North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY)

 - Class of 1983

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North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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Midywmw AWQOR5 MMM 355120, Wwfifaffwff Qiwwguxfg WOW y6eL,Qf,zo,,,,, f M11 Mlcfzawwfa-.f57455P00f,, 6 5 QSCU? mix-k C ' K CCA L X . Q6 N0 ' effilgc' 5?-fecwxgfgff Q W WW Cf' Q4-LCD-L HCSQ5 55 Nmxx Eg-Clif? SQ W fwiixeiifx fqffff GJD giukgf-5 www? 11i5M1f Q4 Cr W Sw mwvggl if QVNRQSVKQS fi? My 93Q55X5g cr5 Mwwih' WW? ww? 1 W if My " X ?VdCf'C, CPL ffV-DOC! fgfdgiizwbaf nf QQ,Qf Lfcwf ' I , K N, 1 , f f" A ,XZ YYXQ xg, CQ ff! Qqxfillfn, . 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C Y X f fm Qf1Lf '7'fT1,41 f,bf L1 ffmQ t'VT FWWGKGC1 S x fvhib gear QQCL6 'KCCBJXL3 9096,-g-O0 C041 we u.bQYe,rW'+ QQLCLCEK-lg Hfhe, 0635+ Q? JFFXC-irwds Ciurirwg F1-Q. qgu U-NU Ggliwatexq C63 gm VCX-6759 W'-gilt QCC1Y.l'm1 ,fegllgg Qxqd weft? -Fmcfwcifs mobo. Ttmoywx -Fgf QM Q and 1 X Q Ckfiuig 5353554 QQQ in J-1-me 615 ll C3lG:61H'Wx + VWWYYHQY O9 U-QQGTCS 6-NU nm FN ' G, Q1 CL f9OPme,-1-mme, Conan 3,2 CCM I fo, LZ? Vfe sz-,gg , 1 ln -. .75 , fini? ' iw ' .wc ,, ' fl . 21 ,:.lf1x1"" ' 5f'fff'. 1, 11 g 2 H' 2 , me e ' "'k gift' ' .M Q 'R' JK. - Q ., nf' ,, 1' 1 QW? , as , f 14- -1+ .fa f I ' 7. - 1 0, ,Vis pf wi. LLLL eee e f. ' . W x -ASK - 9, Y V' e ' H W - ,- X g Q 557 x A lj, 0 41 1 . in 1 .Y ,. K v 5' a f E iii. H ' e H -Q , 'R 'Q 1 w H A I 1 s f ff' ' Lyn .f '5 'A af L Q A i YZ gf , I ,,.v 1 Q v ' Mg: I ' ' T LIESIN '83 Glen Head New York yi 1? fi X ' Q H. , 12 ,,f' 2 -253' Table of Contents IhemeOOOOQOOQOOOOOOQQOOO0000OOQOOOOOOQQOOOOOOOOQOOO00000000060QQOOOOQOOOOQOOOOOOOOOO 000606000006000000000060000000OOQOOOOOOQOOOQOOQOQOQDOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000 S ' I Q00OOOOOOOQQDQOOOOOOQQOOO0000OOOOOOQOOOQQQOOQQOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO V f O 0006000000000000000OO000000000000600006000OOOOOOOOOQOOQOOOOOOOOOO000000000000II rtsO0OO0090000000O00000OOO000900000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI N 0 a 1 000000000000000OOQQQOOOOOOOOOOQOQOQQO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQQOOOOOO0000000000 0 OO0OOOQQQQOOOOOOOOQQQQQOQQOOO90009000OQOODOOOOOQOOQQQOUOOOOO2C 2 was if 24 iw ' in . 1, gy N . - ' f TH m l, T affgmpfff-' ' Q-P' ' 4'i'f'2fL-Q a. ig f ,. 1 ,. , , if , f 3 M E ia' "f-fix ' g, V,-3.5, ff, Y I 'V K S Vgq-5 1- gg . ' 1 ,gk V. .ig W 3 mf 4 F5634 'mf xy., .X-Y'::,k,lN15' 'QP' , N , Q as , Rai 52 si V w as mg if 'ix an as ,Nh 1 -il' N im- E 5 ? 17 Y' ""'El Rf ffm: 41 S 8 .url Mm fl . . Q , , -4 3: Z, , 1, ivy' K .. ,,A,h,,, VV , ,. , N x V I . ,. vm-, . 4. f M ff :sf- al? X I wo-'GEMM I Y 1 ,. IO E, -.xr Wi ,ji j .4 'Q ' N C, 'iff ,L X , v'E Aj ' E ' 'LEM F fx. ,X , FW Z' 1 . 1 ,gy "ui--' ,,...-.-uw' T, "N" Q .Am W1,,, it S3 UM,f1f4:w2,1nggai ,f,.,f+"' swag? X . for J 7 - - ' , so M N iw if Qfgql Qddilqjcv Npiflok fwylvy W ll' W . .fy vt X O 'xy 1953 UM WW ol' 'nfl ef, ioW'. lb My vw if .isa vt F NQWWQQBDBLQW E39 Gypllll QQ ' J W - l ' lx " A A NVQ ,E-H' xgly 'll QQ of 'SX R X tgrliixjiji' V-IQ! Kip assfwflfvafigv gf My fxn N 'p - ' X A H ,o Y lj Q29 bllf Yao i li lvl Ka we WX lv Q y as ,law at o is L QQ xg-1 NN x off i l Ubql Xu lx!! 'A at asf SPP I believe everybody's a celebrity, and we've all got personality and individuality. We all need a script and an audience to play to. No matter what you do, or who you are, Everybody's a star. No matter how dull or simple you are Everybody's a Star Ray Davies I4 49 nv 'WP S Yqy, N.,-if 5 .si ivan M"W-N. ,.,, ,...,A . M11- i . ..,,f- P WIQ. n....... V., ,L W- , E, 5 i 5 e Q ' i 5 , z ' 1 I g 3 , 3 .,,. Q S l ff 2 f 5 A Za 'I ' ii if-v P JL? Gcinjgomlff' ATRIP aged-Egg f' E 5-Jw-2 2.7- 3311 HNEB NORTH SH ORE XX 7 i l-'-5 g y Liu Sn: 5 E i' L..,7f Q X ff!! n if - , , ,wi 6 E' jwiwdp at fy X 0 E I, X -fe 1, , nl-E N C 1, I x M AA fpswsy, , . W 1 ' ' ' - Q' .Q f ,f Q I f 47: 'QW Mu ' p N I X w'fQg9 . X 1 "? K x r 'M' H il I W , 'Q f N094 'WW ' " -fl' 'LYS -A , ' o ' QA- 9 xx xkbiffaigs-zifasrweiians -3 TT x K .lix-.go-. I. N- llilif X, rg ,sin I' Ning. ll' S I . --X v 3 413 1 -ff? , A 5 g2p'."'uJI f-If-L-4 h ? ' X u n 5' ' A X, , zghwiiuggqyllut mm- L a ' 'IMG V i4 1 adgzg ' fff N HARVARD! LASS or .' I 4 F-Z-'M' '6 W ' . ' ,' 47? ,1 , f" fl .f mln A , ,I - S MQ, fx f , IQ --. 'N' A Assy ,4 , tl' I f 1 1597 f' - ' -, 'Ffh A ff ' 'Tn lb.. iffy, ' - 1 ' ja? X V--null! -- , -f w - "'-'l',-,I - 4 ' 'X , f 'lT"ff - 1' ' f Q, , Q, 1' -- if Q l Q 0' . ? 'f5j'- 21412. A faq ',5 "'g.f.....vr - 1 xff' : - ' 43055 wh .... I -- -' 'Il Q-'.f.."' 'L::-L'- "' - - 'N 'A ' ff ' . Qx '5 f gf Vx 54 ,, fi --ff ---A -LP, 7 f K -:.'3YA'-JW -F Q, X - ' nf, -1 . ,- A -,,-J-pr ff 41 .f - gg., -- HW if--mg 3' fd' -- f Ji?f,if .srl-.2 -f - W K . . . 1 ' GREG ACCOLLA Class of "83" A-SXJ-C, T-L?S-B, J:OPf ML, GCX? I i wish all the Seniors the best of luck in their future. ' Activity. "Get-Tarded" Love. Cannadas wipeouts. Let the Roudyness Continue? Bye, QPN DAWN C. ACKERLY "Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A Farewell is necessary before you can meet again." - Richard Bach , . , a butterfly. Is he dead? Love to all my friends and especially my bunky. IXIXSI - I8 4' Lifzv- ROBERT AIKMAN - ,.... DONNA ALBERTSON 1 f PAULINE ANDERSEN +an - BF "The Funhouse 'SI' I'mon Ma!" "ouch" The Mad Dipper" wristine - "Boo, Totally!" "tell someone who. . , 'anne - 3rd period - Thanks! 1ris - Ilf2Of82 Thanks Mom S Dad BILL AQUINO Will always remember great times at North Shore.? Bowling, Bombs. Poker. lunch. DM, D.S., R.W., J.M.. M.B., P.B., J.H., D.H.. A.G., M,M. N.Y.M., N.J.D. NICHOLAS ARRIGAN Soccer itll - Hofstra - F.D.B. - MAM The Ditch. TSADBS - Schmidttes Cans! The WHO ... ... .Douche. ST wfCS. TAO. Debbie - I will always Love you W ILUS JOHNNY AURELIANO Raggster I. Blue Pick-up. white blazer Chevy Lil. 4- wheelin everywhere possible and not. Montauk, Sum- mer 82. Good time hanging out at the wall. who' driving the truck? CRobj Summer, 8l. 82, Licensed? Rocky S Pat cuz's. Cooker 8 Rag the dogger's. Good times and friends will never be forgotten. I9 as Q x .. , 1 - t, " -315.5-N , ,Nga-1 g TLf'Q1f x35.,'5,gw. .IQ , . - any ,.- ,A K. ,1 t:,.fr.i,.t ...,,h,v. 1-, S. .L 11 .tr ..:fft-:..'fO'1. -gag' A, f - it .,.. ,Qt- lv z. f '- l 1 'T ig ' 5. 1 miie, f' wt f X .3 T - s 4 JORGE AZEVEDO -.1-gr ferr 1 is R F! LISA BARTOLOTTI H22 SoftbalI?? Special Friends S Great Times Will ALWAYS Be Cherished 'CP' LH MS LB KD LC GC LK MM. BS? Pauly - Love Ya!! IGWEIWII! NEW YEARS EVE 80" Docksiders "Wanna Dance?" "That's HooorribIe"l Pina Colodas with Lisa!! "I'll Call Ya!!" "You've Got A Friend" Thanx Mom S Dadll - A Certain Someone Will Always Be Special S Nev- er Forgotten. 20 JOANNE BARELLO PATRICK BELLIDORO Cheech, Bug, Custom Blazer, Let's get them up ... Montauk 82, Sandpit's f get stuck never, 4-wheelers can do it anywhere. Thanx Mom 8 Dad S family. Good Friends R.L., J.A., M.S.. K.F., Spike, R.G., B.J., Linda July Sl. will never be forgotten. Bye Guy's, see you in the show's CTri-Stateh ,KK MELISSA BARR Walkin' down this rocky road, wonderin' where my life is leading . L.Y.M. 'Thanx .l.K. - ILY' - Karen - Carry on - Memories Can Never Be Forgotten: Leea. J.W., PA L.M., R.D., C.S., J.C., D.M.C H.G., L.C., DD ... ,, Beach Tard "82 f C.S.N. - NEVER STOP LAUGHIIN DREAM ON .. CORT BENSON ei "f M 1" JOAN BERTRAND t you're scared And you're thinking tat maybe we ain't So young anymore v B. Springsteen 913 ex' MARK BLACKMORE ll Remember 4th period lunch with B.A., J.M.. and L. had funtimes in avaition with Bob. Will never get Mr. Boylan "My good friend." HA iv' VICKY BHALLA Vikee.,lO,f9,X82 'AMWS' B.K. - B, Baby, Juggles. Squeaky, Dizzle, and "cheeries" SPPM - P.P., S.N. S.M.O.W.fScott S Angie G,T.A.R.ll! W.A,R. S Love - MBD MC LC DP MS JS AT CS GR AL MBD - P.T.A.S. u?D? "Tell mel" Angie - "Ground Control, "Marg - "Wha Bur!" Mickey!! Meerna - Jack's class, J.S. - 2X6 WWBF?? "fi"' 1' RALPH T. BIERSCHWALE " ... a master was once asked what was the most valuable thing in the world, and the master answered that a dead cat was, because no one could put a price on it .... " - J.D. Salinger qw ,,,., JOHN BOCK Ames "Don't you want to join us?" l was recently asked by an acquaintance when he ran across me after mid- night in a Coffeehouse that was almost deserted. "No I don't". I said. e Kafka. Sm, 5 5 f IAQ Q E' IQFWA' -if at ELIZABETH C. BONHAM II WlLLIAM RION BONHAM. JR. Quanerendo invenietis. f J.S. Bach 'Wi .lk DONALD BRENNAN 22 , N .W -, ,fag PERRY BOOKSTEIN -Mfr KERRY BREEN '?""""'Y LINDA BURKE Through the Years - Summer of 80' no work all p New Years Eve 8O'. DG -TFMGT SI-82 "Froggie" t "Brazilian Nut" Sinners I t ll through g E7 bad, best friends forever! BANANNASI Light b -- What?? Great times with Special friendsl 8-6 "Stan" f2m's FTM ILU SWEAWHN. Thanks - a v special family ILU - There's always a Brighter si I TERRY BURKE er Ter - Where's my shadow?? nnie. Summer 80 Sl IWALDARP JM - esp. A "Wish ou were here! "Pink FIoyd." Terry's Torino. 'GLT Y 1822 Whasup?l Yeah!! Thanx Mom! "The child is 'own, the dream is gone EMILY CAPOBIANCO Em" ACE . . . GTWfD.D.L.. K.T., B.H,. J,C.. K.S., P.L famaro. someday a Vette. High Impact and shows. ISC. Driving after hours with Karen. Bear" ... Debbie ... "Factuality" ... lfhris IfI2f82 One Fine Day ... 'hanks Mom S Dad, TIM BURNS 1122 Football. Lacrosse and the 3B's. Tard Fights wfT.M. ATLTSADB's with D.S., K.F.. D.B., T.R.. M.B.. J.P., and the W.W. THE WHO S E.J. in '82s Geersf The Tower. "I can't feel my-l"t M.C. - CINFTMWSJ -5 I'm so tired. - Late f MAUREEN E. BYRNE "You Garbonzo Bean!" Elre '82 S "Hunky" CFlamin- gosh Gd Fs: L.S.', E.S., A.T.. D.N.f Special Under- standing CD.M.b Great Peeps. Foxy, Dr. Wags, "M"er, Dr. Br. Bobby "STORMY" - Roslyn CBeepI Beeplh Tubular Stuff! Here COMES Lupi" 'A.M.L.P.' CM.A.A.j f G. Light- foot' Thanks Mom 8 Dad Es Ken' . .tg. it MARILENA CAPOBIANCO "CAP" "LENA" Soccer RIO, Cheerleading. BB. "Why?" 3S's. The Num THE GIRLS 3 STWSF - "THE WHO 82" SWAT: AugCG M.LI.D. 82! . . . Quartersg - STWABR - T,P. K.P. S M.M. CABRD, Kristin CFBFD 2t2:DD RB IOx .... CJVMSRD. BSC, NC, FF. JW. BM. KD, MC. "All I know is the way I feel. That it's real - I keep it alive!" 'I-I8-80 VAM CMFLD' 23 L ,. WQW, ..,, .W,,,,,,,, . Q . 7 f l T 2 ' i X SL Q L ., Sag, ,h , ' f' wr X 1 3 S K Q . .,,. ,,,,., . A ., X ' kgs'- fi-1 and ,rg A... . Qu yn as Q' f R Q' YV x 2 M MELISSA S. CARMICHAEL DIFFERENT. . .R.A.DS's neck.. .sing w. TB - What hole? ... Schnoogs S Boogs S IWALY ... JAE BLABDGT Mogul Bunnies 5 rabbits 'HA- VAHD' ER - lessonsl . .. BF Bimb S Bamb 7I9O. m.i SU: W S PC : GT Thanx mom. guys and chocolate ... "Knowledge is Power" - Hobbes S MSC SUZANNE CASEY Baby Jay , . . Special friends L.J., C.R., D.C., B.L., R.M. Long walks and talks 'C,S,' 'L.B,' IOfI7f82 Thanks Irv. 'S.E.' 867-5309 Lake George Saratoga '82'? Flying threw the courtyard. 'Frick and Frack' 'Forever?' Just walk beside me and be my friend. 26 PAMELA L. CHICOSKY "LA" . . .machine . . . 'LOVE' and 'THANKS' to Pat- ty and Robion CG.L.W.S.5. what parties?I "BUBBA" ... chokes , .. "POOP' '... 'sweetie' - watch itll! K.F. and K.C. W check! Thanks Mom! "'SWEET BABE"' - 9-I6-80 I.L.U.A. PAUL - DREAMS WILL ' Never Fade' so SPECIALIIII -4.91, MICHAEL CIFARELLI Best of times with goodlooking girl and good friend MG. LM, RL, V, F, And to things that just didn't worlj out, I wonder why? Best things in life are T 8 A, You know the deallll Thanks Mom. ,fag 'rf fsss ae-sw A ,.,:' AIMEE COFFEY IL Gymnastics Y Camp, Fabo 4, PCR -JOB . . . MFA: "ualf - men," sleighriding '80, who's the ribbon around 2-nite? . . . ff's Amer. werewolf . . . proms . .. B. C. CSK. A. M - Charleeeel . . . CP ' Gia - Let's Dancei IOXIO- lI,f82. . .SM -CORRUPTION. . .Jane - lwya - NMW 'The future none can see, the road you leave behind, ahead lies mysteryf """'9f f S 3 'rf' i if I f f ? JONATHAN COLBY "Jon" Capt. B.H. skiing at the Bush V.T. Canada 82. 83! Summer 83 - Westerly Bound? Police iii. Mike. take a Hike, Good friends CNerpsb M.C.. M.S., R.M.. R.G.? What? YEA! T.L,, R.C., R.P., J,M., Breezely, De- jum Trep! MissfL.M., J.P.. J.D. are B.G.'s. FLA - NY! Rm. I2 "club." Bye! 41' N8 "f'f't:v LIZ CONDLIN LC BOWLING ffl THANKS MET AND TEAM SAB OUTBACK WITH SEESTER MEMORIES: TT, TJ, JR, LH, BL, LM, AND MY ACE BRO, AND SA, CW, MM. JC. THANKS MOM AND POP FOR EVERYTHING YOU TOO MISS HIGGINS AND MRS ABRAMS QLNSMJ f no MARGARET CONNELL MARGO-REET Cheering - love itll Super. L.R..PCS. IDD? Maua - L.T. SSO. W.A.R, + love V.B. L.C. M.B.D. M,S. C.S. K.S. J,S, D.P. A.T. SECIBTCII Mare D's party. l.L.P.M.M.S Vic-hummunga? wha! Bur?? Deb 1 DYR IWTTTSII J.O.B. "M.l.A." Mum + Martin 6y"24,f'79 "L.L.W.M.l" Love You Byeeee. 0-me QU' Q ERIC COOK RITA MARY CORSITTO Reet, 118 FHC + CC BB + SB - Good times! Rato +- Pato "OB + Orts." Our Gand - LB EK HD MJ KM JD - Happy Hangers! Concerts + Cookouts '82 I07-8I 'MSWME VSF A BBoopT - BVD. May C.G. Thanks Dad, I Love You' "Happiness is not at the end of the road, but all along it." 28 ,Q me h E 5 JOHN E. COOK COOKER 330 the wall hangers Summer of '82 Bayville nights Montauk. "Don't we know you?" "Hey BJ wheres the floor?" Snagged the night of the accident. Good times with CW JA AH RG 68 NOVA Thanks mom - dad JAMES T. COSGROVE COS, L.L.L., Those Wild West Summers, Gusto Frib- bles. "lt's Under Control" Always ready to roll, TSA men. Mrs. Cash, Tight family and friends, D.M., S.B., G.A. Especially Tony and Ann. 'Living Life to Its Fullestf THOMAS COPPALA pl ' N its 1 .Mfr LAURIE COSTELLO "LAU" - 'Cheerleading' Homecoming l98O "Life is too short, so why waste precious times." Thanks to special friends - M.B.D,, JB. MC, LB. The moments must end i But the memories last forever! 'R.P. - CMFLJ - 2fl8f8l" ILY - Mom S Dad e MJMG Hold on to your Dreams S X Q 51 v- -'sew 43+ a r x X 1 s A X I. 5 . ka X Xxgglr 5 ,A 1 SS P gm i A MIKE COYLE F67 Football Canada 82-831 Skiing. Summer 83 - Vesterly Bound? KHK it Bud Shower '81 Good riends Jon. RG, CJ, RM, MS, IZ" club Thanks Coach 'loneghan MARYBETH DALEY lare Camp Wilma - Foxes wfBVBBll AFSpo- eroo. Blithzhoney W.A.R. + Love 2 PC's 1 VB MC I DP MS KS JS CS AT GR Clarice. Ruf! Ruf! leerna, 24 hrs. OH NOl?! She's fatl Margo, D's party! fha Bur? 'Prince. ptas u?? d?? "tell mel" 'T.O,P, I7 yvette BFFE llf'6,f'S2 Angie, WW TB IP . . . Thanx lomadude + Popadudell 90. A.. was ., , CHRIS CRUZ Born to be wild Good times at CDB BC. RCB. BOC. MB. Sgt, Peckers. Wimby's Escapes, Studio 54. . .Old Time threeo trio, Mugs, Dox. Hose ... Deep Blue Sea Always will lub Anne, 8s5f82 And Mom. ,."'llAf 1' ANA DA SILVA "BRAZIL NUT" "FROGGIE" 'sinners I S Il - friends forever ski-trips 'SO-'83fsummers '8O'8I, Beach Bumsll X-mas 'SI ILU father. New Years Eve "SI: S.W. S Gin-Tonicsll Special friends-n-great times . . . JD88 "I GOT IT." Thanks D.H., T.L.. B.O.. M.8.T, - S.S.B. I Love ya. '8f26f8l - always and forever . . . My End- less Love' Sf, F. And I must now face the world... GIA MARIE CURIALE Thanks CP. AC, LB, KD2, Dr. S, AJ AND LiB, for you friendship and understanding when I needed it. I5 PCI IOXIOIIXSJ. KDI + MDN 2 I2f?f82, CS ratings: K4-3-82 ... down that lonesome road ... X " Nobody knows. nobody sees ain't nobody really knows the inner side o'me " - Billy Squier .fi ROBERT DE GRAFF 29 , xy 'G CAROL DELLARATTA Hoi- "Little Angel?," HTP, Europe 'Sl and EL "The Pines," DS - alias, Va. Hospitality, Rad I.S. ILCK. Don'ts, SKO Inc. CDKJ - LE. Animal Power I,3,4!, CTF '83 Love and thanks to friends CHRI and family. Boi! "you have never become you are always becoming" - Leo Buscaglia KAREN DIXON We hurry through life never stopping to see how beautiful it was meant to be... lOfI4f8I- Alan, it's been great "lust talking"l!! If303lf82', lOfl0llf82. AJ., G.C., C.P., L.B., A.D., K.P., 'Summer 82' Hampton Beach Bum! Thanx Mom 8 Dad! 30 ' -, """' fvssnulr DEBORAH ANN DELOUKER GTWX E.C., K.T., K.S.. L.G., L.J., 'Mrs. Youngfertf will ALWAYS be remembered! - SCl.c., R.G Y.W.A.B.S.f SKI-ing? SILVER CORVETTEXMONTE CARLO. Cruisin'. EMILY ... "FactuaIity!" ... 'NICK' .... We'll stay together FOREVER! . Q4-5-SID ... Teddybear ... Thanks M S D, DSJ, L Kgyby E F A g SUSAN C. DINONNO "Chamy" gang W I' V+K, L+J, A, K. M. D' Dian VICKI + IRENE, B.F.F. Squeeze, The Police, Track 3 X-country. A.F.S. l8I2. G-I-J. Roslyn. Ingalside U.S.F.+N.J. "Well we all shine on .. RONALD SCOTT DOERING For the Love and Friendships. The Times that were good and the ones even bettel The Priceless gifts in all forms. I Thank everyone very much. Goodbye l E S .ft gf, l KRISTIN DOHM '9 Field Hockey - M.R. S the gang C78-795 C.S. atings S B-days - G.C. S C.P., B.M. C'8I - "Hello .Y"j The "incident", STWSF: Marilena CFBFD +2:DD, RB IOx . . . CJVMSRD, Thanx MSS: 'Mike' f24f82 - K.P. S M.M. Light my fire - Who knows what tomorrow brings?" JOSEPH DRAUCEK -i.-d'!f JOHN F. DOMINGUEZ Cortland 82 Road trips IS2 what a BLOWOUT . . . To bad it was at 7Ol W.C.G. T.B. Lets Rock Sl-82 3 period Lets go drinking, shotgun, Mtehain Look out he's in the pitll Party at B.O.B.s K.F. Lets Race. . .to bad you don't know how to drive. X-I9 lil ZX ir? ,Mae as E RICHARD LLOYD DOXEY Polly-O-Desperate Times with JM, CC Many Pina Coladas with LC, LH Friends Forever RL. VO ALWAYS REMEMBER II-27-8I Sgt Peps with Darlene 'one sweet dream' OH - Really Volkswagen. Buick Soon to ride and HD 'THANKS COOK' CAROLINE DUCREST 31 J JEANNE IANTHE DUGAN "Jeanie-l" CWeanD Summer of '82 Sunrises and peas with Col Good times with good friends MG " CR LZ DL LC 'LET IT SNOW' What dent? 5f28f82 JP Will always be special "Yesterday's gone Carry on" Later NS MUCH -.,,,, DOUGLAS DUKE Breathe, breathe in the air Don't be afraid to care Leave, but don't leave me Look around and choose your own ground For long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see ls all your life will ever be. Pink Floyd 32 WT. f 'vi ':,5.3"" GEORGE ECKSTEIN "Gonna Leave this Brokedown Palace, on my hands and knees l will Roll, Roll, Roll." A , t x i t5'i" '--'seal ' ' T ' A X 'fit BERNIE EDELSTEIN A man has the power to make dreams come true .. Traveling, XL 250, T.A., Art always a serious hobby l'll never forget you Miss Higgins, good times, E.A. lt life is full of surprises .Thanks family. -'UK will g S. NAOKO ENDO na f MIDGE, LML. Viking Masquers, computers. ance '82 Great times with friends - - will never be gotten, Thanks Mom. Dad, and Friends. 41" LYNN ELISTIS "We are the music-makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams." - O'Shaughnessy SAF's. C-lO3. "products", Triple W, Fiki, '82, Bvd - S.P. - great friends Thanks. Dr. Stark. l love you. Mom and Dad. is x. s London ,pun KEVIN FALK BASEBALL 3123. Islanders Never Rangers forever, "Late Night Windows". Best times and friends with Derek, Roger and The TURS, THANKS MOM S DAD 8 KAREN KENNY l Love You All ... LK '82 . .. sqm... KAREN FILASKY 'Glenn -f you'll always be very special' I-4-3 3'2O,f8O Black Cutlass-n-T.A. Good Friends will al- ways be: M.H. M.C. L.H. L.J. CR. T.C. MA. 'Mego ff We're total "Hoov's"l' Had a blast but glad it's over Thanks Mom-Dad 33 JACQLIELINE FLEMING Best of times with good friends: L.P,. CH., J.R., S.A., L.N., M.G., J.B,, G.L., ETC Remember all those partieslll! Incredible, edible, cherreis! "I was smoking Mom." "'Love ya, G.B.!"" 4-ever "lt's a magic kind of love!" KEVIN FRANK LACROSSE 28 Where is MARS A- .I.T.? Tard Team '82, '83 c.c. - STELLA BLUE 4 - Jorma A TSADB's f Lite .. ... "Swampin" ... IH ... Fat Man Be All You Can Be 34 LISA FOX If you can imagine it you can become it. Mom. Discipline risk. Thanks Glo. Chchanges, Gigolo. Pink. Bobotch. Juice Buscaglia. To thine ounself be true i love you dad. W1 GARY P, FRANKLIN Well, I finally did it. Will always remember Stay-Go's, Peter Obes, L.N.. G.S., P.H.. R.L., D.R,, M.L.. Maryrose. Late night road trips, HAHangovers. Best phrase, Alrightie then? ANTHONY FRANCO H99 Football North shore rlfl Next year K.P. A.T. G.C. Best years with the M.D. Hackers. Live it up E1 party. In High School we fooled around and had a good tin but now we must settle down and become somebod :H+ N-wa. KAREN R. FREEDMAN Come forth into the light of things. Let Nature be your teacher, Wordsworth ., ...h N? ua :X f Qs X l e 5 Ma at i' if X ARISTEO GALIAN ne is the essence" - B.O,C. 'istotle." Baseball, hockey, track fyakatimej AIN '82 Qclick!D' "Perverted" '79-'83 IICO IOf3Of82 Social lntercouse with K.W. - a cial friend. Good luck to all my buddies! College here I come HOLLY GEHRHARDT e Happy Hangers' E,P. K.M. D.P. R,C. L.M. B.T. NLG. D.W. .l.B. NLC. J.W. L.C. f Good times ve shared! more to come! Europe 80. Sl, 82, Can- 83?? Skiing H.A.G. E F.A.G. Sr. Cut Days. Honey- f. Ladybug O.B. "Llltlmate" M.J. W.K.K Nov. c.g, WHO + E.J. - What Organization! Summer of - TYTMSF. .---Q, """b NORA KATHLEEN GAVIN Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age The child is grown. and puts away childish things Childhood is the Kingdom where nobody dies. Edna St. Vincent Millay FAITH GETZ "Joe - Lifeguard" ski: A.F. C2 1 HAG,'FAG - MM -l- D.D lost? NEVER! DAIQUERIES wflana T.A.N. "J.- .leff i+fclyb Mel: 7,v'9+4,,f ever friendship. CSN JLS speedingpepcar? Docks. Barrie Boom! Bari, Lana. Mel.. Jodi., Jen., Aim.. Hol, Ali, NRBf long talks - amazing times DENA GECHTER Well Evelyn we finally did it! "REMEMBER THE T.R.l.P.S." On to do the things that will please me. April "SO" Grateful Dead Dividers and green grass Take good care Rick W. Thanx Mom and Dad Love Jeff always - 6-5-Sl Jones Beach LATER E.M. - YOU'LL NEVER WIN!! X 5 CHRISTINE GILCREST MH JM DI NG NE - TR 'APRIL 3 '82 - CSB, MSK' SHORTY S OJ. "Our Car" Marv S Butch ' I jokes' Halloween Er BK Parties "Love is the Answer" John Lennon Wayne E7 The Beatles - friends forever BK ff- WAHSFF A Scott N. 35 RAY GOMEZ "TACO" Many fun times with friends, LL, GR, TT, PH, RW, AL, AB. JR, SA. CW, OZZY, and the rest of the crew, "Later much North Shore." Love Mom and Dad Ti 1? ELIZABETH GRIFFITH MAUREEN GRAU QW-PPE '71 , ..v, ,sh AMY GUNTER ROY GUSTAFSON 36 Football ii7I, good times with M.S, M.C, B.L, J.C, Fl D.G, P.B, The Grand Pig. T.W Thanks a lot Dan. C ADA, Did you what? Yeah! Thanks Mom and LI Bye 1rZ'fff'? X... ! MARGRETTA P. HAASE trina - can always be found with Gina. Honey-n- tie B,F.F A great year 78-79 MR + the gang llANK YOU" R.W. PBR 45OSL GREEN! L.S, "TRULY" XLVF lO,f'l2 ,"' 82 cuz lLY K.F. - "BABE" AWLSB lnks to my family. Mom. I'Il remember and love 1 FOREVER if-1' CHERYL HALL are all one in that we share a Common humanity. q.9f MARILYN HAHN Ma DJ JM CG NE NG CR JN April 3, l982 Kevin will never be forgotten Merging f D+D 'jokes' Out Car Great Adventure with Kevin Charlie Debbie .A ANDREW J. HALL Memories of "Hell Rides" in '76 Chevy. A.O.K., Natural Light, l5l. Allman Bros.. and Dregs QI Thanks M+D Islanders will bring fourth the cup! ,xfmwsf J 1 K .fffsassd l 'Qi irt f e life ANI HARATUNIAN Life is an endless process of self discovery 1 JG 'What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies' 37 ,WJ :gi M 'U M H ,, , V 14, LISA HARTIGAN Good times and special people will always be remem- bered . . . LC "TWlNS?" DW. JB, LG, LB, JD, CR, RO, JG - Bennihannas, Pina Coladas, Docks, California, at the Beach! "l'll call ya", The Prom, Cortland - we're havin a party! thanks momfdad CILYD JOHN M. HINDE great times with Masquers. LML. Will always remei ber my friends. S.C.S.S. Rins Brothers! lnstint ..... elmo' did you cheat again. lt's not fair He's standi' B.K. R les. Re e b L.P.. R.G. E.O. l k' U 'T' 'T' ef 4 was Smo 'HS MICHAEL HENDRICKS Thanks Laura for everything! momlb J.F., T.F. M.G, C.M, C.G, Tatoo's oo yea, baby! CHERRRY! meep meep. The best fights are with best friends, keeps you on your toes. Q-tips, Ugghlll CAREN HAVEKOST 38 EDUARDO IDIAQUEZ x . A 'X-k ff' I A DEREK IRWIN Herb U7 Baseball, Wrestling. lifting and Munging. The card collector. Good times with Boggsi the Bo- sox, Conan and Ozzy. Boman and Prettyboy - Henpecked! "Come to my window." 6f27,f8I Barred from Mary- land - Oh Those Crazy Days - .4Un..., I .,,f.. ,,,,,, i,,,,4,," . V- ,, nj! f ., 5, .5 r32,V,?A55 4 8 5, ,1g?ra,4f.,A M Af". -:gl 2 'f-if "-2 ,-'- "-. f'df?vff'r'1fQ, . ' " ' f. 1 .,f -. ' 'n','r'-..f,- -1 4. 4- .1 . f ,sf '- ff- '1-'f',,f'3i4:'1sf 9191"-fff'f' -V "4iv7'1",f.,'iu 'D I '31 -fZ"" ' wV',.f'9'Y"' ,A iJ.Em:fQ4f"' I' V gn' My I "TQ- 2 1 fimzf-f .' iid .fl 'f 2 K Www A . 34,7 .ma W E ALAN JACKSON HACKER 8 XCWXTZGER, SHARKY. CHUMLY - SUM- MER '82' i How can I explain f I can't - lO,f"I4,f82,flOflO- llf82ff V29-3Of82 so many places -fairway zoning - thanx for the talks Kal - theres a message in every word. and its more than the word you heard 3 thanx MSDMET LAUREN JENSEN SHORTY ... Good times S Special friends CR, SC, DDL, GT's 6f'I2f82, "THE BIG SWITCH". Upstate w,!CR - my muskateer, SWTGOL? "'SMlLE CAUSE SOMEONE LOVES YOU"' Eric S Erac forever!! TFEFIALY ,.., Thanks Mom S Dad I love you Florida . . . Here I come. 39 t F. 4 ,. an A W M. uisy :di .A-rl. 'X tr ,..b 49 14 1 if S-if x if, ,f af? sw-4 1. ,:. sw is R Q 5' .ff s. Y JE' 9. . , Q Q 1 "S, an 2 K i VF A 'W Q -a A 5 'Q Y' 8391! ., ,mfffffiifgig TOM JENSEN Looking back on some good times IIf6f8I Remembering Allman Brothers CSO, Sl - NYEWT. T. AE. RJ SHRMS wfT.T. 8f6f8l, City wfJ.F., T.T. GfChevelle, ZAPPA, and Ter' Thanks Mom, Later N.S. Much! S.A.B. F. -...J ,wi TRACY JOHNSGN H34 Football ri! track "states 83?" Mung who's on a three dollar bill? C.l.W WXTD SM BG ZR CR "not to forget Erving" M.S. - CWN FT MW SA WSH - will love you forever! Always strive to your ultimate goal and never look back! T.J. 42 K' 'nr' , CHRIS JOHANSEN i142 Football.. .1432 Lacrosse . . . I77 Ib. wrestling . .. DIANE JQHNSON Parking at Geers and Pophanghang . . . Canada 82 E1 83 Hacking SI, 82 'LS' lOf24f8I will always be remembered Di MH .IM NE NG CG Butch 2 '--- Jokes Assets M-E-R-G-I-N-G with DSM 5 l THOMAS KAEUN Track '82, hurdles Cbuzz-buzzb. Drums bring joy to the world CArtuuy??D. Nothing is ever easy. MATTHEW KARWOWSKI On the whole, l'd rather be in Philadelphia - W.C. Fields DAVE KEENAN Bean It could be anywhere Vlost likely could be any frontier Any hemisphere Cdichi ono camochij Eff! CHRISTINE H. KIM No human thing is of serious importance. - Plato 'What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodiesf v Aristotle I ALLEN A, KEITZ C.H.S.S. - E.B., J,P., J.G,, LB., S.A,. J.G., S.C.S.S. J.B.. K.M., J.H. Thanx 'T.R.' J.N., F.K., D.A., M.M., R,W., B.B. JAPAN? And to many others. who made this trip almost worthwhile! QWCRN fa '49 'TI -Li'5' KAREN KILKENNY What I want to know is where does the time go? G.D, will always remember the goot times with 'MELIS- SA' LEEA' ROB' iw. Beachtard. mm with H.G. sum- mers here and the time is right ,... C.S.N. l.L to laugh WXMB. 'VH E,g-fixes PERRY KLEEMANN i!l9. Soccer. Hoops, Baseballi Dothe no show. do the Fly. The Mavl. Rato S Patot Loftingl, Hey Hole: Good times with E.C.. A.D.. D.P., M.S.. Thanks EDI, D.P.L.F.ll Hey Scrot Luv ya Whozl DAVID KLIMAN 43 CHRISTOPHER KOSIEJA KOJHSMOKEM.. I'm glad it's over ... THE ROAD ENDS HERE. , .Here's one. . ,MB and CUZ, Don't F- - UP I'm gone. I hope HEIDI L, KROETZ " . . . One thing you can't hide is when your crippled inside . . . " CP, RS CRPJ, MS 'I love yous all "Sheep Balls" I'm me therefore, l am. Mom S Dad and Mom S Dad, Thanks. ich liebe dich 44 LANA KOZYREFF "Lola" A great year 78 - 79 f M.R. and the gang, Making Daiquiries with Faith, S.S. with Barrie. T.A.N., Hunter Mt. with Alison, Canada '82, "DIP S BJLACH - S.B., Docksiders, Studio 54, CSN, AR, BM, FG, LB, JS, SM.. MEMORIES 'I love you Tommy' ":1:'7 . 2 A f e ,as DEBBIE KROBOTH Summer '82 - CC - Spain '81 Journey Special friendst CDR, EO. CM, LR, .IEN - Thanks!! 'Eddie' IOflOf82. SKO, Shopping, Diets - YUK! BLTK, Times to be remembered with family - Thanks for EVERY- THING Mom S Dad - I love you "guys". Nw- . NATALIE KRUMBERG I'II always remember my good friends who made N.S. fun . . . LG, NE. remember what happened that Friday night in S.C Embarassinglll Great times shared with CD S JS during chorus and lunch. Florida IIXSI Good Luck To All. if -W-4' TONI LA JOY 'Little Rat" Rudy 2fshoes GVF Duster - "Rat Patrol" Christine g best friend and partner in crime, Rocky 07-8I IWALY 4-26-82 "Wishbone" at the wall! The 3ond May'82 Bob TFL-I-C. Johnny Y isouobintlll Zumfn-Coke-Yago, Good Times will never be forgot- ten. "GOOD FRIENDS" will always be remembered. Thanks Mom S Dad f in If MARC LA SALLE Having great times with JC, RB. PB, KW. JB. JM, DA. SL. LA. DA, l. Spain in my bills, SB. Out back with Mich S J.D. with C.W, S M. S FD, Crank up the tunes right brown. Driving the gray bomb LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD GOODBYE N.S,H.S PATRICIA A. LAWRENCE 'Meanwhile thesethree remain: faith, hope, and ove, and the greatest of these is love." I Corinthians l3:l3 ,aurie, Dad, Mom. Bro's S Sis. What more could I ask lor? Good Luck! RICHARD LALIER Baseball 26, Hockey, lronmen BI Floor Hockey Champs '82, Deck Hockey, Islanders, "EARS", "Hang- er" 50 G's, Roller hockey f' ...c. '-.i Fi S: I ' . if 151 .iitlt 2 it . .." ' KATHERINE LEACH I-OUND GA '8I. MUD's 8l+82 Best friends Special times 'LM RB ED JL MH JD, KM' 2VSF f- ML Jr. E, Sr. Proms, Harb. cookout, Jan. CG, 'Summer of '82 - VM' 1 The times we shared are in the past. What is left are the memories. 1 45 S . .,,r' ANTHONY J. LEGGIO Legs. Gusto Fribbles, TEA Men. "Can't ya see". "How'd it go?" Good times with good friends, D.M., A.S., T.M.. G.A., Especially great times with Jimmy. 'All my love to Sally - 4f4f82' The best is yet to come . . . SUE LENZ Smile! Explorers, FHH9, Track, G.O., Mac's Lounge, "The Pines" FMD, Roadhouse, Icing , . . "I can't" Ani- mal Power I, 2. 3 CTF '83. Leney, Trace, Double S Blondies. Josey. Step, neighborhood and Juno will always be remembered. "I've loved these days" B. Joel 46 fbi CHRISTOPHER D. LEWIS MASOUERSI VVIEW. S-n-G. Thanks to my closest: ME TM KM JH TL BJ MM OM ED CT LV JS RM AT LS CP BM MC. Summer '82, thanks BPMF. MP CD LB FF! WW WB JM MC "l trust him." 0lObefore Il. lf9f82 PF IL YA AW What is life without emotions? B.J. LIZZA Summer 822 Montauk S.C,D.. I.C.B.'s and Pool Part ties. Motocross lil. Amy I love you' 6f23f82. T ' friends will always be remembered. 1158 Rooky, eyed. 4x4er's. P.T.S.'s K.S. "Ma" E R.L Than Mom 8 Dad. W.A,Y.A.D.?? BARBARA BETH LEOPOLD nileyg"Bubbles - A great year '78-'79 A M.R. and ie gang 4 Christmas '8O'8l - Sweet Sixteen '8l - 'CWP - Glenwood Y Montauk '82 -V Good times ith PC, CH, PH, LC, KS, BH - "Smile it won't kill al" 'Ricky TY FA YL ASXIL YS MA IS MW 1 "l'll ever get enough" - lw'3O,f82" - Thanx DAD and lOM CLLUD ROBERT LONGO Disco Bob!! Summer of 8ll! Liscence?l! Who's driv- MAUREEN LOONEY ing? Many good times with friends, BL. JA, PB, KS, and plenty ofLCBllThanks Mom and Dad!lANNETTE --A day for toil an hour for Sport I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU 8,f'24f86l!ll Always Pray- But for a friend is me mo Short -1 mg!!! Emerson Hannibat - Elephants Navajo 4 Antigone 2 l ,-ni? JAMES LUDLOW Standing at the crossroads Trying to read the signs To tell me which way I should go To find the Answer And all the time I know Plant your love and let it grow -- E.C. J.J. WHO - '82 Friends. canoes, Harbor C.O. GP Lives THOMAS R. LLIMI X HRX Baseball XI4. Austria 83 I2,"7f82 S.L.s KL Pin-Head DIANE LUTH Blazer Accident 82 "I can't drive" Law suit W.W.R. Good friends f SGF. Amy, .I.A.P. Lost Hori- zons. Troublel B.B. "The Beach" Thanx Mom 8 Joe. H.B.R, Lost B.H. again whats up? D.T.IVI. Bye guys .. 4-mai' .vial NX MICHAEL MACKIE "I've always had a wonderful future, It's just my pre- sent that keeps screwing me up. - anonymous mfs: Dawn, 1 Love You. 48 JOHN MAGLIIRE "Mugums" Good times out back in "8O" Hoops shmities and the head in SI wild times with CC S RD Desperate.,Just for a night. Summertime blues OB Feb 82, 'Love Ya Sue' Time to think. Later N.S. 'QQ RONNIE LUYSTER "Don't dread on the past," Crusin in the Grand Pri and Mustang. Peppers, Tappens and the checkmate To good friends RD., S.V.. G.F.. RM., S.B., R.S., LN will never be found without his bean. 6f4,!82 CHRISTINA IVIANIATIS VAN HALEN lil! Diver Down Tour '81 Special tim with special friends. Staci and Chris best friends f life. Summer of '82, Where have all the good tim gone? Later much J.C. 'Suu-F ,- E. oz ' JAcouELiNE MARRONE i l ' W L S Good friends MH. NG, NE. DJ, CG. JN will be remem- RICHARD MARCH ' bered. Butch. Chains or Marvin? mories, winter SI. 82, M.M. Friends forever fond What assets? X mories of friends old s new, Thanks AH, TM, Rs, ' ,CV. CH SP S PP and everyone else. Chevy. "The L g", Islanders iii, Lunch time activities, "Seven- ', Thanks Sue, "Mickey" l lokesl Espana 82 with D.K. Our car Thanks Mom and Dad BERNIE Mc CABE BETTY-JO MATZINGER ' woods are lovely. dark and deep. I have promises to keep. I miles to go before I sleep, i miles to go before l sleep. - Robert Frost inks. Mom and Dad puns 71" --'-9' JIM MASIAKOS Just passing thru. opague. why? IL MF AM why not? FFZMM, JM, KM+JG palm trees, Green water - Islands Forever. for-is MICHAEL MCCARTHY GO-CART. Soccer D2 - Hofstra 'SO-'82 Hackin' '81, '82, '83? MAMTD, DSLS. Tard Crew '82, SAYWALD, BOOFOUT. TSADB's, E.J, S THE WHO, EAT MY ROOMS - IOf22f82. PONGCA. Thanx MXD, But l'm Just An Excitable Boy. CWZD LATE . . . . 49 RODERICK McCONNELL New A i, as A ROBERT MCGUIRE "When someone says to you 'I'm dying to tell you ' Let him die" - Jaques Prevert Well what did you expect from 30 words TIM MCDONALD Soccer 11lO"FOLlT" The Rib Tard Crew 82-83 "Mam The Ditch" T.S.A, Dons Ithaca l2O Canadal "HOFSTRA", E.J. - "Douche" T.F. wfTim B ..Late "ta SUSAN MEEHAN "SMlLlNG SUE", pink, "the cheerleaders," "the moon is risingl", Bermuda "82, PARTIES. hrb's 4 kb. "Why is the Sky Blue?" - "WGFAll" Mel, Al - AC - corruption, LS, KG, JM, LK. JS2. love ya - thanks! 'Michael - lLY and miss youll Midnight Sky, Sept, I3. l98O. Remember our treell?' 50 JOHN MEHRKENS "Mehrk's", MONTREAL CANADIENS 1133 Sevigny, Chicago 1135 Espositoa Devils lil Chic, NYR iI4l Mio, Goalie, Hockey New Fishing1The Bomb CGet Lostjf BA. MB,PB,R RM, TW AND DS THE Fourth ? s, Car L,TL,. L ELIZABETH MEIER 'Id Hockey K5 - Always the greatest times ing Colorado wfMoe - DACC, laughing!! e best of friends hold the best of times - IK RB AJ JE HD DML' Hemp. Cookout Feb. CG LK - st "Did youl?" Love my family. P" G Q .Sli ! KARL L. MELISSEN With All the B.S. I've had to put up with in the last four years, I'm glad I had friends and family there when I needed them. Goombye. Marlena i ff ki' . l , X ,f . i.'l I ' 'F EE , 93212 K K , Elf, .2 5 A . lt' 5 JOHN J. MESSER Few things are harder to put up with than the annoy- ance of a good example. - Mark Twain A Faithful friend is the medicine of life. - Apocrypha 6:I6 NS, TR, RB, JB, WB, MS, BC, M-l-D. ii if . . 1' kj ll ., LINDA MESSINA ROBERT MICHAL most completely lost of all days is that on which ... H64 . .. H27 ... "Hey Pete Piper!" '8 Pack At- has not laughed. racks' 'Connf The Scandle - B.I.T.S, Fairway Zon- 4 Chamfort ing "Humm" S.A.S.C.B., W. Sking, S.W.I. "Hello, Ri- .F.N poffs" Fla. - NYXJC "Do not take the limits of your own field of vision for the limits of the world." 5I DARRYL MILLER lReally love MOM 8 DAD and proud of my Bron Great times in school. Friends, hoops, girls Cwoofy cakes S legs always and forever? I really loved you MB - Navy here I come. 4 years CElementaryD We made it "D" 41" ,ff-A ROBERT J. MILLER Miller Skinny I.C. Bud's forever Days I won't forget . . . 4-3-82 Uoannej 4-I6-82, N.C.P. - 'If ...Senior Cut Day '82 Jamaica? ... IGI!-82 - The Corps .., SOUTHBOUND - GONE... ... 52 '!'W"T!' ELIZABETH MINK Crusin' with Bobby in the 'Dip'. Good friends, a fasr vette, and great times are the ONLY things remem- bered. MB, JW, KK, RL, LC. Beachtard. Thanks Mom and Dad. I love that shameless hussy guy. I-Mi' JOHN MORELLO "The world is full of Kings and Queens. Who blil your eyes and steal your dreams, its Heaven at Hell." B.S. All Glory to God, BARRIE MOSKOWITZ r Ba S the Ka - Memories of an irreplaceable 'ndship, MSA deals MMDWOBS "the incident" - OJ K.D "HeIlo ILY . . . " Skating CABFCBFF 'I cialize' 3-27-82 Monowk. JessMBSTlLY Faith The y., Boom Gw-JGAD IWABHAC - LY Bimbi S nbi BLABGTLY - Lessons - Mari k TCSIK "l" tmy Bun-Bun S,S With Lana T.A,N. Jackie - "TJJ" !VSF..MDd ILY!!! 8 SUZANNE NEIDER Volleyball lil! Hang "Finally a real coach!" Summer '83 JR KM SMC Susan E1 Kathy Van-Redlight- Conn. Deb - Which way? "Elwood!! Where" More Good times! Thanx Mom, Dad, Gram, Mlch. Love ya "lt just doesn't matter" D ? ITS L I w LAURIE SUSAN NELSON Can always be found with Graziano, 9f3f8I. TLA . .. "Good times and Good Friends" will always remem- bered: ARfChampaign FG, AJ, TB. PH, MC, KL. AZ, SS. Long talks.. Courtyard.. Stay-go's Thanks Mom. Dad, Dawn, Grandma l LOVE YOU!! JEANNE MARIE NEWBOLD Thank you Mom and Dad, my family and friends. 'Ml Love You Frank - I2-5-STH' DJ NG PA MH One was always there. Goodbye North Shore Thanks DJPANGTRI 53 1xv'?fff' I , EVELYN L. OLIVERAS Dena we finally made itl Remember the snowy days and all the trips I love you Michael Anthony "Coke"' Heinekensm' Diets" Grateful Dead 4f8O Bye Steve R.W T.T D.M R.R I love you Jessica Thanx Mom ff'-ga AL WILLIAM O'ROURKE SWILL - Fond memories of Mega Kegs. the Caddy always on Excellent. CIIDXSJ AL, TH, CK, YACKD 6flOf82 "MiIler we're Lost!l" Stock in Anheuser Busch, But any Beer will do. Remy, I'm Southbound. 54 PATRICK OPPIZZI CANADA The Triologyl Tard Crue of '82, MM, KF, MS, CS, B. Fout . . .Slip-Kid getting high, you can't beat it.. Late N.S.H.S. There is no easy way to be free. Tony G's Big Break- fast EILEEN OSMERS "I'm finally out in the clear and I'm free I've got dreams I'm living for" S. Perry + Journey: IOXBIXSI, 5f6, U82 OBSES- SION ? Why? W-Gems. Where'd she go? N+F Party, Kristen, Caren, CM, DK, LP, JF "So much to say, those yester- days... the memories never fade away" the begin- ning DANIEL ORAN Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp what's a heaven for? - Robert Browning DIANA OTHON Friendship is a sheltering tree. - Coleridge AJP' CONSTANCE PAINTER ns't . . . Mirrorphobia, GTWGF - LB. AC, GC, KDZ, - I5 P.C. Night, IO! - IV82 CP's - 53.75, "OOh rve" - C.S. Ratings C-I?j WLB, Eddie - CA Special Friendb New t 2 M? S 1-.-. 19' sf I 4 A . I , KENNETH PEREZ IOZ" id-Times - WITH SPECIAL PEOPLE, and Special res. ats up Mrs, L. it Rock ' Let Roll ' Let it be S SONGS' nks M+D w-sua? aj, LINDA PANZELLA Good times with special friends: CH, JE, TF, JB, CG. -I- BK People. Cherrrrylll "'l Love You Joey"' Together Forever 7-8-Sl DEBORAH PETROSINO Ep Hg Dw Jb Lm Bt KI .Iw Mg Rc S special times will always be treasured. E.J. + The Who '81 Elaine, summer of 'SI August C.G. A+B 2:00 am.m M.LI.D "SI-'82 Senior Cut Days 'Bil- ly' ILY Mom, Di, Sue and BooBoo .IEANMARIE PASCLICCI Photography is a language . .. speak to me Its not over yet. i love you '17---f DEBRA PFISTER Bdbra S Cheerleading CPCSJ W.A.R. + LOVE VB, MBD, MS, MC, JS. KS, CXKS, KT LC fc-capsb ..DON.. memories '79 BVBB Club Naps needed. Green M-I-M's -PCR-PMM "NICK" G.L.S. Thanks for al- ways being there. ILUNII very much IIflIf82 C5 yrs.j bb's. PLT do dah, do dah. 55 AN N s 1 eff? 0. Q. we ':f'5L'T'4,xf , ,,, ., " mf: :ir ,LW -lf -V fi y i "f H I .fwg fvi I Q -Y , ' hi 3 ,S L99 - , :,!2A5?.,,: ' i Q ' Rm - x x Y X ww A Q ' hh ' H" u fr-.aww K M v ff ww. J qQ ..-:W if 'K ,M W1 .., I W., 5 . In Q4 mf br . , 'W W K H Q 4 fn ,ff i SENIORS B OGIE BETTER! Z fi, W' MQW w 14 H' 'Z ,, ,Q 4. , in Y Y H M, ' ,VI', , ,EY , ' E2 ,Q Vw my " xx f xiii? V I 4 W Yyvggiv I ' ' f - I ELAINE PIASECZNY GREAT MEMORIES Y HK DD RB KL JM LB JM Field Hockey 113-Spaz. Honey-Doo? DP - Summer '8l, ASB 2.00, JBF WHO? April c.g. "Ultimate .... -OB- Thanx K.M. - Miss ya How did she get in there? - TYMADILY f WILLIAM J. RAWALD Hang . . . Soccer, Wald, "Tard Crew" '82 SMOAJ Go Cart? Eat my rooms - IOf22f82 The Who Farewell Tour i IO-I2-82, G.C E.C. Apples. Many sorries and THANKS Mom and Dad. LATE .. 58 .3 R 4 ? I l.. x 1 e y , H JANICE PLATZ Acept me as l am so I may learn what I can become... Good times with D.L., A.G. Troublel Smilel Germany 6f82. Love ya Paul CBLDD 5fI6f8l Thanx Mom and Ang. ...aranuiilgy SCOTT PULLO The fear of the tree buckets as the vocal urine creep across the bathroom floor. 4'.ZiL39 .l.P, REALI "Aiko-Aiko All Dayl!" .... .Greek Pottery .... . 'Stell Blue' "SLOWHAND" A '69 Strat' MARS? - J.T,' "Lately it occurs to me... "Swampin', l.H. WHO 82 "THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO DO BUT SMILE SMILE, SMlLEl" LEEA REINHARDT Po you come from JERSEY? Wine S Chips S . teve! Always love ya Beanie S Lizzy - Florida LK - fliss ya NJ. From Japs to Preps - Melissa and Karen 'hanks - Hello! Driving is HAZARDOUS TO MY IEALTH ....... . You got me love - CSIl HELENE RICCIARDI CCLAS. RAD QHoi!J Champagne Parties, McDee's, vlasquers. 3M's, l.S,. ILCK. Good times WX LGB. Sum- ner '81 7fl6f82' Sean A forever in my heart CILYV. 2 a.m. rides. SDB, Awesome! Thanks MSD-xo "lt's :ime to spread our wings and fly" JL BETTINA REMACLE Kittens, Unicorns, Buttons, Thespians PLlnky, N.Y.C. Trips, Masquers, Squeeze '81 Many friends, Mega initials - TB. SG, HK. CP, NO, SF, PF, JB. HS. "THANKS" J'aime Sea Cliff Will it matter .AAKCL. CAROLYN REYNOLDS Our doubts are traitors And make us lose the good We Oft might win, By fearing to attempt. Shakespeare 53" ssas K gty. , :L E as s DAVID ROBINSON f"- LECIA ROMANO Special friends are forever - Meg, Ellen, Debbie N. Carolina - "BRICKHOUSE" - Community show- er: "pass the soap." Pizza Hut cape ABT - "Boat people." RANSOM BEACH - G.D.O.I. cars, stones and V.H. 'SI Thanks Mom and Dad g -.MX-I ALLISON ROONEY Bonjour! Europen E1 M. RA. RA's 'FB Parties' Walk this way' Ms PREP CVCH' ABESSlstntbs2cccs. Lei, Waz, Oct Fest, Lola LMSCJ. Thanx fam, "5"? SM-SMS 'skistratton IXSI CPA, JB, DP, MLR, Neil Proms, WF' Jet'aime Stevell Travelonll Franish. 6?? BLOW OFF NS! 60 ERIC RUBENACKER CLN. t E.R.j S.M.E.G.M.A. Steely Dan forever. "Out back" RUSH, Tull, LSN. CK.S. t A.B.j K.A.T.A.D.L.N. golfcourse We've joined the human race, some things will never change. Bye Q TODD RUNESTAD ZAPPA, Birdman from Alcatraz, Birds, Bees, Inks Ice-nine . . . l'II betcha a nickel ...The Save IOXIXSJ Montana: the exciting sheep - Dead and contemplating, iourney we more into the nightmare famous last words - FRIENDS? Cpoor tableau. fansj ga :QE x Vi 5 Q5 5? COLEEN GRACE RYAN oI "Comes a time when we settle down!" Neil oung. 'Rob G-2fI5f8O CIWALYJ' L.J.'s muskateet' ET IT SNOW' Sunrises E1 Peas with J.D. XGXWXSXE' L..l.. J.D., L.H., K.F. Later N.S. ya know hanks Miss Higgins STANLEY RYKOWSKI , .-.,...L.......W..-,M. .,.., , MARA SCHEINER Meerna 'Gymnastics' J.A.M." TWIST N SHOUT BVBB's PS 5-Cheering!! 24 hours?!? AFES PMM B.K. - squeaky. Juggles, BBaby and Cherries!! "She's fat" CSJ we are the sunshine .... reet long talks SOs J.S. - IO years!! Jacks class W.A.R. t Love VB AC MC LC MBD DP JS CKS AT Don't Stop Believin' ...... SHARYN SCHELFO SHA "Summer '82" A smas in JuIy'? GW's CAMXOR PMJ - not again! Lizard Betes . ., nasty! gallons . . . GT' swfKK. LR. MB. "Wammy" Canada W Let it snow"! boogie . .. BILLY 9f7f79 IO7 straight up - I'm falling , .. "HI MA" X 6I GEORGE SCHIDLOVSKY lt's been realli I2 years of listening to , . . The WHO Rocks! Parties. friends, and living it up.. C,S, J, C. pissers! Soccer, Baseball and teamwork--. valu- able foundations for life . . . Let's get the F-K out of here! Oct. I2. I982 - Seeing Pete, Roger, Kenny, and John - WHO Are They? 'J' MARK SCHUSSLER Montauk 82 4x4 power, "Hey Sparky What's up?" Will always remember true friends, Skiing 82, Aus- tria irl, Sailing, Bowling. Wild Punch Mrs. E.L.I.C.B.'s wild times at N.Y.T. Good times at O.G.'s Thanks Mom S Dad 62 MARC SCHINDLER You only grow by coming to the end of something and by beginning something else - Always remem- ber the good times - on the same wavelength as J.L. - Hicksville Yankees 82, 83. df' -at ...,. I y 5 I -'-k . .-.' K . 1 CHRISTOPHER SCOTT CANADA the triolgy, the WHO ROCKS.. S.T.fN.A. DAVID ITYIFH. "Johnny-T" T.C. 82 THANX AGAIN K.D.M.C. Will George meet Pete? miss ya Jack LEEA. WHAT A LOVE! LATE! I never let my schooling get in the way of my educa- tion. - Twain ELLEN J. SCHNEIDER Totally - Remembering good times with Meg ani Lecia, We'll be friends always. Stones '8l, Florida 'SI V,H.Y.E Duren D. Summer Cruisin. ECC PAW-WA. "Sir Rubert" Kath MB LS AT. Here COMES Lupi TBT. IALY' Thanks Mom CILYDJ LINDA SCOTT "Get a job!" SGTP I2f3f82 'Thanx Rich' K.F. ISLAND ERS in SO, 8I, 82. D.D.J.C.R.G. MCBFF M.B.j"' "Wh can it be now?" HERE COMES LUPI fGHKfOoh Baby 'What a Bod' 'SPECIAL PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS B REMEMBERED' CLYKJ' JODI LYNN SEIPP Cheerleading' Canada "SI" Superjode grand- 'ixllllll Special friends will always be remembered .isa, Mare, Terr. John' WCG' Thanks Jane. KFSTB 'IOX82 docks Speeding Pep Car FGf1JLS??II JS, FG, 1. AR, SM, LB.. Jane and Faith long talks 'RuckyR- ao' Blue Eyes' FReckIes" PERRIER' DDNEY MUSTANG. FFL fl LESLIE SHAMILZADEH iamie. London 82, Bloopers, FT. Fooface, M., I hate Scruff, April '8I, CIo3, say hi crazy Leslie, tanx guys - se you "whenever possible" vi' ANDREA SEKELSKY Bowling I9O club, Art club. Unicorns, WAPP Great times with special friends D.A,, J,B., R.B,, J.C.. A.D., M.A., C.C., N.P., Amy good luck the next few years. Thanx everyone. Someone special will be re- membered See Ya Later . he-39 LEILA SHARMA I'm gonna be famous! KENTUCKY. Love. Strength. Green music - my life, RS. Different Lives. Times Past. INK Pepsi. ST, AR, HM. SM. MF, MMXNJB f This one's for you!! - Love to all Lei" - ". "Y KIM MARIE SESSLER QUANTAS . . . MOM You are my "SUNSHINE". Good times fgood friends L.G., D.D.L.,'E,C,, A.S,, 2B.L. SS others. Thanks KSD.Pappas' three Stooges. Daddy's little girl!!! Luv you Kevin C4fIIf82D Thanks so much Mom E1 Dad 99 1- DOUGLAS SHAVER U52 Football, LAX. T.S.A.D,B, Why the boot Johnny T? EJ, THe WHO, The Dead "A friend of the devil" ".,SWAMPIN'.." ICE HOPPIN' Tiffiny 714182 63 MATTHEW SHEARER 'T KRISTEN SMITH "You've gotta live life and be yourself - you can't live life for anyone else." - THE KINKS - NOF's Where'd she go? Why not? sc-arms. m.a's the only way out of herel Bh's A Who broke it??l Thanks to Eileen -love to the gymnasts. DP, MBD. VB. MC. 'RDIFS' OBSESSION ? 64 PAUL SIEWERT So we beat on. boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. F. Scott Fitzgerald Life is good ,.. Tee-hee hee Vincent Russottl Q . v. Q . . fl , 13 3 BORIS SKREPEK MICHAEL SMOLLEN Major Mike, Capt. Jon, Magua, chaos with J,W., J.f J.S, .l.L, C.K, Cave Buds, hardcore, ENERGY, U.I- SUBS Long live B.C.A Farewell People fi' fy 9 tt: Qfh' I -R JANE SOBOTTA ' - Love. MBUMMLDA Gymnastics - PCR. JOB 'eringfPC-5 nc Donna P.J.P Vice - 2X6 wwbf? Jodi did prom iF+TB I docks Jiloy ChrisfJohn I4-8:Eugene S.M - H.B. - ILLIA1 LT, KS, CS. AC - Thanx Special: RC, MM forever THERE ON MY OWN JEFFREY STONE y Can't forget the keg parties. Whats the ? All good times with JM, JL, MS, MC. RM, SS, EP, BD, CK, AND CR. fun hanging out in the out- - Drinking. partying, bombing, and busting. school and legend peace and love G.F.F.l ,Q ff ww-MQ? - -.. .i w sf i- h :Q ,M 1. . ,Q I I ,,,, , , L ROBERT SOKOLSKI SKI Y Good friends and good times will never be forgotten ... ... Thanks for Everything KEGS - L.F. 83 C+l for G.Lb CWhat you don't remember never Happenedlj CT.M.S, RSRD Later N.S.H.S,, MUCHll wr--asv .ik K SHANA I. SPANIER Leaving North Shore with good memories, Viking Masquers, London '82, Sneeze. Good Friends, Opti- mism, and JWB always. "AN OPTIMIST LAUGHS TO FORGET A PESSIMIST FORGETS TO LAUGH." .49 'QR A MICHAEL STURGE Lax 1135, Canada the Trilogy. "The Rib" Stell-out wf the Tard Crew of '82, North Star Jormal, Jerry G. Dope Open Invitational. B.C wfJ.B's THE WHO. T.5.A.D.B. Lite 'Kristin 9f24,!82' Late. 65 VICTORIA SUROWIEC "VIC" VCWP GT'S WfGF's Y Chamy Gang 'S-FM, L+J, A, K, M, Di' Sue + Reney - FF- Thanx! 'Ken 8,"26f82 always special I.L.Y.!' Squeeze, Police. + Who '82, infatuations, Roslyn, lngalside CSTNY?!b, "JJ", UF+NJ, L,I.U. - Love reign O'er Me- DANIEL T. SWEENEY To Err is Human, To forgive is a Mets Fan. Goodbye everyone, especially "JB, JM, MB, WA, JH, PB, PW' Its been a good, long vacation. Will always remember the BOMB. lunch, movies, ballgames, Jigs + Eddie, and do my accounting everyday. Db:CrfM, Eg . .. GOOD LUCK!!! 66 up-WFQ. I KATHLEEN TAYLOR 'Volleyball' UIQ, "Finally a real coach" Good ti with special friends 'Sue and Suzanne' "Red ligh "Stop signs?!" "HANG" Will always remember KAREN SZARKA SN, KS. ES, AR Thanks Mom and Dad Good friends will always be remembered, SW f in- nocent, staying out late, JS - getting in trouble, the IO in Glen Cove, M,D, KS. MC, DP, VB. MBD, SN, KT. AC Gymnastics, PCR, "Don't stop believing", The Cars, weekends, running, BBE, hanging out Y Thanks Timmy v- Phu, PCE ANDRE TEMIDIS wr' 'df ANGELA TIBERIA ANGIE. , . "T.R.Skating' Sec't - BVBB Club' W.A,R- +LOVE 2 PC, DN, VB,MS, JS,MBD.MB,CS,KS,MC, LS, CP, LB B.K -4 B, Baby, Juggles. Squeky, Dizzle + "Cherries"GTARll gaining ground control!! 'S.M.O.W, Scott and Vicky' II,6 82 - MaryBeth "WWTBlP". "Ballons phone home" 'l2,f'4,f82 2735 KATHLEEN M. TOOMBS Micky D's LML, Pippin, Friends, EPB, JMT. JWB, DK Japan? Yeah l'm Awake i .fm-'n ISABELLA TOTINO Bella - Baby U9 - Soccer AfC 'SI-82 - ESG '82 Softball, Hoops. The Who IO I2 82, EJ 8 82 The Girls - RL KE HM MD OJ JK VSF - R.C. - Hang! Syracuse "SZ WAT: Harbor Lookout -- Born to be Wllcll Thanks f 'Mary - Octcg 1 Lu - College Bound 'ILYM 'MY AB US TML' MARGARET L. TRUESDELL Meg - Stones '8I, VH, Police Y N. Carolina - "BRICK HOUSE!", pizza hut, shower, cape A.B.T. - "boat people", Bear Rock, Fla. '82, "weekends", Hal- loween, RANSOM beach - G.D.0,l.!, NYC. W LECIA and ELLEN: Best friends forever! Thanks Mom -l- Dad Mil 4r""'f'1 . ALLISON VISCOSI "Except in the life of a hero, the whole world's mean- ingless" John Gardener E CATHY VISCOVICH Visc . . . pbc. Canada '8I, Europe 'Sl avec Linda CBWI Va. Hospitality, High Risk, Balty's, Roadhouse, MC QP KD SC, bagels, tennis, tea S Tab, IJ DM HTP Animal Power 2, 3. 4! 3M's e Rad CHoilj, CTF '83 Love to Friends! "Whatever your mind can conceivt and believe, it will achieve," f,,,... ,say THOMAS VITALE JENNIFER WADE Canada '82-'83! Football 1155, Lacrosse 1133 EL- MONT1 M.S., C.S., C.H., R.M., R,F. The "DEAD", Boggs . . . Sheddy . . . Chuck!! Special friends 'KL R! TWISTED. THE "ACE"! C.S.A.D.B! wfT.B, D.B. D.S, HM ML JD DE' II-I9-8OBeast of Burden, R.B, IOX, Th T.M, The SLIMP. RUTIG I MISS THE MOST. incident, taxil, o.j. F.F, F.G, BM, MC, and of cours Derek. MLC f ane-n-gabriels! TOOT'S '83 Yes, I have been corrupted! 68 LINDA WANK 'The memories of yesterday will last a lifetime" Aasquers. CS. Balty's. Europe '8l avec Cathy CBW5 Sirls St State '82 CSCP5 SOTFF! IJ DM FMD! Rainbows. queeze. tennis. tea S Tab. MSS "Chamy Gang" Ani- nal Power I, 2, 4 CTF '83, 3M's 1 LE. Hi Chic CDP! 'ez S Bro. 1 FF' JOEY 8-23-82 ILYA' MDS CXOJ -IAQ ROBERT WHELAN I 'J SUSAN WASNIEWSKI "waz" Volleyball H32 l'll miss you Karen Alison Ani. Good times still to come Kathy Suzanne. "Shnoods" "General Mary" GFFMA GL VB 83. Merci pour les memoires mes amies. Remember me Dad, l'm still home mom. at I Nw! BRENDAN WHELAN DEIRDRE WINSTON Muff 1 L'l9 Field Hockey!! 1 "The Firls" 1 JD EK HR BL JM KML J,B. -VSF- April og, 1 Skiing SAILING 1 'SHELTER ISLAND' RHI, Isles lil! Thanks Millers I+ 2- Memories of MikeSMr.A .... 'ROGER' ILYM,D.D. D. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes 1 it's time again for goodbye. 69 Y T.J. TREVOR WISDOM Where the Hell do you think your goingl?!? Gross! The 2 of you in the same hallway!?l? Walking down the hall playing Footsie. HI. PH SA DJ LM IB HC LN GAL-I You wanna suck my WHAT!?!? KATHERINE LENORE WOODS lf we shadows have offended, Think but this, and all is mended - That you have but slumb 'red here While these visions did appear. 70 viii' CHRISTINE WITKOWSKY Chris Y Ctwigj Black Camaro lOf29f82 - Larry Toni "B.F." - Rum and Coke Pauling - "Boo, Totally!" J.M., M.M. Thanx Mom and "L" f 2 CHARLIE WOLFLE 1144 Cruisin in the 68 NOVA. The gang at the wall Montauk '8l and 'Sl 4-wheelin with the boys, Sixtl' period lunches. Laces. Bayville nights. Greatest times spent with Cooker and Girls. Thanks Mom - Dad L-f LEONARD WYDOTIS "Lenny" v R.C. in my heart forever! lf9f8l1 always thankful to good friends D,N. and E.B. Summer 'SI had its ups and downs! Mom and Dad can't thank you enough! fm , fl If yy ,. T, K I , f ' cmssor g f- J A ' ! X 5 gi Af ., Q QQ W10 31306 Zjoril 1982 'jizz tjunioz 850.11 of1QS3 'zz usda f y-bras q Es f1fECliLL'lE of gown comfz Ly af kgs gunio'z glzom on :Sai -A Bfacfg Q3o'zsifH umclay, fgs fglfld of sfssn Eurznfiscf am! siggfy-f gaff-fzaif Eiglgf in M5 zusni 9 f . "LQ 45go'z5 :Sago Xfia-I :Meal V-Uwzg Z-Tis rainzzgf on Prom 7 2" 5 Czfzcf My Hair fra mes-5. Irs ru all awry Zavlfefa dre: Z'?'ir wiffzfy iff f 172 PQI 714?1b1zfarf1z., 'fascazw X6 mf dbwfz were 56:5 Most Sincere: Elaine Piacezny E John Messer Most Flirtatiousf Mariiena Capobianco S Kevin Falk 74 PRESENTI Most Deviiishz Lisa Bartolotti 8 Derek Irwin Most Likely to Succeed: Cheryl Hail 6 Dan Oran THE C ASS QF '83 THE MOST -www-Mlw. Q .. OOO Kindest: Margeret Connell S Tony Leggio Most Dramatic: Betty-.lo Matzinger E Bob McGuire l f I X f l ll T4 l f y 5 I , l J 7 T l l .0 l . l lf -ff 1 ' f ' -'1 l l l f l ' , ,4 f f Ill ' f , l If N ll l' X ' ff ,, J H l l l P, If if f N l f 2 ' 2 T T ' l f ' Z 7 X l y 1 f l f 1 Z 1 I Cutest Couple: Karen Dixon S Alan Jackson Most Artistic: Carolyn Reynolds S Bill O'Rourke 75 X tw: pm Most Respected: Melissa Carmichael S Alan Jackson Most Off the Wall: Rita Corsitto 8 Jimmy Cosgrove Laziest: Jodi Seipp Csleepingj 8 Timmy McDonald Most Musical: Lynn Eustis S Ron Deering 'E ..,-at-Y Mm' ' Wittiestz Holly Gehrhardt 8 Perry Kleeman JWJWIM K ' s gb I W M iiii I :fx Most Scientific: Diana Othon S Rod McConneI fawff A ., kd Most Proofed1 Nana Endo S Willy Bonham Best Dressed: Karen Dixon S Mike Cifarelli Cstruggling inside with the bouncerb Most School Spirited: Joan Bertrand 8 John Bock Most Athletic: Bella Torino S Donald Brennan pw. 5 THE C ASS OF l983 DEDICATES T LIESIN TO AR N GIROLAM Those school girl days of telling tales and biting nails are gone. but in my mind I know they will still live on and on. But how do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume. It isn't easy but I'll try. If you wanted the sky, I'd write across the sky in letters that would soar a thousand feet high TO SIR - WITH LOVE! ' The time has come for closing books and long last looks must end. And as I leave I know that I am leaving my best-friend. A friend who taught me right from wrong and weak from strong. That's a lot to learn. What can I give you in return. If you wanted the moon, I'd try to make a start, but I would rather let you give my heart, TO SIR - WITH LOVE! Those awkward years have hurried by, why did they fly away? Why is it. Sir. children grow up to be people one day? What takes the place of climbing trees and dirty knees in the world outside? What is there for you I can buy? If you wanted the world, I'd surround it with a wall. I'd scrawl these words with letters ten feet tall. TO SIR - WITH LOVE. FV' ????f?f2iV 5 of-W I LOVING MEMORY OF DOROTHEA CALL AN No man is an island, entire of itselfa every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main: if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own wereg any man's death diminishes me, be- cause l am involved in mankind? and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tollsg it tolls for thee. John Donne is X it - Q g , JM Umm b X Q K 5 , X ' xx 1' A' ggff! Q 4275 of I ,T -146 M mi VK- , I ! .0-M.. -3. Ne. , Jill 'W wHSl....41 wg1..,,.S7. A Nl 3 Q3 SW .,.S. M ' mv X 54" V M 1 . , .VIP gh QV -7 A f all X da V555 H Z Vmmvmjx x N q E':7'WC. 'L 1 D ,Q pm N W Z! if i f W -Q? 9. 'X' X W Q A ,xv,, W 1, ' f 'f " .. , I X" xxx , NX X 1 f S ,wp .noi-1 "' Y N 'F 'N V -fm fi n so Q I 'Wm' 8 ' 92. XX XX R mov? , N ki'-xr f 0 f y, Q. QL-mn -ii L xx f W X 'M 3 1. L X Q T K 5 . 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LOVE , Q'7b'1'f9S'47CQllA Wfefesll UQVMFVC Q'77L'mQ CLASS OF I984 mu- ,W Berliner, Elizabeth Blacharski, Donna Blankfien, Eric Abbondondolo, Diane Adamcewicz, Allen Aebly, Kenneth Aiello, Marianne Alexander, Robert Bailey, David Balos, Barbara Baxendale, Thomas Bellidoro, Michael Bobley, Brett Borzilleri, John Breen, Daniel Breen, Micheal Brennan, Maureen Breunig, Robert Brey, Christina Brown, Sally Burkhardt, John Burkhardt, Matthew Burns, Thomas Butler, Patricia Bun, Steve Byrne, William Carbonara, Nicholas Caristo, Robert Carruciu, Maryrose Cassell, Lance Cassidy, Christina Cavaliere, Theresa Cavaluzzo, Patricia Chebuske, Alexander Ciampi, Edward Colantoni, David Connolly, James Corozzo, Michelle Costello, Gregory Cubina, Luis Dawson, Susan DeCesare, Alex Demetri, Adam Dickerson, Robert DiRienzo, Dino DiVincenzo. Diane Douglas, Elliot Farkas, Diana Fiederlein. Thomas ii F - f Griffin. Karen Gross, Mitchell Guides. Michael Hartney, Paul Hausser, Erin Fleming, Letitia Forbes, Francis Foster. Peggy Freedman, John Freeman, James Fuggini, Michael Fuscherto, Anna Gallagher, Kim Gallo, Rosanne Gambino, Rosalie Germano. Francine Ghersi, Laura Gill, Michael Goldberg, Lauretta Golkin, Peter Goodman, Dara Graef. Andrea Graziosi. David Graziosi, Gina Grell, Jeffrey Grella, Angela Hendron, Michael Herbert, Lisa Hesse, Barbara Holst, Karyn Hovivian, Yvonne Isenberg, Douglas Ivanov, Nicholas Janusus, Andrew Jordan, Boris Judd, Kathleen Kanzer. Adam Kaplan, Elizabeth i. l "life nal -.,,,,., ...ff Kaplan, Mitchell Kaplan, Tracey Kashin, Thomas Kelly, Terrance Ketcham, Gary Knochenhauer. Faith Kolins, David Kopian, Thomas Kotta, Thomas Kulak, Natalia Laderer. Richard 2 X X I naw N Lardi, Paul Larsen, Kenneth Leach. Jeanne Leipski, Elizabeth Limongelli, Joseph Locke, Virginia Loftus, Lars Logeman. Karen Loiodice, Carol Luth, Henry MacPherson, Julie Madden, Leslie Maddock, Brenda Malloy, Amanda Marchello, Gerret Marks, Janine Martin. Drew Martin, Eric Martone. Andrew Marxe, Hope Mastaglio, Brian Matthews, .loan Mauro, Mary Mazzu. Joan McDonald, Kerry McDonough, Mic hail BR A , McGill, Timothy McMahon, Deirdre Meehan, Susanne Meier, Henry Meinhold, Michael Miglino, Christine Mitchell, Malcolm Moeller, Daniel Molin, Jennifer Muth, Rima Napolitano Gary Nobile, Lynn O'Donnell, James Palumbo, Stephen Paradiso, Roger Parsons, Pamela Payne, Barbara Pelliccio, Nicholas Perez. Christine Perfumo. Carol Pucciariello, Robert Puskuldjlan, Nancy Pietrow, Paul Pisciotta, Richard Renlnger Andrew Rhodes David Rice John K fi .fgf Rieger. Thomas Ringrose, Diana Romano, George Rosenthal, Richard Ryan, John Salerno, Susan Scardino, Ann Marie Scavone. Frank Schachter. Louise X Schelfo, Karyn Schwartz, Marnl Schwartzman. Peter Seaman, John Semertzidis, Pandelis a I S at 1 I Sowinski, Stephanie Spinella, Anthony Stevenson, Susan Sudy, Helga Schestopalow, Alexander Schierhorst, Jo-Anne Schulman, Carolyn Shaw, John Shearer, Margaret Sheeger, lllyse Simpson, Jennifer Sinski, Laura Smith, Robert Snyder, Ann Sommerfeld, William Taylor, Jeffrey Szarka, Christine Thompson, Stephen Togneri. Christine Turner, Susan Valente. Liana Veith, Susan Veroxie, Jill Viscovich, Gregory Vulpis, Joseph Weil, Jamie Wichrowski, Stacey Wozlonis. Robert Wyatt, Jonathan Zabielski, Alison Woods, Kaelln Woods. Kenneth CLASS OF I985 lb.. ,N y ,f Qi Abelman, Lisa Acolla, Joan . Agarabi. Darius Aikman, James Ajamian, James Alberti, Joseph Albertson, Linda Allen, Felicia Anderson, Christian Aureliano, Anthony Baard, Mark Baralo. Robin Barbieri, Michael Baron, Erika Benchimol, Michael Biro, Daniel Blacharski, James Brown. Vanessa Bornack, Jennifer I 1 Bradley, John Buchblnder, .Lori Brady, Margaret Burke' Dune Bratter, Rebecca Burke' Pamela Burkhardt, William Briskie, Susan A Brown' Robert Butelli. Darlene P 5 tl it if ' s af - as its u Butler, Catherine Calzone, Beth Casey plana Canavan, Stephen Cassandro. Michele Carmichael, Robert Colgan' Pmne Carr Usa Condlln, Michael Casella, Antonette Connors' Krlslm Coppola, Michael 'Xe Davino, Richard Corsitto, Michael Coyle. Daniel Cristodero, Christopher D Agate, Janine De Benedittis, Kevin De Mayo, Steven Di Leo Marc Dillon Stacey 96 De Stefano, Anthony Doering. Linda Douglas, Joel Douso, Christopher Dugan, Elaine Durst, Richard Endo, Yoshi Eustis, John Factor, Kevin Fairchild, Michelle Federico, Paul Forbes, Michael Fortune, Brian Frank, Kelly Freeman, John Galgano, Laurie Galian, Erik Garay, Loretta Gennlnger, Andrew George, Michael Getz, Keith Graham, Jennifer Gran, Margaret Grella, Anthony Grimaldi. Angela Grossman, Adrianne Glasgow. John Glaviano, Nicholas Halliday, Rachel Halop, Keith Halton, Careen Hegarty, Ellen Hershberg, Michael Hinde, Joanne Honda, Noriko Horton. Kevin Glinin, Walter Gustafson, John Haff, Richard Hall, Lori Hubbard, Lisa Johnson, Lisa Jordan, Katherine Junge, Fred Kaelin, Michael Kalen. Jill Kanzer, Andrew Kolb. Paula Kortvelesy. Debra Kozyreff, Sandra Kuo, Pei Ugli Landro, Kathryn LaTourette, Shirley Leal, Karen Lebert. Monique Leopold, Scott Le Porin, Dennis Lin, Andrew Lizza, Peter Locke, Susan A-fg Lt. Marino, Michael Masiakos, Jordan Mastaglio, Lisa McConnell, Fiona McGurn, Abigail McCluiIlin, Thomas Mehrara, Babak Messina, Leonard Miklas, Mariane is L tial Ludecker, Robert Luth, Patricia Lynch, Timothy Maass, Annette Maclntyre, Robert Mack, Robert Maddock, Janine Maglaras, Lisa Maloney, Timothy Maniscalco, Jack Milano, Robert Minsky, James Moeller, Karen Mueller. Laurie Muttee, Brian Neice, Kenneth Newkirk, David Norman. Blanche Nostrand. Stephanie - Nuttall, Jason Pascucci, Anthony Passaro, John Pearl, Carl Pecheur, Jill Pelliccio, Darlene Pferdner, Claire Pfister, Sharon Pines, Alisa Pisciotta, Jill Pisciotta, Judith Platz, Valentine Potter, Joann Pszczola, Garrett Quinton, Thomas Rahimian, Elham Ramirez, Alec f Remy, Carol Reninger, Lisa Roll, Steven Salerno, Laura Saluja, Raveen Sanderson, Gregg Santoro. Alison Santoro, Christine Schabhutl, John Schultz, Ronald Servidio, Bryan Sheehan. Karen Schussler, Karen Scott, Christine Seiden, Tara Semertzidis, George Siegel, Kimberly Sinclair, Sonya Steinegger, Sybil Stevenson, Amy Sirefman, Joshua Skrepek, Susanne Skrepek, Yvonne Spiliotis, John Stewart, Gregory Stone. Michael Stuart. Peter Swing, Robert Teitler. Raquel Thomas, Deanne X Toback, Ann Toombs, Elizabeth Trepcos, Charles Triebert, Mary Tripoli. Tiffiny Valdera, Teofilo VanHelden. Ernst Varisco, Sophia Vivona. Jerome Weiss. Tina Werther, Lynn Whelan. Maura White, Kara Wisdom. Kenneth Wollenberger, Linda Wolyner, Andrea Q Woolston, Edward Word. Keith Xenakis, Nancy Zabielski, Gail Nagy Kap... 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Michele De La Puente, Anthony Di Nonno, Diane Di Rienzo. Anthony Ehrlich. Penny Fasbach, Deborah Fiederlein, Brian Feiderlein. Joy Flaxman. Robert Ford, Douglas Franco, Robert Freedman, R. Henry Freelund, Elizabeth Fugalli. Claudia Galgano, Linda Gaudiosi, Michael Genova, Toni-Ann Ghersi, Linda Giarraputo. Bernard Giovannettone, Gina Glaviano, Andrea Gonsalves. Chiquita Graff, Karl Gregson, Lauren Grell, Tracey Grella, Alberico Grella. Philip Griffith, Carleton Grimando, Scott Gunter. Nathaniel Guy, Douglas Hayes, Kirsten Heinrich, Clifford Hershberg, Steven Hoffman, Lisa Horowitz. Deborah Izzo, Allison Jania. Beatrice Jennison. Lynn Johnson, Jennifer Junge, Laurie Kaelin. Margaret Kaplan, Deborah IOS Lindstrom, Kevin Kashin. Sarah Kennedy, Edward Kim, Charlotte Klopfer, Heidi Kotoski, Carolyn Laderer, Kim Lardi, Janice Larsen, Karen Mp? ,ii , , - A f Q rf 37. Livoti, Charles ,2 , V ,ff if: ,V f, ,ivy f H 9 6 , ,V 3 Ll21a,Glenn J if Loftus, Ingrid n N Longo, April Lumi, Krista Mack, Richard Madden, Timothy Maddock, Pegeen Marchetti, Monique Marra. Melissa Martino, Pasquale Matthews, Jeffrey McCabe, Paul McCarthy, Daniel it McDonough, Christopher McDonough, Kim Mecca, Kristia Messina. Christine Meyer, Dawn Miller, Timothy Mink, Vicky Mitchell, Brian Moeller, Gary 'Mmm ,...,fxQg.o. f' 1' YY' Puglisi, David Puzio. Edward Rannacher, Christina Reggio. Suzanne Reynolds, Daniel Ricciardi. Janet Rinaldi, Christine Riss, George Rodenkirchen, Kristina Morrison, Scott Moskow, Robert Murray, Barbara Newbold, Karen Newbold. Kim Noble, Edward Olsen, Randi Onos, Glenn Oravitz, Christopher Pace, Elizabeth Painter, Kim Painter, Laurie Parsons, John Pascucci Thomas Peck, Nicole Penzer, Nadine Peterson, Christian Petrosino, Susan Poczatek. Robert Pokora, Stacey Ponzini, Lisa Sinski, Patricia Skinner, Sheri ,-s .- 3 c some K 6 . Snyder, David Sobotta. Jacqueline Sommerfeld, Margaret Stack, Amy Sturge. Greg Sucoff, Rebecca Tang. Stephanie Thomson, James Tremamunno. Diane mm in .mb .N J Samala, Jonathan Saputo, Thomas Schaffrath, Jeannette Scheu, Kristine Schlulaz. Sharon Schultes. Kim Seidel, Michael Shamroy, Dianne Sharma, Amina Shaw, Kevin Shearer, Laura Sheridan, Robin Silipo, Christopher Sinclair, Donald 1s 5 Vinas. Michael Viscovich, Roseanne Vulpis, William Wagner, Robert Walton, John White, Eileen Wigutoff, Lisa Witkowsky, Lenore Wohlers, Kevin Wolf, Karen Woods, Charles Yula, Tracy Zaus. Kimberly Zwolinski, Brian JLINIORS Jacquelline Allocca James Anastasi David Ayres David Bailey Patrick Boehm Robert Brookstein Christine Cappadona Lori Carsen Michael Ciffarelli Donna Cimaglia Tuan Dinh Cindy Jackel Andrew Janusas Arthur Liebold Dominick Moreilo Paul Murtha Sean O'Donnell Robert Pacheco Diane Petrosino Tracy Puglisi lllyse Sheeger Mia Sole Henry Romero Darlene Stone Jeffrey Telvi Sean Wibur Patrick Xander CA ERA SHY SGPHOMORES FRESHMAN Keith Canova Thomas Herman Thomas Lind Patrick Mahoney Scott Meier Patrice O'Neill Steven Puglisi Gregory Rapp Jaqueline Riotto Lawrence Tom Douglas Warden Paul Wurczel Brian Dailey Maria D'Ambrosio Natalie Giannola Terrence Gilson Tracy Holzkamp Dawn Johnson Jeffrey Lalier Jacklyn Martin Noah Myrus Thomas Santosus Douglas Sessler Steven Thill SOUI blffivo OEOPLE fr, QEDSHTQEO HoMEwoFlK l 'o Nx ,. 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'SX " ' A '- W L , 'J-as sf' N2 ' ' 3 , fi", 7 T v ' - -- Q. f X 'Q 'bf A R ti X N -e- ' K 4 'ivy' K sv g - D g aussi- , "BARN Qyatvuvif X' ' Tx X ' f Q .f... ,,.. ,,,, 1 K. -.g.ei:?6'zJ X M 1 I ' L ' ' 'Q - X H il x f,"ffwf h x ' 1 -2 K- 4' "wi f fag 3 . ""': N K Y , - A Ni . A , ' . Q, 'K as N I K : '55, x W x Q , sso'f4w:Q Z R X ' 3 . Qis '- ' Qu ' N. 'i Q 1 of 'W :T-Q A N7 jx! I 2 -35 U i . gi! I -. Q X.. ' . '- i -N in f 'X by -. -4. X gf,-Q 'im Q 1 ' , is 6' 1 XX X, AFT 4 4 ' ,, A X . 5 K 3? -Q X '51, X JVVXQ X lv I 'W' f . , 9 X . Q x 1 E X Q by I '11-x . , . lx , I fill f'f',j"' 14029, 1 I JW 'WA 7 ' 1: 1 1 f x ' QW ' X' ' JW U 4, a ,, I KW Xt x . X . . Q 'v wh Y A in .XX 8 Q9 ,- ,. " ff ' x x 1 ,,.--- ,U A"'.A 115, , 9 X, I fq, Ejj,:.,I ' N. XM. "X vfsw X X ' H 'J - Ritz' X X I I , Xa 1 Q, I ' M faq 0 ' m , J, ' X 9 .. f QV 'm g Q., If A ,Q o 1, ' f Ng VV .ri 3 , Q-... I :Q 'Abe' Pj , If Q55 ., h f '15 X ?",3'p7x f'Zi'Q, T -' r f v .. ! I , jk , , Af ,Q -Q, J ff - 5. 1 A Wig: ,Q Jgl t-'K 'l 5 S , P 'fx' N faq V- V A . , ' ' 1 f: xml' f ' NX 1 U ' , 1 . ' 'f 4 I ' ' 1 Xxx, M .L ,.., '-xggfv, N-'F f,,-LM fs Cathy Miller PHYSICA Frederick Recher EDLICATIO John Reardon I22 Mike Metzger Marta Luckman William Mellillo MUSIC Dwight Dyer Jeremy Kempton - RQ-1 . 1g . -Q: f f - if ',L- 1 1 . '- Hin sg .g M m .A he rr r 2 A Charles Gouse ns.. Stephen Goldstein I23 'wr' 'v4.....ff , ..x, 3 . K K is " .. I J .Q A .5 ll" l V i " 7' 'w -l f ' WT K .. M :-. x ' fs John Bakowski Michael DeAngelis Robert Sather RT S l , V ,l ' X. A ,A ' ' I I I , r - r ,, f . W. , N I lf -M 1, fa l W ,V,, , .,, l, r r Y 59 , .5 5 9. I My v s. ' gf , .4 1 ff? X f H , I 1451: , , X65 4 ' if WMZW , f gWN?v':I Thomas Melito ' B U S I N E S S Arlene Abrams QW fr ff, M, " 9 Wd? S1-M Marilyn Egan Laura Swanson Angelo Grande , N ww if gniiif ggi fx Carol Kanzer , ..,. E.,...m.1.M-'-- -dl-nam.-...., .wx 55. ,..,.......,,..W-WN-W . . , .G ART Eileen Higgins HOME ECONCMICS mm Julian Diamond Nancy Youngfert Elaine Hendrickson Manuel Mingorance Don Matthews Rose Marie Sollecito Mary Chubb Jill Hyer Jospeh Viscosi IV 'h ' SQL QM E 1- fx' if TA' ,V V Geraldine Boyaki 5?e m LANGuAGE Q9 . , ' I Jw' K' , " 0 ' ' W 1' fl V 'lf ' X 3 ' 71 ' this Y K V .q wi? V " ".'J+ ' 1 1 l Q F f f Y an of W nv H an Q at 1 mv 1 M ' L, . ll.. 2 , Elmer Seaman ' 4w+W,,mm ' eww W 'Wfwwwm o ,R , GLIIDANC 4 N, Fr' ig x ., .. 1 3 , .K M s' 1 Likl ',. . - , .:, .,.. 1 ., ,.,, A K K . .,,:. Q. Q - L K my R ' E 5 ' aa a f il K f ' Howard Wolfe Bernard Shulm BH Jane Dollahan I27 N I28 Thomas Boylan -li if .V --1 ,xi xr ruff Joyce Doherty 'S..,.f,3' Nancy Pucciariello Carol Prince .-.12 ll huh' W Vx .f mfg mf Pat McGuire A... .a-raw... 1......"' Gene Nobile, Debbie Shaver, Eunice Radford, Helen Vivian Gehriich Mary McKeon, Dorothy O'Brien X i ....-1-I-'-"" Scheussler, Sandy Klimo. 1 ? 2 t K at Q "--M.. 'N-xv '-'ifilh-h-n. Bernard Giarruputo Patricia Hundt ,Q 6 Enid Millar. Eileen Woolston, Mary Ann Salavec. Margaret Cherry. Netta Morello, Rosemary Potter. ,ll-A "'-we 51, A R.. Addie Anderson, Shirley Johnson. Audrey Hill. Anita Demitri. Brian Wagner . sflfgxsgg,-we ,f. ,wr 'Wi xi H 111 . .i i ,, . I29 SPECIAL EDUCATION , : m,.,, B its t . t t ft nik 5 Q I9 38 fir Ma Assistant Principals Robert Brown sh 251553. , ' --14 Z Principal, Arthur Edison ADMINISTRATIO Assistant Superintendent, Business Harold Sturge Superintendent Christopher Warrell Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum Murray Hoffinger l3l , x- MS fix ly' D? f fX f ab- L 2' ' E I " X 'ff EHM4'P! MM 9 f LEG 'pg ff , f 12 - - I , f L O6 9 gg 5 ' Ifflw X -1 1,51 f a, EQW7f EMWRA I' , ig? 'vw :ix '4c'f , xv M242 124'-Q., fl .X islet... fbsi. 44? II L by .', '. ' 3 I 'YS o WX! A fig Q mi f E X W' k v , Egg" , if ' x ' B A' K- xxx ' . fc! fl E U I TN :Y X I ' ' Fla' gl l X 'iN f Z f 9 ' XX iw! to I as fx. ,ff V 491 El Sf ll X 'Z' ,X kxxl E A?g?2hQ: I i Us -., ,la H f A S " wx Q . Xkfayg E X E' I -EZ! f AY Xf y " 1 . 3 2.1 K A" ---fp-.., , QD XX v X , xb . X XQQX 2 5 in V 34 0' N. ?j " Q vp' Y, Q QQQ - BV 'Wo 'Za si, Q . 6 XX N 322 . . xp ' Yo ll .,, ' X X IWW? , as f J . ff E , g g H-f If fit! 5 446 ff .main 4-'J FOOTB LL , ,lads , of . acifmfu.. 1 if Top: Coach Monaghan, A. Franco, G. Ketcham, M. Breen, S. Rykowski, J. Telvi, T. Burns, T. Reiger, R. Paradiso, B, Skrepek, Coach Case. Middle: Coach Mellillo, L. Cassell, K. Aebly, M. Corsitto, R. Pisciotta, T. Johnson, H. Luth, B.J. Lizza, M. Shearer, D. Graziosi. Bottom: R. Gustafson, R. Michal, C. Johansen, M. Coyle, D. Brennan, T. Vitale, C, Cruz, D. Shaver. V3 19" 1 if iwuw-w "" 'V The I982 team finished with a fine 4-3-I record. After a slow start C025 losing to Oyster Bay O-27 and Levittown Memorial CO-93, the team came on with a 4-I-I record the rest of the way. The season ended with a 28-I3 drubbing of previously undefeated Valley Stream South. Rick Pisciotta CJr.J finished with 754 yards rushing on lI6 carries to lead the team and Donald Brennen completed 56 passes for 54I yards. The defense was led by Tom Vitale 65 tackles and Tom Rieger with 5 interceptions. Tri-captains were Mike Coyle, Chris Johanson, and Don Brennen. All Division hon- ors went to Don Brennen and Rick Pisciotta. All County honors went to Don Brennen. The JV record was 4-4 and will help next years varsity. 'S if Q U FCGTBALL .J '75,-vm... J., TOP L - R Coach Reardon. P. Lizza, S. Brey, D. Coyle, D. Bessel, T, Pascucci, D. Warden, P. Martino, B. Fortune, D. Agarabi, K. Abbondondolo, K. Factor, K. Weice T. Thompson, M. Burkhardt, J. Aikman, S. Skinner. Coach Miller Middle J. Ajamian, H. Freedmen. T. Valdera, R. Mack, S. Chen, R. Wagner, R. Mack. T. Santosus, N. Gunter Bottom N. Myros. J. Maniscalco, C. Anderson, D. Biro, M. Car' isto, J. Borghoff, T. Lynch, R. Caristo l37 FIELD HOCKEY QORE N O Peggy Brady, Patty Luth, Sue Lenz, Liz Meier, Kerry McDonald, Jennifer Simpson, Laura Sinski, Kelly Frank, Kristin Dohm, Krista Lumi, Miss Miller Bottom L-R Rita Corsitto, Tracy Grett, Liana Valente, Louise Schacter. Betsy Adamcewicz, Karla Pavlitas, Deidre Winstons Elaine Piaseczny, Dylan. I38 . COU TY CHAMPIQNS "To achieve all that is possible, you must attempt the impossible. To be as much as you can be, you must dream of being more." The l982 field hockey team, driven by great determination, a hunt- ing tradition and an unquencible amount of pride, regained the Nassau County title by beating CSH I-O in the championship game. Led by all-conference selections, Elaine Piascezny, Deidre Winston, Kristin Dohm, and all-county players, Laura Sinski. Rita Corsitto. and Liz Meier, the team compiled a season record of I8 wins, 3 losses, and 2 ties. The offense outscored opponents 38 to 8 while the defense posted I3 shutouts. Becoming a champion is never easy. lt takes an incredible amount of talent and hard work. This year's field hockey team had what it takes. This year's field hockey team were true champions. S 1 ' f i RA Q 3 I YT A2 '1 4' .li ,xy W WY wi . -. - vm QW. wg, -f X ' f s 1 , . 5 5 . X ' 1 , A 5 J ' e i 5 . , i 2 5 Q x , 5 I f 1 5 H.. 5 1 f . J i " i Q 5 i r K i F I i . 1 . i i i I 9 , i i I 1 9 i 1 - i f ' f H 4 'A Ji ' ' J ' ililil 5 G 5, , ' I I S J L Q t s J Sf' 0 J I 5 UL' ii ' w i it ,J i I Sk 5 .lux i I 5 vs 5 ie , i E, . li 5 x I a ' Q . ,., .. ,vi .....- ---W-U """'f """"' H V Q-7 3 - X e 'Al 'ir Q Q Top L-R T. Wisdom Botton L-R J. Freeman, G. Acolla, T. . Coach Blitz Leggio. T. Lumi, R. Bierschwale. C. Scott. E. Idiaquez, J. Freedmam, J. Azevedo, P. Semertzidis, J. Reali, M. Schindler, P. Kleeman, N. Arrigan, K. Getz. N. Ivanov, G. Schidlovsky, T. Runstad. W. Rawald, W. Bonham. J. Vivona. M. McCarthy, T. McDonald, J. Bock. J e r ' 4 n , , 'W ' l 91-rx vb ,. i. M. - ..:,.,.,.,. , .4 4 ,km W, , , ,,V5...vw .ww ' N , "" -W..vw-I4 '- This year's varsity team continued North Shore's tradi- tion of soccer excellence. The Vikings finished with an over-all record of I2 wins, 6 losses, and l tie. ln National League Conference QA, the team had a record of 9-2-I and finished in second place, one game behind arch rival Cold Spring Harbor. ln the county play-offs, the third - seeded Vikings reached the semi-finals at Hofstra, where they lost I-O to C.S.H. The highlight of the season was the quarter final shootout victory over Great Neck South, in which seven consecutive Viking shooters scored. All - Scholastic honors went to Captain Marc Schindler. voted to the All - County team for the second consecutive year, Captain Mike McCarthy, also selected to the All - Conference team! Mike McCarthy broke the career scor- ing record of 46, formerly held by Jon Krause, '76! Mike scored 48 goals in his three - years on the varsity. Marc Schindler also broke the record, finishing one behind Mc- Carthy with 47. The team was a veteran one, and eighteen graduating seniors will leave a giant hole to be filled next season. Senior Letterman were. Goalkeepers George Schidlovsky and Todd Runestad, Defenders Nick Arrigan, John Bock, Ralph Bierschwale, .l.P. Reali, Tom Lumi, and Chris Scott, Mid-fielders Schindler, Azevedo, Tim McDonald, Perry Kleeman, Greg Accolla, and Willie Bonham, Forwards Mc- Carthy ldiaquez, Tony Leggio, Willie Rawald, and Trevor Wisdom. An interesting sidelight was the presence on the team of two A.F.S. exchange students, Jorge Azevedo from Portu- gal and Eduardo ldiaquez from Honduras. Both were skillful players, and terrific teammates. I42 'nf am -'greg " v .q Q .. , 5 fx J N A Q . '- , A fjiiwig .. A 1 K , .X.. , k , -. - ,, :X A ' . ,- x. N . X. 1 ,f . A - ' - , 7' 1 1 ' I ww w ,. ,, .. fw Q 1 ,fa vw M D 1 WVU 1531-1 'Q , ,H ,A W ff sm, ,, ,fyfmw .mike .Q A fig . XX X N. -NA sk: E-'Eff L l C it iii? Top L-R R. Sucoff, J. Schierhorst, A. Malloy, L. Hall, E. Baron, Coach Farrell Bottom L-R G. Giovannettone. C. Hall, L. Bonham, J. Johnson. Mig 'mt QR xmiq llkl X i.!'ilfiE, gym. X HF! "wg wa A I . ix, lu- skx x -, 2- X H J a - H lil z V, rl iAiLTw4dWJV I l44 GIRLS CROSS CGLINTRY 5 t K A l 5 Q , J y i i l A 'K 'tsl' , 1 si, l Q 5, 5 3 I ' 5 ' gil? , K k , g a.: 'W K 'H .. sai s : I f .-'- 1- - f .. .....,.f1 - Wit Q93xK 52105 i - i .fit ll I The team had a very successful season, finishing in the Division and third in the County among Class schools. This was the largest girls Cross-Count team in many years. We worked hard together, w the excellent coaching of Jerry Farrel. Our coach a great example by running the NYC Marathon 3.03. Although captain Cheryl Hall and Liz Bonham z graduating, the team looks strong for next seasc ,Q W. .i ., fu v BQYS CRQSS COU TRY ::.es5?'-I 315554 zf -Q V ml? X .. . .li-zi isail 9 ., .. c . ii' a f S - . -A . , . ,,..ixSy , kj my , Top L-R Coach Maier, D. Oran, M. Karwowski. R, Pucciariello. R. Laderer, Doug Isenberg Bottom J, Anastasi, C. Peterson, D, Sessler, E. Ackers egg! , f , Ai Q .fx . ,I I g -,t 5 it 4,1 ' , v Q f--., ' X ' -ff , t ,.s, ..,l ,fs g 3, 'T' , ',,,,:s-135 ,, ..-.- ' - A - ' ' ' A Q ,nrt ','sa- --f' .L X JD -. .1 North Shore had another respectable season with a strong IO win!! loss record. Leading the pack this year was senior Matt Karwowski. Matt made impressive im- provements over the year and was given the Most Valu- able Runner Award. Danny Oran, North Shores only oth- er senior on the varsity squad, finished the season strongly helping the Vikings in the Division and Confer- ence Championship Meets. This year's surprise runner was Doug lsenberg. He improved his I98l best time by almost 2 minutes. Doug's attitude and excellent effort truly helped North Shore maintain its good standing in the Conference. The Varsity team, which consisted of 2 Seniors, 4 Juniors. and I Freshman, will be back next season with added strength from a very successful Junior High team. W 1. .V Hu az . av. S GIRLS SOCCER .1 . . GN. L 15 Top. K. Sheehan, L. Galgano, J. Matthews, D. Pelliccio. L. Mueller, L. Mastaglio, K. Schussler. A. Casella, A. Glaviano, J. Posciotta. Bottom: C. Kim, L. Garay, K. Siegal, M. Capobianco, B. Totino, P. Kolb, S. Locke. K. White. it ..l' 2 The girls soccer team lead by seniors Bella Totino and Marilena Iapobianco had a good season this year ending up with a record of 6- 7-I. Sophomore Laurie Mueller had a strong season in goal for the girls fvith help from junior Joan Matthews and sophomore Judy Pisciotta. Bella Totino received all-county honors and was chosen to play in :he exceptional senior game. Marilena Capobianco received all-league 1onors. With the effort and skills of junior Paula Kolb, sophomores Andrea Slaviano and Laurie Mueller, the girls soccer team is looking forward to a promising season next year. 'XQQS-K Top. L, Werther, T. Kaplan, T. Cavaliere, B. Payne, M. Cassandro, K. Teitler, H. Marxe, D. Goodman, Coach Vivona Middle. L. Maglaras, S. Salerno, N. Xenakis, N. Honda. A. Grimaldi, F. lVlcConnel, F. Knochenhaur. Bottom: R. Marxe, L. Goldberg, K. Dixon, H. Gerhardt, K, Jordon aii' -li. lllll I-----llll i!l!!!!l"' lll lllllllllll qgllllllm ' I lllll ,ll lllll I--I-llf YIIIII! YISII W-P G ll mlllll-ib l I x . ff.: ,gnu-uuunlvlFU'F' GIRLS TENNIS The girls tennis team had a successful "building year" end- ing the season C4-45 tied for second place. Captain Holly Gehrhardt and teammates played well and hard throughout the season, however, only six girls were able to compete in all-league games. When the need arose for a substitution, the back up crew of Faith Knockenhauer, Fiona McConnel, Angelo Grimaldi, and Michelle Cassandro were there to help the team. The individual County Tournament was fun for Lisa Mag- laras and Holly Gerhardt, playing doubles and Rachel Marxe playing singles. Our girls lost to the 2nd place finalists. This years best individual records were held by, rookie Rachel Marxe C4-25, veterans Theresa Cavaliere C5-33, and Hope Marxe C4-25. Seniors Holly Gehrhardt, Karen Dixon and AFS student Caroline DuCrest will be missed next season. 'sT""""'-----. VOLLEYBALL -- Coach Laudati Top. M. Corozzo, S. Neider, K. Taylor, C. Perfume. Bottom. S. Wasnieski, B. Calzone, M. Sole, J. Veroxie. A . I5O The girls volleyball season end- ed up with a winning record of I5- 3. After placing 2nd in their league they went on to compete in the Nassau County playoffs. Unfortunately, the victorious Vikings met defeat in the first round. Coach Mary Laudati was very pleased by the accomplishments from the varsity team. "Each player improved greatly, and should have a terrific season next year." Kathy Taylor, Sue Neider and Sue Washiewski were the seniors who led the Vikings. Carol Perfumo, Mia Sole, Mi- chelle Corrozzo, Beth Calzone, and Jill Veroxie helped to make the team complete! 'ff ,ttttrtttt xr 'ss 16 we Q ,cz , 1 Top - Coach Monaghan, S. Roll. D. Ayres, M. Fuggini, T. Rieger. Coach Giralamo Middle - C. Lewis. D. Miller, J. Maguire, T. Burns Bottom - P. Kleeman, M. Mitchell. A. Demitri. B. Alexander BUYS BASKETBALL lt was an up and down year for the Vikings Varsity Basketball team. High- lighted by road victories at Oyster Bay and Manhasset, the team finished with a league re- cord of 7 wins and 7 losses and a regular season record of 9-9. , It was a year in which close games were the standard. Six of seven league losses were by less than four points. Reverse those games and it turns into a I3-l season. lt was so close. The heart- breaker of the year was a loss at Wheatley by one point, the winning shot was scored as the buzzer sounded. The Vikings made the County Class B playoffs, but lost to undefeated Westbury. Led by all-league forward Tom Rieger, the Vikings were a team that could always put points on the board. In an early season game versus Clarke, every member at the game scored at least one point in an Sl-4I blowout. In two league games against Plainview, junior forward Michael Fuggini scored 59 points. Senior guard Perry Kleeman had seventeen in the Wheatley heart- breaker, and led the team with his ball-handling and defense. Sopho- more Steven Roll, who along with Fuggini, Rieger, and forward David Ayres form a strong nucleus for next year, had a season high of eighteen points. The team was hurt by co-captain Tim Burns knee iniury which ended his season early. Coach Paul Giro- lamo looks forward to next year. A-www W SW N 1 . A 'uv' N 5 K, 'rp-f 6 , ,Q-15, va.. . + .f.'wi15i'f'5, .5 Top: M. Connell, L. Costello, S. Dawson. S, Turner, D. Pfister, P. Bulter. Bottom: K. Griffin, M. Scheiner. J, Sabotta, D. Farkas. HEERI G A GYMNASTICS This season gave us a chance for new friend- ships, new talents and good times that will al- ways be remembered. We had a very produc- tive year with a season of 3-3. Each gymnast obtained her goal by learning new tricks and scoring high. The seniors hope next year's team will have as many good memories as we did this year. 'i J 0011 . Q l56 C. Czarka, J. Sobotta, J. Wade, K. Smith, M. Scheiner. Coach Thompson. K, Griffin. M Marx 5 'i N 4 1 51" " fi WRESTLI G . may ss 'G X Top - Coach Reardan. L. Loftus, D. lrwin, J. Cosgrove, T. Pascussi, B, Mahrara, C. Johansen, H. Luth, Coach Miller Bottom - T. McGill, B. Swing. B. Servidio, M. George, D. Derienzo, R. Gustafson This years wrestling team finished its season with a 2-4 league record. and seventh overall in their division. Leading the team this year were seniors Chris Johansen, Derek Irwin, Jimmy Cosgrove, and Tony Leg- gio. Lars Loftus finished first in the divisions, and was seated third in the county, while Tim McGill took fourth place in the divisions. Chris Johansen was seated fifth in the county. Rounding off this years team were Roy Gustafson, Tony Pascussi, Frank Forbes, John Parsons, and Rich Mack. Despite the fact that the program has suffered due to lack of participation, the team looks forward to a good season next year. ? l WINTER TRACK 1,94 if BOYS TENNIS on Xfff J ff Q9 kvii if-h 005' GIRLS BASKETBALL 54 124 ,f' Coach Duffy. K. McDonald, A. Gunter. K. Wolf, P, Brady. R. Corsilto. J. Leach. P. Luth I62 The girls Varsity Basketball team finished their season with a .500 record and a playoff game against Roslyn under the coaching of Kevin Duffy. The team will miss this years starting seniors Bella Totino, Amy Gunter. and Rita Corsitto. More than half the varsity team will be returning next year for a hopefully successful season. l63 ' zz MM AC .sa H2115 ...i..A1. 1,. ...' Afmvmy I A .... -.1 -76-.uv ' A L I Z Zuma fmfy Lovog 44.171 7,4 A522 I64 BCWLI C5 Fl Q 5 L 1 'F 514 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I: E Z E Q K1 A I t Lead by all conference bowlers Alan Jackson, Liz Condlin, and John Cook the boys bowling team had a very successful season. The team finished in second place just one point behind the league leader. The team set many team and individual records which included high team average high team series and second high team game. The individual records were John Cook's high league game and Alan Jackson's second high game and average. The team will miss the seniors and wish Bones, Mark, John, Liz, Charlie, and Alan the best of luck. The future looks bright in that the Junior Varsity composed of Mike Condlin, Anthony Grella, Anthony DiStefano, Scott Salovec, and Philip Grella won first place. The J.V. team held every team and individual record with the exception of individual high game. 9 I 0 M145 Ava. T 1' PI' 1 if PI1 I1 'E Zi I . 7 I fd - Z F K4 ' Z 'If TKAPI1 P12 f 4 K' "5 ' I 2 14 K4 I 'li ilil X -5'-. . Q YA I ll 14 72 . 1 PI' vf'P1' SDJ' I 6 -. C4 5 2 ll 3 If if 1' 'ii ill 1 D . SO 5 ' Z J K' K4 "E P14 ' ZPL PZ- vi- J226, O3 170 The Girls Varsity Bowling team finished in second place behind this year's county champion Jericho. The team was without the high average Liz Condlin who bowled with the boys varsity but junior Mary Mauro, seniors Linda Burke, Lisa Bartolotti, and sophomore Paula Kolb lead the team to its second successive appearance in the county championships. The future looks bright with promising bowlers Lisa Chigh Junior Varsity averagej Johnson, Debbie Fasback, Susan Burke, and Debbie Johnson. The Junior Varsity team finished in third place. PSl5l.l pg sa Z P F17 4 va f1Y 4 Q Sffg f2 ia ix - O 1 A ft 2 I fg 7 14 5 Il p14 5' ' ' 7 :Y , ' I A-.. ,514 K4 'E 5 E E E K4 E 5 KWIQY41 P 4 .'-' A nz fm X 1:1 Z -1- il K1 I 7 1 gg y 6 7 . N X in 5 A 1 I Y fi' 1 ei f .1 5 F J " 5 n 'fp 1 38-I6 3 , 'Lf' ' Q ,4 1 6 ' y 'V' 7' 1 , i 7-s I I rv X . f BQYS VARSITY GIRLS VARSITY 2nd Place 3nd PWC? 68-40 'ef we Z , V" L' 7 zldff iw? wc. A we. 4' 1- Q V , i 1, 1 1 f.--ghim, 333: ' ' , ,Y . sp . f I Y. -5 g ,. A -5 " il 2.3 .V Q34 I W fx nxqngf , My i." L "3Jff?f3'1" "5 - fm "J fn:..a'? if 1 S fi' 14 1 pf v M 1 ' . 1 1 ' N W 'f' in I . ,, 'uh ,T 4 J V :sf I fx. W, V, v n X , ,Nfl Q Q 4 1 14' ' Q , 51 , v ., A- ,1 , K f ,,, 'S N if .,,'qQQ-f..5f-ws, w,, ,,, ., ,, X f 4' V' . kv , , w 1 -' HIM.-,5 v 1 , . l '.'a???-1 .f?' f s .7 fi :WI t . avi , 3 i ,lm fdfxizw A .4 75 Zh, ,,,, ?QiE 71 k 1,4 f,,-,L , , x A AL1,:54y,-f M " ' y Q Q 1 ,,,.,.W , Q K , ,W 8 f f ft Q ,bm M nm, ,AW f. , ,f Lazy? -. M. , you SQFTB LL Top - Coach Duffy. A. Gunter, K. McDonald, B. Totino, K. Frank. K, Lumi Bottom - R. Corsitto. P. Luth, B. Maddock. J Maddock, P. Brady A PNA. C .4 PW xlf ,,.3. ff Li' if 2 Ei N ii' 5, QA Ji' -,Y-,,, -WW -,,w, ,gg uit? A LQWY " I, 4 gi, ,. Q- 4 an BASEBALL Most teams would be hard pressed to out shine last seasons performance of 24 wins and 5 defeats. This record was the best ever at North Shore, and its second place finish in the counties was the second best finish, only to that of the I972 County Champions. This years team has high expectations to better last seasons record year and hopes to make a run at the state ti- tle. The team is lead by ten returning lettermen, eight seniors and two juniors. Kevin Falk - All County, MVP league, 4 pitching record of I3-I last season and 20-2 overall. Kevin should break all time win records set by Mike Armstrong who now pitches for the Kansas City Royals. John Cook - All Conference batting average of ,over- all player to ever play at N.S. and is orie lheycounty. John should A ly C, Tom Lumi - Honorable sidelined best fielding first baseman eveiygatj and should Derek Irwin - Two year Alleteague player4MVP agsfajophpmofe. Derek hashit f.38lfrovfiTg,tlielagtgltyyciseasongfgrtd Should Se' an al' time S'0'sf!ff?Q5?ifffvfdiflfls,ihaS.?!PlsHi?Q,11s??,?3?U'iH8 'WO with great speed, Vyfa ,Q 1 'N' . V 'V 57,f,5,.f. J ...., - , ..,, , . . Q. , t, X t, . ,- Vg., ,fra fy. ' . , -fy . f. f . x . V ,L A 5 5 gf .,e,,: -Q11 1 ,1 "Qc Man Jackson B A".Cvnfsfissssissiffsidsflafssr Sss?1?fis.1ssfi,.1.eHfti in srfftsbsssihits i1fdSf1iF1fssi+liA'an the top players inthe cog.gnty:,gagain.thrs season.'yVerysstr.qngyargp and ygoodayrangelheipsfyiig.nxaking Alan anlail rogntql, student and gg gfyyf 35 riri flvziikllkfigf t,t, lg,afi2ffTDi .,s,tt, 5 frf,sr,si c ,j j t,,,, ' :sa A f'e, ff ri,i 7 ff11f?fY1 Perry fast year. Perry has set of in the ,fine hitter. Q ,, , ' T , ,..,, . , . ,.,. . ,f,. W . . t , My .L -. ,L W- t . my sg. Q V M, H, 1 ,wt-1: . f:,...i ,,, A' ' K- X w- .rs -it-. H yr 7 4 - t 5 If. , f, M-f,tf.m. .1 f R. 0 A at the teams George hopes to take skills and injliigseasons drivefdrfthe Q51-,'f'. .fszawff-fe, 4, .. .V V rr' -'L ' ' ' W it -' Season wifh his Senior Slnkef' Hs S0u'd NS- 3 PPP ef as -,1 f in , Fig. g.-ww aqui j .. , A -7 i f-wg ,if if Tornfiliegerl'-eP1ffjz'HeQity since Freshman year and hitter bg j3i1.N0ffh Shore who has 3 I0'?8. '72fQ?i9f9Q?'fs' ,yef ktk', g '31gfiff55i,1ffA',.2iQi, '.ri Roger Paradiso - All-Conference last season iiaisiiiiirasoplfgisrwwtriiead the league in hitting with .4'5B?tRMifs1iLplfiifit2liieng catching duties with Tom, and might find a home in the outfield if not behind the plate. Outstanding rookies who might make Varsity: Trevor Wisdom, Aris Galiaon, Rich Lalier, Charlie Trepcos, Bobby Alexander, Malcolm Mitchell, David Ayres, Adam Demetri, John Ryan, Bob Dickerson, Eric Martin, Michael Breen, Bill Byrne, Jim Freeman, Brian Mastaglio and new prospects. Boris Skrepek, Chris Scott, Jon Colby, Ed Ciampi, plus many sophomores who had fine seasons as ninth graders. All in all, Coach Metzger, along with Coaches Covino, Duffy and Dias, that this season could be the greatest ever for the Vikings. ACROSS 4 X Q11- Q-'ZA Top - Coach Ketchum, T. Vitale, C. Johansen. D. Warden. J.P. Reali, Coach Miller, S. Salerno Middle - M. Sturge, D. Brennan, S. Demeo. K. Frank. P. Oppizzi. M. Schwartz Bottom - M. McCarthy, D. Newkirk, C. Glinen, T. McDonald Q js.- 1 ix: W MW4 N .x..x-mnqo-A f-""ZQ Ti I 'Q K ' - ?"' Q-nb Q3-iw N Q, BOYS Top - B. Slnskl, T. Pasgussl, J. Anastasl. B. Mehrara, Loach Blitz Bottom - E. Kennedy, D. Rhodes. J. Bock 69 ggmmmmmmmwww gg 5? Q R RIN TRAC pw QGOQQQUQQQQOQ Q30 f3 E 3 ff? s A P C3 Q A Wm up . .. muse. K 3 go J 7 BB B B 1 60 gn U 619, 4 Q Q e i ,100 69 X21 I 596,?: loaf' ,fCf' B f GIRLS Q 11 B 56 O ff? fi? y we X , Ufffff ff WB M FINIBHB UNE fn B' W, W hi 'B K Z 2 BB W V M W V clfg BZ! W 9 0 uw Vx 5522 Jh DA KFlkDI y R P adiso. R L I THE IRQN MEN S Q C E mana F773QKE'Y E ll.: 0 THE VIKETTES Qu 54 D.W RC MM Don ld L M B T J Wad T75 'fllig Q -517' TQ, EMBA SQEQXCCDE IAQQNEQQOX QQEKX EYXQ fisckaxak lk wvfg Exp YAQEQX an xkkm W W 3533 Ln jyvwtifi, 'WEEK LI ?g i VG CQINQ QDQCCI if QE Gvmsgif Scvxgjkv T, LJLQKDXK xfxggzy Sxicbi Wi MQ CONGRATULATIONS , ixxrxffipf 9Q98ig,3.s'YXf I UJSXCUCX W uQ"cfL drxox I qxxwk X I Ci Ompi GOODBYE AND THANKS TO EUGENE XM f if-X Aki Pr KJQNWD QQKXNAER 3 GONNIE PAINTEI2 PERRY KLEEMANN JOHN BOCK ' DEBBIE PETROSINO GIA CURIALE HOLLY GHERHARDT MICHAEL CIFARELLI XZ! LISA BARTOLOTTI LIZ NIINK I PEGGY HAASE EMILY CAPOBIANCO LISA HARTIGAN GOOD FRIENDS NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN COMPLIMENTS EDWARD CIAMPI AND . . E CD63 gg LAC05 E 6'ChOiCe Of Champions" I77 TO PEGGHJ T5 FfT5NdS?"m"EZp7E?Qr3Sr:x.F 3'cEY, , H- 2 ' A , WP- 3.4525 oF ff S251 ifififzi ?5.ifg9D S2311 PW :flu never xcof-c3e-XF. K x HJHEREHEBQQESQ QfSQL,'3k.jogg?Ll GU. Ilxrm KL X X X 3' LoTl.,uee mwaysl 512335 YESLCXQYQ xii? iJ.?f0 l J XQf -A 1 , 5-W2 QNM-'53, 'Reel EGGS iilgin-ig -L Qoxmm. L95 22 A f x "' - 1 E-K GPF.. 6525, Wwe- JO!!-1 gl-oc WITQ ? Tc Qin, I6 i""g1'-,Y 5 In 7-UWYVN ' 0 - ' ' Muze, ' REMEMBE WL6i2.Qffg,2. -Q 1 To CV6f'yOfJ6 gYLU0'bo"5"'0'n 'lnowex I R THE H ' Yi-iQYMJx'Q.Mc1nnX0dvOdI .H OLD BD AND VXQMQCMLX , O ,HCUU5 Uuf' me OQf5"'fMeaJQAS,w Tv-vos 'VACKY Mqxub Hofe Sl-,0f5 eyes, I pn 3 C'Q'VX'q0Ch.1L uT'HA'l"'5 NOT ywuf L+, 54-GOMOQJ ,, L, 9, col M coop - Qwwq Lg gan we Q,Q+MQ, mlb - and K ' -'e--fff:--L F - fGf'1"s Amen , X-,xgxx Q QNSXW . , Tun' ---gg xxNLTXx1TQr- ' n ' ' "V" ig. swim' GOOD '-'ff-k PM -'1 W G-.k.,+ -nmgfis-"h ITM. F'.,+.,RE- j Owl! 1 SP wdmmwd 'U """M'I H' vwtfve WA R D C as uf KDET 'D QQ, l 06,05 lungs bg 'S . , Ptcsak. ' ikA'4o:ff':,+2-dc.and 91 A 93... A y U g, , K6 09 I-uv va nwnvffa' I',1"'f T' AAQQIS LOWE? 3 . , . .QAI MODE, :HQ 'YYX0Ylsg-Lge, R Lgajia A Qflfbgv rDmr M5115 f3ef-1'?f,L'Q,,ZZ ' ' . 3 A , Q1 4 A i '-' -. 13 X 4?-CM, QHQQMU 005 I , mC lmd W' J FOP Charlo bevvkg 1-mg, mailman j CCQAJ0. msc- GL.CiMf'QNm'1--v'b Z 2 n ll 9.Tt'1.lCc-ox-uafR:Qy,ub. QDQQ, 7+ . ,, , ' A C P JCOP you now AJJNBQJI-rxAe,5xg-ke fog: VYNQYXX j , L5OiJ."rXAQ,No1:,f:VQQ-Xuilfki. ' X ' A I 3. , ' alwayj' Have w-O ow Lobo 'ioxxowozz QYQILT til ciwel x 5 N-OVQQQ gfecuiesf 5 i5"XiMk'ef" .kwfweawo O A T7 ' ood fuck 5 Ywpgf CMP I-MSM 6436-Cyylf iblggox-Poi-31-6 Eyqifggof .f,1,endS ly, ev Love 1 v Q een. H V ,Y ,YY i X i R 1 x - I O ., 1, K 1 MQ loo X dxzlp CDXYNQXN 1 grgkk W D-QUXX W 553 40176 ,yl'7'76L3C!yS'W -75' germq Cgt Ciovf Sfovwecyfiveb 1 3 mm effvf , f 'onme Spec. and 0"n5U-Effsrflu MXL-DRDk5fQ 3 1 4. VN A XQQVQCR -AXCS 5 Q ADUU CCUFIVQI COQ? Yg?ff4Q SW Wm Udo, fbf Qvefy+m3 QQ-PM "WE HREF A ' 'fkxceq O4 P+ . 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' X 5 '- .Ag 4 K' . G luafvca, To AL My EMDS 1. .nail ""' 7E??c2 WMAV nf 1 ANA SENIDRS - B 39 . , A 1 X7 I 1 , ' X, Q' .. ..79j.. ITs BEEN REAL! BBVER Q6 NE QQQZVBTQ E l mm 0 I EQ B 4 MPS 9F9l4RErmn Ee, V r U V5 SOC. R Q """""x S 6830 LUQK , QQ Tm I LDQQQ' .EVER 5 f KIM finden Sonwj 1 mpjf EWR 9 Twp SO Q99 fx K - ypq , E E --E -E--E,l, fW1fil.UCf Dawg HQ, Y-E - HM-1 Mttha M , M '!'w'E'E'A ' ' '-' GK ff QM G PAPPAS 9 WN QQ ,fr FYmlx5opNQ1ccLXQQnvQvicJNQ,Y 1,-ful, Q,fum5iOiOg22x 2: ' 7 ' O' vf- - , . . M JM- DIV nqcks Lucas, N SA USC XxWxDCx5jX Lxvi Q 4 rv bu C5F6'u-251.545 ln, Selle , 'QUT CXFECVUS GWB A Q R I I q ATIQE MV' and Ohogczqlg Q43 9 A 5 P0626 Qmx QQ 5045171 E QE www Good PRESIDENT l I-che FS' 5 LED LN-OV? 6 5YNQ i V 'TO .TOHNIVV , 'X , , ,,. . ,,NOmf 1,9 was I E' ' E 'U Z-if-f-EE? MP0 ? is " To QCA.-P 5 3 E E -L . X ff K Y E NOT, L06 Nb 1.4 Your Hoff' f1 'lg40.7 jf had IW. 'ma ' 114 YN If UUUUN, LOVE, 'c"L'f"? ?a"""" Pazrvzg I I Love, I5 fm 6-ZW love. -' Q Qfo rx ,L k A L , N N . ,N-ini-Qi T' ill A f 6 v 4 'L ' 1 L, k""" -- T , J 1, ' ,, Y I -. . A '10, Jaw Q MTX! x x E ' ,f,f' r E 5 X 'Xh V 6' m 1 1 I3 fb ' XM - xi i -5' I f X nl aff' Lil, 1 LV S i M M, L 'Q W ' XE 'Q 'ffl 7 ' 'M X1 5 " i 3 f 5 1 W if Qi lib 'P ' ' ' N N xg 2 6 - -C XR f- 'Q V X ! fr, ,d-as 4 'V L V 9 4 if 1' l 3 f' . '----- -.L l A SN, I. K ,ul 5 I xx ' W 'e ' ' ' , ,P V -A I 1 'Q' f Q x9 Q27 u 9 'ig H A U is A aqui., 0,1 - A : X , Q ft i A - Xvqlwl llI'QMg f . 2 5 ' b ff i A 4 'y . I X . , 2.355 " qi 1 , E bg: . S , 49 'E' I E fn X R :jig ' Q imlavuuxu 1 CLASS OFFICERS SENORS 39 i K. i :i - reg :Kg --rf JLINIORS The graduating class of i983 plans to make this a successful year. Two main events will take place, the Senior Prom and trip. To de- fray the costs our fund-raisers will consist of: a senior play, fashion show, the sale of carnations at Christmas and Valentine's Day, also M8M's. As we leave and go our separate ways we will always have our memories of the Class of '83. l, along with the other officers: Vice-President Alison Rooney Secretary Ana DaSilva Treasurer Melissa Carmichael wish to say "good-bye" and "good luck!" to all the classes that follow us. Linda Burke Senior Class President The Junior class started out this past September by electing officers and nominating four prom chairper- sons. The Prom chairpersons are: Ane Snyder, Marni Schwartz, Diana Farkas and Tracey Kaplan. These four have put in much time and ef- fort towards a successful and memorable Prom on April 23rd, l983. The officers have been organizing fund-raisers and other class activi- ties, including The Halloween Ring Dinner on October 29th, l982. The Class of '84 is an enthusiastic and ambitious group. We are looking for- ward to a great senior year, with an enioyable Prom. and hopefully a sen- ior trip, which we have already be- gun to plan for. On behalf of the Junior class, l, along with the other officers: President Edward Ciampi Vice-President Diana Ringrose Treasurer Pam Parsons would like to thank Mr. Luchessi for all his hard work, time, and caring this year. Marianne Aiello Junior Class Secretary FRESHMEN Gur class activities included making a float for the Homecoming Game, the Adopt-A-Family Program, and fund- raisers. The first place prize money awarded for our Homecoming float went towards the Adopt-A-Family Pro- gram and our class trip. To also help with the expenses of our class trip we also earned money from selling MSM's and candy canes. The Class of '86 offi- cers for this year were: President Betsy Adamcewicz Vice-President Christina Rannacher Secretary Jennifer Johnson Treasurer Margi Kaelin SOPHQMQRES The Sophomore class has had an exciting year. ln addition to the Ring Dinner, it has planned a trip into New York City and had two success- ful fund-raising drives: a car wash and a candy sale. The Sophomore class is proud of it's many students who participate in class activities and hopes this en- thusiasm continues in the years ahead. The officers for this year werez President Keith Getz Vice-President Michelle Fairchild Secretary Diane Burke Treasurer Careen Halton Klm - Sue Lenz The Student Government Organization is a group of concerned students who pe- riodically get together and discuss prob- lems concerning the student body, and the school. Community service is an inter- gal part of the functions of our organiza- tion. The S.G.O. is not a club and should not be treated as such, but rather a inter- gal part of the scholastic experience. lt should be treated on a level comparable to an academic class. it is irresponsible of the administration to diminish the impor- tance of the SGO by overseeing the rights of students within the socio-scholastic environment of North Shore High. We feel our group is an important one, and hope to see much progress for the Organization in the future. Sincerely yours, John Bock ""'i1u il- ,Y' .QI LATIN TCLU15-mv Membership in the Latin Club is open to all students who are enrolled in Latin classes or who have studied the language in the past. Meetings are held on a month- ly basis, with some additional work ses- sions preceding the two gala events of the year: the Saturnalia in December, and the Cena Romana in May. The club strives to provide opportuni- ties for students to increase their under- standing of the contributions and influ- ence of the Romans. An additional aim is to enable students of Latin to meet social- ly with others who share their interests. The officers for the current year are Roderick McConnell, Consul-Major CPresi- dentjt Karen Leal, Consul-Minor CVice- Presidentbt Margaret Gran, Quaestor QSecretary-Treasurerbf Fiona McConnell, Aedilis CProgram Chairmanj. At the Satur- nalia this year, North Shore Latinists played host to students from Manhasset, Glen Cove, and Rockville Centre. The Cena Romana on May l9th marked the 27th annual Roman dinner celebrated by the group. The Spanish Club offers students an opportunity to get together and share their common interest in the Spanish language and Spanish cul- ture. ln keeping with tradition the club sold pretzels as a fundraiser on cold winter afternoons. This years officers were: President Betty-Jo Matzinger Vice-President Allison Viscosi Secretary Laura Ghersi Treasurer Aris Galien KE' FRENCH CLUB N...,, ,, ' F A V S mx The French Club is an organization of students who are studying or have studied French and who wish to have an organization to get together, to know each other and to enjoy French and things that are French. lt is basical- ly a social organization. At times it has had fund raising projects to finance special activities for the club. One major social activity is usually planned for the school year. Regular meetings are held monthly. X X' , f' Q Q? X N fl ,Q Q yry Q ,M wg ll lk 1 Q l AFS fundraising activities this year ave been a pointsettia sale, bagel sales very Thursday and we plan to sell jer- eys. The money raised by these activi- es will go toward the short term ex- hange in which our club spends a week 'ith another club in the United States. Ye look forward to going to North arolina. AFS has been very successful tis year thanks to our advisor Dr. tark, the adult chapter, and the club fficers: MaryBeth Daley, Mara zheiner, and Jane Sabotta. This year North Shore was lucky to ost three of the six foreign exchange udents on Long Island. We hosted urge Azevedo, from Portugal who ayed with the Miksic family. Eduardo liaquez, from Honduras who stayed ith the Getz family. Caroline DuCrest ho stayed with the lsenberg family. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE B 'gg 3,5 , I 3,15 .if st I TF sa 1 ' :ff 'W-'Fil ' ' . Y L nt -A A Y. j a NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The NHS chapter at North Shore is the Promethean Chapter. Students are selected for membership in the Honor Society on the basis of aca- demics, service, character and lead- ership. Once the academic require- ments have been fulfilled, a Faculty Council selects students on their qualifications in the remaining three areas. The Honor Society assists other students in the high school by pro' viding a tutoring service. The offi- cers for this year were: Willie Bon- ham - President, Ralph Bierschwale and Betty-Jo Matzinger - Vice- Presidents, Christine Kim N- Secre' tary, and Danny Oran - Treasurer. I89 SCUBA CLUB if ART CLUB The Art Club is designed for students who wish to expand their art experience. This year the members were involved in painting store windows in Glen Head for the Holiday Season. ln gratitude, the store owners honored the participants at a luncheon. ,V mimi ' 1 --, ,fee eg 3 M . 3 -I I I v , A.fiL I I! 5 'D ,z 'G ff i ,, , -my - M F , , , MOSAIC The Mosaic staff is a group of peo- ple very dedicated to their work. Putting in long hours, A-3 has be- comea second home for a few de- voted editors. Deprived of the nec- essary funds to churn out a good looking magazine, Mosaic staff is al- ternately seeking out material which consists of poetry, short stories, songs and art work. Whether we are mimeographed or printed expen- sively, Mosaic still contains the highest degree of the school's writ- ing. Committed to the well-being of Mosaic are: David Kolins. Adam Kanzer, Faith Getz, and George Eck- stein. Behind them are the other edi- tors: Debbie Harowitz, Maura Whe- lan, Mitchell Gross, Ann Toback, Chris Lewis and Melissa Carmichael. None of this would be possible with- out the advisorship of Marion . 2 I Balls!- When Our Mind Wanders . ooo ,525-M .L - , . 9? J ,A ,X 1. , D. J .,4 -2 . . 1 .vw v To dx, 'Jn ,L 'T' -7 L- an JUNIOR VARSITY CHGRLIS The JV chorus is the North Shore "prep" choir for 9th and iOth graders. A wide variety of music is performed in preparing them for the "bigger 8 better" things that awaits them in their upper- ciass pears. 13095 N3 AVA 1 f is l96 nsnsne Tenor and Bass -'NM . SINE NOMINE SING-ERS D 1,3 N These 9th and IOth grade girls put some energy into their singing! From a showstopping "GodspelI", to a "Gloria" of Schuberfs, the Sine No- mine Singers sing with gusto! f - -' , ix at IV .4 X -MP5 ' .wt-., 5 " t of A I " ,ff 5 J' 4 1 I is xgs I .f7',R i n ', x A 'N 1 .L L' I S 1 Q. - 4-11 'fps Q " I ..- SOPRANO '3 s?fq gif ' TENOR AND BASS i I ALTO I99 A big thanks to all the people who helped to create the I983 Tam. Their hard work is apparent throughout the book. An especially big thank-you to our great advisor, Ms. Higgins, for all her time and last minute deadline rescues! s ts b Editors Maureen Grau Joanie Bertrand Co-Editors Ellen Hegarty Noriko Honda Underclassmen Deidre Winston Sports Susan Salerno Activities Maureen Looney Carolyn Reynolds Faculty i. i,.,,.,....-,,, ,,,A,..,.... .-Y Artwork Ronald Schulz Michael Benchimai Maureen Looney Dave Keenan Bill O'Rourke Photographers Nick Ivanov George Schidlovsky Typist Deborah De Louker Staff Lynn Werther Robert Milano Adrien Grossing 'MX These lovely 24 singers are noted for their excellence in singing and for the high quality of music they perform In addition to school and community con- certs they will perform this spring with the Long Island Singers in Hag- ger s King David M VARSITY GRCHESTRA Violas, Basses and Celli ,305 he t A 'M p-s W S 5' l 'Q 7 fi ig 'M , Lf Y it 1 g -s -f LW C627 f Wi The Varsity Orchestra is com- prised of sixty performers who meet for one class period each day. The orchestra rehearses and performs works from the classi- cal repetoire as well as represen- tative contemporary music. The North Shore orchestra plays at a high technical level and has placed graduates in a number of the major music schools in the United States. Both full symphon- ic music and string music are made possible by the sharing of wind players with the Varsity Band. FEI., . y tys The Majorettes were led this year by senior Shana Spanier. After many hours of practice, the group performed with the marching band during halftime at the home football games. This year, their talents were displayed in both twirling and flag routines. The Maiorette advisor, Mrs. Prince, would like to thank everyone for their time and effort. Brass 8 Percussion .AQ VARSITY BAND The Varsity Band functions as both a concert and marching band. The Concert Band performs at the Holiday Concert in December and the Spring Concert in the high school auditorium. It also performs for elementary students at a special con- cert in February and at Moving-up Day in May. The Marching Band performs at home football games in the fall and in the annual Memorial Day Parade in May. In addition, the band is the parent organiza- tion for many other playing opportunities including Orchestra, Stage Band, Brass Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble and the pit orchestra for the Viking Masquers musical productions. Woodwinds lla Orchestra Winds MATHLETE MU ALPHA THETA MOCK TRIAL CLUB The purpose of the club is to develop z trial team for the New York State Mocl rial Competitions. Each team is composec of three lawyers and three witnesses whc stage a civil or criminal trial case. The stu dents are instructed in courtroom procedure and the fine points of the law by the lawyei who is supplied by the Nassau Bar Associ ation. This year's officers were: President Adam Deinetri Vice-President Thomas Lind Secretary Treasurer Michelle Delgardo F.H.A. The Future Homemakers of America is an organization consisting of students from the Home Economics classes and others with an interest in this area. The F.H.A. has organized the Medieval Dinner, with donations being given to the Bob Constant Scholarship Funds. Mem- bers prepared all refreshments for the Ju- nior Prom and did several fund raisers around the holidays. Activities include weekly meetings where members work on individual sew- ing projects or food proiects. As a group. the members go out to dinner and hold a Bar-B-Q at the end of the year. The officers for this year were: President Maureen Byrne Vice-President Linda Scott Treasurer Bella Totino Secretary Jacki Riotto I DLISTRI L RTS CLUB Members follow their own interests in selecting from a wide range of activities. These activities encompass the building of go-karts, minvbikes, metal, electrical and woodworking projects, The students also work on their own cars. motorcycles, or mopeds. Repair and over- haul of donated automobiles for resale is another activity in which many students are involved. Students also involve them- selves inthe building and donation of fur- niture for use in the student lounge. ff? I 4' r4"f.o ,Q oo-4 3 li ini ANNING CLUB Tanning Association of North Shore QTANSQ Picture if you will, several slender tanned bodies sprawled across some kind of Pseudo-desolate type landscape. No, this scene is not sundry exhausted businessman at dusk in certain parts of New Jersey, although it was a well-intended guess. No, what we have here is a very elite, dedicated cluster of slightly deranged sun fanatics who stop at nothing to darken their melanin pigment Cto the layman, this is called "getting a tan"J, Probably the one term that can describe these people is the "mailman syndrome," for whatever adverse weather conditions persist, if the sun shines, the Suntanning Club is in session. Pictured here are a few candid Nga N. shots of club members in action at during prime tanning an Q- lyair , , composmons SUSAN MESSINA HAIR COMPOSITIONS I77 Forest Avenue Locust Valley, N.Y. H560 C5l6D 67l-749l Wl6l2qw:g .L LONG ISLAND GLASS l85 Glen Cove Avenue Sea Cliff, Ll H579 AUTO-GLASS MIRRORS BEST WLSHES TO THE TELEPHONE ORIOLES-OOIO CLASS OF '84 FROM ff"?"'f9Q3-' fllff--.,41"'l'3F1NTB-A 7424 'f.M 631' QQ'-aw H :N ,-, ,f"'g4- ,,Yfl-55-Z:',' NX 1,r w,1..St THE CLASS or 'ss . N -V . - I Lg Vx, x lub, mf V1 l - f , mum .,,. 1- 1. 1' lsmnmanmwwmla Whitting Funeral Home, Inc. 300 Glen Cove Ave. Glen Head, NY. 11545 516-671-0807 6000 BEST wisnts TORTHE CLASS' or 'sat COMPLIEMENTSP or-1 THE l CLAS Of 34 P l968-l983 g LEON PRICE When you need a plumber. .. Richard P. Deegan 8 son Inc. be . I9 Spring Street g Plumbing S Heating 3 C Residential - Commercial P 1 Free Estimates Quality Workmanshipi R rlgffffl llidll T eee liil A lte"3fl0nSl it Repairs e 'i'il":"'1l if ilii ii :::i'l "l:'1 l::"l: 1 P Plumbing Fixtures 298 Forest-Ave. L eufst Malley , Cyster Bay g gg 922-H22 . ,,.. .. ....,...i:..A wig v-,- a :iasatszaaa siraizzezazzesgsfy1,:.:ei:22:w:a- ..,,,.Gn:m::-if:EQ-.lf 5:Eif::?lW-- :ff::.:2'22:ly:2 , -aa ---- a 1g , R5 -a CLASS QF '83 Dalay S Family Peter Damiliqiiaz from 'he Dfaucek Family Mia' llgll la the claaa af 'SS - llfli- F Mia- Falk Mi- F Flaming Ml- F Family to me class of 'ss - me Ganan Family The F Family Carolyn aiii iiilliii iiiiiiii The ayyy Baal 1F'F l5Fl I aayyyml ilma X aa a iii FF'l iilil li T ' ll aa la a ,T . iiii HI, ,L K i The Mrs. The The The Mrs. lilijhiiii 'l ii-1 s a y ee e e e TTTFQ eeT,eee eefy elTy eeege X T T , gee e,eeyieee eyyeeegee , i , , eeyyyeeeeeyy,ee yie :ee T eeyeeeyyleeeJyeeyeeeyyee yy eelee ,eey T T Aeeeyeeey, T, '12 The Row' Longo Mr. a Mr. s The The The - 5 Mrs' Meehan Tom 5 me Good Mr. S Fami'Y H' Govd Luck fd i lh fhe CGZQY TT TTT Fam"Y The Coffey eiiale f eeey T eeye T eyeeyeeey,eeeyaaeyeeeyyee yaeeyeee Mr. S Mia. 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BRINKIN PHARMACY T Posoxnes Glen Head, NY H545 Q5I6J676-OII6 and 4 Shore Rd. 687 Glen Cove Avenue Port Washington Harbor NY IIOSO Ge" Head' may 883-2700 New York H545 ZI4 I I f u XL E K Fu- IT'S A FUNNY THING ABOUT LIFES IF YOU REFUSE TO ACCEPT ANYTHING BUT THE BEST YOU OFTEN GET IT." - - Somerset Maughan CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the CLASS of '83 from the NORTH SHORE SCHOOLS FEDERATED EMPLOYEES X Representing the teachers and secretaries of the North Shore SchooI District 2I5 .- Aff f, ,., N zwwewfzwf .fm .fs -.--H. , .sw -mffmg-2fff:aw HV- 5 Q ., 91-sum!! .f :wfwssa'zfffvvvwffg-afffgme-: ,ff .,-.-,Mgg Qfiwifs-w.:m, -m.,, .wi ,,,. -Ezwwwm -Pg, q,,,EM9 .,i.l,:,,wE,f ,,v'?2fW,i,,i. ---mg -. ---' Q- rf if Qt " "" " .. , '-. 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EI I-UTQUSI Y ISQLI mcI ,ITTQ,IfQ MATH-mm PM ggqe STQTCT TISUCI IIQH Q SPORTS? Candid andpFamiIy Portraits 'XQQ A SPECIAL THANKS TO: L GL Ek L SALLY BROWN FRANK FORBES MIKE FORBES MIKE GEORGE KEITH GETZ DEREK IRWIN TONY LEGGIO JACK MANISCALCCO TIM MCGILL ROB MILANO GREG STEWART JEROME VIVONA JENIFFER WADE ' KATHY WADE . BLITZ . ELISTIS MR MR MR. MILLER LL MR MR . REARDON, COACH . REARDON MRS. SHAVER I CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE ' CLASS or I983 I I A ' FROM THE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NORTH SHORE HS. CLASESRX 83 STUDENT couNclL THE CLASS OF 'ss DIS I f' Q .VJ X My ff WV E W , 'EYJWQ 31 . f X BMX 5. fi f X V M WQJ 1,91 Qs Qfjjaf A 1 JWJJQZQ if WW QQ! H ' jf! I HQ f !0fEf5wf0,foj V lifwr' ff 'jf N 1' W X gf W WQVQ b,fV,f wfwfiiw . 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Suggestions in the North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY) collection:

North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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