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5552! 1'fwf!f"'! 'fn plifffffb WW My Q40 W7,L.4,fQ4f X557 ZZ W ZW' W! V13 f' f4fff Q WH 7 M? Lim E x af fy W X pk! jgif.. f Wdf6CWf,, .ALM xg fblwlwfwfff 'ff Rx 5,4651 Ja 4 Zliffwf I dxf Q , FQ X -. I 'X W if w JN F A WW .N R f31fff3Mf , ,. . , l - F , , ,gW ,s'.g- . " id, . - S ,.' . fy v , 570064141 4-f-- 444jvL,df0f MAJ f -6162 'Zig I 'A ad ,4w4124.A4Lw!Z! 5' ' , 2 ' Qi,,4074f1fZUJf1,,4,Zf4 f 1" 1 ' f I ' Ang!! Z, I if I 597 3 a ff' Silhouetting the school year at North Side High, the 1949 Lasso presents pictures and stories ot the organizations and activities that make school days the busiest days ot the year. Only a shadow ot 1949 can be recorded in this "book ot the year," but in times to come that shadow should serve as a curtain call tor the happy days spent atop "Steer hill," Fort Worth, Texas. mY'm?nw un., to Q Q Y' 'Y tv i ,Q ar 'N il if l ws? was I A . was W ' - M lm , I Q c , R .ssc W'-it ,Ng egg ms M 4 Q M aff 55? ggi Q if HQ M l...i..,g ff: c Mm and " ancful' M ' ' " ei .fmqw Zum ln summer or winter "the school on the hill" shines brightly in the photographs and memories of its students. 'Twas in 1937 that Steer- landers packed their textbooks and moved to the "big whlte school" that had recently been built amid 32 acres ot campus beauty. At that time 1100 students overtlowecl the classrooms that are now 'filled by 700 students and 43 taculty members. Szlffaoueifwi of ca Qeaa - - 1949 GMM pozdanafified, N t. .t.I fdlhlelm I ,.,. ' . as fs 4 . W 0 Superintendent Joe P. Moore 1 0 Assistant Superintendent W. A. Meacham . . ti Jleaclfz Striving to keep 5,561 high school students and their 320 teachers all happy, healthy, and wise is c big job, and Mr. Joe P. Moore and Mr. W. A. Meacham, of the Fort Worth Public School Ad- ministration, are the two strong axles around which this great toslc revolves. These are the men who plan your education by appropriating funds, regulating courses, securing teachers, and supervising the hundreds of otner things that are required by on efficient, modern school system. Mr. Moore has worked up from teacher, vice- principcl, principal, and assistant superintendent to his present position as superintendent of the Fort Worth Public Schools. And, by the way, he was once a student at North Side. Mr. Meacham, too, has long been well known among educators and students ct his post of assistant superintendent in charge of high schools. adam, Jleacfd The corralling and branding ot a herd ot 700 North Side Steers is alt in the day's work of Foreman Ernest F. Sellars and Top Hands Margaret Hooker and L. L. Mcfombs. lt isn't an easy business to keep a modern school on the trail without any stampedes, but these three wranglers hum their soft songs ot wisdom and cheer and keep the Hands and the Herd happy and satisfied. It takes a heap ot ridin' to keep the Herd pointed toward its goal, and some- times the poky ones even have to be pushed a little, but when the Herd reaches the end of this trial and steps on the train toward lite's distant markets. they'll be a stronger, cleaner breed 'cause these Top Hands got them started on a good drive. 0 Principal Ernest F. lMan About Schoolj Sellars is the man to look tor when some- thing needs tixing around Steerland. 0 Mr. L. L. McCombs, vice-principal, and Miss Margaret Hooker, dean ot girls, are the guardian angels of stud- ents' "rights and wrongs." gm .J Q ry-Y' Science 0 Mr. H. R. McDaniel, Miss Jessie Schilling, and Mr. Marcus Moore teach ot the atom, the primrose, and the electric motor. Shana! Swim 0 Miss Kittie Neighbors, Miss Lila Mae Harwell, Mrs. Emma Hogle, and Mr. L. B. Morris plan a trip around the world or perhaps some test questions tor their his- tory students. Not shown is Miss Jennie Lloyd. eammeaciaf 0 Mrs. Fannie Mae Curry, commercial teacher, and Mrs. Verlyn Campbell, Dis- tributive Education teacher, hold down the business tort, together with Miss Bertha Starr and Miss Anna Leahy, not shown. Maihemalzm 9 Algebraic equations and geometric trapezoids are all at home in the rooms ot Miss Lena Beck, Miss Katherine Macune, and Mrs. Dorothy Conway. l M 1421151 9 Shop teachers, Ted Koonce and Bob Debenport really lcnow their lathes and band saws. eww, 0 The "King's English" is taught by Mr. Mayhew Mantor, Miss Otsie V. Betts, Miss Frances Schober, and Miss Louise Langley, plus Mr. Stovall, Mrs. Weatherred, andl Mrs. Thompson, not shown. Zcfucalian 9 Physical Education teachers, Mr. Paul Snow, Mrs. lna Davies, Mrs. Cara Miilsap, and Mr. Johnny Stovall, teach sports, rhyihm, and tair play. fZ.0. 1 G. 0 Sergeants Ollie Jacobs and Ross Y. Sim- mons teach the R.O.T.C. boy to keep his "shooting eye" steady. Special Simian ' Special subjecfs 'ceachers include Mr. W. S. McBirnie, Bible, Mrs. Snow J. Weatherred, speech, Mrs. Oakley Morri- son, library, Mrs. Gene Thompson, journal- ism, and Mrs. Jessie Shropshire, arf. 0 Mrs. Aniia King, clerk, and Miss Aline Moyleile, registrar, keep 'che office running smooihly, while Mrs. Juanifa Greer, nurse, keeps the school on il:s 'feet instead of ils back. Jfome gcanamicd 6 Foods teacher, Mrs. Winnie Addington, and clolhfng teacher, Miss Mary Davies greet the camera wi'ch smiles. Muze 0 Mrs. Bidfe Julia l-lodges, chorus and orcheslra direclor, and Mr. Kenneih O. Vaughan, band direcior, compare mus'cal notes. S W Q Elma am,- 0 President Wayne Cunningham and Vice- president Kenneth Wilson, January class, pose in their graduation garb. ' Jeannine R0Uni'l'6C, S6CFCf6fY, basks in the 0 Mildred Paschali sits at the piano tor her Sun df nooniime- picture as class reporter. u l 0 Class sponsor, Miss Lila Mae Harwell, has been the guiding light tor these , 'EH' seniors. 0f70ffef Nineteen hundred and forty-nine-the year ot years tor graduating "Forty-niners." These youth- ful prospectors will carry with them quite a tew nuggets ot golden memories as they begin their long tre into the tuture, tor the "big white school" has been a rich gold mine ot memories. The largest and brightest ot these nuggets were tound, naturally, during the senior year. Re- member when the senior class rings arrived and hand-shaking greetings jumped to a new high? Or remember the luxurious Senior Days when graduates-to-be received the royal homage betitting their high positions? December 18 was the day ot days tor the mid-term class, while June seniors cele- brated "their" day on April 27 by donning their trilliest dresses and dressiest suits to become the envy ot the rest ot the school. Both classes were honored with luncheons in the school cateteria and theatre parties during the atternoon. Senior Day entertainment was turnished tor the student body by members ot the graduating class in special assembly programs, atter which silver steer head service awards and citizenship awards were presented. Graduation glamour came with the tormal seniorudinner dances. Mid-term graduates had theirs ltree-tor-nothingl on Tuesday, January 18, in the North Side Recreation Building, while Colonial Country Club was scheduled tor the June dinner dance on May 5. Another golden nugget was the baccalaureate sermon. For the January seniors it was at the North Fort Worth Baptist Church on the morning ot January 231 tor the June grads it was at Farrington Field on May 22. June seniors had an extra "good time" planned tor them-a senior picnic and swimming party on May 20. The commencement ceremonies, with their last good-byes, are the brightest nuggets among all the golden memories ot the senior year. For mid-term seniors, January 28 marked their last day as mem- bers ot the student body. Honor grad- uates Jean Clark and Cleon, Flanagan "stole the show" presented that night in the North Side High School Auditorium. May 31 is the day to be remembered by June "Forty-niners" 'for 'twas then that the alma mater rang truest to their ears as they received those little white notes tied with maroon ribbons. 0 Bobby Woody, president ot the spring class, and Darrow Hooper, vice-president, check their credits tor graduation. Class officers get "sho'E". Hawaii iurns out for the Favori+es Election. anucwq Senjaad Beason, Harry Blessing, John Clarlr, Jean Cody, Concheita Cunningham, Wayne Daugherty, Pat Heilman, Ruby Holland, Vallie Linn Bruner, Julius Cothren, Martha Doss, Carolyn King, Jo Anne Confwell, Billy Chapman, Carol Cowori, Elaine Crawford, Earlene Flanagan, Cleon Fowler, Alma Dee Lacy, James Laramore, Lena 'Lf' Senior banquet, huh? The Cats' manager speaks. anuafzq Semau Lewis, Alfred McGee, Tecumseh Manning, Ramona Marlin, Joel Mayo, Paul Mosley, Peggy Nelson, George Oehlschlaeger, Lourene Priddy, Bobby Scribner, Patsy Tirns, Zadu Vann, Bennie Wilson, Kcnnefh Vwlilson, Patsy Ycles, Bobby is J? Artisis a+ work! A+ the speakers' fable Abslier, Geraldine Adams, Linda Adams, Mory Ann Admire, .lere Allond, Larry Ailrins, Wayne Babb, Doris Beaver, Betty Berry, Bill Bloir, Delores Blair, Uldene Blessing, Doris Boaz, Don Bohannon, Barbara Boles, Sommie Borcharclt, Tony Box, Leroy Brown, Jo Ann Burns, Leo Buller, Billy North Side D. E.'ers decorate tor state convention. Pertect attendance means smiles tor these record-holders. I 56414044 Byas, James Byers, Richard Carpenter, Bob Carter, Billy Carter, Jimmy Chiclr, Juanita Clegg, Eloy Cogburn, Jimmie Collier, Jimmy Cowan, Marvin Crittenden, Arichie Crow, Roy Gene Davis, Charles H. Davis. George Davis, Kenneth Davis, Robert Dent, Eddie Doclrery, Helen Drislxill, Joi Ermis, Mary were Q' J swam 'mi Just 20,000 more to go! Prize winning journaliaif compare notes. Sefuaad Franklin, Joyce Friedel, Douglas Farlow, Mcry Gargis, llelen Gaulclen, Lois DiGiovanni, Emoline Gee, Jimmie Lou Goo'sby. Scottie G'al1am, Hollis Gregory, Alice Gregory, Genevive Guerry, Bernadean Guerra, Raul Lopzz HGddlX,M6ftl1G Hampton, Mary Jo Hamm, Velma Ha rbuclc, Wanda Harper, Virginia Harris, Grace Harrison, Woncla 0 ,f4 The Lariat is published. Yup, Peggy, that's what he said. Hartley, Jo Hausenfluclr, Grady Heath, Bobby Helm, Bobby Hill, David Holiday, Mary Hooper, Darrow Hughes, Helen Huston, Bert Jeffcoot, Potsy Johnston, Billie Bee Johnston, Lorraine Jones, Ann Jordan, Phillip Kohler, Billie Kearns, Margaret Keen, Wayman Keith, Dorothea Kelsay, Mildred Kelsey, Lola That's what makes champion baseballers! Musn't take such big bifes, Marguerite. Senicvut Kerlee, Don King, June Kirlcham, Don Kilgore, LoFaun Kurlniclc, Robert Lawrence, Tom Lafham, Frances Leavell, Joe Lewis, Roberi Little, Claude Loyd, Joan McReary, Margaret Mason, Jackie Sue Maihis, Leon Maiusevich, Steve May, Nancy Krafky, Bernie Lee, Marylo Moro, A. C. Meek, R. A. 1 l l Publicify hound! Celebraiing! eniafui Meyers, Palricia Miller, Gwen Moehr, Emma Jo Moore, Jack Moore, Lloycl Morris, Marion Mosley, Billy .lack Myres, Kafie Sue Nelon, Burlyn Nelon, Doris Nesmilzh, Dorolzhy Newsom, Mary Annie Niclrs, Doroihy Novikoff, Leon O'Dell, Bob Owens, Louise Parvin, Charles Paschall, Mildred Payne, Diane Pigg, Billy ig" is ky "7 k A They wouldn't study that hard-must be Get back to the vote-counting, Kenneth! counting ballots. enioflfi Ralston, Terry Ramsey, Jennie Raney, Joe Reyero, Paul Reynolds, Paul Richardson, Joy Roach, Bobby Rodgers, Betty Jo Rountree, Jeannine Sanderson, Ida Moe Sellers, Billy Sessoms, Eula Mae Sexton, Jo Ann Shelton, Jacque Shen, J. L, Shirley. Shirley Ann Shoemaker, Vionne Sims, Louise Sladovnilx, Jerry Snyder, Alvin 5 f .avr Western Day-impromptu style! Coat hangers tor their favorites. Senic-144 Sprinkle, Nell Staggs, Kenneth Stewart, Roy Stine, Billfe Strong, Mary Stewart, Kenneth Sutton, Helen Switzer, John Taylor, Donna Tyson, lma Louise Undcrwozd, Maudene Valcilr, Nona Dorris, Vondale Waggonzr, Tommy Wagner, Wanda Wcitbroclr, Betty Whitlock, Connie Wiles, Gloria Wilkerson, T. J. Williams, Dorothy l .HQ Dr. Blumenfhal, visiting German professor, is Wa1'cl1 ii, Mahjah, 'che Gl'1os'r is gonna getcha! in'rerviewed. Wommack, Henry Woodard, Doris Woody, Bobby Wray, Halfom Wren, Boyd Kolb, Marie Yauger, Befty Yeory, William Zarcte, Anna ' fqatwzffia That day of days has come at last, and Vallie Holland says a fond farewell to the maroon ancl white . . . Mid-term valedictory speech is given by Jean Clark . . . Seniors go formal for their colorful dinner-dance . . . North Side Recreation Building was scene of the frivolities . . . Kenneth doesn't approve . . . Big, mean seniors give defenseless, little dogie a preview of Fish Day torture. Nllvw fin 1 -if 4 Vice-President Don Carroll pau drinking founiain. 1 5 0 The camera swings President Billy ' Bronco" Roberis at his locker beiween classes. feadm my ses at a 0 Keepin' 'rhe minutes Crowley. KV' f ,M f. f , -W, fa 'IS is . ' .cs bn iw 1: 1 'R 44 g , K A xy!! 4 Q s 0 4 gs ' 7 ,Q 5 f A W Rn ,y Y U 3 J ggi 13 1 ,K ,J ..., se-Q N, 2" W X, was W N 0 Junior Class sponsor is Mrs. Fannie Mae Curry. C Secretary Pat .V gg w x 220 Q2 65006 How many, Aunt Kitty? Tl1ey're not that bad, Cleon. Anderson, Bobby Anderson, Don Albin, Evonne Albin, H. G. Baker, Norma Barlrsdale, Robert Barton, Charles Barton, Doris Baxter, Charles Beasley, Doris Beauchamp, Delores Beene, Lorinda Beil, Betty Jean Bigby, Anne Blazi, George Bolwonnon, Paul Borchardt, Mary Bosticlr, Bobby Bronam, Joe Bradford, Beverly 5253, D. E. luncheon honors lhe "Super Salesmen". l'c's thai' scholarship-winning suit again! Brenf, Barbara Bridges, Allan Bridges, VerDell Brown, Barbara Brown, Clarice Brown, Quincy Bryan, James Bryant, Margie Buclxelew, Elmer Burns, Bobbie Byas, Freddy Byars, Jerry Carroll, Don Chapman, M. L. Clarlr, Don Coffee, Donald Collins, Barbara Collins, Harold Conway, Claire Coolr, Lawrence Girls' Basketball Tournament gets rough! Mrs. Casey adds up calories and pennies. unload Cooner, Morgan Cooper, Louise Cornelius, Mary Cravens, George Creamer, Glynn Crone, Robert Crowley, Allen Crowley, Pat Davenport, Warren Dechert, Joyce Demetrulc, Jack Downing, Dean Dunaway, Ray Dunson, Joan Eclcins, Wilma Eclwols, Beverly Eclc, Betty Emery, Mary Grace Escue, Roberta Estelle, Don l lnsidellll Musical Wiles sisfers wiihout iheir ins+rumen+s Estes, Lilo Jane Fenichis, Mary Fincher, Jerry Flenniken, Poiiy Fosizr, Berry Fosier, Kennekh Fowler, Olan Fries, Betty Gayler, Norion Goodman, Pai Gray, Mory Karherirve Gregory,Marii1a Griffin, B. D. Guess, Joann Hale, Betty Hale, Burne Hardegree, Tommy Hardin, Gcne Harrison, Wendel Hartman, G. W. The food's not 'chaf load! Why so studious, Earlene? unioflfi Head, Barbara Henson, Kathryn Hickman, Lucille Hill, Mae Jean Himes, Wanda Holloway, Joy Horne, J. D. Horschler, Jeannetre Hurley, Jerrie Husbenet, Robert Hutchman, Juaniia Jennings, Bill Johnson, LaNelle Johnson, Lee Johnsfon, Nancy Jones, Billy Jones, Georgia Jordan, Jimmy Keith, BeH'y Kemp, Pearl l Mary ancl Grace head tor class. An Ex returns tor a visit. unload King, Bert King, Clara Ellen King, Gilbert King, Marcia Kirksey, Neil Korolevich, Eugene Korteft, Dollie Kreidel, Walter Latimer, Jo Ann Laugl1lin,l'len.'y Lee, Peggy Lile, Lewis Lindsay, Kenneth Lowe, Betty Lykins, Forrest McBee, Ronnie McBride, Claire McCain, Del Roy McCullor, Lorenz McDaniel, Leland . Qffj 152 4 ix, 39535 'f-'sg :E-j514g":' ' t ..:- ' 0 'iw ,L ..... , a "gr ....,. , 4' r3',i':i Tk fmxels l ef gif, Q K -4 1 gy YZ? xiga' ' 3 A 5 L, " . 1 'iififf ,Q 'fs L. , EMM . I 3- -1 .- X -- W gi 'kg ' ' ,,,, Asif, X M 31.10, - Q f V . an 3 rv. X 'ttf ' ' i' 551 lt' X ' ' 5 5 ., ,fall ,5 .,.,, K 1 A ,. 7 gf'- di .M , fi t f ii' 5,5 f . 4 t,,,,m.....sx1,, . fi A ' -":'I'Eff f . 9 ' N s'M54Z? fws "E".IEIE Naughty Betty! All wet! uniofzfi McDaniel, Ted McDonald, Sally McMinn,Mczrtt1c1 McRee, Cecil Manning, Stattorcl March, Betty Marstzull, Mary Martin, Val Mason, Vinito Massey, Patsy Measures, Winston Medlen, Frances Miller, L. V. Montgomery, J. W. Moore, Bobby Muttett, Donna Munden, Carroll Napps, Jo Ann Neal, Lynelle Nored, Donald www Gei back +o work, Betry. The class couldn'+ be 'll1a+ bad! uniou Norman, Yancey Odom, Donald O'Rourlce, Eleanor Palwl, Sylvia Palmer, Juanila Plnoris, Patsy Pittman, Lois Poindexfer, Pol: Ponder, Paul Ponder, Jimmy Porler, Jackie Putman, Harold Quillin, Doyle Reid, James Riddle, Mary Lou Rimare, James Roberts, Billy Roberis, Bobby Roberis, Ernestine Roe, Billy 35 . if E S ,X A stitch in time means an "A". Biologists at work. Rush, Herbert Scott, Jim Scott, Peggy Shannon, Martha Slrrcselc, Willie Slater, Ann Smith, Geraldine Smith, LaJuana Smith, Loma Jean Smith, Pat Smyth, Phyllis Spurrier, Jock Stailey, Dorothy Stewart, Wally Stokes, Peggy Stone, Jerry Swift, Janet Talley, June Teasley, Herbie Thach, Kenneth ww PQ!" ., ,,,, -:EE- Y,, .,.,:: a ::-: 53, : A " 1 2 A -Z l be in Arf worlc in the library. Efficiency experl, maybe? I Vernio, Helen Walker, Johnny WaI+on, Bobby Warren, Grace Welborn, Gene White, Charles White, Roy Whi+loclc, Janelle wiles, Doris Wilson, Bobby Wilson, George Windmiller, Joan Wood, Lewis Wood,Patsy Wooclloclc, Gloria Worlzhey, Jimmy ggi: ZVXMW, 5-vwix 1' N ww has mm, "A good time was had by all" when Carnival Day came 'round at North Side on October 9, with the Steer Club taking over the box ottice. Above, Pat Crowley gives with a contortionist's act behind the counter . . . A little color is added, while Steer Clubber Everett George, peels onions . . . The worlc before the play . . . George and Leo admire Corlcy's technique . . . Sylvia, Marie, and Doris must have gone a-'fortune-telling . . . Vionne takes time out tor a coke . . . The cakewalk comes in tor its share ot popularity. Wav 0 "Handsome" Harry Warren 'rurns scholarly 'for his role as Sophomore Class president W I is 0 Vice-President Bobby Wilson follows in his brother's fooislzeps. '7!wS V l 0 The secreiarial posi is filled by Edward . "Toppy" Ponder. 9 Miss Lena Beck is faculiy sponsor of the class. --..I.,-, argl Q-,LS-mmm - f .aa W ll SUT- jekj, iQ!! f' Z lan- z S V Executive at work. The booty after the games. Adams, Judy Akers, Buddy Allen, Kermit Anderson, Joy Andrews, Ivo Aston, Deloris Avinger, George Baggs, Nancy Bagwell, Barbara Beal, George Beauchamp, Reba Bennett, Barbara Bennett, Dixie Bennett, Rosa Bobo, James Boles, Pete Brent, Hattie Brown, Doris Brown, Gallya Brown, Marie Don't go to sleep, fellas. You see it's like this, Pat. Bryant, ,lo Ann Bryson, Troy Buili, Emma Leo Bullock, Mildred Burnett, Vernon Burton, Charlene Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell, Bobbie Carrell, Joy Cantrell, Marian Cfwodwell, Jimmy Chavez, Dolores Clwenault, Barbara Clayton, Janet Clements, Billy Gene Clifford, Barbara Cole, Mary Cclquilt, Wanda Compton,DoroEl'1y Coon:r,Jol1nny .F WMM 75? af' Q ig .'I'fL School Days! School Days! Pep for +he Pep Prom. fox, Glena Dean, Thomas Dennis, June Dove, Joan Doyle, James Drennan, Eugene Dunn, Marion Echols, Betfy Edington, Kenneih Enerson, Eunice Farell, Jerry Farlow, Frank Finney, David Fletcher, Josephine Gann, Gordan Gardner, Douglas Garner, Nancy Goodwin, Belly Griffiti, R. C. Grimes, Wanda fx Surrounded-in mechanical drawing class. Bancl par+y visitors celebrale, too. Hale, Cliflon Hamil, Mary Hargrove, Beliy Harper, Charles Harr, Lincla Harrison, Nell Harwell, Layne Heclr, Doris Heffley, Marfha Hendricks, Beverly Higgins, Marguerite Hill, Christine l-limes, Marylene Hogan, Charles Hogan, William Ray Hotchkiss, Palsy Houston, Marita Hubenalx, Raymond Low, Hugh Eleanor Hull, Beverly 1. We "dress up" our lextboolcs. Feet-the wheels of civilizaiion. Hundt, Harold Johnson, Loyce Lone, Gene Lesikar, Lynwood sw Jaclxson,Jeenmne Janeclre, Lawrence Johnson,Joan Johnson,Joyce Jolley, Rita Kingsbury, Pai: Kirk, Harry Kopp, Marcia Lane, James Lancasler, Mildred Laymance, Toy Lee, Loluana Lighlfoot, Johnny Lilchfield, Dorothy Livesay, Billy Lulcer, Jack ,f x s Q f QM M, The boys learn to waltz tor the Thespians' Follies. Remember this scholarship-winning suit ot Vallie's? Sa can Lunsford, Joan McFarland, Janelle McGee, Mary Ruth Madden, Dorothy Malone, Joan Malone, Kitty Matthews, Eugene Mendez, Carmen Miller, Bobby Miller, Juanita Mitchell, Toy Moreland, James Nelon, Naomi Nelson, O'Neal Nettles, Jimmy Nicholson, Donald Nieswiadomy, Gene Oliveto, Charles Ozment, Don Padilla, Cirila The Girls Sex'ce+ group around their 'Favorite The Lariat goes +o fhe prinfers. Hiding someone "leaning post". Dof? Pearson, Margie Penland, Maxine Pentecosf, Barbara Ponder, Edward Porter, Cherrie Joe Porter, Wanda Rains, Be+ty Ramsey, John Ray, Jimmy Reyero, Florifa Rice, Billy Rogers, lrvin Scogin, Charles Sellers, Marcy Sellers, Peggy Ses:om, Wilma Faye Shell, Befty Sherrod. Wanda Simonson, Glenn Slawson, Chester 1 fmt iikliiiillfi Triumphani reiurn from Oklahoma. "Behind ihe Scenes" work for 'che Pep Prom Smith, George Smith, George B. Smith, Jimmy Strong, Homer Subleii, Jerry Sufherlanci, Janef Tidwell, Doris Tidwell, Harlan Tomlinson, Sue Trull, Peggy Utley, Jimmy VanEman, Margie Vantrease, Hohnnie Velo, Mary Elsa Word, Gaifher Warren, Harry Waison, Wallace Waiiers, Janeiie Williams, Wanda Wilson, G. H. Wha' hoppen? Getting down to earfh. S Wiley, Jimmy Woodson, Pafsy Wor+hey,Sci1elic Wright, Virginia Tovonovich, Marie Nga . af Q me ay, 6 'girl' ff 3 :Q 'QF' .f r- f.f1r,f,awe Jw N its T93 ' X 1 ,VLTQ 1 MM or--uv-WIi"',e,M, .l"f, i WH m n 'V af if wha 'Q 4 ij Q rx It N in K, if in R Ei AT" if i fbaqie fbcuf Charming, Jimmy, charming . . . They prefer the camera 'To the seniors in the background . . . Don't leave a drop, or "Down on your knees" . . . Leo, the big bad senior, "borrows" a Fish's hat . . . Come 3:40 o'cloclc, and you can all rebel, tellas . . . Sylvia, Barbara, and Cherrie Jo practice their "opera" . . . Seniors aren't the only ones who have tun on Dogie Day . . . A happy couple, but why the tire? . . . R. C. wears his "Sunday Best" tor this glamor shot. o o l 0 Kenneth Wilson Art 0 Wanda Harrison Band 0 Kenneth Staggs Bible 0 Phillip Jordan Boys P. E. sway Special recognition for students who have distin- guished themselves in one specific field is the purpose of the Stars of Steerland section, and each ot the 20 senior students shown here was chosen by the depart- ment instructors as the most outstanding in their particular division. Named to represent the art department was Ken- neth Wilson, art editor for this yearbook. He was outstanding not only in each of his eight art courses but was also a winner in a city art contest. Kenneth led in sports and was one of the football team's tri- captains. Drum Major Wanda Harrisona' won the most coveted band position in this section. She is a three year band member and honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the R. O. T. C. as a student sponsor. Kenneth Staggs. a newcomer to North Side. made his mark in only one year. He was selected, on a scholastic basis, as leader of the Bible department. lHe studied both the old and new testaments at this school.l Clothing names Mary Ann Adams as the "sewing machine girl" ot the year tor her skill and depend- ability to reign as a Star ot Steerland. Burlyn Nelon was most active in the chorus and was the tenor in the boys quartet that made many out ot school appearances. O Burlyn Nelon O Mary Ann Adams Chorus Clothing 5 The commercial department's "who's who" is Dolores Blairif. She has served as an office worker for three years, has done special typing for the Lasso, and is also the National Honor Society vice-president at North Side and a member of the Spur Clpb Advisory Council. The super salesman of the '49 distributive education class is their reporter, Betty Westbrook. She has taken D. E. for two years, is now employed at Monnig's. Mildred Cox Kelsayilc knows her substantive clauses and the correct punctuation. She is an "A" English student. The girl most often seen wearing an apron is Alice Gregory, the foods department's choice for "who's who" of I949. For three years of exceptional service in the school library, Joan Loyd is called a Steerland Star. "Big" Darrow Hooper", captain of the football, basketball, and track teams, and Spur Club sergeant- at-arms, also maintained the highest mathematical average. Celloist James Byas has played his instrument for six years and has had an active part in the high school orchestra. For sportsmanship and skill Phillip Jordan and Nona Mae Valcikf: were the selections of the Boys and Girls Physical Education Classes. - Editor of The Lariat and copy editor of The Lasso, Margaret McRearyi" won first place in a city-wide contest of high school movie reviews. She is also 0 Dolores Blair Commercial 0 Alice Gregory Cooking I Betty Westbrook D. E. president of the National Honor Society at North Side and a member of Quill and Scroll. ' lm Loyd ' Nona M02 Valcik o Mamma cox Kelsey Library Girls P. E. English Leon Novilrotf Mecha nical Arts James Byas Orchestra Margaret McReary Publications George Davis R. O. T. C. Steve Matusevich Science Gloria Wiles Social Science 0 Darrow Hooper Math Lt. Col. George Davis marched into this page with three years of outstanding high school R. O. T. C. Science Award winner, Spur Club presi- dent, Quill and Scroll president, and Lasso editor tor this year is Steve Matusevichik. He won this recognition through the science department. The man handiest with the tools and most mechanically inclined is Leon Novilroff of the shop department. Gloria Wileszli, a three year social science student, is also a band member ancl a part ot the Spur Club Advisory board. Speech student chosen for Stars ot Steer- land is Bennie Vann who was a member of Thespian Society. Bennie appeared in about six ot the major productions. 'l'National Honor Society member. 0 Bennie Vann Speech Queen Gwen Miller .Queen of the RGIZQG 1949 cgllyfe Duchess Joi Driskill XMW Duchess Beify Jo Rodgers y vf, X2 Q J Wi yi 3 ji? fi! Kwnezfh Zddmn Arfist, athlete, and class fav- oriie-yes, if's all one fellow, Ken- nelzh Wilson. Kennelh was made art editor of The Lasso because of his oulstanding work in his arl- classes, and for his work on lhis year bool: he was recommended and received by Quill and Scroll. lt was also because of his art abilify that he was named for Siars of Steerland. Kennefh was one of 'khe foot- ball +eam's l:ri-captains and a two year lefterman which aulomafically opened his membership in the "N" Club. He was elected vice-presidenl: of the Senior Class and served in fhai position until his graduation af mid-term. Seadoo aaaailie is sl av U 35 9 9' i Q V Y :il a Q 4 'W .. fr F If my My T any is i s V A Wat- :ZZ Z" .wwf A 41 Q if ,Q Swine cwafulie Walla .Bam Qlilallamif Beouty took brains by the ha. d -Vallie Linn. Being elected class favorite by her senior class friends was a climax oi the many h'gh- lights experienced during her high school career. Vallie was elected cheer leodzr tor the three consecutive years that she was at North Side. The third year she was appointed head yell leader. During her senior year she was made feature editor ot The Lariat and from that position she en- tered the Quill and Sc'ol. ln a city high school contest her feature column was a second place winner, The young graduate won for herself a number ot cash prizes along with a S200 scholarship to Texas Christian University tor win- ning tirst prize on her wool suit in the Fort Worth Civiton Con- test. The mid-term grad was also sec- retary of the "N" Club. ,a i! "f ff 1:4141 ff' Bw,f?3l" Q is 9 A .Q iw W. if N nx g l,4 'ff "' K ff 405 gf' BARBARA BROWN HERBIE TEASLEY ,fm 4 Saphwnme 4 HARRY WARREN JOY ANDERSON ' V 2 v WR .M K if .4 E E M 3 as si- Wm , Aiyg 5 iq Rag X if Q 'Hx wi Us Mg I+. ww is Q M , af' M is if V FQ fm 4 Wx Y' f 'A' "" L. 5'-N., A . W , 'H' 1 .'-if Gm ww T Q-my an Niawm Ne., SQILLGIL Loss Gaulden, Jeannine Rountree, Darrow Hooper, Wayne Cunningham, noi: shown fffse-, mug. ,U-3 - Don Carroll, LaNeIIe Johnson, Ronnie M ,L fvahuneai' - - McBee, Joan Windmiller. ,Haze gnu-,Zeal - - Bobby Wilson, Kiity Malone, Janefte gapha N Watters, Don Anderson. gf, Q" ?'QflfTf.5N Q 3-vw M wi fy gg if W gm: 3? i in M fgw ' up if-W 4- ,b,,,,,,f. 5: , 5245, I 'i it Wi, flawza ua, 123 X A-dancing we did go-to the Popularity Ball, the most elaborate event of the N. S. social season. Class favorites and runners-up were presented amid soft lights, danceable music, and gay, formal dresses. Campaigners worked long and hard during the coat hanger election, gathering over 37,000 coat hangers as ballots for their favorites and near-favorites. The center picture above finds class favorites leaving the Valentine heart and stepping into the hearts of all the dancers . . . ln the lower left picture the presentation begins with a heart- breaking subject that's not so heart-breaking. .,, 3 14 6. .t.l ii is N asa. Y me ,Miz Q . sk .asf Music Man-Band Director K. O. Vaughan The Steerland band lines up in an "N" tormation during marching drill. llffudic in "Music, maestro," and the band begfns to play to the tune ot a tirst division rating at the tri-state convention at Waurika, Oklahoma. Guided by Drum Majors Wanda Harrison and Jacque Shelton, and Majorettes Beverly Hen- dricks, Doris Wiles, Barbara Madden, Emaline DioGiovanni, and Jo Ann King, the band played between halves at 'ihe North Side football games, making one out-of-town trip to Tyler. Two contestants, Wanda Harrison and Vionne Shoemaker, were sent to the music convention at Galveston, while the band as a whole participated in the All-City Band Festival, and the TCU Band Clinic. On solo and ensemble night at Arlington Heights High School the Steer Band had the best representation ot all the city high schools. E X, Qi! 'ad 1' V' w' N QQ WE .L :EW QR af QT? QQ at .fc , if sa sa Eg? 53 122 Q Q si 2:-If , . uw... X, M., ,s it e'gyi 333 c. ,s .. W. , , Rf! , W. ,Y . , 7fze 14171, 3 Sweet and low, loud and lively-the North Side orchestra swings from Berlin to Beethoven in its presentation ot the annual Easter and Christmas programs. Members ot the orchestra this year held places in the All-City Orchestra Concert at Will Rogers Auditorium on April 8. The group also participated in the TCU Orchestra Clinic and in a combined musical program with the band and chorus here in the school auditorium on May 12. Otticers of the 35 piece orchestra are George Davis, president, Tommy I-lardegree, vice- Jo Moehr, reporter. The string ensemble, a group within a group, ha president, Mary Feniches, secretary, and Emma s given tour outside performances. The string ensemble consists ot, seated, Jeannette Horschler, Mary Feniches, James Bycms, and Virginia Wright. Stand- ing is Jacque Shelton. Mrs, Birdie Julia Hodges is director ot the enszmble ond orchestra. 'S 1 Fr I ,,,, Melody minded orchestra director Mrs. Birdie Julia Hodges S W I K "On wings of music" their voices float into an art-the universal art of singing, and the study of that art has kept the 90 members ol the mixed cltorus a very busy group. During November they participated in the Nobel Cain Festival at TWC, and in April all the high school choruses in Fort Worth presented an All-City Concert, As a regular feature each year, the chorus presents for the school the Christmas and Easter programs and furnishes music at the commencement ceremonies 'For each graduating class. an 41614 0 The girls trio and their accompanist are 0 The boys quartet,, Burlyn Nelon, Harold Collins, Mildred Paschall, Mary Holiday, Barbara Chen- J. D. Horne, and Cleon Flanagan, frequently per- nault, and Peggy Mosley. , X formed for out-of-school functions. -1 , K Q E 5 2 mww ww E awww ii 4 N Cr ,E J EW , ,Aw f EV ibm? ,,,,, XWNN f 5 3 s 5, lili Q, iii, 0 Junior librarians are kept busy looking for books, checking oui books, doing dozens of other fhings necessary to main- fain an efficienf library. The siaif includes, in front of the desk, Joan Loyd, Marie Yovanovich, Diane Payne, and BeH:y Lowe. Behind the counier are Ronald Jones, Jerry Ann Byars, Patsy Jeffcoat, Mae Jean Hill, and Marion Morris. penal 'Part of the Sliudkhf Ofl:lC6 Sldli Ore Sally MCDOVI- Q More Hfleef-fggfedu Qffice wgrkgrg are Barbara dld, P-i'fSY WO0d, LaNelIe JOl'lnSOI1, l-indd Afl-BFTNS, Brown, Beity Beil, Mildred Bullock, Donald Nored, fvlary garlow, Lorinda Beene, Dolores Blair, and Jackie Por+er,ond Nell Sprinkle. onel- wi l:. 7h 0 Editors during the tall semester were Dorothy Nicks, associate editor, and Margaret McReary, editor-in-chiet. O Lariat executives tor the spring semester are Haltom Wray, business manager, Wanda Harrison, managing edi- tor, and Dorothy Nicks, editor-in-chiet. 6 Journalism students don't count sheep-they count head- lines! The Lariat Statt usually agrees that even Edgar Allan Poe could not dream up a sweeter torture than counting the countless ipunl headlines or doing a quick "re-write" on a story-all in the process ot getting The Loriat ready to "go to press" bi-weelcly. Those atter-school hours, however, have not been tutile this year, tor The Lariat has entered six contests ond "roped" winners in most ot them. At the state convention in Denton during December, The Lariat ranked among the top eleven high school pa'pers ot its class in the state. ln a city contest during the fall semester, The Lariat placed second in tront page mate up, while statt members won a number ot other, individual places, including two tirsts. The Lariat also entered a National Critical Judging Survey and a city contest during the spring, and two contestants were sent to the City Conference Press Contest ond Conven- tion ot San Antonio during May. aw The Lariat "Ad Stott" malzes the round ot North Sfde businesses, so- liciting advertising and collecting tor it, As a reward tar their extra- curricular work, upon graduation two- year members ot the statt receive the silver steer head service pin. Pictured, lett to right, seated, are Kenneth Thatch, atsistant business manager, Haltom Wray, business manager, and Mary Marshall. Stand- ing are J. D. Horne, Tommy Harde- gree, Margaret McReary, and Kath- ryn Henson. Not shown are Sue Tomlinson and Toy Mitchell. Each member ot The Lariat's Edi- torial Statt is assignzd a deiinltz beat, such as the speech or music department, and is held responsible tor any news from that beat. in addition, members ot the staff rotate as acting page editors, thus getting actual experience in planning the pages and stories. Statt members in this picture are, seated, Jimmy Col- lier, Bobby Woody, sports editor, Katye Myres, and Connie Whitloclc. Standing are Larry Alland, Jeannine Rountree, 'feature editor, Vionne Shoemaker, Bobby Roach, and David Hill. Katye Myres, a Journalism 3 student, won first place in editorial writing in the City Press Contest, and the same editorial won tirst place at the state convention in Denton. MW if -Psi? ' .-..., No news is bad news tor would-be journalists! Stories and page make-up tor The Lariat are planned two weelzs betore the publication date, making it ditticult to obtain news that will still be "tresh" when it gets to the reader. When The Lariat's news-hunters have had 75 inches ot their writings pub- lished they are rewarded with member- ship in the National Quill and Scroll. Seated in the picture are, left to right, Archie Crittenden, Donna Taylor, Marion Morris, and Nancy May. Standing are Uldine Blair, l..eo Burns, and Marie Kolb. Other members of the statt who were not present when the picture was taken are Billy Carter, Jimmy Carter, Dorothy NeSmith, and Emma Jo Moehr, copy editor. "N sms "Unaccustomed as l am to public speaking . . . the smell ot grease paint and mellerdrammer enticed me into the speech department." Yes, "the play's the thing" that draws stu- dents, but when those students have 'Finished the speech course, each ot them has also become "accustomed to public speaking" as a result ot 40 minutes ot class speeches, including a ten- minute lecture. During the past year the major dramatics productions have been three-act plays. "Great Caesar's Ghost" and "Melody Madhouse" were presented in January, while the spring classes have produced "Grampa Goes to College" and "Dear Papa." "The Farmer's Daughter" and "Red Riding Hood", one-act plays, were presented on No- vember 3, and a short radio play, "The Legend ot the Governor's Evil Eye", has been broadcast tor the student body. ln preparation tor 'these plays, all speech students practice character make-up, present monologues, and stud tecniques and gesturing. "That doesn't sound like me" becomes a tamiliar cry during the spring semester when students study their voices with the wire recorder and practice radio speaking. 9 The Thespians "Cancan" row includes Wanda Harrison, Peggy Stokes, Gloria Woodlock, Pat Poindexter, Marcia Jo King, LaNelle Johnson, Jeannette Horschler, and Barbara Brown . . . Watch it, George-never, never trust a woman . . . Bennie Vann yells, "Don't shoot!" while Wanda Harrison, Margaret McReary, Eloy Clegg, and Betty Eck waich Don Kerlee act the villain . . . This eternal triangle has LaNelle Johnson, R. C. Grittitt, and Vionne Shoemaker 'fighting it out. W I Q ..,, by 9 Sylvia Pahl goes Q :":':' X gypsy in +his praciice V if ..., make-up job. 5' . , W'-rr it as H ,, ,S Zo f Q is ., 'P V V Y by k g: i f Q , 'Q My my I . aka, 'N J f of F af, 6, l 4 s is 1 f y V zzuz V 0 Cleon lSong King Hel Flanagan makee velly - l x nice Chineeman. it 1 .,:. , o Mrs. snow J. Wea+h- W 2353 y , x lf, - XA 5 erred is ihe direcfor of 'A x if speech aciivities. ig ss 15 0 Biggest surprise of +he year - Peggy Mosley, 'l:he witch. 0 "Meri" Morris gives Marguerite Higgins a grease paint job. 0 Don lTough Guyl Kerlee poses 'for this piciure. X ' Grease pain'c aclcls an exotic 'couch 'ro La Nelle Johnson. vz.efzff'z,zW,.s,we--n.0.1e. Sic! 55 5 x's J' as qigfwff .p- -.- V 9373-1 Q . ...-- :f- 2 f ? 4 1,- 0 Honorary Cadet Colonel Cara Millsap, taculty spon- Y' 7 X.-ei-.- 'ix ii N 4"3 :::: zz' ' fi fs N. if 3 'Q W f F71 s .'-' 5 we Q . 3 . Q Y A .Aqwsag W l Sc Business and pleasure are mixed properly to 'Form a well-rounded Reserved Officers Training Corp at North Side. Emphasis is placed on activities that develop mental and physical fitness tor the 50 boys who torm the two companies. A six-man ritle team, consisting of the "cream ot the corps," represents North Side at various city and district matches. The team this year was com- posed of James Byas, George Davis, Eddie Dent, J. D. Horne, Lavoy Messiclr, and Ross Moline. The principal meets were the 4th Army Area Match, the All-City Match between Fort Worth High Schools, and the Sponsors' Ritle Team Match. A Federal Inspection ot the Corps is held each spring in either April or May. Along with these activities, there are several social attairs, including, this year, a Christmas party and dance in the school gym, and a formal All-City Cadet Corps party and dance at the Casino. 0 M!Sergeants Ross Y. Simmons, left, and Ollie Jacobs, instructors. 0 Keeping things moving along rapidly and etticiently in the R. O. T. C. are these snappy otticers and the cadet sponsors who lend a little glamor. Row one, Honorary Cadet Major Phyllis Smyth, Hon- orary Ccdet Lt. Colonel Wanda Harrison, Honorary Cadet Colonel Cara Millsap, and Honorary Cadet Major Joan Malone. Row two, Cadet First Lieutenant Tommy Waggoner, Cadet First Lieutenant Jack Moore, Cadet Lt. Colonel George Davis, Cadet Captain Steve Motusevich, and Cadet Captain Bobby Roach. wwsm V5 X ' 0 Company I includes, tirst row, Tommy Woggoner, Steve Matusevich, Billy Sellers, and Bobby Roach. ln the second row are Stafford Manning, James Lone, Berry Parker, Kenneth Edington, and Gary Detee. Behind them are Wendel Harrison, Homer Strong, Herbert Rush, R. A. Meelu, Don Estelle, and Denver Garrett. In the last row are R. C. Gritfitt, Willie Lowe, Harold Hudson, Neil Isbell, Marvin Gulloge, Lynn Garrett, and Marvin Browning. 0 In Company K on the tirst row are, Raul Reyero, Joan Malone, sponsor, George Davis, ond Jaclc Moore. Behind them are Jimmy Lynn, Jack Ward, Ray Neal, and Eddie Dent. The third row includes J. D. Horne, Samuel Harward, J. E. Marlin, Jerry Sladovnik, Billy Jones, and Don Corley. ln the next row are Raymond Hubenalc, Gilbert King, Lynwood Lesikar, Paul Bohannon, Billy McKinney, ond Jack Lulcer. ln the last row are Raul Guerra, James Reid, ond C. W. Bynum. 0 Senior editors ot The Lasso are Margaret Mc- Reary, copy editor, Steve Matusevich, editor-in- chiet, and Kenneth Wilson, art editor. it 742 .L'a.44.a "Lassoing" the year's activities into a picture book of the year tor North Siders is a job that means plenty ot work, along with the tun, tor the ten statt members and two taculty sponsors ot the book. Photography tor the book was begun early in the year with Mr. H. R. Mc- Daniel and Steve Matusevich doing the "shooting," while copy and art work were started in December. During February, The Lasso statt sponsored a "coat- hanger election" ot Class Favorites, highlighting the ac- tivity with a gala Popularity Ball in the school gym. 0The Statt includes Kenneth Wilson, George Cravens, Mr. H. R. McDaniel and Mrs. Gene Thompson, taculty sponsors, Steve Matusevich, Sue Tomlinson, and, seated, Jack Demetruk, make-up editor, Donald Nored, and Margaret McReary. Sports copy was written by Billy Carter and Bobby Woody, and personality division copy by Katye Myres, all absent when the picture was taken. fqlihleizca NS 4 H4811 Schedule -12 . ee Tyler- o - 7 Odessa-20 -14 Lubbock-21 -14 ,, Childress- 7 -34 Forest Ave. lDallasl- 6 - 7 Poly- 6 -33 Tech-14 -13 Riverside-18 - o Arlington Heights-27 - 7 Paschal-25 The North Siders opened the '48 season with seven boys trom the 1947 B-team, and only three lettermen and one squadman lett from the runner-up team ot '47, The three lettermen, Hooper, Davis, and Wilson, were elected to serve as tri-captains tor the year. Although detinitely short ot experience and speed, they were easily the heavier team in most games. The starting eleven varied because ot the use ot separate ottensive and detensive clubs. The boys hand- ling the ball were McBee and Burns at ends, Roberts and Leavell at tackles, and Cunningham and Crowley at guards with Byers at center. The baclctield was made up ot Wilson, Davis, Hooper, and Kerlee. Alternating when the Steers were on detense were Albin, Crow, Morris, Ponder, Raney, Shen, Wommaclc, and Woody. Injuries toolc their toll early with Raney and McBee out tor the 'first tew games. Cunningham was lost tor the season during the Carter game. The Steers toolc their opener and, atter losing to Odessa and Lubbock, won tour straight tor the balance ot their victories. The re- maining three games were hard-fought, but hard luclr hir, and the team tailed to come through. The best team faced all season was probably Odessa, but the Childress game was the hardest tought battle ot the year. 0 "A" squadders include, 'front row, Coach Snow, Manager Crowley, Crow, Kratlry, Byers, Shen, Yeary, Cowan, Cogburn, Albin, Manager Creamer, and Coach Morris. On the second row are Manager Priddy, Kerlee, Crowley, Cottee, Ponder, Morris, Woody, Nelson, Welborn, Blessing, Leavell, and Manager Heath. The third row includes Raney, Wommaclr, Cunningham, McBee, Burns, Roberts, Hooper, Wilson, Davis, Grittin, Boaz, and Collier. 5 , 2 We , rl in . 195, M H.. , , 0 Davis goes high in aifempi io clear pfie up of Riverside de- fense. Roberis waich- ing, wonders if he is yawning! 0 S'car+ing for ihe Steers in most of fhe season's games were, row 1, Burns, Leavell, Ponder, Crowley, Byers, Morris, Roberts, McBee, Woody, row 2, Kerlee, Crow, Wilson, Davis, Hooper. 'W' ,,,p-nw M'xw,. 1 " H i, 1? Q af ix ,, , c W xt W M BQAZ End 'Ma '95, BYERS Cenrer 4 14-'ww HRK 'WNV 4-my ,sv CQLUER Back , 1-vim if Q MF? rf 3 5, Q WMV WILSON Back EE. 5 5 ALBIN Guard CRCWLEY Guard Q. , gn-.T .,,, I - 45, X. g , QAM' ,-3 45 -X MW BURNS EVYd CDGBURN Guard ,sk W' Mil' CROW kr. F Ax M ae , W' :E W" if V ffm sw if , J GRIFFIN Back 611 , 2 ., A sm -F' uxm W' LEAVELL Tackle rf rar Q ,ya 1 I bxxwedwy MORR!S Back .r ,fr ' 5 uw. Guard xqm. viiiiwr . 'lf' 5 if ff by 'uw F CUNNINGHAM Guard E' 2 ,N B.. R new hr H : Xw..,.Nf KERLEE Back , -ffggs 'S fi mu -'Y-691 MCBEE End ,. Q F . uf-X1 HA! - T? was .,,,4 M, rr! HOOPER Back su.. Q 'S' 0 Managers Corky Crowley and Bobby Priddy are 0 Head Coach Paul Snow and Lune Coach L B kept busy carry ng wafer and checking equipment. Morris make "big' plans for next year NELSON Tackie A 2 X Y -,zu-55, , W wi? X ,, .rr' 'gi me , 55 ,W WW :egx wry nf as 1.35. z., , A in SHEN .mx ' Tackie V afar, 'ii i an WOMMACK i121:- - , C, Tackle A XM PONDER Guard -2: , if WOCDY End DAVIS Back NK 0 "B" squadders are, first row, Coach Ted Koonce, Moore, Martin, Montgomery, Hogan, Cooner, Malone, Myres, Virgil, Demetruk, Dumas, Chadwell, Manager Creamer, and Coach Johnny Stovall. ln the second row are Laughlin, Miller, Dunaway, Beal, Roe, Downing, Matthews, Korolevich, Jordan, Warren, Norman. The third row includes Allen, E. Ponder, J. Ponder, Wilson, McDaniel, Crone, and Finney. 0 "B" squad coaches, Ted Koonce and Johnn Stovall, fr . it E X. n WWE! 2 ...,,. , . 1- f, talk it over. Y 0 Yr 14 f rqmefucand Without championship recognition or a letter award as a goal the North Side B-team, coached by Johnny Stovall, undertook their season schedule with as much enthusiasm as the A-team. Their ettorts are entirely tor the enjoyment and experience obtained, with an aim for an A-team berth the following year. Any boys with two years ot playing eligibility remaining may play on the B-team. The squads of recent years have been called "All-Americans" and the name has stuclc. A starting eleven was not definite, but the boys who participated the most this year were Mont- gomery, Martin, and E. Ponder at ends, Dean, Jor- dan, Laughlin, and Matthews in the tackle s'ots, Cooner, Demetrulc, and Haddix filling the guard positions, and Dumas holding down center. The backs were Malone, McDaniel, Miller, Myres, J. Ponder, and Virgil. Carlos Myres captained the "All- Americans." The schedule was a double-round robin and, there- tore, gave the Steers two chances at each team. The six wins of the season were two each trom Carter, Tech, and Paschal. A tie was talcen in a hard fought tussle with Poly after dropping the tirst-halt game. Heights managed to hand the Steers two straight cle- teats, and the season record stood six wins, three losses, and one tie. ' Q K Q13 , Q4 Q R 'S W3 R ' A wg .'.-f:. C .Qi . , N Kanada!! Fort Worth's outstanding boy cager ot the year, Darrow Hooper, and team-mate Ronnie McBee tormed the nucleus ot Coach Ted Koonce's two-lettermen, I948-49 basketball squad which scored tive victories and dropped games only to Paschal- the tirst City Conterence Basketball Champions: Poly-Fort Worth's other Conterence representative, and a surprise loss to Carter Riverside. Paschal's victories over the Steers were clear and decisive ones, 3I-39, 40-6I, but Poly marred North Side's runnerup chances, that would have entitled them to aid Paschal in City representation, with slight victories ot two and three points, 37-39, and 34-37. The loss to Carter was aided by Hooper's absence 'From the game due to an eye injury, plus the jinx that always seems to plague the Steers during the season opener. Score to this one was 22-40. With Hooper in the lineup tor their second meeting, the Steers defeated the Eagles, 36-34. ' Setting a Conterence scoring standard tor the season ot 31 points, Darrow Hooper and his 'First quintet team-mates, Ronnie McBee, M. L. Chapman, Edward Ponder and Wally Stewart, slammed on almost duplicate ot their tirst victory over Technical's Bulldogs in their second scheduled match. The Bulldogs tell, 42-23, 43-22. Enduring last minute point splurges by Arlington Heights, Coach Koonce's Kids-all but two were "B" teamers last year- Heame fhroughn with two more victories to give them .3 ,500 win-loss record. Margins tor these two ottensive struggles were 36-34 a nd 59-54. Three point losses were features ot pre- season games: the Steers dropped games by scores ot 40-43, 41-44, and 47-50 to the North r 4 A,.qMAfasf'A Texas Freshmen, Adamson, and Sunset, both ot Dallas. ln their second struggle with Adamson, Hooper's twenty points contributed to a 46-39 victory. Highest score ot the season, 6028, came in a tilt with Bonham even though num- erous substitutions were made. The Steers returned home, met Diamond Hill in the North Side Gym, and walked out with a 55-39 win. This closed pre-season duels and preceded the Carter-North Side district opener. The Steers were well supplied with reserve strength in Leo Burns, John Blessing, Don Car- roll, Carroll Munden, Carlos Myres, and Charles Davis. Combine these with the starting tive, and you have the lettermen as announced at the close ot the season. Personality, attractiveness, and team support earned Miss Doris Barton the "Basketball Queen Title" honor and entitled her to represent North Side during the BRO basketball dance. She was selected trom tour nominations sub- mitted during an "A" squad election. 0 Captains Ronnie McBee and Darrow Hooper tate the sport light. 14 Squat! BURNS CARROLL CHAPMAN DAVIS MUNDEN Forward Guard Guard Guard Forward 'W : B 'f W S 1 :-: . ' "'t' M Q s A 't"' ' " t" R' A X ' "'ti: " "'it: L i Q W ,W I0 Q i A . y ji tx gi he "-:-::2:: -Q . f 3 J Y Site' T E E R .. S X Q' ' , it 5 X ST E E R S E R S "ef f,. 'III 3 'XY' ' ii" s it E R S A 5 2 -:e. 3 1. , K 1 -5 sf.. Wag' . S ,.,..- . Q s 3 ff i . 5 Elsa: f fi 4 2. 8-7 Close ot the 1948-49 "B" team basketball season-that began as ten game series and wound up as a tournament playott con- sisting ot the city's six teams-tound the traditional rivals, North Side and Paschal, squaring Ott tar another ot the "old time" championship matches. Going into the tournament, Coach Koonce's "Little Steers" had dropped games to Riverside, Arlington Heights, and Paschal, plus a 25-26 thriller in a pre-season duel with Diamond Hill. Respective scores to these games were a two-point loss to the Eagles, 32-34, then a 14-33 decision to the Jackets, and a crushing 37-45 high-scoring swamp to the Panthers. ln the remaining pre-tournament games, the Herd came to lite and smacked a 25-20 deticit on Technical and came back with a smashing 38-29 decision over Poly's luckless Parrots. Atter notching their second victory over Poly, 26-18, in tournament play, the freshmen tive edged past the Yellow Jackets with a 33-31, two overtime period, breath taker, setting the stage tor their I9-34 loss to the Purple and White boys who took the B-team title. 0 Basketball "B" squadders are, tirst row, Finney, Spurrier, Dato, Slawson, Allen, Virgil. In the second row are, Warren, McPhie, Laughlin, Nelson, Morris, Rogers, Valle, and Hogan. The third row includes Manager Creamer, Foster, Kays, Laymance, and Day. .4 swf MYRES PONDER STEWART Guard Forward Guard iiiiii A .ms , Q Q t 511: E R Sf if 1 - S V if Q1 BYERS Manager BARTON Sweetheart 5' . fr! iz gi: ii A1 A ,Q ,, .... 1 'f 'A Y ,KS fr W sv if f-f"""' ,2'q V" 3 0 The 'lraclx squad this year includes, row 1, Manager Yeary, Parker, Mallhews, Laymance, E. Ponder, Foster, Davis, Deen, Jones, Cook, Adle, Woody, Korolevich, Davenport, Slcwson, and Montgomery. ln row 2, ore Dollar, Manager Healh, Crone, Crow, Gardner, Cowan, Spurrier, Hooper, Rogers, Alland, Jennings, Wiley, Downing, Haddix, Norman, Martin, and Coach Morris. Row 3 includes McPhie, Moore, King, McDaniel, Norecl, Collier, Sanchez, Beal, Ray, J. Ponder, Quillin, Teasley. 0 Record-breaking, or neck-breaking, form 0 Ballei, maybe? is shown. K' Although only three ot 1948's City Champion- ship team were back tor 1949 action, Steer tracksters were working hard toward their tourth winning season by the time The Lasso went to press. Captained by National Shot Put and Discus Champion Darrow Hooper, the trackmen were up against much stitter competition than in previous years, but already new hopetuls were making their marks. Charles Davis, Hooper's teammate in the weights, and high jumper Val Martin were the other two returning leltermen. At the time ot publication, Coach L. B. Morris and company had participated in only one big meet and a number ot practice meets with non- district competition, plus the first two ot a series ot tri-angular meets within the city. ln the Southwestern Recreation Track and Field Meet the Steers placed third on Hooper's tirsts in the shot put and discus and Davis' fourth in the shot. Practice meets were held with the North Texas State Freshmen, Woodrow Wilson ot Dallas, Texas Christian University, and Diamond Hill ot Fort Worth. The Steers had also made plans to enter the North Texas Relays and the Texas Relays plus the City Meet and the City Conterence meet at San Antonio. The new system ot tri-angular meets was in- cluded tor practice only with no connection to the city meet. Each meet was scored and a champion declared. North Side won the tirst two they entered over Heights and Carter, and Heights and Paschal by narrow margins. At the time ot printing the Steers were tigur- ing heaviest on the weights, hurdles, and middle distances tor points but had possibilities in all events. 0 Reading counter-clockwise, a trackster 'flies through the air with the greatest ot ease . . . Up and over . . . Woody leads by a knee . . . Hoop slings the discus. A mi. If e . - I , s ,N,..,,,,.. S . Mew.. .aww P' 'L . .....-.4uunlN1 K- ' ' A ,... , -:::-:Ki?".?- :-+1 .-.- -:,:' a::e5-Ia , - , .gf .a .sa 0 The smiling faces above must mean +ha+ leading yells is a happy life for Kitiy Malone, Bobby Roach, Joan Windmiller, Don Carroll, Miss Frances Schober, sponsor, Vallie Linn Holland, Grady Hausenfluclc, Jeannine Rouniree, and Donald Anderson. 0 Yell leaders in aciion are a busy group, +oo. After a few aciive practices like ihe one below, new-comers' groans are almosi as loud as 'their yells. QQ. ' "TQ W nw 5 Q vw if -1 X S . b A .f 1 1 Y VSKGQII QGEZQ M XV-GMA Athletes and yell leaders are awarded school letters which carry with them membership in the "N" Club. N-Clubbers on the 'first row are B. D. Grittin, Kitty Malone, Lynelle Neal, Jeannine Roun- tree, Bobbie Burns, Ronnie McBee, Paul Ponder, Pat Crowley, Billy Roberts, and Boby Helm. In the second row are Kenneth Wilson, Charlie Davis, Darrow Hooper, Don Carroll, Bobby Woody, Bobby Heath, Bobby Roach, Richard Byers, and Don Boaz. The third row includes Leo Burns, Val Martin, and Allen Crowley. ln the tourth row are Joe Raney, Coach Johnny Stovall, Coach Paul Snow, Coach L. B. Morris, Coach Ted Koonce, William Yeary, Marion Morris, H. G. Albin, and Roy Crow. V' gif i i All y in WV A K f,r,?Nqmt,i ' ' iifit s s iii? g - -u-v---rum-.-s.......,,,,,,,,,, ,m,, 'f tgirl i SME? l ,W .. K ni 3 fwlmxng B illlfwl Ri What a chance to get rid ot a photographer! But the lady Robin Hoods were 9 aiming at a practice target, let's hope. Lett to right, they are Helen Gargis, Pat Poindexter, Juanita Palmer, Barbara Dearson, Jerrie Hurley, Mary Annie Newsom, and Bobbie Burns. e,1,1i These racquet-swingers compete against tennis players trom other schools in the city 7 4' tor a spring championship. Standing behind the net are Gailya Brown, Martha Haddix, Robert Barksdale, Billy Clements, Don Clark, Scottie Goolsby, and Dolores Blair. Seated are Joy Anderson, Sally McDonald, Jeannine Jackson, Betty Yauger, and Doris Ticlwell. ss- X33-N l 0 In a quite moment between basketball games, girls relax "lndian" tashion tor this pattern supposed-to-bel picture. Zcfacalian Girls physical education classes enjoy such varied ac- tivities as square dancing, ballroom dancing, exercises, marching, softball, volley ball, basketball, and tennis. Champions are crowned in three of the sports after end-of-the-season tournaments between the classes. The winning sottball team is shown below at the top left. The girls are Joyce Johnson, Eva Wheatley, Ernestine Roberts, Janet Sutherland, LaFaun Kilgore, Jodie Swart, Mary Lou Riddle. Volley ball champions, top right, are Elaine Cowart, Dee Fowler, Wanda Himes, Charlene Burton, Martha Hadclix, Pat Myers, Joyce Franklin, Patsy Pharis, Clarice Brown, Doris Beasley. and Anne Bigby. ln the basketball champion picture, lower left, are the instructor, Mrs. Cara Millsap, Hattie Brent, Margaret McReary, Eva Wheatley, Juanita Pritchard, Veda Hanson, Delores Kilgore, Clarice Brown, Doris Beasley, and Joy Richardson. The lower right picture is an example of the once-a-week exer- cises, while in the center picture, the basketball final- ists add another score. Three lettermen, tour squadmen, and only one returning pitcher do not generally add up to six out ot six straight victories but backed by one ot the best coaches in the city, plus a tresh squad ot rookies up trom junior high, North Side's 1949 baseball squad had come through with no losses up to printing time tor The Lasso. Steady intield play earned Leo Burns, Don Carroll, R. L. Schimmel, and Bobby Moore tirst team positions and power hitters Billy Roe, Bobby Helm, and Olan Fowler outtield posts. Mix sharp pitching ot starters Lloyd Moore, and Bobby McDaniel plus Henry Wommack behind the plate, and you have ten hustling Steer starters. One run victories over Adamson and Paschal, both 6-5 scores, the 4-3 season opener against Adamson, a I2-4 slamming over Forest, and a 5-O shutout over Mineral Wells' Mountaineers gave Lloyd Moore a pertect record. The remaining victory, an easy 8-3 win over Forrest was earned by rookie hurler, Bobby McDaniel. Second member ot the batteries was senior Henry Wommack. Second team positions were held by Ronnie McBee, Kermit Allen, Tommy Runnels, George Dato, David Virgil, Leslie Mattison, and Jerry Morris. City champions will be decided by the team with the 'fewest number ot losses and both the winners and runnerups will enter 0 Captain Bobby Helm gets set to slam one. City-Conference play at San Antonio. The Steers, Co-champs with Poly's Parrots last year, were not given much chance as title contenders this year until they re- mained as the city's only unbeaten team. 0 Squadmen on the tirst row are Baxter, manager, Carroll, B. Moore, Roe, Bridges, Morris, Fowler, Wommack, Helm, Schimmel Runnels, Maddison, Lane, McDaniel, Wilson, Finney, Miller, L. Moore. Standing behind them are Putman, Byers, Creamer, managers Dato, Anderson, Votaw, Hogan, Scogin, Kirkham, Oliveto, Ralls, Laughlin, Burns, McBee, Demetruk, Whisenant, Livesay, Stewart, Sub- lett, Ozment, Nelson, Drennan, Virgil, Malone, Friedel, Allen, Nettles, Rutledge, Gritten, Buckelew, Neiswiadomy, Heizman, Gerhart Farmer, Valle ,and Coach Stovall. .s' , v,.g- sz 'V 1 Eksfgf 5 . e . s. i.. 1 X 'Q J wb? our E AN, .,...4hnq..,,,s'-at-L Cafcher Wommack keeps his "eye on 'chai ball" . . Leo says "Gimme that!" while nine ofhers say ihe same . . . Recorcl-breaking Darrow Hooper shows how i'c's done . . . Carroll slides in as Moore 'cries 'co sfop him . . . "Hoop" pu+s one 'rhrough the hoop . . . Moore grabs a handful of air, hoping that ball will fall in it . . . Ronnie 'flaps his wings, and in if goes. '7me Spaalidmandfzifz For good sportsmanship during football games, North Siders get to place the beautiful BRO trophy in their trophy case . . . BRO officers include President Roy Moore, Carter-Riverside, Vice-President D. C. Pruitt, Tech, Sergeant-at-Arms Ribble, Arlington Heights, and Secretary Charles Hamilton, Poly . . . North Side Representative Grady Hausenfluck receives trophy from Roy Moore as Principals G. B. Trim- ble, Tech, and T. E. Wentworth, Carter, look on . . . Grady's jokes get applause . . . N. S. representatives are David Finney, Pat Crowley, Grady Hausenfluclc, James Byas, and Jimmy Jordan. 0a9 Span Glad QS 0 Spur Club otticers get together. Steve Matusevich, presi- dent, and Darrow Hooper, sergeant-at-arms, are in tront, with Joan Windmiller, vice-president, and Jeannine Roun- tree, secretary, standing. "They've got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle as they go studying merrily along." And they win those spurs in the Spur Club, a scholastic or- ganization tor the highest ten per cent ot the students in each class. Bronze, silver, or gold spurs, designating tirst, second, or third year members, are awarded in an assembly program during the spring semester. Active taculty sponsors ot the club are Miss Margaret Hooker and Mr. L. L. McCombs. "Winning their spurs" has become a more important job than it was when the club was organized three years ago. There has been a general rise ot 3.3 per cent in the grades ot the members since last year, thus making the top ten per cent more ditticult to attain. As a service activity tor the student body, the Spur Club publishes a student handbook and directory at the beginning ot each year. 0 The Advisory Council grouped around the sponsors, Miss Margaret Hooker and Mr. L. L. McCombs, includes Barbara Head Dorothy NeSmith, Betty Eck, Betty Beil, Marguerite Higgins, Dola res Blair, Jackie Porter, Gloria Wiles, and Pot Crowley. 5 1 E l Rada Beene, Lorinda Blair, Dolores Byas, Freddy Clarlc, Jean Farlow, Mary Flanagan, Cleon Harrison, Wanda Head, Barbara Little, Claude GOLD McReary, Margaret Matusevich, Steve Nesmith, Dorothy Nicks, Dorothy Oehlschlaeger, Lourene Ramsey, Jennie Tyson, Ima Louise Wiles, Gloria Windmiller, Joan SILVER Barlcsdale, Robert Bigby, Anne Brent, Barbara Brown, Barbara Crowley, Pat Dechert, Joyce Demetrulc, Jaclc Dunson, Joan Eclc, Betty Fenichis, Mary Hooper, Darrow Kahler, Billie Keith, Dorothea Kelsay, Mildred Cox McCullar, Lorene McDonald, Sally Nelon, Doris Nored, Donald Porter, Jackie Rountree, Jeannine Wood, Patsy Wray, Haltom BRONZE Andrews, lva Mae Baggs, Nancy Bagwell, Barbara Beil, Betty Bennett, Barbara Brown, Clarice Brown, Marie Bryson, Troy Frances Bullock, Mildred Crittenden, Archie Drennan, Eugene Enerson, Eunice Fincher, Jerrie Finney, David Garner, Nancy Hamil, Mary Lou Heclr, Doris Henry, Anne Higgins, Marguerite Himes, Wanda Hotchlcisi, Patsy Janeclza, Lawrence Lancaster, Mildred Latimer, JoAnn Low, Hugh Eleanor Malone, Joan Malone, Kittie Porter, Wanda Ramsey, John Slawson, Chester Smith, LaJuana Valcilc, Nona Watters, Janette Wiles, Doris Wilson, Bobby Yovanovich, Marie s - S , 7 ' 4 Troop 378 ot the National Thespian Society has had an initiation dance and a theater party, and produced the "Thespian Follies ot 49" during the past school year. Members include, tirst row, Ann Jones, Vionne Shoemaker, Joan Windmiller, LaNelle Johnson, Marion Morris, Peggy Stokes, and Marguerite Higgins. On the second row are Nancy Garner, Wanda Harrison, Connie Whitlock, Marcia King, Gloria Woodlock, Jeannette Horschler, Uldene Blair, Sylvia Pahl, Bobbie Burns. The third row includes George Davis, Wendel Harrison, Jimmy Ponder, R. C. Grittitt, Clitton Hale, Claude Little, Richard Byers, Don Anderson, and Winitred Chowning. .Qual and jvlembers ot this lnternational. Honor Society tor High School ournallsts earn their membership by working on the yearbook or the newspaper. Present members include, seated, Margaret McReary, Steve Matusevich, Dorothy NeSmith, and Jeannine Rountree. Standing are David Hill, Connie Whitlock, Dorothy Nicks, Mrs. Gene Thompson, sponsor, Katye Myres, Bobby Woody, and Larry Alland. Others not shown are John Blessing, Wanda Harrison, Vallie Linn Holland, and Kenneth Wilson. a , . NLf:Wes,.,,'fw:m: ' ot the 27 home rooms in school are, tirst Janie Ream R M02 row, Nancy Garner, Sally McDonald, Pat Poindexter, Mary Farlow, Nell Sprinkle, John Bassham, Floyd Linnstaedt, and Jere Admire. On the second row are Gloria Wiles, Jeannette Horschler, Eleanor O'Rourke, Peggy Stokes, Jo Ann Brown, Mary Cole, Dorothy Litchfield, Bobby Woody, and Roy Crow. Seated in the back row are Toppy Ponder, Billy Sellers, Raymond Cook, George Blazi, Pat Crowley, Bobby Wilson, and Harlan Tidwell. !vajt'anaJ June graduates ot the National Honor Society in- clude, lett to right in the tirst row, Richardson, Kahler, NeSmith, secretary, McReary, president, Blair, vice-president, Wiles, Ramsey, and Paschall. In the second row are Kelsay, Adams, Keith, Harrison, Farlow, Nicks, Harbuck, Tyson, Valcik, Kelsey, and Nelon. The third row includes Hampton, Shoemaker, Wray, Hooper, Byers, Little, and Matuse- vich. January members, not shown, are Jean Clark, Cleon Flanagan, Ruby Heilman, Lena Laramore, Tecumseh McGee, Lourene Oehlschlaeger, and John Switzer. 'su l uh . . , "A dillar, a dollar, a 12 o'clock scholar, How come you leave so early?" "To finish the day at work for pay, That's why we leave school so early." And that's also why the Distributive Education Club is one of the most active groups at North Side. The Club this year campaigned its president, Bobby Roberts, to the vice-presidency of the state organ- ization of D. E. students at the annual state conven- tion held in Fort Worth. These scholarly wage-earners have made several field trips through Fort Worth businesses as part of their regular club meetings, and, on the social side, they had a gala Christmas wiener roast at Lake Worth's Peninsula Club. 0 D. E. Club officers include Ann Jones, secretary, Archie Crittenden, vice-president, Betty Westbrook, reporter, and Bobby Roberts, president. O Members of the D. E. Club are: on the tirst row, Hollis Graham, Mary Strong, Joann Guess, Barbara Bohannon Beverly Eshols, Patsy Massey, Helen Vernia, Billie Bee Johnston, Bernadean Guerry, Charles Barton, Louise Owens, Shirley Ann Shirley, Ann Jones, Betty Jo Rodgers, George Wilson, and James Bryan. On the second row are Eugene Odom, Betty Westbrook, Donald Odom, Mary Ermis, Maudene Underwood Jere Admire ,Bobby Roberts, Lola Kelsay, Velma Hamm, Lewis Wood, LeRoy Box, and Roy Palmer. ss. s .Agyijegf r K lr, . -' r ' ea 2 cgqptaae mance Square dancers "honor their partners" every Tuesday morning at 8:15 in the school gym. Occasionally the colorfully dressed couples perform before the school and outside groups, but it is the dancers themselves who get the greatest pleasure from their gay dances. Officers are Tommy Waggoner, presidentg Sylvia Pahl, vice-president, and LaNelle Johnson, secretary. Mr. L. L. McCombs sponsors the club and "calls" the dances. Contests and conventions have filled much of this year for North Siclers in all depart- ments. In the picture below, Katye Myres and Margaret McReary "cram" for the City Conference Journalism Contest at San Antonio, while in the second picture, Genevive Gregory and Ramona Manning compare "new Looks" in their prize-winning wool suits made in clothing classes. ,gm-maumm ggzmvf " WH? Ewan all 'img 3 Q A 'S A 1, ':' . gf ., 1. Q gui 5 5 it .- V Wx Q. xl- N us. f"" 7!L6 azlnale "Frencl1men" Carlos Myres and Herbie Teasley do a li++le campaignin' during Favorifes Eledion . . . Majoreifes on parade include Barbara Madden, Doris Wiles, Beverly Hendricks, JoAnne King, and Emaline DiGiovanni . . . Three 'co one, Nancy, you migl-I+ as well smile, 'coo . . . Senior dinner-dance finds the faculiy iurning out, also . . . M. L. demonstrates a sure way, assis+ed by Ronnie and Don . . . Kitiy, of ihe Tumbling Malones, +alces a bow. 4 w 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 d 4 4 4 H 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ' 4 4 4

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