North Shore Junior High School - Shoreline Yearbook (Glen Head, NY)

 - Class of 1962

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7W V Tj 'UQ W WJ-YL ip QW fffzvp "UQ if QM V! xif-? 2 , f ,ff of ,ify , ' 3' I mffzffrwff' mug N-Qfwi Q fvulci MJ-4-VWQGA ,diff W J-,YW fbxe: QBMJVYWWM Qwif. Wag 4f,XXXX X X in X yxmgizf QC 41'-rf6X444 Qeaif'-5 W f flfii .Vx V, I xx A59 Shoreline Fifth Edition North Shore lunior High School Glen l-leocl, New York l 961-1962 The Shoreline ls Christened the S. S. Thompson Contractor MR. NUCCI Arohltects PETER BIRER ROXANE REID JAY BERNSTEIN Bullders Linda C k Phyllis H h h Nancy W lk Valerie MCL ghl Margo Barash Raymond Gallo Susan O'N l Stephani P Linda W d l Joan Bost 2 -1' Page Page page page page page Page Page Page page Page Page Page page Page Page 4 54 '74 Directory Commanding Officer Executive Dedication Special Officers Navigators Log Keepers Galley Crew and Maintenance Educational Officers Montage Old Salts Views through a Porthole hdidshipnien Boom Gone Together Recreational Activities Freshman Legacy 3 Commanding Officer Dear Junior High Students - With this volume of the Shoreline we close another chapter in the history of North Shore High School. Next year "Junior High" will not only mean younger studentsg it will also mean a separate school. As aJunior-Senior High School we have tried to find leadership training opportunities for the younger students to enable them to be ready to shoulder the responsibilities of upperclassmen when they moved up to Senior High School. One measure of our immediate success in this aim will be the success we observe as the present eighth and ninth grades become the first freshman and sophomore classes of the Senior High School. Another measure of our success will be the degree to which next year's eighth grade moves into the leadership role of the upperclass of the new Junior High School. Best of luck to all classes as they assume these new responsibilities. gr John E. French, Principal 4 Executive Officer Dear Students, Best wishes for continued success and happiness at North Shore High School. SVEN O. ROSENGREN Assistant Principal , X' AQSQE M A We, the members of the "Shoreline" staff, dedicate this yearbook to our beloved Mr. Thompson. He has shown unfailing devotion to our school by directing the Junior Thespians and by being a loyal part of the English depart- ment. Mr. Thompson has opened young minds to the true appreciation ofthe English languageg in the fields of grammar, prose, poetry, and drama. With his keen perception, he is molding some of the nation's best future citizens. This teacher's hard, unselfish work in managing our Junior Thespians is an- other example of his dedication to culture. We are deeply obliged and grateful for all Mr. Thompson has given us and are looking forward to many impending resourceful years. 6 MR. P. BERGOVOY Reading Specialist MISS E. HANDLEY School Nurse MISS PHILLIPS Librarian Special Gfficers MR. F. ELLIOT MRS. R. GRADY Speech Therapist Dental Hygienist MRS. F. HEDLING MRS. MCNAMARA School Nurse Librarian MR. RYDER MR. S.. WOLF Music Psychologist 7 'Y gg, MISS PATRICIA MCCORMACK MR. BERNARD SHULMAN Director of Guidance 4311211 I: I ry. ' 3 4' ""' 5:53217 MTI!! 4- lm., as A , ' , ' - , X 0? xx x Q g k MR. ALLAN POMEROY MR. HOWARD WOLFE 8 Log Keepers -gy.. , .T AQ MRS. DONOVAN MRS. HULTS MRS. MUTTEE MRS. NILON MRS. O'MITTY MRS. SMALL K L ,cb w , I-Q.: if , S -X ,,f,.,- Q R 1 . w MRS. SNIFFEN MRS. TOZER MRS. TRIMBLE 9 Galley Crew X513 f Left to right, TOP: Mrs. A. Nernoff, Mrs. Pajenski, Mrs. Fresiello. BOTTOM: Mrs. O'Briskie Mrs. B. O'Too1e, Miss K. McManus. Mrs. M. O'Hare. Maintenance IO ,,...H". -. H MR. BENJAMIN Science MISS BOYLE Language MR. BRODSKY Mathematics MR. A. CLARK Mechanical Dr. MR. R. CONLIN Physical Ed. MR. CONROY Language MRS. DEUTSCHBEIN 7th Grade MR. I. DIAMOND Art mo 'Photo Q-vai IGM a. MR. I. BAKOWSKI Industrial Arts MR. R. BARNA English, cn. Ed. MR. D. BA RTEL Music d u c ct . T 1 i c O e H r CI S MISS DONOPRIA '7th Grade MR. DRISCOLL Indus. Arts MR. D. DYER Music lm 1413. ,VN 'Wa if I 'nam me l...l IWIX1 hu Roh: RvmleMa. A I2 MR. L. ESCHEN Mathematics MR. C. FENN Mathematics MR. M. FLOYD Cit. Ed. MRS. FOX Language MRS- I. GEHDE 7th Grade MRS. GIARDINI 7th Grade MR. R. HOOBAN English, Cit. Ed. MISS H. HOOK Science yn.. I , 'gl ooooooo ro' 'Mania Aveliabia. MRS. EDELSTEIN Art MR. A. EDISON Mathematics MR. I. ELIASOPH English, Cit. Ed. d L1 C cl. 1 t .C 1 e 0 r I1 as MRS. I. KASKOUN Home Ec. MRS. KOBESKI Business MR. M. KRAWIT Z Business ..'m.x. Z LJ O ' ' . T 3 MR. D. MATTHEWS Language MR. F. MCMULLEN English, Cit, Ed. MRS. MCQUEEN 7th Grade MR. G. MEYER Cit. Ed. MR. MIRALLES 7th Grade MR. NELSON Business MR. P. NICOLINO Ind. Arts MR. G. NUCCI English, Cit. Ed. MR. LOEW 7th Grade MRS. LORD 53.255 L1 C Cf 1 T C 1 e O 1' H S Ci MRS . R. ODROBINA English MR. O'CONNOR Language MRS. O'KNEFSKI Art 53 S53 ngj tml omcma.u.urea ,,, Mo iciofw QVGA all X5 " I 'SABLKG A t ts. :ax-sr. MRS. PEGRUM Mathematics MR. R. POTTER Science MR. I. REARDON Phys. Education MR. I. REILLY 7th Grade MRS . ROY Science MISS SAFERST EIN English MR. S. SCHIFFER Phys. Education MISS E. SCOTT Language MR. V. OLSON 7th Grade MR. G. OSBORN Mathematics MR. G. PAPPAS English, Cit. Ed. u c Ui Tc le or Us CI MISS H. SCOTT Phys. Ed. MISS C. STEPHAN English, Cit. Ed. MR. I. STERLING Music ie urn. Na+ Aval lakh. - X1 MISS B. THOMAS Cir. Ed. Q DR. H. C. THOMPSON X' No Qxxima Phys. Ed. blbttnrow mn 'Keio ff? Nag ll I 5 MR. B. THURSTON Music MR. B. WADSWORTH 7th Grade MR. I. WILLIAMS Mathematics MRS. E. ZIPPERIAN Business K? BRSBB SON C, MR. H. M. THOMPSON English Au. Ill I if 'Y JIU- Hills: JX- ul - J' -- 5 I l V I L - .Q A 1' W v v Y 'Inn 4 . v 'v v v ' I il ' 4 I5 ' v- QLD W Saws 5 U X QW? , SHG 6' -eil eee i x - QJ.'.' I 1 hi 5 E l t 1' 4 fr -'-- 1 YL? 'lu ' 'K' ' Ll A41 g 9th GRADE to R. : Gera Georgette Cummings I8 BARRY ALEXANDER "Barry" Likes steak and cars . . . Can be found with Timmy F .... Dislikes school and whatever goes with it. IUDITH ANDERSON "Judy" Could pass as a double for Hayley Mills . . . Steak! FRANCIS ANDRYSIAK "Francis" Likes Cit. Ed. and pizza . . . Found with Andy, Joe, Pete, and Tom. R CHARLES ANNUNZIATA "Trouble" Always with Udo, Roger, Jeff, and Roy . . . Dislikes snobs and school . . . DIANE!! SUSAN ARASIM "Sue" Can be seen with Pam . . . Twirl- ing and boys rate . . . Dislikes algebra and snobs. THOMAS ARNOST "Tom" Found at Dino's with Russ Dana, and Mike . . . Dislikes homework, math, and snobs. ISABEL AVIRETT "IZzy" Likes a certain boy whose locker is near hers . . . Enjoys sports and Cit. Ed. IO-ANN BAIATA "IO-Ann" Likes setting peop1e's hair and listening to the radio . . . Seen with Pat. 45" Sl if A f F . I up is ,g i I - " su, E jf' Qi 645109 '9fe.+ur'z 05st l 2033 MICHAEL BARATOFF "Mike" Likes science and hockey, but not math . . . Pizza is great! I! ROBERT BARCLAY "Bob" Found at school with Paul . . . Likes English, but not the homework. THOMAS BARRETT "Torn" Likes Ronnie and lunch . . . Steak and cards rate . . . Troubled by math. GEORGETTE BARTELL "Georgette" Dislikes getting embarrassed by certain Jrs. and Seniors . . . What does your math teacher call you? SANDRA BARTON "Sandi" Likes weekends, parties, cheerlead- ing, the phone, and boys . . . Has a special interest in Glen Cove. PETER BATES "Pete" Found all over . . . Keeps company with Charlie and Barnie . . . Troubled by studyhall? JAY BERNSTEIN "Bernie" Eats anything edible . . . Found in J-175 with Jeff, John, and Charlie . . . Enjoys Latin. p JOHN BEST "Kris" Does not enjoy homework . . . Likes apple sauce sandwiches, math, and fishing. The perfect Englishman. PETER BIRER "Pete" Found in I-16, or in I-17 . . . Likes to chase girls and ski . . . Best friends are girls. BRENDA BLACHARSKI "Brenda" Favorite subject is studyhall , , Dislikes gym and French. MARGARET BLOCK "Shrimp" Nice things come in small pack- ages . . . enjoys drawing and Cit. Ed. , but dislikes German. DENISE BOBORAS "Denise" Pizza and boys really rate . . . May be found with Kathy or Joe in Glen Cove. MARY ANN BOEHM "Mary Ann" Dislikes being the oldest of seven kids . . . May be found with Pam and Eileen. JUDY BOERTZEL "Judy" Dislikes snobs and people who tease her . . . Peeved by both her sisters . . . Hey Yvette!! CHARLES BONAR "Charlie" Found with Bates, and Barnie . . . Little sister peeves him . . . Likes to race. WALTER BORNACK "Walt" Hangs out at Levine's with Beau and Mike . . . Likes Mechanical drawing and steak . . . Dislikes homework. M0010 Idol Avollcblo 'Q' in PHOTO NM dvllllbk IOAN BOSTON "Joan" Boys, pizza, and coke are her favorite . . . Dislikes homework, tests, and snobs. . . LORRAINE BRITT "Lorry" Can be seen with Susan, Kathy, or Jeanie . . . Likes spaghetti and meat- balls. DANIEL CAHILL "Dee I." Likes English but not Cit. Ed .... Noted for his famous laugh . . . Likes model airplanes. RUSSELL CALANDRIN "Russ" Likes chicken . . . but snobs don't rate . . . Found at Dino's with Mike, Torn, and Dana. LORRAINE BUEHLER "Lorraine" Enjoys music and sports . . . Likes a certain boy who lives in the vicinity. HELEN CALDWELL "He1en" Likes everything except homework, English, pesty sisters and Brussel Sprouts . . . Likes sewing and cooking. PAMELA CALVERT "Pam" A very nervous person who dislikes fourth period . . . Likes boys food and dancing. CHARLES CAMPBELL "Charlie" Could write a book entitled 57 WAYS TO WASTE TIME . . . Likes girls, pizza, sports and food! RICHARD CANADAY "Rich" Likes lobster, girls, and Cit. Ed. . . . Dislikes cold weather . . . Usually found with Pete or David. FRANCINE CARDMAN "Franki" Dislikes a few teachers whom she has . . . Enjoys playing in band and sports. JOHN CARLSON "Cutie" Noted for his bright red blush . . Dislikes his nickname and cold weather . . . Enjoys camping out. JEFFREY CASE "Jeff" ' Can be seen with Charlie and John or flirting with a pretty girl . . . Would be a terrific actor. ELIZABETH COCKS "Betty" Pastime is watching lifeguards . . Loves her Spanish class with Mt. Conroy. ROBERT COHEN "BOb" Can be found almost anywhere . . Dislikes Spanish and some teachers, but girls and wrestling are great! CATHERINE COLLINGS "Faith" Always smiling . . . Dislikes some teachers . . . Enjoys swimming. JOHN CONDIT "John" Likes sports, girls, and . Can be found with Jeff or Charlie. I UM more fi' Nu Awww. ANDREW CONMAN "Andy" Blintzes and sailing are tops, while Cit. Ed. and Spanish are down the drain . . . Dislikes getting up for school. CHRISTOPHER COOK "Cook" Likes sundaes, boats, and cars . . English is o. k. but Math - no sir! LINDA COOK "Cookie" Always busy doing something after school. . . Enjoys sports, boys, and having fun . . . An avid radio listener. ROBERT COOPE "Bob" Usually can be seen with Teddy . . . Oh, those funny faces during homeroom . . . Wishes he could chew bubble-gum as well as one of his teachers. JAMES COWLEY "Jimmy" Enjoys having a good time . . . a good student . . . Could anything exciting ever happen in homeroom? LINDA COX "Lin" Can be found in the companionship of Cindy . . . Good dresser . . . Likes boys and dancing . . . Dislikes Spanish immensely. MARGARET COX "Marg" Likes sports, reading and music . . . A bright student . . . Peeved by certain people who mention an- others name. MARY CRAMER "Mary" Nice things come in small pack- ages . . . Likes sports, Math, music, and boys . . . Always cheerful. FRED CROCE "Froggy-' Likes cars, boats, and working on his go-cart . . . Enjoys the company of Philly and Chris . . . Wishes he had a years supply of erasers. JANE CUMMINGS "Jane" Cheerful personality . . . Would like to be able to do all the dances a teenager should know . . . Oh, those letters! STEVE DADE "Steve" Usually found at Hood's house . . . Likes English . . . Always has a certain someone on his mind. FRANK D'AMBROSIO "Frank" Enjoys the atmosphere of Andy's bakery . . . Mechanical drawing and beef are O. K. , but school - no go. ANTHONY DA VINO "Tony" Likes cars and boats . . . Dislikes gym and everything that is strenuous. MARTIN DE GROOT "Marty" Enjoys himself when he is in gym . . . Can be found on the baseball diamond . . . Would like to act. BRUCE DE MILT "Bruce" Likes all types of food and Cit. Ed. . . . Peeved by teachers and pesty little brothers . . . Good friend of Jackie's. EDWARD DE REEDER "Teddy" Oh, those cold winter mornings . . . Burr . . . Likes Science, English and motors . . . Will be a famed trampoline expert someday. X m'avAvAW 1 - e - '-, !?"'3' xi as 1125 lag x J. ' .ri is I. PEGGY DESBOROUGH "Peg" Could afford to invest in some combs . . . If there's one thing that irks her more, it's first period gym . . . a happy smile. JOHN DOBSOVITS "Big John" Likes Anthony Davino . . . enjoys cross country very much. CAROLE DOMAGALA "Cat" Likes pizza and boys . . . dislikes gym . . . Diane is her best friend. CARLA DONOHUE "Carla" Hates boys who think they are God's greatest gift to womenkind. Likes most boys and vice versa. MARY JANE DOUGLAS "M. J." Likes algebra and boys . . . Hangs out at the youth center, hates gym. JULIE DRAPER "Julie" Enjoys being with Lois Hartnett D. C. and Kathy Koehler . . . "what a rook,' is her favorite saying. KATHLEEN DRISCOL "Kathy" Pet peeve is being confused, likes pizza, coke, hamburgers, and study hall. JUNE DUBESHTER "June" Can be found all over . . . Boys, Bowling, and ice skating rate high . . . Dislikes Algebra and gym. ANN DUDAR "Anna" Best friend is Danielle . . . Likes English, Math, and typing, hates too much homework. NORA DUNN "Nonie" Every class is a problem class. Likes boys and Bowling . . . Dislikes Con- ceited or shy people. DARCY EDDY "Darcy" Likes 2nd period study hall, pizza, and french fries . . . A certain Boy really rates, UDO EHLERS "Udo" Favorite subject is lunch . . . Likes pool, fast cars, and going out Friday nights . . . Problem class is Science. MARTIN EHRLICI-I "Marty" Dislikes Science, English, snobs, and teachers . . . Hangs around with Dave, Bob and A1 . . . Found at the Youth Center . . . Girls!! LARRY FEIGELMAN "Larry" Likes Lee Grayson, and Charlie Campbell . . . also bowling and girls . . . Sister and homework are his pet peeves. CHRISTIAN FERMAN "Chris" Hamburgers are his favorite food . . . English is his favorite class . . . Likes photography and collecting records. TIMOTHY FINNERAN "Timmy" Likes Barry Alexander, Gary Black- man, and working on cars . . . Mechanical Drawing also rates high. Ill' Q, '1's" .fl A- - A XS "" 'v . . its 73 "Q mdpdhfu fe Qnql lah Ia. f f.-5535. X I ' ,j F' 100 BUSY I Noi Shown NOV SHOWN 'Phase N65 available r qs ll! DANITA FLEISCI-IMAN "Danita" Dislikes school and snobs . . . Boys are nice! . . . Donna M. , Georgette B. , Patty O. , and Jane C. are best friends. LINDA FODERA "Lin" Pet peeves are snobs, homework gym and people who get 10070 on tests . . . Likes french fries, pizza, and coke. RICHIE FOOTE "Richie" Likes Italian food and working on cars . . . Dislikes school. KEITH FORREST "Keith" Likes spaghetti, sharp music, and "Gym with Mooooosel I l" Hates egg plant, lima beans, asparagus . . . CATHY FULLHARDT "Cathy" Can be found with Bobbi, Pam, and Carolyn . . . Likes Italian food and third period study hall . , , Hobby is "boys. " ROY FRANCIS "Fuzzy" Likes cars, pizza, and study hall . . . Hangs out at the Sombrero. HENRY FRICKE "Henry" Italian food, ping pong, soccer and football rate high . . . Dislikes "Ca1lson, Gause." RAYMOND GALLON "Halfpint" Light panel is his hang out . . . "What's that got to do with the price of Mercedes Benz in Tibet?" 55a r 1 . 748 cm 'f Nlgikbiz 1 H, Tiff. 2 Rakesh:-Ss I . Ahum whirl M .lm am ma. ,ar 4.5153 ,lm I BARBARA GARDA "Bobbie" Can be found near soda shops . . . Pat McGovern, Kathy Driscoll, and Lorraine Britt are best friends. GEORGE GAUSE "Geody" Likes pizza, Math and Cit. Ed. . . Problem class is German . . . Dislikes some homework. JOSEPH GENOVA "Joe" Pet peeve is his brother . . . Likes English, sleeping, soccer, baseball, and girls. SUSAN GEISMAR "Sue" Crazy about potato chips and cokes . . . Dislikes snobs, school, and little sister . . . Likes Math, Cit. Ed., and boys. SUSAN GLENN "Susi" English and pizza rate high . . . Hates homework and walking to school . . . Problem class is Latin . . . "Nay I jest not!" LEE GRAYSON "Chico" Hot dogs and study hall are favorites . . . Can be found at Larry's. LORRAINE GREENLEE "Lorraine" Youth Center is hangout . . . Likes English but has trouble with Algebra. BETTY GREGG "Turtle" "later for that . . . " hates snobs and Algebra . . . enjoys Scramblers Special and pizza. PAMELA GRESHAM "Pam" Likes her 8th period science class with Mr. Benjamin . . . Noted for say- ing "Does anyone have?" JOSEPH GUGA "Flash Guga" Likes art . . . Dislikes Latin, un- friendliness, and homework . . . En- joys stamp collecting . . . Pals with John and Tony. BRUCE HACKERT "Buddy" Likes Cit. Ed. , but no go on Span- ish . . . Found at school. . . Likes hamburgers . . . "So sharp." DAVID HALPERIN "David" Prefers steak to homework . . . Certain TV commercials annoy him . . . Likes riding, making models, and stamp collecting. MARC I-IAMENT "Marc" Could eat turkey four times a week . . . Could do without tests, home- work, algebra, and noisy people. JEFFREY RYAN "Jeff" Likes a certain seventh grader, swimming, and pizza. SUSAN STANCO "Sue" Likes a ninth grade boy, riding and chorus. Can be found with Alice, Lucie, and Patty. JOAN HAGAN "Ioanie" Dislikes German and homework . . Beautiful hair - BOYS! PROT 0 NDT AVAILAIU Ne Mah AYAIIAIU P. x -I 'T 5 53 " 1 PHOYO N01 AVAILAIII flu? 5 ., nk STEVEN HANSEL "Steve" I-Iang's out at Stein's in Greenvale for rare steaks and pizzas, doesn't go for snobs. ALBERT HANSEN "Al" Steak, roast beef, science and model airplanes are his favorites . . with Cit. Ed. being a problem. LOIS HARTNETT "Lois" Boys, boys and more boys . . . can be found with Kathy or Julie at the Luncheonette or Youth Center. DAVID HEATH "David" Dislikes school but goes for girls and sports. CATHY HAYES "Cath" Tests, dead weekends and snobs are on her black list . . . wishes she could master English . . . likes everyone. BRIAN HENNESSY "Brian" Loves fried octopus legs, sports and lunchtime but dislikes Monday morn- ings. BARBARA HEYLER "Barb" Enjoys football games and records . . known for her beautiful jewelry . . Oh! that eighth period French. VIRGINIA HICKS "Bonnie" Wishes something could be done about the halls during breaks . . . dis- likes snobs. PHYLLIS HOHENRATH "Phyll" Sweet and cute . . . wishes she could stop blushing . . . likes to dance and sing. PETE HOJNOWSKI "Pete" Likes pizza, coke, sports and girls but doesn't like typing . . . hangs out at the luncheonette. FRANK HOLLISTER "John" Loves hot dogs and Science but not Cit. Ed. JEFFREY HOLLMAN "I-1011" Found in the Gym . . . likes most subjects and chorus but dislikes tests . . . enjoys mechanics. EUGENE HOLM "Eug" Enjoys band, pizza, and making things . . . struggles with math and dislikes working. JEFFREY HOOD "Jeff" Peeved by " why do teachers keep you after school?" . . . dislikes Science. DONALD HOUGHTON "Don" Loves hamburgers, spaghetti, French, Cit. Ed. , fishing and boating but dis- likes tests. JOHN HUBBS "John" Enjoys spaghetti, rare steaks, Science, Photography, rifle shooting and music. 'K T00 BUSY fi 1. i 1 - - QU. NoOShown W A M44 'ii if un avzaflx 250W- KEVIN JONES " Beau" THOMAS HUFFER "Tom" Pizza hits the spot . . . Builds and customizes model cars . . . Likes wrestling, English, girls, science. THOMAS HUTCHEK "Hutch" Enjoys pizzas and skin diving . . Likes Spanish but math is a problem. MADELINE JEFFREYS "Madeline" Can usually be seen with Jean . . Dislikes her first period class. RAYNARD JENSEN "Ray" Doesn't dig math but enjoys shop . . . likes steak and carpentry. ERIC JOHANSON "Joey" Prefers veal cutlet, hamburgers, Spanish, and math to pizzas and Eng- lish . . . Is friendly. PETER JOHNSON "Pete" Likes hamburgers, Cokes, Mech. Drawing, and indolence . . . Found around The Gallows. "' Disgusted by school lunches . . . XL Likes filet mignon and science as op- X ' Y posed to homework . . . "Fallen Sie ,A A , Tot! " 33 IRENE JORDAN "Irene" Sixth period study hall rates, dis- likes a certain teacher and Cit. Ed. , favorite food is pizza. CHARLES KALAUSKAS "Charlie" Likes pizza, German, John and Jeff . . . dislikes English and Shake- speare . . . found at home. ALLAN KAY "Allan" Found with Jay T. , Bob F. , likes Spanish, not algebra . . . enjoys cars. MICHAEL KELLER "Shane" Dislikes beerless nights, likes cars, girls, loafing . . . found with Dino and the boys at Dino's. PAUL KELLEY "Kell" Found with G. M., G. L. , D. L. , I. K. . . dislikes English and a certain teacher. JAMES KELLNER "Jimmy" Peeved by Francine Cardman . . . found at the yacht club, enjoys gym and sailing. GERARD W. KENNY "Gerry" Troubled by Latin with Mr. O'Con- nor . . . peeved by Democrats . . . likes steak. IANICE KERN "Janice" Can be found at the Youth Center . . . dislikes homework and Monday mornings but talking on the telephone rates. vin . JOHN KETCHAM "Jack" Peeved by Hubbs . . . likes Bruce D. . . Likes cameras, girls, cake . . . troubled by English. PATRICIA KICINSKI "Patty" Avoids going home because she has a brother problem . . . likes math, also talking on the phone. GEOFFREY KIERNAN "Heffer" Likes hot tamales, peeved by D. Cahill . . . found with the Flash . . seen at the Shack. ALICE KING "Alice" Likes horses, music and boys . . can usually be seen with Patty. DOLORES KLEIN "Lorie" Mike's, Rose's parties and the Youth Center rate . . . loves to break up her French class. KATHY KOEBLER "Kathy" Loves Italian food . . . can usually be found at the Youth Center . . . science is a problem! LINDA KONAZEWSKI "Ski" A faithful member of the Youth Center . . . likes Spanish, but English is a different story. THEODORE KOPCZYNSKI "Ted" Likes parties, pizza, coke, camp- ing . . . collects cigarette wrappers . . . dislikes younger brother. MICHAEL KOSINSKI "Mike" Dislikes calisthenics . . . found with G. P., K. T., C. R. . . likes Mech. Dr. . . troubled by eighth pe- riod. IEFFERY KUESEL "Jeff" Peeved by I. Carlson . . . likes Cit. Ed. , turkey . . . found at IIT . . . collects foreign stamps. ALEXANDER KWARTIROFF "AleX" Likes his dog and 8 mm. films . dislikes class discussions, enjoys math. PARRIS LANDRY "Frenchie" Hates stuck-up and cheap kids loves dill pickles . . . peeved by school and early mornings. DONALD LEWIS LANGE "DOD" Found in the gym . . . likes Wally, Stan, Paul, science . . . eats turkey 'll' 1 . A' wi ing y fs HELEN LASZEWICKI "Laz" Likes English, but Algebra ugh! . . . can be found at Mike's with Mary Jane . . . dislikes homework. ANDREW LATSKO "Andrew" Dislikes filling out profile sheets. JEANETTE LAW "Jeanette" Lives for 2:55, five days a week y MOTO . . . can usually be found with Marie N M"-'H . . loves pizza. P 36 DTD NOT -ff' if we M4070 NOV AVAULICI MARCIA LAWERENCE "Marcia" Peeved by non-dancers at dances . . . enjoys sports, especially bowling, boys, turkey and pizza. LINDA LEHMAN "Linda" Likes anyone with a car . . . hangs out at school and hates snobs and Alge- bra. GREGORY LEOPOLD "Greg" Likes vacation and sleeping . . . A dislikes McGill and school . . . best friends are,Bulwink1e and Batinoff. V JOHN LESCAK "F1easak" Likes steak, English and astronomy while dislikes math and some teachers. EILEEN LE TELLIER "Dolly" Doesn't like school . . . can be found at the Youth Center . . . enjoys hot dogs and boys. JOAN LEVINE "Ioan" Likes a boy with real red hair who's a freshman . . . can be found anywhere . . . Youth Center rates. ARTHUR LIPPKE "Big Al" Hangs out at Mike's with Dubby, Dave and Marty . . . likes girls, gum, girls and hot "48" chevrolets. ANGUS LUMSDEN "Smittie" Peeved by fourth period teacher . . . doesn't like Mondays but likes sailing, roast beef and Latin. MARY LYONS "Maureen" Likes boys, green bugs and the Youth Center . . . peeved by home- work and Latin. KAREN MACK "Karen" Found at the Youth Center with Linda . . . likes dancing, parties and riding in cars. ARTIE MCMILLAN "Artie" Problem class is Cit. Ed. , likes everybody, especially girls . . . can be seen at the delicatessen. IARED MARCH "Jerry" Can be found at home with his friends . . . likes golf, bowling, Eng- lish and relaxing. THERSA MARRAZO "Tres" Hates conceited people and being kidded about liking boys . . . likes boys and hamburgers. KATHY MARSDEN "Kathy" Noted for always joking about some- thing . . . likes boys, parties and danc ing. DANIEL MARTIN "Dan" Best friends are Walter and Wesley . . . likes study hall best but dislikes school. ANTHONY MARTINO "Tony" Problem class is Cit. Ed. . . is found at Stein's . . . likes everybody and hot rod models. 3 DONA MASCITELLI "Dona" Can usually be seen with Pam, Irene or Denise . . . likes boys and parties. GILBERT MCGILL "Gil" Pet peeve is tying shoes, likes tur- key . . . dislikes Leopold. PATRICIA MCGOVERN "Pat" Loves pizza and can be found at the Luncheonette . . . hates snobby boys, math and goes for records. MICHAEL MCKEAN "Mike" Pizza and Science rate . . . friends are Walter B. and Philip B. . . pet peeves are his brothers. VALERIE MCLAUGHLIN "Val" Cute and nice! . . . favorite pas- time is having fun and parties. ELIZABETH MCMANUS "Betsy" Has many brothers and sisters and all cute like her, likes spaghetti, meat balls and algebra. HELEN MCQUADE "Helen" Can be found with Peggy, Charlotte, Ellen and Theresa . . . loves to eat spaghetti. ELLEN ANN MEIER "L Kc M" Likes wearing her brother's sweaters, can be found anywhere, enjoys ice skating, swimming, horses and good friends . . . dislikes unfair treatment. CHRIS MERKLE "Chris" Likes study hall, football, school work and food . . . seen at the Youth Center . . . best friends are Don S. and Bill M. DANA MILLER "Dana" The big four . . . Tommy, Mike and Russ . . . tall and cute, Problem - he dislikes crabby teachers. JAMES MILLER "Mil1" Belongs to the "Chuboas, " likes English, building model cars and chick en . . . problem class is science. JEAN MOEHRING "Jeanie" Hamburgers, home and Latin rate . . . pet peeves are tests and science . . . friends are Mary, Margaret and Val . . . belongs to Williams' F. B. I. DONNA MORISON "Donna" Noted for her southern accent . . . likes boys, parties, dancing and boys . . . hangs around with Elaine. ANTHONY MORELLO "Stomper" Found at Leonard's, likes pizza, lunch and everybody . . . dislikes teachers. homework and school in gen- eral. WILLIAM MOZER "Bill" Can be found deep in the heart of a Science book . . . noted for his sense of humor. CHARLES MUELLER "Charlie" Noted for red hair . . . enjoys MATH and school . . . can be seen with Peter. WILLIAM MURPHY "Bill" Found at the Y. C. . . Some teach- ers don't rate too high . . . likes steak and making model cars. WALTER MUSENSKI "Wally" Math rates high, but French doesn't . . . stamps, coins and girls are among his interests. MARIE NICOLAOU "Marie" Mmm - white sportscars. "Key West here I come. " - that certain someone down there! ! I Writes "beat lingo. " MADELINE NUZZO "Mouse" Enjoys boys, swimming, boys, piz- za, and the Pavillion. . . Doesn't like to do homework. CHARLOTTE O'DONNELL "Charlotte" Artie rates . . . found with Peggy . . . likes Spanish, but not Algebra . . . Italian food!! . . . found at the Youth Center. PAMELA OETTINGER "Pam" Always with Bobbi. . . boys, study hall, pizza and the Y.C. . . Wishes that Mrs. O. wouldn't embarrass her in class. PATRICIA O'MlTTY "Patty" Cute, and has cute clothes . . . Found with Jane, Donna, Georgette, and Danita . . . loves the Williams approach to algebra. SUSAN O'NEAL "Suzy" Mr. Williams!! . . . wants to own a red jaguar or MG . . . "Surely you jest?" . . . Spanish, and a certain boy! rx RUTH LILLIAN OSMER "Ruthie" Capable Sec. of Student Council . . . enjoys boys, especially Jay . . . Found at Y. C. and Pavillion. MICHAEL O'TOOLE "Mike" Likes a certain R. R. . . Enjoys Ir. Thespians, girls, and bike riding. PAUL OTTO "Paul" Dislikes fourth period class . . . likes girls and hunting . . . always with Louie. BRIAN PATTERSON "Brian" Enjoys Jr. Thespians, light crew, and a certain girl . . . seen with Mike. MICHAEL PEARSON "Mickey" Adores girls . . . dislikes German, tall girls, and going to Student Council meetings. THOMAS PELLICCIO "PO0Chie" Pizza, girls, and football rate . . dislikes school. BARBARA PODSTUPKA "Barb" Likes to draw . . . can be found around Manhasset . . . hates being tall. NINA POPOF "Nina" Oh, those Junior boys!! . . . A certain soccer and basketball player . . . fifth period lunch, coke, and hamburgers. FRED PORTER "Fred" Seen at the Luncheonette . . . Bob Caggiano . . . likes English but science doesn't rate. PENELOPE POST "Penny" Can be seen with Nancy and Bonnie . . . dislikes wearing glasses . . . sew- ing and cooking rate. LINDA PROKOP "Lin" Bobby, Bobby - he's her man . . . Found at Youth Center and Pavillion. RONALD PTARCINSKI "Ron" Can be seen with Tom at the Som- brero . . . likes Cit. Ed. and collect- ing stamps. GERALD PUMPHREY "Gerry" Is usually seen with Mike and Ger- ald . . . enjoys basketball and English. JANET REID "Ian" Seen with Bonnie, Nancy, and Pen- ny . . . likes turkey and Cit. Ed. while she dislikes English. ROXANE REID "Roxy" Enjoys Student Council, boys, par- ties, pizza, and Yearbook. . . cute and smart. MARIA RICHARDS "Maria" Likes boys and Junior Thespians . . can usually be seen with Ruth and George. 4' Q5 JENNIFER RICHTER "Jenny" Enjoys cars and mechanical drawing . . . favorite hobby is talking . . . likes boysl ! LUCINDA ROCKWELL "Cindy" Dislikes snobs and Cit. Ed. . . en- joys pizza, Eric, and parties. STEVEN ROGERS "Steve" Certain teachers don't rate . . . found with Dick and Jeff at the Y. C. . lunch, swimming and sailing rare. RANDOLPH ROMM "Randy" Always has something to say - about someone else!! . . . likes girls, par- ties, girls and chorus. ELAINE RUBY "Lainey" Likes everyone - especially boys . . . dislikes snobby people and adores Mr. Williams. . . telephone and Rocky! ! ! KATHY RUSSELL "Kathy" Found with Eileen and Pam . . . pet peeve is a locker that won't open, likes skating and swimming. STEVE RYAN "Steve" Enjoys Cit. Ed. , sports, and working on his hobbies . . . found with R. R. ROGER RYDER "Roger" Likes music and chorus . . . can be found with Keith . . . Plays a wicked piano. CAROL SANDERSON "Carol" Likes sports and the telephone . . . hangout - N.S.H.S. . . "apple polisher club. " CATHLEEN SARANDINAKI "Kathy" Interested in music, sports, and horseback riding . . . also likes French and Cit. Ed. MARY SASSA "Mary" Dislikes noisy classes, but enjoys algebra . . . also music and reading. BARBARA SCHAFFER "Barbara" Likes math, swimming, and dancing . . . seen with Kathy, Linda F. and Linda S. MARY SCHATTINGER "Mar" Dislikes a certain teacher . . found in the library. MARTA Sl-IANSER "Marta" Likes parties, sweaters, and math, but not homework, gym, hot dogs, and Cit. Ed. . . seen with Patty, Donna, Linda, Danita, and Georgette. GEORGE SCHENCK "George" Enjoys sports and food . . . can usually be seen with John or Dave. GLENN SCHENENGA "Glenn" Sports, photography, and hamburgers rate . . . dislikes big wheels, 3rd pe- riod, and some teachers. JOHN SCHIESSINGER "John" Usually found at the Youth Center . . . likes football, basketball, and hamburgers, but dislikes pizza. JOANNE SCHMIDT "Joanne" Hangouts are - Youth Center and Bobbi's . . . dislikes snobs and Cit. Ed. , but goes in for boys! ! JANE SCHNEIDER "Janie" Likes boys, cheerleading, Student Council, and pizza . . . found at the Y.C. . . dislikes snobs!! DAVID SCHWART Z "Dave" Getting up in the morning, and school lunches don't rate . . . will accept any rare coins, stamps, or auto- graphs. JOHN SCOTIDAS "Sc0ty" Pizza and model cars are tops . . one of Mr. Williams' many fans . . homework, ugg!! RICHARD SEDGWICK "Dickie" Usually found with Bruce and Jackie . . . likes art and science. ZORAIDA SERROW "Zory" Likes sports, reading, T. V. and the movies . . . homemaking doesn't rate lst with this girl. - BRYAN SHIRLEY "Barney" Enjoys roast beef with mashed pota- toes and gravy, while algebra and a certain Mr. T. don't go. BARBARA SIMPSON "Bobbi" Likes art, pizza and coke, but not homework . . . a future fashion de- signer . . . seen at Y.C. DEAN SEIRING "Dean" Can usually be seen with Peter and Dick . . . dislikes 1st period . . . can be found flirting with a girl. BRYAN SMALL "Bryan" Likes sports and lunch . . . found with Jackie or Bruce. TOMMY SMALL "Tommy" Steaks and baseball are tops . . . nothing annoys him - or so he says . . doesn't like Spanish. RICHARD SMITH "Dickie" Likes football, sailing, and hot dogs, but not science . . . seen at Youth Center. EILEEN SOMELOFSKI "Eileen" Likes study hall and English . . found with Pam and Kathy. BARBARA SPERBER "Bobbi" Hangout is at the Y. C. and Lunch- eonette . . . Steve! I . . . likes study hall, pizza, and coke, but not snobs, or getting up in the morning. NANCY STACK "Nan" Likes swimming and skating . . . dislikes homework . . . would like to be a secretary. CATHERINE STILES "Cathy" Dislikes school. . . Joyce, Susan, and "certain freshmen are her best friends" . . . Favorite subject - 2:55. LUCIE STODDARD "Lucie" Ice cream, weekends, Cit. Ed. , and Art are favorites . . . but another freshman really rates. FREDRICKA STRANDFELDT "Ricky" Dislikes the saying "Para Manana" also dislikes snobs . . . her hobby is sailing . . . JAMES SULLIVAN "Ii1'I1" Hal, and George are his best pals . . Jr. High's noted soccer player . DIANE SURVIALLA "Diane" Dislikes school, but likes dancing, boys and parties . . . can usually be seen with Carol. VLADIMIR SVETLOVOSKY "Val" Enjoys his hobbies - chorus, Jr. Thespians, and lunch . . . Claims to be a "scientific bug" . . THADDEUS C. SWEET III "Dubby" Waits for the day he'l1 understand Joan L. . . Now departed for greener pastures . . . LINDA SZYMANSKI "Linda" Ricky, Leslie, and Linda QFD 85 QLJ are her best friends . . . Dislikes school, homework, spinach, and snob bish boys. .ri qnurvnavl ' :Munro 61,5 0 v sl' mmf -elu- may LESLIE TEICH "Leslie" Hobbies are records and the radio . . . Pizza is her favorite, also Cit. Ed. and slumber parties. CAROLYN TERWILLEGER "Twig" Enjoys Math . . . Best subject is boys . . . Usually found with Pam. CLAIRE THOMPSON "Hazel" Luncheonette . . . May be found with Leslie, Linda, or Brenda . . . Qislikes French and homework. ANN TOWNSEND "Lorraine" Her hobbies are BOYS, music, BOYS, and Jr. Thespians . . . Likes Sophomore boys. MATTHEW TOZER "Matt" Likes sports of all kinds . . . His favorite subject is Cit. Ed. . but - Oh, Mr. Williams! PETER TOZER "Pete" Mechanical Drawing and sports are tops . . . Has no special dislikes . . . May be found with Mike and Jim. BARBARA VICIUS "Barbara" Reading, Writing, and playing the piano are her hobbies . . . Dislikes snakes, bugs, or anything that crawls. ELLEN VIKEN "Ellen" Can be found anywhere with Sal or a certain Sophomore boy . . . Enjoys listening to the radio. ROBERT VREELAND "Bob" Is annoyed by the crowds around the lockers . . . Likes hamburgers, Science, and girls. PETER WALCZAK "Pete" Enjoys shop, basketball, fishing, and water sports . . . Hangs out at home or at school. TODD WATROUS "Todd" Can usually be found near a set of drurns . . . l-Ie's got a persuasive per- sonality. A LLOYD WELKEN "Lloyd" Is peeved by homework . . . Has a problem with 1st period, but gets a real kick out of 4th. GEORGE WILDT "Georgie" Likes trains, and chicken . . . Can usually be found with Angus. LINDA WINDELS "Linda" Can be found at the Youth Center with almost anyone . . . Where's Cath? . . . Oh, Charlie! . . . Peeved by a certain Sophomore boy. LINDA WISCHHUSEN "Lir1da" Usually found with Betty . . . Dis- likes know-it-alls . . . Likes dancing, boys and pizza. ROGER WOOD "Woody" Likes shop, mechanical drawing, cars, and go-carts. . . Dislikes school and some teachers? . . . Ugh! little brothers! . x Ar- .rv J 'lx . A - A-ss 5 1 .1 . , px, g Q ,s .fi ' , to X be 0 A .., ,lc-1. .1 'T , ' Alun! H4010 N01 AVIIIIIII No',r3L?A.u PHOTO Nu Avullohls 6, df' SUSAN WOOD "Sue" Hates to get up in the morning for school. . . Dislikes bugs . . . Enjoys playing the viola. SALLY YARBOROUGI-I "Sa1ly" Likes the radio, T. V. , steaks, and certain boys . . . Hangs out every- where with Ellen, Carol, and Franki. GERALD YOUNGLING "Gerry" Peeved by a freshman girl . . . Dislikes school, but likes lunch. JAMES YOUNGLING "Jimmy" Peeved by the same girl . . . Dis- likes homeroom . . . Algebra's never a bore - Mrs. Pegrum, you're nuts! ANGELA ZISK "Angie" Oh! That long blonde hair . . . Likes boys fwhat girl doesn'tJ . . . 2nd period rates. PETER STAM "Pete" Likes Spanish and sports . . . hangs around school with Dickie. GREG STERLING "Greg" Enjoys all kinds of sports and music . . . just loves Latin class. JEAN RUTHKOWSKI "Ruth" Can usually be seen with Jeanette . . likes her first period class. 'V X I If Views Through MOST VERSATILE Jane Cummings and Jeff Hollman TEACHERS' TRIALS Ioan Levine and Jimmy Kellner 54 CI Porthole BEST DRESSED Patty O'Mitty and Richard Canaday BIGGEST FLIRTS Cathy Hayes and David Heath Views Through or Porthole MOST INTELLECTUAL WITTIEST Jay Bernstein and Francine Cardman Kathy Marsden and John Best MOST ATHLETIC MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Linda Cook and Greg Sterling Roxana Reid and Peter Birer 55 Views Through cr Porthole BEST LOOKING MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Elaine Ruby and Dana Miller Sandi Barton and Gerard Kenny BEST DANCERS BIGGEST HAMS Linda Prokop and Allen Lippke Linda Windels and Dave Halperin 56 8th GRADE OFFICERS - L. to R.: Donna Hohen- rath, Virginia Travis, Anne Reilly, Joe Klein. - :l 'X an WlD3HIffQgQ5 ff' ADLER, CAROL ADDAZIO, CHARLES BARLOW, BARTON BLACK, MARGARET BLACKBURN, TED BROD, DELLA CAMPAGNA, CHRIS CHASE, JEFFREY COOK, DONALD KROBATH, HANS MATHEISON, BARBARA MORRISSEY, JAMES MOSCHETTA, PATRICIA MULLEN, FRANK NAPLES, CATHERINE NAUMAN, IUDY NICHOLS, JOHN RANDOLPH, IOAN RUDIN, MARIA SPIES, BRUCE WEISS, LENORE WEPPLER, THOMAS WILLIAMS, LYNN YOUNG, SARAH YOUNGS, IOHANA Carol" Charlie" Bart" Shortie" Ted" DeeDee" Chris Jeff" Cookie" Hans" Barbara" Jimmy" Pat" Bro" Cathy" Judy" Nick" Joan" Maria" Bruce" Lee" Tom" Lynn" Sarah" Yogi" Likes twirling. Never enough change for newspaper orders. Dislikes school. Dislikes homework on weekends. Likes steak and roast beef a lot. , Can find him anywhere. Likes pizza and coke. Likes collecting butterflies and boys. Likes science and lunch. Really goes for pizza and coke. Can always be found at home. Likes hamburgers and turkey. Dislikes a certain science class. Likes his bed and hamburgers. Dislikes snobs and know-it-alls. Will find him a B. T. P. 's house. Pizza and coke really rate. Dislikes snobs, slobs and crabs. Really likes to get Steward. Likes pizza and drawing. Dislikes homework and his sister. Likes shooting, fishing and bowling. A big problem in Mr. Benjamin's class. Will find him at the bowling alley, with Glenn B. Likes dancing and shopping. Dislikes her little brother and home- work. Has problems in English, Cit. Ed. , Science, Math and French. STANDING: Miss Ostrou, G. Levy, P. Black, J. Horner, J. Youngs, B. Barlow, L. Weiss, J. Chase, S Young, M. Kerns. SECOND ROW: D. Brod, T. Blackburn, P. Moschetta, F. Mullen, J. Randolph, J. Nichols, L. Williams, M. Rudin, T. Weppler, Miss Stephan. SITTING: C. Campagna, H. Krobath, C. Adler, J. Naumann, B. Spies, B. Mathieson, C. Naples. BACHER, CHARLES BAILEY, DON BARBOUR, JOHN R. BARCLAY, GLEN BAXTER, SANDRA BOERTZEL, IOAN CARLSON, RONALD W. CLERICA, LORRAINE DADSON, JANICE DISTEFANO. PATRICIA DOHERTY, MADALYN GALLAHER, BEATRICE L. " GRAVES, LINDA HAUGLAND, ROBERT HERZOG, ROBERT HESSEN, CAROL HOKANSON, JEAN IAGER, FRANK IANGAARD, KEVIN KOLOSKI, IOE MARIAN, JEANNE MIRABITO, MARY PAWELKA, SUSAN SHERWOOD, ROBT. H. SMITH, MEREDITH SOMMER, KEITH A. SWAN, DONALD WARING, CRAIG Buckwheat" Meatball" Robby" Bark" Sandy" Ioan" Ronnie" "Lorrie" n J-annien Patti" Madu Lynne" Lin" Bob" Rickey" Chuck-chi" Tina" Frank" Kevin" Pole" Pochohontas" Mary" Susy" Bob" Mead" Keith" Don" Craig" 60 Hangs out at Roslyn Park with Phil. Finds Math a problem. Pet peeve is Miss Hook. Hobby is scuba diving. Pizza and Math are favorites. ls a frequent visitor to the pencil sharpener. Hobby - girls. Dislikes 8:05 and snobby people, Desires to get a certain freshman. Likes Parties, pizza, boys. Will eat any type of food. Life begins at 2555. Enjoys eating hamburgers. ls known for her laugh. Can be found with Kathy Chase. Likes all sports and pizza. Can be found at home or with Tina H. Hobbies are cooking and sewing. Enjoys fried shrimp and pizza. Likes steak but dislikes school. Favorite food is sausage. Likes to ride horses and play tennis. Best friend is Lynne Gallaher. Likes English and sports. Hobbies are building and designing. Problem class is Latin. Likes pizza and pork chops. Can be found at the luncheonette with S. P. or R. H. Dislikes getting up Monday mornings but digs boys. Hangs out at luncheonette. Finds the phone and boys the most. Favorite food is a roast beef sandwich Hobby is drawing and model cars. Favorite eats are dill pickles and strawberry shortcake. Hobbies - cheerleading, sailing. Frogs' legs and photography rate but girls are out. Steak is his favorite food. Dislikes school. Favorite subject is lunch. Z1 C" ' -A , , x'N...!f BACK ROW: R. Haugland, I. Dadson, L. Graves, S. Baxter, C. Hessen, R. Barbour, J. Koloski, D. Swan, D. Bailey, C. Waring, K. Iangaard, K. Sommer. SECOND ROW: Miss Hook, M. Doherty, S. Pawelka, A. D'Ambrosio, P. DeStefano, C. Tompson, R. Carlson, R. Sherwood, M. Smith, I. Boert zel. SITTING: R. Herzog, T. Hokanson, B. Gallaher, G. Barclay, I. Marian, M. Maribito, F. Jager. KNEELING: G. Davie, C. Bacher. AMRHEIN, BARBARA BEHRMANN, DOUGLAS CANDELORA, JUDY CHASE, KATHLEEN DE JONG, ROBERT DIGIOVANNI, JOSEPH FELLOWS, GLENN GRAHAM, HEIDI HALLORAN, ELIZABETH KAUFMANN, KRISTINE KLEE, JOHN KOCH, JUDY LISBERG, FRANK MAYER, FRED MILLER, SHARON NOERAGER, BARBARA REINKE, HAROLD RENNIE. WILLIAM ROTH, BARBARA SHORTELL, IRENE SIMPSON, ELLEN TORTE, SUSAN VARIN, PARKER WALTERS, DELIA "Dutsche Barb" Moe" uludyll Kathy" Joe.. Glenn" H1-' Beth" "Kris" Big John" Iudyu Lis" Fred" Sharon" Barb" Rank" Bill" Bobby" Lala" Ellen" Sue" Butch" "Dee" 62 n Dislikes her little sisters. Likes Cit. Ed. and math. Homework is no go. Hates to get hit with airplanes and spit balls. Dislikes Math. Likes to build models. Likes his bed, any kind of food is O.K. with him. Hates bossy people and show-offs. Hates one cat named Pussy. Dislikes her older sister. Dislikes poison ivy. Likes to ice skate and water ski. Dislikes three days of the week. Will eat anything. Thinks math is a problem. Likes twirling and pizza. Dislikes brains and people who are brainy. Dislikes snobby girls and really goes for roast beef. Likes Cit. Ed. and girls. Always at Glenwood School. Finds Latin hard, "darn it. " Likes the piano, roast beef and ham- burgers are real good. Can be found all over town. Really likes to dance. Likes camping, hunting and fishing. Can be found with Sandy B. BACK ROW, STANDING: Kris Kaufmann, John Kle, Gerald Roman, Parker Varin, Micheal Mack, Frank Lisberg, Mr. Williams, James McNight, Harold Reinke, William Rennie. SECOND ROW, STAND ING: Barbara Roth, Glenn Fellows, Joseph Digiovanni, Douglas Behrmann, Fred Meyer, Judy Candelora Susan Torti, Barbara Amrhein, Deila Walters, Maria Baresich. SEATED: Barbara Noerager, Sharon Miller, Heidi Graham, Judy Koch, Elizabeth I-Ialloran, Ellen Simpson, Irene Shortell, Kathy Chase. KNEELING: Frank Teiderman, Peter Schwind, Richard Smith. ANDERSON, JACK BELLANCA, RAYMOND BULLOCK, BEVERLY CANNON, LYNN CARROLL, LINDA DUNCAN, CHARLES FOCHTMAN, KATHY FUCITO, DAVID GALANTE, GLENN HERMANOWSKI, HARITA HOINOWSKI, ELIZABETH ANN HOWELL, ROBIN HOUSTON, HEATHER LEGGETT, STEVE LOPEZ, DANIEL MCLAUGHLIN, EVELYN MARONI, CAROL MALLOY, MARGARET NEWBOLD, CORNELIA POINT, ROBERT RICHARDSON, LYNN RONALD, GUY SERRANT, EDWARD SLATER, DAVID STEDMAN, STEPHAN TERRY, VIRGINIA WEIL, MILTON Andre" Lark" Bev" Lyn" Lyn" Chuck" Kathy" Dave" Glenny" Iv ll Betty Ann" Robin" Haywire" Steve" Danny" Lee" Carol" Peg" Goya" Bob" Lynn" Guy" Eddie" Dave" Steverino" Ginny" Wheel" 64 Fishing and cars rate! Likes girls, pizza and more girls. Collects cats. Enjoys reading and dancing. Sailing rates, but school is out. Very versatile. Like everyone else - boys! Good dresser. Jolly' personality. Enjoys sports, sailing and school. Collects animals. Hamburgers are tops. Has problems with all of his classes. Boys, boys, and more boys! Has fun. Parties, records and boys. Likes sailing and pizza. Has pretty red hair. Boys, cokes, and more boys are tops. Fishing and swimming are great! Likes horseback riding and chicken. Collects stamps and china dogs. Boys and records are the greatest! Can be found at the luncheonette. Dislikes talkative people. Likes to sleep and watch television. Dislikes homework . . . Boys! Mechanics and his dog are great! Enjoys science and gym. Likes Model airplanes and sports. A coin collector at heart. Collects stamps. Spaghetti rates high Can be found watching T. V. or sleep- ing. BACK ROW: B. Bullock, L. Cannon, C. Newbold, C. Maroni, L. McLaughlin, L. Richardson, Mr. Pappas, I. Anderson, B. Roth, R. Weiss, C. Duncan. FRONT ROW: V. Terry, E. Hojnowski, R. I-Iermanovski, H. Huston, M. Malloy, K. Foctman, L. Carroll, D. Lopez, S. Leggett, S. Stedman, E Serrano, D. Slater, D. Fucito. KNEELING: G. Galante, M. Weil, R. Belanca, R. Pointe, M. Yee. ADOLFSEN, LINDA ALFRED, ROBERT BELL, MARSHA BLACKMORE, DEIRDRE BRENNER, MERYL BURR, SALLY CARDMAN, MICHELE CHAMBERS, CHRISTINE COLEMAN, JUDIE CUTLER, SHARON DSPERSIA, GARY DIGGORY, DAVID DREW, HELEN FENSTERER, CAROL BEA GREGG, JOHN HILLS, VIRGINIA HOTINE, SUSAN KLEIN, JOSEPH LAURENCE, JOHN LOCKWOOD, CHRIS MCLEOD, WESLEY MOFFETT, LINDA PASTER, STEPHANIE PEARSALL, RALPH ROBINS, TERRY SALERNO, MARIE SCHWARTZ, JEFFREY MR. MCMULLEN Bonds" Bob" Mish" "Deedee Meri" Sally" Shelly" Chris" III-udevl Sharon" Gary" snDigu Lala" Carol" Jay" Ginny" Sue" Joe y" Larg" Chris" Wes" Muff" Stephie" Raoul" Terry" Marie" Jeff" Collects records and pictures of U. S. Bonds. Likes astronomy and coin collecting. An accordian player, likes Eng. Likes sailing, music and sports. Likes to knit and read. Frequent visitor to the Yacht Club. Newspaper? Enjoys painting and working with clay Steak! Dislikes calories but likes banana splits, cokes and pizza. Likes 2:55 and dodging homework. Likes to eat and collect stuffed ani- mals. Likes fishing and eating chicken. Guns and Art are his hobbies. Pizza and horseback riding hit the spot. Little sisters and Math are life's greatest trials. Can be found at the Glen Hills Bowl- ing Alley. Horseback riding and hamburgers are tops. Loves Avocados. Collects "things. " Ham radios and sports are just terrific. Enjoys fishing and ice skating. Can usually be found at Stein's. Hamburgers and Math are best. Likes hot dogs and luncheonettes. Spending money and eating are fun. Enjoys cryptography and all sports. Her favorite pastime is playing the piano. Dislikes gym suits and show -offs. Can be found anyplace where there's food. BACK ROW: D. Levine, T. Robbins, R. Aldridge, S. Burr, W. McCloud, R. Pearsall, V. Hills, I. Gregg. SECOND ROW: M. Cardmann, C. Chambers, I. Coleman, I. Lawrence, M. Bell, M. Salerno C. Lockwood, I. Klein. SITTING: H. Drew, M. Brenner, S. Hotine, C. Fensterer, D. Blackmore, L. Adolfsen, O. Molin, D. Diggery, G. DePersia, J. Schwartz, R. Levy, A. Capuco. ANDRIOLA, ANTHONY BALDWIN, DONALD CHRYSTAL, CHARLES CUTLER. LINDA EPPERHART, WILLIAM IR. FRENCH, CHRISTOPHER FURST, BARBARA GRISSING, EDWARD IR. HANSEN, MARTIN HOHENRATH, DONNA HOUSTON, CAROL KAY, DIANE KELLEY, LYNN KOHN, EDWARD KRON, SUSAN MALLY, PATRICIA NYHLEN, BETTE OHST, BRIAN O'NEIL, MARY PELTZ, CYNTHIA PUTNAM, CONRAD REILLY, ANNE RICHTER, CARL ROBERTS, EDWARD IR. ROESCH, CANDY SCHWARTZ., MARC STRANDFELDT, KAROLYN TEN HAAGEN, PETER TRAVIS, VIRGINIA VINCENT, JUDY WHEELER, MARCIA WILK, NANCY Tony" skip" Chaz" Lindi" Bill" Chris" Barb" Edu Marty" v-Donn Texas" Di" Lynn" Edu Susie" Pat" Bette" Brian" Cathy" Sandy" Cap" Ann" Carl" Alec" Candy" Marc" Kar" Pedro" Ginny" Judi" March" Nannette" A weekly visitor to the youth center. Likes to munch on cheeseburgers. Dislikes school. Pizza rates, but school is on his black list. Enjoys swimming and steakl A horn blower. Science rates. Has an interest in Science but dislikes teachers. Enjoys all sports. Enjoys playing the violin. Sports and girls rate. Can be found at the Glen Head Stables Reading is tops! Lifeguards rate! Swimming and skat- ing, too. Horseback riding and Cit. Ed. are great. Can often be found at his desk. Likes to swim. Thick, juicy, medium rare hambur- gers are great! Can be found at Caro1's house. Pizza rates. Likes to draw. A coin collector. Dislikes s-c-h-o-o-ll Hobbies are sports and music. Dislikes girls and spinach. Horses and boys rate! Sports rate, but snobby girls sure don't. Pizza, girls, lunch and girls. Dislikes conceited people. Hambur- gers rate. Disapproves of daily notices. Would like to have her own locker. Can be found at the Yacht Club. Girls and girls! Favorite hobbies are sewing, skating and reading. Dislikes parties that break up early. Bowling and boys rate! Potato chips are tops. Cit. Ed. rates. Likes dancing and cheerleading. Dislikes conceited boys! L5 z l-4 5 I-Ll z ac 'E V1 on o D5 L5 .-Y .. 'V-I cu ? O 2 I-1: o F4 M ui 5 1-I l11 as o. O J r: su O r: 'Pi 5 :J- xl' on vii 'l-5 :s U .-i .ai ... 'l'f 3 Z Mally, P. .TOEY BERGMA NN EDWARD BOSY BILLY FOSTER DONALD FRIES RICHARD HOLM MICHEAL KELLY TOM MCMA!-ION joey" Eddie" Booey" Fries" Chard Mike" .. Tom.. Dislikes school and teachers. Hobbies are sailing, diving and driving go- karts. Can be found at the Sombrero, eating pizza with Tommy. Hangs out at detention. Pet peeves are pigeons and science. Favorite food is ice cream. Favorite subject is science. Likes collecting cans and eating la- sagna. Best friends are Chard and ??? Likes making models. Favorite subject is English and his favorite food is pizza. BACK ROW: A. Dranbuno, F. Herbert, W. Thorman, R. Holmes, Mr. Hooban, D. Freez, W. Stein FRONT ROW: M. Kelly, T. McMann, R. Milecky, J. Bergmann. ALEXANDER, DAVID CAMPBELL, WILLIAM DowD, STEPHEN ESPOSITO, ANNE FARRAI, AGATHA GROVER, BRENDA HARVEY, PETER HENDRIKS, KRISTINA KNAPP, KATHRYN KOENIG, ALFONS LABOY, MARIA MELILLO, ROSE ANN NERNOFF, NATALIE NEUBURGER, JAMES O'BRIEN, JOHN PERRO, ROSEANN SADOWSKI, BARBARA SCHMITZ, FRANK STALAROW, JOAN TOWNSEND, ROBERT MR. EDISON "Big David" llBi11n "Steve" "Ann" "Aggie" " Bre" "Pete" "Tina" "Kath" .. Al.. "Marie" HRC.. "Chet" num.. "Big Bad John" URON 1lBobbyll " Schmitzee" "Ioan 1vBOblv 72 Pizza and noodles rate. Likes to swim and play pool. Trains and any kind of meat are great. Likes to sleep and watch T. V. Enjoys skiing. Pizza and coke are great. Enjoys Drag Racing. Likes Art and singing. Hates to get up early. Collects stamps. Enjoys Pizza. Dislikes work. Pizza is great. Can be found with Brenda. Dislikes snobby girls. Likes horses and a certain Mike W Likes to tease dogs and cats. Girls, movies and more girls. Likes Ice Cream, and more ice cream. Collects shells and coins. Dislikes know-it-alls. Likes to go to the movies. Enjoys collecting stamps. MR. EDISON STANDING: Mr. Edison, Steve Dowd, Alfons Koenig, Charles Ulhlein, Bill Campbell, Frank Schmitz Natalie Nernoff, Joan Stalarow, Tina Hendriks, Babra Sadowski, Agatha Rorral. SECOND ROW: Pete Harvy, John O'Brian, Maria Laboy, Ann Espiseto, Ros-eann Mellilo. THIRD ROW, QSITTINGJ: James Newburger, David Alexander, Bob Townshend, Bob Bergman, Brenda Arover, Kathy Knapp, Roseann Perro. WW! X, M3 T made PHILIP ABBONDONDOLA BARBARA BARON LINDA JANE BECKER MICHAEL BORZAK JOHN CHASE STEVE CRYAN CAROL .TANE CUMO JOSEPH DEPAOLO PATRICIA DIXON KENNETH DONOVAN EDNA ESPOSITO IANET FARKAS NORMA .TAKUBOWSKI SUSAN LORD ROBERT MERRY MARGARET MOCCIS CHERYL MOONEY DENISE NICHOLSON ROBERT NOVESKI JIMMY ROMANUS KATHY SPERBER MONICA TUCHOLSKI JEFF WILLIAMS GARY WOOD MR. REILLY ,I-3 7-1 Philip" Barbie" Lynn" Mike" Chasey" Stevie" Carol" Joe" .. Patty.. Luke" Eddie" ...Tanetn "Norma" Sue" Bob" Margaret" Sherry" Denise Bob" Jimmy" sv Kathy" Monica" Jeff" Woody" 75 Goes for bowling, golf, and football. Gets a kick out of drawing cartoons. Enjoys swimming, camping, travel- ing, and animals. Interested in models. what kind of models, Mike? Builds model cars and collects stamps Collects stamps and model biplanes. Main interest - a certain 'lth grader. Basketball, football, and boating. Likes reading, softball, volleyball, and skating. Baseball, swimming, and wrestling. Soccer, volleyball, and swimming rate. Drawing and reading are her favorites Raises parrots but likes all animals. The great things in life are music, skating, and reading. Enjoys building models and playing golf. Is very interested in art, but she also likes tennis. Likes horses, dogs, and swimming. Collects stamps, secrets, and records. Enjoys bowling and golf. Main interests . . . cars, drums, and football. Likes all sports but volleyball, kick- ball, and softball top the list. Dancing and skating are terrific. Is Interested in a certain 8th f?J grader. Desires to become a carpenter. Records, dancing, and girls are GREAT! ! MR. RlELEY'S CLASS 7th GRADE TOP ROW: Carol Cumo, Denise Nicholson, Kathrine Spurber, Mr. Rieley, Patricia Dixon, Joseph DePa1o, Robert Naveski, Philip Abandondola. CENTER ROW: Monica T ucholski, Janet Farcus, Linda Becker, Susan Lord, John Femmeleti, Gary Wood, John Chase. BOTTOM ROW: Norma Jacobowski, Edna Eposito, Margaret Moccio, Sheryl Mooney, Barbra Baron, Jeffrey Williams, James Romanous, Michel Borzak, Kenneth Donavan. .TONATHAN BLACK ELIZABETH BRIERLEY KAREN CHENAULT LAURIE COHEN MICHAEL CONVEY SHELLY DUNN SUSAN FARREL .TAMES FOTCHMAN LINDA FRANCIS MARGARET GAYLORD BRUCE GOLDEN BRENDA ILLSTON WILLIAM JOHNSON IAQUELINE JONES IEFFERY LEVINE GAIL LINDSAY CHRISTOPHER NAIDA CHARLES PRIAR CAROLINE PTARCINSKI KATHY PAMOS RICHARD RICE SUSAN SCHWARTZ LESLIE TAMLYN ALAN TEEPE TOWNSEND ARTHUR VALLIER PHILIP WAMSLEY MRS. DEUTSCHBEIN I-4 7-2 " Blacko" "Betsy" "Karen" "Laurie" "Mike" "Shelly" " Freckles" "Fotchie" "Linda" .. Meg.. "Goldie" " Horsie" "Bill" "Jackie" "Jeff" "Gail" " Chris y" Il Chaz!! "Carol" ll "Uncle Ben" nsue.. "Leslie" "Alan" "Artie" uwormy.. 77 Goes for wrestling and science. Likes bowling . . . Is waiting for the day when she will break 500. Enjoys swimming, skating, and bowl- ing. Breeding collies is her hobby, Usually seen with L. F. Chasing boys is her favorite sport. Twirling and dogs are tops. Enjoys football. Likes to baby sit. Really goes for Gil. Bongos and girls rate. Horses and swimming are terrific. Likes singing alto. Enjoys reading and sewing. Electronics really rate. Her favorite sport is volleyball. Thinks chemistry is great and someday might find him as a chemist. Hobby is collecting foreign coins. Ice skating and swimming. Is often found with S. S. The French horn is his instrument. Giddyap, giddyap, giddyapll Likes playing volleyball. Sailing and model planes are tops. Likes baseball and adding to his stamp collection. Always talking . . . wrestling rates high. TOP ROW: P. Wormsley, W. Johnson, M. Convey, A. Townsend, Mrs. E. Deutschbein, B. Brieley, B. Illston, G. Lindsy, S. Dunn. MIDDLE ROW: I. Block, C. Naida, C. Prior, A. Vallion, M. Gay- lord, L. Cohen, S. Farrell, K. Chenault. KNEELING: J. Fochtman, J. Levine, S. Schwartz, L. Fran cis, K. Ramous, C. Ptarzinski. BADMINOW, AYA BAETZ, KATHIE BROWN, GLENN CHAPLIN, LINDA COOK, THOMAS DePAOLO, ROBERT EDQUIST, DIANE GRELLA, ANTHONY HINTON, CHRISTINE KNOP, MARY LOU LaBOY, IOSE' MCGUIRE, DENNIS MONTAGNESE, PAULA NOSEL, STANLEY O'HAR.E, CLAUDIA O'NEAL, DAVID OTIS, CHRISTINE POMETTI, PETER ROBBINS, MICHAEL RUGGERO, SANDRA SAYKAY, HOPE TRAVIS, KATHY VGIIDEUSEN, DARREL WALKER, JAMES WEPPLER, ROBERT WONG, MARK MISS DONOPRIA ..Aya.. "Kathie" "Glenn" "Lin" "Grooka" "Fingers" "Diane" .UI-ony.. H CIIIISH ..Mary.. "chez" "Dennis" "Paula" "Stimey" "Claude" "Dave" v-Tina., "Peter" ll Mikel! "Sandy" "Hope" "Kath" "Darrel" "Jimmy" "Rubbers" II N 79 K-2 7-3 Collects post cards. Also enjoys swimming. Likes playing the piano. Flirting, girls and dancing really rate Enjoys skating. Baseball and fishing are his favorites. Plays the piano well. Cooking, baby sitting and sewing really rate. Many girls have their eyes on cute, blue-eyed Tony. This girl is one of the few who enjoys doing research. Enjoys playing piano and singing. Models and stamp collecting really rate. Enjoys soccer and football. Watching T. V. and typing fascinate this girl. Really goes for camping and soda. Boys, dancing and bowling are tops. Besides getting A's and being athletic David plays the violin. T. V. and swimming rate. Girls and football are really tops. Astronomy and sailing really rate. Enjoys collecting, listening and dancing to records. Swimming and records are tops. Collects glass china horses. Likes basketball. "You'd better believe it!" Really goes for soccer, fishing and girls. Collects stamps. MISS DONAPRIA 7th GRADE TOP ROW, L to R: Mike Robins, Aya Badminow, Stanley Nosel, Tina Otis, Tony Grella, Hope Saykay, David O'Neal, Linda Chaplin. CENTER ROW, L to R: Darryl van Deusen, Paula Mon- tonaise, Mark Wong, Mary Knop, Thomas Cook, Dianne Edquist, Jimmy Walker, Peter Pomer- ti. FIRST, KNEELING ROW: Kathy Travis, Sandra Ruggerio, Kathy Baetz, Robert DePao1a, Robert Weppler, Dennis McQuire. SECOND, KNEELJNG ROW: Christine Hinton, Glenn Brown, Iose Laboy. ARNOLD, NANCY BAIATA, JOHN BLUNDELL, PENELOPE" BRISKIE. RONALD BUSHMAN. MARILYN CARUCCI , MARGUERITE " CHUDZIK, JUTTA DOUGLAS, EDWIN GREENBLATT, ALFRED HART, CYNTHIA HOC HSWENDER, PATRICIA " HUMPHREY, CHARLES KAY, THOMAS KERN, CHRISTINE LANDRY, SUZANNE MAHLAND, WALTER O'MITTY, MARGARET PATTERSON, NANCY PETRY, JOHN M. PFAFF, DAVID PITT, IO ANN RUDOLPH, IEANNE STANNARD, BRUCE SUHL, DAVID n n MR. OLSON K-3 7-4 Little Arnold" Jack" Penny" Ronnie" The Bush" Marguerite" Jutta" Eddie" Al" Cynthia" Patty" Charlie" Tom" Chris" Laundry Bag" Walt" CAROL" Nancy" Peach Tree" Dave" Hippo" "Jeannie" Bruce" Dave" 8I "Oh, those canal boats!" "ls Nancy your sister?" I-Iow's your foreign doll collection?" A real sportsman. Ohh-h-h that beautiful hair! Horseback riding is tops. Sews and reads in her spare time. Likes to play softball. Goes head over heels for all sports. Patties and outdoor sports are tops. Boys, parties and dancing are on top of her list. Really goes for dancing and girls. Enjoys stamp collecting. Reading literature and art are tops. Collecting nicknacks is fun to her. Enjoys coin collecting and playing soccer. Collecting china animals and playing kickball are tops. Collects china animals. Loafing around is his favorite sport. Really goes for girls. Plans to become a teacher. How's J. P. today? Records and skiing are really tops. Enjoys collecting paper money. How about the real thing? STANDING: Mr. Olsong N. Patterson: G. Meyerg J. Pittg C. Hartg C. Kerng J. Baiatag K. Tiltong R. Briskieg A. Greenblatt. SITTING: P. B1unde11:M. Bushman: I- Rl1dO1Ph: P. o'Mirry: M- Ca1'UCCi, C. Humphrey, D. Weiss, D. Suhl. KNEELING: E. Douglasg B. Stannardg J. Petryg D. Pfaffg T. Kay. NOT PRESENT: N. Arno1dgJ. Chudzikg P. Hochswenderg W. Mahland. ARLO, STEPHEN BOLLMAR, LOIS BLAUN, ROBERT D. BOWERS, EDDIE DADE, CAROL EDDY, CAROL GALLO, TONI GIARDINI, PATRICIA HERSHENHANT, ALICE HULTS, WALTER KAIDER, WALTER KERRINGAN, CHRISTINE KING, PETER LANDA, MICHAEL MALLY, GREGORY MOCAN, CATHERINE MULDER, JOHN PASCUCCI, PATRICIA REID, CHARLES DODD RICE, WAYNE ROSENGREN, CANDICE THOMPSON, IEANNE WALMSLEY, EVELYN WILDT, CAROLYN Steve" Lois" Bobby" Eddie" nleann Carol" Toni" Patti" Alice" Walter" Walter" "Chfis" Pete" Mike" ..Greg.. Cathy" John" Patty" Charlie" Wayne" Candy" HJCQHHCH Penny" Carolyn" MRS. GEHDE K-4 7-5 Really goes for baseball and basketball. Digs ice skating and dogs. Basketball, soccer and football are tops. How's Sally? Interested in horses, dogs and cats. Can usually be found with R. B. Dancing and parties really rate. Goes for horseback riding and coin col- lecting. Interested in animals especially horses. A certain seventh grader. Goes for fishing. Enjoys collecting nicknacks. Goes out for cross-country and track. Likes woodworking and catching flies. Wrestling really rates. Likes football. Coin collecting is his hobby. Plays both the violin and piano well. Enjoys camping and planes. Very interested in guns. Cheerleading, softball and swimming are tops. Playing the piano and flute are her favorites. Likes horseback riding, bowling. Collecting shells is on the top of her lis I f STANDING: H. Cevasco, K. Rispoli, S. Hogarth, I. Hurd, L. Small, Mrs. McQueen, G. Stevlowski, P. Houghton, S. Siarkowski, R. Cross, M. DeSimone. SEATED: P. Murry, D. Conman, L. Cataliotti G. Jamieson, I-I. Shamberg, K. Galbraith. FIRST ROW. KNEELING: M. Frances, I. McAdmans, L. Shearhost, A. Sampsidis, P. Boston. BOTTOM ROW: P. Bologoano, I. Goss. PHYLLIS BOLGOSANO PAULA BOSTON LOUIS CATALIOTTI HELENE CEVASCO DIANE CONMAN RICHARD CROSS MARIA DSSIMONE MARY JANE FRANCIS CATHERINE GALBRAITH SUSAN HOGARTH PETE HOUGHTON JONATHAN HURD GORDIE IAMIESON SALLY LECKIE WILLIAM MARSDEN JAMES MCADAM PATRICIA MURRAY KEITH RISPOLI ALEX SAMPSIDIS HAROLD SCHARMBERG LINDA SCHIERHORST SUSAN SIARKOWSKI LAUREN SMALL GREGG SVETSLOVSKY MRS. MCQUEEN "Phyllis" "Beans" liskipll "Helene" nD.C. as "Richard" "Marie" "Jane" "Cathy" "Susan" "Peter" "John" "Gordie" fdarn ity llsallyll "Bil1" "Jimmy" "Patty" "Keith" "Alex" "Harold" "Linda" nsue.. "Laurie" .. Gregg.. 85 K-5 '7-6 "Take a long walk off a short pier. " Enjoys volleyball and singing. Goes for baseball and football. Makes good use of her radio and T. V. Likes swimming and reading. Fishing and bikeriding rate high. Bowling, swimming, and oil painting. Music and horses are tops. Enjoys swimming and sewing. "Oh, for that long hair!" Knows all about Scandinavia. Belongs to the Boy Scouts . . . Also likes jazz. Ambitions are getting shorter school hours and becoming First Lady. Finds Eddie Bowers quite interest- ing. The trumpet and building models l-low's Carol Cumo? ls like a fish when in water. Favorite sports are fishing and baseball. Swimming and girls really rate. Enjoys tennis and science. Has a few pen pals . . . Is a fabulous artist. Parties and dances are sharp. The flute and piano are her favorites. Likes television and TV snacks. W 7H'v 13,-nge.-S M BAIATA, NANCY BYRNE, JIMMY CANADAY. JUDY CAVALLARO, SALLY CAVUOTI, CLAUDIA COX. NANCY DENNIS, WILLIAM GILBERT, ROBERT GUIMAN . SHARON HAUGLAND, ROLF HOUSE, DONNA INNCHE, ALBERT KOLKEBECK, IOANNE LAUINGER, SUSAN LEVITON, BARBARA LUSCKS, JOEL MARCHETTI, MARIE THERESE ORDEN, ANN RAYE, CHRIS RYDEN, CRAIG SHORT, DONALD SIMPSON, ERNEST SWENSON, BRUCE VINAS, EDWARD ZAHN, CHERYL NANCY MRS. GIARDINI K-1 K-7 "Nance" "Cigar Boy" ..-Iudy.. ANNE "Sal "Claudia" "Nancy" "Fuzzy" ..TeX.. "Sherri" "Charles" "Donna" uA1n llcokevl usuen "Barbara" "Kenneth" "Marie" "Robin" "Chrissy" H .Donn "Ernest" Sweny" "Eddie" "Sherrie" Great at dancing and ice skating. Likes boys. "You're kidding!" Raising pets is at the top of his list. Likes to do the cha-cha her own special way. Collects post cards, microscope slides and different species of dried bugs. Likes playing the accordian. Do you also like practicing? Playing the piano, playing tennis and reading are great! Wrestling and baseball are this boy's favorite sports. Enjoys hockey, hunting and baseball. Likes horseback riding, reading, and animals. Bowling and soccer. "When do we leave. " Boating and fishing top her list. Likes soccer and reading. Besides being athletic and popular, Joanne gets great marks in everything. Goes for horseback riding, dolls, and reading. Enjoys playing the piano, especially in Chorus. Favorites are football and baseball. Her hobbies are drawing and singing. Enjoys collecting foreign dolls and playing instruments. Is great at all sports. Enjoys dancing, girls and all sports. Water sports and stamps are great. He enjoys playing the trumpet and singing. Goes for math, music and girls. Girls and music rate high. She enjoys music and reading. STANDING: I. Koikebeck. J. Canaday, N. Cox, N. Baiata, A. Trinche, E. Venus, W. Dennis, J. Byrne, W. Schierhorst. SEATED: S. Lauginger, S. Guinan, B. Levitan, S. Zion, D. House, D. Short, R. I-Iauglancl, E. Simpson, K. Swenson. KNEELING: J. Lucks, R. Orden, C. Cavoti, S. Cava Haro, M. Marchrtni, R. Gilbert, C. Raye, C. Ryder. ASHLEY, HOLLIS BLAUN, RANDALL CAGGIANO, BARBARA CAMPAGNA, JANICE CASSON, WILLIAM CLYMER, JONATHAN FERTIG, BONNIE LEE FRENCH, MARGARET ANN GALBRAITH, WENDELL GEORGE, ROBERT JOSEPH GLADSKY, RICHARD GRELLA, WILLIAM GUTH, NANCY IRVIN, ELIZABETH ANN MCALLISTER, ELLEN MCCAHILL, JOSEPH MERCADANTE, DONALD NADOLNY, MARGARET O'HANLON, STEPHEN PESCHENSKY, LINDA PRESKI, EDWARD ROSENBERG, DAVID STEDMAN, MONICA TAYLOR, VICTORIA THOMPSON, JEFFREY VISEUS, VINCENT MR. WADSWORTH K-6 7-8 .. Holly.. ll "Barbara" "Janice" ll "Jonathan" .. Bon.. HPCSSYH "Bucky" "Bubbles" "Richie" "Billy" "Nancy" "Liz" "Ellen" ul-Oeu n Merkn "Margaret" "Steve" "Lin" "Eddie" "David" "C 1ips" "Vicky" "Jeff" "Vinnie" Likes tennis, swimming and T. V. Horses really rate! Usually with Carol. Enjoys riding and dancing. Swimming, ice-skating, and riding. Does nothing in particular. Likes baseball and playing the trumpet. Goes for volleyball and boys. Enjoys horses and playing softball. Wants to get married. Girls, parties, dances, flirting, and fun Builds model cars. Is interested in all sports. Dancing, ice-skating, riding, and boys. Volleyball and reading interest her. Down in Florida. Has a wicked stamp collection. Playing the piano, golf, bowling - his favorites. Likes to help with her father's car. Proud to belong to the B. S. A. Enjoys bowling. Likes to swim. Goes fishing and watches T, V. Enjoys the violin. Horses, cycling, and swimming. "Here goes nothin'! " Collects coins. Collecting butterflies and fishing are tops. BACK ROW: V. Taylor, J. McCahi11, R. Blaun, B. Grella, B. Caggrano, D. Mercandante, M. Nadol ling, Mr. Wadsworth. SECOND ROW: R. George, H. Ashley, E. Preski, I. Campaga, L. Peschinski. SITTING: E. Irvin, B. Fertig, E. McAllister, M. French, N. Guth. KNEELING: S. O'Hand1ey, I. Clymer, D. Rosenberg, W. Gailbraith. APPEL, CONSTANCE BARASH, MARGO BAVZA, GILBERTO BROCKWAY, PETER CORDOVA, MADELINE FETZ., ERIC GALBRAITH, CLAUDIA GAYLORD, ,TEAN GRAYSON, MARA GREBLEWSKI, SUSAN IACOBSEN, KIRSTEN KELLY, THOMAS KOLK, BARBARA LESLIE, ERNEST LEGGETT, NANCY MILLS, RICHARD MORSONY, GLEN PIRRONE, THOMAS RICHARDSON, .IUDITH SEYMOUR, FRED SOLE. JOHN STAN CO. JOHN SWEETING, PATRICK MR. LOEW I-5 7-9 n Connie" ..MargO.. HGHN "Pete" "Madeline" llErieIl "Claude" "Jeanie" .. Mara.. .. Sue.. "Kirsten" ll Tom!! "Barbara" "Ernie" "Legs" "Richard" "G1en" "Tom" ujudy.. "Fighting Fred" "John" "John" "Sniffles" Skip, Lee, Tom, Lee, Mike, Fred. Lee, Steve, etc. Likes boys. Likes boys, dancing, 'softball and tennis. He's more interested in the cheerleaders than the sports. Builds model planes and ships. Goes for soccer, dancing and traveling. Goes sailing and horseback riding. Likes all things that have to do with horses. Plans on going to Wellesley College. Likes swimming, tennis and horses. Draws very well. Enjoys volleyball, ice skating and swimming. Reads a lot. Adores'pizza and dancing. Collects coins. Likes swimming and football. Knows all the answers in Cit. Ed. Likes fishing and boating. Interested in Art. I Likes stamp collecting and soccer. Interested in stamp collecting and football. OH the J. V. soccer team. Goes for girls. Can usually be found with J. G. His hobbies are photography, golf and bowling Can usually be found with T. P. Enjoys football, tropical fish, and stamp collecting. Goes for football and bike riding. 9I TOP ROW: Claudia Galbraith, Madeline Cordova, Margo Barash, Susan Vitrano, Barbara Kolk, Mr. Loew, John Stanco, Gilberto Bauzar, Patrick Sweeting, Glenn Morsony, Richard Mills. CENTER ROW: Susan Grobloski, Judy Richardson, Jean Gaylord, Kirsten Jacobsen, William Tischer, Peter Brookway, John Sok, Frederick Seymour. BOTTOM ROW: Thomas Kelly, Ernest Leslie, Eric Fetz, Thomas Pirrone, Carol Wood, Mara Grayson, Janice Zincand, Constance Appel. ANDERSON, CARL ARASIM, DAREL BELL, IEAN BEST, CHARLES BLACK, DAVID BROOKS, WILLIAN CAPOBIANCO, GWENDOLYN " CROSBY, PAMELA CURRAN, ROBERT DOW, SANDRA GOULD, SHARON HAMILTON, PATRICIA HOLLMAN, WENDY KENNY, KATHLEEN KIERNAN, JAMES KLE, CAROL KORMAD, SUSAN KRAKOWER, DIANE MAININSKI, PATRICIA MAYER, STEVEN NADEL, LLOYD SEPTAN, SUSAN STRANDFELDT, KARL STURM, ROBERT SWEET, IAMES WALTZ, IOHN MR. MIRALLES I-6 '7-10 Raymond" Darel" Jean" Kaj. " Dave" Billy" Gwen" Pam" Bobby" Sandy" Sharon" Pat" Wendy" Kathy" Jimmy" Caro1" Sue" Dil' Pat" Steve" Lloyd" Susie" Kar1" Worm" "Jimmy" John" 93 How are the eighth-grade girls? Likes dogs, boys and food! Her hobbies are painting and typing. Interested in playing the guitar. Enjoys all sports. Enjoys soccer and football. Cute Gwen spends a lot of her time on the phone. How's D. L. ? Collects china. "Who said that? I didn't do it." Collects records and enjoys dancing with a certain person. Collects rocks and likes to swim. Collects china angels and enjoys water sports. Boys, tennis and typing are at the top of her list. Basketball and stamps rate! Great in soccer! I Collects stamps and likes to play basketball. One of Mr. Miralles' pet peeves. Is very interested in ping pong, chess, science, basketball and softball. Likes pizza. Fishing and making models are tops. Likes coin collecting and basketball. Short and cute, likes boys and dancing Lots of fun. Enjoys skiing, wrestling and stamps. Has a stamp collection. Often turns the color of his hair. Likes to go hunting and fishing. MR. MIRALLES 7th GRADE . TOP ROW: Susan Konrad, Carol Kle, Patricia Hamilton, Gwendolyn Capobianco, Pamela Crosby, Mr. Miralles, Clyde Best, James Sweet, Karl Strandfeldt, Ramond Anderson, James Kiernan. CENTER ROW: Wendy Hollman, Jean Bell, Sandra Dow, Darryl Aronson, William Brooks, Lloyd Nadal, Robert Sturm, David Black. BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Gould, Patricia Maninski, Susan Seftom, Diane Krackower, Steven Mayor, John Waltz, Robert Curran. Gone Together '61 and '62 Joan and Dave Sandi and Ritchie Jane and Tommy Donna and Don Patty and Skip Jane and Chuck Danita and Joe Ruth and Jay Roxy and Gerard Joan and Richard Marta and Glenn Connie and Skip Georgette and Bobby Linda and Bobby Darcy and Bob Elaine and Rocky Bonnie and Jeff Linda and Dougie Denise and Joe Betty and Timmy Mary Jane and John Charlotte and Artie Cindy and Eric Meredith and Larry Linda and Jackie Susan and Steve Pam and Jerry Sue and Allen Diane and Charlie Marie and Scott Pam and Brian Susan and Tommy Jeanne and Tony Patty and Jimmy Patty and Bruce Cherry and Peter Karen and Charlie Joanne and Glenn Cynthia and Steve Sandra and Ray Susan and Jackie Sally and Jackie Claudia and Mike Sue and Andy Lynn and Lester Karen and Ken Doug and Heidi Linda and Ray 95 Joan and Bruce Robin and Tommy Linda and Bob Anne and Tony Rita and Don P. Stephanie and Don S Sharon and Don B. Susie and Skip Sharon and Joe Lynn and Glenn Lynn and Johnny Recreational Activities Cross-Country STANDING: Don Mercadante, Carl Richter, Charley Reid, Chris French, Michael Robbins, Paul Kelly, Coach Clark. KNEELING: Pete Petri, Peter Pometti, Eddy Bowers, Chris Cook Tommy Kelly. 97 Football STANDING: Coach Reardon, Don Cook, Eddy Venus, Pete Tozer, Matt Tozer, Bill Rennie, Keith Forest, Andy Conman, Coach Eschen. KNEELING: Bob Point, Chris Ferrnan, John Carl son, Ron Carlson, Don Swan, Mike Baratoff, Charley Mueller, Brian Hennesy, Jimmy Miller, Roy Francis. 98 Soccer FRESHMEN h Q i M f, 5 .nn Q ' STANDING: Bob Vreeland, Raymond Anderson, Danny Martin, Coach Bergovoy, Joe Klein, Bruce Hackert, Todd Watrous, George Schenk, Bryan Small, Jeff Hollrnan, Bob Frick, Fred Porter, Don Baldwin, , Jimm Sullivan, Mike Keller, Tom Arnost, Russ Calandrin Ronnie Ptarcinsky, Jrngzakzz new Ebert De Jong, Denis McGuire, Donald Lang, Jeff Kearnen, Greg Sterling, Wally Musensky, Chris Raye, Jimmy Kearnen, Burt Zurer. 7th AND Sth GRADES STANDING: Billy Denis, Patrick Sweeting, Robert Sturm, David Black, Clyde Best, Joe De- Giovanni, Peter Muldern, John Baiatta, Coach Conlin. KNEELING: John Sole, Fred Seymore, Bruce Standard, Bobby Weppler, Tex Gilbert, Billy Brooks, Tommy Pirrone, Charles Humphrey 99 Tennis BACK: Mike Baratoff, Randy Romm, Dave Schwartz, Coach Bama. FRONT A1 Greenblatt, Mark Schwartz. I00 Track BACK ROW: Billy Marsden, Jimmy Goss, Bobby Bergman, Greg Sterling, Charley Campbell, Greg Leopold, Bruce Hackert, Tony Davino, John Scotidas, Pete Johnson, Peter Bates. THIRD ROW: Burt Zurer, Steve Legget, Tommy Kelley, Paul Kelley, Walter Mahland, Brian Illston, Eric Johanson. SECOND: Fred Mayer, Joel Lux, Robert Bobour, Wesley McLeod, Keith Forest, Don Baldwin, Danny Mercaclante, Jimmy Walker. FRONT ROW: Coach Kaskoun, Pete Brockway, Charley Prior, Charley Reid, Chris Kane, Wayne Stein, Tommy Wepler, Joe Bergman, John Petry, Glen Barclay, Pete Pometti, Coach Clarck. BasebaH . X I Y . BACK ROW: Peter Houghton, George Schenk, John Kle, George Thompson, Dave Slater, Ron Carison, Alan Jones, Coach Wadsworth, MIDDLE ROW: Dick Canaday, Don Houghton, Bob Vreeland, Tim Finerin, Jim Sullivan, Joe Koloski, Tony Andriola. FRONT ROW: Frank Jager, John Schlessinger, Jim Miller, Tom Small, Tony Man- sen, Don Swan, Ted Blackburn. lOl Basketball TEAM ROSTER Matt Tozer, Pete Tozer, Greg Sterling, John Schlessinger, Don Houghton, Kevin Jones, Pete Walczak. Gerry Kenny, Tom Small, Tom Arnost, Mike Keller, George Schenk, Todd Watrous. BACK: Ray Anderson, Coach Meyer, Eddy Venus, Peter Houghton, Jim Maracy, Ron Carlson, Franck Schmidts, Chris Lockwood, Bill Rene, Don Baldwin, chuch Duncan, Jeff Chase, Bob Bobour, Steve Dowd, Alec Roberts. KNEELING: Pete Brockway, Tony Smith, Arlo Rodriguez, Charley Reid, Joel Lux, John Conway. SITTING: Bob Blond, Toni Cos- telonez, Ralph Jones, Jim Goss, Pete Pornetti, Chris Raye, John Chase, Guy Depersia, Fred Mayer. I02 , x ll ' 4 X if Wrestling 'R A, rj -r L X will 8th and 9th: Joe Klein, Charley Mueller, Carl Richter, Bob Point, Melvin Yee, Tony Capucro, Bob Cohen, Alan Kaye, Steve Hansel, Frank Teterman, Burt Zurer, Doug Berernan, Steve Stedman, Don Baily, Tom Huffer, Billy Denis, Walter Hults. 'Ith Grade: Tom Kelley, Tom Wepler, Ed Bowers, John Waltz, Tom Cook, Greg Malley, Bob DePola, Pete King, Bob Gilbert, Chris Nader, Phil womsly Carl Strandfeldt, Billy Denis, Walter Hults, John Baiatta. I03 Girls' Recrecxtisncxl Sports Eighth Grctde Girls' Sports STANDING: L. Drew, S. Hotine, L. Graves, C. Maroni, I. Naumann, A. Riley, L. Cannon, P. Moschetta, M. Doherty, P. Black, C. Strandfeldt. KNEELING: C. Roesch, M. Smith, N. Wilk, D. Blackmore, S. Cutler, B. Bullock. The girls in the picture above have participated in at least one after school sport the school has provided. The girls sports extracurricular activity consisted of soccer, volleyball, basket- ball, apparatus, and softball. All the preceding sports were recognized by the girls having received points in the sports they participated in, excepting apparatus. After a certain amount of points have been received, the girls are awarded either a star, shield, or school letter. I05 Ninth Grade Girls' Sports STANDING: M. .Cox, L. Cook, K. Russell, E. Somelofski, E. Meier, R. Strandfeldt, R. Osmer, M. Boehm, M. Lawrence, C. Sanderson. KNEELING: B. Gardo, E. Viken, M. Cramer, L. Britt, T. Marrazo, K. Driscoll. The preceding is a picture of the ninth grade girls who participated in girls' after school sports. The sports the girls were active in included field hockey, volleyball, basketball, apparatus, and softball. Points were awarded to the girls in every sport they attended except apparatus. After a certain amount of points are obtained, a star, shield, or school letter is awarded. l0b Seventh Grctcle Girls' Sports STANDING: C. Hart. B. Illston, L. Small, S. Farrel, L. Becker, I. Parcas, D. Arasim, C. Galbrieth, N. Cox, J. Richardson, C. Kern. KNEELING: B. Levitton, D. Nickelson, M. Grayson, P. Boston, N. Leggett, C. Clee, P. Montinaise, C. Galbrieth. The picture above is of the seventh grade girls who were active in the after school sports offered to them by the physical education department. Miss Scott, the gym teacher, sponsored the activity for the eighth, and ninth grades as well as the seventh grade. The sports Miss Scott helped the girls with included soccer, volleyball, basketball apparatus, and softball. Alike the other two grades after a certain amount of points are awarded for every sport except apparatus. a star, shield, or school letter are given out. IO7 Girls' Sports Sponsor MISS H. SCOTT Miss Scott has been this year's sponsor of the girls in Junior High after school sports. She teaches physical education in both the Junior and Senior High, but advises only Junior High girls after school. During the fall, Miss Scott took the girls in the seventh and eighth grades outside to play soccer. The ninth graders played hockey. Half of the big gym was used for play- ing volleyball and the same for basketball in which Miss Scott refereed. During appa- ratus the girls used the horse, buck, rings, ropes, and parallel bars with Miss Scott's help. Miss Scott has a busy schedule. Aside from her daily classes, she finds time to go three days a week after school so that Junior High after school sports may exist. l08 1. if ' U55 K' A Q if D A, f -wi., ' Nw 1 f C 5' ox Builders EDITORS ' Roxane Reid, Peter Birer, Jay Bernstein. MEMBERS SITTING: Linda Windels, Georgette Bartell, Danita Fleischman, Nancy Wilk, Mere- dith Smith, Stephanie Paster, and Margo Barash. CENTER: John Hubbs, Glenn Schenenga, Cathy Hayes, Valerie McLaughlin, Betty McManus, Phyllis Hohenrath, Christine Chambers, Linda Cook. REAR: Jeffery Kuesel, Susan Glenn, Ellen Ann Mier, Barbara Heyler, Jane Cummings Sandi Barton, Patty O'Mitty, Joan Levine, Joan Boston, Betty Nilon, Beverly Bullock Susan O'Nea1, and Ray Gallon. Varsity Cheerleaders IANE CUMMINGS - Captain SANDI BARTON - C0-Captain DANITA FLEISHMAN J T RITA HERMANOVSKY IOAN LEVINE BETTY MCMANUS JANE SCHNEIDER MEREDITH SMITH NANCY WILK I I2 Iunior Varsity Cheerleaders Left to Righty Connie Appel, Joan Boertzel, Georgette Barrel - Co-Captain, Diana Sauvigne Candy Rosengren, Linda Carol, Patty Hamilton, and Barbara Simpson. CENTER: Robin Howell - Captain. H3 Iunior Thespioins STANDING: Don Short, David Schwartz, Angus Lumsden, Micheal O'Toole, Vladimir Svetlov- sky, Brian Patterson, Allen Lippke, Jeff Holman, Anthony Davino, Bob Vreeland, David Halperin, and Micheal McKean. MIDDLE: Roxanne Reid, Susan Wood, Helen Caldwell, Leslie Teich, Susan Glenn, Ellen Viken Nina Popov, Judy Anderson, Janet Reid, Linda Lehman, Lauren Small, Lorraine Townsend, Isabelle Avirett, Susan Farrell, and Gordy Jamieson. KNEELING: Betty Cox, Paula Boston, Mara Grayson, Lala Drew, Sally Yarborough, Margo Barash, Maria Richards, Barbara Kolk, Margeret Block, Robin Orden, Carol Sanderson, Nancy Cox, Candy Rosengren, and Sherry Mooney. II4 Band Orchestra , xx n. . ii iii ,f I H5 Choruses 9th Grade Chorus . K K In A ww: ' 1: fi K -i-'Z 'i':"7r . H .V : Q51 +522 fl dl., greg! L gf-34513, K g A 33 ,: , K V ,V : 'K 7 ,V M: . wr ' '+I' : k r I 'U 5 8 3-fr. . '-f by . --,f . ,. V -up L. I N S sw ,,y, 55 .lg r QL r .1 A ,F Y wi . '- . ' - ' -fr " 1- 'LS I 'f 0 - .2 . .fig - Q- ,Users 13- s?Eg,,, ,fm rw 'P ' 4 ' Q- in W- Q A", '- NUS' 5 5 ,. . . ' .. -3, H- .JS'r1'iEfi!:ElSfr.:5 : 'H SV' was -:-in ,: qi. F' 51- ::.,'Z '- ., " . ' P-:. 8th Grade Girls' Chorus ' 7th and Sth Grade Chorus II6 7th Grade Girls' Chorus Student Council OFFICERS President: Peter Birer, Vice President: Roxanne Reid, Secretary: Ruth Osrner, and Treasurer: Jane Schneider. MEMBERS KNEELING: Kierston Jacobson, Jean Gaylord, Wendy Hollman, Jean Bell, Marcia Wheeler, Philip Walmsley, Kenny Donovan, Karen Chenault, Helene Sevasco, and Hope Saykay. SITTING: Beth Hollerin, Angus Lumbsten, David Slater, Linda Cook, David O'Neal, Candy Rosengren, Wayne Rice, Susan Hotine, Margaret Nadonly, and Sally Yarborough. STANDING fcenterp Bruce Stannard, Robert Gilbert, and Charlie Humphrey. STANDING frearj Ginny Travis, Joan Levine, Jane Cummings, Marcia Lawerence, Jean Sorum, Jeff Hollman, Donald Houghton, Jeffery Kuesel, Sandi Barton Susan Glenn, Margeret Cocks, Joan Boston, Francine Cardman, and Mr. Pappas. H7 Future Homemukers of America BACK ROW: S. Young, C. Rosengren, C. Naples, L. Moffitt, B. Furst, C. Strandfeldr S Miller. FRONT ROW: B. Hojnowski, V. Terry, D. Conman, S. Hotine, C. Fensterer Ari Club PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Margaret Block Beverly Bullock Betty Cocks Francine Cardman Patty Kicinski Alice King II8 Ellen Meier Stephanie Paster Susan Stanco Lorraine Townsend Susan Wood gpxxm A K Freshman Clctss Will We, Elaine Ruby, Sue O'Neal, and Sue Glenn, leave our hysterical giggles in Algebra to any three eighth grade girls who happen to think Mr. Williams is funny. We, Greg Sterling, Jeff Hollman, Gerard Kenny, Ruth Osmer, and Joan Boston, leave to next year's Latin scholars Mr. O'Connor's great jokes. I, Lorraine Buehler, leave to Mr. Thompson my small handwriting. We, Patty O'Mitty and Jane Schneider, leave our energetic athletic ability to any daring souls. We, Roxane Reid and Peter Birer, leave our Reid-Birer tradition to any future members of the clan. I, Phyllis Hohenrath, leave to my cousin Donna my successful ability to blush. We, Mr. Fenn's Freshman classes, leave to him a gold tie clasp. We, Jane Cummings, Sandi Barton, Joan Levine, Danita Fleischman, Jane Schneider, and Betty McManus, leave our great cheerleading ability to Meridith, Rita, Nancy, and all other likely prospects. We, Theresa Marazzo and Mary Ann Boehm, leave Mr. Eschen one pair of suspenders and to Mr. Bergovoy, we leave a giant sized bottle of sedatives. We, Dave Halperin, James Kellner, and Ray Gallon, leave to Miss Thomas one set of detailed plans for the invasion of Albania. I, Valerie McLaughlin, leave 9th grade trials and tribulations to anyone who wants them. We, Mrs. Lord's eighth period class, leave "Kuddel and Kar1" to drive her crazy again next year. I, Cathy Hayes, leave my walk to anyone who needs it. We, Carol Sanderson, Isabel Avirett, and Lorraine Buehler leave to Mr. Floyd's future students charter membership in his apple-polishers club. I, Linda Windels, leave to any worthy 8th grader a worn out manual entitled, "How to waste valuable class time. " You may think this is the end . . . Well it is! TAY H95 'TR EHE!3.lE'2 .SSEQFANY I 20 jgjdgwjwwwmxwumg MQW if JL?

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