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1968 The North Shore Country Day School Winnetka, Illinois 4 Man ' s mind one vast frozen sea of thought, wanders through the channels of space. Life, an incomprehensible dream woven of laughs and tears Goes always on, never slowing stopping or turning but always on. Man ' s mind warped through pain like one gigantic Bow, in final desparation shoots a cry of help, to the stars. By George Booz « p Once upon a time, long, long, ago, a knight in shining armor rode to a kingdom on a hill by the side of a great lake. The armor was new, strong and resilient, yet it was easily doffed to reveal a princely countenance of warmth and compassion combined with dedication and purpose. At his side rode a fair damsel whose touch upon the flute was the envy and delight of many kingdoms and indeed, the Muses themselves. A noble St. Bernard dog was their only companion in the new land. The Knight, under the guiding hand of Providence, was to sojourn in this kingdom for nigh unto thirty years, during which time his noble deeds were much renowned throughout all the land. His rare understanding of, and respect for, the children of the realm occasioned hitherto unheard of freedoms and opportunities, the results of which testified to his belief that experience, under compe- tent guidance, is the best instructor. This is not to say that he allowed the children to gambol wildly about; a child who failed to discriminate liberty from license quickly felt the resistance of his weighty armor. Now this knight also loved to sail. Indeed he spent his summers in the far away kingdom of Maine, where he founded a camp and sailed to his heart ' s content. And so, the kingdom on the hill by the side of the great lake, to which he pledged his Life, Fortune and Sacred Honor, grew and flourished under this brave knight ' s tutelage. It is with deep gratitude that we dedicate this Mirror to Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel S. French with the hope that they will live happily ever after. FACULTY Middle School Mrs. von Brauchitsch, Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Pettibone, Mr. Davis, Miss Dalton, Mr. Elderedge, Mrs. Arment, Mr. Bannon, Mrs. Thorson, Miss Ingram J -.%. Wk - pp w ,m % ■ liP N . JM ■ » » 1 i David W J 1 9 ' ' H f- t ' t 1 Mfty HT HrT ■[ ■bl C KSs • i N, -- ' ■«« ■ ■ ;v +.- John Almquist Paul Krajovic David F. Newman Simone Valvo 10 Linda Gawthrop John C. Woodbury Barbara Foote v ... Wgl BflE . fl B fl B - ' 4 1 fl fiffe 11 William W. Talley Carrol Mussey Elsie Harridge Earl Carlson Chelsea Kesselheim 14 IS Office Staff Mrs. Talley, Mrs. Joseph, Mrs. Harridge, Mrs. Dormody, Mrs. Croft, Mrs. Arnason, Mrs. Gladstone, Mrs. Donnelly Lower School Faculty Miss Renoe, Miss Dalton, Miss Sylvester, Miss Coling- bourne, Mrs. Thorson, Mr. Eldredge, Mrs. Kratz, Mrs. von Brauchitsch, Mrs. Goldsmith, Mrs- Parsons, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Rogers ft Hlpgf 15 " Where am I going? I don ' t know. What does it matter where people go? Down, to the wood where the blue-bells grow anywhere, an vwherliL don ' t know. " A. Milne; [% Junior Kindergarten First Row: Kimberly Mepham, Katie Nielsen, Billy Friend, Tad Lucas, Howard Gordon Second Row: Miss Gawthrop, Tom Todd, Judy Eldredge, Elise Mackevich, George Smith, Roger Fortune Third Row: Mrs. Rogers, Glen Woodbury, David Hines Absent: David Zweifel, Hal Garfinkel, Scott Kaplan, Jill Sudak 18 f« Senior Kindergarten Miss Goldsmith George Getz Ann Sylvester Heather Marsland Henry O ' Riley Elizabeth Schwarz Melinda Roenisch Mark Peebles Lauri Kleinman Amy Graller Lisa Gordon Kate Molyneaux Scott Maclntyre Jon Abelman Glen Goren Laura Norris Michael Gately T _. Lynne Woodbury Miller Bransfield Lucy Sievers 19 But now I am Six, I ' m as clever as clever as clever. So I think I ' ll be six now for ever and ever. When I was Five, I was just alive. When I was four, I was not much more. When I was Three I was hardly me. When I was Two, I was nearly new When I was one, I had just begun. Let it rain! Who cares? I ' ve a train Upstairs, With a brake Which I make From a string Sort of thing, Which works In jerks, ' Cos it drops In the spring Which stops With the string, And the wheels All stick So quick That it feels Like a thing That you make With a break Not string So that ' s what I make, When the day ' s all wet. It ' s a good sort of brake But it hasn ' t worked yet. A. A. Milne 20 ffissvh 22 23 First Grade Standing: A. MacLeod, K. Osberg, Mrs. Parsons, J. Corrington, P. Strauss, J. Harza, P. Friend, L. Lauke, C. Roenisch, T. Wiede- mann, J. Sabini Kneeling: N. Sotern, J. Springer, B. Files, J. McLaren Absent: M. Harland 24 Second Grade Sitting: J. Thodos, G. Gale, R. Damon, E. Smith, Miss Renoe, E. Garvin, C. Angelos Standing: M. Lucas, K. Lunding, R. Biddle, F. O ' Riley, R. Felix, G. Rogers, M. Harwich, M. Thorson, J. Sudak, T. Louis, P. Wirtz, P. Sturgis, C. Schwarz Absent: L. Getz, A. Joseph Third Grade First Row: F. Dunseth, V. Ware, C. Mullady, D. Deuble Second Row: M. Fisher, C. Dowd, L. Gordon, A. Hines, R. Rassler, S. Bransfield, A. Graham, S. Hoffmann, J. Dammann, Miss Harman Third Row: M. Gluckman, J. Strauss, D. Roenisch, C. Colbert, K. Funk, T. Wilson 26 27 Fourth Grade First Row: Susan Perkins, Karen Spencer, Gweneth Jessen, Noel Comes, Camillus Ophetveld, Peter Thorsen, Michael Russell, Anthony Granatelli, Raymond Durham, Clinton O ' Connor, Paul Blackburn Second Row: Richard Waite, Julie Sudak, Julie Cohen, Nina Beisel, Laura Ann Harza, Valerie DuVernet, Julie Beth Gordon Third Row: Miss Vanderbilt Absent: Katherine Button, Karen Wirtz, James Deuble, Alexis Eversz 28 Fifth Grade First Row: Tracy Maynard, Victoria Joyce, Mark Wollaeger, Clark Elliott, William Corrington, Philip Boal, Kimberly Louis, Jodi Roberts, Mark Berlin, Theodore Lauke Second Row: Elizabeth Springer, Michael Searle, John Rodg- ers, Thomas Abelmann, Nancy Todd, Elizabeth Breuer, Miss Collingsbourne, Jennifer Herndon, Donna Buddington, John Kowalik, Timothy Ober 29 v? ' ■■■ ' « i« 1 I The Morning Walk When Anne and I go out for a walk, We hold each other ' s hand and talk Of all the things we mean to do When Anne and I are forty-two ■ k Sixth Grade First Row: C. Weary, S. Herndon, K. Whiteman, E. Winston Second Row: W. Crowle, P. Nielsen, M. Dole, A. Mil- liken, A. Dammann, N. Stibolt, A. Carton, K. Eldredge, K. Stern, J. Golden, T. Stahl, S. Dowd, K. Kellogg, D. Roewer Third Row: H. Damon, A. Morse, R. MacArthur, R. Graf, R. Klein, M. Taylor, P. Sinker, J. Booz, W. Buzick, D. Bohannan Absent: P. Geraghty, C. Lynde, S. Rogers, P. Schneider, J. Taylor, B. Borowitz, L. Cass, T. McKnight, L. Salisbury 35 Today lives, breaths, feek It sings. - • Toda cries. Spilling Its tears into my outstretched palms Then slipping through my fingers to race on. Today laughs. Carelessly crashing through " the still earth Then silently caressing the budding tree Today is mine to hold and let go. Today lives and loves And is in me. y VJte ..M, " Peace awaits Those who are anxious to live. It does not rest a top the highest hill Nor hide within the deepest vale; It breathes and sings, within and about Awaiting the explorer of life. S.R. Thoughts Sift through me gentle disturbing exciting beautiful mysterious wishful Wondering, contemplating, Searching for a peace I drift. S.R. 39 Seventh Grade I I %?. ' ' " » 1 mMr , ' ■ i6Jij A mjb X a ,,,; PpM| BrS j ' w Pw? 4 hLjii f! " - S If Ef3 Mft ' j$« fl j ™ B B Sitting: J. Damon, S. Roberts, T. Preece, L. Tobey, N. Babsnn C. Cray, P. Parsons Kneeling: F. Stanton, M. Conant, L. McCormick, T. Spence, B. English, K. Ayer, L. Morse, L. Miller, J. Hines, R. Marx, J. Montague Standing: D. Hubbard, B. Lipman, M. Wollaeger, H. Joseph, B. Hines, J. Perkins, K. Cassidy, M. Sturgis, P. Salisbury, J. Pugh, V. Leslie, J. Todd, D. Harper, R. Saunders, S. Wolfson, H. Jessen, B. Garvin, A. Clarke, S. Howe, B. Darrow Absent: J. Berry, R. Ober 40 Eighth Grade First Row: S. Becker, B. Flint, V. Simmons, C. Cook, B. Pierson, E. Harwich, J. Car roll, H. Blair, S. Colbert, J. Leimert, J. Blossom, A. DaMiano, M. Paul Second Row: S. Grey, K. Dobroth, C. Maynard, A. Weaver, T. Cass, K. Borowitz, G. Wirtz, S. Schmitt, B. Delaney, M. Dern, G. Hobert, J. Vance, H. Babson, J. Faulkner Third Row: W. Mack, J. Carton, R. Corrington, G. Boone, J. Eldredge, M. Malpede, J. Porter, P. Dammann, A. Scheman, R. Stibolt, N. Johnson, C. Herdon Absent: C. Breuer £sM S£ ; %V y y- : 2 wm0 0fa w V 42 II A day When beaches stretch eternally And smells of salt are soft winds that lure towards the Tempting sea. Sandiness embraces feet and water kisses toes. Silent Seagulls swoop beguiling And mattress Clouds engulf the afternoon The sun bleaches The bleachers and the grass and the sky to pale imitations of their true colors As August Wears on and then Wears off and September sets in and sets out To set off fiery color in the trees. n 47 ■■■;.,-. . 3% ■H dtf Ninth Grade First Row: K. Dole, G. Cremin, A. Jackson, S. Severson, A. Page, N. McLeod, M. Herdon, N. Green, E. Millard, A. Howard, G. Present, A. Leimert, F. Wetzler, E. Benson, B. Sullivan, T. Haney, W. Wilson, S. Punnett, D. Severson Second Row: K. Kaplan, M. Parsons, L. Vogel, A. Hurd, R. Hoyle, R. Rogers, G. Hollerith, E. Alsberg, C. Jackson, S. Fargo Third Row: F. Wollaeger, J. Ayer, W. Stern, M. Ware, A. Marshall, J. Stern, S. Edge, R. Doherty, D. Ross, D. Dobkin, W. Wirtz, T. Boal, M. Preece, P. Fortune Absent: J. Bartholmay, A. Newton, M. Parisi, J. Restin, M. Rudman 49 50 , £s A ' • ■ ?. T«£V " ' • " .j? s |? il .. Tenth Grade First Row: S. Wells, E. Perkins, J. Isaacs, A. Blossom, H. Brown, G. Miller, C. Graham, M. Florian, P. Becker, J. Lyman, Second R ow: L. Lipman, F. Spears, J. Adajian, T. Allison, R. Philipsborn, L. Rivkin, A. Jessen, A. Northrop, J. Golden, G. Booz, J. Leslie, S. Geering, D. Whiteman, Third Row: R. Mayer, I. Young, N. Golden, S. MacArthur, M. Springer, R. Burnell, C. Reinhold, M. Kowalik, E. Bern- stein, D. Wood, D. Schweppe, J. Hoffman, B. May, A. Patton, K. Johnson, C. Johnson, E. Mooney, D. Flint, R. Hadsall, L. Schmitt, W. Porter, D. Domon, Absent: B. Nevins, G. Carr, T. Church, H. Gill, 52 When it rains clouds tumble onto silver drops tremble from branches and SPLASH! tiny ripples in puddles Where upside Is world Feet To Feet. slushv ooze between the toes and sticky clinging ankle grass. for fear of getting wet. And no one else will walk I got up early this morning to see the sun rise I wanted to see something rise I thought perhaps it would illuminate my day. As it rose, clouds shrouded its brillance I simply sighed Another dark day, and you far from me All I could hope was you would see its brillance today. 57 PttOJKCT ' 67 JF ' i ,_f j 59 11th Grade tegs, wfa First Row: M. Geraghty, J. Miller, W. Boal, A. Searle, C. Askow, A. Kopple, M. Sewell, C. Millard, M. Macleod, J. Strong, A. Mar- shall, J. Witte, C. Zelle Middle Row: L. Marder, S. Schulman, A. Struthers, H. Hamil, J. Leimert, J. Stibolt, R. Ruby, J. Loomis Top Row: S. Pettibone, S. Pugh, C. Jarchow, B. Berry, S. Folds, P. Kuh, D. Severson, C. Barman, D. Misch, B. Comstock, D. Lebolt, B. Williams, J. Victor, F. Fortune, J. Galbraith, J. Wilson, E. Kneip, P. Delaney, A. Philipsborn, M. Wilkinson, D. Ginnis, M. Clark, N. Colbert, B. Blaire, L. Bartholomay. Absent J. Kaiser, J. Kentor, E. Weinrib, L. Breuer, C. Fleps, H. Foote, A. Locke, K. Wollaeger 60 r Ik X., ■ •i? k «fM X c WK ■»«».- 1 ' .•V nm -ITINV •COTh ,tQUEr ST EXfc MEW MSCOTH6T 7 V ■y . " fcfJk « 7 ■ 7 V ' J •t X v. . ft J v : . f % John Dunbar Creigh Two roads diverged in a wood and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Frost Matthew Gapen Watrous forget ' em ±z Diane Colstan Gillispie To go before the mast and on the deck of the worlds, for there I could best see the moonlight amid the mountains. I do not wish to go before now. I am not what you suppose, but far different. Walt Whitman Peter Robert Thompson Many years for me at North Shore . . . many, many, many. Two questions which I have learned to ask my- self are: Who am I? What kind of a person do I want to be? They ' re probably the two most difficult questions I ' ll ever have to answer. Thanks to all the teachers who put up with me for so long. Good luck to all the friends I made, especially Matt, Scott, and Chip, three buddies whose friendship I appreciate. Hamilton Moses III When a friend calls to me from the road And slows his horse to a meaning walk, f don ' t stand still and look around On all the hills 1 haven ' t hoed, No, not as there is time to talk. I thrust my hoe in the mellow ground, Blade-end up and five feet tall, And plod: I go up to the stone wall For a friendly visit. Robert Frost Marcia Jean Durling Alexander Gait McAlister " I tend not to categorize people, I tend to accept them. " Rev. Martin Turner I came, I saw I kissed. . . . Axel Wooly Sandy They say a nickname is a symbol of social acceptance. Therefore I have either been accepted three times in one society or once in three different societies. " Set me whereas the sun doth parch the green, or where his beams do not dissolve the ice: in temperate heat, where he is felt and seen; in presence prest of people mad or wise; Set me in high, or yet in low Deoree; in longest night, or in the shortest day; in clearest sky, or where clouds thickest be; in lusty, youth or when my hairs are gray. Set me in Heaven, in earth, or else in Hell, in hill or dale, or in the foaming flood; thrall, or at large, alive where so I live Sick or in health, in evil fame or good, hers will I Be; and only with this thought content myself although my chance be nought. " Francesco Petrarca John Kitteridge Howe 76 Frank Flint Soule III Allah el Akbal! " Truth is a towel. When it has become victorious others will join it. They join it after it has become a power because others had joined it. " Soren Kierkegaard Moy Lubyimets!— From no ' II 102 49 2085 Fay Donohue " He was born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad " " Scaramouche " — The first line of an otherwise unmemorable book. Susan Elizabeth Restin Strange how much one can love and still hate. Strange how far one can run and still be lost. Strange how peaceful one can be and still be confused. Strange how warm one can feel and still be cold. Strange how close one can be and feel far away. Strange how much one can laugh and still cry a thousand times more. " Music is love in search of a word. " S. Lanier Price Anderson Patton, Jr. Comfort ye, comfort ye my people . . . Isaiah God hath not promised Sun without rain Joy without sorrow Peace without pain The New Yorker . •■■ " 5f Michelle Storrs Booz " One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all And in darkness Bind them. " Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien Vincent Blake Allison III s hard to be yourself wjhen everybody is being yourself ]i or yriu. " Are you and your father very close? No, actually we ' re just good friends . . Hard Days Night It ' s rather hard to look back on your high school years when you ' ve only completed three and a half years and still have a half to go. 79 Elizabeth L ' abee-Lund The will is free Strong in the soul, and wise, And beautiful Craig Albert MacLeod Be not anxious about what you have, but about what you are. Pope Saint Gregory I Fred Pierson Loomis There is something about writing a senior spot which leaves the author with a complete loss of words. It is like trying to summarize ones entire life history in one small paragraph. I have a lot to say about my nine years of experience at North Shore and un- fortunately very little of it is pleas- ant. So I will say nothing. I must say though that I have spent many happy moments with my friends, especially at the White House. I can also say there will be many more, possibly in New York. Ambition: To recall pleasant memories when I read the sign on the South- west corner of Green Bay and Willow roads which reads " Country Day Estates, One acre lot subdivisions, " and the adjacent pictures of the aqua split levels. " It ' s open, but just watch your- self. " I stood upon a high place and saw, below, many devils running, leaping and carousing in sin. One looked up, grinning and said, " Comrade! Brother. " As long as possible, live free and uncommitted. Henry David Thoreau Susan Francis Fox We live together, we act on and react to, one another; but always and in all circumstances, we are by ourselves. Adlous Huxley 81 Keith Michael Johnson Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Deborah Ann Dunn Candy is dandy but likker is quicker r— 5 " Russell Thurston Stern III " We are loyal, plastic robots in a world that doesn ' t care. " Frank Zappa his Mothers " Da wheel dats squeeks de loudest Iz de one dat gits de grease " Crouch Leavitt Big Brother " If you ' ve got nothing to do and plenty of time to do it come up and see me some time " W. C. Fields 83 Sandra Virginia Locke " We whirl or seem to whirl or seem to seem to. " John Updike Laughter feels good all over. but it shows in only one place. Georee Bums Harriette Hulbert Hoyle " The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed. " Sebastian R. N. Chamfort 84 Dennis Roderick McPhee " All we ask is to be let alone. " Jefferson Davis first message to the Confederate Congress, March, 1861 Arlene " Harvie " Bolotin ' WW Ws . w Bruce Webbe Barber " We were all born lost. " William Faulkner Joan Laflin Rockwell Turning . . . turning . . . turning Get off, silly, before you fall off! 86 Judy Anne Price " Who are you, " said the caterpiller. " Why I — I hardly know sir, just at present — at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have changed several times since then. " Lewis Carroll Kirkland Brooks Armour III " Love bade me welcome, yet my soul drew back, Guilty of dust and sin. But quick-eyed love, observing me grow slack From my first interest in, Drew nearer to me, sweetly questioning If I lacked anything. — excerpt from " Love " George Herbert George Henry Dern II " There are only two kinds of men: the righteous who believe themselves sinners, the rest, sinners, who believe themselves righteous. ' Blaise Paseal (1623-1662! Margaret Crampton Rogers ' a friend is someone who loves you. " Joan Walsh Anglund " No face which we can give to a matter will stead us so well at last as the truth. This alone wears well. " Thoreau 88 Judith Babcock Nevins " Humor is the great thing, the saving, thing after all. The minute it crops up all our hardnesses yield, all our irritations and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes their place. " Mark Twain »r7 ' TWber David Alan Misch " True humour springs not more from the head than from the heart; it is not contempt, its essence is love . . .? " Thomas Carlyle 89 Sara Mclaurin Green " To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life " " Books are good enough in their own way, but they are a mighty bloodless substitute for life " Robert Louis Stevenson Robert Patrick Christopher The sun declares the earth; The stones leap in the stream; On a wide plain, beyond The far stretch of a dream, A field breaks like the sea; And I walk with the wind. — Roethke 90 Dawn Hollerith A useless life is an early death — Goethe When we are unhurried and wise we perceive that only great and worthy things have any permanent and absolute existence, that petty feuds and petty pleasures are but the shadow of the reality. — Thoreau Joel Sterling Parshall Winnow all my folly, folly, folly and you ' ll find a grain or two of truth among the chaff. — W. S. Gilbert Where I ' ve gotten? I don ' t know Will I be walked over? I don ' t know When (or perhaps it should be if) I ' ll find whatever it is I ' m looking for? I don ' t know. Well! If I do, maybe you and I ought to get acquainted. 91 Katharine Hughes Gait " Giving is the highest expression of potency. In the very act of giving, I experience my strength, my wealth, my power. " Eric Fromm Derek Lynn Barnes " The more things a man is ashamed of: the more respectable he is. " George Bernard Shaw Chance cannot touch me! Time cannot hush me Fear, hope, and longing, at strife, Sink as I rise, on, on upward forever Gathering strength, gaming breath, naught can sever Me from the spirit of life! I won ' t be my father ' s Jack I won ' t be my mother ' s Jill but I will be a fiddler ' s life and fiddle where 1 will In love Harle Adair Dammann ' %. ■■ ¥? -J ' . ' v v . ' J i ■ £ J? fr s - |C, ,.: mu r- ' iSr ' o ' " .- St- ' ' - V , ,— ?.. SC Jk , ' J . 1 W " K ., V ' i a . ' « ■ ■ ■■. " Frederick Ahrens Cook The only things solid in this world are rocks. 93 John Palmer Johnson There are two good things in life, freedom of thought and freedom of action. Maugham William Hunter Harridge III Now the northland was coming excitingly and expectantly alive, and I was a part of it. About two o ' clock one morning I awoke to hear the low moan of the wind through the top branches of the pines overhead. Then I heard another sound like the tinkling of tiny bells. It was the ice moving and shattering against the rocks. The moon held the brilliance of day. I stood and watched the great mass of ice, unnumbered tons of it. It moved, gently and slowly at first; then, gaining momentum before the power of the rising wind, I saw it exert its inexorable force. The wind had begun with a low, somewhat melodic introduction and rose to a noisy crescendo of disharmony, balanced by the drumming of the crash- ing ice. Then, as suddenly as it had started, the wind whispered and sighed and was gone. Richard Morenus Scott Peters Here and now — only this is real: The face of an old man. Caught naked in an unguarded moment. Without past, without future. Dag Hammarskjold Philip Edward Green The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. Confucius 95 ++ Cynthia Scott Babson John Coleman Samuel The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready. Henrv David Thoreau The worst fool in the world is the man who will admit nothing that he cannot feel or taste, who has no place for imagination or vision, or faith. Ernest Hemingway 96 My life is a rhyme. I took a walk today and met no friends. Vaslav Nijinsky Sharon Williams Barr The man who truly loves, loves humbly and does not fear that another may be preferred, but that another may be worthier of preference than himself. — Picasso Charles Macgill Lynde Make haste slowly Susan Askow " Cause and effect will not ex- plain the individuality of a single dandelion. " D. H. Lawrence " The Osteopaths, I fear, are finding this new competition serious and unpleasant. " H. L. Mencken Regardless of the hang-ups, I peak when the other cats begin to smile. Because only when we both smile do I feel golden. And that is hat my love is all about. And since love is a •f and take thing, I preach smiling. You ' ll feel better for it and won ' t be so hung up tight eitner; because that ' s what we ' re all about HPdon ' t dig it: smile in frustration. Skip Wood Thomas Goodrich Brown lOo Happiness Is Leslie Lynne Bredimus Art is long, life short; judgement diffi- cult, opportunity transient. Author Unknown KA DISTINGUISHED EDITOR demonstrating lay-out techniques to beautiful Bayliff Zuchini no comment Ever alert subscriptions staff 1 G.P.A. i: tfTfehd, J I i 1 ,r 1 ' ■ 103 3 M in ( m? m A Cappella Ensemble Murder in the Cathedral Summer and Smoke Art Film Vaudeville ' 67 1. THE GROUP Macgill Lynde, Cyn- thia Henry Babson, Alexander McAlister, Dennis McPhee !. SON ET LUMIERE Laura Rivkin, Helen Brown 3. " BALLOON " Elisabeth L ' Abee-Lund A . PIANO Lucy Bartholomay j. ENSEMBLE 6. FOLK SONGS Kathleen Johnson . GIRL FROM IPANIMA Susan Petti- bone, Cynthia Babson, Dennis McPhee 8. THE LOWER EAST SIDE PODO STREET GREASE GANG JUG BAND Lawrence Marder, Charles Barman, An- drew Struthers 9. A CAPPELLA lo! " BALLOON " Elisabeth L ' Abee-Lund 11. " PAINTING " Junior Girls 12. ELEGANCE Arlene Boh Dunn, Matthew Watroul Williams 13. I WANT TO GO HOME Strong, Mary Eliza 1REAM GIRL ' 67 Arlene Boh Bradford £ K s mm wmi [ tJ y!v 2 « Football Purple is never placid. On Saturday ' s it can mean win or lose. Then purple worries, but usually doesn ' t need to. Purple is like air turbulence. It ' s noisy, slightly older than pink, adoles- cent. Always highly sacriligeous mixing with the two extremities; never the middle- aged. Psychedelic to some, or queer, unacceptable. White is it ' s best friend, for opposites attract. White is pure and clean, anti-purple 115 Morgan Park 9L UHJil w , 1 B$ • J W W «t SHMEHBHHB HM " 3T •• ■ ,-_. " : ■? j- ... - ' .» ' . f ' i NSCDS— 20, MPA— 12 . : ;y _ NSCDS— 7, , Ang. Guard — 6 wjfr. ' ■ -: fciJiP I Hi V i Francis Parker NSCDS— 20, St. Johns— 21 Latin . NSCDS— 0, latin-6 89— North 59— North 77_North 95— North 91— North 76— North 64— North 81— North 67— North 94— North 71— North 99— North 61— North 81— North 84— North 62— North 82— North 53— North 79— North 65— North 75_North Shore S Shore V Shore iS Shore is Shore Shore Shore- )C Shore IS Shore Shore " Shored Shore Shored Shored Shore f Shore pS Shore fr Shored Shore " ' Shore t Shore %o 120 47 — Angel Guardian 57 — St. Benedicts " 41 — St. Michael ' s - 75 — Latin 46 — Morgan Park 60 — University High ■- 79— Lake Forest A 47 — Angel Guardian ; 23— Hrvard St. George 55 — Harvard St. George 48 — Francis Parker 79— Glenwood 52— Elgin k 57— Latin 56 — Morgan Park 50 — University High x 67— Lake Forest 42— St. Michael ' s X 66 — Francis Parker 69— Glenwood 54— Elgin 2 Frosh-Soph Basketball ■ 1 v ' J Girls ' Hockey aS? - r- i»- ■ Farewell From the North Shore Team Cars and their drivers: Stirling Dern — Graham Lynde and Price Gurney — Winners 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Le Mans ' 67 HENRY C. WIENECKE, INC. HOUSEWARES ■ HARDWARE - THE TOY SHOP 680-82 Vernon Ave. - VErnon 5-3060 - Glencoe, Best of Luck To The CLASS OF 1968 John Welter, Florist Phone: AL 6-0891 615 Ridge Road Wilmette, Illinois Compliments of Kazel Baxter 567-A LINCOLN AVENUE W1NNETKA, ILLINOIS Porters Congratulations to the class of ' 68 i3i PAUL ' S RECORDED MUSIC Phonograph Records Art Supplies 1151 Wilmette Ave. AL 1-8281 FOR: LONGHAIRS JAZZ COLLECTORS HIT HUNTERS JUST BROWSERS LAKESIDE FOODS INC. Charge Accounts Invited Delivery Service — Order by Phone Competitive Chain Stores Prices 800 Elm St. | UJinnci Ua Winnetka, III. 446-7720 725 Bank Lane Lake Forest, III. 234-8180 LET ' S GO PLACES HI 6-0814 561 LINCOLN AVE., WINNETKA, ILL. (Winnetka ' s OWN Travel Agency) Complete Travel Arrangements ALPINE 1-S7SO f Wilmette Pet Supply 625 green bay road wilmette, illinois Harold Kellen Joe Kellen Powell ' s Camera Marts 847 Elm Taylor Hardware House-Wares Toys Hardware 560 Chestnut Winnetka 132 Winnetka 446-5141 589 Central Ave. Highland Park ID 2-8550 Winnetka trust and Savings Manic Winnetka, Illinois Northwest corner Elm Green Bay Road Telephone Hi 6-0097 Summer Activities for YOUR YOUNG SON OR DAUGHTER All D«y — Mornings — Afternoons Select the Proqrem which Fits Your Needs North Short- Country Day Camp McKlnney Play Class C. Bertram McKinney H llkr..t 4-2712 WINNETKA THE Q ED DOOR 859 ELM STREET • WINNETKA 810 ELM ST. WINNETKA THE HOME OF BASSWEEJUNS JOYCE OLD MAINE TROTTERS EDITH HENRY SANDLER OF BOSTON MISS AMERICA CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1968 Eckart Hardware Co. 735 Elm St. Winnetka, Illinois 133 LAKESIDE COFFEE CELLAR 800 ELM STREET WINNETKA, ILLINOIS For Shoes That FIT As Well As They LOOK LOOK TO Children ' s Shoes From Tots To Teens, Adult Casuals Barnes §§ Bootery IN NORTHFIELD JESSE BARNES NORTH SHORE LAUNDRY 566 Chestnut St. Winnetka 134 Dry Cleaners- Since 1857 In Winnetka — North Western Railroad Station In Hubbard Woods — " Our Drive-In " 1010 Tower or call HI 6-0898 TEEN-AGE TEN COMMANDMENTS 1. Stop and think before you drink. 2. Don t let your parents down, they brought you up. 3. Be humble enough to obey. You will be giving orders yourself some day. 4. At the first moment turn away from un- clean thinking. 5. Don ' t show off when driving. If you want to race, go to Indianapolis. 6. Choose a date who would make a good mate. 7. Go to church faithfully. The Creator gives us a week. Give Him back at least an hour. 8. Choose your companions carefully. You are what they are. 9. Avoid following the crowd. Be an engine, not a caboose. 10. Keep the original Ten Commandments. JOE JACOBS CHEVROLET 435 Green Bay Road Wilmette, Illinois WILMETTE £a fc Spvu St ErtabiiiJnd 19M VERSINO BROTHERS, Prop. 605 Green Bay Rd. WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL ADIDAS RIDDELL SHOES WILSON and RAWLINGS SPORTING GOODS DISTRIBUTOR :. " !■ ™ -±vp mpesi, 3r- VN Wh Porting EQuiPi y Look Further? Baseball Basketball Trophies Golf Boxing Bowling Football Roller Sko tes Table Tennis Tennis Hunting Softball Badminton Fishing Ammunition Skates Archery Tennis Sharpened Guns Restringing 635 6REENBAY ROAD WILMETTE, ILLINOIS ALpine1-0878 Congratulations Class of 1967 the ■ANKINO HOUR (including walk-up and drive-in windows) Tunday through Friday • a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday • a.m. to noon in addition WALK-UP AND DftlVt-IN WINDOWS Monday • a.m. to noon FIRST NATIONAL BANK of WINNETKA the southwest corner of Elm Street and Green Bay Road Phone: Hlllcmt 6-0010 135 Go n To College ISr. I v n Time BULOVA COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE GAS - OIL - GREASING - WASHING TIRES AND BATTERIES MOTOR REBUILDING — BRAKE RELINING IGNITION SERVICE BODY ND PENDER WORK PAINTING Runnfeldt Belmont Service Station 475 Chestnut Street, Winnetka, III. Phones Hi 6-0009 Hi 6-0334 Accutron GIRARD PERREGAUX and of course our dependable low-cost Caravelle By Bulova XUJ WOZNICKI JEWELERS 819 Oak Street Winnetta, Illinois - 446-0685 Congratulations to the Graduates of the Class of 1967 WHITE ' S DRUG STORE Vose Bootery Complete Drug of Cosmetic Departments Winnetka ,454 Winnetka Ave. Winnetka, III. Hi 6-2625 837 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois Phone ALpine 1-2775 Glenview and Evanston — Enterprise 1 238 Since 1886 SCHULTZ DRY CLEANERS, North Shores Oldest Savings Loan INC. WINNETKA Shirt Laundering • Tailoring SAVINGS AND LOAN Quality Dry Cleaning Same Day Service including Saturdays ASSOCIATION 814 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois 1 1 52 Central Avenue Wilmette, Illinois 137 mee WINNETKA • LAKE FOREST For The New and Unusual in Clothes 729 Elm St. 29 E. Illinois Rd. Winnetka Lake Forest TAKE TIME OUT . . . TO SHOP AT BETTY ' S OF WINNETKA 818 Elm Street Courtesy of Mr. Walsh WINNETKA DRIVING SCHOOL 609 Ridge Road Wilmette AL 1-6403 138 " H l INTIMATE V APPAREL 578 Lincoln avenue Winnetka, Illinois HlLLCREST 6-4750 WINNETKA SHADE SHUTTER DRAPERY CO. 732 ELM STREET WINNETKA, ILLINOIS 446-6287 We Clean And Repair Everything We Sell " Anything for the Door or Window " Be A CAPITALIST It ' s easy. Start a savings account. The money you put in is capital; the interest we pay you (4% quarterly) is return on capital. The more you add, the bigger capitalist you ' ll be, and the more your money will earn. While it ' s in our hands, your capital will be working usefully- helping people buy homes and automobiles, helping local businessmen to grow In service to our community. That ' s capitalism. It ' s a good system, and it works. Drop in some Friday evening, and give it a try. THE WILMETTE State BANK 1200 Central Avenue • ALpine 1-8100 A Complete Drug Store REHN ' S HILLMAN PHARMACY C. Ellsworth Eaton, R. Ph. 353 Park Avenue, Glencoe, Illinois VE5-0387 1219 WILMETTE AVENUE yUllL ALPINE 1-3060 araware ESTABLISHED 1888 l » gf WILMETTE, ILLINOIS Co. SHAWNEE SERVICE GARAGE, Inc. OFFICIAL CHICAGO MOTOR CLUB STATION NO. 12 332 LINDEN AVENUE • WILMETTE, ILLINOIS ALPINE 1-1234 139 When You Look In Your MIRROR Be FELL Dressed The Fell Company 520 Green Bay Rd. Winnetka, III. 140 146 Greenbay Rd Winnetta Hi 6-4492 235 Ridge Rd. Wilmette AL 1-4400 GR 5-4400 Pickwick Galleries " In Winnetka " Personalized Picture Framing — Custom Mirrors Decorative Wall Accessories Fine Prints— Antique— Contemporiz-Ty Professional Advice Here Or In Your H ome On Suitable and Attractive Wall Arrangements Photograph Frames Paintings Restore 557 Lincoln Ave Winnetka HI 6-226! G E L Z E n flNO Individual Hair Styling • Expert Hair Tinting 554 Green Bay Road Winnetka, lllino » Phone HI Merest 6-0762 PHOTOTRONICS, INC 740 Elm St. Winnetka Alterations by a PROFESSIONAL - FELL SHOES - DRESS FITTER Mrs. Lee Lanphier A Name You Know With Shoes You Love Plus the Finest in Custom Dry Cleaning 44 Years on the North Shore 52 Linden, Hubbard Woods AMERICAN CLEANERS 564 Green Bay Road Winnetka, Illinois 635 Central, Highland Park Phone HI 6-0410 141 TALK ' 0 THE TOWN 65 Linden Ave. Hubbard Woods G. A. Johnson Co. 300 W. Addams Chicago, Illinois The Skulk ers 142 _. jpsiHaUI-H RAINY LAKE AIB WAYS, Lid. V -vf A a 7, v wii rw 7 GRUMMAN GOOSE TWIN BEECHCRAFT H NORSEMAN CESSNA 180 FAIRCHILD HUSKY DEHAVILLAND BEAVER P.O.BOX 790 FORT FRANCES, ONTARIO, CANADA ejF? Vern Jones President a PHONE: Area 807; 274-3234 - . Telephone HI 6-1462 INCORPORATED 1913 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION 545 LINCDLN AVENUE WINNETKA, ILLINOIS First Federal Savings of Wilmette Raises Rates Again | 1 fc j annum __ _S annum _ _J L— -I • .»» PASSBOOK-FLEXIBLE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS AM awl VHMraw Any Ammm, Any Tim SIX-MONTH INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES 15,000 m Mm in MOO Multialtt ONE-YEAR INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES $10,000 w Mm in tSOO U.lii.l., l i ' l llin l Certifier) «ra • Im4i tt my la ln» »t r »rv Unit •( ISvMt m mm fm •rafiloblt, unn incwM. P«ll M« »•»(•»» an l W fw • ■nllac-iM m«w who My Imt i far ■ mmtmm af n imtt turn Nat w tin . Mulmlu y w »r . jltS . ■ . d wm tW tag «j jc c— » I jfcjl b «t «lt « nm yttji . . . » • Mart » ■ • •» ■ ; »ftg jjwjyj — nwi h »l« .. 51 - q: MIMtlV 55! z m to ! MliiigiMlfliJiiiiiaig , ,j 144 KENILWORTH PURE [ ACROSS FROM R R STATION ] Tht Sim Stop Service Statin Fir Repairs And Rial Service • MECHANICAL EXPERTS KT • TUNE UPS • IGNITION -I CARBURETORS • WHEEL BALANCING . MUFFLER . TAILPIPES • TIRES BATTERIES terns fm tkt Kiifrwi Statist For Quick DapcndobU S»mlce ; G R E E N B 256-2078 ASHLAND A ' ' --- - ■• Y R 1255 W. GREEN BAY - WILMETTE RR Congratulations class of ' 68 tnak i VARIETY DEPARTMENT STORES Headquarters for all staple and Seasonal vari- ety store merchandise 808 Elm St. Winnetka Custom Tailors Altenhof and Siciak 556 Green Bay Road Winnetka CLASS OF m-QXB LUCK (ffspeciallu coTK l) WE LOVE YOU ALL ! D STUART-RODGERS STUDIO PORTRAITS BY PHOTOGRAPHY 2504 GREENBAY ROAD EVANSTON UN 4-7322 619 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO SU 7-8696 Betty Lotz Interiors Member American Institute of Interior Desgners Hlllcrest 6-4084 569 Lincoln Avenue Winnetka, Illinois Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mayer 147 Hawaii Paris Compliments Murphey Travel Service 552 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka specialists in international travel London Jamaica Children ' s Clothes with Distinction 574 Lincoln Ave. Hi 6-1177 BAUMANN-COOK 37 years Christine Baumann Collins ' 21, Florence S. Cook Janet Ator Mabel Coulter Ruth Mills Elwood Lucy Jane Hedberg Edythe Layden Lucille Octigan Frances Olmstead Claire Sherood 551 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka Hillcrest 6-5000 Compliments of Midwest Forging And Manufacturing Co. 1875 148 Jdzh cJ-faidujaiz and h.oxt± Willow Road Northfield, Illinois Specialists in: Baseball, Football, and Basketball Equipment Full Line of: Fishing, Hunting, Hockey and Skating Equipment Compliments of John Strauss Showroom U nutuj in lAmxt Custom Tailors Altenhof and Siciak Young Juniors 6 to 14 Juniors N ' Jr. Petites 3 to 15 556 Green Bay Rd. Hubbard Woods Winnetka Official " Seventeen " Store 990 Linden Avenue Winnetka 149 9h PARTS and SERVICE ILLINOIS " 4424 WEST 63rd STREET TELEPHONE 312 735-6446 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60629 Peter R. Thompson Photographer 1611 Shermer Avenue Northbrook, Illinois (312) CR 2 0091 [ran H E F F ces ERNAN New Collection OF Lilly ' s For Resort and Summer 572 Lincoln Winnetka CUB KB EH™ mm EH Siffi m TCldTgit ro-wn TUr. Hacei) T)ayvlRisc)) Frecl ' LooTnte IJalt Porter olTIcI everyone else co 0 " never 7 ave i ' 9§w:c 4F rtt©TOOT ahi)alf The Gray — Geoh £ Me adocx TW Grs:aT - Dayid N Eojie j Lorid of The: M a -a k -CTm 7 FA AMm , C TAI o i ' li AS Tthj L -JW 1 EL-ncvn } Lord of 1 tHt Eas te.T?V Ei- VEJ5 -C ' RAIGr r 0 1 mm ,, LjOiRjd of ' Horiji -A+tT Via E -P« £ ssm R wT Ha. Tot tN NfcfcNt rXN HTP Eowy 9- F + T I V PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. William L. Barr Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bartholomay III Mr. and Mrs. John K. Blossom Mr. and Mrs. James J. Brown, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Colbert Mrs. John D. Creigh Mr. and Mrs. William A. Cremin Mrs. Harle G. Dammann Mr. and Mrs. Emile E. DuVernet Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Eversz Mr. and Mrs. John D. Galbraith, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Gait Mr. and Mrs. Henry Geering Mrs. Pattie Q. Ginnes Mr. and Mrs. Hunt Hamill Dr. and Mrs. William Harridge, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jordon H. Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. Wesley H. Loomis II Mr. and Mrs. C. Macgill Lynde Mrs. Everett L. Millard Mr. and Mrs. John F. Milliken Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Misch Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rogers, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John S. Schweppe Mr. and Mrs. John G. Severson Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. Stern, Jr Mr. and Mrs. John C. Sturgis Mr. and Mrs. George E. Victor Mr. and Mrs. F. Lee H. Wendell Mr. and Mrs. Irving A. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Winston, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Wood 152 H - , ' K M ■k ' S ' ' H I • -v " . %

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