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Hl£ is.. jS 2 y w MIRROR 1985-1986 Shore Country Day School 310 Green Bay Road Winnetka, II. 60093 (312)-446-0674 Q£% BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! .-.A TABLE OF CONTFNT5(get it ? Table?) Organizations 8 Soecial Events People 24 Arts 44 Athletics 60 Lower School a8 Middle School. „„ 118 Upper School 130 Senior D ages 158 table, hahahahahaha Editor-in-chief: Bruce Peters Editors: Layout: Liam Davis— in— c hi ef Copy: Aviva (Chaka) Cahn Photography(flsrt nf ): Eric Matthies Business: Mary Ellen(Mellenn) Wins; Because: She has remained understanding and tolerant during times of pressure, Because: She has radiated her enthusiasm over all of us, Because: She has motivated us through her smile and sweet voice, Because: She is a lady with a lot of class, Because: She has introduced us to such ex- citing characters as )ulius, Huck, Hester and Holden, Because: She is foreign in name, but exu- berant about English, Because: She has been an advisor of the lit- erary magazine, Prosody , Because: Most of all, she has the respect and admiration of all of us, We, the class of 1986, dedicate the 1985- 1986 yearbook to Gerissa French. Dedication Gerissa French . ,: fy+ C tr i-i p ,, Goodbye, Mr. Allison mm SKtSlsiS IfsSiiiiiiSS fSISI » igg So, if you walked up to a NSCDS alum on the streets of New York City and said the name " Vincent B. Allison " you might get a number of responses. You might get a 30-second medley of Gilbert Sullivan, you might get a condensed version of Handel ' s Messiah , you might get a prolonged B-flat, or you might get, " Mr. Allison! Oh my Cod! I remember him! " and you ' ll send him her humming off down Central Park West. Every student who was here during Mr. Allison ' s term will remember him well. Mr. Allison has always been an integral part of the school. In fact, it ' s quite a task to imagine the North Shore Country Day School without Mr. Allison. Who will head the school in " O ' er the Fields? " and " Jingle Bells " ? Who will introduce the Morning Ex ' s? Who will play the piano music so we can get out of Morning ex? Most important, who will add that touch of culture and class that we have known all these years? Thank you, Mr. Allison for filling the halls with your fullest voice, and thank you for filling the school with music and for sharing its beauty with us. We will miss you, Mr. Allison. Sitting in Front of those standing by the tree: Colm Davis, Frankie Ai Standing against the trees or very near to them: Laura Heinz, Brian Lax, Liam Davis, Cwen Rohlen, Ken Rye, John Kehoe, Helen Wood From Winnetka Vice to the new town meetings, student council has been very busy this year. Student council has made many changes; under the supervision of Mr. Bill Coss, the council elected an executive board and has many new ideas from fresh faces. One of the main subjects on the agenda at the beginning of the year was to try to get the council to be more apart of the school. I believe we have successfully completed that goal. Student council has come a very long way, but has some steps to conquer still. However, the enthusiasm, energy and effort of the members should allow them to continue striving for the best possible school. 10 This is Not the Stud ent Cou ncil We look forward to every Wednesday. Do you want me to tell you why? I am not telling!! (HA) Just kidding. Forum is every Wednesday. We have a lot of fun, but there is also a substantial amount of work involved. Most of all, we like hearing Mr. Kramer ' s stories and jokes (which are usually not very funny)! This year we have accomplished three very special things . . . The skateboard contest, the social events and Plowshares. We are proud to say that Plowshares raised a lot of money for the poor people. Anyway, it has been a great year! -Tory Richardson and Libby Deitrick (l-r) first row: Stephanie Tomaras, Yasmin Fatah, Ashley Hemphill, Tory Richardson, Meagen Lane, ]ohn Hatfield second row: Todd Rohlen, Dan Pinkert, Bok Missner, ]ohn McCrath, T.C. Whiting Middle School Forum u (l-r) 1st row: Jon Reinsdorf, Jessica Kotler, Aviva Cahn, Dan Bloedorn, Andy Brown, Eric Matthies, Brian Lax, Lana fleishman, Stephanie Britt, Alex Silits Laying down on the job (tsk tsk!): Eric Swanson 12 When the journalism class met in the beginning of the year, our very first order of business was to change the name of the newspaper. It is now known as The Enterprise . Because we were starting practically from scratch, it took quite a while to actually get the paper moving. One of our major problems was that in the beginning, we were working out of a classroom and setting up wherever we could ( " Well, guys, we could use this for an office, " " But Brian, that ' s the trash dumpster! " " Shut up and get to work. " ) Our goal was to publish a paper that people (students, especially) would want to read. We hoped to do as professional a job as possible with the limited time, space, and resources we had to work with. We held journalism class twice a week with Dr. Geyer as advisor. These " discus- sions " had to be seen to be believed. Ev- eryone had an opinion concerning what everyone else should have been doing. The rest of the week we were on our own. We had the help, however, of kind souls such as Mr. Shipley, without whom the columns on each page would probably be consistently tilted at a 45 degree angle (with the headlines penciled in) and Mr. Conroy, whose unlimited skills at the English language were of immense help. Since I am writing this in advance, I can ' t be sure, but I hope that by now The Enterprise has become a paper we can all be proud of. I would also like to thank my staff and our advisor, Dr. Geyer. No matter how many fits I threw, I was really having fun. Everyone likes a power trip -Editor-in-Chief -Brian Lax Girls Athletic Project Association G A P A Bottom Row: Christy Aggens, Fiona McDonagh, Mary Ellen Wing, Elana Fowler Middle Row: Courtney Williams, Cynthia Brennan, Sarah Plimpton Top Row: Lori Staiman, Annie Aggens, Heather Utzinger. rSTAGL CflEWZERS 3M . H . The first Vaudeville crew meeting was January 24, It consisted of a discusfrdn of the first Vaudeville rehearsal. During the rehears- al the members becime aquainj|ed with their jobs. While the vaudeville performeis did their a|ts, stage ctewers took notes oh sound settings! spotjjjght cues, the opehfog and closing of thf ciirtaifi; etc. The movement of rnuiiqaL insf urnents and other equipment is a big deal this year because 6if all the mu- sic ' Blsfed acts in the show. If all goes well, Vaudeville will run smoothly. After Vaudeville the stage crew will begin wjp- ' ' : on the opera set. WljMl spend a great deal of time school making it. From the looks of it now, this if a great year. -Corcella DuLania t ' (Those NOT on Goal front): Andy Brown, Chris Avery, Binay Cahn, Fiona McDonagh, Emi Fujita, Rebecca Andreou, Jeff Swanson (Stand- ing on or Hanging from Goal): Danny Bloedoen, Bill Bach, Cindy Brennan, Larry Williams, Heather Utzinger (Standing behind or Sitting on the Goal): )oel (acobson, Elana Fowler, Amy Nasaw, )on Reinsdorf Spirit Dance Committee The Spirit Committee, an organization which was dead last year, started out this year by selling hot dogs at one of North Shore ' s numerous football victo- ries. The unsucessfully cooked hot dogs killed the Spirit Committee once again . . . .The rebirth of the committee was after Vaudeville 1986, with a sucessful dance, attended by all. For the rest of the WONDERFUL school year, the Spirit Committee hopes to be involved in many more activities. -Heather Utzinger and Cindy Brennan 16 S Kll6»44Ti txKJt 1 |J|£. i -V - € This year ' s Sangerbund was comprised of a group of twenty-some enthusiastic students who sang everything from traditional Christmas carols to almost contemporary pieces. The Sangerbund Christmas Morning Ex was a treat as usual, as the Sangerbtind presented its program which Mr. Allison faithfully calls the " carols one does not usually hear in the shopping malls or on the radio. " The Sangerbund also performed its Christmas repertoire for the Art Institute, and locally in Winnetka. We also voyaged to Minneapolis to sing for the Blake schools this year. We ' re sorry Mr. Alliso n won ' t be around next year to conduct us, but we hope the Sangerbund tradition will continue for many years to come. (l-r) first row: Vin Allison, Peter Ceyer, Theresa Young, Chesly Manly, Helen Wood, Courtney Williams, Alex Silets, Laurie Reagan, Lisa McClung, Corcella Dulania, Jessica Kolter, Colm Davis, Ian Murphy, Thomas Smith 2nd row: Pat Strong, Larry Williams, Rick (anson 3rd row: Liam Davis, Christy Aggens, Mary Ellen Wing, Davie Bunnell, Joanne Heyman Sangerbund Good and efficient drama at a price you can afford. We do serious drama, improvisation, comedies, bar mitzvahs . . . Oh, and by the way, we also tell bad jokes. To be serious for the moment, Automatic Parts consists of freshmen, sopho- moresjuniors and seniors who all share a common love for the theatre and performing. Automatic Parts just serves as the simple medium for those in it to so what they do best— perform. -Joel de la Fuente Automatic P A R t S first row (l-r):Mark Ferris, Ian Murphy, Al Lopez, Kristin Aim, Christina Rusz, Jordan Rosen, Joanne Heyman, Chris Jeskey, Liam Davis, Joel de la Fuente, Mary Ellen Wing, Christy Aggens, Eric Swanson, Navarra Rodriguez, Patty Campos, Lori Stamen, Sarah Weissman, Rebecca Andreou, Aviva Cahn, Andrea Wright, second row: Steve Tepper, David Geist, Colm Davis, Chesly Manly, Frankie Ai, Jayne Greenburg, Brian Hurst, Lisa Angert, Kyla Schaffer, John Norwood, Fiona McDonagh, Binay Cahn, Corcella Dulania, Stephanie Britt, Bruce Peters, Brain Lax, Eric Matthies, John Marrinson, John Oakley, Laura Heinz, Sarah Geist, Jessica Kotler, Mr. Vincent Allison, third row: Jeff Snyder, Thomas Smith, Howard Statland, Peter Geyer, Jeff Goldman, Clark Bundy, Dave Burnell, Sean Wilken, Martin Hoffman, Sandy Seidman, Molly Shotwell, Lauri Reagan, Lana Fleishman, Lisa McClung, Courtney Williams, Dan Bloedom. fourth row: Laura Bellows, S teve Medgesye, Cy Olerich, John Zore, Niji Vohra, Rob Zgonena, Clark Bundy, Scott Koral, Gwen Rohlen, Dimitria Cook, Jan Reed, Ana Castillo, Jon Reinsdorf, Chuc Mason, Rick Janson, Dwight Scott, Brian Dole, Tom Beerheide, Tracy Moore, Alexandra Silets, Molly Shotwell, Sarah Plimpton, Debbie Reif, Yuka Sugiura, Ari Kogut, Theresa Young, Rhonda Jackson, fifth row: Kristin Lawson, Eric Jacobson, Bill Ake, John Kehoe, Frederik Andersson, Jason Rosenberg, Brad Savage, Ken Rye, Elana Fowler, Jose Miguel Romero, Kim Lattimore, Ned Wolpert, Heather Utzinger, Cindy Brennan, Andy Brown, Bill Bach, Deane Malott, David Hoffheimer, Joel Jacobson, Cary Kelly, Jeff Swanson, Larry Williams, Pat Strong, Annie Aggens, Stephanie Snyder, Helen Wood, J. P. Hamm, Carolyn Kerr, Jesse Weldon, Benton Zeiser 20 1 - r P?¥v .-31 IS , fl { is I ' A " % % ,4 f « Our copy editor, Aviva (akachaka) Chan was new to the staff this year. She had a lovely intimate relationship with the office computer. She even adopted pet names for it such as, @$ @ !!. Occasionally they would have a little dispute in which Aviva would blare " shut up " at least fourteen times in the space of three minutes, quickly followed by an inces- sant thumping of the keyboard. When asked a question Aviva ' s most popular replies are (I don ' t know) {nobody told me!) adding shortly thereafter (I don ' t need you guys!) Aviva belongs to a small but fast growing religious sect which practices sleeping on the floor in the shape of a tiny ball with a coat over one ' s body. Eric Matthies our Mowhawked skatboarding Husker -Du-Ed photo edi- tor, was quite a trouper. Despite our eternal needling of him (see table of contents) he came thru on every count. A recluse -nay, a slave of the dark room, he amazed us all with his promptness and inspiring photo an- gles. When the administration instituted the (Yechh, Bleahhk, Gag) six- o ' clock rule, Eric ' s headquarters became . his 83rd floor not-as-yet-light- type bathroom! WOW! what dedication! Not being perfect, however, Eric sometimes let the penlight leap out of his hands and attack the undeveloped prints He worked admirably well, though, considering the almost opaque fog which seemed to continually hang around the enlarger. Mary Ellen Wing is (or rather WAS) the business editor. She Kajoled poeple into buying smali amounts of space in the book for LARGE amounts of money. She worked real hard (we think, but she did all out of office work, so weee don ' t and knoooow heeoo heeoo heeoo !) And we are happy and she likes her dog and so do we and she has umption. toel de la Fuente wins the annual (With The Slowest Dittorer This Side of Anywhere But the Supenest-Speedist Typer ever to grace the foul smelling office where yearbook is done because. . . he ' s great with aaaaaaaaaaaaa ) Award. These same fingers which type so fast but ditto so slow are being held responsible for the artistic creation of the carrot top crowd populating the Mirror cover this year and we hope you (the reader) like them because we (the staff) sure do and we hope that they will live on forever because loel introduced the Super-Stinky-Extra-Strength-Intensive-Care lotion to dedicated yeerbuhkers to cure their extreme cases of hypnened overdry skin which he cares about so much. 22 We R Yearbook and we ' re proud and we like to talk REAL LOUD! Fiona is a girl (or is it women?)- Her last name is McDonagh. In the office, she has much fun and actually WANTS to do required work. She dittos very well but, has developed a severe phobia of flying Tapioca since her joining the staff. We know that she has damaged taste buds because she loooves Citrus Lite, in SUPER CONCENTRATED form. Liam Davis got off to a slooow start this year, but when he got going he really got going!! ' Fer Sure! In fact, Liam Davis our trusty and well like layout editor laid out almost this entire book Only a se- lect few pages were laid out by other poeple like me (the writer) or Fiona or Annie, and I think that is it! Liam, you ' re great but I really don ' t understand what you see in Tapioca Liem also like to play patty-cake and taught a few of us impoverished Yeerbuhkers how to play. What would we do without him. Although Liem would not make a very great ed-ln-Chief (check the Christmas vacation, second deadline time period) he was real dedicated and he was also usually happy and happifying. Bruce Peters was the ed- ln-Chief!! He worked real hard in some aspects and worked less hard in others His cry of (I HATE the computer!!) was often heard and he really meant it! This book was plagued by said computer which caused many late deadlines and also quite a few extensions. It also removed our patented Yeerbuhk fund Too bad. (Bruce can really think) Says Liem Think he could, think of ways to avoid the office and also ways to dismantel the (Yecch, Patooie, Aggah) six o ' clock Rule. He even had to house the office ' He also hopes you people like the yearbook Other staffers include: Laura Heinz (whome we should have written something about, but didn ' t. Sorry, Laura) And Mark Ferns (pix) among others. 23 " " ■ T It. ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ jsgF : - -■■■ " 4 a Hk -- bB Hftffc ? r - If K • , AND PEOPLE HOME COMING HOME COMING 1985 HOME COMING 1985 Homecoming this year was especial- ly special because of the winning trend of the Raiders, who beat Lake Forest 22-12. Most people seemed to have lots of spirit and cheered throughout the game. G.A.P.A. sold hot dogs, hot chocolate and N.S.C.D.S. souvenirs. The annual field hockey game between the alumni and the field hockey team was tied. During half-time, the field was dedicated to " Doc " Anderson, a former coach at N.S. Balloons were also sent up at this time. Since such a large crowd was there, homecoming this year was a great success. HOME COMING HOME COMING HOME COMING HOME COMING HOME 27 28 29 • jp9typ ' A% -ff.-;J- " « ,j» fc tar -v . !- ' . -.- -• ' •( ' • ■ ■ ■-.»■• v Zv ' A ' S A ' ■- -y» " , . " , iAK !f ,. v.-. -■ ' f :-, .y. .• .. ye. . - ' . ■ • , . f in.,... ' - " " ' , " J» ■ MF sW? ' » ' . ? ' atf . ■ " • " « " ' ., Work Day . . . This year a we kicked off work day by eating donut holes and drinking apple juice while sitting in the patio listening to North Shore ' s band. After getting nourished for the Big day we all headed to our various areas for a fun filled morning of leaf raking. More throwing and running around was done than raking but after all, what is work day for. We then went to our lower school partners classrooms to eat lunch. The lower grades then went back to class while the upper and mid- dle schools went off campus to citizens homes to rake leaves and to clean up their yards. As usual, it was a wonderful day and everyone had a great time. -Molly Shotwell Work Day 1985 31 Interim We 32 tichael Conroy felt the kids at North Shore needed to e aware of another branch of music— his particular ivorite, jazz. Without a doubt, it was one of the best iterims ever offered. he first day, we listened to Mr. Conroy ' s extensive ?cord collection for five hours, and learned about the ifferent types of jazz. That Monday night, we went to chic Yuppie club to hear live jazz and casually ordered okes for two hours. The check came to $96. )n Tuesday, we went to DePaul University to hear its izz band rehearse, and then took the train to the toosehead Bar and Grill to hear another group. The toosehead was the highlight of the week with a great and, cheap cokes, and true to its name, a large dead loose hanging from the wall. Ve practiced the rest of the week for our Morning Ex i early January. Various highlights include Caren Jeskey icessantly playing the toy kazoos she won at loosehead, arguing when the checks came over who ad 1 piece of pizza, and who had one and a half, and am Davis yelling every two minutes, " You guys think ou ' re all Pete Townshend. " Interim week this year was oth fun and educational, and if the Jazz Interim is ffered next year, I recommend it highly, .ana Fleishman As in past years, this year North Shore offered a Social Issues as Depicted in Film interim. The themes of the films were nuclear war, terrorism, family relationships, vigilantism, and revenge. We saw films such as Fail-Safe, The Bedford , The Little Drummer girl , The Great Santini , Ordinary People , The China Syndrome , Silkwood , Sud- den Impact , and Black Sunday . The week spent watching these films was worthwhile for the students in this this interim because the films demonstrated the effects of problems such as nuclear power and terrorism on their victims. Of all the films, probably the most influential one was Ordinary People which dealt with the issue of a teenage boy learning to cope with the death of his brother. This movie won the Academy award for Best Picture because of the sensi- tive way in which it portrayed the boy ' s struggle. The students in the interim related easily to the film because it was about a teenager. Overall, the interim is a worthwhile experience for anyone who likes to see films with very moving and dramatic topics. -Jessica Kotler This year for interim week I did drugs and alcohol. Well, not really. But that ' s what I said to people who asked me what I would be doing. I really participated in Mr. Goss ' Alcohol Awareness interim group. I found it an experience, to say the least! I first got interested in the idea of Alcohol Awareness when my mother had a job placement at AIS-- the Alcohol Intervention Services department at Evanston Hosptial while she was studying at the University of Chicago ' s School of Social Service Administration. I think I already knew a lot of the facts of alcohol and alcoholism before interim week, so I was mainly interested in seeing real alcoholism and its effects. But l did not expect an experience like the one I had! I met alcoholic kids who were normal, dressed like me, liked the same music, were the same age, and had many of the same interests. That, I did not expect! It ' s really hard for me to describe my feelings, except to say that I feel I learned a lot about myself and my maturity as the week progressed. I also saw things that I probably knew about, but chose to hide and suppress from my thoughts. However, the most important part of my interim week was the fact that I opened myself up, although the things I was and experienced were also an eye- opening experience. -Chris Jeskey (previously unpublished photos of the " ethna-centra-city " interim) 33 Thanksgiving The entire school gathered in the auditorium to hold a food drive for the needy in the Chicagoland area, and then followed it with a " Thanksgiving Day Tribute to E.B. White. " Each class was called to bring their canned food up to the stage. The food was was then sent to the Greater Chicago Food Depository to be distributed. Next, passages were read from E.B. White ' s Charlotte ' s Web , and a history of the less fortunate proved that Thanksgiv- ing ' 85 at North Shore was truly a day that lived up to its name. -Yuka Sugiura 35 Morning Ex This year, 85-86, that is, the Morning Ex ' s ran the gamut from the indescribably boooooring to the absolutely thrilling. Students had the chance to, actually, were forced to, pet tamed " wild " animals when a slightly strange bearded man brought the world to our gym. Obviously, this MEX aroused strong emotions and was, again obviously, one of the best of the year. The 10:40-11:10 period was also filled up with plenty of speakers from every one of life ' s callings, films, including the always bizarre yet enjoyable Interim Week films and the Work Day film. 38 , ' ■ " ' €. lerry Christmas Happy New Year ap py Chanukah Happy Holidays appy Days Everyone Happy Hap Happy Happy Happy Happy Ha A Very Nice Thing happened at NSCDS this Christmas. The kids brought presents for Santa. Actually, They weren ' t only for Santa. The students all brought heir own gifts-repaired toys, used clothing, and that stuff. Santa was tickled pink. So were the children at PRIDE., who eceived the gifts. Santa was so pleased that he offered to sing with the Barbershop Quartet! How about that? He also Janced the Hokey-Pokey with the Seniors and Kindergarten. What a party animal. HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HOOOOOOOOO! UNLESS YOU HAVE EXTRA EYES AND FINGERS DON ' T MIX CHEMICALS IGNORANTLY AND IT Al ITHnPI7fiTinM Sigfredo Velez George Mitchell 1985-86 name Mr. Kleene TERM) l) 2) 3 Maintenance Have you ever noticed how clean North Shore ' s campus is? Have you ever noticed how after a destructive day at school the locker room is a wreck and then magically tne next morning it ' s clean? Did you ever notice how the trees are so perfectly pruned? well, if you didn ' t you need glasses! Due to the hard work or George Mitchell and his crew, our school has maintained that " clean " image. Though we do not show our appreciation often enough, we ' d like to thank the crew for: Being there when we ' ve forgotten the combination to the lock we ' ve been using all year, Cleaning up what we forgot (of course, subconsciousl y), and lastly. For letting us in the school to get our notes for tomorrow ' s test (Whew, that was close! ) ATTITUDE EFFORT ACHIEVEMENT Term Year e _e e e TEACHER Oui R. A. Mess Mystery Man 2 Norman M ilsap 1985-86 NAME TERM 1 2 F iy anri 1-ho 1 unr-h r vou Evy Kruckenberq We ' d like to thank Evy for her new selection of ice creams, her qreat french fries, her yoghurt and most of all, for her sympathy when a student forgets " the card. " We are grateful tor the variety of selection for a salad, the constant supply of hunger-satisfying hotdogs. . . Some of us wake up in the morning dreaming of those great gyros, superb slushies and tempting tacos. for these foods, we thank her and also we ' d like to thank those who have scrubbed and scraped the bowl that once contained spaghetti and that ' s no fruitcake. Term Year VTTITUDE EFFORT ACHIEVEMENT E K E K TEACHER Dee LJShuS Food Food Food Food Food And More Food! Onie Lewis Cafeteria Staff Evelyn Kruckenburg 43 46 ARTI SNOTF ORLO OKIN GATAR TISLOO Kl NGATUS Josef Albers (slightly modified) in Allison ie state of music is quite different from what it , . . . Taste has changed astonishingly. " - Johann astian Bach (1730) Carol Radloff Drama T -, Washington McClain MS Music, School, accompianist 47 Fall Show 1985 MACBETH This fall play the cast and crew faced the challenge of producing Macbeth. In the process they discovered the joys of bur- lap, the problems of using real swords and a certain predisposition to speak in iambic pentameter. But above all, we had a great deal of enjoyment and pleasure. Sean Wilken Macbetr jQgj ae i a uente Lady Macbeth Chris Jeskey Ma cduff Sean Wilken Lady Macduff Lisa McClung Banquo Liam Davis Duncan Jordan Rosen Malcom Rick Janson Donalbain Thomas Smith Lennox Larry Williams Cathiness Ian Murphy Ross Colm Davis Angus Chesly Manly 1st Witch Laura Heinz 2nd Witch Alex Silets 3rd Witch Caren Jeskey Fleance Chuc Mason Porter Jordan Rosen Sergeant Peter Geyer Doctor Steve Tepper Old Siward Liam Davis Macduff ' s son Mark Ferris Seyton Peter Geyer Gentlewoman Christina Rusz Director Carol Radloff Technical Director . . . .Roger A. Shipley Stage Manager Brian Lax Backstage Manager David Pascal Sound Jon Oakley, David Geist Lights Ned Wolpert Grips Frankie Ai, Geoff Goldman, Dean Mallot, Howard Statland Costume Assistant Lisa McClung Macbeth ' s Head John Almquist Tickets Steve Medgyesy 49 Vaudeville " The 1986 N.S.C.D.S. Vaudeville was really one of the best Vaudevilles I ' ve seen in forty years, " said Coach Mac McCarty at the morning exercise on the Monday following the perfor- mance. Indeed, he was right. As a member of the cast, none of us really knew if we were going to be one hundred percent perfect. However, soon, all the cast ' s fears were done away with by the roaring hands of the audience. Our neverending, suicide type of pre-show worries soon turned into leaping bounds of joy. We were very glad that all of the sweat (God, this band equipment is heavy!) and jokes (Hello ladies and gen- tleman, welcome to the first annua! Liam Davis Variety Show) were well worth the result. -Jon Oakley SKA ' STERS ' 86 53 5 Ss«- - " S«sgsr - Artwork from j Students of NSCDS . . J V«Mf Opera ' 86 had a special dimension this year in that it was Mr. Allison ' s last year. Even though we had a small cast and worked twice as hard, we had just as much fun. Because Yeomen of the Guard is one of the most musically demanding operettas that Gilbert and Sullivan wrote and had only been performed four times before in North Shore ' s history, we had to do much of the choreography from scratch. Aside frome learning lines and music, we had to use our inter- pretation and new ideas for staging and set. In spite of scheduling conflicts, the stage crew was able to pull together to build not only the Tower of London but also the village below. We survived the long hours of rehearsals and stage preparations and thanks to Mr. Shipley and Mrs. Radloff we had a great time and pro- duced a great show. In his last year and in his last opera, Mr. Allison was always there to give advice and to coach us in our parts. Through his enthusiasm, we caught the spirit of the North Shore opera and we were glad to have been a part of this great tradition. -Lisa McClung Open v 65 •••••• ••••• •••••• •••••• •••••• •••••• ••••«• •••••• •••••• •••••• •••••• •••••• Mac McCarty 62 Amy Dable Jay Bach Edee Madser 63 Upper School Field Hockey Although our record didn ' t show it, this year ' s field hockey team was full of enthusiasm and talent. Our two new coaches led us to two very encouraging victories and showed us that " those who have the will to win cannot be beaten! " We didn ' t win any prizes, but all the fun made up for it! I am looking forward to playing a very competitive team next year in the alumni game. I ' m very proud to have been a field hockey Raider! -Christy Aggens This year was a really great for the middle school field hockey season. Though the running and drills were stressful, we had a good time. Our team practiced despite the conditions. One day it was so muddy that Ann and Juliet slipped at least ten times. One could hardly recognize us after these practices. Our season ended with a " successful " trip to Homer ' s for ice cream treated by Kelly and Carry. -Libby Deitrick 66 (l-r): first row: Jordan Rosen, Eric Swansonj Liam Davis, Scott Fernlund, Curt Kaplan, 1 Mar k Bransfield, Paul Dewoskin, Tay MayeJ left Swanson, Andy Brown, second row: Alex Lopas, Chris Avery, Jon I Reinsdorf, David Plimpton, Bill Bach, Joel de la Fuente, Fred Scott, Mark Taylor, Dan ' Bloedorn. third row: Alex Piper, Steve Tepper, Howie Statland, Rob Zgonea, Ken Rye, Peter Ceyer, Drew Cuncannan, Joel Jacobson. fourth row: Mac McCarty, Cyrus Oelerich, Thomas Smith, Scott Koral, Chuc Mason, Brian Dole, Ben Zeizer, Jay Bach Football 1985 The thrill of victory This year ' s football team impressed Mac, who, like me, thought we ' d do well to go 4-4. Early on, I had my doubts, but only because we were a better team last year than our 2- 6 record indicated, and I feared that, again, we might not live up to our full potential. A little determination and intensity (basically hunger) is all we needed to work on to make things fall into place this year. I could sense a different attitude around the team this year in early practices. There was a definite sense of determination around the team, proven by our crushing of many opponents such as La Lumiere (41-0), Northwestern (47-16), and Wheaton Christian (44-6). The only let-downs were two losses supplied by Mooseheart and (yeccch) Urwiler. Our 7-2 record is the best compilation by a North Shore Football team in a long time. The school, Mac, Jay, and most of all, the players should be proud. -Mark Bransfield I 70 Middle School Football 71 (l-r) Standing: Niji Vohra, Steven Medgyesy, Colm Davis, Chesly Manly, Fredrik Andersson, John Kehoe, J. P. Hamm, Davie Cohen, Mahdi Thompson Front Row: Geoff Goldman, Bill Ake, Ian Murphy, Robert Angert, Brad Savage, Mark Ferris, David Geist The soccer season this year was a year of rebuilding. After los- ing one-half of last year ' s starters, including the entire middle of the field, the team was faced with the tough task of assembling an aggressive squad. Behind coach Dave Williams, all conference forward lose Miguel Romero, and spirited sweeper David Hoffheimer, the team played tough soccer for most of the sea- son. Because the team consisted of a majority of underclassmen, the season was successful in giving these players much needed experience. The climax of the season was a 3-1 win over rival Morgan Park in the ginal game, proving to the team that their hard work would pay off. Although the season was not one of many victories, it was successful in providing a good time, discipline, and roots for the future of the team. -Dave Burnell Middle ;p; :;:■£ ■ ' wiKM ' T . (l-r) first row: Harold Moore, Carter Frank, |ohn Repenning, Andrew Stiffle, Carsten Thode, Jamie DeYoung, Stuart Lax, Mirza Baig, Randall Maconachy. second row: Andrew Cheris, Jonathan Wittenbrink, Seth McCulloch,Todd Rohlen, Charles Erie, Greg Cetner, Michael Susk, Robby Keck. third row: Gary Wax, Warner Saunders, Win Repenning, Tommy Griffin, John Gibbons, lesse Updike, George Douvas, Randy Needlenan, lames Cucco, Janet Paton. 75 Theresa Young - the junior Varsity ' s Se- cret Weapon - She served fireballs with an invisible arm (shown here), and left the opponent in a daze. Front Row; Theresa Young, Debbie Rief, Rhonda Jackson 2nd Row: Lisa Angert, Lori Staimen 3rd Row: Caroline Kerr, Cwen Rohlen, Helen Wood 78 Front Row (l-r): Courtney Williams, Andrea Wright, Christina Rusz 2nd Row: Ana Castillo, Chris (eskey, Patty Campos 3rd Row: Caren (eskey, Kristen Lawson, Lyn Cook : atjpfcy-Vdllqyl This year ' s volleyball team did very well as com- pared to almost all previous years! We broke a long standing record by finally beating Latin School. Our 6-5record showed that we improved a lot. Last year, we were all convinced that since we were much better players, we would be an incredible team this year. Well, we were right. Thanx, of course to the wonderful captain . . . and the great team, mostly made up of sophomores (and a few juniors). Maybe next year we ' lltake 1st place in the league instead of 3rd. Though 3rd is a pretty good accomplishment -Chris ]eskey 79 (l-r) first row: Amy Fink, Ginger Scully, Marilyn Young, Wendy Warner, (l-r) second row: Alexis Yablon, Marisol Mella, Ellen Kelly, (l-r) third row: )ori Steprj Debbie Wright, Carter Frank, Janet Yoon fourth row: )oanne Avery, Victoria Richards, Joanna Tepper This year ' s volleyball team had a surprisingly high number of players. Six sixth graders, one seventh grader and seven eig graders made up the two teams. Everyday the team would start out by practicing with a partner and usually end up playing al game or two amongst ourselves. The two teams miraculously improved. It has been a great year, and we ' ve enjoyed our-J selves despite some problems. All of us are looking forward to beginning volleyball again. We are also looking forward toj playing with the new members of the team. -Joanna Tepper and Amy Fink Girls Tennis This year ' s girl ' s tennis was, well, very unusual. The season be- gan strongly with thirteen enthusiastic girls coming out for tennis. The group consisted of many seniors, new students, and some old timers as well. Everyone looked forward to a productive tennis season. The players went faithfully to pre-season prac- tices, and they worked hard during the regular season. Although things did not turn out exactly as planned, (the final record was 1-12), the team never lost its spirit. Despite the results shown by the record, all the players improved significantly, and many won their individual matches. But do not lose your spirit, tennis team, because next year can only be better! -Jessica Kotler 82 83 Fall Scoreb oard Football Field Hockey NSCDS 30 Roosevelt 6 NS Elgin 3 NSCDS 41 La Lumiere NSO Lake Forest 1 NSCDS 43 Northwestern Mil. 16 NS 3 Latin 1 NSCDS 14 Alden-Hebron 6 NS 3 Latin NSCDS 24 Lake Forest 12 NS Elgin 1 NSCDS 22 Mooseheart 26 NS 1 Lake Forest 2 NSCDS 50 Rockford 20 NS Francis Parker 2 NSCDS 6 Reddick NS Francis Parker 2 NSCDS 8 Mooseheart 18 Confere Season nee Won 2 Lost 6 Win-Loss record Won-8 Lost-2 Tie:2 Won:2 Lost: 14 Volleyball Won-6 Lost-5 (Non-Conference) Won-4 Lost-4 (Conference) 84 SPE i a I OKbPbCTATOR SPECTATORSPECTATOR SPECTATORSPECTATOR Spectators ectators at North Shore are a hardy breed. They brave jooold days and hot, steamy gyms to see their favorite hool team play. They spend hours standing up and hours :ting down. They ooo and ahh at just the right time and cer- inly clap louder than any of the opponent ' s friends. Knowing dw dedicated they all are, Richard P. Hall even cancelled asses to allow them to show their stuff at the football play- ffs RAH! RAH! RAH!! Although, sometimes the stands are a bit arcely populated by " Northers " , those few more than make d for their companions by snorting and eating louder than odly swine. We luv ' em, and whattdya know? These guys •e sooo enthusiastic a North Shore first was held! An arorious Pep Rally! They all had so much PEP PEP PEP!!! YEAH, lock ' em, sock ' em, punch ' em in the nose! Sorry about all le violence but I just got so excited thinking about watching a ame. Remember, we gave it our all, for the game played with ly type of ball! -Cher Energy u p S p c B E H A R O S O K L E T B B O A Y L S L NAME TERj 3 « » Toaaay Tallbody Rualre+han ToMy totally trips over his ten toes every two trimester.. Too had. He can usually j so M h If he could only cut off those pesky toes of hi. he wout- ' •- 1 » „ t. ♦„ th . ,...__ t lt lm now he „l„eys winds , lp « oppinE the floor h±J shorts. Too bad. I love toy and want to go out " f?,™; " " " hl » MMtlM to show hi. how basketball is REAL „Y played, on your feet. Otherwise, He is a Good student ATTITUDE ft EFFORT ACHIEVEMENT r ™ Year E E 6 Brawny mil lot was exp( M this year ' s varsity basketball team for many reasons. The main reason vas that wellll r Wvlayer a leading player for us and with the other remaining seniors from ist year ' s team we put together one of North Shore ' s tallest and most talented teams. All of ne starters and the first couple of substitutions were all over six feet in height which made us le tallest team in the league. Seniors " Sweet " Taylor Mayer (co-captain) and Curt " Speedy " apian head the list and six foot four. Then comes Fred " Ice " Scott and six foot two and a host f others at six foot one including Joel " Papa " Jacobson, myself Bill Bach (co-captain), Drew iuncannan, Jeff Swanson and Andrew Brown. Others on the team are Hoff, Tom Beerheide, hris Avery, Cary Kelly and Deane Malott. Our height won the first couple of games whic iclude the first varsity victory over Elgin Academy in over five years. Then our lack of rapidity arted to hamper us and we lost a couple of games becauseof it. We placed second in the hristmas tournament and then came the most talkd about game of the year against Francis arker. We controlled the game most ofthe way and ended up with a thrilling overtime victory tat made the opposition cry. All of our free throw practice payed off in this game because the ime w won from the line. Mayer lead the game with 17 out of 20 from the stripe and acareer gh 35 points overall. Free throw shooting is part of the reason why Ta y continued to be one ■ ' the Chicago Area leading scores. The rest of the seasnshould be very interesting because we ill have a chance at winning the league. If somehow things don ' t work out with having the le, don ' t lose hope. A host of juniors, several sophomores and Coach Jay Bach hopefully can ing the first - — i:. _._r._ r_::: :D to North Shore. 87 " ■ ' W 88 LUNCH? Kvy ' a r.miraf-t. Klt.phan TERM ® O© L unch If a student knew the lunch line Droctor, It was nuite easy to eat lunch before 1:10. Many new friends (particularly in the junior class) were made this year The f-)od choices this year were, well, urn, uh.. .unusual. Though the students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed the savory tacos, not much can be said for what was thought to be grilled che«ee, but then discovered to be (in one delicious bite) a ham and cheese sandwich. As for dessert, (or for some, lunch) Grandma ' s brownies, chocolate chip cookies and the Term Year new assortment of ice creams were popular. LUNCH. ATTITUDE EFFORT ACHIEVEMENT E E c+ C+ TEACHER North Shore Studanti and Faculty LUNCH I U z D 90 LET US NOT FORGET LUNCH NAME Sall y 5TO °»h TERM 1 2 3 I Basketball incerely sorry to say that Sally Doesn ' t seen to be swoosking those balls this s emester. His sideline fans see her •mile but shy away in confusion. Could Sally see a psychiatrist! Perhaps its something strange in her special brain. Otherwise, I just love to have Sakly in ay class. She really frets a move on wh n she need to and does not triD as often as the other girls. I also just looooove her outfitsSI She coordinates her colours so w ell See you soon Sally, come play again sometime. Upper School Girls Basketball Term Ytar ATTITUDE EFFORT ACHIEVEMENT c H c h Sandra Smellysuit f the members attending a basketball camp during the summer and eight returning winners, the girls varsity basketball team went into this season cautiously ne bad sign was that there were not enough players for a junior varsity team, was that Emi, a key player, was unable to play because of a back injury, m had a tough early schedule, with seven out of eleven games away from home, help the team ' s morale. However, two strong victories anow looks forward to the ames, six of which are at home. The team ' s leading scorer is Ana Castillo and Christy Aggens and Mary Ellen Wing. The record so far is three wins and nine w assistant coach, Edee Madsen, helped the team in plays and drills. On a sad note, this as Mr. Conroy ' s last year as a coach for the girls basketball team, ngert j -— PICTURE ON PREVIOUS PACE!!! — (l-r)Row I: Mary Ellen Wing! Christy Aggens! Lindsay Popper! Row II: Alex Silets! Annie Aggens! Elana Fowler! Row III: Lisa Angrt! Andrea Wright! Patty Campos! Ana Castillo!! 93 Middle School Girls Basketball M I ■« »,, r k r t fflfc 94 u JtitieX uutw dLre fclsl sm hlAMoo( fflill i " l fitWJ ' •; x?:$ : w% " fcfck y£AiwoK { . F J i sf Mt t fl -x- m tsLmmKr p " Dole 4 e S rA e iri. L-1-f- t»U«««. f» fh Hf - S- ' ife- of " P5SST- i 7 ■• wv 4 life Jennifer Pliska Robin Remich First Grade assistant teacher Betsey Ulbrich Secretary to Lower School and Middle School Thomas Rosenbluth Third Grade 100 Lynda Wood Kindergarten Lower School art Patricia Washburn Kindergarten Mary Wagner I Emmy Ward Fourth Grade assistant teacher Karen K. Wirtz 101 Kindergarten and Lower School art Janet Rogers Developmental reading, spelling and Director of testing James M. Costello Fifth Grade Carol Abelman First Grade and Lower School Computer Jane Fenninger 102 Alice Lawson Linda J. Gibson L.S. Music Sarah A. Opdycke 4th Grade 103 The Kindergarten 85-86 (To the tune of " Super Bowl Shuffle " ) We are the kgtn - four and five No bolder class is alive. We sing and dance, skip and play We ' re learning more every day 12th graders are our best friends To this friendship, there is no end. Side by side we planted flowers That you will see with April showers. The Indian life became our way, Stories and games we had to say Just how much the Indian gave American culture we want to save. When winter came our cold, white way Forty Frostys appeared in the winter play. We rolled right in to sing a song Hoping for a sunny Spring all along. An inch taller a few pounds gained Our Frosty costumes melted-Oh what a shame. Spring had arrived to our delight-where we Welcomed our beach adventures and Water fights. Summer is here with the end of the school year Good-byes were shared with only happy tears. For next year will soon come filled With learning, laughing and even more fun. Kindergarten Irst Row): Marisa Manheim, Wilkie Shaw, lexandrea Shybut, Jeremy Hill, Amanda rmato (Second Row): (onathan Syfu, latthew Sherman, Bobby Cohen, Scott lones, eeley Goldberg, Adam Campbell (Third ow): David Goldman, Alysoun Kegel, Abbot ixon, Greg Erickson, Eliza Scully, )ames Mesic, lifford Arnold, Bianca Apeck (Fourth Row): iiraii Dalia, Rebecca Scott, Erin Abrams, )ohn lanley, Robert Wharton (Fifth Row): nathan Campbell, Steven Bridgman, Kelly hite (Standing): Eli Luber, Mika Mrozik, :ephanie Star, Katie Reinert, Sara hansson (Sitting on Thing at Left): Brett jrguson, Stacey Goldman, Sarah Lewandowski, eanor Shaw (Teacher ' s Row): Karen Wirtz, atricia Washburn, Lynda Wood, Kelley Burke lot Shown ' , (Absent): Anne Cavanaugh, ristin Searle, Emily Sola, David Snower (First Row): Hillary Wirtz, Elisabeth Presser, Whitney Brown, Gavin McDonagh (Second Row): Sarah Rapawy, Amanda Ward, Lyn Aleshire, Dina Mansur, Andrew Calica, Chris Dattels, Jeremy Robin (Third Row): Allegra Rosberg, Andrea Moffat, Teddy Wulfers, Cinny Wharton (Fourth Row): Sam Scott, Matthew Peebles, Robert Wienke, Nicholas Brown, Brian Rohlen, Tommy Heinz (Sitting on Thing at Left): Sarah Chiappetta, Melissa Mesic Greene, Gabe Edidin Absent: Liam Cavanaugh Seth 106 f First Grade Memories of this class include happy days with good friends. They sang in French, did Spanish dances, and built an American farm. From Old MacDonald to Knight Rider, this group of " live wires " never stopped. They made their own live wires with batteries which lit a dashboard that beeped and buzzed in a sleek black race car. Dinosaurs roamed the room, and the children created exciting books about them. From giant dinosaurs to giant squash, this group created a farm stand which carried many of the largest vegetables grown in Illinois. The Post Office was probably the busiest place in the room. Friends enjoyed to write to each other, and it was fun to be able to read the notes - a new skill for many. The police station registered all the students and kept order in the room. The hospital took care of all emergencies (26 doctors and nurses on staff). The travel agency helped to plan many trips. A highlight of the year was the report given by each child on one of his favorite places. Often parents brought slides and treats which helped describe the life style of the vacation spot. Brian Rohlen shared slides of his winter trip to Kenya. The class read about Stanley and Livingston in Africa during the Explorer Unit. They also learned about Marco Polo, Admiral Byrd, Henry Hudson, and Jacques Cousteau. When they studied the Vikings, the class constructed a huge Viking ship with mast and sail which carried them across rough oceans to Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland. These navigators were the first to guide the turtle robot across the floor with Logo commands. They programmed him to walk from student to student, to do a dance of circles, and to make his own giant star on paper. The starts of first grade did many interesting things. Most of all they were fun, friendly, eager and bright. 107 Second Grade (First Row): Kali Webster, John Whittlesey, Mac Dunbar-Bickmore, Louis Brown, Andre Lodree (Second Row): Devon Levy, Adam Hearn, Courtney Dashiell, lason Franklin (Third Row) Aleshire, Theodore Shybut, Morgan Campbell (Fourth Row): Hadley Lewis, Ellen Berry, Cina Apack, Jenny Franklin (Top Row): Judith Newton, Melanie Madigan, Amber Shipley Jennifer Pliska (On Wall): Bill Zimmerman, Veronica Hatfield, Latacha Mitchell, Hilary Bishop History can fascinating if it ' s all about you! The sec- ond grade students researched their family histories this year. They collected favorite childhood stories from their mothers and fathers, drew up family trees, interviewed their grandparents, and compared special family recipes. The stories have been told and retold through oral storytelling. Each family history was compiled in a " Family Album " which, of course, will be handed down to future generations. Third grade is building a skeleton, How-to reports, geometry and drama skits. Remember " Jamie McPheeters " , the third grade ghost. The models and reports on the American Revolution were fun. no (First Row): Martin Parker, Nicole Furtak, Charles Brown, Jennifer Goodman (Second Row): Maggie Marzano, Carolyn Passino, Tracy Peebles, Danny Wirtz (Third Row): Henley Shotwell, Kevin Keady, Cus Kalpake, Rebecca Star, Randy Engstrom (Top Row): Jack Delaney, Anokhi Dalia, Angela Richardson, Betsey D ' Angelo (On Thing at Left): Melanie Lewis, Robert Campbell, Alex Langerman (Standing): lamie Ferguson (At tip top!): Thomas Paar, Eric Cooper, Tom Rosenbluth Absent:Elisabeth Cooper 111 lenny Edidin, Cheryl Keck, Carin Healy, Laura Fifield, Marnie Wienke, Max Kuecker (Second Row): Greg Rapawy, Justin Pohn, Kris Baade, Kate Whittlesey, Susannah Manheim (Third Row): Amy Chiappetta, Amy Dillon, Sarah Silver, Page Scully (On Thing at Left): Michael Sherman, )onathon Balen-Tilkin, David LAne, Shannon |ones, David Johansson (At the Top!): Dominic Armato, J.P. Marzano, Sarah Opdycke Absent: Kate Ferguson, Chad Charowhas, Peter DeYoung, asst. Teacher This year ' s fourth grade is an eager, enthusiastic and great group of boys and girls. They thrive on order and challenges and are able to work well together as a whole class. Their interests and talents are varied which has allowed us to try some new experiences during school time. We have participated in the Lyric opera doce nt program culminating in a performance of Madame Butterfly plus a backstage tour of the Lyric Opera in Chicago. The children ' s spontaneous interest in early man produced excellent projects on such diverse topics as Australopithecines and the cro-magnon men as well as the tools and shelter of the very early humans. Fourth grade uses Chicago as a major resource and visits the city often. Whether for museums, the lake, lunch or walks, Chicago is looked upon as an exciting city that we are privileged to live near. From math to creative writing, P.E. to social studies, this 1985-86 class of fourth graders does everything with the excitement and enthusiasm that makes the year extra-specially unique. Sarah Opdyche Emmy Ward m Fifth Grade (First Row): Alison Flint, Matthew Price (Second Row): )orden Feldman, lason Westlund, Benji de la Fuente, Loren Berry (Third Row): Anne Wheat, Todd Heinz, Kirsten lohnson, Emily Missner (Fourth Row): Greg lacobs, Nick Piper, Steve Plimpton, Megan McGrath (Fifth Row): Chris Keady, Clark Passino, David Presser, John Zimmerman, Kelly Cooper (On Thing at Left): Robin Scully, Angeline Brown, Beth lacobs (At top-top): Mark Marinacci, |ohn Nichols, Julie Hall Absent: Mark Prior «fc Fifth Grade is- Making 1,000 paper cranes for Peace Helping Hunkleberry Brown with his grammar Studying other cultures - different in time or place Learning some Japanese and German Singing spiritual and jazz songs Collecting for PRIDE Seeing Dickens ' Christmas j Playing games on Friday Memorizing poems Making Japanese fai rjuppets, and weavit flaying m our own taking care,„of babii JtVriting autobiograpj -Julie Hall " " JST 116 Doris Galbraith Sue Clement M.S. Science Faculty and Administration Susan Cundlach M.S. English and Social Studies, Seventh Grade Head Robert Kramer Acting Head of the Middle School 120 Alice Lawson David G. Williams M.S. Social Studies and Study Skills Mary Roden M.S. English aaasaa 121 (First Row): Jamie Repenning, Chris Fifield, Carsten Thode, Danny Pinkert, Seth McCulloch, Bryan Reed (Second Row): Brooke Corham, Amy Fink, loanna Tepper, Bryan Resendiz, Charles Erie, Robbie Keck, Owen Cerst, Megan Lane, Karen Lawrence (Third Row): |anet Yoon, Debbie Wright, Tory Richardson, Warner Saunders, T.C. Whiting, lonathon Wittenbrink, Carter Frank, Robyn Goldman, Jory Steppen (Standing at the very top): Andy Cheris, Mike Susk Absent: Elizabeth Deitrick, Michaela Murphy i I Sixth Grade In September the sixth grade took a luxurious, one-night camping trip to the Indiana State Park. The twenty seven students and three teachers wallowed in the four, spacious tents. The sun shone brightly upon the necks of those whose necks were exposed to it. Or, in other words, the weather was absolutely faaantaastic; in fact, it was soooo nice, many people even waded into the lake which was present at the time. Don ' t be fooled! Although the sun shone very brightly and people found time to wade in the lake, there was learning to do!!! Everyone attended science classes in which water samples were taken from the very same lake which was waded into by the touristing sixth graders. In case you ' re wondering, the lake which was waded into just happened to be Lake Michigan!! Samples were also tested from bogs around the area. Math also conquers!!! The sun, which was burning brightly, provided shadows for the extremely enthusiastic students to measure things by. The shadows became rulers! Not only Science and Math, but also ENGLISH! The State Park situated in Indiana also provided highly detailed and fabulously and magnificently beautiful surroundings which were carefully observed and recorded for future times. Descriptions were written to describe these different-from-North-Shore surroundings. Then, after all this learning was said and done, and the night had fallen like a biiiig boulder into the dark, depths of the ocean, a warming campfire was built and . . . yummmmmm yummmm . . . HOT DOGS were roasted on the open fire. It kept the Night Frost from nipping at the nose . . . After the nutritious hot dogs were hungrily wolfed down s ' mores satisfactorily satisfied the sweet tooths which chattered around the fire listening to extremely frightening ghooost stories. Boo!! After the sixth-graders were thouroughly scared out of their wits, raccoons came carousing around to further scare the campers to insomnia. In the month of October, the kids made their own insect collections to heighten their knowledge of other forms of life. It really worked, so the students took a trip to the museum and saw a very large and professional collection of dead insects which was really quite an experience. The Aquarium was also visited so that the kids could imitate the puckering action of the many fish housed there (Just Kidding!). Without the help of Ms. Gibson the sixth-graders would probably never have gotten up on stage to do a Morning Ex. While up in the spotlight for the prestigious thirty minutes, they sang and played a large variety of instruments. Spring, summer, fall or winter, nature calls out to the 85-86 sixth graders! In Decembrrrrrr a visit to the Botanic gardens was made. Instead of climbing up the trees like monkeys, the children attended a class on conifers (that is, they studied conifers, not IN conifers) and then made some craftsy items from a variety of Christmas greens. Again and again and again! Another field trip occured in January of the new year, this time it was to the symphony and the Art Institute. OOoooooooops! I mean, it was to go to the symphony and Art Institute but the bus suddenly decided to stop on Monroe st., whereupon it promptly coated itself with ice. For an agonizing two hours, the patient sixers lived their lives in a stranded bus, just the place to find a new friend, or mabye an old enemy! They were finally rescued but the symphony and the Art Institute were cancelled, of course, so th ey will just have to wait until later on. : _ ., . 123 f. ,... 0 t$l5 - Seventh Grade (First Row): Andrew Stiffler, Stuart Lax, Jamie DeYoung, Danny Beider, Greg Getner (Second Row): Robert McClung, Randall Maconachy, Tripp Frank, Denis Healy, John McGrath, Bok Missner, Barry Zgonena (Third Row): Bennett Darrow, Jonathan Tueting, Caroline Robinson, Aisling McDonagh, Kendra Pohn, Ashley Hemphill, Yasmin Fatah, Gretchen Theders, Meghan O ' Callaghan, Alexis Yablon Absent: Nick Batallia 124 Life as a 7th grader-Profile of the 7th grade 1. If I were to describe my personality, I would say I am: nice to most people, generous, caring, shy, sensitive, daring, amusing, noisy, funny, cool, happy alone, weird, active, intelligent, friendly, hard- working, competitive, happy 2. Sports I like to participate in are: football, hockey, tennis, skiing, ice skating, soccer, baseball, swimming, gymnastics, dance 3. When I relax, I like to: listen to music, read, build models, go horseback riding, watch TV, sleep, eat, talk on the phone 4. The music I like best: Talking Heads, Prince, Tears for Fears, Willie Nelson, Oakridge Boys, Madonna, Sting, David Bowie, Police, Dire Straits, Billy Idol Van Halen A-Ha, Bruce Springsteen, The Who 5. I choose as friends people who are: loyal, nice, funny, weird, athletic, independent, like me, not stuck up, cool, happy, mature smart honest, considerate 6. My parents are always telling me to: make my bed, brush my teeth, do my homework, stop annoying my brother, have my priorities straight, use my head, turn my music down, get off the phone, clean my room, practice piano, not talk back, not goof around 7. If I could be anything, I ' d be: a business man, an actress, living in Hawaii, me,me,me,me, a games designer, a doctor, an engineer, rich, out of school, on my to France a football player 8. To me, a " good education " means: a head start in a career, not much until you are on your own, learning, getting good grades, a good future, everything, common sense, skill 9. Social and political issues I care about: hijacking, U.S. and Libya, nuclear war, terrorism, economy, problems in the Middle East, elections 10. The world would be a better place if: there were an end to war, kids ruled it, there were no violence, hunger ended, drunk driving ended, there were no drugs, there were un- derstanding, all men were equal, there were no crime, we didn ' t have pollution, people accepted other people ' s differences Eigth Grade m t mmmammmmf EIGTH GRADE (First Row): Cristina Cooper, Lenny Ostach, )im DeFilippi, James Cucco, Ashley Brown, Thierry Peugeot, Lucy Kerr, Matt Zore, Mirza Baig (Second Row): Amy Jacobs, Stefani Tomaras, Ciara McDonagh, Ellen Kelly, Marisol Mella, Peggy Smith, Katy Lewis, Eve Feldman, Ginger Scully, Joanne Avery, Wendy Warner, Marilyn Young (Third Row): David Williams, Juliet Moffat, Win Repenning, Tommy Griffin, John Repenning, Doug Simon, Todd Rohlen, John Hatfield, Gary Wax, lohn Gibbons, George Douvas, Randy Needlman, Jesse Opdycke, Harold Moore, Mary Roden (Absent): Elizabeth Cavanaugh, Anne Heinz Innisfree, Michigan : With the Superbowl victory secured the 8th Grade set out for the isolation and tranquility of Michigan. An eight hour bus ride brought them to a chilly, snow-covered camp near Traverse City. No T.V. No walkmen. But lots of walking, cross-country skiing and sledding. New relationships were forged, old friendships cemented, in the joy of sharing a new experience. A different way of life seemed very appealing after five months in the classroom! And of course there were memories . . . Helen . . . meditation . . . smelly socks . . . nerd . . . Jimbo . . . Sara . . . Mirza! . . . " You ' re ugly and your mom dresses you funny " . . . sledding . . . Daredevil . . . Pat . . . " I ' m cold " . . . " partay, mon " . . . " my momma can walk faster than you " . . . snow . . . ping-pong . . . dunes . . . John Repenning ' s driving course . . . Winisfree . . . " Absolutely, mon! " Field Trips : The 8th Grade took several educational field trips to various locations, such as: a sewage plant, The Art Institute, Berghoff Restaurant and " Out of Africa. " Parents also organized social gatherings at the Kenilworth Village Hall and a ski-trip to Wisconsin. Mr. Lew . . . Sam Sludge . . . " puey, what a stink! " ... Art Institute . . . Wendy ' s chicken at Berghoff . . . Out of Afriker . . . Popcorn . . . Ellen ' s missing button. Classes : Each year there are classes, but sometimes there are special phrases that bring the whole year flooding back . . . Neglect mending a small fault and it will soon be a great one ... " I can ' t see the board " . . . " Could you go over that again? " . . . " yo mama " . . . " Plain Vanilla " . . . " Have a weekend " . . . " Oh, Hell " . . . " Come on! " ... " I have two " ... " I don ' t understand Latin " . . . " Adverbial phrase " . . . " number three, fifty times by tomorrow, Ginger! " 127 s ; (((( n (l u ( [K l l I Dorothy Neville This has been not only my first year teaching at North Shore, but it has also been my first year teaching high schoolers. They have proven to be quite a contrast to adults, instead of a roomful of serious faces with me being the only silly element; now I am the older serious face that must keep the silliness in check. It has been challenging, frustrating, exciting, and exhausting but never dull. I feel as if I have learned more about students, what they think, say, and how they react than I could have possibly taught in return. Nancy Ohr Travis Director of Publications and P.R. Edee Madsen The teaching and coaching experiences I have had at North Shore this year have been very enjoyable. The students are challenging, and the administration and staff are very supportive and professional. It is exciting to see the variety of opportunities offered to each child and the well- rounded education that each one is recieving. I believe the School uses the Chicago area to its fullest advantage to benefit the students and faculty here, and I ' m happy to be a part of the education process at North Shore Country Day. 132 Robert E. Beerheide Business Manager Sharon Dole Administrative Assistant to Headmaster and to Head of Upper School Thomas W. Doar Carolyn K. Howard School Secretary, Assistant to the College Counselor Gloria Steibert Assistant to the Business Manager Sharon Stafford Cooper College Counselor (The Best!) Cecilia B. Falk Receptionist Switch Board Nancy Jones Emrich Director of Development Other new teachers: lames Costello-Fifth grade Jacqueline Crane-development Edith Madsen-P.E. Dorothy Neville-U.S. Mathematics Nancy Travis-Public Relations Emily Ward-Asst. fourth grade, field hockey coach Nancy Green Whiteman-Alumni activities David G. Williams-S.S. in M.S. and Study Skills Kim Wilson-Asst. 5th grade 133 Freshman and AP english Jack Pasanen Michael Conroy Gerissa French -. ,. .... ..... ,.,, . J Foreign Language Dept U.S. Spanish 136 Joyce Lopas U.S. French, Chairperson-Foreign Languages Diane Dorn 137 William F. Freisem 11th and AP U.S. History, Chairperson-Social Studies Dept. Nancy Geyer ph.d. U.S. Social Studies 138 U.S. Social Studies John D. Ingram 139 Science Department E=MC a - " M l U.S. + M.S. Scien Victori a Chinnet ta U.S. William Goss Jr U.S. Science, Chairman-Science " lepartment 141 Victoria Chiappetta Beth Foster M.S. + U.S. Mathematics Dorothy Neville U.S. Mathematics Upper School Math Dept 142 IN CASE OF FIRE USE NORTH EXIT Head of Upper School, Coordinator of Computer Instruc- tion Lawrence P. Chippetta ph.d. 143 In the process of being an exchange student at North Shore, one learns many things. There are the experiences of having a kindergartener in your lap at Morning Ex, of your first hour in the senior homeroom, of trying to find out what people really mean when they say " awesome " and finally, of understanding what everyone is getting so excited about. On a more serious note, the year at North Shore has taught me many things, allowed me to meet so many different people and to experience so many varied ideas. In return, all I can say is " Thanks very much it has been great, even AWESOME. " Sean Wilken Jose Romero Martin Hoffman EJ©S ' 145 The Freshman Class The ninth grade class this year was probably the most bizarre one in the country! We had a varied assortment of kids, ranging from the annoying to the genuinely weird. " It ' s kinda like your one half is here and the other one is floating away in limbo or something ... " (Mr. Pasanen) We had a girl whose brother chased her around the house with a fire poker, short people, a guy who offered to host a German exchange student and moved, two people who formed their own heavy metal band: ICBM, a guy notorious for attracting tornadoes and Halley ' s Comet, four kids who formed a band, Satin Steel ( " Is that kinda like steel wool? " ), a sixth assortment of Frankie jokes, two kids who, by intellect, should have been seniors, the three most pessimistic people in the universe, the largest pair of headphones in the world, the victim of the famous MEX windbreakers scandal, and uncanny infestation of trolls. Oh well, that ' s enough of that. See you next year! -Ian Murphy, Colm Davis, Peter Geyer 146 (l-r) First Row: Kim Lattimore, -Sarah Weisman-, Sarah Plimpton, Jan Reed, Lori Staiman, Navarra Rodriguez, Laura Heinz, Tracy Moore Second Row: Steve Tepper, Alex Lopaz, Alex Piper, Frankie Ai, Jeff Snyder, David Geist, Mahdi Thompson, Ian Murphy, Mark Ferris, Fredrik Andersson, Steve Medgyesy Standing: Mr. Pasasen, Peter Ceyer, Thomas Smith, Howard Statland, Clark Bundy, Scott Koral, David i«™ Rosenberg, Geoffrey Goldman, Rog Zgonena, Cy Oelerich, Chesly Manly. r-»-..: j -,. 147 Tenth Grade 148 Like soup, class of ' 88 is made up of many different ingredients. The personalities are quite diverse. With all our new people, a lot from New Trier, we have our pre-cooked vegetables. Our Anshe Amet alumnies have added matzo balls to the soup. From the foreign regions of the city, we add our herbs, who come two hours away just to experience the wonderful atmosphere of N.S. On top, our yogurt nuts from the Western Side of the North Shore. From Lake County we have our two most distinct variational contrasts. If you add all these together, you will end up with one terrific class (or heartburn)! Overall, the sophomore class had a pretty good year this year. We made new friends, new memories, etc. Sure we had our ups and downs, but as most sophomores like to say, " We ' re awesome! " Front row (L-R): Ben Zeiser, Lisa Angert, Debbie Reif, Kyla Schaeffar, Caroline Kerr, Tanna Schwartz, Annie Aggens, Andrea Wright, Ben Zore, Niji Vohra Second row: Chuc Mason, Stephanie Snyder, David Plimpton, Rhonda Jackson, )esse Weldon, SavageNorwood, BradSavage Third row: Eric Jacobson, Yuka Suguira, Dwight Scott, Brian Dole, Theresa Young, Helen Wood, Bill Ake, John Kehoe, Binay Cahn, Amy Nasaw, Ken Rye, Cwen Rohlen, J. P. Hamm, Laura Bellows, Kristin Lawson 149 US Classtime! m m ■ HWfey- ' i . ,aH IP! " !■ Classes at North Shore, we all might complain but let ' s face it, the whole reason for school is to learn, and when does one learn? During CLASSTIME, of course! The classes, renowned far and wide, go from the simple teaching of addition in the lower grades (simple, that it, only to those who have already mastered it) to the highly demanding AP Chem. In classes, students laugh, cry, giggle, pass notes, pass tests, (fail tests), eat (sometimes), yell, scream, discuss intelligently, become eager and also bored, but overall undeniably, we learn and study. Classes such as Chemistry are even fun with the ever energetic Mr. Coss, able to explain one thing for four hours straight to a confussed stu- dent, or Art I with Mr. Almquist ' s ever changing notes and mes- sages and devilish assignments (reorchestrations). Whatever we say, the classes are fun and a necessary aprt of school (Hell, they are school!). 151 Juniors (l-r) First Row: Dimitria Lyn Cook, Ned Wolpert, Pat Strong, lose Romero, Brian Hurst, Kristen Aim, )ayne Creenburg, Jorden Rosen, Ari Kogut, Molly Shotwell Second Row: Dan Bloedorn, Larry Williams, Deane Malott, ]oel de la Fuente, Martin Hofman, David Pascal, Chris Avery, Bill Bach, Fred Scott, loel lacobson, Tom Beerheide Third Row: Rick lanson, ]on Oakley, Lauri Reagan, Lisa McClung, Marcy Stern, Caren Jeskey, Fiona McDonagh, Elana Fowler, Andrew Brown, Cindy Brennan, Heather Utzinger, David Hoffheimer, Julie Pokorny, Alex Silets, Cary Kelly 152 The duration of the year looked like this: Homeroom meeting appeared organized for a change, we raised over $5500 by investing in the stock market and even kept up with the tradition of raising more money for prom by selling doughnuts and taffy apples. When we were asked what we thought we should do with the rest of the mon- ey people came up with interesting answers. " Let ' s buy a senior car " , " a television " and " a refidgerator " for the sen- ior homeroom. The words " Illegal off-campus " seemed to be the big joke of the junior class. I wonder why? White Hen and McDonalds alone must have made a fortune off of us. Anyway, we have sucessfully raised money for the prom and have gotten our act together si nce freshman year. This year ' s junior class is dose and I hope that the compatability will remain the same. -Lauri Reagan 153 The Class of 1986 Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors This is the year! The year we have our very own room! What should we do in this room? Well, first lets turn the stereo (the mono, actually) FULL BLAST, then demolish a few couches and chairs and play a few ballgames: soccer, basketball, football, water ballooon toss or " shoot the enemies " with the noto- rious pellet guns. We could dismantle the lights and create a year long growing chain of White Hen matchbooks, and in general, create a room of total terror and destruction. What else should we do? College applications would be nice, and a bit of homework would be fine, too. Let ' s become good friends with our favorite Kindergarten pals and learn to become the " leaders " of the school (good luck). Actually, it was a fun year and we were all sure to take full advantage of our " Seniority " . First row (L-R): Eric Swanson, Bruce Peters, John Marrinson, David Burnell, Liam Davis, Drew Cuncannon Second row: Christina Rusz, Brian Lax, Sean Wilken, Christina Jeskey, Christy Aggens, Lindsay Popper, Mary Ellen Wing, Lana Fleishman Third row: Joanne Heyman, Scott Fernlund, Paul Dewoskin, Mark Bransfield, Stephanie Britt, Katie Stitt, Sandy Seidman, Jessica Kotler, Eric Matthies, Rebecca Andreou, Sarah Ceist, Aviva Cahn Fourth row: Curt Kaplan, Tay Mayer, Jeff Swanson Absent: Corcella Dulania 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 155 " We are lifers! " proudly say Mark and Bruce, " We came to North Shore in Junior Kindergarten and continued our fine educations at this fiiiiine school for an uninterrupted 14 years! " There is the definition of a lifer. Now, some insight as to what is like to be one of the cherished few. " One needs to really like the school, " says one, " and to really want to learn. " Both of this year ' s lifers have had numerous kin also attend the school. North Shore has become a sort of family tradition. In addition to growing and maturing at N.S., both lifers have seen the school grow and change. They have suffered through the loss of teachers, classmates, and the most dreadful, the loss of the GIGANTIC school bell. Through thick and thin, these two rough and tough fellows have floated upon the sea of life in the boat named North Shore Country Day School. A special commendation is given to Sarah Geist who missed the 14 year mark by 2, entering in first grade. A regular commendation goes to Liam Davis who WAS here in kindergarten but decided to jump boat in first grade. After five years he saw the error of his ways and again climbed aboard! -A lifer (of course), but try to guess which one! (Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaa!) KINDERGARTENERS TO SENIORS 156 Senior Prophesies World famous, top fashion model, Rebecca Andreou has just bought out the Creek Isles. When asked about her incredible purchase, Ms. Andreou replied " I wanted to know that there will always be a place where my name will not be mispronounced. " Mark Bransfield, top executive of the Moosehead Beer Corporation, during interviews for prospective employees has been reported to suddenly LEAP out from behind his stately, executive desk and bash out John Bonham ' s solo " Moby Dick " on the drum set that he keeps in his posh office. When asked the reason for his odd behavior, Mr. Bransfield was quoted as saying " Well, I just wanted to see the looks on their faces. " Well known author of The Tower of Grad-lmetholl series, Sthephanie Britt has just won the Read-The-Entire-Contents-Of-The-Library-Of-Congress-ln- Three-Weeks Contest. When asked to comment on how she could achieve such a monumental task, Ms. Britt just smiled mysteriously, and, throwing her flowing black cloak over her face, stole away into the night. Famed third baseman for the Boston Red Sox, Dave Bumell wowed the crowd last Saturday when he sang the National Anthem at the beginning of the game and refused to desist until the seventh inning stretch when he broke into " Take Me Out to the Ballgame " , special a capella version, followed by a medley of sixties tunes which he carried into the last out of the ninth inning. After the game, Mr. Burnell gave a sneak preview of his new solo recording project, Tavis-Aid, the profits of which will go to the Society for the Development of Insane Laughter During Morning Ex. Dashing entrepreneur Aviva Cahn has just released her new videotape for female Jewish Ballet-dancing accountants. When asked if she were going to produce a second one, she replied scornfully, " Oy vey! That ' s QUEER! " Professional stuntman, Drew " Loop " Cuncannan, in a fit of frustration at not being able to find employment for the last six months got into his Ferrari 308 CTB, last week, and jumped the Long Island Sound. Mr. Cuncannan then drove to New York City and climbed the World Trade Center. Upon reaching the top, he pulled out his trusty box of Quisp cereal and jumped. Between bites he was heard screaming, " LOOK ' S LIKE WE ' RE BANKING IT, GUYS! " Liam Davis has just come out with his new broadway musical, modern dance-allet show done with only a single acoustic guitar for accompianiment. Allowing only one week to pass since releasing his previous effort, Mr. Davis was quoted as saying, " Well, I ' m saahrry, I lead a busy life! " The current rage of the " Liam Davis Hair Flip " is also sweeping the nation. Specialists are currently researching the effect of the constant flip upon the brain. Avid White Sox fan, Paul DeWoskin, caused a riot last Wednesday when he interrupted the game by jumping onto the field to protest a call made by the umpire. Mr. DeWoskin has filed a civil suit against the umpire on the grounds that " It was a bad call. It was so obviously a bad call. It was stupid. " The new governor of Alaska, CORCELLA DuLANIA, made public yesterday, in her press conference, the reason that she decided to run for the office. Said Governor DuLania, " I just needed a big, quiet place to work on my math. " 158 Scott Femlund, while tanning on a beach last year put on his sunglasses and looked out to sea and lo and behold!, he saw a multitude of scantily clad mermaids floating upon a raft of numerous beer kegs. Calling up his patented Fernlund Adrenaline rush, he quickly swam out and took the flotilla captive. Mr. Fernlund has not been seen since. Executive businesswoman of the 90 ' s, Una Fleishmanhas just become the richest woman in the world, and her company, " Moonlighting, Inc. " has just celebrated its fifth year in the Fortune 500. Her live-in companion, Bruce Willis has nominated her for the Woman of the Year. " That s so gay, she shrieked, " I just wanna be RICH!!! " To help boost the ratings " In Search Of . . . EMI FUJITA of his almost-soon-to-be-cancelled show, Leonard Nemoy has announced that the Silver Anniversary episode will be entitled, Sarah Geist, makeup artist for the musical group Duran Duran has just introduced her new line of makeup for men. Ms. Ceist has entitled this line " Vive Le Simon. " loanne Heyman, who has been running around the lecture circuit recently, was barred from lecturing at Tufts University when three people commi suicide during her two week long non-stop lecture on " How to make up your mind. " tted Avante-Carde rock culture promoter Chris leskey was arrested Friday for her radical decoration of the Sears Tower ,n Xhcago When rt™ d on whv she chose the black green flourescent red, flourescent yellow, blue, mauve, charteuse, fuschia, ohve, magenta, amber, silver mocha, peach, pSetS Pink color combination, she replied, " Oh, come on, you guys, it was so boring! I wanted ,t to be unique. Curt Kaplan, yesterday, was suspended for the season from the Major League Hockey team, the Michigan Meaters. It seems Mr. Kaplan brutally beat a member of the opposite team after he insulted Curt ' s paisley shorts. When asked what he would do, Mr. Kaplan replied " Well, I don ' t know, I guess I ' ll engineer a freindly take over of Cuido ' s Icee juicee factory, ya ' know. " Brian Lax avid follower of the Doonesbury comic strip, has just mounted an attack against those people who cut it out of the early morning papers When asked what his first plan of action will be, Mr. Lax replied while munching on his Carnation breakfast bar, " Well, come on, you guys! First I need an office! " The new owner of the entire Dominick ' s Finer Food ' s chain, Jessica Kotler, told reporters yesterday of the publication of her new novel, " Foodstore " , a sweeping saga spanning five generations and three continents, about the foundation of the first supermarkets. Continued on page 200! £ The less we say about it the better. Make it up as we go along. Feet on the ground, head in the sky, It ' s O.K. I know nothing ' s wrong . . . Nothing Talking Heads Vrum Vrum Homecoming optional stop sign surprise attack Segrams Marine Bio. The Road Mary McSpic Montanal Shama Lamma Torture Tank Reggae Dancin ' Beef Shalome Secretary Wonder bomb Mary, stop drinking that Sprite! He who doesn ' t also doesn ' t love the storm, the rain, and the dark is just walking around in a postcard life. Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, cannot keep i from themselves They are one person They are two alone They are three together They are four each other. -C.S.N. + Y. Throw your hands up in the air, shake your feet and scream " Oh Yeah! " Muchacha Fully Krausened Wa-Wa Weeee- I can ' t complain, but sometimes I still do. Life ' s been good to me so far! Say it in pictures . . . KODAK Ooohhh! Moose MARK JOSEPH BRANSFIELD Mike Mil Madge Sue Ma Poppie Herb Taylor Speedy Loop Paulsy Daver Liam JD Paiger Oly Reiny Ronny Boomer Ovary Poppa -Boomer and I couldn ' t pothibly fit him in until thirthday, thir! -Ronny and Moose 5th horse, 5th race= $388.80 I swear to god! -Paiger Cynthia HERRICK Brennan Football ' 85 7-2 (Playoffs) Composite : 21-12 Oly and Moose -The Poon Typhoons Oh, boy I got a Mark Bransfield!- Anonymus little boy (told by Mike) Howdy y ' all! -John Candy Pilgrim, I was born ready John Wayne Really love your peaches, Wanna shake your tree -Steve Miller STEPHANIE " There are no riddles of Hed " " I ask you this: Who " One star will call out of silence the Master of the Winds one star out of darkness the Master of Darkness; one star out of death „ ' was Ingris of Osterland and why did he die ' " Let the harpist name himself.. t JV V the of w children of the Earth. the Masters ® ,v Myrddin Emrys corwin Bennedict yc W° 5 %° Menolly £ Gil-shalos Matrix Alwir Mentor The Keep of Dare Deth Icefalcon BSwfSV. David Burnell I want to fly like an eagle To the sea. I want to fly like an eagle Let my spirit carry me I want to fly like an eagle Till I ' m free Fly through the revolution. -Stevie Miller Band Tavis Mooser Oly Paiger J.D. Loop 6 ' 4 " Herb Speedy Z Limo Cubs Full-Moon Honda ishkameal Opera 3rd to 1st Barclay Bucks-White B.O.B. Drive western sunset to the sea. Turn that jungle music down Just until we ' re out of town This is no one night stand It ' s a real occasion Close your eyes and you ' ll be there It ' s everything they say The end of a perfect day Distant lights from across the bay. -Steely Dan Chinese music always sets me free Certainly is a lovely lass Angular banjos sound good to me loves . . . Aja, when all my dimedancing is J.D.,L.D.,E.K.,D.B. through I ' ll run to you • • ■ and sometimes a blind squirrel finds an acorn! -Mac Look out for the kid on the big wh . . . BHAM..ACK.- -j.D. -Steely Dan Cold beer, hot ligts, my sweet, ro- mantic teenage nights -B.joel V. ' Drew Cuncannan " 1 can ' t explain. .you Would not understand. This is not ho w I am " nk Floyd MJUA UC5 " Eiffeij I W? ' 1 He ' s sooo GROSS! Cherry Pie, Wild as Friday night OH, COME ON!! Barf out! Banana . . . Doughnut . . . Pen s . . . Stupid? Do you love me? Every Fri. night, YEAHI Squeeze my muscles, please! Wax Trax I know you are but what am I? H.P. + F.J. The house in Greece with the Red bedroom and rooftop bathroom You look faggotized I ' m scared for you Fortnightly Summer Lovers " Are you two married? " l ' m sooo tired! Penile Projectile the fantasy vacations Nautilus Car chase Grace Jolene Midnight capers Eyefix " Let ' s take pictures ' VRear of the Year Jakie Simon ' s pizza party Annie the Amputee I don ' t got no money Dominick ' s Elbert Tom Bailey I neeed a record Truth band Tw H«. d T. tA...-TQy...Aci : ... teefrT U 167 •-« I ' ve looked at life from both sides now From give and take and still somehow It ' s life ' s illusions I recall I really don ' t know life at all. Joni Mitchell Corcella M. DuLania (Corie) Shadow in my heart It ' s tearing me apart Or mabye its just Something in my soul Favourite places to be White Hen; 7:30 213; Sigma Chi; ).K. Sweets; New Triver at 2:40; Water Tower; Sheridan Road; Art Center. It ' s a flood -Lori Smurfberry Crunch -Fredrick " Watch out for those people who are nice to everyone. They are not worth the trouble. " -Matthew Wilder " Like I really wanted to hear about his grey hair " -Corcella " There ' s Bif! " -Jessica -Or whatever your name is . . . Jordan ' m God. " SCOTT A. FERNLUND 7-2, Football ' 85 Colt Speedy Moose Gooch Bean Z Beach ' 84 I.N.P.? Domino ' s Nnnope Quarter ' s ? Liam Eve ' s Tacos " Backstreets ' VM. Fox Star Trek B.O.B. )ust do the safety dance, Herb -Speedy Laugh a ' while you can, monkey-boy . . . Dr. Lizardo Live long and prosper ... Mr. Spock No matter where you go, there yoi are . . . Buckaroo Banzai Walk tall, or don ' t walk at all . . . B. Springsteen Lana Claire Fleishman Sarah, Jessica, Aviva, Katie- " Yeah, I get by with a little help from my friends The Beatles " She never stops, She ' s a go- getter ... " The Beatles " ... got to be a joker he just do what he please ... " " She was just seventeen You know what I mean . . . -The Beatles " Living is easy with eyes closed Misunderstanding all you see . . . " Hey Aviva- WHH! jockette! " Come together " " We gotta be we. " " Larry, " from " Newhart " X + Oxmetic! " Summing up, it is clear the future holds great opportunities. It also holds pitfalls. The trick will be to avoid the pitfalls, seize the opportunities and get back home by six o ' clock. " — Woody Allen 171 Emiko Christine Fujita Thank you to all of my fam- ily, friends, and teachers for all of their help! Moo Moo Chrust- Chrustacia Hey Lindsay: Grundy! ' ' Das Cabeza? Bogus Oguss Ugly-Ugly Tracy CHICKEN Bach! . ft j ' ' I love you Ba- Chan )i-Chan! Amisistij) t your mart Now, if lohn Q. Public went whoopin ' down the continent to sell marshmallows with no brouhahas and lost his head (momentarily), I would under- stand History much better! " Field hockey is and always will be my breath-Keep the faith! " -J.S. fjji Sweepah! Fujita Face Hey Sweepah ' v Say goodnight Grade " " Goodnight Grade! " Hoops! " But Conroy, my feet are bleeding! " The Fujster Fujiyama Mama EM " Downtown " Fujita -M. Conroy A. Deuble I UlLUfl get Voor eoy- HoMEUORK COME, ,1° ™ " Boy Jackie, you must Be suffocating down ITSNOTMyFRULTI DIDNTGETITDOME - ITS My MOM ' S FOU.T SHE FCX TONI ME " fa Katharine , jjj. awm bwaaag gT " j| A fit " It was fun for a while There was no way of knowing Like a dream in the night Who can say where we ' re going No care in the world Maybe I ' m learning Why sea on the tide Has no way of turning " -Roxy Music ( ' More than this ' ) ' You can create your own luck. ' -Nick Rhodes " Perception is reality; reality is perception. " Q. " What would be your trademark? " A. " Black. I always wear black. It would have to be something that ' s really happening -But still classic. Somethin very inspirational and it must make you feel great when you put it on. And . . . it ' s gotta have a little bit of rock ' n ' roll in it! " -Ariane Faaabulous! lt ' s a festival Leath erette Chanel Avant-Card e That was nasty! (N.R.) lsn ' t th at BIZARRE! |et-Setters Here co mes the leatherqueen! -M.Conr oy What it is!! II fill HI Son New York Boc And if the fires burn out There ' s only Fire to blame No time for worry ' Cause we ' re on the roam again The clouds all scatter And we ride the outside lane Not on your own so help me please hold back the rain -Duran Duran To Liz-my best friend-l couldn ' t have done it without you! Joannne Heyman It doesn ' t matter who you are, it ' s what you do that takes you far . . . Madonna If there ' s anything I can ' t stand it ' s someone who talks while I ' m interrupting How can you say I ' ve got a short at- tention span, I look for attention constantly So many faces in and out of my life Some will last, some will just be now and then Life is a series of hellos and good- byes I ' m afraid it ' s time for goodbye again Cherry pie Hey CJ You ' re such a teddy bear JDLF OH!!! Bruce 1st period I could help, but I ' d rather en- joy watching you do it ---vice O aetro Odeon »■ " £•, , . . — Q 500F § AH. . , BON! 0 r ,h h-B " Philippe pow 3up adap . a a r Crance, n _ % If ' s,r 35 tlcKj tacky » % tourist time , v. flflrtg OM( F STRASBOURG . s, % i4ckrticMv$ V. " ». j —O Pi, nf hss The memories ar e very vivid |S ' ecria Candide, tu n ' avais pas devine I cette abomination; e ' en est fait, il faudra qu ' ii la fin je renonce a ton optimisme. never knew how lo worship until I knew how lo love. Henry Ward Beecher j You must look inlo people, a well as at then Lord Chesterfield U Cheer upl The worst is yet to come! Philander Johnson C People who talk of outlawing the atomic bomb are mistaken— what needs . | to be outlawed is war. Leslie Richard Groves 3 t Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other ] women. £ sa Schlaparelll Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward to- ; gether in the same direction. Antolne de Salnt-Exupiry ? An artist cannot speik about his art any more than a plant can discuss ■ horticulture. jBan Cocteau j Vty interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there. Charles F. Kettering t After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. Aldous Huxley Albert Einstein CHRISTINA o PRITHEE MARIE § cr Vi n PEACE! Cn 3 " z V ,5 ' (SHUT UP JESKEY CD CD peo slee nsti 3 WOMAN!) -joel N =3 X " O tu 3 Q 5 cd- CQ cq 5 » 3 O Q —1 X 3 i CD CQ 2 m —I V) m3 SUCK (TW n VI n 5 ' I never think of the future. It comes soon enough Conform and be dull. 9 qoQ %ubjj f Cleverness is not wisdom. TO£S! L,U, a r c ' .c § AGUSTiN Eun P ides js wg usp r mj favor i+e CD doodle big fooey J Cleverness may not be wisdom, but I have yet to discover a clever moron, b Hil My name is Chris ana I love all kinds music is O Gary B. Wright of British music. My favorites are OMD, iimmii I B —— ..... .... 3 », , ft. If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky? — - ? r 11 of mv 0) p Stanlslaw J. Leo 3. O 30 O U 1 head ' » 5 S „ If VOll ' Ve qOt It. J 1;j 0h - M bon " nd ■■ discret. mime g g If my husband would ever meet a woman on the street who looked like ' P eu fibre. Ecrire Hevas Nice 53429 5 the women in his paintings, he would fall over in a dead faint. _- ■ jg Mrs. p bio Picasso f lautlt It AMBC shivering in my shoes S S EHJ S SHOrVW 1VV llll black and white j numero cinq vol 5, « r i „ TV Ti or earth-tones ■ i 9 9 ». I 5= MetrO HEY -HEY, YO-YO! ! o S Cog M Chicago i ldTY oV , 9 u ;A , ,„„, black-black or pink orange ' ' fZ fjffCtago cfago OBNOXIOUS dark mood fa-boo-luz £ » E £ «! 2. 5 5 Never is a commonplace position red -orange and CHARTREUSE S UME 0REEN f Nr smut Jj» iid yon know il s lime lo go Chicago •Kevin Huniei £ S E to Chicago $ Ct-l n Thanks to o Chicago CAJS » 5 W.v » ACJ isfi?I MMJS§ " « u 4) c JDH « y £ c Curt Andrew Kaplan Family Herb Taylor Moose Liam Dave E.G.R. Ruelge Howitt Speedy and Sylvester Fudge Heeler Haller Paul Gooch Loop HEY SWANNY Papa! Ole Paiger Reino What if you fall in love? It ' s a small world but I wouldn ' t want to paint it. -S.W. " Steaave . What a time it was, it was . . . A time of innonence, a time of confi- dences . . . How long ago it must be, I have a photograph Preserve your memories, they ' re all thats Left you . . . Simon and Garfunkel ain ' t quiet, everybody else is too loud. — )ohn Entwhistle " Yah, sure. " Jessica Kellum Kotler No one ever is to blame — Howard Jones You get the best of my love - Eagles - When you ' re down and troubled . . . You ' ve got a friend Carol King Lori, Lana, Molly, Corcella Friends are Forever! K7 ■ ■ rc w - F H You ' ve got to get up every mornin ' with a smile on your face. C.K. Things can only get better! Howard Jones Keep Smiling 177 1 am who I am. What do you want from me? -Billy Squier Brian Reuben David Many dreams come true And some have silver linings I live for my dream And a pocketful of gold -Led Zeppelin There are times when all the world ' s asleep The questions run so deep for such a simple man Won ' t you please, please tell me what we ' ve learned I know this sounds absurd But please tell me who I am. -Supertramp Now the verses I ' ve sang Don ' t add much to the story in my head So I ' m thinking I should go and write a punch line. -Yes Before I sink into the big sleep I want to hear The scream of the butterfly -)im Morrison And these children that you spit on As they try to change their worlds Are immune to your consultations. They ' re quite aware of what they ' re going through changes Turn and face the strange. Changes Don ' t tell them to grow up out of it. -David Bowie Remember, Jeff, you are now king of all Ithmus. Have courage, know Justice, and remember, ' He whose crown is too big will never really be able to see. ' -Jess, king of Junea Lax Master of Time Setting Sail Over all of our lands And as we look Forever closer Shall we now bid Farewell, farewell. -Yes 178 I ' m looking for an angel with a broken wing- Jimmy Page You got a towel with you? -Ford Prefect Joe Malik suddenly began bulging. " I ' ve got it! " he cried, " I ' ve got it . . . We ' re in a book! " -The llluminatus Trilogy The time is gone, the song is over, Thought I ' d something more to say -Pink Floyd And so on . . . Kl- " People are the funniest people I know. " Tom Marrinson John T. Marrinson " In the beginning Good always overpowered evils Of all man ' s sins . . . But in time The nations grew weak And our cities fell to slums While evil stood strong . . . In the dusts of Hell Lurked the blackest of hates For He whom they feared Awaited them . . . Now many many lifetimes later Lay destroyed, beaten down, Only the corpses of rebels Ashes of dreams And blood-stained streets . . . It has been written ' those who have the youth have the future ' So come now, children of the beast Be strong And shout at the Devil " Motley Crue " In the Beginning " v l didn ' t get in a band because I wanted a Ferrari, I got in a band because I wanted more chics! Nikki Sixx of Mot- ley Crue " We ' re all normal, aren ' t we? " Vince Neil hate when my foot falls asleep during ! day because that means it will be up night. " 179 ...It ' s the best years of your life they want to steal. -The Clash You lose some hours thinking of it You need th.s strength to go and get what you want. -The Jam M 3 Remember, there is a thin red line between genius and insanity. Not only have I crossed it many times, I have completely erased it. -Chuck Dent I can not guarantee that • this fragment of well dream will reci eved. { o y. My Don ' t give up Don ' t let go Don ' t give in . Don ' t let on J? ' Sf], « « i f Ay ac e Fall tv V oVi:r you must be easy, step li htfTtayfr The GiaBn layior viayer " Take Ease, Dude. " Loop (Drew) Cuncannan e was no dream of i of me. " « ggyn -Creatfuf Dead " You can ' t always g what you want, but you try sometimes yo just might find- you g what you need. " -Rollir Stones " When ya ain ' t gc nothin ' ya ain ' t gc nothin ' to lose " -Bo Dylan I ' m Tay he ' s Curt s .Quarters Piggy INP I i Scivy Herb Cooch B (MMbose 7 " Instead of pleasing others- please yourself. " REM Looper Mobile! j| " ' • ' ;■ ' " And t our KeWn exifiaDk a thousand tirrlej r bTe on? 7 ' 1 ..-■■ ' j - Liam Ross Davis But sometimes you have to moan, when nothing seems to suit you, nevertheless you know you ' re locked towards the future. So off and on you go, the seconds tick the time out. There ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. Hmmmmmmm. -Cat Stevens Why this obsession with death and de- struction? Why not a passion for life? Why not? -Bob Geldof I ' ll never know what to do unless you let the music be there too. -James Taylor A dream of simple fantasy, that I wish was reality. -Debarge " Cat ' s and the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon. " -Harry Chapin In time you ' ll find who you are and what you want to be. You ' ll learn that you can control and shape your destiny and there ' s no rainbow that ' s gonna lead you to sucess . . . You gotta take chances . . . find answers. Lindsay Popper I ' ve been around the world learning at the cost of life ' s expense but now I plainly see that what you gave me, was more than I could ever comprehend. -Jeffery Osbourne Who cares, If you believe in me then Trust in your feelings. Care not what people say. -)effery Osbourne Shamma Lamma and the Ding Dongs Holiday Celebrate Ooo! La La La! Let ' s go Dancin ' Shout Otis Montana! Party Train Gap Band Vroom-Vroom Brunette the blondettes Sweetcheeks, right Christy and Mary. -L.P. I am a baboska, I live in Russia but now I ' m in Montana. -Heather w - America is more than naked popcorn S.L.C.C. If you judge a book by the cover you judge the look by the lover Who are you? Where do you come from? Where are you going? Ask yourself these ijuestions now and then feel; the -inllft graffiti ' Remember, don ' t scratch your nails on a waterbed! ■ABC m „Do you spe.ak English? Dj n ' t rf worry, I don ' t. Christina Riisz Life is full of syntax errors!! Made in Denmark® A floodless world would have the disasterous effect of robbing one ' s initiative. Ambition has no place in a society that refuses its member the opportunity to become top banana. F.L Keep in mind that there are still certain subjects that are unsuitable at the table, and great many people read while eating. If you can ' t convince ther confuse them! Today was my first meeting with the word " Fuzzball " Alexandra Elizabeth Seidman " Pity the child, but not forever, not if he stays that way. He can get all he ever wanted, iftie prepared toTJay lwt ■ an ;ss moT ne i what she missed, what she loj HTh n ghfi let me gp " ,:_ land I wonder, does she know?] . 7t call, a crazy bnxng to do, 1 wou rv t caJ just in case she said, ' Who? ' -Chess 3 - O y v o- • y O o O Mu c Z. bLpeb, r I heard him draw a came down and took Nl lifted my face. ' It ' s true then long breath, then his hand me by the chin and His eyes were intent and fierce this Sight of yours. ' " -Mary Stewart " I ' d give the world for that moment with you, when we thought we knew, that our love would last, but that moment passed. " .J, tig -Chess All my love to- Dad, Suzanne, David, Jeffrey, Rebecca, Mary, Barbara, Joyce, Fred,. Laura, Steve; Paul, D( tiU t the Class of ' 86, (and ' 87, ' 88. . . , C Lazy U associates 1 and my educators XtLs not Ol p o.CC, XX.LOOVL C its y piacc o. Colorado £anc h r m UO Eric Swanson 187 Jeffrey Karl Swanson -There is always room at the top . . . Daniel Webster Let the good times roll The Cars What a bunch Cubs Win! Raiders No doubt John Q. Public Dichotomy Swanny Performance Test Play the game Key babe Skinhead Pretty much Hey Lampey Who ' s on deck? Pool Shark Thumbs up No man needs sympathy because he has to work, because he has a burden to carry. Far and away the best prize life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing . . . Theodore Roo- sevelt Go ahead, Make my day -Clint Eastwood " We can be HEROES. . . . Just for one day " D. Bowie . Sean Wilken " Eat on MacDuff " Mrs. Cooper, " WAR IS PEACE " G.Orwell " I have measured out my life with coffee spoons " T.S.Eliot. ' Rage, rage against the dying of the light " ..Thomas " There are many eyes , therefore there are many truths consquently there are no truths. " F.Nietzsche. " IGNORANCE IS STRENGH " G.Orwell ' I love the smell of napalm in the morning " Apocalypse Now. " So how should I presume. ' ? " T.S.Eliot. " Once Iwas young, Once Iwas smart, Now !•■ living on the edge of my nerves " " FREEDOM IS SLAVERY " G.Orwell . " Have you had any crumpet lately? " B .Lax. " And death shall have no dominion " D.Thomas . " " hat do you think of it so far ? " Trad, arr . the pupils of N.S.C.D.S. If the sun refused to shine I would still be lovin ' you When mountains crumble to sea There will still be you and me. -Led Zepplin Mary Ellen Wing Mary Mew Loop Looplette Russia Carelton You are so weird Spacey Hello Betty Spaceeba Captiva 34 l love it, I love it, I love it, Cubs! Surprise Attacks Ooo La La La Let ' s go dancing! And we will live together Until the twelve of never Our voices will ring forever As one. -E.W. and F. It ' s a marvelous night for a moon dance. Hey, where ' s the party! Shalom £f 190 Shamalama and the Ding Dongs. Life I love you all is groovy! Dosvodania! I ' m in the mood for a melody. loro c r r ■ l3 -Q llL-£i l-V me . ■. 4 Marian Michael girls infant to 14 Childrens clothes boys infant to 7 515 Lincoln Ave. 446-1177 Winnetka 44 1-8690 Country Shop crrntu)U£.i and JLjtt E. GASSER 71012 OAK STREET WINNETKA. IL 60093 T. L. FRITTS Sporting Goods Outdoor Recreation Outfitters 560 Chestnut Winnetka 446-6694 527 Davis Evanston 866-0005 Complements of SOUND CENTER, incj [-572 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka 60093 446-2112 I photo ironies j inc. 740 Elm Street Winnetka. Illinois 60093 ■21 O A4«„75 " |0 Stuart Rodgers a m i m r r FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WINNETKA w:aau«iw . MNV8 s£ y IVNOIIVN 1SMIJ ' p% and Hubbard Woods! MAIN BANK 520 GRE ENBAY ROAD HUBBARD WOODS FACI LITY 1070GAGEST. p 13 f} FIRST NATIONAL M r _ ft £ BANK OF WINNETKA VXLdNNIMdONNVB IVNOIIVN 1SH Id Congratulations and Best Wishes! from Winnetka ' s Bank ML 441-4100 The Winnetka Bank Elm and Green Bay Road, Winnetka, Illinois 60093, Member F.D.I.C. 194 19! CON RAfS CONGRATULATIONS TO MARY ELLEN | WING AND THE CLASS OF 1986 VIRGINIA AND STU GASSEL -7 3 Congrats to the Class of ' 86 and the i North Shoit? am - " ETHEL T HARRIS ALBERT J HEATH BARBIE T HEATH MICHAEL A SCHOLL CAROL L HEATH ' 4%€4 FINE FURNISHINOS A NOTE FROM THE EDITORS: Mary Ellen— Wooa! Ooooo! You put something, I ' m not gonna do it. Aviva Cahn— I hope you like our yeerbuhk. Liam Davis— Well, like, yew knew, it ' s kinds deeep. Eric Matthies— Surf ' s up! Cool down into the groun ' ! Bruce Peters— Ha ha ha! You sing la la and the world goes round North Shore without Vinnie Allison???? Unmoglich!! He will be greatly missed by a secret admirer 199 Senior Prophesies con ' t. Famed coreographer, John Martinson, announced, today, the plans for his new creation, " The Dance of the Sugar-Plum Faries " set to Motley Crue ' s " Smokin ' in the Boy ' s Room. " He got the idea, he says, while driving 120 m.p.h. and a butterfly landed in his car but immediately died because of the highly amplified heavy metal music. " That ' s just too bad, " ]ohn is quoted as saying. Eric Matthies, first man to attemp t to surf across the Atlantic Ocean while doing a photo essay for National Geographic , encountered, yesterday, a 49 1 2 foot great white shark which he dubbed " laws 19 " . " Man, it was awsome! I almost fell of my surfboard trying to get a picture of the thing! " -NEWS FLASH!!!- Tay Mayer ' s basketball team, The Rapidly Moving Eyes, has just lost it ' s first game in its 5 year existence. When founder Mr. Mayer was asked what he thought about the game he replied, " It was harsh. " His reaction to their now blemished record: " It ' s beat. " When told a rematch was already scheduled, Taylor ' s face immediately lit up and he said, " Well, alright! " Former PlayGirl centerfold and lead singer for the phenomemal band, The Carrottop Triplets, Bruce Peters revealed to Interview magazine yesterday, the installment of his new franchise of new wave photo booths called Bailey ' s Booths. Interview reported that this trend has surpassed even Mr. Peters line of tye-dyed long Johns. He refused to comment as to why he didn ' t change his haircolor 20 times in one week (hahahahahahaha!). Lindsay Popper, world famous fashion designer model painter, has announced her engagement to the star of " The Magic of Oil Painting with Bill Alexander " shown on Oi.11. Ms. Popper has decided to keep her own last name and to convert the show to either " My Favorite BMX Boogie Tunes " or " Painting with Popper " . Christina R ' usz, Danish Representative to the United Nations, was just forcefully removed from the World Peace meeting for her excessive chit-chat. However, her years as Representative were very prosperous due to the fact that she had already experienced every possible crisis in her homeland of Denmark. Stock Market Analyst, SANDY SEIDMAN, let it slip, yesterday, which corporations she feels are poor investments, causing a riot on the floor where thousands scrambled to sell the now almost worthless stock. During a special news conference, today, Sandy explained, " I was just saying ' Have a nice day ' in German and you all misunderstood me. " Kathryn Stitt, the president of the Horse Riders Association of America has just released her forty-third play, written in iambic pentameter. It has been rumoured that the prolific Ms. Stitt ' s solo a capella record sales have just topped 49 million, a new record. Sean Wilken, the author, printer and publisher of the widely acclaimed work, The Book of Every Fact Known to Man , suffered a near fatal incident, yesterday, when he was almost strangled by his buttoned to the neckline shirt. When asked to comment on his brush with death, Mr. Wilken responded, " Oh, it was bad alright, but I just went out right after it happened and got myself some crumpet and tea and had a REALLY good time! " Mary Ellen Wing, new Head of the World History Dept. at Carleton College ran screaming from her office Yesterday, wildly waving her " J " Field hockey stick at anything that moved. Friends are attributing Ms. Wing ' s strange behavior to field hockey withdrawl symtoms. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 86 for a job well done. THE FUTURE IS YOURS! DAVID AND MELANIE POPPER O grats to the Class of ' 8 6 «fc aKja hi Fells, Winnetka 201 1 - 202 c G Kfo the itors an d the Mirror staff of 198« Board of Trade of Chicago I 1 Mr. Mrs. North Shore Country Day, Who are they?? It ' s George and Evie! Hip Hip Hooray!! Boy will I miss you, just like my son But we can still see each other And have lots of fun! (Where ' s the champagne?) -Ingrid! I C C r Gould... In novation and Quality in Electronics [he Excitement of Discovery and Achievement. The electronics revolution is open- ing a«?w frontiers, from the far reaches ojjspace to the intricate circuitry of jtiinicomputers. Gould stands at the leading edge of that revolution. We ' ve created an environment to foster new ideas and to advance technology. Gould is a company where creative energy and excitement continually break barriers making possible products and services that were unimaginable 5 to 10 years ago. Today. Gould is concentrating its interrelated technologies and products in the following high-growth electron- ics markets: minicomputers, industrial automation, test and measurement, medical instrumentation, defense systems, semiconductors, and other electronic components and materials. Tomorrow . . . we ' re ready for the sP " " " 3ive growth in high technology prod- ucts and services. . .a solid future, with Gould as a major factor in the revitalization of American industry. For information write: Gould Inc., 10 Gould Center, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 ■ GOULD Electronics 206 THE WOMAN ' S BOARD of THE NORTH SHORE COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL President Mrs. Jay D. Bach First Vice President Mrs. John A. Wing Second Vice President Mrs. George B. Fink Secretary Mrs. Paul L. Brown Treasurer Mrs. Morton Lane Benefit Co-Chairmen Mrs. Harold Beider Mrs. Edward N. Heinz III Mrs. Harold J Matthies MEMBERS Mrs. Keith C. Armato Mrs. E. Eugene Beisel Mrs. Anne Bloedorn Mrs. Louis M. Brown Mrs. William P. Charowhas Mrs. Richard C. Cooper Mrs. David A Deuble Mrs. George W. Dormody Mrs. Jeffrey Emrich Mrs. RogerS. Feldman Mrs. Cameron C Flint Mrs. Clinton Frank Mrs. Richard J. Franke Mrs. John Furrer Miss Kimberly Furrer Mrs. Stuart P. Gassel Mrs. John Gately Mrs. Marshall D.Goldin Mrs. Richard P. Hall Mrs. Denis J. Healy Mrs. Harold H. Hines, Jr. Mrs. Richard W Janson Mrs. KurtKarmin Mrs Leon Kogut Miss Katherine Krohn Mrs Richard J. Krohn Mrs. Theodore Kuecker Mrs. John J. Louis, Jr. Mrs. James P. Marzano Mrs James A. McClung Mrs MarkG. McGrath Mrs. Everett Moffat Mrs. Roger Pascal Mrs Nona Paul Mrs. Ralph N. Peters Mrs Allen D. Rickel Mrs. John W. Robinson Mrs Betty S. Rodgers Mrs. John Dennis Scully Mrs. Alfred H Shotwell III Mrs. Donald D. Slater Mrs. Philip Spertus Mrs. John Stepan Mrs Joseph A. Swanson Mrs. William W.Talley Mrs. Juergen Thode Mrs. Edward T. Toyooka Mrs. Robert G.Weiss Mrs. Clayton E. Whiting, Jr. Mrs. Arthur M.Wirtz, Jr. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 86! BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1986 Girl ' s Athletic Project Association You had a good year and the future years will be even better! Hooooooooo RAH! P.S. Enjoy the Very Rest of your Life and Don ' t Forget North Shore

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