North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY)

 - Class of 1982

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North Shore High School - Taliesin Yearbook (Glen Head, NY) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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M mexw QQYQQA Nest Swawgwgf 'YE 35035 owen ff xx-its swf Ns cbbcox. OKxqQf'e 0O5e,XQe,Q.QQN l'-9 :Sw 0.655 Ojmgjvxgxex lef- mff Hmong, . H'6.NQf0' SQDOSSDXWEWQC ff? ., v 4 wwi . . . N ji VM COVER AND END SHEET DESIGN BY DARIA STOROJEV Fa, 1 MP v mi 1 w Q4 W vw 'il 'IKM A UW f ' ' 33313:-lx , 1 f -N "W H --fV'f!vf,: M ' V . -'uf1Q-um. Y g -' J '1": 1 QQ?-+fuiL',5g2"'i-1- ' aff i K 1 Y fr, -1-' A -H Q ""1fs.9g' M--fu ,. 1- .F-'V 1 ' X ' ' - I ' f1"1"""1,,:m.-WW V Y? 2 4 , gww -45 W ,dw Ai, ,,.. M ,MW -, 2- ' M 1, . , af ' f x pwwwxr f , - J' . MEn3vaga4g5.gdpvmm 'Q'v7""Wz,q,,,r,115':W-N1-, --X, W ,,: L,,, WWW- T, 1 W, w:..,w' , W I aim W W M , W' ,A 3 if K 5 E gf w 1 J WL vm., M' Q ,Q ,W up 2-1 4, N 'W' ,f J' , 1 Q it wi .r w- H o , 1 MR 1 .. DW QW' M 53WOLcfWf'3 PM Q'e.Nf A1W?iy1QpyQIMwjvS?w5f3 W h WW Vw QW MQ K I kgflumy , fi 1 W Q www . u of QOL roun oking for North Shore ugh School in the spring .SQ f 1956 by Louis Ruckg b p 'd f fth B fed . , f9Sl en o e oordo uco- tion during thot time. YW Q91 My Toble of Comremrs Theme ..,.............. ...........,... 2 Seniors ....................,.,,. ............ Q .17 Umderclossmem ...........,,.. .................. 8 U Foculry ............,... ,........ ..,.............. 1 1 C' Acrivifies ............. ,,.......,,.,.. 1 C50 Sporrs ....,......,.. ....... ............... 1 6 U Adverrisememrs ..............,,.. .,,........... 2 O8 v' Wiulw . , Q35 ff 1"'f?' "'s.' ff' -Q If 'T' W . .1 x T , ,on h,.3,, of oo 'f-"""""""' ' .W 4 . ""G7v-vqbh-,.41a:"'ms..., ' Q, JOAN' 4,410,519 1: - ' "3 o r. 9, Drill-M,-,Mfogf y '7""llw,4 V M North Shore High School during construction ' for .4 ll .x . .rd ' M' 'YQ J - 41-fl ' VT.:-J LA' 'T fu ':i"h"-22" ' Q Q . ' ' - G Q5 1 ...Q-K ' gf" -' -- lf' ,KJ . ,f" Look ro rhis day! K 4 , L 11 Q4 ill! For ir is life, rhe very life of life 5 In its brief course, 5 Lies QII rhe vorieries ond reoliries of your exisremceg 7 The bliss of growrh, The glory of ecrioh, The splehder of ochieverhehr K' For yesrerdcny is bw 0 dream Amd tomorrow is only 0 vision x.-IA A,-' Bur rodoy Well lived, PMUWUHHK l -ws Makes every yesrerclay a dream af happiness, 11 Amd every tomorrow 0 vision of hope. fm Bizk- l - -, ,www-m1! ,',1n 12 f?J My MJF' 512 . uni ,.-,,,J,:' ' 2 ,555 xg' ' V 'Q I. .. Y tw h 4 f"' P, . aiu , W if fgv, , 5 ia !4,': Q , ,. FW 3. Q ilu: 'of' Ni. ln -N Locale Well, rherefore, ro rhis doy! 13 TO NGRTH SI-IGRE I-HGH SCHOQI. WE WIS!-I . . . A HAPPY 25rh ANNIVERSARY JJ ik Ea.. wg! .ll 1.1 if - DF I ' mf ol -I I XM ' ., ' -IV? - Shu frwwfs 1' IQBIIDIRK 'fo ,. 1, 2 I 'Nseg ...-f -Cffll, MICHAEL ABBONDONDOLO "ABBY" 521 Football, Lax, Hill-Drill, B.l.T.S., Yac-Shack with Bone and Rome, Shotgunning, Quarting Club. Good times with R.V., P.V.S., D.S. "ls that a beer?" N.T. F.M. JOHN ABBRANCATI Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, along with the '1O', D.N. Cor A.N.D. CB, L.B. Special thanks R.C. and R.H. Remember the 308 GTB.! Vrof2 m. 18 JUSTINE E. ADAMCEWICZ "Shams and illusions are esteemed for soundless truths, while reality is fabulous." - Thoreau ""Austria 61 France 62" ... APIO .... L.B. D.C. L.W. C.B. L.G . . . Thanks for the memories Au Re- voir mes amies. SHARON AMATO I Will only remember the good times. "Summer 81" S.R., P.T., A.A., S.R., C.R., Toots with M.M., 23181. A smile to lighten up the day. Will neve forget J.M. Thanks Mom. K -s -sc .uwi EL qw 5 iss? liz ,X Q - MICHELLE ARMADOROS Block ond red Z26 - 1O!3f81 New friends old friends will never be forgotten. J.D. ond coke. Sum- met tons! Hope it works! That's right we bod! Born to be wild! Smile!! D.C., S.R. .4 - V- '4J JACQUELINE AYRES "The credit belongs to he. . .who strives voliontly, who errs ond comes short ogoin ond ogoin: who knows the great enthusiosm, the great devotion, ond who spends himself in o worthy couse . . The Light of the Aryons "Comerieri" Icedteo DOCS-DASP 'BYE CHRIS Ki RODBY DABICH "Bob" 47 Soccer C1 Boseboll, "B.B." the guys - Don's summer house, Fire Islond "What the HelI!", "Pigs A", blue bombis gone. Good times - Dione 6 John Conodo 82 MARIANNE - BE MINE FOREVER! 8-11-80. 19 LISA BARICEVIC 'GREGG - All of My Love Forever." T.F.F., "C.R., P.G., L.H., L.Z., and Mare. C.M., Where are you?? The Rolling Stones '81, Thanks Linda, Take it slow, and enjoy the Snow!!! "?v'? ROCCO BELLIDORO Rocky - Red and White Blazer- Thanks to all my good Friends - we had good times - "Hay Doug how's your hammer" - 4 wheeling, Gorvies, Top- pen always have I.C.B. - Thanks alot Mom, Dad, Donna and Patrick - "I made it"lII 20 W . R 'Qs FRANK BASILE Allan. gif xi ' . f" '. ELIZABETH BENCHIMOL Liz... "HeIIo Doll"l . . . Let's eat , . . G.H. - Good Times with friends - LB LD KC CB KT - ECCfWilI always remember Kathy - W.W. M.F. M.?. Les-ie- if pest! . . . "Harriet + ZeIda." Thanks M-I-DIMJP . . . Later! Q 'S ,I MARY BELLE ISLE FGFF - Kelly and Tracy, "Give-me-a-breakII" Sum- mer '61, "Bird watching . . . Lisa?", the dangerous type, "Mairy", Kelly can't-canoe? Cthe B'sJ, "I-A-N- A-AH"jYC WI YD PTG, Hi Luz, Hey J.D., Donna! Inside Jokes RAYMOND BENO STACEY BESTE P-A-R-T-I-E-5: Stac, l.C. Thanx ST., .l.W., "Thats so funny," LIFEGUARDS, "Hi Guys" - CXRXBIJJM Good Friends will always be remembered - All! KXBXS - Mercedes - 5 5 A gf' ff N 1, Q AL ' . 1' . llii A 1' NEAL BODACK Oh let me flow into the ocean Let me get back to the sea Let me be strong and let me be calm Let the tie in And let me free - The Who- 'ii TM? "7""'9 , , S 57 x f l R x iff' MARIANNA BIUNDO Mare: Time made you bolder Even children get older Now I'm getting older too Remembering forever: CKL CD7 JD LH CL NR Barbados, Cosmetology, Special times and the one who made them happen C143 Joeyb A "Spe- cial FamiIy" Tiamo CLAUDIA BIERSCHWALE " . . . I have my hopes to comfort me lgot my new horizons out to sea ...... 'Cause l know I'm gonna find my own peace of mind - Someday .., " - Moody Blues JANET E. DREEN Geniune D.F.-l-D.C. summer 80' ll! LESLIE DORZILLER' "Damnit Janet" n.oFF. quo, Johnny D., Mikey n. Joezy, Weanny, Sue Efl- SWEETD 'Friends have Ol' things in Common-' Hello my name is... ma F.Q. summer 51'+Al's I - PIOTO' HATE HIM . . . ?l?l, Exploring, Terra's Peg + G-l-T's Guys. 'l'll miss ya all guy's' 21 EILEEN DRENNAN Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of TERRANCE C. BROKER Down at the end choice: it is not a thing to be waited for, it is o thing Round by the corner to be achieved. - WJ. Bryon ELLEN BROWN 22 DOREEN BRITT "Dritzy" The future is everything that I love and that which exists. Mom, I Love You! T.T. and D.R. - you're beautiful. Thanks Bruce for the D.O.N.G. - see you in the year 2001. Close to the edge Just by the river Seasons will Pass you by I get up, I get down Now that it's over and done Now that you Find, now that you're whole. SAM BROWN 6' 2", 200? C'mon that's the kid from Friends? Left Friends mode new ones, leaving againl 589, Ham Bone, Shower Scene, Bud, The Boys, Traitor, Base- ball, Hoops, Football, many memories to exper- ience. Thanks everybody - you too Coach Mel. Bye. I s STEVEN DROZYNA Droz - Lowies, Hangin, Drinkin, J.H.S., Peppers, G.W.L. Always Crawlin. My Good Friends! Thanks alot? RM 125 - Riden Dro's and Cuzes later HW. Thanks family, I made it! Thanks Eve - for every- thing! R.l.P, JAMES DURGHART !!!!WOW!!!! !WHAT A TRIP! Q5 KAREN DUEHLER Summer '81 - "Silly girl"ll! lLUS!!! GL GP!!! AR BJ PC MJ KS DH RH PTJM SP!!! Good TimeslGood friends!!! Utah or bust!!! Telephone poles, oops!!! Thanks to all who smiled and laughed along! Sunshine loves ya!!! KAREN BUFFOLINO hey LEE - we made itl 11f12!61 - "STONES CONCERT" Special Memories of - "The Magic Mustang," RG, CK, AZ, C1 "Glen Cove" "NURSES CALL THE SHOTS" Mom 6 Will !'Time is on my side"!ll! am 'US EDWARD P. BUTT Gristede's - "THE SUPRA VAN" LML '78-'79 Rolling Stones!"l Can't Get No Satisfac- tion" "Get Off Of My CIoud" - The Band? '67 Nova-327,11 speed, Duel Fuel, Duel Exhaust-'66 23 XX A W ff!! 1 ...-w-w-H?" 'ff- DAWN P, CACERES "All dreams are destined to be fulfilled" "Canada: 80, 81, 82. '66K, Love to Tommy and my friends. Thanx Mom and Roger. "Harlequins", laughs in A.P.l3. Soccer and Track. "Meanwhile back in the jungle . .. ' 'SX , J.. RH -1 M31 TN DAVID CARBONARA Ever moving down the stream Lingering on the golden stream, Life what is it, but o dream. Music is all and we'll all meet up again at the heavenside layer. 26 ROBERT JOHN CASSANDRO lf a man does not keep pace with his companions perhaps it is because he hears a "different drum mer." Let him step to the music which he hears KEITH CARTAGINE however measured or far away. Wrestling - The Carts 350 8f23f8O K.D. Who told? lJ.O.B. and the wagon 4110181 Times with Lucia will always be remembered. What you don't re- member - didn't happen. D.O., l.L. 1 I 5 Af - i . .... .K iv new f XFX X sg, k ff' X - NR, gui JK. . AUGUST CAVALIERE ,fax ROBERT CHALOUPECKY ALAN CHERRY Thirty words oren't enough, You know whof I would hove soid PAUL CIAMPI t ' Z ' by Ciompi, the non - porty guy, ,M "Lef's move on" Cops ond robbers. 27 BILL ClAMPl Good times will never be forgotten. And my buddy Erik, and friends. Class of '82, Barely made it thru! DEBRA CIMAGLIA fii MARTIN CONNELL To my friends at North Shore, "Thanks for the times that you've given me, The memories are all in my mind." and Thank you Margaret and Mum, l'II never forget what you've done. 28 LORI CONNOLLY Good times. Fond memories. Best times with L.H., J.D., D.D., R.D., Deachbaby. Let the sunshine! Flor- ida. Senior Cut Days M.U.D. '60, '61. Pina Coladas. Mini Mart. Weekend. Thanks Mom1Dc1d. Love Ya! EILEEN COLGAN Who knows when we shall meet again lf ever. Time, keeps flowing like a river, On and On, to the sea, To the sea. 8124160 - K. K-Nashville 1011181 - 'KINKS' nun ' MICHAEL CONZA Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes. fl 3 1 ROWENA courts iggvvarvvevvvssww S' A me K N, 0 Qs-'f l..W. - "We must go on" "Jan. 9, 81" Grumps if E K 1 - 5 A ' TRACFY COSTEU-O Forever, '81 mustang, Susey, Saratoga, Delaware L FMF Ik B ff G P S H Always - 'A.m., E.B., S.F., J.S., J.M,, CW., M.L MQUY' A le' U Y' Qgor' l99Y' me Y' Jock ' D 't do it better! KELLY COSTELLO Blew" Canada 60-82 Anniversaire Sur le Mon- ins-A?TrT?? tange, Canoeing 60, 3160. 7160 WAP Summer 61' sailing with Donna, "The Elite portlets" ..bye Al. 3 rf 3 ef Q 1 JAMES COVINO "DlNO", 312 Baseball, Basketball, Stones Concert, sluggermobile. Love those Peaches, seen with V.M., D.M., C.C., and J.P. l.L.Y.A, LAUREEN SWADR. SATURDAY! THANKS MET, YOUR SICK. 111180. Vega days Riegers Attic. Sports Illustrated, Basket- ball parties at swill's DDMAPl f"'!' Q"""'i JAMES CULKIN "Culk" - Wrestling, Soccer, Golf Cllubbles + Bud- dy'sD F.l. '81-l-62 C?J - 'lWho scratched J.R.?" - Sag's - Miller Qt. - "Ball bag" "What the hell?" - The GUY'S - "1 week Rob?" More good times to come. Ml ANTONI CURIALE 29 MlCHAEL B. CUSHNY Luv Ya Fudge, Hi Mom C1 Pop., Some of my best Friends are thespians, A.G., C., D.M., The Kissing Bandit Lives, See Ya at 7:20, The Lagoon! Love always Scruffy. JEAN DEVEAU Jeanie-O . . . 712B179, Scott-N-Jean . . . St. Rocco's -l- "The Wooden Ships" Good Times-N-Good Friends Parties, Ski-trips, Deefsteak Charlie's and "Pepper's" Special Thanks to Scott and the Family, l made it! lSN'T THE SUNSET PRE TTY. .................................. . 30 KENNETH DALEY il.P.J - KC JC VM RB JD - Thanks guy's! VM The night "KC, never forget the biggy, 350 6123180 E.C.C. who told??? 1113181 JUDY 'you'll alway's be something special to me 'Remember all the terrif- ic times we had and will have! can't wait for 9131? l.L.U.!l! 'FAUT' X SHAWN DAVIS LML LIVES: Viking Masquers Will neverforget times with C.P., B.M., K.T., J.S., T.L., E.T., D.M., D.P., C.L., K.L., L.G., W.H., J.D., X-county. Good luck D.F., R.P., D.O. Next year's season. SHERMAN DICKERSON All night Corona Cruising Mid Island Plaza. Orient, Sky and Defender "Knock yourself out Scott" Jim and JD House for weekend. EC Slowhand much happiness wished to J.S.1SMF1DB JENNIFER DIFEDE JOHN DOHERTY JD 488. The Budweiser Bunch, hills, P.V.S., R.V., J.M., M.A., S.D.? D.W., T.B., M.M., After four years l finally found the right one - love my little T-I-A. Canada '61-I-'61! B.I.T.S . .. Peatmoss LISA DIVONZO Each life converges to some centre, expressed or still: exists in every human nature, 0 goal . . . " - E. Dickerson Sassy can always be found with Red CB PL DH LB, Z-13, 4"17'79, 12'1'79 JULIE DOWDEN TIMOTHY P. DOWNEY "We are all of us richer than we think we are" Disco Car, Death Chase through S.C. wfD.J.M., D.K., - Michel De Montaigne L.E., 7f25f6O. What DO YOU Know? I'm Skeeerd! Funtime wfM.M., D.A., cp., LH., fan, Ax., ra., L.v,, ran., KM. 31 All RONALD EDSTROM Goodbye Little Doggis, Swoogie! Breath Sweatiesl Good Times with Dreadlock, Urban Cowboy and the Rest. Chillout 6 be cool, the partie isjust begin- ning BERNARD FEDERICI 32 mi , .ff-"WSW BRIAN FILASKY Looking foward to a good life after I graduate from KATHLEEN FERP-O high school. Having fun with 1.6. M.M. M.H. T.L. and going four wheeling in my Toyota. Kath - L.P., We shared so many secrets, good times. 8'ul and experiences together. Now all that's left are memories. You'll never be forgotten - B.T. - S.T., J.S., L.M., M.E.J, D.C., M.B.F. - TFF T X S i 1 wi. X X M , SUSAN FOSTER Irash! OMNI '61 Summer Sailing CWithout the sails? lElL!!j Will always remember: LS., J.G., R.C., LW., QB., T.R., D.W., S.S., A.K., N.O, E.P.B.. C.W., S.K. The Lest years of my life! is kg'NwwOW MARGARET FRANCK You who are on "the" road Must have a code that you can live by And so become yourself Because the past is just a good-bye. - CSNY X x .X -,Q 'W l...... f L S ifflki ,er g 1' - J. T . . I 'Y .. .si :",x . ' I 5 4 . N- T S ' LISA FRANCO Lisa - Chunky "DUT", Slim, Queen of Chevelles, Terri - Q91 PA1 Always 'Special times wf DRT'Richie -Jukebox Hero Remember the MIEN! 'Albie' - Al, J.A. T.H. P.H. F.M. Slick, Sly Thanx Mom + Dad - you can't foretell the Future- MAUREEN GALVIN 33 x sc :QQ We CHARLES GAMBINO ,os KIERAN P. GIDDONS Cross Country, Wrestling, Track Captain Gibbs, Myles to go before I sleep, Harry, RicGomez, Pap, Nate, Lou - The Whaleman, Dig Bang, Celebrate, Oh Yeah, Freestyle, Fast Frank, Recher's Wrecker, Let it loose, Thanks R.B. "We do not remember days, we remember mo- ments." - Cesar Pauese 34 LAURA GENNINGER CHERYL GILDERSLEEVE -ffzrf STACEY GEORGE Moi, Masquers. Buy my grapes? . . . Oh NO!! SMlLl ,. . TEA . . . Pink! .l.D. Mushca, Post Cards, O.N.l.T.Sl In the sweetness of friendship let there be laugh ter, and sharing of pleasures. - Kahlil Gibran JAMES GIORDANO Jame - Good times with good friends will alway be remembered, Denihana's, Jack'n the Box 'Let snow', Skiing 81, "What a Hack" L.H. will alway be special. Thanx Mom E: Dad I f 5 if Q A I ,, , , ' I RICARDO GOMEZ Whales Tails fr The Whalemen - Papp, Harry, Gibbs, Lou, Nate, Ricgomez - Big Bangs - Cele- brate! - Turn the Moose Loosell - Whip it Good!! - N.Y., N.Y. - Tittles are Erotic!! - W5 - Masquers, Summer '81 - CW.H., C.M., D.P., M.K., S.O.J Hit A Bush!! Cut it outllll Wuffoooolll - T.L.: always AQ.. LILLIANA GRELLA Lil' smurt - soccervI'21 - Cosmo-Concord MBDD - "Italy 81" - "LG ES JM LP JS DH LM LT LL DK" - IFTGT'S - YEAH I WANNA! Od HL ALA - GT SI Sm - ESLG -115160 - 5123180 Special times w1Lee - 'GC FN FORGOTTEN' - LV WASTED NIGHTS W1Lofti + W's - MEAN WHILE BACK IN THE JUNGLE - CLICK - FFL PHYLISS GRANDE G.O. 81-82 . . . A.R. TALIESIN, VV . . . ILAHSM 21201 61 GOOD TIME WITH GOOD FRIENDS B.J., M.S., L,B., K.S., C.R., L.H., A.R., G.E., Southhampton, B-house, and P,R. parties, M-House, WINE fr DOBDIES, 101311 B1 PEPPERS, CITY, FILM, "And when the good times are all gone then I'm bound for movin on" N,Y. JOSEPH GRELLA Will remember good times with great friends - R.S., V.S. Led Zepplin . . . 6th period crusin . . . sets . . . HUH! cs! X ,S TNQ' me LUCREZIA GRELLA "Lu" 523 Soccer, "We Made it LG" Italy 79, 51231 60 with the gang" Think Thin ES" DC 81, 11114181 THANX's S.F,F. D.T. Lil + EL W.N.B.F. "I wanna" GVT BL GT in Smurf Mobile T.Y. F.A. T.GT 'LG ES JM LP JS DH LM LT LL' - Love Ya - . . .Follow your dreams ... THE CLICK FFL ff' BRIAN GRIFFIN Stiff - QUARTS Forever,, "Take itsIow" Experience it to the Limit! Camping with the Rot, Johnny in the City. Going Mobile via Bikin it. Where? There! Not here! Buzzzed, 35 ksqgm in .L ' ROBIN GUIDES "Tweety" - Whatl? "Pupcorn" Want to play rac- quetball, o'koy l'll coll. Summer of '81. Good friends will not be forgotten especially JT 6 PC. Beth, friends FOREVER. Love you Mom C: Dad MARY HASSETT The Future's uncertain and the end is always near. With love to DA, TT, FH, SD, HK, JF, LP. Thanks Mom E: Dad. Spirit is something noone can destroy . , . Islanders B0-61. Later North Shore-Much 36 STEPHEN HARATUNIAN "Harry" Basketball and Track. Triple Jump C45 feet?J North Shores last WASAF. Pap, Gibs, RicGo- mez, Note, Lou. "Even the slave may have free- dom when it is given to him. But to keep and enjoy freedom, one must eorn it. The Armenian will live." CHARLIE HASSEL "Survivors" St. Patties Day Crash of '81, ML, PG, CB, DC, WM, KK, and the "Regga Rocker". Farewell Sweaties, Buddies, and RE. Do it up "Spick" and "Leepart", PG and The Rotl .Q ERIK HENDRIKS 5 r I , , i ws, ....,,,. ROBIN HESSE And Tommy 614179. You win some, you lose some, you throw some away. P.T., J.S., K.S., K.B., A.R., 6 the 3 D.H.'s B.S. 6 R.C. concerts. You just never know ... DOUGLAS PAUL HINES Good times and good friends will be remembered weekends work, TPA getting Drunk, SB ugh! Good Luck KB. KS, KB, AR, RH. Love Yal Kath, let's go to the Bank. Love Ya Mom . .. ! DEBRA ANN HODES Hads! John Denver 3114181, AO 10113179. "l want one!" PC, Args, SBS, 626 - Finally Evan! Echad, Vt1 AFS. RH summers - '79, Penn '81 - Petty! Atlantic City? - Rm 211 BDYO - Conventions, DLC. 'Gary 5122181' G, DYHT?HHl "1-12PT", BGB? TM. LP JALD JS "CLICK" - FFL. Grandpa, the memories are for- ever in my heart. B.B.l. DIANE HNATOV Liz C1 Jane, King of the hill. My cousin. Friends to cherish especially SW, AW, PL. PL, SL, AH, SH, CV. 60-81. Beaver Blank. LTC P., G., Thanks MGD I Love Ya. LAURA JEAN HOPP Zent . . . 3129180 - Tommy, l'll always love you. Trips, Molsons, 6 Jd will always be remember w1 DC 6 MA. Luv Ya'sll Grateful Dead 1111179 week- end. Foreigner 126. Good friends 4ever AM, KM, PG, JS, and Carlo's LATER MUCH NORTH SHORE 37 JOE IULIUCCI Football 4 70, NASSAU C.C. OR U.S.C, HILL-DRILL "VlCKI - from Oysterboyf' Lunch with K, L, M.M.D, - CR 1960 P.M. wlT.C. - ADOL. Homecom- ing 81. "B-G-N-N" Don't kid yourselfl G.F.-DR SB KS TR RD RH MF TV MC-RG Thanx Coach Monoghon STEVEN IVANIC 38 . rfrr. 9 :MMM M S 3. wwfm- - ,.fm,,wf,w M.. A BARBARA JANOFF May the Long time fun shine 'pon you All love surround you ond the pure light within you guide your way home. ELIZABETH IVANOV - The lndedible Spring DOHC! DONNA JENNISON 520 Yankees Always 31 Michele friends forever "Fric and Frac" Summer of 60 with L.G. Cv R.G. CA.G.J S.P., F.D., R.M. Good Friends Lancer Parties with K.C., G.C., D.J. "lou" your always special l.L.U. MOM 6 DAD VIKI LYN JOHNSON VIK . .. Rie, YMBF - Eil-BBB, JN, MW, LC, SV Thanx1JC1DM1VM Pal Birds fly Q12O, 'FLORIDA' TY-Mr. Maier, NANAILY, M Cv D, just Tami 6 Me, "Mike - I miss you alot, But ILY more. "Chet. . .2- 21-81 .. . I Love you Sweetheart' .i ELIZABETH JONES MARYELLEN JUNGE ELLIE . . . 322, skiing, cheerleading. Florida 79 - IMIDNIGHT SAILING' Pink Champagne, 8123180 - All Nighters, L.K., R.O.-FFL, LMK, LM, MM, LB, KH, KR, CR. Thanks Mom Cr Dad, 6114180 SN TOMMY - 'TOGETHER FOREVER' I LOVE YOUI Till we meer again! 39 711?zc'2'f:'f1 Elffkf 1665? 'IEVEIZ I V . R X 5' T v A .- PM Xe,-P' , 5- v mf. -. A A 1 5 ,gxgms - - fm khkiv. 7Zi7I6'Z2ElY QfzkiE11aC'igyHj 'iw PETER KALLMAN Quarting in the spring - Lax 41 - "Peace Frog" "Nervous Tension? exercise" Ski Canada JOAN KEEL Thanks Aunt Diane 6 Uncle Harry. After J, K, D, D, J, B, A, 6 K, the last Keel Leaves N,S. Alright!! EH! Sista Bra, Rememba Johnny 6 Roy? "IL RD BI DW TL LH"! Thanks MaryLee, MSW, thanx for Wade . . . I Love you, Wade. 42 PETER KASHIN WAR War at first is like a young girl with whom every man desires to flirt And at the last is an old woman All who meet her feel grieved and hurt - Anonymous Jewis author from Spain-14th cent. TQ- , 2 - s ., v , , V sg K of X .4 is I5 L 5- MARY KEENAN TITTLESII Bologna D.P.! Thebro, King 'o'ey, Kinky, Cuds, Jeh, QWMKJ. Postcards DI 4l OWITS . . . ENOUGH IS NEVER ENOUGH Fugliestl 4 Muketeers - Erotic Walemen-B.H. MASQUERS, EXPLORERS, TRACK, 'Dancing Shoes'. MD JJ, Yim+Reds. 'Spe- cially K-NYC+ London-the best. WUDDLE. Swv' JESSICA KATZ 'THE ROLLING STONEST Living for the weekends. Morning and afternoon T. Spending Saturday mornings hungover with Lau- rre. -McDonaIds- average one a month. IS it over yet!!! bye Mr. Knox LZ KS YM CC RD JD AT PE PP ERS ,r H ..,., , nf' 'I .E ,. CORRINE KENNEY "WINNIE", can't wait until ..., summers at CM'S wfLG's "Crazie - Daze" wfI3R, bbcbb. "alittle off we were". memoravle times in the "Green-Hor- ent." "Don't call after 9:3Ol!" Bof's - BR, JL, MS. CGr. adidash 'KSR' f---.-as SCOTT KINCAID I ANDREW H. KIM l I don't believe in yesterday I - John Lennon 'YW LAURA KOLB Soccer, softball, and skiing, Midnight sailing, S.O. WC KNOCHENHAUR A-ALL NIGHTERS' efzafeo Andre's Pink, Gusto Girls Fioiido 79 ALWAYS IN MY HEART RONNY, I D0 '10'f0"0W LOVE You 916160 "Good Times Qi oid Gerlichs" Wwe 'he MEI. MM. LB AD JT AM "FFL" Pom 'eodi TILL WE MEET AGAIN Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail. -. Anoymous- MONICA KLEIN Remember the Good times: L.B-l- "Big Dockers", Apples, Funzy's Halloween, S+M, J.S. 6.B. J.D. New loves, Huntingdon, Blue Car, G.F. Margaret, Darlene, The Big M. Wild Women, North Shore and New Friends, Thanks Mom + Dad for understand- Ing 'Ne IT JEANNE KORTVELESY "Along the way, Take time to Smell the Flowers" - Anonymous 43 ,see Aj if rr ,.hk in .s it K T Q f A ? JOANNE KORTVELESY B.F, and l3.C. 80' with "Dertha"ll 316 Volleyball WMTNI TT TG HG! Can always be seen with M.A.H., T.V., .l.T., Janney Bl! KAT? Come Together!! Shhhhh!?!?!?l?l Thanx MM WLUll Gorkey? BEETES!! Sweet Baby Cakes!! , .... ,WZ R X x NAR NYX -,X x QXWQ X fr' we iff-3:11-iszszsaeasezgziy -:seq E JOHN KOTOSKI "Dirt": W1 golfer in '62, Always remember the prom 2128181 with Elaine Friends - - Jose, Randy-Dina, Stan-Lorraine, Scott-Jean, Lee-Lou, Erik-Flea, Jon, George Pappas, Sean . . . Elaine??? rri i PAUL KRAMER ERIC KRINKE SCOTT KROBOTH 44 ... The sum of all human wisdom is contained in these two words: wait and Hope. - Alexandre Dumas '66 Caddy: Great summers with family, LaB's and Madedg. 'Looking forward to a great life' '35- fi PETER KYVIAKIDIS "It is time for us to cultivate our own gardens now." Voltaire LAURIE A. LATAWIEC Today I said goodbye to a few dreams I still have enough to fill at least two lifetimes so maybe I won't miss them too much. Tricia. Tommy, JD, DP, DB, DM, M, D, FGL - Love ya thanx, sf X A N N Ax 1 My . s , Q ww-jf so I ix 1 MICHAEL LADEREP, Partying and breaking chops with good friends . . . Sumawrestler breath Edquist, Reggae Todd, Belt, Ohl James, Don't HASSELL me. 10th grade 5th and 7th period. . . Slug-n-plug to death. . . Later North- shore f gi LISA LARDI The ultimate, Summer '61 BFFIMN 1 yrflong under- wear party HH - 917181 - Howksnest - Dushwa- kin "Noppee" WfAfL!Y - PC "DARACUDA" PAR- TY WIMBF THANX MGD? KEV TfFfBfAfF - MB, AR, AB, BG, JT, EH "SKIING? LETS GO" CHAMONIX THOMAS LEBERT Partying with friends M.L., J.G, T.M., R.E., G.B., J.M., l3.F., P.G., What's up Chuck! DreadLock, Me, Mike, and James riding and partying. Thanks Mom ans Dad, good 1V2 years bye North Shore ehl 45 STACEY LECHTMAN JOE LEGGIO "Betsy on Halloween", "Veg", Wrestling "F.l. '81: who scratched J.R.?" B.O. T.W. B.W., T.B., M.M., PK, B.S. "What you don't remember never happened" K.C., D.O., l'm just a monkey man: I'm glad you're a monkey too. Joggerflkichards 46 JACQUELINE LEONE "JACK", No more walking!! To all the good times in the "G.H.": G.M. Dy: "Foreigner", "B.S.", "Styx", "B.J.", Cr even the Cars. W.A.D. Best of Friends - C.K. 6 B.R.fThanks for all the Laughs!! "A Little off we were" 'K.S.R,' ALLISON LINNEMAN 'AL, no BlNO"PF KC TC AR LG LT JK' Mops l+ll 'Canada '61, '62 - "one?" Dug-Outs + POTM! Mass with M-l-M. BF - Otto One 'Sweden '61, - "Fear is the lock, and laughter the key to your heart , .. " Stephen Stills, S It ' A Sin' PATRICIA E. LOVELL LISA LOFTUS "Lee" - Trock "STATES 61" A SPECIAL FRIEND 'SP' Summer 80' Good Times... SP LU LI LL UL MD CD TCP Pep's 6 Rum. CUZ Skiing - "Conodo" - Gore JD E: Doob's Were Hovin o PARTY! 66 MUST. "767:14" Jones Beochlll "Dock in the Stotes"!! ILYMBD "Oh to live on Sugor Mountoin LEONARD LOZITO All this will not be finished in the first one hundred or one thousond doys. Nor even perhops in our lifetime on this plonet. But let us begin. JFK ELIZABETH ANN LYNCH A true Tennis Bum ond Popcorn Addict. Softboll, rocquetboll, TISSUES. Good Times ond Good Friends ot N.S. Will never be forgotten - Especiolly J.R., Colios J.T.R.D. Robin, Friends FOREVER. 47 LIZ MAASS "LlX", "lefty" CHi doclj - MAINE! - thanx denise! brook C3-29-8OJ:"FF" "Skip + Muffy" 11-6-81 "the crudbaIls": "rp" ejb-d-l-m, d, d, k, I, m, s, etal: thanx for the memories! - it's the 'LAUGHTER' we will remember whenever we remember the way we were - SUAVEl?l Cyou're oof your muffinlb PEACHY. - "JimmyI!,1-1-6O.wnfwalbmf.LW-Mr.6 Mrs. Nizzari, EF, ilygvm Great times with the "Click" - L.T., PT., MJ., K.F., M.W., J.C. All my love, to B, D, J, P, J, D, K and Grams. "Baby Love" Thank's MomfDad. Love ya. Meanwhile back in the states. CHOW! 48 lRENE MAC INTYRE Who's she? Thanks to all for trying to answer. Uncle Bentyl! Group W, VCWP -l- DiQui, Slobert, Corncob, steps . .. Did you ever have one of those lives? SMILE, Dammit! ,.s. C - ' s',i MICHAEL MALONEY ,VN ,.A SCOTT MAC PHERSON 5.M.F. Cruising in the Carona. Busted-Nathons. Har- ley rl' 1. Good times at Africa, Hey boy's Weekends, The Hamptons, Orient. S.C.A.T. Goodbye. Bayville-Defender. Best friends J.S.fS.D.fJ.M.fB.F.fB.C. Will remember P.S.!S.H.!SKY. NANCY MAMINSKI "A.T.D.F." Good times in G.C. with my pals, espe- cially M.P. + D.A. cruising in the shrinky-dink. "C.W. A.D. V.S." Thanks to Barbara-Brett, I made itl 9 V L K Q an as w -. wb 3 DIANE MANIATIS f AL MARRA Al 96 Soccer, Pasta Boy. Motherpuckers 31, 78-61. Whot a Day, hey Dude, Grand Cupe. D,O.D. films lCB's at RHW L.V. Girls 80' 61' Fire Island Summer of 611 78' Firebird. Weekend parties. Good Friends will be remembered, Hang in there 83'l - I I - I I I vii JILL MATTEO Ernie - 1f23!8O. Dayville, Scooter. 'twister' "We- R.Fomily" The Wall. Spain. Pom's TGTH. Got a Quarter? Roy's. S.P., P.T., S.5., A.R., BJ. WCS xx X JAMES MATTHEWS The reality we see is limited, The reality thot is, is infinite ........ If VINCENT MASTROTA 1-18-80. Never forget, ThonksfK.D. - "the night"! The 3 B's!E.J. an doy!T.B. gotta find those papers - mornings ot O's-J.C., B.M. - sport's illustrated Mr. Blitz - someday ,. . A.C. - The Vest. ,Q T WILLIAM MCCONVILLE Wild Bill! E.J. all day -the Grd eye, Senior Prom - morning ot O'sf.l.C., V.M., Sport's Illustrated, The 3 D's. The Bone!D, K, J.fThe Vest 'I have nothing else to say!" 49 ICQ JOHN McGOWAN Good Friends never forgot. "Gill" Savage+i'1 Keg Tonight. Good Times BC BF SM Bicardi Lancers Bud to Chase. Go in through the window. J and R Lands- caping Annual Parties - Loves Family. a 8 ii' F as' MARGARET A. MCMAHON Auntie Meg - likes a special someone - overalls, Michigan. Wheatley Plaza, The Jeanery. "Wanna see pictures?" Unforgettable times with LB FFL MEJ, LMK, LB Hospital '61 Thanx Mom -l- Dad When will I see you again? JOHN MCQUILLIN "Tallboy Football, Basketball, Track. Beers in the showers, too bad, Marianne+Robby G.V.T. S. The Boys fond memories. The F-- Truck. Budweiser. Summer 81. Co-Ed Sleepover. Diane will always be special 11120180 X A ..,. I S! --.f . Q- s,-- ..s.- 2 JUDY MEEHAN RICHARD MEINHOLD The Click 'ES CC LG LP LG JS DH' F.F.L. Driving w1 Lowenbrau. Best Times J.S. J.S. S.B. R.W. W.G. J.M. E.S. T.F. T.G.T. Good Times at Peppers with R.L. Neverforget Mike Now I know my life has given me more than Until Love you forever Joanne Fritch memories, day by day we can see in every min- ute there's a reason to carry on. 1113181"Ken - thanks for special times' 9131? - F.A.U.T, Thanks Mom 50 ANNA MESSNER ONE life is finished Another is beginning Old Friends, new friends All to be remembered Forever RCXMHXGD DMS!madar.!HM5 ' 2 LEEANN MINSKY Hey Buff: we made it: will always have special feelings for P.D., K.B., P.H., BJ., R.D., A.S., C.B.. "Glen Cove Trips" "Majic Mustand" "Never stop dreaming, because they will always come true." gg.. 5, X., 5 A A W M JEFF MICHAEL LML l'll never Forget Those SHOWS . . . NOR CAST PARTIES! 6-17-81 North to the FUTURE. Goods friends are forever, and Good Luck to You. MATTHEW MIKSIC MATSIC, Mugs, Rev, P.V.S., Doc, Suds E: The Guys, l3.0.B.!The BOMB CR.l.PD, F.M. Q.T.P., courting Lv Quarters GO WlLD!, Que Paso N.Y., "I don't know", JYRAXSCYC, el smashola, Canada 81-82, "Who scratched J.R.?" "Too bad she's with a boll- bag", DP, later much .pl 'tl' JOHN MOLIN 51 'WW , I MICHELE MUELLER BOSTON DRUINS FOREVER 41 Donna BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!! "Fric E: Frac" Summer of 60' with L.G. Cr R,G. Pina Colada G Michelob parties CA.G.J, L.B., T.T. R.G., L.G., C.W., Good I LOVE YOU Mom 6 Dod- wwf? MIKE MURRAY 'B.M.W. Good times with: S.A.', l,G., M.L., T.L., D.F., K.F., G.B., T.M., H.F.,. Jersey Shore, the farm, at the Hockey games! 'Let it Snow' Ace Times with Pete ond the Ghetto Wagon, Peppers, Aligators' 52 f.:.::-1-J-Q-gm ffih' 'Q' ' :vu - Jf . ,-Lg 1,," " .gz3,33355 3535! . T, , V - - E E ssss RICHARD MYLES 3 lt is time for a new generation of leadership, to r cope with new problems and new opportunities. For there is o new world to be won. KAREN MUSTO lOl'lf1 F, Kennedy IW? DEBORAH NAPOLI GTW1AT, DO . . . adventures CI.P.W.J Wheres the bus- "Dm" CPBTC, RRD The wanderers'LACES' Su- perfreak CEHEJ walkin into sunshine "Dyin to be Doncin" L.S., M.B., J.W., D.D,, 'Special Teacherfsj ond Kelly will always be remembered' ... DAVID NORMAN DD GG CKD-THC. 9120180 - "I Love you!" Cclunkh. I Great times with MM in TR JH BM LS CL LP NO sr TD DENISE OIIARA SK LV. S+G!! DN RC DA-Special. MASQUERS! TITS! A nite? "Ain't no sin ... " butterfly .isneek H BUFFYVS A FEM, Sm' O den- Now is the time to take possession of my life, to 'H I I start the impossible, a journey to the limits of aspi- rations, for the first time to step toward my lovliest dream- Hugh Prather JASPS WDAILY ICED TEA BOBBY "CAMERIERl" DEBBY O'KEEFE Friend Forever D.T. 'D.N, 'A,P. Kevin W. '91Lieut. 'Roslyn Rescue 69 Firebird """"' 79 Blazer The Wanderers ' Rolling Stones Special Times Con't De Replaced 9114180 CP.PD Kev Love Ya!!! 53 , DREW OLSEN Lax, 32 PRC-Loops?? Dogs for quarts and Pete Townshend. It may be the devil or it may be the lord, but your gonna have to serve somebody. - Bob Dylan xp,-,I Q f SUSAN PAINTER All the lights have turned on you, Now you're in the center of the stage. Everything revolves on what you do. ,sl 1' NEIL OLSEN Special times with special frinds CS.F., C.W., S.S., M.L. R.C., L.W., A.M. F.D., D.N.J OMNI '61 Climb that tree Sue. Halloween 'B1. Too much gas for a small car . . . ELIZABETH OSMERS Once in a while I just get away from everyone and go off by myself. I never really do anything. But still I accomplish so much. as ALAN PALUMBO You are in your prime. you've come of age. MARY JANE PANZENBECK - B. Joel D.O. J.A. D.A. L.L. L.T., "cameili", sports?, thanx nan. 54 ff M STEVEN PAPPAS "Scoop", Words created on our school's sport fields. 1980-81 Student Council worth the struggle - Se- rene summer with Hemingway, Strat-O-Matic, and lo-Jo - "Strong against the tide the whale emerges as he goes" . . .Rick Gomez, Gibbs, Harry, Lou, and Nate I danced till it hurt . .. ff" SIMONE PAVLIDES Mony, Fugliest, always . . . walking! ONITS, Gotta- quarter? Postcards - Masquers, J.M. and the gang! 'Spain'Paris', TGTH. Enough is NEVER Enough! 4a.m. Grapes? The Wall, Thanx Doc! In the land of darkness, the sight of the sun is deadly ifbrfm -vi-' at . l X, DANIELLE PERROTTA TITLE W1 - Poo! 'Masquers', cheering, 4, cuddles, MFLXCM-bestest friends W. or M.A.? Postcards, D.S. M.K. K.R. S.P. S.G. S.O. B.-W,H. R.G. ONITS!! SGG. 'Summer '61-the beach You've got a friend . .. wubble XO Q an 5. KRISTEN RADEMACHER Rads, violin ... M.K. C"the woman"D and K's . .. J.D. Cfavorite chaperone! eroticism CS.P. and K.G.J . . . "Give me on L", summer of '61, 4! "mustI move?!", the 4 Musketeers, Love to my good bud- dies . . . LISA PERFUMO "We do not remember days, we remember mo- ments" KF - good times will NEVER be forgotton. 'MM FS TB MR many memories'Conado '81. Unicorns and funny farms I want onel PC, EL? 3!21!81 'DH ES LM JM LG LG' "CLICK" - FFL f y STEPHANIE REGAN 55 if'53q,4i3Egb4piPf5 ff qQwXF4N,7jfg,fFmiFwQfLQx1QQ543Y53?33gXFiw51FqQi . Q Q Z 2:1 22f I , I E .77a.f2' 713505 mf Jai flffzaffffffff Z iZ-Q- ,7,, 2272 Zngy ij? 36174 xZfz22Z?114r Wii.7ffazfZ'Pz E Qi g Q 'ik 67fp51JfEnEuf ikfzfuwzezf 43- M U X YQ 3 iv x-X-Ji w Q ff ss ik q sfgsgyfkik WE bffgfpdlgv wig figidfff ,. 'Y , sv fl gf Y S Zzflifizif 5 571207 'QQ a'IKLkji'1L. .Wihsf 5f4f!ZQ9??'Z JEFZEJZLH' Life Qzjgf 5 Zdizkff ' 1 - A f' , ...-.. V -. . l2'.f!aQ A ' fme? ' 1 g75?ZfZ.z72 jifiifzf Ufoifff ' ffifg tyyaifzier' JkQ0fQifzffQf 43 55 Q 5 156115 zzfmmzrz ,QK fF ,9WJ2',f'mcef2:' .Dana J?qQ!Lf .7l7uQ?.77iiIf7f V ' M ff Q M . up may gg Kilim? Qmvvwvfgwvgkwgixj? Q3 wi? 22? Zifafiffiffb 5? Q if X Wtzfafzigfi Wm wifi? Q wfwifiwmwilgewg fb KHP 21?-43 3 in fig 3151553 4355354 .7l7a.fZL.'271csifxf -Wflfezfc fZ25.f rz jtfgg fd 7 i az Zdriofzd 5, 25 .77m'Z' E35 414 ,Q ij? Zig zffzmfg 53 Q? af? Xb Ye Z'f'-V24-72fZy.2Y1"zf7a!f1z.ce 4 tb -55: gjgfftmp Baie iii eff?-Vn.f aff Dfaffzahc .Z'e.r2'0rfrf:zzf 4'-Fffff Qff2?21l7Q N Pf Q Q Zffld Vditvg E' Life ibf714-f Qfzzg may ,Z fd.57lczz'c'rt Sam gi 'S Q2 ri if ff' Zfzffg 7 Q .77a.rf JUANIEZIZ S 5551555 ,76fygg-44422105124 EVM .WZQ'J'J"RB7' awww Wfffli Q aiieffzfmsfn? 5 9153 Q gy gf? vigil? 2iPi?v211z55SHs111bL5Q21b455i7 25353 ati 5551 if 211743 Zbgffwq SANDRA L. REGGIO ANGELA RICCIARDI C'H"'L'B" . . . D.T. Blue and white, math class Good Will always be best friends with Barbara Feb. 7, times never forgotten - "cakes" D.T., M.A., D.C., 1981. special friends at McDonalds. Good times certain B.C. birthday present, Rolling Stones at with Lisa. Likesacertain someone Patty: "Catch ya J.F.K., "That's right we badl" later". Remember the summer of 198? -always smile - Thanks MGD CILYD MICHAEL REMY Tennessee, - wrestling+V1 XXX - Southern RGR: H.P.B. 6 J.D. - Roundupfliftingll.C. BUDS - red eyed V2 cans: Thanks to: Sue, rednecks Hellraisers, 6 ANHEUSER BUSH INC - Southbound- Way down yonder . . . GINA RINALDI JANE ROMANO "Gee" ...can always be found with Peggy hon- Our souls have been filled with kindness andjoy: ey-n-cutie B.F.F. . . "Best of times" T.F. B.A.F., P.H., Our lives have been touched with the beauty of V,B., M.B.D. ,... V.B.'s balcony . . . Pillar of fire . .. friendship that will never be forgotten. CORVETTE! ... A.S. courtyard, stay-go's W.N.F. Apocalypse Now W.A.L.B, 58 AMY E. ROSTA My love and apologies to Barbara, Karen, Mimi, John, Willie, Eugenie, Nicky, Curran, Stark. the stu- dent body, the rents the whales. Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas any- more . . . ANTHONY RUSSO "MORAL POLICE"-9976 Football, "Beerscandol '81" Good friends, PCB., MC, JI, BR, RH, KS,. The WHO41 - "Won't get fooled again!!!" Rolling Stones, For- eigner: and AC1DC 512 Yankees, Cowboys, Rang- ersfH! inn BRENDA ROTOLA "5piderwoman" Softballv?1 - thanx Sean. Cheerleading - Co-capt. "Bo-brooke, Skretchf' Hahchew! - Sneeze??? Summers, CM's W1LG's Cv Jones. "crazie-daze" w1ck, bbcbb "a little off we were" B.O.F.'s - CK, JL, JM, AR, JI. 'VSP - CDlnikesD MA SD CT Someday 'DW IW ALY' KSR' ALEX RUDDACK "What I want to know, where does the time go." - Grateful Dead 1970. Good times with B.J., P.G., J.B., K.B., K.S., G.E., A.R., M.S., Bonzo, Volkswogon. Fior- ucci's - purple hair- 10131181Molsens and sum- mertime. Love and thanks Mom. ,sal IIN DYLAN SAMUEL5 QY11 live and let die, Dodgers in 81, Hi Mom, tennis, 318186, The islands anything a man can dream a man can do. Best wishes, Dylan. 59 P W SYBIL T. SCHAFFRATH At last. Now onward to begin again. We've had gf, p ' "a:s::1ae . X X X good, Bad, and great times together RfLfEfNfE!S , Q. A . V Especially S.K. ei, l N , : Halloween '81 with BXNXSXP. Europe '82 thanx . , l ' Mom Cr Dadfoma G opa. l15Qff5f"'i Yr B , , BARBARA SHULTES W . -'-eq.. gps" 7x95 --Mun, MATTHEW SEIDEN Matt Selden Alias - The Tongue 'Benny Hill' Cele- brate good times! Masquers is W1 Yes D D is cool so is titties? fee-excelentfMOLSON and Ma ic dan't . . . - 9 Will always be best friends with Angela. . I b . Enjoys hanging out with C,M,L. llM SCHWWD mlx' e Seemg YOU' Led Zeppelin 31, Yeah, you know it! Good times down at Aunt's with the guys. 60 "Don't let things get you down, take it slow." The Best of times to the best of People S.D. S.M. LM. R.G. A.C. E.K. L.R. Good times at the pond. And to all the D.5. ing we did! Loved it all and always will. KATHERINE SESSLER Good Times and Good Friends will Always be re- membered - RH, AR, KB, PG, JK, l.Z, AR, - Thanks "Froggie" . . .5eniorCut Day '81 GD. . . McDonalds OJ...SGTPPT...Parties...City...Skiing... Long Talks wfJl. . .Thanks MGD. . . "ls ittime to go yet?" RICHARD SIEWERT .QSFQR SUSANNA SIREFMAN rv' ' ,QE 1-fl,H,, A I l' lu Wm fir N . flll t , Yell ,, 'Es-., 13 Wt fl ull. 1 UNIS CORN Good times with the Stallions will always be re- membered . .. EH, MW, M6 "Horny". Will always be seen with 'PEGASUS' 61 . .if -Q .4l ROBERT SKREPEK Great times in Stageband and Explorers Club. 'Great Alto Sax Player" right UWE. All 65's in the back, right Joe. Good friends., Joe, Uwe. Groove with the UWE. at BSC-MCD. "LUV U YH. KK lives. Elmc CHARLES SMITH 1. X" 'X HNXN J. X ,exe .. . X -. Ks lv -'U' . ' .' h.L. '.'. 1 X Vihl AVA SPANIER Baby Love W1 CHey9'2!!J Good friends, W. or M.A., postcards, Onits, Masquers - Potential Truck Driver JEREMY SPEER Award, Nov. 19, '60, Pippin??? Stars and Snow for- ever!! Thanks Barry, Ed, and Leslie, you'll never know -I-rock' 5- and G- HB1 PMR- 'Sod how much you've helped. Dawn . . . You'll never Good Times know how much I cared, but sooner or later every Good Friends nlghl ends' Good Dye 62 S N EILEEN SMYTH . . . Well? UWE STEPANOW 'GROOVEY UWE ' Stage band - Explorers clujb - Big Ben - Roy's cabin - Slaways leadin the way l - Orzo - Crusin - Mcdonalds, yuk!! - woof! Woof! l - Yovonne you stud cat - FTD - Good friends - PLS., J.G., LB., "M,K." STEFFEN STESSEL ELLEN SWEENEY "STEVE" is and always will be special. . .6114161. 8UL Pc131211 61, "Ya wanna"? Can't explain Lee! Stones 81w1"Steve.Thanxs 'JM LG LG CC' - I Luv Ya's! 115160. 'SC YC:"Wildcat". Cruisin in the 'ISmurf". 'Cathing Trains' - 1:20 a.m.? JM LG CC LG LP FS LM DH .. "Click" TFFL 'QS X DARIA J. STOROJEV ROBERT STONE Toi! Oh Yeah tea talks avec moi, "apples' white bomb . .. RIP. Hey Stacey . . . Ohno! G.F.'s always cute. onits, 4, postcards. special memories "Bone", "Man Of Steel", Quorting Club Canada '818'U?L Shotgun! The yak - shack with Rome and Ab-Low. FIRE ISLAND 81-Who scratched J.R.? Great times with the bud-bunch. The Cougar - l'M a good driver. Thanks Dad, bye bye. ...summer of '79, FM GF-S.G.. S.P., M.K., D.P., K.R. DON TAG Sudsll. Football 41, New Years Yak- '81, Low Rider MARK SWING Lives. "I could use a Djarumz, AII sturng out. fun with Doctor Wang. Masquers, Norsemen, Madrigals. All-County. AII- vDebbieC10!22!e1J Quan Club Eastern, VarJV "Remember the Concord"! 3131181 CMETMD D.A, J.H. A.K. T.R. L.V. J.B. R.D. D.N. "Whats New Pussycat?" "HonestIy Sincere". Somf. 1 9- I Will Always Remember Katie 1111181 Later. I 63 SUZANNE TERCASIO P-A-R-T-I-E-S-Z-A-N-PURPLE "There are worse thhings I could do" Should I call him? R1R1G1C1A1P1T good friends will always be remembered. A1B1B1M. Corvette. Thanks Stacey, Janet. I , we .Ne-.. , xg. I .. ti I.. LUCIA TOTINO "Changes", Love ya - Lilill usule sailor! Food!Mus- solini's Revenge J.B.! Babyface, Homecomings, Stark - thanks! Look me in the EYES, Jim. BR MVV. Keith, you'll always be special to me - thanks C111 21179, 5120181 ... D. Meanwhile Back In The States . . . 64 JAMES THOMPSON 419, Soccer. It was fun peaches, good friends AM RB JC DT. . . Isles. Baseball . . . CBM KM Thanksj W8 Still always special CCI-'GD TERRI A. TOLVE As I continue through Life learning, Changing and growing I will continue remembering special friends and memories: G.E., T.J.. E.R., D.B., B.J., M.H - Thanks Miss Higgins CI wish - Cat Stevensb DAWN TRILONE C"H"'L"B'S.R. ..1013+4181UnadiIIa - Memories - Friends Forever. . . D.U., S.R., M.A., L.H. 771F25O AX4, "H Let the Good Times Roll H" 8119181 Rolling Stones Furry Boots 'MTHINK SNOWH' 71 10161 Rob Love Ya!!! ape--"'Q"' Q fi it I PAMELA R. TRIMBLE am . . . and Glen ""1f26f80 'HRH JM SP KT LM IR KD BJ JS Pw "1-12 DH" Gotta-quarter? "We-R- amily" 'Twister' Paris-TGTH-PW MM "May the Iircle be Unbroken" Thanks Mom and Dad. P f ,S T 1 i JENNIFER TUFO No Not y- - "I" Special Friends TV JK SV LM SM MW LL TC ES TT, 'Where's Frac'? "Rickel FamiIy" Parties, "De that way fine" "And So its time to change our Ways - But I loved those days" B. Joel IILIYXMIDIT memories with BRADD 1O!30!81 'The Hamptons' Free At Last KAREN TRUSS KAT 420 Volleyball - TT TG FGH - "Come togeth- er" - "gorkey 6 shrimp". . . Fieldhockey, Basket- ball, Softball . . . Hamptons '79, '80, '81 - "Mike or Mike?" Girls State 6f81ll Will always Love Jocko, waz Cstubsj, Mare, Mia, LB, MM, PT, MF, JK, RR My "Endless Love" JM RCI STEHPEN TUFO "UNFORGETABLE" times in Canada, Track, Jones Beach "81" and alot of good memories in and out of NSHS but now there are places to go, things to see and people to meet. QCD .......,,,i THOMAS TURSI TURS, HOCKEY - Boston Bruins Rock "n" Roll - BLACK SABBATH, OZZY OSBOURNEI KEV, WILL AL WAYS REMEMBER LIFE UNTIL DEATH Oct. 9, 1964 - GOOD LUCK TO ALL. 65 ? 'Q A X .4 . 2 y sn x Irs? - ':f- .,'. z.5,flii '5iE ROMAS VAITKUS "Romeo" 375 - Footboll, Tennis, Hill-Drill, Quorting Club, Yok-Shock with Bone ond Abby- Low, Conodo, 8O', Shotguns, Moose-coils. Hey Dut- kis, good times with M.A., B.S.. P.V.S., S.B. B.W., .l.D. - B.l.T.S!!! VIRGINIA VALDERA 66 5 R31 'fi' ' . ' M12 --sf s-..-. 1, ,- .,-,,,--. 1, if WILLIAM VEITH GREGG VAUTRIN Conodo 61' 82' Fire lslond Summer 61' CDougJ Brion where is your luggoge? "Who scrotched J.R.?" '50 Coddy. Quorts Club, good times to come, Bowling, Tennis. G.V.T. J.S. will olwoys be remembered. "Loter North Shore"! SUZANNE VILLA MARK VERDERAME Tout ce que je veux C'est faire 6 ma tete. THERESA VOGT BF: Stage Band, arch 'WHERE5 FRICKU Special Friends "J.T., J.K., J.S., S.M C 'Y 'Rickel Family? Band Camps and Big Bertha "REALLY"'Deach Bum' G M D again EL+MO' Parties, Thanx M+D, "Happy is the house that shelters a friend - Emerson 3 5 S E E IFF PETER Von SCHOENERMARCK VONW19 Football, Battle of the bands 81 Bill Ron + Dave, Fire Island 81' what a blast Quorting 4th. Good times with M A T D R V BS J.M., M.M., T.D., B.W., B.l. TS .JF BILL WARDEN Football 361 LB1G - the BW Connection Wrestling Glogging ARION RULES! Carbo, Ron, Von-Battle '61 - Fire Island BlueJays and Fireballs all summer long - thanks Kev!! Price with Pam Ha Ha Ha-Hi Deb, Jim Hendrix - "l'm Bold As Love" Vale Magis- ter Marialll QQ . . JANET WIERZBICKI Good times with good friends will Always be re- membered -ST SBJR "L.K."' 'HERB' 613161, GC SP 6122161, G.A. 7161, Neut, Summer 60, 81, Vegas, Va. DC DN MM MG ZN your are miles away, you'll always be in my thoughts. 68 BRIAN WARGIN -THE TRUCK. An extra sock for the engine? - Don't kid yourself! - F.l. 61. Who scratched J.R.? Obvious- ly I can't hold my. . .Guess where our luggage is? 62? - The Bud Scandle and 6113161 . MICHAEL WOHLERS No matter how much I complained, l'll still miss this place. Never forget C.O. Always remember good times with North Stars and Business Staff. GET READY WORLD, HERE I COME!!! , . ---- 3---sszzs ---.. K K X . I in LAURA WEICKERT CED crisis-summer of 60. G 6 C Damn everything but Ne circus. ee Cummings dl MARYANN WOOLSTON Mare 313 Volleyball WG TN ... Special TTT Girls form the G.H. School. Thanks J.K. and K.T. Special Friends AZ, JK, JN, KT, JT. E.S. Summer 61, Basket- ball CYO, NS Softball AMZ-SIS, JN-Newk- ILYA Dad and Mom K,E,E. CATHERINE ANNE WORD Life is but a passing cloud overhead and to those who never dream never look up the dky the clouds are but strangers . . . L.C, Green remembering goodtimesfspecial friends Eternally Christopher J. Muller 2124176 GARY ZADIELSKI , RICHARD WOZLONIS Stoney - Best times with Broz, Bax, Pat, cookie, Paul and more! S.B.'s Everywhere. Beth was All my love wont forget. Thanks Dena. LED ZEPPELIN Rocks Forever! Made it mom. Outrageous! MARINA WYNIA Biking, Soccar, Walleyball CWhat?J, Clicking Pho- tos, Pottery and Taliesin Cis that spelled right?J "Weebees" Vzyr early - l want to see the world! STONE WALLS DON'T HAVE EARS: But DLT's make me smile- ,WNV : ,gal 'IPI' ,jf gf 1. 'QQ e ' K :Y -L 'I -Is L- ' ., I X LAURIE ZADIELSKI ALISON ZOHOSKI Special times with Mare 6 Karen, "Meet Me At Rumrunners" Never will forget John G. and dear love Pat M. Thanks Mom, Dad, Wayne C: mostly Diane, Love ya all. 69 1 , fm 32. ff' Wii?'31,M""' 41,2 J,,.-- ....,,., .- '5 .. Z'- X' '- AN pr' 'U'-w.. wx ' "x--- if ,Yi 2513: , KW., ......, W E ' Ll T F0 ,. 5 ojzxfk QP LODGE XSX 33 X .93- f fi xxx . V... Q? swf. ...,., H if Q. S A is if 3 ii F ii ma ,A 53 ,gb Wi 'V' 'l'3"""' nn J' is .pm,aaQ, , wi New EQS .9 ai? S Mi , ,X.,.. ,.,. . N K5 'Q1,i111 1 Q.. . ., 1 : l .. Q Lu 'il'-..,.,,,.. h, .. IQIIS AND RIGULAIIUPQ In the first year of North Shore High School the joint Committee on School Policy was organized to solve problems common to teachers and students. This committee, composed of 8 student and S teachers, directed much of their attention to the question of proper school dress. The results of many hours of work and discussion are contained in the following statement. This statement was passed unanimously by the Committee. Appslprida Brno We at North Shore wish to present a generally neat appearance to each other and to the public. During school hours neat appearance is described as follows: Counselin services are o ere to ' to ir d all pals help them gaii the greatest values from high school education and make sound plans for the fu- ture. In addition to the day-to-day guidance given by parents and teachers, a periodic review of pro- gress and ans with a professional counselor is re- . The pupil is invited to schedule a con- ference with his counselor whenever he feels that hecouldusesuchhelpincleuingsomeobotaeleto hisprogs-essorinduiyhgldsthlokingabodthe future. Besides such general matters, the counselor is the pupil's principal resource for infonnation about choice of school subjects, occupations, institutions of higher education, and scholarships and other forms of financial aid. The guidance office maintains a place- ll? Report cards are year. .lifter each cf tl must be signed by pa promptly to the schoc pupil or parent may re The marking syst In addition to the rep which is based on test. ries ratings in effort ar qw ln .9 , E CSI " gg neil, ,' 'any Epi 1.1 l i Is Q il . r i 15 :Q l Q, ' . FO' Glfl-ff ment service to assist pupils in finding suitable full lm ., .. gal time of part time employment- ease or suiwmc Ano osouuos icy blouse, Students are requested to cooperate with tdl tailored dresses MB f Tl-lE WAY WE WERE oys Cal pressed trousers tbl sport or dress shirts fel pattemed T-shirts All: Clothing should be neat, clean, and well- cared for. Clothes should be worn according to their style and in good taste. Outer clothing should be placed in lock- ers before going to class and not removed For Cal tbl tel from lockers during school except for lunch or outdoor classes. W Clothing should be properly fitted. Hair is to be neatly cut and combed on arrival at school. regular school hours dress will remain as above except: tal At outdoor athletic events slacks or Ber- muda shorts may be worn by girls. Cdl tel After . . A . I ti 'f lit ld Plone Fil 554 . Q Q ' it ni ,' a gzieli ? ly. if l ll! M ll li ill lil i ' .U K' N 53.56. ,JN-fx' jill tt? maintenance department of the school in keeping building and grounds neat. Cum chewing is not mitted. Chewing gum causes large maintenance l: It causes waste of time and money. Since we an a new school, let us start off by keeping it free f gum For the same reason avoid wearing heavy sc bcots which would tend to mar the new floor surf of our school. Students who wear these type li will be asked to change them. Repairs and improvements are made each s mer. Do your part to keep the building looking best. Use the waste baskets and keep your desk good order. It is your school! Take pride in its STUDY HALL RHSULATIONS Talking between students is allowed only after securinq the study hall tcacher's permission. Stu- bl 4 Sa -5 dents wishing to he excused for any - reason must fill out the proper pass slip. Students wishing to consult a teacher must present a pass from that teacher. Students are assigned seats in This is thr In order to be avenge or bet tion and acquii of the club is how to officiate fb, At outdoor athletic events boys may we., study hall and will tal-ze their own seats at all times. knnuda shorts, but not jeans, boots, etc. It is expected that each student will come to study At indoor athletic events both girls and boy, hall perpared with work to do during that period. should wear regular school attire. Dress during examination time will be regular school day attire. CAFEYERM i 1 The cafeteria is operated under the direction of a full-time cafeteria manager. Students eating at school may bring lunches or may purchase complete lunch for thir -five en .The cafe- teria inclu es a snack bar for milk, desserts and other items. , Su-Q A Students living, near enough W totheschool so that theywill T A f have time enough to walk if ' home, eat, and return to 3 if ' school in time for their next . ' ' class will be allowed to do so. All other students are expect- grounds. NOTE: Teachers are expected to leave the class- room last and to be the first to return. This makes it necessary for the teachers to move to the head of the serving line. Students are expected to extend this courtesv to the facultv. ,, Al IAN X115 'Diese drills are held at frequent intervals in connection with the Civil Defense Program. The pro- cedure is explained by the classroom teacher. ed to remain on school 74 MOV ING-UP-DAY To remain in t must maintain olficiate at lea: eam 3tXl points pate in Sports I The tradition of Moving-Up-Day covers more than a quarter of a century, Basically it is a day honoring the Senior Class and certain individual unde'- Mu classmen who have achieved special honors in varied fields. By means of a weavin' ceremony the classes symbolically move up a grade in anticipation of the year to come. The ceremonies are concluded with the "capping" of the Seniorlsl select d The by the faculty for the faculty honor award, DANCE RULES AND REGULATDNS EOFPSJ Tickets to a dance must be purchased in advance. Theylwlll not eged be sold at the door. Clothing as outlined above under Student The 1 Dress" shall be worn. forms Bring no guests from other schools unless: bm I 1. You have registered the guest at the time you bought your I-'des' tickets. I ailairs 2. You checkin with your guest on arrival at the dance. tign, 3. The doors and parking lot will be closed at p.m. I pq-fgr 4. Anyone leaving the dance after it starts will not be readmrtteql bgll gg and must leave the school property. the ar 'E' I M Beach 5. Students must not bring or drink alcoholic beverages before Rec, or during the dance. Any evidence of drinking will result in dom i exclusion from the dance and suspension from school. Fan. 1 Conduct yourself properly at all times. Misconduct will be cor- mum rected by faculty members in charge and may result in exclusion gndimy from the dance. Repeated misbehavior can result in being barred from all future All' dances and student activities. V110 I lf you make your transportation arrangements before the dance. you will save yourself a wait at the telephone. 11, and should be returned by that date. ipupils four times a ee reports, the card ardian and returned edfourtli report, the r . lained on the card. olastic achievement, work, the card car- N 4,,-L . A if og. KY vt 'T " ' f. api V t, ,. I L K ry , ' Q a 1 ' ,I Il, 7 lf i i x. f .- ii Q 4-1 L "R 4 X Q ' ew-' - . 4 ,iff ,V . f Nr, vt ' . if Z ,f. , 1 fel? 5 -- I L oeQQQ,XG3Qe fy. - 'gi WWQQM ,ta N ,J .1 LS' ORAL CUB d ' girls' athletic organization. lagirlmustreceiveami fsical educa- nts. The aim he members major sports. he members grade, must orts and a year, partici- f sh 55.151 Ms Eels ALZXJWMM Q.. is :Q tl' 'ffl Jill f the li phi. r 168 el " li l. is sta ry- l iurl take YSprin1.Practioe plaeaalacheduled. etter is awarded to flwle ine requirements. LIIAIY The library is open to High School Students rom 7:45 A.M. to 4 P.M. It is open Wednesday fvening from 7-9 P.M. and Saturday morning from l-12 A.M. To borrow a book, remove it from the shelf and give it to the librarian to be stamped. Students should sign their names and homeroom numbers legibly on book cards. All books should be returned on or before the date stamped in the back of the book. Overnight books must be returned by the first period of the following day. No fines are levied, but students who consistently have overdue books will lose library privileges. Use of student library pass and library regulations: 1. Each student will be issued a permanent and duplicate pass to the library. The librarian will keep the duplicate pass as a record of 3. Theproeedureforpassisltolihrarywillba as follows: The student will take the pennnsat pal directly to the library. b. This pass will admit him only at the llillf0fth6M'l.'l0dllldYilllDtmlWdlll the halls during periods. c. The librarian will eollect the passa and send them to Study Hall. The study hall teacher in taking attendance will check the passes, thereby accounting for pupils in the library. The passes will then be retumed to the library for return to students. 2. I.. Students may read textbooks in the library, but in the case of crowding, priority will be given to research, reference, browsing and pleasure reading students. In case of crowding because of planned class- use of the library, only non-textbook readers will be admitted and upper classes will have priority. This system pre-supposes the following library procedures: a. Books and notebooks may be taken to the library. b. Students who go to the library must remain for the entire period. 6. c. The librarians or teachers will strictly us- force discipline and keep a record of thoae pupils who violate the eods of setf- discipline. d. The student who has lost his pass either by violating rules of discipline or by care- lessness must report to study hall until a card is re-issued. Rules for proper library conduct: a. All books and periodicals taken from library must be char-fad out. b. Students must maintain a quiet, business- like study atmosphere in the library at all times. c. Coats must be left in lockers. 7. d. Books and periodicals must be returned promptly, when due. e. Books and periodicals must not be damaged or defaced. 8. Closing the library in June: a. The library will close circulation on the Friday before the last week of school, June 11, 1965. b. All books and magazines will be due June c. The library will open the last week of school for reference work only. Term papers should be completed before June 11. d. A reminder of the closing date will be sent to all homerooms two weeks in advance. IDQIYY Attitude and Eiort 1., All grades will be reviewed weekly. 2. If two U's are received, the athlete will be placed on probation for one week, during which time he will be permitted to continue C . . playing. 3. If at the end of one probation, attitude and effort improved, the boy will be ,, from the squad for one more ' LQ ter which time he may be week of hive not ropped wee af- dropped are again ii permanently if the two U's indicated. 4. It is the intention of this regulation that eligi- bility or ineligibility should carry forward from sea- son to season. Attendance A boy will not be eligible to play if lie is absent from school on the day of a game, cuts any class on the day of a game, is absent on the Friday before a Saturday game or if he is absent on the day before a holiday game. If the boy has been under a doctor's care and brings a note saying he is now eligible to play tap- proved by school medical doctorl he is eligible to play. Dress All traveling teams, as oiiicial representatives of the school, should be neatly dressed. 3 ic ours A f5W1?lN ? 0 - D at e Rl 1 :A du WDMPW rpm. ASSWILY CONDUCT As in all other elements of school life, responsi- bility for courtesy, fair play and team work should be emphasized with both the performers and the audience. The performers should be sure that they have carried out their responsibilitv by properlv pre- paring for the procram. The audience should give complete, quiet, and courteous attention to the per- sons on the stage. This of course would rule out talk- ing between acts. A quiet and relaxed atmosphere every day throughout the school and especially in hornerooms, corridors, and auditorium before the as- sembly will help to attiin the assembly atm0SPhC1'e .whichis needed. Applause from the audience should never in- clude whistling, booting, cr boomg and should con- vey to the performer cr performers respect and ap- preciation for a job well dOn6- 75 qv 5 'B 1? 'E if ,grow--W ..,A. 31 2. all q,,, x : ,552 5 Q why .kg K 5 IX ,' i fx KJ, X sv Sir Y L F 2 J UNDERCLASSMEN 'T-Q Us xx F : I X5 A fnunnuunu-n fM'NW1 X, :V f Qxf 6555, diem sy F XJ u ,, - ,,.f.'k .Q Likfkf' Ifgfg NY 'Vx ff ,214 ,Q J yxw' -...A C., vi Q' 1 L5 QMWPEQ QAQRH IJ!! XM ... JUNIORS '71- Gregory Accolla Dawn Ackerly Robert Aikman Pauline Andersen YWN Nb fi X T L . . if ad' to X ,, M . i i? K x ey ess I B, . -. , A 84 4' 2 w af Fig si X g 1' SN E fc. I Q QR s. fi Y I X , X Q William Aquino Nick Arrigan John Aureliano Joanne Barello Melissa Barr Lisa Bartolotfi gr- Q ,. I X me X WS' if- - Q A :sf in 'Y ' New 5 WE NK Fl Ralph Bierschwale Elizabeth Bonham William Bonham Perry Booksfein Kerry Breen Donald Brennan Linda Burke Theresa Burke Timmy Burns lncognito Maureen Byrne Emily Capobianco Marilena Capobianco Melissa Carmichael Suzanne Casey Pamela Chicosky Aimee Coffey 4 , Jonathan Colby Elizabeth Condlin Margaret Connell Eric Cook John Cook 5 If 5 James Cosgrove Laurie Costello Michael Coyle MaryBeth Daly Ana DaSilva Robert DeGraff Carol DellaRotta Deborah Delouker js, an A. X l Karen Dixon Susan DiNonno Ronald Doering Kristin Dohm Daniel Dolan John Dominguez fill? Q21 rf 4 . aw 155, f K M 1' f, J, g Jeanne Dugan Bernard Edelstein Naoko Endo Lynn Eustis 85 l Si 3 XS S S is X c X Ri 9 x Q gh 1 f' Y sw A --sz: g . B 1: N, Kevin Falk Karen Filasky Jacqueline Fleming Anthony Franco Kevin Frank Gary Franklin Karen Freedman Nora Gavin Dena Gechter Holly Gerhrhardt Christine Gilcrest Paul Giordano Raymond Gomez Maureen Grau Elizabeth Griffith Amy Gunter Roy Gustafson Peggy Hasse Andrew Hall Cheryl Hall N H SE S Q52 X A A: .. 'EQ '- . K wg M Ani Haritunian Lisa Hartigan Caren Havekost Michael Hendriks John Hinde Derek Irwin Alan Jackson Lauren Jensen Christopher Johansen Anne Johnson Diane Johnson Thomas Kaelin Matthew Karwoski David Keenan Allen Keitz Karen Kilkenny x CQ , iwiiw Q Christine Kim Perry Kleemann Chris Kosieja Svetlana Kozyref Debra Kroboth Heidi Kroetz Natalie Krumberg Toni Lajoy Richard Lalier Marc Lasalle Patricia Lawrence Katherine Leach Anthony Leggio Susan Lenz Barbara Leopold Christopher Lewis Benjamin Lizza Robert Longo Maureen Looney .Iames Ludlow Thomas Lumi Diane Luth Ronald Luyster Michael Mackie John Maguire Christine Maniatis Richard March Jacqueline Marrone , Q ,k.. A ri ft ' K' - .SLE ' . Q A, , rx 4 . af-ga. :gg Q -. i s, -Q gtigigggg X 5 ar... sa? . t ff 1 x i A' .fk 52--hx fi ' 1 5 X if we: Q .K J ,. 3 John Messer Lindo Messina Robby Michal Betty Jo Marzinger Bernard McCabe Michael McCarthy Roderick McConnell Tim McDonald Susan Meehan John Mehrkens Elizabeth Meier Karl Melissen S -Q-'E 86 fy, , Darryl Miller Elizabeth Mink Jeff Monette John Morello '2 Kenny Perez Debbie Petrosino Debra Pfister Elaine Pioseczny ,yi Borrie Moskowitz Robert Muttee Suzanne Neider Dill O'Rourke Eileen Osmers X .J in 6, K Y' Chris Nesky Evelyn Oliveros Pot Oppizzi Doniel Oron .f Diono Othon Connie Pointer Angelo Polfolvi Lindo Ponzello X1 89 Janice Platz Scott Pullo William Rawald J.P. Reali Leea Reinhardt Bettina Remacle Carolyn Reynolds Helene Ricciardi Lecia Romano Alison Rooney Eric Rubenacker Todd Runestad Stanley Rykowski Mara Scheiner Sharyn Shelfo George Schidlovsky Marc Schindler Ellen Schneider Mark Schussler Christopher Scott Linda Scott Jodi Seipp Andrea Sekelsky Kim Sessler Leslie Shamilzadeh Doug Shaver Matthew Shearer Nick Siewert Boris Skrepek Kristen Smith Jane Sobotta Bob Sokolski Shana Spanier Jeffrey Stone Michael Sturge Vicky Surowiec Dan Sweeney Karen Szarka Kathleen Taylor Andre Temidis Angela Tiberra Kathleen Toombs Bella Torino Rf Margaret Truesdell Allison Viscosi Catherine Viscovich Tom Vitale x fl Jennifer Wade Linda Wank Susan Wasnrewskr Brendan Whelan Robert Whelan Shaun Wilbur Deirdre Winston Trevor Wisdom Christine Witkowsky Katherine Woods Leonard Wydotls 91 SOP!-ICDMOPXES I I H I Eric Blankfern Elizabeth Berliner Donna Blacharskr Brett Bobley John Borzrllerr Allen Adamcewicz Kenneth Aebly Marianne Aiello Robert Alexander Jacqueline Allocca David Bailey Barbara Balos Thomas Baxendale Michael Bellidoro Daniel Breen Michael Breen Maureen Brennan Robert Breunig Christina Brey Robert Brookstein Sally Brown Thomas Burfeind John Burkhardt Li' Thomas Burns Patricia Butler Steven Butt William Byrne Christine Cappadona Nicholas Carbonara Maryrose Carrucciu Lance Cassell Theresa Cavaliere Patricia Cavaluzzo Alexander Chebuske Edward Ciampi Donna Cimaglia David Colantoni wi James Connelly Joseph Cook Gregory Costello Luis Cubina Susan Dawson Alex DeCesare Adam Demetri Robert Dickerson Marc DiLeo Dino DiRienzo Diane DiVincenzo Elliot Douglas Diana Farkas Thomas Fierderlein Letitia Fleming Francis Forbes Peggy Foster John Freedman 95 .1 l 0' S wwubi James Freeman Liska Fridman Michael Fuggini Anna Fushetto Kim Gallagher Rosanne Gallo S hug. . 2 my is ff? . a .. .egg K : gg 'Fl c - K .ff r v x l :gs X S , u w- '. -' Q X K, .- Rosalie Gambino Francine Germano Laura Ghersi - Michael Gill Lauretta Goldberg Peter Golkin Dara Goodman Andrea Graef James Graham 1 David Grazrosl Gina Graziosi Charles Greenberg Jeffrey Grell Michael Guides Paul Hartney Erin Hausser Angela Grello Karen Griffin Mitchell Gross Nicholas Ivanov Cindy lackel Andrew Janusas Boris Jordan Kathleen Judd Adam Kanzer Elizabeth Kaplan .-lr, v' ' Q. is Michael Hendron Lisa Herbert Barbara Hesse Patrick Hinnegan Karyn Holsf Yvonne Hovivian Douglas Isenberg r . 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Darlene Butellr Catherine Butler Beth Calzone Diane Burke Pamela Burke William Durkhardt Michele Cassandro Diane Colgan Michael Condlin Kristen Connors Michael Capolla Michael Corsitto Daniel Coyle Christopher Cristodero Janine Agate Stephen Canavan Keith Canova Robert Carmichael Lisa Carr Antoinette Casella Diana Casey -Mfg- sl ' -b i I f 1 ls Yoshi Endo John Eustis Michelle Fairchild Paul Federico Michael Forbes Kelly Frank Richard Davino Kevin Debenedittis Anthony DiStefano Linda Doering Joel Douglas Elaine Dugan gx it is ll it 5 . r A Kimberly Gordon X Jennifer Graham John Freeman Laurie Galgano Erik Galian Loretto Garay Andrew Genninger Michael George Keith Getz John Glasgow Nicholas Glaviano Margaret Gran Anthony Grella Angela Grimaldi Adrianne Grossman John Gustafson Richard Haff Lori Hall Rachel Holliday Keith Halop Careen Holton Noriko Honda Ellen Hegarty Liso Hubbard Kevin Horton Michael Hirshberg Joy Hinde Lisa Johnson Katherine Jordan Fred Junge Michael Kaelin Jill Kalen Andrew Kanzer Paula Kolb Sandro Kozyreff Debra Kortvelesy Kathryn Landro Shirley LaTourette Karen Leal Monique Lebert Scott Leopold Dennis LePorin Andrew Lin Thomas Lind Peter Lizza Patricia Luth Robert Ludecker Susan Locke Q QQ W' EEN 'YQ .X Timothy Lynch Annette Maass Robert Maclntyre Robert Mack Janine Maddock fi . 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Q X A fi Susanne Skrepek Yvonne Skrepek Amy Stevenson Gregory Stewart Michael Stone Paul Stewart Robert Swing Raquel Teitler Deane Thomas Ann Toback .S X A J' aff. fig .:-- ' 13, - aw: NF NW? QF .Mm-vs -wifi - x N x ti X 4 T 1 , KN gk. E , X- Q I 4 , uit? Throughout the past twenty five years North Shore Hlgh School's'facuIty has been changing. A few special mem- bers have been wlth us for al! twenty-five years Cono- nymlty guaranteedb. A special thanks to them! nuff' ,ad 9 .2 4 1 M , . tf ' S 'dai .,yy ,I x ' if ,"" ' , Y A , M , , , yi y . ..,. mV,: , :W --s . 'n"1 .W ' E , ,,,,,,l,, . W MA , ., , ,, , ,g iw i w James Coanan, Principal Robert Drown, Assistant Principal A former Superintendent of Schools, speaking at the dedication ofa new high school, said, "I would prefer to think of dedication in terms of teachers, parents, and students, and how magnificently this building will serve each and all in the real goal of education which, as I see it, is to commit minds to inquiry, hearts to compassion, and lives to the service of mankind." In this, the 25th anniversary year of North Shore High School, there is much evidence that this school is serving what that former Su- perintendent called the real goal of education. Our students, and particularly the members of the Class of 1982, have shown themselves to be committed to these ideals. Many have achieved academic excellence: others have demonstrated musical, dramatic, and athletic talents: some have exhibited a concern for serving their school and community in different ways. lt is my wish that each member of the graduating class be dedicated to becoming all that you are capable of being. Your CIW? Gm, Harold Sturge, Superintendent: Business, Christopher Worrell, Superin- tendant, Murray Assistant Superlntendant, Curriculum Commencement will then be, in a real sense, a beginning. ADMINISTRATION GUIDANCE 3 X vm Jane Dollohon 35 ,X X wry- nl McDonald N if Bernard Schulman Elmer Seomon i , I Z ' "MN-WWW, I 113 x SQQAL STUDIES 4 g H f W' , ..,, ,, ,. L LL,,,V Wu m ortmon 3 E l in N F Q. ...,.,.N. N .0 HSI-IEDNEI Held: Block F X Robert ai Nasa Q Si E Callahan N ', - V L N K- X-f.,.,.-Q ff .1 B Howard Ludecker x Qww-r... J NOILVDOGEI TVDISAHCI X 4 Ci, .. ,W 4 C f Q 0 LA J F? D Q f Y ig Q f f X .6 Q! 55? , x Q x M 1 31 71. J cj jg XX W r C5 f Nfl X4 3 wr' Ar Work 'ff - r SE is B ET L. MUSIC MQ it' Marilyn Egan 3 v. a r ' . n , . , i W MQFWTZKSEFQG if Hknfawuiigriff mea.: f 'f x C77 -1 Q98 i , S ,. -2 . QAFT, , W. vw. 0 ii ff- U . ,. , 'E' I 'J'.'.f X NA .'.'n flung ffl'-'3 . ..--in-.. . max :Ii 'Q,l'::.... . . ' 7' "9 Noomu Toub -'if'f,'f"' f sf Q-GV: r"""' 9Y i -----' .- ' ---""" Stewart 1 , N, QI' . X . xikh INDUSTRIAL ARTS ART HOME ECGNCDMICS LANGUAGES K E d ,DNR 'iff QQ? u ' Ex iif2?WW'! XR rw' Y4112 AH kg! AMA?-'17 1 ' Aff. 557917. VWQQQ7 ' SCIENCE f f Ex ' QW' 1 f . N Q ' K, a 0 ,f ,ff f . 'f5' ' HQ, HA ul-' 9 as 2 2 N 79 if is M t L , . E I NJA x..J,l 6: ' Joy Emmer 125 MATHEMATICS Kathy Trotto Physncol Educonon Secretory ww Judy Com bell Amqo tn Secretori s 128 Vivion Gerlich Nurse's Secret Bernard oputo Aftendonc Honey, please get off the railing!" 1 P W 5 , 1 5? 5 A 1 , z 4 v 2 v . x - , i e , 2 1 e W E ,, We 4 , 5 1' ' V1 2 ' Q z .? . lb is ' , , ! V ,Q Q , . , :L 5 , A z , 1 5 Q, U. s "5 f ? . H . w 2 , E ' i a 1 3 2 v ,, g X 3 x fy. xi? 311 -ui Q, Q i . l CLASS OFFICERS SENIGRS As the special 25th graduating class of North Shore, the class of 1962 has plans to make this year the most success- ful year for the school as well as our class. This year our fund raisers will be the senior play, fashion show, and selling refreshments at football games. Person- al fund raisers to minimize the cost of a trip to Florida and Prom Cheld at the Swan Clubj will be: MC:M's and Rubik's Cube key chains. The class of 1982 wishes to say "good-bye" and "good luck" to all classes following us. SGPHOMORES JUNIORS ?FllESl-IMENP This year's officers are: President . . . Peter Golkin Vice-President . . . Ane Snyder Secretary . . . Yvonne Hovivian Treasurer . . . Kyra Storojev Plans for the year include fund raising events such as selling bandanas, and class t-shirts. A trip will be a main point this year, plus community Involvement work. Donat- ing to the adopt-a-family cause will be done this year. The sophomores really look forward to accomplishing a lot in the coming year with an effort to get everyone involved. ...,.... GO. Iii. 'ff-7 Amy Rosta - President Steven Pappas - Treasurer The G.O. is North Shore High School's Govern- ment Organization. It is made up of five officers and a representative and alternate from each Social Studies class. Meetings are held weekly, and are a forum for discussion about school rules, practices and problems. Lucia Totino Jill Matteo - Vice-President Board Representative Phyliss Grande - Secretary wg"'5-.. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE 112255: Cristiano Teixeria exchange student and host Kristen Rademacher ' ' 5523251-i"?" xi 1535 ,,,,. A.F.S. fund raising activities this year have been a sweatshirt sale, Poinsetta sale, and Bagel sales on alternate Thurs- days. We are also planning our annual Pizza-Nite for sometime in February or March. The money raised by these ac- tivities will go to the short term ex- change in which our club spends a week with another A.F.S. club somewhere in the United States. We are hoping to go as far as North or South Carolina, but it will depend on the amount of money raised. This year we are lucky to have with us an A.F.S. exchange student, Cristiano Teixeria, from Brazil. Christiano is staying with the Rademacher family. Matt Kar- wowski will be spending his summer va- cation abroad, but he does not know yet where he will be sent. VARSITY CLUB This years' Varsity Club was one of the best ever. Club advisor Mr. Melillo was very happy with the increase in membership. North Shore school spirit is back and a lot of the credit goes to the Varsity Club Athletes. Once again the club ran a Toy Drive for needy families and organizations for children and also an Easter Drive Cbas- kets of funj for those children in hospitals. The club also helps the N.S. Booster Club with a fund raiser as well as running their own. ln return each Varsity athlete receives hisfher Varsity letter and sport pins for each year on a varsity team. All-County win- ners in the club also receive a plaque. Officers for the 1981-82 year were Bill Warden CPres.J, Chris Johansen CV. Pres.J, Denise O'Hara CSec.9, and Elaine Piaseczny CrTreas.J. I5 2535- H?" The Key Club is a service organization. Students who are members of the club volunteer their services to various community organizations. They contribute their time and effort to groups who request their assistance. These groups are often engaged in charitable activi- ties. The Kiwanis Club sponsors the Key Club. This orga- nization provides financial support and encourage- ment for the students. KEY CLUB as-is :' Q: JP nl QW Wx """'w..,,L ' gmsam,..w ivwnih 4 NI. Wm -A il W-vw ff 1 Q 2 , ,f w , 4 P"" A Lt , A 1 it plural- N ,Y-, .,.,, ' upon-wav' f iv H" 1' 5, 7' sw K V.:v iw inn-mm. amgwqgi'-' Q-...M ,ff ,ov- AL-an www' mn-- x -35 sg MARC!-lING BAND The marching band performs at all home foot. ball games and at Newsday's Long lsland March- ing Band Festival at Hofstra University Stadium. For these activities they are led by Drum Major Tricia Lawrence and joined by the Majorette and Flag Squads. All three groups participate in the Memori- al Day parades in May. 'W 5,3 QA H? ' R W 7 33353 it 'M' 2:5 , Z M x nf.. Q VBZMQAH 1 M . s . W we , 'if sc- A ig, x g .5 V sagem qw : X 2: k,.,.z,m Z p iw . g f X iight ,ifappr w Q -:::: is vMg,:Q9 gf . . x H, Y wi e s.r if rr- ,cy. . r i rssv. it ,sf :Q VM f, ' .2 1:: F: 5 V 2 'X .-':' '::,-: E '::,.. ,lsr 34.1 i :VQQ :E"'i'.: ' VIQQ ':'3-Jifrffe-Yr.. ' : ifc- Q ft ,": zl' -ziiflf ffll I V' Z -:::i 5 -':' "': 5 .'::E :-A"" Q 1,.t:', .ull ::'1 f -2 Z., 3. , f 0 X531 +5 I-::-,. c S , tg A -iii. ,,,- ultrt- N SL 3 Q A. ,, - el . gi 1,,: is ' I is llz 3 ":' 2 "1f2,,Qf'3"6f,LL like ""' ' .rdf Sw. vzllu :sigifv l gf ., QE 1, . iaae i lzig W C, E: gk Yr ii' ' r 5, 'P 'l S ,.,: E IQVIZ ,r: f : ik H EA . l 2' f rrr,. ':'Z . f sl ai ,. 3 t 9' e Q F? A' 5 y . r .:5Z:::- Q df Q :ZA V K! 3 . . . 4, Q3 at "" ' - N3 ws LACE SQUAD r T V. 1.16 y , " ' V . ..,,, .V ,f V. ,. LQ. -ww f . f'-V My on ,wif 'wlsiigi . , ya W. , W. W, Q21 V ffl riff: 1 ,, , Lula K -i 4 M 4. MAJORETTES The Majorettes were led this year by graduating senior Liz Benchimol. The squadjoins the marching band at football games and at the Marching Band Festival. This year they were featured in a routine created by themselves to the song "Fame" from the movie. This year's Flag Squad was led by juniors Ellen Schneider and Linda Scott. The Flag Squad performs with the marching band during halftime at all home football games. The squad was featured in the song "Hot Lunch Jam" from the movie Fame. SSX QQ, 3...- 5 . il 'N ...s.,...... . al' -an-.v 264' t A t I. ' Q ' I , A" ,:,: ,gl V' 5, 3 'x :I Y I I VL' 7 ,, K Q, , " . ' Q' '24 ' E 2 3' i ' r , ' g ::-.4 1 n '?'2:,"' 5 , W' N 8 E? 4 fl S -PF' k-flfv Qs ,Y 'Q ' Qi 1 li wx 6' , 3 6 H , 1 W E ? 5 eq Z2 I 6 4 e. 1 H7 , . I . . Q. ' nag!-: ' , , " , 4 ', 5 f ,, ,i . I , x,' 1-.f I 1 "X, A r 7193. ,',H? ' H 1 ...M - f ff.. N- S. , N. .. ,, , 2 VM-. r . I ,gin M ., 1 , ,f 4 1. -4 an .,...l.---0 s QL l,,..-- 4 V' an 2553 ' A I if' , VARSITY CHGRUS - A - A A Sooromo ooo Alro Secrioms Tenor ooo Boss Secrioms JUNIGR VARSITY CI-IGRUS SINE NCDMINE CHGRUS DCD Ml SOLS A group of lovely and talented women whose singing is second to nonel This is a finely tuned instrument which performs the most lofty and sublime music ever written. .., MADRIGALS Whenever the Madrlgals practice a piece of history is recreated. The Madrigal Ensemble singers recreate the music of the Renaissance - the music of Shakespeare's time. The Madri- gals which sing of the joy and love of the time. The Ensemble performs for two school concerts, in addition to outside community engage- ments. , 5 Ks - , .Fil TE .6 t. -fl X .2 2 "H f , g . . , K. . - ' HOARSE NORSEMEN The Hoarse Norsemen are a musical tradition ot North Shore. These talented young men raise their voices in song for school and community alike. fb . xt .1 c.,. rnssw.. F? T if fSe'li'4if K V if- Ri - E5 +A Q ,T El gg 4 :Zz X V 'tl s E MAT!-ILETES WOODWORIQING 'Qiffk , as ' ..,r,,,..5.... we X K : is ' -. , ,.h ,V V f - . f X V i . ' Maggy- V, 1 ' . ,f-'mir' 4 , J, u ,5if. MU ALPHA TI-IETA P CHESS CLUB ? Tuesday, April 29, 1958 ll. S. Chess Club llas "So-So" Year Every other Wednesday the Chess club meets to practice for inter-scholastic chess meets. In their second year in the league, the chessmen have a 3-6-1 re- d cor . The Viking chess players hold victories over Port Washington' and Amityville. They lost twice to league-leading M i n e o l a , Chaminade, and Levittown and LEHIGH Uv Q Q . 3? , ' C. 4' ' s Q . " A 75 T x 1 55 A ' 1 m 5 I- Q , in Q, jf af ""' Rfk if Q w 'in fy Q gan w. hm.. Q' ati! Qs af x Q 9' Hx. as mm . g e In 'in llwlfv' 0 Y .N Some Mosquers in their foll production of Dork of The Moon. 1'---' ,M -JL. I FBENCI-I CLUB The French Club CCercle Francais? offers students an opportunity to get together and share their common interest in the French language and in things that are French. This year's officers are: President - Simone Pavlides Vice-President - Matthew Karwowski Secretaire - Alison Rooney Tresorier - Robert Pucciariello Fund raising this year includes: a cookie sale, and a t-shirt sale. . .mf . J- ,. .. ., Y' R gg Q I . .. V wcttg I . A . "T w in - . T t ew- 9 X . - '- . LATIN CLUB SPANISH CLUB Plans are Underway fora X-Mas party Spanish-style. Students will be visiting The Queens Museum. They will view an exhibit of artifacts recently recovered from two Spanish galleons. Students plan on putting their Spanish to use by presenting a skit to Junior High Spanish classes. fir, 1iZm".3"i?4-'W ,, ,, Z. 4 My In keeping with tradition the Latin Club will conduct a Saturnalla In December and a Cena Romana CRoman Dinnerb in the late spring. For fund raising several bake sales are in the works. A first for the club will be a chariot race. This year's officers are: Consul Major CPresidentJ - William Bonham Consul Minor CVice-Presidentl - Christine Kim Quaestor CSecretary-Treasurerj - Betty-Jo Mat- zinger Aedilis CProgram Chairmanb - Ava Spainer. unto , X 'Q f. Q...,3,L'5 u V :W i r - SI i T it iq A V 44, sw Zi f f' fv The Ski Club is a bunch of students who love to ski the snowy mountains on a bright day. The club is always open to new members. beginners or pros. f- TT e - he-me--f e e T scum CLUB . CM- , , 6 -fi ll x . ,,', , LS T O00 . 0 l rr : K, O 1 ri h FQ Go A 1 l 1 At monthly meetings the Scuba Club T , Oro O QVA 'if . ' ' it planned a trip for certified divers to coincide E , lg - , with the senior trip to Florida. They ore forming l K ' X tl I the "New Diver" class that will begin in Febru- T. . ,N i 1 ary toword Diver international Certification. N, ,Y 5 ' HV i S l 6-..'f:1l.bI ' , T , qw . . i , 1 5, ,J l i l K -' Q A r I V V , 'P tk Y 1 N W Y V f f ' T l 4 f f 'W ff f 'F"rf.- . i :ed-'T W tl t E-i1.z'E'EAI SMYTW-X' EXPLORERS CLUB C we The Explorers Club have good times together whether indoors or out. Exploring will broaden your horizons while making you a better person. ART CLUB lf you drop into the ort room any Mondoy ofter school you will find o group of students involved in oc- tivities that range from drawing ond pointing to ceromics ond weoving. Come join us! PHGTOGRAPHY CLUB .,, . 1' fw ef. ,fa FUTURE I-IOMEMAIQERS CDF AMERICA NATICDNAI. HONOR SCDCIETY eese , t E 3 e - WCWP N.S. on the Air hy Mitchell Gross North Shore High School is on the radio every weekend on 88.1 F.M., from the C.W. Post Center. Broadcasts are twice each hour, at a quarter after the hour and at a quarter to. These two to two-and-a-half minute broadcasts feature news, sports, and comedy. According to WCWP high school radio director Maureen Conway, Amy Rosta and Beth Leopold should be commended for their broadcasting work, but they need help. Students who are in- terested in writing scripts or performing should see Amy Rosta for details. If 8' 'Mg . , f. ,, ,., Q X ' .sf "3 V yy-,,4'12, to u.. ...........i,-...,.. .....-....., -- t'OI.. l, NO. I THE VIKING VIEW Friday, December I3, i957 Honor List rumrine Heads chool Newspaper Many of North Shores top alents have been incorporated in the staff of the tirst news- paper to he produced by our :cw school. The paper. which was named The Viking View by iopular poll, will be printed wicc monthly under the direc- ion of Mr. Ross and the student tail. Below is a list of the ten- i ativc staltz Editor-in-chief, Betsy Krum- ineg Managing Editor, D. Hoyt lews Stall: Ass't Editors. C. Idelstein, B. llcgeman: Associ- te Editors, ti. Boyd, M, Klein. i. Deutsch, C. Schutzman, W. Iarting Feature Editor, E. Bliss: toys' Sports Editor, P. Rose, tss't Boy's Sports Editor, P. iraatzg Girl's Sports Editor, N, lortong Art Editor, M. Levine: 'hotography Editor, M. Keyesg District News Editor, C. Schutz' ian: Business Manager, J. Mc- herryg Advertising Editor, P. piveyg Asst Advertising, J. Lomineg Circulation Managers, I. Jensen, G. Boyeeg Typing Ianagers, B, Hosking, K. Her- mann: Production Manager, M. Ilein. The Viking View, will not nly contain school news, hut Iso editioral features, fiction, artoons, verse, sports, and lumni news, Varsity Club , Iewly Urganized The varsity club, composed Y boys possessing varsity let- rrs, started this year under te capable leadership ol' tfiipresident Bob The purpose of t promote 'hooi .- x fri? , 5 9 J 2 'ev E ji.. :M its efforts to provide the student 5 .Q 'ff' E gonizotion program. Th G. O. is -17 -E r, + -be Q V - V f-W who ore members cxre enabled t . A' .' 4 fi l ' I X I f' AN I Axx Y ' ' ss- - fl -2- Q . . ' I I, n W The senior high student Counc , . es 4 -ee? -s . .E ' ' I Ea' s e l 3 i at UIQ, I ft C t l t I t li now meeting' to ilikings Score First Year Football Success: problem, and as Myles Picked For All-Scholastic Honors clnsion is Roll will be for the North Shore High's varsity football squad, the first in the schoo1's history, hung up or surprisingly good record this fall, winnin tive of eiqht contests, and coming within Q . one point of beating North Shore Champ, Mcmhctsset. Mr. Dillenheck no Heads Guidance North Shore High School fortunate to have acquired guidance director Mr. Dillenbeck. Born in York State, he The Vikings, under Joe Reilly and John finished fourth in four however, in the hrs' league of North and new name of Teachers Varsity sity Maroon State a 20-19 vie. bam, pla-y from scrim- the Green undefeated streak which book, The Talie- our paper, The Viking our senior a ,cap and and we had taken in gown as well as the regular sweater and pearls for the the girls and suit and tie for the boys. TMS Year the pictures were taken by the Delma Studios gf New York City. The photo. 9"iPher took six pictures of Dillenbeck and children recently this commt.nit,y from Plains, New York. For most part, his after-school hours are occupied with work 1x4 1 s .tu 1. r-Aviv. lasted tIll'0llf.fl'l0U'i the pre- year, and giving North Shore a victory in its first var- sity clash, l'layitU.': at home against Mtan- hasset, a team which went un- defeated and copped fthe unoffi- cial North Shore Championship, the Maroon played its best game of the season, When Bob Myiles scored his third touchdown of the afternoon. in the waning minutes of play the score stood each student from which to chose the best pose to put in the year book. Accompanying each picture is a student pro- file which is a short paragraph telting oi his likes, dislikes and idiosyncrasies. It you want to see what you look like in your senior pictures d.on't forget to buy your Talie' sm. X... ,J spez stor the ETH! the evid of r to T Ar and by 1 faifli mai: stall the Higt theii imm mas be a nefit sible 'Fl penrl the tlifzh Lzanii MOSAIC BUSINESS STAFF The Business Staff maintains financial records for The Taliesin and The Viking View. They have sold all the fantastic ads in the Yearbook this year. ii1f '390'j ,CVB 1 KUQJV lg Q np 2 A , - J 192, Gy ,gg'J.xk5xO5XiQ5? QQ, ff M. gg YQ Q, I 22 'gb ff fi ew My CQ- ,gf -fl QV Q cg, U 1 V ,, 5 ,ze 1 l 1 wa WWI limb' Z Vf.,Zw xigffwr fn ,Y - . , Ziff, ff" W 5' "' - pn 44 ,- t , , 5 1 A x -lgihffi 4: iq, , ., ,L 2 . -, 'X Q- A i XV L .Qvs ,n ""'-,' . Q .nr-ru 11- -G - 2 1 x . U-4,11 V HMMwM-Q- .fi . - ,4 up a X .... I,QQyg ,f C wk? "if ff fe A. FM., '- . U. - 'P A. N X fin- E, Q . 4. f ' ., f .. N .- -Y-, ' .fi +" me .uzxqcef ,,:.fitiQ TZf,,w,r.:ga llxiiffxl off u-.1 bf. axstrorzduus gchzg YOQIYQ 'P 'Juli -- '1 O A A Q 4, . V ,A TTK ' ,, 'NS NA ' - ' A . 1 n I , fx 4 ,. fwmfrf: 2 ww.. A313 was ,fu ,fffSi2"5: fuwff? ins warg-.Q S lsr: .is Qroxmut, , X1 A f" A ' r 4, f- 4' ' X . . 'X 91 3: f' :"' 4, . xx g aw. 1 A . faagzatfug vids bmi Uri izwifzfsx Qarir., Y Y, 1 v 7 K Q L, Swap G ,Lf :A ' 1 17 f 2 '. - ' ' Ct W 2 A , W 1 LU .. , Y A k ,. APE, .J .lffflyx-'C - 1 .' rg 'L R' . cvs' . Af CL . 'RQ-3 A IN' aw' . A ,P , 1 Y- ,c E VT. Q L. M k.Lk V121 O N XT- ,fujav ,X-if gf V5XFiQ' If ,OI fk IJ' qb I- fi Jw L, ,QAL of 4 x VJQTQ .YL A bt ,SN l " ' 'N .NRG if li. 4',.A ifw - K .I ,r-1 E . I ln' .fa .,,, WW. M, I -----v----W , I M ? i'cppc.1, 'rv ' SKI 1-if-sv J i ZXRGIOT 3 C0 VI .Wim iAxmmzmemxmemwuwvaffwf""""'?E'3I"2T'O63 KWEEBJCS ,M -P O A W Q WC., Chzrzx Q2-x ' llvigb-1 F ,WW , -:xx ., N W , , 5 1 ' f"' M 172 ff 'YK falknf. " Sify 7, ' X-Q 41730 WH0.f'G' 'S 1 ,Q . VDJ4, W X , A n , V e ' ,MQQ Hal GX 1 I I, A,qf2g531Z1O,, , 5l'xjy935?f433fcTH .unK?fhNNO, rfflffg C 701 umbia Nh ,M5w 5f . .. ,- Beaulzful, Heaulzful' 0 Knmm L '2- fone Shot iff 'furk extremist QA ' , tiff if v'N rfvd V433 K3 Lit N X. M f4.'g3x K- A FQCM . Wikfx S2-' -F 'vb . i...Q 'Q pr' QF - x ' - ' qyn fxsqijf LOY 'N 'flq QC, Luc fi lf U T' ,Y 3. K- Xxygw fi-Q ' ,523-J ggi, ZSLTRLUT ,Q 'X . C Q gl A fi, G! ' ' F?SultS lffffl ,' l Ehriichw' 1,1 , fig .4 ,, .1 gf -x g. - Q'-N A f fl WHQQ1-9 w ESE MW' Jil vi ' xj 1.3, Wifi' TEM ,, v . . . Nafxalfnf Ralmgy. fig, Lmbn leads his zz Sw . 'H V , ,1 ll-1151 eat rm 1Q,QQ1Dhi 'gg" QEQQQQ C BLACKO . N 1' 5 K Cfmgwg -ia YQ C A 1N STE A , ,blahta gh ,QQQ W2 x ' i!'4 X: 5 1 A :Z x'.W :.'.,,7'A5h 351 t If f i'1 '- ? y , , , if riiors and Eiczflazfzd to the breech . - .f s , W an . 'i' . FK" A in 2 .31 Q-iw WSW- ... ,EQ , M Qf ' . i 'f'-ilrfn' ffllk.-xlpnffg Lil? Trl Pvukii Ira +1--f P Q-QL, fx U , +4 '1"v-'-'-"-r- UWW3 JL F ., JTT..:,., F . 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"lf " 1 KIA- Y 5 1 inf :PH , f-l....4gjf" 13031 1+ . 7, All PN Qfy L, Cgk 'WDP 4 A 4falQ:.k6lI.a ULPQ 'Ta1i f'C'Y"Wla x. M . x all! 10h wx lg' A 'fx "mod CWEFUN5 2 i 211 1 :Us -: 'I-LD ,W , Cy, -L I -,Q wh X x.! v f v Q1 Lf. .1 Ak - .YK fix . , t N , u 1 ll i . Q 1? . rw: E x L bw- J .. , Q g , -Lbigix RRR i ,A ., xi 5 3 . 1,-Q , 4' M , 'S ' Y W - ,. : -' lu . P K fl g A 1 . fi, ' V- 1. ' QKXJQX L fimhff R 1 E. R , t ' my . '-513' , wi, .f S 4 ' ' ' 4' A AK! wg-Xia. 'E jv, V 114 -xox, .Au v ' ,, ,,..,- K' L i , TXQZKHEX' -' 6 - ' ' U- KRW A .1 ' x if-f 225,59 ., Inv A P ? lfffyx 5 , XCX.V..f1cw ,. A A. I Ls U .Ll U. Y Q ,G ' kr z.4.- A. x '- L A x K 33,13 av k L Lkgxrw v , x " ' X X "il Q X- 'X' LK . H ff- '. M -f is S t nixvgw- X l gg x , QQ .J . X I, 9 ff ,Q-'M' ff 'N QM? 4' K nfl . -. 'W' X 'NS lf' -r 5 L X' , f?,h',. S X, " ff 1-, K A X3 - Q1 ll r- , E . r- Imp, " 7 Q " .X - I v1.:,n,. 752-YYQV , -'fqimm f . 1 'X-.Q -L' . f ' -J ng, gy L. A T Q ' l' "wi . Li 1 i, A. yy' w ' " x x :4l1'M Q . Q' !1','Q,lp . "' 5: 04 x 4 1 .71 4 4F5'h,, ww DEL TH 'pp s OF SADAT Egyptian President ls Slain At Military Parade in Cairo L Xfvpt - ln-ar NMA! h.u.1fd In muah of Ihr -4:-:ld 1- fu rl-.uu :I . W pm-v hx--.w.u-::.x!r1! -r-usda: A 0 ' -hi Minh- a bdfld uf whixvrv mlm - L hm! mf M- n--zfmng -mm! nm: L ' , A -M me .-1 an-:1,1,.n Wm. X. 4 ' FS' vs - 1-i!lrd und JJ ', Y U- f.?'i'3 En, - Aifgwii- jg A 1- .'x.gnr. h , if -N ,I I M --C ..,m.1., A 41 Vanrrzxir "lun nn Puxr ' EHJ 445' ,' x In U 2? Q- Xgf Q3 i 1? Q I I X x X ' x i , , X x fin p I I H I Q ,la AQ, 9 X M ,4i.Z A.-J Hifi? X. . X 0 K am, f I 'I Q 0 ' z 1 f 2 X I , A V 1 ,ff X f X y. , .X 5 - I I 5 ll, 'I I 1 3 : I ,f J N-' 'I 'ln- 4 QF af., ffl T?- yn if 'wi IV!- ' . 1 1 L1 .-,. .L 1 ,W 2, Y A , M- m - - , ig. ' K i 5 X . , fx , l ! mfg 3 3 i z- f L Q fy F"-" ,f Z '7 1. b X AVA '.fQ - ' Ml if 3 Ns 1st Row Don Tag Sam Drown John Doherty Joe Iullurcl Peter Von Shoenermark Bill Warden, Romas Vaitkus, Tony Russo, Keith Cartigine. 2nd Row John Mc Qulllan Tim Burns Doug Shaver Robby Michal George Romano Roy Beno, Mike Abbondondolo. Donald Brennan, Chris 3rd Row Tom Vitale Jeff Telvi Rick Piscletta Roy Gustafson Matt Shearer Brian Wargin, Lars Loftus. The Varsity football team finished the 1981 season with a record of 4-4. Under head Coach Ken Case and assistants Bill Melillo and Sean Monaghan the team did an admirable job with only 10 sen- iors on the squad. The coaches and play- ers are working toward next season when they return 14 players. Four players received post-season hon- ors. Nomed to the Conference 4 team were Bill Warden CCapt.J and Brian War- gin Uacobi and Meyers Award winnersb, Peter Von Schoenermarck CCapt.J and Mike Abbondondolo. Mike also made the All Nassau County team as a half- back and played in the Senior Bowl. :Sift-QWQM-.'z.:-EL,-v 3 Qi '. .x H fwe,.- M . if . Q wr- L-:fw-w.1g:: ww ,-3 4 ,g,f,,i A 4, Qffggf-Qu. . . kg-iffy afar-A :15 .1 . .1 , , Q .... .gikwzf5.w?2q:,4,',5gR,,1V,:i,,, . , f X pigs A dyagfkgkxfgkx xfgg- A , Hfhwru 4' Mm. ' 5'v'+4N':5 'ww' " f:7f1!55x,j ixf.v-2 ' Mifiz v-'i v ' a n " " - - Y ff? - Q ..-'JF-P13 H :ifQg,w:?iw?114'QzJig1vw.51--v- ' ' 1 if w 1 E11 gy, V 'f.1"Ri9S"y':q3 ra Mgiiqjuvygix "L,yZf,i QL, 4 U ' 'WV'-' Q: H12-m,Qq.-Y ,Q Bas-Y ,viifqviL3.liv211:lf.ffQF-'i'Ek11:i3?44J1i!i4W55'aiQ.'A ,par Lk' , ,I ' f '2 ' W . ,. QQQYRQW - . 'ff af21vMWi",'F . -S: -3.-fi' 1 K f if? 6' f1.'ff4,acf , :i,i.f,E ,gg .,. .Rf 'f ,M .A-.NE 1 . " , YH ' , s",m'7 ,.x'f'?1 uf-' ,AL ,T HF" - ff '4Q.Y'5w', A 5,-,er ,-,,, , 5 ,, , ,mu ?:1sK.fwf- '-2 fe, , 1 ,. -Y : - . f f.x1MwfYv'. - , -.ahh 1 -4 f. , 4 x K nr" 1 7-'sd-4,1-Jw ww- nfyvv--.-, s.-my , -,sf .Ma 'M' ,,w.,f'm,-X-L.. fzbi-12fmf'lfS?f4WThif:1'-zafwgzggu -' Lqm, gs ,bi ,, .-2-,:-s,.'3Q,q5,'5z-Z1gQ-S:11S1- -:"?,,-:v:,1a?t4?:wuf' x-SH .7 Zkigxffv :'-mf' 12X3-J9!:2iv'- :Q 2-. .-:ga .Asa-fm, 4- wa .- Aff- ffm. -A 114, A :sawn-1-few mfwwf +2 ua- gd:-:A-,ifxx if'-wfamwb fx-WB' ,rv-vgrqgu-149 wk! fp,-s-wi-sfwvgwf PX.,.-z:.:.1,-my 31f',v--yqxwemmfg9gf-egi'-ffiy:f,- 45' ff,Q52wQe2?5Q,fr4e.2fFz-cff.v3f'fzX:4?f5 ,A .QSIMSYA'w5'LffP?f9':iQiiifww ' 2 '-Yhff?-12'-f?E:i2m,.GXTM .11-:If-sh. 'f-.KL-. arf 214' gfrfl.-1,9 . .V vi'-xvggffgqrg-:S,, facmf-!P'+ Jkvg-'fwu-wr"e?-w-'wwbaw,---.-, vip -"'-1,15 .R-sxfwff-H-' 71 vwfv- ,4,.,..f. 2.4,.g.4 ,-5:44. ,-1g,.,ggv,kfK.1-,v gmt... www X-.e:ETK7f2lg3f'M1?k'f' -yr-1' .RMT-fl. .vii-vvwr , :tw-gfkir f y 155,.Y"iCf:emxiv,-.M+':,,1,g,' Jw, qA.sYtx:-?a3,:-,gQnZ".f15 lair., . .M-Qmfnyf v-1411+-?, - x A-rf14yg2-',-,ek-ov' , , V - - , 1-5'-M .qg.g4.-,g-g a--.-V1-4g,L,y,! ,,.h.f.4 ,ofa .2 , ,gn A L.. A ,L 4, ,.f...,Gx.,..,,- ,,,.,w.,1,, M, ,. -,1-,z154fg.,Q 152,986 fm? 'QQ,yy-A'.g'g1gf1I,'Z'!45L.-.-' 2:37 Cn 3, .,, 1 M',-W. H ff b,,,NQ,g,j M Ly 1-vigil: . -'L'-S'f?'1V-'f,44y 'ffm355525-5''fgglilgryi1'4.-fff'1jL:544,-,.4-.ff ysggzgg-' " . j-wig,-z"gqv',,:,-' g,vQ iv fg5g1, rfs-xff9Mf1i151'1m:sffwe-'rx--iw1f,-214X- . . 4-1 if-.ii vp' .-f rv-3.9 ,AW ,-ff-L1 :Am -Q,-3 1:N:WQ4.,,,f-2:16 , N:-4-haf HY- ..-fry 3' -2 4 Mfw . A : 21. 'z ,-gm' 3- fn. J J. ..' ,' ., , A , 4' ' Q wm,+4v,,:a-f,- 414.-'g.Z'PvW.f,C,f,n,a-y,.s..,4?+5f,Sg4QQx:xx..w,,z4f,. x.,q.2,.4Z.,.f., -My 'i'53??"1i,Q''fgfsfffi'5,9lS324"?:ibE.':'i35f1'EMi?FQ.'3'fi.F5214 -iw34::ii42'5 Zi- ' '-. W' ' .V " , ' fx ff rw. .-az 1-',-all:-If ,. - -lim: .rf ,Q Fws'24f+'i21Hfm11fi:?f5-ffifwvsmfcaqwf -15-1fEafz41':m1',f:fy:,-.f-f:-rwzwf gf ,4gf:p3.,Qe:qgfg1:1 if 5:.g4f-im, - fy-..w Q w2rQz1'Qw:- ffl-PfffgfyglffgfffeEfwififm, 42- 4-r5v--:awww-Y?2g', 'par' 15115iq-'g2.::f,3,e.1gf1T5.3y:?f52yag miufeimfxew. -g-fg1fwf,2Q' " '2-11:'Kf: fl:-P 1-fa-22' -if-"miie 4"'1'f':::t: H at ist' Wa.--I - . . - -9. ,, ,ww VARSITY FOQTBALI. B 1 1 E ,WMU 4 Top Row: Coach Pacillo, Tom Rieger, Mike Breen, Brian Muttee, Matt Burkhardt, Coach Reardon. Middle Row: Ken Aebly, Kenny Kneiss, Pauli Federico, Mike A. Sturge, Peter Lizza and Mike Corsitto. Bottom Row: Jamia Ajamion, Gary Ketchum, Robert Mac, Rino Anderson, Robert Akeman, Doug Warden, Kevin Factor JUNIOR VARSITY FCDOTBALI. G A x rw VARSITY CI-IEERING Left to Right: Jane Sobotta, Jodi Seipp. Laurie Cos- tello, Debbie Pfister, Margaret Connell, Melissa Carmichael, Eileen Brennan, Brenda Rotola JUNIOR VARSITY CI-IEERING Back: Karen Griffin, MaryRose Carrucciu, Standing: Joan Accolla, Susan Turner, Susan Dawson, Christine Drey, Patty Butler. Front: Gina Graziosi 165 1sr Row - Fiona McConnell, Toni D'Andrea, Marina Wynia, Karen Sheenan, Cara White, Coach Duffy 2nd Row Tracy Costello Lucrecia Grella, Joan Matthews, Laura Kolb, Lisa Mastaglia, Judy Pisciotta 3rdRow - Mike Cappobranco Marllena Cappobranco Linda Burke, Ana DaSiIva, Loretta Goree, Paula Kolb The girls varsity soccer team had a very successful season, although it was their Ord year of play. The veteran players and the new players came together to form a great combination. The girls made it to the play- offs but were defeated after their 2nd game. The finished the season with a 6-6 record. VW 166 GIRLS SCDCCER , .,,1. FIELD HOCKEY Top row: Liono Volente, Louise Schocter, Suey Lenz, Patti Luth, Liz Meier, Eloine Pioseczny, Kelly Fronk Connie Pointer. Middle row: Rilo Corsitto, Justine Adomcewicz, Sue Pointer, Debbie Petrosino, Peggy Franck, Lourct Sinski Jennifer Simpson, Louro Genninger. Front row: Kerry McDonald, Deirdre Winston. w , - as -l 1 This yeors Field Hockey teom finished its seoson with o record of 7-4-1, plocing them third overoll in their division. The teom's high scorer wos Rito Corsitto. Liz Meier wos the Offensive Most Voluoble Ployer, ond Louro Sinski wos the Defensive Most Voluoble Ployer. Freshmen Kelly Fronk ond Potti Luth both hod greot first seosons. The teom will miss seniors Peggy Fronck, Sue Pointer, ond Justine Adomcewicz. Bottom Row: Hope Marxe, Noriko Honda, Daria Storejev, Stephanie Vivona, Barbara Payne Middle Row: Lynn Werther, Lisa Maglaris, Laurie Goldberg, Karen Dixon, Karen Kilkenny, Theresa Cavallieri, Nancy Yenakis Top Row: Beth Lynch, Jeanne Kortvelesy, Stephanie Regan, Claudia Bierschwale, Denise O'Hara, Holly Gherhardt, Faith Knocken- auer, Leslie Madden, Coach Jerry Vivona if .i , GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS I KOWti102W'fi we x . .gg ,. , kxk, M ,5 71 t f W kk , K .Vkkkk K L : Z 171 First row: Danny Oran, Stephen Haratunian, Coach Frank Maier, Derek Irwin, Kieran Gibbons, Sean Davis, Matt Kowalski, Boris Skrepek. Second row: Douglas lsinberg, Roger Paridiso, Robert Pucherello, David Saint Andre, James Anostosi. Third row: Jeffrey Grell, Tim McGill, Mike McDonough, Jimmy O'DonnelI, Rich Laderer -ian... -if C3035 CGUNTRY ' 7 Bottoms up! Although Mr. Maier was unable to run with the team, Cross Country had double practices, both in the morning and after school, which pay-off incredibly! The girls' Cross Country teom was right behind them with o very successful sea- son also. Coach Jerry Farrell, Suson DiNonno, Debbie Nopoli, Cheryl Hall, Joanne Schierhorst, Maureen Byrne, Linda Scott 173 gg? S 5 .Emi , ., J a""'N-Nw-..,..,,,,,,,,-3 iv , ,,N..,.w,,,.,W...,,-,,Nw I --NP xi "f aw kqvf GIRIQS VGLLEYBALL Varsity volleyball continued their reputation as a power in their division and conference. Although they were often without a coach the team was held together by Captain, MaryAnn Woolston. The team is looking forward to another great season. Self-sacrafice is essential to the defensive volleyball player. When the ball is about to touch the ground there's not time to consider skinned knees or bruised elbows. That moment when only a desper- ate lunge can save a play makes for some of the most crowd pleasing action. Extra effort can't be taught. lt comes from the heart of the individual. Maximum effort is needed to challenge the impossible - it seperates the average from the great. 175 BOYS VARSITY SOCCER Bock row: Jimmy Culkin, Terrance Broker, Morc Shindler, Robby Bobich, AI Morro, Jamie Thompson Middle: Mott Miksic, Tom Loomey, Rolph Bierschwole, Perry Kleemon, Nick Arrigon, Tony Leggio, Cooch Normon Ross Front: J.P. Reoli, John Dock, Mike Mc Corthy, George Schidlovsky, Don Tog, Tim Mc Donold. This years' Soccer team was a success in having a winning record of 16-2-2. Our goal of becoming State champions, suddenly came to an end as we were upset by a team by the name of "Rebels". Our team was very inexperienced at the Varsity level at the beginning of our training session, but molded successfully at the top of our division in second place, and first place in our county Class B section. In the past years, we have been Tops in the school for having the best record, and nothing set us back this year. Our consistency for having the best record has been an average of 18-2-2 in the last few years. This year was another outstanding year for many of our players. Junior, Michael McCarthy made All-Di- vision, Senior Jamie Thompson made All-Conference and played in the Nassau-Suffolk Senior game, and Marc Shindler made All-County as a junior. The Seniors of this years' team wish the next years' Varsity a very successful season. Our Coach, Doc Ross, who has been involved in our soccer program for many years is leaving a very successful career at North Shore and we players of his last season wish him and the next team he coaches the best of luck. WMA ff -. K ,H x t -Q AV I f, ,W.,,,,.. f fmbf, , ,M , 4. ,hi gm 'x wfy, el fl ,M f A, L ,, mga fx GIRLS BASKETBALL Bottom Row - Melissa Barr, Rita Corsitto, Mariiena Capobianco, Mary Ann Woolston, Bella Torino, Elaine Piosczeny Top Row - Amy Gunter, Gia Curiole, Karen Truss, Brenda Rotola, Stephanie Reagan, Susan Painter. 1 '2 ' L ,- .4 4 Q s is C O Q ..g Eff 1 I. 1 FLOCDR I-ICDCIQEY CHAMPS OPHEP, GIRLS - B Torino L Meier E Paqieczny D w BUYS BASKETBALL Viking basketball 1981-82 has been an exciting year. Lead by senior starters Jim Covina, Vinny Mastrota, Bill McConville and John McQuillian, we have seen a steady improvement of all the skills necessary to produce a winner. The most important ingredients, togetherness has been there in the greatest amount. They are truely an unselfish team. With each scrimage game, the results have contin- ued to be satisfying. The four non-league games resulted in three wins and one lose, with each game producing a standout performance by different members of the team. The league season has proceeded the same and presently stands at 7 wins and 3 loses for second place in our conference. There is every indication that this winning way will continue right to the conclusion of league play and into tournament competition. Vinny Mastrota continues to do an excellentjob at handling the ball and small man defensive responsibility. Jim Covina has added to the "team defense" plus coming through with some timely scoring like the tough win over Locust Valley. Add Tim Burns to the tough "D" group. Bill McConville and John McQuillin have added their strong influence to our inside game, rebounding and scoring. To these 5 starters we add a fine bench crew who have all added their own touch to help us make it a very fine season. This crew includes: seniors Sam Brown and Steve Hartunian: juniors John McGuire, Don Brennan and Nick Arrigan: and sophomore Mike Fuggini. Three cheers to this Viking Basketball Team!!! They have done themselves proud. 3 at if ,K a Z ? q1K1BB5 Coach Girolomo, Nick Arrigon, John McGuire, Mike Fuggini, Som Brown. John McQuiIIon, Bill McConviIle, ai 'S f 4. Y e ' 'A 3 '33 5? Q ,Q q1KINGg IKINGQ 34 23 Dgnqld Brennon, Steve Horrunion, Tim Burns, Vinny M t t J C C h P G I L l ... , Standing: D. Worden, E. Knochenhourer, R. Pisciotto, P. Federico, B. Mehero, T. Poscucci, K. Cortigine, J. Telvi, L. Loftus,J Iulucci, C. Johansen, B. Worden, D. Irwin, M. Remy, D. Olsen, M. Shearer, D. Direnzo, Cooch Recher. VARSITY WRESTLING n I Wea' "' -+1-:QL PM sw A 187 Nb gb With the Wrestling season drawing to a close, the Grapplers placed second in the East Meadow Christmas Tournament and have posted a 6-8 record with two matches remaining. This Years' team had an excellent chance of beating Lo- cust Valley for Conference Championship but came away on the short end of the score, 30-21. This Viking team was led by a nuculeus of experienced seniors - Keith Cartogine, Jim Culkin, Kieren Gibbons, Joe luliucci, Andy Kim, Eric Knochenhouer, Joe Leggio, Drew Olsen, Mike Remy and Bill Warden. These wrestlers will always remember their close friend- ships, sharing of skills, wins and losses and fun season. -, Coach Recher 9-R-'Sl WINTER TRACK Top: Coach Farrell, D. Keenon, S. Smith, L. Loftus, S, Povilites, J. Messer Kneeling: J. Schierhorst, K. Costello, S. Lenz, A. Molloy BUYS TENNIS N. Seiwert, R. Bierschwieler, J. Dock, J, Messer. GYMNASTICS This yeor's seoson started out with eoch gymnost progressing ot her own speed. For most of the teom it wos the first time in competition. Led by o new cooch we ore looking forword to the teom progress- ing os the seoson goes on. With coptoins Moro, Ai- mee ond Jone we have high hopes for this ond for future yeors. 190 Bottom - Moro Scheiner, Aimee Coffee 2nd row - Koren Griffin, Jackie Allocco, Jennifer Wode, Kristen Smith, June Sobofto 3rd row - Chris Szorko, Ane Snyder, Cooch Wendy Thompson, Foith Knochenhouer, Koren Szorko, Melissa Cormichoel 1976 CHA cu WA x5xO MP .980 MPS I xx A OR! ,H0"x f-Rf BRT Y' QQ, is Bock Row: Tommy Rieger, John Cook, Alon Jackson, Roger Paradiso, Ricky Doxey, John Mc Guire, Rich Loiier Third Row: Chris Cruz, Tom Second Row: Kevin Folk, Derek mark Front Row: Coach Mike Metzger, Coach John Aires. W Trevor Wisdom Chris Mesk Jamie Thompson, John Kieemon Von Shoener- Y Ricardo Gomez. Don 'I ,N 'avr' . mn- qi" 31,1 . M ,mr JL., 'K Mm. ...asf rqgffbv W. Hr, 'W JOHN AIRES MIKE METZC-ER I Ll 3 0 season also while year s with Tom by last Lost Jackson hopeful heads o gain Johri John will lreody Shore continue of oltac.l5,,tlfggY ingide QQl'l'l6f The John Mefzge' ds? A whlqgmany ln. in oroei To l seems-to be of great value to North Shorelghofiffxie be' runnlngffor ia' 4 ,i A, My J Dedicated to John Aires 3-14-82 The Tenth Man . On a Diamond cut so precise We shall play a game of sacrifice. Our Coach has left, but we still remember The times we had, come each September. He is with us every day He is with us in The Gomes we The games we Today we start Today we start We play this game We play this game, every way. win lose and and will be for him, shall be so few, things are dim, things seem new, with a ball of leather, we play together. All the schools have teams of nine, But North Shore will have that extra man The tenth man . . . with that famed squeeze sign ..JD.. W. 4 .mu i k IN MEMORY OF JOHN AIRES A True Friend A true friend is hard to find. He is one who will tell you when you're wrong and when you're right. He is Not the one who always pats you on the back and tells you how great you are. He is the one who offers constructive criticism in the hope that his advice will help you to become a better individual in life. Such a friend we all have Lost. A true friend of students and teachers alike. My Best Friend, John Aires. Mike Metzger swam if sse is looking forword to cz wos full of determined you MW WW T a . rrrr Mm ., wr -was rr wwrrr M W rr r rffffffffffrfrffrfff lfffW+rr..r.r rr. fr rr rrrr ,....nn., M u ww w'w nwwwwnw ww wuw wwwnuu gg, W. gi 15 V 15 BOWLING 1961-62 Varsity and Junior Varsity Doy's and girl's bowling season started on 1212 with the boy's losing to Wheat- ley 3-0. Alan Jackson was high man with a 222 game and 568 series, followed by Marc Schussler. Boys JV won 2-1, Mike Condlin was high. . .1219 we met the frogs of Carle Place and won 2-1. The JV had a 2-0 victory. Greg Vautrin led the way with 170 games. Girls Varsity opened with a 7-2 victory. With Liz Condlin leading the girls. Donna Albertson led the JV girls with a sweep over the Frogs 9-0. 2111 was Locust Valley and our Varsity had a 2-1 victory. Girls keep winning while our girls JV lost 9-0. 116 Oyster Day sweeps boys varsity 3-O but Alan Jackson takes lead for high game, with 6 strikes in a row fora 257 game. Liz leads 9-0 victory with a 212 game and 549 series. 1116 Wheatley beats boys varsity 3-0 North Shore losing a close game by 6 pins. Boris Skrepek leads team with 199, 196, 540 series. Girls bowl Valley stream North winning 5-4, Liz again high with 206 and league high of 554 series, 1120 Frogs beat Boys 2-1 but Alan shoots 633 for high series. Girls win again 9-O. 1122 Jerico defeated 2-1. Girls loose for the first time all season 7-2. 1126 North Shores' greatest day of the season when all teams win. Boys sweep league leading Manhasset, John Cook shoots 221, Jackson 566 series, Mike Condlin shoots 200 game, Mike Breen 160 to lead victory . . . Girls varsity 9-0. JV 9-0. Liz 196 . . . 211 Oyster Bay boys defeat N5 6-0. JV wins 2-1, Ken Perez had 496, Girls win 9-0 Mary Mauro leads victory with 203-545 JV lost 9-0. . . 213 Manhasset again and another big day Boys win 2-1., Girls 9-0 victors with Helga bowling 166-436, 216 North Shore girls sweep Valley Stream 9-O to take over 1st Place. Liz leads sweep with 194, 190-544 series. JV looses 9-0. ln a nutshell Boys showed great improvement thanks to the COBRA - and saying "wait til next year" rings true, for everyone is back except Greg who will be missed. Girls Varsity should be league champions with Liz, Laura, Mary Ellen, Angela, Helga, and Mary sharing the victory. In all North Shore Dowling will be the team to beat next year. G -5' fl ' we 5... E. .Q ' :..:-spa, ' ik 1 5 l S ' .sins -MEAN .. FAR EAS Fl fixlql 15? "lf PU' ' T INN -- .192 ,Q Ai .f"'ll""if""! wwvemsrazawma:xwnmwsixwxaxwesnsxcezefawmmifavl-uzmwzzsr:-'fiery!:amfia'5m'vF.w:n:xnffimmwmsxs-ramEase:1an.aavsr :s1.sssm:x-x:21yssfHsf.ff,gs:xrm an-arf-:w:,z1wsnwa.1fag-wgwm:v:'naw-mf-:amfwapchrauxnrbawawpuumf.m-,qmsmwae-1: raw-qwf-rgmmrgg-:-:mv.p.W SOFTBALL Top Row: L. Meuller, L. Kolb, L. Loftus, L. Meier, B. Rotclla, K. Truss, J. Mimosa, K, McDonald. Middle Row: A. Gunter, L. Bartolotti, R. Corsitto, C. Totino, M. Woolsten, M. Jones, M. Baker, J. Corozzo Bottom Row: M. Barr, S. Painter, E. Piasczny, D. Winston, M. Capobianco, B. Anderson, J. Veroxie. The 1981 Varsity Softball Team had a final record of 19-1, under the great leadership of Coach Devin Duffy. The Team was undefeated in League IV - B and won its fourth consecutive Conference Championship. This years' team is sorry to see Seniors Ellen Moran CCo-captain 6 MVPD, Maureen Brady CCo-Captainj, Mary Volkoff CCo-Captainb, Karen Wenz, Colleen McDonald, Sue Sololsky, Jill Rosenthal, Claire Henry and Maureen McCabe leave. This year's team is looking forward to having another great season and to becoming County Champions. The Varsity returnees include Beth Lynch Ccatcherj, Maryann Woolston Cfirst base, pitcher, MIPJ, Brenda Rotola Csecond Basej, Laura Kolb Csecond baseb and Bella Tortino Cshort stopl. Back: Coach M. Archer, M. Volkoff, G. Curiale, A. Rooney, D Caceres Coach J Farrell Fourth row: L. Gavin, S. Sowinski, D. Hnatov, N. Gavin, D. O Hara L Loftus J Kortevelesy Third row: L. Genninger, S. Pavlidges, P. Lenz, S. Lenz, T. Lawrence M Mauro A Malloy Second row: K. Dugan, A. Dowden, L. Bonham, A. DaSilva M Keenan P Lenz A Spanner K Costello M Grau Front: C. Hall, F. Knochemhaur, Y. Hovivian, GIRLS TRACK 1981 Undefeated - Division Champions 7-O Conference Champs The Girl's Track Team once again dominated the confer- ence. With the largest turnout ever, the girls won every dual meet. ln the Conference Championships North Shore scored 159 points. Second place Roosevelt had 85. Many individual performances contributed to the fine effort. The strongest event all yearfor North Shore was the one mile walk. Simone Pavlides, Kelly Costello, Allison Rooney, and Barry Moskowitz finished 1st, 2nd, Grd and 4th in every dual meet and also took the top 4 places in The Conference Champion- ships. Simone Pavlides finished 2nd in the County and 10th in New York State. Lisa Loftus finished 1st in every dual meet and in the Conference Championships in the shot and discus. She also finished 1st in the County Championship. In the New York State Finals she finished 5th in the discus with the best throw by a girl in Nassau County t26'7". Other Conference Champs included Gia Curiale in the High Jump, Loretta Gavin in the 400 Meter Hurdles and the 2 mile relay team of Kathy Dugan, Amanda Malloy, Peggy Frank, and Liz Bonham. School records were set this year by Anna DaSilva in the Long Jump C16'1A"J and Lisa Loftus in the shot C36'11"J and discus. Cheryl Hall went undefeated in the 2 mile in dual meets. Gther consistent scorers included: Sue Lenz, Ann Dowden, Mary Keenan in the sprints, Joanne Kortvelesy in the discus, Denise O'Hara and Andrea Mastellone in the hurdles and Laura Genninger in the 2 mile. 204 Q' N? kS:kk.:, 5 A M , 4 4 .1-ff S ng f . -i"I'2. Aglrw-. cf' -,.- 55 ! a,fxr'-ww 4 .1 X K . -., ,K ,2-.wa v- 1 1 lg' la- H!! -., - .14 W5 c. U2 'Prim 2 ,, , wwf ,c WW Wi. , T-'S B gfw 'ul anew A 1, N 'mm' .vw mwmw, W ,.,, ,L .N .... .N Q'-" -' ,-.f'wf1-v+"f'fT'Q Lf X K 1 ' 1 - . , Y , . , , . ,NJ v , K , . + . X ' a , t wx ww. ..: X N.,- f ff J ,T . ,H K2 " , . 1 . ' 4 ', - -I ,f W ' A f -, V 1 k'k ' x I '- , 4 , A W .. af ,, 1 f , 4 A W . xg' , M, ., v . 1, A A x a , .. . ' X Q .t ' f J' I L. x - Q , f W ' - Q i , A, va , vm. 33, 75- I6 ,7 ,Q ,BIL7-'S 6 I0 7 7 8 9 Q fl I5 1 I? 27 F-5 If 7 P? 20 7 27 28 fzffl 25-2.4, 50 yx jy 55 36 -71 48 . 37 7 I 37 as ff' W 0 ' D2 75 471 are 717 7 73 .. - 50 3 D7 fe 717 57 55 fi' 490 03 55 QF 45, 46 47 Pages 24-25 X KEY TO ' QUIK 3 iit 'J . ---. , -, As presented by our if Editor, Marina Wynia. ... AND ALSO GRADUATING IN 1962 . .. ANGELA PALFALVI Sunsets, skiing 6 camping. Good times wf special friends will always be remembered. 1117180 6 5120! 60 will always be special. Alwoys to be found wf Charlie. Babe I love you. Thanks Mom G Dad. Bye Mr. Brown. 13 Al Marra 23 James Schwind 33 Richard Minehold 43 Peter Kashin 53 Andy Kim 63 Brian Wargin 73 Beth Lynch 63 Scott Kincaid 93 Lisa Ivanov 103 Diana Knatov 113 Jessica Katz 123 Laurie Latewicz 133 Sam Brown 143 Diane or Michelle 153 ? 163 Ricardo Gomez 173 Greg Vautrin 163 Laurie Connoly 193 Antoni Curiole 203 Lisa Divonzo 213 Jean Deveou 223 Michael Conzo 233 Scott MacPherson 243 Sue Villa 253 Steven Tufo 263 Terry Vogt 273 Matt Miksic 283 Debbie Hodes 293 Steven Pappas 303 Ava Spanier 313 Dawn Caceres 323 Janet Wierzbicki 333 Lucia Totino 343 Lisa Perfumo 663 Dylan Samuels 693 Michelle Mueller 703 Lisa Franco 713 Lucrezio Grella 723 Maureen Galvin 733 Donna Jennison 743 John McQuillan 753 Jenni Tufo 763 Steven Dronza 773 Rowena Coutts 783 Denise O'Hara 793 Alan Cherry 603 Ana Messner 613 Sandy Reggio 623 Paul Ciampi 633 Cathy Word 643 Jeremy Speer 653 Mark Verderame 663 Lenny Lozito 673 Kathy Sessler 683 Lisa Lardi 693 Dob Chaloupecky 903 Claudia Dierschwa 913 Eillen Brennan 923 Uwe Stephanov 933 Eric Knockenhauer 943 Laura Weickert 953 ? 963 Amy Rosta 973 Daria Storojev 963 Viki Johnson 993 Robin Hesse 1003 Justine Adamcew 1013 Bob Stone Amadoris le 353 Jimmy Covino 363 Laureen Maddock 373 Robin Guides 363 Debbie Napoli 393 Ken Dailey 403 Augie Covaleri 413 Jackie Aires 423 Joe Grella 433 Keith Cartigene 443 Gary Zabielski 453 Jill Matteo 463 Karen Bueller 473 Liz Osmers 463 ? 493 Pam Trimble 503 Matt Seiden 513 ? 523 Stacey George 533 Brenda Rotola 543 Drew Olsen 553 Patty Lovell 563 ? 573 Allison Zohosky 563 Al Palumbo 593 Billy Warden 603 Laurie Zabelski 613 Ed Butt 623 Charlie Smith 633 ? 643 ? 653 Dave Garbo 663 Kristen Rademacher 673 Ellen Sweeney 1023 Laura Kolb 6 Jamie T 1033 Karen Truss 1043 Billy Ciampi 1053 Neal Olsen 1063 Alex Rudbach 1073 Marina Wynia 1063 Ray Deno 1093 Brian Griffin 1103 Mary Ellen Junge 1113 Liz Benchimol 1123 Scott Kroboth 1133 Tracy 6 Kelly Costello 1143 Allison Linneman 153 Lisa Loftus 1163 Jennifer DiFede 1173 Danielle Perotta 1183 Janet Breen 1193 Tom Lierbert 1203 Stacey Best 1213 Romas Vaitkus hompson Pages 72-73 65 470 icz 100 ff! 73' 77 wi 70l7l.7l 73 ,717 7fI76I 77 53 SY- ISD' S7 86 A 17 5 7727 M X06 5 107 770 , 777 ff 721 gl - 27 85 87 , - ..L C7 q' 413 ' 79 is 77 g I 76 71 '77 10' mL ,,- fn-f XM T 771. 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K v,',, W,,, as ww 1 L w as LUYSEB TV A an TV ,ENC 25 I-f fe ,Z nr! f-.Wm .4 -'vmmfif L was 5 if w W if F Mr ,ffm 15715 ,-eT11a1g, .,,y "t W,,, Q, Hi-,,,UIImwMf,,,,,,..,,,umMU,:W,,Wmm,,,mmwwfwf ,mf :gemWW.efvfmwzli,wmmmwmy,U1wwM,wzfMmaWa,wffEzf- W, W:-f"'fu fa ,fn ,M in fm,Mwg,mMQ,4aazwWwm,:.gw5, 'A L, , ., , , ,, ,, , ,,,, J, h fr ,, A, was ,, , ,,,,. ,,,,. A 5 W ,B ll. r H . T165 ,arid fewrgep ,,.., H ,,.., ' ,,,, ,,,, " . W . .,,,,. H 1 , .,,,, if' ,,,,. ,,,L... t ' ,.,,, ,,,,. 1 - .M , W .,,,,, ,, I "" K Y '14 - V ""' " ,, , LL,, .,,, I ., H 1 ,,,, . ..,, ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, f ,, , - A ,W,, 5 .V,, ,,,.. ,,.. mgW,m,m,,,k,,,.. ,,,, A M, ,,,, ,,,,. ,,,,, ,W ,,.,,, . W,,, .,,.. , , A.,-- ,, . ,,,,, ,. ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,. .,,,, A ,,,, . W,,, ,,,,. . ,,,, .. ,,,,. ,,,. . .,,,, g,,, .,,, ,,,, ,,,,. , , .,,,, "" ..,, f ,... ..,. 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Mr. Cr Mrs. Wm. Beste Ms. Mary Biggers Mr. Cv Mrs. Richard Breen Mr. Cr Mrs. Donald Brennan Mr. 6 Mrs. S. Brozyna Barbara E: Ed Bueler Mary S. Chubb J. Lou Ciampi Ellen 6 Greg Corozzo John 6 Lisa Deul John Cr Jeanne Divonzo Duncan O. Dodd Mrs. Patrick Gardner Thomas J. Germano The Getz Family Mr. fr Mrs. Angelo Grande Mr. fr Mrs. Patsy Grella Mr. 6 Mrs. Vito Grimaldi Carter Hoff William Hartman Mr. 6 Mrs. H. Kolb Mr. 6 Mrs. John P. Kortvelesy Mrs. Mary M. Kyviakidis The Laderer Family Barbara, Bill, Michael, Richard, Kim Cr Joey Merle 6 Seymour Levine Paul 5 Betty Lardi Anne fr Kay Lueke Rein Cr Annikki Lumi Mr. Cr Mrs. John D. Luyster AND BEST WISHES TCD THE CLASS OE '82 Billy, Regina, Mr. 6 Mrs. Peter E. Lynch, Jr. Mr. 6 Mrs. Daniel J. Maddock Joseph L. Martin Bernice 6 Richard Matteo Bruce 6 Eileen Matzinger Mr. 6 Mrs. Robert McGurn Mr. Cv Mrs. Joseph Meigel Mark G. fr Mary Clarke Miksic Patricia Mintz Mr. 6 Mrs. Robert S. Moskow Mr. Cr Mrs. George Myles, Mr. 6 Mrs. V. Neider Robert J. Osmers Barbara Cr Michael Pearson G.E. Pickering, Inc. Vita Pisciotta Mr. Er Mrs. Paul E. Rademacher Mrs. Penny Rosenthal Margaret Saykay Mr. 6 Mrs. Al Schneider Swan Club Caterers Mr. Cr Mrs. Phillip Snyder Mr. Cr Mrs. Harry H. Sturge Irish 6 Ede Sweeting All The Treibers Mr. C1 Mrs. James Trimble The Truesdells Mr. 6 Mrs. Peter Truss 6 Famiiy Dr. 6 Mrs. Vincent J. Tufo Village Squire Wines 6 Liquors Eve Voegeli Arthur 6 Beatrice Vogt Mr. Cr Mrs. Lawrence J. Winston 1 GLEN HLQAD ELEQTQIC SHOP C5163 616-1666 Established 1932 Po. Box 263 GLEN HEAD, N.Y. 11545 45169 676-0116 A and 'N Glen Head Hardware 4 SHORE ROAD 21 Glen1HeodRd. NGTON HARBOR, N.Y. 11050 Glen Head N.Y. 11545 PORT WASH! I 1 C5165 883-2700 212 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 83' AND HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY NORTH SHORE FROM Tl-IE CLASS OF 1982 Glen Head Tailors, Cleaners 8. Furriers 56 GLEN HEAD ROAD GLEN HEAD' IBALFOUR COMPANY NEW YORK 11545 Phone: ORG-4307 A Fur Storage Vault I on Pfemises COMPLIMENTS OF ' ' 'A I GARRY SCHMEELK SALES REPRESENTATIVE Bailey's Garden Center I NORTHERN BLVD GREENVALE GARDEN SUPPLIES 8 NURSEY STOCK PERENIALS - ANNUALS 295 GLEN COVEAVENUE Qu C5161 576-5846 SEA CLIFF, N.Y. 11579 as . BUCHTENKIRCHS FLORIST Where I L I I nde S A 7 SEA CLIFF AVE on s a r T' 14 . - GLEN COVE, my NEW YORK banking... 11542 Phone: 671-1266 . , m Everyone's your friend at I The Roslyn Savings Bank. A mutual savings institution, serving the heart of Long Island since1876. Offices in Roslyn, West Hempstead, Farmingdale, Bell and Woodbury Membe .LC NORTH SHORE GRAPHIC ARTS 40 GLEN COVE RD., GREEIIIVALE, N.Y. o I516I 484-1844 213 CONGRATULATIONS TO NORTH SHORE HIGH SCHOOL ON IT'S 25th ANNIVERSARY AND TO THE CLASS OF 1982 FROM TI-IE CLASS OF '85 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1982 AND TO ... JIMMY, DONALD, BILLY, RICARDO, ILODDIE, JAMIE, BRIAN, AND JOHN FROM A 1975 1976 797 197 9 N C H A 13 I O A4 79 Ag Q X S COUNTY CHAMPSx P l O50 X 1972 0, 2 'PIO Q 5 907 f , NORTH SHORE BASEBALL A MEMGRIAL TO LT. JCI-IN S. MCGUIRE III CLASS OE '64 Congratulations on . . . YOUR 25th ANNIVERSARY AND BEST WISHES FROM GOLDEN RING SENIOR CITIZENS also 25 years in 1981 Pt E.Ly 1,1 516671-3536 NES .-- 1 'O-.Nl ' '---- -,. Nlgsvffzg 0 Co. I , INC. 0 Irrigation Contracto ' ' cz H u m.v. E0 E3 S 'gL, gII d 922 I II' adi' h 215 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1982 From the North Shore Schools Fe-deroted Fmoloyee Associotioh Representing The Teochers ond Secretories of the North Shore School District BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1982 BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. William Grimes Vice President Mr . Paul C onnolly Member Mr. Donald Dowden Member Mrs. Laura Valente President and Mr. Thomas Famigletti Member Mrs. Nancy Hall Member Mrs . Claudia Moyne Member Dr. Christopher Warrell Superintendent of Schools Dr. Murray Hoffinger A ssistant Superintendent Mr. Monroe Fink School District Clerk CENTRA L ADMINISTRATION Dr. Harry H. Sturge Assistant Superintendent for Business Mr. Louis Orfan School District Counsel inf1"1e'g.E-.-1.111115,If.IS42gQ"':'-.S YE. ' A NASSAU SAVINGS AND LQAN ASSOCIATION qggsrig A Akvfw' r,,M1,5"' ?f:iii'r+l,"Y4iISi'L4r:i 71593 ' I 792 '7.1,. E. yu' ,A V '.jf - .' - .,'4f34EV:,.IL I' - A-. W5 . I . A f,,1.EVi . , ggi, jg I I fi Af- "1 .rswmrwmmwifamrwri Whitting Funeral Home, Inc. 300 Glen Cove- Ave. Glen Head, N,Y,115-45 HOME OFHCE 516-671-0807 Congratulations to Cioss SOPSENSGN LUMBER INC. of1982 64 GLEN COVE AVENUE From Cloire, Morris, Jim GLEN COVE A NEW YORK Seo Glen Srorronory 11542 600 Glen Cove Ave. Phone: 671-2526 590 CW' NY I WHEN YOU NEEDAPLUMBER... I PLUMBING 81 HEATING RESIDENTIAL 0 COMMERCIAL 6 FREE ESTIMATES 0 QUALITY WORKIVIANSHIP 6 ALTERATIONS A REPAIRS Q PLUMBING FIXTURES N 298 FOREST AVENUE LOCUST VALLEY 0 YSTE R BA Y -,--1-2- 2 1 8 Cf QDNXCDY 6?-N 17 fpxoxxxx , lcfpb A 68,1 4,2431 V Qgiib N-Ffa V -X X X 0 O NX A , X f XO' . R N .50 ' . fvfx Q61 T dcvgfkui ,1,, ,X 5 9 V' ,.4-sg? N57 U2 ,N -A Q N M SG 49 6 L 0' WK . S.: W 1' mr-F19 v KJ 6 -r' 69 QW? -ji-f X QJZP 9957 HX M T ,aa R ' Off' 4.2 2 A VTX R A D LOL! V 47+ X Ju V! J J ,O Sq X .ff C Q7 LA-5 'qpxox 555 KG 0' CONGRATULATIONS TO NORTH SHORE HIGH SCHOOL ON ITS' TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1982 FROM THE NORTH SHORE H5. PTSA 1928 Gowfxm AND SONS INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS EXCAVATING 6 ASPHALT PAVING SPECIALIZING IN PRE-CAST CESSPOOLS CRANES BULLDOZERS OR 6-0160 'I Or 1-1575 317 Glen Cove Ave, Seo Cliff 1- . g I CONGRATULATIONS 2, 1 W5 AND W- BEST wnsuss I TO THE HARBOR CLASS or '82 BADGE AGENCY INC INSURANCE THOMAS CAPPADONNA, JR. PRESIDENT 16 Roilrood Avenue Glen Heod New York IN 1 1545 Phone: OR6-0070 COMPLIMENTS OF Petroleum Products ENTY -FN E AS THTS YEARBOOR SHOWS, MUCH HAS CHANGED TN TW YEARS. MORE CHANGES WTLL T ARE PLACE TN THE FUTURE. ONE THTNG REMATNS CONST ANT - THE SPTRTT AND VTT ALTTY OF NORTH SHORE HTGH SCHOOLS' GRADU ATTNG CLASS MAY TT NEVER CHANGE! OEETCES TN GLEN HEAD, OLD BROORVTLLE, ROSLYN HETGHTS, WOODDURY, GREENNI ALE AND NORTHPORT. MEMBER FDTC The HHN ationzh Bank oi Long Tshmd HONDA NOR TH SHORE SALES SERVICE R' PARTS SALES AND SERVICE SUSAN MESSINA bair . . composmons 177 Forest Avenue 15161671-7491 Locust Valley, N.Y. 11560 CONGRATULATIGNS ON YOUR 25rh ANNIVERSARY AND BEST WISHES TCD THE CLASS OF '82 at ' ' ' U f3f'i'l3i5Sf5": F . ' SS" ' - , 11 - " ' E gfflfwls ,V - . . Efeetzzt' we Y S S ' A ucsussn nscrnlcmu 'N ,V 1 44 mxwtnonue an 5 su cuff X xt 5 D 1 , .410 ' I . l I V few ., ,fav ' , 1 -- HIGHER BENEFITS Fon HIGHER EDUCATION Lookingfor ways to finance your education? Don't over- look the Army. The Army has substantially increased its add-on to the Veterans' Educational Assistance Program QVEAPJ High school seniors can participate through the Army's Delayed Entry Program. You could have as much as 515,200 for college after two years of service. Upto 320,100 after three years. lf you enlist for four years, you could also qualify for an addmonalcadwbonus ENLISTMENT I ' 2 YR 3 YR 4 YR Soldier's ContributionlS100 per monthl 52400 52700 52700 Government's Contribution 4800 5400 5400 Education Incentive 3000 12000 12000 TOTAL 515200 520100 520100 I .. ,, .4 Lf' .Qf1"."f5ffC'f.D gQH 'ictor Tu rc .LQV nfifjm + an Cox Y 1076-I' 5539 1fD'?'f3-'J l

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