 1 Q 4 4 , v Q an fx, J Q : Bill Borgniann Basketball The haskethall season had many North Side followers, and a great school spirit prevailed at all the contests. The Indians opened the season hy heating Ligonier in a close fought hattle. Ligonier held the top of fl 7-O score at the first half, hut in the second half, the Red and XVhite rallied and emerged victorious hy virtue of a 19-12 Sclil-U. ln their nrst home game, the Redskins went down in defeat, howing to the Masonic Home live, 35-Zl. The game was oflicially opened hy Nlayor Geake, who tossed up the first hall, after giving a short talk. The Red and VVhite and the Blue and VVhite clashed at the North Side gym, Decemher 13, The Redskins lacked the experience that the Central Tigers displayed, and dropped the Hrst intra-city game of the season, 43-14. During the inter-semester vacation the Indians fell, 34-7, to the Yellow Jacket quintet of lleeatur. In the game with the South Side Archers, the North Side team showed a great improvement over their playing in the first few games of the season. At the end of the half, the Archers, hy a hard-fought struggle gained a lead hy two points, 12-Ill. ln the seeond half, hoth teams played slower, and while the Archers gradually in- creased their lead to .27-l U Burk Rott'-Mark Hills, eoaleli, Jueli Christie, Rohert Geyer, Xvlllllllll Borguiann, jules Dalton, john Sinks, assistant eoaeh. Frou! Ix'oce-Pe1'ry listerline, VVillia1n Barley, Harry Leeper, Everett Scott, Jr., Richard Korn, blank Gordon. Palgrf 84 XVith a style of playing that was the best of the season, the Red and Yvhite battled furiously against the lvabash five. At the end of the first half, the Redskins led the f V - s - F-N . - pace, 13-lll. In the second period the Hill Climbers -if -, opened a successful rally to win, 23-21. 5-213 V I In one of the best games that the Redskins played up - ---- 4 E' 'f -4' -S ' I to this part of the season, they were nosed out by Bluffton I Q if in the last five minutes of the game. The Tigers piled - f 'fa' . ...,1ne- up a 11-5 lead early in the game, which the Redskins P+-V were unable to overcome, and the final score was 31 - ' :lf to 2-1-. f, I ' wzffrt- H , ,. X I VVhen the Indians met South, of Lima, they lost - 2: "Y-1' , their jinx. The Red played a great game and at no time '- 1 - . ' in the game did Lima hold the lead. YVhen the gun V A A went off, the Redskins were leading, 41-11. Harry Leqm- Following their success over Lima, the Billsmen Went down in defeat at the hands of the Huntington Vikings by two points, li'-25. The second clash with the Central Tigers showed a remarkable improvement of the Redskin offense and defense. XVitb the beginning of the game it was clearly evi- dent that neither side would secure an easy victory. At the end of the first half it looked like a Redskin victory, for the score stood 11-8. However, in the next half, the Tigers came back and stopped the Indians' scoring to take home a victory. The tilt with Valparaiso ended in a tie, 18-18, at the end of the first period, but at the beginning of the second half this tie was broken and the Valpo five held their lead to the Hnish. Defiance lost to the North Side quintet on February 7, 33-13. The North Side Redskins defeated the South Side Archers in :1 hard-fought battle for the first time in its basketball history, February 15. The Northern five Dick Korn Everett Scott Jules Dalton + L '2-2l'f- mg' .Q --- - -wi. , ,I 1, ng . - l r' we vi? " "'E. n ,-.1 ' "'.o ', -ev e--1 '1,,. , P 1 G N ,' 155 ,.n-ll g v , .- Uv 1,5 , . , V19-1.7 . ' K Qi 5 . I ' ' . - 1.5 A A ,,jf,:...- ' I ,zea',,. ' ' Q ' - Qsreii- Y V s, A . , .Q 4 X31-:",.1"g.: Q-f - - 3, :Nm l."-'3 -.- 'N - M- ef. f ' - . 2:5551-3 7- t ' . 71,14-'fflj' W 315-I. -N Q '-r.. .L' .fs ' ., Ang- -1 1.5,-51" - . - Page S5 If , !"'1'1 111 wf '1 111141 114 1" " Iv 11' V1 , 1 11' ' ' Hifi 11,1? 1 1 111 '1"11111'1 1 '11 I1 1 E1 11 .1 51 111 '1 1' 3 111 V 1 11'1'1'15 1 115111411 1 1 111 5111111 1 1111if1 M1 1 11 '11 E 1 A 1 E1 1 A. 1' ' 1 1 .l,11:' 1 ' 1 ,115 1 11 11 ' ' L' 1 ' ' 1 1 ,1 1 1 l1'11'1 ul I311l 11 Q1' " Q Ny' 1!'1'11,'1 'KI 'I 111 ' 1' ' 11 I 1 1 11 1' 111 1 11 1 1' 1 EAI 1 11 ", 1'1'1"1 11' 1 '1 ,111 21 1111 1 1 1.1 1 E1 kg1t1E11!1Ll I ii! 1i1L1'1 11111111 1' 11 I1 WIN H1 w X ,' 111 4,1111 1 ' 1t 11'1 'pt "1 '1....',,' f 11' '1'1 iw: eg ' --11111 111"f1 '1 1 11 1' ft, W1 1 1 'IU-'im' I' "1 1"'111 N ' I it i1rt'1'1i4 ' 1115? '1'1'11"'11 1 ', 1 '1 1 11 JT 1 "' 11111'i11J1! 1: N ff'111, 111 1 1 7111 '11'11 ' 1 '1111 .11 1 1111 111111 ,. 1, 1g,11 11111131 11,111 1-1 1111's 11, 1111l':y, 1 ' 4 'gill' Me 1'11 ' 3 3 '1 ' 1 11 111' '11 111' 1 1 , 111 111 11 1 1111 1 1 , 1 . 11, I ,1, 11 1 " ' 11 1,.,1.""11"?'1 I . 1111- 1 Q' "' 111 : 1 11!! 1 111 1 W ' " ' '1 1311! 1 11,111 1, 1 1 1'1111 11 ' .lf 11 ' Y ' 5 . 1 'Q 191' 1 I 11111111 -11 1J51'117 1'1'11 4 ,xV1'l ' 171 1 '11 1 1 ,111 11 11 Xf li ' ',,1'-5 '11 1 11 ' 1 1ln1 1,1111 1 11 '1111i" 1 11 51-1 11-11 1 11411, , I 'll 112 .7 " 11 if ' 11311 -'1 . - 1 1- 1 . 1 . ,. 1 11 I un:-,. 1 I A , 'L V '- 1 iv -I f'11' 11 '11 ' -H' 1 ' ' +1 1' -110 1,1 ' P ' '11 11 111 111 '1 1,1 1 2 11 M '1 1 1 1111 13' '.11'11"1 1'11' ' J: 1 11' "1Q11'1" 1 '11' I1 11' 11Q1'1.' 1 ,1'1 1 "' A1111 K1 1 ', ' . 1 A . 11, 111 I. 1 31 ? 15 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1' 1 ' " ' 3 1 'wi' 1 W' 1111' " "'f'1'1'11'1 lm' . 1 Y i 1 ' Z ""l 11' ' ' ' fu fl - . ' , 'Fluff-A l' 'f, 'L' Ax A - V I: Q R1 1v'1"11.'.'Sf 1 13 1 "' 11' . N N ""3li1'1i!.y4 11 ' W3 I' ' I 11 I 1 . 58 111 I' ,1 11111-1, " ' ""f 1. X '1111111 R X, 1 1 1 11 11 111 5 1 1' 1 iff, 3 If W ' ,..,g.1gp" 1:1,,-521.451 ' L en un ' 'ff' , 111 '7"'f"7f'-Zfil' ' 1 lllwrl:-uv - A. f " ' Y' ,,:'.Q,-9 'V V H' Li. 1..:..na0zNl'-lf' ' Perry Esterline trounced the Green and VVhite to the tune of 21 to 19. In the North Side- Auhurn game there was also much excitement. It was a hard-fought hattle and not until the crack of the gun was the out- come of the tilt decided. In the closing period, the Indians went down in de- feat hy two points, 29-31. By virtue of an over- time period, North Side defeated the Columhia City five hy a 39-34 count. The game was marked hy frequent fouls and exciting moments where the score was tied. The Red came through in the extra period to win, and in the five min- utes piled up live counters. In the last thirty sec- onds of the game between North Side and Kendall- ville, the Kendallville five succeeded in making a free throw from the foul line count, causing the Redskins to lose their last scheduled haskethall game for the 1929-311 season to Kendallville hy a 28-27 count. Yiflc' Sl'CffUlllI! iI10lll'7l!?7l1t"7lf North Side opened the ja -,.,1:..? ,EW-gd his kfffwv , 1 3 R f , 3255? "f5iiI'f'T 1 .i,, f - ' ' eff i ' . .Q 'sr .Q . of . al -. lg: . - fy ' e 'X 'wfkrftz Whlter Bonham sectional tourney hy play- ing the VVoodhurn five. At the half, Wfoodhurn lacked hut one hasket of tieing the score. An at- tack in the second period led hy Scott, gave the Redskins a hig advantage, and as the game ended, the count was 28-15 in favor of the Red and YVhite. Qn the following day, Pdgi North Side took the floor against the lVlonroeville five. The game was fairly exciting, as Mon- roeville lead, 10-8, at the half, hut like the game the day hefore, the Red and VVhite came back in the second half to win, 24-14. Huntertown was North Sidels opponent in the Semi-finals, and the In- dians very easily led at the half hy a 7 to 4 count. In the second period, an offensive led hy Borgman netted the Red eight more points to win, 15-8. In the final game of the sectional the Tigers took an early lead, re- maining ahead of the Redskins most of the game. Gordon, Scott, and Leeper contributed to the Redskin tally which fell hehind as the Central '22 if .,.:"' - ' Bronson Kowalezyk five led a successful of- fensive. The game ended with Central at the top end of a 32-16 count. The basketball season of l929-30 was most successful. 'As the games went on, the Redskin teamwork improved. The most outstanding game on the North Side card was the game in which it defeated the Green and Xvhite Archers in as hard a fought battle as was ever waged. The Tram "Bill', Barley - You can always depend on "Bill" in a pinch, and this year in the South Side game, he showed his old fighting spirit. "Bill" Borgmann - "Billy' has held down his position in a big way this year and has succeeded in Jack Christie bringing many points to the North Side total. uglackl' Christie-Big- ger and better every year. That's black. This boy has play ed a snappy brand of ball. Jules Dalton - Small but mighty. This Red- skin can surely hold down the forward position. "l"lashH ljsterline - Vvlien you want speed, TVX' '-----W, , 'TTT' 'FM- F, , wh q .. ii i i ii S . ,...e,:-env N- 1 j if ig ' ' F' if f,.. 4f"a"'Y P 'f I-'X V. .i h,m.snx.NA..7,N, ., , , ,Q 'F N ,i 'V A V bifiitlf' W . . Bob Geyer this boy has it. You can't hold this boy down when he's on the warpath. ullroopn Geyer-This lean, lanky individual has proved his worth at hold- ing the center position this season. This is his first season, hut not his last. "Jack" Gordon-Did you ever see a game with- out pep in which "Jack" Page A' 7 are-'Ig-ff" ' 'J 1 F-- WV. t. Y I w ,Hi P 1 . ' . . 3 l ...ff -V - 1 f' 5 ' a FAQ'-Q.-Q f 1 .,'..v " - Bill Bs.-ity He can gather played? in the points, and how. Helll he hack next season. "Dick" Korn-"DickU has played a great game, both at forward and cen- ter position. VVe,ll see him in action again next year. 'KHarry" L e e p e r- Harry proves the fact that a man can he good at football and also on the hardwood. He is a basket-getter and plays to win. "Everett" Scott, jr.- Oh! how this ball player does sink lem. Hscottyn has been a big favorite this year and played his first season very well. Next year, we expect he will make an even better showing than he did this year. Bark Rose-L. Stewart, Ayers, Brosius, Rolla Chambers, eoaeh, Beams, Smith, lVIeL:iin, trainer. Thin! Roae-Foster, Schmitt, Hauser, Vauris, Begley, Darling. Scroflil Rom'-Kloer, Blaekburn, F. Geyer, H, Stewart, Nleeker, Eby. Frou! Roitilisterline, Sessler, Leeper, Habeeker, Lovin, Ford. City Track Champions ORTH SIDES track squadls most outstanding performances were in winning the city and sectional champion- ship. These are the first championships to be won by a North Side athletic team. After the opening at Elkhart was post- poned, due to inclement weather, Auburn nosed out the Redskins in their tirst meet, 54-45. The outcome was uncertain un- til the last event. Traveling to Goshen for their second meet, the Redskins were a g a i n nosed out by a narrow margin, 54-45. The Redskins took their second beating from the Auburn Red Devils in the South Side Relays, finishing second to that school after leading dur- Elrr Filliyhrr Firm ing the entire meet. The score of these two was Auburn 38, North Side 35. The second Northern invasion carried the warring tribe to Elkhart, but they were repulsed after a harder struggle than the score of 67-32 indicates. The Elk- hart squad was one of the strongest in the state. For years their teams have placed in this final meet. The Redskins won a glorious victory in the city meet scoring a total of 45 points. Again North Side suf- fered defeat at the hands of Auburn in the North- east Indiana Conference meet. Howeevr, again, the margin of victory was less. Auburn scored 30M points to North Side's 28. Page SS Y -...N M. f, Q . 5. --.sees .t xg, , ,. Qs'A . A 4 - 1 Burl' Roan'--lolin hlertes, fll. ll. Northrop, E. L. Pennington, llyrle Ixy, ul. R. Sinks, Rolla Chambers, Mark Bills. Frou! Rott'-llaroltl Noxitsky, Ian Unen, Harry Leeper, Paul Selinartz, XYilliani Borg- niann, Charles Luenberger, Donald Koinisarow. Golf Teams INOR sports consisted of golf, bowl- Steigler, Stout, Brendel, Kleinhans, and ing, inter-home room basketball, Putnam. and gymnasium class sports like boxing, flown' Room Bfokrflwzll wrestling, and cross country running. Mark Bills again conducted a basket- The golf team has both faculty and stu- hall tourney and consolation tourney be- dent squads. The faculty team holds the tween the home rooms. Rtnnu 221 was city high school championship, and has the winner of the tournament, and room won all its matches this y dent team was defeated matches with Bluffton. Bnzefizzg The bowling team ITICI reation Hall on Tuesday afternoons where they bowled against the other high schools. Central Catholic was high point team in the league with North Side and South Side tied for second place honors. The team was composed of Captain ear. The stll- 311 won the consolation bracket. The in both of its champion team gets the number of its home room engraved on the trophy to- gether with the names of the players. it Scott's Rec- This tournament is held each year at .. , ' ' -149 .- sativa . I V '. ' li.. Referee lifzsleelbull Players Pdge S9 h"f the close ot the regular basketball season. Its pur- pose is to promote a high standard of intramural sportsmanship. Only stu- dents who have not been regular members of the varsity or reserve squads are allowed to enter this tourney. 'PJ .1 .1 12.1. K' Reza-Ftlivgiiwl jtiliiistlili, Pziul Ennis, Rivlinrti Staiuffcr, fllr. Ivy, inst1'ut'tci1', Plllll G11-sslt'y, Ht'i' Elvtt, VYilli.iin Cltirl-Q, Rqimlulpli Bairiics. 1'.l'Oill k'OiliVYlllll1lII SI1l1Ilt'l', lxl1H'l'l5 Clianipt-, Ein-1 Stout, Jnvk Bttihlc, Edwin Hipkins, -luhn Rcilivr, L'li111'lt-s Lticiilit-i'gui', Rnlit-rt Gnlliiirix-1', Donald Knaidc. Boys' Swimming lllg hig tisli :nnung rlit- tislics is Nlr. lvv, who hzis zilili' insti'ut'tt'd in swim- ming :is wt-ll :is hulping tu judge tlit- dif- fticiit swimining nict-ts. Nliss Schwchn, tht- gills' insti'ucttii', cunt- Iwi Niirth Side wliun it wats nn its first lt-gs :ind :iitlud Hr. lii' tn liuild up swininiing clrisscs till it is niww :in iinpiwrtqint ininui' spurt. 'lihu Clztsst-s wcrc fuller this yuzir than lit-lirir, ziltliiiugh thui' :irc still limitt-d tn twciiti'-lii'c pupils. Niirtli Sidtds piiiil is fnnt- ul tht- hrst in tht' sity, liziving xi mud- tlrn limiting system thzit hunts tht- wgitui' :is it circulzitcs in :ind nut eil the tilt, iiiiiil. Tlit- diving lmzirtl is tht' licst that czin he priit'i1i't'tl, hcing ciidiirscd ln' cullcgizitc of- ficials. All giriitlntl the pnnl :irc rililictl rulihci' I'L1I1I1L'l'S sn tht- swimmers wiinlt blltlt' lil' Ellll'Ll Ill: Illt' Iliiilll tillitill up hy xi tiui' nf st-:its fin' spectators :it thc mccts. Lift' sziving lessons wcru stzirtcd, :iftcr Page fcliiiiil, lX+ii'c1iiliu1' l, so thzit :i clziss ul twenty-twin liuys :ind girls hxis gI'1NlllllIL'tl in l93ll. Fur swimming, thc it-111' uf 1929 :ind l9.3fl lizis hccn ll full unc, stzirting with it YV:itci' Czirniixil nn Uctiiliui' 25. It wunt iwcr liig with inziny unique :ind funny stunts. ln thc Cnmtu du Monte Cristn cscztpu, Fliihn St-ssltii' :is the Ciiintc, wzis tit-tl hzind :ind fiiiit in xi gunny sack :ind thriiwn in thc punl. Ht' wltnist-tl hiinst-lf undci' wzitci' :ind Czunc to tlit- surfzicc with iinly lint- lung full. The Cnrnivzil cndcd with :1 muck wudding. On NlDX'C111l3L'I' 14, Cziptziin Goss frnin Rod Cross lit'1itlqt1zi1'tt'i's :it Ylfisliiiigtiiii, gzivc :1 life-sziving dt-iniinstrzitinii. Miss Schwuhn was qurililird nn Niixwiiihei' 22 hy the Rt-cl Cross tu give life-suviiig tests. She ntiw assists Mr. Ivy in conducting lifc-sziving cxnminzitiuns. The Ntii'tlici'ncr, sincc Dcccmhcr lil, fl fl l Q N , A. Hail' rain'-jeiiiiie Spice, Bliss Hadley, irisriwiemi-, Nlareeil Klaehn, Marv Ben Dure, Ger- aldine Reiher, Helen france, Miss Seliwehn, instruetnr. Franz rom-Nlarv Spalding, Xylllllll lwvsler, Ruth Hans, Marv Elizabeth Bente, Nlarinrie Slack, Martha funk. irls, Swimming has puhlished regularly, lessnns in life- saving. Fehruarv 7, was the date uf the Swim- ming Carnival. hlurris Champe and lVilnia Geisler received gnld medals fur xvinning the mnst puints. The Inter- Class Swimming meet was held April 4. 'lille suphwrinures, whim had the hest swim- mers, tunk first place with 6-1' nut uf the L39 points. 'lille giuninrs wun second with 36, the freshmen placed third with 24 points. Mr. lvv negotiated with several schnnls fur swimming meets hut unfnrtunatelv nn engagements were secured. There was plenty uf cumpetitiun in North Side nevertheless. There are ahuut 6131! pupils that use the punl, so grind sxvimmers are not hard to find. Hr. Hvrle lvv, who came from wav nut west in Kansas, teaches several dif- ferent stvles nf strokes to hnth experienced Pug? and inexperienced swimmers. Miss Had- lev helps flliss Schxvehn and Hr. Ivy in instructing, also. hlav lb, tests fur Lire-having were held hi' Klr. lvv and flliss Schxvehri fur thnse xvhn had ,iuined the class in Nnvemher. 'lihere were twentv-twn hnvs and girls who passed the tests, eleven Senior Life Guards and eleven luninr Life Guards. lhis makes a tntal uf seventy-seven life guards passed at North Side in three years. The Seniur Life Guards are: Paul Gresslev, Charles Leuenherger, Ed hluhnstnn, Rehecca Briggs, Ouina Gillis, Marv Hen Dure, Catherine Shreve, Phyl- lis Lines, -lennv Spice, and Helen Ballon. Thnse whu became Junior Life Guards are: blue Briggs, Huward.Snvder,, Nor- man Gluck, Paul Gutsch, Ahner Crnshv, Paul Gillespie, hlahel Bruwn, lllarv ll. Vesev, Ruth Hans, Virginia Bruick, and Marie Vachnn. 91 ' .' 1 -f' .- 11- 'Q "'i'x'CsY""FE7'W'f' new "ffS'fm t zaisn:.Magi-szsssaxzmi-'1f. . Q ,Mgfii-as ' J- , ., 1. 'S 3 QQ 999 Huck ro-ze-Velnia Brendel, Merl Nmvell, Clarisse Newport, hlarie Vaehon, Marjorie Slack, Dorothy Leasure, Helen Craiire, Geraldine Reiber, Marv Ben Dure, Eloise Dreishaeh, Rebecca Briggs, Virginia fronklieit, Ruth Hans, Gertrude gklbersinever, -lane Korn. ,'lliJ.Ifr foci-Edith Brendel, Virginia Krebs, jane Grove, Mildred VVieginan, Marv Elizabeth Bente, Bettv XValler, Bernice Reeves, Dorothy Tonkel, llareeil Klaehn, Nlaxine Hiller, Alta lNIcNellev, .lennie Spice, LaVon Llauert, Helen Ballon, Catherine Zvviek, Frou! roar-Virgiiiia Byrd, VVilina Geisler, Catherine Shreve, lNlartha Cook lN1ar-raret ' ta Seibert, Gertrude Prange, Mabel Blackburn, Ruth Nobles, Virginia Bruick, Ruby Stirlen, Donna XYade, Nlarv Helen Geyer, lieraldine Baunigartner. Girls' Athletic Association lllf purpose of the Girls' Athletic ,Xs- sociation is to further an interest in athletics and to help create a spirit of fair plav and sportsmanship. ln '27 when our school opened its portals, the girls drew up a constitution, elected oflicers, and got the organization under wav. The oflicers elected for this year are: Dorothv Tonkel, president, Nlabel Blackburn, vice-president, Donna VVade, secretary - treasurer, and Catherine Shreve, recording secretary. To reward the girls for their hard work, the point system was adopted, let- ters and numerals being the reward. To attain the highest honor, a winged "NH, a girl must have earned l,Hlll'l points, for the block "NU, 6Oll, and for the numer- ' Page als, lllll. The awards are given in the school assembly and at the G. QX. A. ban- quet. Those who received their winged "N" this vear are: Dorothy Tonkel, Catherine Zwick, Marv Ben Dure, Catherine Shreve, Donna lVade, ,lennv Spice, and Marjorie Slack. Next in importance to the winged UNH" are the block UNF". 'lihose who received their block "N" this year are: Rebecca Briggs, Mabel Blackburn, Gel'- trude Prange, Marcelle Klaehn, Ruby Sterling, Helen Crance, and Ruth Nobles. Those who received class numerals are: Geraldine Baumgartner, Eloise Dreisbach, Lavon Gauert, Jane Grove, 93 A e - A l. ' ' l , s .. - -f L'i1r,l- Rota'-Nlehel Blzicl-churn, Bernice Reeves, Nlary Hen Dure, Dorothy Tonkel, Ri-lwiyet-41 Briggs, Gertrude Prange. From lx'o:L--leiinie Spice, Nlarjorie Slack, llelen Ballou, Dona XY.ule, L'arlieriiie Slirexe Catherine Zyxiek, .lane Korn. Letter Katherine Hahecker, Helen Houser, lllaxine Hiller, Betty lValler, Ruth Pat- terson, Klartha Cook, and fllary liente. 'lihe G. A. A. Vod-Vil was prohahly the higgest event ever staged hy the as- sociation. It was given in the school au- ditorium this spring. Novelty dances, a one-act play and a clever chalk talk given hy one of our prominent teachers, were some of the features. The closing event was the annual G. A. A. hanquet held in the cafeteria. Jane Korn presided as toastmistress. The program was carried out in the form of a broadcasting station, each class contribut- ing its part of the program. As a eli- max to the hanquet, Miss Schwehn gave the final honor awards of the year. Miss Hilda Schwehn was graduated from Central High School, completed a two-year course in physical education at Battle Creek Physical Training School, Pa ge Girls and finished her last two years at Ulivet where she received her A.l3. degree. Miss ljlizaheth Hadley was graduated from South Side High School, and com- pleted her education at Oherlin. Miss Hadley came to North Side this year. Next fall an archery cluh will he formed under the auspices of the G. A. A. The girls will furnish their own equip- ment and will receive their instruction from Miss Hadley and Miss Schwehn. In the past year special classes in clog- ging, natural dancing, and hallet dancing have heen formed. Much interest has heen taken in these classes. In clogging classes several girls produced dances of their own which showed unusual talents. They have gymnastic, tap, and plain clog dances. In natural dancing the emotional feelings are expressed hy the movements of the dance. 93. ii v 'S 'N' ' , . .fe 'ai lfl Burk Rom'-Gertrude Prange, La Von Gauert, Mabel Bll1Cl'ilJlll'I1, Mart-eil Klaehn, Ruby Stirlen, M artha Cook. Fran! Rom-Jennie Spice, Mary Elizabeth Bente, Donna VVacle, Catherine Shreve, Marjorie Slack. Girls, Basketball NDING with a very successful season, the Junior girls' haskethall team, shown ahore, succeeded in winning the inter-class haskethall tournament. Tying with the Seniors in the second round, the Juniors dropped the Seniors in the final game with a score of 25-ll. The high point scorer of the 'lunior team was Mahel Blackhurn, who scored a total of 49 points. Marjorie Slack and Mary Bente tied with a total of Z7 points each. The Senior girls, team was composed of Mary Ben Dure, who was high scorer with Z1 total of poi1lIS, DoI'otl1y rrolikfil, Catherine Zwick, who was second high scorer with 42 points and who also was captain of the team, 'lane Korn, Bernice Reeves, Helen Ballon, and Rebecca Briggs. Nlemhers of the Sophomore squad were Ruth Nobles, captain, who was high Page scorer of that team with a total of 16 points, Eloise Dreishach, who made I5 points, Geraldine Baumgartner, Betty Vllaller, Helen Crance, Hildegarde Vlaehn, -lane Grove, lVlerian Yviegman, and Maxine Miller. The Freshmen team contained VVilma Geisler, Mildred Price, Evelyn Sprowe, who was high point scorer with a total of .ll points, Virginia Englehrecht, who ran a close second with 29 points, lVlargaret Holman, Clarise Newport, Phyllis Trax- ler, and Sylvia Smith. Miss Schwehn coached the Juniors and Seniors and Miss Hadley instructed the Sophomores and Freshmen. Another very popular sport participated in during the season was volleyball. Spe- cial volleyhall classes were held hy Miss Schwehn. Tennis closed the very husy season of Q29-,BO for girls' athletics. 94

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