North Shore Country Day School - Mirror Yearbook (Winnetka, IL)

 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1959 volume:

MIRROR W JM The Nineteen Fifty -Nine Mirror Of The North Shore Country Day School Winnetka, Illinois The Mirror shall reflect without omission or distortion the athletic and dramatic climaxes through the years of those trying to live and serve in a sublime and otherwise proper manner and in their interest. 3- MwHPw ffljfK Divisions Dedication A dministration Seniors Juniors : Sophomores Freshmen Middle School Lower School Activities Athletics Advertising V ' -Ss 1 To Joseph H. Pynchon For his interest in students For his willing assistance academically within the classroom and without For his support in endeavers both athletically and extra curricular We, the Senior Class of 1959, dedicate our Mirror to Joseph " Uncle Joe " Pynchon. 6 - A dministration NATHANIEL S. FRENCH Headmaster GEORGE F. ELDREDGE VIRGINIA S. DEANE Head of Lower and Middle Schools Dean of Faculty, Dean of Girls MICHAEL A. POST Dean of Boys Language FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Humes, Dr. Landau, Madame Valvo, Miss Richard History FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Rohr, Miss Deane, Mr. French, Miss Sterling 9- FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. McCarty, Mr. Talley, Mr. Licata Arts SEATED: Miss Honer STANDING: Mr. Brauer, Mr. Allison, Mr. Reidy FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Taylor, Mr. Porterfield, Mr. Talley Science Mathematics 10 English SEATED: Mr. Post, Mr. Hill, Miss Davis, Mr. Ostrom, Mr. Pynchon Middle School FIRST ROW: Mrs. Dose, Miss Ingram SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hahn, Mrs. Humes, Mrs. Brantes, Miss Bolster THIRD ROW: Mr. Steel, Mr. Merbitz, Mr. El- dredge 11 Lower School " " " n i I ' ML f d ■ jgBfSii A B ' ■ m ' ' — ■ " tBbB Wf M M ■ 1 i FIRST ROW: Miss Lund, Miss Merrell SECOND ROW: Mrs. Bleloch, Mrs. Collmgbourne, Miss Meglitz STANDING: Mrs. Dose, Miss Johnson, Mr. Eldredge, Mr. Allen, Mrs. Kratz Office Administration FIRST ROW: Mrs. Talley, Mrs. Harndge, Mrs. Griswold SECOND ROW: Miss Brunner, Mrs. Joseph, Mrs. Zimmerman, Mr. Aggens, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Bergen, Mrs. Modisett 12 Seniors 13 Mary James Allen " Mare " " S-U-R-E! " .... Usually trying to solve problems with Em. . . .Like to be in an aluminum canoe in the mid- dle of Lake Owen . . . . Pet Peeve — Janet Stanley . . . .Would like to sing a female lead with a tenor voice in a Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta. Russel Frederick Ahrens, Jr. " Rusty " " Hi g-g-girls! " .... Usually talking sweetly to Nancy Dayton Ha! Ha! .... Like to be in college and on the Dean ' s List. ... Pet Peeve — Girls who call me spoiled Dean ' s List. . . .Pet Peeve — Girls who call me spoil- ed, unconversational, and tagging to my mothers apron ' s strings ... .To be President of the Ahrens Brace, Cast, and Crutch Corp. Sue Barrett " The Commuter " " Zut alors! " . . . .Usually commuting. . . .Like to be in St. Anton. . . .Pet Peeve — sun lushes and Mr. Rohr ' s humor. . . .Would like to be a ski bum and to zoom. 14 William B. Basile, Jr. " Bill " " Rah- rah-rah . . .. Usually doing nothing . . .. Like to be aw ay from everything .... Pet Peeve — Stupid people. . . .Would like to fit a square peg in a round hole. Sara Anne Coulter " Sally " " Yes, Mam! " .... Usually driving .... Like to be in an aluminum canoe in Lake Owen. . . .Pet Peeve — People who criticize my car .... Would like to conquer all my vices. Melvin Saul Cahan " Mel " " Conscience needs no accuser " .... Usually watching from the street. . . .Like to be inside the establish- ment. . . .Pet Peeve — Employers who bar the---door . . . .Would like to have my own Student council. 15 Nancy Chadwick Dayton " Nancy " " ?!! " censored .... Usually zooming around .... Like to be in Germany .... Pet Peeve — People who think I ' m twelve .... Would like to stop my left eye- brow from blinking. Michael Wade Davenport " Mike " " Where is my No Doz? " .... Usually enjoying the good things in life. . . .Like to be far, far away. . . . Pet Peeve — ' 50 Fords .... Would like to live to be twenty-one. Anne Olmssted Eastman " Anne " " Current Events, sixth period! " .... Usually talking with her hands. . . .Like to be within walking distance of North Shore . . . .Pet Peeve — Narrow minded Re- publicans. . . .Would like to abolish New Year ' s Eve. 16 Daniel Christion Dose " Dan " " Remember this, buddy, if you can ' t Bb you ' d better Ct! " . . . . Usually driving a big ' 55 Plymouth ... .Like to be in a place where you would not believe me if I told you. . . .Pet Peeve — Certain people who sing fl at. . . .Would like to see Maurice Franks on the moon. Anne Edgren " Anne " " Je ne sais pas! " .... Usually waiting for the week- end . . . .Like to be in a blue Ford with the top down . . . .Pet Peeve — People who say " When are you go- ing to let your hair grow? " .... Would like to cut up .... people. Andrew Cantan Durham " Andy " " Want-a buy a car? " . . . .Usually sleeping . . . .Like to be in my 2.9 Ferrari .... Pet Peeve — People .... Would like to win Sebring. 17 Ann Bourne Fisher " Ann " " Tra-la " .... Usually dreaming .... Like to be travel- ing in Europe .... Pet Peeve — People who tell me I should be five feet tall, you see I ' m five feet eleven inches tall . . . .Would like to be a writer. Morgan Hall Fisher " Morgan " " Mankind is perfectable through the power of the mind. " .. ..Usually psycoanalyzing various people .... Like to be on the esses of Le Mans .... Pet Peeve — Individuals who criticize my method of driving. . . . Would like to win the Pan-American road race in a blown Willys. Sarah Emily Gilmore " Emmy " " It ' s lucky I ' , so good natured " .... Usually solving problems with Mare. . . .Like to be in 8th period study hall . . . .Pet Peeve — People with no will power (me!) . . . .Would like to be able to break my promise. 18 Maurice Rudolp Franks, Jr. " Maurice " " Not guilty, Your Honor! " .... Usually pleading Not guilty ' .... Like to be out on bail again .... Pet Peeve — Mr. Post and his socialistic attitudes .... Would like to hit the moon. Carole Frances Grant " Carole " " Who took my books? " .... Usually looking for my books. . . .Like to be in the middle of Lake Owen, in the same boat too! .... Pet Peeve — Insincerity .... Would like to be too efficient. Richard Roy Gilbert " Rich " " Normally, I detest violence " .... Usually following my animal instincts (doing what comes naturally). . . . Like to be on Fisher ' s beach (where angels fear to tread). . . .Pet Peeve — People who talk before they think and girls who live in Winnetka. . . .Would like to love them and leave them. 19 Stephanie Alice Harper " Alice " " But, Miss Deane, I didn ' t leave campus! " .... Usually taking tranquilizwes .... Like to be in Chicago ... . Pet Peeve— Mr. Rohr .... Would like to sing in a nightclub. Laurin Hall Healy, Jr. " Hall " " Mommy, can I have a Salerno Butter cookie? " .... Usually translating Latin .... Like to be traveling cross-country in a Model-T with .... Pet Peeve — Mr. Post ' s selfish attitude toward his (?) cough syrup. . . . Would like to be a foreign correspondent to Herze- govina. Kevin Frances Hauser " Kevin " " Wait a minute, I don ' t understand! " .... Usually wasting time .... Like to be away from it all ... . Pet Peeve — Questionaires . . . .Would like to expose the democratic machine. 20 Fred John Hering " Fred " " Give me a Bromo. " . . . .Usually playing ping pong- studying-playing ping pong .... Like to be in a little paradise south of the border known as Tijuana. . . . Pet Peeve — Long morning exes. . . .Would like to put my brand on a certain longhorn from Texas. Nancy Harriet Lipson " Nancy " " Got a cigarette, Mrs. Fletcher, honey? " cracking jokes and doing homework . . sitting on a cloud .... Pet Peeve — Men . . . to get my driver ' s license. . . . Usually . Like to be Would like David Hubbell Lewis " Dave " " Go hang yourself! " .... Usually starting my car. . . . Like to be somewhere I haven ' t been. . . .Pet Peeve — Loosing at poker. . . .Would like to be a glass blower for Jim Beam. -21 - Mary Elizabeth Loomis " Betsy " " That just infuriates me! " .... Usually making out a list .... Like to be in Massachusetts .... Pet Peeve- Waiting .... Would like to perfect my hobby. William Litchfield McKee " Bill " " Be what you are if you are what you want to be " . . . .Usually walking the halls looking for people mis- sing from study hall. . . .Like to be in the New Hamp- shire woods playing with the Indians. . . .Pet Peeve — Study hall where something is accomplished. . . . Would like to prove that sports can be beneficial. Margaret Carter Braxton McAlister " Carter " " Hoo-Ha " .... Usually housebreaking .... Like to be sharking on the coasts of Carolina .... Pet Peeve — Unstable ladders. . . .Would like to marry into wealth so all my other ambitions can be supported. 22 Andrew Clarener Peterson, Jr. " Andy " " Pleb! " .... Usually wondering aimlessly through the school .... Like to be in college .... Pet Peeve — Moody girls and girls who talk about other boys when they are out with me ... . Would like to be a beachcomber. Henrietta Ayres Moore " Ayrie " " Just call me Cinderella " .... Usually cavorting a- bout with chewing gum and glass slippers. . . .like to be a riding in s pumpkin again. . . .Pet Peeve — Psuedo-sophisticates .... Would like to out talk George Von Gehr. Michael Stanton Schilling " Mike " " Those critters aren ' t no good " .... Usually reading the St. Louis Post Dispatch. . . .Like to be in Louisianna or St. Louis. . . .Pet Peeve — Wanton living. . . .Would like to be a lawyer or teacher. 23 Susan Jane Palm " Sue " " I don ' t mean to interrupt you, but " .... Usually smil- ing. . . .Like to be on the stage. . . . Pet Peeve — People who think I don ' t have a loud voice. BUT I DO!. . . . Would like to be singing in Broadway musicals. Gary Edward Sutherland " Gary " " Has anyone seen my brother? " .... Usually looking for some excitement (party etc ..).... Like to be in sunny California on the beach. . . .Pet Peeve — People who aren ' t what they appear to be . . . .would like to be a soldier of fortune, and have a harem. Elise Prince Smith " Trink " " Oh " , piddle " .... Usually telling corny jokes. . . . Like to be in San Diego??? . . . .Pet Peeve — People that put cigarett ashes in my cookie batter. . . .Would like to conquer Zombies! 24- Richard Allen Sutherland " Dick " " Knock if off " .... Usually driving around town look- ing for goodies. . . .Like to be at the laundry. . . .Pet Peeve— Girls who don ' t deal. . . .Would like to make out in life. Janet Van Wie Stanley " Jan " " Oh, Emily! " .... Usually found in a game of bridge .... Like to be in Aspen, Colorado .... Pet Peeve — Mary Allen. . . .Would like to reach one hundred and ten. Talmadge Magnus Tribble " Tally " " Toot, toot " .... Usually wandering around in my own idealistic, little world. . . .like to be in the dark- room. . . . Pet Peeve — Just plaine girls. . . .Would like to get and E as a final German grade. 25- Linda Marsha Tanenbaum " L.M.T. " " Would you mind repeating that for the press? " . . . . Usually directing a school function . . . .Like to be in Paradice. . . . Pet Peeve — People who wear braces on their brains. . . .Would like to advise other people on how to raise (raze?) their children — pediatrician. Robert Turpin " Bob " " I ' ll see you out in the alley! " . . . .Usually dealing. Like to be elsewhere .... Pet Peeve — Ruth H. . Would like to study abroad. 26 Karin Marie WagenKnecht " Karin " " Good gravy " .... Usually getting adds ready for " Purp " .... Like to be in Aspen, Colorado ... . Pet Peeve — Cameras. . . .Would like to teach North Shore boys how to cha-cha. George Henry Von Gehr, Jr. " G.V.G. " " If mankind is perfectable why aren ' t girls? " ... .Us- ually talking with those " critters " .... Like to be speed- ing in the big Plymouth with Mr. Brauer and J. Loeb . .Pet Peeve — People who fail . . . . to impress me . .Would like to be a Maitre d ' at Toots Shore ' s serving the faculty. -27 28- 29 Senior Class Will Rusty Ahrens My leg brace to the Athletic Dept. of N. S. C. D. S. to be used by any unfortunate athlete. Mary Allen My calm, cool and collected personality to Freddy Gardner. Sue Barrett My yawns to next year s U. S. History class. Bill Basile My pencil to Lee Kanes. Mel Cahan My hair on my chest to Richard Barns for whatever purpose he might devise for it. Sally Coulter My car to my sister Anne. Mike Davenport I ' ll take mine with me. Nancy Dayton My walk to Mr. Post, and a perpetual party to Susy. Dan Dose My ego, integrity, and honesty to my brother. Andy Durham My hockey stick and snow shovel to Stu Boal. Anne Eastman My love of bullfighting to Nancy Neuman and Mr. Pynchon. Anne Edgren My collective Medical (?) abilities to Edith (alias Panny Mitchell.) Ann Fisher My unique diets to anyone who wants them. Morgan Fisher My civil engineering books to Ron King. Maurice Franks My entire stock and supply of genuine Brylcream to Ruffin Harris. Rich Gilbert My religious zeal to Linda Fay, and my innocence and modesty to any- one who can take the strain. Emily Gilmore My second string substitute position on the Basketball Team to any des- perate girl. Carol Grant The Bahama Islands to Jean Wright. Alice Harper My private candy concession to Barbara Bernstien. Kevin Hauser My patience to Joe and Harry. Hall Healy My tenor (?) voice to Bill Merrick. Fred Hering My charge-plate for Mr. Licata ' s " broken item list ' to any conscientious chemistry student. Dave Lewis My car to anyone who wants to live close to nature. Nancy Lipson My bill for my chemistry breakage to Mary Allen. Betsy Loomis My appreciation of GOOD humor to my two brothers, Joe and Harry. Carter McAlister My bongo drums to that musical man, Bob Davis! Bill McKee My striped beach towel to Bill Merrick. Ayrie Moore Four more Moores! Sue Palm Those two conductors to Cindy Kern. Andy Peterson My " I bet you can ' t " glass to Joe Schnermg. Mike Schilling My Hector Rodrigs autograph gym shoes to Mac. Tnnk Smith My Marine cover and Navy flag to Mr. Rohr. Jan Stanley My treasured diet book to Freddy Gardner. Dick Sutherland My Ivy League ties to whomever has the guts to wear them. Gary Sutherland My snow shovel to anyone who needs it; I won ' t. Linda Tanenbaum My kilt to Freddy Gardner. Tally Tribble My membership card from the Slide Club to Mr. Aggens. Bob Turpm My most memorable experience to Richard Barns because — George Von Gehr My faculty imitations to any capable underclassman. Karin Wagenknecht My innocence to Lee Kanes and a new advertising manager of the " Purp " to Whitey Moore. 30 Underclassmen 31 Juniors FIRST ROW: M. Winston, J. Eckman, J. Trieschmann, E. Miller, M. Fraker, L. Wavering, G. Caspari, V. Jack- son, P. Cosier, P. Ostrom. SECOND ROW: J. Beck, J. Schnering, L. Kanes, M. Sheesley, A. Wilder, C. Kingery, N. Neumann, S. Boal, B. Strong. THIRD ROW- B. Potter, B. Steel, P. Moore, B. Davis, J. Loeb, H. Hutchins, S. Parshall. FOURTH ROW: J. Holland, C. Graham, B. Everett, R. Harris, R. Hardy, J. Wright, N. Janus, R. Benson, F. Gardner, R. Merrick, R. Griffin, P. Darrow, R. Morgan, N. Maremont. 32 T • « 33- Sophomores FIRST ROW: C. Kern, H. Scribner, H. Pirie, F. Kelly, B. Allison, A. Huebner, A. Smith SECOND ROW: L. Bochert, D. Rathburn, V. Moreschi, P. Winston, N. Hetenyi, S. Shapiro, L. Ettleseon, J. Morris. THIRD ROW: H. Drake, T. Ostrom, J. Loomis, F. Turner, C. Shotwell, K. Capron, B. Spindell, J. Dern, J. Wil- son, R. King. FOURTH ROW: S. Dick, B. Merrick, B. Kirkkeedee, P. Mitchell, P. Magie, M. Sperling, L. Stratford, J. West- rich, B. Kopple, L. Spitz. - 34 35- Freshman Class FIRST ROW: S Ware, C. Benson, M. Foote, J. Rutherford, S. Hamill, M. Lang, L. Moore. SECOND ROW: P. Ferry, M. Fay, L. Doolittle, A. Lewis, C. Strong, B. Borndston, A. Darrow, J. Brew, J. Strong. THIRD ROW: T. Boal, P. Young, J. Howe, F. Deknatel, J. Strong, B. Gottschalk, G. Short, G. Mercer, T. Ger- aghty, B. Brickman, J. Canel, L. Jennings. FOURTH ROW: S. Mouzakeotis, P. McKinney, J. Burdick, S. Sewell, S. Dayton, L. Howe, O. Borge, M. Le- vine, G. Dresher, B. Roberson. FIFTH ROW: R. Fall, D. Reidy, R. Preston, T. Freeman, J. French, F. Bowes, R. Barnes, C. Hunt. 36 37 -38 Middle School -39- Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: G. Schulz, S. Hawzhurst, S. Wyman, E. Rockwell, M. Denson, C. Walk, C. Cummings. SECOND ROW: L. McCarty, N. Osgood, P. Eldredge, M. Foote, M. Tobey. THIRD ROW: M. Schering, T. Donaldson, M. Newman, H. Geraghty, R. Keitel, T. Harris. FOURTH ROW: P. Schribner, J. Winston, R. Basile, H. Clark, H. Bartholomay. FIFTH ROW: G. Schupman, L. Morgan, T. Loeb, W. Harper, A. Beberick. STANDING: C. Burton, E. Kirk, Miss Brandes, Mr. Steel. 40 Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: B. Groves, N. Schribner, M. Chambers. SECOND ROW: I. Benoist, J. Reidy, S. Fall, A. Huston. THIRD ROW: W. Stanton, S. Fitzmorris, W. Fletcher, J. Alsdorf, P. Pettinggell. FOURTH ROW: N. Boal, J. Brew, J. Miller, D. Cooper, N. Babson. FIFTH ROW: G. Stern, S. Hunt, T. Moore, R. Hamill. SIXTH ROW: M. Cain, M. Paul, D. Strong, A. Genness, S. Sommer. SEVENTH ROW: N. Levin, W. Guenzel, C. Lunding, J. Dookttle, Miss Bolster standing. -41 The Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: B. Scribner. SECOND ROW: S. Price, B. Ware, L. Mitchell, L. Reidy. THIRD ROW: A. French, D. Phillipsbora, L Griswold, H. Lambert, H. Donaldson. FOURTH ROW: B. Ratcliffe, P. Kimball, G. Dammann, H. Ott. FIFTH ROW: B. Hutchins, E. Howe, T. Brown, C. Groves, G. Burnell. SIXTH ROW: B. Geraghty, L. Moore, J. Benson, A. Young, B. Cohler. SEVENTH ROW: J. Darrow, M. Lynde, L. Dose, J. Berglund. EIGHTH ROW: V. Ingram, R. Montgomery, B. Davis. Absent: N. Schering Teacher: Miss Ingram 42 - Lower School 43- Fifth Grade SEATED: B. Wilcox, J. Drake, G. Barber, G. Foltz, K. Seibold, T. Fitzmorris, C. Schreiner, C. Hurd, R. Weary H. Stern. IN CHAIRS: J. Gordon, G. Quaal, M. Moringstar, T. Mouzakeotis, S. Babson, C. Howard, B. Mortimer, C. Hawxhurst. STANDING: J. Hetenyi, A. Purinton, B. Wells, J. Swift. TEACHERS: Mrs. Dose, Miss Collingbourne. -44- Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: S. Pettingell, C. Gardener, R. Mayer, D. Ingersall, P. Logan, T. Burdick, F. Winston, J. Licata, P. Bensen, C. Victor, B. Dick, A. Morrison. SECOND ROW: L. Dille, C. Ewen, S. Barber, C. Coburn, J. Moreschi, S. Cranage, L. Milliken, N. Jack. ABSENT: S. Wilson. TEACHERS: Miss Gainer, Mr. Allen. -45 Third Grade FIRST ROW: B. Harridge, B. Sturgis, T. Loeb, K. Daro, C. Donaldson, K. Thomas. SECOND ROW: B. Purinton, B. Fletcher, B. Stern, N. Goode, L. Johnson, P. Thompson, K. Hawxhurst, A. Conant, M. Booz. ABSENT: K. Gait, L. Levi, B. Shafer, J. Sanders. TEACHER: Miss Lund. 46 Second Grade FIRST ROW: J. Victor, L. Brown, A. Searle, J. Wilson. SECOND ROW: C. Weary, L. Breuer, J. Morningstar, M. A. Sewell. THIRD ROW: J. Milliken, J. Wolf, W. Morse, J. Hurwith. FOURTH ROW: R. Levin, L. Sanders, P. Faucett, D. LeBolt. FIFTH ROW: S. Barber, L. Botthof, M. Geraghty. STANDING in last row: Miss Merrill. 47 First Grade FIRST ROW: G. Booz, D. Warfield, L. Schmitt, J. Leslie, J. Hertz. SECOND ROW: S. Friedman, S. Geering, F. Goode. THIRD ROW: R. Burnell, H. Conant, M. Post. FOURTH ROW- R. Barber, P. Wirtz, B. Perkins, E. Gordon. FIFTH ROW: M. Dering, E. Donaldson, D. Humes. ABSENT: C. Chapman, R. Mayer, D. Turner. TEACHER: Mrs. Williams. 48 Senior Kindergarten FIRST ROW: D. Kurzmiak, S. Klinger, M. Reinschreiber, J. Pink, D. Daskal, M. Kamm, M. Milliken, M. A. Kopel. SECOND ROW: J. Faucett, H. Warfield, L. Friedman, B. Sanders, T. Dering, A. Hurd, M. Ware, J. Peter- son, B. Post. ABSENT: H. Johnson, G. Searale. TEACHERS: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Meglitz. 49- Junior Kindergarten FIRST TABLE: L. Moore, P. Schreinen, S. McMahan, G. Boone. SECOND TABLE: T. Treshansky, D. Howard, B. Stibolt. THIRD TABLE- P. Dammann, D. Trieschmann, G. Wirtz, B. Greenspon. ABSENT: C. Merbitz, J. Eldredge, C. Maynard. TEACHER: Mrs. Bleloch. 50- . vV ' . -.: ' 4 i • - pV - •: s ;: ' ?► ' -• r Activities MAY DAY FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Tanenbaum, attendant; Mary Allen, queen; Anne Eastman, attendant. 51 - Student Council OFFICERS FIRST TERM PRESIDENT B. STRONG VICE-PRESIDENT H. HUTCHINS SECRETARY M. WINSTON TREASURER P. DARROW 12th grade respresentatives L. Tannenbaum M. Cahan 11th grade representatives R. Harris N. Neumann 10th grade representatives N. Hetenyi B. Merrick 9th grade representatives L. Jennings J. Ferry Delegates at large A. Eastman R. Morgan J. Schnering 52 Student Council— Second Term FIRST ROW: B. Merrick, S. Shapiro, P. Darrow, P. Moore, H. Hutchins. SECOND ROW: L. Jennings, A. Huebner, A. Lewis, R. Morgan, N. Lipson, C. Graham, J. Schnering, M. Jan- us, A. Eastman. OFFICERS President Phil Moore Vice President Harley Hutchins Secretary Sue Shapiro Treasurer Peter Darrow Delegates-at-Large Riley Morgan Anne Eastman Joe Schnering Senior Representatives Nancy Lipson Mel Cahan Junior Representatives Mike Janus Colin Graham Sophomore Representatives Ann Huebner Bill Merrick Freshmen Representatives Ann Lewis Lane Jennings - 53 - Girl ' s Athletic Association FIRST TERM OFFICERS President M. Allen Vice President R. Hardy Secretary Treasurer M. Sheesley Representatives Freshman P. McKenney Sophomore P. Winston Junior P. Cosier Senior J. Stanley Delegates at Large L. Moore L. Fay Hockey Captain C. Grant - 54- Girl ' s Athletic Association— Second Term FIRST ROW: V. Moreschi, L. Moore, L. Fay. SECOND ROW: R. Hardy, M. Allen, M. Scheesley. THIRD ROW: C. McAlister, B. Berndtson, E. Gilmore, J. Ekman, B. Allison. OFFICERS President Mary Allen Vice President Ruth Hardy SecretaryTreasurer Margot Scheesley Delegates-at-Large Linda Fay Lucy Moore Senior Representative Emily Gilmore Junior Representative Jean Ekman Sophomore Representative Betsy Allison Freshman Representative Barbara Berndtson Girl ' s Basketball Representative. . . .Carter McAlister Cheerleader Representative Val Moreschi - 55 Purple and White Staff editor assistant editor . . .A. Moore H. Hutchins business mgr. advertising . . circulation . . . art P. Moore K. Wagenknecht, L. Kanes P. Ostrom T. Smith copy editor A. Eastman, N. Lipsom typing editor N. Dayton photography editor M. Franks Middle and Lower School E. Gilmore 56 The Mirror Co-editors B. Loomis G. Von Gehr Circulation A. Peterson Advertising S. Coulter Business M. Davenport 57 - Morning Exercise Committee Chairman J. Wr ght Rep resentat ves Twelfth Grade: Eleventh Grade: M. Schilling K. Hauser B. Steel R. Benson, Absent TENTH GRADE: Ninth Grade: L. Spitz M. Sperling T. Freeman M. Foote Faculty Advisor Mr Hill 58 - Orchestra Flute: Piano: S. Shapiro A. Moore C. Grant M. Sperling Violin: Cello: T. Freeman D. Dose J. Ferry, Absent Trombone: N. Lipson Clarinet: S. Parshall Conductor: Mr. Allison 59 A Cappella SOPRANO I C. Grant, A. Edgren, M. Sperling, P. Mitchell ALTO I J. Wright, M. Sheesley, S. Shapiro, F. Gardner SOPRANO II K. Hauser, N. Dayton, P. McKinney, S. Palm ALTO II C. Kern, M. Allen, C. McAlister, K. Wagenkenknecht -60 Ensemble TENOR I P. Young, T. Bool, D. Reidy, H. Healy, C. Graham, J. Howe BASS I B. Turpin, L. Kanes, A. Peterson, B. Basile, D. Dose, R. Gilbert TENOR II P. Darrow, R. Ahrens, B. Strong, T. Freeman, J. Hol- land BASS II S. Dick, D. Lewis, M. Davenport, G. Sutherland, J. Beck, J. Westrich -61 Stage Crew R. Gilbert J. Holland K. Capron M. Fisher J. Loeb G. Von Gehr B. Spindell T. Tribble R. Merrick J. Beck 62 Sound Crew Chairman J. Beck. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Beck, M. Levine, K. Capron, G. Von Gehr - 63 Current Events co-ordinators- A. Eastman M. Winston C. Kern P. Cosier R. Gilbert N. Neumann C. Graham Miss Deane N. Hetenyi, N. Janus, C. Kingery, B. Steel, R. Harris, H. Scribner, G. Caspari, P. Magie, E. Miller, J. Loeb, H. Healy -64 Slide Club Offic president G. Von Gehr vice-president M. Fisher treasurer T. Tribble members B. Basile R. Gilbert M. Franks M. Levine K. Capron B. Spindell M. Cahan Mr. Brauer Mr. Aggens Mr. Talley 65 Leicester Hall B. Turpin G. Sutherland R. King Mrs. Merbitz Mr. Merbitz M. Cahan M. Levine D. Sutherland B. Everett C. Merbitz Mr. Reidy 66 - Dramatics -67 Vaude Blasting off Mood Indigo Doin ' What Comes Naturally Tennesee Wig-Walk I ' m a Gnu Mellerdramer Why Do I Love You? Diamonds Are A Girls ' Best Friend Kingston Trio Loverly Can ' t Say No Lucifers Six Little Fishes Football At Barely Normal M. Act I Sophomore Girls Juniors Girls Quartette Seventh Grade Girls C. Walk, M. Newman H. Healy Freshman Girls T. Freeman, P. Mitchell C. Kingery, M. Sheesley Fisher, A. Peterson, D. Lewis N. Hetenyi, H. Pirie Junior Girls Senior Boys Quartette Six Senior Girls Freshman Boys 68 Ville Act II Medley From Brigadoon Scotch Hop LaJuanda Swingin ' Shepherd Blues Dick Clark Show How Could You Believe Me Cinderella Singin ' In The Rain Life Upon The Wicked Stage Jeepers Creepers There ' s Nothing Like A Guy Spirituals By The Sea Finale A Cappella Four Sophomore Girls R. Gilbert, M. Fisher A. Moore, T. Boa I Sophomore Boys M. Allen, B. Turpin Junior Boys S. Palm G. Caspari, N. Newmann R. Benson, J. Trieschmann Senior Girls Ensemble Four Junior Girls Sophomore Girls 69- The Pirate® by Gilbert THE NORTH SHORE,- WfaSt. « -. March 19 20, CA l J ! Jr- l«8fjl» The first P erson listecl sm 9 s on FricJa y n| 9 ht " i " jI; !»flr MB MAJOR-GENERAL STANLEY THE PIRATE KING ' P l ' i g ? | SAMUEL. ,j f FREDERIC SERGEANT OF POLICE RUTH MABEL EDITH KATE CHORUS OF PIRATES, POLICE, AND , ISABEL UNDERSTUDY ACT I A ROCKY SEASHORE IN THE COAST OF CORNWALL ACT II A RUINED CHAPEL BY MOONLIGHT MUSICAL DIRECTOR STAGE DIRECTOR ' - 70 - ACCOMPANIST i of Penzance : and Sullivan ■ COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL and 21, 1959 ST and the second on Saturday night. Peter Darrow Robert Turpin Richard Gibert Daniel Dose Thomas Freeman Hall Healy Alfred Turner Robert Strong Carter McAlister Carole Grant Leeanne Mitchell Anne Edgren Susan Palm (matinee) Kevin Hauser jMAJOR-GENERAL STANLEY ' S WARDS Nancy Dayton Robin Benson Colin Graham Mr. Allison ...... " ' .. ' . ' .. ' ......... Mr. Hill Mrs. MacFadden 71 - Cheerleaders FIRST ROW- V. Moreschi, C. Grant, S. Mouzakeotis. SECOND ROW: M. Allen, R. Hardy, C. McAlister. - 72 A thletics Varsity Football co-captains . B. Turpin M. Davenport FIRST ROW: A. Durham, D. Lewis, R. Gilbert, M. Davenport, B. Turpin, B. McKee, G. Sutherland, M. Cahan. SECOND ROW: Coach McCarty, H. Hutchins, R. Griffin, M. Schilling, R. Ahrens, B. Steel, G. Von Gehr, B. Basile. THIRD ROW: B. Merrick, S. Dick, J. Beck, S. Parshall, J. Holland, S. Boal, B. Strong, D. Sutherland. FOURTH ROW: N. Maremont, P. Moore, R. Morgan, R. Merrick, J. Schnering, B. Davis, C. Graham, J. Wil- 74 75 s« » Varsity Field Hockey captain Carole Grant manager Margot Sheesley FIRST ROW: V. Jackson, J. Trieschmann, N. Dayton, P. Ostrom, C. Grant, M. Sheesley, J. Burdick, P. Lang, S. Ware. SECOND ROW: L. Wavering, N. Neumann, F. Gardner, A. Huebner, C. Kern, B. Allison, C. Strong, S. Palm, S. Dayton. THIRD ROW: B. Loomis, K. Hauser, M. Allen, C. McAlister, M. Winston, L. Moore, J. Brew, P. McKinnie. 76 77 Varsity Basketball Team FIRST ROW: B. Everett, J. Loeb, B. Davis, M. Schilling, C. Graham, H. Hutchins, R. Morgan. SECOND ROW: Coach McCarty, A. Peterson, J. Schnering, R. Griffin, R. Ahrens, B. McKee, B. Steel, P. Moore, P. Darrow. Captain: R. Ahrens Manager: P. Darrow 78 - ir£ 79 Girl ' s Varsity Basketball FIRST ROW: N. Dayton, C. Grant, C. McAlister, A. Moore, K. Hauser. SECOND ROW: L. Borchert, E. Gilmore, L Moore, P. McKinny, J. Burdick, M. Sheesley. THIRD ROW- Coach Miss Honer, M. Winston, F. Gardner, N. Janus, J. Brew, J. Morris. -80 Varsity Baseball Team FIRST ROW: T. Geraghty, C. Shotwell, P. Moore, R. Morgan, B. Merrick, B. Mercer, S. Dick. SECOND ROW: S. Boal, B. Davis, R. Merrick, B. McKee, R. Griffen, B. Everett, Mr. McCarty. Captain: B. McKee Coach: Mr. McCarty -81 - FroshSoph Football FIRST ROW: S. Dick, B. Merrick, J. Dern, J. Westrich, C. Shotwell, L. Stratford, K. Capron, J. Wilson. SECOND ROW: F. Bowes, F. Turner, B. Kopple, T. Ostrom, J. Loomis, H. Drake, J. Jennings, R. Fall. THIRD ROW: M. Levine, L. Spitz, R. Preston, B. Gottschalk, C. Hunt, T. Geraghty, G. Mercer, B. Spindell, G. Drescher, Roberson. FOURTH ROW: Coach Pynchon, R. King, P. Young, J. Howe, G. Short, F. Decknatel, B. Brickman, D. Riedy, F. Canal, T. Boal. 82 Frosh Soph Basketball Team FIRST ROW: R. Fall, J. Loomis, B. Gottschalk, G. Mercer, T. Geraghty, J. Wilson. SECOND ROW: J. Westrich, B. Merrick, F. Turner, L. Stratford, L. Spitz, B. Kopple. - 83- Frosh Soph Baseball Team SITTING: J. Wilson, D. Reidy, C. Hunt, T. Bod, R. Basile, B. Merrick, S. Dick. STANDING: Mr. Ostrom, F. Turner, C. Shotwell, T. Ostrom, T. Geraghty, B. Mercer, L. Spitz. Coach: Mr. Ostrom 84- Middle School Football Team FIRST ROW: T. Mouzakeotis, J. Bergland, S. Babson, L. Dose, T. Brown, B. Davis, B. Hutchins, S. Wyman, J. Darrow, S. Price, J. Benson, J. Caine, G. Quaal, G. Burnell, B. Mortimer. SECOND ROW: M. Cain, B. Groves, N. Babson, D. Strong, B. Gunzel, T. Moore, J. Fletcher, S. Sommer, C. Lunding, J. Alsdorf, R. Hamill, D. Johnston, B. Geraghty, H. Lambart, D. Philipsborn, H. Ott, J. Gordon. THIRD ROW: R. Basile, S. Schupman, B. Keitel, T. Harris, S. Wyman, A. Beverneck, J. Doolittle, M. Kay, G. Schultz, T. Loeb, B. Harper, L. Morgan, S. Hawxhurst. COACHES: Mr. Merbitz, Mr. Ostrom, Mr. Steel. -85 Middle School Hockey Team FIRST ROW: M. Morse, G. Stera, B. Cohler, P. Kimball, A. Young, E. Rockwell, J. Miller, J. Drake, P. Pettin- gell. SECOND ROW: N. Boal, D. Strong, L. Griswold, N. Schnering, M. Schnering, T. Donaldson, C. Walk, P. Schreiner, C. Burton, E. Kirk, L. Reidy, A. Huston. THIRD ROW: B. Radcliff, R. Motgomery, J. Winston, C. Cummings, M. J. Neuman, P. Eldridge, H. Donald- son, E. Howe, K. Groves, L. Moore, A. French, B. Ware, S. Fall, N. Scrbner, S. Hunt, G. Dammann, H. Pot- ter. FOURTH ROW: M. Lynde, J. Brew, S. Benson, H. Geraghty, L. McCarty, I. Benoist, M. Chambers, S. Fitz- morris, M. Paul, M. Tobey, N. Osgood. 86 Golf Team KNEELING: B. Kirkeeide, J. Dern. STANDING: B. Steel, R. Aherns, Mr. Steel. Captain: R. Ahrens Coach: Mr. Steel 87 Sailing Team FIRST ROW: J. French, L. Jennings, B. Potter, J. Howe, O. Borge, Miss Sterling. SECOND ROW: C. Kern, C. Graham, K. Capron, M. Fisher, B. Strong, H. Pirie, F. Kelley. Commodore: C. Graham Vice-Commodore: B. Potter KNEELING: J. Morns, S. Barrett. STANDING: F. Gardner, N. Janus, M. Winston, B. Loomis. Captain: S. Barrett Tennis Teams KNEELING: J. Loomis, H. Drake. STANDING: Mr. Hill, B. Gottschalk, B. Turpin, J. Loeb, G. Von Gehr. Captain: G. Von Gehr Coach: Mr. Hill 89- Ice Hockey Team FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Merrick, A. Durham, S. Boal, D. Lewis, M. Fisher, G. Von Gehr, J. Dern, B. Ba- sile, T. Boal. ABSENT: B. Porter, C. Shotwell, J. Beck, J. Holland, M. Cahan. 90 Work Day As a final note we would like to leave the reader with an impression of the school as a place in which the faculty, the Upper Schoolers, Middle Schoolers, and Lower Schoolers can work and play together in an at- mosphere of complete friendliness and inter-grade co- operation. 91 Jrf.CMie fa ' -Jkrouak the f adAina Ujt eard It is with pride that once again through the medium of photography we have been able to fashion a graphic record of your school year — a pride stemming doubly from the knowledge that herein not only have we helped to create a record of so much meaning to each of you, but in so doing we have had the opportunity to share warm pleasant associa- tions with so many. Always, as years pass, this record will have a special place in your heart for it will be the visible token of the wonderful experience of your growing years, rich in the foundation of true and lasting friendship. Our heartiest congratulations to all! Cordially, John Howell and Craftsmen -92 Motorola TV AND STEREO HIGH FIDELITY NOW IN CABI nets by Drexel TV and High Fidelity in contemporary DECLARATION (Tambour doors close to conceal television screen.) Here is the ultimate answer to the need for television, high fidelity, and stereophonic high fidelity designed as fine furniture. To augment the decor of the most discriminating homes . . . three popular style collections. They in- clude such features as high fidelity that becomes stereo high fidelity when connected to speakers of matching TV or to auxiliary speakers in companion cabinet. This is a Motorola exclusive and an industry " first " . For complete descriptive literature, without obligation, write to Motorola, Dept 713, on your letterhead, today. M) MOTOROLA 4545 W Auguila Blvd Chicago 51. Illino,. 93 As a service to our readers, the Mirror has devoted one page, irrespective of its position, to the ar of muse and meditation. The work for this year was selected by a very small group of students. The poen is medieval lyric and describes the tensions of the graduating students. UNHOLY SONNET XXXX Wanne mine eyhen misten And min schoolen sissen And mi examin endet And min graden badet And mi rudet slacket And mi parenten madet And mi collegen ne acceptet Al to late, al to late Mi gonna graduate Thanne y schel fflutte From examin to here From here to there From there to here From here to commence Than lyd min ' plome uppe min nose Off al this schoolen y giffe ihic a pese. 94 95- The Largest, Most Complete Camera Shops On The North Shore Congratulations And Good Luck To The Class Of 1959 589 Central Ave. 847 Elm Street Highland Park, Illinois Winnetka, Illinois ID 2-8550 HI 6-5141 For The New Congratulations To The And Unusual Graduates Of The Class of 1959 In Clothes Vose Bootery % Of , ' Winnetka c_y imee | 729 ELM ST. drop in for a cup of coffee 837 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois 96 ♦ ♦ ♦ (j rant MforttiiHQ %c. ♦ ♦ ♦ 97 BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF 1959 98 GOEZLER and WIEOE REALTORS 790 Elm Street HI 6-5544 Rex ' s Service Station PHONE HI 6-9817 467 Sunset RIDGE RD. NORTHFIELD, ILLINOIS Whatever the Season . . . or reason . . . YOU ' LL FIND AN UNUSUAL GIFT OR INTERESTING ACCESSORY AT THE ROBERTA VILLAGE FAIR 839 ELM STREET WINNETKA, ILLINOIS CHARLES VARIETY STORE Headquarters for All Staple and Seasonal Dime Store and Variety Store Merchandise 808 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois HI 6-6313 -99 Where Savings Really Pay— WINNETKA SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 814 Elm Street, Winnetka, Illinois When you look in your " Mirror " Be Fell dressed Abe Fell BLOCK KUHL COMPANY Elm and Chestnut, Winnetka, Illinois HI 6-0630 A Complete Department Store Featuring Student Apparel for All Age Groups E. B. TAYLOR CO. Everything for House, Lawn and Garden WINNETKA, ILLINOIS PHONE HI 6-0999 100 RASSMUSSEN SHOES 810 Elm Street, Winnetka, Illinois HI 6-0805 Manager: C. A. Bookwalter So You ' re Out On Parole! 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NEY, JEWELER 1818 Glenview Road Glenview, Illinois Phone GL 4-041 1 Busch TV Record Shop Phone: GL 4-2471 1814 Glenview Road Glenview, Illinois (Across from fire station) " We Repair All Makes of Radios Television " Ctoeeb GTtome t I M I T E D NANCY STEELE • 552 LINCOLN AVENUE TELEPHONE HI 6-4110 • W I N N r T K A , ILLINOl: ECKART HARDWARE COMPANY 735 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois A Complete Drug Store REHN ' S HILLMAN PHARMACY Theodore L. Rehn, R.Ph. 353 Park Avenue, Glencoe, Illinois VE 5-0387 or VE 5-0388 PHELAN ' S WINNETKA DRUG 819 Elm St. Hi 6-0591 " Service for your Health ' PARK AVE. BOOTERY 329 Park Ave. Glencoe, Illinois Footwear for the family 103 Members of the Florists Telegraph Delivery Assn. ■U- ' iScher OSrolherS, Jsnc. FLORISTS CARL W. CARLSON university 4-1746 ORciiakii 5-7440 614 DEMPSTER STREET EVANSTON, ILLINOIS HENRY C. WIENECKE, INC. HOUSEWARES - HARDWARE- THE TOY SHOP 680-82 Vernon Ave. - VErnon 5-3060 - Glencoe, II QUINTO BRUNO ' S PURE OIL SERVICE Phones VERNDN 5-1766,0247 635 VERNDNAVENUE G LENCD E, ILLINOIS GLENCOE CAMERA SHOP Custom Photofinishing — Salon Quality Enlarging We Own and Operate Our Own Plant KODAK STORE 655 Vernon Avenue VErnon 5-2507 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND WE, THE GIRLS OF ' 61 AT THE GRADUATION OF ' 59 ARE WISHING A WORLD OF SUCCESS AND FUN TO YOU, A CLASS THAT IS REALLY FINE. - 104 - MIDDLEBY MARSHALL OVEN COMPANY 761-769 West Adams Street Chicago 6, Illinois SAVE WITH SAFETY AT DEERFIELD SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 735 Deerfield Road Deerfield, Illinois Wl 5-1911 Chestnut Court Book Shop 815 ELM ST., WINNETKA HI 6-0882 - 0883 All the Newest Books Our Paper Book Shop with All the Better Paper Books (Right Around the Corner) AT 547 CHESTNUT STREET 105 For the Fashion Conscious More than a Quarter of a Century on the North Shore trances HE, F F E R N A N 572 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka Sincere Congratulations And Best Wishes For Continued Success JOHN D.,WILLY ' 57 Black ' s Book Bar, Inc. Gifts-Stationary-Books 796 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois HI 6- 4066 rrcizei (J5cLxter Clothes as you like them HI 6-4042 567-A LINCOLN AVE. WINNETKA, ILLINOIS - 106 107 (compliments or a Cjrtend COMPLIMENTS TO THE Graduating Class - 108 QUINTO BRUNO ' S Pure Oil Service 635 Vernon Avenue VErnon 5-1766 or 5-0247 GLENCOE, ILLINOIS Baumann - Cook SPECIALISTS IN NORTH SHORE REAL ESTATE Christine Baumann Collins (19211 Florence S. Cook Nancy Temleton Lucile Octigan Ruth Elwood Mary Byrnes Claire Sherwood Frances Olmsted Mable Coulter Lucy-Jane Hedberg 551 LINCOLN AVE. WINNETKA Hlllcrest 6-5000 AMbassador 2-2798 109

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