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mm' wmmv r xm.,.., 'Q A ' ' 'X '?"'iff' 517' X' 5.-550:-'1L'lif?1E"'iw'f"'1'0'.7f"."- 'fy .. 'L -,el 'f X ' , 5:v'f,gATJ31 :M vmf-V' v- V- :fn-Y 'c 'wwf --'Y ,-vw '-" 1 - :f-'-'r'm'y.- W ,V-hy . -,, ,4,,,.a1,,,,-I., , ,fv,,'A...,, - , A , y, -A", N. ., W W V . . . ,, ,M .wK 1. XML., . 5 'F' . D I 'l 1 -N ff ' vbim- ,. ,. s .--Way 1- 'N w fel :Q 1' fi' - g w 4 -Lg -1, g'g'm',sg5-2w,, 5.5 -fy, y, ,N gym f lu .' wig, 14:35 31 JAV? . et z , 1 5 A Nr , ' 1? ni. 9' L -Mug, . 'J' , , , V f- pw ,- x . , . , H ,,uwff -. irq!! 2 - , . . ' .' 4 af' imnffm V- . 'Q . I , A' 'gpm 'f'Ye,, -isygf? gig' .gm - . ,L...,.,J,,,,, ,- ' . A..'..,w,,..-,L,1. MM., .-,...av,n,mQ,,,5,g,.:...cM.a.,,z1xf ix mr'-4--' . w w " v"' f'fv. 'I 5 , K . A as f if Q' , 5 wg , , 5 Q45 fi ' 11, 4 . I J Q 2. 'A Af' A A 1-wg' K it W' A. , 2' K .. C Qu , Q 4 ', , 14 , 1, ff 'A 5 S 1' in Y , 7' 'H A , in 4 1 4 Pg, Q .win , ' 5 'W 0 , ,, x 1 , Y- ' Y. 'ff' , ' fqgxf' 5f'QI1..' 7' I ,f 2. lg ' in 27, ' . J sa ., xi li W 'z ' sz Q-fp: W .' uv 'A' ,iugdf A . , Q , i I Q s 'bar ,fm ' IS' f' Q1 ' , A, , 'Mkt' , 45' lk , A1 ,F ,W 4- O . x V-Q1-.....v..,,.. , fa . , ' , ,f- s 1 - - 'Q .V '2' , . n , - . ,Q . 5 ' A ., .. 5, . , - ' ff, .. ', 1' . .4 'NY "' ' ,, 1 , ai R i 5 Q A 'G 1 K 5 Q . ' A ., T , K H' Q, -fu-:S--,is, f 11 A A FF M, 1 1 var' ' Q . ,lm ' ' . ,L.L , V . A , f,A , - I V A' . ' A A . gm ,gg -,.. Ag, A - . A M- A' A My 'A ,, 'A ,. 9 . A A' - " Qt , 4 ,V ,, .V 4 , , , wh w L1 ' mf A 'A 'H' Jg fA??A,A'M?',g?5'-Aw: A A - Av Q fig W ,V 5 55 .f, , f f " fgibwfalf' ,' A 1 N" ei A ,. Ag , K X , 'Q' 5 - ' . A 5 xc ' I :fy wi: i1"fAfre,:x:w?-A Aw , W j L 3 , ' 'A A Q, M if fn wg X X X Rik by . 41 -4Q,,'-. Qrl ' e z," a,. L, 'W Hsin I lik ' K x-'rf ,i:..J4 FIvy,Qb .Z . U H X pf. ' w, '-,' .' v wx Q, K f-,"5,MwQw Li ff-Mx hwy U - -- -,ww 7 Q-lynx-, 2 + . -Q my .N na., 5. f my MN ' lfgm, -5 'agnmn ..4.-.w,ww,,g-21. : 'gigs'- X :X -, XL J'-5 X- 'N-:V N 1 ' gil. 5 -,4- l'7 0 f-. , Z- 7'----df 1. ..v., -+- I K X 'lil .K 'N Q.. K 1 1 1 1f1 I Wu. if ,,,,,,,,,, ,, nf' ZLL-7 . ':ii?x. vp . III' 'I I Iii I ,.,f 1. 4. NINETEEN HUNDRED THIRTY EIGHT PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF NORTH SIDE HIGH SCHOOL FORT WCRTI-I TEXAS Li Y s le 3,554 nav RUTH MURPHREE MISS JACKSON AVA MARIE HAMM MR. McDANIEL Izmiur Ediior Slmnmv lznmn' Ihlitur Plmfu, J, 4 If 1 ig Mr. I-Iurley begins sales campaign fi 25 BILL POLANOVICH I? B11xim'IyI'VIalmgcr if fi I2 11 ,j If 'S EE 'f gf JEAN ELDER I4 W' Sopboman'fIsxixlu11l I Ls Ig ii ,I fi df ALICE MARIE SHANNON Snflbummn' lhlltor BERNADI NE THOMPSON Soplmlrmrz' lhlztor R HOMER JOYCE Arlix! MR. F. L. G. HURLEY Speakers fable af sales banque+ Wim Sfmmnr GUY EULA HUKEL Avfixf MR. MANTOR Sjmuxor RUTH ELDER 15111101 NADINE JEZ Avlixf JUNE REDDY 111,,,1.w., 1.1, v EU N ICE G ROVE Pfmlngrulwllv -x ff? 4. 5 ,ll T fl l GLIMPSES INTO THE LIFE OF DR. HELBING Lafe in fhe ninefeenfh cenfury on fhe sixfeenfh of Decem- , ber, Dr. Hugh V. Helbing was born in Pimerville, Ohio. His family moved fo Bonham. Texas, where he finished high school, gy I, X and where he held his firsf job, fhaf of sfreef-car conducfor. , X ITF y He firsf affended college in Valparaiso, Indiana. Lafer he K Ni Elo worlced his way fhrough The American Medical School in Sf. 3? KF ix :fy Louis, firsf by wrapping bundles in a deparfmenf sfore and ?f ' XYQNTIT, I if fhen by working af nighf wifh fhe Terminal Railroad Associa- Q f I - ' X, W e fion: he graduafed in I908. Ag ' TX . . X , An accidenf puf him fo bed for a year. He fell from a derriclc while working on a well and susfained a brolcen leg. Q M, ,,, The injury was so severe fhaf fhe docfors advised an ampufa- ,gg ' fion, buf his fafher, who was also a docfor, refused, and so If 'eg' ,M C, H H. i r In '909 he Came IO FOVI WOIIII and esla 'S e 'mse 'n , rjffQf?'Z ,--- fhe pracfice of medicine, which he has confinued here since Il fhaf fime. Dr. Helbing gof off fo a good sfarf by faking a ....-.e.:5:5:5:5:asisisisisiaieisizisirfe 11a5:.,.::5E22s2s2' -X ,,'5z5a555z555- , , , , . . wrfe eerly rrr his eereer- Afler e year S wur+Shrrr he married ,I f Agnes lvlagoffin on November I6, I9IO. They have fhree sons, ll Hugh V., Elmer, and Leslie, all graduafes of Norfh Side. f Abouf I9I4. while medical examiner for an insurance com- ii'iieff EPSTIT:-TiI LV- pany, Dr. Helbing made his calls on a moforcycle because he ff'-TRI 'rhoughf his horse and buggy foo slow. y ..-' , lf For many years he has faken a prominenf parf' in civic af- X .. fairs. He has been a boosfer for Forf Worfh and especially .,r.ersfsfsreas:2 -"- 'sie . . T X. for Norfh Side. Wifh fhe complefion of fhe new Norfh Side 3 ,ITT Senior High School building, one of his mosl' cherished proiecfs Dr. Helbing has many hobbies, as golf, pigeons, rabbifs, boafs, goldfish, and aquariums. Fond of dogs. he has always I' ,..... : had one in his home. . .eiesii ,,.,.......,. ,...,.. . ' P I- A ...,.. .,,..,.,,, 53 X cscc Q I II, EE P 2 if - - I '-'-"' .-'-1-1f:f:5:s:s:s:z: 1' rf X Q, ,rrr rerrrre i R we ' I I 711-rfsri h CR -. .-.-., - f,y ,.,r- , f 0 fe,-, ,.,. 11 Z - lf? " "-T Kihei' as - r Long recognized as one oT The besT high schools in The SouTh- wesT, NorTh Side now has a physical planT in lceeping wiTh The Tine spiriT oT iTs sTudenT body and The superior Type oT Training ThaT iT oTTers. ln recogniTion oT his unTiring eTTorTs and inTeresT in obTaining This beauTiTul and commodious new building Tor The boys and girls oT NorTh ForT WorTh, The Lasso sTaTT proudly dedi- caTes This, The T938 yearbook, To Dr. l-l. V. l-lelbing. Dr. l-lelbing has been a member oT The Board oT EducaTion Tor The pasT six years and was recenTly elecTed Tor anoTher six-year Term. l-le belongs To The NorTh ForT WorTh Kiwanis Club, oT which he was presidenT in l929, The FirsT PresbyTerian Church, The American Medical AssociaTion, and The Masonic Lodge. T z T FB ka 'z YE' Q an u K ,f g ge TT. iii RTA X R Hi f""wW..,,,, X7 W' KW 7.., H 7? g 4 5 A i ' . . L Q Q x:QfQy K , '- , V x W N xy, S .V W -, X- ,Z ,lr ., N ' "" M x - LQ x 4 ' ' . ' f .,MgmW51. . 5 A 1 ' A A Q. ,, .A ,I ' A'--N , i M V, A , .fu sneer' iw fs rl 'fy ,fwiy f gm 1wrm5'L4i "WV fl if fi, .155 J i iw bmm1'fr1vLw1'j" 'Elm' K riff ,fm 25697 ,rf .wifi f 3.46 M, ,dy I i is 4, Y my As we enler The building, Mr. Wyall greels us wilh a smile . . . Slarling on a lour of inspeclion, we find several rooms of especial inleresl . . . The well-slroclced, well- lighlred library has walls of lcnoHy pine . . . In Jrhe melal and wood shops we find up-To-dale machin- ery humming . . . Girls in lhe sewing room sludy various lcinds of malerials and fashion lhem info allraclive gar- Q9 ,m.,,-1' ,.,,..,-4 W, if menTs . . . STudenTs and Teachers in The cOrridOr glance wiTh pride aT The many large Trophies in The case . . . FuTure sTenOgraphers waTch Their copy-nOT The lceys . . . Boys are lured inTO The COOlc- ing classes by The connely appear' ance OT The girl cOOlcs-Or perhaps by The ThOughTs OT TOOd . . . ln The science labOraTOry boys and gifls puzzle Over The analysis OT "unknowns" . . . POrTraiTs, carTOOns and designs adorn The arT room. I ADMINISTRATION I W. M. GREEN Sl1ff01'i11fz'111fr11l of lforl II'for'fb Pulzlif' Srlwonfx W. A. MEACHAM J. O. ANDREWS High Sffaool S111n'r'ir1lw1zfc'11I Dflllllly SltfliffillfI'II4IU11f MW- t ,As 1 MISS LIZZIE EPPLER Virc-Principal - WJ? O. D. WYATT I'ri1n'i1ml CARMEN CRAIN Plnviruf Training G. A.A.S1mmur BLANARD SPEARMAN A flflwlirx luuinr Slvnuwr MRS. KATHERINE PEARCE Minis FRANCES SCHOBER lfllgfixfv Cmlwl Slmrlvvr Iuumr Slmumr L. L. McCOMBS sz... lr lvnfuv Su1f!mr11m'r Slmflmr H ERMAN CLARK Atlwlvtirs HARLOS GREEN liurlkfevvjvirlg Atlrluln-x lmzmr Spwzmr M RS. GLADYCE RAATH BONE Music S. LOUISE MCCLANE Ilmrm Making T. F. REEVES 111 Suplm nz n rr Spa flxur Slmjl C If JENNIE LLOYD SmmlSl1ulies H. B. BROUS Sim-rl, Dmumlllfx Asxzwzlzly l'rngrum.v LENA BEC K Mullmnzalirs MARY DAVIES Hmm' Making SGT WILLIAM CHERRY R. O, T, C. RILDA SMITH A rl Sufvfmlflnw' Sjmlzvnv GWEN DOLYN HOWELL Sm'mI Slmllvx P1111-Azfzmimzrl lfmzull KITTIE NEIGHBORS Snvml Slmlwv Girl Ruxurw Sjmnmr C. W. MU RPH REE Cul1lrm'n'iIlI MRS. PAULINE HOWARD CII-rk FACULTY ag-v-. ANNA LEAHY Cuzunmvrirzl TuuSIgrm1 S0071 mr MELISSA MCMURRY English LILA MAE HARWELL Snrial Stzufirx INA OWENS Plfvxiful Training LOUISE LANGLEY English Low Senior and Nalional Honor Sociely Sponsor CLARA AGNES DEEN English, Lalin Lalin Club Sponsor A LUCILE Amos English, Journalism Lariaf and Junior Sponsor MARGARET HOOKER Social Sfudies MAYH EW MANTOR English Lasso Sponsor OTSIE V. BETTS English Pen and lnlc Club Sponsor MRS. H. C. WALLENBERG Spanish, English June Senior Sponsor VERA ROGERS Spanish Spanish Club and Mid-Terrn Senior Sponsor MARCUS MOORE Biology Senior Co-Sponsor BESS FLO POPE English BERTHA STARR Commercial JESSIE SCHILLING Biology H. R. MCDANIEL Science Phi Della Psi Sponsor Lasso Pholographer ALINE MOYLETT Cleric -,, , MARGARET BU RFORD Malhemalics Sophomore Sponsor LOIS DEEN BAILEY Social Sluclies CATHERINE JACKSON Biology Lasso Sponsor DAN C. ALANIS Physical Training Senior Sponsor M RS. GRACE POU LTER Nurse 3 In Memory of Our Friend MR. FARRINGTON may Imogene . . . Barlon . . . Nina . . . Bobbie and Joyce hurry lo game lcoulcl Huey be +ruclcing?l . . . Omega lrowns for ine cameraman . . . Cookie and Doris, mosl popular Sophomore couple . . . Wnal's lnal, Raymond? . . . Billy . . . Ray . . . Loraine loolcs sludious . . . Belly Lou and Nina . . . wliall again? . .. S O P H 0 M O R E S JEAN ELDER-Lasso ALlCE MARIE SHANNON-Lasso BERNADINE THOMPSON-Lasso ANN WIGGINS-Dancer and popular Sfudenl RAYMOND SCRIBNER-Sophomore Class Presidenl CHARLES HUMBLE-Assembly II Presidenf ARREL ROBERTS-Sophomore Foolball Leflerma n LEXIE DELL McDANlEL-Secrelary of Sophomore Class JAMES BURDICK-Declaimer ETTA BELLE WRIGHT-Vice-Presiclenl of Sophomore Class BOBBI E STU BBS-Drum Maior WHO'S WHO Tl-IE SOP!-IOMORE CLASS is Jrhe largesr in The hislory of Jrhe school, and irs members are overflowing wilh energy. Having missed lhe sobering influence of Fish Day, Jrhey feel rhar already Jrhey are The mosl imporlanl class in school. Being Jrhe firsr io have rhe privilege ol spending rhree years in rhe new builcl- ing, lhey should be a marvel- ous senior class alrer anolher year. ll's up To you, sophs. KENNETH ADMIRE J D ALBIN F M ALEXANDER ARNOLD LESLIE BAKER JOLETA BECK ROBERT WILSOP LUDA PEARL BETTES DEAN BLACK BUSTER BOLES DORIS BLESSING ROSE ANN BOOTH GEORGE BOSWELL DOROTHY BOYKIN GARRETT BRAMMER JUNE BRANUM MARIE BRANSOM ARTHUR BREWER ARNOLD BROWN FRANK BULLOCK JAMES BURDICK MAURINE CAP ROBERT BURKE. PS ROWENA CARTER MARY LOUISE ROBERT CATES CHAPMAN MARJORIE CLINE JOHN L. COOK 'MARJORI-E COTNER- WILLIAM CROPP DORIS CROSS JACK DALRYM PLE ALLEITA DAVIS MARION FRANCES DAVIS BILLIE RUTH DEARING GEORGE DEEN SUZANN MOZELLE DORRIS THOMAS EAGLE JEAN EL CAMILLA ENGLISH MARGARET JAN E DEFOREST MARGARET DOSS DER THELMA FAY ELLIS E ETHRIDGE CATHOLINE MAY FINCH RUELL FITZCHARLES MARY FITCH BILLY ROY FOWLER OTTA M ELIZABETH GARRETT AE FRANKS A. C. FRICKE HENRY GOODGER BILLIE GOODNIGHT JI LAVENIA GREGSON T. J. GRIFFITH MMIE GREGG MARIE GROSS WALTER HALE BETTY JANE HAGOOD JOYCE HAMILTON LILY BETH HAMILTON WOODFORD HANNA DORIS FERN HAMM ALMA MAE HARDIN GENEEL MILDRED HARRIS RALPH HARRISS HARMON SHIRLEY HARRELL TINCY HARRISON BOBBY HAYES FAY HENDERSON GENEVA HENSON BILLY HESTER CAPTOLA HILL MARY ANN HOLT ERMA LEA HOLTZCLAW SIBYL HUGHES MARY HUBER FRANCES HUFF DON HUKEL LLOY JAMAR CHARLES HUMBLE BILLIE BEA JACKSON FRANCIS JARVIS NADINE JEZ EARL JOHNSON MARY ELIZABETH JONES ROY CHARLES JONES WANDA KEPLEY JACK KLEINECKE ROSALIE KNOPIK CHARLES KNOX MARY FRANCES LARSON WANDA LEGGETT MOSELLE LOWERY MARION MADDOX BILL MAUCK MARY ANN MASSEY ALFRED MARTIN DORIS MAULDIN "Km ONETA MAY EASTON McCLU RE SHIRLEY RUTH McKITHAN ALVA ANN McKNIGHT JOHN McMILLAN RAY McVEY JAMES MESSER LILLIAN MIKA ROBERT MILES LOUISE MITCHEL JOHN CHARLES MILNER LYDIA MIRELES BILLY MONTGOMERY DICK MOORE BETTY JANE MOORE JOHN MORRISON ELMER MOSLEY MYRTLE OSTEEN J. N. MULLINS M. J. OWENS BILL OZEE BILLY PHILLIPS HAROLD PERCY BARBARA PILCHER DELORA POWELL LILYAN PRIBBLE C. B. PRI FAY PRAYTO R DDY ELIZABETH PRIDDY ' JUANITA PRIDEMORE MARJORIE PRUITT VELMA LEE RATLIFF EDWARD RAVEY DOROTHY REYNOLDS AMPARO RIBERA B. F. RICHARDSON CHARLES ROACH H. C. ROBERTS JUANITA ROBERTS NINA ROSTOSKY MILDRED RUPARD RUTH RUSHING FRANCES SAENZ BETTY LOU SCHICK BETTY SEARS VINETTA SHAW ALICE MARIE SHANNON KATHRYN SLAVIN KATHERINE SMITH FRED STEPHENS GERALDINE STEPHENSON CHARLES STEWART GLENN STEWART COIZBIE STUBBS JOHNNIE RUTH STOKES NORENE SULLIVAN DOROTHY TANNAHILL BOB THOMPSON BERNADINE THOMPSON CHRISTINE THOMPSON CUMY THOMPSON JOHNNIE THOMPSON O. L. VANN JACK THOMPSON J. B. VAUGHAN BIRT WACASEY W. M. WAITS JACK VINSANT MARY MARIE WAKEMAN I IIRAM WELBORN J. L. WANN VIRGINIA WELLS DOROTHY WHITE ANN WIGGINS TIIELIJA FAYE WILLIAMS WILBUR WILLIAMS EDNA WILSON ETTA BELLE WRIGHT 'WV 'ws Sludious . . . Ready, aim, life . . . Evelyn Freda and Lucile . . . Wind blown . . . Ava goes in for a lillle serious work . .. Bass-drummer and friend . . . Ben and Sam . . . guess who we couldnur . . . So wl1a+ . . . lajre lo as- sembly . . .Clarence and Gail . . . All pupils musl eal lunch In lhe lunch- room . . . Mickey meolilales . . . Cann- pus prellies . . . James Enloe . .. James anol Wesley ...Douglas . .. Clarence cloes some experirnenling . . . Dorolhy and Bobbie gol info wrong panel -we're sorry . . . Lunch over . . . Jay Ed, Nick ancl Gloria ...TheGhos+... AT WORK AND PLAY 5.15553 WHCT5 K " w C fq L 2 ,133 1- 1 A r :I-'Q' Scif? .3 uv 3','.'.1 ZS 0. . .1 ' X .4--' ' ' wa ff 1:1 5:55 G ,ee-2: gg gg' E Q' nip-2 fx xx! 'U-N 1 X JAMES BOSWELL ' l All-Rolnnl Inuiur 'QT ERNIE JOHNSON Illllflll' Pwxidwlf W N ? 'K' A QD W r Q , QU X fx s'7f1 L Q Q BUDDY MILLER Onfxlamfing in Baseball QXXU AL HARRIS Football I.L'fft'l'NIlHI W. 6. BLACKMON Max! Poluzlar Inuiur Bow' :aa A 14 6 it Q 5, ! fag - JJ v A 'lu' ' N-Z .82 S559 qw v X nu A WINSTON HENSON ' A MARTHA MARKS ! ! lfrmlfmll Mnmrgvr Pbofagnzfrbvr Q R W H O 9 ' Q, Wm' Q QN M QW 'iqx 'a N' IQ fn A ' ,Q ,Q K ,, ii? ,U 2 6 9 AVA MARIE HAMM I I fl 0' 1""f""14 1f-"Y' Efffdf IEARRIIAIEICARTER mmf Lfff M 3- Q' 5 Q E iff ki '-R JACK GIPSON gs W 'A Lf! .xf K 6 CHARLES CONWAY ,ff "Yl11Jm'f1!" Foullwallvr ! V NADINE JEZ farm Arllxi A K in 4 A fl Aw: A ff Q l A RUTH MURPHREE I Plays Piano fur Asxwrzbfy V ROBERT TULLIS lllllifll' Laxso Iiffilur A11 Divlrivl Tackle "1imI.v1vri11gx ,RJUNIO ERNIE JOHNSON Presidenf RS 'Fl' SANDY SHIELDS "Sandy" Vice-Presiden'r EVELYN CARPENTER "Susie" ' , ' Secretary 1 ELMER ADDINGTON "ArlM1111,x" KENNETH ARWINE "Kunz" EVELYN BIRDWELL WAYNE BARNETT "Toby" "Chubby" ELOUISE BOOTH DUGAN BAXTER "Hfnmlw" "Hm'rj'I31'mz'11" ALIENE BRIDGES LUCILE BOSTICK ELOISE BELLAH "Gusxle lrf' "Cilc" "Kal" IMOGENE BROOKSHIRE JAMES BOSWELL FRANK BETTES "Ima" "Pinky" "I-'ilrbu DARLEEN BRUSH BETTY BROWN MILDRED BOSWELL ' ' "Darling" "Clmbl15" , "Lay" JACQUELYN BUCKALEW EDGAR BROWN T. A. BRAMLETT "lurk" "Bouts" "Sluts" JOHNNIE CARD ROY BURKLOW HELEN BROWN "Iobn!' "Sl1rif'c" "Szz'4'vt" LOIS CARGILL BETTY BURNS MOSELLE BROWN "AH-Starr" "BL-ily Bump" "Dall" BILLIE CARPENTER DOUGLAS BURNS "Curlu'y', "Doug" RUTH CARPENTER LOWELL BURTON "jane" "Bz'rgun" LORETTA CA RTM ELL Hlxfllllilllfu FRIEDA CHOATE "Frieda" MARY FRANCES CLARK "Frances" MILDRED CLEMENT "Milrl1ml" CHARLES CONWAY PAULINE CLEMENT "I'z'rlci11x" "PuIIy" KATE COOKE RAYMOND CLIVER "Cookie" "Aww" CHARLES CROWLEY BETTY COOPER MAVINEE COBB "Spu'kx" "R1lxIy" "Vvr111s" MARGARET CRUNK AVA LOU COPELAND VERNA COLLINS "Margo" "Pouxfie" "Vm'11u" LAWRENCE DAVIS INEZ CUNNINGHAM S. L. CROSS "Cop Ditrbzfrn "Dippy,' "Frf'r1vLvir" LEE ELLA DAVIS BARBARA JEAN DAVIS DOROTHY LEE CROSSON "Half-Pint" "B, I." "Dal" RAYMOND DODD MARGARET DAVIS BARTON DAVIS "F0glror11" f'Mr1ggic',' "Shar Pnlislru MABEL DOTSON ROBERT DAVIS BILLIE RAE DAVIS "ToolxiL',' "Clvub" "Perf" BILLY DREXEL VIRGINIA DAVIS "Fuzzy" "Inlay" WARREN DUNNAM ALLENE DEVENPORT "Lilflz' Brull11'r" "Blondie" BENNY DU PREE "Du17c', LORRAINE ENGLISH "Stm'1ny" ELIZABETH FAGAN FRANEE? EELKNOR NoRMm1 'ELoRY THOIXIQEYEERGUSON LURLEIKHYEORRESTER W. NELLPIPEIIZEE GAMBLE ALVAVNIHEULLER ROGER RIELDER If SCOITIY QARRETT A EVELYNUFULLER III MYR6 IZELL FIELDS WORIIIZIYL QRANADE M ljlt I GLAIQY? GILES Su R. V.HlIf.ULLER PI Cm EMILY QREATHOUSECW JAcIgV WEIRQON Ilpyll CONFRSADUERAKES AVA 'IAARIEHAMM MMI CLAIIDEHHAILEY WYNEILL ?I.ASS H Kllyl ,,"x R OBIERT ,ITIANNA Rf MARTHA IZIALE W INA fIyIAE,gsRAHAM M NAN HARP SI 7"I, W MARY KATHERINE HATE! "Vanilla" "Knife" AL HARRIS DOROTHY HALL I-I1I- kc!" "Samir" DAVID HARRIS "Footy" ROSALIE HARRIS "Rosh" ROWLAND HANDS "l"iLrNIil1ulc: lo lVIi1luiglmt" NELL HATCH ETT "1 fnlf Il.m-lm, DUDLEJY IHODGKINS BETTE, JOIQHAYNES M GEOBEIA H066 IMI! ylyll DORI5, HEADLAND EVELXFI ,HOWARD U MARIS? IHOLLEMANIHA WINEIBON YHENSON N GOLQILE HULSEY U 3 MARSJEAREI HOLLEY HHH DORIFSTHODGES J. B. JORIEAN H uw SADIE JAOOBS byfll U AUBBYEY ,HOTCHKISS Um M34 FLOYOEHKERLEE In F OSTAPUBELLE JARRETTSM OLINNTHOESTON ELLEN KVIQJPKA IJ U WELQA ISIMBERLINGKVMH ANNA EARL JOHNSONMH MSW S llxllk HILTON KUTCH Sl yylt Q HAROLD KIRBY A ,I7I11' JUANITA JONES Hlluuls' "Bmlllyf "Pnl,-" JOE JACIf'l5LIE,l?Y I LERA BESS LASATER CULA KNOX "Pinky" "Im1ic"' LUCILLE LEWIS "I.11ry Bolle" ELVI RA LO PEZ "Royal P1'm'y" EVELYN LOVELACE "Tuulx,' ROBERT MAGOFFIN "Dfw nn" SAM MARTIN BETTIE MALLICOTE "Pr:'avlJer Sam" "l'ulriuia" ANNIE MAE MATTHEWS LOUIS MARCELL "Fuul1i4' .IIm"' "I'orabmlfaS" LA DEANE MCGREW HELEN MATTHEWS MARTHA MARKS "Df'aue" "Ibm" "Burrirfc." EDNA McMURTREY JOHN MATZNER BEN MARTIN "Mrs, MrMnrIrey" "Muffy" "l!uHIz'r" LELLA MONTGOMERY WILMA MICHALSKI MARY LOIS MCCARLEY "1.lAInU "W'lfIx" "Lum" C. E. MOORE RAY MILLER BILL MCCONNELL "Kill" "Ray" "Willie" GENEVIVE NICKS JACK MORGAN PAULINE MITCHELL "Sis" "Rell" "Bruv:y" MARY LOUISE NICKS RUTH MURPHREE BURNISE MONTGOMERY "Tour" "Lefty" "Hun" FRANCES NOON COLLEEN MURPHY "Fran" "S11uuley" BILLY NULL BETTY NEAL "W'i1linm" "Slmr1y' ELSI E O'DELL "DIIly" ERNESTINE PAHL "Mya Shallow" - -- BOBBY PARKER "JM" FORREST PHIFER "I-'rusly" ELLA MAE PRESSLEY 'ROSALIE PHILLIPS "Imp" "1'lfiIIi1w" WAYNE PRESSLY LOUISE POWELL "Hug" "1'1'ln"' BILLIE JEAN RENO MILDRED PRIDDY VERA PREHODITCH "IViIIi4lH1" "AfiIIie" "Cl1liz"' RUTH RENSHAW JAMES PRIDEMORE ALVETA PRESSLEY "WOIf,' "Chill" "VHA" BETTY ROBINSON MARGARET REYNOLDS BETTY SUE REED "j.,.1iw' "Pm" Hsfffy Bmw VIRGINIA ROUNDTREE LILLIE MAE RICHTER MURIEL REESE "Ginger" "LiI1i1"' "Trz!vIeV' JIMMIE SAXON EDWARD ROUTH KATHRYNE ROACH "jim" "Info" "S!mrfy', J. E. SHIELDS MARGIE SANDSBERRY WITT ROBERTS "Srmpy" ".Ifu1'gv" "SIMS" BERT SHOTWELL GLORIA SARGENT "U11cle,' "1'mnl1iv" MIDGET SKIDMORE CLARENCE SAWEY "Mi-Ilya!" "Soybean" ELAINE SMITH "c:,If1,' TW, MELVIN SMITH "Sp4'edy" MILDRED SMITH "MiIliv" BETTY SMOTHERMAN "7'fw.llI"' BEATRICE STORY GEORGE SOUTH "Buzz" "Bugs" ILA PEARL STROTHER BOBBY STEELE "Dr1mlI:" "Krf'I'r'l" DELBERT TULLOUS CLIFTON TANNAHILL STANFORD STEELE 'Tlobou "Cliff" "Rr'IfI' ELSIE VACKER GLADYS VERNE TAYLOR MARY LOUISE ST. JOHN "1iIIwIlfu" "Sun-1' Suv" "janv" CARLTON WADE BILL VANCE ALLEN THOMPSON "Ila11Ilmrm"' "CulIw1" "VrfI1Sr'aIJ,' JEANNE WALKER LA VERNE VESTAL FLORENE THOMPSON "lan" "7'rwgiI-" "PN WMU RUTH WINGATE VIRGINIA WALKER ELAINE VINSON frpllfllllfllln 'ILYIIIH HKJIIIUH PAUL WOFFORD DOROTHY WARREN ELEANOR VOIGHT "Sonny" "Dui" "EI111r'r" JOHANNA WOLLNER ELOISE WILKERSON "Arm" "PnIIy', LA VERNE WUNEBURGER BAXTER WILSON "Pom-lm"' "B. B. IV." WANDA YORDANOFF "Mitzi" WILLIE FAYE YOUNGER "BiIlic" Reading of Senior Will-Fam- ily: Cleo lvlarlalf, Jimmie Moni- lorl, lvlargie Shook, and Alline Gardner. Charles Couriney, lawyer, and Dorolhy Dean Wil- son, secrelary. Bar-room scene in Shooling ol Dan lvlcGrew Trucking number in College Scene l-lelen Owens, J. W. Jones, and Vera lvleek Madame Earline Beck reads prophecy To Theo Eubank, La Verne Gardner, and Doris Fer- guson Speakers' lable al The midlerm banquel The Three Slooges, Guy, Chaun- cey, and Ernie wilh Carl Kelley, doorman Scene from Senior Play Senior Day luncheon Bill and Jolwnny La Deane and Buddy al Senior Picnic Foofloallers MonHor+ and Com- PONY Foo, Foo, and Foo I 1 E, or does il? R Paul and Farmer lnseparables Don'l' look now, buf-- Sun grins 3:30 Slnirlr sleeves Rosalie The Thinker Too small +o classify SENIO ii Z E Q f ., Xi Q 4 IN I' , Q I Q if '31 Ag W1 JACK M URPHY La rial Ediior jk " mffw iw, ,, ,,. . M .. I 3 - -iii? " f 'II'5'L--Enff,-:f' ',,Lar':, , K i 3. N1 - ' A Wm f V .. .Q s. im i i sf Q f K if Q k anna of 1 Q, x ,, Z K si 5 x 4 V , N ROY BELLAMY Presidenf of Spanish Pan American Forum ancl Phi Della Psi Clubs K s Mi ' W i w H MATsoN QAQAE5 SQOFT CI MAJOR vmeii. worroko Assembly I Presidenf Rzpt-lg1+aE3gOr ass Company COmmGf1d9V EUNICE GROVE JUNE REDDY Rl-lTH ELDER Girl Reserve Presidenl Girls' Scholarship Winner EdllOl' Lasso Wi M' f ii 5 i Qiisflj ,ufiifrej 1 f 7 - www-my EARLINE BECK Presldenl Tau Sigma and Camera Clubs ' ' uf ,nv DICK TARVIN February Senior Class Presidenl' BILL POLANOVICH Assembly I Presidenl Business Manager Lasso Presiclenl' Lafin and Tennis Clubs H. G .STEPHENSON Siege Technician GUY EULA HUKEL Lasso Arlisf DAN REESE Foofball Caplain and All-Slaie Quarlerbacli RICHARD ROARK Boys' Scholarship Winner ff' 13141141 X ,355 5 ,fry V b w? I if Q 15 ., .1 nv L , 2 I in 3 4 ' SX Q Y' NS fl' 5 I H 'lim fi.. DICK TARVIN SAM OZEE DONDENA BLAYLOCK JUNE REDDY "Hi,giu1g." "Au, ffm Wulf." "Yi'i1lI, kill, Lfomuil "Oli, l'1l' gf! lbs bm! Pres. Feb. Class V. Pres. Feb. Class X"H'f' f0"'f-D "'l'f' U01-H Tennis, Pres. N. Assoc Foolball, Baseball, Sec' FSP' Class Reporler Feb' Class pres- QOH Club N. ASSOC' Tau Signma V. Pres. Pan Am. Forum V. Pres. Spanish Plni Della Psi Camera, Lalin WESLEY CLEVELAND CHARLES COURTNEY BERNICE HALE MARGIE SHOOK H. G. STEPHENSON "W'i"ii' guflil gm' fmun' "Yi'ufi, I rlnnzirgr llwru ullf' "ww-11, l'm rm! xiWiNg." "lIu1'1' 3'0u5z'z'r1 Alli111'?" "Chnl: xlirkxf' """""""lKl'-" V. Pres. June Class Rec. Sec. June Class Cor. Sec. June Class Reporler June Class pres' June Class Mgr. Foolball and Pan. Am. Forum Phi Della Psi. Laiin, Larial Foolball' N' ASSOC- Baskelball G. R., Tau Sigma, Pan' Am. Forum Baseball, Larial, Tennis Tau Sigma, G. A.A. N. Assoc., Tau Sigma Sr. Play MISS VERA ROGERS February Class Sponsor 4 . ,, . MRS. H. C. WALLENBERG June Class Sponsor EUNICE GROXI "I i1n11'I fclmn'.'A Treas. June Cla! Pres. G. R., Tua Sii Tennis, Pres. Flomi Pan Am. Forun Lasso Plnoloqrap G. A. A., Camel Debale, Sporlf Sr. Play S E N I O R S J. C.ADAMS NEWTON ADDINGTON BETTY AKINS GENEVA ALLEN "Aifi1mx' my11u1l11', I xllpjlmr' "II1'IIn." "Off, llmf ix ilu' i'l1l1'.iI Iflillgf' "I'm guillg lo gr! flulrrivrl. you knuir yours." Foofball, Spanish RICHARD ALLEN BEVERLY ANDERSON DOROTHY ANDERSON "Tlvrou'iIir1lln'vz',boy!" "Or do IPI' "W'liei'r's Br1l1bir?', I-Ii-Y, Baseball, Foofball GWENDOLYN APPERSON BILL ARNETT GENE ASHMORE FREDA BAILEY "Mull'IIl1ri11g me if I "My, gunilrli'xK," "III'r'k, j'4'ufv."' ".II1Iilri'iI iiuil lf" "fI1I'if" 'U-" Track, I-Ii-Y FooIbaII, Baseball "N" Assoc., Tennis Rep. OPAL BAKER MARY BALENTINE JAMES BALTHROP "I b:'trLvu.,' "lu Dalia: Mvvlin und I-" "lfnxI vrnurx Lnflllz' Ill:-11 my mr11wu." La riaf BERNICE BARLES DAYMON BARLOW WILLIAMYBARNES LEE ED BARNETT "Lz't's gn xvr Mr. Grew." "Not mc, Mr. Muuforf' "Girlx, bali." "VII lulcv you in zuylrifk-1111 Q G. A. A. Lafin Rifle and Saber EUNICE BEAM LAFAE BEAM LILLIAN BENEFIEL "Migly1'W lg,mu'11i1," "L'fr-17115,lluflixlwl, kid-" "Will, Ja 1.-Il." Tau Siqma Lafin, Camera MARGIE BEARD BENNIE BEARDEN EARLINE BECK DOROTHY BELL "Fine us ri frog's hair." "Girls, Gunrgv is mining in "Oli, llu1I's prc'riouxJ" "W'1'll,i1uiu'f my fault. 'MY 1'f'k'L""l-" G. A. A., G. R. G. A. A., G. R. Pres. Tau Sigma Tau Sigma ROY BELLAMY GUY BERGER DORTHEA BILBREY UAW, llihllwv fW1"'l""l Ufflbifl'-'I Surf' bud u gwul lime in "Tlu1l': ri-goI11',girl.i." Pres. Della Psi POIJ' Iliff Ui.iIbf-H Pres, A, Aq Tau Sigma Pres. Pan Am. Forum Pan, Am, Forum Pres. Spanish, Camera, Latin, QOH Sr.Phy LORENE BLACK CURTIS BLAIR DORSEY BLAIR ROBERT BOREN "Aw, foo." "Tbal's uiluzt you ilviukf' "Fun nn you" "Will, I rr-rkn11 xo." Tau Siqma,SpanisI1, Bicycle Baseball, Baslcelball ROSALIE BROCK MELVIN BROWN HAROLD BROWNING "Aw, gee, y0uilnu'fmcu11il,' "An',g1'r." 4 "I prefrr bluuilz's." Tau Sigma, G. R, JOHN BURKE FLGRA JEANNE BURKETT GEORGE BURNS EVELYN BUSSEY "My gocul11esvJ" "Will I nmkr A, III'r.IIIuulur?" "Nu I zlo11'l lzuau' "Air, Iiriirrzellfl Tau Sigma Bicycle, Spanish, Tau Sigma Gnu-if Allen." G. A. A., Tau Sigma Pan Am, Forum, G. R. Sr. Play, Sporls, G. Pan Am. Forum S. E. CAMPBELL KATHERINE CASTEEL AM PARO CASTILLO "Oh, gully!" "Boy1liJ1 bam' ri good lime "Skip il, I'1l u'ri11' you ri last nigblf' lcllcru Spanish ia HENRY CAREY JOHNNIE CARPENTER CECIL MAE CHAPMAN MARY LOUISE CHAPMAN "Dnu'l uxfc mcg nil: Climilf' "Haw ynu wru Mu1gare1?" My 11 m'il."' "Ill Ya?" Pan Am. Forum, Lasso Archery, D. A. R. J. R. CHEEK MARGUERITE CLAGETT CLAUDE CLEMENTS "Hi yu, mm-iff?" "rm, 1 .Iwi I-W." "1 ima- .1 .lug i-filla-fm." I Home Ec., Rifle Spanish Dramaiic DOROTHY COKER MELVIN COOPER BILL CRAWFORD LUCILLE CRAWFORD I "S'r1ml,I1'L'1'k11rl." "Grr'aI ,qnI1xuf1miiI." "I.4'f'vIn1z'i:1ii1'11ii'." "Ili, fwfr!" Tennis, Phi Delia Psi, FooIbaII, Baslceiball, G, RH G, A, Au Tennis Golf, Pan Am. Forum, Basebali, Lasso Glee Club. Horseback Spanish V. Pres, of Low Srs. Home EC., Bicycle V. Pres. Sfudenf Body N. Assoc. MARGARET CREED OLEN CULLUN LOUISE CUNNINGHAM "Surf Muff?" "Arr, xboof' "Hr gum 11111.55 M." ' Orchesira RAY CUNNINGHAM GUY DALRYMPLE DELAND DAVIDSON BILLY RUTH DAVIS "Il Jovi 11i2Ei1ukfw1uy 'Yin 'f "l'II Iwi." WY "Surf, I Iifzr In run." Y 'Ulf I 11rl'i'i1I1ujjIiII1Iu iliffvrf'mv." Lariat HLYN Track mr11i'Il1Al1yulmnfllulff' Tau Sigma, Library, N. Assoc. HERMAN DAVIS INEZ DAVIS JUANITA DAVIS "l'II mlm' mv rrmfr1v'iw'Iz'." "IIN: xu'r'II," "Ruj'u11iI I null," V I Tennis, GR., Tau Siqma G. A. A., Afhlefic JANETTA DEAIGH "I 6411117 ifmugfrf :MMIII about il." G. A. A., Horseback, BicycIe, Library NICK DEAR MARY LOU DEARING GEORGE DENT "Ru11,qb,I1rlz'u1l." "Itz1m'xr1'l 1ua1I1'r." "TulwfrI1 wilb il." Spanish, Tau Sigma, G. R. Pan Am. Forum DOROTHY FAYE DORRIS CLIFF DOYAL LUE ELLEN DUKE , I ra11'li'nm'i'f1!rnfr'." "W'ru11il111ig I'lI mhz' il." "WvII,gi1Is?" G. R., Tau Sigma, Camera Tau Sigma. Sporfs G. A. A., Horseback VELETA DUNAWAY ROY DUNCAN VERDA LEE DYE BUFORD EAVES "My gosh, Rnmliuf' "You Jiri?" "Oh, Imyfu "okay, Iel'x go." Track MAX EDDLEMAN RUTH ELDER TOM ELLICH "I.:'l'xj1nl on Hai' fred Img." "III-Im, lmI1,Iwl:." "Yo1xlz'II me something." Ed, of Lasso Head YaII Leader Secf. SIu. Body Sed. Low Seniors, Tau Sigma, Phi Delfa Psi, D. A. R., G. R., Tennis, G. A. A., Spanish, Pan Am. Forum CARL ELLIS JACKIE ELLIS ELBERT EMERSON THEO EUBANK "Aw, slml ull." "IIf'I:m'r'x Allianz?" "You rraula nun! rrlial I got?" "Hi ya, laced?" La+in Pan Am. Forum, Tennis DOROTHY FAIRCHILD AL FARMER STELLA FARRIS "I 1i1m'l qv! nfl Uiifrfrf' "SH v!iII and ilu nlml you e. R., io. A. A. foffff' "HelIo." Tau Sigma, G.R G DORIS FERGUSON BILLY FESCENMEYER CLAUD FLEET EVELYN FOYT "Tim l,nriafrnn1r'i nul-" "Sim1m'riln11'u." "Tim Flcrffv fu." "Oli, my. Larial Hi-Y-AllCily Pres. Spanish, Pan Am. Forum, Tau Sigma,Tennis Hi-Y, Lalin, Tau Siqma, Phi Della Psi, 2nd V. Pres. Sr. Class, Scribes, Sr. Play, Camera DORA MAE FRANKLAND BILL FULLER LOLA GARCIA "Yo1cl:uuu'u'ba!?" "l7nnr'1"' "OD, lrmk ri full l ree." Phi Della Psi, Lalin, Cam- Spanish era, Tennis, Traclc, Baslcel- ball, Swimming, Pan Am. Forum ALLINE GARDNER LAVERNE GARDNER VERNON GARDNER MARIAN GILLESPIE "W'l:m'r"x Margin?" "Oli, llmf lurlzy girl," "Aw, gn5l1,zlml'Iaik mr." "lIf1'Xf'Xl',41f' N011 Nlf' fmf' 10 . A. A., Sr. Play, G. R,, Phi Della Psi, Pan Am. Baseball, Track, Baslcelball, -k""'l"1'f"J'fl'i' 5 Sporls Forum, Spanish, Tau Sigma, Phi Della Psi -I-au Sugma' G' R -I-en Sporls, G. A. A., Glee Club Sr' PIGY VANCEL GODBEY KATHRYN GOODNIGHT VIRGINIA GREGG "W'bL'n"f Ruth?" "Li1rl 11igli!Ruymoml aml l-" "Hf'v.fli'1kPJ'-" . Spanish, Pan Am. Forum, Lasso, Archery ESTHER GUTIERREZ ALFRED HACKER WILMER HALE EDYLENE HALL "I.ikr a idly Mfr." "Tim is my lnollmr Frank." "Aw, xillyf' "IIrllo, goali Spanish G. R. VERA HALL MODIE V. GUNTER ROBERT HAMM "Ili, Sally." "H1':'kl1'fz'k nf' "l ,xgllftr Ilia! ilu Srfllr' il." G. A. A. Pan Am. Forum, Phi Della Psi, Tau Sigma, Chairman School Direclory, Camera I ' , , W 4, RICHARD HANCOCK RAYMOND HANDS VIRGINIA HATCHER FLORENE HAWBAKER "I.vl'x ,un on :1 sIr'ikf-liiglmr "I lilzc' Rnllif' H 1 y j I g I ff g I grmlrr ai1iI Irxx 11 ark." Tennis' Pan Am- Forum' II I I7 I II 3 Delia psi' Tau Sigma! Sr. Spanish, Pan Am. Forum, A A R Ten PIay, GOII Rifle, G. R., Band Tau Sigma FRANCES HAWKINS OPAL HENDERSON C. W. HENRY "lu CUIUUIIIU Iuxl v1m1111cr7" "Olr,l1nxi." "I'iu rm! g1ziIl1', I'irl 1 I G. R., Tau Sigma, Spanish, FooIbaII, BasIce'rbaII Tennis, G. A. A., Bicycle, Archery, Pan Am. Forum CHRISTINE HILL DOROTHY HILL VIVIAN HILL BOBBIE HINES UVIVXIIIS' 80918 10 14.5 M- "TlH'f'5 VUHHIV-I' "IIi'Y.ln1u'y011 vi'r'11!J1m?" lr s s VIUUUU G. R., G. A. A., Spanish. Lasso Lariaf Penfaihlon G' R- Tennis, Pan Am. Forum, I-Ii Y Assn'I Ed. of Lariaf HUGH HOKETT EDITH HOOD CLEON HOWARD "It r'a11'l 11411111011 Imam." "IIu1fe you .wvll I"rnr1k?" "IIz'IIn, Imrxc Band, BasIseIbaII, Foo+I.naII, Sr. Play, G. R., Lafin, Tau I3oys'GIee BasebaII, Track, Sigma, Pan Am. Forum, Pen - Garrison Gabbers 81 InIc, G. A. A. MAURINE HOWARD JACK HUBBARD MARJORIE HUFF JEWEL HUFFHINES "Hi, bmi," "lI1'y, leiil-I forgo! u Im! I "Du jun' 1:11110 yu1irIifz'?" III I Ixo 2 Home EC.. A-I i1'ilrSrJillgluxay," l Pres. Lafin, Pres, Tennis, BasIceIbaII, Swimming GUY EULA HUKEL "Air, r4'Iix." Lasso Arfisf, Cade? Spon- sor, Tau Sigma, G. R., Came era, Spanish, Pan Am. Forum, D. A. R. J. P. HUNTER MARY VIRGINIA IRBY "I Ivclwzir qwn':'r gui "Wrll, biil, xrfmf u r or somrffiiug IIir're." goinr' In do? Hi-Y BUD JACKSON WELDON JENKINS LUCILLE JOHNSON WALLACE JOHNSON "lI1'lI11, f11111." "I'1'1-l111l1," "l'1v1'1r111.i-f11.i." "C1111't,qr1qln11'111y11if1'." Spanish, Pan Am. Forum, BaskefbaII, Swimming, Tau GIee Club Sigma, I-Ii-Y FLORA JEAN JOLLEY MARCEIA JOLLEY BILL JONES "YH, 111"1'1' vii!1'1'i." " I 111111 11111 mf' "'l'f.1'1'1' 111117 11r1l1'1i11' 1l111l1' GIRA Tgnnigt Q, R., Tau Sigma' 1111- 111.111.111111.11111-." Rifle! Qrchesfral Latin, RiIIe and Saber Pan Am. Forum HOMER JOYCE RAYMOND KANE CHRISTINE KEENUM CLAUDE KEENUM "snr ',,,111, 1.1.1111 111111e'- ".1111,11111'11 1111 W1 1111-V." "NU, 11111, 1 11U11'1." "iv'1m111111 you W,-rf Lariaf, Lasso Arfisf CARL KELLEY MARGIE LOU KELLEY MILDRED KENNEDY "B1'11r'.v1111AI1'." "Il1111' 11111 v1'1'11.Il111'x Lou?" "YM, 1111111 .'1111fIar1' gu111g." Boys' Giee, Sr. PIay G. R., Tau Sigma, Sr. Play Pan Am. Forum CHRISTINE KENNEMER VAIDA LEE KENT ROBERT KEY WANDA KIMBLE "l'111 gnlug 11111 lu l7nI'x If1ix Y W-W "IVf11'r1"x Dui?" "Broll1r'r." "W'c'lI,J3U bv." 11 wk-1'111f." Ta u Sigma G. A. A., Spanish ANNA MARIE KLETT JUANITA KNOTT MARY FRANCES KOLDIN "l'II111k.Ii1s.1Rug1'1s.'I "IM, I 1l1111'I 11111114 ." "lJ1111'l x1111111il11fIll111'H' 1r11:yl1111?" Tau Sigma ED LACKEY BOBBIE LADD MINNIE LOU LAMB LLOYD LAMMERS "Aw, mme 011, 1m1i'.l' "You rforfi know fbe "Sni'z'l'r1n11.qfi? That is ulicrz' "W'vm! Wan!" fmlf of ff." I 1'im1fi11." Foofball G. A, A. Sporls, G. R., G. A. A., Spanisli, Tennis, Debale, Home EC. MARJORIE NELL RUSSELL LANDERS ERNIE LATHAM "I'1'c,Q0Ili17r1i1ki' A in "Ilan afmul z1iliil:'?" "ru my fi, ill., im.-ii.-w fffizfffififlff' Tau Sigma, Pan Am. Forum VIRGINIA LOCKHART LONA MARKGRAF CLEO MARLATT ROBERT MARSH "Ifm1z' a flair 1L'i!b Tililvuf' "Ilin'r' 1'uual1y1lz"u'xfr1r "Guo 'zrbizf' "l3nnkkw1ii11g ix killing mcf' Tau Sigma, G. A. A., G. R. ff"1f1l"ff"?" G. A. A., Tau Siqma, Pen Ran Am. Forum, Spanish, gt ink' glee Club' 9. RAN PIII Delta PSI Scribes, Sporls ERNESTINE MARTINDALE MARIE MARLOCK W. H. MATSON "Oli, my mu ." "IIo1zz'y fliilrf' "10'x 111yr1r1rIifig." Tau Sigma, G. A. A., Pan N. Assoc., Foolball, Pres. Am. Forum, Ready Wrilers, Siu, Body, Pres. Sr. Class Bicycle, Lalin IEalll, Lasso, Baseball CLAUDE MAYFIELD CLAUD MCAFEE JESSA LEE McCARTY ELDON MCCLELLAN "I 110117 know, axk Hcurx'." "No, you ilou'f." "Pm going in g0f1nn'rl'ieJ." 'wvffw axlc wil-lv 11:11-.ifin11s?" Larial N Assoc., Eoolball, Baseball HARRY MCCONNELL SARAH MCGEE LORAINE MCDADE "Il1'Ilu, link: li." "?rn'r1', lri1r1't.w." "I'l1 li'lfliil." 6. R., Tau Siqma, G. A. A., G. A. A., Tau Siqma, G. R., Lariat' Sporls Sr. Play, Golf, Tennis Rep. IDA MCKNIGHT CLOTEAL MCKNIGHT JAMES MQMURTREY FRANK MCMURRY "Mill will urrng wmv 11f'fk "I Mink l'Il quit srfiuolf' "Yun mrfl luur vwry "MfMnrrySpm'if1l." for Null." Ilinlgf' GEORGE McMURRY CORA FAY MCVEY VERA MEEK "W'ul4f1ifu'i1'nrk, "CJmlv, all fu'wlml:,"' "lIi"rm1r1izzgvfwrlnui,gl:i." 1""'V'4U G. R.. Tau Sigma, Bicycie Tau Siqma, G, A. A., G. R., Pan Am. Forum, Sr. Piay. Sporfs JAY ED MILLER JEANNETTE MILNER LURRA LEE MOORE MARGARET MOORE "I'1rl nxza1ii',lvui'fif'Y." "Nu,14'f13?" "W'r'li, 14 lm! il1Hm'f'11rr alum "l'nliliJil1v.,' Baseball, Tennis,Tau Sigma, irmulfe?" Spanish, Q- RH Horseback N Assoc. VANCE MOORE JIMMIE MONTFORT ONA MORGAN "I ruugfrl u burgli1r." "Hello, ban." "Gooduiglil." IRENE MORROW BEN MUIR FRANCES MULHOLLAND JACK MURPHY "1.iffw,gii In lluiivllf' "limi 'f Mimi: iz?" "Oli, fm, 1f!,,lmli."' "iV""'IHHlf3'gf? WW' Tae iiqrlxa' SBiCy+Cie' Larin, Pan Am. Forum, ' ' " por S Ed. Lariai, Band CLAYTON MUSE JUNE NAPPS VANITA OSBORNE "l'H lfilr, n'lml?" "Yi-i. I'rli'amlI.sf1lign "VH 11:-wr ,qu will: Ziim Fooiball, Lariai, Hi-Y, Golf fffxfffffff' flxffifff' T ,Ls E LL - , HELEN OWENS JOE PALACHEK DOROTHY PENNINGTON MATT PERRY "A, uni' If" "Privy" "Air, l.i'i'k." "ll Il 3 I 1 I I G. R. I'Ii-Y, Boys' Giee Boys G ee WELDON PEWITT GAINES PLAXCO BILL POLANOVICH "IIg-Iliff' "Grail fr1n'14'r," "Cowl umr11if1g," Spanish, Tau Sigma, Yeii Leader, Pres.S+u. Body I Phi Deifa Psi, Hi-Y Basebaii, Bus. Mgr. Lasso DOROTHY POTTER ROGER POTTER EVELYN PRAYTOR NED PRICHARD "I'm going lu flu' liIu'm'y." Allull. "IIf111.vu1i1.m? If I ll Spanish Tau Sigma, G. R., Spanish, Debafing Team Pan Am. Forum, Bicycle PAUL RAYMOND DAN REESE LORA MAE RICE "W'lu'i'i"x lfzcIyf1?" "Hi, fbilrfmrlf' "IIi'1I11, girl." Fooibail, N Associafion, Giee Ciub Lasso LORINE RICHARDS CHARLES RINGLER RICHARD ROARK DOROTHY ROBINSON "WrlI,kiiI." "Ili, 51L'vHIi1'." "I'IImmf'ifliuumii1Il." Ol 3 B Fooiball, Baskefball, Golf, Boy's Scholarship Tau Sigma Horseback Hi-Y, N Associaiion, Lasso MAXINE ROBINSON "I'llrirII1'i1rx." Tau Sigma BETTY RUNYON "Call ml' Siuugi' iIIn1'j:lw." G. A. A., Pen 81 Ink, G. R., Tau Sigma, Spanish, Tennis, Home Ec. VIRGIE LEE RUSSEY "fInIIvMn!1z1." Tau Sigma, G. R. VIVIAN RYAN L. B. SANDERS LEONARD SORRELS MILDRED SEDBERRY "II"lva! 1111 1111! lfJil1flc?" "11fiL, Vwalif' "1I11Lr'lIiNal7jI3," "lI1'IIn, giflif' DOROTHY SIMMONS INELL SHACKELFORD BOB SHELTON I "Al1,m111h'ly." "Aw, you alll lfv1z11ifw'ulii111," "Thai rlmps me." Tau Sigma LOUIS SHEFELWICH LOUISE SHILLING JAMES SHORT EVELYN SLADOVNIK "IIui'k, no." Hof all "W f"ll'M,f f'fL"iIyI "I do rm! rlumsr Io laik," "Aw, shunt." low ruyirlf Desi. Feb Class Re G. A. A., Spanish, Pan Am. ' p' Forum, Archery, Rifle, G. R. BILLY SMITH CHARLES SMITH COLEMAN SMITH "YM, I gn! wmv' friflure Inu." "I Iwf! my bunk in flu' fur, muy "Du11'! lu'l1Im1Ig iuxf my Baseball' I-Ii,Y4 Boys' glee' Igff mmf. nm1.,f?" . .i-lin! upf' V Sr. play Sporfs, Foolball, Tennis Tau Sigma, Tennis DORIS SMITH MARY LEE SMITH ORVILLE SMYTHE BILLY SAM SPEARS "Ola, G.f'11i'1i1'11', Iran' mu "Aw vfimf' "Mrrrgil"v u1vgirI." "lIuw muff?" W' WH' '7"XUfb?D Tau Sigma Foolball, Baseball, Traclc BOBBIE SPRINKLE GENE STEWART PAUL STEVENS "Alle Rui, lu' A111114 v." "Yu1z'1z',qnflulu'1frii1i'1mxi "Illvill'lL71rin." fm. li-il." 55595511 I. , B. R. STOCKER JAMES STRATTON MILADY STROLENY VIVIAN SURBER "Hi, xixf, "Ev'rwslim"x juimfc prnlrm'ly,'! "Ulm, my goodfzvssf' "Yuufv man." Band, Tau Sigma, Sr. Play FARMER TANNAHILL ELTRIE TICE BILLIE THOMPSON "Aw, wr iur'lu'ialr." "Y1'x',I.vlill ,qu 'willy Mal'ui11." "I:1z'l lfmf awful?" Spanish, Sr. may o CARL THOMPSON DONALD THOMPSON ROCKLE VLOITOS LA VERNE VOGT "Gwnly, goody, gum Tlmlvf' "Why, shore." "BNI I fluff! 1111r1ev'staml." "IIu1z"Jlfc7ou'f1' 11 wif slc'a1y," DOROTHY WADDELL CONNIE WAGNER THADDEOUS WALLS "I f'nl1'fgr1, Vu: llmrriczlf' "IPX rl sfml11r',nirl'!il?I' "Ga Ifnltustl1w17." Tau Sigma. Horseback EPPIE JO WALTER ETHYLENE WALTERS EDNA MAE WATSON ERLENE WEATHERS "Kill, :ln you know "Aw," ''Plane',Mu.fluuz, mu I vlnlrry "IIr'Ilo, girlsf' n1z3'fbi11g?" A. AH Bicycle jnurm11?" Sr. Play MARIE WEAVER WILLIAM K. WEIR W. A. WELBORN "W'lu'r'4"v I3m'nllvy?" "W'lmi'x ffm' Iuluxf g0,vxip?" "Tz'lUg1'zlm fur yon." CHRISTINE WHELCHEL CHAUNCEY WHITE DOROTHY DEAN JEWEL WILSON "W'liul ilu mu lZ1irlfc?" "Hella, fmilzliflrff' "W'flj'?" "II"fwu I u lu lcuui- high In a pi,quuuf" Sporls, Scribes, G. A. A., Sr. Play BESSIE WILKINSON ELDRIDGE WILLIAMS JOSEPHINE WILLIAMS "lull iilll lu' ill nm! 11 Wk-1'rlil," "Grub, rm." "Nlm'nr11j1rmj7." Hi-Y, Lalin, Foolball, Spanish N Associaiion MARGARET WILLIAMS ENA FAYE WILLIS MARY LOUISE WOFFORD VIRGIL WOFFORD "Oli nmrrnwl Iifi-? "I'lI sing yan 11 song fur "Aw, fmgqfl il." "Hy ilu, Wh?" I II'rxx1'x'lI." ' a17i'llrly." Spanish! Edilor of Larial FRANK WOLFE CHARLES WOMACK OPAL WOMACK "W'fn'i'w'x Imxii' DHI?" "Arr yum Inu lwu I1rolfirl'i?" "Y01m1'urvn1i'Io?" Bus. Mgr. Larial Baslfelball, Baseball, Traclc Tau Sigma JUNIOR WOODS HELEN WRIGHT ANNA BELLE WYATT VIOLET YEARGAIN "SL1f2fifIj,'f,l:,1:'ZI fy?" ff "Dr-I W. n-ifllwr "ru f.,,,1,.,n.-f H1 ,1,,,,-, r,,,,,l I-Ii-Y, Foolball, Golf, Track, G- RN Tau sqm' Yell T . Leader, Band Sponsor au Sigma HELEN YOUNG HOWARD YOUNG IMOGENE ZIMMERMAN "Um, fri' ix lfu'i'ul1'.xl nw." "1I1'IIn, x'mf1'I." "I'iu going In ,qwf rllr1V'rim1." Spanisln, Phi Della Psi, Pan Golf, Tau Sigma Arn. Forum, G. R., Tennis, Bicycle . 1 , EA? ig ' 55 .,-f' A lib' .2b1'lQf'f'--QQET 'ww asf Tw' fi., 'W 'E W 'ffifffg ' - fm N QM 'HH jw. N, wwf' ess:-, :U mm iff f--N W , -,F A , . X.,.,, v, ' , ""Hmff,+,, jf, W1 jf V A n ,, '-103 I E' ' QA 'K K -:ES J ug, 5 E Q is sk g 3 "ff . :iq PW K 5.5 E fag -' rw A r' gl iia gfi ' A f l" 5 2 V " " -- .h 5,1 E Z .2 1 1 .. .- Q - at f Y 4 ff? 22" V 'Y -M1 . 417321. - iiiifffjiit ,M .3 ,ig -g'fi4L1w-" '. . - -f-1,-:.4.,Q,. sm, Q- ..- " fffaffi. -as :Qi - 1- yy JQWQN , -- . .girl f - X f 3 . 4, JZ.-qi -pi x ff? i 'fi. e"ff- if L? .' 4-, S-z if X' ' si' A A , , -- , yd? gg? 4 , Ag ' QQ gf 54 . f ,:g55,:a5' 43,51 465. ' U f P . ff :N 'Q-r I' 7 i 1 '-42.2, '32 ff: :Q-1: 'X 5 1 , -.355 '1--: , U .i f?L,3ir' 4 X x we ? . . -F Q ' f 4, :1 1 3.5 I if Lf!-5 ' W s ea, , .:p:,,, ,I .5 y. -, , ff - .w 2, xg: 5.1 Y. . if '51 x Ks?-. x ai ? ' 1? if ,Q 'P 4 'A P' S X e, -, - V ., . Q1 , W wwf X . .egg - 5319 QR" 'O 5 P4 I 2,4-qs .P 1 ... ..,,,.,q, : nm- qp:-v N-S. L, ,J .1.,-,L3- ---.931 -of 2 -. ra.. aff uw: 'N-.3 -W . 31 N WMV. 'iw im. ii: -. nf A , W -:hs -iajtl F :.,.?,i.Qji.5552.:x , ,, . 1 f MN 413' ff' WW -3- .wwf -: ., N -J, 4nf5,,..'TE'PK-3'Zf?Q:: V353 - -iw - - 'KT' iq THE.I!IEQQI5.ITE vol ITT ' CEJMPILER-HoMERJoikEiE CWTTWIWTICQIT 316 GRAD ATE mom NOITTTTDE Class of January '38 CLASS POEM Class of June '38 Senior Day Program The January Senior Day pro- gram was given in the auditorium Wednesday, January 12. The program was planned by Miss Rogers, assisted by James Balthrop, who wrote the class will, Carl Thompson, who wrote "Ech- oes"g Guy Dalrymple and Ernie Latham, who wrote a skit, "Pa Brings Home the Bacon", Mr. Mc- Combs, Mr. Reeves, Miss Neigh- bors, and Miss Smith. After the processional, Dick Tar- vin gave the welcome to the school and presented the officers of the first graduating class of the new North Side High School. The last will and testament was written and read by James Bal- throp. School talent in music was also brought out. Joe Saenz played sev- eral numbers on the guitar. Cleon Howard sang "There's a Gold Mine in the Sky," and Bobby Godwin gave a clarinet solo. "My Memory Book," described as snapshots 20 years ago, included Edith Hood, Carl Kelley, Cleon Howard, James Balthrop, Clayton Muse, Bill Polanovich, Helen Wright, Sam Ozee, Guy Dalrymple, Bobby Godwin, Chauncey White, Ernie Latham, Johnnie Carpenter, Al Farmer, C. W. Henry, Richard Roark, James Short, Billy Smith, Dick Tarvin, Eldridge Williams, Henry Carey, Claude Mayfield, Frank IVolfe, Coleman Smith, Don- dena Blaylock, Cecil Mae Chapman, June Reddy, Marion Gillespie, An- na Marie Klett, Juanita Knott, Doris Smith, Geneva Allen, Bessie Wilkinson, Margaret Williams De- Wine, Mary Balentine, and Carl Thompson. Two skits were included in the program. They were "Maiden in Distress," featuring Claude Clem- ents, Billy Smith, Clayton Muse, James Short, and Edna Mae Wat- . - l son, and "Fo1led Again," or "Pa Brings Home the Bacon," with Don- dena Blaylock as the heroine, Ernie Latham, the villain, and Guy Dal- rymple, as Harry Brown, the hero. Chauncey White announced the fContinued on page 21 As our school days rush toward an end, We sincerely wish that God could send A year, a week, even a day, Or only help us to find a way That we might go on at North Side High Without a time to say "good- bye." Many fond memories of the past Forever and ever with us shall last Of the school days through the years When we were one of thc North Side Steers. But now we find ourselves in view Of a greater field of things anew. VVe can conquer, or we can fail, But the ship of success forever will sail To heights of glory yet un- known, But all the credit is North Side's own. A tender spot in our hearts we'll hold For an alma mater that never grows old. The school that we'll cherish though far and wide Is the school of our choice, "Old North Side." -Cleo Marlett. SENIOR ACTIVITIES AT A GLANCE FEBRUARY October 1-Senior Picnic, Hagood's Ranch-No Rain fSurprise?J January 6-P. T. A. Partyigames and dancingsmusic-fschool re- cordingsj. January 12-Senior Day. January 21-Banquet and Dance- Woman,s Club-Eddy Deem's Orchestra played. January 23-Baccalaureate Service -11 o'clock-Rev. A. W. Myers, main speaker. .January 26-8 p. m.WCommence- ment-North Side Senior Audi- fContinued on page 3, Senior Day Program The Senior Day program Wednes- day, April 13, 1938, opened with a processional including the entire class of 230, accompanied by the two pianos of Ruth Murphree and Helen Young. Wesley Cleveland, president of the class, int1'oduced the other of- ficers of the class to the remainder of the student body and made a short welcoming address. James Stratton, Louise Schilling and Jack Murphy, clarinet trio, played. Joe Palachek and a chorus pre- sented a cowboy sequence. In the chorus were Marjorie HuE Bell, I1'ene Morrow, Lou Ellen Duke, Dorothy Bell, Catherine Casteel. Lucille Crawford, Opal Womack, Dorothy Simmons, LaFaye Beam, Rosalie Brock, Maurine Howard, Vivian Ryan, Jewell Wilson, Chris- tine Whelchel, Evelyn Praytor, Dorothy Pennington, Janetta Deaigh, Eppie Joe Walter, Louise Schilling, Ethylene Walters, J. R. Cheek, Wando Riley, Hugh Hokett, Loren Bartoo, James McMurtrey, Dorothy Potter, Marguerite Cla- gett, J. C. Adams, Harold Henson, Robert Key and Norman Flory. "Dream Sweetheart" sequence vocals we1'e done by Ned Prichard with W'anda Kimble, Russell Lan- ders, Dorothy Robinson, Wesley Cleveland, Helen Owens, Vera Meek, J. W. Jones, Margie Lou Kelley, Mary Lou Dearing, Inez Davis, Jack Murphy, Virgil Wof- ford, Dorothy Hill, Ruth Elder, Bernice Hale, Vera Meek, Guy Eula Hukel, Eunice Grove, Charles Ringler, Jack Humble, William Stevens, J. W. Jones, Buford Eaves, Bill Crawford, Florine Hawbaker, H. G. Stephenson, Zeta Jones, and Betty Runyon. James Stratton and Billy Strat- ton gave guitar numbers. Authors of the class will and the class prophecy were introduced after they were read. The pupils were Margie Shook, Charles Court- ney, Alline Gardner, Jimmie Mont- ford, Cleo Marlatt, Minnie Lou Lamb, Earline Beck, La Verne CContinued on page 31 THE LASSOETTE I.'QlE..tfX2?f.2.EIIE 5 ff '1 i 0 f F M f H 1' f S North Side High School COMPILER'S NOTE We wish to take this opportunity to ac- knowledge with grateful appreciation the help our school paper, The Lariat, and other papers have given us in compiling this information. TO THE SENIOR CLASS -JUNE, I938 Each of you will have to live with himself for a long, long time. As your sponsor my message for you is: So live that you will make of that self a fine, true, upstanding person-one whom you may re- spect and approve and of whom you may be exceedingly proud. --Mrs. Harry C. Wallenberg. Hoocl, Williams Have Senior Play Leads The first Senior play given in the new building was Ulf I Had a Million," presented by the Febru- ary Graduating Class of 1938. The cast included: John W. Smith, Rube Williamsg Katherine Smith, Edith Hood, Jean DeLacy, Mary Ballentineg Mr. Van- derlip William, Bill Wierg Mrs. De- Lacy, Marion Gillespieg Mrs. Smith, Edna Mae Watsong Nannette, Mil- dred Kennedy, Mr. Garland, George McMurryg Mrs. Dugan, Virginia Robbins, Eddie Dugan, Carl Kelly, Lord Rainsort, Claude Clements, Mertense, Billy Smith. January '38 Senior Day Program fContinued from page 15 acts, and Bill Polanovich acted as stage director for told when to hiss the villain or cheer the herol. Poetry was connected with the students by Carl Thompson and Marion Gillespie, who cross-fired names and made them rhyme with certain phrases pertaining to school and everyday life. At the end of the program the seniors sang the Alma Mater, prob- ably for the last time as a group in the "dear old school upon the hill." Prophetess Edith Hood of the February Class and Seeress Ear- line Beck of the June Class, look into the future, and this is what they see: The crystal ball shows Howard Young breaking into the headlines every now and then as a profes- sional caddie. One might turn his radio dial to- day and hear Cleon Howard's sing- ing, for he's an idol of the air waves. Lavelle Miller is giving fashion news over the radio. James Balthrop is the editor of that thriving paper, the North Fort Worth News, and Clayton Muse is assistant editor and sports writer. James Williams is elevator boy in a one-story building. Somewhere in Australia Bill Polanovich is a prominent sheep herder. Helen Wright with her motherly instinct is the owner and operator of an orphans' home. Ah! here is Melvin Brown pro- ducing '4Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in the Rose Theatre. The cast includes William Johnson as Sneezyg Vernon Gardner as Grum- pyg Lloyd Lammers as Sleepyg Raymond Kane as Bashfulg Billy Fescenmeyer as Happyg J. R. Cheek as Doc and Russell Landers as Dopey. It seems that he can't de- cide between Wanda Kimble and Rosalie Brock for Snow White. The wardrobe designer is Newton Addington. Sam Ozee is coaching the Mad- dox Park Rinkidinks. I see Charles Womack is con- tented with married life, but would be happier if his wife would sup- port him better. Ernie Latham is running a Gulf filling station, Guy Dalrymple is a Hrst class salesman for Conocog Chauncey White is playing profes- sional football. Eunice Grove is married to Thea- dus and is cooking for the little Theaduses. Bobby Godwin is commander-in- chief of an outpost in China. Virginia Hatcher has proved the theory that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. She's married to B. R. Stocker. Johnnie Carpenter is struggling to make a living for Margaret Hol- ley as a professional cartoonist. Belton Morton is now a death deiier on his motorcycle. Al Farmer is doing a nice bit of stream-line hoofing at the State. Ah! Eldon McClellan belongs to the S. S. A.-the Street Sweepers' Association. In between naps C. W. Henry is now pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals. Doris Ferguson is a foreign cor- respondent for a New York news- paper. Coleman Smith holds the well- earned and deserved position of as- sistant owner of Hill Grocery Store. Bobbie Hines is a traveling sales- mang he sells insulated rubber teething rings to discriminating mothers. Richard Roark is the dean of a college in Michigan, and James Short is teacher of physics in the same college. Here is Deland Davidson as a gentleman's gentleman for Lord Bibantucker in bally old England. Billy Smith is now in the pho- tography business for himself. Harold Henson is a side show barker for Ringling Brothers' Cir- cus. He has a flea circus as a side line. Dick Tarvin is carrying water to elephants at the circus, for he got his practice in high school. Look! Doris Hearon is one of fContinued on Page 43 SNOOPY DETECTIVE AGENCY "If we can't get the evidence, we manufacture il" Special attention to Bank Robbers Two-timing Boy Friends Kidnapers Political Opponents Prop1'ietor Wallace fSurelockJ Johnston Address-Secret Phone-Sing Sing 7-1098768zc "Doon Co0per'S GAINES PLAXCO POLANOVICH PRODUCE DAMP TWIG EXPERgElgiAQg:1CIAN S Poultry, Pigs, Pups, Posies, Tonlc Services Strictly Confidential PumDkil1S. and P,S "Cures Everything from Spring 9 of All Kinds Fever to Hydrophobiav "Mum's the Wordi' V O . C A Generous 128-oz. Bottle Carrying ilggniiclaigs in Coat me Carrying money on person "If Pflff Piper Pifked H Peck Of 0 . . 10W commission pickled peppers, Palomwich Pm- A13 any Drug or Package Store Sitting on electricgchair-seat duck picks plemy of psf, S5 per sitting THE LASSOETTE W i l l Major Roles For Senior We, the High Senior Class, being of sound mind in the year of our Lord 1938, do hereby make our last will and testament to the ones we wish to carry on in our absence. Lillian Benefiel and Juanita Knott, the boisterous loud mouths of our class, do hereby leave these traits for Hugh Hokett and Clyde Smith. Carl Ellis' long school career is left to Henry Woods. And to his brother Nick Dear, Jay Ed Miller leaves his timid, quiet ways and also his trucking ability. Ruth Elder turns over her faith- fulness to the Lasso to Charles Humble. John Gibson hates to leave all he has, his ability to play the drum, to one who could use it, Weldon Stover. Dorothea Bilbrey's athletic abil- ity is left to Evelyn Carpenter. The physics ability of Ida Mc- Knight will probably do Paul Stevens some good next term. Vera Meek leaves her straight A's to Doris Cross. Old Al QBigApplel Farmer tear- fully wills his dancing ability to James Boswell. Sarah McGee turns her dancing feet over to Anna Earl Johnson. Our Einstein of the class, Mr. Richard Hancock, leaves his pow- ers of a great mathematician to Sandy Shields. Mary Lee Smith's ability to flirt is going to Lennie Pope. To never let a present North Side student have a date is what Edith Hood bequeaths to Margie Shook. Billie Thompson leaves her Wil- lys to her sister, Johnnie. Here's cinders in your eyes as Bill Arnett so graciously leaves his track ability to Deland Davidson. Dorothy Null gets knitting in class. We hope Joe Palachek accepts the lovely, sweet tenor voice of Cleon Howard. Betty Runyon gives Nell Hatchett her hog-calling efforts. June fShortyJ Reddy leaves her supreme height to Dorothy Ander- son. Sibyl Hughes gets Alline Gard- ner's extra height. The Three Stooges. Guy Dalrym- ple. Chauncey White and Ernie Latham, leave their ability to al- ways be seen together to Junior Woods, Gaines Plaxco and Hilton Kutch. Eunice Grove leaves her person- ality and sweet smile in the capa- ble hands of Ruth Murphree. Clayton Muse leaves his ability to go forty-five seconds in any football game to Elmer Addington. Florine Hawbaker leaves her no- ble ability for speaking in that certain sweet monotone to Ina Mae Graham. Never to be on time to a first period class will be Louise Cun- ningham's only gift for Bernice Hale. Rosalie Brock leaves her S. A. to Ava Marie Hamm. Their love for the old stockyards will be all that Lee Ed Barnett and Sonny McAfee will be able to leave Bud Jackson and J. R. Cheek. Charles Womack leaves Wanda Leggett in care of Bob Mosley. Dick Tarvin will leave his ability iContinued on Page 41 June '38 Senior Day Program CContinued from page 15 Gardner, Doris Ferguson and Theo Eubanks. In a radio sketch written by Lavelle Miller and Dorothy Potter were Marceia Jolley, Homer Joyce and Harry McConnell. Characters in "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" were Bill Crawford, Wesley Cleveland, Wallace Johns- ton, Roy Bellamy, Charles Ringler, Melvin Cooper, H. G. Stephenson, Paul Stevens, Dorothy Hill, Connie Wagner, Bernice Hale, Dorothy Anderson, and Jessa Lee McCarty. Completing the program, mem- bers of the class hummed in unison the school song as Dorothy Dean Wilson read the class poem writ- ten by Cleo Marlatt. Senior Activities at a Glance tContinued from page 15 torium - Dick Tarvin, president of class, received first diploma from the new building- Mr. Wyatt presented the diplomas for the first time. JUNE February 16-Senior Party-Jack Harris, Master of Ceremonies- in school gym-t'Handies," a new game was born-should have died. April 13-Senior Day. April 22-Skating Party-at Pul- liam's-good floor, good music, soft lights. April 28-Luncheon-12:30, spon- sored by P. T. A.-Class colors, orchid and pink used in decora- tions - Theater party - 3:30 at Worth-Gable, Loy in t'Test Pilot"-refreshments. May 19 - Senior Banquet - Lake Worth Casino-Little Jack Lit- tie's Band. May 26-Garden Party and Dance-Glen Garden-Orchestra -Varsitonians played. May 28-May Fete at T. W. Cf- Lona Markgraf and Virgil Wof- ford represented North Side. May 29 - Sunday - Baccalaureate Services. May 31-Commencement-Municr pal Auditorium-at 8:00 p. m. Play Cast by McKee Major characters for the senior play, "As You Like It," were chosen Friday, March 11, by Mr. Blanchard McKee, dramatics direc- tor of the Fort Worth Recreation Department. Mr. McKee was for- merly director of the Fort Worth Little Theater. James Stratton and Florine Haw- baker were selected to play the leading roles, the part of Orlando to be carried by James Stratton and that of Rosalind by Florine Hawbaker. Characters for the play were chosen at the fifth and sixth pe- riods. Every student in the dra- matics class tried out for some part. Students trying out for the many parts were separated into diferent groups. They were allowed to try out for as many parts as they cared to. The majority of the girls were interested in the part of Rosalind, while the boys seemed to think the role of Jacques would be the most attractive. Mr. McKee for the play voice, posture, fitness. Minor roles the following: Duke living in exile, James McMurtrey: Duke Frederick, Farmer Tannahill: Amiens, Jessa Lee McCarty: Jacques, Roy Bel- lamy: Le Beau. Janetta Deaigh: Oliver. Claud Fleet: Jacques de Bois, Ethylene Walters: Adam, J. W. Jones: Touchstone, Margie Shook: Corin, Loraine McDade: Silvius. Inez Davis: William, Ray- mond Hands: Celia. Mary Virginia Irby: Phebe, Gwendolyn Apperson: Audrey, Lura Lee Moore. judged the tryouts upon the basis of carriage and general of the play went to CHARLES RINGLER NON-MELT ICE Will Not Kick Dog WORK GUARANTEED Call FOO Office, Froze Bldg. CLAUD FLEET'S CAFE "Food Like Mother Used to Burn" Staff: Chief Cook ...... E. J. KINDER Dish Washer .... RUTH ELDER Alline Gardner's DRESS SHOPPE "Latest Creations" Two Pair of Handkerchiefs with Every Dress f. THE LASSOETTE WILL fContinued from page SJ to manage a football team to an- other lad, namely, Winston Henson. Marceia Jolley's love for fancy Langston. the engaged shorts goes to Ethyl Bessie Wilkinson, member of our class, will leave the habits of an engaged girl to Mavi- nee Cobb. Bobby Ladd's trailer goes to Nellie Lee Gamble. Weldon QSotJ Jenkins leaves his ability to cut classes and get by with it to Brack Wilcox. Marie Matlock leaves her smiles and eye-making ability to Gloria Cummings. The luck to be a winning base- ball pitcher will be C. W. Henry's gift to Ed Lackey, who is in dire need of it. Ernest Bruce leaves to Thurman Grubis his ability to consume vast quantities of intoxicating bever- ages. Charles Courtney may have the good journalism grades of Frank Wolfe, with his compliments. Ned Prichard's ability to rate redheaded exes is left to Don Smotherman. Sam Ozee will leave his ability to run other guys' love affairs to Joe Cardwell. Virgil Wofford leaves his medals and uniform to J. E. Shields. His ability in shop will be J. P. Hunter's only usable thing that Robert Lindsey can have. Robert Hamm leaves his foo ability to the rest of the foo family at North Side High. S. E. Baker gets Weldon Pewitt's ability to jerk sodas and make SENIOR FUTURES fContinued from page 25 the gorgeous redheads in Gold- wyn's Follies. Rube Williams is making a pig- gy living by being chief sausage maker at Jake Street's. Mary Lou Dearing is a face model for Doleys Doll Company. Henry Carey and Claude May- field are rivals in Commission Com- panies. I see Cleo Marlett is a home demonstrator. She demonstrates the use of Limburger cheese with a delightful perfume. Gaines Plaxco is following his father's footsteps and is a success- ful cattleman. Frank Wolfe is sales manager for a local business firm. Between household duties Don- dfna Blaylock is assisting Helen Wright at the orphans' home. Opal Henderson is a very ef- ficient secretary for a foreign mis- sionary society. .June Reddy is now "all up in the air," for she is an air hostess for American Airlines. Cora Fay McVey is the capable nurse of Loren Bartoo, who is a prominent doctor. Marion Gillespie has "gone West, young woman," for she's now make- up artist for R. K. O. K Harold Browning is demonstrat- ing for ApeX's new permanent wave for men. Anna Marie Klett and Juanita Knott are employed at Kress 8z Co. .Here shows Marjorie Landers, still faithful to dear old North music. Side, for she is librarian. Helen fCupid's Helperj ROY BELLAMY'S Wright GROCERY 81 MARKET ADVICE To THE Tearless O :gpecials:T d O I ' . mons... oay ny LOVELORN A Pzgr of glasses with a H , -"', , ozen rapefruit I y be 610-0-one you don t Serve Our Grapefruit at Your Wm' to' Duck Dinners Write Wright Right Away for Right Results Pig Knuckles and Zour Grout CALL 2-7403 Clf Phone doesn't answer-I will! DOCTOR BANK NIGHT FRANK McMURRY 2nd N3.tl0l'l3.1 Barlk CHRONICAL KNEES President NERVOUS INDIGESTION MR. ORVILLE SMYTHE HAY FEVER Vicbpresident I'IOUSElVIAID'S KNEE MR. J. W. JONES BANDEST Please Call at Back Door. Office 9 to 5 Brain Cell Inserted on Teacher's Request can Betwelfieoo - 1:10 "Let Me Pull You Through Death's Door" NEWTON ADDINGTON BRIDGE CO., Inc. "Burn your bridges behind you" 191 Trumping Aces and Kibitzing Our Specialties Mgt 600 Grand Slam Avenue Phone-Contract ace-deuce-trey WHY WAIT? Learn Your Future NOW Eallne Beck, Seeress "Sees nothing, knows little, tells everything" Rates A long journey ..... ..... SS 5 A good job ....... ..... 35 10 A rich marriage .... ..... S 100 F O O T H E A T R E Now Showing JAMES STRATTON fas the "Lone Wolf"J in "MY NIGHT TO HOWL" Also DEJECTED SHORTS Say, You! Do You Want to Fight? See Bill Barnes or Bill Jones, Soldiers of Fortune "Wars Started at Reasonable Rates" Magie Shook's BEAUTY SHOP Permanent Tangle ........ 31.00 To Untangle ............. 585.00 lol. GET RID OF YOUR SCI-IOOLGIRL COMPLEXION lk CALL 2-1234 flf a man answers, hang up! JIMMY MONTFORT School of the Dance Bargain Week SWAN DANCE and SUSIE Q Both for 31.00 C 10-0 Bed Arts Bldg. Girls' Glee Club Rulh Murphree, pianisl Boys' Glee Club H. G. Sfephenson, pianisf Ready Wrilers: Norman Flory, Lee Ray Todd, Sarah Dale Mireles, Miss Bells, Doris Ferguson, Louise Shilling, Florah Jeanne Burlcell, Lona Marlcgral, Cleo Marlahr Declaimers: Elizabelh Priddy, Waller Sheller, Myrlle Osleen, Evelyn Birdwell, Dick Moore, Bernadine Thompson Debalersz Minnie Lou Lamb, Melvin Smilh, Eunice Grove, Ned Prichard 5 Q 2 Q E i f 3 5 w 3 Q a f 5 5 1 3 E x 1 :Qwwx . -f swamff,,:f5,ffW ffw-,,,.M.M fwzfw f fwvzfv mwwf- a . , . POPULARITY The sludenl body's oulslanding social affair ol The year was lhe lormal annual Popularily Ball, held in The school gymnasium on January I5. Winners of The dislinclion ol mosl popular boy and girl in each Class were as follows: seniors, Rulh Elder and Dan Reese: iuniors, Rulh lvlurphree and W. G. llzloppyl Blaclamony sophomores, Doris Cross and George Boswell. Olhers in The runforl were: seniors, l-lelen Wrighl, Evelyn Bussey, ' li T ' 3 'uniors, Guy Eula l-lulcel, Bill Crawford, Dub lvlalson, and Duc arvin I Evelyn Carpenler, Lois Cargill, Margie Sandsberry, W. M. Few, James Boswell, and Winslon l-lensong sophomores. Nina Rosloslcy, Bobbie l-l ble Slubbs, Ann Wiggins, Arrel Roberls, Charles Ulley, and Charles um RUTH ELDER SENIOR Rulliie . . . Our liead yell leader for lwo years lwas been given llie lionor of llme mosl popular girl lor llwe llwird lime: llwis lime as a senior . . . l-las nol missed allending Sunday scliool for 7 years . . . allends clwurclw bollw Sundayimorning and niglwl . . . Honor sludenl . . . Edilor of your annual . . . Good dancer . . . a charming gig- gler . . . very friendly. , , I DAN REESE SENIOR Congrafulafions. Dan . . . Climaxing his all dis- Jrridr, all-Sfalre quarferloack honors he is seeing his picfure on Jrhe popularify page Tor +he Third Time . . . Wan+s To be an archifecf . . . Plans To onfer T. C. U. nexf fall . . . Favori+e pesfime is swimming . . . Thinks Spencer Tracy is The be-sf in The movies , . . Admires anyone wi'rh a good porsonalify and good sporfsmanship. ssgisi,ri RUTH MURPHREE JUNIOR The school pianisf . . . 4 fee? and I9lf2 inches Jraii . . . weighs IIC? pounds . . . I6 years old . . . Kiwanis Clubs sweeihearf . . . Favorife color is maroon . . . Wanis fo play in a swing band . . . Loves going fo Jrhe Worih Theafer . . . Phone numbe ' 6-296 r is 8 . . . Has made The pop- ulariiy page for +he second year. Q 5 Mu mf DORIS CROSS SOPHOMORE Our pelile yell leader . . . only I5 years old . . . welqlws lO3 pounds . . . prefers blue fo any ollwer Color Sparlclin bl . . . q ue eyes and pre'Hy brown lwair A b'l' ' . . . rn :won ns lo be an expression leaclwcr . . . Loves arclwery . . . Friendly, ener- qelric, good personalily . . . Prefers brunels. buf Jrlwinlcs all boys are olca y . . . So, boys, lwer phone number is 6-326I. If Ei EVELYN BUSSEY Srnim' BOBBIE STU BBS Snplmnnmrf LOIS CARGILL GUY EULA HUKEL f Senior JAMES BOSWELL W. M. FEW DICK TARVIN junior junior Senior EVELYN CARPENTER Inumr HELEN WRIGHT Swim' 'Q' NINA ROSTOSKY MARGIE SANDSBERRY ANN waeems S4,1flfmrmv'f w. H. MATSON BILL cRAwFoRo CHARLES UTLEY Snriur Sruiw XLfp!m1um.- wfylwmw f nf, -wx ,V A mam f Q2 , m .' iw , . UPL Bud and Mildred . . . Belly and Roger . . . Rosalie and Baxler . . . Rullu and Roy . . . James and Evelyn . . . Bobbie and Wesley . . . Freda and Morgan . Emmell and Evelyn . . . Douglas and Belly. COUPLES LaDe-ane and Buddy . . . Charles and Nan . . . Dorollmy and W. M .... Guy Eula and Bill . . . Bools and Be-Hy . . . Alva and Sam . . . Doris and Cookie . . . Dick and Doris . . jlna Mae and Cleon . . . Ann and Wallace . . . Jaclc and Bernice. . - nl ii 'WW 'hm--f - vein: 'wwf . cl ' X. X Vs v .. nf P wc Q Q, xg Q c ,EH Q 5 L, Q Y , n V 1. 5. H' 'V 5 - , A lx, at ,gm-Q S , 1. ,gsgg ,wvg,,,5l5,:- U Inman WS? 'WM ll sperm Illl s s H 5 11' if ' ' - -.rss . w A gl Q H ip X ii J Ill J, I's.,.. 5, i Phi Delia Psiers qei sfucic . . . Noon ciiaiier . . . Rube, Windy, and George . . . Domi fall, girls . We wonder if Huey saw ihe camera . . . Losf someihing, Eiaine? . . . Miss Amos and Miss Schober enferjrain Wanda Faye . . . See Hue prefiy birdie? , . . My, whai a face, Rufhie. Surprised, Doris? . . . Where are Wesley, Dick and Sam? . . . Typical noon crowd . . . Johnnie a close u . . . Can? ou ge? in, bo S? . . . i-ieiio, ourself . . . Whaf sori of game is fhalr? p Y Y Y Evelyn, Vera and Inez . . . Maurine's in a hurry. iii? I" aies NORTH SIDE GOES TO WICHITA Mr. Wyaff heads parade of Norrh Siders . . . Pep leaders ride in sjryie . . . Jreachers on Jrrain . . . Roo+ers see Wichifa . . . WichI+a's 'firsjr fouchdown . . . Jrhree mosr ef- ficienr managers . . . We found Rurh and Roy . . . Miss Sdwober smiles for Hwe camera man. The bench Repairs Towle-de-100+ Grubis qefs lasf inslrrucifions Te-am'5 off 'vo Kosclusco Dre-'ssinq room celebrafion Crowdi Read HN. S." for "T C U " FOOTBALL '! ! ! 4:15 K ' s K .nh . M m YEA STEERS! JIMMIE MONTFORT, DORIS CROSS, GEORGE BOSWELL, HELEN WRIGHT CHARLES UTLEY, RUTH ELDER, MARGUERITE ARNOLD, BILL POLANOVICH In acfion on I'I1e spor+ing froni' X I sm , fm. N ,, in Vw 3 L. Q : --5 1, , 1 V f, ,i rm-7 513' ar ' f fxX?Nf'Q Qxg fx MW X' XX e f I , 3 I . i 'I , I X ,xx 'EF , 'Q ff My - df 9 A w ' x ' 5 x Q x x 6 W. . X f A K' WL.: ..,- . ' 'K V 1 ' : K V7 r A yf . .X : , ff Q D Q W .1 V I f f Q- -, , ,1 Arg , . A ' -. 5 , ' J K wsj: 1, I Qfiikk , f- 1' fef5:iiE711fgsfv L., ,..,1 1,:, - a Azf. -, ,. , , 21- . ' ,J A bf, 4e,,,.g,w - '-J' -. " f?3?5a'- z: Tfggwa, , :f+V:w - qw wp-5 'X K y E ,iiiiiim .1 We, Q :PI ,Q -. if - 4 di 1 We 'Pisa :Hur 4. 5 QQ 5, , 5 ,xv 3 R F S! x L F7 Q ' I 3 A I J if 'Y ' M PL 1 , 5 2' 1 .-Qu 'Q' r Cr- if 5 HARLos eREEN HERMAN CLARK BLANARD sPEARMAN ,F , .imlxfilllf ffrmi li lliulif filmfffalff Cmlffy Xillfx ,X'iH11L':f Cum fi fi , if Trophy presenred by i-iahLom's To Norrh Side, ifooibail champions of Disiriclr Seven. Back Row: Coach Green, Mosley, Eddieman, Fulier, Morgan, Brown, Crawford, Johnson, Fieider, Granade, Thornfon, Kufch, Dodd, Malmberg, Conway, Few, Adams, Eaqie, Casfeel, Woods, Cardweii, Biacknion Middie Row: Coach Spearman, Maison, Tuiis, Rinqier, Reese, Kelier, Lackey, Ozee, Burklow, Harris, Henry, Cleveiand, Scribner, I-Curio, Grubis, Record, Cain, Tiiiery, Coach Aianis Firsf Row: Addinqion, Robbins, Allen, Johnson, Luiireii, Mayfieid, Kinder, Ashmore, Wil- iiarns, Miiier, Muse, Srriffmafier, Bosweii, Aibin, McClelian, Sawey, Roberis, Coach Clark In Froni: Courfney, Tarvin, Henson THE STAFF CAMERAMAN CAPTURED A FEW UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS When . . Mayfield cul off lefr laclcle for a nice gain over Woodrow Wil- son. Dan lwurdled for exlra yardage in flue Woodrow Wilson game. Eew and Blaclcmon slopped El Paso llwreal. Dan wenl' over cenler for firsl score in El Paso game. Mayfield refurned punl for good gain againsf Paschal. Ozee and Mayfield lorolce up Paschal passing alfack. Dub Tried for firsl clown in EI Paso game. we 'Ni ,fm DAN REESE--ALL STATE QUARTERBACK Quarierbaclc, l6O pounds, iersey No. 58. Dan's foolball career began on lhe vacanl lols when he was guile young. He played loolball on lhe Junior High School Yearlinq Jream and conlinued Through senior high school. His quick-kicking and passing were lhe oulslanding lealures ol his all-around play which enabled him lo be selecled lhe mosl valuable player in Dislricl 7 loolball. His excellenl record was climaxed by All Dislricl and All-Slalre guarlerbaclc honors. WINSTON HENSON DICK TARVIN CHARLES COURTNEY L E T T E R M E N ROY BU RKLOW-Fullback Roy was an excellenT blocker and also a good ball carrier. He should be one oT The very besT neTT year. ELDRIDGE WILLIAMS-Guard "Rube" played guard and Tackle boTh and knew all The as- signmenTs Trom boTh posiTions. He was one oT The mosT valuable men on The squad. BILL CRAWFORD-Tackle lCapTainl Bill was selecTed on The All- DisTricT Tearn and was one oT The besT Tackles in The STaTe. His ouT- slancling perTormance was againsT Woodrow Wilson in The Bi-DisTricT game. He was chosen co-capTain of The Team. ROBERT TULIS-Tackle "Bloody" was The rnosTimproved player on The learn. He has an- olher year and will undoubTedly be an All-STaTe man. W. H. MATSON-LeTT Halfback 'Dubl was our besT running back unTil he was Torced ouT wiTh iniuries laTe in The season. He was The hardesT Tackler in The STaTe Tor his size. ROBERT MAYFIELD- Righl' Halfbaclx "Red" won Two ball games Tor us, The Paschal game and The Riverside game. He was an ex- cellenT pass receiver, a vicious blocker and one OT The besT all around boys who ever aTTended NorTh Side High School. CHARLES CONWAY- LeTT Halfback When lvlaTson was Torced ouT wiTh iniuries Charles played reg- ular The lasT Tive games and really played like a veTeran. He should be one oT The besT nexT year. DAN REESE-QuarTerback lCapTainl 'Dazzlin Danny," as he was known, was The All-STaTe quarTer- back and The greaTesT kicker ThaT lXlorTh Side has ever had. AT The end oT The season he was chosen co-capTain oT The Team by his TearnfrnaTes. Any college in The UniTed STaTes will be lucky To gel' Danny. THURMAN GRUBIS-End Thurman was a regular abouT halT The season and could always be counTed upon To give his besT. CHARLES RINGLER-Guard Charles was a regular guard unTil he was iniured in The Mineral Wells game and was Torced To give up TooTball Tor The resT oT The season. He was one oT The Tew who earned Their leTTer The second Time. W. G. BLACKMON-End "Floppy," The mosT colorTul player on The squad, aT The be- ginning oT The season was Ter- rible. AT The lasT oT The season he rnade The AllADisTricT Team and was picked by some as All-STaTe. He has anoTher year and There is no limiT To his possibiliTies. 'VI WP 'iv .iron 'J VV,-,pn 4 LETTERMEN E. J. KINDER-Guard E. J. was The besT oTTensive guard in The DisTricT This year and should make some college a greaT TooTball player. WESLEY CLEVELAND-CenTer Wesley sTarTed The season as a back and was shiTTed To cenTer early in The season and naTurally was handicapped by lack oT ex- perience buT his play in The semi- Tinal game againsT Wichifa Falls aTTer Ashmore was hurT, was noTh- ing shorT oT miraculous. C. W. HENRY-RighT Halfback C. W. was playing his TirsT TooT- ball and was handicapped by lack oT experience. However, when he was called on, he was always ready. He played a greaT game aT Gainesville. GENE ASHMO RE-CenTer When we losT Fred Shook, who was All-STaTe cenTer in IQ36. everybody was worried abouT who was going To replace him. Gene, who weighed scarcely I4O pounds, came Through and made The All- DisTricT Team and was The besT cenTer in The STaTe Tor his weighT. ARREL ROBERTS-Guard Arrel was The only sophomore To earn his leTTer and wiTh Two more years oT eligibiliTy should be one of NorTh Side's ouTsTanding TooTball players oT all Time, AL HARRIS-Guard AI made The All-DisTricT Team This year and should be one oT The besT guards in The STaTe nexT sea- son. W. M. FEW- QuarTer and Fullback "Pug" was general uTiliTy man in The backTield and excelled in backing up The line. l-le has an- oTher year, and we shall hear plenTy Trom him before The season is over. SAM OZEE-End Sam was handicapped in size, weighing only I4O pounds, buT he made up Tor This handicap by his hard work and wonderTul spiriT. l-le was The sTar oT The Sherman game in The QuarTer Finals. ELMER ADDINGTON-Tackle Old "Ice Man" was always ready To sTep in and relieve eiTher Tackle and wiTh The experience gained This season should be an ouTsTanding linesman nexT year. JEFF ROBBINS-End The Azle GhosT didn'T Tind him- selT Till abouT The middle oT The season. ATTer This he was one oT The besT all-around men on The squad. CLAYTON M USE--Tackle ClayTon was also a relieT Tackle, and his TighT and husTle kepT The oThers going all The Time. NORTH SIDE GOES TO STATE SEMI-FINALS REESE LEOPARDS OUTSCORE STEERS I3 TO 7 In Their second game OT The season The STeers Tound vicTory in deTeaT, in ThaT hey gave The Gainesville Leopards a real baTTle. Though They didn'T win, They held heir heads up, and Their TighTing spiriT' grew. RoberT Tulis played such ouTsTanding ball Tor 60 minuTes ThaT he was named an All-DisTricT Tackle aT The end oT The season. I-le sTopped each play coming his way and nelped keep up The TighTing spiriT oT The boys he played wiTh, IT was in The second halT ThaT our boys TirsT discovered ThaT They could really play ooTball. They began clicking Then and conTinued To click The resT oT The season. They Iapened up a pass barrage ThaT held The Leopards helpless. The Leopards Tried To Top The passes, buT wiThouT much success. STEERS LOSE TO EL PASO 26 TO 6 DeTending champions oT DisTricT 7A, a green, rookie squad sTarTed The TirsT game oT The '37 season Tor lNlorTh Side aT WorTham Tield in The aTTernoon againsT EI Paso. Only Two regulars Trom The powerTul '36 Team were leTT-MaTson and MayTield. The oTher players had had liTTle or no experience in high school TooTball. Dan Reese, STeer guarTerback, played Tine deTensive ball, passing, punTing and runnnig like a veTeran and demonsTraTing The abiilTy ThaT was laTer To earn him The disTincTion OT mosT valuable player in DisTricT 7 TooTball and All-STaTe quarTerback. The STeers were oTT To a good sTarT and were Tied 6-6 aT The halT, buT in The remainder oT The game They were all buT carried oTT The Tield. El Paso's passing aTTack proved TaTal To The group oT small boys represenTing NorTh Side, who losT by a score oT 26-6. The small end oT The I3-7 score didn'T aT all represenT The TighTing spiriT oT The noys. Even Though They didn'T win, They aT leasT gave The Leopards a baTTle. TULIS OZEE STEERS WIN OVER JACKETS 26 TO O Playing againsT The Team oT Their Tormer coach, Mack Flenniken, The STeers over- fhelmed Their opponenTs 26-O. "Floppy" Blackmon's perTormance will be remembered, Tor iT was This game fhich Turned him Trom a sub To All-DisTricT end. ATTer inTercepTing a YellowiackeT 'ass he sprinTed Toward The goal To make 6 poinTs in The second guarTer. MaTson's playing was also ouTsTanding, Tor he was in every play and made The rsT score. ln This game, ToughT againsT anoTher well-coached Team, The reserves saw ilenTy OT acTion. NORTH SIDE TURNS BACK MASONS 7-0 ln Their TirsT conTerence game, NorTh Side goT oTT To a Tine sTarT by upseTTing Masonic I-Iome 7-O Tor The conTerence leadership. Masonic I-Iome was a heavy TavoriTe over inexperienced players Trom The school on The hill. Same Ozee, righT end, made a name Tor himselT when he received The bulleT passes Trom Reese and scored all The poinTs made-one pass caughT in The Masons' end zone resulTing in The Touchdown and anoTher making The exTra poinT. I-Ie proved TasT, rugged, and hard To handle on deTense. The scoring Took place in The second quarTer. The Masons made a menacing gesTure during The Third, buT MayTield inTercepTed Pliler's pass To sTop The drive. A punTing duel beTween Pliler oT Masonic I-Iome and Reese was a TeaTure oT The game. BLACKMON RINGLER MATSON MAYFIELD STEERS DOWN WHIPPETS I9-0 l On a chilly nighT In Kosciusco, Mississippi, The TasT-working, accuraTe-passing STeers Trounced Kosciusko I9-O. A score was made in each oT The TirsT Three quarTers, making The Tinal resulT The same as ThaT oT lasT year. , Elmer AddingTon sTood ouT Tor The Texans. A reserve guard, he ToughT every minuTe oT The game and showed greaT promise Tor nexT season. The brand oT play used by The STeers was much Too clever Tor The Mississippi Team. Coach Herman Clark's reserves saw acTion in The inTersT'aTe game, and each boy did his share To obTain, The vicTory. T l STEERS WARD OFF ATTACK OF MOUNTAINEERS 7-0 A cocky Team TroTTed ouT on The Tield cerTain oT vicTory, buT when They leTT, Th STeers realized They had been in abouT The roughesT conTesT played all Tall aT La Gravj Tield. They played poorly, barely winning by a score oT 7-O. OuTsTanding Tor NorTh Side was a reserve guard, E. J. Kinder, who made sucT an impression on Coach Clark ThaT he was moved To TirsT sTring guard. l-lis playing was smarT and eTTecTive as well as rough and rugged. During The play Ringler susTained an iniury ThaT kepT him ouT Tor The resT OT The season, several members oT boTh Team: were hurT. "Dub" lvlaTson scored The Touchdown, and lvlayTield converTed The exTra poinT All in all, The game was a rough, unskillTul, unsaTisTacTory aTTair. STEERS WIN OVER PARROTS 6-0 BeTore a crowd oT I2,000, NorTh Side deTeaTed Poly 6-O Tor The second sT'raighl conTerence vicTory. This game was slaTed To be The "dog-TighT" oT The '37 season. Led by MaTson, The STeers were deserving oT The vicTory. "Dub" was alerT anc in on every play. As a line backer he was above average, and as a blocker and pas receiver he was as good as anyone sees. Time aTTer Time The ParroTs ThreaTened perilously, only To be Turned back by The STeers' Torward wall. Once more The NorTh Side spiriT oT cooperaTion and husTle lea The STeers To vicTory over an inspired Poly eleven. NORTH SIDE DOWNS EAGLES I2-7 This game puT The STeers on Top in The conTerence race. ATT'er running up . I2-poinT lead They coasTed To vicTory, buT The Eagles scored 7 poinTs, To be The onl' conTerence Team To score aT all againsT NorTh Side. Red MayTield played Tine ball, as he always did. His deTensive playing was 4 TeaTure all aTTernoon, and on oTTense he was especially ouTsTanding. l-le caughT a pas Trom Reese Tor one oT The scores. The STeers well earned The vicTory-Their sixTh in succession-by Their husTl' and TighT. STEERS BECOME DISTRICT 7 CHAMPIONS IN 7-0 WIN OVER PASCHAL For The second consecuTive year The NorTh Side boys became DisTricT 7 Cham- pions, wiTh The righT To enTer The STaTe play-OTT, by deTeaTing Paschal 7-O. Too, This vicTory marked The TourTh year in succession ThaT The PanThers had been unable To score againsT The more Tormidable STeers. The game drew a crowd oT I5,000 on Thanksgiving Day To see anoTher baTTIe in The 24-year-old Teud beTween The rival schools. Gene Ashmore's playing aT cenTer was mosT impressive. Pop Boone described him as The Toy cenTer who hiT like a Ton oT brick and managed To geT in every play. He was selecTed All-DisT'ricT cenTer. Dub MaTson was iniured, and his absence was a greaT loss Tor The resT oT'The season. The lone score came in The Third guarTer when Reese passed To MayTield. Reese's quick-kicking was anoTher ouTsTanding TeaTure oT The game. ,STEERS WIN ON PENETRATIONS By winning The bi-disTricT conTesT The STeers advanced To The guarTer-Tinals in The STaTe championship race. RaTed as The underdogs by 3 or 4 Touchdowns, NorTh Side beaT Woodrow Wilson by 2 peneTraTions To I in a game ThaT was scoreless yeT The hardesT ToughT oT The season. The STeers were ouTweighed 50 pounds To The man in The line and IO in The backTield. Al Harris, aII-disTricT guard, sTood ouT in The line, playing a TasT, hard-charging game on oTTense and proving deadly on deTense. His playing was The ruggedesT TooTball wiTnessed during The enTire season. Every member oT The Team gave his besT perTormance in This scoreless Tie game. AT The halT The WildcaTs were leading on peneTraTions I-O, buT They Tailed To make any during The second haIT. The STeers peneTraTed Twice in The lasT halT To win 2-I. STEERS OVERWHELM SHERMAN 25-7 Making Their highesT score oT The season, The STeers downed Sherman 25-7 in The guarTer-Tinals oT The STaTe play-OTT. The game was played aT T. C. U. ST'adium in a cold, chilly wind and icy rain. Roy Burklow, STeer Tullback, played ouTsTanding ball. His deTense was greaT, and he made a dazzling run Tor Touchdown aTTer inTercepTing a Sherman pass on his own 20-yard line. Reese and Conway also played a noTabIe game. This was an easy vic- Tory, in which The reserves had a prominenT parT. By deTeaTing T'he BearcaTs, The STeers, Tor The second year in succession, advanced To The STaTe semi-Tinals. X STEERS LOSE TO WICHITA 25-7 The STeers' vicTorious sTreak ended in a deTeaT by a Team ThaT was iusT Too large and Too Tough To be wiThsTood by ThaT TighTing spiriT. They were beaTen by a beTTer Team, buT They ToughT heir hearTs ouT in The eTForT To win The lasT game They were desTined To play Tor Coach Clark. Bill CrawTord sTopped The CoyoTes Time aTTer Time. For his abiliTy and TighTing spiriT he was seIecTed an All-DisTricT Tackle. I-Ie baTTIed unTiI he couIdn'T sTand, buT kepT up his spiriT and Tine playing. The Tinal score was 27-7 in Tavor oT The WichiTa Falls Team, led by I-Iarold Fleming, The "Praying Fullbackf' For The second consecuTive year The STeers had advanced To The semi-Tinal play-oTT, only To meeT deTeaT by a greaTer Team. The NorTh-Siders were ouTweighed I5 pounds To The man and were The under-dogs by 3 Touchdowns. Dan Reese made The score Tor NorTh Side. HARRIS BURKLOW CRAWFORD B A S K E T B A L L BASKETBALL SCHEDULE was Nor+h Side ,. .. . Birdville Norrh Side . . Hasle-H Norrh Side .. ..,. Ennis Norlh Side ,,..,., Ennis Norlh Side . .. Handley Norlh Side Arlinglon His. Norlh Side . ,L..... Hasleli Norlh Side .,.., Paschal Norrh Side , ., Diamond Hill Norlrh Side ,.,, Poly Norlh Side , ....... Haslerl Norrh Side .. Haslell Norlh Side . . . .Eorr Worlh Tech Norlh Side . L , Riverside TOURNAMENT PLAY Norlh Side 25 ...4,............... Paschal 26 The baslcelball Team had a very successful season, winning many of lheir games. The dislricl chame pions were barely able +o bear The Team in Jrwo games, The Tirsl' by only 2 poinls and rhe second by only one poinl. The Jream was made up of seniors, and nor one lellerman will be baclc nexl year. However, we have some good yorospeclive players and hope +o malce anolher good record. Baci: Row: Ernie Johnson, Thurman Grubis, Fred Sfevens, Charles Womack, Capf. W. G. Blaclrmon, Ralph Harriss Middle Row: Coach Alanis, Charles Conway, Ned Prichard, Vernon Gardner, Billy Fuller, Jack Hubbard, J. D. Albin, Coach Green From' Row: Manager Charles Courfney, Buddy Miller, Bill Crawford, Jeff Robbins, Manager Elmer Adding+on LETTERMEN BILL IWEE WILLIEI CRAWFORD, Guard, six feeT one inch and l75 pounds. Bill was a regular guard. His defensive worlc was good all season. JEFF IAZLEI ROBBINS, Forward, five feef nine inches and I5O pounds. Azle was a liTTle slow To geT sTarTed, buT before The season was over he was one of our besT forwards. Much credif is due Azle for his good worlc. VERNON GARDNER, Guard, five fee-T eleven inches and l6O pounds. Vernon played good ball This year. He was a good ball handler and a sfeady guard. W. G. IFLOPPYI BLACKMON, Cenfer, six feef eleven inches and ISO pounds, Floppy was a good cenfer buf was inconsisfenf on his poinf making. We hafe To lose Floppy because he improves each year. THURMAN IEARSI GRUBIS, Guard, six feef and l45 pounds. Thurman was a good guard and was a greaT help in our games. BUDDY ICURLEYI MILLER, Forward, five feef eighf inches and I4O pounds. Buddy was one of our besf players. His husfle kepT NorTh Side in The ball game. We are sorry Buddy graduafes This year. NED PRICHARD, Cenfer, six feeT one inch and I55 pounds. This was The firsf year Ned played baslceTball for The school. He was a greaf help, for he could play any posiTion. JACK HUBBARD, Forward, five feeT six inches and I4O pounds. Jack was our besT floor man. His abilify To gef The ball and his husfle lcepf our Team in The game. Jaclc's laclc of heighf was his greafesf handicap. T R A C K 1+--T f Q. Q, " x AL T, T' , A .,: -L. in 'Nw' T ...xy .X 5 vifw' 'r'T'T JACK HORN Higfy pain! 1111111 in ly The STeers won Third place in The ciTy and disTricT meeT This year. MOST OT The boys were seniors. ERNIE JOHNSON, DELAND DAVIDSON, CLYDE SMITH, and JACK HORN ran on The relay. JACK HORN won The 440-yard run and The broad jump and placed in The high hurdles and javelin Throw. ROBERT MAYEIELD losT TirsT place in The shoT puT by Three- TourThs OT an inch. VERNON GARDNER placed in The lave- lin Throw. BILLY GREEN ran on The relay. CLYDE SMITH placed in The 880-yard run and The high jump. BUEORD EAVES placed in The mile run and The pole vaulT. E. J. KINDER placed in The 880 and ran on The relay. T E N N I S ,.-A -2V" - Q1 in -"A 'SQ' '-' f " 3:17 in LORAlNE McDADE DORTHEA BILBREY ancl GENE ASHMORE and JACK HUBBARD Girlfsinglex Bo-ys'Siugfr.x Girli' Doubles Bnjti' Dzzulller B A S E B A L L Back Row: Manager Paul Slevens, Roberf Tulis, Roy Burklow, Richard Allen, Charles Womack, Floppy Blackman, Bill Crawford, Jeff Robbins, Joe Palachelt, Coach Alanis Fronl Row: Arnold Brown, Gene Ashmore, Charles Couxfney, John Morrison, Jack Morgan, Marion Smifh, J. B. Vaughan, Buddy Miller, Eldon Hill 1, an .nM.aha.n.. 5352. , X. .. , ' ...X , we f .fi L23 .f .iv ' iwr' -x A 69? 'E I. , , ' www r rv ., w I f I F1 ,., , Rr, I I a gasp if. 5 lf J F s ts lg Q ilk g , 5 W F' E I ii? f , 5 4 . Q . I I. 1 ' 5. fre, W2 , ef 3 ' , ,ij y I fl I' , an 'O I, 2 A gig' hx k ig if xr " ' Q if f Q Q :fi gl 1 X45 ,, 5 3 SI Q, X, gy gg 'is Q? ' I I I iff" S . . , I SPORTS ORGANIZATICDNS GIRLS BASEBALL-Back Row: Hearon, Shackelford, Shilling, Cargill, A. Gardner, Shook, Marlalf, Wilson, Henson. Second Row: Phillips, L. Gardner, Walfers, Renshaw, Meek, Bilbrey, McDade. BICYCLE CLUB-Cassady, Kimberling, Morrow, Huff, Walfers. SWIMMING CLUB-Top Row: Kulch, Woods, Moore, Dalrymple, Hukel. Second Row: Woods, Johnson, Miles, Shellon. ARCHERY CLUB-Hodgkins, Neal, Swilzer, Franks, Boswell, Thompson, Sfory. BASKETBALL-Top Row: Hearon, Marlall, A. Gardner, Shook, L. Gardner, Cargill, Shackelford, Renshaw, Shilling. Second Row: McDade, Wallers, Meek, Wilson, Bilbrey, Duke Phillips. GIRLS BALL-Top Row: Shackelford, Wilson, Shilling, Meek, Bilbrey. Second Row: A. Gardner, Shook, Walfers, L. VOLLEY McDade, Gardner, Diike. GOLF CLUB-Bilbrey, Marks, Woods, Cooper, Young, McDade, Brewer, Reeves. RIFLE CLUB-J. Beck, Garrelf, Shilling, E. Beck, Kerlee, Shannon. WILLIAM CHERRY Sgf. D, E, Af. L. KK. U, T. CJ lS1':'or1zl Lieirtvuunf Inf, RFS., U. S. A111177 Officers and Non-com- missioned Officers of Company N . . . Scho- Iasfic and Medal Winners of Company N . . . Offi- cers: CAPTAIN VIRGIL WOFFORD. FIRST LT. WILLIAM BARNES, SEC- OND LT. R. J. FLAKE. SECOND LT. WILLIAM P. JONES, and faculfy and company sponsors: MISS FRANCES SCHO- BER, GUY EULA I-IUKEL. JUNE REDDY . . . Four sfages in rifle marksman- ship . . SCHOLARSHIP INTEGRITY SERVICE vor. 10x No. ld Former Student Has Lead in University Musical Comedy -.,... Mlss Janette Hicks, former North Slde student, now a sophomore at the University of Texas, will sing in the chorus of "A Night at the Mardi Graaf" one of the scenes from the annual mu- sical and burlesque show, "Time Stag- gers On." Miss Hicks was graduated from North Side in 1935 and was very active in extra-curricular activities. She was prseldent of the Junior Euterpean Club, was assistant editor of The Lariat, and belonged to the Glee Club, Phl Delta Psi, the National Honor Society, Na- tional Latin Fraternity, Girl Reserves, and the Pep Squad. Miss Hicks came to the university mower HE LARI 'sors f A NORTH SIDE HIGH SCHOOL FORT wonii, TEXAS, JANUARY 6, 1938 e DEDICATIO E As you know, this paper is dedicated to you, the football boys of North Side High. It is the desire of the 1 paper to express a small measure of its apprecuztion for l ' the splendid team and the honor that you brought to North Side High. From comparative obscurity you rose l to take the championship of District 7. I t is unnecessary to enumerate, the countless trii- umphs you have made, so in a very few words rnaywe , say thanks, fellows, you were great. You gave us sixty 3 minutes of thrilling play in every one of your games., 1 And, besides being football heroes, you are mighty fine ' I boys, and to say the least, North Side is proud of you. All Players Just Squad Elects Reese, from Texas Christian University. where she was a member of the Young l.Vom- en's Christian Association, the Mellorist Club, and the Angelica Club. She is working toward a bachelor of arts degree, and is continuing in her social activities, belonging to the Y. W. C. A., Girls' Glee Club, Reagan Literary Society, Fort Worth Club, and Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. ,'Tlme Staggers On" is a musical comedy with skits satirizing campus events, rind ls presented every year. This year the production was written and produced by Joe Whitley, a pro- 66 99 ! Plain Linesmen In Geometry Qlss We present to you the clodhoppers lfootball, heroes to youl oi Miss Ma- cune's highly tale-nted sixth period gee ometry class! RUBE WVILLIANV3, the bright and morning star, teacher's 'stooge and advisor-a future inventor' of geometric football signals. Ile-man all ls ARREL ROBERTS, the casanova of pie football eleven, Some young lady's sleeping dlsturber, CHARLES .nr-rnnrw nnmuuv ...a- 4..M,..A.- ae.. Crawford 3 Captains Lt-tu-rumen of the football squad ,se- lected Dan Reese and Bill Orawford as co-captains ol' the 19117 team. Following a four-year tradition, the team chose, at the beginning ofthe sea- son, to let a letterman be captain at each game and to elect captains for the year at the end of the season. This plan was originated to keep down dissention on the team and was probably ouefreason why the team went to the Steers Again Are Honored By Dads' Club At Church Feeding again replaced the hard driv- ing gamo of football when 43'players and their fathers were given a feed by the bads' Club, an organization of tha, fathers of football players of the North Side, at. Chestnut 'Avenue Christian Church, Monday, Jan. 3. Eating steak with the same vicious- ness they had when they played each week, the Steers soon had their plates empty. But it was only the first time because ft was filled again. For once the squad of boys were Kiven all they could eat and there was plenty-left over. ' There was ,entertainment on all sides, During the meal there was muslc by a string band. The famous I. M. Terroll Negro Quartet sang several songs. These numbers were dedicated to different celebrities who were guests at ,the ban- quet. . Putting Mr. Spearman on the spot with the remarks that next yeafs team had plenty of experience and should have .plenty Iof weight, Coach Clark tultl again of the enloymenfhe had had the past year working with a group ul boys who were light and inexperi- enced but had courage and determina- tion to fight against weight, and enter the state semifinals after they were' not Staff: Homer Joyce, Feature Editor: Virginia Hatcher, Home Room Editor: Lucille Johnson, Contributor to Press and Personals Editor: Jack Murphy, Editor-in-Chief: Bobbie Hines, Business Manager: Gene Ashmore, Sports Editor: Lone Marlcgraf, Clubs and Classes: Doris Ferguson, Make-Up Edfior. Top Row: Earline Beck, Roy Bellamy, Melvin Cooper, Rulh Elder, Claud Fleer, Bill Fuller, La Verne G Hamm. Second Row: Raymond Hands, Mariha Marks, Lona Markgraf, Frances Noon, Gaines Plaxco, Rufh Ru Shook, Helen Young. PHI DELTA PSI OFFICERS Roy Bellamy Lona Markgraf . LaVerne Gardner . . Earline Beck Raymond Hands The Phi Della Psi Club, composed ol sludenls ol Norlh Side High who have exhibi abilily in scholarship and school aclivilies, has as ils purpose Io seek our knowledge of I higher sciences and Io promole inleresl in Ihem. AI Ihe regular semi-monlhly meelings, ardner, Roberf shing, Margie . . . Presidenf Vice-Presideni' , . . Secrefary . . . Treasurer . . . . Procfor 'red superior he fields ol Ialks on The various fields of science, philosophy, elc., are given and round lable discussions are held. ACTIVITIES FOR YEAR lnilialion Parry-al home ol Raymond I-lands-Rulh Rushing, Rulh lvlurphree, lvlarlha Marks and Clillon Tannahill were inilialed-a special lealure was lhe board examinalion given by lvlr, McDaniel and Ihe ollicers. Talk-by Dr. Amos lvleyers-subiecl, "The Relalionships ol Science, Philosophy, and Religion." Skaling Parly-al airporl-given by Billy Fuller. Picnic-al l-lagood Ranch-given by Helen Young. LATIN CLUB Top Row: Burdick, English, Fuller, Hamm, Hubbard, Mahner, McCarley, McMillan Second Row: Moore, Murphy, Nicks, Reddy, Sandsberry, Shaw, Sfephenson, PewiH I SPANISH CLUB Top Row: BarneH', Bellah, Bellamy, Blaclr, BurkeH, Carlmill, Caslillo, Clemen+s, Cooper, Cooper, Dearing Second Row: De Forresi, Ellis, Ferguson, Forres+er, Gardner, J. Gregg, V. Gregg, Gu+ierrez, Hagood, Hale, Harcl-ner Third Row: Henderson, Kerlee, KleH, Lopez, LeggeH, Lamb, Magoffin, Marlzgraf, Mi+chell, Po'Her, Reddy Four+h Row: Reno, Roberfs, Rushing, Shannon, Shilling, Smi+h, Tannahill, Vloi+os, Voigf, Williams - , if ' ., r'i' " in , .. ' - ""' ' k i ' f . ' . '- '- Q L S Q . ' - "Y Q' . Y ' :gi Mgr'-a. 1 ,2 , 1 , H12 ,rf 4.-a-,1 '. ' A . ,,5w, ga y, i X 'I A in K' .,.. s . .. as - - ,, v :rf a 9 r H i is - - w i .4 Wx -' L ' Pa L , L ' ' l G A A . 1 sm ' -W . -' '- . ,,, I H , , .. I R ' ' - --f- I A V . f'-3' 1 AL. N - as f' are W W -ii - l H vs f 1. Q' P. f I' f 1 'ie I ""' . il .f sXf4,gmeg ' f ,. Q81 - - X L rlerri L .. ' A f 5' QT, I , 1-i v - K 53 ::: ' - , "1 ' 5 2 :' ' 'I . :, V V' fy, l y ' ' -- '. if N. ' ' , - .. . " ' 3' '95 ' i mf. as ' 7 ' "'.. 'sifff if' , 'V A ., .' -,. 25, " "ERC f .. '- Q " at I ,f ,fb M K fr: 4:3 .- 6 .4 :W 'Q-35: 1 V-1'-2 F? me of L-ifi'.v ' .i fee., ' 1 ' L. 'W '- TENNIS CLUB Top Row: Boswell, Davis, Elder, Eubank, Gillespie, Grove, Hamm, Hawbalier Second Row: Henderson, Hubbard, Johnson, Jolley, Lamb, Miller, Parker, PewiH O PAN AMERICAN FORUM Top Row: Barneff, Bellamy, BurkeH, Cooper, Cooper, EJbanlc, Ferguson, Flee+, Forresfer Second Row: Fowler, Gardner, Gipson, Grove, Hamm, Hands, Henderson, Hood, Humble Third Row: Jolley, Kelley, KleH, Landers, Marltgraf, Prayfor, Reddy, Shilling, Voigf, Wai+S TAU SIGMA OFFICERS Earline Beck ..,. .....,. . . , . , Presidenf James SfraH'on . . 4 . , Vice-Presidenl Vera Meek ...,.. , ..,. Secrelary Dondena Blaylock .. . , .. Treasurer Bernice Hale ..,. ...,,.. R eporfer Mariorie Shook . , . . Social Chairman Cleo Marlah' ,. . .. . Program Chairman Theo Eubank ..., .... P ublicily Chairman The Tau Sigma Club is composed of siudenis of The Commercial Deparimeni. The purpose oi Jrhe club is To siudy preseni day social and economic opporluniiies, and ro promoie cooperaiion and friendship among iis members. Morro: "Be-Her living, Through beiier business, by befier meihoclsf' Top Row: Dorfhea Bilbrey, Lorene Blaclr, Rosalie Broclr, Florah Jeanne Burlcefl, Ruih Elder, Doris Ferguson, Billy Fes- cenmeyer, Raymond Hands, Edifh Hood Second Row: Guy Eula Hukel, Wallace Johnsion, Marceia Jolly, Margie Nell Landers, Loraine McDade, Cora Fay McVey, Evelyn Praylor, Maxine Robinson, Opal Womack CLUB ACTIVITIES HOME TALENT PROGRAM-in audiiorium-Jrhose Taking pari were Eveiyn Bussey, I'IeIen Young. Earline Beck, and Ann Wiggins. WIENER ROAST-ai Broad View Poini-pieniy of iooci buf marshmallows. DANCE-honoring February Graduaiinq Ciass-in School Gym-radio-reireshmenis. GAME FESTIVAL-in School Gym-reireshmenis. TALK-"Cause and Cure oi War" by Mrs. I'I. V. Shank. Booi4 REvlEw-of "The Prodigal Pere-mis" given by Mrs. HOgqSe++. Top Row: Elmer Addingfon, Lafaye Beam, Doroihy BeII, MoseIIe Brown, John Burke, Lois Cargill, Deland Davidson, Lee EIIa Davis. Mary Lou Dearing Second Row: Rorofhy Fay Dorris, Lue EIIen Duke, Al Farmer, Claud FIeeI, AIIine Gardner, LaVerne Gardner, Marian Gillespie, Marfha Hale, Florene Hawbaker Third Row: Opal Henderson, Margie Lou KeIIey, CuIa Knox, Virginia LocIrhar+, Mariha Marks, Sarah McGee, Beffy Sue Reed, Mary Louise Nicks, Dorofhy Robinson Fourih Row: L. B. Sander, Dorofhy Simmons, Coleman Smiih, Sfanford S+eeIe, Connie Wagner, Johanna Wollner, Junior Woods, Helen Wrighi, Howard Young i i i C L S S E S Fulure Slenogs . , . Slill concenlrraling . . . Miss Schobens English class . . . Could lhal be Cookie sludying? . . . The all school presidenlr . . . lvlr, Brous' class Tries lheir hand al make up . . . lvliss BeCk's malh class . . . Sixlh period sie-sla . . . Bookkeeping . . . A i fig L iii lldniln 5 Q 'Q' H3 HQ' 3 ii Q X M 5 323 2333 EMI? I' THE FEED TRCUGH No. l-1401 N. W. 25th Street No. 2-1632 Park Place A Frozen Malted Milk 5c HOME l 1 All Flavors Ice Cream-Pints l0c l Contains l2'Zp Buttertat DRINKS OF ALL KINDS AND SANDWICH NOVELTIES PINKY CHENAULT at T R l M B L E ' S 5 X41 ' I-rv' M i I I4 A Food Balanced by Nature's Own Hand PASTEURIZED tor Your Health and Protection Wholesale Only At Your Grocer SHANNON S FUNERAL HOME 2717 AVENUE B 5-2I9I FUNERAL CHAPEL I3OI NORTH MAIN 6-2I9I EMERGENCY AMBULANCES AND INVALID COACHES MAINTAINED AT THESE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS II . . ' 'Efgfgggfg' ' :-:-:-Z-P:-, 11-:-1.-1.-. .-.-.54.3.I.-.-. -L-.-.-..I,I -'-Izg-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-,-.-:Z-1-5.--1-...-.I, . ' ' - '-:-:-:-: -:-:-:I:-:IgI:3:I:-:-:3:I:5:-:-:-: -:-'-:I,1 I.1. -..I.I,II I I 4-.Q I I . f 'I'-'PI 5'I'Qzfzfzfzfzfcfzfzf,-,5":gm 32:5:f:Q:f:1:1:S:2:1:3:-:f.-.71-.-9+ -f. "0-. - -.-.-:-I-:-1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:4-:-.-.- ' .g.g .g.I.g.g.g.g.I.I.I.I. g.I.g.g.g.I.5.g-I.g.g.g.g.g.g.-.-.-.g.-.- .-:- . -v.. ..... ,I 0. 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" ' ' ' ' :515E5Si5EiE5i5i5i555i5i OLIVER SHANNON MARVIN SHANNON Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr. Secrefary and Treasurer DAVE SHANNON Presideni' Ti' L A BEN S. CROW JEWELER Compliments of McDonald 61 Floyd ATTORNEYS The Students' Jeweler First National Bank Builolinq 205 Wesi' IOH1 S+. Phone 2-28I7 Q Complimenis of S T E E R I N N COLONIAL STORES MASTER Fooo STORES I4O0 Henderson a+ Henderson S+. Underpass Tl1rockmor+on af Fourflw Sl'ree'I' We Give S 81 H GREEN STAMPS The Friendly Spot of North Side Everybody Knows THE FORT WORTH LUGGAGE CO. 604 Houston Sl. Is the Place in Fort Worth to Buy Luggage Paiienls oi IRENE MQRROW, iuiure nurse Will probably be carried home in a liearse. ROBERT HAMIV1 and CLAUDE FLEET loo Wonder, "To loo or noi lo loo?" JAMES STRATTON and luis liill billy band lvlalce llwe worsl music in all ilue land. LCVELACE GROCERY AND MARKET 'k "M ore of the Best for Less" if l442 44 N M S+ FREE PARKING STEAD "X-'v'-'vrg--5... HN Tl-IE YEARS AHEAD, you Want a happy, successful life, for which you may Well be guided by the lives of eminent men Whose steady growth has been based on integrity, good judgment and thriftiness. The banks of Fort Worth have had a steady growth and have provided every facility designed to meet the expanding needs of individuals and business . . . and you will find them desirous of providing a helpful serv- ice at all times. The FIRST NATIONAL BANK The FORT WORTH NATIONAL BANK CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK UNION BANK 6. TRUST COMPANY Member Banks of the Fort Worth Clearing Home Arsociafion Sun. I:l5 oun Cvlaw I S I S Q-fheatne "The Bright Spot of North Fort Worthy Open Daily I:l5 A. M. Sat. 9:45 See Your Favorite Screen Stars in The "PICK OF THE PICTURES" Bargain Matinees II:I5 untiI I :OO I0c "WHERE IT IS HEALTHFULLY COOL" New and Modern Retrigeration Plant Now in Operation Congratulations, Seniors- And best wishes tor success and happiness, now that your high school work is completed! WYNNE'S Extend a hearty welcome to you and to all students ot North Sid High School. Visit our store at any time. We're glad to have you. DRUGS - SUNDRIES - CANDIES - TOBACCO MAGAZINES - FOUNTAIN - CURB SERVICE WYNNE'S DRUG STORE I400 No. Main St. FREE DELIVERY Phone 6-I I I I Margie, Elizabefh, and Dorolhy . . . Good friends . . . Lois and Willie Faye onlering The building . . . The qigglers . . . Buford, Charles, Orville, Wallace and Jack dress up for Sen- ior Day.. . Billy and Mar- qarel al 'rhe noon hour... Azle does a lillle slunling . . . Jaclc's here again . . . Evelyn . . . Mildred and Lee Ella . . . Lona and Virgil. Thi Book ow I Tolorgraph Process if Ys-ar Books if llffioe Forms ir fom lnorvial Printing Paacfucecfdq Me 0 .i ? The HABCUCK C0., Inc. PWM4--Wwmhm F I :ABCUCK CRAFTSMICN take pride in cluiuig ,flood work - in always frying to give 11101-0 than 'good enough' 011 each job . . . . . 9 I ? l Drink EAT Pasteurized MI L K HARVEY'S ICE CREAM and TASTE THE DIFFERENCE Compliments of LEWIS FURNITURE COMPANY Everything For Your Home 2351-55 No. Main 6-3771 if ..,,k: A fijx WILSON CLEANERS 1 1 'AI Dependable Service by a Reliable Cleaner 1 311 S. Iennings - - - 2-8191 1 1617 N. W. 25th sf. - - 6-0210 A+ Hue Riverside game . . . Mr. Clark, Crew- For ford, and Mr. Wyaff In a Yocker room H , , ference . . , Clark gives a few insfruc Quick Service E Hue subsfifufe . . . HART'S STORAGE GARAGE Everything for Your Car -I l 'lllr 5 - nb TAQVN N SRX!!! 'ik .. .Q We specialize in Body and Fender Work Luloricaling, Belieries, and Tires 6-2I27 2533 No. Main HOLD FOREVER THE HIOHLKSHTS OE YOUR LIFE The imporranr evenrs, The pleasani aiiairs, The honorsfwheri They come doni miss having yourself picrured in good phoiographs. TAYLOR'S STUDIO The Official Lasso Phofographer I937 l Phone 2-7IO4 402 Burk Burnerr Bldg. ALLINE GARDNER and MARGIE SHOOK Are crammed lull of knowledge lhar ein? in rhe book. CLEO MARLATT and DOROTHY POTTER Wrile verse much worse ihan yooeis had olier. DICK TARVIN ein? siarvinlq he's skalinl Through life, Enioyin' a iiqhi now and Then-wirh his wife. PUGH'S GROCERY Groceries cmd Mecrts l The House of L Diamonds Since 1893 the Haltom Name in the Box has been the assur- HALTOMS of Tm "Ouorlity, Oudntity G Service" J E W E L E R S x Value to Fort 15 Guy M0119 SI LY E RSMITHS Worth and all PHONE 6-1891 1701 Lincoln Texas. In the years to come, Haltom's will still be Foremost in Quality. MAIN AT SIXTH lvlONNIG'S .So Clgoufne Qnaclluatincasl The Friendly Slore Goocl Luck! Wishes You We are slill learning. And probably a prggperoug ways will bel Conslanlly experimenlin Changing, finding new ways lo serve yo F U T U R E beller. The NEW Slriplings is The slo ol YOUTH, rnoclern in every respect B lhe olcl ideals ol qualify and lair dealin And reminds you +0 Shop Monnigg age slill wilh us-These we shall nev for fashion and qualify C enqe' t l" 2 FORT woRTi-rs a i I- FASTEST eRowlNe DEPARTMENT coNeRATuLATloNs STORE THE FAIR ex+encls a sin- cere wish for a very hap- py ancl successful fufure. COX'S R. E. COX DRY GOODS CO "FIRST" Compliments of i'l'19 New Sfyles S 5: Q CLOTHIERS 810 MAIN ST. Opposite Texas Hotel THE CLOTHES YOU WANT AT THE PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD WASHER ROS. Main at Eighth - Fort Worth TRIPLE XXX THIRS'I'ySTATION ' 801 N. Mani sf. I ' .4 HOME COOKED FRIED CHICKEN 35C Tasty Sandwiches That Are Diyferent ' The Crowds Are H616'Th6Y6,5 a Reason Unusual Fountain Drinks Navi Making Our Own Ice Cream DRINK MILK For HEALTH Everyone should clrink at least a quart of sweet milk every clay. Try BasweII's sate, pure, milk for your lwealtlfs sake. Now lite is a qrincl for poor BILLY SMITH: An RKO Camera is wlwal' he works with. Tlwey sing-CLEON HOWARD and J. W. JONES: Tlwe audience stops clapping-starts reaching for slones. JUNE REDDY and RUTI-I ELDER won't be lost in a crowd, J Altlwougn they are little-because tl1ey're so ' ' loud. WF , Speaking ot faults, many girls have a lot. QIIJHUNE 1'l155'PI1UIIIPTUElIVEIIIf5 Tl1ey're clumb, lazy, seliislwi JUAINIITA is KNOTT. A North Fort Worth Institution for More Than 29 Years We Always Appreciate Your Patronage i .YTNQRTH FORT WORTH'S DEPARTMEN STO ET , BoosTERs or NORTH SIDE HIGH SCHOOL lffffl. 1 XWAIF 114+ Cr il Sli. -si T , lx QM. sf? , I X E-NATXO '9 North Fort Worth Kiwanis Club ,f 4. TO THE STUDENT BODY OF NORTH SIDE HIGH SCHOOL: The Ex-STudenTs' AssocieTion oT The NorTh Side High School exTend To you hesT wishes Tor success and pledge To you Tull suploorT and co-operaTion in all your acTiviTies. We are proud oT your achieyemenT and when you are no longer a sTudenT oT NorTh Side High School, we urge ThaT you aTTiliaTe wiTh The Ex-STudenTs' AssocieTion. lT is our arnbiTion To build The largesT high school ex-sTudenTs' associaTion in The SouThwesT. Your supporT in This maTTer is absol.uTely necessary.. , . S ' N. S. H. S. Ex-STudenTs' AssociaTion, Ross Trimble, President by x. 77 has , F iff QW Facully sleek lry . . . Miss l-lowell powders ner nose . . . The Big Apple . . . Don'+ loolc over my shoulder . . . Mr. Clark in e pensive mood ...' 'Now remember, clwil- dren' '... Mr. l-lurley poses for ine Cameraman . . . Miss Burlord on Jrlwe campus . . . Miss Srnillw and lroplsiy . . . Miss Sclwober dons ner Cadel uniform . . . Mrs. Wallenberg, a very busy Senior Sponsor , . . IMAKETHEIR STU DYING EASIERQ X g I 'lllvg Reddy Kilowatt always is on the job to make seeing tasks easier, if youill give him the right kind of lamp. The best way to be sure you have enough of the right kind of light is to get an I. E. S. Better Sight lamp, scientifically de- signed to provide soft, glareless light. TEXAS ELECTRIC Sfnvlcf COMPANY Congratulations, Steers! District Champions, I936- I937 Your many triends and support- ers are proud ot you and your record. Your wonderful spirit and determination combined with unusual ability achieved a record second to none. May all tuture Steers protit by your clean sportsmanship and success. JOE MILLS, Texas Electric Service Co. Compliments of BRADLEY BURKS 2204 North Main sf. Phone 6-1138 Fort Worth, Texas 7aa4lnfwB WMM SAFE, SURE, SOU , Whaf Made Gan Nay 1qmdifia14eL, WHY TAKE YOUR BUSINESS COURSE NOW? There are many good reasons Why the high school graduate should take a business course illzllzwfiaicfly after receiving his diploma. Here are some of them: CID If you are trained for business employment and then wish to go to college, you can use your education both to help you with your studies and to pay your expenses in case you need to be self-supporting. C21 If you do not finish your four-year course in college, you have some- thing to fall back on for self-support. C31 If you finish your university course and cannot find employment in the profession for which you have qualified, you can take a business job. l C41 If you follow the profession for which you prepare in college, a knowl- edge of business will help you to make it practical. You will notice that the best lawyers, the best doctors, the best engineers, etc., are all good business men and Women. C51 If you do not desire to go to college, you will be able to secure a position and begin your business career as soon as you complete your commer- cial course. A great many educators are saying, "FIRST finish high school, NEXT take a business course in a business school, and THEN go to college or go to Work." y y BRANTLEY. DR nn- 11- lllii fill Jfwae a aah efzance al' BSTANTIAI, SUCCESS auf- faafdnq Wann? peadon Wad? WHERE IS OPPORTUNITY? In many places there is 110 opportunity-and for many people there is 110 opportunity. Opportunity travels on a high level-and opportunity, like a fast train, seldom stops where there is no chance to do business. It is certainly true that the greatest opportunities today are in the field of business-and also that opportunity means most to those who are prepared to render superior service in this field. If we are to take earnings as a basis for measuring success, business ranks head and shoulders above all other vocations. Making money is not the whole measure of success, but it is OIIC' of fha' very cfsswzfirzl fczvfors. You are looking ahead and thinking ahead. You now have your basic edu- cation, and you're anxious to know where' your chance for achievement lies. If you will look about you, you will conclude that there are a lih0IlSll1ICl, business men needed for every doctor, every clergyman, every lawyer, every engineer, and every architect in the community. In other words, there are a thousand calls for trained young people in business to one for those trained for any given profession. Business training will prepare you to make a living-that is the firsf step to- ward useful citizenship. It has been said that the kind of life one lives is deter- mined by the way one makes one's living. If this be true-and it is-it is important to be able to make enough money to live well! GHON COLLEGE Fori' Wo rfh, Texas ,R P. Q Lunch room scene . . . lvlarceia ancl Theo slroll around . . . Ina Mae shading lhal school-girl com- plexion . . . Ellen, Lillian and LaVerne . . . The serious husband . . . ll musl have been windy . . . Wha+! No wafer? . . . You here again? . . . Save lhe bullon . . . Our former coach . . . Duck or youll gel hil . . . Lucille, Claylon, and Marie . . . Mr. Wyall looks al The snow . . . Nice wealher for Eslcimos . . . Posing in lhe snow . . . Compliments of Wolf 82 Klar SPURTING GO0DS 1505-B Blain 2-7167 COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS PERSONAL CARDS CAPS AND GOWNS CLASS JEWELRY SCHIVIIDT ENC-RAVING CO. HARRY SHRYOC REPRESENTATIVE 924 MULKEY PHONE 4-6177 FORT WORTH f25an'l' cfie an ifziacf ,fuuelf sul" Q f"l 'L ups! BQ eff D lv 1. Wo' 4? 91 -so E So you've finished High School . . . Congratulations! You're on third base in this game oi School Life. Go on to College and best wishes for a home run . . . Compliments of LONNIE SMITH CAPS AND GOWNS TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY 1873-1938 An institution of guality and distinction recognized by all the great accrediting agencies of America. Texas Christian University has a plant valued at Sl,500,000g seven huge buildings of brick and concrete. Texas Christian University has a student body of 2,000 students from l7 states and 2 foreign countries, it has a faculty of 75 high- ly trained men and Women, over l0,000 men and Women have passed through its halls. lt has honored all the professions by its students and graduates. Texas Christian University offers a thorough training in many fields, Liberal Arts, the Teaching Profession, Business Adminis- tration, Music,Art, Public Speaking, Ministerial Service, Religious Education, lournalism, and gives unusual advantages to those looking to the professions in the Pre-Medic, Pre-Legal, and Pre- Engineering courses. lt offers to the city, the state, and the nation, liberal culture in healthful, wholesome environment. lt invites patrons and students to the Widest and most profitable investment afforded by our civilization today. What finer heritage can the parents of America leave to their children than a chance for a college education in an atmos- phere of refinement. THE EVENING COLLEGE 50 different courses in the evening for peo- ple in business, as Well as teachers. 525 enrolled this session in evening classes. Classes meet at T. C. U., downtown, and at other convenient places. For Catalog and Other Information, Address The President TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY Pom' WORTH, TEXAS a 3' :- Oh, Jrhe bell line . . . Miss Pope braves lhe sun . . . Be++y, Alice, Shirley, Elea- nor . . .The bell iusl rang ...The sfudenl body sup- porfs Jrhe baseball Team . . . lnleresled speclafors . . . LaVerne, Cleo, ancl Dorolhy, high seniors . . . 7fze Unfq Qomfpleie Gm Gampleielq New, Paicecf Sa .few ERNEST ALLEN MOTOR COMPANY Sixth at Commerce St. Phone 2-4171 CLIFF MAGERS CHEVROLET COMPANY 2224 North Main St. Phone 6-1171 O SOUTHWEST CHEVROLET COMPANY West Seventh and Henderson Sts. Phone 2-2313 The above pho+o shows a number of graduafes shopping ai' our sfore. We appreciale lhe opporlunily of supplying lhe needs of lhe rnaiorily ol Jrhe graduales lor many years. ln rnany cases we have supplied lhe wanls ol The same girls and boys from Jrhe lcindergarlen lo lheir gradualiong even including Jrheir gradua- lion invilalions and cards which we are furnishing lhis class as well as lorrner classes. Our sloclc is complele in everylhing lhal you rnighl wanl in rnen's, ladies' and children's wear, from head lo fool. Our prices as low as possible, gualily, of course, lo be considered. We invile your inspeclion. nz-:inch fllmy Qoodla Co. 3 Deliveries Daily-af IO-2 8: 4

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