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fe lf i WJ£m Si n 1987-1988 Mirror The North Shore Country Day School 310 Green Bay Road Winnetka, IL 60093 (312)446-0674 TABLE OF CONTENTS Special Events 16 Organizations 34 Sports 46 Administration Faculty 72 Lower School 90 Middle School 104 Upper School 112 Ads 169 1987-1988 MIRROR EDITORIAL STAFF Editor in Chief. Yuka Sugiura Copy Editors Geoff Goldman Kristin Lawson Layout Editors Tanna Schwarz Courtney Williams Photography Editor Chesly Manly Business Manager Gwen Rohlen Advisors John Almquist Michael G. Conroy r , -t im%b» r ■ r ■■■ -—■ ■»- ■p h -— m- . I . I ..JJ... I ..HJ II . I I PI .U... _ i i i ; r 1 ! ' " DEFCON DEDICATION In a walk around campus, one might see him shooting hoops in the gym with his students. One would definitely hear him discussing, perhaps, the oak tree symbolism in the Odyssey or the characteristics of the Aristotelian tragic hero. Not only did he put up with our antics when we were sophomores, but taught us again as juniors and seniors. He has led some of us as Journalism students in turning The Diller Street Journal into a first-rate publication, and he has acted as an advisor to the Mirror staff, all while working for his Master ' s degree. It is with gratitude that the Class of 1988 dedicates the 1987 -88 Mirror to Michael G. Conroy. 4k, ' BABY, BABY. SWEET BABY! Can you identify these teachers? Answers- J:Emily Dcncsha. 2 Sue Gundlach. .Wetcr Braverman. 4;Bill Go$s, 5:Dorothy Neville, b: Richard Hail, 7:Adrienne Weisse, 8:Rsoui »M arv Pat Heool tftLi nda Gibson Wk m ■ ' " ' w ■ II JUL % " m i " t ' ir - ! p.i n i | 18 W2 : I l:Officially open on October 17, 1987. 2: Adrienne Weisse, U.S. French teacher and Library Associ- ate, reads to Lower Schoolers in " The Acorn Corner. " 3: One of the many library volunteers. 4: Ned Bentley hard at work in the new facility. 5: Win Repenning at one of the termi- nals in the new computer center. The New Library- Check it Out! It finally happened! Hundreds of drawings, plans, and ideas took shape and became reality this fall. The students and faculty were sur- prised by the newly completed li- brary building with its 12,000 square feet. Whoever thought that it couldn ' t be accomplished has certainly been proven wrong; how- ever, the library did not appear out of nowhere. Many, many people devoted their time and money to the making of the library complex, and it could not have been built without them. Now that it is a reality, it ' s time to celebrate. The opening of the new library has coincided with se- veral important events. It was offi- cially inaugurated on Homecoming Day with a ribbon cutting and a balloon release during halftime. The new library has also seen many guest speakers, including Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gwendolyn Brooks, storyteller Jim May, and author Natalie Babbitt. The library building houses more than just a library. It has study areas, a computer room, a Middle School art room, and an art gallery. It is probably one of the most used facilities on campus. As intended by its designers, it has truly become the center of the school. 19 Raiders Rout L.F.A. Caxys 39-10 at Homecoming • . Homecoming ' 87 brought Mac (and the rest of us) the victory we missed last year. The chill in the air was warmed by an ever enthusiastic crowd, as our Raiders defeated the Lake Forest Caxys 39 to 10. Earlier that morning the Alum- nae (but young) Field Hockey Team played the Varsity Field Hockey Team; however, the game resulted in a stalemate with a score of 1 - 1 . (Better luck next year! However, it is just a game remember?!) Anyway, on a more serious note... At halftime, in addition to the tra- ditional release of purple and white balloons, the library was officially inaugurated with a ribbon- cutting ceremony. The day ' s events and celebra- tions flowed along into the nig ht at the dance thrown by the Student Council. M r ■ 1 : Senior Brian Dole scores another six points, add- ing to the Raider lead. 2: 3,2,1,.. .BLAST OFF! 3: Junior Chapin Hemphill and senior David Plimp- ton show what they can do, while junior Peter Geyer runs in to assist. 4: Junior Navarra Rodri- guez quickly commits herself to getting the ball back from Heather Utzinger ' 87. 5: Some fans let that Raider Spirit shine thru. 6: Coaches Jay Bach and Mac McCarty and Team Manager John Zore find out the barbecue will take place, in spite of the cold weather. 7: Just two of the many happy smiles as the Raiders wrap up another victory. 20 21 Trilogy of Time Whew! Well, it ' s finally over, and I can ' t even begin to express the relief that that alone, brings. Sometimes, I think, some of us thought we were never going to finish this year ' s Fall Show. But, with our wonderful 2- hour-a-night 5-night-a-week rehears- al, there wasn ' t much chance of that. So we did it! On October 23 and 24, we presented: Wings by Barnes, In- terview by van Itallie, and The Litte Toy Dog by Delgado. These were three one-act plays which we grouped together as the ' Trilogy of Time ' . They were written in the mid to late- sixties, and were relatively avante- garde; it was something new to the current North Shore Theater and Au- dience. All in all, we had a pretty good time and put in a pretty good show. Thanks to: Tanna Schwarz, Colm Davis, Ciara McDonagh, Tom Hilbink, Laura Heinz, Tim Kramer, Paula Castillo, Rob " I can fly! " McClung, Ellen Kelly, Todd Rohlen, la Murphy, and Maggie O ' Connor. 22 I North Shore students arc shocked by a recently disco- vered statue b Michelangelo. 2: Eight of the twelve distin- guished east members of the 1987 Fall Show. 3: " I ' m a little teapot. ..and this is m spout " 4: Junior Tom Hilbink does a Frank Sinatra impersonation Witches. Vampires. Ghosts. Jelly- beans? So what were you for Halloween? In North Shore ' s traditional Halloween parade you would have seen everything from jellybeans to coneheads to witches and a washing machine. The Lower School entertained the rest of the school performing their spe- cial skits. A sampling of the spooky entertainment: the Third Grade recited scary poems which they had writ- ten with grandparents on Grandparents ' Day; the First Grade told the tale of " The Five Little Jack-O ' -Lan- terns " ; the Fifth Grade performed " The Little Old Woman Who Wasn ' t Afraid of Anything. " In addi- tion to the Morning Ex, the Third Grade created " Dr. Einstein ' s Halloween Laboratory, " which the entire Lower School visited and touched the mysterious in- gredients needed to bring back the missing Halloween. Another Halloween project, carried through by the Fifth Grade, was the collection of almost $550 for UNICEF. Oh, and by the way, what was that charac- ter with the huge head and Cubs hat supposed to be?!? Do you have any idea? If not, try asking Dominic Armato. 23 Work, work, work Day Well, actually, not all of Work Day was spent working. There was plenty of time to eat, drink, and be merry and still get all the leaves, that were scattered about the cam- pus, raked up. Some of us also put in overtime to help those less fortu- nate than ourselves make the ir own environment more beautiful. And with temperatures in the 70 ' s, who could have minded working? But, when we weren ' t wor- king... we were listening to rock mu- sic, enjoying folk performers, and of course (who can forget?) partici- pating in the World ' s Largest Game of Duck Duck Goose. Thank you, Mary Wagner and the rest of the Work Day Committee for mak- ing Tuesday, November 3, 1 987, so enjoyable. I I: We all jumped up for some country-style entertainment, a new part of Work Day. 2: " Let ' s see how much we can stretch this bag before it breaks! " 3: " What do you think Steven: we raked one bag of leaves, think we ' re done for the day? " 4: " I don ' t see any wall. Do you see a wall? " 5: " Yeah, we ' l pretend we ' re putting the leaves in the bag, and then we ' ll attack her. " 6: North Shore students play Crazy Eights, the newest inno- vation in Duck Duck Goose. 25 Interim Week: Work or Vacation? Would you believe it ' s both? No? Well, it is. Interim week is a vacation from school, but it is not a vacation from work. Each 8th- 12th grader spent the week learning everything they possibly could about one subject, w -mm- The neat thing about interim week is that if you have some initiative ' ■ ' " ' ' and or don ' t like any of the interim groups, you can design your own. Film Making Living on the Street Hospital Volunteers Frank Lloyd Wright Law Week Outward Bound Auto Mechanics Florence Trip Alcohol Awareness American Family on Film French Immersion Archaeology Spanish Campaign ' 88 International Cooking %■ . it Wi ! r , t 26 Many Projects Live up to " Giving " in Thanksgiving Throughout the school, projects were set up in celebra- tion of Thanksgiving. All grades participated in the Head- start Book Drive which collected a total of 8 1 9 books, sur- passing the goal of 800. In the Thanksgiving Morning Ex., members of the Lower and Middle Schools read excerpts from their favorite books, in celebration of the Book Drive. The entire school also donated canned goods for the canned food drive. Members of the Upper School gave a total of $ 1 80 which will buy a sheep and some bees for the Heifer Project. It is a funny thing that in giving what we can, we come to realize how thankful we are because we can give. Season ' s Greetings While the Bears were being blo wn away in San Francisco, the winter clouds were blowing in a snowstorm for the Winter Concert on Tuesday, December 15. Members of each school participated: the Lower School Chorus, the Middle School Vocal Ensemble, the music classes of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, and the Upper School Chorus. Some of the songs sung were: " Chanukah, Chanukah, " " The Little Drummer Boy, " and " Carol of the Bells. " On Thursday afternoon and also at Morning Ex on Wednesday, the Lower School performed its holiday program, " Scenes of the Season. " Skits and songs performed included: " Field Mice Carols, " " The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus, " and " Potato Pancakes All Around. " On Friday, the entire school participated in the traditional Santa Claus Dance, dancing to upbeat music. Each student put a present under the tree to be given to PRIDE, an organization for the Engle- wood neighborhood in Chicago. 1 : T he Upper School Chorus 2: The 5th and 1 1 th grades dance to " I Heard It Through the Grapevine. " 3: " And what would little Steven Radloff like for Christmas? " 4: The Seniors and Kindergarteners exchange gifts in the senior homeroom. 5: The Lower School Chorus 6: Santa Clausjoins the Kindergarteners and the Seniors in dancing the " Hokey Pokey. " 29 1 : The Blues Brothers (a.k.a. David Plimpton and Jason Rosenberg) get down. 2: Mac and Dr. Geyer do a little Tango. 3: Members of the faculty try to relive the days of their youth. 4: " Hey, hey Paula, I want to marry you. " (But would it be legal?) 5: Four of the Five Crystals. 6: The man who will not eat SQUASH. 30 Vaudeville ' 88 Lights! Camera! Action! Vaudeville ' 88! Better than Star Search ' 88, it ' s the North Shore Talent Show! Hosted by Colm Davis, Gwen Rohlen, and Tanna Schwarz (not Ed McMahon), approximately forty distin- guished members of the student body and the faculty strutted their stuff on Saturday, Jan- uary 29 by dancing, singing, playing instru- ments, and giving a few comedy routines. These stars of our campus attracted a huge crowd that watched the performances with de- light. And after the show, the fun continued into the wee hours at the dance given by the Sopho- more class. There, another faculty member performed. Miss Davis, with the band ' Addi- tion by Subtraction. ' Thanks to everyone in- volved for making another Vaudeville even more awesome. 31 Morning Ex. 1 : Three of the Yale Whiffenpoofs. 2: Alumnus An Kogut explains the principles of the stock market. 3. Middle Schoolers in the culmination of their work with puppeteer Michael Montenegro. 4 5: Eyes glazed, the M.Ex. audience sits through an- other reading of " A Terrible, Horrible, No-good, Very Bad Day. " 6: Tappers from Chi-Town Jazz Dance. WW ' " " " ■ ' ■■ 33 1 1 W 1 ' " " . ' iiU JwaBdi A Year of Action Student Council was quite dif- ferent this year than it has been in the past. Instead of thinking about what we could do, we did it. This year started with success as the Council organized the Homecom- ing dance, raised money for the Heifer Project, and succeeded in having a new off-campus proposal passed by the faculty. The momen- tum continued throughout the year, and the Student Council fo- cused on the changes that the stu- dent body wanted to see. Besides working on changes to make the student body more comfortable for students, Student Council raised money for various charities and or- ganized fun activities for the stu- dents. Thus, if one word were need- ed to define the year, " Action " would be the most accurate term. bottom: J. Reed, A. McDonagh, J. P. Hamm, L. Heinz, D. Healy. 2nd: D. Plimpton, C. Kerr, E. Jacobson, P. Geyer, K. Kehoe, A. Hemphill, S. Tomaras, P. Smith, K. Stephan, Y, Sugiura. absent: A. Aggens, B. Cahn, R. Zgonena, E. Kelly. Raw Recrewts The curtains of " A Trilogy of Time, " Vaudeville ' 88, " H.M.S. Pinafore, " and One Acts could never have opened without the stage crew. Usually the unsung he- roes of any production, the stage crew is responsible for the technical aspects of a show. This often in- volves running lights and sound, organizing backstage, changing sets, and making sure that the over- all timing is perfect. The fact that the crew does not always get no- ticed by the audience shows how effective they really are in making everything work. 38 front:Barry Zgonena, Jann-Nicole Trujillo, John Kehoe, Frankie Ai, Laura Heinz, Eric Jacobson. back: Randall Maconachy, Mr. Shipley, Mark Ferris, Win Repenning. front: Nicole Rousseau, Kwi Jong Park, Mrs. Walgren. 2nd: Sarah Horwood, Sandra Susmano, Peggy Smith, Courtney Williams, Gwen Rohlen, Helen Wood, Rob McClung. 3rd: Mr. Wallenberg, Annie Aggens. 4th; Al Lopez, Brad Savage, Charlie Beauchamp, Brian Dole, Fredrik Andersson, Beth Cavanaugh. Not Mandatory?? For the first time in North Shore History, Upper School Chorus is not mandatory. This has resulted in a small group of about 25 stu- dents meeting as a regularly sched- uled class at 11:15 every day. A smaller, " auxiliary " chorus of be- tween ten and twenty students met each day during Activities Period. Along with a new music director, Mr. Daniel Wallenberg, this group experienced many changes, includ- ing the loss of last year ' s seniors. The leadership passed on to a group of old and new faces. In addi- tion, the chorus gave more perfor- mances this year than in the past and appears to have a solid founda- tion for upcoming years. 39 Automatic Parts Well, this year has been a little more eventful than the end of last. As of this writing, Auomatic Parts has completed their first Morning Ex in over a year- in a record 5 weeks (which, believe it or not, is making good time for AP). The in- terest level was higher than it had been, and the loss of last year ' s sen- iors did not hurt them as much as they had thought it might. Although they ' ve gotten away from the M-Ex philosophy, they managed to put one more together by the end of the year. Although they were looking for a new direc- tion for the group, at the time of publication, they had not yet decid- ed on any one idea. Therefore, you ' ll have to wait until next year to find out what happened. Until then, have a nice day, and remember... Love is like an onion: Sometimes it makes you cry. Friendship is like a bunion: It grows as time goes by. bottom: Not a member, Colm Davis, Peter Geyer, another intruder, back: Todd Rohlen, yet another intruder, Rob McClung, Tom Hilbink, Ian P. Murphy, Charlie Beauchamp, Martin Vyleta. 40 bottom: A. Hemphill, A. Aggens. 2nd: P. Campos, C. McDonagh, C. Williams, A. Na- saw, H. Kaplan, B. Cahn. 3rd: A. Jacobs, A. Plauche, L. Staiman, A. McDonagh, L. Zahn, G. Theders. absent: L. Ross, N. Ro- driguez. G.A.P.A. Did you ever wonder where all those big puffy balloons at homecoming come from? Just ask the G.A.P.A. girls, and they ' ll be proud to tell you how many minutes they spent inflating them Saturday morning. Dedi- cated to improving athletic events, their re- sponsabilities range from selling refreshments and North Shore sportswear to cheering in the stands for the Raiders. Meeting periodically in Ms. Madsen ' s office during lunch, they devise creative ways to spread spirit throughout the school, and at the end of the year, they use the money they raised to buy athletic equipment or to help pay the cost of sports camps to im- prove the Raider players. Thank you, G.A.P.A. 41 : ' ' -- ' — - wS: v:- m LlVr - - __ ■ ; =SSi5i Us s-- » -— -1 " -■ " z- L w, 1 I V -M 1986 front: Helen Wood, Laura Heinz, Amy Jacobs, Todd Rohlen. Back: Miss Davis, Alecia Hampton, Stefani Tomaras, Chelby Hobson. Not pictured: Heather Axelrod, Kathy Stephan, Josh Neufeld, Andrea Wright, Peggy Smith, Mrs. French. Prosody: n. l.The study of the metrical structures of verse. 2. A particular system of versification. 3. The literary and artistic publication of the North Shore Country Day School. 42 The Diller Street Journal Editor-jn-chief David Plimpton News Editor Tanna Schwarz Features Editor, Business Monager Helen Wood Entertainment Editor Binay Cohn Bays Sports Editor Kenneth A. Rye Girls Sports Editor Gwen Rohlen Opinion and Photography Editor Srod Savage Staff writers: John Anton, Sarah Boone, Leslie Carroll, David Cohen, Geoff Goldmon, Eric Jatobson, Carolyn Kerr, Aaron Korol, Kristin Lawson, Al Lopez, Chesly Manly, Amy Nasaw, Sandra Susmano, Steve Tepper, Liz Zahn, Rob Zgonena Faculty Sponsor Michael G. Conroy The Dillef Street Journal is a publication of the North Shore Country Day School, 310 Green Bay Rood, Wmnetka, Illinois 60093. bottom: S. Susmano, C. Kerr. 2nd: B. Savage, B. Cahn, H. Wood, D. Plimpton, K. Rye, T. Schwarz, G. Rohlen, S. Tepper. 3rd: L. Zahn, L. Carroll, A. Nasaw, K. Lawson, A. Koral, C. Manly, G. Goldman, R. Zgonena, D. Cohen. I " III ' ; %a«i if W I Jsr THE DILLER STREET Alii - JOURNAL This was the 2nd year of the re- vamped newspaper, The Diller Street Journal , and the first year in which it was published on a regular monthly basis. With the assistance of a new staff of reporters from the Introductory class, the first Ad- vanced Journalism Class was able to expand scope and variety in the articles in the paper. Mr. Conroy taught the Introductory Class, which contributed articles to each issue of the Journal . The members of the Advanced Class, which was supervised by Mr. Conroy, worked as the editors in the production of the paper. It was obviously a very productive year (the best in a long time), and in the words of Dave Plimpton, " Working on the paper was a fun experience for everyone involved, except at deadline time! " Is this inverted pyramid or not? 43 We Are Yearbook Since the office was moved to that crevice in the wall somewhere between the switchboard and the Mac Gym, the faculty and students actually saw just how HARD AND LONG the Yearbook Staff works to put out a decent looking book, or in this year ' s case, a magnificent work of art known as the 1987-88 Mirror . We know the whole world must be interested to know just what kind of people would put themselves through, well, as last year ' s editor put it. Purgato- ry. Soooo, in alphabetical order, the first time there has been any order within Yearbookland, your 1987-88 Mirror Staff. 44 We have decided that Co-copy Editor Geoff Goldman, known for informing the staff about anything and everything that he happens to be working on, is destined to become a play by play commentator for CBS Sports. Or, if he wanted to receive more honor and gain more fame, he could go after the title of the world ' s fastest stenographer. However, we believe that he may find these careers too intellectually stimulating and decide to leisurely spend his time designing the next space shuttle. We are sorry to report that the number of chocolate-chocolate chip cookie-chocolate ice cream sandwiches Kristin " Awesome Lawsome " has consumed over the years to- gether with the number of hours spent in the office is beginning to have damaging effects on her Yearbookability. She has recently re- fused to write anything else to convince the NSCDS community how unique and special this year was, and has begun writing illegi- bly. Special thanks must go out to " Chezra, " as Photography Editor Chesly Manly is af- fectionately known behind his back, for pa- tiently putting up with the rest of the staffs (mainly the Ed. ' s) demands to get pictures printed ASAP. We ' d be nowhere without the Chezman. Possibly the one member of the ' 87- ' 88 staff who will not suffer from claustropho- bia later in life is Business Manager Gwen Rohlen. Owner of a distant cousin to Annie Aggens ' Torture Tank, Gwen has made use of her vehicle to trek around the area selling pages in the Mirror ' s ever growing ad sec- tion. It ' s all figured out. Co-Layout Editor Tanna Schwarz, that ' s with a " c " and no " t, " must have some biochemoelectromagnetic imbalance with the yearbook office and an extremely strong attraction to a certain place called McGreevy ' s. (Tanna, if we had discovered this problem earlier, we would have redesigned the office accordingly.) Courtney Williams, the other half of the Bermuda Triangle Layout Duo will tell you that there was a definite lack of pictures to ENLARGE. She never attempted to explain this endemic, but she filled the office with her boppin ' rendition of " The Name Game. " As for the Ed., Yuka Sugiura, we would like to think that without her, this yearbook could have been put together. But that would be a lie. We wish the ' 88- ' 89 staff the best of luck (you ' ll need it), and leave with the battle cry of this year ' s staff, usually directed at the Ed., " Don ' t work too hard! " Yeah, right. 45 SPORTS Middle School Volleyball Bumps Off Competition With a squad of 15 girls, the Middle School Volleyball team defeated all seven of its oppo- nents. Was the winning season due to luck? Definitely not! Was it due to skill, dedication, and hard work? Absolutely! Everyday, (well, okay, not on the weekends) the team practiced for an hour and was even willing to work during the cher- ished lunch period. They bumped, they attacked, they served, they scrimmaged, they setted (setted?!) and, most importantly, they brought home the league champi- onship. Congratulations girls! Your coaches are very proud of you, as is the rest of the school. 1: Estelle Campos whacks one over. 2: Ready, Aim,... 3: Eighth grader Joanna Tep- per using radio control to guide the ball--a first in Middle School Volleyball history. Bottom: J. Yoon, A. Roginsky, A. Wheat, S. Manheim, K. Hedge, A. Fink, E. Campos, D. Wright. 2nd: T. Richardson, M. Lane, N. Roberts, B. Gorham, J. Stepan, R. Gold- man, C. Fra nk, J. Tepper. 48 3§ -; 2 - V- ' j(f " . ■■■• : .- Sl Middle School Football gets a kick out of last victory After a somewhat rocky start, the Middle School Football team finished its season with two stunning wins over Joseph Sears, 1 6-8 and 38-26. As Coach Jay Bach said, " The highlight of the season was defeating Sears in our final two games, with everyone playing his best football. " The team, which was composed primarily of both 7th and 8th graders, progressed well and showed great improve- ment over the course of the season, according to Coach Bach. Bottom: M. Kuecker, D. Presser, D. Lane, M. Marinacci, G. Jacobs, N. Piper, S. Plimpton, C. Cook, C. Passino. 2nd: Coach J. Bach, D. Armato, B. Resendiz, C. Hart- zog, O. Gerst, G. Hasenstab, T.C. Whiting, B. de la Fuente, S. Smith, A. Cheris, C. Fi- field, T. Heinz. Absent: C. Charonnas, W. Saunders. 1 2: Hey! It ' s only 55 degrees out here and the ref is frozen solid. 49 2 Teams 2 Coaches 25 Sticks Splitting up the 25 girls who ea- gerly went out for field hockey into two teams enabled each girl to spend more time playing in the game and less time warming the bench. Although not always playing the best players sometimes sacrifices shut-outs or wins, each player gains more experience which just might, in the long run, be better for the team than winning that one game. Using this strategy each Middle School Field Hockey player had much improved by the end of the season. Coaches Vanessa Kellerman and Edee Madsen are already constructing next year ' s game plans, so watch out girls! 1: Run, run, run. .ugh, ugh, ugh! 2: Waiting for the action. 3: Do any of the Latin girls realize she has the ball? Bottom: A. Marinacci, J. Caldwell, A. Flint, K. Krom, J. Edidin, M. Urban, L. Fifield, C. Whittlesey, C. Healy, M. Wienke, P. Scully, J. Chester. 2nd: K. Lawrence, M. Murphy, K. Epmeier, K. Cooper, J. Meadows, N. Shariff, E. Jacobs, C. Pinkert, M. McGrath, S. Shariff, A. Brown, M. Llorente, E. Dei- trick. 50 M.S. Raiders improve on their ' 86 finish In the words of Coach Jim Deu- ble, it was a " good season. " Led by eighth graders Jon Uhlenhop, Jack Keller, Matt Smey and sixth grader Josh Opdycke, the Middle School Soccer team finished at .500, winning three more games than in their ' 86 season (You can look it up). The younger players should be strong in ' 88, according to Deuble. Will they win three more? Bottom: G. Rapawy, D. Johansson, K. Baade, A. May, J. P. Marzano, P. De Young, J. Balen-Tilken, J. Opdycke, S. Keller. 2nd: D. Lurie, J. Feldman, L. Berry, M. Prior, J. Westlund, G. Fitzgerald, M. Neumann, D. Crane. M. Price, P. Lehman. 3rd: B.Reed, J. Wittenbrink, M. Ceglowski, S. McCulloch, J. Repenning, J. Keller, J. Uhlenhop, C. Erie, M. Smey, D. Pinkert, C. Chester. Ab- sent: C. Lee. 1 : Peter Braverman, who coached with John Houghton and Jim Deuble, runs down the stats after the game. 2: Pushed on by the opponent. Josh Opdycke races after the ball. 3: Tongue in cheek? 51 Quantity Isn ' t Better Than Quality The Middle School Girls ' Bask- etball team varied between four and six players. But this did not prevent the team from win- ning. The team did lose its first two games, but only by 3 and 6 points. Their most successful game was against Hillel Torah, 33-4. Coach Edee Madsen says, " I ' m pleased with the progress that each of the girls has made, and I ' m looking for- ward to working with them next year. " 1 : Estelle Campos is outsized for a tip at the ball. 2: The team celebrates a basket in their favor. 3: Chesly ' s camera suffers from a brief attack of the Missing Arm Syndrome. 4: Edee Madsen gets down to Earth and fo- cuses the team on getting back to the basics. bottom: E. Campos, M. Llorente. 2nd: J. Caldwell, N. Roberts. Absent: M. Murphy, K.Cooper. 52 Man to Man Defense Brings Winning Season Although the Eighth Grade ' s re- cord was a less than spectacu- lar 1-12, the Middle School Basket- ball team composed of 5th and 6th graders finished the season with a 9-6 record. Their success was partly attributed to their ability to play man to man defense and help each other out on defense. The boys were led by high scorer Josh Op- dycke together with Peter De Young, David Lane, Scot Kel- ler, Josh Balen-Tilken, J. P. Mar- zano, and Chris Lee. According to coach Jay Bach, the players ' great attitude also contributed to the team ' s progress, which culminated in a 1st place finish in a tourna- ment with several area schools. bottom: C. Hartzog. 2nd: J. Keller, W. Saunders, T.C. Whiting, J. Uhlenhop, O. Gerst. Absent: C. Fifield, M.Marinacci, N. Piper, M. Smey bottom: M. Parker, H. Shotwell, D. Lane, J. Balen-Tilkin, J. Opdycke, C. Lee, D. Johan- son, E. Cooper. 2nd: Coach J. Bach, P. deYoung, D. Armato, S. Keller, W. Saunders, J. Uhlenhop, T.C. Whiting, J. Keller, O. Gerst, C. Hartzog, D. Wirtz, G. Kalpake, J. P. Marzano. Absent: R. Camp- bell, J. Delaney, J.Ferguson, A. May 53 Spikers Advance to Regional Finals In its best year ever, the Varsity Volleyball team tied for 1st place in the conference; although, unfortunately, it lost 2 games in the regional final to rival Latin. " Se- veral of the players have been on the team for four years, improving it each year, " according to Coaches Bert Pozen and Mary Pat Hepp. Partially responsible for their suc- cess were tight teamwork and the use of playmaking strategies, in ad- dition to strengthening the usual skills of blocking, setting, and spik- ing. By the end of the season, their record was 6-2 in matches. 1: Ana Castillo is demonstrating which of the following skills: (a) spiking, (b) setting, (c) bumping, or (d) protecting her face. 2: Co-Captain Courtney Williams wows the watchers with her wondrous blocking! (Hey, Mr. Conroy, how ' s that for alliteration!?) 3: " MINE! " 4: Co-Captain Carolyn Kerr per- fects the art of ball-levitation. Varsity: Bottom: A. Castillo, G. Rohlen, B. Zieserl. 2nd: A. Wright, C. Kerr, C. Wil- liams, H. Wood. JV: L. Quach, P. Castillo, N. Rousseau, C. Hobson. 55 Bottom: V. Saetia, J. Rosenberg, S. Timoner, C. Oelerich, A. Lopez, J. Quinn, D. Christopher, A. Husain. 2nd: Coach M. McCarty, H. Statland, D. Scott, R. Zgonena, C. Hemphill, J. Reinsdorf, D. Plimpton, B. Dole, K. Rye, B. Zeiser, E. Jacobson, M. Rastall, D. Beider, D. Healy, Coach J. Bach. 3rd: A. Piper, P. Geyer, N. Bentley, J. Anton. Absent: L. Cohen, M. Hurst, S. Koral, T. Kramer, M. Lopina. 56 One Awesome Season Overall, the Raiders ' Football team had an extremely suc- cessful season, almost making the state playoffs. After a frustrating loss to Roosevelt in the first game, the team defeated its next six oppo- nents. The winning streak cli- maxed on homecoming day, when the Raiders came from behind to beat the favored Lake Forest Aca- demy 39-10. Co-Captain Dave Plimpton remarked that " enthu- siasm, motivation, and team spirit were the keys to these victories. " With two games left, the Raiders had a chance to go to the state play- offs. However, they lost a difficult game to Moosehart in the final se- conds. It is hoped that, under the leadership of next year ' s three cap- tains, Howie Statland, Chapin Hemphill, and John Anton, next season will be as much of a success as this one. 1: Anyone for a Moosehart sandwich? 2: What balance! 3: The Raider Defense. 4: Hey Cy, look out! 5: The next Walter Pay- ton? m ' ' • ■ « 57 Hockey Team Gets On the Stick with Conference Title In a spectacular season, the Var- sity Field Hockey team took first place in its conference, despite a heartbreaking loss to Deerfield High School, in overtime, 2-1. Ac- cording to Coach Edee Madsen, " Everyone seemed psyched and played the best they could, as indi- viduals and as a team. " The tea m advanced to a 9-6 record, including three difficult overtime victories. In the words of Co-Captain Tanna Schwarz, " We had an awesome season. " Bottom: A. Lehman, B. Cavanaugh, G. Theders, A. Hemphill, A. McDonagh, D. Healy, L. Heinz. 2nd: L. Ross, L. Zahn, A. Aggens, S. Tomaras, P. Smith, N. Rodri- guez, L. Staiman. Absent: A. Plauche, T. Schwarz. I: Liz Zahn " dribbles " the ball. 2: Co-Cap- tain Annie Aggens demonstrates " pushing. " 3: Ashley Hemphill and MS intern John Houghton " hack off during the faculty game. 4: Allison Plauche battles a Latin girl for the ball, while Annie Aggens rushes to help. 5: Dina Healy, Aisling McDonagh, and Annie Aggens take off their mouthguards, and show off their pearly whites. 58 59 Not JUST A Losing Season Although the Upper School Soccer teams finished with fewer wins than losses, Co-Captain Bill Ake and senior John Kehoe still feel that there was an improve- ment over last year. It could be seen as a " building year " as Coach Jim Deuble was new, and the team was relatively young. Co-Captain Jesse Weldon says he ' ll be back next sea- son to see how well the team has improved. Co-Captain Prentiss Donohue and sophomore John Repenning were leading scorers, and Ake, a senior, was an All-Conference play- er. I : Prentiss Donohue hustles after the ball. 2: There ' s always one who knows where the camera is. 3: John Repenning displays his shooting form. 4: What a shot! Varsity: Bottom: T. Hilbink, I. Murphy, J. Snyder, G. Sau. 2nd: Coach J. Deuble, J. Kehoe, P. Donohue, B. Ake, C. Beauchamp, J. Weldon, J. P. Hamm. Absent: F. Ai, J. Repenning, W. Repenning, M. Vyleta, Coach J. Gramen tine. JV: M. Zore, E. Roginsky, S. Lax, S. Willis, B. Darrow, R. Maconachy, T. Rohlen, D. Birdwell. Absent: B. Zgonena, P. Chang, G. Connors, J. Gibbons, H. Moore, A. Wood. 60 TV Best Season in 5 Years The Varsity Tennis team, while it may have only had a 3-10 record, had its best season in se- veral years. As Coach Migaki said, " It was a good year for building a strong team for the future. We won more games this year than we have in the last 5 years together. " This year ' s wins include two close games over Elgin Academy and a shut-out against Morgan Park. Several of the players reflected a very upbeat mood. According to Leslie Carroll, " We had an incredible year. We played really well. " Liz Mitchell added, " I had a great time playing this year. Next year ' s team will be really strong. " 1 : Leslie Carroll patiently awaits the ball. 2: The dauntless duo of Liz Mitchell and Kate Kehoe stare down their opponents. 3: Co- Captain Kathy Stephan in action. 4: Co- Captain Jan Reed executes a textbook back- hand. Bottom: J. Trujillo, S. Crawford, L. Carroll, S. Horwood. 2nd: K. Kehoe, K. Stephan, J. Reed, L. Mitchell. 3rd: E. Kelly, E. Kiphart, C. McDonagh, K. Park, N. Ahrens. Absent: T. Moore, F. Wright. 62 63 Golf Returns to North Shore For the first time in many years, North Shore had a golf team. Coached by alumnus John Stibolt, the team concentrated on improv- ing the fundamental skills of the game. According to Coach Stibolt, " The golfers practiced for several hours everyday, and improved greatly throughout the season. " Since this was the team ' s first year and there were only four players on the team, the golfers did not play any matches with other teams. However, after this season of train- ing, the team hopes to increase its membership, more importantly, to kick some.. .next year. I: Fredrik Andersson hits from the Sahara. 2: Did the ball go in? You ' ll never know. 3: Where ' d the ball go? 4: Coach John Stibolt. 5: Such determination! G. Goldman, C. Manly, F. Andersson, D. Cohen, Coach J. Stibolt. 64 Zieserl Helps Varsity Earn Third Place For the first time in many years, both Varsity and Junior Varsi- ty teams, coached by Jim Deuble, finished the season with a winning record. The high-scorer of Junior Varsity, who had a league record of 7 wins, 4 losses, and an overall re- cord of 7-5, was sophomore Peggy Smith with 60 points. Junior Brid- get Zieserl, Varsity ' s high-scorer with 122 points, paced Varsity players to earn league and overall records of 9-6 and 11-7 respective- ly. With such success, the team went on to the Regionals. The first win came from Ida Crown; how- ever, the team lost to Woodlands in the next round. Despite the loss, Varsity came in third place in the league. Commenting on the season as a whole, Smith and sophomore Amy Jacobs said that they " had a great time, and along with having a blast at the games, we learned a lot. " 1: Gwen, don ' t be scared, just dribble!! 2: Pass it under her legs! 3: Is Courtney shoot- ing a free throw, or setting a volleyball to the net? 4: My name is Annie and I ' ve got the ball. Here I come so watch out y ' all. 5: Coach Deuble asks for a win while Kerr gig- gles, and Campos quenches her thirst. 6: Smile Jim!! J. V.: bottom: D. Healy, A. McDonagh, J. Reed. 2nd: C. McDonagh, S. Crawford, A. Jacobs, K. Stephan, E. Kelly, P. Smith, P. Castillo, S. Horner. Varsity: E. Kelly, C. Williams, A. Aggens, G. Rohlen, C. Kerr, P. Smith. Absent: H.Axel- rod, P. Campos, B. Zieserl. 66 67 s f r ft Ck Pl e m ■§ H « L H Season Filled With Wins Despite the fact that two regu- lar starters, Ben Zeiser and Jason Rosenberg, were out due to illness and injury, the Varsity Boys Basketball team won the Alden- Hebron Christmas Tournament. This was the first highlight of its season; but, it probably couldn ' t compare with the close win over Latin. This game proved to Coach M.J. McCarty that his team was one of the strongest in the Indepen- dent School League. In one of its final games, the Varsity team as- sured itself a very respectable sec- ond place in the ISL with a 63-56 win over Elgin. Although the Junior Varsity ' s record may not seem so great, the team made incredible progress throughout the season, Coach Scoot Dimon says. Even after los- ing its first nine games, the team had excellent spirit, and never gave up. 1 : Jason Rosenberg stretches to score anoth- er two points. 2: Josh Neufeld dribbles at centerstage all alone. 3: Captain Ned Bent- ley adds a few more inches to his free throw stance height, by standing on his tiptoes. 4: Coach Dimon goes over the game plan with the J.V. 5: J.V. Co-Captain Scott Koral han- dles the ball while Giorgio Sau remains ready to come to his aid. 6: Coach McCarty and some of the members of the Varsity team. Varsity: J. Reinsdorf, K. Rye, J. Rosenberg, C. Hemphill, S. Koral, B. Zeiser, N. Bentley, J. McCarter, J. P. Hamm, D. Plimpton, C. Oelerich, G. Sau. J. V.: A. Wood, G. Sau, J. Neufeld, S. Ti- moner, M. Vyleta, C. Beauchamp, C. Hem- phill, J. Repenning, S. Koral, D. Healy, V. Saetia, R. McClung, D. Christopher. Ab- sent: S. Tepper. 69 Fall Scoreboard Varsity Football Home Opponent 14 Roosevelt 27 48 La Lumiere 30 20 Rockford Lutheran 1 4 38 Hebron 14 42 Northwestern 1 4 41 Wheaton Christian 20 39 Lake Forest Academy 10 6 Williams Bay 27 18 Mooseheart 23 Overall: 6-3 Junior Varsity Football Home Opponent 14 Lake Forest Academy 6 20 Mooseheart 8 Gordon Tech-Freshmen Overall: 3-0 Middle School Football Home Opponent Lake Forest Country Day 12 1 2 Lake Forest Country Day 32 12 Joseph Sears 14 16 Joseph Sears 8 38 Joseph Sears 26 Overall: 2-3 Varsity Field Hockey Home Opponent 2 Antioch 3 1 Elgin 2 Lake Forest Academy 1 3 Parker 3 Oak Park J.V. 4 1 Elgin 2 2 Lake Forest Academy 1 5 Latin 5 Parker 1 Latin 2 Latin 1 Deerfield H.S. 2 Oak Park 3 3 University School-Milwaukee 2 1 Deerfield H.S. 2 Overall: 9-6 Varsity Volleyball Home Opponent 2 Morgan Park U-High 2 2 Woodlands 1 Latin 2 2 Morgan Park 1 2 U-High 1 2 Woodla nds 1 2 Latin 3 Lake Forest Academy 2 Josephinium 2 La Lumiere 1 2 Willows 1 2 St. Gregory 1 2 Willows Overall: 12-2 Middle School Volleyball Home Opponent 3 Edgewood 2 Roycemore 1 3 Willows 2 Edgewood 1 2 Sacred Heart 1 2 Willows 1 2 Roycemore 1 Overall: 7-0 Junior Varsity Field Hockey Home Opponent 2 Elgin 1 Lake Forest Academy 1 Latin 1 Latin 1 Overall: 2-1-1 Middle School Field Hockey Home 1 1 2 1 Elgin Team A Team B Parker Team A Team B Latin Team A Team B Elgin Team A Team B Opponent 1 1 Varsity Soccer Home Opponent Elgin 5 6 La Lumiere 2 2 Lake Forest Academy 2 2 Latin 7 Morgan Park 3 Parker 5 U-High 4 5 St. Gregory 2 2 Lake Forest Academy 5 4 Morgan Park 2 Elgin 1 Parker 7 1 Latin 6 Overall: 3-9-1 Junior Varsity Soccer Home Opponent Lake Forest Academy 2 Northridge 8 Latin 6 Lake Forest Academy 5 Lake Forest Country Day 3 1 Northridge 1 1 Morgan Park 6 Overall: 0-6-1 Middle School Soccer Home Opponent 2 Lake Forest Country Day 1 4 Elgin 2 1 Roycemore 1 1 Latin 2 Parker 3 1 Latin 4 4 Roycemore 2 Overall: 3-3-1 Lake Forest Country Day Team A 4 Team B 9 Winnetka Park Dist. Team A 1 Team B 2 Latin 1 Team A 2 Team B 1 Overall: Team A: 3-4 Team B:3-2-2 70 Winter Scoreboard Girls ' Varsity Tennis Home Opponent Lake Forest Academy 5 3 Elgin 2 1 Woodlands 4 1 Parker 4 Morgan Park 5 1 Latin 4 U-High 5 3 Elgin 2 5 Morgan Park U-High 5 Parker 5 Lake Forest Academy 5 Woodlands 5 Overall: 3-10 Home Opponent 20 Northwood Jr. High 46 3 1 Immaculate Conception 29 18 Deerpath Jr. High 32 1 7 Joseph Sears 28 29 Sacred Heart 40 18 Joseph Sears 26 21 Solomon Schecter 28 19 Lake Forest CD. 48 30 Solomon Schecter 36 10 Wilmette Jr. High 48 1 8 Roycemore 2 1 29 Roycemore 34 21 St. Clements 28 Overall: 1-12 Middle School Boys Basketball 6th Grade Team Home Opponent 21 Joseph Sears 28K 24A Sacred Heart 21 13 Washburne 14 24 Joseph Sears 25 25 Sacred Heart 26 2 1 1 Solomon Schecter 1 9 6 r- Lake Forest CD. 5 1 27 Solomon Schecter 23 15 St. Phillips 33 29 " Roycemore 27 35° ' Roycemore 28 37 Latin 16 12 ' " Latin 9 35 St. Peter Paul 16 36 " " " Roycemore 23 Vasity Boys Basketball Home Opponent 69 Morgan Park 55 44 U-High 53 48 Lake Forest Academy 42 68 Harvard 41 64 Parker 67 56 Mooseheart 32 51 Alden-Hebron 37 72 Richmond-Burton 59 58 Ida Crown 47 52 Latin 49 61 Elgin 53 46 U-High 49 73 Lake Forest Country Day 66 66 Mooseheart 37 63 Quigley North 67 74 Parker 7 1 88 Morgan Park 48 63 Latin 62 63 Elgin 56 78 Harvard 57 72 Mooseheart 48 Overall: 17-4 Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Home Opponent 30 MorganPark 38 35 U-High 55 3 1 Lake Forest Country Day 42 40 Harvard 5 1 36 Parker 42 41 Latin 56 39 Elgin 45 40 U-High 50 6 1 Lake Forest Country Day 42 38 Mooseheart 29 37 Quigley North 31 40 Parker 46 42 Morgan Park 28 38 Latin 53 40 Elgin 45 38 Harvard 33 46 Northridge 49 51 Mooseheart 37 Overall:6-12 Varsity Girls Basketball Home Opponent 39 Morgan Park 34 39 U-High 73 46 Lake Forest Country Day 1 6 43 Woodlands 50 27 Parker 38 35 Cathedral 15 42 Elgin 30 47 Latin 18 31 U-High 58 56 Lake Forest 28 49 Josephinium 51 35 Woodlands 45 50 Parker 36 50 Morgan Park 47 40 Latin 1 1 Regionals 53 Ida Crown 39 28 Woodlands 46 Overall: 10-6 Junior Varsity Girls ' Basketball Home Opponent 1 1 Morgan Park 1 8 19 U-High 18 35 Woodlands 40 10 Parker 12 36 Elgin 18 18 Latin 14 21 U-High 20 29 Woodlands 28 1 7 Parker 20 17 Morgan Park 20 17 New Trier 21 20 Elgin Overall: 7-5 Middle School Girls ' Basketball Home Opponent 25 Latin 28 1 1 Parker 1 7 1 7 Parker 8 1 5 Roycemore 30 33 Hillel Torah 4 24 Bannockburn 25 Overall: 2-4 71 ■s-JBE g Richard P. Hall Headmaster Sharon Dole Admin. Assistant to Headmaster Elizabeth Hunt Administrative Assistant Bob Beerheide Business Manager Gloria Seibert Assistant to Business Manager Joseph " Scoot " Dimon Head of Upper School Administration 74 Sharon Cooper College Counselor Y " Carolyn Howard Assistant to College Counselor Diane Janson Assoc. Director of Development Susan Mcintosh Director of Admissions Stephanie Randolph Receptionist Switchboard Nancy Emrich Director of Development Jacqueline Crane Development Office Assistant Connie Layton Development Office Secretary 75 Julie Hall Program Director, Academic Dean Marie Lundquist Librarian, Media Services Dir. Roe Salzinski Library Assistant Nancy Ohr Travis Nancy Whiteman Director o£ Publications P.R. Alumni Director O □ □ □ Sherry Gormanus L.S. and M.S. Secretary Administration 76 Carol Abelman First Grade Head, Computer Patricia Anderson Intern Peter Braverman Fifth Grade Shirley Cullen Science Benita Cervantes Fifth Grade Lower School Faculty L o w e r S c h o o 1 F a c u 1 t y Emily Denesha Reading Specialist Sharon Drazner French Linda Gibson Music Jim Gramentine Kindergarten Bonnie Katz Art Sarah Opdycke Fourth Grade Head Jennifer Pliska Second Grade Head Jennifer Santeler Assistant Teacher, First Grade Cathy Smith Intern, Second Grade Mary Wagner Art Patricia Washburn Kindergarten Lynda Wood Kindergarten Carole Yoder Third Grade Head Lower School Faculty 79 Maggie Dimon French ll F .$r k ' A ■ ' . ' ■;.;■■ Sue Gundlach Seventh Grade Head, English, So- cial Studies Mary Pat Hepp Science Middle School Faculty 80 John Houghton Intern Kellerman Jan Migaki Mary Roden Math Science Eighth Grade Head, English, Social Studies 81 John Almquist Department Head, U.S. Art Roger Shipley M.S. Shop, U.S. Drama Jackie Melissas M.S. U.S. Art Carol Radloff Drama Director, M.S. U.S. Drama Arts Department 82 Adrienne Weisse French 2,4 Foreign Language Department 83 Shirley Smith Department Head, M.S. U.S. Math Beth Foster U.S. Math Dorothy Neville U.S. Math, Computers Math Department 84 Bill Goss Department Head, Chemistry Martin " Mac " McCarty Jan Migaki Physics William Freisem Department Head, U.S. History, European History John Ingram U.S. History, Constitutional Law Nancy Geyer, Ph.D. Anthropology, Psychology Social Science Department 86 Susan Gundlach Head of English Department Michael Conroy Soph., AP English, Journalism Geri French Junior English Karie Davis Freshman and Senior English English Department 87 Martin " Mac " McCarty Jay Bach Jim Deuble Edee Madsen P.E. Department THE CAFETERIA STAFF George Mitchell, Sr. Director of Transportation and Maintenance Cafeteria And Maintenance Joe Dragula George " Junior " Mitchell 89 Si V m Z, September was off to a flying start, Seniors and kindergarteners never far apart. Apple picking in October was lots of fun, With a picnic after at Ivanhoe Farm. A party at Halloween in the 12th grade room, Had screams of laughter and a witch ' s broom. November brought work day with our buddies. Daffodils were planted-then juice and goodies. December was busy with holiday cheer, Giving to the needy was very clear. The holiday show had us dressed as toys With GREAT excitement for girls and boys. In the New Year we were busy again, Printing, counting, and writing our names. The sub-zero temperature couldn ' t stop us at all, There were snow forts and snowballs, and still we grew tall. Goodbyes to our seniors are said in June. Lower school closing comes all too soon. 92 What do you like best in Kinder- garten? Ricky: 1st coloring, 2nd music, 3rd gym. Steven R. and Leigh: Playing in the backroom. Kristen and C.W.: Everything. What makes you happy in Kinder- garten? Daniel: I like recess and lunch, I think I like everything. Robert: When it ' s time to go home. Kindergarten bottom: Leigh Cross, Jessie Stepan, Kristen Butler. 2nd: Sarah Hough, Rhodri Lane, Jackie Siegel, Scott Mcintosh. 3rd: Zachary Hill, Steven Bridgrnan, Carl Hill, Teddy Heinz, T.J. lsselhard. 4th: Richard Atkins, Ricky Dimon, Anna Goldman, Emily Smith. 5th: Andrew Syfu, Steven Radloff, Louise Barrett, Chris Shybut, Lindsay Abrams. 6th: Damon Frahler, Daniel Moody, Jennifer Brown, Andrew de Young. 7th: Michael Mrozik, Robert Wharton, Tori Cavanaugh, C.W. McCullagh, Thomas Doar, Kirsten Spanjer, Alex Moffat. 8th: Mindy Robin, Rachel Krom, Alexi Polomarkakis, Abbie McDonough. 9th: Mrs. Washburne, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Katz, Mr. Gramentine. absent: Elizabeth Arnold, Iashea Cross. 93 bottom: Kathryn Hutchins, Stacey Goldman, Sarah Martin, Laura Hunt, Anne Cavanaugh. 2nd: Daniel Snower, Eliza Scully, Eleanor Shaw, Eyal Wallenberg, Alison Leslie. 3rd: Brett Ferguson, Peter Dietrick, Sara Johansson, Rajiv Patel. 4th: Jonathan Campbell, Scott Rich- ards, Jason Kray, Bradley Aleshire, Philip Dimon. 5th: Emily Sola, James Mesic. 6th: Marc Sanden. absent: Wick de Young, Samantha Darnell, Alysoun Kegel. The First Grade is... Fun Fantastic Foolish Fabulous Ferocious Fancy Friendly When asked the question, " What do you like most about first grade? " this is what the Lower Schoolers who are a year older than the Kindergarteners but a year younger than the Second Graders responded: Reading.. .writing my own books...gym- ...building a Viking Ship with swords and shields...math...the Post Office and being Postmaster...the Flower saurs... making buzzers buzz and lights light with toy shop- ...storytime...the Emergency gramming the robot and making it go pla- ces.. .visiting the bank and holding a thou- sand dollar bill. .reading about the explorers. Everyone liked the birthday parties with hugs and spankings, special party games and cake and ice cream. Some liked travelling through the community we made in the class- room, going from the bank to the post office, travel agency, hospital, or the library. Every- one liked to drive the taxi; some liked to be the policemen and keep order. One of the activities that was particularly fun was building the Mardi Gras float and invit- ing the sixth grade buddies to the big parade. The costumes were wonderful and they loved throwing doubloons to their friends. The par- ties given by the sixth grade were just as ex- citing. The teachers greatly admired their first grade! " The students were terrific, bright, en- thusiastic, and just wonderful, " they say. " It was fun to be with them each day! " Second Grade bottom: Eli Luber, Anna Patel, Katie Reinert, Yuko Tateishi. 2nd: Greg Erickson, Abby Dixon, Fran Krom. 3rd: Wilkie Shaw, Erin Abrams, Michelle Butler, Nirali Dalia, Adam Campbell, 4th: Bianca Apack, Amanda Armato, Marisa Manheim, Jonathan Syfu. 5th: Mrs. Smith, Ali Shybut, Kristin Searle. 6th: DavidGoldman, William Newton, Jeremy Hill. 7th: Mrs. Pliska, Bobby Cohen, absent: Mika Mrozik, Stephanie Star. According to the comments of a handful of Second Graders, they and the rest of their classmates had a " fun " year. Their days were filled with many exciting activities. One such day was Apple day which Adam Campbell describes as a " special day " on which " we did all sorts of things to do with apples. ' We made applehead dolls and had an apple taste test. We made taffy apples and made apple- sauce. " A little later on in the year, the day before Halloween, the First Grade held a Hallow- een party. " At the Halloween party there were four stations. One was Witch ' s Brew and another was Fortune Teller. Mrs. Man- heim was the fortune teller. Another station invloved playing the game Witch-O, and the fourth, making Halloween cookies. " And as one might guess, Amanda Armato and Mi- chelle Butler say that they had " a fun time. " One project for which the Second Grade collaborated with their Seventh Grade part- ners was the book drive. Together they raised 819 books " for children that don ' t have even one book, " says Bianca Apack. " We did lots of things forthe book drive. We made posters and counted books and stuffed envelopes. Second grade is really fun! " Even on days on which there was no party or feast held, the fun-filled Second Grade found ways to entertain themselves. For one, Greg Erickson, together with buddies Jer- emy Hill and Bobby Cohen made a snowfort. " It was the second biggest " according to Greg. I think that it ' s safe to say that the Second Grade definitely had a FUN year. The Third Grade bottom: Paul Yoon, Luke Bakalar, Jeremy Robin. 2nd: Liam Cavanaugh, Thomas Heinz, Gavin McDonagh, Nicholas Brown. 3rd: Melissa Mesic, Andrea Moffat. 4th: Seth Greene, Chris Dattels, Andres Calica, Karen Phemister, Whitney Brown. 5th: Virginia Wharton, Hilary Wirtz, Allegra Rosberg, Robert Wienke, Sarah Rapawy. 6th: Lyn Aleshire, Dina Mansur, Gabrielle Edidin, Teddy Wulfers, BrianRohlen. 7th: Mrs. Yoder, Mrs. Anderson. What do this year ' s third graders want to be when they are 25? Teddy Wulfers: I would like to be a baseball player and then go into the Navy as a pilot. Then, I would like to be a lawyer. Christopher Dattels: I would like to be a pi- lot, because I think the air is neat. Liam Cavanaugh: I ' m going to be an astro- naut and go to space and explore other galax- ies. Weightlessness sounds fun. Hopefully, Karen Phemister will design my rocket. Karen Phemister: I ' ll be a physicist because I like playing with ' do-hingies ' like a gyro- scope. I also want to design Liam Cavan- augh ' s spaceship. Melissa Mesic: I would like to be an artist, because I would get to paint people ' s por- traits. Andrea Moffat; I want to be a movie star, because I like to act. Tommy Heinz: I would like to be a rock star and a football player. I like to sing, and I like to catch balls. I can be famous and make an album. Whitney Brown: I want to be an Olympic gymnast, because I have a good time doing it. I have a lot of laughs there. The coaches are nice. Paul Yoon: I would like to be an NFL football player, a major league baseball player, and an NBA basketball player. Brian Rohlen: I would like to be a boat racer, because I like boats. I like fast boats, because they ' re fun and cool. I like getting splashed by the water. bouom: Ellen Bom . Morgan i ampbell. Mac Dunbar-Bickmore, Louis Brown, Nikola kry- vitl. Devon Levy. Jennifer Franklin. HauMey I ewis. John vVhulesey. 2nd: Mivbiko Koniori. Mrs Cervantes. Melanic Madigan. David Llorente. Jason Franklin. Scan Butler, ( iina • pack. Amber Shipley, Jill Aleshire. Hilary Bishop. Dana Brown, 1 heodore Shybui. Peter ' •Stnev. ' Mrs. Opclyeke. Joseph Fortunut k » " V»- «» - JL « -» ' " ' «• » ' V« riV ilS® ■ :$f$mt would you do with %% ' Cre- ative, dramatic, friendly, caring, fun Fourth Graders who love chal- lenges and actually enjoy work ? Fourth Grade teachers Sarah 6p- dycke and Donna Aldrich intro- duced their students to a variety of enriching subjects including the Sumerians and the opera " Elixir of Love. " In addition, the Fourth Grade held an areheological dig on campus and carved their own ca- noes after learning the story, " The Paddle in the Sea. Among the many trips taken were a boat ride, excursions to Chicago ' s museums, and a trip to sec Pegasus Players perform " No Worries. " A full schedule, but the class of published authors, science lovers, actors, and computer whizzes clearly enjoys the challenges. Fifth Grade bottom: Melanie Lewis, Margaret Marzano, Anita Junge, Rebecca Star, Anokhi Dalia. 2nd: Eric Cooper, Jason Butler, Daniel Wirtz, Andrew Richards, Foster Brown, Robert Camp- bell, Randy Engstrom, James Ferguson. 3rd: Mr. Braverman, Carolyn Passino, Melanie Schiff, Jessica Bakalar, Angela Richardson, Brooke Bakalar, Henley Shotwell, Gus Kalpake, Jack Delaney, Jared Michaels, Thomas Parr, absent: Martin Parker, Matthew Ross. As the leaders of the Lower School, the fifth grade has had a year to remember! Most of them have been here since the early grades, so they can truly say that they ' ve hung to- gether through thick and thin in Lower School. This year, of course, they became the leaders of Afternoon Ex, hosting and dis- missing, and generally running the show. Brooke, Angela, Jessica, Maggie, Ann, and Rebecca danced and sang, and everyone pitched in with enthusiasm-and the chairs! As leaders of the Lower School, they also coordinated the UNICEF and PRIDE collec- tions, raising money, clothes, and toys for people who might not otherwise enjoy their holidays as do the fifth graders. And speaking of holidays, they made the most fabulous gingerbread houses the school has ever seen! From skyscrapers to Eric ' s " Cali- fornia Earthquake House, " the variety and color were amazing. There really are some budding architects in this class! They also had the le ad play in the Lower School holiday program, with Randy turning in a great per- formance as the wandering potato pancake maker. Danny, Melanie L., Matt, Thomas, and Marty were all exceptional readers dur- ing the performance. The fifth graders adopted kindergar- teners for storytelling. Melanie S., Anokhi, Carolyn, and Thomas read some wonderful tales, as did all of them, and they redisco- vered the works of Dr. Seuss in the process. They also assisted the kindergarten at lunch a few times. In February, they were able to work out the Roman stories that they had read with Michael Montenegro, master puppeteer from Evanston. They were surprised that they could learn so much from puppets, and have so much fun at the same time. Athletics were also a showcase for fifth- grade talents. Jamie brought lacrosse to North Shore, and many people in the class picked up the game quickly. Casting all modesty to the wind, they con- sider themselves to be the sharpest-dressed class in the school. Whether it was the holi- day program or the symphony, they set a shining example of dapper attire. Wherever they went, they felt proud of themselves. They definitely had some ups and downs this year, but the ups seemed to outweigh the downs. As they move into (gasp!) Middle School next year, they know that they will see greater and greater accomplishments. 1 ■ mm , sar iifci IP ' wp • i ■ n Grade bottom: Josh Opdycke, J. P. Marzano, Peter De Young, Jonathan Balen-Tilkin, David Johansson, David Lane, Kris- topher Baade, Dominic Armato, Greg Rapawy. 2nd: Jennifer Caldwell, Marga- ret Urban, Mamie Wienke, Catherine Whittlesey, Carin Healy, Susannah Manheim, Jennifer Edidin, Kourtney Krom, Amy Marinacci. 3rd: Scot Keller, Peter Lehman, Laura Fifield, Max Kuecker, Aaron May, Page Scully, Kim- berly Hedge. Absent: Christopher Lee, Chad Charowhas. 106 The Sixth Grade encountered many changes in moving from the Lower School to the Middle School. A primary change is the difference in schedules. Other dif- ferences between the two schools include having: different teachers for different classes, no assigned re- cess, less time to eat lunch, more freedom, and more responsibiliti- es. For example, Sixth Graders no longer need teachers to escort them to classes; they can chew gum, throw snow, and even go on over- night trips. Along with this free- dom comes added responsibility. There are detentions " for misbe- having and being tardy " and " long- er homework assignments (ugh). " The Sixth Grade of 1987-88 ap- parently adjusted well to the Mid- dle School and had fun in the pro- cess. One student found " the best thing about Sixth Grade and the Middle School is that we have so- cial events. " Among the six Friday night affairs were Monte Carlo night, skating at Centennial Park, and open gym. It is possible that fun events such as these were scheduled to relieve the members of the Sixth Grade from all of that homework. 107 Seventh Grade Who are the Seventh Graders? Well, they describe themselves as hap- py, sad, serious, silly, moody, gener- ous, generous, adorable, impossible, consistently inconsistent human be- ings. Needless to say, there are many dif- ferent personalities within the Se- venth Grade. Their hobbies are just as varied. Listed among their favorite in- terests are sports (all kinds), art, gym- nastics, rock music, reading, TV, po- etry, skating, skate boarding, acting, and tennis. Other favorites: Books: Island of the Blue Dolphins , The Incredible Journey , Black Boy , Never Cry Wolf , The Cay , Of Mice and Men , and The Wave . Foods: pizza, oysters, McDonald ' s, pasta, lox and bagels, steak, green beans and broccoli. TV Shows: L.A. Law, A Different World, Family Ties, The Cosby Show, Tales from the Dark Side, St. Else- where. The Seventh Grade also enjoyed the many field trips taken. One big event was a 3-day trip to Hobson ' s Farm; other destinations included the Brookfield Zoo, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Muse- um, the Harvard School in Chicago (to meet pen-pals), the pizza parlor, and McDonald ' s for breakfast. When they were at " home " on cam- pus, they worked on the book drive, studied fractions, rockets, civil rights, French, and had fun with their 2nd Grade buddies. With the number of activities this bunch of Middle Schoolers participat- ed in, the Seventh Grade could add the word busy to their self-descrip- tion. 108 bottom: Matt Neumann, Mark Prior, Christopher Cook, Daniel Lurie, Jordan Feldman, Clark Passino, Alexandra Roginsky, Jessica Chester, Alison Flint. 2nd: Loren Berry, David Presser, Mark Marinacci, Greg Jacobs, Nick Piper, Steve Plimpton, Nina Shariff, Beth Jacobs, Angeline Brown, Katherine Epmeier. 3rd: David Crane, Matthew Price, Gregg Fitzgerald, Jason Westlund, Todd Heinz, Ben de la Fuente, Judy Meadows, Clare Pinkert, Megan McGrath, Syra Shariff, Kelly Cooper, Anne Wheat. MHM 109 bottom: Debbie Wright, Robyn Goldman, Estelle Campos, Brooke Gorham, Nehezi Roberts, T.C. Whiting, Garratt Hasenstab, Collins Hartzog, Janet Yoon. 2nd: Megan Lane, Jorie Stepan, Michaela Murphy, Carter Frank, Joanna Tepper, Tory Richardson, Amy Fink, Matt Smey, Bryan Reed. 3rd: Jack Keller, Seth McCulloch, Andrew Cheris, Monica Llorente. 4th: Daniel Pinkert, Shomari Smith, Owen Gerst, Libby Deitrick, Jonathan Wittenbrink, Maciej Ceglowski, Bryan Resendiz, Charles Erie, Chris Fifield, Jon Uhlenhop, Jamie Repenning, Cameron Chester, Karen Lawrence. 110 TEACHERS SAY we have an attitude problem. UPPER SCHOOLERS SAY we are loud and obnoxious. PARENTS SAY we are a nice group of kids. HERE IS WHAT WE SAY: crazy different personalities future world leaders lively " Not! " confident loud " we rule! " unified independent wild " Bussst! " future sports stars a lot of character the top of the middle school like a big family friends WE ARE THE EIGHTH GRADE! in r J| " ypr . bottom: Danny Christopher, Danny Beider, Sarah Crawford, Liz Ross, Dee Saetia. 2nd: Letrinh Quach, Chelby Hobson, Nicole Rousseau, Denis Healy, Aisling McDonagh, Kate Kehoe, Ashley Hemphill, Gretchen Theders, Amy Lehman. 3rd: Matt Hurst, Alecia Hampton, Steven Willis, Josh Quinn, Bennett Darrow, Al-Haroon Husain, Barry Zgonena, Steve Timoner, Stuart Lax, Randall Maconachy. absent: Rob McClung, Judd Nudelman. FRESHMEN This year ' s freshman class has been many things. Although many of them spent most of their time in the locker room, they managed to keep from going insane. Making money was, well, some- thing of an experience in that they made a deal with the sophomores to alternate the selling of food during Morning Break. The deal fell through, but they ' ll eventually find a way to make the big money anyways. Their classes were very interesting, and in spite of disturbances such as yelling, running, and " barking, " they actuallymanaged to get some work done. In the words of a student, Danny Beider, " Give the teachers a hand for getting us through the year. " Clap, Clap! (OK, that ' s enough) The most important thing learned this year was, according to Beider, " to never forget your lunch card. Go somewhere without your lunch card, and you ' re in big trouble: you can ' t eat. " ' ■ bottom: Shanna Horner, Finisa Wright, Joanne Avery, Marilyn Young, Ciara McDonagh, Jann-Nicole Trujillo, Wendy Warner, David Birdwell, Eugene Roginsky. 2nd: Stefani Tomaras, Peggy Smith, Beth Cavanaugh, Amy Jacobs, Ellen Kelly, Todd Rohlen, Kathy Stephan, Andy Wood, Paula Castillo, Ellie Kiphart, Matt Zore, Harold Moore, Paul Chang. 3rd: Win Repenning, John Repenning, George Connors, John Gibbons, Mike Rastall. absent: Ashley Brown, Erik Aim, Lorin Cohen. SOPHOMORES 1990- so far away, everyone says 4 It goes by so fast. " but the present is the present, and 2 years to go. Chemistry, geometry, english, all fly by in a jumble, lines floating aimlessly in a black void. Laughing or crying, throughout the years, crazy and wild. -Joanne Avery JUNIORS The junior class is now only one year away from reaching its academic goals. If this year was any indi- cation, the juniors are also about one year away from insanity. Junior year began with the rude awakening of the need to raise two thousand dollars in a short period of time for Prom. Then there were the trials and tribu- lations of finding a room and a band. This year could be called a year of preparation: preparing for the SAT ' s, preparing to begin the search for colleges, or just preparing to get the chance to blast the stereo in the senior homeroom. Of course, one can ' t forget the wild homeroom meetings and their accompanying dis- cussions. Junior year was truly a time of getting ready for something bigger, although everyone ' s definition of " something bigger " is probably different. It was long It was hairy But we ' re done So be wary. You see, next year We ' ll be on top. And we plan to be Really, really obnoxious. -poem by Ian Murphy • •»..„ «0 CTTS . r bottom: Heather Axelrod, Peter Geyer, Navarra Rodriguez, Bridget Zieserl, Ian Murph, Nicola Ahrens. 2nd: Giorgio Sau, To m Hilbink, Jan Reed, Martin Vyleta, Kwi Jung Park. 3rd: Dina Healy, Rob Angert, Mark Ferris, Steve Tepper, Jason Rosenberg, Alex Piper, Chapin Hemphill, Josh Neufeld, Liz Zahn, Sarah Horwood. 4th: Chesly Manly, Mike Lopina, Rob Zgonena, Colm Davis, Geoff Goldman, Cy Oelerich, Lori Staiman, John Anton, Alison Plauche, David Cohen, Howie Statland, Patty Campos, Marc Bennett, Laura Heinz, Fredrik Andersson, Frankie Ai. Absent: Jeff Snyder, Tracy Moore, Tim Kramer, Jill Levitetz, Al Lopez, Scott Koral. bottom: Jeff McCarter, Lisa Angert, Lisa Lovett, Ari Peters. 2nd: Dwight Scott, Louisa Clinch, Hilary Kaplan, Leslie Carroll, Marta Sule, Liz Mitchell, Ana Castillo, Sandra Sus- mano. 3rd: Niji Vohra, Amy Nasaw, Binay Cahn, Jesse Weldon, Yuka Sugiura, Carolyn Kerr, Gwen Rohlen, Andrea Wright, Courtney Williams. 4th: David Plimpton, John Kehoe, Brad Savage, Tanna Schwarz, Annie Aggens, Ned Bentley, Sarah Boone, Prentiss Donohue, Kristin Lawson, Charlie Beauchamp, Helen Wood, Eric Jacobson. 5th: J. P. Hamm, Bill Ake, John Zore, Ken Rye, Ben Zeiser, Brian Dole. Absent: Aaron Koral, Maggie O ' Connor, Jon Reinsdorf, Theresa Young. SENIORS Before the 1987-88 school year was underway, the sen- ior class met to discuss its goals for the year and ways to achieve them. The first priority was the unification of the class. (By the way, the second priority was senior priority in the lunchline.) As soon as this was agreed on, it was clear that the class would have an enjoyable year together. One event that needs to be chronicled is " the poster war. " It innocently began with the girls ' putting up " The Soloflex Man. " Then the guys retaliated by plastering all over the opposite wall pictures of girls in revealing clothes. However, the class soon came to grips with its competitive attitudes and settled down to business. No matter what challenged the seniors: deciding on a graduation speaker, dedicating the Mirror , applying to col- leges, or decorating the senior homeroom for Christmas, they knew that as long as they stuck together and helped each other out, they could accomplish anything. Dave ' s blaring voice helped out during some homeroom meetings, " Let ' s all listen to so-and-so. He has the floor. " The seniors will admit that their time wasn ' t entirely spent working. They did have plenty of fun with their kin- dergarteners picking apples, and dancing the hokey-pokey, not to mention lounging around in the senior homeroom or inventing reasons to go off-campus. 120 fm Foreign Students Studenti Stranieri Estudiantes Extranjeros Auslandische Austauschschuler I could start with a monologue about how great this school is and that I ' m en- joying it a lot and that this school is spe- cial. On the other hand, I think that every foreign student probably thinks the same thing, so I will just say, " The school and teachers are ' awesome ' and it ' s ' cool ' be- ing here. " These are some of the words on my vocab list that I started when I came here. Oh, coming here was another story:I was scared to death the first days of school. Now I can hardly imagine that. I saw myself lost, running around the school not knowing where to go. That actually happened, but it was half as terrible as I had imagined. Everybody was so friendly and helpful, I didn ' t even have the chance to get worried. In short, if I compare my school in Germany with 4000 people from 5th to 13th grade to this one, I perfer NSCDS. Compli- ments! Great school! Thanks! -Nicola Ahrens The sun rises and with it a new day of adventures and light begins. But it is a war where there are no enemies or at least, where the only enemy is yourself, with all those prejudices towards everything that looks different from what you were used to, with all those things that you can ' t understand but that you are too ashamed to ask for... You never lose or win. You just enjoy yourself and learn that there are different points of view for everything. And you learn words and attitudes and specially, you learn about yourself, even though sometimes you have to pay for it, not in money but in feelings, having to renew all those old principles that you considered eternal. Sometimes you try to remember the reasons why you said you were coming here (language, to know a new culture, personal ex- perience), and you ask yourself if those words have any sense, or if they just sound nice, and you wonder if this is worthwhile...But then you look around, and you see everybody involved in all those activities that until some months ago you considered outside school activities, but those here are part of the community life. And you understand that school is not only studying, that you can participate in it with enthusiasm and creativity, and you learn that students are also an important part of the school and that they have a say in the decision making. And then, you laugh about all your doubts, and you are very glad to be here. Gracies-Marta Sule Giorgio Sau, Italy Lifers! • How have they managed to survive? Ac- tually, it was quite easy. Annie Aggens thinks that, " The years went by rather quickly. " J. P. Hamm says " that until eighth grade, I never knew anything except North Shore; therefore, I never thought about having to ' survive ' all those years. Instead of getting sick of the same old faces, we got closer to each other. " All three lifers certainly took advantage of North Shore offerings in sports. During practically every season, one could see Jon Reinsdorf, J. P. Hamm, and Annie Aggens kicking, swinging, shooting, or throwing on " the fields of waving purple. " The lifers certainly have changed from the days when Annie wet her pants on the day she visited, J. P. accidentally set off the fire alarms in the Sears Tower, and Jon dressed up as Luke Skywalker for Hallow- een. And by the way, J. P. says that he ' ll be back to take his father ' s place on the Board of Trustees. Senior Prophecies In a surprise move, Jeff McCarter enlisted in the army. When asked why, the mild-mannered McCarter answered, ' " Cause I didn ' t want to buy a new wardrobe. " Annie Aggens has at last found her calling in life. After leaving her post as a forest ranger in Colorado, she has moved to Orlando, Florida to don the famous ears as one of Disneyworld ' s mascots (and Mickey Mouse ' s love), Minnie. Commenting on her new career, Aggens said, " It ' s a blast! I love it! Gotta go! " And off she scurried to an appearance at the castle for which she was already 10 minutes late. Charlie Beauchamp is in New York this month with London ' s touring company of La Cage Aux Folles. In an interview for The Today Show, Jane Pauley asked Beauchamp why the British had a thing about dressing in drag. To that, Beauchamp said, " First of all, it ' s BEE- cham, and secondly, let me ask you why you American women have a thing about shoulder pads. My God, it ' s as if you all wanted to look like football players. " World renowned chef Maggie O ' Connor has just announced the open ing of her cookie specialty store. Yes, I ' ll Bake You Some Cookies. In her autobiography, Megabucks , Ana Castillo relates the secret of her success in her climb to CEO of four Fortune 500 corporations. In it Castillo touts America ' s free-enterprise system, and credits Junior Achievement for introducing her to corporate America. Critics who have read the book comment that it ' s time for Castillo to come up with a new line. Sandra Susmano was released from the hospital last week after being treated for a serious case of lockjaw. After four agonizing weeks of no verbal communication, she came running out of the hospital crying, " Like oh my God! Can I tell you???! " Supreme Court Justice John P.F.M. Hamm has stirred up a great deal of controversy with his advocation of a bill to eliminate maternal leave, or to make such a leave permanent. He feels that once a woman takes off such an " extended vacation, " as he put it, she doesn ' t deserve to come back. Ari Peters has become the most successful psychiatrist in Western Samoa. Her philosophy: " I just listen. " Famed marine biologist Kristin Lawson just received the Nobel Prize for experimentation into the effect of rap music on marine life. To her disappointment, she reports that it causes extreme distress in most species. Inside sources report that Lamborghini dealer John Zore has struck a deal with the Famous Amos Cookie Co. to put his picture on their boxes. In return, Zore has agreed to include the sale of a year ' s supply of cookies in each contract. Eric Jacobson, founder of numerous S.A.D.D. chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada has apparently had a drastic change in his philosophy. He has reportedly left S.A.D.D. to form his own organization, " No, I Will Not Give You A Ride. " USC President Dave Plimpton eagerly awaits the premiere of his talk show. The Plimptonian. " If, no when it ' s a success, " Plimpton said with confidence, " Leave it to Dave and L.A. Bacon Burger Dawwg! will follow. " L.A. Lakers owner Niji Vohra disclosed at a press conference that he is launching a campaign to dismantle the rival Boston Celtics ' organization. Rapper Ben Zeiser continues to turn out hits. On his latest album, four songs have made it to 1 on the soul chart: " I am the whip, " " I ' m the greatest, " " You know I ' m awesome, " and " House Boy. " After being interviewed by GQ correspondent Aaron Koral, designer Ralph Lauren finally asked Aaron that question that has been on everyone ' s mind: " Excuse me, Aaron, but just what is on the ceiling? " To which Koral responded, " Well, y ' know, it ' s kind of like a sort of plaster. And it ' s molded and stuff. " Miss Manners herself. Amy Nasaw is on the talk-show circuit plugging her latest book. The Art of Eating Without Silverware . In it, she covers everything from trail mix to hot cocoa mix. The hotel management world remains in a daze after Courtney Williams Marriott announced that she is leaving the field. She reportedly has adopted an anti-materialist philosophy and plans to sell the thousands of designer watches and Gucci purses she has amassed over the years. Helen Wood has been appointed editor of the Tribune ' s Tempo section. She was selected for the post because of her flawless proof-reading skills. 124 Brad Savage and his estranged wife hold the world ' s record for the quickest divorce, which came when Savage was late to the wedding. Said the baffled Savage, " I even offered to clean the tables of the restaurant where the reception was held. " Roller Derby Queen Gwen Rohlen says there ' s no secret to her success. Her strategy: " Just be pushy. " Head-banging heavy metal fan Liz Mitchell was spotted recently coming out of a Motley Crue concert followed by dozens of wide-eyed, drooling admirers of the opposite sex. Steven Spielberg has announced that he will be directing a movie of the children ' s book. Three Billy-goats Gruff, starring, of course, Lisa Lo- vett and Lisa Angert as the trolls. Are your grades suffering? Does your teacher just not like you? If you answered yes, Prentiss Donohue has just the book for you called The Art of Brown-nosing . He guarantees that it will improve your grade, or he will personally invite you to his house for dinner. In a similar vein Sarah Boone published a book for the non-athlete entitled How to Get Out of P.E. She says she came up with the idea while pondering all the injustices in the world. World renowned fisherwoman Tanna " Babe " Schwarz lost the International Angling Championship when she failed to notice a 1 5-pound bass on her line. When asked about it later, Schwarz said, " I thought it was a dead line and missed it. " When Marta Sule was interviewed about her year in America and how it has affected her since, all she could remember was that " It was fuzzy. " A Morehouse College basketball game again st SW Louisiana State was interrupted for 45 minutes while technicians replaced the backboard shattered by Morehouse guard Ken Rye. When asked if the broken backboard was the result of a slam dunk. Rye replied, " No, a jump-shot. " The eloquent Ned Bentley is now opening speech clinics for pro basketball players. The program is designed to drastically reduce the number of uhhhh ' s, well ' s, and uummmm ' s from a player ' s vocabulary. Theresa Young has called it quits after only one child. To make up for the children she could have had, she gave her son thirteen names. How- ever, she says, " he ' ll only use the first two, of course, for practical reasons. " Those two names: Merlin Kenneff. Yuka Sugiura, CEO of IBM was presented with a plaque given to her by her staff. On the plaque were inscribed the letters TGIM. Tennis pro Jesse Weldon is currently planning a deal with Adidas to come out with a tennis shoe called " The Jiffy. " His manager is negotioating with the Cure to have them sing the background music in the commercial. Of the commercial, Weldon commented, " Hey man, it ' s awesome. " The latest news from Iowa is that Carolyn Kerr and basketball standout Tom Beerhide opened a number of exclusive sports clubs requiring members to love Bon Jovi, wear Air Jordans, and drive red Saabs. The last time Hilary Kaplan was pulled over for speeding, she failed to produce her license, the third one she ' d lost that month. She claimed that she knew her license number by heart, so the policeman should take her word for it. After she was arrested, Kaplan said of the cop, " He was so STUPID! He should have believed me! " Brian Dole was the first to RSVP for North Shore ' s ten year reunion. When asked why so eager. Dole answered, " It ' s my chance to get a date with the three or four girls I haven ' t gone out with yet. " Diva Leslie Carroll recently left the opera to sing jazz. Her reason for leaving: " They wouldn ' t let me wear skirts above the knee, and I never understood what I was singing about anyway. " Binay Cahn announced the introduction of a self-defense unit to the aerobics program at her health clubs. At the fete for this newest facet of fitness, Cahn said, " I ' m dedicating it to Ned, Jon, and Prentiss. And you guys better WATCH OUT! " A local hospital disclosed that John Kehoe and Bill Ake are, or were, Siamese twins. What ' s even more startling is that the two were born fully dressed, wearing pin-striped oxfords, tan khaki pants, and were attached at the feet by a pair of docksiders. Rock star Prince told the press last week that the newest member of his band is none other than North Shore alumna Andrea Wright. He said she was chosen from over 200 drummers who auditioned because of her wild and unrestrained style which reminded him of his favorite Muppet character. Animal. Civil engineer Jon Reinsdorf has designed a first ever parking lot which only takes in cars as space consuming as Cadillacs. Famous Hollywood actors Dwight Scott and Louisa Clinch have been selected to play Ed and Peg Bundy in Fox ' s Married, With Children. When asked how they were chosen to portray the feuding Bundys, Louisa answered, " Because we don ' t even have to act! " 125 " They ' re all g| " TneyTe an SW- at,in weird " DOSVIDANOS! „ _ One love, one heart, let ' s get together and feel all UNFORGETTABLE right. -Bob m f k,. Thanks for everything A resident of the 100 block of Enid Ln. reported to police that someone had thrown toilet paper over his entire front yard at around 9 p.m. Let ' s See Action! -The Who I ' ve got to admit it ' s getting better, a little better all the time. -The Beatles Preserve your memories, they ' re all that ' s left to you. -Simon and Garfunkel It was a delightful visit-perfect, in be ing much too short.-Jane Austen William Hooker Ake Jelly P. Hamm DSB Charny Howland Kehoe Jake Chuckles HBI Cleveland ' 86 Double Parked Carrie Mobile Phone U.S. Chagrin Falls Alicia HORDAK WCNA Power Windows Laura MCIC7 EMR Duchess Pepto Soccer Honda The Leash Camp Crash and Burn Lisa CB-33 OTR Jail Bait July 3, 1987 Deubs Light this candle TANG People try to put us down, just be- cause we get around. -The Who 127 L i s a J u 1 i a A n I broke my brain! baking cookies Tor- 8 onto trip Oh-life! Liz ' s party Lisie e Lis-Lis Lisa Lisa and cult jam Lisas ' 2 • t Let the good times roll! -The Cars You can ' t always get what you want. -The Kinks I got some ice cream! -Eddie Murphy Loose Lips sink ships. -AC DC Take a walk on the wild side. -Lou Reed Wild Thing -The Troggs What ' s the significance? I don ' t know! -P.W. Where ' s the party? CHARLIE BEAUCHAMP " Goodbye America, and thank-you, you ' ve been won- derful. " -The Rolling Stones Back home, people may think you are wild and crazy; but, in America you are normal, because everyone is wild and crazy. " Why do they call me ' Gigs ' ? " -Bill Ake ' Good Lord. " -C.B. " When you these.. .deeds re- late, speak of me as I am, nothing extenuate. " - Othello " »■ Jon, Preston, Bean, Heather, " Once-a- month Rosenberg, " Wimpus, Louis, Pat, Ed, Enio, Raj. " Yes, I ' d like a double cheesebur- ger and fries, thank you " -L.C. " Wait, oh my God can I tell you something... " -Manipulator Courier Hoops Mario Bros. Quantity or Quality Off campus? Police Stations Hornet Limner Ernie and Julio Rags on weekends First Quintile? New Trier Gang Your place or mine Psyche Tape I ' m so smart ' -J.M.R " I ' m not an exchange student! ' J.P.D. " ' ' ' J 3 Edward Bunker Bentley Dad, Mom and Rob-Thanks for Being There for Me! 130 ■c + 3 o c o 3 cr c o c a o 00 d 2 a E o CO Many times I ' ve lied Many times I ' ve listened Many times I ' ve wondered How much there is to know LED ZEPPELIN If I am not better, at least I ' m different.-J.D. Rousseau There ' s something symbolic about being runover by a portable televi- sion while reading a book.-Linus " And the sign said the words of the proph- ets are writtenon the subway walls. " -S G 3 U c 2 " o X T3 3 X i- 3 Breath, breath in the air Don ' t be afraid to care Leave, don ' t leave me Look around, choose your own ground Long you live and high you fly Smiles you ' ll give and tears you ' ll cry All you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be -PINK FLOYD All I want is to have my peace of mind.-BOSTON SARAH HART BOONE Binay Cahn These are the times to remember.. .these are the days to hold on to ' cuz they will not last forever -D.D. Children, behave.-That ' s what they say when we ' re together. -Tiff. Ba. The Haircut Crew C.C.P. " Ain ' t that America? " J. CM " I hate the dentist. " -Yaksters " There ' s no way to compromise-we ' re living separate lives. " -P.C. -For all too many people. Scooter " You don ' t know what you ' ve got until it ' s gone. " -Chicago " I think I can learn like one of them. " -Amy " 8th Floor. Wanna jump? " -Amy " I love you but I ' m in too deep. I ' m playing for keeps. " -Genesis " I look pathet- ic. " -Jill I had the time of my life! £ 4 J k " ! " ' %ft El U M IP t!ir r " W, £OT " ' Mommy ' s all right ve don t know where we ' ve been And we know what we ' re knowin ' IBut we can ' t say what we ' ve seen 1ND WE ' RE NOT LITTLE CHILDREN I AND VTE KNOW WHAT WE WANT AND THE FUTURE IS CERTAIN ' . US TIME TO WORK IT OUT A fa W ■4 ; Dad- dy ' s all right, they ' re all just a little weirdl-Cheap Trick I had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you.- D.D. I say I love you, love you forever, never leave you, you make me so happy. - ■MeatloaPThey say the neon Jghts are bright on Broadway.- George Benson We are still good know the way it is.- H. I spy the golden arches- , Sarah, Sarah, no time is a good time for goodbye. -? Turn out the ligirfs and go to bed! -Our psy- cho IADOREGON! No sense is good sense. -Charles Mason EUR- OPE ' 87 Will I ever live that down?- Me and my biggest mistake. When I hear that Rock-n-Roll, it gets down to my soul, makes me rock-n-roll, what do you know? I say your momma, I ain ' t crazy. Queen Sarah Tennis We ' re lost. I love you-Maren, Meredith, Amy, Tessa, Jimmy, David When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drum, there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes. -Les Mis. I can drive stick!-Me Party all the time. -Eddie Murphy , flt " . ' ■ ■ " " W -pqIip Plsnnp C nrrrA 133 i £ - Ana Castillo In a world that is such a fruitcake, I ' m glad there are some nuts in it. A.C. WM 134 LOUISA BELL CLINCH ■■• ' i ' j J y$fc ' ?:■ . ■%% ® ' l " Hey Dude " -Chapin Hemphill Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. -Horace Mann I got the grip -Ben Zeiser " Nooose. " -Ben Zeiser OH BOY IS THIS GREAT! FLOUNDER, Animal House " Dooooole " -Mac " The man of the hour didn ' t get where he is in a minute. " -ISLI " The trouble is that most men love to live, yet live to die.. .But there are a few who die to live and live to love. " -Pago Banana Delmonte ISLI Skankers L.A. Wipeout Yamaha 550 Fore! Summertime Blues Beach Doleie Football Fever 35 Corona Wibba- Dibbedy-OH, woof! " Was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor? " -Bluto, Animal House ' Possessed " -Ben Zeiser Hey man! rv,,;„u c. -Ut J. Prentiss Donohue Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. -Benjamin Franklin Did you see me cut him off, that was great. ..I ' m so smart. -J.R. " I got my king can and I ' m the king of the road. " -A.G. I have tried lately to read Shake- " I ' ll have two large coffees, speare, and found it so intolerably two apple pies, a couple of dull, that it nauseated me. cheeseburgers and a sham- -Charles Darwin rock shake. " -J.P.D. to J.R. No, I ' m not an exchange student. -P.D. Small Pig Little Pig -P.D. -N.B. Say Ouiii Boy! She ' s sooo stupid. -Deliverance H -N.B. pw GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS You ' re trying to use reverse psycholo- OF ' 88 gy- -J.R. , BLAAAAH -J.R.(Head in Sink) 137 John Patrick Francis Murphy Hamm The Big Guy Thanks for everything. Love, J.P Hey! William Bill Hooker Ake Holly Holland Charny Rich Brit Stan Debbie Camp! DSB HBI July 3, 1987 " Power Windows " " Double Parked " TLF Debs Debbie James July 4, 1987 Ken (Prom ' 87) Plympton Flounder Jess Kegoe Chuckles We are young despite the years. We are concern. We are hope despite the times. -R.E.M. " We get the kind of people who are willing to invest some time and thought. -Peter Buck (REM) I loved you knew you. since I Police This is the time to remember ' Cause it will not last forever. These are the days To hold on to. -Billy Joel " Soccer ain ' t wimp sport! " " Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. And.. .moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. " -Barry Goldwater (R) " It is worse still to be ignorant of your igno- rance. " -St. Jerome " What ' s wrong green Mustang? " with a You got to learn to fall before you, learn to fly. Paul Simot? ERIC MARC JACOBSON HEN PLIMPY NIJ AMOS BILLY BJK JIFF JELLY P. DWIGHTMON PINEAPPLE BOO HOWSER CHAPE AIRRE PIPE BABY MUNKSTER ' 86 COLONIAL K. ' 86 RAIDERS 86-88 CLASS ' 88 74 The longer I thought I might find her, the shorter my vision became. -Jackson Browne I ' m going through some changes, I ' ll never be the same. Something you did touched me there ' s no one else to blame. -YES In the dead of night you can shine a light On some places that you ' ve never been... In that kind of light you can lose your sight and believe there was something to win. -Jackson Browne Been dazed and confused for So long it ' s not true... -Led Zeppelin " ...I cannot forget from where it is that I came from, I cannot forget the people who love me... " Many have I loved Many times been bitten... I live for my dream, And a pocketful of gold. -Led Zeppelin TACKLE-BACK-TACKLE " Three will rock you. " Always trying to make a point. NO! You can ' t have a ride! s afe ft i r s ■■ You who choose to lead must fol- low, But if you fall, you fall alone. If you should stand, then who ' s to guide you? If I knew the way, I would take you home. -Grateful Dead Nobody expects the Spanish Inqui- sition!! -Michael Palin John Comerford Kehoe The B Channel 33 Hordac Boniggie Zip Clunk Get Out Slick Flash Harry Rib Man Jake Master Ricky Plimpster Fred ' s Bank EMR EMSF Hawaiian Punch TP Christmas Snow Cleveland ' 86 Sanibel ' 87 The Triad People Unclear on the Concept Which Word Didn ' t You Understand? Crash and Burn Aren ' t you a little underdressed? Uncle Tom ' s Band There are a lot more important things than money. Trouble is, they all cost £, money. -Joseph E. Lewis ■ 9k . S I 1 $ X Ijj _ ■ . 1 1 i S Wfr Aw- " Nay, " said Sir Lan- celot, " ...for once shamed, may never be recovered. " -T.H. White And as all the wise- men say, Grab it, if it comes your way. -Cat Stevens Obviously somebody had been appallingly in- competent and he hoped to God it wasn ' t him. -Mr. Prosser, Hitchhiker ' s Guide to the Galaxy Over the Hills and Far Away -Led Zeppelin I know not! I care not ! -Jake Most people confuse destiny with poor management. Like, you wanna get out of my way? -Jess A resident of the 100 block of Enid Ln. reported to police that someone had thrown toilet paper over his entire front yard at around 9 p.m. -Northfield Police Report Bear Jokes Let ' s go flying Disneyworld North Carolina Hot air balloons Glider rides straight down Flooded basements 2 bags of army people? Whose car? And who is going to pay for it? Heat day Ducky Daddies Renting Tents When the shadows grow, it ' ll do you fine. When the cold winds blow, it ' ll ease your mind. The shape it takes, can be yours to choose, What you may win, what you may lose. -Grateful Dead Stand by stairway, You ' ll see something certain to tell you Confusion has its cost Love isn ' t lying, it ' s loose in a lady, Who lingers, saying she is lost. And choking on hello. -CSN HW- ' Carolyn Elizabeth Kerr Calhe Texan 1 l Trads SSSSS hairballs wavepool T.P. Les 63 Inga Moosehead Quarters Parking lot CB Tasty Neat It ' s over by the balcony Buck lunch duty rainbow brite Bon Jovi Halloween ' 86 the Postman Pritzzy La Bamba Blurp Sunday night de- panting Humor at its best possessed car sauce Sun Valley Hoops Get an idea Ooh la la-let ' s go dancing 10- 17 10-26- 87 Class of 88 is awesome! Sweet Caroline -Neil Diamond ■ ' ■: Live fully and happily, make good friends and cherish good memories, but keep looking ahead always-for the best of life is always further on. -Unknown I ' d die for you. I ' d cry for you. I ' ll do anything. I ' ll lie for you. You know it ' s true. Baby I ' d die for you. Bon Jovi Then lost in that feeling, I looked in your eyes, I noticed emotion And that you had cried For me. I can see. -Rush Love, I get so lost sometimes. Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart. When I want to run away, I drive off in my car But whichever way I go, I come back to the place you are. -Peter Gabriel The Three Musketeers! Romeo Juliet -Dire Straits I am, I am, I am Superman. -REM OH NO! -Running Scared I ' m the awesome one.-T.Beerhide Whenever I see your smilig face I have to smile myself, Because I love you. -James Taylor I ' m in the mood for melody. -Robert Plant 142 If you can ' t have the reality, a dream is just as good. -Ray Bradbury I am one of God ' s special children.- T.Beerhide Whatever I say goes.-T.Beerhide HemseoNe. back up mm coRPORm OFFices whence ne cm. but he, ihe chief pro - 6RAMMER, HfiP RENEWEP ME FOR ANOTHER 5EAS0N.. yes, Mm better character PEVEtOPMNT ANP A MORE MEANINOFVL PLOT UNE, MY LIFE WOULP BE 6UARANTEEP AN EXTENPEP RUN. BUT QUALITY HAP W BE W V- TAINEP, HE SAIP..OR ELSE 7 or else what? i ASKep... OR ELSE THE EVIL ..THE UNHOLY.. THE VNSPeAKMLe WOULP BE ORPERe PUPON m... ..ft IWOH TRACK " THE HORROR.- ,, THeHORRORl " I just felt so damn happy... " H. Caufield in " Catcher " J.D. Salinger I have often had the impression that to penguins, man is just an- other penguin-dfferent, less pre- dictable, occasionally violent, but tolerable company when he sits still and minds is own busi- ness. -Bernard Stonehouse The smallest atom of truth re- presents some man ' s bitter toil and agony; for every ponderable chunk of it there is a brave truth- seeker ' s grave upon some lonely ash-dump and a soul roasting in hell. -H.L. Mencken Let ' s Work Be Proud Stand Tall Touch the clouds -Mick Jagger A M K A I O R C R O H A N A E L L You can never plan the future by the past. -Buike Friendships begin with liking or gratitude- rootsthat can be pulled up. G.Eliot 9 8 ' You ' re under arrest, kid... " 143 - ?? Aphrodites The Mark VII Old Betsy The Red Baron The Goldwing The Bitter fo Subaru GL-10 XT Turbo She nudged him gently thinking thai he mighl be asleep, then nuz- zled him wiih affection to waken him for their evening swim ih rough the lake they had built and rebuilt so many times, but he did not respond, and she stayed wtih him for a long time, not fully comprehending what death signified, unwilling to accept that it meant the end of their long and necessary companionship. -James A. Michcner Je t ' aime beaucoup mon cheri. FRUSTRATED Mr. Goss...My test tube went through the centrifuge... Kristin Isabel Lawson Before a great window stood a large aquarium containing colored stones and a small replica of a feudal castle surrounded h goldfish that seemed to remain motionless despite the fluttering of their lacy fins, a momentary motionful suspension of time. -Ralph Ellison VSCAREI EXASPERjjtEP M BP MUr - . m gmjm%0 I " , . J ■H Lrift il ■ _ m i innoceMjv S||pi| ' .W : : A ' t V ■ ■ k ■s — H f L Ml «l W ilU ' UCCDiBI TT 0 ISED MERCI BEAUCQ -TOUT! L ar SUMMEk 1985 MISCHIEyOUS " Take a walk on the wild side! " Before... After! A Question A voice said, " Look me in the stars, And tell me truly men of earth, If all the soul and body scars Were not too much to pay for birth. " Robert Frost Asi me gusta! Lisa Beth Lovett 145 Jeffrey John McCarter Tiger got to hunt, Bird got to fly, Man got to wonder, " Why, why why? " Tiger got to sleep, Bird got to land, Man got to tell himself he understand. -Bokonon (Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.) And these children that you spit on As they try to change their world Are immune to your consolations. They ' re quite aware what they ' re going through Ch-ch-ch-changes. -David Bowie 146 Let the good times roll. -the Cars Loose Lips Sink Ships. -AC DC wave pool New Year ' s Eve sharp turns I broke my brain Sunday ' s party that ' s theticket ! baking cookies wow-man ! Elizabeth Anne Mitchell You can ' t always get what you want. -Kinks t It ' s only funny ' til someone loses an eye. 147 Steph Penner-Chippyland " Instead of Pleasing Oth- ers Please yourself -R.E.M I think I can consider lik- ing one of them. " The Dream is always the same " -Risky Business Amy Lynne Nasaw If the sun refused to shine I would still be lovin ' you. When the mountains crumble to the sea There will still be you and me. -Led Zeppelin Whenever I see you smilin face I have to smile myself because I love you -James Taylor The Breakfast Club. -John A Jason R Maggie O ' Connor " Ey mon! Chu lika my new sung- lasses? " -me and Tan " Love is life when dreams come true " Stylistics " Whenever I see your smiling fa- ce,! have to smile myself-cuz I love you. " -JT " Once I thought my innocence was gone, now I know what happened goes on. " -Billy Joel " When did we suddenly go from spin the bottle to drivers ed to.. " -Lisa Yes, I ' ll make you some cookies! -guess who Boolay Boolay! Buffalo Joe ' s Bennigan ' s Garbage Pails Francios and Maud- chalk-a- halics! Mango and Bananna! Snuggle Bunny Madonna ' 87-Nay Nay Cool mon whas up baybee? Walk like an Egyptian Sandra!!!! I ' m serious TWINKIES What ' s up big head? BAM I ' m sayin ' ! YOWZA Don ' t touch me Up and coming yuppies Wahoo! Ben-the song YWABMFLATCCI Magnum Holy Cow! Suzanne, Mom, Dad, Rich, and Luke-thanks for everything- I LOVE YOU!! Nature ' s first queen is gold- Her hardest hue to hold Her early leafs a flower- But only so an hour Then leaf subsides to leaf- So Eden sane to grief So dawn goes down to- day Nothing gold can stay -Robert Frost 149 Even the best aren ' t perfect The hottest fires burn under ice You aren ' t much if you aren ' t Dutch " ...E hire e Hoki mai ra Ka mate ahami Te aroha e... " -traditional Maon song " trying to find those secrets, when they ' re thrown behind the clouds, and there beyond the rainbows, is the answer to a never-ending story... " Michael Ende " You ' re mad! " So I am. makes life interesting. " something I will remember, holding you. ..and the stars in your eyes. " " Live it up! " -Mental as Anything Adriana Mele van de Berg Peters " ...I know all the rules and I know how to break them and I ' m always going to give it a game.. . " -Air Supply " ...society is the distraction of the body, love the occupation of the heart, and solitude the religion of the soul. " Alexander Dumas " Elusive, brilliant, vivid, ethereal, mysterious, spiritual, poi- gnant, ephemeral. " Samoa; " ...where the people walk like gods.. .beauty so sheer-it is difficult to breathe... " Rupert Brooke Plimp Plimpy Plimper Plimp-mobile Plimpton. ..or just Dave DAVID C. A. PLIMPTON I FEEL GOOD! OH I FEEL SOOO GOOD! ISL Bacon Burger Dawwwg!-The Cosby Show Hensky Love The Jake-mon- ster (Jake, sick bird!) Boo! Woof! I ' m back in the High Life again. -Steve Winwood This is Great! Who stole my socks? WWWOOOWWW!! w D O I I W B B W I I D I W ! -Ben Bri How goes UR DUR!! 151 Jonathon Milton 1 Reinsdorf 10 • X m i 36 B.F.F.-B.C. " Sweet Ginger Brown " -Flamingo Kid Hoops Football Super Mario Bros. Girls Music School Baseball !in that order! All Conference? " Don ' t believe your own B.S. " -my father Ned Prent Wimpus Scott B i n a y Heather My favorite year Grease 2 Flamingo Kid History of the World Part 1 Blazing Saddles " Did you say that?.. What a It is better to have a bird in guy! -My Favorite Year the hand Groove Tube Eli ' s Coming " Look. ..I got to -Three Dog Night go now " -P.D. Ernie and Julio $3.99 Toughest Decision of High Are you ready? -Pacific, Gas, and Electric School: All I want is to have my peace of mind -Boston Quantity or Quality? ie. 30 or Genuine Lifer Sophomore isolation Nintendo Pool Games Basements Doctor Weasel Banzai, Chelsey even Louie Radar Detector Tape Songs Get togethers What I like about you... you keep me warm at night -Romantics " You are so lucky " -E.B. " Umm...Well...Ahh " -E.B. off campuses? " Oohhnn..ohn..ohn " E.B. Fletch, The Jerk, The Man with Two Brains, Bloodsucking Freaks, Ca- ble. Fake Drivpf ' s The Three Muskies CB! Callie K. Medusa Awesome Calorie Woman Ribbons Cubs Sox Bears laughing for hours Boolay Boolay SSSSSS Those who woolay will always boolay Bon Jovi Cinderella Trads REM Keep smiling Softball forever Volleyball Basketball Possessed Nissan Saab Texan 1 1 Should a guy always pay on a date? Hola! Snake Pierce Moosey Gidge Inga Spif Willamena Swedish Meatballs Sun Valley 86-87 TP Wars ' TV The Cure Pita Flipper Snort Sunday night Moosehead 153 Kenneth Anthony Osborne Rye " So what, if I wanna act crazy some- times. It ' s my life and I play to win. " Hensky Love 32 Benny Z Plimper Jake JifP Tang Maggot Dole Speedy K Class of ' 88 " Who stole my socks? " -Var- ious members of the football team Thanx God, my mom, my dad, my friends, my teachers, and everyone else who tolerated my insanity. " If you didn ' t come to my party, don ' t bother knock- ing on my door... ' cause life is just a party and parties were meant to last. " - P.R.N. " The few, the proud, the Raiders. " And in the immortal words of Joel " Papa " Jacobsen: " You ' re awesome babe! " 154 BRADLEY LANDESS SAVAGE (1970- ) They can never take what ' s in your soul And they can never break what keeps you whole And the rain comes down. -Corey Hart Friends Everybody ' s looking for the answers Everybody ' s looking for a place to hide ...Don ' t you know if you run the distance You may be so far from the maddening crowd. -Corey Hart 1 • • The Family What would we anyway Besides, all our - - » do without all these jerks friends are here. -Don Henley 1 • m • ■ 4 ...And This is Only the Tip of the Iceberg Off to greater heights of learning. -William Freism 155 Watch Over Me Thanxs - I LOVE YOU ALL Go Easy, Step Light- ly, Stay Free -The Clash TANNA B. SCHWARZ We have something special that no one, no distance, no time can take away... we have each other. Bridget-D D UH Cherry 7-UP Mc G ' s speeches Hey babe- I ' d like to talk to you... Wally Kim Han- nah Bob Doin ' o.k- . Pea in the Pod- Groovy-oovy SMOOVE ROAR Mc G ' s Racer X Vader-so much to say, so little time Eng. Scot- chocolate covered... - strange men-blue-cotton balls and bubble bath-lammies yellow lollies Colorado Dis Wader- ferdinand the Llama-don ' t look at me-orange juice-how many beds? Sauk Valley New Years Yeah- You ' re Right! Etc. etc. etc. I love ya! I DID IT MY WAY -Sid Toddles Yawn Pier- re Clem Hey O ' C Chu lika my new sunglasses man? Those who have the will to win can not be beaten - Blood Makes the Grass Grow - We ' re 1 !! Links Life - I love you - all is groovy Love is like an onion - sometimes it makes you cry - friendship ' s like a bunion - it grows as time goes by. -The Smurfs 156 MB BEST FRIEND MAN. BABY!!! " I DID " -LC BUTT, COW, AND TINY " STICK-IT! " -DUTCH YOU STINK!!! DAMN HEN HEY MAN Dwight Scott Rev up the engine-get the smell out. " I ' ve had a full life and enjoyed just about every damned minute of it because that ' s how I lived. " General Chuck Yeager N704BX 157 Carol Yuka Sugiura ' I got forgot. " -W.T.D. IV " Oh my God! Is that due to- day?? " -A.A. " Chills " -A.W. " Are you serious? " -me " It smells like Popcorn Cen- tral in here. " -Conroy Hope deferred makes the heart sick. But a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. Prov. 13:12,13 158 I ' d rather be danc ing. The captain ' s word is law!! Marta Sule I Salvado Aquell que a cap moment li digue " Atura ' t " , sino al mateix que li dugue la mort, jo no l ' entenc, Senyor; jo que voldria aturar tants moments de cada dia per fe ' ls eterns a dintre del meu cor!. ..-Joan Maragall En el record d ' aquelles tardes del dia de reis, gracies per tots aquests anys d ' amor i dedica- cio. Succes is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm. -Chur- chill El ojo que ves no es ojo porque ty lo veas es ojo porque te ve. -Antonio Machado Caminante, son tus huellas el camino, y nada mas; caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar. Al andar se hace camino, y al vover la vista atras se ve la senda que nunca se ha de volver a pisar. Caminante, no hay camino, sinn estelas en el mar. Thanks to the NSCDS family and, very specially, to the Edidins. Toi, qui t ' imagines tant de choses, qu ' at- tends-tu pour t ' imaginer que tu es heur- eux? -Malraux 159 Sandra Judit Susmano Love Ya: Shari, Laura, Eric, Chip, Alysia, Abi, Sam y j o I E D E V I V R E Family - I love you! Thanx for caring! Six whole years of NSSJS OY VEYH Alysia - Young and Innocent Looking from a window above it ' s like a story of love. — Yaz LOOK MA - NO HANDS! Abi - Never again date a married man! I get by with a little help from my friends. -JL PM Maggie!!? Charlie, you ' re such a liar. What I carry in my heart brings us so close or so far apart; only love can make love. -Peter Ga- briel " Ivan Lendl... l in the world. " -N.V. " Damn Jiff! " -N.V. " Damn Hen! " -N.V. " Damn Jake! " -N.V. " It ' s not luck.. .it ' s magic! ' Magic Johnson Niji Vohra " 38-24: Miami over the Bears! " -N.V. " He has done what no quarterback has ever done! " -David Shula (on Dan Marino) " I like to look great! " -Pat Riley " There are no awards for second place! " -Dr. Jerry Buss " I never said I liked oranges! " -N.V. " Just hangin ' around " -N.V. ' There is no such thing as a small flaw! " -Don Shula " Let ' s go Lakers! " -The L.A. Forum Crowd 161 When I die Bury me upside down So the rest of the world Can kiss my a-! -Platoon In the time of war Raise in yoursef the mind of compassion Help living beings Abandon the will to fight Wherever there is furious battle Use all your might To keep both sides ' strength equal And then step into the conflict to reconcile -(Vimalakirti) Sutra Jesse Foster Weldon •sin— 1 . " Jess Jester ' TVMagic J.J Jiff Damn Hen Damn Squigi Damn Seagull Cow tongue T.J. Tiny Tim tongue Gidge Tricia Maggot Jen-Jen Carrot-Top Ally BBMM Slap a Knot Muff CB Stick it You stink Hey man shotgun Hey man shotgun mogul monster — this! soccer tennis skiing " Jess, I think I am going to be a little bit late! " McEnroe is awesome Lendl sucks Big head oh, my God! Class of 1988 And Sometimes we would spend the night Just rolling about on a floor j| And I remember Even though it felt soft at the time I always used to wake up sore -The Cure i wou i d like t0 thank all of my family and friends l love you all!!! Don ' t touch me! -M.O ' C. Yo Baby Yo Baby Yo! Courtney Anne Williams That was almost funny! -C.W. Annie Fofannie Mags Marguerita AHN-drea Pita(Gwen) Cal PATRICIA Elizabeth Hel-en Ana Sunday Night Don ' t drink and drive De La Salle w Patty Ohh-Noo La Bamba Randy Buffy Diet Center Iii doonn ' t knoow Daang! Freakin 10! Fudge ATWT 12 Grody-cool I ' m Serious What ' s up? I ' m sayin ' Evanston Bismarck w Andrea BAM! Hey HilV Hey Mon! Volleyball Rules! That was a kneeslapper!-PC Boolay Boolay! -M.O ' C. What ' s up baby? -M.O ' C. I don ' t wanna hear it! -P.C. How was your McDonald ' s salad?-LM Helen Nicola Wood I am not afraid of tomorrow, For I have seen yesterday. And I live for today. Anon Both the choice and the destiny are ours. -Sophocles Some people come into our lives and quick- ly go, Others come in, and leave footprints on our hearts, And we are never ever the same! Flavrice Life goes by too fast, If you don ' t stop once in a while And take a look around You might miss it. -Matthew Broderick Courts Callie K Inga Andrea T Mags Bridge Ana Hot Damn! Fish Tasty CB Hel Pats Liz Ten 164 ANDREA ELIZABETH « WRIGHT " I ' m going to slap you so hard! " -me ceiling decorations Sun- day night They ' re much too young for that! BAM! Yum- mies? Mummies? NUMMIES? Lead ' 87 VOLLEYBALL 25!!! Buck Bismarck with C.W. The more I know about men, the more I like my dog. -Angie Randy, Bamba and Buf- fy I love Prince, and I don ' t care who knows! " Don ' t touch me! " -M.O ' C. You ' re going to be so cute when you grow up. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. I love you guys. " It ' s a good thing to be conceited- sometimes. " C.J. When it has to do with my life, I want to be the one in control. -J.J. Until the end of time, I ' ll be there for you, you are my heart and mind. I truly adore you. If God one day struck me blind, your beauty I ' d still see, love ' s true we do define just what you mean to me. — Prince Yo baby, yo baby, yo! -Our group You can get into trouble quicker than anyone I know. -Mr. Hall Lift every voice and sing -James Weldon Johnson It ' s booth, not booff.-Conroy Wake up Theresa! -Mr. Freism Hasta la Vista NSCDS! Hi Keen, Hi Been, Hi Scott, Hi Eric! -me I won ' t miss this place nearly as much as all my friends-but it ' s been an experience! Theresa Michelle Young 166 BOO Snake De la TIM Ken Bri, I thought we were tight. Alright, OK Cheese Delevan 87 NEW LOVE 1 0 1 0 8 7 Football Dwight Fred Pops Demondo Wrong about Tennessee So... what do you want to talk about Plimpy Who stole my socks? Ben, score it! Who ' s boss? Jess Jake Bridg Bob BEN ZEISER -tf N $0 MOM and DAD , v CV 0 j50S FOR MAKING SCHOOL O ss . 167 John Gardiner Zore (Safilam and QWrs. {John (9. happily announce ike birlh oj llieir son (y ohn Jarainer ©doler 02, 1 g6g cideiocrg, £=-Jermanij STATS- Football, basketball, baseball. Does the complaining ever end?! -JGZ 50 ' s-60 ' s Rock ' n ' Roll Ferrari Testarossa ' 65 Mustang-America ' s Pony Car 3 -unknown Lamborghini Countach " Amos " 168 ...Thanks for H CD CD o C 3 Good Luck Carolyn and the Class of ' 88! Love, Mom and Dad 169 Congratulations to Courtney A. Williams and to the Class of 1988 170 CONGRATULATIONS, SANDRA " TO ACHIEVE ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE WE MUST ATTEMPT THE IMPOSSIBLE. TO BE AS MUCH AS WE CAN BE, WE MUST DREAM OF BEING MORE WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MOM, DAD AND LAURA 1 Southwest Virginia Road Crystal Luke, IL o0014 815.455. 5080 Dennis Mattos MAnOSflTlFOR HAIR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 88! The Beider Family 171 CONGRATULATIONS LESLIE, AMY, and BINAY Best Friends Forever 172 " Our memories of yesterday Will last a lifetime We ' ll take the best, forget the rest And someday we ' ll find These are the best of times. " -Styx WE ' LL MISS YOU. Liz and Sarah I can ' t thank you guys enough! I love you! Congratulations, Little T! Love, Mom Dad and Ryan Congratulations to the Class of 1988 The Antons 173 --t tom -, ice going Gwen! NSCDS LYNCHBURG COLLEGE hen Is fami eekend 9 There are places I ' ll remember all my life... All these places have their moments.. Oh lovers and friends I still can recall... In my life, I ' ve loved them all.. -The Beatles Hilary, Binay, Leslie, Liz, Sarah, Jill, Laura-Best Friends Forever I ' ll never forget the times we ' ve shared-Our friendship will live on forever. Josh, John A. , Chapin, Howie, Cy-Thanks for making my senior year the best. You guys mean everything to me. Ashley and Alison-I ' m glad we ' ve become so close this year-I ' ll always remember the great times we ' ve had, and the ones to come. Jason- We ' ve been through a lot in our marriage- We share a special friendship that no one can understand, not even us!-Friends Forever! I LOVE AND WILL MISS YOU GUYS! FRIENDS FOREVER Love always, Amy 175 $% ' ??, t P k II r- P W : M THANK YOU NORTH SHORE!! And also thanks to our families and friends. -PLIMPER, THE JAKE-MONSTER, AND HENSKY LOVE 176 IT ' S BEEN FUN orever friends. Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of 1988 Good-bye to Lopas, Foster, Scoo and Hall, Check-out, check-in, D.N., and all. We survived the lunches. We survived this school. And best of all, we ' re still cool. No more pink slips, No more lunch cards. Nothing more to pay. We ' re the class of 88 And we sure hope that Whatever his name is... Has one hell of a terrible, Horrible, no good, very bad day. AfOrtv $ Conneu Hevif wc (tmu I £■ v y L A « r 310 S-b-olTS, 1 5 RoM j$ a y A srxp t % ffwCV giMC 0 Ly Cfc 670 Bulls ' . ' Cu6 ! A 4 =t« no iro) FlAPPfR 0 ? A 3 21 - -os» ' $r TP w vasy , .0 vp .oJ 8ot 0) CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 88 from OPTO INTERNATIONAL, INC. 65 east palatine road prospect heights il, 60070 Designers and producers of custom store fixture equipment. For a design studio appointment call 312-541- 6786. 0A0 Graham R. Wood, President 178 High School days have Now begun So, bye bye ' Dudes ' . N.S.C.D.S. was mega fun! Ciao! Best Wishes.Tory Richardson. Good Luck to Gus and the 5 th Grade in the Middle School 179 HEDGE Company INCORPORATED JL J Public Relations Advertising DETROIT 261 1 1 Evergreen Rd. Suite 300 Southfield, MI 48076 313 350-2190 LOS ANGELES 619S. Olive St. Suite 301 Los Angeles, CA 900 14 213 614-0770 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 88 from Mailbox International 65 East Palatine Road Prospect Heights IL 60070 312-541-6786 Designers and producers of plastic containers for retail, industry, food processing, hospitals and hotels. Graham R. Wood, Presi- dent CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1988 CAMPUS ESSENTIALS- an individualized approach to shop- ping and shipping equipment for college bound students. CALL FOR EQUIPMENT LIST 945-4145 OR 945-9639 Linda Cohen Sheila Goktasisj GREAT GIFTS FOR GRADUATES! Good luck Class of 88! The North Shore Country Day Sch ool Board of Trustees Congratulations to our David and to the Class of 1988 from the Plimptons. Best wishes as you blast off. Very special thanks to the fine faculty and administration for the successful launch. HARRIS BANK WINNETKA n.a . ® ax J PLACE 566 CHESTNUT STREET WINNETKA, ILLINOIS 60093 A.J. ' s Place: the total place for women ' s clothing. 182 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ■■ ' STERN ' S CAMERA The uncomplicated camera st( 818 Elm Street, Winnetka, IL 60093 (312) 446-6830 " " j of Winnetka SCISSOTS edati precision r - J hair styling for men and women U 1-5 165 Congratulations to the Class of 1988 The Fell Company 5 1 1 Lincoln Winnetka, IL 446-8983 Good Luck to the Classes of 1988 and 2000 " i -j:__ j ♦„ „n + ij e q students before and after me. " -David Letterman 183 photo 1 Cronies inc. HOUR PHOTO LAB EXCELLENT QUA- LITY... QUICKLY! 740 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois 60093 312 446-7510 J We 4 T0p DtkwGr 566 Chestnul Street • The Laundrv Mai Winnetka, IL 60093 . 312 446-2727 Congratulations to the Class of 1988 Congratulations to J. P. Hamm from all the animals at G.B.A.H. Just to p always ha last word I have to Tanna , Co Also, for David Bir For putti Donagh , a For helpi Carolyn K Our advis Conroy fo And final throughou 184 rove that Jason was right when he once told me I ve to have the last word,... I ' m going to have the thank the staff, of cou urtney, and GeoffTfor pu helping out with photog dwell, and Brian Dole n in some time on lay-ou nd Aaron Koral. ng sell an amazing 16 pa err. ors, Raoul, for keeping r withstanding the aroma ly I thank God for keepi t this whole thing!! rse,-Gwen, Chesly, Kristin, tting up with me. raphy : Maggie O ' Connor, t: Ellen Kelly, Ciara Mc- ges of ads: Helen Wood Chesly in line, and Mr. of popcorn for 7 months, ng me relatively sane li .

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