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SEVENTY G U S SEVENTY' A N G AMWMSF-S 'MUQPQSU NX M y J ' 7 '.llIll 'mu 5'-R fiw 'NNW 7 X ff- A lwpnx '4i"'W- -1-if ' ll 5? -I Nz X 1 'f - N' ' ' 6 X v I x id E?-.. 1 l 'J " , I ' 'I XIIUIW M usfang - Volume VI Norfh Share Seuzbr ffzylf As the director of Choral Music and sponsor of the MUSTANG annual, Mr. Paul Harrison has dedicated much time and energy to the betterment of North Shore Senior High, ln his eight years at our school, he has done much to develop an appreciation of the arts among the students. He has been a friend and devoted teacher to many students, and has earned the respect of all. We, the MUSTANG staff, would like to express our appreciation to him by dedicating the 1970 MUSTANG to Mr. Harrison, Though memories sometimes grow vague, pictures and words never fade from the printed page. In this year's annual I hope we have preserved many reminescent moments for your future years. With great pride, we now present to you the 1970 MUSTANG. Editor 2D'1l"IT'P1 O51 FUMUZPXMFP UJ'-l"l3'UJ Div-1WU5F1'1U mocmxcrww ibm L'2'1l'1'1F' 2'-'E11P-3LDWl'1'1WP1'-155 '-4lT1'1t"N2'-'Wm 2I?1PUP73 2207555 252-4 FUP1'-'FUFUCPEO 24705050 vwvzwrn :fc1z:fS NbHU mHrwHS ZOP4'-'U POOMWIUFU U223'4l'11 '-lIb"U Annual Nv- il Mwwbw FFHI QIHPW 2OUJU1OC'7P"-1 22? ZNUOF WUZOIW WOFKDH WOFQPH HHMFZPOM WOwZO1m 2OmHmmwm FZ " Ejgriil-I-E wh 553355 1 Hkiimw mwgmw in EEEEE MDEOEH bUM2PF EHHZM DHHZPMO mewgw wwwmmm :umm-:-2 zcnoh. M, :.,,, ,,.4, , ,..,.---.N ,W ,,, ,. . ADMINISTRATION. . . . . I7 ......HONORS , , ww . , ,J 531:31 'MEI . 1' 'nf - M www , , V ,ie I 1 f I 3 If 43. if If v If 1 " 'Fa-ESS fm f 'I 1: rt" Q 4' r I gi, 4 3I 1 I I TABLE OF 6 WHO'S WHO. . . 59 ...... ACTIVITIES ...39 I ' 4 ' " 'QQ 'riff' i UV, 'jf' viii O RGAN IZATI ON 5 ------ 59 IO7.. ...SPORTS CCNTENTS I77 . SENIORS. . . . . . .JUNIORS SOPHOMORES. . . 'W- "-:5.'.."51-.4's1t-I-.2-:.Q"s if-'-.'E'M E si Q2- if-f'b fi' 'I ' EEEE an 3 E 1 ' 'K ' ""' A ' , 2 fjj: t ":' 44 ,xg . ,. Aw, ', 5 'W .. ' ' , ax x v 1: -A 4- -V J ""1f:f:.li3 53' ', gpg 3' "-' ',.'5'f'J1:. 3 , .K,,3Fh, .3 .. , E AA il 2 ,J Al E., N 1 'Z I ,, 131.3 9 A E xx .QQ E 1 2 I 7 ...... ADVERTISEMENTS W K , ....V., In 5 f9Q,,fL """"'f'f'f' Ef f 3 1 3 ri: EEEE W ? E E.EEEQ Y 2 7 Q z If ooo Lk! us say that flu? table! is zz gift of memwy the Mather of muses 1 N 6 : iff- and that when we Wish to I X M E figs' ','1f5?-ii , A 'iff t f fe ,f e ix ,-5+ iif fse -ff' ee e 'xg N- KW ..,kL7 i .':A L ,'gf ,,. N xxx, RV W 'hf ii. Q I - ,, K I 'LVV K K +f -1 "L rm.. -12, M. ef, 1 M Jn-'L --he New remember anything ufhieh We have seem 1 ,Ak M., ' wa.-A 4, --.,.. e ,. in .wx H., 5.-L . 3 in '1 -'efffeew I A - f - J? 1 Q ',,X 5 9 HL, 1 elk or heard 1' ar thought in our own minds H V ,kk . , .5 hiya ,f M, x VM.. '3LfJ- X' u -5. f ' -'ffm'-1. . .. - Q. , ' v w 5 52,4 Whfklf ' " A ,ff 3 , A N , gygfw, A I - X-UK. -'Ars' - Q- , ,,, . AD -.3 ,, v ,...-AQ, K - - -.H -.. - .vavw h.x,. . x T W, , w.. V A , fs Ag f'f'9"'1 V il f ,. -- ,-4, ,gn .1 ,1, We hold thc Way to the perccptivns and fhaughfs l 'W-a.,,N 3 Y .- --,L 11.4 .. WQIQ and in that material MLM receive the imprcssiau of them wb 'Ns as frm the seal ,:r, k gykx twig 4 an of a ring: ' ' PLATO WW-fr-WWF IW N wx X L W my S Q - ' FE fam K4 6 X XZ fx I Xxx! XX, QM 2 ?71. A --Y X , , I Illllllllf - I 4 XXXXX X 1 A I 1 .xx - f ff fm VU: ' 'x I J lung, I 1 X mx fs W. ,.! A. 2 wx, ., I fx S' ., N M f X X x I X 1 X . N' Q 1 J Q t' V X E I ff m :V M : 41, 5 W 212- i' .f"::' " ? . 'E'-Q..g?f54 uf ,k y Z H , .555 4 X? Q fi-XX Nr Q N NZ .b if X X 2 5' -ji Q xxx .' 'GI' ,-,. ' 'al 4 Q! X lxf""'In1g, ...H-nnnu' Xxx. ' ' 19 t, N f gin .3 , I - '52- f,, ff 2, N X . WX IH , 'A' yn' Throughout the school years, Mr. W. C. Cunningham has proven to be an important figure in thc administration of school affairs and promotion of public relations. He supervises all school policies and distributes funds throughout the school system. As superintendent of this school district, Mr. Cunningham has many obliga- tions, but he finds time to relax by enjoying his favorite pastimes of hunting and fishing. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Mr. Cunningham for helping make this school a great success. 5 M U R. P Q W. E F 0 R I 5 c N c: U T H N E g lf g L N E 5 G N ll T M - Secretary to Mr. Cunningham, Mrs. Koehler s M 'gl R. A E s 'f E I T R L T E D A N N T E cg N T B Secretary to Mr. Cobb, Mrs. Corson Mr. Cobb, our Executive Assistant Superintendent, is faced with many tasks in maintaining accurate records of the Galena Park School District. Among his duties are keeping reports of the monthly transportation expenses, all teacheris records, and the annual average of daily attendance. Mr. Cobb is assisted by his secretary, Mrs. Corson, who takes care of daily correspondence and compiles reports for the county and state. We, at North Shore High, wish to express our gratitude to Mr. Cobb and Mrs. Corson for their concern for the students in their preparation for the future. 'mis 1 . ...Aer .,..... 3"" Mr. Beach Mr. Free Mr. McKenty Mr-,Keller School Tax Assessor and Collector Dir. of Curriculum Dir. of Special Services Busmess Manager Selma! l6'0ard Seated, Left to right: Mr. Tice, Mr. Havard, Mr. Cunning- School Attorney: Mr. Kellerg Mr. Cobbg Mr. Guedryg Mr. ham, Mr. Lambert, Mrs. Koehlerg Standing: Mr. Irwin, Rountreeg Dr. Nicholsg Mr. Graham. Mr. Atkinson Mr. Haley Dr. Kelley Mr. Smith Supervisor of Music Audio Visual Coordinator Dir. of Testing and Athletic Director Research --J Our Priuczyuzl 1 .A NS "YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE" Our faculty, believing in the uniqueness, the right of self expression, and the dignity of each individual student, has attempted to provide an atmosphere whereby in learning students may discover but continue to search, may answer but still question, may per- ceive but still pursue, and may listen but still speak. Through academic growth, leadership, self-reliance, and respect for learning this stu- dent body has met the challenge. In the years to come may we, as students and faculty, continue to strive together for quality education that has as its ultimate goal the benefit of all mankind. 'Q.'3,fm.aK ,gr Vivian Thomas, Secretary to Mr. Bartuy Our Assistant Princzjwzl ruff? Our Assistant Principal has a hard hut rewarding job helping students in everyday school life. To the student body of North Shore Senior High, it has been a pleasure to work with you on the many school projects to which you have contributed so willingly and faithfully. My congratulations to you on your many accomplish- ments. To the Annual Staff, my Commendation on such a splendid book. May all the good things of life always be yours. Sincerely, Paul R. Von Bieberstein Ill "" . I 'Q""-Tv V15 till 1 WN U, ' W' I Idiixkx I 2 41 XQQQSQ' H V' I L tl 'fi X Xivsx A- Lf-1 --s NQXXEENSQ I Mr. Bieberstein takes a rest after his vigorous activities. Mr. A. E. Attaway: Counselor Mrs. Anna Davis: Counselor Mrs. Nancy Anderson: Mrs. Peggy Garrison: Mrs. Darlienne Clerk in Attendance Secretary in Hamilton: Office Counselors' Office Secretary in Registrar's Office QQ, Mr- R. L. DCIHBIIII Mrs. Emestine McLauren Registrar N urge Mrs, Constance Pfeiffer: Secretary in Attendance Office Top Row, left to right: Cindy Diamond, Sharon Martin, Carla Goodson, Ellen Henke, Donna Reed, Carroll Gresham, Jean Smith. Second Row: Donna Lindsey, Vickie Fore, Chris Ehrlich, Marilyn Osbome, Denise Alford, Janet White, Jackie Jensen, Rene Hahn, Eleisa Alsbrook, Nan- cy Semler. Third Row: Margie Hattenbach, Shir- ley Forse, Ann Sadler, Mary Hattenbach, Kathy Kotz, Paulette Guillot, Kay Jeffcoat, Carol Fake. Fourth Row: Mary Jo Stout, Lee Bieberstien, Prissy Nagy, JOEllen Alexander, Debbie Corley, Gwen Broughton, Judy Cook, Sharon Popp, Tan- ya Cauthen. Bottom Row: JoAnn Tucker, Bon- nie Alexander, Naide Maldonado, Danny Cham- bers, Pam Jamail, Brenda Hiser, Irene Reeves, Debbie Fontenot. X 1 . - -ggr,,54f.: , he..,lm lsWgug,,m ,,,at 'f v- --.. 2 -..t4.tE4' V. 'ew -if W, V x '?lq?.'2' .. , ' I rw : H 'f'- e . K- I fjswifw ,,. vp? 1 -mf fxlwlaszsr. . 1: y. .pf-N ,- ,gm 2 , , Q , . ' I p V:-Q75-'film K 1 ' J q W 1 t, .4 s 'A l vl? ,W N ., miie n ' mv -r-'Q VI? fX Mr. Sam Alessandra: Mr. Billy L. Arlen: Miss Martha Barnett: Miss Earlene Brown: MTS- 91053 BXTDY1 Drivers Education, Biology, Athletics Home Economics II gl Chemistry I 8: II VOCMQOUHI Adjustment Athletics, World III, Home Fumishings C001'd1nai0f History ff f 1 -i aff! 1 .1 lf -V Ll. ff - A Do teachers get their , the tree of knowledge? Mr. Harlan Baldridge: Boys Physical Education, Athletics Mrs. Gale Calelly: Mrs. Peggy Carrell: Mr. Ben L. Cavil: English IV 81 V Girls Physical Related Math II, Education Geometry ff education from Miss Stephanie Burbridge: English III, French II 55, ' f .4 , 3 Q .V V , ' I E rroi W at 3 W, ff , Mrs. Wilma R. Mrs. Mary Davis: Cooper: Home Economics Government, World History, Economics '4 S fl X f nfrf., f. - - f1 :'s:.': 1: if 'f 5,..1,.,,. I. . -' -wir . .155-..,. 'P' ' F 5 if L . 1 , . A , 11,b.f m Z, J X I Miss Mary A. Faigle: Miss Ellen Ford: Mr. Daniel Harris: Mr. Marion Harris: Mr. Paul Harrison: English III 81 IV Business Law, Clerical World History, Chemistry I Choir, Annual, Music Practice Driver's Education, Theory I Athletics 2 1 as Y ri I . xx Mr. I..aVon Cox: Mr. E. O. Grant: Boys, Physical Education' Athletics Some teachers will stick their neck Typing I' Business Arithmetic out for you. W V z-"1 . , -1 ' . ""3?.:I':r3' 5 A 4 I TL: :,- .1 . 53, ' A r ij ,fe - mflhggg sg.. t-gig., ,g.1,,.g,.S.i, lv K-'v fl F .li W 'L T wk 4 if Ilya: X N ,sf I f iigifgx div' A . 4 , 1 17 , Mr. Lee Hiclcs: Mr. James Hughes: Mrs. Helen Jack: Mrs. Martha Lee: Mr. James V. LeNoir: English, Social World History, Texas Household Arts English 111, American General D,-aging, Studies, Math, Science History History Technical Drafting ' ' ' in i 'VVV ii L gut Q W , N h Z .V ,P :lj KX" if . ,KN law W K " 'Z 5 ,at -. ,- s -M .I ,, . it , . . t ,gf T .,.-Q-fm 'QWM ff ' Y 1' Fl' 3 ,tmffii Aw E me , M V7 G yi 3 t ,P I 1 . Pfam wf ' 3 f n M E e f - Mrs. Loretta Spaugh: Mr. Truman D. Dr. V. H. Melass: Mr. Nathaniel Collins: Spanish I, English II Mamey: Biology Physics, Trigonometry, Analytical Auto-trade Geometryg Elementary Analysisl gl II 1.5 Q19 'f- ff we ziiisiiflflif . ' -' .fy ' sn,ynA y I ,M . L l , . -W - 4 if t fwfr E. fa Q ,f Mr. Bobby Miller: Miss Patricia Mosley: Mr. Tom Niederhofer: Driver's Education, Joumalisml 81 II Distributive Education Athletics, Boy's English II I 8: II Physical Education Miss Ellen Pendarvis: Mrs. Florine Perez: Mr, Nestor Perez: M1-5, Mary Nan Mrs. Wilma Schulze: GBODICIYY, Related World HiS!0l'Y, Vocational Adjustment Redman: Geometry, English II Mail-'l II American HiSf0I'Y Coordinator Typing I, Shorthand I fi Mrs. Maisie Temme: Scarlet Drill Team Instructor Mrs. Anita Thompson: Typing I, Business Communications :ff A A I , I Q A . - ' ,sbp 7-if I r f ' af- . . if Fifi , - ' -. . ' Ll' - X -A - ..,, . . V , 11ff!?f55L , -s - i gggfygfq, 'Sf' Mrs. Frances Wilson: Algebra II, Consumer Math Mrs. Gwen Webb: Miss Elaine Wehe: Mr. Weldon Willlg Cirl's Physical Related Math I, Boy's Physical Education Education Algebra II ,-f' . ifii Mrs. Susan Wilson: Mr. Warren Wilson: Spanish I, II 81 III Metal Trades f K xfii.. 'W' Mrs. Georgean Zohar: Mrs. Joyce Zotz: Biology Bookkeeping, Business Machines Miss Kara Gail Williams: Mrs. Patsy Young: American History English III After thirty-five years of teaching and five years as Registrar at North Shore, Mr. Robert L. Dement has decided to retire. Mr. Dement plans to return to his birthplace, a farm in Burton, Texas, where he will indulge in his favorite pastimes of sports specta- tor and fisherman. Mr. Dement received his Bachelor of Science degree and his Master of Arts degree at Southwest Texas College in San Marcos, Texas. We wish Mr. Dement all the good fortune and happiness he deserves. We will miss him! ! MT- Hel'1d0l'Sh0f P0565 after a SUCHUOUS drive- Mrs. Temme does her thing! Spanish can he fun with Mrs. Wilson at the board. "How did you rate to get in this picture, Parisher?" asked Mrs. Lee Mrs. Free shows our new assistant librarian, Mrs. Green, around the library. as ET " ' 'Ti 5211.-ff-, Q 3.4 I " ge - is J tsl 3 I N99 lf. .'7 42- jg EP I I U W l Miss Faigle helps Steve Elliot understand his Teachers are always on the go. signmem in English. it Mrs. Gilbreath gives special instructions to Becky Whitfield. Miss Fraizer is caught in the act of teaching. mf Cafeteria ladies, Left to right: Mrs. Smithg Mrs. Lengsfeldg Mrs. Joyce Smithg Mrs. Cranfordg Mrs. Yatesg Mrs. Everitt. Snack Bar ladies, Left to right: Mrs. Helbertg Mrs. Welshg Mrs. Hill. Qawrifa Washers Aufagraph Here X fl Y 'S WE X fa x lx ,I K 6 fi XZ fx A 2 'rgiwf "f'Lff'M-73 . 1 X f f, XX XXXXX Xu U , N I' . J f -v N , f ,f f ff x 1' Q X I 'num V 1 I I N, ,VZ . ' x -. ' f r X A X, X .' X '-- RX 4. X' f X , V, -V Q .Nf-Nix, ' ' K -' My " .- K ' m X 'X , fix f, Y 5-'I x . -2- -I Y' , ' ,1 E Nw.,:'-'S' XX Ink :. 1 EX fx N 9' 'R ffm , m ,..--L-. fzzf-" Q. ' - -X I I, 1 1 WE I x V III A I fi' - ! I Fig I 'rigs ' 'xy V 51 . - ' X :5l- ' Q 5 ' Z m :cf-TXX XZ Q X NK "' . ' ' gg X I X 2 1, XX X ff X 91 '0 XX -R Z X X XJ r 'f 'Z 1 ll" lllnuuu nu-mum! N Xxx. K f 1, f "I 'I X 1 .Zi X ffl I x fw5L XX ' flmor GARY BALDRIDGE LEE BIEBERSTEIN WITH HIGH HONORS MARION CARTER SHARON CERVENKA MARSHA CONNER WITH HIGHEST HONORS LARRY FAIN JIM HALL Graduate PATRICIA HATFIELD ROBERT HUGHES DEBRA LEDWELL ANN LODEN TERRI MENEAR CHAMPE MILLER DAVID MCCARVER flu I7 Graduate ANDREA PERELES CINDI PIENIAZEK ANN SADLER JEB SCOTT MIKE SEALE JOHNNIE TAYLOR FRED WILSON Z 5 i Patricia Alsbrook--Treas. Michael Andereck Lee Bieberstein Karen Bolton O l y I' ' Rejeana Bowersox Charles Brightwell l l Karen Brinkley ....--'W Kathy Brown 5 . . P Q . Q' .r ig 1 fig? 'Q 1 A il '-f7'I"X' , .,,f ' X x 3 1' P X Louis Ashworth Gary Baldridge --1-.Q E M, N M Marion Carter Mark Casey X all 35 36 ' ' VW ,Q .s2'-- 'fe-regex-f 75.17 5., 99' . it - If .m., ,Z SA if if 12.5 51 QS 'Q 1 1 ,1 ii , ' 11,5 f I -jgfg 5 it Q ,V f ,fu - , D Sharon Cervenka Lee Connellee-Pres. ant 4 r ,rw Katrina Gilbert Roy Green Jim Hall Jeanette Hatfield -qu MJ, 5 Marsha Conner-Sec. Gary Cook Larry Fain Charles Floyd O-vb' Nw,-Av Patricia Hatfield Margie H Hattenbach '9 'T-I f"""'L . fq If M. , Qfi f. X5 41 A 5. Wx' rv f Andy Hemphill Pat Hollingshead Robert Hughes Karen Ingram P A Paul Latour Debra Ledwell K W.-. - Q' V, Ann Loden W ,Qi '1A' 5' Janet McCaffrey I Jeri Mahaffey Terri Menear Ralph Meyer-Vice-Pres. Champe Miller X x NP' a-an-947 X 'E 5 , Q.. v W ' 1-11i w mmm.mmn1w Andrea Pereles Cindi Pieniazek Ann Sadler Kathy Sadler Jeb Scott A - Mike Seale Jil' Mr. Collins, Sponsor .lodel Smith Sharon Smith Scooter Stanaland Sharon Wakefield Fred Wilson M95' ff ,f 1' T: X ,, W Il - V lull! f' v b is JE f' ., , a 11,-gfsix 5' D- f 01" ." " "' "HI H '--'--f-l vm X H wi XWYII 'X K FZ I-IJUOZ OIW PHE mWOIw Iamcz mm-g U""'gOO7UCD -Immun -H1103 -lZmG3-r-r-m-lZ- V103 Max H 7019:-C1013 -I Ginger Wilkin -lmfjg -4l"l'l'lX-r- O-4 Cm H100 Urn Champe Miller HmQZ PC1-4Cbmm Mike Foster W , - v-eww.: 33 E" wswfift' ' pg fa: in H ,IQ-Ag z., . WM ,.,.. . A t M 1 o ' s T A T H L E T I C J im Hall Lee Bi ebe,5te in Nl? fi 5 2524. e. ilffq V fi. 'S I A sw" - if Z ff- if V I ,V 'E 2 Q Q R X "J '- 'V H aff f fi 'Q,3pf.W ' A' ', ' Q ' f' if W5 Qvyk k.,X Q? ' fgiza -jgtixxgz, " 3 5. ,s W. Who 19 Who Jo Ellen Alexander Jim Hall Lillian Boyle Max Harris ,Mn and ,Miss North Shore Souior J-llyh Cindi Pieniazek King Lou ,Most Debbie Balls James Lindsey Lillian Boyle Phillip Schaffer l5'ost Groofuod . . Kuunars lip Jo Ellen Alexander Mike Mosley Kay Immel ,Most Fvpuhr Johnnie Taylor Ray Sims . . . . .7ulc'lHgm! Tommy Wright fvrsfxvw. ,. ,f, wg- - . ,- Y, ,, --,. Q - : - ,.- ' nv , , k fgffi, - 1 - :- 1..,...,- .f,p,..:,-- if-1-sw 2,14 k ' 2.44 ,..f,-f,g.L,f4f3'l .f1srff!4,a:f'- - 1, - V -, ' ' wg , My 1 , 1951551-,v -if-1-5-1 .4 1 A, ' N' - :"f'f.1--.z'-:wr .f ..: , .ul , f -ww ,2 A:-w ggg , Ann Loden Terri Menear Ann Sadler .Mast ,Cikeq ta Surreal Mike Seale Jimmie Cox Gene Smith Patricia Hatfield David Vincent ,Most Hcautyul and ,Most Handsome Charles Brightwell Jackie Jensen Jimmy Lundgren ,Mast ,4tl1lctic Bonnie Alexander Steve Bean Marsha Conner Roland Core Sfrzcndhesl flamccamiug .Quven Io Ellen Alexander Hand Swvcflzmrf 5 W Rhonda Roe '41 45 X165 Jo Ellen Alexander i s V I P N I S C A R L ES TW E E T H E A AR NT D Joe Flores Ann Sadler iiffkz 5 A 58 A - Sweethearts I 96 9-I 970 FOOTBALL Nancy Pedersen BASKETBALL Carolyn Cox rf 4, YQ? TRACK Marsha Conner BASEBALL Sharon Popp June Farrington Q ff Q IWW W 7X7 MNRWUW X x IX ZX - 5 WX fi X Z X xg NN X X ."" I vw """"" -Y A W Y .f JTCXX f w . ' "f ' , ff' X K "I XAX 'X 'A mlm j ff I X A fm A X X t 4 Y K ix R , V. L Ns ff 5 :iff-..-.4 ' ff V -V lx- " f 9 X mg, .. ' " fx X. X Qflff - XY y ' S Nx:x,xf'f:: ' xii " 4 An fw 'QT' -3 ' 1 E ' 'Fil " 'IJ A E - 5 .-5 ,zz ,I ' , ,L ' il Q u F' 'iz F '- f :AQ 9 , I .-if g fx L ' fiqxx gx Q N 'Q -:Q I x 3 r 11' V -STEQX lx J Q ff, s - r 4 XX I aux . M.. - X l X: WA!! f ,fl HHHIHI ummuuu I NN ' X Xaovq. .1 Nfl! 4 I if N X , , - i x! l NfwfQlHP v V Hvmecoming 69- flamecoming .Queen DAVID McCARVER JO ELLEN ALEXANDER Princess Che Graufuiug Moment Princess LILLIAN BOYLE MIKE FOSTER 60 ,QL , 'RS ,, DDDD Last Year's Homecoming Queen Barbara Green Crowns this years Queen Jo Ellen Alexander. Homecamiflg Kayalty fs' v ml Foster, Lillian Boyle, David McCarver, Jo Ellen Alexander, Max Harris, and Lee Bieherstein Lillian Boyle prepares to lead the cheerleaders in "forgetting" the pom-pom routine. Shadows grow long as our band continues to practice for a football game. Two of our Mighty Mustangs, Lloyd Burris and Jimmy Lund ren, wait ' patiently to be fed at tie F.H.A. Booster Brunch. Seniors sing, "On, On North Shore High Sfaatballis' Assachted ,Aclivitics Scarlet Captain Jo Ellen Alexander "strikes" again. CA tambourine, that is.l Seniors if 1 The Scarlet Officers .lunior cheerleaders, Barbie and Linda, stay on their toes at the football games. Bonnie Lou Alexander and Suzanne Johnson play the part of the "Stinky Little Bees." The Rounders stand guard on the spirited Mustang, Thunder. The Scarlets get caught at the peak of their routine. Students Shaw Chair 67116111 DQ' :.L,,f Ewiunsis The Three Time Winning PREP BOWL team fm' this Year C0Yl5iSted Df Gary North Shore's own Ray Sims is focused into view for all the interested Baldridge, Captaing Sharon Cervenkag Mr. Collins, Sponsorg Mrs. Cooper, Spon- television fang, sorg Mark Caseyg Ray Simsg and Ralph Meyer. A "crowning moment" in the play "Infanta" came when Kathy O'Brien placed the royal crown on Angie Williamson's head. Lex Cowan, as the character Bossu, sees his reflection in a mirror. 63 tl Lee Bieberstein pouts as the "villain", Andy Hemphill, tries to foreclose on the mortgage. Western D 11 MR. and MISS WESTERN DAY l Ralph Meyers presented prizes to three of w ie H' V K all JY ul' A K V f bg rj Patty Loden our beard growers Robert Waldrop, Tommy McKnight, and Bobby Sturdavant. .' if ' lr" .4 N 7 G , ,, , mm ff -Q' 4 41' lf' Q T' J .' ' 9 7 T r 11, s vi 1 . fn, ,av 9 9 Nigel McKay The Scarlet Military Officers have a swinging good time at the Weslem Day As- sembly. The "Myst" provided "heavy" music for the assemhly's entertainment. HAPPINESS IS for one of our assemblies The group includes Top Row: Lee Bieberstein, Mike Mosley, Judy Sappingtong Second Row: Steve Bean, Max Harris, Nancy Peder- sen, Barbie McCormick, Mark Caseyg Bottom Row: Paul Sa- vage, Andy Hemphill. Laneda Thomas tells the stu- dent body about "The Night Before Christmas." ,Musical Lee Bieberstein sings a solo Mustangs ...- It looks like we finally caught the boys gossip- ing. Kathy Jacobson ex- plains a part of the Annual to Rebecca Dixon as Pam Bald- ridge looks on in hewilderment. Mr. Cavil's Geometry class is all smiles as he explains an prob- lem. Jeri Mahaffey and Jackie Cun- ningham decide whether it is la- dies first or age before beauty. iffy AW" jg 5,3 "Hi ' f gx l " 72 ' 'Q 12.3 emfft zwelfwe vig N m, 1 f 215153, it ,Q iw: K W . W xwrx 1 . , A-of wi 1 2 5251 , arfgfzgyi- ' e 3 E -t H A-3 ,lf 2, E :Mfrs 1 A 1 r gi . 43 1 'sf Last year's Miss School Spirit, Sherley Fleck, awards this year's Miss School Spirit, ,lo Ellen Alexander, with a new bracelet. The lunch hour: a great talk fest! " 67 Aufagraphs XIXQK X X Q fx riff?-X -"'?i LE 5' Z X x I , . '-i " .f - Q H 2 Nm N 'A f, W 7 XX fx X' ' ' 'lf . I ,',. , Q V, ff XX ' Hnm I 5 Ns X . X Nl LW K f S Kas-..-., A ff XN ' f Q , A X ffik Q- -. X "X 1 ,u , v ,I X. 511. xxx t 4 Il X 5, :" X .. ' I ' Y Q' H 'x gg Ni? 1 iii ,I .:" Fvv 'K ,i 4' ggi ' xu 2'i- h fi, x ii I -1 4' E ' PRX 2 s X9 X 7 N, if RX , Z lo X X K, WS ' N X 9 , f Illllmu nunllxllllw 'N I ix I X .L .A Q - Pa Jackson, La Dell Killough, Wesley Laird, Bill Latour, Steve Lea, Don Lindsey, Donna Lindsey, James Lowery, Liz McMichael, Pat Menear, Terri Meyer, Ralph Miller, Champe Mosley, Mike Odle, Jim Pfeiffer, Alice Pedersen, Nancy Pereles, Andrea Pieniazek, Cindi Pitman, Debbie Raley, Mary Anne Rinn, Edward Sappington, Judy Slaughter, Pam Smith, Geanita Smith, Gene Smith, Jodel Smith, Tawanna Stephens, Mike Stockwell, Ricki Thomas, Laneda Vaughn, Donna Walger, John Watkins, Billy Wemer, Jerry Wilson, Fred STLIDE T COUNCIL Members: Andereck, Mike Babineaux, Mike Baldridge, Gary Batts, Debbie Bean, Steve Bowersox, Rejeana Brightwell, Charles Brown, Leonard Carrizal, Bear Carter, Linda Carter, Marion Cashion, Jerry Cervenka, Sharon Connellee, Lee Cook, Donald Davis, Avery Donnelly, Barbara Dunn, Debbie Durham, Dianne Early, Barbara Early, Debra Ehrlich, Chris Elder, Davey F ain, Larry Farrington, June Floyd, Charles Foster, John Hall, Mike Harris, Mary Hatfield, Jeanette Haugen, Chris Huestis, Terry Hutto, Earl Top Row, Left to right: Jerry Cashion, Sophomore Representa- Hatfield, Junior Representative, Bottom Row: Mrs. Davis tive, Barbara Donnelly, Sophomore Representative, Charles SPUHSOFZ Debbie BHHS, TICHSUTCTZ GUY Baldfidge, Pl'eSldCI1l Brightwell, Senior Representative, Prissy Nagy, Senior Repre- Ralph MCYCY, ViCC-PICSMCHIS T91'1'i Meneafv SCCTCWFYS MTS sentativeg Rejeana Bowersox, Junior Representative, Jeanette COOPER Sponsor. Left to right: Mrs. Free, Librarian, Patti Hickman, Steve Cobb, Chris Haugen, Don Thomas, Twyla Roby, Mike Mayeaux, Elissia Hutchins, Cindy Pieniazek, Bobbie Birmingham, Mrs. Green, Library Clerk. LIBRARY I ., STAFF Left to right: Mrs. Free, J ack Harris, Rhonda Taylor, Earl Vickers, Karen McAnally, Bobby Sturclavant Barbara Alley, Donny Collins, Cynthia Zachary, Mrs. Green. awS5,vw ,ff xii? is L ,1J5'i,7'fM3 , K g 15.15 w,:,ai.a w I 55. ,f f X. ,f it WM ' Q XV. . ""fi1'ff, .54".L32'1 SJA. f , fe, Q Siliklu WM: - MM L. hi? 'i M 'J' 'V I M VK X , , J 'ik ,- W3 I? 12,27 if QQ QWIQAJB Jo 'K K awww nun.. , 1: ' 5fXk ii: 'lg-N a ii L - Q' 'Nd' JU-AKG an aeauwir -'L ww F" .v ' fglmxlk - I BENQ iafuikgyfy 5-4, awww!-u,Mw.w .,,,,,,,:,A,. N, , .223 V Q 41. 5' in -E uw use 3 3 M. f- 1' 'H '31 Q4'NQ41wmdLJMpM V is :W 1.5 ...anew fn.. q,.m.,. .,,,,WMHM.. ii?-Hi. r-A, bfggl- '- , .H ,. 4, V U A 3 U ..- ., '. ' u 4 ,, 'Q - V 1 1 Aa- an I., ' it A. 5 ff ,gk A- jg JN 1 A 5 ff' 4 , . agp' Q 1 E.-F., . ' x - .,-M... A . 2 Q ' ' 1 if 2 , 2 ' ' 1 4 -n. W q L, Lt. 45.1 n , - " 3 -3 -h .--.f 4 .1 Q A M uf. 'dlil . E fi-,A 1 Ji N .1 - wg V 4 r i 4' f ' Fw i I1 X in If-is gi, , I I Y' 2 '-, is , X-- I J, M ' QM! ' J Q I ' 9 Q- A ' N Alli "1 ' KM I M 74, j N-- :Iwi 4 is C A V 'A- '-1a ' " x YK" K -. ..f9g a --L 'X ' 'xi' 'Q ' I 1 , K 5 ! h 1 it L' 5 ' 4+ . '. - 5 5 Y .1 ,' y M1 - --fn-W it A 5 ' K' 1 W Y Y F I. , Y 5 5 E i 3 1 S ' r 4 K I F Y S N ' Q 5 Y ' 4 Q W . A ,Q fx' A id J V ,N ' W V 8 13, H Q ,.- 5+ rf . 5 . ,b . ' is 1 A Z' V xl A f . -QA 15 P 4 Y A r ' ' f I 9 OA 5 'K A . 4 , , I IN 'lf . n v n A l 1 N x , , Y 1. x-. - - ' X If "4 .V ,531 J ' . , . ' Q, ag 1 I q H' ASW .' ' ' A 4' 1 A ' "' A 1 " -' fn, 'Q 1 f ad, E Jr s "Nh: O 3! V 'fr I 4 ' Ik . ', A F D v y in , f if ,V - ' ' ' 4. ,V -' 9 - 5 ' ' 2 ' , : -f f 1- 1 4 Q Q A ga' K A2 , 1 ' L ff!! F ,K A .fl ' 1 is R, ti " fs 1 -Q1-A -- fQ 2 E ' ' . 1- V "H-'N' X W' - 5, Q 3 X wr Asher, Mildred Bean, Steve Bieberstein, Lee Bieberstein, Rosemary Biles, Debbie Bingham, Margaret Bowersox, Rejeana Box, Monica Boyle, Lillian Bryant, Brenda Bryson, Elaine Burge, Debra Burnett, Sandra Casey, Mark Chandler, Linda Chapman, Claudia Chattin, Cynthia Coker, Evelyn Cook, Judy Cooley, Charlotte Comelius, Gerald Cotie, Deborah Cotie, Tim Cox, Carolyn Crawford, Gwendolyn Davidson, Donna Davis, Dennis Diamond, David Dunbar, Richard Elmore, Deborah Fain, Larry Fontenot, Debbie Foshee, Nevelyn Gerrald, Burl Graddy, Deborah Gucker, Wesley Hamby, Bonnie Hammock, Brenda Harris, Nina Harris, Max Hartney, Brick Hauck, Penny Hays, Eileen Hemphill, Andy Hill, Barney Hooks, Debra Hudspeth, Dollene Huggins, Nancy Isacson, Debra Johnson, Wayne Juarez, Mary Knight, Julia Leggett, Rebecca Leonardt, Danny Lindsey, Donna Loesh, Debbie Long, Lila Ann Luigi, Donald Luigi, Donna Malone, Gerald Mattox, Rebecca McAnally, Deborah McClellan, Debbie McCormick, Barbie Megee, Pat Moore, Constance Morrison, Charles O'Brien, Kathleen Pedersen, Nancy Rankin, Karla Reed, Sarah Rushing, Billie Ryan, Lois Savage, Paul Seale, Mike Slough, Mary Smith, George Snyder, Donna Taylor, Johnnie Tavlor, Rhonda Waldrop, Linda Waltman, Robert Watkins, William Webb, James Wilcox, Ruthie Wilson, Fred Zachary, Cynthia Left to fight! Wanda Clark, Librarian: Marsha COB- pington, Chaplaing Mike Mosley, Secretaryg Geanita ner, Treasurer: Jerry Werner, Vice-Presidentg Sandra Smigh,Librarian, Bumett, Historiang Max Harris, Presidentg Judy Sap- Left to right:' Connie Moore, Treasurer: Billy Wat- Mary Juarez, Librarian. CNot picturedjz Richard kms, Chaplain, Debra McAnally, Vice-President: Dunba,r,President, Dennis Davis, Librarian, Linda Chandler, Secretary, Officers Left to right Lee Connellee Secretary tors Larry Fam President: Mike Andereck, Board ,Terry Wemer Vice President Andy Hemphill Board of Directors Robert Thels, Treasurer. Members, Top Row, Left to right: Craig Carter, David Alston, Gerald Cor- nelius, George Dawson, Mike Andereck, Bobby Wharton, William Stana- land. Second Row: Lee Connellee, Bradley Smith, Jackie Cunningham, Larry Fain, Robert Hughes, An- dy Hemphill, Louis Col- lins. Bottom Row: Pat Hollingshead, D e b b i e Hooks, Janet White, Bar- bara Martin, Debbie Cor- ley, King Lou. 75 Top Row, Left to right: Darrell Bradshaw, Billy Bolton, Gary Roberts, Bobby Sturdavant, Kent Daniels, Larry Redmon, John Cone, Earl Vickers, Jim Heard, Gary Shumaker, Jesse Duckett, Tim Heard. Second Row: Bill Smith, Ricky Bertson, Tony Wil- cox, Larry Reed, David Vincent, Paul Bolton, Randy Parisher, Frank Johnson, Robin Roberts, Chuck Lange, Jimmy Garner, Don Coleburt, Third Row: Ginger Jacobson, Doris Roberts, Freida Wasson, Debbie Russell, Eileen Hays, Marilyn White- side, Debbie Wood, Beverly Corley, Elizabeth Sears. Bottom Row: Becky Centz, Sharon Jacobson, Patty Loden, Sharon Matthews, Danny Perran, Sandra Juneau, Rebecca Shank, Sonia Buxton, Debbie Fonlenot. ,,,w4f,3g LLM!! -Q ..- 76 .Jimmy Garner-Vice President Janet Poole-Secretary Ginger Jacobs-Treasurer Jackie McNutt-Treasurer Linda Batts-Social Chaimian David Vincent-Sergeant-at Arms Randy Parisher-President Bill Smith-Sergeant-at-Arms l f rr 1 -B.-.few ..,,,..Q.,.--.Q mf. W v rr .r if 1 K rg . M -or Mr- fl -..ff ,le-' , 5 xr X-'HQ 'Vt -qi -9--1 .1-Sf-: ,,-f agki-uf' uv...-..,g.S,,,g ,K ,Qu ..... 'V en.- ' It Vjufxii 'I FRENC CLUB Members: Mike Buie, Robert Campbell, Carlanna Carlson, Edward Carter, surerg Brick Hartney, Steve Ide, Susan Kouts, Deon L'Roy, Connie McCol- President, Marsha Conner, Carolyn Cox, Vice-Presidentg Darrell Crawford, lumy Bradley Smilh, Barbara Thornton, Debbie Tice, Carole White, Gary Pam Fisher, Robbie Gordon, Debbie Gruddy, Mary Harris, Secretary-Trezv Whitfield, Miss Burhridge, Sponsor, 77 V.E:QEi!' '15 Top Row, Left to right: David Stanczak, Gene Smith, Erie Fowler, Butch Dowd, Tad Gray, Gary Evans, Douglas Rice, James Polk, Larry Davis, Ricky Capps, David Alston, Frank Harbuck, John Poxon. Second Row: Neil Badders, Hal Carroll, Chuck Carter, Tony Laney, Cary Chinnis, James Beamon, George Dawson, Craig Carter, Clifford Reeves, ,lack Phillips, Tom Forgue. Third Row: Larry Yates, Nigel McKay, Mike Vidrine, Pat Hollingshead, Ron- ald Morse, Bobby Phillips, ,limmy Clements, Mike Buie, Roy Q f'-ug: Green, Ricky Hearn, Marvin Eason, Calvin Cappelle. Fourth Row: Debbie Wood, Jodel Smith, Alice Pfeiffer, Patricia Als- brook, Wanda Howard, Terri Menear, Deborah Suddarth, Glen- da Hobbs, Eileen Hays, Paula Sawyer, Cathy Matysiak, Bonnie Murphy, Connie Tarver, Sharon Sims. Bottom Row: Jeri Mahaf- fey, Peggy Donovan, Dale Hathorn, Naide Maldonado, Mickie Asher, Cathy O'Brien, Libby Corey, Dalene Blackshear, Gwen Willis, Pam McMurrough, Deborah McAnally. HE IDEMISEMIQUAVER ..+. ,... ,., -.,,.-,.! --V-..--.,.-,r,l:,,---- ...,. -,..-:.'- ii ' L f' 1 1"f'u I ' I V I La jf , 4. f 1, ,f of .. . W9 ., 'GD f 1 1 'IK K I U s 'flfQY:fJ:1l-3'-9 'N .9 .9 . 0 Y ix Qff N.-'ll I R l, 1 Z' 'T'-lf! Officers, Top Row, Left to right: Tony Laney, Sergeant-at-Arms, Gene Smith, Presi- dent, Jack Phillips, Vice-President, George Dawson, Sergeant-at-Arms. Bottom Row: Terri Menear, Secretary, Jodel Smith, Treasurer, Jeri Mahaffey, Historian-Reporter, Mr. Theiler, Sponsor. 1? , "'QQ..f' 'Ki X-.lgifii - ul... -1.Q.-5"w-I 7- - N 3, ,. 5 : fu: --ffl-1--3...--l'.'L1...E-2 ' fgqi ,X ' SL N ,'l Li XC-:'7"aT U ALPHA THETA fd ,. Members, Left to right, Top Row: Karen Ingram, Sharon Wakefield, Karen Maureen McGuire, Connie McCollum, Debra Ledwell. Bottom Row: Andy Brinkley, Valerie Felps, Marion Carter, Karla Rankin, Debbie Wood, Kathy Hemphill, Laffy Faill, JHIIICS Freeman, Robert HUEIICS, Mark CHSCY, KIDS Brown, Ann Goldenhar. Second Row: Mr. Collins, Sponsor, Mary Slough, Lou, GUY Whitfield, L96 Connellee, Gfildb' Richardson. Johnnie Taylor, Mary Harris, Kathy Sadler, Patricia Hatfield, Ann Sadler, x 'Q' .s O . , fy ,, 1, , N. R I. , l I -..., f -. I -.- 1 r 1 f Lrg., ff? , , , 2, 4, ' fi? . IQLT v-JA J . Officers, Left to right: Larry Fain, Vice-President, Johnnie Taylor, Secre- tary, Mr. Collins, Sponsorg Marion Carter, President, Andy Hemphill, Treasurer. From the top, Left row: Jonell Deason, Ann Laden, Debbie Pit- man, Carol Stuckey, Karen Brossett, Dianne Durham, Debbie Batts, Donna Greenlee. Right fow: Karen Bolton, Cindi Pienia- zek, Penny Hauck, Kathy Brown, Karen Brinkley, Wendy Jones, Sherra Smith, Julia Knight. From the top, Left row: Karla Rankin, Mariann Atkinson, Sharon Birdwell, Sally Bohn, Linda Burr, Patty McPay'neg Right row: ,lo Linthicum, Cyndi Cason, Elizabeth Tinsley, Mary Harris, Karon Ingram, Lana Brown, Mark Casey, Jackie Curi- ningham, Keith Farrish. F.T.A. Officers from the top: Julia Knight, Secretary, Ann Laden, First Vice-Presidentg Cindi Pieniazek, Second Vice-Prcsidentg Kathy Brown, Treasurerg Miss Brown, Sponsorg Sharon Cervenka, President. Senior Delegate-Lee Bieberstein Junior Delegate-Mike Hall Sophomore Delegate-Mary Brandt Mike Hall instructs Mary Brandt and Lee Bieberstcin on how to walk up the stairs. WW 'M' X X. 'Y X 3 YJ My M 5 Q 1 ' ' 1 4 , I - l': ' W I W 1 ' -5 Ax f -1 1 .. 'W' . f X , A X 5 N' f , . , r 1 ' V f . Q- M.. M W f f ,h ' xl. F.H.A. Alphabetically: Cynthia Anderson, Rosalinda Arredondo, Beth Bail- ey, Linda Ballard, Karen Barnes, Kathy Beshirs, Debbie Biles, Shir- ley Boatman, Dianne Bolyard, Lorraine Chambers, Shirley Chapman, Sherry Charping, Dian Claussen, Sue Coker, Sandra Daniels, Cynthia Diamond, Vera Dyson, Barbara Early, Diana Eddy, Marilyn Echols, June Farrington, Valerie Felps, Pam Fisher, Kay Forbes, Vickie Fore, Donna Gray, Donna Greenlee, Beverly Gunter, Debbie Hair, Bonnie Hamby, Carla Hill, Carolyn Hickman, Carolyn Hol- comb, Barbara Hopkins, Dollene Hudspeth, Dianna Husley, Elissia Cheerleaders on Preceding page: Bonnie Alexander- Hutchins, Suzette Litton, Becky Lumsden, Sherry Lyons, Maureen McGuire, Carla Martin, Becky Mattox, Debbie McDowell, Pat Mor- gan, Linda Noska, JoAnn O'Brien, Susan Parsons, Valerie Piwetz, Bonnie Rawls, Pat Rogers, Deon L'Roy, Ja Dean Samford, Debbie Sapp, Tasha Simpson, Geanita Smith, La Jeane Speed, La Donna Stone, Mary Jo Stout, Brenda Stults, Scarlett Taylor, Jo Ann Tucker, Donna Vaughn, Georgena Walters, Debbie Welborn, Con- nie White, Debbie Whitmer, Kathy Wolford, Kathy Yancey, Cyn- thia Zachary. Sponsors: Mrs. Davis and Miss Bamett. Cheerleader-at-Large Lee Bieberstein- Senior Cheerleader Lillian Boyle- Senior Cheerleader-Head Linda Chandler- .lunior Cheerleader Suzanne Johnson- Sophomore Cheerleader Liz Lowery- Sophomore Cheerleader Barbie McCormick- Junior Cheerleader Ginger Wilkinson- Cheerleader-at-Large Officers, Top Row, Left to right: Dollene Hudspeth, Pianist, Valerie Felps, Second Vice-Presidentg Ta- sha Simpson, Secretaryg Shirley Boatman, Third Vice-President, Vickie Fore, Treasurerg June Far- 'wwe man. rington, First Vice-President. Bottom Row: Georgena Walters, Fourth Vice-President, Mary Jo Stout, Chaplain, Debbie Biles, President, Brenda Stults, Historian-Reporter, Cynthia Diamond, Social Chair- has flags.. A43 JA f QI, ' wwf' J' Y, , ,wry ed Members, Top Row, Left to right: Cam Tate, Ricky Owens, Jerry Orgeron, Trainer, David Hocutt, ,Tames Elliot, Wayne Young, Cecil Smith, Wayne Tommy Yancy, Robert Brown, Steve Patterson, Steve Radney, Frank Evans, Barton, Terry Murchison. Bottom Row: Marvin Hehmann, James Stevens, James Broughton, Glenn Bolyard, Oscar Morgan. Second Row: Bobby Jeter, Walter Standish, Donald Chaney, Robert Smith, Cecil Phillips, John Harold. Marty Percy, David Hill, Doyle Ward, Allan Burke, Roy Clark, Douglas Qfgma lf' VI 'ff int f r Q! i . 3 A U-xuroy J L ' 6 tiff: V QQEQSS l - qv T' - X XLT" W ' SV" ? I rq'K 4 . .54 ,, n--U .g , new 2-T - W5 W5 if qw ' V W fa--ffelfm' t-1476? A"" s 'MQ 'M' -"q"',"f. .A J' A - J' .5 A 5 '42 x..f3'0'5" """,fJ-..,f"""l J .44 2-v .r 4,9 . fe Q,.',x 4' 'Qi J.. 0ffiC9fS, Left T0 fiilhlf ROY Clark, SCYEZCHHI-H!-2lfmS1 D0ll2l21S ney, Advisorg Steve Radney, President: Cecil Smith, Treasurer: Trainer, Secretary: Steve Patterson, Vice-Presidentg Mr. Mar- Wayne Young, Reporterg James Elliot, Parliamenturwn- 84 Q 23 1533 ffl., . , rc, ,, . 2 E L' L '35 l ' "H ' w ig, ' ' ' fffr-zwfli " . I I I C I I I I ,nf -'- ,ga are -sf LLIB HISPA O Members: Patricia Alsbrook, Vice-President, Robert Brown, Judy Cook, Eva Davis, Rebecca Dixon, Dianne Durham, Secretary, Debbie Early, Bill English, Larry Fain, June Farrington, Charles Floyd, Glenda Hobbs, Ro- bert Hughes, Julia Knight, Donna Lindsey, Mary Lloyd, Becky Lumsdcn, Jill McLaughlin, Patti McPayne, Steve Patterson, Jimmy Phillips, Parlia- mentariang Cindi Pieniazek. Social Chairman, Debbie Pitman, Mary Slough, Gcanita Smith, President, Sherra Smith, Treasurer, Tawanna Smith, Russell Stewart, Rita Suddarth, Johnnie Taylor, Rhonda Taylor, Scarlett Taylor, Liz Tinsley. Kathy Wolford, Cynthia Zachary, Mrs. Spaugh, Sponsor. 85 ,,,.,gn.., " '-7-W ' If ' -,-,fr 'ffg-,.'-es.--ff' Student Council members help out in decorat- ing the halls for homecoming. The Band smolders in the sun as it receives in- structions from James Beamon. During one of the Cheerleader's skits, they pollute the air with baby powder. The Crimson Quill meetings are always filled with deep concentration. F.H.A. prepares a deli- cious meal for the Student Council luncheon. Laneda Thomas demonstrates the art of twirling to James Beamon? The Scarlets pro- mote spirit during the pep rallies. The Band displays its prize-winning float. The Choir constantly rehearses for the U.I.L. Contests. The Library Staff readily helps students to locate books. L V pr I -f uk M, ww' , r J, f'- JA, M , pw-w. 1 ' , 1' -'K '- 1'..":+f ffl- ' Q-J'-arf' 12" 13.1.54-0 ' H' nu-me 1--. J ' 1 P I Q". A 4. 4.0.14---- aff af-an -an-sauna 'X M352 I 1 In w 'W' 4 - . U' ii' ' , ' 1 ' X 0 d , ' w A it X g . , F. I W A ,Q ft, V 1 ' ' Y' X ',l...I -iff' f .A.a"" 7 M - 4 'NF' E 515.1 M Q, 3 4. 52453: X K - if rw . M .F Z' 13.5 1. . " mi P' X x . K L f v we r V. ,j I Q . .. I-131 n 4 wif' X. 13 iw-fin wi' EMM-1 vm ff' fff2.:'- K f' ff . ff. s si if 'Yr "rf-M 4 A-' W, ji. ?fw'f'l,3-Q' -ag' .Q ffl-xi' 65,4 Q ., 'u-' J . 1 .'3 "'B',-.'x - . ' 'W . ii f-!x.1, :ji 1 '+A-V'qwgM J: f 1 'f "' f-gl ff:E'Wf'f"-41: ff' - " . "QT, Tglf fr' - , 35 y' """ " Eggs - , 15113111 gg nuxnliiniiiix pg 1111111111 11-mins . 15111311111-I in-swmmmlg m 3411111111111 el 1ll El5IHlli R3F:u?DmN A B li- i liQ?l l i B gg :Vi V fs-I Sl ff 3 V B iinmiiuuunm mmsmsgixmumsi m an m fm 'V ,VV .A , " T f 'Q P' 0-f 1 , ri A I 'I J" L ' im f QQ? . 1- 5 N' V1 zz, V -' V i 1 H ' lj: W F ' 'H M i :M 5,33 2,5 , 5, , - ' 4 fqggi t V, 1- 9" EA gf ' S L2 f AL. J- 5 V ' ' H 'T' - V V4 -D V.. 2 , 5 1 Y . EJ 1 v ' ' H ' , ' A A- 1 1qA 15 ' V. ,. l 5. 2, I , I ' +f Y D .' u. ?ff SHI: is V -2 H '- g , '12 ... 9? ' -. QQ V I I ik V if 4,526 ji ' 1-'Z 2 5' 43'-45" +3 A ,535 i ' -5' Lf- 'xfff V V'X'x ., .. . V. ,VfV4re,- . , 4,-A . ' er-YQ: -9911 I V. NV ' , ,rg 1,f,?',X'? V1-Q Q 1 . '-H15 ,Vf,f-- -'H wa. X fix: Tw Vg: M + . 1.VQf:Q-'-EV 1-.1avijq::aEfi V ef. ' '- S" if-1-:ss "' .' .?:T?-m'- ily- 1 F V?V '4-V.?'f?TA"--'NV Vs -g' ' M. A-.V-A kVVV.q5'x,,-,, AL M5-,W 'ff-.-L:..V,-VSV?-. .V ui-.1 0-Af,,g,3y Mm- A , , - "f If 1-1' .Jim-V ' x :f'g,q:Mg VS.IL'1Qf?i,s .'f5lWi335.'z'-,JR 5' 11212 fx-W iff?-L1K'f'V m'f,w,. V . 4:V5.,,pQ V'Vf-...wiw-1-5'HV-V'.,VVV,,.Vw-515 VgfVw:.,'uQNtJwVf,1,v:,,.' 'V ' f , f .1 -nav" V2'.a-'f42',f?g"aj-"V 115' 4 . ix-S - ' r . "aww-: L'fM1V-39' '5-flex --'sw -' v ,V',' ' 4',w ,n,-1,V',-,- " " -- -'gf -, '. , 4- -if gp-... Q' Lf .' F xr,-'Vp' fy 1X-V Vg fwfr, N ' M- Z, EPT fn-. ,-. - . VV Ji, . M, , Vu-Q N 4xw,v , , v 27 -E "" X v ":-2" Rf' 'Vg 'XS' K" 'M' 'Lf ' XQ ' I ' ' '96 '.','f,f 2 vi ' o. is VP V HW '- ' A 1 nf' V A .S-1"-""L' 1 .,M,x.. , ,l H W sl,-.,x.x, ,N .5 ,V V, ,wi ' ,V X ' ' ' - ' L , ,1'M'g'w:V wVw,rf1 , ,HV ffxyx Q V. uh Q M 'FWHMWJ 415 V I A. AX - 1. K w . V16 A 3 VV g iffy., 'V-as - , - A 1' 'V - ' M. , AAN. W, gnc. ki yxgg 51125, .wi , M Q' . 'sf"-KH '-P "aww JT 'fx- f.PPeff'1V -V -V,,:, .SVA xkx' x P . 9 1:53 , an-s as ky: inf li. we 12 Q2 Q w x Lieutenant Debbie Dunn Lieutenant Ann Sadler Captain .lo Ellen Alexander Lieutenant Ann Loden Lieutenant Kathy Jacobson S x lr M., xy' SOCIAL OFFICERS ,J-"'n"iN Left to right: Pam Baldridge, Chaplain, Patricia Hat- field, Secretary, Sharon POPP, Treasurer, Mary Hatten- bach, Vice-President, Mrs. Temme, Instructorg Sharon Cervenka, President, Chris Ehrlich, Reporter, Sandra Baker, Historian. Members: Adams, Joyce Alexander, Jo Ellen Alford, Denise Baker, Sandra Baldridge, Pam Batts, Mary Bohn, Sally Bowersox, Rejeana Brandon, Cindy Brinkley, Karen Brown, Jan Brown, Lana Broughton, Gwen Camfield, Debbie Carlson, Carlanna Carter, Patsy Caudill, Marilyn Cervenka, Sharon Charrier, Carolyn Chessher, Teresa Conner, Marsha Conner, Connie Cooley, Charlotte Cooper, Mona Cox, Carolyn Cox, Jimmie Cox, Terri Davis, Claudia Dixon, Becky Donnelly, Barbara Dunn, Debbie Ehrlich, Chris Epps, Laura Fisbeck, Susan Cray, Brenda Gresham, Caroll Hahn, Leighanne Halbert, Debby Hammock, Brenda Hatfield, Jeanette Hatfield, Patricia Hattenbach, Mary Hefner, Linda Hickman, Patti Hiser, Brenda Holden, Beth Ingram, Karen Jacobson, Kathy Johnson, Carol Kelso, Pam Kilsby, Diane Kouts, Susan Lindsey, Donna Loden, Ann Lofaro, Carolyn McClellan, Debbie McMichael, Pat Menear, Joyce Miller, Melissa Mosley, Sandra Nagy, Prissy Nelson, Kim Parsons, Susan Pedersen, Nancy Pereles, Andrea Perkins, Debbie Phillips, Mary Pool, Janet Popp, Sharon Poxon, Karen Rankin, Karla Roby, Twyla Sadler, Ann Sadler, Kathy Sheppard, Debbie Slaugzltter, Pam Stockwell, Ricki Storm, Sandy Terry, Paula Tice, Debbie Vidrine, Lowana Wakefield, Sharon Whitfield, Rebecca Whorley, Linda Wilcox, Ruthie Williamson, Donna Hattenhach, Margie Hays, Eileen SCARLET MANAGERS Left to right: Kirk Jones, Jesse Arredondo, Bradley Smith, Joe Flores. Not pictured: Tim Harty, Thomas Brooks-Head, Manager. - .iivw-JJ THE ROU DERS "Rounders" Top Row, Left to right: Ben- jamin Carter, Bill Laird, Ter- ry Murchison. Bottom Row, Left to right Lenny Braun, Wayne Barton, Douglas Davidson. Hughes, Sponsor The "Rounders" rush to prepare THUNDER for his grand en- trance at the pep rally. SCIENCE SEMINAR 4 Officers, Left to right: King Lou, Treasurer, Debra Ledwell, Presidentg Dr. Melass, Sponsor: Jo Linthicum, Secretaryg Ronald Idom, Vice-President. Members, Top Row, Left to right: Andy Hemphill, Mark Casey, Gregg Grubb, James Freeman. Second Row: Gary Whitfield, Robert Hughes, John- ny Johnson, Jackie Cunningham, Keith Farrish, Larry Robbins, Ronald Idom, Larry Redmon. K . , , H ns, ,, . .K K Third Row: King Lou, Glenn Dagley, Mary Harris, Penny Hauck, Avery Davis, Marion Carter, Cyndi Cason, Jo Linthicum. Bottom Row: George Dawson, Julia Knight, Leighanne Hahn, Johnnie Taylor, Debra Ledwell, Karin Jacobs, Connie McCollum, Karen Brossett. D.E.C.A. Officers, Left to right: Mr. Niederhofer, Sponsor, Phillip Schaffer, Honor- ary President, .l 0 y c e Page, Secretary, Bruce Jackson, Vice-President, Debbie Sapp, DECA Sweetheart, Mike Babin- eaux, President. Members, Top Row, Left to right: Kenneth Underwood, David Ireland, Mark McGaUey, Donald Chaney, Earl Vickers, Weldon Levacy, Tommy McMillan, Jimmy Phillips, Bruce Jackson, Sec- ond Row: Cary Hale, Ronnie Blackburn, Leonard Grauke, Steve Durdin, Wayne Vincent, Phillip Schaffer, Ricky Friday, Mike Babineauxg Third Row: Jan Young, Debbie Sapp, Blenda Du- Bose, Janice Wiseman, Billie Perran, Donna Vaughn, Julie Wehring, Carla Fox, Connie Melton, Bottom Row: Pat Mor- gan, Sherry Moore, Debbie Braden, Brenda Lund, Debbie Riv- ers, Sandra Juneau, Sharon Matthews, Joyce Page, Scarlett Tay- lor, Sherry Lyons, Kathy Wolford. il i - l RJ Wiley ,X - lk. ,YW f" J N-,ff I fill rr 1 X F575 nh 7 Officers, Left to right: Mrs. Gilbreath, Sponsor, 165' Smith, ViC9-PfCSideHl9 DOIHHI Liflfli-CY, ReC0fd- Sherra Smith, Corresponding Secretaryg Debbie Pit- ing Secretaryg Angie Williamson, Publicity Chair- man, Treasurer, Darryl Crawford, President, Brade H1311- PEECH CLUB , . g 1 Members, Left to right, Top Row: Marilyn Echols, Lynda Harrison Wayne Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Douglas Davidson, Richard Patillo Craig Kotz, Jerry Justice, Russell Moses, Steve Ide, John Weiri Donna Lindsey, Sherra Smith. Second Row: Mariann Atkinson, Su san Fisbeck, Becky Hoffman, Cathy O'Brien, Linda Burr, Liz Bea v . I S 5 l mon, Cindy Brandon, Angie Williamson, Debbie Pitman, Pat Dahse, Connie White, Debbie Graddy, Lynne Drury. Bottom Row: Darryl Crawford, Robert Waldron, Mark Casey, Donny Collins, Jerry Lewis, Bradley Smith. 95 n'5 .cl 3' V is-if , V.I.C.A. 4 ETALJ f 6'-f ' ...I1',X' "' -V.4,:s 'vi Jffi,ff"""'f-'V' f A we J ,J an S4 A rf M . ... ,J Members, Top Row, Left to right: Jesse Arredondo, Jerry Hehmann, Rusty Sheffield, Aubrey Young, Ter- liam Stultz, Robert Morton, Jimmy Garner, Ricky El- lis, Vemon Brown, Jess Brooks, Raymond Dyer, Don ry Huestis, Jackie McNutt, Frankie Taylor, Mike Colbert, Steve Tanner, Earl Hutto, Third Row: Gary is Craig, Jim Sides, Vance Bums, Doyle Poole, John Watson, Roy Jackson, Larry Dyer, Bobby Davis, Ken- 1 'Ag ' Smith, Johnny Cryer, Warren Young, Second Row: ny Stewart, Lloyd Burns, Bruce Ross, Billy Campbell, fl ,D Steve Hart, Moody Files, Gary Dyer, Bill Smith, Wil- Paul Bolton, Terry Kvittem. 'T 2 32, f 5' J CQ CIJ f ff ff ,J Q ,s r ,vrsr of V Q ,,,, 1 I V , ,.,. W ,.,, g, W J, , by M bmi ,.,,, - I A 0 ld ' Va LJ? 7 , af. we 'J My A ,... Q.. ' V S ,SX Af I it 'A wwf ,Q I 1' J S . AI? J ' A SQ? l +0 T'-3 ,J -mf' ' ' A if ,f N4 1' -.LA J -1 Officers, Left to right: Jackie McNutt, Sergeant-at-arms: Larry Dyer, Vice- Secretary, Loyd Burns, Parliamentarian, Earl Hutto, President, Jim Sides President, Mike Craig, Reporter, Mr. Wilson, Advisor, Frankie Taylor, Treasurer. 96 ' -1:13, 193 X,- 0 LEQIYEI1' .A sf L s it' Easel ' gi. 32535, ds., 'Ei Wav A X J A , J ..,..'4 ,X, t 'v F .-,A-,-..,'1 f-? .. .,, - A - A ...Q-1 .,',,g,.,,, ,.1, fl " E445 ii, 'fl 2' I nfs' ,,, L. p. Ht, . ,V ,, ,.,,'A, fjlvrdg- I A --s . 'Q '.1 ,fl-4 ,. '.,-' 5 All 1, 1 Lf Ai' , , 311, - . . , - 1 . , -f. v - if - ,.,,e,., V .-v' 1 -t -'ft A' ff:-ss-Af-fxf,.:-- ,. -X s ff Q ' fs. ' v -3,1 3s...g!Q--fa,Z',S.,..:E,r H A 5? H yy ,WW-, -,,1-MV- 4 7 ,Qi ,gg turf' '. ' V ' lm ,A fl:--.I,,:-.'Q,g'f-.,:' .' . -gg ,fs ,A Ma, iii- ggiflgtzilfrzf 1g X, 1- Y 11 I cpl ff 11. 6:41 A I K , ,- ak, wfiaif, Q w,j,,fA,f- UZ: . . .I Tix. :ggi ,aiithivgelm Miva. .ff sf" 'V 9-5 -" rf ig. K ts "UI 1 't 5" K .f ' ' ff ' A4-fh V gf 4,25 84' T in. fa f, t 5,,,ffw,,a,A' ,Tr an V V' , Ana V t 114 ' " . ' ,. . 'fu , . .y A f , '.f 'A 1 , K muff' 'nf ff 1i,.? fn " 'W,"5'-'f' Y-1 , - st, ,wo f, ' 5-.I H,,-5, ,if -.A - . - , , t ,- 5 i Wig! "3 mf, I 'A'-ai g 151.51 A , '1:TLsm::i,:llIf' 'j'l'Q,1i:" ' . 4 , , f r . - W f. 1 -. , ,, , va . L A-T-f,Q,'?i'Y,s, 2, f - , ,Q,l,4 , ,-, , X -1 ,-ui 'e'?'C7li- . g' F .,, 5 - , fgff -1' 4 , ,. .n. - ,ny N, P 'iii la V775 . 4' , K ' lake-i'i'tihl, ffg'-,, T 'A' 'C 'bww 1 'L W . r. . M ' ' f J bg 4 'gh' .vXr".'gsigllQ 'Ha Q, 'lm . , 2 -X , , , -. I 1 -,, i, -f ,V JW f",f""1?'?,F-,1,",'s 1 uf ,,-' 5, 4,3-,rf - 'Q - eg, "-Q' ,al al,-9' . , ' -, ,Q - igjjjffifygt, , Q ' ' ' . ' V , fig' anne . 'si Q age . . if , -, Mist! M in ,, . , . -,hy ,Y K 1 555,15-.XV 4 A, , , 4 ,fi - qw 33 ,,,', If ,Qs 'fail 1, ., ia L ,,-ft' . V - ,, er- g-4' ff ' ' ' ' . flimmzis 7Eef,1fSih- .. S. Members: Joyce Adams, Susan Abshire, Gayle Bowen, Sandra Burnett, Debby Cater, Marilyn Caudill, Gwen Cranford, Barbara Donnelly, Dianne Durham, Presidentg Debbie Early, Chris Ehrlich, Susan Fisbeck, Kay Forbes, Vickie Fore, Shirley Forse, James Freeman, Debbie Goynes, Deb- bie Hardman, Stacie Hilscher, Pam Jamail, Elissia Hutchins, Treasurer, Mary Juarez, Suzette Litton, Karen McAnally, Donna McNutt, Naide Mal- 4 , fn ,- I, fl.. 21-f.,...1 . - , - . B.A. donado, Barbara Martin, Carl a Martin, Sandra Mosley, Debbie Pitman, Vice-President: Donna Reed, Irene Reeves, Cheryl Sanders, Ricki Stock- well, Sherra Smith, Secretary: Esther Trammell, Donna Vaughn, Linda Waldrop, Debbie Welbom, Linda Whorley, Donna Yarborough, Mrs. Thomp- son, Sponsor. 97 0ffiC6fS, Left rv fighti AVefY DHViSr ViCC'Pf95idCHt2 GHFY Presidentg Mark Casey, Assistant Editorg Karen Brinkley, Baldridge, Eclitorg Mrs. Culelly, Sponsorg Andrea Pereles, Treasurer, Members, Top Row, Left to right: Roy Green, Robert Hughes, vis, Carolyn Holcolmb, Karen Bolton, Bottom Row: Melissa Miller, Charles Brightwell, NUUUIIY1 Williams, Ralph MEYCT, .l0hr1l1Y .l0l1h- Karin Jacobs, Connie McCollum, Sue Coker, Lana Brown, Sharon son, Ronald Idom, Russell Moses. Second Row: Ann Loden, Karen Langham, Brinkley, Cindi Pieniazek, Glenda Hobbs, Laura Sepps, Avery Da- THE CRIMSON QUILL Mrs. Calelly listens critically as Andrea starts on another one of her analyses. Members, Top Row, Left to right: Kathv Brown, Marsha Conner, penter, Ann Colds-nhar. Robbie Gordon, Susan Abshire, Mona Andv Hemphill, Lee Connellev, Gary Baldridgc, Gregg Grubb, Cooper, Pam Slaughter, Lynne Drury. Mark Casey, Mary Harris, Andrea Percles. Bottom Row: Lois Car- . la- N YOUTH nf. M FOR Officers, Left to right: Top Row: Sandra Bur- Bottom Row: Miss nett, Chaplain, Barry In-R 1 -w-, --IQ - Pendarvis, Spon- Hill, Publicity Chair- :li --.F-'EF1'-'ru -3.19 sorg Wanda Clark, man, Jill McLaughlin, ,f , Song Leader, Judy Secretary - Treasurerg ii- hw, 1: --'- Q 1' N ,.,.. . , SHPPUIEIOU, Program Bryan Syler, Presi- 61,3215 -,QQN ,,fQ""', Chairman, Jeri Ma- dentg Miss Wehe, ' X 7 I haffey, Vice-President. Sponsor. 1 f , as PJ a ....- , - 1 -If 1 A "'--- j 5' , Xswmf ffm? CHRI T Members, Top Row, Left to right: Jo Linthicum, Marilyn Echols, Donna Yarborough, Rhonda Roe, Jill McLaughlin, Janet White, Jodel Smith, Jeri Mahaffey, Joyce Menear, Barbara Alley, Geor- gena Walters, Geanita Smith. Second Row: Debbie Hooks, Cindy Leggett, Miss Wehe, Wanda Clark, Mary Phillips, Patsy Carter, Dollene Hudspeth, Sandra Burnett, Judy Sappington, Mary Jo Stout, Connie Tarver, Carolyn Holcomb, Diane Kilsby, Susan Ab- shire, Miss Pendarvis. Bottom Row: Bill English, Jackie Cunning- ham, Bryan Syler, Richard Dunbar, Barry Hill. Members, Top Row, Left to right: Jerry Lewis, Pat Evans, Wayne Hubbard. Bottom Row: Avery Davis, Debbie Corley, Larry Melcer, Rusty Pendergrass, Larry Redmon, Terry Lynn, Donna Greenlee, Debbie Fontenot, Melissa Miller, Debbie Larry Robbins, Wayne Bouton, Jeff Reid, Clinton Martin, Pitman, Marilyn McNeely, Debbie Perkins. PRESS CLUB L - m- 'A , Q , me M EJ -" - L K ' L X' ' yr EL 1' Em f' -I .T-f'T Officers, Left to right: Tim Salley, Vice- Presidentg Barbara Martin, Secretary- Treasurerg Miss Mosley, Sponsor, Gracie Colson, Parliamentariang Jerry Werner, President. ' 101 Alley, Barbara Alsbrook, Patricia Alston, David Anderson, Connie Attaway, Tommy Badders, Neil Beamon, James Blackshear, Dalene E-Looks, Dennis Buie, Mike Bullock, Jodie Burke, Alan Cappelle, Calvin Capps, Rickey Carroll, Hal Carter, Chuck Carter, Edward Carter, Craig Chinnis, Gary Clark, Roy Clements, Jimmy Corry, Libby Davis, Larry Dowd, Butch Eason, Marvin Emanis, Dwayne Evans, Gary Forgue, Tom Fowler, Erle Gray, Tad Green, Roy Harhuck, Frank Hathorn, Dale Hattenbach, Cindy Heam, Rickey Hobbs, Glenda Hollingshead, Pat Holloway, Sheryl Howard, Wanda Hyde, Richard Johnson, Rodney Knapp, Ralph Laney, Tony Leonard, Benny Little, Byron Loden, Patty Mahaffey, .leri Maldonado, Leonard Maldonado, Naide Matthews, Thomas Matysiak, Kathleen Menear, Terri Morton, John Murphy, Bonnie McKay, Nigel McLaughlin, Jill McMurrough, Pam Neal, Lee Parish, David Pfeiffer, Alice Phillips, Bobby Phillips, .lack Polk, James Poxon, John Rice, Douglas Richardson, Grady Rinn, Ed Roe, Rhonda Sawyer, Paula Shank, Becky Sims, Sharon Smith, Gene Smith, Jodel Staggs, Larry Stanczak, David Stewart, Doug Tarver, Connie Thomas, Laneda Vanderburg, Connie Vidrine, Mike Waddle, Dianna Walger, .lohn Willis, Gwen Wise, Bryan Wood, Debbie Yates, Larry Officers, Left to right: Gene Smith, Captain, Larry Da- Lieutenant, James Beamon, Lieutenant, Not Pictured: vis, Lieutenant, David Alston, Colonel: Jack Phillips, Tom Forgue, Lieutenant Colonel. Officers, Left to right, Top Row: David Alston, Presi- dentg Jack Phillips, Vice-President, Bottom Row: Pa- tricia Alsbrook, Librarian, Sharon Sims, Librariang Jill Secre , Veg, 3, if 1 Sf .1 ' . X . 1 'g ' I 7 '- wth - i 'ka X X 125 i gl In i . , f 1 ,4 NV fax + 'I .. Z V . V 1 915 E -3 ,Q ft.. '- , A 2 -gi K. N . 'X is VV . -if ' PT: ,R ' 2 ,i if :Si-Q: 5 i S 'i :'::f-if , f S P ,3...,-up , Q -s-Q-fa -,gc X 5 3 1- ikylfgu A , f Q 1 -11---fy i 1.6 f fff if--Q if 2 fy. , t Q ' wif?" gf in , 1 i , Q 1 5, ZX it A ff ,V M , V ff I f 75, . , ' if. Vi ,V , 4 Q -- V K . Vx .ff . Lf - 2' fn V " 'if I i V i 1 H K i M M wifi? iii Q. . L v , PQ , .. ,, M , Q -f , :- -A . V f . .mf ' A ' 2 wild-,if -g'3?3i?3fii1Lf7fYi 5 ffffffi Y V gg ' A , md V- i gona ,Vylk arxf-Qi L J - ' M-M Xvfd gg-Q 5.41 ,J 5 4 , i. Ng as 5 Q VV . ga ,, VV . Q, V , , ,W . , 1' i Q f i , ,.., r it .V V QV .uv V X, , V if . ..1",g,r,-,ig 1 r 1 , ru Z V i tl P Enviro F ' q r Q 5 Li I -,'r1'i1'fQ ' , g . b Q. J , ig , , . msn: : A Z' vp I 'Vi 1 7 A will V, V VV VV Vi ca'--19 Lp i 'i F54 ,,, ' ' A . Q , 'W , 5 ,fi ' 9 fi '.f11i-a . P , 55' g :as i 1 I . f fe f 'eff , fe i i , is -f- tw if Q34 . i my 5 353 4 f wvsfliw , .Q ..... , ,-i,g'?+ Inf' , , fa V' 2 f '5'-' ' -W awffi- 'ml .. 1 M' 'I M - -I 'H , -is .r Zi.. , 5. V V .. ff fu -f., 1 - i, r JH , -15' fx. . f2i.g::Q7i"' L ,W 4 7 4 ' ill 1 . . ,4l..1,4 i , , 'fi mg, Q, V .Q V , i,,i f is lf if- Y f K , N 'ff 'M - if , s of 17 -uf S ',i.avg1Mf--f W,-Q,, vm,-4-""'f ,. , ,W-W, Lvg, ' , .,- 4 ...W - 1 TWIRLERS AND DRUM MAJORS SENIORS: Jodie Bullock Laneda Thomas-Head Twirlex' Terri Mencar rf '-""' JUNIORS: Jeri ixlahnffcy HJ' Cindy Hattenbacll Jodel Smith SOPHOMORES: Dalene Blackshcar Connie Trirvcr i DRUM MAJORSQ Jmues Bc-umon-Head Drum Major Gene Smith-Assistant Drum Major fs'--sa , V V, s , Y---5 5 f V . :Q A - A V 5 V V,-,T V V V .V WV V VAL iniimj, fu' Aww Ek' r i M 'f ,. N " f Fw I3 ' B ' MV VVW . ,Vw-1 . , A ' 4, 'i--W. '1 74 v- h" . wiv A 'A wa 5 -J Qmkw, VV .T .Mk A MQW! i -,V ,Ng , ,N I , Warsl, 5 ' .-5 L V W Vugfgfh , . W v gyms-vxf ,i,..4-V -.1 -.. , -'W ,.. ,- 'JZ 'W' fa-1 -. ,fm Q, 5 , , gsm L f 'iff , - YN fl.f 3 Hui? M A ' , , .X ' A W . W, lf, A X Nil ' 5 . ,vu ' .- w Q ' mx f' 'W 1 M Wf ,, 1 . ' W' "Q WY- Wyvf' W . Q A 'W 5 t, 5 H ' I " 4 L, 'f x 1 K . Sffsff ,A .M Q W -3 ,,,,.g , ,, , , . V . . , - . , . f f,,,, I A ,yn 0 -s-., -- .i1,,1-ff' ., , 'W , . ' v' A. 'w,:-,:w7,,,,fx,.,,.N , w ' a L- E W ' X j"'!gy N fix. f 4+ K' A N V W' , ' ' "' K , , f f' 4" yf., W. A , - af. ,, , -Q A, , V , ,ff - 1 'MZNQV1 J W 4 K . , ,, ar , .,,,., My K ' I 1 - -' s. fx . . -. iw A ,, . , . . s , ,,. wi ,H , . , Q . ... , . ,, . .fn 5. Q ., A V A P , 1 ww ,, 59, A sv I H 1 5 -I s - . 1 R., JL A'-M' Jag fm., W ff" dw Q. M , N11 as Q 4.5! Q Ai x . My a' ww' Wqfxi ,I SS' ' f Editors, Top Row, Left to right: Charles Brightwell, Wayne Hubbard, Jackie Cunningham, Jerry Werner. Second Row: Andrea Pereles, Debbie Fontenot, Gra- cie Colson, Gary Baldridge, Editor-in-Chief. Bottom Row: Miss Mosley, Sponsor. E PRESS if Staff, Back Row, Left to right: Charles Bryant, Wayne Hubbard Jackie Cunnin ham, Larr ' Redmon Ga Baldrid e err Werner: g Y y ry g, J Y Front Row: Miss Mosley, Sponsor, Marilyn McNecly, Debbie Pit man, Debbie Perkins, Debbie Corley, Debbie Fontenot, Gracie Colson fs UW? ofa WN J i ' :7-E m "Fw xp WXUM1vIl,wW X fw fx v A-,,,..x Q M 4? N-Q xi ff XX! , , 2 Rx . "K" xx I r mull1f,' .X ,Ax Xxxxx xx X X A l I -X ,V x ' " f' . ' , XQQ -,X A I, I X f NX 'VZ i . num 1 X. f .N X x , ,, K x , ,f M " u X X XRQ fN , Q y X 'R ' ' ' fk . Q -Q ...- f fl? - Kimi: X X X Nuff' ix ' ' .4 I5 S' 3 .' , II!! 1 x ,-1-5 X S Q -ff'-f-'I I ' Iii 'E :gi 2' 2 -- :gc N - 51. ,fi sf ' '1 L ' Xe 1 A f ex - f 1 f , xx x - f 5.-KX X49 4. 5' Q , 'W xf 2 XX W "' XX X X x f 1' 170, I x 1 Z I ,Immlll uumlllllk! X X N' X I V .' Il ' X f .i Q.. -QA' ' ' "Coach" Mayeaux 1711 gives last minute instructions before the McAllen game. Jim Lundgren 1883 goes up for another fine re- ception. Coach Cox fbackgroundj catches a few winks before landing in McAllen. Our cheerleaders were always there to lead our team onto the field. 108 l Q 'r- ,f J ky 5, 3' 1,2 lf - . ... Jr! K 'Q ? C av fx' X .r ff . . ill 4' v. ' ' z l ' 4 . . 'ff xg 'bi QV H, if 'Q '. .. 1 1 ' .. ' X t 4? 12131 Jim Hall f17D tries to evade a horde of Memorial pursuers. Memorial finally catches up with Hall 1173. 110 This is one of the few times Charles Brightwell 1345 was stopped by one man. I Q, , 7' f Fa X Richard Weathers 1845 brings another victim down Jeff Adams C621 stops a Jacket on the line. All district Jim Lundgren makes a fine reception. W 111 Mike Offield C241 darts around left end for a few yards against Smiley. The Memorial Mustangs stop Hall fl7J. . r 'L Tie -as gist ,i,, ,s ff- 1 - Q gm 4' f -V ,4 K . V, zffz, q 5 gs 5-f 'fa pt , 1 is z -1 1 Y ai, , 1 "1E:z.::,si :pgs-,sf is .,- WM. K' in 2 3m.fZv:'fi 1:51 "Fl fin? e , Mgr, i ---X Wmasxzfl' :E'v::??EEfi.z9??zQiE b f 4 'Hr W fffweigi 1' wa . . , l is-.Env 14:23 ' L rs, ' f s. ieee is e fi iiaa e neai U ,'., Q., - 1' H' ,H x . "-' er M' ff M ' ' -. Q, 1 Qi . An unidentified Mustang scrambles for more yardage against Aldine. Scale 1211 and Wharton 133D run in hot pursuit of All-State Burrisk. The Forest Park quarterback finds a hole in the Bushwacker defensive line. u ' y i .ff I xi 11,11 r Robert Weygandt No.10 Junior Quarterback Mike Seale No.2l Senior Defensive Back Bobby Wharton No.33 Junior Defensive Back Mike Mosley ' No.45 Senior Return Team Specialist J im Hall-Capt. No.17 Senior Quarterback Y 'S e - FEZBQ-we , .Y ' i iM .V,:L K: I w e A. "rf, 11 5, ,H " 1,3335 2 f . fra. 3' I 2 , A A , W 5,2 -' 1 rf?-1 'fi ' T: 656 J , fl 3 '- ' "s 1 , i -.gffffiaf ,ww f, - ,. W. David McCarver N022 Senior Fullback Charles Brightwell N034 Senior Running Back Ralph Meyer No.51 Junior Center Dennis Aguilar Bobby Sturdavant No.19 Junior No.20 Senior Quarterback Linebacker David Poole Don Thomas No.26 Senior No,30 Senior Wide Receiver Fullhack Ricky Perkins Max Harris-Capt. No.42 Junior No.43 Senior Running Back Wingback and Bushwacker Jack McNutt Rex McSwain No.52 Senior No.63 Junior Goal-line Defense Offensive Guard -A ,.,, ,C it - . .at-:,,,,,j: , - - ' - f 2, zum -1 3'.. 5E2'f ' kg' ,ryan-arg" V WF' ' "" 4415 .lack Cunningham Ronnie Savoie No.64 Senior N0,65 Junior Offensive Guard Linebacker McAllen Sam Rayburn South Park of Beaumont Willie Diaz Roland Gore No.68 Senior No.70 Senior Offensive Guard Defensive Tackle NORTH SHORE MUSTANG 1969 SCHEDULE Won Lost Lost Won Won Lost Lost 21-0 28-0 18-8 21-6 10-6 26-10 3-0 Steve Patterson No.72 Senior Offensive Tackle Memorial Forest Park of Beaumont Mike Mayeaux No.71 Senior licalena Park Defensive Tackle 'Smiley 'MacArthur Lamesa fffomecomingj 'Aldine 'Denotes District Games Won Won Lost 19-17 9-6 26-21 Steve Brightwell Champe Miller No.73 Sophomore No.75 Senior Defensive Tackle Offensive Tackle Steve Cobb James Lindsey Richard Weathers Paul Savage No.81 Senior No.82 Senior No.84 Senior Manager, Senior Linebacker Defensive End Defensive Back Jeff Adams No.62 Sophomore Defensive Center Mike Offield No.24 Junior Wide Receiver Bobby Aguilar No.27 Senior Specialty Team Eoyd Burris-Capt. No.44 Ronnie DuBose No.23 Junior Defensive Back ' 'R iagw fag. Linebacker , ,, b ,sw MPAA -K S ' Head Coach, Harlan Baldridge Q Q'-K ?ii"f9'il" f f5ii Vw' 5 3 NA,, Line and D e fem S i v C If Coach, La Von Cox. . A L- fm., I-l- ' e. ,.'. 1 ' ' ' .nei E HT t ,r . . - V " V' , f ap y fr, .2 K, Vrkw . L V,g,ww.s+w.f- , , -4, , if ,,e, .Vi W M H i. Steve Elliott No. 78 Junior Defensive End Jim Lundgren No.88 Senior Tight End Edwin Smesney No.85 Senior Wide Receiver qi- fy. ': ,. .. he 3 , , K ,. M, Eugene Dagley Manager, Senior mf: 'ef ! M., Steve Bean Student Trainer, Senior Defensive Back Coach, Weldon Willig The Junior Varsity M "-x Coach Miller and Coach Sumner led the Iunior Varsity in preparing for their var- sity debut. THE J.V. DEFENSE Top Row, Left to Right: Jimmy Vincent, Randy Tracy, John Didonato, Bill English, Robin Roberts, William Stanalandg Bottom Row: Kenneth Black, Bobby Dewitt, Darrell Bradshaw, Barron Theriot, Jerry Atkinson. Conroe Rayburn Spring Woods Memorial Madison JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES tel' 40-24- 24-6 14--7 21-9 12-0 Galena Park Smiley MacArthur Brazoswood Aldine THE J.V. OFFENSE Top Row, Left to Right Ricky Sanders, Terry Lynn, Pat Megee, Richard Miller, George Cheuka, Charles Floyd, Randy Orr, Ricky Browning, Bottom Row: Mike Davis, Jimmy Upshaw, Richard Dunbar, Lucien Castro, Don Lea, Ricky Drozd, John Foster. 0-9 19-18 2-8 6-42 21-6 if The Sophomore Varsity -,qv-.p-ef I .-,tf,w"fr Coach Arlen THE SOPHOMORE OFFENSE Top Row, Left to right: T. L. Savage, Bear Carrizal, Larry Chaney, Barney Hill, Wayne Ray, Mack Hayes, Jim Odle, Bill Stem, Scott Brady. Bottom Row, Left to Richard Greer, Freddy Weatherford, Fred Vincelet, Willard Bolyard, Darrel Delvige, Charles Largent. right: -4- Conroe Rayburn Spring Woods Memorial Sterling .S L uh 1 SOPHOMORE VARSITY SCORES 0-34- 24--16 0-20 8-21 16-30 Galena Park Pasadena Bellaire Brazoswood Waltrip THE SOPHOMORE DEFENSE Top Row, Left to right Ronald Kingdon, Mike Redmond, Mike Campbell, James East, Larry Maness, Donnie DuBose, Bamey Coon, Danny Upshaw, Mike Black, Dennis Davis: Bottom Row, Left to right Frank Johnson, Mike Lewis, Billy Watkins, Bobby Vincent, Jerry Cashion, Robert Kouts, Curtis Adams. 0-20 0-8 20-6 16-37 8-12 V'-', rf-A With the initial tip-off, the season begins James Lindsey out-reaches n Wildcat opponent. Jeb Scott fights for the ever-elusive basketball. Mike Hall goes in for a lay-up. Mike Hall is about to make two more points on a lay-up. Robert Theis aims for two. Senior James Lindsey poses in his famous jump shot form. Senior Jeb Scott prepares to make an under-the-basket jump shot. The 1970 Varsity basketball team, plagued by a lack of height and speed, came out with the short end of the District 15-AAAA rope. Coach Earl Lankford's Roundballers tried their best in every game, but the odds were too great against them. The squad, led by only two seniors, was short on experience, but by no means were they lacking in pride or determination. 119 Mike Hall's two points have one of the Wildcats in the air. A521 Lsmfiiie 'fi ' The Mustangs really get together and hustle for the ball. Lindsey keeps Lanny's lid on. Jeb Scott goes up high and dry for a possible two more points 122 J. V. John Foster catches Aldine asleep on a "fast break." Robert Theis is off his feet again. Determination by Ralph Meyer awards him the ball. Rusty Pendergrass tries to make the score 8 to 7 in favor of North Shore. Glenn Dagley raises the score against Aldine. High scorer Al Leone lcd the Junior Varsity in total scoring. The J.V.'s in Action Jimmy Johnson displays hours of practice in his laysup form. High flying John l-'oslcr takes aim. 123 J.V. Mustangs battle for a rebound. Dagley leads! Sophomore Glenn Dagley hustles for a place on the bas- ketball team. Mike Stewart zeros into the basket on a jump shot E ru on I- 7: .D -H OJ X U5 fC CD PN 3: en g fU P 'nl I 4. S .AQ N.-rn --.ff f Z' luis o M ,E-' -rj Peter Bottom Row: Robert Weygandt, Rusty Pendergrass, Robert Theis, Lanny Manning. Janws Lindsey. Ralph Mcfyel Larry Robbins manager: Johnny Johnson, Jeb Scott, to right -IL' vu n-I S o DG Q o H? Tea 3 tb aske y'B rsh 3 OI' ni 3 -0 126 Tea 3 tb aske y'B rsh 3 YE O Sopho ,puma , mg, .W kc Richards. ski, Mi Macejcw w: Bobby Vincent, Randy Russell, Dennis Davis, Paul Kesler, Bernard Ro Randy Orr, Gregg Yar Jorough. Bottom rlin, Ronald Idom, Clinton Ma 1 Gregg Grubb, Left to right w, Top Ro FU GJ rack ! tang US YE Sho o h 70 I9 E .EI L1 .. D1 5 U L is Ez: O BH .M E.: HM as ga En: 20 1: 234. gg . ,-1.5 -EE C294 E5 'El 'HT 54: L1 gm H B-4 ev1,g EH .EEE ESU :Qui 3915 .sms .ff 3 .. D222 :Eos E35 -C02 E-1523 I ,cn og.- 'Gwen 0- 2103 Hx 5:-HE 22" cu 'E 41:53 WEB :fat ,':Ol'5 E-4930-1 3?-E UCI Q55 ULOUQ' EE? OE!! 2 Q ESE .ik .SQ-5' UID szii mga, U1 Q.. E23 -Sm? .2 gi rr-3 I ..OEI Q02 'Edin .- "MCI 253 HE, SWE .JDE ,nn-.. ,Ln-a 58 . MOE ggi E-1mO S pri nters Top Row, Left to right: Tim Salley, Mike Offield, Harold Davis, Ricky Kester, John Schaffer, Charles Morrison, Bernard Macejewskx George Titus, Jimmy Lundgren, Danny Boatman, H. J. Kaufman, Clinton Mar- Smith. tin. Bottom Row, Left to right: Larry Melcer, Jimmy Upshaw, Paul Quarter-Milers W 1 ,J is is ' . ,, . 9.-' . " iw' if . v ' , A, Q J i Y My - 'Mi ' J ' is.. 1 - "'. , . V I .-W ' I .i"' f V' - I X 'Q Sift 9 1 "." ' if' . . , , , i J if K an 3 n P -311 .tri s f, 5, il gg J 5 it is r.... Q i in M T? WVV, ,L i,: t A, i Z. , Z , .1 , A W 'di , if ,if-'i , 'J ii, "i' ' ii 'W 'ff .z 'f ,q . i ,1"'5f'3 fi' - .,., fx. s J ...iw , , J f K 9 'W 5 , . , ,.,i , f ,,k,.A 1 gy E .K I i':. fi' -, ,L,' r , , ' Wi 7 V, 4 VV .,,. ' I f 5 fn - Z ,r ' ' ,C "' ' ri., , ,Q f tti Q ryq fo. a riy' X q , H Qriilbih I 5 , W I , ,- , W ,iraq K kgggtffim., , iw ,Q y 1.. Q ' X L, A ' ,t g 1 V '51, A we i 'YQQT 'ir' "1 ' 'flip . ' 1 fi' ' f 'W f'1r 'i-" .aff '4" A 2 , 1, ii' i -js, J s rg Q ' 1 K i 1 P J g ug, J ,, Q 1 4 v K I .v V , iii or 5 . Q. Top Row, Left to right: Tim Salley, Mike Offield, Harold Row, Left lv right: Ricky Perkins. Jimmy Upshaw, Larry Davis, Danny Boatman, Ricky Titus, Ricky Sanders. Bottom Miller, H- J- Kaufman. Half-Milers i I V f ' Top Row, Left to right: Gerald Cornelius, Larry Melcer. Bottom Ro Left to right: Kirk Jones, Barron Theriot. Milers Top Row, Left to rightg Richard Senuff, Robert Palco, Clinton Martin, Monty Patterson, Arte Rose. W1 Sprint Relays 1 r . Junior Relay, Left to right: H. J. Kaufman, Ricky Titus, Harold Davis, Senior Relay, Left to right: Jimmy Upshaw, Steve Salley, Mike Offield Ricky Perkins. Danny Boatman. Mile Relay Left to right: Mike Offield, Jimmy Upshaw, Steve Salley, Larry Melcer. Hurdlers 4 Max Harris, Jim Lundgren, and Mike Scale are North Shore's '70 hurdlers. Jimmy Lundgren makes hurdling look easy. Ricky Titus and Tim Salley are this year's high jumpers. Charles Brightwell looks over Captain Jerry Werner's new pole. Pol e Vaulters Rex McSwain displays correct form in putting the shot. Weight Men L The five weight men for this year are, left to right: Rex McSwain, Chaney, Randy Orr, and Jimmy Lundgren. Mike Offield is caught in mid air! Broad T Jumpers This year's broad jumpers are, left to right: H. T. Kaufman, Danny Boatman, and Mike Offield. Steve Brightwell, Larry 3 I . 55 , . 4 we ,, , J-Q, af .g,.. . ' . , L ,, , . W 9 , 7 w Q, .,. - H ff ., -, A- Q p - -. , ,,. .K , h L V4 Darrell Bradshaw keeps a good eye on an outside ball. Caplaln Mike MHYCHUX works On 1115 fleldlng- lj, fa First baseman, Eddie Blakely, stretches to complete the play. 134 Coach Willig poses with his two pitchers. N 1 f W' h is KW Aix QQ I 6' Au-4 X .ff 1 1905!-Q fd' - , , - ., . ,,, -4 x . 9 fwnwnhn, J' "L" 2, " i V 1- f- ' Lu. -f r' i 1 ,I + - K, M -f' J Q. ,W ,, 'sa Ray Corkran scoops up a grounder. 4 ,-1-fm AN , ' , .-P X . -.fkw g ,, ww . 6,441 -'ag Bobby Wharton checks his signals from the catcher. One of the team's heavy hitters, Mike Mayeaux, lines up on the ball. , -wg ,MQ 'Ft 'f 3 n s ,,W,aE,.4- .. W Q, 1--ki, fa, gjggkgww -, ram Q ,,ff,g,q,, ,- . 1 , - f i P a ,N .1 ' ,L , 312, B , K x - Ak V ,L on K 9, .xkk ylw,,,,,lfQ:,f,f,f :QR ii.. .K Q , . 'L -V E' if fi'1L L' me 14 H . E-Z-si Us-,:,51fi" ff K . .... wifi W ix? 'EY i 4 'md "South paw," Steve Cobb, is in the process of hurdling one of his famous fast- balls. Outfielder, Pat Megee, snatches a ground ball. I . if Ricky Drozd practices for his outfield position 'fl-Y.,1. ' A ' .a-:wart A aj: N 4, I A , t . w, i :ka ' '18 , . A A 9 1 - H ,131 4,ys,, X, at A - -' . , 1 ': ' ' ., .' ' A 'f 'D '--J' f ,i32f..1m, ...:., s 4 +1 9 5 Awww V Lfk I -J' -Awww 4 "', Q -- ff- -f M . N "- ,. 1. L . Stan Headley sets up to peg Ronnie Savoie at home plate. 45, fw-ma..-... .,.,,, atv' " ,N ' 4 1 J N . skin 5 -J - .Kp- E , N I X' H' We 67 if 4 fy X X? 'J mf w l K vggfi X C-lay A Q Q f N X ERN Y' 4 NX A XX . - .4 ' mx I . Xl A ln Returning lettermen warm-up before a practice game. Prospective Members Top Row, Left to right: Russell Stewart, Bob Slerns, Darrell Bradshaw, Bottom Row, Left to right: Fred Weisinger, Billy Watkins, Stan Headley, Bobby Dewitt, Richard Dunbar, Don Lea, Mike Bolton, and Donnie DuBose. Robert Kouts, Willard Bolyard, and Rickie Edgar. Returning Lettermen X X X Q. -,hi A :E W yy 4. Top Row, Left to right: Ray Corkran, Eddie Blakely, Pat Megee, Bottom Row, Left to right: Jerry Atkinson, Ronnie Snvoie, Bobby Mike Mayeaux, Steve Cobb, James Mitchell, and Ronnie DuBose. Wh8fIOH,41Ild Rickey Dr0Zd. 138 Left to right: Lanny Manning, Mike Andereck, George Dawson, Robert Theis, Richard Miller, Mike Richards, and Coach Arlen. Robert Theis and Mike Andereck are this year's tennis team's doubles. Tennis Team Mike Richards slides into a return. Coach Arlen shows Robert Theis the correct form for a backhand. 140 , Lanny Manning gets ready to serve the ball f --PM wh X WBMWH S X X f x w ZX S-'fgji AE 7 X X X XX? :f 1 if -'-,Z T,.:j kia f fix vw XX Xl X I uru,,Nl1 .X ,.f if XAQ " M M . I fl! 'X 'I " ff f ffm f. Q Xp , , , f .1 X XXAKN V-'u , . ' ' ! . fi -ff 2 .1 -.-' hu M . . N fs Nwxxzifb X 'X E :A ' ' 4 ' Q' l X SY 14 ffx- v v ilk ? - I : '. h ' E-: N 1 '21 AQ " V ' V I ,ggi 6, X2 ' ' 2 , ' :Six N Z 1' . ,Q , Q 1 fv Q 3 x f ff, Q zf fllllx sh f X Q I Al, I I llllmu X X N 1 , f lllllulnnu X X K , X41 Y ll I 'f X ' x v Senior Hlass Owners Secretary-Marsha Conner President-Mike Mosley Social Chairman-Jimmie Cox Vice-President-Max Harris Treasurer-Bonnie Alexander Kcprcsenfufivcs -gh- Top Row, left to right, Diane Kilsby, Prissy Nagy, Willie Diaz, Ann Loden Cham e Miller Lee Bieber v P , ' stein, Ann Sadler, George Dawson, Mary Ann Raley, sSnb,,Nv Patricia Hatfield. Second Row: JoEllen Alexander, Nancy Pedersen, Laneda Thomas, Debbie Dunn, Mary Hattenbach. 1' P-1 La ..1 ..1 41 U ,fm 4:-1 mw- 'CS is :nm 565 -55 U 1,52 'ES . Taos U EDT -,Q iam Q25 Z . . L4 SME- Lrl .Jn QQ: .- In zu-5 5: lf' 4 g4E,E EEE-e v-a'1ClJE" 213 E ai MS E5 pq!!! ,.7 .. 'CQ EE EE O2 mu Di fc .1 .. D o QC Q.. Hi' DQS 2: BARBEE AN RM HE 1 -:S Ld L GJ ca.. va Q. an 3 Q2 Z H 0 NS s. O .4 C v-1 5. 'U QL!-I -I Od.. is 40 mx: P-18 NE if G C N MIKE BABINEAUX DECA-Pres. usic Club Pres.g Interact 5 M Z O I- CD v-Li '36 Q I S-c 45 QCD 4 4 I n r i I? ef M. f I M Me INL E wi "ails-Q., .,,,. 3 f 6. an ,-I IN O DJ 2 z fc P-1 I-I LIL YD VID BO DA BOX XA I ON M EN BOW GAYLE Scarlelsg Soph. Rcp.g Choir 3 ds C11 r- H ade 3 L- as vu -'I CJ V? E ': I-4 6 U ... cn :L U Cd S.: rn ,fm ,gk N 8 P 9 E- f-1 La E2 gi mi ZH is "il-1 Mia mi ME SE oat, mi fn.. EE Qi m S E-'Ln E I. 51:3 53175 LDT MD. EF si L33 Q .. dig avg HB3 IES-v EEZ ,. .I guggn Wiz? L'-IE' A .1.Q 'rg 5165? .ae H - 5373? P' 513 EE 15 E Z6 JS ai Q? 'II Ei-4 zu.. E .. UE' En. mai El 'tm Eu. 1 145 E ii G E 'E W D1 U1 ii DCI P4111 EE 'f Zn. mf D f mm 'CEE Ei EE mu 5-4 2 H 5 IJ - U U 'G :I E LI ..- au -C! U 5. u S65 E! me sl H., Q-v: O J Ban BRYANT DA BREN WN VICA O.. Din 3-13 5.2.9 lr-4: CD Om mfg' Music Club C CARTER Band g Football g Interact 3 ER CHARLES CART U D-4 41 D1 BURRIS Hi-Y Li 1 5 BCT Q: v-3 gs QL? cn E DS mfr Q ,fn Q2 .ww '9' swf" J wx- LL V X l-... """ -", 1 , ,,.. ,fa 2 , .,,A , Wi-- f .1 vifiw f' yi-'wiiw A ., 4 S 2 D Z? ma: DE 55 GJ 4:2 af ., Z4 me Ha. P7 5 ': F .25 3 CJ .S .2 F: S. In :J jx ES O :DCD QC ., Us Z- :U EE fn E as L.. I-I-4 rn -I L1-1 cn an ff. U 41 D5 41 M DCI 41 EQ es.: NHS Science Seminary St. Co.g YFC R -Pr ar1.g B1 Ei' xii SP3 ZEU 235 545 5 22:3 ' Kg! MQ ,QQ U1 E 5-1 1 E ..- CD 'T 4 U H P .Q E CJ Ma ll? IJ ii .JE c.J p..-cs oi C583 VT LF -r ': P' ff .2 L. rs 0 UI si as as mm ,CI E .. U 5 zfn b- Si Z: -ci 1: C AN PM A. CHA fc SE Q D., 41 .-I L- -5 .II UU Eff U .. Cu 5 sl U7 bf U 11 D.. 5 ff "-if-L EI HE PLL. CC Ld. Us ZI O.. 6 CJ .J KD Us Q1 .. cu. CD 'T U7 .. 0 1 5 O VJ S O cn CL GU . rx. me-f QE 515: cn 'II Z 42.50 22 4: BQ: Parl.g Scarlets ' b- Press Clu aperq SP CW N Interact: STEVE C Football YFC- Club GRACIE COLSON LOUIS COLLINS OBB CLARK C r-Lib.g FHAQ Speech 's -C l ea rl So IUS Track RALD C0 3 Interactg 1-1 I1-I Z LZ oir GE Ch -Q 3 L3 O cu V4 1: 9 z O L3 wg as m S . gi L3 Q rn as 2 Q- rv D1 xi v-A 'E C 3 mi Lax.. z z cu LJ U ui C1 42 :EE- U7 as 42 .- L 's -E QU Y-'J ..: E' 4 2 Q2 cn l Q 11 I4 fl cz ,-4 w EE A ,.1-... Ld cr Z0 Z.. Si me mg f-ILL4 2 Qu Scarletsg Soph. Rep.g L ..: H E 2 E 5 ai or Dill? Q ,faq :Z 3 L.. n U UI .Z E QC cn ru 2 ru D5 ll v-Q -2 F' fa x. O Ch Rounder I: Footbal Choir Baseball: U7 U 2 Q: m so E z z D u JACK D CRAWFORD DAVI O r- 4. D1 U MIKE ENSHAW CR ONARD LE ill' Cerma Semin A: Golfg Interzxclg Clubg ll all: FT ewspaperg Science 'E' 2 nz DECA Rep. CA- g Football: VI II! ns -Cl ... as .-'A U7 zu CQ U1 r-1 P 11 es Amis: Spanish Club QE 4141 P Ld Z O UD Q P-1 P 41 Q CD 42 v-1 O 'D O Q cn -1 E Z 42 Cl KENT DAGLEY EU GENE FH Speech Club nclerg I o Di .3 .E LJ O D -c o Kr- -Q .E CJ 0 as 'U o N I-1 in ..- .-. ns .-CI ... o o Ln ,d BILLY DICKINSON DIAZ I-Q r-1 r-J rl r-4 5 Z O cn Jr. Rep.g Press Cub Sr Rep Annual g Football g Mu- Pres.g Interactg Jr. Pres.g BP 4 QQ. H O D'-1 2 :Q 4: Q wi as nc fc -J OE gm .5 ed Lf 'CI BQ Cluhg Tennis O ..-1 rn :I E 'U C eu CQ Z2 CI I: as E-1 6 U ..: cn .Q E U O Q2 -cs o DG .ca :x .- U .2 V1 ish Club-Sec.g St. Co.g an AM re 5 Sp S. m SLE QL?- mm.- zmpf Zn.- :Ei Gb-45' S U 177 3 as 1-I U2 Si E m Zi ZS D143 Q gn., cn?-1 CG QM., D1 si Siam ii DE OSE uB BLENDA D DECA DORRIS DAVID LIOT EL AMES J -Y Hi ': F E56 21: -13 Qian 5:95 HL 'Qs D11 :ra of I-1-E cn 'C L1-I Ch Music and B 4 E-' CL' gg.. ROB DYER LA RRY E 4 B-4 LARRY ERTON EV GREG EVANS M 2 as PAT MELA ENDERLI PA 25 E F14 5 I ns 5 .: F as :1 2 2 C-4 l O C1 L- 2 2 J: o ..: U Annual g Press Club ,Cz ca. ... 4. ci Q .- rn 2 .- 5 ..:: .Q sz: W ca. rl: If Q z: ..- E as Ill an o E'- as .- u U7 rn I Z Tennls ,,,-1 at 5 .ff- fqx N X ,k,,......-..-., ai-S' YFC AM FISH I-IAQ FTAQ Mes Amisg P F H FARRISH g Science Seminar Di' Isl KEIT FTA Clubg St. Co. INGTON V. Pres.g Spanish EE nw Q4 DF? -W CAROL FAKE -,nw '?N-X . K I I V I ' 'y,fvhs3LL L A A """ 'wf f .gn--, wx: ,Q 3 U me was i-53 UTD! O., Lg... EE nd-L4 .Q I! - u U -m 5 E Ld Do OU gg 2:1 Ss E-GZ: 4 51 gil.. O5 Lu. QP' QI .4 Em mx. 5 Cv O -3 :E G H FONTENOT Press ORA LT us D4 11 Q4 in 5 cv Z LSO Q 6 .Q .E CJ .L-1 Q eu as :L U7 RONALD GRAYSON LAWRENCE GRAUKE E O2 Um Q.. 43 SE o Mil-1 is Em MQ Ln .- pd: Mil' as Cf-kv OT TTE GUILL St. 6 U F112 52 I1 Qu: M8 -54 U HS F E ,S mu. 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P' Pr 5 E' HENKE LLEN E HEMPHILL B I-rl as Q z 4 Cd .E .2 3-: 4:5 :F Es: ...M .JE QE lm '50 EE 20 :Tv '-'cn fi Oz G' of wth Uv .EH QE ,Sb-I UE-' C3 Di 42 Ld E E H .Q .E L3 O U -cz Q M Cl DS 41 I-il I E F1 .m E LJ o as 'o o Di AY HOLLOW VID DA EAD I cn O Z r-4 A nl O 'II H 43 D-4 A A v-1 III P4 Di DC. if CQ z fc 2 :A 2 :n U14 E-1 H Q: D-1 -Q 5 .. u -C7 .2 C'- EU D4 U1 di EI! z ,E E U 0 -5, IJ 2 H O CG 1. GJ .- I v-1 -1: x:: ra FII .E CII -E U .-C3 5 CT U a. P' L5 Q Y-'J L. I-1 E E s: ff P1 ..- UF ..-. L1 I-1 if us ..- I.. ra o U1 ti as CG I-I we .ff' ., H, 7 if-1 in CW NHS Amisg CS ract M Inte E :s cn BJ I O., ID I OBERT rimson Q IS R C Y HUEST A 5 SBA JUD FH ARD allg Foothallg Press Club 29 DSE U1 as was cd.. EE v-.DJ s-4 .2 s-4 .n 3 as 413 Bu Oo :ng 'CE -E5 S1 Rl Q Z 41 Bm Z Sus M2 gn-1 H15 BRUCE DECA- DEBBIE ISACSON j. Rep.g Tri-H Soph. L Arnisg Scarletsg IMME M C Y A: YF CS 0 KA FH Y: TT RL HU EA 2' ff .w WAYNE JOHNSON EY JOHNSON 'U SI cd DQ RODN 53 JS -I 3 E ff. E Zi mm mum 54: P151 :JW M E... EEE 'QUE AT F JEF C0 son Quill we Q.- :AG ,,-,ew KATHY KOTZ KNAPP RALPH Amisg Scarletsg Speech Cluhg Sr. Rep.g Band P' on U7 ..1 ... M Lil u 53m QE?-' H U - P' VJ.-Q D3 "'U Ei E Ei 'HUD X . f 'S .1 -wa.. + Y :- "3 V I I ',,"- ' ARDT ..- ..- ea .n .. o o Lv- DANNY LEON oir Ch NHS 3 Science Semi- Thetag Alpha Mu .-1 ,.1 an 3 cs m ...z 4 Di CQ L11 D -5 E cd CQ rr. Em :E A S Interact g ND BRENDA LA DECA-Treas. I-IJ P Ld I-1 na r-Pres. fa .NX .D E U Ei si CD 9-4 M.. QE Em 522 fa? -Us gc 55 P: I-LT mcg' Q: U fri 5? Ei E E o o Ln P-'E Lnlc Ul..CI U Q ZW - '11 V?-E ki as EE' mt!! .E 3 U -E Q QI as J? if C' anish DSEY LIN NNA Q4 cn bf Q aa 1 5 u CD .: Oo Q5 if' 5 ': H 6 U .J U7 gn ...J Spanish Club EN g SBAg is Am BECKY LUMSD FHAQ Mes NHSQ Science Seminar Interact Scarlelsg :v O., v-J cn E M A: SB Music Cluhg O Cd 41 Ln O v-1 E sgpf 11463 ffl!-UE UF-HH cs Amisg 'did D-1 . .. 5m Wd V70 5:5 3 . 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K -5.--. XG i, -. f MTE E. . f EN N -5 . 3 I , ,,,, , - S-Q. -I LP- La .J O O E D-1 cc 4: 2 Q Q: O Lv. ..1 O 3 P-1 E H 'II M Z 45 E Ld 2 B r.-J Q .- Z 11: FH .JC 3 G 6 u 475 df I Z E lc Zi Ss: :Ima gm af- "" L. mow A62 .5 2 U 8 U1 5 we 5: CII U 4 N 4 - III Pu. Zm P-2 UU Q3 Z5 CD JAN YOU D YOUNG CJ L12 E AUBREY Footh ICJ LH Sv- o U7 DONNA SBA as D- cn if :C lla QE YARBOR panish Club The Senior Class of 1970 is to be com- mended for the vast amount of energy it has expended through proper channels to improve the quality of student life at North Shore Senior High. You have worked diligently for the things you wanted-for the things you felt were needed. To your credit is a greater stu- dent voice in the making of policy re- garding student dress and actions. Needed Evolutionary change is made possible when administrators and faculty listen to what students have to say. Ad- ministrators and faculty listen to students who present constructive criticisms ac- companied by proposed remedies. As your teacher of government-as an observer of your excellent leadership of this yearis student body-I congratulate you. You have performed your task well. 11,67 There is an old saying that variety is the spice of life. If true, and up to a point 1 am inclined to agree that it is, this se- nior class of 1969-1970 has all the ele- ments to make it one of great interest. As 1 see this group they in all truthfulness range from the sublime to the ridiculous. We are all aware of the generation gap and it seems to me that within our senior class there are generation gaps within the generation gap. The division within this group is so varied until I find it difficult to name them all. In an attempt to be en- tirely fair and honest with the group let me say, at the outset, that the leadership which was chosen by the class seems to have been the strongest and most co-oper- ative of any senior class we have had in recent years. In spite of this, the group as a whole is composed of the haves and the have nots, the wills and the wonts, the cans and the cants, the profane and the pious, the militant and the apathetic, the aggressive and the meek, just to name a few. In spite of these great differences my personal contact with the group has been pleasant. In spite of your faults, which all human beings have, you are, and this I mean sincerely, basically all fine young citizens. As a result of my faith in hu- manity in general, and young Americans specifically, 1 believe your differences will resolve themselves and you will unite behind a common cause working for a better society in which to live. In con- clusion l would like to wish each of you the very best of luck and may Cod bless you. , Mrs. Ruth Cooper Government The seniors of 1969-70 made a great deal of progress during the school year. Despite some evidence of an abundance of immaturity at the beginning of the year, the class as a whole showed growth. Their ability to learn certainly shows promise for the future. 1 have en- joyed them! .JKUQ Mrs. Gale Calelly English Robert L. West What kind of persons, what kind of leaders will be needed for this Brave New World of 1984? From this senior class, I am sure will come young men and young women who will be contributors, who will be innovators, who will be lead- ers, and who through their achievements will become the dedicated persons that 1984- will require. Maas Mary Rose Free Librarian In every gathering of people there proves to be a few leaders. This gather- ing of 1969-1970 graduates is no excep- tion. Many prefer to follow, which works very well since all cannot lead. However, in my three years at North Shore the leaders have not worked better together than these have. The followers need to follow better. The common demoninator for success for the entire class of seniors will be work as they exit their public school life. Many already possess this important ingredient. Unfortunately some do not. Good Luck 77ffJ. N. R. Collins Mathematics The senior class has above average leaders, and all have worked together to make the class of 1970 one that shall long be remembered. lt has been a pleasure working with such fine students. Qffwgg Mrs. Joyce Zotz Business 3 fm.. 53' Senior Spansars Left to right: Miss Williams, Mrs. Spaugh, Mrs. Zotz, Miss Barnett, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Byron Q: J x W www S fx , ff AE 6 fi xl fx .N .1-X , j A ' ' ' x 9? f. , fox QI' ly XAQ Rl V mlm I I! 'I X N N b X X f x J K ' ., L 2 5 X355- 1-' u Z! I. X X wk Q- - K X p. M , X YQ ia ' 4 A X 5 'SSS' X f N IQ Ili X :A , 11,5 , fax S -2' i " G . if: " i --I ,5.:Qg?j51 'V Xa wl ' ?'21- f ' 1 , 4 si J X7 .' 5" Q x A No' IQZZ I ya? ,, W Q fb N X if x WEN, Xxx N' ZA , ' NIMH umuumk! 'wx' Q, f i N Officers, Left to right: Mike Andereck, President, Pat President: Kathy Sadler, Secretary. Not pictured is McMichael, Social Chairman, Robert Tbeis, Vice- Mike Hall, Treasurer, 34- CSP i Representativesg Top Row, Left to right: Susan Fisbeck, Cindy Hatten- Camfield, Pam Jamail, Linda Chandler, Debbie Cater, Sandra Baker. Not bach, Twyla Roby, Debbie Sheppard, Barbie McCormick, Margie Hatten- pictured are Pat Megee, and Ruthie Wilcox. bach. Bottom Row, Left to right: Debbie Tice, Pam Baldridge, Debbie n K ? Dennis Aguilar si A lli ? K' ' sffixffff . ' James Albro w-MY Denise Alford Clara Allnutt .K mv A Eleisa Alsbrook ,121 6 p JP' , sl im 14 fat J 5 Patricia Alsbrook - - 1"' . 5 ,. wwe: ,. .,,,. , , I H nf A I mi J -"h ,:. ' V' 5 S g, ' 5' . nk In x L I - I N Z K .-M: lx ' ..-1 ' , 'FF 1 - 1 f ff X k N fi -f . J , ,ff , Q Danny Amazon inson Mike Andereck Jesse Arredondo Rosalindo Arredondo Louis Ashworth Jerry Atk f-if Mariann Atkinson H PW. infix ' r fa I fi' 5' , I Q Q! V341 . 1- ,fa PHl1'iCiH Bain Sandra Baker Pam Baldridge Dennis Banks Robert Barfield l ff 1 -rf x f 4 3 me was Y' e 3 R .af 5 . . .,.,:,d, .S , .. Mfep ,m., ., . , .r,. ., 41 U wzi-'QW fx, ,H ., ii. my f ef- - 5 ,- I I . 1 ff . I, Yi P Y K iq, Q K :Wi 1, I i 1 U, rzulfrqilxk L1 i Judy Bates Linda Batts Liz Beamon Robert Beck Lydia BCIISOII Danny Bergin X ii i Q ' A al l it A IM- y Vybmi. B 3 V I -BBS B v Wi H 5 Bm' ' A B BS 41 ffl- 51: 1 ' B I' . , 'N .ew B I., on .Bai e S ' 1 ,gt ki , r ,,....a-5 had 'E "CL .Ia g Q.. iles, 'vc'--9 3 .1 .. , , fl Bz. r 'sf in . , K wa 141 ' " . BB 13, ,B B if Bk Q in I M Ni, xv Y I BB B ,,,. 3 ,Y if A49 2' F, Kw E?zAif1f'i47 W 'lx 5 1 . rj 'FZ' W Q lx or ll N X ff W 1 i if " Q x Rosemary Bieberstein Mike Bomer Karen Brinkley Ronald Brown Christina Burmeister 8 'Z Ken Black Wayne Bouton Dennis Brooks Vemon Brown Linda Burr i B 9 ...N-QP B .,.,p y Shirley Boatman Rejeana Bowersox Gwen Broughton Ricky Browning Connie Byrd 2 i , We 01"'l3EoI 'Q ' I " ' A r BB A V v .f11,,RA -1 ' K: .'-. ,L 'D .Br BB B ' - B BB B ,,- iory - 'K A V ,roo MB 4, ,Ly I B .B . 'vi B M ' 2 'J WZ Bf' C J' WE ' B B - , 1 K Ji Karen Bolton Paul Bolton Billy Bolton Darryl Bradshaw Cindy Brandon John Breen James Broughton Jan Brown Kathy Brown Evelyn Bryson Mike Buie Joe Burge Peggy Byrd Debbie Camfield Billy Campbell . l I svfvazqstj, fggff.. g -2 ' 35. , Rf? t 1 'XX . . 31, s U A574 X , l 7 'wail' Aesjiltk- if fmvgr s .Qt-z+.,, fu.m-. KV as .. ,I 11' A1 Robert Campbell N Mark Casey Lucien Castro l Linda Chandler w Sylvia Chapman all tl Qi :K cz ".. fr 31, Z 5-5 A Vi . , ki y K H. , 1. . ' I , bf N I C V I A f eff-1' Q . 2 L if lg X M , , J., ,K , -'34 g 4 ,W ,f . . . lf A, y f .g - fs, .f fam 5 Juniors Rusty Pendergrass, Debbie Hardman, Larry Melcer, and Steve Dalzell take their turn at our new 'Kjuke box." ,ri if 'W ff 4 QW Ea 1, 1 455 f gl .,'x ' L ,Nm Rickey Capps Carlanna Carlson April Carroll Patsy Carter Clement Charles Cynthia Chattin Gary Chinnis Dian Claussen fe- M r ' rr ,ul 5 .B fx 41 -av ,, A7 .IQ L .gt r rl ...W -:Q Sl Xa' ,. .,ff Q atm? , f . ,+ .i mg N Charles Carter Lester Casper Debbie Cater Donald Chaney Don Colbert w'-k v - 1- -1. lm' f- ii i ., K If fi ,alfa - K VVVV is . , .W sn V, ..,,3.,Af f" ' 'Wal ' , " Kg 1 : fx oi , A ' 7 z mmhm .. rl 55. . -,1w' 1, ,, 1 - i 17 N L A :,iL , . s, m.L1 f "rv, K ' ' - C , C 'J s M.-mvn"" John Conlon Pat Dahse Bobby Dickens Jesse Duckett Raymond Dyer 182 Judy Cook Steve Dalzell Rebecca Dixon Larry Duclos Sandra Dyson Q- .ulll y f ff' I I Ill f Gwen Cranford Darryl Crawford Sandra Daniels Harold Davis Peggy Donovan Linda Doyal Rebecca Duncan Gary Dyer 'wwf , ,,' ww, fl!! .,-,sf f ff? Y .J '2 if t of C Connle Crxspi Bobby Dewitt Rickey Drozd Johnny Cryer Cynlhi'1 Diamond Ronnie DuBose Ronnie Savoie and Bobby Dewitt "take five" after lunch! . H 'rf-s ',1f Deborah Elmore Bill English Henry Fleck Joe Flores James Freeman Jimmy Garner l 1 Marilyn Echols Larry Faulkner Charles Floyd Linda Garret Liz Beamon assists Lanny Manning in checking out another interesting book! Davey Elder Valerie Felps Kay Forbes Vickie Garret Debbie Early Steve Elliot Susan Fisbeck Shirley Forse Dennis Gerald C'-'T N-is le sgfg, an Marvin Eason Rickey Ellis Pat Fisher Alan Fowler Katrina Gilbert ri ' Q if 'I ,, 13 H ' ff 1 4 '4 x ilu. 5, i 1 " If, ' " I 183 Q B131 55 Ann Goldenhar Debbie Goynes li Q ,H r-4' '75 . , . Q . .. I Robert Gotcher Donna Greenlee Mike Hardman Brick Hartney Billy Hauck ie i ' t Debbie Halbert Mary Harris Jeanette Hatfield Penny Hauck -we 9 l , ' 1.3 X e 'fi ,T Q., ,. N W xi: - 1,55 Jul . .A-,:,.,5 ,L., K , . . ,gc .M M, Linda Harrison Cindy Hattenbach Donald Hawkins Ji-it W eazwzzz- , ww 1, . , ...,, f 5217! Mike Hall Carla Goodson Debbie Graddy Brenda Hammock John Harold We M Q f ,A- W, , 55 455 1 A u u . :F - I-A Juniors are studious dents! 184 f?J stu- Qii A y Robbie Cordon Brenda Cray Debbie Hardman Steve Hart Margie Hattenbacli B iny It P 5 2, ' .Q f If J' C9 ,te . """N. 0511 x -1' '7 Eileen Hays C3 nuff' Ulf Tiny wi O , y1,'?-l , K., L-H bbb- '5- .- if 3 Junior typists get frustrated with speed drills. VY? l l Beth Holden Robert Horn , QS- A-W f l Bobby Hickman Pam Hollar Iohn Hubbard Karen Ingram Brenda Hiscl' David Hollowell Terry Huestis Ladell Jackson Pam Jamail ...f--4' Becky Hoffman Barbara Hopkins Debra Hull Roy Jackson Dennis Jester w""llnnnn Keith Horn Steve Idc Elissia Hutchins Kathy Jacobson Ginger Jacobs Jimmy Johnson Bobby Jeter 185 "'? . M - t o My 'K 1k,. . V y , 4 I ii A L LAW,4 ? ,. L. it :I We A I i i ' 546 , ' ' sazahib I o e to by J - Kirk Jones Sandra Juneau Tony Laney Patsy Loper Terry Kvittem Debbie Loesch A, , , Cale Kenner Edith Lester Deon L'Roy Sandra Baker, Steve Hart, and Susan Kouts admire the Christ- mas tree before the holidays. 1.29 ,J Don Kester Jane Levacy Don Luigi Brenda Mace Lanny Manning Julia Knight Jerry Lewis Donna Luigi Peggy Madden Ronald Masters --at Susan Kouts Sue Litton Terry Lynn Jeri Mahaffey Janet McCaffrey Debbie McClellan Mike McDaniel Pat McMichael Ralph Meyer Russell Moses Barbie McCormick Vernon McDonald Tommy McMillan Richard Miller Terry Murchison Johnny McDaniel Jill McLaughlin Tim McMurr0ugh Ronnie Minix Bonnie Murphy fills Y 3 QQ Q'- ,Iv , ik ,rf I 4 47' E'-ikx W Q x . Q5 ,xg , I i9 ,vi-a .J rx A There are moments of amusement in Mrs. Young's English III classes. Rex McSwain Pat Megee Larry Melcer James Mitchell Babs Mitschke Calvin Moore Richard Murr Mike Musslewhite Lynn Natho 5' :V fm ' " .I . rf I I ', if 1 -,, is I lssli me fmfgsfb g! ' e 'Z Nm '- " Y h rrlr . ' 12? I fi? . V ,ei ffxy wifi, if L Q 5- I fi. V , l Regina Neeley Linda Noska Joann O'Brien Mike Odom Mike Oiiield Debbie Parrish Richard Patillo Ronnie Pedersen Rusty Pendergrass Marty Percy . jfhigtv if Hi ' .I-""'f-Q ,P it . , 2 png, Cecil Phillips .limmy Phillips Sharon Pirtle Ronnie Piwetz ,W -3 ,, Z Y 'v , 1' 3 , ,qv ' 'A -' sf? P fa rg, -1 K I y. V t -'JI' Ricky Oldenettel Marilyn Osborne Mike Owens 1. David Parish Randy Parisher +. 1: M. my 1 fi :As ' ':, Q. xxzgjzl in ' . , . " L ,fa:::,v::wg yi , ,gy I ' VVk', , f s y i W ' iii' Ricky Perkins Billie Perran Edmond Persky Sharon Pettit Alice Pfeiffer 1.5, , if it Q.: 1 1 fy ' 9, P Glen Pruett Paul Quinn Karla Rankin Bonnie Rawls Clifford Reeves Larry Robbins Gary Roberts Doris Robison Larry Robinson Twyla Roby Xb 1 'Mao LQ R ai Janet Pool Diane Poullard Ivan Powell Karen Poxon Paulette Prewitt ,K . K ri -W..-ff, I. ' if as J be be 1 'E' K iii FEV . ,, EW . 1 .R f ,3 Jeff Reid ff i L , Douglas Rice , 2 'Y' ,f Graddy Richardson ' i , i ,, ' if Q Bruce Rivers . ,, ' R K. j. P X' ' ' R Debbie Rivers my ,,.. X X, in Q V T. 'fi' ' ' I f -.ri V as no R y a , ,R a if F1435 , I , , f RQ ' R 'R D gel , f A :sr A h bnb i J b bJ y. al, l if Becky Roden Kye Rogers Arte Rose Thelma Ross Bradley Smith Charissa Smith Jerry Smith Jodel Smith Kenneth Smith Mark Smith .lohn Smith Robert Smith Sharon Smith William Smith Cary Shumaker Steve Russell Kathy Sadler Tim Salley JaDean Sanford Cheryl Sanders Benny Sapp Ronnie Savoie Becky Shank Rusty Sheffield Debbie Sheppard Melva Skinner Mary Slough Audrey Smith . ft, lf LaJean Speed Scooter Stanaland Kay Stanley Kenny Stewart Mary J o Stout Jessica Tanner Cam Tate Robert Theis Barron Theriot Debbie Tice ,J Ir we ,x Q, ,- L X YK? U S V , fn 01 , , I ,A K, f fs- K ,521 5355 vl '11 .13 if f 5112711- Q 6:-. .. ,,. aw ' .1 ,iz ... - , - ' 'SEE "r .Q . .S ' Q , ,,.,, , , .,,k , L ,L.,: , Z L- ou.t?QQ. V , , V P 1 ,f. t we as Sandra Tidwell in Randy Tracy 3 -5 Esther Trammell Cary Tubbs , ., .4 q We ,,., .ian -,r.' gki 4 X Virginia Tuttle Jimmy Upshaw Connie Vanderburg Dena VanDiver Randy Vaughn Randy Veach Frances Vercher Mike Vidrine Jimmy Vincent Sharon Wakefield l f Mark Walding Ronald Warren Bobby Wharton Thressa Williams Deborah Zane L D ' s Nm . Doyle Ward Robert Weygandt Ernest Walters Kenneth Wenzel Peter Wilkinson if Ar W .iw Robert Waldrop Julie Wehring Cary Whitfield Jeannie Williamson Roy Zurovec John Walger eorgena Walters John Weir Fred WClSlHgCf Tony Wilcox Ruthze Wilcox Debbie Wood Warren Young Sharon Wakefield and Mike Hardman view some of the trophies earned by our hard working athletic teams! w., st Left to right: Mrs. Perez, Mr. Niederhofer, Mrs. Wilson, Miss Brown, and Mrs. Redmond. X P -Msg , .7 . ,gn , ' , A 5 ' ' Q i 4 . Ralph Meyer is amused as Mike Hall takes a lie- man bite! Bobby Vincent looks at the big Juniors Dennis Aguilar, Bradley Smith, and Linda Chandler as they attempt to keep the lounge clean. Vicki Garret, Pam Jamail, and Brenda Stults take 11 look at the new styles. Mrs. Wilson's Algebra II class is caught in concentration. Carol LeBlanc, Carla Martin, and Beth Holden hungrily watch their cookies bake. Connie Vanderburg displays her musical ability. Prissy Nagy shows Rusty Pendagrass how to close the curtains on the election machine. Terri Menear assists Juniors Ricky Browning, Sandra Dyson, and Robert Campbell in registering for class voting. fp WX WT! WWVWW 5 fx xXx 2 ' E X6 V JE XZ ,XX XXX .b.. J .5535 ' A 4 Wnlh A A. -Mn mLE?xiwE A " qw V, lf- I I '71 'REX ,ff AQ , ll I ,' 'X , rnlm ' N x- ' V' f X S Xfuu, - I K f Y " K 4. A - --.'- f fa N' V i .S X ' Y yg N H is - j 4 -3 ,jf A x , X ' 5 A' -'zzzff' t A -:.-1 52 EA- 5.J.E:g?, f f ,Q .,. XX .. ' N Nl X W ' x , . NZ 1 fu" I IIHHIIII u-...mnxu NX., NK f 1 N Kepresenfafimss Top Row, left to right: Don Lea Gay Cook Laura Epps Avery Davis Joyce Menear Mack Hayes Second Row: Frankie Heath Bear Carrizal Barbara Donnelly Jerry Cashion Liz Lowery Third Row: Sally Bohn Suzanne Johnson Dalene Blackshear Tawanna Smith Bottom Row: Connie Connor Stacie Hilscher Susan Abshire Sophnmvrc 611155 lf l 0Mcc' Left to right: Kathy Davis-Treasurer Mona Cooper-Vice-President Jim Odlefljresident Connie Cappclle-Social Chairman Marsha Cox-Secretary 77729 f ik 9, . 'W fir ef D X . EV 4? Ag X A 1 Wg X Greg Abbott Suzanne Abbott Charles Abel Susan Abshire Arclena Adams Curtis Adams Jeff Adams Joyce Adams Joyce Akers Tommy Alcorn Emmett Amaya Connie Anderson Cynthia Anderson Bill Anderson Charlene Archer Rudolpho Arredondo Sharon Arriola Vicki Ashby Mickie Asher Tommy Attaway James Badders Mike Laird Beth Bailey Linda Ballard i it Q, 1,3 Li J g f ig ,C . fi - 1-tn' J - ' H fi A X C 1 , C 1 2 W an 1, ii i S I My F' rf me 4 W""5I A was si ' of Vim' fs Q' - e'-f'- rf- .z . 1 ' I Karen Bames JoAnn Bellamy Nancy Bolton Mary Brandt f H " - X. ,,,. . ,. . - ,Q Miva llln 'V-M7 'I l rift g f . 5 Q ' Q c Cary Bams Linda Belvin Sally Bohn Scott Brady ,gt l EMA . Ar ! fi. 6? ,B ' 5 , -ia K .yAV- J A B , 1 51' 1 5 B 3 B V , ., Q- A .B iwl ' ' ' E er' im ,lfif ' ,l xc ur, , .ktjr f K X A gnu I f , Navy Wayne Barton Thressa Bentley Ricky Batson Kathy Beshirs Mary Batts Margaret Bingham " Dalene Blackshear Willard Bolyard Anna Blaylock Gary Bonner Linda Boaz Pam Bracewell I ,446 1 ' B ' "B 1 David Bellah Sharon Birdwell ' Mike Black Diane Bolyard ff? A3 J! ' f :iff-. S I E 1 ! J filly ,---P ' 4.1- foizrf l 'ua 'I , Debbie Brown Sonja Buxton Rickey Cabarubio Mike Carpenter ww., 2 13' C , fs. , K Cathy Brooks Kathy Burton Stephen Caldwell Lois Carpenter Billy Brinkley D ebra B urge '3 Steve Brightwell Mike Bumpers Mike Campbell Ronald Carr ,La n X Uni V5 Q e'w .AMT y if Belinda Brecheen Elaine Bryson Calvin Cappelle Bear Carrizal I ' Y K' ' L Diana Calmese ' j Rodney Carr AW l - K A . .,, 55 flu , ss, E.. ifffiiff lei ,,:e . :fl V 1 ' 1 "V uf 1 1, V , B AX 1 , V rf k,,.:4 N -he -. -, f ds . :A f .L . zf--. ,J Q- 'll Qu v, ii . ' Lenny Braun Lana Brown Connie Cappelle Chester Carroll 31.5.-...av ff to WNW? pv- 5301 'N-C ff? 'W -we' ri' ,Q 2 in A , ..1 3 ,ay C IA. Jack Caston Lorraine Chambers Doylene Childers Craig: Chronister Donny Collins Tommy Collins Linda Carter Larry Chaney Terry Clear Pat Cone Barney Coon 200 -fe Benjamin Carter Shirley Chapman .limmy Clements Connie Conner Mona Cooper Jerry Cashion Cheryl Charping Lou Coker Gay Cook Cynthia Cason Teresa Chessher Sue Coker Charlotte Cooley This is Miss Wehe's favorite sophomore class. W l W '1w+4v4-wwf lr C 3 2.2 ZF lg R so ' fj r ' ws .,. . 525 I, 11. 5 rygffq-h lf 1vf"9 1 .ir ul 4,1 A,-. X 1. V ., if Llbbv Corry Jonathon Crawford ,Timmy Davidson Miss Pendarus instructs sophomores in Geom ' jizz, V, ,ams- 1 .s fsggri 'W' Q 5 Q E v so xr , 5 if-25 J 1 1 " QE cp Y ...naw so A 'Qs l ' . " "'A s L M Y: . 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V! 7 ' ' QW ' j ail ,4 E ff Steven Dickens David Dickson Lynne Druzy David DuBose Gynetta East David Elliot Glenda East Laura Epps V. . ,,.. - -,-,, f .. .7 xg, 5 X aw ' Q S bb Nj' ,if it ,f HU? !-..?"iqi"'ff! ! ?',-' V V' -1' ,"D' Barbara Donnelley Richard Dunbar Diana Eddy Cary Evans 1 Eff' ?tU' A la I lx J t 3 x J. Gary Dowdy Vera Dyson Rickie Edgar Ronny Fenton ,r l Tonda Downing Haywood Eagle Barbara Early Cindy Edwards -12 ,.. - Q . My , Nm ,.-ey , 1 ' fl' . , ,. . ff " , . xx-. ff A i A , -- .Q 'J , .. R. . 4+ i -4' 2 Y G 4 2 l - . V 5 . 2 Na' A 2 ,wg 25 ' qu A 3 , , A 1 H J X A 6 :V ,faq fy, ey' s? 7 0? ' . W' 1 'f Ef??T'iif"i if ' 'Y Z K n 'TS 1 'QL K, Nevelyn Foshee Moody Files Bridget Gamer john Famer Becky Centz Denise Goleman Tad Gray Richard Greer 'Y -N, Sophomores squirm through school. QU' 32- Jeff Fisher Erle Fowler Keith Goodman Lanell Griffin A Q.,-qw, 521457 , 1 ,r-'Uv John Fleck Alton Fox Paul Goodson Duhhy Gross M4 1.5! T ,,4 X 1:12:19 4, Debbie Flick Jeanie Fulton Debbie Franks Sheri Garrison Shirley Grammer Donna Grab' Greg Grubb Leighanne Hahn ,+L ? 97: 41 4 Q 1- 5 I sv' A 2 " . ill? 2 :ZW 'lsr l x Xl sq a 5 "T'T?nv Mack Hayes Robert Hayes Susan Heard Ricky Hearn '11 1, e '!'b"+"'l-1uvnn,,,.s',a." 1 kiwi . ' . ,. - A h ' 1 f - X if A M- ga 1' f . Q' ,X ,. Sr -"'f 'if . , as ' X N. k Eff 5 K .. f sw EW? il -A I I 'Q- 5. Liz Lowery flashes her perpetual smile at one of N 0 r th Sh0re's football games. YS!" Jeff Hailey Deborah Hair Gary Hale Bill Hall Bonnie Hamby Ricky Harbort Nina Harris Sue Hart Dale Hathorn Calvin Hatler Frankie Heath Linda Hefner Jerry Hehmann Linda Henderson Bracey Herdejurgen Sylvia Hemandcz Carolyn Hickman Bamey Hill Carla Hill David Hill Stacie Hilscher Glenda Hobbs David Hocutt Dennis Hohn Carolyn Holcomb Becky Holden Twila Holden John Hollingshead Mickey Holloway Paula Holloway ,av 1 d ad. 4' fi A 3. y W fav Q ff' ' 5 a B ' fr 1 " 2- 3 'gf - 7 , if ? Sophomores display school spirit. Kathy Howard Dollene Hudspetlr Nancy Huggins Diana Hulsey Kirk Humbird Debbie Hunt Richard Hyde Mike Hyman Ronald Idom Debbie Ingle "hr vie ,-qv , 41' Sheryl Holloway Johnny Holmes Debra Hooks was WNW, ,- 5. I Q 4 Linda Housley r fp ,, I of . .,,, X,,HQ5ww,gtg:.k:?N K , .. T ix ,.,., MH wg, w - I .fav as silly ' ni , I 1 " I i 7"'Ill'l 1' '4- -1, jfisga . . .w ' 3 3' "' -lb. ,, l '-l"'9 Swub -www , M- lg 561121 Jerry Johnson John Johnson J Suzanne Johnson James Jackson Larry Jackson Karin Jacobs Sharon Jacobs Karolyn Jones Wendy Jones Mary Juarez Sandra Keen Willie Kelley Pam Kelso Paul Kesler Wesley Killough Ronald Kingdom Charles Kirkland Donald Kirkland Lane Kitterlin Lester Koestgr Craig Kgpz Robert Kouts 206 All ,, T garol Johnson sua rank Johnson 6 -i ls' , Q' 1 . W' Sharon Langham -Q, . .V " W W ' wg, ff?" -8 .Av Eric Kritzler Debbie Lamb Don Lea Tommy Lear Rebecca Leggett Benny Leonard l V ,. 'fn'-nr rd' ,rw 1 s A Q Bill Laird .14 g f Clifton Lambright Donald Lewis Mike Lewis Rocky Lewis Jo Linthicum Byron Little . V... Y' Q Lx Brenda Lowe Liz Lowery Monetta Lumsden Lisa Lundgren l to ' , W - ' A " ' l tt no 4 f 2 l Egf r W -vt,-lisa l A 'LL Q' I ,L if-rm? Rhonda Madlggn Leonard Maldonado Shlrley Maple D011 MBIICS WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? Wayne Lyrock Bemard Macejewski Jerry Malone R0l'Uli9 MHIIESS Randa Maple Carla Martin Robert Massenburg Richard Masters Rebecca Martox Barbara Maynard J. L. Maza Deborah McAnally Connie McCollum Debbie McDowell Ann McFadden , it . Larry Maness Clinton Martin Kathy Matysiak Gloria McClure Henry McGow Nigel McKay Pam McMurrough Patti McPuyne Melissa Miller Richard Milum Judy Mollard Clifford Morgan Charles Morrison Robert Morrison Ronald Morse John Morton Ronnie Natho Lee Neal Lester Neeley Kerry Newhold Joyce Menear Connie Moore Roger Morrison Beth Nation Philip Noles ff H L.--3 . N at f ti f -3' 2 '35 WEFPE: . s f ,v'.,,. kit U A fr ':. f- , H I - A ' Q lug fv Q' V. ff' ,N , .4 N . C 1 i . il' rv' if - il .W Q. C -ii e'i - g , QA l ii -" f .Q . M eF e um-7. Robert Morton Sandra Mosley Kim Nelson Randy Nelson "' rg ff'-9. - .A r in bf ,uni -41 me Wg, . C rf-., as ,Q sr, , 2 ,, v--7 1 -My , A3 ' i"r A 53.9 Lv S Tx. 4 , fyqfggy, A-'JR x ei K f X Mary Nugent Charles Radney mmm I vw Kathy O Brien Susan Parsons Lewis Railey Sharon Redmond Sarah Reed L: PM K IIJW K kg ,giA .tiff -1 gf ..,.LL ' K in , fr I e P ,,.,4 . est, , ,f-fs, rk. fli nlik Lx '-is ? lli 5 , f A I s s 1 I R 'Ti fw- 3 6590 'W gi In? my .lim Odle Danny Perran Mike Pitman if Randy Orr Linda Perry Valerie Piwetz Barry Ponder Bobby Palko Mary Phillips Susan Pohl Sue Poullard Wayne Ray , , . J- . '- ' y l' 123: x Q ' L3 ,M f:.,g '- ,. .91 . P Q 1 rex l . . 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A E iga A x ii - - 'ff 1 l "T"T'- ul Mike Schaffer Patricia Schrader Garland Smith .lon Somers Elizabeth Stembergs Willie Schneider Judy Sickles George Smith Shirley Screws Tasha Simpson Pat Smith Larry Staggs Z 'fi Rf, t i Elizabeth Sears Sharon Sims Tawanna Smith Robert Steams 'if -Wa my , 'W X. Richard Seneff Pam Slaughter Donna Snyder I 'Z-' ,.zwef,-',. 41 1:2-if f7I7"""'I ' 1 'R 'ff avr -5 ,,. 3. fi-, Ihr ww" A ' . X 3 . mr " t 2 .R James Shelton Sheryl Smart Angie Soape James Stephens Doug Stewart N, M2122 252:53 T , Barbara Strong I H Q? gl izlzwfffcifzfm ----49545 , T 'u. Www W X ff, 2-B, 4 Q we N . A 'Q'-ft M Tracy Stokes Rita Suddarth Elizabeth Tinsley Travis Turner Sophomores say, "Charge!" LaDonna Stone Eddye Sunday Belinda Toal Ken Underwood H , 5 Q ,ff A ,ij V -Qi" ' ix Az if ,, ,.,, T Brenda Stuhs , 'mee k Conme Tarver Johnny Thompson Vg W T T ,- , Steve TOCPUBI Brenda Tumer Q 6 ' '9 D3-HHY UPShaW Ricki Stockwell Chuck Stomi Brenda Taylor Arthur Tucker Gilbert Valadz i n 'fi "ei il 4 'f"!j,lfl 5 ivan. YP: ,o ,Z S-4 3 N K , -Q QQ YQ X 'H X , if n stra s N , l t ai lf'1f"7""F"F ' 53" t . , f 2 Q l H: 41? -bi , -QQ -th ffiftli if ,, ! if Y iii My 'I' ,J ,. Y'-nd' "CSV N Rocky White Sonny White Marilyn Whiteside Linda Vaughn Lowana Vidrine Fred Vincelet Bobby Vincent Peppie Vyoral Dianna Waddle Donald Wakefield Linda Waldrop Deborah Walker Ruth Walker Debra Walters Robert Waltmon Freda Wasson Billy Watkins Gary Watson Freddy Weatherford James Webb Paul Wheeler Barbara White Carole White Rebecca Whitfield Nancy Whitman Debra Whitmer Larry Whorley Darrell Williams Eva Williams Glinda Williams Norman Williams Donna Williamson Pam Williamson Gwen Willis Linda Willoughby Warren Wilson Bryan Wise Tony Womack Kathy Yancey Greg Yarborough Debra Yarter Pegzzv Yeax-gain Maudie Young J- V . A I ,Sl f W , F, ,K M , A ' . N .- - csE,a , 52-V gig ,, Paul Zom Rocky Zurovec '-.3 1 A s Hg 4ff '. -if rsl if t"'7. s.-mm, "Don't look at me !" Mrs. Lee Mrs. Temme Smile, you're on candid camera! f.'w-1. - . vifwmmup-ff,.wNffwmmw,-m1mm.,MM:G1w.m,.,W,g::ifH,, , 1 f. Kathy Davis and Sarah Reed are caught in action, mn ,XQK f .fix K -5 ?i ' AE X! .'1l,. .v'.'f N 1 , lllnm nu X 1 W h IH qmulltl :V A au: 'Q f' 'sl-V ' -' I N N lf ' . x A Rf fini wx ffwxw N' ' ff 'f X fx .b X i f' If 1 57X Wt? , 1 X xxx ,. ' . 'A,.A V' I., X t X 1557 ' Z N is N -.- ' h" N f4 X5 iii A X :Q X ' J 2 .P Q ' 'Si I' ui" U 2 155, F ' sg .. 4 6 J ,Ex N , , X 7 I Z' xg 4 1 X N Z x C N ' Y XX ,N WV KutW12zhe1dv1ZeC'h14Qf '70 if 2 zz QE 7mm Q22 Jaw THE BEST nncs T0 suv EVERYTHING UNDER ONE ROOF ses UVALDE Road UVALDE PAWN SHOP Money Loaned On Anything Of Value Guns-Radios-TV's Diamonds-Watches 16" Electric Appliances-Tools 661 Uvalde GL3-5975 -Q:-as qgzil ' :. 1:- " ig' . . - -.,x.y 2 :1 11 :Q - :I --' 5-'zf -. :Q .1 .. " - 5. Q 1' 1 Q - " ' :I :Q. 15 2 . 'T :' : Portraits Weddings Commercials MARGARET SPEARS STUDIO 1209 Uvalale Houston, Texas Ph. GL 3-491 1 81 SUPER MARKET AND l- DISCOUNT PHARMACY 300 Dell Dale GL2-4331 R. B. lBobl Taylor GLendaIe 3-0141 Res. GL 3-2204 OXYGEN CO. 1641 Federal Road Houston Texas 77015 219 COMPLIMENTS OF ROYAL "60" MINUTE CLEANERS Located in North Shore Village 'xx .',0 I N44 ul L 7' , L3 " W ' CONGRATULATIONS -K f cLAss or '70 ' ' from BIRMINGHAM FLORIST U -l "Flowers for all occasions 1218 Uvalde GL 3-7878 Houston, Texas 814 Uvalde GL 3-8767 Houston Pasadena North Shore 41 1 South Ave. GL-5-0445 GR-2-2336 MAYO'S T.V. FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCES Television Sales 81 Service 1411 Uvalde Houston, Texas 220 Congratulations Seniors GENE MOSLEY AGENCY INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 14247 Bandera GL3-6348 serving East Texas with a history of growth PA P E R Southland Paper Mills, Incj Lufkin, Texas GREENE'S VARIETY AND HARDWARE T s. J SUPERETTE 4711 Gifts-Toys-Housewares , , Paints and Hardware Supplies Gr0ce"'eS'Mem5'lce'D"'nks Sporting Goods 13750 Bandera GL-3-9012 14233 Market St. Rd. GL3-9432 I EXAS STATE OPTICAL HOLLAND AVENUE PHARMACY 1313 Holland Phone Houston 29, Texas GL 3 8591 NORTHSHORE VILLAGE ALADDIN CLEANERS 8. LAUNDRY PENNWALT CORP. 2231 Haden Road Quality Cleaning Houston, Texas 77015 Phone GL 5-1211 Reasonable Prices One Day Service on Laundry and Cleaning 1376 Federal Road GL 3 7650 EMJMPCEN ACNON 0 AUTO PARTS EXTERMINATING CO. T'll M'd ' h COMPLETE PEST coNTRoL ,X Open ' ' mg l fir' 2210 Clinton Drive 672-7541 HPCL 205 ' Galena Park Phone GL3-7734 Billy Watkins 1114 Uvolde 222 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM SOUTHERN ENGRAVING COMPANY THE TOWER RESTAURANT "'10"e:45f"0264 'Me' Dive Bavfownf Tw DISCOUNT AUTO PARTS "FLAME KIST' STEAKS" 13401 Peoria at Uvalde Harry Parker, Owner 3 Banquet Rooms seating up to 400 OPEN SUNDAYS WHITEHEAD BODY SHOP VILLAGE AUTO PARTS Wrecker Service 1203 Uvalde 1235 Normandy GL3'547l Houston, Texas 77015 MACHINE SHOP AND AUTO PARTS GL-3-2712 Open on Sundays 1 DONQVAN 5 TALLEY'S BAR-B-QUE HOUSE JEWELRY specializing in Bar-B-Que and seafood I The Finest in Diamonds- Skill Call For orders to Go Watches-Watch Repair Normandy - East - Freeway Phone: GL-3-9060 Normandy at Hwy, 73 Houston, Texas 12751 East Freeway 77015 10821 Market Street GL-5-0727 Guns and Ammunition Fishing Tackle COMPLIMENTS OF LODEN'S HARDWARE AND APPLIANCES MERICHEM COMPANY General Hardware 1' Electrical Supplies Paints "' Radio Sales 1914 Haden Road GL 5-oaoa 1082.3 Marker sf. GL 3728' Jacinto City 224 CARTER'S CLEANERS "Our cleaners best by test" WHITNEY SCHOOL OF DANCE GL3-781 I 14418 Corpus Christi GL 3-2645 12713 Market Street Houston, Texas I BaIlet-Tap-Jazz--Acrobatlcs Member-Dance Masters of America, Inc. R. M. Sarria GL 3-7751 F. J. Sarria S 8. M REPAIR SHOP FENDER, BODY WORK 81 PAINTING ELECTRIC WELDING WOODFOREST REXALL DRUG 447 Uvalde GL 5-0221 PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY 12979 Market St. Houston 15, Texas Phone GL 3-5611 2'73 ' IQ ilk 5' VIE' M 8 M DRESS SHOPPE HOLLAND CENTER BEAUTY SALON 779 Sheldon Road 1605 Holland Ave. Jacinto City Channewiew GL 2.7400 HIGH FASHIONS "High Fashion ct a- Sensible Price" Nancy Valt Owner L. MALDONADO ENCO SERVICE WASHING AND GREASING-ACCESSORIES "ROAD sERv1cE" L. MALDONADO 535 Uvalde St. 453-2792 KARRAKER'S JEWELRY DIAMONDS-WATCHES-JEWELRY WATCHES and JEWELRY REPAIRING North Shore Village Galena Park Uvalde Road 21 18 Clinton Dr. OR 4 1300 225 Owners Open: :OO Grace Ann 81 Angie 10,00-6 ANGIES FASHION SHOP SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH OF CLOVERLEAF 523 Ncidolney GL3-4640 "Everything to Wear for Women Who Care" pAS-I-QR 540 Uvalde Phone R Ed A d GL3-7404 Houston, Texas 77015 455-1401 ev' W' " erson CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM COLONY BEAUTY SALON Complete Beauty Service Wig Styling and Cleaning 902 Uvalde GL-3-0696 JAC INTO PHARMACY, INC. 10805 Market Street Rd. GL 51361 Houston 29, Texas UVALDE SUPERETTE "Go Big Red" 714 Uvalde GI-3-0833 LA MAISON COIFFURES DISTINCTIVE BEAUTY SERVICES LUCY PEVOTEAUX - OWNER LOUISE HUESTIS - OPERATOR 13523 North Shore Dr. GL - 3-8888 BOATMAN'S FLOORS, INC. 12700 East Freeway Houston, Texas GL3-8581 226 ' 11.1 T 14 E Joe Hild-Proprietor Federal Rd STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Home Oliiccsz Blourningion, Illin 1 ,I l Ame Q mee O eine M. L. LANDRUM LOCAL AGENT l iL:ISILInJ2f3oRNANTAEDxAAIf,u'l7ImI:l!ffII-DE PHONE GL 3 N91 CCSMETIC STUDIO 812 Uvalde 10:00-5:30 GI-3-1652 Monday-Saturday l 1 1 , THE MARKET STREET FEED SENTINEL STORE COVERING THE NORTHSHORE AREA PUBLISHED BY: 12844 Market Street GL3-1621 Benson pnnnng Co- Inc' Box 142 Channelview, Texas Phone: 452-4761 Publishers of: The Sentinel The Denver Harbor News The NorthWest Sentinel The NorthEast Sentinel Horse Trailers Garden Supplies Saddles Lone Star Feeds 227 Serving Houston and the Gulf Coast Area Q6 00,0 +9 6 P00004 Vo 0070: givbxxcyx DIAMOND, INC. P.O. Drawer 1337 2120 Louisiana Pasadena, Texas 77502 Travis D. Reaves Phone: GR-9-3435 Residence: GL-3-4797 A-1 FIRE EQUIPMENT Ward C. Cooper 1025 Westmont CA 8-7046 GL 3-3823 ALLEN'S SHOE STORE Hosiery Women's and Children's Shoes 1258 Uvolde North Shore Village Bags RISNER APPLIANCE In the long run fond it will bej MAYTAG is stiII your best buy 105 Holland GL50828 ilPPillRl1EES I ' - i x flllll I t i w tjl g,El,,,,L ,a ,ff-- - ,.,, C AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL BILL HENDRIX Auto Parts 12869 Market Street Road Houston 15, Texas "Complete Automotive Machine Shop" Representative GI--3-3596 Hamburgers Seafood Drinks UVALDE MALT 8. BURGER NO. 1 81 2 Good Food Fast Service 1046 Uvalde GL 3-2371 13026 Market St. GI-3-8290 230 CHARLIE AND MARGIE KNIGHTON REAL ESTATE 920 Uvalde Houston, Texas 77015 GL-3-5408 5,'?N ,fiifm 5 3' 'X .1 '-, ' 1171, J V , 1- - . Q 'vi 2,49 -'I 5 fi ,uv Awww, A - V , GRIFFIN, STARK 8. HUNTER INSURANCE 13802 Bandera GL33133 RHODES RANCHERO RESTAURANT 4 I A 232 GLYN IREDI MANNING AUTO PARTS FAST DELIVERY SERVICE 806 Freeport Street Phone GL36379 CRAWFORD'S SHOES INC. rfcxffmk q-7---fav if, Shoes for the Entire Family Vitality Personality G ms e Hush Puppies 1246 Uvalde North Shore Village , GI- 3 6462 Tops In Cowboy Boots Red Goose Justin Acme P.F. Flyers B8.M Heating and Air Conditioning 13702 Force Phone: GL 33222 Tuxedo Rentals , Shoes EDDlE'S MEN SHOP 2i"Q'f4SlflCl-feV"'age eusen Shirts an Higgins Slcicks MARKET STREET FLORIST "Let Us Say It For You, With Flowers" THREE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU GL3 3756 12332 Market St. GL3-8201 631 Uvcllde OR2 6970 1017 Mercury GLENDALE BOAT WCRKS, INC. Congratulations Seniors "70" L? g,l,w ..,,, X, 2. 13033 Greens Bayou Drive GL-37375 President W. C. Parsons Jr. Sharon Cervenka Debbie Barts Pam Baldridge Lee Bieberstein Karen Brinkley -Editor Congratulations Seniors of 1970 THE ANNUAL STAFF Geanita Smith Jo Alexander Jan Brown Carolyn Charrier Wanda Clark Rebecca Dixon Laneda Thomas Kathy Jacobson Scarlett Taylor Rhonda Taylor Ann Loden Barry Hill Willie Diaz Sherra Smith Pat Evans NORTH SHORE MOBIL SERVICENTER Road Service-Garage-U-Haul Trailers Phone 453-1674 521 Freeport Houston, Texas Robert Hicks Wendell Weisinger "TRADING TOM" MORRISON'S Complete Home Furnishings Featuring Early American Contemporary and Spanish 12710 Market St. 453-7103 . V, Q .ri 3 D569 .fr Q f 811 Sheldon Road Channelview, Texas Symbol of Better Banking NATIONAL MEAT CO. X 10813 Market Street GI- 50133 Wholesale and Retail Meats Specializing In Meats For Your Home Freezer GENUINE HICKORY COOKED BAR-B-Q MIMS MEAT COMPANY Meats for your Freezer Wholesale and Retail 12634 East Freeway Houston, Texas Bus: GL30151 Res: OR20151 Congratulations Seniors "70" fx From THE DANCE COMMITTTEE WHITTINGTON'S H 8. B CLEANERS OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 7:30 A.M.-6:00 P.M. CLEANING TIL 1:00 8: SHIRT LAUNDRY One mgpff 432 UVALDE ROAD IACROSS FROM WEINGARTEN SI 455-1454 1 HOUR DRY CLEANING BY REQUEST 3 HOUR SHIRT LAUNDRY BY REQUEST BUTTONS REPLACED MINOR MENDING ALTERATIONS NO EXTRA CHARGE GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE R. E. Merriman Store Manager ,T--A 's.,' ' 'x. N --1 . . ,, .WN ,,,.,,i5,rff:4:rp:: rf rr 1 v w fr: A f H 131 1, ,.'1,,:-1-wry::izwen.:rwf:p.:g::-,1-1-4-a.::.W:-si. -Q ,, A ,.., " .., , f 4 sf14.r:,:':-2,1-,eq1.Qffg,f Tires G.E. Appliances Televisions 1 121 Uvolde 453-6328 Complete Floor Service All Work Guaranteed Carpets TERRY FLOORS, INC. M U G Free Estimates S U Business Phone 12772 Market Street GL3-3101 Night phone Houston, Texas GL3-7013 ROBERT R. BARTAY DR. V. H. MELASS COACH D. E. SUMNER BEST MRS. LORETTA SPAUGH MISS ELAINE WEHE to the CLASS OF 1970 Top TIRE CENTER HOUSTON TEXAS 77015 FHA Mmm lsil ngsmm VA 5.1355 MLS tED's cLovERLEAF RAY JQNES DRIVE INN 8: CO. REALTORS Cc" Fni,T2TT.nd'?5LT2l2i 2i?ElZFEL?,'ZL'l,"il"'9s , Finest Bar-b-que N crwrbfffi fps. 'I :gli 14: -LQETLVECEII in orders to Q0 Fresh oysters weekly so-1 UVALDE PHONE 1051 Manor Houston T . 455-1323 453-0243 240 Aufagraphs Autographs S f W x Q A '-5' X 2 K x,a9-'?.- fi 1 ,gs X I f X! XY! 2 f ?TX5x ' ' .S f " " . f wx W - . " f' K 71' ,751 NY , HIIII7 I 4 f ,C X X X ' ' V N ' W- L K Ns S .wifi-,.-.4 ' i , '-" lx ,, X 9 Wax. N - ix V fx , Q " ' X- :fb fx fs w . 'AQ- X . ff gf ' 4 Ex 5 iL 1' K 1,5 t X - M -. I . N f"" tx ? 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X X N - 1, Aguilar, Bobby 64,66,115,143 Alexander, Bonnie 10,11,62,80,82,108,143 Alexander, Jo Ellen 1O,15,55,60,61,62,67,70,88, 90,100 Alley, Barbara 13,101,143 Babineaux, Michael 5,19,70,94 Baldridge, Gary 6,8,14,32,35,63,70,98,99,106,143 Barbee, Herman 143 Batts, Debbie 4,11,15,70,82,144 Beamon, James 86,87,101,202,103,144 Bean, Steve 9,14,65,70,74,115,144 Bieberstein, Lee 4,11,15,32,35,60,64,74,80,82, 83,86,108,144 Biles, Debbie 74,81,87 Birmingham, Bobbie 144 Blakely, Eddie 12,15,134,137,138 Blackburn, Ronnie 94 Boatman, Danny 62,128,129,133,144 Bolyard, Glenn 84,144 Bowen, Gayle 97,145 Box, Monica 74,145 Boyce, Ronnie 144 Boyd, David 145 Boyle, Lillian 10,11,60,61,74,80,14S Breckenridge, Marv 145 Brightwell, Charles 35,70,98,106,110,113,132,145 Brooks, .less 96 Brooks, Thomas 91,145,88 Brossett, Karen 82,913,145 Brown, Robert 84,85,146 Bryant, Brenda 106 Bullock, Jodie 8,86,101,103,146 Burnett, Sandra 74,97,100,146 Bums, Lloyd 96,146 Burris, Lloyd 146 Carter, Charles 77,101 Carter, Craig 6,14,75,78,101 Carter, Marion 32,35,70,79,93,147 Cassels, Barbara 147 Caudil I, Marilyn 8,88,97,147 Cauthen, Tanya 147 Cervenka, Sharon 3,14,15,32,36,63,70,82,88,91,147 Chapman, Claudia 75,87,147 Charri Clark, Clark, er, Carolyn 4,7,15,88,147 Roy 84,101,147 Wanda 74,100,148,154,15 Cobb, Steve 8,14,15,144,131,136,137,138,148 Collins, Louis 75,148 Colson, Gracie 101,106,148 Cone, John 76,148 Cook, Donald 148 Cook, Gary 36,148 Cook, John 148 Connellee, Lee 7,70,75,79,36,91,49 Conner, Marsha 6,32,36,58,74,77,88,87,99,149 Conway, Dorothy 149 Corley, Debbie 75,101,106 Comelius, Gerald 74,75,130,149 Cotie, Tim 74,87,149 Cowen, Lex 63,149 Cox, Carolyn 74-,77,58,87,88,149 Cox, Jimmie 88,149 Crenshaw, Leonard 150 Craig, Mike 96,150 Crawford, David 150 Cunningham, Jackie 67,75,82,93,100,106,108,114, 150 ' Dagely, Eugene 14,66,115,150 Daniels, Kent 75,150 Davidson, Douglas 62,92,95,150 Davis, Eva 70,85,150 Davis, Larry 78,86,101,102,151 Dawson, George 75,78,93,139,155 Diaz, Willie 4,11,15,66,108,114,151 Dickinson, Billy 151 Dorris, Daniel 151 DuBose, Belinda 94,151 Dunn, Debbie 62,64,70,87,88,90,151 Durham, Dianne 70,82,85,151 Dyer, Larry 96,152 Durdin, Steve 94 Ehrlich, Chris 70,88,91,97,152 Elliot, James 84,152 Enderli, Pam 152 Seniars Evans, Pat 101,152,154 Emanis, Dwayne 101 Fain, Larry 32,74-,75,70,79,87,85,152 Fake, Carol 153 Farrington, June 11,58,70,81,85,153 Farrish, Keith 82,913,153 Fisher, Pam 77,81,153 Fontenot, Debbie 74,76,87,101,106,153 Fore, Vickie 81,97,153 Forgue, Tom 78,101,102,153 Foster, Mike 10,60,153 Friday, Ricky 94,154 Gore, Roland 112,114,154 Grauke, Lawerence 94,154 Gray, Terry 193 Grayson, Ronald 154 Green, Roy 36,78,98,101,154 Gresham, Carol 88,154 Gucker, Wesley 74,154 Guillot, Paulette 154 Hall, Jim 32,36,110,112,113,155 Harbuck, Frank 78,86,101,155 Harris, Max 60,65,74,113,128,132,155 Harty, Tim 91,155,88 Hahn, Rene 88,155 Hatfield, Patricia 33,36,79,88,91,108,155 Hatenbaeh, Mary 87,88,91,155 Haugen, Chris 155 Heard, Jim 76,156 Heard, Tim 36,156 Hemphill, Andy 36,64,75,74,65,79,87,93,99,156 Hcnke, Ellen 156 Hickman, Patti 88,156 Hill, Barry 5,15,100,156 Hollingshead, Pat 37,35,78,101,156 Holloway, David 156 Howard, Wanda 86,101,157 Hubbard, Wayne 101,106,157 Huestis, Judy 157 Hughes, Robert 33,37,75,79,85,93,98,157 Hutto, Earl 96,157 lmmel, Kay 157 lreland, David 94 lsacson, Debra 74,157 Jackson, Bruce 94,157 Jeffcoat, Kay 158 Jensen, Jackie 158 Johnson, Rodney 158 Johnson, Wayne 158 Justice, Jerry 158 Kilsby, Diane 88,100,158 Knapp, Ralph 86,101,158 Kotz, Kathryn 158 Land, Brenda 94,159 Latour, Steve 159,377 Ledwell, Debra 33,37,79,93,159 Leonardt, Danny 159 Lindsey, Donna 12,70,74,85,87,88,95,159 Lindsey, James 14,70,114,118,119,120,121,125,159 Liska, Beverly 159 Lloyd, Mary 85,159 Loden, Ann 5,15,33,37,60,62,64,82,88,90,98 Lofaro, Carolyn 86,88,160 Lou, King 75,79,93,160 Lumsden, Becky 81,85,160 Lungdren, Jimmy 14,61,108,109,l10,111,115, 128,129,132,160 Lyons, Sherry 81,94,162 Macejewski, Billy 160 Maldonado, Naide 86,97,101,160 Martin, Barbara 75,97,161 Massey, Teresa 161 Matthews, Thomas 101,161 Mayeaux, Mike 15,108,114,134,135,137,138,161 Melton, Connie 161 Menear, Terri 8,13,33,37,70,78,86,101,102,103, 161 Miller, Champe 14,33,37,70,110,114,161 Milum, Mary 8,161 Morgan, Pat 81,94,162 Morton, Sharon 162 Mosely, Mike 7,8,64,70,74,113,162 McAnally, Karen 97,162 McCarver, David 6,7,8,10,33,60,66,l13,162 McGaffey, Mark 94,162 McGuire, Maureen 79,81,162 McKnight, Thomas 64,162 MeNeely, Marilyn 101,106,163 McNutt, Donna 97,163 McNutt, Jackie 14,76,96,108,113,163 Nagy, Prissy 88,163,231 Newman, Gary 163 Oparenovich, Sandra 163 Page, Joyce 94,163 Patterson, Monty 128,130,163 Patterson, Steve 84,85,114 Pedersen, Nancy 58,65,70,88,108,164 Pereles, Andea 34,38,70,80,87,88,98,99,106164 Perkins, Debbie 88,101,106,164 Phillips, Jack 78,101,102,164 Pieniazek, Cindi 34,38,70,82,85,98,164 Pitman, Debbie 12,70,82,95,97,101,106,164 Poole, Poole, David 113,164 Doyle 96 Pope, Ricky 164 POW, Sharon 58,87,88,91,165 Poxon, John 8,78,101,165 Prestwood, Charlene 165 Puckett, Johnnie 165 Radney, Steve 165 Raley, Mary Ann 70,165 Redmond, Larry 76,93,101,106,165 Reed, Donna 97,165 Reeves, Elizabeth 97,166 Riemer, Janet 7,166 Rincker, Marvin 166 Roe, Rhonda 54,100,101,166 Ross, Bruce 96,166 Ross, Larry 166 Sadler, Ann 38,34,57,62,64,79,87,88,9O,166 Sapp, Debbie 81,94,166 Sappington, Judy 65,70,74,100,167 Savage, Paul 64,65,87,114-,167 Schaffer, Phillip 94,167 Scott, Jeb 5,34,62,118,119,120,121,125,167 Seale, Mike 34,38,108,112,113,128,132,167 Semler, Nancy 167 Shook, Pam 167 Sides, Jim 96,167 Sims, Ray 6,8,63,168 Smesney, Edwin 14,108,115,168 Smith, Geanita 5,15,56,70,74,81,85,100,168 Smith, Gene 11,78,102,103,168 Smith, Jean 70,168 Smith, Sherra 5,12,15,82,85,95,97,168 Smith, Wanda 168 Standish, Walter 168 Stanley, Norman 169 Starret, Donna 169 Stephens, Mike 169 Stewart, Russell 138,169 Stuckey, Carol 82,169 Sturda Syler, vant, Bobby 9,64,76,108,112,113,169 Brian 100,169 Taylor, Frankie 96,169 Taylor, Johnnie 34,79,85,87,93,170 Taylor, Rhonda 5,15,85,87,170 Taylor, Scarlett 5,81,85,94,170 Terry, Paula 88,170 Thomas, Don 9,108,113,170 Thomas, Laneda 5,15,8,65,86,87,103,170 Thorton, Barbara 170 Vaughn, Donna 94,97,170 Vaughn, Jerry 171 Vidrine, Rick 171 Vincent, David 76,171 Vincent, Wayne 94,171 YVatson, P. A. 171 Weath ers, Richard 111,108,114,171 NVelborn, Debbie 97,171 1Verner, Jerry 32,74,75,101,106,128,171 White, Connie 95,172 White, Janet 100 Wliorley, Linda 87,97,108,172 Wilkinson, Ginger 10,11,80,82,108,172 Williamson, Angie 12,63,95,172' Wilson, Fred 34,38,62,87,172 Wiseman, Janice 94,172 Wolford, Kathy 85,172 Aguilar, Dennis 64-,113,126,179,193 Albro, James 179 Alford, Denise 88,179 Alnutt, Clara 179 Alsbrooks, Elisa 179 Alsbrooks, Patricia 35,78,85,l01,102,179 Amason, Danny 14,179 Andereck, Mike 14,35,67,75,70,139,178,179 Arredondo, Jessi 91,96,179,88 Arredondo, Rosalinda 81,179 Ashworth, Louis 35,179 Atkinson, Jerry 116,138,179 Atkinson, Mariann 179,82,95 Bain, Patricia 179 Baker, Sandra 87,88,91,178,179,186 Baldridge, Pam 4,15,66,88,91,178,179 Banks, Dennis 179 Barfield, Robert 179 Bates, Judy 179 Batts, Linda 76,179 Beamon, Liz 95,179,183 Beck, Robert 179 Benson, Ledia 179 Bergin, Danny 179 Bieberstein, Rosemary 74,180 Black, Kenneth 116,180,187 Boatman, Shirley 35,81,180 Bolton, Karen 82,86,98,180 Bolton, Paul 76,96,180 Bolton, William 76,180,193 Bomer, Michael 180 Bouton, Wayne 101,180 Bowersox, Rejeana 35,70,74,88,18O Braden, Debra 94 Bradshaw, Darrell 7,76,116,134,138,180 Brandon, Cindy 88,95,180 Breen, John 180 Brinkley, Karin 4,7,35,79,82,15,88,98,180 Brooks, Dennis 101,180 Broughton, Gwen 88,180 Broughton, James 84,180 Brown, Jan 4,15,88,180 Brown, Kathy 14.35,79,82,86,99,180 Brown, Ronald 126,180 Brown, Vernon 70,96,l80 Browning, Rickv 116,180 Bryson, Evelyn 180 Buie, Robert 77,78,161,180 Burge, Robert 84,180 Burmeister, Christina 180 Burns, Vance 96 Burr, Linda 82,95,180 Burk, Alan 101 Byrd, Connie 180 Byrd, Peggy 180 Camfield, Debbie 48.88,180,187 Campbell, Billy 96,180 Campbell, Robert 77,180 Capps, Rickey 78,101,181 Carlson, Carlana 77,88,181 Carrol, April 181 Carter, Patsy 88,100,181 Carter, Charles T8.86.101.146,181 Casey, Mark 6,35,65,74,79,82,86,93,95,98,99, 181,65 Casper, Lester 181 Castro, Lucien 116,181 Cater, Debbv 97,178,181 Chandler, Linda 11,62,74,80,82,178,181,193 Chaney, Donald 94,181 Chapman. Sylvia 181 Clement, Charles 181 Chattin, Cynthia 74,181 Cheuka, George 116 Chinnis, Gary 11,78,101,181 Claussen, Dian 81,181 Colbert, Don 76,96,181 Conlon. John 182 Cook. Judy 74,851,182 Cranford, Gwen 74-,97,182 Wooley, Mary 172 Yarborough, Donna 97,100,173 Young, Aubrey 96,173 juniors Crawford, Darrel 12,77,95,182 Crispi, Connie 182 Cryer, Johnny 96,182 Dahse, Patricia 95,182 Dalzell, Stephen 181,182 Daniels, Sandra 81,182,193 Davis, Harold 128,129,131,182 Dewitt, Robert 116,138,182 Diamond, Cynthia 81,182 Diamond, David 74,87 Dickens, Robert 123,126,182 Dixon, Rebecca 66,4,15,88,85,182 Donovan, Peggy 182 Dowd, Butch 101 Doyal, Linda 182 Drozd, Rickey 15,116,136,137,138,182 DuBose, Ronnie 15,115,138,182 Duckett, Jesse 76,182 Duclas, Larry 182 Duncan, Rebecca 182 Dyer, Gary 96,182 Dyer, Raymond 96,182 Dyson, Sandra 182 Early, Debbie 70,85,97,183 Eason, Marvin 78,86,101,183,187 Echols, Marilyn 81,95,100,183 Elder, Davey 70,183 Elliot, Steve 112,115,183 Ellis, Rickey 96,183 Elmore, Debbie 74,183 English, Bill 85,100,116,126,183 Faulkner, Larry 183 Felps, Valerie 79,81,183 Fisbeck, Susan 78,95,97,183,88 Fisher, Patrick 183 Fleck, Henry 183 Flores, Joseph 57,91,183,88 Floyd, Charles 36,85,116,183 Forbes, Kay 81,97,183,187 Forse, Shirley 97,183 Fowler, Alan 183 Fox, Carla 94 Freeman, James 79,93,97,183 Garner, Jimmy 76,96,183 Garret, Linda 183 Garrett, Vickie 183,193 Gerrald, Dennis 74,183 Gilbert, Katrina 36,183 Goldenhar, Ann 79,99,184 Goodson, Carla 184 Gordon, Robbie 77,99,184 Gotcher, Robert 184 Goynes, Deborah 97,184 Graddy, Deborah 74,77,95,184 Gray, Brenda 184 Greenlee, Donna 81,82,101,184 Halbert, Debra 184,88 Hall, Mike 83,118,119,121,125,184,193 Hammock, Brenda 74,184,138 Hardman. Debra 7,97,181,184 Hardman, James 184 Harris, Mary 77,79,82,86,93,99,184 Harrison, Lynda 95,184 Harrold, John 84,184 Hart, Steve 96,184,186 Hartney, Brick 13,74,77,87,184 Hatfield, Jeanette 36,184,88 Hattenbach, Cindv 101,103,178,184 Hattenbach, Margie 13,36,87,178,184,88 Hauck. Pennv 74-,82,93,184 Hausk, Bill 184 Hawkins. Donald 184 Hayes, Eileen 74,76,88,185 Hehman, Marvin 84 Hickman, Bobbv 185 Hiser. Brenda 88,185 Hoffman. Rebecca 95,185 Holden, Carolyn 88,185 Holden, Charles Hollar. Pam 185 Young, Jan 94,173 Young, Wayne 84 Zachary, Cynthia 85,173 Hollowell, David 185 Hopkins, Barbara 81,185 Horn, Keith 185 Horn, Robert 185 Hubbard, John 14,185 Huestis, Terry 96,185 Hull, Debra 10,185 Hutchins, Elissia 81,97,185 Ide, Steve 7,77,95,185 Ingram, Karen 37,79,82,88,185 Jacobs, Ginger 76,86,185 Jacobson, Kathy 5,15,62,64,66,88,90,185 Jamail, Pam 97,178,185,193 Jester, Dennis 185 Jeter, Robert 84,185 Jewter, Danny Johnson, Jimmy 123,124,185 Jones, Kirk 67,91,128,130,186,88 Juneau, Sandra 76,911,186 Kenner, Gail 186 Kesler, Don 186 Knight, Julia 74,82,85,93,186 Kouts, Susan 7,11,77,88,186 Kvitten, Terry 96,186 Laney, Thomas 78,101,186 Lester, Edith 186 Levacy, Jane 86 Lewis, Jerry 95,101,186 Litton, Suzette 81,97,186 Loesch, Deborah 74,87,186 Loper, Patricia 186 Lowe, Stacy L'Roy, Dean 77,81,186 Luigi, Donald 74,186 Luigi, Donna 74,186 Lynn, Terry 101,116,186 Mace, Brenda 186 Madden, Peggy 186 Mahaffey, Jeri 37,67,78,100,101,103,186 Manning, Lannv 118,121,125,126,139,140,183,186 Martin, Carla 10,81,97 Martin, Clint 101,129,130 Masters, Ronald 186 Matthews, Sharon 76,94 McCaffrey, Janet 186 McClellan, Deborah 67,74,88,187 McCormick, Barbie 10,11,62,65,74,80,82,87,108, 178,187 McDaniel, Johnny 187 McDaniel, Michael 187 McDonald, Vernon 187 McLaughlin, Jill 85,100,101,102,187 McMichael, Patricia 70,88,178,187 McMillan, Tommy 94,187 McMurrough, Tim 187 McSwain, Rex 110,113,133,187 Megee, Pat 15,74,87,116,136,137,138,187 Melcer, Larry 7,101,128,129,130,131,181,187 Melton, Connie 94 Meyer, Ralph 8,37,38,63,64,113,86,118,l25,193 Miller, Richard 116,139,187 Minix, Ronnie 187 Mitchell, James 15,138,187 Mitschke, Barbara 187 Moore, Calvin 187 Moore, Cheryl 94 Morgan, Oscar 84 Moses, Russell 95,98,187 Murchison, Terrv 62,84-,92,187 Murphy, Bonnie 101,187 Murr, Richard 187 Musselwhite, Mike 187 Natho, Connie 187 Neeley, Regina 188 Noska, Linda 81,188 O'Brien, JoAnn 81,188 Odom. Mike 188 Offield, Mike 48,110,112,115,128,129,l31,133, 188,193 Oldenettel, Ricky 188 Orgeron, Jerry 84 Osborne, Marilyn 188 Owens, Rickie 84,188 Parish, David 101,188 Parisher, Randy 76,188 Parrish, Debbie 188 Patillo, Richard 95,188 Pedersen, Ronnie 188 Pendergrass, Rusty 7,101,118,122,125,181,188 Percy, Marvin 62,84-,188 Perkins, Ricky 113,128,129,131,188 Persky, Edmond 14,188 Perran, Billie 94,188 Pettit, Sharon 188 Pfeiffer, Alice 70,78,86,101,188 Phillips, Cecil 84,188 Phillips, Jimmy 85,94,188 Pirtle, Sharon 188 Piwetz, Ronnie 188 Poole, Janet 76,88,189 Poullard, Diana 189 Powell, Ivan 189 Poxon, Karen 88,189 Pruett, Glen 189 Prewitt, Paulette 189 Quinn, Paul 189 Rankin, Karla 79,82,88,189 Rawls, Bonnie 81,189 Reeves, Clifford 78,189 Reid, Jeff 101,189 Rice, Douglas 78,101,189 Richardson, Grady 79,86,101,189 Rivers, Bruce 189 Rivers, Debbie 94,189 Robbins, Larry 93,101,125,189 Roberts, Gary 76,189 Robinson, Larry 189 Robinson, Doris 76,189 Roby, Twyla 88,178,189 Roden, Becky 189 Rogers, Kye 189 Abbott, Gregory 197 Abbott, Suzanne 197 Abel, Charles 197 Abshire, Susan 97,99,100,196,197 Adams, Adena 197 Adams, Curtis 117,197 Adams, Jeff 108,111,112,115,197 Adams, Joyce 88,97,197 Akers, Joyce 197 Alcorn, Tommy 197 Amaya, Emmett 197 Anderson, Connie 101,197,216 Anderson, Cynthia 81,197 Anderson, William 197 Archer, Charlene 197 Arredondo, Rudolpho 197 Arriola, Sharon 197 Ashby, Vicki 197 Asher, Mildred 74,197 Attaway, Tommy 197,86,101 Badders, James 78,101,197 Baird, Michael 197 Bailey, Beth 81,197 Ballard, Linda 81,197 Barnes, Alice 81,198 Barnes, Gary 198 Barton, Wayne 84,92,198 Batson, Richard 198 Batts, Mary 88,198 Bellah, Bavib 198 Bellamy, JoAnn 198 Belvin, Linda 198 Bentley, Theresa 198 Beshires, Katherine 81,198 Bingham, Margaret 74,198 Birdwell, Sharon 82,198 Black, Michael 117,198 Blackshear, Dalene 8,101,103,196,198 Blaylock, Anna 198 Boaz, Lynda 198 Bohn, Sally 82,88,196,198 Rose, Arthur 128,130,189 Ross, Thelma 189 Russell, Steven 190 Sadler, Kathy 8,38,79,88,178,190 Salley, Tim 101,128,129,132,131,190 Samford, JaDean 81,190 Sanders, Cheryl 97,190 Sapp, Benny 190 Sargent, Kathy 94 Sessums, Sheila 67 Savoie, Ronald 15,114,138,182,190 Shank, Rebecca 76,101,190 Sheffield, Rusty 96,190 Shelton, Robert 94 Sheppard, Debbie 13,88,190 Shumaker, Gary 76,190 Skinner, Melva 190 Slough, Mary 79,85,190 Smith, Audrey 190 Smith, Bradley 10,12,75,77,91,95,108,190,193,88 Smith, Cecil 184 Smith, Charissa 190 Smith, Jerry 190 Smith, Jodel 38,70,78,100,103,19O Smith, Kenneth 190 Smith, Mark 190 Smith, John 96,190 Smith, Robert 84,190 Smith Smith Speedz , shawn 38,190 William 76,96,190 LaJean 81,191 Stanaland, Scooter 38,75,116,191 Stanczak, David 77 Stanley, Georgia 191 Stewart, Kenneth 96,191 Stout, Mary Jo 81,100,191 Stults, William 96 Tanner, Jessica 191 Tate, Cam 84,191 Theis, Robert 62,75,118,119,122,125,139,140, 178,191 Theriot, Barron 116,128,130,191 Svphamares Bolton, Charles 198 Bolton, Nancy 198 Bolyard, Diane 81,198 Bolyard, William 117,138,198 Bonner, Gary 198 Bracewell, Pamela 198 Brady, Scott 8,19,49,117,126,198 Brandt, Mary 13,49,83,198 Braun, Lenny 62,92,199 Brecheen, Belinda 199 Brinkley, Bill 199 Brooks, Cathy 199 Brown, Deborah 199 Brown, Lana 82,88,98,199 Bryson, Elaine 74,199 Bumpers, Michael 199 Burge, Debra 74,199 Burton, Kathy 199 Buxton, Sonja 76,199 Cararubio, Rickey 199 Calmese, Diana 199 Campbell, Michael 117,199 Capelle, Calvin 101,198 Capelle, Connie 78,196,199 Carpenter, Michael 199 Carr, Rodney 199 Carr, Ronald 199 Carrizal, Bear 70,117,196,199 Carroll, Chester 78,101,199 Carter, Benjamin 62,92,200 Carter, Linda 70,200 Cashion, Jerry 70,117,196,200 Cason, Cynthia 82,93,2O0 Caslon, Jack 200 Chambers, Lorraine 81,200 Chaney, Larry 117,133,200 Chapman, Shirley 81,200 Charping, Cheryl 81,116,200 Chesser, Teresa 88,200 Childers, Doylene 200 Chronister, Craig 200 Thornton, Barbara 77 Tice, Debbie 77,88,178,191 Tidwell, Sandra 191 Titus, Ricky 128,129,131,132 Tracy, Randy 116,191 Trammell, Ester 97,191 Tubbs, Gary 191 Tuttle, Virginia 191 Upshaw, Jimmy 116,128,129,131,191 Vanderburg, Connie 86,191 VanDiver, Dena 191 Vaughn, William 191 Veach, Randy 191 Vcrcher, Frances 191 Vidrine, Mike 78,191 Vincent, Jimmy 116,191 Wakefield, Sharon 38,79,88,191 Walding, Mark 192 Waldrop, Robert 64,95,192 Walger, John 5,192 Walters, Georgena 100,192 Walters, Melvin 192 Ward, Doyle 84,192 Warren, Ronald 192 Watson, Gary 96 Webring, Julie 94,192 Weir, John 95,192 Weisinger, Fred 138,192 Wenzel, Kenneth 192 Wveygandt, Robert 6,64,113,125,192 Wharton, Bobby 15,75,108,112,113,135 138 192 Whitfield, Gary 77,79,93,192 Wilcox, Tony 76,187,192 Wilcox, Ruthie 7,88,192 Wilkinson, Peter 125,192 Williams, Thressa 192 Williamson, Andrea 192 Woods, Debbie 76,78,79,192 Young, Warren 96,192 Zane, Deborah 192 Zurovec, Roy 192 Clear, Terry 200 Clements, Jimmy 78,101,200 Coker, Evelyn 74,81,98,200 Coker, Katheryn 81,98,200 Collins, Donald 95,200 Collins, Thomas 200 Cone, Patrice 200 Conners, Connie 88,196,200 Cook, Gay 196,200 Cooley, Charolette 74,88,200 Coon, Bamey 117,200 Cooper, Mona 88,99,196,200,229 Corley, William 201 Corey, Libby 86,101,201 Cotie, Deborah 74,201 Covington, Bryant 201 Cox, Debra 201 Cox, Marsha 7,196,201 Cox, Terri 88,201 Crawford, Jonathon 201 Culp, Thomas 201 Cunningham, Valerie 201 Dagley, Glen 93,123,124-,126,201 Daly, Catherine 201 Davidson, Donna 74,201 Davidson, Jimmy 201 Davis, Claudia 88,201 Davis, Phala 93,98,101,196,201 Dean, Raymond 201 Deason, Shirley 201 Delome, Teresa 201 Delvige, Darrel 117,201 Derebery, Randy 201 Didonato, John 116,202 Dickens, Steven 202 Dickson, David 202 Donnelly, Barbara 70,88,97,196,202 Dowdy, Gary 202 Downing, Tonda 202 Driskell, Peter 202 Drury, Cathy 95,99,202 DuBose, David 117,138,202 Dunbar, Richard 74,100,116,l.38,202 Dyson, Vera 81,202 Eagleton, Haywood 202 Early, Barbara 70,81,202 Eakes, James 202 East, Arlene 202 East, Gametta 202 East, Glenda 202 Eddy, Evelyn 81,202 Edgar, Ricky 138,202 Edwards, Cynthia 202 Elliot, David 202 Epps, Laura 88,98,196,202 Evans, Gary 64,78,82,101,202 Fenton, Ronny 202 Files, Moody 96,203 Fisher, Jeff 203 Fleck, John 203 Flick, Debra 203 Foshee, Nevelyn 74,203 Foster, John 116,120,122,123,124,126,203 Fowler, Erle 78,86,101,203 Fox, Eugene 203 Franks, Deborah 203 Fulton, Myra 203 Garner, Bridget 203 Garrison, Sheri 203 Gentz, Becky 76,203 Golemon, Denise 203 Goodman, Bradley 203 Goodson, Paul 203 Grammar, Shirley 203 Gray, Donna 81,203 Gray, Frank 78,203 Gray, Tad 101 Greer, Richard 117,203 Griffin, LaNell 203 Gross, C. W. 203 Grubb, Greg 93,99,127,203 Gunther, Beverly 81 Hahn, Leighanne 93,203 Hailey, Jefferson 204 Hair, Deborah 81,204 Hale, Gary 94,204 Hall, Billy 204 Hamby, Bonnie 74,81,204 Harbort, Ricky 204 Harris, Nina 74,204 Hart, Mildred 204 Hathome, Dale 101,204 Hatler, Calvin 204 Hayes, Mack 117,196,204 Hayes, Robert 204 Headley, Stanley 7,14,108,137,138,204 Heard, Susan 204 Hearn, Rickey 78,101,204 Heath, Frankie 196,204 Hefner, Linda 88,204,216 Hehmann, Jerry 96,204 Henderson, Linda 204 Herdejargen, Braey 204 Hernandez, Sylvia 204 Hickman, Carolyn 81,204 Hill, Barney 74,117,204 Hill, Carla 81,204 Hill, David 84,204 Hilscher, Stacie 97,196,205 Hobbs, Glenda 85,98,101,205 Hocutt, David 84,205 Hohn, John 205 Holcomb, Carolyn 81,98,100,205 Holden, Rebecca 205 Holden, Twila 205 Hollingshead, John 86,205 Holloway, Jerome 205 Holloway, Paula 205 Holloway, Sheryl 101,205 Holmes, John 205 Hooks, Debre 74,75,100,205 Housley, Linda 205 Howard, Kathryn 205 Hudspeth, Dollene 74,81,100,205 Huggins, Nancy 74,205 Hulsey, Diana 81,205 Humbird, Kirk 205 Hunt, Deborah 205 Hyde, Richard 101,205 Hyman, Michael 205 Idom, Ronald 93,98,127,205 Ingle, Deborah 205 Jackson, James 206 Jackson, Larry 206 Jacobs, Karin 93,98,206 Jacobs, Sharon 76,206 Johnson, Carol 88,206 Johnson, Frank 76,117,206 Johnson, Jerry 206 Johnson, John 93,95,98,125,206 Johnson, Suzanne 9,62,82,196,206 Jones, Karolyn 206 Jones, Wendy 82,206 Juarez, Mary 74,97,206 Keen, Sandra 206 Kelley, Willie 206 Kelso, Pam 88,206 Kester, Paul 127,206,129 Killough, Wesley 70,206 Kirkland, Charles 206 Kingdom, Ronald 117,206 Kirkland, Charles 206 Kirkland, Donald 206 Kitterlin, Lane 206 Koester, Lester 206 Kotz, Craig 206 Kouts, Robert 206,117,138 Kritzler, Eric 207 Laird, William 70,92,207 Lamb, Deborah 207 Lambright, Clifton 207 Lange, Charles 76,207 Langham, Sharon 98,207 Lanier, Melinda 207 Largent, Charles 117,207 Latour, James 207 Lea, Don 70,116,138,196,207 Lear, Tommy 207 Leggett, Rebecca 74,100,207 Leonard, Benny 74,86,101,207 Leone, Al 123 Lewis, Donald 117,207 Lewis, George 117,207 Lewis, Rocku 207 Linthicum, Jo 82,93,100,207 Little, Byron 101,207 Loden, Patty 64,76,101,207 Long, Charlene 74,207 Lowe, Brenda 207 Lowery, Liz 9,10,11,70,80,82,196,207 Lumsden, Monetta 207 Lundgren, Lisa 216,207 Lyrock, Wakne 2,08 Macejewski, Bernard 127,129,208 Madison, Rhonda 208 Maldon Malone Maness Maness Ma ple, Maple, Marks, Martin, Martin, ado, Leonardo 101,208 , Gerald 74,208 , Larry 117,208 , Ronald 208 Rand 208 Shirley 208 Donald 208 Carla 208 Clinton 127,208 Natho, Ronnie 209 Nation, Bethanna 209 Neal, Lee 86,101,209 Neeley, Lester 309 Nelson, Kim 88,209 Nelson, Randall 209 Newbold, Kerry 209 Noles, Phillip 209 Nugent, Mary 210 O'Brien, Kathy 8,63,95,210 Odle, Jim 70,117,128,196,210 Orr, Randy 116,127,133,210 Palko, Robert 130,210 Parker, Leonard 210 Parsons, Susan 81,88,210 Perran, Danny 76,210 Perry, Linda 210 Phillips, Mary 8,66,88,100,210 Phillips, Robert 78,86,101,210 Pitman, Michael 210 Piwetz, Valerie 81,210,216 Pohl, Susan 210 Polk, James 78,86,101,210 Ponder, Barry 210 Poullard, Sue 210 Powell, Randy 210 Radney, Charles 210 Railey, Lewis 210 Ray, Wayne 117,126,210 Redmon, Mike 117,210 Redmond, Sharon 210 Reed, Sarah 210,216 Reid, Larry 76,211 Richards, Mike 127,139,140,211 Richardson, Janet 211 Rinn, E. D. 70,86,101,211 Rivers, Sheryl 211 Roberts, Robin 76,108,116,211 Robinson, Victor 211 Roden, Billy 211 Rodgers, Patricia 81,211 Rowe, Deborah 211 Royall, John 211 Ruddle, Jeanie 211 Rush, Peggy 211 Rushing, Billie 211 Russell, Debra 76,211 Russell, Randall 127,211 Ryan, Lois 211 Sandell, Johnny 211 Sanders, Ricky 116,128,129,211 Sancier, Elmer 211 Savage, T. L. 117,211 Sawyer, Paula 86,101,211 Scarbrough, Bobby 211 Schafen, Connie 211 Schaffer, John 128,129,212 Schneider, Willie 212 Screws, Shirley 212 Sears, Elizabeth 76,212 Seneff, Richard 130,212 Shelton, James 212 Shrader, Patricia 212 Sickles, Judy Massenburg, Robert 208 Masters, Richard 208 Mattox, Rebecca 74,81,208 Matysiak, Kathleen 86,101,208 Maynard, Barbara 208 Maza, J. L. 208 McAnally, Deborah 74,208 McClure, Gloria 208 McCollum, Connie 77,79,93,98,208 McDowell, Debra 81,208 McFadden, Ann 208 McGowan McKay, Negel 64,78,101,209 McMurrough, Pamela 101,209 McPayne, Patti 82,85,209 Menear, Jovce 86,88,101,209 Miller, Melissa 66,88,98,101,209 Milum, Richard 209 Mollard, Judy 209 Moore, Connie 74,209 Morgan, Clifford 209 Morrison, Charles 74,128,129,209 Morrison, Robert 209 Morrison, Roger 209 Morse, Ronald 78,209 Morton, John 101,209 Mosley, Sandra 88,97,209 Simpson, Tasha 81,212 Sims, Sharon 101,102,212 Slaughter, Pam 70,88,99,212 Smart, Sheryl 212 Smith, Garland 212 Smith, George 128,212 Smith, Jerry 212 Smith, Patsy 212 Smith, Tawanna 70,85,196,212 Sniff, Richard 128 Snyder, Donna 212 Soape, Angie 212 Somers, Jon 212 Staggs, Larry 86 Stearns, Robert 117,138 Stephens, James 212 Stembergs, Elizabeth Stewart, Douglas 212 Stewart, Mike 86,123,124,126,213 Stockwell, Ricki 88,97,213 Stokes, Michael 213 Stokes, Tracy 213 Stone, LaDonna 81,213 Storm, Chuck 213 Strong. Barbara 213 Stults, Brenda 81,213 Suddarth, Rita 85,213 Sunday, Eddye 213 Tarver, Connie 100,103,213 Taylor, Brenda 213 Thompson, Johnny 213 Tinsley, Elizabeth 82,855,213 Toal, Belinda 213 Toepoel, Steve 213 Tucker, Sonny 213 Tucker, JoAnn 81,213 Tumer, Brenda 213 Turner, Travis 213 Underwood, Kenneth 94,213 Upshaw, Danny 117,213 Valdez, Gilbert 213 Vaughn, Linda 214 Vidrine, Lowana 88,214 Vincelet, Fred 117,214 Vincent, Bobby 117,127,193,214 Vyoral, Peppie 214 Waddle, Donna 214 Wakefield, Donald 214 Waldrop, Linda 97,214 Walker, Deborah 214 Walker, Ruth 214 Walters, Debra 214 Waltmon, Robert 214 WVasson, Freida 76,214 Watkins, Billy 74,117,138,214 Watson, Gary 214 Weatherford, Freddie 117,214 Webb, James 214 Wheeler, Paul 126,214 White, Barbara 214 White, Carole 177,214 White, Rocky 214 White, Sonnv 214 Whiteside, Marilyn 76,214 Whitfield, Rebecca 88,215 Whitman, Nancy 215 Whitmer, Debra 215 Whorley, Larry 215 Williams, Darrell 215 Williams, Eva 215 Williams, Glinda 215 Williams, Norman 98,215 Williamson, Donna 88,215 Williamson, Pamela 215 Willis, Gwen 86,215 Willoughby, Linda 215 Wilson, Warren 215 Wise, Bryan 215 Womack, Anthony 215 Yancey, Kathleen 215 Yarborough, Greg 127,215 Yarter, Debra 215 Yates, Larry 78 Yeargain, Peggy 215 Young, Maudie 215 Zorn, Paul 215 Zurovec, Rocky 215 m .rm wb-4r'rE M QSHFEQEQLQ san angela, texas 3 5 U S SEVENTY' A N G snvzgrv

Suggestions in the North Shore Senior High School - Mustang Yearbook (Houston, TX) collection:

North Shore Senior High School - Mustang Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


North Shore Senior High School - Mustang Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 131

1970, pg 131

North Shore Senior High School - Mustang Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 49

1970, pg 49

North Shore Senior High School - Mustang Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 233

1970, pg 233

North Shore Senior High School - Mustang Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 173

1970, pg 173

North Shore Senior High School - Mustang Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 154

1970, pg 154

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