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 - Class of 1963

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J.»£ • 39 SMft B ■B khSmSfv MR ' ■ ' .; ■■• ' ' ■: 1 ? .. ' • " - SSf SwSJHb S M2f «l H » H MS » ' Kb 3E » : - ' ■ r " JE £-♦ ' . , »» -j -- ' ■■■-.- • • % . - " J V%- »»« , -tf ». •. « v _ _» . ' Vf l --« .»v -- ' ' ■• ■; " ■ -■ ' jab .. - ?- v x? " ;.-. :.v-y ■ - ' ' •fer . ' ' mm • A ' i The 1963 MIRROR presented by THE SENIOR CLASS The North Shore Country Day School Winnetka, Illinois 4 - In appreciation for their interest, assistance, and enthusiasm, the Senior Class of 1963 dedicates the Mirror to Mr. and Mrs. William W. Talley. 5 - The purpose of the 1963 MIRROR is to portray the atmosphere of The North Shore Country Day School. In order to achieve this objective, it seemed most suitable to divide the book in terms of a day. Eight twenty-five brings an assembling of people and thoughts. At ten-thirty, the auditorium provides the students with a place where the whole school gathers to listen, sing, or act. Morning Ex is one of the times for " out-of-the-classroom learning. " Later in the day, varied activities, such as Student Council or Drama Club provide for individual interests. At three-thirty, a new phase of interests is pursued through athletics. A unique part of North Shore is the close relationship a student has with the school. The fifth division of the day is not a specific time, but rather countless hours of participation. The Editors -6 The students ' horizons are extended by experience, and experience is achiev ed through participation. m 1 ■ ■ ll UPPER SCHOOL C t C LOWER SCHOOL 8- FACULTY 1 S % MIDDLE SCHOOL In Memoriam Dustin Hamil Reidy 1944 Dusty 1962 Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow. My little horse must think it queer To stop without a farmhouse near Between the woods and frozen lake The darkest evening of the year. He gives his harness bells to shake To ask if there is some mistake. The only other sound ' s the sweep Of easy wind and downy flake. The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. Robert Frost 10- Seniors 1963 Saran SARAN ACHRIA Manager of the Football team: 4; Spe- cial Services: 4; Current Events: 4 " Wot you mean? " American Field Ser- vice student from Pakistan; Frequenter of the barnyard; Undisputed heavy- weight ping pong champion; Avid twist- er; Member of the elite 2567893 Club and one of Mr. Fell ' s merchant marines. 11 LOUISE HOOPER ALLEN G.A.A.: 3, 4 ; Proctoring: 3, 4; Basketball: 3, 4; Tennis: 3, 4. " Oh wait! " How are those curbs?; Sar- castic; Accidents; " If anything happens, Call me " ; Florida; Nice laugh; Lake Forest; Doesn ' t really care, but always wants to know why; Nantucket Island; Confused; Skiing; Last names; Ambition: Louise HENRY ADAMS BARTHOLOMAY Football: 1,2,3,4; Baseball: 1,2,3,4; Basket- ball: 1,2,3,4; Ensemble: 1,2,3,4. " Shelleeee... " Benny; Basketball Captain; Usually found in the Glenwood pool hall; Hates: Dave Strong ' s Scruggs -playing, Volkswagens, and related rates math problems; Ladies man; Usually making sweet music; Likes: Banjos, playing hockey in the Senior boys room, and Shelly when she doesn ' t talk; Would like to be presi- dent. STEPHANIE LYNN BROWN G.A.A.: 3, 4; Proctoring: 3, 4. " Don ' t sweat it! " Porches; Stuffy; Always found running to the smoking room; Win- ning smile; Ambition: to be a social work- er and to make it to Aspen; History; Dis- likes: ice skating and cold weather; Acer- tain boy from Highland Park. Steffi 12 - Ralph RALPH RUTLEDGE BASILE Stage crew: 1 , 2, 3, 4; Ensemble: 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Football: 3, 4; Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball: 1, 2, 3, 4. " What ' s the story with you guys, any- way? ' ' Serious minded; Singing; Origina- tor of Hooker-Basile game; Class mas- cot; Uses his mathematical prowess in computing statistics for school sporting events; Ambition: To memorize the log- arhythm tables. ANNE WHIPPLE COBURN Mirror : 4; G.A.A. (Secretary): 4; Home- room Offices: 1, 2, 3; Special Services: 3. " I feel fat! " Toburns; Broken bones; En- thusiastic; Hearts; Ambition: To learn how to spell; Her dates with Mike; Scar- let " A " (on her key chain); Sailfishing with the fellas; Real BLONDE; Colorado; The East; " It ' s too too divine! " ; Europe; Likes to collect MIRROR ads in Glencoe. Sandy DAVID HORN BRADFORD Mirror : 3, 4; Tennis: 2, 3, 4; Football manager: 2, 3; Ensemble: 4. Green station wagon; Usually found in the " hen house; " Latin IV; Skiing; Or- ganized (?); Ipana smile; Flogmeyer; Co- Editor of the MIRROR; usually trying to find Nat; Chuckles; Always helping peo- ple with their problems. Dave - 13 ANNE STIVERS COULTER Purp: 3, 4; Council: 4; A Cappella: 4; Cheerleading: 3, 4 " Oh! come on you guys. " Colorado; Al- ways singing; Gullible; Luna the Tuna; Whitey; Ambition: to do something-any- thing-right; Dislikes people who give away her secret on Halloween. Anne Bart BARTHOLAMEW BRESNEHAN Vaudeville: 3, 4; Proctoring: 3, 4; Foot- ball: 3 ; Basketball: 3 " Let ' s have a good one, Tobes. " Power- house; Loves to argue; Smash artist at ping-pong; Often found informing some poor soul that he is insufficiently fami- liar with the subject matter about which he chooses to speak, or words to that effect; Worried that someday he may become a normal person. MARY KATHRYN CULBERTSON Library Committee: 3, 4; MIRROR: 4; Special Services: 3, 4; Current Events: 3 " Wheel " Especially good at baking; Ambition: to learn how to drive Cyn- thia ' s boat and to choose the right one; Confidential; On a perpetual diet; Al- ways gay; BLONDE hair. Kath - 14 John JOHN MORGAN CALLANDER Stage Crew: 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling: 3; Sailing: 3; Football: 3, 4. " I did it, and I ' m glad! " Poolhoppers, Inc.; Curly hair; Capable of producing one of the most innocent faces you ' ve ever seen, regardless of the situation; Dedicated to the restoration of one of Henry Ford ' s earlier automotive crea- tions; Talented at accurately reproduc- ing current pop tunes through the use of his voice and Mr. Taylor ' s classroom walls. CYNTHIA ANN CUMMINGS Morning Ex: 1; Hockey: 3, 4; Basketball: 2, 3, 4; Current Events: 2, 3, 4 . " Look kid, don ' t get tough with me! " Likes: Lake Forest Academy and Indian Head; Wausaukee; Cindy; Brown eyes,- 6 ' 3 " ; Usually found trying to get herself out of trouble. Cynthia Warren WARREN DAMASKE Student Council: 3; Golf: 3, 4 " Pop Corn Sez . .. " Industrious; Well- dressed; Part-time member of the excel- lent janitorial staff at N.S.C.D.S.; Likes Dave Brubeck and Barry Goldwater; Never say die; Destined to be a self- made millionaire before he reaches twenty-one. 15- MICHELLE EASTMAN DENSON G.A.A.: 3, 4; Library Committee: 3, 4; Basketball: 1 , 2, 3; Hockey: 1, 2, 3, 4. " Listen people. . . " Tall; Long blonde (?) hair; Taxi driver; Well dressed; Octo- pi; " Are you serious? " Always running around; Costumes; Blotchy; Ambitions: To convince everyone that she is relaxed and calm, and to get along with Bart. Shelly Jay JAMES ARMSTRONG DELANEY III Football: 3, 4; Basketball: 1, 2; Wrest- ling: 3. " Say, Jack. . . " Always up to date on the fights and the current barnyard sit- uation; Irish; Tries to convince Doctor Landau that he is indeed a fine fellow and a hard worker; Likes canoe trips and eating; Would like to open up a health gym. MARION ROBERTS FOOTE G.A.A.: 4 ; Forum Club: 2; Drama Club: 3, 4; Hockey. 4. " Come on, We ' ve got to do this thing right! " Europe; Best dressed skier; Likes: Ten hours of sleep every night; One of the few who is organized; Usually study-, ing German; Details; Mad driver; Valeo; Mountain climbing; Wausaukee; Knitting. Robin 16 Tony WALTER ANTHONY DIETZGEN Purp: 3, 4; Stage Crew: 1 , 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball: 3,. 4 ; Sailing: 1, 2, 3, 4. " I know that behind his innocent face lies a sinister being. ' ' Stage Crew boss; Sweat- shirts and bluejeans; Contributions to the Purp have revealed his morbid sense of humor and his appreciation of Edgar Al- lan Poe; Likes the beach, his dog, and pic- tures of African women,- Would like to referee a ratrace. HELEN STRONG GERAGHTY Council: 3(President), 4; Cheerleading: 4; Hockey: 2, 3, 4; A Cappella: 1, 2, 3, 4. " I ' m not naive. " First woman President; Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes; Sentimen- tal; " Is my voice really louder? " Usually found in the smoking room inhaling left- over vapors; Picnic; Ice boating; Always doing the wrong thing at the right time. Hele Alan ALAN HALL FISHER Mirror: 4; Football: 3, 4; Basketball: 2, 4; Sailing: 1 , 2, 3, 4. " Well okay, but. . . " Fish; Fast talker; Sailing fanatic; Organized; Usually found in the hen house with Dave disagreeing with Nat; Scotland; Pet peeve.- People who walk around taking pictures; Censored; " Fasten your seat belts " ; Always found in the strangest places, or never found at all. 17 JEAN CALDWELL GILLISPIE Hockey: 3, 4; Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A.: 1, 2, 3, 4. " Yea " ; Gil; Aspen; Blue jean shorts; Geology field trip; Europe; Guitar; Pro- fessional ski bum; Buff ' s twin; Short blonde hair; Eagle beak; Usually found bombing around in her V.W.; Pet peeve: people who knock her for being a torn boy. Jeanie Ed EDWARD CHARLES FREUND Baseball: 3, 4 (captain); Basketball: 2, 4. " No, I mean serious, you guys. .. " ; Tip- toe; Originator of a series of frivolous, but rather unorthodox, winter sporting activities; Knows more about John Wayne movies than John Wayne himself; Would like to own a skating rink for automo- biles. BEVERLY JEAN LEA Council: 3; Basketball: 3, 4 (co-captain); Hockey: 4; A Cappella 4. " You fink! " Denver; Vaudeville M.C Southern accent; SKIING; Chewing gum Two " n ' " s in Jeannie; Dislikes: Wilmot Athletic plus,- Always on her way to or from the airport; Likes: mountains; red Ford; " Just messin ' off. " Blue jeans. Jeannie 18 Lucy LUCILLE EVELYN McCARTY Morning Ex: 1; Council (Treasurer): 3; Homeroom offices: 2, 3. " You ' ll never guess what I did! " Eyes; Guitar; Math CXVII; Fingernails; KNIT- TING; Likes: boys; Most involved driver; Chocolate milk; New outfit every day; Dislikes: eye attacks; Her bite is worse than her bark. GLEN ROBERT GEIST Football: 3, 4; Stage Crew: 4; Wresfling: 3; Sailing: 3. Typical language unprintable; Dog; Mon- day morning quick theme artist; His vast reasoning powers, mechanical ability, and originality have led to the produc- tion of the greatest paper airplanes North Shore has ever seen; Would like to be curator of the Smithsonian Institute. Glen SUSAN JANE MERRICK G.A.A.: 4 (President); Hockey: 2, 3, 4; Council: 2, 3; Mirror: 4. " Come on Ozzie babes " ; Raspberry sher- bet; Legs; Mers babes; Colorado; Crush- er; Messy hair; Organized (?); Uke; Us- ually found at the library; World trav- eler; Green contacts; Grey and blue; " You guys " ; Latin IV. Susie - 19 THOMAS BARTLETT HARRIS Stage Crew: 1, 2, 3, 4; Ensemble: 2, 3, 4; Vaudeville: 4; Tennis: 1, 2, 3, 4. " Tilt! " Stage lighting expert; Always going somewhere fast, usually to Woodstock, Illinois; Never in the gymnasium; Author- ity on welding; Likes Sophomore and Jun- ior girls; Chief of the turtle-neck shirt boys; Crackers; Comment for every situation; Gold plated lunches; Banks at the First National. Tom Mary June MARY JUNE NEWMAN ' Morning Ex Committee: 2, 3; Drama Club: 2, 3, 4 (Chairman); A Cappella: 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey: 3, 4. " Hee, hee, hee! " Moon; Singing; Half crazy; Dancing; Still eating left-over ice cream; Serious one minute, standing on her head the next; Well dressed; " No! This isn ' t new! " Ambition: to be under- stood; Sunday night baker,- Dislikes: people who tell her she ' s unorganized. PHILIP GIFFORD HOOKER Stage Crew.- 3, 4; Football: 3, 4; Tennis: 3, 4 ; Diving Club: 3, 4. " Shameful display. . . " Genius in physics and chemistry,- Successfully maintains a respectable academic average without limiting his social activities; " . . .shoulda seen some a the honies over there last night. .. " Usually found: gone; Would like to have hair like Van Cliburn. Gift 20- KATHLEEN O ' BRIEN Council: 3; Homeroom offices: 1, 4; Ten- nis: 2, 3, 4; A Cappella: 3, 4. " Hey Mary, will you do me a favor? " Northwestern; Passive until you get to know her; Knitting; Florida; Latest model car; Indian Head; Ambition to graduate from college; Wausaukee; String with symbolism. Kathy CLARENCE HALL MORGAN III Football: 1, 2, Captain 3 4; Council: 4; Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4; Ensemble: 1 , 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. " Boys, it ' ll be no picnic. " Ed Gien; Gance; Mr. President; Usually trying to pick a fight with someone who refuses to pick a fight with him; Dean of locker room loud mouths, and a strong supporter of the super-bath; Would like to enter his ice boat in the Grand Prix; Last of the great knitters. i ij§§ B r fe«! Lance Nat NATHALIE BELL OSGOOD Mirror: 2, 4 (Co-Editor); Hockey: 1 , 2, 3, 4; G.A.A.: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-Pres.); Cheerlead- ing: 2, 3. " Cest la guerre, Poosycat. " Colorado; Library; Volks; Best voice (?); Poo; " Hello dere " ; Hardest person on campus to find; Always talking, but never saying any- thing; " Gimme a match " ; Tries to play the uke; ILAMY; Always claiming that it wasn ' t her fault. 21 WOLCOTT EZRA PUGH Stage Crew: 1 , 2, 3, 4; MIRROR: 4; Coun- cil: 1, 4 ; Football: 3, 4 " Even yet, still more; " Good at making noise; Would like to be a Coon; Usually not to be found; New Orleans; Segs; Tries to be in two places at the same time; Vaudeville and Opera Co-head. f Wally Heather HEATHER WILLING RAMSEY Hockey: 3, 4; Special Services: 2, 3, 4; Basketball: 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. Representa- tive: 3 " Wait ... I don ' t get it! " Always laugh- ing; Never still or quiet; Vaudeville M.C.; Ambition: to make a heroic save in hock- ey; Skiing; Usually found everywhere; Unorganized; " Bon-Jur, Ma-dame. " DAVID MORTON RANNEY Current Events: 1 , 2, 3, 4; Ice Hockey: 3, 4; Special Services: 3, 4; Baseball: 1, 2, 3, 4 " Say, Lassie. . .! " Farming; Find the jour- ney between Winnetka and Liberty ville somewhat strenuous, but still maintains that the most dependable mode of trans- portation these days is a jeep; Likes sleep and Adlai Stevenson; First one to get into college; Would like to someday raise cattle and abominable snowmen; Has no trouble finding a place to sleep. Dave 22 BARBARA UTTLEY SCHILLING Barb Morning Ex. Committee: 3; Purp: 3, 4; Cheerleading: 3, 4; Proctoring Commit- tee: 4 " Don ' t you just want to scream? ' ' Freck- les; Pecan pie; Interested in Science and Mathematics; Hates the Twist but is an avid Charleston fan; Independent; No temper to match her red hair; Switch- board operator; No institution is worth its salt unless it has a bell; " You mean there really is no Easter Bunny? ' ' GERHARDT B. SCHUPMANN Student Council: 4 ; Football: 3; Baseball: 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Offices: 3, 4 " Good poetry is when you can ' t under- stand it. " Big Buzz; A joke for every oc- casion; Hates Fords, and yet he owns one; California; Football Center; Chicago is a suburb of Glenview; Would like to be an apprentice to one of the Three Stooges. Buzz Mary MARY HAYWARD TOBEY Current Events: 1, 2, 3; Proctoring: 3, 4; Head of Room Cleaning: 4 " Veni, vidi, vici (?) " Always late; Camera bug; Ukelele; Horses, horses, HORSES; Always picking on Bart Bresnehan; Dis- likes modern dancing, Kathy O ' Brien, and people who knock her driving; " That ' s not very funny! ' ' 23 JOHN AUGUST SILANDER, JR. Stage Crew: 3, 4; Sailing: 4; Football: 4; Basketball: 4. " Buzz, how can you say that? " Big John: Avid twister; Skiing; Usually found in the clouds; Long and tall; Sailfishing; A man of few words; Always putting his foot (?) in his mouth; One of the seminar four; Angel of death; World ' s greatest (?) driv- er (?); Usually found causing trouble. John Liz ELIZABETH SERGARDI WALDO Drama Club: 3, 4; Proctoring: 3, 4; Morn- ing Ex Committee: 4. " Well, actually. . . " Dancing; Perfect pos- ture; Long hair; Always willing to help; Music; New idea every three minutes; Knitting; Genealogy; Dislikes: lunch and filling out college applications; Ambitions: to sell homemade occtipi to Marion Mi- chaels or to be a writer; Wants a nose muff. MITCHELL IRWIN SISSKIND Purp: 2, 3, 4 (Editor); Council: 2; Football: 1 , 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Current Events: 2. " Every day in every way. . . " The true test of an intellectual is his ability to listen to the William Tell Overture without think- ing of the Lone Ranger; Keeps his gJasses dirty so he doesn ' t have to see; Likes operas, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and football; Would like to have bis car achieve com- plete oneness with nature. Mitch 24 Cynthia CYNTHIA ADRIANA WALK Council: 1, 3 (Secretary); Hockey: 1, 4; A Cappella: 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleading: 2. " I really worked hard on that! " Sailing,- Raspberry sherbert; Pro Senior clcfls; Al- ways talking; Skiing; German LXII; " On the Beach " ; Long hair; Europe; Gets red when she laughs; " Walk right in. " My goodness! " MICHAEL ARTHUR WARTMAN Football: 1, 2, 3, 4; Ensemble: 3, 4; Bas- ketball: 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Baseball: 1, 2, 3, 4. " Yeah, uh-uh, I know your kind. " Warty; Likes Gil Thorpe and Dr. Landau; De- veloped the Wartman shuffle step as " Rags " in the 1962 Vaudeville; One of the eight North Shore Whales; Developer of the Ping-Pong battles; Curly; Psycholo- gist. Mike Buff ELIZABETH HEAD WINSTON Basketball: 2, 3, 4; Tennis: 2, 3, 4 ; Special Services: 3 (Chairman); Proctoring Com- mittee: 3, 4. " Say what? " Castle Park; Always found falling off horses; " Cummings! " clothes ' n a half; Winst; Hot Ford with bald tires,- Buy, buy, buy; Grin,- " Oh — , just — ! " Big white scarf; jes ' fussin ' around; Colorado; Guit-tar. 25- Senior Class Will Saran: All my vices to Marnie Paul. Louise: My basketball position to Betsy R. a nd hockey to Miss Spencer. Bart Ba: All my varsity letters to Jim Nesler. Ralph: All my various sports writing positions to John Darrow. Dave B: A couple of inches to Jamie, and the remains of the MIRROR office to some unknowing person. Bart Br: Yukon Larry to any deserving Eskimo. Steffi: The twins and Route 66 to Lyn. John C: My ' 48 Corvette to Bell. Sandy: That new leaf I was going to turn over to anybody who wants it. Anne: Luna the Tuna to sister Jane and my pidgeon toes to Patti Keel. Kathy C: My omphaloskepsis to Mr. Post, my witch laugh to Anne Young, and my jokes to any- one who ' s brave enough to repeat them. Cynthia C: Jackie to Judy Drake. Warren: A bag of popcorn to Doctor Landau, and a " Goldwater in ' 64 " bumper sticker to Mr. Post. Jay: My good grades in German to Bill Guenzel. Shelly: My exceptional experiences to Boo, Lee, and Lea, and my nick names to anyone who can handle them. Tony: My Law of Mankind to Michael Post. Alan: My Goodness Gracious to Sakes Alive. Robin: My amazon ability to Betsy R. and my Saturday nights to anybody who wants (?) them. Ed: My 6th periods to Dave Bell and Jim Davis. Glen: A year ' s supply of Right Guard to Mike Sammet. Helen: My blush to Mim and my naivety to Lee. Jeanie G: My toothpaste to Jan, Aspen to Dave Burke, my hidden fears to Lee, and my outhouse ski ability to Mr. Aggens. Tom: My ability to ditch gym to anyone who can handle it. Giff: All my parties to Dave Bell. Jeannie L: All my chewing gum to Mrs. Chudacoff, and my avid daily letter writing to Lyn Reidy. Lucy: My fingernails to Jay Nichols and my eye attacts to Terry Brown-heideserves them. Susie: My muscles to Sherry and Oswald to Tap. Lance: The care of Mable, Herbie, and Richie to Selma. Mary June: My inability to say what I mean to Linda A. and my laugh to Saralyn. Kathy OB: My string to anyone who likes string. Nat: Mr. French ' s name back to him and my " candid camera ' ' technique to Jeff. Wally: The sound equipment to Barney Carrington. Heather: My natural French ability to Madame and my scatterbrains to Katie. Dave R: The Winnetka, Libertyville, and Northfield police to the Junior Boy ' s play group. Barb: My sneeze to Parsons. Buzz: My ability to comprehend French to Jeff Gardner, my muscular superiority to Jim Davis, and my outstanding voice to Tom Moore. John S: My snowshoes to Mr. Post. Mitch: 600 Pines, 428 Fir, 16 Birch, 1828 Ginto trees to Gideon Searle. Mary: My expert horsemanship to Molly, knowing she can never use it. Liz: My talents, especially my great genius in Math, to anyone who wants them. Mike: Ask me next year. Cynthia W: My enthusiasm for German to Mr. Post. Buff: My basketball position to Katie, my books to Gwen, and my tenor voice to any half masculine girl who wants it. 26- 27 - 28 ' Popcorn is only my side racket. " Rumble I? fff iWiiw i I give up if he hasn ' t barfed yet! That ' s his 278th Henry ' s hot dog. Typical ' This is OK, but. II tell ya Doc: this thmg ' ll do to 60 in 5.5 ' 29 Juniors FIRST ROW; Candy Dern, Judy Drake, Karin Syren, Ondre Huston, Jan Miller, Lyn Miller. SECOND ROW: Phoebe Pettingell, Debbie Strong, Irving Benoist, Penny Gardner, Merle Chambers, Betty Ann Clarke, Susie Williams, Marnie Paul, Linda Allison. THIRD ROW: Kathy Wilsey, Nina Boal, Sally Hunt, Holly Potter, Sherry Fitzmorris, Pam Vainder, Sara- lyn Kopple, Gwen Stern, Nancy Scribner. FOURTH ROW: Jim Davis, Tom Moore, Nick Babson, Barney Carrington, Ned Lawson, Ed Flatow, Renny Knopf, Bob Joffee, Chris Lunding, Jay Nichols. FIFTH ROW: Jamie Reidy, Bill Hinchliff, Harry Highschool, Seiji Sonne, Dave Strong, Bill Guenzel, Dan Randle, Bill Guthman. SIXTH ROW: Jeff Alsdorf, Doc Cooper, Steve Hawxhurst, Bim Stanton, Gene Caine, Bill Groves, John Eastman, Nick Howland, Bill Bro, Rob Borchert. ABSENT: Joannie Brew, Libby Soule, Dave Bell, Mike Sammet. -30- 31 - 32 Sophomores FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: SIXTH ROW: ABSENT: Toni Harris, Les Griswold, Barb Finch, Sherry Fall, Betsy Cohler, Allison French. Bonnie Ware, Anne Young, Kathy Edwards, Molly Lynde, Cathy Groves, Pam Kimball, Rita Montgomery. Dee Durham, Grace Wilson. Ellen Howe, Les Moore, Audrey Kuh, Angie Galbraith, Lyn Reidy. Katie Gardner, Patti Keel, Mimi Hobart, Betsy Ratcliffe, Margie Morse, Liz Olson, Polly Steel, John Darrow, Bill Davis. Brock Hutchins, Bob Geraghty, Peter Bowes, John Berglund, Ken Freund, Dave Burke, Bill McCormick, John Hickey. Jim Nesler, Bill Jefferson, Pete Hutchinson, Jeff Gardner, Dave Taylor, Dave Hooker, Walter Metcalf, Craig Misner, Dan Philipsborn, Harry Highschool, Stets Ames, Gary Per- kins, Terry Brown, Tom Deitzgen, Craig LaFermenta Lucy Hadsall, John Chamberlin, Dick Richards. -33 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: ABSENT: Freshmen Di Harper, Anne Pugh, Jane Coulter, Susie Eastman, Sara Greeley, Jane Drake, Josie Atkinson, Teddy Fitzmorris, Susie Elliot, Kendra Pfisterer, Barbara Bradford. John Flanzer, Jerry Gordon, Cindy Wilkinson, Eloise Kent, Leigh Schweppe, Bob Good, John Kollar, Barb Bulger, Courtney Hurd, Chris Hawxhurst, Hubby Stern, Barb Koffman, Ann Mullins, Jeannette Sherwin, Robie Weary, Barb Wells, Beth Nichols, John Sperling. Chuck Ban, Steve Reinhold, Bob Wilcox, Mike Brickman, Bob Kentor, Tug Wilson, Ed Stanton, Bruce Jarchow, Ted Mouzakeotis, Steve Babson, Chris Johnson, Chuck Bartholo- may, Bill Fowle, Lee Durham, Tap Merrick, Liz Macleish, Peter Wilson, Bill Ditkowsky. Gail Barber, Anne Sutherland, Bob Butler, Dan La Cosse, Harry Highschool, Carol How- ard. 34 - 35 Micha el A. Post Dean of Boys English Nathaniel S. French Headmaster Perry Dunlap Smith Headmaster Emeritus Health Virginia S. Deane Dean of Faculty Dean of Girls History Barbara A. Foote Assistant to the Headmaster 36 Lewis A. Taylor Mathematics Stephen S. Ober Mathematics William W. Talley Mathematics Physics Elsie V. Harridge Assistant Treasurer Mathematics Lawrence W. Aggens Treasurer Geology 37 - 38 Adrienne Baach English Dramatics J. Gary Stuart Music Vincent Reidy Industrial Arts 39- Anna Eiben Latin Karla Landau German Sara Hanni French Simone Valvo French June Sochen English History 40- Office Staff SEATED: Mrs. Talley, Mrs. Harndge, Mr. Aggens, Mrs. Lawlor. STANDING: Miss Brunner, Mr. Bergen, Mrs. Dormody. 41 mm 42 - -43 44 - ' »■■ " " " " ■ " " " " " " -- -45 ■imm KUUllll jiiiili pitUl FRONT ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: ABSENT: Eighth Grade Margo Kenly, Elisabeth Sherwin, Debby Vainder. Randy Miller, Susie Cranage, Amelia Milliken, Jessica Harper, Molly Brown. Gloria Berglund, Jane Bulger, Joan Gately, Camilla Ewen, Lorraine Dille, Eliza Howe, Marian Dietzgen, Frances Winston. Robert Nathan, Diana Dunham, Peter Benson, Stuart Wilson, David Ingersoll, John More- schi, Tony Burdick, Bill Brickman. Tom Ross, Robbie Mayer, William Harper, Howard Strong, Paul Logan, Nat Howard, Steve Barber, Jim Darrow, Charles Schweppe, Martin Jack. Carolyn Victor, Paul Fairbank, Charles Gardner, Hyde Millard, Stuart Pettingell. Seventh Grade FRONT ROW: Robin Geist, Deborah Massey, Barbara Carton, Kathryn Mullins, Deborah Woodward, Michelle Booz, Judy Nevins, Susan Askow, Ann Thompson, Marilyn Schweitzer, Diana Gillispie, Alison Conant, Cynthia Babson, Arlene Bolotin, Judy Price. SECOND ROW: Thomas Browne, William Harridge, Peter Thompson, John Creigh, Bruce Barber, Paul Sommer, Frederick Loomis, Robert Stern, George Dern, Hamilton Moses, John Samuels, Betsy Pfaff, Katharine Gait. THIRD ROW: William Benoist, Steven Wilcox, John Wilson, Kennedy Hawxhurst, Joel Parshal, William Judkins, Timothy Loeb, James Sanders. ABSENT: Tom Ross. - 48 LEFT to RIGHT: Sixth Grade Peter Kuh, John Victor, Ben Earle, Louie Brown, Bill Comstock, George Hills, Buff Lynde, David Lyon, Corey Weary, Winnie Boal, Josie Strong, Amy Winston, Carol O Brien, Linda Breuer, Mary Ann Sewell. SECOND ROW: Everett Shorey, Dick LeBolt, Jim Wilson, Bill Batson, Mim Geraghty, Ann Searle, Nancy Colbert, Corky Millard, Nancy Swift, Wylly Morse, Kathy Gardner, Caroline Jarchow. BACK ROW: Jack Loomis, Bruce Blair, Andy Philipsborn, Hunt Hamill, Jeff Milliken, Andy Struthers. ABSENT: Holly Foote, John Stibolt. 49 Middle School Faculty FIRST ROW: Miss Ingram, Mrs. Lavo, Mrs. Durham. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hahn, Mr. Nold, Mr. Steel, Mr. Eldredge, Mr. Loomis, Mr. Ostrom, Mr. Provine, Mr. Christie -50 51 - ohJi ASral Fifth Grade FRONT ROW: George Booz, Scott Barber, Martha Weisberg, Mary Elizabeth Hannaford, Stephen Geer- ing, Craig Johnson, Elizabeth Perkins, Charles Durham, Laurie Schmitt, Diane Flint, Chris- tine Reinhold, Ruth Burnell. SECOND ROW: David Schweppe, Michael Post, Ruth Mayer, Thomas Coulter, Miss Collingbourne, James Leslie, Donald Whiteman, Edwin Gordon, Polly Ross. ABSENT: Dean Turner, Laurie Sue Lipman. 53 Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Jamie Flynn, Charles Lyon, Robbin Derry. SECOND ROW: Anne Leimert, Mark Milliken, John Ayer, John Stern, Joe Saunders, Bill Wilson, Peter Jef- ferson, Rocky Wirtz, Gideon Searle, Barrett Hills, Ann Howard, Marianne Ware, Barbara Post, Ellen Benson, Alison Hurd. ABSENT: Tom Boal, Crispin Colvin. Third Grade FIRST ROW: Mrs. Fairbanks, Mary Dern, Stephanie Schmitt, Carrie Maynard, Margie Raymond, Ginny Boone, Bobbe Ann Greenspon, Gail Wirtz, Ricky Klaus, Julie Macy, Andrew DaMiano, Susan Colbert. SECOND ROW: Scott Milliken, Jeff Eldredge, Steve Smith, Lucy Morse, Jon Fink, Nick Johnson, Mike Jones, Barbara Flint, Bob Stibolt. THIRD ROW: Henry Babson, Baker Saunders. ABSENT: Chris Breuer. 54 - Second Grade SEATED: Anne Benoist, Laura McCormick, Richie Ober, Susan Roberts, Jerry Perkins, Harold Joseph, Brandy Lipman. STANDING: Kathy Flynn, Jim Pugh, Peter Geraghty, Nina Babson, Miss Renoe, Shirley O ' Brien, Ann Morse, Louis Fields, Billy Hines, Randy Gardner. ABSENT: Susan Mullins, Pat Salisbury, Flint Dille. First Grade FIRST ROW: Howard Sinker, Nancy Stibolt, Kathy Eldredge, Alida Milliken, Don Johnson, Barry Humes. SECOND ROW: Anne Jones, Debby Teich, Linda Salisbury, Cyrena Weary, Caroline Post, Elisa Winston. THIRD ROW. Eddy Lifson, Denis Bohannan, Philip Burnstine, Kim Whiteman, Clark Elliott, Chip Frank, Mrs. Crouch. ABSENT: Stephen Moorhead, Lawrence Lyon. - .55 LEFT to RIGHT: Senior Kindergarten Jim Damaske, Mrs. Keener, Kim Louis, Sarah Hills, Miss McAllister, Phil Boal, Anne Ross, Robin Stone, Tim Ober, Ted Ancell, Katherine Zeitlin, Laura Macy, Jodi Roberts, Tom Abelmann, Vicki Joyce, Tracy Maynard, Tony Brown. ABSENT: Elizabeth Breuer, Diana Hopkins, Janet Rassweiler, Geof Felsenthal, Shawn Fields, Jonathan Isaacs, Michael Searle, Donald Warner. Junior Kindergarten LEFT to RIGHT: B. J. Nigrelli, Doug Ets-Hokin, Karen Wirtz, Dean Phelps, Julie Beth Gordon, Chuck Turoff, Larry Kanter, Susan Perkins, Julie Sudak. ABSENT: Linda Hopkins, Nina Beisel, Larry Teich. 56 Lower School Faculty FRONT ROW: Miss Collingbourne, Mrs. Kratz, Mrs. Damaske. BACK ROW: Mrs. Lavo, Mrs. Crouch, Miss Renoe, Miss Cretcher, Mrs. Hahn, Mr. Eldredge, Mrs. Fairbanks, Mrs. Keener. -57- LECTURE SERIES MR. AGGEN ' S SERIES R C X N ' OUR TIME IS UP. M O R N WORLD TRAVELS -58 Quiet please! ' Dr. Zipper 30 10 I have three announcements ' Town Meetings PURP STUDENT COUNCIL OFF - CAMPUS CLUB MORNING EXERCISE COMMITTEE SPECIAL SERVICES MIRROR 60 CHORUS A CAPPELLA LIBRARY CLUB ENSEMBLE Purple and White FIRST ROW: John Hickey, Debby Strong, Sherry Fitzmorris. SECOND ROW: Barb Schilling, Nancy Scribner, Mitch Siskind, Tom Moore, Helen Geraghty. THIRD ROW: Ralph Basile, Rennie Knopf, Chris Lunding, Lee Durham, John Darrow, Jeff Alsdorf. It is the aim of the Purple and White to reflect and develop the student opinion at North Shore. This is accomplished through the publication of articles concerning school conditions or problems, presumably with the emphasis on how they can best be resolved. Creative writing, humor, and car- toons also are frequently published. This year the Purple and White was reorgan- ized with the aim of providing a more efficient system of producing printable material. In past years the paper was run on a co-editor system; this year a seven member " editorial board " was insti- tuted in order to spread more effectively the re- sponsibilities of the paper. The new system should also give more students a chance to participate in the production of the paper than was previously possible. -62 - l I Mirror Staff FIRST ROW: Sandy Coburn, Dave Bradford (Co-Editor), Nat Osgood (Co-Editor). SECOND ROW: Alan Fisher, Susie Merrick, Kathy Culbertson, Lance Morgan. THIRD ROW: Wolly Pugh, Tony Dietzgen. -63 Student Council - First Term FIRST ROW: Bill Guenzel, Alison French, Holly Potter, Anne Coulter. SECOND ROW: Lance Morgan, Jane Drake, Helen Geraghty, Cynthia Cummings, Ted Mouzakeotis, Wally Pugh, John Darrow, Dave Strong. THIRD ROW: Dan Philipsborn, Peter Wilson, Ann Pugh, Bill Hinchliff, Rob Borchert. - 64 Student Council - Second Term FIRST ROW Ellen Howe, Susie Eastman, Linda Allison, Helen Geraghty. SECOND ROW: Bill Guenzel, Steve Hawxhurst, Candy Dern, Debby Strong, Barbara Schilling, Buzz Schup- mann. THIRD ROW: Bob Wilcox, John Darrow, Jeff Gardner. During the school year, at the time of midyear elections, a controversy arose concern- ing the role which council played in student life. Some believed that council should be given more power, while others felt that this ran against a basic principle of our school: that we govern ourselves on the honor system. Those who participated in, and especially those who started controversy, believed it was beneficial because it made the students more aware of government and their responsibilities as members of the student body. Steve Hawxhurst 65 Girls ' Athletic Association - First Term FIRST ROW: Judy Drake, Jan Miller, Shelly Denson, Nat Osgood (Vice-President), Susie Merrick (Pres- ident), Polly Steel, Sandy Coburn (Secretary). SECOND ROW: Joannie Brew, Anne Mullins, Jean Gillispie, Robin Foote. 66- Girls ' Athletic Association - Second Term FRONT ROW: Shelly Denson, Barb Bradford. Susie Merrick, Sandy Coburn. BACK ROW: Jean Gillispie, Jan Miller, Kathy Culbertson, Liz Olson, Nat Osgood. The purpose of G.A.A. is simple in statement but complex in accomplishment. The or- ganization ' s purpose is to support, assist, and contribute to North Shore by the various activ- ities of the girls. The year began with a kickoff luncheon where the Freshmen were introduced to their Senior sisters. The initiation of the girls consisted of part of the responsibility of this year ' s successful homecoming. Other projects that have been undertaken are bake sales, a slave auction, and assistance to the teachers. There is an annual party in the Spring which gen- erally creates chaos and fun, and the year is ended with a banquet. (The Senior boys, I might add, loyally serve us.) Here the year is summarized and the new officers and cheer- leaders are announced. G.A.A. is an organization with great potential. It has accomplished many things, yet there is no limit to what it can do. The girls of North Shore are the organization. The will belongs to the girls; the way is G.A.A. Susie Merrick 67 Ensemble FIRST ROW: j h n Darrow, Barney Carrington, Lance Morgan. SECOND ROW: Gene Caine, Bill Davis, Roby Weary, John Sperling, Ralph Basile. THIRD ROW: Dick Richards, Saran Achria, Tom Harris, Mike Wartman, Pete Wilson, Jim Nesler. FOURTH ROW: Dave Bradford, Bob Joffee. ABSENT: Mike Sammet, Bill Guenzel, Nick Babson, Tom Moore, Dave Strong, Bill Hinchliff, Bart Bartholomay. 68 - A Cappella FIRST ROW: Gwen Stern, Sherry Fitzmorns, Linda Allison. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Walk, Patti Keel, Katie Gardner, Betty Anne Clarke, Helen Geraghty. THIRD ROW: Liz McLeish, Barb Kaufman, Debby Strong, Anne Sutherland, Mary June Newman, Teddy Fitzmorns, Candy Dern. FOURTH ROW: Jeannie Lea, Rita Montgomery, Anne Coulter, Kathy O ' Brien. 69 Current Events SEATED: Nancy Scribner, Ken Freund, Bill Davis, Libby Soule (Chairman), Rob Borchert, Bob Joffee, Lyn Miller, Louise Allen STANDING: Ondre Huston, Liz MacLeish, Doc Cooper, Audrey Kuh, Linda Allison, Merle Chambers,, Karin Syren, John Easrman, Cynthia Cummings, Elizabeth Nichols. - 70- Stage Crew FIRST ROW: Wally Pugh, John Callander,! Ralph Baisle, Glen Geist, Jay Nichols, Lynn Reidy. SECOND ROW: Tom Harris, Tony Dietzgen, John Silander, Dan Philipsborn. 71 EWaROHAROLO v..- ' - . Special Services Committee FIRST ROW: Lyn Miller, Craig LaFramenta, Jeff Gardner, Walter Metcalf, Kathy Culbertson. SECOND ROW: Saralyn Kopple, Bob Joffee, Audrey Kuh, Liz MacLeish, Elizabeth Nichols, Mamie Paul (Chairman), Libby Soule, Karan Syren, Irving Benoist, Merle Chambers, Saran Achria, Heather Ramsey. 72 - Morning Exercise Committee FRONT ROW: Rita Montgomery, Liz Waldo, Phoebe Pettingell, Gwen Stern, Courtney Hurd. BACK ROW: Jeff Gardner, Allan Fisher, Doc Cooper, Tom Deitzgen, Bob Wilcox. 73 Drama Club FIRST ROW: Mrs. Baach, Patti Keel, Katie Gardner, Liz MacLeish, Nina Boal. SECOND ROW: Mitch Sisskmd, Robin Foote, Linda Allison. THIRD ROW: Irving Benoist, Jay Nichols, Mary June Newman, Kathy Wilsey, Phoebe Pettingell 74 Library Club SEATED: Betsy Ratcliffe, Grace Wilson, Kathy Culbertson, Carol Howard, Shelly Denson. STANDING: Margie Morse, Liz MacLeish, Angie Galbraith, Jeannette Sherwin. Off-Campus Club LEFT TO RIGHT: Mac the Knife, Gentle Jack Darby, Dandy Jim Buckly, Machine Gun Kelly, Billy the Kid, Maggie the Marauder, Casanova, Scarface Al, Studs Turkle, Hamilton Drane. -75- 0M FIELD HOCKEY FOOTBALL SAILING H ICE HOCKEY - 76 BASKETBALL TENNIS BASEBALL GOLF KC3 Jfr 8S1 W « :2«K: : %:iB» • Ut ' ijj ., « ' : .1 " i " rtwr Cheerleading LEFT TO RIGHT: Les Griswold, Barb Schilling, Anne Coulter, Helen Geraghty, Gwen Stern, Judy Drake. - 78- Varsity Footba Undefeated Champions FIRST ROW: Glen Geist, Mike Wartman , Tony Deitzgen, John Callander, Mitch Sisskind (Co-cap- tain), Lance Morgan (Co-captain), Gift Hooker , Alan Fisher, Ralph Basile . SECOND ROW: Barney Carnngton, Tom Moore , Jim Davis , Chris Lunding, John Silander, Wally Pugh, Gene Caine, Bill Guenzel , Dave Strong. THIRD ROW: Mr. McCarty (Coach), Steve Hawxhurst, Bill Davis, Nick Babson, Rennie Knopf, Ed Flat- ow, Bob Borchert, Bill Guthman, Mike Sammet. ABSENT: Dave Bell , Bart Bartholomay . All-League First Team All-League Second Team All-League Honorable Mention 79 -:.. ! Varsity Hockey FIRST ROW: Katie Gardner, Heather Ramsey, Mary June Newman, Jan Miller, Joannie Brew, Helen Geraghty (Captain), Sue Merrick (Captain), Robin Foote, Les Moore, Cathy Groves, Jane Drake, Teddy Fitzmorris. SECOND ROW: Lyn Reidy, Boo Bradford, Allison French, Susie Eastman, Candy Dren, Nancy Scribner, Kathy Wilsey, Nat Osgood, Ondre Huston, Cynthia Cummings, Shelly Denson, Ellen Howe, Jean Gillispie, Betsy Ratcliffe, Cynthia Walk, Anne Young, Patti Keel, Lee Durham, Polly Steel, Judy Drake. ABSENT: Miss Spencer (Coach), Jeannie Lea, Nina Boal. 80- Champions P.S.L. Football Scores N.S. Opp. 42 Morgan Park 6 32 North Park 7 39 Walther Luther 25 28 Glenwood 40 Latin 27 Elgin 26 St. John ' s 14 33 Francis Parker Undefeated Season Unscored upon in White D ivision of Pr ivate School League. Hockey Scores N.S. Opp 1st Team 4 Lake Forest College 2nd Team 7 1st Team 8 Faulkner 2nd Team 2 1st Team 4 University Hig h o 2nd Team 2 0 ' 1st Team 1 Ferry Hall 2nd Team 2 1 1st Team 3 Francis Parker 81 Varsity Basketball FIRST ROW: b;|| Guenzel, Tom Moore, Ed Flatow, John Silander, Alan Fisher, Jim Davis, Dan Randle. SECOND ROW: Mr. McCarty (Coach), Nick Babson, Bill Groves, Lance Morgan, Ed Freund, Jeff Alsdorf, ABSENT: Ralph Basile. Bart Bartholomay (Captain) -82 Girls ' Varsity Basketball FIRST ROW: Allison French, Katie Gardner, Les Moore, Ann Young, Mimi Hobart, Carol Howard, Pam Kimball SECOND ROW: Jean Gillispie, Polly Steel, Lea Durham. Jeannie Lea (Co-Captain), Jan Miller(Co-Captainl, Ellen Howe, Anne Coulter, Cynthia Cummings. THIRD ROW: Holly Potter, Marnie Paul, Betsy Ratcliffe, Saralyn Kopple, Jeannette Sherwin, Ondre Hust- 3BBBMBUHHH9HH 83 - Girls ' Basketball Scores N.S. Opp. Varsity 34 Francis Parker 14 Junior Varsity 53 12 Varsity 30 Faulkner 5 Junior Varsity 48 7 Varsity 21 Timothy Christian 46 Junior Varsity 21 10 Varsity 35 Ferry Hall 19 Junior Varsity 30 5 League Champions - undefeated k. - Basketball Scores q 38 North Park Academy 41 54 Timothy Christian 51 52 Walther Luther 44 54 Elgin 32 50 Harvard 45 69 University High 56 78 Latin 25 Lake Forest Academy 43 Glenwood 24 llliana Christian 57 Francis Parker 38 Elgin 35 54 Morgan Park Academy 55 62 Harvard 56 46 University High 43 84 Latin 35 57 Glenwood 42 62 llliana Christian 60 69 Francis Parker 52 43 Chicago Christian 49 Non-League games Private School League Tournament 51 47 59 48 83 84 Varsity Baseball FIRST ROW: Bill Groves, Ralph Basile, Ted Mouzakeotis, Rob Borchert, Steve Hawxhurst. SECOND ROW Bruce Jarchow, Bill Davis, Mike Wartman, Jim Davis, Bill Fowle, Lance Morgan. THIRD ROW: Don Prentiss (Assistant Coach), Bart Bartholomay, Ed Freund (Captain), Tom Moore, Craig Misner, Bim Stanton, Mr. McCarty (Coach). 85 Varsity Tennis FIRST ROW Steve Reinhold, Tug Wilson, Chuck Ban, Tom Deitzgen. SECOND ROW: Dave Bradford (Captain). Bill Hinchliff, Bob Joffee, John Hickey, Mr. Provine (Coach). Girls ' Tennis LEFT to RIGHT: Grace Wilson, Louise Allen, Kathy O ' Brien, Helen Geraghty, Jane Coulter, Katie Gardner. Pam Kimball. 86 Varsity Baseball Schedule Varsity Tennis Schedule Loyola Academy Here li liana Christian There Luther North Here Lake Forest Academy Here Francis Parker Here Racine Lutheran Here University High Here Latin School There llliana Christian Here University High There Francis Parker There Timothy Christian Here Lake Forest Academy There North Park Here Chicago Latin Here Timothy Christian There University High There Timothy Christian There Francis Parker There Elgin There Luther South There Chicago Latin There Chicago Christian Here Wheaton Here North Park Here Luther North Here Private School League Tournament mm$%. Track FIRST ROW Ed Flatow, Dan Philipsborn, Nick Babson, Gift Hooker, Roby Weory SECOND ROW: Dick Richards, Sei|i Sonne, Tap Merrick, Rennie Knopf, Dave Hooker THIRD ROW Coach Lacey, Pete Hutchinson, Ned Lawson, Dave Strong, Chris Lunding, Dave Bell, Gene Came. 87 - Frosh-Soph Football FIRST ROW: John Berglund, Jeff Gardner, Dan Phillipsborn, Bruce Jarchow, Ted Mouzakeotis, John Darrow, Craig Misner, Bill McCormick, Mike Brickman, Dave Taylor, Craig LaFermenta. SECOND ROW: Bill Jefferson, John Sperling, Jerry Gordon, Walter Metcalfe, John Chamberlin, Dan La- Cosse, Dick Richards, Bill Fowle, Bob Good, Brock Hutchins. THIRD ROW: Bob Wilcox, Peter Wilson, Hubby Stern, Steve Reinhold, John Hickey, Roby Weary, Tug Wilson, Ed Stanton, Steve Babson, Bob Butler, Chuck Bonn. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Bockius (Coach), Terry Brown, Tom Deitzgen, Gary Perkins, Peter Bowes, Bob Ger- aghty, John Kollar, Chris Johnson, Chuck Bartholomay, Tap Merrick, Mr. Lacey (Assistant Coach). 88 Frosh-Soph Basketball FRONT ROW Craig Misner, Pete Wilson, Dan Philipsborn, Bill Davis, Bruce Jarchow, Ken Freund. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bockius, John Hickey, Bob Wilcox, Ted Mouzakeotis, John Sperling, John Flanzer, Chuck Ban. Frosh-Soph Baseball FRONT ROW: John Chamberlin, Jim Nesler, Chris Hawxhurst, John Flanzer, Bob Geraghty, Steve Bab- son, Bob Wilcox, Bob Butler. SECOND ROW: Campbell Stanton, Mike Brickman, Jeff Gardner, Pete Wilson, John Darrow, Mr. Ostrom, Hubby Stern. -89 Sailing STANDING Bill Guthman, Merle Chambers, John Kollar, Doc Cooper, Bob Good. Barney Carnngton, Captain Ahab. IN CART and TRACTOR: Betsy Cohler, Molly Lynde, Jay Nichols, Cynthia Walk, Tony Dietzgen, Gary Perkins, John Silander, John Eastman, John Callander, Sterling Moss, Dick Richards. ABSENT: Nat Osgood, Sandy Coburn. Golf FIRST ROW Biil Guenzel, Jeff Alsdorf, Terry Brown, Brock Hutchms, Peter Bowes, Dave Taylor. - 90 - Ice Hockey LEFT to RIGHT: Jeff Gardner, Ed Stanton, Dave Ranney, Chris Hawxhurst, Mike Brickman, Barb Schilling, Bi m Stanton, Chuck Bartholomay, Barney Carrington, Terry Brown. t Middle-School Basketball FRONT ROW: Bruce Barber Pete Thompson, Tom Ross, Joel Parshall. BACK ROW Jim Darrow. Mr. Loomis, Paul Fairbanks, Dunny Creigh, John Samuels, Bill Judkins. 91 Middle School Football FIRST ROW: j om R OS5j Pete Benson, Martin Jack, Charles Gardner, Bill Bnckman, Paul Fairbank, Bob Nathan, Paul Logan, Howard Strong, Jim Darrow, Bob Mayer. SECOND ROW: Mr. Steel, David Ingersoll, Nathaniel Howard, Stuart Wilson, Bill Harper, Stuart Pettin- gell, Charlie Schweppe, John Moreschi, Hyde Millard, Tony Burdick. THIRD ROW: Pete Thompson, Bruce Barber, John Wilson, Bill Judkins, Steve Wilcox, Tim Loeb, Bob Stern, George Dern, Paul Sommer, Bill Harndge, Fred Loomis. FOURTH ROW: John Craig, James Sanders, Hamilton Moses, Joel Parshall, Tom Browne, Joseph Saunders, Charles Lyon, John Ayer, Jim Flynn, Bill Wilson, David Schweppe, Hunt Hamill. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Loomis, John Loomis, Bruce Blair, Peter Kuh, Charles Durham, Gideon Searle, Bar- rett Hills, Everett Shorey, Andrew Struthers, William Wirtz, Dick LeBolt, John Victor. SIXTH ROW: Mr. Ostrom, Steve Geering, Craig Johnson, James Wilson, Charles Earle, Bill Batson, Bill Comstock, John Stibolt, Jeff Milliken, Andrew Phillipsborn, Louis Brown, Mr. Provine, David Lyon. -92 - Middle School Hockey FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: Josie Strong, Judy Nevins, Molly Brown, Susie Cranage, Nancy Swift, Margo Kenley, Elizabeth Sherwin, Corry Weary. Marilyn Schweitzer, Debby Woodward, Kathy Mullins, Diane Gillispie, Arlene Bolotin, Anne Thomson, Gloria Bergland, Diana Dunham, Ce Ce Ewen, Franny Winston, Pussy Harper, Marian Dietzgen, Debby Vainder. Robin Geist, Michelle Booz, Judy Price, Betsy Pfaff, Eliza Howe, Carolyn Victor, Joan Gately, Jane Bulger, Lorrie Dille, Randy Miller, Allison Conant, Carolyn Jarchow, Anne Searle. Buffy Lyon, Amy Winston, Kathy Gardner, Linda Brewer, Mary Ann Soule, Mim Ger- aghty, Corky Mullard, Carol O ' Brien. Winnie Boal, Wylly Morse, Lee Millikin, Susan Askow, Barb Carton, Debby Massey, Cindy Babson. Middle School Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Pussy Harper, Gloria Bergland, Randy Miller, Jane Bulger, Franny Winston, Joan Gately. - 93 - -94 • P Q ■ , lS t%? ' i " IB i i Aslto f 1 tfcg. THE WHALES FIRST ROW: Ralph Bosile, Dave Bradford, Bart Bresnehan, Mike Wartman, Mitch Sisskind. BACK ROW: John Callander. Wally Pugh, Buzz Schupmann. - 95 I .- II ■:... .; . , • ■an i v ■» " • ■ ' V . x VAUDEVILLE MAY DAY O 3 SENIOR PLAY VAUDEVILLE -98 1963 -99 The Yeomen of the Guard Cast Saturday cast listed last Phoebe Meryil Linda Allison Cynthia Walk Wilfred Shadbolt Dave Strong First Yeoman John Darrow Dame Carruthers Phoebe Pettingell ■ Matinee) Rlta Montgomery Betty Anne Clarke Second Yeoman Steve Hawxhurst Sergeant Meryil Bob Joffee Leonard Meryil Dick Richards Sir Richard Cholmondely Peter Bowes Chris Lunding Colonel Fairfax Mike Sammet Ralph Basile Elsie Maynard Debbie Strong Mary June Newman Jack Point Nick Babson First Citizen Tony Dietzgen 100 by Gilbert and Sullivan March 21, 22. 23 Second Citizen John Silander Kate Helen Geraghty Chorus of Yeomen of the Guard, Gentlemen, and citizens. Musical Director Mr. Allison Drama Director Mrs. Baach Accompanist Mr. Stuart Coordinator Dave Ranney Assistant Coordinator Nancy Scribner Stage Manager Glen Geist Costumes Shelly Denson, Mrs. Steel, and mothers Scene: Tower Green Time: 16th Century 101 MAY DAY Susie Merrick (Attendant! Helen Geraghty (Queen) Barb Schilling (Attendant) - 102 - Senior Class Play " Look Homeward Angel FIRST ROW: Wally Pugh, Cynthia Cummings, Kathy Culbertson, Shelly Denson. SECOND ROW Warren Damaske, Alan Fisher, Anne Coulter, Robin Foote, Jean Gillisple. Dave Bradford. THIRD ROW: John Silander, Liz Waldo, Jay Delaney, Barb Schilling, Cynthia Walk. Cast Ben Gant Tom Harris Hugh Barton Waily Pugh Will Pentland Tony Deirzgen Eugene Gant Jay Delaney Jake Clatt Dave Bradford Mr. Farell Warren Damaske W.O. Gant Alan Fisher Dr. Maguire Buzz Schupmann Tarkington Ralph Basile Luke Gant John Silander Mrs. Fatty Pert Cynthia Cummings Helen Barton Robin Foote Eliza Gant Cynthia Walk Mrs. Clatt Jeanne Gilhspie Florry Mangle Kathy Culbertson Miss Brown Shelley Denson Mrs. Snowden Liz Waldo Laura James Barb Schilling Mme. Elizabeth Anne Coulter - 103 - 104 - nH - 105 7 963 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Winston Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Bro Mr. and Mrs. J. Dennis Freund Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dunham Dr. and Mrs William B. Wartman W. DAMASKE CO., LTD. Victor Hlavacek HILLCREST 6-0283 - HI 6-3097 - AL 6-1 133 746 GREEN BAY ROAD - WINNETKA. ILLINOIS Ranney Land and Cattle Company Libertyville, Illinois WELCOME FLOGMEYER III 106 When you look in your Mirror Be Fell dressed Abe Fell Compliments of Attebery Service Station 1 10 Green Bay Road Phone 446-3033 Complete Auto Service and Mobile Products Congratulations To The Graduating Class come in and see us TROOPING THE COLOUR Hillcrest 6-6360 896 Linden Ave. Hubbard Woods 9:30 - 5:30, Monday through Saturday 107 - LITTLE TOUCH Ji-OF HOLLAND ; iir The Bakery with the European Touch 343 Park Avenue Glencoe Alice ' s Culinary Art Shoppe Catering Service University 4-2988 Summer Activities for YOUR YOUNG SON OR DAUGHTER All Day — Mornings — Afternoons Select the Program which Fits Your Needs North Shore Country Day Camp McKinnoy Play Clubi C. Bertram McKinney Hlllcrest 6-2712 WINNETKA ,,,: ' ; For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Open 7 AM to 7 PM Closed Sunday Compliments of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association SAVILLE ' S FLOWER SHOP 1712 Sherman Avenue Telephone, University 4-0632 Evanston, Illinois SAVILLE ' S ON RIDGE 317 Ridge Road Te lephane, Alpine 1 ■ 0757 Wilmette, Illinois 108- Baumann-Cook 551 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, III. HI 6-5000 North Shore Real Estate For 30 Years Christine Baumann Collins ( ' 21) Florence S. Cook Mary Byrnes Mabel Coulter Ruth Mills Elwood Lucy Jane Hedberg Lucille Octigan Frances Olmsted Claire Sherwood Edythe Layden Christie Chaffee 109 ni bnb REAL ESTATE • MORTGAGES • INSURANCE 7 14 ELM STREET • WINNETKA, ILLINOIS HILLCREST 65544 Phototronics, Inc. 740 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois t ESTABLISHED 35 YEARS |— ' oviva ' it -)noiograpn j RYE. NEW YORK 552 LINCOLN AVENUE WINNETKA. ILLINOIS HILLCREST 6-6244 110 - The fearsome fivesome but not forgotten! - in - BARNYARD " Hey, you guys. ! " 1 waz a participant. . . " " I made it! " " It ' s no picnic. " " I scream for ice cream. p " Sit down and shut up. E O Who s got my book? " P " Miss Dean . . .? ' E " Why? " What happened to the Coffee Committee? " " But Sir, you don ' t understand! " - 112 Rex ' s Service Station 469 Sunset Ridge Road Northfield, Compliments of BERT J. DREW Groceries Hi-6-4817 CHILDREN ' S SHOES FROM TOTS To TEENS. ADULT CASUALS ' E OJUa£A- BaoteAxt JESSE BARNES HlLLCREST 6-3668 1755 ORCHARD LANE NORTHFIELD. ILLINOIS Marian Michael Children ' s Clothes Babies Through Pre-Teens and Custom Mades for Sister, Brother, and Mother 574 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka, III. HI 6-1177 ACE HARDWARE HARDWARE PAINTS 952 LINDEN AVE. HUBBARD WOODS, ILL. PHONE: HI 6-3000 601 Green Bay Rd. Wilmette r CURT ' S RESTAURANT specializing in: Charcoal Broiled Butt Steak Sandwiches - 113 Compliments of Mike OUTSTANDING FASHIONS Imported Sportswear Dresses for Dining or Dancing Country Suits, Town Coats Frances Heffernan 572 Lincoln Avenue Winnetka Winnetka Clinical Laboratory 725 Elm St., Winnetka, 111. HI 6-4588 All kinds of laboratory tests for your doctor NORTHFIELD PAINT CENTER 1753 Orchard Lane, Northfield Hi 6-7546 Jewel and O ' Brien Paints Art Supplies Picture Framing Gene Koster _ u.S% IN GLENCOE 667 VERNON AVENUE THE TRADITIONAL SHOP For men women TEEN-AGE TEN COMMANDMENTS 1. Stop and think before you drink. 2. Don ' t let your parents down, they brought you up. 3. Be humble enough to obey. You will be giving orders yourself some day. 4. At the first moment turn away from un- clean thinking. 5. Don ' t show off when driving. If you want to race, go to Indianapolis. 6. Choose a date who would make a good mate. 7. Go to church faithfully. The Creator gives us a week. Give Him back at least an hour. 8. Choose your companions carefully. You are what they are. 9. Avoid following the crowd. Be an en- gine, not a caboose. 10. Keep the original Ten Commandments. JOE JACOBS CHEVROLET 435 Green Bay Road Wilmette, Illinois 114 - Fflflo C——— rl ' f! Harvey ' s Record Shop {izlDDDDDC lJlkGJ UCPGJWOU HI 6-2915 BR 5-0350 VE 5-1041 BRING IN THIS COUPON FOR A I 561 LINCDLN AVE., WINNETKA, ILL. (Winnetka ' s own Travel Agency) Complete SPECIAL 20% DISCOUNT ON ANY ALBUM Travel Arrangements 669 Vernon Glencoe UotiMautyttJvi 990 LINDEN AVENUE Junior Sizes 3 to 15 winnetka - hubbard woods - Illinois Preteen Sizes 6 to 14 990 Linden Avenue Winnetka Hubbard Woods Compliments Phone VE 5-0474 of HENRY KUSHER ORIGINAL MODELS Hazel Matter DESIGNING HI 6-4042 674 VERNON AVE. GLENCOE, ILL. 567 - A Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, Illinois Best Wishes and Congratulations THE RED CARRIAGE RESTAURANT to our Country ' s future leaders Your neighborhood ' s newest and finest Restaurant. 115 CONGRATULATIONS ANNE Two out, and two to go! TFC3L1 s om JL KJutslandina MONDAY THRU SATURDAY AIR CONDITIONED 320 FRONTAGE RD. NORTHFIELD HI 6-7808 ■.-:■■ - -■ ' ■ ■■. ■m : -i- ZW?W m : : :.%, ■::■ » ■ -. ' , ITRGG For The New and Unusual In Clothes A Man From Europe ' 116 Congratulations to the Class of ' 63 Compliments of a Friend COMPLIMENTS OF ADOLPH KIEFER CO. Manufacturers of Swimming Pool Equipment Supplies " We Manufacture Everything But The Water ' ' For Excellent Service Satisfactory Results see Lang Real Estate 710 Glencoe Road Glencoe Ve 5- 1971 Al 1- 3430 Br 3-4673 Telephone HIllcrebt 6-1462 INCORPORATED 1913 FmrdA. Anderson nnaw BUILDING CONSTRUCTION 545 LINCOLN AVENUE WINNETKA, ILLINOIS Chicagd: RO 1-9B73 TELEPHONE: DAVIS 8-2226 Joseph f. Di Francesco, Prop. 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Taylor for his vigorous atmos- phere of Work Day, his innumerable answers to our Math questions, and many years of unique per- sonal interest in us and the school. We hope that those with whom he comes in contact outside the school benefit as much by these characteristics as we have. 132 - 133 - 134 ito r yi? r. - Ml V ' V ' r v ; ! - ■ ' P . BS»3B IT ' | P| HL ' ' iMfdfr IB 1 [ 1 V 4 ' Jm -■ 3gF a " ! . ? ; jj ■ ?■ ™ ' • ' -. ' t, ' v2y x i - 135 - Compliments of Reylow Corporation 136 - Best of Luck To The Class of 1963 John Welter, Florist Phone: AL 6-0891 615 Ridge Road Wilmette, Illinois Wilmette Bicycle and Sport Shop A. W. Zengeler Co. Dry Cleaners- Since 1857 In Winnetka — North Western Railroad Station In Hubbard Woods — " Our Drive-In " 1010 Tower or cal HI 6-0898 137 BEGIN! Lose this day loitering, ' twill be the same old story, tomorrow, and the next day more dilatory. Each indecision brings its own delays, and days are lost lamenting o ' er lost days. What you can do, or think you can, Begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it! — Goethe - 138 - I - - . " P IBM . yPa Br - w S HP ■■■-■■ m. ■■■■■■,-■.■■■■•■; ■■ H 171 M2 £ • fc MP . ■I « ' »Pl _ , . . • • -.-.-4 jfc p " ipgbjkJ : ¥ii I g « , -

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