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w Jk wBm n ■ i • .:, JM : ■ • " ? " I 1 1 pQ ; $% jt V v ' V - sr Si . ' a ' - ' O ■ i - » ' .. 1 F . ' ■ " ■ ' ; . ' vT SM - - " W i • , % ' W M d - I? swm v 1 1 •• jMft I ' ll m THE 1964 THE SENIOR CLASS of The North Shore Country Day School Winnetka, Illinois PRESENTS MIRROR 4- S M « 1 t d« ) u k » » : ifc jry T$tM fovf In recognition of the warmth, comfort, and loving care she has given to us and the exuberance with which she has stimulated North Shore, the Senior Class of 1964 dedicates The Mirror to Karla Landau 5- ; 6- In Memoriam Michael Saint Anthony Post 1927-1963 . . .on whatever sphere of being The mind of man may be intent At the time of death ' -that is the one action (And the time of death is every moment) Which shall fructify in the lives of others T. S. Eliot 7- The purpose of a yearbook is to present to its readers an accurate ac- count of the influences which directly affect the student. To be mean- ingful such a record must be simple. With these two thoughts in mind, we have attempted to compile a permanent history of the achieve- ments, activities and atmosphere of the school year. Therefore, we have presented the events and activities of the year in the form of a seasonal outline. The color dividers reflect the growing intensity of the academic and social life as the year progresses. Our efforts will be rewarded if in the future the reader will find in The 1964 MIRROR a reminder of his life at North Shore. The Editors Life at North Shore Each day at North Shore students. . . .study. S relax. .ponder. There is enthusiasm. . . .in the search for knowledge. »• .in discovery. . . .in being young. Students and faculty. . . .learn together. .plan together. . . .play together. 11 We are unified by sharing experiences, by learning together in Morning Exercise. by working together and by love for North Shore - 12 - FALL We are unified b by learnii Morning The jolting crack of bodies seeking ex- cellence on the playing fields is tempered by the intense pursuit of a different kind of excellence in classes and activities. i Iri H . rfej ' ' i ■ - -. ' ' ' ■• " " v t. ( W- v Y ' V. " ' ■ ' . v : ' £ ;• ' ■: ' : ' ... ? ' - i •, L t ' ■ ' " -■■ ' ■ ' • ' ; ; L t ■■. ■-■ ■ ?--, r ' f 1 - ■ ., ' y ' : : . ' ■■-. " rA ? • ' «% ' . . ' - " . Cv? • —,„.■ ' ' igffip WHITE DIVISION CHAMPIONS SCORES N .S. Opp 21 Morgan Park 6 27 North Park 6 32 Walther Lutheran 19 34 Latin 6 42 Elgin 7 7 Waukesha Cath. Mem. 13 33 Francis Parker 12 55 Glenwood 27 Non-! league games - 14 Varsity Football FIRST ROW: B. Fowle, E. Flatow, C. Lunding, J. Davis (Co- Captain), D. Strong (Co-Captain), B. Guenzel, P. Bowes, R. Borchert, N. Babson. SECOND ROW: T. Mousakeotis, B. Jarchow, B. Davis, J. Darrow, R. Hoyle, B. Guthmann, D. Philipsborn, D. Taylor. THIRD ROW: P. Alvira, B. Geraghty, Tiger Dietzgen, D. Richards, D. Bell, T. Moore, J. Coffin, S. Hawxhurst. FOURTH ROW: A. Peterson (Coach), H. Lambart, T. Brown, M. McCarty (Coach). ABSENT: R. Lambart (Coach). 15 - Frosh-Soph Football FIRST ROW: E. Stanton, R. Wilcox, T. Merrick, M. Brickman, C. Johnson, R. Weary, R. Butler, J. Kollar. SECOND ROW: C. Bartholomay, D. LaCosse, J. Flanzer, J. Gordon, M. Baach, S. Monteiro, J. Church, R. Mayer, J. Moreschi, P. Wilson. THIRD ROW: N. Gibney, C. Schweppe, S. Babson, P. Rein- hold, T. Stibolt, S. Heitman, P. Fairbank, C. Weld, H. Stern. FOURTH ROW: Schultz (Coach), S. Millard, K. Montgomery, S. Wilson, P. Watrous, B. Tideman, N. Howard, C. Ban, J. Darrow. Varsity Hockey FIRST ROW: K. Wilsey, J. Miller, J. Brew, L. Durham, C. Wilkinson, N. Boal, H. Potter, S. East- man, J. Drake (Co-Captpin), O. Huston (Co-Captain), C. Ewen, M. Dalton, L. Howe, M. Hobart, F. Winston, C. Dern, A. Sutherland, P. Harper. SECOND ROW: P. Keel, K. Gardner, A. Young, E. Howe, N. Scribner, B. Ratcliffe, S. Kopple, M. Morse, B. Finch, L. Olson, A. French, L. Moore. 17 - Middle School Hockey BBSS FIRST ROW: S. Green, R. Burnell, D. Gillispie, R. Geist, J. Price, C. Millard, M. Watkins, M. Cart- on, D. Flint, L. Litten, H. Brown. SECOND ROW: A. Bolotin, S. Wells, J. Nevins, C. Babson, B. Perkins, S. Folds, J. Rockwell, M. Schweitzer, I. Young, R. Mayer, P. Ross, L. Lipman, C. Reinhold. THIRD ROW: L. Tate, S. Restin, D. Massey, J. Jefferson, K. Gait, M. Booz, B. Carton, D. Wood- ward, J. Donahue, A. Thompson, K. Mullins, S. Askow, H. Foote, L. Brewer, M. Garvin FOURTH ROW: A. Winston, A. Kopple, N. Colbert, N. Swift, S. Pugh, C. Jarchow, J. Strong, M. Geraghty, M. Sewell, W. Boal, A. Searle, K. Askow, C. Weary. 18 Eighth Grade Football FIRST ROW: J. Wilson, F. Soule, R. Stern, B. Judkins, B. Harridge, G. Dern. SECOND ROW: S. Wilcox, A. McAlister, J. Samuels, D. Creigh, B. Barber, B. Stern. THIRD ROW: Mr. Nold (Coach), T. Brown, F. Loomis, P. Sommer, M. Watrous, T. Ross, Mr. Yeo- mans (Coach). Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Grade Football FIRST ROW: B. Hills, C. Colvin, C. Philipsborn, J. Hoffman, C. Johnson, D. Schweppe, T. Coulter, D. Whiteman, J. Leslie, D. Turner. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ostrom (Coach), B. Wirtz, M. Post, G. Kenly, C. Durham, J. Wilkinson, B. Cody, M. Springer, J. Saunders, E. Gordon. THIRD ROW: J. Victor, E. Shorey, G. Hills, A. Struthers, B. Earle, J. Stibolt, P. Delaney, D. Lyons, P. Kuh. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Provine (Coach), D. Lebolt, B. Comstock, H. Hamill, J. Loomis, J. Wilson, J. Milliken, B. Batson, B. Blair. 19- ACTIVITIES Mirror Staff LEFT TO RIGHT: Doc Cooper, Gwen Stern, Bill Guthmann, Jan Miller, Bill Guenzel, Sherry Fitz- morris, Debby Strong, Libby Soule (Co-Editor), Dave Strong, Chris Lunding (Co- Editor). -20 Purple and White FIRST ROW: John Hickey, Steve Hawxhurst, Mark Nelson, Nick Babson, John Darrow. SECOND ROW: Jeff Alsdorf, Bill Hinchliff, Betsy Cohler, Lea Durham, Mitchell Dalton, Tom Moore (Editor). THIRD ROW: Debby Vainder, Nancy Scribner, Betty Anne Clarke, Bim Stanton, Rennie Knopf, Judy Drake, Anne Young, Holly Potter, John Coffin. The purpose of the Purple and White for the year 1963 and 1964 has been to stimulate a deeper interest in the student body over significant issues that are world-wide as well as school-wide. The staff was at least tripled in size in order to provide a surplus of mate- rial from which the more provocative and in- teresting articles could be selected. The newspaper, or more accurately news magazine, was criticized by many groups (faculty, underclassmen of lower intelligence, Mr. Lacey, and angry young alumnae) for its lack of emphasis on issues pertinent to their own select interests. The Purple and White is instead a newspaper which through its variety tries to satisfy all groups rather than just one. Not everyone chuckles over the corny jokes of the subtle Campus Quotes column, but on the other hand, the Berlin crisis isn ' t the most in- teresting subject to read about either. The staff gains the greatest satisfaction from the magazine when it appears neatly stacked in the lunchroom for distribution. Though each issue does not last materially forever as the MIRROR proposes, the Purple and White as an institution remains as long as students wish to write. Tom Moore - 21 Girls ' Athletic Association-First Term FIRST ROW: Parti Keel, (Secretary), Jan Miller (President), Joannie Brew (Vice-President). SECOND ROW: Saralyn Kopple, Nancy Scribner, Liz Olson, Barbie Wells, Susie Williams, Ondre Huston, Judy Drake, Sherry Fitzmorris, Debby Vainder, Lyn Miller. G.A.A. is a group organized to create spirit and friendliness in the school. As an organization we try to do our best to improve and help the school in any way we can. As individuals we assist teachers in small projects such as typing and filing. As a group we undertake large projects such as a book- and-bake fair, and a always successful ban- quet. G.A.A. is the girls of the high school. The success or failure of the organization belongs solely to them. We have a common goal, we strive to contribute, to assist, to improve and above all to support our school. This year we hope that we have reached our goal, and, if possible, surpassed it. Jan Miller 22 Student Council-First Term FIRST ROW: Ellen Howe, John Darrow (President), Debby Strong (Vice-President), Candy Dern (Secretary). SECOND ROW: Bert Stern, Liza Howe, Bill Guthmann, Charlie Gardner, Bill Davis, Linda Allison, Tom Dietzgen, John Hickey, Anne Pugh. ABSENT: Anne Young (Treasurer). In past years the emphasis in Council has been on the discussion of new powers. We be- lieve that the way councilwas organized it could not handle these powers. Therefore, this year we have worked to change Council into a stronger, more efficient organization. We now have a set of by-laws for the running of meetings, and a series of sub committees to run the different functions. This means that the council is now a supervising body with time to work on more projects. We believe that this system will enable it to carry more responsibilities and handle them correctly. John Darrow -23- Ensemble LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Guenzel, David Strong, John Darrow, Bob Joffee, Paul Fairbank, Bob Wil- cox, Jim Nesler, Barney Carrington, Bill Hinchliff, Tison Keel, Dick Richards, Robbie Mayer, Bert Stern, Paco Alvira, John Coffin, Ted Mouzakeotis, Robie Weary, Bruce Jarchow, Bill Davis, Terry Brown, Chris Johnson, Tom Morre, Chris Lunding. 26- A Cappella LEFT to RIGHT: Rita Montgomery, Debby Strong, Candy Dern, Angie Galbraith, Kay Zeller, Ted- die Fitzmorris, Liz MacLeish, Kathy Severson, Susie Cranage, Pussy Harper, Gwen Stern, Cathy Groves, Sherry Fitzmorris, Phoebe Pettingell, Anne Sutherland, Patti Keel, Katie Gardner, Barb Kaufman, Betty Anne Clarke. 27 Stage Crew FIRST ROW: Nick Howland, Bill Bro, Teddie Fitzmorris. SECOND ROW: John Flanzer, Beth Nichols, Bim Stanton, Bert Stern, Martin Jack, Suzi Elliott, Candy Dern, Sherry Fitzmorris, Ann Mullins. THIRD ROW: Jay Nichols, Chris Weld, Skeets Millard, Stuart Wilson, Tom Stibolt, John Moreschi. Drama Club FIRST ROW: Candy Dern, Jan Miller, Linda Allison, Phoebe Pettingell, Betsy Cohler. SECOND ROW: Gail Barber, Di Harper, Nina Boal, Barb Kaufman, Suzi Elliott, Irving Benoist, Katie Wilsey, Liz MacLeish, Pussy Harper, Susie Williams, Nancy Scribner Mrs. Waisman. THIRD ROW: Dave Hooker, Tom Dietzgen, Libby Soule, Derek Tennant. -28- Morning Exercise Committee FIRST ROW: Randy Miller, Katie Wilsey, Derek Tennant, Bim Stanton. SECOND ROW: Phoebe Pettingell, Susan Eastman, Ted Mouzakeotis (Co-Chairman), Di Harper (Co-Chairman), Ed Stanton, John Moreschi, Betsy Cohler. The Morning Exercise Committee has thoroughly investigated the typical questions and problems presented every year. For in- stance: " What is the purpose of Morning Exer- cise? " Mr. Smith presented a Morning Exer- cise discussing the value of gathering together everyday to share experiences and to acquire knowledge outside the classroom. We dis- tributed questionaires to discover the student body ' s opinions concerning the Morning Exer- cises. After discussing the results of the ques- tionaires we arrived at some interesting con- clusions, but no solutions. The Morning Exercise Committee is a uni- fying committee because it encourages the stu- dents in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools to participate in the Morning Exercises. The Morning Exercises require everyone ' s interest since it is the one concrete daily activity which helps to make the school a community of in- terested and interesting people. Di Harper 29- Vaudeville Chorus Line U.S.A. - 2 2. Heart 3. Alley Cat Chorus Girls Nine Junior Girls Joan Gately, Jane Bulger Lee Mill iken 4. Food, Glorious Food Pussy Harper, Frannie Winston, Randy Miller 5. American Government Junior Boys 6. Picardy 3 1 Barney Carrington, Jeff Alsdorf Chris Lunding, Terry Brown 7. Modern American Fairy Tale Senior Girls 8. Paco ' s Place Paco Alvira and American Friends 9. Anything You Can Do Diane Gillispie Cindy Babson, Arlene Bolotin Kathy Mullins, Kathy Gait Alison Conant 10. American Judicial System Freshman Boys 11. The A Cappella in New York 12. Days of Wine and Roses Nina Boal 13. Telephone Hour Freshman Girls 14. Many a New Day Susan Restin 15. American Educational System Sophomore Boys 16. Love Songs Toni Harris, Rita Montgomery Chairmen - Gwen Stern, Douglas Cooper -30- 1963 17. Motorcycle Chris Lunding Gail Barber Jeff Alsdorf Anne Pugh Dave Strong Nick Babson 18. I ' d do Anything For You INTERMISSION 19. The Shooting of Dan McGrew Jane Drake Di Harper The Allisons Senior Boys 20. Long Time Ago Linda Allison, Rita Montgomery Debby Strong, Betty Anne Clarke 21. Junior Girls 22. Songs by The Fire 23. Chicago The Ensemble Three Hoods 24. Unfinished Symphony 25. Deep Purple (Pianos Barb Finch Kathy Edwards 26. The Misfits 27. Basin Street Barb Bulger Barb Kaufman (Dancing) Jan Miller Nick Babson, Dave Strong Tom Moore Teddie Fitzmorris 28. Jack-in-the-boxes Angie Galbraith, Jane Coulter, Barb Kaufman, Patti Keel FINALE Featuring: Emmett Kelly Kelly, Jr. Faculty Advisor Mrs. Waisman (Miss Cooperman) Accompanist -31 - Steve Hawxhurst Peter Kuh Miss Mary Almjeld i s V %J iS WWw Mi Nk ,4 , : ■mXMWW mKBtmlM $ Mrn i . 7 m g mbO . " " ' ■ ' « « " x- - - ■s . r- ff ; ' k V ft tih.. iik « WINTER Winter brings worried expressions and sleepless nights due to the anxiety of col- lege admissions, mid-years, deadlines, or the upcoming basketball games. i ' -.L - ' «-:. (jIT sBr N.S. SCORES 56 Walther Lutheran 60 33 Chicago Christian 82 55 Francis Parker 45 60 Elgin Academy 34 48 Harvard-St. George 43 76 University High 56 66 Morgan Park 70 90 Latin School 52 73 Glenwood 54 55 llliana Christian 53 68 Timothy Christian 39 69 Francis Parker 52 79 Elgin Academy 41 81 Harvard-St. George 68 53 Lake Forest Academy 43 66 University High 58 62 Latin School 42 62 Glenwood 36 63 llliana Christian 66 66 Walther Luther 48 64 Morgan Park 66 Non -League games Private School League Tournamenl 34 Varsity Basketball FIRST ROW: Mr. McCarty (Coach), Nick Babson, Chip Flatow, Bill Guenzel (Captain), Jeff Als- dorf, Tom Moore, Sleepy Peterson (Coach). SECOND ROW: Dave Hooker, John Darrow, Dan Philipsborn, Craig Misner, Bill Davis, John Hickey. Frosh - Soph Basketball SITTING: B. Tideman, S. Monteiro, B. Jarchow, P. Wilson, C. Johnson, T. Mouzakeotis, M. Baach, S. Heitmann. STANDING: Mr. Schultz (coach), M. Jack, J. Darrow, H. Strong, R. Wilcox, J. Flanzer, T. Merrick, C. Ban. -36- Middle School Basketball SITTING: G. Dern, B. Blair, T. Ross, F. Loomis. STANDING: Mr. Provine (Coach), J. Creigh, J. Samuels, P. Thompson, A. McAlister. 37 Girls ' Varsity Basketball SITTING: J. Miller (Co-capt.), H. Potter (Co-capt.). KNEELING: J. Harper, S. Cranage, P. Kimball, K. Gardner, B. Ratcliffe, A. French, A. Young, C Dern. STANDING: O. Huston, S. Kopple, A. Pugh, J. Coulter, M. Paul, E. Howe, L. Moore, M. Hobart, C. Ewen, E. Howe, C. Howard, F. Winston. -38- Ski Club -39- Ice Hockey FIRST ROW: Steve Hawxhurst, Bim Stanton, Mike Brickman, Bill Fowle, Robie Weary, Ed Stanton, Dah, John Collar, Chuck Bartholomay, Bert Stern. SECOND ROW: Barney Carrington, Terry Brown, Derek Tennant, Jerry Gordon. - 40 -41 Anti - Ski Club SITTING: Sherry Fitzmorns, Lynn Miller, B. A. Clarke. STANDING: Rob Borchert (Chairman), Penny Gardner, Libby Soule, Phoebe Peftingel liff. Bill Hinch- -42 Beach Guerrillas KNEELING: Barney Carrington, Rennie Knopf, Bill Guthmann. STANDING: Nick Babson, Jeff Alsdorf, Chris Lunding, Bim Stanton, Dave Strong, Bill Guenzel. ABSENT: Dan Randle. The idea of Beach Guerrilla Warfare originated with a rather elementary game of night time water balloon throwing in the Lake Forest woods. It was an escape from summer boredom, a novel pastime, but nothing more. The woods, however, lacked something. The area of combat was too large, the ground too hard for trenches, and the location too far from most of the participants homes. Tower Road Beach offered all that the woods lacked; so the game, now grown in ferocity and cunning to the proportions of full war, was moved to the latter location and attain- ed its present name. Ensuing battles were marked by the development of trench warfare, advanced camouflage techniques (using handy bushes and beach grass), acute hearing, and sharp night vision. The number of participants increased and soon the two opposing armies numbered five gallant lads apiece. Following close upon the beginning of any battle; hasty, careless troopers would be cut down like wheat before the sickle by more experienced hands and wet corpses (to be hit by a water balloon equals death) would lie outstretched on the beach with ugly, sand clogged water spots cov- ering their youthful bodies which once so proudly strode the earth. Only inclement winter weather stopped the bloody carnage which should resume with renewed fero- city in the sprinq. ,-, . . ,. ' Chris Lunding - 43 - Middle School Council-Second Term FIRST ROW: Anne Young (Treasurer), John Darrow (President), Ellen Howe (Secretary), Russ Hoyle (Vice-President). SECOND ROW: Paco Alvira, Sara Greeley, Les Moore, Candy Dern, Linda Allison, John Chamber- lin. THIRD ROW: John Hickey, Bill Davis, Liza Howe, Scott Heitman. -44 Girls ' Athletic Association-Second Term FIRST ROW: Patti Keel (Secretary), Judy Drake, Jan Miller (President), Joannie Brew (Vice-President), Nancy Scribner. SECOND ROW: Les Griswold, Barb Bulger, Katie Gardner, Ondre Huston, Susie Williams, Ceci Ewen, Lyn Miller. 45 Student Council -Second Term FIRST ROW: Lisa Young, Jenny Donahue, Polly Ross, Joel Parshall, Peter Thompson, Dunny Creigh, Paul Sommers, Craig Johnson, Charlie Durham, Donald Whiteman. SECOND ROW: Corky Millard, Ann Searle, Susie Folds, Ben Earle, Bruce Blaire, Bill Batson, Weez- ie Tate, Cindy Babson, Debbie Massey, Judy Nevins, James Leslie. 46 Winter Activities far " ' .. a ' j fWBB Ringo Star! Frank who? 48 to Lake Mung 49 Mothers at Work 50 Janitors s j9f ? I " — " JIT nllii " SPRING Student life continues as a growing cur- rent of excitement and expectation runs through the school - culminating in Com- mencement and Prom. $ I " »,_„ .— X " " Varsity Baseball FIRST ROW: John Darrow, John Coffin, John Chamberlin, Ted Mouzakeotis, Nick Babson, Bill Fowle, Mr. McCarty (Coach). SECOND ROW: Russ Hoyle, Bruce Jarchow, Tom Moore (Captain), Craig Misner, Bill Davis, Bobby Geraghty. 54 Varsity Baseball Schedule Timothy Christian Here Walther Lutheran Here Latin School Here llliana Christian There Loyola Academy Here University High Here Francis Parker There Glenwood School Here Latin School There llliana Christian Here University High There Lake Forest Academy Here Francis Parker Here Glenwood School There Timothy Christian There Lake Forest Academy There ■u Vi .:.! ,y .. ,l " i ■ -Li Non-league game 55 Frosh-Soph Baseball FIRST ROW Mr. Ostrom (Coach), Charles Ban, Hub Stern, Steve Babson, Ed Stanton, Chuck Barthol- omay, Steve Reinhold, Gibby Nathan, Bob Butler. SECOND ROW: Jerry Gordon, Howard Strong, Bill BYickman, Martin Baach, Peter Wilson, John Flanzer, Scott Heitmann, Charles Gardner, John Moreschi. Frosh-Soph Baseball Schedule University High Here Morgan Park There Luther South Here University High There Lake Forest Academy There Luther South There Morgan Park Here Francis Parker Here Francis Parker There Lake Forest Here 56 Track Team KNEELING: Dick Richards, Charlie Schweepe, Paco Alvira, Robie Mayer, Tap Merrick, Tom Stibolt. STANDING: Mr. Lacey (Coach), Ken Montgomery, Mike Brickman, Ned Lawson, Chris Lunding, Chris Johnson, Stuart Wilson, David Strong, Gene Caine. 57 - Boys ' Tennis Team SEATED: Bill Harper. KNEELING: Tison Keel, Bim Stanton. STANDING: Bob Wilcox, Bob Joffee, Mr. Provine (Coach), Tom Dietzgen, Bill Hinchliff (Captain). Tennis Schedule Francis Parker Here Timothy Christian Here Elgin Academy There Latin School Here llliani Christian There University High Here Harvard School Here Latin School There llliani Christian Here University High There Elgin Academy Here Harvard School There Francis Parker There 58 Due to inclement weather conditions delaying the choice of the Girl ' s Tennis Team at the time of publica- tion of this page, the Team photo which normally would have appeared here could not be included. The only facts now obtainable concerning the team are that Katie Gardner is captain and Miss Spencer is coach. The Edi- tors wish to express their deep regret that conditions be- yond their control have prevented the inclusion of this normal feature of the yearbook. 59 Golf Team FIRST ROW Bill Guenzel, Jeff Alsdorf, Pete Watrous, Peter Bowes, Terry Brown, Dave Taylor. SECOND ROW: Robie Weary, Rob Borchert, John Berglund, Bob Kentor, John Kollar. ■ ' fc ; :W Golf Schedule Francis Parker Here Elgin Academy Here Elgin Academy There Lake Forest Academy There Francis Parker There North Park Here League Golf Meet at White Pines Golf Club irpteamn -60 Sailing Team (ACME photo) MISSING: Commodore Bennett W. Carrington III, Craig LaFramenta, Molly Lynde, Ann Sutherland, Stets Ames, Bill Jefferson, Liz Mac Leish, Dan LaCosse, Jim Nesler, Beth Nichols, Carol Howard, Betsy Cohler, Chip Flatow, Jim Nesler, Pete Hutchinson, Gary Perkins, Jay Nichols, Nick Howland, John Eastman, Bill Guthmann. -61 ■ jt ±. ' £M ' -»f--f ' -, - | r --f :r l BTT " i ir " i Ruddigore CAST Saturday night cast listed last Zorah Angie Galbraith Candy Dern Ruth Lucy Hadsal Dame Hannah Rita Montgomery (Matinee) Phoebe Pettingell Betty Anne Clarke Rose Maybud Debby Strong Robin (Ruthven Murgatroyd) Nick Babson Old Adam Chris Lunding Richard Dauntless Dick Richards Mad Margaret Barb Kaufman Linda Allison Sir Despard Murgatroyd Dave Strong Sir Roderic Murgatroyd Peter Bowes Bob J of fee Ghosts: Terry Brown, Bill Davis, Tom Moore, Bruce Jar- chow, Chuck Ban, Jim Darrow, Pete Wilson. Chorus of Bridesmaids and Townfolk. -62- by Gilbert and Sullivan March 19, 20, 21, 1964 Musical Director Mr. Vincent B. Allison Drama Director Mrs. Lionel A. Waisman Accompanist Miss Mary Almjeld Coordinator Nancy Scribner Assistant Coordinator John Hickey Stage Manager Bobby Geraghty Costumes Betsy Cohler Mimi Hobart Mrs. Ogelsby Paul Mrs. Sidney Keel Orchestra: Northwestern students as well as Stets Ames, John Eastman, Jim Marcus, and Mr. Tom Yoemans. 63 SHI « The Madwoman of Chaillot 99 CAST (In the order of their appearance) The Waiter Ned Lawson The Little Man Seiji Sonne The Prospector Bill Guthmann The President Dave Strong The Baron Bill Hinchliff Therese Merle Chambers The Street Singer B. A. Clarke The Flower Girl Katie Wilsey The Ragpicker Doc Cooper Paulette Joannie Brew The Deaf-Mute Rennie Knopf Irma Susie Williams The Shoe-lace Peddler J. Reidy The Broker Bob Joffee The Street-Juggler Dave Bell Dr. Jadin John Eastman Countess Aurelia Linda Allison The Door Man Jim Davis The Policeman Paco Alvira Pierre Rob Borchert Sergeant Rennie Knopf The Sewer Man Chris Lunding Madame Constance Karin Syren Mile. Gabrielle Jan Miller Madame Josephine Libby Soule The Presidents Rennie Knopf Chip Flatow Jamie Reidy Barney Carrington Nick Howland The Press Agents Nina Boal Jeff Alsdorf Bim Stanton The Ladies Sally Hunt Phoebe Pettingell Ondre Huston Adolphe Bertaut Chip Flatow Gene Caine Bill Guenzel Director Charlotte Waisman Assistant Director Debby Strong -64- Faculty and Students Nathaniel S. French Headmaster fZfol. ,, :x 65 Barbara A. Foote Assistant to the Headmaster English Perry Dunlap Smith Headmaster Emeritus Health Education Frank Wallace English " iH Hk. tbM« " — - i--y ft -», ■r i V 9 i« : v jFSi Virginia S. Deane Dean of Girls History Richard Lacey English 66 -67- Sandra J. Brown Mathematics Biology Elsie V. Harridge Assistant Treasurer Mathematics Martin J. McCarty Physical Education Biology Joy Spencer Physical Education -68- Liliane Durham French Simone Valvo French Elizabeth R. Becker Latin 1 Roselind Reimann French Karla Landau German jM.W- ' " ' " i r , ,. is,. t«, « -. " . — —— UHiii ■ ; : vi fit 1- ,. If ■ | i - i f»W ■5 . n =r ' £rw » " . ::Ll Hl IP r 2V- mm " tWl B Hh «£ ] _ 70- 9 9 mm. 71 Lower School Faculty FIRST ROW: Marilyn W. Grenzebach, Katherine L. Cretcher, Janet E. Crouch, Evelyn Kratz, Nan- cy C. Fairbanks, Janette J. Damaske. SECOND ROW: Margot B. Beadle, Frances B. Renoe, Kathleen M. Collingbourne, George F. El- dredge, Jane Dalton, Joan F. Keener. Middle School Faculty LEFT TO RIGHT: Beverly Arment, Jane Dalton, Jean B. Pettibone, Margaret B. Christie, Joseph J. Nold, Joseph R. Schulze, Thomas Yeomans, William C. Provine, Virginia Ingram, Gerald Ostrom, Marilyn W. Grenzebach. 72 Office Staff LEFT TO RIGHT: James J. Bergen, Dorothy S. Roberts, Esther J. Mitchell, Elsie V. Harridge, Jean K. Talley, Violet E. Dormody. -73 The Senior Class of 1964 The class of 1964 has many different interests and activities. Because of these differences, we are a class of individual contributors with no clique of leadership. More importantly, we have learned since Freshman year to respect and protect everyone s right to express his opinion. The focus of interest has varied. Some of us have centered our energies on out- side activities and others on school activities. Enthusiasm has been generated by such varied interests as The Chicago Blackhawks, English Seminar, Verdi, Bobby Dylan, Desotos and red Corvettes. The Misfits, the Picardy Three, French Operettas, The Grand Duke and Council campaigns are some notable results of our interests. There is an avid interest in the Arts. The sense of humor shared by our class is only one of our unifying factors. And, although we resent authority, our sense of humor has enabled us to form close relationships with the faculty. We, especially the boys, have come up with such in- novations as beach guerrilla warfare, the Jolly Green Giant, flower collecting for Mayday, watching sunrises, cookie parties and memorable Vaudeville acts. The other unifying force has been our years of shared experiences: lunch line and council controversy, lectures on behavior in Morning Ex, ski trips, Mr. Lacey, Tower Road Beach, new teachers, a 60 ft. River Boat, and 8:25 A.M. for four years. T 74 JSP Paco FRANCISCO ALVIRA Football: 4; Track: 4; Wrestling: 4; Ensemble: 4; A.F.S.- 4. " You creep! " A beeg heart besides a brain. Musical. Saint Thomas Aquinas. Likes: French, American and Spanish girls, Paco Plus, soc- cer, Spanish " fiestas " and card games. Usual- ly whistling or listening to music. Ambition: diplomat or economist. LINDA BEAUVAIS ALLISON A Cappella: 2, 3, 4; Class Chairman: 2; Coun- cil: 3; Drama Club: 3, 4 (Co-Chairman). " You re full of bananas: " Light hearted, emo- tional. Food! (Anything except lima beans and liver.) Summer stock in Waukegan. Proud to have been a leader of Squad 4. Loves cats and music. Jfl W B w ' « ■ Bh - - JB R £ M J Linda Jeff JEFFREY ALEXANDER ALSDORF Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf: 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Purp : 3,4. " You fool " A young idealist in an amoral world, a cynic, a folksinger and a photo- grapher. Bob Dylan. Steak City. Dislikes: young punks, socialists, Gibson guitars and California. Usually planning wild weekends which never come off. Would like to be an architect. - 75 IRVING ROYSTER BENOIST Drama Club: 1, 2, 3, 4; Current Events: 4; Special Services: 1 , 2, 3, 4. Hates " people who call me Doity Oiv " . Self- taught psychologist with an enormous vocabu- lary. Perennially disorganized. Usually finish- ing papers in class. Likes: drama, philosophy, singing, Phoebe and Molly, but hates the Sen- ior girl ' s lockers. Nick NICHOLAS CARL BABSON Football: 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball: 1, 2, 4; Basket- ball: 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Ensemble: 1, 2, 3, 4; Track: 3; Purp: 4. " You silly goose " Jargonist. Misfit. Opera leads. " None of that refined stuff. " Social climber and hack off. Dislikes social climbers. " Patti who? " Dunglehead. Ambition: to teach History or to be the Captain of the S.S. United States. NINA DURYEE BOAL Hockey: 1, 2, 3; Basketball: 1. " No sweat " Independent, horse lover, senti- mental, strong opinions. Likes: art, music, ski- ing. Moonlight Sonata. Learned to love music at N.S. Sam Kowalski. Nina 76 Dave DAVID CLARK BELL Football: 3, 4; Track-. 3; Wrestling: 3. " You worm! " Clean-cut and clean-living. Us- ually thinking about getting to St. Louis, pho- tography or lust. Likes humor . . . " You creep! " Would like to be a pro football player. JOANNE DONALDSON BREW G.A.A.: 2, 3, 4 (Vice President); Hockey: 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Sailing: 1, 2, 3, 4; Council: 1. " Joannie ' s happy " 14- years at N.S. Natural, emotional, flustered. Likes the beach and long walks. Usually working at the hospital. Dislikes people who are all work. " Oh.... Oh!.. .! " Rob ROBERT LAMBERT BORCHERT III Football 3, 4; Basketball: 2; Baseball: 1, 2, 3, 4; Current Events: 3, 4 (Co-Chairman); Coun- cil: 2, 3; Anti-Ski Club: 1, 2, 3, 4. " Bah! " Emotional, fiery, fiesty and a loud- mouth. A certain girl. Cannot forget his first day of German. Likes small girls with brown hair and BLUE eyes and H modified Sprites. Dislikes small girls with brown hair and BROWN eyes (Sherry?) and skiers. -77 s m. MERLE CATHERINE CHAMBERS Special Services: 2, 3 (Secretary), 4; Sailing: 1,2,3,4. " Oh fie! ' Strong opinions, honest, sentimental. Likes sailing, discussions on the meaning of life and riding in yellow Corvairs. Admires genuiness. First woman President. Merle WILLIAM PRICE BRO Sailing: 1, 2, 3, 4. " Very horse---- " (Censored) The epitome of Man on his way to Nirvanna. Dramatics. Sum- mer stock. Independent thinker. Likes wine, women and song. Usually engaging in illicit activities in the parking lot. Ambition: Thespian. ELIZABETH ANNE CLARKE A Cappella: 2, 3, 4; Drama Club: 3, 4; Class President: 4; Purp: 4. " Oh dear " Studious, philosopher. En|oys mu- sic, reading and playing bridge with Lyn. Gives innocent look when trying to make a point. Ambition: Journalist. Betty Anne » -,. 78 EUGENE VINCENT CAINE Football: 2, 3; Track: 3, 4; Wrestling: 3; Sail- ing: 2; Ensemble: 1, 2, 3, 4; A.F.S.: 4 (Chair- man). " The anatomical juxtaposition of the obigu- larous aurus muscles in a state of contraction . . Catchy isn ' t it? " Freud. Skiing. I.R.L. Presi- dent. " Pshaw " Likes people who find them- selves. Usually trying to find himself. Ambi- tion: a humanities teacher or a doctor. CAROLINE ELIZABETH DERN Hockey: 1, 2, 3, 4; A Cappella: 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball: 2, 4; Council Secretary: 3, 4; Ski Club President: 4. " Really " Organized, efficient, unsophisticated and enthusiastic. Skiing (Whiz kid). Opera. New Savoyards. Likes people to be pessi- mistic with and Dr. Landau. " Gees " Candy Barney BENNETT WARNER CARRINGTON III Football: 2, 3, 4; Sailing: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Commo- dore); Ensemble: 3, 4; Stage Crew: 1 , 2, 3. " Truth is a Henry ' s Hamburger " Likes 327 ' s, Martin guitars and John Lee Hooker. Dislikes Jeff ' s good taste. Usually borrowing some- thing. Psychologist. Would like to be happy. - 79 MERLE CATHERINE CHAMBERS Special Services: 2, 3 (Secretary), 4; Sailing: 1,2,3,4. " Oh fie! " Strong opinions, honest, sentimental. Likes sailing, discussions on the meaning of life and riding in yellow Corvairs. Admires genuiness. First woman President. Merle Bill WILLIAM PRICE BRO Sailing: 1, 2, 3, 4. " Very horse---- " (Censored) The epitome of Man on his way to Nirvanna. Dramatics. Sum- mer stock. Independent thinker. Likes wine, women and song. Usually engaging in illicit activities in the parking lot. Ambition: Thespian. ELIZABETH ANNE CLARKE A Cappella: 2, 3, 4; Drama Club: 3, 4; Class President: 4; Purp: 4. " Oh dear " Studious, philosopher. Enjoys mu- sic, reading and playing bridge with Lyn. Gives innocent look when trying to make a point. Ambition: Journalist. Betty Anne 78- EUGENE VINCENT CAINE Football: 2, 3; Track: 3, 4; Wrestling: 3; Sail- ing: 2; Ensemble: 1, 2, 3, 4; A.F.S.: 4 (Chair- man). " The anatomical juxtaposition of the obigu- larous aurus muscles in a state of contraction . . .Catchy isn ' t it? " Freud. Skiing. I.R.L. Presi- dent. " Pshaw " Likes people who find them- selves. Usually trying to find himself. Ambi- tion: a humanities teacher or a doctor. CAROLINE ELIZABETH DERN Hockey: 1, 2, 3, 4; A Cappella: 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball: 2, 4; Council Secretary.- 3, 4; Ski Club President: 4. " Really " Organized, efficient, unsophisticated and enthusiastic. Skiing (Whiz kid). Opera. New Savoyards. Likes people to be pessi- mistic with and Dr. Landau. " Gees " Candy Barney BENNETT WARNER CARRINGTON III Football: 2, 3, 4; Sailing: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Commo- dore); Ensemble: 3, 4; Stage Crew: 1 , 2, 3. " Truth is a Henry ' s Hamburger " Likes 327 ' s, Martin guitars and John Lee Hooker. Dislikes Jeff ' s good taste. Usually borrowing some- thing. Psychologist. Would like to be happy. 79 JULIA MASON DRAKE Hockey: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Cheerleader: 2, 3; G.A.A.: 1, 3, 4 (Delegate-at-large); Purp: 3, 4; Ski Club Secretary: 3. " Oh honestly " Bowlegged list maker. Aspen, skiing. Loves birthday parties and Wipigaki. Sweet pea, green eyes. Dislikes superior people. A member of the convertible set. " That ' s close " Wants to major in History. Judy Doc DOUGLASS ALLEN COOPER Sailing: 2, 3; Morning Ex: 1, 2, 3 (Co-Chair- man); MIRROR: 4. " Gee! " and giggle. Artist. Mr. Almquist. " Bad Scene Likes painting and Estes Park (but not for camping). Dislikes " people who laugh when I ' m serious " and the pink walls in the Senior boys ' room. Usually sitting at Sherry ' s. Desires to learn how to do something creative well. SHARON STARK FITZMORRIS A Cappella: 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader: 2, 4; Purp: 3; Basketball: 3; MIRROR: 4. " Oh de do do " Boystrous, usually wrestling in the halls, climbing out of windows or sit- ting at home with the rest of the school. Likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the smok- ing room and sleeping late. Interested in His- tory and languages. Sherry 80 JUJ Berry JAMES DAWSON DAVIS Football: 2, 3, 4 ; Basketball: 2, 3; Baseball: 3; Stage Crew: 2; Council 3. " You guys " A good man, hard-headed. Likes unsophisticated people and J.L., chorus and proctoring study halls. Dislikes affectatious people, Katie Gardner, " Dave Bell taking my compass in Mechanical Drawing " and " dents in my fenders " . Usually driving his hot rod or reading passionate letters. PAMELA PENCE GARDNER A.F.S. 4; Council 2. " No phantoming! " The cat that swallowed the canary. Long straight hair. Likes Tiki gods, gin rummy with Rennie and picking dandelions for Madame. Usually riding or conspiring with Pam. Interested in architecture. Penrn ,n JOHN REID EASTMAN Sailing: 1, 2, 3, 4; Council: 2, 3. " Music is more an emotional than an intel- lectual experience " Clarinet. A perceptive seeker of truth. Usually creating " a phony image of myself " Likes: misanthropes, amoral and pessimistic people. Dislikes optimists and popularity seekers. Ambition, to play in a major symphony orchestra. 81 - SARAH KIMBALL HUNT G.A.A.: 1; Class Chairman: 3; Runnfelt and Bel- mont: 1, 2, 3, 4. " Whaaat! " Mature blond, freckles, loud clothes and contact lenses. Dislikes phonies and being alone. Usually driving around. " Heavens " One of Spence ' s children. The eighth grade cheerleading M.X. that JOAN- NIE goofed. Would like to be in Italy. Sally Chip EDWARD MARSHALL FLATOW Football: 2, 3, 4; Basketball: 2, 3, 4; Track: 3, 4; Morning Ex: 2. " Tall, dark, handsome, debonaire, charming, muscular, humorous and modest " " Ganglia " Crazy M.X. announcements. Folksinger, gui- tars. Friendly. Likes the FEELING of freedom at school. Dislikes " Country Day " . Hopes to be a lawyer or an English teacher. ONDRE HUSTON Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club: 4; Current Events: 3, 4. " You know what I mean " Doesn ' t explain what she means. 10 ducks and 3 pheasants. Orchestra. Usually looking cross-eyed at Penny in Latin. Spends her free time at the Playdium. Likes big lunches and traditions. Ondre 82 - WILLIAM SKINNER GUENZEL Football: 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Ensemble: 2, 3, 4; Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Coun cil 3 (Treasurer); MIRROR: 4. 2 _£ " ,, " C - n " A hungry ambivert with extrovert tendencies. Usually grinning lecherously and observing the feeding habits of " squirrels ' or a certain blond cheerleader with Jeff. Dislikes all types of green ganglia. Would like to de- clare Bob Joffee out of order. SARALYN KOPPLE Sailing: 1, 2; Basketball: 3; Special Services: 3; Hockey: 4; G.A.A.: 4. " God, are you serious? " Infectious laugh and a ' 56 Cadillac and likes parrots, penguins and cooking. A commuter. Dislikes people who don ' t adore big dogs like St. Bernards. Medi- cine. j K» Saralyn Bill WILLIAM ALLEN GUTHMANN Football: 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling: 3; Council: 4; MIRROR: 4. " Sfortzi " Paranoic, a militant pacifist. " Why is everybody always pickin ' on me? " Usually trying to hitch a ride from Highwood. Would like to find out Miss Kodak ' s telephone num- ber. Dislikes Mr. French ' s Fairy Tales. Ambi- tion: To teach English. -83 JAN CHARLES MILLER G.A.A.: 3 (Delegate-at-large), 4 (President); Basketball: 1 , 2, 3 4 (Co-Captain); MIRROR: 4; Current Events: 1 , 2, 3, 4. " Oh pickle: " 14 years at N.S. A nice, friend- ly prude. Likes listening to records, artists, people who look at both sides of an argu- ment and Colorado. Dislikes apathy, popcorn and red Dr. Denton ' s on the Ski trip. Would like to be in Govt. Steve STEPHEN RODGERS HAWXHURST Football- 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball: 1, 2; Council President: 3; Purp: 4. " Greed ' ' Usually off-campus. Indescribably delicious. Dislikes MIRROR blurbs, Cooper- Hawxhurst projects. Likes nothing. Wants to believe in society and find truth in Mankind. " Fresh air ' s killing me; let ' s take a ride! " Am- bition to be the Captain of the S.S. United States. KATRINA CAROLYN MILLER Current Events: 2, 3; G.A.A.: 4 (Delegate-at- large); Special Services: 2, 3. " I did it to annoy you. " Emotionally mature. Likes pumpkin pie and attractiveness. " I have no dislikes; I ' m charitable and kind " Divides her time between the Junior Kindergarten room and the Costume room. Would like to be a wine connoisseur. Lyn -84 WILLIAM BLISS HINCHLIFF Tennis- 1 , 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Council: 3; Purp: 4 ; Ensemble: 1, 2, 3, 4; Anti-ski Club- 1, 2, 3, 4. " Oh really? " Nervously active. Sexy girls and V.W.s. Usually hard at work or polishing tro- phies. Dislikes obnoxious skiers (ski clubbers) and Harvard. YALE. An industrious flunky. Ambition: to win at Wimbleton. MARGUERITE PAUL Special Services: 1, 2, 3 (Co-Chairman), 4; Basketball: 3; Current Events 4. " Christ " Picture of femininity, passive, frank and sarcastic. Night owl. Coffee and cigar- ettes. Admires humor and naturalness. One night Junior year with Holly and Joannie. Mother Marnie. Nick NICHOLAS KEITH HOWLAND Soiling: 2, 3, 4; Stage Crew.- 3, 4. " Up — - creek " (censored) The personification of Tao. Folk music, college football games and T.V. repairs at Yampa Valley College. Likes cigars and slumming in Highwood. Dis- likes discussions of Nirvanna and people who have the answer. Usually lounging around or going somewhere. 85 - PHOEBE PETTINGELL Morning Ex: 1, 3; A Cappella: 4; Drama Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Chairman). " Hail " English History expert, opera and ducks. Argumentative. Loves humanity, but hates people (with the exception of Sherry Fitz). Napoleon. Fake nobility and buying clothes. Bad speller. Would like to be an au- thor in England. Phoebe ROBERT LEWIS JOFFEE Tennis: 3, 4; Ensemble: 3, 4; Special Services: 3, 4; Current Events 3. " Point of order! " Politically inclined and musi- cal. New Savoyard, Sgt. Merrill. Brass quar- tet. Likes North Shore, successful communica- tion. Dislikes interruption, digression and eva- sion. I.R.L. Disillusioned. Interested in teaching and business. Bob HOLLIS VAUGHN POTTER Hockey: 1, 2, 4; Basketball: 1, 3, 4 (Co-Cap- tain); Purp : 3, 4. " What? " Quiet and gullible. Sailing and people-watching. " Miller! " A birthday party in Aspen. Resists playing bridge. Strawberry blond. A dreamer, but smart. Math. Holly -86 Rennie REYNOLD FRANCIS KNOPF Football: 2, 3; Track: 3; Baseball: 2; Stage Crew: 2, 3; Purp: 3, 4. " I didn ' t do it! " The Mad Tickler. Inventor. Piano. Usually doing nasty things. Yellow Cor- vairs. Gin rummy with Penny and fernsauce. Dislikes V.W.s, Cadillacs and sass. Chemistry. NANCY VAN DYKE SCRIBNER Purp: 1, 2, 3, 4 ; G.A.A.: 4; Hockey: 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis: 1 . " Eh Fella " Nanny: conservative but likes Eu- rope and Italian men. The hospital and Sea Island. Usually having a heated argument with Phoebe. Opera Co-ordinator 3, 4. Skiing at Boyne 7,8, 1, 2, 3, 4 and Mr. Aggens. Nancy EDWARD EARLE LAWSON Baseball: 2 (Manager); Football: 3, 4; Basket- ball: 3 4 (Manager); Track 3, 4. " Ermc 1 " ( " Don ' t ask me what it means " ) Likes being the smartest in Math V. Dislikes those who think they are smarter (J.N., B.G. B.S.) When nothin ' better to do he does Ger- man. 87- ELIZABETH HARROWER SOULE Current Events: 1, 2, 3 (Chairman), 4; Special Services: 3; Drama Club 4; MIRROR: 4 (Co- Editor). " Forget it " Optimistic, Hot Lips. Toy Shop Chairman. Co-Chairman of Prom- " A sixty foot show boat? " Enjoys piano, dancing with Paco and friendly arguments. Dislikes MIRROR dead- lines and Chris Lunding. New Savoyards. Us- ually talking too much. Libby CHRISTOPHER HANNA LUNDING Football: 1, 2, 3, 4; Track: 3, 4; Purp 3; En- semble: 4 ; MIRROR.- 4 (Co-Editor); Class Presi- dent. " Hey Baby! " Jovial fool. Dislikes arm pit level (short) girls. Usually in his executive " apart- ment. Likes to harmonize; Junior Girls. Com- passion and understanding. Yale. A Tower Road Beach guerilla. Ambition: to be an in- tellectual bum. GWEN LOUISE STERN Morning Ex: 2, 3 (Co-Chairman); A Cappella: 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club: 1, 2, 3 (President), 4 (Vice- President); Cheerleader: 2, 3; Drama Club: 2, 3; MIRROR: 4. " God. . . " Frank and lively. Likes Art, English, History, flowers, mistresses and Daphne. Vaud- eville. Dislikes cold weather and Physics. Us- ually getting beaten up or analyzing Jan ' s problems. " You guys " . 88 THOMAS JOHNSON MOORE Football: 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball: 1, 2, 3, 4; Ensemble: 2, 3, 4; Purp: 3, 4 (Editor). " Live Cocky " Faster than a speeding bullet, Misfit. Likes Babson ' s Dunglehead and the new crop of teachers with sarcastic smiles. Dislikes girls who chew gum " as if in silent prayer " , Yalies, Marmalade and Daphne. Us- ually Teaching Philipsborn and Misner to use their heads. DEBORAH STOKES STRONG Council: 1, 2, Vice-President 3, 4; A Cappella: 1 , 2, 3, 4; Opera lead: 2, 3, 4. " Heiliger Sebastian " Defiant, Ming the Mer- ciless. Usually angry at something or doing Chemistry problems. New Savoyards. Likes Dr. Landau and painting Hippopotamii for Harvard. Debby Jay JAY THOMPSON NICHOLS JR. Sailing: 1 , 2, 3, 4; Morning Ex: 3; Stage Crew (Head of Lighting): 4. " AuHa.O! " A prospective member of the nouveau riche, politically aware, computer. Member of the Young Americans for Free- dom. Dislikes Audrey ' s politics and people like Ned who think they are smarter than he. Usually fixing a broken down Willys Jeep. Would like to make an unbeatable chess pro- gram for Computers. 89 KARIN SYLVIA SYREN Special Services: 1 , 2, 3, 4 (Co-chairman); Class Secretary: 1 , 2. " Yeah " Usually talking. Blond (?). Likes watch- ing old movies on T.V., older men, and bald- ness. Would like to be a teacher. Usually wearing a red maternity dress. Karin Jamie JAMES TENNANT REIDY Football: 1, 2 ; Hockey: 1, 2, 3, 4. " You Fox! " Northfield boy, hellion, devilish, freckles, fast driver and a skier. Steak city. The Jeep-LoBo. Blackhawks fan. Likes the Limelighters and Bob Dylan. Usually messing around with Dave Bell and Jim Davis or listening to some one ' s problems. Always KNOWS everybody ' s problems. Would like to major in Public Relations. PAMELA VAINDER Homeroom secretary: 1, 2, 3; Purp: 3. " You know who I hate. . .? " Deceptively quiet at school, cynical. Likes Mme. Valvo, riding and Tiki gods. Usually making posters which she dislikes. Ambition: Writer. Pam 90 SEIJI KAMEWARI SONNE Football: 1, 2 ; Wrestling: 2; Track: 3, 4. " Hi! " Quiet, introverted. Smart and handsome. Usually eating or flying his airplane. Dislikes " people who have no humility. " Likes Japa- nese food, classical music and volkswagons. Ambition: to be an optical engineer. SUSAN COLEMAN WILLIAMS Girls Athletic Association: 4; Drama Club: 4; Cheerleader: 4. " Whaaat? " Good sense of humor, Hedonist. Dislikes fairies and " people who think they are smarter than me. " Likes long dangling earrings, black lace tights, hot fudge sundaes and arty people. Usually borrowing things or chaperoning Nick ' s beach parties. Ambi- tion: to be an artist. Susie v ■■■:■ ■■-.%•■-;■ ' tJjk ism v " Bim WILLIAM PARSONS STANTON Ice Hockey: 1, 2, 3 (Capt.), 4; Stage Crew: 3, 4 (Manager); Ski Club: 1 , 2, 3 (Vice-Pres.), 4; Morning Ex: 2, 3, 4; Purp: 3, 4. " Well ... it makes a difference to the sheep! ' ' A nut. A knowing, unrealistic realist. Dislikes Sochen ' s notions, girls, spelling and writing letters. Inventor of the TRAIN-O-GRAPH. A Tower Road Beach guerilla. Ambition: To do a sommersault on skis in New Zealand. 91 - KATHRYN LOUISE WILSEY Drama Club: 1, 2, 3, 4; Current Events: 4; Morning Ex Committee: 4; Hockey Team: 2, 3, 4. " Howdy " Meticulous. Likes Geology, moun- tain climbing, tennis. Dislikes Dr. Landau ' s bear hugs and " people who don ' t know my name. ' ' She admires Sir Winston Churchill. Would like to be in Hawaii. Probable college major: Asian studies. Katie Dave S W : Ilia DAVID SEYMOUR STRONG II Football: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-capt.); Baseball: 1, 2, Council: 3 (Vice-Pres.); Ensemble: 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball: 1, 2, 3; Track: 3, 4; MIRROR: 4, Purp: 4. " Boy was I skinched " Sensitive Misfit. " Wil- liams Rah! " Likes girls with cool eyes, crunch- ed crackers and Tower building. STRONG- HOLD. Dislikes clapping in M.X., our material- istic society and giggly girls. Usually sitting at home doing nothing or skinching someone. A Tower Road Beach Guerilla. m , JOLL E. GREENGIANT Nightwatchman: 4; Symbol: 4; Window hang- ing: 4. " Ho-Ho-Ho " Bright leafy green pea-picker. Usually smiling quietly or hanging out of a window. Would like to start a master race. Hollow personality. Usually seen holding up his right hand. Dislikes autumn. Jolly Green 92 Senior Class Will Linda Allison: All my mince pie and coffee ice cream I don ' t eat next year to Daddy. Jeff Alsdorf: My sand shots to Terry Brown. Paco Alvira: My bloody body to N.S.C.D.S. Nick Babson: A tape recorder to Patti Keel so she can hear herself talk. Dave Bell: My bottle of peroxide to Nick Babson. Irving Benoist: My dead chameleon to the Biology department and all my oil pills, old dress patterns, SAT cram booklets, and great collection of John Updike books to Molly Lynde. Nina Boal: Sam Kowalski and his Existential, Logical Positivist, Mystist philosophy to Mr. Wallace. Rob Borchert: Sherry Fall to anyone who is willing to listen to her and a copy of the Constitution to Jim Nesler. Joannie Brew: My burps to the Hockey Team. Bill Bro: My ability to psyche-out teachers to Dave Taylor. Gene Caine: My " splash ' ' parties to Rita Montgomery. Barney Carrington: A dictionary of slang terms to Katie Gardner. Merle Chambers: My chorus seat to Susie Cranage. Betty Anne Clarke: A triple dip chocolate ice cream cone to Rita Montgomery. Doc Cooper: My cadavre to the Biology department and my soul to the English depart- ment. Jim Davis: My dingles to Katie Gardner and what ' s left of the car to my brother. Candy Derm Leaves her will to anyone who can think up a good one. Judy Drake: My bowed legs to Peter Bowes. John Eastman: My long drive in the Corvair to sister Sue. Sherry Fitzmorris: A pouch of nuts to Bobby, Craig and Bill. My fantastic antics to in- trovert Bill. Ed Flatow: My opinions to Miss Sochen. Bill Guenzel: My mathematical prowess to Craig Misner so next year he can add up his baskets and a nut cracker to Bobby, Craig and Bill. Bill Guthmann: My lineman ' s stance and powerful charge to Bob Geraghty. Steve Hawxhurst: I don ' t want to leave anything to anyone. Bill Hinchliff: My battered tennis racket to John Hickey. Nick Howland: My fife and drum to Miss Sochen. Sally Hunt: My real yellow hair to be divided equally among the new Senior Girls. Ondre Huston: Fairy Tales to Susie E., Don to Barb Kaufman, and a fog horn to Paul Fairbanks. Bob Joffee: My points of order to Jim Nesler. Rennie Knopf: I ain ' t willin nothin; I need it all. Saralyn Kopple: My Cadillac to Jim Tuthill. Ned Lawson: Nothin ' to no one nohow. . They don ' t deserve it. Chris Lunding: I don ' t have anything left to leave. Jan Miller: My giggle to Lea Durham. Lyn Miller: An infinite number of prop people just like me to Mike Brickman and my telephone voice to Randy Miller. 93 Tom Moore: My blinding speed to John Coffin. Marnie Paul: My magnificent skiing to Miss Sochen. Phoebe Pettingell: All my french operettas to Mme. Valvo. Holly Potter: My blushes in Mr. Lacey ' s English classes to anyone who wants them. Nancy Scribner: My stimulating intellect to Betsy Ratcliffe, Boyne and my controlling interest in the American Tobacco Company to Mr. Aggens. Seiji Sonne: My Japanese dictionary to anyone who wants it. Libby Soule: My patience to Katie Gardner and my voice and important list to Teddie Fitz. Gwen Stern: A pack of chewing gum to Miss Sochen and the crocus we planted on Work Day to Madame. Bim Stanton: Blue jeans to Lea Durham. David Strong: I ' m taking what ' s left with me. Debby Strong: My ray gun to Flash. Pam Vainder and Penny Gardner: Our chorus seats with printed instructions for their use to Debby Vainder and Lee Milliken. Susie Williams: My black lace tights to Mr. Lacey and my spindle legs to Robie Weary. Katie Wilsey: All my " fabulous ' ' hockey ability to Ann Sutherland. The Sometime Members of the Class of 1964 Lewis Blair Ralph Hamill James Boyd Harry Highschool Michael Cain David Johnston Susan Coburn Paul L ' Amoreaux Richard Dear Daniel Randle Johnathan Doolittle Peter Reinhold James Fletcher Michael Sammet William Groves Scott Sommer - 94 95 Williams? -96 97- Juniors FIRST ROW: Kay Zeller, Dee Durham, Les Griswold, Barb Finch, Anne Young, Les Moore, Pam Kimball, Angie Gal- braith, Kathy Edwards, Molly Lynde. SECOND ROW: Katie Gardner, Patti Keel, Betsy Ratcliffe, Toni Harris, Audrey Kuh, Ellen Howe, Sally Mullins, Liz Olson, Margi Morse, Betsy Cohler. THIRD ROW: John Chamberlin, Bill Jefferson, Bob Geragh- ty, Walter Metcalf, Dave Hooker, Lucy Hadsa ' l, John Berg- lund, Mimi Hobart, Peter Bowes, Cathy Groves, Alison French, Rita Montgomery, Tom Dietzgen. FOURTH ROW: John Coffin, Derk Tennant, Craig LaFra- menta, Jim Tuthill, Petrie Hutchinson, Dave Taylor, Dan Philipsborn, Craig Misner, Stets Ames, Harry Lambart, Russ Hoyle, Gary Perkins, Terry Brown, John Darrow, John Hickey, Jim Nesler, Bill Davis, Dick Richards. ABSENT: Sherry Fall, Ken Freund. 98 99 Sophomores FIRST ROW: Dan LaCosse, Mitchell Dalton, Ann Mullins, Lee Durham, Sara Greeley, Liz MacLeish, Cindy Wilkinson, Jane Drake, Anne Pugh, Gail Barber. SECOND ROW: Susie Elliott, Carol Howard, Boo Bradford, Courtney Hurd, Eloise Kent, Barbie Wells, Josie Atkinson, Kendra Pfisterer, Leigh Schweppe, Susie Eastman, Barb Kaufman, Steve Reinhold. THIRD ROW: Bill Ditkowsky, Chuck Bartholomay, Huby Stern, Bob Butler, John Kollar, Teddie Fitzmorris, Beth Nichols, Di Harper, Anne Sutherland, Barb Bulger, Steve Babson, Robie Weary, Mark Nelson, Ed Stanton. FOURTH ROW: Chuck Ban, Bob Kentor, John Flanzer, Mike Brickman, Martin Baach, Chris Johnson, Bill Fowle, Bruce Jarchow, Ted Mouzakeotis, Jerry Gordon, Tap Merrick, Jim Marcus, Bob Wilcox, Peter Wilson. ABSENT: Jane Coulter. 100 Freshmen FIRST ROW: Debby Vainder, Malinda Smyth, Elizabeth Waldman, Pussy Harper, Carolyn Victor, Joannie Gately, Susie Cranage, Pam Anderson. SECOND ROW: Lee Milliken, Wickie Loomis, Barb Haight, Molly Brown, Ann Gougler, Francie dePeyster, Meg De- laney, Courtney Kling, Marian Dietzgen, Randy Miller, Jane Bulger, Franny Winston, Liza Howe, Margot Kenly, Cici Ewen, Lorri Dille, Ruth Swenson. THIRD ROW: Robert Mayer, Stuart Pettingell, Charles Schweppe, Martin Jack, Skeets Millard, J. Simple O ' Toole, John Moreschi, Pete Watrous, Bruce Tideman, Scott Her- mann, Stuart Wilson, Tom Stibolt, Steve Monteiro, Ken Montgomery, Ty Keel, Paul Fairbank, Charles Gardner, Bill Brickman, Chris Weld, Nathaniel Howard, John Church, Howard Strong, Nathan Gibney, Paul Logan. ABSENT: Kathy Severson, Jim Darrow, Bill Harper. 102 - 103 ss m mm w 28 S3 ...m " 1 " - 104 Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Robin Geist, Susan Askow, Deborah Wood- ward, Marilyn Schweitzer, Arlene Bolotin, Barbara Carton, Deborah Massey, Joan Rockwell, Susie Restin. SECOND ROW: Judy Nevins, Alison Conant, Diana Gil- lispie, Sara Green, Jodie Jefferson, Cindy Babson, Kathy Mullins. THIRD ROW: Ann Thompson, Louise Tate, Kathy Gait, Judy Price, Michelle Booz, Paul Sommers, John Samuels, Tom Browne, Dunny Creigh, Bill Harndge, Fred Loomis, Tom Ross. FOURTH ROW: Sandy McAlister, Bruce Barber, Bill Jud- kins, Russell Stern, Frank Soule, Jack Wilson, George Dern, Mat Wattrous, Steve Wilcox, Pete Thompson, Bobby Stern. ABSENT: Chip Moses, Joel Parshall. 105 Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: David Lyon, George Hills, Bill Comstock, Peter Kuh, Andy Struthers, Bruce Blair, John Stibolt, John Milliken. SECOND ROW: Amy Kopple, Cory Weary, Susan Folds, Ben Earle, Corky Millard, Anne Searle, Everett Shorey, John Leimert, Jim Wilson, Jack Loomis, Richard LeBolt, Douglass Severson. THIRD ROW: Kathy Askow, Holly Foote, Winny Boal, Sarah Pugh, Nancy Swift, Kathy Gardner, Carolyn Jarchow, Mir- iam Geraghty, Linda Breuer, Mary Ann Sewell, Amy Win- ston, Josie Strong, Buffy Lynde, Paul Delaney, Andy Philips- born, Bill Batson, John Victor, Hunt Hamill. ABSENT: Nancy Colbert, Ann Morse. 106 - Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: Joe Wilkinson, Bob Cody, George Booz, Grang- er Kenly, Craig Johnson, Mike Post, Clancey Philipsborn, Eddie Gordon, Martin Springer. SECOND ROW: Helen Brown, Mila Watkins, Betsy Perkins, Isabel Young, Laurie Litten, Ruthy Mayer, Laurie Lipman, Ruthy Burnell, Diane Flint, Polly Ross, Tom Coulter, Donald Whiteman. THIRD ROW: David Schweppe, Jenny Donahue, Charles Durham, Mary Garvin, Steve Geering, Chrisy Rheinhold, Jeff Hoffman, Margret Carton, Jimmy Leslie, Susan Wells. ABSENT: Mary Hannaford, Laurie Schmitt, Dean Turner. - 107 108 Fifth Grade FIRST ROW: Jamie Flynn, Alison Hurd, Cathy Welch, Mari- anne Ware, Ellen Benson, Ann Howard, Eunice Jackson, Peter Jefferson, Bill Wilson, Rocky Wirtz, Charles Lyon, Susan Severson. SECOND ROW: Tom Boal, Joe Sanders, Anne Leimert, Kathy Dole, Barrett Hills, Crispin Colvin. ABSENT: Barbara Post, Mark Milliken, Gideon Searle, John Stern, John Ayer. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO IN THE MIDDLE SCHOOL? Ellen Benson-The lunch line Kathy Dole-The lunch line Ann Howard-The lunches Alison Hurd-Picking my lunch Eunice Jackson-Science class Anne Leimert-Picking my lunch Barbara Post-New friends Susan Severson-Changing classes Marianne Ware-Lunch line Cathy Welch-Lunch in the line John Ayer-Food Tom Boal-Study halls Crispin Colvin-Sports Jamie Flynn-Study hall Barrett Hills-Soccer Peter Jefferson-Lunches Charles Lyon-Mr. Provine Mark Milliken-Football team Joe Sanders-Lunch Gideon Searle-Mr. Nold John Stern-Lunch line Bill Wilson-Learning more Rocky Wirtz-The lunch line 109 WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD A MILLION DOLLARS? Virginia Boone-Spend -j, save Susan Colbert--}- to the poor Mary Dern-Give it all away Barbara Flint-Buy a farm and a pool Bobbe Ann Greenspon-Get my Mother a coat Julie Macy--j in bank, y for a pool Carrie Maynard-Buy stuffed animals Margaret Raymond-Buy clothes and toys Stephanie Schmitt-Some for charity Gail Wirtz- Give some to charity, some to sick people and keep the rest Henry Babson-Leave school and buy the White House Chris Breuer-Save it Andrew DaMiano-Go around the world Jeff Eldredge-Spend -j, save Nick Johnson-Spend it in a few years Scott Milliken-Buy a million pieces of bubble gum. Richard Corrington-Save it Baker Saunders-Spend it when I grow up Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Virginia Boone, Miss Cretcher, Mary Dern, Ro- bert Stibolt, Richard Corrington, Gail Wirtz. SECOND ROW: Baker Saunders, Jeff Eldredge, Bobbe Ann Greenspon, Julie Macy, Stephanie Schmitt, Barbara Flint, Richard Klaus. THIRD ROW: Henry Babson, Nick Johnson, Andrew Da- Miano, Susan Colbert, Margaret Raymond, Carrie Maynard. ABSENT: Chris Breuer, Scott Milliken. 110- Third Grade KNEELING: Ray Gardner, Peter Geraghty, Louis Fields, Jerry Perkins, Susan Roberts. STANDING: Jim Pugh, Susan Mullins, Patrice Salisbury, Bil- ly Hines, Harold Joseph, Bonnie Katz, Tiel Spencer, Kathy Flynn, Flint Di lie, Brandy Lipman. ABSENT: Nina Babson, Laura McCormick, Lucy Morse, Richie Ober. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SUBJECT? Nina Babson-English Kathy Flynn-Penmanship Bonnie Katz-Social Studies Laura McCormick-Social Studies Lucy Morse-Social Studies Susan Mullins-Spelling Susan Roberts-Social Studies Patrice Salisbury-Reading Tiel Spencer-Arithmetic Flint Di lie- Social Studies Louis Fields-Social Studies Ray Gardner-Spelling Peter Geraghty-Social Studies Billy Hines-Arithmetic Harold Joseph-Social Studies Brandy Lipman-Social Studies Richie Ober- Social Studies Jerry Perkins-Arithmetic Jim Pugh-Arithmetic 111 - WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TIME OF DAY? Kathy Eldredge-Time we have Art Alida Milliken-Arithmetic time Ann Morse-Arithmetic time Caroline Post-Night time Linda Salisbury-Reading time Patti Stern-Bedtime Nancy Stibolt-Arithmetic time Debbie Teich-Art time Cy-Cy Weary-When I knit Kim Whiteman-When I watch T.V. Eliza Winston-After school Philip Burnstme-Swimming at night Billy Crowle-When I ' m eating Chip Frank-After school Don Johnson-After school Eddie Lifson-Swimming at night Larry Lyon-Gym time Steve Moorhead-Spelling time Howard Sinker-Playtime Mason Taylor-Mickey Mouse time Second Grade FRONT ROW: Don Johnson, Chip Frank, Billy Crowle, Phil- ip Burnstine. SECOND ROW: Cy-Cy Weary, Alida Milliken, Mason Tay- lor, Eddie Lifson, Ann Morse, Howard Sinker. Third Row Kathy Eldredge, Larry Lyon, Carolyn Post, Deb- bie Teich. FOURTH ROW: Linda Salisbury, Pat Moorhead, Patti Stern, Nancy Stibolt. ABSENT: Kim Whiteman, Eliza Winston. First Grade UPPER HALF: Jonathan Isaacs, Clark Elliott, Anne Ross, Laura Macy, Tracy Maynard, Robin Stone, Katherine Zeit- lin, Liz Breuer, Vicki Wallace, Tony Brown, Jodi Roberts. LOWER HALF: Vickie Joyce, Kim Louis, Sarah Hills, Timo- thy Ober, Ted Ancell, Jim Damaske, Michael Searle, Geof- frey Felsenthal, Philip Boal. ABSENT: Shawn Fields WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Liz Breuer-I don ' t know Sarah Hills-A Teacher and Mother Vickie Joyce-A Nurse Kim Louise-A Nurse Laura Macy-A Teacher Tracy Maynard-A Mother Jodi Roberts-A Nurse Ann Ross-A Nurse Robin Stone-A Mother Vicki Wallace-A Mother Katherine Zeitlin-A Ballerina Ted Ancell-A Farmer Philip Boal-A Doctor Tony Brown-A Policeman Jim Damaske-A Fireman Clark Elliott-A Policeman Geoffrey Felsenthal-Policeman Shawn Fields-Carpenter Jonathan Issacs Train Engineer Timothy Ober-A Fireman Michael Searle-A Marine and later a Businessman 113- WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN SCHOOL, WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO THE MOST? Nina Beisel-Play house Debby Burnstine-Color Mary Flanagin-Eat Julie Beth Gordon-Play with my doll house Susan Perkins-Watch television Karen Spencer-Go across the alley and play with the kittens Julie Sudak-Watch T.V. in Mommy ' s room Karen Wirtz-Go swimming Cindy Targ-Help Mommy cook Drew Blakeman-Watch television Jack Cluett-Listen to records Ray Durham-Make experiments Clinton OOonnor-Watch T.V. and go to my friend ' s house. Steve Roth-Nothing Richard Waite-Play on dirt hills Senior Kindergarten LEFT TABLE: Julie Beth Gordon, Julie Sudak, Steve Roth, Susan Perkins, Debby Burnstine, Laura Harza, Jack Cluett. RIGHT TABLE: Nina Beisel, Drew Blakeman, Buddy Frey, Carrie Wirtz, Cindy Targ, Mary Flanagin, Richard Waite, Karin Spencer, Ray Durham, Julie Drori. ABSENT: Maria Lee Lewis, Clinton O ' Connor. 114 Junior Kindergarten FRONT: Lawrence Teich, Anne Hines, Brad Bianchini, Peter Post, Laurie Gordon, Mark Esberger, Joan Benkert, Margar- et Anne Hills. BACK: Wendy Saunders, Pam Wallace, John Strauss, Sara Hoffman, Clint Mullins, Caroline Schnering, Mike Lipman, Miriam Fields. ABSENT: Gwen Restin, Mike Miller, Ed Blomquist, Tom Wil- son. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANYTHING IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Miriam Fields-Michael Lipman Laurie Gordon-A friend Margaret Anne Hills-I don ' t know Sara Hoffman-A happy pumpkin Gwen Restin-A pumpkin Pam Wallace-Letters that make words to read Brad Bianchini-A bomb Mark Esberger-A brother Mike Lipman-A sad pumpkin Mike Miller-A friend Clinton Mullins-A house Peter Post-A sad pumpkin John Strauss-A pumpkin for me and one for my Mommy Lawrence Teich-Two real mean pumpkins Tom Wilson-A boat 115 - ADVERTISING Our Thanks To The Patrons Of The 1964 MIRROR Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Soule, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Fitzmorris Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Bro Mr. and Mrs. H. Lawrence Wilsey Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Strong Mrs. Donaldson C. Pettingell Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Syren Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Scribner Mr. and Mrs. Irving J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Mayer 117 NORTHFIELD PAINT CENTER 1753 Orchard Lane, Northfield Hi 6-7546 Jewel and O ' Brien Paints Art Supplies Picture Framing Gene Koster . — T A " N GLENCOE ' " " " 6 67 VERNON AVENUE THE TRADITIONAL SHOP For men women A Complete Drug Store REHN ' S HILLMAN PHARMACY Theodore L. Rehn, R.Ph. 353 Park Avenue, Glencoe, Illinois VE 5-0387 or VE 5-0388 Harvey ' s Record Shop VE 5-1041 BRING IN THIS COUPON FOR A SPECIAL 20% DISCOUNT ON ANY ALBUM 669 Vernon Glencoe JOE YERGIN ' S STANDARD SERVICE COMPLETE AUTO REPAIRS - BRAKES - TUNE-UPS TRANSMISSIONS - BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES SNOW REMOVAL - TOWING - WHEEL BALANCING Phone HlLLCREST 6-9744 1644 Willow Road Betty ' s of Winnetka PRICES TO MAKE DAD GLAD ' ' Elm Street - 118 You are invited to visit our beautiful modernized store at 858 Green Bay Rd. Winnetka JEWEL FOOD STORES 119 Winnetka Zrust and Savings Hank Winnetka, Illinois Phone Winnetka 6-0522 WooJ£and GROCERY MARKET Purveyors of Fine Foods 954 Linden Avenue Hubbard Woods, Illinois .ssen T urs L Delicatess Ho 9 - 6 Mon. - Sat. 9:30 - 3 Sunday Phone 446-0326 kndp. ' B prime ghjjjj U 389 Central Northfleld, III. Aged Beef, Fresh Poultry Sea Food Home Made Sausage - Freezer Orders ALLEN ' S Stationers Shop WILMETTE, ILLINOIS 1129 Central Avenue Eden ' s Plaza AL 1-7940 AL 1-7353 Greeting Cards for Every Occasion Party Goods Favors — Home Office Supplies Albums, Scrapbooks Diaries School Supplies - Art Supplies Two friendly stores dedicated to quality merchandise and quality service for quality customers. Chieftain Pontiac Inc, Winnetka Clinical Laboratory 725 Elm St., Winnetka, ILL HI 6-4588 All kinds of laboratory tests for your doctor Hubbard Woods - 120 Here comes the cream of the crop. 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At the first moment turn away from un- clean thinking. 5. Don ' t show off when driving. If you want to race, go to Indianapolis. 6. Choose a date who would make a good mate. 7. Go to church faithfully. The Creator gives us a week. Give Him back at least an hour. 8. Choose your companions carefully. You are what they are. 9. Avoid following the crowd. Be an en- gi ne, not a caboose. 10. Keep the original Ten Commandments. JOE JACOBS CHEVROLET 435 Green Bay Road Wilmette, Illinois 122 - - FELL SHOES - A Name You Know With Shoes You ! 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Revenue Stamps purchased by the states. | Ceramic Decals for application to glass and china Home Decoration Decals sold through leading retail stores The Meyercord Co. home office and plant are located in Chicago, with a large sub- sidiary plant in Los Angeles. ..and the Meyercord de Mexico, manufacturer in Mexico City. Its affiliate in Canada, Canada Decal Co., Toronto, has a subsidiary in Australia, Selex Decal, Pty. The Meyercord Co. also has affiliates and licensees the world around. Xfflv ' v ' ig ' ' I the MEYERCORD co. Dept. 0000 5323 W. lake Street, Chicago 44, Illinois 138 Best wishes to Class of ' 64 Good luck to the Gradsof 1964 The Playhouse is closed VAINDER-GARDNER ENTERPRISES - 139 to 0) a c o 140 Congratulations To The Graduates of the Class of 1964 Vose Bootery of Winnetka 837 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois WILMETTE eW Spent S6 k Estob ish.d 1932 WHY WILSON and RAWLINGS _ r i SPORTING GOODS 0 " DISTRIBUTOR FURTHER? VERSINO BROTHERS, Prop. AL pine 1-1404 sJFJESgfi r SSiYQU.MIEPsSC - Badminton Baseball Basketball Football WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL WE HAVE IT Trophies Golf Koller Skates Hunting Fishing Archory AUTHORIZED SCHWINN BICYCLE DEALER Boxing Bowling Table Tennis Softball Sports Clothing Tennis Guns Rest-ringing Ammunition ICE SKATE EXCHANGE 605 GREEN BAY RD., 2 DOORS NORTH OF WILMETTE AVE. WILMETTE THUNDER LAKE NARROW GAUGE Fu i w i Ij Ka mim i ' i 810 ELM ST. WINNETKA by Harvey Huston ' 34 The colorful history of the last narrow gauge logging railroad in the Middle West will make an ideal gift for Father ' s Day. Profusely illus- trated. Received Award of Merit from the Wisconsin State Historical Society. $7.50 post- paid. Harvey Huston 860 Mount Pleasant Street, Winnetka 141 - Compliments of Wil-Shore Motors tj JLS M tVtSf - 142 Compliments of Reylow Corporation 143 Zh 1 rough the Passing years It is with pride that once again through the medium of photography we have been able to fashion a graphic record of your school year - a pride stemming doubly from the knowledge that herein not only have we helped to create a record of so much meaning to each of you, but in so doing we have had the opportunity to share warm pleasant asso- ciations with so many. Always, as years pass, this record will have a special place in your heart for it will be the visible token of the wonderful experience of your growing years, rich in the foundation of true and lasting friend- ship. Our heartiest congratulations to all! Cordially, John Howell and Craftsmen - 144 ■S-tJ - TNF!»« If TTWfe - •» 3? £ « ISF ' » • ' -: ' -•■ -. ' : ;■: ... mm A x , + M _- A Wr ' 4 ' •

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