North Shore Country Day School - Mirror Yearbook (Winnetka, IL)

 - Class of 1961

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North Shore Country Day School - Mirror Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 154 of the 1961 volume:

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L X N4 P". ?f" V?x8f'5,?O. 'L'T'f'55'f' fl7."Glr", tiff-'34 f"f'i'513'-?5i"" Ks:fV"'T"M 'f'l.5l55i7" x 219 ' . 1.1st?tL.1.-'.i- N.'fb.f ' -w.34..4AMg THE SENICDR CLASS OF T961 PRESENTS THE MIRROR NORTH SHORE COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL WIIXINETKA . ILLINOIS 4 N. A ' ' N U XL vv '.l 41' - N. milf N.,- , fy' W I I Q. Liu - .ui A M- 54 'i"' ML" """ , - b Q 1 , .A - --..L.,,,,M, -W.:-'-. vu.-0 H .44 ""'i-nf ' -M N ,, In-1-q,f"qr,. 'I .1- ,fv x . . ' ,.., ' .... 'W'-w W- - ' 'X ,, ' -.f,.fL9g3v-ffwc' ' mxexaf-ww-umm , . . .... , ..... .-., q-.....-Th, 41. Q Y -nw AL i 4' " 9'- . f. M"""""" A : -. f. M., ' . P ' "-f,wvfa"-' A ' ff , - M Mg 11 :ff iff 1, n aggggxg 5- H " . - Af- Mfr '52, - t ,ratfkqw-, YM ,'.. A , K J- ,F T V' V u,:w'Wif AA -- ' '.L'M.Q. w1' f53 'V1' A Q 1. .V .,, A Y 1 . -,,.,,,., ,,. t. A pfagqu, M.-,.,,.. , , ,,41 iJ.l!,2 W M!.: V .?fK,HK?f',7iV,,,Mf p,5,zA.,L,lJ3, N, Nw V, :frm . .. fi W M.,,qy-v,y,,A +'fV,,,,--f,f..k, A N, .. A b ,gs , Q ' A 5 N 1 ' 'A ' ' ' .lm iw. -'S ,aff ., I f- .Y .- -ff."L'QfQ,v"fi Q Y "-"'if'M"' 'Qu . "" 3 ' -' X. . 'L W Wim" ' " Su3r'.--'Ev " if "-1H',n'v-:' 3 1.1- L M ,big N WEN: N uw A . . .,,,, Wu., . x , 3. , . k , ' '-'.'xgwm:21.'f' - - - - - ' '-"-5-I 1.. -, us -'59'5315"-" .,,,,..xws . . . My 13,4 A ..ggq'.':31-'.5A. U M R -- - , 11' , 1fz'.5f3--,-' W iu gff V ' ff :if . -' '. f?2iX5lu Jw , W -53,31 -154,91 '- ' '.,., - 1 iw- 'hvaxjl-gina: K m n in wa-. if v I U-OSD-lr ' 965-kwkw.. I in 1- o4n,geD- 04-QP 3.51 L 1 N ' I 1 Ffa 4 r I s .1 it T f, ? l ., i ,F I 2 l 5 . U Nffj - :fx , , A f 3 l l, ti 1 , ,' ' l 2 1 1 2 Q ' 2 i f, , ' ,r , ' ACTIVITIES DRAMATICS In presenting the Mirror for l96l, we have tried to reflect the maior events, activi- ties, and examples of school life which have made up this academic year. The four sec- tions into which the book is divided -- Activities, Dramatics, Athletics, Academics -- serve only as an outline of the school. We could never hope to include all the aspects of North Shore since so much of it is centered around abstract knowledge and various concepts. The other opportunities made available by the school supplement and enrich our exist- ence using this abstract knowledge as a foundation. It is fitting that a school such as North Shore should survive and flourish in an age of mass education in which the individual too often looses significance. This emphasis on the importance of individual growth and achievement has been one of the founding principles of the school since its establishment in l9l9. The individual is to realize his responsibilities of leadership and citizenship in addition to an awareness of his intellec- tual potentialities. ' -6- i M,,,w 1 -W , . ,M i I ., K ,M,,,,iW Y 1' i ,.,.-w""' W NW i ,,.,, I A , L ,1 p fi il ' L: ' ' -,-,,. 5' I ii :V l i , 4 lf-' l I W i i K an ,F , :Auv- -f-.,..,.,,,-,.4sff' ATHLETICS ACADEMICS In order to meet the demands of an increased population and to replace outdated equipment, it was necessary for North Shore to undertake a development program. Al- ready many changes on the campus, such as the remodeling of the high school, have taken place to provide greater opportunities for all. With the completion of the boys' gymnasium and the erection of an art and music center, the major construction of the program will be finished. The buildings themselves are only the first step, however. Be- fore these inanimate objects can be termed complete, they must be pervaded with the spirit and goals of the school. As the school grows, so must its yearbook it it is to reflect the school accurately. Since the first edition in l92l, the Mirror has grown and expanded to its present form. We have striven this year to capture the high points of school lite in an atmosphere of living and serving. The Editors - 7 - y i e 'rrue growth - ,":"- . . ff", '. ,' C' wr' .,..-M -3. e school -9- 110 is The growth of The individual F ri"P " 4 WA 1 1 F , Y A' A113 f ' fm 4 V' 5' , M I 1' ' sv W 2,5 .yfv Y 2 , f .7 -I if! . -... and ff!" ' sf 1 ,ff I I ffvf YR " 4' sr f 'gf xx K ! - lf- GL "W 'fj I 'K 'I ,fc-5 -H, ,A-1 K-lf- ,z-X gf -f'Z' ,f UNT i f GO Q 3, 0 0 I "' A "' SJ " g i 00N AQ 9 Organizations create a chance for each individual to show his talents in an extra-curricular field. Establishing group unity through similar interests, the organizations work toward the betterment of their members and the school as a whole. kr. r 1 A i 8' x S Y 1 Q H .X 31' 1 W, f f 6 . '4 -ff .iv ,ei W1 ,w . ' I' pa , 5 A- Mr ur v is f 4 Q: U wi A 4 I ,V '51 I5 -1 v x r f X ' ' Y Y Uli .11 " .H .91 'ft A I v r ' no f' -Tir J I a PA' ""A' , 1 5, A w , 1 ..... .--1-v .exec .xlr 1 l wry fx, I Purple cmd White Staff FRONT ROW: V. Moreschi, J. Strong lCo-editorl, S. Sewell, J. Burdick, P. McKinney, T. Geraghty. SECOND ROW: S. Dick, F. Kelley, K. Osgood, P. Young, L, Doolittle, L. Ames, B. Berndtson. STANDING: B. Spindell, J. French, C. Ingersoll, J. Wilson lpencil shorpenerl, B. Gottschalk, L. Jennings, S. Shapiro lCo-editorl, E. Rockwell. ABSENT: L. Moore, The "Purple and White," humbled by the suggestion that "the 'Purp' is for a month, the Mirror is forever," would like to thank the Mirror for using this space to grant the "Purp" an otherwise unattainable immortality. One of the perennial problems facing the "Purple and White" is stale news, which must be print- ed for the parents and alumni, but which interests few students. This year some news items were con- densed into a single column, "Keeping Up," while others were shortened so that more room was left for features such as the language page, creative writing, and humor. Since the 'APurp" encouraged and received contributions from the students, the paper succeeded in acting as a forum for thoughts on "Purp" policies, school policies, and policies of the rest of the world. "Purp" received responses to the short story feature, the letters column, and the monthly quo- tations, such as "That government is best which governs least." Students also contributed poetry, es- says, photographs, and ideas. The success of the "Purp" was partly a result of the voriety and origin- ality of those contributions. A good part of the "Purp's" success also must be attributed to the conscientious work of its staff. Ideally, but rarely in practice, the editors should delegate responsibility to the various managers, so that they do not have to do everything themselves. This year, because of the unusually responsible staff, each staff member carried out his own obligations. With such help in the future, the "Purp" will continue to be successful. -14- LEFT TO RIGHT: M, Sperling, C. Kern QCQ-editorl, L. Spi!z, B. Merrick, H, Drake ICO-editorl, J, Dem. ' '-2, xy' .,f 9' Q 2 JR ORTH SHOW 5 COUNWV 'ff-ff -Q' A A D 5'..K..:Q xaff- J f f in 41r'f M "' ur .J.'.,.k4 :Fri-"1"'x J- W, 1 ,- M . ,, T: ,.. J, jf ,f, V- ,,,A,,.v . -g A A M' N1w,,f,-5' apr'-. Ag .. gvfv .":-g 4. ' ' ' ,qz,g:'::..1,..K,--, in 4,125 mv., - ' r ,UK ns.: I .QM 'fQ'x K ,r gf' ,jg-1'-' 4 4.-T K X -y f, , . 1 4" 1 u',,vyr.. ,ff 'MJ .' f Q. 1 - N .F 14' f ' ,. ' .1 f 1 Q' , .ht W, I M," 'QQ-13' sw-I ' I .V , , 'r . xx .. -1 C' Wh, 'r 4 ca N6 ,-..-43, 'au- U , ' 1 ' .. T4.: v , ,, 'f 'if .1 gifs Y ' . I , gr'f3.y7 M o.u':"'1,fl -15- Nr T nf ff' Stage Cre FRONT ROW: J. Collonder, T. Loeb, G. Froker, R, Bosile, T. Dietzgen. STANDING: B. Burtholomoy, W. Pugh, B. Spindell lSound Moncgerj, K. Copron lSIc1ge Mcmugerj, T, T ABSENT: D. Hoffman. -16- 'r Council - First Term ig lSecretoryl, L. Spitz lPresidentl, L. Jennings lVice-Presidentj, M. Sisskind, J. Brew. lorf, C. Ingersoll, J. Strong, L. Ames, J. Dern, K. Osgood, B. Schilling, D. Hoffman. v lTreosurerl, L. Moore. t Council - Second Term H. Geraghty, A. Darrow lTreosurerl, L. Moore lVice-Presidentl, D. Hoffman lPresidentl aryl. ion, S. Sewell, D. Strong, B. Merrick, J. Strong, J. Dern, L. Jennings, C. Ingersoll. d. -17- 56 Current Events aulter, N. Osgood, L. McCarty, S. Sewell, B. Winston, M. Tobey. KNEELING: M, Foote, N. Scribner, L. Jennings, lChcirmanl, C. Walk, J. Canel, C. Ingersoll lChairmanl, R Cohan, J, Howe, O. Barge. SEATED: E. Rockwell, A. C STANDING: P. Pettingell, L. Soule, G. Stern,.D. Rcnrrey, G. Geist, P. Lang, M. Krause, B. Bartholomay, A. Huebner, M. Sisskind, F. Bowes, L. Doolittle fChairmanl, A. Smith, J. Burdick. I Q l i .18. Girls' Athletic Associotion - First Term STANDING: C. Walk, C. Kern, P. Magie lPresidentl, L. Foirbank, J. Brew lSecretory-Treosurerl, J. Gillespie, C. Burke lVice-Presidentl, B. Berndtson. KNEELING: P. McKinney, J. Burdick, H. Scribner, S. Hunt. Girls' Athletic Associotion - Second Term STANDING: P. Mitchell, C. Kern, P. Magic lPresidentl, A. Coulter,'B. Berndfson, C. Burke lVice-Presidentl, K- l K. Kneibler, J. Brew lSecrelory-Treosurerl. KNEELING: J. Burdick, D. Rolhbun, H. Scribner, J. Drake. -19- A Cappella FIRST ROW: S. Shapiro, L. Foirbank. SECOND ROW: C. Walk, M. Sperling, G. Stern. THIRD ROW: C. Dern, D. Strong, P. Milchell, L. Ames, H. Geraghfy. FOURTH ROW: C. Kern, P. Ferry, B. Berndtson, C. Strong, M. J. Newman. ABSENT: P. McKinney. -,....--vw' -.4,,,.... 13111- 'i-'P W: J! - 15 ig if I Ensemble FIRST ROW: N. Babson, D. Slrong. SECOND ROW: P. Young, B. Barfholomay, J. Westrich. THIRD ROW: K. Osgood, L. Morgan, T. Geraghty, F. Turner. FOURTH ROW: R. Basile, L. Clark, S. Dick, L. Webbe, J. Wilson, T. Harris. ABSENT: C. Shotwell, S. Sommer. Q.. . H - R N "Ji" A E I . . , fi? I4 w 4 U -yas . ,M Morning Exercise Committee KNEELING: D. Cooper, M. Krause, C. Shotwell, R. Cohan, BACK ROW: T. Boal lChairmanl, M. Fay lChairmanl, M.J. Newman, M. Foote, L. Borchert, P. Pettingell, Miss Lange lAdvisorl, D, Eastman. The Morning Exercise program was instituted at North Shore to provide an ity for the sharing of experiences and for self-expression. Based on Col. Parkerh the programs were presented in "the best literary and art forms .... with noth way extraneous to the intrinsic movement ot the school." Since the beginning of Morning Exercises at North Shore, the program has many changes. Where formerly the presentation of the exercises was divided be twelve grades and assigned at least a month in advance, today student program volunteer, rather than assigned basis. Although the thorough preparation of t Morning Exercises is sometimes lacking, communication between students and self- is increased. Col. Parker's theory of the Morning Exercise as part of "the intrinsic moven school" has also changed somewhat. The early programs usually involved class vities, now, programs involving an outside, or specialized, interest of the student -22- ting are present. ln addition, the Ed- ucational Lecture Series, a series of guest speakers made possible by the parents, has become a part ot our programs. Thus, the changes have brought about a wider variety of assemblies. The Morning Exercise Commit- tee, which finds and schedules the Morning Exercises, often tries to plan a group ot programs with a basic continuity. This year the Committee has developed a series consisting of chamber music, iazz, folk music, chor- al and group singing, plays, readings, and other artistic, musical and lit- erary programs, remniscent of "the best literary and art forms." Middle School Council SEATED: G. Quaal, R. Mayer, M. Jack, H, Stern, R. Paul. 2nd ROW: 3rd ROW: 4th ROW: 5th ROW: 6lh ROW: Millik 7th ROW: 4 A i B. Wilcox lVice President-2nd terml, S. Babson, T. Mouzakeolis, J. Darrow. J. Gordon, G. Dammonn, A. Young, L. Moore. G. Burnell, J. Benson, B. Wells, E. Howe, K. Gardner. P. Wilson lSecretary-lst lerml, C. Hurd, A. Pugh, R. Montgomery, B. Bulger, B. Scribner. B. Davis, J. Dorrow lPresident-ls! and 2nd fermsl, K. Seibold, M. Brown, B. Dick, J. Bulger, L en. S. Price lVice President-lst terml, K. Freund, F. Winston, E, Howe lSecrelory-2nd terml. 'UF ' l i -24.. Radio Club lW9BJLl SEATED: Mr. Talley lFaculty Advisorl, D. Hoffman lK9RAWl, J. Hetenyi, J. Mindling. STANDING: J. Canel, L. Clark lK9UCEl, G. Fraker lK9TYUl, D. Reidy, W. Pugh lK9.lJUl, B. Bartholomay Library Club SEATED: C. Strong, C. Ingersoll. STANDING: M. Fay, J. Burdick, S. Sewell lChairmanl, P. Lang, A. Smith. ABSENL A. Darrow, L. Doolittle, M. Foote, Mrs. Strong llibrarianl. -25- . I N- 4. Forum Club SEATED ON FLOOR: L. Ames, C. Kern, R. Foote. SEATED: M. Krause, J. Gillespie, M. Foote, J. Burdick, M. Fay, L. Jennings, P. Lang, S. Sewell. STANDING: L. Moore, L. Doolittle, S. Shapiro, C. Ingersoll lPresidentl, C. Walk. ABSENT: N. Baal, T. Boal, J. Canel, A. Darrow, N. Osgood, S, Sommer, Mr. Steel lAdvisorl, Mr. Bockius lAdvisorl. The goal of the Forum Club this year has been three-fold. One aim has been to learn about the great ideas and great minds which have contributed notably to our own civilization and beliefs. The discussions have ranged anywhere from Marx's theory of Communism to Einstein's theory of relativity, from the sad shape of current politics to the theoretical shape of the universe. We also wished to familiarize ourselves with doctrines and creeds previously foreign to us. We studied many of the philosophies of the East in addition to those common closer to home. By meeting members of these groups and discussing subiects of mutual interest, we succeeded in our third aim: to learn to understand the "other fellow's" point of view even when we 'disagreed with it ourselves. The knowledge acquired in this way has been valuable in itself, not to mention the real fun we have had meeting interesting people and discussing various ideas and theories among our own mem- bers. -26- Ski Club sv Q' FHIIIZHIEILIQIZQEE' Bl J' El -27- 38 '87 I l'l ,, .R-3 YI :JM 5-f rs uv 5-3 rs uv ------Vw 0 UNT i f 60 Q ,, 9' O Q' 0 v I 4 W m U n ooh xo 9 Through the art of representation we can gain a fresh understanding of other philosophies and motivations in addition to the ability to express ourselves in terms understandable to others. ilvc 43. Ain lm H Q AM! Vaude Opening ........... Back To Charleston. .. Love ls A Simple Thing Tea For Two ..... Black And White ...... The Wild West ........ Stairway To Paradise.. The Experiment ..... . Getting To Know You. Spring ............... No One Will Ever Love The Wind-Up ......... Silence ls Golden ..... Impressions From Japan .... .......... Fall Memories ........ lWon't Grow Up .... l-loneybun ......... The Hayseeds .... . . -30- MATINEE AND EVENING . . . .The Sophomore Girls . . . . .Molly Fay, Judy Brew, Judy Burdick, Anne Lewis . . . . .Kathy O'Brien, Pam Ferry, Cynthia Walk . . . .Jeremy French, Chris Strong ,.Panny Mitchell, Mary Sperling ............,.TheJuniorGirls .....,.........MarySperling ..Lambie Borchert, B.Z. Allison, Cindy Kern, Nell Kneibler . ......... The Freshmen Girls ......Valerie Moreschi You Like You Do .... Pam Ferry, Kathy O'Brien Peggy Magie, Linda Fairbank The Freshmen Boys .l-liroko Sonne . ..., ' ...,.,.... A Cappella ...Four Seventh Grade Girls . . . . .Four Seventh Grade Girls . . .Dusty Reidy, Lindsay Webbe, Ted Boal, Kit Osgood a vi l le PERFORMANCES Go Blow ...... ...... ,........ S i xth Grade Girl Mr. K. In Disneyland ............ The Sophomore Boys That Old Feeling .......,.. Cindy Kern, Panny Mitchell, Liz Ames, Mary Sperling Noah. ....... ........... B orbara Berndtson The Wind-Up ...... .... P eggy Magie, Linda Fairbank The Barber Shop ..... ...,....,....... T he Ensemble The Parisians .............. Three Seventh Grade Girls R333 ...........................,.. The Senior Boys Lament. .Lauren Doolittle, Patsy McKinney, Lucy Moore Selections From "Porgy And Bess" ....,. Panny Mitchell, Mary June Newman The Park ,............. .. ..The Junior Boys Kids, Past And Present .... . ,.The Senior Girls Finale ..,............ ........... T he Entire Cast Co-Chairmen .... ...Heather Pirie, Bill Merrick Erncees ........ .... C hip Shotwell, Cissy Burke Business ........ ..... H arry Drake, Liz Ames Publicity ......,.. ...Faith Kelley, Jamie Dern Faculty Advisors .... .......,. . .Miss Lange, Mr. Stuart, Mr. Allison - 31 - .gs V f ff., A--. T 1 . , il! l nrKit'ltr'l Gpera T961 CAST Saturday cast listed last Fiametta. .............,..... Cynthia Walk Francescow .. .. . .S. Lindsay Webbe Giulia .... ..... M arkell Foote Helen Scribner Antonio .... .... N icholas Babson Giorgio .... ..... J ohn Westrich i James Wilson Vittoria .... . .... Helen Geraghty Marco. .... ...... R alph Basile Giuseppe. . l. .. . .Robert Kopple Tessa ..... . ..Elizabeth Ames Mary Sperling Gianetta .................. Leeanne Mitchell The Duke of Plaza-Toro. ....... Peyton Young Stratford Dick The Duchess of Plaza-Toro. .Patricia McKinney Linda Fairbank Casilda ...............,.. Mary June Newman A BY GILBERT AND SULLIVAN March 23 24 and 25 U'Z David Magnuson . .James Dern Alfred Turner . .Leslie Spitz .Peggy Lang and Cachuco .,Mr. Allison . .Miss Lange ...Mr. Sluarf Coordinator Robert Spindell Assistant Coordinator Julia Burdick Costumes Susan Sewell Mrs Newman and mothers Act ll The Pavilion inthe Palace of Barafaria Christmas Play First presented to an American audience at the Busch-Reisinger Germanic Museum at Harvard University in l925, the Provencal Mystery Play came from the l5th century southern France. Originally presented in the church, the plays of the Mystery and Miracle cycle eventually moved into city and village courtyards where they became more and more elaborate, if less instructional. The players were drawn from all walks of lite, and the plays were designed to appear to a varied audience. ln this play, which was produced here with somewhat less physical activity than had been the norm, the traditional emphasis on the mystery and spiritual beauty which surrounded the Virgin Mary was apparent. Unique in this play were the miracles of the flowering rod and the healing of Anastasia's hand. The play was presented by the ninth grade girls and boys. Cast of Characters: Mary Solomon Anastasia Joseph Isaac Envious One Gabriel Micah Elizabeth Angels Levi Handmaidens Abiathar Zachary Shepherds Abraham Host , -34- .gg v': i in i A I Q 4 ,X, I ,, . , fe - . I. . J i FRONT ROW: C. Kern, H. Pirie, P. Mitchell, D. Rothbun, H. Scribner, Miss Lange IDirectorl. SECOND ROW: M. Sperling, P. Magie, A. Smith, L. Ames, F. Kelley, L. Borchert, B. Allison, C. Burke. THIRD ROW: B. Merrick, J. Wilson, F. Turner,,B. Spindell, D. Eastman, J. Rant, H. Drake. STANDING: L. Spitz,J. Loomis. ABSENT: V. Moreschi, J. Dern, B. Kopple, K. Osgood, C. Shotwell, L. Webbe. Senior Play UNDER MILK WOOD by Dyland Thomas EASTMAN - First Voice MITCHELL - First Neighbor, Third Woman, 1 4 I .-- KERN - Second Voice, Polly Garter DERN - Third Drowned, .lack Black, P. C. At- tila Rees ALLISON - Child's Voice, Girl DRAKE - Cherry Owen, Mr. Pugh AMES - Second Neighbor, Fifth Woman, Bes- sie Bighead, Girl KOPPLE - First Drowned, Utah Watkins, Third Boy BORCHERT - Lily Smalls, Mary Ann Sailors, Voice of a Guide Book LOOMIS - Willy Nilly, Sinbad Sailors BURKE - Matti's Mother, Mrs. Pugh MERRICK - Captain Cat, Mog Edwards KELLEY - Third Neighbor, First Woman, Mrs. Dai Bread One OSGOOD - MR. Waldo, Organ Morgan MAGIE - Waldo's Mother, Mrs: Ogmore-Prit- chard, Utah Watkins, Organ Morgan Gwennie SHOTWELL - Mr. Ogmore, Butcher Beynon MORESCHI - Myfanwy Price, Girl SPINDELL - Lord Cut-Glass PIRIE - Rosie Probert, Mrs. Dai Bread Two, Mrs. Cherry Owen SPITZ - Reverend Eli Jenkins, Preacher, Old Man -- RATHBUN - Fourth Neighbor, Fourth Woman, A Voice, Girl TURNER - Second Drowned, Evans the Death, A Drinker, Second Boy SCRIBNER - Gossamer Beynon, Mae Rose Cot- tage, Mrs. Beynon I WEBBE - Fifth Drowned, Mr. Prichard, Boy SMITH - Mrs. Willy Nilly, Girl WILSON - Fourth Drowned, Little Boy Waldo, Ocky Milkman, First Boy SPERLING - WaIdo's Wife, Second Woman, RANT - Dai Bread, Nogood Boyo, Fisherman - 35 - Girl f '30 'y n 'Y 5 4 f if . X Q Y 1 X, ' S QA AQ a 1v,4 . .3AAAA A . ff- H .A E'-w"i'?-wi.. , A 1:.,,9 A, ,A 1 xx A .A . . 'ai' ' f. 1 'L'-'dfi w m - ' k :Q . -4f..e H ,-if-.t'iv3w 1 'A A . - 4. 6, " ...+ 1. Ng Wag, .. W1 --'wwe f -1 ' ,X , .. . 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V rw, .J , 1 .XQNVA , .N 1 A-3, .1 v' fi. -J.: A ' --FQ ' ' .,,5'+l.zi1 'ina 5 ,. .1 2 X ew M, ' -' M..'7'1"J' ' YH Q we . ,JAQAAA5 ,Q , "-. '.: Ax.: . A .vmya A A . , 4 AA'A. ,' x"' , ul. 3,.:,'H,AA' Q A . A ., ,A , , ,A FAAA 'Ni' Fxnag.. X mg gw. ' AAN "Q-.WA y .. ' --W 1- .fr .. . A .J N ,- , -X , 1 3 X I .,1Agp9A,.,, , . 1 AWA A . A i typ., . A -,.Ag,, ,M V 2 -rxw.A-in . ,1 A Q1 12- " X . 1. , A- .1 1AA.,. . QA, . ,. . , , ' A ?'f,"':r-,A A- Awww AAAA, A ' .i1'zAyAA A WH., Ax, NQAAT - 'f-.EL - , A A A A QA. .-'fig x' '-if J' ':73""' f. ' -- ', N S" FE .L Qff,.,,f A .: --Q., Y . A . X Ay ,NA .QW -MAB: A,A,2AT,AT L. , W A A 1 AA A. .X fjjfw A . ..,1-ek.. Mg, . A' . uw' L A , A AAAAAAFAVX ,. ,.-,..,, A A. AA V a,.,.., 1 261325 ' f ' K ,Aga-gfAA'-A , . 1 ,, f K. f. s V ...Ml " -7- ...., . . v 1' . -....A- A , AAA A 1'-' - ,N ,, 7 AA A A AAA AAA, 5 1 x A --J.. X 7'--s.........,.- 1 1 A 'W' A A ,. . A ., Li' we-, I 1 A Ag ,lv -.-. ...fn A , 1 t' ' 1 A .4 W .l ' f W-'Q -f nl a ' if 2? V., . A n nikki r , as ' x - 3 , , 'f -1 W- 1 .V U' A 174 A A 1"NA ' A ,-nf' 1 -QA, X "'Jvl'E2 .A AA, . ,,, Y' ' K 'A' .U Aff, K . Ag.,-1' v , 4- ,. : I ,L -vw .-.:..A ff. 'XGSXWI 1.4 .ling ' "Y'1'Wl'lm 2 I WYHHIK E. Xu , NW W-W' 'Qi' 4 G UNT i f o Q P 'v O "' A 2 6 7 O go 'Ve Through athletics the individual is given a sense of participation to aid in his physical and moral grow- th, which is needed to assure him of a sound spiritual and mental well-being. A . ,L , rw rr' ln, - Af' 4 IP'-N KY fn. . I 'Fx -sf x N, ,.-v r,-, L .'- L ., , r v 'fs'f,fffrf.QLQ 45 1" ' -4" . I fffigfgegic , - ,lfiflf 'L ' 1 .fi-Tlvflrlll If l . . my " lt. -'k?.':JT'f'7 -f ' A ', -' ' ,, 0 ' 1 I I A fn ff-tg. :,' '.' -. 'l DMN -VNU- 2 Y 1 , if vw ' .Yo 5. Y " .1 , a JY'- .1 ,. 1 1 -1-, .jr fb' xx v . A ,r. ku 1' 0 I X . y '. , ' 2. ' ., 'V w-V .L - 1 1 ' . ,L-vs' . 'yo fa" I .'. .-.A ." 7 ,'.g.,' v' '- - v M. -- . L 1 '- - . - fo JY' 6,1-"' " A ' .I-.U x"x"3s ' ' 1 L . nw Tv- ,K . ' '-x , -' 4 , -A ' ,,,,', ,A ,,m.,'gg-.s-,,5,fp- ,, W- ' 2 1,. . W- -' .. ' ' " H ' " A , -, "' 7 'U' Pin-t"wrv:l 'Y ' 'J -' . f I . .,,4.. I VXs'Q1, ,Vu ' N. fn. r Y ' I VV "1jg.fsh'1'Q' fl' l y A1 , . 3.1'?4,: : Varsify Football FIRST ROW: J. Loomis, H. Drake, T. Osfrorn, J. Dern lCo-Copioinl, J. Wilson lCo-Coploinl, C. Shoiwell, F. Turner, B. Merrick SECOND ROW: L. Webbe, J. Rant, G, Mercer, D. Hecht, C. Gollivon, T. Bresnehon, T. Geraghty, S. Dick. THIRD ROW: J. Weslrich, T. Boal, R. Cohan, J. Howe, L. Jennings, O. Barge, L. Morgan, M. McCarty lCoochl, S. Russ ABSENT: L. Spitz, R, Lombart lCoochl. il T' ' X 3. A wil! V L . f s J ' in i ,fn f i ' J- . -:M F' a"l:"i' - '-. TE:lu'4:f', . 'V .. 3 ' 1 ' fr f. ' . ' ' . f K ' . ' T 'N s . fi' ,S 'HN 'Q Ji' K . A . ff 9' f " il L -v . D --.' - .. sl' 1 '- Y lp - . -, , 5 Q X - , 'IC a L iw 1 y . , J A ai, T"4s..5 -'Q .iii f ',' L as in 'QQ'-' L , . .g Dr.. . V ' l 1 fi il I l ' f'?"7 ' - J- .. ' .. . 1' 7 w . V 1 -'f-:LQ 'f i',,.3,.. , ,,,,,,',j.,,. '- . . . . R- Uwflf 4 - 'fr i ,, , 'iff ' " ' P f-' f-wg Jmw., A . ,H VA . 1 Hu 'V I ' 1 , V Y i. A . -, V. ' ..f. -. . 0-T. A':,1-.iv-ii'v,uF,uf':' ."fufsl-f - 'nf' iii , , ' . :'..'5."f, 'W-'. v,-'iii' 1'1'?'f:. -40- ,- .., -s 4 if ,fr ' r Au M lit, sf' 4 .,-+1 f -.. l.x..' ..1x,' 4 ' fe 511, -,fy-',4,:A. - -. 5" 1 ' .1 1 'vfwvwl 'X K. t :gh .', ,-ll ' V' M 'U 1 -Q.. ' -, x, ,f E-.5 .fv5,Js"' A I, Y..f,1 .4L,.,., Y fl-J. Ji.,-5 X rw Mrk -ff 1.-. . ,. lfuh 1 r 'W 1 0 I F fy. 1:31 0 fm Ill gk-il' , aff h J. ' "' -. .. 5 1 n' mx S ' ,., ' ..'q' , . - ,gl H .V 4. ,,. ., , X yuh - ,,--. -,mo - . 1, - ' "SL N, 1- . -rw' . ' ,- ' 1, A or-L' .9-' 6 in-1.44. .wil F '.Q,. I QU--ya, wg 'J-7.1 V l f '- 'L' '1,. PAP , L 1--Rx' ' W I-a -Q-. C7 J - 1 . , . , Vcirsity Hockey FIRST ROW: J. Burdick, N. Bool, A. Smith C.. Dern. SECOND ROW: B. Allison, A. Huebner, J. Ferry, N. Kneibler, P. Lang, S. Merrick, N. Osgood, E. Rockwell J. Brew. THIRD ROW: N. Scribner, J. Drake, O. Huston, S. Hunt, H. Gercghty, L. Borcheri. ABSENT: Miss Spencer lCoochl, H. Potter, S. Denson, L. Moore. -42- , C. Kern lCcptuinl, P. McKinney lMcnogerl, J. Brew, S. Sewell, -2 'gpm-or 3 '.f lst Team 2nd Team lst Team 2nd Team lsr Team 2nd Team lst Team 2nd Team North Shore SCORES Roycemore Ferry Hall Faulkner Francis Parker Skokie School Girls Opp O O 0 l 0 O O O O -43- Varsity Basketball KNEELING: B. Merrick lCaptolnj, T. Geraghty, T. Bresnehan, G. Mercer, J. Wilson, L. Morgan, T. Loeb lManogerl STANDING: Mr. McCarty lCoochl, D. Green, B. Goftschalk, B. Schupmann, B. Bartholomuy, M. Worl- mcn, R. Bosile ABSENT: R. Cohan. -44- sql, ri1,,,,, f tv w 'S 1' ' "M il .Q Q, 'FK 'L 1 1 I 1, tc N.S '50 '42 35 '49 52 35 37 28 +59 49 '44 52 44 44 55 71 56 '43 X155 'IK-ill-42 ,XY Q...- SCORES Timothy Christian Morgan Park Walther Luther Lake Forest Luther South Francis Parker Chicago Christian North Park Morgan Park University High Timothy Christian Harvard Wheaton Elgin Chicago Latin Luther North lovt.l Glenwood Lake Forest Elgin Wheaton 'Non-League games "Private School Leagu ,v N Opp. 60 57 44 64 73 53 61 50 58 47 39 81 83 42 42 73 43 58 46 75 e Tournament -45. 1. -:A writ . Av V Q... NN? 23114 W ,. 1, rf' C TES? i .F A ' ii .I ' A 1 -J - 1: MM, in .-rw' -4 .gl Q, .. 3 x Q .n""" mu 54 , 1 1 if ,, vw A K! K 3 .:. 434 la ,ll utr, 1 1 ti 3? .qnlv""f' W,-X. .,.,..-W.-W-M-,Q-,ff..q.....wn-so-In ' " ' ' X . " -N fm ,,-..-.nn- X!-f , U. nv-fa -.M '-ju" I W" -' 3 . -,. ,Q .1 my " .-. -2 3- m inmqnnccm., .,. 1 - M.. ...H 5, ax xh..nw.+. ..-.1 Y.,-,.. Wu W ' ' ' X Sv' ,' xl 0 " xl Q , mg ' L1 ' 4 A W - X 7Q ' 1 wi ,. .Y .44.,'xw X ,. Xqvfk-fit X Us gm , Vg' 'X 5 f ' x x il if 'Q io fr U fy , Nw 5 gg' Z ff, 'cf 1' ' . ' N" 'ax' V. ' 4' " , f 3 -' .Q- Q 41 an V 65 I W 'J H IE? .5 x N u 2' I f ' U 'W -:rx :.:' Q 1: Milf 1':':'f' Varsity Junior Varsity Varsity Junior Varsity Varsity Junior Varsity Varsity Junior Varsity Varsity Junior Varsity SCORES Ferry Hall Francis Parker Timothy Christian Timothy Christion Roycemore OPP 31 33 22 20 41 33 51 28 23 6 -47- Varsity Baseball SEATED: D. Green, T. Geraghty, J. Westrich, S. Dick, lCaptainl, B. Merrick, T. Osirom. STANDING: Mr. McCarty lCocchl, B. Bartholomcy, B. Schupmonn, G. Mercer, L. Morgan, R. Bosile. ABSENT: S. Russ. 4: 1. Q-. -f- Frosh-Soph Baseball SEATED: D. Rcnney, R. Bosile, B. Schupmann, R. Borchert, S. Hawxhurst, G. Froker. STANDING: B. Bcrtholomcy, L. Morgan. ABSENT: B. Groves, D. Johnston, R. Hamill, T. Moore, P. Reinhold, S. Sommer, B. Guenzel, Mr. Oslrom lCoachl. - 48 - Varsity Golf LEFT TO RIGHT: Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, J. Dem, B. Steel fPlayer Emeritusj, Som Snead, J. Ccnel, R. Fall ABSENT: F. Turner, G. Smith fffocchj. -49. 4' -it a 0 l' if i v J 1 Sri- -E--walfffv .f 9 x 5,,fs' Y :,.5,v::.... X., F T K- ...- ,,,-V ,P ., ,. , . ..-nw. f ' N ' ,.:'1-,- gk y il Mal- -91 .rf - ,gm l,v"""A J, Q .-ra .r,. 7 1 lux. If ,JJ-" 4-1 ,. . af --4 off . 4- ',-...-..-,,gati,.., ,-'91,-"-H a 4 .C Sailing FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Rant, K. Copron, T. Dietzgen, H. Pirie lVice-Commodorel, J. Howe lCommodorel, C. Ingersoll, W. Pugh, B. Carrington, L. Jennings lVice-Commodorel, A. Fisher, J. Nichols, B. Bro, C. Kern. gi 1 X 'vwlfi .- l -50- Varsity Tennis FRONT ROW: H. Drake lCo-Caplclinl, B. Hinchliff, B. Spindell. SECOND ROW: B. Gottscholk, J. Loomis lCo'Cop1ainl, J. Wilson. ABSENT: Mr. Brauer lCoachl, T. Harris, D. Bradford. Z' wi. S ffif 'sf 'Alf' .ffgr 'fr PF ,-' . , f., ,un ,:u-ravu+'+'f.1,f,':3ee,i..-2?'- " fa!-B " 7' T-,4:ri4"S-iId9".-."5':Y':''I'-'L'-ggliffihe Varsity Girls' Tennis FRCNT ROW: N. Scribner, S. Sewell, H. Geroghly, J. Ferry. i SECOND ROW: K. O'Brien, A. Huebner, B. Winston, C. Cummings, J. Burdick, S. Denson. ABSENT: N. Kneibler, L. Borcherl, J. Drake. -51- Frosh-Soph Baskel FRONT ROW: R. Basile, N. Babson, B. Schupmann, B. Bartholomay, M. Warlman, T. MOOFG: BACK ROW: S. Hawxhursl, M. Sisslcind, J. Delaney, W. Pugh, D. Strong, P. Reinhold, L. Clark li ABSENT: A. Fisher, Mr. Post lCoachl, Mr. Bockius lCoachl I l i I l Frosh-Soph Foot FIRST ROW: R. Basile, T. Loeb, G. Fraker, B. Barfholomay, T. Harris, J. Callander, M. Sisskind SECOND ROW: T. Deitzgen, M. Krause, B. Carrington, J. Delaney, B. Schupmann, A. Fisher, M. G. Geist THIRD ROW: l.. Clark lMonogerl, N. Babson, P. Reinhold, W. Pugh, D. Ronney, S. Sommer, D. Knopf FOURTH ROW: K. Osgood lAssisYontl, S. Sonne, B. Gufhman, B. Borchert, B. Guenzel, T. Moore, P. L'Amoreaux, C. Lunding FIFTH ROW: D. Cooper, J. Nichols, B. Bro, J. Alsdorf, B. Hinchcliff, D. Bradford, S. Hawxhurst, ABSENT: B. Groves, Mr. Pynchon lCoachl, Mr. Bockius lCoachl -52- 1 1 Ice Hockey J-EFT TO RIGHT: D. Romney, T. Bocl, S. Sommer, B. Carrington, C. Shotwell TCO-coptoinj, G. Frok Re'dY, J. Loomis, B. Stanton, L. Webbe tskote shorpenert, J. Howe, J. Nichols, J. Rant, T. Loeb ABSENT: Mr. Pynchon Kfoccht, J. Dem QCO-coptaint, C: Gollivon, J. Westrich -53- erJ Middle School Boskefboll SEATED: J. Benson, L. Mitchell, B. Geroghly. KNEELING: S. Price, G. Burnell, T. Brown, D. Philipsborn, J. Darrow. STANDING: D. Burke, S. Ames, B. Dovis, P. Bowes, C. LoFremento, K. Freund, B. Hutchins, D. Richards ABSENT: J. Berglund, J. Colne, J, Gardner, J. Chamberlin, B. Scribner, Mr. Steel lCoochl. s..-dwgi' -54- S4 Middle School Football FRONT ROW: G. Burnell, L. Dose, D. Philipsborn, J. Berglund, T. Brown, B. Davis, L. Mitchell. SECOND ROW: B. Scribner, B. Hutchins, J. Benson, S. Ames, B. Geraghty, P. Bowes, C. LaFrementa, J. Gardner, K. Freund, J. Darrow. THIRD ROW: S. Babson, J. Sperling, M. Brickman, P. Dorman, J. Swift, T. Mouzakeotis, R. Paul, G. Quaal, C. Schweppe. FOURTH ROW: C. Hawxhurst, H. Stern, R. Weary, J. Hetenyi, C. Shreiner, J. Gordon, B. Wilcox, P. Wilson, C. Johnson, B. Mortimer. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Steel lCoachl, Mr. Ostrom lCoachl, L. Brown, S. Pettingell, P. Logan, B. Harper, M. Jack, J. Sanders, P. Benson, S. Millard, P. Sommer, R. Mayer, G. Copeland, K. Hawxhurst. SIXTH ROW: Mr. Nold lCoachl, B. Stern, J. Moreschi, J. Darrow, D. Ingersoll, B. Brickman, S. Wilson, C. Gardner, H. Strong, G. Nathan, T. Burdick, H. Clark. ABSENT: J. Caine, D. Burke, J. Chamberlin, S. Price, D. Richards, S. Barber. Middle School Hockey FRONT ROW: M. Lynde, D. Vainder, L. Durham, K. Seibold, A. Pugh, T. Fitzmorris, K. Edwards, H. Donald son, E. Kent, B. Ratcliffe, K. Gardner, B. Cohler, G. Dammann. SECOND ROW: C. Coburn, M. Brown, J. Drake, L. MacLeish, S. Cranage, B. Dick, C. Victor, D. Dunham C. Hurd, E. Howe, M. Morse, A. Young, B. Finch. THIRD ROW: G. Foltz, B. Wells, K. Groves, C. Wilkinson, IC. Ewen, J. Bulger, F. Winston, J. Harper, G Berglund, L. Howe, J. Sherwin, C. Howard, M. Kenly, B. Ware, S. Fall. FOURTH ROW: A. French, L. Reidy, L. Griswold, J. Gately, P. Kimball, S. Elliott, G. Dille, R. Montgomery ABSENT: L. Moore, O. Miller, A. Milliken, G. Barber, B. Bulger, A. Purintan. -55- X A.q , W f 'U -,L .-- - n 'gi 7.1 aff rs - Q 1 .1 UNT i f GO Q 3, 'ff o I "' A "' U n g i 000 No 9 From our first step through the door of knowledge as kindergartners to our Commencement as seniors, our minds are awakened and inspired by our teachersf The attitudes and knowledge which we acquire here will be a foundation for the rest of our lives. lt is fitting, therefore, that our book end with this section which symbolizes the realization of the aims and purposes of the school. , I ,MM,.,.w ,4 v., . ,.-0, , M,- ,,.-j,,,- f ,, I rf, ...ig ,'qX,,,..v sw' f"', ,M-' :'.f 'Si' ww' ,.:.u . M .sf W-QQMR ,. ,fgjl gy a ,Ns Sfx-.l Y- Tix N '3-32213335 ,g W... --'f """,'fWW- h -., . , ,..m ,,., , . . ., A ,, , , x , A 1 ,I -, 1 5 i"I'79!f:ffT-'L3' "YP . , - ., . 5 ,f 1,3 . . , .11-5-M,:g,x:'.1fQ'3la6'w,x,! 'i'2f9'l'a??5J3i'1Tia.h.-1'Llwi4rikfb.-:Z-17252V-iff..-o,,f,4'5.b' ' ' A 'e A V --. .M WU ...W--""'U"f"' , fr , I ,,,,,......-vw ,.,,.. ...WW E+' Faculty I I I I MICHAEL A. POST Dean of Boys English GEORGE F, ELDREDGE Head of Lower and Middle Schools English -.M . -53- tiff I Q . ,.-, VIRGINIA S. DEANE Dean of Faculty Dean of Girls History NATHANIEL S, FRENCH Headmaster PERRY D. SMITH Headmaster Emeritus Health Education El ,z 15 212 Y 4. . 'fi wx ig' 'QQPPK 63 X ky l 1 Wbn . 2 vk,' k i . . ' ' X-si 5 1 I ae Q 41 0 J I 'A S 1 , . il .IW KARLA LAN DAU German A. CLENDENIN ROBERTSON French History fv- nr'- 'Dix' ,,,...-4-' -60- . I N I .1, I ANNA EIBEN Lcxrin ALICE A. DAVIS English SIMONE VALVO French Y' S.- ,-4 ik 117' VIOLA SCHWIMMER Typlng 4' VINCENT C. REIDY Industrial Arts it RICHARD BRAUER Art VINCENT B. ALLISON Music GARY STUART Music 34 ix! X. x,N5LgAFd.. .wdQ.r, WN Lower School Focul LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Collingbourne, Miss Renoe, Mrs. Krofz, Miss Lund, Mrs. Foole, Mr. Eldredge Crelcher, Mrs. Hahn, Miss Daniels, Mrs. Blow, Mrs. Green 11 4, v ' 'i ,, ' ,Q A ,N , .f-T"" Q9 ITN 7" ,JLM Middle School Focu LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Nold, Mr. Eldredge, Miss Ingram, Mr. Steel, Mrs. Bobbill, Miss Brondes, Mr. C Mr. Hamilton -64- ,li ra 8 'H . 4'- e3 - gs 5.1 2 'mx Dffice Sfoff FT TO RIGHT: Miss Brunner, Mrs. Horridge, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Aggens, Mrs. Talley, Mr. Bergen, Mrs. Dor- mody, Mrs. Foote BSENT: Mrs. Joseph -65. '77 AA., A ,f D.. F I -.... .. -A-5 A 151 all f f e I P gal, -W --....--., A 1 1 N H ' , + A 1 X x AA ............-A,A.-A, Wmrm Q ' 4 fn. A Q 'r sxl if 'NTP' 'I f Q,Q , I A I ' ,V A A A A A A, A I , 5 3 AA V W -.3 n . ' "fX I 'uf H6 'MY Imqji, ' is l ' A k,gpq.,, ,,.,.,.,,,..,..,......, fi A f 'Z A X M MQ Q' ' ..,,,. .Awww-W-.M L ' n 'v"L 'W' i ' , ' R ' .- ' 47 .J ' ,- V' " 'ff A ' Q3-A V A Tgf' ' c . 1 -A x ' V ' X ' A ' U A. W A 'J a l - ' J , L v 5 1 V 4 A A A .Q I ilu' Q ' f 3 Q-Q . 'V HA .ix . N- 1- x f' , -A - It ZA. 1' ff A: vf,-.J H ' ' A ' 4 1 'Fi 3 A I ,' F .11 7 'V , I ' 1 ' Y A A, 9-gf ,J-A -.N ' MA... W k A A . 'iw ' , AA 5' -V-,A uv 2? 'V "" '96 Fur: 'rin' Q ?d...lw' M QQ.. '9-1f20"'m 'A Wamw L ul-'19 Junior Kindergarten FIRST ROW: B. Allodi, A, Milliken, P. Moorhead, T. Kirchdorfer SECOND ROW: S. Coleman, K. Whiteman, N. Stibolt, A. Jones THIRD ROW: A. Sohn, P, Kanter, C. Lynde FOURTH ROW: K. Allodi, B. Humes, K. Eldredge, J. Metcalf, M. Lutticken ON STEPS: C. Elliot, D. Teich, T. Williams, P. Boal ABSENT: A. Dammann, M. Peters, C. Post TEACHER: Mrs. Margaret Blow IF YOU COULD HAVE ANYTHING IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD lT BE? Susan Coleman - Milk Adair Dammann - Food Kathy Eldredge - Little toys Anne Jones - Clock Taffy Kirchdorter - A doll Mary Jo Lutticken - Lawn mower Alida Milliken - A shirt Maria Peters - Ice box Caroline Post - Shoes Nancy Stibolt - A hampster Debby Teich - Ring Ruth Whiteman - Banana tree Brian Allodi - A dog Kevin Allodi - Pictures Phil Boal - A boat Clark Elliot- A cat Barry Humes - Fire truck Philip Kanter - A train Chris Lynde - A doggie Jon Metcalf - Candy Stephen Moorhead - A bonanza plane Andy Sohn - A camera Tom Williams - Big toys -53- WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT SCHOOL? me Benoist - Finger painting zthy Kirchdorter - Horses H1 Morse - Reading books and everything ancy Newberger g.Coloring eanor Peters - Painting itty Salisbury - Reading books Itherine Walker - Outside and inside play :ikie Copeland - Blocks nt Dille - Cuisenaire rods lChael Findlay - Toys Louis Fields - Children's blocks Chip Frank- Play time William Hines - Cuisenaire rods Harold Joseph - Blocks Andy Laing - Blocks Brandy Lipman - Play time Jerry Perkins - Reading books Jay Pynchon - Trucks Peter Geraghty - Play time Senior Kindergarten FIRST ROW: N, Newberger, L. Fields, C. Frank, K. Kirchdorfer, A. Morse, P. Salisbury, B. Lipman SECOND ROW: A. Laing, P. Geraghty, B. Copeland, H. Joseph, J. Perkins, F. Dille, J. Pynchon, A. Benoist ABSENT: E. Peters, C. Walker, M. Findlay, W. Hines TEACHERS: Mrs. Joan Green, Miss Wendy Jane Ro -69- Wt flu I . R 1 A ti A , sw. fn W ,f I I N X . JN: First Grade FIRST ROW: C. Maynurd, N. Johnson, S. Smith, B. Greenspan, S. Schmitt, J. Mary, B. Saunders, B. Kuphal, J. Fink SECOND ROW: L. Morse, P. Schreiner, M. Jones, J. Eldredge, V. Boone, R. Klaus, W. Kolmus, B. Stibolt ABSENT: P. Dammann TEACHER: Miss Zoe Lund WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN SCHOOL? Virginia Boone - Have my Friends over Bobbe Ann Greenspan - Have a birthday Wendy Kalmus - Play Elizabeth Kuphal - Play Juliette Macy - Watch T.V. Carrie Maynard - Play Lucy Morse - Swing Stephanie Schmitt- Go to the beach Peter Dammann - Play soldiers and watch T.V. Jeffrey Eldredge - Watch T.V. Jonathan Fink - Play with my friend Nicholas Johnson - Play at my frien Michael Jones - Go to my grandmo Richard Klaus - Watch T.V. Baker Saunders - Play with my train Page Schreiner - Go to the store wi Stephen Smith - Ride my bike Robert Stibolt - Play with my electri WHERE WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO GO? Joy Buckley - California Sean Callander - Carolina Ann Howard - Home Alison Hurd - California Jean Petersen - Denmark Barbara Post - Japan Sharon Reinsberg - Florida Marianne Ware - Florida Gail Wirfz - Canada Second Grade FIRST ROW: G, Pink, J. Saunders M Milliken A Howard S Rcinsberg SECOND ROW: G. Searle, S Callander J Flynn J Buckley J Petersen A Dering THIRD ROW: T. Boal, G. Wirtr J Ayer C Roome A Hurd ABSENT: B. Post, M. Ware TEACHER: Miss Frances B. Renoe ,xx xg Third Grade AROUND TABLE: L. Schmitt, L. Lipman, J. Leslie, G. Booz, C. Johnson, S. Geering SECOND ROW: L. Hcnnaford, M, Nash, M. Weisberg, R. Wirtz, E. Gordon, D. Turner, C. Reinhold, R. Bur- nell, D. Schweppe THIRD ROW: R. Moyer, B, Perkins, P. Copeland, F. Goode, M. Post, M. Dering TEACHER: Miss Katherine Cretcher WHICH SUBJECT DO YOU LIKE BEST? Ruth Burnell - Gym, art and arithmetic Steve Geering - Reading, writing and Pirie Copeland - Art arithmetic Libby Hannaford - Reading Freddy Goode - Reading and arithmetic Laurie Sue Lipman - Art Eddy Gordon - Art Ruth Mayer - Arithmetic Craig Johnson - Gym and art Betsy Perkins - Art Jim Leslie - Reading and gym Chrissy Reinhold - Art Mark Nash - Art and music Laurie Schmitt- Reading and writing Mike Post - Music, art and reading Martha Weisberg - Art David Schweppe - Gym and art George Booz - Soccer Dean Turner - Gym and art Mike Dering - Soccer Rocky Wirtz - Reading -72- 1-P4 rl- 391014. A .- , , '1 WHICH STORY BOOK CHARACTER WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO BE? Winitred Boal - Dick in The Rover Boys Scott Barber - Talbot von Shrewsbury Linda Breuer - Nancy Drew Lance Botthof - Wolf man Eleanore Gardner - Mad Louis Brown - The one who gets the money in Miriam Geraghty - Black Beauty The Millionaire Elizabeth Lynde - Arrietty in The Borrowers William Comstock - Frankenstein Mary Millard - Laura in The Little House in Philip Faucett - Dr. Hyde tb-ejig Woods Richard LeBolt - Frankenstein Wylly Ann Morse - Black Gold John Stibolt - DFGCUIC1 Anne Searle - Nancy Drew Andrew Struthers - Alfred E. Newman Mary Ann Sewell - Shirley Temple as a little John Victor - Jinx, the cat, in the Fnilcly-books girl James Wilson - Mummy Nancy Swift - Joan of Arc Cornelia Weary - Minny Mouse Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: A. Struthers, W. Boal SECOND ROW! J. Wilson, L. Brown, W. Comstock, E. Lynde, E. Gardner, L. Botthof, C. Weary, S. Barber, P. Fducett, N. Swift THIRD ROW: M. Geraghty, M. Millard, R. LeBolt, A. Searle, J. Stibolt, J. Victor ABSENT: L. Breuer, W. Morse, M. Sewell TEACHER: Miss Mary Ellen Daniels .J .73- Fifth Grade FRONT ROW: J. Sanders, K. Daro, T. Loeb SECOND ROW: B. Harridge, P. Sommer, F. Loomis, S. Wilcox, B. Fletcher THIRD ROW: M. Booz, A. Thompson, A. Conant, K. Galt, B. Shafer, K. Thomas, N. Goode, B. Purinton FOURTH ROW: F, Borchert, C. Copeland, B. Stern, P. Thompson, K. Hawxhurst TEACHER: Miss Kathleen Collingbourne In School ln school we should work and not play, lt seems that we play anyway! We should not have so much to say, But still we talk the live long day! B. P. Arithmetic with the Cuisenaire Rods Math was always hard for me Until I came to Country Day. But now it's easy as can be, lt's not like work, it's more like play. A. T. The New Gyrn- We visited the the boys' new gym Before it got too late. If it were only for the girls . Then it would iust be great! A. C. Morning Ex. To the auditorium at half past ten, We all will be together then. We sit in our chairs with very straight backs For the stunts and acts and int'resting facts- K. G. fJf 'X f ,ff Q9 ,V 1 V 'Ip' 13 41, f ,X 'S f A'1iV' , 17, 2 i w af ' 1.41. ,Y HN, Myg, QA 4 . ,gf W ,I af -fq V - ,- 1, ' w - " A ' A ' Ay wif H. I ' P if! if I ' 35 - ' 'Y 4 8' .Pj f W - , VN ' .N f -,' r .vf - H' 'A , t, , iyffjf' . ff , ' ? LV"' Q- ' "j994AW"'f .a ' . , W., , 2.,L.+, 1-f f L .5' lk" ' I ' '1 i,41,,,4zf ,LM ,.. . 1 .fmt . ,xr YJ rl!! ,J naw- 4'-S 'M ,x Nur' N X - Sixth Grade GIRLS SEATED: D. Dunham, D. Vainder, M. Brown, E. Howe, F. Winston, J. Bulger, S. Cranage, B. Dick, G. Berglund, M. Kenly, J. Harper. BOYS KNEELING: D. Ingersoll, T. Burdick, R. Mayer, W. Harper, S. Millard, S. Peflingell, C. Gardner, P. Benson, M. Jack, S. Barber. STANDING: J. Darrow, W. Brickman, J. Galely, C. Ewen, H. Strong, S. Wilson, L. Dille, C. Coburn. STANDING ON STEPS: J. Moreschi, C. Victor, G. Nathan, H. Clark, P. Logan. ABSENT1 O. Miller, A. Milliken. -76- 5 rfi Seventh Grade SEATED: C. Hurd, K. Seibold, J. Hefenyi, T. Filzmorris, C. Schreiner, J. Drake, C. Howard, B. Wells. KNEELING. S. Babson, J. Gordon, G. Quaol, M. Brickman, R. Mortimer, R. Weary, P. Wilson, T. Mouzak- eofis, J. Swift, R. Paul. FlRST ROW STANDING: J. Sperling, E. Kenl, V. Follz, R. Wilcox, G. Burnell, C. Schweppe, A. Purinfon, C Wilkinson, H. Stern, C. Hawxhursl. SECOND ROW STANDING: S. Ellioh, A. Pugh, P. Dorman, C. Johnson, B. Bulger, L. Durham, J. Sherwin, E. MacLeish. ABSENT: G. Barber. -77- Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: B. Ratcliffe, C. Groves, M. Morse, D. Burke, S. Ames, B. Hutchins, D. Philipsborn, K. Freund Caine. SECOND ROW: L. Mitchell, C. LaFrementa, B. Geraghty, A. French, A. 'Young, H. Donaldson, S. Fall, Kimball, B. Ware, K. Gardner. THIRD ROW: B. Finch, L. Griswold, E. Howe, G. Dammann, R. Montgomery, J. Berglund, J. Gardner, Price, L. Reidy, B. Cohler. FOURTH ROW: K. Edwards, M. Lynde, L. Dose, J. Benson, P. Bowes, B. Davis, J. Darrow, T. Brown, Scribner. ABSENT: L. Moore, J. Chamberlin, D. Richards. -78- 3 xl ur '1 Q. .J IC.. ,. 'QW J ,Jw 'Ki 1,4 .fi .5 fi .......-,a A ,dnl ,'- 1.25 Ill' 5 m 5 lm.. 1-. Freshmen FRONT ROW: S. Hawxhurst, D. Strong, C. Dern, J. Brew, S. Coburn, L. Miller, P. Vainder SECOND ROW: P. Reinhold, M. Chambers, N, Scribner, G. Stern, L. Soule, S. Fitzmorris, I. Benoist, S. Kop- ple, K. Syren, D. Johnston THIRD ROW: S. Sonne, N. Boal, P. Pettingell, K. Wilsey, J. Reidy, R. Knopf, N. Babson, S. Sommer FOURTH ROW: J. Eostmon, D. Cooper, B. Hinchliff, J. Alsdorf, J. Nichols, B. Bro, B. Borchert, B. Stanton STANDING: J. Drake, P. Gordner, O. Huston, R. Hamill, C. Blair, P. L'Amoreaux, B. Carrington, B. Guen- zel, D. Strong, M. Paul, B. Clarke, H. Potter, S. Hunt, B. Guthman, C. Lunding ABSENT: J. Miller, B. Groves, T. Moore 'J' fa -82- As the newest and largest class in the high school, the freshmen have contributed mascared eyes and buckshot in Study Halls. The girls have been noted for their great at- tendance at football games and the large profit from their sale of Fritoes. The boys have been noted for their sense of humor, as demonstrated in their Vaudeville act, "Silence is Golden." Despite our efforts to remain united, we have, unfortunately, often divided into groups. By combining our talents and ideas, the unified chaos which resulted managed to produce the Christmas Play and our Vaudeville acts. Perhaps our unsureness about the new world of the high school made us lean on our closest friends, but as we become more used to the ways of the high school, these groups diminish. As we came into the high school, new experiences presented themselves. We attend- ed open houses for the first time and were introduced to exams. Since we do not know a great deal about world affairs, we have not been repre- sented in great numbers at various discussion groups. Though we are aware of the out- side world, we concern ourselves with being first to lunch, hot dogs, and circle pins. ,V t , A fx ge., fi ., 1-' "?4i'f'ji"'gf'htT'm1?1,:'fi., ', .exit-ffr,,w'f.i , Aff? Qi r . 73. sian xkjflal 'M f ' ,F fit? 1- ., 1. L i. T ' V M,-3.., W. sr 'w I -83- mln 2' AcqM,Q Sophomores FIRST ROW: B. Schilling, S. Merrick, R, Basile, M. Tobey, L. Clark SECOND ROW: L. McCarty, A. Coburn, G. Fralker, B. Winston, T. Loeb THIRD ROW: H. Ramsey, T. Harris, W. Pugh, B. Bartholomay FOURTH ROW: M. Culbertson, D. Ranney, A. Coulter, C. Cummings, N. Osgool FIFTH ROW: B. Schupmann, M. J. Newman, H. Geraghty ALONG SIDE AND STANDING: D. Bradford, M. Sisskind, R. Foote, J. Gilllgpie, Dietzgen, M. Krause, L. Morgan, M. Wartman, A. Fisher, G. Geist ABSENT: S. Denson, K. O'Brien, J. Delaney -84- After a year of waiting to get into the lunch room and being the youngest class in the high school, we have begun to assert ourselves as individuals. We have shown our talents both vocally and athletically, as demonstrated by our parts in the opera and the "Magnificat," the large proportion of our numbers on athletic teams, and our represen- tation on the cheerleading squad. We have begun to assume individual responsibility after a year of group responsibility. We have acquired new sophistication, taken on new personalities, and begun to see things more realistically. We are beginning to realize the importance of these next years of our lives. But before we must make decisions concerning college and our futures, we will enioy our often rebellious moods and occasionally stimulating moments in the class- room. -85- IIf"E'ifNiE 1 'ini ...JJ Juniors ON FIRST STEPS: S. Sewell, P. Long, L. Moore, J. Burdick, S, Homill, A. Lewis, L. Doolittle, S. Russ ON SECOND STEPS: J. French, P. Ferry, M. Foy, J. Brew, M. Foote, C. Strong, J. Ferry, H. Sonne, B. Berndt- son, N. Kneibler, T. Bresnehon THIRD ROW: P. Young, L. Jennings, R. Preston, D. Hoffman, D. Hecht, J. Howe, R. Cohan, B. Gottscholk, O. Borge BACK ROW: T. Bool, J. Conel, C. Hunt, R. Foll, F. Bowes, C. Ingersoll, L. Howe, J. Strong, C, Gollivon, L. W. lSr. fooll, G. Mercer, T. Geroghfy ABSENT: A. Darrow, P. McKinney, D. Green, R. Konow, J. Mindling, D. Reidy, E. Freund -86- There are forty-six of us who compose the Junior Class and permeate the campus with our philosophical questions, facetious comments, and quilted parkas. We are an odd mixture of pollyannas, cynics, idealists, and angry young men to whom iunior year will bring fond recollections of ski trips, guitars, Madame Valvo, Winnie the Pooh, and coffee hastily gulped down under the watchful eye of the faculty. We are forever racing: some with light, confident steps, others with heavy and pre- maturely tired steps, and a few with the resistive steps of a rebel. But we always seem to arrive together. What would make us laugh and thrill? Nothing! would interest our stronger, more sophisticated half. . .but smiles of ioy flicker through the suave masks at thoughts of Wil- liams, a summer in France, or an "E" in German. Please let us forget hospitals, Pamelas, Lawrence Welk, and that next year is our last at North Shore, and give us a little more time for Bob Gibson, amphibious ieeps, and sleep. -37- The History Of The Class Of 1961 According to a guest speaker, President Fels of Bennington College, the graduating Seniors are soon to approach a serious "adolescent break-through." This thought holds no fear for the Class of 1961. These hardy specimens have already conquered the preliminary growing pains. As Freshmen, straight out of the Middle School, they were unique, or perhaps not unique but slight- ly immature. The girls still played football with the boys, the boys still treated the girls as equals. This delightful, playful nature gave North Shore its first saucer slide, a feat unequaled by any other class. They contributed their great dramatic talents to the Freshman Play, the most cherished part of which was ushering. As Sophomores they began to grow wiser in the ways of the world. The boys suddenly realized the other half of the class was different. lt was. From saucer slides to dances was progress. The dance was a "Chinese New Year," complete with dragons. Junior year the Class of 1961 extended its pro- gress into intellectual fields. Their dances were a "Beatnik Brawl" and a "Grecian Ball," showing our intellectual tendency and ability to accept both the old and the new. At the apex of their growth, as Seniors, they became "aloof and arrogant monsters" in the lunch line, who fought over a mere piece of parsley and wound up eating Multi-Purpose Food. We displayed our musical talents in the opera, in which thirteen of the maior and minor leads were allotted to the Class of 1961. ln spite of endless haggling we man- aged to produce Dylan Thomas's "Under Milk Wood" as our Senior play. In view of these and other accomplishments, it is evident that other classes may fill our places but can never replace us. 88- Keith Betsy Seniors KEITH BILLINGS CAPRON, JR. new cars, Kece, "ls the coast clear? Usually trying to get off campus. ELIZABETH RUTH ALLISON "Sorry, I don't have one." Class Chair- man, G.A.A., Unscored upon Varsity Goalie, Little bomb, class mother, child psychologist, Uncle George,'Cam- bridgeg Would like to be a teacher. -g9- "Actually . Bowling, Stage Crew, "This is my day off!" Gas stations, v JAMES GEORGE DERN, JR. "Uh," Football co-captin, Mirror, Us- ually eating, Mumbler, Politician, good natured, "Ozzie and I.. Ice hockey, Student Council, Vaudeville, artistic "Well, thanks a lot!" ELIZABETH DENNY AMES "You know, I think you're right." A Cappella, Council, Orchestra, Lizzzzz, Sense of humor, one of the Volvo club, cello, "Just a second," Would like to be a nuclear physicist. STRATFORD MORTON DICK "You can tool some people all ot the time and all the people some of the time, but you can't tool all the people all of the time," Ensemble, "Purp", baseball, tuff guy, forest ranger, Would like to be curator of Zoology. -9Q- Lambie Harry Cissy MARION LOWREY BORCHERT "For Pete's sake!" Girls' basketball captain, G.A.A., Morning Ex, Terror ofthe courts, Finally growing hair out, "You make me sick," Would like to form own A Cappella. HARRY LABAR DRAKE "P.D.Q." Treasurer, Ski Club, "The "Purp" is for a month, the Mirror is forever," Usually spilling food or 'throwing a tantrum, "All this tripe is making me sick," Deb smile, Ad dances, "Schluss, fertigf' MELISSA PENNELL BURKE "Why don't we go . . G.A.A. veep, Vaudeville M.C., Student Council, Sophisticate, fast driver, skiing, Bear rugs, penthouse on a ski slope, Smiles. ..91- Q DWIGHT REID EASTMAN "Don't you think .. Morning Ex Committee, Forum Club, Class Chair- man, Lunch line controversy, monk, red T-shirt, Head turnip of Turnips Ltd. of greater Lake Forest, "Are you serious?" Ambition: to be a truth seek- er who finds comfort. ELLEN DIMSDALE "That's Q nice." Dislikes: smoking room, hockey, gym, Always wearing blue polo coat, Arizona, Barry Gold- water, green Corvoir, Wyoming, huge bag. ROBERT CHARLES KOPPLE "That's a poor analogy, Mr. Bockiusf' Shortest opera lead, Seminars, South Side, midnight studying, broad should- ers, In the morning: better late, usual- ly never, Always has a come-back, Usually having o cor accident. -92- Dwight Q Ellen Bob fi LINDA FAIRBANK "It's poopsf' A Cappella, G.A.A., Vaudeville, "Kinda' scary," Scatter- brain, sadistic, Musically talented, Uke- leles, Likes to get off campus, "Twang." JONATHAN LEE LOOMIS "l'm number four," Tennis, scenery de- signing, Buns, cutouts,"l'm going all the way this time," Glass pack muf- flers, Flirt, "She's lemon number one," Would like to be an architect. ANNE ELIZABETH HUEBNER "Oh, Anne!" Cheerleader, basketball hockey, "You're kidding?" Stretch pants, iunior colleges, "Yeah. . .Yeah, I got it," Would like to be a New York photographic model. -93- .U A -od lkiilln DAVID REID MAGNUSON "The berries," Ski Patrol, "Freshman girls, you say? WHERE?" Great ath- letic ability, fastidious dresser, "ln Lake Forest the barbers don't talk like that," Would like to be mayor of Chicago. FAITH MARSHALL KELLEY "Just relax, I'm hanging up now, Mom," "Purp" circulation, Vaude- ville, Mother Faith, bird woman, likes: writing letters, Arizona, selling taffy apples to Lake Forest Academy boys, Frith. WILLIAM CHAPLIN MERRICK "I thought I wouId."North Shore's triple threat in the Private School League, Mirror, winning smile, uni- versal "brownie point" appeal, "Do they have 5' 8" basketball at Prince- ton?" - 94 - Dave Fohh -- Bm Cindy kit P2991 LUCINDA CHRISTINE KERN "Oh, gal!" Mirror, Hockey, G.A.A., The plus one of the Sixth Grade four plus one, A Cappella tenor, Kern blue, "Can I have a ride?" Red, Snow- ball, "VieIleicht," Chairman of the locker room, "Wir muessen den Bild- nehmer aendern!!!" CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD "Oh, come on, Mr. Post!" Student Council President, All-conference guard, sideburns, grubby, pinching girls, Hayseed, writer, Would like to be a Thoreau theorist. MARGARET ELLEN MAGIE "I don't think that's any of your bus- iness," G.A.A. President, Council, Cheerleader, Magoo, Perennial class dinner giver, Groomed, Fortnightly Dances, Spirited, "That has nothing to do with what we're talking about." -95- TERRY RAY OSTROM "Darn, Mr. Ober!" Football, Baseball, Toyshop, Stage Crew, Dislikes: Teach- ers who can't accept anything, but have to prove it, The Big O, Hahst, Mine engineering, "Everyone tlunked Ter LEEANNE MITCHELL "Come on, you guys," Cheerleading, Opera, A Cappella, The Chip of the afternoon English Class, Oxfords, , Quartet, pudgy, "Certainlyl" Pan y JEFFREY KIM RANT "Roll'em" Football, Ice Hockey, Purp, Chicago Gold Coast, Brooks Brothers, the Killer, Tiger, Would like to be a civil engineer. l Je -96- Val of ks ' I I ' , ' we z 1 . 6 . , .. ., , K v - M , Q Avg? ,. ' .ig Chip Heather VALERIE PERSION MORESCHI "ReaIly?!" Cheerleader, G.A.A., Morn- ing Ex, "Forever and ever," Saddle- shoes, Flirt, friendly, "Come on and cheer, you all," would like to be a doctor. ALFRED HENLEY SHOTWELL, Ill "Flaky," Vaudeville M.C., Ensemble, Ice Hockey, "Punch," "l have thirty- eight points, I will have to take the train," Wreckless driver, Would like to be a filthy rich playboy. HEATHER ADAMS PIRIE "Oh, thats ick," Vaudeville co-ordina- tor, Senior Play, Toyshop, "God, l'm never going to catch up," Aunt Hed- dy, Temper to match hair, "Mercy, Maud,"' Would- like to be on Broad- way. -97- I , ROBERT FREEMAN SPINDELL, JR. "I have three announcements." Opera Co-ordinator, Purp, Stage Crew, Spins, flashing lights when they should not be flashing, Nixon 8m Company, damn Democrats and Mayor Daley, The girls will all pursue you. DEBORAH JANE RATHBUN "That's true." Petey's, sports car, G.A.A. Representative, The big giggle, Always the source of trouble in the senior class, Usually late to school, Would like to be a mother. LESLIE MIKE SPITZ "Of course, Volvos aren't built for beauty." Council President, Chairman ofthe omnipotent German IV tour, "lf people would only wake up," Scenery design, two fingers, "It seems to me. .," or "Oh, you people are just out of it!" Little man with the big ideas. -98- Bob Debby Les Helen Fred L .ns Sue HELEN EATON SCRIBNER "Where is it? I can't find it." G.A.A., Council, One of the founders ofthe Ski Club, "My name is Helen. I am 5' 2", and I want to be a gay divor- cee." Chromobile, die-hard Republi- can, Scribs, Tres bavarde. ALFRED MARTIN TURNER "WomenI" Opera, golf, football, Us- ually quietly doing something he shouldn't, "You know who I thinks really sharp?" Corvette with side pipes, smoking room, beach parties and girl watching. SUSAN SHAPIRO "The "Purp" is a forum, the Mirror is a bore'em." lEd. note: see page ll9l "Purp" editor, A Cappella, Orchestra, "But it's the principle of the thing!" Der Susel, creative, dislikes: priority, tradition, Would like to be the owner of a public cafeteria. -99- Jn, SCOTSON LINDSAY WEBBE "Better'n the average," Ensemble, History Seminars, Arrived from Phila- delphia but becoming attached to North Shore, Bob Gibson, hand live, Suede boots, The "Nads" basketball team. ANNE COCROFT SMITH "Ummm -I don't know," Hockey, G.A.A., "Purp," Goldilocks, "Silence is golden," Wisconsin, Corvairs, pi- anos, Member of the Sixth Grade Four plus One. JOHN PETER WESTRICH "Let's go skiing Saturday," Golf, En- semble, Tumbling, iazz, crazy hats, Usually upside down, Boyne Moun tain, Would like to be a physicist. -100' Linny Anne 1 John Mary Jim MARY SPERLING "Do I really talk that much?" Morn- ing Ex Chairman, A Cappella, Perci- val Pots, "Oh, crumb," Usually ar- guing, "I am 5' 2f"," Would like to sing "I Am the Very Model of a Mo- dern Major General" faster than Helen. , JAMES FARLOW WILSON "Lemon," Football Co-Captain, Class president, "Citron," Maior contribu- tion: sorting chorus folders, Cheap cars, cheap guitars, cheap girls, "Next semester," "All American boy," Would like to be architect. SOMETIME MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF I96l: Rick Botthof Phil Bradtmiller Leanne Ettleson Steve Cummings Tom Grimason Nancy Jean Hetenyi Paul Kimball Ron King Joan Morris Bob Kirkeeide Lynn Stratford Pam Winston Senior Class Prophecy Betsy - A goalie on the U. S. Olympic hockey team Keith - Only truck driver ever to bowl 310 Liz - Americas most famous hair stylist Jamie - First person to out eat Mr. K. Lambie - Proprietor of a floating slumber party Strat - Smokey the Bear's replacement Cissy - Owner of Slenderella Harry - Questionnaire falsifier Linny - First person to confuse the Russians Dwight - Head coach of the Chicago Bears Anne - Femme fatale of the ski slopes Bob - French speaking Volvo mechanic Faith - Northwestern cheerleader Joe - Lemon Cindy - Owner of the Northwestern Railroad Dave - Ski bum with great understanding of younger generation Peggy - President of Helena Rubenstein Bill - Pepsodent smiler Panny - Owner of Health Booty Company Kit -Vice president at Gillette Safety Razor Co. Val - Saddleshoes saleswoman Terry - First person to complete Math VI Heather - Member of HoIlywood's High Society Jeff - Executive owner of Vic Tanny Corp. Debbie - Discoverer of the l03rd element Chip - Leader of world reform movement Helen - Wife of henpecked husband Bob - Head spokesman for Stage Crew Inc. Sue - Still trying to pull the "Purp" out of the red Leslie - A typical, well-rounded, intelligent, humble beatnik Anne - Girl who will make short hair a fad Fred - The Elsa Maxwell of the beach parties Mary - Honorary president of the Little Womens Club Lindsay - Dean at ci finishing school for men John - Understudy to Dave Brubeck Jim - Head man at Bandstand U. S. A. -102- E9 A Maia an , W lv' ' 'MY -MS' wh ,ff v . . W-ft 1 'fx 'Y . .Tffn 'fir -wxlr wif' .,1 ' L X Y 'I 1 I fN 39 pw- L-of , +11 -103 - -O ff " pnr'-. V G if I Keith Capron Betsy Allison Jamie Dern Liz Ames Strat Dick Lambie Borchert Harry Drake Cissy Burke Dwight Eastman Linny Fairbank Bob Kopple Anne Huebner Joe Loomis Faith Kelley Dave Magnuson Cindy Kern Bill Merrick Peggy Magie Kit Osgood Debby Rathbun Terry Ostrom Panny Mitchell Jeff Rant Val Moreschi Chip Shotwell Heather Pirie Bob Spindell Helen Scribner Les Spitz Sue Shapiro Fred Turner Anne Smith Lindsay Webbe Mary Sperling John Westrich Jim Wilson Senior Cflass LW!! My glass pack mufflers and my unique eighteen year old's map of Wisconsin to Whitey Borge. My goalie pads to Susie Sewell and my hairclips to Miss Deane. M.P.F. to Jack, the lunch line man. My hair to the costume room for the next time they do the "Night- mare Song." My collection of belts to Mr. Pynchon. My Latin book to my brother and my slumber parties to anyone who dares to give them. Everything to Pui but Mr. Bockius's office back to him. My butterfly collection to Jamie Reidy and my medical talents to Judy Brew. My rational powers to Lane Jennings. My ukulele to Miss Deane. My driving record to the Junior Boys. My freckles to Barb Schilling and my "Seven-up" bottle to Pam Ferry My glass pack mufflers to the Reidy's ieep and to Peggy Lang's Poncho. Gloria Ginch to Pui and part ownership of "custom" to Mike Wartman. My Triumph to Tom Loeb and my green bathrobe to Sally Hunt. My navy blue sweat pants to anyone who has the nerve to wear them and a tube of High Noon to Lane Jennings. All my passengers to George and Susie. My brains to Peyton Young and the Gurnee Throne to Nell Kneibler. My sideburns to Gil. Puddy 4353 to Mr. Post. My speed in football to Buzz. My Junior Year to the "Pedidlers." My skill and speed in mechanical drawing to R.B.R. My saddle shoes to Judy Brew and the way I chew gum to any- one who can "follow through." lMay the best man winl. My football shower cap to Guy and my four years of inactivity to any boy who can withstand the faculty blasts. My confidence in German class to Dickey Doo. The "monster" and all its "little monsters" to Dick Hoffman and my Republicanism to Fred Bowes. My self-reliance to Mr. Pynchon. May he apply it to his future destinies. All my lost and unfought causes to Carla lshe certainly needs some morel and my German record to Jay Delaney lmay its pre- sence humble himl. My off-beat endings to Candy Dern. My car to Chris Strong. A box of band-aids for Mr. Licata's lab. My bongo drums to Shep. My unfailing ability to get the most words said in the least amount of time to Julie Ferry. A spot in the Ensemble to anyone who will take it. My bottle of peroxide to Studie. - 105- ff awe f Uzrvugh the Fasszng years lt IS wlth prlde that once again through the medium of photography we have been able to fashion a graphic record of your school year pride stemming doubly from the knowledge that herein not only have we helped to create a record of so much meaning to each of you but In so doung we have had the opportunity to share warm pleasant asso clatuons wuth so many Always as years pass thus record wull have a special place In your heart tor It will be the vlslble token of the wonderful experience of your growing years ruch In the foundation of true and lastnng friend s up Our heartlest congratulations to all' Cordlally John Howell and Craftsmen . , -O I I I h'. I -106- Best Wishes to the Class of 1961 Magie Brothers Oil Company Franklin Park, Illinois The Largest, Most Complete Camera Shops Cn The North Shore Congratulations Ancl Good Luck To The Class Of l96l 589 Central Ave 847 Elm Street Highland Park lllunols Winnetka lllnnous ID 2 8550 Hl 6 5l4l -107- Congratulations to the class GAARE OIL COMPANY NORTHWEST HIGHWAY PALATINE ILLINOIS Elm Street Travel lLet s Go Placesl Wmnetka s Own Travel Agency Owner Complete Travel Arrangements No service Charge for alr tuckets hotel reservations steamshup tickets car rental crulses tours Independent travel abroad our speclalty Q Ffa 635 GREENBAY ROAD VVILIVIETTE ILLINOIS AI.plne'I O878 Of .16 I 1: III cofherine J. Rowley ggi? wr -108- wary Good Wzsh to the 60155 af I 96 I A Frlend Ky n ze Self Smoofh ng PAINTS LANDI PAINT CO 356 PARK AVENUE GLENCOE ILLINOIS LANDI VErnon 50048 I 5060 an JE W1 Ifm saw, sans EVERYTHING PERTAINING TO BEAUTY EXPERT HAIR TINTING PERMANENT VVAVING IIO5 CENTRAL AVENUE WILME TE ILLINOIS Seymour Graham REALTOR 665 Vernon Avenue Vernon 5 4121 Glencoe Illlnols ALLEN S Stahoners Shop WILMETTE ILLINOIS II29 Central Avenue Eden s Plaza AL I 7940 AL I 7353 yOcc so IyG 8-F 8.0ff'cSppI A crpbok8.D cooISppI AIS n Hy se Young Ages Apparel for Chlldren Deerfueld Commons Glenvuew Paho Shops Boy Scout Supplues and Umforms WIS 2224 PA4 2224 Q l T 5 1 I I n I Greefing Cords for Ever a i n Por oods avors - Home I e u ies Ibums, S a o s icries S h u ies -- r upplies Two friendly stores dediculed Io quality merchandise o d quai rvice for qualify cuslomers. a I - I I I. - ' TELEP AL. I E - ' I L U o 2 ' L . T - ' - 109 - Congratulations To The Graduating Class come in and see us TRO0Pl THE CGLCUR 896 Llnden Ave Hubbard Woods HlllCI'eSt 6 6360 9 30 5 30 Monday through Saturday The Greeley IV Four wushes the Class of 1961 every success Compllmenfs of Mr and Mrs Harry L Drake and their two cousins from down east Heather Adams and Linda Banks When you look m your MITFOT Be Fell dressed Abe Fell 'f 2321 . ,'. l .3 . -qu--p. ,Q 1 Q f' 'W H 1 .3 ,. X , . 'f rl V MQ, 1 . 'X .. f - fr-rf-, . ' as -n 'r Flyer 0 'is is ' ' , I, In , in -110- Since l886 Where Savings Really Pay- WINNETKA SA VINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 8l4 Elm Street, Winnetka, Illinois The Patio ACE HARDWARE in the Winnetka Walk HARDWARE PAINTS . . 952 LINDEN AVE. X HUBBARD WOODS, ILL. Complete Caterlng Servlce PHONE: HI 6-3000 522 Lincoln Ave. Hlllcrest 6-2661 Baia Qblazcfwazs and Sports l923 Willow Road Northfield, lllinois Specialists in: Baseball Football and Basketball Equipment Full Line of: Fishing Hunting and Scuba Diving Equipment Woodland 65 Linden Ave Grocery 8a Market Surveyors of Fine Foods l"lUl3bC1fd Woods Ill All Phones Hlllcrest 6-0522 954 L' d A . VErnon 5 l8OO In en Ve Hubbard Woods Illinois Small Fry -111- Cong ratu Iatlons, 61 Graduates' Carry GUIS E B Taylor Hardware B B Q Chlcken 81 Rubs Our spectalty HI 6 9812 546 Green Bay Road Wmnetka C II NEIGHBORHOOD T I Ag t F Scully S Re51'C1UrCInI' reef I ANYWHERE A sf h R WocIWdeI-IoteIadR tR Orchard Lane LAKE SHORE TRAVEL SERVICE Northfield NO ssnvlce CHARGE ALpme 1 9879 Pure OII Service Statlon Herb Ellls Everythlng Automotuve 1618 Sherrdan Road Walmette III Telephone VErnon 5 3888 Og M Compllmenfs of Complnments of Some North Shore Rent Mart Undergraduates ' V . , a your rave en or ik s o - ir, eams Ip, aiI rI i n esor eservations 3101 Park Avenue Glencoe, IIIinois Mrs. Ia crkc Your Travel Counsel , . -112- .TEEN-AGE TEN COMMANDMENTS 1. Stop and think before you drink. Wllmette Statloners 2. Don't let your parents down, they brought you up. Supplies For School, Office, and Home , 5. Be humble enough to obey. You will be 1155 Wllmefte Avenue giving orders yourself some day. Wilmette, Illinois 4. At the first moment turn away from un- clean thinking. . Don't show off when driving.. If you want to race, go to Indianapolis. 6. Choose a date who would make a good Wil. 3051 5 'Q--' A - mate. Wlmmf' ILL- 7. Go to church faithfully. The Creator 0 -...- gives us a week. Give Him back at least S""" an hour. 8. Choose your companions carefully. You BEAUTY are what they are. 9. Avoid following the crowd. Be an en- FASHIONS gine, not a caboose. . 1213 Wilmette Ave. 10. Keep the original Ten Commandments. iz-1-:-:':':-:-:-:-:':-Pt:Zgfgrglglgigqfziil:I123212532:I:2:I:l:5:2:I:i:-:-:+:- J O E J A C S C H R o 435 Green Bay Road Wilmette, Illinois 9 Curt s Restaurant "A Casual Walnut Atmosphere" Open 7 days a week Specializing in "Little Thin Pancakes" Carry Out Orders Charcoal Broiled Butt Steak Sandwich Corner AL 1-9857 Wilmette Ave.-Green Bay Road I A -in Schwinn Phone ALpinel-l404 Raleigh Wilso Y S 1' H d f ma :I ogg ?fL1,oj:Q,j'ff,"s ECKART HARDWARE COMPANY I e V 2f'g','g.'f9 WILMETTE BICYCLE 735 Elm sffeef Nestor Johnson 61 SPORT SHOP Winchester QUHISQSTOH Winnetka, Illinois Pa mg 605 Green Boy Road Wilmette, Illinois - 113 - WINNETKA CAMERA SHOP 732 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois ,Marian J-leucr Interiors Ina 984 Linden Avenue Hubbard Woods, Illinois Phone: Hlllcrest 6-2884 PA 9-0800 PA9-0801 RENNECKAR S Your Rexall Drug Store 1826 GLENVIEW ROAD GLENVIEW -Te C. L. Ney, Jeweler 1818 Glenview Road Glenview, Illinois PA 4-0411 Charm Headquarters Creaney Floors Mosaic Tile Supplies Colored grout cements cutters, patterns, booklets glass ceramic and procelain tile 1009 Harlem Glenview lll PA 4 7099 Arden Jewelers Repairs a specialty ic up and Delivery service on clocks 406 Linden Ave AL 1 7046 Wilmette Ill L Terminal Bus Dist 9 ll ll ,, Watches, Clocks, 8. Jewelry P. k . . - 114 - Woznieki, Jeweler Watches Clocks Silverware Dlamonds Repairing of Watches 8l9 Oak Street, Winnetka, lll. Phone HI 6 0685 Charms Jewelry gn ll xx 1 Q , X COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE fl' GAS OIL CREASING WASHING TIRES AND BATTERIES MOTOR REBUILDING BRAKE RELINING IGNITION SERVICE BODY AND FENDER WORK PAINTING Runnfelclt 8K Belmont Service Statlon 475 Chestnut Street Wmnetka lll Phone HI 6 0334 'A : .rf '- . U-X s IQ Z' .' 1 NND' , , 1 . ' L . I I ' -115- Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Winnetka 379 Elm Street Wlnnetka lIIlnols Carper s Beverage, Inc Rex s Service Statuon 350 Happ Road 469 Sunset Rndge Road Northfield Illlnols Northf1eId III Ice Cubes Delicatessen Phone Wlnnetka 6 4817 Ray s Sport Shop 659 Vernon Ave Shear Artnstry Mr Charles The House of Haur Fashlon Charles Studio 348 Linden Ave Wnlmette III ALplne I I6O0 now use the best Glencoe 2366 Paul s Recorded Muslc Of Across from the Teatro ' LONGHAIRS JAZZ COLLECTORS HIT HUNTERS JUST BROWSERS V I n ' "You've tried the rest ""::'gi-.717 by ' ' ' ' F : . I . . . . I g . -116- Caledoman, Inc Fme Furnlshlngs HI 6 0912 562 Lnncoln Ave HI 6 6566 7 Wmnetka III Telephone HI6 0145 Llndwall s Upholstermg Tradltlonal fabrlcs Furmture repalrs Antiques 808 Oak Street Wmnetka I1l1no1s Congratulations To The I 4 C WIQQ For The New and Unusual In Clothes VERNON 5 0035 Graduates Of The Class of 1961 S' 6 4? Dlalzq jeweler-.4 Vase Bootery Wmnetka JEWELRY GIFTS JEWELRY Q WATCH REPAIRING 348 PARK AVENUE GLENCOE ILLINOIS Harvey s Record Shop 837 Elm Sfreef VE 5 IOM Winnetka Illmons BRING IN THIS COUPON FOR A SPECIAL 2096 DISCOUNT ON ANY ALBUM 669 Vernon Glencoe I' ' I W I N N E T H A I ' ' I 66th year in Winnetka a , Y - 117 - l5'esf of luck I0 thc' Cflass of 1961 John Welfer Florist AL 6 0891 R dg R l Ph : - 615 ' d Wilmette, Ill' ' -118- X , , .rf ,. 4 -w auf k A .A 43" Take that and that and that. . "Look, Ma, no cavities!" "Ecch!" "Yes, , .I was for Nixon r N' ff, ' .5 ,.f ., V .,,, , ,E ' 1 J No caption needed here H' 56969 Cameras!" -119- Premier COMPSQENTS Cleaners 8K Furriers BERT J. DREW , GROCERIES Hl 6-0280 988 Linden Ave Hubbard Woods, lll. Charles Variety Store Headquarters for All Staple and Seasonal Dime Store and Variety Store Merchandise 808 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois Mrznefka Crust Sawngs Hank Winnetka Illinois HI 6 6318 V J Killian Co Plumbing 8 Heating Gas Water Heaters Oil 8. Gas Burners Dishwashers Disposals Formica Tops 933 Linden Ave Hubbard Wood lll Phone Hl 6 0908 Monarch Furs Edmund M Abel 1050 Gage Sfreef Hubbard Woods Ill HI6 0288 . . , . . , . -120- THE GRACE HERBST SHOP W 127111 I Gifts for all occasions 952 Spanish Court HI - 6 lgll Wilmette, Illinois Sportswear 563 Linden Ave. Dresses Sports Apparel Formals Gowns Winnetka Illinois Accessories Hats Also Teens and Juniors The Clothes Lme, Inc 650 North Western Avenue Lake Forest III Telephone 2168 Marian Michael Children s Clothes Babies Through Pre Teens and Custom Modes for Sister Brother and Mother 574 Lincoln Ave Winnetka Ill HI 6 II77 329 Park Avenue X 966 Park Avenue Glencoe Illinois in Glencoe Illinois I 1 Park Avenue Bootery F Greta Lederer nc Footwear for the Family Custom Homes ,121- Reylow Compliments, -122- 3 Sisfcrs Beauty Szzlvu 708 Glencoe Rd., Glencoe, Illinois ' L Rita Tuesday Teen-Age Day H r 19 Giselle -Fell Shoes- L U te Telephone VE 5-3660 for appointment A Name You Know With Shoes You Love 39 Years on the North Shore 932 Linden, Hubbard Woods 635 Central, Highland Park Suburban Hot Coffee Service Qs Q' 5' , i Fresh Hot Coffee Delivered For All Occasions X W k 'L 5 23+ 5ll 4th Street, Wilmette AL l-4642 Y ' "L" Terminal L' ' Bricker's Pastry Shop Qi A 1 :FU 3: rO -Ia! A Q 801 Elm sneer HI 6-3182 L" , ,iii IN Glencoe -. -X "'v1Elu ' .. 4. -I' 734,35 an venNoN AVENUE Part Cakes Birthday Cakes gggggini E in Y 'i lg Iis .11 1- THE Hobby Cakes Wedding Cakes ' Fancy Pastries Butter Cookies ll-EE'-'55-' 1: For men 81 women 123 - F . ...f f 'W 810 Elm St. Winnetka III. nhnlmnlmnu Manager C. A. BOGKWALTER HI 6-0804 Lm -J yan Sargent s H38 Central Wulmette 636 Church 400 Lunden Wllmette ALplne 6 0028 Evanston ALpme 1 0463 Winnetka Chemical Laboratory 725 Elm St Winnetka III HI 6 4588 All kinds of laboratory tests for your doctor i 1- M, t -124- ' Baumann-Cook 55l Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, Ill. HI 6-5000 North Shore Real Estate For 30 Years Christine Baumann Collins I'2ll Florence S. Cook Mary Byrnes Lucille Octigan Mabel Coulter Frances Olmsted Ruth Mills Elwood Claire Sherwood Lucy Jane Hedberg God Bless The Republicans Goelzer and Wilde Realtors 790 Elm Street Hl 6-5544 INDIVIDUAL HAIR STYLING 0 EXPERT HAIR TINTING W Sz Phone HiIlcrest60762 Pharmacists W' SALON DE COIFFURE p 554 GREEN BAY ROAD WINNETKA Phone ID 2 2300 Phone in 2 2600 UIQ, j,,,1La,, U-ml' Ravinia Ill Highland Park Ill gr 507 Cfiesfnul' 5t1E8f LLINCHECIN I1 BU TU 2 AFTERNDCIN TEA 2 BU 4 BD DINNER 5 DEI B UD SUNDAY DINNERE 12 NDDN TU 7 BU PHDNE HILLCREET 6 'I'7Uf3 CLUEED MDNDAY I olfl I f , ILL. - - ' rlfvlnnzfga, ' ' ' ' lilnols I :BD - 125 - Ty ef CESTO MAKE DAD GL " Hurrah For The German IV Four QUINTO 8. BRUNOS PE O SERV A 5 765 747 C E US Bet 'sofWinn ko "PRI AD 818 Elm Sfreef A -126- A15 in ,nr 1 . ,,- ww' 'X' tr xx f .A i l ft ,W 4 1 7 "If I see another Freshman today, l'll due "If I were in charge of faculty meetings "Sing high, sing low. . .' t? lax .A vw--Vt' Q-"'Z"'x""'4L nv ,L L, " im.. -...M "The parking committee is really packing them in this yearf' 4'A'1d OW - 127 - ay we go to an island fair DAILY SERVICE between the Mrdwest and Eastern Seaboard from the East and Mrdwest to all polnts nn Cahforma Oregon Wash mgton Alaska and Brrtrsh Columbra C LIP P E R cAm.oAnmc co General Olllces 323W Polk St Chlcago 7 Ill Phone HArrIson 7 7780 SHIP CLIPPER CARLDADING for Plggyback at Its best i To make sure your shlpments are recelved on tlme damage free use Plggy back And to make sure you get Plggyback at nts best speclfy Clipper Carloadlng Cllpper does more Plggyback Shlpplng has done more for offers experlence and equlpment second to none CLIPPER CARLOADING com PANY Ser-board from the East and Midwest lo all polnls rn California Oregon Washington Alaska and Brrtlsh Columbia DAILY SERVICE between the Mud west and Eastern General Offices 323 West Polk St Chicago 7 lll Phone HArrrson 7 7780 -128- Northtield Sinclair Service Mr. Imperial is your representative for OILS R' h L vernier tuxrn. 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The Sophomore Girls Winnetka News Agency 380 Green Bay HI6-0765 Would appreciate Boys or Girls to apply as newspaper carriers Morning Carriers - 1045 yrs. and up P.M. Carriers - 9 yrs. and up Thank you -131- Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '61 John D. Willy, '57 CONGRATULATIONS! to those who deserve it and 86.50 to the 1961 "Mirror" from the editors of the 1960 fstill on salej "Mirror X eil. I 1:l I A V A 1---1 0 ,...., ,. an y' J ,V , x my ..........f A .3 47:1-wi. i l , , MIDDLEBY .MARSHALL OVEN COMPANY 761-769 West Adams Street Chicago 6, Illinois 1 1 L. Ringer Realty Co. "The doorway to better living" 999 Linden HI6-7274 Winnetka 457 Central ID2-6600 Highland Park North Shore Cleaners and Tailors , , Get your Senior Pictures framed 5 Hour Cleaning Service at 33eP kA . GI . . . or ve moe Pickwick Galleries VE5-0038 557 Lincoln Winnetka I -132- BLUNT ELLIS 8 SIMMUIIS INVESTMENTS We welcome opporfunifies fo be of service to individual accounts MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE MIDWEST STOCK EXCHANGE CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE IASSOCIATEI III WEST MONROE STREET OLD ORCHARD OFFICE CHICAGO 3, ILLINOIS 57 OLD ORCHARD Flnanciol 6-9000 ORchord 6-4700 -133- - .Q Q v ' -.. - . -. . 0 -4... 114 " A ,'n- ... . .-2 ..,-.- - ASK LLB L Us 1 Mrs. Harry L. Drake -front - kneeling, Mr. Harry L. Drake - second from right. Compliments of Mr. cmd Mrs. Harry L. Drake North Shore Laundry and Dry Cleaning serving since 1896 566 Chestnut Street Winnetka, Ill. Telephone HI6-0602 f'- f- -sie 455' 1 Cosmetics sugar' o Riff fl Thank God We Made It! 5 If Nigs and Pans Merle Norman Unusual Gifts Distinctive Jewelry -134- 1 ' M I J li 4 V' .- . xffs' 1 'A' v. , .. nv. .. , 4.77" , 2.-f WWL ' "' .ffvlv 4 n , ffmf 1, ,gs,,F',, A '1f.J'f F. ."'f3. A .v"A" I, ffg. ,A - 'q'g:..,.-fkff' if I.: .Lf jx .+ ' '. 1 -..-Q ,wry-K, v' I Evanston Auto Driving School Licensed by the State of Illinois Private behind the wheel and classroom instruction 1402 Ashland Ave at Greenwood DAvis 8-1211 Take advantage of our Student Bonus Plan for North Shore Country Day students I Don t Forget Reunion of the Class of 1961 June 16 1971 ln the Auditorium LAKI IOIIIY l lllllllll WOODS 3131011113 65131011 266 MARKET UARE LAKE FOREST 970 LINDEN ASQQNUE NILLCRIST Us Distinctive Clothes for Country and City 976 Linden Ave. Hubbard Woods Best Wishes to the Class of 1961 and especially. to our favorite Zugbeglelterm The Northwesternites - 136 - ,L S me ,v grief Aloha! Eager devotion, laudable service, and freshness of mind characterize Mr. Pynchon. Parti- cipating in sports, publications, and dramatics, his influence has spread throughout all areas of school life. The Class of T961 wishes to express its regrets at his departure and extend its best wishes for the successful contin- uation of his career. FROM THE EDITORS: . Thank you, Margot and Biff, for all the , hel you ave us in teachin us how to ut Hub und gan grufh togzther this Mirror. We hose Barbara apnd Peyton will find wofking on the Mirror as re- warding and fun as we have. It has truly been W the 67455 rf 190' one of our most exciting experiences. Good luck to yop two next year. Cindy and Harry Smile! No more college boards, No more worried conferences, Now iust thank the Lord, And charge with lowered lances. YOU DID IT! The Juniors Iforewarned is forearmedl -138- 3 1 3 i"""""'JA A , X A I A . 4 ' 4 '--A-. ,A '-4. ' J I E -.,,:i-Q fn , ,. . FFL . " ' ,..mk1 .J ' M K ' I f H -- va-N 'WT' V 1 :-M fxmm.NMg,, gg, wx .rf-K we I 'Rigs Wi' fa'f1::w, w+w1w15V Nga" up M Y Q -fd aw K-'fr 1 J.'2u4"'hi'Qi1,5Q e ...Q-vu-H' ,,..-vu-1' 412 .. ,fs nw 'ill - 139 - Q Mr. and Mrs. Harry Drake announce their divorce THIS CLASS IS REALLY SHAPING UP! Hex on the Sen1or GIYIS Lockers -140- Carmen and .lose Drake announce a series of dance recitals at Orchestra Hall every Monday morning at 9:30 beginning on Labor Day. Just back from a triumphant tour of the Congo where Lumumba cheered at their intricate rhumba Red China where Mao wept when they left and Iceland where the crowned heads of all Europe watched in silent awe Carmen and .lose accompanied by Lennie Bernstein and the Firehouse Five have finally decided to bring their talents to the midwest. ....... gs fe 11 .in i ii J. L rf 1 A I I I f I Thank You! The Mirror staff of l96l would like to ex- tend its appreciation to all students, faculty, parents, and friends who contributed to the suc- cess ofthe Mirror, and especially Mr. Howell and Mr. Vogel. Few people realize how much time and ef- fort our photographer, Mr. Howell, must give up to cater to our every whim. Many times he must give up his own work to come to North Shore to take a needed picture. ln addition, he must fulfill our desires while keeping a tight schedule himself. For this we are most indebted. And to Mr. Vogel ,our sales representative, who comes up to help us on a moment's no- tice, we are sincerely grateful. Without his kind and generous help this book could not be pos- sible. We would also like to thank our adver- tisers. It is hoped that their friendship will be rewarded by increased patronage. o gl J "1 l 'S 'Sv Wad-bye: Hachum. ' 4 .ry-V jf.- V 'viz 'I-'C A ,. , ,iw 1 . , A . xl wfuh- ,' 75:91 3355.1-:.2f:, ' Y ' . , . 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