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NORTH SHORE COUNTRY DAY n thI ' mirror jfPttfr r-rii : — - — ,. 3ldTreeri Bay Road Winnetka, Illinois 600|3 u 0 ■»• W tt A A %rf pw I " y " ■ ■ r - J t A lv cintertj Dec catiojrof the Mirror Special Htello to new teachers Faculty nd Acys|inistration« Lower School; Middle Schoift Upper School H The Senior Clas • ,4 Fall and Winter Sports Organizations Special Activities Drama Interim Week 60th Year Annivej Advertisements j Spring Suppler iJ M } 1 . » -, DEDICATION OF 1979-1980 MIRROR THE SENIOR CLASS IS PROUD TO DEDICATE THE 1979-1980 YEARBOOK TO MISS EILEEN DONOGHUE " We believe, even more than in the past, that the dedication of the yearbook has a particularity special meaning to our senior class. This year each senior participated in an election to determine who should be selected for this honor. We believe this is an honor because the yearbook was a combined effort of students from every grade in the school. Over the past four years our class has grown close to many members of the faculty. But there is one teacher who has in many ways through teaching, advising, or just being a friend, touched each one of us. We are proud of this book, and proud to dedicate it to someone whom we respect and admire as much as we do Miss Eileen Donoghue. " The Class of 1980 SPECIAL HELLO TO NEW TEACHERS Adam Shills Barbara Dillabaugh Eunice Jackson Thomas Bird Marcia Epstein Amy Young Tracy Gallup Barbara Tsai Barbara Martin Susan Gundlach David Trevaskis WELCOME TO NORTH SHORE, MR. HALL. FACULTY ADMINISTRATION N p it " " " g p William Freisem Joan Elisberg Sheldon Rosenbaum Sue Trefny M Wayne Schroderus Carol Radloff George Mitchell ' Mac " McCarty Janet Rogers ■H Jean Talley Joyce Lopas John D. Ingram Adrienne Weisse Roger Shipley Jane Fenninger Violet Dormody Vincent Allison Karen Hott Evie Kruckenberg 16 Marie Lundquist Lew Davis " ■- " ' V v Nancy Geyer imone Valvo Carol Watrous Marilyn Cote Caroline Ingram Linda Gibson Mary Ann Jentel ia_ Carol Abelmann Bob Beerheide Rebecca Bray Jack Bard 19 Sharon Dole Kathleen Collingbourne John Almquist Julie Hall 20 Jay Bach Liz Hunt Bill Briggeman Eileen Donoghue i % IM1J Pamela Brockman Lawrence Chiappetta Francis Stanton 22 FACULTY BABY PICTURES Pictures on page 10 1. S. Dole 2. 3. R. Shipley P. Dionne 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. C. Ingram J. Ingram E. Donoghue (right) N. Geyer R. Hall 9. 10. 11. L. Chiappetta J. Rodgers W. Freisem Page 11 12. J. Bard 13. J. Hall 14. L. Gibson 15. A. Weisse 16. M. Jentel 17. S. Rosenbaum 18. E. Hunt 19. B. Dillabaugh 20. K. Hott 21. J. Lopas 22. V. Allison 23. M. Lundquist 24. J. Ellisberg 25. Mystery Baby 26. B. Tsai Page 12 27. J. Bach 28. C. Radloff 29. R. Beerheide 30. K. Collingbourne 31. T. Gallup 32. S. Trefney 33. A. Young 34. S. Gundlach 35. D. Travaskis 36. H. Turley 37. Mystery Baby II J I 111 ■ lj 1 (I 2 t ■ 24 LOWER SCHOOL L 25 THE KINDERGARTEN Top of Jungle Jim, Back Row: Carter Frank, Jorie Stepan, Spencer Perlman, Front Row: Christopher Keady, Henry Pitzele, Benjamin de la Fuente, Aar- on Kahn, Elizabeth Jacobs, Kelly Cooper, Ceannaich Weingart-Ryan, Standing: Michael Susk, Jordan Feldman, Lisa Schneider, Emily Missner, Amy Fink, Alex Nelson, Donald Sheridan, Norman Guerrero, John O ' Hara, Megan Lane, Cameron Clark, Kneeling: Jessica Mills, T. C. Whit- ing, Robert Gibbons, Sarah Rosenthal, Matthew Aven, Gregory Jacobs, Jona Ori, Absent: Kirsten Johnson, Carsten Thode. Popping Corn Silent, quiet, nothing, Sizzly, bubbly, watery, Crackling, boiling; Hissing like an angry cat. Popping, flying, shooting up- Shooting anti-aircraft plane. Diving, falling, Bullets flying from a gun; Rain pounding on a pane. More and more and more . . . Stopping. Silent. Quiet. The Afternoon Kindergarten Class The Story of Snuggles Once upon a time there was a bunny named Little Rabbit Foo-Foo. It was cold and he died. Then one day a lady heard the bunny died, so she gave the kindergarten a new bunny. The new bunny hopped around the school to get to know it better. And his name was Snuggles. He is grey and we love him. He hops in hiding places and he hops in cubbies. He likes to play with children. He lives in a nice, clean cage. Snuggles is cute! 27 The First Grade First Row: Yasmin Fatah, Jay Meyers, Gregory Getner, Caitlin Simon. Second Row: Heather Bock, Andrew Davidson, Jenny Sheridan, John McGrath, Christian Guerrero. Third Row: Aislinn Weingart-Ryan, Chip Rosenthal, Kevin Magner, Tripp Frank, Sebastian Voegler, Nicole Johnson, Bok Missner. Absent: David Becker. 28 t L ath$r hnthw rMfa $ The Second Grade First Row: Daniel Devine, Ashley Brown, Billy Blau, Jason Ori, Ian Coleman, Patrick Horst, Shannon Grogan. Second Row: Eve Feldman, Stacy Ratner, David Smith, Beth Cavanaugh, Thierry Peugeot, Tommy Griffin, Donna Pettry, John Hatfield, Marisol Mella, Genny Charney. Third Row: Juliet Moffat, Phoebe Mills, Joanne Avery. Absent: Peggy Smith. P«.v L0 .V Askl y ■ n Ctrl Soi vH 30 ? 3tf £ % V £ouV ll 6eft % ■$ $ fr« 4 fy a T(bS Orv no n D •■el OeL " toV hvJ la Air J f • 31 THE ■ THIRD GRADE First Row; Eden Hall, Kathleen Fink, Hilary Mills, Jennifer Lofchie, Chrissy Meyers. Second Row: Nicole Zimmerer, Jennifer Freels, Elizabeth O ' Hara, Catherine Toyooka, Peyton Johnson. Third Row: Paul Johnson, Atticus Missner, Thomas Smith, Greg Golden, Peter Geyer, David Geist, Adam Charney, Lawrence Sperry, Robbie Glazer, Michael Grogan. Absent: Max Voegler. 32 A . .MxidtwJuL ™ Q ?L V O x ? . % 1 = L. ■h. «e k K ■Peyton fyjO Jkrris cJcz ' c» Niuj ji tycjjk ° f_lJk 33 o THE FOURTH GRADE Front to back, left to right: Annie Aggens, Bryant Dunbar, Nathaniel Mills, Carrie Argyilan, Vicky Seidman, Matt Hinkin, Jon Aven, Libby Peruchini, Karen Paul, Paul Rendleman, Zack Sudler, John Reinsdorf, J.P. Hamp, Sarah Hendershot, Jennifer Robinson, Lisa Kornylak, Brian Dole, Andrea Veltmart, Mark McGrath. ftf J JULrme 34 f «. p C r- hck 7( ' ■ ' 1 U% far S florae i i, c 10 °C Sfc«y N CH)f H art r V % ' i$ rnviS u Ucftil Vers- No n5 35 The Fifth Grade First Row: Amy Hall, Heather Utzinger, Laura Gaines, Marcia Brenner, Second Row: Steven Glazer, Lauri Reagan, John Devine, Joel Jacobson, Joel de la Fuente, Chris Avery, Fred Scott, Bill Bach, Third Row: Andrea Nash, Victoria Toyooka, Christine Griffin, John Paul Zdon, Ari Kogut, Dan Aven, Christian Johnson. 36 FT] fTR TR oDdu .i3 j i i » n .jw t .. . «r HAPPY MEMORIES ON LEAVING THE LOWER SCHOOL . . . . . . My happiest memory is when I was in the third grade. In the third grade I dissected a guinea pig. We had just cut it open when all the blood came out. It was fun . . . My happiest mem- ory from the Lower School was being accepted in the fourth grade and being able to be in such a great school . . . My happiest memory was in Kindergarten. We used to ride bicycles and play with chickens. Mrs. Turley used to read us stories, and we would call Mrs. Turley Mrs. Turkey . . . My happiest memory is when I was accepted into the opera La Boheme. Being in an opera is really much more exciting than I thought it would be. But I must admit I was ready to kill myself when I tripped over the microphone. Luckily, I didn ' t fall down . . . My fondest memory was in second grade. We used to have a fireplace in our room and some of the time we used to toast marshmellows. In 3rd grade we were playing kickball. The score was 12-6, 1 was up and Jay was pitching. The pitch came at normal speed and KABOOM! I had just kicked my first out-of-the-ballpark, a four- bagger . . . My happiest memory was when I first walked in the kindergarten doors and then I knew I was going to have lots of friends! OWIJT cfo l LQ r- Pv ti C klnQss oi-k.1 Zooms 37 38 M I D D L C H O MIDDLE SCHOOl , L THE SIXTH GRADE First Row: Kathryn Stitt, Laura Gorman, Elizabeth Toyooka, William Fink, Ben Ferdinand, Second Row: Kristen Moffat, Mary Ellen Wing, John Kemp, Andrei Pokrovsky, Dana Marinacci, Jessica Kotler, James Toland, Brian Nigro, Liam Davis, Bruce Peters, Mrs. Hall, Absent: Christy Aggens, Faith Cristol, Christopher Dymond, Hitoshi Nikaidoh. 40 Follow me to my sparkling star, A place where gundrops live in a jar, Where jellybeans jump near and far, Come with me to my sparkling star. Follow me to my side of the moon, A place where all Fuzzy Bloppers loom, Where you can live in a candy-cane room, Come with me to my side of the moon. Follow me to my corner of the sky, A place where Santa Claus lives near by, Where kittens eat their blueberry pies, Come with me to my corner of the sky. — Laura Gorman — Where the breeze blows, there I fly, Invisible to the eye, A floating, fleeting little fairy Playing pranks, no burdens do I carry. The sun and moon and flowers see That I am always quite carefree. Leaves and flowers come to greet me, Hiding in the nearest birch tree. — Sarah Geist — 41 The Seventh Grade First Row: Holly Pollard, Scott Dole, Jim Murphy, John Schofer, Bob de la Fuente, Steve Paige, Gregory Horvitz, Lorna Melhus, Karen Schwarz, Second Row: Michelle Griffin, Nora Schroeder, Tracy Bach, Margery Murdough, Third Row: Patty Vick, Vanessa Brown, Christopher Skramstad, George Penner, James Gassel, Jacqueline Scott, Catherine O ' Malley, Lisa Paul, Brian Oppenhei- mer. First Row: Jacques Jentel, Jim Owens, Richard Brown, Michael Reinsdorf, Eric Jordan, Second Row: Karen Irvine, Elana Thalberg, Bettina Dube, Nathalie Ames, Matthew Kaplan, Third Row: Jody Katz, Adam Fisher, Erik Almquist, Robert Hannah, Nilsa Fenninger, Linda Frankenthal, Ab- sent: Alexandra Dapolito, Sandra Diller, Tania Grivas, Maria Oden, Christopher O ' Hara. 42 The Eighth Grade First Row: Joseph Alter, Joseph Dennis, Sean Murphy, Clifford Mason, Kateri Geyer, Whitney Sperry, Sonya Newenhouse, Kim Abell, Elizabeth Friedman, Winthrop Reis, Second Row: Howard Glazer, Steve Goldin, William Mecklenberg, Bob Zabel, Liza Simon, Jennifer Wright. First Row: Margaret Weisenberg, Carrie Siegal, Amy Hoffheimer, Hilary Nigro, Adam Burke, Second Row: Michael Sullivan, Susan Koff, Makoto Nikaidoh, Josephine Saltoun, Elizabeth Fallarme. Absent: Bernardine Ai, Marcella Larson, Peter Grivas, Alexander Igolnikov, George Noyes, Christopher Wussler. SORROW Her window looks upon the lane, And she sees people rushing by. How she longs to be outside And run as healthy children do! As she watches a lone stray dog Being kicked by some children, Anger wells up inside her And her pale, weak hands form fists. She wants to help it But she knows she can ' t. Her hands drop And hang limply at her sides. She bows her head and a single teardrop Falls on the cold metal Of the chair that binds her To unhappiness and sorrow. Liz Fallarme 45 Scuffed sneakers Isolation worn out jeans. Seemin Ghazi Broken hopes and faded dreams. Cold grey eyes ironic simpers. Piercing screams and muted whimpers. Letters, numbers one, two, three Look at, watch, yet never see. Sounds repeated loud and clear Listen hard but never hear. Hard-learned lessons dragging slow Listen, watch, but never know. In one ear, and out another; Isolation from each other. 46 u p p E R S C H UPPER SCHOOL L Freshman First Row: Alison Rosen, Siri Soderblom, Seemin Ghazi, Shawn McKeon, Sarah Britt, Stefani Levine, Katherine Fernstrom, Jane Dettmers, Wendy Aggens. Second Row: Margie Berman, Polly Feuer, Siri Baekgaard, Sharon Cooper, Jennifer Vest, Sarah Gately, Susan Reinsdorf, Caroline Kullberg, Mary Abelmann, Third Row: Peter Karmin, Chris Charnas, Andrew Wolpert, Ian Flint, John Krohn, Alison Wirtz, Reed Snyder, Jonathon Schwarz, Fourth Row: Eric Lundig, Mike Bransfield, Jeremy Goldberger, David Howland, Christopher Seline, Christopher Boros. Absent: Alan Blumberg, Emily Wanberg. Susan Reinsdorf Jennifer Vest Stefani Levine An empty page Lies before me Blank- Begging— And does not realize That I, too, am blank — Searching for meaning. -Seemin Ghazi- 49 The Sophomore Class " Soap and sophomore year (sic) are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run. " — Mark Twain — First Row: Andy Bresler, Sandy Spero, Jennifer Stone, Jennifer Atkins, Brett Culhane, Lauren Handelman, Lisa Gigante, Thomas Marrinson. Second Row: Michael Goldin, Dana Burnell, Robert Vieregg, Frank Lieberman, Julia Vest, Marjorie Bransfield, Courtney Nigro, Christine Kopeck. Third Row: Matt Geyer, Robert Kleiman, Marc Peters, Lisa Jones, Sam Ep- stein, Elizabeth Ingram, Christian Gramm, Michelle Rowson, Jay Goldfarb, Allen Rickel, John Beatty, Laurie Osberg, Mi- chael Ryerson. Absent: Jessica Simon. 50 51 THE JUNIOR CLASS First row: Thalberg, Deratzian, Klapperich, Marx, Berman, Gorman, Fortune, Churm. Second row: Kerr, Askow, Katz, Hines, Appel, Sample, Chileen, Feinberg, Nielsen, K. Sacks. Third row: Fuller, Marshall, Howland, Ware, Smith. Standing Barr, Mackenzie, Scott, White, S. Sacks, Molner, Harwich, Puth, Ellis, Bezark, Friedman, Perkins, Landwehr, Kaplan, Brooks, Johnson. 1 52 THE SENIOR CLASS First row: Matt Weisenberg, Josh Kanter, Hilary Fuller, Liz Miller, Howard Goldblatt, Jeff Foreman, Miller Bransfield, Lucy Sievers, Micky Sachs, Sue Snyder, Liz Schwarz, Cathy Cain, Mark Peebles. Second row: Eric Britton, Scott Smith, Terry McManus, Miriam Feinstein, Sandy Nedlin, Mystery Guest, Molly Ingram, Jane Saks, Jane Franke, Stuart Mason, Tina Keith, Tamsin Andrews. Third row: Bob Kaplan, Arther Handelman, Josh Koppel, Donny Peters, John Appelbaum, Robert Bloomendaal, Mike Levy, Courtney Spore, John Abelmann, Betsy Blank, John Tilmon, Melinda Roenish, Barbara Raffaldini, Mary Duke Smith, Lisa Diller, Thera Tilmon, Steve King. 54 55 JON ABELMANN " . . . Down below, where dream and action move silently forward, side by side, through the dense waters, man feels for a moment in tune with life. " Philippe Doile " ... I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth. . . Put out my hand, and touched the face of God. " John G. Magee, Jr. ups Life has its and downs 56 JOHN APPELBAUM ' Let ' s go to Shmendl ' s, Mike. " " I blew out my flip-flop Stepped on a pop top Cut my heel Had to cruise on back home But there ' s booze in the blender And soon it will render That frozen concoction That helps me hang on. " Jimmy Buffett Mr. Macdonald: " John, how are you feel- ing John: " I ' m the wildest!!! " " Only you generate the power To decide what to do with your life. You ' re a fool if you think you ' re helpless; You control what you do with your life. " Teddy Pendergrass 57 " The anatomical juxtaposition of two oblaris oris muscles in a state of contraction. " Dr. Henry Gibbons (Definition of a kiss) " There is an angel inside of me whom I am constantly shocking. ' Mark Twain " Above all, to thine own self be true. " William Shakespeare " The world is like a fruitcake, it would not be complete without a couple of nuts. " Erma Bombeck " There lives within the very flame of love, A kind of wick or snuff that will abate it. " William Shakespeare " Keep smiling — it makes people wonder what you ' ve been up to. " — P.W.— " I ' m like fire, I ' m like ice I can cut you like a knife. But I ' d rather be nice; I ' m a woman. " Minnie Riperton " I wish those days would come back once more Why did those days ever have to go? Cause I loved them so. " Stevie Wonder ELIZABETH HAMPTON BLANK " Betsy, Bunny, Boo Boo, Bets, Buttsy, Bootsy, Bouncer, Rita La Grace, Gunurd. " FREDERICK MILLER BRANSFIELD " Holy Cow!! " Harry Carry ' IIIIII Know!!! " Bonzo Eli " Golden Boy NO.2 " It ' s not the coming and going that ' s hard, it ' s the part in between that I always worry about. " FMB " Two things only a man cannot hide: that he is drunk, and that he is in love. " Antiphanes " Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they g° " Oscar Wilde 59 ERIC A. BRITTON " A highway will take you where you have to go faster, easier, and safer, than if you were to take a less traveled path. But a path will take you where you couldn ' t dream of going places where a highway, no matter how long, could never reach. " 50 CATHERINE L. CAIN " Once a snuggie, Always a snuggie. " Little boy, Why won ' t my goldfish die? ' " The secret of love is in opening up your heart. It ' s OK to feel afraid but don ' t let that stand in your way. " " Summertime! ' " Car forever! " " Don ' t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary Before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, Is certain for those who are friends. " " Smile awhile, For when you smile, Others will smile, And then there ' ll be Miles and miles smiles And you ' ll know That it ' s worthwhile Because you smiled. " 61 LISA DILLER " Happiness Makes Up in Height for What It Lacks in Length. " Robert Frost " It makes one feel rather good deciding not to be a bitch. . . It ' s sort of what we have instead of God. " Ernest Hemingway " The world is a comedy to those who think; A tragedy to those who feel. . . " Horace Walpole ' Silly Is. . . As Silly Does " " We don ' t seem to be able to check crime, so why not legalize it and tax it out of business? " Will Rogers 62 MICHAEL ELISHA ' Hey Beak! " " Take thy fingers from my throat. " " IIIIKNOW!! " Eli and Bonzo " Cheer up, the worst is yet to come. " Philander Johnson ' Merry! " " There is no fun in having nothing to do; The fun is having lots to do and not doing it. " Francis H. Bradley " I rise from my bed in the morning not because I am dissatisfied with it, but because I can not carry it with me during the day. " Edgar Wilson Nye " Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. " Don Marquis ' You boneheads " — Mac — " Let ' s go to Shmendl ' s " Juan and Eli " Eli Frogman Derf " 63 " All the things I really like to do are either illegal, immoral, or fattening. " " . . .if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world. . . One only understands the things that one tames. " Antoine de Saint-Exupery The Little Prince MIRIAM FEINSTEIN " Wherever I am, there ' s always Pooh, There ' s always Pooh and me. Whatever I do, he wants to do, " Where are you going today? " says Pooh: " Well, that ' s very odd ' cos I was too. Let ' s go together, " says Pooh, says he, " Let ' s go together, " says Pooh. So wherever I am, there ' s always Pooh. There ' s always Pooh and Me. " What would I do, " I said to Pooh. " If it wasn ' t for you? " and Pooh said: " True, It isn ' t much fun for One, but Two Can stick together, " says Pooh, says he. " That ' s how it is, " says Pooh. " A. A. Milne 64 " Every man has a place, in his heart there ' s a space, and the world can ' t erase his fantasies — Take a ride in the sky on our ship Fantasii, all your dreams will come true right away. . . Every thought is a dream, rushing by in a stream, bringing life to your kingdom of doing. . . Come to see, victory in a land called Fantasy. Loving life, for you and me, to behold to your soul is ecstasy. You will find other kind, that has been in search of you, many lives has brought you to recognize, it ' s your life, now in review — And so you stay for the play fantasy has in store for you, a glowing light will see you through — It ' s your day, shining day — all your dreams come true. . . " Earth Wind Fire " The moments I find, when I ' m inclined to do my best The negative wins, when I give in, and then I lose the test. " E.W. F. ' Boob Boop Skeditin Datin ' JEFF FOREMAN ' Golden Boy No. 1 " " The special things in life are free. " Gino Vannelli " If you marry at all, marry last year. " Irish Proverb " . . . As you glide, in your stride with the wind, as you fly away give a smile from your lips and say: I am free, yes I ' m free, now I ' m on my way. " E.W. F. 65 JANE S. FRANKE " I ' d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance " E.E. Cummings " Don ' t always follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. " Anonymous " But couldn ' t this be anywhere? " " Shep " ne voit bien qu ' avec le coeur. L ' essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. " -St. Exupery " It ' ll only take but a minute. ' This my opening farewell. " Bonnie Raitt " We are family. " Sister Sledge " Then Piglet saw what a foolish Piglet he had been, and he was so ashamed of himself that he ran straight off home and went to bed with a headache. " A. A. Milne " I " me for a little something. A. A. Milne " Love goes toward love, As schoolboys from their books But love from love, Toward school with heavy looks. " Shakespeare ' Maaagh! " The silver and red balloon lies deflated in my bottom drawer. " " All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost. The old that is strong does not Wither, Deep roots are not reached by The frost. " Tolkien " Two o ' clock on Saturday night, cabbage and Tab and the wildest stories! " O o n n ? " O o V HI " . S) n H I L A R Y F U L L E R " Be ever wonderful ' E.W.F. " Owl, Tigger, Piglet, and Roo 4 ever! " " You oughtn ' t yield to temptation. Well somebody must or the thing becomes absurd. Anthony Hope T}, r r. " Brandy " O ' Jays " Bye L.B.S. TIM GARDELLA " There ' s nothing you can do that can ' t be done. Nothing you can sing that can ' t be sung. Nothing you can say that you can ' t learn; to play the game it ' s easy. " Lennon and McCartney " In heaven, in which most receiveth His light, I have been. " Dante ' s Paradise " Postorius Multos " Gar " Tired of lying in the Sunshine. Staying home to watch the rain, You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And one day you find ten years have gone behind you. No one told you where to run. You missed the starting gun. " Roger Waters 68 " Boob boob skeditin datin " c.s. " S.B. Weisenbug " " The mad froman strikes again! " " Petered out " " Me, honest. How?! " " Big apple, little apple Suzy Q. C ' mon team we ' re rootin for you. " " Paint a pretty smile each day. Lovin ' is a blessing. Never let it fade away it ' s all about love. " Earth, Wind, Fire " One ring to rule them all One ring to find them One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie. " J.R.R. Tolkien " But there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them. " Jim Croce 1SI V " You will find, peace of mind, if you look way down in your heart and soul. Don ' t hesitate, cause the world seems cold. Stay young at heart ' cause you ' re never old. That ' s the way of the world Plant your flowers, you grow a pearl. " E.W.F. 69 ' " Friendship ' s song lives on forever In memories of times Together " Tankersley " Me and my JB " " There is no time, no end no today, no tomorrow. Only forever and forever, and forever without end. . . " " Don ' t walk in front of me I may not follow; Don ' t walk behind me I may not lead. Just walk besides me and be my friend. " w H en o w w S " To believe in things I am not who I was I am not going to be Who I was going to be. You changed all that. You are not who you were You are not going to be Who you were going to be. I changed all that What is. . . is and Can not at the same Time, not be. " " What was. . . was and Can not, not have been. So you see, my love, We are us We are us now and We shall never have been Not us. Who are we going To be? We are going to be Who we never would Have been without Each other. " 70 " When Time, who steals our years away Shall steal our pleasures, too, The memory of the past will stay And half our joys renew. " Thomas Moore ARTHUR HANDELMAN " This above all — to thine own self be true; And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou can ' st not then be false to any man. " William Shakespeare " Goodbye, North Shore " 71 " The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. " " Geez, you guys! " Susan Trefney MARY CAROLINE COLBY INGRAM " Never neglect friendship where it is offered, for there will be a time when it is needed. " Charlie Ingram 72 " And above all, To thine own self be true. " — William Shakespeare " Masquerading as a man with a reason My charade is the event of the season And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don ' t know. " " To the class of 1980, CHEERS!! keep in touch — " JK " Don ' t hesitate, ' cause the world seem cold Stay young at heart Cause you ' re never old. " — Earth, Wind, and Fire — Kansas " As you glide, in your stride with the wind, as you fly away give a smile, from your lips, and say — I am free, yes I ' m free, now I ' m on my way. " — Earth, Wind, and Fire J o s H U A S T U A R T K A N T E R 73 BOB KAPLAN " I always feel that " North Shore " came into existence the day I entered it, was vibrantly real while I was a student there, and then blinked out like a candle the day I left. " John Knowles " So we beat on boats against the current borne back ceaselessly into the past. " F. Scott Fitzgerald " Blob ' 74 PHILIP " PIP " KARMIN " Defer not till tomorrow to be wise, Tomorrow ' s sun to thee may never rise. " William Congreve " The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot at the end of it, because the rainbow is now. and the pot never turns out to be quite what I expected. " Hugh Prather " It is a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver " Hugh Prather " So if you find yourself in need, listen to these words of heed. Be a Giant or Grain of sand words of wisdom yes I can You ' re a shining star no matter who you are. Shining bright to see what you can truly be. " Earth Wind and Fire 5 75 TINA KEITH " Daddy ' s girl. Is packed and ready to go. With her life stuffed into one trunk, and three cardboard boxes, and a biodegradeable shopping bag. Her hair is unbrushed, her shoelaces untied, but she ' s still daddy ' s little girl. Tomorrow. . . She ' ll be alone in an empty dorm, hanging posters on empty walls, and eating dry fruit loops. But today. . . Daddy ' s little girl sits on a trunk amidst cardboard boxes with her Raggedy Ann doll in her arms. " ' Today is the beginning of the rest of my life. ' " Friendship often ends in love But love in friendship — never ends. ' " Tomorrow, Tomorrow, you gotta hang on til Tomorrow, come what may. " ANNIE 76 STEVEN EUGENE KING " Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever. " Horace Mann " Today is the first day of the rest of your life. . . live it appropriately, and don ' t let it pass before you have left your mark upon it. " " Music: The World ' s greatest Medicine " 77 " Still round the corner there may wait a new road or secret gate; And though I oft have passed them by, a day may come at last when I Shall take the hidden paths that run west of the moon, east of the sun. " — Frodo JOSHUA KOPPEL " You get nothing for a nickle, Twice as much for a dime. " — Don Bowman 78 ' It ' s all yours, Beak. " Yeah, We ' ll feed him. " W. Y. Elisha " When everything ' s dark, and nothing seems right you don ' t have to win and there ' s no need to fight " — Supertramp " The greatest gift of all, is, giving itself. ' Michael Levy " I can feel the dark, take the night apart; but then, the stars come out, and lift my heart — Believing there ' s a star for everyone makes it easier to recall, that together, for the children of the world, there ' s a star smiling, for us all. " Earth Wind Fire " S G M K J! MICHAEL LEVY 79 " Every man has a place, in his heart there ' s a space and the world can ' t erase his fantasies. " M. White, E. Del Barrio, V. White " I have to say the things I feel I have to feel the things I say. " " Where the telescope ends the microscope begins, which of the two has the grander view? " Victor Hugo ' I get by with a little help from my friends. " Lennon and McCartney .ft ' ' -- ' -. M r. f - Up HK IEi ' - " BK§ %.j)W£c; ' ?; r " ' " Never say never! " " I ' ve never felt so alive, I ' m learning that there ' s such a world out there and none of us has ever seen or felt it. " Jonathon Livingston Seagull 80 All the fables begin: " once upon a time! ' My fable begins: " once upon a time, a girl named Francesca went to the U.S.A. and. . . " " I think that there is no greater sorrow than not to be mindful of the happy time when one is alone. " FRANCESCA MAZZANTI " In the middle, of the journey of your life, I came to myself, within a dark wood. Where the straight way was lost. " 81 " Oh, Ter! ' TERRY MC MANUS " You can ' t always get what you want But if you try some time. . . You get what you need. " Mick Jagger " When I was young And they packed me off to school And they taught me how not To play the game I didn ' t mind if they groomed me For success, Or if they said That I was just a fool. " Ian Anderson " Au revoir, North Shore. 82 ELIZABETH MILLER " It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. " Spurgeon " The best thing I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. " Thoreau ' RAINBOW r " Unthinking, idle, wild, and young, I laughed and danced, and talked, and sung. Princess Amelia " Remembered joys are never past; at once the fountain, stream, and sea, they were, they are, they yet shall be. " J. Montgomery " The most utterly lost of all days is that in which you have not once laughed. " Chamfort SANDY NEDLIN 84 ON THE EVE OF HIS EXECUTION " My prime of youth is but a frost of cares, My feast of joy is but a dish of pain, My crop of corn is but a field of tares, And all my good is but vain hope of gain; The day is past, and yet I saw no sun, And now I live, and now my life is done. My tale was heard and yet it was not told, My fruit is fallen, yet my leaves are green, My youth is spent and yet I am not old, I saw the world and yet I was not seen; My thread is cut and yet it is not spun, And now I live, and now my life is done. " Chidiock Tichborne " There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them. I ' ve looked around enough to know you ' re the one I want to go through time with. " Jim Croce IF I COULD MEET YOU NOW " If I could meet you now, these long years after, in manner of fashion I would cup your face within my two still hands, and softly, without passion, I would kiss your lips, and tell you all of my life since last we met. Then you would ask me of people we used to know, until at last this lovely day should wane, and we would part again, taking our separate ways, and there, mid-way between the pain and laughter, I would let you go, gently, without ever showing, that I shall love you to the end of days. " Lily O ' Sullivan OPEN HOUSE P " My secrets cry aloud. I have no need for tongue. C My heart keeps open house, My doors are widely swung. 1 An epic of the eyes My love, with no disguise. lL My truths are all foreknown, JK This anguish self-revealed. I ' m naked to the bone, With nakedness my shield. f J Myself is what I wear: I keep the spirit spare. lL The anger will endure, L The deed will speak the truth In language strict and pure. ]_, I stop the lying mouth: Rage warps my clearest cry fc, To witless agony. " Theodore Roethke c? " A memory is a special thought that will remain a part of you as long as you live. " " Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they ' re here to stay. Oh I believe in yesterday. " Lennon and McCartney s A R A H P A B S T " You should not anger yourself about this world. It does not care. Whatever comes, assign it to its proper place in your little world. And you will be happy! " — Plutarch " Life is a series of surprises. " — R.W. Emerson " Ambition. Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions. Therefore my ambition is to live all the days of my life. " " The most lost day of all is the day on which we do not laugh. " — Nicolas Chamfort 86 MARK PEEBLES " ' The time has come ' , the Walrus said, ' To talk of many things of shoes — and ships — and ceiling wax of cabbages — and kings — and why the sea is boiling hot — and whether pigs have wings. ' " Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll " Now the dreaming is over and the real action begins. " William Rainey Harper 87 " Take it light! ' Warren " That ' s Life! That ' s what people say Riding high in April Shot down in May. Maybe someday, Someday soon I ' ll be back on top Back on top in June. " Sinatra " If a cheated man ' s a loser And a cheater never wins And, if beggers can ' t be choosers, Till they ' re weak and wealthy men; And the old keep gettin ' older And the young must do the same; And it ' s never gettin ' better; Who ' s to bless and who ' s to blame? " Kris Kristofferson D O N N Y P E T E R S " I was hungry and went out for a bite Ran into a chum with a bottle of rum And I wound up drinkin ' all night. " J. Buffet " It ' s another Tequila sunrise staring slowly across the sky. I say goodbye. " Eagles 88 " Here ' s looking at you, kid. " Humphrey Bogart New Testament " C ' est triste d ' oublier un ami. Tout le monde n ' a pas un ami. Saint Exupery " Forsake not an old friend, for the new is not comparable unto him. A new friend is as new wine; when it is old thou shalt drink it with pleasure. " R A F F A L D I N I " Cola Berferd " " Okay, Jethro " J.L.R. II " The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. " Ps. 23 " I ' m so glad we had this time together, Just to have a laugh or sing a song. Seems we just get started and before you know it, Comes the time we have to say, " So Long. " G ' d night, Everybody. " Carol Burnett 89 M E L I N D A R O E N I S c H " And when he takes a jump, anticipating, he leaves the earth almost as if he could fly. ' Hans-Heinrich Isenbart " THE DIVINE MISS M " ' SOMEDAY I ' LL FIND IT, THE RAINBOW CONNECTION, THE LOVERS, THE DREAMERS, AND ME. " KERMIT the Frog " When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. When you wish upon a star, Your dreams come true. " Walt Disney " When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school it ' s a wonder I can think at all, and though my lack of education hasn ' t hurt me none, I can read the writing on the wall. " — Paul Simon " We are all here for a spell, get all the good laughs you can. " — Will Rogers M S I A C C K H Y S " They say there ' s a heaven for those who will wait, some say it ' s better but I say it ain ' t. I ' d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. Sinners are much more fun. . . and only the good die young. " —Billy Joel " You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might just find you get what you need. " — Mick Jagger Keith Richards ' ODAGNOB! " 91 JANE M. SAKS " They bring diamonds and rust and if you ' re offering me diamonds and rust, I ' ve already paid. " J. Baez " Hats off to J.G. for my 15th year — " ' Do it with charisma! ( " right, Al?! " ) " Hey, Shep! " " C ' est tout. " " The feelings. . . " Goldfish never die. " " Green M and " n " MTM " " And one of the lessons we learned was to judge ourselves, to conduct ourselves according to what we thought was best for us, not by what others might think. In the final analysis, we would have only ourselves to answer to; to live inside. It was he whom he didn ' t want to disappoint and it was whom I wanted to be proud of. " Shirley Maclaine " In June I saw a charming group of roses all begin to droop. I pepped them up with chicken soup, sprinkle once, sprinkle twice, sprinkle chicken soup with rice. " " Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and most times you choose between the two wonderin ' , wonderin ' if you have made it. " Carole King " Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be. " Hamlet " Don ' t it always seem to go that you don ' t know what you ' ve got till it ' s gone — they paved paradise and put up a parking lot. " J. Mitchell ' Sick-o-reeney! Ding-o-bingo. " " This could be anywhere! ' " . . .with affection and with a little dedication. " I. Armatrading " Rye bread and white bread people. " " HJ in Kenosha " " Late Nights. . V % T J 1 92 !fi . .mutual " W.A.P.S Forever " If you imagine it, you can achieve it. f you dream it, you can become it. " William Arthur Ward Come walk with me in the mud. Pooh " There is no Eden or Heavenly gates That you ' re gonna make It to one day But all of the answers You seek can be found In the dreams that you Dream On the way. " Dan Fogelberg ELIZABETH RISA SCHWARZ ' You have been my friend, " replied Iharlotte. " That in itself is a remendous thing. I wove my webs or you because I liked you. After ill, what ' s a life anyway? " E.B. White " Elen sila lumenn omenttlmo " Tolkien LUCY ANNETTE SIEVERS " You know, your pedal extremities really are obnoxious. One never knows, does one? " Fats Walker " I wish I was in New Orleans I can see it in my dreams arm and arm down Burgundy a bottle and my friends and me. " " There is the place I am in now, where I look back and look ahead, and dream and wonder. ' Carl Sandburg Thanks " 94 " The whole show has been on fire from the word go. I came down to the water to cool my eyes. But everywhere I look, I see fire; that which isn ' t flint is tinder, and the whole world sparks and flames. " Annie Dillard from " Heaven and Earth in Jest " MARY DUKE SMITH 95 SCOTT SMITH ' M M FOREVER " " Living without pressure, without putting it on myself or others, without allowing others to put it on me. Living without strings, or selling, or charming, or kidding into compliance, or manipulating through niceness or threatened anger. Standing in the face of silence, and threats and expectations, and misunderstandings — standing — and gently say, " No thank you, I ' ll be myself. " — Hugh Prather " Sitting by an open fireplace in my favorite dungarees. . . " " Reasons " " Nice stories, Cath. ' 96 Peter Pan and Tinkerbell walked off ito the sunset and lived happily ever after. ' ' Elen sila lumenn omenttlmo. " Tolkien SUZANNE SNYDER " Love ya too! " B.R. and S.S. " A Elbereth Gilthaniel o menel palan — diriel, le nallon si di ' nguruthas! A tiro nin, Fanulas. " Tolkien " And on a windy coast I made several toasts To you and me and the sea And no-one heard. " Dan Fogelberg " Oh! botheration! ' Pooh " Still round the corner there may wait a new road or secret gate; And though I oft have passed them by, A day may come at last when I shall take the hidden paths that run West of the Moon, East of the Sun. " — Tolkien- " You may forget the one with whom you laughed, but you ' ll never forget the one with whom you cried. " Gibran 97 " What a piece of work is man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form, in moving, how express and admirable, in action, how like an angel, in apprehension, how like a God. " Shakespeare " Totally — Tija?! " COURTNEY ANN SPORE Tootney " . . . " Michael!! " " America spells competition, join us in our blind ambition, but someday, we ' ll stop to ponder what on earth ' s this spell we ' re under, we ' ve made the grade, and still we wonder, who the hell we are. " STYX ' E.W.F. and the Commodores! " " Many times I ' ve been alone, and many times I ' ve cried. Anyway you ' ll never know, the many ways I ' ve tried. " The Beatles .BYE LOVE! " " An invitation to Camerata, Soph. yr. Oh, those Sangerbund trips. . . Mr. Allison yelling at ME when WE goofed off in chorus. Barb, Hil, and I — the three musketeers of sixth grade. " " And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. " Beatles 98 JOHN " IRONMAN-BABY " TILMAN " I ' m not going to say goodbye because that means forever, so I ' ll say so long or see you later. " " Not so much you and me but more of us. " " A.B. Baby Juany Donny BBBB Derf Erwic Cath-Cath Dil Eli Mir Horm Hil-Hil Gar Froman Aimee Art Mol-Mol Frank Blob Pip Minnie mouse Der-Hur We ' re Doomed Guru Moose Cecca Mc. . . Wizzy Sasha Nellow Beak Twitty Peebles Donny-Juany Raffles Rono Mickey Sunrise Lizzy Luce Duke Dr. D Tink Coury Pickles Katey Weese " 99 " You ' re crazy if you think we ' re just friends loving — when infatuation ends. " " I desire inside; my heart cries for you. ' THERA IRENE TILMON " Tref is a four letter word! " " One song leads on to another one friend to another friend so I ' ll travel along with a friend and a song. " " Your mind shows things ' you don ' t know; someday you ' ll grow. " " There ' s no love better than that of a lady and her mister, except of course the love between a brother and his sister. " 100 Thanks to: Rich, Salli, Sandy, Bobby, Keso, Mike, Steve, Carol, but most of all Kim, who was always there when I needed someone, Patty and Rob, for my weekends off campus, my parents for making my high school years worth the while, all those people at North Shore who made my senior year worthwhile, and anyone I ' ve left out who contributed to the past seventeen years of my life. Katie " A mountain is but a stage for all the world to play on. " " Precious and few were the moments we did share. " " No day is ever over if it brings back memories. " Always have a great time to remember, but a bad time to forget. " Time makes you bolder Even children get older, and I ' m getting older, too. KATHLEEN M. WALSH 101 MATTHEW " I never forget a face, but in your case I ' ll make an exception. " Groucho Marx " She ' s rich She ' s beautiful She ' s got huge tracks of land. " Monty Python " G and T SIMON " Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. " Lou Holtz Arkansas football coach " Were you drinking beer? " Mom " Who, me? " Yours truly " D.F.H.A. Goldblatt ' ' Molsons Golden " Ale " Weis " " The world would sleep if things were run by men who said ' It can ' t be done. ' Philander Johnson ■ T i 7 ' " Be a child or grain of sand words of wisdom yes I can " E.W.F. WEISENBERG 102 TAMSIN ANDREWS What lovely things Thy hand hath made: The smooth-plumed bird In its emerald shade, The seed of grass The speck of stone which the wayfaring ant Stirs — and hastes on! —Walter de la Mare- ROBERT BLOEMENDAAL MOfcUAJV OM £ K«O0eN,oNMoeeudty urr; ( A 6 ££N Kindergarten Seniors Left to right: Lucy Sievers, Melinda Roenisch, Elizabeth Schwarz, Mary Duke Smith, Arthur Handelman, Jonathan Abelman, Mark Peebles, Miller Bransfield. 105 106 Scot Chileen 107 First Row: Bruce Peters, William Fink, Mark Bransfield, Hitoshi Nikaidoh, Rudyard Coltman, John Devine, John Kemp. Second Row: James Toland, Arthur Wirtz, Anthony Hirschtritt, Andrei Pokrowsky, Daniel Bloedorn, William Bach, Liam Davis, Christopher Dymond. en n o o First Row: Bob de la Fuente, Jacques Jentel, Jimmy Murphy, Gregory Horvitz, Bob Zabel, William Mecklenberg, Sean Murphy, Winthrop Reis, Second Row: Clifford Mason, Robert Hannah, Michael Sul- livan, Erik Almquist, Christopher Wussler, Steven Goldin, Christopher Skramstad. Makato Nikaidoh. Third Row: Scott Dole, Michael Reinsdorf, Jonathan Schofer, Matthew Kaplan, George Penner, Peter Grivas, George Noyes, Howard Glazer. o o r-h 108 First Row: Kim Abell, Whitney Sperry, Peggy Weisenberg, Sonya Newenhouse Second Row: Katie Geyer, Lindy Frankenthal, Third Row: Coach Sue Trefney, Holly Pollard, Nilsa Fenniger, Fourth Row: Jacqueline Scott, Nathalie Ames, Michelle Griffen. a a r 1 w to n o o r 1 ►A I— I M r 1 a o n m First Row: Kathryn O ' Malley, Bettina Dube, Nora Schroeder, Tracy Bach, Coach Sue Trefney, Vanessa Brown, Second Row: Lisa Paul, Lorna Mel hus, Stephanie Britt, Sandy Diller, Karen Irvine, Tania Grivas, Karen Schwarz, Third Row: Maria Oden, Alexandra Dapolito, Elana Thalberg, Patti Vick. 109 North Shore still By Taylor Bell Even the possibility of winning a state championship hasn ' t changed the Ivy League atmosphere at North Shore Country Day School in Winnetka. " I ' m just another teacher here, " said football coach M. J. (Mac) McCarty. McCarty, a 40-year veteran who was win- ning games when Bear Bryant still was a col- legian, thinks his current squad is better than the 10-1 outfit that reached the Class 1-A se- mifinals two years ago. But Saturday ' s game with Lake Forest Academy isn ' t as important as next week ' s math test. " A group of players from the 1953 and 1954 teams held a reunion last week, " said McCarty, " and they said everything was the same as when they played. No pep talks, no rah-rah, no pressure. Our kids just play for enjoyment. " At North Shore, monuments to overempha- sis go begging. The players ' pants are 10 years old. A new scoreboard has been sent to a repair shop on two occasions and still doesn ' t work. New bleachers have been in- stalled, but parents still prefer to follow the action by walking along the sideline and ki- bitzing with the players. " The state playoff hasn ' t had any effect on our program, " said McCarty, " but I ' ve no- ticed a lot more kids have joined the cheer- leading squad. I never noticed them before. Now we ' ve got about 16 cheerleaders. And we only have 28 players on the varsity, " BECAUSE NORTH SHORE is the only 1-A school (enrollment: 161) in the Chicago area, McCarty must manipulate his schedule. The Raiders face only three 1-A opponents. They already have beaten Chicago Catholic League junior varsity squads from Gordon Tech and St. Rita, which are considered 3-A opponents by the Illinois High School Assn. " That St. Rita game showed us a lot, " said McCarty. " It was 0-0 at halftime and we scored twice in the third quarter. Our kids fired themselves up. They want to go back to the state playoff. No one thought they could do it the first time. But some of these kids were there before and it was an exciting time. " The ones who remember that memorable 1977 trip are halfbacks Miller Bransfield, Terry McManus, Donnie Peters and Jeff Fore- man, center Matt Weisenberg and quarter- back Mike Elisha. " They are our nucleus, our leaders. Many of these kids have been togeth- er since the sixth grade, " said McCarty ' . UP FRONT, THE RAIDERS make do with 150-pound guards and 180-pound tackles. Be- cause his passing game isn ' t clicking, McCarty must rely almost entirely on " the most powerful running game I ' ve ever coached. " Chief blockers are John Tilmon, Mark Feinberg, Dan Askow and Jon Appel- baum. That ' s the good news. The bad news is three starters were sidelined last week with various ailments— McManus (broken thumb), Peters (ankle) and end Tom Todd (ill) — and McManus is the only one who may play Sat- urday. " To qualify for the state playoff, you must have no injuries and you must be awfully lucky, " said McCarty. " It would be the crowning achievement of my career to win a state championship. But the world won ' t come to an end if it doesn ' t happen. " O O H 110 whjepr HA-DEW 5AJDQI HA«IESi HAIDERS IfcJ - FAnsre; JDR : | ««» flAWER fW 3f % ■ W " I First row left to right: Mike Elisha, Miller Bransfield (co-captains) second row: Bob Vieregg, Rob Kleiman, Terry McManus, Howard Goldblatt, Matt Weisenberg, John Appelbaum, Jeff Foreman, Mark Peters, Chris Seline third row: Dave Howland, Bill Penner, Mark Feinberg, Dan Askow, Tim Gardella, George Smith, Donny Peters, Dave Hines, fourth row: Arther Handelman, Steve Lewis, Peter Karmin, fifth row: Mac McCarty (head coach), Bob Kaplan, Tom Todd, Stuart Mason, John Tilmon, Eric Lunding, Mike Bransfield, Reed Snyder, Jay Bach (Ass ' t coach) absent: Jeff Kerr, Jeremy Goldberger. 2979 RECORD NORTH SHORE 19 GORDEN TECH 14 NORTH SHORE 28 NORTHWESTERN MILITARY 6 NORTH SHORE 12 ST. RITA NORTH SHORE 36 LA LUMIERE 14 NORTH SHORE 22 LAKE FOREST 34 ' 0r NORTH SHORE 24 NOTRE DAME NORTH SHORE 44 ROOSEVELT 28 NORTH SHORE 35 VALLEY LUTHERAN 9 NORTH SHORE 20 WINNEBAGO 23 111 Jeff Kerr sets sight on Northwestern Military runningback. 4 .:. ■ -. Raiders discussing tonights party North Shore shuts-out S Rita 112 The second team takes over. " Oh Geez " North Shore defense awaits St. Rita gridders. .and stacks them up at the line. 113 ■ " - : Mr ' . f|pC, Vi , ' ' ' 114 First Row: Scott Howland, Ken Gorman, Jim Berman, John Molner, Bob Kaplan, Brett Culhane, Jennifer Vest, Second Row: Mark Friedman, Roger Fortune, Tom Marshall, C.F. Sample, Frank Klapperich, John Fuller, Philip Karmin, Third Row: Coach Bill Briggeman, Gris Ware, Brian Perkins, Josh Koppel, Steve King, John Abelmann. 1979 RECORD North Shore North Shore 1 Elgin Academy Francis Parker 5 8 North Shore Wheaton Christian 3 North Shore Forfeit U. High North Shore North Shore 1 Morgan Park Academy Niles North 4 North Shore Latin 6 North Shore North Shore Lake Forest Academy Wheaten Christian 6 8 North Shore U. High 9 North Shore 1 Francis Parker 5 North Shore North Shore North Shore 4 Morgan Park Academy Elgin Academy Latin 6 7 North Shore North Shore 5 1 Roycemore Lake Forest Academy 4 en — I H O n n M 115 Defender cuts off an Evanston shot. Things begin to look up for North Shore. Tom Marshall stops a shot as Pippi Karmin arrives to help. Raiders stop Evanston attack. w -f Raiders move towards opponents goal. 116 First Row: Alison Wirtz, Second Row: Sarah Gately, Susan Reinsdorf, Margie Berman, Siri Baekgaard, Polly Feuer, Third Row: Alison Rosen, Lauren Handelman, Katherine Fernstrom, Courtney Nigro. c o en H tfl r 1 O o n M 117 First Row: Barbara Raffaldini, Molly Ingram, Lucy Sievers, Hilary Fuller. Second Row: Sue Snyder, Liz Schwarz. Third Row: Coach Sue Trefney, Laurie Osberg, Pam Scott, Thera Tilmon, Julia Vest, Jane Saks, Miriam Feinstein, Sandy Nedlin, Elizabeth Ingram. Absent: Cathy Cain. 1979 RECORD North Shore U-High 5 North Shore Lake Forest 1 North Shore 3 Parker North Shore 1 Latin 3 North Shore 2 Morgan Park North Shore New Trier 4 North Shore U-High 2 North Shore 1 Lake Forest 2 North Shore 3 Latin 4 North Shore 1 Morgan Park 3 Jay Bach gets upper hand on Miriam Feinstein in student-faculty game Hilary Fuller gives pointers to future players Raiders face off against New Trier Goalie Laurie Osberg takes a breather First Row: Emily Wanberg, Jane Dettmers. Second Row: Coach Francis Stanton, Allison Puth, Jane Franke, Lisa Diller, Sarah Pabst, Elise Mackevich, Mary Abelmann. Absent: Betsy Blank. 120 WWSttI M Kim Furrer eyes opponent Jane Franke gets set to nail a forehand winner Emily Wanberg takes position at net Jane Dettmers awaits serve 121 First row: Margie Berman, Dana Burnell. Second row: Lynne Harwich, Sydney Almquist, Debbie Thalberg, Julia Vest, Betsy Blank, Lisa Diller. Absent: Katie Nielson, Andrea Landwehr, Karen Mecklenberg. Won Lost 10 122 H o tn Dd First row: Alison Rosen, Caroline Kullberg, Shawn McKeon, Seemin Ghazi, Stephanie Levine. Second row: Sarah Gately, Mary Abelman, Jennifer Vest, Siri Baekgaard, Michelle Rawson. Absent: Polly Feur, Courtney Nigro. Won 2 Lost 11 d r— I O 90 H 123 Standing: C.F. Sample, Donny Peters, Coach Jay Bach, John Tilmon, John Appelbaum, Scott Smith. Kneeling: Miller Bransfield, Mark Peebles, Jim Berman. Absent John Molner 1980 Record vI.S Opp 70 Roycemore 23 50 U-High 66 58 Elgin 47 39 Parker 73 47 Latin 83 88 Roycemore 24 60 Ida Crown 34 41 Lake Forest 50 66 Morgan Park 74 63 Harvard 82 56 Ida Crown 42 48 U-High 59 30 Mooseheart 9 42 Parker 57 59 Latin 65 74 Elgin 41 59 Lake Forest 74 69 Wheaton 61 58 Morgan Park 53 57 Harvard 62 42 Mooseheart 47 51 Harvard 89 O ► en en H k: cd en H Cd r Won 9 Lost 13 fi ;-td i ' Standing: David Howland, Michael Bransfield, Eric Lunding, Kneeling: Alan Blumberg, Peter Karmin, Chris Charnas. 1980 Record N.S. Opp. 23 Roycemore 24 24 U-High 35 20 Elgin 49 16 Parker 44 14 Latin 56 40 Roycemore 36 36 Ida Crown 38 27 Lake Forest 45 26 22 Morgan Park Harvard 41 64 30 Ida Crown 48 10 U-High 53 35 Mooseheart 27 33 Parker 63 24 Latin 53 11 Elgin 59 33 Lake Forest 40 24 Wheacon 52 42 Morgan Park 58 46 Harv ard 53 25 Mooseheart 45 03 o z o en H Ctf en tfl H r 1 Won 2 Lost 19 125 SS£ 3i ? I i I KMku Peters amazes the crowd. Ahh . . . finesse! 126 First row: Nana Muschenheim, Lucy Seivers, Sue Snyder, Francesca Mazzanti, Liz Schwarz. Sec- ond row: Lisa Diller, Thera Tilmon, Liz Miller, Betsy Blank. Absent Molly Ingram. a r 1 CO 93 to H w H cd r 1 127 Standing: Courtney Nigro, Laurie Osberg, Wendy Aggens, Mary Abelmann, Sharon Cooper, Jennifer Vest. Kneeling: Marjorie Berman, Sarah Gately. WON LOST O I— I r 1 CD I— I o H do w H cd r r 1 128 SmBsi i tt ! ». The Raiders stretch themselves against Lake Forest. The Raiders sharpen their style for their next confronta tion with " Braids " . Top row: Alison Puth, Thera Tilmon (co-captain), Pam Scott (co-captain) Sarah Gately. Second row: Jennifer Vest, Courtney Nigro, Betsy Blank, Dana Burnell, Michelle Rawson. Third row: Hilary Fuller, Lynne Harwich, Julia Vest. Fourth row: Debbie Thalberg, Brett Culhane, Emily Wanberg, Sharon Cooper, Sue Snyder. Cheerleaders 130 clique. The The 1979-1980 cheerleading squad at North Shore was a group of nine- teen girls of all sorts of shapes, sizes and personalities. This year ' s squad was unique because it was not a cheerleaders participated in various school activities. The cheerleaders at North Shore organized their own numbers. This is why our routines were not very complex and were below the standards of other schools. To us, it has been more important to be cre- ative and have fun than to make cheerleading a job. Our main objective was to create school spirit while having a good time. I hope we were successful! -Thera Tilmon- 131 iK-en " Hvc 4t ' lrYvt- IS W«nW- [n bir-cU of fc €La.a-Uj (An , All 1 5 Ue (c, heroine, fY y l lnen 4 Ka_ -fr-fea s Urz. cks-L ora-ie ) luiHv., lr ere J c Ul, iC-H ClfLS Hb rr er s . All Is citLdLcD , OLo 132 ' ■ , " •-. f - THE SANGERBUND THE CAMERATA STAGE CREW J. T. Beatty, Jay Goldfarb, Tom Churm, Roger Shipley (co-ordinator), Chris Seline, Mickey Sacks, Chris Gramm. 136 137 THE ECHO First Row: Terry McManus. Second Row: Miriam Feinstein, Matt Weisenberg, Howard Goldblatt, Jeff Foreman, Third Row: Peter Karmin, Mike Elisha, Philip Karmin, Mike Levy, Miller Bransfield. THE FORUM First Row: Christina Claeser, Richard Appel, John Fuller; Faculty Advisor — Mr. Briggeman. Second Row: David Hines, Mark Friedman. Absent: Jennifer Stone, Jenny Atkins, Tom Mar- shall, Bill Penner, Phil Brooks. 138 Jane Franke Jane Saks Josh Kanter Pipi Karmin Richard Appel Matt Weisenberg John Applebaum Howard Goldblatt Richard Marx Tina Keith Eric Britton Ray Baby Mr. Hall: Advisor 139 Mathletics Team First Row: Courtney Nigro, Lauren Handelman, Howard Goldblatt, Donny Peters, Second Row: Seemin Ghazi, Emily Wanberg, Ma Abelman; Third Row: Richard Appel, C. F. Sample, Shawn McKeon, Sarah Britt, Coach Jack Bard. Absent: Liz Schwarz. " Thus mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true. " — Bertrand Russell- 140 Student Council Peter Karmin, David Hines, Andrea Landwehr, John Beatty, Miriam Feinstein, Terry McManus, Emily Wanberg. Absent: Marjorie Bransfield. Student Council, under the guidance of Mr. Ingram, worked on solutions to various school problems such as the lunch line. It also sponsored a Hat Day and Prep Day which were both successful. Although all problems could not be solved in one year, it was one of the most active councils in recent memory. 141 MAINTENANCE STAFF sotr i CR MUSH Left to right: E. Kruckenberg, L. Freise, R. Darrough, O. Powell. LUNCHROOM STAFF 143 Jane Saks Airplane Day The lower schoolers spent many hours in the careful planning and construction of airplanes. At the end of the day, prizes were awarded to the talented airplane builders. 146 K I N D E R G A R T E N ess- $» F I R S T G R A D E 147 The Freshman Farm Trip The Freshmen Trip — " Live and Learn " For the past four years it has been the custom of the North Shore Country Day School to sponsor an orienta- tion week in the country to benefit the incoming freshmen through interaction with upperclassmen. The week is spent at the Hannaford Farm near Aurora, Illinois. The outdoor education experience fosters new friendships among the freshmen and between the freshmen and their leaders. Out of this comes a spirit of team work, a sense of the importance of learning, and working together as a group. ' In addition to the personal relationships which develop, an awareness of nature and the environment is a natural outgrowth. The responsibility for others and our own surroundings which is stressed prepares all of us for a fulfilling and constructive future. Anyone who has participated in the building of latrines, scrubbing grimy pots by flashlight, and exterminat- ing the mosquito population, has learned to live a little! 148 SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE TRIP TO GEORGE WILLIAMS COLLEGE In September, the seventh grade went to George Williams College to participate in an outdoor educa- tion program. We learned about the ecology of Lake Geneva and how that lake is just now recovering from disastrous effects of pollution. We studied rocks and fossils, and learned how glaciers created the land formations in our section of the country. One of our favorite activities was orienteering. By reading maps and compasses, we found landmarks all around the George Williams ' grounds. Everyone also enjoyed hebertisme, a group exercise that em- phasized communication and team work. In the evenings we had campfires, skits, cookouts, and sing- ing. The first night away from home was hard, but we soon adjusted to our new circumstances — roommates and unluxurious accommodations, cold and rainy hours in a marsh, endless travels up and down the hills of the campus. The one thing we never quite accepted, however, was the mystery ford. Most of all, we learned how to live together and get along with each other. By the end of our three- day trip we had formed lasting friendships with our teachers and classmates. We would do it all again! The Seventh Grade Class 150 Sixth Grade Trip to Turkey Run 151 Needlework Show A prospective buyer makes a point of getting what she wants at the needlework show. Things appear to be looking up for Mrs. Peters at the Country Kitchen. Workday Cleans up its Act On a chilly day in October, all the students t( to the fields armed with rakes, trash bags, and trc els to clean up the school. Everyone worked h; and had a lot of fun at the same time. Each of i upper school classes was com bined with a lov class in work teams to ensure efficiency. Activities ranged from garbage collecting to bi planting to bus washing. Although temperatu were low, spirits ran high. Upper and low schoolers alike played a rousing game of Du Duck-Goose, while others were content to watch. Then, after all the work was done, everyone s tied down enough to enjoy the best part of the d the ice cream bars. Santa Claus Party Dear Santa Claus, Have a Merry Christmas. How are your reindeer? I have told you what I want. If you don ' t remember, I want Criss Cross racetrack for my friend and me. I want a race set. I want my friend to have a Merry Christmas. Santa, bring my mom a microphone — the kind that you sing in. She sings at our house and she needs something to sing in. I like my mom, and there is one more thing, and that is I hope my mom has a Merry Christmas. My dad wants Merlin. He ' ll play games. He needs stuff for his mechanics like screw drivers and wrenches. He ' s got most of them already. We will have reindeer food and cookies and milk. Come down the chimney. My mom gets confused and sometimes hangs my sock on the Christmas tree. She gets mixed-up a lot. That ' s the end of my story. I have respect for you, Michael Susk 156 Halloween Kim Furrer 158 The North Shore Country Day Drama Department presents MOTHER COURAGE and k SC Children DEC 7 8 8:00pm MOTHER COURAGE Cast Mother Courage Margie Bransfield Kattrin Andrea Landwehr Yvette Betsy Blank Eilif Mike Elisha Swiss Cheese Rob Ellis Cook Miller Bransfield Chaplain Tom Todd Sick Woman Sydney Almquist Fainting Woman Karen Mecklinberg Daughter Molly Ingram Old Woman Sandy Nedlin Officer Soldier Drummer Steve King Recruiting Officer Howard Goldblatt Sergeant Lieutenant Stuart Mason Soldier Peasant Man with Bandage Josh Koppel Colonel Commander Matt Weisenberg Soldier Son Alan Blumberg Soldier Young Man Reed Snyder Soldier Clerk Old Man Mark Freedman Woman in Parsonage Jennifer Stone Peasants Pam Scott Elizabeth Ingram Siri Soderblom 161 Vaudeville!! 163 f t ' 164 THE CAST Major General George Smith Pirate King John TUmon Frederic Howard Goldblatt Samuel Robert Ellis Sergeant of Police Matt Weisenberg Miller Bransfield Ha t ' e l Courtney Spore Lisa Diller Edith Lucy Sievers Seemin Ghazi Kate Thera Tilraon Mary Duke Smith Isabel Jennifer Stone Ruth Tamsin Andrews Laurie Osberg Chorus of General Stanley ' s Wards: E. Blank, L. Diller, H. Fuller, M. D. Smith, T. Tilmon, C. Spore, M. Ingram, F. Mazanti, E. Miller, S. Pabst, B. Raffaldini, E. Schwarz, S. Snyder, L. Osberg, T. Andrews, A. Puth, D. ThaLberg, K. Furrer, E. Ingram, L. Jones, C. Nigro, J. Stone, J. Vest, S. Ghazi, L. Sievers, S. Britt, S. Cooper, J. Dettmers, A. Rosen, S. Soderblom, J. Vest, E. Wanberg Chorus of Pirates: J. AppeLbaum, J. Abelmann, J. Foreman, J. Koppel, S. Mason, S. Smith, M. Elisha, R. Bloemendaal, M. Weisenberg, M. Bransfield, J. Berman, S. Chileen, J. Fuller, G. Johnson, T. Marshall, M. Peters, R. Vieregg, R. Kleiman, A. Blumberg, C. Charnas, J. Goldberger, P. Karmin, J. Krohn, J. Schwarz, R. Snyder, A. Wolpert Chorus of Police: J. Abelmann, J. Foreman, J. Koppel, ' S. Smith, M. Elisha, M. Weisenberg, M. Bransfield, T. Marshall, M. Peters 165 MORNING EX AT NORTH SHORE . Special Speakers Bonnie Consolo ' s visit to North Shore illustrated to students what courage is all about. Her determina- tion in the face of an overwhelming handicap made everyday problems, such as homework, grades, and the lunch line seem trivial. More importantly she proved attitude and persistence are essential for suc- cess. For an entire day this fall, Mr. Gordon Hall lee tured and spoke to several high school classes. Ii Morning Ex, he spoke about the apathy of the Ameri can people. He said that people in the United State: are no longer interested in politics or in the runninj of the government. Mr. Hall discussed the politica parties and explained their similarities and differ ences. He also emphasized the fact that it was essen tial for everyone to vote and participate in the elec tion of our government officials. 168 Robert Weinberger Mr. Bostain 169 The Eighth Grade Presents . . . BYE BYE BIRDIE Interim Week Fledgling auto mechanics John Tilmon, Brian Perkins, and Tripp Klapperich learned the ' ins ' and ' outs ' of cars during their auto mechanics interim. Although they don ' t claim to be experts, they do feel that they have gained insight into the field of car maintenance. " Today we decided to go to Buckingham Pal- ace to watch the Changing of the Guard. Walk- ing along the road down The Mall, we saw the group of guards coming from the barracks to change. Arriving at the palace, we found that the guards were the Queen ' s Irish Regiment. The regiment ' s mascot was an Irish Wolfhound, which delighted us as my mother and I have a Wolfhound of our own. After watching the guards change, we walked through St. James ' Park and had a cup of tea. The park was gorgeous with all the changing colors of the leaves. There was a paved path along an area of lakes, and there were birds ev- erywhere (which we fed)— cygnets, ducks, pi- geons, pelicans, and many others. From the park, we walked to Westminister Abbey, which is like a history book. —From Sharon Cooper ' s Journal about the Lon- don Trip. — For their internship, Jeff Foreman and Dave Hinc were apprentice anesthesiologists at Michael Ree; Hospital. During the week they followed Dr. Edwar Toyooka on his rounds and even viewed open hea: surgery which Hines surprisingly claimed was " nc too hard to take. " The experience was enjoyable, an did not significantly change their positive outlook o the medical profession. The camping retreat held different values for each individual. The trip ' s goal was to establish a group which would work together to coordinate the individ- ual ' s needs with those of the group ' s. It provided a chance for other members of the group to get out into the wilderness. We lacked many of the comforts of home. The trip was especially interesting because of relationships that developed between the teachers and the students. 172 The money market is explored at such places as the Chicago Board-of-Trade. The Chicago Theatre interim gave students an inside look at dramatic productions in Chicago. Activities in- cluded tours of the Lyric Opera and the Auditorium Theatre. The students saw such renowned plays as " The Kingfisher, " starring Rex Harrison, " Death of a King ' s Horseman, " and " Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? " A backstage tour enabled the students to meet with the director and actors. Nana Muschenheim works at a potters guild in Evanston. 173 Lauren Handelman worked in the chemistry laboratories at Northwestern Hospital. The computer students practiced new techniques and analyzed var- ious program problems. Interim leader, Miss Donoghue, said the stu- dents erased many no longer needed programs. They also expanded their knowledge on computers and how to program them. 174 Mike Levy encounters a mixing board at Steeterville Recording Studio. 8th— 12th graders find that teaching kindergartners can be a learning experience. 175 Sixty Years of Memories f ■■■ f ■ « nib i ' • ' 91 ■ . ' : SENIOR PROPHECY The date, June 11, the year, 2000 A.D., and you are there. Roger Linkletter here, reporting from the post party for the new smash hit, " Mabel, " starring COURTNEY SPORE. Behind me you see the fabulous estate of BETSY BLANK, a famous New York actress. Her estate is tastely decorated in several shades of pink. I understand that the estate was decorated by the famous ERIC BRITTON. The party is being catered by the FRANKE-SAKS corporation, Tab, Tanquery, and Washington Apples. The first car is now arriving. TERRY MC MANUS is driving his limousine with the driver riding in the back. There seems to be somebody running behind the limousine. I believe it ' s MIRIAM FEINSTIEN, the well-known wrestler and track star. She seems to be yelling some- thing. AH! She ' s yelling, " Terry. " Now arriving, in his orange Porsche Turbo Cerrera, with a keg strapped to the top and a telephone pole being dragged behind, is MATT WEISENBERG, a famous pastry chef. Next to arrive is the well known KATY WALSH, orthopedic surgeon. She ' s worn out after just com- pleting knee surgery on AIMEE GOLDSTONE. Aimee has just returned from her pre-school seminar, which lasted three years in outer Ethiopia. Not far behind is the seven foot replace- ment for Peter Frampton, PETER NELLES. Right behind him is TINA KEITH, head of Rummo-Jello corporation. She has brought along some samples. Here comes ART HANDLEMAN, famous hearts player, and with him is the drummer of Pe- ter ' s band, STEVE KING. Rushing in from the airport, it ' s FRANCESCA " CHARO " MAZZANTI, famous singer from Italy. New cover girl SUE SNYDER just arrived. TIM " DISCO KING " GARDELLA, the new owner of Studio 54 is here. Battling the title of chess champion are JOHN ABELMAN and JOSH KOPPEL. They couldn ' t be with us tonight. Num- ber one scorer for the Bulls, SARAH PABST, is here, too. Owner of " St. Molly Girl " beer, MOLLY INGRAM, is discussing the merger of her company with Beer Belly Beer, owned jointly by MILLER BRANSFIELD and MICHEAL ELISHA. Freelance playboy JOHN TILMON finally arrived. But, of course, the last to arrive are MS. SAKS and MS. FRANKE. Well, that ' s all from this very special and interesting party . . . 178 The Class of 1980 would like to express its gratitude to our parents, teachers and fellow students for helping to make North Shore the great experience that it was for us, and for others as well. Thank You 179 COLLEGE CHOICES OF THE CLASS OF ' 80 John Abelmann, Tulane John Appelbaum, Rollins Betsy Blank, Bradford Miller Bransfield, Denison Eric Britton, Ohio Wesleyan Catherine Cain, Sophie Newcomb College (Tulane) Lisa Diller, Macalester Michael Elisha, Denison Miriam Feinstein, Dartmouth Jeffrey Foreman, Emory Jane Franke, Colorado College Hilary Fuller, Queens Tim Gardella, Lawrence Howard Goldblatt, University of Pennsylvania Aimee Goldstone, National College of Education Arthur Handelman, Connecticut College Molly Ingram, Denison Joshua Kanter, Emory Robert Kaplan, American University Philip Karmin, Grinnel Tina Keith, Soutnern Illinois University Steven King, Knox Joshua Koppel, University of Chicago Stuart Mason, Carroll College Terry McManus, Northwestern Elizabeth Miller, University of Wisconsin (Stout) Sandra Nedlin, Grinnell Peter Nelles, Loretto Heights Sarah Pabst, Lawrence Mark Peebles, University of Chicago Reuben Peters, Wesleyan Barbara Raffaldini, Georgetown Melinda Roenisch, Northwestern Michael Sachs, Washington University (St. Louis) Jane Saks, Sophie Newcomb College (Tulane) Elizabeth Schwarz, Stanford Lucy Sievers, Northwestern Mary Duke Smith, Wesleyan Scott Smith, Wharton School, University of Penn- sylvania Sue Snyder, Northwestern Courtney Spore, Syracuse John Tilman, University of Illinois (Circle Campus) Thera Tilman, DePaul Kathleen Walsh, undecided Matthew Weisenberg, Washington University (St. Louis) 180 It ' s nice to have First Federal nearby. For full financial service, visit our offices near you. Northbrook: 1825 Lake-Cook Rd., 564-9200 Northbrook Court Mall, 498-6190 Evanston: 2114 Central St., 869-0800 Skokie: Old Orchard Rd. and Lavergne Ave., 674-4862 Federal of Chicago inois Largest Savings and Loan. t=J Stake your claim for Richard Krohn President GLENVIEW OFFICE: 950 MILWAUKEE AVE., GLENVIEW. ILLINOIS 60025 • PHONE 635-6040 CHICAGO OFFICE: 5345 WEST LAWRENCE AVE. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60630 • PHONE 286-3C02 Oc 6e€bci ri€ xv?. J TLC. 18th early 19th century English antiques Fine reproductions Complete interior decorating service 562 Lincoln Ave • Winnetka • 446-6566 ituii Uowi 3ic to ins. CoutwiE J-oorz 572 Lincoln Avenue Winnetka, Illinois 60093 gtalp HJiiiquo, Ltd. Temporary Personnel Service 948-7575 • 564-TEMP Provides. . . North Shore businesses wi • Secretaries • Typists • Bookkeepers • Clerks Provides . . . North Shore homes with • Vacation Sitters • Party Helpers • Companions -Elderly • Companions-Convalescent Specializing in quality staff to fit your specific needs. JO ANN OWENS, OWNER PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Harold Beider Blann Pharmacy Mr. Frederick M. Bransfield Mr. and Mrs. Clarold L. Britton Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brown Edward J. Burnell III Fred ' s Winnetka Union 76 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Goldblatt Mr. and Mrs. George P. Grivas Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Hines, Jr. Matthew Hinklin Mr. and Mrs. Burton W. Kanter Dr. and Mrs. Joel A. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Koff Mr. and Mrs. Irving Koppel Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Krohn Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Leffel Mr. and Mrs. Andre Saltoun Mr. and Mrs. James R. Schnering Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Seline Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Spore Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Soderblum Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Snyder The Village Toy Shop Dr. and Mrs. Bertram Weisenberg Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Wolpert 183 Sporting Goods Outdoor Recreation Outfitters T. L. FRITTS 594 Green Bay Road Winnetka, IL 60093 (312)446-6694 184 in Winnetka and Hubbard Woods! First notional Bonk of Winnetka MAIN BANK: 520 GREENBAY ROAD HUBBARD WOODS FACILITY: 1070 GAGE ST. WINNETKA, ILLINOIS 60093 (312) 441-4444 185 8» ' ' " If % ' ' ri Stern ' s Camera Sound Center, Inc. Typewriters - Stationery - Office Supplies - Party Goods jC. and A Stationers, Jnc. -Our 40th year- 546 Lincoln Avenue 691 Vernon Avenue Winnetka, Illinois 446-0829 Glencoe, Illinois 835-2888 186 H and J ARCO SERVICE 2135 GREENBAY ROAD HIGHLAND PARK, IL. 60035 E. B. TAYLOR CO. WINNETKA, ILL. ■ PHONE HI 6-1111 Everything For House Lawn Garden 187 WITH EVERY GOOD WISH TO THE CLASS OF ' 80! THE WOMAN ' S BOARD 188 photo ironies 740 Elm Street, Winnetka ECKART HARDWARE CO. 735 Elm St. Phone: 446-0843 Winnetka, III. 189 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 80 MR. AND MRS. ROLF BLANK CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1980 MR. AND MRS. BURTON W. KANTER 190 • It mW - ' ■ CALEDONIAN INC. 562 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, II., 60093 446-6566 18th and 19th CENTURY ENGLISH ANTIQUES COMPLETE INTERIOR DECORATING SERVICE JOHN SEBASTIAN, LTD. 1231 Greenbay Rd. HAIR STYLISTS FOR THE FAMILY 191 5 fl s.c.o " pp If Liu ■ de LOYS JEWELERS 598 GREENBAY RD. WINNETKA, ILL. 446-1920 192 FRANCES HEFFERNAN CONGRATULATES THE 1980 SENIOR CLASS OF NORTH SHORE! CONGRATULATIONS THE 1980 GRADUATING CLASS OF NORTH SHORE COUNTRY DAY! HELP UNIQUE 193 WESTERN SAVINGS WISHES EVERY BEST WISH TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF NORTH SHORE, 1980 GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE 194 195 Lower School Closing 197 GRADUATION 198 199 - . ■■ 200 201 202 203 First row: McManus, Applebaum, Elisha, Bransfield, Goldblatt, Foreman, Peters, Weisenberg. Second row: Berman, King, Peeblles, Sample, Coach McCarty. Third row: Peters, Klieman, Lundig, Snyder, Bresler, Mike Bransfield. VARSITY JR. VARSITY NS OPP. NS OPP 17 Pa. ' ker 7 7 Parker 11 10 Harvard 7 2 Norrhridge 10 6 Lake Forest 12 12 M.PA. 11 14 Wheaton 4 6 L.F.C.D.S. 8 10 UHigh 5 23 L.F.C.D.S. 18 7 Elgin 1 2 Midwest Acad. 9 4 Morgan Park 3 9 M.PA. 13 12 Harvard 11 3 Parker 4 WON LOST 16 Lake Forest 1 2 7 1 Walter Lutheran 7 3 UHigh 1 4 Latin ISL CHAMPIONS 12 Elgin 1 3 Latin 6 11 Morgan Park 2 WON LOST 12 4 w 204 Back row: Laurie Osberg, Barbara Raffaldini, Pam Scott, Lynne Harwich, Liz Miller, Francesca Mazzanti. Sitting: Jane Franke, Lisa Diller, Lucy Sievers, Molly Ingram, Miriam Feinstein. Coach Sue Trefny. 1980 Record N.S. Opp. 1 Lake Forest 17 12 Parker 15 25 Latin 4 17 Elgin 25 6 U-High 18 6 Lake Forest 15 22 Latin 9 17 Elgin 22 Won 2 Lost 6 206 ■Wit On Fence: Elizabeth Ingram, Margie Berman, Polly Feuer, Sarah Gately, Siri Baekgaard, Jennifer Vest. Standing: Brett Culhane, Jane Dettmers, Alison Rosen, Jennifer Stone, Courtney Nigro, Coach Amy Young. Sitting: Sharon Cooper. 1980 Record N.S. Opp 47 Lake Forest 25 23 Parker 4 11 Elgin 15 7 Lake Forest 19 18 Elgin 22 Won 1 Lost 4 z o — H O H Dd r 1 Senior Barbeque p ;on '

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