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Qgmfw OYVYZMH GJ iQ 3iQ3Lf1,i 1 if Tk 1 A fx,- AN sh Ei LJ 514- ui , , -- f mm X 1:""' lfj P 1' NPN J Q I jj V7 !, jX xg Q x 6 F JL W NS' r 9 jj 5' I of f ,Xx X 3 C. Y -' if ' N - 5 fax QEJJJ F!! ,,gkg1lJ ,fm f V- ' aj' x gf 1 ff 1 if jo., We Q fax fl J ff Q 2 J f Uris figs?" 012 57' A L-. XXI K ,A , FJ HF' N ,ff W 'H ' ' N' f f ' , 'J R ' wg fe EY A V JN Q ' 1 I 50? FA 'JA F' RCW SFA f 5560 X L ij nd? My AA . X, X f gf" CJ qi! F nw N. Ky . I! If A nay! 1,E N X ' CQ? 'ij , N X ' rf ' ,WJ . , g My f PP . l , , V fffgvf V ., 'T 1 , X A 5 V I I "z f, xv L QQ' , ff' P qw L! , ' if nf' fl' "'f' J ,f Cc C' Z jd 5' L" aL W, C U-lyQKlL,f L L CLC ' . I ' f ' -1 L , f , , I l J if px ci" V553 ?m'wf. mcg,-3 ,Qm,3 Cu f I , I. f' w ack, ' ' f 'A ' K L Q5WYGSLf6sSwf'1 'MJ Qmfrfnu -, W L15 ,ym, !fff 'M lM f A. 0 , J U A W ' gO-pfgbllifff nm fl? ' " 'N-S5-1 KCK ' LQQQQJ k'X5'9Bm"x5a'fLhU1f1'f'XQvsriiigvrzw,L 1 V! K I , Lmnbd ' f V Rf "' ' K wiv tw W'UCmf5wfiu5nQ42,Q, Q, YYUM 4 ' 3 on-3" UU rfff-9,1 l 0-Q-U CLk,Efw5Q'bY9iJf - J J- 41 - 'foJ1i?-uyawf. fx- 'JVUV ,J KJ lfffhijj 'L ! I ' ' '4,' ' 7 A EJ t S I fo ,na 4,11 ty affix: fe Vx D 5 --1 ,C,gZg,l,L,1qL14-fly M ,,f?fyQ!ifp tt . ,fi -V,s, " " , '+ f .B QD .. ,, I U C9w5fL,,,Q ,L M X "DR GQ j,!'- V is MGM 1 Lkgyf 01 frpff? Jlx .gx PQ-.Ls 0 JO K! Q9 lk X . N fJ fiywggl , 5 f 15-2 P 'ff wx Q -L , 2, l ,, 7A X535 C23 Q--'2kF C ' If gb, f- f' X X- xX,f,A,gg . "X 15 ' ' 4 17 F K v ' , Cl, Kg 'P 4' J wiv R 07, 1 Q M411 'SD 1 -1 My :fin Q'--f CA if Qs W H52 Mya -Qi Q, ff fl, K4 fm? '-- N- f Q-Q-1 -iii EXE., fig cg-A L! mfr! '. 5 13 231, K ' "W Q31 ia Y qi : CMP, , 'fr fd C4950 H 5 A4,, -QQ I 4 X J 55 ik xv LL- QR I fi. 53 4' J N xiii, QR X Q X Q4 fa Q A-'fly -4.3 CQ I PQ Q ip K" X22 ei E, Q ' -all 92 .J .:lb-KX-5-Q I I A ,ff Km W Wi ' f imfl X Musik km QL jlkwlm AVLQQ .xx W, P Mpfx L MWVA UW T5 W3 MLM mmm BXALVU QE, WW KEN j b V 33 MQW fw wg f 33JV FILE. A4 TALIESIN NORTH SHORE HIGH SCHOOL GLEN HEAD, NEW YORK JUNE 1965 E z Q N M YM H I rv , I ,L KW. A ,K Evkiffgs, ,K 5 1,- yuw ,. ,,- M , ,.,, , Qvlyki 1 f:f2z.f'.zg1ggg1 f , , ,,L,f. fmwww E ,Q . WM ADMINISTRATION FACULTY .... SENIORS ..... U NDERCLA SSMEN ACTIVITIICS. . . SPORTS . .... . ADVERTISERS X Xsik sxip .x-- X X f Q if - fsiiiilf .gg ig YXX fi 4 . 4155: av I iii Eff? g 11131, M , Y K M -Q , if ,Z.,, ff f W1 ' f ' f 1 s gin: ' 13 ix yea f,, MP2 ig 'gawk ff 1 V Y MLQ ,f L, .Mu rm in -M ,Wy ,Q 1 f ' A' jg" gl , ., 9 , J V 1 V'-if-ek' .W mv , g.,. , ,.g, ,nv tk 5 ...wanna-wx.+M 4 gf ' - 4 5 VL m i 4 ..,v 4 A , gb. ,yy , Y v, , , - V 1 A v Mziiap M, lytj ' 4 AT NORTH SHORE if WE LEARN TO APPRECIATE THE THOUGHTS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF OTHERS L . NV ' LW7 MQW E :i .waging . AND AT THE SAME TIME, TO THINK FOR OURSELVES "yA WE FIND ENJOYMENT IN ACTIVITIES THAT TEACH RESPGNSIBILITY 11 3 uf "' , n . ., ,ls A, . Y nA tx fa , s , l N l DOPERATIDN, AND UNDERSTANDING . WE EXPRESS GUR GRATITUDE TO A MAN WHO HAS SERVED US DEDICATION We, the members of the Class of 1965, dedicate this yearbook to an individual whose high standards in life have often led us to reassess our own personal values. As a teacher, he has given his time unsparingly to help us learn to express ourselves, to appreciate the ideas and feelings of other people, and, perhaps most important, to strive for excellence. As a patient and understanding friend, he has instilled within us a greater respect for ourselves as young adults. We ex- press our gratitude to a man who has greatly enriched our lives, Mr. Bruce Mooney. ' , ' , 4 RICHED OUR LIVES Mr. Mooney came to North Shore five years ago, with not only an' extensive educational background. but also an out- standing record of personal achievements. After having re- ceived his l3.A. and M.A. from the University of North Carolina, he taught in Durham for three years. For two summers, he 'worked as the stage manager and musical director at the Durham Star Playhouse. Adept at writing as well as directing. Mr. Mooney wrote a musical. which was presented by the drama department of the University of North Carolina. Since 'l960. Mr. Mooney has enthusiastically shared these talents with the students of North Shore. As an English, Speech and Drama teacher, he works full time to make his classes interesting and challenging as well as informative. He instills within his students a greater appreciation of the Arts and. even more important. a strong desire to learn. The stu- dents leel they must do their best. for they 'icannot let Mr. Mooney downf' llowevcr. the students have come to know Mr. Mooney on more than a student-teacher basis. for he has contributed greatly to the extracurricular activities program of the school. He not only supports many of the sports events. but also acts as an- nouncer for a large number of the games. As the organizer and director of the Viking Masquers, he has devoted innumerable hours to help the members produce many shows, including ffil .4 liner, Bye Bye Birdie, Kiss Me Kate, and the annual Variety Show, "Capers" ln addition. he has sponsored the Playreaders Club and the Drama Club. During the summer, Mr. Mooney takes on the added responsibility of supervising the Summer Theatre Xvorkshop. lVloreover, to enable students to go to the theatre. he spends a great deal of time taking them into New York City. Thus. it is easy to see why the students of North Shore love and respect this man. He understands their hopes and their needs: and they in turn recognize his great skill and devotion to them. to the teaching profession, and to the theatre. f wg, ,Lian IN SHORT WE BUILD WFABRICS OF THE LIFE STRONG ENOUGH TO Perhaps the one day most treasured by the students of North Shore is lVloving-Up Day, which was introduced by Mr. Furlong twenty-four years ago. On this special day in late spring, the entire student body gathers in the gymnasium, with the Freshmen dressed in green, the Sophomores in pink, the Juniors in yellow and the "grand old Seniors" in white. After awards have been distributed and the yearbook presented, with nostalgic thoughts and, in many cases, eyes filled with tears, the students slowly Hweave in and out the rowsv, singing the Moving-Up Day song until they have "moved up', to the rows which the class above had filled. The underclassmen then file out- side and form a gauntlet through which the Seniors pass. At this time, the outstanding senior is Htappedu, receiving the highest honor at North Shore. Moving-Up Day is a time of reflection upon the year gone by, but, even more important, it is a time of anticipation of the years to come. MOVING-UP DAY SONG Proudly march the under-classmen, Through the rows they filled last year, Wending upward, rushing onward, Toward the goal each term brings near. Weaving in and out the rows, Every class now slowly goesg Symbolic of our lives ahead As the shuttle weaves the thread- lluilding fabrics of the life, Strong enough to stand the strife. Onward, onward, ever on, 'Till the cloth of life is done. Sadly march the stately senior, To the doorway down the stairg Soon to start another pattern ln the fabric started there. STAND THE STRIFEF' 2 fp' 'I ADMI ISTR TIO 'Tn youth we learng in age we understand. Marie Ebner-Eschenbach I 4 xnmpemw-nv 4- DR. JOHN E. FRENCH The varied duties of our principal, Dr. John E. French, are important to the administrative functioning of North Shore. His work consists of such tasks as calculating class enrollments, hiring the teaching staff, establishing and co- ordinating curricula, and setting school policies. Because Dr. French feels that it is important to keep in contact with the students as well as with the faculty, he has taken on the added responsi- bility of a homeroom. MR. SVEN ROSENCREN The duties of the assistant principal, Mr. Sven Rosengren, are demanding, time consuming and rewarding, for it is his job to assist in running the school as well as in enforcing discipline. During the summer his responsibilities include being the principal of the summer school program. His ac- tivities are invaluable to the functioning of the high school. 'DI eil .ep 'f1"':'x , .L , I wa. My x ' , 'N I ,I .-1 -, X 1 ' Ax' tl EN '91 Z, h ld' A V .. Full 'i "1 V-.X 'ii Jl .t fi DR. ARTHUR B. SHEDD gp. .f 0 Dr. Arthur B. Shedd, new Superintendent of Schools, came to us this year from a similar position in Clarence, New York. Dr. Shedd holds the position of the chief administrative officer for the local school district. He is the representative on the local level of the State Education Department and is responsible to the Board of Education, which, in turn, is elected by the tax payers. -vsuupu--- BOARD OF EDUCATION, Left to right: STANDING, H. Westlake. C. Kroetz, D. Siegel, G. Reid, R. Gamble, R. Furlong, A Shedml SITTING, J. Martin, J. Collins, V. Holienrath, G. Heimer, S. Levine, R. Fulton. MISSING, J. Perry and E. Coffin. BOARD OF EDUCATIO The Board of Education, consisting of nine trustees, is elected by the residents of the school district. Each mem- ber serves a term of three years. The Board is legally responsible for the operation of the school district, the hiring of personnel, the fixing of salaries and the determina- tion of the courses of study. A budget for the fiscal year is submitted by the Board for the approval of the voters at the annual meeting in May. If approved, the trustees levy a property tax to raise the money for the operation of the district for the coming year. 1 ntl MR. CARL RICHTER, Administrative Assistant MR. DONALD VAN DEUSRN, Administrative Assistant SPECIAL SERVICES MRS. CRADY, Dental Hygienist KGS? 139' ,ww 2? DR. THOMPSON, Director of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation ifiif ' . , -------. 4 'S' MISS HANDLEY, Nurse 4-'EES Ns...f""" l l Y, MR. BERGOVOY, Reading X - A MRS. KESSLER, Public Relations MR. FURLONG, Administrative Superintendent MR. RANIERI, Director of Adult Education and Transportation A lk s MRS. SMALL, Attendance Supervisor . ni Lf yi , lllEj 1 Ill lf -A l , W , x K ,V,t. 55' t Q m MRS. LANG, Cafeteria Director,,.., N CliN'l'llAl. OIVFICIC SEClllC'l'ARlliS, left to right: V. Hohenrath, M. Ying. lVl. Sinclair, J. Bennett, M. Stain, E. Dow. Missing: B. Galluba, B. ljeltz. OFFICE SECRETARIES, left to right: R. McKean, B. Muttee. C. O'Mitty, E. Hults, C. Brant. Q M J - - CUSTODIAL STAFF, left to right: G. Wolf, Director, E. Sullivan, B. Iantzen, E. Downie, P. Knox A. Gustitus, R. Francis, S. Garbowski. YY? ' Ps ' S Q f V CAFETERIA STAFF, left to right: S. Ramos, B. Oyfoole, Supervisor, M. Roberts, C. McManus, P. Varin, A. Fresiello, M. Caggiano, V. McNally, A. Nernoff, E. Bond, M. O'Hare, P. Byrne, S. Aldock, H. 0'Briskie. 20 MR MISS McCORMACK GUIDANCE The aim of the Guidance Department is to assist in the general educational goal by helping each student to fulfill his individual capabilities. Guidance plays a large role in the development of today's youths MR. WOLFE MR. SEAMAN into tomorrowls adults by helping each student to understand himself and his potentials, and by assist- ing him in his search for a place in the world. as K g is Er s 5 s MR. SHULMAN, Director MR. STREI, Psychologist M Guidance Secretaries: MRS. DONOVAN MRS. TOZER. and MRS. CLYMER FACULTY "W hat one knows is, in youth, of little moment they know enough who know how to learn. H Henry Adams .. -15 Q.Q'.fQ',!F.QS'5?E'+4 -N'-A4"' ....M....--Q -fiwiikkkinaiihnm. ,Q W,Q ,. WAVVXHA bww MISS CALLAHAN MR. ELIASOPH DR. ROSS, Curriculum Associate ENGLISH This year the members of the English Department have continued their successful program of giving the student a greater appreciation of literature and a better working knowledge of our language. The same course of study as followed in past years flfreshman, mythology and folkloreg Sophomores, world literatureg Juniors, American literatureg and Seniors, English literaturel has been changed some- what by a shift in emphasis to a linguistic approach to the study of English, resulting in a more inten- sive study of composition style and technique. .4 24 MRS. SAFERSTEIN MR. HAULENBEEK 1 X 1 14-4 i -4 ,fs 1 wk f X 1 OJPWJZ L., 8045 Z, ,x Va QLWVX Q,-Q C. LJ WHA vm MRS. ODROBINA GM pfvhwhv Liv Ll, MR. PALMER R, N fi 0 T1 Q lx, Plillx- MR. MOONEY MRS. BRILL MRS. LYONS ix. . ,, MRS. CRAMER 'Mm --f..w.. ww- . "' f Y 'S MR. RYDER, Director MUSIC The role of the Music Department is a very important one. The various choruses along with the Concert Band and Orchestra perform in school concerts and at assemblies and represent North Shore at All State. Last fall the Marching Band, which provides entertainment at halftime during the football games, participated in the Hofstra Music Festival. The members of the Music Department also offer instru- mental lessons and courses in music theory and appreciation. MR. STERLING MR. LENTCZNER 26 MR. DYER . ri . . MRS. KOBESKY I MR. NELSON BUSINESS 'EQ rX:'e ll' 'F SS,SS SS t Q , ,... a MRS. FRENCH Y T Z' T.:- MRS. ZIPPERIAN The Business Department offers a full program beginning in the freshman year. Bookkeeping, stenographic subjects, and general office work, with an emphasis on machine operating, provide invaluable experience for anyone planning for a business career. Specialized courses, such as business law, office management, retailing, and secretarial practice, are also available. Practical courses in typing and shorthand are offered to all students. film MR. KRAWITZ LANGUAGES ' -.Q MRS. COMFORT MISS NOGLE MR. MATTHEWS, Curriculum Associate FF' r -f 1 MRS. KUESEL 4 x MR SCHIFFER PHYSICAL EDUCATION Three aspects of physical education are emphasized by the North Shore Physical Education Department. The first is instruction in the scheduled class period. The second includes the intramural programs of sports and games, open to all students. Finally, there are inter-school sports activities. All three are fundamental to the physical well-being of our students and the development of good sportsmanship. ' c of T by ll 3 4 5 f sy Q MISS MAPLE 30 MR. REARDON 'nik MISS LORIMORE LIBRARY North Shore's library has been continually growing in its value to the student body. This year our library consisted of 13,000 volumes, both for research and for pleasure. A new microfilm reader and magazines to be used with it have been added to the lists of audio-visual aids. E. E MRS. SCHMITZ MRS. MCNAMARA MISS PHILLIPS i. I ,f si . N ,V 'NI' MR. FLOYD MR. BARNA I I J IV fgljxx Lf X Q5 I v yy QM Aj I V, I X X T' MISS THOMAS SOCIAL STUDIES L OO Miss TIBBITS ev. .fs . :WM ,. MR. PARKER MR. PAPPAS F .Lf .a -MRP V ,M Ji? ---., MR. HENDERSON DR. HART MAN, Curriculum Associate fave .MW esac - tw. t A The Social Studies Department attempts to create in each student a knowledge and understanding of the progress of ideas throughout history. The freshman course emphasizes geography and ancient history, and to these in the sophomore year is added world history. In the junior and senior years American history is taught, with an emphasis on current events. Last fall, for instance, many North Shore students participated actively in the election campaign. MR. MEYER l A ', E. MRS. LAMBERT HOME ECONOMICS The aim of Home Economics is to develop the individual, by helping students contribute to their present family life, and by preparing them for the home responsibilities of adulthood. A wide variety of courses, which are open to both girls and boys, are offered. Courses such as Homemaking I, Child Development, and Home Nursing involve family relationships, child care from infancy to adolescence, and the care of invalids. Homemaking II and Advanced Clothing teach interior decorating and the buying and making of clothes. ART The program in art stresses breadth and diversity of media and technique. Students may study drawing, design, painting, sculpture, print-making, ceramics and art history. In addition, there are opportunities to study several of these areas in depth to achieve substantial mastery of at least one or two areas of artistic expression. MR. DIAMOND W 4 f MR. CHILCOAT MR. DRISCOLL INDUSTRIAL ART MR. CLARK North Shore's Industrial Arts Department offers students opportunities for developing practical skills and learning vocational training. Besides the general shop course, specialized courses are offered in elec- trical theory, machine shop, wood and metal work- ing, and auto mechanics. Mechanical and architec- tural drawing courses are available for students planning to become engineers, technicians, and archi- tects. ..-v""",. Mr. Krawitz watches as members of the Co-op program sign out leave for work. Q to mnu xml' ru WWI Q, A 0-OP 'ICI' MR. NICOLINO CO-UP This year North Shore has introduced a two-credit Co-op program. Under the program, participating students spend half the day in a training operation in a field of business in which they are interested. They are under the supervision both of the school and of the business manager at the firm where they are employed. f L. r l P 5 P f W MISS MAGISTRO MISS FULLERTON The courses given by the Science Department stress the students' understanding of basic scientific con- cepts. Among those offered are General Science and Earth Science, which lay the foundation for further studyg a new Biology I course, compiled by The New York State Board of Regentsg Chemistry, which emphasizes the practical application of scientific knowledgeg and Physics, which teaches fundamental principles basic to all the sciences. -Q..-.a......,..,.,.,,, -sw We -.Q W.- ..,, .,c.,., .., .N-...M ..., HM W... -Q-,NU W X MR HELD A 55 . get tu.. ti P M t -. MR. TEUBNER 2 ,J I ,U MR. ESCHEN M THEM TICS The Mathematics Department strives to teach the student hasic mathematical principles and to de- velop a mathematical way of thinking. The mathe- matical courses offered to the freshman are General Mathematics or Elementary Algebra. In the sopho- more year, the course of study consists of Geometry or Math 10, a course which includes geometry and trigonometry. The following year, Intermediate Algebra is offered, and in their senior year, students may take a course in the basic fundamentals of advanced algebra and solid geometry. ill MR. WILLIAMS FENN, TX E -sq.. Curriculum Associate 'HM MRS. PEGRUM 38 MR. OSBORN 0 .lo l nlQfM", .rf rt Jil cw' ol My MISS COHEN -- MR. THOMPSON Driver Education is a half year course requiring two periods of driving and two periods of theory a week. ln this course, students acquire not only driving skills but also a thorough knowledge of the basic mechanics of the car and an under- standing of the importance of safety. This year's driving instructors were Mr. Meyer, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Schiffer, Miss ' ' Q Tibbits, and Mrs. Trauth, who also taught theory. , A? i'lw Nonrn su-lon! HIGH scnooi. WDRIVER EUUCATIUN CAR couaresv OF ? MRS-TRAUTH GLEN H EAD MOTDRS 'fi ... ........ ,.... ,... ... ,.,....,........... ................... v ,-. C 1 , , E ICR "Our youth began with tears and sighs, With seeking what we could not find, We sought and knew not what we sought, We marvel, now we look behind. ,' Andrew Lang www ,, ,WW S' Q Q E 2 2 5 3 1 X . n if , x .4 it :Q , I X H ,umm-wig W X :Y S wuwrlize' nu- wwiwff' Q A kx l S Q f 5 V 4 .g, L- Eur- if Qsk W ,X A , f w,swiiM:'Sm,' uk 1 LINDA SUE ABRAMS Linda . . . talkative and light- hearted . . . active in Girls' Sports -especially hockey and basketball . . . "Great Scottv . . . energetic in her work in office practice and home-ec . . . a future career girl. DONN SCOTT ACHESON Ach . . . this busy member of the Varsity and Pistol Clubs still has time for basketball, baseball and football . . . "How's the knee, Ach?" . . . quite the ladies' man . . . college lies ahead. 'Sf' ,' -s FRANCES ALEXEEW Fran . . . sincere smile for every- one . . . making clothes and being outdoors . . . "Oh, corrode!" . . . devotes a lot of time to Girls' Sports . . . member of Yearbook staff . . . hopes to become a legal secretary. JUDITH ANDERSON Judy . . . supersalesgirl of the sen- ior class . . . "Anyone wanna buy a magazine?" . . . Girls' Sports, Marching Band, Ski Club, and Yearbook . . . this president of the Nurses Club may one day be another Florence Nightingale. FRANCIS H. ANDRYSIAK Frank . . . a job at Bohack's oc- cupies most of his spare time . . . 6'Kowabunga" - make up your own meaning . . . enjoys Mr. Kaskoun's physics class . . . an occupation in forestry lies ahead. CHARLES S. ANNUNZIATA Buncie . . . fascinated with any- thing to do with stockcars . . . "Spin him out!" . . . likes Mr. Driscoll's electric shop . . . a cer- tain senior girl . . . plans to enter the Army. SUSAN MARIE ARASIM Sue . . . always smiling . . . can be found twirling . . . "Oh, darn" . . . likes shorthand but canit un- derstand why girls have to play field hockey . . . hopes to enter nursing school next year. IV'- THOMAS M. ARNOST Tom . . . hot '57 Chevy . . . re- member the winning touchdown at the Westbury game? . . . finds his lunch period quite educational . . . will be an asset to any college campus. ISABEL J. AVIRETT famie . . . Girls' Sports after school . . . "Oh, mann . . . this active member of G.A.A., Latin, French and Ski Clubs manages to find time for traveling . . . college is in the future. JO ANN BAIATA I0 . . . known for her hairdo . . . enjoys working as a secretary and being with her boyfriend . . . a loyal lunch fan . . . looks forward to marriage and a career as a pri- vate secretary. WWI' ""T'1'2' MARY KINCAID BANKER Mary . . . "What's this?" . . . horseback riding and trips to Greenwich village . . . those crazy stockings . . . petite, proficient and pretty worker in the Art Service Club . . . looks forward to college. ROBERT PETER BARCLAY Bob . . . a strong aversion for third period study hall . . . enjoys work- ing, spending money, and girls . . . a frequent visitor to Mr. Dris- coll's electric shop . . . has a specific vocation in mind. THOMAS BARRETT Tommy . . . "What's happenin'?" . . . likes English, but not cit. ed. . . . loves weekends-especially when there are beach parties . . . this future cook appreciates a good steak and french fries. GEORGETTE BARTELL Georgette . . . school-spirited and enthusiastic cheerleader . . . vice- president of the Student Council . . . "Pm sick" . . . collegiate dresser . . . "You know what I meanv . . . French and Latin scholar . . . destined for college. SANDRA LEE BARTON Sandi . . . pert and peppy cheer- leader . . . co-chairman of Ameri- can Field Service Committee and an active member of the G.O .... Fashion Council of North Shore . . . plans on going to college. PETER BATES Pete . . . loyal member of the Viking Masquers and Student Council . . . "I hope you're well" . . . favorite class is from 2:55 on . . . "Get down therev . . . likes surfing and water-skiing . . . pos- sibly future Coast Guard cadet. JAY BERNSTEIN lay . . . President of National Honor Society . . . proficient worker in everything . . . head of sales and circulation for Taliesin . . . Latin Club . . . looks forward to college. JOHN BEST Kris . . . North Shore's Bob Dylan . . . a guitar and a song . . . an asset to any Viking Masquers' pro- duction . . . friendly personality . . . Hoarse Norsemen . . . the ivy halls of college await him. PETER BIRER Pele . . . business manager of Taliesin . . . blue Mustang . . . rational thinker . . . original or- ganizer of the Erudite Society . . . an ardent tennis player . . . would like to visit Paris again . . . future plans include college. MARGARET BLOCK Maggie . . . avid interest in paint- ing, reading and playing the guitar and cello . . . active member of National Honor Society, Latin Club, Human Relations Club, GAA and German Club . . . on to col- lege. 'Vx DENISE BOBORAS Bobo . . . spends her spare time in the company of a certain senior . . . likes cooking and study hall- especially in the lounge . . . blonde hair and nice clothes . . . will most likely attend beautician school in the fall. MARY ANN BOEHM Nickie . . . main interest is sports . . . captain of hockey and softball teams . . . g'Fab" . . . likes gym, English and Espaiiol . . . awaits the weekends . . . future holds college, Peace Corps, and marriage. JUDY BOERTZEL Bird . . . can usually be found riding with "Full" and "Sperbs" . . . rare person who likes all her classes, especially Mr. E's fifth period . . . "You'll get over it" . . . looks forward to becoming a secretary. -us., CHARLES BONAR Charlie . . . "Hi, there!" . . . light blue Austin Healy . . . avid interest in auto mechanics and lunch . . . concentrates mainly on avoiding speeding tickets . . . liked by every- one . . . future is undecided. WALTER BORNACK Walt . . . golf and sports cars oc- cupy his spare time . . . fascinated by any kind of science-especially physics . . . will leave North Shore's halls for college next year. JOAN ANNETTE BOSTON foanie . . . big smile for everyone . . . "Check" . . . capable home- room representative to G.O .... especially enjoys Mr. Pappas, cit. ed. class . . . oh, those senior beach parties . . . will be found at college in September. LORRAINE BUEHLER Lori . . . talks for hours on the phone . . . "I'll never telli' . . . helpful library assistant . . . folk music and trips to New York City . . . fond of biology and chorus . . . a future elementary school teacher. NANCY BUETTNER Nancy . . . this future teacher favors waterskiing and horseback riding . . . avid interest in English and drama . . . member of Girls' Athletic Association . . . next year will continue her studies at college. MARIANNE BUONINCONTRI Marianne . . . listening to records and "watching all kinds of cars go by" . . . another rare person who likes all her classes . . . "Bad show" . . . a white cap is her goal. . . Y ?".. ' fu Q l S, DANIEL CAHILL D. I .... can often be found back- stage during a Viking Masquer production . . . main interest is aviation . . . "Who put lemonade in my-LElVIONADE?!" . . . af- ter graduation: off to college. RUSSELL CALANDRIN Russ . . . curly hair and famous shoes . . . cars, cars, cars . . . can usually he seen bombing around in a black Chevy . . . parties, week- end nights and auto shop rate high . . . college lies ahead. HELEN M. CALDWELL Helen . . . reliable member of Na- tional Honor Society . . . quiet and serious . . . a faithful Latin scholar . . . cooking and sewing occupy her spare time . . . looks ahead to college and possibly a career in archeology. 5"-asv' --f PAMELA T. CALVERT Pam . . . cute and lively . . . a smile for everyone . . . active mem- ber of Viking Masquers, C. O. and Yearbook staff . . . nice clothes . . . likes social studies . . . plans include college and a career in teaching. CHARLES C. CAMPBELL Charlie . . . avid interest in skiing and auto mechanics . . . "Hey, Charliei' . . . cars,' girls, motors . . . '6Shotgun,, . . . not particularly fond of English . . . easy to get along with . . . destined for college. FRANCINE JO CARDMAN Franki . . . active Viking View editor-in-chief . . . "l'm confusedlw . . . Latin Club, G.A.A., and Honor Society . . . partial to anything existential, particularly Camus and Sartre . . . will be welcome at any college. JOHN ELIS CARLSON Cutie . . . blond crew-cut and blue eyes . . . member of the Varsity Band . . . enjoys cit. ed. with Mr. Pappas, but not English . . . will leave North Shore halls for college next fall. RONALD CAVESE Ron . . . "No big thingn . . . always bombing around in his truck or working on his car . . . English and study hall rate . . . spends a great deal of time working. 11,15 42 C5 DARIEN LEE CHALAIRE Darien . . . seems quiet, but we know different . . . avid bowling fan . . . that blonde hair . . . pleas- ant addition to senior class from Manhasset . . . "Hey" . . . wants to attend college in Arizona and major in art. ELIZABETH COCKS Betty . . . strange resemblance to Norm in "Hard Dayis Night" . . . busy secretary of the Y.M.C.A. Hi-Y . . . "You're a swinei' . . . gets a kick out of Driver's-Ed . . . a Schussboomer . . . college ahead. JENNIFER B. COHEN Jenny . . . new addition from Til- den High School . . . summers are spent as a camp counselor . . . en- joys Spanish and drama . . . piano playing and cooking . . . plans to teach elementary school after col- lege. Af'--Q BSR y ROBERT -COHEN Pork chop . . . likable and fun- loving . . . active supporter of Var- sity Club and wrestlingteam . . . looks forward to weekend nights . . . Senior Lounge during study halls . . . on to a state college to study business administration. CATHERINE F. COLLINGS Faith . . . long hair and beautiful clothes . . . an editor of Taliesin . . . V-P of Pep Club . . . her voice is an asset to both DoMiSols and Viking Masquers . . . will go into social work. JOHN W. CONDIT John . . . promising artist and enthusiastic skier . . . 4'0h, well" . . . kept busy with Ski Club, French Club and especially Art Service Club . . . tall good-looking and a collegiate dresser . . . off to college. ANDREW CONNAN Andy . . . winters find him on the snow covered slopes with fellow Schussboomers . . . claims to be known for devil's advocate . . . this guitar player wants to go to college, then become a million- aire. CHRISTOPHER COOK Chris . . . "You,ll get over it" . . . cars, cars, cars . . . really enjoys North Shoreis co-op plan . . . known for being slow, and hitting cars . . . his secret ambition will remain a secret. LINDA M. COOK Cookie . . . active member of Girl Scouts and church group . . . usually found working as library assistant or at Girls' Sports . . . manager of hockey team . . . plans include college and career as a lawyer. ROBERT COOPE Bob . . . adept at sports-especial- ly golf . . . member of Varsity Club and Gymnastic Team . . . spends his spare time working on cars . . . may one day bring fame to N. S. as a second Jack Nicklaus. '53-7 JAMES JOSEPH COWLEY .lim . . . favorite pastime is mak- ing money at Bohack's . . . "Amused" . . . member of Spanish and Physics Clubs . . . appreciates good food and cars . . . likes sci- ence but not English . . . college is part of his future. LINDA LEE COX Linda . . . main interest is in the Army . . . "Real funny" . . . en- joys having a good time . . . a cit-ed fan-"Babble on, Mr. Pap- pas" . . . next year will attend either secretarial or beautician school. MARGARET COX Marg . . . keeps records for the llonor Society . . . enjoys DoMi- Sols, C.A.A. and liutin Club . . . News Editor of Viking View . . . often seen accompanying the Var- sity Chorus . . . tennis enthusiast . . . 011 to college. MARY V. CRAMER '6Pea11uIs,, . . . loves sports . . . Girls, Sports, Girls, Officials Club . . . active member of Band and Orchestra . . . "I could care" . . . always smiling, especially during Spanish and Driver-Ed . . . will major in physical education in college. FREDERICK CROCE Freddy . . . one of the "Fly Wheelsii . . . high speed driving . . . would like to major in study hall . . . enjoys working for Bel- grave Oldsmobile and plans to continue working there in the fu- ture. JANE DURYEA CUMMINGS lane . . . an outstanding member of the Yearbook staff, Student Council, Latin Club and Viking Masquers . . . secretary of the Senior Class . . . enthusiastic cheer- leader . . . 'Tm sickli' . . . on to college next fall. ANTHONY DA VINO Tony . . . member of National Thespians and Human Relations Club . . . homeroom representative . . . favorite class is drama . . . wide dark eyes . . . is seriously considering entering a seminary after graduation. BRUCE ANDREW DeMILT Dirt . . . one of North Shore's well known actors . . . vice president of the Viking Masquers . . . "Nice" . . . friendly personality . . . wild dancer at parties . . . will be a great addition to any college campus. EDWARD DE REEDER Ted . ., . proud possessor of a brand-new'red MC . . . mechanics, woodworking, sailing and under- class girls . . . prefers English and shop .to cit-ed . . . will enter a vocation. PEGGY DESBOROUGH Peggy . . . homemaking and writ- ing letters to a certain sailor boy keep her husy . . . "Little jobbon . . . study hall is her favorite class -gym is far from it . . . a future secretary. JOHN A. DOBSOVITS Titan . . . favorite desk is a lunch table . . . known for his black leather jacket . . . interested in auto-mechanics and motorcycles . . . after graduation plans to become a mechanic. 'Y::r CAROLE LYNN DOMACALA Barrel . . . a wild sense of humor . . . enjoys ulireakin' people upi' . . . boys, boys, boys . . . would like an eight study hull day . . . will attend lwautician school after graduation. CARLA SCOTT DONOHUE Carla . . . always on time . . . en- thusiastic skier and Schussboom- er . . . sociable and fun-loving . . . enjoys Biology ll and English . . . plans to attend college and perhaps enter some field of psy- chology. MARY JANE DOUGLAS Mary Jane . . . big dimpled smile and curly hair . . . enjoys the Co-op program . . . finds food of the Frontier Diner very appeal- ing . . . will get a job after high school. KATHLEEN DRISCOLL Kathy . . . Future Nurses Club and G.A.A .... riding, swimming, waterskiing and a certain male . . . English class is a favorite . . . a future co-ed and medical secretary. an , JUNE DuBESHTER June . . . member of Ski Club, Art Service Club and Pep Club . . . long dark hair and collegiate clothes . . . "You're kidding" . . . plans include college and a career as a commercial artist. ANNA DUDAR Anna Banana . . . likes English, but cannot tolerate gym . . . her sympathetic advice is very often greatly appreciated . . . member of Spanish Club . . . business school, then a secretarial position. NORA DUNN Nora . . . loyal homeroom repre- sentative . . . always interested in having a good time . . . oh, that temper! . . . social studies and English . . . looks forward to col- lege and a nursing career. ' 1-414. ', ' A- K '- f f K . X 1' . Lag, ,Nik , !'f .ll 1 C DARCY EDDY Darse . . . patron of the Hamburg- er Express . . . "Choke" . . . secret ambition: getting her license . . . interests lie in art' and music . . . capable candidate for secretarial work . . . looks forward to mar- riage in the distant future. MARY SCOTT EIVIERSON Maurlie . . . "It's the painlw . . . valuable member of DolVIiSols, Girls, Sports, Girls' Officials Club, and the G.O .... interested in everything . . . a real sense of humor . . . future includes college and a career as a physical thera- pist. LAWRENCE STEVEN FEIGELMAN Larry . . . 'cprocrastination per- sonifiedi' . . . cars, cars, cars . . . those unexpected remarks . . . usu- ally found with a certain senior . . . likes auto-mechanics and busi- ness law . . . off to college next fall. 1 TIMOTHY FINNERAN Timmy . . . supporter of the Pistol Club . . . L'HAC', . . . favorite class is Driver Ed . . . anxiously awaits those wild weekends . . . hard-working llailey boy . . . plans to attend college in the fall. LINDA FODERA Linda . . . short and cute . . . lovely long hair and nice clothes . . . member of Spanish Club, Yearbook and Future Homemak- ers Club . . . spends a great deal of time in Glen Cove. if at ' DANITA R. FLEISCHMAN Danita . . . can be found we on an advertising page of the Record Pilot . . . member of Vi- Ay., king Masquers . . . enthusiastic skier and steadfast Schussboomer 6140 . . . future holds secretarial school. KEITH EDWARD FORREST Keith . . . dependable member of the Hoarse Norsemen and Viking Masquers . . . lVIr lVIooney's tri when it comes being on ti for rehearsal . . . 451 meteorology a ge next f ., ' ' ' ! . ,LW YP-5 , 1 M , WW for Hai' ji of-if 0 I jfpgfl ,J C-.:,-ff 53 ROY ALLEN FRANCIS Fuzzy . . . always late for school . . . often seen zooming around on his motorcycle . . . likes physics but not cit-ed .... works during his spare time . . . future plans not yet clear. ELY FRANKEL Ely . . . math and physics fan . . . dislikes the busy part of study hall . . . Chemistry Club and Ger- man Club member . . . work, work, and more work . . . will make his first million after college. HENRY R. FRICKE II Henry . . . captain of cross-coun- try' team . . . track, chemistry and a certain girl take up much of his time . . . headed for college and a career in chemical research. CATHRYN FULLHARDT Full . . . "You,ll get over it" . . . likes parties and cars . . . book- keeping and drama are her favor- ites, but gym is on her blacklist . . . her future plans include nurs- ing school next fall. RAYMOND S. GALLON Ray . . . known for his little black brief case and his cough . . . fea- ture editor of Viking View . . . versatile musician and photogra- pher . . . Light Crew, Latin Club and German Club . . . college ahead. BARBARA MARY CARDA Bobbie . . . very active in after school sports . . . captain of hockey and volleyball teams . . . "Forget it" . . . especially enjoys art . . . will major in education or political science at college. GEORGE GAUSE Ceody . . . "Quatsch!,' . . . can be seen riding around on his bicycle . . . :faithful member of German Club and Chess Club.. . . really likes physics, but not math . . . ahead lies college. SUSAN ELAINE GEISMAR Sue . . . short, cute and full of fun . . . ,most of her spare time is spent with a certain male . . . best part of school is business law . . . hopes to attend secretarial school. Q..-Q SUSAN MARIE GLENN Sue . . . curly long blonde hair and friendly smile . . . DolVIiSols and Viking Masquers are benefited by her lovely voice . . . enjoys bi- ology and drama . . . after gradua- tion will study nursing. PAULINE GODDARD English . . . charming British ac- cent . . . 'Tlippin' cheekv . . . friendly smile for everyone . . . enjoys office practice, but not social studies . . . after gradua- tion, would like to attend secre- tarial school. -..,t-N LEE B. GRAYSON Chico . . . dark wavy hair and stretchy cheeks . . . tennis in the fall, wrestling in the winter . . . Varsity Club . . . casual dresser . . . even college next year won't drag him away from the "Fabu- lous Phaetonsf' LORRAINE GREENLEE Rairiey . . . likes wild weekends . . . tall and good-looking . . . summers at the end of the Island . . . frequently inhabits the Senior Lounge . . . plans include college. 9 'Wx BETTY LOU GREGG Betty . . . tall and blond . . . "You,ll get over it." . . . enjoys English . . . sewing, cooking, ski- ing, and horseback riding take up much of her time . . . college and a merchandizing career. JOSEPH GUGA fo . . . clark curly hair . . . likes anything to do with cars . . . a promising art student . . . dislikes chemistry . . . plans to enter the field of commercial art after grad- uation. BRUCE H. HACKERT Hacker . . . usually found on the soccer field or track . . . Cit. Ed. . . . a true Barry boy . . . gets along with everyone, especially a DAVID HALPERIN Dave . . . easy to get along with . . . sailing and music . . . real sense of humor . . . likes biology, but not physics . . . another Viking Masquer . . . capable candidate for any college. X certain junior so . .x .future holds A ' v college. fp. ' 5 W W X vi Z' tiff , if-X WU x N X . ,Y If ix ,fi hy A , ix 'Y if Ii A , r ff Wi " ' E if , - 'X x W WX v. X x . N j X .X I I A X XX. j Utxxr' . S 'fx . x X -. V. ,XX xx MAR r X Xl X JOAN HAGAN .5 A loan . Q X. lovely long black hair and dark eyes . . . vice-president of Home Economics Club . . . spends her study halls directing visitors through North Shore's halls . . . on to junior college. MARC s. HAMENT g Marc . . . clepenrlable photography editor of the Viking View . . . horses, cars and art . . . 'il clonlt know" . . . known for his sun- glasses . . . will study business administration in college. CATHERINE HAYES Callzy . . . freckles, dimples, and strawberry blonde l1air . . . casual dresser . . . says she doesnit like to be teased about being fat . . . that familiar giggle . . . after grad- uation on to college. MARY HECK Mair . . . loyes to listen to good music and sing in the chorus . . . a pleasure in any class . . . mem- ber of German Club . . . plans to attend college in the future. QM' THOMAS HICKEY Tim . . . curly brown hair . . . favorite part of school ends at 8:15 . . . always in the Senior Lounge . . . teacher's trial at lunch . . . will leave North Shore,s halls for college. VICTORIA HEEG Vickie . . . "Really" . . . pleasant addition to North Shore . . . likes parties and bowling . . . member of Future Teachers Club . . . would like to abolish gym . . . plans to attend secretarial school. BRIAN HENNESSY Bullet . . . all around athlete . . . spends his free time working for Varsity Club and Latin Club . . . can't wait for homeroom each morning . . . joke for every occa- sion . . . plans include college. VIRGINIA HICKS Bonnie . . . dependable president of the Spanish Club . . . tired of be- ing harassed by a certain under- classman . . . always asking for late passes . . . lloMiSols. Sludcnl Guide, Student Council . . . a lu- ture Spanish major. PHYLLIS JANE HOHENRATH Fizzle . . . would be lost without blushes and dimples . . . spends most of her time rehearsing with the Viking Masquers or writing letters to Canton . . . combination of sweetness and sincerity . . . on to college. PETER HOJNOWSKI Pele . . . 4'What's up?H . . . always in Senior Lounge . . . claims he's known for everything . . . girls, cars, and money . . . interested in art . . . will join the Air Force if hc does not go on to college. JEFFREY LEE HOLLMAN H011 . . . back-breaking class presi- dent, serving his third term in of- fice . . . "Crippo" . soccer and track star . . . overflowing with school spirit . . . those ivy league halls lie ahead. EUGENE HOLM Gene . . . another one of those seniors who enjoy all of their class- es . . . has an avid interest in mu- sic-plays trumpet in marching band . . . will go on to college next year. JEFFREY HOOD Jeff . . . enjoys the sporting life of parties and girls . . . fun-loving and carefree . . . favorite class is study hall . . . dislikes cit ed . . . future plans are still indefinite. RONALD HORMAN Ron . . . plays trumpet in the band . . . likes Biology, but not English . . . after high school, plans to enter college and go on to a ca- reer as a N.Y.C. policeman. Q DONALD E. HOUGHTON JR. Don . . . blond crew cut . . . shines on the basketball court . . . a guitar and a folk song . . . diligent worker . . . enjoys a good time . . . will leave North Shore's halls for college. THOMAS W. HUFFER Tiny . . . good-natured and al- ways willing to lend a helping hand . . . member of Varsity Club, Year- book, and Student Council . . . when not driving a certain blue truck, enjoys sleeping . . . business school. MICHAEL IZZO Rat . . . "He's gonev . . . spends most of his spare time working for his father . . . famous for his height . . . looks forward to ma- chine shop . . . after graduation will enter sand and gravel business. MADALINE JEFFREYS Madaline . . . Saturdays are spent working at Crant's in Glen Cove . . . favorite studies of the day are retailing and art . . . plans to go to merchandising school. RAYNARD JENSEN Foxy . . . one of the few people who actually enjoy working . . . claims his favorite expression is uDuh-h-hi, . . . prefers mechanical drawing and- study halls in the lounge . . . the Navy beckons. ERIC JOHANSON Iggy . . . one of North Shore Country Club's devoted Caddies . . . favorite part of school is study hall . . . always laughing . . . fu- ture plans include college. PETER JOHNSON Pele . . . swimming, sailing, and ice hockey . . . "The only time you open your mouth is to change feet" . . . looks forward to col- lege and a career in architecture. RUTH JOHNSON Ruth . . . capable vice-president of Student Guide and member of Spanish and Art Clubs . . . drama, art, and ballet . . . will go on to art school or a junior college. KEVIN C. JONES Stretch . . . known for his height and strong pro-Coldwater convic- tions . . . track in the spring, in- door track in the winter . . . plays guitar in a dance band . . . on to college. MICHAEL JONES Ace . . . plays end on the Viking Eleven . . . tall and lean . . . has a special interest in physics but not in English . . . friendly hello for everyone . . . off to college next fall. I IRENE JORDAN Irene . . . enjoys goofing off . . . likes boys, lunch and riding in cars but mostly boys . . . "Be serious" . . . plans to go to beautician school after graduation. CHARLES ALAN KALAUSKAS Chas . . . member of German Club, Light Crew, and Chemistry Club . . . drummer of "The Avantisi' . . . known for his height . . . ahead lie college and a future as an engineer. MICHAEL ALLEN KELLER Mike . . . an outstanding member of Varsity Football Team . . . en- joys Hsports, women, and easy livin", . . . 'LNuts" . . . friendly smile and matching personality . . . will study marine biology at col- lege next fall. PAUL J. KELLEY Paul . . . a proud Irishman with a bubbling personality and calm dis- position . . . our Varsity Club presi- dent . . . manages to find time for Viking Masquers, French Club and sports . . . on to the ivy halls to study law. JAMES CHARLES KELLNER Jimmy . . . "Que pasa baby?" teacher's trial at lunch . . . al- ways laughing . . . MI love school, and am continually striving to do bettern . . . wild week-ends with a guitar and a truck. GERARD W. KENNY String . . . proud of his cuffed pants . . . versatile musician . . . a Phae- ton and a fabulous singer . . . mem- ber of Viking Masquers, Varsity Club . . . Freshman Class president . . . ul donft BELIEVE you!" . . . college ahead. JANICE ANN KERN lannie . . . Taliesin Editor-in-Chief . . . Honor Society . . . tall and blonde . . . known for writing several books per essay test . . . a smile and a dimple . . . college will drag her from the Publications Room. 5, o l JOHN KETCHAM Jack . . . has a notorious appetite . . . cars, cars, and more cars . . . happiest when spending money . . . prefers bookkeeping to anything else . . . on to l.B.lVI. training school. PATRICIA KICINSKI Patty . . . busy member of Latin Club, Honor Society, G.A.A., Bio- Ex Club, and Art Service . . . a credit to Mr. William's math class . . . National lVIerit Semifinalist . . . future plans include college. ALICE KING Alice . . . uAre you kidding?', . . . interested in just about everything . . . member of Girls' Sports, As- sembly Committee, and A.F.S. Committee . . . after college will enter field of social work. DOLORES KLEIN Lorie . . . bombs around in a red '-IU Ford . . . main interest is art GEOFFREY KIERNAN lieautifuf long fingernails with Heffer . . . tall and blond co-cap- lsrlubgtnliiill ' ' mf'f,Z0"m'uC In tain of the Varsitv Soccer team . .. ' ' l ' L O maul MOON' enjoys a good time . . . "School is all I havei' . . . enjoys singing at appropriate times. KATHRYN KOEBLER Kathy . . . when not at the Fron- tier, invariably can be found at the Hamburger Express . . . rid- ing around Glen Cove and seeing a certain someone . . . may attend beautician school. LINDA CAROL KONAZEWSKI Linda . . . proud owner of '65 yel- low Mustang . . . enthusiastic mem- ber of Spanish Club, Student Coun- eil, Viking Masquers, and Student Guide . . . HYea, right?7' . . . dis- tinctive laugh . . . ivy walls await her. MICHAEL KOSINSKI Mike . . . prefers skiing down steep mountain slopes with the rest of the Schussboomers . . . avid interest in spending money . . . enjoys physics but not math . . . always laughing. JEFFERY THOMAS KUESEL Jeff . . . an asset to the Summer Theatre Workshop . . . Viking Masquers, Honor Society and Spanish Club . . . traveling is main interest . . . cit. ed. rates high . . . on to college to major in political science. ALEXANDER A. KWARTIROFF Alex . . . German and Chemistry Clubs . . . S'O.K.', . . . naturally prefers calculus and physics . . . serious and thoughtful . . . future electrical engineer . . . first sen- ior to be accepted at college . . . on to Brooklyn Polytech. DONALD LEWIS LANGE Don . . . another biology fan . . . enjoys sports - especially swim- ming and hockey . . . Hockey Club . . . Whatis wrong with English, Don? . . . looks forward to attend- ing college next fall, though future plans are not yet clear. HELEN M. LASZEWICKI Laz . . . belongs to Future Nurses Club . . . interests include parties, Bayville and a certain boy . . . known for changing the color of her hair . . . business school and marriage in the future. ANDREW LATSKO Ladulie Hoy . . . one of the Diller Boys . . . '6Shot clown" . . . usu- ally found in Mr. Driscoll's elec- tricity shop or working on cars . . . plans to join the Service after grad- ualion. IVIARCIA ANN LAWRENCE Marcia . . . Girls, Sports, Year- book and Viking View occupy much of her free time . . . "Sharp" . . . enjoys public speaking and bowling . . . plans to attend col- lege and study child care and fam- ily relations. l LINDA LOUISE LEHMANN Linda . . . '6It's about the fact" . . . Viking View staff and Art Club . . . art, books and trips to Greenwich Village . . . dislikes people who spell her name wrong . . . a future art major. EILEEN DOROTHY LE TELLIER Dolly . . . "Sure,' . . . Glen Cove and a certain boy . . . long blonde hair and a dimpled smile . . . short and cute . . . a future-beautician and hard-working housewife. JOAN CLAIRE LEVINE loan .... busy barefoot business manager of the Viking View . . . V.P. of Honor Society . . . Yea, Civil Rights and liberal-minded people! . . . plans to take a few N.S. faculty members to college with her next fall. ALLEN RANSOM LIPPKE Owl . . . active member of the Viking Masquers and director of Drama Quartet . . . dislikes biology . . . plans include Europe on a tramp steamer, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and fame and glory in "Show Bizn. ANGUS SMITH LUMSDEN Smillie . . . Latin Club, Chemistry Club, Student Council, and Year- book . . . famous for his punctu- ality . . . enjoys Latin but dislikes math . . . next stop is college, then a career in architecture. NILS GUNNAR WIGGO LUND Reilly . . . our foreign exchange student . . . a friendly smile and a warm personality . . . "Oh, yeahlw . . . the theater, parties and poli- tics . . . Latin and French Clubs . . . plans to enter the University of Sweden . . . will be missed greatly after graduation. MARY CATHERINE LYONS Bones . . . active member of Span- ish Club, Taliesin staffand Stu- dent Council . , . Irish "step" dancer . . . "Yeah, right?" . . . sudden change in hair color makes her distinctive . . . perhaps a fu- ture stewardess. KAREN LYNN MACK Truck . . . active in Spanish Club . . . can be found at the beach parties . . . "I don't known . . . likes Spanish but can do without history . . . college and then per- haps teaching. ARTHUR CHARLES MacMILLAN Itchy . . . vice president of the Senior Class . . . art assistant to the yearbook . . . supporter of the Pistol Club . . . "What can I tell you?" . . . big appetite . . . hopes to attend college. THERESA MARY MARAZZO Terry . . . member of the Future Nurses Club . . . enjoys doing vol- unteer work for the Community Hospital . . . sweet, sincere, and friendly . . . goal is to become a registered nurse. JARED A. MARCH ferry . . . future golf pro and busi- ness administrator . . . unquestion- able wit . . . "Unbelievable" . . . well-liked by everyone . . . kept busy as Varsity Club treasurer and Golf Team captain . . . alter grad- uation: college. KATHY JEAN MARSDEN Bomber . . . irrepressible sense of humor . . . "I don't believe it!" . . . Pep and Art Clubs, Taliesin and Student Council . . . often mis- interpreted temper . . . rust-colored Dodge . . . Peter, Paul, and Mary . . . on to college. ANTHONY DANIEL MARTINO Tony . . . the great morale booster of the Phaetons . . . "I don't be- lieve youli' . . . known for his wild treble guitar and bass . . . seen at the Pines resort . . . wants to become a music teacher. DONA MARIA MASCITELLI Dona . . . that long black hair . . . member of the French Club and Twirling Squad . . . week-ends and parties . . . especially inter- ested in dramatic arts . . . "Amaz- ing" . . . after college-an airline stewardess. RAOUL OWEN MASON Big Moolie . . . Hoarse Norsemen, Viking Masquers and Wrestling take up much of his free time '4Uh-Uh Brother" . . . drama and study hall in the Senior Lounge . . . frequently found at Wetson's . . . anxiously awaits a trip to Europe in August. GILBERT WILLIAM MCGILL Gil . . . a true-blue Schussboomer and sports car enthusiast . . . says he is known for being a 'ggood boy" . . . tall, blonde and sleepy . . . on to college or fame and fortune as a racing driver. L PATRICIA ELLEN McGOVERN Pat . . . cute smile and beautiful clothes . enthusiastic member of Pep Club, Viking Masquers, Talie- sin and Spanish Club . . . "Chuckle, chucklen . . . college men! . . . notorious right hand turns . . . college and teaching in the future. MICHAEL McKEAN Cimpy-,lolm . . . individualistic' sense of humor and outstanding acting ability . . . member of Vik- ing Nlasquers and National Thes- pians . . . "Baksheesh" . . . happy with a guitar, a harmonica, and a pocketful of money . . . college ahead. 'lin' VALERIE JUNE MCLAUGHLIN Valerie . . . can he found working for Taliesin, Student Council, or National Honor Society . . . "Um . . . Oh, Crum" . . . enjoys biology . . . smile for everyone . . . capa- ble college candidate. ELIZABETH C. IVICMANUS Betsy . . . that bouncy red-headed cheerleader . . . liked by everyone . . . "I can't wait to dance! I" . . . dependable member of Student Council, Latin Club, and Viking Masquers . . . will charm the kid- dies as an elementary school teacher. HELEN MARIE MCQUADE Helen . . . pleasant personality . . . enjoys skiing, dancing and horse- back riding . . . member of French Club, Future Nurses Club and CYO Club . . . "Oh, gosh" . on to college and a career in nursing. ELLEN ANN IVIEIER Ellen . . . recognizable giggle . . . "You're kidding!" . . . likes Art Club and Yearbook . . . always shopping . . . long blonde hair and a big smile . . . secret ambition-a career in modeling. CHRISTIAN F. MERKLE Mark . . . spends his study halls acting as a monitor in Senior Lounge . . . another car fiend . . . likes cit. ed. but not shop . . . will join the boys in blue or work after graduation. gov a"" 1-:Y DANA ARTHUR MILLER Dana . . . singing, beach parties, and Spanish with Senora Kuesel . . . active participant in Viking Masquers . . . is known for those famous words "Oh yeah" . . . col- lege, fame, and fortune ahead. JAMES MILLER Jimmy . . . proud member of Varsity Club . . . likes sports- especially football and baseball . . . "No big thing" . . . mechanics and shop . . . plans to work in the roofing business with his father after graduation. 'on-.,.s JEAN LOIS MOEHRING Jeanie . . . sweet and sincere . . . busy counting money for the Sen- ior Class . . . activities editor of the Taliesin . . . member of the Latin Club, Honor Society and G.O .... "Oh, growni' . . . will teach deaf, dumb, and blind. ANTHONY RALPH MORELLO Tony . . . secret ambition: to own a Grand Prix . . . girls and drag- ging are his favorite pastimes . . . another member of the Schaef- er Boys . . . Mr. Driscoll's elec- tric shop really rates . . . dislikes cit. ed .... future member of the Air Force. DONNA MORISON Donna . . . quiet and easy to get along with . . . frequently takes week-end trips upstate . . . 'gReally,' . . . likes all her classes, but Eng- lish is her favorite . . . a future medical assistant. MARJORIE ANN MORRELL Marge . . . new addition to the class of '65 . . . likes most sports- especially tennis and swimming . . . member of Hockey Club and Honor Society in eleventh grade . . . will enter some field of medicine. Annes WILLIAM J. MOZER Bill . . . wry sense of humor . . . "Excelsior, you fat-head" . . . re- liable member of Light and Sound Crews . . . ,lean Shepherd fan . . . plans to attend R.C.A. Institute to study radio announcing. CHARLES MUELLER Mentball . . . flaming red hair and a hearty laugh . . . always caddying and driving his grey TR-3 . . . math and science whiz . . . Ger- man Club, Mathletes, and Honor Society . . . on to Case Institute of Technology. LAWRENCE JOSEPH MULLAN Larry . . . energetic participant in sports-especially basketball . . . interested in almost everything . . . active member of Varsity and Latin Clubs . . . likes English and physics . . . will go on to college. WALTER MUSENSKI Wally . . . invariably can be found on soccer field after school . . . our gallivanting goalie . . . likes mechanical drawing, swimming and tobogganing . . . friendly and outgoing . . . college and engineer- ing lie ahead. MARIE NICOLAOU Marie . . . member of French Club . . . thoughtful member of Honors English and cit. ed .... fell in love with Portugal this sunnner . . . future plans include college. l MADELINE NUZZO Mouse . . . next to a certain boy, shopping, swimming, and skating hold her interest . . . constantly looking for Helen and Denise . . . short and cute . . . bookkeeping but not cit-ed . . . school and then marriage. 5 CHARLOTTE OIDONN ELL Charlorlc . . . cute and lively . . . sensitive about her height . . . "You,re kidding" . . . reading, dancing, and the company of a certain senior officer . . . will con- tinue school to become a medical assistant. PATRICIA 0'MITTY Patty . . . "Well" . . . capable sec- retary of the G.O .... looks for- ward to letters from Northwestern and Rutgers . . . works after school at the office switchboard . . . showers, long hair, and disorgani- zation . . . college lies ahead. Sue . . . fascinated by politics . . .- secretary of Spanish Club and member of National Honor So- ciety . . . known for arguments with Mr. Pappas about political candidates . . . hopes to attend college in Spain. ALICE SUSAN O'NEAL RICHARD JOHN 0'SHEA Rick-0'Shea . . . looks forward to a career as a construction engineer . . . likes anything to do with hot rods and motorcycles . . . 'sWhat, me worry" . . . bright red hair. RUTH LILLIAN OSMER Ruth . . . active member of DoMi- Sols, Girls' Sports, and A.F.S. Committee . . . enthusiastic cheer- leader . . . one of the many Ful- lerton fans . . . future plans include a trip to Europe after graduation from college. MICHAEL O'TO0LE Juliana 0'TooIa . . . anything to do with cars . . . drives a 1929 Chevy . . . 'Torget it" . . . works at Glen Head Service Station as a part of the co-op plan . . . hopes to study automotive mechanics. I PAUL OTTO Otto . . . strong interest in money and architecture . . . known for a good laugh . . . a mighty hunter . . . favorite class is English, but not cit. ed .... college is in future plans. ?N BRIAN PATTERSON Brian . . . active treasurer of Vik- ing Masquers and president of the Light and Sound Crew . . . depend- able and hard working . . . Stu- dent Council . . . will study dra- matics and business in college. l MICHAEL ALAN PEARSON Mickey . . . friendly and fun-loving . . . likes parties of all kinds-in- cluding beach parties . . . one of North Shore's wrestlers . . . looks forward to a college far from home. THOMAS A. PELLICCIO Tom . . . interested in making money . . . "Hey, man" . . . known for riding around in his '64 Dodge . . . would like to major in lunch but definitely not English . . . usually joking around . . . un- decided future plans. BARBARA ANN PODSTUPKA Barb . . . soft music, country life and strawberries . . . G.A.A. . . . oil painting and sketching outdoors are her outside interests . . . fav- orite subject? art! . . . college, then a future in commercial art. NINA POPOF Poppy . . . active member of Art and Ski Clubs . . . "What's this? l" . . . always interested in having a good time . . . prefers Schussboom- mg . . . hopes to study secretarial science upstate. FREDERICK F. PORTER Fred . . . spends most of his study halls in the Senior Lounge . . . looks forward to those weekends -especially when there are beach parties . . . will join the Air Force. sr SW! PENELOPE ANN POST Penal . . . big blue eyes and a dimpled smile . . . enjoys after school sports . . . French Club and Future Nurses Club . . . finds Mr. Sterling's chorus a pleasure . . . a nursing career lies ahead. LINDA MARIE PROKOP Lin . . . outgoing and fun-loving . . . always driving . . . North Shore's number one banker . . . beautiful clothes and well-dressed feet . . . GO. and Spanish Club . . . next year holds business school. GERALD PUMPHREY Gerry . . . adept at sports-swim ming, golf, and Waterskiing . . cit. ed. is a favorite . . . has an aversion to math . . . plans to work with his father after gradua- tion. JANET LOUISA REID Janet . . . president of the Future Teachers Club and member of G.A.A. and French Club . . . read- ing and swimming . . . vice-presi- dent of Church Youth Group . . . after college will teach elementary school. ROXANE REID Roxy . . . "Hi, guy!" . . . sweet and sincere . . . active member of G.O., Masquers, DoMiSols and A.F.S. Committee . . . makes many of her beautiful clothes . . . of- ficer of almost everything at some time . . . on to college. I JENNIFER K. RICHTER Jenny . . . "Get seriousw . . . one of the co-op students working in Glen Head Pharmacy . . . doesn't believe study halls were made for studying . . . after graduation will study to be a cosmetician. LUCINDA ROCKWELL Cindy . . . always willing to lend a helping hand . . . Ski Club, Stu- dent Council, G.A.A. and DoMi- Sols . . . biology, sewing and writing letters . . . "Sorry 'bout that" . . . will teach the physically handicapped. STEVEN ROGERS Sieve . . . interested .in almost everything . . . member of Ski Club, German Club, and Art Serv- ice Club . . . painting, surfing, skiing, and tennis . . . on to school to major in art. RANDY ROMM Froggy . . . happiest when skiing down the snow-covered slopes of New England . . . enjoys all eight periods of the day . . . treasurer of the Schussboomers . . . one of the Hoarse Norsemen . . . college ahead. so I ELAINE RUBY Lainey . . . president of Student Guide and member of Teachers Club, Student Council . . . Italian food and movies . . . great golf participant . . . likes all classes . . . future includes work in busi- ness. L KATHLEEN A. RUSSELL Russ . . . prompt, talkative and friendly . . . likes buying new clothes and meeting people . . . "Oh, corrodesl" . . . Ski Club. sports, Spanish Club, and Year- book occupy most of her time . . . will attend college. JEAN DOLORES RUTHKOWSKI fean . . . English is a favorite . . . "Wait for me!" . . . dislikes cit.-ed. . . . outside interests include going to Glen Cove, dances and movies plans to work after graduating from North Shore. STEVEN RYAN Steve . . . "You'd better believe itf' . . . piano playing and German . . . always going bowling . . . participates in the activities of the German Club . . . plans to attend college and study law. ROGER RYDER El Cid . . . versatile musician- plays both piano and drums . . . money, good food and all types of music . . . British comedy movies and social studies . . . plans in- clude college next fall. CAROL ELLEN SANDERSON Carol . . . this year's senior editor of Taliesin . . . interests include Girl's Sports, Band, Honor Society, and Mathletes . . . a math and music fan . . . not particularly . . . fond of cit. ed .... college in the future. KATHLEEN SARANDINAKI Kathy . . . always happy and smil- ing . . . Spanish and French Clubs . . . speaks many languages fluently . . . beautiful clothes . . . after graduating will visit France, then study linguistics in college. MARY B. SASSA Mary . . . contributes much of her time to working at the hospital . . . experienced baby-sitter . . . Span- ish Club, G.A.A. and Orchestra . . . after completing college will enter the field of physical therapy. BARBARA A. SCHAFFER Scliafs . . . tall and slim . . . can be seen riding around with Judy . . . g'Best time you ever had!" . . . enjoys goofing off . . . dislikes all classes except study hall . . . marriage lies ahead. l MARY J. SCHATTINGER Mar . . . friendly and sweet . . . after school can be found behind. almost any counter in Grant's . . . member of Future Nurses Club . . . "Come on down" . . . plans in- clude nursing school. GEORGE E. SCHENCK Puddin . . . member of Spanish Club and Varsity Club . . . basket- ball and baseball prowess . . . "Help,' . . . sports, dances, and long weekends . . . after graduation will attend college. GLENN S. SCHENENGA Glenn . . . a guitar and a tennis racket . . . member of German Club . . . seems to prefer English to social studies . . . "Cool it" . . . we will find him at college next fall. Rr JOHN E. SCHLESSINGER Kraut . . . our fun-loving C.O. president . . . member of Latin Club and Varsity Club . . .' active participant in football and bas- ketball . . . looks forward to col- lege and possibly a career in law. JO ANNE SCHMIIYI' fo . . . riding around and having fun . . . those short haircuts . . . "I think itw . . . helpful in the 9"Nc UR office practice room . future includes beautician school and mar- riage. DAVID S. SCHWARTZ Dave . . . treasurer of National Honor Society and sports editor of the Taliesin . . . still finds time for Varsity Tennis, Viking Mas- quers, and the Latin, Varsity, and Ski Clubs . . . "You hypocrite" . . . possibly a future in medicine. JOHN J. SCOTIDAS Scoty . . . secretly desires to be a Grand Prix driver . . . "Sorry about thatn . . . very interested in sports-especially football . . . destined for college. MARTA F. SHANSER Marta . . . "Hi, lovelw . . . frank and individualistic . . . secretary of Spanish Club, member of Ski Club and Future Teachers Club . . . emotions change from minute to minute . . . college is in the future. BRYAN McGEE SHIRLEY Barney . . . versatile musician . . . promising future as a professional trumpet player . . . pizza after one . . . known for his "haircuts',f??l . . . "I hope youire well" . . . col- lege lies ahead. BARBARA L. SIMPSON Bobbi . . . parties and weekends . . . does she, or doesn't she? . . . capable art and layout editor of the Taliesin . . . plans to attend college and major in art . . . New Jersey boys and letter writing . . . "You're just jealous." BRYAN BROWER SMALL Bryan . . . misleading last name . . . Explorers and Chemistry Club take up most of his spare time . . . proud member of North Shore's Marching Band . . . favors social studies. THOMAS ANDREW SMALL Tom . . . another one of the Var- sity Club boys . . . basketball and baseball enthusiast . . . "Son of a guni' . . . enjoys those beach par- ties, dances, long weekends, and cars . . . the future holds college. EILEEN MARY SOMELOFSKI Eileen . . . crazy for the madras fad . . . Latin Club, Ski Club, and G.A.A .... friendly and reliable . . . L'Colly Nedl' . . . well liked by everyone . . . will continue her stu- dies at a liberal arts college. yor YP' JEAN ELIZABETH SORUM Jeanie . . . friendly smile and warm personality . . . "Gad" . . . G.O.C., G.A.A., Future Teachers, Future Homemakers, and Spanish Club keep her busy . . . will leave North Shore's halls for college. BARBARA T. SPERBER Bobbi . . . '4You,ll get over iti' . . . getting up late and going to par- ties in the company of a certain boy . . . office practice and book- keepingnkeep her busy when she isnt writing letters. NANCY HELEN STACK Nan . . . directs visitors through N.S. halls during her study periods . . . uReally" . . . secret ambition is to drive . . . dislikes damp gym days . . . a capable candidate for secretarial school. SUSAN A. STANCO Sue . . . active participant in Ski Club, Art Club, and Spanish Club . . . secretary of the Future Teach- ers, Club . . . "Rea-a-a-ally?,' . . . driving, folk music and horseback riding . . . looks forward to col- lege. IOHN G. STERLING Greg . . . captain of basketball and soccer teams . . . Junior Class vice-president and member of Na- tional Honor Society . . . prefers math and physics . . . tall and good-looking . . . on to college. CA'l'HARINE L. STILES Cathy . . . cute, crazy, and full of fun . . . "I carev . . . member of Yearbook staff, Ski Club and C.A.A .... cut-offs, ivy-league shirts and Weejuns . . . college in the future. LUCIE L. STODDARD Lucy . . . c'It's no big thing" . . . prefers to spend her Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum Art School . . . Art Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club and G.O .... on to college to study art. FREDRIKA MAIA STRANDFELDT Ricky . . . "Alia gatchien . . . very active in after school sports . . . member of Art Club, G.O.C., G.A.A .... secret love for Emer- son and Thoreau . . . after college will teach elementary school. DIANE SURVILLA CPW . . . usually found with Charlie or Carol at the stock car races . . . '4Ask me if I care" . . . known for her many fights with a certain someone . . . beautician school and then marriage. J"' IDs 7'5- VLADIMIR SVETLOVSKY Val . . . member of Junior Thes- pians and Hoarse Norsemen . . . folk music, Explorer Post 127 and traveling-especially to Canada . . . Russian bass . . . plans courses at McGill in Montreal. 'l'l'IEOl'IOIIE SZAUKOWSKI Teri . . . Spanish Club member . . . has a weakness for girls with long blonde hair and blue eyes . . . known for being Byrne,s cousin . . . will take care of our pets someday. LINDA SZYMANSKI Sam . . . driving, records and par- ties head her list . . . can be found riding in a certain GTO . . . sec- retarial practice is her favorite class . . . a future secretary. LESLIE TEICH Leslie . . . "Oh, forget itv . . . member of Student Guide, Viking View, French Club . . . loves to travel-especially in Europe . . . a career in government work is to come. CAROLYN TERWILLEGER Twig . . . always laughing . . . "real funny" . . . main interests are Bayville and a certain black Ford . . . beautiful, big blue eyes and white Tempest . plans to enter business school. 428 CLAIRE THOMPSON Charlie . . . going to parties, driv- ing and listening to records are her favorite pastimes . . . can be found talking with a certain un- derclassman . . . plans include a business college . . . a future sec- retary. ANNE LORRAINE TOWNSEND Lorraine . . . strange attractionfor the football field-or is it the cap- tain? . . . enjoys playing her guitar, reading and cit. ed .... a future in law beckons. MATTHEW CHARLES TOZER Malt . . . co-captains the Varsity Football Team . . . very sports minded . . . shines on the football field and basketball court . . . en- joys the company of a certain sen- ior girl . . . college lies ahead. PETER V. TOZER Pele . . . his outstanding athletic ability is an advantage to the Foot- ball, Basketball and Baseball Teams . . . Varsity football captain . . . looks forward to attending college. hr' BARBARA ELIZABETH VICIUS Harb . . . efficient worker in every- thing she does . . . capable man'- ager of the student store . . . "Golly" . . . especially enjoys music, reading, and collecting bit sayings . . . after college, a career as a history teacher. ELLEN PARRY VIKEN Ellen . . . "You're kiddinn' . . . member of Spanish and Art Clubs . . . interested in the field of drama . . . enjoys Mr. lVIooney's public speaking course . . . plans to attend a junior college. ROBERT JOHN VREELAND Pinky . . . center on Varsity Foot- ball Team . . . works at King Kullen when not driving an old, green '50 Plymouth . . . friendly and outgoing . . . plans to go to college next fall. PETER WALCZAK Rabbit . . . our genial, generous Student Council treasurer . . . re- sponsible for the origin and devel- opment of the N.S.H.S. "bunny hop'f . . . one of the stars of the cross-country team . . . college in the near future. JEFFREY A. WATKINS Beetle . . . French Club and Var- sity Club member . . . sports-es- pecially football . . . beach parties and study halls . . . '6Pela la Paval' . . . that nickname puzzles many . . . plans include college. TODD JEFFREY WATROUS Todcly . . . a loyal member of Phaeton's Fan Club . . . always pounding on bis drums and run- ning around the Pin's . . . win- ning smile . . . "I don't believe youw . . . manager of Varsity Soc- cer Team . . . destined for college. LLOYD CHARLES WELKEN Charlie . . . member of Chemistry and Bio-Ex Clubs, Viking Mas- quers, Yearbook staff, and Soccer Team . . . "That's tough" . . . loyal Schussboomer . . . friendly and full of fun . . . will fit in at any college. GEORGE EDWARD WILDT Georgie . . . member of the Light Crew . . . Explorers and DelVIolay take up much time . . . anything to do with science-especially physics . . . a career as an electri- cal technologist ahead. LINDA E. WINDELS Linda . . . vice-president of Spanish Club, member of A.F.S. Committee and Future Teachers Club . . . trying to perfect driving a standard shift . . . "Oh, crumb" . . . plans include college and a career in teaching English. Q-11-3, LINDA MARIE WISCHHUSEN Linda . . . "What can I tell you?" . . . music, folk dancing, beach parties, and procrastination . . . likes business law and chemistry . . . will attend college and enter nursing or merchandising field. ROGER WOOD Rudy . . . one of the Schaefer boys . . . "You,ll get over iti' . . . enjoys the company of a certain underclassman . . . a credit to Mr. Driscoll's electric shop . . . will get a job after graduation. Other senior class members are: THEODORE KOPCZYNSKI RONALD PTARCINSKI SUSAN ELAINE WOOD Sue . . . president of Latin Club . . . member of DoMiSols, Honor Society, and C.A.A .... devotes much time to Choir . . . sincere smile for everyone . . . will leave North Shore halls for college next fall. ANGELA ZISK Angie . . . long blonde hair . . . "Ah, carumba" . . . a certain ex- serviceman and working at R-f-A Burtis take up much of her spare time . . . "I didn't see any red light" .' . . on to office work. l Seniors chat in the Senior Lounge after school. Lorraine Townsend and Barbara Vicius find Mrs. Mac very helpful in preparing their senior theses. Margaret Block, Greg Sterling, John Schlessinger, and Dave Schwartz engage in typi- ral senior class discussion. I 4. Cindy Rockwell is hypnotized by the Don Juan of the Senior Class. YW! LIFE A A SENIOR "We love you, yeah! yeah! yeah!" Left to right: Treasurer, Jean Moellringg President, Jeff Hollmang Secretary, ,lane Cum- mings: and Vice-President, Artie MacMillan. 1-Lila., A I Working after hours in the Senior Office. 84 OFFICERS ln early September the Senior Class selects four officers to lead its activities. Each officer takes upon himself certain responsibilities. The president conducts class meetings and acts as the major link between faculty and students. In a more direct rela- tionship with the students, the vice- president takes charge of the Senior Lounge. The secretary must handle all paper work, which includes memos to students and correspondence with the administration. The treasurer is in charge of collecting class dues and running the magazine drive. 'Take a letter Miss Cummings." Supcrsalcs girl, Judy Anderson, enthusiastically counts all thc money she brought in. MAGAZINE DRIVE Mrs. Mac supervises money counting as Patty Kicinski runs over her homeroom's totals. "But PLAYBOY wasn't on our list"' - Mew, ,,.,,,.,,, ,,,,,, m, M4 s-ma..w,..f....,.,.f ,,, .,,,,,i, ,I -waning-uggunun wwownuuwmw s 'gWe made it!" the familiar cry heard every year at the end of the mag- azine drive, was heard not only once this year, but twice. The seniors had two goals, both of which were reached. First of all, they successfully passed the class quota of SS12,350. The second goal, set up by the seniors themselves, was to surpass the total reached by the class of '64, They achieved this goal, S11l4,039.05, the highest total ever reached in the school. The three high sales representatives this year were Judy Anderson, Sandi Barton, and Pam Calvert. The grand prize winner, whose name was picked out of a hat containing the names of all students who met their individual quota of 350, was Leslie Teich. As a result of the efforts to earn money for their class trip to Washington, the seniors were given a big orange Look toy dog, which has become the class mascot. r-1 Susan Glenn smiles with relief upon finding she is not short any money. 85 Q is A wut.. ' . - A ' L ii. H SE ICR PLAY Two revolving stages were a special feature of the Class of l65,s presentation of Tall Story, a comedy by Lindsey and Crouse. De- signed by Artie lVlaclVlillan, these stages allowed swift changes from one scene to another. The live different sets were built by lVlr. Robert l'looban-and a crew of seniors. Mrs. lVlacNa- mara directed the production, which was pre- sented on November 27 and 28. Tall Slory takes place in a small midwestern college town. Custer College's one claim to fame is its basketball star, Ray Blent, who has been bribed to throw the most important game of the season. He purposely fails two exams to become ineligible to play and therefore unable to fix the game. But, he finds out afterwards that this was just what his unknown bribers wanted. l3lent,s ineligibility brings panic upon the college and brings the basketball team down upon the two professors who flunked him. Because of the amusing complications, as well as a successful production, Tall Story was a hit. F,.....-...m- Main characters take third curtain call. "This is Mrs. Soloman. Professor Soloman hasn't come home yet." Q f S .l 'il Collins, President Nagel, Davis, and Clark discuss the attempt to fix the basketball game. Hat-check girl Nancy .... Agnes .... Mary ..... Leon Solomon . Charles Osman Myra Solomon . Eddie .... Joe ..... Herb . . Connie . . Girl .... Hazel .... Wesley Davis . Sandy Hardy . June Ryder . . Ray Blent .... Mike Giardineri Grant ...... Baker .... . Fred Jensen . . Frieda Jensen . Dick Stevens . Myers .... Simpson . Wright . . . Wyman ..... Albert Solomon Harmon Nagel . Secretary . . Collins . . Clark . . CAST . . Susan Arasim . Betsy McManus . Jennifer Cohen . .Susan 0'Neal . Mike McKean . . Bruce DeMilt . . Jean Moehring . Barney Shirley . . Lee Grayson . . Angus Lumsden . . . Ruth Osmer Linda Konazewski . Kathy Marsden . . Bob Vreeland . . Jeff Hollman Phyllis Hohenrath . . Allen Lippke . David Halperin . . Larry Mullan . Donn Acheson . . Gerard Kenny . Cindy Rockwell . . . Raoul Mason . . Tim Finneran . George Schenck . . Peter Walczak Walter Musenski . Charles Bacher? . . Keith Forrest . . Susan Arasim John Schlessinger Glenn Schenenga J il is Y "Hurry up, Blent, we're ten points behind!" Ray Blent, Professor Solomon, Professor Osman, and June Ryder talk over the basketball game. 1 E ,J i , s Prompters, Lloyd Welkin and Faith Collings, backstage 3 TC hearsal. 13 -. during 87 Y I 3 MOST VERSATILE Jane Cummings Greg Sterling KT SUPERLATIVES 3 i 4' if Q N K ? BEST DRESSED Bob Cohen Linda Prokop 3 Q I 1 J WITTIEST Jared March Kathy Marsden MOST ATHLETIC Mary Cramer Pete Tozer MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC Joan Levine John Best WOLF AND FLIRT Donn Acheson Cathy Hayes MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Peter Birer Roxane Reid 4316? Q A BEST LOOKING Gunnar Luncl Ruth Osmer MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Sandi Barton Jeff Hollman MOST INT ELLECTUAL Charles Mueller Francine Carclman CUTEST COUPLE Charlotte O,D0nnell Artie MacMillian f"Agq!i U DERCLAS SME "Our youth we can have but todayg We may always End time to grow old. George Berkley in ' UM.. . - 'I . 5 Sqn. - wgnvr A Q. ,W 'a A N ' x .s J'f""w ' 1-' fm I dv ., A .,W,,Mn,W,,Y.v My f Al aqua-an :QCA - W? -Y. . Q 1' filffii. ' ff ,. ,kim ' ' fs- ' '-M--n-Q...,,,,,,,..,, , wa, . . ,HM Mmf.w WF., C um ali' lhlllvnnnnxggdlunhrarnnnunpnln 'Au .nun f ,X - 'M- 1 ........-wa-sm.r.s.awnsaa.m. rr. '4 Yr JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Anthony Capuco, Trcasurcrg Deidre Blackmore, Vice-Presidentg Sharon Cutler, Secretaryg Ted Blackbum, President. JU IORS This year the Class of ,66 experienced the hardships and expectations that have always beset juniors. They struggled with the usual junior subjects: American his- tory, American literature, chemistry, and third year language. As the work poured in and the studies got harder, their thoughts and efforts turned towards college. They took the PSAT in the fall, and in the spring, the Na- tional Merit Qualifying Test. To help them make their future plans. the juniors were provided with lectures on a wide assortment of colleges and on vocational oppor- tunities. The year was not only one of hard work, but also of many enjoyable activities. Early in November the juniors purchased their class rings at the annual ring dinner, which was followed by a dance featuring the "Avantis." As Christmas drew near, the juniors put the finishing touches on "One Winteris Nightf, their prom. With the "Phact0ns,, playing and the juniors swinging, the prom was an event that they will long remember. 1 fx Is it true blondes have more fun?" :AP E WI TER'S IGHT X . John, Barbara, Judy, and Bill take a brealg 'fm LL LV- XV 'X XQ ' Sf LQ V V X7 LM U QQ? 'VX nvw slvlv nl' :hun as ,r we- Rv Viv XKX , Q4 M KJV N 'N JJ 4 mr F iv QQ QNX LV J Q'NL N005 rly HAIIISPII :mul Pm-g xllllllly vnjoy llllllt' "Whut's so iIlIl'H'SIillg?N "Wh:1I's llw lIlllH1'I', Cl1zxrlif-'f" 93 Lcnnrc Weiss plans for college. Will it he Vassar or Smith? "Don't look now but tl1ere's n spider crawling up your earf' A 'N-N. .luniors purchase class rings. ' E "Juniors . . . Are ya' with us?" "YEA, MAN" Meredith Smith and Linda Cutler study during Student Guide duty. 9- Halpert and Bill Waller talk over X the world situation. "Politics and Poker" is rehearsed by Pat Moschetta and Chuck Duncan. , . Junior Varsity Club members usher at a Friday night basketball game. i LW 'f Q , lip F1174 -1r"' "W 'U . yi 52 3 ' Tx iv: in V Q. A st Q "i 7 f lb. gi' " ' i ,J Ni ipftfa M X' a.. "What do you mean I short-changed you?" asks .lim Tay lor. 5 UNIOR HO Q... QV ., Y 5 EROOMS Lvfl to right: FIRST ROW, J. Bovrtzcl, .l. Bergmann, S. Baxter, M. Black. SECOND ROW, T. Beale, R. Boccluno K Bcrgren C Adler THIRD ROW, S. Black, R. Aldrcd, R. Bcllanca, A. Andriola, T. Blackburn, FOURTH ROW, B. Bergmann, D Alexander D Blackmore D. Bailey, C. Barclay. FIFTH ROW, P. Baffino, M. Bell, D. Baldwin, D. Behrmann, B. Barlow. ABSENT B Amrhem C Bellldora C. Bacher. 3.-1, 4- Lcfl to right: SITTING, L. Weiss, J. Youngs, S. Young, D. Walters. FIRST ROW, N. Wilk, D. Weiss, C. Uililcin, L. Williams, R. Zisk, S. Torti, M. Trotta, M. Yee, B. Townsend, B. Zurer, J. VanBlommcslcyn, G. Travis, K. Whyte. SECOND ROW, C. Waring, W. Waller, A. Tlockowski, P. Varlin. ABSENT: C. Thompson, J. Vincent. XXXXXXXXXXXX ....... .4 ' H -,,"K .D Left to right: STANDING, R. Howell, K. Kaufmann, H. Huston, J. Homer, J. Klein, D. Kay, M. Klick, C. Hessen, S. Hotinc, C. Houston, M Kelly, J. Koch, D. Kapp, R. Holm. SITTING, E. Hognowski, P. Hesse, J. Kle, D. Holienrath, K. Knapp, C. Kipping, V. Hills. ABSENT: L. Kelley. 97 Luft to right: STANDING, C. Newbold, B. Moshinsky. SECOND ROW, E. McLaughlin, B. Nylxlen, B. Noeragcr, J. McNulty, W. McLeod, R. Mclillo, L. Moffitt, K. Naples, THIRD ROW, I". Mullen, J. North, J. Morrell, T., McMahon, J. Misilli, Il. Olmst, O. Molin, J. Naumunn, P. Moschetta, K. O'Ncil, N. Nernoff, A. Pascale, J. Nichols. ABSENT: S. Miller, M. Mirubilo. 1 . ,Qfi.!I1H15'l"..E""'1w N.. t X A A , I .......- L1-fl to right: FIRST ROW, A. D'Ambrosia, B. B. D'Andrca, M. Dollcrly, S. Cutler, P. DeStcfun0, L. Cutler, C. Fenslcrer, C. Fellows. gIf:IONIg IEJWA Di lgfgucrnmaun, S. Dude, M. Coffey, N. Faisant, B. Fiori, J. Coleman, C.-Duncan, D. Diggory, G. DcPcrsia, P oun, ow , 1 lovannl, C. Duamba, R. Etheart. ABSENT. W. Eppcrhart, D. Docrflem, G. Cote, C. Davls. 1 A ' Q- . ' i: 1"'- if A 5-. 3 4- -I . X fig u' Loft to right: FIRST ROW, F. Lisberg, S. Kron, M. Laboy, J. Loiodice, B. Mathcisen, J. Marien, M. Malloy, E. Kohn, C. Maroni, D. Levine, E. Lorimore, J. Laurence, L. Kotowski, F. Mayer. SECOND ROW, C. Krasinski, E. Marcusson, G. Markham, J. Mancusi, P. Mully, J. Koleski, S. Leggett, M. Mack, H. Krobatll, G. Levy, D. Lopez, R. Malecki. Loft to right: FIRST GROUP, E. Franzen, L. Graves, M. Hansen, H. Graham. SECOND LEFT GROUP, J. Guga, A. Giam- lmruno, D. Fries, F. Herbert, S. Halpcrt, J. Gregg, D. Fucito, B. Furst, K. Gilbert. FIRST RIGHT GROUP, R. Herzog, B. Grover, K. Fochtmann, G. Galantc, B. Halloran, D. Harrington. SECOND RIGHT GROUP, C. French, E. Grissing, J. Crcm- elsbacker, R. Haugland. ABSENT: B. Gunn, C. Hendriks. Left to rigln: FIRST ROW, M. Calnndriello, C. Campagna, J. Branigan, M. Caputo, P. Ciri, L. Carroll, J. Brombcrick, J. Candelora, K. Clarke, C. Ciciullu, K. Chase, L. Clerico, B. Bullock, C. Chambers, J. Chase, M. Brenner, R. Carlson, A. Capuco, M. Cardman, A. Cassano, T. Cahill. KNEELINC, E. Bosy, T. Britt. ABSENT: W. Campbell. . K. ..,,s5-F . "". it M' A vw. , '--.. Left to right: FIRST ROW, C. Roman, J. Ryan, V. Pedulla, B. Roth, T. Robbins, M. Salerno, C. Peltz, C. Richter, C. Roesch, S. Pawclka, L. Richardson, D. Sackett, J. Schroeter, R. Sals. SECOND ROW, C. Roche, H. Reinke, R. Pointe, J. Randolph, J. Roc, B. Saflowski, R. Perro, F. Schmitz, B. Roth. ABSENT: W. Rennie, M. Robbins, E. Roberts. I00 4 J 4 I l 1 SOPHO ORES Ciwh ' Q77 C6 at are streptococci. What is the difference be- tween the converse and the inverse?', "What was the date of the French Revolution?" These are only a few of the many questions that have perplexed the "busy', sophomoresv who have been faced this year with biology geometry, and world history. The work has become more difficult and the sophomores have been given greater responsibilities, but at the same time they have enjoyed more independence. Along with the increase in academic work and in- dividual responsibility has come a stronger desire to participate in school activities. At all of the social and athletic functions, the members of the class of '67 have been able to answer loud and strong to the cheerleader,s cry of "Sophomores are you with us?" Perhaps the only exception was the February basketball game which co- incided with the class dance, "An Evening in Man- hattan." Because of the enthusiastic support and hard work of the sophomores, the dance proved to be an over- whelming success. Thus, for the sophomores the year has been a chal- lenging but enjoyable one. New skills and new ex- periences have to continue the preparation for the future, begun the year before. 'J Vice President Dave Walters discusses plans for "An Evening in Man hattan", the class dance, with Secretary Hope Saykay. y 21.222 Charlie Reid, president, and Toni Gallo, treasurer, check the financing of the dance. I02 KN "The party's over . . xv' a 'fx .J Kr., r ' Ja . .Aff fzfriff Q if fix r . A1 .V S X. is h A, K h! ,. .fn 3: 'JBY 342 'Who is the new man in Snl1y's life 91: Mary Knop and Pete Houghton enjoy the music of the "Phaetons Gina Meyer and John Mulder do the "Monkey", ff! xg f S S5 f s E-.Mk i- 2 ,, 1, fwfi' 1--Q A Thcrc's more to football than 'nst touchdowns. J Gordic Jamieson does the famous "Salty Dog Rag" if "Hi thcrc Cutie!" 1'- t A .- wwale- Sharon Guinan and Kathy Koopman enjoy art but not cleaning up' IOS SOPHO ORE HO EROOMS Left to right: FIRST ROW, P. Sweeting, J. Sole, S. Sefton, H. Saykay, J. Schaffer, S. Siarkowski, L. Schierhorst. SECOND ROW, L. Small, W. Shedd, S. Schwartz, K. Sperber, M. Santonastasi. THIRD ROW, D. Short, B. Swenson, F. Seymour, G. Svet- lovsky, B. Stannard, K. Sullivan, K. Stranfeltlt, L. Stella, E. Simpson, R. Sturm, J. Stanco, H. Scharmberg, M. Santora, W. Spence, M. Stedman, V. Taylor, L. Tamlyn. Left to right: FIRST ROW, R. Curran, K. Donovan, L. Cohen, M. Convey, M. Destio, S. Dunn, J. Dade, S. Dow, C. Cuomo, S. Cryan SECOND ROW, G. Eder, C. Eddy, B. Divonzo, C. Coffey, N. Cox, R. DeVries, T. Cook, J. DePaolo, R. Cross, P. Crosby, R. DePa0lo, E. Douglas, W. Dennis, J. DeCesare, T. Cowley, M. Cordova, M. DeSimone. THIRD ROW, D. Conman, P. Dixon. ABSENT: J. Darling. Lcft to right: FIRST ROW, W. Mahland, E. Leslie, W. Marsden, J. Lucks, M. Marchetti, D. Krasinski. SECOND ROW, P. Lotz, R. Lynch, S. Konrad, J. Lallmy, N. Krelchetoff, N. Leggett. THIRD ROW, D. Marino, B. Levitan, D. Krakower, M. Mancusi, P. King. FOURTI ROW, S. Lockic, J. Kolkebeck, C. MacMillan, P. Maminski, K. Koopman, J. Levine. FIFTH ROW, W. Lanier, C. Kle, M. Knop, G. Lindsay, S. Lord, B. Kolk, M. Landa. I Left to right: FIRST ROW, D. Weiss, J. Waltz, J. Walker. SECOND ROW, S. Zahn, K. Travis, C. Wildt, E. Vinas, D. Vogt, A. Trinche, A. Town- send, D. Warren, R. Wcppler, C. Walker, D. Walters. THIRD ROW, J. Zinkand, C. Wood, S. Vitrano, J. Thompson, D. VanDeusen, M. Tucholski W. Tiscllcr, J. Thompson, A. Vallicr, V. Viscusi, K. Tilton. ABSENT, D. Viruleg, J. Watkins, V. Yasky. -wx., Front to back: FIRST ROW, C. Cavuoti, M. Carucci, P. Blundell, S. Cavallaro, C. Cirina, R. Cairns, J. Byme, C. Brock, P. Brockway, E. Briskie, L. Cataliotli, J. Clymer, F. Calandriello. SECOND ROW, P. Bolgosano, M. Calzone, B. Caggiano. THIRD ROW, J. Campagna, J. Chudzik, A. Cavallaro. FOURTH ROW, K. Chenault, C. Burger, L. Chaplin, P. Boston, G. Capobianco, B. Brierley, M. Bushman, W. Brown, J. Chase. ABSENT, E. Bowers. I08 Left to right: FIRST ROW, P. Plumb, J. Pin. SECOND ROW. K. Ramos, M. Robba, P. Pascucci, N. Patterson, L. P1-sehenski, C. Raye, S. Quaresima, C. Prior, T. Pirrone, P. Pometti. THIRD ROW, S. Ruggiero, C. Ptarcinski, D. Pfaff, J. Pctry, C. Ryder, J. Romanus, C. Rosengren, J. Richardson. FOURTH ROW, K. Rispoli, W. Rice, R. Rice, C. Reid, R. Rosado. ABSENT, T. Parrish, E. Preski, J. Rudolph. Left to right: FIRST ROW, C. Otis, R. Novesky, C. O'Hare, D. Nicholson, E. McAllister, M. Moccio, B. Neilson, M. Nadolny, P. Montagnesc, M. Muscio, C. Moran. SECOND ROW, C. Naida, D. McGuire, P. O'Mitty, T. McManus, C. Meyer, G. Morsony, S. Mayer, S. O'I-Ianlon. THIRD ROW, R. Merkur, D. O'Ncul, M. Olson, T. Nolan, S. Nosel, R. Mullen, R. Merry, J. Mulder, J. Newbro, R. Orden. I09 . Left to right: FIRST ROW, fsittingl J. Bell, K. Best, R. Bierweiler, J. Anderson, S. Arlo, J. Block. SECOND ROW, N. Arnold, D. Arasim, L. Becker, A. Beaumont, B. Baron, H. Ashley, R. Blaun, D. Black, J. Baiata, A. Amercupan. THIRD ROW, A. Badminow, L. Bvllmur, J. Bell, N. Buiata, R. Arculco, C. Appel, M. Barash, W. Berlangero, P. Abbondondola, R. Blaun. ABSENT, K. Banker. 'ggi Left to right: FIRST ROW, C. Hinton, K. Kenney, P. Hochswender, J. Jones, W. Hollman, E. Irvin. SECOND ROW, G. Jamieson, P. Hamilton, S. Hogarth, A. Hershenhart, P. Harvey, C. Kern, W. Kaider, T. Kay, F. Jaegar, W. Johnson. THIRD ROW, R. Huughlund, T. Kelly, J. Kiernan, C. Humphrey. FOURTH ROW, J. Hurd, J. Kenney, B. Illston, P. Hough- ton, C. Hurt, G. Ht70lLlllilI1. ABSENT, W. Hults, C. Kerrigan. H0 a S 3001: f N: FIRST ROW M Exans E EQDQOIIO M Gaylord M Francis SECOND ROW W Galbraith, T. Grclla. THIRD ROW C C'lllH'lllll T G'lllo 9 Gould B Pc-rllg P CllI'dlH'1 9 Guman S Groblewskl M Grayson, .l. Gay- lord N Cuth I lwrmcx FOURTH ROW I lfochtmm R Glld ky J Pamalette M Grefe ,I Goss, R. George, P. I'I'KI1lll N l lrull C C rlbrulh J Farln R Cro orll E Fc-I1 FIFTH ROW W Grclla B Golden ""+ . . Members of Mrs. Brill's English class are overwhelmed by the pessimism of Russian literature. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Deirdre Chalaire, Secretaryg Andy Zimmermann, Presidentg Susan Mcardon, Vice President: Charles Hendrickson, Trcasurcr. N S it sr i Il2 audi" Ruth Reid looks ahead toward college. FRE HME One never quite knows exactly what high school is like until one becomes a part of it, For most freshmen, high school presents a challcngeg it means being at the bottom again, having to work up once more. Academically, as well as socially, high school has an atmo- sphere much different from that of junior high. The work becomes progressively harder and it is important to make friends and be- come an active part of the school. The freshmen started early this year or- ganizing class affairs and joining school ac- tivities. They attended games, dances and other activities, collected class dues to help finance their class dance held in February and partici- pated in the annual Sportis Night. By June, freshmen had become a part of North Shore, just as North Shore had become an important part of their lives. . .K Q., Xfix X, 'sk :...nww n-....1-v--A-....,.. UW, 3 U23 7 , m,,,5-g!.'f M 5 V ? QQQQ. .- H9955 ,ii ,U .sv ,fgi I f "W" - 0 . L ' , W 'ff h vy 4' My 'Q v 1 Akamai Z 9 Miha W. 7: I. ,Q t fl gm X ' , 40,1 ' ,, 4 ,fc,,4,,: , hm 4 6 1 A , -ek, FRE HMAN HO EROO S is c-'. 9 .......-.av Left to right: FIRST ROW, W. Magnuson, C. Macedonia, G. Meigel, D. Miller. SECOND ROW, S. Mesh, L. Massi, 'M. Mc- Quudc, R. Mills, T. Miles, H. Mcilink. THIRD ROW, L. Merry, P. Martone, M. Mirabito, E. Mitchell, B. Mitschang, R. Mar- tin, R. Marsden. FOURTH ROW, A. Mack, E. McKenna, S. Meardon, M. Maguire, F. Michel. FIFTH ROW, P. McKinley, W. Miller, D. Anderson, B. Merklc, J. Luyster, B. Meyer. Left to right: FIRST ROW, M. Bailey, P. Barton, K. Abbene, W. Barclay, L. Anderson, V. Best, J. Brockway, J. Birer, S. Black, E. Aron- son, S. Bornack. SECOND ROW, E. Bollenbucller, D. Brown, E. Artemyeff, A. Bellidora, S. Bogclzicwicz, C. Alder, R. Acerra, J. Beach. THIRD ROW, R. Bennett, H. Barnhill, P. Anderson, J. Bjorkland, R. Barry, R. Bilangi, L. Borrie, D. Bonar, T. Booton. , .. 4 Left to right: FIRST ROW,. S. Sackett, J. Perry, P. Pickering, M. Redling, H. Rice, D. Piaseczny, D. Pfanncr, R. Reid, J. Rtxbin, M. Perro. SECOND ROW, A. Rosado, E. Roche, G. Randolph, R. Ross, J. Pegrum, R- RUUY10, J. Post. THIRD ROW, D. Reld, B. Rider, J. Puchalski, J. Roberts, B. Ruf, M. Poulos. FOURTH ROW, K. Pehme, S. Pyne, T. Rennie, P. Sarandinaki, G. Putnam, R. Raskin. Il5 V., Left to right: W. Flood, M. Famigletti, M. Doughty, S. Foster, D. Flynn, K. Eddy. W. Ebert, D. Froeschauer, D. Dunne, J. Fabiano, M Epperhurl, C. Cillen, N. DiMurtino, N. Dowling, A. Dinome, M. DeRancy, E. Digangi, P. Feinberg, A. Emeliunoff, J. Fodera, L. Draper, J Cattle, F. Cenearelli. Left to riglll: FIRST ROW, J. Lauber, I. Kruitll, D. Koehler, A. Lord. SECOND ROW, J. Lombard, J. Kle, C. Klein, J. Kuesel, J. Laurenzalno, C. Lippke, B. Knopf, K. Klimo, M. Kennedy, E. Kulukowski, G. Latsko, R. Krause, M. Leahy, N. Kounovsky. THIRD ROW, W. Leopold, N. Lockwood, A. Loiodiee, E. Kirby, P. Kelly. Left to right: KNEELING, D. Cook, D. Davino, J. Colgan, W. Cook, T. Cannm-lla. SEATED, M. Dalton, M. Dcanc. FIRST ROW, N Chase, C. Collins, A. Dm-ks. SECOND ROW, l.. Cassisi, D. Davis, R. Carlson, F. Conman, R. Czaplicki, W. Clarkv, M. Cummings D. Chalaire, J. Calzonc, D. Buckhout, P. Darcy, L. Campana, S, Convoy. THIRD ROW, J. DcMilt, P. Dahl, G. Ciims, D. Coopc, T. Cirina, C. Brozyna. - J l Left to right: FIRST ROW, E. Pearsall, P. Owen, L. Muscio, T. Nuzzo, F. O'Noill, W. O'Hara, J. Paradiso, J. Nau, C. Nance. SEC- OND ROW, T. Mosvlielta, W. 0ySllCll, T. Nobile, R. Mozcr, J. Muklialian. .l. Palomlma, C. Mullm-n. THIRD ROW, M. Oustinoff, I.. Olvynicova, H. Morris, S. Papa, R. Orlavvllio, C. Patton. FOURTH ROW, S. Muszynski, D. 0I32lIlllllSkl', l' lxrltlllillffi -:2'..:.- :EE aw, 3. 3539 ff' W ., Left to right: FIRST ROW, A. Szynmnski, V. Sturm, C. Thompson, K. Svltocndorf, J. Sullivan, J. Schwartz, J. 'l'rt-ibcr, R. Smith, M. Stungo, S. Smith, B. Sclrmunlxcrg, L. Scnurcns, B. Sopcr. SECOND ROW, S. Sosik, D. Sturm, W. Sherwood, K. Torti, B. Sprague, N. Svvtlovsky, R. Scolrlv, W. Scltaffcr, D. Simm, W. Shaddock. Left to right: FIRST ROW, T. Colovatclroff, S. Giordano, W. Johnson, J. Keller, W. Hochswender, W. Jorgensen, A. Kaufman, D. Cold- mam, M. llryniztwsky. SECOND ROW, J. Kuluuskas, D. Kupp, R. Hcnnr-ssy, L. Johnson, J. Golden, J. Hamilton, E. Johanson, L. Cray, L. Jonvs. N. Kaufman, M. Hanson, L. Hztmko, R. Cuyon, J. Corniclii, L. Crullu, R. Herbert, C. l'h-nclrivkson, J. Irving, P. Goodman, B. llztllbcrg, T. Homt-r. Left to right: FIRST ROW, D. Wood, A. Walker, B. Waring, B. Wnuk, L. Wood, N. Wolf. SECOND ROW, J. Viscusi, K. Walsh, F. Wildt, R. Weisman, K. Van Wir-klen, J. Wnorski. THIRD ROW, G. Zuccula, B. Weeks J. Trombino, J. White, D. Weber, R. Weiss, S. Walker. FOURTH ROW, M. We-lken, H. Tschaen, A. Zimmer mann, S. Woods, A. Wolehock, M. Tumbull, Wynia. Members of the Freshman Chorus gather after rehearsal. ACTIVITIE "How beautyful is youth! how bright it gleams With its illusions, aspirations, dreams", Henry Wadsworth Longfellow UQ, F 'SST r X 41 V f 1 WM , W , , Lai, T VI VA,ZV ,,:,, , - ,Hz ,,,, ' G.O. OFFICERS: Peter Walvzak, Treasurer: Georgette Bartell, Vice President: Patty O'Mitty, Secretaryg Jolm Schlcssingcr, President. GOVER ME T ORGANIZATIO This year the Student Council has been changed to the Government Organization under a new constitution adopted by last yearls coun- cil. In accordance with the new rules, the G.O. has chartered clubs, formed a meeting schedule, and registered the various clubs. The Government Organization has sponsored Student Activity Card sales, a clothing and toy drive at Christmas time, The Battle of the Bands, Sportis Night, a charity dance, and the Moving-Up Day Dance. In addition, it has provided buses to all major sports events at other schools. The Government Organization not only pro- motes a close relationship between the student body and faculty, but also provides opportuni- ties for representatives of the students to dis- cuss proposals and grievances. REPRESENTATIVES, Left to right: FIRST ROW, R. Reid, K. Marsden, R. Mills, D. Levine, S. Hotine, B. Fiori, M. Cardman, J. Kuesel, T. Moschetta, J. Schwartz, C. Cirina. SECOND ROW, L. Konazewski, J. Boston, S. Barton, M. Gaylord, V. Hicks, E. Digangi, G. Travis, J. Rudolph, G. Meyer, J. Bell, B. Noerager, W. Cook. THIRD ROW, V. McLaughlin, S. Dunn, L. Stoddard, M. Smith, C. Walker, J. Levine. W. Hellman, J. Pcgrum, P. Barton, A. Zimmerman, D. Goldman. FOURTH ROW, E. Grissing, D. Baldwin, F. Collings, T. Robbins. l22 w- 9551? Al,'l'l'IRNA'l'lfS. Lvft to right: FIRST ROW, S. llallpcrt, P. Culwrt, lf. S0llll'l0fFkl ,I Pltt D Kr lkowur 5 Mwralon C Ihrt, P Croc my SICCOND ROW. M. Ifwlli S- Clvlm, C- H4'Yldfi4'kS0ll, J. Muldvr, P. BllPSl'llt'Hil, J. Kun D VmDmuQ1n P B0 lon, N Wllk 5 ffkfiii mf 'ZQYM Qggw ,, 335, , 52535 Tommy Huffvr and Miko 0"l'ooIv daily lllllllllglt' thc distribution of nvwspapvrs which llfl' urmh-rod lllftlllgjll thu- C.0. 'l'lw stud:-ut storv, which is sc! up by llc C.O., is Illllllilgfld this your by Barbara Vicius. Q HONOR SOCIETY. Left to right: FIRST ROW, B. Fiori, T. Robbins, L. Katowski, D. Halperin, C. Sanderson, M. Block, S. O'Neal, N. Faisant. SECOND ROW, H. Caldwell, M. Cox, J. Mochring, A. Kwartiroff, S. Hotine, V. McLaughlin, B. Moshinsky, M. Bell, B. Zurer, S. Wood. THIRD ROW, J. Kuesel, K. Strnndfeldt, C. Mueller, C. Houston, E. Crissing, D. Schwartz, J. Kern, G. Sterling, J. Klein, J. Levine, D. Levine, B. Vxcius, F. Cardman, J. Bemstein. Susan Hotine and Barbara Moshinsky work at the snack bar after school. I24 HO OR SOCIETY The purpose of the National Honor Society is to recognize the outstanding achievements of students in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The members of the Honor Society have opportunities to extend their contributions to the school and the community. This year, the members have continued to assist in the guidance department, the main office, and the library. In addition, they maintained a student snack bar, which financed their cultural activities and their Induction Banquet in the spring. As a new serv- ice project, the Honor Society members offered to tutor high school and grammar school students. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS. Left to right: STANDING, T. Miles, P. Pickering, E. Simpson, C. Naples, C. Cillen, P. Boston, R. Cuyon, C. Thompson, D. Levine, M. Cox, Il. Furst, N. Ncrnoff. SEATED, L. Cook, P. Darcy, E. Johanson. LIBRARY ASSISTANT STUDE T G IDE As a library assistant, a student learns library pro- The thirty members of the Student Guide Service, cedure by helping the school librarians with filing. under the sponsorship of Mrs. Pegrum, volunteer their shelving. and signing out books. These students, under study hall time to help direct any visitors to the school. the direction of Miss Phillips, form a valuable service Every fall at Rack-to-School Night they guide the parents group of North Shore. to the various classrooms. STUDENT GUIDES. Left to right: FIRST ROW, L. Cutler, M. Mirabito, S. Giordano, P. Darcy, J. Pcgrum, R. Johnson, E. Ruby, S. Dunn, J. Richter. SECOND ROW, V. Hicks, N. Stack, M. Cox, J. Reid, D. Miller, J. Kiernan, J, Hagan, P. McGovern, S. Mcardon, M. Malloy, C. Donohue, P. Black, S. Black, L. Weiss. VIKING MASQUERS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, L. Konazewski, G. Travis, J. Naumann, B. Halloran, C. Chambers, P. Hohenrath, C. Roeseh SECOND ROW, L. Oleynieova, J. Marien, J. Vincent, P. Calvert, H. Huston, I.. Cutler, J. Jones, D. Smith, C. Bacher. THIRD ROW, D. Htl perin, R. Blaun, P. McGovern, S. Glenn, J. Coleman, B. McManus, C. Newhold, C. Chase, S. Could, A. Zimmerman. FOURTH ROW, J. Ruhin K Strandfcldt, F. Collings, R. Reid, J. Cummings, D. Schwartz, P. Kelley, E. Fetz, J. Klein. FIFTH ROW, P. TenHaagen, A. Roberts, C. Duncan, L. Welken, P. Bates, A. Lippke, P. Moschetta, B. DeMilt, S. Black. SIXTH ROW, D. Short, M. McKean, R. Mason, K. Best, W. Waller, D. Miller .l. Kucscl, K. Forrest, B. Patterson, C. Lund, A. DaVino. VIKI G MA QUER g'Hartl work -1- amlmition : enjoyment + satisfaclionv is the key to the success of the Viking Masqucrs. The group was formecl four years ago lmy flirector Mr. Mooney to stimu- late interest in rlramatie art hy providing opportunities for stu- dents to participate in play productions ancl to stucly the theater arts. Since then, they have presented such musicals as The Boy 1"r1'rrf1cI, Ilya Ilya llirflic, ffl fllancr, anrl Rerllzcarl. A favorite Masqucr protluction is the variety show, Capers, this year, a topical revue satirizing the political scene. An important part of the group is the technical stall, which works uncler the supervision of Mr. Robert Hooban. The crew builds the sets, anal supplies the lighting and souncl effects that are neeclerl for any of the Viking Masquers, procluctions. The great train roliliery is tliscusserl lmy Kris ltr-st antl Mike lVlcKcan, who were greatly rcsponsililc for tlic script of "Capers '65.,' 'I Qi! 4,3 .RJ X 4 -X Q X . 1 3 .fi x Mike McKean and Bruce DcMilt rehearse "Brush Up On Your Shakespeare." Kiss Me Kate, the spring musical, was presented on March 12th and 13th, with a matinee on the 13th. A comedy about the hardships of a Shakespearean touring company, the play has three leading female roles, four male leads and a chorus of thirty-two. The two leading players were Kris Best as Fred, and Randy lilaun as Lili. The show was produced under the expert supervision of Mr. Bruce Mooney. Students worked on the set crew, which was directed by Mr. Robert Hooban, and also on the costume com- mittee, under the supervision of Mr. Dale Chilcoat. Mr. Bennett Lentczner conducted the orchestra. A time of contemplation for Kalc, Randy Blaun. "l'm always truc to you in my fashion. Vin always true to you in my way." "Why don't you hcl1avc?" 3 x . a Marta Tobar Terra stands with her American sister, Bonnie Hicks. This past summer, Bonnie Hicks and Brian Hennessy were guests in Lima, Peru. Here they at- tended high school and were able to explore many areas of interest, such as the Inca ruins. On Janu- ary 13, Marta Tobar Terra ar- rived from Playa Ancha, Valpa- raiso, Chile, to stay with the Hicks until April. In the beginning of February, Walter Correa arrived from Guayaquil, Ecuador, and lived with the Hennessy family throughout the school year. I TER ATIO AL FELLOWSHIP The International Fellowship is a student exchange program between the United States and South America. Through this program, a North Shore student spends a summer as a guest of some family in a South American country and, in return, is host to a visitor during the winter. Brian Hennessy is host to Walter Correa, Intcmational Fellowship cx change student from Ecuador. GUNNAR LUND ,E Q.,-fugg . ' , E' wif , -ilil"i1'faQ'Sl,'f: 1 .7 i 9 Y. MERICAN FIELD SERVICE The American Field Service promotes under- standing and good will among the peoples of the world. Through the A.F.S., foreign students spend one year living in an American home, attending an American school, while American students are sent abroad for either three months, under the summer program, or for an entire year. North Shore has participated in the program for five years. This year, we have been extremely fortunate in having Gunnar Lund of Sweden as our exchange student. Through classroom study and through participation in school activities, Gunnar has been able to get a better understanding of America, and at the same time give us an insight into life abroad. This year's A.F.S. Committee is made up of a group of students who have made it their aim to make Gunnar Lund feel as much at home as possible. They sponsored a tea in the early fall at which Gunnar was formally introduced to the stu- dents and to the community. AFS COMMITTEE Left to right: FIRST ROW, L. Windels, R. Reid, J. Boston, S. Barton, V. McLaughlin, S. Dunn. SECOND ROW, P O Mitty C Rockwell F. Collings, C. Stiles, J. Cummings, J. Kem, R. Osmer, C. Donohue. a..e.fa- at cj ASSEMBLY COM ITTEE The Assembly Committee, with its sponsor, Mr. Pappas, arranges the assemblies which are pre- sented once each month. This fall Dr. Ethel Alpen- fels, a professor at New York University, spoke on anthropology at an assembly for the eleventh and twelfth grades. Later in the year, Ray Heatherton, a radio and television star who is also a professor of American History, spoke to the ninth and tenth grade students. These were only two of the many fine programs which were presented throughout the school year. LATIN CLUB For forty-five of North Shore's Latin scholars, the Latin Club, organized by Mr. Matthews, is an enjoyable and worthwhile activity. The main objec- tive of the club is to promote and maintain an interest in Latin and in the Romans and their con- tributions to our heritage. Last fall, the members held a candy sale to help finance their Christmas party, Saturnalia. he X c9' 30.1 KrQos+.9sk ICLQLJCJ . vi? ll 2 l SJ ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE. Left to right: FIRST ROW, Il. Muschclta. SIT- TING, D. Scbastianelli, S. Halpcrt, S. Hotine, C. Ncwhold. STANDING, J. Vincent, J. Naumann. we-An., 2552? LATIN CLUB. Left to right FIRST ROW, D. Krakowcr, B Lcvnan M. Cox S Wood, II. Caldwell, T Kelley J. Bell, E Grxssing, A Capuco, N. Faisant. SECOND ROW, C. Lund, J. Schwartz, L. Cray, S. Hotine, D. Levine, C. O'Ncill, S. Quarcsima, M. Mirabito, L. Bell mar, S. Konrad. THIRD ROW, J. Cummings, P. O'Mitty, J. Schlessingcr, F. Curdman, C. Donohue, D. Schwartz, P. Moschctta, T. Mos chetta J Bemstem I Avirett J Pitt N Cox C Eddy C Brock J Moehrmg I3I 'Lvl-f SPANISH CLUBS With over one hundred members, the Spanish Club is the largest language club at North Shore. Besides enabling the students to speak Spanish informally, the club provides opportunities for them to get a better view of Spanish speaking countries through lectures, films and slides. Under the supervision of Mrs. Comfort and Miss Nogle, the members held their traditional banquet on December 7, and went on the annual picnic in the spring. Q CLUB ESPANOL KPRIMER Y SEGUNDO ANOSJ. Left to right: FIRST ROW, N. Kaufman, J. Randolpll, N. Wilk, P Boston, J. Kcrn, C. Stiles. SECOND ROW, S. Kron, S. Muszynski, J. Brockway, B. Mitchell, D. Brown, L. Carroll S. Cutler, C. Naples, P. Calvert, L. Teicll, E. McAllister, G. Kenny, D. Walters. THIRD ROW, M. Bushman B. Halloran J. Farkas, D. Krakower, D. Nicholson, G. Meyer, P. Hochswender, R. Sloan, C. Zuccala, E. Johanson Welken M r Barasll, J. Hagan, J. Rudolph, s. Farrell, B. Illston, C. Appel, C. Hart, H. Meilink, B. Neilson, P. Plumb, M. Lainda, R. Barry. FOURTH. ROW, D. Short, J. Kalauskas, D. Reid, W. Leopold, B. Bullock, C. Burger, C. Cirina, D. Anderson C. Ncwbold, J. Darllng, J. Boston, J. Kiernan, E. Marcusson. 1 ILUB ESPANOL QTERCER Y CUARTO ANOSJ. Left to right: FIRST ROW, D. Vicius, J. Coleman, N. Buett- ncr, B. Furst, K. Chase, K. Foclltman. SECOND ROW, S. O'Neal, K. Mack, L. Windels, L. Konazewski, J. Cohen, J. .Naumann, D. Hollenratll, M. Salemo, L. Townsend. THIRD ROW, G. Schenck, M. Hansen J. Lawrence B. De Mllt, S. Stanco, K. Sarandlnaki, J. Kuesel, V. Hicks, F. Collings, M. Lyons, B. Noerager, E.,Kohn, L. Weiss, Oi Molan, L. Stoddard, W. McLeod. GERMAN CLUB. Left to right: FIRST ROW, B. De Paolo, B. Kolk, L. Becker, D. Nicholson, M. Block, E. Lorimore, G Eder P Bolgosano, G. Cause. SECOND ROW, P. King, J. Block, S. Wood, A. Kwartiroif, B. Rennie, D. Baldwin, Schenenga, C. Kalauskas. GERMAN CLUB The German Club, sponsored by Mrs. Lord, is designed to bring students into closer contact with the German heritage as well as with the language itself. On December 17, the club held its annual Christmas party, and this spring they celebrated Fasehingsfest. The members also went on a trip to the German section of New York City, where they FRENCH CLUB The French Club, known to French scholars as "Le Cercle Francais", under the supervision of Miss Sedlak, promotes the students' knowledge of French culture and enables them to meet and to converse informally. The members held their annual French dinner in March, saw a French movie, and were en- tertained with a "folk song festw presented by the B. Ohst, C. Mueller G ate' at a German restaurant and saw a German movie. French 1V group, FRENCH CLUB. Left to right: FIRST ROW, S. Halpcrt, B. Zurer, Z. Beaumont, M. Robba, M. Brenner, C. Chambers, D. Blackmore, M. Muscio, I. Kraith, J. Coleman, B. Moshinsky, J. Bromberick, S. Cutler, C. Rosengren. SECOND ROW, K. Clarke, N. Wilk, L. Cutler, M.. Sllliill, .l. Vincent, L. Groves, B. Baron, S. Schwartz, L. Nadcl, V. Sturm, M. Lunda, S. Dunn, M. Barash, N. Dunn, I. Avirctt, M. NlCll0lZ10U, H. Caldwell, K. Sarandinaki. THIRD ROW, M. Bell, C. Houston, P. Lotz, B. Nyhlen, K. Best, G. Sterling, E. Grissing, C. Brock, P. Kelley. l 33 ART CLUB. Left to right: FIRST ROW, P. Malloy, B. Cocks, J. DuBeshter, D. Clialaire, C. Chamliers, J. Vincent, C. Appel, M. Block, C. MacMillan, L. Tamlyn. SECOND ROW, S. Stanco, F. Strandfeldt, L. Lehmann, N. Popof, C. Rosengren, B. Nyhlen, P. Black, E. Meier, E. McLaughlin, P. Lotz, B. Bullock. RT CLUB ART SERVICE GROUP The Art Club, under the supervision of Mr. Dale Chilcoat, enables all North Shore students to pursue their interests in the field of art. During the year they took a painting trip to the beach, trips to a local artist's studio, and put on several art demonstrations and an all-school art show. The Art Service Group assists various departments within the school with their art activities. Under the direction of Mr. Dale Chilcoat, the club has presented several small art shows in the lobby and done paintings for the teachers' lounge and the faculty and administration offices. In addi- tion, the students design posters and holiday decorations for the school. l l ART SERVICE GROUP. Left to right: FIRST ROW, D. Chalaire, B. Garda, R. Orden, J. Ryan, C. O'Hare, R. Howell, T. Nohile, B. Schurmherg, R. Scoble, L. Tamlyn, S. Schwartz, C. MacMillan, T. Gallo, L. Cohen, D. Vogt. SECOND ROW, C. Appel, N. Popof, D. Short, E. Meier, B. Nocrager, C. Naidi, B. Nylilen, P. Black, E. McLaughlin, K. Banker, B. Bullock, V. Yasky, J. Farkas, K. Eddy. THIRD ROW, S. DOW, J. DuBeshter, A. Trinche, J. Condit, B. Patterson, D. Miller, R. Mason, P. Lotz, S. Muszynsky. FOURTH ROW, C. Chambers, J. Vincent, B. Simpson, G. Hoolahan I.. Lehmann, C. Walker, D. Coope, M. Mancusi, T. Cowley, A. MacMillan, C. Rosengren, G. Capobianco, K. Driscoll, R. Zisk. I34 Connie Appel, a member of Mr. Cl1ilcoat's Art Club, enjoys sketching during the trip to the beach. ART CL B f' Members of Mr. Diamond's Art Club work with clay. This year a new art club was organized by Mr. Diamond to help students who wish to develop their ability in art and to try out different media. Students work informally in areas of their choice and at their own rate of speed. ART CLUB. Left to right: KNEELINC, J. Gattie, H. Rice, P. Barton, T. Colovatchoff, R. Reid, L. Muscio, T. Moschetta, J. Schwartz, D Anderson, L. Gray, Cv. Randolph. FIRST ROW, S. Muszynski, B. Scharmberg, C. Klein, J. Brockway, E. Johanson, C. Carroll, L. Stella 5. Sefton, C. Berger. C. Macedonia, A. Walker, N. Chase. SECOND ROW, G. Kalauskas, R. Scoble, E. Kirby, D. Flynn, B. Mitchell, D llfuff, C. Walker, T. Nobile. C. Cirina, J. Pegrum, J. Kuesel, E. Kohn. 'N-.P --Q-...,,,, FUTURE NURSES. Left to right: KNEELING, S. Young, C. Thompson, L. Bushman, C. Burger, M. Carucci, B. Hojnowski, C. Naples, B. Amrhein, B. Halloran. STANDING, C. Thompson, M. Knop, D. Hohenralh, J. Anderson, L. Wischhusen, J. Zinkand, N. Dunn, K. Cilhrrt, B. Roth, K. Clarke, L. Katowski, D. Morison, C. Kipping, J. Hagan. FUTURE TEACHERS. Left to right: SEATED, D. VanDeusen, J. Reid, J. Sorum, S. Stanco. STANDING, N. Buettncr, K. Schoendorf, J. Bromberick, P. Ciri, N. Faisant. I36 F TURE NURSES Through trips, lectures, panels, films, and selected community ac- tivities, the members of the Nurses' Club obtain an insight into the fields of nursing and allied health careers. 'Under the supervision of Miss Handley, school nurse, the members have explored problems in nursing and gained helpful prac- tical experience. FUTURE TEACHERS The members of the Future Teachers Club meet once a month with their sponsor, Miss Magistro. During the year, the members gain invaluable experience by observing and helping at the Junior High School. Through speakers and field trips to nearby colleges, the stu- dents are able to explore Various phases of the teaching field. OFFICE PRACTICE Under the direction of Mr. Krawitz, the Office Practice Club performs many valuable services for the various departments, the faculty and the student organiza- tions of the school. Using the knowledge they have gained in class, the members prepare, type, and mimeograph programs, in- structional materials, and tickets. F TURE OMEMAKERS Sponsored by Mrs. Lambert, the Future Homemakers of America Club is open to all students who are interested in becoming better homcmakers in the home and com- munity. Although most ofthe year was devoted to sewing projects, one of the year's special projects was making and selling fruitcakes for the holiday season. rf ,.4-' OFFICE PRACTICE CLUB. Left to right: FIRST ROXV, A. Pascalc, E. Ruby, M Buonincontri. SECOND ROW, J. Ketcham, A. Dudar, E. Cocks, H. Laszcwicki. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, J. Hagan, C. Maroni, P. Black, M. Knop, L. Abrams. SECOND ROW, C. Naples, I.. Carroll, L. Fodcra, K. Knapp, K. Driscoll, K. Schoendorf, H. McQuade, C. Klein, C. Thompson, L. Schierhorst. "j2""' l .L CHEMISTRY CLUB. Left to right: FIRST ROW, C ONe1ll D Levine .I Taylor M Brenner SECOND ROW B Zurer R Aldred ,I Laurence, B. Ohst, E. Crissing, .I. North, B. Furst, B Mo hinsky B Nyhlen C Newbold K Chase C French N Falsant W McLeod I. Bromhcrick, O. Molan, K. Sommer, P. Sherk. CHEMISTRY CLUB Students interested in the field of chem- istry meet once a month with Mr. Weis- man to perform experiments dealing with material that has practical uses in our daily lives. The club has taken several trips to local college laboratories, includ- ing the Research Laboratory at Brook- haven. MATHLETE 4'We are the Mathletes. Mathletes are we. We never lose our math abilityli' is the chant of the members of the Math Club. Under the direction of Mr. Charles Fenn, the fifteen Mathletes meet once a week to build up their skills in mathemat- ics. They attend six meets a year, com- peting with other Nassau County Schools. High scoring students are awarded with pins and other prizes at the annual Mov- ing-Up Day Exercises. I38 Schussboonicrs prepare to "take to the slopes." SCH SSBOO ERS The Ski Club, with over l50 memhers, is one of the largest ancl most enthusiastic groups in the school. The eluh meets ap- proximately twice a month to view ski films ancl cliseuss plans for ski trips. l.ast winter, together with advisor Miss Lori- more, the Sehussboomers took three week- encl trips to New Hampshire and the Po- conos as well as several clay trips to nearer slopes. Ready, get set, GO! i 5 Q A 'ei A time of relaxation follows a strenuous day of skiing A wonderful weekend has Colne to a close. osx V "Wm ' to Y' ' r . s ,X g A ' ,r,,. -f I X Ry Wiifa X 'Qi Micbacl Robbins sorts picturcs for the next issue. VIKI G VIEW The Viking View is the chronicle of events at North Shore. Whatever goes on in student life is recorded, not only for the information of the students, but also for a permanent record. The Viking View is also a journal of opinion, in its editorials, columns, and contri- butions of letters to the editors. The news- paper trains its staff and editors in the various arts of journalism: news and feature writing, proofreading, dummying, and layout. Often this experience is the springboard for a career in journalism. EDITORS. Left to rigbt: FIRST ROW. M. Cox, News Editorg .l. Naumann, Assistant Business Managcrg B. Furst, Copy Ed.. S. Halpcrl, Page Ed. SECOND ROW, S. Meardon, Page Ed.: P. Sberk, Sports Ed.g M. Hament, Photogra- phy Ed.g R. Gallon, Featurcg R. Herbert, Page Ed.g F. Cardman, Editor-in-Chief. THIRD ROW, M. Robbins, Edit0r-in- Cbiefg S. Hotinc, Managing Ed.g M. Cardman, Page Ed.g S. Cutler, Circulation Ed.g J. Levine, Business Manager. 2 if STAFF MEMBERS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, B. Halloran, B. Amrhein, K. Clarke, E. Simpson, K. Fochtmann, K. Knapp, D. Levine, J. Youngs, J. Coleman, L. Cutler. SECOND ROW, C. Naples, L. Carroll, N. Wilk, J. Vincent, J. Naumann, L. Foderu, J. SCl1W11r1Z, Ross, K. Gilbert, B. Noeruger, S. Young. THIRD ROW, 1. Rubin, J. Levine, B. Ohst, B. Levitan, B. Zurer, D. N1cliolson,.D. Halperin, D. Krukowcr. Klein, E. Grissing, C. Gillen, P. Feinberg. Vs Published by the students of North Shore High School and serving the communities of Glen Head, Glenwood Landing and Sea Cliff. 1 fk f Wh V l 1 Francine Cardman posts assignments for llle next issue of llte Viking I I View. Editors-in-Chief .... .... . Francine Cardman, Mi Managing Editor News Editor .... chael Robbins Susan Hotine Margaret Cox Feature Editor .. ...........,.,.... Raymond Gallon Business Manager . . ..,...,....,...,,....... Joan Levine Plge Editors .... .. Michele Cardman, Susanna Halpert, Rosemarie Herbert, Photographer . , Sports Editor . . . Circulation Manager ... ,, , , ,, Copy Editor ......... .. . .. , Faculty Advisor ..........,.,,...........,.... Mrs. Sh STAFF Sue Meardon Mari: Hament . Peter Sherk Sharon Cutler Barbara Furst eila Saferstein J. Coleman, L. Fodera, E. Grissing,1D. Halperin, J. Klein, D. Krakower, D. Levine, J. Levine, B. Levitan, J. Nauman, D. lNicholson, B. Ohst, J, Rubin, M. Schwartz, B. Zurer. Printed bv Senator Printina Cornoration .X 1 .Em Qi s ,aa- FITCH-J'l'T1. f EDITORS. Left to right: SEATED, B. Simpson, Art and Layout Editorg J. Moehring, Activities Editor. FIRST ROW, G. Travis, Literary Editorg J. Bernstein, Advertising and Circulation Editorg C. Cavuoti, Sophomore Editorg D. Krakower, Assistant Fac- ulty and Administration Editor, D. Nicholson, Co-literary Editorg C. Sanderson, Senior Editor. SECOND ROW, B. Moshinsky, Assistant to the Editorg R. Herbert, Freshman Editorg J. Kern, Editor-in-Chief, F. Collings, Faculty and Administration Editorg N. Wilk, Junior Editor: D. Schwartz, Sports Editor. MISSING: P. Birer, Business Manager. Xwrs- mb llohlmi Simpson, .lunicc Kern, and David Schwartz plan for the coming deadline. l42 T LIEI The Taliesin editors, together with their new advisor, lVlr. Dale Chilcoat, and lVlrs. Brill, former advisor, began working on the yearbook early last spring. Since then, with the help of the general staff, they have scheduled pictures, interviewed faculty members, sold advertisements, written copy, and finally or- ganized a 192-page pictorial history of the school year. Yearbook sales were held for three weeks in November and February. For the first time, books were sold before and after school in the special "Yearbook booth." To promote sales and earn money, the staff held the second annual yearbook dance, "Plymouth Rockv, on November 21. 4 - --A A x ' ii5?ftvhWf3llli w , C BQ .W AM' U ' iff - 'Q' 'o "5 lb f' 3 JW 9 Stuff mcmhers sell yearhooks at the special booth which was made to encourage sales. Faith Collings supervises the taking of hand pictures. STAFF MEMBERS. left to right: FIRST ROW. F.. Marcusson, C. Rockwell, A. Lumsden, J. VanBlommcsteyn, P. O'Mitty, A. MacMillan, C. Stiles, T. Huffer. ,l. Cummings, H. Huston, R. Reid. SECOND ROW, C. O'Donnell, M. Lyons, J. Youngs, B. Levitan, L. Graves, L. Cutler, li Nocragcr, C. Naples, H. Graham, L. Fodera, F. Alexeew, R. Howell, M. Smith. THIRD ROW, K. Russell, E. Somelofski, S. Arasim, P. Feinberg, L. Cray, L. Carroll, J. Naumann, K. Fochtmann, E. McLaughlin, A. Wolchock, C. Cillin, M. Mirabito, D. Blackmore, L. Weiss. FOURTH ROW, E. Simpson, C. Newhohl, L. Draper, V. McLaughlin, P. Calvert, E. Meier, E. Lorimore, D. Nicholson, C. Burger, D. Froeschuuer, R. Cuyon, L. Stella, D. Krakower. FIFTH ROW, P. Crosby, D. Bailey, L. Welken, J. Taylor, .l. Candeloru. MISSING, K. Marsden. -W1-an-1 'mr Y u ' a,3L,. , at . Um lm k-"' W Nei VT 'xii 5 Zi V4 S A 'Q Ii? Y ngixfifii nf' ' nit f Q-1 , 4-iw' "X N I , ' ,F 0- 4 ' , 5, ' 7 57 3 -. 1 4 1 Q .. Kg ' Q A JB ! , A K ' xl , X xi' Ll f t ,Q 'Nf',11X .fs fs K QF ses- QS V X F: 'K 3 N, -,.f, 7 Y MT Q Q 'Mk s k I , , x W N c 1 . s -Q ag Ai 4 ,S ii K 1 ul 11 y X H N-X, 'W 'N fs li I fi' K gm, sky xx SX W 2. fx! I! ' , 1. K 1 5 4.-xxffi ZW: 5 J I ' L," 'N' ' j ff-7Q"'N-X I- W I ,XX 'X H f- -,uff f f'5fi4"'b g 444 f fs N '1' x it .iw x SFI, W Q A 5 v PL :Q HE gi , v' A . 1, ,Nw we f ,A f. A . if ff f ' .ff xg -1:1 Y.. xi 4 Z ' , L, A. , ,-X . - 1 VS-x A X 7 - V, In ' '11, , I - K j . I , X I f x ,L f.f. M f sm 1 M- ' mx . 10: ' 'S 4' 51, A 3' f - FRE" Q- ' xfw- - Q .31 , . f V . . ,. 'y 79 xasl- , X xxx. 5 B' my : X ag F ww ' " , x 1 A'Y' 7' f " " rw K Li ' s QQ Q Q P kg fx X 'I-lr Sli 1 25 ,f tx c N ' f- 1 L -7.1, 1 X J -.x-W W... . X ,f 'I My Q' I X I . WOODWINDS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, D. Buckhout, C. Peltz, J. Post, J. Lombard, R. Bicrwcilcr, J. Klc, D. Dochtcnnann. SECOND ROW, R. Baron, C. Roman, C. Sanderson, J. Lcvinc, C. Houston, R. Gallon, M. Baily, D. Levine, C. Randolph. THIRD ROW, E. Vinas, N. Patterson, L. Johnson, J. Anderson, D. Piasoczny, D. Rcid, T. Pc-lliccio, S. Stedman, T. Kay, P. Sarandinaki, B. Levitan, M. Wclken, S. Smith. ,M PERCUSSION. Left to right: FIRST ROW. J. Romanus. C. Kalauskas, J, Whit:-, C. Rayo. SECOND ROW, R. Rydor, J. Ryrnz R. Sals, C. Hendrickson, B. George. VARSITY ORCHE TR The North Shore High School Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Dwight Dyer, has continued to uphold its record of musical superiority. It performed at the annual Winter and Spring Concerts, and in the spring entered into competition with other schools in the an- nual State Music Festival. Ah! Wilderness. LOWER STRINGS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, V. Taylor, J. Kle, P. Barton, A. Townsend, D. Sturm, A. Zimmerman. SECOND ROW, C. Kalauskas, R. Sals, W. O'Shca, H. Barnhill, F. Mullen, C. Bartcll, R. Ryder, J. Romanus. I46 ,BL- rw '57 BASSES AND TENORS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, R. Romm, F. Seymour, F. Conman, J. Kiernan, A. Zimmerman, R. Smith P. O'Shea, J. Fochtman, P. Sarandinaki, F. Jaeger. SECOND ROW, B. Shirley, A. Townsend, D. Fucito, J. Homer, M. Destio Gi Kenney, H. Barnhill, D. Diggory, R. De Paolo, C. Richter. THIRD ROW, H. Fricke, P. Varin, B. Barlow, C. Duncan, B. Swenson McManus. FIFTH ROW, R. Mason, M. Hansen, C. Hendrickson, R. Gallon, V. Svetlovsky, J. Kuesel, M. Convoy, S. Arlo, K Strandfeldt, D. Miller. SIXTH ROW, C. Sterling, A Lippke, G. Kiernan, .I. Hellman, W. Waller, W- MUSCIlSki, G- SVef10VSkY P. Birer, P. Kelley, K. Forrest, D. Houghton, K. Best, K. Best. The Varsity Chorus, composed of approximately 160 students, is under the direction of Mr. John Sterling. This group of stu- dents sings at the annual Winter and Spring concerts. This spring the chorus performed with the Colgate College Choir at the Scholar- ship Concert and presented a program at the World's Fair. The Chorus also entered into competition with other schools on Long Island at All State. VARSITY CHORUS B. Merry, A. Capuco, W. Sherwood, B. Johnson. FOURTH ROW, C. Lippke, A. Trinche, C. Naida, L. Welken E. Vinas Tl 9 T w 1 l - 'Qifw v',v Kr H' I?-.TQ m,4Q. 9? Q , Q 2 92 2 wwf 9 Q 2.m'Q mia Q ' x E .ki I Q 4 ml . - I lax v K I' l F Q6 Qfq' -lx'V.f. "i'ff 5f 'Q 9 E5 Q 3 2555 fxfii' Q Q".-SQ 1 f,f9S"5+?E. R? fa if? "' 4? E QQ-iil'22i . LX GIRLS' CHORUS ALTOS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, L. Stella, P. Pascucci, J. Fochtman, R. Orden, H. Ashley, J. Zinkand, S. Gould. SECOND ROW, M. Grayson, L. Cohen, V. Pedulla, P. Plumb, C. Eddy, J. Kalauskas. THIRD ROW, G. Randolf, N. Kaufman, L. Pvsclu-nski, S. Vitrano, L. Johnson. FOURTH ROW, L. Becker, V. Yasky, J. Farkas, K. Chenault, E. Pearsall, L. Draper, E. Lorimore. FIFTH ROW, S. Quarcsima, M. Gaylord, N. Chase, J. Kolkebeck, P. Hamilton, C. Berger, S. Farrell, A. Hershenhart. SIXTH ROW, L. Small, N. Patterson, T. Otis, M. Evans, B. Divonzo, C. Cirina. SOPRANOS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, P. Murray, K. Travis, A. Amrhein, S, Cavallaro, B. Levitan, D. Krakowcr, P. Barton, M. Welken, A. Wolchock, C. Hinton. SECOND ROW, C. Cavuoti, P. Montagnese, N. Leggett, L. Bellmar, J. Rudolph, C. O'Hare, W. Hollman, D. Nicholson, .l. Marion, P. Hesse, E. Irving, S. Zahn. THIRD ROW, S. Muszynski, C. Wildt, T. Gallo, M. Knopp, K. Banker, B. Roth, J. Randolph, l.. Tamlyn, D. Arasim, M. Bailey, J. Jones, D. Sturm, V. Terry. FOURTH ROW, N. Cox, L. Hamke, J. Gaylord, M. Knop, A. Cavallaro, P. Crosby G. Meyer, P. Boston, K. Knapp, K. Kaufmann, V. Sturm, J. White. FIFTH ROW, B. Kolk, C. Coffey, P. Lotz, D. Reid, D. Piascczny, E. Mc- Laughlin, J. Pitt, C. Hart, B. Illston, R. Blaun, D. Conman, S. Schwartz. l50 FRESHMAN CHORUS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, C. Macedonia, T. Golovatchoff, L. Oleynicova, J. Nau, L. Senarens, T. Miles, B. Wnuk, K. Pehme, J. Treiber, M. Oustinoff, F. Wildt, J. Mukhalian, K. Klimo, T. Cannella, P. Feinberg, P. Darcy. SECOND ROW, M. Kenny, H. Tschaen, C. Klein, R. Hennessy, R. Herbert, M. Cummings, M. Hymiawsky, B. Sherwood, D. Bennett, A. Mack, B. Ridcr, Beach, J. Wynia, H. Rice, N. Lockwood, C. Thompson, G. Zuccala, M. Perro, P. Owen. THIRD ROW, J. Colgan, L. Grella, J. Paradiso, L. Massi, G. Meigel, D. Brown, M. Doughty, W. Magnuson, J. Keller, K. Torti, P. Goodman, B. Marsden, J. Kuesel, R. Ross, J. Pegrum, M. Mirabito, L. Merry, W. O'Hara, T. Nobile, J. Sullivan. FOURTH ROW, D. Koehler, L. Anderson, E. Johanson, J. Hamilton, B. Scharmberg, R. Reid, S. Giordana, R. Guyon, S. Convey, W. Jorgensen, C. Patton, B. Sprague, D. Simm, B. Miller, E. Mitchell, J. Fabiano, S. Black, L. Davis, B. Sopcr, N. Chase, S. Walker, D. Weber, D. Frocschaucr. FIFTH ROW, M. Redling, W. Clarke, J. Brockway, S. Meardon, L. Borrie, V. Best, K. Schoendorf, N. Svetlovsky, C. Adler, R. Carl- son, M. Poulos, R. Barry, B. Meyer, E. Kirby, J. Golden, S. Foster, W. Leopold, J. Birer, B. Weeks, J. Schwartz, S. Sosik, C. Gillcn, J. Trombina. SIXTH ROW, D. Chalaire, B. Mitchell, T. Moschetta, L. Cray, P. Anderson, J. Puchalski. FRESHMAN CHORUS The Freshman Chorus, under the leadership of Mr. John Sterling, is a newly formed choral 'group composed of more than 100 students. It presented its first program of the year at the Winter Concert and followed this debut with a fine performance at the Spring Concert. Members of the Freshman chorus get together before rehearsal. DO ISOL HO RSE ORSEME The DoMiSols is a select group of thirty-three girls, conducted by Mr. Sterling. The group performs for num- erous school and community activities, as well as in all concert assemblies. Since the girls are provided with many difficult pieces of music, they are able to gain an extensive background in choral singing, and, at the At 7:30 every Tuesday morning, a select group of twenty North Shore boys meets with Mr. Sterling to sing "everything from Rach to barbershopf, The Hoarse Norsemen, perform for such community activities as the Colden Ring and the Rotary Club and at all school concerts. same time, develop their individual talents. HORRSE NORSEMEN. Left to right: FIRST ROW, R. Bennett, R. DePaolo, C Richter, P. Goodman, R Smith F. Jaeger, D Fnnnn, A. Capuco, c. Kenny, R. Romm. SECOND Row, K. Forrest, K. Bea, Kf Best, B. Merry, v. svnilnvskyfn. Mason, Ai Llppke, G. Sterling, P. Kelley, C. Reid. DO MI SOLS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, J. Marien, A. King, S. Zahn, M. Salerno, J. Naumann, J. Jones, H. Huston, J. Brombcrick, S. Young, P. Pascucci, D. Blackmore. SECOND ROW, S. Wood, R. Reid, S. Glenn, J. Coleman, B. Nllylen, .I. Vincent, li. Fiori, P. Mosclletla, D. Sebastianelli, M. Bell, C. Rockwell. THIRD ROW, R. Osmer, V. Hicks. N. Cox, F. Collings, P. Crosby, K. Strandfeldt, M. Emerson, L. Small, K. Gilbert, M. Cox, j. Koch. o Q I 1 G.A.A. Through participation in field hockey, badminton, volleyball, modern dance, basketball, gymnastics, soft- ball or tennis, members of the Girls' Athletic Associa lion develop not only additional skills. but also a deeper sense of good sportsmanship. Under the guidance of Miss Maple and Miss Lorimore, the girls compete with teams from other schools in Nassau, and participate in special uplay daysf, G.O.C. In the Girls' Officials Club, with Miss lVlaple's as- sistance, girls qualified in athletics are given the op- portunity to become well-trained officials and leaders of the GAA. program. The members of the G.0.C. officiate at games played by the C.A.A., assist the physi- cal education teachers, and gain a working knowledge of all girls, sports. 11.012 la-fl to right: l"lR5'l' ROW. l.. Becker, L. llvlllnar. N. Patterson. 'l'. Gallo, I. :Min-tt, ll. Garda, L. Cook, lt. Sloan, M. Enwr- son, C. Snndcrson. SECOND ROW, U. Furst, T. Robbins, S. Farrt-ll, P. llocllswvndcr, R. Osiner, R. Strandfcll, P. Most-lwtla, M. S 'Nl llill I F1 llt llit IJ Grayson, J. Sornni. M. CI'1lIllt'I'. 'l'lllRD ROW. C. llouston, l.. Kutowski. li. Roth, C. fmall. 1 . ' , .. .1 rrn , I. ar. . lllau-klnorv, ll l"ra1lm-11, S. llnlinv. Liscllil, LU ,ggi , M3444 , sue.. We QA! ,QQA-24 f1r,f..,2f'.?f, 4, 6044 4 M Qt- My fwdy W"" ' Ont r f HIIJEER-LF ERS. eft to , N. Wilk, L. Carroll, P. Hockswender, J. Cummings, H. Huston, S. Barton, C. llartell, R. Xlbdcjq, LL? IC . Pail . p M .Al , Wie .W MCH'EEaKIfE7AD ii F TWIRLER wud -xJ"f1?QZO414,gC.fQ,, is group of nine cheerleaders and one Viking The Twirlers, under the direction of Mrs. Cal- m direction of Miss Lorimore, has lagher, performed along with the Marching Band payed an important role in leading both our Junior in the half-time Sl10WS at h0ITle fO0flJZlll games. Varsity and Varsity teams to victory. They started Thf0l1gl1 C0flliflUill pr2lCliCe, the girls Were able t0 the year off with a pep rally, at which each cheer- display unusually complex routines. As an added at- leader taught the student body the new cheers, traction, Carol Adler and Cathy Chase put on fire- twirling exhibitions at several of the shows. TWIRLERS. Left to right: FIRST ROW, C. Naples, C. 0'Donnell, D. Lutkiewicz, D. Brown, C. Adler, C. Cutler, N. Lockwood, J. Nau, H. Graham. SECOND ROW, M. Nadolny, P. French, S. Farrell, L. McLaughlin, C. Hessen, P. DiStefano, K. Chase, P. Mally, B. Noerager, B. Divonzo, E. Franzen, J. Farkas, D. Chalaire. I54 l. ff "Lt-t's play lm-ap frog." VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club, organized to promote participation in ex- travurricular sports. is Composed of approximately fifty boys who have received a letter in some varsity sport. Members sell refreshments and programs at all home football and basket- N ball games and together with Mr. Schiffer and lVIr. Reardon, assist llle Ullllelilf fllreclors lll formulating School athletic David Schwartz and Ronnie Carlson sf-ll l'a'fn-slilmrlits policies. The money earned at sports events is used to buy Il10V1lfSilY Clllllllfil f0"1lt1llltl21IW'- Varsity Club jackets and sweaters. VARSITY CLUB. Left to right: FIRST ROW, A. Casano, A. Andriola, J. March. G. Kenny, R. Cohen, P. Kelly, L. Grayson. H. Fricke. SECOND ROW, B. Hackett. J. Klein, B. Coope, D. Schwartz. P. Walczak, A. MacMillan, M. Hansen, T. Blackburn. THIRD ROW, J. Watkins, M. Keller, F. Mayer, C. Srllenck. D. Acheson, T. Small, R. Vrccland. FOURTH ROW, F. Porter, D. Slater, D. Baldwin, D. Bierman, T. Huffer, J. Schlessingcr, L. Mullan. FIFTH ROW, B. Roth, R. Carlson, D. Bailey, C. Levy. T. Watrous, C. Kiernan, C. Lund. r17 SPGRT "Youth is the time to go flashing from one end of the world to the other both in mind and in bodyf, Robert Louis Stevenson A Q fix! .W r IS7 r l John Sc-lilessinger heads for the bcneh. FOOTBALL The North Shore Varsity Football Team, under Coach John Reardon, finished its 10644 season with one win and seven losses. Although the squad had an unsuccessful year on the gridiron, several let- termen did perform outstandingly. Co-Captain Peter Tozer was chosen '4All-Scholastic Fullbaclcw and was named as the Vikings, "Most Valuable Player". and Tony Cassano won the g'Lineman of the Years' Award. The Junior Varsity team, coaelied by George lVleyer, enjoyed a 6-win, 2-loss revord. rw K' A re -' I B -. - N J ' ' l gk - , , 1 74. ,- f 'TN""M.' ' 55 2' .i Q XX I ' H , xv. . X.,,,,uA y Vx . 5' k'Q ', fl ' r 2: 3S,m 1 r l 'f I . - 0, Vo t f ' n I ME , 1 1 .. 1 f x I 4 . P19 33 xx 495 VARSITY FOOTBALL. Left to right: KNEELING, M. Keller, T. Grella, M. Tozer, T. Andriola, M. Hansen, T. Cassano, J. Schlessinger T. Blackburn, J. Miller. STANDING, Mr. Nicolino, B. Grella, S. Dowd, J. Koloski, F. Seymour, P. Tozer, B. Aldred, P. Kelley, B. Waller D. At-boson, J. Watkins, T. Arnost, D. Kapp, B. Vreeland, R. Bellanca, Mr. Reardon. I58 ,Q fn 1- 2 Eiff 4 ,g 2,50 A . X' 4 , K xg MEAN A . ji , J 23 lk2V'.Tf'Eie3 222 6 'E f' 194 -' ,I KN' L I? fun 1 1 M 5 1. gnu A Sf-A 5 '-fx: 'R 5.93-5 PF' , 1" 5 1 4. . 'RKAQQQ1 1 Q x x A f ne' O '-JJ N .- u , M. .. 'H E .5 David Schwartz prepares to rcturn a scrvc. TENNIS In its first losing season, the North Shore Varsity Tennis Team, under the di- rection of Coach Robert Barna, ended up with a disappointing two win and eight loss record. However, David Schwartz and Marc Schwartz each won eight singles matches losing only to Roslyn, the league champs. Captain David Schwartz was given the "Most Valuable Player" Awarcl. TENNIS. Left to right: KNEELING, S. Mesh, A. Amercupan, A. Kaufman, L. Naclcl. STANDING, J. Sole, C. Levy, D. Schwartz, C. Schencnga, D. 0'Ncal. CROSS COUNTRY. Left to right: KNEELINC, T. Cahill, R. Haugland, S. Leggett, F. Mayer, P. Walzack. STANDING, A. Vallxcr H Frickc, A. Townsend, C. Reid, H. Scharmberg, D. Cahill. CROSS COUNTRY The achievement of the Cross Country Team was disappointing with a one win and six loss record. Yet, Coach Don Thompson said, "What is im- Q portant is that everyone has improved," and that good junior and sophomore runners are coming up for next year. Steve Leggett and Fred Mayer, both juniors, were recognized as the team's "Most lm- pr0ved" and "Most Valuableu runners. 35 fl 4- 1 'Y 4' 'lair' M, ,, it V wfpj- it ' wg 41 s . in E132 ,, .7 gl.. KA 7 if I l'cte Walvzuk practices running- even in thc rain ..... L Q - Q .. VARSITY SOCCER. Lcft to right: KNEELINC, J. Chase, J. Van Blommesteyn, B. Roth, D. Slater, D. Bchrinann, H. Carlson, D. Baldwin J. Goss, J. Klv. STANDING, Mr. Schiffer, T. Watrous, D. Diggorty, P. Johnson, D. Lang, J. Sullivan. lil. Hackcrt, C. Schcnck, G. Kiernnn F. Porter. R. Calundrin. V. Svctlovsky, L. Wclkcn, B. Coope. Gunnar Lund races for pass. l62 SGCCER "The potential of the 1964 Varsity Soccer Team never materialized," according to Head Coach Sam Schiffer. The season ended with four wins, nine losses and two ties. Co-Captain and all-county full- back Greg Sterling was nominated North Shore,s '4lVlost Valuable Soccer Playerf, The Junior Varsity squad finished with a highly successful 11-2-1 record. losing only to Great Neck North and Herricks. JUNIOR VARSITY SOCILIER. lmft to right: FIRST ROW, C. Follows, U. l'llll'll0, M. Crt-ft-. H. Del'aulu, li. IM-nnis, lt. Lynch ll Malin. J. l.aurom'v, W. Nlm-la-ml, C. llinnplnw-y, lf. Jaeger. SECOND HOW, Mr. Edison. C. l"n-ncli. T. Capum, W. Jolinson, ll. Mar-.un C. llt-st, li. lxl1ll'l'llSSUll, W. llults, J. Anderson, J. Klein, J. Waltz, J. Kim-rnan, C. Cllrystal. ft! 6, SHSHQJ A A 1' , H A A f . 43 l The North Shore Varsity Bowling Team, division cham- pions during the 1963-6-ll season, was coached hy lVlr. OlConnor. After losing the first two matches, the howlers BO defeated Manhasset and gained possession of third place. lhe team was led by Mike Landa, Keith Sommer, John Gregg, and Dave Fucito. L--ni' ll0Wl.lNC. lmft to right: KNEELINC, K. Sunnnm-r, R, Haugland. A. Valli:-r, J. North, T. Kelley. STANDING. J. lit-ll, H. Molin, M. l,anmla. E. l'll'll, Mr. Offoiniur. l BASKETBALL Coach Phil Bergovoy had looked forward to a more successful season for his Varsity Basketball team, but numerous injuries hampered his hopes. However, sev eral players did spark the Vikings on to victory. C captain Larry Mullan was high scorer and the aback bone" of the team. Also excellinfr on offense were co captain Greg Sterling and John McNulty. Always an asset to the team was Pete Tozer on defense Most of North Shore's decisive games were deter mined by a few points. In a thriller at Roslyn, the Vikings lost their first league game fl-3 to 40. However the "Maroon and VVhite" bounced back to beat Glen Cove f68 to 595 and nip Bethpage 58 to 57. ln two hotly contested non-league games, North Shore bowed to Wheatley 57 to 56 and to Herricks 63 to 62. O February 19, the student body was proud to watch the second trouncinff of Glen Cove with a score of 86-59 The Junior Varsity squad, under Coach Geor Meyer, had a disappointing season, but the boys did show much improvement, and are looking forward to next year Co'cupIain Greg Sterling keeps the ball from Bethpage hands. C! ,ps 1 5,4 VARSITY BASKETBALL. Left to right: KNEELING, P. Tozer, F. Seymour, T. Small, D. Walters, J. McNulty. STANDING, Mr. Bergovoy F. Schmitz, D. Houghton, J. Chase, G. Sclicnck, L. Mullan, G. Sterling, M. Tozer, M. Jones D. Warren J. Schlessinfver. 1 -P1 . Q l. K 4 i Gifs Q 4 its " AL -X .L . f g ,.e A . . g xg E M A . ! fy a U-P T K 2 A A , A iv y 2 'P' S ' ff p . uf I 'F . "X f 4 ' 1 R wk? " ! g , x. Q 1. f ' s X .t,,. a X , X 5 qv 4 fr! v Y 4 X f 1 . J x 6 Y y , K f".-33" ' ' iw XZ f 5 fqxrge xx 'ff +8 Z. 4 1 ga' ff ' ff? X10 , : if A ' L., A, 1' ' V . x xy NX E 4 V A W - ,A V K s I S, M I I ,W N' I 6 5 15 if ' fp i WH n 1. ,vw D , GYMNASTICS This yearis new sport, Gymnast- ics, got its start in early 19641 as an experiment of the Physical Edu- cation Department. Coach Dennis Riorrlan hopes to maintain a perma- nent gymnastie team if enough boys are interested. However, he says, "There,s not one freshman out here to fill the ranksf, fs CYMNASTICS. Left to right: KNEELINC, J. Kit-rnan, J. Goss, T. McManus, C. Ilumphrcy STANDING, D. Short, G. Schcncnga, C. Ncidcr, ll. Coupe, ll. Shirley. INDOOR TRACK. Left to right: FIRST ROW, B. Hackcrt, S. Leggett, J. Watkins, M. Turnbull, ll. Sherwood, R. llilangi, P. Walczak, l'. Mayer. SECOND ROW, P. Bates, B. Roth, K. Jones, D. Cahill, ll. Ruf. .l. Sf-otirlas, P. llarnhill, ll. llcnncssy. I DOOR TRACK I66 This year saw the largest lncloor Track Tcaln in North Shore history. A League was formed, and the first lncloor League meet was held at North Shore with three new recorcls set by Kevin Jones, .leff Hollman, anrl llruce Hackert. The team tiefl its first Ineet against Syosset antl went on to heat llethpage. XVliES'l'l.lNG. Left to right: KNEELINC, E. Douglas, W. Cook, M. Yee, L. Grayson, D. Bailey, B. Ranno, J. DiGiovani, J. Klein. SIANDINC, Mr. Wadsworth, B. Pointe, B. Bergmann, G. DePersia, J. Baiata, D. Behrman, D. Krasinski, K. Krasinski, D. Bonar, T. Cook, J. Waltz, R. Cohen. WRESTLI G Coach Xvaclsworth was gratified with this season's Varsity Wrestling Team, which boasted a five win, three loss league record. Overall, Captain Lee Grayson lost two matches out of thirteen, while Bob Cohen lost only one. Although the main weakness was in the heavyweight classes, the Crapplers elid prove to be successful in a tough league. GOLF The Varsity Golf Team under the supervision of Coach Robert Barna were strong contenders for first place this season. The "men of iron" were ably led by Captain Jared March, the only player from the 1963 team, which won the Section VIII County Championship. Behincl him, in the number two position was Bob Coope, a mem- ber of last yearis Varsity squad. Backerl up by some new and strong juniors and sophomores, the golfers had uanother crackw at the championship. GOLF. Left to right: KNEELING, W. Fellows, D. Coope. STANDING, J. March, B. Merkur, B. Carlson, C. Fellows, F. Schmitz, R. Coopc, G. Pumphrey, Mr. Bama. S . Bruce Hackert in the high jump TRACK This year's Varsity Track Team was made up of many returning lettermen. With such seniors as Jeff Hollman in the hurdles, Bruce Hackert in the high jump, and Larry Mullan and Greg Sterling in the shot put, Coach Donald Thompson enjoyed a successful season. Additional point-getters were Brian Hennessey, Brian Patterson, Jeff Wat- kins, and Peter Walczak in the run- ning events. Bruce Roth and Jeff Hellman clear the hurdles. Els? ef Q TRACK. Loft to riglltz KNEELING, J. Goss, P. Walczak, S. Leggett, A. Townsend, G. Kenny, P. Johnson, D. Cahill. STANDING, B. Hack crt, K. Strnndfeldt, J. Scotidns, J. Hollmun, K. Jones, L. Mullan, A. Lumsdcn, H. Scharmbcrg, H. Fricke. 3. i . K as x x Pete Johnson, Angus Lumsden, and Brian Patterson run the mile. Crvg Sterling "puts thc shot." .. .-.. , ., -, ' , f sf Q., rs ' is "' . 1 Q K . 'Jw . ' - A . W Q . 'f"i'! N. . Yew! X.:x.-i.1y-ifi4'7'fi?'f' , tk. Q Q 'Wat . gig. ' . . . . . " K, .PW 'wg .fx 5, g .fjggx-QE. , l f fx 1 - f ' ' K , , f . f t. N Malt Tozcr makes thc final out. 'Q yi BA EBALL Since most of last year's Varsity llaseball Team had gracluateci, Coach Ray Conlin cle- penclecl greatly on the few returning senior players and thc new unclerclassmen. The "North Shore Nine" were led on to victory by south- paw Pete Tozer and other hurlers, Marty Han- sen ancl John lVlcNulty. As in previous years, the team was a strong contender in Division Ill. sq IZASEBALL. Left lo right: KNEELING, P. Pometti, G. Schcnck, T. Small, M. llansen, F. Seymour. STANDING, M. Jones, R. Orlacchio, Nlanagcr, J. lljorkluntl, D. Slater, M. Tozcr, P. Tozcr, J. Mulder. -,,.-ix. CII "Kiwis L i x all-Is. N's's's' " I mln ll '-HY-I-rfzirixfi x X11 Q X ,' '. 'Q 'PX x l I , ,Kxkx'1.l.1,-n 1.1 'Agri X A ,X x x x 1' ' ' ' xxx: m "'f'.xxn'u QYiYXQQK 5K!5?li ,X-1 Q so Q...-5 Marty Hansen waits for the big pitch L Coach Conlin and team members anxiously watch the game. Jimmy Miller warms up before the game. ADVERTI ER "Youth that's now so bravely spending, Will beg a penny by and by. " Conrad Aiken L V V l L, , , ,Y In Memory of Jane Schneider and Donald Sheldon FIREPLACE LOGS . 5' -I XJR i Q xx YEE K. SHU sNow PLowiNe f Chinese Hand Laundry Complefe Laundry Service 683 Glen Cove Ave. Glen Head, L. I. Farm Fresh Produce GLEN HEAD, N. Y. OR 63228 I N PHONE: OR I-2997 Compliments I POWDER BOX of 5' BEAUTY BOUTIQUE ll. I If I One Sea Cliff Ave. SCHOELLES PHARMACY Sea Cliff, L, L, N, Y, Air Condifionecl CORTES-WARD COMPANY, INC. I0 Huberf Sfreef New York Cify ar ak ar BETTER BUILDING MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING SUPPLIES SEA GLEN DELICATESSEN THE WHITTINGS Sea Glen Caterers 602 Glen Cove Avenue Sea Cliff, New York I75 gli 21222: GLEN HEAD TOWING' MEILLEURS VOEUX AUTO SERVICENTER Le Cercle Francois COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS ALL AMERICAN AND FOREIGN CARS WALLY KOWALENKO 66 Glen Head Rd. Glen Head, N. Y. AI' R. R. S'I'a'Iion L. A. SCHWAGERL 81 CO. INC Office Furnilure-SI'aI'ioners-Prmlers , F'I' S 'r Compliments of Img ysems GLEN COVE MARINA 2000 New York Ave., Hun'Iing+on S+a+ion, N. Y. II746 Isuffollxl HAmiII'on 3-7050-I lNassaul WAInuI' I-6I94 DRAMA The All-encompassing Art Philosophy Psychology Wriling Acfing Ar'r Promo'I'ion Speech Archilecfure Sewing Music Elecfriciiy Ca rpenI'ry Dance Lighling Palnflhg Pholography Managemenl' Make-up Properfies Poise-Personalily-Co-operalion The Viking Mosquers SALERNO TAXI CORP. Compliments of Roslyn Heighls, N. Y. 1-he MA VARSITY CLUB Raling "A" in - PAUL KELLEY LARRY MULLAN Campus and Career Fashions Presideni, vice-Presiden+ Feafuring The Largesl' Selec+ion of Sporlswear On H16 N0f'f'1 Shore JOEY KLEIN JERRY MARCH Discounis for All Sluclenls SeC"ela"Y Treasure' THE UGLY DUCKLING I7 Main S+. Roslyn COLU BIA Eldvt N COVE, NEW YORK World's leading manufacturer of business machine ribbons, carbon papers, hectograph and oflsei duplicating supplies. ED REUPER DICK VOLPE RICHARD R. SEYMOUR CO -are 'I' 0 Fire Exiinguishers Sales, Service. Recharging I v Oxygen General Mofors Trucks L5 o Brea+hing Air SALES-SERVICE A-'- o Fire Alarms PARTS E Q Propane ' H I 0 Fire Delpr. su Ch I S+ PI 1-5060 SUPPIGS M I N Y I OR 6-5668 II8 Foresf Ave. Glen Cove Compliments of NORTH SHORE HIGH SCHOOL P.T.A. Complimenfs of Goonies G FORD For Your Snack Bar CANDY, PRETZELS, POTATO CHIPS :"i::2N'2:QTf AT WHOLESALE PRICES ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS OV I-3628 EDgewoocl 3-0826 HARBOR LUMBER CO. 5034604 269 Glen Cove Avenue COMMERCIAL a. PUBLICATION PRINTING Sea Cliff Everylhing for Building I34 Linden Ave. OR 6-09l4 Weslbury, New York GLEN HEAD MOTORS 67I Glen Cove Ave. OR 6-0570 GLEN HEAD Your Local Dodge Dealer I79 ORiole 6-2030 GLENWOOD LANDING, N. Y. CENTURY UNIFORM LEVINE 81 LINEN SERVICE 80-00 Cooper Ave. Glendale 27, N. Y. DA 6-I050 54 Roslyn Avenue Sea Clif-I, New York OR 6.9810 DOBKIN PHARMACY sea Cliff LOU':h.g'mL Mr. and Mrs. A. DiGiovanni ROBERT STITZEL Php. Regisfered Pharmacisfs For Real Esfafe See sxx,sgxsxxsXXxxg eos " JOHN MacCRATE EN' In 3 5 z 760, rj Insure WifI1 Him Before Too Lafe 'UNM suonz noun-menwooolmonuanswvom 5.-'T 64430 for XXXX X K X sssss,Qss wx, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE FRANK TROCCOLI OR I-ozaz 2I2 Sea CIiff Ave. Sea Cliff ORiole 6-5846 BAILEY FARMS Owe M447 Everyfhing for +l1e Garden l , ASO GLEN HARBOUR PRINTERS Frulis and Vegelables in Season 295 GLEN COVE AVE. SEA CLIFF. N. Y. A ...- A 9050 AVE A' as . Gig 9' pm f ... Le1'1'er Press an Off-Sei' A To Composiiion NORTH SHORE SPORTS CARS, INC. I Nor'l'l1ern Blvd., Greenvale, -N. Y. lJus+ E. of Glen Cove Rd., ',, 30 Glenwood Road MA l-5287 Glen Head. N. Y. New and Used Sports Cars and Sedans-Paris and Service Ari Deparfmenl' 'Me 76245 ' BANK OF GLEN HEAD LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK Glen Head Greenvale I0 Glen Head Road 7 Glen Cove Road OR I-4900 MA I-88II Roslyn Heighis l30 Mineola Avenue MA l-l900 CONTINENTAL STUDIOS Forest Hills, N. Y. Official Photographers for Compliments of 1965 Taliesin BELL AND HALPERN -- Pharmacy, lnc. QRIOLE 6-2298 87F +A GIC N Yk Glen Cove Record-Pilot All the News of the North Shore School District GANMAR 70: Snug, C' Gallon JGIEHHBPS Elecironic Co. Promp+-EHicien+-Courfeous C C 223 GLEN ST.. GLEN COVE ORiole I-22I8 OR 6-62OO Repairs on R d' TV-S+ H'-F'-W h D '09 Glen Cove Ave. aiiZf.Q,s.Disfl'lfE,,l.Li, Ca.f..ZffS..,ffe's Compliments of Pierce Coach Line, Inc. TEL. MA I-22I0 LAWRENCE H. PIERCE, Pres. Compliments of Class of '67 CHARLES REID HOPE SAYKAY Presideni' Secrefary DAVE WALTERS TONI GALLO Vice-Presicleni' Treasurer I83 Compliments of the Class of '66 .Xp-viiin zffl'--f"""x TONY CAPUCO TED BLACKBURN Treasurer Presideni' DIDI BLACKMORE SHARON CUTLER Vice-Presidenf Secreiary COIYIPIIMGHIOS Complimenfs of +he Club 'lspagol PROMETHEAN CHAPTER Tercer y Cuarfo Aifos of 'lhe ,M NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ' O g? 51f IIATUONAL HwRSg?Y Bonnie Hiclrs SUSBH O'NeaI Jay Bernsfein 2 1 David Schwarlz Presidenl Secrelary Presidenf 2 5 Treasurer Linda wandels Jeff Russel Mzfe-VG+ COX E5 lj -'OCS' Levin? Vice-Presidenl Treasurer esfefafv lcapresldenl YOUR FRIENDS AT BALFOUR The Craflsmen Who Made Your 'fzir I Class Ring a Maslerpiece U 4 and xl W. G. PFORR X 55 Norfhern Boulevard Greenvale, Long Island -3, Join in Sending Their in V Congralulalions and Besl Wishes Q. ' U TO A GREAT CLASS IN A FINE scl-TOOL X ' .4 Zaaffowz z4dlelow CLASS RINGS AND PINS CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS TROPHIES PLAQUES DIPLOMAS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS l85 John Schlessinger GeorgeHe Bar+eIl PaH'y O'Mi'Hy Peier Walczalc Presidenr Vice-Presid-em' Secrefary Treasurer Compliments of THE '64-'65 GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATICN TODD TONY GERARD The Fabulous Sounds of The Phuetons Bob Perlsfein, Manager EM I87 TITUS, BOWNE 81 DOWNING, INC. TODDY DREW TV SALES AND REPAIRS Building Maferials - - - Hardware TelevIsIon RadIos . p,,I,,+ Phonographs Anfenna Insfallahon ORIQIE e.65oo-I OR '-2'3' 259 Glen Sheef 648 Glen Cove Ave. Glen Head Glen Cove, New York Bowling Fun Begins ,MT GLENHILL LANES IJR. LEAGUE HEADQUARTERSI TRO'I'I'A BROS. USED CAR DEALER 2I8 Glen Cove Avenue- I92 Glen Cove Ave. Glen Cove WIN FREE GAMES Glen Cove, N. Y. in our OR 6-9300 OR . RED PIN CONTEST 63800 MON. THRU FRI. 9 A.M.-L IAM. FOR INFO. CALL AL WEBER OR I-5599 Congrafulafions Q GLENCO ,O if BEST IN DRY CLEANING -,Ir Class 674 Glen Cove Ave. of Glen Head, N. Y. ms ' Planfz 674 Glen Cove Ave. ORiole 6-96I2 TRIG'S SERVICE GARAGE JOS. AQUILINA, Prop. 208 Sea Cliff Ave. Sea Cliff, Long Island SEA CLIFF FUEL J. Vulpis, lncorporafed 270 Glen Cove Ave. Sea Cliff. N. Y. Plumbing and Heafing Tel. ORiole 6-0937 R. L. RUSSELL OIL BURNER INSTALLATION-REPAIRS Boiler Repairs, Replacemenl' and Rebricking Fuel Oil and Service Conlracis 30 Roslyn Drive Glen Head, L. I., New York FURS by Hoffman, Inc. I8 School S+. Glen Cove, N. Y. ORioIe I-I634 GLEN H EAD PHARMACY J. P. TOGNERI L. P. SILVERNALE OR 6-I004 55 Glen Head Rd., Glen Head ORioIe I-303l-We Call and Deliver CHARELL CLEANERS All Work Done on Premises "Shir'r Launderers" 38 Glen Head Rd. Glen Head, N. Y WE MADE IT! CLASS OF '65 CHARTER SERVICE Schenck Transporlalion Co., Inc. 372 Jericho Turnpike FLORAL PARK, N. Y. ' AII Work Done By Technician GRUPE'S TV Radio and TV Services on n-szso WILLIAM GRUPE 82 School S+. Propriefor Glen Cove, L. I. ERIISPIIGE . . . . . . LUNDY ELECTRONICS 8. SYSTEMS, INC. GLEN HEAD, NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES FRANKLIN NATIONAL BANK SEA CLIFF OFFICE OR I-7l50 MAX KELLER, Prop. GARDEN DELICATESSEN Imporfed and Domesfic Delicacies 667 Glen Cove Ave. Glen Head, L. I. SIMON'S SPORT SHOP I6 School S+. Glen Cove GLEN HEAD CLEANERS TAILORS 8: FURRIERS Phone OR 6-4367 Glen Head, N. Y FUR STORAGE VAULT ON PREMISES J. 3: J. PETRUZZIELLO, Prop. 56 Glen Head Road Your Represenfafives on EDON'S FASHION COUNCIL Help +o Choose Our SI'yIes GEORGETTE BARTELL JANE CUMMINGS SANDI BARTON PATTY O'MITTY JUDIE COLEMAN VIRGINIA TRAVIS Edon Sporlswear-Edon InI'ima'res 5 School Sfreel-4 Glen Slreef Glen Cove For 'Ihe Finesi' 0 Broadloom 0 Linoleum 0 Tiles Blinds and Shades Call GLEN FLOORS FRED CAPOBIANCO 68 Glen Sf. Glen Cove OR I-3737 HELPING YOUR DOCTOR HELP YOU Y ur Pharmacist- dedicaied member f -Ih I1 III1 I 8 90 Blm Complimenls of GREENVALE PHARMACY Norfhern Blvd. Greenvale, L. I., N. Y. J FREE DELIVERY MA I-2260 MA I-7200 We Deliver MANHASSET SPORT SHOP .lOHN'S MARKET Equipmenl For All Sporls I Special Considerafion lo Sludenfs III Plandome Road Manhassef, New York MA 7-I947 28 Glen Cove Rd. Near Northern Blvd. Greenvole, L.I., N.Y COMPLIMENTS OF VUETTE INC VUETTE BLDG. GLEN HEAD, L. L I9l ALMA MATER From hills o'er the water blue Our voices we raise, Forever to honor you With echoes of praise We promise and pledge to you Respect as your right, We'll ever be proud and true Defenders of Maroon and Vlfhite We'll strive to make our traditions last And linger through the years, We'll e'er maintain the good fellowship That weire enjoying here We'll cherish fond memories We'll honor you forevermore, Our love for you will endure Our Alma Mater, fair North Shore TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "IN Wgfldi lu! Vulbooh An hylol mill" 1 .WA . x 9. N ' X I ' jar , ., ., , A Q , A A 'sffsm . ,,.:-1. ,..- .- f ,. 1 ,. X . X - Q.: .. nfl-. . Xi - -5- ,-X YA -... A S -A Q V T. L 'X ' I 1 . iw' T. xx , ---f- w 'X' ax f Q . HJ.: ', -4- ' X ""' ,J ..., -. lf .4 1 , X X . x N x 4 x f V x L NJ . , as in-I My W Y M lbjxidx 5L.R?j,f 1 A Xrb A A kj K Ex .Lf J I WWW? S J I fix 2 JN wwf ff 5wSi5!j, ' wn,f,wPf1f Wg, my ,WW x ,Q LgJfK gm H ,M V, LU i uw, , my ww' ww M553 my ' w yw PJ gf ' fAqfgg9w Q f .- A Q jxmfxl f 0361 M L J F. A fy 1 A , ig!

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